Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 25, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 25, 1866 Page 3
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the conisr.orwwran. Ur cooes: the Winter cooes I . . I heart!* thropch »t«o» - h,sl i bear hi* raceusid t»n d*o Uclctu MaicH tbro’ th.; pU-os "H» •” 4I ' J drm " ‘cmSo a*v**t _ eottch. the glowing hearth, eicyhaxi'i power defy! Up <-nr*c* a<* he hnnfcs by Anu t:rics ihc b«sc« dcao, lo earth! j-or every hill he apt res, A hnodml heartless hovels hold Ue«rt* pulseless, cnep with Ice and cold, Watched oy a hundred grim despairs 1 i!ere If vour mission! Yc who feed Yonr lavish fires! Not alar B u at von- doors your heathen aret God’a Poor-yonrcreditors! Takobeedt The path is locs to Pagan shores! Their sklr« are fnnny—Rod o cr ail. The Wiaics’a deadly harvwls fcu Around you I Peal tout master a stores . THE Gli.%l)UTOtt l bt Ttioaaa pccuaxas nsan- Uc'ide the Tiber, on a certain day. A t-wanby plebeian look bis doom* way; Wbc la low esmilr" —dextrous at dice, And every Infamous device; . t brawny Hercules, whom all men reared. And o cu When he cheated, loudly Cheered, Wub con nested forehead like the ball. . .. t-fiould.-nEc bis weighty way, (the street was full, strode lo the coliseum, and the crowd .•pnlaadcd as he enterrd, long and loud. Vhc Rladltior in the arena died >o history say#, hot lying history lied. iv, r mad with blood, the multitudinous throng u .*pt in tin? Tin?, and on their shoulders stron; For*eltirc n«ai they boro a hraloloes load, i n.iuvU him, and tiro* Ihc roaring road, (,V','ovcd him to the where Mod l>ero i*at. and plac-d him by a chair, A iaa*s of kuoUcd muscle, snarled face. ihs council sal this Great Disgrace, V r o relitr" heap where dc»ro -bore before— •,,« \.)iue tnch ib he shall shine no more aid thrust his nuge Cat in the Beale to weigh •lioL-tc oi callosa, la lUo to-day ? XUIS tADUiS. MABUIAOSIXnWARU. The people of Baveria arc not allowed to u-.arry tl» they have “assured means of*ub -i-’cncc ” and as the ideas of tbe oJliemla i the people sometimes vary widely, it is <•-,. uertllv (Ullicult to eel married at aU. ve« letter-writer from that country ; I have h- : i-d ol a ease of two poor people having . u» wail fifteen years for |*crmhslou to marry, nuil siu-ntiuiir two hundred Uonns in apiuita i- ..., £ .in operative earning twelve shullni*3 •.ck was engaged to a girl earning teveu, ...j owrrr of a house valued atifiwand a vrxr Titey applied f«r permission to marry tt-id*were refused; “means of subsistence i Time went ou; they had two j i- , ; ld:cn. and still their appllcallon was re t *• d on the same pound. The owuer of • nn-nufactory took up their cause, aud vi ad it him:-If with the official, say me that iL rwiusal was uolwhat was intended by the SlvnLmvut. The official replied curtly, vVhul does that matter us? Thc Ciovcru ,.t have Its own ideas on the sub* ; ■-t but wc have ours, and I, In particular, - q.e opinion that such mama*es arc i!'-i*her right uur usehil.” The tame wntcr w,-.U- \Vliile lam M.-ltint-, my tcrvaiueirl, m dieted lor a f- “ Uav, awl ears that lier Huber and moth ara to be married to-day, and sbe mast h...,n-»v.nli l ,e called by liar lalber’n name. \ „avc lime, bar tuber's aiiplicatlon for li , .-w •., marry » rejected i nnd each time l.Vlud to I'ay fees aud exposes, lawyers 1 Iw: , i.e ii.t-, vw . a men corrLE. I J \ Lotion corropondent fays: Tac be- 1 ; Is lust declared of perhaps our very | v*"aU : .Ust marriageable lady (for Mi** |* ur * 1 ,'. A I viU- I look upon as already wedded I •Vlur "i'od woiks), and Dame lortune, in i ~r li 1 i iiih'.-l mood, has decreed that she shall I n d -1 bridegroom nearly as wealthy os her '• I- * uch ill be the case. In the marriage oi "arl Beauchamp with Miss Dundas-Clms- 1 in whom each 1u understood to Imply a fortune. V*Vd i‘;Va;u*iiamp, well- known in the House «V the staunch Conservative . lu i, r j;.r 'Verccstcrshire, succeeded last 1 r I.y the death Of his younger brother, to t e ti fe and estates, estimated at over forty n vear. But his bride is even in-Te rii-hiy endowed, for it is admitted that I -ke will u’.tm atelv succeed to an income of I ;. me ’ lau sixty thousand a year, to say liui'mi-' of ui» immense and increasing a i oiu/l oi rtady money. Uow-came the b nd oi f 8-Mnalifg younger brothers to let ] -1m such it prirc? „ * w oIL-UIP OF HOVALTT. vvmu-uiro* • • i John O'Grojt'* Journal says : Ono day, j t’rtin-' the la’e visit of the Duke of LJln- 1 • hi> royal highness, having occasion t" visit one or two sßopa In town, tooku cab Urn the common stand, hoping thereby to cl-de the notice of the crowds. On I f.-oiu the vehicle two vvcll-drcsacd ladies -lepvcd up to the cabman, cud m wimnnu “nvcvt« demanded, *lfow long will you let us fi Voi r* ah for a el,ill,n = •’ , Tbc m ,°, ac , 3t dUi-lm-s doubtless landed that It would bo io- th n- grand to say that they had sat iu ~ car lauC used by Uia royal higuufc-s I \ mouhiN “jeame ueans Tlu; Dundee (Scotland) A’lrt.t'urr says: 1 “ The recent trial of IVierLukc, at IhcDun- 1 d -c Ci.cuit Court, involved a sojuewhaUlm- 1 Dar romance to that of‘Jcamc Deans. Mra. 1 I nke the widowed wilier of the man now 1 satisfied with the wrirtim pciHloii on her son’s behalf, and no 1 doubt thinking that a widow;* lew* and wS might gain her Queen’® sympathy, proceeded to Balmoral in the hope ol getting j yj, lu'ei view with her Majesty. Vor days the i w d«w followed her trout place to place ■ but, unlike ‘Jeamc Dams’she foiled to «mi m» interview with royalty. Driven to cvucn.ities. and bcfoi cleaving Balmoral, she Slre-cd a letter to the Queen; and In an to that letter she has received the fol lowin'' rcvlv from her Majesty » secretarv, which shows' Ural, however humble the part, ?rom whom u.. application proceeds, llic Ouecn ami her advisers will not overlook it. •'General Grev Iws received and submitted Mrs. 1-ukc’s Utter to the Queen, and. by her Maicsiv’fi command*, has transmitted It for the consideration of the Home by who*e recommendation, in all such cases, hcrMajcstv Uiwcaraißy guided. .. * -^iv« ? uiPat.i:atn. thi The fnlh;^ms_Fr«nch rnt ,.,in of the ratJii journals. vsif'sKssiSi 4 sjar5 jar ? J «n«l 3 ln -Site of her opposition and ivowod «ruMc?tl. o wedding look place. w tad tbc tatoy “had believed in an elopement, and all SI SSi «« «#»^s i t ~iSs t Li-'UiVL-*. but unsuccessful!) • ibis occum-u jfe! veatt ago, and M. do K-, bavinp lately iSiyS^ls of the vlolhca ami Jewels, wc r c re i.catoltotlMS nWwaWJS^JSf *• HUSO Btt AT UEtt WOBD. The late Rev. Ur. Wishtumn, of h-inrknm- . " J -‘’t r w; i ' a ac°cc?t'3‘ , n.. ln tl.e c.Litton thntlt asiSft. »h? !y4- ec n^to?,°yo 5 “l Scottish compliment, * I’m sure she’s i or Dr."vigl.tmnn died »n oldlMche w~lo,d*liic lady an old maid. "* • - i !?UWIS 1 I “I,?I" I nnrlet tels tLkC innV y Since the present small bonnets D,C ll }?«S5SIlls cases of deafness have In vrcrc.JJr I .Id llcasscrts that not only the imtS dedicate nerves which surround car, bat the ae-i« d> Amou2 my own il. should be P fl _ j gyflicient corroboration acqiialn oncefl l fl "“ knw bow.often of this warning. ladles have of late cmnnarallvely yoiiUj to ?halTdc'?n-e a B.alne on the common Eyej. "*K" tr".y“S?fhr the M yearn, £ runner of the yonng ladles In Boston have SeiS peculttr sss;»f s’”", si?” dcut we shall soon he reduced to the state of Bridgman. SHORT DRESSES ixd ?>nT.l.nonrs. R A more sensible, ir not taatefol, Innovation 11 of fashion, is the wearing of short dresses h and very small bmps. Concerning the Ist- t ter there Is R comical stale of consternation amon- tcomankind. Only one possessed of adroitness nod shill can manage to sit down fn them. In an opera scat a peer, a car; >hcv r nltVriv refose to subside. Tbc trouble fa SiVl thc lower hoops arc disproportionately 1 for the upper ines. But the short-dress . boors arc short and pliable. The dress Is of nrmcrlcr“th for walhinjr, nod, when in SfCd?