Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 28, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 28, 1866 Page 4
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sl)icaga WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 23. 1366. THE CITY. 'BeBKABd Gakdkxb.— The examination of Ber nard Gardner, chaired with fornication, Ibe par ticulars of which were published In yesterday’* TmsrMi, waa waived at the Justice's Court, and he pave I*ll of £3OO for appearance at the Record er's Court. Oibtib 8i ttzr —The ladlei of the First Free Win Baptist Society will give an oyster enpper this evening in the ve»try of their new chnrcb, comer of West Jackson and Peoria streets to aid them in fnnlatiog the npper part of the house. They wtU be pleased to etc all friends of the en terprise. Sttjjieoat at Aumos.-We call the attention of vessel Otnxn to the advertisement of sale at tnctlou ot the splendid steamboat “City of Cleveland,” the present owners of which are now ■encaged In building a larger steamboat for the IMroit and Cleveland line. She will be sold with ■ll equipments. on the lith day of December, at three o'clock p. m-,at the office of Keith & Car* (er, foot of bhclhy street, Detroit. Jewelst, Ac.,—Removal.—'We call the atten tion of our readers to the removal of H. S. Ishtm & Co., dealers in watches, clocks. Jewelry, silver, silver-plated and Brittanta wares, from their well known stand on State street to No. S 7 South Clark street, where, with a new and carefully selected stock of goods, they will offer to their friends and the public some particularly good things in ibe way of holiday gifta. Q. c. C. Sociable.—The first anniversary pa ty Of the Q. C. C.’s will be given on Thanksgiving (to-morrow) evening, ai Marline'a Academy, cor ner of Clark and Monroe streets. The Club Is composed of a number of young gentlemen of ibe highest respectability, and we doubt not that their first annual «ennlon will be an occasion of great Interest. Friends of the Club arc cordially invited to attend. _ Fuocbess.—Wc see by a circular issued by the Provident life Insurance and Investment Com pany, of this city, that with the apirlt and enter prise peculiar to its management, lh-y have taken a loeg «dvance step In the business of Accident Insurance, and hereafter grant to thsir policy holder*, aurnltlet for life, to such as ass perma nently disabled. Ibis cannot fall to add largely to the popularity ot thU thoroughly established Insurance Company. Accident. —Mr. Fox, residing at No. 2d South Union street, a workman at the Mechanics) Ba kery on the West Side, on Monday afternoon got bis right hand caught between two Urge Iron rol ler?, drawing it m above the wrist. He bad to enter the excruciating pain lor nearly twenty min utes hi fore being relieved from It. There was also a wound on the elbow. Dr. Warner was called and at once dressed the wonnds. Fears arc en tertained that suo.-iiflcitlon of the arm will cniue, and amputation be made necessary. Wnrr or Eimou.—Judge JotnM. Wilson, Chief •Justice ol the Superior Court some daya aince rende:cd a decision in the case of the Town of Vie* vs. Frederick Letz and other*. An injunction had been sued ont to restrain defeu-i --anta from establishing a cemetery in Lake View, ardtnc Court absolved the injunction and dis missed the bill. The complainant sued out a writ of ciror on application to Judge 1-awrence of the Supreme Court, and he his ordered the Injunc tion to be revived. PtT.sosAL. —Me.-srs. William Edgar and Abram Parnell, of Hamilton, C. VT., proprietors of the Immense Peat beds recently discovered on the Wdland Ca«"V ire-now In this city for the pur pose of placing the same Into a company being organised here for She manufacture of Peat, to be «l,Tu; cd to and sold la Chlcavo and Milwaukee They are stopping at the Velropolllan Hotel, room No. :3. whete plats of the beds, samples of the pert, and plana of their scheme can be seen. Fuel men, coal men, and capitalists, are specially ia\ tied to call and examine for themselves. Misplaced Bzkevolescf.—A ehort time ago a man. Intelligent, well educated and having a small ffimiry, came to tM* city from a foreign country. 12c was poor; so poor that he had not "hero to lay hi* brad. A generous man met the unfortu nate family and gave them hoarding until work could be procured. Thta was soon accomplished, and an employer being found, be advanced the man's firrt werk’a wages that he might provide for (he -mmedlste want* of his family, but the hearties? wretch instead of using the money in a proper way took it and wet! on a spree. Of course the man lost hi* position and I* cow in a worse state than on his first arrival io this city. Ttt.etxs at tit* Hxai-tii Onrcx.—Last evening ibe Health Office was the scone of a Tory pleasant Battering. The Health Officer, T. D. Bndg*. Esq., remembering the men who hive labored so faithfallj daring the dread cholera visitation, and eo well approved their worth, called them all, to the nnmbcr of twenty-three, to the loner room and presented each until a fine turkey,as aheall-y Thanksgiving attestation of his cool will. v # need not to detail all that was said ontteoc s eion; rnfflee It *o aay. that It was a pleasant, o will long be renumbered, and will hear to • taken as an examplar In other places. The son <•- nlrwas equally .creditable to Mr. Bridges as to • * men whose good sendees in the employ of the city hare received her good will. Nr.cnjusica'lasrmjm—A meeting of the Me chanic*'lnstitute was held last evening in Boom KO. 1. MBeaibern street. The President, J. H. Van O.'dcll, Esq., In the Chair, end Mr. Istac Speer Secretary pro tan. The names ot a large number oi mechanics were proposed for member ship. and they were eiccod. On motion, the meeting proceeded loan election for Secretary, which resulted in the choice of Mr. John Jenkins. The newly elected Secretary was ordered ro make a demand on the old Secretary for all books, pa pers and other documents belonging to the in«ll intion and that tbry oe produced at the next meeting. On moaon, the folio vlng .gentlemen weie appointed to comer with the proprietor of the room, to secure it for thoitregular place of meeting. The President appointed Messrs. I’ctbibildcc. Cn.akcrand dpeer anch committee. On motion adjourned, subject to the call of the Preeidtnt. KrptiT or ajt Otbieb On the com* plalntof J. W. Speer.* colored man reddlrg at Ko. 78 Fourth a»ennr, Mr. George VT. Matthew-, also colored, was arrestfd. Mr. Speer give an oyster sopper lor the benefit of Mr?. Spc:-. arid to floorer was entrusted the pecuniary manage meat o; the afiair. He was to sell the tickets, to receive the money, to pay the necessary expenses ana to tender the balance to Mr. an i Mrs. Speer. A portion ol these duties were dtacharced. »n a most admirable manner. Ten dollars which had been paid to him to procure the necessary sup plies nc tehtrionsly out down la his pocket. U-r received the money far ticUc-U, and tnal also went down. The •snpplle* that were procured were purchased by mm on the credit of Mr. Speer, soch. »n»*>tamially were the allegations made acamtl Matthew* yeaitrday morning at tho roue-* Court. The case was continued ten days, ball being repaved for S2OO. ATmtmm BuuocauT.—About ‘ one o'clock | yesterday momine. while ofQcer Col'.crt, and Captain i.yons, of tbe Merchants’ Police, weie pmlwrlhe residence of Jo' nV. Farwel’, F.sq.. at No. S7t» Wabash avenue,» ns oflh»m observed an open window in tbe baeoxent of the house. They proceeded to the spot and there found a mah lying down between the window and'he rtqoa,aa if desirous of escaping observation. He wit# called npon to come ont. but refusin'* to obey tbe summon* the two officers t-tt quickly took hold ol him and brought him to Inc street. I.vons then want to a lamp post to call another officer, leaving the ptlsoner in chvpc of Colbert. In an unexpected moment Colbert received a sharp blow and bis prisoner ran rapidly from the spot. Officer Thompson came in lesponso to the alarm civen by l yops and they hastened in pur suit of the eecaped mao. In tbe back yard of a residence on an alley botw.sen State street and Wabash avenue officer Thompson overhauled the man and be was tak*n to tbe Armory, ilo gar e the name ot Charles Thompson. The man will probably be examined tl.l* morning, As Kxusoxd Hrsßajft>—AH Germans are not necessarily phlegmatic. Henry Schmil, arraign id at the Police Court, yeateiday artem *on, wa- a* xcady for explosion us a )>owdermagaxu,o. Ilcnrj lived with his wife, or rather his - wife has afe.vfi/wiJh him, tor some lime past, at Xo.Si Miiart awnne. It was alleged that the hn«bacd wj»* l«r and would not wuik, bm to: lilted to live well. Mrs. Schoiilt rendered a long com plaint in Get man, telling of Ida abu?e ant threat and how Ccalif, ehc leftdim atm bo came 10 he* and seemed penitent, Mid she lived with him again two davs. when he commenced being bad a>*ain. lie had threatened her life several lime*. The bntlatm listened to the chargee with mani fest itnpaUcnee, which exhibited Itself In heavy thumps on the railing, horrid maledictions in short icrtc-ce' and a verv tigerish ferocity in hi* counlehnree. bne was **verdamtes rpduboo. a ••verdamt-s mcusch” andotherba-i things. At one lime he had to walk olf hb rape no and down the oanow eu.losnre of the prisoner s box. lie was required lo give ball'oi SSOO to ke?p the peace. . STraT.*g<". lionets.—On V c morali-gof the 6th of Ecpumler, Louis Schmidt, a young Certain, employed on a bum in the vicinity of Evanston, started far ibis city with a load of hay. Afiergel tirgab qt two tcCes of the way, he threw off the hay at the road side, and stealing soother spin ot irom the barn * f a neighbor, drove on very rapid)' - to tsris cite. He rdd one span of hor-e --to ckhr a'l-akcrat the corner of Clyhoarne avenue a'-o Larra’j.-o vtr.-tt.aad the iw.> b-rses with wagon and liadess. to Charles Nerin, agr.eer ai ihc corner of Whe-ler and l.trrsbee st-etk. Wih the raomy realised from these forced pales, l oals did n >t remain la town, col withstanding the a'.trutUons of “ tny police,’’ aal the la'tr~ of the corner-stone. He took tho ear lie t train lor‘Wisconsin, and has not since been seen until M.icdiv. when be was arrestedrabom dices miles trout Milwaukee and returned to thi* ctv. Hv wa.> brought before the Police roar: yesterday afternoon. The examination o! the ca-e was postponed till Friday, ball being acquired for 51,Smj. Smccrios.-Another •eduction case came up yerteraay belore Jus'ic • Brown. The parties im plies! «* are FtankDrcw. a young lumber d-jler tn W- lls street, and said to be on of a l’;e«hytc rlan cltipvtuan. and Mary McCarty, a young gtrl of sixteen, wbore»ldea with her mother at No. 11 Polk mioi t. They met by chance a good mam month* aco, buq an Intimacy waa began between them which very soon ripened into something warme- than friendship. The ciil became deeply ccamotvd of ti>e tomb, and invited him lo her mother's borne, lie prouis'-d to marry her, and endrr that prctnlse betrayed her. Some time og > he bfl the city to avoid the consequences of bis puli', but Sr. a fit of ivimttse returned soon after. Afraid ;o meet the youn? woman at her notne. he iv-cucrU tl a hived to go ami ar-aege a meet li.g. This wa- accomplished, and the girl pre to keep the appointment. Bat lu ih u iatv bile she confided rite mat cr to a detective officer, who watched lor the desired opportunity •to *rrc-'t Mm. On Thnraday last Drew, while walking along the stiefl tn company with hU victim. was taken ialo ca«*ody and lodged at tit-* Central Police Slailoo. He gave ball lorhUap apiH-artncc tu the sam ot iaNk and will a oxamined in a few daj 6 ou the charge of bas tardy. TucGnccK-ErcD Hosstcb—Joseph Day and Samuel Is-ac were before the Police Court yester day afternoon charged with disorderly conduct. Tbe countenance of Isaac bore the appearance of having lu-t paiscd through the seven da»a’ fight undvr McClellan. Ills facial organization was cumpUiely demolished, and resembled a highly colored pocket man ol the United State-, with sufficient black ana blue prominence 1c Indicate the various Uapp>ars tlu - J«aacucn» lwro or boarders who take T daily rations at the house of Mr. Uav, at the corner of Desplaincs and Cnloc streets. Day has latterly been very suspicion* of «v< ry Dttertfnn that Isaac paid 10 Mrs Day. No eatlrCcd with kicking her and frequency provok ing n quarrel, ho jumped out of bed on Saturday ulrht and pure Isaac an immense blow in the face. Ihe man's oflcticc waa dilating beer In Day's room and breaking some coal for Mrs Dav, so mat she could uac it in the stove. Yes- Tcrdav a policeman was anmmonrd to the spot aedfoanu a very sanguinary slate of affairs. There was blood on the step*, blood on the door, and Quite a pool of It In the honae. Isaac va« rl-ht the reverse from collapsed In the roontinisce. Both of tha men were at once a mated. Div said that bis w«« would go out in thVsbvd to get coal, mud then Isaac wouFd go oot »J-t eoalTtoo. A man told him something rv-ht “and 1 gavehlm acoupleof punches u, uu.ns b 'j r *5? TO Iced 18. THE LAKE TUNNEL. The Eighth Wonder of the World— Feats of Engineering Skill—How They Met Beneath tho Ware. LETTER FROIB THE BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS. Chicago was a long lime since voted the eighth wonder of the world, and none have diapoted It for years past, though there be some who have striven to ridicule the claims pnt forth, not so much by the people of this city as by those who have come here to look and to wonder at our growing p earnest, Chicago la a conglomerate wander, because ehe la made op of wonders—full of intensified vitality, which Is always moving, and always moving ahead. Ihe Ua wonder 1« our wonderful tunnel, which Is cow so near completion that only a little wall of clay, scarce more than a foot In thickness, di vides Iho two sections, the ends of which hare been approaching each other so long and with anch painful slowness that were we not firm be lievers In the certainty of the accomplishment of anything undertaker by Chicago, wo well have doubted that, it would ever be dose. The snblacnftrtne meeting U achieved, and the two miles and seven feet of mo.e work become already an historic fact—one whose grandeur will only be eclipsed in the fu ture by something else that Chicago shall do, as In her wondrous march she shows the peoples of the New and Old Worlds the places wl icrc their fcet'must fall, if they will also go forwa.d surely and certainly in the progress towards the perfec tion of human attainment. Tbe work on the tunnel was comparatively nothing; it was the inception and the daring which determined to carry out the idea to a sac cesfcfnl result, which are among the wonderful. Tbe confidence in the ability to barrow two miles oot under tbe lake, and then come up to the sur face In deep water, was of that sublime kind which assimilates it to that falib which removes mountains. Ihe work might have been difficult, but it was not so; it was unexpectedly easy, and while two or three cribs were dispensed with, a vast amount of propping which baa been calcula ted for was found to be unneeded. I Yes ! There was one difficulty In the work—the I meeting. Just think of the difficulty of starting out blindfolded, to run a mile and a half In one direction, and to engage to meet full butt another man who would start two miles off with tbe same Intent. Try to Are oh two cannon balls soscieoU flcally as that they shall meet In mid air. Even these are easy compared with the test set for the erglucers ol tbat gigantic undertaking whose virtual end Is already chronicled, “flow was It done}" Is the question which la now being asked by hundreds, who have full falib in the old maxim that “ everything It easy when yon know bow." Scarcely so. We opine that when this mode of procedure shall be comprehended, the wonder will rather increase than diminish, and tbe almost superhuman character of the ta«k be only then fully realized. We shall not attempt a scientific description of Ihe wnyjln which tbe lines were run, but will give a rough draft of the idea, for the benefit of the uninformed. Of course a compass could not b? depended upon to give other than a mere general direction, as even it tbe points could be read nut with sufficient accnracy the local attractions would Srob bly bare deranged it to an nnu-able extent. <eit)orort.