Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 29, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 29, 1866 Page 1
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Chicago tribune. NOYEMBEB 29, 1385. THE NEWS. Ko paper frill bo Issued from this office to morrow morning. Henry Ward Beccber has agreed to write a Story for tbc Hew York Ledger. Gideon J. Pillow, late of tbo rebel service, ku a cotton crop of 3,000 bale * this year onhla plantation near Helena, Arkaoaaa. All the monks of Palermo have been or dered to leave aside the monastic habit without delay. About n thousand buildings arc now In pro* ccc* of construction or are under contract on the burnt district of Portland. The opportunity has been taken to widen and straighten the stxecU and lay out square*. ColQuel M. D. McAllister, Chief Engineer of the Military Division of the Gulf, has just con cluded a contract with certain citizens of New Or leans for opening the SontUweatPais of the month of tic MueUbipl Elver. I 11. C. Bell, aliat “Major Hines,” of Frank- I tin,Gy., has been arrested at Kashvitle, Term., I Obmrsed with briar one of tbe robbers of tbc boa fertile * Xa-bvllle Railroad pay train recently. EC was formerly of Morgan’* statt Anew Island la forming lo the Missouri Hlver opposite St. Joseph, and two citineos ha>c built a abanty on « 5n order u> sccare tbe first claim to entry ween Government places It in the market- It is two mile* long. Tbc collection of taxes la California this ▼ear attended with great inconvenience to all the parties concerned. Specie Incomes hare, under lift casting law, lo bo reduced to a green back currency standard- Tbe valuation la ctgbty cent* ou a dollar. The American residents In Paris, anticipa ting a great influx of their countrymen, have just made application to the police authorities for per mission to set np an American dob. There will bcalargennmberofclnbi formed on account of the exhibition. It api-eare from recent experiments, con- | dueled bribeJ-ondon Pneumatic Company,that 1 one hundred and twenty tons of goods can bo sent through their eighteen miles of tube* every hour, at a cost, leas than one penny lo a ton per Choy Cam Chang, an intelligent Chi ujnan, l*a# been engaged to teach in the school m Sau Francisco designed exclusively for his conn trvoen. He is probably the first g-ntlemnn of his nine ever thus employed by Americana Intni* The Commissioner of Revenue, Mr. Wei’ is Lo .v engaged In prepaiinp u comprehensive tc 1 cmi' for the rigid equalization of oar internal i and external taxes, and a simplification of the In- 1 leiatl revenue system. Tills will be submitted to The latest swindle In New York is for a veil dreited man to call at a private residence, darlE" the absence oftbe bead of the family, leave bottles of so-called mlnetnl water, and -collect four dollate. The plan baser Jdelin a number of cases. Trough milroad communicatlo. J’om Cairo 10 New Orleans, without change of cars, was per fected vesterdar- Passengers can now leave Cairo atSUfl ln the afternoon, and, after spending the nlcht in luxurious deeping cars, anivo at New Orleans the next evening at six o’clock. Through connections are now also made Nashville tiff 110011*01(11 and Parish. Judne Alexander Walker of New Orleans has gained * verdict against Mrs. AcUUn for J23.U'’ - . for pcrvscca peslorincdin savingber a mil lion dollars worth of cotton during the war. Gea end Polk ordered the cotton homed. Judge Walker acting for Mrs. Acklra, persuaded Gene ral Polk to revoke the order, which he did, and the widow sold 9 SOU hales at the highest figures, -die oCer«.d only for the service. William Watkins, of Atlanta, Georgia, bas been appointed a special commissioner by the United States Court of Claims, to receive tesli moi*y lu relation to certain claims for cotton vbldi was destroyed by tbo United States army, or seized and sold by *be Government as the prop- 1 ertv oftbe late Confederate Government. A large number or claims have bean Hied, the valno of whkh will depend upon the loyalty of the claimants. The Old Bowery Theatre was sold by ancuon in New York* on Friday, for the sum of SIOOHO. The purchase was ma le subject to a mortgage of WMJCU, held hy William B.Astor; to one of 57,00f1, held by William S. Giles, lm:tee; to one of?o0,(00, held by Isaac A. Waldron, aad to one ua 510,000, held by Marv A. Shaw, widow of the late >lr. Thomas A. Hamblin, the actor. It is proposed to cut up the front into stores and turn the rest into a new German theatre. IfßOfi MEXICO. A Bricado of Tnlird State* Troup* have Crossed the Km Gr-nde nud Occupied Mai amorno-Tbc Authority lor the Morrment not ycl Tnuisplrrd—.HOTMnmtiiol Imperial *jjd Liberal ForrcsHJntcral bcUgwick ArtsonUlbOou Ucspoantbilitr* fßyCrnij.J 2stw Youk. November -S—The IforW 1 * Orleans special says: “A despatch juslrcccltod SmtlaL's JMMIn, at Galveston, »>«« tlifi ii«e Ltiiou General hed-witk cros .cn the KJo Gtaiac onlhursday last, with a brigade of butted State? troous and occupied Xiaiaoioris, asinm.n„ that lie dld*eo to protect the Interests of American rc-idci.ta in that town. The crcaua treat excitement. as it U not known wha-ber thu has biendone or not wlia lha sanction of the Washington special earn: “The rreeiocul has received a despatch from General Sbeiidan annonncinc that l»eccrcl Ssd_- wicklits crossed Uic Klo Grande and Mexican Icrrltorj with a detachment o. Unlivd “iSes troops. It i« understood that this move ment has been ma'le without any anooladjc on X*j«rmdcjn.’‘ T rrom fte Rio' oifflEs cffiflSSS'Ki'SetoOoo tmnstTtebEtco- I 9fravNßS »Sp”#s£Ss by the bnlted menu am that jSfSl'ta'mtSwm Winston taorlcru. influence the mmkrt- wasMmrton special says a ssss saw a SolroSk S r... too occopstloo of Matamotas by Am' llf ?