-t colors, is very npiiropriate lor that SSe Just now the dresses arc made os noMlblc, SO that the wearers, with tfo-ir r-Tl petticoats, look like vlTaudicrcs, Sometimes the sleeves sod ek! ,'f OmwS— bine, ood the woUt end overskirt.of“•*>*“ an unbecoming and consplenonocomblnallon. UEAD* AND DCCLES AD NAISBAM. ■ A? furulas*, asforliaapera and droppers, on her Dngcrs and chains on' her hCJrt and bills on her toes, end a making of music wherever she poc*, there is no end to it; a rustlin'” and raUlins and weight of sounding MnU und tinsel. should think U a pon- Lhmect worthy of the Inquisition. If we were ! Sff saw ebrak trimmed with jet Is an an o lately cruel weight upon one s shoulders Is hepcony rm-li Inquisitor as las bio n. I will sav nothing of trams, for theydonot much jifltft health or comfort; but to make enc of tbc tbrong that pour out from a con coct hall or fashionable ehurcU U wmeUU»S r t* 7^: Tiuions. One wades in a act of silk ; or rashly lifting a fool crushes beads and b igles and mock pearls enough lo bay a Mmol whm iu tbe army. The only safe method U to plant onc’a foot close to the ground., and slowly slide Instead of stepping, At tb: last dinner party, a young lady who her d'imi Into society wore a train two yardi and a half In length, and on her head a wreath of flowers, three class chains, and a waterfall that reached’as far forward as the bu:np of reference. , _ SASBY. The Nnrrmber KlecUona-Illr. Nnaby **reachr» a r*ermon-*‘«o nan Pattetb Kew WLne into Old BoiUe»j“ occ« (From the Toledo Blade] Coxrxomt X Roam 1 fv.tcliU In the Suit nv Kentucky, > * l lc November 10, t«0. J When the ncwsuv the result of the Illmoy election reached tbe Corners, there wuz & fielln uroueasinc&s wlch wastrooly affeclin. Lot when the crufhin Intelligence arove that Hoffman wuz bcelcn In Nr-o York there wuz a prostration wich wnz only ekcllcd when the intelligence ot Lee's surrender reached us. V.’o expected defeat in Illinoy, and the other Slates, hnt we hed hopes that Noo York wood go Dimocralic, that his Eggslcncy mite her some show urhackin by the people, and cousekcntly some excoose for coulmyoola. to enforce his policy. But that hope wuz taken fiom us, and uv the entire populashen I wuz the only one who had stamina to preserve the semblance of cheer fulness. and that wnz only on akkount uv my hevin the Post Offis. Elections coodcnt tike that from me —it Is a rock wlcn the w arcs uv poplcr Indignashcu caul wash away thank the Lord, for ef they cood, how many urns wood to-day he holdlu our places? Still I felt overwhelmed, and sorrowfully I entered Bascora’s. There, with thilr heads .bowed in sorter and tears Uowin from their venerable eyes, sot DceLin Pogrom, Elder Slaters, and a few others uv the Saiuls, who cz I entered, mckanlkally rose and stood afore the bar; raekanikally, Bascom, who wuz likewise bowed down with greet, sot out the iuvlgorator, mekanlkally we dosed pur telvts, and, sllll in a daze, mekuiukally I moved out without payln Bascom hem 100 full nv s<.rrtr to noils It. It was deemed proper, In view nv the great calamilv, that services bhood be held m the church,* and at 2 j). in., (wich with us mite he sed to mean post mortem,) we slowly and i-adly filed In, the only smihu countenance in site hem that uv a nigger at the door, who wnz wnnst bcltld over the head for lookin happy. 1 gave out the hymn : “ Jlroail U (he road v Ich iceds to death, and it wnz stmg with letchin pathos. Auer the wccpln bed subsided and I got my feel- ! ins calmed down so ez topennitmc tospeck, i I commaiai cxplaluiu to cm the causes uv , the result. It wuz, I sed, a chastenin scut I onto us for our sins; a ampin bccoz wc bed \ exalted our horn In our pride; that, gloryin in the possession uv the post ofllec?, the col lecturehips, the asscssorshlps and slch. wc had become vainglorious and puffed up, and careless In p.-rforinaiice uv doo tms. Tbcr wnz niggers in Kentucky a gom about free, and Impiously aettm at naught the decrees uv Providence which con demned cm to be servants uv their brethren; ami beer I digressed to cloocydate a pint. 1 heel seen finders in a B.ston pajier onto the common practis nv amalgumaehen In the South wlch i*aper held up the practis to tho condemnation uv pious men. “My breth ren,” sed I, “themßoston Abllshulsts hcv no cleer undcrslaudiu uv the skripler. When Ham wuz cusl by Near, wat wuz that cuss. ‘He shall be a servant unto Lis brethren.’ Met unto strangers—not unto the Philistine or the Girgeshile. or the Millerite, hnt unto his brethren! How cood he be servant unto his brethren except thro amalgamation. Onlcts we amalgamated with cm, how wood the male niggers bo our brethren? Oh my brethren, we wuz obliged to do these things that the skrlpicre mite he fulfilled, aud to the credit uv the Southern people be it seij that they never shrunk from the perform auccuvdootv. The per cent uv yeller nig gers In tills Stale attests how faithful Ken tucky hez bin. , . .. But to rcsoom. Wchev sinned m permit* lin tkoois to come in and unfit cm for their normal and tktiplurol condishen, but these is not all. My brethren go to Esq. Me- Gavin’s and get the towmhlp Bible, and search till you hud this yor t»: ' “And no man puitclh new wine Into old doum?, ct.-c the lcw wilc doihbuEl the boillee, and the "ilv^hrclhren, wlch Is the bottles? Tho Dlmocriscv, uv com sc, aud the most uv cm tuav be considered old Ones. j*e liei actid us bottles, carrying about flooids, not pre cisely wine, but the modem substitute ttcrcfor, from our earliest infancy. \\ jell is new wine? The Ablhhiuifts wich fullered Johnson,, nv course. New wine is frothy— so wuz llicv. New wine fizzes—so did they. Mew winc'hcz strength for a mlnit—so bed they. New wine is unreliable— eo wuz they. At Philadelphia, the put tin uv this wine into old bottles wuz accom* pushed—at that accursed place, ansheut Dirac crisv wlch bcleeves in Ham and Hager, met and* fell onto the nex nv heward and Dooiltlle, wich Invented Abllshtulsra, and wc mingled our teers together—the new wme wuz put Into the venerable old bottle nv Dimocrisy, aud uotwitlistandm we hooped it with Federal patronage it busted, and great wnz the bust thereof; aud the fragments uv the bottle wnz prone onto the earth, and the new wine is rnunin round pcrmlscu*. bo « uz tu ludfluT““™. Squh c’s bunlia up that tex, keep on till yoo h “ d aboccwlui a piece nv oil cloth onto a new AStU cUMteiici piece that fllleth it ap lakcili itawaj nom iho old, and the rent is made V °My hcarcre, Democnsy went to ™tjdel i.hviua soot of gray, wich it lied bln a wtaiiu for five yture. {<■ thcr wuz grecvious rents in it, made uio-Uy I bv bayonets and rich. Oh, why vre | content to wear it? wc uotsaUa* , tied with it? Agin wuz the skripttrs ful , filled. tVe patched up the Coulcdrlt gray with Federal bine; we put onto the hack, Seward ; onto the knees, Randall, onto the ‘simulacra, Cowan, and onto the scat, John son and thev wuz stitched together with PoElnllUls. fintlt coaldn’t hold. Tho‘krlp lire imi fuimlcd—U'C »U cloth wus rotten, a„d0,“.1.y.n.c patches f-U nlrticd, and tnkin with cm a part ntlho old anil llw rents lr. bliger than before. Our ceal is hnited at the clhovrs, onr Bants Is frayed round the bottoms, out at the knees and bom behind tbe flue nv distress wavelb itrcarilv in the cold wind. My brethren, wc will succeed when wc »tlcgto our lulogrUy. uv onraascomlu what wc did not bev. wat wuz the eeure uv our aakin «nr Jute for Kernels for Ccmgwls. doorlu tin* u-it dr*lt*d s<id» • »Vat wuz too v oota «*i talkin cooctlto«*shnel amcndmenU intntn who spored that InUnnsllninrore ; ineDts and Xasbncl Bank tv nr still the fsboo. Wat wuz the yoose uv lettln go our holt on nW'Cr CQuallty. wlch is the nght bower, ItflTbowcr aud acc uv the Dimocrisy, its tower uy s‘rcn S th, Us anker and cbeefest trust, aud wich is easy ofcompreheiurton and emiucnlly adapted to tbc UennoeratU totel and takm up questions wtcu wu» au ot, lellledten ve” ra P alnre they begintocom. HI V i,v in breef wat wuz the sense, 5” b™tb«n. ■m pnuio new wine mold hot llt-g—uv paicblu old cloth with new. Let I ’be warned aud never repeat tho falle Vogramra^ SSr TOeri»«™xto hang the nigger I mcn- Vonßee ScUool 51 arm* In Georgia. K letter in the New York Timet from Geor cli thil Jpcaksof the Yankee lady teachers . there, and of their stains and labors. 