-anvsta'B visible in those regions, whuo the telescope field would contain nothing bnt a clay hank, which only the eye ol filth couli fierce. It was done by simply taking tbe thing 41 cut of twist ”as a mechanic would say. The Hue ofduecUon was estahlithed above ground, by sighting over tbe water from noth cndsl and ’hen the axis of the tunnel was ran parallel thereto, the only lines of comparison being the short por tions of nine feet, witch stretched across the per pendicular shaft—they only nine feet to diameter. The difficulty then resolved lUclf simply Into i the extension of a straight line of nine feel in length to a distance of cue and a half miles, the sborterline having been procured by twisting I from another line some eighty feet above it, sub | jixito all the inaccuracies due to insufficient , light, Ac. An error In the direction of the ongl- I nil line would be multiplied nearly nine hundred times, so that it would have needed bat au error i of about omHlfteenlh part of an iueh in the direc tion of tbe initial Hue to carry the western section cloarbytbeo'heronan independent crul<e of Us i own tow-aids the Michigan shore. The fact that the two sections meet to within nine and a ball inch* s shows tbat the direction of the radical line wa*» true to within the one hundredth part of aa inch In the whole Imgtb, and that tbe prolonga tion waa absolutely true, though carried out in the darkness. Bnt II tht« accuracy 1« wonderful, the closeness with which the two levels have metis marvelous. Tbe twp section* have met within one inch of per pendicular measurement. The difficulty of ob taining this result can only be understood by rc membcrii g that the levels were taken Irom the lake, whose surface Is never still, find that, thcre lore, the height on the shore can never h* relied on as giving tbe height at any point off shore, to within an inch or two at the nearest. Then the let cling process from these two points most have been conducted with an accuracy hitherto un known in our city, or rather the eloping process, for it wit! be remembered that the tunnel elopes at tbo lab* of two feel per mile towards the shore end. Adopting the same line as before. It will he ►eon that the error of each length must have been less than the one hundred and thirtieth part of an inch, or less than onc-thoasandtn part of an Inch to each foot Tre tact is its own best comment; It needs no other. A statement of the fact Is the best praise we can give to the men who have so well engineer ed ihe work through. Wc would not say that uo other city In tbe world has engineers so good, hut we can truthfully claim that uone have better, while we may assert without fear of contradiction that no other municipal body has been able to claim the men who have struck out the bold Idea and tbe nerve to attempt Us realization. We m«y well pride ourselves on the T.ake Tun nel, not only for itself, but as it shows the charac ter of CHcago. Would It not be a pity if now tbat the tunnel ne finished, wc should be,forced to wait six months before receiving any benefits from it ? The Board of Public Works held a meeting yes terday noon and decided to postpone the cerebra tion of tbe completion of the tnor.ei until iho ox cavat'on and masonry is finished, which •■ill prob ably be next week. The e ifiae at tbo lore end has given out. so that there arc non •of de scent except by ‘•mta'ing” down iiu .ope, a method which would hardly comport with the dignity of our city authorities. The work will, i.uwever, proceed'from tbe take end, and In a few days the last spadef o' earth will be taken out aull the solid arch work completed. Some dty in the latter part of next week will then very likely be fixed upon for a public celebration of the great The* following letter "to the citizens of Chi ca-o. ' signed by the three members of tbo Board ot Pnbl’c Works was bonded na yesterday, with the request to publish: TO TUB CmXKSS OP CHICAGO. There seems lo be a misapprehension that- Iht Wcur Works Tanucl Is finished and for asu, and that the clly will cot he supplied with water thromrh It for some time, only because the Beard of Pnhlir Works have Defected to £«t tcadv 'he construction* connecting the ton* net with the pumping work*. ■I he matter seems to be so centrally mlstmder stood, and per bane thronch some erroneous state ucttr to inch vdcct which bare appeared in the city newspapers, tbst the Board iml U to he firopcr to state publlclr. that the tunnel is n-jt.rfu. thaL, cad Via'-ti probittii ea-ino! bffini»fi‘d avi v.aae reedy lo tv'tidy tAscify tctfA t eater for tome tvo or thtee tnon’ht. . , On Saturday last the cic»r»Uon for ibo lt»»horo naif of the tunnel was extended so as to reach the «-xeavatlou for that part of the tunnel wonted from the water r id. or from the crlh in the lake. A thin wall of clay la all that separates the cxca vathnsol the l>‘o parts of the tunnel, and Ibl* baa been pierced to as to show that the work of both parte will connectjwlthonl any essential er ror, cither of line or lev el. Where the • two part* , come loccther there remains to ho done some ' comparatively small amount of elevation, and the construction of the brick work lor ahont one him i died fi-ct of tunnel. The connection of these two nans Is very properly a cause Of much rojoic- I In". It removes whatever ef uncertainty aud i dancer was considered as belor-glng to the work, I and in*nres Its success. But considerable work vet rrmalua lobe done before the tunnel will be compute, and some time must elapse after it Is finished before it will be in a proper state to make : uee of it for supplying the city with water. The parts of the tunnefyoi tc be m stmeted occur at the turn-outs, or chambers At intervals abvnt a thousand feel apart tbronchont the whole length, from the shore (o the cnb. it has been necessary to constinct chambers or enlarged spaces on both sides of ihe tnnrcl. so as loahord room for the passing of the cars carryicg the clay, bricks, mor tar, Ac., and for the matin" of mortar and the storage of whatever mate rial* it was found neces sary to have in the tuned- Those chambers mast now be filled up and the sides ot the tunnel made uniform throughout When the tunnel work shall he finallr all complete, the water must he gradually let into it, ana allowed to remain some time, so as to test the effect of thepessotc oftae water, and be then drawn oft, and if any defects are found in (he work, such daces must be re paired. After the water is once let in for use. It t* cot 15k-ly that the tunnel will be entered for -ontoyears, audit is necessary that cu-ry p*e cautic-ti should be taken to have it perfect at the cutset. Finally, when the work of construction “hall be all complete the tnnncl mn-t beclevtvrd s»>d vasb-d pcifoctly clean, which of itself will take comiderablr time. lo conclusion, the Board assure the citizens that they are quite alirc to the Importance of making n«o of the tumid a* speedily as pract:ca b’e. atd that they hope lo put it in nse without much delay after u shall be really finished, tended and cleansed. BURGLARY AND ATTEMPTED MUR DER. The Course of Crime—A Mldalcrht Bur glar Fouutl at TTork—lie Shoots a Police Officer. A FrulUcM fhaas-The marauder Wounded. About one o'clock, yesterday morning, Officer Maesch. whllecnduty on LaSalle street, observed two wry suspicions looking men standing near tbc street corner, and rccornlring them as bur glars he kept an cyo upon them. They moved on. and he tollowed slowly, at a distance. Ou Clatk street the steu went into a basement saloon for a few minute*. Thence tftey went on to Wei's, vace-b still keeping them in view. Suddenly, they disappeared in an alley, and as tbeotOeer had r.o lantern be knew that It would be Idle to follow them, and rvtomed to hts beat on Clark ■ treet. At the corner of Clark and Monroe slrc*U he met two of the Merchants' Police, and pro ceeded eastward on Monroe street A few mo ment? afterward he heard a nol*e on the sooth »ide of the 6tree’, which re cmbled the sound of ad anger boring througn bard wood. Stealing quietly along In the shadows of the Lombard Block. Officer Mat-oh observed a ebon thickset man f'usily engarvd laboring holes la the door of a large boarding house dtrcc'ly opposite the Fourth National Bank.' Maesch advanced into the htreetwUb a view of coming soddenly open the burglar before the fellow should seo hint, bnt the man observed b m, nr.rt wjthnni a word tnmed squarely around and fired a revolver directly upon the advancing officer. Matwb doc* no: go upon a beat which embraces a laig* portion ot the wealth of th - cil< so tetnrrirg to the daring and ingenuity ot “break-/-day Johnnies" witbont being prepared ler sll emergencies. Ue lmme«iiaicly re- plied to the man by firing two abots at trim which caused him to da-.h off at f .11 speed towards tlark street. Maesch followed, bnt very soon discovered tbat be wounded in the hand, and tt-atit was very painful. atd bleeding profusely. He pushed on. however, and caught tight of the fHlow a« ha aaddenly dis appeared th'nagh the doorway of a boarding house at No. I‘JB Clark street. Maescb followed, hat at (he bead of the sccoud flight of stairs he found an open door which evidently communi cated by descending stairs to the brek yard. Maesch was too weak to follow tarthcr. Be sa» down on the stairs a few moments, and then returning to the street met a couple of the Merchants’ Police, who took him into Dr. Webster’* office, where his wound was dref sed, and he waa assisted to the Armory and relieved from duty. Upon visiting the hon *c where the thief ao mysteriously disappeared, it was ascei talncd that at least one ol the »aou flu*, bv the officer had relieved him of some of hla ras es ly Mood, large stains, freshly made, were fund upon the stair* leading to the rear of the pi«miecc,asd hopes are entertained that he waa ooc of the m«t viclteLt and taithful men on iho pol!cefarce. and tn the heart of the J. {tnjPmrd that some t°nr l“*» d ®^ arc rarely visited £i£?.SSr .ffiiSreS «*• ‘ hl » lhe forec mlglttbe enlarged wiuont disadvantage- IFiKLT Toocbli.—Thomaa Server™ >t retted on Hondo, nl«ht lor The twain keep the Shamrock Saloon a sojl* Wcllaßtreet. It appear, that Thomu waa vated to the chaattacment by aome Pf * > emnaUteS: Oho. mottier. U la stated, left ber husband and family la Ireland aboal two yean ago «r.d came to Chicago, where she bos acquired considerable money la the saloon buainea*. bho wrote lo her children, five of them, a few month* ago, that ehc could give them a home, and enclosed them money to emigrate with. They came here and were much disappointed and humiliated to find their parent amidst such a circle of acquaintances. It 1* stated that a man wa* found employed tn and about the place wh'»se Intimate conduct with the mother aroused their indignant protasis, and frequent “ wordy” quar rels ensued, the mother, more thin sixty years old. asserting her right to bo intimate with the man tfshe chose. Vainly they tiled to persuade her to send the man away. An unusually acn* monton* dispute on Monday evening terminated In blown and the arrest of young beevey. The case wan partially examined yesterday morning at the Police Court ard continued'or ten days, ball of |SOO being required. THANKSGIVING. Observance of the Day—Public and Private Charities—Suspension of Business. To-morrow, the last Thursday of November, Is act apart, in accordance with Die proclamation of the President and the Governors of the various States, as a day of National Thanksgiving. It will be observed in this city by a genera) suspension of business, the closing of all £nbllc offices, and by religions services i all the dty churches. The day is consecrated to the public worship of the AN mights*, and to the bestowal of chanty. While these are the prominent features of the annual thanksgiving, there are other observances con nected ssith the day which render It an event to be looked forward to with pleasure. It Is not a fast dav. us In the olden time, hot a feast dar. The fatted turkey Is killed, and social re-unions are held among all private circles. Times have charged tincc the old, joyless. Puritanic mode of celebrating such days was in fashion, and a much more practical human mode has taken its place. The day is not wholly occupied in church-going, but accepting the old principle that work is wor ship, we devote a considerable portion of it to the pcrloimance of good works, to the aiding of be nevolent Institutions which arc in need of sup port. and to the relieforthe poor. Let ns hope that on this anniversary the “ giv ing” will not be forgotten; that the cry far help which la heard on every hand will be nobly re sponded to. Tbonk offerings will be taken up at Ibc churches in aid of the poor and of various charitable institutions. Let the citizens con tribute liberally, not after the fashion of a certain ex-Mayor of the city, who, upon one occasion, having the previous night assisted In a raid upon the faro banka, contributed two chips, which were returned to him the following day. Among the many wonhy institutions which ap peal for aid to the dllzens on this occasion,there arc none more dcfen iuc or more important than the Fr< edmeu’e Aid Commission, whose appeal Is pub lished in another columu. Tue noble work In which they are eugaged will not fall to enlist the active sympathy and co-oporation of every thinking The American 'Missionary Association, who are now enraged In the same field of labor, having 350 teacher? and agents among thefTsedmen, also put In their appeal lor aid. Among iho luaUtutlous more Immediately con nected with our city, wo would call attention to the “Home of the Friendless” and the Suldlei’e Dome as worthy of remembrance. A Thanksgiving dinner is to be given to the sol dier* by the managers of the Home. If any citi zen feels disposed to contribute a floe tat turkey, or anything that would tend to enhance the en joyment of that dinner, let him lose no time In sending it. The usual Tbanksclviog dinners will probably be given at the County Hospital, at the Reform School, and the Protestant Orphan Asylum. public omens closed. The office of the Collector of Internal Revenue Trill be closed on Thanksgiving day. The Post Office will be closed on rhanksgivlnsr gay. except from ibc boors ol 8H to 10 a. m, ana i, to 7 p. ni. The library rooms of the Young Men’s Chris tian Association. Portland Block, will be closed on Ihaiikegivlng dav. TIIASKSOIVIXO BEnVOSS. The following announcements are made for ser vices on Thanksgiving day: Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Indiana avenue and Twenty-first street. Preach inl' bt (be pastor, Kcv. is. A. W. Jew lit, atll a. m. Church of God. comer of Warier and Robey sirecle. Preaching by the pastor,Rev. A.X. Shoe mak- r, at 10t.m. Subject—" Glory of America.” MASONIC INSTALLATION, The Scottish Rite—Meeting of the Grand Consistory— List of Vincent Installed. Saturday evening Is.