“ n tr ?fJ| a ‘niora« with a anfll-«b<*o "°"sL.W”.lA.Tbemmtaoos Üb ssf aaffl 11 rap “ t "' mas to be shot J»y the troops on bis General rte £fe{L*aa«mn!*lr*;ioii here own responslomt.. the blended move- ] knew nolhinc m advance i -.nenrtnn'acon- | meat, and rt » d wal enn-utled with Urge , duct. General bbwi-,?,i hi« original »n«trn'Uons , aretjv under Alaximl.iap. October l»t, stva A letter firm us-ne of the he nparty of “poesessioii of tte scoter public ot Mexico 100 i Wtfll i jo ai-a and re- Mena >cva<la. '-u iho shore, and the lueCtl *ll dontmuuicat i w caploiel steamer, vessel bad cone in Bca lf* ° occupation of lra? was Malamora# by BnlbCd >■ appr ocal r«om cither without •»? ■»* b “ l {? B <[o*cmmei.l. lAstnUrhl Gcneial sbcridan or ibo t.o Grant . to** a de»t»aub was rece *.T®“ ~*,i the iaaor bad been (U-neial Sheridan sia-inCkj£!; A j c |. cu otcmplated latoimcd orders had bo=ntm ti;cbawovenicr.Lond 'no hto arr C-l a, M mediately torwarded by l “"; au uWe proceeding, rnant oiir-ed and an un movement wm General Sheridan atatea o ,,j cr reached the mafic before the uamedin'«iy relievo oflicer in commawtt he ►»«« blsUt:TC ,i that tbc utter from duty. . u j-, : v!,is etcpbytac Sedcwlcb was V u \i\ < L»n« of Matataora? who had InportuLlUe? «I affiliation with the lm commim-d «‘» e Ptovcilon. The prolrtrt• J* lUc “ ni nUlholillCß here. m m FKO3I LOL'ISVILLE. F.tal «-»-S*SSV wSS'Vi*'®" K.r.«?a.d mbra. Jlnr- Chico Tri^ 1 *■ November -b. On S«=.UU»M<™ mIW Tran., n«ro», .tomra. Tnc a^<sixa tjsizx “ 4 - former wan cat , me U a»cd Bjrom, oa dlspo^d of, Albctt O. who tbe crowd 10 aasJ* Vn^«r- :atcd ’ eod , a cpnor V broUiCT »w J!rtiw 1.-nn; l‘“'J m .™Mc’ ensuvd, *U 1 ilie rai uU waa I*wm . Bc- ISdall took ai U? d -. 1 “ T , d Bill yjt® ehcl *•****» . |i,n*< tnc vroarded. bclm; *h® a rocrlvea fa body. The badly cat In la! Injuries* and it»i jf j e « seriona ln\arica gIS=K!SK OlLt.-fi wrie Ihc C*P‘-lO of C |r It has ibfviaFoa County® war form, rlr Tni-n robber ~,,1 nu name 1* Bnaforu CTDpOJed or Union and rebel ruffian*. i, ;e 0 [ California and morn Calboun took ibe o»:n 10-daj. recent 1 )'of the Con , j ;i endorsed Uf ScSd* Ins nra nc .•; .o Wa.tms-.on Gowrer G f ,;creral Kor-ean. henr. mnfcnto: m.-at. D „ ws ..i=» ; »„Tc....r0r...0 , £„ a ««rf r W S a .—The dlsposl- ; Toroirro. C- «•, j., a . :oi;o'.v»: Tee tlon o rcanl-oaL.for «•* atd iho Chcrob at ; jlcncn v,ill i*« J AlfredaUo laid upuere; Gcderlch— the r^^ no ni-. Protection, l.escaa, the Sthe navyyard. Uercnl« and Korai * w Durns* CcS“< r-n‘ixrdand drifted schooner Swallow u i> supposed that SSSwmr “ H f d Creek ah* crew arc lost. .-iu>aniicc of the wrcc*»i Sr ?o. onto, T«“ r“- «i'»S f- ■’ 'g“S' o ‘ot “SS? o'Vurc IL.” r.«Ti.. = Jnd°e.haTCßOly«Clc“ *"5 dlct j and craif • “that the conn* thtwid rtftt'ij-,, Jadsmenl «.♦ s^«^Vl& , ss."®3 iclcncdiolbc loan moat eo'.cmr tßal Ike, do to, two of tti a V.n.iei, ofto"* * He objection. ltm ds li* Ml.lma- Jadcment alrcady d' ”^ ATC etn icw lor h*? o ®* J llu- Journeymen pr*nw-rm increased P rlce “J“ wages In conscnucoce ot arC c'.l tii* r*ce«pari«. *« u co i. ceded br employ* - Spnntorfrow of lUtncit, N. C-. • u rbaUatlnp-». elected this Stale 10-day, was Judco £.Kanlcy Celleda£ Souxhcm Confcd of «be Supreme Court unocr «*« <ncj. FROM EUROPE. The Fenian Troubles in . Ireland. MORE TROOPS SENT FORWARD R 1 THE BRITISH GOV ERNMENT. Further Seizures of Arms by the British Authorities. RUMOR THAT STEPHENS IS ALREADY IN IRELAND. French Troops Ordered lo Quil Hexico Speedily. FROM WAIM* POINTS IN THE PRESIDENT’S FORTHCOMING ANNUAL ADDRESS. Extracts From the Quarterly Report of the Bureau of Statistics. LASSE EXCESS OF IMPORTS OVER EXPORTS. Imports of Cotton and CottouGoods From ISOI to ISBB. FROM MEXICO. Extraordinary Movement of Uni ted States Troops on the Rio Grande. A Brigade Under General Sedg wick Occupies Matamoras. The Movement Declared to be Unauthorized by Our Government. TUE FEXIAX TROUBLES IS IRE- MorcTrooss Forrmriled bribe Hrltisb Got* rnaeiit-Seizare of Anna—Tbo Lrao-ioo rresH on tbo miantion-ltumor that Ste phens la In Ireland. IBy Craig.] Lojjdos, November 27—noun.—The movement of the Government against the Fenians continues. Another regiment of inlantry will go to Belfast Immediately. A box of uniforms and arms has been seized I at Liverpool. The box came from the United Tbo JktUv JSVir• denounces the fierce threat* of its contemporaries, and says the rebellion must be 1 suppressed la a soldierly manner. I Liverpool, November 28—evening.—Rumor Is again started that James Stephehs, ihe C. 0.1. K. j of the Irish Republic, bas reached Ireland from 1 the city of New York. Ucports, however, are con- I fcldcrcddonblftiL _ _ I New Voek, November 23 —The TTorW’s 1 Queenstown cofTe»pondent,Noveniber l »th, says . 1 **i tend vou an muling of the most Important 1 news which has come from-Ireland for rauny a I iniii'dav The blow Is about to bo struck at thn iiHiicr of (iro.t Britain. Wlltm a »«lh M 1, jii bear of the rising of the In«hp onle from. 1 one end of ibis unfortunate island to the oth.r. train ras lone been laid. The arms are here. The men arc ready. Theotllccraaieappolntcd- I the organization Is perfected. .. -.5,,* 1 “The movement on Canada was really a ramc 1 for all the while tbc object was steadily bcpl In mind to create an outbreak npon the oldeoll of will not be deemed an unreasonable flntbreak U Voa wtd a£aln attract tbe alienUon SIK k *e chronic mlsgoy eminent of to learo now auffer may be killed, bat 7l'£Z M oc .no th.lluiue «gnj.Md «£t do Sfcd “erreffort made to Induce Teal hasten tried. „ t 0 j lH l tom SSSuSSSSted?'wS irio.TCrlcss. 