Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 26, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 26, 1866 Page 4
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Ci)icaga tribune. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 90,1565. the city. Gru*n JnxT ix ms Omcrrr Cocnr.—A special renire was issued on Saturday for a grand Jury is he Circuit Court, on mollot ol Ihe State’s Altor ;cy. The return will be made on Friday next. Gtxtnocß.—Governor Evans, of Colorado, haa Inst contributed twenty-five thousand dollar* to tfce Northwestern at Evanston, lor toe endov-ment of a chair of Mental and Moral Phi losophy. Sei.ox Itomspox'* Novzs. —Solon Robtcson, the v«titan agilcullural editor, baa written a novel for the New York HVrJWy Tribune. Tbe publication will commence on the fifth of De cember. See advertisement to another column. Souurcs' Host.—A special in PC line of the Dowd ot Managers oflhc Soldiers’ Home will be held oo Monday, at half-past two o’clock p. m., in ti c rccas of the Young Men’s ChrlslUn Asrociatlon, corner of Clark and Washington stmts- . Tnv “Smrmst” Oath.—ln our recent notice if :! c Surprise Oats, the number ol bushels per crc was Incorrectly stated. It should hare read ‘IJI bushels.” C. H. Van Ollnda. of Sandwich, > Kan, county, Illinois, Is the proprietor of this ruly •urprisicp variety. SmATXD k —A span ol eorrel roan carriage v ith white laces and feet, strayed on Snn daT. Iln-y are fonr and five years old, and Lad en tailers* A liberal reward is offered to any on • rctuminn or information where they may he jonnfi to D. I*l. Chapin, No. 41 North Carpcale.* E tree I. !s:rnovntEST<».— Gaydon’s billiard hall, Nos. 12S*and ICO Clark street, which has been closed for a fi w (lavs for alteration and enlargement, will be re-opened on Monday, the Stttbjinst. The pro* prictor invites all nU friends and the public who are li.itusud, to call and examine the improve* minis. r> d.— Tlie contlnncd cases of James C. Alexander and Annie McCloskey, who were toi ler, cd to this city some days ago from Toronto by a Canadian detective, for the alleged larceny of a vetch, diamond pin. ic., were uj lor final exami nation at the Police Court on Saturday afternoon. No one appearing to prosecute them, they were QiHkaigtd. Accident.— Saturday morning about nine o’clock the bark F. B. Gardner,” In tow of the tug “Ciawfonl,” In attempting to pass the propeller “ Backus,” collided with the Lake street bud'-r. causing the lors of hcl bowsprit, and des trov&g ab. ut th.rty feet of Ihs railing of the krill-e. The accident occasioned considerable delay to the crowds who were waiting to cross tlu river. Titr.i.vcu to Onaua Cmr.—The train of the Northwestern Railroad, which leave* this city on Mrndav morning, at eight o’clock, will run th*caci> to Woodbine, a point thtriv-fire miles tH* -Ide of Omaha City. Mr. Baldwin, news a ci t of ihl* c tv, has completed bis arrangements Jotoivcid the Chicago Tribune through to that I'uiit and to Umaha hcrea'tcr without loss of time. , T:te False Ixpcisonxent Case,— Michael Hiky, wfosc name was mentioned in these col -I,ur- l»D Saturday as having assumed to bean o;.;cv: ard caused the arrest of George Carpenter for r.i;> ged l.H*ciiij of clothing, delivered himsetf to juriicr «t: Fridav owning and on Saturday ap plied before .in-lice Brown for examination *il to: heard and a postponement wa« mudo until i.iae o'clock In the morning of tbi 3'Jth m-toni, bail being required In the sum of S3W. T»a Ca c e or Viimrr ve. Gibson.—A notice of. tl.i- c:sc appealed in our columns sometime ki ~, ;n which a seri'-e of elurge* were reported n-u.a.’c lukre Justice D'Wolt by the Ann of Yoistnr, pnblishen*. of Loudon and New Vv I K, cculn-t Mr. John M. Gibson. The chafes. \\l.ivh v-c;c many, were in the Recorder’* Conn reduced to one of simple larceny, and the Grand Omv. a: a- last i-esrion, ignored the bilk the ckaiias not being proven. TEcruAit RtaCLT or a Law Cafe. —On Friday in the Circuit Court, was commenced the trial of a ca-r. “Declare Riley el al rt. Maria Brewster, late McDonald, and Elram M. Brewster, her bus* l>::Ld.” This was an action of ejectment involving tic possession of land fronting on North Water stin-t and running through to Kiiuuc afreet. The xccuiare cletcrlplion of the lot is, lot 13 block 2, Kii.uif’s addition. The case came -o a conclusion on taundai, the jury fiudlrg the defendant not «-ailtv. Nirgularfy enoegh t-ic defendant moved tor a'new ti bl. In face of such a motion it would, pci ha) *, Lc proper to allow the defendant to plead guilty. Fv. Andrew's Dinner —The 30th of November i ; the day set apart by tac Sous of Scotia for the worship of their patron saint. The rites and cer etronli? are always coudncted in each an agreea ble manner that the festive occasion never tails to create In tbc minds of all who propose to partici pate in them, anticipation of a happy time. The am.ivertasy is now quite close at band, and as will be seen by the advertisement in another column, the Committee of the Illinois St. An drews Society, who arc in charge of the Rrrange ments Intend to make this, the t»cnty-flrstanru versarv, one of the best that has been held. The annual celebration dinner will be given at the Briggs House on Friday evening. A great gath ering of the clans is anticipated, and every guest may be sure ol a hearty “ Highland welcome,” An Escape. —A man named Henry Craig, al leged to be the keeper ot an unlicensed drink it:g hou-e in tbc city cf Freeport, was brought before Mr. Commissioner lloync on Sacardayon the charge cf evading and violating the Revenue laws. It appeared m that a license under the Revenue law had not been lakes out. The District Attorney consented that a fine of £lri) duiiars be imposed as a penalty for the neg lect of comnVance with the law. The prisoner wa j placed In charge of olhcer Mclick, of Frce rort, v-Lo accepted the responsibility ofcundact irg tbc prisoner to some frlcrds who would Thi-c iha amount of the fine. On their way they called into an oyster saloon. The oQcer having occa-ion to retire for a few moments, the prisoner srrlled himself ol the opportunity to escape, a*** lie Las effectually done to this time. rente Readings.—Ou Saturday last, Llenten -Bvj Lrcrs, tbc well known author of “Sherman** y *:ch to the Sea,” aud several of our most popa h; patriotic songs, cave a public cnterUlumeut at the lecture hall of Cutvcrrity. A goodly number of our citizens were preresl.and all seemc-d highly gratified with the ruicito cf Lieutccat i Cycrsiu leuderl-tg the pi* cw selected. Several of these were of his own composition, and all elicited the haarty applause of Uj- audience. We understand lhar. at there qupgt o: his literary f :nds, the lieutenant Is about to make a tonr through 'he Northwest for the pc-pofc of making similar public rehearsals. Wt arc tallrficd that those who desire such a bte rarv er.icitalrmeiit will find In the recitations of LicuKhsut Bxcrs an eloquent rrndcilng of bis If.rtcuiul patriotic songs. Tnt Biuajtt Cabs. —Bcnry Schmidt, the police men c f v hom mention was made In these columns ouFiloay as having been asreeted for deserting his wife, was examined on Saturday morning at me J'cuce Comt, npon the charge ofblgamy. His first n ire appeared as the prosecuting witness. A marriage certificate exhibited to the court, indi cated that on the lllh ot July. 1593. Rev. C. E. iicrr.lkerm.Ucd Henry Schmidt and Augustine Schadd in the bonds of wedlock, at No. 45 Green wich ►treel. New York. Another document pre fcMcd to the court, showed that on the 34th of January last, Uccry Schmidt was married to Sot bia'Gcorge. of tbc town of Colon. New Jersey, by Rev. John Justin. The counsel for the de fence cf the prisoner, objected to the use of the mnrnasc certificates as evidence, npon the ground that there were no affidavits from proper officer* that they "ere genuine. . . Ttcca>cwa'- continued until December 3d, tor u:iber ixamlcation, in fyll of SBOO. The ABvrrnsotG Cases.—WUh reference to the t-dvcriUlm cases referred to severs! times in our colonies, wo clip the folio trios from IheSU Lome / ul/v JHtjxUcli of Novembir Sid: “In the Court c: Criminal Correction yesterday the com* plaints against Mcridetb Da'la and Mr. Whit Lead v.etc dismissed by the Judge, no erlden bvire beard other than that oTercd by the pros cation. The cause ot action agalu«t these sent lain was the alleged failure oflloHand & Co., f whom they tvexe agents, to publish a certain spo: fed number of pamphlets for distribution opb the Fair Grounds. Ibosc who read the testlmoa v. Licit w c published in full a few days since, w. Lcur.iiT concur in Jndgc WolQ's decision tbatt» pjostesritu: had no case. From whatever cau tbc pamphlet filled to be distributed, it was er deLilyn reuse beyond either the control of M Uavis or Lis principal. We congratulate Messrs. L'avis :;nd Whitehead upon the fact that they were torcrtbly discharged upon the very testimony which was brought to overthrow and condemn *1 < ci—a fact which leaves their character without tain cr stain.” Change op Tnrr.—On and after NovemU'*- *.£th, trains will leave Chicago on the lied: h’-nl Railroad at m. and It-15 p. ra.; •Joi «.t Accommodation. too p. m. Arrive in Chi* c. ;.u at a.thW p. to.,and Joliet Accommo u; V:-;:: n. i.i. Oi the llllnoi* Central Railroad, passenger tti.iL* v ill lci\< after suuday at JfcOO a.m , HhUup. n f aukakee Accummocatioa, -LIU p. m., and i;>de i’itu at a2u a. m., Jiio p. ra..3:3up.iß. and ~:i'j \< tr.Arrn in-ut lu;w p. m., fcO a. m.; Kan kjk< t a'. :■:.■> a. m., end irom Hyde l*ark at 7:45a. c... a in.. l;£o p. ti. sad 7:20p. ra. Oii the Michigan Central Railroad, passenger t -In- •1M liavi after -asuar, Sola instant, as lot- >!um:c:r Express, 5:oo 3. m.; Day Express, ... Tit ; Evening Express, ia.; M;ut Ex* I'., Hi.; J-aJiiiooy.--. lo >ik*» oaly,SH3p. v,. Will arrive: Morj.iui; Express, p. a.; Day r,;» u j>. in ; Evening Express, <>:OJ a. m.; ExpiCbs, lijCu p. xn.; -rionuaye, from Niles 11..}, oi. liidianai-oliE. Louisville Jb Cincinnati, trains no hi-ud Ct-nral Kallio.vd, leave at 7:oo a m and a. Will arrive at ii:oo p. m aud 10:33 tir.i;.—About ti.iec o'clock on Saturday after noon ce “laria v. as sounded from box twenty-eight, but tin; lire ptoved to be at some distance from :i_'i ’..cation, b lug in tho two-story frame rcsi- No. 451 Michigan avenue, corner of Thlr iicua street, owned and occupied by H. C. Durjtd. r..--;.. of >be firm ol Durand Bros. & jV-v cn. v hoJcrcle grocer*. The flames originated r.t the b>.tt»:n ot the flue on the south side of the Lc;:sc. and burned the wood work along Hie u.tu.t:'-v t.], ;o the roof, fprvsdiug out at the ,tioi.a Vt*'iy to as to consume a wide portioa ot •.I. , cc,;i g. Ihe roof wis also injured by it-, .'.rosed l>% being cut through to admit the t:<j-> ; ,;-c. "ilic mile damage, however, is that • by tbc water, the handsome lumituro iti’ car'v i \,‘ry room being completely soaked, cf ft riLii‘:d. An unnecessary amount «>: water v as thro-.-.r, as the fire was confined to -.••tv t-mat! space, ar.d could have been easily Oucktdbv a siig'.c rirmim. i 1 o ::i .oviiit o; Jo-- can Ouly n« estimated, bat will be from fl.CV'fl to The lie- -c a'.d furniture were insured for Mr. l • r.t.d bc'rcv. s tiie company to be tbc l.amber- D---.V. TLc insurance was placed by T. L. Hoar T<>r. Tin Fwesdixss.—This noble Instl tutuuia doing much to relieve the sorrows of that lar;;e class who arc found in this city-worthy 'J tiKcuv women and children, the helpless or p’. uu m.u tuo loiniv widow—aud Its work Is con striitly lucrossiug.' Duting the mouths of August and September last thete were received over one Lui.drvd of Hits class per month, and daring Un year lfc*3 i.varly eight Loud red. Probably onv tncasand ot these oesutuie homeless ones wl I have tem received, led. lodged and partly clothe I in the course of IS.c. This great aud ctmrllable work necessitates a largo expenditure—about fifty joUr.t » a day—aud for >blatoe ma&tnrs hare m rc-oUTces but the contributions of the benevolent. As the annual thauktgivtng season approacbe tli, v appeal to all those. In city or country, wh > wi-t to do something to lessen the great sumo Liman misery to Jor*ard donations or money 1 vc-ctahlcs or other food, and clothing, aud as H'vv endeavor to bestow their benefactions only nr CO the w orthy poor, the charllalde may thus feel —•‘ured that their gifla will be much iMsllxsdy to be misapprcpiistcd than iflher were given Indu c-imir-tclj aui without Inquiry. Money should to Kev. E. Boring, Secrctarr. £»i West i’cdtsop et:cct,«nd produws aud clothing totho •• Home lor tbc core of M«. i. Oranl. '■II Wrbash avenue. Nearly all tbe raiiroais transport contributions without charge- As fam ine* and f i lend? gather around the cheerful table m Tb2uLt?ivh; , 'TJar. ’s> enjoy the bounties with itbicstoo «IT Infeed, thcr .boald rHOCinbjt lie poor who arc always with include the ocavvoknl institution In Ihclt bcaeUcUoas. ANOTHER CICERO MURDER. A BOTVBI SHOT BT A SALOON KEEPER. Life in Cicero—A Drunken Quarrel and ‘lts Consequences—The In quest— Testimony of the Witnesses. THE VERDICT The town of Cicero, at tbe western limits of Ihla city, haa gained a very unenviable notoriety of late years. H has been proposed to extend the clly limits so sstupnt tost district under proper control. It has much seed of IL A more lawless, uncivilized, nucontrollshla settlement does not exist in toe whole county. There may be many peaceful and worthy cliizens to be fonnd In tbe place, bat it would &cem as if the greater portion was peopled by a set of riotons, untamable, half* savage rowdies, the chief end and aim of whose existence Is to drink mean liquor In mean saloons, and create disturbances. 11 a mao Is nnfortnn* ateenongh to be respectable, be immediately be* comes obnoxious to these unruly natives, and It la nothing uncommon to bear of bouses being bum* cd down by a band of ruffians. They will club together to hunt such a man from the neighbor* hood, and if that caui.ot bo done they wQI not hesitate to burn him out, or even to alay him. If need be. . , , , Yesterday morning, about two o clock, Cicero became once more the scene or a murder. Peter Schlepp, the keeper of a saloon In the vicinity of the “l>utch Careens,’’ beyond the city limits on West Madison street, shot a man through the heart whh a discharge of pigeon shot trom a don* ble-barrellcdgnn. The victim, who fell dead on the spot, is connected in a dirtani way with tbo Cicero murder of itCI, which resulted in the exe cution of Fleming, Corbett and Kennedy. His name is Mark Pinna, a brother of James Finan, who assisted in that memorable exploit, who subsequently tamed Stales evidence, against bis accomplices, and who now does a thriving business as a falcon keeper on Des plaices street. Mark, from all accounts, appears to have been one ol the regular Cicero gang, and lodging from the statements made by various parlies at the Inquest, he has deserved toe fate be met with. “One of the boys” gels into a “muss” at Ibo saloon. Is beaten and turned out of doors. He repairs to another saloon, where Mark Is liv ing. and denounces the saloon keeper. A baud of marauder? immediately assemble, and, headed by Mark, proceed to the puce for the purpose of tak ing ample vengeance upon the unfortunate saloon keeper, who defends himself by seizing a * enn and shooting the ringleader. TUB JIUKDEB. About midnight on Saturday two Irish labours, cieol whom was turned Matthew and Urn other John entered Fcblapp's saloon and drank some liquor. Presently John engaged In a “.mass vnih other men in the saloon, wb'ch resulted In John being dragged to the street. Matthew, en deavoring to defend hU comrade, was pitched i con by the whole party, who knocked him down and kicked him nn'il his eyes became Invisible. hie cheeks f welled out to twice their original sms. Matthew aud John ran with all vos mWc euecu to a saloon kept by one l«m JitcGiUai*. a Uttl-' further to the wc«t. and I’-uie they met Mask, who, upjn sscsnarilng the nature ot the quarrel, joined Matthew and John avd, rlong with several otheif. proceeded to Scblnpp's saloon. The avowed object of this apos tolic ti Towns to get beer, but from certain expres sions dropped bv Mnan it may be guessed that his real purpose was lotakc revenge upon Schlapp nw the Indignity put upon Matthew and John. He v rs it-fuscd admittance Intotbe saloon, tvlic.enp cji bo threatened to tear dorm, bum and kill. ‘•'ibis night will be tLc last ollum,'’ be was beard to sav in allusion to Schlayp. And when hi< com radcs etidtavired to draw- him awny he Kid, “Was Ibis all you brought me here for,” as if there had been a definite plan of action preconcerted. There may have been another object. Schlipp was brown to Lave si.lXo in his safe. It would have V,na good opportunity to enrich themselves. Not being successful in hl« attempts to terrify hcblayp, Mran proceeded to break opeathedoor, ami Sclsl app took a donble-bartcVed gun which he had in his pos-csslou and di-charged the contents u. the body of Finan, who fell lifeless on Ihe spot. Schlapp at once proceeded to the sub-station for lie purpose of giving himself into custody, hut on the way he was overtaken by OaHcer John Keuuy, v. c< nductcd him into the presence of Sergeant William Donglass. ..... , . Coroner Wagner was notified of these frets, and an inquest was held yesterday afternoon- The fall of Finan created a strong feeling of indignation among the Clccronians and the pris oner, Scl.lapp, bad to be concealed all day for fear of anothernot- Threats were freely ottered by pome of the rowdies that U he was nol convicted tbvy would shoot him, and no doubt whatever ex isted throughout - the turbulent town of Cicero that they would make good their promise In the ’event cf Schlapp being restored to Uue.