Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 27, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 27, 1866 Page 1
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Cljicaga TUESDAY, NOVEMBEB 27, IS6G. THE MEWS. The Virginia estates ore changing hands, irhboci hanging much ch.ngc to thi hinds uf Jbelr owner*. pit la estimated that the revenue from Im ports during the present year will vacant to *i:5,000,0«). Suuar is worth but fire cents prr prur.d In Honolulu, which la sail not tabs enough toy ay (j: its manufacture. During the past season, it la state! that toco, S,Gfc teams and 20,000 u xen and males w ere employed In freighting from Fort Benton to the Medina mining tonne. The Richmond market is so abundantly papplic* lh*l fine enta of fresh beef sell for 183 - : V j>cr pound; mutton, 12@iCc; pork,3oc; and otter flilirks la proportion. • “x; The expedition fitted oat at San Diego to search for quicksilver mines In Lower California, near tlic mouth of the Colorado, has l>cca suc cessful. and Itae found cold a a troll. The Wilmington (Korth Carolina) Journal f#ys that the veannt crop of (hat section of the State w ill be about half as large as before the war. The average then was about eight; thousand bushels. According to the telegraph this morning, '•Tsximnian has finally lelt the shores cf Mexico, and is now on bis way to Fatherland. A studied delay In (he embarkation oi the French troops la aeaiu hinted au The San Francisco Flag Is reliably Informed that the: r are over 5,t«) persons lo San Francbco wLo btlieve in spiritualism and openly declare their b-.-lUi. It fays they have more than one hundred places of meeting In assemblages greater or emalttr. The Texes Legislature have unanimously psfsed resolutions to set apart a portion of the Stale Cemetery for the burial of deceased United States soldiers, and appropriated ¥5.000 for the purpose of Inciot-lng the grounds with a suitable Will. Our Washington despatch states that io the recent Interview between the President and c'.cccral Gisut, the gentleman urged upon Hr. Johnson tbe necessity of accepting the Con fttaiional Amendment, at the same time taking strong grounds against the President's universal amnesty scheme. Mount Htfod ha* recently been smoking sad giving out other manifestation* that it is a volcano. The Portland Oregonian says that on the IClh instant clouds ofemoke bung around the base of the mountain, while a column seemed to ri.-c from Its commit. Many persons sought plates from which the eight could he plainly tevo. European news this morning, both by caMc aud by late mail*, points most 6 ignifi coolly to the increasing uneasiness constantly develop ing among the Irish people. Stephens' last speech in New York had reached Ireland, and bad served to heighten the belligerentfeeling. Ilii asserted the Fenian organizations are working car* rest!; to bring on a bloody struggle. The Amictam National Cemetery, ot Sbsrpsbnrg, is rapidly approaching completion. The walls of dressed limestone arc receiving their copine, and present a workmanlike appearance. The remains of upward of twelve hundred bodies have been exhutaed and rclnlerred tiy the de* tsehment of the United States burial corps os duty, and their labors still continue. IVc tsikt* the annexed Item from the New Oilcans Times: *‘Tbe bust of General Sheridan i« sow finished by TVolcao, the scalptor, and is ready for elimination In the upper part of the Bank of Louisiana Building, corner of Conti and Loyal streets. The bust shows tho regimentals, aid is perfect, the grain of the epaulettes being t.iccly unltbcd and -the features well molded. A piaster cast will be made in a fewnoT*." Multnomah, though not large, la the rich est ccumy in Oregon, because It contains the com mercial metropolis,Portland, a city of about 0,000 inhabitant* and a great deal of trade. The asses sor thl* year returns a total of taxable property for Mnltomab. ot $5,135,410, and a debt of SWT.OWL The county of San Joaquin and the city of Stockton contain abont $5,500,0u0 of taxable pioperly, nul owe n good deal larger debt than Multnomah. As the time draws near for the opening of the rails Universal Exposition, activity increases ia forwarding lo tadr destination the articles lu ti-cdeu tor exhibition at the great Fair of 1807. The arrangements made by oar Government for affording facilities to American producers and manufacture!* are nowpcrfcctcd, and the office of the General Agent in New York presents quite a hc-y scene. Let It he remembered that there is now do time lost in forwarding articles. Our Canada despatches of this morning contain sit unusual amount of interesting intelli gence. A decidedly hitter feellug Is growing np between the Protestants and Catholics ot Canada East, which feeling is intensified by the discus sion of the merits of the Fenton cases soon to o*loo off tn that ceciton. tn ihe midst oi a newly Ccdgcd Fenian excitement, lu the shape of a bccocil Invasion by the Fenian Stephen*, a promi nent divine advocates in the most outspoken menage bis belief in tbe policy and necessity 1 Canadian annexation with the United States. The Trustees of the Massachusetts Agri cultural College are reported to have given np the plan of having a single large structure, and will erect various small buildings, each with a special purpose. They have voted to build between now and September Ist, 1567, a lirick edifies with dor mitory accommodations for fifty students, aud four recitation rooms, surmounted by a tower with a clock; a chemical laboratory, a boarding hvc&e, a mocel bam, and a house for the Prust dint—all of wood. Their aggregate cost is esti mated ct s<*s,ooo. U is hoped to have the college fairly lu operation next autumn. The Vermont House of Kcprcscntallvca, on one of tbe last days of its recent session, re* jeeted a bill to tax the shares of private corpora* tioce. Tbe Mends of the measure urged that by tbia means a great deal af fraud and illegal re turns of property would be detected and prevent- cd, while ft was opposed because U would result In taxing the private corpora'icn property twice, first, like other property, and the second time as stock in a corporal lon, and this unequal harden would drive capital and manufacturing enter pri-es to other States. If the bill had been euc c seful the annual tax of the Vermont Central Ilutlload wonld have amounted to between t-TJ,OJO and £4ti,(4o per year. Tbe vote stood 12J lu 60. A telegram to tbe Dubuque Time* men i lions a rad accidental Uartwick, Delaware Coun ty, Nov ember 7. John Wood, of the firm of Wood [ & Jackson, in Dubuque, owner of the ilartwick [Mill-. was observed to go Into Ms barn late on J Wednesday afternoon. As be bad the key to the Imill, and one of bis employee wishing It, lol llowed him into the bam abont an honr afterward land found Mr. Wood under the horse's feet. In* [sensible. He was taken op and removed to the kbnnse. Be has shown no consciousness to this (date except once, when hlrwifc asked him if the [horse kicked him, be replied Ic the negative. It Bs snppored that bo fell from lb - loft Into Ihe sta ple and was there trampled npon and perhaps Kicked by the horse. Dr Boomer, bis physician, pias slight hope* of bis recovery. iKOJt QUISCVs L II rider Across ihe Mississippi—Death o! n (.Vortla kdliur—G«od» .Hccovprcd—Rob beries—The u rather—Pork. * Ifspi-clal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] (jciycr, 111., >'ovemDcr It I? expected that work will be ‘commenced on Ihe railioad bridge over the’Mississippi at this j;rlnt by the first «f December,proximo. We are tUdlliat ell the a'raneemems to that endlisve been cvmploltdt It will undoubtedly be «o ftn n.en?e ntUaniagelo this city, as well as to Chicago K. Goddard, one of the proprietors of the Columbus (Gcoigia) Suru died In that place a f ..v v ttKs ero. lie was formerly of this city. 1 liii* reiatlne v.cic bronghtto this city and botied ; *°A *argc amount of good* abstracted from boxes land tnfc- in transit, have been recovered from n,arUep In this citv—two colored men. P Three robberic* were committed last evening la Ihl* citv. Tbe jewelry «tose of J. D. Herrick was ■ntcrea and nibbed of jewelry to the value of crv. The crockery store Of A Hunt was •Mered. but only six dollars rcalircd. A cigar tore as* also broken open ami robbed of tobacco, iirars, pipes, cc., to a consldfiaMeamoaul. TiieVeaVbcr mend and threatens tain. Thvrv bar beta no considerable improvement Ii {be pork boticcsß. ntoji litTKOir. rhe Wreck of the Vitamer l.uc Ba Bellc- Ufeovert of her Paper*, Fonliam Arc.— Oil Exmcucot In L'oodi>i Slirblcea. Drrnorr. November 2d.—One of the parties despatched to the wreck of the Lac La Belle ba- returned to this city. Th-y found tbe Bello In a much worse condition than bad been anticipated, and the probabilities are that she will be a total loss. The force of the col lie'on \»*s very great, and the boat is severed at ao>t la twain- t»U is in such a condition thatto raise her is considered an impossibility, fehelles almo«t parallel with the direction of the river cur rent, and near tbe American shore. Her stern Is tweatv-five fci-t from shallow water. Early y«- leiflav morning the wreckers got to work, and the direr at once proceeded to ent bis war through the hurricane and promenade decks, and desen ded to the clerk's otHcc. Here he obtained a quantity of papers, etc., which were strewn around, and ascertained that the safe was locked and in good condition. On account of his armor leaking badly, be was only able to remain under ■water a short time. A cable will be attached to Hbe sab* to-dav, and an efiorf made to extricate It. IXhe wnckors proceeded in small boats to cut Eiwav the humane deck, and procured all the fnnuit.rc, piano, bedding and linen belonging to 1 ,« vct-cl wuientheypbecdon board the Heatner The above Is the principal work accomplished ■sterns* To-d.v an ehbrt will be made to ob ln the safe and o"lh*r vain tbles Cou»iJcrab:e excitement exists over oil discov ics inth-towa-hlp of BeuningU»i,in Shiawassee ,aniv, Michicmt, The irdications of oil are pro uticed by experienced oil men to be good. Ail » funs in the itmuema'e vicinity are leas.*d, and tensive propnni - .10r.s ate being made la sink a mbtr ol wells at once. Elio3l SELMA, ALA. eat Conflagration—Lo»«» 1100,000 i Far tiallv Insured. irv Tons, November 2fi.— I “Scuta. Ala., Ko aber 26.