'oar area bisnlieriy wiw , snr prayers arc an* 4°“ irc, “ d • ' clinging curee to lorl - r< T U tc C t SpocWDap** “ t f Y ™rXou'mbc“i The effect of the new. torn Ireland has been I thft rebellion. The excitement " , "‘M Wr e,“ £d"raon~ the thoneand. on rhVn?md."r I.Uhoun In tht. eltj there U Intense T?Tlo hcK a connrmnaen or the reported .nilctj 10 new » enu Fenian hostl- During the U« f coatnbnuons, and at Iccrcaacln tbc rccelp arrlred between CC d t .wtr ant load of nnn. from varlon.parte Or,y .nd.lllrc»it>”»“ preparations Ural have ° f ll '°,i r fsde t ic'trcclcd Si Ireland are staled to ; r'r°J ", enrrent calculation- on the .ah exceed all rreK-meu.* matiln „ ,© pend on s&a* s §j^rss.Hsis&sssa U na» been toe poUyoitno occat | ontll * in n the to rnpAO ‘OftcnlncaM P™ mention might be dl clntcbce of too enemy iu . vrar material verted porn the real sonrae „£“'ndile ot .he Uoh -Ila col Into Ireland. . drawn under the ban* 1 erts hundred* within tbo ; 1 Stephen? In on Colonel Kelly, 1 offlieraof Ilobeits lhelrßsS i,ta3ci I AMlataniC. 0.1.1 U u M Ito co-opem*® *VR . v m »iotallow any feeling* I ibal ProeWtbl 1» ** j t f U crUis, and that ft SSSiraraljramcrer all nraterlal or -rat 1 ferehiptnont. .pi, erenlnir: “To In for *mi>uiw**«* >ra ivu cvcnlnc? 10 w, <Tlie atnmanlUou in Ireland ercate the «? r ? he dirt no l prevent the the Barcti:y oi iEc r n Knwlt3b descent from he oones of lmhlor_ -j In order to te'‘Sr'°A £ —S“." me moeto. make bullets. _ Wtfr(J rxjmowd, and ot a deeded u ™° Bim> while iho linden An oreeMl JSJJnd?"ff& ot » hive hen tented , otter diet <aM t 0 an ; la a similar tauiner. hrcnaoUcipated. In i points neder..“l*.bout one sclmre Men 2£t prominent Petition. ?B ue P Uot~ of more linpnrunl opcm- I tier* for a from DnWln I The * StaS official sonreo I asffsjjsssjss lobe mnln for^m^'j^t’tid « ra “ d . me lfftiS'ieo tomrie Corn, SiS&.“ £V ; rt' of'^r. can tciuc behind according task of catii in V-uUn, >norr the ta>k t IV iSTof (be Fenian* Staors the ' T wto tall to the to c Fenian Informs me 1 ■ army renk*. A P ro °“.v*L. «—u ra thai annmbsr j tlutwhen Use * , tobehuns. | , citLehbre.hnm twenty the rrcanlaa-lon, “l i-o r an S b!y BSSiiS le»jgan iLVtot ■ ■ ®va^s^*sSsS ,i >‘' !S ’ ***** *«• There ha* oe- n co insurrection Ic Ire : t apKeratert bt n,ui # h antboriilei feel . to doubt the ti,e Brotherhood : gn-atlj W deUrer their country ** will make ferJons clfort 0 f meeting* was - fiem foreign rule. A.t-nro reso lutlons J ££cd'ix?.V«lr ? •mPaSS’oSfttw’SS iTi homo and abroad. FBOJI CASADA. acy pnUlc demonstration. The Head Centre* hercsoont* have been very active NewVoux, November -A crilbM »»«>’: aned for a meebes of the Shamrock CtrcU of the Fn-iane to-night. Theaddma says- Fc’low-conntrymcn, come forwardi vtmy permit O’Neil to advance *F»‘ D ,*°*P h^?u \£j stricken down before yon attp into thorauk-r Uemeaber that the Fen»an are about to lift their thrr^ms^.a as ffic“M. n srror. .... |k p infnrtrr branch numbers oeiwcen fndsSwmfflSoit faouUar with the mannalof "Sri battery or llrht ailtllerr la to be fatly orpaejred and ready to UU the «'W " bdt tntivcineKt may be lr»o_nrated j nr i ßff »h« Lb(s fUeciiva branch waa severely felt dorin„ the U la that Stephen* seut L%S!a&“tfas.“i»ss , £ J\cvr York. _ The French Troop. Ordered to Qnlt Sten ic. Lpccdltr— Denim In Kclntlnn « B.J. tnork’o Keolnontlm-Itrp.ned arronoce ment Bcmccn Franco nnd the Dotted Nimcs In Bedard lo tlenlco. nty Craitr’d European Ancncy.l Fanif, November 23.-Tbc Emperor Napoleon ba. telegraphed to bla aldt tn Mexico to ha.tcn ll.e cvacnatiou of tbc French troopa from that “bSSi, November 58.-The atorr that Connl El.mart: had been disgraced and resigned U of- Cciallr denied. . . ' Pajus, KoTcxnbcr 23—evening.—It U reported on ccod aathoritj that an arrangement has been made between the Government of France and the Covemmect of Ibe United Stale* by which acer talc tact of Icnltory In Mexico shall be devoted to French colonization. It I' also reported that by thla arrangement the rights of the French bondholder# will cot be in any way disturbed. Laiett Eneilßb Marhew. UTkcroou November SS-nvm. , Corros-Qnlct at ywtcrUy’e quowUou; calcs »o --«W s.l« ; MC*» ‘ o *i>rtDos, Member S-evecloc. rketu««edln»lr oalet. London, horenbcr Kvca'nc. at S)W for money; Laited oiats* )U Central, T6V; fe-f>«■ < _ LivaeDroi- November C<n*roK-Mirkct flat. talea t«wlay foot op 9.0 W I «gS«ASW»' *•»«• * Very doll. Tam>'v—Firmer. {Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] Waabikctos, November 2S. TUB IDEM’S rUIESM ASXXOCB. There is a growing anxiety here among Jotnson men that the President should abandon some of the positions he has held so stubbornly. Tacy evidently feel annoyed at his course, and those who really have the pood of the country at heart are declaring openly and earnestly that aomf thms; must be done which will insare the speedy mentor our troubles, and that as one pol ey b« ! not succeeded some other must tie tried. The pressure brought to bear npou Mr. Johnson by those who hare been his real friends has been and is very great, and their impatience with the Presi dent xa rapidly Increasing. Bimtit? or statistics. The drat quarterly report of the Bureau of Sta tistics of the Treasury Department, nnder Mr. Uelmar, appeared to-day. It really- embraces nearly all from that Bureau which will have any heating upon the Secretary's reports. According U> this report th« asrsrecata values of Imports and txpoits for the mouths of July, August, beptem her and October, 1530, as far as returns bare been received, stand as follows : amours. lasd. uw [By Cralc.J c alaSSaa ot th» tcballloa. Place. of of the prM (binned out hr people anxious diacuaa Use event*. Hotel* and olher tQ were thronirttd by anxlons , PHFSL2f*fi?SSDS who freely Indnlpel in cou* I • od . < f..