-ty. So much wap an outbreak of the Irrepressible Cellic clement feared, that Captain Kennedy deemed it pindcnttohavoaparty of police at the place to preserve order daring ihe night. txtb isque-t. Coroner Wagner summoned a jury at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, and an Inquest was h. id upon ihe body of Funn, at Schlapp t saloon. The following testimony was elicited: pctzu senoirr, JCMon, was the first wilness examined. He testified as follows: Am the son of Peter Schlapp, who keeps this saloon. The trouble commenced a little after eleven, about a treat. There wm a company in the saloon, numbering from twenty to twenty-five nun. One man commenced to raise a muss with John Maloney. Another one followed and strode Malony. 1 and my father and two men took the fighter* oat ot the door, Maloney remaining in the room and went behind the stove. Mark Jones followed to strike him. Jones took hold and flung me around. I fell down. IhU occurred outside the door. Two men attacked Maloney. Ail the men, except one who played the fiddle, left the saloon. Charles Bcbults, my father and mother and myself, re mained in the saloon. My mother was in the Pack room, and came in the saloon when the crowd left. All then went to bed. Schultz laid on the lounge in the hack middle room. At once wo heard a noise at the door, shoot a quarter of two. My father got up. came tn the saloon and saw several panes cf gla.-H broken. He saw Jones behind ihe plana. Told them five or six times to behave, that be had treated them well. Fthnlu and 1 came out and saw them. Mark r.nan tun aglnst the door ana h*okc it 0 jcn; broke two windows, and as he entile! it'widc open my father shot. Doth door* c;mo open. My father stood near the middle of inc room. The man fell. I saw two men h'ridc? 1 man outside at this time. One started cu; the other stayed there. There were more pets ms on the corner of the street. Tfic attack was mad-* by three men, one ahead of the other. Final was ahead. The men outride made mreais, a tying ** To night was the last night of Mm.'* 1 saw no weapons in tneir bands. Only one man broke the door. Mark Finan was c im-. l stood in the back of (he room at the time. They attacked the door before this. He k pt t i cun In the back room. The glass was broken before he came from bed. My father, when he shot, stoned with August Fredericks, vihn liv- d across the street, for the station b nise. My father started first and August Fredricks fol io wed. Wv father has lived hereelncc last M-irch. I loaned ite gun mysvlf with No. 7 pigeon shat. 1 look the caps oh worn 1 returned from hauling. My father keeps the gnu tn his room. He capped the gun. One barrel Is loaded now. There were seme rows some time ago, and my lather must have fixed the gun at that lime to scare the men. I used the gun hist October. 1 had not seen Mark 1- loan before around here. 1 recrgnixed him by eight, and one of the other*. ACOI'sTUS rKXDEUICKS sworn: I am driving a car. Iteaide across the street from the saloon. 1 was here from 9 o clock. Saw two men hoc who came In about IS. They behaved very well for a time, when they got to anarelling, and were put out of doors. They con :.ucd fighting outside, and ran down toward 'he limits, boon after, when I was at my own door, 1 beard them coming back with some others. Three of them attacked the door of the saloon. 1 bad then lelt it abont ten minutes. Finan threatened to break open the door if Mr. Schlann refused to let them in. Schlapp said h*i would vot let anymore in that night, as he bad closed op the place- At this time the glass was not broken. Finan iben smashed *ho window, and Schlapp cried out “Slop, or I'll thoou" Finan stepped hack to the poet at the door, and «W “ Shoot and oo d—d. 1 dare yon to Snoot.” They were quiet for a moment and some one tried to get Finan awar. Finan said to them, “ Was that what you brought me here for F* He then said, “ Come on. boys," aud went np to the door again, and burst it open. Immediately after that I beard the shot. Finan v alkcd back a few steps, then put hl« baud to his breast and fell forward on his face. He was very near the door when the shot was fired. 1 came over and told Schlapp he had better give himself up. Mr. 1-cderer tola mo to do so. He was funding with me at the time. Schlapp said, “1 v ill: where is tbo nearest station f” We walked uown together, and on the way we were overtaken b • Officer John Kenny, between Robey and Lincoln > ireets, who accompanied us to the sub-station. Ve ton part of the wav, being afraid the men were Mlowinc ns, but we stopped when we kuewu v. as a policeman, i did not see Finan hero in ihe f. cuing. IJXKBT LEDTHEB. a pardener lesldlnc opposite tbo saloon, beard t. iio!;e andean a number o( persons engaged In a . quarrel, but did not know who they were. Came over to the ssloon to send hie boy August home. Saw about a dozen men in the street. One of them said “Von d—d Dutchman, open the duor," and threatened to tearth,' house down and bum it. and at the same time threatened to kill the saloon keeper. 1 caw the man who ottered these threats. It was the man who cot shoe lie enid be wanted to pet In for some beer or be would burst the door tn. Schlapp said “It you b.-enk the door 1 will shoot yon. The man dared him to shoot, when some others came up and he went away with them towards the city limits. 1 went to bed, and soon I heard another row and iw that it was the same crowd come hack asaln. llflt my bed and went to the cate. Ibere were tc me women among the croud. The man who cot y-.0l vent to tbe saloon door aod repeated his threats, celling npon Scblapp to open toe door or lie vould break it. lie then applied hie i’jot and hands to tbfdoor, and buret ft opes. I beard a »1;ot Immediately after that, aod tbe mao flipped back a pare or eo, and then fell on hi? face. xm 7. davis rrrcn, the County ITtystclan for the West Division, gave tic result of a po*t-mortrm examination on the b.'dy of the dee-ssed Flnan. Found on the left Vi east an evening about an inch aud a quarter in diameter, nearly round. Hie opening continued b, tween the third and foertn ilb«, fracturing the Uiter entirely, and through the top of the heart. Cim Inc away about half of the walla of the left ventricle. The h* art roctalned no blood. The opening passed on thronsh the left lung on its tu i;er border, carrying a«ay a portion or the lung, lit the back part of the lung and through the enb rlct ce of the lung was lounda quantity of email ►lot. Somcof Itbade'rnckthe llg«mcat»|or the Mdne. None passed through the body. The liver «aj- healthy and the stomich contained a quantity cl whiskey There was i.o scattering of the shot apparent, there being one graud opening. U c shot would st-exa have been tired from a c i'tauce of five or six tect. This wound was fatal. xxrrnrw Jost-, c.ce of the men who hid bcc engaged in the fl:ut cr.tslue the saloon, wis then brought In. HU face Mchtlully bruised and swollen, and his bead c:t over the temples. Ou being sworn be gave ;*js following testimony: Am & laborer, and Vcaid at Tom McGhlan s. Came up at twelve o'clock with another bov.ntmed John. We came Into hchlapp's saloon aud bad some beer. John ulscd a fuss with some men In the saloon, a ad all lauds got up and dragged him to the oatuldc. ’l be whole party went out, cxc-pt John Maloney and xnvseli. lucre was a fight outside. Turee uicnpitched into me ami kicked m:; then they vcm trio the saloon again. J was pretty tight, to tell the truth, bnllbad struck no one. we rtu down the street, ana the crowd rams after n«, until we got down to Tom’s. Mark Flnan waa thereat the Ome. He came ont to see wbqi was the matter, and then we started to come bask to .Srblapp'a saloon. Flnan kicked the door; then 1 t iaid the shot fired, and Flnan fell down. PATTUCE ITSAK. a brotbcr of the deceased, vra* next examined, jlla testimony corroborated that of the previous witnesses Jc'enTypartlcnJar. The Jury then retired, and after a brief deubera* Uon returned the following Txncicr: That the deceased, ilark Finan. came to his death on the morning of Sunday, tho 251 h of -No vember, I9CC. In front of Peter bchlappV saloon, at the ciK limits In tnc town of Cicero, by a shot t om a 'double-barrelled shot gnn tired or the l ands of Peter Scblapp, the keeper of tb* saloon, atd thejnry are of opinion that tbe act was done in tclf-oefcncc. , The prisoner was discharged. Obituary, Died, In this city, on Friday moraine, Norcra. ber SSd. after some week* severe limes#, irom congestion of the CUralc, son or Per. J. Cllmle. oT Belleville. Canada Wmu Mr. Clltnle was endowed with great mentM gins Improved by a literal education. About the a<.e of eighteen ne entered a prmtlng office, and speed ily b-catue master of tne practical details of toe bnsinesr. He was subsequently engaged In the editorship of the HUt'<tm3n,al Bowmanrille, Can ada Wen. lie came to Ibis dir a few years since, and from Unpaired heal Us, needing active employ tnen>, be became baslnes* agent ol the Banting end Jiisvrancf cbronUU of this city, on lu estab lishment In January last. As a gentleman, Mr. filmic was above reproach; his rc&nel manner* And courteous bearing commanded the regard of all who knew him. The faucial will take place from lili late rail deuce, 337 Wnl Indian* street, on Mood*/, No vember S6lh, at 8 p. m. COUNTERFEIT HOBBY. A ConpleArrtstcd on the Rve of War* rlngc—A Strange Story, On Friday, about noon, t well dressed lady en tered the el ore of Putney, Knight & Hamlin, on lake stud, and expressed a deal re to look at some cloaks. She selected one worth SSO, and re questing some slight alterations made In the cement. It was sent to the work room. While it was thus being altered, she tendered the derk a SIOO note on the First National Bank of Boston, in payment for her purchase. The cashier ol the store very BTongly suspected that the bill was a counterfeit. He showed it to Mr. Putney, who concurred in hla opinion. The lady was questioned regarding tbe bill, and she replied without any apparent leseivaiioo that she bad received tbe note oy mall that morning, trom her mother, who tended nt Leavenworth. Kansas. Not entirely satisfied with her statement, the lady was detained itrtll a mes eenger from Ibe store had returned with Officer* O'Donnell, who was on duty bat a abort distance from the store. O’Donnvll took the lady Into cuttody, and conducted her to the Central sta tion. Ucachinc the corner of Randolph and Clark streets, they were passing into tbe Court House j Square, where they were overtaken by a man I whom the lady at once recognized as an acqnaln ! tancc. Ibe gentleman affected some surprise at meeting her under such drcnmstacces. and she quietly explained to him that the SIOO note sue received from her mother that morning was pro nounced a couiitcrieil, and she had been arrested. He asked the officer a number of questions, 1 And manifested considerable interest In tbomatter, lie readtbclettcrfrom her mother, I told tbe officer she was innocent, and expressed I tbe opinion that she shoal i b.‘ discharged. Tbo I officer-at once entertained eUHpldons that the I lady's Jrlend bad more than an ordinary Interest l.ln the result ol the affair, and proposed that be I should accompany tucm to tbe station. This he seemed readliy to assent to. After reaching the I basement office, the gentleman was indignant when informed that be was also under arrest. Uc stated tba' It was entirely unjustifiable and that be waa employed as a special policeman In the Board of Public Works. Finding that coarse qnl-'e unavailing, he tried to bribe Ofhcer O'Donnell to release him. promising him £l,oto. This occurred alter be was locked np and when they were alone together. O'Donnell Is not ‘•that kind of a man,” and gate blm a most em phatic refusal. The man's name is Andrew Moore, and upon eearebrap bis person there was found upon him shout l ’tioo in counterfeit postal car* n-new ol the denomination of Ally cents, nine 8100 comnerfcll notes npon National Banks in New York City and Boston, and a "potions $3 green* back. This “money" was entirely new and tolerably executed, the paper Itself being tbc worst feature about it, find among ex* I ports the moil likely to lead io its detection, it . should be mentioned that be attempted to throw away one of the Urge noies before the search was instituted, but was closely obi-crv.d, and the bill wa* recovered. He accounted for one of the bills by saving he had received It la a letter from Springfield, Illinois. Ike lady's name Is Miss Jenny Price. She dresses well.’ia good-looking, and abon* twentv-two years old. She has been once married, but was divorced from her husband on account of his Infidelity id her. She has recently hern leading at No. Cl" Maxwell street, and baa been receiving the addresses of Mr. Moore, to wLomshcthorUrcxpccleeto be married. Iter mother resides In Kansas. Moore, until recently, has been a special lollccman attached to the. Board of Public Works. He affirms mat Mrs. Price hal no know ledge that the note was bad, aid sic hcrtcll states the same. They were ar lacnicd at the Police Court Saturday morning for elimination. Tbc taels above given were at once elicited. The letter purporting to come from her mother was ptescnlcd to the court. It reads as follows • Leavenworth. Nov. 19, IS-lfl. l.bA. UVhiUi *IW". • “Dean l>Auoirrtin i wrote yonycslerdav. bat «1H vcl havethcmoncyyouwauteo. Iwlilacnd yoaa hundred dollarc,ar.d I want yon to trr to get along with it for two months, lor 1 ts» short at presetU 1 went to know when yen arc coming home. I wrote all the news yesterday, so yon will have to put up with a short note this lime. Write soon. From your affectionate mo’ber, “Minnie Weston.'* hire. Price slated in court that she bad been suspicions that the bill did sot come from ber mother, but from Moore. On Thursday morning t-ht* received a letter Irom her mother, and Moore taking out the Ic'icw, plated another, (of which the above is a copy), in the envelope, enclosed the bill, and in a lew boars she received It. She suspected that he bad thn.i sent the bank note, as a delicate manner of rnakms her a present, know* | Irg that the monevwonld be very acceptable. It I was only natnra! that when accused of passing 1 the note she should at once refer to the letter aa proof of her own innocence. On Moore was lonnd the letter from Springfield previously alluded to. Thu following is aj copy : “Springfield, November 18, isUO. I “Itn, r sir—Yon will find enclosed one hundred dc-i;.. 1 win pay yon the Interest an soon as 1 s- c ■ve::. 