Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 27, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 27, 1866 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 27, 1566. THE CITY. Pxbsobal. —R. B. Angus, Eeq., Manager of the Bank of Montreal, at Montreal, is stopping at the . Sherman Houec, SfumreiT Cmuocs.—s*o new pelitlon was filed for any divorce yesterday, and no order was asked or made In any pending divorce ease. Motiox akp Sestkscr Dat.— lt is announced that on Wednesday next, at 9 o'clock ft. m., mo- Um- fer new trials will be heard In the Record er's Court. At 2 o'clock on the same day the con victed prisoner* will he ecnteuced. EvnoTmitT.—All persons bavin* employment or any kind for men or boys, are requested to apply at iho rooms of the Vonoc Men'* Christian Association, Methodtst church Block, where num bers ve applying daily for work. Isew Poucr Fsitoews. — The member* of the cliy police force yesterday received their new uni forms, and looked remarkably well In ihe fresh attire, which la neat, tasteful, and eccms to be well made of good material. RtsoLmoKS or Kxarrcr.—The resolutions passed by Ihe member* of the bar of this county hiving reference to the death of the late E. P. Townc, Esq., have been already presented In the Superior and Circnlt Conita. Iu each of these Courts they were ordered to be spread upon lac recorda. Fon Best.— The second, third, fourth and fifth floor? cl the fine building, No. 13 Lake street, now occupied bv Bowen Bros., is for rent, possession riven on New Year’s Day; a front stairway la to be nnl In Irom the street. Application may be nfi|e to C. A. Spring, Jr., McCormick s Beeper Fsctory. . Gorcn oit “Ccnioßrrr."— Gough's new lecture on Curiosity will be repeated on Wednesday even ing, In ihe Opera Douse,under the ausplcesOT the Yeung Men’s Christian Association. The house was crowded on Friday evening last,when **Cnrio«ity” was first delivered, and wc doubt not will be equally full on the coming occasion. Yorso Mts's Xjtebart Sociarr.—This Society meets at House, in the Circuit Court Boon, on Tuesday evening of each week, at. £ o’clock. This evening (November 27ih) the fol bKSSi sM> •» T. Jc&cr. and J.Orcmhood. Creative—S. D. Phelps and N. Monroe. Ihe public are invited to attend. Usx Tnfwn.WxTxn-TnxTnar.-Col. Wood, of Wood's Museum, has offered to give one bun* dred dollais for the first gallon of water taken from the tunnel, the money to be appropriated to the matinee benefit of the soldiers, which takea place at tbe Mnscnmon Thursday aflernoon, He* r. mbcT Oth. Ihe Colonel will formsh the glass iar to certain the water, and will place it on «thl i>iUcn in bl- Museum,wbiro it will oc p r eseiwcd S a trophy of th?giganUe undertaking. Who bids higher? Srnnxs Dnxni op an Old Residsst.—Mr. J. B. Nicholson, one of the oldest citizens of Cnl ca"o, died suddenly of congestion of the long*, last Sunday evening, at his residence. No. S 3 Bush strict. Mr. Nicholson came to Chicago In 1551 v.hilc a hov, and has resided ln‘ b f C since Ue has been engaged In ihcdlalUlerybasi* nrs*. and at the time Of but death was forty year* ?f aV. Ills funeral will take place ihl* afternoon at ° o'clock, at St. James’Church, on th*. corner cl 'cLs and Unrou streets, with Masonic honors. St. Im'J Cuvncu—Bnsrrrr Fun.—A Id" ofUdies connected with SU l.ake’s Church n. 11. Cole, Itector—was held yesterday ccrciDC In the church to devise ways and means for boldine a Fair for the benefit of the church ferd. It was decided to hold another meeting at two o'clock this afternoon to further the project, ard parties Interested are requested to meet wjth them—comer of Sixteenth street and '\a''»*h The Fair will be held on the week be fore CJuistxnas, and will he gotten up m first class attractive style . • Tun FmiSG or Noctii iLinEET Stbeet. Fealcd piopo»al6 were received by the Board of Public Woike at tbelr office yesterday for filling with cUv North Marbrt street, Irom the south line of trie street to the south line of Division street, lo be paid for as the work progresses, with the usual reservation of fifteen per cent. Only two bids were received. Messrs- ponoghoe & Co. offer to do the work for cents per cubic ▼aid, and O’Ueilly & Co. at the rale of one dollar acd a half per cubic yard. Thcconlract will prob ably be awarded to the lowest bidder. The Little Cootohal. —The Pennsylvania Tecch'r says, “The LittU Corporal is the most entertaining publication for the yonng we have ever examined. We cannot see bow It Possibly can have a superior, or 11 It coaid have, how the vonre folk* could wish for anything better. * This notice It only a sample among thousands In the editor's portfolio. We arc informed by air. Sewell that bis receipts for subscriptions are averse In* considerably more than doable those ot the same time last year. Indeed there la a reg ular rush for the paper. The price of the Lillie Vurporal la one dollar a year. Sample copies, showing a Hat of magnificent premium* for cinbs, mar be obtained by enclosing urn cents to Alfred L. Sewell, Publisher, No. 133 Lake street, Chicago. Opto**i.— The Inventive genius of the pres ent »ge has perhaps been manlfeated to a greater extent in the skilful and almost iperfcct lenses of the optician than in any other field of scientific labor. From the toy microscope that I" now la many a household where there arc children, to the mammoth telescope which almost permits ns to ace “the man In the moon," the range of tn etrumeiits is exceedingly varied. They are sim ple and complex, they magnify and they helitUe. A visitor to the establishment of M. i oltchek, at No. 45 Clark street, will be pleased with the ex hibition there presented In rich variety, of ine stock of an optician. In opera glasses, particu larly, the assortment ts largo and elegant. The amn«cm«nl season Is epon ns, and an opera glass In a casing of solid silver, in pearl or in shell, would he a tasteful present to any lady. A Si* Brut or Coubt Monirttn.—The fol lowing rule Las been entered of record in the Cir cuit Court of thla county: Ecu: 23. Buie# No. 1,2 and 21 arc so modified that every original anlt In which the issue baa been Joined, and every appeal stilt, may be placed upon the trial calendar by filing wita the clerk a w« itlcn or printed request to that eflect, on or be fore the Tuesday preceding each trial term, and in so shall It be neewearyto bcitc atrial no tice upon the opposite attorney, and said causes shall be placed upon the trial calendar la the or der In which they have been commenced. It will be noticed that this order produces a uni formity uf practice In all the courts in this county, in reference to the matter of a trial cal endar. TnaxsseirTHO Dissu Ton tux Soimras. 1 The Board of Manager* of the Sold lets’ Home I held a meeting yesterday afternoon, for the pur- I poae of ™aVtt»g trraogemenia to glrc the soldiers of the Home a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. The ladles came unanimously to the conclusion that It ought to he done, and a committee was ap pointed to look after the necos? ary arrangt. meals. Of course the managers will require some assist ance In Hus very commendable enterprise, and the charitable portion of the community, which, it is to be hoped, means the whole of our citizens, are cordially Incited to contribute towards the object. Invitations are tendered to an unlimited number of tnrheya and other (rood and seasonable things to cal* at the Home before Thank-glrln day. They will meet with a w»nn welcome, aud receive sltenUon. Contributions may be lent to »’i Express Dearborn street, or to the Hone on Dopglac avenne. »,,tT sm aojlisbt tpk Cui. The suit of Jorattan G. Fbb against the city, commenced on Thursday last In the Superior Court as reported iotbc 1 is brought -nuder the lollowmg ciicuxc-unces; U being arr action upon lh? case, with damages laid at fSOU. The plaint!? la a vrecVcr. He raJaert ,-e schooner “ IlonertCamp. bell” and brought her Into the river with a Jacket on fcer . While approaching the trie street bridge It u alleged the tug blew tue whistle for the oridge to open. Ibe badge-lender did cot answer, and the master wait a man np to find out what was the cause of the detention. He says he found the men asleep, and that he was detained for about an beui Mt-rnwhllc the current drilled bi non the bank, so that the Sckcl was Knocked off tec hclc lu the schooner, lias vessel -vain sinking as a re tn'u Toe plaintiff had th«*n to raise hor-r* 1 . lie claims damages of the city, icclndlng the cost cf tin second rising. llic matter ha-* been pre •-•i tid to the proper autboriuc# of thecomora t.'-x- icd the cai-d will uecc»sanly be litigated, ihe r.ocdv railing back on tan bondsmen or the . bridgc'tcndct, proimbly not atiachlng until a Judg- shall Ua'c been procured against the city. Ti.c surs mr Tftcsnrs.—The I tvo kuU-<- coiamencad on Wednesday -ist against ifcc Tn.stoc* oi Lbe.lllinois and kllchlcwn Canal, Ipvc-rejjig, la the" aggregate, damages to (be amount of *39,UW), have hcen made public. These suits involve two matters. The drat series in cmdes suit* by Charles Halt, at the owner ot tne canal boat •* Bay State,” and Uenry Truitt and Illicm A. Hunter, as the owners oi her cargo. Tl.e boat was on her paeMge tip the canal, and ll la allrxvd mat when near LaSalle an aqueduct caTr u«v, p-tling the water out ofthe canal. The Coat then tell and struck ue bottonubeinr greatly injured ai d broken, a nl her cargo being dam- other cases are bv G'orge W. Adler, as owner oi ib'-canal boat “Gibraltar,” and Samuel Uov.e and Enos V. Kob.aeou, sa owners of bar c*r-o. lev action In this ca*c arises, aa ills al ksij, from a mishap la passing sp the cnrml near to tbc scene of the but named disaster. It is al- Ic-ed that *tr rtm fool ot luo wreck of tbe cacti boil ‘‘(’toddy” Wtlcn had.beea lying In a sniueo condition. wl'hont notice to passing boa»s, for several weeks. Ills claimed that this boat and bfreatgo was damaged badly, the legal claim In this case being ill.UX*. PaLDwis’s Chicago Barum.vo Gcu*n.—Mr. Baldwin, the well known caterer to the literary la*!?* of the travelling public, Nos. 121 to 12J Monroe street, la bringing ost a new Railroad I Guide for the use of travellers on Western roads. I It will possess tbc novel feature of containing more valuable information than Is usually sjII, acd will l*e given away, ten thousand copies being Issued monthly and distributed where they win be of most use. Nr. Baldwin will rely on the cdveiililng patronage accorded to Lh i«a!Jg?to pa » tbc expenses of issue. That advertiser- 1 wUI unr it a most desirable medium, noce esn doubt who know the extensive facilities possessed by Mr. Baldwin, for obtaining and disseminating ItfonnalicD, be luring exclusive control over the news supply of tne or the toads leading from tbe cltv. Ibe book will contain twenty-six Urns tables, and iix pages ot map?, besides a mass of other matter oi great Intern to the travelling public. The enterprising proprietor will very piobtbly be able to commence tbe preparations tor tbe woik about the coming Thursday, and will call on advertisers for their patronage, lie will bear with him letters from several of onr prominent railroad men who know the scarcely prcceceMed facilities for tbs work possessed by iir. Baldwin. Sooottxc atTm Ecrotm School.—A shooting afray, fori untidy cot of a serious character, oc curred y«*rirrday at the Kcform School. Byron B. Doran, a youth noted for bis bad deeds and recklessness, was confined In the Hcform School, hut released on a habeas eorpvt about one year ago. Again be was caught in some act, and -laced for the second time in the school. By some mean* be managed his escape! bat was re «rrr«tcd ar.d shut up once more. In tne school vras'oue Henry McDonald, whom Doran charged -viih being instrumental in causing bis arrest. VsstetJay Dorun saw McHonald with some com •.•• Mona, when be called him. and exhibited the J n f « revclvcr. McDonald being frightened Doran followed and fired, but lost wUscdbim, the hail grazing the face of one of me 2{!£i inmate# of the school. Doran then escaoed ifJSIMc fart 'l 11 " 15 wfbto to tbe bonec and ran _ hom oocc worked. From of th° t 0 the house of Mr. Work, where bewenttow it* b tldnode . ConsUhleMerrtUiomi ioQtifhlns Ul3 revolver, sin; 10 be wAvd, aui , U waa after much showed conildewble hßht, ° w uke Win 1 Merrill tone? scented tbe boy conduct- Consume Merrill nayicg the prisoner tf iptbc county jail. COMMON COUNCIL. West Dirlslon Pound Ordinance Kc pcaled—liquor Inspector Chosen —The New Citj Hall Hatter Tabled After Midnight Cars on tho Streets— Heat Inspection. Firemen** dotlilnc Allowed— lndiana ATcnuo Improvement* An adjourned meeting of the Common Council was hold laat evening, at which were present His Honor the Mayor In the chair, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D'Wolf. Barrett, Galkins, Kara, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Frishle, Racerty.TalcoU. Woodard, Holden. Bus sell, Ackbofl; Uaatfleld, Huntley, Prondfoot, Pranaen, Huh. Engel, Sbackfotd, Lawson, Clark and O'Sullivan. COTV ORPISASCE. AM. Holden called dp the pound ordinance or the West Division. The ordinance repeals toe cow ordinance of the West Bide, and. as a result, There was considerable discussion. Aid. Talcott objected to making the West Side a common paslore ground of the city, ue ac knowledged that the present ordlnauw U dwee tlve, and be desired to see a proper one passed. The present ordinance has worked badly In the West Division, and xnocb of the evil bis resulted from the appointment of Improper men to be pound masters. Ue thought tbe people of his ward wonld be In favor of a proper ordinance. Aid Shackford found in ms ward a preponder ance of voters In favor of a cow ordinance, and he ihomrht that the same feeling would be found to extend to other dlatricts. He Md heard frequent complaints of tbe damage done bv cattle to'the shrubbery of residents of the W Side, and h was unwilling to Increase the.occasion for them. Tbe fault, he thought, had originated in the action of the pound masters, who. being ncCMsadry lenoraat men, are now learning hyan expensive experience tbe rights of dtiaeas. Be desired the ordinance, or some ordinance which should not be repulsive, to be enforced. ~.., Ald. lloldeu explained that the West bide wants thu repealing oramance or a general ordinance in this regard. This last it had been tried to procure, hut It nol passing, this report Is presen’ed. " Aid. D'Wolf thought. In view of tbe extensive litigation and quarrelling going on In the West Division in relation to cows, the people wanted thongbt that the ordinance should be repealed. Its repeal night, perhaps. BOmetmes afiect the unguarded trees of some cUlaen. but he thought the damage done to milk, resulting In the murocr of children, by confining tbe cows of poor P *JffdfitmckeSocker opposed the ordinance on that tbe ordinance be left as It Is, that peoples* private properly be not Injured by would have signed the reportlfhe had seen It. ile could not see any cvirtoreanll irom repealing the ordinance, because In toe 11 toils of the enactment behind It ihcro no shrubbery to be Injured, and berond it therowere no sti cct improvements hv the city to be or destroyed. He believed that muo-teuths of the Itfopfe of Sweat Side would vote to repeal the pl lld?liwson wonldvole for anything to get nd fomc signed tbe petition for tbla repeal, bnt manyof the signers were buch young men as can be found In agreed with tbe views of the Ust speaker; bat be did not care what action was taken in thla matter, because ho was in topes of lecirg a different system inaugurated .tmder the conduct ofbetter men than arc cow pnt In charge of the pound. He anticipated that, instead of fees, the pound ma<lcr would shortly receive a C *SJ’Piouarool called for the previous qoea tion.