Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 28, 1866 Page 3
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TnA>KSGinSG APPEAIi. pod who both tohcfl and binds up, teaches ni tbcne«**ary Inflictions of war with the healing arts cf peact*. Especially do the frccdmen. |i the transition wilderness between ai»d liberty. appeal to n a to Lad them to the prumls' v d lard of perfected freedom. The ravages of war tire mien hratilj on the Innocent, Their indu«- trv has Indeed in many regions already rendered ■qi independent cl our caarilies. But the. have frojlly worked on shares tor planters, who, left has ui, by war, had only the incomlh" cron IxteraliVk**L.parjLim. Jn roaay sections this to the cni™ s rict left poor, the poor rnenerd tbrrt* ,, ® n> The Government, yielding th at exigence a f* the ease, baa already com the supplies v«in Ol . I * ti0B «- «»« equal force year. IVuhouuhem lL yon oot to discontinue ofwintcn^kedand , 'h2. c , rottf, y Provided last ' Bnt, to the meet u>e eevetU, npon them the pnvik-~%- «r only the cbmch and the s f iu,ftfl?J )ra *'J ra ha * them with the power* of min£i~? Ut ?. ““'•Wp; cation (. Po ? ut '*o* interest, hutaanitv c °' e ' nmp nL. s*. Godfcnmmoan9tothS a^?h ~a * * Dd ****>ll o t hi“ , fe 9 < & ) Sf l n Ctn . ,Jol undertake vidoal Spates The Pioviuce of lh« indl ««^!>oX, T ss jskss. r » h CAU D . ot V® cxoectcd in ber adversity to ihe b 5; b v° c^ l t , ‘ f,,whal rtwola not pJUess Saitm ‘ or ber Ptoaperiiy, a IrucVhool wholly nnecclesrarucai. ‘ ° f be instruction which, without inoneV ilJf.* *« J!? 1 SSSI SiSSSf 1 -‘-S.'^pToiiS T/ c cry for help has not fall-n oa deaf rare I*oWyyou h-re resiK.nded i n UmnAi VV*Him o e?bSr ° f uoIU /* lO «PpKea. Wo havecarried four messages orcuod-uili into every Southern ..late, cxcopuug Texas, and wait oaJyyoorcor/Ln. hauons to answer her earnest call for help. O?- work has not been in vain. The capscitv of the Ii ccumau is demonstrated, hi- rdnealhin aeceoted “I* «W»«v«J, W. dvll rirlw bU mif hoou made manliest, and the war to his complete S?J“K““ e a c ? 1 but uurely pwpirSS buttle; ork is only begun, a million and - isif cf children of both race* are to be in-tracted tot iauocd by charity, bat by itaa, public £hoSi ayttem, she csmbUshmeat of whicS we iiows £ ttimclatc and rnrourcre. * 40 The experience and labors of the past bar* pren ns pccuJur facilities for «he proswntioo oT l; Is work iu the future, oar machinery la eimpli- Cod ant* rendered less expensive. Our OT"arln ton extendb into nearly every State, buibNonh zudupu.h. Onr teacher* jemra u> jLeir mo/J, V:~ lb rt,.- d w?»!rJ c ®* "'bleb only experience erti p.\c. Our building*. boolM, aad apparatus last scar provided, await their coming. Sojthsra Mn.imcai, already changed m many places from bwu.:ty to iaciffereccc, is cmduatly intocf icafil., regard. The power aad conscTiiecl ju.-Ut ncoot u,e Uurean is increased. Bt,*rorn TUFA'*! .1\ I' tVPTt. The fluids TQU navi* ija la -t j arharc tern faithfully expended fnlajtyea** 1 werk. ihc coutumance of this work depends on a cci.tlniunci of thofc coctnbutious. TVndollart ■ t nL jic -i jiujiU / f.ethuudrtd Collars suslaln v ucr.>*rfor a year. tr.Aixrms vonx c.o ojs? Tho KvrV rbildtcn who gathered in Sonthwn fCtoels I*s. year atyonr call wan, expectant, «he!r teacbore mtani. t-nall Urey vrali m van • Shall Ihe tciche-, n.t of war and detraction. bat of *e-c- and il"bi J*-ior>» unknown, carried hv Northern hand*- in«n nearlyevery Southern city. necstirsuLhedi &!.«>] the educational impulse p.vcc to Southern s-.mlmeut be withdrawn just s# I* betrg h ltt In the name of m-»tiC2. bu nant.v, our common country, and of Uod, xre bp.-fcrJiijou Jo continue wjih nraoated cuer'ies the w ork voufcave so well i-e-jim You can not w itburawr from it w ithout grievous Injury is the raid dtshoror to rou-selvos. Thct;k-clvn*a the Christian Commission, the Sanitary Comc:!Fglon. the Union CommWio" ted the Freedman's CommK-lon di-trac cil you by iheir Toor-iold anpeal. This y-ar but one of tb'* canrcs claims your coniribu’iou* The dnty of the natfan i* altnpl'Scd, bnlnotl"s»eael Ihe concentrated benevolence of the North 1b tie* zsucdcd by fbe necessities of the a-iti.m jmi the jn«t claim* o! ihc nation's wards. To Ills church universal the Master appeal-*. In person of doss His brethren. Ilaugcrcd. Uitrsiv. naked, a slrac ptr, in prl or he waits the to-iim mles of yonr love, TJaufctnj for the issue# or the w»i. Himik i«l for the freedom ol the slave, testify your Grat itude l*y a tbark-orfeifa'* worthy of the cause Uu l*"l;ilf lb*: Ameslean Freedman's Union Cccmf^u-n. Cincinnati—Rev. G. M. Max'velL Rev. II l!. Mo.ifi 1). U , and CoAla, Ksq. CWraco—Rev, R. M. Patleraon. I>. D , Rev. J RcminaTp. D. D,Rcv.Jo»ep& Halm, I). D* l;ev. Earned Baker, Rev. li. li. Holmes, and Rev. 2.‘c>>e:: Z'afterswn. I>, !>• l)rum;—Rev. Geonrc Dnfflvld, D. D., Rev. VrnJJamHocalb.D.R. Nevr\«rk—Her. liaulel TVi«c, D. D, Nathan U« D.. Deary A. Dike, Ksa, Fraud** Geo. saaw, £«o. Brooklyn—Rev. Ilcnry W. Beecher and Rev Edwstd 11. Cacflcld. I>. D. New Brunswick—John McClintock, LL. D. X* n:a— Wehop Daniel A. i'aiue. BCfTon—Ret. Jacob M. Manning, TTon. Marlin Brimmer ami Rev. Ezra P. Gannett, D.D. rhihdalphia—Rev. Phillips Brooks. Rev, Robert J. Tarrin and Rev. Joseph T. Cooper, D.D. Baltimore—Hon. l~ Bond, Archibald Ste-- 1:0". Jr.. Ksij Cleveland—lT. U. Spelman, Esq., Joreph Per tin». Esq., acd 11. K, Rrynolds. Utica— Rev. rbilcuum U. Fooler, D.D. Corr.intniicaiiont* including remittance t should Vc add essi'd to Rev. 11. B. Holmes, Foil Office Bos VtJT, Chicago, Illinois. About the IVluu-r—American mission* ary* A«<u>c!atli>Ut We. have received many Ic'tors of Inquiry dcruig the summer sod early autumn Irom friends who desire to know Ij advance, the ptuba- Vk degree of physical dc.-littUioa'cahi.'lhc tnllfuiienag ireed people. To tbe-e we r.mid only re* lv ttiti th’s conhi not tc predicted with certainty : that ll the Crops should fail, the de-tl tutlon vould be scarcely lers appallm/thau last year; and that even If the harvests were good. U remained in ihe power of crust employer*, msov ct whom were hut recently sUveholdar*, to de fraud their dipe dcnl wards Of most of Ihelr year’s hard earning*. Although u is 100 soon to receive advices from ail qnar err, correspondence alr.-ndy In Imug- the melancholy a-pnraace that a large potion ot the jear’e harv- tts is ruined past recovery, ai d that hrnucr, ai.d cold, and nakedness, foranot >er long winter, are the inevitable fate of ibu-i-ands whoso parh n: iDtiit-lry and umlagniag have the warmest encomiums of oven un- Intncly observers. Motcevev, th* ctncliics of the old linger, and manifold (lands incident to thMpPe coQriiiim: are daily practiced upon tho-a'HWruot and !h-1;.1»s* frrtdmen. The rfij'iimilnn or tixa foarh*ni masfes remains lo be accompli-hed. From onr t-cLoole everywhere, we hire the most eteoui2"ioc advices. accompanied by earnest on ticn’ies- lor msny more laborers. Ifcc '■urarh'jns: peneroc.iy wliii which the thnrr hes or the Northwest have responded *o our spptat* f,*r resource*, has enabled u« lo accom plish and to plan moic than we had dared lo plan: bnlcvct; row we oerapr less chan one-fourth of the vau-c* iuvUinci'penlns* \Vr caia-tu Qjvcil to the relief work without M- Tioof druitnen: to the school work, coy portion of the tiiuis civvn aud pledged fur the support of teaches s. Nor is it in our be ns to ask more of tho*e who ha 1 c already doue so generously. Kccortheless. we cannot s and uy impassive and Fee the tick and the htßgnr aud the freezing per Uh. Jl ) 2.« V«-n «ng{resfed by a nnmher of oar mod tenet on* fiKnl-, that we recur to the laroritc mcihi.d of war limes, and ask * bat the Thanksglv lng<'o;ler«ions he spcclaliveet apart to meet tnc cmacei'cv. What do onr brethren think ! I* this asking too touch? ft Mould he a conlv mistake if any church should ;bir.k itbufflcicnt to make the ilinnksglv log collection an-wer tor the year’s grit. We can not spare Kic ivgnlar collection, tor it i« more than needed for the schools. Can we not connt Upon a Thanksgiving collection lu addiuon, to cave th« perishing fsom deaf'* t AU ladles’ Sewing Circles who may Interest Iheturehr* In preparing a-d forwarding boxes of clothing will be reiosnlrcd ns timely co-laborers. The doming should Be nearly ov quite new; that which Is much worn Is not worth transportation. C.'ami-nt- should be In thorough repair, and should he suited chiefiy to the use of women and children. Boxes will come fit* by any railway line If narked “American Missionary Association, 20 Lomliard Block, Chicago, HI-. Au Inquire of content* should be placed In the box. auo ur.oucr sent hy mail to Iter.-lacob 1L hhlyh -.d. 2;i l4>mb&rd IHock. Oblea-.-o, Ills. Primed übcl*. for boxes, may be had free upos application. All roircspondcnce and all remittances te*pon alvc (o this circular, should be addressed a* above to t!•:« office. On Kbalf of the Association. Jacob ILSuipusiid, Secretary. I.AW INTIikMUGhTB. The proceedings In The several Courts were of little general interest. The Superior Court U not in session, itor will he until Monday, when tnc Ikcemiwr Jem-commerces. The trial of the caseoflsaacßtlckney and others against William Sha-v and o’here. was concluded verierdar, the jure ffudiog for the jdafnii.T wlfft tlatungi'S. It will re rememocred that a anil wits tried last week, the parlies Ihjiuj re versed. That suit was to recover for neglect !tt the purchase and sale of wool, br which Shavr .t Co., of Bu-ton, sustained loss. *lnry re;overed a ' Verdict of ?2,5U). Tins tnh was by t-e defendant in that case to recover for advance* made lit con ccctlou with the tame transaction. The verdict recovered by the plaintiff In tnls case was for C J2.CC*'. It was ordered by the Court that jndg w ment go, and ‘hat they bcse-_offthc oneag-ilnst the other, to the amount w hich the last salt sails flea ot the former judgment. Anon-futi was taken In (he ejectment snlt of Jacob Berner against Jorathan Jackson ct at., lately commenced. _ „ A case. William Skinner vs. A. F.'Crpeke;, on three proAls* Jrr notes cxccatwl be B.W. Philip?, erdorred ard guaranteed. Is on trial. The defea daut defends and denies the exorntion by him of the gnaiatitce. ... 9he tew *alts Id ibis eonrt Included a renewal ofatlsiider suit which has been receo l» tried lenten Henry Nagle against Deary Weber, tttc di tendaut being accused of having of plain tiff. •• I bare witness'* that you have stolen a Oiie’sctfoD of assumpsit, brought by Badolf Ereuse against E. U. Hard, With damages laid at nttUM. wa# Instituted. , . , A hill for relief was filed by Willfam B. Fowler agalrst Jobu ii. Bums and It. Atkins. The cmaplainaut alhfP** that he i* the ownorofan IjideLk-cnes* one from defendants for 5-712.99 and Interest from December, 7801, for money loaned, which by * pretended failure be was tndnccl to dl- rhe'j,LMv suits la the Superior Court were as fo b lows: 7j!J, Alb«c & Lowe vs. *.uals R. Capioai el al. This t* a proceeding by rtimaction ts prevent ot-AndaiJl* from eollecling S2O of In gaiaucc nior*er ftoro tbc Albany City ln«nnmc~ Comnanv. cnd'toostabjUh a lieu upon the volic*. The -ame parties seek to,. csuhUsb a lien ol ?i!7 50 epon a policy of James Nolan in the Globe InMiiance Company; and upon policies of Bfchard Clarke In ibe j’coria Marine and Fire and Colombia insurance companies, in tel* case the Beals asked to be extended to Jh? amount of *425. The suit* In assumpsit were: G. F. Uhraud 's. U-oo SU aus. Damage* $2,590. Oeoigc W. King i Co. va. John Ueuratty. Z?*m-ges jCTTf?. DcWitt C. Pay et al. vs. Samuel VTorthlcy. Damage* ssvo. Charles a. Joy tb. Rodney M. Whipple. Dam ages stui. A «vz/-ius issued at the snlt of Maria Mull against August Kchwoldt. whp is alleged to have commu ted an assault upon the plalmlg; andawrit of at tachment Issued aramst Franc Seldler, on Ibe af fidavit of Jo*- pb Daiel, who alleges that the dc ftndant Je indebted to him hi tbc snm of $213.52 for rent ot a tannery, and is about to leave tbe Male- lc the County Court the estate of Peter Schtack tma declared ictllcd. In lb- estate of Ellis M. Ras-cll, the widow re nocnci-d her right to admiui-ier, aud Hiram C. Lunfcll was appointed under a bond of f >,OW. The will *of toe late William It, Williams waa admitted to probate, letters loumcntary issuing to lUcbard r. and GriCith P. Williams, under a bond or tn. 400. CaifcariLc Murphy was appointed to administer the tiiaU oi hi at tin Murphy, under a bond «» tMIO. The Hecordei’s Court was actively engaged in asw tsh,jj fluea upon some of the keepers or leird Louce. %iho were reccnriy indicted. The follow women were Ooed fttW each, wlib costs: •..Dvlla Allen, Emma Brandon. Emma Bosley, MolUo Laura Chamberlain, Margaret Do J;®V3, Karah Eihiwt, Mary E. Farrcu, Seine Ham •j'on. Helen Hole, Emma Hodges. Kata Hoffman, ■Jejiue Browning, Louisa Harper, Jennie Ileu driik*. Siarj a. Jotmsan, Fannie Leslie, Alice "cotsn, Jennie McCarty. Ida J. Xonh, An’iio c!^? tr L Maria Severance, Marla Seeley, Annie cta«ord, tmoa Wallace and Louisa Wallace. COMMON COUNCIL. Adjcnmed Kcßiilar Heeling, Chicago, November 261 h, 1860. [OFFICIAL BEFOSTA y*Y r , ten the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D*iVolf. Barrett, tial bine, Kano, Hatch, VTailwork. Moore, Hcnuler. Frlgblc, Bafferty, TalcoU. Woodard. Holden, Uos sell, AckltolT, GaatUtld, Huntley, Pnmdfuut, Fran zem Hub, bb&cUibrd, InursoD, Clark, O'dulllvau. -■ft>*mf_Aldcnncn Wicker, WTlmartb, Finnn esn, Eure!. ntPoßw or pTAXPcro commma-sTBKETa aso At-UTF, XT. D. Aid. Woodard, of the Committee on Streets and A'.lcjf, towliom had been refeued a repor: and oidlnince for a sidewalk on ibeacnlh side of Ran dolph streer, from EUmbetU street to s>hddon stieeL ►nomiUctl a report recommending tbc px-rage of the ordinance. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to concur la the re* per: arid pass the ordinance. llic nu-lioD prevailed, and tho ordinance was pjsfcd by ibe following vote: Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, D'Wolt, tanetk Calkin*. Hatch. Wallwotk, Moore. Schn- T, Fils; le, UaCertv, lalcolt. Woodard. Holden, IttScl/. Huntley, Proudf-'-ot, Franzes. jvJSbeckfoid, Lawton, Clark, o‘balUTan— 2i. t-XOQC. rX, of Also, ferreo n re, committee, to whom had been re in S H Blocks aud ordinance for opening an alley xcccm cl tcdi!tg £ec. 7. 29.14. rnbiaUted a report •Aid. Hub auretpsstage of tbe ordinance, pass the ordinance. ' coocnr In tbc report nod Tbe motion j)retn]]»d paeaed ij the following Vc&ordinance waa P'/o,t£?ritLLt!ir. rb £tV cat - Friable, ta!fcrly^^ a,lwor Jk Moo :S« Bolden, liwaejj, c Woodard, Franreo, Uoh, bbackfort. Pron-Uoot, “• “acKiorn, L*weott t oiart, O’Sol i! Wl— Kusjcll. ot the Lota. sftj lt f» *° *** hcQ * »efcrre« an assnsSRSC roil for opening an alley fourteen feet wide 15 , 25? 