*: the Grand Consistory Ardent and Accepted Hite, tfid, of the State of 111; nift, installed the officers of our subordinate Icdct.-. as follow*: CHICAGO LODGE OF rmCECTION, so. 1. 111. W. E. Wheeler, TUnce PotentGr&nd Master. 131. n. H. Crego, Deputy Grand Master. 111. I*. B. Wilkie, Venerable Senior Grand War^ di .... W. I'. Tompkins, Venerable Junior Grand Warden, . _ 11L J. N. Eonsbton, Grand Orator -111. Slndey M*ers, Grand Trewurer. 111. D. W. Clark, jr., Grand Secretary. HI. J. McMacn, Giand Mutter of Ceremonies. 111. J. Hall How, Grand Cantata of the Guard. 111. Gco;ce 11. Laflta, Grand Hospitable Brother. HI. J. l a . Verna, Grand Tyler, cnicaco council ho. 1, rniHCM or renuaaLtai. 111. C. C. Pomeroy, Most Equitable Sjt. Prince Grand Master. . 111.5. C. Blake, Gr-nd High Priest. 111. W. M. Scott, Most Enlightened Sen. Grand Warden. 111. E. J. Decker, Host Enlightened Jon. Grand Illb/wfw.’ Winter, Val. Grand Secretary K. of S. & A. 11l T. E. Stacr, Valorous Grand Treasurer. 111. Jas. Gallagher. Val Qrrnd M. of Ceremonies. 111. S. Mlrchrod, val. Grand M. of Entrance. 111. J. P. Ferns, Grand Tyler. ciucaoo ciurrsu ho. J, khiouts op nosa CHOIS. 111. H. C. Berry, Most Wise &n<l Perfect Haste.. 111. G. T. Pomeroy, Mim Excellent and Perfect Knl"l:t bettor Wsm’ 111. S. C. BlaUo. M Knight .junior Wurtikt.. _ HI. Jwiim U. Paln>-, Moat F-x'eUcQt and Perfect Kul«bt Grand Ora'or. 11l O. U. CUoa, Heap, and Perfect knight Grand UhEdvmd’Goodtle, Heap, and Perfect Knight Ul?l?. and Perfect Knight Grand H. of Crremonl’a. 111. J. P. Ferns, Heap. Knight Grand Sentinel. Chicago coxaisTOUT so. i.iißuxs ruacaa or . TUB BOTAL BECBKT. 111. James Qninllß, Commsnder-ln-Cbhf. 11L A.B. Coles, Deputy Commander-In-Chief HI. WaiTen G. Purdy, First Lieut. Commander. 11l M. A. TLarer, second Ideal. Commander. 111. J. C. TV. Bailey. Mil later of Slaw a»d Gmrf Oiaior. _ _ „ 11l J b. Browne, Grand Chancellor. 111. 0.11. Gilts Grand Ircasmer. ni. O. K. Uoashlon, Grand secretary and K. 0f Hamlin. Grand Engineer and Archi- *' '!lort and Pcrtt ,e iii W. F. Tompkins, Grand Hospitaller. 111. T. I*. A. Yallquot, Grand Master of Cere -111. J.P. Feme. Grand Sentinel. .. Four similar lodges wore chartered by the ' Grand Consistory, on me same evening Waukegan. AOVSKIIEm •» Cciaosnr.”—The new lecture of J. B. Gough —“ Curiosity ’’—will be repeated tbla evening m the Opera House for tbe last time. Three-fourths of the scats uere sold at noon yesterday, and we apprehend that tickets will be at a premium be fore night. McVirKxn’s Tmrni.—Hackclt as “FalstalT” In‘’ilvury the Fourth,” to-night. Mi'eKVM. —At Matii.ce tbo “ Tlcket-of-l/eavo Man,” and la the evening tbe “Duke'* Motto.” Yankee KoDt.vsox'SbTECiaisopvn this evening as usual. Tub Trades AssmnLT will give thvlr second Axntial Call at Washington Hall this avsnUg. Cosccktat tub Orsiu. Hot's*.—The concert last sight under the &usplc<*s of the Young Men's Benevolent Association, and directed bv Hans Ba latka. was by no means so well attended as it de served. The tmpropiu»us weather ‘ added to tbo fact that some evven or eight other places of amusement were open, will partly account for tnls. but ll is nVo apparent that the more elaborate and classical kind of music U not appreciated here as &iuu vi w mv» mvimv ~ st ouid be the case Tbe |>crfunnances of the ber man ilivncerchor of some thirty m-mbirs, were in good taste, acd those of the orchestra of over tweet* pieces were exceedingly Bne. Mr. He Oleuihc's violin sotot were exquisite. Mr. J. R. Wil-on displayed« pleasant and well managed t> nor voice, and Mias Uaunah McCarthy resd:red on aria Imm Kruaui very sweetly* calling forth a cctitlancd meow, Her voice is very sweet ana wt considerable compass, the lower loses espe cially being well developed, Tho-*e who lore re* litcu and cultivated music mU»ed at» enjoyment If tie* were not present a. this concert. llt"*VuiNfox haantv.—the tribe of A«a open ed la<: owning In Washington Hall to an audience fan in point oi ernnher*, and enthusiastic in their expressions of approval. They sin-.; their song* this evening, and on Thun- day at three o'clock; on Ihursday evening they take their farewell. Cheap Notoriety. A roteworthy event ocetmrd In this cUt yester day. Three gamblers earned a day's traces by honest labor. The feat va* performed In the presence ofhnndiode of witnesses, so mere can be no doubt about il. In the space of five hours three ot the idlest of men were to be seen with relied np shiit sit ere* rngaced In the labo rious occupation of savin? wood. It was a sight wmtn seek?, and one which might be trpatded as a Lopetnl sign ot the times. Only there is small hope tha: the good example will he tollowed by many of me brotherhood, or that the let’ will ever be repeated A small patty ot gmmolers were dn*klng to gether in a rakon on tlandolpb street, when one of them dropped the remaik that none of them had ever earned an honest penny since they were bom. No one disputed the truth of the assertion, bnt three noted memoers of the fraternity contended that they conld woik lflheyh*d a chance. An excellent oppor mnny presented itself in the shape ot a load of wood which wvs standing near the saloon. The first speahcroStrcd the sum of thirty dollars to any three gamblers who would undertake to saw the whole cord, and the otler was accepted. They commenced at one o'clock, and sawed with com mendable indastrv, one relieving the other, till live by which time the cord of wood was cm np and the Ihltly dollars won. Tt c operation was witnessed by a large crowd of cblzcii-. and the laborers were warmly cougrau ]*;cd on l aving don* one honest day s oork for the first lime tn their live*. It v:< sutn-ecnently annonneed that this unit rntl labor wasfallowed by a work wh'ch, If not snperctocaiory, was even more surpassing. The t:U> oi cvrri'rt aarennetd their Intention lo do- the monev thus va: am to the Soldiers' Home, aid a Jfter was drawn r.p to _ccorapanf the gift. Its rnbl'carion will give them a notoriety which ihe regular gambler would deem cheap at ten Units ttc curl. _ Finr, Pcucr axp UtAtTU.—' The semi-weekly mcctli.gof the Boaid of Police, Fir* and Ueailh Ccmm-sidcner* was held yesterday aN their room* at the CennalStaUon rresant—Presl dent Brown «cd Commissioner* TiUworth and tinrd Minnies of the last meeting were read and •nnroved. Theodore P. Kellogg having served * *jt dars to the satisfaction of lh«- Board. \raa ap TH'inted a regular policeman. The reslsnatoas of Ilcrij- .Tm'on and William O. Lndlow were read a °R # WL C ?loßf : crd. E‘Q-» • member of the Board of Education on evening school-, Superintendent of iiic Seventh Picsbjterian and hostir Mission s-.ndav School, asked that special police powers be delccaied to him to protect the evening schools of the Seventh Presbyterian Church and Foster Mission Schools. The petition waa Officer Bridges made a cleaning vaults. gutters and sewers; tha the eitf is at tht« time In a bad condition. Not oi.e fvjf * f cilv Is at the present ttme -oweted. he first m March. I?*, the Health Depart* menthave laid do«t» 5,«X> feelof sc*MW. Oo moiJoD, fifty dollar- were appropriated for the nteof the Secretary In aefrtvtng mddental ex penses. Ou motion adjoart ed. Sranu.l. . Hot.—" Major Y.tea." a mao well taowo In the cemMlnc r.atcrnltj, eome Une «e VuiMweLt his way and and was no mote seen for seme time. The boy dlscov.wd rtatthehras* clsto wasfcworth aN>nt On Monday, me “ Malor ’* returned to the city and was anested. y2SS.t h.™ «a;ulc«..polite Coon and cummilled for trial In ball of t*w. SCOKS Bis Lxg.—On Monday night, a man named Jerry MllUken. wbbe waiting along Weal Randolpli street, fell from the sidewalk into a basement and broke bis leg, also sus s Iniurle*. lie was soon removed and taken to a boaav adjacent, where he waa well attended 10. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, A Curl (Hu and Interacting Romance In (be Life of air. i.tfuwin- Mr. W. 11. Herndon, who was for many years Ihe law partner, and through all hi* life the intimate personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, some months ago delivered a lec ture upon his life and character, which was marked by a very striking analysts of bis in tellectual and moral qualities, and Indicated a very remarkable knowledge of the man. Mr. Ilcmdon has recently delivered another lecture on the same subject, of which we have received a copy in a Western paper. It is very long and very carious, not so much far its contents as for Its character; not for the fcctslt narrates so mnch as for the state of mind it reveals on the part of the lecturer in regard to the subject ol hie discourse. Mr. Herndon opens bis lecture thus: “Lames axn GxstxJoisx: lam about to de liver a lecture to-night on Abraham Lincoln, Mu* Ann Rutledge. New Salem, Pioneering, and the poem commonly called * Immortality/ or, ‘Oh 1 why should the spirit of mortal be prondf ” He next announces that “Lincoln loved Ann Rutledge better than his own life,’’ and promises to give the hlstonr of Ihe poem os connected with the two. The facts of this history, he says, “He In fragments In the desk at my otlicc, in the bureau drawers at mv home, And in my memory—ln the mem ories of mmi7 women and children all over this broad land, and especially In the coun ties of Menard and Sangamon, covering an area of sixty miles square.” After a lung passage of apology, explanation and protes tation of the absolute truth of all he pro poses to relate—marked by a great deal of feeling—Mr. Herndon thus states the facts which he says will “ throw a stray foot light on the path of Abraham Lincoln from New Salem through Springfield, to and through Washington to the grave.” He says: “ Ladtes and gentlemen, friends, enemies, too, give me the good, kind, sad and tender corner of your hearts (0-night, not forgetting your beads. Ann Rutledge was a beautiful girl of New Salem from 1824 10 IKK. She was boro In Kentucky, January 7,1*13. She was a grandchild of the lib erty lovlug, pan lollc Rutledges of South Carolina. Her father was born in South Carolina amid the echoes of Ihe cannon’s revolutionary roar. Mr. Lincoln lived In New Salem from 1830 to 1537, and boarded lor awhile with Cameron.who was the part ner of Mr. Rutledge. Mr. Uncoln soon changed hU home, tie went and boarded with Mr. James HcUcdce about the Tears 1533 and I*3l, and then and there first became well acquainted with Aon Rutledge. He may have known her before this. I have uo space here to give a description of this beautiful, amiable and lovely girl of nineteen. Sue was gifted with a good mind. Three good and In fluential men of the litt'c village of New Salem simultaneously fell in lore whh ibis girl—-A. Lin coln, Mr. , and Hr. . The (bird man she quickly rejected. Qe was a gentleman; so was Lincoln; so was ——. All these men were strong men, men of power, as time demonstrated. Circumstances, fate. Providence, the iron chain of sweeping events, ko willed U that this young lady was engaged to Mr. Lincoln and Mr. at one and the same time. No earthly blame can lie attached to the girl, and none to the men In their fidelity and honor to her. It all so happened, or was decided by fate. It shall, in train, he explained hereafter, 'o the satisfaction of all It is a sad. thrilling story. Ihe young girl saw her condition. Her word of promise was out to two men at the same time, both of whom she loved, dearly loved. The consciousness of this, and the coi flict ol dntles, love’s promises and womutlv engagement*, made her think, grow sad. become restless and nervous. She suffered, I Pined, ale not and slept not. Time and struggle I as supposed and believed by many, caused her to have a raging fever, of which shoaled on the 2>th day of August, A, I>. 1835. She died on a farm seven mllc-s north, bearing a little west of New Salon, and now lies busied in the Concord grave \ aid. six mile# north, be-rlng a Utile west of New tlem. and four miles from Peierebnrgh.” This is ail there is of Mias Rutledge. But Mr. Ilcmdon coca on to give, with the ut most detail, all the Incidents of a visit he ’>aid to New Salem “on Sunday, the HIU day of October, 18W,” to find her crave, which as well as the cemetery in which it is located, is described with painful minute ness. This is followed by several columns of description of New Salem, the appearance of the country, the character of its soil, Tees, houses, flowers, weeds, streams, stones and everything in any way connected with It, with sketches of the persons who once lived there; descriptions of the character of a pioneer population, and philosophical re flections on life, religion and character gen erally. Then follows the further passage, concerning Mr. Lincoln and MUs Rutledge: “ Abraham Uncoln loved Mias Ann Rutledge, with all bis aonl, mind and strength. She loved Mm as dearly, tenderly and affectionately. They seemed made In heaven for each other, though opposite In many things. As before remarked, she was accidently, innocently and honestly en gaged to A. Lincoln and fir. at one and the same time. It is said find thought that the young lady was conditionally promised to Mr. Unrola, to be consummated upon a release from her first encsgemcM with Mr. . The primary causes, fact* and conditions which led totalscompllca lon shall I« related to you at another time and plac-. There is no dishonor In it to anv of the three. In her conflicts of honor, duty, love, promises, and womanly engagements—she was taken sick. She straggled, regretted, grieved, became nervous. She ate not, slept not, was taken sick of brain fever, became emaciated, and was fas' sinking In the grave. Uncoln wished to see her. She ellcrtlv praved to tee Mm. Thu friends of both parlies Rl first refused the wish and prayer of both, still the wishes and prayers of both pre vailed. Mr. Uncoln did go to see her about tho lath of August, A. D. 1535. The meeting was quite as much as cither could bear, and more ibau Lincoln, with all bis coolness and philoso phy, could endure. The voice, the face, the fea tures of her, tho love, sympathy And interview fattened themselves on h>a heart and soul forever. Heaven only knows what was said by the two. (Jod only knows what was thought. Dr. Jason Duncan, of New Salem, about J*eptcmbcr, A. 1). 