Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 26, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 26, 1866 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, nOMiTAUk SATiTU'AT Etesoko, November 24,1?60. The toiiowitv; 5* Mtnaget ltes* exhibit of besintt-? the Clearing House for the week end in'? to (hr Clearfncj. PilaucM. fa,25J,773.<n tUI, 53-5.17 I,SS.i:i.IS ttl,«S.Rl I'TO,TOUtt 1M.1W.73 1,717.310 in sa»,«ntjs 1.605,171.01 IC* 517.93 3,U»,93d.K) 217.33).33 Uorembcx 19 *• «j. * 3: *• 21. J10.W7,101.TD <1,17-1,712.70 Total Lavt week 13, T-tf,061.65 1,4 , K?03.65 Weekending Isur. 10. lS r S9a,4S?J>3 l.mtC2.7y ** ** “ 3. IVHWO.SI 1,731.(1306? . The crest event of the week. In financial circles, wav the panic which took place in Wall street on Thaivdsy—resulting in a sadden contraction of the Honey market, an advance In the rate of in* lerevt to?V cent on call, and a general tumble la Mocks and shares of all descriptions, bat more particularly those which arc technically termed ** fancy.” These Buffered severely, and in their downfall caused several snspenfions, and no doubt cnpp’cd numerous operators, who were speculating lor a “ rise.” The panic spent its force on Thursday afternoon, and etnee then there has been a gradual reaction. - Stocks have slowly recuperated, and confidence, has In a measure revived. The Gold market shows few signs of reaction, and • the premium con* tinnes to hover around the figures touched dur ing the p.nic. This panic U only the culmination of what ha? been steadily going on in all branches ol trade for tome time past, bat probably would not have occurred so suddenly had U not been for omsldc etutes. Dnr>g the past two or three weeks theic has been a want of confidence incl ining price? among all classes of operators, and value* cf all classes of merchandise, wlt'a very few ejections, Lave been steadily declining. Prudent operators saw that values were inordi nately inflated, and the shadowings of the policy to be rcvtl iped by the Secretary of ihe Treasury, in which it is asserted be will _rc ilcrate the principles enunciated In his ** Fort Wayne speech,”- warned them of the earning storm. Preaarations were at occe made for its reception. Properly slowly though steadily declined, and the purchasing power of the currency was proportionately in creased. £o quietly has Ibis process been going on for the past two or three weeks, that it has hardly awakened any surprise, and has certainly been productive of no want of confidence m indi vidual credit In mercantile circles. In this re spect i. entirely with the rdects produced by tbc ‘Tort Wsyne speech.” Now the people arc, to a g: tat extent, ready’for the contraction policy, and it is our opinion that the Secretary might, at this Juncture, contract the currency to tv tee the amount limited by law, without tuibarrasilng the trade of the country. Should ibis be done, it would connteract all pos sibility cf a icacliou—a renewed Inflation in values, which would in a short time be subject to another fit of contraction, which might cot be anticipated, and therefore could only result in a panic, far more disastrous to the pnblic than the on* through which the Wall street opera ors have ju.-t i tt-f-cd. We do not favor a sudden and violent contraction cf the can envy. Such would be product:* ccf nothing but misfortune, bat we are Iz. favor of a slow and healthy contracting policy. cut:l the currency of the country shall bo reduced to the actual wants of our commerce. In re nu: qnat lens it is asserted that the trouble is attributable lo a sudden etriturenry in the moucy market, caused by the Secretary’s drawing on the Nanunnl Ranke for nineteen million dol lars. We have aiwava been at a loss to know 111*5 Ccverxmicrt should d-po.-lt tbe public mcticva v!th the National DanUs in those cities where there are United States Sub-fr agarics. The system i* e»*rtaluly productive of no good. The bank* cannot aDordio be custodians of tbe money fur nothin?, and arc obliged to loan It **on cal!.*’ A sudden cad by the Government during tin ordinary close money market picdurcs en unexpected stringency, and In order to meet the draffl, the Links a; e compelled lo do, what la commercial jitrjauce i* called ** shit It.” Tbe benedts which the hacks and the community derive f«om Gov cn-mect deposits are more than overbalanced by tbe sudden Qnctuatiqus which their withdrawal cccasfope in the money market. It is r.rdrr*tood that the Government let the Imuks “d-.wn ca*y, ’by accepting the eompouutl interth-t notes and allowing the accrued interest thereon. Thc;e tbe Government will undoubtedly caned, end ii. this item It U expected the l>cc.*m- her statement of the public debt will show a ma- Icrtai reduction. The mercantile trade or the city during the week jnt-l doting las been very lights and not at all e. isfactory to those interested. Prices of merchan dize have cußered a more or less decline,* owing to the fill in gold, and the primal hcUof that values must po loner before the bottom Is touched. The neck closes on a qalct Money market, though at the close (he demand for accotnmodi lion showed signs of renewing activity. The mar* ket is in a peculiar condition, owing mostly to tno tardinors of the packing season. There is nogreat scperabaudji.ce of cnnency, but the discount bouses would be glad to hod an outlet for their surplus funds for ten or twenty days. Having made arrangements to carry the pork crop, as soon a* It• begins to move, the bonks do not led Inclined to Increase their regular dis count lines to any great extent. Far-prlmo paper the market wotlts easy at the usual bank rale—lo percent. Is the open market good outside sig natures are negotiated at 12 per cent., and less acceptable documents at 130 IS percent, per an num. is an active demand for Eastern Ex change, cud a* the amount making la compara tively final!, the market works very close—com pelling mt-t of the banks to ship currency. Kcund lots of Exctsngo* told to-day between backs at 23040 cents premium. The counter rates arc firm at par buying and 1-10 premium sel ling. IlcHalo and Oswego bills fire taken at discount. The demand for Foreign Exchange has been quite active during the week, and at the close the currency rales were lower, owing to the decline In gold. Wo revise quotations: Gold. Currency. London'*,'£ sterling fSW fT.DUto'LIO Pans V 23 *"* Berlin I 1 IniPfclanThaler ... 75 l.usjhi.uO Norary c' Ills JJynt a) -12 foil Sweden specie Baler 1.16 1.6201.63 floor oj*en«i strorg bat closed dnlL Wheat was core active and higher, bat at the close boy cis refused to pay the extreme figures. Cora <n>=2'better, bnt the advance was more ibaa lo;t at tbo close. Oats were qnlet at an im provement of i&l'&e. Hye advanced Ic. Barley was In better demand and 10,2 c higher. WhUkey was dull. Freights were neglected. Provisions were dull, bat held with considerable firmness. Wool v a» neglected and unsalable. Gold was again Irregular—varying bat little from the eccentricities of yesterday. The mantel opened at i::s}s. advanced to 13% and closed at l£Sy. The following quotilione were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock brokers: IfciSa.m ICSHI U;«a.«n 133 i(wq) « q ... ~IJO | ItOU >.113 ,?S;*S .ISSIHI awn.m US* Ji;“ is;;;. ms p- ■» ;*« 11:30 a. 131*141 &L»p. m 13-3 t Detv the market was qnlet. The brokers were bavin" Hi bid at the close. The deroaud was light, and sales over the connler were made at abonl New York ratea. Silver was qnlet at J&&1& hnylng-the upper figure for **& following table exhibits the dally range and closing pnee of gold during the week: Range. Closing. vondav UO ®l«3£ HHf UWSttmH l«si w£S«.taj m SiiSf.W «5!4 There was a stronger feeling In UoTCtntaeala to-dav, and prices were higher throughout tho list The long Sixes were M better. Five-Twen tie* of T 2 advanced *£. The and ’W issues •were-** higher. Ten*Fortles were firm at an ad vance of H- Seven-Thirties were higher. As is usual on Saturdays there was no afternoon call 10-dsy The following shows the closing prices of to-day with tbOBC of the two days previous: Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Ss3?lsSaS;r.^ Ten-Forties...... Seveo-'Jblrlles. Ang...’o3 lO|S IJJ£ fceveu-TLiiUcs, JnlT...lW iW* Drre there was an activespeculative demand for all issecs of Governments, and the market was firmer. There was a brisk laqmry lor Five- Twcniles of ’6-1 and ’63, which are very scarce. The brokers were baying at M lower than the Kcw York quotations. Compound* were high er. We quote the closing prices aa follows: coTuamrs? sternum*—cuuso xaiuccr. Baying. Selling. Sixes, IS'l iJS** s_ofp, lfb*i 106*, MD't, small lOGVttIOT‘4 .... ju-MT*, lanre 10J HMO>. small • IQ r 7-CU's, let 6erics. 7-SO *, *d »e»Jve *** J'JX MiV .lit ppric* H'J* June compounds. lUVfc July Compounds.lSM- 114 X Ang. Ccmi>oaads, i9St. JMJt Oc£ Compounds, XBM.. 11314 •••• Doc. Compound*. 1961. 11254 •••• ilay Compounds, 1605. 11l Ang. Compounds, JS>2. IP9J4 .... soot. Compounds. 1°65. lira Ott. Comnjncds. 1855.. ICBH •••• Tbc Second National Bank give* the following quotations for Ihc Public Fund*: j emm a£ - & - :";“S KWOCotipon,l3ri.x tiOri | May **? , ***««i^ KMOConpon-smallllttli'.Aiir. • 7.m.larce..llW!i«llß?, Ibnrt. “ S 7-30, small.-IWhaiWH I 00. u MA 1 * 5 * The market for l.ocal Securities is exceedingly qnlet, and In the absence of any transactions, we nominally quote a« follows: Baying. Selling. Chicago City Sevens to ion Cook County ** 06 s*is Chatsbcrof Commerce.... *.q 05 The New York Stock market shows quite a reaction, and a higher range of prices prevailed throughout the list- The following table shows the closing prices to-day, Tbaredar, last Sator* day, and the Saturday previous: Kov. 10. Nov. 17. Nov. 82. Nov. 51 NewYoth Central 11614 10-'!i W7K IWH Erie 2* 2* I-S Michigan Sou com WH ,®:J» ,2!* ,?i,. i Kock Iriand JW 10l>, C.& N.W. (com) SCH 5214 J&U P„ Ft, \V. AC. 3C6»£ 3tt» 11JH lull, VV.L’.ToI 51 O 41« « C. A Alton no .... .... l^h Barl'ton A QaiEcy 132 1«T 173 130 111. Central 123*4 113 HC US*} Liverpool advices oftheS'-dby the cable to day qcoti-d Five-Twvptiea at 7DJ£. Chicago City Sevens sold in Boston on Wcdncs* daylanat&9ttGlo , k and accrued Interest. The telegraph this afternoon announces the failure of •»- A, Gaj’ord, a small prtvam banker in St. Louis. Liabilities about fIO,OOO. —Tho New York Commercial AdcttHttr of Tborsday remarks that M f>lsCoantlng la almost at u A dead stand, with tbc prerailing pressure foj call 1 oans. and tbc extreme cacti on relative to all forms of credit.” —The i'hlladelphla money market la firm at the bigberntea, though the demand Is by no mean* urgent. There Is nothirg doue below five per cent, ard most generally the rate U 6. on good stock collaterals. Government broker* at New York are paying 5 per cent on deposit. The tame rate Is allowed 1c the former city. There a steady iscieaae of paper offering for dis count, acme of the t anks having as much as they care to accommodate.- The street rale ol good bills ranges to 8 per rent. Ntw York Si >lo«k Market. Citrine *»n«y» for cMKNoremberSJ, receired by U. Ljooc & Co, Ureter*. KSoolli Clark >tml; )kt 3d let td .. B'd. U’d. ire. ’’iro. N. liou iQj\ U.S.fipff ecet Eric (com) Tty Wy boL>U,Wsl... my .... M. b. (c0m).... ay si C. 8. a per cent * C.APUU SISX BiK 5-M coo&_*a. 109 Jutk Island....lCUvJ 103 1 C. 8.6 par cent C.&K.W <3 *5jJ 5-Wcour,i»t. IMtf .... c.&n.w, m to* n* c.s.ep« cent P.H.TT.AC..tW IN* 5-50COm>,VB. UftlX .... catetctivrr.... 47j* 47 U. tj.twaai 'V.UilonTel.. 47 10-lSi »9x .... C.AA.(ootn»..r*y U*H rr.Kotec.T34o Bur. &O.(6W)JS3 VU Utocrlos .... lOSV .... O. ft U.Certv.. 2S SSJf n. S. 73-13, '1 Dodstn ißT«.tn*< mv * aerie*...T.... Miy .... IJJ. CestraJ....lJti* US* C. S. 7 3-lfl, Sd P. Iteadln*.. lit* U2n aerte* ....... 101 V .... Aacr.Ooid.... m is* T.& Market—First Board firm. eeeood Board steady. COasIEBtUL. SiTruDiT Evrsrao, November 21,2666. The tollowin" tables rtowrhe receipt* and ship* mr&te of produce donas tbs past twenty-four boon: OECEXTTB PAST TWESTT-POtm IlOtntS. Flour, brls Whett, bu......... Coro, ba Data, bn Uyc, bo . Harley, bn fltusa Seed, lb* ... Broom Corn, the... Cured Meats, S>s... Beef, bilf Laid, tbs luiiow, lha Butler, 3 s Dressed Hozs, Mo. Live Ho», K 0...., rattle, No Bides, t? 9 B- Wince, brls Wool, lbs t . Lumber, m m laUi. id Salt, brls 10.035 1,725 37,701 43.570 *L«3 *37,157 IL-10 10,53-1 5.950 - 5,990 7,900 400 83.200 31.3H0 101,000 7LWI 20.200 33,130 .... F|IUS 1,305 6,065 70.598 21,470 24,791 51 2 2,910 5,733 1,121 467 102.3 <0 - 117,572 150 70 IVW 2«,401 1,(61 653 1,997 1,311 emmsn rasr T'cmi-ronmona. 