—A destructive fire occurred In this r la<l night. Every bnl'dlng on the north side Water street, between Washington and Grand cei., wa s burned; all the buildings on the ■•I side ol Broad street, between Union's alley d Water streets, except two; McUecs i John n’e .ion* and the J lrttfrgrr otCcc were both dly dameped. The loss by ti.l* conflagration is dmated at over f-iOC.UXJ. The heavies: lowers e Ondboa & Duncan, about £ir»,OiO; Insured for *o,aO; Messrs, Barnet'. Msrtlu * Sw*lu, ,’2O.W«; ins-red for fQO.DCU; Mcßee? A Johnson, U.UOO; Insured for *20,00u: Messrs. Bowen & oopor, SI2.UA); insured for fSiWO.” treats to Burn a Hiaugfaicrfng Establish* meat. Ktw VonK, November fif:.—Letter® have been scclved from parties residing In Jersey City, ader aeynmed names, warning the officials that be Abattoir will be burned unless certain appU* sots be appointed in the concern. A notion ha* tot abroad that ptefcrccce is given to workmen Bom Chicago, the residence of ibe Superistend* cote, to the prejudice of local laborer®. This In rlcoallon toav be partially true in the case of the block Yard bcpcnnieudent, who discharged scr enty-five men on Saturday last, wiib ibe alleged slew of redneiog expense*. No complaint, how ever, ha* bocti made against the contractor*, os Mr. V. 11. Hueco has r mploveil all laborers wlih honest rccommctdalion®, bet the work.* being completed he has so letter any need of workmen. Toe Clreciort have taken strict precautions against the execution 01 the threatened design. FROM EUROPE. Yesterday’s News bf Atlantic Cable. Shipment of Arms to Ireland by the British Government. The Irish People Preparing for a Bloody Struggle. Accounts of Farther Fighting in Fandia. The Torts Reported to Have Been Badly Defeated. The London Times on the Con demned Fenians in Canada. « FROM WAIiGTOE The Recent Interview Between General Grant and the Pres ident The General Urges the President to Accept the Constitutional Amendment. Revenue from Imports the Present Year Estimated at 51'5, 030,000. FROM MEXICO. Maximilian’s Abdication and De parture from Yera Oraz. fiiikrkalion of the French Troops Postponed. FROM CANADA. m Feeling Between tie Protestants and Catbolics in Canada. Rmuor tliat Stephens is Organizing a Second Invasion. Outspoken Advocacy of Annexa tion to the United States. The Condemned Fenians as Vet Unable to Obtain a Jew Trial. • FROM EUROPE. Bv Atlantic Cable—American Vessel Ford* dend-SlitDuicui of Arms to Ireland hj the British (•ovcriatncat—Further Fttibtins In Caodia—The Turks Again Badly Defeated —Prussia lo have a Consol General la New York—A Republican Organization Farmed lu Paris. NxwYouk, November 26.—The following de spatches were received at Craig's news agency: Ijvebfool, November 2G—noon.—The hark Alice Grey, from Bangor, Me., has been lost at sea. The ma’c was drowned, but the rc;t ot the crew are safe. loxdox, November 20— noon.—Twelve thou sand brecch-loeding rifles are lo be sent by the British Government to Ireland for the use of the constable*. 7bc arrest of Fenians continues tobc made In Ireland, and the troops are vigilant. [By tbe Associated Press.] . Qceekstowk, November 26.— The Anchor Lino Company's steamer California, which soiled Dorn New York November BMh, touched here this morning, «n route to Liverpool. Losdok, November SC.—Further arrests of eubfccted Fenians have been made !□ Ireland. Ihe national troops are ready to move at a mo ment's wanting. A prospectus has been published giving the plans for the proposed* Nicaragua route. The 7\tnet IVinks It would be well if (be entire scheme were divided between tbe Governments of Eng land, France and the United Stales. There baa been renewed fighting In Candla, It is said that the Turks have been badly beaten, ai:d have suffered greatly, no lees than B,OXI hav ing bees killed and 2,C00 taken prisoners. BrziUN, November SC.—Tbe Prussian Govern ment intends to have a Consol General located in the city of New York. london, November 2C—cvclng.—lt it rumored that a Republican organization has been farmed tu Paris. It is said tbe Empress Engenlc and her eon will spend Christmas at Borne. Latest English Markets. Livraroou November 36-noots. Tbe cotton market ts nncbsogvd. sales to-day sum cp 13,000 talcs. MiodUng nposds ItH- OrcsdstoS* arm. London. November 26—noon. Cocsc!» quoted 9Pc for money. Tbe current prices for American securities are u follows: United States 5-50*. 71; Illinois Central, 7t; Eric. «S^r. , London, November 55. Telegram* from Frankfort repirt a sllzht denrea«ton in tee mark* lor Untied btates Vsos bonds. Tbe nominal rates being 75K&75V _ LirnrcooL. November !S—evening. The cotton nsrkct is without charge. Breadstuns unchanged. Lard dull. London. November Tlic money market Is easier. Con>ots close ax Sav for motor. AtccrW an sccnrltlfts close at the following mn: United States 5-J(b, 70E ; Eric, «7jf; IllinoU Central, 77 J»- By MnVl—Political Excitement In Ireland— Mrphioi' Last New York Speech Falla Like a Firebrand Among ihe Irish Peo ple—Fentun Organizations Working in Dead Earnest The London “ Tlmr*’ ” Correspondent an Hr, Bright's Irish Visit —Tire Same Paper .Editorially on the Hanging ol the Fenians in Canada—Rare Compliment to President Johnson—Cessa tion of the Cholera at Trieste—The Great Meteoric Display la London. New York, November 2f>.—The rriimirif Eab lin correspondence say*: “Political excitement has ran to an alarming height in Ireland. Every town and Milage baa lit full quota of military, and cnnboals arc scattered all over the Irish coast. Tlese measures plainly bespeak the apprehension of a fulfilment of Sir. Stephens’ promise. Ilia last speech In America baa been published In set* oral Irish journals and caused quite a political fever. The Irish people teem to have implicit confidence in his sincerity and determination. Among all classes the conviction arrows and spreads that we are on the uve of sianling and terrible events. The Fenian organisation through ontlfae country Is in a high state of activity, its committees arc terribly In earnest, and their plans ate shaped for a fierce and mgsle, ’ The Jtii.'t' correspondent, writing from Lon don, says the mission of Mr. Bright to Ireland seems to have been a mistake and a CtUnre. What the future consequences may he, it is not easy to predict, but there arc signs that the re form leader lost more in England than he can possibly gain on the other side of the channel. Ihe tntltc weekly press, and. as fir as 1 have seen, the daily also, with the single exception ot his mvn personal organ, is opposed to the sole oilc' nl measure he proposed for the relief of Ireland. Others have advocated for many years the r. tuoval of the Church Establishment and a law of tenant rights. Mr. Bright proposes a tch< me of land distribution, which Is opposed 1 i all Emrilsh Ideas of Government and political economy. Ttclecdon Tima of the !3th. remarks npon the I analog of the Fenian prisoners in Canada: “ We are ufthc opinion that no criminal ever de served capital punishment mure than those who are now awaiting their fate in Canada. For these Rcrsons Mb. Seward ha*seen 21 to Intercede In phalfof ifcc American Government. Were par ties lo America In a normal state, wc confga* we should receive the news of soch an application with very great surprise, it is also ituforinnate It a' indignation meeting* abonld be held bv the Fenians throughout the United States, ihreaten irg the British Government with ven geance II th'-y should «Ism to cxe cute their threats, and tbs* seeking m isr aa in their power to rob ua act of clemency of all Its grace, and represent it merely as an act ef feu. N<>r can we admit that the case of tho American civil war, as put by Mr. Reward, la in the Icaat parallel to the Fenian Invasion of Can ada. The Slates claimed the right to withdraw from a confederacy into which they bad Tolnmanly entered, and U was easier to refute their claim to secede by the sword than by the pen; but the Fenians have not the shadow of a claim to belligerent rfcht*. They have nogov eminent, no temtory. They are merely cluaeas of a Wemily State, who choose to rob and murder the inhabitants of a nclgbiKmog country on their own account, without the slightest semblance of law or justice. Such Is the case against granting the request of Mr. Seward. On tho other hano, there is great allowance .oV--made tor the posi tion of the Aroei lean Government. The President is struggling tor hla reiv existence agaiml an ovcrpoweiirg malorltv. In the cause in which he was engaged the reman vote would have been of Infinite importance tu him, but he was contest to lorego that Advantage at a tno-t critical moment, ia>her than tolerate any act which might compro ml-e the good understanding between Ureal Britain nr a the United States. So anxious war he to prevent the Fenian Inwslon that he explor ed General Grant and General Meade, two ot the beet offlcei# In the American army, on this distasteful and unpopular service. President Johnson, had he been luke warm in the business, might doubtless have sat isfied the letter of his obligations toward us by much lest rncrxctlc messages. We do not doubt that bis popularity must have suffered by this honorable and straightforward conduct, and that it was in his power to ingratiate himself with the Fenians without involving the United States in an actual collision with us. We owe it to him that Canada hassotbecn made the scene of bloodshed and outrage of every kind, and be asks (or the IBesofihe obscure wretches who erenow under sesterce of death. It la sot for esto say what answer shall be given to such a request, but we colliers wc should regard the granting It with satisfaction, more especially as the President would be brdly likely to renew hi* irterc«»loa in the case of a second Fenian lnva>ton.” ViAfmxcTos. November 2f*.—Our Causal at Tilcste, undt-r date of November ith. write- that official notice Las been made to him of the cessa tion of cbolua at Irlcste, clean bills of health Living been granted on and since tbe fi3d U^Nrw*ToßK.XoTeobcrsS.— The London 7VL oruiA. November I4tb, says of tbe meteoric dis play* -“Almost directly after one o'clock In tbe morning, tbe »kv was first occasionally, th'a fre quently, and soon constantly screaked with Die Uair;® of countless stars which shot across tbe heavens," • Blest nac of ibe Governor of Booth Carolina. Cott Jfhcs, is. C., November tfi.— fte lure met to night. Tbe Governor s Message will be read to-aottow. It strongly opposes tbo Con V OL. XX. emotional Amendment, and recommends the paeWage of the homestead law and the adoption oT means (o dUcourage the emigration of negroes, ned provide* for the subsistence of Indigent blacks. Ue thinks the experiment of free labor will not be a failure; says the gra f n crop I* un usually abort, and sot enough coitus has been raised in many of the dteUfcii to bu> the needed bread. The debt of the Slate, excluding the wjt debt, la Arc and a quarter millions. FItOM WASHISOTOX. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihune.l Wasuihotok, November 26. tsTE&yzxrr arrwrsv ctrauL grist asd toe FtXSIbXXT. It appears tnat the interview of General Grant with the President, which occurred week before last, in regard lo tbo question of amnesty and aof frage, was of a very earnest ana significant ebar aoer. It la understood that the General took strong grounds against ebe scheme, as au utterly unsafe one on which to restore the rebels to power; and further, that he urged Hr. Johnson to accept and recommend the Constitutional Amend ment as a lair and just plan of reconstruction. Ho took the ground that the people had declared for It In unmistakable terms In the elections, and It would be exceedingly unwiae to disregard their wishes an thus expressed. To all this ii U said the President listened without Indicating his own views, but leaving a decided Impression upon the mind of the General- that his advice had not pro duced the least ellect. It is known tbat General Giant is of the opinion that enough of the South ern States would immediately ratify the Amend ment to make it a part of the Constitution, pro vided Hr. Johnson should give It hta support. Tnt ronnxcojnsa urroirr or tux szcsetaet or TUB T&EASDPY. Too great care cannot be taken In financial cir cles to prevent being led astray hy sensation des patches of the forthcoming report of the Secretary of the Trcaanry. There are. many operators here who are spreading reports merely to farther their own in'eml. Those here, who know, do not look for snv change in Mr. McCulloch's manage ment. While the report if complete, it is under-, flood that (he final shaping has not been given. The only indication of Us character springs irom the Impressions ol Johnson men. THE TOESIDEKT’a POLICT. They do not cxpvct any present change In the President's policy icgardiug foreign relations. The Republicans seem disposed to ridicule this idea, aid aay that any attempted sensational di version on Johnson's part will tail perfectly dead on the coaster. sires CLAKA BAItTOff, whose rQOtU Id the field for sick and wounded soldiers, and who has, at AndersocYille. made her name Known and reveted throughout the army, atari* West to give a eerie* of lectures upon her extended observations jin the war. LAJfD roil THE PACQrtC tUTLIJOAn. The General Land Office bsa in preparation a list of laud reserved for the Pacific Railroad, pos sessing In the aggregate fony-two thousand four bandied acres. rmzz Boxer. The prize money dae the officers and seamen of the United Slates steamer Monticello, by the cap ture of twenty-two bales of cotton on the 4th of July, Is ready for distribution by the Fonrth Auditor. TOX. BXKTOK. The President to-day appointed Thomas n. Benton Assessor of Internal Revenue for the Sixth District of lowa. PUBLIC DEBT. It Is expected that the monthly ?tatcmont of tho public debt, on the first proximo, will show a further decrease of from fitteeu to twenty millions ofdollaie, __ the rims Esrosmcx. ius r«u* Ml uaiiii'A. WasniSGTOs, November 2t.—Mr. Beckwith, the agent ot the United States at the Parts Exposition, writes to Mr. Derby that exhibitors should be csrrtn) lo mark packages eeui wlih the num ber end class to which they belong. By so doing they can he tonvatded as they are wanted without opening. Promptness in forwarding contribu tions to Mr. Derby at New York is deemed very desirable. AT TOX KATIOXAI. COCTMX. There was another race over the National coarse to day, two local horses. Lady Clements and Un known, being the contestants. The time was nothing extraordinary, but there was a good deal of excitement among (hose in at'cndance. on ac count of the closest*? with which the horses kept op. Ihe race was a match for F-00, mile beam, best two in three. lady Clements won the first h» at in *4O; Unknown the second in *6- and bo also won the third In *54. FL'miC ZJUCD SALES. Wasuikoton, November tfi.—Returns received at ibe general land Office show that during tho month of October, 40,538 acres of the public lauds were disposed of nt lowa and Michigan, and JS,Ch! acres at Brownsville and Nebraska. Total, 51,4*0 acres. The greater portion of the lands were located with AgruuKural College scrip, and taken up tor actual settlement under the Mom#-' stead law. Ihe Commissioner has under pre paration a Bet which will scon be presented to the Secretary of the Interior for approval of eelec-" tions for the Central Pacific Railroad of California, embracing 42,0uv acres. rot ricsorm, A statement has been published that tbe Presi dent has given to Mrs. Thompson penaUsina tor her husband. Jacob Thompson, lo return home. 2 his is nntruc. He positively refused to give any such permission, but said Thompson mast take the consequences of returning as other prom inent rebels still abroad. ronxisTsna nmovtD. During the past three days about seventy Poet* xrafl'Ts bare been displaced, nearly all of the smaller class of offices. Among the new appoint ments are the following: Hiram Kdgertos. Frank lin. K. Y.; Win. U. Parker,Duidilia, N. Y.; John McKcese, lihlnebeck, f». Y„ sad dames A. Fair field, Kennebec, Me. avnncAS cunts against England. Wasrznoton, November 2rt.—Nothing definite has yet been received from tbe British Govern ment in relation to the claims for indemnity grow, log out ot the depredations committed on Ameri can commerce l>y the Alabama and other rebel fn tvatters. The correspondence Is still In progress wt«e«'U the two Governments. The present Brit ish Ministry, however, show a belter disposition than tbe former one in the consideration of the Important subject. rasTiaurr z>- toe awajiwno or exono against New Yens, November 2G.—The fffrald't Wash ington special says: “A combination schema for tbe prosecution of claims agalnsllhe Government, entered Into by claim agents and certain clerks In ite department* laving charge of tbe settlement of claims for officers* back pay, has partially trans pired bore. It f a charged that these clerks, who cave access to tbe master-rolls of tfct army, select (rum the roils the names of officer* appearing there as entitled, neder a recent law, to present claims for arrears of pay, and cause men mus terccl-ont officers to hi- notified of me facta, ol the same time forfeiting the name of a claim agent best qualified to prosecute the claim lortb-m, thus thiowiug into tbe hands of tbe claim agents a large amount of business It is sappnaod that cluks thus interested share the profits.'' aimivAi. or sorrunss conouesskkn. Was kington, November 2A—Southern members of Congress elect arc arriving in this dly. lion. O. 11. tioherte, Sctuisr from Texas, arrived last night. Ho reports that the tiaterial interests ol Texas an- flourishing, and that the people gener ally ore In good spirits. nrrxKcr rrroit arrows. The revenue from imports dnnrg the past year toots up fiU!,OCO.uO. II I* esiimau-d that the auionm this year will be f 173,000,tf-Hk but that the receipts of goods will mil short. nnutrp roa ana. is sz otusca. The citizens of Southern Nebraska have become very importunate in their endeavor* to have mail service restored from Nebraska City to Fort Kear ney. a resident ol the former place has recently submitted a memorial to the Post Office licuart merit containing the following interesting tacts ; “Nebraska City contains a population of S.OOO Irhabilacts. According to the annual reports of the Nebraska City Board of Trade, the freight movement from this place to the Territories and States nest of the ili.-sourl amounted, in I*l3. to IG.SUJ.iMi pounds; in 1861 toS3.UQ.iM) pound*; in i56.%i04t.f1.'i,30s pounds, and in the year ISC6, it mil not fall short of ; for which freighting basinet* were employed last year, 11,7Jf« men. with 10,31! wagons. 10,123 males and 76,; f 6 oxen. Tlicic is one of the best natural roads in the world Irom tho said city lo New Port Kearney, which lathe point where all overland roads from the Missouri Uivcr converge lu going np lo Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Uiah, Nevada. California and Oregon. Up to the time of the the discontinuance of the m-weekJv mail service. the largest local man transmitted from any one point north of Sc. Joseph, wa* regularly rent irem the Nebraska City l ost Office, and now only a mall bag is car ried ence a week by one horae. aa far as Camden, on the Big Bine Fiver, while nearly all the mail matter tor that portion of Nebraska lying vc»-rcflhc Blue UlviT, most necessarily travel from gib to SjO miles more than It wonld if the malt rout**. with the tri-wccklj‘service thereon, lad not been iUcontinavd between Nebraska City and Kearney City, la consequence of said chance, all Ural part of Nebraska between Cam den* on the Dig Blue, and Kearney City,.for a distance oflll* miles was left without any marl fiiciliries nbaien r, comprising Are counties with apopulationof “Sid,and toenaorganlxod district between nnecs five and twelve, with a population of 3W Inhabitants The necessities and business couvculf evs of a large and rabidly Increasing population in Otoe, Nemaha, Johnson, Clay and other comities, containing j population of now mainly dependent for mail facilities on the route from Nebraska City to Kearney City, seem to demand an Increase instead of decrease of mall facilities Irom the Missouri Hirer westward. FBO3I MEXICO. Abdication anti Departure of Maximilian— Consternation nail Uncertainty Annas the Mexican?—Embaraatten ot the French Troop* Pofttpancd—Maximilian'? Chief Source of Eacaorasenent* Nrw Yobk, November *ti.—The ITorfC* New Oilcan® special ear?: “Maximilian h«s taken tba dovUlvc Mcp of abdication, the rupture b-itwccn himself acd the French Government being com* plcte, lie has left Mexico lu the hands of liaxaiuc and Castlenau, the latter of whom t< understood to have full authority from Napoleon to supersede the Marshal himself, if necessary. The late Em peror Kfi Veia Cruz on Thursday, and may be ex pected at Havana* on hi* way to Europe, on Mon day or Tuesdav next. The consternation of the Mexicans at finding tbe question of theirfutorc remitted absolutely to negotiations between France and the United States is general, and con fti. dto so patty. 