Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 29, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 29, 1866 Page 4
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MB! &l)icoigo THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20.1968. THE CITY. "So Pater will be issued from thl* office oa Fries? roorntnT, In accordance with the usual observance of Thanksgiving Bay In thcTnincaa office. FrusoNAL.—Hon. Luther 8. Dixon, Chief Jus tice of the Mate of Wisconsin, and Hon. M. b. Murphy, of the same Sum, are stopping at the lle' vrc House. . Tut iKtTtDAtio* in I Itasca.—A subscription ’tel *s t.nvs oj>cn In the effiee of the French \ ice- Cor-u! No s:A Illinoi* stceet, for the relief of the auCVn-wbythe great Inundation which recently iraihed the extent dlsmcts of Prance. ThsVice- JjSS ippS* to the charity and sympathy of all- Tnayufcmso e* tox Journal Omci.—The thirtv-five married employes of the r ournai office were fart evening made the recipients of a turkey each, a* a Thanksgiving souvenir, from C. L. Wil ►or. E*q.. tiie proprietor. The gift was well do tened. and equally well appreciated. Cask I)c.xi* , ed.—Captain Wolf, of the bark Etowth.;who was before Ur.Coromlaslouer Hoyee dus «>f smuggling, a* heretofore noticed In tbcl i sm jvt, was yesterday discharged, it ap* pioriug by his evidence that the article* com plained of as being kinucglcd were febfp store*. Methodist Missionary Union.—'The ladies of the various Methodist COnrchcs of this city are requested to meet In the lecture room of the Bmct MetbodUt Episcopal Church, on Friday a'lemoon at three o'clock, for the purpose uf organizing a Bewing Society to ala ihegre:t t-ulcrpnM! j«*t established. By order of thoKx:- cutlvc Committee. Shop Ltrmrc.—Anna Burgett, a colored woman, was detected on Tue>day afternoon In the-act of stealing two balm oral skirts, and other artlcks, bom the More of Augustus Fangntz, at No. £47 South Clark etreet. She was arrested, and upon being brought before the I’ullce Court yes U-rday morning, wa? committed for trial in bail of K*iO. Tim Cujjk-Nobtob Mxnxn.—The attorney of Jehicl F. Norton, who t« at large, nndcr ccrti* ficaics from phyriclan#. but constructively in jail for contempt in not tendering Ms accounts as guardian of Miss Grace Josephine Clark, yester dav appllid to Judge Brodwell lor on extension of‘hi* have from the county Jail The court de clined to net in the premised until pro pc* account ing vas had. Girra.—Any one who may be In want cf a Christmas gift, will do well to call at Dye’s Piano Boom?, No. I<N Randolph street, ccarlv cpi'Orile tho Mueenm, and examine the Har.h'tou riruthei's No. 1 liauo. These Inatm cu-nt? :ecclvcd the first prize (gold mi-dal) at the Ntrjoral Exhibition in the New York Crystal IVacc. Btnd for a circular, and see what fa said bv w lo b )ve tested (be iostruments. A TuANCsaivcro Dunrsn.—Mr. Robert BID, prepriiU-r of ibe Mattcson House, will this day partake of bis Thankfgl' ing dinner (n company with hi* mother and fottreherof her children. The ccmp&ny will consist of els persons, the aver- sec of each being slxtv years, the age of ibo fi.-r.ior t:.c-iibcr being nlueiy years. Some of the cli iciH ii who rime aayembfe have not seen their vtncrtble pirt-m during the past thirty yeata. N'oru. Enteiitazsm£st.— I The performances on Tuesday uTi-nli-jj lart at the lUl’.road .Mission Chapel. on (irlnvold street, In aid of the mbslon, were eminently successful. The Btmeprogramma f.-jU be at an entertainment to be held on tomorrow (Fridat) evening, ttie pantomime of *• ihe Mistletoe Hough” being the chscf feature. Independentrftbe satisfac Joa ailendan' upon a vlfluo the chapel is the graUHcaiion of aiding tils In.portaut enterprise. Howto AnmnisE—Sccctas is Bcsnrass.—A lecture on this Important subject will be delivered before of th? societies of Eastman College In Metropolitan Hall, this evening, by the President of the institution, H.G. Eastman, I*. L. D. The lecture delivered last winter bj Dr. Eastman was attended by a large number of oar businessmen and was received by them with great satisfaction. Tbe lecture w,ll commence at *4 o'clock. Oar merchant* and clerks will do welt to attend. Sr. Asnrrw'e D at. -To-morrow la the snni vertary cl Scotland’s paL-on saint, St. Andrew, ard our Sccicb friends arc preparing to celebrate it Iniheir accustomed hearty taeblon. A dinner will be given In the evening at the Briggs House, which, unless li differs w idely from all previous festivities held by the St. Andrew's Society, will be one rf tbe most agreeable rennions of the sea son. Tbe anneal meeting of the Society for tbe election ol officers, will take place at tbe Briggs House Immediately prior to the dinner. licmre at BnxcKToJT.