Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 27, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 27, 1866 Page 3
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OPISIOHSOP THE PRESS. [From the LaSalle Press, neutral. 1 Tnß Chicago Turnons.—We publish eitewbere the prospectus of thU Journal for IBi7, aod, allow ing something for advertising exaggeration, we are free to say that the claims of the Tkiacut Com pany for their newspaper, as therein set forth, are fcQbsiantlally tree. It Is a fact well known (0 all conversant wilh the Western people, that within the radius of its circulation, which reaches far eastward and stretches awa» ont of sight In the direction of enudown, there Is no journal so uni versally sworn by among Republicans, and so universally and wilh such depth ol malediction, ewom ct by Democrats, as the Chicago Taibusb. Our readers need not he told that wt* often nave occasion to differ with this journal In matters po litical. those who regard the Tmnuitc as eonndly orthodox open national affaire, considering u> as, if not decidedly hettredox. at least shaky in the true faith. Therefore, we may, without suspicion of unaac influence from partisan bias, well ex press our honest judgment in the matter to this effect, that of all the Urge dalii>ffl published iu the West, with which we are familiar, there Is not one conducted with so much of ability, fidelity to pnnople. faith In the people, and badness enter prise us the Chicago Thibuke. And when we growl deepest at what wc Judge to he Us lon radi cal If not revolutionary notions, we havo most re spectfor the uaaierlv ability aud persistent pluck with which they are advocated. (From the Knoxville Hows) Republican ] Tine Chicago ihibok.— The Chicago Tuibckb U one of the ablest newspapers of the West, and carnvstlv and effectually advocates the principles which are to govern this country. It la a large sheet and filled wilh a great variety of luler.-sUng matter. Mo journal bos more complete or more relUblcmaiket reports. It will be remembered that, when greenbacks began to circulate, the Tranisc took the right ground, and fought the battle manftilly, and won the victory, thereby giving the great West a reliable cur rency tor the miserable one they bad before. A man can travel now wltboo' being at the trouble and expense of changing his money at so much per cent in every State he enters. Xho TnttnrsE still leads the way advocating the princi ples of the Republican party with great power and effect. It yon wish the Utest ana most relia ble news from all over the world, and all over the United Mates, yon will find it in ibe Tmauxc. In fact, the Chicago Tuibvxc U an able, newsy.Uadl cal Republican sheet, and if yon want to know it for a cert-inly, subscribe lor the Dally, Trl cckly or Weekly. Other journal? have been established la Chi cago which arc doing a good work, butll trill bo remembered that the Taincsx lea the way when the state of Illinois was largely Democratic and pro-slaverv. Success to it. [From the Hastings (Mich.) Burner.)! Chicago Tbujube.—W e find in an exchange the follow op complimentary notice of the Chicago TcißUKr. by far lb. 1 ablest paper published west of J*ea York city. Aslit le not bo generally known to oar reader* us it ebooid be, or as the beat in* ICTCsltorihc KcpuMicati parly demand, ft rtves vs great plcaar.rc to commend what the Cedar Valley 'lime* says of It to the careful attention of all out resect*, affirming that too much cannot be said in praise of the unfaltering position on the great question of the day which the Tiubcse bar over maintained. Tf C a«:»* tTc &«: now favored with the privilege of natn bcti; g this valuable dai'y with oar exchanges. The readers of ibe Chicago dailies in ibis commu nity, know how to appreciate the Tkibuxe, as is evinced by the nnmuer ricctvedal the news of fice?. Straight-forward, ont-spokeo, honest, and reliable on political attains, you always know where to Slid it It; untiring labors for Itio Union during the war. and its extreme “radicalism" on the right since It* close, U an evidence of sterling integrity to the great cause of the Union and hu man right*, which gives it peculiar favor In tne eye* of every loyal man ami woman m the land. As a ULWfp-pcr, it U not surpassed by any la the Northwest. j Fro in tla Bastings Independent.] The Chicago Tcieujte.—To one who would keep himself posted In the passing events ol the troild, who would make himself acquainted with the discoveries and changes in arts and sciences as civilization advances, and with all the current news of ti-e day, the Chicago TmnuKS U an abiu lute necessity. It Is one or the great newspapers of the wot id: disdaining aud avoiding the low langunge of abuse which tends to injure the char* acter and influence of the nubile press, the Chi cago TniBUSE is always trne to ilbcry, justice and dcccncv. Ineiu yon wilt dud recorded on its bioad pages every condition of every market, every it™ of news from all the world, and every phaseolliviugpolitical questions; and the man who euLeoibcd aud pre-erves it on file will leave to his children a record ol present times which win have an influence for good in coming genera tions. | From the Keodalvllle find.! Jourtsl.l Tnr Chicago Tbibcke.— lt is well for the com mon people to read and inform themselves much more than they do, and it would probably be eminent!} proper at tills time (or many to ask themselves very seriously tbc question, whether tbev Lad col Letter subscribe lor more news papers. A very Utile enterprise and determina tion is all that is necessary to secure In almost every lamily any proper amount of reading rustier. Without enlarging farther upon this argument, we will say just here that next to jour re spectable local paper, we uo not believe thst jv person can do better than loamd for the Chicago Tittm-NF. We need not remind our readers that it is the leading newspaper in the Northwest— hardly cquallcu in ability', point, force and direct ness ut its reading matter; and in enterprise is certainly- second to none. The Chicago Timet may lost cow tiy to it, hut wc think on account of consistency, which would no a little involved In the consideration.that there are but cw old Abolitionists who would be induced to take the Timet in preference to the Futnrec. The market reports ot the Injures arc foil and thorough, let men ol all parties send for tbc Tuisres. [From the ‘Whiteside Sentinel, Nov. 22.] Tns Chicago Tiubost-— The prospectus of this Influential and leading Journal of the Northwest will be fonnd in to-day's paper. ThcTutures has always enjoyed a very large circulation in this county, and we doubt not ft will receive a like substantial token of favorable recognition the cornin'* year. The Tnutres Is fearless and out spoken in the discussion of all matters of puollc polity; is always up Kith the times, and In the extent and variety of Us correspondence, tele graph news and market reports is not behind any other journal of the country. East or West. As a political, family and general newspaper It has no superior. Next to yonr homo paper, lake the Tsinrez FBOM THE PACIFIC. ThclKrtvs from California, Arizona and ITloiitana« From our California and Honolulu dies, from October J to November 1, we gather lb# following item ot interest FEBSOSAX. Stephen IL Phillips, • former Attorney General of Massachusetts, under the administration of Governor Andrews, lad arrived at Honolulu and received hl« commission from the King as Attorney General of the Kingdom. pounciX. Charles E. Deling has been chosen Presided of the Union Slate Central Committee of Isevad*. lie le a candidate In opposition to General Aye for the United States Senate. A BPnurTALMT nt TOOUBIX. Rct. Benjamin Todd, a noted spiritualist and; President of Uic National Convention of Spiritual ifU, held at Chicago two years ago, has been ciolonUy «M«ilcd hy the San BuUelin cn the Kore of character. Uo defends hlmaelf hy pnHUhtnc scran! ccrUdcatcs of character from the East. Tire crasi srxAweinPusa. The Sacramento See eays: “Charles Csrvahlo. the ChIDCEC bju tn.t returned from a trip made through me into rlor of the State. among the Chinese, to ascertain the sentiment* of tnc Chinese merchants and olh srs in record to the projected steamship lino to Chin£ tic report* the Chinese nnmimou* In Scir endorsement of the i«Ntmnreof their patronage and support, ine n assets ~er traffic between hens andChlua anoints tosomc M 00 i-aeh way annually. the i Ml arrangements paasengere are compelled to lay In a stock of three months provisions before starting, on account of the uncertainly of th time to be consumed Inthopa^sav^.Uypa cry Kingdom. 1 ’ TOLCAKtC. Therolcano of Rilanca, in Hawaii, bis com mcnced an eruption. A letter says : • the western, northern and eastern wails th •JSffLw jnandand awful. Just at the foot StKpatM*leads down into ibecraior, Ibe i’SSSS'ftttrS SSaSESSKS* rxsixs cojnxsTios. A Fenian Slate Convention was held at .an October 18, 19 .nd 50. Office. wsr. chosen, and alter a long debate a resolution teas XSI to endorse tbe Constitution of tbe Fenian Brotherhood, as adopted at Pblladclpbla, and re affirmed at rlttsbnrgb, and recently at IWt"J So officers elected under 11-bolng an endorse jaenl of the Bobcrts policy. nirir gcoTATioss. The following arc quotations of frail In Ssn Francisco: “Apples, W cents to *1...) per box, near*. 7S cents to per box; plums, 10 cents to 15 cents per pound; quinces, S2-O0 box* "tapes, 6 cents to 25cents per pound; straw* berries, 25 cents to 50 centa per pound; oranges, per hundred; lemons, *S.W per hundred, SOBBEBT OT A PAT*a.*ltSn. ... iegal rendm and « ronenrn,^^^ e< _ out lo campa lately : Major Glenn. .as rrc learned them, are H-ii-e between vritb several orbemarmeu at alislned debt and nine o’elM' of Major fmm the ambulance a j rom 1 ; u . lnl _ Marshall. to ”e .laps of tae door, f® OS'S; sSSt «»”“»« au s srsaf*ss malnlng there but a few mmnre*, below to Capwln be observed his Major Marshall e. A* box nnmolcilcd, and pul baesage and tre« MaW Glenn remained at his band on thebox- J three-quart era of an Captain e sapper—and on hla honr-lonß«onjrhto Urt mmft . return found bis treaswe Bn b v one bad taken dlateJy ° CO uld gins any account ■® n 5 * p lS‘e7 r eaSly taken away by one man. corsnnrncaTrort narwra caitroimi asm cm. A letter and telegram have been received at San Francisco announcing the safe arrival at Cni'rilte of a cargo of goods ibipped far Salt Labe City acme months ago by Mr. Sncatb, of Sad Fran cisco. and announcing also the safe arrival oftbe Sat at Hardyvllle on her return trip. So far from 111 being true that the river Is not navrgajle to Camilla, Captain Bodges.,ol the Kncr aids, writes that be can take np a boat drawing tlifeetot water. This opens Utah to Fan Fran cisco, placing Salt Lake within less than four bundled milea of good water communication. TUB ABXEOSA XLXCT3OS. A letter from Arizona, published in the Alta Calif ornia October 3, gives the following detiils of the Arizona election: “The general election occurred on in* Bib nit. The mam Interest was in the contest for Dele ale to Congress. The principal candidates were taries D. Poston, the first Delegate from the Territory, (who was beaten last year by Govern or Goodwin.) and Coles Bashford, formerly Gov ernor of Wf-consln. and who has been Attorney General of the Territory since its organization. Both profess Union sentiments and confidence in Andrew Johnson. Poston, who has felt very bluer tlncc hie defeat by Good * In at the polls, and who contested bU election, came here determined to make war upon Governor McCormick, the fnend of Goodwin. Accordingly he announced his plat form as one of uncompromising hostility to Good . win and McCormick, and upon that platform he has suSL-red overwhelming defeat. The people here have sustained Governor McCormick and mi ftdaitusUailon by a large majority, aud Poston retires!from the Held Is the worst possible humor. The official returns by counties, ere u follows: Baahford. Poston. Adimt. ... 