1 “A very pleasant diversion In travelling through the South is to visit the ‘ Yankee school inarms,’ who abound plentifully. If tou ice i tall one. with a fresh, ruddy com «Wion solid -square-built form, and one or Two imbham-lng down from her light brown Sir with a moderate.«i=cd waterfall. you mav bet voiir " she is from the Swte Of Slalner Little, natty girls, wltu looped np skirts and fashionable outm generally,.arc from Massachusetts. With rare exceptions they arc all trom New England, and tbe\ are the*bitterest. most uncompromising Radicals imaginable. The people of the South cannot aT'prcclalc thefaSt&at really reflued and inielSeent young ladles can be educated to a belief that In leaving comfortable home*, dear friends and pleasant surroundings to leach the young African idea how to <hoot the'* are* doing a Christian duty, and ’ are prompted by the same spirit which tends hundreds of Christians ; abroad us missionaries to heathens. The ; while nsllves. too, hove nn We. tha SS!? iSfchere arc really instructing their scholars to shoot In earnest, or in plainer wonl« that they arc alKdltion emissaries scut here to incite insurrcclbn aud arouse the freedmen to deeds of bloodshed and wholesale massacre. For these, and other obvious reasons, the ‘ Yankee school marma '.ire shut out from society of any description except 1 hat which they fnmW. for them- SvS. They say that they take pleasure in the performance of their duties; and find consolation lor tho lack of other pleasures iu observing the progress of^their scholars ; bat the way their eyes gleam, nnd tho cordial reception with which they greet sympathizer, proves conclush cly that. thev are still amenable to the natural desire of tbeir sex for social imercenrsc. The sebo ars, they sav. learn »s last as white children, and the’blacVest pure Congo la os apt as the brightest mulitto. The efforts of these wo men to elevate the freedmen cannot be too Klv appreciated, and I am afraid that thev do not receive theirdnetneed of praise.” Affliction* of liuropcan U«yaltr. J The Emperor Napoleon may not be as bad lue tmpero » t I)Ut hc Is ccr tainly 1 'Victor Emanuel has had avert- ; mrnmm mg heartily in the entrance of l ihe Pimag® troops Into Berlin. He Is not careful la ms mode of living, and the toll and excitement through which hc has recently passed, have betn too much for him. A temporary re- ( tlrcmcut from Ibe carc» of Slate is absolutely i necessary to the rc-catabUahracnt of his health. Lettos from Italy report that the health of the Emperor of Austria has been Injured by hts re- . cent anxieties, and that his physicians rocora- ] mend him for a lime to abstain from business. ; He Is still In the prime of life, being still under thlrtv-tlve years of age; but since the t of Sadowa, his whole appearancelias • • chanced. Hi» hair lias turn'■a gnvv, and hc • wJikf In a stooping and dejected manner, 1 . walk* » wß *ihc look ofa man who has i an d b l 6 iifSfnrlb tbedeepest sorrows. The Blfwnof ffacovcr’sbalr turned pray within the dethronement of her bus : ,“f b KtaK John, of Saxony, has scarcely I .! ;sU«ss , a R .r 4 g^ ,^iV.A^ e respecting her rewoij ELECTION MGIIT IS HE\T VOEK. Scene la a Newspaper OlQce—Graphic IXMiiptloß of the Way In wUlcb «Ue Good Nfw> Came* [Correspondence of the Chicago Trlbane.l New Youk, November 15. ISW. Tbc election and the suspe-ase are over. I will give - you an account of the night of the election In this city. When the returns be* "unto come In the large newspaper offices were the centres of attraction. If one were inside, close to the best inkstands, he wonld be in a favored place. Fortunately, I had the entrance to a loading establishment, and with no duty to perform I had every oppor tunity to observe. Through the day things had been so quiet that only about fifty illegal voters and dis- I ordcriy persons were arrested. Just be- 1 fore sundown several workmen were busy in front of the office nailing planed boards to buttons; and they seemed to be making a plat form ten feet long and five feci wide. When completed it was carried In and placed over the counter. This was a bulletin board, home fixtures were removed and also the iron drop letter-box. It looked like preparlog a ship lor a s;orm. . . The editorial rooms comprise four apart ments. Two arc small; one of them is lor the editor-in-chief, and the other tor the managing editor. Then there is u very large room with ten or twelve desks for the ul"ht and dav editors of the various de partments. Adjoining is ajqqg room eon taiuinii the library and four more editorial desks. In this room were v made for receiving the veto#. several dc t ks were brought in, and h long table was cleared off and extended as If lor some es 'TatVonTlTcrtiooca, there is a erial bustle in rooms. The work of the (day edi tors draws to o close; there is hjfyiug to and fro: pens move swifllyjWßtrangeis are cut short, and even friends get but few words, but low, little was going ou, and the huge pile of exchanges did not appear. I There was no use for scissors or gum; the calls for the boys were silent, and when pbdit came the gas lighted nuict rooms. Everything bad been pul In order, the pall was tilled with ice water, the hot air pipes snapped with Dtcarn from the boiler, and I there was an aspect similar to a parlor m III. at this hour that tbc right cdltora come on; but 1 noticed that In addition, Urn day edi tors, Instead of being at home, returned and burg up their overcoats. Still there was none of the bustle ot reporters coming to, and going from, the city editor’s desk, and little or no copy was sent up stairs. ILLUU VI UV bV|i* ” - —* . . _ l At seven o’clock the luroe began to , gather iu the library room. Each had hW place, with full supplies of stationery, and I thtv prepared columns for names and figures. I Ahoy stood at the head 01 the stalls aad woal’d allow oo one to enter vrllhoat a ticket while another was at the library 1 door refusing entrance generally. Between teven and eight a boy with a printed badge cn his cap. showlnc-to what paper he be longed, inshcd up stdlrs witha printed cn- | vtlopc in Ida hand. ul delivered his m< ssage and He had brought returns from wards. 1 Every one was eager to look"« the figures. I The hour was at hand when It-would be de cided whether the President,or Congress | 1 whs to he the power of «hc laud. One or two whistled ai the figures; others wen: silent. Dcmociacy, Instead uf being dead, 1 fctemed stronger than ever. I Soon another boy with a badge brought 1 returns Ihuu another ward. This was more discouraging than the other. Then came 1 another hoy. Mhat can it all mean. The I)! nVocruts carry everything. At thesume 1 time one heard a distant roai, -omUhln - like tbc clapping of many hands and ol • cheers. It was the rejoicing of Tammany • Hal! for there the Democracy was gathered, • and with every return it became distracted ■Kith dclicht. , 1 At ibis juncture, I went down stair®, amt j t v isited the various newspaper offices. It Is a t short walk, for they arc collccici! near the , I fitv Hall. The Hun bad an illuminated bul- J < 1 ictfn on the second story* over the door; the i 1 JltruUi’* boards were inside, anu the etrcUs i 1 and offices were filled with men. The 2/-*- i tunc office was full, and the pressure of the - I crow d from the street was so great that the class in the door b was broken; w-hilc a loco- 1 ; motive light, some fifty feet iu fumt, made 1 everything as light as midday. The crowd J extended u* the otliccofthe 7imf.,thc iluors of wl k". ttere eloml, hut IhrouKli the OT.doivs one casilv read the rclumsdUldayed in larse letter.. At the H'orhl wasavery lanrc crowd, many of them Southerners; soiaethuiß trns at the £rj>rr« aiidArir.: and he Gcr mans thronccd around the S ent. ZfiivTvj. It was to net up the stairs “onreSSitagl foindthtaE. In full blast. ’ I The reports from the various wards were j I 1 eotoinir In