Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 26, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 26, 1866 Page 1
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(Eljicago tribune. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26,1966. THE NEWS. Gold closed in New York at 133J£. The total amount of National bank cur rescr now in circulation It $236,199,060. * Five-Twenties were quoted in London, os Saturday noon, at TO**. There have been 21,550 deaths by cholera is Enegarv. The French fishermen caught 110,000,0)0 sardines last July. The Oregon Legislature has appropriated $1,000,039 in behalf of the Oregon Central Rail road. The Calholc Bishop of Savannah has just issued a letter suggesting the education of Colored youths for the clerical work at the South. A cotton factory in Augusta, Georgia, has turned out during the past year 6,t10,00u yards of cloth. In New York special will be found a comparative statement of the exports and Imports at that port during the last three year*. Disbursement* of the Treasury during the oast v/ccl. on account of the War, Navy and Inte rior Department*, amoan'ed to 85,910,395. In Hit* trot nt the National Course, Wash ington, yesterday, Dexter won the price of $2,000, making hb beet mDo in £2l *f. John K. Jones, of Phillips County, has been elected UU’cd States Senator from Arkan sas. In place of Snow. A n an named Roker, at West Plains, murdered John Finley and his wife, and Mrs] Cousin. 6, z sister of Mr?. Finley. Genera! Sherman and Minister Campbell airbed at Havana cn the JSth instant, where they were j fccivnl with marked attention. Our foreign news says'that the Secret Con sistory have decided that if the Pope is obliged to leave Home, be will go to Malta. 'The warehouse and commission house of Chick & Co. and Scott, Ctulcr & Co, at Kama* City, teas burned on Sunday morning, and two of tbftlr clerk* perished In the flames. Three men were taken from the jail at Le banon, Kentucky, on Saturday night, by a mob of some two hundred persona, and hanged. They were in jail on a charge of robbery. The present average of cotton receipts since November Ist, at all the porta, do not war rant an estimate for the whole crop of over one and a half million bale*. The Richmond Enquirer states that there Is complaint of monetary stringency in that chy, dneto the sending of large sums South to buy cotton. la the last few weeks $400,W0 or $500,000 have been appiopriated l>, this way. It is reported from Washington that the French Emperor has declared his purpose not to abide by hla agreement with our Government to withdraw bis troops from Mexico, having postponed*tbe withdrawal until next spring. G. Lockwood, a cattle drover, who fell in to a “farm opening’’-on tbe New York Central Eai!road,-ncarCanastota,'which opening was en tirely unguarded, has jnst recovered $23,000 dam ages from the road in tbe courts. A correspondent of the Portland Argu», writes that the amount ofluniber sawed out on the Mathias River this year Is over 3",000,000—an Increase of 10,000,000 on last year, and about one- third over former 3 cars. We publish in the telegraph columns thb morning, the speech of the Earl of Derby at the banquet of the Lord Mayor of Loudon, wherein the speaker refers in complimentary terms to out Government and its future prospects. A Herald despatch says that Maximilian Is fctm at Orizaba, and ia reported In French circles to be Insane. Ibis ia dented by his adherents. Fears are entertained that he Is intriguing with Jaarez, and will abdicate In hU favor. A Washington despatch says that our Gov ernment has sent a Commissioner to China to look after the Coolie trade, with a view to Us early amelioration or final suppression. Some Inter ctUog laci- in regard to Mexican complications will be found to onr Washington despatches. Mariano Prado, the President of Peru, has takes a method ot insuring his re-election, which is, at all event*, novel In a Republic. Ho has ar rested Ihe opposing candidates and eent them ont of the country, and thereby prevented their ac cession to the chair of State, even if they should be elected. _ _ . , ... The Newborn (N T . C.) Commercial says that *» large quantities of cotton; corn and naval stores continue to flow Into Newborn.” The lumber business la also very brisk. “The quantity shipped,” t?ys the Commercial, ”ia regulated merely by the ability of shippers to get vessels.” It 1b announced from the Cbiocha Islands that the guano 1# disajfyearing so fast that In the course pi a few years Ihe supply will be exhaust ed. and those Islands be again given up by man to the aquatic birds ol the Pacific. The average num ber of vessels engaged tn loading guano la stated at ninety. _ . In the case of the People m. Tyler, City Marshal of Elgin, for shooting one Abbott, while endeavoring to arrest him for a breach of the peace, Inst tried In the Circuit Conrt before Hon. L O. Wilson, the Jury returned a verdict of guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced him to three years in the penitentiary- Rev. Messrs. C. H. Laverdlcrc and H. R- Casgrals, prtcats of the archdiocese of Quebec, bare just discovered tbc tomb of Cttamplaln, founder of that city and father of New France,, now the province of Lower Canada. They will shortly publish a detailed account of the dis covery and ol the tomb. Several Southern Episcopal Bishops and lay trustees are taking mca*3VC«* to revive the pro ject inaugurated before the war, of founding a nalvrrvlty of th«i highest grade, under the auspices of the Proteftaat Episcopal Church, in the dio ceses of Sonlb Carolina, Georgia, Alabama. Ten raswe. Arkaneaa, Mis.lsaippL, Loalaiaaa, and Texas. Certainly the times arc dreadfully out ol joint vith'wr. Raphael Somme*, of Mobile Whether be embarks !u ship* or enterprises ll h all one. in either ciac they so down with him The Mobile OczfUt baa suspended publication Pliits: one last broadside Into the tides of “Pari tacism," It tellies and tints. The body of a man with a hole in the lop of his head was found In the Ohio Hirer, at Louisville, on Thursday. The man pal up at a Louisville hotel a few days previous, and told the keeper that he was a stock drover from Chicago, and it is known (hat he bad a considerable amount of cold on h>s person. The man was a German, but bis name was not known. The Adeertbrr and JlegMcr of Mobile, says: “We are indebted to Colonel Mann, Assessor of Internal Revenue for this District, for the follow ing statement of Incomes reported for the year 1«B; *I,OOO or less, 215; over *I,OOO and under 53,000. ;71: over *3,000, S 5; over *IO,OOO, l*; over Vao.ow. s ; over *50,000, l. Another lake steamboat disaster, the result ol a collision, occurred above Detroit on Friday evening. The Lake Superior ‘learner Lac La Belle collided with the Detroit and Milwaukee Ra'lway Company’s steamer Milwaukee m the St. Clair River- The IAC 1a Belle was set ou tire, bat sank before the flames made much headway. Fortu nately only two lives were lost. Our Washington special says the Presi dent's Wends are beginning to talk as If the at tempt at his Impeachment would be made. It Is worthy of note that many, who, before the elec tions, threatened wide-spread resistance tt> such a step, seem to have forgotten that they ever sug gested any thing like resistance. Their hope of escape now seems to be In diversions, which they tbpd: they can make. The Hartford Pet** says that the improve ments commenced on the Scientific School Baud ai Vale College are nearly completed. The telescope, which is one of the best In the country, {« mounted and ready for observation?. It was 1 manufactured by Alvan Clark A Sons, of Boston, 'the meridian circle and astronomical clock are a’,o adjusted. Subscriptions to the amount of two thousand dollar* have been made to the scientific school. A course of public lectures will he given at the school this winter. The Honolulu Atfeerfiser says the census which Is to be taken this autumn will tmqnertlon al. show a serious decline to the population of the Sandwich Island group, especially among the natives. Extensive fires are decoying the for etta on the Islands, which arc suffering more and moie from the denuding of the mountains of their verdure, and unless some means Is devised to prevent these conflagrations, drouth# and fam .v toes will be more frequent and severe than any yet experienced. The Cape Cod fishermen arc now hauling np their vessels, or pieparing tor their winter cruise. The cod fishery, this scasos, has done w. 11, but mackerel have been unusually scarce. Menhaden arc very pl«dJ- Dennis weir, , one day laslwetk. about fifteen hundred barrels were caught at one tide, and fire hundred barrels In . weir at EantslaWe. A school of hobctreit Wick Cfh were driven "tore, jut «*ok, «l south WcMcel, and teemed hj Out Wcll- C(! From advance sheets of the forthcoming report or the Adjutant General of this SUtc. tl appear, that jlllnol. fotnlshcd to the General tiovemmeot, foe the pnrpoae of •”aar“‘'"- late rebellion, belran the 17th of Apr"; 1 ™’ 1 ” 3 the SOth of April, 1865, men. srijhonl .re card to the term ol advice. From the aama -—that the number of militia In 1 sourceUappear* __ i thcSrale subject to military Berries, la shoot one to every six persons In the popnUllon. The General's report mil recommend a wholesale remodeling oflhe tnllltls inreof the state. A man named Ucnry Johnson, who tens dtlvh- a team for Messrs Fames and Sicgert, mil lera, of Chanuahon, 111., aft. moon last, ahont three mile. tils tide of Chan nahon. He was on his trap to tue latter place with a load or barrels from the clip, when ho lost a pan of mittens, and returned n short distance to Cnd them. While dolnuthU his team toot Hsht, It la supposed, and ran away. When tom.d hio wtab