226 217 43 ... HI 1 ... ST 65 B 9 ... -e» X 45 31 ... SZ6 83 Yavapai Pab-Ute. Mohave. Yuma... Fima.... Total 1.099 Total vote in the Territory.. 513 163 General Green Cloy Smith, of Kenlocky, who has received his commission as Governor of Mon tana, arrived tn Virginia Cry on the night of Oc tober Sd. The Terriiory has had no official head since Governor Edgerton departed for hU home In Ohio. The Secretary ol State, General Thomas F. Meagher, who Ins claimed to act In that ca pacity, has forfeited the respect of all patties. OWNERSHIP WITHOUT TITLE. An Interesting Land Sait —Can a Man Devise, Sot being Legal Owner! —Technicalities. The use of Bates vs. Brown, upon the decision In which rested three other cases, by the same plaintiff; the whole nnmber Involving the title to eighty acres ofgronnd In* the North Division, a portion of the real estate of the late Alexander Wolcott, was yesterday decided by Judge Drum mond, la the Circuit Court of the united states. The decision involves several questions of law which have bat seldom oeeu adjudicated In this State, and it was under* stood, be tbe case decided to the ad* vantage of cl' her party St would be carried to the Supreme Coart fur final action. The decision was delivered by tbe Coart La the following words: it was understood that the case of Bates rs. Brown would be disposed of Uus morning- I have not particularly examined the case, since the argument, My other engagements have not per* milted me to do It, but 1 have been told that it le the intention of the parties to take the case to tbe Snprcme Court of the United Stales, there* fore, the decision of Ibis Court, whichever way it may be, perhaps is not yery material. Ido not propose to do anything more than state the con* elusions to which 1 have arrived In the case. Alexander Wolcott purchased and paid for .a property—real estate in this city; it was canal laud, and the title was vested in the State of llli* iiois. After having made this purchase of the State, and paid the purchase money. Wo colt died, on the SUlh day of October, iboU; having, prior to bis death, made nls will, which Is very brief— " first 1 give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Eleanor M. Wolcott, and my daughter Mary Ann Wolcott, all my pereouai estate, goods ana chat* tel*, of what land and nature soever, equally to be divided between them. I further give and deibcto my said wife, Eleanor M. Wolcott, and to my said daughter, Mary Ann Wolcott, tn uc equally divined between them, all my freeJtuld *»• fare whatsoever, to bold tor hem. the said Eleanor M. Wolcott and the said Mary Aim Wolcott, their lairs and assigns forever.'* At his death he Icf'. his wile and this daughter, him surviving, bring his only heirs, or, by the terms of the will, his only devisees. Ihc question has been made as to tho true con struction of this will. Whether the estate or lot which be bad purchased of the State, and for which be bad paid, the title of which was not yet complete, passed, by this will, to his wife and to Lis daughter, bv the use of tbe term all my free hold estate whatsoever, i taluk h did. It Is true that tbe patent bad not yet issued from the Stale, but be had an absolute right to the patent. Noth ing rcmoiiad for him to be done. He had paid the purchase money, and be had a right to call upon the Mate for the issuing of the title, it was issued, bat Issued after his death. Having Ibis absolute and perfect equitable title to the properly at the time Ural be made this will, and at the time of his death, 1 think that it was his* intention to dwitc Ibis propcity. To be sure he might have died mure comprehensive terms; be might have sa*d that be devised all bis real property of every form and nature, hut ho chose to use the term “ail my freehold estate." lire main object, of course, in all ca-ca of this kind i.->, to ascertain lb--' mean ing of the testator to give it cu'cct, if it can be dune consistently wllb the rules of law. Ue bad a wile and achilu, audlhe question is, truing till the circumstances surrounding bin at the time, hi- domestic relations, his lotuily and the lau giiiige of the will and its brevity, alto gether, whether be did not intend to dense this property, to which ho bad a perfect equitable title. As 1 have already eatd, i think Uui be did intend to devise it. Then, at bis death, this equitable tide to this picpvrty which is In controversy here, passed to his wife and to his daughter, the undivided half being vested In each, in January, 1&2, the daugh ter died, a minor, and of coarse intestate, b-dng, at the time, only seven years of age. Sue Iclt her mother her surviving, sac, being vested with one-half of the estate, that half descended to the mother. Then the whole estate was vested in the mother. Now the question ts made, whether the estsle descended to her, absolutely, or defended to her to be devised by the birth afterwards ol an heir 1 to the child. * It is claimed on the part of the plaintiff that the ] estate, conceding that the title parsed by the will, , one-half to the wife and one-half to the daughter.. and that on the death of the daughter it all passed to the mother; that the one-half passed to the mother subject to bo divested by the birth, for In stance, of another child by the mother. Tnc plaintiff here, being the child of the mother, it Is claimed that the mother held the undivided half of the property during this tune, and that on the blith of a brother of the chad that one-half be came vested In the brother upon the doctrine of shifting Inheritance. We know that this doctrine ts firmly Implanted in the common law. The most usual illustration to be given Is In the case of the birth of a child after the death of tis father—a nofttbnmona child. It was a familiar principle of the common law, that the title passed, after Ihe death of the ancestor, to the living, or to be vested by the birth of a child subsequently, and that was called the doctrine of shifting inhcri'auco. It Is claimed tbat the seme role applies here. By our statute the mother became the heir of her daugh ter when the latter died ib 1333. I think the be came the absolute heir, without qualification or restriction. The statute has made no qualification, and wc are to assume that It was the intention of the law maker to Incorporate Into the provision of the statute the general doctrine of shifting In beiltances, as it stood at common law. The law of our State has always made provision fur the case of the birlb of a posthumous child, but. I be lieve, tas gone no further. 1 think, therefore, that the mother look the estate absolutely as the heir of her daughter, and that when she made the conveyance to Boater In 1633, she was vested with time! Uue but when the patent issued on the rib of Jnlv. 1*33, conveying to the legal representative*, tbc'belra and assigns of Alexander Wolcott a per* feet title to Ac estate: that it vested by the opera'lon of law in the grantee of Mrs- Wolcott. Ibis being so, ol course Ac plaladff my conclusion? in regard to this case. 1 do not propose to go at any length into the rea sons of these conclusions, and 1 simply say this much to enable the parties to take the case, du£ Ing the present term, to Ac Supreme Court of Ae TbVt Teurt*were consequently found and Judg ment riven for Ae defendant. This, or one of . ■ the cases Involving Aefeame questions, us B P“ken nfVipfnro will be taken to the supreme Court on ' n"dct ..tot b tomed to -tort ride.’* , _ Xhc Clccro .T 1 order. Edltora Chicago Tribune: In an article lu Monday morning s issue of Tour Tiatwr under the bead of ** Another Cicero Mnr- )°n do great Injurtlce to the actual raldculn SuthaV portion of the town descr.bed lu the ar ticle. by denominating It the most lawless, unciT lUaed. uncontrollable selUemcnt n the county. The fact is, however, that as a settlement there is rot a more peaceable, quiet aud law-abiding neighborhood In the county, not excepting the city of Chicago, of which your paper is the great ° r ihp* Injustice or the ar licit roatlsla in the tact sS'sSisa'ssfffl atssautfS ",;' c d ‘S SSSILSHfr •i?a^., d K »ss ?in ivntn vonr citr. a? has been shown by the \cr- 1 & of legally crarannclK-d luiice 111 03211 311(1 ® innocent defending party thecpl- Sg^SSJSSOTMOT Snch insinuations as published In a paper com* mandhic such a mighty Influence as your organ, “aßrcal iktrimcot lo the value ot property to “neSoeivo »!?•• touch pnbllcilv at you have the arUdc ahovc referred to, that an lovotlli;.- tine public may render a corn'd verdict. l * c ß* snuuv J a UwiOKT orCictno. The propeller Ashore. E «S,'JxUtclrf from MlUraukco s™H«l Sr» city to receive her machinery, by way of Kalama zoo River, where the tow was to receive her car co In coins over the outside bar, the Waukaxoo f°ich°dbof!om. vrtm, th; i light, and a heavy sea driving in. one in come ■ A vn»Hn? n steam pipe, and fora tune ms ahllnc the machinery of the Wankar.oo, which re ceived considerable damaco to her upper work*. Doth were promptly scnrled inti™ feet'***£*, Xr« ih(T l»r until Sunday evening, the ISth, S« ift wMtoifed off bylhe tig Wnnteaclo and the Mankazoo dug herself out dniKffSe night and went Inside for repairs and cood Bo'h arrived •here e4 g*L2? T o'clock last evening. cattais. Contested.—The ewe ol the master of tbe bark “Etowah" was yesterday before Mr. Controls* •loner lloync. This. It will be remembered, la a ' miarle ea* ... aB iT In the brain of the revenue officer. If •©, lira f*sd, they »bonldhavebeen on bis mamlwt. Ite ease .sill be decided this day. [RANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL nONBI'ARti iloifDAT Evzjtiko. November S*». ISG6, The following is an exhibit of the business of tbc United Stales Sub-Treasury for tie week end ivg Saturday, November St: DXCZIPTS. Customs Miscellaneous. DWBintS OUSTS. Special Warrants... ■ IHabareing OHI cere Total. Coin Currency Total fLUW*W.i« TiXifetk gM«|» Week previous PCC,Teo,3« Business at the Banka was quite doll to-day, tbon;b two or three of the discount houses re ported an Improvement in the demand for accom modation. Othenrtsc there was no change tn the market- The Bank rate Is steady at 10 percent In the open market food ont-ide paper is n • po inted at 13 per cent and less acccpublc at 15018 1 percent On call there Is very little doluc, and I the market Is nominal at «®8 percenter: Gov ernment Securities. Mortgage Loans arc easy at 6010 per cent _ , There teas a marked scarcity of Exchange to dav, and the market ruled firm and close. Most I U not all, o! the Banka are shipping currency. I There is no change in counter rates—par Laying, and MO premium selling. BofCalo, Oswego and Canada hills are taken at \ discount Flour was dull and in favor of buyers. Wheat teas firm, hut quiet—closing dull. Corn was slow, and 1c lower. Oats were dull, at a decline oflc. Bye was without material change. Barley was steady. Whiskey was dml and neglected. Provisions were qnlet Wool waa neglected and entirely nominal. Freights were doll. Gold opened quiet but became excited and ad vanced materially, though at tbc close the Im provement. was not sustained. The market opened at ISSN advanced to lit, and closed at Uo»£. Tbc following quotations were received by Boyd Bros- gold and slock brokers; ifcSO a. !:22S*?' 10-. SO a. I®,. ££!•?* J?’ 11:00 a. JgH -£ 11:15 1391* 3:00 P* “■ a. IS9H 3:15 p.m ll:4S a. a 139 -tCWp.m. 13:00 1M 1 lierc the broken were the npper figure at the close. Silrer was nominal st 1280.130 buying—Uie npper figure for Urge. Governments were stronger tn Mew York to-day. The O’* of *Bl advanced U. Flre-Twontlcaof’ia wore H easier. The *M*a advanced >4, and on the *Cs*awa note an improvement of %. Ten* Forties were steady. Accost Seven-Thirties were steady, but the Jane and July series advanced Jt. The following shows the closing prices to day, compared with those of the two previous days: ilonday. Salnrday. Friday. SixesofSl..