‘wblcb cell betas sustained. The ordinance passed. UUUOB DtfIPECTOU. , Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the Council now proceed to the election of « Inspector- Tne nominee* were W. t«. Oolsen and 11* wry Petne. , Whole number of votes... Necessary to a choice... . nt vblcb Golscn received. Petrie. Aid. Lawson. \V. sT UolTenXvadUurn declared elected. cmr iiau. . Ihe icoort of the Committee on Wharves and Public Bnlldhics, in reUuont oUiepurchaac ofa site icr a City Unll, {published during October lastl was laid upon the table on motion ot Aid. D'Wolf- COURT HOUSE. . The Special Committee’s report on the oupoM ilou tl the Conn Ilotuc, laid on the talue October sih, was laid on the table. A ntIVATE HAIT-HOAD. The CotnmlUee on Rallioads report granting to Muuni Scott the ilpbtlo laydown a railroad track on Maxwell street, at its intersection with Dodge s’jcet, and on Mitchell street, to the bounds of the Pittsburgh, FortWayiie & Chicago lallrcad Company, joining their elevatorjrtth that railway, was then taken np. The dm to wLUhtbc tianchiseis granted to give bonds to the extent of ten thousand dollars, to bo approved l.v the Mayor, to hold the city harmless of any re eulta, acd'the diy retaining ine right to repeal the Dr ?ltUiickerbockcr moved to Insert a clause limiting the franchise to a term of ten years. 2he Knickerbocker moved that the franchise be ; ll Ald. d E?bcrty moved to amend that the franchise bo cramed, providing tbatMncu iz >coll snail take up the track and leave tac street in as good uipalr as before the putting down of the track, whenever they shall be required to do so by the C< M™J>’\vidf moved, as ft animate, that the grant Is made for not to exceed nine ycara. and that«the grant shall explrc.or bcrepca'od. prior to that time, the track snail be taken np and the tuetUefl to good repair. . , v tf . Aid. Doldcn moved to refer the report back to the Committee on Kmilroada. A7TEB BID SIGHT CAUS. The Committee on Uatlroads reported adversely to the passage ot an ordinance requiring lac city cats TO be run after midnight, report the committee recommendthe prohibition of smoking on the cars. , .... The report was ordered to be died. xxat txarxerona. Tire ordinance reported by the Committee on Licenses providing for the Inspection of Ircsb | meats and the appolntmeit of inspectors, pnb llabed October «d In the TBIBUXB, was taken np Shadfeford stated he had signed toe report, bni had/relcnted. lie was afraid of the homejs which would come from the ncJtnpon the pasra.a of any meaeurc looking to the prohibition of fc *Thc thought there was no reason for fear. The Council wonid not do it. vsgm ucn-ntso. Tbc petition of Thnnms Milner. In roUUon to the building on Stale street, near Washington slicct, said lb be a unuance, was allowed to he withdrawn, it being understood that the matter has been subjected to the action of the Grand jury. rrnEKAS'a bocktt. AW. Rafferty, from the Committee on Fire and Wsicr.ieportedlnfavorof allowing to each Are nac a coal, cap and boots, suitable for fires. An order accoi.ipaales the report lhat the Comptroller and Uoard «f ToJice be *°t5 o fj*f d pnicbat-e for each fireman a bboTc. at a price not to exceed RO for i ach, at the ° Ala. AckhofT moved to amend to rcqnlte that Lldt be icunc-ted by advertisement for the sup phingoftbeenjl. Ibis motion the chair did not U °Seoiderpafsedbya unanimous vote. A motion to adjourn, made by Aid. &atm, was lOSL nroiuia Atian;*. ~.. . The Committee on streets and Alleys ol tbe South Division reported to refer to ibe Boaid of Public Worts to report tn ordinance_to mrt Indiana avenue from sixteenth to Eighteenth j street, and to nave with wooden block pareuicnt the same avenue fiom Eighteenth to Twenty-sec ond ati cel. Passed COXTIAIKT BOOBS. Aid. Barret Introduced a resolution requiring the Uosrd ot Public Worts to cause blank com* plaint books, relating to sidewalks and to netilared In the several wards, and that on- of eaci boots be placed In some central eacb ward, and that they give notice of the loca tion of each ol such boots. Tbe rveolntlos was referred to the Corporation Counsel.) as OTJ> OBDtn. k 4W Aid Shickford presented an order, Inti the Hoard of Pobllc Worka he, and they ara hereby iubtniclcd, to fund oe aßteesmcsto all paid on all impruvcaeuie not contracted for, the damages collected In each and every caae. The older oid not paee. The Council then adjourned. TUE LAKE TUNNEL. X Cry for Pare Water from 325*000 Tnntall—No Seven aivoths Postponement. The lake tmmel la now very near completion or it is not, as the powers Uul he may decide. Theoretically the great bore U virtually finished, only a thin partition or day remaining as ft divid ing line between the pure waters of the lake and the sometimes half poisoned dwdiers la the dly. A little while Is needed to bring np the bricking to the excavation, ana b few more days would necessarily be consumed In putting on the gra tines at the lake end wnicb will act as strainers, and In fixing a connection pipe to bring the pare Paid from lEe shore shaft to within the range of the pumps. While this Is being done, the clean ing onl process can be carried through, and pore water supplied all over the city certainly beforo Christmas, perhaps before the middle ox Ue- Cf ßcUnst as the long-promised draught Is within reach, the two hundred and twenty-five thousand people of Chicago are threatened with another •■even months* delay. It U aliened that Ibe tunnel is cot Intended to be need till it cau be done with (C/of, thalwo must perforce conllnoethe use of V..t dirty, stinking, lake-shorn water till each lime as the new Un» er Is ttn'shed, and the new engine in place, and the whole Water Works re modelled end made bran new. We admit taat It would have been ft very good thing had the Board cf Public Works been a - )!* to get the new braid ings in running order by the time that Ibe tunnel is m that condition, bat to condemn ns to nse the miserable slnfl, which for years past has been rrow ing worse, till it is scarcely bearable. Just be < ausc the new lower has scarcely been began, is just asl mneb more oacl than a certain ungodly . ction recorded In oar school mythologies, a* Is she number of people In Cbicajps greater than • hat of the one nsr pc** - or(le**l Tantaina. We \\snl the water r.uw. At this very moment the ••sweet little fish" arc crowding In myriads to I 'be shore and blocking np the inlet grating as , ;, f v on the approach of adn'er; even * ow the advance guard is upon ns. harbingers of or etli.kiug millions which within a low daya trill swarmia every Lydiant pipe, numerous as the frogs which planned Egypt, and furnishing food as well as drliik to a quarter of a nimtpa ’luman beings, la it not almost too ranch of a i;ric- to pay for the sake of appearances, that we *bonld be compelled to endorc, for seven months ionrer. the nuisance which hit made Chicago sejrc endurable, that we may be able to celebrate ibe completion of the whole of the waterworks i-f ihls cilv. at one and the same lime? Should the lioard of Public Works.really decide t a the ceirse here hinted at, it wlil be sale to hold them accountable for ihc death of scores, as lor •heSltccEjjoit oftlioncanda. Every one knows lhatthe me of pure waW Is oi o of the b«t sana ri«s known, and there Is no too m to doabttiaia •ir-c propoi lion of the diseases of , lb *. inrv camaf which figure so largely In the death pi-rord of ibis city, are dne to the nso of the nasty the health of the mens ts imperilled wtta every nf bare the water tamed on through the tuimel as aoou as may be, building. The dear water will not taste wy* even though served through *he have no knowledge of an» engineering dlfflenuy la the way of making the connection. If tne boon cannot be got In any other way, let the peo ple petition the Common Connell, and Imunw ihclr Aldcnnrn to vote the thing through at the earliest possible moment. We cannot nave the new supply 100 toon; «c mnst not bare it op* femd till next mid-summer. Let tu have uc water. A DrTAnTTSo PAnrimn.—The eating saloon In the basement of Nos. 46 and-IS Clark street, ha* bad a changeful history daring the past three or four months. It was first darned by a Sira. Hatch, who suddenly decamped, after haring te cured considerable tarns in advance from her Uniting boarders, who were naturally greatly wroth at this summary proceeding, suspending their supply of dally sustenance, and for a time threatened violence to the concern. Mr. D. b. Gilbert became the next owner, and afur wry ing it on lor a short time aold oatAuFari 15 m to Messrs. Bryan & Layton. On November Ist another change took place, Ur. W. Brown buylng out the interest of Uytou- and condoning the bn*loess in connection with Bryan. On Tnesoay tbe last chance reported took place, Mr. Biyan following In the footsteps of Mr*. Hatch, the Brel named proprietress, and suddenly leaving fo. parts unknown. HU presence, however, would not be greatly missed were It not for the Impor- tflfcl feet be Liken with Mm all the land* of the concern tn the ontwer, amounting to flee hun dred dollars, besides alt bis own posresstona, U-»\lnc a number of bills to be paid by the re- Tnalmsg partner. 1 his gcntiomsn, Mi. Brown, bad invested some 11,065 in lh«* concern, and Is also liable on a rootlgage of ?n^»V e, *i c * debtedness to ft number of boarders for advanc payments made. Ho doe- not intend, however, that any loss shall accrue to others from th. CLul of bta dishonest partner, and has already i»ld a epau of horses an! applied the proceeds towards I bis liabilities. . . , The Journey and futnre fortunes of Mr. Ed. Eryan arc now inquired after «i*h modi sollclta tlmi. and the •elesraph nas already made his hnr fled pecnnUry transaction known to other parts, nu raom ishopciull}' looted for bj bis Jeserted blends. . THE FORGERY CASE. BUsa Stevens Acquitted—Miss Con roy Declared Innocent of both Charges—A Third Charge Presented Against Her* Supposed Case of mistaken Identity. A UUle more than a .week ago on the ISlhte. ttant, Mies Mary btcvcna was acquitted of a charge ol forgery. The case bad attracted a more than ordinary degree of attention. It was charged that on a certain date Mlaa Stereos pataed a fltl counterfeit note. The Udy—a Mrs. Stephens—aworc positively to the Identity of Miss Mary as being the passer, nos sob of respecUble character testified m posi tively that the accused was at home daring the hoars staled by the complainant as Included In the time that the bill was pasted on her. The next day after Miss Stevens* acquittal Miss Bridget Conroy, a jonng lady employed in Mias Stevens* millinery shop at No. Stale street, wee arrested upon a precisely similar charge. &Sib. Jane McDoogal, also in the mU* lincry business at No. 200 Cottage Grove avenue. Elated that Mias ‘ Conroy came Into her store or Wednesday evening, the "lb Instant, and desired to purchase jouie nb* bon. She selected the article, and two or three roses, amounting to f 2.6 b, and gave Mrs. Me Don pal a flO noie in payment. She reived her change and went away. Three minutes afterward Mrs. McDoogal discovered (bat the bill was spu rious. She said It was between six and seven o’clock in the evening. The counsel for the de fence procured a continuance of the case for tea day*. The case had hardly arrived at this stoga when another charge was made against Miss Con roy for pacslnp a similar hill at thegro eery store of Mrs. Ucbccca White, at the corner of State and Thirty first streets. Mrs. While said that on Friday evetiinr, the 9ih Instant, between five and six o'clock. Miss Conroy came to her *tere pm-- chased a pound of ontter, offering a $lO kUI In MvenrntJ The bit! was exactly like the other twoTa ten “raised” from aone. No examination was held, but the case was postponed fora bear ing upon the same day as prevtone charge. Mbs Stevens had already bMnjTe-arrestedl“K2 enspidon of compllcltyln the matter. The fact that some of the same witnesses testified In Miss rnnrnv'ii behalf In the partial examination, of the Hirst charge, as had in the case of Miss Stevens, caused rasplclon that all the truth had not been reached In the first cx ai Yerterday afternoon, the two charm against Mbs Conroy received a final l Court, beloro Justices Mllliken and Smrte.ant There were few witnesses on the part of the prosecution, but Mise Conroj'. Weeds eeoroMl I*, attendance tn mast€. Mrs. McDoncal's charge received the first examina tion. ficr statement of the case has already been given. She believed the lady who made the nor erases was the one now m the prisoner a box. fc'bc knew her countenance and conld ewcar to it among fifty- She bad seen her four or five 11“®® ttecef She read In the dally papera of the arrest of Mbs Stevens, and upon going to her house, at orcc recognised Miss Conroy as the lady w ho pald bir tbobill. On the night referred tonroj, ib. alleged, wore 0 “cloud’' upon bee bead, a mack Tuck cloak aud ««1» avoid an examination of her face. MUa Wary Piper, employed by Mrs. McDoogal. ~w y herein Ibo store that evening, and waited npon ncr, bat could not swear poihlvely that the prironer wa-* that lady. Mr#, barnham, rcjjding on Tweuty-sixtb street, was In Mrs. McDonpal's store a tew minutes on Ihe evening of Wednesday, the Tth Instant, and saw a lady mahinc eome’pnrcbases and give Sirs. McDongal a ten dollar note. Sirs. Famharo would not Uko to s-vtar that Miss Conroy was that lady. The witnesses lor the deforce Mtled. W. T. Moore, a confectioner, at No. KS State street had known SlUs Conroy two or three Tears, ana believed her character lobe above i the evening 01 Wednesday, the »lb f * Conrov was at bis honre at four o’clock. Between five ami's?