fast. The prospect was decidedly I 1 eloonif. Some wards, which the ttenuhll- | cans expected to cot, 'tout for the Bemo laats wiillc the old Democratic wards Rave i ;™mlshln“ majorities. It seemed clear that I the Kepnhllcnns must lose two members of 1 L-or-tc-s. and that the city wonld roll up a | ' o.ainrity heavier than It ever hod before. I Word eLe overfrom the Astor lions', where z “the Old Man” .sal figuring, that it would « rtnch tO,OCO. n r i«au Constantly were the election tables of ISO* 1 j cr.n«nltcd for ccmparUou, aud It was seen I 3 that unless there vvere large and nncxpcctcd 1 , gains elsewhere, the State was lort. Mean- I , while, the roar from Tammany Hall was al- I « editor-in-chief had not 1 ■ i'crn seen cr heard of. But the managing editor wa? busy, aud generally useful. At la*t ard about 11 o’clock, thechlef came in J ami took his feat at a desk. The rcl^™ s I uat come from Brooklyn with some fc,OuO Jcmocrallc majority. This, with others, modealoadof *’o,ooo, which the Slate of New York was to’ carry. Fentou’e former rnaiorilv was too slight to affect one so tre nmudona. Still, there were strong hopes 01 u ws™tanuotelievo Ural.lntelligent men that day hod lea their handsome wives and smart children, and passed their orchards a™ green trheit field,, and while school house, and In the shadow of the church with green blinds, had voted with the for ci'-nefsot New York City, who either detest- 1 r Keimblican Government or loved lager modulation the m“t civilized on the globe ?Xn?ul?ly, woald .urrender the hope® ot ♦>,«* rhrbtiaa and the fni<U ot- many a bloodv vlctorv, into the hand# not only of ; enemy, hulofonc who ln aaogrt 1 captcilv was tholr Inferior. Siul, au was 1 U..rrrtaln.nd gloomy. that the “TwnshXrftto 60,000 majority tint the eAw Lt iloivn. A man who 1= In great “g£, t cy. they wcw, and the hot w ere favorable for the defeat of Jack 1 llodcer the man who had stated at Orange 1 that Ids election was written on the throne of the Almighty. Then came despatches | from nn the river—some were cheering. oth ers not? Then word ftom Boston. OpcoiirM Massachusetts was nl. right. A slight titter went round when one read that twoin I crocs and two Democrats were elected to the i Legislature. . . . . „ about midnight. Thc eerhoys still arrived with more complete I feturns l and men trom various Republican 1 headquarters In the city,, Brooklyn, Jersey 1 City and Newark waited tot'»»•• |L.'j’Jf the table where the despatches were read, and, catching the figures, wrote lists lor I tl'C'C persons, when they hurried away. I At ibis midnight hour, when even tho most experienced had not a word of oncour- I ogemeut. a full handful of despatches, writ ten on iarge sheets of silk paper, wen, I thrown on the table. The first was from Troy The JkmoemU had lost over a thousand I L‘ti The editor was aroused. hU face brightened, and he gave an animated honaj. The next was from Rensselaer County, of | similar Import, and he hurrahed again. | I Then the despatches P° urP . d * n . {J*SJ I drifts, and sometimes covered the table. The .» experts nod them one ft ter another. News, 1 everywhere, Republican gains were large, i RiVdcs these, actively encased, were men differently and dccplv interested. This was ; ?K*donarms for‘news, and hither they i Kd conic to lenm how many were their ! fi icmls Often did the returns mention their ’ i name*. Then, there were others, the agents : . 5? many distant candidates; they wrote 1 despatches and sent them, over the busy w*Tis. Tii.v thnt'flrpfrom'Eutn- " u was one o’clock. Tbc thunder from \ manv Hall was less frequent. Then some | . waiters from an eating house brought Ind&ffe I ha«kcts; thev spread a cloth ou the table, I 1 Sid set out a Wh. There were coffee, bread and butter, cold meats, oysters, pie, 1 ; cake cheese and almost everything, nlle I this was going on, despatches came from • Utica, Auburn uud Buffalo. Republican I gains stUl were larger. Then came another roowy handful. Where Is that from? Chi cagof Now, then, for Cook County! Chi- I cago 8,000 Republican majority!’ Illinois sure for 40,0001” These were sent dowfi be low. In less than three minutes the air I shook with tremendous cheers. They were | the first the Republicans dared give. Then » we had it from Michigan: “The Stale car- I Tied by at least aO.OXi.” “ Wisconsin sweeps everything.*’ “St. Lonls sends agreat Re. publican majority.”. 1 wish you could have heard the cheering. It went from one Re publican office to another, skipping the 1 Democratic officer. Iwmr ago, on the firet Christmas night, a ncr the Virgin had pul her babo away to “leen everv heathen temple was dumb, si also, when these glad tidmcs came, Thnimanv Hall was dumb. Meanwhile, men quick at figures, and experienced in | eom.’arison nnd ratio, were placing the re lurD-irom Sew York State oppcsflo those Id 01l w vears, to calculate the per cent of nlna ■ and thorn this hssis thev conld draw S rcc't conclusions. The thing is simple Si C n“ralSMi hSu Si dass of an unknown animal from a tooth or 1 a tore. At half past occ o'clock they dc- n * i. iVw«* u «riu» perfectly safe to say that ' the 1 Repnblieans had carried the State by at le« _ ... In the midst of ccmiemanrrom * Dcmpcratlc headquarters, adroitly worked himself Into tbc room, and requested fiunres. J Hcsnld that those who sent him bad more t confidence in the figures of thb office than In , was ready. Voimc men had , S - onhc dclk makine comparisons and wrUmg an editorial, for wSlch the presses down bc fowwrrewalllui:- , hc wh olc force of l n W a,\)usv. I’hc names of counties printers wa. dup Bn acc left for figures, had been ** JJP» * jjuional returns did not Time wore on. Addiuonai com(j from chance■ mneh. V r IK lnnuincrablc white orchards, dalr.C!, “” iCifCn „ crs were ndloK ■ isss s^sj'sassrfb’s UmS “od%*,eve r r>Thlng^wjs ..■ne the Ir.Mde pages, and all ~oP ( t ,’ -r tll . t?.c l=“t Ccrttvs and the last words of the •11, r*edllori«l. While time wassoprecious, i'erlfaps the -rcatest achievement was to f ‘ At'fcr'tbe ''plate* were cast; then they i w ere planed, finished, and lowered to the rrerf room Ihroiwli many sloric, they were listened to the cylinders. A ftw men sit to feed the presses, and now all other hands stand aside. Machinery will do the rest. In this ape human skill is thrown forward into the future ; and ll wilh .ont weariness, and with a power which man himself cannot equal. ... . Unless one Is conrtme. or is -a candidate for office, three o’clock is late bed-time.^ ECTPT OH THE SEINE. Xlie Viceroy of Ecypt’» Contribution to tbe Fart* Exhibition. A writer in Xaiurt and Art says that the VlccroT of Egypt Is erecting a temple which promises to Im* one of the glories ofthe Paris Exhibition. It la a large rectangular build ing. surrounded by an open colonnade, and measuring outalde the latter about chshty lour feet bv sixty feet. It la to be a com plete icnroductlon of the famous temple of thr sacred cow. Bother, in its minutest de tails, and ita execution has been entrusted to Mariatc Bey, whose name la Intimately connected with Egyptian research and illus tration. The colonnade will consist of twen tv-two columns and four large anta at tbe corners, and the various parts of these, cs well as tbe architrave, frieze, and inter columnltttlona, will be from the Ptolemaic structures of Phlhe, Esneb, and Dendc rah. The decorations of the colonnade will reprcfcut, with all the variety of which the subject is susceptible, one of the Ptolemies making offerings to tbe divinity of the tern- Me lu the facade will be introduced a bas relief discovered last winter In the caves of Dcndcrah, which Is contidently declared to be an authentic contemporary portrait of the famous Cleopatra. The ceiling of thecolon nade is to be painted blue, with golden stars, and decorated with figures tnc great vul ture of Mcdlnet-Abou, with white bodies and particolored, red and black, wing?. On the outside of the walls of the temple itself will be a series of Ixu-rcllcf, Illustra tive of tbe various arts of Ancient Egypt_ m chronological order. Those representing j the first cjochwlUbe derived from the Pyra mids, Saqquarah, Aboukyr, Zawyel-el-31ar tin and other contemporary sources, in me curious bas-reliefs from the tomb of PLtah Ilostp (Saqquarah), the d«- c eased is shown surrounded by the members of his household. There Arc fishing aud hunting scenes in the marshes; chasing the gazelle in the plains with greyhounds; hunting the lion; a combat between a lion and a buffalo, slaves carrying a cage containing two lions, fetes and dauecs. The bas-reliefs from the Kmbof Tl include agricultural scenes, cat- . tie troops defiling before the defunct, a farnu ardfa hunchback leading a greyhound, ewant, cceee, ducks, all represented ullUnn amutnt'ol art which Egypt no longer posses- | scs. Another compartment represents the construction or Jmals, cabinet-making, tan nii g, sculptors producing a statue, jewelers andotlicrs at work. , ... Kcxt comesrenca of the navigation of the Nile, with craft of all kind.