1, e t, * e f oa L h oartol block 47, C.T.anbdl* •»r.'p? °£.T 1 i C Vk n frt »m Paulina to Wood tv.Mi’ #Dj . objections of J. 11 McVlcker in-mo, submitted * report recommending <<-«■ the s*ke*sn>em ro’;| be confirmed. h S'’ 00 * 1 wovadthat the report bo concurred the assessment roll confirmed. •“s“o“o n ,prevailed, and the assessment roll by the passage of ibe usual order of confirmation attached thereto. ... _ wrri.wiigD nersuress. r«£m»£ oM V , f?» ,ed up I 1 1? report of the Select CoL-nutWc of Aldermen of (be West JUvi-ton, in relation -o the ordinance prohibiting cattle b-»ln~ 3* large within ceiUin limits in said \W,*t fOi °* 811111110 ecveral Papers connected there- Alt'. Holden moved to concur in the report and pu-r the ordinance. Afur achate. Aid. l*roadfoct called for the prcvloni onestion on thfttaouon of Aid. Holden, and the call was anr.nuicd. The question then being on concurring in toe report and passing the ordinance, Alil.iaicott demanded the aye* and noo«, and the motion of Aid Uoideu prevailed by the to!* lowuigNotc: Aw?-Aid. D’Wolf, Esrrclt, Wallworlc, Moore, t'cbule’’. i'tl-ble, ItaOerty, Woodard, tlolicn, U-h --siil, AckbclT, Prtindfooi, I-avrson, Claris O'Sohl* rti—3s. J>'t f—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, Calkins. Kanu. Hatch, Talcolt, Coalfield, Uantlcy, Fnuuen, Knit, .nckfurd—]i. TLc following Is the ordinance as passed: Ax OULix&scz to amend Section 2, of Chapter CS, of the IMi«cd Ordinances, entitled “rounds." re V otdaiufd by the Common Council oft!u vify cj Chicago: fctenoN 1. All that portion of Section 2, Chap* t*r £5. of the ICcvUcd Ordinances, which relates to lb«: West Division, concerning cows and cattle be and the same it hereby repealed. fcre v. All ordinance* and parts of ordinances in cor.tllcl herewith are hereby repealed. E2.ZCTZOX. Aid Knickerbocker moved thatihe Conned da now proceed to *icct a O’uagor and Inspector ofl i'juots. Carried. Aid. Iftih nominated for the office, W. S. Gojsec. Aid Moore nominated for Iheoillce, 11. F-irh*, The Connell proceeded to a ballot, wiUi the fol low Inc ronli: Whole immi>crol votes. For W. S.Oobcn For f'enry rclrie.... 9 For Aid. 1 On motion of Aid. Rub, W. y. Gu!;ca was de clared the nrar.lmoas cho re of the Council, as Ci uustT and liwpecJor of Uquors for the on expired icim of Henry itezh rtfilencd. VISCV.I.UAXZOLS BO tKIBS. Aid. Talcotl moved to take up tallness In the cider In whkb a lay ou UieCleriiV table; and 'lire motion prevailed. Bcpoit of Committee on Street* and Alleys, IT. D., on remonstrance* acaltm ibe confirmation of arreepmeul rod for opening .Mitchell street from llalrted to Waller streets, was, on motion of Aid. M/jere, loild on the table temporarily. I’eport of Committee on Wharves and Public Crounds on the report o’the Committee on P.ibl.c Building* lu relation lo UiC purebaeo or n site for a City Hal), vas, on motion of Aid. IMVolf, J aid on the table temporarily. Report ol Select Committee appointed to confer will* the Board of Snpcrvbons of Cook County in i elation ton camuiodatlon for city and coaa ; y ofTince in the Court Xlooac, was, on motion of AM. Knickerbocker, Placed on file. Report of Committee on Railroad*, on petition cf Much A Scott, fur penutsfiou to lay and ojti ate a railroad track across Mitchell and Max will streets, and through Dodgo street, and aa or dinance therefor. Aid. Talcott moved to concur in the report and past* the ordinance. Aid. Kmcttobockcr moved to amend the ordi nance by limiting the lime for which ibe permis sion was jrranled to a period of nine years. Aid. I'alcntt accepted the amendment of Aid. Knickerbocker. Aid. Rafieily moved to further around the ordi nance by Inserting a proviso requiring Mnsn Jt bcott to lake up said track andle&te the streets In good condition ~Lecever the Common Council should declare the privilege to bate expired, either t>y limitation or by repeal of the ordinance. 'ihe question being on the adoption of the amendment cl Aid. Knickerbocker, it was adopted. After debate. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to rccom-idcr the vote by which hid amendment had been adopted, and 1 he moMon prevailed. Aid. D’V.’oU offered a enbstitntc for the amend cun:s ct Aid. Knickerbocker and Rad'erty. Aid. Koickcrbockei and Rafierlj accepted the cub-uime of Aid. D'WolL io place of >he amend mens previously and sevcrall* ofiered by tnem. Aid. Carter moved that the who!- snhject mai ler b« iccommitleil 10 the Committee on Kail roads, with instructions to report to the next t cgular mecti og of the Common Council, and Jlic trollon pm ailed. Rei*or; of Committee on RcUro’ds cm pcUtlon of eltUcns for the pa-rage ot an ordinance requir ing l'Jiv Rstloay Companies to run th Rears afier uudulg'nt, was, on motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, ITuculonfilc. Hrport of Committee on License*, recommend- Inc :lio of an acccnnpwing ordinance providing for ibo Inspection of fresh meat, \v*«, or motion of Aid. Carter, l aid on t re table. IlcqneM of inspector* of Election of Fir?t uls. tnct, Klgbtb Ward, to change tin* place of bold ine cectiotis ot «a(d dLrirtc.of esld « Aid. lusnnßUivid that tbc Inspectors bare leave to «lit/drstr. Carried. relllion of cliL-crs for the appointment of u. IVtiie as Onager and Inrpcctnr of Ltfjnors. Aid. Kara ewed that ibe petitioner* baveiearo to vittadmw, and Ibc motion prevailed. ivjtlon of Tnoma* Miln»r in relation to in al !; grd muatc bnddu.g situate£l3 Slate street, rvaj, on motion of Aid. Carter, Laid on the table. acnxyMoic or ntr ho-ts. Aid. Kann moved that the mica be fttirpmaed )n rider to take np the tponor the Com mi'tee ou Fire and Water In relation to tbc petition of fit i men for an appropriation for fuvnlMimg them with certain articles of clothing, and an accoza par' ms Older. Canted. . . Aid. Holden moved to concur m the report and P: ntf* ihe ordinance. _ , . , . Alter dchaic, AW. froudfoot demanded the pre* vioiib oue?tSon,aHd Ibc call war sustained. H;C question then being on the pasttse 01 the odor. Aid. link demanded tbo aye* and now, nedlho ordinance waa parsed 07 the iWfotrtnp ' °Jj°vV/—Aid. Knickerbocker. Cos. Carter. D’Wolt, Earrvtt, Calkin*. Kann. Uaicb, WaUwork. Moore, Schuler, Frtfbie, KaflertT, Talcou, Uoodard, Holden. Ko«m*H, Ackboft PasllMd, Hnotlry, Pruudtool. Franr.en, Hub, Sbacklord, Laweon, Claik, O’suUlvau. yon- None. The following Is the order a? passed: ordtrtd. That the Comptroller and Board of Pollcearc hereby authorized to purchase, for the nee of Iho Fire Department, the necessary nnmber ol water-proof hoots, canes or coats and ca«*«v.not exceeding. In the aggregate, SSO each suit; And the Comptroller Is dTrecicd to pay for tue «n»« out of any money* appropriated to said depart ment, or from any moneys not otherwise appro- presented arvUtionpravmc lor ;l-c Improvement of North Green street, from Randolph to Lake street, which, on his motion, ” Deferred to the Board of Public Works, with in atjTCtlors to report au ordinance therefor. Aid. Kano moved that the Council do now ad- Bam-ii demanded tbc ayes and noes.and the motion of Aid. Kaun wa* lost bylbeJoUow 4ng vote; _ _ Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, Kann, li«u:D, Wallwork, Moore, Fruhlc, Bussell, Coal field. Huntley,—l2. % . „ , . • AW«—Aid. B’Wo’f, Barrett, Calkins, Schuler, Rafferty. Talcott, Woodard, Holden, Ackhol, iTondfoot, Unh, Sbackford, lawtou, Clark, O'Snl* iitfltf—{s. Aid. calkins called np tho report of the. Co mmittee on Streets and Alleys, b. i>„ on a report and ordinance for cnriiinc, evading and paving v ill m ooden block pavement, Indiana street, from fctreentb street to Twenty-second strec 1 . Aid. Calkins moved to concur m Uie report of the commlttr-e. . , . Hie motion prevailed, the lortort of tho commit tee was concurred in,and (fie report anlofill tar ce was referred to the Board of Public V. nrks with Instruction#. Irid# report of commttrce.l Aid. Barrett prrseoTedan order re<inlr:ns the Board oi Paklx Works to bare complaint hooka placed In «ch ward- . Aid. Kafferty moved that the order he referred to the Counsel to the Corporation, and the motion presented a resolution tn relation to a sidewalk on Florimond streol, cast of Wells stiect, vhich, on motion of Aid. uifferty. was Itcferred tn the Boatd of Public Works. Ala. Shackfaid presented a preamble and order toieford damage* on special assessments. "boa not paid whbin the lime prescribed by the charter, and aovea the passage thereof. The Jlavor directed the ayes and noes to he call- d. and the mot on oi Aid. Shackford was loet bT the iollowlnc vole: Avtf— Aid. u’Wolf, Wallwork, Friable, lUfiVr tr. Pi end loot. Bub, Sluckfonl, Lawson, Clark, O'buUlvan—lo. v _ -W*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cos. Csit?r, Bar ivtt, Calkins. Kami, Hatch, iluy.c. iaUott, Woodard, Holden, Knsscil, Ackhod, Frans^n—ls. Aid. Harm moved that the Council do now ad* motion prevailed, and the Council stood adjourned. A. H. Ibmsax. City Clerk. lIE-Anncarni.—Abont the I7lh of last month Pcnnl* Sullivan, John C. Kyan, Thomas OUkey, 6i:d Jehu Naglce went on a spree together. At Icaht Hyaa thought that was 11; hat it appears the! be was abont tbe only one of the party who entertained such an exclusive opinion, for be was inveigled loro an nnperroom on VVVt-s streets by hi, companion* and robbed of s r >So. Sullivan and HlcVer were omtried. and the latter Individual »* aws lling a sentence of three years at the peniten tiary iorltit share in the tra*i**c-tlon. Naglee was also convicted on Monday, bat Snlllran was dis charged. bnlllvan was rca ires led and brumal before the Police Court yesterday morning, charged with receiving elolcn money, knowing *t tobcsto>n. Ue was committed to the UocoMer a Court for trial in bail of f 5.0. En»ploF*n»ntfor Fiwfuicn’i Fainlllea, The fact that thousands of families ot freed peo ple bare and are congregating at Washington and other Easters citlea, in {peat destitution, and without anv means or support, has Induced Gen eral C. 11. Howard, Assistant Commissioner of the FrccdmcnV Bore »n, to visit some of the Western Males, to effect. If possible, an arrangement by which li-mllics < f freed people may obtain homes ai d employment, chiefly in the country and on **Ata special meeting of the Northwestern Freed men’s Aid Commission, at thilr rooms. No. 2G Lombard Block, on the 2tst lost,, to c mfer with j Rental Howard on the snbiset, the Commission ttnanlmoosiyadopicd the foMorrin-resolution: J?ttolr'<l Thai the Commission base listened , nllb Interest to ihe statement of General C. 11. llowaid with regard to the employment of fami lies ol freedmen, now unemployed Washington and other place* In his Department, and that we entertain tavo-ably hi* proposal, ltx *t\tne Ccn-mifslon undertake, in co-opr ration with the Fietdrocn’s Burcan, to seek, employment [or inch families, and will accordingly rfve notice through the papers and by our agents, and when necessary will open an oflfee and employ a special agent for this purpose. ... .. TLc above arrangement aflorda the farmer* of Illinois, Wisconsin and lowa an opportunity to cTcr. two c«Kd objects, viz.: to procure the help they need on reasonable terms, oid also afford help to tbc heed?. bet it be carefoUr noted, that we do col ask em ployment for single able-bodied young men or women, who can easily obtain employment, but tor Camilles, men and their wives, with from one to four or Cre children, to whom our clOe-hJld out but IllUo inducement, hut who maybe of p cat service or< a taim. The failure of the crops In so many acc lona of the South renders this appeal more than it wonld otherwise be. Any person* who may wuh to avail themselves o* this onpoitonhy arc requested to address Her. H. ft. iiclmcr. Correspoudmc • Secretary Xorth \vc«ic:n Freedmen'a Aid Commission. Xo. 36 Lombard Block. Chicago. Illinoli. F. A. C. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. nOMiIABI, TctroAT Evrswo, November 57.1886. Tbc blooey market presented no new features to-OBj. Most or the basks complained or tbs continued osllness, though ia some quarters there was a file demand for accommodation. The market is easy, tbOQSb there seems to bo no great superabundance of currency. Deposits ebow no matked increase, as the m«rcbants are taming the great balk of their cash receipts into New York funds in order to mod maturing obligations. Prime paper is readily taken at the usual rate—lo per cent. Good outride paper is negotiated at 12 per cent In tbe open market. lie demand for Exchange continues tn excess of the supply, and the market la firm. Nearly all the backs are shipping currency. The counter ra’cs remain firm at pa; buying and 1-10 premium selling. Buffalo, Oswego and Canada bills are takes at H oS. On the I'ioducc Exchange Flout wae inactive buyers and sellers apart. Wheat was etroagaud higher. Com clored 2*4c better. Oats were Tlje was quiet. Hatley was dm but ?«*!•» dull and nominal. Provls -SJSJ “ r ’ l •jjere was rather more doing in ilea* Fork. Lard tre o*n. Nothing doing In Freights. Wool was dull &nri iml. Groceries were firmer, owing to the rally in Gold. The Gold market was slightly excited to day, and a higher range of prices prevailed. It opened Id Now York this morning at UOki advanced to 14%, and closed at 112**. The following tions were received to-day by Boyd Bros,, gold and ttocK brokers: IfcoUn. m Ho»£ ; 12:83 p.m. Kv»a.o ...11l 112:45 p.m. 11:11? a. t«i mu I 2.0U0.m. 11:25 a.m I-Jiu-I iOOp. m. 11:30 ru I4l»i | tfelo p. m 11:45 a. ia .... iJiil i 4:OJp, m. l£ou m r...,.Ui'a j Ucrr the market opi-red qolct at HO, but in the altcmoou there was an increased demand, and un der the InCnonce of the iVew Yoik advices, ad vanced to l-iS»i“cloßinc at Ulft. Silver was nom inal at ig €si*;: buying—the upperflguie for large. ILftr war a belur demand lor Governments to da.\J»r;cw Yoik and price* were, with few ex ceptions, a bhadc higner. The Sixes of’Sl were uucir.nscd. Fisc-Twenties of ‘til advanced }*; at alro did the *CTs, hut the 'Gig were only >• higher. 'Jcii-Fojitea Improved jj. August Serca- Thinic* were bnt the Jnoo and duly issues ■.'«rc ?; lower, The following shows the opening ai.d dosing prices ot to-day compared with those of j ceterday: Monday. Tuesday. Ojl'tj. CJ’C. op'ff. Cl's. Sixtsor'6l... Tl4j£ 113 HSi£ 118 t hi-lweiitlc*.'(S. itisj; ino jiou Five-Twenties,'G« U«u incjr IOCS juu\ Five-twenties, ’C5..,..1W5V4 ICtiti lU6V litlji TcJ.-Foiilo ti.i’j 93;£ ICU 100 bevtn-lhiilic?, Auj: lOoJi 11)3*1 1051; ven-IhlMlec, Sevcn-Thiilics. J01T...11H2£ iir.*s 102J4 luO'fc Here there was an active demand, but holders rduicd to scIL Five-Twenties of ‘CI and “(3 are scr.icr and in good request. Wc quota closing price# os follows: oovEiisxEst sEccnrnx*—cmcicc staiiKn. ISnymg. .. .. JCS*£ .. l«iH H*XM,lStl. 3.mV, j.s.-: V2!*’o. IrAl. Vitrs, i*r> .. mi 0- IOC QtlUlv IMUS, larce »H£ 100 UM«V, llftii T-XjV, tfciferlef... 105*4 JfJj; “-Os', 2d serif#.... .. lap; las' 7-H*-s, Sd ftricfc JOJX Itfc 1- small IC4S‘ii'-SJd Jurt-Comj>oui.d*, 11:4 July Cctujioutds IS»’4.. i;s aj:«. t'c-mj-ocLCs JSC:. Uiii Oct. «'omj.ontils IS>W.. 113V4 Dec. Compounds, ISC'-. USft .... Slay romi-oULrie, 103. ni«4 .... Ans *'«u>pontdP. Ift’S. 100*£ .... s**pt. Compound*. iHiS. not* Oct. Co2ri>on2«is. ’6CS. JU>2£ .... The Second National Bank irivee fac following quotations for tbc Public Fun u>: Coupons l;Sl U2JX 1 June •.cm;'. :8^..153H S-5 1 couL-vu, I July “ 44 ...I*s ' is^~ v 'l<j6£'Ute*f ( ao£* m u V.'