* he went Into Mr. Stevens* house and reonested her to slay Id the store that evening aa be wished to go to the circus, lie remembered the date from the fact that bo bad purchased a ttib, I for a bcEcflt “.sociable" that was to occur ti ■ - ext f-vcnlnc. and from conversation with his I i,.: >;r/. Moore testified to similar facte. Mr*. C.iV:m-11. raiding at rS**4 States’rect. sawMbs Con-**' at ternr o’clock in the aUcrnoon of the .th nt Mr. Moore's, and again h *}£ p “): tlx, and as often aa once in fiftecn or twenty minutes unrlog Ih ° ySS' w ell, a special policeman at the Stock i ard, stated that the distance from Mr. Steven* to Mr*. nirDonral’a was half or three-fourths of a mile. MUs Mary Stevens testified thal-Mb* Conroy, wj« in the shop from half-pant four until supper tlmL, ?hS wMfremsix to half-past. She never saw her wear a “clond” like the one Mr. Stevens and Mis# Susy Stevens testified as to the time. Miss Boss, employedju the shop, fe » ,d Nl*s Conroy worked w ith her on a Qr>-ss from two o'clock In the afternoon of the ..h, until sup rime, except a short time about four, when rhewasat Mr. Moore's. More witnesses were ready to give their evidence, bnt the conrt bad beard enough, and Miss Conroy was d j 3 chargod. An examuiallon was at once entered nnoa In the charge of Mrs. While. Mrs. WWte could not porslblybe mistaken, she said, in Ike Identity of the prisoner with the lady who 4iSJio^' rione ten dollar note upon her on * the 9th lEßtaul, between five and six o clock, hue Mid Mbs Conroy bad a hood and shawl on, and that ebc saw her face very plainly, bhc wore no vail Mr. Com veil Bald that on Saturday even ing ‘he went into Mre. White's store, while wailing for the '* dummy” to go to the Stock Yards. Some conversation was held. He bad never been there before, bat had hewdofthe aflhlr. and after coins In remembered that that vres tiie place. Mrs. White told him that tire girl wore a hood, shawl and veil, and kent her veil pulled down over her face so she conld not see her Mrs. Cornwell testified that on Friday, the 9th. Ml-b Conroy was at her house at half-nati five o'clock, and at about a quar ter six came and stayed UU nine. Samuel Emory saw her at six o clock at ain Cornwell's. Harr and Josephine (vom well go to the Mosely School. One of them saw her a little before five at Mr. Steven# , and from twenty minute* to six unlit half-past eight, both eaw her at their own dwelling. Thomas Conroy, a conductor, and distantly re* Hed to Miss Conroy, said that It took foartccu minutes ifcsr time to go from Ur Stevciu, mar Eighteenth street «o Thirty-first 'ben, •topping twenty minutes, It would take as long to r *lU?B’Conroy was llUcharged. An alibi In both cases hart been cleat ly proven by witnesses « J»; doubled respectability. The Intense which the examination had exclicd »eemedtobe happily relieved by the young lady e honorable * C finV *she was immediately rc-ancsiertl The counsel for the defence, and all the friends were amazed. The myotery which had previously en veloped the case was getting to be a profound oac Three distinct charges of crime against members of Mr. Stevens’ fimlly. whose charac ters were Irreproachable, “.4 vanquished hy uncontrovertible evidence. It seemed aa it some deep laid conspiracy must exist wralnst the family. The prosecuting wU nSsca were also highly respectable, and It is now pretty generally believed by those acquainted vrilh the tact* that It Is a case of most sU tlng idraUty betue n two persons—one of whom is carrying on an extensive* business -In passing counterfeit money at the expense of two The poor glil might well be astonished at Hie presenta toon of still another charge, ana the statement of a police officer that there were rumors of two or Prelhlsh, dealing in dry goods, at Ko. IBS Couagc Grove aveimc, stated to the I Court.that on Friday, the 2d day five o’clock In the evening, a tady came tohi« store and pnrehased some cotton hailing and passed h:ra a tio note in payment, which was a counterfeit, hut he aid not discover It u.l she was gone with the change be had civcn her. She wore a black bonnett and a black “ coat.” He saw her and remembered her face. He believed Miss Conroy was that per son. The bonnet be had seen since be came into the court room, and he pointed It out as being won.’ hv Mi** L"CS“ blcvens. COllClcl for the »nnj>g fadj said that this charge was entirely tin expected and requested time for defence. A con tinuance often days was granted, hat! of tfSOO be- Ing reuulr. d, and readily riven by Miss Conroy a ] friends. It was staled that this entire ma’tcr has been placed In the hands of the police author!- I lUcs for the most vigorous investigation, hnt as 1 yet nothing ha I>ecn developed. Mr. Stevens will rav I* stated, lor any Informs lon that will lead to the conviction of the parties who seek to fasten lhe*e crimes upon members of his fam ily. It is evident that the bills are still being In dustriously “shoved” upon the public. Only last Friday a note of pieeUely the same appearance of the others was paid out bv a lady at a store ai the corner of Eighteen t£ and butte streets. A few minutes later tne character ot the hill was discovered. The . route of the lady was traced to Seventeenth street, andlh<re she was lost trace ot. Mr. Sievens heard of it and had (he proprietor visit his family, hot the man declared that the lady was rot one of them. He said that the tarty was twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. Miss Conroy I* about nineteen and Alas Mary Stevens about eighteen. It should be nftnlloned that Ml** Mary btevens was also discharged from custody, there being aot panicle of cvlocnco against btr. SEDUCTION. A Tonne Couple In Court—A On Crime Tempts to a Greater- Timely Discovery—Arrest of tlic Culprit A seduction case of more than ordinary Interest I will come np ibis morning In the Police Court. I It Is a ease of courtship with an ending which I might have been not only sad hot fatal, had not I tbc vigilance of a parent. lolled to sioen, been I excited in lime to prevent tbe catastrophe. Both I parties are young, and move in respectable cir- i cles; both have brought themselves Into un- I pleasant notoriety and serious trouble through I yielding to temptation. . .. _ , | Bernard Garolner, a bookkeeper In tbe employ 1 of Simon & birauss, wholesale far dealers, >o. ns I Lake street. Is the male offender. Catherine Mar- I i lowe, a clrl oi sixteen, and a member or a re spectable family residing on Park avenue, is the female delinquent. Bernard Is young, active, not repulsive In appearance, with a fine salt of clothes | I and a gold watch. Catherine is very young,verv I handsome, and very loving. She loves Bernard } to distraction. j lie made her acquaintance‘many mouths ago— I In the spiiDc*tlmc, we may Imagine. 'when a I young mao’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of I love. Be haunted the peaceful rctlremcsl of the I maiden’s homo, as young men are wont to do 1 when under the influence of the celes tial rapture tailing out of heaven which makelh all things new lie visited ! berat ter home, and be walked with her along 1 the avenues, took her te tbe opera, bestowed llfle gifts, and, in short, paid her all those little I cUitlilM and attentions which, being I interpreted. mean loro. He was I In love with her. And she. being but sixteen, it I 9|5 al'ogcther natural that she should lore bun So Ur nothmphad transpired which could cause the slightest anxiety In the mind of the nwt aax lons parent. Thoyonng couple were leading a hinny life, and happy day# were apparently in store for them. It turned ont, however, that Ber nard’# love for the clri was not of a ce- Icstial, hut of quite an earthly kind. Ihvlr' acquaintance had ripened Into an intimacy of an improper character, and, under a promise of marriage, he seduced her. The gUI remained for a time at her parent# houacjuntil her unhappy condition became 100 apparent to observation. She had notlhe conrage to r o ?ouX S rei.™aci f . or bn ftmllv, .nd one mdccebo privately left ter SS 10 reSnt. II •« eome time .tier jte ri?MDDeatetl beforetbe pjrebls dUcovered.orcven «*• i state of a!Utra. Tncy searched rve?rvrh?t?farriic loit chilli, bot felled to tod HIZSi Sr Sr in the aty. A tew week, ego, J?;rn?e7r iu to»° e " blob contomed tbelr irorit cllocowcrT r-y psied to them the real charac ter onhemiS who had shown himself unworthy ibS &2SSSa^gffl alternative of committing a crime for th® purpose of concealing a fault. Madame Deaalort a name baa figured* prominently more _^ in . ** Coroner's Inquest*. It has iomedmes happen - that yoong women have died in this city from tne InUmoaa practices of InUmoaa “d in such cate# it has not unfreqnenUy been found that Wtcame Beau'ort’a asylum was named in connec tion with the crime. . , ..V it was to this chamber of horror# that the young woman, acting upon the counsels of her seducer, baa Eone upon I canine her home on 1 ark avenue. Wbal the result might hare b<-en bad not her parent* made the timely discovery. It would be Impossible to gneaa. I’erbapa there would hare been another coroner a Inquest. However, the mother succeeded in recovering the lost lamb, at d bad her transferred lo the Magdalene Asylum, ontheßorib bide. A wnrrant wa> then awomoul ■ealnsi Bernard Gardiner, before Justice Brown, and pul into the hands ham. EUU. Bv tills lime Gardiner had left the city, probably on business of the Arm. He did opt return to the cUv till Saturday. Yesterday afternoon, while the young man was os bis way to dinner, officer Kclicy recognised him from a description, and ln riu-d him to walk over to the Central Station. Bernard appeared U> be quite uncoedons of the cause cfthls proceeding, and merely requested that be might be permitted to dtne drsu The permission was not cranted, and tbeyonlh was brouf-ht to the Central Station, where he was con ducted lo an apartment In the baeemcat. Tho case will come up this morn lea before the Police Co art. . ADIJSKnENTS. MoVicsss't Thzatbk.—Mr. J. H. Hackelt made Lis.firstappearance last evening, before* crowded house. In his inimitable personation of “Falstafl;" In which he slsnda unrivalled among living actors. FalatafflsMr. Backett* specialty. He has devoted years of study to thedelineation of the character, and he presents an embodiment of that marvellous creation which entirely fulfils our Ideal. The play last evening was the first nsrl ol “Henry IV /’where the fat knight appears to the best advantage. Mr. Hackett, of course, was the soul of the piece. In other respects u was veir Indifferently cast, and the characters poorly sustained. Bat tne audience were amply com pensated by the rich treat presented to them in the acting of Mr. Hackett, and their admlraJon was manftcsled In a most enthusiastic manner. The “ Mciry Wives of Windsor’ Is announced for “tVSKKr...—Th. BoUlay family gave a final crteMaument last evening in the Opera the liencflt of the Washingtonian Home. There was a roll attendance and a handsome amount wss realized for that deserving institution, in addi tion to the performances of the Boislay bothers, the beautiful tableaux from Kubens celebrated M.." ™ given last night to a full bouse. It hi;pl«e which always draws, being in fact “Museum sms ctalty. To-night, the “Lady of Lyon*. Gnf fith GauntMn preparation. Firms HmiDHm UUtets have been i*ened by the managers for the Scolansbeonon M**rtjdn. ment this evening at the Railroad Mission Chapel, on Griswold street, near the Bock depot, and we understand no more will be lashed. Beane parts of this programme were given In New York and Brooklyn with the , lug-repealed several limes to full honsei*• _ who want tickets should obtain them early at i Tomlinson Bros.. No- US Dearborn street. The Railroad Mission will be benefited by the pro- ! cccds of the entertainment. .. . i Yocko Mxa’a Coscutr.—The Tonne Mens Be- ' ncvclcnt Association of West Chicago announce | a Vocal and Instrumental Concert for this eve ning In the Opera House, at which members of | the Germania Mannerrhor in grand chorus will pioduce fcorua now music, never before beard In this city; and the Orchestra, composed of mem bers of tke Philharmonic Society, will play some j new and popular choruses and concert pieces- i The w hole \tUl he under the direction of D*bitka. Miss Hannah McCarthv, Mr. Nellson and Mr. De- | Cierouc are among the notabilities announced. Should Ibis concert be successful It will be the ] first ol a series given the present winter. i ADeawatic EsTznTxis»tsTiKr• hoxnss. tot the benefit of the Jewish Hospital, will he given hy tbe Washington Irving Literary AasortaUon, at the German House, on the evening of Thnrs dayrext. AsUiefitttofaserie«tobr«venfor Ae . same worthy object, we trust it will be wet[pat ronized. The Isravtltcff of our city arc noted for the extent of Uwir charities, and we bavenodonbt that the present movement will he an eminently eU ironrssojt’s Ctncca is still own every evening, with no signs of diminution »u the at tendance, and with oft repeated and Imertstlog ’changes. Last evening, James KoynQlda, cer ebrated clown and conic singer, made hla Aral appearance, and was enthusiastically received. Other novelties arc announced in rapid succes ws?; w. Baez Ball Coktsstion -The SetwnA Annual Convention of Northwestern Base Dali Clubs, will bo held In this city on December IXb. It ie desirable that every Club In the b renresented If possible, as matters of great lm* pcrtance to lb. ba,c ball fratendtjr tcnled. Eclcmlm from one to two eto expected to nUcnd. Informationi xrtll be ri.eti nti addressing E. U. Griggs, Itockford, Illinois, the Secretary, or O. Charles Smith, Chicago, the r “ Ccme Home Father” to s.tfjo people In the New York Academy of Music, last spring, -och wonderful effect. Is engaged to appear at Crosbj' • Opera Hottfe, next Monday evening, concert for the benefit of the onng Men a Chris tian Association. She la only about clgbt jcara of age, is of Scotch parentage, and her mother is a consumptive and not expected ip live beyond a few months. "Her father was killed on one ol the Federal gunboats during the late war. Her voice l« ictnarkablc for pathos and parity, and whero ever she has sung bdo has becu receive! with much C fciv“?inis Coxctitr.