1533. had shown ana placed in Mr. Uucolo’a baud- the poem called In short now. “ Immor tality,” or properly, “tih. why should the spirit of mortal be proudr’ Remember. Miss Rui'cdge died on lhe2?lhof Angn«t, A. D. 1535. and was b ided in the Concord cemetery, six miles north, bearing a little west of New Salem, as stated before. Mr. Uncoln has stated that Ms heart, sad and broken, was bntied there. He said in addition, to the same friend, ’ I cannot endure the thought that the sleet and storm, frost and snow-of heaven should beat on her crave.’ Ho never addressed another woman, in mv opinion, ‘yonra affectionatelyand gene rally" and characteristically abstained from toe ns* of tnewoid ‘love/ That word cannot be found more than half a dozen limes, if that often, in all h>s letters and speeches, since that time. 1 nave seen some of Ala letters to other ladies, but he never say* ‘love/ He ended bis letters ..jtU y»or«. * Sit ciom»SUnJ, ‘ yonr triend, A. Lincoln.* Abraham Uncoln was. by nature, more or less, in tendency, abstracted— had the power of continuous concentrated thought. It may be, as alleged, that he was a wsim, ardent and more or less impulsive man, M fore IK'S, and of which 1 give no opinion. He never did care lor food—ea ingmechanically, lie sorro-co and grieved, rambled over the hills *"d ibroogh the foresuu dav and mgbt. He suffered and bore it for a while like a great man—a philos opher. Re slept noi. he ate not, joyed not. Ibis he did until Ms body became emaciated and weak, and gave'way. His mind wandered trom Its throne. In hi* imagination hr matured words to ; Vnrhe loved. His mit-fl, hi? reason somewhatde- I throned, walked out ol itself along the uncol- I umued sir, and kissed and embraced the shadow* I and illusions of In'* heated brain. Love, tutnre happiness, death, sorrow, grief and pore aud per fect dc-palr. (he want of f. od n cracked a r id aching heart, over t>nd intense thought, soon worked a partial wreck of body and of mind. It ha* been said that Mr. Uncoln became and was totally Insane at that time and place. This Is not exactly the tratb. The dctbroncmeniof bis reason was only partial, and could alofc be detected by his closest friend* and sharpest observers, through the ab ruptness of bis f enteuce*, and the sharp contrasts or bis Ideas and language. To give yon a fair idea, an rxac< one of bis then true menial state and condition, imagine Mr. Uoco'n situated as 1 have attempted to describe. Mr. Lincoln had a strong ml’id. a dear and distinct one. Hl*stvlo and mode or expression (n ISIS were entirely dif ferent from what they were from 18S8 to tfl»st, lie had more, ranch more. emotion, fancy and Imagi nation. in ISO, when he was gt years of age, than he had In ISSS to 1864. when ho was 47 to 55 vear* of age. Re grew stronger as ho grew older. l)ld this dread calamity, of which I have spoken, cni-hhlmand thn« modify. If it did not change, his nature* It must be expected that his expres sions would follow truly bis own raUoatlthougbte tn part only, rot wholly so in logic, at tea t Uts utterances and expressions would be necessarily disconnected ard sharplv contrasted. Itl*«al'l, and 1 believe It, tbit he lost his logical faculty power over cause and effect, and their legitimate -lauon—through the momentary loss of memory • • • The friend? of Mr. Lincoln—men. wo men uid children—bi-ggcd him to quit his home and place of business. The; coaxed and threat ened him br tarns in order to get him to quit the place* and scenes of bis sorrows and erica. Hit women friends tried their ait* on him. Men beggedand held out strong indnrcmenis toco Into the country. The hoys and cirla of the town and neighborhood aided and assist *d the older pcope atllhey could. AH tricks were detected by the man the whole people so dear); loved. Bolin Green, and some of hla and Lincoln's special friends, at last tried their power*. The; succeed ed In throning Uncolnoi hi* guard by robbine him of bis suspicions. Mr. Lincoln. So Septem ber. ncnl .down to Bolin Green's In con* sequence of the pressure thrown aronnd him, and in the space of a week or ten days, by BollnV humor, generosity and hospitality, his care and kindness, aided by , tbe wornai.!* sympathy, gentleness and lender i‘«ss of hi- wife. 1-lncotn soon rose np a man onco mote. He was visited daily by men, women, hors and girls, whot-e conversations, stone-*, lolEef, witticisms. fun and sport, soon rous'd np the man, thus enabling him to momentarily throw oCronow, saonc-s, gnat nalo and anxiety. Ihey walked over the hills with him. danced for him. trad for him. laugh.-d tor hint, and amused him in a ihomand ways, lie evidently enjoyed all as cm icarcely ever enjoyed two weeks before nor since. lie got well and bade adieu. (or a short season to Bolin's kind roof aud generous hospi tality. Mr*. Bolin Green still lives. Rod btir** her! and survive* her own hnsband, and their ward and geest. Mr. Uteoln went back to New halem, as thought, a changed, a radically chang ed m*t. H>- went to New Sal'tn about the last of teptetnl»cr. A. D.. 1535. He now once more pick ed up, took up. and read, and re-read tbe poem called “Immortality," or “Obi why should the spit it of mortal be prond f" He saw new beauties in it. Ue seired it. and it felted Mm—a mutual seizure and arrest. De Icarnetl, team'd It by heart, committed it to memory, and repeated it orer and over to bis triends. Such is tbe une hu-lory of things—such are New £altm and surrounding country—soch are her hills, and bine's, and valleys, !*nch are her ecology and her gcncial vast—such is her coral world—such are her frails, trees a*.;d plants, bird*, fish aud game—a’d such were and are her pcopl-*. Such Is j«-w baiem—such wns she It tbo past such is shenow. So is sne In the spring time. In the summer lime, lall aud wintertime. So she u In daylight and darkness, beneath sna. moon and stars. So Is her rise—her growth-her fall aud tuin, death and decay. s*uch is man. Ilwa there Abraham Lincoln first came to hlmsc f. after *o crest grief. It was here, amid tbeec hills and peaks. Muds and valleys, and path*, tranches n»-d rivulets, he moved among men and v, walked and roamed sad.y. gloomi'y,fran tically. despairingly, almost “ e thought and r* Ced'd on man and woman, th, tncs*- i.I and pcimanmt-lovc, duty. nature. des tiny. th.- pa* : . present and the fntnre-of God. It was here he walked in daykght-nt under tbe tow ttm- and beneath .he nioin ■ad glance, contemplating all human tlf-*, itslaw and erring*. Its mysterious ways and ends, his own ioalgvlttcanec, the utter »*tenl«can«s ot all men and tblrgs, the follies. Whies, ambitions and corruption* ,n« “* tmc law* and principles, asTetn boated la the per manent, and It in die never T>cglni»lnp and never Absolute. nneocditloneS and It was about the hbh day of October, A. D, I®, that Aurabam Uscotn. a* he wandered and wend ed bis sad and melancholy way over hill and dale, i- shonidtte spirit of mortal bo proud?" Arrival and Departure of mails. The following lathe new table for the arrival and departure of malls from the Chicago Post Office for the witter, and now la force: „ trTJ , close, p. o. cmcaco, ux. wans -knurrs. *;"■ 1 ’i“:...511ch. South, Ih It, *:”■ P l'i| llfdm “ " “ &66 11:00 **** m Mich. Central B. R 12.® tj j “ ** ** .. 6rt» &Ij '** *soo....Pitu.* Ft. Wayne I*® »* ** •» 7:10 *“* Ift® m “ ** “ - 6-00 Ik® ii.*Co 4:50....Great Eastern R. 8.. &S 0 Ifc® 4:3).. ..New Albany Abalem Sr® IkOO s-’O 7*45. ...Ga1ena ttsdlraad..... 3:10 S:to iSS 61®:...D1x0c Air Line.... . G:M ISrOO t&®...-R° c hJsl*nd Haflroad 5:45 ~30 nOO--—c., B. & £su &Oo....Noithwceiern u. 8.. 5:45 fi:® Milwaukee Batlpoad. 11:® it(t) 7*45... .111in0is Central R. B, 7:W V:® 1%00 7*oo... Louis Railroad... 5:53 6:43 Saxtel Doann, Fostaastar. LOCAL MATTERS. Bare Chance lor tnenreilc fffen to male money.—Call at 101 Sooth Clark street. No capital needed. From twenty to fitly dollars per day can bo made by good men. None bet first clasa reliable men need apply. Ger A. Lima. inolhrr Cure.—ll. B 1 alien* Esq., ofNo. -til Grand street, WilUamaborgb, baa been com pletely cored of a violent attack or Rheumatism by one bottle of Metcalfe's Great Rhcamutlc Kemedy and la willing to state his case to anv person who vmi call at the above address. lord A Smith, agents. Mr. John Demnsey, of Toledo, Ohio, writes: *’l find myself cored of a lame side of three years’jßlandtcg. caused by being run over by a load of lumber, by using three of Herrick's Kid Strengthening Plasters. They are a wonder fnl thing. I tried more than two cozen kinds of plasters, liniments, washes, etc. Price S 3 cent*. Fold by all dialers. J. H. Reed A Co., Chicago. 111., Agents for the West. When Enfferine from Influenza or Asthma, what would not the patient give for a medicine that is certain to care. We recommend Umd’it's Pectoral Balm to all so afflicted, know log, from experience, that it can be relied on In all cases of disorders of thelnnrs. For sale by all druggists. Burnham's A Van Schaak, whole* sale druggists, IS I-ake street, wholesale agents. An excellent article.—airs. Wluloirii Soothing Syrup is an excellent article for all dis eases of children. It relieves the child from pain, regulates the stomath and bowels, and by giving health to the child comforts and rests the mother. During the process of teething Its value Is inestimable; cures wind colic and griping in the bowels. 911 m TenneMcct tlie Great Iflagnette Doctrefs and Clairvoyant, baa established an to* firmary at No. 365 Wabash avenue, eecoed door above ■Harrison street, where she may be con* suited on oil matters pertaining to life and beallh. When desired, sbe will go Into an unconscious stale, and give Information of great importance to the inquirer. Paralyzed persona made to walk In a few days. Cancers extracted, root and branch. In (tom three to nine dars, without the nee of knife, or instrument, or pain. Consump- Uon, asthma, and all diseases oi the nervous sys tem, epilepsy, fits, rheumatism, neuralgia, dvs prpsla, diseases of the liver, heart, or iddneva, and all diseases of the blood, treated with like beneficial results. Those not able to call per sonally. may address T.ock Box 5926, Post Office, Chicago Illinois. The poor liberally dealt with. A cure guaranteed In every case. Give Dailey’s Galvanic Horse Salve a trial. It will enre cues or scratches, swellings, galls, strains, qulttor and cuts, which bare rosin ed every other remedy. As a hoof ointment ft la perfect. Fifty cents a box. Bold bvidrnggists. Burnhams & Van Schaack. agents for IHlnoli. ladles If yon want a Bemntlfnl Coni* plexion nse “ Waggoner's French Enamel.” Price 50 cents. Sold by all druggists. TruCe supplied by Smith 4 Dwyer. Jnnlper Tar Soap ' enrm chapped bauds, salt rhenm. pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Macs 4 Co., New York- Sold by all drnggiats.g Like nsMTte—The certaintr and quick ness with which Coe’s Couon Balsam cures Couchs. Colds, Croap.and lung difficulties. Give to the children when attacked with Coughs anl Colds, and rest assured yon will find relief ft once. Physicians say It Is the best cough medi cine in the world. Go to TV. F. iriemll’*, "Wholesale an* retail dealer in kerosene lamps, lanterns, chan delier*. table class ware, looking glasses, <£c., Noe. 71 and 7s Randolph street. Colgate** Aromatic Vegetable Soap.— A superior Toilet Soap, prepared from retfned Vegetable Oil.*. In combination with Olvccrlne, and cepoclallv designed for the use ol Ladles and lor the Nursery. It* perfume la czquie lie, and Its washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all dmggifts. mrlih&lG-lyx&w - PrnMlne’s Pure Cider Vinegar will preserve pickles, and is warranted pare. Ask yonr grocer for no other vinegar. Largest works ofthekindln the United States. Charles G. £. Pressing, SB) and 3U Slate street, Chicago. A Sure Pile Cure.—Dr. Gilbert’s PIU Instrument positively cures the worst cases of dies. Sent by mail on receipt of (1. Circnlart re«. Sold by druggist*. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Roxanne, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York Paper Hangings and Window Shades at greatly reduced prices, F. E. Rigby, 83 Ran doipb-ei. Markets by Telegraph. New York Markets. New Tons, November 37—6 p. m. Cotton—Firm but not very active at 31Xd35c for middling uplands. Flow—Opened doll and clo«ed a shad* firmer, with more nolnpln part fur eiport, at for sound common extra State; »I0.Cfv»11A0 lor extra round hoop Ohio, and fllAftilS.4o tor trade brands. Included In sales are 40.000 brts for export, part extra, at flO.Aj 10.15. WntsKW—Quiet. State In bond 40c. Gtuia—Wheat l»ac Peru r on low grade*, with some spirt inquiry at |1 95a2.13 for No. 3 Milwaukee, and g>itw2 S.K for No. 2 Milwaukee. Barley unchanged, arley man oniet at fIJO. Corn opened Vyic better, and closed dull. onsettUd and declining at f for shipping mixed Western In store an- afloat, closing with sellers at >1.25 In store; >1.06*1.10 for new yebow Jersey, and *IJS lor yellow We teru In store. Oats are without decided chance, at 62*64c for Chicago and Milwaukee, and WmaClkclbr State. Gtocrnu-tvffce dull. Sugar dull; Cuba 10),c. Molaweadull; New Orleans. etLtaSc. PtTtoLßCM—Quiet at 3l)»c for ernde and SJtfc for refined In bond. . . „ Plows tons—Pork opened lower but closed firmer at *31.C2tt73A0. regnlar and caah, for new me**—cl sing at 31250 ca«l>. and fta.oaa3oAO tor prime, BeeCheary at Iffi.KHSIS.OC for prime me«.and fll.iMialJJßffir new extra tnree. Beef hams at»«»c. Bacon }* omet and heavy at 13c for Cumberland cot, and 13Q<3 13Vc for short ribbed. Cut moats are heavy at »39kc for shoulder*, and HdU.Vc for hams. Lard U firmer at 13k014c. Butter I* heavy and lower atl&jAOfor Ohio. Cheese dull at 8316Xc- . . _ DazsaxD Hcos— Steady at notice for Western. LATER NEW % OR It MARKET!*. Itpedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune-] New Yobs, November! W&ZXLT EXPORTS. Exports past week. *3.166,000: Including 13301 Iris flour, 8.000 l>u wheat. 15.050 bn corn, lAOO bu cals, 137,000 bu barley, 1.700 btls pork. &46.0 M Its lard. BsaaDSTcrrs. Export demand for floor and wheat relieved the tntr ktt coneiderably. and was readily met by basinets, mostly in lew grades. Receivers, advancing freights, caused doUnres In corn and other coarse grains. 1-KDTBIOSB. Fork cio*M at *I2XO, the better Icellng tains caused by reduced receipt* of bogs. Lard, torts* demand. ItecelpU, 16can. FlrmeraißK<&9Kc. OBoesatr?. nveo .mi dntt- fair to prli lOXigUWc. and quiet. Liberal shipment* of grain at are peheo to Liverpool and six pence to London and Glaigo*. moilly barley and ■■beat. ■Money nod f*tocva In Now York, Srw Took, November 27. •Mostkr-Market easy •art^r.