—Major J. B. Merwln, of New York, will deliver the second lecture of the course for the benefit o! “Tha Home of tbe Friendless, ” at Bnckion, to-morrow (Friday) evening. Subject: “Elements ,of Power in the American Republic." The lecture has hen de livered In various Eastern cities withimuch ac ceptance, The Boston Adcer'it'r characterizes it as “one of the beat of tbe season, and one which would r.ot only be popular, hot useful, any where.” DtATn or at Old Hzsidtxt.—John C. Oulhct, Ecq„ an old resident of Chicago, and an Alderman ol the city in 13M and ’X, died on Tuesday las', of consumption, at bis residence in Brickton, thir teen m.les northwest of Chicago, at 4be age of f.f;y-C'.ry srs. Mr. Ontbet came here from near In Yorkshire, England, by way of Canada. in IKC, and commences baalnws as a wagcri-akcr, at which be bad amassed aconeid eraole amount of property, lie leaves a wife and two *on* 'ibe deceased was a man of strict in tegrity and affable manners, and was universally esteemed. Wi«t PAxrotTn Rrnrcr.—Allssl there seea* rorm to hope that West Randolph street wtu be c,<s f«r travel this winter, A very little more time »« needed U» complete tte SOLig, and the blocking can U«en be ptridorj arm If the weather sLroio I'C aJllrie severe. And If this abosld b fossd ha practicable, toe manager* of t be Wert Lnr}*lo% w,u Jay 6t,*a their track* oa \ : %rj plsekrug. so a* lo»naMvthc cars to ran'J-iocru, and give travelling fad'tOev to (be ti'rsrsrie «to vrocJd be peartjcally siut't-t Utjtr the bn*t»e** atks of tu« ciiy oy tL/. l-'ct j and room erf winter. Lstrtwr as tlanxa— Joeepb Jtetk,Ul« *l!g«d ft UbtAuaw time ago. *ad coiUrted the suss ot f •Hi'tom James 8, Jfpraylbc, ortenvlUy 'or the tnu ot Mmllms —.».r., fftyffSaio. at No, tut feosta Water °' o ttTeUic. iwt. A-.vntVt*- lit’l «tr tai>lupd t*y Jtvsl'Oß A tloodne.i wbeo u » U IW taw Ueo authorized to collect for O-eiß.LatH U cndrfvtooa Ibel be wa« hot etn vloitA ter ibo*e ♦‘bra fce coUeCxd tbe money of Vo »>U:v. Hefories to pay over tb? money, ■oit v&a uion-hi aralnst him trefore Justice U'Wu'ie t azu! be was comiblUed lor trial lu hall rtiW. Sr. Jeans' Ciil'bcu Festivau—Tbe Fair and Ft rtlval which La* been held at the Ma*lc UaQ of tbe Ore.a House every evening alnce Monday,Las proved a decided tuccrre. Tbe hillhrebreo quite crowded cvey ugbt. nnd « pleasant variety of cutcitalntuenta Lave oeen provided by tbe man au’cra. Munir and dancing baa Deco a dls- Urguithlsg leatore of the prog.arnme, andtbia rrere«i,blc exercise inter fall* to attract a number of the fait caw, whose presence couetltulea tbe be»t rharm ol tbe evccit g's enlertalnmetiL La*! ctealfig It was aasoonccd that tbe Pair would be open 10-dav from one o'clock In the afternoon. The boidera of tickeu are entitled to j. o to tb> Art Gallery of (be Opera House. Sinse or the Tikes.—While pollUdaua and the rest of n.aakiud “snUT; round t:iectrcle,“ and view tbe various siguLt of the limes, noire strike them more forcibly tbm the sign of Mtasn. Munson, fcklnner A Clark, NuUoucrs, No. ltd Lake s?ree*. painted by Began, on J avails >trceL As the trnvcllcr pa*s»-8 up tbe street ibe Ulask Hooks'* ebows plainly: whin directly m front the name ot tbe firm stands boU’y or, aud as he paste*, on this fades away, aud the j-i 'ti i *l'rirUng' appears. The Arm owning this n -ai alcn is an old and well c-'aMisbed liouie. Tin goods on baud arc of a flue qnnihy, and a >• cffereii at reasonable rates. Uu«iues • msu vho • Offices need replenishing! will do Weil to ciaori i theii mock, and “to lookicto Ibe case," as U. men *ald to tie oyter. Hant-nm Sinter iXfuovcicxKTs.—A meeting cf tic property holders on UaMed rliocttras held on Tuesday evcrlm, comer o.’ West Twelfth and Uairtcd street;,lo lake lutocotmdcr ation the propriety of legally opposing tire im provements being made on Hai-tod street. The mectij.g was organized by tac choice or Mr. E Alonleuu, as President, and Mr. W. P. Hildreth, Sen clary. Mr. t.torgc W. Spafford, in a few pertinent re in arkr, tlstod the ohjevts of the mceUng. On uroiion, u coramutoe was appointed to lake charge of the matter and protect tee imeresis ot the property holdcis. 1 he loliov.lug were appointed each committee: Messrs. Jr. Ifcsrdon, I*. Carrahcr, 11. M. Goodin, J. V. Hull. Peter J«y and K. Morrison. Thsfol lowii c war t-km-d and agr cd to: ju»u.