-Tb, ScxedlexvlM. National Singers give a concert thiscvenlng, at Tamer iloll. on North Clark street. The occasion -ill, undoubtedly, he a pleasant one. LOCAL MATTERS. Asthma luoneof U»e mort complaints which afflicts aVSmnle aftniTwintr In the CXtl'CtaC. WC 4iW ft Simple qnestlonf Why suffer when relief is wilbm yonr ! Mftwdcn's Pectoral liata hasrdevc'i every ca«e and cured thousands- bor salo hy all dropcisii: Uarnhama & Van Schaack, wholesale druggists, No. Iti Lake street wholesale agents. An excellent article,—3l r». Wlnftlotf^« Soothing Syrup U an excellent article r ®f. l£e» of children. It rellevea the child from naln regulates the stomach and bowels, and by giving fealtb to the child comforts and mother. During the process of tectbhu; Us 'alne U Inestimable; cures wind colic and Raping in the bowels. l*nblle Speaker* and Sincera wUI flnd “Brown's Bronchial Troches beneficial in cicar ing the voice before speaking or singing, and re lieving the throat after »ny unusual cierllon of the vocal organs, having a peculiar * d *P t T [°?Js > affections which disturb the organs of speech. ForConghsand Colds the Troches are effectual. Xunlner Tar Soap cure* chapped bands. saftVhcum, and all entaneona tendering lh® skin soft and smooth. Manmac tured by Caswell, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. rondlintloa w»aer-—A ■ ftrUta Cure forDußini, Sold bj all Drngglsta. Depot 46 CUfl-at., lx. i. Poland’* made Billons Powdera.— These powders rare a sure cure for Com plaint, and all Billons derangement*. They ncfcr Eill. Can be obtained at alt dros f t# i e r , . 0 5|)» n ,n i*Hee SO cents. C. O. Clark & Co.. New Haven, Conn. Fuller, Finch & Fuller, Chicago, General Agents. 05.000 Howard.— Challenge to tlie wtole world. MIM Tcnne«cc’a {treat CMMr Ittmcdy extracts cancers- root and wUnoa. pain or the use of Instrument or ne applied to the eye or over any one of tba vital organa without danger. A complete ware j'tw antecd in every case. Also all other diMaset treated with the eamc success at hu MticDetle hr firmer*, 5C5 Wabash avenue, Chicago. Lock Boi sjjs&t fcoat Office. Onr Country Friend* mq kind of roods from Chicago by tending their or ders to A. L. Stlmson,- furcha»lng Agent of the '“American,” “Adams and bulled States Exams companies. If® forwards lit® goods at Umrednced express rates, with bill* to collect on dellverr. Ladlrs In want of goods fnra, mllllnerv, Ac., will do wcllto send to him. Millers and machinists orders will receive propmt atten tion. Indeed he ts a very serriccable city friend to all in the country wanting to hoy articles in Chicago. A Snre Pile Cure*—Or. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument poriUycly cures the wo«t eas» of piles. Scut by mall on receipt of W. Circulars free. Soldbv drurgists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Boxans, Manager, ho. 575 Broadway, KewTork Paniip fltnitim and Window Shtdo at cn-atly reduced prices, F. E. Rigby, 8J Uan dolph-el. —w FROM INDIAN APOLIS« [Special Despatch to the Chicago TrlboE?-] Ijtdiaxatolis, November 2G. Tonne Men’* Christian Association Anni versary - Flattering Prospects - Soldiers ?irtiise< ' • „ , The anniversary meeting of the Tonrig Men a Christian Association of this city look place In the TMrd Presbyterian Church this evening. !t was in every respect a groat success. The and!- i-ucc was large, and the c'.utch fall to overflowing. Addresses were wide by W. n. Uay, the Presi dent, Reverend B. W. Chtdlaw, of Cincinnati, and General Ben. Harrison. Charles P. Jacobs, E*o., and Reverend G. C. Hickman, of this city. The Association are making an endeavor to purchase the Second Presbyterian Church property on i Circle street for their uses. The price I I* and U being alluded to In the meeting I to-r.lpht, dames M. Ray, Esq.. rose and announced that nc would be one of ten to give one thousand dollars toward the price, whereupon Wa. 9. llnbbard, Esq., responded with another thousand. I A committee of the Association will solicit further I subscription* to-morrow, and it b believed that I the total amount will be raised within the next I two days. The tutnre of the Association bids fair to be very prospetouf. , A mecurg of soldiers took place at the Sherman Donee to-Llsht to make arrangements for tbe assembly ol the Twenty-third Army Corps on Friday next. The proceedings were secret. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Cheyenne Indian Children—Chicago Fiber and Paper Company—Beene County, Arc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l SrmsomxD, November 26. The Governor received to-day a communication from General Hooker, commanding the South west Department at Detroit, November Mst, re questing hie Excellency's assistance in the recov ery of two Cheyenne Indian children, which sftre captured by the military some time since, which is said tot»e In Colorado Territory. vritile the other la being exhibited In a show somewhere In this BlaU, and which were the subject of shel ter from the Secretary of War, dated November 12th. The Governor has sent a copy of the com inculcation to the various* Sheriffs of the State, reonestlne their co-operation In the premises, and amhorlrlng Item to use forte In the event of re- Ut ThT S»ne coanti *» *|« “ybe 11 #^ 1 * cs*of tM9Stxtc,bu S*Mor d ct^mAT^dXn. 0 »I50 e 0111 FKOM MEMPHIS. A Clll»c» ot La grange Killed br the Mnfror -rrowedlnga tn the Presbyterian Assem blr—Markets. _ . I&pcdal Despatch to the Chlcaco Tribnne.l iIEXPHis, November A Mayor Klnlsan. of lAgmnse, killed a dtixen named Stewan, last nlpbt, on acconnt ol an old grudge, during the colored tournament at that pl Dele~atea were appointed by the Chamber of Commerce to the Important EaUroad Convention to be held at Little Kock. , , _ , >t There was an earnest discussion of the relation of the Chnreb to the Irtedmenin the rresbytcrlan pork f25.00®30.00; clear sides 16c: errs CSc; cotton MC^fic. Lamlnarr, McGlU,*.ora Fen to Belle ilet-phis, Commercial, Montana, FBO% MILWAUKEE. Selection of* Pile tor the Soldiers National Asylam, fgpedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Udwicm, November 26. Governor Smylhe* of New Bampahire, has ar rired to select a site for the National Asylum to be located hero. In place of the Soldiers' Dome, 1 he sites proposed bare been carnally examined to-dU, but no decision yet made. One of the most prominent of the grounds In rlew is the fum of Alexander Mitchell, two or three mUca " VVeStr* and rainy. The United States Seaatorahlp. Niwanx, N. J.. November *C.-Thc question of the Called Stale* SenilorsUp ta becoming ex- tiling 1c political circle*. The ,A<l£er/i acr tOKlay advocates the ejection of lion. F. P. ten. who was recently appoutlcd by the Go' ( srnor to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death ofEop. William Wrl-ht. Quite a number of paper* in other part* o! the State are advocating the claims cf non. George P. Cobb, as a repreaeoUtlrc man of the State outside ol the Influence of the city of Newark. FROM. ST. LOUIS* A Man Stabbed and a Mao Shat. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tiibnoe.] Bt. Louis, November 86. At a ball on the levee Saturday night, a row oc curred. In which Patrick UcNlchoU, a deck hand on a steamer. was stabbed fatally. Oa the corner of Brwadwaj and Cherry emeeU. yesterday, Michael Monarity was shot by Michael Austin, and It U snpposed he will die. FBOJI HEW ORLEANS. The Louisiana tttntr Fair a Great Sncoese- Piemloma Awarded- New Oulsasb, November 26.—The Lonlalana aar ; Wiftsssfiffift JWiSisus r "v in the South. The association have al ready, resolved to hold another IW7, and to erect permanent huUdJngaldr the same. The Envoy cotton glu takes the firslpre mlnro-als.- the Hydraulic cashing ler * Wilson’s sewing machine and me Chaner Oak cooking stove. Thu pmO° which took the first prendnm was manufaclnred at *L Louis, and the sicond in New Onuans, though those of New York, Bosioc. Philadelphia and Baltimore came ic competition with them. Sew York Central Katlway-ImproremenU Fromisefl. New Your, November £6.—The EfraUTt TW>J correspondent says, he learns neon thehlghest sulhontv that It is the Intention of the officers of the Central Kallroad, to greatly Improve the run ning lacillric; of the road, and to Improve he time tablce as to speed, materially lessening the lime consumed between the leading polnU. Hero loforu when U was necessary to purchase a few acres for depots, etc., the company has be-n obliged to hoy whole Duma In order to secure what they needed. This surplus land will be sold by the now management and the proceeds devoted to the improvement of the track and lee road generally. Action of the Geonrta l^gislatare. Muldcetiue, November 26.—1 n ths Senate, a bill has been Introduced repealing the laws pro hibiting aliens from owning real estate. The fioose has passed a bill granting aid to an airline railroad, and prohibiting railroads and cuamboats from running on Sunday. Bcpnbllcan Victory In Connecticut. ZLAjtrrocn, November 26.—At the town election to-day, the Republicans elected their entire ticket by majorities ranging from « to I 7 ®; huUman, Uepnbllean candidate lor Pint select man, received the highest majority. The vote was light on both sides. Lons Desnatch Over the Allanlle Coble. Kew York. November 2d.—The lonceat de* snatch transmitted over the Atlantic Cable was wntjesterday by a Government official of tbe United Stales to one of the Ministers of this conn try on the continent of Europe. It contained over 5,000 words. \~-y Markets hy Telegraph. New York Market** New Yobs, November 25—C p. xa. Cottow—Finn at SI *c for middling uplands, and 35c for mlddlinc-Oncans. closing quiet. , Flocc— uall ana lowers t9.Maip.6o for sound common to extra £tate: tiO.COail-w for extra round hoop Ohio, and |IS.« lor trade brands, dosing and unchanged. , ~, Gellx-Wheat dull, heavy and 2»3c No.S Milwaukee. for No. 2 dp, and 15.10 for No. 1 fin tire heavvs State f 1 Bariev without decided chann: fUx/llor Canada West, fQr n*nn>ia wp.t free. SUB for tvorjvtl state. and HJw totonMwrrtbiSfc Com dull, heavy and rather «■«*!»*■ ii jiu for shipping mixed Western In store, firdo>3oat, acd VISS»IJ» for newvellowJer tev. Oats dull; <BA6(c for Chicago and ildwauhoe. stock of grain In New York warehouses, November ■.•6. ij«; Wheat.. c< O; Barley. 1 and unchanged. Sugar oaict and price* without deddal alteration- . q PrTBoLXL'M-QulPt and steady; sales at»ctor crude and 91c for refined In bond. . m >, r i g phovmion*—port dull and heavy. saw 2.303 dw « fri-PlftSS-00, regular ami cash, tor new at f22TO cash, and |2o.i»»WiO for \»rtrae. Beef h«* * •t nrerloua nrtcee. Beef bam* dull anil heavy , sates SS«»t e SSiiKe tor Western. , LATESTNEW VOEKMATIREM. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Naw Yosit, November 26. BEXADsrrrrs. Rather better loellng since ’Change owing to the ad vance In gold and favorable cable reports, but quiet and nominal. Slock In store: wheat, 1.W9.0M bu; com, bu; oats, 1,981,033 bn; rye, 898,000 bu; barley, LSUkCuo bu. raovtstows. pork lower, owing to the reported lallnre of * I large bouse operating a packing establishment. Sales I since ’Change at *21.50, but closing firm. Lard firmer I tince ’Change, and iStfc was refusod tor prime steam, I and lie for new kettle. I I.TTX OOOS. noga-reedpts tor two days 39 cars; firmer at BM3 QSOCKSIKB. Coflee—Rio «©s6c. Dull and nominal. Sugar—Cilr to prime lo*<»l2c. Market quiet. NEW YORK CATTLE MARKET, Sale* at National Union Yards.! ;E#ported byTdep»J* .Eicijuirelf for tbeChlc**© lilt <UtIM TrlDone.] New Tobx, November J 6. •B*xr Cattlx—There are on »»lo to-day 2,913 head. The weather Is dear and dry, cold cnonch to freeie the roods over. The market opened lively on the best qualities, which are not plenty. The averate or the market U better than last week, bat closes dull on com mon. The closing prices are First quality Second quality Third quality —came as last week. A lew extras solo at 17c, which Is slightly lowei buxxr—The market Is folly supplied. Price* were slightly lower during the week, but better to-day. Sales were made at SOSltfc. Hooa-Only T can. Large advance and quick sale* I to-day atsxawe. The receipts for the week were: CM. Sheep fM5| Uogs - _-»■ aais or Illinois stock. H. B. Smith, 171 head, averaging 679 ft*, at isaisye. TT J. Templeton, ts head, averaging 6JI ft», at 13c. OUaA EaaJttn, 61 bead, averaging CIS ft*,al liatSc. j. T. Alexander, at Bergen, sb? head, averaging 650 B J.TLSlaaton.«s head,averaging SSO 14314 c. ,T Hathaway. 80 head Ohio, averaging SCO ft*, at 15c. Q 1 Kingston, 9S head Kentucky, averaging 830 ft*, at Ualtke—• few at 17c, the best In market. Solos Bobxxsos. (Associated Presa Report.] Nbw Voss, November Si Brms—The earlier part ot the week was not char* aeterued by that abject toellng of depression which we noticed last week, still the market tor beef cattle has , si.ownno improvement in price. There Is no ojioy* xccj lathe meal trade, and with the lewflgures which , arenow paid tor odal butcher* cannot well afford to pay higher prices for their live stock. AJdM to this l» an overstocked poultry market, Ths only offset to this was the decreased supply In the lore part of the week— uvera thousand hcao leas than last week-andthe colder weather. Thu, the arrivals at B-rrea UW up to Saturday reached S.WO bead. wh eft were sold at about last week's quotations which only in exceptional case* reached ICc, the hulk of sales hjljte at U*ltc, while a few ol the poorest went off atI JAUC. On Monday morning the offering* at the National Yards aggregated S.OX heal, watch, in quality, we. e pretty fa:r?*lne weather being favorable, btttci-- took hold pretty freely, and. eariy la the d»T . *h S ht advance wa* realized oa tnc best Common grades, however, did not do so and the owner* were loser* to some extent, and thewholo business wa* flow, aad trade dragged along. There have been again-some heavy lc«*e« among the drover*, which, Uicngh not so heavy a* last week, were still saOclcal'f large to kU speculation among a cer tain class, who, without mean* at thi-lr hack engaged la the cattle speculations, forced iha market op and led astray by a cotemporary. whose r-sp-'cstble catfe market reporter Is a tester la *>e«t chvsier Ccnniv, and speculate* prettv heavily. They now make wry faces. PrtceaofbcsveaatlhcNaUosal TaTils this week and last week were: This week. Last week. j>B. (is. Poor to medinm cattle ifauc }?SU® Medium to fair steer* 11(*1SC Jr* ,?X U« ed steer* and Eat oxen U*l9c prime steer* IN^ISC The majority of *ale« were at labile. Alew s ld at lta,l7c lait week; the poorest cattle brought si*clast week; rough tat, last week; green hides7Aloc last week. , w „ -rT>J . jlilcii Cows—The market tor milch cow* or prime grade, though hot active. Is hut meagrely, atd prices me very firmly supported. Common cow> ■re, however, dull of sale, anu hrt: g low figures- Extra goodenws fhc.