*. 113 mx llijf Hvc-Twfntie*, *O2. ...10S* 109 Wfj Five-Twenllcs, ’W 10&Jf ICGU 10GU FITO-TwenUcs, '65.....10(i* 100* IOC* Toc-Fortl« vnji ttl* Seven-Thirties, Aug...'CSS !(£?■ 10sS Stvco-Thlitles, Jnne.Mos;< ■ . lOtJt 101JJ bevcn-Tbirties, JnlT...l<&tt IMJS KUK Here there was an active demand, and the bro ker* advanced their views In sympathy with the improvement in New York, hot holders were Ctncrslly unwilling to eel! In Eaee of a rising market We quote closing prices as follows: eomuninre wcwurwa—cmc*eo xxostr. Bnylnjf, Bellies, 112* 113 10SH IbBS 106* 1W« Sixes, 1851....,, 4-ars,i664 5-tCTs. I9M, 5-aTs, I*s. 106 ©icrk 5-20's, small IC-lQ’a, laree ■mall . 105* 105* 105!i 105* lUSH IW* 7<&Ts, let ecilee 7-tO s, £d series 7-Va, 3d ecrlca 7-CO’f. email.. Jane Compoai July Compound*, ISM.. lU5£ .... Aug. Compound*, 1664. 114 H Oct. Compound*, ISM.. lISJt .... Dec. Compounds, ISG4. 112>4 .... May Compounds, 1*55. 11l .... Auc. Compounds, 18«5. IWH4 .... Sept. Compounds. 13416. 109 Oct. Compounds. 1965.. ICBH The Second National Bank gives the following quotations for governments: Coupons, last 112 H June Comp. 1864,..115?* 5-2 C Coupon. July ** “ ...Illy large 106K®103J4 Aug. “ “ ...114*4 S-SU Coupon. OcC “ w ...1131% small... JOG OW7K Dec. w M ...US* ICMoCoupon,large 99j» Hay “ 1665,...11l 10-40 Coupon-mall 1(6*2 Aug. w “.. .lU9V4 4 a), large..HHK@losH Sept. “ “ ...109 7-30. small..Wl**@losJ4 Oct. M u ...llStf Local securities are Inactive and nominally on* changed. We continue to quote: - Buying. Selling. Chicago City Sevens uu 100 Cook County ** 90 97(4 Chamber©! Commerce.... (H 95 The N'cw York Commercial AdcerlUer of Friday remarks: ** Foreign exchange baa taken a sadden bound upward, sidling bids being about H percent above the opening rales of yesterday. The con* victlon tbat gold has for the present touched its lowest polntliaa Induced very large purchases of bills. Yesterday, some speculative purchases were made upon the supposition that the panicky condition of aUaxrs here would induce foreign capitalists to call come tbelr balances, calling tor a sudden Increase of remittances, with a conse quent advance In rates of exchange. Humors are current that Five-Treaties have been returned here, but there Is very little probability of their troth. We quote: Loudon, prime bankers*, GO days... ITO**® IW?J London, prime bankers*, elgut liu C4IUJ4 Pails, backers’, long 5.1n*4C15.15 Paris, bankers*, aboil®512?4 Antwerp 5.20 «35.1H?£ Swiss 5.20 ®s.lS»i Hamburg, bankers* 3*l*4® Amtitidam, bankers* 41?i® 41*f Frankfort, bankers* Berlin, hankers'.... —Although there is a little more firmness In the Boston money marktt, rales show little chance. Six per cent continues the ruling rate for dla counts of short dated paper, while In the open market prime notes are quoted at CQ7 per cent. Althi’Oßh there Is some psper held at less than 6 per cent, there is scarcely any demand for It, while there is a good deal or good mercantile paper seeking purchasers at rates ranging from 7to 9 per cent. Call loans are accessible at 3S* per cent oc undoubted collaterals, with an Increasing tendency on Uie part of lenders to require the latter rate. —A sow counterfeit, of tbo denomination of ISO. on the Dover National Bank bavin: been put in circulation, tbo detectives of (be Treasury De partment have been working to discover tbo of fenders, and tbelr efforts have been bo far suc cessful that tbe counterfeit baa been very effect ually suppressed. It is understood that the offi cers have secured tbc plate from which the spu rious notes wete printed. —lbe MDwaukee money market is well sup plied with loanable lands, and the banks are not only willing but anztons to take good paper at the legal rate of ten per cent, and itom anything we can perceive to tbo contrary, is likely to continue so for tbc next sixty days. Exchange has ruled very firm throughout the week, and closes at par bnylng, and premium selling. Nine failures have been reported at I.ynn, Hass., during the last month. The failures arts not for heavy amounts, bnt the SAoe end Lfether Bfjwrter says': “If the present dull spell In trade continncs, more will be likely to go. If so, it will be all the better for the trade, as the anxiety of these weak parties to sell goods baa unduly de pressed the market, and Induced buyers to believe that by holding off they coold obtain goods about their own prices. If not a case of goods were to be made or sold In Lynn for the next month the result would bo beneficial.” —The New York Tribunt of Friday remarks: The chief purchases arc to cover short contracts, aud no huyeis appeared either for investment or as speculators tor an advance. The street is crammed with unproductive railroad shares, at tracted thither by the enormous speculation of the past five years, and lor which there Is no In vestment demaud at anything like quotations. As long as paper money was mannlactnred and irredeemable, prices naturally rose, nnder the stimulus of cheap money and speculation, until they lynched points where the boldest “boll patued and attempted to realise, with what result the official lists chow In detail. The downward turn was arrested, it will bo noted, partially, but the spirit of speculation has received a shock the lit SS SwlotcMiaarlS ifoßMaSr and a crowing distrust in commercial circles. Trade is stagnant in all directions, and failures bccin to he announced nnderjcircumstances "hich foretbadOTwnnch trouble. Five years of specula ting' open paper money. Issued under tbepresencc i of tLc rebellion, have advanced P ric £ B .to points I where. Laving exhausted the supply of umney.lhe , bnbblehnrsts. AfUr me present squall is ow, and values arc reduced to the compass of the re maininemoney, prices will rally, to be by another tall, and another reaction, nntU they reach value* based upon the capacity of roads to earn dividends, —The Pittsburgh money market grows closer, and the scrutiny of paper offered becomes more and more rigid. The amount of discounts to-day was very light, and cnly customer piper received any favors. Local slocks are very quiet, bnt maintain ihclr usual price. There arc few shares of any of our first-class local securities on the market, and no quotable cbanger have occurred recently. —The Philadelphia says: Thr decline in gold, and advance In the rate of for mon”. has checked the speculative feeling and nnsttUci values of many description, of mcrchandii-e. The demand for capital has con ■idnsblT lncrca«ed-7 per cent commercial paper uin less request. The best doable signatures at -lort data arctaken at 7 per cent per annum dis ioSni but there Is Utile currency for names offer hkber rates. For foreign exchange hading bankers ask ICO for 60 days sterling bills, and IC9K tor short sight do. —The chances in the form of onr pnhuc deb . and the doings of the Treasury of the United Slates during the year, from the Ist of November, ISO, to the Ist of November, 19G8, are shown in the subjoined comparative table: Nov. l. ISO* Nov.l.lSSS. Dec. r s 6sor67aod’Es...»is£*WM «6.aa.;u Con.p. Interest Note*. lAOIJ.Mt 11WW.U0 W»illh£«oS miSiS iStSI M#Trt»»uryNoMS.., ,0 5*^;500 ?gsi!3sas^; ,a «a‘ » Total decrease .(3&150.339 Incrroe. ssf{® '“•““"••'gffiss •“t&r’sass Kmcitiri;:;;;.... iSam «»«« IDUU -• Cash on hand in 16M, SC7,6iM,CS«. It was, on lat November, $130,326,951. New York 81 Cl«lrc price* far cash. Sc Joseph M. Lyons ft Co„ hre in 9d ] BM. B’d., K.\. Ccn 1W Erto (fotn) 75 pH r i |SiU ta 8* I l>! fu'w)i lOSH 4 «S C. ft A.(cosil..l'B .... Bur. * Q.(Md)J3O VO O.ftM.Ccru.. WW 2JX Hudwn KiTcr.KJH US 111. uciral....ll>* *J»S T. ft Ucadln:.. U»H BIH ; WllkwhTfCoal .... •••• I T.ft TTaba»b.. 43 *3 • | Itozket—First Board firm. COnSIERCIiU jloxDir Evruiso, November •», ISB6. The following tables show the receipts and ship, mtnla of ptoaucc during the past forty-eight bou ” ’nrcrtTTß ran roßtr-nonr aona. P~ IS6. ISA Floor, brls 4.5 K JjJJf'S? ; iwts sumo S*y2:bn°:;;;;; a -gj Crn»£<c& £•■” 107.5110 83.350 Broom Corn, Ct 83,315 77.*» Cored Meats, Bcctbrls ®2 Lard, (s tallow, a« Batter, ifs Dressed nogs. No. Live Hoes, 50..... Cattle, No Hides, *«...• H. Wines, brls Wool, tm Lumber, to Shingles, m Lath, Salt, brl* • ■••• 1,6» 6.556 21,7*0 SJ.SM ISI 14 1,000 10*6 H) uo 111454 196,003 £OO 100 5,455 27,014 8.91 S 1,396 4*5 VS O'S 5 6.417 4,137 .mi'MLXTs pastrouTT-xienr nom l*«6. liW. 5.354 2,917 *13,930 39 C10.3U.0? (031,801.46 (351.430 63 r 5520.93 (3SS,SSI^S (311,100.67 801.071.49 Flour, brls. Wheat, bo Com, b 0... Oats, b 0... Bye, b 0... Barley, bo Grass Seed. fca.. Broom Com.»s, Cored Meat, lb* Beef, brl* Pork, brie Lard. t« Bolter, S>e Live Dogs. No,. D. Boat, No ~ *4l; «|S *|S Lon her. m - VSJS |» Shinnies, in MS 8K Lntb. m...~ .JJJ n sa Salt, brie . *’ ls7 Salt, bag* 3{ ® •••• , Them was a good attendance on Change to* day, but the markets were doll, and the rolame of bosluctc was exceedingly light. The Provision Market was again doll, hot there was no decided change In value*. There was a allcht Inoolrv for Mc*s Pork, and the market waa steady, with salea of 196 brla In lots at £20.00 for snot, and 600 brla, seller January, at the same fljrnre. There was a rather belter Inquiry tor Oren Meats, though at easier figures. Wcnote sales of 500 pci Bough Side* at S4c; 2,oft) Shoul ders at fic from the block, and 10,000 pcs do from Dressed Doge at seller January. Lard was dnlltnd scarcely so firm, with sales of 100 tea Prime New at 12He, spot, and 100 tc* at 13c, seller January. Dressed Dogs told to a small extent at (1.60&8.00 Ytllow Grease sold at 85fC- Whiakcy was dull and entirely nominal at 323 g3c for bonded, and $2.33 for free. The continued unfavorable advices from New .ISD4 .1»4 •i*»* .141 .1104 .110|( bcjlni tl 135J40U>— Yoikstll exercises depressing influence on the Flour raatket, and in order to force sales holders a onld have been compelled to nuke a concession of 15020 c .. Standard haid are held Arm. The sales toot np 1,910 brU st $1245013 75 fur White Winters; $11.75 for Red Winters; f9.00Q10.25 for Sprit g Extras, and $6.75 for Rye. There was a stronger feeling In Wheat, and the market was about 1014 c better, but the demand was light and Unle business was transacted. About 39,000 bn changed hands at $2.1202 16 for Mo. 1 Spring—the upper figure for favorite re ceipts ; $1.96 for Mo. 2, mA.D. 4 Co.’s; $1.95 ior do lo H. I.; $1.8801864 for do In M. S. 4M. W., sod $1.4701 GS lor Rejected in store—closing firm at $2.13 for Regular Mo. 1, and dull at SLBO for Regular Mo. 3 Spring. Com was dull and heavy, and the market de clined fully Ic, with aalea of 99,000 bn st 860974 c for Mo. 1: 82085 c for Mo. 2. and TDc for Rejected iu store; 60c for Mew Shelled and COe (or Ear on track. Tbo market doted wilh sellers of Mo. 1 at 664 c, hot there was no demand above 86c Oats were doll and the market was 1c lower. The sales foot op 44.000 bn st 3SOSSXC for Mo. i and Me for Rejected in store—cloving weak at the Inside figure. Bye was steady and firm, with sales at CT&STHc for No. 1 and 82®SSc for No. 2 In store. Barley waa doll for No. 2, hot firm for Rejected, though there waa no change In values. Sales were made at CGOC7c for No. 2, and is®lsc for Rejected. Nothing doing In sample lots. Labe Freights were doll with engagements to Buffalo hy propeller at 15e for Wheat and 11c for Corn—both Ciom Milwaukee. Tallow m doll and easier with light Bales of Country at 9j£c. We beard ol no movement in Chy. Lead is quotable at 20HQlC£c for Pig in store. The demand la light. Trade in the Grocery market Is fairly active, and the prices of staples are firmer, owing to the ad* ranee la Gold. Hardware goods, with Iron. Nails, Metals and Tinners* Stock, are in active demand and the mar* Let U firmly held at unchanged prices. Advices from Pittsburgh indicate a strike among the Iron* worker* of 12H per cent on their wages, and It is consequently anticipated that an advance will be made on Iron In that market as well as here. Balt la steady, with sales oi Domestic Flee at SS/D delivered. Seeds are doll, with sales of Timothy at 15.505& 2.75, and Clover at $4.00(26.75 per bn. continues dull sod without quotable Wool change. Lumber by the cargo Is la good demand for de stable finalities of boards and strips, anl prices artfully maintained. The follow ing telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: Buttalo, November 28. The amoont of cnuo m etoro is as follows: 'Wheat 180.000 bo; Corn, 7i(X» bo; 0at5.93,000 bn. The receipt* of Grain daring the past forty* eight boors foot op: Wheat, ou,UU) bn; Corn, f&,t00bo; Oats, 40.000 bn. Wheat U entirely nominal. Com la quoted at $2.06. Gala are dull and unchanged. ,Tue markets are generally doll. New Yoke, November 26. Floor doll and heavy at $3 2 >&10.55. Wheat Him. especially fer choice, at $2.21(&2.3t. Com unsaleable, at $1.26 In ttore. Oats unsaleable, at oSc&GSc. Poik inactive and nominal, at $22.71. Lard him at 124 c. Gold, ISO. LATER. New Yens, November Sfi. Floor inactive aud beavr. Wheat quiet. Coro lower, at *1.23 In store. Oats beavr at CaSClc. Lard firmer allSJic. Whisker retailing at 403 tic. M T^i In the afternoon there was a stronger feeling in the Grain market, and prices were higher. Cora closed at6Stt6BKcforKo. 