1500. l3hS. 111,131 2,937 K,yßs 43,437 51,550 5.1,225 “L7OO 53,681 5.342 15.QJT 20.183 1,353 76,510 05,650 152,141 490 OvttO 731 ICI SS3 153 99,3:12 B\tdJ VJ.tWI 3,739 5,990 OT 3,031 953 053 79,65? 105^03 ICS 5! 19,211 29,100 Floor, bri5...... Wheat, bo Com, bo Oats, bu Bye, bu Barley, bo tirwheed, P'S . Broom Com.ib*. Cored Meat, lbs, Beef, beta.... . Turk, bria Lard. 2)9 TcHow, lbs Butler, &>a Idve Boire, Mo.. Cattle, Mo fcihlet*, Ihg H.W'inea, brls Woo), b« Lumber, •. - *J.3*>s l,inu Shinnies, tSi) 019 Lath, m 1 'Si 333 Salt, brls 5,t56 b2j There were no new features in the Provision market. Mees Pork wot in moderate demand lot Immediate shipment, and the market was steady, with sales 0f320 brls ai (33.M&39.35—m05t1y at the Inside figures. There is comparatively little ou the maiket, and holders arc not disposed to press sales. For January delivery, we hear of sales of 3<3 brls at $20.00. Green Meals were doll with sales of 4(0 pcs Shoulders at 6c from the block. lard was du3, with sales of 50 tes Prime h«twatj22»c. Forfolnro delivery there is some inquiry at 124 c, bat sellers are sot disposed to accept less than 13c. There was no movement In Beef product. Grease was inactive. Vi'l.lfkcy wa« dull, with retail sales of Free at distillery at «.S5. A lot of W brls In bond changed hands at Sic. Bound lots are nominal at 32c. At the opening there was an increased demand for Flour, and the market ruled firm at the de cltne noted yesterday, bnt at the a reaction set ir, owing to the unfavorable advices from New Yoik, and the market closed dull. The sales foot up 3,450 brlj, at $12.25 for White Win* ten; $11.75 for lied Winters; gO.Ofy&IO.H for Spring lixtras, and $7.2533.00 for Sprfug Supers. There was a more active demand for Wheal— both speculative shipping—and a higher range of prices prevailed. No. 1 Spring ad vanced 2©J>c, though at the close buyers refused to pay tbe advanced prices, and boilers refused to name concessions. No. 3 Spring opened strong, and advanced *@ p -c, but at tbs close the extreme advance was not obtainable, and tbe market closed dull, Rejected was a trifle firmer. Tbe transactions foot up 155,000 bn, at $2.0352.1C tor No. 1; $1.05 for No. 2InU. I. and A. D.* Co.; SI.M(SI.tTJi fordo InN. 8. CCN. \V„ aud»sl.4ia 1.48 for Rejected Spring—clotiog with buyers at SS.ID(S 2.11 for No. 1 In favorite houses; S3.UO for do regular, and dnll at $1.65 for Regular No. 2. Com opered tolerably firm, and an advance of IVI&2C bat the advices from New Yosk proving unfavorable, Uie improvement was more than lust. About 172,1 K bushels changed bands at 87@00e for No. 1; 64©55c for No. 3, and 70c for Rejected; GOc lor New Shriled, and 55&5Gc for Ear Com on track. The market closed quiet at 87QSTHC for No. 1 In store. Oats were quiet at an advance ofl@l4c, with talcs of 32,000 bu at 83®35*ic for No. B—closing at at There was a more nctlvo demand for Rye, and Ike market was fully 1c better. Sales of 3t,uuo bu were made at ST.OS7c for No. 1, and elt2.Sk: for Iso 2—dosing at oulaide quotations. Btuley advanced 102 c, and was moro active, with mica at C«ofiSc tor N'». i, and 45010 c for Re jected In s*ore. Sample lots were in good re quest and firm, wuh sales at 55c051.17, as to qunli'y. Freights were dull aim nominal at 8c for Com to RnCalo. Tallow was doll with trifling nates of Country at ire. City Packers' is nominal at lU^c. Lead is quiet at for Pig ex-store. The Grocery trade is improving to Its demand, end there is a firmer feeling In the market, 'ibo Hardware trade, Including Iron, Nalls, Metals and Tinners’ Stock, ts good and prices are rtcady and fiim. SaltlsEteady with Domestic Fine eclllngat ft.CO, delivered. Sc> ds arc dnU, Pith Timothy selling at $1,500 JLEOVbu. IVocl continues dull and nominally unchanged in prices. Lumber by the cargo U In limited supply, with a good demand for desirable qualities Coaid* and Strips, which arc firmly held at previous figure*. Ihe following Iclcsrama were road on ’Chaagc o-^lcy; BciTAto, November 21. jlsrkct generally dull and nominal. New No. * Milwaukee Wuvat at 40 10. Cora aboal Sl.ns. Osteal-Cc. Fretsbt* nomlntf. Jtecei'-ts—Wheat, 40 oim bu; Coro, U'l.OiL ba; Oats, 117,003 ou. New Yoke, Novembers!. Flour lo®l3c lower. Western Kxlras, 111 ri: trade »<rajid«, $11.45213.40, Wheat firm but uuK-!,at5i.20(3.2.0a. Coro heavy al Oats firmer alCl©C3c. Pork firmer, and fairly active at 5*.3.00. Lord firmer at 13J4C. Gold, 18X lATUI > Nkw Yobs. November 24. Flour heart and doll. Spilosi Wheat firmer, at 2iCt2.f*i. Winter Wheat weaker. Comfirm,at SiJJC, Oats fins. LATEB. After the boors of ’CUaage, during the after noon, the Grain markets were comparatively neg lected. “Wheat was quiet at the closing prices on the Morning Board. Corn dosed quiet, u lib buy ers of No. I, iu store, at S7c, and sellers at Use. Provisions were dull and nominally unchanged. The Cattle market was dull and Inactive. The receipts were meagre, though fully equal to the de mand. Only about CfO bead changed bands, and lb esc were taken exclusively by city batchers at $3.5T35.23 lor common mixed to good batchers’ stock. The market closed steady at $-3.0030.50. Hogs were in demand and steady at about the closing rales of yesterday. All the offerings were closed out at a range ot $6.1036.75 for medium to choice Hogs. Prices range 55.T5©U73. CHICAGO HUY GOODS MABIiET. siTTROiT ETEjcnfo.KoTcmbcrJl. The Pry Gcodt xynUi'i during the wer* hw becarcry Qnict. The Interior trade here bought sparingly, only eoGclcnt to meet pressing wants. stocks arc not Urge and car Jobbers are readvto an* soy further decline that may tike place. Cotton Goods areslow. Prints are quiet and on U.e lower prides prices tore been slightly marked down. bheeGng are Kc lower. The nullum qualities of Bleached Goods are a shade ofli but the finer pradea art steady. Stripes, Ticks, jeans and Lenlms are unchanged, blankets and Flannels are In good request. Imported Dresa Goods are daJ and lower. >Vc quote closing prices as follows: I’BlXTfe. Mcmmac T> 19 i American is Mrmirse VT ,W 1 Amtsvcig *• i»chr«s. »* IS Mourning •« , Gamers IS I Allen 5........* «nr«racs IB 1 IToridmce l« liuntWs 17*) J*»«* Sanders* }•* ManthLStcr. 17 ItWoucosicr. i>JwrlK.tT. IS I tr. w.FreemaaA Arnold** is 1 Talon... \\ is | Columbia »• nDtonuß. Clinton -A | Glasgow U Lancaster ....}! 1 1105n0ke.......... W bbows ancrrrxcs. lUnnrr. US 1 Atlantic-.. «S McS-'rth.V.*» SOS Indian Orchard A' M Nashua b> " *• Indian l!tad...«-4 *1 T ‘ S Catvtl A 1-1 21 “ “ «« \t At Uni 1c....... .4—4 S „ **• It. Atno*tr*i..,.~l—» tI.Y Boot >llll* H balm on Falls..*—4 SIX ** “ 9* ”, Agawam F.... 4—« IS.S _.* w »v;"" ti-* 1 Appleton D.... 4-4 30 WMteraWorid.... « Illinois A 4-4 19 Arkwnchu... «X £Wt Uircr—4—l IS PjrismoUUi 1’ II I’cpperell E. StS If ‘L r*x Quaker... 16X PcppertH 5* x» K.r.Mtl'J 4—l 45 ißedßiat. .-8 19 TV*n»CC»-... 4—4 S?xl,“ . , 4—4 »*K Bate*. 4—4 S I Lc.nsd*!* K Wklte U0cW....4—4 . ArkwrlKbU » mn» 4—i as., nv*0£ack......... » « .*_€ S 3 J. AW. suter-4—4 SO MmootiHs 4-4 ss' Caaoc... -;~i ]* Bay Mill* 4—4 54 IsuwrrlUr. .-S »J A; diwcOfEUu.4—4 Si;,' I JkactsUce Wvcf > 53 tandon ."T-S 55 I BUciVtoße'AA.*.* •• 4—4 » Uailoo&ban...4—4 p 1 “ - ..7-8 aiH rATnunnn. .. .. 1 • PEVOCS. „ tt Connrctlcnt. JS Y«rt .........i !* WwMntton. .« i.Siatc; g. ss.,j™ ,ro, “ L -i , ;'< oxford •«* L ,JS£%Si:-~- •= .....s:# iwaitwadeoc. IV&A. 1 UncxsTlOa. ,:T.W I Thorndike 3* ~..j0 Isbetockcu LciuAal*.. Cair.hrtc*. Atootk £*(>•*• York. ...... American. Itilli. Kua&oke. wjiiiw; t TICS?. Att»ke*c AC A O ilamlU-a, <3 *• PcmbertaaKi -3J m C „.S7W ** A ••9 “ D.. JJv Swift River...... •»>< YorkaMtch CV Star YlUll SWnch -Sj Alhtny. ic “ ** winch. O YorkSC-lncS .sjjf wnruiiai. Amoekea; ajf i iwil an Orchard.. ...t..18j Latent* ......?5W | AndrMooisUi. .I*] lUtso l«v 1 PepporcU 2) yaomkea* Batwen... .3#*»Globe 15 CJUCTQX TUUnrwm. n.OTIII/m Ilnnl . St i i hnnutlM «■ S3 ilbonxllKe. M U iJiaumkeatbJth Ju ssovs nnm, Hamilton dom. EUertoa T ~t*H I Heantorton. U’epucrcll... nn hxt-«. non Laconia. I Hidlltoß, 1 Ail wool. UoUjten.l'VOJ | s.oo I Brnnpr 3Ji | Belle of Un kuos. . S.S UU. lUrectt* IHaJeU.... 73 White Stein 90 Cord I.M wimoftimc a MsncfceKer, new .a pacific, » I * X&UiOftll Gilbert 1 * 1 vriieo* I ronloqenc ~Sl<*3-2J Wi#tilEcton ] j.*r. co»t» 4wg Cl ark' lUdlcrA Co* « Wonted 8r&1d*,... *5 btifi0rt.............. *3 rAKTNXTO. [Eastern »> Carpet Warp « Comllcwlck S>*Bl OOTTOS Ti a* I .o Eas'.c Hope Franklin. L/OweU.B ply |8.13 •* eui-cr 44 medium.... l.«o UarUord,extra 3-piy ajj ** tmp'l 3-ply 3.11* “ llljH'f 1.75 “ medium... 1.68 iMpertne 81.X01.M I Croaalry » Pat. Taps* Hraml.- l'J.s’,' I Roxbury I.*?;* I Enrn.reaiiu* l.*’> Degrade i.js _ umnuß. Farmers Allrcb'* a I Everett I*. Wabasb w I Everett 0.. COICAUd LUfUItEK MARKET. &ATCEDAT Etmto. Korember SL Tlic receipts sad ahlpaeaU during tbe pact twenty, our hour* were: BfceipU, EliluaeoU, Lumber. Rhine Its. Lntb, cone. I*UAI ‘inrreUsllglii supply oi Lumber by lie cargo, tnib as Issutfleleccy cf Hoards and Strip* of desirable qual ities afloat. The demand lor this grade of Lumber la large and prices are tnn. Bala reported to-day was as follows: Cargo tebr Joaea, Irom Mnatcgoe, 115 in X atrip*. balancw boards, at ttS.OO; lath at tiM. There Ts a lair trade dulse utbc yards, and price* are fins at Use lollowlng quotation*: Lciuec—Flnt Clear, l)f. aad 2-lnch per Second Clear, Mia.lX. a:d 2-lsch iSJD^'DJU Third Clear, inch - Flttt and Second Char Flooring, together, r'Qgb—the lame as B.cosd Clear, wide M.D0i455J2 Common FI serins, rough g.Ma&O» Matched and created Common Flooring. Matched and droasod 8-lnch Com* moo Flooring 9S.COa3SXO Flm and Second Clear Siding, to cube? Tint Common Dressed Biding il tV agon-box Boards, eelect, 15-IBCb sad upward* SWC^tiCJ3O A bice* Hoards, 12 locher 53.00 B Stock Board?. 12 laches 23.33*37.00 Common Hoards, Joists, scanUms, Ferdnc and email limber, 12 to u 16 leel lone Join ar.d Scantling, IS feet. ..... 21.Wrf25.tU JoirLt and Scantling, 30, 23 and 21 tMt 4s.»a»- M .fimsGXJ»—A or star thared Shingles si» A or Star Sawed Shingles 5W«553 No. 1 Sawed Shingles 2»45.'3 U Sj. j hawed Shingle* I 3* .13» Laro—Fcr m in yard* 5iW Uy car load by Northwestern Hail road, delivered In any yard where can can be *wttcbed,ur aay depo*: A or Star Saved Shingles, by car load on track 1.25 A or Star Shaved Shinties, by car load on trade, count made full, or live bunch's to a thousand .... 4A3 A Sawed Shingles, city made, on track !.... W»as^3 No. i hawed Shingles by car load,oa track 2.25 - Three dollar* a car load added when transferred, which charge lollows the Sblngie* In might hill. ettisCLS eras i> ant>. eiUailkAß FAJUaMi. Tldckncs*—Five Shingles to b« two Inches In thick inw. Sixteen Inchre. Laid®—'Twenty tnchea. Course—Twcnly-eve. CUICAUO CATTLE AIAItUET. For the Week Eudloc November 21. ornce or mi DiaT Tuacut. ( baTtKUaT ErOKTiO, 2«OTCZabCr 14. f BEEF CATTLE, Tae falismne table ehowi tie dally receiatfacd shipments ot T ea Cattle donas the week etulles to* day, comparc-d with the receipts end abirmcnta of the corrwpocdiae week U»t year: liectipta. l?tt. 1855. ISC. sad Monday. Tuesday v,cdct*ii>\ TinrHUy Friday Saturday c* n 92 :■>.> U« KU .... Ml 719 1,2*1 533 213 I,l*l t*B 8%» m b 9 43! «!0 939 Total S.BU *.033 1.450 3,070 Lastwcck S.aa .... 2,*«s Meek l*ciorc last 4.00 .... 3,3« V.cek ending Nor. 3.. “.954 .... 3,733 .... Dy compannS the receipts for this week and last we tad tlm fohowiac: Ib-t-jpis less than last week 2.750 fcblpn.caU les* than Jaatwick..... 1,483 TLcy comf-are with ibe.rece'pU for.the corresponding Week of 15CZ). as follows: Bettipu tins seek ,3,611 Receipts fur corre-pocdlng week of ISO 1,0X3 Receipts lc?fl this week js:»C For the »imu period In the year 18-71, wc find: R'eclpts tins wees 3,812 llccupU tor comkponiilc" week ot 1551.... 9.737 Receipt* less mU week fi.OM Greatest number received fur any week since Janu ary 1.13,137. EmnlUst number received, S.IM. Received week ending March 51..., 13,137 Received week ending July" b,ist The fullowlas table shows the shipment of live Stock f:i<m th:* market op to last cUht, and the points to which (tic tame were consigned: Cattle. Rocs. Sheep. .. tB3 T./ri To JtnfTrtlo To Boston To so*in.