entangled In the whtOetrecs, and he had heen drereed o 5 the ground for seme distance. Uts body was badly mangled. Ho was nncon actons, but llred till Friday morning at one TheGlouccstcr (Mass.) Advertiser eays that Tg-‘i thlrtvone reseda have arrived from the hay dar i„g mo past weet, leavinghntonculoncester res • i The Newfoundland herring fishery will ■I be citcr-Bltcly prosecuted the present season. ■ r l About forty sail will engage tn the knsiness,and I several of the Hectare nearly ready to start, and a will sail in a few days. Captam Pomeroy to bat |l in « a vessel built expressly for the Greenland hall- I hut fishery, and will bo in readiness to start neat 9 Mar This la considered a promising business to 9 embark In, and the right kind of men can make it 8 The Legislature of Louisiana, at its last I session, provided for the sale of state bonds at a ■ certain price, to furnish enifidont means for a ■ thorough repair of the levers. The bonds would H hot sell The Board of Levee Commissioners B then ret lied proposals for the necessary work, to B he paid In certificates of Indebtedness of the B stale, which would ho Issued by the Auditor of H I‘nhllc AcconnU, subject to a anhsegucnl appro -11 priaUonhj the Legielainre. Under this plan IB they have aheady let out to a responsible con (| tractor. r.e?r}v one million cubic yasd* or 4 lu Ike l«o parishes of Madlaon ud Carrol- The S Hoard will toon publish a complete of lerew, from Uic UUsel surveys. and Invite further jJ proposal*. The New Orleans Picayune thinks 3 ib&l contractors should not hesitate, since the Bf Legislature will undoubtedly make the necessary fl M>pioptiaUuah. FROM EUROPE. The Pope, if Forced to Leave Pome, will go to Malta. the problem; of the EASTERN QUESTION. FROM MB Report that Maximilian is Insane and also thatHe will Abdicate in Favor of Juarez. LYNCH LA¥ IN KENTUCKY. Three Bobbers Taken from Leb anon Jail and Banged. A Chicagoan Murdered and Rob- bed in Louisville. DESTRUCTIVE FIEE IN RANSIS CITY. Two Clerks Burned to Death, THE PRESIDENT'S FRIENDS ON HIS IMPEACHMENT. Triple Murder in Missouri. General Sberman and Minister Campbell inMexico, STEADIER FOUNDERED AT SEA. All the Passengers and Crew Saved Except Four Colored Men. moil EUROPE. Or (be Cable—The Condition of Mexlco- Ilcnlib of Cnrlotia—The Itayal Commie* nlon on the Neutrality Laws—Commission on the Reorganization ol the FienchArmy. JaveuroOL, November 25.—The steamship Loo- Itiana, Captain Harrington, which left New York on the 10th Instant, has arrived out. Lokuos, November IS.—The condition of the Mexican Emperor Is tbc leading topic in England and on the continent. Trieste papers say that the state of the Empress Carlotta’s health is unchanged. The Sttnday Gazette, of this morning, says the Royal Commission on lie neutrality laws will goon commence Its session*. Lord Cranworlh will he President of the Commission, and among Its members will be Lord Houghton, Sir Roundel! Palmer, Sir It. Phlliimorc, Dr. Twlsa and W. 1L Gregory. There arc vague reports that the Government proposes to send twenty militia regiments to Ireland. Pains, Sunday, November 25.—1 t Is stated that tho Imperial Commission appointed to consider the reorganisation of the French army will icport In Divot of adopting the Prussian military system. Pttrnr, November 25.—The Peak parly have adopted an the Emperor of Austria, for the restoration of the laws of ISIS, and promising that the Diet will consider the wishes of the tmperor, ar expressed In his recent re script. By Steamer—Yellow Fever on Shipboard— Choieru Diminishing In London and Paris —The Pope. 11 Forced from Home, loco to Malta. „ New Yons. November 25.—The steamer Ger mania, from Southampton the 14th, arrived to-day. Thirty-live cases of yellow fever, fourteen of which had proved fatal, occurred on board. The English Secretary of State has proposed to give a reward of £!3,0u0 to Snyder’s Dually for fiis bruech-loadinc invention. The cholera Is diminishing In London. The Emperor Napoleon mnted Pance Napo leon to lane part in the Military Organization The iroa<lad eouadron will sail on the 20th, to bring bach troops from Rome. No cholera In I‘arU. , . „ Gladstone denies the statement published of hla- Interview with the Pope. The secret consistory have decided that if the Pope l« obliged to leave Rome he will go to Mall*. Maltese ecclesiastics have beennotified of this decision. Rumor* respecting the Pmsso-Russlau alli ance are unfounded. . , .. The King of Denmark opened In person the Rlcsdog. The King said as a proof of Prussia s fuel deElp, the had undertaken to restore North Schleswig, in so far as the population by free vitlng, ptonoanix- thcmtclvcs in favor of such a * Baron Brack will be the Austrian Ambassador War is supposed tobetcrmlnated. Tne Janam*«e hid purchased several steamer*. Ar*mAU*.—lt is proposed to levy one shilling duty on cold per ounce. Telegraph connmnlca tinnha«bccn opened with Wentworth, forming t&fiSl portion of the direct line to bydnej Niw Zeaujid.—Hostile natives atTlkhura had o* Zftie declares, in the most positive tha.t thejonmey of »nc crowned IMncc of IJo»sU M-o St retersburs has no political object. The l rns »»an Government, adds the mow journal, Um no i,i.. D f contracting an alliance iu view 1 of SSl* coSneSd with the fnture policy of Pl TifEunE qcxctios.—The »cml.offlci«lTl enna' r ovntal publishes a leader on tbesltnaJoa ln lhc E«l, In which it says Austria cannot but loot upon any attempt at a [ordbic revolution with Borrow and anxiety. It la to be honed that the nulled action of the peaceably dis posed powers of Europe will «u®ce toinalotiln peace in the interior of Turkey. At the same L. I* I- clear that every Christian country would beslww to proewsd t»y. compulsory or warlike measures against the CUneuanpooula- Sow“f So Turkish Empire. Ausma la able only to employ earnestrepresentation? and neaceful mediations, when peace Is endangered in »£? Ea«U Thla course Is necessitated not only by motives of Justice and policy, hut also by the atiinlty of race which crista between some of the Austr an popnlalloaa and taelr kinsmen on Turk* U Trc nl, °r«cl“ thon .dvlses tliePortc to jffi: "i.T t .? C h< ! »on ot of jff'Vjffl secure that independence against aggression fromabroad. If t& Christian races could no moderate in their demands, and , ll orte would adopt the politic course ol Jhoje whom It can no longer retain under its dominion depart without a struggle, the dangers Oireaten tn£ to shake the peace of Enro-c V averted, or at least confined to the dlsaflected country. FRO3I WASHINGTON. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribtmc-1 Washington. November 35. AUDIT ncrZACnTIECT. The Johnson leaders are beginning to talk a? If i fey believed the attempt at Impeachment woo'd j really be made. It Is onions to note that many 1 nho before the elections threatened wide spread resistance to such a step, seem to have forgotten that they ever suggested the possibility of forcible resistance. Their hopes now appear to be princi pally In diversions, which they teem confident of being able to make. The position of {the Bepub 'Beans here seems to be that. If after careful Inves tigation, U shall appear that the President baa been guilty within the meaning of the term • high crime# and misdemeanors,” that Congress will owe it as a dnty to the country to put him on trial. \ crucial hill has already been prepared by a leading member of the Uonse. which covers a dis pnted point to regard to snch a trial, by providing that any officer, while on trial nndcr Impeachment, .hall be suspended from exercising the functions of bis office daring the trial. Action upon this bill will probably he bad. whitcver course Con gress may pursue toward the President. THE 0. A. n. Tl.e rapidly extending influence of the Grand Aimy of the Republic Is exciting much uneasiness in Administration circles. The fear eeems to be that It will become a powerful element in the Presidential election. A Journal which supports the President attacks U bitterly to-day. It says tl at it ts formed in d< fiance of law, and that Us only parallel U la John Brown’s army, while Us Impudence lar *nrpa*scs that. A mu. TO UEOItOAMTE THE TUXASCXY DEPAI.T -atyr. A law completely reorra nixing the Treasury Department has been prepared wl*h great ca-e, and will be pressed upon Congress at aneaily duy. 3lr. McCulloch will nee all hu influence to secure Its passage. Its effect will bo la a great measure lo diminish the use made or the Depait meut to lurtber polillcal ends, atid will very mate rially Increase tne efficiency of all Us branches. THE ATTEMPT TO HESOVE CUASULXH ASD BOLUXS. It is a significant that the attempt to retro- o Assistant Secretary Chandler and Commissioner Rollins, and lo put Johnson men in their places, has been of such an Intense partisan character as to call forth a defence of both from the bitterest opposition paper here, on the ground that the public service shonld not be Injured by the re moval of such competent officers. rmxr StOSET. The largest amount of prite money psld lo oar Ind’vidual for the capture of a single prlre daring the rebellion. Is £>,sl?, paid to Commander Budd, of the steamer Magnolia, for the capture of the Memphis, the shares of oidlnary seamen In this urine being fi,T34. THU COOUE Tit APE TO BE ?rrrUE*STD. Having snpprosed the slave truffle, oar uovem w.7»,t li»s taxen steps to arrest the Coolie trade, ranlain CoUias, commanding the Sac- MmlmtQ sawed a few day* sbcc for china, cany- Um'lf rat“kTuS .apprSlon at ibl. li»d con'-Cinplalcd .eiidind a FjK-clala^nt Set™, on tbl. buslDCS', I‘dt, u Caplalo t o.)In. mod wall qualified Id alMliadaliea of snch a ho was commissioned, and MS report will be looked for with mch Interest. report KTnoow 1K