1 been al work ever since you left here. The folks arc all well. I am mnch obliged for the favor, and hope to return It some day. Give my respects to all. “Yours, respectfully, “A. Wilson. Moore was required to give bail of ii,wu for bis appearance at the Recorder's Court. After hlii case was thus disposed of tils sworn state ment was received regarding Mrs. I‘rice'a com plicity in the {natter. Be said that on Thursday evening, while sitting in a saloon al (be corner of Maxwell acd Jefferson streets, smoking a cigar, a gentleman came in who was a stranger to him, be thought, and called him by name. He believed he bad seen the man somewhere, but could not “plnco” him. The man said be had got into trouble and wanted assistance. He loaned him srhO and the stranger Landed him an envelope full of tbc money that the officers had found upon Mm. Ho did not know what it ms till afterwards. He bad never seen a coun terfeit f 100 note or a counterfoil fifty cent note. I He confessed that be wrote tbc letter enclosing I the SIOO note to Mrs. Price, and afterwards in 1 looking over tbc money telt uneasy about u. The $o spurious greenback he said he received from a man named Burke at Springfield. Moore's statement was made to exonerate, aa far as itmigbt. Sirs. Price from any guilt in the mat ter. Certainly, so tar os he was concerned. It was tiiugnlarly Incocsisl-.nt and “lame.” Mrs. Price was committed for trial in ball of SSOO. A fiIIXED CANE, Fraud Suspected* But Not Proven* On Saturday afternoon William D. Bannister, of Ottumwa, ilowa, was arraigned before the Ponce Court upon a charge of obtaining money under false pretences. He had been arrested about noon at the Adams Iloase by Detective Moore, by direc tion received in a telegraphic despatch from Uttnmwa signed by Messrs. Mobley, Betts atm three other parties of that place, lire prosecuting witness was Mr. John K. Mobley, of Ottumwa. Be stated that about tour months ago Mr. Bannister came to Oltnmua and rented u store, with the expressed intention of stocktoc it with dry goods and gro cciiee, to be dlsporcd o! al wholesale. He pro toscdalso to start a batik, and represented that e was connected vrilb a firm doing business in Ntw York. He had neither opened his wholesale house or his banking business, but had borrowed couridtrablc sums of money from various parries, ostensibly to purchase poods. Mr. Mob icy hatf loaned him $1,312, upon an understanding that when the store was opened Mohlcv was to have a situation as clerk, and at thci’Dklot the fiist year was to receive twice the amount of the loan. Mi. Betts had lent Bannister SSOO, Mr. Storehouse had accommodated him witba similar amount, and others had expressed thrir coi fidcncc In the man by various smaller loans, lattcrlv these panics seem to bare had a ' lively interest in the movements of Mr. Bnnnlstcr, and when on Wednesday morning bo started for Chicago, it was strongly suspected that he had bidden a final adieu to Ottumwa unless he received a peremptory call to return. Mr. Ilanr.b«trr was permitted to make a statement to the Court. He said tha’ he went to Ottumwa as stated, and rented two stores and In truded to carry on tbc business of merchandizing and banking. He bad borrowed money there, but most of yt bad been paid back, and all of It bad been Invested In that place. He came to Chicago for the purpose of pitting means to go; back there and do Imslnces “ like a white taan.” Detective Moore *med that It had bwn ascer tained that Mr. Bannister .bad purchased a safe and >££ procured some blank engraving and printing of the Western Engraving Company, both of which had been paid. Mr. Bannister pro posed to accompany Mr. Mobley back to Ot tumwa, but the latter gentleman said that he had no order* to accept such a proposition, bnt if Mr. Bannister would pay the claims against him it was all that was wanted. The evidence before the Court was insufficient to detain him npon the chaige preferred against him and he was dis charged. AIUFSEniENTS. There is little to chronicle during the fist week beyond the fact that all the places of amusement have been doing a lively business. The cold, sharp weather which seems to have now fairly eel In assists materially in crowding the theatres. Outdoor amusement being denied to the people In this uncertain interval between the sea son of mild weather and the season of ice. the theatre- reap a richer harvest than at any other Umv of the year, hi c V ickib’b Tnrxnrt.—Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams closed ihrlr engagement at McVlckei s on Patnrdat evening, They have been the ‘Stats" for tour weeks, attd the success they tare met with from first to last mast bo gratifying to the artlsU and to the manager. They took their tircfrcll la ILc ciatna of *• Connie Poo rah," which was played to foil houses every night during the week-.. . On Monday, Mr. J. 11. llackelt trill make hia first oppeaiance in hl« far-famed impersonation of FaUtaß, a character in which he la said to have few Inins rivals. Mratm.—“ The Favorite of Fortune” was witldrawn on Satnrdty after a very formnaternn of a week. On Monday, the old ftmlllar thee of the “ Ticket of heave Man ” will asaln be pro* eented for one even Ins by special reqncst. The new “ drama ol the paeslocs ” entitled “ Griffith Gannt.” dramatised from Charles Iteade's novel bv Angnstin Dalv, will shortly be produced. 'Mi?* Jcktst fiicnr'9 BcstnT.—Next Prldy evening Miss JetflT uight takes a benefit at tbe Muscom. The simple announccm-nt Pbonld he sufficient to draw a crowded bonie on that evening. Hiss High! has already earned tor herself a high position In the profes «l. n tbe has chosen, ana U is long since she estab lished herself as a favorite in Chicago. There are tew voong amstes who »o thorounly merit the popularity they have pained, or who give better promise of (achieving future triumphs In the dtamatic art. In all her delineations Mias Ulcbt la faithful and earnest, and she ucnltfsl* a Into devotion to which is a hi shiv commendable feature of hvr acting, and which Is the cnly sure toad to success. It would be bard to predict in wbat particular branch Mi«« Jrnpy is destined most to shine, as she exhibits a remarkable versatility of talent, and since her re turn to the Nnsenm she has given some bright specimens of her ability both in tb» province of Lrmor and sentiment. The pieces selected for her benefit, am “The Flench Spy” and the Invisible I’rioce, a bill thU is well calculated to attract and to please. Orxna House.— Tbe Botslay hanily rave another of Uicir excellent entertainments on Satur day atternoon, to a tnU house. They will appear orcc more on Honda!' evening, when thev give a final performance for the benefit of the Washing* lonian Home, which having been refitted, is in need oi tends. . TTie Cntecs, -Yankee Robinson s Circus has boon well patrcnlzed dusing the week. This ts now firmlv established as one of the institutions of the city, and its popularity Is deservedly la* C *ItoiTJT Cokciuts Y. H.C. A.—The comtaltiee of airangcmcnts bating in charge tbe benefit con* certs for the Young Men’s Christian Association arc determined to make them not only a benefit tome Association, bnl also to the nubile. For tbe first concert, l>eccmber fid. they hare boon so fortunate as to secure, from Now York city, toe little girl ol nine years of age, whose wonderful musical powers have called forty great applause The price of single ticket* Is one dollar each for the miscellaneous concerts to be given December Sd and ilst, and one dollsr and fifth cents each for the two oratorios of St. Paul, to be given in Janu* as Tickets for the foil course sre four dollars, la clmilnc reserved seats. TVycanbe obtained at the pi (nopal, book, music, drug and jewelry Bt Voc*t Aim laerantEsrix. Cokctbt.—A mnd Vocal and Instrumental Concert U announced by the Young Men’s Benevolent Association of this city, lor Tuesday evening, si Crosby (Opera House, under the direction of This is the first of a scries proposed 10 be riven hv the association, whose aim will ho to pmvlde a musical entertainment of a character suitable to the reflrvd taste of our dtixens. It is an caort to present something between what may be termed the classical and the “popular” music of the dsy. Tbe programme op Tuesday everting embraces ecxcc gems from eminent masters never before Sven fn Chicago. The members of the Germania rnnerchor. and several distinguished artists of the city will assist st the concert. Fain axp Ftknval-—A fair and festival for the benefit of &u James’ Church, Canrlllc, will be riven in the Music Uall ot the Opera House on ftio evenings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Rev. J P. Murphy. D. D., the worthy pastor of tbe Church, Is laboring earnest ly in teaching tit? poor children of that district, alone with Ibe Sisters of Charily of 81. Mary’* Church. Fucds are needed for the purpose of completing Uieacbools. and this la (he principal object oi the Fair, v.hich under these dream* stances ought to be well patronized. Toe Hurcmaaoit FaniLT (tribe of Asa) will che (bsce Concerts at the Washington Hall. Pxnltb & Nlzon’e block, on Tuesday evening, and Tbmediy afternoon and creator. I.UCUI.E Wtereus—This billlla r t ‘-Star of the East'* will bo intxodcced to a Chicago eadl once tor the first time on Wednesday erm ine, at Crosby’s Opera House. where a senes of dramatic performance* will be ciren for twelve nights. Miss Western will be supported by a company rf talented arlialts f*otn the East, prominent among whom are Mr. Theodore Ham* Vilen, Mr. McKee Uanhin and MissM. E. Gordon. The season opens with ’’East Lynno, or the Elope ment.’* THE PLAINS. Lecture by Hou. William Dross at Brictton* The Central and Western Portions of the Continent. Aa the rapid extension of the Pacific Railway is adding to the interest felt in the central and west ern portions of the continent, we pnhlisb a synopsis of the lecture of Lieutenant Governor Broes on bis overland journey as a member of the Colfax party. In the summer of 1865. It was re pealed on Friday evening at Biickton. near this city, for the benefit of the Gome of the Friendless: After referring to the peace which now blesses the land, the lecturer referred to the topography of the United States, Illustrating the subject from a large map. The mountains were different in America from those of Europe and Asia, la the oldcontlncnts they rise to great heights near the centre, and from them the rivets Dow in all direc tions to «he ocean; the mountains presenting an impassible barrier between Ihe valleys ; the peo ple that dwell in them bad always been different in language. Institutions and laws. In America there were rreat ranges—two of them tending nearly north, the Alleghanies northeast and somhwrtl —and in all these were passes from one valley to the other, so that commerce could be readily kept up between then, thus clearly indicating that Providence intended America for the home of one great, free and hap py people. The valleys of the continent were then described, showing that besides the little valleie of the seaboard, five of the seven great Toilers of the continent—that of the Missis sippi. Rio del No.te, Colorado of the West. Great Sail Lake, and tho Colombia—weic whoilv inclu ded within the territory oflheOuloo. The ex tent and tesotttccs of these valleys were briefly described. tux marrx vaixsr aim ran moctmixs. The ride in the VallAr of the Halle, np which the Pacific R»Uw«r ba? already penetrated three hundred miles, hair wav to the itocky Mountain*, was then noticed, flic common opinion test here was the great American desert was exploded hyihe fact that millions of buffalo had lived and grown tat upon these vast plains ever since roan Lad Inhabited our planet. Ihe speaker predicted that in a very few vtar» this would become the great beef-pro duuns section of the continent. The first view of ihe Rocky Mountains, with lying's Peak in the northwest and Pike’s Peak in the southwest, both co\ cied with perpetual snow, while an rirregnlnr zigzag line of snow-capped crags com ecting them, a hundred and filly o>'*iea long, all sintering In the morning sunheatv. was de enbed as Inimitably sublime. Th* different towns In Colorado and the progress bf Ihe Terri tory weic briefly noticed. The jooiney for a ban died miles form along ihe base of the mountains, with Iheh snow-clad euiomih* constantly In eight; that across the i Itocky Mountains a - Rrltiger’s Pass, do «n the j Finer Cieek v aVcy, amid the bunch gra*s and the I sage brtu** as the only vegetation for hundreds of by Fort Bridge, and do mi the far-famed 1 f.tho Kanyou, to Salt Lake, were rapidly sketched. TUE WOUROSS. Hie lecturer dwelt for tome Ume upon the re* tnaikahlc topographical feat arcs «if the Valley of Sail Lake, and Us high mountains, which wring the moisture from the clouds, thus affordin'* the means tor irrigation hr which the principal valleys of Salt Lahe are rendered immensely prodJC'lve. Bnclam Young told the patty that he Usd har vested ninety-three bushes of wheat from a single acre. Salt Lake is one of the most prosperous and beautiful dries upon the continent. The charac ter of the Mormons, their habits and social sys tem wire descried at length; the Interviewer the Colfax paity with Bingham and hie leading elders: the untiring Industry of the people, were Hilly noticed, and the certain ly that polygamy, with all Its abominations, must come to an end when once the Pacific Railway reuchefi Salt l*ake, were d*cltnpon at consider able length. The fact that the Mormon women arc slaves is evident to all observers, and abun dant assurances were given of this by the “ lien tile” residents of Salt Lake. Passing from Salt Lake the speaker went on to notice the wonderful Blaring in that part of the continent. In one Instance four hundred miles were made In two days and live hours; nearly two hundred, from Austin to \lrglnla City, in twenty-two boors and a quarter, and trom Dotnner Lake to IlilnoMown, forty-eight tulles, in Just four hours, while the ride oown the mountain to the ttevsers, wheie a descent of six teen hundred feet around thirty-five toms in a distance of two miles, was made In ten minutes, was the most wondcrlnl staging the party saw in their trip. Tire GETpms. to erwrre, *c. The Geyser*, the most wonderful place of the kind in me world outride ol Iceland, were hero graphically described; the Yo Semite \ alley, cic'bl xmleo loci; and a mile wide, and nearly a mile deen, with 'rails of solid granite three quarters to more than a mile hlga. and waterfalls more than half a mile, putting Niagara lo shame, was next In order. The Mariposa big tree prove, where the plants of the vegetable king* dom, from twen’y-seven to thirty-four feet m at ameter, through a hollow section of one of which lying on the ground, the whole parly passed through on horseback, and whose giant trunks mount np lo a height of more than three nnpdred feet were, also graphically described. California furnishes infinitely more astonishing natural won ders for the study and admiration ot the tourist than any other country in the world, and they were advised to visit U rather than to waste thdr time amid the decaying civilixatlon of the Old World. TOE PACIFIC ttAILWAB. The IcclnrerCtben pointed out upon the man Ihc route for the Pacific Hallway, and announced the important tact, that following the line marked out hv nature tor it there was cot a mountain barrier between the lakes, and also the Atlantic st aboard and the Pacific Ocean. Tills line was by the South Pass and down the Columbia River. But tbr great cities of San Francisco and Salt lake had determined a different route, and after passing the Sierra Nevada Moun tains immediately cast o. Sacramento, this line was ptraaps more favorable than the other. It ran through Bridger's Pisa of the Rocky Mountains, down the Bitter Creek Valiev, and by Fort Bridget to ball I/ike, and thence through the'Bnmboldl Mountains,and down the Bnmboldt Valley to the eastern.baee of the Slerni Nevada Mountains. No obstacles along the entire line acres.