-n*lou Bridge.. To New York- Tol-ltlaburgU S 3 1U ... Total 106 5.313 TUe total receipts or i&uic ana non at tas Vela Stock Varus since Jannar? 1. wire as tolloars Cattle .... lion Shipments fur tbc same period came. Hon- The aumh*r of Beef Cattle received for the uv period la the yean 13u( and 18C5, were as follows: Received lu ISB. Received In ISC4. * THE MARKET. The market fbr the week Just closed hs» nothing to dlMlnpulrh It from the half dozen weeks preceding (his. unless it he that the extreme dullness that has characterized all operations la this department daring that ptrlod. has been intensified. The marked opened with about 5N head In the sale pens, and with no in quiry. Pull aa Uic fore part of the week usually is, it seemed to anrpass ltaelflnduUne*stUiUwc«S. Scarcely a buyer could be fimad abost the yards, sad when found It was next to Impossible to Interest him in the trade, or induce him to purchase, except upon terms disastrous to sellers. A» he week progressed. It brought little or ho im provement In activity, and with continued unfavorable advice* from the East, an easier feeling obtained, and prices ruled semlhiy lower. The recent severe losses which shippers generally have suffered has greatly shaken their ccn&dcncc and well nigh driven them from the rlnr. The margin hetuecn this and Easters points ottered no Inducement whatever to opetaton and astde from a few lots taken (or CnQalo and Pittsburgh, scarcely a “hoof "has been shipped. The result was that even good Cattle, of which, however, there were bnt few oTerint, became gnatly weakened, and antlered a depreciation ki In tommon with the poorer grades. The re ceipts were sarprlslndy light for this season of the year, and composed in the main of a class of stock little calculated to stimulate active operations, rongh Cows, light llelter*. thin Steen, and TexatCatUe.mak lot: up the great hnlk ot the arrivals It Is very rare (bat a week passes that docs col bring more good st r .ek It to the market Han has arrived daring the wee* ending to-day. Hot such has been the character of the demand that tradehassmfcrcd no serious drawback, on acconnt ol the scarcity of the better grads*. The inquiry (r.m first to last wat confined principally to butcher** Cattle, for home consumption, though a few small lot* were taken tor the markets of Detroit, Potfa'.o, Idtubmgh and Milwaukee. I’ackers seem to have <ntlrek»ikithdniwn from the market, and bnt a v»rj rmall of the stock sold has gone lab) tbcfr hands. T-ls cooillUon of trade Is almost wlilual a precedent here. Ilerctofbre this ha* been the busiest part of the season. All 1« usnally ba«Ue and life at thU date. Hl*about the omc that packers .arc putting down the last of their Beef preparatory to enter the DaiiQrasorilogpacklsg. But thus far bnt littUhaa been dune, and the snason lor Beef packing draws to a tlij-e w ith less than 19.000 bead put down. ILe CfinAnii for Mock Cattle, which has bees qaltc brisk vntil within a few weeks pavt, iu alaiovt entire ly ceased. The buyer* who but a few weeks since thr> njrcd here Iroia Pittsburgh, Western Nc» York, Ohio. and trmn portion* of t>nr c»n SU’e, hare with* drawn. Tie weather has boAi tolerable, bnt the at tendance of buyer* baa bees remarkably light thiongh- vuu CLo«rco or tux uaitsrr. The weather w»* cold, raw ted disagreeable, and bat ftw operator* made (heir appearance lo (be yard* cau morning. There was bnt tittle Mock ot anyde-eMp- Hon on talc, and note at all that wa* really desirable. There wu no inquiry except tor batcher*’Cattle, and (rantartlotu were cosdnrd to abottt 3XJ head. These were taken at price* ranting from com* non mixed lot* and talr butchers’ Cow*, an 1 H-Mil 33 for good Cows and medium Steen, averaging from tsc to i.tCO a.*. The market close* d&U at tbc quota tion* given below: r cu wjto men Erfrn Ji*trn— Fine, tat,wcll-tormcd. 4to 6 rear* old Steen, aad averaging U?vO ft* and upwards (&A36.H Prims />ero*—Good, well-fatted, falrly tomied stcen, averaging from MOO to I.tOO 3.;j(35.W /birMod'*—Fair Steen, In tolrbnb, av- #> cra»Ugl,OOCot.3Ti ft*. at 5.00*5.50 X<aium Cm**—Medium Steen ud Rood Cow*. Cl tor rtry « laughter, and aveng- __ IncKOStLCSO fee, at 4 JO* 1.73 Fu<t thole—Common faille In decent Uc»b. avmjrtnßfW'tJUOO ft*, at. 5.73*L50 Mrrtior-Ltgbx and thin Cow* and Steen, rongb and coarse, avenging 630®850 ftt, ___ at niiiiXW The prevailing prices for the uae period la Uio pear IK3 were as follow*: Choice to Extn..„ Fair to ITime Meditmito Fair. Inferior to Common Tnnxacttoue 10-doy Include the fallowing CATTLE SALES. Jctirs. notish & Co. *>ld Meehan P bead medli bsitcbrn’ Cow*. avenging WS fts,at pt.lo. joct* sold Wall 21 bead Steen and Oxen, averaging i^r;c»,at}sdw. Ulcaej bought 10 bead loir Sleet*, averaging's*. # \*accr bought 26 bead good'steen. averaging LOT* ft*. attXJW. * Gibbon* bought 16 bead Cow* and Calves, averag'.-g 631 ft*, at U^i. UcldW *o d Meebon 13 bead good butchers' Cow*, av (.rating s*t> &>< at $4 AO. BOGS. The tallowing are the receipt* and sblprncau to? lha current week. and for tbe corresponding period last year: llecclpta. , Shipments. 1566. 19«. 1566. IS®, rcmlsy and Monday.,- -.- 5.175 •••• S.®** T nc*<llT ............... 2»i«4 1?^ ’vSftdw «.«> ,s; ''-tj Thur5day............... 7,190 &3lj 1.01 KrtdarT. I 2*to iCi 1.706 taiuivoy lAM 6.7J1 UB *» ia l Total .\t£S3 55.U7 4AJ7 10.709 Last week W.tO ••*• **** WKkldOK'Ml SWW .... 11.«5» IVetkcedlnkTsCT.S.. 15.954 t->* •••• The receipt* for thii Wed i and last compare u lol love: Uicclpu this week Receipts ta« ■week • I As compared with the comapoudlng week la liuS . I wc And a* fallows: j Kccelpt* this w.*k 1 llfteipts Ibr same period In 193 ■•Tl’i 1 KtcUj-u less this weds ~1 W» | The market opened this week dull and liMess, amt, with but sllsht variation, ha* continued thus through* out, Tbe receipts were surprisingly light. bat were. Mite resalt huproren. quite equal to the .Icntatd. Oa Monday and Tacaday, under the influence of olv couracing advice* from the East, and In the almost to tal absence cl any demand, the market was greatly de pressed, and prices needed (tally Sc 1W h*, bat cn Wednesday, owing In part to the meagre arrivals and In part to the Increased demand, the market rallied and tbcdccUne cr the preceding day was fully rejovered. During the cloaltg days of the week price* flcctnatcd somewhat, according as buyers were dis posed to "bull" or “bear” the market. The recetpt* | bare been very light, bat the demand has also been ■ : limited, *o that no serious Inconvenience wat experi enced on Udi aceoaoC The conditioner the market tor the previous week, the low rate ol prices prevailing t as compared vttli the prices of the week immediately | preceding, the nasrtUod condition of valor*, and the , general dlsaauActioa of every one at the con- j diuon of thing*, prevented anything like a decent boainea* btlns done. There is ] nothing in the condition ol the market which l oCcrt any inducement to drovers to embark la specu lation. and nrmcn are firmly resolved not to tend their Bogs into market at present rates. The high prices ot the past have given them very enlarged Ideas of value*, nod beocc they will stand out to the Last, and mist to the anermost the downward tide. Whether they will not be the losers' eventually by tids policy, is a question the future must determine, and or which every one must himself be the Judge. Packer* arc yet doing compawUvdyllule and announce their fixed purpose to do but a limited baslncs* until prices *U;i further recede. The market to-day wa* quiet, closing steady at about the curing rates ot last week. The fccas are well cleared. The JcWowtßg are the current rates: The closing prices lor this week and last compare as follows. TfcU«(*t TxnVMtL Tbl* weclt. La.n w«t. Prime to Extra Medium to Prime- I^.^^ Common Sf*X*i For the fame time la*: jear we find the fallowlae t Prime to Kxlra ** l Kvii j m McalcmtoPrime .— !•:••••■•• **** 03 .13* 15* t-alct of Dog* today include the following: No. Av. m«. KretacftF.toGooslns '*■?? Km »n A. V. to Blair &Co « **• Anderson to Bchra 5® e^a I.'tdrcr* to Itcod dS M £-0 JIJ.V Dole to <Voo*tc*.. ...43 E* *•« Kent A. t. taught WJ 296 SHEi P—There has Ixre a moderate inquiry fbr good mutton grades daring fee amok, but under (bo cages- r.r;j snpjiiy, eiuea hare dragged and price* bare h: :n bsrely maintained Commoa descriptions bare be;n neglected. i‘d mainly oaalxhle, except at redneel rat;*. The demand la confined almost cxclnslrcly to waoU; and good mutton Sheep are about the only qualltes inquired for. There wa# nothing doing In tbl* hrauth of trade unlay. and the market may be quoted nominal at (he range of prlom p\ en below: Prime to Extra.... ~fI7SaS.OO Good to Prime—- iJOecC* Common to Medium hUiUft CUIO’AUO DAII.Y ai IBKET. All nUiof (train reported in tmt marks! report ore ri*dton a bail* wfSe storage uni cm oJkn*tcu« erprntni. Satubdat etzsdto XoTtabfT 3i, lass. FREIGHTS—JUTUOArrBxiaBTS-.TlisraUair ibs Is tbe total tarUT oa Ute Eastern roads s 2d W <Uj clam. cUm, cUii. Floor* To Kev York, 1» 125 IB 210 BU.JOJ " rali'uie Md'riiu*. 160 UJ IM »»• is iii na ssa “ riiL lake and nil. 170 H 3 105 in To Philadelphia. . 1« 113 luO 800 To raSiafln.Tr. 1« >S l» to *w ■“ »" To Albany 1» ISO ICO 8M M v rail,lake and nil. ISO tB 93 m To Montreal IM 111 W ia To UftOalo W « 5.* l« “ rail, lake and rati. TO S 3 5*V in To Cincinnati : « ° «. « t act FEZionn—Market dull. EneaawneaM were: To Bnraio—Propdire Bus. Corn at 6c ; 'Propeller Adriatic, Com trou Milwaukee (last night) at Wc; Lcmbr Ftatoirre—Bng Bo*cln«.Lutnb;r aronOconto at 17JM; athr tolllagwood. Wood from aver at *^UOXJR—Eecclred, 10.JK brU: shipped, 10,131 brla. Mattel opened more active, but closed dial attoW da j’s quotations. Sales were; Wnm Wlsvxks—loo brU - Weaten star” at 113.85; 1» brU, not named, at *I3JB; Hep Wnmes—l« fcrl«, sot tamed, atfll.TO; Snoxo Exnui 600 brfa •‘Kcumge at (I9Je: 5« brU -Oaroetr* ExceMorT at *1045: IPO hrl* “Daisy ’ at rJ.t3X: K* brU *» Watson's Best” at *9XO; H brA not named, at *10.25; too Mis do at *K.W; IWJbrls do at|9A7V: 300 brUdoat *9.55; STo brl» do at *8.50; ICO brUdoatfJA; lUbrU do «t *3.03; IM brls doi (Ln at *.00; fiver**—lCO brtf, not named, at SS.W: 300 brJ» do at *7.»; WO brli do at *7.23::« brls dJ )low grade) at 15.73. \\ HEAT—Rac-lvcd. 57.T51 bd ; shipped. 6..33S ba. Market more active. No. 1 Spring advanced i*Jc No. 3 Spline advanced «4*c. but at the close the extreme Iroprovvtnetwaj n-»t maintained. Sales vert: Wo ba No. 1 at *M6; 3,?»bD aI*3.I!UA. I), ft Co.); ST.uo) bn do si »2.12; IMtO bn do at 13.13: S.'JOO bn do at *9.09, (Kesrlar): 1.6» bu N 0.3 at 11X5, (A. D. tCx snd U. I.); i.FOOtmQoa*.*l fit* ; 35.0 n bn da at li-'TB.(*oCbn do aitl.b6*»: li.CMI bu do at *; 3.X0 bu do at f 1 ASk ; ?/c0 bn no at *l3=3; 7,030 ba do at-tl-St. (N. b. ft S.W)t l.Jouhu lic)ected at »l,tS; 7.00 ba do at *1.17; 3.000 bu do at * i.C; SA'X mt do. at *l.lO s 40J bn do at |l.U—closing wtMi bujen at *1.15 for Regular 2, and dull at |l-a3 for * iflUtK—Hreeived, Jt,«s bn; shipped. bn. Market owned altong. and advanced I but at tne close Use improvement was more than l»u s»*li» were; cots is Bronx—K»,W3 bu No. lat 90c; 10,090 on do ut w Vc; tAftO bu do at »c; 13.000 ba do at Bsc; 17,«< bu do at fc7r. AfiCC bu do (N fc) atsSVc; t.OOJ bit do at Wc; r H «» Im No- 8 at«c; 3,000 o« QO atbtc; 2.W) bn ItcWtod at 70c; Nrw Cons-2,(0u bo at«c; tan Cots —l.l <« bn at 56c; IAW bu do at M>-cio*tii; at STJfTVc t:r No. l In Wore. . Ma. te; uulet at an advance of ISIJ»C- Salea were: 1,700 bu no. ist T>vc t W® o bado at 33e; lI.OWPn do at »nc; 1,900 bn do at SSc—cleataj quiet bat Ann at “‘itYE-n«clvcd.s.ssobu;aWppMl 5X13 bn. Mar* Wet advanced ic. Saw were: AWO bu Jfo. I at 87c; 10.UX1 bo do at Sc; 3,003 bn No. Bat ; IXC hu do at : kO'ju bu do at i.'c; UTOObu do ut Sic—ciosloß at K7e at rt RJc. . __ _. BAR l.KY—Ucctircil. T.'Ol bus shipped.W.lSsin. Matkei more active and bu No. 2at fife; bo do at C>»C; 19.3C0 bu do at C‘,c; iCPbu IWretuJ tt lu-*; IXUOba do at lie; Dacnsr irr gaOTX*—ICO bu at 100 bu do at *1.151 fi \*a at *1.10; l.dtu bu at tOc-ciosinz atouutde prices for !