*n«m P ind bopetnl exprei lona. Tie Fe ; tbc tnce’lctr jdaces ol ihsl-Clr* tl s £ , S‘iSu 1 »' >■“ ~ Ard Ireland. .reaanry of the Fentana wu never , to V«rt« £&*»"““ Kk 5 SSSSw .1.1, cur , The ennic eaciumcnt Tbe i r i„bm-o I last vtt bt P'*?* i yjSd to fercrneat, and kept np f tffiwoEV % * arJ “ I'‘ 1 '‘ VOL. XX. FROM EUROPE. Cons—'The in: Cf.S*Otf—'Clos ca* ; Hum FEO3I IYASIIIXOTOS. Specie and bullion C 5,100,316 n!i. D |iV;S mu'rc'd tor Eiroura. Specie and bu11i0n........ •••• Dutiable foreign merchandise. Free foreign morcnandlse..... Domestic mcicbandisc JSi,Gij,663 _ VmpOUTS a» THE »o*Tn. ... -jmy.. * — —-.... *S,lst;bTi August. SMMI.SI3 September aiWOKW October _, , f isT^or.cco T KSTonra’iiT Tn* nosra. - 20,95i»,003 lC s*B 13,51 M-1S Jcly Ausml**** M-pti'tnber. October. .. $52,623,G'V1 Vutuin'e' tUatout Imports exceed out extort! to roe «4,ien,K6 tor the Ural tour month, of Urn Steal * r lfi6J B nd when If U remembered that the hni oris ate at a cold and theexports at a currency ! valuation, moroaUrm- Irc. The report a-> a whole la not what ConcrcM and the nconlc at largo had a right to expect. Krpccialty is this the case as rccards Uie state of nnnorts and exports. Instead of font* "wnc ..'.foment o( the colct.rjdo, wclru cotton, moot .ndlron, toported »4«• norted with their qnanUtlea and xalacs direct. It dyes stmpty lltc total 'due ot Import, and axporta M lhe varloca port! of entry,, statement utterly yatudesa to tno marmtaclnnin: Industrie, of the or£Ritlzi'd, tortsiAKA rrrmos. 1 A petition. numerously »T c J n ’;“ or I or.lrtoa, Inclndins . part olthe present Stale iaisowoD ilsjA'SJ her© for presentation wCcr-Ws.. torthe abolition of the present State Government, and the eaurhllshmen: oHi thovlsional one In tla .tend, repre.entln: that nnlcss somethin; Is done for their protection, “union men will he driven from the Slate. corrojl STATISTICS. The following figures, showing the imports of cotton and cotton goods from 3801 to IS*S, Incite •ire the last pattially estimated, wetr famished tottc SecfcLuj Of the Treasury for his forthcom i lag reports: 1 ISO. IHM. IRS. iwa. liCA. IRS ISOO qcxib souricni. mnnnronjiATroir. I' Oncol the strongest pollUcll u™. onn.Uom ot 11-e.lssl test rrsots Is that Just effected bj the JohoWD Ucpartmcm Clnb, rrblcb boring Med M . political orpanlratlon, la now as 1 h ronil eoclctyToo'lcr the came ot lie Johneon Temperance Club. | nretstox BtrsnseD. j The Ccmtamiasloncrt of Internal Kevcnnc, a former decision, now in' I «„c» revenne officer. 10 collect cent per potted upon codec, roasted and i CC aorsT Bt^iß«. ! k special despatch to tie | 1 1 ttbw* from New Orleans, announces that I 0 t tbo Frcedraens Bnrean 1«t Pc*m * xn *>» been wnriered people Goncral Mower has eent Genetal Baldy with a detadimc™ol caMlry to investigate tbe matter. «2SSiS: .«»«*? ~”»co«w mm jj; Tilt- - • rOISTBi- Jg*MAG*. _ . of* nieny^ni i><u-t*nt point* inbla I lb/^renn^tbat sa^aiggg Eloctotal abd .be SHk, UyiilalurM. ,aui or bTvnmcs. Wapbixctov November *<—The rewirt of toe FiS. anthorlairc the Bureau, contains ttate in the Import* and cspim for intr AC' 1 tut, Seplcmber and October. .afc“^f^“'; T^ _; o ,. Chill, X'aderia and hew Bmnswlca, c>.d— «»•*“ ISJ, !. r ,be «:c fle-ds ,nl moncacca « Ttliik of Pi eland rate* of discount, export* ; VS!U"” tSIi .». I I &SS yet for ford pttheliomeoi nei. A. Hoare. under the jpssjgkis^^ifss l ? tie tfiSKt* were fa'se, and hnvwlcd?« th" 1“' ■ #tia procurement of were piren nl , pIU , Snj , n . bavin-been ConoTir. «ci arewe He ha* retained iTr'.’nfc. GMU bS™ brother of Sl.nbal Ooodirrc, a* jii*‘connfel. a , - FKO2I KANSAS. D „,.n.b,oe«.«i J^JJs^rS." 0 . t Jk ,, d ! ’ SSZSS&S' *ic'o«lU Dcapatch to the CMcko TriUnoc-C, Ka»«!, boccmbckfa.__ Mnrilel,. at,oo, •J'JJJJSrSni/Sffii Oily, Qu.clliiUjc oUcf olaf* jJ H believed there.! a AtchUou. aid hi. a nsurdrrers ex ' of Sru« • “ f‘S., C °nS.lb3“i Hi, liuailra •«. of Uiwrcbca. «’■ i'* *- ™; i a i uwSSr* makingsunUvtnne to Chicago. Thla may be considered extraordinary travelling for the l Cranford, of this State, wasi married lari evening to Mlsi Belt Chair. No .now,.. yet. freeze occurred last night. THE TELEGttAPiI 12UJB0GLI0. Card train Mr. Crmla-De Baler. * h « Aaulnet the New York AMacloted I reaa The Western Associated I rr.a * Connection w lih theNcw Torn Association. To all Editors and Agents: VewTo-k !4er- Wcgraph New* Aisoc.alion haying allnewnl preliminary arrangements,jnll enter the field as genet al andcommcrclal neare TMdcr» on *1... •i. mouow. Sunday. Noicinbcr ano wecordialiy InTi’e the co-operation and new* reporters of the eoan.ry ° , sa w&sm ssf^ssr-s SL'Srt&taoS'eta 1 - ?o“cbSipb‘ Sews machUicry which we may, without say I* unequalled by anyone or by all oilier par tie* combined In this country. murwis- U Is Intended that the editors dMhe local a socta UoM of Soonntry shall If they will Ukei and hold permanently a controlling Interest In our ne ** n>cucia*.lon. and although the undersigned finds Itnccceeary al ibe outset of this enterprlsetoas- InneS ’prominence, be h.. »o no shadow of a desire to conduct the oostnesa confided to b >m lor the present, contrary to fhall ictpcct and guard the just rights and in icjc-ta of every journal In Uie country. To Inc Interested and In many nrfFtntstlow of partisan* of ihe New 'iprk Aaso elated Press, which hare been Jndustrious \f drenStrf ortr the country, M tele- Jranhaad throneh the eolitmna of tome £rthc New York journals. with the evident design to deur you £™““S2fSJS2«SS undenientd and hi* ab.e and »roreta««iaie* to break up the arrogant news ring tn thla ciiy. U Is necessary only w tol, Ibatwe command now as foily and a- absolutely as do the y- pu . Yotk Associated Press, all the telegraphic arencics and other machinery necenary to Insure re-’ular, prompt, yariert and rellablegeneralnews. commercial and marine report*. . . n _ We do not claim nor seek for any apcdal or ex dn-ivo ulcgraph arrangements, and the Associa- SS‘r.»s bf.tS.lM w m.kcioubelleretb.llb.J have an? telegraph or other news arrangements, fekffienoioSca'o ns.know,as well as Jthey taow that their claims arc utterly destf totSoftroX All that ihoAsodatod Press bare caorcan gel from the just and honorable mans fL-« of the telegraph lines of the country. Is the enforcement of uniform rates and impartial rales. JLcte me. aud rub. .re .eeuroed to u. .. Irceij proteftltielr weak by purchasing special and exclusive prldl .