«W?o.a): good. JiO.WjU3.IM; com mon to medium cowa, KC.ftiriTAM. . _ xbalCaltss—The large stock ol poultry now in market has depief*ed tae trade ta veal, and ctom ouently In live calvea, prices of which sra rattier easier. Prime calves, very Ist and choice, exceed our figures a little, hut they need to be something verv extra. Prime calve* lor custom butchers per a, uS'rf ISc; good veal calves per tt. KUaWHc; common veal calves ?v«tOt<e. gross. Calves,? h< huai^*s^'LsJQ t *—Beeelptaof sheep, though wot- L what larger ra»n last week. have, on the who.e. found [ a tnofc ready sa'e thtn last week, asthetraffc la mat . ton has been more active,-and thus the mar set tor both sheep and lamb* baa ruled pre d “ r j.'h; the wholeof the week, ctoflng to-day firm. We quote t to-nsv common to fair steep, ?a,at t ; g^l 5 to prime sheep, at &#*S"C; extra ai i'iij.Kc; lamb*, i VP.attvtsc. wool Sklaa, cart. .. 1 t Swra-x—The arrivals have fallen off. while the de mand has become more active and price* have 1m- SJSS.i U Ss market to d*v closing firm at ths annexed - Brat live weight ? 100. at JA37I, fair to Wtlc& atfbSTK&SAO; dressed, at co mm to r SS root" Toledo Market. Toixpo, Norm her S 5. quiet without any matCTlal change: sales of white MlcWgac aIfSJO; amh« wi- 1 - snrtncatM.lS. Coadnll; baturday s sgraace tos». sslesatNaa-'CtorNo.lmixed. Ostsnnchaaged. i.iw Dull end nominal, tin iittp r»»T week. 3XOOO brta floor, 33.000 ha wbeauTAWObneoni, S3.looha oats, IS.OW bn barley. flour. £h«« he wheat. 83,000 bo com, LOCO bo oat*. LfOOburye. Money and 9taeb« la Sew York. N*w YokX, November 24. Mont—Market aetlvc at 6d7 per eetU fcTXSUXO EXCBAXOS—DuII ax iw&iOSM. _ . GoU>—Firmer; openingall**, advaadngtollfli*. and closing at iWH- OoTxmnawr «wms—Shade better. rianonTsvo UvxarooL—Are firmer at4\d for oats and barley. Sucks—Firm. _ Hock isv Michigan Southern... 63¥ i\\v...?T7n 10$ rolfdbw.Avr a SUJw. & St. rani .v» Gold , ..4*2* doprflt 7bv s-» coup-new luae.KH* Chic.* Alton US lft» 111. Central Lfll 3..Dc>’'npon«.*aJ W-i cirv. 4 pms m w. i:. i«a <•* Northwerfern. *-’W Ouktatlver 45 Si do prtd 7S»i Ohio* MU*, cert*... »

Toledo ns Term, r* ** V Sew Yorts Central—Jto.V x«wTrea«ury .•33e...1!»j4 Uud/oa ms lt-40 coupons 103 Reading.......-..•••••iltii Xrw Ten-November The money arUcle saja mosey l» a shade easier than on Saturday. There is a comparatively light demand f>r loan*. and ih-raleli steaoy at 7 per cent on »tnck and 6 per cent on Governments. Obcoants qmet at«per cent |cr choice names. , . , «toct» *how a general advance npon the quotations ot Saturday. It li generally taken for granted that price* have touched the bottom, and parties who bare tutfered daring tbs Ute decline are buying np again to recover their lows npon an advance movement. The bears are not oTcnng any Imporiaut resistance to tht rwovertnc tendency, and the tone of the market U, npon the whole, buoyant. Heading advanced 1}». Ncrthweaum preferred. Ik. Hock Island and Fort Wayne are also buoyant. Ohio * Mlssuelppl certtd ca*es show a strong upward tendency. Govenments are quiet and slightly oil Cota the figure* of Samrdar. New Yoke. November 3>. IATXST. Mojttt—The market continue* to work easier, and the oflerinrs to-day were tn excess oi the demand. The early transactions were generally at 7 per cent on calk but afterwards there was considerable basinets at Sper cent on stock collaterals, and 5 per cent oa Gov ernments. The discount market U quiet and un changed, and prime paper U not done leu than 7£5 per cent. • Eiciiatoi—The foreign exchange market U fins, ana me amount oj banker.’ bills offering It quite light. Ike supply cl cotton bills is moderate. Prime bank erv'are quoted at 1C9H3109.V tor sixty days, aadllhd UPJ* fer short sight. G\)Ll>—Thc-snarke*. remalcedflrm to the close of the dsy.iearincoh'at isov. The toTowing table will show Uk** dor Inc the day: „ l®**< , .USX m« a. JUS x« p. t»r# 11:53 a. in 139}, | &3}p. UOS Gotdsiu la—The Goreramest securities were Metier this a!teruoc.a. with an increased hnslae**. The ffilowiDK were the cltxlng rnces: August. U3S9 112 V; Conp«.*sT.tnvam: SS3*,rcg.’«7wtwjl!SV: SJCscoup. tO.IOHS(4IW: wo*, coop, ’si l«V(*lfff; Site. coop. *65. l*isi*lo7: 5-20*.’©, January as* July. 105St*W>S; 10-fcM. ret:. WVAIW: IJ-h)S coop. ICO; Augn»t "-SO*. !CBk£lO*>; June .•SO*. ICSSfcAi-JW ; July 7-Oti. ItSK^ICdV ; June compound*. ’64, Vi%\ July compounds, *W, ms; Aurait compounds, ’at, ills ; Ov-toocr compounds, ’W. U3j» ; Decembertoc pound*. ’W, 112 S ; May compounds, ’©. UIV : Augn t compound*, 'a. 110J,': September compaund* ’©, Kb; Octi.fcr compound*. ’©, IMS. MisciiAAStoo—Stovks at the last opes board wer fiiiner, with » bit cemand tor alecks *«*n£j. Alter the call. fctir fcil Off >1 & traction lower tor a time, not Fort Warn© mo* a .old M bl|3> ;J“£s a firmer ftxJmg ipia The markrthajoeeo sjlTacdne gr*du*ujiur flay, and strong parties hare Ttree la a more coafldcaifceUn* amont thepnblleTand the Increased cue It money la ittmu uung a dull tnoremr-tones morn, Cnowno Peicx*—The following were the doling oh^eerU l3o^*. 01 '* XU Mich. Central..ll3 «US CMSmfJfr:... fl*®« S.T.C 110**111 fiSaton W. 1*... » *We .1* Sj?£iiw.::: *&*« Beading m*»ui* Mariposa. Ux* 1* Cincinnati Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihvse.] Coeunn, November s*. Ftoua—CoaUnoea doll. Small aales ot superfine were made at •UJNOtfcM; extra at $1L»»U.» I and family at 113X0* IAS GKAV-Wheat doll and weak; sale* of Ho. 1 winter atsß.7s,andNo.lsp«ng at SLW. Corn la bettor de masd: sales of new shelled at Me; ear at 46030 c. OaU oolet ; So. 1 at 47e; Ho. *at tic. bye eteady; ealn tf Ho. lat fUS. Bailey dull and 5c lower; prime fad attuojLO. _ Corros—Active; Mies of middling at Sl*c. ■WmzxTT-EASler; aales of MO btla bonded at Me. paoTtHOHS-DnU and weak. Mess pork 55c lower; sales cn spot at S3OXO*33XO. Bacon doll; aalea of shouldur* az d sides at 13c. and clear aides atl«Ke.lßolk meats m better demand; sales of ahonldcra, packed, at sue. and clear sides at B*c. Green meats He lower; •ales ot shoulders at Sc; sides at Bc, and hams at Uc. Lard mature: sales of ketUe at UKc. Boss—Dell and lower; salea at $8.73*4.23 gross, ltd $7.«*7.«0 net—closing at $6.13 grow. Receipts, • 400. lioanr—Cose. Exchange easier, at 100 discount to par. . Milwaukee Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] Mawnn, November 24, piece—Market dull but steady, with sile* of WOO brls, at |9.COaiOXO tor country and city double extra, andgUOlor superfine. Ghats—Wheat-Dun, and prices not materially changed. The sales at the 9a. m. Board reached 14,000 bo, ats2.tsfor No. 1; IIX3HOLS3X tor HP. * spot; MAS. seller December; fin*. seller January; SIXO, seller March; and 63.00, seller May; 31.69*1.79 for So, S; |133 for rejected. At the noon Board the sales were 9 OOC bo, at S3X7 tor Ho. 1; SUS lor Ho. 2, and seller December and January. Corn steady, with tales at 88c for No. 1. Bye unchanged, at 83c. Dusszd Hoos—lrregular, with sales at 37.75*3.00, dividing oo 300 ns. ptovisxos*—Sales ol mess pork at S2IXO. Lit* Boos—Steady at s*xe®6.7B. B*CKtPXB-23» brU flour, 4WOO bn wheat, 149# bn °*SBtrKkSTß—3,4oo bits flouMLOMbuwheaL 8U Loots Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St, Loots, November 34. Tobacco—Quiet and unchanged. Itoca—Dull and unchanged. * , „ G*jur—Wheat better tearing Can * J * OQ * SJO. Corn tinner; talxal Wc; new white »c; yellow 85c; Old White SIXO. Osts Quint, at Uc tor choice. Barley SUO*UO. RyeßS««c. Wmaxrr—Dull, at S3AL PR»TtoTOJt&—Lard dull, at 13c. Gcocsaixa—Dull and lower. Pork-No sales. Vewielß Pn»*ed Detroit, [Special Dttpaidilo the Chicago Trlbune.l Dctcorr. November 2s. CP-DlcklßKin, Whitman, Kale Richmond, Fhala* rope, Somera Clty.'Paraoiis, Dows— Golden West. Montpelier, DlVernon, Milan, lUroor, Monitor, Yankee, Summit, Plover, Campbell, Persian, Culvar, Croanralle. W. B. Alien, Gertrude. Wun>—Southwest. New Orleans Market* Kiw ontxurs, Norembw W. Corrox—Aetlre; aales J.OCO bsl» low’ mMdlins* p at aigxSc. Received unce Saturday, 9A52 bates: c.wred U&ay. 5,133 bales; clearance TW hUM for Do»ton and Barcelona, block on hand, ITL9IO bate*. PeoTisioxa—Pork quiet; mesa. Iti.OW 26-0 for round lota, and 127.00 lor small loti. Bacon shpa ders iaxch Clear sides 15c. sa!os 15 casks. Lar J In Utile demand, prime In tierce*, lie; In Wee, 15tfc. Western produce and provision* fair, at full prices. ,#«»». i.««« FLore—Weaker in lower eradn; siles 1,030 brls One at #3.00; doable extra, *12.35 *15.75: trtpoextra. 115.03. i i.citv—Core active; sale* 6,030 sacks, mixed at lI.SV: white mixed, I1JB; white, ll.37itl.43.OaU— stoctntclK, with an upward tendency; sales 1,530 sacks at fAJWSc. Bran, 11.10. BaT—lnferior at, Louis, I stkrlimi ExniANQi—list 's 150 tor A 1 to first class. BanKSrrsSTlvaWC. New York slebt, * discount. I uou>-Flnncr; closed at 1.019^17 3.9.».!WJ 1,511501 0.973 BnSalo Market. Buffalo, November 36. FLOCT-Qnlet. No. 1 spring, tU.OOaUAO; amber W Ge^— held Port Washington and Oreen Bar Club at M.t2®2.45; No. tMUwaukco spring. •5.10. C0rn,«9.000 bu No. l Illinois. $l .05; e,WO ba To ledo. 90c. Oats quiet, held at Wc for Chicago and Ohio. Barley quiet, held at J1.Wi31.09 tor Cimida. BiC, 2,000 bu at about«l.oo. Barler mail, .33. * imoviaoss—Fgrk, jtlilO. Lard, 14014HC. cjsS^U?anonTs' Wheat to Rochester, 6c,two loads 0i corn to New York, S)C. ... Rtcmirra ron Foctt-*hhit' Hoto-Fiout, Ui3l brli: wbeat,Bo,3fM bn; com, 4),0» bu; oats, »,>JO bn, . barley. 29-Sw on; peas, »,l*j bu. _ I Canal Ehmsts fob FociY-atonr RotTas—Wheat, 29.3 U to: com. 67.179 bu; oats, 70,20 bu; barley, i,io6 eSS S&UM4 tor uuw,ur. in. 4m?S« aTeSKata brls; when ijßlßll bn; com. I ? J. 77 ~vr Kn< oata. V 10.115 bu; barley, SU<w bu; rye, I \¥ zii'bu. \n store here this morning, wheat. 178.291 I bm corn. 75,101 bn; oats, 577.793 bu; barley, 4WI bu; I rye, ho. New York Weekly Bank Statement. Ntw Yobs, November 28. Loans *267.920.115 Decrease W£*5 S . Specie. isaowa Decrease »S»r Circulation 81,361,419 Increase .I**^s Legal Tender.... 62859.351 Decrease £»•&»• Deposits 213.UL984 Decrease... Augusta* Georgia* Cotton Market, AtrorsTA, Oa» November 36. Garros—Advanced Xc. Sales 400 bales strict mid dling at 32c. Now York Dry Goods Market. KiwYonc. November 54. Tbe dry goods market open* very quiet to-day. bat Terr tteady considering tbe tutc of trade and baalness In other quarters. Aside trom tome onwidera. who hsTe lost confidence In the market, and are onenn„ roods fbr th* pon>o*e of rcaUrlor. there Is qonsrally a vtJTflnn fecllnr on the part of holders of rood*. Mu nlactnrcrt oxeecnerally cartalllag expense*. and re; dnetne tbclr production* to meet tne state ot oa'lnat, ind Mitrally running upon good* of established repa* tstivn and desirableness. .15A1RKC .laaxs c 0 Ofwcco Market. oswzoo: November JS. Ftora—Poll at ill JO Ibr No. l aprtne; Sis JO fat red ulster ; fit JO lor white; tlSJOfor Geatx—Wheat quiet mod no •*!«• Corn oalet s No. iheWatfjJS, BatlOjrlnjctlTe. Rye dull; Canada, W i!2ajtUr<ww-156400 bu wheat; f .000 hn corn; 7.500 Bijoeb bn barW l SV* 3 ® BO U JCO bo pea*. Baltimore Market. OaTtnoßs. Kovember Si. Flotp—Very dull; Chicago extra* *11.25(311.75; super- oew coir. 96G3JLW V bn; red wheaMMS; oatoM<3««c. Bye. *1.30. GkocxatP—Coffee Strady. Sugar doll. . Photibion*—Very doll and nominal; cat meat* and Weflern, in bond, KJSQiM, Albany Brcadstiilfi, Market. Ai.m’fT, Kovember 2*. OiuS-^^eawqolct. Oats—State at C€c in etorc. Com-quiet. • Philadelphia Blarkei* Pna-anELnita. November W. FLoru—l* very dull and slow of sale, but prices are Wheat tending downward; red ; Sooth cm (AICV.U.U. Corn advancing: yellow |l.l«U.*o. PunVifioss—Pork dull, at f 21.00 tor mess. Lard lie. WiiisKXT—Unchanged. aiABBI ED. In thli city, Nov. »th. by Bev. E. J. Ooodspced, J.\ MFS E. VAN PEUSEK, of Michigan, and Mis* MART t>TE »V ABT, of Chicago. in thUdty.bvßev. E. J.G'>od.peed, at the residence cf the hnqt 6 latter. K. 11. KIM.MAN, ot Wisconsin, a* 4l M ’% MAUr E. DAVIS, ol Chicago. At Albion. N.T.,K0v.53d, at the residence of Hon. Ssntord E. the Kev. Edwin • can, SIU.R MAN O.WUEELEU. of Chicago, and E\ A daugb wfof the late N. B. Smith. E*q-, of Kenwha. DIED At her home. In Sandwich. Deßalb t'o., Nov. 2i. after a short lllneM, Mrs. SARAH K. POTTER, wife ot Charles fl. Polur. aged SS year*. In this dtv. Nov. 56, AMY PEASE, wife of Corydon pease, aged iA yean and 11 months. __ Funeral st W Pine street. Wednwday. Nor. 39. at 3 p. m. Prime *of ihe family are requested to attend without further notice, gar Vermont and New Tort paper* please copy. 13oarb s&antch. BOARD— And rooms, lor n gentleman and wife. Address Box *.2104. 1 >OARD— In a private lamily, for a lady, 13 cea'Utran and two little girls, east of State-st* prlec t ococilcJetaUen.whtreaciiDf rtable table and good room* arc furnished. Address **o.'* Box 310<T> BOARD— A young gentleman desires beard and a room on Uie we»t Side, near Union Park, in feme tamlly where there are tow or no oilier boarders. Tbe best references given. Address, with fell particulars. P. O. Box 1954. Chicago. ■HOARD—And furnished room In some I ) Quiet private family, at a moderate price, for a Jady artltt. Deferences exchanged. Address *• D, * S 7 Statc-st. T)OARD —By a young gentleman in a I) private family where there are few or no other harder*. w»t Sl.le (w«t of Union-*t.i preferred. Best of reference* given. Address, stating terms, **T, Box 1143. personal. £ERSOSAL.— A gentleman 26 years old wants to form the acquaintance ct some young with a view to matrimony. Address W. C. TAN- L 306 Stale-*t. PERSONAL— Mary— r, tbe old Priest, at ths r. O. 12 ta 7. ERSONAL—If Ancclme, Rirncy nr Jennie Bennett. wteb to see an old friend from sa@^ff«aSS'pW re JB , J! Sterling. jFor Scale- FOR SALE—A cock! rope, with blocks, almost new; s boro machine, some «a*hes. oak Blank and senate Umber—all for carpenters n*e. «ui 1 «e sold cheap, it aale eCcctod before to-morrow evea ng. Callatg-tOOskrt-upsttir*. T?OR SAFE—A rofen ood drawing-room t? sett in green rep. win be wild at a bargain. Can be seca by calling at SSS Wabasb-ave. T7OR SALE To-dav, at a barsaln, Jh a quantity of honsehoH inlclu. Incloilsr store .rTi- thov-va-’e* and P.atnre*. at aajVagMnc^B^L^^ dorses, ©arriaacs, Set. A DARK BAT HORSE, five years old, new barnea* ard twecy. tor sale, or would tr*de fur an cnlmproved put lot in Chicago. Lx*l at the Calimrnta Bouse. 