.iuM 5-20 CoctH)H, I OcL “ “ *.*IJ3V4 etnal}... .186 QMKH J *>;«. “ “ fw*£ i May 11 3CfC,...:ii‘i t(VWL'ot){tOD.«>a>a)l]</ , 54; Aar. “ ** ,ioay 7*J,lan*c..lWi C?.105»i I Sept. “ 44 ...IWH “•A I Ocu 44 44 ...l-35i Tin* maikci for Local Securities la doll and &1- tnoit neglected. Our quotations arc nominal: Baying. Selling. Chicaco City Sevens yy 100 Cook County 44 M P 7 Cbambtrof Commerce.... M 95 —Business Is quiet in Milwaukee, and the money ma'ket is quiet. Exchange Is scarce and firm at parGl buying and X premium selling. There is more demand for money in Balti more, and the rates of discount for prime paper may be quoted at €&• p cent, and less desirable at l&'J percent. lhe Boston 7»i7/*/in remarks: the talcing men arc much in the mood of Prof. Loomis utter the mctcoilc shower tnat did not come. Gloomy November has rarely looked down upon so depre-sed a fancy stock maikel, our tables. to be found in the usual column, arc eloquent of (he misfcrti.tios of (he coppers, and the Male street biokvia, in their money articles in tuc daily pajicrs, arc whistling loudly to keep np the o arage of outsider*, who contemplate the 11-t ot stock sales a« the rraveyard ot many of thrir expectations. A few shrewd speculators arc quietly picking up stray lots of some of the bast stocks in Ibis line, such as Copper Falls, Pewablc. b i m kiln, I’iitshurqh, und vhcir Invustmcuts at the t tesent depressed quotations arc quite Jikely to turn ont fii.ely. Buy upon a lolling market, bar never expect mbuyat the very lowest point; sell upon a using market, bat never expect to realise tile very highest prtco. —Boston call loans are easily accessible at r<s6pcr cent, with a more general disposition on ••be jart of banks to charge the laHer rate evtm upon Government securities. Ibc bank rate for CirCrunta remains at 6 per cent (or good short Cat* d iio'.vs. On the eUect !a rather more pa per cifci ing. but rates are onchangui, prime paper luling at CQ.“ per cent, with an upward range for notes r.oi favorably known. —The Secretary of the Treasury baa written s Idler to our Consul at Frankfort relative to Ihe payment of ifae Five-Twenties at maturity. In nhu-h he reiterates the opinions given by him a sburl ume ago in a letter to L. P. Morton A Co., of New York, lie say*; “ 1 he policy of the Government In regard to Its bonds is well understood in this country; and tbeic ought not to be any mistake about it on the oilier hide. Ihe principal of all our bonds, the In lervn of wbirb is nayaltle in coin, will be paid la coin. Our tulcrcsi-bcarlng notes are payable in cnnvncv." —The New fork FMpni.ig &•' remarks: Hart: cr« and capital!*!* are pursnug a very can* lioUf policy, tho revolt Of which U a gradual tightening of the mon y market. The demand U Active, ftu'l call loans have advanced to I y cent., while that figure I* at*o the minimum rate of dis count. High grades ot paper alone are taken at 7 i* cent., wnlle fair’© good grades ran?® from 3 (g,t»V cent, There appea.-sto be so actual scar city of carrcncv, and the advanced rates, there fore, are dee to Ibe cnn'rariion on tbc part of lenders, the effect of which has been to precipi tate n general break down ot prices in speculative cjocks. at the close, there was some mitigation of the pressure, Government having signified Its readiness Jo receive from the banks Compound Notts at par and iutereft. rn pavment ol any oMJ gallons dm* from the hanks to tie Treasury. This wit) save the National bank Depositories here the nccesMiy of liquidating transfer draua upon them is greenback*-; and, at iho wuc time, wilt enable the Government to retire a portion of thU class of ; obligations; so that the advantage is doubly ad vantageous. IVc quote: Per cent, per annum Loans on tall. Slock securities. C% Bo bom! ami m0r1pige.............6*4© 7 Mme eudonvd bills, 60 days ....7 ft Bo do 3(& -iia0t3tha.......7 ® S First-class single names 7 &8 Other goodhilis .....S 43 9 Tbc exports f.-om Baltimore last week amonnted to SiW,SSS, in which were tnclndcd 123 hrl* wheat gout, too brls rye do, 1,757 hrle com meat, 429 brls bread, iso hags com, 130 bu peas, 53.6 U gallons pVtreleum. 371 brH potatoes, onions, '£c„ 823 eases oysters, 400 bags quercitron hark, hhds tobacco. St,O4S tb« lard, bacon, hams, Ac. —A loiter from New York says; ** The current movement in real estate In this city Is exciting Eicat aliiution. It is »4da that more real estate as O auged hneds during the last four weeki* hire, jhaa inany month of tbe-lasl five years. Prtajs have «de*aced woodcrfoUv—all fbe -«ay from ten to forty per cent, over those of 3563. Tnc urccrtslcTy as to tbc financial future has aUmulat cJimestmcnt in real estate* as the must stable kind of property, and speculators have engagod in this derailment of operation* with tntetue avi dity. The New York THbvne ot Saturday says “Tne Assistant Treasurer U now receiving from Government debtors’ compound cotes at par and accrued Interval, which relieves the money market sensibly. These notes hare been sold by some backs a’4 per cent discount." Tbo same authority, commenting on the stag* nation ot trade, remarks: “Id all departm eta of trade business Is dull, employes bring discharged, and wages tedneed to those S'UI kept in their places. Best names arc quoted at 7 per cent, and my fancy rates of fntciest can be made by bny leg the paper of " enterprising houses," —Tbe New York market torForcign Exchange is higher, and quoted aa follows: Loudon, 00 days, 10y*©tC34; do at eight, IM4JIK?*; Parts, ion;, 5.16*05.15; do short, s.n»i<ffcsl24; Antwerp, 6J20f16.1?»i; Swiss, Amsterdam, 41*041*; Frankfort, 41*0114; Bremen, There has been a alight improvement in the de mand for capital in the European cities. The fol lowing are the latest rates; London, 4—54; Paris. 3 Vienna, 5—54; Berlin, 4*—t*; Amrierdam, 5—5, Turin, fr-l 1 ; Brussels, 3—2l*; Madrid, s—o; Hamburg, 0—54; St. Petersburg, 7—y; Frankfort, 4 —lbs following is tbe statement of the Bank of England for the week ending November?, IS>3: issrx CEPairrasjrr. Noteslsßae«L£3t r ,os7,2ls Government Debt £11,013,100 Other Sccatl rules 5,9?t,9X1 Gold Coin aadDalllou 25.937.945 £00,037.2451 xu*kixq pmumsi l . ‘ GoT*,T»jnent Socorlllef-..£1£,233,«13 OUjor Secorl- Uh • 19.530.53 l Notes 7,575,915 . Gold sod Sll* n,150,19!| TcrCcun... 9M,96l Proprietors' | Capital.... £1 LSS\«n Rett 3,5C?,312 I PuMte Dc> I posits 4.8T3,TUl OiW Depot- I _ 1t5...- Seven Bay a».d other __ 8i115...... £39,960,479 £?l>VUn A comparison with the rctom of the previous week gives the following results: Kl v., £3,2»,212 Increase..£l2.9o2 Publlc deposlts 4.373,714 Increase.. 43t,5dl o“h« dSsiis 17,150,191 Decrease. 709,250 On the other side ot lh« account: Gov’cnt B«cnriUea .£IL'2?,9U Increase. £iav9o2 Othersecnritles.... J9.»1.5Dl Decrease. 718.16. Stock unemployed. 7,375.9 U Incresse. 425,153 The amount of cote* in circalalion is £J-Lo’jLSSJ, being a decrease of £219,125; and the stock of hnlliun in both departments is £IC,S3I,OJS, show ing an increase of £ICS.OIO vrbcu compared with the preceding statement. —Tto return of tliojlank of France for the week ending Xovember tub, la as follows: lucrcase— Bills discounted, 11,000,000 francs; advances, 1,100,W0 francs. Decrease—Cash In bard, 3,7 A',WJ francs; notes, 12,000.0 0 francs; treasure biAncc, I.HT.’UO franc*; current accounts, J.OOO.CW fraoer. The dliiinnUon nthe coin aidbulUm continues, but upon a much <ma"cr acalexhno that shown in tcrcti returns. There is a moderate tnezease In UiediVconnis. —Tie Moutbiy Statement of the Laud Depart ment o' the Illinois Central KaHroad shows favor able n-lnrns for October. The quaattty of land told and the prices realized are as follow*: Amount. Acres constriction lands eoId.SL&tLT? $23 f . t Acre in'ereatfonds laud* sold *^B Acres free tasds sold i.«iS.3# fil,9>i.oo To—* sales durtne the month Of October. IBM •T. 08.03 m,«i« To wtiicn add town lot sales.. W9.W Tolalofall.... f«S,C34J3 Hm» amount of collected Id October was fIT-vi’.Sß The ireffc Department shows the considerable Increase ot f 1",513.78 over tfic month of October, XS6S. Its receipts were as follows From paPSeEjprs... F fref’M t. Frotssulli • From rent of road.. From other soarcea Total receipts la month of October, _ ~ im........ Tofrt receipts in month of October, Ifcj $C51,513.5? —The total Imports at New York for the week Compare as follows: Wett MwfJnn. .Sot, 23. Kot. tS. Nor. 9. Kor.J. »UTT,H« iwwi; Oco. m‘l** 1 Ull^m Total ft.WQtt «XSSkt» fVIMU KJI7JW Tho New York Imports of dry goods compare as follows: Entwdatthe Port... f»k«7« fVIS,7M Thrown on market.... 6W.SSJ 1,387,071 UIT^VSt Eaten* UU>e port... APB.U} U7.533.e8 xSSfnon 0U07.W7 79,171.911 ua,tuOXs The gold receipts for customs duties at New York, from January Ist, ate reported as follows: ini. isa. m. tfcnnft Quarter. 21.1M.9ia.t9 23J30.4X1,3t 8U9i9.aj7.4S Third Quarter.. ixa-’T.oo.ts auttusauTS so.Uß.ott.® In October 5.67D.1&U53 io.tt3.si3.oi lUOO3.OHJH From 553.m«71 J71 The exports from New York to foreign ports in the month of October were as follows: ism. ic*a. 1306. DomectieproCuc«....<lC,7W,«U |Mjo6J36 |tuS9U66l Foreign free... ffl,9C3 SUXO a.a-1 do dutiable... UOUStt 253.072 131.1 W Fpecte and bmtioo.... Zfii'JJt t,u&,z3i ,l«u .lU'4 .lU>i .m Tout export* jsme.Tß'i |,?« toijimci, or»pr<i-.. zi.37.uu i*aiusu Kr«.m January to October the exports from Kevr York to foreign ports compare as follows: ISM. IS-3. - 19J4. nomMU? proO-icc.. ft2S4JI.«J |IK.IV S »)3 iorelcn mtUt.. t cc. SuJ.jis <!■> dLtUble. 3433.71 S 4JIM4S Specie andbnman... 57.»),7ta .tJH.iUOSG f157.T0.7ta IsiWJt.'W IS7ja»4lt 157,730,711 .1«.9.-1,%3 T»«l wp w..., Total «rj. cf specie. The foreign Imports at Kew York tor (he ipouih of October compare as follow*: iSJt. IBS. HfiS. Entered tor coniumn'n t3.7bi.SM iIiAM.tJJ t13.5U.535 *• fnrwarchou« r ta MM.S-a Frt .. Sfrclrandbullion .. . Uj.7li 7J.WJ i.umvj T'.:rder»V'red»ti*on..*:2.n*crw »ii,UL673 tJURU.i?t Wiu,.j’n from wareU*#c 3,Vii,l3< 4,Gj£u3 s,Tkj.-c3 From January to October the foreign imports at Ken- Xork compare as follows: ISvi. 193 IS'<6. EntfTeir'>r«ra«nm , n.pT.’.Sl.9lD g9TaiQ,7SS |111,&>3,031 - J>rwareii..UßL , a«. , ri>t.‘tn 61.0A.3tH 101.75t.0n Freecoods ii.6m.io6 lU*AR4 specie and balii-a..... L*5S,yJ i.i.A.iUt T laT entered at M'iilia’nfromvarch'M 16A0.930 7i6lW)i 9 n The leading aulclw of produce exported irom New York compare as follows with former re tumd: Week end's Flare S»ae Jaa. X. time IS.M7 SH.7VS 1.201U1 .... .’qj.-itl |.utr.wi ;s.:at is.eso.twt a.»t;va» Plriw, hrls. V.f flu., f. re. Vn... Coii'-n, bate Pork. mia.... Ever, hrl* *nd tr». Buttf-r.IOO ths. bcUicg. 11SU 10T Uni, too a.* l*UVt t»‘,wn laKow.lOj a*.. J.7V4 ra,*r| 155.H9 IVTruJi nm, Kotls »,Wf,9>i Spirits Turpeatine and, brls 43 W.C7 5«« Itoili) 3.U1 871,1X1 4J,6ii New York Si ClrMnc pnccs for sash, KovetnbcrSl, lfS6,wcrlvedhy Joseph M. Lyons & Co„ Growers, S 3 Sooth Clark itrtrt: ut 2d Ist ?j B'd. It’d. rttßM. BM. SM.C«i my II4{» V.S.Sper eea Erfeicuml..... T»H TJ* bor.di, 1381... my 11$ Jt. a. from)... 62 s U. h. 6 per cent C. ft Pitts MK Sty MO couplet. 109 ltt)« Kock Island...Jl&K IW.s U.B.C per cent ■C.&y. iv tt* iwy IC7 C.&S.W„ rfd Stjf Tiu c. s. 5 per cent I*. Ft. W. A C..IOCK 106>i V2O coup..*®. !<»;< 107 K tmlc.silver.... 47H 4C U. b. 6 per cent W. Galon TeL. 47* 4TV 20-40*' 100 100 C.&A.(eotn)..lli>y HO* Tr.SotM.IMO Bor. & Q.(Pid)j3t 133 Ist serin 13o\ 135 V O. U. Certs.. St SO* 0. S. 73-20. ;*d RuiN n Utver.lM 123 aerie* 105* IK. Central ...119 119 C. S. 7 3-10, 5d P. BeadlßC.. lISV 113 senes. ...... 103.< 503* TVllkrsb'reCoal f.l .... Acer. G01d.... lUS I£3 T.A Wsba'b.. 44 «Jf Ma*kct— First Board strong, second Board weak. COBBEBIUL. Ttodat Evestso, Novembers?, 16W. The following tables show the receipts ai d thlp ta<nls of produce dunn: the post twenty-four hours : SZCXOTB PAST TWESTT-POClt SOCnS. Flour, hr Is.. Wheat, bu., U0nubu....... . Oats, bn Rye. bn... Barley, bu Gins* Seed, Sis . Broom Corn, Jbt. Beet btls Pork, brls Tallow, lbs Butler, Is Dreteed flogs, No Lhe Doer, N 0... I’nulc, No Hulc-sks H. Wines, brls... Wool, lb* Lumber, m..... Shinties, m lath, to Salt, btls emrsastrs past Twtjrrr-ratrr. nocns. I*.C IsW. s.sw a. ssi 3VBO 2*,T35 21,150 02,250 3,3'J0 10 J,239 1.330 1,103 1,310 *,9l* JW.WO 131,250 T,300 *BB !,JC7 «7 4',:«T 20.500 8,-iai 9,3 V) 30,1*71 3,51 a Pionr, brls Wlicut, bu Com, bn Oats. bo.. Rye. bu Barley, tin Grass bced, Broom Corn. Th*. Cnroo Meat, Tha. Bed, b’ls.... . Port. ftrt*. Larn. lbs VaJicw, Tbs Bi-Uer, tbe ... . Live Uogs. So.. J». iJure. N 0...: Caitle, No Hide*, lbs I! M ines, btls Wool, U-j Uusufc*. m . 1,710 S'U fhicgles, tn 015 1.037 Latl, m 723 273 Sait brie ... 1,7*1 1,131 Tl o following table? show the movement In prod;ico during the week ending November 21. and beta .la:.uaiy Ist to date, with comparative Statistical ctctivts op ixancco aimcix* at cniCARo ron rut went mnuxo MOVEXBZ&2I, and rao* jas- VAUT ler TO PATS. Since Same time. Last week. Jan. 1. l*>s. Fltmr, brls 10,223 1,713,172 1,698,210 Wheal, on con»,bn 20i,7W S2,;uvwi 24.0i.n0 Oats. bn 122.5C7 S.s 17.613 9.917,518 live, bu «i.fiss 1,850,1R3 1,1-15,8 40 r-arlcy, bn 41.782 1,117.736 1,102,139 (TrsTf* fwl, fte... 6SSTHS Is.jfVi.4st 1ii.511.579 Broom Com, lbs.. 726,852 fi,i(r.v.*ll 5,-4t»i,2.M Cured Meat*, &6.. 59,4»W 1U,a?2,G49 11,4(6,y7l Bcof, hris 720 2,901 l*Cik, hiU 140 89.rtS6 31,421 Urd. C*... 11.628 fiJSSUSI 5,!*1!),fW4 Tallow, !h» ... . 87.533 Butter, lbs 13t.*154 C."U7.7«C C.i.57.1'6 Bead Hogs No .. .<3l 2U1.211 KM.697 Uve Rocs, N 0... 18.108 818.791 fiffMWl Cattle, No. 8.727 A.kt.129 817.284 Hide?,lbs K-1,031 17,7W.25G 13.503.P6l H. Wines, Lrb... 1,644 43,617 Skill Wool, 3>i< 77,477 8,492,492 7,721,1^ Lumber, t 0... ... 22.190 668,296 357.755 Shingles, m 11.UC G9M32 2u0,‘.«2t lath, m o.;rn 111,218 46.467 Salt. brls 25,;J9 478.538 C49.J17 Salt, bags 8 11.161 4,000 smraiMs or ixasnto Annexes at ctucaoo ron tus wren istiiso xovsnsn SI, ash rsox I JAXCAIIT ItT TO PATS J Lastwcok. Jan. uu 1565. Float, brls !‘ia,Ti3 WLeat, tu........ 4:i,t-sa 6,01?,GU Contain «*s3s 100 Oa'?. bn .... Cuussi 5».523,!>33 y,4J9,'>H Kyo, bn *1.1“ 1,451,f.17 7iKi.m BaiJov. bn 1.221-li -JtiJ.j'.H in-cd, »s ... 155,9.5 6.3:1.357 Brooo Cuu-d Jlcattf, B#.. 530,661 39,533,1*63 BcoUmU 3,512 Rt.^il IV»k,l rl» %3 03 UU6IS 1t»J.751 .lju!, 0)« ISI.-sM 12,15%5Jj Tallow, tv# 634,5C0 6,244.137 3,19.1.240 Bol»er, It? SAS.OIJ 6,516.176 4,i33,773 11. llo t *S, >*o W) 54,:i23 45,'Jl Uvo Uoi:?, Mo.. . 