|lc.“.<rvl.c.llT »ben we assuro you that th**y have not and will not succeed In *crarluc tile same, ilosl of the more experienced and val uable agents of the Associated Press dare already resigned their ccnnociPn with that organUaiton. and nave accepted similar positions with UJ,and wc cordially H invite all parties who are In a position to render us tews fa'ora to out themselves In comma! cation with £ that we may secure their servlet* as agetds or r.'tioiters. aiid meantime we shall o-teem tt a tpcclsl fayor if editors and reporters wlllcom menco at once to forward to us, by (ckgruph. for morning and evening papers, brief reports of all items of news of real Interest lo any ° r t^ c f< | -•*! journals of uie‘country, and all such lavora will be propetly acknowledged. L-Md 1 * D. H. Cnrro, IsncdJ ucnotal Agent To tbe Western Associated Press: NewYoee, November 4?.—We have enjajjcd y r D n. Craig, General Agent of the Ln-ted Mates Tclectapn News Aesocutioo, to supply the General News Associated Press. FdticulFi* wUI be Inm^b^d^re^enny. Uonicc Write. Executive Committee of the Western Aeaoclated Press. T °Orric !Tor tux* U n rrro States asd Ecnorraw TxxinnATUio News Associates, 115 Dboadwat, Nww You*. November tS.-The entire press of the Wert have to-day, by formal act of their ape- Hal committee, consuming of Mr. Dais lead, of the r-iTiriTinßil Comnurctcf, and ilr. White, editor of the Chicago TuincifE, decided to dscotwect memiHTM from the New York Anoda'ed Press, Sidwtll hereafter receive ports from the Lolled blate« and Knropean Tcle nrsnhtc News Association, of which I manarf r We have already a portion of the E*st- S? aid alarce maloilty ot tbo Sonlhcrnand all the Western and Southwestern papers vrtth us, ■ad the decisive ictioa of Messrs. Ilalstead and White tcwlbt leaves no room to doubt that the unite to tt.ut the .thitwry .ntrDltolia of the nits, -hich consists o[ eU co-oper.lh.ft ot the whole press ol ibe country, and w wc can and will give them better an* mote vaned reports, and at a lower cost tbau the Araomated Press have hcrelotore done, and as we on will ernal or nrrai the be«t noseible efforts of the riew ion. General Agent United States and European Tel- UC r ,mnh^NSsL^a9^oQ.-- Kt«r YOttS, Novamh-s 4R .3 10.503.55 S . 5,431,37* $15,40 ».CM 2.0T-23J1 873,103 65,5‘4,3« Jo™* rceeivtnc aaSsSswa-'SlaF 1 ApnfWw'em Associated Prw«. New Yobs, November 23. To all Editors and A peats of New York Stile and 1 • Nxw ToaEU November 2s. gFSW^at au%£ssr sste«‘r R T*s' merely inciocntnl to Uie main pnrpose of col- J l ‘P,. „,. f„ r themselves. A* to the proportion of tide press respectively, we kavo the S^SSS'eSS^SI iihiiitv and authority should be ye*l<d In, and JtelSLuSSlS™. acl«.lV«T "lU>- »• ‘ N " Y wViSSSSdIO ate me Now Tort Associated ■S^S^asg.MtcV 1 ’ £SS£ pms of the country by koldtns the mo are tvUtrg to sen tn« tfa u SdVd The etecollve powers of the Association spississs Sfo&fesrefcsassg MfclMeiß oor * ctonld ptocßoj “ for KcollcrJon md dllToslo=*rf PCWAttW BBBMttl ip?s.uul?lr, especially U it taa a coasmeielal T '&re=toWL-bii.c compettilon there trill hei ■■ o w liisagreedwtih Mr. .>«« . BKSS breiablj «11hOMe MMhr t>« -J"£ «!•■', 4 „I?“ t£™M * OhblM Ot iSMstii R fccilUle* of every sort ollbo oppo crmpctuion *ltfc u ,bc provided thu iVoVrf IhelSSa ore terrl ‘“iV.Oralh ,*^^£s^2SieSSS tm»a , ttvdtoin^' ; i‘ j. Western ss 'a.saffi,-- in? «P f York, and charging ml rrc thooll thereh. ». onir. roerentees connection whatever with Mr. We have no counecuu exchange ay*- Crabt'e SSTu ~r° M?pe=«=t eChlr. ml as sa“ sw^saa -■«”"'S&^“e, P r more piece, Tor three leare, Eren ff"SJk dSlrmhle to brerit them op It could not 1 * |®5 e ; MO dsltd Press, wcondcrstand 111 N^\urt^«w»ro°m ln oppostlion to pwpose to *•*'l • t “ c . decided that the report Sir- Crtlgs- report ahall be knorn. m tte ye« m JSf£ n unoed to *ll the p ’ cr * rC ire iMilr£drime a* heretofore, and wc paper* ta aca U 1 iapro7e( i i c tire“webaredreided to have «ve kindred qcrlltT. , £j“*7, vim corresponding In* ,6111100.1 trenJt 'g* the rap crease of cost w rt '%'tv from New \otk plctnenury report, and we