419 SUts.l, where the horse may be >«n. A WELL-BROKEN BUGGY HORSE, J\ "years eld aMblack.for»ale. He can he uea Jiioh *l rewe’s tuble. ea Cilawn-sh, opportte Mechaa ical Bakery. T. A. CLABK. insurance. QHICAGO AGENCY OF HOME LIFE INS. CO. OF NEW YORK. E. Vf. CLARKE, Agent for Chicago, No. 10 Methodist Block. POUCUtt 13.000 Dividend M per Decljxedjwd PAID AJfSO- ALLY afierUi year. so FOEFPnUBES OF POLICIES. Members ftw to wrei taww of rte world, at any season of the year, WITHOUT CD ABO E. . . p*id. Purely Motual. Pr^ v the BEST *t mm! i£&?wttke » ' Olicy to the HOME USE. TEETIS HOUSE, Corner Tan Bnren and Shermnn-rts., KrfrSnS.SrM«”ti»a >wStpCTac. WnpVnc; win endear or to mate tU» one of the Tery betl moderate price boneee la the dty. sS»JSffic-t.«asssßW. Proprietors. amusements. QROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, Vocal and Instrumental CONCERT THIS EVENING. DANS BALATKA- tr Beau may be secured without extra charge. QROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. GRANS TOCAI AND INSTRUHENTAE CONCERT I THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, November nth. 1354. HAHS BALASKA Musical Director. The Director’s name is a sudden’, warrant for the refined character ol the Concert. . .. _ htobere of the Germania Msmnerehoran grand ch£ n£will produce some new musts, never before sung to lbe Orchestra, composed of artuts of ffriSS aK monte bodelr. will play some new “5 and Popular Cbonusea. and other eminent vocal and Instrumental artists will aselst—among whom are mil Hannah McCsithy, Sir. Nellaon and air. DfCler^M. This, If successful, U the first of a series of Concerto to be clvm bytheYonng Men’s beasyolent AmoUs tfouof West Chicago, in character,between the cold, classical aid tbelamlllarly called popular music ot tbeday—astylosopopnlarat the Easuaad U believed, tin be highly satisfactory to the refined time tt was unavoidably postponed, will hsgofvlfor this Concert. beau can be reserved at the Opera House, ti*jl .00— tor faTe at all the principal music stores f p,e at the Opera Bouse. pONCERT. THE SCANDINAVIANS (IN NATIONAL COSTUME) w«» s™ UOHT 00iED OUABTETTE concert, TOrMGHT, (TUESDAY). Nov. 37th, at TURNER lIAU.I (NORTH CLlttE-ST. Hall opens at 7*—Concert commences at 8 o’clock. r c VICE UK* » THEATRE. UcVICKEKAMYEBS MAHAOEBS Engagement, tor hlgtito only, of Mr. JAB. H. HACKETT, Tuesday. Nov. 2716, THE MEERT WIVES OF WINDSOR Or, Fauftatf vs Lots. Sir John FaUttfl. Wednesday—Klm EanrylV. Sami day—Craoil Matinee. VTOOU’B MUSEUM. pOL Cfti. j. H. WOOD -v-r^Tck- Dtrcctnr of Aamaementt '-fnna** AJrkt Bt«e Macaeer uauki Commence at . , Production of a Hew Farce. This Kov. 27th. (flwt time ibis season) Bnlwcr » J*> at tfJ“ play o! the LAUY OF LYONS. To' Macloie with (rtnt ilme) a new farce called PIPKIN b be- TREAT. Wednesday afternoon. TICKBT-OF,LEAVE>dAN. Wednesday n|eb». THE DCKrs MOTTO. Thursday afternoon CTtanka*l»* l*ia) Grand Matinee. Friday. Beneet of »*a Jfj-oy nfght. In preparation. The French Spy and Gridin Gaunt. ■VARIETY theatre. ’ Notloo Extraordtnnry ? THIS EVESDfG, THREE FAST WOMEN OR THE MERRY WIVES OF CHICAGO. Pronounced by those who hate attended the private rehearsals, as Funniest Local Piece ever produced. GROTESQUE SITUATIONS. COMICAL SCENES WITTT HITS, AMUSING DENOUEMENTS, IT Secure your Scats. Secure your Seats. ] ■'iRObBY’S OPERA HOUSE. £j. RAYMOND L*ss*k aSD Manages. Easement for «llmlM nninMrofnljtoJlth tbn bcautllttl and accomplished bTAB Or lutfcAsi, X.tTCir.LK WESTERN, Commencing WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER M. In M: ™ IM ®; e ft!I , SI?ASD MADAM, VINE. In C. W. T.j leum’B origin.I or.maU2.tlon or EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, COUJ Boxes,(4 scats) 94.00; Family Cl™ s *;™ Entrance on Slate-el. proscenium to MO.OO, itox office epen lor sale of seats Monday morning. December 3d, at 9 o’clock. rpKADES’ ASSEMBLY BALL. xte Second Annual Ban of the CHICAGO TEADES ASSEMBLY, WaelilntCton Ball ON THANKSGIVING EVE, (Wednesday. Nov. 33th). to Smith A Nixon’s Building. All and well-wishers of the Assembly are invited to attend, yw Good music to attendance. Ilckets f 1.00. T-\ANCING PARTY. G. MIttASOIE laxly Invitea hit fneoda and pnpUi. f-\ MIRASOXJS’S DANCING ACAD VX. EHT. al4 u - >bl>h . ar . aS , .ViS^'s.&“ r UMWd to annul. Anemblj ernj TOc^a^nlcjn-^ rp H E TAXEEE ROBINSON I NEW ZOOLOGICALOAUOKNS AND COLIS EUM. INthe 1 LA*OE*T Oolle«tloa ot LIVING WILD ANIMALS ever exhibitedl la Chicago. Three Grand Matinees this week, Wednesday. Nov. 2S. Thanksgiving.! harsdar, N ov. 29, and Sata May, Doc. 1. Last week of the Great American Ciowx, JOHN LOWLOW, MONDAY EVENING. Doc. Sd.flnt appearance In Chicago. ot the favorite Clown and Comic blngcr, JAMIES REYNOLDS auction Salts. ~ Gilbert & sampson, .UiMiaa «. otIVERAL AUCnOSEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DEABBORN-ST., Chicago, HI. Oar personal attention given K nHSSJ* 110 d Furniture, at dweaicg* or at oor Aac».oo Booms. l*artlcs wishing to boy or aeil will find i»W their in. teratto call on n*. Superior New and Second-llahd HOUSEHOLD rUBNZTUBB, Carpets. Crockery, Stoves, Ac. TCESDAT, Nov. 771 h at 9W o'cloi*. at our salesroom, 49 Dearborn-sL. con slating of a general assortment of parlor, chamber and dining-room turmtnre; several new and elegant oil walnut chamber selta and parlor suites; a number ol new and second-hand Brn«ei*. three-ply. Ingrain and Encll.-b toll carpets; crockery, stoves Ac.; together with a general assortment of household goods, wun a general & gAMPeON. Auctioneers. CPECIAL SALEi OR THE f,A DIES, By GILBERT A SAMPSON, ot Ad EltEtint Stock of filch Drv Goods, Hosie ry, Linen and Dress (loads, AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, Nov. SSUu morning and afternoon, at 9Jtf and 3« o’clock, at our salesroom*. 17 and 4U DrarOorn-sC, confuting of French Merino* In every color. Saxony Plaids. French Poplins, Empress Cloth, Paramattavnald Mohair*, Tenure*, and a large vari ety of other Drc*s Goods to be sola oy the singly draw or more, ladle**, (JenW and Children** a<>*lofy;La Embroidered, Hemstitched and Cattbrtc TUm£«giie* by the single dozen or more. Balmoral and Nubias. In»h Linens, Llnsn Collars ana sea, L*c« and Embroideries, Napkins, (dsjmd Tow cling? Crash* s. Ac. The aueatloncf me LADIES Is particularly Invited to the above *ale. The go<>d» arc sll fresf, an if at me choicest I *’ l * The goods wui be on exhibition Taradxv afternoon, lor wimStton. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Ancf*. rT ILBJ3UT & fcAMVbDJi, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TRADE SALE BY CATALOGUE OF Sixty Crates of Crockery, 300 Looking Glasses, AT AUCTION. On Friday Afternoon* Nor. 30th, At 2* O'clock, we will sell st onr salesrooms. 47 snd 49 « fflmwof white granite ware, all of the brat shatx* and tu»ke. and consist* ot all the kind* wUlberold by the package, aod ara «p en- Cbllv assorted. Included In the **le are eight •eeinSsTAlso. SCO mirrors, assorted sixes. Tbe sale wm be A SAMPSON. Anciicnem. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* ft Commission Horciant*. pSU 44 * 46 RASPOLPn-37. •pOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION. n. TTPSTUV Knr. 27th. St 10 O'dOCt. at BOttSTI E?iV pilSS* Block. 44 sad 46 Ban dclp!wU WJL A. BUTTERS * CO- Anct'ra. r ADIES’AND GENTS’FURS, BUCK I j AND KID GAUNTLETS, CLOVES AND HITS, BOOTS AND SHOES* AT AUCTION. OnICESDAY. Nov. 77th, at o'clock. at Butters’ cT’es-yoras Palmer's Block, 44 and 46 Bandoipb-st. VTM. A. BUTT EES A CO., AcctiiS- jQRT GOODS, CLOTHING, Ladle*' Cloaks, Broadcloths, CaMlmeres, Moslios. Fiaanels* Negligee Shirts, shirts and Drawers, Drca* Goods. Lines Thread, &:e.« AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, Novnnber JSOx, at SVo’cJock. st Bolter*’ Salesroom*, In Palmer • Block. 44 and 46 Esndoiph R. WE WILL SELL, on Tuesday, Nor.«6,at U o’clock, at our auction room* ip-south Llark 't- couuter*. ihelvta*. dokaaad pxtnrts belonging to a store. tanltare. cooking and parlor storec. bedding, te. Fifties wlih lae to sell *tuff. Plca»e send In by that time. WiL gBTTFTTHS A CO- AacUonecrs. T 7-ALE ABLE BUSINESS LOT FOR V SALE AT ArCTION.-I will *ell on the prem- Uc*. cn Wtdne*dav. Sov. JSih. at 10 o clock *- m- Lot a, Ogaen’* Addition, cor. Hnbb*rd*ad Peoria at*. Now tithe time to make a good Md proitable In vestment. Terms H cash.bal.lnland3years,Int. « scatter T>Y J. il. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, Jt> 1-J7 DEAEBOKS-ST. EELLS At 10 o’clock a. m- t To-day. gjotclg. rpHE LANE & EODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAK ENGINES, gMwpi* MiennwL Com Mills and Shafting. Wood 'nM“ working Machinery. JUASB 4: BODLET, Comer of John and Water-eta, Cincinnati. m ffiSSS, r S£ ,pUT ' clrmUn w*SSfm* itto turn—jgottggg rpo KENT—The dwelling,l=3 bbowh. ai ciatic-et. .. TO KENT—A Gothic house, r <so West Wftßhlnrton-»U,9 roox*. beddes clOiCts aoi P»= try. hydr&bt >ad cistern water. ri->o RENT—By Wm. D. Kerloot, 89 Ajmkesm®*® afflsKn Uenu »30 per monib. TO RENT—Cottage boose, nice locality. BonUnrMlccrcffrMorsiaaal Harrison. Inquire In jbe renr. TO RENT—Toe very pleasant twostory re»l cpct. partly mraujffi bu. n»f f wood, ter U>e board ol a «»*•« amuy. .DIRECTOR. O REJiT—Collage on West LiSc-st., n-. r rvrtiftiL. luvlnz Arc roorav cltsrt wi ICeattiipermontti. l>n n iae TO RENT—A new cottage house at city limit*, West bide, two blocks trom the street tm. inqalre mO4 6 Weat l>tt »t» TO RENT—It you want to rent a bouse, buy a house. or sell a house I *' a yev£ fleo wine bargains offering. GfcOBGE * wli-* i.raMR.7 Sont&qart-at. n TVKNT House, barn and one acre Of CTOODd, all la Rood repair, rent low. at tfca rt , n f oroVe Station. Ad ire*s or Inquire of A. oh* Chicago. ren bf.NT—bv Delamater & RandalL I ini nirk4L> I— Kcw WMtorj »ttd tirtct\S»en.ent aoow?oaWc»t AdamnWifl rooms an* «11 Uie modern improvements. rpn RENT —A completely , turmsbei 1 house on Korth Side, ic -^J^Mbane reasonable. For particular* address “B. J-. irmane office.— TO BENT—Two neat collages on Jack- Bon-su. west of TToyne-st.. at tfl per month, *n quire #t MIifi.D.PnATTS Intelligence office. J>o. 130 Sonth Clarlc-st. „ TO BENT—On the Sonth Side, a house containing five rooms aad four cloaeu. with furni ture for sale v&y cheap. Apply at 100 Uadlson-sU, I loom -1. TO RENT—Rooms, in the building tnown.s Uirs Hotel. 17 Rnd 19 Noith Wcll-jiu flrtt corner south ot Galena Depot. The house has been newt? fitted up and the rooms are In excellent or der and are well adapted for offices or sleeping apart menu. Apply oa the premises. TO REST—Two very pleasant unlur nlsbed rooms, with board, at 7 Sonth May-st. Btfexenctsetchanged. TO RENT—With hoanl, a pleasant suite ot unfurnished rooms, at 430 West Adams-sL, op posite Jeflerson-park. . TO RENT—& comfortable furnished rooms, with board at »AN ter week- Alsoa targe uumrotehea front room, lor a Mtleman and wife, at Washmgiotuta. rpo KENT—Four pleasant looms, part- I r y furnished oi unfurnished, suitable for a small lamll/er sinsie gentlemen. Apply * l t*l!l Pralilc-av., foot of slsletatn-st., lake shore. rpn pp.N»r—With board, a nicely tor- I cl shed rnltc ot room* and clo«et, In a private Urn- Ifyl to a gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen, at 132 South Morgan-st. .Mr. nockett TO KENT—Large Iront room, vritU board, in a private lan. By, at 113 West Adams-tl. TO KENT—Two pleasant rooms, suita ble for a gentleman and wile or single gentlemen. Likewise a lew day boarders can Apply at 10 Ru»h-»t. ri-o REXT —A pleasant front room, with I or wltnoat bedroom, for oce or two gttllemen, with mcl, light, Ac., at 23S Ene-sL, near Clark. rr*o REXT—Two gentlemen or a gentle- A man and bis wile can find a comtnrtabfe room, with stove la U, for the winter, at 10 Thlrdav. Ap ply for a for days. Reference required. '0 RENT— Funju-hed rooms to rent at Cdnton-st., between Adams and Jackaon-*U. TO KENT—Five rooms, desirably lo catcd. In Sooth Division, suitable for housekeep ing, and tunlluro for rale. For particulars apply to T. B. OELFIELD & CO.. Beal Estate Agents, 10 r. O. Block. IDI3 EVENING. rpo KENT— Furnished * Lodgings—One I large front room, and single rooms with closets mid gas; furnished and kept in order, to rent, wuncui toard. at No. 13 Sooth Watcr-st. _ ©faces, &c TO RENT—Comer store and dwel ling. with lease and fixtures for sale. In qnireat No. 17ti North Clark-st. OKENT— Noe. M 3 and C 55 .South Wei:s-«L Urge bnlldms, with all machinery, la. quu eat tbe bnlldlng. trom 11 to 18 o’clock a. m. TO REXT—Storage for apples, above ground, and of the best kind. Calf at 36 West Larc-tU, Chicago. T'O RENT—A desirable front room, on the second floor. Apply at H. f- CJUMHON* co.’S. Cotnml*‘lon Mcrchanfs and Jobber* In Cheese, Fruits, 4c., 9 South Clark-su TO RENT—Fait of Second Floor 80 Randolph-*!. (3 rooms), nicely papered and very desirable. Apply at otlice of Young America Collar Company, on same floor. TO RENT—To Ist of May, 1867, store 167 South Clark-*!. Apply on the premia?*. TO RENT—No. Idl South IXIIOI-51., comer c t South Clark, suitable for commission or office basinets. Very desirable location. Posse tloL given DccembCTjsL__A|mly_onthcj>remi»ea^^^ Will be held at TTOR SALE—Two Frame Houses and r - lota on North De»rborn-»L, near Chlcago-ave. one’#4,ooo, the other #7.500. Al*o. bouse and lotoa West Monro Mt., near tbe High school; sl*oo. Fifly leet on Wabash-ave- near tonrtfienUi-*L,by ttVKs * AVKES, Boom 10. Crosby's Opera Bouse. FOR SAJjE Or To Kent—House and lot. No. 644 Wabash-ave. Inquire at the boose. FOR SALE—A large Brick House, with all modem Improvements, on Drarbom-tL. south or Che*taut-*U, at #12,50); one-third baUnca n one aid two years. Alia, a large dwell log. with all late improvement*; large rant euient. lucuted on east of Casa, at #15.4)3, by BSfca i AYRES. Boom TO. Crosby's Optra Bouse. FIR SALE—a Email, very handsome cottage ot 5 rooms and hall wl'l be sold cn«ip. If applied for Immediately. Address P. O. 80x735, Chicago 17 OR SALE Michigan-av. residence, I* with all modern tmprove-urats, in first-class neighborhood; also. North LaSaiie-eL residence, in a desirable neighborhood, with all modern Improve ment*; two lonon Douglss-piacc. near the unlversi- Mtx ; cheap lots in all parts of the city. J. D. HAR VEY, ReaTEstate and Loan Broker, 78 LaSaUe-eu FOR SALE—Valuable Lot on Tan Buren-st., near new depot. Marble-trout store oa Lake-st. Prick building on Dearbora-st. First-riaa business property on Wasnlngton-st. nouse and lot on Indlana-av., near Twcntr-faurth-st. Maihlc-front residence on Wabash-sv. Fine lot on Waba«h-ar„ near Thirteenth sU, east front. 