1 Instore. No.2Spring wasbetur at (1.57Q1.83 for receipts In regular houses. There was no improvement in Provi sions. The Cattle market was Inactive. The receipts recovery light, as was also the demand. Sales were limited to 201 head. The marktt closes dull end nominal at ff,(KK2<LSO fur inferior to Hoop—'Were quiet and steady at about Satur day's rates. About 500 head were divided be tween shippers, packers and city butchers, at SC.CM&S.SO. Prices range at $5.75420.75 for com mon to extra grades. Piitsbarcb Oil Market. The ftazftte of Saturday remarks: There <ru more Inquiry for bonded oil to-day. but the market la quit*. sod prices remain u-.chansel— sales o*I.OCO barrels tor January delivery in Philadel phia, at stfcc. For Immediate delivery, we quote nominally in the absence of rales at 0333 we to 31c tor December, borne panics were dl»po»ed to btlieve tbattbe market was a shade better today, bat gen erally this was not so recanted by the crest minority ofthote In the trade. Frseoll is doll, the demand be ing altogether local, while ptlcet are nominally un changed. non In Louisville. Ibe Journal of Saturday says: A firmer tone was manifested for boss to-day, with sales to packer sot about UOObeadstCkc ero*s. and ■rvcral small lota, of 100 head and upwards, at 6ke, with of light weights at CUA&Kc gross. Our martet may be quoted steady at 6vr*s*c. The receipts ol hogs by t&e Louisville A ha«hvtue Railroad were 19cara, and by Ae Louisville ft Frank fort Railroad at car loqds, ana 1 dae last night, making about 2,400 bead. Baltimore Provision flldrkeu—N"ot.*23. Prices have declined heavily for all varieties ot hot product since oar last weetiy report, and old stock la pressed tor sale at Ae close In view of Ae approach of the parkier season. Bacok—Shoulders have sold at 16318 X cents, and does dall at Ac Inside rate. Sides have declined heavily. Bales at Ae osenlng ot the week being made at 17>i&tswc,and yesterday at i6V£l7c Slock of Ae latter fair, oat shoulders scarce. Uams are neglected and nominal. Late—city tnbrls has sold A small lots at ISe. Ko Inquiry for round lots. Western dull and nominal. lirka Meats—Kone on Ae market. A small lot of new shoulders have been received from Ae West and New Western messhss'sold st MLoo32sAO.and do* cs dull at Ae lower price. Old has brought 117.003 37.50 per brl.. Philadelphia Prsvlston Market Morel her S 3, Prlrr* are irnt and unsettled, and the market con tlnnca very dull; amtll rale* are maids: at ttt.o3 V baton mnnit.TOiortiictlNnmnrßrtMc'rOrsaji'nmii: dcn>, taotitc for lard intrlsand Uerces aadltiSJc v 6 for butter, as to Fbllodclpbin Flour Mnpfcet-Norcmber -3. The rr&rkct continues very dull mi price* bare de clined • 1 4W. torts cUr mills family sold 00 prU mte terms 5 small lot* to the retailers and bakera rapctng from fbr superfine; IS-CGSIDiJ 1 for Fxtns* «SX(Sw6O for bortnwesi family, SI3.OCA jS^; r OmCT «io;tmoc«UAu fur romsrlTanla and OMo amity? sod |15.0C«15.50 Mr barrel tor ftmer brands, according to quality. Bye door Is dnll sad lower? We quote at *!.» per barret la com meal i there l» notblns doles. Pceds In Baltlmerr—NoTcmber 23. Flax seed Is In lair request for crushing at $3.10 per bn.Lei llmotbr remain* oolet toot unchanged. small 10-a eommSdlnc M-GT.vVT'. H-rer comes forward toll! « tor or. crap,.!, u onJ of IXOO bushels being taken Cbr shipment at the latter figure. • Fecda In'Pbllndclphln—NoTcmbcp ‘33. cloTcraeed conuunes scarce; small sales of nrime >ld and new are making at f3.WjUO.OO per bo; lino nr ranee* at fr;.ro fS per bo; flasaeedsell* in arrival at I 1 no. CHICAGO CU3l»»Ett MARKET. >lostv\T Ettstho. Xorember Tbc receipt* *td idilpmcat* darSig Uus pa«t tortf eight Loan were tlcoeipts. Shipments. sgff*Tv xsjxn I.ISJ.OOJ I lillx"..V. ‘ 111 W-'.oco 19X03 The eci jityof lumber by the cargoU altogether de fldttl. Bui three cargoes were oa the market to-day. The demand lor dcdrable Qualities of boards gulps aod scantlings continues good and prices are tally maintained. Sale* reported were: Cargo scow Mer maid. from White Lake, GO ra mixed mill run. at 13J.00 carco echr El Tempo, from Manitowoc, 100 m coarse mixed at |ls.M>; cargo echr T. T. Avery, from Cham ber’a Island. ISO m deck load timber and long Joists, at iMXO hold fall upper qualities aad common strips and boardi,at,for the thtceclears, t«JJO, t4sJ»and*so.oo; i mixed at fis.oo. |«a (air demand In the yard* aad prices are Untalned at the following quotation*: £S££S! yint and Second Clear Flooring, together. rough—me same as 8«ond Clear, wide...... S'SftSnS Common Flooring, rough Matched and crossed common Florrtng 35.W3L..00 Matched and dreeaod 6-lnch Com tsoo FJ<x)rtng;. x .......;. ; ..^. 36X0^35.00 commoi Tb«rc: folly mt limuz .flOWOM» First and Second Clew Siding, to- „ _ cvtber 80.nOjtSI.00 First Common Drwied Siding 21 (XVatAOO W aeon-box Dowds, select, l>tach end upwards BWKV3W.M A Stock Boards, 13 laches SS-OOiSXI.W B Sto« k Boards. U Inches Common Dowds, JoUta, Scantling, Fencing and small nmber.l3 to 16 test lone 2S'2?*lrS2 and Scantling, IS feet. 21.00^0.00 jout* sod Scantling, 30. » and 31 teet................. Is.M^3u.OO inEfOLTS—A or Stw Shared Shingles 5-g Aor Stw Sawed shingle* s£?*H2 No. 1 Sawed Shingle* U No. 1 Sawed Shingle* ••‘f* f--'' 3 LaTß—l*crn» in yards -a***.* <•••»*«•»» Ur cw load hr Northwestern Bail road. delivered In any yard where can can he swltched.or any depot: A or Stw Sawed Shingles, by cw load on track I"* 3 A or Stw Shaved Shineles. by cw load on track, coant made full, or Ore baachce to a thousand .... SM9iX No. 1 sawed Shingle* by cwlo*d.on track *.© Three dollars a car load added when transferred, which charge toUown the Shingles In trelgbt bill. _ mttcoLZsTW»paw>. lock Market. jreaber S 6, istt,t*celT«l by jkcrt, 96 Sooth CUrfc street: 1 Ist ?d B*d. DM. U. 8.« per cent boo<i-sissi... nay us 1 U. S. 6 P« cent 5-CO coop-*e. IWV 1 U. 8. * per cent , M . ! I 5<20 conp-.'M. 106\ tC6%( r. s. 6 per cent «oconp-’«. 106* IM* C. &. 6 per cent 93H 93H ****** AmerVooU.... U» 1«W Second Beard strong. Tb!rtnm-FlTeShLDgi« : to M*v«roinchesinthick* ICM. Isiurth—Sixteen Inches. Bar-tls—Twenty Inches. Coanw-Xwcniy-cve. CHICAGO CATTLB MARKET. omen or th* Cnicaoo Tuucxt,) Uoxdat Etxmso. KoTtaOer A ISA I BEEF CATTLE—The market was very doit and oe pretked, and bat ftw baycrs made their appearance m theyaid* this moraine. The receipts were Ueht, and with scarcely any demand, trade was almost at a aund SUU. A ft* mall lota were taken by city butch ers and yard |«recnlator*, bat aside from tMs there vaa DOlhlne dotcß. The market may be quoted dull and nominal at for Inferior to choice grade*. HOGS.—There were about M 3 head In the sale pea* thli morning. aU ot which were readily closed eat at {S.3 far common on even lou, to |&ho tor prime Bor*. These were divided between shippers, packer* and cily batchers. The market dotes iteady at about Sat urday's rates. We note the tollowlns sales: Burt A Co. ho tuft t.. BurtACo,boojtbt,. Vvront to (.t81nn.... YOBBC bOOgbt luUOC oooebt- Young bousbl Quinn bought 48,200 52,300 53,911 3,450 4W i,on® 95.400 98.1*1 175,530 151,440 11,165 S 8 557 903 655 91.151 15.500 8,100 9J^6O 693 3,771 ■IN talft of Grain reported <■ tilt i»«rM rwi art mcdeon a batit of 9e ttomge unteil oikerxeUt exprtytfd. Moxdat Ftu. 150 N'ormbcr2S. 1566. nucirr*—Ttc failoviac U tbe torn* iartl oa tLc EasternreuU: dus. cUm. clast. Flop/* *°^ T iu a 1 ;8 5 g « T°™toifJ!‘.'.v:::.v::;;::;: j| S | ip A iiKftfiv .... ••••*.... I® 139 300 3BJ Kill ml. 150 330 B 103 To WontreautT. 3M XU W IS T° M?“ o VidCute*ttd*riji: “ • is 87* 300 T vere To BiTTiLO-l’ropeller MXlwma^ kte at lie; Propeller Acme, Cora from ilUwaotae ‘tuirn-ReeclTed.S.799 brU; aMppcd. UMbrla. WniTX Wutnas-IM bell “jeonlK*’* at fW.75; I*o brla Mlunwl It *uS);loobrti Co „K«o Wl £l“^”L ft e- brU Sftt nunnL At 111.71; 6FSXSO ETTtkS—IOO aril ** Star* ufe** At 11045: SCO VrU ••Como F. C. L-." (to arrlre) £KSr, 5% *ltot'iu -ConcTWA MUl** 1 at*lo.l3*;Wobrla BfT*l At fi.OC: IX t:U not Baited at li.JV. Urs Flop* -•fc brla ™ tamed at *6.73 ; Coes tons C °W M EAT—»WPP«I» Vo 3 tiTiac Am and a -hade better. No. 2 Sprta* erne: at »n A-Uacrconai.V ( '- Saleawer,-: Sracto 1.700 bn So. n»t TU* 5. -r* cS?L 9 i{ It (CD bn do at 1t.13; 1400 ba No 21. V, D. A Co.) at 11.9*; Site* "a U |l3s (F. AT.); fWO bn dD Al tliJVj 1X«« bn do at H-6 (Resnlar); SOO ba E.-lected at tiAJ • 2.700 bn do at fI.W; rt« badoat U.t.-c-OAlac Otm At f?.VJ ter So. 1, ana dull and weak at «lAS £or *'rOßJS—3s*«>*eda,t»bo;ah 1 PpodlS,WOba. Mar ket cull and rally le tower. balf* were: Conjr IS BTv'at—3l,ooo bu So. 1 at >7Wc; 30,050 bu deal b.c; Sfabudo atKwcj iS.XO bnd.» at sjye; 10.M0 t>a do Ats V-few bn No. 2 at -*e; do a: it so; 1.000 bu 00 ai &4>%c; *,WJ pa do »; >*c; WW ba O) alfc*c•, WJ bodoatsacttCOhu Bcjeeted at BetKiiw tra Sew Shelled at frtc; Eax Coxa—£os ba At coc-colb on trade. The raarko t cioeea wile eellera of No. lat SaKC. but there werenoboyeraoier 06c. . . _ «»AT?>*-Bece!Tcd IW IS bo; «Upped M-Tsl bn. Market dull and 1C lower. Pale* were: i,OCOba ” ■?;J jgve; SUM) bo do at 88)t'e ; «0 bo float 33HC-. UOba do at 38c; MO ba Rejectee at Me—clwlng doll it Inside 6 Heed red 3,430 bn; i Sipped none. Mart« Him. balre were: CtM bo No. lat S7 K<r. v» ba do at ; T.SUU ba do at 81c; !.» oba No. lat 83c; 400 ba do *iß2c— c oilcc Heady at tflc and ZZc. . . bA ItlXV—flcrrive', *,*» bo; shipped 440 bo. MSfcel dull for No. 5, but firm tor Kejccmd. 8*1« were: 1 MObu bo. 2 atulcl 200 ba domt OcUM ba Rejected at 46c; :,00 bo do at *&Xa, IM ba do at way. and 44.1U44.13 for retail Jo'*. _ icarce aad nominal at S3J» bKA.N-Ed(i a ere 10 iota at 813.00. . , BKOUM COHN—Market dull. Wu wore: 13 bales lair at 8140 00 _ _ _ llEAN*—Nominal at TScctfkS- . _ BLTTEU—Keceirol, 21.120 O*; shipped, 8,100 Da. There Uno improvement to note to the a rneral char acter of the market. There la a ateady UMjnlrr for choice QuallUn, oo local accoo-.t, for which, orin* to the limited lapply io the market, price t are well ro*- taiued and comparatively trm at our oaotations. All ether deecrtptS-na, towerer, are dullaodneclected, wtta a atronjt downwani tendency In prices, we man no ctianze in oar quotations, ae follows * Choice Dairy..... Good Tab Common firkin.. Prime Flrfcln vvsi*mS BAGUlNU—rbem»rkßtcoaUnaci quiet,mdine fcrllns U>-d*y iu eaaler. The *t*ek« are reduced, cwlnr to which lact price* are tolerably weU erutalned. Price* are unchanged, and we contlnne u> QQote: ... National A. 3 bo, ssamleee lines •' Union A. 3 ha, do lllinol* A.lbo, do Coin Exchange Stark A. cotton icamleas Lcwtrten A. do Androacogsln, do American. do Bearer Mull, do PllUCcld B, do Pena mn», do Fort Pitt, do £Uco, do Saco, linen and cotton. - lUdcrwood, do fcprtncfleldT do WJg BurUpi* 4 b0.K0.l M-OJ Empire City (o*oo COFFEE—Tr»de t* uirti setire uda&der nho u». Qaence of the me la cold prices are more Innly beui, M fullOTI . M Ibo, common to 36><i«lYc Rio. coed to prime ,»**(aWYc Iflo. prime to choice 28 Y 4'4ac C'OOPEU4(«E-£*le9 were: ?J0 Pork Barrels, at 12.00. C'llßESE— 'lbe market present* no new futons worthy of note. There U stair demand for the better clus cf srccca, ud with s aorpla* stock on band, deal ers are generally bolding socli at fall rates. Common Western made cheese. of which there Uafolisopoly. condones very qalei.aod on round lots concessions may emerally be obtained. We quote* New York Factory (Gamine). Factory (111in0i5)..... Hamburg.. Western He*crre~. Webern State* isaise ♦Tonne America" S)c fOA l.*-There 1* a full snpply to the market. and trim a fcdrlT active demand price* are folly aosU^Mdr ana tiro at ThsqaotaChnarraia below: __ Esi*—BmoKtdd I H-W do Urmshr...', IBM Cliteeisd—Briar 081 D.M do M'neral JUdge. 10.00 do Willow Bank. 10AO do Tunne1,........................ 19.00 Chippewa IDA! Ulo»:Dsr: 12.00 Lamp Li,mgh 16JW LacLawana, prepared. 11-90