1 have the beet authority for amine (hat all the preparations for embarking the French troops bare been summarily su'pendca.” ' A iieralii Cltv of Mexico correspondcntgivea an * account ot th<* capture of Oaxa-m by the Liberals ; under General Dux. The garrison of the city | cmsistio of but one thousand six hundred men. 1 who bravely defended it against three limes their 1 somber. An at empi to relntorcetbc garrison , was made by six hundred Belgians and four hun dred native troops. Put ittac Intercepted the relief party acd captured it. A second force, from Tebaaean, met alike tale a' pnt ibe fi&n nlmao. In the meantime some five linndred Austrians from Tehuantepec forced their wav through Diaz'* lines into the city, and, i thus reinforced, the garmon kept up the fight for ; several weeks, repelling at acks nearly everyday, j dui fought his way through the city, and ob- I taiued pcrrcsiion ot the plaza, bat (or some 1 dare irif unable to make any cflcct upon the forts of SI. Domingo and Hearten, beta the Slat ■ ultimo, when be -forced the enemy to #ur- J render. The number of prisoners is between •■(.CO acd U,ft 0, and the couvestlon is signed on i the part of the Imperialist*, among other? by 1 Barcn Hcrlqce Ergo ana Count Alberto de Kar • men A large supply of military store*, arms, an monition and several baiterl-s of artillery, were among the prizes caotnrud. The Austrians fought well, but finally surrendered to superior numbers. Tilt victory losnres the peace of the ■ whole country south of Fucbla, and etrea (be L'b eralt a large, well organized and admirably eqi ipped lorcc with t Uich to operate In the valu y acd upon tic Vera Cruz line. It also place j Puebla in danger, and onl«: the Preach prove tbctueclves to be more active than formerly, the communication with the coast will be cot oil, and can be i cm atabUabcd only at a great coat of lire*. The UtraiiTt Mexico correspondence says; Desultory ekinmehlne la going on all aronnd (he line witbont any decisive advantage accruing to cither party. The new Tehuantepec Transit Company have agents In Chihuahua trying to obtain the grant sow In possession of the company, headed by Marshal 0. hobere, of Kew York, but It U believ ed that both companies are Die same, merely changing colon to cult the political change* that are expected to lollow the abdication of Maxi milian • WiiDKctov, November Sft —lt hu been ascer tained that Maximilian's tenacity lo bolding on to Mexico hu bees doe to the expectation cn contagcd by the reporta of his late agent Is the United State*, Mariano DeGollado. wno baa Jest returned <o Mexico, that a sen- el'll war was on the ere or breaking out in the Unitrd States, and that this thouid certainly he the case If the Radi* cals carritd the ial) elections. Ji is expected that all visionaries are sow disappointed. The fact is known hcie that DeGollado could not obtain audiences cither with President Johnson or See* rtitry Seward wbile in the United States, all his efibrt* to have them having tailed, notwithstand ing his statements to the contrary. THOM CANADA. Discount on American Invoices—lnteresting Artltlerr Experiments—Fatal Accident on Fbfpbonrd—Annexation Meetings—Feellos Between the Protest ants and Catholics In Canada East—A Bclialons War Tbeoienefe —Knmerthat v>teptaeon ood Canadian Invasion—The condemned. Fenians, Mcstreal, C. E., November 20.— The 'discount fixed by Government on American invoices at the Custom Houses for the present week is twenty* debt per cent. The Finance Minister has imposed a duty of fit (tec per cent on oysters in kegs and from the States. Fresh fish and oysters in the shell are free, as heretofore. Sti stneis make. their last trips to Montreal and Quebec to-day. Interesting experiments have bc-m made with the Faultier shot and steel shell. A nine-inch ■shell was fired st a target 2,000 yards distant, cov ered 'with eight-inch armor plates, with an eighteen-inch teak backing. The shell went through the Iron md leak, setting fire to the lot ■ter. A series of experiments "111 be made thin 'week. • urate, C. E., November 90.—A fire at t'olnt Levi destroyed property to the value of IVXXJ. No Insurance. Four sailors, of the ship Ariadne, were thrown from the foretop, one being icKlcd, two drowned, and the fourth seriously iajuud. The Nora Scotian passed Farther Point out* wards yesterday. Mostiieax,C. £:. November 2fi —A meeting is called for Wednesday, November 25ih, to discuss the benefits to be derived from annexation with the United States. The people of the Lower Fro ntiers rather favor the idea of annexation, and should It be* put upon a fair and equit able basis, and submitted to the people, toere is no doubt but it would be ratified by a largo majority. The Catholics of Canada Lost denounce the sentence of McMahon and the release of Lumsden In unmeasured terms. They claim that the dials were a tarce, and that Gov ernment had decided what men should be bnng before the trials commenced. The bitter feeling (unnerly existing between irishmen and Orange men Is beginning to show itself, and should Mc- Mahon and the others be hanged it will result la riot, and eventually terminate in a religions war. The Fenian trials to take place at Swectalmrg are exciting a great deal of comment. Protestants arc afraid the prisoners will escape with little or * no punishment. The Catholics are hopeful, and say that ihe evidence cannot be produced to con vict them. Tao Important crown witnesses hive mysteriously disappeared, and U is rumored have bten bought offend have lett the conn try. The Canadian authorities have received informa tion that Stephens La not *>t route lor Ireland, but la organising an expedition to luvadc Canada. The uoops here have received orders to hold tlivtnselves in readiness to move at a moment's notice. Tobosto. November 2Tj.—Rev. J. a. Allan S reached last evening in the EpUcopa) cathedral, irgaton, to a large and fashionable audience; In favoi of annexation to tbe United Stales. The re'ererd gentleman. In his opening address, re marked: “1 am aware that what 1 am abont to advocate Is at the present moment distasteful to a email portion of the Inhabitants of Canada, and to< re nay be a few ignorant persons present who may accuse me of disloyalty to England; yet what i am going to advise is not only tn ihe Interest of Canada. but In an especial degree of Great Britain. Lei no one be startled when I say that the greater portion ot the inhabitants of Canada arc in favor of annexation to the United States. Every question, whether from the pulpit or the rostrum, should be calmly dh-enseed, for truth is sure tn nc elicited in a col liiir nof ticm-sf thought. The Thunderer of Eng land inform* ui that we are a drag on England, that the mother country has to supply us with men, money and ships, and erect forts for our deicncc, and that we arc the only weak point In the British Empire; but if annexed to the United States, we should be a source of strength. Our members of Congress conld speak in the halls of Washington of the Senile rule of England, and we could teach the mcricane that England was their friend, and ed ucate a belter spirit among her people, which would eud to a full reconciliation and lasting good. With England and America, one rtrong In ' dnity, no great wrong could be perpetrated In the vruru). lift* not the public press of England, tho organ of tho national mind, told n» again and again yon are a people thousands of miles remote front us, and who can form a joetu opinion of what Is for your Interests than we who are so far distant. Consult your own well beings and ask to be annexed to the great Republic, it you stay with us yon must defend yourselves. Let us re friends. living in peace; let tu* part In peace ", This being the laterpreta tina of public opinion In England, why should It be styled treason In Canada, by those at tbe bead of the Government. The learned Divine coatlcaed at great length in explaining Ihe sentiments of the Canadians towards the united Slates daring the rebellion, and said that Uwas the duy of Canada to be annexed to tbe United States, in order Uat by their votes they could save to the South all her former rights under tbe old Union; and of reconciling tho North and South. It la tald that the picas and pjople of the United States have aided and encouraged the Fenians in their raids on Panada, which has tended, and Justly, to exasperate the feelings ot Canadians, and make them endure even war and invasion, rather than submit to a people who arc so igno rant ol nil international laws, as to seek to let loose upon ns an armed horde of passionate and misguided, though naturally brave and gen erous men. boiling over with feelings ol great wrongs against us, a neighboring and mcsdly people, who have rotting to do wuh the erne! laws enforced on them by England. The Government of the United btatea U censored by many In consequence of its too tardy action on the Invasion ut out et-li; but in regard to the President, a. least, we might take into considera tion the power them men could control in the Comes- of tbe United Slate l , and tbe amount of ic-olmiou requited to carry Into effect tbe laws which v\en- openly denounced by the people's representatives at Washington. TakingaUlnlng# luo consideration, I heartily thank the Prcsldcni < f the United States for his decisive ac tion on that unhappy occasion. It I- England's flag the Fenians bate, and not ns. Those of our d&tns who have lived on the other side ol the line Inform me that greater or more onlform kind ness they never experienced than from those Yankees whom, owing to tne bad specimens im ported' to this side, we diriike. Wo find them not onlv attentive to their own interests, but intelligent. Industrious and well Informed gentlemen, liberal of their money, enterprising, trusitol. and charitably dispo-ed to the poor hi their expenditure for pan he and patriotic object*, princely in thou ideas and munificent in the extreme. A cor.tiactabb* porilon of the congregation was taken by surprise, bat all kept their scats until the services of the evening were over. Toronto, November No judgment has been as yet grim in the Court of t£uceu'« Bench, or t uinmen Fleas, to-day. respecting the applica tion which was made by Mr. McKenzie last week for a ru.c io show cause why new trials should cot be granted to the Fenian prisoners row under eeiiU nce of death. As Saturday was the Icm dav that such applications could be made, the Chief Justice of the Bench, on last Saturday, permitted Mr. McKenzie, notwithstand ing that the argument had not been entered Into, to file the additional motion papers In the case or the Queen vrr««* McKenzie and School, the same as if the parties bad been fonnitir made. Tims, all the prisoners at present under sentence of death, with the exception of sjann, McMahon. Lynch, acd School hare no legal remedy afforded them at present of applying tor a new trial, And unless their sen tences are commuted by the Government they will be hanged on the tmrteen’.h ot next month, if the rale Is rctnsed. A man named Murphy was killed this evening, at tlx o'clock, on the Great Western Kallroid, tbe car? running over him while hacking up the iineen's wharf. rnon boston. Trial ooa Cham of Selling Liquor With * out flavins Fina Paid the (Soveroment Llrrstr-tßaatwerable Qvntlta by C«un ■el for Dclenee—Highway Uabbery and l«a --roitn g—Metbodtsi Centenary Gaiherlag.l Bosvox. November 26.