40 feel on Madlson-st, near Wrlls-st. 46 lee I on Can V-st., near Mxdlsonst. ■Xtro feet da lUndolph-»t.. near Wells*!. Hoa-e* and lots In all parts of the city. Apply at m« l-e*l Estate Office of OLLINOEB ft WALLER, SO Washington-*!., Booms 1 acd 2. I TOR SALE—At a Bargain, a Two-story * and basement frame hunse. >o. 73 Twenty-sixth at.; size. n hr U fret. with twelve rooms, marble man tels. ras. water, and sewerage; lot »bv lOp f;*et. Will be sola at the low figure of fl.ojO: oae-h ilf cash, if soil WlTQin trC *)•»•£?• iTS OuCffid *6#) a year rent. I*o**e*sloti given immeiliatilv. Irqulri of LAYTO> * CO„ 128 Waihlngton-st. FOK SALE— Two New Frame Houses of eight room* each, water, gas. sewerage, an l lou: on Wa«hlngtoa-st., Inituedute pos-rsiton. THOMAS D, bNYBER d (,9i Heal E** uie Agents. No. -1 Metropolltsnßlock. PALMEK'd BLOCK, WM. A. BUTTERS A CO- Ancfrs. fHarijlncrji. ffi.o &cnt~lAOomg. Heal Estatc-ffiits. in. PROVED. r.sinpuovcu. FOR SALE—Five Acres, in Block 5, Section h. 39,11. at ll.MVJpcr acre. Also, acres on stale-st.. Inside the city limit*. The hor« car* pax* this property cverv few minutes. It will be sold at a low figure by r£es* ATUta,B?om 10. Crosoy* Opera House- FOR SALE—On Prairie-av., 70 feet. A very desirable lot. Indeed. Eaclosei, two rows of tte shade tm-a In front— llo per foot less than the market price. GEO, w. HILL. 17 Ucynolds’ Block. QTi sat. B—lo acres ot Land, in Sec- Uon it, l*< milt* west of the city limit*, at only •jaa ner acre. hcUc much l>elow the rate at whlcn oitu laud In the vicinity IsbcU. Term*, one-fourth ca«lr balance, one. two. and three years, at 6 per c;n«. Inunstl A fine chance lor speculation, aa this proper v will utdonbtedly be worth JLCW per arre in a few , c-rs Title perfect. WARDEN & GOODRICH, Beil E>w.te Brokers. 123 Deatbora-su. Boom 2. T?OR 'SALE—At a Barcam, a Lot on P Frar.klin-*U a llttlo south of North-ave.. 4S bv •"h fret, run-.lng through from street to *treet,wlth Iwo s-uall borne*, renting for 111 per month. Price ih.lo. on very eay urtna. Title perfect. WAR UF.N & lU'ODRICU, BcalEeiate Broker*. 125 Dcar l>ofn-*t.. Room 2. ■ lioarbing, TJOARDINQ —Private Boardinc House. I I Know all. by these present*, that 28S.Statotf ho* l-ccc newly refurnished, and tho*e de-lrou» can procure pleasant room* and good board for the winter None but flm-claas gentlemen and ladle* need apply. T>OARDING First-class board, with I j targe rooms, may be had on Immediate applies* Uoaat No. 137 Fourth-av. Four-story marble front house. "DOAKDING —A gentleman and wife, L) or two Uncle gentlemen, can be accommodated with board at 39 Aberdeen-st. BOARDING— An unfurnished parlor, aim two furnished room* to rent, with board, at 2U6 West Bandolpb-st Reference* required. T> CARDING —Two front rooms, or one 0 large frost room atd bedroom, tarnished or nn furnished, tor one or two gentlemen and their wives, where there aro no other boarders. West Jack -1 on-ct- - CARDING—A suite of tmfornislicd front room*, with board, suitable for g-ntleman ami wife, in a private family, on the West Side, tn a d-rirablelocstlon. Belerei.ce* required. Addreai**C K." Tribune office. DOAKDLNG —Good board and decant Jf) scorns at a fair pr-cc, at 743 State-st.; aliu.a wcli-furnlshed ptilor to feat to a gentleman and wife. BOARDING— Front parlor and bed rocm, single rooms and day board, can bi bad at 17 Dtifbijni-iL. up stair*. OARDING —A few gentlemen can find good board and pleasant rooms at 437 WlcW ean-stTnear the corner of North Stale and conreileaS lb besixess localities. Terra* moderate. T)OARDING —Wishing tr reduce ex- I > proses, will cive furnish** t, privilege ot Sait rcomand comlora of a bom , tljmtaand sritf, tiU May. Address “NO u)E, Tnboa. office. OA RDIN G —Gentlemen wishing good hoard In a private family and very pleasant loca tion, can find such at 439 iLltolMti, two blocks State-st. bridge. _ BOARDING— A gentleman and wife or a couple oi single pcatiemro can obtain a hind- room on tbelrst on thewemd goer. wcU fnrnlshM. with c-ol hoard, 1® a very good neighborhood. Apply at 274 Madison-st n corner ot Morgan. BOARDING— One large front room to trot, with beard, suitable for and wile or two single gentlemen. a; 7-1 Jacaso^-st. r» OAR DING With nicely mrmslied J 3 from parlor, lor two ecntlemen, at »41 Eriosu, three doors from Claik-st-cars. T>OARDING-rTwo gentlemen who Tnll JDroom together can find * SpS?nSS? Mirt at 1 IS Sute-su one block from the Post once. J HOARDING —A geni’.eman can be AC 'S ,6mmodalcd with hoard la a private f«x»y near Twelfth-*!., by addieasing P. O. 8013D79- OARDING —Good board, with rooms. at Brirr* House So. 2. Mouroe-fh, near Post omce. Day hoardexa accommodated. •n OARDiXG 15 or 20 dav boarders will ■ « taken at *3 ft veek or 21 caealsatfS; attbelTTß TkKnJT-T LIVE DIVING SALOON, 123 Dearborn* CboweiiqoMtatttoe bar. CARDING —A lew respectable cenUe- Bra^»«tl«ne C aad****£&«“ St>Cd [jQjjd f rj Qcclltnt room* >t 54 Fourth-**^ n vrDLNG —One or two gentlemen kxscin* 313 But»«t. ij can anij. u- Term» reafonatie. Hoarding—Two gentlemen can be roopSud bo«a *tSO.3(W ttt Bm> ml Cw. OAHDLSG —Nicely furnished rooms indonforoUbed frcnl room, with board; alao, daj .113 d Eaat MadUon-«t. TtOARDING —A gentleman and wife or IS two Uncle gentlemen desiring a pleasant suite oC rooms with tood board, in a strictly prtriM ftSufSortb side. cnaTenlen; to bailies*, *aj ad* 3£ST-% BT Tribune office. ffiKantfU-jaale 38elP-_ HUOKUBEPEES, SAI-ESmEM to, WANTED —Salesmen —A few choice TUT ANTED—A first-class salesman, to '/V t£=iouii ctwcrr, ipplj to A- wan- TEBfi. iW-* Bond JcflorfOn-st. -rr-r k xrT'P'n A smart, active young OUCO. -=fr ot' -Experience, \\ u>i* goodiimU»ecouniiytown*. Apply*<> CO?*49 Clwgg. SSa^SSSS tbadbs. -C\T ANTED— Immediately, » S«jJ Champaign. IU. ACTED—A smart, clean bov, lOor y y is. tor tto batclserlog troslacw. 347 Randolph-*!. nr ANTED—A boy Horn 14 to 11l years VV ot ace. to teod bar. Moat hare wine knowledge o?J, ZLtSis. Apply .tIU s-.nxu CUrt.l. TXT AKTED— Two blacksmiths—One as 'w\ borae-«boer, the oliter for fitting. Apply toT. BERNABD. Eramton. lIU «to M. LY*CH, corner ot ’WelLut. and yortb-ar- Chicago, HI. W^Ss2SS^.SSSS&£ lagalleaad Wel'B. TUT ANTED —A young man to learn ihc \\ drag business. J Apply at comer of Sta-e aad - agaanteb-jpamale %rip- «».BSWOBBW> TRADES. Stt. ferson-Bt. Experienced one* preferred. TAT ANTED—Five experienced ladycan- VV vasseiAtowhom great inducements sjc offered, to tell B. H. Oates’ Vertical Post Rising Clothe* Drye. LaSsjJe-st., Boom *A op-atam. . HOUSE SEBVASTS. TA^ANTED —A girl or midcle-agcd wo- VV man (American, German or Korwejrtaa pre ferred) to do general housework tc>T a• •mail Gcodwagee. Apply at 170 WcstTwclflh-st. TA 7AN TED—In a private family, a wo- V V man to do cooking, warning and A capable woman can secure arst-clas* wages by apply* leg at 471 Wabaab-ar. TATANTED—Two experienced girls— VV one to cook, wa»h and iroa,tbeolhci lodoisc otd work. Inquire at 90S Pralrlo-av.. with refcrea- CCS. . TXT ANTED—A good German or Ame- V\ near girl, to take Charge of a Child. Befcrenct Apply at 194 booth Ila Med-at. ■\TTANTET) —A first class cook, washer \'\ and Irontr, lor a family ot three. Apply at Tnml National Dank, or >o. isl Indlant-av., for two TTTANTED —Immediately, a genteel V V young lady or widow, as hoosekeefMs la a prl rate iamllT. Adores* l»r two day* wtth age. War? and place of residence, W. G. TRIIMDLE, Chicago 1 .O. TXT ANTED —A tnrl to do general house- VV work for a rmali'ZamUy. EiTe.-cnccs repaired. Apply at 317 Wawtsb-ar. TA fAN TED—Two juris, cook and ream- V\ ►treti. To those who thoroughly undereland their business and can come weU recommenced, the bivbcst wsafi will he paid. Apply immediately, at 207 Michigmu-st. Xvr ANTED—A good girl, to do Jhe yv work of a email family. Good wages paid. 3J North May-at. jSmplogintnt agencies. TXTANTED —500 experienced Railroad /V Graders (Irishmen prtfcrre-i). to werk cn the grading of the Cedsr K«ptds 4 ll.ssourt H.ver flal road, in Western, lowa. Wages sl-75 per day. Port'd fJAO per w i«k- Ttawportai.ioni from Chicago to the work lornlsbed Bee, by P. D. tVKABE 4 LU. 11 ?* South Watcr-«L w. W. WALKER, %ice Pn*lotnt and Chief Engineer.. _ WJ ANTED —Men looking tor business. VV call at Room 3. No. S 7 and see tbe “STAB DAMPER." There Is money In «. It will cost yon nothing to InTeaUente lu WANTED— 1,000 men to go South ; wagrs #ls lo #SO a month and board, 50 track layers and striker*. |3.w a day; 500 railroad laborer*, (/a day. Apply a: 133 Ciark-st, Boon 3. V\ T ANTED—This Day—2so laborers, V V at n.TS per day. all winter; 80 chopiwrs. 50 rail road men: WOO men to work So u .i h , < , ttr^s t3 t.^i l3^i; also.2guudtlnncr>, at Boom J Unds Block, Ban do.phst. bridge. ■*, TXT ANTED—lmmediately—l -clerk, 3 VV salesmen, 1 travelling agent, 4 solicitor*. 1 printers, 6 good canvassers, stumers.» tailors. 3 »hoe makeroTa nohoistcrers. 5 carpers, » go this day). SCO railroad men,» for Pinery.«i labor era and 1.000 men to go Ssouth. Apply to PAKbUALL, 4 SMITH, J2S South Clark-sL, Room 11. Appli cants by mall enclose two stamps. "WT ANTED —Young men in the country VV wishing t-i obtain iltuallons.Bach m bookkeep er*. salesmen, clerks, brakemen. firemen, driver*. Ac-, to applv at 134 Dcarbnm st., Boom 2. or address M. £. JUNES 4 CO., B?x 2U40. enclosing tea cents tttaNTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 4 VV ealennen. 2 porter*.* drivers, 3 crprcismea, 1 cocductor, 2 brakemen. 1 fireman. 3 a genu. 3 »hlp plng clerks. Apply at A 34 Dearbom-sL, Room 4. TI7ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V I saleamen, 1 eondnetor. 3 btakemea, 1 Orcmen, 1 porter, r driven. 5 eipr***meD. ■V?ly at U;’om 1J Fullerton Block. 92 Dcaroorn «t. Ai>p lcaaU hy mxl aadresa J. 51. MOORS 4 CO., Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents tor reply. •\ttaNTED—Toungmcn m the country VV wiibtngtoobtalnsltuatloas,*DChasbookk«ep ere clerk), collector*, salesmen, condiciora. express men. 4e.. 4c-to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Ulcer, 92 fieartonwd., or address J. 51. MOORE 4 CO., Box 1707, enclosing ten cents for lull particular*. *vttaNTED —TTe will pay SIOO to anv YV person who wiU show os a better paying ha»r ness than our machine fbr grinding knlve*. sriMor*. tbears, reaper knlvea, edged tool*. 4c. It ha» no com petition; meet* with rapid sale* all the year roand; never wears out, and gusrantce-1 tree from numnn*. A little child or blind mu* can w it- ReUll ori« •350. Send tor saropia— FULLER * Clark-SL, Room 16. Send two >Ump» far reply. XTtfANTED —Bookkeepers, clerks, sales • VV men, porter*, driver*, bartender*, firemen, brakeamen. mechanics, laborer*, canvasser*, one man with SISC to #2OO capital, and all wutdng (Uoatlons, to apply at EMW.OYMEST AGENCY, S 4 Dearbom-sL, Buont 3. Applicants by mall endow 10 cenu. XXTAN TED—3,OOO men to go South, V V wa~cs. Its to fSO a month -and board; M wood choppers for Michigan, railroad bands and men ror the plncrr. Applv at 100 Madlson-sC. Boom 4. (EHantcb—fttiscellaucous. TXT ANTED—Men ot large or small V V capital to engage In the sale and manufacture of an article of great utility and economy In eyerr honicbold. Inquire at Boom 18 Oils Block, Madl soc-*t. TXTANTED— Everybody, old and V V young, male and temac, to call on MADAMS A. DUAL, the greatest Fortune Teller ku.»wn. She will astonish you with Revelations—Past, Present and Future. 393 South Clart-st. WT ANTED— Good second-band and V r new vinegar barrel*, lor cash. by BT.DEB * M AXFIELD. at the Chicago City \ laegar Works, IJ7 Kir. A e-flt. TXT ANTED—Know Thyself—All per- V V sols, young or o;u, who wish to have their past, present and teture clearly revealed, call on MADAM CARLISLE, at 316 fcoutb Clark-st., QP stair*. WT ANTED—Families wanting their V » cioitT, , "‘ t *ds aud dresses made at tftelr honi!, will find one competent by applying to “W E b,**,,Trl bune office. XX 7" AN TED —A tenor smeer, for quar- V v tette choir In the Second Unlvervallst Ctaureb. Apply at southwest corner of Market and Van Burra- TXT ANTED—For a No. 1 tenant, wbn V V wi’l 1-aae for a term of j ear* if price and locali ty suit* him, a neat comfortable dwelling, with tr’m b've to seven ru'>m*. nesidt-B closets, tn a gooi b*aUuv locality, and not tar trz m ihestnetcars. H. C. MOULY A CO., S Metropolitan Block. • TXT ANTED—Ten thousand acres cheap VV wild land*, tor which cadi will oepuld. Ad dles* RICHARDSON, Ro'n 14. 155 South Clark-st. Chicago. lIU staling price and location. TXTANTED —Mariners Captain G. VV Barry, late of the hartrg Ms ova Asm and Instrument*. i<*„ cr c rx a rare opp irtunPy to a few re*pectThi« sailor m-r. wr.o wl*h to s.udi au ric g the even’ngs of the winter tnonlli*. to become sklflul naxlsaior*. capable <T taking a *blp to anv por tlcn of the globe. Charge 110. Apply at 129 South stutf—ast comer of i’clk, la the brick row, any evening, at 6 p. m. £iKanteli=«Comsponlience. TXT AN TED—Correspondence—A mid- VV dle-aged gentleman wishes to cotre-pond with some middle-aged lady or widow. Oplect. lriend«hlp and matrimot y. Adnrets Y. C. VICTOR, West Branch P. 0„ Chicago, 111. All communication confidential. lacal iEstatc-Couutrg. FOR SALE lmproved Farms—The following Ctrm(,wlth valuable Improvement*. Hrusted In Marshall County, UllnoU, near railroad oetot and river: Two farms ol acre* e*ch,oneof 290*cre*,oae of SlO acre*, one of A) acre*, one of 117 acre*, and one of ** timber land*, and improved property in the thriving city ot Lacon, Marshall County. Term* very reasonable. For particulars address FlailEß ft SONS. Lacon, Illinois. FOR SALE—An improved farm, ail in a high state ot cultivation, located adjacent to, and part covered by the town ot Buckler, containing WO acres. The Improvements are a good house, bant, carriage house, bearing orchard, W acres tn tame gras*. This Is cue of the but Improve! and mo*l de»lrabie larmslnthlsrcgl'-n. A large number of town lot* re main unfold cn till* form. Price fIS per acre. Address JOHN A.KOPLIN.BeaI Estate Agent, Bucklcy.lro quota County, llilnot*. TTOR SALE—Timber Lands on Lake r* Michigan. located on North Bar (on-of the best btfbon alone the Late); I-M acres ullh rt-dar. maple. and elm—never baa been cot—at £. SgIggTCEQ. W. BILL. 17 Reynolds Block. fHacijinns. FOR SALE—A. N. Wood & Co.’