*t ttWcett. Stkwjnq ExatAxtsi—Urm at Gou>—Active and firmer; opening atllo*. md clos ta6oTm*isr Brooa—More active, and Kaxc bet frooirra to IdTxaitxn—Are more active and a ptnay higher for grain. V» JW*< | HadMffl 123 coon. ‘64 iOsh I Heading .113 5-Wnewconp.. 107*4 Michigan Central.... m* b--p> coop- new Issue.US,S 1 Michigan Southern... 63* imO coupon* I*3) | 111. Central m TCO Ut wrii>a IC5* ITttsburgh do. 3d M-rlo* 155*4 | Toledo IUI4 Mi»oart felxw STlt ttoek Island. IM* X.\. ten 1i:;h Northwestern tts Erie 72*1 *o Ptl •,*?* dopfd « *F.W jiaw York. November 27.—The tbmmemar* money article says the money market is working easier. Uslanco are stcadllv accumulating with the banks, and loan* »re more freely oS'orid. Good borrower* fit d no ditHroit' In «upl«tug thetr want* at 6 per cent on itotk collaterals, although a latgu amount of btt*lnc»*lMlone all per cent. Occasional transactions are tnsoe at 5 per cent on Goverrxcnta. Discounts mure more freely, frime name* are negotiable at 6.VAI per c cot. . _ Gold—iui taken a sharp upward turn. The report of r-mpllcatton* between ocr Government and that of Prance npon the Mexican question baa been freely naed b> the “hulls," and the price# his touched 111. The near approach of Exchange to the specie ehlppmg point also tends to aid the upward tendency. The short Interest tr Incotxlderable, and loans are made generallv Cat. The advance In gjid ha* pat down the vaine of old 5-50* Kdi H below the Vmdon Quotations and from th* few purchases of bond* by f>rclznb*nk* I* evident that a certain supply ol Mils will come from that source, andtnl* consideration has cheeked the buoyancy cf the market. Theopa ard tendency In stocks was sustained by the morning boards but between boards lucre was a re* action, aud price* Jell off *<4* per cent. Erie 1* one of the most prominent speculative »tock*. A tlroac clique stands committed to htcher srtee*. having bought large amounts ot the stock previoos to the tell In quotations. There Is, however, a considerable saort interest in ihe stock, and the upward movement is deputed at every tnrn. GovcnimenU are more la de mand, (specially old l-70s, owing to the decline In gold. NewYobe, Novembers.. ULTWT. Moy»r—The money market la wottlac ea«ler, aal tbetnpp'yls ample. at6,t7 * c*ntonc»ll. with so-ne baflQcse a: Cvt.c on ca:l Ibt Government*. The dis count marSei la dull, and prime pip*? nnlv Is current to *1 y extent end U.l« It done *t 6;f 3T ¥ ecot- Gou>—Ttc cold market was tower toward* the cto*e and Ml off to CttiX. . FnßUGsExcnasu<—lt qclct and steady, *t 11.09* AIX9V. Govartnnarr*—Tbe Government *ecnrlUea were doll and steady UiU afternoon at oar quotations below: _ Betnlar US'tailSX Jnnedo l»sai3S*j OonpoM. ‘Sl—Jnlj do 5-20«£.,'€3....10>>%ai»U Jon*compound* S-*coop.. , fiJ-.JW» «1»H July, do .lUS I--jo do, *M WSXtAIOJ }!** >3ldo.*6S .. <>cC-ber do tUS 5--.0 do>**sJ«o*r December do .»tU« and M\j do 'O HI H iWOrec- Anjtmda 113 h 1040 cot-poo*. .100 **lW’<* S-pterrher do 113 AnCT«t .lu'XilOJ* October do M9* Mt»cxiAANEorwlbe »tock market tu doll and lew era: fhe la« open board. Cio6iM> retce*—Tbe fallowing were tte douse price* a; Use 1:30 p. tn. board: nlilorertl ! N.T;C.. Canton. ...4.' notion W. P... C9St< •'» I n^deon. Cnmb *3V* Tns* I Beadloe. QalrkstUcr.... **V-t **)*) M. 5..... Marlpoea 11*.** 13 I IU. Cent. Mailp-a% J>M.. 5*S«» 3* Wer.rm t ntoa ( 1 Toledo., MuilVo's;!UD.- Tli« wa* a better feeJine ln Um

mlElnerbares to*uy.aodprl««»erese;e*aliy W*b«r Nxw Tote. Sorember JT. Tberecalar Boar.TJof Broker*, ty a two-U»lrd» rote, tavc ttl« day maoTec Use re«trlctioncoap*luartaem !kT» of tWa Board b> chanre S' V Member* of the tvoct Exchange can no» arraac* taeir brokerage charceawlih cn*toaier». Milwaukee Market. (Special Despatch to the Chtearo Tribune.] llaw*rm, November 77. Ficrr—Dull end atcady; sale* of SW hrls a* 9.75 ter double eitra. GtAtN-Whcat C-mer. better; sales 0f17.T0 too at|C.Wt;ryo.l:|l.Si£lJt4Vfor No. 5. and M-*3 tor 50.3. «ata lower; aa’ea ottsO bn So. Sat tv. Cora advanced Jc. sales of LtOO hu atr<- Bar ry dull at Unchanged; sale* of U brU mea* pork at $«.», seller one wevt. Dm*;.*- Hc&e-Saeaat f T.saj’Lß, divldfo;: oa tM p'ODda. Lit* Hoc*—Firm a* 95A?£«.«1-BCT’m—Sales BCT’m—Sales ax Tie for good roH. K*c*ins—l.l9o brlt Conr. ;L9'3 hu wheat. Smr»:cj.T»-l,«0 hrl* flocr. M.COI so wheat; 17.C50 ba cere. _ _ St. Loalß Market. (Special Ueapaich to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lons. Sovucber ?J. Flott—Better feeling; lower gradea, fSAl^l'j; hither. 4U-Kk.xH.7s. G*ats— liochaaeed. Core aievtv and an* charged. Oils strong and steady at !J|ssc. Bye tower, at ?TA9Oc. Barlej. 31J0&L49. VB»m->’o sale*. IVTaTx‘*s-^OJ7ic . Boos-A.VOSKc. Reeelpu.P:o. - Vessels Passed Ueiralt. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Dnxorr. November S 7. Gr—Senator. Dow*—Johnson, Montgomery. Portland. Montana. Wcm—SonttweM, Cincinnati Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.! Ctscusan. Noreiaber 17. Peers—Shade better, with *ate»ef raperflneat citraal|lo7>jUAJ; CataUy at ?ILV«»IAJS. Gaacr—Wheat gnlet,wtih tale* of No. 1 (prior at SLC66UI; winter oomlmL at It7S. Corn stsaly and firm, with aalea of oUtalzel at 99^9Cc; new ear at (7 Oataateadr, with aUeaofKo. 3 at4lc. Eye se ll tc, with aal ■of No. lat tIASAiAS. Barley iteady, with tales bf prime (all at }1A8A1.73. Coma—Firmer, with sale* ol mlddllar at3T)«c— Cloalo: S2c a? bed. WBbxzr—Steady, with aalea of 7M htls hooded at Sic. Pau» miOKS—Dull aal lower. Mesa Pork qnlet, with (stall tales at 130 00. and edrred at 119.73 at dote. Ba con oonunallr ttead >*. New halt meats dsll. with atlca ofahouMen packed at S.^c; side* at 19.*. Green m*ata declined Kc. with aalea of akooldera at ; aides at IK£~Xc; n»gxa Lard firm,with aalaol 3M tlewea kettle at tSc, and 300 tlerceaataam at UK^Uye. Hww—Doll ud Be lower, «tUi sales at fiS.MASJO gross, and fA3OOTJDO set. Kot all sold. Uecclpta, 19.600. Mostt—Working easier. Excnaios—Firmer, atso discount haying and par selling. Albany BreatMsffit Market. ALBurr. N. T., November >7. From—More active. Gran—Wheat quiet. Oats sad com don. Two rowed barley |I.ID ; two rowed maitfljo. FiMtio foLTOKvtxxs—ll loads wheat, 7 loads corn, 4 loada Qocr.6 loads oats, S loads rr e, 8 loads barter. Enimu nr Tows—Com, 10A960 bn; wheat, »LOOO bn; oat*, SLfOO bo barley, 47,000 to; malt, 4,0 W bu. Oswego Market. Oswaoo. November *7. FtOCT—Doll; fUAO tbrNo. 1 spring: SIUO ibr rad winter: Cl A 0 for white; KISAO tor doable extra, qkjjs— Wheat tqoleu Bariev doll and uncharged; Toronto 90c in bond; choice BsrQnlnte, gl.ia ; tree Blate, gLW. Bye doll; State, tl.lo. FinonTs—Lower and unsettled: to New Toik, wheat, 18c ; coin, 18;: barley, lie; rye. l«i,c. To Tray and Albany.wheat,l6c; corn.lie; barley, I^xx P i«rorr»—yiOJM) bo wheat, 8,798 bo barley. 5,00) bn rye. Caaat Ezposra— brls flour, 7.400 bo wheat, 17AMlt<aeorn,9A00 ba oats, 73,000 ba barley, S,GO ba rye,lß^oobopeas. Balllnsn Market. Bamosx. November 37 Gears—Wheat dull; red F bu. Corn quiet; new crop »7c01i.00 F bn- Omto steady; reeds scarce. Flock—ls steady, and Baltimore high grades scarce. Buna—Flax seed ana clover firm. Fiovmosß—Nominal. Okocxeix*—Cofiee quiet and unchanged. Sorars firm and In better demand. Wbibxkt—Dull. Cottos—Dull; middling 83WASY. Hat— Scarce. Timothy baled. Doflalo Market. BtTTAio, November 37. Fiors—No. i spring. |ti.oog»n.a. Gcals— wheat scarce and quiet: No. 1 Milwaukee spring, fl 1C; Port Washington,; choice white Canada, Cora—Sales 30,T00 bo. opening at 91.04. and closing at |I.(S. Oau quiet ; Ohio and till noU No. 2.55 c. Barler held at * Paovmosfr—Port, fShOO. Lard, Ikaditfe. WBiaxrr—9sJS. _ Cattal Fanouts—Wheat to Bochester^te. Rzcxnrs—Flour. 7.9® brl«: wheat. 13.(01 bn: com, 49 '.Si bn: oats, 19.1® bu; barley. Jl.ttfi bo. Canal Exports—Wheat. bn; corn, 32^'Obn: Kve. bu; Including one load of 00m and one load of wheat tor tidewater. _ The aggregate receipts at Chicago, Milwaukee, Tole do and IVtrolt, tor week ending November 3tth, were: flour. UABO4: wheat, 7SLS36; corn, 239,156; oats, 177,385; barley. 57,112; rye. 52.550. San Francisco Minins Stocks* San Fuascisco. November 25. Mining stocks, on Saturday, clcsed firm. Crown Point, raised TOJ tons of ore In eight days. Reports from Cballar, Savage. Hale ft Norcrosa. Oonfd ft Curry, and Tcllow Jacket continue favorable. Ophtr is without change tor the better. Empire and Impe rial are Improving. Toledo Market. Toledo, November 37. Flcct—DnlL «jß4tK—Wheat—Shade lower ;»prlne firmer; sales of amber Michigan at 9171. No. 1 spring (to arrive) at *1.26. Corn Sc better, but closed with no buyers at the advance: sales No. l mixed at Me: No. 3at Sc. Oats better st 45c. t.iva Fxxjcnrs—Dull and nominal. New York Dry Goods aiarfcet* New Your. November 27. Tbcdry goods market has again relapsed Into a slate of comparative quietness, and there is but Uttle varia tion it prices to report to-day, as In the absence of buyers there Uno call to reduce prices. Were there a demand, some con cessions would be made enlarge lines of goods. Petroleum market at Olt City* Oil Cttt, November 37. Petroleum continue* doll, with a light demand. Prlcrs unchanged. 9IABBIED to this city, Nov. 26th. by the Rev. J. B. Hibbard. Mr. FREDtIaCK JEWEl't.fof the hrm of Jewett ft all of Chicago. DIED. In tble city, Nov. Kth. BURNET WRIGHT. Infixnt fen of C. F. and Mary E. Gates, aged 0 months and 34 d Vnperai unlay (Wednesday) at 3 o’clock from the house, SSS Calomet-av. In this city, Nov. 3Clh, GEORGE, youngest son of Mr. JobuGiliinore. At her rotue tn Bloom, Qpok Co.. HI., Nor. 31th, TUEODOCIA, wife of Biram Axlcll, In the 60 ffi year ° f 53T Kalamaroo (Mich.) and Canandalga (N. T.) pa pers please copy. amusements. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM, cbi- j. n. wood ....i^prietor Director of Amusements F. e. AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. BARRY Commence at U before 8. “I AM HERE T Grand Romantic Drama and Mu- Mam Specialty. This (Wednesday) afternoon, Nor. 38. at the Grand Matinee at 7 V o’clock. «jei great Miv eenm specialty. entitled IHE TICRET-O t-LEA\ E MAM. In the evening, at H to 8, the Grand LecemUry DramaofTHEDUKE’S MOTTO. raursday aftemoon (ThaLkiglrln*). QraLd Matinee. Friday. Beneoi of Mlm Jeinv Right. The French Spy and Griffith Gaunt are In preparation. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE THaVSKSGITING day and evening. Ziairt Two Performances or rn* WONCEBFDL BUISLAVS Last Chance to see the NIAGARA LEAP, SPIRAL MOUNTAIN, BALLETS and GROUPINGS, TABLEAUX, And the Side-splitting Pantomime ol th; COUNTRY APOTHECABY Matinee at tS o’clock. Evening at 8. *ST Admission to MaUaee, 23 CENTS. _g3 *JIT c VICKEK'b THEATRE. UcVICKBB AMTERS..... .MANAGERS Engagement, fbr six nights only, of the Great Shaks pcareah Comedian, M r. JA9. H. HACKKTT, Wednesday, Nov. 28J b, FISO HENBT IVTH, ’ Including The Battle of Shrewsbury. Sir John Faletafl. Mr.J.R.llaekeU Thnnday, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. ■fTARIETT THEATRE. Notloo Bxtraordlnary THIS EVENING, THREE FAST WOMEN; OB THE HEERT WIVES OF CHICAGO. Pronounced by those wbo bare attended the private rehearsals, at Funniest Local Piece ever produced. grotesque situations, comical scenes WITTY HITS. AMUSING DENOUEMENTS. XF Secure your Bean, secure your Seat*. {'IEOsBVS OPERA HOUSE. j.j. IcATMOND. .I/008 *SD M*SAAtB. Essaccment for a limited nur Nr of ntchw with the teauttroi hi a accotnpmccti star of tuk east, LUCILLE WESTERN, cotcxafDclnc WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3d, In Der world-f»nuit icnclltlnn of LADY ISABEL AND MADAM VINE, l<i C. W. Taylcnro'a original dramaUiatlon of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, Supported bv Ml* M. E. GORDON. Mr. THEO. HAM ILTON. Mr.'McKEE RANKIN, and a ftiU and efficient 1 Adn*»£*on.socenta; IWcrved Scat*. 23 cents; B*l con> Bose*. (4 seats) 14.00; Family Circle.» Entrance on State—t. Proacenlum B.»xcs.fS.M to »!o.on. li«s cOce tp»n tor sale vi seats Monday morning. December 3d, at9o'ctcck. . 'T'KADES’ ASSEMBLY BALL. The Second Annual DaU of the CHICAGO TRADES ASSEMBLY, ITIU be held tt Wasliinflrton. Hall ON THANKSGIVING EVE. (Wednesday. Nor. Mhl. in smith & Nixon'* Building. AH lover* of enjoyment and weil-a bhers of the Assembly are invited to attend. PT Good magic la attendance. Hcwta lI.CO. THE YANKEE ROBINSON NEWZOOLOGICALG AHDENS ANDCOHSFCM. On bute-at- near Wa»hlngton-»t. Orenai ail honM. Perfom ancc every olzhtby thet-c-tcIRCLSTBOU E IN AMEAUICA. and thr LAkGF.-T Coliectlm of LIVING WILD ANIMALS ever exhibited In Chtf»m. Three Graiio Matinees UiU week. Wednesday. Nov. re Thanbsclvirs.lhnrsrtaT.Nov.23. audSaturcaf, Dec.l. Last Wc-'C of the Great American Clowi. JOHN LOWLOW. MONDAY EVENING, Dec. Set. first appearance In Chicago, ct the favorite Clown and Comic Slncor, JA3IL S REryQLDr*. Ete Eccturc Season yOTOG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. Hr rw3fH ■'f trany rttlrer* who were rN.VBLE TO to Obtain slats on fiuday dvemno. JOHN B. COUGH WUI repeat fcls NEW LECTCUE. entitled “ CURIOSITY I ” lISVciUJH :jkc» -ns 113*3111* ... SU3**K It'S .... ***<■» »,V ..-U3,WAUi\ (Delivered bat once before In IM« city.) Ob Wednesday Etcoloc* November'iSth, AT ‘ CEOSBTS OPEHA HOUSE, Commend :w at S o'docK. Ticieu 50 ctnu. Reserved seal* A cent* eatra. Tte »al«- of Ticket* ard lieaerred Seats will cos - rrct % r.n Tnceeay moraine at 9 o'clock, at the Tic* C, ’- b, ';°f'se”lciir,. Cor, stc. T. M. A. personal. PEtvSOKAI. —Mary , the old Priest. a; itM’.U. i- to '■ tSeeSOKM —if Carney or V* **l^.T-rilt. wt*h IO If ar old fneal from A^n J ni v5Ti .end' vour adder-* for two day* to r—U-i a*® r. o. tsa » StrrlUur.lH. P* ERSOS AL —II Murcare: Flowers, ol r.!* cltr. w*ll oft at the National Hotel. »be wl. ting Sir*. .\SN SLAIEI^__^ jfuruinnrr g“ RASDOLFII-nT. PIKE & CAVAEOA Furniture bedding mw A THBiJH-S. Martinets. ij<Hk LAKE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE BTEAIC EH6IHES, Rdhßle Machines. Com Mllte and nhaftin*. Wood eouißte “^ nl^9 orUD -suchlcery. LANK Sc BODLET * Comer ol John and Waier-«u« ClaclnntU. irpUcg.u tor dgcnpUTE dreaUn TSkSiSMia' BAciuasy they need. ®o Ucnt—SJouses. TO RENT—The .dwell ng, 123 Oak-rt, rouulnlnirß rooms, now occupied by the uader atcned. pnce, COO per Inquire of A. J. BROWN, SlClark-at. TO RENT—By Wm. D. Kerloot, 89 booses, os the southwest corner of Hobbard and containing 8 or 9 rooms each. Beau >3O per month. TO RENT—Cottage house, nice locality, southwest corner Morgan and Harrison. Inquire In the rear. TO RENT—The verypleAsant two-story rest 'eoee, partly famished, C 94 West Madison* •U near Wood, tor the board ot a small ttmily. TO RENT—A new cottage house at city limits, West Side, two bk>dcs Horn the street cars. Inquire at 940 *e»t Latest. TO RENT —House, barn and one acre ot ground, all In good repair, rent low, at the •Inaction Gro%e Station, Adiress or inquire of A. ANDEBSOX. 