—At the late term of the Culled fettles Circuit Court s case came up for trial on an indictment charring tbe defendant with selling liquor without utvlng paid the re* qnlrtd United Male! license tee. Sir. George feennott. the counsel, objected to the Indictment, taking the ground that 'the United States could not K-ga'ly take money from a person for carry ing ou an unlawful business and made the <ju*rv. *• Can the United Pities, as a Government, lay"a tax upon a criminal business eay for instance. the business of keeping a house orul-fame,ormake apervon paya license for carrying on the samef' Upon ibis, the Court ordered the argument) in wilting to be made and submitted, and that har- Jngbven done the Judges, to-day, informed the counsel that they were unable to agree upon any of the question! raised by Mr. tfcnnoU. and therefore the case mutt go to the Supreme Court of the United Plate* upon the certificate of dirl-ion of opinion. Boktox, November 26.—Highway robbery and parroting case* are beginning to occur with alarming IrvqutEcy in this section. T.a?t night liobcrl White. Jr., son ofa respectable nhr-ldan to this citv. was attacked atabont midnight, at tbe foot of Milk street, on Broad, by two men. who stunned and nearly killed him, and were only prevented from robbing him by being frigh tened away by pedestrians. Mr. White lie* at the hospital tu a critical con- ilion. A parroting case occurred in Lynn on Saturday right. Mr. John F. Hilton, expressman between Boston and Lynn, was parroted and robbed while rear his residence earlv in the evening. Detec tives are on the lookout for the parroters, whom they have reason to suppose came from New York recently. A very large catering of Methodists took place in Trcmonl Temple this afternoon and cvninp, under the a:* ; of the New England fadies’ ! Centenary Association. in behalf of the New Kagland Theological Institute, which it U pro i posed to remove from Concord, New Hampshire, i to this city, and amply endow. Speeches were | made bv Bishop Janes, of New York, Kev. J. M. ■ Back ley, of Brooklyn. General Clinton B. Fisk, t Be*. Dr. Warren, and many others, and a good sum of money was realized, lieutenant Governor Clafiln, ol Massachusetts, presided. FKOH ST. PAUL. A Frlcbttnl Ttallrcsd Accident—Two Per» eona Fatally Wounded Prat Works Burned, Ere, Sr. r*m, November Sfi.—Saturday forenoon, as the westward bound train from Winona w«? p«;. Inc the new nncompletcd bridge over Ihe Zatabro, at EocLestcr, an accident occurred, involviag a icrtous lota of lile. A set ot tackle blocks tor UtUne up heavy timber? for the snoersintctoro ovtrvbe floor and track of the bridge was sus pended from oce of tbe limber® over the head. ®ra a? tbe train passed the iron book ot the blocks caught tbe end of the baggage or. and the momentum of tbe train brought the whole super structure down wtln • crash Into tbe ears. The workmen who were engaged in the trami wcio either crushed by the tailing timber* or pre -1 dpitated tuio the rivf r, a distance of about sixty feet. It is believed that two were fatally wound ed, and three or four seriously injtued, bat it his thus far been impossible to obtain the exact fact*. One passenger bad bla arm, broken by a Umber CHICAGO. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1866. passing through the front door. The train was delayed hot a abort Mae by the accident. Bass & Wilson's peat works, two miles from this cite, were burned yesterday sltemooa. Loss about 15,000; insured. An ice gore© formed at Hastings, on Saturday, so that foot passengers crossed upon it, I‘roba bly, boats will inn below that for some days. FROM NEW YORK. Political Excitement In Ireland at aa Alarmioff Ufluht-Erery Town and Til* lase Full ot Troop*—Jann ary Interest on the Illinois Debt—The RcTolsilsn Waned by the Atlantic Cable—To be Launched— isnon in the Hlablanda—An Ocean ol the Lnneat-Sew Hudson Biter Railroad. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yokk, November 26. Dublin correspondence of the IVttufts, Novem ber loth, says: Puliiical czcuementia at an alarm - irg height In Ireland. Every town and tlllace has Its full quota ol military, and gunboats are scat tered all along tbe Irish coast The precaution, ary measures of tbe English Government plainly

bespeak the apprehension of a fulfilment of Stephens’ promise that there will be fighting in Ireland before tbe closo of the year. Among wn classes the conviction spreads are ou the eve of terrible amt startling even's. It is simply a tact that the Fenian onraolzadon is in a high state of activity. It would be folly to suppose that these men arc not In earnest- They are terribly -Jn earnest, end their preparations are all shaped torn fierce ana bloody contest. It Is announced that the January Interest on the public debt of Illinois will be paid In this city at tbe Second National Bank. An Ulu-tration of me revolution which the At lantic cable Is working in the business relations of this country is aborted by the fact that the English orders upon the ban Francisco markets for the fine wheats of California, have passed through this city by the Atlantic cable, and hence by overland tclegraphlHd Chicago. Three orders were promptly executed and advice of purchase retorted to, and received by, the Loudon mcr chant who sent orders on the evening of the same day. Ibe second steamship of the new Hue betwen treii Francisco and China will bo launched In this city within a few days. It is of the same size as tbe Great Republic, launched two weeks ago. Iwo others ol equal dimensions will be built a« soon as possible. There are favorable evidence* that an Immense direct trade between the ports of China and Japan, and San Francisco and New York, will soon follow the establishment of this Oriental line. On ibe Highlands of tbc Hndeon mow fa six inches deep, and in the Immediate vicinity ol ibis city Ann, thick ice formed last night foily.avo million quarts of milk have bocn brought into this city since January last by the Erie, Harlem and Hudson River roads. A corps of engineers are now making a snrvev of the proposed new railroad between Albany and New York, on the west siatrof the Hudson. The line of road Is from eomc-polut between New York and New Jersey, in RodQond' Caantv; thence north along an<i as near a? possible to the Hudson to Albany. The Board of -Directors In cludes some of the wcaiihieatand Dibstprumincct capitalists in thi* city andismte. Reported Failure—Further Examination’qt Ibe Lord'Bond Robbers— Erucantloa Day —t*nlts Instituted Against (lenernt Qutier —Another Large Uateb of Whiskey Mix* ores—Excitement at Pealan Headquarters —Ferry Boat Darced-BMlord Matches— Mresadr to (• overoor Featoa— Marriage ot the Artist Olcrstadu New Yens, November 20—It Is reported that the firm oi Dthon, Clark & Bridges has tailed. •Amov.nt not known. A further examination of the case of Frank Del lee. broker, and Wzn. Uabcek, in cosooccloa with bonds stolen from Rufus L. Lord, was had to-day, aud adjourned to Fiiday morning. Two hundred thousand dollars of the stolen securities have been recovered. JTjc paiadc of the first dWsloo la conmoia oration of the evacuation of tbe city by the British hoops, took place this afternoon. It is stated that two suite hare been com menced fmbe Supreme Court against General Bailer. In w hich John IL Lester, a resident of this city. charges him with tales Imprisonment, dam ace»* Bein'; laid at tl 00,000. and with fraudulent conversion of property, damage* at |50,W0. lis ter, it may he remembered, received a (roo paas liom secretary Stanton to bring bln family horn the South to the North daring me late war, bst Bailor disregarded the permit and Imprisoned him. Additional seizures of whi-key distilleries con* Unuetobe made. The efforts of the parties en gaged in tbc business, to smuggle off toe whiskey manufactured without a license, are somewhat remarkable. Captain Tobin, one of tbc deputies connected with the Collector's office, seized a dozen barrels of whiskey at the old engine houfc of Company No. s, In Canton street. Captain Lalrdlow seized a distillery in Plymouth street, which. It Is said, is owned by Chief Engineer John Cunningham, and William Davis. Quite a large qnastiir of whiskey was found noon the premises, which was taken In charge by the offi cers. A warrant was Issued for the arrest of the chief and his partner, and they were taken Into custody this morning. They immediately cave bull for their appearance, and Collector Wood turned the case over to the United States aninori iles. There was an investigation into the busi ness of \bis distiller; a short lime ago, afid U was found to be conducted in accordance with the law. Captain Tobin seized a distillery on Sunday, belonging to a Hr. Kerrigan, on Claason avenu". Be had a etQl la operation, which was running about tuv gallons a day- As iltldt distOtarr at ‘No. 04 Portland avenue, which was running anout too gallons a day, was seized on Saturday. An illicit distillery at the corner of Uudsou avenue and Hilary street, was seized by Captain Tobin, between ten and twelve o’clock this morning. IhU still was running about SUdcallona. Another illicit distillery was seized by Capttio Tobin, In □ndeon avenue. There was a watchman on the premises at (he time, but (he Captain got in the place unobserved and caught tbc parties bard at wcik. tie found five barrels of the whiskey cov ered op with some boards in the yard. Inspector Frederick Cochen seized twelve bar rels of whiskey, marked as having been Inspected by Inspector Phillips, previous to September Ist. The mark? were bogus. Saturday tught Captain Tobin seized a distillery m Itemsen street, m ar Flushing avenue. Tbc place was running at the time, but he only found one barrel of whiskey on tbe ptemlfcs. Toe r< cent news from Ireland has caused a great deal of excitement at the headquarters of James Stephens, in this city. A large number of persona thronged the offices from an early hour In the morning. Arms and ammunition arc said to be Rowing into headquarters. The anniversary of the evacuation of New York by the British troops was Only celebrated to-day. Governor Fenton reviewed the militaryproccs slon, which was very fine, and Mayor Hoffman presented a stand of colors to one of t&e rest- menu. ’io-nlcht about 'o'clock the ferry boat Idaho, plying between New York and wllUsmsharg, took Ore in ihe stream nnd boned to the waters edge. Aboa: thirty passengers were onboard. All saved- Some of the ladles wuh children In their arms Jumped overboard, bat were rescued. James O’Neil uad his bead and hands badly boned. A natch billiard game of 500 point* up was played between Phelan and McDevut. Tbe latter made a ran of -.41, and won*tho game. Another Same of ICO points up, between C&nne and Gold iwnite. was won b; tbe latter. New Yore, November 28.