«t» ’.u store. Shipment*. AM) t**—Nomliul at f£.OT lor I’ots. At.i OHOli—l»qtreifor rouad lota, and S4.7UJ 1.75 in the retail way. UICOOM I’OhN—Muriel dull, fitfe* were: 5 tors tatr at fir.j/9; 7 * il« poor at fltw.W; 8 ions it *1«7.f0: St half* at f 157.C0. _ _ „ KUAN-tra:***were: lOton* at ftIJM on track; 10 Unsdo ut (1.100 on track ;lu ton* Middlings at <3.00 CI |»KA N**—Notbbw ilolntr-nomlnil aiTSeGKI^S. KLTTEB-Keceivcd, 24.470 C.I; shipped, 3JSJ &s. The market continues dnll and dep:v**cl. There U scrrcfly any Inquiry except on lotal account, and only diolrtqoaftUts are wanted «t all. The stocks of com inrn ar..l Inferior descriptions are steadily acc-malat ir-.und adfclln*' *-e»n.s Inevitable. There U a t.tir de mand for elide- üble qaalitlr- 1 . tor WMcu, under a lim ited eurp’v. price* arc tolerably welt sustained. •>c emote s« follows: Cholc-; Dairy- Good Tub Common Firkin. Prime Firt’n liA<?(<lN*«—lnemarceiis auUandweak, tnou?a dc-iers nrc ifficraJly boldine to-djy at oar qautatious. Ihe »Mt Ws were much reduced. We repeat onr l>sis National A. 3 bn, seamless linen f t;.M Cnlor. A.3bu, do Itllnol* A. 3 bn, do S3-W Corn Exchange. • 4.-0 J Hlark A. coltua‘seamless. Lewiston A, dg i;ivu a, —v AtwlPSeoiTßlD, do “2 American. do . Beavtr Mills. do 7U^ 1 S, do •'><« ivrn Mills, do ii-JjO Fortintt, do i*-M tnco,, _ do jj*ro, linen sad cotton 5?.J» KWuuvood, do ;•-« Spriocdcld. do »00 Eurlap*. 4 bo, N 31. M liijplr* CUT M-00 CO FFF-K—Trarte l< improving and there is a dnner fei-iics In me market, with prices quoted u follows; j*ra. fcliyc lap. coinmon tofdr. 36j*t<s37ie Klo.vo-dto prime .^VvV'kc Ulo. prime (o cnolre ...38V#'Oxc C’OCirEUAtSK—Sales were; l.nw l*ork Barrels, at s!.«'. instore; 1.000 do at tl.'Q: 108 Lard Tierces, at rather quiet. There la a fair demand tor prime goods, which, owing to the moderate supply on band, an* held tolerably arm at previous rate*. Wtetcja made Cbevsc I* abondaUsad a little easier. We make no chanze in our quotation*, as follows: Mew York Factory (Genuine) 194»c Factory (lUluol*) itissa flambcrg M-tlgc Volim 11c5mc..... 1631.0 Wcfti-ru Kiatcr uius ‘•Vwum: America’* Wc demand and steady and Arm. The market is fatty supplied. We continue to qaotr: u Usix- Krov'ktclO; I 11-J0 do Onnshy It.IX) Cuviuss-linu inn ti-00 do * Mineral Kldce. 10.00 do Willow Bank 10.00 do T0nne1..... 10.00 Chippewa W.M Biosphere 12-03 LumpUnlgh Lsckawana, prepared.... X4an SrrantoD..... IJ-w Plttstou Illinois 6d&s Co on track 680 ..STQA3S ..SiI.US .535,'cq AW.WC ..33M91;,®! cu vo »«r TotWi'shtrer.. IldO -wore la good reqnetl on local account, at ftVasc. The supply u moderate. VItCJT?* a Si) M’Ts>—Dealers report a good trade. There l» a talf supply or mott mnetle* or bota Green and Dried Frulu,aul the general market rales fWadyaiul Bm at full rates. Green Appes were la IfH aulve demand to-day, tint wim a les« Übcral sup ply <• htnd price* were tolerably well maintained. Sui“»tvln demand and Crm. Prices are unchanged, atdwvccnliniic to quotes .apples, new, Vhrl linp» nranytA. Uarsaa. ? JDu. Uuiw,s vaiaga. LTanbemca, wild CranUirles, cultivated. Dabs Cain dptacUa. Vdoz,3 Beans. Apple?, new Peat h- s, hnlvvs and quarters.... Pe»i)iK«, . itucku-met, new, v a Kldtrl Tries, Ip a KaUH s, layer* svrs. Almerds. hart Shelled AltL"t(l*. foil shelled Vlnr't <:«. paper siidlrt praril bit's HllicrlK... 21 A SS •u a si M 64 5» » a u „ 17 (4 13 Enaib-b WiJanu . * Ci 31 Nat*-<-s M S Ffcar.».sTCallandl.irjre „£J <*..2 Cbwnats. V ha 10.00 wll.oo FlMi-Tnule Is not particularly brisk. thoaph with no surplus »to<k on lisnd dealer* arc genet ally lioMirg from at fallratca. WhlWUh ore tn il*£Ut anpply u» fnii.' We cite the lobowlneajUtecmrent rues: irwsrC*h,>o. l. x Ml JO® WMicrsiw .No-i SW *7*s Trout, No. 1. X bri ?•£&*, ?*5 Trout, No. 2. >» brl * W at. 73 NlarVerel. No. I. >» Ml, new tt.MjU.73 UackrreU extra row*. V S Ml U W^'siQ Hack. rei, extra ine-s, V wt 10** 4.0 1 Mart,* rrl. No. 1. kit*, new .. 3.90 I Mackerel, family, kit* * 3-3 V« 3.35 Markcie*. extra targe. tamlly, kit*. ‘J-iVa 3J3 CodlUh, Dank, B 1® S* 9.® Herring*, dried, No. 1, B box dtj 70 ,>W ® Labrador H'rrltr. F brl 12j3Q.41.u00 Labradrr lltrrlns, S brl 0.50.4 *OJ UKEAwr—swrkct quiet oat tnn a: &j*;,'cior Brown to Yellow. lIItSUU INK!*-BecclTcd. 15J brlit shipped. lO _br!». Markit dull. galeawcrc: IftbrU UondeJallßc; I** l,rl« Ere- al M. 53.. «• . , m HOFS-Market qniet tmt steady at ftr IVt»trru New York. 11A V-U a mue qniet, ttpnsb steady ana fins at the pliers plTco below: ~ wnot-tkib* mesa. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. fl5^»l«» TliiKiiiy, loose pressed JJHSWI'S PratHc, beater pressed, new uax*U.oo rn .il Tiar-thT, roller and beater pressed IB.ofraßo.ol Tlmouij, !oo»c prc»*M J..... Fraltlc. roller and tealcr pressed....,: 16J0-eI«.9J ITslrlc.looeeonwaj.'OC.deltriTcd UAV-413A3 HlDES*—lbcetveO. ISL3M ft*: shipped, Ti.**7 ha. The »upplv is not lam. and with a better demand m Aro.« r to ling obtain*. The market may be quoted cteaoy a; the .ollowirg range of prices; „ _ Green Butcher** 8 fteXc Green Sa’t, trimmed. |oV,*cll c Green balled. Heavy steer ll£**U c ( CaUl. 7! c Mp.GrorD Salted 16)f , ''tt7JsC jtrj 13 uW c Dry Salted, trie mrd IS 016 C Green Salted, pin cnrnl lO &I3VC IKON AMI STF.lll.—Trade continue* good and il.e c.atkrt is rally maintained at tbe fbUowsg prices: Coinmcn 3*3 t»V llor** 1 Shoe iron k’iA ! < Heavy Band 7‘„»10* H,h>p and Light Baud 1 Hail I* Hound and Square 6'-, ADS’ Oval «V* «V llaifova) and Saif Hound * 0 Sheet Iren, TVA Mutt Iron, galvanized, JO 0 Sheet ,?\66 MiKt Iron. Juniata • Norway Nall Roads U tfjS I’iow M*eL German «*• How Steel. 1» t*‘J fcnrtnc and Tire Steel, English. 1* 4*« Tcol cut fctcel. ordinary sizes •••& ia®* loot cast Steel. American 6*3 Uh*t.nd Steel » «2 Ur.rela, No. 9 and -33 «» Russia. *bdl t*M Bnn-U. Am., l»t quality. I» sheet g-1 Hn*s!a. An - 2d onahtT. > sheet . ©. 21 LI ATHEU—Tbe market is cun, though firm at prertou* rate*, Tbe,*tock* are light. We quote: - nxatLOcs. v Cite Harney F Slaughter. Bole, £. * 4A9 *s HodVo ...$ 403 *2 Country Han’s* *o* It Slaughter, sole. Line. '• ft C-A *t Chfcaco.No.l WA U Kin. medium. F elangbter. Sole, _ _ Cain V 6 Kucno* Ayres. M 40* *1 I’pper. V f00t... BKa si Orinoco&o'e.... 81 i SS Cuuniry T pprf. ** Onnoco. good. Collar. P f&oi... 2*o 8» damaged. Sl3 » SHoghterSole.. M French. Calt O Han .*«. ♦> ft... *Aj* « U0H1.25 i rpcr SO* S 3 French Out, 86 Kra.No.l,medl* 2^1A2.10 1 1.1 W.a French Calf.U* Eip,N>\l.bea*7 83A1.W moires. W SIITTAISAND TINNERS** !*TI»rK-WUba 1 good ucmand the market it firmly held u fallow*: TTi. iDrC. B>*T Ttn Hate, I. C.. Hi quality, cask 15 icxl* !»-» lat quality, sheet MX 1 Lsrge dp 37 olab> 11 Small Mu» » . tuoauT wus*. „ i Bar Tin » I*»* •" lvi-: tau LBajd 9 ~13 • Metallic AT Dolt*,.. 33 iDandU .13 • .Coppt? lutt-m;..... 55 W II , Brazlrra over 10 a». *6 13 and II ~13 Fhectlbosutoisoa 45 15 and 16 .16 * Tubing* 10 17 1* * Eal-.MT UXIAI~ IS. .IS .fcasT.s 4X041.73 .. iMja-Ti WMM. 11l qcality 53 19 .71 AnUi-ouy A I I X 3f Fire solder 30 1 FCnoe Staple* 10 NAll.w—Are is good gemma, steady ana stron at IB- loilowltgrates: lOdtC SI. 7 kap f'.75 I 2d. 410JK) 5i...,. Jm* kw | si, anc blued ioao W Sgfr|td.Qse blued tiJD id I c-a Spikes s.OO id ?.»I Clinch net 10J» I The ETC»:aI niartri 1* doll and drooping, I ana Brices unsettled. Linseed is la full snpply aao nn- I dcr atiraltedtcqnlry price! snSered; a furtser 1 m«lucuoßo(9e. Lard DU te dell and $c lower. We now qn«te; _ , Lin?udOll. raw f '•£ ijnscrd OH. boiled t.U WtiileinK w, t‘S2JS Lard OIL extra HSSH« lard Oil. No. 1 J*s*i, L dS Lard OIL N» - V " -f-u HJ4V2 lankOlL'o. • i•-... ‘* ss^?'?2 Machine Oil. L» sjvna OU. tv. H, toand Jots W Lnnricstl'K Oil tlvlHS NesUfoot OU. extra i’ *|» u«N Of U—U ta cood request, hat with a bet ter snfi'ly In the market dealer. were offering txluy st Kv-Vie, brine a reduction ox le. We quote; Carhuo, V ear load * JJ carbon, small lota. T is Cored Meats ; shipped, l:tf n» (Aired Meals; 7JJ bru Beef; SUbrb Ihrk'isSMlard. Market doll. • Sins Pork—Market dull. Saleswere; *J brls st ICciS; SOUb at »X 00; 4W brU seller January at *'<Sccn It!cat*-®aV» were; ICOpoShonlderaatfc. i Lani—UulL were: 50 tins new at lijic. ■* •'«•>*= It - 310“ .*.*.*..*..*. j l*OTATOß>—Sales were: 5 ears Peacthlows at i ANUfSA^fe 1 ilpi'r- -i ii.ifL>nt ti Ou i B uoxdo at ; 4 doxdo . !at yt 10; S coopsUrp do at fiS; SfCJSs dretsed Tar- | 1 Levs at Uc; tto hf do atlV-jllU) _s no at lw;J doe | J livedo at live: * doa rtresed Peek* st fSJO;3 go* ’ do»t”re;fo<io2ltveCfcUfceesatfS.«;«docdressed i do at IsdO; i do* do at ft .50; * dor lYainr CJurkeas at34AO: w doc tjuslU Sdozdo at |3JO: 5 doz brls; shipped,-■»>hrl*. 31*?- Vet steady. xTc continue tu quote the range oi prices as follow*: New Mne l',r,«'ne Alum lark"* Ulatd. bags Ground boUr Pa-.ry, vUh .ack lN«ry. w«hou; sack»... ICecrlraL CWOO »■; *hlppti«J. 7&SU *». Tiuioifer unll. Hues w«r»: zl b»n> rood»t it R.V>: 1U» t>*« airtr »i M-M . , , AND t*ALE*ATUS—ThereU ilatrly ifUTed-Eini itv3 Ute market U ateidj at tae io<* gSfttWrfe DelaivVß co Peanut 4J ttS»ttic i-LUABB—TVHb m -Insfrored decree of ectlvuy prices era tsore DraJy lieul. l>m vltboat dunce ta goouttan*. Tto racse cosUtcM »slollow! lvailu S. T. Bttned, l*ovderoa uid Graanuted.... *£««* £»*»., mate •HN'iSS ExkaC .ttSattX TaoVc V”//". . . o**ll* oSSc."." »k*u* Oxnard c Kxtre ~..UK*n* do Pure American 81-Catb tfoda. Brta»l) KVBUra—Trade U *oc>4 *ud price* *te *u»ay u Tt qnote: New Tort Syrops. TeUov Dnp* '.*nh» M01&m0.... '*crro Rico New Orient*...... ptiiMUpbU mllive.... CiiJctfO Etrnery, Arr.twr. “ Sonrßooae TAhVOW-nactirta, shippe«v».m »*• Market call. felea were t 1 brl* Country at 10c. Demand ratrly active, tad market ateady aodatrone.a*followa: . Yoons Ujwoo, aopertor to Coe. 9 ft do extra to choice. V ft J-5»H5 Imperial, aapedor to fine, ft ft J*S*V5 do tnn to choice, ft ft Gno powder, nperlor to floe, ft ft (?0 extra to choice-ft ft »®«S-I2 Japan, natural lest, Coe to extra line, ft ft.... X.*U}.» do do Coe to choice, ft ft * «?•*!•* do do colored, ft ft. l.Mtfl.*l TOBACCO—The market U doll. Thratoco ere well reduced, and price* are steady and first a* rmc hek»w: I Ciicvtan Tobacco- Extra Choice l -«ftaUS iMtrnn £ Common Ai » Ejicktno Tobacco— Virginia's Farcrtte ®V-22 Choice pA * Meclom ■>• -hft S Common Stems wtf 23 PIXO Tobacco— _ r . Loyal Citizen 2® £2 Fanner*' Delight. 3-i 3 Xareral Leaf.* iwfwishr. c&ntce Blade, aouod 2 Medium *4.4 3 Common SWt 2 Navies -. 03tf<* ® Vlrrinla loa and ft* Mtf ® Fit nndirs., 33 WOOD—Trade U coed and price* firm. We mam to chaicclnoarqncUtloti aa follows: Malle, ft curd,delivered JIUCtfIUM Maple, ft cord, In yard 12.W»U.00 Burl:, ft cord, delivered. llJ*>tfUJJo Beech, ft cord, in yard.. Ulckoiy. ft cord ILOuUU.OO ■ WOOL.-lUcelTed.lWM fts: shlppel. 11.31 ft*. Market dell and nominally unchanged, bale* were: i is* fine Fleece (choice) at 16c ;l AX' ft* dingy at 40c; 2,W0 ft* do fair lot at ijc. MARIiNKi iNEWS POET OF CUICAGO. ARRIVED, Prop Anne. fenSUo. ncndrle*. I*tod Empire Mate. Uutlalo. inndrle*. Prop Adriatic. Oatlalo. ranflrte*. Itop muvra.Grand naves, l»m lumber. Prop Tram}*-!]. Ui»nd Haven. aunUrim. Dark fc. 1L Cotton. daoalo and dir City. 3,112 barrel* Mil, <0 urns pig Iron. _ Park Summer Cloud, BnttUo ao«l St. Clair, 179 m lam- ter. U 4 ton* coal. Baik a.P. Mt-hoK Duilalo and Port Huron, 439 tons . 7 si lumber. . Gardi er, BoSalo and Green 8ay,573 m lam roal. Hark F. I*. HJU WM. Brig Lowell, JiaionviUe. 150 m lumber. Schr Mcnteanma. Cleveland, 4M titci coal. “ Schr U. Slacker, Cleveland. 4«ic tons roal. Bohr o»k UaCCloTcland. *«S tons coal. Schr comet i levdaui ana Bay City UOm lumber, 8S schr Mi nltor. Bay City, *,130 barrels salt. Schr U. llavdcc, MUKkeeon.ftj tn lamher. bchr J. G. JlcOullock. M. Joseph, 75 Cvfdi wood. Schr Erie, su Ji*eph. 45 m lumber. Two Brother*, bt. Joseph, 3) corn wood, s. h‘Ma-kecon. Si. Joseph. «5 m lumber. teazalu SC Joseph. K» tn (amber. Si hr Cynthia Goihca. St. Joseph. 15 m lumber. Schr Ml Vernon. Muskegon, t>J tn lumber. S<hr Emetine, Grand Haven, iw n. lumber. C LV ABED November 3L Prop Skylark. St. Joseph, m&r ru*. E*tKN‘tt» Boy, Bunalo. 'il.WO bo corn. Park Onondaga. r.nCalo, !■_ mu. Bark Grr t Bay. *AOO bn oats and corn. Bsrk Wi-nona, unUaiv.MJOCltmcorn. Scow Grace A. Green, White Lake, t.WObncorn and arz.Urlo. Stair orlon, Manltawac. fondries. Hop Dackni. Green Bay. sundries. Prig Ixsruji. Ocont n . eundtrrs. SC4.W la ulva Ana. White Lake. s.OM bn oats and com. beuw j. iL mil, FlMi creek. 500 ba tom. Memoranda. Anotheh New Vc*sel.— A Cue fore and afl schoorer. named the Ll?lit Guard, commanded by Captain Jonca, arrived here several days since with a cargo of 25j,0(£ icet of lumber and 100 tons of pi£ iron from Saplnaw, and only drawing eight feet and eight inches of water; She was bollt during the past summer in Detroit at the .ship yard of James Jones. Her dimensions are at follows; 115 feet length of keel, 2C feel 8 Inches breadth of beam, 12 feet S inches depth of hold and measures about 110 tons burthen, new measurement She will lay np lor the season at this port. ' Vessel Abboub.