Scranton HIS Pituion itoo llllnou. Mfta 9.«) do on track 5AftA €JC Yochlecheney . . UjW £li(iS-Were steady at »®S3c. Tbeumalryl* con fined chiefly to •applying local wants, so itut the sap. ply, thoiich moderate, U per Lap* aboat equal to toe demand. „ FKUITj* AND NUTS.—The market tor Dried Fruits was onlet to-day. and oeder a fair supply, An nie* and Peaches wire a little eailer. Green Apples were 'q demand, both to supply local customers and fbr shipment Into the country, and were being held Ormlyac fLW»SM for roana lota, and $3.7*31-00 for small choice lou. Lemons were In better supply and fLoolower. Nntsarelndcmandandflrm. Wcquoic; LATBB, apples,new, ?brl Grapes Orange*, Havana, V 10). Lemons. Malaga Cranberries, wild Cranberries, cultivated. dkiku mu Figs Dane Catmd Peaches, V doz,3 ft cans, Apples, new I’esrht*. halves and quarters. *cachts. pared Had berries, new, F ft. •lUl'rberrics, V ft (mutt.*. Itr.n .... taislLS, layer*. sura. „ Almond*, hard shelled 23 9 34 Almonds, eon shelled W fl 53 Almonds, paper shelled $3 <4 88 BraxilNuu 22 ® 24 Klberts... IT 0 18 English Walnuts. »9 31 Naples Walnuts ff M 31 Pecan*, small and Urge # „g « W Chestnut*. V bu 10.00 UILOO FlMl—Trade u a iltUe slack at pre*«ut, though there is no disposition on the part of dealers to shade price*, they ganuaily holding ilrmly at fall rates. We repeat oar list: __ Whlletsh, No. 1, X brl S7JO3 J.TS Whltecsh, No. 3, v brl TJSms .AJ Trout, No. U X brl Trout, No. 3. S brl 4AO 4M.X Mackerel. No. 1.34 brl, new UJ»311.T5 Mackerel, extra mow, V H brl •15.Cp'413A9 Mackerel, extra me**, V nU 4M4 (.25 Mackerel. No. 1. kUi, new 2^o,t 390 Mscaerel.tamlly. klu 2.3V* 2JS Mackerel, extra large, family, kits 2-2Vjj 13) Codfish. Dank. Pittas BAO* 9UO Herring*, drink No. I, F box 6Vjt TO Uemng*. rested Tu< M Labrador Hemna, F brl IXW^tIOO Lahradrr Herring. a brl. CAOa 7.00 («ll EA(*B—bales were: 25 tre* Yellow atHVc. 11R4IIW I NESS-Received. 200 brls; shipped,So9 brl*. Market dull and nominal atSUgSSc for Bonded, and 11X3 tor Free. . „ . .. . HO I’;?—Market steady. Bsles were; 3 bales West ern at She. HaT-Is Islrly active and steady tad firm, at the ranee of prices given below; WHOLESALE mi CIS. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. Tlmothv, loose pressed Prairie, beater pressed, new CXTAIL PUCES. IliwAthr Timothy, roller and beater pressed 19.00a20.03 Timothy, loose pressed. ji.OCtfluw Prairie, roller and beater pressed. l&lOtf ITO 3 Prairie. loose on wagon, delivered. 11-SOtf uxo HIDES*— Received. 113.451 fta: shipped, «3.1« as. The market continues quiet, though with no decided Improvement In the supply. Prices keep well up, and may be quoted firm as given below: Green Butchers’ 8 Q SVC Green halt, trimmed. lOYtfll c Green baited, fleavy Steer iWtf 12 e UnenCaUl 32 t*33 c U tSJ 6J3 M 38 6JO 4t 33 63) S 3 299 6.30 a »6 M 5 CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. |2JO ft 4.00 U (4 IS . mo d cao . 10.00 (SIXOO 13.00 3JJJN H a » u « « 4 0 « 4.73 io cs u IT Q W 40 (4 41 38 » S 3 20 ($ .. 5.03 &. 9.23 Kip, Green Salted 16)ft4l7Kc Dry Dry Salted, trie.mod 13 <jll6 c Green Salted, rnrt cored 10 <#lOKc IKON AMI t*TEKl«—Demand fairly actlre.and price* firm wltn an upward tendency,ovine to strike at inruborab. Ve quote Use ratgeaa follows? Common Bar 9 Hone Shoe Iron l^aaaa^nwft sr •heel Iron, Mint lroo.f»l«Mlse«l, l.*» ■» « Sheet lron,ehairo*l Sheet Irou. Juniata. « Korway Sail U gH H.ow eirel. German —gli Plow Bleel,CMt.. ®« brrlug and Tire bUci. Eu;>bh 1* Tool Ca»t Steel, crcinary eirea •** »» 'tool C»t Steel. Americas „ g** Ulislercd 5tee1...... » «» lluwla. No.Sind 16 •» «*» Kuatia, Qna|l«y. > W 1... HuMlB. Am., lit quai;if. I> *heet Jf** }tn««la. Am-Mcnahtr. Veheet £ *1 liKATUKIt—I» dull hat ilead? and Ormatoor ! quomuoni, which arc aathljcwa; biaoEtater. Sole, lliifit o t 43 SUuc&ter, sole. Chicago. No. 1 403 43 Slaughter, Sole. < Chicago, No. 3 343 3* i Bueno* Ajrt*... 403 41 Orinoco b01e.... 873 89 Orinoco, good, Htnugfd U) 30 tFrencb Calt a „ S* - 2AO®J.» 1 French Ca»t 88 ’ tt*. 3.0033.10 French Cai&l*^ City Harem, ¥ „ ft. 9 4ft» Cl Country Ram'*# tOm ill Line, V s> C* « K &"SS.! uw.ts Calt* ft uartl.a Upper. V f00t... SU* Country Uoper. *» Collar. ¥ t 001... 2t> 1 OJ SJ«DcbtcrSole.. 63d M Haroesa, ¥ ft... Q* JJ! Upper SX* S3l K1P.N0.1,taed1nm............ nm............ U0d1.20 Klp.No.l.heaty SJxl.lo METALSAND TIV » rock! trade doing at r* quote*. inolse*.» do JO ;EttS» STOCK—There U I print. We coattails to rccc. cuk U Ut quality. abeet. UH &Ub ..........H TUT. Box Tin Ptole,l.C Large ITg* ? "mill. I***' StnAi inn Bar Tin eorm. _ Metallic Al'Bottl... a. Copper »; B ruler* over 10 tt*. 46 Sb«Ucc*,mo »ox 451 Tisuinn M 1 BABBIT MXTAL. Ist quality •" AdlUuotst . jg Fire bolucr ® 1 to 6 7,bind V . ibandll w 13 and II IS and I# 1‘ is 19 30 Fence Staples. * wAi k!*—Are m rood demand, mu* - Unncs firm at the following rates: S * 8* 13d, line bloed IU» *d ** BJO I Cut Spike*.... BJM .... ».® I Clinch net. WM POILS-Tbcre Is a fair Inquiry for standard oils, njoctil the central market U unsettled. and by no meaw firm. Lln*eed w in fall eupplyand compara- Srely iteadyalfl.tWAO. Lard o«l-ls dull and weak at Sc decline noted on Saturday. Wemakenochan«e Inonrqoota lons as follows: Lms«dOll.raw... * Ucaeed OU, boiled J-W T ricoil w.*B! LSlus hS^?o^d w .?r::;:;::::;::::::::;;::;: Si f ilacblne Oil. round lots. 1-W Sierra OiUW.ju round loti „ Lubricating Oil aaicT a brisk demand, u»e marteno-d»y wa»flm. Carbon, V car load. |w Carbon, small lota. __”S£ Benzole • s '» oc PHOVTSlON?*—Kecelvod, 4.730 fit Cured Meats; shipped, intuo ft* Cured Meats; 8# bfl* Beef; ftdbrls Pork, ana 2JM ft* Lard. ll—n pork—Market dull. Sale* were: IWbrls spot at sau»; WJ brl* seller January at fCJJO. _ llrecn Sales were: 900 pa Side* (roncht at SVc from t£e block; JJMO pea Shoulders at Cc; HOOD do from dressed bo 51. seller January, at SJfc. Hams are nominal at „ . Lord—Markst dull ana easier. Sales were:»ties root at ISV; I® ires seller January at 13c. iln nrnl liaco—Becelrtd, 131. Market dull. S "tewere: 9oro At) ft*, at 17.50; 3weltfita*3*and S 3 ft*, at (7.90; 9 over 130 ft*, at 83. CC; 4 arerastojt ;yj dtrldlcc ou 2JO ft a, at f. JO and 13.00. POTATOEJp-Sale: 1 car Pea&blovi at 16c, on dtrwcd chickens at I3A0; 19 dozen do at CLOO; SW Bl dreaeed Turslea at Itc: 1 dozen lire Oeeae MSI3M. <U S\l i T—Kecetred. Ml* brU; Bbirred, LEM arts, aid JOB bar*. Market improved In activity. steady wd io. ebanttd. Sales were: JsO bars Domestic fine at 12.63, d elm red; 300 tags Turk’s Island at fL®. We quota tbe ranee of prices as follows: M ■* ig Coarse , Iv Jg3 Ground Alum. Turk’s Mand, ba«s Ground Solar , ;*2 Dairy, with *ac».. °-ggg DiifT, without sack* twits U HKED**-te«lTed, 107300 as; shipped, none. Timothy Sales were :*tbae» at »“?;79bas» at 11.70: 11 bass at *L6O; 90 bags dl rfnVrVseed-3 bags at f 5.79; 9 brls attsltO. . Soda AM);»a!.KKATCS—Market lazrly ac- Ore. steady ano Arm. We quote: B.Mmr. WlcliAl -g JJJVe do • Pure Deland’s Chemical do *n Pure .11 H«Xc Am&can Bicarb soda gfctgM British UX»W»c wit* j a Rst-Owlnt to the advance In sold there is a firmer feeling in the market, and. with a fair demand. .iiwjn* SSSa - WhiS H U**l9X IHaAUM Has. « Sffi... u «« - fins, as we quote: Sew TeUow Drips, Cuba Potto Kuo Sew Orleans Philadelphia pee Hire. Chicagoutmerr. Amber.... - ~ Golden,.- m *» guarßosM TA I.l*o\V—Beeelved. *»;•&!£?£< dotc. MvtCrt doll and J*cla»er. b*J* wert. u or* Coon **^■l!ft&—Tradeliquiet ai price, ranter «tl» toilowlns qnotatlona: __ «, tn Tonnt Byron. anpartor to fine. J • f ?-^r2 do extra to choice, * * ££}-* Imperial, •upertor w t» » do extratochoice. w r-rr*»l ~t omp?r i». ™g» * 5-".;;™“.; iJUi| TO d ßArC*>-ConUßneSdolL ftocii howerraj fcMscSewfitrtOwd, and the oarfcet may oe Quoted SwotuatriitSra*! 01 prtra Ora «H>: Cuvue Toaiooo- Eitra. Choice Medians - Common SXOSUiO Iciucco- . Virginia** Favorite. Choice Meclum~.... common Stems Plug Tonaccp— Loyal Cltl ten Farmer*' Delight. Natural Leaf. ■ Half bright • •••• Choice Dlacfi. aoand.... Medltns Common Karlea. ............ Virginia 13* and *• FlQundnra, WOOD-Tnde U ti m,and prices steady and un anted. ITe quote .... V oort.denrmd Ul3O9lU# Mack, V cord, la yard U-SAdIJ-® Beech. % core, delivered Deceit, w cord, 10 yard M *R*ll‘S2 Hickory. Vcord... 14J8415.00 WOSSIi-Bccelved, 5.1 S b«; shlppel IWW »». Market anJl and seminal. Baleswere : »i Me dina, In lots, tccoiding to condition “atS&AUe. MARINE NEWS POST OP CHICAGO. ARRIVED Jforensfter W. fitmr Sea Vlrd,Onnl Haven, sundries. Drop lady Franklin, bt. Joseph, 4u in lumber. Prop City of Her York, Ocdenaburgb. sundries. I Top Ix>wtU, Ogdensburgn. sundries. Prop Galena, Buffalo, snndrtce. Prop VVankarort, Grand Haver:. Prop W. A. Sherwood, Gt-and Haven. 40 m lumber. Bark D. P. Dobbin*, DuCUIo. 4tl too* coal. Bark America, Oconto, nx m timber. Sclir 11. B. Uubnard, MuiLr:;*!, 80 m lumber. Schr Magnolia. Muskegon. 1U m lumber. SchrD.Newball. Muskegon, 110 m lumber, Schr Rera Id. Muskegon. u« m lumber. Schr Km. Schcyer. Muskegon, 91 m lumber. Schr Buby, Mwkegnn. 10 /a lumber. Schr J. U. Chapin. White: Lake, 99 m lumber. Schr K 1 Tempo. Menliowoc, he lo—.bcr. Schr Jefferson. Msnomlne-, UOmdmccr. Schr Essex, Saline Blver, ITJ m lumber. Schr Kan Jacinto, Oconto, ICO m lumber. 90 tons coaL Schr Lorlnda, St. Joseph, 100 m lumber. Schr Manner, Caciervlllc, 93 edi wood.J Schr Gertrude, Chvloiirvllle, 3 m lumber. Scow Gladiator, Grand Haven. 40 bria flour. Scow Hercules, Muskegon, 40 m lumber. Bark Kate Dtrlev.Bncalo and Pnhtieo. 33 m lumber. Schr M.WitUama, Buffalo and Grand Traverse, 3tt tons cc al and cd» wood. Schr T. Y. Avery, Chambcra* liland.lltO tn lumber. .rumc .«24lie CLEARED Star Sea Bird, Manitowoc, sundries, i*roi> tVaincecan, Grand Raven. Prop TraeadeU, Grand Haven, 1,500 bn oau&nd ion _ dries. _ _ Proponelda, Grand Harm, tnndrles. Prop Ottawa. Milwaukee. W.O JO hojp poles. Prop CUT of New Yurt, Ocdetsborcti, sundries. Prop Empire State. Buffalo, sundries. Prop Adriatic. Buffalo, tundrlea. Prep Son, Buffalo, li.wc bu corn and sundries. Bark C. J. Wells, Buffalo, 3UX» ba wheal, bc&r P. Hayden. Mutkegoa. 1.900 bn oats and com. Schr Eleanor, Sturgeon Bar, 1.000 bu com. Scbr wiiiiTP Smith, Muskegon, 6,100 ba com. memoranda. Brvzn Iran.—Boalnesson Uie river to-day quiet, and noth lag worthy of cote transpired. The arrivals for several days past have bees exceed ingly light, and hat few clearances are noted. A large number of the vessels that have arrived daring the past ten days commenced stripping as toon as their cargoes were discharged, conse quently a large fleet baa already gone Into winter quarters. The river, from Indiana street to Chi* avenue. Is almost blocked with lald-np vessels, forming, in fact, a forest of masts. .193« e .1731*: .19*1*6 .16317 c Halstcd Srnrrr BniDox.