—A serenade was given to Governor Fenton at the Fifth Avcnne Uolel this evening, which wasafine affair. Thous and* of people were present to do honor to tbe Chief Executive of tho State. The Seventh Regi ment band furnished the music. Ex-Mayor Op dyke introduced the Governor, who addressed tbe people from the balcony. Attho conclusion of his addicts he withdrew to hu parlor, where he re ceived tbe congratulations of his friends. Judge Whiling, before whom ex-bireet Com missioner Cornell was to have been examined, announces the withdrawal of the charges. At a meeting of the Republican Southern Asso ciation, to-daj, It was resolved to meet in Wash ington December Sd and remain In session until Corgress adjourns. JamcslU SlctilH, living In Carroll street, Brook lyn, white laboring under aberration of mind, yesterday, stabbed nls wife and then cut his own threat, uis wound? have not proved fatal; Airs, McGill's stv said to be fatal. New November 26.—Alfred Blerstadt, the nnlst. was married a day or two ago to Mrs. Rosalie Osborn, lite wife of FUz Ruga Ludlow, a wtll-ktown litercttvr, and the author of •• Con fessions of a Hasheesh Eater.** Mrs. Ludlow ob tained a divorce from het bnsbaud last year on the ground of neglect and infidelity. She euioys the reputation of belcg a beautiful and accom plished woman, and has long been in cultivated circles of New York eodefy. FBO3I 3IADISOS, Abstract ot the Report of the Secretary of rtote— Divorce Jrnlt—The Wtnding-up ■Basks-Personal. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wts M November 33. The Jo’trncl to-night publishes a partial ab stract of the report of tbe Secretary of State, from which the following items ere taken: The receipt! into the Treasury last year were $ 1,6i2,f<9, besides a balance on hand of S23MW. The disbursements were $1,874,993, leaving a bal ance at the close of the fiscal year, September Sutb, of F 212.165, The present debt of tbe Slate is $3.4*4,101, a reduction of $110,278. Daring, the year the interest paid has amounted to $197,U5. Mott ot (he indebtedness la to trust funds of tbe State. The heaviest items ot receipt! Into the general fond. aside from the tax paid by counties of SS3B£tS. are from railroads, $303,396: insurance companies, $31,7-29; cations 1 , bonds, sl-\jo3. Of the disbursements. $68,014 was for the pay of tbe State officers and their subordinates. Supreme and Circuit Judges, ai.d other permanent appropriations; $51439 for State Prison and charitable institutions; $161,139 for miscellaneous expenses. Inducing payments of State debt and Interest. The total amount for ordinary expenses of the State Government is $255,557- The disbursements from ths war fund were $174,168. of which $153,133 was for aid to volunteers' families of $5 a month. The receipts of the school fund Income were $!53,131>: disbursements $13,005, The re ceipts of the Normal school fund income were siia.4oo; disbursements, $33,761. The Crdmated State expenses next year, aside from any special appropriations the Legislature may make, are $774,510. The rev encea $7>.311. A decree of divorce has been rendered by the Judge of lie Clrcmt Court with fJAUJO alimony, to tavor of Charlotte Morse, a roans l»dy of seventeen, who li«t vnur was persuaded Into marry in j* cue EJkanah Morse, reported a rich miner of Mon'ina, who. it is alleged, treated her in a brutal matnar, abandoned her, and then sought to injure her character by pub lished In the Gesttif and elsewhere. Notice la nren to holders of notes of some twcnty-iwo winding-up Wisconsin banka* tbit a Distribution of funds In the bands of the Bant: Comptroller for their redemption will be nude December lOih. Colonel Charles Fairchild, the Governor's private -Secretary, left to-day to go into business In Boston, and Major J. c. Spooner succeeds him. FEOJI LOUISVILLE. Salrlde of • Wealthy Bachelor—Accident' nils bhot-lleb Law-€*nn>Hutlal Or dered. [Special Despatch to the Chi capo Tribune J t nnmn.i, November 26. Moses S. Field, d lawyer, worth sixty thousand dollars, a bachelor, shot himself dead to-day. He was long an invalid, and mentally depressed. Mis. p. T. Stewart was accidentally shot to-day by her son. Her eon bad a Sharpe's repeater in bia coat pocket. In tilling down, the hammer •buck the chair, exploded one barrel, and the ball passed inrough bis band, and sinking the steel corset band of bu mother, glanced and passed trio her body. The hall cannot be found. She-wtll p-obably die. The sew opera House at New Albany waa In tenanted to-night by the Louisville contnany in fashion. The opening was brilliant, and every part of the house crowded. The citizens of labanon succeeded In banging the ti.iee robbers mentioned yesterday, The mil .taiy wort drawn up in the Conn Haase yard ad joining the Jail, but the ofllccr acting under orders could not lusntro without the enfant of the authorities, who looked tdlr on tho outrage against law. A court martial iv ordered to convene to try Captain Belcher. Assistant Quartermaster at Jef fersonville, of which General Jeff. C. Davis is President, and Captain S. R. Harvey Judge Ad vocate. General BrUMn, fonaciiy commanding in Ken tucky, now Colonel of cue of ibe new colored reg ular reeimec is, is here to ral-e his command. General Rousseau, just from New Orleans, whence he »m hastily summoned by telegraph by the Freakiest, left for Washington this aiuruooa. FROXI BUFFALO. Singula* Cnee of Fnsnd-Cattlo Market- English Troops at Fort Erie. Bcttaio, November 26.—A veij singular crim inal case was begun In the Superior Court of this dty to-day, involving a series of frauds extending over seven! Tears, during which a wealthy old man named Zimmer tee bees swindled out of thousands of dollars by a ftst young man nam'd Gala*. The conn room has been thronged all tt*y, and the developmcnta of this uapa.-llJclled swindle have ex cl ltd the greatest interest and suspense. Ji o’clock p. m.—There was a very heavy busi ness at the cattle yards to-day, prices being about as last week. English troop* trfll arrive to garrison Port Erie to-morrow,.against any possible Fenian raid. Why theEaatem Woollen Mills are Closing Cp, Bassos. Maine, November 26.—The reasons Clveitfby ihe woollen manufacturers for the clos ing their mills are, that the wool costs more in the original state than the manufactured gooda sell for In tbe open market. Commissions also mbi ues Acs per cent. Cash sales command a dis count of four per cent, while the government du ty on the gross amount of sales Is five per cent, py« Huffs and oils are likewise heavily taxed. Labor is high, and roods sold at the present time command oily about two thirds their actual value. Although many of the factories have already stopped working, the glut ot goods is still felt to le excessive, and other mills mu*l inevitablv fol low tbe coarse of events and close up until Ihe dawn of better times. •eueral Sherman and .Minister Campbell at Havana. New Yonx,November^.—Advtccsfrom Hi vacs, 15th, announce the arrival of General Shennauand L. D. Campbell, with thdr eniles, They were handsomely feted by the citixccs ol Havana, and received many attentions irom the authorities. General Sherman attended the review in honor of the Queen’s birthday. They were to leave for Mexico on the 25d, in the Susquehanna, tT-WAITOROTUER-S Advertising Ac’i, 120 Dcarbarn-et., receive advcrti*caientH for nil the leading papers throughout the ITalted Mates nod ('ananas. fßasonlc Notices, TVrASONIC.—The members ot Oriental 11. L Lcdae So. St, F. & A. M-. are notified to meet at ictlf Halt, to-day (TUESDAY). Sov. 7T, at t o’clock slurp, to attend the funeral of oar late brother, J. E Sli lio’son. All members ot tae traternity ar« cordial ly invited to attend. D. B. FAjHMAN. Secretary. ATTENTION, SIR KNIGHTS.—A Xi. special Conclave ol Apollo Coamandery So. 1. K. T., will be held at their Ary lam to-day (TUESDAY), atsoelotkp.m. Work on the K. T, Decree. hr order oi the B C. S. E. UNDERHILL, K carder. do Rent. TO RENT—Second, third, tourtli and Qith floors of % **TOKE No. ID LJIKE.ST.I Now occupitU by Boawi Bro*. RoMewlmclres Jan. Ist. ISC7. A front stairway u> he put in frr.m the street. Apply to C. A. SPUING. Jr., McCormick's Reaper Factory. ffijotograpfts, ONE DOLLAR AND FIPTV CENTS. —We are making our unrivalled CARTES l»E TE for One Dollar and Flity c-nts per direo. AW>. the newly Introduced CAP.ISErPORTUAITS at greatly reduced prices, at BRAND'S Popular Art (iallerr, IQS Lato-si. Hlantcl). rpo JEWELLERS.—A competent young X man desires a situation to take charge of the Common and French Clock Department Of some establishment tn ttl« ctiv. la also a goodlob workman. Addresa “CLOCK.” Tribune office. gTOKE WANTED— TO RENT. In a good location on the booth side, north of Adanu st. Any party desiring in close business ami sell lease and fixtures, can. by stating location, bear of a cash purchaser, by addressing “TTHT." P. 0.1373. financial. §4,500 T 0 LOA * For Five Team at Nino Per Cent* Also,money to loan on short or lone time, with city real estate leccrlty. WiLUAM C.ItKTXOLOS. So. 0 Opera House. Sporting. nrUHKET SHOOTING.—There -will X be a TURRET bIIOOT at the SDray SIDE, THANKSGIVING DAT, Nor. 29{h, at 10 o’clock a. m. 3&ooh anu (Coal. T C. SHEPLEY & CO., * * DEALERS IS CANADA WOOD. All Wood .TTcasnn'd before be Inc sawed and split* OLD COMPAQ’S LEHIGH COAL, ALL SIZES. Pine and Maple Kindlings, For Hard Coal Fires. XF Wood and Coal delivered to all parts of the city. Office and Yard, oast cud Miclilgau-st. ALL SIZES LACBAWANA COAL. W? guarantee lull weights. Orders from the country promptly filled. CURTISS, BROWN & CO., 16 WEST MADISON, Comer cf Cacal-st. iHarblc moths. "A TARBLE MANTELS ! 