4,503 478,431 603,^2 So 1,103 271553 2Hs>j Ilidef. C s 724,771 17,011.Ql !9,<51,612 11. WJi;w, Wool, ft# 105,367- 8,513.755 B,l'*TsO , .U l.u:aK-r. a W,'C6 S2Vfi>l MilLglrt, n 4,551 273,237 213,557 1-atb.pca.m 2.U53 70.U23 Cluli Ms 15,6-24 107,«J 30,227 i?2b,br.jj3 4,661 35,611 Notwithstanding the disagreeable nature of the wcaifcer, there ntia rood aPendtnee on ’Change, and the ladies markets were a shade bibber. The rrovirionmatkcteiblbltednonew features. There was a moderate inquiry for Mess Poik. and we note &ales of SSO brls at $20.i0. a pot; brls at svj 00, seller first half of December, andSOObrls at 5 10/L, buyer January and first half of Decem ber. At the close there were sellers at f 19.50, sell er's option December and Januvy. Green Meats «cu* doll, with sales of l,t'oo pieces Him* at from the block. Sbouiaers were nominal at C 3 • lie. Lard was dull, with sales of S 3) tierces pure rew at 13c, seller January. There teas curbing doing for present delivery. Whiskey was dull and neglected. Toe market say be nominally quoted as 32&33c for bonded and f2?c tor tree. The Flour market was Inactive—buyers and sellrre being apart. At the close holders were firmer In their views and refused to make any concessions. The isles foot up 1,290 brlt at SiS.COGII2S for White Winters; fll.o for Red WJn-eis; J9.45fhi0.50 for Spring Esiras; and fG.75<2-7.r0 for Spring fcrpcr*. A small lot of Buckwheat Flonr rcM _r $5 50. Tkero ffj.- mo -c activity in Wheat, and the mar ket advance' i ~ on Xo. I, and 2<22bicon No. 2 Spring in regular houses. Fancy receipts were uncharged. The sale* aggregate 91,000 bushels, at S2.'<2QS.IS for Xo. 1 ; J 1.95 for Xo. 2laA. D. & Co. and 1L L; fl-SCtf £L£t»» far Xo, 2 In X. W. and X. s., and f1.tC01.49 for licJected'Spring in store, closing at PM4G2.15 for Xo. 1, and #1.83® 1.8ri4 for Xo. 9 Regular. £tt.33;,S« Cora opened steady and an advance of 335Hc was obtained, though at ibe close tbeless favorable advices ttom the East produced a Tower feeling and the market recoded Ic.- About 113,900 bu chmgcrt hands at 57390 c for Xo. 1 and 55c for Xo. 2io store; 5Ce for new Shelled and Ssc for Ear Corn on rtaek. The market dosed steady at £9c for Xo. 1 In (tore. Oats were qnict and without material change. We role sales of 35,000 bu at for Xo, •; and 40»ic toe Xo. 2ln store —closing firm at Ssc for Ko.a. Bye was quiet and firm with light sales at S7® S7uc for Xo. 1 and Sec for Xo, 2. Barky was slow but a trifle firmer, with sales at G7Sl(s<forXo.Sandl3Hcfor Rejected in store. Sample lots sold at 90cQ51.25. There was nothing doing in Lake Freights, and rates arc entirely nominal. Tallow «a* qnic*. with sales of &S brli at for City packers* and ICcfor Country. Fig Load t« qnict—selling In Job lota at l r -iicci store. Trade In the Grocery market Is improving, and pjlceeof staple goods with the advance In Gold arc higher and firmer. Hardware goo dr. Including Iron, Steel. >alis, Metals and Tinners' 1 Stock, are In active demand, acd the market continue* stead; and firm. Salt la tairly active and firm, with Domejtfc Fine selling at fS.CC. delivered. Seeds are quiet bat steady, with’timothy selling at according to condition. Wool continues dull and almost entirely nomi nal. with files In fiver of buyer*. J .umber by the cargo Is In good roque-t for de sirable qualities, and wlta a limited sopply afloat ttc market fa fully maintained. The foUowlng telegrams were read on ’Change UMlay Bcrrixo, Norctnher 27. Wbect nominal. Com $ Oau 50c. Rcceltu-Wheat, U.OOO ha; Cow, 60,000 ha. Vats, 40,W0 ho. ilarfreii doll. Skv Yobx, Soremher 27. Flonr firm and qnlel at $i.2f«&52.94. Ooraon-- acumen ard qnlel at ?1.56. Oats mler at 6*S < |t<e, Pork heavy at 521.37}5. Lard dimer and quid at 14 C. Gold 141*$, ,f!«UST,BI . 4f3.W5.0-) . 0,335.31 4,000.011 . D0,C00.00 xATra- „ New Yobs, November 27. Floar active ted 10c belter tt|W.7o, Sprit g Wheat firm at J255@ti.35; tinier lower. Corn unsalable at ?1.25. Oat# quiet. Pork firmer atf2a.l2J4. Gold lI2H‘ LATER. The grain markets were quiet hut firmer daring the afternoon. No. 1 Spring Wheat was nominal at $2.15 and No. 2at J 1.90 In regular boose. Com doted elrong at 50e for No. lln store. Provis ions were dull. Jn 6 t after the close of ’Change a . lot of OD Jhrls Mesa Pork was sold at fiW.M, 1 -slier December and January. The market for Beef Cattle was exceed ingly oull, ihongb under the Influence of more favorable advices from the Earl, a firmer feeling obtained. 2fo advance was established however, the market dosing steady at fC£o®(kM for inferior to choice grades. The receipts were 1,53 bead, entered sales, 106. Hogs were in good demand to-day, both for shipment and on local account, and op to twelve o'clock prices were well sustained, but later in the day under liberal arrivals paces receded IS® 25c. Tic redpts were 5.T01 bead; entered sales, 4,C5). The market doses steady at 85.50©C.50 lor common to choice. Proapecin of the Cation Crop* • Kdll Brothers A Co., Is their circular of last week, give a detailed report of the Incoming Cotton crop, baaed upon the personal observations of the corres pondent* who have ecruilz lied the conditions in al! toe States, la the resmt they arrive at an estimate 01 3,(bn,(M) to 2£Cn,Co(l bale* lor the whole crop. Tbit aMe range Is chained by the remark that, la tbs more Southern btates, under the Influence ol Cas weather, Colton balls are continuing to open! The New York Shipping Lftl, 0 1 Saturday, com* mcntlnt-npontts Cotton, protpccta, and the prospective murtailonal Uade In the tuple, remarks “In England, fpvoners. speculators and capitalists eont*nt>« to watch the coune of the tuple la this country wlUi Intense interest. Thus, uotwtuiiunlius that the new crop la Egypt atnounmo *-rmo GOO.OM holes: that the growth in India and the Brazil is ex pected to be fully equal to last season, and that Lanca shire has ample supplies of cotton onbaod. tae future vuluc of cciud lo the United Kingdom. teems to de pend upon the at'nai production 10 the United States.' ihc ptpolar estimate ta England of the American cron 1*2440X03 bales, and they count upon drawlss LAla,(o.t oa.n hence, to bo made up. In part, or the old crop on hand at tb* close of the late cotton year. With tuese fig-area as a basis, Engll-b spinner* entertain no apprehension that itttnrc suppd-a will tail fhort of thrlr wants, even Uioiish t“-th the home and f. reign trade should In erta-e. The Quantity of cotton held in EnglindU about ■■M'.iOO hoi?*, agaltst less than half thalquan myini(*£ Ib<-yarcalso importingfreelvfromva- Ilf ns nuart-rs. and there It quite an averaro quantile afloat from the East. In tpamtati an this year, tnef* has wen axrrat ftlllnq od In England, so that thi trai’c I*. to some extent, free tram excitement. A 3 kind* of cotton goods, too. have been reduced in prln, ar.UtbKln cot-ncctlun wlm the dc;>tes*el italic* tra<> In the 11 &nnf»ctnrtt»s district*, woohi aecm to l-ojnft-n 'over r-n e->f prices than anticipated hr n- any, on both sldca of the Atlantic." Philadelphia Provision Market Novem ber S 4, The market, as we have octrced fbrsome tlmtpan. continues Miy dnT, anil pr.c>'* have again UeeUnci. ;*0 trls ot r.i w mvss pjfk sold at 111.00 perbtl. In mess l. ti there is ad material change so not ce. We* tein (ells «t and city packed at #12.00% }t,ujp*rbrl. Beef turns are lower, uo brl* soldtogo ontur the market a: *35.00 per brl. Bacon c jaUnues Inactive and prices are drooping. Small sal«s of plats and farcy ranvas*-J bams are matins at 19,431 c; «ldcs at I7j<c, and sn older* at 14c per a. Ufe«n meats are alvi very dot. and prices have declined V'4ic per »; new pickled hams sell at 16c. and salt shotultrs at from 14Kfel3ct*r ». Inward there U very am pnevs arc lover. Sales of hrl* an ! tea are making at IS&llc per S, and kegs at 16*icxc- tswn lOA-rta 819.5J6 »«> si3 ti>;i mocu Market. JTbeEosli*b Wool and Cotton Trade* The London correspondent ot th» New Torn CAronf* cJe, under cate oi November S.«, mt«: Donne Uieflr?talae of the present year we Imported from all Quartern Ki.lSL&o »». of wool apalnat 169,«j,6M b*. last ye*r, and 113,110.718 as, |n IM4, > rom Germany, *MU»a India and Australia. ibe Imncrts kcowa a comddarabte Increase from fut year, but on tbc other hand, there U a dimlnntlcn in oar tup- Bly from the Cap* of Good Dupe of nearly ijXM.OOO hi. nr Import* for the nine monlUj aland thus: „ Isa*. is®. is®. From hs. ha. sa. Came town* and other p*m of Enrop* 15WWM JLM7^2 C«l>e ol (iood U0pc..... 10,WT.WI 17.70i/W) liVU.VO Ac«tra]l» 5W15.645 W.SUJtt I0:0t7.«ftl Utber connlrtcß. Total 113,110,716 The twtlids of cotton tbe pastweekatolltbc ports amoont to bale*, against 56,736 bale* the preriocs wees, muklmc the total receipts since September l. tut* year. SShKM balm, against sCo.t>is bales for tbe same period «nl?si. Tne exports fr<-m a 1 tbe port* forth!* week show an Increase, the total rescuing 13,973 bales, or which J3.W2 bate* were to Llrerpooh 41 bale* to Glasgow,l/iTS bales to Havre, 30 ba'e* to B-wdeaav, SOI hairs to Bremen. <9O hale* to Hamburg, M oalcs K> Havana, and 447 bales to Vers Cruz. Philadelphia ploar Market—NoTrnbcr 24. 166 market 6m been very dull, and price* have <e dliiCd fully Sc V brl. About C.POD tirU .old in lou, tu clndia:l,ooohrU Western Umfly and t.too bmetty Mill* family on private terms, and small lota to the re taller* aid baker* at price* ranging trora fßj»aSAofor superfine; fi».OOktXOiO for extra; |l2J».iliso lor Northwest extra family, the latter rate for fancy: •t3.Ui4U.sQ for remyivaoia and Ohio family, ana 21i.Cv*ltiA0 brl for fancy brand*, a* to quality. 18M3. IR6S. 8,272 4.4 W 81,500 74.046 10,775 M,M 15.004 80,51* ■4.750 5,275 8,350 i'U 80.5 O 43,530 133,018 70,313 110 Sc pda in Rnllltuepc— November 21. Clover meet* with quick sale at 10.12 V ';0-M ¥ bn fir fair to uric ;y prime sample*, nod at t3.97vci9.00 tor common ai-d onttcarv. Timotny u anil and nominal, and Uaieceti steady at JAIO, 1,910 4.512 35,557 31,500 ai .... 3,754 Soed* ia \cw Vork-November ‘2l, Clover »wl U aukl at 13 v£l r -c for old and new; tim othy feed U •Hibg slowly ai £t£ rough fax* feed U dull at : Calcutta tinM«4 ts nominal at goio, in ttostou ana here. 11-2,(10 9t,512 £O3 2UI JU37 10.963 2.203 %<rz CTO TOO 191 135 .... 8,500 Iloston M 00l .Market—N ovetnber 31. In the wac) teas l:ct there If, a* yet, bo let-up la the <Jo7cf»- ar<? ceprwjoo, aa<> prices of all £*a?c* of Siap.earer-.ilr a* |-«m hitherto onnteq. Manatic tsrerxln vlewO! the continued accajnnlaUoD *X aid lack of margin on tlu-lr product*. at« very indictreai M» porcha-es and will not lake hold onlr»* very deck den bargains are oOre-l. Anything in lie wool line, JnclttiUng C'XXJ ao<l Mrc'n3moi,ed domesticfierce, which !♦ held above NvUi.h emphatically berood th*lr new*, aixl oW.lnary hu of wool are ffMßca* 1 vr d'Mra as I* fact, there are oo rvcnlarorrr*cc» Put now.for thli sttpic. anc value* depend almost wholly upon the relative cvatUlcs cf buyer and teller. per*)* Id Philadelphia—November S-l* noTenred continues scarce; £mall sales are mstlsj: »tt».(U/uOMuefba‘bt} toroid and new: ICObg Uoso ay sold Ms 3 W«S.SO. f laxsetd sell at |Wa V bo. l'liilndelDltl«tWool Martct—November ■J4. The market. ion re eave noticed tor s 'tn- time part, conUnoes very dull, aal arc nussltled ana droop ing. MksaTartorm purchase in small loU only to supply immediate want*. Alxmt IJ,COo »* sold In 1* t» at prices rancins from (Tlftssc for extra ane; fOc lor Hue: 51,* 55c lor medium; iSc-ss'c tit common; 4tf«i7c tor No. 1 pulted. and V » for unwashed. f3,*a 01,13*' Ui y 13,:-S 60,710 The Journal of Monday late: The hog knifes and parkins business may now be regard'd b> Pejmu. four of our largest concern* bring to operation. iLc receipt* ol byjt by lie Loclsriiie A Nasnvlllc Railroad acre twenty ca'a, aid by the LoiilrvUle* Frankfort Railroad. up to last creams, V3O head. Frlcrf ratued irotu cross. About L»C were killed to-day. ProTialnn* In Baltimore—November*.!!. The Inquiry forall descriptions ofhoc product t*on- Jmprmn'mnd prices are un*ettlr*l. Balk meats ore •cam 1 and nominal, and !»r,t sad barred.*! pjrk ncr lectrtt an i heavy. Bacon •honldrra *«U at ana Meet at ts.V'al7c far rib and clear, small orders be ing Piled at the outside flenres. Hams may be quoted atl(£l«c Ibr plain, and for sugar cured. CHICAGO DUY GoODsl MARKET. TTcroaT Evsstwo. November 77. The Dry Goods market sbows tiers of renewed actlr tty, and for the beginning 01 tbe week trade opens Mr. Prices have undergone no very, marked change slice our last, though some brands of bboetlngs have been marked down fce. btandord prtr.u are steady, though some of the lower qualities are shaded la trtCe. At the close there was a Inner feeling la the market. W« quote: Mcmmac rt w 3l»mii»i»c w ..20 Cdvhreo ,19 V Parlflc U Gamers 19 liunueirs... 17V Manchester l? Lo«'«0 26 Arnold's ..14 L*r.ra»ter i.v 1 Uichmotd ..17H Since Same time Clinton... Lancaster. scoa* aa lUssrr 21 | Lavrvacr. Sir ! Mart: 4—4 .21 Appleton ......4—t 21V Medford *-l MX Nashua 2J Indian Heal...l—l 33 Cabort A 4—t a Atlantic 4—l K Amoskeas 4—t 31 \* Salmon Falls. .4—l SIX Agawam F.... 4—4 ISS Appleton U.... 1-4 20 Illinois A 1-4 13 Swl r iltirer...,4—4 13 Pcptwtll E. 21 « u. a PepperdiN i* v BXAACatP: n. r. surj «-i 43« WatnJßlla-.. ■ 4—l B?iJ Palo* 4—l a Wfcj:eKocL-....4—1 S?V Uilfe..... .4—l S2y >?,vr"r:ririV. .. "l—l ay Bar MtU> 4—l S 4 Aldro*«ipgla_4—l ssy Laatoa e a ~ u—( » iurn ci LeGK)t!c ad Cambric I Dcrua. ARt*ko;~ « iConawarat. ,S Tort I WaablMtob. SJ SUm Lester Miabnl JmjroreJ S?V .17 I'Won iUyauikcri^. Aici^stc*^—, \t3Crtraa..., W«l?« Uoasoke.... AdMtrJcA c A (3 &unm«n. r*ffalir.....lO •* a r.y “ d a - B Ch PcmSertoaE JO « C 37* - X ja “ in Svlfi D«r ..2S* Tori AMrcb a*» sur ilUls SMbcb JO Albaar 16 ~ M wiacb <3 Torka-tnch aj* . .. cc*R«rr- AtP<*fcf*C WS'! Ljio&ia .£}* I -Put*. castok rusm*. ftamilti'D float „«S > iboratfK* AS lilfficn T. ~t I NasstVcagbleb -3J I'-ott. lacccU-. DciAtxsa, Manchester, new .3 1 Hisnliura. tactile, new .» lAH Wool.. (lUbcn'i ... J3.r> 1 ManranA MaDeten4l.7i Ivtiwx 1 Bailegtt'*.. :M PontOfwop JilstXSO 1 praorf I^3 Wa?UngWa MHU XJC | Belle of tbeaeaMa.. J. 3 tiniuiK J. kr. CoaU .|UO 1 Greet k Daniel*. Clark**... tjo white 5eem...... tikiiler A co*« n 1 cord. Womrt Braid*.... ss I wtuiaaatie Sttfford. - 70 | Ejdc...., Hope Franklin.. Lo«e3,Bt»ly “ 1.*5 I Cro**icj“* f»uT»>a “ mrrfjam.... I.® I BrwfL.'. W.ty lUruonl, ciir* s-p’> y JJS I - •• Jrop*J3-ply MJ* t Empire Mii» 1.2 S •* inprr 1."3 BeUndt..M, IJ} *• Bedim... J.® I CItUXRS. . Fancer* <t VKt» a I Everett 1. J*v K»basb.. » lererew 0.... so cuicaisu bCaiiSß market. TrcfTUT Emw. Sormba J 7. The rccdpta *ad thlpmecta during tis pisi twenty focr heart were MiloyJc*. LiUi Tiuj «fply olLoaibcr by ibo car*o coaUsae* UmU> rf, wbUe tb* Inquiry, especially tor desirable qualities. Is good. Prices are nominally wachaacod. Sale n ported was: Carp: tchr Vote Doorman, from Grand lUm, 60 m common railed at f 17JD. la tbe yards Ujctb U a lair trade doiac at foil prices. Tfc quote: LruMS—nmClear,ard a-lnch per m ....IffljJJißtii BeeoadOear.UlS,!^, 3-lncU MJ»4>aj)u Tvlra Clear, tacii jh First and t econo Cl tar Floorin'. IPlWbciv r-ocb--tuc same as Second Clear, wide M COc^ane CojunwQ lariat nutched and c failed Comtaoo «» f 7^ f i a e-v S-ODaiM*) Matched and dre**od >Uxh Com* _moo Fioonu M foa.Tg.fw ririt am} Second Clear Sldlii. lo *«htr aa.'jo&u jo Fuel CotnmoaDrtasnd Biding..... •*} ft) wagoo-box Hoards, select, iVlaca ana npwarfl* ABt*clr Board»,lltnebe* ... xj(L«j<Ai B&tocS board*. tS lacbea OM&HM Common Boards, Joists, Scantlinz, P«.cltji mad email Timber, 13 id K fret k>o£. aJJMRttiW JtUtaodPcanUlLe. 16 be'. .... «tftv.tVOO Jcim and bcanUlnx, ti, a and ji left KjtaJJIB SHHOLIS—A or Star t-havec ghtasles sjj A or star aa«ed Shingles a 03a 5 Si ?*'’• 1 Sawed Shlnrlea 2 sva 3 r\ BSo.I Saved SMnzica., j/ak 3,30 Lain—Her ain yard* .TTJT., ............. *.£s SIS By car load by Northwestern T?«ir. nad, delivered In any yard where cm* can be *vltoced,'ir any deoo*: A or £tar Sawed Shingles, by car load on 1 rack 4.75 A or Star beared SbUuter, br car load on track, coont fall, or five benches to a thousand .... 1«a A Sawed Shingles, cUy made, on tract yo. 1 bawed Shingles by car losthon „ w track SjS aoUarr a car lead aided wLeo tranaterred, which charge toilowa ibe Shlngie* la indsbt bill. „ . . _ cnncGLxeraxoaao. to t* two inthea la ttl ch i'eapth—Sixteen laches. Pacils—T « enty inches. Conrae—Tw ctiy-nt e. The following table above the dally receipts shipments of Uve block daxlcg the week up to this evening, as reported by the Secretary of the Union block Yard Company • funday and Monday *** Tuesday.... S.WT *i:s bameume last week KS ATM »x Weefcheiore Uiu pi The receipt* to-day were by the fbUowm* roads? „ „ __ Cattle. Hon. ‘ Sheep. ny imoota Central 35 n By BarUnstoa a.*» OS 6LLOOJJ* Alton. «T 9 1H SOI Bv Northwestern jay !,*« 160 By Itock Island w$ s« By Michigan Central uj .... ht Ulcl.lgan Southern 3 Hrtv«n in... K 7 .... .... is,'idi,'odi ijftw.iii l&M, UO iimm tn i«oni<iTliic< American...... I7v Amssseag I6u Duchessß. .153 Moaming .13 Alcn's 17^ rrondcnw 17 James Sanders' l«v Gloucester ,t(w W, W.Freemaa AC0..13v Union 15 WotssuUa uj,' Columbia 11 OAKS. ! Glascor...., .21 I Roanoke. 19 rnnano. I Atlantic 3w i Itppcroll O *3 l Great Falls M 21 s 1 - - s so’ Indian Orchard A. »1 I “ “ c.. siw “ M BB 1»3 “ “ w. Js* “ •* L. 17 Boot Mlßs B 16v - - q. 20 * “ 6.'.'.'".'. SIX Western W0r1d.... ifi* Arkwright 2Jv Portsmouth P it Napoleon is Quaker is* Ucd Ban* .7-6 11 “ - 1-4 » Lorjdai# ** Artnrrlfhl SS Waobeck 96