= port able engines, from 4 “ IWiarw mtstj; one s-borse power;on wheels, suitable for thrashing. In oulrr of A- S. WOOD. at the Sherman House. Also, om- 5-honw power, hand. In cool njantnc or der. Can he seen In operation at the Chicago Bazrae* urr 1 39 South Water-at. Inquire of ileasr*. LUAI’- the premises, or A. S. WOOD, as above. . FOR SALE—Five Portable Steam En gine*. «. 10.12. and 13 horse power, one 30 toot ?s inch, one 13 fool»Inch, one T tool tMnch. -wing-. twt> SVtootltlLch swing; screw cutting engine lath*; Siron Dlancra; upright drips; Pillow uniU; »uspee<loo drilln portable saw mill*; Earl** steam porapa. Woodworth planers acd matrfce.-*; Farrars’pinner* at rycepot of HAWKINS it JAMES. 5-i south WeOs-at. FOR BALE—Portable and Stationary Engines of aU sires. One S-fect bed. IS-Uich swing: one s-fe«t bed. U-lnch swing; rro 4Vf«t bed. in“S iTte one IJ-re-t brt. a-l-tt «*fn= mn leet-bed. Sfi-loch swine; one 15-ftet bee, SPlncb swing; sJI screw cuttlae engine, Uthe; two nnrieht drills; two Iron planer*; bolt rotten nut tanner, one wood snrthcer; one and matcher. AlsoTsn kinds of machinery, brftisg. hose and pamps. C. U BICE A CO, 19 and 1 1 Dearborn-st. ilos i ant* jpounlSo TOST— $15 Reward—For a block-and j tan Dog; looe can and tall, with metal collar, without lock, strayed from the subscriber on Friday. 23d mat. The above reward will bo raid bv returning him to me at Merchants' Uotel. A. SPEStKn T OST—Or Stolen—A large Newfound- I j land dog. with white on breast, teetinose and tip oftall. Answers to-tbe tame of “Plato.*’ Whoever will retorn him to 173 South Wells-sti. will be well paid. LOST— On Saturday last, between the GsltuaDepotandXo.71 Stat&at, aPodet-Book fUQ. fined M JocaUitn MiVJrc, In (Ivor of Sam'L Tritp. a liberal reward will be paidto tbo under on returning tie tame to 71 alate-st. money, and a promissory not cental nix g fll in 10 ST—On Saturday last, between the j Galena depot ud So. 71 State st» a pocket book, containing eleven dollar* In money and a promUaory cote Ibr oce hundred dollars, signed by Jonathan in taror or Siml Trtpci. The Coder will be lib* rally rewarded by tearing the tame at the offlee ot •* City Package and Baggage 00." Ko- 71'.State-st. t OST —A very small tan colored, lone ly eared dor. wlib dark back, named “John.” \ liberal reward will be paid lor bis retain to the St. Coed Home. T OST—On Clark or Madison, near La- I j Salle a poor woman, a pocket book wllh nearlr SS.CD. Toe honest finder la requested to letTfi It si the bakery, comer Lusllo and Madlsoattfi, j&ttuanons ffl«aanuo=jaaleß gOOEKEEFEBS SAlESlira^ - ITUATION —Wanted—A clerkship^ any respectable business In the city, by * j™-, mac oftboroußh fancrtence tn bualun* U a Rood penman and accountant; salary ucaivjTUl! Wll' *l*e Rood references, Ac- from rwpoosiM* %»r Urt. picaae aCdrw.s ~J. A.” No. North V»u»« L SITUATION— Wanted—By a fim-cha cook. (* Frenchman*. Can I'.nmh be-tot encc a. Apply it ItmOlXA’S. 11l M -nroe-u. ITUATION—VTantoI—By a yonci man who understands hor-w and driTiae, iroaJd icthu himself oscfaL The heat of ru» fclr . coccs* Please address 4 **! J.” P. O. Box'-2075.C&: eago. SITUATION —TV anted —By a young n.aafEoKli*h). t» coachman or gardener. «iu»» pntat«?family. llaagoM ta th-lins-t** Can flTe rood referesee. Andrew, for two “j u W Cr 1 Tnonteogee. CITUaTION—Wanted— By an expert- O eseM fccoMserpfr. Win s-a-rtfi* nsefal. Goodrelcreaees. Aodres* “f B," Tnbsas <*. flee. __ CITDATION— Wanted—By a young lean IS yetit of ace, that caa irate hlmwif ataorkmaot business, No objection to brine a u» mllca out ol the city. Address -H C.'* Itlbane jgee. ITUATION—Wanted — To business men. I bare completed a commercial conr»» want to get Into an office to learn the more practical cart of feoUteeplns. w Here my aerrlceawlli sv a y beard. Goo*! city reference* given. Address “*3 w." 774 Wett Jacfcaoa-at. FEiDALES. STCATIONS —Wanted—Bv two #rU (Bbtm).ooe u cook.wssher aid trascr. tie othe two Cays, at 1010 Indlaa*. ITUATlOX—Wanted— To tike care of a bahv. by a woman who has livr l two jear* a ter last place and can (live the best ot references. CCI or aroma gSS Boron-st- bOITDATION— Wanted—As opeiatoron Wbce;er AWUsonsewlngmaciine. Aa.lpj«<‘-st V. 333 Archcr-road. Kcirrcaccs U required. CITDATION—Wanted as housekeeper, O by a lady who Is competent to takefull Good m.rence given. Address lor three days 335 Sonth Claik-st. - agents aSKantcb A GENTb—Wanted—slso per momh. r\ even where, male aad toarfi tte GivSC. & ECOMiION SBJt SE FAMILY S EVTD. G \\s Li £ the greatest lovcnnon of the age. Price ?IS. !■ ».-» Machine warranted ttn.o year*. Address SttOMß* Claveiand. Ohio. AGENTS— per month male and female, to sell the I'iini-ETI '-KW iso MACHINE—tbs be=t cheap niacl la- c.-kK AV areas W. DELOSS A CO., >0.105? Dearborn C, • capo. Ul. . ■ AGENTs —Warned—Experienced i>ook and es graving canvasser*, to whom ale ary orcommtsalon will he paid. AdJr»H» cn.VltL&s uni. I3S Sooth Clark-sU Chicago.lll. AGENTS— ‘Wauled—$1,5C0 per year nald to to Introduce o*tr n»w Macbire. Address SUaW A Cl. ARK.rMJc'jrd.Milri or at Chicago. 11l- A GENTS—TVimted —$150 per ronnth. J\ I want Agent* la every county ir. Hi- I'riiM State*, ts an entirely new business, Andreis U. a. gnaw. Alfred, M«lne. AGEXTo •wanted to scllHodmn* Patent Elastic Paper Collar FMteiiltg. ilTi-trsu-0 lathe Scientific American Attc«*t llth, 1-<W. Samples tad circulars sect on receipt of fitly coat*. Acrot-.-sa make sls to F 3 per day. Addrea* S, KODolhe 4 CO. 31d Thlrd-sU St. Lonis. Mo. A GEXTi —‘Wnnrrd— *t-> J\ #eU Orant*t celebrated CAKPI.I HAI.Ls. r.tfv»t before Introduced into the United btst.» t-v aaj .ire man. Tbe greatest inducement* »ver otfcrro te tn this or any other country. Apply to F. GRANT, *»l2 We»t Lake su Clilcago. A GEN Ts—'Wanted—Ten active, cncr xA getle men. to each • f whom I will give a menth and excuses paid. S» ne need ap;*ly who mb cot willing lo travel and tell. Address Box 2J. In dianapolis. Ind. AGENTS —Wanted —The immense de mand for TRIED AND TBUC. or LOVE AND LOYALTY, ebonld leduce all pmou lo search <>f pr>- f table employment, to send for circular ant tenrs. w XV. j. HOLLAND 4 CO., Chicago, lIL, MUw*-Aee, Wls., Dubuque, lowa. AGENTS— Wanted—Every whoreT for the INSTANTANEOUS WINDOW CLEAN Mt AND MAGIC FOUSH. CTwita winLiwa *c.. thl hlcblvpoU-hir-ullvrr and other mvtaK wlU..m.«-.a or hoi water. du»t or Utter, and wiih cc- no labor. Everybody watts It. Asewt» «».. from $3 to #lO per day. fcmall capital and large pto.. Call, or send 3Se--.t* (hr sample amj term.-. .4. SHTII4 CO, T 7 Dearjom-st, CClcagj. r. ohi 6133 . AGENtS—' Wanted—§200 per mottS ar<l expense* paid male or ismalo sgi'iit-, f In trounce a new and nscfhl lavi ntlon. of ah« -lu.e n ...ty In every houseDo’d. AgVrls preferring tu work oa comn.t**lon ran rart. front #'!o to fi-xl ■•a»-. t |u _ particulars address W. G. WILSON 4 LO, Cieve. GENTS Wanted —For several vorr laportant new books, Inelndlng VUE AMER ICAN FARMFK'S bOBSE BOOK. Onv eUcxit octavo Tolnme, about 6ft» pages, splendidly ulus* Sated and embe.llshed with, nareerou» fiiu engrami’. by Bom. bigwam, M- D. V. S, embodying .he re*a.« of twenty year*' crlglna! investigation *-Td Mi-Vy socccssfm veterinary practice In the pf«t nacs-r.»..- ing regions of Kentncky. Tennessee and Mbd-slpil. cmb-aclngtne nature, cause* and tr. atuent of disease* peculiar to tlie American Borer, and of * m e disease* heretofore considered incnrable. Alt', a- ex tended treatise on Mock Ulslrg and b- ck Mxn-u<-- ment. Sold otly by sn.-serlpdon. Ssendfor oar Ulus trated circular ac c terms, and you will *ee ttiat ma Sleek no Uulherfor the scrlpllenbfß-k extant. J. h. GOODMAN 4 CO^ru> Ushers. 3 Custom Ilouse-place. Chicago. 111. p. ATKINsUN. 1*64 Randolph-*!-- Boom 6. Chicago. A GENTS-'Wanted For ‘- WOMEN /V OF THE WAR." a new work by Frark Moore, Mttbrof the “Kebelllnn Record." 4c. 'JWs work U» iliti-rr of the deeds of noble women who eharnl the v>erll» ol the war at d ought to Inherit It* glories. Names S nearfv oc*hondrf»l ol tie ««« of the cjw^ try. trom cve»y loyal SUte. are here mentioned, wim aarraflro. and account* ot their i J“‘.•*?'?; ...., _*«.—(. i . fo* thp 1 nlon. llln win ol t eantlfnl PORTRAITS soldltr bevs V UlTTcoenize tbe likens****; ot noble wo mw frlml ln rome of the many cot umei tathU volume. It !■* a firsKl its pages. Wewanl an «ent In every town In the tTcited itS*. fmr terms arc liberal. L*)l on or iddrow i~ C. TREAT. 117 Son'-b Clark-tL. Chicago, 11L A GENTS—Wanted—'To sell something _/\ li>at everybody can malta a practical u»eof every Sty. Sample *ent free on receipt cf a stamp to pay postage. B- 8. CASWELL. Seno»ha, Wla. „ A GENTS —Wanted —Disabled toMiere. _/V Totmg men, yon are wanted. andean make money S»lin dtilinc the sew powdered Black Lead, for Mots polish. All will hot It because U U gennlne and con* venientlv prepared. Call and see hi. 418 LaSe-st, second floor. A GENTS—Wauled—For the most pop alar and best telling Subscription Books pub rtihed. We are the mod extensive publisher* In the Unlttd States, (having house* In sir cltl«). tad do not cmp'.or General Agents (as nearly all oUi“r pabllJUlm, houses do), therefore we are enabled to give our can tassert the extra per cent which la usually aiicwet General Aetna'. C’d Accnu and others will J advantage ot dealing directly with the publishers Send for circulars and *«• the l*t S?*B?isn and terms to Agents. Addres« NATIONAL 1 LBLDjII INC HOUSE. at cither Chicago. Lu bt-UjuU. >!■>, Cincinnati, Ohio, Blcbm-nd. % a., P*„ of Bos'QP, Ms»s. fcJUlantcb-O Lieut. WT ANTED—To Rent—lmmediate ’y, a VV fuml-hed house, for a small private Most been >he Soutn Side, not over *cnnlm!t-s wa-k from the Post Office. Addreas **C,” B»x I 4R5- TXTANTfcD—To Rent—Three rooms, V » wlih board for a cenUcman. wife, two children and servant. Address "P,” 10 Lasaiic-st. TXT ANTED—To Bent—A Cottage or V \ -««rlinir.jl2Ctl house. South Side, wholly «>r par* tlady furnished. Address JAS. T. 8.. inbsn-* office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A comfortable V V house of six to nine room*. It must bo wurm actl dry- WILLIAM C. BETNoLDS, No. 6 Opera House, TXTANTUP —To Rent, a famished room VY without bcw tn a privaM fiitullr. hy -wo re reVWyISSSSn. »»«» 'i’i.S/.'Som and hontt. c-f Chkaco-aT n r* Merred. Address BObi 1 OL’lfc. 1 rlboneolflte. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Two VV tlxbcii or nnlnmUhcd. fbrlady and gCt!ti»«'T3 wltljint board; north of Jark*on-»t. and »’■?«» fixer. Kwi of reference*. Addems P. O. Box .‘Vl'l- _ Uusinrss (CiiauECS F'OK SAIJJ-A rare chance—Stock and fixtures of a talocs. or hall interest, cheap—t!lsS Exit Kandolph-st. FOR SALE—Lease ol a very respecta ble boarding b'uue. saloon and billiard ha)’. sl;ai ted at C 4 O Sooth Canal-et. Apply oa the premise*- XT OK SALE—A Drue Store—A good L 1 chance for a druggist with'a sauO capital—situ ated In the thriving town of StgeL Shsiby M-. Stat ■ of lillsol*. Thi« l*a good opraieg tor a perils under standing the German Unenage. on band, trow II,ICO t<> |1,6C0. T. G. FROST, Slgel (Uo"Ser Post otficei. For reference. Post ft Baueau. 19— Lake-tt., Chicago. 170 R B ALE—A first-clasa bntchcr shop, * with all the nsual fixture* ar_l ap-rirfenaecfs. -■*tt nted In a firat-clis* location in the North Division. Apply at No. 10 Ccnrt lloaae. T?OK RAT.L—Saloon, boarding house J? and fixture*. A good chance for »n man. Inquire at 7S boute WclD-sL, or at 19> Evre Klnxl«-st. _ FDR SAXE—Rare chance. A well es tablished Jab Printing EstaoUshmcat. To a man of experience and means It t* a No. I chance. Address - PRINTER.” P. O. Pox 440. FOR SALE—Eaccnltr's Sale—Boot and shoe store at • bargain. The. s!ock. jlxtcre* and good will of the LusUeas of the late A. G. Pearmn ft Co. (formerly Pearson & Dana). 1118 Lakwt. will be closed out at a decided bargain forca-h andapprovea credit. Forty thousand dollars* worth ol *to« has come Into the store since (September Ist. The wnoifr sale and the retail department* will be told separately, if desired: or. the goods will be sold by tho cam to tbs trade, for cash, at !e« than manufactaiers* price*. Until the cosiness Is c!o»ed out. good* will be offered at retail at greatly reduced nriee-. Fop particulars .pp'r .1 tag .tore. H.fiTgTO jeiaaio.,- TT'OR aALE —A •well-situated cicar store. I 1 *tock,'flitom and lease, 59 WelhPsti, Briefs Boose. FOR SALE —The stock and fixtures of a hardware store atd tin shop. In one o( the best IccallUrs In the city. Inquire at 103 Twenty-**- ond-su F)R SALE—A finely fitted-up Saloon and private will be sold at a great sacrifice, if applied lor soon, a> the owner Isabliz-ito leave the dty. Pncs fPOC. Addrtas **D O C,” Tnbuna office. T7OR .SALE—A pood saloon and rcs r tanrant. In the centre of the city. Vrrr ctetp. Moat be sold In fire days. Inquire at 2Jo. -47 Sonus Clarte-fcti, basement. TT'OR SALE—An old-established Book JL store; location one of the bat la the cltr. Slock and fixtures invoice about rhUO- at a bargain-’ Addro* INVOICE, P. O. Box 1946. Chicago. r'OR sale—Parties seeking business can secure Jplrnflld bartrtica In Drug Store?. Boot and Shoe stores, Restaurants, flrtt-clas»—reetlpts $1 jO to SSCC per day—Meat Market* and other chances, to which the attention of persona wastlss buricetsla called. A. J. MILLS dpcu* 133 Dear born-fit. FOR SALE—A good paying manufac* luring business. centraHy ’ocated in this dty. A bent fTwCO capital required. Addrcrs “W. v .** TriS cne oglce. partners SilSanlrti. PARTNER —‘Wanted—I want a part ner. with irom eight to fltteen tbou*aad ooUara capital, toJolnmeln anatablliheJ and staple bost ons. I have the warehouse, and an well and favor ably Known to the trade. Amanwlth a clear n*conl may control the finances. If he desires, and the business wlllpay trom 73tolP0w*r cent per aimun. addreai, till January 15t.1567 “WATsOS." Tribune office. PARTNER— Wanted—In a well-estab lbhe<! bcrtteis. Capital R.COO. The retraining nannerwlU advance aur amount to extend me busl new. A. J. MILLS A COmM33 D.&rbonut. 'OAR'DSER —Wanted—The advertiser, XT helße a thorough buslnrsa man. and ha nag fuLCCO capita!, wotrd Ute an Interest In a well «t*b» lUbed andj>aylng business. Address -BCSISKSa, Tribune office. S>ARTIfEII— -Wanted—-A. party with (300 to Join the advertiser in a ttznt manatee tar tulsesa. Articles commanding ready sals erery ere. Ibis to a rate chance. tU9 dart it, Kjcm 39. "PARTNER—Wanted —Business tight, L nrofitable and honorable. Capital required. **s kelerencea remind. HALE & CO„ -ll Lombard Block. "DABTSER—Wanted, -with *I,OOO cash, _t to latest in a respectable, good-paring boalaw>-“ tne only t mlncu of the kind In this city. The mendened capital will net 14.9 K f CSTI;. Apply to 5» T.^w.-lriboneomc*.