jrexieo . A telegram Rem Galveston enounces that a I |TOops lu Texas have been ordcrca to oc.a.yaU VOL. XX. encampments a'ong and in the neighborhood of Ihe railroad* leading to the golf. Tnis contra dicta the statement that troops were moving to wards the RJo Grande where there is no enemy. tdb nnmccnoifs to oaimciL nix. As Ist as can be ascertained instrncitoaa to Major General DU bare but little to do with Mexi can nfiana. Our Government expects Maximllln to withdraw Ids troops from Mexico. onager or unanQuaimna. The headquarters of the Department of Arkan sas are. by order of General Grant, transferred liom Utile Koch to tort Smith, Arkansas, and the Commanding General of the Department ie au thorised to mo>e the band now at UlUe Hock to >hc post within his command having the largest pui manent garrison. ewaxr lajvds. A Hat of swamp lands ro California, embracing in the aggregate over 63,000 actes. has been sub mitted to the Secretary of the Interior for bis ap proval, as a atop preliminary to tbe issuing of pat ents tor the same to tbe Stale. otm UEuanoys wire Mexico. TLo rumor tbat Napoleon bad notified our Gov ernment of tbe postponement of the withdrawal until bpring la online. Our relations with Mexico are lom complicated than late despatches from this cil? would indicate. lllalstcr Campbell baa no instructions whatever touching a tripartite treaty, nor Is France or French interests to be considered by him in any way. Neither is any ccsbion of Mexican territory contemplated by onr Government; but the Cons'ltutlonal party Is to be supported, If necessary, oy military force. tub MiasioK or araxiiaz. tnntux u rflmpljr to view the situation of military affairs ,n Mexico, and add his assurance that oar Govern ment will sustain tie Constitutional parly. It is confidentially believed that such representation! will bo anddent to check any revolutionary con spiracy, and secure stability to the Jaarez Gov* crumcnU most iLEXico. WumKcTox, November 83.—'The following lias bees received by Minister Kosncro: Colonel Rafael J. Garcia Lt appointed Military Governor of the Slate of Puebla, and ha? estab lished bis Government at ihe city of Zees Paola, and Issued a proclamation to me people of tie Stale, calling spun them to take up anna araimt tbo invaders. Governor Garda report* that tho French have lost the whole State of Pnehla, keeping uilt the line of the main road from Vera Crux to heCltyot Mexico. General Dtaz* vtrlo rica in the State of Oaxaca wOl cause the French to loec the other, or left aide of Ihe road, which can be cut oil now at any moment. ’Jbe Austro-I-reach garrison of Oaxaca had snr reodered to General Disk, allowing them to keep their hone*. Bide*anna and private property. VELTISO or DEPABT3IEST CLERKS. A general meeting of the department clerks was held jeelmdny evening for toe purpose of peti tioning Corgiees for on increase of salary. MLSTZHEDOCT. »Loir.i>r,»vui. The One Hundred and Seventh Cnllcd Slates colored troops were mustered oat on Wednesday, and were to leave, and left their camp on the Vi.* cmla side ot the Potomac to-day, en rovU for Louisville, Kv m where they will receive Ihelr par. WELCOME TO COSOBXsa. H LLtVM i\l bV«|«MBh A meeting ol ihe executive and general commit tees havli.g in chaige the arrangements tor the mass welcome to Centres*, met la-t night, and atior rc-cciving reports from the various sub-coin millets, the meeting resolved that Captain A. J. Dennett ana Major William S. Morse, of the Finan cial Committee, immediately visit Baltimore, Phil adelphia and New York, Colonel U. S. Pearce, of the Cnlud States Army, to act a* temporary cnalr man of the commltUe, with power to act in the collection ot funds in the District. Itwas ordered that the Committee on Orations and Speakers be instructed to invite cx-Ylcc President Hamlin to deliver the address of welcome. In the event that General Logan shall decline. FEOSI LOUISVILLE. l.ynrh Imw—Three Men Taken From a Jail and Hanged—Louisville Journal Banuaci nin*oale Widows’ and Orphans’ Uome '-f-ITlOTcruent ol Coal—Catholic licctarcs- Vievlicoi Fenian*—Aeain In Trouble—A Chicago ainu Found Browned—lte was W ithout Doubt filardt red and Robbed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihunc.l liOtnsviLxx, November 35. On Saturday night last, abont midnight, a mob ] of abont two hondred men entered Lebanon, i eelr.ed the Jailer, opened the Jail, and took ont the three robber*—Clem Crowder*, Wn. Goode, and Tom Stephans—whom they hanged to a Umb of a rce abont a mile cast of Lebanon, The mob in* dnlged In no other excesses, and led fire thieves ,D On Saturday the Louisville Journal began its thmy-eeventb year. Geo. D. Prentice gave a ban quet to the Journal corps of editors, printers, and other dly jonrnallata at Pargny’s. Mr. Prentice made a speech detailing the rue and progress of the Jiii/rroL It was a brilliant afialr. A number of Masons of ibis city met at the Temple on Friday evening, and resolved to es tablish In Louisville a Masonic Widow and Or phans’ Home and infirmary. The resolve was unanimous, and the organization formed with the following officers: J.D. Guthrie, President; Dr. David W. Tacdel! andWUlUm Kendrick, vice President: U. D. Grata, Secretary; J. M.. b, ,51c- Corcklc, Treasurer; J. V. Cowling, U. Hudson, William Cromay, T, G. Lockcrman, Dr. L. lUcbardson, J. W. Cans, and C. Henry hlrck. Executive Committee. Other necessary committees, ic., for the thorough organi zation were appointed, and the meeting adlonrncd to meet again next Friday evening at the Temple. A subscription list was started the same even lugged C. Henry Finch headed It with one thousand aollars. ..... . • • During the present rise In the river ISI barges and boats, loaded with coal, armed here, bringing 1 erACOO bushels, ol which all went below bnt iJi'rou bushels. „ . . Archbishop Spildlng, of Ball! more, lectures to nlcht upon “'lbe Catholic Church, the civilizer of nations.” The Bishop of Savannah also lectured upon “The relation of the CaUollc Chnrchto sSrai' Fenian, held «n cnthniUullcmocljns * D lioldciTof h of Trancsj ilcnrr Bruner, formerly of JeflcrsonvlUe, who will be remembered on account of his connection with the mule frauds. Is again In trouble at Nash ville. He is charged with obtaining, under false nretences, a {-LKW note of hand troro Messrs, ftanwcv & Day. Mr. Bronerls also charged with perjury by Che complainants. He will be tried on ibis charge as soon as the present cxamlnaliou is C °on Thursday the body of an unknown man was found In the river witn a hole In bis bead, since w hlci. tho followinghastranspired: The deceased, at ormao, camoloihectty on Wednesday, ihejlh, and put up a: the house of George Zorn, on *nilrd strec:. Ai the lime he armed there hi etatod he was a tiock drover, and came from Chicago Uc i,ad upon bis person, buckled around the waist lit a holt, n targe amount of gold, which, on the bat nrdnv lollowlng his arrival, he offered to sell at a | tanking office on Main street; bnlasthe price ! orcud did not come up to his views, be Rinsed to sell. Again on Monday he offered to •ell tho money, hut it Is not known whether he made a sale, lie was seen on Monday evening, and It was well known that he bad a considerable amount of money. Whether he was seen after Monday evening, or not, is not known, thoogh onewUneea slated huorcthc Coroner ho had seen 2m Tuesday morning. When he !«**«)£.!“« of Zot. on Monday evening orTocsday moralo,,, he remarked he would reiurn In a *|wrt time, since which he ha* not been seen or heard of alive. Mr. Zom recognized the body M A knn« who bad boarded with him, and It was from him that toe above facta were learned. Mr. Zom slated that tho deceased bad never told him his name, nor did he think to inquire it. Il ls known that the deceased has a sister'livingln Cincinnati, as he was heard to sneak of her whUe at Zotn’sT The following Is the Inquest of the Coroner held at the Western Cemetery, Jcfierson mES”"’o>'m "cr «d'.h, lEO6, on the boar of nn nn known man thirty-five years of age: \ Came to his death br a wound in the ton C of the bead Inflicted by some person or persons to the Jnry unknown. The tody wa? fonnd Thursday In a pile near tho place before mentioned. Uponi hi*'per son was found not the belt which ho hadwom while at Zorn's, which fact, takenln connection with tho wound in his hcad, lt.a\ ca bal htile doubt that he wa* foully murdered, and that for the money which be bad displayed. _ LoiTsviixc, November SI.—A special teports Jhat lie dally cotton sales Ip thlsdtyhiweWn pemaecnlly suspended. McFcrrcn, Armstrong ?. (>q will recommence them Monday and Geo. WlcSind Porter, F.litu * Co. "IlUonanno them daily throughout each week. SECOND DESPATCH. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 Ixniimu. November 25. Tic overeefr of Hcdot's f«tm,« mile tom Ber man, Itdlci*.» called to tie door on SlfordoT debt! end felallj ebot. by too nnknown men, on tlclcvcc, The Utter tras throws Stone* Into Hannon *e saloon. Hsrmon t°uk a shot gun and seaily blew licui.esßej s am off. IROX SASUVILLE. Proceeding of the Ueglsloiare—Suffrage Bilim Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 Nasnrnxs, November 25. There wtre batfta down of franchise bills passed a first reading In the Douse yesterday, all of them ciabradeg negro snfiiage, and a conple pro viding for universal amnesty. II It now generally conceded that a bill extending qualified colored snifratc will become a la wat an early day, while the present franchise law will be made more strin eeni.soas to prevent a larce number from voting wboare now conceded that privilege. Such are the present Indications. It Is possible, however, (hat no decisive action will be taken until after the meeting of Congress, tn order to learn the visb and drift of that body. It isprobaolo they will not adjourn before February or March. To-morrow morning the Select Committee, to whcmwasictcrred the case of dodge Fancr, will make (heir report. On account of a alight m foimalitv in the former prccvedlngs, they wjll n-commcnd a new notice be served on the dodge, rrouinng him lo appear at the bar of the Douse within ten dave. Tuc report will m doub»edlv be adopted, and notice served. It la intlai-ted in «umo quertera that hi* honorw l}\ refuse to appear Kasnviux. November 24.