-. i ..viiu auu a.i iu iv. f.’evu.ii, That wc, the property holders on EiUud tuccl, :>zice to pay uliexpcujc.l locurrca by J«£»l proceedings 1» cefeailng the icproro u.ct:,, in proportion to thv number of feel owned by each. *A v./ic cf thanks was returned to Mr. Gcorgo TT. S;-iir».iil. OiiViouon, adjourn*'o fortwo weeks from date. 'i Ur Fmttnau ItUklucw o*»l«*je, J "t\> uoiice (hat the Earl man Business CoHege fo: Ptiiiiess Training, oj»cacd la our andri a iitts-' w.oie u>an twelve months ago, la fast fill ii.L:n.. vitb y* urg tovn from cily and country, 1 who dclertnh.ed to avail themselves of the 1 dale*-' (Tthe winter season by fitting themselves for barJccsr life by a course of dsdy lo that pop «l»r inrutulios. The effect* of the fire In Metro politan Itluck have all been removed, and with the audition of a large amount of additional space, the Faculty are able to otfer grt-aier fadli litf -.ha.i ever to students. The great Hall >e c*>w /lied o;< is a perfect tdncaUonjl jiali.e, fitted with all ti e api lianoes needed <o carry on all the detail* of butit.csa In its varied brauebes, em bracing bauk'ng. Insurance, shipping, telegraph ing. aud the wholesale and retail of all idnd?; It is filled with students who tre all busy under the eye of competent l*rofessors in ac iulring that know ledge w Uich will be valuable in aKei life. TUc'ZcogltMloit or Dr. Koch ji lel’xr appears In the New York Uercld of November,- from J. d. Edwards, M. D„ la which he tay* “the recent finding of the fossil mastodon at Troy has a’tiacted the attention no a . only of the scki.Ufic world, hut also of many in onlni ** winds, to tneb matter*. In me amde In ■tour pspsr of Snedity, the ISUt. in .peahlnd of lie tuvtodoD, reference i« made to lie liydrarsns l.y Ur. Koch. Hie hydrar*o*, or at It era. aut.eoceiitly called, toe -a; cx hjbitofl in rii it Oilcan* lo lhj3 liy Ur. Koch. 1 true iotiii .ltly countered —lib the doctor at tbai line, ted 1 oil pot think 1 -vor met a more honor able mau or any one lc.-e likely lo eiagg-nifr a sdri uric Jack 1 know cry bone ic the tculog don; 1 raw it daring the whole time it was being prepaid for cahtbUlou, nnd indeed partly assis ted la ibe articr.UUou ol it. tVhen ye. ■ Roch was lert by lh<- schoolboy lo the side of the field where the ploughed np fuetlU bad been collected, he foetid them to be some of the bones toward? the erdofUte tail, ana. os li appeared eventually, pome ol these moat have been sea tered. When the skeleton was anlcnlaied the bones which were tnUehig wciv modelled tip in planter roughly, ?o as to keep the propei pioportion. U.t not so a to dere'-vc by appearing a« I bare often seen them pointed out to visitors as the places of the missing portions. 1 foci confident that ihev did not amount lo more than three or loar frit la the IfCgth of the skc;cion wheu exhibited. The len-Mh ol the rculogdon when billy art'calat d •waTon: 1M feet? I'b'-UiC!roaic of (hose who h *t*. Tt to exhibit at t'.v um•? csllod it W* feet Id v noi ?„ .. '.tedi.sdful cpidi-mi® of that year ilsyj)* and scattered great unuibe«. and I have pm .ecu'or iuard of Ur. Koch or the«nlo s don 'nTcmlMioEeeoclodonratakco to Bp 1/inl*. andthrSecbreniht to t-iildro. tome too year. It CO. reit* It. old none. ta w 'f; npper room elf Colonel ySood 6 Jubcitm. Why not*‘re<iClcecalU) paceT THANKSOIVIND. Tbj Day—Fersonal and National Bene fits—Obserrancc In Chicago, To day will be observed by our citizens, pursu ant to the Proclamation of the President, and of Governor Oglesby, aa a day of public tbankaglv ing and praise to the Almighty for the blessings ho has showered upon the land. Business will be eniliely suspended dnrinr the day. and the public office* will be closed. In the churches thankarfy- Ing unices will be held, and contributions taUrn up at the close In alo of various charitable institu tion* and for the tellcfof the poor. The usual thanksgiving dinners will alao he given, dona* tions for which will be gratefully accepted. There can be no more tcceplablc homage from man to his Creator than ihonks—the gtealoui pourtng of the heart's best omonons in i eturo for mercies infinite in their cbaractef and illy do served by tic receiver. It la an expression of the natural religion of the heart. However men may diflvr as to ihe forms of worship and the dlstinc- lions of creeds, gratitude to God la universal among all men who yrotes* a lauh In a Supreme Iking. It is right, therefore, that Individuals and nation* should at all times preserve this feeling ofgrsiltnd- and in a proper and becoming manner