- ; a fight in the water between a crocodile and a nlppopola niu« • and the embarkation and trans nor! of sculpture. In another great panel will be seen a reproduction of the bas reliefs of the twelfth dvnaHy, with the famous «ceuc of a visit paid to a Moudyr bj a Semitic family asking permission to reside In,hi- province; industrial scenes, dances, music and curious gymnastic feats and cxer decs. The bas-reliefs of the eighteenth dynasty, from Thebes and Abydos, Include historic episodes, campaigns in Arabia and India, soldiers marching to the sound of , trumpet and drum, the navigation of the lied tea, disembarkations, conquests, cap lives led lu chains, return to Thebes ami triumph of the king; the runatic Amcnonhis the I‘ofifth on his war chariot, followed bj bis seven daughters, also iu chariots ; domes tic =ccm-s. house building and manufacture-. • Those from the tombs of the tweniy-»!xtU dynasty at Thebes wlU.occupy the last divi sion. The outer surface of the walls of this temple will thus exhibit an abridgement of the birtory of Egytlan art during the whole four thousand years of its existence. Within the temple itself will be repre seu’.cd Hie famous bas-reliefs of temple of Abydos, and. on the walls, two ranges of pictures, principally of the epoch god. Among other objects of Interest will figure a remarkable collection of ancient jcwelrv and objects of ornament and luxury , j the statue of Uiephmi, in diorUc or green stone, believed to be the oldest statue In the world ; a statue of the priest and another, iu wood, of the fcheikh tl Belled, considered as the finest specimen extant of Egyptian urt; aud a statue of the great llo tbor herself iu basalt, recently discovered, and a selection of tbe sculpture, cotters and other objects, the gems ol the Mceroy » museum of Boulaq. matilda liilnd. Miss Louisa M. Alcott writes to the Inde* pn,dtht about the above romantic character, the sister of the would be assassin of Bis mark: , . Under the blooming apple-boughs « TV im hledon X met the bister ot Ferdinand hliii. A handsome, brilliant, BclUuc-likc jyrl, mil of talent, energy and enthusiasm. The pet of Muzzlni, the friend of Drowning, an ardent admirer of timthe, and a hearty hutorof Bis tuark. She approved of her brother s death, considered him a martyr, aud as a hero, refusing to lament his death as others did, but taking pride In it with a stem sort -of satisfaction, such as a Roman clrl micht have felt at some brave act ol mend or lover. To me she was very charming on ac coun, of the many peculiarities to which ntberfivohluctcd. Simple and frauk as a child in manner, the wit and “ w ’ isd £{“ her conversation struck one acd all the more strongly hy the force of contrast, lor she talked fluently and well on many sublet-Is which few girls care cvuutohear of. Entirely unconscious of herself, she sat In the crass. Idly pulling daisies, as sbedlscuss* cd Emerson. Carlyle, Kent, Goethe, English DoUtlcs. and German wars, with a sense and »plrit that amazed me. and made other Igirls seem like pretty polls beside an earnest wo man, with heart aud soul alive to the great q 'ona°nothcr occasion I met her In London, and enjoyed a lively argument between her self and three or four young barristers on the subject of poetry. They were sensible fol- well read. In good training for arcu rn?m\ nnda. cnthrnW as It was poss.W for Englishmen to be on any partly Ideal subieei vet Matilda Blind not only astonish- S?charmed, and out-argued the™, but con vinced them that there was Eomclhlngfincr in noetrv than they had ever suspected be lS£Vi3 gaye them a «mul« of a kind which can never be pat ln \\ e were at dinner when she tame In, but w*SeT the dfct-rt was over wo mill 0 n too astonished to cera for iwhlf t’boueh summer twilight soon hid the Sot th?disputants from one another. One bv one the voung men fell silent, and we sot in dusk, listening to the girl’s clo . ..ala . o£ Oiii repeated fine lines from MmoorSTo. «. d with a dramatic power that charmed tw all. Whenever she paused, some ssssss thc”wholaparty cclleut person by doing what 'he 'iked, re gardioss ottbc strict rules set down for the & S nW W ’ mo but we soon wearied of each other, I tent her home, and then I .was greatly cou tent. Ah, such advcntnrrealaoneiu a •trance country; a girl, and so little. 1 ’™nl S rov money, I loit ray luggage; people X.o .l.t'me mad at home, and everything wa“ fo droll Then 1 had a little fear, ana wl; suddenly wise; I sent for money and re deemed ray luggage: went home and asked henbererae heary to me; but 1 1 rnake free | from Matilda Blind. JTrlal of Steam Boiler* at * Prewnre of over BisUi Hundred Pound*. The Scientific American of last week has a rouorl of a trial before a committee of the Vranklln Institute, which took place recent f, ofa“ilaSstnßoiler," in whkh.atoam *3» w *. * nTPr eicht hundred and uliy rounds to the square inch was Knee with a result that produced no In n ry to the holler. The report of the Snearvie J Tu‘Sp?rtSiint. were made with acctlons takei? riom the prepared stock in the works wlVhont a“v or selection, upon one edge, mlsed I mriaccdb. fsss^stg I rmff»ft®fi*evtas ” fogo(l ihstihc extreme sss'sftbsa r cJtr l d«d..rsciedsed l!ieJom. M«“~^ 11 , han _ gsrrs . the pressure was. ren.m-.<LW cxhtQfi . , 1 treated soa lhe'a''k _‘, iJlfvrcot down to *J [ 1 lion ol the-' r ten opened end aft th< t other Injw the front end ric half the ; > of Ilf brle S a '’S “ S -VUb ° Ej thi<i;!'™, I lentfhof UwsecOja " ' l “ i[d *g ,„, trldca , C toAc»l btlnc dc««Kd »rw t / ct „ ald o,er I wall. I lies, and as i c "j m vilociDC tic enure , 1 tfco bridge, Ihe pxaiCil pro- < a 1 nor total imon; of an- , 3 ibe nl,f l t?idaDt to* mvcnDon to marine , paratns. But }° ,“5 «.„»» no > series npon a ; , uses. Mr. h£l and eap joint at ; to"Sid-iSSSS »“■*«» “ 4 «m1..8--tiOi. Wsfoimcd trial jj , Fifib. In eighteen min fTomco.d u * M ,» uU?,toelxtj Pounds tn minale#,and one hnvdrcd potmdß in avurty-oncmin to one hundred and cny p gtcam was ran ntc*; Vine « d oeapparatna dowi.loMebraa^g2i"» BriM aclu &d the Tic ttocuon (CaU DcllJ t«I»: = ..?cnc«Uro.ccic baa -tart down at *•»«- ♦ U,«b, Tuolumne County. as a quartz mlntr. 0 ren ral Roaecrans baa everywhere won golden , cVTc.oc. Zcic cmae to.fob. « * | jttteV tint he "W tto ' Y *** 6 ° ld lte l£ * FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. nONEIABt' Saxuioat Etsktso. Morcmher St 1900. Tti following is M»n»gec lre»* exhibit of tuo htuinetsof the Clearing House for the weekend ing to daj: Norember 19 M to. Cleartura. Btlwiees. $a,SSi. 9*3.63 1,90*5.41 1^30,701.98 1,747,31901 990,90.37 1,605,637.61 187.M7.W ai7.ffja.3s 3 g: W’SSk ."