- the continent were lo no eu.passed more difficult taan those encountered by the Pennsylvania Central and the Erie Railways. The meant for huUd- It g the road were described as not half «o scarce as had been generally supposed, atd ccal to operate it was abundant at convenient distance-. line wonderful progress of the work within the last year—mo eastern section having penetrated three hundred mile- west of the Mis souri, to tht (north lork ol the Plate, and the west cit, haMog reached a point cighty-stx miles cast cf barramento arrt only twelve miles from the summit—was a snbjccl'of special congratulation, and In five vears at most It is hoped tnls great national thoroughfare, the longest and meat important iu.the world, will be completed, xisznxi. incurs. The means of supporting the road and Its effect on the development of onr vast mineral riches were next noticed. Eight years ago Colorado was nukcown upon the map. Now she Is knocking tor admission into Ibc Colon as a State, and np to last year had contributed at least $33,000,000 la gold to the resources of tbe nation. The wealth ot her gold and ritver mines Is absolutely fabu lous, and with Itnoroved processes tor the reduc tion of her ores, and the completion of the Pacific Railway to the mountains early next year, there Is scarce!* any • assignable limit to her production of tbe precious metals. Mon tana, lying directly north, unknown to the map five years ago, *ast year gave an account at the U S Revenue office tor a yield of SIC.OW,OOJ. Utah, besides being a rich agricultural country of some 100,000 inhabitants, was bcltcved to abound in Ihc precious metals. Idaho, directly north, has some of the richest cold and silver mines In the world, and the Colfax partv were assured that this year shiments of silver would be made from It by the tofi. The wonderful rich ness of rihe Nevada silver nines, where the Colfax party were shown a ton of silver bricks ready for shipment, was then brief.v described. The speaker from what he actually saw said he folly agreed with Bishop Slmnson that there was silver enough In that Slate to rive every soldier that had returned from the war a musket ol silver Instead of UU Iron one, and to plank onr noble iroo-clads more hcaniy than they had ever been plated with iron. The vast gold products of California and Oregon were also noticed. The great want of atl the rich central regions ol the continent was the Pacific Railway to cheapen the transit of machinery and supplies, and within ten years trom It* completion. It waa rn dieted that the mines of the Union, instead of a yearly product of less than a hundred millions, would pour Into tbe lao of the nation five hundred millions of dollars. Tbe national debt would be Said oil, and no one would ever feel It as a nrden. The address closed with an earnest appeal for all to do every thing needed lo encour age the rapid building of the road, that it mlgh. build the nation together in a community of In tetest and feeling, and make it forever one united, rieal and free people. • ... The lecture was delivered lari winter la this city, and before the Chamber of Commerce of New Vork. and the Board of Trade of Boston, nml In many other places, with great acceptance by those who beard U. fflctforoloeical. The following Is the Mcteoroiosical Record of toe week ending Saturday, November 34th. 1536, as kepi by J. G. lAuspnUi, Jr.. Optician, No. 113 Randolph street. The temperature ta taken in tho shade. The direction and force of the winds arc riven approximately, with the barometric alti tude*—the small letters being the Initials of the words “high," “brccae,” ‘•gentle.” “veering,” “rain.” “•now.” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry: liiirr“B' 1 Klcht SV lUluto Pate. preceding. Sp, |. m. 8* p.m. 50n.....51 t « 7 47 6 43 5 .118 M0n....;* 3 t: 6 as t is 7 .as TUV5....31 t as 5 17 S 43 5 .016 w«i....?a oa sj 2 ao s at » .ns TLr.....7« pj sj a at- a *7 a .ua rri st w s* s to s at t .... 5aU...~18 06 9 0 39 8 33 0 .076 s p.m. gya-m- Date. Mc«*v. Wind. Mcr*y. Wind. MCT"y. tfnl Son- 79.17'W.K.Wj:. CJ.IJ N.E.r. 29.19 Mon.-... 39.03NN.e.m.a. 29.C7 N-S.e.g. 2VC9N>-B.TI a Tw 797 S SJSWSWms Shi WpT. Wot 79J0 S.WjaJU 29.13 SWjnA. J9.105».»J-. rtu .t.n s.w.hj. wjs s.wjl ajswx.wj^ in 25,10 N.W.c. 29.9NSWC. Ji.tS Ji.X.W.g hat 79A3 NJf.W.g. WAS X.WTb. 29A3 N.W.g. oblinary-Death of mils Olcott, Esq. Fiom Fort Union, a military post situated 120 miles cast of rtanta Fr, in New Mexico, comes the cad Intelligence of the death of Mills Olcott, of this city. Ee died then; on the 7tb ins'., of con fumpuon—a disease which has been dowly but mulv midkrmitung hts confutation for two or three'yeara past. lie died in the midst of a m!ll tarv camp over a thousand miles from hi* rela tives, bat, fortunately, sarroan-'.ed by ever/ need ed physical comfort and bind and careful atten tion fiom those to whom he had endeared himself as n friend a*id corap-n'on. Feeble as It is. this is tcirc senice of consolation, white it saddens the h'a.i to reflect that one dear has waited away and be n lorc'd to clwcup hi: young life eo far icmovcd from bis home. It is sad to think of him Ivinc prostrate wlih di=eisj Car away from a' loving mother to watch bvbL* bedslda and soothe life dying hour*, or brother or si-ter to catch the last faint smile ere bis spirit took flight. i!r. Olcottwas born In Middletown. Connecti cut, on the 31st of July, 1 S*s. and was consequent lr in the Ihlrty-second year of bU age at tha time ot hls decease. 11c bore an illostrlous name, that ol his crandUther. who was one of the most prominent men In the Mate of New Hampshire, and who Is connected with many ol the important his toncal Incidents of the infancy of the Repub lic. Ilis father died wbca he was quite young, and bo was left to the care ol a widowed mother, Mrs. Harriet A. OJcotU now a resident of this city, and who Is .widely known as the very clever au thoress of several interesting worxs of fiction. Mr. Olcoit came to this city about the year 1557, nnd shortly afterward entered luto the insurance l.u-Incs*. Possessing ratutallT good talents, with which be combined an unwearied industry ana the -trlcte.*: personal integrity, bis success la bis vocation was well assured, when his health failed him and he was obliged to «cek relaxation from his dull s and a change of climate. For thi- purpose during last spring he joined the staff of Major General I*ooe,and proceeded with them cc rn ovorlnr.d lonrrev, across the plains, to New Mexico. At first hU system wss Invigorated and hii> health Improved, but the Insidious dl-eas-; had taken too deep a bold, and >teldlug to Ua at taik. while yet disputing, with the tenacity of youthful spirit, Inch by inch of the ground of life, be at last sank to rest. .., . . , ills virtue* were manyand bu tauila batfew. As a gentieman bis character was beyond re proach. None lived a more blameleas lire in the midst of temptations with which the youth of the present age ace iurmalcd. Hl* circle ef (Heads >ru large, find by them he wu universally be loved. Always conrteoa* end kind, he displayed taUis walk la life all lb*rc attributes which bl-tvc not only to adorn the men. bet unfailingly erwale love end .cspocL Ills death wee not sadden, and he wee prepared for it, Ticvrinrhl* approaching dlaaolcuon with caliacrea and Christian rcslgaa (ton Eelalniag hie cuaseloasacjs to the last, life hlovly ebbed ewer to mingle lie water* la the steal ocean of eternity* tOSFLISTIOM OF TUB LIKE TUN* NEL. There was no ringing: of belli*, or firing ol can non, or outward manifestations of rejoicing on Halnsday totnilmaleto the citizens the fact that cne oftho pro*lust engineering fcata ol thaagshad heea viriuaUjbroughttoaancceasfnllcnalaatlon. A flag was displayed abort the cupola of the Court House, and this was the only announcement made that the great lake tunnel waa finished. The ex cavations were completed on Saturday morn ing, all but two feet of clay, and through ihla thin wall several borings were made, one near the baac, which shows he engineering to bavu been eo perfect that the Junction of the two section* was eflecteo w lib a log not cxrecdln/ ono Inch o' rise Item the floor ol the tunnel on the eaat end to that of the west, and with a difference of nine Inches and a half In the horizontal direction of the respective eectlona. The triangnlatlon and meas urement agree to within abont two-tenths of a toot, the total length of the tunnel being within a fraction of seven fed over the two miles. The accuracy of the triangular computation, thus veri fied. Is no small testimony to the skill of Messrs. Cbc-borough and Clara, by whom the crib was It has been decided by* t: aid of Public Works to deter the tormalcei*. Jon of the event til) To* rday, when the Mayor, the Common Coun cil, and the city officers, will assemble for the last time in the bowels of the earth. Tuc celebration promises to be of an interesting character. The programme has not lieen finally arranged, but it is expected that Mayor Klee, accompanied by a party of gentlemen. Will descend into the tunnel from one end, while cx-Mayor Sherman, and others who were present when the first ground was broken, will meet them from the other end. Thcwoik will then be dually ana formally com puted with appropriate ceremonies. The Williams* Encasement, Havin'; terminated my present engagement In Cblcaco, which has been altended by a most pleasing sod profitable result, 1 coaid not in Jus tice to my feelings take my departure without publicly expressing my deep sense of gratitude for the great kindness, extended patronage, and cordial reception with which myself and Mrs. W. have been greeted. Mr. McVlcker bae been pleased 10 say that the engagem ml Is without precedent in the annals of the drama in Chicago. This fact shonld be attributed as much to a libcial public as to any merit my wife or my self may possess. But In either case It Is most gratifying, the remcmberance of which will te cherished by the “Irish Boy and Yankee (V*rl” for many a long day. 1 ctnuot conclude vithoul acknowledging the courtesy of the press, who have criticisedonr delineations true kindness and consideration. Wishing Cuicago and Its in habitants every hleaaliur which Providence can bestow. * 1 beg remain the Public's grateful servant. Banner Williams Shepvaw Uorsx, Chicago, Saturday, Nov. *l, *66. A nigh School for Each of the Great XUvlxloDi of the City, and a Central llty College. Editor* Tribune: . 4 , Your leader of this morning suggests an im provement in onr educational facilities, that if adopted, would reflect more honor upon Chicago than any thine that ha* been done here. No one will object, 1 think, to gwlasa High School to each of the three Divisions of the cily. The geography of the city alone almost settles that question, on the simple ground of conve nience. Itipils of average ability arc fitted to enter a Bleh School at about thirteen years of age. They cc-nie to It well and almost equally trained In the common branches of English education: and It Is the perfect classification that such eqnal training makes possible, that gives to a High School Its great efficient as compared with all other schools tba: attempt to do the same work: and a city col lege would derive efficiency from the same If the coarse In the nigh School is shortened, a* you suggest, to perhaps two years, the Htgh School would still afford an opportunity u» obtain a fair knowledge of one or two of the modern lan guages, of the rutUmeula of Latin, and oi the high er mathematics; and the pupils would graduate at Ike age of fifteen or sixteen years. No thonght lul ui-n would wish to have a son begin a practi cal training in business at an earlier age, or with a more limited education than such a school would furnish- . . . But the kcy-slonetof this system is the city col lege. Taking up the higher branch* of study whore the nigh School leaves them, and addins thereto a full course of instruction in natural science, mental and moral philosophy, find gen eral literature. It would be an educational matt tntlou ofas much greater efficiency than the ordi nary American college as our High School Is su perior to a country acidcmy. Locate the college In some central place, as for instance, on the grounds of the present Dearborn School, and ihc City Railway would bring tho pu pils, from every part of the dty, almost to its very loors. The advantages of each & college arc many and ;rcat. Onr children would he educated efficiently fn the hither branches of learning, from the ages of ahont sixteen to twenty years, without losing the comforts, the restraints and the c iltnrc of the home. U w ould not cost one-half so much to ed ucate our youth at home as abroad. From all parts of the city, and from every class of oar citi zens, It would eliminate the boys and girls of tal ent and studious habits, and fit them by culture to ai-om and ennoble the highest walks or life. Per haps U may he said that those who wish to adorn the higher walks of life should fit themselves, at their own expense, to discharge the duties of the life they aspire to. If society Itself had no Inter est in the generous culture of its youth this objec tion would be unanswerable. Bat as this objec tion bas been already overruled in regard to the Grammar School and the nigh School, It will be overruled again In its application to a college, as soon as tbe people attend to the matter. 'The public pays for the education of children because educated children give back to the public more than the education costs. And the higher the ed ucation is carried the greater will be the return In comparison with tbe coft. It is absurd to say that the pnbllc are Interested so (hr that youth should be taught a knowledge of tbs rudiments of an English education, and not interested that they should bo qualified to deal with the highest problems that aflect the public welfare. Two bundled years ago our Pilgrim Fathers, not then numbering, altogether, oae-twenllelh part of the present population of Chicago, established the Grammar School, the Clgh bebool and the Col lege, and, poor ns they w ere, sustained them all w ith efficiency. Let ns, at least, not fall behind their example. Chicago has attracted to herself men of gene rous culture from all parts ol tbe civilized world. Wc are Justly proud of every one of them. And as there la nothing that we could not better spare than the learning we have, so U ihcrc nothing better to do than to add to the volume thatalready exists. bkvuon. The Insanity C»*o—Card from Dr.Wlck ersham* Editors Tribune: . A „ . , .... , Ac article appeared In last Fnday a edition Of voor paper, descriptive of a recent Insanity case in the County Court, which does me gross injustice. The taels are : 1 was ashed to be one of a medical committee to examine a man who bad been In the State Insane Asylum, and discharged cared, and who had exhibited no evidence of Insanity since bis return home, but to expect no compensation, and I received none. 1 consented, and after very mid examination of one boor, we were utterly unable to detect any evidence of insanity. I was then asked if I bad an opinion, and If so. what wash? No medical,man, under those dream* stances, cottld think him insane, and 1 expressed the opinion (remember, a mere opinion,) In the form of an affidavit directed to the County Court, in order that a trial conld bo obtained, where all the facts con'd be developed, from the testimony ol those who bad been with him since bis return trom the Hospital, that in mr opinion be was sane., There my connection with the case ends. 1 was not present at the trial, and did not testify, and my affidavit was notbcforc the lory. Alt of which 1 regard honorable professional conduct. If yon will make the above correction yon will much oblige. Yours, etc., Swam WiOKmanAH. False Annul.—The alarm of fire from box 13, a: half-past four yesterday morning, proved to be false. LOCAL MATTERS. Like .Ha£le*-The certainty and quick* ness with which Cox’s Couon Band* cares CongLs, Colds, Croup, and long difficulties. Give to the children when attacked with Coughs and Colds, and rest assured you will find relief a oacc. Physicians say it is the best cough medl cine in ibe world. Rheumatism of Year** Standing Is being dolly cared by o few doses of Metcalfe’s Great Rheumatic Remedy. Loan & Surrn, Agents. ♦<A Slight Cold," a liecdlces remark* 'A slight cold” neglected boa undermined the ondltntion of thousands, wbo, by the timely use r Pectoral Balm, would now be bright ornaments to society. Foreale by *ll druggists. Burnhams A Van Schack, whole-salt druggists, 16 Lake street, wholesale agents. Herrick** Kid Planter* are spread from resins, balsams and gums on boantllul kid leather, renders them peculiarly adapted to the wants of females and others. Their application is universal—equally to the strong roan, the deli cate woman and the feeble infant. To each and all they will prove a blessing. Price *S cents. <l. H. b™ 4 Co., Chicago, 111, agents. An excellent article.