give expression to it. Public festivals for giving thanks have been held from time immemoilsl; they bave always been a favorite means with the people, and that the* have been acceptable on High is proven time and sgam by (he IJoLv Scriptures. No nation, at any penod of tho world's mtftory. has received m> many special marks of Divine favor as has (bit American Union; and it becomes the whole pie to-day to express that gratitude which should overflow from every heart. We have been preserved as a nation, and have bees brought torlh from civil ear treed irom an übummolion which bad been a reproach to oa In tbc ey>.s of civilization and humanity. We have been preserved In Union, and have gives freedom to millions offellaw crestuie* "ha had been lln* genng in the darknes* and suaertue of bondage. We have dratroyed the manacle and the scourge, and In their piece# have given humanity and chilstlSD fellowship. We have lifted up the lowly and the oppressed, and given tb* band of fellow ship to the weak and unfortunate. We have passed through a terrible and protracted wsr lu which the blood of kindred and the lives of brethren were (be sacrifice, and from that fiery ordeal we have been rescued as a nation .tnd our power, wealth, population, productive industry end all other elements of nations! greatness en larged. strengthened and Increaseo. Tbewathaa, by Divine mercy been made in its results a na tional blessing; Übas silenced faction, extirpated political berasles and confounded treason. It has made-he national authority supreme at home, and respected abroad; It has given new life and en ergy to industry, and added millions to the tree laborers ol the country. Nor have we been the lose favored In the benefl ceol turning aside o' the terrible pestilence wbicn has devastated other lands. Here >1 has fallen, but In a manner robiietl of that universal honor which Las accompanied iv elsew here. Let the thanks of for the mingled with supplications that ti e may be spared a rvtum of that pestilence in any to xn. Wc have occasion also to be grateful that tho popular heart ai-d the popular mind have mso In naenerd to preserve by their ballots, the fruits of Uic war, and that treason and rebellion have not been forgotten, or restored Co power sod place; and that the power and control of the nation ha* been taken from an Executive who has proved false to his tract, and placed In the bands of the roprwcnlaUvcfi ofthc American people. tffiS pcbuc orncss. There will be no session of the Board ot Trade to-dav. The Custom House will be open until 10 o'clock In the forenoon, for the reporting and clearing of vessels only. The office of the Collector of Internal Revenue will be closed all day. The Poet office will be dosed, except from the honre of bH to 10 in the morning, and from C to 7 in (he evening. , The library rooms of the Young lien a Associa tion, Portland Block, will be closed all day. Ihe Courts will bu closed, and all the public schools. TIIANKJGTVINO BSRTICU. Rrl'clonß services ate announced to be held in the foHowlnr churches: 'Union services will he held lo the West Indiana Street Methodist Episcopal Church. The sermon will preached by Kct. J. W, Bealy, of the Tab ernacle Congregational Church. The public are cordially inviteu. abort will be religious services i» Grace Meth odiM Episcopal Church, comer of LaSalla street end Chicago avenue, commencing at II o'clock, O. II- Tiiany, pastor. „ Thanksgiving service at Trinity Methodist Epis copal Church, comer of Indiana avenue and Twtnty-flm street, at 11 a. m. Sermon by the pastor. Rev. S. A. w. Jewett. There will be Tbanksgivlrp services to the Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church at 11a.m. Preaching by the pastor, Rev. J. H. Barleys, on the “Manifest Progtcss of Truth." AU are in vltid. dark Street Church, Methodist Block, corner of Washington ntd Clark streets. Preaching at XI a. ni. by the pastor, Rev. W. C. Dandy. Wshath Avenue M. £. Church. Sermon by the pastor, itev. X. M. Uattleld, at 11 o’clock a. m. on “The Condition and Prospects of Oar Country." 