—The hark Tom Wrong went ashore several days since at Port Harwell, and Is reported seriously damaged. Efforts are being made to gel her off. TSTcfco llubfiratious. NEW NOVEL SOLON ROBINSON, VETERAN AGRICUIIURM EDITOR *axo c< 4XO U ft M . 5.0) (4 r.. 00 . 15.00 ftl&XO . 10.00 (CUM 15.00 10 ti a SO a « as I O a CTS 10 <5 11 IT ft W ta n n sa § as » « .. THE NEW YOBR TRIBUNE. IX3 ft 543 A cove! by Solon Robinson, long and well-known the Agricultural Editor ot the Tmmrxx, will be co gtenced in The Wkzslt Tubusb of December sth. Is called Me-won-Moc; A .STORY OF WESTERN LIFE. INDIAN AND DOMESTIC. Tbench not Mr. L’ohlnsoa a Lrst novel, we do doubt that this will newly prove the worth of the pm that In so many chapters ot successful writing for the farm >n< t the fireside, and In behall of the friendless poor of a crowded city, has been entertaining and la •tractive- A ime Indian noTel la among the rarities of latter day fiction, ana the pioneer life ot the Weit, abounding, uit does, in rudebut rich material fbr the work of the tovcltet, baa found, of late, but few lalthful delineators. It 1# not too ranch to say that few Americans bare been to tear to the American people in their borne* stead life and cbaraeteia as settlen and pioneers, as tha anther of Me-won-i-toc; few bare travelled to tar and observed so cloedy amid the varieties of tbetarm* ex’s and pioneer's life. East and West; and na writer for tbe dally prtn baa had a keener relish tor, and livelier tympathy with the fteah and free out-door Ilf# wtlcta eaten into the elements of bis novel. Sir. Bobinscn’s writings have always been marked by a quaint sad direct force; pictures, simple, bat graphic, of thing* u they really are: practical and minute knowledge cl the useful and the beautiful as they are brought together Into every-day consciousness—these are some of the features of a style of word-painting with which the readers o! this paper have bees long tamlllar.t The new novel, which win be begun the am week la December, will continue during the spring. In addition to tbit. Tax 7Tcexz.t Team win con tain. as usual, features ot entertainment, itutructlcn and variety, rurpastlng those of any othsr Journal pob> Uahed to benefit the home-life of tbe people, and Justify the ever-Increasing rapport which baa made It the mutt widely circulated paper In America. The HewMMlj Tribune Is printed on a large doublc-medlsm eheet, making el:htpage*ofals broad columns each. It contains all the Important Editorials published a Tbs D*n.T Tcxncsz, except those of merely local Interest: ateo Literary and Scientific Intelligence; Bevlewi of the most Interesting and Important New Hooka; the Let* te:» feom our large corps ot correspondents; the latest news received by Telegraph trom Washington and all other partsofthe.countrya Summary ot all impor tant IcielUgeDce la this city and elsewhere ; a Synopsis oftbenoceedirc* of Congress and State Legislator* when in session; the Foreign New* received by every steamer; Exclusive Reports of the Proceeding* of the Farmer*’ Club of the American Institute; Talks ahont Fruit, and other Hortlenltnial and Agricultural In- CmnaUon essential to country residents: Stock, Finan cial. Cattle, Dry Goods and General Market Beporiat making It, both for variety and completeness,alto gflber the most valuable. Interesting and Instructive writt v KewarAFSk published in the world. The FcH Report* of the American Institute f armers* Club, me various Agricultural Reports, in esc nnmber, are richly w orth a year’s whecrtpUon. THE NEW NOVEL 6RATI Any perron seeing the money for ten copies Was* x.t Tntrxr wIU entitled to an extra copy gratis. Tbe work If published la Book term would cost two doDan. price or Tnr Wrm.T Tsturxn live cents per copy- For tale tj all Scwnaen. TERMS. Mail subscriber*, fln£k copy. 1 rs*r—sl n embers- ftffl) Mall subscriber*. ClnlJ* of arc - 5 -W Ta copie*, addressed to names ol subscriber* Twenty copies, addrcmed to names oTsabssriber*. SUO Tea copies, to one address Twenty copies, to cns address An extra copy will he sent fjr each clnh often, cash to be paid In advance. Drstts co S«wTork,or Port Ofllae order*, payable to the order tf Tbx Twsrx*. King safer, ire prefer tUe to any other mode of remittance. Address Tire TSlBC!n>. Xcw York, Kotitc to Cox j3ai;rts. NOTICE.— To the Tax Payers of the ■Sv» the working clasae* asd the mechanic* an opportunity to paytheir City Tsic*, *?.d «M?th«r unit l«baU s«P my Office open durlnc the dinner boars. Mr omce b lurs will ne. on and alter MONDAY. November ISth, UiA. trom 1C to v>.«-d«»p.B. U a%Slr. iffilautch agents. A GENTS IV ANTED FOR THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In errrr City atd County la the Paloa. Tbe least coa.t mated two-thread Machine in the world. Address A. r. jonssos a co, 51* WMiupgi-sc, w«ob Mm. .4 1.T3 , 5.0.\5:‘.'«5 ■ iiwa LIST OF LETTERS. “LETTERS EEMAJKDJO ITNCLAIJfIKD Df THE Po«t Office at Chicago, btaic of llitaol*, on the aith day of yoT»tat«f. iswT^ obtain any of thebe letters theappUcant most call fbr ‘AtiTxcruKD Lrirsea.’ clre the data of Udi list, and nay one rent for adrertlstnc. f jr* ~if n ot called for within oar hosts, they win br wet to Uje Dead Letter Ogee. ty “Letters are notadronlaod end! they hire re stained ta the office one veefc, and on Fridays and Sat urdays letters to be advertised are is the bands of the Xranacribtn* Clertj. **L HIKiCT letters plalnlr to the street and anmber. as well as the Post Office and State. M " Wl M UJC 4 U«4 UU« UUU BKAD leum wltt the writer's Post Omci and Stats, rrtrrr and xvxbkx. sign them plainly with full came, and requca the answers to bo dlrsoed ao ccnUngty. “ Ltu«i to strangers or transient yl«ltors 1b a town or city, whoae special addrr-a may be unknown, should mark'd. m tte lower left-hand corner, with the word TracaimL' “i. Place the pottage stamp on the uwb ztcor >Li2D cc tats, ik uurzsracs between the stamp and

OlrecUrnihr roeT-nauuia without Interfering with the wrttlcjr. “i*. B.—A HEQUKBT for the RCTUIS* of a letter to the writer. IT unclaimed wllhla thirty dan or leu. written or printed with the writer's aaxi.fwrOmai and Mars unoas the left end of the envelope, on the Cue side, will be compiled with at the canal pre* paid rate of poataer. parable when the letter Is dellT eredto the writer.—l&cc. SB, Law of ISO.** Or Free delivery of Letters to any part ol the city ran be aecnred by having them addressed to the street andtmmber. .1 iAsSIJO « aSji— •Si 7a Ufl§U3 90^1.00 LADIES’ LIST. £l*op Eliza U art Alii* £ But AKiai Qer Bradley art Andrews tilen mIM Allen n»lea am Arms iron; Kate raiil- Allkm art Arnett iiomi suit Appleby a mn Austin Hatae alu : lelye* Ancle nxr* B-saolar T art Jarto! Rate mU« Bence; Mary alas ttrUetl Ann 6 tcUt Berest Alkc* atu saitl*u Mary art Benneu Fomre mrs BarUt it Genrge Dmn Bcaliman Fannie art Barne* lUttje art Bigelow Abram mrt Barer* Hoyal o mrt BU*a Samuel art lianas Mary Ann mla* Bloomer Magele mrt Barker J mut Bioomer U £ art Ballard Minnie alss I Blaketnan F.anle mli» 3 Batni Itebebora Blair Jet nle aU* Bayer tilacnanirt Bowman Msrta ml*a Bacon Ellen U tors Boyer J at A mr* Baker Mary L art Bowew Anal B Battr Elizabeth mrt Boydea S B nut Baßs U w art Bonner Amelia mrt Bate* George mrt Bone Ellen mrt Blglry Mary E Breen Ann P&kwun Jennie P mrt Brady Msele Begley Mary cum Branch»later Tempy Dock Jennie mist BrackJnCCar* Beale Matey mlat • Brat&ard I. U mrt bedell Kaosom mrs BraJy Lizzie Biainng Leah mist BoyaHetter Bell b c mr. • Byrd Ellen mlt* Bellow* betas on Backlcy Jane M Caleannon Tbomaa mrt Cline Elizabeth mint Calvcriy Jane t&IM CllooMary Ann mitt Collin Hannah mrt Clore Carrie rulit Cadweil O M mrt Clogg M A ml*t LaU.IcLC Ann mUt CotiU Clara B mitt 3 Cat Muon .lec: le mist 3 CoUpy mitt 3 Cameron Elizabeth ulu Coleman Sane mrt Camp £ eaaoraJ mrt * AolUus UaCdt mias Canmton Jennie nuts Collins Mattie mrt Card Mi*mrt ConverseNaihatlel mrt Carlin Kate Ccaaor Bridget raise Carr Sarah U mrt Couwar Mary mrt Cartes e> £ mrt Cook Margie E mist Corroli 1) D mrt Cooper Mattie mist Clarke Wm £ mf Conran Bridget utM Clitndler Nellie mlta OtfWcy Anna mrt Clar twrlaln C B mrt 3 Cowiaau Mary mrt Chamberlain Marveuva D Covdl Lottie mitt .Norerabtr 31. l-U&UiA. 4*l*i Ul^. tin Conners Try mis* Chsnce Anna nn Cowiaa Jennie mta Chalmers I c mrs Conick Mary mist Chapman Mary A mri Corslck Mary Chapman John tor* Crenier C this CUarbonncan Adpta miss Crane Joseph mra s\'iu 1) iur» CraU Mao E on Clayton Maiy S uita Cru»hy earths U rai‘B Clarion l.ncv B mlas Creabv Marion W miss deck Margaret A mr* Crosbv Sarah miss C t-avey U B tnr» Cfoikor Mary mra Clancy s J tnta Crow Sarah L Mlts C)ark?on Margaret! Cnmmltie«Clemoa!laemi4B mark U->* W iurs easier Carrie A miu Clark Julia mis Danford L A mrs Uehena A X mra l»m.vnh EBmra Dlckcj Man-smta Damon Frank mra Dillon Margaret mis* Darllnc Kate mb* 3 Dockrelt Martha A Q mrs Damon calUia mra Dodge Charles mrs Dancr Surah mrs Dod*t K A rata l amcll Mary mrs DonUn Antic mUs DavtaEllzarzitM Donlan Catherine i..., in ui, I'cCnmn Joseph mrs DolUna Lon tnta Dead Fi<>ra tuisa DocncsnaSsraii Abnmlss I>mp-av tnrs Dnsrn* James mr» l>vve» ftaiUe D tots Urynen Alible miss Deh 5; m cm Drumu:os4 Kate mil —.•uauno., r\Aie ml DcdiiU Mary mlas Uoaham C mlsi Dt-nnlci: mr« lilugtD Ellen liampfrv Mary nils* liunloj *• I: mr» IMlvorth M-iiyarUmra liufflcld Sli mr* I>JU! Uuieslaa Epse Jennie mUs Etlcerton Aucuitnsmrs F\crrdcn Mary mis' Kiibock Harriet cj»# KeUbrookr Martha J mrs Klwoot It m!s* I 4 Kastman U F mn El*on rtiarlotte tars EddySAmts Ellis Adaa miss. 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P 1 Bales HG Bower* * co BunlestonHAco Balbnckdr Bowen E J earn* I nomas J Bates 8 Winslow Bowen Henry Barton brother* Bacxtnaan WU- Boyce Peter Barton tl "jodS* Boyd Jaa L BaecombeSara 1 Bayne EobcrtW Boyden N * Bader HJ EeaUmr Boyle Patrick Butler Thomas Beard Harwell BoyleJyhn »uterJos!ati Beards;er O W Bornton Edward Butler John Beardsley Wm H Boynton Oeorgeuatte? Cr» Becken 6 >lve»ter Count 3 Batler 4 Medrano Beecher (l II Brailford A Bros Battcrfrld Hot ce liters Samuel Bradford S C BratglnabS Beer A BradlngLM Bailor* CM Bc*l Johi Bradley Thos BrorlH Garrett Bell aiicl'reJ F Bradley Fred BlngSaanel DeUany John A Appleby Stirtet art |>m»l Al'firt. ml«l J Cadman«Jones CheslcwWH ConnorAeoGfo.V Cadwell John ('Ur»brongh EUts Connor* Charlet Cadyßl* Christopher Wm coikTboaFcapt (alrr-tjrhn Brev co?» Dl» Calkin* C.o W Christy George Cooley Albert Call EC dr Clark Caleb Daniel Call Bernard Clark John Con* Coony Anthoav Ttmo- d«n ccopsSmßhM ,ST Clark DartJU Cooper A Shcf- Catlayhan James Clark E W man 2 , Callender J park* Clark Ell Cooper Jb man Clark Ebcnezcr Cooper James j Cameron Charlet deaj Copeland SG ft co , CacnrtcM A .rot Clark SattmesJr t->rbe«.loan { Campbell John C Clark Geo W Corbett Thomas i Campbell Aco Clark Geo J Cory James ? Campbell WatlaetCltrk Henry C&nuack James 1 Campbell John Clark John M Coming tool! McAimte Clark AGrtnn Co*sau CampWil B n dark A Grtißth 3 Cottom 1) J , Canfield CotinMlcrilark A Gray conch M H < lark A Bryan Cousin-* John s i Cannon William Clayton Cll Col 1A Kor B CarroMDß deal George Coyle Wm a Capon GIS Clear B Cored! Charles* ; CardAbrts Clemmons Lcotl* Craig George Carniody Patrick da* 1) . , C**® G ? re l_ c «. Cannes £rlm Cleveland James OCraae George W Carney Bntrtck Clevrfaid AU-erlbCrame IIA Carpenter Era»tosCle*lanil W Crandall VT B L CtiUorrtJohnß CraasAJ,, CarpcrWrUll Cilwotd Henry Craven A3l Cart-enter J H Oodclo 1 tmolbi Craw ford J w CaraucvnletVra Clough George F Crawley Thomas Carroll AllVcil M CoObEll cto ? or>lonroc C«l rr. l.ln**n cobum Lewis L Creighton W U Carroll •larif* Cochrane TEA 3 Carroll Kdward CoebrancDavid Cro«k«T ”wH CaibWtlll»B capt crwbj l»eorge A CarlcrJSAco Codman Dexter Crosby LW! Carter O M CocAL Crosier James K Carter J A Cogawri! Charts Cbm EH«m W Carter "m CugswiliTbsmat Cro»aley C Carver B F Co.bumMS • CroocU Samnel Ca«e MODft CO Colburn John P Crouch w b Ca-c Harlow Co.byEbcn Cronsy Vvd>_, _ . i’ro-'t CWeChaaA CrowdeM Urtard Center John Coleman I Art In O Ca»hin David Colman I‘cicr Crcwicr TVllHam CathmanDA Coilm Geo 11 Crnm Ca«petC Cattertcn George Collins Gcorjps W Cmtmore l*alricz3 CavaaaghP - Collin* JH Cd’lla J.tme* Carcnagh PatrlckCotum* William JCnmminr* Chat Chaddoek E Colilna KB t timing w m Clcdwlck (1 C Cohim a- co Cnrren I’afrlck Chalmers Bm Collins J Webb Current George Chamberlin B H Colton Cl:.:;c- ry Carrie Jamta ChambcrtA D DUCoivln Base l> t Curtis John T Chamber* M m Colwell Samuel Curtis GG dr CbambcrsHurhcrtColeJan Henry Curil* Charles Chamber. U O CoraeioPl Werric Curtis Norton w Chaxnnnnlivbrt AComeL*rd capt Cushing John Chaplain Jo* n CotantWG Cnttr'gyPF (.base 'raJ council o Culler J Vl Chatu-r.