.re’of ”e or. Woo that tie dopUretion CHICAGO, THURSDAY ■ra.Mh«lotor..MdU{* assspisssiss^^^^ A* preaent t ? € ™* c ]!f * don that purpose for the pwcnj*,. B?a.^& , «sX££«£sS cheerfulness, for the reason that we Me sore inero Bss&sfwa ssnaSMM*£ warning tl» Wcrtem Woffllri IJ*. “ .Sioc diiiir p.p.T. ; lire acted In good lAith r , JJ whole, and we expect the ocqMUfied-opport aJafe-SS £ wS"m 'CUkI pSJ-bl 5 ™{S5S£ for tolls upon meeaagea cent by the New York as '“SIPS*. I.iuunu>. (SUneo,) Cincinnati Commercial. UonAcsWurnL Chicago Tribune. Executive Committee of the Western Am Dela ted Press. JBOH sew yoke. Arrest of a Foal tire Forger from Nrw!*cesßubip Line Between mnniln and the .nedliemuiean. , , [bpodfll Despatch to the Chicago TribapeJ • NxwYonK, November *B. Henrv Grtatorcx, a fughiye forgerfroQ Scot land bu been a nee led here, ll I* alleged that tbe prisoner was concerned la tbs forgery of two thousand one pound notes on the Gm°“ Glasgow. Two hundred of these forcednotes were rated before their worthlessness was and so cood were the counterfeit# tbiut wasUr^ SSSShA «. 2SS? : & Ire.lofS'nd u™ 1 h°ndso«ttd A« heh jd sailed for this country* taking with him as h a 1 Sul o? the* forged cotes. Greatorex has been a prominent sensation rf r «®t preach the execution ot Pritchard forithe murder of bis wift It was he who harrangned the crowd at the exrcntlonon the enormity of capital One of the largest house# in th °J f re , u n ch J mj 1 trni'p assisted by some merchants in Montreal, have ’decided to establish a new direct steam line between Canada and the Medixrrancaojjor the purpose of developing and extcnnlng fbc rapidly fnmasine onslnees with Marseilles and other from Irkutsk, at fte head the Amoor River, and the capital of Eastern Sltkrta. dated November It, aonounce the arrival there of colonel l*anl Anaeolt, the Ilusslau witntho Overland Telegraph Expedluou, accom n-wled by Thomas \V. Knox, late apsnt of the ?Veetcrn Associated Prc«s aw Amertren Übtrl opnober. who had reached that point, having as tended the Amoor Hirer, in one of the A ®P* •teamen. 2.£t«) miles In reven weeks. The Governor of Siberia had kg® ssa, ot S^'SSSKliWffg®- border, which is to bo extended to the caphal, Pekin A line o! Unsslan couriers Is already nm* nfne to £klc. The Kutsteu# are making prepar ation to seire new territory on the north of China so as to aoioixc a belter seaport opposite Uako- Tribwtf willcontainareply to_Got emor Cummings' defence of b.s course, by ■ rmChaC’erlorColorado. He charges Governor Cnmmtnga with having tried to get lion. Prank iij.i removed from the Secretaryship on the jproul tattle to. opposed to tap .limlnutratloo. Af/itr t/> «*pi a man en tee Board oi can retire who would f«vor Bunt, the rtmtoUvatou Snclldale That, ffeliingto get this done in tine, the Governor usurped the functions of the Board Sd certified to Hunt's election, notwithstanding ?tc Board of Canvassers found the Bepob tom (■false and narllal, and proves a much larger Is false ana pa .... Q. al Governor Com- KSSKSi ilnter apSSv’ed and signed a Joint of tbe Territorial lo tc»- perpetuation of his tyrannical power. A not of « For«rr—k>a™"»*> - An.lh. Uctcdoc Frasd. [By Cralff.l „ , Nrw YoitK, November IS.—Henrv Grattans has been arrested in Ibis city b ,f, forced SOO one pound no’ea on the Onion Bank 01 Grateanx er”Sd Imtdrtt wifi. C "iP e ' Kd I ’vi« «n*iiere. leavlnc be tuna nun * T rue ,**}“ children, fcifetueen of the notes were found In bfftSwwe. He lain cnetody, awaliln? exam h£ilonbeftxeJudgeNewton, Tbo doperiuicn dent of the GJa*srow police Is hero asking for the “,;Sr”K;V™"°oW.. n^™ e d .1 Ihe Union League Club House this evening. inraUll VCAHL MSTOr'S SCCrcUTT. Hagcotl are on trial here, chawlwlthnianalacmnne cigars without pay ing the revenue tax thereon. • FROM CINCINNATI. A **lanment—Murderer ttewited-neaUh of GoTtner Morton, Are. rSpecUl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 r Crxcureaii, November®. Towers A Co., hatters, «a Fourth .treat, made an ea.ignment today for the heneht of their cred- 11 Tbe Governor printed a respite to Smith, the murderer of Gray, In Fayette County, of-two weeks from to-morrow, the 29th, when he was to “mo'TwftSSSiloM tor alavea drafted and .nlwtcd dnrlag the war Into the Dolled Slates rer vimln KetoncV, hare eattbllihed their olllcee at F,^, r “&SS. S o“sn“i’tmthont Interruption for thlipoittwmty °onrhonra, and .till contlnuea .0 to Thankf"Wnc*in be pOTcnTly observed. At s o’clock laat evening a fire broke out In the of Vine street, and of ,1,500. with “i'Sdll. * Kentncrr ltaiwad ha. 1»» completed twenty tniW north of Knoxville, and train: arc rnnnlne that distance. Governor Morton, ol Indiana, U tryin* a new tScd.-a Swedtah Invention. called the ?»*,!!« The Ices are placed in Iron SfSrMiSsSS ®s3^kS ! S. , S3iSv , S : proves. _ L - EROM DES MOISES. renrt Mnltcra-Ald Solicited tor the Dee Slotnrn Valley lU»road-An tnsnnc Man Shot by ailatake-shon Corn Crop told Weather, Arc. ivocclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] 1 r Dxs Montes, horember &. A snoclal term of Court wIU be he'il in Marshall . Conntv, commencing on Monday next, for the rmrpoie of trying two cases, vie: tut of tbe Stale ecsirst Kemsbarger, the Hardin Ccanly warder j jv,.t e f Charles A. Shennsa gainst the \raai.«i «♦«<->, company, for damages for drown- W cetera- mo ser lo Boone Kirc?! m U l£<a, the’ plaintiff hems it Die time In “Thf&otiiilt and Dee MolneaTdleJEaDroad pflifincnt have dispatched one of their business Stsb ISV&S 3S “merchant who took him for a prowl tejKJbanrniJ report of the Adjntaat General of Tnwfl i'M been put in tbtf hands of the printer. SepoYte torn all over Uie State pat lie com 1 ■ 1 KSSte tomorrow. Avery hod, re pmpuUff ■ in thank God tor g»d tomorrow, and a gvne : tal good old Thankagivlas Day la expected. Jfllt GOOUS. jgABGAISS LADIES DRESS FURS. DON’T BUT TD.L Tor HATE IKES OCB STOCK ASD FItKXS. CtEW&TEK. Furrier, Sbenaaa fl-ta;. S3olitan Goolis. YEW CHRISTMAS GOODS. Fireside Caines, Parlor Croeinet. •p- no y walnut co° d »i I liTUEEH FKAH>ON A CO» i »*““*• ioi Wsib aston-et. yijolograptis_ T) TILLY FOK ,BKA2sD ! 11 tisbirlwd 'Another wort ~c£2» «•« »Wo£n TUsatasirlas g-JiyjSiiliSSa^tSl”' l Betwaweeanr „ ITrJ AT.’ir—A ?62 Wheeler & I’ l\ JuT» AV•* 1 Machine ?W t VCCtfitt ce.'fsco. - —' Cctnilt of ißusie. Orton o= H«edeM» « RkED 5 Temple 01 Untie, IS, npon p,.. -cm ol n ■mUl .