—Mr*. Winslow** Soothing Svrup la an excellent article for all dis eases of children. It relieves the child from pain, regulates the stomach and bowels, and by giving health to the child comfort* and rests the mother. During the process of teething its value Is Inestimable; cures wind colic and griping in the bowels. A Valuable Foreign Core.—An article of Intrinsic merit for the core of chronic dysen tery, chronlcand acate diarrheea. cholera morbu and kindred complaints is to be frond In Dr. OJea ilormo’e nils. They are a Spanish remedy cs tenflvelvnsedtn Havana, Cuba. In 'that ciljiate where diseases of the above class prevail to an alarming extent. The agency for the West Uln the hands of Deitzscii, Slocki A Co. Also for sale by all Drag gists. Go to N. F. .Tlcrrlll’s. Yn&oleiuUc and retail dealer In kerosene lamps. laatems. chan deliers, taLle class ware, looking jrlauee, Noe. 71 and 73 Randolph street. gyp » Tbe Pnrea* and SwffCfrt Cod UTfr Oil In the world, manufactured from fresh, healthy Jlrci», open the seashore; !tl« jwrfactlyp’xre tod *« t-cL AsV tor '* Hazard St Caswell's Cod Liver Oil," manufactured br Cabwxix, Mack <£ Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Coltrate-* Aromatic Vccetable Soap.— A tepenor Toilet Soap, prepared from refined Vereiable OH*. In combination with Ulrcerlae, and espcclallv designed for the hm of ladies and lor the Nnrrery* Its perfume is exquisite, and Its wa«hlnc properties txsnralled. For sale by all d resists. mrlihSlMymiw Pnisslnjd* Pure Cider Tlaecar will p refine pickles, and Is trammed pare. Ask yonr grocer for no olher vinegar. Largest works ofihckicdln the United States. Charles Q, £. Prussicg, 339 and 341 State street. Chicago. Onr Country Frlcoda can obtain any kind of goods from Chicago by sending their or* dm to A. L. Stlowon, Purchasing Agent of the “American,’* “Adams “ and •* United Sates ” Express companies. lie forward* the goods at the reduced express rates, with bills to collect on deliver* Ladies In want of dress goods, fan, mAlmery, Ac., wDI do well to send to him. Millers and machinists orders will receive ptopmt atten tion. Indeed he Is a very serviceable citv friend to all In the country wantin': to bay articles la Chicago. min Tennessee, the Great Magnetic Pocircfs and Clairvoyant, has established an In firmary at No. 3® Wabash avenue, aecoid door

above *UarrUun street, where she may be con euited on ail matters pertaining to life and health. When desired, she will go Inio an nncoasdous itate. and rive Information of great Importance to the ingulrr. Paralyzed person* made to walk In a few div*, Cancers extracted, root and branch, in from three to nine dam, wlthontthe n*« of knife, or Instrument, or pain. Consump tion, asthma, and all disease* ot the nervoas sys tem, epilepsy, fits, rheumatism, neuralgia, dys pepsia. diseases of the liver, heart, or Kidneys, and all diseases ofJlto blood, treated with like beneficial results. Troe not able to call per sonally, may address Igck Box 59ifi, Post Office, Chicago Illinois. The poor ilberally dealt with. Acnic guaranteed in every case. A Ntxre Pile Care.—Dr. Gilbert** Pile Instrument positively cores the worst cases of piles. Pent nv mail on receipt of CL Clrenltrs free. Sold by drargista. Agents wanted every where. I ddreas J. B. IlojLazxx, Manager, No. 875 Broadway. New York . Paper IlanrinD and Window Shades at greatly reduced prices, F. £. Klgby, 3} Htn dolph-fil, Markets by Telegraph. New York Market*. Saw loss. November 24. Cottok—Qalet *t tor middling uplands, aud at tftS»e better.bol closed dull, with the advance lot, at HO.WcU.® tor extra round hoop Ohio, aud fll.ttK. i3AO for trade brands. Wbtskit—Quiet and unchanged. GtlAjs—Wheat corned IRSe better, with export <scm»nd. bnt closed nnlot,bairn> P*ncr*lly rjfnjtpc *» nar ai y advance; sale* at ftp ho. 3 Mil van. SLlcd «.tO tor No. I dorßye a shade beavy. Barley firmer, bnt clow* cjultt at for <v»«hV Wwi fa byud; 90c tor Western; *nd fins lor two rowed State. Corn opened better, but eloaed trmrnlar, unsettled. and w'th the advance partly loan SiV»atfl.25J»OLS5 tor shipping ttlxed wwtern to itote and a&o«u doting with buyers tor export at ■CoaU 6J.otel.o7for new yellow Jersey; and lI.TJ tor i hue Southern. bau t»3c better, and more acti vest tor cnlcago and Stlwausee- dal!. Snrar dnll and nominal. jisSICTM-Easicr; tor crude, and Bks3sc opened heavy and lower, but gg aa& ft i.r'ice Abo t. fc JO hrts cew »t ...00. seller January and seller all year on private terms. Br>f IteavT at otxint previous prices, licet bams dull i~rrr' nf f-' iiaron hevvv end lower, at ft? C*mbertMd and WiMWe for• abort tor w«em. EATER NEW VOKK MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbnae.l New Yoke. November 34, Floor neglected and depressed, especially good Spring Western. Wheat, brisk Inquiry, hot to sell holders yielded advanced views. Corn, oats and bar* ley feverish and unsettled. Frelghts-ChM: la ad- Vince of grain, mainly owing to advanced rales. To Liverpool by tafISO.CCiO bn corn. B.OCO ba wheat, at 4*d, UTS 0006. Hops firmer, &t Jtowlpw wri GRocrnxa. Nothing done. Price* unite unsettled. WEEKLY HETIEU*. New Toes, November 31. FLOCK. Four lu been greatly depressed durtns the put week, and at times qntte a panic prevailed, owtns to the large arrivals, decline in cold, usd airlngt-acy In the mocey market. rrtcei hive declined from 00c to nc a trl on low sad moolnm grades. and Me for lamllr brands. At the cor cession a demand has •oninc up for export to Eorooe. The atoct has In creased. and It cow about 310,000 brlf, equal to one hall wt the stock held at this time last season. WHIST. _ _ • Wheat has bees offered more treely, and hat fluctu ated and declined H'iSc a huahel. At thU concession Wit re IS a Omari for export. Winter wheat has been mods and closes v-I h S stock ha* increased to about 900,W0 huthel*. So. . Pprlnjs hold to some extent toMUrat n.23&3JJ. fair I*o i'at f?.tO; amber Mate at about IMm, aulfalr White Ceneeee at $3.39. oj^ Oats Lsxn rapidly declined, bnt at the cloee are freer, with somelnqnlry far export. lucreakd materially,anal* now about bushels. Barley has been Us active demand, bnt at lower rates, and baa bees taken chiefly lor export. It closes It fMrden.aadal 960*41.00, in bond, and *1 .a for choice free, and 9oc for good ‘Western. The stock Is about I.SCMOO bushel*. Rve has rapidly declined, and closes dull at the ijb doted figures—*UW-2« lor Western, and #u33£U» for Slate. Com hu fiactaalM Ttoteotlrvand . c Js* e , 4 fl.CAiinstoreatfl.n. Afloat tueo at the latter rate frx export. Pork U math naselUed, tod meM tow soli as low as wlUi a more acUre demand partly reooT'r* Jd. lue market Is illU nascUled saditrade demoral ized. un hogs, Lite tor* have been very acUre. And closed firmer mib a aplrtted demand. I*ackera and rotaamers hive boakbtrmJy. At close there U more firmness. . ' uro. Lard has declined materially, bnt partially recovered at site close under Ute reaction tn sold, and there U some demand Ibr export. ' CTT»r*T«. . „ Cut meata Lave declined rapidly, and are anil and nominal at Ute dote. cottox. Crtton vaa in sood demand early in the week aad middling advanced w fhe demand was from exporter* and Market closes firm, at .Ac for middling nplandi. nrrrT • Coffer has been extremely doll, and quotations are nominal. MOLASSES- . Mclasscs has been neglected, end prices arorthe buyer*. prraotmt. „ . „ . r«tro!en(r. Is null. Prices Imre gradually declined closing with a downward tendency. scoahs. Sop#r» have been inactive and prices have taficn off —closing nominal. _ money and Stock* rn New York. Nxw Yobk, November 31. Moxn—Active and Ann ate® 7 percent. . Steuuxo Exauaox—Quiet and Ann at 109A109*. Oou>—Scarcely so flrtn; opening at ISS*. declining to ISBK. advaxclng to IS9*. and closing at us*. QoTVßOntjrr Stock*—*®*c better. rwfßum to Ltvxarooi—Active and Arm at l*d Tor Comtutrelart money article says affairs in Wall ■ttcet arc steadily assuming a more settled aspect. There Is still a certain degree of IcvcrUhneas, the tone of the market osctllstlnr constantly between recovery and reaction, bat apon the whole there Is a decided pain ol confidence. There Uno real scarcity of money, hot considerable caution as to whom It is loaned. Bound borrowers have more money offered by bants ttan tbty can use, t»nt there li annnnsnaliy largenum ber of Arms to whom lenders are Indisposed to mate advances, and time most elapee ere It Is deemed safe to lend with the ordinary deem of discretion. Money la being called In freely from the fcterlor, but not In every instance with a successful response, a feature which helps with other things, to keep confidence unsettled, as an evidenced the easier condition of the banks, tt mav be stated that the amount of the clearing house certificates presented at the Sub-Treasury yesterday and to-day, l* quite nominal, while yesterday only half a million of the compound notes were presented at the Treasury In payment. During the la»t day or two a larger proportion ol the pay ments of the banks to the Treasury have been made in national bank notes-a result ot the Inflation of cur rency from the Interior. Money is generally . per cent on stock collaterals, and 6 per cent on govern- At the morning board stocks showed a general Im provtment. Tbe bears, however, appear to think th*«isstUlamarplnfora fall, and work vigorously to bring it about. After ihe hoard mere was some hammering ot stocks, and prices fell oif slightly. Governments are generally strong, the fall In prices having brought ont large orders to buy. especially from the interior. 5-50 s of’62 are sold short to a mod erate extent, but probably not sufficiently to induce any attempt at cornering. utmi. New Tose, November fit. Mrefer—The money market was better this after noon. and capital was more abundant at C®, V cent on Government and slock collaterals. Discounts are dnll. and prime names pass slowly at “AS V cent. The bsnk statement on Monday bids talr to be Car more lavoranle than was generally expected. There will probably be a d-crcase of In loans, *6,000,000 In deposits and ffi.OOO.IXO in legal tenders. The banks report tn cxeas.-d receipts of currency from the Interior. Gold—The latest sales of gold were at 133k'. and the market Is steady at that figure. Ca«h gold was loau«d is high as l-l] F cent premium at one time, bat after wares S&4 F cent was paid to have It tamed. MucKU-asntors,—'The Stock market Improved late In the day. and closed steadily at onr quotations below: Ohio Certs asv» » n.y. c no ctnojf Canton 47 a 47* Eric 77 V® »1V DostonWP.... 29VC* 29 Hudson 120 «122* Cumberland... CO » 6»* Reading AU AIISR Salckßllrer.... 46K® 47 M. 8 »V« 81 anposa. «*A 13 I C U»*» Mariposa, ptt.. M ® 26* Pittsburgh..... MM 81* W. uTtcl 16V a 47 Toledo 111*0112 The week closes up quietly, with but Utile news ont of the usual course from any quarter. _ The levertsh excitement InWall street Is subsiding, but things are In a very uncertain condition in their relation to the future. . , Cincinnati Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tiibuse.l Cixcxxxan. November 31. Fiorn—lnactive; small sales of family* at 113.000 IS SO and extra at f 11.25®12.50. Gcare—Wheat dulliaadprices nominal; No. 1 winter at #2,73; No. 1 Spring atJH2S. Corn steady; old mix* ed shelled at 90c; new at Me. Oats firm; No. 1, t>c. Rye 3®sc lower; sales of No. 1 at |1.13£1.17. Barley quiet. Cottos—Active and Arm ; sale* of middling at S2c. Wmasrr—Active; sales ofLTOObrls bonded at 3»c. Pcoviaioss—Dn'l and weak, bless pork 60c lower; sales, *pot, at <20.25*20.50, and December delivery at tM.CO. Bacon dull; shoulder* at l3J*c and clear tides atUfceUJiC. Lard steady: prime kettle at Utfcaad steam at lltfc. Green meats steady; shoulders at 6Kc ; side* atSXc and bams at lOkdloiic lloos-Dull and lower: sales at 13.75Q&2S grots and <7.50 net—closing weak. Receipts, 5,300, Mostt— Close. Exchange, steady. nitlwaakee Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MiLwamz, Novembers. FLom—DuD; downward tendency. Sales 900 brls at <ui» tor superior winter; fiO.oo for doable extra city, and <9.00&9.v5 tor good country. Gnux—Wheat better; active sales. 9a. m. board— Sakel»,ooCbuat<l.Bl&l.B3XforNo.<. Noon board— Sales 40.CC0 bn at <2.06 for No. 1; tI-S>3l-$4 for No. 3: <1.6731.66 for No. 3. Oats advanced 2xe; 15c for No. 3. cere steady. Balm 1.603 bu No.latSSc. Bye un changed. Sales toe bu at Sc, reonstoxs-Dull: <3O-00 for new city mess pork. Boos—Live hogs 25c better. Rxcztpre-LSOO brls flour, 59,000 bn wheat. SmrxrsTs—6.Coo brls flour, 99.(00 bu wheat. MzLWArxxs, November 31- Flors—Dull, . . Gsaix—Wheat active; <2.(S for No. 1, and U.S3 for No. 2. Cornateady at Sc for No. 1. Oat* advanced 3c. Kxcnrrs— flour, 37,«n hu wheat, bmnaarre—Auto brls flour. w.OQO bn wheat. Leals Market [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] St. Loris, November 21. Flon—Dull, a <WO«H.3O. Gnats—Wheat steady, at <1.9032.3. Corn lower and heavy, at 90«?<1.OT. Oats steady but dull, at Bye steadv, at 9CV3<t.OO. Barley steady; spring at «d<oc;fkUat <i.O. Hat— ln demand, at UUOgWJO. rsovmoss—Dull and heavy. Meas pork <22.00. Lard 15fcl3j*c. To&acoo—Unchanged. _ Vessels Passe 1 Detroit. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Drraorr. November 34. Ur-Carthagenlan. Vas Valkeaburg, Egan, Eagle Wine. Eagle. Dows—WlrrsUte. Wixp-S. W. Demo XT, November 35. Ur—Morning light, laid up. Dowx—Fleece, Bermuda, Wild Rover, Ol Bates, Acontlaa. WagstaO, Escasaba. Athenian, Czar, Corin thian, Ring, Superior, Williams. Wtxn-fionih'wcat. Cold. Buffalo Market. Braraio. Norember !1. Flora—Sales of 4S ttU No. i apring At SILM; 33 brl* amber OMc at f 15.00. . „ G*aEf—Wbtatqniet and held. Green Bay and Pert dab *3J3: No. 3 Hll«ran»ee aprtac abouts3.lo. Corn—l.Mo bat UmoU mlset I1JK; TJO9 erw Toledo mixed See. Oali quiet; held at 50c. Bar* lef—Canada btk) at fl.o6tfl.ofe. ftyefuc. Peaa—Can ada fl JO. IMXOba Barter malt Jl-®. raoneiaM—t*ort: C33JO. Lardlt©Hs<c ■WmfxrT—fXJS. * Tvjaoim to Srr Toxx—lVbeit tic, Com Ific. Oku ISc. Wbeal to Eochoilcr 6c. aiufu job TwmTToni HCI CBS,—Flour IXO3B tor:*. fca. Coro, 77,558 bo. OxU.39.UOtm. Bxrley. 1,61* tm. Pea*. 991 bn. Arited job Wux-Floor, &LIM brts. Wheat, touaiba. Corn, V\M* bo. Obv. tiXSO tm. Barley, 151.'ey bn. Ure,«MOt>D. Peas, a USX* bo. _ Caxal e* poet>> job TsnarrT jocs Hoc»-Flonr. IX bild. Wbeat, C 3.59 bo. Wm. £1,601 tm. ObU, bn. _ Toledo Jlaruec. TOLXDO. NOTCTb«T Jt, rtons—Quiet. tiujus—Wheat frmer. Sales extra spring at 9SAt Cornet* butter. at WAX) (or So. l mixed. Oats *c better, at 41c. Liu Fmopots—Pull and nominal. St. Lsnls Market. _ St. Locis, November st Fiona—Urchin ctd. Gcaix—'Wheat doll aid lover. Sarin* fLSSALW. Corn dolt, and closed V lover, at 9&596c tor choice lev. Oats lower, at tXtoSC. Paovifiox*—Dull and lower. Nrv m«i pork f2UM; clear sides UQiS£e: shoulders Ulic: lard dull, at Uc forctidcc Ueree. Wnuxrv—Dull and lover. • Ei-g.— New York Dry floods narken Nsw Yosk. November 21. The dry cool* trade *bov* lea* hopeful eras at toe clo*ecf toe week than basbeea exhibited for toe tor* mertov days. There 1* alight oemasd tor goods, vblcb li filled at price* highly favorable to buyers, bat lest so to macutacJurer*. Baltimore Marker. Bamfoxs. November SC Ptors—Doll. 1 ow grade* very heavy* Gcacr—Wheat very doll. It-sd. kUtQt.CB, Corn dclL New vhlte oi*sWc; new yellow »C333e. OaU heavy. Sales at WaSJc, . . , Fiovrajoss—Neglected and nominal, ban*—Steady. Clover gs.MtfSsASO. Gtocxxixe—CoCce qnlct. Sugar steady. . „ wuxsarr—Doll, Weston tI.S7jH»C la bond; Fean _ New Orleans Market. Nxw OsLxaxa, November 1L Cotton—Active and higher; sale* of *,*» nt mid dling at J?c. Becclpt* S.K6. „ , , fair 10c. Molasses lover; imerlor *vc; prime Oeoe. „ . Bass Sttxliso—ikS’ev York Exchange.!* dlseoanL FTAtairrs—Unchanged. Nev York, \ Liverpool V® P-ifi, Havre l*. NzW Oelxaxs, November 34. Cottox—Higher. Sales: 4JOO bales lov middling at SW. Itocelpw.SJCO bales. _ „ , , Grocscm—Socar lover; fair 10c. Molasses lover; To Nev York X ; to Liver pool KSMfi; to Havre ISf. Philadelphia Market, November tL Flocu—The flour marUet U heavy and dad; extra UoS t* quoted at »11A0«1LM; saperfine ,stan*.