1 Westminster Church, comer of Ontario and Dearborn streets, North Side. Professor David Swine, the pa»tor of Westminister Church, will preach a TbMjkgsgivii'g sermon, si 10>4 o’clock a. m. Ihe put lie are Invited to attend. Ttere will he Thanksgiving services in Calvary Presbyterian Cbutcb, corner of Indiana avenue and Twenty-second street, al 11 o’clock a. m. Pxtßcnmir by the pastor, Kev. E. A. Pierce. Thanksgiving sermon by Kev. U. C. Marquis, pastor of the North Presojtetlau Church, at 10H *'First Presbyterian Church. Servicesatll o’clock a. m. Sermon by the paator, I lev. Dr. Unmph- W ?bird United Presbyterian Church, Superior fine:, between WeDs and Franklin. North Side. Rev. John S. McConnell pastor. Thanksgiving Allarcinvilod. Eclcn Park Baptist Church, comer of West ' Washington and Fsnlint streets. Thanks giving sennen by the pastor. Rev. E. G. Taylor, at 10>i **The Indiana Avenue, Wabash Avenue and First Baptist Churches of the South Division unite to a Ihanksvbing service at the First Church, south of llulibsid court, at U o'clock. Sermon bv Rev. J. A. Smith, D. D., editor of the Chrlttlan Tims* atiO H l/*res and pastor of Indiana Avenue Bvp ' list Church. A cordial invitation Is extended 10 »Tl to l»e present >Wh Baptist Church—Owing to tbe absence of the pastor there w-ll be no services at this church 1 onTbanWtviegday. The church and congre gation are invited to unite with the Second Baptist churrb. on the comer of Morgan and Monroe , streets, at it a. m. _ , _ aiianksglvlsc discourse at Union Park Congre gational Chnreh, by the pastor. Rev. C. D. Del mer. at If o’clock a- m- _ , Plymouth Congregational Church, comer of Wtha.*h avenue and EWrWge coon. Thanks clritg semcea eonnceticlngal If a. m. Preach it.g by fie pastor, Kev. L. E. Watson. CaU.edrai of faints Peter sod Paul, comer of We»t Washington and Peoria streets Thank *- giving service* will be held tn ibis chares at J 054 *'&£' Mark's Collage Orovs. E. B. Tunis, rector, a*. 11 o'clock. A collection wOl be made °TV e -ewnf be divine service and sdnnon by «be Her. Z4l«wd C Porter, in Jit, CUarrh, carsev of Case wd Usns streets, at 11 o dock, Nhlrre wifi be Thark.gtnßg THt service and osl.l-H o'clock, at M. H««vh«a* tun*t v I Bias Mm/t svewee end A win toe lake** np for Bishop (join laid'* A*»lbw lor the Prrrdmcn. . (.lurch of the Ascension. comer of f a*«IU and timu. Dlvioe s-t»»c- aHI odock, a. m. by tbe pasior. tier. I! W, beers. M, Jehu’* (? arch. Union Park. bendees by iLc («cU>r, Rev, Ur. Ri*Lop. Ft, I‘sur* Cbs'ch—'lhaDksg'rlng. Tbne will be textlce tuht. Paul's CUoxcUat o'clock a. Her, C. U. Fowler, ptdor of Centenary Cbvcli, will pitacii ui the fe*co&4 UtiUer*alUt Church of Washington aud bargamun streets. at It o’clock. Subject: Tee Problem of tbe Ace, via., riven Cod tad the people, required a perma nent n-pnhlic. Church of the Messiah, Unitarian, corner Wa bash avenue and Hubbard court, lie*. ltob*rt Laird Collier, paator, wilt preach on “ The Old , and tbe N‘-*r in tic Nation,” at 11 o'clock. A collodion vrin be taken for tie pour ot tbe city, j Church of God, corner Warren and Kobe; 1 meets. ATbanksgMne itnnoii will be preached I bv (be pastor, Uev. A. X. Shoemaker, cl lO'si [o'clock. Subject,** Glory of America." i There will be divine service In the Synagvg-K, 1 comer ol ft ella and Adams streets, at two o'u ock p. m. Kcr. I* Adler w 111 deliver tbo aennon, Winter, The EnJoymcnUof the Season* Winter la approaching. Already tbe icy breath of tbe fierce north wind has been felt, giving a cb'Ulng premonition of the advent ot Ms telgn. ibe people are preparing tor the vdnte of the icc-kiir. Some with Joyous anticipation, bat many, alaat with a shudder and dread. Tbe er mine end the sable are drawn forth from their summer hiding place*, unrolled and unwrapped t:um ihclr moth-protectors, while at the tame Mine ttc reality, (hnad-harc garment i« taken down item its hook. andbecacsv tt has a lining mnst i.cent answer the purpose ot a shield to the [nclt-menr blast. An IlltuiraUon of (he fare * of contrast, as vivid as the seasons, me wide and decpiy-dmwn lino which separates the poor from U;c rich, luiscrr and suffering tromhajptoeaa and cotnlort. Whiter Is balled with delight among ns, for the ln-coor sports and festivities it brings. Wnat care nc though tbc window panes are frosted, and the 7 fed comes bowllup don s »ht* chimneys. Toere is music in tbc sound. A million jEoltan harp*. MrU-g with ihe cri-py fibre® of Ibe atidospbore. ate singing their sweet caoences in our tan. and peal atier peal of joyous laughter within accords a baitnonions nuUonance. ’the bright Ore glows, and the system. Invigorated br (be bealth-giving exercise ut the frosty air without, creates the inddy hue open tbc lace which Is fastened by tbc beat within. Nature's dye of the crimson flood of ntethns mantles the cheek, and the snitlu are qn!ck«m-d and radiate in flashes of brilliant light lu Ui .bc cjc. All minds ate now bent upon the -cjoyrrctu of the l.rtef season of imprisonment- i Fair Angnsta mmln-tej, with thoughtful brow, 1 upon new- dies*** to decorate her graceful fora. I Urerste for IUo 1-all, fur the opera, lor the concert, ■ the ilvk, tbc street, hbe bends ber lithe form over fa«blon plates, and eagerly detours the latest inklligcbce a* lo proratitug styles. She taxis her fctuin-ue ingenuity in **making over,” turning •kwts,” “titußgin goies.