—The Mil to define ncallfleaitoi a of jurors has passed both branches of the Leglsiatnie, to lake cfeect after ta passage. The I ill rroxldca in criminal or civil trtala in any county of 1 ecnessee, U shall be good ground to challenge the conrvtcncy of any loior ihat aurii person ts not onalificd to vote in inis ..late. The HU ai»o provide* that rape, aa now defined by the Tci ncssec etalutos, shall snffer death by hanging, butthejnn mav commute Impeachments tolm piifwiimiut for not le*a than ten nor more than '^Fitty-* even Radical Serators and Bepresenta livcs will to-morrow publish a call for abate Bepnbllcan Unlca Convention, to meet at Nash \llie, February Sid, to nominate a candidate for Uoverror, to rcprcsect.the Union men uf Tennes see. HiOX CIXOSXATI, nP!l l 0 f a Murderer—Pnclflc Rnllroad Ki* cnraionUto-Ohlo Troop* for the W«- Kcicnsinc l*ri»oucn«— Das-Somonmbulls, nc-New Reservoir, arc.—Cholera, rspccbl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] CiscnatATCNovembcr 23. dande DnfflD, the murderer of Conrad Hues, In this city a’wul a month since, was arrested Satur day night and lodged In jail. The Pacific Railroad excursionists were received by the merchants on ’Change on Saturday. Ibey leave fo: the Hast to-morrow. lbs annual report of the Adjutant General shows that Ohio furnished 310.WX) »ms and terms of screw, inclttomg toore v ho ‘ i«'.d commutation, and C.UX- in execs* of ell cails, \ thus places Ohio so muca ahead on the bales of cotton, valued at s7s‘>,oUj. have l c,"n rliipi cd liortbwcrd from Nashville since the l! Jarku'av?. a coioHous Kentucky guerilla. and vv.arty of vivspcrudoc-, forced ihejallatlxbanon, Tense-eco. * :ov* nights ago, and released all the arlicrcralml two, who refuted lopo. C<c>igc-D., -• in th? :i.}, waa garroted last rich! and robbed of a valuable gold watch and chain, and 8189. The cltuens of Pans, Ky.. the capital of Boar bon Cootily. famous for Ita fine whiskey, havesob senbed #IO,OOO to light the dty with gas. Jerry Newkirk, a resident of Vctay. lud., aUtr miles on the Ohio Diver, below this citr, fell asleep in apparently good health, but could not be awakened by any means known to medical science. lie died on the sixth day. The new reservoir now being constructed will cost a million and a half of dollar*. Nlne death* from cholera occurred during the post week. PROPELLER DESTROYED. The Propeller F. W. Hacks*, et this Port, with bcr'Entlre Carso, burned nt Karine— Puftvraner* and .Crew fsaved—Narrow and Providential Escape. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Racnrc, Wl*„ November 25. Tbe propeller F. W. Backus, from Chicago, was discovered to be on fire this morning, off this city, and was Immediately beaded for the shore, upon tbe striking of which tbe passengers, numbering nine—two ladles, one child, and six men—together with the crew, were saved. The highest credit and honor is dne to Captain M. J. Shortall, for hit bra'ery, presence of mind, and neglect of self. In saving their lives. lie found it difficult to quiet the passengers, and In one ca<e bad to take hold of a laoy to prevent her from throwing hersetf into the water. The captain had given orders on leaving Kenosha, to keep well ont to sea. but on coming on deck shortly afterwards, be, for come reason unknown to tlmaclf. gave directions to hug the shore close. It Is probable that, had the vessel not been close in chore, some lives must have been lost, as the boats were Inadequate and theses quite heavy, the horses and cattle were all shored overboard, and swam saitly ashore. The tug Daisy Lee of Ha cine, soon j cached the propeller, got her off shore with the Intention of scuttling ber.undcr the directions of Captain Shortall. maater, and Gen eral A. C. Ducat, for the'Underwrttcrs. On board ing the vessel, it was found between decks could rot be reached, and no huie could be made but above water, not having the proper tools. She was kept ofi until the haw sers burned, when she drifted ashore and burned to the waters edge. The vessel, cargo and bag race are a total loss. Some of the passengers and the captain were without hats or coats. Tbe hold was loaded with hogs, 'ibe captain is unable to state the smonuts of insurance or tbe compa nies. FROM ST. LOUIS. From Fort Rico—Condition of the Upper .tllaaonrl-Plre nt s*i. Loula-TcrrlbleSlar der—Three Tlrtlma. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Loon, November 20. A special from St. Joseph ears the mountain i oat Enterprise is jest In from Fort Rice, where ebc has been in Government employ. She had neither miners nor gold on board. She reports the snow at Fort Ihcc two feet In depth when she left. Cakes of Ice were floating in the river fall thiity feet In length, and from three to fonr Inches in thickness. The Indians are reported as quite troublesome along the river, and hare, hi some Instances, attacked miners coming down enrollment of the militia of the State of Missouri commences to-morrow, tbeSGth. By a fire on Third street near Locust, list night, Justin, Faccette A Co. lost fO,OOO. Insured lor M.ono. John Finley and wife, and Mrs. Cousins, sister of Mrs. Finley, were killed by a man named Bober, at West Plains, Powell County, la this Vtate. The cause of the disagreement was about homestead entry. FROM CAIRO. Kltled on the Track—New City Charter— ' Auunnl Meeting ot the Fruit-Grower*’ As* gneiftion. Arc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Canto, November 35. A laborer named Thomas Foley, while crossing the railroad track at the corner of Tenth and Washington streets, yesterday evening, was struck by tho dirt train then backing down, and Instant ly kilhd. Preliminary steps hare boon taken toward the preparation of a new city charter, to take tho place of tho old one. framed to answer the ucccs- titles which the city has outgrown. The Fruit-Growers’ Association of Southern Illi nois, will bold Its second annual meeting at tho hall of the Sooth- Pass Horticultural Society .on vhe'.ith.SOih and 21st or December nest. The chief oojecrof the discussion will be entomology In its practical relations to frult-yrowlng. Prof. Benjamin D. Walsh, of Rock Island, the eminent Illinois entomologist, and Hr. Thomas, of ilnrphroysboro, arc announced as lecturers on the occasion. . . , The weather for some days past has been clear and cool. The temperature oaring the night his been several degrees below freezing point, and ice of considerable thickness formed lu tbestrect gutters and vessels in exposed positions. Winter weather seems near at hand, even in this mild climate. FROM; MEMPHIS. Candidate* for the l^crrislatarc—!*onlhem Prc*bytcrliia A»*embly—denaior from Ar kansas. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Mavrins, November 25. Moore, Able and Coleman arc nominated as candidates for the Legislature. The Southern Presbyterian Assembly yesterday look action looking to the reception of Assocla* ated Reform and Cumberland Presbyterians. a l*he Arkansas Lcgulatanc yesterday elected John E. Jones, of Phillips County, to the -United States Senate, tics Snow. The weather Is clear and cold. FROM KEW YORK. Lecture of General Bailer on tiie Wrongs nml Abases ol Executive Rower and the Constitutional Remedy—Hit Indictment of AndrewJohuson—Thereof, W Forced trem Rome, to in 10 Jlolta -^*li<r'oi' — MsiimlU Inn Reported* Insane Other Reports About Rim— lW>ninn% etc. Stw Voi:k. 2£j vctnbsr Vo.—Major General But ler ilelhcicdldvaCd.csr lajt evening. at the Brook lyn Acrilonny “Mssic, <m ihc wrongs and abase* of the KxvcuMro uower, end the constitutional rem'dv. Ills ala"points were on the impeach ment t C Ai-tt cw Johnson. lie charged him with mifCcmcucM.* which mlcnt ho grouped under the head sf Intoxication; of mak ing Indecent nnd tcccndlanr speeches, intended to Indie the hatred and fear of the people against the Congress of the United btates, with usurping the powers of Congress ; with mls-appropnatlon oflhe Government funds ; with corruptly using the pardoning power ; with appointing unintelligent men to office ; with neg lecting to carry out the provisions of the Consti tution,and with the pardoning of John T. Mon roe, that he might be Mayor of New Orleans, and so use hla influence In to tet ferine with the Louisiana State Convention, and in killing, assassinating, rioting and murdering the members. He accompanied each of the charges with several specifications, and closed with a general anathema against the enemies of the country. In which be said, wo ask nothing of those who have longht against us, neither do we ask them bow we shall reconstruct ,b Fif C «£n C «Smcrslcft this harbor Saturday for various foreign and domMtic ports, carrying ifelght valued at about The steamer Britannia, with 100 cabin and steer- passengers, whlcn left Glasgow on the 3d la slant, has not arrived. Some anxiety la felt for b Tfilmmmr 8.11 CllrCojjTaUontaTe recom mttded Hlcturd B. Conooilj for Comptroller, inspector chine has been found guilty ol the charge of havtng,recelvcd a bribe Inlhe distillery 11 Impwdor Tilton's case has been adjourned till ,b The*/7rroM’#Mexico correspondent ihowsithat Ihc Mexican muddle Is more c o nip 1 1 cated. Maxi milian le still at Orizaba, and In french reported to be Inaane. The or Maxi rnSlan deny thla statement, saying that he allpad “d to hie business, a* naael. The conama live party Is anxious tor his return to the capital end Us throne, pledging a large fund for Ma pur poses, but he nas steadily refused to comply. Fears are entertained thal be is Intriguing with rod h.d pot,- Usfccd fcnolher proclamation. The /irroitT* special says Carrajel Indignantly denied having any cc mplidlT wlih Ortep. The cholera was raging In and about Matamo rae, although the health of the city was good- The gunboat Chine* would undoubtedly be tun ed over to Escobedo, who Is now le com mand at Matamoras. • Assistant Central Organizer J. It. Kcuy Is now In command at the Fenian headqaaners in this city. Stephens has not been seen at headquarters, and the Impression is be will not bd seen again. Arms are being received from all parts of the United Staus—alanschnsette taking the lead. Out- oi the wealthiest merchants of this city has rron-lscdlbat on the Ist of Ueccmbsr be would make over to Colonel Kelly, In ships and war material, an amount equal to all Stephens has received In this country. TheCaliforelalFeiilaiis have pledged themselves to contribute flt,iCo for the cause. 