>«=. done Mime, >” euwin ? Iniunncau. jy gad ikU. NOVEMBER 29, 1866. =-afcs MACSEALE & CUBAN'S BURGLAR SAFE AO AIK TaXOmPSAKT? AN ENTIRE NIGHT’S WORK, wrrn powder, drills, cold chisels AJiD WEDOES. DEFEATS D3l BAjrxnto Omct or Mom* A Q 57TS* I!l } 1 Tsm Bi«sa Mlclu, Not. S), ISM. > I Reeart. Dodds. Uacseale A Cruan: . I On the morning of ihe l«ih lmt« on entering w • fee. we found -hat burglar* had attached mo hare we wSmuednSmyoSlMt December. Theyhad'blown cp« toetre-proot doens. ana men their at- | lenuon to to* burglar-proof box. which Licy atJWBJ. id to artll. Falling In this, they broke oJXUiehanQU Sat throw* the boiia ol thedoor and VlVHtl^ihafW I nut the lock, attempted to drive too through the door, broke off the aadWledw wedceopentbe burglar box ittelf. Tbo Mack was I pcwiatenl and well directed, but ujnucoaefhU^ I t --rt the u*f.» fjf repair*, and hope yon wulihlp jFine jfurmtutc. •nrrniTXETrs PATENT COMBINED ; Chamber Set rpETJSSES, ABDOMINAL SUPPORT- Jl tß3,ic.,ic- mETT, BUTMAN & PARR* J 33 South Clark-nt., (ap .talr.), UaacTactartrs of and Dealer* la trusses, abdominal supporters, =nOCI3)En TtRACES. elastic siockbos, bus ■ UWI, “ PEJJSOBT *JA>DAOE&, Ac^&e. ■S^BSS^“S^sSs%f,SSBa &VSJ ’Sirt £1 "S oV neml.ljWJgf ‘PPM (,y Ur. yiirlttT. »ad perfect acccftw (Tiaranteec. jiHsoh ant) «Eoal. QOAI.-All kinds and sizes of Hard and Soft Coal. rell-«acsusa““ t “‘ 1 - oaten pnnapUTUW. r.* M. HALE &, CO., 1 -■■ ivortu Olnric-Bt. •^■'OOD— Grand Traverse and Canada WOOD. mulaeta. Orden pronpUr SUea. F. M. HALE & CO. ornCDt & WORTH CLAHK-ST. \ LL fcIZES COAL ff t qM ml« um ttettht.. order, com the ooouM ptcrspily died. CURTISS, BROWN & CO., I 15 WEST MADISON, rj->HE LARGEST AUCTION SAIiE Ever held in Chicago, wIU lake place on Tuesday & Wednesday, 33ec. 4th and sth, J. STETTBEBIER & CO CLOTHING CLO THS, $150,0 0 0 Without Heserve, at their Store, Uos. 74 & 76 Lake-s yotnt MOSTHS FOB APPBOVED PAPBE. ■nn ChDtR MCO-CA9B. Calnlwnirs and Goods ready for inspec* tlon on Monday, Dec. 3d. WM. A. BUTTEUa A CO.. AucttouTOta. \ KMT CLOTHING. "Wholesale and Retail. 2,500 Overcoats, S,OOO Frock Coats, ' ’ 2,500 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, ac X»ttruMi, Curled HUr, Boiler Towda, *=• FEED. L. FAKE, S OX and 303 South VTater-81- Yooso abso BENEFIT CONGESTS I BENEFIT CONGESTS OEATORIO OF ST. PAUL! COEESETO HiSCEIXA- m- e j E TRAVERSE. AlltUe cjjl of scxt Monday Erenlus, Dec, 3d, Tocetter mtt «=e or Be Ue«« i‘aw ">'«• <* W ' t~n mta.l ISicOgpapcrs. Keto publications „I=l' IcAPT.MAY>EREID V ?^tn C totoe American public ot toe author relate. In » W* *> tt u jcircelr n«res*ary to urge “T nr*nment S appreciated, tbit W*book* have the ® Uws “ library, i kn.itf'i ralila and the lady** boudolr-ail claasee wel coming that off-hand. Hashing «y«' tter curlw Id* reader along with him. throngh all “nSolWlolWwUsKxW •«*£■ VSbS SgS^iS^SKSS-ijS ciott. *° U at the remarkable low price of HJ® P« r volume. lost tESOBB; Or. To* A»T*xrc**3 o» x 801 - isq-Ktosx. _ THE TXGKB BBSTZB; Or, A EDO IX 8m» or HMSXU. tee 1IA.COOK: Or, puast** Lnr* » J^xaicx. the WILD HC2JTBE6&; Or. LOT* B TB* WILD**- s*a». THE WOOD-BAKGEBb; Or. TB» T»ait*» or So- XOKA. yrr.n LIFE; Or, APTPrrem oa tax Ftom**- OSCEOLA. THE SEMIS OLE; Of.Taa B»J» T*** or tm K lowxe lasp. THE BiSGEBS A3*D °* ™ TASAHa. ; Or, Ur* Axosaru* U-*u«- THE RIFIE-BA3SCEBS; Or. ABTZSTUM » Soctubs Uzuco. THE ECAIP-HUI'TEKS; Or. ADTCTTT3*S AXOSO Tntmrfm. THE HCSTEK? TEA*T; Of. COSTXEai.TtO» A*ocaD tub Cajut Fib*. _ THE WHIIE CHIEF! A uim O' iIEECO. TABLE, desk. BUREAU, CLOSET. WASH and TOILET STAND. iIIRGOU. BEDSTEAD. TH® QUAD BOOK; Or, A LoTXK’B ADTETTCa or LOCIiLiXA. For lale or Inrpectloa »t BEBASKS&JOILNSTOS’S, TOE WAK TOAIl! Or.THT Hnr OT TM WILD Hoi Thr« -nn tbeourt latemtlng series of work* eri published. 152 trusses. rr Corl« of tha i iLt CcU*l.SUle* ar 18G7 THE IS^ 7 TTSEXJTV-SEVENTH VOEU3BB. TIIELADIES’REPOSITORY; Comer of Cma3-«t <Klo ijing. vtues Will close ont their entire stock of AMOUNTING TO tubmib. amusements gtationerg. 1 monograms. '***' S “‘ Wedding. TUUlna nnd I.rUntlon Cord.. -SSSSS^-^S SiTUEirr, PBAIWOS *C®»» 101 Weshlsgton-* . Bcntistrg. t eeth extracted 1 WITHOUT PAIN S^S&aS£^wSS«yi®SSSsa itqroctu. TM*b<rr.lMrtmiTolraM£e rot nr to nro it, atn»s boiw, of »eren % dome* e»ca. , iboTc boot* «ent to any tddresi 1 A General tlterairand Bellslonp Baa- ailne for the FiniUf. EaehKnmber will cot lain Two Original Steel Engravings. Uobiu< cl Chicago. ssfSSSS enilniT tafetn j>Ut»dbin ptMtc, anti part, t,Sfe“iinne tee »i«m ss *««■»» .% anta of the family. OPIKIOHS OP THE PBES3. C wUfc U »lie ''SSSc-'nmi Umar jSSS! nawqps .twlw^tltdt*.' Cadet tune, Jff.&iK’lt t&'Ster.-inoeß.td iaua. IMP Kowlathetlme to subscribe. XEBifS. Three Dollars nod Fifty Coot, per Tolamc, INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. PUBLISHED BT POE & HITCHCOCK, Corner EUhlh and Malu-ats., Cincinnati, 00 Washlncton-U. Chicago. gjgaantta 4"ffe s^®kSs”tsrrco‘S&.SJS‘JS'- kew. 71 Dearborn-st. STORE WANTED— TO BENT "■ iShv.&Uht: location. Mar of a porch a* er, by addressing #wnT - p. o. 1375. TO PACKERS.—Wanted, a attrition by a man ct twenty years experience in trim nilu~ and curing Hams lo Belfast. IreJand; also,com petrol to cut Hoes, or do £0 F%ck ’ mnnomc. Apply m *■***£*£;*££*. Ijustnegg Cams. WT. NOBLE, . of • “’ws.-ssuaasa ° graving* for sale. OWEEP SOOT, OH !-Werjeprepared O totborouct.lT clean out your CbtmEen. harlcs laichlnw adapted to atl ?S“ P. O. address 630 Weal Madlson-st. order Box aontbeaat corner LaSalle and Madlaon-io ATTENTION, WAGONMAEEUS! A s . 33. BAWHira, Manufacturer and Dealer In Felices, Wagon Gear, Axles, Poles, Box Board*. \iAiiEsoy. mu-sen co., Mica. rjw L. MORGAN & CO., * COMMISSION MERCHANTS, KWSS'.