-an« price of wheat tcadi down ward; red tt.TW.tO; Whitets.uas.3o. torn dull; ow renew; newSJJSOC. OatsSßas9c. P*othiosß— port JJt’O. Lard lie. WmauT-Dun at tHOWI. Chicago Pro rial cm Market. Cajcxoo. hovember si. w>*. Kerer before In the record* of U« ha« me *.yiin# la provision . product* oeea *3 rapid, or the cmlnlon* ot operators ex* *uch complete revulsion *■* the last four weeks, since the opening of £e packing season. Then, with reddeed stocks and an *cUf« »p«c* mauve demand Ot barrelled pork and ooMutnoliT* demand for otter product*. the market wu arU!l:iaU and those moat interested (the west) looked forward to a acason of high price*.tor their bo«. men as had bca current Or the last two or years. Kow, when all see ttefaUacloomoaot thtlr hope*. wh*n present market for declined tVaatr-firo per cent., and tor future delivery InmcSt any, they begin to reconcile them* •circa to thesituation and to see theneceasltroflowof nn««. Bat a considerable decline miul yet oe estsb* brtore pickSrawlll leel secure In Up hold inxij. The dullness In the several Eastern markets, the knowledge that we have a lamely increased stock of hoes and beef cattle through me country, and the uncertainty as to the future ol finance, all opsrate to rencer packs:* unusnaly Urold and cautions. The great Question U at what price will the aarplny ofonr manufacture be tuicc out of the racket. Kcgdahad rice* are to the effect that at 33* to 33s sold In ijTrroooU a large consumption ot bacon can be caicn* ut«fS??s« it BlghPricea they will m t W/J"* The official census of hoes m Ireland »h°w« U«,nCO head. Mine 157,000 mere than laal season- The total numbered bog* In G rest Britain Is published at bead. Ihe Incrcaseof hoc* In i f r» r *«'lta" 7 !' and Denmark, ccnntrte* from which Eng'and draw* a portion of her supplies, U reported The prlcoa spoken of would not allow much over 5c n»t far hors, aud Eastern men arcr mat except wit- an English de mandto take oil the surplus, the provision trade this jSr would be worthies* at any price, so that pro dence will Induce the packers to Insist on inrthcr llbe* ral concessions. The hog and provision markets through the week tare been dull and draggle.. Farm* •mare holding back their hops, and there is every \ rjrcsnect of the season being a late and protracted one. Packers continue the buslnea* wllhcaoilon. a* however lew tncy may purchase hoe* the tnaiket for product* decline* still more ripldly. The receipt of hoc* tor, the P»-t week sums „n xi followi*. viz: dressed. 351; live, 13.103: total, l£W and the shipment*: dressed, 90; live. l.tDl: total. use and number left over In the pen*. For the corre sponding period In ISM the receipt* were dressed, Jt; llreZkSlS: total. TS.SCS; andth- shipment* dreased.—: live' lu Ttth total. 10.719; leaving for city consumption nadicra* time sums np 41.000 hog* and r.M cattTeu for hoc* during the wc*k (.crimed to *5-3U5t6-pJ Bros*, but on ihursday there was a slight rafiy. owing to the fhipper* purchasing fn-ely and pricer* advanced fullv Enlr 1 * * Yco »*, Partem, however, refused and the’ advance waa not fully sustained. The market close* vciy weak at a range of $3.50 45.75 ck»*ii for 1 very light to very choice. Pack* {mT'catilc range f?om H.30&5.50 gro«*. Mw* Mrs declined *I.OO per brl during the w**. losing dull at *»-«: son* sales were made for Jana* irv delivery at **o.oo. but at the close this price was Obtainable*though lWJOwa* freely offered. There havebecnco sales refwrU-d of prime m«s or extra pnmc ;tt«-are held at *17.00 and *13.00, respectively Vor hulk meat* theic tm» been no inquiry. most ol Umtc cured have been distributed to tie various mar* b«Jfbul the Quantity was trlßing a* our packing h*s hero limited. For future delivery shonlderoare offered packed, and stdw at 9,S*ioo Packed, areord fnc to the time of delivery. Sugar pickled hams fresh narked could be bad at iiailVc; those of any age nave been all sent forward. English middle* could be bad at 9cfor Cumberland, and loc for short rib. and othcrcat* In proportion, but there are no buyers; Green meat* dnll and nominal at 9Kc«loc for ham*. for sides, and i«6Uc for shoulder*. Th. lam market Is onitt but there is a moderate demand for l present delivery at l-X&l2ic for prime steam and ket fiVrendcSd. tor future delivery I3c hasten freely paid. Grease firm at 9>»&bVc yellow, and 76.7XC for brown. The beef markst I* . unchanged. Prime tallow has been J>een inidemandi at , lovauc; and tallow grease at *%9K C : * rc J ß, ttt!i?' chsngcO. viz: to Kcw York. *UO y 1& brl*; toPhUa* Mpti. mi Mltaorc, •'^g^StLW&tKO. Pittsburgh Oil 31urket. Friday'* Gault* remark*: , , , , . . .. There U but comparatively Utile doing In bonded oil and while the market U quiet and (m l.jrlcea reitaln about as last qnoted-WK*33c tor Immediate dellve.y In Philadelphia. Sale of 500 brU btandar.l White. for immediate'delivery In Philadelphia, at Second J.OCO biU prime light straw to white, fir Jan oar j. at 31 Vl. We arc also cognizant of a party here harlnc boueht SU) brls on the spot in Philadelphia at S3c. The offer* Ins* are not very free, rearer* being disposed to hold back and wait tor an advance In redact! or a decline In erode, alleging that they cannot do anything until one or the other of these alternative* occur. lines. Pittsbcboh. Novembers?.—'Tte receipt* are Increas ing viib a spod supply In the market. The only sale* were »lew heaa In a retail war at prices ranging from t7AMS.OOra£.SO. The weather being unfavorable, there will be no'larcr sale* nntll we have a cold spell, which may be looked tor at any hour. Packers bare things in readiness to commence operations. ininttnr November 23.—The market tor hoc* exhibits a Uttle more activity, Incident to the de clining rate*. The quotations fo-day were ero-sst the pens, with tmall sales. Hamilton A »fo. killed about 600 to-day. On-ley* Co. will begin oper ations Frlrtav. Receipts arc increasing, with 31 cars by ibe L.* R~ and small lots by that,*. F. R. K. Sales are reported ot 1.000 green hams, from the jlock, at 10VC; also, the pnxluct ot SCO hog*. killed at Win Indiana, at 13c. packed delivered next week. Sccds In Baltimore—November’22. A very fair Inquiry prevails for clove*-atftaa-UO per bushel. Timothy remains quiet at J 3 .€>33.73, and flax seed at fS.2O. • lAHBIED. In Beardstown. 11l- November 23d. at the reticence of the bride's uncle, hy the Ittv. V. A. Alexander. Mr. ARNOLD N. ALEXANDER to MlsS LLIZA It. SAN DERS, both of Chicago. No cards. In this city, on the CM instant, by Rev. Father Dunn. In 8L Patrick's Church, Mr. FKiNKLA WLOB to Mi is LIZZIE KELLY In Hartford, Conn., Noveml>cr 21st., hy Rev. Q. H. Gonld. assisted bylter.B. Porte, ot Harlem. N- >~ FREDERICK S. ROCKWELL, of Chicago, to Miss LOTTIEJA. SANFORD, of Hartford. OIBDi At hi* residence. No. S 3 Bush street, of congestion of the loan. J. E. NICHOLSON, aged forty-two years. Notice of funeral bereattcr. Tbe funeral services ol the late CARTER LAMB will be be held at Greenland Cemetery, this (Stmeay) ai'ernoon at s o’clock. Services by Her. Robert Coll ycr. Friends are Invited. In LeroonL Cook County. November 7th, ol paralysis, SARAH DAKEN, wltc of Edward Silver; aged » yesra and TT days. _ gy Foughkcepslc, N. T., papers please copy. In this city, Thursday moraine. November 32d, MAR THA wue tf Peter B. Warner, aged <0 years and 17 services at bis residence, 157 Warrca-st n Sunday at 2 o’clock p. ro. Friends of the family are In vited to attend. ... In Brighton, town of Milne. Cook County, 111., No vember 23d. at his residence, after a long and tnlnlhl Illness. SAMUEL L. MOREY, brother of Mr. George Morey, ol this city. * •• May he rest In peace.” amusements. pRO&BY’S OPERA HOUSE. J.T. RAYMOND .. .TT.Lbscxs aSD MvXaOES. Engagement for a limited number of nlchls with th< beautiful acd accomplished STAR OF THE EAST, LUCILLE WIiSTEBN, Commencing WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3d, In &f world-famed i eodttlnn of LADY (SAHEL AND MADAM VINE, In C. 'TV. Taylcurc’s original dramatisation of ■ EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, Snpported by MImTI. E. GORDON. Mr. THEO. HAM IIIoN. Jlr.ilcKEE BAN EIS, and a full and efficient Con racy. Admission. 50 cent*; Reserved Seats. T 5 cents; Bal cony Boxes. (l scats) 14.00; Family Circle. M «?■£. Entrance on bUto-»l. I'rosccrJom lo SIO.OO. ltox office (pen lor sale of scats Monoay morning. Decentcr so, at 9 o'clock. T?OK SALE—Five Portable Steam En r docs, 6. ?, 10,13, acd 15 horse power; one 30 toot Irch. one 18 fiwit /0 Inch, one 1 foot u inch, swing; two 3W root lllnch swine; screw crittl* rtc"Rlr.c!ath?; r.jron placers; upright drills; tullov drills; suspension drill*; portable saw mills; Earl’s steam pumps. Woodworth Planers ard matcher*; Farrars’ planers, at the machine* ry depot of HAWKINS A JAMES. 51 Sooth WellfrSt. THREE FAST WOMEN; | auction SalCB. TfARIETY THEATRE. ' IS'otioo Extraordinary! THIS EVENING. IBIS EVENING, THE OBIUE* MERRY WIVES OP CHICAGO. Pronounced by those wbo have attended the private rehearsals, as _ Funniest Local Piece ever produced. GROTESQUE SITUATIONS. COMICAL SCENES WIITY HITS. AMUSING DENOUEMENTS, fy Secure your Seats. Secure your Seal*. Ip VICKER’S THEATRE. McVICREB A MYERS. MANAGERS Engagement, <br six night* only, ofthe distinguished Americas Comedian. Mr. JA9- H. HACKETT, Who will appear m hit unequalled impersonation ot **lTlß JOHN FALSTAFF. Monday, Nov. 36th, . RING BtSRTTv iH« Includfng Uie Battle of Shrewsbury and the Death of Houtmr. Sir John FalsUtr— Mr. 0. U. UacketU Tuesday—Merry Wives of Windsor. In rehearsal—lap Van Winkle. Saturday—Grand Matinee. pOL. WOOD'S MUSEUM. cOl. J- H. W00D... Proprietor Grand Revival of Favorite Flayal This (Monday) cvetlng. Nov.S6.wlU be performed a., mx Mt*™ uajof^c So inccessfully performed at this establishment for up wards of lOOnliht*. _ . Tneaday. TbeLadr of Lyons, with, tni ttme.Tlpklcs Rustic Retreat. Wednesday atternoon, Grand Matinee. Friday, Benefit ot Mis* Jennie Bight. In rehearsal, Griffith Gaunt. ANNUAL BALL AND CONCERT OF THE Chicago Workingmen’s Association, WEDNESDAY, NOT. 2S, ISOS, • IN THE NXW TUSHES HALL, HOSTS SIDE. Arrangements will be complete, ao as to satisfy all that may attend. A well organized club ofclnzers wilt be In attendance and delrer several of the latest longa. Mntlc bv the Great Union Baud „?gg;. 81 - 00, ,ili ° l:u ° B the THE YANKEE ROBINSON NEWZOOLOGICALO AUDENS AND COLISRDM. on vtate-*t_ scar Waablngtoa-au Open at all hour*. nlahtby the hot CIRCUS TROUPE IN AMEAKICA. aart the LAUUB*T Collection of LIVING WILD ANIMALS ever exhibited In Chicago. Three Grand Matinees thl* week. Wednesday, Nov. X9,- Ttacksctvlnc.'lhunkl*T->'ov.2). and Saturday, Dec.l. Last Week of the Great American Ciowx, JOHN LOWLOW. MONDAY EVENING, Def. S 3, first appearance to Chicago, ol tbe tarorlte Clown sad Comic slnrer. JAMES BEYNOLDa. QROSBT’S opera house. !I‘LI * uS tb iiCISLAT W ASHINCroNIAN HOHF, On wtuch occasion win te Introduced the beantifnl Scripture Tableaux from the celebrated painting by Bnbeoa. ___ /'JHOSBT’S OPEKA HOUSE. GRAND TOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTI OS TUESDAY EVESISO KEXT, Nornber Tftfc. , M ulc^Dlrector. HANS CALATKA. H»e Director** name ts a saflcient warrant tor toe refinedcharacterof toe Concert. , . l^ , lrlr .■ r , Memb<n of toe German u ns. will produce some new mail:, never oetore tong comp Mid ofartist* oftoe mode Society, will play some new “4 and Popular Ctornsaca. and other eminent vocal and InstrumentalartlJt* will anrt»l. , f r ...... Tbls. If *acre*rtul. Is tos first of a serlc* of Concerts tobeiflTm bytocTconc Mrn * hc s' ,^^L t £l*23s* tlcn oi West Chicago- is character, bstween toe co.d. cbu&l atd Ueiamlllarly mule of the d*v—otvle *o popalsr at the Ei*.. aad vhl.-h. U is bettered. w'ltl betlchly satisfactory tc toe reined P Ti®SSJS t .o?“»' : &"'*n IOMH «, tnm-Mg tlmelc vaanr.av,'idably postponed, will ba> cogd i for tois Concert, tests can be reserved st toe Opera noose. w .11 iheprtnclp.l smile .tore, and st toe Opera Boose- npHE SECOND ANNUAL BALL ol X toe CHICAGO HAIKDKESSEKi wiU take place At Tumor Hall, Monday, Sot. 26,1866* fHarijlncrg. rj*HE LANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ESQIKES, Bhlnale vi>ehh*w. Corn Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANE A BOOLEV, Corner ot John and WOWt-sUm Clnrlnuan. Applicants tor descriptive circulars gjßfj,mery they need. Host ano jfomth. T OST— SIO.OO Reward —For a Ladies’ I j Buntlne Cased Gold Watch, lost on Thursday K.i Toe finder vtU please leave toe *4313 at SAilt BtKTfi UkaadM hwtk Uack-^ «cal 3Sstatc-Cits. lOIPHOVED. Ij'OK SALE —By Wm. D. Keifoot, 69 p Waihlngton-et.. neat frame cottage lot. oa Uak-ti.. pear "Veils. cheap. _ T7OR SALE—Two Frame Houses and r lo „ on Nonh D»*rborn-et., near Chicago-ave. One |4 000, the other S7.MO. At* l '. hoo»e andloton Ssli“=ml"or fti Ul E b ocliool; IMM. / Fifty feel on wahaah-are- near Foarieualh-st., Of wFF-a& AYKV.g. Boom 10. Crosby’sOperaHouse. i.F Or To Rent—House and Jot, So. 044 Wabash-ava. Inquire at tas boose. FOR BALE—Double Frame Houre on Peorta-rt. near UaalaoMt; 13 room*, gas and erftetWbv St i«U IWW. Tjro-etory hoo*e and loti si by 111, on peorta-st, ayMadttop-au. withgtffd ham. 14.TU0. Gothic bouse, 8 rooms,onVaa Burea-Jt.. nfS'HaWed-at., lot; *3.f00, Gothic house, 8 roomstn Price Flat*. near Halattd-au;*3,Kd. FiftyYeet on Wot Madlson-tt., near ilonraa-*L; M.OQO. A span of carriage horse* and varetage will be */•' mentor anvofthc above Ceacrtbod P2 1 P* r -r- MOBEY & CO., lical Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. For SALE—a larce Bnck House, with all modern lmprovementa.on Dearborn-M.. 14010 Of Chestnut-at, at f'Vflfr. one-third <««. ba aaee la one aid two years. Also. a large marbls-fronidwell Inc. with all late improTemenU; larce *od wnve^entj located on ItdlatMU, ea*l cf Casa, at $U.003, by REES t AYitt-s Room 10. crosby'a Opera Uaase. PMMggQVED. T7OR SALE—Five Acres, in Block 5, X 1 Section S. 53,11. at *I.MW per acre. Also, 22 acres m SlalMt- InsWc the cits; The lotg cerj pul this property every f?w mlontea. It will be sold at a low flpure oy 11EESA AVUES. Room 10. Crosoy's Opera Hoose. _ FOR SALE—At a great bargain lor the purr baser, a desirable building lot oa north of Twcnty-aecond-sU TnOMaS B. SNYDER A CO., Kcal Estate Agent--, 4 Metropoli tan Clock. OR bAliE—At a decided bargain, lot 93 by 100 feel, suitable ft»r manufacturing pnrpo*w, on Mi* blgan-*U near Ktngsbury-M. THOMAS U.SnY DF.It A CO- Real Estate Agent*. 4 Metropolitan Block. business (Cbanees. I TOR SALE—A finely fitted up Saloon 1 and private Boarding Honee wUI be soul at half Us value. If implied for pood, as the owner Is obliged to Have the city. Price 4300. Address" B O C," Tribune F)R SALE—One of the best boot nnd shoe stoma In Chicago, doing a good retailholi ness, will be sold at a bargain. Full particular* given bt WaUREN A GOODiaca, ItiS Dcarborn-sL, Room M. FOR SALE—Hardware Store—With some worth ot suck. The whole or part interest wilt be sold. This t* a decided bargain- No bonus wanted. Apply to WABUEN A UOODBICS, 133 Dearborn-et.. Room 3. TTOE SALE—Two desirable ladies’ and r gents' eating house*, well established nnd doing good business. None need apply unless they mean butlucM. Apply at Boom 3.13» Dcarborn-st. ITOR SALB-eA rare chance—Slock and t/ fixtures of a saloon, or halt Interest, cheap—3l3X East Randolph-st. TTOR SALE—The tight tor Cbtogo to jf' mannlkcture Cunnlnchtm's Patent Ankle Sup port* tor bkates. Address P.0.80x 1330, or inquire of J. J. Abbey. 133 South Ciarfret. FOR SALE—Bie Tbmg—Lease, flstnres and fS.OCO stock ol one ot the oldest and most roc* ceMlhl clothing stand* in the Northwest, at Lyons. lowa. This place Is cue of the largest grain depot* in the Northwest, 136 mile* west of Chirac", arid on the MlK'lestopi River. Stock now consists la amount of al-oul *L<OCU worth of clcthtnc. piece good*. merchant tailors' trimmings aid lurm-hing Roods. IW'on nr eelline ont, the undersigned Int-ads c unc Into a wfojo salebcMneas. For farther Icf.'rm'.tlop. addn-s*IsAAC hi. FRANK*. Lyenslowa. or JACOB U. HIANK. 