1 trough btephens special messengers aie cer.stantly arriving from Ireland reporting the condition of stairs there. TBO3L BALTIMOUE. SenDCT Fomdrred nt Sea—All the Pa»» sencm and Crew Saved. Except Four Ncseoce—(•cneral shermnn nod Jtlnutcr t'cupbrll at Havana, Arc. piiTturrr. November 25.—The steamer lib cut. from Sew Orleans, ria Havana, on UicTJth fcV brines here Captain Harris and the officers and crew, and throe passrengers of the slcamabip King Fisher, of Mc»ars. Mordccal & Co.’s Baltimore and which ltd her. Oh the 10th Irjt , end rotmdered la a severe gale sixty miles southeast of Cape Hat. teras. The officers, crew.and passengers, tnree In number, toot to small aiter being exposed lor some honrs to the mercy ot tec storm, were finally rescued by State* IrlcateSasqm-Mtt.s. which wm fJW™? Gcmral t-nctcai. and Minister Campbell to Mexi co. All except four colored men. OnPnidav.tK* i>:h !r:t,, the Susquehanna at tired at* L-.-ua, where General Ueniß and Minister .Campbell wcre recclved wilh matted attention bvthe authorities. derstood they would remain In Havana ° D ® Tl.e w U quite cold here to-day, with Indi cations of snow. IHOH KANSAS CITY. Dcatrucllvc Fin-T,. p™« Burned to Dcath-IdOM SIOO.OOO. Kansas Cnr, November *».— rb ?.J«ss®».S!Sr stcry warohon-e and grocery 9Su^jt o oo*°tm oi (.nick A Co~ and Scott, Cotter & Co* wa» bnm< d at tonr o’clock this monilng, wm *»« mated at SITO,OCW. about two4h sonmcc. Two clerics of *_s^’ Duret and Klekelto, in attempting to escape Irom the building, were suffocated and their bodies consumed- Anotbermuauam».‘dHuabc», Jumped from the thlrd-vtory window, and was i Kierety in- Jared. Ihc fire was the work of an incandhuy. Hotel Darned. , WrLxntcTPs, N. C M November -C—Orarrer a Hotel, on the W. & N. C. It. R., was enllre.y destroyed by fire this corning. tjinnch ol » btenocr. > Bostok, November^.—Thcnevr steamship 0£ lailo, for the Boston and Uvcrpool bne,^ M lanuchi-d at Ncwbuiyporl ,>Mtcrtay. £he< ke f-vera' hawsers, and flca..y brought Urt/ijj e taro on the oppo-lte aldo of the {ffJS Coated Cir ni trjm rd this morning. o£..^ cW a c CHICAGO. MONDA y » NOVEMBER 26. 1866. being made for three more steamers of tta . r to he named the Erie, Huron and Snytta all to nm direct between Boston and lirerpwi- Fire at Norwich. Cu‘ Nonwicn. Connecticut,, Norcmber 25.—A largo wooden bnildlnc used as a cotton manufactory is BliMri;le, three miles from this city. was total ly destroyed by fire last night with all Jta machine* ry. The property was owned oy Messrs. Ktmotu and Harwell, of this city, and was rained at be tween fifteen and twenty thousand dollars, The insurance was S3,WO in the Norwich Insurance Company of this city. Maryland. Balttxobz, November 25.—1 t has been deter mined by Governor Swam, bU friends assert, not to convene a special session of tbe Maryland Legislature. It will meet on Its regular day, tbe 10th of January. IHE TBBF, Trot on the Kational Coarse, TTnahlnetsa* between the HorseirDcater, (ieo< \V. Faw cdi unrf Polly Ann—Dexter Accomplishes bis illlle it 3*4. WasmxoTSH, November Si. Tbe sixth race over the National Coarse cane oIT to-day In the presence of at least foar thousand delighted spectators, among whom were General Grant and members of lus s*af: Secretaries Browning and McCulloch. Honorable W. E. Chandler, Assistant becretary of lbs Treasury; bir Frederick Lrucc and attaches; Judge Carter, ot the District Supreme Coon; Colonel ward, U. La ment Secielary Stanton, and others; also a large number cf ladles. Tbe city councils and tbe bar of the city were well represented. Toe race was for a puree of $2,000, mile heats, test three In five. The bones entered were the famous Dexter, the trotter George Fawcett, and the pacer Polly Ann. George Fawcett was formerly known as dllas Bleb. Tbe race comtnenci-d shortly after three o'clock with Fawcett on tbe io&tde (rack. Dexter started bcblr.d, bm soon shot ahead, making the quarter pole in S 7 seconds, and be kept Us dis tance to the home stand, wbichjwas reached la 2:20 V*. In tbe second heat Dexter was again behind, but soon distanced all his competitors. He made (be quarter po;l in 83seconds,the half mile pole in l:il, the <tree-quarter pole in 1:13, and the lucres' stand in 2:2l*x, distancing bU competitors by over two lengths, and beating tils owu time by tcrce-lourtbs oi a second; that fs, he beat*it on a tiack of this character, coming In about two seconds benind of what he baa made on the Eala maxoo course a year or two ago. In the third beat, Dexter did not make so good time, probably because be realised the tact that be did not have icemen *• worthy of bU heel." He, however, itarted again in the rear, bnt qulckty passed bis antagonists, making thcqnarter pole in 37 seconds, the half mile In tbe three fourths pole In 1:53, and reached home in 2:29Vi, leaving Fawcett and Polly Ann faraway In the The horse Fawcett did good running this last beat, and made a de-perau- effort, to p -as his an tagonist, bnt be war, or coarse, proclaimed the victor, and his proprietor took the purse. PERSONAL. Ex-King Francis, of Naples, has finally dis missed his suite and resigned his royal preten sions. J. L. M. Curry, formerly a Federal, and after wards a Confederate Congressman, Is now a Bap tist preacher, and President of Howard College, In Alabama. Mr. B. Bates, of Kentucky, is twenty yean old, seven feet eleven high, and tbo youngest of eleven children. The Homan Catholic Bishop of Quebec has gone to England In behalf of bis diocese to ajralngt confederation. Mr. Kapler, a coasin of Lord Kapler, bought a plantation In Tennessee for {25,000, in gol*’ •>ld, *nd Is stocking It with Imported cattle. Tbi Duke de Merry’s widow Is about to marry Dr. Campbell, who Is the eon of a Scotch grocer, and la also the first accoucheur in Paris, which will Tnutt* U bandy for Mrs. Campbell. Protccfor E. L. Yoamans relumed to Sew York day before yesterday, In the Bremen, from

England, where ho has been collecting materials for the approaching lecturing season. A telegraphic despatch from Boston famishes the following piece of intelligence: “ The citi zens of Chelsea are earnestly talking of running Itobert Morris, a negro lawyer, for Mayor for the coming year.” Eon. Timothy 0. Howe, Senator from Wiscon sin, is now in Kenosha with bis wile, who is availing herself of the benefits of the Water Cure establishment, she being in feeble health. Sena tor Eowe wU, with the exception of two or three days at Madison, remain at Kenosha until next Monday, the 2Clh, when ho Washing ton. With the opening of the fashionable season, says the New York Honing Pott, an epidemic for marriage has set In. The extraordinary activity observable in the great jewelry stores of Broad way, the fancy goods establishment* of Malden Lane, at the milliners' and mantas makers' shops, and In the dry goods trade, la accounted for by the happy conductors of those places on the ground that matrimonial contracts and costly wedding gifts are the prevailing fashions of the fall. The clergy have their hands full; and the - church sextons are in a pitiable state of agitation and anxiety; the fashionable organists arc bring ing oat tO* *aoot <***■< I society is famished with abundant gossip, and money circulates freely. Dr. Bernard Beast, a nephew of the new Aus trian Minister, Baron Von Beast, is a resident of j?ew Albany, Indiana. Bo served during the war with credit to the service, as Surgeon ol Volun teers, and at various times bad charge of a brigade. After the battle of Antietam he had taken for the hospital of his brigade a mansion, with spacious grounds attached, belonging to a prominent Ma ryland rebel. It was not long before complaint was sent to Washington that the fences were be ing destroyed, the trees demolished, and that sol dier* were being burled within the grounds. Gen eral McClellan forwarded the complaints to Dr. Least for his explanation. Be replied that it was probably true that soldiers were |burted within the ground, but that an American citizen should he proud to have dead heroes buried in his yard. Kev. Henry A. Seeley, recently elected to the . Bishopric of Maine, made vacant by the lamented death of Bishop Burgess, was bora in 1930, at Fayetteville, Onondaga County, N. Y., and his father shortly after remoted to Chicago, where he remained for fifteen or twenty years, a well-known commission merchant, the family residing moat of the time at Beividere. He graduated at Geneva, now Hobart College, in IM9, where, for the nest two years ensuing, he studied theology under Bishop DeLanccy. He was first rector* at Calvary Church, Utica, and then of Christ Church, Rochester, bnlldln g op both parishes and, afterward, at the solicltat ion of his Bishop Chaplain of Hobart College, where be was ad mired for hia scholastic ability and sealoos dis charge of the responsibilities of his position. He is now assistant minister at Trinity Chapel in New York. HI? preaching Is said to be direct, earnest and convincing. Although he has not yet accepted, he will .undoubtedly do so. Elder Edward F. Platt. Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Toledo, Ohio, died in that city on the filet instant- Mr. Platt was bom hi Schroon bake, Essex County, New York, in ISfil. He went to Toledo In ISSB, where be organised the Baptist Church of which be has ever since been the re spected head. The deceased was a man eminent -1 iy catholic In his sentiments, and had a strong I hold upon the confidence and affections of the ! members of other cb arches, with whom he was al- I ways ready to co-operate In any good work. With bis own people, hla relations may be best under stood from the length of time he bore to them the relation of pastor. The Cincinnati commerriof says it appears from letters received In that city that the story of an out rage committed on Mrs. D. A. Wasson, wife of a clergyman, at Spring Hill, near Boston, Massa chusetts, by a negro. Is utterly false, and undoubt edly originated in political malice. The facts of the a flair are that the negro, visiting Mrs. Was son’s house for the purpose of robbery, locked the lady tn a room to prevent her giving an alarm. She escaped from a window, and the negro was pursued and captured. Some scoundrel added the other feature to the story, and telegraphed it to New York. The New York -Van says that the editors and reporters of the Herald have formed a combina tion against Bennett, and robbed him of fifty thousand dollar?. An Investigation Is now going on in that establishment, and about thirty of Us attaches are to be at once discharged. A letter from New York to one of the London papers gives the following bit of information In regard to what he calls "amateur fastness” In that city. We think the pretended facts are a little mixed: - certain young cifoymr.ii of Manhattan have developed a new phase of ama’eur fastness that may poselbly be worth the general attention of the sisterhood known as * fast young ladles.* To usurp the functions of poor devil reporters, and write up local sensations tor the dailypress, Is the reigning ambition of Miss Flora McFlimsev and her cliaxxalng associates of Madison Square. To be able to pull from the pocket of the dress or paletot a damp ai dgr my copy of the dally Time*. or, or as one passes the rival belle on the ‘ drive' in Central Park, and wave this chequered flag of victory over the other An dromache, Is now one ol the highest gratifications ofihe conqueror of SaratogaanaNewport. Letme tm-nilon one Instance ol the innovation. The crlfttn-swtihregard to Rtnorithat have appeared la the New \ork Tr%bu,u have all emanated from the pen of Miss Kate Fields. Mr. Fields is a wealthy man: hts tarn-out In th** Parkis one of the finest In New fork. His daughter is a young lady of remarkable beauty, and as much a charac ter in ber vay as the well-known xaokee can a trice. Miss Kellogg, who boxes and Mice* as wen as the sings, and whose knowledge of music—a -o she is an accomplished musician—is hot slightly superior to her knowledge of the good ppinu ol horses and dogs. Miss Field- la an ardent ad mirer—ore might say worshipper—of and she throw- Into her essays In the T. town* aU the emotions of her nature. Indeec, sae has likened Ristorl to -an angel from Dca\cn,” acd somewhat to the (compara tive) disadvantage of the angel. 0o nkhls Miss Fielcs proceeds. Immediately upon the conclusion of the performance, to the Tt ro«« office, welch Is distant some two mile* from me theatre. Her escort through the poorly-u-htsd and detailed streets ol the lower city con.uts of coachman and footman. She usually arrive*jst the Tnbuh* office about midnight, stilted In tull evening d:ess,monnU the narrow and crookea stairways of tre building to burst, as a sort ofbe crinolined aerckte, upon the vulon of ■***£ hied Jenkinses of Mr. Greeley’s Hinging her cloak aside, she paper and constructs her criticisms. to*«s her copy to the open mouthed Ganymede In aace, and, followed by her flunky, o a -«galP to her carriage, and so on to home, to await the appearance of the joarMOto whose columns she has contributed. Too scene In the office dmlngthe visit of Miss Flclls Is a strange one. The JVi&wn* reporter* constitute a class by themselves. They arect *slouch_haU or sombreros, Byron collars, cnormon-ar«..-achsuo pipes, and great moodiness.xi-maaner. They smoke with a tee worth! of German stnaenls-* Vpiinlt room in the irtovru of fice is slway* J? o i in a slate ot artistic disorder— the UesJgTJro bartered and old, the doors arc old ihu cellin'* is cracked and brown. Scy p?s i Scit?'oSr«“b ™ partmcD*..'’ i LAW iHTELUQENCE. The Cicero Constabulary—A Conspir acy Case—Criminal Business— I ' Judgments and New | Suits. \ la (L ■ Circslt Coart, on Sitnrdiy. the Cicero towfabw* ’"7 contentioncame ap. Until be re* memlired ttot an information In the nature of a quo uama. ' io *“ lodg'd on the relation of William-Swii ’borne req airing John W. Latmbeer tn iihnaKt «k it authority he assumes to exercise the office of •<• onaiable in Cicero. The complaint that the defendant was IneUgibb on the eronnt that be h. ad nnl resided in the township a year. • Hefendsa. 1 WM ordered to plead by Wed “'jSdr'n.cnS -ot renitorf In the common lew Bruch of the t npettor Coorl, ss fellon: In thTur of-Thco*. 1 ™ Kaca .VT! 1 ?: 1 V™ 1 *, 1 ? Bocdrtke erJ 9. Pit he"!, for ; Knbllechkj ve. loole B'B'KSS 1 ““ ,ar ,117 ; in ravor of Wlim ™ MI?""* C. Folger Ofmlntt Alot B. hmlm tor ,W 7.72. write • ere dlsmUted: Alesan der Coleseed ve. Bernee* John holllttve. Illinois* lete Arrlcnltnrel Socle* t 3r jodw Jemcson wee cny, 7®* -1 Odette;; the ar gument on a modnn for 10™ Slertln eealnit lest, tho ettn ■» 11 ® iB S for prosecution, which uccupitel so many days ox the court during this term, it in yet ncdecldvd. _ The new suits In this roust Indnde « bUI f>r an Injunction, by Counol Kk» 14 aimst Jotm Bnrll nr. The Injunction issued to rastfca ‘ n from concealing or ln*.3mbcrb:\ * &® °f Indebtedness to the two partita- £he complainant alleges the existence of a poA fnershlp be[\rt,cii himself and the respondent, wafa J agreement. The posiuesa of salpria the erection a?*d-raisin* of huUdlngs, and 11 fa. charged that moneys hav* been wee v*i by defendant and not accounted tor- r fle bdl “ also to procure an accounting, lint bill is prob ably the result of a nnmlKr of suits 5 brought on Fi idsy 10 recover. In asinmusit, dwek Te* ran„iih, in each case from two to five hundred * °* - I " r3 ,- . An action of debt was commenced by Joan ilcEwcn against Kichard C. SmltQ, dca a/- 03 be ing laid at $?.75. This is to recover on « ‘vase or the premises No. ST Oak street: and rt acJon was brought on acovenant by Mery A. Ta**or bolomou McKleban, damages being lata a.-*l5O - action on the case was institut'd ny S. Rosenthal for the use 01 Messrs. naas&Po 01 *, ngaiett the Pittsburgh, Fort Wavac &■ Cfa'cago Railway Company, 55,000 being claimed os *Uia- remaining suits were all In assumpsit, -and wcreastollowe: Oliver Edwards vs. James Nocqnet;- damages SI,OOO. Thomas Croghan va. Travellers* Insurant Coropauv of Chicago; damages SI,OOO. Samuel C. Skinner etat. vs. Charles 11. SauW™* Lewis S. Baldwin, aid Elisha A. Bigelow; Uim * * ! John s C? lJ bunlin. Trustee. Ac., va. A. Barber; damages tiOW. . Thomw L. Willis ct al. va. Andrew**. Granger; vs. John P. Lcpoulmcr; dam* “xtomimWli vs. Jsmc« Smith* Franks vs. Jsnv- Jtcloj; tyvi, on an indebtedness * , Held, Murdock & Fi*»«r vs. the same, on au in d in the Recorded Court " "culm «« loand culfty of lummy, and the jury toed the term of bfa imprisonment at ° MotMIBcU pleaded entity of petit Urceny. Kaie Jems and Mary Casey were each assessed one year m the jicnUentlary, under conviction for loaner was acquitted on Ibc charge *°Tbe court ts alpresent engaged iuhcarlng thc.xase of conspiracy In which Dewlu G. cole, Jane A.Colc and Amanda Stockwcll, efi-s lawyer, are luvolvc-d. This case Isa somewhat pe cullaronc. home time since Jane A. Cole,th--n •known as Jane A. Schroyer, obUlned » dirorce from her husband vbo was absent on business, alleging that be had deserted her. and had bek.a abscutTwo years and upward. The proof of the facta was apparently perfect, the third partv being tne main witness, and upon a decree being given ber, she married cole. Toe husband returned from bis trip, which extended to about a month’s absence, to find his wife the wife of another. Ho looked np the evidence In hls case and brought civil action against Cole and Mrs. Cole allai Schroyer. He aiso procured a hearing before the Grand Jury, and that body brought two Indictments for perjury against the wife. one against the man cole, thla one Khith is on trial. The case will probably be con cluded Monday. It may be casnaUy remarked here that Mrs. Cole has been twice divorced. Freeman's Supremo Court Reports* Editors Tribanc. The lend profession of this State owes the Tnt uujjb a homage of gratitude for Its exposure of Freeman’s Imposition In tbo manner and publics- UonoftocKeportsofonr Supreme Conn, mo wonder is, that a grievance so long and univer sally taown, felt acd-admlttcd, has been sub mitted to without protest or remonstrance from a profession which, when need be, will ‘cavil on tto ninth part of a hair” or “greatly find quarrel In a straw.” Your notice w perfecily lost as far as It went. The delay la publication—which leavea an interval of more than two years