1 SLATE MANTELS! STONE MANTELS i 370 State-st. O-CEEAPEST PI ACE TV TOWN*. DCIUBIUTT ** warranted. H. GAMMERDIYGER. gTfrc iimurc Reason. YOESG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. FT rrccf** *>f many cttlrec* who were UK ABE TO TU OBTAIN SCATbOK FRIDAY DVENIKG. JOHN B. COUCH WUI repeat hts NEW LECTURE, entitled " CURIOSITY I ” (Delivered but once before in this dtp.) On Wednesday Evening, November *iSrb, AT CEOSBTS OPEEA HOUSE, Commencing at S o'clock. Tickets M cent*. Reserved seat* » cent* extra. The sal* of Tickets and Reserved Seats win com merce ou Tuescav moraine at 9 o'clock, at tbe Ticket Ofilccol CoT .s«. T . M . A . iingrabings. WHOLESALE DEALER IS ENGRAVINGS ASD PICTURE FRAMES, ETC., ETC. SEND FOR TRICE LISTS. 122 Dearborn-st.. Chicago, 111. Coilct Ertirks. ATAKE YOUR OWS * A HAIR 33YE At a triftloe cost, l win send a recipe for the best and cheat*** Hair Bye known. It will sukc vnar half blaefc or brown. Send 50 cents to L. UKEANE. Lab cock’s Grove. DnPage County. 11l- GEXUISE, LUBETS. Wanted, forty thousand people to purchase the fol lowing article*: LUBINS’ OETfTrnsn. SI.OO. Phnlon’s slcnt Blooming Cereus, 000. Jewslmry & Brawn's Oriental Tooth Paste, r js c For sales: 313 South CUrk-et. B. H. LEAVES WOETH & CO., Apoiiecul«t utf. rvmmi), amusements. gCCTAMABEQUOK ENTERTAINMENT At Eailroad Mission Chapel, Tuesdaj Evening-, Nor, 27,1866, FOB TOE BEiWIT OF_THE SCHOOL. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR, Admitting Lady and Gentleman. To be bad at Tom- Ur son Bros., 109 Dearoom-sL, and at the door cf the Chart!. ■ SYMPOSIARCH. ANNUAL BALL AND CONCERT OF TOE Chicago TTorUugmeu’s Association) WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2S, ISO 6, LV TEE HEW .TURNER HALL, NORTH SIDE. Arrangements will be complete, so a* to satisfy all that may attend. A well orjrealted club ofslnren will be In attendance and detver several of the latest tones. Music bv tbe Great Colon Band. Tlcaetsai.OO. admitting ceslieroui and Ivlv. Sap per extra. THE COMMITTEE. £2Uncs, liquors, &f, -P O E THANKSGIVING. Hungarian Wines, DIRECT IMPORTATION. ITIENF.SI, SOMLBYTOI (10 year* old), >'EZ.HELn, S2A3IOBADXYI, Cf LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES, BY Breck, Rotlner & Co, 129 South Clark-st. LONGWORTH'S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI GOLDEN WEDDING. SPARKLING C AT AWD A, DBT CATAWBA, ISABELLA AND DELAWAMU * These celebrated Wines are Ur sale by FULLER FINCH & FULLER, LORD * SMITH, and WEITZEL, MABTDi & CO., 7 Chicago. 18. g- . RANDOLPH-&T. PIKE & CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDSING AND FEATHERS. J£LEGANT FURNITURE, GEO. J. EENEELS, LACY & GO., ISts and Chestnut-sts., pnu,>ttF.t.pntA. We have * suite of Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted And turnlihed complete as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Purchasers can fee how a suite of lurulntre win ap pear in their house, ant can from throe rooms, make a fetter selection than they can irom furniture promts cously placed m large ware-rooms. proposals. rpo CONTRACTORS. The attention of Contractors U invited to the letting ?f work oa the DEEPEMSG OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL, On Monday next, Tbe Board will receive propositions not only for the doing of work, to extend tbroagaoat .tic period to be allowed tor tbe completion of the Ca nal. t.nt tor doing any portion ot U during the present ttotlh. J.^GIMJELB, O. J. ROSE, mi «oodi.n‘o, R. B. MASON, Board of Public Works. Proposals for the cok bTBUCTIOX OF SIDEWALKS. Ulrica or rot Boaxd or Frauc Wotxa, i Cmcaoo, November 36. IMS. , Sealed proposals wui be received by tbe Board cl I'ubllc Works, at their office, until 11 a. m. Fridar. November 30Ut. tor tbe construction and reconstruc tion of sidewalks according to epedcauoos on file at said office. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed •*Proposal tor ConstrucQoa ot Side walk?.” and be accompanied with the usual {39} bond, with sureties, tobe approved by tbe Board. Ibe Board re>erve Uk* Debt to Meet any bid not In accoidarce with tbe conditions ol this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal wui be accented unless Uie party oßcrtng U shall give evidence sailifac tory to me Board that no has the necessary *klll, ex. penmev. etergv and ability for doing the work, is trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary n sources, 3.«. OISDKI.IS, FEED. I .El 2, O. J. ROSE. Beard of Public Works. jFot Shalt. SALE. public notice Is hereby given that I shall, as assignee of MOSER A WILD, ca Wednesday next, November 2?it, A. It, upon the premises known as Nos. B,'f tt and S3S btate street, in tte city of Chicago, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the utensils, fixtures and presses, pertaining to a lard oil manufactory, being 43 presses and tbe appurtenance? thereto. Chicago, November st, 1566. THOMAS MILLER, AMlgnae. QAR LOAD WAGONS. A cor toad cX 15 FARM WAGONS, All on the WIDE TRACK, complete, with Top Boxes, Double Tree* and Neck \oke», manufactured at (be Badger state Work*, at Kenosha, Wt*„ tor tale by E. BAIN, At Kenoafaa* Wisconsin* pIKE LASD. l offer fbr sale 8,000 ACRES OF CHOICE PINE TjAND, at a very low price, and cu favorable terms. It It lo cated in Oconto Conntv. Wts„ convenient to water, and well Umbered. IwtJsrll in lots of 1.000 acre? or more. It is convenient of access from say of the lake ports. AUiirws or call on me ax Jantayiiie. Wi*. DANIEL WILCOX, or IRA MILLARD, New London. Wli. |3artnerstip. ’V’’ OTICE—The partnership bet eto tore X' exL'tlaj between Crvon A Brown. <8 and 45 Uark-ft., Is thU dar dUsdred. on acount ol Mr.firy on tVeotdlac .with ail ibe fund* of the arm. The business will (Uil be carried on by u>« under fined. w. BROWN, 46 and 4S Clark-fit. Chicago, November <Uh, X3CS. TpARTN'EnSHEP— Wanted to Invest. Sl,oOO TO g^,ooo, as partner In a legitimate business, bv a voting man of goi-d bufincM caaltncatloof. Du-t of references circa andteuulrtd. Addma “ V T H,** P. O. Dox 1670. C a EERFOOT & CO. j.jr.FIEB&OH it admitted to rartnentlata crer fin from bepurmber tsaa. with increased tbUities tor dotnc a General Estate Brofceraae and Agencj Buaucsa,we farther commissions. s. H. KAIL FOOT Estate Broken, 7J Beuberegit. Chicago. • B.H.KEKFOOT. aracee J. r. Pisnaos. Rral instate. ]JOE SALE— A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE On Mlebigau-av., three stories aadbarementwUh mar b:e float. Ail modem Improvements, votsoftMon Jan nary lal. ISK. J. H. KKEI FR. Beal Estate Agent, 139 South c'-arVrt. *(AA AAA ACRES OP PDfE LAND is MH-HIQiS FOR BAT.&- lbe*e la«,cs v-rre selected aad cam?;tie kd( or tb« largest am bt»s tract* east ol tbs iiuctj ilcurtair*. .ApplF to B. S. Tf ABO, Demit, Mick. NUMBER 175. 33 rg CSooos. Q.KEAT BABGADfS! IIS I Ml, 167 & 169 Lake-st, Will exhibit, on MOKD.\T, Nor.Mtb, fioa the Panic AucUca hales la Ntw Tots, over 1,000 PIECES Silk and Wool Valencias, For 75 Cts., COST, TO IMPOST, 60 CTS . 500 PIECES RICH MOW Pin, For 75 Cts., WORTH TEX SniLLJXGS . 250 PIECES GOOD QUALITY FRENCH MERINOS, For 56\ Cts. 150 PIECES EXTEA QtALETT FRENCH MERINOS For 75 Cts. SOO PIECES EMPRESS CLOTH For 871 Cts., rsrii PRICE $1.50 100 SPIECES Rich French Poplins, For 75 Cts. And an nnllmltcd variety ol SEW, CHOICE and SEA tuNABLK goods ol every dtrfcrlpuon. many of which wc arc tow felling for OSE-QALF the Maao factored’ or Importers’ Cost. Do not buy elsewhere at any price, till you sec our Bargains. GOODS FANCY DRY GODDS. SPECIAL SALE TORRENCE, MANNING & CO., 6REATLY REDUCED PRICES For Thirty 3>ays. 10 cases Bine Mixed Shirts and Drawers. 10 cases White Shirts and Drawers, 10 coses Shetland Shirts and Drawers, 10 cases Prince of Wales Balmoral Skirts, 10 cases Ladies’ Rib*d Wool lloac, 500 doz. Fancy Knit Hoods, 500 dor. Fancy Knit N’uMas, SOO dor. Fancy Knit Breakfast Shawls, 100 dor. Fancv Knit Skatinc Caps, 1.000 doz. Skirt Braids, 10,000 doz. Stafford Spool Cotton, 1.000 boxes Lconeac Yarn, And our eailro stock at pnecs to meet the decline la gold. CF* Order* by mall will be filled promptly, at u low price* u ibongb they were personally purchased. TERMS—NET CASE, 30 DATS. TORRENCE, MANNING & CO., 35 Latent, and 89 Wabaslnar. jSjarbtoarc, Stobcs, Set. JJO. 1 iIASSUXOX PIG IROJf. D£TV£* & CO., 27 HARDWARE. WILLIAM BIAIR & CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN AND HISS’ SIS, 179 AND ISI BANDOLPH-ST., (Adjoining tbe Brigss Boose), CHICAGO. JJARDWARE AND CUTLERY. A. R. & G. H. MILLER, 55 State-st., Chicago. fSOO doz. IXL Wosienholm’s Pocket Knives. •VOO doi. KCD Wado A Butcher’s Pocktl Knirca. 3(10 dot. Joseph Rodevrs A boos' Scirs'-rs and Shears. 100 dot. Spear A J actin’*. and other English brands ol Hand and Panel Saws, received direct from Er.giUb tnanafietnrers per s'.camcx “City ol Manchester,’ 1 which we will sell At Low Prices for Cash! Also, a fine assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS. Sleat Cotters and Staffers, Ladies 1 and Gents’ Skates, Straps, &c. f Scoops, Shovels, Axes. Arc. Uusintss Catbs. MALTING COMPANY, Uos. 2 and 4 Micbigan-av., nannfActturem of Jlalt and Dealer* in Barley and Bye. ZT~ We keep ecnnanuy on band stocks Cl Prime Barl-y and Rye Mate, which we are prepared to cefi at the low tat market rates. UNDERWOOD & CO., Genera! Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and tVasliicgioa-sts, Chicago Glee particular attention to both buying and idling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow, Property bought md held on margins, and cold Athe la this or Eastern markets. IV Special rates ot Commission made to those wbe tarnish their own moarjTbr large purchases cl pro> erty to he held ter ule by us. P. Is. Cnderwwd. Ben. W, Underwood. T L. MORGAN & CO., ’CO3DUSSIOS 2IERCHASTS, For the surch&se led silo ot Grain, fiour. Prorls'ots, 4c. pintenlar attention pitd to the sale of Dressed Hotg. 13 Lagalle-sU. Chicago. Eanhs. A LL WANTDs G FARM S—Good Farm XX and well-proTfd Fruit Land*—Beantlfal and Cm teg sttUment < f VINELAND 3C miles scath oi Philadelphia by railroad, popolit.ou incrcv.d 9.COC people In tear year*. Good society, school* aic churches; I,OiB orchard*?! anted. Price, |S per acre, payable In four years. vulsgo lou for business and matctactcreriilso ter sale. Climate raUtt—poiectiy healthy—sell b’ghiy terUle. ItTprorel Alices almioi sale- Addms GHA9. K. LANDIS. Proprtelor, Vtee> land.J.e* Jersey. Papers coniatelng telormaaoj] sent fr.e. From report ei Soicn Iteblawu, Agricultural Editor ot the Tntiane: “ltl» Coe cl the mcil exte stre thrUle tncU In inilcu-st lent poiltton, and «n.?I able condition ter ptei«ant fanning, thit we ksor-*^ this «ae cf the Western pntnw> • «* patents. ’S PATENT QAKD’; BBICK MS,CHINE. twice tnrt mananctory 5 j go Ut h JeflereoMt. Fqj _ K.B.QXRD, 93 89UUiJeSen«HV,GUc«o* Clotting. •J'HE LARGEST AUCTION SALE £T*r held la Chicago, will take place oa Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 4lli anclGtli, WUEK J. STETTfIEUHEB & CO. WUUjoae oci their entire stocb of CLOTHING ClaO =37 ECS, AMOUNTING TO $150,0 0 0! Without Reserve attbetrStore, Nos. 74 & 76 lake-st. TEXI&ZS. tour months fob approved paper. BILLS UNDER HCO-CAS3- Catalogues and Goods ready for las pec- tiwum Monday, Pec. 3d. CLOTHING. "Wholesale and Retail. 