13 J lUnOolpb-st.. Chicago, lIL FOR SALE—Lease ol a* very respects hie hoarding hense, saloon and billiard hair. Mtov ted at 640 South Canal-et. Apply on the premise*. T7OR SALE—A Drue Store—A pood _T chance for a drnccUl with a small capital—Sltn ated In the thriving town of Steel. Shaby co . Slat'* of Illinois. Tins Is a good opening lor a person under standing the German language. St-vk on hand, from *l.lOO to *!,**». Address T.G. FROST, Slc-1 (»o*ker Tost Offlrei. For reference, Post & Badeau, lU3 Lakc-st.. Chicago. FOR SATiE—A first-class butcher shop, with all the nanal fixtures and appurtenances, sit* rtcdlna tt-t-class location lathe North Division. Apply at No. 10 Court Rouse. FOR RAT.K—Saloon, boardimr house and fixtures. A good chance for an enterprising man. Inquire at 7S Soule Wella-sL, or at 195$ East Klu/li-H. FOR SALE—Rare chance. A well es tablished Job Printing Establishment, To a man of experience and means K Is % No. 1 chance. Address “PRINTER." P. O. Bov 446. FOR SALE—Executor’s Sale—Boot and shoe store at a bargain. The stock, fixtures and goed will ofthe bu-ILCM of the late A. G. Pearson 4 Co. (formerly Pearson 4 Dana). 166 Lakc-st. will be closed out at a decided" bargain (hr ca»b and approved credit. Fortr thousand dollars’ worth of slock has come into the'store since September Ist. The whole wile and the retail departments will bo sold hcpirstely, If de«:red; or. the goods wtU be sold by the ca*e to the trade, for cash, at leas than mauntactuiers* prices. Until the business is closed ont, good* wtllbc offered at rcUU at grcatlv reduced price*. For particulars apply at the store.' {Eaeeotora. T?01{ s AT.E—The whole or one-half in ' tcre*t ina good cilicehnMncss. Cspifil rcqulrol, (4(0 to *WO caah-a rare chance. Address “P. S.” Tct bvxe office. jfot Sale. T7OR SALE—Two very handsome Show i~ Cirn, one outside Ca« and a lot >•.' Shelving and Gas Fixtures. For sale at a bargain, at 33 Waihlng tOD-bt. FOR SALE—A rosewood drawing-room sett to gteen rcn. win be s>ld at a bargain. Can be seen by calling at 3SS Wahaah-avc. I?OR SALE—A good tomilv Milch Cow. ' Apply to F. IBSON, No. 22 Ean lllas3ale-«t. fourth bouse east of State-sti, Norm Side. T?OR bALE—Law Library—A library F of Law Booka. New York Law ana Equity Reports Text and Form Books. Will be sold cheap. Inquire 30 Lombard Block, third floor. XTOR SALE—A Shop 21 by 53 leet, with 1* lease. Inquire al 40 Kldvl ,, -»T._IL_I\_LILLY fHariiiHcrs. T7OR SALE—Six engines and boilers ot 1 beet make, with new Improvement*. Two 8, two K, snd two 13-horee power, with or without boilers. New, complete aud thoroughly-made engines and boil ers furnished to order. A>sc, faw tnUus barrel and wood-working machinery, iron plam-rs, tcltlng, saws, Ac- at Machinery Dejnt,| No. BS2 Dcarbbrn-st. GHKENLEE BROS. 4 CO. FOR SALE—A. N. Wood & Co.’s port able engines from 1 to !5-horso powers; one tf-horee power, on wheels suitable fo- threshing. In quirt-, of A. N. WOOD, at the bhensan Bouse. Also, one 5-horse power, sec.nd-hand. in good fanning or der. Can be seen In operation at the Chicago Bag Fac tory. 139 South Waler-st. Inquire of Mvasr*. CHAP MAN, on the premises or A. X. WOOD, as above. Gilbert & sampson, r GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DEARBORN ST.. Chicago. 111. Oct personal attention men to sale* ol Household Knrnuore, at dwelling* or at nnr Auction Room*. Parties with Inc to bay or sell will Cad It to their In* tertatto call on os. Superior New and Second-Band HOUSEHOLD PUHNITUBBj Carpets, Crockery, Store*, Ac. TUESDAY. Nov. 371 h at f*W o’clock, at our aa’earoom. 49 Dearbom-st, con eUUac of a sea era! assortment of parlor, chamber and dining-room larnltnre: several new and elegant oil walnot chamber setts and parlor suites; a onmber of new and second-hand Bru»ei*. tlirc'-ply. Ingrain and Enrllsh Ml carpets; cryckrrr. aU-vcs. Ac.-. together with a general assortment of household goods. GILBERT A SAMPsON. Aucoonoers. C FECIAL SALE FOR THE LADIES, O By GILBERT A SAMPSON, of An Elegant Stock of Rick Urv Good*, Hosie ry, Linen and Dress Goods, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY. Nov. ss*b, morning and afternoon, at SV and SR o’clock, at our salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dear born-* L, consisting of French Marl no* la every color, Eaxocy Plaids. French Poplins, Empress Cloth, Paramatta.*. Plaid Mohair*. Coourgi. and a large vari ety cf other Dre«« Good*, to be sold oy the single dress or more. ladles'. Gents* aad Childrens’ Hosiery; Lace, Embroidered. Hemstitched and Can brie Handkerchiefs, by ihe single dozen or more. Balmoral Skirts, Hoods and Nubia*. Irt»h Linens, Uatu Collars and ScU.Laces and Embroideries. Napkin*. Doylies. Tabl-*-clotlu. Tow el, and Toweling. Cra*h<s. Ac. Tl* attention of the LADIES l> particularly Invited to the above sale. The Kkds are au h »'>, and ot the choice*! style* Imported, e goods will be on exhibition Tuesday afternoon, tor examination. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anct s. Gilbert & &ami*son, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TR.VDE SALE BY CATALOGUE OF Sixty Crates of Crockery, 300 X-ooltlnc Glasses, AT AUCTION, On Friday Afternoon. Nov. 30th, At 2tf O’clock, we will sell at our salcaroctts, 47 aa l 49 Dearbora sU. CO crates of white graette ware, all of me best shape* and make, and consist* ot all ihe land* made. Each crate will he sold bv the package, aad are «plen* cldlv assorted. Included In the gale are dzht enttea ot seecnds. Also. SOO mirror*, assorted slie*. The aale will be wltnoct reserve. will DC 0 GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. TXTE WILL SELL, on Tueyiav, Nor. V\* 13 o’clock, at our auction room*. 192 South Clark-tU, c outers. shelvUtg. detik* and pxtam belonging to a etoccrj store. AtM, furniture, cooalnc and sirlor iicvrt, bellln., Ac- P*rl!cJ wl h- Ipg to *ell slug. - plfatse t -n.l In by that time- WM. GPTYITmS A CO- Auctioneer*. Wsl. A. BUTTERS * CO., AuctloreJn * St-iianti, FALMKK** BLuCR. pSU 44 Si 46 KAXDHLPU-hT. "PAWNBROKER’S SALE. • Gold and Silver Watches, Diamond*. Jewelry, PiMo'o. Opera . Glasse«. Clnlhlng, B-*«U and Mi oca. Dry Gone*. Fern, &e.« AT AUCTION, By order o( A. LIPMAN, PAWNBROKER. 0= MONDAY, Nov. 24 st 9V o'clotk. at Batten* Sales rooms, in I'alner’a Bloc;, No*. 11 and 1C *** WM. A. BUTTgpS A CO- Apert. "pOOTS AND SHOES . AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, Nov. 27th. at 10 o'clock, at Butters Sales Rooms, Ir. Palmer's Block, 44 and 46 Baa dclph-st. XVM. A. SUTTERS A CO. Anct'id. r ABIES’AND GENTS’FURS, BUCK i j AND KID GAUNTLETS, GLOVES AND HITS, BOOTS AND SHOES, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. Nor. TTih. at 9V o'clock, at Butters* Salesroom*.Palmer's Blockf44 and 46 fiaadolpb-st. WM. A. BUTT EES fa CO„ Auct'rt. J}RT GOODS. CLOTHING, Ladies* Cloaks, Broadcloths* Casslmeres, Mttslitt*. Flannels, .lecllsre Shirts, Shins aid Drawers* Dress Goods. Linen Thread, dtc.* AT AUCTION* On WEDNESDAY. November 25t0. at 9V o'clock, at Batten* Salesrooms, la Palmer's Block. 44 sod 46 Randolph tu TO. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aoettra. ISanfetug CAVINGS BANK. foreign exciiasgb. THE MARINE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. Net Assets over 8300,009. Office to toelr Building. 151 Lakc-sL,cor.ofLaSalla. Under vpeclal provisions of their charter, allow to tetest on depoeiu to aavlnga departmest, and reoelve xacaer to trust lor toveatmeat. Drafts on Europe bought and sold. j.YOUKQ SC4HMON, Pwilcau Bonn BS&. Masseur. 2®iantrii-|Hale BOOKREEPfiBS, SAtESfIEN Ac, WT ANTED— I Two salesmen logo in the V » d.‘i:nuj. Those accustomed t-i lbsbullae'spffr ferred. COV r.KT & CO.. £4O South Clark-st. ‘VXTANTED—baIesmau —A thorough VV business mac to sad good* irom -amp e through the flly. Apply to Young America Collar Company, S 6 Eaedolph-st. "DtrAKTED —Salesmen—A few choice W altttaUons now open. Apply this day. with ref ercnWto“a. JONES.I3S DearVorn-aL, Boon 17. TXTANTED —lO experienced palenl \\ to tell a valuable patent. Addrm “PATENTEE," No. 17 Chamber of Commerce, cal- WSL A ffi'Si"® 1074 P- O- TBADES. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a good VV weaver to *el up and ran nay and steady work. Addres* UONT * L AMPHIEB, Cbampalca. 111. - TITANTED —JourneymcntaUors—Two V \ cood workmen wastedlo po to Bari. 111. of work and liberal wa»es. Apply la person at 64 Mlchlgan-ar- np stalra. jfamalc s}clp. ffiffitantcti- QOCSE SERVANTS. a private amily, a wo- VV m"" to do cooking, wasnlog and ironing. A capable woman cat. secure first class wages by apply* irg at 471 Wabash-av. T\T ANTED—In a small private lamdy, \V a good plain cook, washer and iroaer. Apply at 275 Erlr-gt. TXT ANTED—A good girl to do general VV bor»ework. Good wages will bepatdtooue that can cose well recommended. Call at StOv «»• b»»b-av. __ XXT-axtp.D—Housekeeper—An expe- Y V rtenced woman to take entire charge of a mall family. Allure?*, with ret •reßce*._Prawer6Bg4 I__ 1 __ iEmplogment agencies WANTED —500 experienced Railroad Graders (Irishmen preferred), to work on the grading of the Cedar Banids A M!»oart lUrer Rail read, In Western, lowa. Wages fI.TS per day. Boat a MAO per week. Transportation from Catcaro to the vrsrk furnished tree, by F. B- WKARE A CO~ 118 bouth Water-su w. WALKER, Vice President and cnlef Engineer. 1717 AETED—3,I)OO men to go South, V V wages. 445 to {SO a month and boara; 50 wood choppers for Michigan, railroad baud* and men for the pinery. Apply at lOQ Madlson-st..Uoom4. TXT ANTED —Men lookms tor business. VV call at Room .7. No. 87 Vfaahlngton-sL, and •ce the “STAB DAMPER.” There Is money la 1U It will coat you nothing to invceUcate It. TT7 ANTED—Monday—so meft ttfr the \ V pmtriet—the last chance tor thU season. Now Is your lime. Also. 120 choppers, at Boom 3 Ltads* Block, Kaudolph-et. Bridge. XX j AN.TKD—Monday—3Co men to work VV on railroad, wages (2-W per day .free transpor tation; also, SOO laborers a* f i.“ 5 per day; 1.000 m-n to co tkuth. Tickets famished. Apply al Boon J Lind's Slock. Randolph-*!. Bridge. *vr r ANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 \\ {alr«rrcn. 1 conductor,2hfakemen. I nremen, 1 tx-rler, 3drivers. 3 exprresmen. Apply at R'otnl3. Fulicton Blocs, |l2 liearwnn-st. Anp.lcaataby mall address J. M. 3IOORB 4 CO., Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents lor reply. XXTANTED— Yoangmen m the country V > wlshlnc tn obtain situations, such a* bookkeep er*. clerk*, collectors, salesmen, conductors, express* men, 4r- Ac., to apply at Room 13 Fullerton bi--c». f|2 Dearborn-fL, or adorci s J. M. MOORE A CO.. Box 1707, enclosing lea cents tor tall particulars. XX^ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 4 \ V salesmen. 3 porters. 3 drivers. 2 expressmen, 1 cotUurtor. 2 hrakrmen, 1 fireman. 3 agent*. a ship* ping clerks, and -JO laborers, Apply at 131 Dearborn tL, Boom *4. TAi-AXTED—Three salesmen, 2 clerks, VV 4 solicitors (good pay), 16 expedience! canvas fen, I bartender. 2 travelling agents, 5 tinners. > tail ors, .fhoemakers,! wagonmaker 3n.*hoistererersscar pen tire. 2 masons. wooilctxnipera. 300 railroad met. So for pinerv. m) I,b rcre and 1,000 men to go south. Apply to PARSHALL 4 SMITH, 12N South Clork-lt, Boom 11. Applicants by mall enclo-c two stamp* lor reply. TX'?’ANTED—I,OOO men to go South ; VV wacts 143 to *SO a month and b-nrd, 50 track layers and strikers, ki-V a da»; 50C reUr ad laborers. Jiaday. Apply at!33 Clark-at.. Roomg. in the country V> wishing to obtain situations, anch vsbootkeep ers, salesmen, derk*. brakemcn, firemen, drivers, 4m, 4e„ to apple a; i :»4 l>eortK>rn-«t. Room 2. or address 11. E. JONftS 4 CO„ B x 21140. enclosing ten cents iSSlantrh-fUiscdlnucous TXTANTED—Men of large or small VV capital to engage In the sale and maantirtun* Of an article of great utility and economy in every tcmehold. Inquire al Room IS Dlls Block, Madl* soc*»t. TATANTEI)—A first-class builder wishes V V to contract lor. to build and finish completely, a house. Address “BUILDER." P. O. Box 2. Chicago. "TT^ANTED —The advertiser wants to V V Invest fj.OfO In the purchase of a well establish ed. paying business. No other need apply. Correspon dence smelly confidential. Address “A B C," P. O. Box ing. "WT ANTED—Everybody, old and VV young, male and temale, to call on MADAMS A. DDAL, the greatest Fortune Teller knewft. She will astonish yon with Rcvtlttlons—Past, I‘resent and Future. 393 South Clark-st. WT ANTED—AII persons, looking for V V profitab e winter hn»!ne«s to call on "« at once. Wc nave it. Some capital requirei. 12S Lake-st. A. C. BROWN 4 CO. XX7ANTED —Good second-hand and VV new vinegar barrel*, tor cash, by ELDER 4 M AXFIELD. at the Chicago City Ylaegar Work*, 137 Klazlc-at. Jira "Kent—Rouses. rpo RENT—Cottage od West Lake-sL, I near Curtis sL. bavin; five room*, closet an I pantry. Some furniture for sale. Rent *fs per month. Cdllal 136 Lokc-st. rpo RENT—lfyonwart lo rent a bouse. I buva house, or sell a house or lot, rail at o.»rot fi*e. bargains oCeung. GEORGE 4 WIL LIAMS, 7 t-outh Ciark--*L rpO KENT—The dwelling, 123 Oak-rt., 1 eontal: IngS rooms, now occnpt'-d by the unler stgn*d. prlre. per annum. Inquire of A. J. lihQWN, 51 Clart-st. TO KENT—New house, 8 rooms, No. S-IS Ohlo-t. Good location. For price. Ail, call at 277 Oniaiu» sL. from I),’ to 3 o’clock. TO RENT—A two-s*ory and basement house, within twelve minute*’ walk ct the Court Douse. FnrnlUrc and ga* fixtures for sale. Bent mod> rate. A .dre>i>”RENr." Tnhune office. rpo RENT —A house of 10 rooms, with J. closets and pantries, a coo.l sUMo. water la (he Louse, gas in every room. IccaicJ 7-1 Chicago-av. In* aulxcoi KNAUKU A- M.vl.’OM. Ewlnn’s Block. or* ner North Water and Ciark-st*-, room No. 1 up at tlrs. T) RENT—A two story house, C rooms, Wist Division, and fUrutta e fur sale at low fijj. ores. Rent *35. Call at once. T. H. BELFIELD & CO„ IQP.O. Block. TO RENT—A very convenient and pUajantlydocated residence, with barn and large lot,onWwt was; inctou-st. near Wood-lL Bam« of thcfnmtnrc now In the booso can be purchased at very rea*onable prices, If desired br the lessee. H int moderate Ibr the time*. Apply at No. 10 Crosby’s Opera House. to K. A. lUCE. 3To Lieut—Kaoms. TO RENT—Fait of Second Floor bC Kandolph-st. (3 room*), nicely papered an I very dolrable. Apply at oflicc of Young America Collar Company, cn name foor. TO RENT—Rooms, in the building known as LHP* Hotel, 17 and 19 Noith Wclls-sU flrstcorner sooth ot Galena Depot. The house has been newly fitted on and the rooms are In excellent or* dcr, and are well adapted for offices or sleeping apart* tnrms. Apply on tac premDe*. TO RENT—Two very pleasant unfur nished rooms, with board, at 7 South ilay-it. References eichanged* TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 118 Cllnton-sc, bitweea Adams and Jackson-sta. TO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms, tn a private family, to slnglr gcn’lemen, only two rriinotct* walk from ice Poet Office, Apply at 9u Ad* anHi. TO RENT—A nicely furnished room, suitable fur two gentloram or gentleman and IvJv. with or wlth-'ut board. Aim. a fewmoreday boarders wanted, at 123 South Clark-sn, Room 61. TO RENT —Without board, a lurnisbed room, with stove, and separate ctranee. Innntro at Grocery corner of Chicaro-ar. aad LiSallo sl. rpo RENT—With board, either a large A unlnintshtd front parlor, or suite of front rooms, with heard for a the winter. In a private fsmllv. oolv one Dloc*r fr.-im street car*. West SMr. A<Wrrw*-H P.~ Drawer G 439. or apply at 260 Wtal Hnfrt?on*st. TO RENT—With boarJ, a pleasant suite of cnfurtlihed rooms- at 430 West Adams-aL, op* pcsitc JefftTson-parlc. TO RENT—S comfortable {tarnished rocma. with board at *5.00 per week. Also a large cnrarr.Db*d front room, lor a gentleman au l wifi, at No. 2fi South Dcs plainCi-St, between Hondo) pa and Wtshingloo-*U. TO RENT —Two large untarnished rooms to rent. Apply for pmrti-nlar* at Smith’s oyster depot, comer of state and Mocroc-st*. TO RENT—Eight rooms In a new home. coui-liilDg"of parlor, dining-room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two closets aad a buttery. Call at third door west of Wcsteiu-ave and Madison, and see the p re rules*. Co laent-gitores, ©fficcs.