133 K >oath WeIU-,U Chicago. TO RENT —A cottage, containing fire rorma, situated on the sont beast comer ofltecker anaPolk-ats., In the rldmty of Vemon-parfc. •O RENT—The lower part of house JOAFark av. Possession given Immediately. TO RENT—lone-Place, with furniture, one year. One mile south of city limits. H. O. STONE. 107 Statc-st. XO RENT—Bouse No. 18 Ada-sL, be tween Lake and two blocks east ot m Park. B rooms, water, etc- (40 per month. In ad vance. Apply at No. 20 Ada-st. TO RENT—House, ICI Park*av., has 8 rcoms wsirr and cm ; pleuanc location. Apply - KentSSW. op premises, rpo RENT—Two neat cottages on Jack- I sen-st.. west of at (fi per mouth. ln quire at MRS. D. PRATTS Intelligence office. No. 130 booth Clark-st. T) RENT—A new two-story house on North State-«L. to a rood tenant. Information given by N. WHITMAN, IS Lake-*t. No turnltnre ter tale.' TO RENT—Cottage, boose, No. 47 Thlrtv-flrst-st.. containing five room*, with base ment. Uyclrantwater In kitchen, at 930 per rnontn. About 91. V) worth of new furniture for sale. Apply to T. S. FITCH ft CO.. 167 Pearbonut. rpo RENT—A new two-story House, ot I eight rooms and closets, hyraat water etc-. No. fS Cottage-place, at MO per month. Apply to T. a. PITCH A CO.. Room No. 2,163 Dearborn-st. TO BENT—Cottage house No. 53 Xhlrty-llrst-st., five looms and basement. Hy drant water In kitchen, at *2O per month. Apply to T. 6. PITCH ft CO.. Room No-g. 167_Pcarborn^st : . gro iAcnt-i-looms. rpo RENT—Two Tory pleasant unfur- I nlshed rooms, with board, at 7 South May-st. References exchanged. T'O’PENT —With board, a pleasant suite ofunOtmlkhcd rooms, at 450 West Adams »L, op posite Jelfeaon-psrte. TO RENT—Furnished rooms to rent at 17S Cdnton-at.. between Adams and Jacksou-Sts. rpo RENT—With board, in a private I family, to » gentleman and wife, or two single, aflnelv taroiihed parlor bedroom. Loca tion, Wabash-av., rotth of llarrison-st. Flrit-c'ass »e- Prencc required. Nona but those willing to pay for nr»t-class accomodations need answer. Address “C U I*,” Tribune office. T~cTrfENT— One front room, furnished, with or without board. Inquire at IRQ Adams st. Also, tour nice rooms, with water up stairs. In quire same place. XO RENT—Furnished rooms centrally located. Inquire at the office of Dr. la REED. » iiasdolpb-st. Room 11, opposite the Mattcaou House. rpo KENT —Three rooms and closets, X suitable (or a small family; convenient to street cars. Kent. >ls per mouth. Inquire at 39J West Lako-sUtortwo daya. rpo KENT—On Carroll street, four X. roon *, two closets, wood-ahed and water. Rent, 910.r0. Inquire at 2-1(1 Cnnoll-«t. rpo KENT—One large lurnishcd room, X with closet, gas and fiy two or lour .Ingle ccr.tlrnicn, at S 3 Jackson-sL, near Stalest. Inquire at the house. TO KENT—Four rooms, very pleasant. Evtry convenience for housekeeping. Water, cas, etc. West Mile. Pleasant location. T.fI.IPELFIELD i CO.. Room 10 P. O. Block. <£o tUut-gitorfg, o{Kces,&c TO KENT —A. desirable tront room, on the second Cow. Apoly at H. C. CHAMPION ft co ’S. Coxmls-l tn ilerebanu and Jobbers la Cade*?, Pmlta. 4e.,!» Sooth Clark-et. TO KENT—No. 141 South Watcr st., comer ft South Clark, suitable for coramliMon or office hnslo»m. Very desirable location, louts sion December the premises. rpo REST—Offices or sleeping rooms, I in brick block comer Lake ana Canal sts. P. DtCKCOX, land 110 Klmfle-st. rpo KENT—To a responsible tenant, a I flrvt-clau restaurant, fruit and c-dtfixtlonery store, ready fnmi-hcd. good location. T. 11. BEL FItLD ft Room 10 F.O. Block. TO RENT—A arood rear office on se cond floor on Washlngtonst.. hetwren CTarkand Dearborn. Bent low. Inquire at LEWIS Dental Rooms, 93 Waahlngton-st. TO KENT—Desk rooom in a nicely fnrrUhedoffice. Apply trom 11 to 13 o’clock a. m. Koomti Hilliard's Block, South \\aier-*l, northeast comer ol Clark. XO KENT—AII kinds of first cl<*ss sew ing machine*, at U.E. SCOTCUMER’S repair No. 90 Madlson-st. business ffifjanecs. FOK bAI^E—A rare chance —Stock and fixtures of a saloon, or ball Interest, cheap—*2l3.Y East Randolph-eU T?OR SALE—Lease ol a very rcspecia r ble boarding hcu&e, saloon and billiard halusltna ted at Q 4 Q South Canal-su Apply on the premises. F'OK SALE—a Dm? Store—A good chance for a druggist with a small capital—Situ ated In tu* thriving town of Steel. Shtiby to, btat* or lillnola. This Is a good opening lor a person under standing the German language, stock on hand, Irom fMOO |V» 31,600. Address T.G. FROST. Slgel (Roaker Pool Office). For reference. Post ft Barteau. 192 Laae-st., Chicago. FOB SALE—Ttare chance. A well es tabllthrd ofexvirlftireand rki;is It is a so. 1 chance. Address "PRINTER,” P-**•’ !! -’- I7OR aAL£—The stock ui:d *..v vires oi I 1 nhardware (torea=d tin •bop.lnonjo* thobeat 10-alltlts In the city. Inquire at 103 Twenty-sec- COH BAI.K—A pood saloon and res- P t aurant. In the mw of the city. Verrcbotp. Mnstta iw.ldlncredaj*. Inquire at No. 47 South Clark.!.. batnunt. i.~p—a good pnymg mannfac- P li.r'.nir b~,*lac--». centrally orated In lh!s rity. About capital required. Address **W, MV’ Trib une office. F'OR SALE—A first-class restaurant, in a rood location, and now doing a fins business. A. J. MILLS A fo„ 1.13 DtarboTMU T7OR SALE—A fine business property r tht»owtrrUlcvl*gtlie city. A. J. MILLS A CO., 133 Lrartorc-st. 170 U SALE—Saloon, boarding house I and tiTturr*. A good chance for an enterprising nan. Inquire at 7S booth Wclb-aL, of at 10S Exit Klmle-tt. con SALE—Drue Store—Mr health r bating Ml'.!, I will i«.l my stock ordrug*. and •ton*. house and intent a great bargain. altnatM in the fl mrbhlce townof Wcatvlllc. Lap -ib* county. Ind- on the T. N. A. & C. IL It. A fair stock on hand, and hare a nne trade. Apnlv to or addma me at W«mile, led. I>. 51. F. CLQgbEU. COR SALE—Cheap, rmoll slock oC P ponds, lease and fixtures, at No. 172. comer of North Clark and Erit-ets. T7OR SALE —A fine saloon and house * hold furniture will be sold at a creal bargain if ap plied for to-day; location etc ot the best in taecity. Addrcsi “B G O,” Tribune oace. I7OTI SALE—A grocery store at invoice. V Afiiechineefora man withsmaß means. Re ceipt# from *V»tC f 73 per Jay. A. J- MILLS * CO., ia»PeartK.rn-»t. Gurtion Salts. C!FECIAL SALE FOR THE LADIES, O By GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, ot A n Elegant of filch l)rv Goods, Hosie ry, L.locii and Dtps* Goods, AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY. Nov. 2Sth, morning and atlcmn ja. at 9N and 2* o’clock, at our sale-room*. -17 and »-» UcurLHirn-sl.. con-biing of French MrnniN in ev ry color. Saxi-nv Plaids, French Poplins. f *mp«*s'Ll Paramattas Plaid Mohairs, roodr.^aad*'an£ *‘f i fty of other Dre«e Go.Ml*,to t* n JiMx*Lice or more, 1-adlc*’, Gent*'and t hildrea* H werT. L'JT- Embroidered. Hemstitched and ‘ lb) by the Mlndc dozen or m we. 8 a.m. no>J and Nubias. lri*h Ltn-ns. Linen V P,J V t-Tw. QILEEKT C ttlvpe sale by catalogce of Sixty Crates of Crockery. 300 Looking Glasses, at auchos. On Fiidar Afternoon, Xov. 30Ui, At 2* O'clock. _ we will 'fll at onr «str?ror tr*. -17 aM 4!> P’*rt»rn I’vh crate «111 be Mid bv the pirKaZ*. and art P*e^ a£; ”e c u Will be A y AMI . 6 oy. Acctloacen Q.ILBEKT& S-«U;|o^ Vccno!!EsES SALESEOOMS 4T* 48 Chtcacr.lU, fteTWJoßiuntsn iiowi ur »*ies oi Boeseaow r partlc* itthlnc to buyer actl wui find utotoctna freslto can oa as. Superior New and Second-Hand HOUSEHOLD PtmN'XTXTKB, ”r*eua «4 P*riof 5 4 numb-r ot Vm, A. BUTTERS S CO., inetioneoTi 4 Comnissioa KerchaaU, PALMKK*» BLOCK. 44&4U jQRY GOODb, CLOTHING, l<adlr*’ Cloak*, Broadcloths, Ca**lacret, Matilia*. Funnel*, Neallrec Shma, Shins ami Drawer*. Dreaa Uoode, Llaeo Thread, Ac., AT AUCTION, On WEDSESDAr.Normoer tS$, atsyo’dwfc g Hui»rr«* Saltrirocms, In Palmer a B.oc*. 44 a-d 46 Randolph »t. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. AttCfO. STOCK OF LADIES’ AND GENTS’ FEES A.T ALCTIOX, AT RETAIL AND TO THE TRADE, roroAl. Nov. 30th. at 19 o’clock, at Batten* sScwmi; Bioct. 44 ana 46 Randuipb-st. tOL A. BUTTLES A CO„ Aocfra. T t ALGABLE BUbLNXSb LOT POK \' &,i r AT AUCTION.—I wl 1 Mil on the prem ' n^^n „<ir».>-ov:»ih.ailO o’clock a. nu Lot Addition,cor. Hubbard tad Peoria* ’■ B,f Vow w ,h- Ume to tr ate a Rood and proS’able in* pg ceal If! Ancn^g. jfor Sale. OK SALE—Boies! Boses I!— racking boiexffalldescnptlota made to order; a.*o. tea ,m n'lii iiiei l>r Hie at the comer of Fncklin LJL bc DAVID GOODWILUE A CO. OH SALE—One safe, one desk anil one Ic ter pma and atand. icQtUre at OA Sonth patatra. _ ITS .!'■ •* P alatra. - 1 EOR bALE —Three handsome Wick wsißnt «tore table*, with drawer*; alio. » teet stieiylßg! Will oadi for jwk- 125 SoaUi CUit-it, rncal Sstatt-arctg. IKIPBOTBDi FOR SALE Or To Rent—House and 10t.y0.C44 Wabath-sve. Inquire at the bouae. FOR SALE—a small, very handsome cottage ol S rood* and hall wl'l oc sold cneap. If applied fbr Immediately. Address F. O. Box 755. Chicago. * FDK BALE—At a Bantam. a Two-story tod bu-emmt frame hpnse.'No. 73 Twenty-sixth ■t.; ata*. 13 by 4-S ftet, with twelve rooms maixle n>*a tds. ras, water, aad sewerage; lot 33 by VM ftet. Will be solo at the low figure of one-h ilf cash. IT •old wllhin ten day*. Owners are offered MOD a year not. PoMcsrton given Immediately. Irquire of CLARKE. LAYTONA CO.. 129 Washlagton-st. l?OK SALE —Two New .Frame Houses P of eight rooms each, water, gas. sewerage, and lots: on Washingloa-su, near Lincoln. ImmWliate pcoKeaton. TROM.aS D. SNYDER A CO., Beal Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. T7UK SALE—Two-story Irame house, J 1 So.7l9Fnltontt.,irHliK»ft«tof er-mad.Terr cheap and on ea« term a, if takrp at once. WM. J. TEwkESUDBY, Boom 11. So. S 9 Washington-* t. T?OR SALE—Cottage house and lot, 844 f 1 West Uadlson-st. nooae contains eight rooms. Lot SSzISO ftet. Tbepleaaaniest location and tbeebeap eat property in Chicago, Inquire of GEO. A. FAR NLM. 347 Sooth Water-sL. Boom g. FOR SALE—Or To Rent—A cottage on the West hide, two blocks wai ol the city nmlt«, on hejmour-eU. north ox Lake. Inquire on the premi ses. T7OR RALE—Thai valuable business F property on the comer of West itadlson and Aber deen-ste . with improvements. Also, a good hoise. liqolre at No. 90 South Bucker-st. 170 R SALE—29 feet on Franklm-st., 1' DFir Madison, with ball ding—sß,7oo; tSleeton Handolph-ft- near Desplalnw, with two-jtoty and basement btnldln/-. U. fc. MORET & CO., Beal Estate Brofcers. S M«--tn>poUtan bltx-g. T?OR SALE —Several fine residence lots P on Fultooat.. near Oakter, I77JC ocr toot; I lot. corner FolU.n and l)liler-*ta.. sooth and ea*t Cront, J3O Er foot. Othsr lots to the wee block. IkM each, fl, MOREY ft CO., Beal EsUte Broken, S Mecroi»U"» a Block. -POR SAI^-Aj,^’^rS e p ’JS t . complete., marble m»nt>u, &c.; lot £2?!?f‘ Jnl*r'f»Toso If takfn at otw, cnreiT eyT JStSr •nflepwftct. VAKRES ± r.OODBtCH. Bed Brokca. 123 Dtart>ora-«t.. Room 2. T7OR sat/R—A desirable house and lot r on W*b**h-ST- near Twelflb-sU, at a low pries sod on easy terms. ABREK A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers. 123 Dearbora-sU, Boom a. 17-Oli SALK—On Midugan-av., a first r cists brick residence, three stories and basement, with msrblo front—all modem lot. l‘o»M-»ilon Janoarr Ist. J. □. KkKLCR, Real Bstate Agent, 120 bonlh Clarc-st. I ’OK SALE—A new two-story trame house of 11 rooms, bot and cold water, marble mantles it, «rut lot. So. 4Jj Sooth Ann-SC, itw Washington. THOMAS D. O n Real E*- ate A cent*, So. 4 Metropolitan Block. I7OR SALE—House and lot on West I Monroe-»U within ten minutes’ walk of Court House. Will be sold at a great bargain, as the par.r om.lnc wishes to Icato the city. Sixty reel on Par** ii-uto Ld'llt vtll m told >S«»p • nljQ. Other property la different parrs of the’ city. L. IL BOWS SOS A Co_ H 4 Dearboro-su 1?OR SALE—A new two-stoiy frame 1 dwelling house of n rooms, brick foundation, all mulcrn improvement*. and bao; lot by U\ la one of Uic hot nclghljorfio-di la the city. given Ist of May. Inquire at No. SO South Rackcr-st. tNimPHOVED. FOR SALE—A tract of 80 acres ot land. In east bail of section It. township SS. range w. within bait » ml’e sonth of tne Union Stock i nws. I HOMiS I>. SNYDER A CO.. Ileal Estate Agents. 4 Metropolitan Block. I7OR SALE—Ten acres on fctatc sl., one I 1 mile from «By limit*, very cheap. 40 acres sontn of limit*, on Pittsburgh Railroad. 2u fine gar drains lam', very cheap, near ,^’ c^ u, ’ o i»v 4‘T? acjre nrar West Lakc-st. J. U. HAU%Ex, 7S La- Salient. 170 R SALE —Only a lew left, ot those 1 desirable 10-acre low, In Hunter’, subdivision, 5 mile* eouili ot city limit*, at ffinTn! balance in ten years at > per cent. WaKULN 4 GOOD RICH, Beat Estate Broker*, 123 Boom a. I?01i C’ALE—At a Barsmin, a Lot on ’ Frantlm-st- near Ntrlh-a\e- 43 by 235, double trait, with two email booses. Only «£«»• lltc property. Title pc.feeL WAKKEN & GOOD KICU, Etal Estate Brokers. 133 Dearb?tn-su, Room FOR bALE—Tlirce benunfullots at the corner cf Allport and Wc»t J»ciaon.»u-* fine building sits, at only flAfd. Tjtu prrf-r U WAUUKS 4 GOODRICH, I teal Estate Brokers, 133 Dearbora-st, Room *2. • }7OR SAI.E—A valuable lot on Monroe ' it S)\lo>. between State it, and 'Vaba«b aT.. wttn a two /tory \ioose. at a low rat». WARRBX 4 GOODKtCu, Real Estate Brokers, 123 Dearborn-el., Room j< 1?OB SALE—A icn-acre lor at the cor l 1 ner of Dr-nclavplaee and Rcuben-st.. suitable for ■nbdivislon. at onlv f LOOI per acre If taken at once. A bargain. WAUUSs 4t GOODhlcn. Real Eeialc Bro krrs. 133 Dcarhora-sL. Room 2. 53oarbtng, T>OADDING —Private Boarding House. I i Know alt. by these present*, that 2SS Smte-sf has been newly refurnished, and tho»e dedtoti* can procure pleasant rooms and good board fur tne winter None but flrßt<la*a gentlemen and ladlca need apply. "Q OAKDING—Two pleasant rooms,suira Jf> ble for a gentleman and wile or single gentlemen. Likewise a lew day boarders ran be accommodated. Apply at 10 Ku»b-*t. T>OARDING —First-class board, with F> large room*, mav be had on Immediate applies flon at No. 137 Eonrth-av. Foor-story marble front bouse. OAKDING—A suite of unfurnished front rooms, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife. In a private family, on the West side, in a desirable location.> required. Address M u K,” Irlonre otDce. BOAKDIKG— Good board and clecant rooms at a fair pree, at 723 Stat»-«L; als", a u cu-turnishid pallor to rent toa and wtfe.~ BOARDING— Front parlor and bed rcm. single rooms and day board, can b.' had at 17 Dcarborn-ft., up stairs. BOARDING— A few gentlemen can find good hoard and pleasant rooms at 227 Mlirhl san-<l., near thr i-ora-r of North Stale and convenient to business localities. Terms moderate. ■ HP OADDING— Good boari with rooms. 1 > m R:t-:.