-nOW CVjnnr.rßß Culler J <3 ChaiflviaWD cyr Joseph 1* Crumley Dennis Donovan John EaDecue Wni DpreThos Daierl) Delaplalne John BDorsey Alex Daley Jony Delaney James Douglas* It A Dairy tumuel DeLea Jainc* Q Dougherty John DamonC Delong Jaa W IKmniet Jt\ 113 [tanftnt Gregory Del-ossT i| Downer BG DaslUrth w a DeMonn U A profDownsAngnsms Danccnltld J F 8 . Doyle “nio* Daniels J WallaceDeppoe ACo 3 . Drake JII Daniels Edward Derby C K blank Dresser GJ ■)am«UUOoipi2Derr Stephen Drew Hiram JanlclsGeoW Derry The* Aco Drew Damd Dann William O Devlin Joseph n Dryhnrst Charles Uarllflk A PiosscrDewar Wm Dußols Stafford A j DeTTolfL Dufllcld Amos Darlington Her- Dexter A Noble Doffre Peter Sit Hick JUS DotJee Jai F Daveny Anthony Dick Jacob W Duncan S 8 DavlswoodbnryP Dies W U Duncan Smith Davis Henry Dickerson AH Dunkirk Aco Darts Thomas Dickinson Albert Dunn Patrick C Dart* KG DillonUJ DonningC A Darts DU Dlncman Frank DaophyJohn Darts A Disbrew George Dnnion Joseph DavlaACsmrCeldzDiion Jcha Dnnlon 1' F Dtw U»mit I’ DUon Thomas t. Durham Benjamin DawsouJUrer DodgeAngustna jr nil Day Chad a Dodpj ucorze Dyer Lewi* R Dayton Games 8 Dolcn Joseph DyeertWraeapt Defyls Edward Donnelly .Patrick Dyott Jas Cl Deeelle Edmond DoncgUue A Downs Henry w Dcdlat Madison DonokhneMlchaclHranon Carlo# . DrGratT M C DoolHUeTl Dillon J U agt DtHavcn J E ! Endes Chu Edsnn JosUh Ellsworth A A Eagan James Eddy Ira U F.acmr(ck Geo Earle Edwin M Edwards A Emory Arthur A Eakin* James A Edwards Trios „co EsstWU Elwards Henry Emory John W Fns«Tn*» /china Edwards, Towns- Eocenes* c Kastman Z 3 end A Co Eio* Alansoh w Emimau U A EwlogtonWJ GnrUht John O K KatUataGW KganJL E*:abrookJohaO Eastman K G Kean Jm Kstcy Oreere Eaton Coble Elder Thos A 3 Evans Richard U Eaton John Elder Henry tv Evan* Jolm Eaton J: bn A IHdred Samuel D Evans Henry D EberbartWm Eldrldge William Evans John j Edes Warren S Hilott Frank Ewms Fraaklla Umr W J Elliott John Erwin Jemmio Edmonds Joseph Elliott A co Erwin UL b tmawood Frank Elbon Charley Edmondson G F rev F Fairbanks, Bene-Fltcb S 8 dr Forry Mose* diet Aco FKzgeraldACO korsyth Hamilton r»lrbroiJ»erWLe-Fltzgcra)d Danl It K on FtugeraMATylertForUn Jooeph Fairchild W E Fitzgerald Frank Foster Lewis Q FalnnanF FlUpatrlrttFranjc FoaterGLonls Farntam Hhlel Planner L E . Foster B Farnam George Is FleramtagJ Fowler John Farm W lit Fleming James Fox AAft co Faultner E W Flenery ComellnsFrancls William Fawcett A F Flcoer John Fraaher cant F ayette Albert A Flint Louis Frazey \ t F«ny Hatncfc Flower HD __ Frazer Lonedo FercnKm Duncan Fobt»Leanderw3Free<lenE rer Field 8 C Fogarty Jno Freeman. Crosby Fiber 11 Fogg/I A Haggle* FlWeoW Fo-gerU*co French Frank F Flnan John Foley James Fro*tCS Findley 8 U FolsomCE Fol'eaFrank Fool W F Fnllan A Lashnre Flnccr LTT Foote William FnJJer B B FmnonLß -FotwwThomas FnllerGooF Fwher Joseph » Ford Henry C Fulton Frank Fisher John U Fort J 113 Fyla Edwin W Fitch VTm Fordbam Oliver C Gacott Robert Gibbs itcnben Grant Al exander uaee A F Otbos Monroe Grant Ja» tiace Geo Gibbs j M Grant James eapt cilpLC Olbsoo George Grant John Gale Claries E Gilbert FieldccoGrave* EH 1 Gall John Gilbert John , Gray WMiam ! GaHowny M M Gtldeniccv L J 3Graydcn mr Gande MW Gill H Greahaa James Ganiev Johnny WGUlmore Bamnel Greer Isaac Gano Daniel U Gretorle P Lad- Uard Tr alter masdSl.lmoreTbeodore _*oo . ter s Gregorie Henry GardenTVm OOlmore WUUamOre«ory B H G arllck Addbett Ulmhle Q Gregory H a AS Gladwin AO rev Green Ac» Gamtev Robert GlaAbrooCTbomasOreen A w Ganlndr Glover GeorwH Green George Gartw F D Golds Isaiah 3 Green Leri GarvejSVEl CoodalcGrecnleafGreonA Button Gascon William A captain Green Wo A BC GoodalcG AllentGreencrtch John Gates A L Goodman Loul* Mantu . Gate-Fred Goodepon 'V a GroahtllJA Gates GUi-cit S Goods peed rieuTTGs-.vnleaf mr Gansh Joseph G Goodrldge HIE Greeaman CiarkC Otn.den MrauamOoodwUier mr Greenwood WU- Gausden WDI Goodwra Owrge Greer Wfl GccrCbas 8 GrttOn John Gemel Henry Gough John B Gross Augustes n GettTfcomas Gonid Anthony _rad Georte&wiUlamsGouldfcdwln Grove* Ep ncrmphtvJobnß Gould Frederick Gnluntes Joseph J GcreT P 2 Gragary OhettanGuliookT GrraalcOQ Graham LP Clover Oil GeertshiTtn OrabamCU3 Kolan Catherine miss Koyes OurHUe mrs Korihera L J mr* SoUen James mrs Norria Satan miss Haddock Eli Hiskinslra nolcomhFrankW Haden Chas Ha*raqrLFL Uoldawotth 83- UttClev Geo J Hastings F mind u K Hatch £nxene A Iladut&r Frank M iiiicht a TtowmSHawtcs Chas F Holme* Jos Hale s P Hawkins A stone Holme* J Hale George Hawley J UacoHUoltJ P. Ha’.ev A FcrgusonHayde: P B Holtcn John Hall Alfred HayceE „ Horner Abe t Kali Daria A Rsrcs John IT Hontydon A Hall Frank C Hayes Cbasß Hoodltte Hici Hall Dcrwlon Hayes Hiberi M Aast P M HaUTbomas Haywood cornc-UpoteOQ flail Chas A Son Selina _ Hooper Jao Hall Geo A Hazleton Chcsterllopklns Caului C Hdi n ti P Horan John HaUenlock Aaronßazelton J M Hcrton EM Bauted H capt Saaiacl Hortm EU HamraCoas HcapWm Hoskins M A ' Hamilton B HeapbsyPcur Houseman E Hamilton Geo A Hetderiva J CHorej-Aaroa t Hamilton «D . «pt HowJB ■ Hamllu nGeo D3Henneberry Bd-HowJK i Hamilton Jim . ward Howes nr 1 Hamilton Geo D 6Hennenrey JB Howard WmC ’ Hamilton UlramHumeMey M D Howard John I “w Henry Geo U Howard J A ! Hamilton WiEtaoHccry Eugene 3 Howard Harry T Hamilton JasT Henry David Howard X a 1 BamlinCTV Henry A H HoxleJohn . Hasacao TimotbyHcnry Jalaes ’ Hoyne Temple ii. r .i tw 3 Berios Geo F Hoyt Joteph A A Haakte Math Herold tteßlamla col ; HankmJos Hirrick O VV_ BnbCardA B I n« Ja* Herrtctsoa Ullnbbell C N UancehaoEdwardHcrrlcksonWm MHnbbeilH L ; HooseUC Herth Lewis Haber Sastoel 1 Batson Thomas BethennetonThoellQbertLF < Hardtce Ortn V UeostusJC Uodson Winiam 1 HardlLnCbaskaptnewltlWoi IlallTbomas I HardyCba»L Hews Will H HalsoKMcapt 3 HarsteisHowardflsnnabs JasM Bannwb P UuTl Gecrco HumphriesTT P Harlow TW UiekssnFW Humphrey v 111 e , Hartn Eugene IllckerTTs , 1 Harmon A S Ulrctubolham AHntnphreyrflle * Uarringa A Marks Baai»y„ Dnxnw 1 Ptrrtcgtoh 5Va Dlxgin»EM HantCFcrat ) Harris John M HlgelnsEJ Bant Out H Harris John C Htgglu* H J Hunt FprJe 1 Harris Jama BMiDIiIRN *OO BaatWaFord ' HarriiDWl MU Joseph HontWarrenJ 1 Harris HW IUU Jerry S UnnsoonFT HarrisTJtonT HUlFowle* Hunter Dare Harrtecn JohnS HIIIUC Huntingdon A J ! llarriwn James HUttoajeTS I BarrlKn ILomaillUlS A C Htuk Fni j 2 Harrison Frank EHIUs Frank > Hnwev DJ dr Hart gunnel HUM Edwin Hntchinsonßobert Hart Sin Hines A Davis Hutchison Asa B Bartcree Dr Hlrley David RutehionACo Hedge* Jas B 3 Hyatt Jao Harver Jc-eph Hodgeman lames Hyman Sami Haskell A bres Botiman A Bros Hj nes Edward , p«mn Carey M Hogan Joseph UCNTLE3IEV9 lilsT. i > ThhltscaTboiA Ireland Jas E Israel Jas ( IdellGsoß IrwmJaa Ives John Twfr»h«m ffm 5 Irwla D S’ JafcbetlThos Johoscm Freddie Jones Victor M Jackman Qesry Johnson John M Jones Samuel H „ f,, Jchneon 5 tt Jones Ilabert Jackson John I Johnson IIC A eoJotus chas C ■f.ct«,ii iiniiTJ Johnston Tbos Jones OK Jackson George Johnston A Jones DE rer i.ctw.n pm* Johnston £ Earle Jones Donald jJeqSsBB a - Jones Hit jSm W Ji/hnstoaJL Jones H Jicaeit Pan! Johnston Deary C-’oelln Prison B i Jenklrs J.mts Johnrtor, Faros- Joycc James E | Jamison 11F worth««. JnddJß, , „ Johnson P John»on brother Jndila* Joseph K jSSSwmW Jones Walker T JtvUoaDewlUW Jcttstn C U Jones A Patrick Jane Frank jchnJonEW Jones CAD Juniper wim«a joLnsoc Jobsß Jones DErcT Jnsua John B Kane AL KcndaleJ&» . KlnaeAQ K*Eel*auiek ‘ Kcnuon Delos Klnoey A KarsrsghMldiaelKeencdy WillUmKlnman col Selh J T-,.m S Kinsey A Lott^oa K»rn*y Patrick Kenney Sm»l H Kwfe Tbcmss Kenlhidnw Krt Peter Keen WiUlsm Heeler IKntCF Kerr James D _ . Ktelcr Clerics Kerr UIV % Klrkpatrtat dl KtnnaT James KimbsH Wm P uatczatfrllle Keith 'Aylmer L KlncLymtn Enacsi B G Kugene KtncFTed Knapp ror Kriir‘l K 6 KingKrward Knapp Wa Ke*K Patrick KlngßnfaiS Knight _ Kelly Michael Kina A K KnigWolhertK Kemp A Samuel C L L*eJL UaaleyEAS Lamb WlUiarj Lee George Jf Uppcocott Oliver Lan oat Lec.OH Ltvfe Geargo U Lamnoi'WinE L« Albert UiUe Taiaudie a UmuaDtrld UrWb LitCUTtiosiu Lasdtr J(B«h&M 1 >mon Jaa Lockwood Wa LtneWllllc II Leonard Joseph LofUlrory Laniure J SpeanLeonard John U Liuls Jobs dr LedasrJWm Loarsy DuUlck Laming Geo Lconardson 0 C LoomisJF LarctcrWm Lenin c onChas Loreweil George Larne Alfrid Lewiswo Lowe Ja LotcUford John n Lewis John Ludlam major Lalbrop Austro LewisJH Lod toaJo* LatiiropJOtephHLealsJamesE LyaamM'ehael M Levin Thomas Lynch Pr.trtcc J IbotCMT LevliPiTlii Lynch John 5 La mess J U rev Lincoln K D Lt&b Onadiah LarertolK LindeC LyonAHAco LawrenceF UnderOsrarE LyoaßW Lawrence V C Ltader U F Ljoa taoW 1-awrcnce J W tindley AH LyoaJofa2 Leal Clark Liaosley ChaJ Lyons JohoF Learjoeesh LtnkTater Jcha Leavitt L Vf Lite* B W . 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B & co baffle John MctolaßW N rton HenryT NaKQ W Adr Nichols Francis Norton EiWia O NcadhaoGcJ NTchoNJA Norwood 1 red W NeadtamJC • Nlcho’SAco Nottingham Pl* Neadtatn Joseph Neill John Koar»e Alden 6 N* ikon J Niles QAco 3 N-’yea & Fail Nelsf a Gardner NVnlett l. Nnti'ng Memnc Ncwbtrrv W S Nolan Michael Nutlln: Edwin E Kcwhalli: Green Nolan Martin NjmaaJW Newton A FwseuNclaa John O O’Brien J Oakes BG Ossood George O’Contel! Cocne'uOau* Uccry t Osborn c raniila o'Co&hcli Morris Odom John I* ot!» James O’Connell Charles* ’hit * John OtlsJ«<ephß O'Connell PatrlcfcOkeliGso !1 Oven Sami o O iKUtfttdord'l' Olim-tcad J H Overton J O’Hara l*L *inu>by J b Owens Rob ouiiiTan John Ortou D G Owens Patrick O’Wcjlaaa C Parker Svclnev l»eck Waller L Pollard Alahvon Paudeu lilchard JlerteJa* W Pend Rufus Paddcck.iohn F l*;crcc A Mi-ou S Poous M u>a »*a*;e Join incrsoa Frank Poolo Frank Paliner 5! 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Steven* aS3 ScuUyCharlea Smith KE . biovcavmSeld genman AD& co Bmltli Klcbartl steward Joseph SearlGld Smith Kuß Stew«rtJohnß Smith ST Stewart Roberts Sergeant mr Smith Gnirge 4 Stewart An-I.TW 3 . Series A-S capt Smith Fred C Stewart A T gen Bewail BC Brnlin Gilbert ctlckneyMs Sexton ChasA Rrollh Henry „ bUoaon James BeaterWm smliliJameall fct Jchn Alrah R SbaiJel’ticr smith Isaac L Stockhnage J W Sharp T HartaanSmlih J H stocking Clark Sharp JoaSO smith JonnS stocking CD Sharply Joacph Smith John W Stocuman Tho* M SbattnckWalter Smith wp stone Walter . Shaw Tho* dr Smith Wm C Stone JB Shaw James Smith Wen booy Stcrck Charles ad 1 Shaw John gen stoeghton Naruic ; Shaw & Shaman Smith Louie strahoa 11 Shay Wm Smith XIBQ binder DP 3 Bheadolm Smith Fabs Strickland A ELeehan P Smith Xlartin Strickland Itobt A ; SfciflleldJ S SimthAeXlannlngStrtcklerWO . : Shelby Cbas BmltbGmAco Strong Alex Aco Sheldon ft Grt*c» Smith XI ufc 00 Strother Lyman T Sheldon ft Fetter Smith ft G Ini ton Sturgeon D Shelley EXI SmlihAßlanchardstjlesThosJeSSer- ShrrrardJames Smith Oeo Wcapt son Sherman John L smythe Terence Snhlran Thomas Shelton EII BnoorJobn SaltlvanUO 1 Shepard John Enow Newel Bummer C A ! 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MP Warm: AK WUce&burreU Woodward S Washburn Wm K- JVllder S Wolf Isaac Wtigon Joseph A Willard Sbft co Wolf J lleut Waterhouse C B Willard Putnam SWorhley 8 Watkin Robert WlUeifft co Wright Jas H ; w*tMo C A WilkmjonOE Wright Frank J l WataonAW Wilks Thomas Wngh-SamualS 1 WaUon George William* SB WrtchtE Wauca Henry Winiam* ilose* Wright Jas > WavHarrtion Wiltiac*George WyaoQGeorgeD2 Wiyteiiuc WmiatrtChai WjckOtTGeo WeEbtr U WtUlam* J P Wyman Osgood B ; Webber J K WlKUmaEvanE WltwerGeo HiSw Wm Williams John Wlegena Bradford WctkaJercmeF WUilamaJamca _ftco©leue« ; Wdlei Peter • Vwv r a Tousz C W 2 Tdnng Conway W ; TorkL YouigthsaE Yoon* John IMTIAL*. iron ilinlders* Union 4 gS.,tg?f“ ™- *.iM la* Co 4 fe’"“ c sl, “ “°‘‘“'s?S«iii?S. rT : uSct ted Sboeoitktr «ujce Copper Works 1 CUcsEoVotLtesCo BecinltoeOfliser VetEe calcw. U*t*n a«» Block rT-nf Chita co Buk See Uercbsuta' Kxcbsoke Ci Sec Cc.ciiaercUl LoOgeiO clot ol ScM Htaorer Tbe Co'sHnlatloaer ol Artl erf Mechanlct'Lodge col Ore nf ?ol Or Mr Wonhlpfal Ulster of name TiMTfT&id Lodr^scs kpp Wortluofai Mister of Home |dq) LodfeiS £d tdoctUonsl MolUilj • —nffleeopenfromthe Ut ol Apriltetha Ut of Ko retnbef. from 1»- m.Umx p.m.; from'SoTembcr Ist tnAwii uu from Oil»p. m- The Testtbule win nnsue open until* o' On fiaodtjt fioo ff* t.m.UIUO t-cx. SAMUBLBOAiBDif.IL Special Kfliiccc. important to ibe irobllc. Sere your health end »vc your money. w 'vc th ; propiletorsofaclaasofrcmedlw which wiK oc war- rested to care ill (*!