•gBSS *53883 Weckcodlßg KoT.IO. Tbe great erect of the week, in tin soda! circle*. wm the panic which took place In Wall atrest on Thursday-resulting In a auudcn contraction or the Money market, an adranee la the rale of la* terest to " V cent on call, and a general too le la | stocks and shares of all descriptions, bat more parllcnlarly those which are technically termed *♦ fcney.” These suffered sere rely, and In their downfall caused several suspensions, anJ no doubt cnppled numerous operators, who were speculating lor a “ rise.” The panic* spent it* forte on Thursday afternoon, and .since then there has been a gradual reaction. Stocks hare slowly recuperated, and ' confidence has In a measure revived. The Gold market shows few signs of reaction, and the premium con tinues to hover around the figures touched dar ling the panic. This panic is onlylbc culmination of what has been steadily going on In ali bnwchw of trade tor some time past, but probably would not have occurred so suddenly had 11 not been for outside causes. During the past two or three weeks there has been a want of confidence Inez- UUnc prices among ill classes of operators, ar-d value* of all clashes of merchandize, with very ] few exceptions, have been stradily declining. Prudent operators saw that values were luordi natclv Inflated, and the shadowings of the policy to bcVevdoped by the Secretary of the Treasury, m which U Is asserted he will re iterate the principles enunciated In his u Fort Wayne speech,’' warned them of the coming atom. Preparations were at once made for Us reception. Property slowly though steadily declined, and the purchasing power of Ihe currency was proportionately in | creased. So quietly has this process been going on for the part two or three weeks, that ft has hardly awakened any surprise, and has certainly been productive of no want of confidence la Indi vidual credit la mercantile circles. In this re spect It differs entirely wilh the r fleets produced by the “Fort Wayne speech.” Now the people arc, to a great extent, ready tor the contraction policy, and It to our opinion that the Secretary might, at ibis Juncture, contract the currency to twice the amount limited by law, without embarrassing the trade of the country. Should this be done, U would counteract all pos sibility of a reaction—a renewed Inflation In values which wonld In a short time be subject to another fit of contraction, which might not oe anticipated, and therefore could only result in I a nanic tar more disastrous to the public than the one through which the Wall street opera ore • bare Just paswd. Wo do not favor a sudden and i violent contraction of the currency. Such would be productive of nothing but misfortune, but we : are In favor of a slow and healthy contracting - oolicy, until tbe currency ot the country shall be reduced to the actual wauls ol our commerce. In pome quartern it Is asserted that the trouble u attributable to a sudden stringency in lira money market, caused by the Secretary’s drawing on the National Banks tor nineteen million dol lars We have always been at a loss to know why the Government should deposit the public moneys with the National Banks In those cities where there are rolled States Snb-Trcaannca. The system is certainly productive of no good. The banks cannot afford to be custodians of the money for nothing, and are obliged to loan It “on call.” A sadden call by Mho Government duric" an ordinary clove money market produces an unexpected stringency, and in order to meet the draf-a, the backs ore compelled to do, what In commercial parlance U called “shin It.” The benefits which, the tanks and the community derive erement deposits are more then i the sudden fluctuations which* their wtttffJH I occasions in the money market - r.. U i« understood that the Government let the banks “ down easy,-’ by accepting the compound interest notes and allowing the accrued interest tnereon There the Government will undoubtedly cancel, and in this item U la expected the Dum ber statement of the public debt will show a ma terial reduction. . . , , The mercantile trade of the city during the week lust closing has been veryjlght, and not at all sal 1-factoty to those Interested. Trices of merchan dize have suffered a more or less decline, owing to the fall in gold, and the pneral belief that values mnst co lower before the bottom Is touched. The week closes on a quiet Money market, though at the close the demand for accommoda tion showed signs of renewing activity. Tbe mar ket is la a peculiar condition, owing mostly to the tardiness of the packing season. Thereto no great superabundance of currency, hut the discount houses would be glad to find an oullcl for their surplus funds for ten or twenty days. Having made arrangements to carry the pork crop, u soon as ill begins to move, the banks do not ieel inclined to Increase their regular dis count lines to any great extent. For prime paper the market works easy at the usual bank rale-10 ptr cent- In tbe open market good outside sig natures are negotiated at » per cent., and less acceptable documents at 13® 13 percent, per an- Hflhtre l» an active demand for Eastern Ex* San"*, and as tbe amount makinj Ja compara tively email, the market works very close-corn* do iUq£ mort of the banks to ship currency. Kcand lots of Facbange sold to-day between at S3lO cents premium. The counter rates are firm at par buying and I*lo premium sel ling. Buffalo and Oswego bills are taken at U 1 ''rh.dimand for Forego Kicbanno baa been Lille active burins tbe week, and at to close Ibe ennenej i«lea were lower, owmß to to decline In gold. "We revise quotations * Gold. • Currency lA>rlmV £ sterling !« 1 1 -H'S sS??p«ie r Dii;;;:;:; i.w , Floor offered itroop bnt cloeed dull. WJctt was more active and higher* but at the closobay «* refused to pay the extreme figures. Coro oiiitd l4®?c b«ir, but the advance « SJTtaiwlur itmii* “i >e«c vae dull. Freight* were neglected. PtotUloaa were dull* but beld- with considerable ftrmneaa. Wool was neglected and uaaalaWe. Gold wat again Irregular—varying but little from the eccentricities of yesterday. Themarfe-t opened »t 1331». advanced to 139* and do«d •* 13S«. The following quotations were received by Boyd Broa., gold and Block brokers: ivaj a, 1 3:15 ,I * % Here the market waa quiet. The broken were buying at KSSltt-ttSJi bid at the close. TTm demand waa Ugbt, and sales over the ( counter were made at about New York rates. Silver waa quiet at U&QU9 bujlng-the upper figure for The fonowing table exhibits (be dally range and i tlofiDi price of sold dttrlEE the week: w “ v Range. Closing. ! Moods? 151* ' * * 137%3138% ISS% I Thursday ....>«S ' S :::: .wnawii ; There was a stronger feeling .in Governments 1 «udav. and prices were higher throughout the ' UsU The long trlxes were % betler. Flve-Twon- . Si orra.d?med fi. The ■« .ad ■« 1,.,., zL-t, hiffhcr. Ten-Forties were firm at an ad -1 H Seven-Thirties were H higher. As untnal on Saturdays there was no afternoon call toSr ' following shows the closing prices

oftoiay with those of the two days prerlons: Tbursdiy. Friday. Saturday. SKMOfOi—. gSS Jos a j Flvc-TVenaes. (2. ■ ■■Vh» }£3 nn;; Flve-TweotM,W.....n-* joaij Fire-Twenties, hiS Jj3 93* Tcc-Forllef;....- -,•£* ir«S 105% Seven-Thirties, Aug...;03 . }£D - J 0,2 1 Seven-Thirties, June..lM f » ftls ; I Seven-ThUnes, Jnly...lM IV *N IV *'» Sere there was an active speculative demand for all*Usuea of Governments, and the market was fiimer. There was a bilak Inquiry for Fire r Twenties of *M and *65, which are very scarce, The brokers were buying ai% Jower than th< , Kew York quotationa. - Compounds were %high c er. We quote the closing prices as follows; botwotist stcrnrrm-cmc*« n Hnymp, v gelling, t ii4H mu i ISr’i iIh.'.V.V." V.V." 1«* «« “ • ! 3SS ! rj® I *. small •••• \ .■■■ i joij compound., tEW.. rig ;;; Aw. CmpoiiwU. mi. ««. Oci. Compomd,. 19M-- .... I Dec. May Compounds, 1?«. Aug. Compounds, ITO.i •••• Sept. Compounds. I<s. 1« ! Oct. coaponeda, 1865.. lt»H ! itc second National Bank gives the following ! quotations for lhe Public Funds: g I conpoc, isai msil vomp. i V?* Coupon, | • u „ ~«ij ’ l*ree. ...lC6U3l»r2i „ •* 1**113% ; UMoCoupon.pmaDl®J4 . n \' tt u i l-S, largel7lMH@los>» IbepS. ** ** irau 1 The mA-tci for SecoriHes D ccccdloslT I quiet, and In the .haenee ol .M tnesaePona, me I nomipalljqoeleufollowa:^^ I chicaco City Seeen, ■» ‘“'4 1 Cook County “ £ 33’’ J i reaction, and a higher range of pticta ' S j throughout the list. The ftUowinp‘ table gows » 1 the closing prices tft-day. Thursday, last Sator 1 ! day, and the Saturday previous; SoT.ID.N'ov.K.KoT.».