*UooiieNo.2.SSM*>aroe4L, nearFj»t . , I'.ty Nardrrs accomn »lafed. ■; ",' 'ADDING —A lew boarders can be I , accommcdalol with toaid at t 37 boata Jetfer eon-gt. AUo. a good girl wanted, to cook. T>OARDIKG—A snite ot front rooms, | > unturalshcd. and one room Inrnlshrd 11 desired, Prst cla/M-oard. No. 523 Michigan-av. TJOARDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good XJ board lu & nrlvate family ami Terr plewan; locs ti< n, can rnd-soch at 330 lilluoli-iU two bloc Si from Stalest, bridge. iSuARDING—One large front room to i J iret. with board, suitable fir a gentleman and a llcoriwoamglc gentlemen, at 74 Jacssoa-*t. OARDIN G—223 and 225 Rinztest, a > rood tabic, a tingle room for #S, two in a room *t a week. , 1 > CARD—In api irate French family ol 0 respectability and culture, with room fbr the winter a wtdo», for herself and •on. Acquirement ul the Unauare previous (o a con tec plated referee In fracee being th-lads'* object. Ihe family ofa tivfiieor would bo preferred, bo ob jertlon to the ecanlry, or any place near Chicago. Highest refcrenr*» givrn antf reonlrcd. Address for three nays.-LX V.” 03 Oas-M.. Chicago. fiOAKDIXG —A snltc of pleasant on ly furnished front and email bM roo-n, U tlt-elml,«I th hoard. In a private ffcmliyatlS3 Wat WaehlDElon-ai.* Ucfereacca n-qalrcd. HOAR DING—To rent with board a 1) ff u nt parlor tnltable fbr pcnilcmaa ami wife. Apply afJO Wa«hlngton-st. OArtDlNG—Nicclv tarnished rooms and nt-furnlshcdfr. nt room, wltr l»oar.i, at l.">i 10,-t Mad'.xipwt. Al**--. room for a few day do orders. HOAHDING —A yenllcman and wife, or two Hr.ul* £rnll* , n.«n, ran N»accorarao-lat«i wun board In a phasant private I*«1l»w;ere Djm arc eo other boardvrs. Appiy at .ISS West Mall- T'JOAKDING—A few rcsiiecrablc genile- I > men. or»cntlrmca an<l the*r wives, can find coed board and txceli* nt rooms at .11 t onrih-av. BOARDING— A gentleman and wile or two *!cr!e crnllemre can find a plcajoat fur nisued m m with Inc at SfiO Oblv»t„ Xortu elJc. BOAiiDING— Rooms lor four ccntlc tr.fn. withboarA orgy lor tn-»‘c wiho; shall be per manent icr the wlnur. App.y nt 143 TN abx«h-at. BOARDING— Furnisbea and nnfor- E'«’ied room*, suitable for teatlemca and th-tr •w*v,-i or f* r *lccl“ cent’cniea, w*?h hc;ir.L la a plea*- aat Incalltvoa Un-nitfan-av. Terms moderate. Ad- Ores* I*. O. Drawer H 31.5. BOARDING —One laige ironl room with l«oard. sullaMe fir four centiemen; al-o. three centlemca to room with «*l»er ccatlemea. Day boar-'ers accon--n.*xlated at 393 Mlcfclcaa-rt. T HOARDING —Wtinted—Day boarder > a» Ro - h‘» Bc*T/iar*nt. ‘«s SiatMt. Flr*t-cla* hoard at fJ per week. Meal* sans* < c Sunday as otht BOARDING— A gcnfleman and w ; fe ran obtain unfunuhed rooms with board In a private famllv wh-re ihcr« arc no other boar.ier*. In culre at 147 Twcnty-first-iU between State and a! ash-av, partners ggdanteh, PARTNER— Wanted—I want a part ner. with :rcm eight to flltecnihou-and dot lan eupiu). to lira roe tn an r*Uhll-hert and staple bu«l nr**. I have tho warenoa»e. and am well and fivor abU shown to the true. A man with a clear rtyord mav irntrol the financo. If l>e desire*, sad the baMaee* will i-ay trom 7j lo K 0 cent p*r annum. Adarr#*. till January l«t IS6T -WATsO>." Tribune once. PARTNER —Wanted—The advertiser, tM-jne • tfcomoeh p*»iu and bavins; ?!CJ)COr»riUr.'«rca-d lit* an Inter-*: In * ««n •LM Si.' 'fpaytns JUiMi. AdartM “BC£I>E«, Intone ut TJARTKER—Wanted —Business light, 1 rror:tt!c *=d hocor»t>. Canl'-al rrqnlmi. hrierrruU reqolre*. HALE A CO., 41 toa»b*rd Dltx-k. TiARTNER—Vanted— Extherepeclal or I artlvr. »lth acasbcapttalot WMOO. takeao iM«f. ft la aa «<;a riiul vfli-csuWuntal hcmie. doln« * rttv; truing* to tLe amount of a Qnar * I i«rm * sol conM be increa**-! largely. ApplVt-' WM.BAKiIt, Master R STrS?T A -ffin«' ?%’g, or dj Utter to P. O. Don l cog. natf-sCC’ T>AHTXER—TVanIed—A. parly wilh I r.XC tololc the aarertUer In a H*at mannfkctnr in- Arneic* commaadtai ready tale <£<-y --•w&s£rSilTiraieetatee. W 9 CirK-iUßaom PATVr^sbU —"Wasted—With S2OO to f4OC r«#i\ to eocaie ta » U*bt PioM IQO per tent. Influiw ot PARSUALL •. «y» — I tocih CUfK-st-. K«ns 11. i'siifrH. T>ARTSXf!—Wrmlcd—With $1,500, to I take an Interest la themaisafactnre ■£; fcn» c!'-afnp machinery • Cai-acltT ” t>.o»u'4tinceoi onrmiu. C*U for or ad Jre»« Na. soctb SUtt—Ufrotn 9 to S p. m„ where plant aad spetlccatloo? eta he seen. rjARTNER—Wanted— I To tale aneqtul kJSKSSSirvsart is: ■srsssa Ulcck. 13oarD gjaaiitfb OARD— In a private family, fora lady, good room- are furnished. At-drtsa O. Boxjiuj- 1 lOaltD —And famished room in some i J qnlet private family. »* * rn '? ier ? , i e ,Prl? ; *« n * Isrtr irtlsu r-tfercnccv exchanged- Address O. g7* Stale st. . I>OARD —A gentleman and his wJe > «n*« a large naftrnlshed room.'with bawd, •Jilrnen mlnni— wait of the coart Bonre. Ad drws-EJtNVMswexm iborscg; gattiagta, &c. beacts^ . TVEtL-BKOKEK BUGGY HOIiSE, A « xntto'il ard black. for aaJc. He can Tje »«a £hb iSSSK mble. on Cila«on-«t.»oppodte Mechan ical BahtTT. T. A-CLAKK. ml Union toaairj Won*. MAX that -wants 10 trade anv land ot tor «mare and harnn>. vafaed at «m. »?gB4 weiauanoo-w. k tf AM ot good sound Horses, from C A\ rn T rears cl ajr, win toe sold at abarsala. Apply ,tl6o ai:wsnhee-»r. “ 4 SECOND-HAND Democrat or Bug rV ey Watcn wanted. Apply to B. BILLCtQS, w scdMoniwa. aSHautrti-iHale BOOEKGBPEBSt BALBSiOEN &C. 'TXTANTED—SeveraI good copyists. Y V Addrcfi Uoi 3071. Chicago, 111. TIT ANTED—A salesman of experience, W worthy and well qoallfi-d, competent to con duel a good business. Uo.n be a paod judge of money, O. D. OIIVJS, ias Dcsrborn-st.. Chicago. WANTED— Salesmen ol mature age, correct habits aad gentlemanly ftarlDg, to dll nrawuaaa tUuallnna. Remuneration BC'-er-.lnir to ability, Inquire of J. n. JONES, speed’s Mock, Dear born-si., ChKago. WAITED— A first-class salesman, who can control a large Illinois trade and attend to It properly. WIL be required to travel Carina flva tccmiha oltheyesr. Apply immediately to TRACT. IRWIN A C 0..- 100 Broadway. New Tort. XX 7 ANTED—Salesmen ol experience, V \ to aril roods In the country towns. Apply to COVECT A CO„ 749 Ciatk-at. TRADES. TX/’ ANTED —A thoroughly compete V V pattern maker, to go to Omaha. Nebraska ply at once at S 7 and S 9 state-at. T. F. HALI —" good WT ANTED—lmmediately, V \ weaver to 'el op and run Stafford I*>erlllEß, pay and steady work. Address HUNT ChsmpalzHPm. jrfrt.mtcfr— jFan— ' i [VANTS. BOUSE i~ TTTAvrrrn~r first class cook, -washer Apply «t the V\ mo or J«o. 754 for two T&inl ssd plw?_^*J-—— —A (rood gin, to do the J Art of a omiUy. Good wages p*itl. 33 TXT ANTED—A to cook and W TUli. A steady place, and good wages paid. Apoly at 268 Wabash ar. T3IT ANTED—GirI, at No. 224 West V\ Monroe-st.. to do general housework. Montun* derstana cooking. "WJ ANTED —In a small tamily, a girl to VV dobonsework sndcooklcg. A Scotch eirt pffr lerred. Reference* rcgnlred. Apply at JJ3 Sooth Morgan-st.. near Bine island-aT. WJ AJS TET)—A pood girl to do general V » Apply at 127 West Washing* too-st. TX^ANTED —A middle-aged woman, »o VV nnt«e or tak* charge of two children, one aa Irfan: and the other two years old. Apply at once at 603 Michigan-av. TX 7 ANTED —A cirl to do chamber and Vt general boosewnrk, at 414 Wabaah-ay. Most come well recynimcnd-'d. wn *» AX* ’TTT'TX » nvirut mi r» pt mfl In fin XX 7 ANTED—A good, smart girl, to do VV cooking and kitchen work. Apply at 63 A*'- erdeen-su. corner of West Adams-st. TTIAXThU —A. good, strong girl to do VV cctcralliPn/ework. at 111 West Monroe-st. Moat he a gtort cock. tivtcan preferred. TICT AN TED—I wantacood, middle aged t V lad} to take care of a sick wife daring dtv hour*. One well recornmeoded wilt be well recom pensed. Call, at 1U o’clock this moraine, at t* e (Jllbcrl pining Rooms. 46 and 48 Clark-at.. tbr ♦♦BROWN. \XJ ANTED—A good cook, washer and V \ Uoner. m .1011 “Carroll-st. To inch on one good wagea and a ptrat meat borne will bo given. WJ ANTED —A good cook, washer and \\ iroccr Is wanted, at 145 South Orcen-st. One tnai win till all the ahore requirements can sal 1 1 P-r wtdi. In a smalt ta.iLy, where there ta a chamber girt. ITT ANTED —Gooi ikitbtnl girls, to V\ work In good famine*. Arply at MttS. WlUf- TAKER'S luulllgttcc office. 226 Chicago-av., cor per of LaSalle. EmplomnnU agencies. TTf ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, salcs- V \ men, p..rlcrs. dnv/r*. bartender,, firemen, brakesmen. mecl-.aics, man wltb «r< t«*> l. and all wUhlus *Uaaliot-», to arnlv at EMPLOYMF.--T AF.r SOT. S I Dearborn-.!., Ko-mJI. Applicant* l r mail en.’io*e 10 cenu. TT7 ANTED—I,OOO men to go South ; V\ w*n«s s4sra $.Vt anvmlh and b-*arL 50 track layers and striker*. a day; 500 rallroarl laborer/. f 4 a day. Apply at 133 C.ark-ah. Boom 3- V\rANTED—This Day—3so laborers, V> at tJ.T. per d.ty. all winter; 20 rhoppers, 50 rail road men I.WO men to woikSo’nh (tickets fUrnls'icd); aUo. 'i giod tlnuen, at Room 3 Lind's Block, lUn dOipliei. bridge. TAT ANTED —Yonnzmen m the country V I wishing obtain «lraatlcn-*. such »s hoosk-ep ers. ealc/n.en, clerks, brnkemen, firemeo. dflwer*. &e..toapplv at 1.«4 Di-arbofn-.L. toon 3. or ad.ires* M E.JONI-'S 4 CO.. B a 3U4Q. endowing ten ceats \A'ANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, *1 Vv kaJesmen 2 p-.ricr*.3 driver*. 2 e.vprca?mcn, 1 eordcet,.r. 2 bralttmen. I tin-man. :( ag.-nt». 2 -hip plngrlerk*. Apply at 134 Ui-arborn-»h, Koom «. AA” AN l*KD—3 assistant bookkcejMjrs, 2 W ral./ccn. 1 coLdiienr, 3 brakemc.i. 1 nrenten, 1 p-. rter, 2drlver». 2 expressmen. Aaply at R-om 13. Ful'cton Piece. 93 Dcarnorn-st. App Icantsbv mall amlreu J. M. JfUORH & CO., Box 1707.esclc-*t:glC cent* tor reply. TV T ANTED—Ynnngmt-n in the country V 1 wishing to obt a«n situation*. »ach aa hookk'ep ers, clerk,, collet tor*, aalc/mcu, eoaductow, exprea*- men. 4c., 4c_ to apply atß 13 Fullerton bK-ci. f|3 Dearbormet., or adTe/s .1. M. M'*OBE 4 Rjx J 707, enclosing ten cent* for tail particulate. TTTANTED —Every merchant, tarmcr, V » contractor, and all men seeking employment should acMrce*. lor onr circular, which concerns all, PA Us □ ALL 4 SMITH. 128 South Claik-st. X\T ANTED— I This Day—so good scorers T > and chopper*. S3O per month and hoard; M hewers, SSO p-r month and h-ara; 2 gjodf-irem**n. Free transportation. Apply at 100 Madi*on-at., Room 4. TIT ANTED—2OO railroad men, 75 chop- W per*. £0 laborer*, ami 1,000 men to go Sjntb. Tin* is your un<> rhaacctu c tstcady employment tor the winter. Apply to DAKsHALL 4 SMltll, 12S Booth CTark-sU, Room 11. tA’ASTED—SOO experienced Radroad VV Grader* (Ir!*hm«n preferred), to work on the rrsdlng of the l>a»' Ksplds 4 Missouri River Ral - r.'-itd.*r. »»c«tert, lowa. Wage, $1.23 per day. Board »JAO p, r u -ek. Tri>nsp»rtaUo3 from Chicago to the wrrk J rttsacd C-u, hr i*. B. WEARE iCI), « 1> -.-. th WaUT-sL w. w. WALKER. Vice Prrsli«mt asr Chur Engineer. W T ANTED—Men looking tor business, VV ca'l at Room 3. Sr. *7 Wash , .pgtot-st..aad the -STAB DAMPER.” U money In it. It •,-1M eost you oolMng to £<llantcii~iHiscEUanfou;>. WT ANTED—Men ot largo or small VY capital lo engage In the sale and mscoCtctur" or na »ri:t lp of groat utitltv and ©coniine la over* Ipusiliold. nt Doom Oils B'oar. Modi- \\t ANTED—Know Tnyselt—All pels ? V 10*9. young or «i d.vrhowl*h lo have their pat.* or>»‘'iit amt lutnro cl-a:lv revealed. call on MADAM CAI.LXSLE, at :tHt eouti- Clatk-st.. op stalra. WAN I'ED—A tenor singer, for qnar \ T irtt* choir In the Second UnlVer*atist Church. Apply at fconthwcit comer of Mirtct and Var Daren- T\7ANTED —For a No. 1 tenan*, who y * will lease ft>r a terra of years If price and locali ty • Rita him. a neat. comfortaMe dwelling, with ir tn live i<-aeren ro,rai», neii'W r!-«i-etr. In a coot h'vllhv localirr.'and not tar fkam tbc’trsctcan. Q. C. MUftCY A CO., S Metropolitan Block. WANTED— We will pay £llO to any person who will show ns a better paying s a-t ne>» than <>nr machine fbr grinding knlvtM. scU*ori. shear*, reai-cr knives, edged i xiis. Ac. It ha-* no c >m* petition; meets with rapid Site- all the year nrmd: ner-r wear* <mt, and jrasraatecl tree frr.ra hnntbuz. A little child or blind man can nse it. It trail price PN. send for-ample. FCLLERA CO., i:i:| Ssuth Clarc-at.. Uuom lii. Send mo stamp* for rep'y. ANTED—A Imll-grcwn boy, who \\ lives with hla parent*, to attend a doctor'* ot fl-c and lor.Mrlhute circulars. Apply at 313 Ca«: MadtaoiMt., np etalrs. ■\T7"ANTED —Somebody to know that \ \ the best chaw ev«-r offered a mai with a small capital 1* now open for a few day*. A light rasrttrac Turing bnstmso U tor » Ue. krl'.cle suiple. profit* large, and trade already esub.lihcd, Amiruis M. O. Bix 21156. ■\T^ANT£D —A gentleman to loan a V* arong widow lady. In ndleent rlnnra«tar>eea. the value <m cf a fine gold watch. Addtea* **NKTIIK." feat Office. *\^\7ANTED —A German boy, 1»5 to IS \ f year* old. to tcnl a■ I 'talns su>re In'heconn try. Meet be well a'-rinalnWl with the Im*lsew, and come well recfimn.'-n-ud. Apply at * ll** L*ke-«t. Jilantcti=iGorrfspoirtcnc£. COURESPONDENCE Wanted A gentleman, to veer* of ace, would lice to corres pond with a Jany of »uitabl<* ace. of cood E-zlUh etu caMr-n. at d who wonlo 1- nnailocd to make a h-a.e hnrpy. with a view to a matrimonial alllaacc. Rcpt er« t? civ* d and required after drtespnn'lenrc. Ad ores " AftTIST." Kewaswi, Henry County. 111. / ORR EsFONDENCE Wanted A \ aidow lalv. aged 33. wishes corresr«-'nd"nee »lth some cutierran from m to toyc.ars. rantoal tpprov* reent. AGCrc-- " M /TiORRESPONDENCE Wanted A I - voucc man would like to firm the a-qn-ilntwe ot atifne voanp lady of goer! character, with a new to mutual Impr- v.-meut. Address FEANIt S. D. aAN FOftP. Fo-t lid' e. iUal Estatc-iEounttr!. 170 K sALE —lmpr«*vcd Farms—The I -1 follow-nc fvnn*. with valuable situatol in Marshall County, lUlaoia. near railroad a Tvu^fE* V ' 1 3M acre* catXoucof 33acre*.one of ilj»crt*.oneo: !•» acre*, one of 117 acres, and cacof e^lw. a coC and Umber lands, and Improved prapirty la"the thru Inc citv of Lacon. Marshall County. le-rr.R verv reL-ouable. For portlcoUn addreas FISIim & gftNS. Lacon. Itltaols. F'OR SAljE—Farm—One of Hie best lamn in in** State. conmtlnz ofUSJ acres 3 ■ r jiM from tbs city. on Uock Ritlrovl. Two stations cnK twosi'.l-.'f AlttAai froJl centre of Cinnt'O acrrsorictnai oat. hlekary and maple BraVr, never e::t; 3A) acres bine sraas pxamre: ruOoa Utnothr and clover; balance under tillage. Btcaory Crest aod <iilt itoaJ run ttiroogh the entire farm: all we.l trnced; never ralltnz wat*r;bnck room*: V lame tenant tews; 7 lams fbr earn:, catriazes ao-1 Lay. and l-c house; 750 tons timothy and clover hay tmw«nland: 3 appleorrbards. roM cardeo acd aVin dance of small irutt-all Ir flr»t t ate order. PoM-salon mvena acv tint. Prjcr I4o.oCO;cash.#3Q.oM.balance or. »t*v terms. Fwr fonorr partlcjur* apply W THOMAS I‘AKKEB. 50. g Methodist Block. T'OR SALE —Pir.e Lauds—2,ooo acres * ralna*,!