>>«** of a private nature. whether of recent or lung standing. There medicines hs*w no aweary or other poleoocta drag Is their composition. Money will bo refunded If a ruts la not effected, TTe can, by (wrausion, reftr to hand rede of perrons of bou *t££*, who have been pemaasitij cored by the cm of oor remedies. The acrerewy medicine to effbet a core will be tent, securely packed,-by mall or ex press, to any part of the country, vrtKTfull directions for tuing, free of express charge* or x«ctage os receipt of price, three dollars (13.00.) The trade supplied at a liberal disco oat. pT* Correspondence strictly confidenttaL Address (encloalng amount as aborel DR. Y. J. HARRIS A CO.,P.O.Box4lll,Chisago,lTL Dr* Janus, Fomrrly of Jamea’ Lock Hospital. Custom Hacye-sk, New Oilcan*, and for the last six yean located It Chi cago, can be consulted in his new apartments. 93 Dearbon-st, Chicago, ID., (a*a*tTorroart*ttiscti> omckOnponthe treatment and core of Srpattnrp, Cnroxic, Mktcrxut, and all private diseases,withsnr mercury, iodide potaasll, arsenic, or any poison, bat with a neotrelizer. the tame aa nsed in his New Or leans prect.ce tor thirteen years, and which gained him so great arepntatloa. Sprtntatorthoa and Inptleccy, brought cm by se'-f* aLnre.excesa, or entailed, with an la hereditary train cl symptoms, treated and radically cored by aa infolll tie method. * Jtrr Isrrxc.—Dr. James has lost Issued a revised and enlarged edition cf “THE MONITOR," upon Secret Diteases and diseases peculiar to the sexes. Although greatly enlarged, this valuable book it sold at la origi nal price—9o cents, a&d lour cents for pottage. To a complete history 0! secret diieares, with directions and prescription* for self-treatment, is added a treatise open female diseases—how avoided, prevented, their remedies, Ac. Dr. Jamncsa be consulted at his new apartments, 93 from and after to-day. By letter, through D. O. Box 696. Ci-icago. 111, The Gorham SlsnathftnrlQs Company, Mlveiralit*. of Drovldcnce. R. L, inform the tre<le that tiny are producing one Electro-plated prising full Dimer and lea Service* andTabfo Ware of every description, of a very inpriiot quality and ct new and eleraat designs. Tbe base is Nickel Mlvcr. upon wbi'hla a deposit ot Pore Silver ui such thick hms that they possess all the advaatszte ol »->iui silver in null 7. and from beauty 01 design and superior fin ish are nndislißCulahabie from lu * The Gorham Manufacturing ComPinv refer with cos- Cdence to the high reputation they have ettabllihed In theprodnetien of Solid Sliver ware, lo which they have bees for many vears mzaseC. and they now as sure the public that they will folly sustain repots- Oon by the production of Electro plated Ware* of such qoa'.liv and rxl'cmc dorat.i'itv as will Insure entire satisfaction to the purchaser. Ail aruclts made by then are stamped thus: ta WUMvro,, o Andall«ifharefultvrnaranti'ed. Theyleel liners*- *aiy parU.Llarly menu the attention ot pure barer* to the atmc traoo-mark. as their deigns have been al readj extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from rcspom-lhle dealers throughout the conctry. “A Valuable medicine. u Dr. Poland's Wtlte Mae Compcunt*, advertised la our columns, Ua successful attempt u> combine and apply tu« motu Inal virtue* r.f the White Mae liar*. It has been thoroughly b-sted by i>eopic in thb dtran I Vicinity. nod the proprietor bar tctirnoniUs of it* value Iron* persots well known to our clUrens. We recommend lu trial la all those cases of disease to which Ills adapted. It Is for sale by aU our drug gUM.*’—lN. Y. Independent. Th* Great New England remedy 1 Dr. 4. W. Poland’s WIUTE PINE COMPOUND Is =•.» oifercd to the af flicted throughout the country, after having been proved by the test of eleven years to the Sew England Statu,w here lu merits hare become as well fcnowu as lh> tree firm which, In part, it derives 1U virtues. The White Pine Compound enrea tore Throat, Colds, Coughs Dtptnbena, Bronchitis, Spitunx of BlooL and Pulmonary Alfrcilotu pmcrahy. It U a retnarSahle mnedyfor Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, DlflteuUy at Voiding Urine, Bleeding iron the Kidneys and Wad | dcr. Gravel ana ether complaint*. Tor Plio and Scur vy It wjll be found very valuable. { Glv eit a trial if yon would leant the value of a good | Sold by Druggists and Dealers la Mwitiues seae : rally. ' .e all nine. laerv, saa to pet up and remot «• a’.l ~dal! work* of p o do all pmenme. or whatever may &e n*-.c».viry to tfcurethttrworkirumwa-cr. _ „ Prcposki* mo 1 !!-* 1 atdrrvi’d lottio Hoard ct Pu’i’ic Wort*. cottoned " Propose! for Dc-pcnlnr Illinois and MUMcao Caaal. H and6o mrcotaptnlrdwnn Uif ftJO brad, wjt!i sm« t’is. to •t»;*rov> d !>y thr ftoar t. . Contractors will bid, statins u*e price w * iiico Hi* . work WUI be done ou e»ch ol the dlttuiunt 'tvtloai U the most delightful aad wood trial arUcie tap world acdJU work will &eM Prepared oil of Palm and Jlacc, For preserving, restoring and boanUlylog the hdr, and ever produced. Ladle* will find It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article for the Toilet, as It la highly perfam-.d with a lleb and delicate perfume, independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and Macs. Tn* >»itm of Pesc—A newland.beantlla! p - fbrpf. which. In delicacy of scent and the tenacity with which It clings to the handkerchief and person, tsune- The abore articles for oalcby an Dragglits and Per- fnmen, at |1 per bottle each. Seat by express to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WRIGHT A CO™ 100 Übctty-tt™ Kcw Totk. For sale by J. ii. KE£D A CO™ Chicago. . llostetter J » Colcbrnteil Stomach BUtera. bead e. n. n. x. socrnwoßra’s letter. Pcoertcr Cottaoe. Ctojwrrowy. D. c n I April 2d, 13i6. J Me»«ra.Hofet«lter » Smith: _ .. . „ Gmstleiacn—ltsdns me pleasure to add my testimo nial to those of other* In Mvor of excellent p-cpi ratlon. several years ot residence on the banks of a Southern nr»r, and cf dose application to literary work, had to thoroughly exhausted mynerroostystem anti undc-mlncd my neallh, that I had oecome a mar tyr to dyspepsia and nervous tsadiche. recurring »l aton intervale, and de&U gall Known remedies In (he Uaierla Mcdlca. I had couetatbe conclmtlua taat nothing bnt a total change of residence and pursuits would restore my health, when a friend recommended Hostetler's Bitters. I procured s bottle as an experi ment : It required hut one bottle to convince mo that 1 had found at last the right combination of remedies. The relief u adordod me na» l>c-n complete. Uis now como >»-r* vlncc I flr*t tried Hostetter's Bitters, and It Is but lust to say that 1 have fouxd ice prewrsuon ail that It claims m be. It Is a Standard Family Cor dial win* n-, acikevec as a rtlmulaat wa like It DrtMr than anyth lag else t but we use it In all bil lions and cyipeptle cases, from fever down to tooth ache. If what I have now said wltl.lead any dyspeptic or nervoas invalid to a sufo remedy, 1 that I have done “"'f >fl»rrtne«: axto celibacy An Essa' of Warning and Instructiob fbr T-ung Men. AUo, Disease* and Abuses wldft prostrate (be vita, powsre. with sore means of relief, sent fr« of charge In sealed letter envdopvs. Address Dr. J. SkILLIA HOI’GUTON. Howard Assorlallon. Phlla-lelrl-U. Pa. Dr, Borronglu, 173 ITdls-st- corner of Monro*. Chicago. HI-. hU Attention to Uie tre»tu.rut of cecre’. dUsass*. fjpUUs la all 1» tailed firm.-, Gancrruiea, Oie-.t, fctricture, Scrolnal Wtaknea*, PU'i la Joiut«, Aflec* tlons cl the Kidneys. Disease ot the Head. Throat and fc*ln,and all those afflictions a wre» bah!, of youth vbiOt produce consutotloaat deMmy, reader nmrrwKc Impossible, and in Cie ca t destroy t>otn body ro -aa. lurocaXT TO Lxt*bs.—Female coanlatnts treated vltb treat success. Ur. B.*« Drops anil brio* ou tte conrxs In case* ef obstructions front «» cause, rati unci treated by letter. Address 17j tVeIU-tU I>r, Loots Sancer* Regularly Qualified Physician, can be dally cnnsnltod at bis office. SU Randolph-**., on affections of the Km -4;j» and Bladder; also, on Chronic, Kervoas, Private and Female Dl*cm»j. Officehtnra troms&.n.tj3p. m.; £cndar» in the afternoon. Give him a call. Tonr Destiny. Whatlalt? Good or evil? Blchor poor? Areyt to rl-e to emlnoce, honor, wealth and power, or a yon to slufe into ohscnrlty and beontrown? “To be or not to be, thst’a Uie qneauon.*’ AU this, and year future proipecta m Hie. can be clearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. He can win lor yen the alfectlons of the oppoattewx. iio (n M« you to trniai, eadacueJ and a nappy marrlace. He guides vr>n to heath, even when von arc given up, a* incurable, hy ether*, tall atlil 3 East Msdlson-st, between Well* and Franklin (np stairs), Chicago. Consultation fee. One l>j.l»r. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the lledlcai and surgical Inetitnte, 17 b* Samb Clark ha* treated all lona»of venerea, els* ease with onpretcnlel success fjr nearly loriyyeaw, M>etmatorrh«a and impotence treated wpfe the h«- ptet rtsoltJ. Pamcnlaw of the I.irtltnte and Uic Guide trailed free to aoy address, p. O. box 72. Col cago. In. Bnkbelorit Bair Dye, Tli. Best in the World: H*rtt’.»e- tel2al::e.l3r’ r *''-v neons. lt« cnLr ptrActDr-cl 2<udl9am.ii'a=, ‘-—sc rttHcntcas tints/ signed, f ttirth A- bsTcurU-t N w Tor” Al*W, BEOE2»EBATIi*G ESTSA* t*F MULE FLEURS—rtitert*. prestma »a b “ a * A *- 4 4^ & «» s ?i x * Bold by all DrntilsU. dcSal EAIIBOAI) XLSIE TABLE. CHICABO A3TO 50KrWWE«rX»-d—DiPOn COB. VMI WATTS *.«' KINZIX. Depart. Arrit?. DnyßnrcM •{«»*.=. KlehlfipwM # .d. JnneevQle Accocunudn *s:4op.i=. •molp.m. Woodstock Acton, d a.. *iU) p. in. *9?AI a. m. BUSI. DTTI.-IOS. Pnllon and Cedar Rapid* *?:15 a. rt. 7.2; p. c. Faltohand 10wa.... .... t7:t»p.=. -WKia.a. Freeport ai.d iioaleiUi.. •iROUa. a. S:UUs. a. Freeport and Dunlellh,. **0:00 p. a. c*op. m- BockSrdandFos Rivet, IRjOa- Dixoi*. *»:<«p.a. n:l0«.«. Genera and KiLWAcxis pmyioir. Exams a- tn. p. a. Slsbl Accommodation 1:13p.a. MHO a. a. SMp-B. i‘ 5* Wackecaa Acccaaod r.. 5:00 p.m. SrW 3. a KoscbiU, Calvary, and Z.nop.c, *— •Sundays cxapied. • tsaicitityc escipvc. tMondajf cscepie-t ; -BCBisas ccynu»-SAii»c*d>—cs:oho«o., *ccv ' 07lAAi EThSII. Morning Express S?.!-® - ,’.? Nlcfct&prcis t*ftl3p.a» mt-Sma CTSciitSATi ASO lonavitnr _ Moraine Expttaia »;frTa.c. Night J&4j p. a. 11.0. p. a. nKtusAheanvutH-t am inon ilm-o*- pot COaFSS CARGOS A.'fD saxaitAH StaSSTJ. TOIECO 1U»B. _ Mil! *4:l3a.i!U *k»j p.m. Dav Exprc-*.! *1:00 a. a •IRWp. a Nc'i/olli EipreM ...SmS'S - ’S?" c NlchiEipfese :*lftt»p.B. ra.UO 3. m * DItBOIT UNt. Maii : »4:45a.n. tfeWt-ta- Nicbt Express UttOOp.a. # oiwp.a. tens watsb asd chkaso. .•„t» „ • oi.n. «ooa-in tore*a • • 7:00 a. a. .12:W a. a. FasxtJne 3:15p. a. 7:40 p.IC * '(- T<.ia CStTBAL. TiavPAsgexmer,.......... WSS*-”- tUSTS- Ewifcikeu Aetornaod’n. •::« P- a. »• »• Hydel'nrk anaOakWood'&tua.a. *-j5 a.m. » *» “ *ltlup. Q. *HSS».2. « »• “ .... *23op.m. *2:sop.rr. u “ ** *stiSso,m. •tiMp.n CHICAGO. EtTIOISSTOK AhD qCIVOI. Day Express and Man... *^2oa. a. 'esiOp. m. Ntebl Express *l2.Cop.a. *j;soa. a. ilwidolaAccomaofi’E... •tOOp.m. Aurora »5;00p.a. *a;‘oa. C. CBICASO ASD *T. Ejf.rtiS and Mall Xich; Cxpse**. ... Jouci and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p.m. CHICAGO *SU fiBEAT lAfTEBH—(IAS3 CUiroraiW are t T yt)—mn.'WAmxm mn.ttsap narot, com. CASAI.AW> Kiamm PTSXSTB- tWinl n m. .. .. .... 