between the decision ofa case and its communication to the bar—is wholly Inexcusable, and conld not oc cur with a reporter who is competent rot his duly. Looking to toe facilities which book publishers, everywhere, possess In their business, and know ire that the reports of courts In other States, and even glforeltnima Eu s ll»b tribunals, ore accent hi, u> ui. ara jta the bovkacUcn* «au the ilbraxj shelves -US our own cases see the llcht In isSlshed and collected form; we all iSow that, v in the mailer or publication. Freeman’s books come to us al mo-l ont of date. Inasmuch as all the Courts of Illinois are controlled by our own supreme Court, and Freeman’s reports are the oracles from whose utterances there Is no appeal. It seems rather hard that the far-away voffes of Westminster Hall, of Massachusetts and California should be echoing In onr tribunals long before wc can catch a sound from our Snpremo arbiters at Ottawa. Then, as to the manner In which .Mr. ircetnan makes np bts volume—the Hicks by which be ekes them out. with ponderous, wordy and useless briefs, sots to triple the tax the profession must pay him, yon have properly and lastly exposed. I may add to wbst you have said on that subject, that the “syllabus” of tbc cases-the top notes, which oucbl to be but the most concise abstract of the points decided—are preposterously ex nanded. oitendmes reproducing whole sentences from the reasoning of the the purpose of spreading out and filling np. There Is. too, an other objection to his repartorlal productions. In the toirty-lonrth volume there are imm cases reported, with expanded head notes and prolix brief?, which are simply and substantially reiterations of former decisions. Why reproduce os cases Involving only long and well settled onus page alter page of reports, w^. nothin, really new or Important in them t Your notice dtdnot allude to our sUlule-toat of Juneil. ISC3—aa “ act In relation to the reports of the de cisions of the Supreme Court.” This limlu the appointment of reporter to six years. -The third section is as follows s ‘ fho reports here alter published shall be In sixe equal to the %tb volume of Illinois reports and equal In quality to Beecher’s edition ofßrecj s Kcports and be furnished at a price not eueeaing 'four Italian net volume. There can be no donut that toe P “slre. equal to the twenty-sixth volume of lUinola reports,” W the con tents In number of cases. Tbc legislative, refer ring- to that volume and to the one of Brccsc, In tnded (hem as models, both In the mechanical fliui rrsortorial parts. Now Breese contains about l? 0 cases aitd the Twenty-sixth Illinois con tains 151. In Breese, generally, only the opinion of toe court Is given, but that contains a compact ‘and pointed statement of "ho case. No briefs arc slutted in- That book Is, indeed a model, and itwere well If judges in their opinions, and reporterain pro dndngthc cases, would give wror® l ® 1 ? Both * that and the Twenty-sixth are almost as unlike as possible man’s Thirty-fourth Illinois. In neilhei do we find the book-making trick, no dr luted syllables, no diffuse statement of cases, no chaOy and tedious biiefo, no leaded prinUng. no devices of paragraphing and superfluity of ‘nde*- And yet. In all mese respects. Frecnuu a Thi.ty fourties a direct violation of the statu tory- standard of ISM. And then aa to the price. That U fixed at four dollars, on the basis of the Brccsc and Twenty-sixth statdard- That li to say. the Lc.nsialure intend- ; edwe should get, for lour dollars, aboutthree times aa much of matter-whai It the matter for the reports—as that man extracts from oar panes nve datura and a hall I Besides, for the about SSS coplra delivered to the Secretary of Stale, the reporter k,bvme lawof WS. to be Paid six dollars per volume. IfV r Freeman & not liberally compensated, and does not Hoe rally compensate Un«.f for the article he furnishes. It Is not for want of mak- Chcttei of)reporter and prescriptioucrthis duties by the LeglaUtnre. Undoubtedly this would supply a specedlcr, er and far more satisfactory scries of reports. In mott or the Smlea, tbc »ppcl=tmcnt or reporct ls latm Iron tbc JnCcea. ml bU uu, more or lev, . cir cal 1 r, n’ -.dr Udl'vs w. " York, the appointment is with the Governor. Lieutenant Goveinoraad Attorney General, and reports are to be published as soon as prac ; d£a b )£ In the Governor appoints the re porter, and be is to publish two ▼olumea ly, at a price not exceeding foordolUra. In .■fers«y,The reporter is to inrush derisionsitouw cxinter as coon as they are sufficient to form a Smte. In liodn I.bmd tb.l reporgr ta ippolnled bj inn Icßlmalure, and mult pnWijn ,1 Irostummdlr. In I.rnaont,he l! eleemd bj dSSgnf if Ml’ ■be slxe or number of volumes. In Massachu the reporter Is appointed by Govemor acd Council, and decisions are to be published within rJnetv dava alter the Ist of September. In N orto reports are to be publishedwiU*ln five of th| term, toe reporter is to deliver to the printer before the nth ot Julv. the decisions op to Ist of April pre vlo^tv. U In Georgia, reports arc to be puMLibed itULiu four men-be after the of rach yesr ~, closed and if not. one-fourth of the rcpn.ters how the volomei snail be printed, and requires the nrlntlcg of each volume to be commenced a* soon m one hundred dedsmns are given by toe court. In Indiana, to? reporter ts elected brtoe n-orlo, and Is topnblith within six months from ?be et<d oftbe term. Of the Supreme Court of the LUled State* (I believe) toe decisions are to be published in sight months. Tncse are Krions oflSe different States, In the revfatons 1 have had access to. tn regard to reporting, it IvB! be seen, tbereloie that there Is ample prece dent for legislative regulation of toe dnJes of Supreme Court reporters, and. If there were none, Mr Freeman’s faimre to comply with onr law of i«3. and Us manifest Incompetency for tor dntiea required ot u reporter, loenlj >ud require I>'«nslabve interference as by yon. If the bar toronehout the state will influence their Immediate repiMeuta-ivea, thtre mm be uo dim. cnlty ix» bringing about the needed legUla^ton.^ tr-WAITBROTHEKss Advertising Ag’fs 126 ne*rb*m-»u, receive advertisements for all tbe leading pa pets ibracgfasnt tie Colled States and Canada*. fHasouic Notices. A TTEXTPN, SIR KNIGHTS. kJiM Conelare Cblesgo Commimisry. Ko. 9. T THIS CUOKDAY) EVEhTSG. AT 7H O CLOCK, - ©rganist. gITUATKES WANTED BY AS ORGANIST. Ararw. -I o," - rata: oOM. ISnofes anh gitationcrj. JJOOKS. OODB.PRITIMDMI) 83 LAKEST, CHICAGO. WHOLESALE ASD DETAIL DEALERS IN School and Miscellaneous Books, Juvenile and Toy Books, Blank and Memorandum Books, Note, Letter and Cap Papers, Tlssne and Wrapping Papers, WRITING DESKS, . BACKGAMMON BOARDS, And PORTFOLIOS, Envelopes, Inks, Wall Papers, Cold and Steel Pens, Slates and General Stationer* /'rices at (he Hoitom o'* ie Marlut. TOPE ORDERS TO Cobb, Pritchard & COiy 8a Blanks. JgOUNTIEE. Official Blanks! 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They aiso broke off the hand)* that throw* th? boltai'auo attempted driving It through, bat fal'fj again; they removed part of »bJ moulding* arrf orna mental taring* on the door. ard tiled cubiuxb, but without }ncce*». and they fanny had to leave rw tad, utGrlydUcomfltted,tbo daft having successfully" re- - slated erery edbrtma<*c to tjire it open. Of coarse I could not open or operate the lock, w.lh-' out dial cr et&llllo yea last week to St oS*teU aad repaired . I aa l£ rtcdpt, Uiis ttoralag. ftom yoo.ol mistsc loryevidtoco'cf the miii r of tbe cosrcn»ot my B*7*, cct-liitig ot Wocey, Oorernment Bom!?. Valtu- Welipeis,**. Have moa confidence tfcao ercr le ttie s«cmTT or yoar BarteV Safcf. aad U joe haTpanoUisr ot same size and Vttl ready Inr fbtwctmt. too viH oblige me by secdlnyd forward at oace, wltti bill tbr dUTerence or »rctn c * repair*. lk-«?tettally year*. S. H. Torso. 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PniL-VDEUMIU. herkim;, fauree & SEW OULEASS. ilanfrg ALL WA2tTCiQ FARMB—Good i arm j wtll-proT«l Fruit Land*—Beautiful oca 1 Itmvlns‘•.tUcnml -1 VIAtXAM,). LV mll-s south at \ Philadelphia by railrcad. Imputation lacrraaed 9,«t people U tour ycuis. Co d society. «clr-ols and charche*; LOrtiorchartfa jp'aaled. Price, fdS per acre, payable lufourycars. Vrliace lots for b*.stars* and mai.nftcturert also for ‘ale. Climate mild— perlecuy healthy—h'ghlj tenUe. Improved Places al*o toi sale. Ad.trrw cDAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, \ lac* lard. Netv Jersey. Papers containing infonnnnoaieat fr,e From »eport or Solon Kohlnsun, Agricultural Fdltorof the Tribune: -It Is enc ot the most extra* sire ftrtllr tractsln ar almost levs. po-Ition. i»r«! suit* ab’e condition fhr pleasant farmcc. tuat we know ot this stue cf the Western Prairies.*' . aUlhifg, iLiquors, &c. J^IREOT— FRESH IMPORTATION Hungarian Wines BEEER, 80TTNE8 & CO., Chicago. 111. IMPOBTEKS. 1 All Winns guaranteed. Wholesale orders left .In the • drug-tore. 145 a.uth Claik-st-, where -amvduicaabo i sc: n. Sample ilccms lor retail and by the norm, 1g.9 SOUTH CLARK-ST'. 1 Snoto s3otobn:. liiiiiia Patented Slay *in, tftUM. This I* an artlel* icr wasbtnt without rubbttf, ex* oept t&Ttry dirty oiwes. wticH alii require a very ; sllattnb, and, ucllte otter preparations offered fort Ute purpose, wtu, not ten tn* cloth», bat leave them n.ueii wiimt than crtlnsr methods, witte out Ibc uius! wear n-<llc*r. . . „ I i it retorts crease spots a> it hv msec, and softens . thedir* >s soskic*. an that rtosinj: In ordinary I 1 ca*e* entirely remove it. . __ , I Ibis powder is prepared is aeeordsurs-rith tbetclca. science, ami upou a process peculiar to tacit, which M sccuredbr letters pattut. it has Peru lame for nor* man a year, and 3i prorod Itself au universal Ctvorlts wherever U has rev- u«d. Aacng tltudraataxst claimed are the tolJirwlmr.rt*- It saves ail tue expense of soap usually QS*l On eov ta rubbing and wear and ***!»