^OT fe « • New York Central Jl6* I** *gi* l gb E«l<* 791 J SI 'it 'SJg »* •;« W.U.TeI 43 .... 116 H »g }S S* "£SBsS,=^= 3Si&£rasf2sr«;i2; USflce rltee, IB done Mow flee per SsgfSffSSS - - More. Mai Wetr York pnoec far each. Kererntwr M, ISS3 neeiTrt by J3*w**>M-LjonsftCo.. Broken, WBvo &CUrktUtK: IK M nM B’d.B’d. D 4. “ft. iiov in* UJJpefceo*,^ iweicom) ;?v boo<i*,iaa... iu* .... S;L(Sb).... f»x 81 U.».»»er®g* 0.4 H1U...... 81* eon?-/®. 1W •••• Sock UJfcaJ....liOH l»* «“* .... c*4K.vr a «* cI*K.'W M BDt < nx u* tr. r.n.'W.ftCT.iM in* , o-?-^S£- w,s •••• CUlMfilver.... -CTV <7 U. 6-6perC<Ot W. UetoaTel.. M* « W '*** C.AA.<cotn>..lK* IWS Tr. SOW*.. 3-10 Her. fc 0. S &>* tf. 8. "VlO, 3ft . Qcitem KiTer.mjt KIV w * *■** UJ. Central....ll6* U!>* 0. S. . S-10. « p.* R»«(Une.. UIW \U - »ene*...-•♦•• Si • WlttWbTeCoil Aacr.Qold.... »> Wi 1. ft W»ta'b lUrlet—Fmt Boarti Crr* Second connEßCiibi SiTCiffliT Btetdto, IfoTember 54,1®6» The fcUomnp tables show the receipts and ship ments of produce donnc the past tweuty-fcrnr ’dcrtPTS ?ast rwESTT-rocn nona. 106. * 1363. 10,935 JUWS Flour, brl*. Wheat, bu, Cora* bn... Oft*, bU... I* Darlcy^ba 81,115 37,iai •11,810 1'J,533 5,960 5^90 7.300 400 63.800 31,390 UU CtCM Seed, Broom Corn. fee. Cored Hc»U, IB*. Beet bili Laid,fii. Tallow, IB* Batter, Dressed Bora, No. Lite Hora, 50.... CnlUc, No Hides, Bs n. Wine*, bris Wool, It* ■ Lamber, m Shingles, ni Lath, SalLbrla 101.000 77.5^4 •JJ.fcW 30.150 .... nut 1,300 6,605 10,896 2l,«0 24,781 51 2 2,210 0,753 1,121 467 132.:] i) 117,572 130 70 19,350 29,101 1,001 033 1,3:7 «M .... 183 850 eniwiEsrw past TwxsTT*roro hocus. 1-oG. Irfs. 111,131 8,887 Fleet, torts. Wheat, ci'^js SJfSS: •■ wg »•“ Barlej. *®-‘~ *» w Grass beed, fis Broom com. £s | m« n« SSE'S:::/r/"v/"”:;; i.™ is £**£££;;... w® "“■«« U.Wmrf, brls 31 |>? 2 r.,?> Luiuoer. Shlnetes, ™ Lath, „i?* Sail, brie , . , There were to new features In the Provision market. Mete Pork was !n moderate demand lor Immediate shipment, and the market was steady, with rales of 220 brls at {23.W)®20.23-mosUy at the inside figures, 'there is comparatively little on the market, and holders are not disposed to press sales. For January delivery, we hear of sales of 310 bria at {20,00. Green Meals were dal! with sales of 4(0 pcs Shoulders at fic from the I block-. lard was dun, with sales of 50 tea Prime | NewntlSSfc. Fortolnro delivery there ts some inquiry at hot sellers are not disposed to accept Ices than 13c.* There was no movement In Beef product. Grease was inactive. Whl-kcywas dull, with retail sales of Free at distillery at {2.31. A lot of 30 brU in hand changed bands at Ssc. Bound lots are nominal at Kc. At the opening there was an Increased demand for Hour, and the market ruled firm at the de dine noted yesterday, but at the close a reaction set lr, owing to the unfavorable advices from Sew York, and tbc market closed dull. The sale* foot up 3,.Jjobrlß, ai {12.25 for While Win ters* {11.73 for Bed Winters; {0.00010.50 for Spring riitras, and 57.2305.00 for Spring Sopers. There was a more active demand for Wheat— i both speculative and shlpping-and a higher itrpe oi prices prevailed. No. 1 Spring ad vanced 2 3 3c, though at the close buyers refused lopsv the advanced prices, and holders refused to ram** concessions. No. 2 Spring opened sUonc. and advance HO-'c, but at the close the tetitmc advance was not obtainable, and the Earka doted doll. Rejected was a trifle firmer. The transacUor s loot up 155,C00bu, at {2.03&J.10 lor No. is {1.05 for No. 2 In K, I. and A. D. & Co.; «1 fur do In N. S. & N. W.. andtSMIS 1 4b tor Rejected Spring-closing with buyers at 1 <•* 130.2.1'! for No. 1 in favorite houses; £2.03 for do regular, and dull at {1.85 for Regular *u. 2, Coin opened tolerably firm, and an advance of IH2.Sc was obtained, bnt the advids from New Yoik proving unfavorable, the improvement was more than lost. About 179,0; 0 bushels changed hands at b7®9oc tor No. 1; S 1053 c tor No. 9, and 70c lor Rejected; Wc lor New Shelled, and 5303!'*c tor Ear Com on track. The market closed quiet j atSlo67HcforNo.llnEtorc. Otis were qnlct at an advance ofl®l»Sc, with rales of 22,000 hn at SsQWHc for No. 2-closing at qirtrc was a more active demand for Bye, and Ihomarketwas tolly 1c belter. Sales of 2i,Ota bn were made at 60087 c for No. 1, and e1063c for No 2—closing at outside quotations. Bariev advanced 102 c, and was more active, with salts at G7OCSc lor No. 2, and 15310 c for Re tccted in a'ore. Sample lots were la good re quest and firm, with sales at S3co{l.K, as to I freights were dnll ano nominal at 6c for Com to *Slowwaß doll with trifling rale? of Country at 10c City Packers’ Is nominal at lOJic. Lead u quiet at 10KO«»5»« for Pig ex-store. The Grocery trade Is Improving in Its demand, and there U a firmer feeling la the market. The Hardware trade, Inclnumg Iron, NaDs, Metals and Tinners’ Stock, is good and prices are et S« le Steadrwl*A Domestic Fine scllineat f 2.60. are doll, with Timothy celling at SI-50Q 260$ bn. WoolxenUnnes dull and nominally unchanged by Ihc cargo is la limited supply, with a cood demand for dcsirablo qualities Boaids and Strips, which arc firmly held at previous flJ Thc following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: *”• BI'JTAIO, November it. Market centrally dull and nominal. Now Kg. 2 MUnaukee Wlrcat at J3U) Oom aboiU »1.03 Oat* at >•'«. FickhJs nominal. K ®s?LVl^.” hC3t ’ S,Uo bu; Corn, irJ.CA bo; Oat*. ’ Ntw Yohk, November 84. 1 Flour loaiSc lower. Western Extras, I6^ttadetwaud* l tn.4s®l3.w. Wheat flrmbpt bt atsoaa3» Corn beevy"«r firmer, uo fcirtr aettve >iw Yorx. November 14. r«or besrr asA call- bprlmr Wheat firmer. »t Winter Wheel weaker. Corn firm,*! j $uW. w Oats flna. LATER, Afltr the hoars of 'Chauec, daring the after* j noon, the Grain markets were comparatively neg- j lecicd. Wheal was quiet at the closing prices on > the Morning Board. Corn clOfe-1 quiet, with buy ers of 50. 1, In store, at S7c, and sellers at tSc, j Provisions were dull and nominally unchanged. | The Cattle market was dull and Inactive. The , receipts were meagre, though fully equal to the da i macd Only about 400 head chanred bands, and there Veto taken exclusively by city batchers at • *3A?G5.25 lor common mixed to good butchers * stock. The market closed steady at f3.T03b.00. I licet were In demand and steady at about the closing rales of j esterday. AU the ottering* were 1 clo‘?d oat at a range of for medium to ■ choice Hogs. Prices range Chleaeo VrjTlrfoo { , Brew^j^aassaat!^ w»U l- ,oke, *.t • tt.citho**.»a‘ft»* b *J“™ a iLefaiUciouiuwsot , ttiSftwSiW ror rrsaacuhave ! I ti.elt hopes »o'" l fcai ij, (r f alurci icllvjfy , - ) 1 la Eo ' : .‘^^ori^n^wVnVMltyoflower tulirt be»w H KshS?ta tt«eTJS&tfteru=a-*k' tß .; ’ i fredy. 3he W «wck 1 5 *^ OW J^Cf a uie country, aal the of tO{P- aed ht ihcfatnreolftuiuej,allop..^ieio tod Extern nire ay. t»a; e»v v rjvlsloa traae ihla SuSoUjoo“";isM^ t "l r r r rlte,.a th« ore yejivDCia I* wonnuas a runacrUbe. Sarewiil l n f“ c f hac ani provUlon marten re» woc r B i^r«eb«a*iSi*mtdra«iia2. Farre • threotn me mu and ih?rel*c\ere era arc holojcf tv*iou a laic aud prospect of to****™ coctlnue the busln»s ■sa.s:vFu“S| , s.«‘asfss asssS^isaiSWSSKS; j ] • 1 j p rep 3 ® l VA - &£•«. ■tagr t -T w^ $£ «£' o ’J.aJ|5o cO S!S. m~ 1 fcg cattle o-r brl flurln? me wreu, . T*re d sale* were made for | ctotlnp duUj»t ® at the clo«e tbl* rfl«>^ • ary delivery at Qjje-ed. Thu re j E.o>ra;c*tfc. t! : of mew or eiu-a 1 bare been 00 aid JIAtT. nspectlvriy. 1 pnr.ti p e > ‘. r ,'ihe>eba« bevn 00 inquiry*, morioj j FrrbuAmcstf ineen w u, e varlooa mar- ; tiM.secured ba ,T?-?af?yiutnei n s »s oor pactlnjbaj . S««.l ; at tbe aboaldere been 11:, ’*ed. l , >t9Ualoc packed. | US toShcUine of ct£ uUgar l pw „ r tiaeked could be bad . J A tt!es cjuU he j SS I ”tor .hon rth; sarect I* S c llr'i! t r , vr-12\c for pit me steam and AA S»e»'.