J. a w. timers— l 90 Cnaoc. 5—4 14 PUwnrlUe.B 30 Biacistone Eirer) BiackVtoVe AA.I.. Sty Bailoa ft &0tu,.4—l a - •» ~7-fl ay aXSTTC*. I Easllih- 9)y .-SO ComOtj. ~-•1 r*«n« .. .... l WMUeiklca C.~* as 1 ** A. A? .V&X) ira»«-llle. .... » l Thorndike a.w ....A) l?bewcteu » TICE#. t icrttmi OrcinM. l«jf | Attirowoijtn..... ' I pcMterell U itii0tte ........... ......13 1 BeauoetOQ. ..«*» JFepPerril... .aw* coTTos tass*. rrc. ®«f lEa*lcn»... .... 13 <3* Carpet Warp « .CO ldOcap>BatU.....^l&sa Kcotpu. Shipment#. 6XOJO 19UUJ »li.UU WXw.V) CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. ... Omn or to* Chicago Tones*.» Ttxsx>at Ertajso. Xovemoer rt. 1556. j BEEF CATTLE. Total IJ» 5.797 <73 ThcalupmecU Unlay, aa-i to r tbft *««K op to uua ercmng, vets: _ .... Casat. aon. Sbrep. Socdar «£d Mondir.., Toes Ur.... 6S 3.WJ h&n.rtiaelwtwcek 55 11* s&i fchil'ineau unlay were by the following routes: _ CatUe. Hon. Sb«p. By Michigan Centra) RO Br JllvblgibfcoaUigni, 17 Cl .... HuabbrsLftFt.%Vtt3Tie 71 ea Total P 8 S,4fls Salts *a cilstal it tbe£U*Rat rfeal oasci, vtrt asiollovs: t ,„ , „ .„ . ” Cattle. Bo«*. Sheep. Illlrcts Central Scale &j &ti .... Unrlmctfn ft Quince Scale in fcu lunltf ft Alton 5ca1e........ 44 j)7 .... MorUiKttierc 5ca1e...... &. ios Total icr LfiM Ids BEEF CATTLE—The market opeav very quiet, and continued Umt to the close. The day was unfavorable far operators, being treely interspersed with showers, to Hint few buyer* made their appearance In the yam* this morning, and np to twelve o'clock less that too bead bad changed bands. Though there was n tittle mere llle exhibited In the afternoon, the market could at no time be called even moderately active. There ts lo demand for shipment, nor scarcely any Inquiry far packing, so that the demand Is confined Klc'Ostexclu»lve l > to supplying butchers* wants. The receipts are Baht, but fully equal to the requirements ct the trade. There was but very Utile good stock of fering. common Cows, light Heifers and balf-fatiuied Steer* making np the bulk of arrivals. Aa they become more fully advlM-d as to the workings and purpose* of the ** Dark Lantern Board." one alter another ot the commission men loose from the ••swindling concern." Mention was recently made of thcdl.soln tton oftbefirmof 801 l A Reeves, both ot these gen* are now doing business In an open market, and ore pcrtwtly willing that th- as to their Individual transactions. J. D. Beeves has connected himself with the well known Arm of Jones, Honch & Co., far the transaction of*general livestock commission business. All stock consigned to them will receive prompt attention. The market closes dull and heavy at the fallowing Quotations; prime to Pxtra f6.3%38.50 Gocd to prime. 3.7306.00 Interior to Medium tales to-dar were limited W ltß head. TVc note the following trans actions: CATTLE SALES TO* DAT. Conors & Uall sola Moore 13 bead, Uzht stock, av eraging W 9 ax, at | su>*on bought 15 bead, averaging 1/00 B», at *5.?5. Urukt told Ucpew It bead, good nicer*, averaging 1,116 ft*, at 15/3. John-on sold Hyman 5 bead, averaging 1.13 CV as, at l)Vrbc bought 17 bead fat Cows and Steers, averaging 1,133 as. at £.25. OOG&-*The market opened active, and undertbe la* flnem-e ot more favorable advices from tbc East, pricy in tbc forenoon were tolerably well sustained, bat later In the. day,with liberal arrivals,buyers becatnslcs* anilons to operate, and price* receded 1333 c per 103 as. Sales embtaee bead, which were divided between city packers and shipper* for tbo j*ew York and Boston market*,. at price* ranglngfrom |s.s<ifc6.UK for Inferior to common tm. even lot#, and fCJSSi? C.ts for good to choice Bop, aver* atrins from ISO to SS) One lot of extra Berkshire Bop* averaging Vil **, sold In the morning at |l.oo. Tbe highest price realized alter twelve o'clock was K.CO lor choice grades, averaging 536 bs. Tbo balk ot tbe offerings were tslun at and within the range of to 32&6.50. The market tloac* strong at the following qaola- Von»: VitniMo Fztra. tioodto Prime.. Common to Moilam. We note VUc following »l« hoq eaus topat. Sn. At. price. Cocorer h IUH I? Prim A K 43 3K fS.CO Conover 4: Uad to |*nr*l A K 81 374 «UQ Concvrr te HaQto l*ile»t A K 96 SIT 6JJU Conover & TUU to I*ne«t & K 90 353 6.13 U Conovcr&llali to D Kretsh ACo... tt SI 6Jii lVtJ>-rrr tou. htetib drCo... iS 379 JoDe*,,.. 61 353 5.W jtx'ft, A cv». fold 39 . 370 e-ia Keenan & r. r»*w zn sey Kccd&therwla touch! ft 321 5.61 D.Knlph & Co. Douclit 494 SIT C.7TW It. KulithA-Co. bought. SZI 307 6.U G.Uotßtoiicamcs .. M alt 6.33 thztln-.aa t<> Poaiara 96 S3l p-y livrft- to Soaim* t? a 3 «,?w I’alou to Wettrell .51 *37 -.00 r.rom to tinn «io i« - s/t «,io lof'jlli lu Sc»inr* 93 23 6.73 Korvyth to hoamfS 31 3)6 6,75 nAimiTMrrUfc ( Ist Quality Ml AnUnuny,.... SuJ l*irt folder 30 j >A !!•>»—An* in tii stroa? at the followlnc rati iltti it ML V i w a.OOI fri 4fl I IWen tcoplit. Tlldcn bOßibt. • lldcD bdOtb., w ... ..v. TUCm l>Crj:hl 43 SIS &Q 0 mni» & c<>. to Fun 4Co nao <•■ UalCtoD.Krclsh 410 SI t 99 64s - fnEEP—Tbt market wu dull and Inactive, TliTe wcrr no tr«c*actlona reported, »nd In Use absence of * Ut» ve Quote the market entirely nominal, at Use tol* loving note of price*: Good to choice *1.5005.01 Medium 4.01J4S itlaiono common 5.0043. n WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE CHICAGO MARKET. AN qfGmtn report'd in tut* m-iriw r'j or ore nweon a boils of 2c storage h triers oiAenri«< fJprrt* tj. Trxatur Erxy-ixo November 27.15C6. FII EIGHTS—iUiLcoAb FutuaTa—The following U the Unat tarltf on the Eastern roads: 3d st Ith claaa. class, class. Flour. To New fork . ITS UJ :a 2U> “ lalUlake and rail. 160 us 100 sol To Potion ia m no r» *• rail, lake and rail. 170 its 105 211 To Philadelphia 165 115 luO W 0 To r-alllmore 165 m 100 W 0 To Albany ia iso im roo •* rail, lake and rail. ISO 100 » VJG To Montreal 230 JU M i,a lo RuhalO SQ 9i 97 V 219 “ rail, lake and nil. 73 ;s 57* ifW To Cincinnati 60 43 40 40 LAKk Fnur.nTs—No charters reported. IT.OC It—Received, brit; shipped. SAUbrls. Market inactive. wt-hDajm and sellers apart la l i'lt views, cairswere: WtirreWerner—lttibrfs ‘'rar her’*” at HUS; 50 brls cot named at f U.U); Rxn Wtx ixas—sto brl* not named att11.75: snixo Etm.*- ISJI rl* cot named at HC.N): ItOhrts do at f'OJl); 100 b:l» dc at S.CdU; tui brls ao aiibhO; 100 hrls dost fJ. 43; Semens—loo brls n' t named at (7.30; W 0 oris do atfT.uOs «brl*do at <6.75: RcckwhbaT Floci—7s brls at fcOO; Coax Rtan-2M bags at (36.00. , Wc ocote cUslrc price? as fltows; VTlriXi: Wcrriks—Choice Illinois .'.(12.00:4 IS JO Choice du Louis ISWaIsAO Michigan and Minnesota UaX^rttTS Wlscoasltu. UAl^tiJO Rzt> Wcnxts. UAOjSihbO hfaixo Lsnua—Fancy Choice. FalrGrades. Low Grades. Srrt?so Srms BT* Ftorx. BrcTXwntaT Market f(«Scbettei on No. I.and 3£SKcnicherooNo. S. talc* were: Si'ciso Wuiat—2,oo? on No. I at K.U; SsPO lu do St I2.UK; 17.0 CC bn do at M 44; Mbn do City St (2.13; 4.4.0 bn No. 2 St *!.«. U. I. sad D. & Co,; IVCO bn do at f : VJOO bn do at f l_-«; 11'.CM bn co at (I.S7V ; iuxiO nn do at fl-S7; 5.000 im do IOC bn CD allLto: woo bo do atlCTf: LtoObndo at fLao-clotlx.; at tor No. 1 and iL&ftl.Stf lor Nr. s Erring Ibxuisr CIIRN-licwitN, W.T3 bn; shipped, 35.00 bn. Marvel oMicd &*3.Vc better, but at the rJi*e jyi off lc. Salta were Co» is trim— bn No. 1 at 90c; 20.«0bndoatS9)4r;5l,Ml8bnco alSBc; 2SJWJ ha do at »-Xc; 4(0 bu do at bt.v* l.«» bnplo at STc: in) bn N. K at to >c:UOoba No. 2 at sfic; Ut cows—l,Wu on at 55c on track: N»»- Coes—i.JCC bn Nc» bhelled at UOha KUn cried at 7s. The tbarset dosed steady at 9c for No. 1 in ttore. OaTs*—; iblpp'd. MOO bo. Mai getaieadr and(lnn. tHUcsverc;u«ba>o.Ut4o Uu li.CC) bn So. 2 at i ; ),c ;Ok bn do at Sbc turcbn do atSTScc— oo*itg enu at S*es>r No. 2. RYE— Market baler were: 4.1C3 bo So. I at; i.Kt'bn do t.i 12c:3.tfCbn So. 2at fCc. R.iULat-Keeelv-ed, UM bn; snipped, JAW bn. Market qnlct amt «»acy. eajea were: «a* bo So. 2 at Gr; C.IW. bo do at fie; iOO bu lletecioi at IS'.e; Baa ur> bt bu at 11.2 b: WO bu atfl li; J 7 bs£S AsilE**~Sotnißal at 8c for Pots. AECUfJOL—Jsquletat H--.iii.63 ior rpissd Jots, and n/.t£« t. 75 to Ue retail war. Rltllll.ll CORN—HuII and nominal at«t«.00» SUua* a» to ooattt}. taiee were: 8 loos fair at 2UU 00. nK A S—tale* were; Ulons atiii.OO. llCAN^—Nominal at 26040.25; Ut t'TElt—Uecelvcc, SfiA'l B»; shipped.2.3W »•. Ti«C isrfjtalclj toicj>rr>T»ircnt to note la ibe mar ket IB ace r-»tnUal particular. Tbete U. ptrbspi will; ibe near approach of the holidays. a m.»re active demand ir>r choice tab!* QuallUr*. whlcn, ottos to the limited receipts, are held stiff at quotations. Indeed, for a very prime article. Is fane) package*. an advance */fl*sie per a on Ue figures given i«)ov. Is occasional ly r. alind. For all common de-crlptioas the market is as del] as It well can be. The stocks are enona-ai and otlts* there should spring up an at a»aai demand, purer most go down. We make no change in oar quotations: „ Choice iJatry...... A«2f Gooiilab V^li c Common FHkifi~. itlr.c FlrUa JMSe D There was* silent Improrcmcst 1~ the demand to-day, axtd with an advance in gold, tetter recline ebtalred, and the cmerul market wa firmer. Ttc stock* arc »o reduced that a few day* a< Inc bade*omd Uave ti e marcel bare, ITtcc*a: unthatzid and we eontlnac to quote - National a. 3 bn, seamless Uneo Talon A. 2 bo, do imnc'UA.Sbn. do Corn Exchange* - Stark A. cotton seamless. . ......... lewtMpnA. do Andr> scogcln. do ..... American. . do Beaver Mills, do eld S, do Petn Mills do Fortin, do i—. Stlto, . do TiW Had and cotton SJ4J Hldccwood, do ST.CO bprlarCeld, do .............................. 53.03 Burlaps, t bn.50.1.. Sift) Erptpe CltT COFFEE—The demand is fairly actlveaadptlces are ci mer at the following cnoutlocs: Java.... W Op ia«.roinn3ctitol«lr .*> «*2iVC Klsco d to-prune. ...?5 Sac do, prime to choice •‘9NC HAND* .E—lb* re Is a ttlr trade doing at mil EceiC wlin the tnlto ring range * tn Tallow. Steam*.. Tallow. F Yaxituc. V 2 star. ,n Jssi c CUOPEBAGG-Marfcetqntit with pnceeaaota -6b onit*B*:»a- bain w*xr: w Lerd Tluw ei ttia, dermrtfi-.W Port parrm « deljTercd. We rcmJltnf to quote tinge of prices, as £>Uors: __ P«* fj-»a J-» Lera Tl««* . 10*.* Wtlst-' BairM*. . 2-A CuU*r ftrc#. P totea VLM*>XX • —■- *• *~<-h 1 JO Floor’* iml*. roncd’fceop, FlporPsrrrls.JUt b00p.... Ujt ® Hoop Mtt, Hlrtory nof'pro«,o*k j&uisxi) Hoop*. Cat Mb 440.4 ?•» i'iiyfsy.~Tlit cto«*l market eoanouoa one*. ac<l sacirtlioe *°4aj «** easier. Prime S«r York Factory. wblrbltan moderate *opnly. aod for vMcb tfcrrr If * FtcrCr. ft r demand. i« b id tolerably firm at prvrlocaraie*.rat on all otter description*,»»an in ductc'cti* to pureba.«tr». dealers arc otftrta* roan 1 loU at a costwlw of j*c. Under a liberal aapptj price* woold recede fcOlc. Wc repeat oar Uir, at fol lows : Kfw York Factory (Genuine)-. .19%3)e FactoryaniaoU) 1t%19c Hftmrerp 14£19c W«t<-fn Hcsene ifi^Jlc Wes»erti State* tiwlSc -Totm* Amela" j»c fOA if— Trade U fairly active, and prices remain steady ana flm at quotations. Ttasioefci.Um;tainncti larcer than on the same date last rear, are oyaomeans excessive. and no decline 10 vaines u looted tor. There ta Uni utUe Inquiry far carsi-es. Price* range asfbllosra: Ezia—Brootltid do Unnit) t CL*vD^jn>—Briar UHi do Mineral TUdce, do -Willow bans. do Tunnel- CbUpewM Bios cure... Lump Lehigh Lsckawana, prepared...—, Scranton. Plitftoa Illinois. _ on track., WM _ _ I’oahlochencr lU4 OUUU» AND CQCninALv-TndtUCMJ, tad the market is firm at the following range of prices : Aloes, Socotnscs „ Gum Tras sort*. «sa3c *» . 90 On® Shellac 5%<3W Aram 5 e* c Go® Trag. flake lAj^t.oo Aua«to .9Cc«cfiio Goa Myn-Vricy 75e Arsenic. p0w..., <*3>oc Go® Arruwrooi, Jam. i£c ipecac Arrowroot, Ker. »V Indigo 1.33AJ.?0 nai. '•jmvLi.-.. rv«*- Dal. Ttfn 2.45 lodide I*otas 6.00^.25 81-c«b.Scda .limine Jaijp.... - 1.9)43.00 M<irb. Potaih. Juniper Derry.,. &iloc Borax. refined... S7*3»c ilorphlu* 7.7V*S.fO Camphor, d 0.... iJ> t>1iaa<{0r........V.7V*5.a) Copl-cras. Am... Sjftstc Quicksilver...... 5141.05 CrmiTar., pure c-C»stc Quinine 2.ii<J.U Cobibe fflc virrol. bine...... Ua4ite Glue, white UcafiOc Soda A*h eASc Glue. com lv*ioc O'aaber&tiu.... sjfalvc Aqua Ammonia. U&l3c C«Cj«!cSoda....lJJ* jllxe Chrystal silicate »V*l&c i CarbAtnmouta.. sta« bal Voda I So. Turpeodac.. 