2,600 Overcoats, 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,500 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3;oCO Blankets, &c. Hattrusei, Curled H&ir,Roller Towelf, &c. FEED. L. FAKE, SOI and 203 Watov-ot* ffaprr. 'J'HE “RECHEUOHE" PERFUMED Note Paper and En velopes Are now For Sale br All ibe Flrs(*cloat and Stationers. For tale to the Trade by HULIIERT, TV AT A CO., >’ew York. Boots anti jpijots. TJOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. GREAT BARGAINS! We are now offering oar immense stock of BOOTS AND SHOES Very low. and many styles at greatly reduced prices. Wc manaisetare the BESTCUSTOM-MADEBOOTS Is the West. Ca«h and short time buyers win Bad It greatly tc their advantage to give us a call. C. M. HENDERSON & CO., 4,6, and 8 Lalic-st_, Oppoelte the Adam* Hoase. fonts, JOSEPH GILLOTT 8 aTEEL PESS, OF TUB OLD Sf*>DAHD QUALITY JOSEPH Or Descriptive TRADEMARK: HI I,LOTT. Name and Dwl*. WAUU\NTEI>. ntUDC.Snofier. NEW SERIES, GOOD AND CHEAP, from No. TO to No. 761. JOSEPH With TRADEMARK: (tl I.I.IiTT, Designating BIR.TI IXJU.A yi. yam ben. The veil known ouiotsai. and mmu numbers, 30:1. 4ui. i7o. j-ii. VV.f. ‘IU I. 1#... Il a .l. having been ai snraed by other Marks*, wc desire to caatlon the pablle in report to Mid imitations. AbK FOR GIL LOTT'S. Gnxort’i Pass. in such variety and style a* to stilt every kind ofband-wrlUag, lor tale to the trade by JOS. GILLOTT A 80X8, No. 01 John-at.* New York. HENRY OWS»i Bole Agent. ®il, TJarnisfj anb 2-cab. CHICAGO LEAD AND OIL WORKS, No*. G 4, GC> GS * TO Nortli Cllnton-at., Mancticturert ol LEAD PIPE AND SHEET LB AH, BAB AM) PIG LEAD, LINSEED OIL* BOILED LINSEED OIL, • LINSEED MEAL, PATENT DROP AND BUCK SHOT. CashpaMiorFLAXShED ANDOILLEAD. Order! aUI receive prompt attention. L tv. BUTCIIFOKO. <Sc CO i>rrosrnf ©il Corner. 'J'HE KEW liC'IXEU. MORE LIGHT! LIGHT! Tlic Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. By the n«e of this Burner, Glass Chimneys arc en tirely ci'pen-ed with, and a brilliant light given oat In a spreading yet. similar to that of Gu. The ordinary Coal Oil (Kerosene) of the shop? H n*«d. tflordlcg not only the CHEAPEST but the BEST light that can be produced from ibis great lllnmtnaiisz agent. WeconSialiy Javl&every one focal) and witness for himself me operations ol this Burner, being folly aware that “To See Is to be Convinced.” The Bonier Is to constructed that It attached to Any Coal Oil Lamp, Thai saving the price ot new ones where they are al ready la esc. _ or fctate and County I&ghu lor sale. Apply to or address A. B. SLOAN, ADAMS HOUSE. Consignments. J-jREtfED HOGS!! SBESSEB HOGS!! BBESSES HOGS!! Consignment* of Dr«»»cd hare oar usual caretel attention. Sieodl Plain*. Weight UtliaadDftllf Mar* ket Report* furnish*.**! free on manu Correspondence from old friends and new larttcd. SHERMAN. HALL & POPE, Commlgslon Mcrcliants^ VdG wfAfhln^o«T. Couple of fßustc. tEMRLEkn MUSIC Plano Organs and Melodeons nrnishtd, at ttEKP'3 Tarp'.eul Music, 5S KandoJph-sf., npoa psyaea’ of* jaalliaosn’ derru, balance In minihiylbiAllaenw, gf Call aad s?< us. Stair Utestoratibcs. •VTO MORE BAU)2irESS OR GREY JL\ HAIR. _ “Losd'ju Gray Bair Coles Doe* Heaton*” Hair Color ESairer* “to’jdon Hair Hslr Color not Bestor-t" “LorCon . Hair Color Kwiorer - * “LoMoa Bestored Bair Color state Restorer** “Locdcu Hair Color Restorer" **lxndoa Wttkcot Bur Color or fiOU Kcatcrer" “Lon-'cn Bair Color Bcstorer" “Lear on Dysteg. HUr color my thing. EestorrP* It wUlnjiXe the hair soft, glossy mdCenwe. It will prwrve tbe orlglu) color u old age. Uwlljpre* Tett the hair from teUlncofl, It will cu*e il disease* 01 the scalp. Only T 5 cents I Dcttia. slxbouieift. . . Sold by HI leading druggt-<t» md dealers la toilet ar tide*. SMITH* DtVtER. WhotoalsAaen!*, 92 iadl>4 thtogo. JDnilisttij. rpEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN Df tie use Of “ Nn*ot» Orm*," at TBEGO'S DeaUl eook-s 73 Cl*ik-«. Prepared and adaiialateredfrj ft rVscUft. Ivrto publications. 1867 THE 1867 TWSNTT. SEVENTH VOUms. TIIMLiDIES’REPOSITOM: AGcnenl Utenryand Religions !Oac »Ktnc for tlie Family. Bach Number wHI TffO Original Steel Engmings, <3fcntediaU>«td*ha«trtjifloi theart,byanuuwm stand at the bead ot their wottewlow— each Battrp Blubalvood, utmtolKevr ToDliu Übtttas. ot Chicago. The deiiga of tbejrabllihersta lasttlas lUi monthly I# to :am:»h to tte Cbrl-mn public a core m 1 elegant literature, and It will be the aim ot the Editor to pee. ecut t.' our Christian famine* every month a magazine tear the most careftl and Jn<3icU>aa par eat* tsar «e£ eatlmy safe In placing In the bands cl every member oifcu.e ismiiy—a magazine elerant, chaste, and pore, auuiaawiu cultivate me uuc, refine U»e manners, aad ennoble all the alms oURfe. The Birosm>«la a Chrhtlan family magaetnr, and tt will be our Co aslant aim to adapt it epecimiy to the moral nil uurarr aas,j of the SaoiUy. j. OFIHIOK3 OF Tttr PBSSS. choicest literary and »lu iooa amda.* u*hM?enr' tildeeJKOl«j«o v and t«ju*uy me iftoi a* im of the moat popoiiT poblleasios* la theWS*: TkS can 2SMS.STSS.T’v™' 5 “= ta literally crammed wish tearklins hterarr ho publication of tie day excels the Kepontoryia ca nty ol center Hi, deration, refinement ot one or bean ty of Je{ter-pre*«.--f.‘>rte*BS American. Sen- Tort. The October oambrr ot this beanttthl maaamse ts filled a« nscal with chwtc. choice, and dimming utera* ram Ills the largest, eheawwt and h« at hSiM’nnf,. Use ever pubhihed-—(Dnboque Dally Times. The November nnmb-jr is a choice Usn*—two fine at«l engravings, and a large variety of articles br scrue cf Ue beic writers lc the country. Under lu new editorship the Repository las lost none of Its vigor and bean of style We thin* It the heat amflf m»i rite pnfcLiued la thU contfey.—fßocSlbrd Beclater. Dltoolt. We have ftequewty made nratJonot IhU wert", and new can bat reiterate what we have before staled. »**« we thins It ba» no rival in the magazine line. Itaea- Rravtncsarraaanrpa*aeit.attd tie readme matter on e ictiled anywhere.—(.Lapoue Qetald, lad. Now ts the time to Subscribe, TERMS. Three Dollars wad Fifty Craw per Volwaae r IKVABtABLT ft* ADVANCE. PUBLISHED BT POE & HITCHCOCK; Comer Eighth and Malawta., Cincinnati, 66 Waahlactoa-tt. Chicago. JHrtlral. 'J'HROAT AKD 'LONGS, Chronic Diseases! DR. B. SEGNITZ, Of Kcir York amtgt. Louis* Ttf well-known practitioner la PULMONARY CURB DISEASES! Is about to visit CHICAGO, TIU fer the purpoac a giving medical audiences, at the TEEMOXT HOUSE, Commencing WEDSESDAT, the 21«tof yorcober* dally,from9am,till 4 p, m. The Doctor’* reputation as tamtly physician In Xetr York, and hU superiority In Throat, Lungs and Dlaeaxa, will reader It superfluous to recommend hi* new method of treatment, by means of his own new tn strummls.for Inhalation and Fasafflatlon. Both la* stramests are not only approved by the leading phy sicists of this country and Europe, hat are well spokes of In the Jlftiiml ami Surgical Rfpnrur, cf rtdladel* phis, (October 3d. ISO,) the leading medical journal of this continent. Dr. S. never shows teatlmoalats, as other advertising physicians are used to do, and ha fwls more sorry, that, as specially practitioner, he I* boona to advertise. But the profession, and the peopM In general will soon he convinced that he differs from others, and Ant-class city references are at disposal toe thlsparposc. Personal Examination U Necessary IN ALL CASES OF Chronic Catarrh* BroneXUtla* tlcen In the Threat* Nostrils* AND IN PULMONARY DISEASES IN nEK treats Tbe Doctor never attend* to donbtfbl cues, but be achieved resalu in cates which vers denounced latal by other physicians. For the lint the patient will call bclore he has taken hie main meal. B. SEGNTTZ, 11. D., Trtmont House. 0 a. in. tin 4- p. m. jy£ORE VALUABLE THAU GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOE THE CAXAJSHH! ApcrfcctandspteJycuic lor this loathsome disease, lo tta worst form. In every case of CaUrrh.severeor light, tbe disease ehosid oe removed as sooa as pout ble, lor It gives rise to soreness In the wind pipe, dry conch. chronic inflammation of tbe tangs. clxrlte*i4,dull pain In tbe bead, with a sensation at vcitbt over tbe eyes, loss of the ten see of amcilinc tasting, and various paintnl neuralgic aff-ctlons. There - Is not any mistake anunt the above remedy. and It mar te had of the subscriber, General Agent fur the United States and the Canadas. n. H. BruKINGTOS, t>ovtdcnrc. K. f. For sale by SMITH « DWYER. DrnsglsU, 93 A 94 LaXtxU. Wholesale Agents for Chicago. Buplcx Elliptic Jsfeirts. DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OR'DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS. Tbevviu not bend or break like the single springs, hot alii ever preserve their perfect and beaatital where ihrvc or lour ordinary tans are thrown a*Lis as Tl "y combine comfort, durability and economv vitb that elegance of thape which has made the - DC FLEX ELLIPTIC” urn STANDARD SKIET OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the ns elusive ciancfartarers and sole owners of the patent, WESTS, BRADLEY Sc CAST, Warehouse and Offs* 97 chambers and 79 and SI Deadest- New York. Also, at wholesale by the lead. Ing Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the most popular and graceful Skirt worn. 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Wehcrchr auc tion ill dealers against purchasing or selling any neA I goods.nDte3iJM3aucta.Tdhy oior out hosaseoi-** I veihillTlSoroualyproiocalcillsachinltlnserku.tli* CO> GBESS COUUAR CO* Of Chicago. HI, *« i*? only hy trs t» auonJscmre the CLUIH UtITAIIOH GOODS la do United stares. R>lY ft TATLOH._ dFisl*- jgOSTON fish market ■WUd. O pEX SOVEM3EB Ur. lOOltonr oc-st., opposite I»,0. Prei Su F* a v. us<* FWL and oystew. aad retail, F* flal—3t, K' l *- Sinelta, Mactrrel, O orsed C<*i and Macktrw * c s t 9S*J , i“[ •ob, bar ,v et i Ji:,'Boa.lUJ!&ot.lfinr 3 Uaddie*. Yir monUi l r .io*«s, mckW &alm(m. Hat j aal Sot* gjgg Clatr.a hy ctica or quart, Hi** C -\MV Mackerel tJ 8«ad»» H*U6olfc PJ“*r2S* ®* BfinS^