«S' ,B rJ'la&i dJlre-ry hie h» lie rendered. »®L* t forwblwt sw^-tn» iHiSedlaucous- cOTS-s^ffSass sir 1 ®; e VKCTIC G.VITF.n SHOES, 4 ilreted MT. C. WeW, ot Bo,ton. | ■ Sffi®3 i S lUI-aUßlaort^"trraiCT prt>secn««aT *p J ?H ! cured b^ca.and • rnK bU undersaidlrieaw. All ■ tkmDceo«YticsaS®*™ wiro„com>. S seine AUJ-YiCa of our COTapaavon w I awaeof'dJfrjt'^poormuaton«. T»«pa«h *. ,uf£“i its conn. 1 ’‘X'.TliSreS“vr soot Meet,lot t.e . iSl J oc’ieel»e»eime3J” M^l;-EsGl JsH.Pres't. | nroß.?ceereee.le.M. - 1 -tr ESSEX. OWNEUb AXDCAPTAEIb \f wllUaSe noUce «»at MbP “S&Wor.OciotifllW. list op letters. wittrTVfta KEStAISDfO rSCLAIMKD DTTHK I*ofcioSc at Chicago, buie of Uiiuol*, on »hc-iIU*V rtSnSaay of these leOf** nwt LrrrteC clr* the date of thU "1* and par one «nt tor adrcrtlilag. Ii tin called tor wltLln OS* MOTTO, they Will toe »ea* to the Ptad tetter Office.. Hr«lirtter« are not advertised 1 B**er* wMri to the office one and OJ L I nrdayii letter* to be advert!** ve in the hand* of the 1 etter* pUtffij to the street and homier, M well a* the Foal Office arrf Bute. -». lIKAD letter* with the wrl*r*a r«rC^c« 5 ratx. sitxrr them pU^wlth fOD name, and reqneat the answers to oe ouecw* mo fJS&i to strancer* or transient visitor* to a town ssß^s^SEsssasSßawa * T -- mlu t tump on' the Tarro* dost SSSS?^S‘SSSPSSSSS& U »x l H t i2x REQUEST tor the RBTmOi of * letter to itiitlllli and nnn»ber. _ LADIES* LIST. VOSS’S',?? A itaan Arnett Emm* mu tp5S?U»w Austia E*ule ml** B H?SS jgggggS- Elis- ££;. SSISiuSS. nte S »«“ MS assess SvHi B»iS u‘\v on mr * Sooner Aoeiu an iSSo«rS«. IffirTroar gsa?ffl?ss ueCell litnxjm mr« Sf^T/niSt B> iuu« t-e»b mUa S°isvtulfmU« BellbC mi* bciiovibuno on Br.rtltj J*ae ii c I r*irK9tait Thoms ms Clllc EllttWb I Jtne iSi CUncMiry Ana mi- I Collin lsannahmr« I asrs. u A?s» , |«B£S>. g£S!S»Sft« C»Bipliii*nof*J mr» frv.. *»{*..ilSi!* I ■cS.%°4”f. l ‘ 10 “” KamSw mra tartlnKsw C-nnor Brldcct ml* j cSwmTfiS?*" C^kM.rS^F.mTU ESffi3?i'B*Si» E^MirS. iUTMDT. B Vt?t'S“ I East®® SJSSJtSmrf I ’, ChiFwan.-aa AIM* SSf!xSJfES3 Cruimaa Bm Uuira K^hr^anleTlrnl«s \rn n Sut SSSa'wmin m“StcU cCml?» Clementine, miss cuiw lie.-w niw cosier Carrie A miss Clark Jolla inrs SSanbVr”” ESferMaHtTml., sSsssii, ■ SSSSWSR-” WSi'in/XS." BSiS“u«Sll" K^SS. 0 ”’ Iw'SnSlSlS Annmlaa £&«»» itbVWara BramaioatlKaatmlaa Btiialt Slaty nilsa VtSSSS&S” KSIT W -. 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Custom Howe st» Ken Orleans,and fbrthe lart Mi year* located la Cht caco. f **> be consulted la hta new apertments, 93 Dearbom-it.. Chlcaco, 111, (azaSLT o?ro«tTB ms ot» omo.) opoathe treatment and core of Smnarnu Cnostc, Maternal, and aU private diseases, wltbeoC mercury, lodide potasul, arsenic, or any poison, bat with a neutralizer, the same u used la his Hew Or leans practice tor thirteen years, and which sained his •o great a reputation. Sparcalorrbira and lapitecry. brought oa by setf tbuse, exces*, or entailed, with all lu hereditary train, ol symptom*, treated and radically cared by an InfGlT bJemethod- Jcir l9srz9 —D-. Jam« baa Jest Issued a rertsed and enlarged edition of “THE MOSTTOB." upon Secret Diseases and dUemiea pecollar to the sexes. Althoncfc. greatly enlarged, this ralaahle book is sold at Us ortgl aalprice—Mcents,and toarcenta fbr pottage. To* compete history ol secret diseases, wllh’dlreettanj tad I prescription* tor selftreatment. Is added a trtattae I ppm female diseases ■ bon avoided. prevented, ihttr | remedies, 4c. Ur. James cm be contested at his new apart mails, 93 Eaodclph-st, from and after to-day. By letter, throngh P. O. Box 696. Chicago. 11l Professor Dr.- Uoaenbenr* Member of the Medical SoclAlcsjc Loader. Paris, Bar* Un and Vienna, cmesVccertal matter bow bit i*- ifltlcled or tne worid-wWe ci -rated *ji \Ut:aiiuu —us cC; sure core o>r • vphllls. Tt-sttmonlaU are to be seentrom hundred* fiTraap by other doctor*, and ’horoushly com! hero t bUn. Explanation ot tie nt; can be had. The Doctor can be consulted la En,:H}h. German. Franco, Italian. 4c. Office. Speed’* Bloch. 145 Ueubons-sL, Booms 13and 14. T». O.Box XSl4.CUleago.Bß Dr. Bigelow, Having the confidence ol the public and the mMlesl hculiT at large. Is the most rcdabl* physician In the city for chrome nervosa and icxual Jlsca«ss. t-all at te?Sfflw7lT» South Clirt.!U ccna °f Booms separate. Cooanitalloa free. P. O. Bis golden health, published coatLly, sent free to any address. Dr. Loafs Sanger, Secularly Qualified Physician, can be dally consulted at hU office. 89 oa affratlcas of the Kid ney* and Bladder also, oa Chronic. Karroos, Private and Female DUeasts. twice hours ton ?a.m-to 9p m.; Sundays In the afternoon. Glvehlmaei’L lour Destiny. Whatlslt? Goodoretll? Klchorpoor? Arayot* to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and pawar, wr are yon to alnfc into obscurity and bennkcowa? To be or not to be, that'a the cineattoa.” All tola, ami y«w future proepects In Ula, can be clearly revealed by Or. HAPHAEL. Be can win tor you the affections of this SSrcßto*«. Be guWrayonis wealth, emluraco and a happy marriage. He guides »ou u> health, even when too are etven op, sa ia.mrabl«. by others. Call i at 413Ka*t Madlsou-sB, between WeD* and FraaKUa top st&a), Chicago. Consultation fee. One Pot Ur. Dr. TbomsoD. Proprietor of the Medical *-.d Surgical Tzatttute. ITS Uoidemallcdfree to any uddraa. 1.0. box 74, Cnt cago. Rl. Bair l>ff» T>««TjMrin tea Wcric.' Hars.i'-'i, rrliahie. S,“A” s;;, A 0 ? 1 bIKS’S'?™ n uonro SjRHJrT 1 Jtj 5uS acu ai«u p-am». v Biopogitto. rpo AUCHITECTS. * r ! "wassis.”s» p. le nr iha «orlc. upon application, p.r»oa;U.y or oy ktwr. to the asde»Uncti. ot«2C00 for Put JitOO tor ibe lliiliieiii B&W3EB noar.! will rr*"rrc the rlchtto regret anr or aO w "t&S « *i of -ack a,, cKSSi. PKOtuSALS.— Burl. & Riy. K. K. proposals tor tnc graila?, bi W* la S* Sf*®s;iP{S "tee* anil : apSrinraiKus can bs irroec-cd cartn, tsas Ume at toy office. Id lb En * lneer * Barllnetoa. lova.XoT.7.lSfig. "PROPOSALS FOK SEWERAGE 1 ““omior J5^S. w »Sy _ S**!edprepo»aii «m b« r®c*»T*a p 5 at tbelr a- NoAtmfcpr ami, fir one buadred md sixty-one ibcma eMito E^ll rt cTtT^n^lSc^S Bssrfe«s.-S --*‘ttViSiSfeWlrtoß will M reitlirri ■.iTtirdon or before Jiacaty FRKP. LKTZ, WfirtoftSbUcWot*»» ooft-lOt packers. TSIPOKTANT TO BEEF AND POHK PACKEES. FtiTinc norcMtedTT.'B rSCntinf Jrteftt lot'~g?|“ aa, “ t » IKOVeMnT IN CUBING KLESII tOR to Introduce U »**«» wilt utlit? die meat ‘Lexical th. jjjsrj. f&c be corctf by this process, to uy itlni ot . m h k tr*. CU*AI*EICQCICKEB«d BETTEU Uun !o »aj“« „«y Barret P«rfc ready for use In two dayi. *—-. . - IlioulderiMind Stare id seren to ten toys, la mer. For information, address . , npnf , ’*KT TO W* C< AL»UElt*i.^_^ — ICopy.l UcrXAio./- HUE* Alter scareinlperronal craa!n*£*i ']• rm ■* connffmrstby^«iiVPr^cw^. e y i i > «oMt. Fir J. L. AJberger A Co.. %£SS a>*S>» * «ra* A»«ortstloDj^^■ ■■ re gatus. pOMMIsSIOH HOUSE OF R^PJ'^? D so?u flosTra'A. -, nu (SoeeresoretoJ.M. KEDUONU* laf.riuanoc « oralu. UrereeU to market*. Rett an £lVi-7Sd ItodaceT Com** Hoc*. Floor. Brea*. Movtstoni pondence solicited. p EaT, UATTEIT & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants, 3So. 50 3trcGaa-sir~. MmtrtWO DCTVSE. rOLQttADQ- SQOtEIS. asiericm house. BOSTON. ra, nvorlts nn-<l«f Hot.!, tie Urjrst B»«w nuttßi, offer, Moom=oduloia to o» ~ LEWIS Bica Proprietor., EA1LB0A1) TIME TABLE. cjnuso » »S«iSKr" " Depart. Arrive. DayECTresa---* — •u:ap.m. *3:13 Fallon and Cedar Uapids s-oo §1 Si FqUoii and lowa--.3:00 a.m. I Freeporiaort ?wwrt aitCOp.m- S.op.m. Freeport and Danila.- iT. w t 1 poclrtord and Fox River. ,’:«>£ £ luiait.m. DUon...••••••%•• « 3:15a.a. Express • jj-jOp.m. *I~OO turn. SSSiSSS&i ™p-»- «•■-• EOKblfl, CaUrnl. “ s SSS£‘S£i«r" p*' o1 ' !0< ” mu”* s CEra m«xr. _ . a. m- •8.43 p. m- Mornlns&P I®** 1 ®** a. nn •USX) p. ts. Sl^t SJS^^'io*^S^“.?gi..p.n=. Morning Bxpteaa m . ni:ot p.». Sight Via asoas STM*IS roIC ”“S lo , Mail *foo a. ja. *11:00 P- 01 N *“ w “-««ajgsl=. <*«•-- >iail..._—•••:: tutoop.m. *3^sp.m. ixTO Chicago. KTTißCn®®* TOSS Ijgn jjj. &00 a. ID. 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