9i,41-05 ECHIJ»—In view Oi tiie rear approach ot Thant»»r(v* •ns there w*> a fcmk demand for tps«. and though lie icpMj tv liberal dealer* were cvnerallv boldine at an Sale*werequics atSl%osc.withan occasional buyer at 3Gc. Tie demand U conOned almost exelciieelT t , leva', wants. _ FlCClttr AND NO Pr*—The market prelents no rew nature worthy of note. There is a steady and fairly ai live demand for all choice varieties ot both Greco and Dried Fruits, and with only a fair supply ol sixth In the market, prices are Well sustained all around and ceneraJiy firm at quotation*. Grapes are cexrlv out of the market and the ftw offering were betas held at higher rates. Lemons are In better supply and caster. Nuts are ludemaod and steady and firm. We quote ss fo.Jowr: Applet. * brt a * « Grap*# IS A n tmtoccA HaracA V KC. SA) (4 6.00 Lrxnt’cs. Malaga 14.00 (415.00 Cranberries, wild. UUO aiano Cranberries, caalv«ied Li-W ns? Hates Cacmdpeaches. Vdoz,S weans. Apples, new Peachca, halves and quarter*.... Pcachet. pored Blackberries, new, V & Eldirberrtrs. >* & tUults, layers.... Almonds, bard hhc)l»d. AinjiuU, toucheued.. Alß*. paper shelled. Brazil tUKTta. £&tltfth Wahmla. Nap'ta Waltrat*., i'ecaae. small and large. Chce'uuU. 5- DU FISH— Tbe market u qoiet, thmeO uadc: raoSeraio Mockr u:<-si Cc?cnpiloti* are b'ld Itnuiy nt previous ntfr. Tlipfollox tut: are ite prices correct: WW*rt«h.Ko.}. H fuM® “TS Wh'Jpf.rfi, No. U. H br1.................. 7J5'4 Trott, No. I. H hrl 3 5.3 Trwtt,No.2.)»t>rl JWrtU Mackerel. No. 1, Jf bn, uew 11M.tU.73 ilatkfrcJ, i-xm&icsp. > *» Mi li n,-«lsiT Maekcrrt.««rairm#. V tiu 4.1*,4 4.% Mackerel. No. 1. klu, new 2.35 * 3 9>) Mactwl, MinDf, 2.2V* 2.33 Mackerel,extra laree.tamllr. Mta Mackerel. extra large, tamlly, tlti.... 3-Sii U-S3 CodT.sU, Bank. V 100 t>s Herring*. drt«tXo. 1, Pboa KV3 TO HeiTiriiS.tcnUd 7jc* 80 Lahrttfr 11-rnte. ?* tort Labrador Iltiriiu. j,’brl 6AIU 7.0 J tSUE.WE—Market quiet. Sales Were: 3 trci Fr« an at *c. IllltmVlNKS-ltecelvcd. 2W hrD: shipped. £3 brls. V.azkcl cull aul nominal at S&&C far Bonded, and t'nr. iliJl’S—M»r»i! r.ii'.’t. Hea'r and a*. Wj Uc u>r v> * srem aao ,T.G4bor tor t.stcm. 11 .qY—Trade was a little smew to-day, though the r!tm;.»-d w**. p' rbaps. about equal to the supply. The rrarietirav be quoted steady, at the following range of p: fats: Tlmrjhy. r-'Jlc-Hiulbc.aUT pressed. Tim, the, -nose pressed IVau ic, Usicr pressed, new ncTAti. nitezs. Urcthr. roller ard rearer pressed TlSiotm. loose prcst-d IJ.OC^tUM iTnitlo.rolUrardUater crewed I<VjO*iT3l rra)r*e. Wwoa wajros.mjlv.rtd ILM.UJXI 1111M-S—U»w t red, 1Vi.410 ft*: sbipp-d. PS.CM it#. Tbe luurvtt roctlnnes dnU, and the fce'ius to-day was caMtr, Local tar.ccrs are a.ovost --r.tlretr oat« f tbc nrarVct, mol till i>p«r* are dolnr but Uttlc. Coder a fall supply prices would suffer ■ decided decline. Were woour quotation* oagreec salted »c, and quote as follows: tlnen Itatcbtrs* 8 <? SVC Irtrn fall, JHiumed... Kip, Or<,n Saiivo l(i}4'«.;7'{c Prj I Ilnt,'rimmcct u tju c Dry Sailed, trlrnied » ftl« c Greeo Sailed, mrt 10 «W!»C IRON AM> >*Trtil<—'!««}<* JJ fairly active; am* prlw* arc ilrady atd trro. U follow*: cotQura Tor JVft fiv Hors* Sboc iron •’x Heavy Band • •-»«10v Hoop ana Light Band ;wilx KoendantfSquare . Cijfuiw Ov»i «Kft ~>X Half Oval and Half Koono .. 7 ft Sbwt imacromoD.... "Vft sheet Ircn.gaKanUed, 17x33 £0 ft Sheet iroo.*harro.l 9Vft Sl*pt Iron. .lonian Il£ftl3 Norway Nall Itoads .12 q.;ts l*<ow si*p|. Hetman all I’low Steel, <a»t IT ft IS Siirlnij and Tire Sire), En5t1tb.................14 uli Tlol i:a*iSteel,oroinary »Ucs ......33 ftti Tool Cut Steel, American <«;S Wittered Steel-... .....JO £3O Kcwla. Ko.stndt«.... ** Hnuia, Am., in qna'l’y. ft-a Hm»Jv aw., let qesllty. V abevl r*2J Rumis. An -Mcualitr. V abeit R 2 RI.I- ATHEII—Tbe market t» very dull. hnt with ebl ttockr, then* U no dlep. * ■ * w - of deafer* toshadd priced, well maintained and firm. XURft City Rarnew, V ft. t 4(V3 43 COLDlrj nva'u 40ft 41 Liur, Vr> 41ft 44 Kip, medium, V ft. 1.1531.13 Caicos ft i.f0w1.73 Upper, V f00t... SV.-5 «I Counlrv Vpjw. V»<a M Collar. T> f00t... Wft *t»i Pojltlcm evinced on the part . The ftHotrics rates are We qaote: Slaughter, Sole. Hnßa o f 403 43 Slaaebter, sole. Ctdcaru. No. 1 433 43 Slaughter, Sole. Oncno* Ayrc*... 4a# U Orinoco b01e.... 3T3 Sd Orinoco, cow). damaged IK. 1 French Cnl£ si SlanplitcrSole.. SR& 51 Uaraua, V 4&M *5 Vrjwr S 0« 33 KII.No. t.medl' i*id Klo.No.l.hravy <0:^1.101 • Mi:TAI Si AM) TIN?, m»no c* ntiUK-e good and Lnn, at tte following qauU ICT. Box Tin Plats, L C., icui fuxo Large <l|3 Si Small Mxi ws*6.w Car Tin ts coprru. Metallic Ar 80u5... M stepper Ik.u ra W Pnuicracvcr lOtti. <6 fiuvtlrci.U to I6OX 43 Tittiuse. 10 v* i\ ■a- m i Fence Staple* 10 leoiiuid, nod lie market U If*: 1 si fine I ««1, floe Weed 6Jo i Cut Spikes... sju 3d S-WlCUnca net. 10JO NA (a a file denund ait the market W steady at the f llowlnr price*: l Tar |S.W Lath Yarn Manilla. ..Jr YackeelTtcb t.W Manilla Hay K0pe......3&c Jv. C. Tilcb SjjO Manilla Hope 3tc Italian Flax Packing. JOc Marline... ate Italian litmp I'ackutg ta*b Cord ........90c i lar Hemp, Sup 50c _akum-~. ...tajo Am. Httup. No. 1.,.. av- Hemp Twine 3>*4oc Am. Hemp. Kc. 3 »*• l*a;*r Twi af »<»c H a moderate minify tor ataadard ciw, uui tLc general market to-dav wiu coaparatlrely «t> rdy. lant oil. bowenr, U ftiil weak aad unsettled. Llm-ed 1« In f. tl »i.ppl> and Quiet. \Y« Quote; l4&*et-d Oil. raw I I.tS Ur.»t-cdUli.bollcd....< TSo our*- on . Whale Olf, w. MT3IJO Lard Oil, extra lard oil. Xo.iiriattT. 2,%v«i.j0 Hank Oil, roand lot* I.V-O.** Machine Oil. round tot* ' Sperm Oil. V.'. iu round lota. Unrlcati. poll. CaMorud. NeaUlhot OlCertra.—l. .! LlP^i.l9 ra ICIION Oil.—ls In brl-kucmaadaud wa* betas held tirmly to-day at Tne supply is barely ode qrate: Carlort, P carload » sic Carlo n. small lots . sf< Benrole &A43c FA (NTS—The maract Is quiet tnc steady as pre* vtocily quoted. 'Wcrepeutoartistastollows: R. L. I'carl Ssow....(UJM SC. Laois Cnkm.... J 21.05 ilrCormlrk 4 C*l!en- bnperior.. IVJO dt-rs. pure is.oo premium iojJ) UrientaJ 13.00 U*<l«* 3JO Hed Lead U*.uo sliHwurt SJO o‘Fal.uu’s Standard French Zinc, pure.... 15,.'d Lead I6JO Amcr. iaowlFhlte.. LUO St. Lonls Star 15-50 American Star iqjo J>.lk blpman’s pure tJaMenClty H,*d tnOll 17JXJ itUmnnd haq Chtcseo Pmiot Worts D.U. Shipman’s Zinc. to on 165 M pure U.Qo t'e»rl«orn In OU 13. W l*arlor Sanw White, New Jersey Zinc. pure. U.CO St. Lenta pure Wit L*hlth igjo PIG IKON—The»tlocks are tisht, the demand artlv* aid the market nmt at full prices. We note on advance 02 (3.0(i la Lake Superior, and quote as fob; Scotch Pig. No. 1 ¥ ton (6O.OQ3ffi.CD 51aesinoo.No.l &hB 1 ronton. No. 1 lcßCu;awas,No. 1 SJ.OO ~ B 1 57.00 No. 2 53.UJ Lakeenpencr. No. 1 Morcan ftj.ol “ •• No. 1 Greenwood •* *• Nos. 5,4 and 3 PAI’EU—U In dcmaud and steady and firm, rnw are ttrehanced. We coctlnce to quote: Book Pa;tr. V ® ........79 »Sl c Newspaper, V » ©7O c VTrapplre. - « « c PAl’Kll STOCK-Etwilci iteiJr at ffflinu raus. Ibtre Is a Ulr demand at the lollowlm; quota* tlona: Cotton Ears, mixed 5 dStfe Rcpe and Bonslnx l c Cable Kpdc J 33 VC PHOVIMON?*-Received to-day, 1 hrl IVrk: ship ped. uuto Ch «.nml Meats: I.XC hrl* Beef; J.t67 brls pork, ana 45J67 c.s Lard. The were the re ceipt* ana shipments daring the week: IlcvelpU, Shipment*. Cured Beats r.tco &5.611 B«r. - SO 5517 Pert HO CJfO lard ..11,656 ISiJVI Mrs* Pork—Market quiet and steady. Sales were: lib bristpoi at (23.10; ItObrUCrsi half December, and HO hrl* tor Jan. Ist at KOOO; 1-0 brio, bnyer Januarr and ltd fans buyer Orsi hill of December at (HLSO. Crcra Flttina—taleu were: 1.000 pcs at aue from the Mock. Imrd—Market inactjrc. Sales orere: W 3 tea, seder January, at Wc. VTc qoQte closing pnce» as follows; Moslvrk... (MAI Ihlm? Me*-* I7.(ri Kxrrofyime. 15JJ (.rrcu Hair* 9>ftlo C c?r*en Shoulders s 3 #wc Green side* sv<4 9 e Sw«t Hams -n' <4ttVr Mesa Brel ( fwOOeiily ExtM Mw iv m n7 in BecfHama -WJQAraxo Larcioldand new) 12 aiic POTATOE—-Fairs were: 100 bn Peacbblow# at tCr: 70 ban do at CSe: 13 sacks do »t Vc. POrLTItT ANO (SAMK-«»i« were; 1 W p Chtcke&» at : S eoors Qo at (135; lldordrevsed doa:f4.U-: lOdcado at (3.75: 4doz do a*. <4Aii; 1 ] o t do a: H.C< ; 3 cc-opa live Turneys at 17c; 3 coop- do at 17S<C 11 corp. do at Itc; 17T»3 n s dre-'sed at 15c; J>y a* do a*. »S3» c l CiO 2s do a: 16c; sour live &»c<c a; JjjjCb : dor do at? 15.70; ID on* dr-«»ed Dm ka at (3JO: tp3 aa frwitTurkeys st iValfe; 1 Jol hs do atUVaitVaad 13c: CJ us poor do at !sc; 7 dot Prairie Chickens at (t.(C;9 doi co at (4AQ; S do: do Uv l at<s..o; J do: Wea l* at f3.uo; 70 dex do at ?2JB; 10 do: Mallard ;Sdoi Co at (3 re \ 1 do: dressed part rldto atHJC; 1 ecu Brant at(4 =0; 1 carcass VcnWoa at live. _ POkVDER AND SailT—The demand eoatlnae rex Ml 'ind the market is am at our quotations; Rifle Paw orr (9.00A5J6 ihasr.Efi 2’ twder JwAAi.OO 1C.5341&M 9-SOAIO.OO wej *.« . 3.7Ui SJO «.»» 7-M B.M* 9.0) r.M idj KM -M TiOO 7JOO SbOtlDrop'* * - 3.JV*X6O KnskJtiCt 5.53^1.73 tlarlead-Vb l«av c HltE-Tbe mar»ct ta Ulrly active, iiotr, atui cnn at tLt icuowtu quotation*: Arracm lOfcAll e htoi n Kaii=r>cJ 11 HU‘*c CaMln* lS)toii e S»A l/P— Becetrcd. wne; shloperf, 1,181 firls. Market cntet. uitMcaiy. S»Je* were; SObas* Domestic fine at K-ffl. delivered. We quota itie raa»e o( price* u (fellows: _ New Fine. 4 tw Coarse..... 2JSO Grouao Alum. Turk'* I»Und, bag*. Dairy, with MCb 5.00^3.3 Dairr, without nek*... 4.a>£l.a *CEli*-Uec'iTe<l. SJJOO »s; aWnped. 9SJSSI c*. Timothy Deed—Market quiet. bat steady. Sale* were : rt Uc< very *«*l at *t&: 33 bags at f/.W: 13 un at S2JS; U tax* at 33.40; 60 bac* poor at *SMJDA ASO SMa u shaded <>c to day. The general parfe»t U latriy active, ready aan flrro. We qaote: BaMht’a Medicinal 23 at Sue da Imre. C BelawTa Chemical..... .13 ftUue do Health? ~13s«»n c do Pare .13 ki3;<c American 81-Catb bods lOVaii^e Brits*.... ~ 15 atexc DOAPS—some brands bare declined bat with a f»ir demand prices arenmy maintained at tbe agarea weeawqcotfj E. betmnier A Co. e Palp Prmii'rtGiKWf’i German Mottled.. Castile soap. Am Foreign Ca# tile Dwl cofa rail vc cat. Old ixffcb. fall weight..... Old Er.clUb. abort weight... Kirk's German M0tt1ed...... Ritfe's Atutrfan KlfkV J\c. 1 Palm Kirk’s Pale Family Yankee Cbt-cileai taxi j'a liupreTed Enure. .JSXd«S< ..13 til« c SPICES—'Tnds la good and the ina'tet firm, u follow*: Pepper.... % S~ t r* Ml Hmento Stj 38 Kutmccs, 50.1 LSOjiLO Nnimrt»,so. 2 I.4' (.SMIS B>< 90 doves 5>.4 56 BTARCH—Demand goodand market steady ana firm. We continue to quote: RlogsKmL Cora. IS QU Kingatord, Pare. It mix Kingftord, iteflxed..... 19 wI?H Kinpford, Silver Glow Pure Lsandsy 9 $lO Ottawa com 11 («U Wstt* BX«W StTCSAKS*—There is a greater decree of astivlir manifested, and with the advances In gold, the matktt Is firmer and a shade higher. Wo now quote Cuba. .. ; U 013* PoiiolUeo .194f-*ll* 5. T. Rchnad, Powdered and Granulated l*k'i*n White A. 15*016 CIMeA. 13V»lSJf White B. .15£.*15v Extra C. ....1>J<315?5 Yellow C... is $u OxnardC. II @IIV Oxnard C Extra Wfcdldf 8 9 IkV Ps -There la a fair amount of business doing and prices are steady, aa toUow*: NcwTorkSyrup* 0*1.95 Yellow Drip*.... l.lijitdM Cut* Molasses., 75a si Porto Ktro. New Orleans BJ.AI.TJ paltacelpMa HwHlve Tda 75 Chicago Refinery, Amber. J.20,%1.15 “ “ Golden . “ “ Sugar House gv< 90 TA LLOW—Received, 2.919 ss: shipped, *,S:t 2s. Mtrkctcmcrt. Sales were: 50 brls city Packers* at If-bc: Shrl.» Country at 10c. 'PKASr—WlthafalrlyseUvedcma'il the market is sleet y and without quotable change. We quote: Young Hyson, superior to fine. f> » fUJ^Uno do extra to choice, V 1.730255 Imperial, superior io fine, ?» 2.9Lt2.75 do extra to V » AMNIOS Gunpowder, superior to floe, * ft- lAV.ei.TS co extra to choice. P ft............. lOiii.l9 Japan. natural leak fue to extra fine, V ft.... 2.91 »ldß do do flue to choice, P«ft 2.49*2.50 do do _ colored. V ft.... tAiit.7s TOBACCO—The market continue* dull. but with co Improvement in the aopply prices are well sus tained and generally firm at Quotations. Cot Tobaccos are in Cur request, and *mr at foil ratal. We repeat ourtUt: caxwtbo Tobacco— Extra. tI.ISAIJ9 Choice. t.<o kids Uc*Uam go Common tea 25 £XCSI.*>Q TOBACCO— Virginia’s Favorite Si^litt Choice 23>4 33 McClum Jii< jj Common Steins 2»i 93 Tobacco— Loyal Cltlwo 73a ftt Fanners’Delight. 7r>,* 75 Natural Leaf. i.yy.*9M Half bright. .. Bs2lU Choice Black, sound Medium 70A 73 Common. Sol* to Navies.... 62v« SO I UXO IUM 11.00 ICLM 10JM ICLOO UM 110) 16J» lug iu» lt.oo f1.0C.2 gj» ‘ " M W A SO ss a ss ifi »Ui id as 11 11 1* fi q <1 « <* SS SO MJ S Vlrslnla’lW and he.... ca k Flourdct* 73i* SS-: WODDKX AXI» U ILL(MV iV.I JCE-The de- ! tnand u fair, tbe stocka are ample, ana prices re- , main steady as dven below: Tubs, No. I. V doa. |UJ»AI3A3 ! Tubs. No.?, *»d«K WAMtM • Tube, N0.3.V dot.., U-MftlMO \ Palis 2-hoop, painted SA">a l«a ! Palls. 3-bo<vp, pslxtcd.. SdvV4 AID Washboard*, sir c 3J3O* ijkj tUJow.Marke;Ba*kftf»,,... SA> Coju B&rkets, Wm 6lWa TA) Cent Ba--teis. tN-bu 9.W Choma, No. L, m'-Inch 13J» iiue Churns, No. 2.30-inch 2tJU«ItAO Chctns No, 3, l<ln:b ia.W^xiLSo Chwrce. No. s, iMnca I3.te-,1150 WOOD—'Trade is good, and prices steady aad Orm , at the (olUtwmc ranxe;' Untie. V corn. Jem tj'Udxttfio 1 M-d-le.F cord. In yard l2JdtrLo# Deed*. V coro. delivered. 1 Bwch. P cord, la > art liUXUii 00 Hlrkcrr. 73 cord. 11.9ki15.10 WOOL—Received, a,l« »t; shipped. Js»*a ft# market dull ana nominal. Saleawcro: TJtttcsun waibia atz)c. Wists AND LIQLORS-Trailetsuirlvactive and the market ts steady and without quotable chance at the tollowins ruoce of prices: poxkrnc ooops, Tottktah' ooohs. LectlfedWbiskej.SO Deant>t— V rent V. P fUS cosnae fTAPUUie Do.»?»cfDir.P.. 9.10 Gts— Mod' nuabcla nWITitM-cT (CMc.). tJtt Bex— I*on-Spirit* (proot). 2Jd SbCrulx SwO C loime bpinis, 96 h Wixxa— cent 4.71 Port 4AV* 9.0 C Chicago Clns ...f2A<®2.73 Siscrry LOO-i S.a' do Madeira 4At*jJ S.CC do Roms—2.7s cask DOOM, do It. Dtmpi do Sh’y do.. 9XO SAC do sfaEsßa—t-75f*2J11 Dratr’% p!vowtlrn..l9Jfr GicirerWlne ChrrrvWiuc Wisa— FlscVferry W{ne.r.*<,3n n 9AC KuipN rry VaJTe.jrAOtxaJlP Cherry 7AL Pccti Rye* "his* l>Aekbcrry 9JO kev- * SJ936JO Gin- K*-nti.rkv Boor- __ OMTomQlu tO.OC bon Whiskeys.. ASOsSJff Holland Gut. 15.00 Ohio Catawba Wine AJOaAOO MARINE NEWS 21 & 35 i? g 19 » v , 5S ?? i 3 « i: <* is 43 64 31 41 M a « 0 aJ 10.0] MIUJOfI .f isavu'i a» . tvyi.K.W . twojjuoo MtBIVED. PropMmdota. Buffalo, htmdrles. Truwoell. Grand Haven. sundries. im< Muutpiuma, MtukvuuQ, i>J tn lumber, fctiir JJ. 1). Steel, St, IDO cord* wood, tfchr Almira. Michigan city, 3) curds wood. S. nr Wm. Tell, St. Joseph, sb cord* wood. Schr Uaunah tilf, Su Joseph, 60 m lumber, tchr AJc»arae,HuihUo auu Oconto, 2U in lumber, 700 mlath. „ Scow Adds, Cbarlottnille, 70 m lumber. CLKABEn November 37. Prop lAdrFranVitP. St. Joseph. win lrle«. Prop Lowell, OgdeothurgO, 9>oa ba wheat and sun dries. Prop Acute, BctTalo, br!« row and sundries. to|ir I.mtllue, Grand Haven.S,s-Jd ba oitiaad com. bclir Ovurt, bn corn. S< hr GnJ<ie, it. Jmeph, J,IU> bu corn. Hark A. P. Nichols. Uailne, * m lumber. Scow Tempeat. WMle Lake, t.V) bn corn and sanities. 6cow Adda. GharloltevlHe, 100 bit .nts and sundries. Scow J. U. Chapin, White I-ake, 3,100 bn oati. Lais Up —The propellers Mendota and Ojlcnn, ot the Dnfidlo, Cleveland acd Chicago line, were yesterday being stripped of thetr fnrnltarc and other outfit, preparatory to going tn:o winter quarters. The propellers Winslow and St. LoaU, Of this line, will also lay up for the season upon Ibeir orri> al at this port. Quct.