&c T) RENT —Comer store and dwel ling. with ]<-aae and fixtures for sale. in quire at No. 1 Ti North Clark-su TO RENT—Nos. 353 and 355 South WaTs-at. Large building, with all machinery. In. quire at the building. tro j 11 ta H o'clock a. m. iical instate—(Countrs. T?OH SALE—lmproved Farms—The J 7 following farm*, with raloable Improvements moated to Marshall County, Illinois, near railroad derot and rtrer : Two tsrms ot 3M acres each, one of V9O icrtv, one of SIO acres, one ot ICO acre*, one Of U 7 acre*, and one or eighty acre*. AUo, coal and Umber land*, and Improve?! property In the thriving city ot La con, Marshall County. Term* ver; reasonable. For particulars address risnnn A SONS. Lacan. Illinois. T7OR SALE—Or Exchange—l6l-2 acres f’ partly under cultivation, frame house with lb nr r>oms, and rood bans. IK nuies north of Evanston, iron One on the Rl<ige Bead- and having a fine building Fin- overlooking Use lake. laud excellent for farming and ESrdcnlrc purposes. Wm sell cheap, or exchange for rhr properly, or land nearer tot city. J. B. VAUCtIAN, No. 9-1 Dearborn-a li.-om -1 Fullerton Birch. XT'OR SAT £ —An improved iana, all in A 1 atlghitater-t cultivation, mated adjacent to, and part cover*! by the town ot Dactlcy, containing 19C acre*. The Improvements are a good house, barn, carriage house, tearing orchard, 50 acre* In tame graw- ThUU one of the ben Improved and mo*; deslrab.o larma to tklt reclon. A large number of town fat* re main unsold™ this farm. PrlrefO per acre. Address JOHN A. KOPLIN. Real Estate Aguat, Buckley. Iro quois Coumy, llliaoli. F)R SALE—Farm—One of the best liras in the State, consisting 0f1.«3 ««£» mile* Com the city, onuock Inland Two stations only two miles distant Com cptreof i® acrtsorl-lnal oai.hickory and maple Umjer. never cot ; SOO acres bine grass ptamre; «floa Umotor *od clover; balance under tflfaw. BlckojT Creek ml State Read run through the entire farm: ail well lS Sever falling water; brick bouse.u rooms; t uree Unart Louses; 7 barns far cattle, tarrlares and bar and Ice house; 750 tons timothy and clover hay cow on land; 8 apple orchards, god garden and abun dance of small Irnfl—all lo nmiate ordw. given a: anv time. Price (*>,000; cash. CIOM. balance on ca»v lerae. For farther particulars apply to THOMAS PARKER. No. 2 Metoaalist Block. Worsts, Carnages, Set. 5 PAIR of big, strong Wolfe Horses lor talc, at BUKNAP'S Stable, comer of Stole and Tweaty-rccoua-su. TO TRADE—A good work hoise lor a grain wayos. cr wui sell the horse and buy a rood second wasoawiih grain box. Inquire at 44 &orto WeliMl, F)R SALE—3 good work horses, uer faetty Bound and genUe. will be Bold with haruce* sad wagon, or without. Apply at 1104 Wabaaa-ar. F)R SALE—I pair black well matched ponloa. Tbev are ceatle and woil broke, acdwlll do fbr children’* u*e. bameaa acd aaddle tom»irb. la, quire at toe Avenue stab'e, or to H. A. DAVIS, Non. itS. 30 * 3S Caudolph-«to up ttalra. A HORSE—(S years old) and wagon, suitable far peddltoic»a'l7»CJr BiD. Isaoueat 50754 Prise place. jDituanons ®aaniEfujaal»E BOOKKEEPERS SALKSaiIN 4e> SITUATION— W anted A pracbcd physician ol eight years’evperieDi?. an-. late i-t tee Assurant Surgeon, 17. S. A., la dfWroTU ot ine Mm-elf with l•ou^< , tlret-c]an dry; ho::?. I'rrav mat sitmt'oa moro of an ooji ct than salary. “C W H." Tribune cQrg. SITUATION —Wanted— Copying Sd tra&Uattoa In the Encltsh, FreaeJi, or lun.n t»a guaget. MSS. revUed, accounts InvratlTn: rt. ha- a potted, or correspondence dine, uy a comp, turn Addrea* “A E e. r ' 8;x6333,r.0. ‘ITUATION—WauIed —A competent and experienced acconc.lant, corresponded «-j cashier dealret a permanent engagement or. or W->r» Ist of January. Advertiser Is well versed in basing details, and «-*r> fu-niah unexceptionable city tzia meet. Address Box U333.P.0. SITUATION—Wanted—A derkshipla O any respectable business in the a ynmir man of thorough experience in Is a good penman and accountant; salary Immaterial. Will sire good references. ±c_ from responsible mt tlca. Please address "J. A." No. North FEMALES. OITUATION—Wanted— By a younz O Udy at saleswoman, either In a Jrv modi taas poods atom or acme llaht ba,lti- s; hjs full e-*muaod of both Enclish aid German Imcuasts. Plea-*-: *l - “Q. H." Txniryx otacc. ** SITUATION— Wanted—B, a gin tu do sewing and chamber work la a small family. Can tortwodayaat lill North llalsusi n. glgcnts giSlantrii A GENTS—Wanted—To sell omiinea* Ai. tnl cffibmlJery stamp- and laid orifr* for i e-j --cils. Address JOBS C. HILTON. S-acll Cait-r. U Clark-at.. Cbtcapo. Pox 73R. A GENT&—Wanted—?loU jHir _rV everywhere, male and femaK to sell t;e UKHH Ine common sense family sewing mac.tise, the greatest invention of the age. P-bc Et--» Machine warranted years. Andrea* SCc'*M3a Cleveland. Ohio. A GENTS—Wimted—s2oo per m^:h i\ male anc female, tn s<*U the HAltTl.nrrss* INO MACHINE—the be*: cheap maenne r.uJr. sj. dress W. DELObb &CO M No. ltißDrurV:n CU caeo. Dl. AGENTS —Wantea—Espeneupc-.! WA and engraving canvaP3?rs. to whom a I-.—- ary or rommlMlun will be paid. Addrr»s ca.VhL‘j PQ-t-, 133 bouth Clark-sL. Chicago. 111. A GENTa—Wanted—'To sell CHRIST _£TL BLEbSINO CHILDREN*. Sormon rr. th • i! ■ , 3 * and Tie Great Command; also, 5.000 other »lL l- <t— ffavlngs; a)-o. 10 dltferent klcd* of mep* ml rhut* including six rew ones clear. Fort*ras, aadresa GOLDEN, SAJlllovs * CO.. 1?U Lake-iU, Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted— $1,500 per year _£~JL paid to Agents to tntrodnre oar new S'vtu Machir c. Address SHAW A CLARK. lildac.'jnUtatn£ or at Chirac a. in. A GENTS—Wanted—per nirnth. x\. I want Agent' in every couctr la the Ctltd htaiea. in an entirely low business. Address !i. B. SHAW. Alfred, Mtlne. AGENTS —Wanted—Book Agcml?,Take have now rtadv MuOßirs COM PLETE HISTORY OF THE LATE CIVIL WAR. which ycu can Mil at SAW. bpicuitdlr tlls-.stratoa and bound In elegant style. We have J-.ri the i*jjw that I* wanted. Its low rnce gives Uan ndvantvgc over all others, and weofler such inancemenls that all who are active and energetic can mks from Hjl to 4? a ecr month. Call on or addrea* QCAKKR CITY IM7B MSHINO HOUSE. 937 ba&y»m- B U. Philadelphia,Pa. A GENTa wanted to sell Hodtnns' Patent Elastic Paper Collar •*. UTi:- rra’c-11- Scientific Ameiican August jltb. w*. barr-ilr* and circulars lent on receipt of tlity ccit». A~--ais«*an make *ls to $iS per day. AiMret, S. KOUUiNs-SCO. 314 Thlrd-st, St. Louis Mo. A GENTS— Wan«*-U —FvemvVr?, »o /“V sell Grant's celelraUd CAia'll* ..Al.i.L ■, ac.-r ocirre tLtroduced into the Unit'd Sl*t-» r.- t»e man. The greatest Inducements *-ver ctr-rH to «r -er* in this or any other country. Apply u t. GRANi, gl-J West Lake st„ CMcaco. A GENTb—'Wonted —Ten active, cner* XX. cello men, to each < f whom 1 a-ill eiv- *j,vi •» mvnth and expenses paid. None av.i api’y wtio r; rot wiliicc to travel and tell. Address J--x 33. la dlatapolK !nd. - AGENTS— “Wanted—The immense de mand for TRIED AND TRUE, or LOVE AXl* LOYALTY, should Induce all por«ou> la search of pro fitable eniplovmfnt. to send for circular ant Pm*, m W. J.DOI.LAND 4 CO., Cbic.igo, 111., Miiw. itc-. TV Is* Dubuque, lowa. AGENTS— Wanted—Evenwherc. lor the INSTANTANEOUS WINDOW CLEAN* It AND MAGIC POLISH. cleat* wial w*. ant highly polishes silver and ether is-.uK witl-mit»>tp or lui wat*r. dual or Utter, aod with c.rupuaUvelv no laltor. Everybody watt* u. Age:»t; cat; mite Dom *3 to 310 per day. Small capital an 1 large pro-.:,. Call, t-r send 23c-..iii Cor sample .and terms. G. M. BVITH* 6133 . : A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per mobth J\. and expenses paid male or temnle agent*. t> :=• trvuuce a new and useful Invention, of abr'lute Tihty In every hon«eSo’d. AgcrU preferring to wort .-? com* ran earn ftv-m *2O to s:,i r-r ■ •»,. r.>r J: particulars address W. G. WILSON 4 CO-Clcvettml. OLIO. AGENTS Wanted—For several very Inpomnt new hoots, including IRE AMER ICAN FAUMMi’n LOKSE BOOK. Or.- el*gi»-l oe’avo Toinroe. afont 60j rage«. snTculi-lly nirs trsteo and eralwJiShcd with nnmeron- tin- cn*ravln-«. by Boot. Stawasr, M. D. V. eml»njinL - ;h» re*r:tt* of twenty years’original tQV.atlgallrn r.;;.; tlrdy successful veUflnary practice In the gre-.t *tfx-'.--ri;t. tng regions of Kentucky, Tetne**o- and M:-d.»ip'l. embracing the nature, cansetacd tr-anuest *tf u.a:y disease* peculiar to the American diseases heretofore considered Incurable. Al*% an ex tended treatise on Stcck Itablrg and bt c"< Man.-vai'- menu Sold otly bv scad for oar Illus trated circular ate terms, and you will r»e that need K'ok no further for the be*t aud ro«»’t sa'anle «nt»- scnntlcn book extatt. J. S. GOODMAN 4 CO., Fob- Ushers. 3 Cnatoir Uouse-p’ace. Chicago, 111 A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a new jT\ work, now readv—THE LOST C.vITSE, the only official history ofthe war from the Southern »llc. by B. A. PolUrd, of Virginia. - Tin* work contains much of the secret history ot the war, which onr Northern anthers have never been aMe to •bliii. and la pronounced by all parties to be the most Interest* Ine and best written history yet pabliihvd. Philadel phia prcM says, “It will he likely to he read wherrv er the English language Is km-wn." From the Pi>uih keepsle Press—“ One ot the most remarkable iwokacf the present eenlury. snd will cecapy the frout rank in the libraries ol the world." Agerts are mc-Unp with nnperalleled succtbi. One in Niles, Michigan, so'd 1W copies in 1 days, and says ha caa sell 3.OCJ il the county. Another. In Cnnrty, lowa, ordered J?. aa t says. “I can'ell al Ica.-l 500 In me urrliory.*’ Hun dred.* of similar'etter* urr on file tr. .'ur«:ficc. Eilia inducements are n«w offered to er-rg-ffic o-entj. Address at once C. W. LILLhY, Publliher, 26 Key nold»* Block. Chicago. Ul. A GENTS—Wanted—For the NEW J-\ GLOBE J-F/WING 3IACIIINE (Folmiu** Patent) wltn UNDER FEED and N*-w Loopvr Mov.’menL Pro tonbccd, b>- practical marhlntat*. on-of tbi he*t mi chine* row In use. Price »13 to .a-cor-rin.* to-tyl-*. P. ATKINaON. 164 HanilMph.-U orr. 6. Chirego. A GENTS—Wanted— Fog *• WOMEN xV OF THE WA R," a new worthy Frask Mo«rc. author of the “rebellion Re- ->r 1." 4rt TMs work 1* a llstorv of thedetdaof noble wonu-n who shared the pert’s cl the war atd ought to inherit tLs«iorl>'*. Names of nearly one bnedredot tte best won-cn of th»c-»un try, irom evety loyal State, are hire n.eutiotml. wtlS narrutlTC» and account* ol ibeir eourage. AeltMrrlfl"**. and snffsrtnss for the Union. Illustrated wph elegant steel engraving*, con*lstlnc ot t eautlfnt FORrUAITs OF WCIIEX. ctcrawcd expresslytir thl* work. Many soldier borswlll recoanlseti e llken«.-c.* ol nr.Me wo man trlemY* In so ue ofthe manv portrait* coruined In ILU volume. It 1* a firtt-clase N>ok ot six hundred Eagvs. We want an agent In every town In lh? United tales. Our terms are liberal. Call on or E. C. TREAT. 117 South UL AGENTS —Wanted—Throughout the United States to sell oor new LIVES of the PRESIDENT*,” from Washington to the present lime, la oac volume of about WJ pijes, beautifully illustrated with steel engraving*. tire Annor—-nic Tou*—Tire Tiutat, the ch-gaat style and moderate price, all combine u> reader thU oie of the mcnt attractive. useful and salable hooks ever tabJlshed In tht* country. To cxoertcnced ag-nts thl« . a rare fhacc** to mat' nr.rvy with aspieutlil ooik. ana no competition. puhiislurs highest c">mml**l'‘a eiven. Send stump for circa ar* and prices of all our works. 3. 8. DQYDEN.73 Clark-st. Chicago. Hi* A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first _Ci- elaas canvasser*, gentlemen aad ladles, for “THE PRAYER AT VALLEY FORGE,” a new and maeslll cent steel engraving; price p-cuilar wmni* tuendntlor.s wH«'h caure it to br admired by every American, ofwhatcver sect or party. Agents everv* whore are meeting with unparalleled i •*o liflhcrm* LltLeH glvon. Address. .'lamp enclosed. S. S. HOYDEN, 73 tlark-st. Clilcau'. HI. sJartners JtSHautfh. ■pAßTN’Eß—Wauled—One with 5350 JT and one with *3OO. to engage In an established business. Apply at 100 Madhou-sL, Room 4. PARTNER —Wanted —I want a part ner. with (r<'m eight to fifteen thousand dollars capital, to ju'n me In an established and slap’e busi ness. I have the warehouse. and am well aud favor ably Anown to the trade. A man with a clear record may control the finances. Ifhedc-drcs. and the hu»la<« will pav trom 73 to UO per cent p*;r annum. Address, 111 l January Ist. 1567 ’♦WATSON.” Tribune oSlce. T>ARTNER—Wanted—A young man 1 with {SCO. to Join advertiser In a light manufactur ing huaicc-ss. Article* ccmmandlr.g nvulv aa’e every where. This 1j a rarj ebanev. 219 Clark-it, Room 30- iSoarTring, "OOAPDING—A few gentlemen,- also TJ rei ilemat and wife, can bc'aceommodatedwlUt board at No. 31 South Grccn-at. TJOARDiNG—A very pleasant front i J rocm. with good board, ‘for cue nr two person*. Locatlcn pleasant—one convenient for bu>lnev«. Ap ply at 272 West Madisoc-st. > OARDING—IS or 20 day hoarders win X> he laker at#3 a week or ~ meal* at yn ar theLIYE AND LET LIVE DINING SALOON, 123 Dearborn st. Call and see the bill of fare. Choice llouors at the bar. 0 "DOARDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good D board In a private famllr and very pleasant loca tion. can find such at 239 DUrcls-sL, two block* from State-st. bridge. BOARDING— Three single centlemeu, etc to room with one gentleman anil two to room •xuti other two gentlemen; also, day bo trder* can bo accommodated at 293 Michiean-st. Call sooc. TDOARDING —A fine suite of unfnrnish- O with first-class boar L la a centrallo cailty. Nor e but lho»e In a laudable business need apply. Address *• U." Xrtbone efflee. T>OARDING—There will be vacant, J_) Novemlwr T»«h. a large farnl-bed front up per room, suitable far two nntlemer. la Crosby’s fulicing. Call at the office, S 6 Statu-su, fintdoorto th? right, up stair*. BOARDING —A gentleman and his wits wishing aa untarnished parlor and bed* room, harm* -as and clcmu wim hoard ta a private family, may call at 32S Wot Kaniio’ph-tt. T> CARDING —A suite of front rooms, I > unfurnished. and one room fandabed if desired, with flrat-claas board, No. 5~23 Mlchtgan-av. T>OARDING—A few ceutlemen can J 3 Cad pleatant rooms and cootfboard at 119 Ha* rowt SOARDING —One pleasant single room cnfamUhed. suitable for gentleman and wtfa. one ilnele room, famished, suitable far one or, eaabe bad. with board.lns first-class bouse. 1H Cottage Grov»av. BOARDING —Very desirable untarnish ed rooms, with excellent board, far one or two ■man families,ranbehad at7M> Wabaab-av., corns Slxtamth-at. Reference required. T> CARDING—A gcruleman can be ac jLA (ommodated with board ta a private family on near Twelfth-stt, by addressing P. O. Box 5979- *r> OAJfDIN G —An untarnished trout I) room far a gentleman and wile, with board. Also two single rents can be accommodated ia a private family. 176 South CUnton-st. T>OARDING —Private Boaruinsr House. I I Know all, by these presents, that 2J*S atoie-rt* has been newly refarnlsncd, and tho«e desirous can Srocure pleasant rooms and good board far tne winter onebutflrst-clasa gentlemen and ladiea need apply. "OOARDING First-class board, ■with JD large room*. mar be hail on Immediate applica tion at No. 157JFoarth-av. Four-story marble Coat house. "OOAKDING—A gentleman and wife, J 3 or two tingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with board at 39 Aberdeen-st. T>CARDING—An unfnraUbed parlor, J > also two famished rooms to rent, wttb board, at SCC West Basdolpo-st References required. Uoarb 253anteb. T>OARD—A lady of good education fl desires b*ard Is a private Ismi'.y wb.cir toe u«c of her plxno aoc her lesrructfansdn music msv be of ***3o coo»iCer«tlon to the family. Aiitirvsa “KORMA** BOARD —A young IE an wr,nt= board in a private family. Also, a-rood room, with fire ia U, Adoreea, »toting tern*, Ac., **X V." Tribuneofilcc. SttantS an® ‘rtolcii. C TRAYED—On Saturday nisbt, trom O ÜB<iboo-sn, bstwren CUaten and dsrk bay marc, wltovua white fore and bind faot aau white ►pot in tbfvheati. aUachcu u» a dray. Rvrn-os marked "J. H.Reed*Co;~ dray rearica *M. McQuald. No. 15." A liberal reward w 111 bo paid on returning the tame to J. McOUAID. northwest corner of Adams and Jeilersca-eta.. or J. tl- KKKI> A CO.. Lake~>c_ personal. PERSONAL— II Mrs. Millie S. A, S la *uu to too city W’ Ctoc?49y kiTiac place «t R*Wfaw! •?.