*’ u cutting o la-sea, folds, farbetowa, flummery* and flouncoa, mul her dual llttie head is almost completely turned itself, a* she folds' her bands In male despair In •ce vi in hope of the arcotapftabmeni of tier tn tcLded purpose. JVUr to\ has bis pro* ‘•oct-. wlfffchc sighs at the expenses of a rapidly 'increasing Umiiy aid too rapidly growing np daughters. Ills p*t chuich schemes aon t« a;raf;.cd. Tbo>o ran;t be a Fair and Festival goUcti up acc the oysters beec looking alter. Or, It U possible, a sacicd concert for the benefit of the oe-crndaiiU c-f 2i> rir.oa ancca-orv. rcc aimed from the bUgbling, etc., claims bis aitcMiOE. A.- the r-RPcriniendent oi the popular Sunday School cl the Church, he feels iiimsrlt called upon to raise the meauß for the ploaapnr losp ot raiding the roof of the bamblc edrfle- whore tbe« now meet. Accordingly the burry thutigbt or tableaux augccsl* lt*e t. and h-> must carry Tt oni on a scale which m. remitting laboruiunecanaccomplisb- It may be to has a hppciul son. of that age when life presents its mort rescale hut*, ana has hardly attained Us thotnt. 1I»U one hall* the winter season with delight. Ho sent in it fbc lime tor pleasure >n those spoils in which the youth ot the present day 1 dome:-, rejoice. He picturo to Lis mini tae tailing snow, the smoothly innnicg cutter, Ibo ringing sloieh belle, the dashing, {><aadag steeds, mad dened w lib excitement, ami li raav bo some awed, blushing face just jseeplug above the ample robe where sue is snugly nettled by bis side. And his heart leaps within nun and wildly boats In pnlsa lions <>t joyons anticipation. Lie bring* to 1 ght bis last year skates—those patent rockers In which lie ha* taken such pride—aid be fondly passes his baud over the bright smooth etge and tecdcily adjust*Us straps. Visions of masquer ades at the links and skating parka float before Lis mind, and he cnngels bis brain io: some » art liugiy original and new style of costume to which be will appear, ills possible. In taking a rel-o spectlvc glance, be may behold a young gentle man tavoiing hie personal appearance who ent a flttnre on the ice not laid down io the geometric intcs of the poetic motion, and a sense of physical a> veil as moral soreness may fora mom-nlcreep over him. bm youth and the future are compan ions—the past only travels with old age. He brightens at the thought of what will be, and nour ishes the airy fabrlcaiona of his tnfnd. A bents vo kiit and good-natured female forms a part of the same lamllvpariv whom we have taken as repro •tniatlvcs of oar dear frlci.dlhc public. She re '.ulcvs in siuglc-hlmedncrt and good works, -•hr brealte- a gentle prefer for jbe lorplvcnc.-s of tho«e who would dissipate their valuable time ?a the pursuit of gidey pleas cm*. fler vocjlioa is tot*broad fields ot humanity. Ibe naked are to be cloib-d, the hungry am 'obefedtud and mothers are to.bemughl bow to tiling np Uicir annual incrct-c m ‘hcvmy i“er should prop»l. Ihc winter sea-on aflo.d rn JxcJUnt opportnu'ty for her plons tions. Tbc bluer cold gives a keener r-val urlh wcik, ted furnishes the text for man * wot lhlMS ness, bclpleascete and needs, fcbc lays in he. fiiorc of tracts, which she appropriately sand wiches between flannel ehirts. nno cstaoluae nwltcclrclo.patch-worii gaibcnnira, andislb* prcsldii-g genius over the ring-case st the rau. >Lc u kttlvv in aionsiug the flame oi ardor among i the indolent worker* In ice church, rallies Item la eecitl re-union*, and work* the beaded purse which 1* to contain the plump douceur to a favori'o minister. bhe makes aval, nable Secretary to Benevolent Institution*, ard an impertari acquisition to an extended circle of ac quaintance. Bo much lor good works. But human nature, being prone to the enjoyments whkh please for the hour and which may be retarded of the earth, earthy, welcomes the carnival of public amuse* men la that Is celebrated especially during the winter season. The brilliantly lighted and com* fnrtably warmed theatres are a source of Immense atti actios. Managers Tie with each other in their cforts to prodne- dramas, comedies and forces, in quick succession, to instruct and please the people. Excellent