— tut very little business was done at the river yesterday, and every thing pertaining to river matters Indicates a speedy do«o of alliga tion. 313 S 3 »* 2.10*3.55 Frtnch Ca t; 36 b* 2J8.12.10 French Calf, Lo l.csr.—Tlic scow Mary Amelin, bound for C’kvciiinO, expcncuced tmurually rough wc-aUi«rou thurtday. while on Lake Uuroc. dur ing which a jJOiUonof her acckloalof lumber was swevt over board. i Dipak-eo.—The ichoorcr Morning 1-ight, op* * ward bound wiUi ccal, was yesterday reported at * anchor oft the Clay llauh* disabled. Ams has ' been sent to her iwtiitaiics from Detroit, aud will trw her to that port. I rnolKC*. n ,ElC>’ s*Tm?K-The Jo in e market la steady atjd dions: use. l*t qcalUv, cask .IS Ist quality, sheet Uu slab H nntuirr vriEK. 1 to 6 7. tf£Dfl J». :a ana'ii'.’.*.**.'.. Bask Tom Wnoac.—The wrecking steamer Magnet, ol Dcti&ir, bus gone to the relief of this vessel, ashore at Port Burweli, Lake Erie. Casvans GOSE—Tbe scow Fenton, with a load of stascs from a Canadian port, arrived at Busklo on Thorton?, tuinna her Jibboom and canvass. Y nseu. Salt.—l be hng Arcadia, a vessel of 233 lons borthen, waa told at Milwaukee, a tew (tare since, ny j. I*. cure, or UuCalo, to esptam e. »*. Dtmnmcnd. for i4,OW). 13 audio. latiko Ur.—The Detroit Port says twelve tugs belonging to the Association have been laid n;> forthc season. A sufficient number wIU beheld tn readiness to meet the want* of vessels pissing through the mer or to go lo vrrwck-. U s tTED Status llßVkb cn Stxamsb,—The United State? reventte steamer General Dlx has gone into winter ynarters H Detroit. She baa been absent from the tatter port since early fn the season. The propeller Cujahotra, Captain Tompkins, de parted last evening for Badalo. She will load at Alilraukce with wheat. Nrw bTCAMSOiT.—The Roche*ter Repnt» re marks that Captain H. K. Throop. Agent of the lake Ontario Steamship Company, is preparing :oruistrnctan w etcaoboai aiCharlotte. Ilia to be one of the best steamers la the Kite, bntlt of live oak from Gcneste Yalicy, aud the fastest strainer on the lake. Captain Throop has nearly completed a new dry-dock at Charlotte, for the purpose of repairing steamers of the Ontario I ice, and other vessels which may come Into that port in a disabled condition. 3.M y>zir-c U’WUO VrsstLs Pashiso vns Wzllasd Casax..— Bound castwaid on the 23d, brie Saxon. Bound westward on the same day, propeller City of Boston. Poll- or Buttalo.—The following vessels ar rived on the *nh Insus Propellers Badger State, Wcnota, bark Alice, and schooner W. W. Arnold. The propellers Forest Queen, Potomac, and hark Alice cleared the same day. TIME TABIJE. CBICA3C asj> ?onru« - r*Tr3x—urror oca, mar mrxu Aj>vKi*aj. Depart. Arrive, DayExprea* •£«)». tc. •Bz'V p. a. Nlglt Erpres* a. *5:13 a. ta. Ja/.t>rTlik- Aceoznznud'n *5: *0 p. m. *e:..o p. m. Woodstock Acced'd'?*.. *h<?op.m. *9:00 a.a. CAriK*. Drr:« t fl>. Poiion ana Cftdar Biplrtr *feisa.n. 7.33 p.n. Folios and low* t":3op. xa. 6:noa.m. Frwport aiid Dunleltt .. *9:00 ». m. 3:00 a. m. Frevporland Dnaleitt... *!Ccu!* K.t)p.m. Fockfonl and Fox lUtcz. *»:oop.ia. ?it*oa.ia. Dixon. *l;oop.m. 12:10 a. m. Getwvaßndinsrtii * 2:op.m. 6:12 omaio.i. Erpm* *v.ooa. m. *s:xip. =u Expr ft *. • *i:3o p. m- *3 :.*OC t. ns. Klsbi Accoanaodanoc 3’:45p. m. &:*f a. tc. Kenoeba Acccmn.od’n... SrflOp.m. ftfla. n. Wauktcaa AccoTrtaod'n. 6:00 p. m. Brio a. c. llosebill, Caltary, tod Francos...... 1:50 p.m. S£op.c ♦Sundays excepted. tt=aairdcye cxccp*ed. tUcvilssf excepted ewera*t. bailboid—rsioa sner, socj oruit rrcaxT. Moro'Bi:Expre«f *S:nOit. m, *S 43 p.m. I>»? Exrrvss •7:00 a- Q. *U:uO p. a. Ereninr Erpree* 53:30p- Up. n, Mcbt£sp«*i 2*9:43p.m. t&33ft.m. ti>u»*n xxz> Lonemxx ra*rt:, Slomlnc Expire *7t« , ». tc. •»tfc.?C p. a, Stahl Exrtv** phlSp. B. *11:00p. a. jccors*> ■ocraaaa atd a*« wo« tr»a—ds rot c*tissa a*d saims «t*t»t2. Day Expp'ss.. •• **:ooa. B. *l':CQp. ts Sew 5 orfe F.xpr«s S: •5 p. 18. o. c Stab: Express s* *fecca. B urtAOC u>>. Mali *1:13 ft. a. KtlfUß. Slrbt Express ttttO; p. a. *5:25 p. a. j-nratfseß, iosi 'Sirs* a>p cair*uo, M,tjj 430a.m. &U 0 »,il. Express 7:00 a.m. lilt ft. tn. Fall list’ SilSp.n*. 7:10 p.C Express I&CCu. c. 11:0?p. B HUSO3 Jf.'-VML DsyFassmcct rz. *lx2’ p. a. Sight Passenger tlfcWi p. m. *f. 45 a. a. Eaakake* Acco»n*cw’ 4 e. .*<:o3p. tn. •■ti-a.m. Hyde Park ano OtkWood *fcai a. s. *7:43 ». a. •* »• 44 »1~10 p. m. ft. a. « »» “ .... *3:iCp.m. *I:SU.c. 44 “ 44 cßinxoo. srftzxa«rt)M jjea grntnt. Day Expxtas and Mail.. *S:3Op. s. Sight Express *I2XO p. tn. * hs3a. ta. MendotaAcconaDodta... *dOOp.B. •’rlSa. re. Aurora *SXO p. in. *o*4Qa.a. CIDCA6O ASU n. LOOTS. SeOO s.c. E:ts p. a, 9nsp.m. 3::5 t.m £xpte>e and Mail KicbX Exvrea*. Jbmt osd Wlttnla-’toc Auxocmodition 4.*ob p. s. 9:35' a. n cmemo *m> (but juarsiw—{tAE» cmczsxATi am tact)—sm-wanssa Ban-ioas aarot, cob. cxsas. ajto isma* rrarrr*. Sav Rxptees 7;OC a. tn. 9:401 p. n. Sight Expte** 7:00p.n. iitSOp o, roa isutASaPoua, tocantix arrr* cstccsyan. Day Express .... 7:00a.a- 9t40 p. ex Sight Exprta* 7:00 p. m. IwSO a. n. CoTamho* Express 7:03 a. m- 9:10 p. ta * 7:00 p. XI. llhSO a. R, dnannaU Exp reef? &tfip. to. leasing Accosunodatiot £kfS a. a. ftfti a. tn. “ ” &1S p. it. fnX) o tx. cmcioo, hock isias® ivapictnc turutoac. Day Expreajjmdilafl.,. •&oQa.*n. *5.4> a. c. Sight Express %ISp. rt *2:3 1 p- n. Joflft Accommodation.. 1:0° p. c. **:4o a tn* Express Prebrht. wttt pasoebgc; or will leave paspencer depot every Saturday at &SC p. m. for the Wert. The Joliet Accommodation contacts With Ex pires Freight for Way Stations. •Senday excepted. tMonday excepted, tSatosdaj excepted. 3JH130 2.341.*) UTTIOS STOCK TAKD TOCS TUT.!. Leave Madlaoo Street. Leave StocJt Tarda. fcnn a.m. 7:10 . 8:30 a-m. t»dO «a.m. llftCO a-m- li;30 12;' 0 p.m. iao &20 .p.m. 4:00 .p.m. 4:15 p.m. 5:10 9CSJ3AT VTIAIVS, ..a. ta.; >,ts. ..a. ta. 1 11:15. .p.m. 1 ± « ..p.m.l 5:13 ■f. 1 .w e ~a 025 c ..14 ctUJie ..UVftU c ..13)1011 C ~u anxc .. » » 9*c 8:81. "ia.s*u*c ..13 au c •• W«u) • *<*• POET UP L'IiICMKU. •Norctaber T,. nemorantia. m. ..p. m. ..p.m. Special IS mires. Dr. Jamesy The loflowtni editorial concerning Dr. James, ot 93 lUndolph-st., Cblctgo, DU is from the Memphis Bulle tin of Kov. 11-t, 1>66; Cnasr.KoriocaTios.—Th*re are&wphysldvn? in the country who .have so extensive a practice a« Ur. •lames, ot Cm capo. Dr. Junta wa< formerly coa ntxlrd wllh the Lock Hospital of New Orleans, and ran.* high In the parUcnUr lino cl th-J profe»*ioa watch he has adapted as a specialty. HU fame has pooe sfroad t&roi gb many dtici, and Mj patients romefror. all paruof the country, fie hs» Just pub- J-ihcdanew and enlarged edlitoo of bis well known work. The MoUtor." which ha* already had a very lamoircniaUon. Dr. James has removed fro® :» (&>£&£ .»* salwof roomsal No. ?)3 H«iraoni-,t, Chicago, where by ***** » hi* specialty. a; .a»B. , s:fksa? m “ • 10 “* »»'=- The Memphis aena.) Avalanche, la laea, lailot Di. James: ** Dr. James, of Custom Souses, New Orleans, has I? nntUubicdiy the larcett and mo»t succesatal pracuee “ in Uts trcatmimt ot chronic cutaneous Teneroai “ eases of any physician in the Southern eouutr v Wa “ h< ar Mm frequently spoken cf in tae «zhe»t terms “ ot praise." What the Houston (Texas) Telegraph ot March 7, IS?, sap: “Da. Jaxes.—We call the atteutloo of our readers to “therardofDr.jam&s. TheDxnrnasbeenprtcQj. M lor in New Orleans tor a number of year*, and be has “ the highest reputation la tbatoty. We have heart ** him spoken of la the high***! terms, aaq those wbj “ have haa occasion to rccul: e his services say ho has “ DO .uperlor.” Also, the editor! al from the South -Atahauiran Green* Tille, Al*.; “ Da. we afflicted with any Of those ** dl»eases that Dr. James ol S 3 Custom Qousr-«U.New •• ot Irani. mate* Ms specialty, or had we amend “or acquaintance so trvubled, we (that I*. oarseiC) “ should seek reilet tromtbe hands of Dr. James and “ adnse our frtesds to do likewise. We know ot many “ pvrsot s Ur. Jama* has cur~d. and he ts spnken ol In “ the idghcst term* la New Orleans." The Enlala (Ala.) Whig taya of Dr. James, now ot S 3 RaiuJolph-tt, Chlesyo: ' •* Dr. James his to superior in the Galon or out of It “We know the Dr. personally. Go to his. wesay.l “ you arc sick; be is asclenusc ana honorable man.* The Baton Uongu (La.) Gazette, of Nov. 23, is>s, says: “Dr.James’tnccefabas wonlbrhlma wlje-iprcad “ RitiinsLa." 119 ho#plul U Custom Hanse-st^New Extract from the New Orleans Bee of April 9, 1553: ’* Dr. James of Custom Hoose-iu, has no equal la “ ot 1116 donth, in the treatment 01 private du -Ibe calx cut Dr. D. lUchardson, of Texas editor of the Galvestca News, rays: ** Wc have kno vo Dr. James of S 3 Custom Hotsc-st, “ New Orleans, pcr*oux),y, fir a numhir ot y*-ars and ** th*l he has perfectly ant permanently cured manv “person* of enrotlcdl.eise, that had battled the skill “of B>n»t eminent pbj A'dans.” Dr.Jamea’ celebrity in the treatment ot CaxoTte Cloci> and Ssu DUeaoes, hrkSkaToxsasx and species of Seem Disorder*, is world-wide, and be Is the only Sractaun in the United States with tcsllmo nlais irom profasscr* ot medical colleges and hospl’AU and from the press. These testimonial* arc not from a torclgn country, or from parties long since detnnet, tut u here they can he referred to at any time. Dr. James conducted James* Lock Hospital. Castora Bouac-cL, New Orleans, tor thirteen years, and has 1-es.n located In Chicago tor tho last six j ear*. He cures Stthtus without the aid of mercury or any poison, hut with a SKCTxat-aiE—a safe and sure cure. SmxaToranxa cured by an infallible method. Itn potence, caused by spermatorrhea or loss of te-neq— This debility Dr. James «tc obligate himself la every case to cure. Dr.,lameecaabecsnsultedath!so2nre and parl.'rs, 93 Pandolph-st.froin 9a, m-toS p. m. Conioltiuons confltUntlal. P.O.Box696.Chicago. Tux Monitoc—This 0.0,1 vuloablc book, a* rrvlaed and eaJarsfd, cvnlaloisg the history, nature and dan ger of Seem Diseases, with direction* and prcscrip. from for self treatment; also, a treatise upon Female Diseases, how avoided, their remedies, can be had by addressing Dr. JAMES, P. O. Box 696. Chlcajo, UK, cntloslcgSOccnts, with tents tor postage, or by calling at his ogles, 93 Uanlolpb-sU, comer of Dear born. . J>r. Bigrlow, Having me cohdueaco o? tu«* puallc aid the nedfral KcaUr at large. Is the mo-t reliable physician In the city f. rchronic nervoa* and*cvual >lUca»e«. Call at his offee. I?n srmia CUrk-oU. corner of Uioror, Consu.tatlonire*. P.0.80x 151. His guide tn health, pulilUheu monUily, sent free to any address. Important to tlio Public. Save year hf allh and save your money. We are th« propiletor? of a clau of remedies which will be war ranted to cure all diseases of a pxlratc nature, whether Of recent or lons standing. These medicines lure nc tt erenry or otter poisonous drag in their cosnpoiltloi Money will he refunded if a core Is not effected. We can,by p-nalHlon, refer to boafreds of persons of both sexes, who hare been permanently cured bylbr cse of onr remedies. The necessary medicine to effect a cere will t*» sent, securely packed, by mail or ex* presto any part of the conntry, with fall directions for using, free of express charges cr postage on receipt of price, three dollars ($3.00.) The trade (applied at a liberal discount, tlf” Correspond* nee (trlctly confidential. 1 Address (enclosing amount as above) DU. F. J. HARRIS & CO„ r, O. Box m ] 1. Chicago. JJL TlieGortiamSTaxmfiietttrlns Company, Silversmith*, of Providence, B. U Isform th« trad* that tin rare producing One £icctr>p<ated> prlslnc foil Ills: eraoulea services »niTabls Wate of every description. of a very snpenor quality and ot r.ev aon etecitut deslcn*. The base 1* Nickel Mivcr. upon wbl lit* a deposit ot pure silver ol such tides net* that iter book** alt (be ol solid silver la utility, ana Rum beauty ul design and superior fin ish art undistlr mUhnble Rom 11. The Gorham Manukt-larlni; Comp* nr refer with con* fldrncc to the high nputattou they nave «*tabU'bed in the production of Solid silver ware, in which they have hees for many year* engaged, acd they cow as enre the public that they will fully sustain mat reputa tion b> tl •• production of Electro p’.atod Ware* of such quality ami tstetne durability a* will Insure entire tatlffacilon to the purchaser. All articles uudn by them are stamped thus: oOtauu.vroco And all such are ftUly guaranteed. They tel ({BeCO** saiy partUtilarK to cnll the aitenrlnn of pnrcha*rr* to tbeaDovetrade their design* b»*e been ah r*ady exic&ilvely itnltalrd. The**.' coml*can on|r be prccured Rou re>poo«lble tbrooghont the com, try. **A Valuable Jlcillcine. “Dr. Po!»nd'» White i-tne Compound. advertised Is our cuioinai. U» »ucc»s«fal attempt to combine n-d apply Uie moitclnal virtues of the White rtce Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by people Id this clt/aa*t TlfinUj. the proprietor ha* tottmoalvU of ca kM*a to <«7 Iml recommend its trial In all thow cf oueaao to which It ts adapted. It U for >a!e by all our drug gists."—[J*. Y. Independent. The Great Xew England Remedy t Dr. J. W, Polaa-rj WHITE PINE COMPOUND li ec» offered to the af flicted Ibrovzhoat the ecoctry, after having ;>e;o prov ed by the tent of eleven ycat* tn the New Cmniaud BtaUS.Whtre Its merit* bavebeeor-e as veil kuoanas the Ute Dom which. In part. It derives It* virtues. The White Pin- Co it pound cur-js sore Throat. Cold*. Coughs, Diphtheria. Bronchitis, Splint* of Slood. art! Pulmonary Affections eerersly. It h s r L -mar«atjie remedy for Kidney complaints. Diabetes. DUOcalty cl Voiding Urtac. Blcctlli.* fp.tu the Kliaeys and Blad der. Gravel and other cvroplalnvs. For piles and b-;a:- v j it will be found very valuable. Give It a trial If you would tears the valaeof a grot and tiled mtdiclr e. It U pleasant, aate and *ure. Sole by Druggist* »nd Dealers In Medicines gene rally. Prepared Oil of Palm and .Hacc, For preserving, re»torm* and ixnutUym; the b*lr, and Is the most dellshtfal ud trtcie the world ever produced. Ladles win find It not only a certain remedy to re start, darken and beautify the alsn % desirable article for the Toilet, as UU bl -hly perfu«-d with a Mch and delicate perfume, ladif-a-leat of tba fra-raat odor of the oils of I*»lm and Mace. TuxJUsvxl or l*ssr—A acwlaad bcaatllal per fume, which, la <Wlcaey of sccst and tas tenacity with which it dies* to the tuacksrchlcl aad pvrsaa. u oae- quaked. The above arti-lra tbr sale by all Drugulsti and Per- (acers,at|l pcrbottlreach. Scut by csjrcis tj asy address by the proprietor*, T. VT. WRIGHT A C 0„ 100Uberty-*L.2»ew Yotk. For sals ty J.U. li£CD A CO., Ch)«co. jnowtetlcr** Celebrated Ftomacb Bitters. BEAD E-1 ! . K. N. SOLTEWultni'S LETTER. Pecskkt Cjitagx, GtoiKinatr.s. D. C«) April 2'l, l*u. f Menre. Hostetler A Smith:*-U (rtv*« me piea«nre to aid my tsntmo sis} to those of others la lavar of your excellent ratlpn. "everal year* ot rwJeoccon the bonk* of a b«.u*h'.