—This bridge icross the river In the North Branch, will be read/ fer travel In aboot ten date. DisaiASTJ-O.—The following vessels stripped yeetciday, preparatory to going Into winter quar ters: Bark Colonel Ellswor’b, schooners C. North, Cascade, Sea Bird, Three Bells, Tracy, J. Bronson. Panline, Industry. Yankee Blade, Flying Cloud, Warren, Millard Fillmore, Dawn, Armeda, Wellington. Iloncst John. Meridian, Scandlna* vlas. Oak teat. George F. Foster, Regulator, Pi lot, Luna, and scow Flora. GorOir.-Tho bark P. C. Sherman, recently ashore at tbc head of Boia Blanc Island, In the Straits ot Mackinaw, has been got off. Tbc Sher man was taken to Bay City, Michigan, where she will undergo repairs. Accident to the Anassa.—This steamer, belonging lo the New York Central Use, met with a mishap on Tuesday last, while on her passant from Buffalo to Toledo during the storm of that dar. In attempting to enter the port of Erie she ran aground, and in the endeavor to pall her oil lost her horseplpe, windlass, six stanchions, and bulwarks forward. She is being repaired at Erie. . Pcorruzs F. W. Bxcsrs.—This veteran steamer, which was bnmed at Racine on Sunday morning, was owned by Rice Brothers, of MU* wank cc, who pare based her at a Marshal's sale several years since. She was built at Malden, C. W., in I&J6, and was consequently twenty years old. She was extensively repaired in 1361 and 3305, and rated B 1, with a value of abont $20,000, npon which there was an insurance of $6,000 In the and $6,000 In the Home of New Haven. Tea Bubsed.—The Niagara Falls GoztUt slates that the tog City of Buffalo was burned at the dock In Black Creek, on the Canada side, between Chippewa and Buffalo, on Monday night. The tag was owned by Mr. John D. llam In, of Niagara Falls. He had an innrancoon her of SIOOO. The tug was not so badly bum-.d hut that ehc is kept afloat. Launch or the Steamer Nonrnwisr.—Aflno steamer bearing ibis name, and bnilt for A. E. Goodrich, Esq., of this city, proprietor of the Goodrich blue of steamers, was launched on Thursday afternoon, at Manitowoc, from the ship yard of O. S. Hand. She will have a low-pressure beam engine of rixty-threc Inches diameter of cylinder and ten feet stroke of piston, to be fifed with Sickles’ aojus’ablo cut-off. The dimensions of the Northwest are aa follows: Length, 250 feet; breadth, 33 feet, (over guards, 53 feet); and depth of hold, 13»* feet. It Is expected that she will be ready for service at the opening of navigation next sptmg. ViaaczA FAsanta toe Welland Canal.—Bound westward on the 21st lust, schooners Carthage- Llan and H. L. Whitman. I’obt ox Bcitaio.—The following Chicago ves sels arrived on the 23d Inst.; Propellers Plymouth, Potomac, Queen of ibe Lakes; barka Bridrewa ter, H. P. Baldwin; schooners Gem and Siam- .4UAOftl<tSO .. ItMXXAItOO .. 12.00*13.00 pede. The propeller Su LouU cleared the same day. . Kclu putUcations. IVT3SW VOLUME OF LANGE’S COM i> iIKSTAUV. LANGE ON ACTS. EdilcdbyUielUT.C. F. SCnAETFEI^Ji; 0 * lotrodacuon tad tbp according *> MMUjew. Uy Dr. J. r. LA>GE. £3ttcci. «im large acduKns, by Dr. F. SttUi-i- Frlce. *4. ■>*» «V 7VU PV 7WUV Third EUtloa. Tol 3. Containing Mark and Lake. Mirk, by Or. J. ' p. LAMiK,called py the Iter. W. O.T. SlltoD, and I ik( br Ur, J, J, VAN ot llreclit, theVT. Dr??. SCUAi'K U J the Bev. C. Sc.U.fcTAIUiUCK. 1 tol.,rojaloaavo. *5. DR, LANGE’S COMMENTARY ONTUE MBLB U U» combined liber ol about twenty-dUtUKitiabeddi* vtneaaid pulpit orator* in Europe, and i» now tncoune or translationwith large an equal nam- Sr^mrtilwxdlVlm*.repreeenUM all too Mediae evamtrl’.cai denominations, under the editorial »dpvr -51.15& and responsibility oV m. bebaff, of New xork, ,m wll h the full approbation ot Dr, Lance. 13T W ill be sent, per return a-all. poitago paid, on rn-rit>i of prtef, b, C- LUILwS* A CO,, Importer,, TflSSk A UNIVERSAL LIBRARY AND VALUABLE PRESENT. The New American Cyclopaedia. A POPULAB DICTIOKaBYOP GENERAL KNOW* Edited ly UEOBGE EIPLET aodCQAKLES A.DANA, A. Sumcrcni Select Corps ot Writers, la »U Brsncfccs cl Science, Art sad Literature. lnl6l*rccTolamc*,Sro. 750 double-colanm pages la iu.vm—* M i>h Tntnme. An Indlanenaable 'Work forErery Merchant, tttmer «r Mechanic. A COMPLETE DIRECTORY OF IKFORMATIOK A ** v FOB THE YEAR. THE AMERICAS annual cyclopaedia. Register ot Important Events for the Tear. ■mi* work vu commenced In toe year 1961. and la pubiltocd one volume annaallr, la toe *ame *Wie a* toe mv. v AmericanCyclopaalia!" Baca volumeU Intend* ed lobe aCycloprolaot toe Material and Intelloctaa; Stelolmeniof tocyear. and embrace* toe political. SnU military and aoctai aSalra of ail coantnailai- Durt*ti i'ubtlc Document*; Dloerapby. BtatUUca. Commerce, Finance. Literature, bClence. Metbamcal Indoitry, etc. In a word. It cover* toe •lite Add a* tne £ fcew American Cyclopedia, but eatb volume la cottoned to toe result* oxU* year. FIVE VOLUMES SOW BEAST. TOCS A3TD STTLS 07 BESDISQ; In vxtr* Clolli In l.tbrnrr Lmther Is HeU Torfcrj Morocco.. Ln Hill Itatslft, exti* gLt, in Full Ku**l». For salefcy C. GRIGGS & CO.. Wholesale and Retail Booksellers, 39 sad 41 Lake-st. T HE KOVEL OF THE TEAR IS KOW READY. Just published by SHELDON * CO, N. T,and lor sale by 6, C. GRIGGS * CO, •‘B'DNNYBAK BT MARION HABLAND, Author ol “Alone,” “Hidden Path,” “Mow Side," “Ne mesis” "Miriam," Husbands and Hones," Ac, Ac. I rol. Umo. noth. Price |I/a. Tbe nnmerons readers and admire* of Marion Har land** worts win be grattfled to malm a new work by tbiacmcd author. This new book wUI be tonad worthy to rank with any ot he former books, so esteemed far then delineation of cbaracte and M*h moral tone. The first book paaltshed by Marlon Hartaad, and which at once admitted her to a place among the non able and soocewflil novelliU of oar coantir. was within a few months oflta a sale almost onprcecdented by any Amert ™ MM Bawent to sttto Ihatth. n™ SS- Sonayhsok,” re-lutrodacea Mlo many otlhs ” jcJiuiuoCT! .11l which we grew limlhsr «saiolts.os to s tilled of those mclise Serins tM* with Ihleresl and trtHhftl to lataes. rProm the Beaton Evening Gaiette.] Mn J <s an ortcltallty In her thinking which .t*>kMone wl»h pecnOar toree,and he finds hlmsellon eficct on him." Also, So tt Etady. Sew Editions of -SEMESIS," *‘3081431,'* H ITCSDASD3 ft HOMES. ■ALONE." •niDDESPATE," •MOSS SIDE,” “iicsks." All by the uaa Anthor. Eichinl Price W.IS. p—. gy ft tare mall, os receipt of the price. SC. GRIGGS d: CO. Stationer*, 39 ni4lli>wt.l fttigccllancous. riAFTIOX-To Purchasers aud Deal ( j m i the CthteUAl WATtK-I'KOOF ASD cCumboof AIIOTIC OAITEH SHOE?, .» c&3i£t>- UU»IJO . A . o*l.lo . BXJi.93 WaJ 73 . i.ta*t.ts . n*i.oo Patented by T. C. Walea, of Bo»ton. Tv. Goodyear Metallic Rabber Shoe Compiny. ol XancaltSu Connecticut. touM infcrm De*lert»od t£ nathceeneraliy that they are the exclnslre owa£S patent and Sat* Mxwr>crma ol the »bore- MttSlShS.Sd’rtJ promptly proeecate any and all of their n«hi» under »ald Patou. All SSSS arctics in Bocsnwrra ootn. and hare fScame of the Patentee and of oar Companion the £££££* Sjlcth»r» arc bat poordollar oas. the bf*£ «M T.poirotc their ovn InUrwt* by mrchasla? Jfe*SilT»Eeby thW Company at sauataefe. Cpan. « CO, 171[•aJt»a rfjri-ei., * bOirmWlCK. 107 109 tnStj-K. «* ion- «« sou imm for the »“ « “• E. EXCUSE, Pta- Gzo. H. EccAXTCit, Ticaa. Easiness Satsc .lusaija .. 1.8V4U5 .. n. 4 90 .. S£ 75 .. BaiAO .. B* 3D .. n>4 a .. is* a .. a® so .. to* a .. IJJ®UO .. »«U5 ... 7M SO ... 7& a ... sm a ... TH 9) COMMISSION HOUSE OP nEDMOND & CO. „ QEbT, BATTEN & CO, ■Wholesale Commission Merchants, No. BO MoGnn-st. Betwwirs»l6*JO DBSTSBi OOLOIUBO. special Dr> Junes, Noted tbmngbent PmUnited States U the m«t SW* cental Srtmissr of the ace in the treatment and core of Secret Diseases, can be consulted in his new apart ments, 93 £Undo!ph-*t, Chicago, llh.(ocarlj opposite his old office. Cure* ic, UrscurCAt, STranme. aal all diseases of a cootaj tons veterad character, radically and perma nently cured, without the use of mercury or other POISOOOQS dints. SraraaTossßoa. caused bj sexual a cets^elf-abuse, Ac., treated bAUibly, and lull mental and physical vigor restored. TBS MONITOR.—Dr. Jaw es has Just Issued a re vised, improved and greatly enlarged edition of THE MONITOR—a complete history of secret diseases and disorders peculiar to the sexes, Iriflk directions and prescriptions tor self-treatment, Including, also, a trea tire upon ton ale diseases, bow avoided, their reme dies. Ac. Price of book JO cents, with lour cats fbr postage. Address Dr. Jamas, P. O. Bor 696. Chicago, 111. Br. James can be consulted 3i person or by letter it 93 Bandolph-st, upon the due sacs he makes a special ty. Office hours, 9aa-to9 p. m. Sunday* during the forenoon. Shattered Cooidtctloni Restored by BelmboKTs Extract Boebn. Professor Dr. Ro*enhers« Member of tbe Medical Societies to London, parts, Ber lin and Vienna, cores Venereal Diseases, no matter bow badlj afflicted or bow loos standing. by tbe world-wide celebrated SypiUuatlon the only rare care (Dr Syphilis. Testimonial* are to be teen irons hoodrtd* given op by otter doctors, and thoroughly cored here by him. Explanation ef tbe core can be bad. The Doctor am be consulted In English. German. French. Italian. 4c. Office, Speed's Block, 125 Dearborn.sU, Rooms 13and 14. P. O.Box -31J.Chicago,IH. .KoTeaber J 6. ]>r. HorroueliSa 173 Weilt-sU corner of Monroe, Chicago. 111., devotes hi* attention to the treatment of secret disease** Syphilis lo all Its varied forms, Goncrrbaa, Gleet, Stricture, Seminal Weakness I’aits la Joints. Aflac tlons ot the Kidneys, Disease ol the Head. Throat and Kfcin, and all those afflictions iron a secret habit of youth which produce constitutional debility, render marriage Impossible, and in the end destroy both body ■Tut mind. i«winvT to Laoncs.—Female complaints treated I Wldkt A 1U |.AWI*J. ..MM, with great success. Dr. B.’s Periodical Drops will bring on the courses In cases of obstructions from any cause. I'siiens treated by letter. Address 173 Vclto-st. Dr. Bigelow, Baring the confidence ot the public and the medical teenier at large, la the moU rcitable physician tn the dry (or chronic nervosa and sexual dlteases. Call at bis office, 179 South Clark-«L, corner of Monroe. Rooms iepinie. consultation tree. P. O. Box 154, His guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any addreia. w For Non-ltetentlon Orlneontlaeice of nnne, irritation, inttanunallon or ulceration of the bladder or Udseyv, diseases of the proeot'e elands, stone lo the bladder, calculus gravel or trick dost deposit, and all diseases of the bladder, Hdncys, and drcpalcah swelling*, nse Qelmhold’t Ex tract Bacon. Or. LonU Sanger* Regularly Qualified Physician, cut be dally consulted «t his office, S 9 Randolpb-st., on affections of the Kid* ceys and Bladder; also, on Chronic, Nervous, Private and Female Dlseas-j. Office boon Irotu 9 a.m. to 9p. m.; Sundays In the afternoon. Give him a call. Enfeebled, and Delicate Constitutions, cl both sexes, use Helmbold’s extract Buena. It will five brisk and energetic feelings, and cable yon to steep well. Yoar Destiny. What U It? Gcodcrevll? Rich or poor? Are yon tori*e to eminence, boner, wealth and power, or aro yon to sink Into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not to be, that's the question.’* All this, and your future pro«pecu in Ule, can be clearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL, lie can win tor yon the affections of the opposite sex. He guides you (> wealth, eminence and a nappy marriage, lie guides you to hejilb, even when von are given up, ns incurable, by oilier*. Call at lilU East Madison-sU betweea Wells and Franklin (cp stairs), Chicago. Consultation fee. One Dollar. Bfanhood and Youthful Vigor are regained by Ilelnboia's Extract Bnchu. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, ITS Santb Clark-ft.. bos treated all lorm» of venereal dis ease with nnrrecenied sucres* f-.r nearly lorry yean, bpcrmatorrljar* and impotence treated with the hs> Efest resnltf. Particulars of the Institute and the aide mailed Dee to any address. P. O. Box 73, Cal cago. 111. Spermatorrhea* Having been cured of Sncrmatormca by a celebrated physician, and obtained hU method of treatment, I de ilrcto send (Offerers Bom seif-abuse the means by which they can bo permanently cured. All comranni caUm* confidential. Addrv--, will* stamp, W. B. STANLEY. P. o. Drawer li 1M». Chicago. IT.. Helmbold’s Bxtract Dacha Gives health and visor to the Dame and bloom to toe pallid cheek. Debility Is accompanied by many alarm uic symptom*, and If no treatment la submitted to, cousumpilon. insanity, or epileptic fits ensue. Take No Slore Unpleasant And unsafe remedies tor unpleasant and dangerous duvssoa. Use Dehubohl'a Extract Bnchuandlmproved Bose Wsah. Batchelor** Hair Dytj Tht Best in ue World! Harmless, reliable, t&stanta neons. The only perftet Dye l No disappointment—no rldiculoui tints, btrned, wrixiax A. Batchxlc*. New York. Also, REGENERATING ESI BA* IT OK MILLS* FLKURS—restores, preserves «ad beautifies thetalr. Sold by all DrnggUtt. deHISHT The Glory of man Is Strength) Therefore, ti>e nervous and debilitated should Immedl au-lyuseuclmbold'fcEvtrart dimbn. fHagtc Muffle. ASHES WELL! WEARS WELL The Gennino Made Ruffle! Tbc« roods, ha vine the above trade-mark on the Box Card, are warranted to mca»ure six full yard* in each piece, and to Wxak and Wash as well a* any “TOE GsSSIKB MAGIC RUFFLES. itlU mantUac tnrtd by the originallnventors and patentee!, on *npe rlor star bln ery, from the bost materials, and nndes o&UfnpeSrloa, have withstood the testa of six constant use, gtvine iatutotton. 1 Manufactured by THE MAGIC UUFFLt COMPANY. No fllV ChambeML, New York. Also. Manctictnrtn Of RUFFLE FLUTING IRONS. BOXI-MaDE BCTTXX*. STo packers TMPORTANT TO BEEF AND FORK PACKERS. H*Tlne porcbned N. n. Martin’* Patent tor in * IM PROVEMtST 1> CURING mnov prepared to Introduce Uto the l trade. An**' initiation vtli sitUit the mo«t »kepUail tn*t m«» c*b be cored bv this proeeaa. to my klnd ot weather. ?UE APERQUfCB KB and BETTER than In my Oib« wit. BirreTPork ready fur o*« In t* ® EhoaldcM and Sides in eeren to ten days, m midsum mer. For information, addnaa W. C. ALBBRGER. BoHiIO.N.T. [Copy.] Bittalo, August tJd, ISM. After a cartful personal examination ot the plan <a runup tacat by Marsh’* Proms, as practiced by Mossra. j. l. Alberfer & Co, at tbclr r»taN *hmeat, and be- UerTng the proms to be correct In prmdple, and lhat It will operate so fucwrfolly la inomjf i rerolnuontze that brscehot business, I hare no beslta* tton In recommending It to those go'JSSfSprtMr.CWCW. era* Association, VITHT will you suffer V V from KIDNEY DISEASE. GOUT. GRAVEL. RHEUMATISM, GONORRHEA, Ac, whm SMOLAUDEE’S EXTRACT BUCHU win cm, you permshoally. '' Ladies Shonld Use It. Price only One Dollar. Sold by H. SCOVH, Agent or Chicago and vicinity. RAILROAD tule tarll -p“I 01 - *|-gg “ SAD -7. M •* ».oo rmclSO aITD JtoeTHWT-TTOS—Direr OOH. wwr • Wim iMsisa*. . . i Depart. Arrive. ■ IStS:: JmMrnie Acconuhoffh. gfflp.m. JtoOp.m. Woodslock Faltoh aod Cedsr Bsplfis -ftlj I- “■ I-SE’S lSSS^«.d,S;ida:; SStS: IStm: j pSotlSd Dunlelth.. ,W»p.D. .-“P-H- ! ISrd sod Fox Kite,. JJjgP-g; “gtS i «•«. ; *w» a. m. •&.« p. m. ; sKSt::•ssxp.a.nuooa.a.. Night Accommodstlon.. litttp.m. a. m. ■ Kenosha Accommod'n... a. m. • Waukccan Accommod'n. 6:00 p. tn. S*.3o a. m. HosohlU, Calvary. »«d _ I Evanston l.aOp.m. asop.m , •Sundays excepted. ibawrdaya except onoa znret, root tgSSE£==:«lS?ma ; >u;ax «p Ul XSD lOCTSVnik TkAD.#. SOIsSDO ISSt. wijooa.m. •11:00 p. in - tlfcajp. m wfea^ jgz-zil y.y.y.y. 7^oa.m. 12:30 a.m. pfP/llri* 8:15 P- Bt- P* -SiUas* 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p. m &xpreß ' ttujtoa asnuL. __ mv Passenger **oo a. n. •I<J» p. in. 1 r.OsWp.n. *0:454. m. KiSikakct* Arcozomod'n- *4:05 p.xa. *£25A- m * , g^Srt^OAWood^a .. u ** *** *. *s:3op.m. •WOp.m. I w u u ** * CHICAGO. BCaUSOTOSASD QTOSCX. sf\fss^ nas “ n "' -riSp.D. .*StS; : SS£S: 3St£ i nnciso t'ra FT. lOCB. I &00*.m. &« p. a. Night Exprcaa ikosp.m. a.m. Joutt and Wilmington i Accommodation 4.00 p. CHICAGO AXD e&EAT ZA.ITKKS—<LAIi raaX3ITI AtS *t^iV—KUTICM BtTTiBOtP BITOT, COB. CAitAi abb nsni btsitss. MchTSpr**- 7:00 p -3 MOTraut a» chcomatu i\. v p T nrwu» ........ iIOOSUtn. “w P- B. Express ; f£ ssssiSss&i |«|t£. .. ts 5:15 p. m. koo b. in# , CtnCABO, BOCK tSLABP ABPPACme TtinJUiAD. Day Express and Mail... *£s*•£* £&£**• |g» rdcbx Express 8:15 p. m. *±3) p. m. jpiet Accommodation.. 4;Cop.n- *%40 m Ssprera Freight, vrtth pasaenccr car attached, will leave psstenctr depot every Saturday at £3O t. m. forme\7e»t. . ... _ Th** Joliet Accommodation commets wllh Xz» prefta Freight Cot Way Statical. , . *Snndayexcepted, tHoaday excepted, tSatzrdaj I excepted. 1867 Prospectus ise? CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DEVOTED TO ' NEWS, COMMERCE, POLITICS, THE BEST TTEWSPAPEB, THE BEST POLITICAL PAPER, THE* BEST COMMERCIAL PAPER, THE MOST VALUABLE-FAMILY PAPEE, THELARGEST PAPERIN THE NOR It Publishes More Telegraphic News, better Market Reports, more Interesting News, and a Greater Variety of Reliable and Useful Information than any other Paper in America. The Chicago Xanm. cow approaching 1U twrßty-om'year, U rccoenUed as the leadinrersw *ed «*• ponenl cl the great, pttrtoUc, dominant Bepebttcaa party ol the Northwest. The Trocat is no ephemeral ■concern ot doubtful duration, bnta tKrmaneoCy established tns’ltatloa, knows nod respected throughout Ik-? Uctted States. Its circulation exceeds the combined Ucnes of the other Chicago dallies- Its past record and career mar be pointed to with pride and pleasure by l» conductors. Since the-fie publican party was or** nixed, the Chicago Trouxa has stood by it, through evil as well as good report; never in the rear, but always In the front, beckonluc it onward and «;n«rnf; never altering or weary, tot always hopetul, earnest, fear leM. Its blows have fallen Incessantly on slavery, ollgharthy and treason. During the entire period ol the rebellion it blew no uncertain blasts, but sounded the charge and cheered on the defenders ©t Deaden to re newed efforts, assutlnu then of anlonons triumph for the right as the reward of perseverance and sacrifice And now, when the wicked rebellion U crushed, the olloxchy conquered, and slavery abolished, the Chi cacoTnißCXklnalftsihatthe legitimate fruits ©four victory shall notbe yielded hack to vanquished rebel* by an spestate Executive, trho has perfidiously betrayed tbs lojal people who tatrnsted him with Presi dential powers. The Txramrx opens a new campaign to secure to the Cnicn so enduring peace, and a reconstruction based on tbs principles of Equal Eiglits and Exact Justice to All Mon! It therefore advocat a Impartial Suffrage, Irrespective of color or birthplace. Right wrong* no man acd no man's right* are abridged or endangered by giving to every law-abiding cltttcn or; his rights. And nc scheme ot reconstruction will prove satisfactory or enduring that denies equal civil and political right* and privileges to any class of loyal cltlreas. No Democrat can oppote impartial suffrage and equal rights with ontehamefnl Inconsistency acd itultUcatlon. And the Sonth can never be truly tree, prosperous or happy until all us eltiiens are rocognurt os equal before theiaw, and eq-rai tn making the laws, which they most obey, regardless of color or position. The Chicago TBiBCS* sincerely helleres la the principles ef the Declaration ot Independence, and Is then lore kastCJO. In Us time, impulseawnd endeavors, and Is confident ot witnessing, at an early day, ths accept’ asce and adoption ol the beneficent doc tones of Republicanism In every section and subdivision of onr com men country. The readers of the Terorxi will bear testimony that the policies It has opposed have generally been discard cd • the measures It has supported hare nearly all been adopted, and that Us prediction! have been singularly verified The secret of its Influerccon public affairs Is. that It espouses what U moor, earucsUy. and combats what Is wiosu,boldly ; and the glaa* with which Usees Into tbefatore' Is implicit rami la the power o Truth and the nlUmatc triumph of the Bight. A FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER The Chlea-o Ttrors*. white fearless In the expression of Us opinions, and patriotic In Us endeavors, aim •thslneaFllTsT-CLAES NEWSPAPER. It brings thenews totte people of the Northwest several days £o”rthan the papers of the seaboard, and surpasses all It* contemporaries In the Northwest in every departs c.«nt of news enterprise. it duen'ses every subject of Interest to Weston tnen-morai, political literary, commercial and flam Vo Western merchant,banker, fanner, mechanic, drover or msnnlactnrer, can study his own Interns icd do without It. No farmer should sell a bushel ot wheat, com, oats, or a pound of beet or park wiihottreadin- the TRIBUNE; no merchant should sell his goods without reading the TRIBUNE; at manufacturer Ms wires no mechanic the product of his hands, without first consulting Us weIMU.el accurate and tellnl? commercial colsass. lit-A COMPLETE CURRENT HISTORY of the progress ot events, with general news ot the day. •d-COWOCS TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, containing the Latest Sews from all parts, down to the hour ot going to press. Sd-BEGULAR CORRESPONDENCE from numer ous points in the South and the Capital* of the Western State*. Washington, New Tort. St. Lonli, California, Kansas, Canada, Great Brit* aln, France, Germany and Italy, besides occa sional letters from many other point* where interesting news Is transpiring. Noother Jour nal In the country employs a larger or men capable corps of correspondent*. 4th—ABLE EDITORIALS on Political Topics, and all subjects of current Interest, and Reviews ot New Publications. TERMS OF THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Daily, per annum, $12.00; Tri-Weekly, per annum, $5.00 Weekly, per annum, $2.00, FRACTIONAL PARTS OP THE YEAR AT THE SAME RATES. Frruna remlttlns and orderlnc Bvc or more eoplee of either the Till. •WEliKl/T or O IEBLV edition., mar retain ten per cent, of the eubeerlpllon price as a commission* money, by Draft, Eiprw, money Order., or In Bettered tetter* may be sent at om risk* Addrw# T3BOPOSALS FOR CONSTRUCTION i OF A POKTtOS OF TOE ILLINOIS AND “maim bomb or BrauoTo™. 1 Chicago, November i 3. l«6o. J Sealed proposals win be rectiveil by the Board ol Public Works Tat their OtOce. until !!■a. nu Monday. December 3d. for the excavation deepen SSnfuladM ichUan Cans!. Sections >os. seven teen (IT) to thirty-seven (37) inclusive, according to ntaei And cnedflcatlons on flic at said ofllctt. P wSbe some lAtC.OOO yards ofearth excavation to be removed. The materia. U generally mite bard, and contains more or less binders Tne work most be prosecuted so as not to Int J wre vrltii the nae of the Canal, so Gir as It shall be done cl navigation; bat must also be prosecuted during the suspension of navißattoa. with snebaforce assball sstlstythe Board that the wo. k will be completed dorms the lime stipulated In the contract. It is supposed that as many as six or il*ht dredeca will be required for lh! whole worfcand_the»e dredges, with scows, cranes and all ueccssiryma-Wm err win be required to be pal on early neat year, par MntracUncfor the work will ** vide ail mmehlnerr. ana to pot ap and remove an cams and all works of and at ojg to do all pumping. or whatever may be necessary to lotM WnTtirnrtaried •• Proposal for Deepening Illinois and SSfc'ncSS!" 