actors bold the mirror up to ratine, ard whether the reflection proems the >addsurd countenance, the picture of misery and w oe. or thcfitida) face of unrestrained mirth, their success 1* achieved by bavins aborded that grati fication which la attesud by the bant of unletgn cd applause. And such Is the brighter picture which winter In bis cable shroud discloses to those who can keep the bunny wolf irom the door, and who can shield themselves from the biting effect of his breath; hut cork, and cold, and dismal Is his hideous mien -to the sabering poor who shudder at bis chilling touch, end too ft equeutiy fall vic tim* to hi* fierce embrace. God help them, u.d er dow the neb with the virtue of charity, and to all the remembrance, to tho midst of their pica tnrea, of the thousands who are debarred them. THE CITY ROOK, Tho Young Hen’s Christian Association Vi ork—Organization of the City Belief Committee for * 1566*’67. / - Appeal to the Public. We call the attention of the charitable pobllc to the following ATim. Every dtlzcn of Chicago may be proud of our general relict system for the poor, which oowaftcr many years’ Imotovement, U acknowledged by tbose conuccUd with public charities InEastero cities, to be the most perfect la America. Foi the pnrpoee ol ralstngmoney, the city IstU* vidi-4 into thirty districts. For each of these dis trict there is a committee, proportioned to the size of the district; at the head of each commit* lec a chairman,who subdivides the district,assign ing lo each man bis work. For (be purpose of disbursing tula money the dty Is again divided llto fifty-two ttistneta—each district haring Its visitors who personally investi gate Che case ot every applicant. The rooms at headquarters, lo tho Methodtat Church Block, are kept constantly open. When an application tor tvltrf fa-made the case Is lamed over to one of the vuiiora of the district wbeiefn the applicant resides, wtKMftvenl;i>e« it, and upon hu report, the rclletfigranted or refused. Thus it will be seen th|fiUe whole thing In both its receiving and disbursing depart menu is reduced to a perfect business which protect* the Society from Imposition and makrtevery dollar tell. The money collected fa not disbursed in the dis semination of tracts, or doctrinal theology, hgkin fcoa, fuel and clothing. Uls not eectariiVbr partisan ; ic'lcf being extended to all needy per. iot*ot whatsoever religion—or no religion akaM. —of wbateoever natloii, race or color. wKTr In do city of the Union are there so paupcie; andll it because thfabocietTAJaHt-* ages street begging, requesting sIJ pcoulelSMe cilae to give at their home* or places of banshee,' unless they hate pertonal knowledge of the case, hut to tend tho applicant to tho rooms at tho MethodhtChuichßlock,where proper.lnvcstiga lion can »c made sued begging Is a nuisance to the public and demoralising to the poor—besides most of the money tint* gives fa watted. After a min has given liberally to this general charity, be can re* tnse the street supplicant vrilh easy conscience, directing the steps of the needy person lo our rooms. The season lias arrived when lbs demands of the poor mutt be met, hilc admitting the ruefulness of manj special charities nbichcTnster abuct oar chnrchea and are o’hcrwUc sustained, wc can still claim that this is the only thoroacWy jreneral relief system ol the city, vhere poor of all aorta can be sent with certainty of relief. Ibese demands constitute a public burden of which each man should be anxious to bear bis fair share, and none toe less so that that share is not specified by the statute of the State—la not re ducible to an exact amount by the assessor; bat rests on those broadergroundsotbnmanilTwhich always hwe at.d always should measure the obli gation of the prosperous oy (he necessities of the poor. It is a sublime spectacle to see the poor of a great city hint out of lie streets, and cared for witn the regularity and design of family care. Snch a system exists In principle admirable. In de tail most complete. One thing more is needed: your generous subscriptions. . nnny coutimi TOR 1566-’B7. M a meeting of the Citizens* Executive Belief l*ci: t"lttee, held In tbe room* of the Ycmmr Men's (>ri>:..