7:00 a.m. ■twip-o* .I . t. WOp.B. 10:50 pcx. loramu i® caewsan. SSaSSS; SS».» £S££ Slf-f KLSs. *gt£ lasi Klrbi ETDrtSS QsSp'ta* *2:alp- ID. Accommodation.. artOp.m. *v:4o a.m* 4 JExpnaa FreUPt, *itn pas«i*cr cat attache*.. wtD fov<gaßija«« depot, eierj Sttatdai v. £tao Pv ScJoIUt Accommodation connncts v’uh Si d«m rreleht tor WiW nutiona. *Vnnd*T CKeptei, tMonlaj eiccjtr *, jidtzrdij tXKP^ gTransponaticn. j jNLY direct like to francs. General Transatlantic Company’s ) MAH, STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN >TEW yOJIX * HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. ! The tolarlid new vessels ot (his favorite rente tor the cy-nunent wtil eali truss Pier Ho. 30. iiorihSlrm - ,. a* follow*: PKKKiUK Duch«ne....NovKnb«r 17. PAKSs..bmaoal ....December i- ELBOPE. .Lluim. .. Jlrtesbw 12. ST. LADBEKT Bocaadi....December >7. - OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. Tint Cabin, (IS; Second fiMr, tsn. tm»e wine to ether cla»«.^^ Ttc Meamert ot this bp* do not carry iteersee pcs* ’ sen sen. PiSMagm intending to land at BREST wiu be fkr nUUed with railroad cooaoa tiikta, ud their hagsact cheated to Pert*. at at adfoaooal charge of *Sforfira(' and >3ior Kcood ciacs- MeJleol attendance tree of charge. _ For totter tnlbrceOaa. enpfy, in Chicago, at tt FHESCR CONSULATE CF»ICE.;I33 IUIqoUhL; la New Fork, To GKO. MACKENZIE, Agent, 3S Broad way. jirdposaig. rro ARCHITECTS. plans ant spbcittcations rc^NEWBciLD UJGa FOR THE WAR DEPARTMENT i AT WASHINGTON, D. C. Architect are Incited to prepare plans and jpccioca- • tlocs.ana esutcates of co»t, tot new flre-proof baud- • lag* tor the Wat iVocrtmenU on the sue cow occupied ' M the War D< paruaenl and adiacent meant groandda - D. C. The balldlasareQTCr’MstoniiltaTeasaperflcial are* * as Urge ai the site relentedwht admit it. I’botoirapaa - of lICO, ud all ctier titormalloa rclaOng to the sab- 1 Jcrtyuihe fnra’»hcd u> Architects desiring to cam- , pete ftr the wort, npac appllcaUun. prreonaLy or by • letter, to the andcreU-ned. A premium «f FVtPU te'r the first, ol fC.DW for the , ireccd. and pfsi,CCO for tlie third mot acceptable 1 plan* and »|K'ciacatlcat received, will be awarded, upon lh« approval of the ifon. Secretary ot W»r, by * the Boar) r i CCcer* charjed with the uatv of select lie 1 skMnnd preparing plan.'and sprclficttioos for the buildings of tne War Department cade? act 01 Con- •. gTresapprovedJaiycS 1566. j The plans and «p« elflcaUons most be »eat to the o9ce cf bteret LieotenaEl Coloiel t. J. Treaiwed. IPvor- : Board, Ordnance «-Cre.Wlatl:r*» Boudmz. WasUlnstcn, D.C., on or before foe Ist day ol Fearoary, ; IS6T. The Board will reserve the right to reject »av or ati plans submitted, should none be deemed tunable for the purpose, as veil as to retain any or ail of such ** Bvordsr&l the Board. T. J- TREADWFLL. ’ Bvt. Ueuc Cqu C. X. Bccorder. ■pllOt OSALS.—BurI & 510. Riv. U. R. I -propoisli for the grading, b'Wdlnr. tiring, and I me laying ct track of 6ft miles ol the fiurllngtra A Mlf*ocri Biverßailroad, wcsltrom Oarluia, wnt b« «. reCTlvedbvme.from the 13U» till thnXthlret. Drohlca, . plant and Ipfclhca'l'.aa cau be Inspected <.ariag that hmealmi ottce, la ihlscitr. 1 ’ li.imFLSKN.CUeI En*U»w. Burlington, lowa, Nut. 7. UW. T>ROtOSALS FOR fcIuWERAQE I JC BUJCKS. _ erne* c» rn* Boato of »* woaxa, > Chicago, Not. i-jci. W. ( Scaled proposals will be received by the Hoard cf Pub.ic their oSlce. nr.Ul Ua. c.Thuptday, ’ h'oi crab* r 2»ta, for one hundred and slaty-one tbjiu sce tfvpntr Br*ck«. The bricks will be delivered piled up aloes tr.e lines cf the Sewers to la tn citr,airiest u» , Ibe const and tosrectioa of the Pah is Works, . and most be whole. bard bamed,f.fe from Urn*. p.-b --b'.ra and bats, square ctlprd, acd or the standard dimen sion* (RilxlH laehes.l The fell rnmhcrorbricks will be reqnir;.! U be de- Uvrrcd od or before .tanaary 1-t, ISS7. . Proposal* most r-* »jdre*»«-*i tu me Board ’ f rebde I Wcr*», endorsed “Proposal h r £ewcr.«se Rrloks.” and . he arcTEpaclidwiih the n>nal fXObsnl, -cUU sure ties, to he approved by Uw Brant. The Board reserve me rtsnt w rr'fct an» bid not ta accordance with the f t&s auvtrtLwtacul, ortoirjrotallbld*. and no proposal will le acoepu.xi nnieesthe party offering U shall el'e evidence «aa-itc torv to the Board mat be ha* Ui* ftneessary skill. eiperl»cce. energy am: ability t>r dulni the work. U tmstwsnty. aad baa r-i2cl:at 1 ( v c^ l r FitHD-LECZ, U.d.ROSE. Bc-«:d of Public Works. nolMOt iCitj] Notices PROPOSALS FOR COXSTRUCTIOX OF A PORTION OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. _ Omcz or the Doaid or pnttxc w.-inxs,» Chicago, NornaVr is. ( Scaled proposals arM be received by tin* rf Puh'.lc Works, at U .lr Olßce. until lUm, Monday, I'trvrobrruLlbr the excavation n>'ce<sary to deepen ihclUtncls arrt MUhiran Cuna'. reckons N.>,.-ncr tevn (Uj to tlurtv~e»en G-D torJusiv^.a<x-cr.llag to plarsandipedCcatlottsonflleat said ocirv. 1 here wiub«»»>nielJsC.OOO viuds of earth cxcavatina tote removed. Thematerial is {Morally inito bard. ard etnlait* more crlc»*h’cU!«Ts anddct» -'.iiit nwir. The work meat be pn>*rcut<rU -o as bv. (> Inttnere with the nee of the Canal. m> far as it shall he d-rr.e durtnc the ct navigation; hut must also Nr protccoud ilorlnc tt.* ofnavitnvion, with tU'liaCorre as'tail »aliaiy the Board that lt»* wo-a Wld le Ct tnpU-lert dnntic the time stlpulv.iM in Cut (ontiact. Ulssupposert ihat as many as slxort drrdirca a ill be required Tor iti* whole wort. and t; c-t dreCges. with scow?, crane* and all nccowwry tu-k :hm ery, will b- required to be pul on early next y- ar. l*-vr- Ue-> contracting for the wurh will he required t ' pro- KLII IUC ftUllk <«lll l«c rfc n’ • "Ui'lL v* m la »evhfl«aatitl*sas th« U->«rd shall dotcrmirv*. Tht Hoard rc.crve the rlirijt to rc)f lau> hid sot .'a aicorilai,ce wish the toaumonscr ihl» xiltl-m.-: U or 10 rtie:t all ties, and no proposal will unless tVe prrtr cwftts U shall give evl :■ net? svli-Xio tr.rr to the Board tliat he h»* the nectary skin, expe rMict.enei'B' aad ability fordoingu:s won. U trust worth>. ar->: has sudclcnt pecuniary roourecs. The Beard will require ctuh secarlty a* according lcth*lr Judgment. w 111 secure the doles of the work acvordU* to tttcoatmt. Q GJN FRED. urrz, O.J.ROSE. WM. GOODIXG. R.B. >LVS«»X. 5053-f; Board of Public Wont. AN ORDINANCE to authorize Tlmm ae.WLlcox A Co. to lay down and operate a rail road track on Kate* street. He it or ifrnntd tM CUmmoii Cbu’icil 0/ tkt CUy qf t* icngv : Sxcrios 1. That penr.UHcn U hereby ertnte.ltoß. W.lhoma!*. E. and A. O. Wticos, the Inn of Thomas. WjleoT A Co., to My down sad operate* rallrrad track tor amld<:ni<K the i'”in of live years, eotum'-nclnc at a point on lUte- st.-r-L opposite the centre rf an allev running n'>rth .in:l.>.>uth.h.tfees Hidden and I lodge street#, and thra.e west ou the north c:de<-t said ItaH-H strict to a point whi re the Mime wtu ■ cocnceiwlth the railway tract* rn H.illrmtf avenue. bcc.a. Bald railroad track shaT he laid dowala the manner and aa the Board Of Public Wcrks of said city dEc.a. raid railroad track shall only be used ardope- J rated for theperpeseof enabling slid Wilcox * Go. earrylns on their IcslUmatc business. hie. 4. T nl* ttrant k« made 00 the enprt-a condition Cal the satd Thomas. Wilcox A Co. wl.!. at the expira tion it said tern cf Her ; ear*. (unle#-* othe-w •.<" irdcr ed by the Common Coot cU,> take up said tra-k and leave the stmt in as good condition as when the same ject to all general ordinances now exlslP.g,orlh** _ • • 1 hereafter l-e passed, concert Inc railroad*. fcrr. 6. ThMonUnsn'esta.l besut'e-t toameadio-B* modification or appcalalaay avia). times. ** Sue. 7. This ordinance shall take cilect and Irom and after Its pasture. . „ „ I Pasred. Jior. 12, is* Approved, brr. lit. W. v\ uoDAP.D, Acting lUvor- Attest: A-H. Boraox. noJMt_ Proposals fou filling north MARKET STREET. FBUil ERIE STREET TO DIVISION STREET. omex or tux Boaib of pcbuc wori», i Cmcaoo. Xovemo-r 13,1256. J Sealed Proposals will be received by the U-uri of Public Work#, at their oCke. until U a. m- SJonday, Xor.2Clb.lor nilincwlth ciay Sorth Market street, from th- south line of Ene street to tn» tenth Hue at 1 Blrisioo str-tt, aeeordlng to plans and sptnricaUoaa j on die at said office. _ . _ Sale taprorement will be paid for x« the work pro gresses, with the usual mentation of afte-:n (13) per Prcpcialsinnstbeadrtreefrilto tlse Beard ol PrtoJia Uoikn.tJ.ftJMed'MTDpoaal fbr Filling >ort.i M-u .rt i*c<t.” ano be afootnr'a! 1«1 will. ttc >xo bond, ruafimtlf».iohetpi*roTedbytb« l-o'" 1 - . , Tte Board rtaerte the right to reject any old not ts with iLc condlUca* of tnla a>ir-'tv.a:rncnlj rto reject all Mda. and no wil. r»,-i-p?i-d nice* toe party offering tt ahall glee erPtcrre «att*£ac» JtT tn Utc Board that be hu toc =»llf. expo leoce. energy and ability lor doing the work, u lruab> rortoy, and baa auffldent pecuniary “ofs I>EIA fued. letz,*** t>. J. Hi tSE. Board of ibibllc Wcrta. noit-m Samod J. Walker, ri the YV CJi? 01 Covlrptm*. State ot Ken’nety. byW* mortgage !Hg-.i,'UUa the flxuOi? c( M»v. a. U., 19R, an,\p.<brtft!lLtbe Recorders office cl ae Ccanty d Cogk.atdStatecl HUeMstn Hrok cf at ra.-ei!!, rcav-vud to ice unuerrigned, thebe 11. w.j*. ct Peoria, and 6u:e ;i Illinois, u.e following destined r-4l estate, to-wit: Paitrf-he ncrtceart .;narit: ofaeo tiCa bantu rwjra-loflTit uiird nizasaimfl"X-J*a. do fenbed as tozlows: commenting*: tt* &ir;te«et cor* aer ol its northeast qm-rtr- ol *».td <rtr: six (Sj lbfncefr‘t.l: aloas the east \u« (-1 v-ic qn*-vr*eci:cß one huedred tad »lxty Rtf’) rcc* line or aaldquamraecaon*. th*trewe*;»J;:;gka:'- S u,! l*is* fljiy JVirods; tts-tconortaot «ia->. es»t line ot stud quarter »» Han cn- hQcd;*d .ny GOT) rcUkto toe north line ol *aii‘ quarter *"ct*.-a; tt. nee cut along aai« north line to •;.* pm■-« cf Nats- Ling—cortaltlrjCJjncje*. b-»M LK.rwued-i-.. cav ing been given aad mad’! ler me cup frr • t s.-'u- 4 the payment of three certain proms*.ry nets. r-i-ame dt'.nu aatd mortgage deed. for tfce sum ct et-tt hundred and ihrty-three and 33*. dti-ars, (I i *8133>£.) each beannclntcrrat •: its rat" or si * per cert per annum from date, and pa'sols la one. rao and three yean, respectively, from date. Whereat, del*clt taring been m*.! t- te P«> —J—* J; tote due In ona year from da' • . : dae cf May, I 8 **: therefore. notice u terete e-vm thslLnndrraiitl by virtue of th« pow-m veauu In rae b? raid mortgage deed, have cf ».iirt promissory note* now dne an* •jayarie, w»ir«« will, tte Interna* then ct, and teat or attorney, will ar/J the Steve descrltol preu ««, at public auction, at the Genet Hen.*e Jcor. ic the city or Chicago, Cccntj of Ccct, t r tbe-perre*- cl panjj o *531(1 protrls-cry notes and Irieiest. ot Mrtcay.tia tMid day cf December. A. I)., isSS. at ter. a ™,?u J,;. ftrn i wmss. Ki««» O \3qcktV6. pirORTA2\T TO TITT-p ABD EOEK PACKER 3. Wavingporebasedt*-B.blartii/s Palest.terin“lM PUUVLAlLsT IN tiVRINU tLESU FOR POOD. I ii now rrepsred to Introdace Uto the trad-. An ex amination will satUly the moat skc3dc.ll that meat* can be cared by this proees*. la any glnu oi weaker, curA!.au.ncKEß»--d BETTER than In any oi her way. B*rrel Pnn ready for nte la two dan. =Tioo-V°f» and slat* »o seven to tea day*. In midsum mer. Fur IcfunhaUoD, addresa W. C. ALBERCESE. Bu2ilo.X.T. fCopj.J BCITAtn. Anpwt 23J, ISGS. After a cartful penonal eisolcaUon ot the otao of ccnnc ncAt b* pracuctd ty i* J. L-Albcriter & lintßßih* procewlobecorrectlapundple, &.d tbac it will operate *o »accettfsHT la romaier ccrias aa to reTolobtnlze that Mttctof bnslaess. I fc*T** no be3tta» ucs in rewnuneudic* It to tboee rt>aM»ftnj ’ HoardcHradeaad hack, cry A.soctatloo- Susititca (Garßs COSDIISSION HOUSE OP lIEDMOND «JC CO« f«cece«sa to J. it BEDMOSD A SOS, Ct.lia4a.lUA tala, prompt returns *cd tall to tca*kc». Sell oa oruu«c HoaVi*'nr, Seed!. WOTlalcu and frcdace. Oirrsa aocdißrt solicited- Q.EsT, hatteh & CO., VJMesala Commissira. Merchants, Ho. 30 3leGmi“it- EtSYEa. rmOKAPO. AMERICAS HOUSE, BOSTON* TO, uvjrtts fin&clsM Hotel. tbe larssat la Hew ftszUsd. otTer* nafttfpatsed acwnwodtftoas to tM name. LEVHS BICE, fnwnac tiiliscrUaueous. r\ \TTIOX —To Purchasers and Deal ( « Celebrated WAXU&VSOO? AND C&UW'BUOt? AKCTIC GAJTER gHOE^t &ba t. a. *645 p. a. fnsp.m. 6!a ».a nested ty T. C. Wtles, of Doi-ua. Tt- Goodyear Sleume Esther Shoo Nao-Vo**. Ccnnectica*. would istomi Dt dfr * *■£ ih« rnCUcpjacraDT U*t ihey we the eisfv-K- .» sf its nuti and S jl» il.vsmcrcE2»o, Ck aimed tnlrtoj'TOrei' of their njhts nadir f4, 4Ai : T ;i hire S AbCTIC* ACS »W w «C»VlntS the name of the P»>at*e and « «»• *• • j p->. lie will promote s*uiarucK.<.'J=*' those ctlj WAtES. auilo>s 4jC.0,1^1 107 *M ■pot'eo. and BBEEDF> *sOUTU , Vl X z* 100 u > * rt r* ; - >,v « • sale of ae *bo«-sW*'-j & ?r» - , Gto. H» aai'yrcy. Tm*» -i-F~«EIj O\\SEIIS AKD uaptacjs fril UIUUSL fttsal. hotels.