% for cleaning windows !t 11 unsurpassed, Witt ocMcaiter the time and labor usually required, U lm osrts a beautiful p»s# and la*lre. much jnptrlor tc auy other mode. No water required except to taolsU* with each package. retrial. TM cost ol washing for afanlly cl are or sin persons wm “xh? l aSuSJSwa?t' this powder ars awrttta* Kin; useless esmpouGdsbave been Introduced to tbs oubficwblcb have rated the cloth, or fklled lu reaev PnctiWdirt. bet knowin* the Intrinsic excellence <t ‘ this article, they proclaim It as bsmx M toumademasd wWebhM !o» erlrte.Uan? wve h heretofore remained UDJUyplled. Wanntaa urM& HOWE STEVENS ~*<f BKOAI>VVAY, BOSTON Alio, Manufacturers ot Family Dye Color*. For sale by Grocers and Dealers crerywbere. gyilbet plating. Instantaneously Silver Plating Brass, Copper, German SHrcr, &c* f Restoring the platlt g where worn off. and lor Cleanlnff and pollihlnsMlTcr and Silrtr Pitted Ware. llAa most uaetul inrentlou of the age U a preparation ol pare and ccnlami no mercury, agd ur otter substance Itlurtons to metal* cr the tiands. It U a complete electro-plating bsUerr’in a bottle. Priest rent* per bottle. For sale by Druggists and V anety Spares. HOU'E & STEVENS, MANUFACTURER*. BOFTON MASS. ~ E MET BENEATH AN AWNING. •* One sultr” summer morning. A year aeo, or past. We met beneath an awning When tt w*« raining fast. She looked «* very iwretty. As ne'er lad I*m before— I (w lo lore completely Before the rain was o er. NEW SONG AND CHORUS, T. M. TOWNE, Price 30 cent*. Published by LYON & MEALY, Clark and Wasblngton-tt*., Chicago^ Cnnple of fHusic. pIANOS CHKCKE.RING' PIAKOS. lor»iilc «t Br«l’»TcmplPof Mo •»c, Knndnlph—t. Piano*. Orpins and JJclodcon* fornlshrd upon payment of a Bxnall amoDst down, and balance in month lr —» UTijc ILcnutc Reason, HEN'S association lecttjees. JOHN B. COUCH TOU repeat aB SEW LECTURE, entitled. “ CURIOSITY ! ” (Delivered but once before in this city.) On Wednesday ETcnlns:, NoTcmb--r *Sth, AT CBOSBY* OPEEA HOUSE, Commcaclnx at 3 o’cloct. Tic&KaU cents. Reserved scat® Si cents extra. Tte »!■ oC Ticket. std Heytted M; Mai; mrece ocTccscav nomine at 9o clcc*,at iheTlcte. I oacddt prow £°g%s"ußO. C 0 1; sec. T. M. A. Kerosene ©ilJSurner. rj'HE NEW BURNER MORE LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Seat Intention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Br theme of this Boraer.Qlan Chimneys arc ea» tireiT titeDcaaed wllb. and a brilliant Uzht elves ocvio aeprcedlng jet, ritallar tn that of Gu. The ordinary Coal OU tneroeeae) cf the .hopa aflordU* not only the CHEAPEST bat tt« BEST light that caa bt prwtoced from lhL« great UlamlDaUnar aseau . We cordially lavUa every one e> call aal wHaca Kr himself the opcratta&a ol ibis Bonier, b«on* may aware that “To See is to be Convinced.” The lamer is to cosrtmcted that II attaches to Any Coal Oil lamp, Tbtu saving the price ol new ene* where they are al- SSfiMCooOT RlrtuBr!»I;. ijpSrMcr * K “ A. K- SLOAN, ADAMS llOl'aA. O H. KKIffOOT & Co. FOOT* CO-Ml IMM “^VJ.KttroOT, CSS j.r.rasaos. 4 Few Words of Cosuicw Seas. ! Howftr* there are who are not to *ome tS floa of the Inn-i ornspintoryorgans,who,hya» Iccttaj preswoitory tymptami, p|» cot' pJaict, txatU disease scixes tta Curts, causing too proaslWstbrttre or Cm psuot. im anxiety aoddi* trcftf to Cieoda. “Only a eoUi'* “a, slight thmti j H UU» hwdlaa temartt of many whea u»1 trctod. Tea; "Oiuyacold,*'traa the tboughtle »er Prussian of thousands whom death has marked (Or to ?«r- Forewarned—FofesrmalJ should be the motto toe I s>er la the minds ol a>S sulgect to Cough*, Coidi, Ca_ ■ iaerh. or InflncMa. .TVerda of adrlce should be heedee by *Q soSenoc from *«?*■ Bronchitis, Cocsmns>‘ tloa. Belief la within thdr reach; and. If aeytoetad, taxal ooasequescee ensue— * me of misery-a daily.* hearty i‘thissetorxxl«ea«. Aeootayt la which thera 1 caa be be one neter—Death I 1 Does ittcl'ippal the strongest mind to think of thd result caused by scglM? Thea why delay ? What* : emuse can be citoed, when timely warning is sounded i tn your ears? When the Idangcrl is pointed out, wty not arold It? Haysnas** Ptctobxl b»t-, * o»ed with success ta icarty a million of coj«, md u endowed bribe MediHl Faculty as the moat prom* and fdkaclona remedy mat adenttfle research has dla eorered, to reliere and cot an cues oi Concha, Colds InfhTtra. and Cocsumptlm, If the cafe la not beyond tUbope. Ereawben the aniStrer Utn the last atones. be Till And relief by tala* this preparation. One hot- 1 tie Till convince the most lacredalotu, that the menu * ot ttla preparation are by no meats exasperated; la j act— f fch ihr fbort of the eulogies heetoved upon Üby | thooiKils'wbo bare been enred ly ttaUmelyuse. A. gnaraatne-acconpanlea each bottle, am! dealers are In j strutted tarercry Instance to refund the money, when | this preparation CrUs to reliere. 1 Prepared by T. W. MABSDEK, 4ST Broadway, ■ Kerr Yorfc. sad Or sale by all Drnec'su. Price. B | per bottle. BPHKRAM3 ft VAKSCUAACK. Wbote > sale DrugslsU.^-Chicago, in, General Acentstbrtbh Northwest. For sale by SMITH a dwtso. ocIaTSMSt Itew-net ; SALE. j pnMlc notice* hereby elren that I shall, mm*lcm« of MOSEII * WILD, on Wednesday next, November ' yth, A. D. 1565,.up0n the premises known as Hoi. S3b awl S3S State street, in the city of Chicago, sell . at pabtk auction, to the highest bidder, lor cash, the 1 utensils. fixtures and presses, pertaining to a lard o'* manufactory, belngti presses and the appa**- thereto. Chicago, Novemberat, IS6«, . . . ; MTLUR, Assignee. LOAD i WAGONS. j A jar lead cf W v FARM WAGOSS, I 1 \i; •'n tho VTIDE TRACK. complete, with Top Boxes, f DouMa Trees and Iteck Vote*. njanulactnred at tbs 1 Baiijtr Wurtt, at Kenosba, Wt»„ tor tats tty E. BAIN, JpCE SALE; Valuable Copper Mining Lands ON LAKE yUPEBIOR. The tßdersljnied It nnthortrsd to tell tbe*e lands, 1 7 Web aicamoDS Urebwtoa EMte bnperlor. Explore, t ten allowed. hups and lofumaUon »t try offle-, »t{ 1 aSWIe-tt. GEO. B. KQ2CT. T* JO MORE BALDNESS OR GRET J,l h sib: -I ondon Gr*T Hair Color Docs Restorer** “London n»lr Color Bwiortr" “London Hale Hair Color not Restorer" ‘London _ Hair Color Restorer** , “London Restored Hair Color stain Restorer** I “London Hair Ctrtor Restorer" “London trUfeOOt Hair Color orooU Kc«urer , L tfW “London Hair Color Hoakre “London Irelne. Hair Color anythin?. Ee*uß2sta- ‘ , li via m«L.<> Uie hair soft, cloaay ana Oexinie. * 1 preserve ib« ortulnai color tc old see. Zt ' e3Kail sie» -rent tbe hair rromfelllncciL Itwia _ diseases ot the <3 cents a«“tbre* * Sold by all tsedlo? drncdsts scul dcalc tides. HiUTH ft UU't ER, Wholesale «L*a xll *T?i: i OSacdluLatraL. noJMt_ ' 'i£X TO p ARD ; PATENT B3ICK nZACHUOZ. Office and n-snulactory 33 Sonth JetfenoD-st, far Uonnutlos aniiiacrlpiuu circular aJdreaa E. 11. GARD, 33 South Jeffersna-sL. Chicago. 'JO AVOC LLKX a£AXUFACTCRERS. ARTICLES OP WURLiS HiCHIBI. E. C. CLEVELiAJN’O «fc CO, JRen-J’; SHOP. WORCESTER, MASS, *sfollows: Card ing Mact&pj and- spinning Jacks. from new and im proved p*eraj; Wool Pickers, Wool and Waste Doss> m. Tarn ana Yam Dressing aid Warp tar Machine* tyoad and Narrow Gin. noth single and doable acus. mood and Narrow Crushing Machtaaa, Velveting,.amerlnc and Petersnatn Finishing Sfaw chines, HydrVitreeiors uij cloth Drying Machines* Hydrostatic alTscn-w prrasea. Press Heaters, Indljjo OrtndA Rotary Pulling Ml!j v. f MUM, Cloth, Wlndl£rt£ji Measuring Macnln Bat , Tun-lnz Larjirtcard Grinders. Ac. I Our macnlneaA*ail lasabstatUilan (tr^r' ol^* , frames, and aravmstod to beiAual Iner respect to any machineshafe tn the United states. I In addUlcn to\>^ t named machines ot our ova « make, weare prepndto tnmlsh Crompton’s Looms. ! Parts* WooLoeVatuars, Steel Sing Bur Machines : and Bur Pickers, Cid dotting, and manufacturers* ; Endings generally. •Vm*k>re’ lowest prices, and css j ibrcl-h our easterner**,,, machinery fr't Woollen MIC* complete, witaprompta**.andat aslavorableprices las any othit builders. *** c, c. CLEA’ELAND* 1 Wor«M*r,ilaM.,Oct.C.t*ju j* m.^bassetT. fttusical jyj-ERRITT & COUGHLIN, COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY; And TToollen Factory Findings. Si» Factories funded Machinery.SLafUmr. Ea-;:ot». fUcs, fcMoataUoLS. &Bi*rlatcadfcnli aati crpertcaccd wor&iea. boll cards >3arinrcst)ip7 iSettltoL At Keaerha, WiMonila* fbaiciiestotaiibcs. jJalCiits. jßadjiiierti. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIAN*, Alwayaonhaad. COTTON TV ASPS A CAED CLOTHING ot all kind*. K3T Second baad Machinery on hand, for sale cheap- Clotijcs fHanglcr. fJ'HE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do It In onc-qnfuter the lime re-, nlred nltb heated lra'-». It give* aa on and brilUiuicy of luatre to linen*. Impossi ble to be obtained 1 from cheated Irons* NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL. iff, note’ tanndrv, jiealaarant. Bearding Bospiuior Private i’aaSj can aSord la be wliboot rr r »VES TTUE. IT SAVES CLOTHS. g lire honey. fffAV^Frm. 1T SAVES LABOR IT SAVES HEALTH. For pmmi'hlea, wuialnlEg fail ducrlpUca of n*- chbe, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MAHGLE C0 H 1-19,151 153 Chicago. DU or J. n. SIR. 161 latML ______ Scutamaiietiuou. SSUTANABEHUON! SYHPOSIARCH. Tnoaday Evoniagf Wgr-mbar^fl7» .-ffur (Scoas* jg Alt GAINS K j. a TiTyts DRESS’ FURS* BBBW9TBB< Punier, RTTPftIfAX HOCjg- Krai Estate. 100,000 These vert a ita KocXy »omecritoeUrsMl»E(lbes»t»:W eaai « UonstaUu. Apply to C. R. WARD. IWtrolt. SoriUi) iHrclings. be a meeting cube 1 Graduates la Arts of . r _.-- YALE COLLEGE, „„ „„ SOSDiI.SS" »,«»»►». i KISTI.S»-»7 D »“ t ‘> n r t - r \