-aSSS ?IS'5,^ 0 S&C I S‘» Hoc.: 13 faSalleat- —— ]3apct. rjHE “RECHERCHE’ PERFUMED Note Paper and En velopes „„ (fir .Ml.. W All ■« 1-1.-1-ClA*! Bmkml ler, and StalUnem. For ul« to Trade t>7 HCLBEBT, WAT & CO. eLGincs, iUquorg, &c. LONGWORTffS WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI «»ssssssasffSPffiMS&P’ WEITZEL, MABTDi & CO.j ~ cucua. m. yens TOSEFHGILLOTTS sTEEU PEKS, J 0 “the «*'£*s*> *\?£L r r. TBAOEMAKK. w nnjHOty. fEW SEEIEB, GOOD ASD CHEAT. Dam So. S« 1050.T61. JOSEPH n-SSdn, IBADEMASK. Bl gU.lJlPr i . :u SnoAOT. Ttc itt-l srotre outcisjo. “-‘L r< JTTV A * t “ ElD<r *'' - I cscuor. tae pabUc U.£*£**AV glTsT* _ 1 JOS. GILLOTT dt SONS. I No. 91 Jeh»*t-i New York. I HEMgy OWlgf> Bole Agent* -p O ST OS FISH MARKET WILL OPES SOTEMBEB Ist. lOOHlonrocstuOPPOslteP.O. B k - . K.h .- SlSfeSr T ,^.^Si£Shwi«« i- «55g »1 upreull DrHmflT BM. ko. 100 UeaMML NUMBER 177, ffUhltal. AND'LUNGS, Chronic Diseases DR. B. SEGNITZ, Of Now Yorlt and St. Xionla, Hie wcU-taawn practtttonff In PULMONARY mom DISEASES 1« ibowt to Tttit CIUCACrO, TO, tor the porpow 0 giving medical audience*, at the TREMONT HOUSE, WEDKESDAT. the *l*l of Korember. diUj. from 9 a. m. till 4 p. n. Tbe Doctor*! reputation a. ttanyphysician l« York, and hH imwriorttr In Throat, Lungs and Chro“)< placate*, will render It ro p*rtooo« to recommend tu new method of treatment, by mains of hlaownnew In* itrnmfnta,for Inhalation and Fcsufflitlon. (trnmenu are not only approsedby ttc eldana of ttU country and Europe, but are »eU tpokra of In IheJfrdfaif oml Surgical Rsportfr* c f e '' _v.. /October 3d. 1363,) the leading medical Joartial OJ SSSS<! Dr/t never rto« “ I otter adrerllstcg physician* are used to he flSfmore (orrT-that, as specialty practitioner, be U SSinto advS*c. Vn central wilt soon be consumed that hecWc« ffo= 1 ottm, and Cm-clws city references are at dw lot 1 *hi« purpose. Personal Examination Is Necessary n* ALL CASES OF Clironlc C*uurh, AMlima. ricer* In ibe Throat, Nostril*, ASD I>* PULMONARY DISEASES IS GENERAL. n»e Doctor never attends to doftVfal he achieved rwnlu in cases which were denounced latal by other phyiOdans. For the A'--t examlaauoo Se patient will call bci&rt he has uSen hH main meal. Tranent How. 9 a* ta* tin 4 P- m» jyj-ORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Or. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! foe THE CATAKKH! “SSSSSfI Ssss-sskSr «^hi*«?rStbeeyc*. U>«ot «»«of tmellin*anc and t*rloM p.xlniol teur*lßlcail-cUon».lberj about Use aoove remedy, and u maj ft-Sc e“ tcriber. General AK<m; for me L iluc «•“ “ d 'Vh°bukkisgtos, Fronted. B. 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It* circulationconductors. since the Rcpaollcaa party war «n_ career mer be pointed to trim pndeaad i» « norttln the rear, but .TO* uj. frwr.t, heftrmtng lto.ugrd*Pd vpyter » «nd treeeon. Darts the entire period dCm Kbetikm U Mew no ncceritfn blasts. hnteoroeedtocaOTe and ssenfiew awn; Ire them of a alonow trtnapj grtte rtgMM $ abotHhed. the Chi it d do., .h« th. 6*l .. .mwi csyo Tsjbcs* instils that the wtiteete Onji people wbo utnuted him with Prert* - - ™- - -*-■« based on the principle* of Equal EigMs and Exact Justice to All Men! _ 1B irrnancetlmofcol'v* or birthplace. Right wrccgi no mss It therefore adTOcatra latputlal s^£*^!“J£f ac to Vrery law-abiding clUam all lit* rtghw. And bo and no man's right, are tnsT denies ctrU and poetical right. «4 schemed r«or»trnctton win proto wtlsfscwry caa oppose impartial suffrage a:d equal right* with prlvU*ges to any claw of loyal cld«n».. eSoaaiakaMT er bo tmir sreo. 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No former kL ’* a,d t «bonld tell tu good* without teodlag the TRIBDSE; M ri l i.a P t h eTmßU>E; ~ * tls £*. witto* »* tli sssir—- D. SEGimZ, M. D. THE contents of each edition of the tribune embrace, eowu to tbe hour ot »om* to P««. W<»iun c?r ..Z {'arada. Gfftt Brtt* LcaU. K^^t »is.¥rar.ce.LejiLanj •&* - MnU abeic >(CV publications. TERMS payable Bail., per nun JIM; Tri-WeeUy pei am.™, $5,110 Weekly, per annum, $2.00. FACTIONAL PAETS OF TEE TEAS AT THE SAHE BATES. OF THE i A »ioviuc fire or morecoplo* of elUicr - tbe TBI» Fer*on» «*faon»4iuay retain ten percent- of Uie ■nbecrlpfloK or WIW iM **““ price a* a commW>“ DraHj ExpreMj *“ sent at oos-rlsle* Address yinrbtoatc. Stobes, &c. ALE HARDWARE- _ ft ILUAM BLAIR & CO, niTOKTIKS AND iraOLEiil-E DEALEBS IS B. BAIN, niv sis. At Keooaha. WUcomln. 179 ASD ISI imDOLPH-ST., CSJCAOO. ■ _£ii;D\VAl!E A>'D CCTLERA. R. & G. E MILLER, 65 State-st., Chicago. is"" v.nrhUttf." which we win KU At Low Prices for Cash'. jacniGAS CASAI, llatents. Etal Estate. E. E. TASS, PSOolt, aicU. OF THE DEVOTED XO OF THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. TBIBTIHE CO., Chicago, HL ron a srscnrEW 00 PY - ASD AI«o,»toe aflßQrtmcitcf SEASONABLE GOODS. Meat Cutters and Staffers, and Gents’ Skates, Straps, &a, Scoop*, vhOY ola Axes. oTC. A 7 0.l MASSILLON . PIG IRON. BETVET & CO.. 3« Egilet articles. - lo«u>2 »rUcJei: I_€BlK»’ GENUINE' $ • Plialon’B Sight Blooming Ccrens, 90c IciEinry &Eiown’a OrioitalToot^Paste, 85e For me » Sl3 Boom cun- B.H.ISAVES'WOETH & CO., ApothPCirtw ml Chgrjjg; .■ffatming ilattlig. \ IJj'WAISTDiGFARMS—OooAjam &°^£°b K M!^o» r S'r'TSsS.*£ ; P»T mwe to SSTZStoV taUA-pcne«.; matt£»cOirerj »**o'wtsjmc. ;i w< vm id he^y-**ij&f W Propnetcr, Tfct- F'-^^^wsss^issesjssasi 1 agS«weaße»~ ~• .^financial j-OK biHE. A FEW SHAKES OF Fourth national Bank Stas' At»bersiln,U called torasoc. TVL.EU. ILIIIASS * CO. !I-2 cLAKK-ST.. COB. T.AKE^ hotels. TERTIS HOUaE, Tomer Tan Buren and Sherman-s^., Use aaeol£e«t m* dggt at *« sSSbeTn and TbU hew renrciihed. 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