-fa mer, uH of ck>*e application ta library wefk. bad »o thoruaslily exhausted my nervous »y.ieui and anderaiiasd mr health, that I had oecema * mar tyr to dyspepsia and nervous bealsche. resarriaz at s'ortluervsls. and detyliz all Known reimdlej in ifit MaUTta Medics. I had com* v»tbe coaclasioa tost notbiciihui a total disuse of r«i;etce aal pamiu mould rwore mv health. whin a friend recorumerrt'U llevtctter'e Bitters. 1 procured a b>tCe as as expert* merit; It repaired bat one buttle to convince me that 1 had l-’Ocd at U*l the riant cvmhlhaU«a of remedies. Then lief u aTorded me £**■ bei-c Complete. UL* now K 9!« ? ear* Piece f tint tried If-wtettur's Bitter*. aa-J It l* bet hat to ray that I txsve foa%d tae preparation aU that lulalmstn ne. It U a Standard Fsmny cor dial with n»,acJ even a* a rtimnUht w* USc a better than anything else: bat we «k it In all nervous, Mi iloc* ami oysrepac cae*s, fr„:n lever down to tooth ache. If wait 1 bare cow said will lead as/ dr*p»pUc or nervous inraild to a sore remedy, 1 shall have done some cod. 1 remain. Maimer, respectfhnr yonrv _ * E.D. eTn. dOETHWOBTE. Jlarrlafic ana Celibacy At Estsj of and Imtmiicn for Tine* Met. Also, Disease* and A' nje* which nrxtrV-e ibe vital rowers, with sure means of relief. sent free cf charge tn seeled letter eavelrp**. Address Dr. SrvlLLiN' UOCtiUTON, Howard AstoeiaticQ. Philadelphia. Pa. Dr. LoaU Sanger, Regularly Qualified Physician, can be dally cnnsalted at bis office, S>9 Randolph-*:., on aJrcUoas of the Rid* ccye and Bladder; also, oa Chronic, Nervous. Private and Female Diseases, office hosrs Iroo9a.rn.to9p. a.; Fnsdsyj la the afternoon- Give him af call. Nour Destiny. Wbatlait? Coodore»ll? Blchorpoor? Areyott to n*c to eminence, booor, wealth and power, or are yon to slbk into oracortty and beuntccwn? “To be or not to be, that's the question." All this, and yoot ftture prospects m ilia, can be dearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. He can win tor yea the affoalocu of the oppo*Ucf*x. Be irUdea yon to wealth, eminence and a nappy mamas*. He soldo yon to bestn, ev<m when ioa are clren op. as incurable, bv others. Call att!l3 Emu MaJlsoa-iiu. betresa Wells and FraaSilo (up stairs), Chlcozo. Coasaua<lonfre,oa3 oj:i*r. Dr. TliomsoDs rrcprtflpr of the sJ?dlc*l and Surgical Institute, 17S Samh Clark-et.. tu tinted all torm* of venereal uts* ea<e with unrrtcented saeceas nearly :orty yeir*. >r.CTs.aiorttcra and impotence treated with the tu> p:cst jesalt 7. Pnrtirclar< of the Trstitnta and the GotdemaUedfreetoasyaddnst. E.o. Box 75. Chi ta* o, Hi. B«lcldler's Bah J)t»j IceCrttli the Yictia: HamJos. reuabis. tamnta acfcs. TseoUyixrftcilVyel ShdUapiAdnUMnwec rJiHcvlcns ants. signed. M mu» a. Baiteaic*.Sr» Tcrt. AL«c. HE*-Es£E**ns‘3 EX TEA’ TT OF VILIE FLETKS—ftsvrra. areserm m heantiCe* *d.e half. V'lg W M! &;CgrXß. X>r. Borronsbit 173 Wellf-*t« corner of Monroe. Chicago, devote* hla attention to the treatment of recret dlsoase*. Syphilis In all Its varied forms Ooccmtra, Gleet. Scnctore, Weakness, Pajca la Joint*, .VS*c llons ot the Kidneys. Disease ol tue Head, rhroai and SO&. aad all those oZUctlons tram a secret habit of yunth which produce eonsotwional debility. rrajer tnamage Impossible, aad In the end destroy bwth body *nii nod. iuronurr to Lifttas.--F«nsJe eompUJaM treated with mat raevew. Dr.B.’s l>nodlcal Drop* will bria.r on Ihe coorsea Id cues of oladructions Ro n '■"• cacse. Parents treated by letter. Adlrsir 17J •Welters _ iatssiosnomg, CTTOEKTS, ATTENTIOK! JA§. WALKER In fcmlcs » CLANS FOB PHYSIOGNOMY, 89 WuN )cgn.B*i, He continues Mi cxaiuiaMloM day and ertnlrg. iHiseellanmus. 'J’HE STEAMBOAT CITY OF CIETEIAITD, for sale, at auction. The owc*r* «t the »t-*mboat City of Clerelaud bdi * a larger suae, boat, tor the I>-trots HJ'y'TJ o!r,:r steamboat city oc ■nov , * ld> *° a h^ttipaeais.torsale.ATifcc- At the Keith & Cnrtep, foot «C Detroit, ON THE TWELFTH (13th) DAt OF DBCEMBEK NEXT. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. Said steamboat was bunt In PB6. has a verr low-psetsureencuw: her cylinder and steam chsam wereaew tnlSfo; cilmderoO tuchea in diameter, and 13 feet stroke. Both 02 her paddle-wheel* were pciH new this season. Her ouiht is full and complete. KEITH & CARTES, Agents. Petrols Nor. 33d. 29Eg. OA.TJTIO2S—To Purchasers and Deal- V' ers tn the Celebrated WAXEE-ITWOF AND cuu>pßoor ARCTIC GAITER SHOES, Patented by T. C. Wales, of Boston, the Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, of Naueaiutk, Connecticut, wouia Inform Dealers and the public generally that they arc the exclusive owntrs of tbo iwtcnt and SjL« MaycTAcrt; axes ot tho aboro- and wl l rrorapv.y prosecute any and all umreementt of their nehts under said Patent*. AH 6(001x0 AUCTICS sex aorso wrm cosd. and hava :e came of the Patentee *o»i of our Company on tho bottom. All oth*P> are but p<nr iialut ot*. Th- OUD 11c Will promote their own intertata by pircbaalnz ibose illy maecbv thD Company at Ssugatuck. Conn. WALES. BMMONeA CO- 171 »ad |f# Fosfen. tad 2U2KEDEN A SOLIHWICK. 207 100 Liberty-*u stw Votk, are sioti AQcrra for taw sale of the abovo-canitd raws. JA Mid? E- ENGLISH, Pres’t. Gko. B. SccaXToS, Treas. Citn Koikes FOR CONSTRUCTION op a roirnos of the Illinois and cm can canal. _ limct or tux Bnxss 07 Pmic woxxs, > Cbicxoo. November *3,l3bi. [ Sealed proposals win be received by tho Board at Pubde Works, at their OtSco, until 11 a. m. Mocday, December 3d, for the excavation n' , ce»sarr to deepen. UtelUlncfs acd MtchistaaCana', Seetlocs No*, seres* teen (IT) to ihirty-e»cn PD inclusive, according ta plats and rperlflcatioDS en tile at aatd ot&cc. 'there will be some lAC.oooyard* ofeaxth excaratloa to be removed. The material Is generally mite hard, aruconulcsmorcor lersbmldera ami detached ruck- Tie work mu>t be prosecuted >0 as art Co tutrrterd with the ate of the CanaL m Ctr as It shall be dooa during the tessou ct atvluatlou; rat must also bo prosecuted durlnq the saspeMlan of aavisatlrn, with su'-haforce as ah all satlstytbe Board that the work will lv completed dunuz the time stipulated In tho voitiuet. Uusappoeeo inat a* many as six or eigtit dredgua wilt he requited tor Ut* whole work, and thee* dre<*p-*. with scow*, crane* and alt necessary tna-hin ery, will be required to be put on early next year. t*ar tie» contracting to* lha work will be required to pro vide si] niactlnetr. ana t> put up and remove all dams and all worm of p*oiectton.aai at their own expeo»« to do all pempthg. or whatever may ce secesaary to secure thrlr work from wa'cr. Prvhoa;* ratm be n Jre*- ed to tbe Df.iM ot Fnhllg tVcrfc-.craoraed-lTopoeal for beepenln* Illinois And >!}etlrsa Oih*3*"be arroropsaied with tb« iu«ul |JX) brad. with ramies, to be approved by tbe Board. D etractors will bl*. statins the price tor which the work wtU he done on e*ct> ot the tUtferwt *«etlaoe and lie wort will he l»t a* a whole or ta part, and tr such (jckntltlr s as the Board nhall determine. The Board reserve the rt*bt to relict ear bid sot ta accordance with the conditions of this alver Usenet L <V to resect all Was. and no proposal will beaerepted colese ihe jvrtyotfenac U shall give erl r »‘nc*»*Uafac- Vry to the Board that be the necessary still. expe rience, energy and ability for doms the wort, la trust worthy . ana ba» sufficient pecuniary resources. The Beard mil rviittre *nch security as, aceordltue loitOr Jndsrp.ett.aili secure tbe doing of the war* accorulns tc the contract. „ J. G. GrSDKLK, FBKI>. LETZ, (1. J. BOSK. \Ol. GOOUUSC* B. B. M.VSOS. Board of Public Worts. G033-!ft Proposal for sewerage BBtCR*. Oma or tbs Boies or rcauc Worn, I CaiCAOo,Nor. Wtb. J 36&, f Sealed proposals -Wta be rcrdred by the IViard cf Works, it their Oder, until II a. C. Thursday* >ovenbrr29ia. fr«ne hundred and slsty-oaetiu>oa> and Socer»Ec Bricks. The bricks trill b»* ddtwrt pUel up aloes tnc line* cf lheS«Trer»U>bcciMt»l»acUM In lit* city.»q;fcet to the count and inj>»Tt;oa of the of Puule Works* ned amt he whole. tuM berft-ft, frer U-n« - . pcl>- fc’cs at <1 bats. »<) uarc eds*-d, and of the staodard dlrnca non# (<xtxlU luchc*,) The fell number of V ricks will be required to be de livered on or before January 1-t, fHS«. Proposal* tniut tw andte»*cd u-thu Board of Public Wcr»». eudoraoi “Proposal for seweraw Brlcka,** and fcr a-v> jnpattfd v»tlh the usual |2W bend, altb aore- Ufv to be approved by tae Beard. Tte Board reserve npet any htd not ua i accordance »Ith tne couwttona v f tbis advertisement, ortorrJrctaUhtda.and no proposal viQ to accepted unlra* thr party otTerins U snap c(t« evidence -alulae torr to the Board that he ha* the nece-aary •kill, experience, harrey an* l ability fcitdolnc theuork. U ullliy, aSd tas toidcici.l ijrc^nia!^^^>oarcc*. FKKIX 0..1. KOSE. DCiMJt Board ol Public Works. Proposals for tab cox- STUUCTIUK OP SIDEWALSS. Urrict or to c H< >j> un or lmiicT7o«u,l Chicago. November ise*. f Se»IM proposals will be received by (lie ffatara at I’nMlc WVrke. at ihclr office, until 11 a. m. Frvlar % JiOTCDihcrtoth. tor ifr ccnsesmctlin and reconstruc tion tl sidewalk* according to speacatioii* on flic a£ said viCce. rropo*:il*mttstbe*ddrc«*ed to the IVaM of Public Works, endorsed •• lor CoMtrurtioi ol SI U>- vraiicv ard be accomn.ialed wuh the n»oal f3W ooa<t» with sureties. to be approved by lie lizard. The Foard rc-erre tuerUht to reject any Md so: la accn:d;\tre wlUt tb«coDdlU..D*oi ill* ad*ertl*eiaenU or to njrct all fcVf.sml mi proposal wtll ho acroied C' U'*« ilc party It shall give evidence **U,.£»c torv in LH- rvatd that h» has the necessary skill. ex ycricTcr. nrrev »r.d rfitllty for ootn: ihe vrorl. la trnalvorlby, and ha* aulUelcsl pecnnUry r»*oarces. sT'i. GISDEILt, tIIKV. Lin z, «. J. ROSE, TV &-d of rabltr Worta. proposals rro ARCHITECTS. tLAKS Ab*T SI-KCIFICATinss FOH NEW BUILD* FOR lIIK WAR »KPART.\IEST AT WASHINGTON. V. C. Architects are ItvlUrd to prepare plan* and apemfloj* i tlooa, auo estimate* wl co»t,tor new nre-pro if holla ing* Tor the War Department, ou the site now occupied by the War D* partment and adjacent vacant ‘ VFaefiioabvß. If, C. The buildings required aheuM have a snperdclal are* atlargea» Uic rite eelrc'.fdwl'i admit * t- moiograpaa of site, and an ctu-r InlomaUoc relating to (hr •ab ject, will be famished tQ ArcL.vecU ceslHm; to cop* Klq t r »b" work, nr*>o application, p-Taoual.y or by ley. !■> Jbe usrfcrsßn-d. Apnndntu c'fta.u» for lb* ard, ot fiOW f*r t&A toonti. and ofsi.CuO lor Ux* third mo»t acceptable r‘ai}» and specifications receive!, will be awarded, epontre approval of the lion. Secretary cl War. by the Beard ot t.fflcer* charged wi:ti th>* -latv of •elect* It r a -tte and preparley plan* and specWeatioa* for the ?—•*Utlnsr* oftnevvar Department under act 01 Con* The plan* and »t« clflcailosS w.tist he sent ~ _ "'new tt h|«ret Lieutenant Colotcl T. J. rreaswed. Recur* defi.i the. Board,Ordnance • itace. Winder - * Baud<ar, D.C, cn or before the la t day of Feoraarr, Ir*-*, The Foard win re«*rve the right to any or an P’.ana nibmltted, «honl<! non* he deemed suitable Fjt tnc purttH.e, at wen a* to retain ary or all of such plans. By order ot the Roan*. T. J. TRtJAOWKLL. Bvt. Llmt. L‘. a. A.. Recorder. ilrgal. TX7 HEREAS, Sfunuel J. Walkei.ct th«_ TV city a B.ctte-.<r c;-c, dated t*.« flr«t a*f cf iUv. A fl_ i«y .fr-: a-0 recorded la tee ibordrr'a t'Cc-oi toe CouM Cock. «adi«ute or till'!•* Hcca si cl MortjajaS? coDvrytd m Win*, ol Pw.Ma, vs4su*» cl liUnsi*. ut r»al es';; t r.crt fwi uuartu ctao> noagtx (6.) •nt:yu*a:pUil:t?-»igti; :i.)icrOcfrat*t Jiunwc (W.v *«:-.fa,- t'lsr.i a'l.'tMaa, «& s.rjb****#jiljo-s; commenclssat ta* cvnheart eer u-r cf me Lcrlhca't q-u*rter cl «M t s-rth a six (U Ustncesruit aiaucibeeui tree! ftiiqo.rvrsccao* one bf.; rtrni «c-t ro-u taiWvaa Hue of v^tdquarter se*-t:f>s; »-ni£j3* fltiy (i 1 :) rr-t*-. ,'ii, svah-i with me - C-r. tr» rut-irert and UC? 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PHEBF. 2- wyisß, Mortiugefc yj!fr4o4C-ex __ Susiutsu ctatsa. HOUSE OF BKDMOXD At CO„ (Sneceisora b. J. M. BSDMOSD A SOS.Cucir3.III4 Quick aalt*. proxpi returns asd fall ißf-Tmatia* aa lo markets. S*ll oa c;LSizQj.ttit, Grata. Drtw<a Hoc*. Fi'-or. Scvo. Provision and Produce. Csrrc*- po&itrce jo-lfivd. w QEaT, HATTES & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchant!, No. RO McGna-sU B«twe*3 Faad ff-sts_» DENVER. •'•'iV/KAIXK £ransponaUou. QSLT DIRECT IOXE TO FRANCE. Oeoera] Transatlantic Company** MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW y(»RR AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. • The splendid new rebels ot this favorite roass ffir the continent will sail from pier No. SO. North ElTtt, as tallow*: PERETKE- Doc&eae....November IT. VILI-EDE PARIS., sni m0r.t.... December l. ET'BOPE. La tnanr.... Decern f>tf 13, 6T. LAVBENT Bocaodt December V*. PBICE OF PASSAGE 1> GOLD. First Cabin, *1.3; Second Cabin, S3O. including tabls vine Is etUier else*. The steamers ot this line do not carry steerate pa»- iCEgtrt. _ PiUstncer* totccdlnc to land at BREST will bo fiEfr nlfhedmlUi rxllrovl coupon cckct.*, aad tfcslr passage checked t. Part*, at at additional chaise of <3 Sir drat and *u f* r second class. Medical attendance tree of Chart*. Par further lnfo*tatMa. annly, tn Chicago. at Q« FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE. 235 niiacls-k; tn New York, to UEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 3S Broad* way. Co packers. TO BEEF AFD PORK PACKERS. Havlr« purchased N. 3.Martin’* PatontOr aa “IM PROVEMENT IN GfRINO FLESH FOB FOOD." I afa m-w prepared to introdnee It to the trade. Aa fx* amlneUcnwil. satisly the mxt skeptical that meats c-,n te cared br ibis pmo&s. la any kioa ot weather, CHEAPER. QCICFER and BETTER tiualo any o.bcr way. lUrmpf-rtsreadyfrt n*cla two days. Barra, Shoulders and lilacs in seven to tea days, in sudsoz- B:tr. For Information, adorwa W. C. AIiBERCSBB. BtffiAlo, N.T. ' [Copy.l tfCTTAin. Acres: iSf, T3Bt After » carffel personal esar U-ai'.oa bl the Plan Of cannr citut bj PT'cvss.»» price eM by J.L. Alberser* Co., *t <hrlr <*t:»oU-bm«T. *ad IJeslrs tbe process to be correct In pnodple. * u UMC It *ll. opera's so fniwrtaEr la jouiiajf earns m to rttolunctlre ttal»11 r«I of b=*ta »\ I &«ye3a boriU “ “ mfnmSf’ lajpebtorOk-aeo li-anl cflmfe ana! P»c** era* ■Asgct.'Ution. Kolirc w Pai 33aj)«s. 'V'OTICE.— To the Tax Pavers of the cMhg the working elute* «ad t»<e a ffcaMcv an op>-rtnticy to par Ui- fr CltT Tates, srd ‘.vtThar time. 1 ?hvil seep my Offlce oneu dating .» e dir.air accrs. 51y odlce h nr» win be.on tat after VOADAY. Norecber UU», IS6B, tram 10 o'rt’v-k V m. do’cloce p. B. A. H. BEAUX. fltrcolfcetor. hotels. A3IEBICAS HOUSE, BOSTON. Tils tavortte am-dais Hotel, the urr*t in Bar Ergland, oCeifl team tossed sccomcodatlcts to Oi T&Tethug tmblic. LSWIs BICE. Proprietor. gjgaantca agents. 'WAITED FOR THE Goll Hedal SeTrin; Ssehlnes^t la every City «xd County la the Union. Rdoirai Machine ta the wotkL Boetoa VfaMazv- . Mm