- p'ne UM* f'r #M». In Tctnuhlo I, N. Rare® 15 W„ AileranC-Mint*. JJlcMstr, 6 •nil** from th« laVr. t'c.r »artjcnlan nWrtsS A. N. LANCASTER, ISWall Y. iSactunEtg, non SALE—A. N. Wood & Co.’s port- P aM f engines, from 4 to 12-hor»e powers; one s-herse p--wer. on wncci/. suitable for thrr«Mag. la qclrecrA N. WOyl», at tn« bh-nnaa House. Also, or.' i-hors-* power, ser nd-baad. in rood mamas or <ler. Can he Mrs In operation at the Chicago Sag Fee trrr. 13f» booth TTatcr-at. Inqi-lre of M-s-r*. CHAP MAN. on the premises, or A. X. WOOD, a? abate. T7OK SALE—Portable and btaOonanr I* Etglre# of a! »lrw. Oa« 8-feet bed. Kncb •-ring; oh" 6-fret bed. lUacb swing; two 4*<-feet bed. IMceh swine; one 10-fcet bed. 52-loch swing; o'C rt h-et-bed. 13-lerb swing; one 16-fret bed, 3S-lath swing; an screw catting engine. lathe; two c;.n*bt drllU; two Iron planer-: bslt cutter. ant topper. ecc wood snrlacer; on* vtrfaeer and matcher. Al«o. all Usds of ma'blnerr. beltlrz. ho»e and pomps. C. L. BICE A CO.. 19 and til Dearborn-st. T7OR SALE—Six engines and boilers, P hMt mate, new Improvement*—iwo fl. two 13 and two 12 horse power, with or without boilers; 12,13, J 6 and 50 torse tnbalar and locomotive boilers. Engines sndboilers fbrtl-bed to order; also, aaw mills,barrel atd wood-working machinery. I'oa platers, belting, •air* file*. ivc. Machinery depot No. 3*2 Dearbom-st. GPEFNt-EE lIBOS. A CO. HDsrt anfljFounb. JObT— sls Reward—For a black aud . tan Doe; lone ears sad tall, with metal co.lar. tbont lock, strayed from the tobscrlber on Frt tar. 23a mit. The above reward will be nal.l brretamiag him to me at Mmtiicb' lloteL A. SPENCCB. LOST —On Saturday last, between the G&lt ea Depot ud No. 7 i SUi*4t~ a Poci et-Boot c* Dtalnlcs |U m moa*T. «nd a promissory note tor #;td si sued ty Jonathan M<v-re, In favor of Sam’l Trier*- a liberal reward will be paid to the Oodcr os mere lag the same to 71 stata-eu t OST—A very small tan colored, long- I j «red dor, ■with dart bic!c,UßM “John.” A Iw»i nvam win toe paid lorfal* reran to me St. Ctood Hoose. lOhT —On night of November 26th, . between Aberdeen end Sheldon-sts- probably on 1.0 her 01 Pair switch. The finder win be nmUT rewarded by leavinj It at43o West Wuh- InlonorOl Sooth Water-sts. 10^— Strayed from the rear oi the northwest corner of Fine and Illinois-#a. Tuesday an> moon.a bay bone.lV yean old. alltUelameln the off saonlder. The finder will please call as 34 South Water* b« and will reccim pay Car his tnjttoie. Slmartons saamto^^. BOOKKEEPEHS, »ALESarsTT CaTDATlOK—Wauled—Fy a f rttTt — O coot, (a7rcnchmaa>. Can I, us » enew. Apply at RIEOLLA’S, 111 r# *- ITCATION— Wanted— Bv Tru man who understands ber ei mid On-.; wool* cate himself useful. The D * 41 ' eacea. Please addresa“lij,” P.O.Box*' S«2: - jrctmg CJLTUATION—*Waat«d^g^**»*a O wso fSagflrt). a4cpachnj;ft, f two dayi,-?* rm»tf family. Hasgond rr- 4 B Can rive good reference. A WO."Tntmteogcg^^ rtP ri—~Ry a fl eiperi- O ITTTM r TTOS«f- Win mate himself jwaerCr O Addreaa“Pß."?nt> s ce(7 natal. Good ; »loN—Wanted—By an expeij. O ITrbockkeeper. or lome position ta a waoi.-wie relerccce* can be siren. -Vi:.- t- •?,- Bjnnc office. SITUATION— Wanted—As traveling nia experience In both, saiiattctorr tettreace* can be glfea. Address ‘T A.” Tribune office. CITUATION—W anted—By asoapmn- J't ufactnrcr wbo has been la said business 33 rear* Same man H ah:#to cannlactareagoodfsmEyV-ip. wltboat mixture or foreign articles, cbvjojr Uhl r aoao ever ba* been In market be:ore. This ran-iiv nire Is eulv known to tlm. Address “F K." 7ti Writ TUarlton-st. SITUATION— Wanted—By a voiir.; man.wbo hasagood kaowiedze of the V;r?-r hoalnesa. can Inßneoce some , trade, and ere reference#. ia a respectable wholesale qrocerr, h e can make himself nsef&l in any c«-.v-U7. w,;j wlMnelr work cnHl spnpu trade opm*. witim; ut day. Aodrets **GRGCKIV’ Box E. stsUod ia Interview may be bad. SITUATION —Wanted—'By a vom- O ts>q tron tne E*«t- la & vtolttilc tin-*.'-. 1 the tmslaets. t>o<xl reftitacca. Adircn-ii s, - tone idee. SITUATION—Warned—To O crapbpr*. A So. 1 Operator desln*«* Mtait. - Ko cb'ectlocs to co to the country. c IVKo» MatlroimU Chicago. SITUATION— Wanted—By an rlenred V-okkeeper. Bestofreterence*. t*. O. Box 1359. FE9ALES. STUATIONS— Wanted—By two p* (sisters),one as cook, washer ard trover, th* cie as second girl. Call Car two Cays, at 1010 luein* av. Ask lor LIZZIE. SITUATION—Wanted—To do pba O sewing. In a pmat* family, by * lad* wh j wfc: £l»h her own sewing machine. Address "a rn bnne office. SITUATION—Wanted—By two rrls O one to do chamber work and sew »a£ nee chamberwcrxaad taste care of children ti-yd re ference* If repaired. can be seen at 736 WAhtob-**. ClTUATloN—Wanted—By a lady ci O experience, as housekeeper for a widower or cut me-aged gentleman. Salarynot so machanur)"*:** a ron.fortaMr home. References exchanged. AAlrtai - F. Annie.” Trlbnnecfflee. SITUATION —Wanted—As hotisefccco- O er In a private Oui.lty that keep a eerr.m:. w,,m i lake tbc entire charge of thelion*** ard of children's wardrobe. Addresa * L It.*' Txl’onni oillce. ClTUATloN—Wanted—As honseketp- O er lr a tmall fsmllr. or will do general boa*?- work. Apply at 113 North In-ilana-st. agents aaautfh, A GENTfc—Wanted—slso per month, X\. ♦-very where, ra*l-nr 1 *Hr t- « •: <• INK COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE the greatest rm-ntic-n if the age. Price sl-. hr ;/ Michlue w«rrtmu<d thr-e year*. Addr-** s>EC>'l?i Co., Cl»vclWid.Oi,lc. A GENTS—Wanted—s2Co per XV male and female, to ♦•'11 the BARTLETT >ET IMG MACHINE—the best cheap macnae nu>. sj. dress W. DELOSS & CO- Sc. 1 *iIS I*~ir’»rn «t_ Cb caso. 111. A GENTS—Wntiied— Experienced hook X\ WMleperaeing eanvjtsifrs. to wh ir.i ,v Ur-* ~g. arr or ioran>l>-loc will be r*H. Aildr.-»s cIiAKLiS BfLL. 132 South Clark-at- Chicago. 111. AGENTS —Wanted—$t.SCO per tear paid to AsirU to introil-c*» ocr t >w sv-vtig Marh’t e. Addr*as SUAW 3c CLARK. r.i l> or at t blcacu.l'l. A GENTS—Wanted—£lso per month. XV I want Aa/nU m ev»rv rountv in tl.r I’M'.'fi Slates, in an entirely new hoalrcs*. A‘Mr>-ss U. S. SHAW. Alfred. M’Uie. AGENT&wantedto scllHodcnns’ Patent Elastic Paper Collar k. i!:-;-«ra>-l htr* Scientidc American Ancmt XUh. lA-". trl circulars sent on receipt of fitly Areri-^aa makefiitoiapenhiy. Addres,S. H. DGISiiCu. 314 Thlrdft. St. Louis. Mo. AGENTS Wanted —Ten aenve. eacr- Ce’lciEen.toeacli-f whom 1 will ;tr- % m> nlli end crpenje* paid. None n-e.t ap.iiy »■•>■)« not willing to travel and ?cll. Ad.trws Aj\ 33. ia dlat apoll>. Id<l. AGENTS —Wanted—Everywhere. f»r the INSTANTANEOUS WtNIV'W fI.EAXFB AND MAGIC k*t)l.ISU. Clean« wm-t-*-. A--., arl blcblv potlsbe* *llv»r and oilier or hot water, dn/t or Utter, aid with c>-rp«ra:-«riy no laNir. K't-rybody wacta It. Acrnts .-an nur (Tom s.l to JlO per day. Small capital an t larre mi*.-.*. Call, nr/end for sample and term*, fi. M. SkMTHA - P.o.Bcx 6133. AGENTS— Wanted—$200 per moilh and eTpmv.3 psM male or female agent-, to ;r.- traduce a new and useful Inv-mtSon. of abs'lote utility In every houjeuo'd. Agents preft-rring to work ca comn tMlon van cam from s2*i to AXJ (>“r day. For full particulars address W. U. WILSON 4 CO., Cleveland, Otto. Agents Wanted—For several verv inponant new booia. Including THE AMER ICAN FARMER’S rORSE BOOK. 0:i-- el-gut octavo vilnme, aranl 9>» page*, splendidly mus trated and erobe.llsbed with namerau*flneencravlns«. pv Rnm. Sicwski, M. D. V. S., embol}lag th* result* of twruty years* original tnvsstlgatloa and blgaly *urc«-*»ftj! veterinary practice In the great «tvs rv-- :ce regior* of Kentucky, Tennessee ami Mlml>*lp:1 4 emb-artEit the nature, treatment ■ f tr.ary diseases peculiar t * the Americas H -rac, andofatitc lilseas-s licreicforeeoaMrtered Incurable. Al*>.««- tredrg treatise on Merit Uatsb g ami St ck Mviu'- menu s -id oily hy snjocrlpttoa. send for oar ilia*, traded circular at- terms, and yon will *eo that t,.a ceed Irok ao furlber for the hot and most sa au'*»ab ‘criptlm hook extar.t. J. S. GOODMAN 4 CO, PIN iisliers. 3 faitom House-place. Chicago. 111. A CENTS—Wanted For ‘* WOMEN' X\- I<F THE WA R." a new work by Fraik U -t\ ai.thor of the -rebellion Ifraorrt.” 4c. This w irs »* tletory of th»d«ds of noble women who -hami thr Perils oi tr.cwarai dought ttsgl. ric*.Nan-« of ntarl} one hundred oi trr hc*t a u.:r. of the .-nr- try. irom eveiy 1 tjal State, ara'lu ra n:r2t:oa«d »t*3 ntrrsllviv and account* ot 'heir r-n-.r «g>- set* -jn-tc r. and Mttfenn** for tne Felon. Illa«Tat.-il wi n eiegisl et»‘t*l ,rgravlcg.-. comUtlez til re*ui;: jl I'v/UTK.trVa OF v.f MEN. vtgraved *-xpr«eslv l-r w-rk. M«y soldl/rhnya «1U rrcosnize tnelikcse»a-sot n-Mr»o* mar fSlcmN In seme of tee many portrait* inthU volume. It iitlnMhM no?kot rlt her. page-. We want an sgrnl In every town In th •F < States. Gurt»rtr.«ar<-ul*ral- tall m or .direct. C. TREAT. 117Sou'hajrt-»L. Chitag-j. ill. VGENTS— Wnctcti—Disahlc-d w»ld.c:L Ycnr -uipt von arewactc’. ami can make m--wv f.-lin -rClng 'bo Now <*d Black liC-uL for ?»•<•« apilen. AUwHlhotit. Vccaivr it I* jcmd-.o ar.lcvi- QfijkcUv prepar'd, tali scrt "*e n*. SIS LM» 4 *- mm Cc or. AGENTS— IVanttJ—bm.kAi’taKTake Kotitt—STo Lave cow rradT MOOKE's « "»• plete of thf. late i.»il 'V'i wblcb yr a ran *rll at ?SV- Sp■• l.iio.ra •-1 •J Njpnd I*, elegant «tyle. 'To have JJ*t tL“ boo- ■ bn.;» wanted. It* Tow pnee give* it aa o-.r; k. otters, and we cf*f «noh itnincoaonf* that a>. wnn ir* artlt..- and c;,erg.Uocan mike tr.'ra *!-■’' »■»#•; a i-t m. tiili. r*n on or artdrea* QL’ARKIt CITT I r‘t- T.iSUING «S7 sap%’tn-«t.. Philadelphia. P*- AGENTS —Wanted—Throneliont the United State* tr ftt-n oar new Boo’-C".\r»IlO!T? LIVE? of the PT.Kt-IDE.STs." f-jm VTadiUut a » the present tune. In one volume nf abmt bountifully tllortrated with steel engr-wlnr*. T»* Aniior-Til* Tiiews. the e!-*g»nt «ir.e ami medotate pric*. all ctmihlne f> nauleriiil* oee <*r the most attractive, tKfi.l and saUl-!c le-oS* ever published tn this conntrv. To experienced aa- nt- tas* li a rare rhaace to mi« money with a !*,«••• jdid Pol'S, ar ano competition. Puhll«hfiV highest « gives. Send elairp forrlrm ar« and price-* a lour work.*. H. H. BOYDKX, 73 Ciark-»t. CM -ago. HI- AGENTS —Wanted—Espeneneed first class nmvasaer*. crntletneo and lalW. for “ TUB MKATKC AT VALLEY FOKGK ” a new and masnUl c'ni •*te*-l > ncraving; price M-t'. II v-p»-*:rla" t—s mendr.tlons which can-e It to ha a>tmlml by every American, of whatever aect or party. Agent* cve-v --where arc meeting with unparalleled *nrcv~*. hi> Ushers' hlghe-i comrcl«<»ion riven, A'Mre*-*. ‘tamp ecclo-ed. S. POYI'EX. 73 Llars-st, Chlcaq >, El. AGENTS —Wanted—S,UCO Agents, mate and fm-ale. for a light, pleasant bu- u-*. at home. JSO to #2O per day profit, on #1 to H) !■•»; itai- KorlsSc. Anaecnt writes; ‘*l cleared s’l »n four hours.*' Fanner*, mechanics, elcrgvnie.i, tevher-, clerk*, laho'er®—everybt.dy havtnea Utf!--par-* tin-', w Uhs’amofor return, ft. WAV VELL. IU7 * 10!l Monroe«!.. Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted —Wale and lemaic, X.V to sell a new article la great demand, that ever? family wants. $4 per day made without leaving home. Travelling’gents c 4& more Irora V> to » : 'PT‘ r day without Interference with other bn-lncs*. The article shows fbr lUeIL bataplev with term* and par ticular* of the buslnea*. sentmr 'JSc. A'ldrws ft- W. CR.VPPLLL. Drawer 6333, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell oraamen /~\ tal embroidery stamp* and take order* for sten cils. Address JOHN C. HILTON, Stencil Cutter. 14 Clark-st.. Ch'caco, Bhx 733. A GENTS—Wanted—For the most pof>- /\ ular and beat selling Suh-crtpUon Bolts pob mtied. We are the mo*t extensive publisher’ lu the LjilUd States (havloE hotu*a In Uz cut's), a;d <lo out employ Gmeral Ace-it* (as nearly all oth*r poMDhin; houses do), therefore w« are enabled to give our can vassers the extra per cent which U u*oallv allowed General A cent*, 'dd Aeenuand others will »*e the advanuge ot dealing directly with the pabllthera tend for circular* and see the jharcter of f-nr work, and imri lo Agents. Addres* NATIONAL PCBI.ISH -ING BOUSE, at either Chicago, H?. ht. Loci*. Clrdnnati.OMo, Klchmond, Philadelphia, Fa„ or Boaon. M*m. A GENTS—Wanted— To sell a new J-\ wrrfc. now ready—THE LOST CAUSE, the only oftclal hut; rj tf ti.c war from the Southern «lte. hy. E. A. Pc'.’arA cl Vlrvlnla. Thi* work contaifea inch of the »ccfet hi*tcry ol the war, which ocr Northern autb 1 rs have never h-rn atlc to obtain, and Upronouhced by all panic* to be the moet Interest- Ine and b.-st written hlvor* yet puMl-&M. Philadel phia Pi '-* *ay*. -It wIU be likely to he r*ad wherever t&vEnslUh latgruige Is tnowp." From the Pouab • eci'»l? “One ct the rao*t remarkable books cf the pre«en; ccnturv. sr.d win occupy the front rank la th'llbfsnfsoilU woflA" Agenu areme-Ungwith snrre#s. ! -ne la Nile*. Michigan, »od >K copft-s lot dar*, and say* he cat> sell Lftu is the coontr. another". In Lee Concty, lova. ordered 15. and »sy*. : *lran-el. at least MO In TUT terrltorv." llus dred* cf similar .-etten areoo file In our efSce. Extra tndsrencnts are now offered to energetic agents. Ardre** nt once C. w. LILLE.V, Publisher, 2f> Ray nors' Week, Chicago, lift AGENTS— Wanted— For the NEW GLoPK >HWING 51ACTT1XS (Tol»jm’a Pavat) iritn rx Dfcll FEED and New Loop*r Movmest. Prr aouwtd. prictlral marbintsta. cue of tt>« beat ma chines rnv la iae. Price 832 to *b, acccntn* to»tyl'. P. ATKIXeOX. 1 (i-t Kaaik R.oat 6. Chicago. AGENTS—' Wanted—'To sell Grant’s ccl e ra:ed CARPET te~er belore Intro anccd. Tbe best teHics article erer offeree to Agent*. Men ar- tnafelcr f2O p»r day. Address P. GKAXT. Sia WestLalte-sL. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—2,ooo Aeents want ed, ter tf.e book ]n-t ont, “THE TaMIJ.T tN STIitTCTOII.” It cental's 5J> na»r« and over ir»J m rrarinrs. Address A. SZI»Db!U9B Waihlnstoo-U., Chicago. 111. SEiaanttß—SEo Kent. T\ r ANTED—To Dent—lmmediately, a * • fsrnl*h'»! hove, for a small prim!.' ivimlv. Mna* be on ihe S-tnta bide, not over tea min;*-**’ *i-k irem the Tom Otticc. Address Box t }63. VATA-s iED-—To Kent—A comlbrtaHe V* lifir?eof sli io nine rots,!. Umiuthews'Ta and dry. WILLIaM C. RETNoUib. No. 6 Open Hen«. TXT ANTED —To Rent, a famished room Vt wit boat tvvd.m p-irate fvnllr, by two re spectable jenngmen. North bide, ess; of Cla'k-»t. and bontb rf Cfilca co-st.. preterrtd. Address 8081. IOFTR. Tribute, iff. e. WANTED—'To Kent—By lonr yoare V\ men, a farnished room, with or without iv-ara, in a private family, within Are mlant«* via of the Conrt Boose, and where the cumfbrta or a home may be had. Aonrtss *• A U," 130 Laie-sto. staling terms, locality. Ac. T\7ANTED —To Rent—By two young V > men. a tamUhed room, within three blocks <n the roert Honse. Address “ CHABLES.” P. O. Box tf>93. Chicago. • "XXTA^TED —To Kent—Any youneman VV who bsi in oflce. tad would .Ike lo rent ol It. can sddreM B. B. JESLAULD. Chicago P. O. V VAIiTED —To Rent—By a gentleman 7 V and hla wife. two or three rooms, suitable for Housekeeping. West Side preferred. Address, tor two Aiarnean Express Ogre. StrapEß ana Stolen. CTRAYED— SS Reward—From 635 O Wabash-ar., aitnaS track Doe. aNmt »mont".* o' *. snnrer* to the use of ••SCOTT/' The above i.- ward will toe paid on his reran to OSS Wstsih-sr. T?SCAPED —Or btolen—Prom No. 62 Pcarce-st~ West Division, ca the wtb ta»t» a urreXawrnndlanddot:. entirety black, aaswcrlnr to the name of ••JUn." irreramed to the above plac«. or Information leading to Ms recovery be left tX the ofln cttheDotiv Jfarena*. Clark-sc. a reward will b*i paid to inch terries, B. V. KEh^flDT.