'mmbSJj «3TObond. With sureties, to be approved by ta< Board. I *ccntr actors will bid. BUUnßineprlMtorwhUh the work will be done on each ol the dlßereni *ecnooi and the work will be I»t a* •J T^,°l e 411,1 In such Quantities as the Board *tald determine. The Board ref erve the right to reject any bid not la accordance with the or to rclect all bids, and no proposal wl 11 be SlMStKiim Oflenac It shall give evidence sattsfsc “Tfo tS & iu it. ■Hft.OTf rlence, energy and ability for doing the work. Is trust w o rihy? aaohassuddent pecuniary iponrces. The Srtll Require ‘such loihelr Judgment will secure the doing o. the work according to the contract. Q gujoelK. FRED. LETTZ, O. J. IEOSE. WV. GOODING, B-B. MASON- Board of Pnbllc Worts. fHcbical. EVifjune’s prospectus. OF THE DAILY. TRIWEEKLY AND WEEKLY EDITIONS, Agriculture, Manufactures, Literature and Science. THE CONTENTS OF EACH EDITH payable in ADVANCES TRIBUNE CO., Chicago, HI. SEND FOB A- SPECIMEN COPY. (Eitj) Koiiccs AN ORDINANCE to anlhorize Tbom; M. WUcoi A Co. to lay down and operate a rail ebMcntf"* cu " « «t«St£3i thence west oo the norU ISm im«t to * point where toe un» wto Railroadarenoo. et^ C i «SSS:i he laid down In to« wSmt «2a»tteßoard of Public Wcrts of said city "gfcfisStd railroad track «h»U ntnifer toe terpose of enabling said Thomas, WLco* * earning « melr IwrlUmato business. *•2, i nVi, rrant 1« made on toe express condldoL totftoe said Thomas. Wilcox « Co. win. at toe exnir*. tlon of said term cf tire years, (unless ot h*. r *^v «i be the Common Cornell.) tahe cp said tract anC lc*Te toe stmt to aa good condition as when toe same 1 it Kor. 13,15«5. Pawed, Sot. 12. Acting Maror, Attft: A.H.DQP«aJ.Uty CierK. aog»<l_ ■DBOPOaALibFORFILLING NORTH r MARK FROM ERIE STREET TC " tVl£lo omowTSi Bojlxd or Pujxic wm*s. > Ctncaoo, NovemberlS, 1966. j Seeled Proposal* will be recel r i^ y . public VTorfea, at thrtrjpflee. nntU U M• NoT.'Jtth, lor ail'.ax with oar NoriA Ma«ct from iht Kotb Use of Ene *t«ei to the One ol mvision street, according to plan* and »ptnflc*tloai b,pMd(ori-tw»ortPJg grtMCf, with the uiual teserratlon of fln«Q(lS) pe* ala must be addressed to the Bwd of PubUt •WotlSfesdoned - Proposal /mtoe >orthMat« ei «r«t.” and be accompanied ° oaG wUbinrcHcf.tobespproTedbjihe tioaro. The Board reaerre uie nebt w accoruasce with the condlUoo*rfJbiy^ T ®fM«™»J or to «}«* all bids, and no rmleea the party ottering it shall SlxeerldOM saUsoo loryutheSosurdthathehas lhenec«sa^«tUC rlfnce, oiergy and ability tor doing “ lftt “ worthy, ananas sufflcleal pecuniary j^^q^DELß. FEES). LUTZ, i O. J. BOSE. 1 nelMOt Board of Public Wort*. KotiEE to gras 33aiiets. ■VTOTICR— To the Tax Payers of the For Ui^DurpSo'of° gi-rtna the worMna passes and the mechanic* an opportunity to pay thtlr City Tax?*, indwettar tlmfcl sbaU Keep my Office open during the dinner hours. My office bum will be, on an. after MONDAY,Norcmber 13th,IS66,from 10oiCbKX a. m. A -ijty g a,ifc l &T. hotels. AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON. This ivrorite first-class Hotel, tha largest in Sew England, offer* unsurpassed accommodations to ta* itTtillil puhUC, USWb HICK, PrtJftiW* ION OF THE TRIBUNE EMBRACE, -FULL REPORTS OF MEETINGS, whether Pc lineal, Religious, Agricultural. Educational o 6th—PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS and State Leg- Islatores, Important Speeches and Document*. ~tb—COMPLETE MARKET REPORTS, embracing every article the farmer or dealer can expect to find quoted la a Newspaper. The TRIBU.VB has achieved and maintained the highest repu- fatlon as a Commercial Paper. Sth—CAREFULLY PREPARED AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL ARTICLES, by “Rural,'’ and other able writer* on the Farm and Garden. •Ih—POETRY. TALES, ANECDOTES, and laleret Ing Miscellany. proposals. rj-0 ARCHITECTS. PLANS .VXD SPECIFICATIONS FOR SEW BCILO- | INGS FOR THE WAR DEPARTMENT ' AT WASHINGTON, D. C. i Architect* are Invited to prepare plans andspequa tions, ana estimates ot co-t, tor new ftre-proofbulhl lne« for the War Department, on the »tte now occupied bT the War Department and adjacent meant '*The*buUcUncs required should have a superficial area as large a» the site selected will admit cl Photograph* of site, and all other Inlonnatlon relating to the sub ject, will be furnished to Architects desiring_ to com pete ftr the work, upon application, personally or by letter, to theonaerelcned. A premium of 13.000 for the first, ol S2.OW for the •eccnd, and of 11,000 for the mini most acceptable plans and specifications received, will te awarded, upon the approval of the Hon. Secretary ol ''ar. by the Board r>t Officer* charged with lha enty of seloc.- Icc a site and preparing plane and specifications lor the buildings of me war Department under act ot Con gress approved July SR IW6. , .. tbe plan* and specification* must be sent to the office o! Bievet Lieutenant Colotel T. J-Trealwejl, Recor der cf the Board, Ordnance office. Winder’s Building, Washington, D.C-. on or before the Ist day ol Feoruary, ISCT The Board will reserre the right to reject any or sa: plans submitted, should none lie deemed suitable for 1 the poiroee, as well as to retain ary or all of toco i Ur order ol the Board. T.J. TREADWELL, I ««*»*» Bn. Ucut. Col, U.b.A„ Recorder. "PROPOSALS FOR SEWERAGE ““oma OF TBJ Bourn OJITKJO Worn. 1 rtnnng So T. ISA. t*JM» > Sealed proposals wtll *> nr*r*S Pobac Works, at their n a. r- T . XoTQaberSUiifcroße hundred sn- suty-onetbow *TTie debrercd uf a * u ?jßr^‘ < of tie Sewers to be constructed ti mo conot fimwftion of tie Board Gf and most he wbole.bard burned, free tro:n P^* bata, edpsd, and of the standard dlmea “t“ .111 to l»de lltrred on or before January Ist, isffi. . Proposals must be address'd to tse Board of Poblle Worif7«odcr»oQ “Proposal tot be aeanjpanledsrltb tie o*oal |») bond, with sure* tie coaJJuocs cf tbisjadrenlsoesl nr to relccl ail bids, and no proposal wbl be accepted unless the party offering It shall else rrtdmce samftc* Srr to V tbe* Board, that be baa the BeceMary itlU, emerlence, energy and ability fbrdoing the werb. U trustworthy, and baa Sttfldent FRED. LETZ, O.J.HOSE. Board ol public Wcria. nc*WSt 3Legal. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE— PdWic ntucc U hereby given that toe undersigned, Ad ministrator of toe estate cf ISAAC CBATSC, SSCS&BBO, wui.od lit EIGHTH DAT OF DECEMBER, MJ. .< UclJrDtcMo'Uocklittt of Uul OM. K tte i’bc.toznphlc ballery Looms. at >o. 5A £u.k ►tr«T :s the Cirv of Chicago, In sac County of Coo<, *iTsU;c rf Illinois, sell *» JaUte AMto to tte j highest tlcder. the entire stocfe, furniture nul outfitof , ihe i’cct ercrhlc Uillery at tLe aboronanjed Plaoe. consisting in part of (.atacra?, Frame*! stereoscopic VUw*, PhoWgraphs, Carpel*. C AIS thei«ieofthoWns miMsfiFfiALb-Alt turn* rna.oncerOredollars. i-«»h jn Land; on til s-m» flte dollars, a ireJll of SiScUA .«« turn. ' rtl »3gg§ l |? ESSS-8, Administrator or the Ealaltt °1 Daatt Dratnr, deccand- rsTKEREAS, Samnel J. Walker, ol the 1 v\ city cl CoTlnctcn. State of Kptntsy, by Wi I rcortcaeViecd, dated tte firstcayof May, A. D-, 136 i I «d r'conlSlathe Recorder's Once e. the County o> I gSrSSs&te ol UUncls. to Book w of Mort?as«. »’ •hence south awn* the eart’me cf »aid quarter feeder me Hundred and sixty (1W) reds to the south line a mid coarser section; thence wart a.jnz said soatliliac iirr rSO) rods: thence north on a line parallel with th£ mst line ol said Quarter section cue Hundred and *lx3 acei rods to the north Una of said quarter section thence east along said Berth tee to the place cfbej-n aar—ccntaming (50) acres. Said mortgage deM tar icgrani pres and made tor the purpose ot seen.—* oi six pc •* ctjKxannns. taa date, and payableis one, two ant three year*. rcsrecCTely, front date. *sa Davment v Whereas. detanlt hiring Venmxdel“ toe W™ laid rote fine In one Tear from t ere ®y riro. iWSS^Sg^Wa^gsfisaE S^^-®SilBSaKn»“ jf »ald prOuji?.viT < “ w, t* n ,«ys %t iiao'c'ocf s* S 1 l?ii i ir r . D<^, ’?nEßS euweiss, »jrsv» jaanteh atjeuts. GENTS WASTED FOR THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In tvtn - CUT aid County in the Union., mas M* rated two-thread Machine in the world. Address . jouSsoS*Coi, S3* Waamastoa-ifc.Boawo JM. jaeiileaL jyjANIIOOD. m the jovne wit tiilas stunttda »« Vegetative Powers of L ire strong, bat la • few years hrw xtea fet Pallid Hue, the Lack Lustre Ey and Emaciated Form, sad the impossibility cf sppUcatloa to aeatai a Show its Baneful Influenc It 3000 become* evident to the observer Cut mi depressing influence is chcctlag the development the body. coxseiPTios is talked ot, and perhaps the 700th U removed froi choolaad sent into the coca try. This in one os rortt movements. Removed from ordinary diversions : the ever-changing scenes of the city, the powers of the body too much enfeebled to give zest to healthful and rural exercise, Thoughts are Turned ’ UPON THEMSELVES. IFTHE PATIENT BE A FEMALE, the approach or the meows is looked tor with anxiety. u the Orjt symptom In which NATURE 13 TO Show Her Saving Power ta diffusing the circulation, and visiting thecheeß WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH. Alas! Increase Of appetite has grown by whst it fed on, and the energies cl ths System are Prostrated, and the whole economy is deranged. The beautiful and' wonderful period In which body and mind undergo so fascinating a change from child to woman, is looked for to vain; the parent's heart bleeds in anxiety, and fancies the grave bat waiting tot Ua victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT BUCHU. For Weakness Arising from Ex cesses or Early Indiscretion. Attended with the tallowing symptom* India position to Exertion* Loss of Power, Lom of Semoiyi Dlffleolty ofßrtalhlnj. General Weakness, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of Death Night Sweats, Cold Feet, WaJtefnlneae, Blmnwof TUom Langnor, UnlTeiul of the naMalar 9j item. Often EnormouippetUewllh Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands, ~ x flnahlng of tbe Body, Drjneaa of the Bklßy Pallid Countenance and Eruption* entire Facet Palm In the Back* Heartcm of tbe Eyelid*, Freqnentlr Black Spot* Flying befere the Eyea, trlth Temporary Snffailon and Lon ol Sight, Wans ol Attention, Great Mobility, Beat- Iwancaa, with norror of Sodety. Nothing Umorede- ■liable to ench Patients than Solltoda, and nothin* ihry lucre dread tor Fear of Themaelre*, no Bepoae cf Manner. so t&arcntoeaa, bo Bp*cnUtloa,bataburrlel .fiaaiuoiitrom one qaaatfea to uetber. r>«M tjrrr ,rT "-S U allowed to go cn~whtch tMs Medicine mtartatty «»▼«»— FOLLOW Loss of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fils, la one of which the patient may expire. imrlnj the enpertatatdaiea ol Dr. WUion, at i!u Blooming'dale Aiylnia. thli sad rorolt oecarred to two rallenu; reaaon had for a time kit then, and both died of epllepty. They were of both ata®, and ahent twenty yean of axe. Who can »ay that theta erceaea are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED' toeaa direful .^tSaes Insanity and tionsumpta'? The record* oT the 153A5K ASYLUMS, and the met- tncholl d—«ut bj COSSUMPTIOK, bear ample wls- ,to the truth oltheae aaaerttona. InUmattcAiy- Inme, the meet melancholy exhibition appear*. Th* nnotemoce U actually sodden and Quite dectltnte— ■either Mlnh or Grief ever Tlslt It. ShoaldaaooadoX the voice occnr, it la rarely articulate. “ With woefhl mesrarea wan Despair Low callea sonnds his ertef beguiled. Whilst we regret the exlstcaeeoC the shots diseases and Symptoms^ We are prepared to offer at Invaluable Gift of Chemistry For the removal of the HEEMBOLD’S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FLUID extract of buchu. There is No Tonic Like It. It is an Anchor otHope to the Sur geon and Patient; and this Is the Testimony of an a there Used or Prtsmat -It Sold by all the Druggists. PRrSCIPAI< DEPOT Helrahold’s Drug and Chemical uwabiaiocsi:, 594 BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel, MSV YOU.