-n Association, on Saturday, November i 7 h, ire following Soliciting Committees were nMULted to raise funds for the relief of tbe wenhy pc-or of our city. Chairmen were author ized iut::i vacancies: Hrr IH*frici~- South Water street, from the lake to centre of State street, and north to the river—Samuel Bliss, Simon Held, U. W. Hins dale, Mcirtil tadd. £tfor.a Futriet— South Water street, from era he * f State street to centre or LaSalle street, and north to the river—B. O. Powers, F. D. Cray, E. W. Banker, U. M. Thompson. Tl,trd JHrtricf—South Water, from the centre of LaSalle to take street bridge, and north to the river—Gilbert Hubbard, J. E. Humphrey, Wm. B. Brooks. Fovrlh JHatrict— Lake street, from Central De pot to centre of State street, and north to South water street—J. li. Weber, Henry W. King, C. M. Hu demon, W. E. Doeuett. Fifth Jnffrlct— like street. from centre of State street to centre ot laSille street, and north to South Waterstreel—To be supplied Sir/A IHt'ticr-Ukt itreet, from centre of La Salle street to the river, and north to South Water street—S. A. Kean, C. B. Nelson. C. If. Lara bee. Srrtnth Dit'rM— Randolph, Wa-hlngtou, and Madison streets, from the lake to centre of Dear born street, and north to Lake street—B. W. Ray mond, 8. P. Farrington, T. B. Carter, Chas. U. Smith. Kinhfh ZHttrief— Randolph, WasMngton. and Madison streets, from outre of Dearboio street to centre of tactile, and north to take street—N. E. Fairbanks. Wd. F. Wbliehouse, Wirt Dexter. Sla'h JAtfric —Randolph, Washington a M d Madhoa •trecis, from cei.lre of I-a Salle street to the river and north to take street—T, L. Miller, O. Ful>r. h. A. Willard, 8. Florsbeia. Tenth D\»tr\c‘— Monroe street to Van Bum street, inclusive, from the lake .to the Centre of Clark street, and north toMaJuonstreet— Edward Ely. Orrtn Kendall, TnlM I King, K. S. Wells. Jwrm'A tArricr— Jfonroe street to Tan Barcn, ir.clnsive, from centre of Clark street to tbe river, ate north to Madison street— 1 1 o l»e supplied. Tuft/’h J'it'ric’—M'. south of Van Baren street to Poll street, inclusive, from I be lake to the ri»or —Oeo. E. tarringtr.n, C. P. Kellogg, E. O, L. Faxon. IJ. V. Oniml/y. ThirumtH Lift, \ct~ ATI south of Polk street to **ixleet.»h street, Itdnrive, from Che late to the river—E. V. PoLMn*, N, h. Bouton. NewMm (hapta. 0 C. itarxtA. . /mhU'—Sti south of Msteentn •W**t to Twenty-eecco»d «reet4»cltt»tve, from tbe lake to the river—'leorre T. ift-dlng, Murray Net*on. M. UrsUM, John W, Waog&op, John ]j|t*SN. FijuttSk /At'rfe'—kli aoeifi of T»»vvty-*econd •Uc<r*. from tta lake to the river—J 7», Dertiar. r, t .tVavev.lT. U. iutsmu. CIk.F.SwiUK. J. Meeker. C. IL I>»rt fAjt. tt <h I fit'i\z>~- All southed hJxleratb atoet, wtvt of the rlvey—o. heui.utn’h in* tin-AW south of Polk strertto t-ixteenth street, inclueirr, ««t of tint river— Jew* MpeuMirtg. Jaour* Part,, Jr., Malco&h McDctizid. JaaX BelcV-r, Aff/- Z't/'/k-.-AJlsoslL of iSooroe atrert toPr><rlc£<te, west erf tlte river—F. B. Gardner. Wo. La:«Lsm. K. F. Flooc. JjitfrU'—kM vonib of take street to klouroe auect, Irclo.jve, west of tbe rtv»v—'T. W. Hextir, Bacon Wheeler, Joaepb Beeth'S. J, L. Lm. 7 \cn.'i>fh IH*‘ric(— All south of Eiazie street to Lake meet. iuciu-Iw, w«l of ibe river—C. F. Gate*. F. C. Brown, D. W. Whittle, T. T. burner, ?r. j. llnas# 11, David Uradley. ’Jvttitv-Ftrif Dit'ric’— All south of Division street to Kit zle street. Inclusive, west of tbe river —ft'. F. Tompkins. li-’nrT Sweet, H. G.Calso* Ttcrvftf-S'cor.d JHtfrict— Division and *u mu Ca^ Qti tu-’Mrii ofthe North Division olr ."f, e * , 3 r « w »* offt'elU street—l. K. HtU, Dcaja va\u Uolfcrook. ft m. P. Mom. I'vmty-fovrlb JtWtic*— North Wells and North Cmk streets, and all between Item—Gvo.B. Dun bam. Fred. Utilize, William UickLosua, John Schmidt. District— All of tbe Kortb Division ofthe city east of Clark slteet—J. F. Stafford, Jo seph H. Moi fr. Cfcas. U. Huct, J. T. Hyerson. h /*»*'rtcf— Kallroada.aoa pnrchaic of fin l—li. L. Sargent. Kcbt. Harris. Tvrvts-i’vfnih lAttric?— Bankers—Solomon A. Smith. William Murges. F-. I, Tinkbam. ‘l'vei.U/-4lnhih LXsrrlcf—Lumber dealers—Tbos. M. Artry, A. C. Calklus, A. U. Gray, 1L F. Eldicd. T7r‘n!y-y\rJ/i Packers—J. F. GUletl, C 11. b, Mixer, 77Arti'th Msfrtc.*—Elevators—Wesley Manger, Irs V. ilunn- It vas icsolted unanimously toco to work promptly s* soon as tbe subscription books are reed), aud eomvlete the canvass of tbe city be lore Hie first of Janucry. Ills hoped that every luviulMt of the Soliciting Committee will “make a cote of ihb" accordingly. Wiet PEzran, H ft. Kuva, W. E, Poogett, T. M. Avtnr, Giuuurr Ilcßaano, Committee. UW INTBLUGESCE, In the Totted Slates Courts Judgment was ren dered yesterday in the land cases of Bales against Brown and other defendants, in accordance with the opinion of Judge Drummond, published in the Tunfsc of Tuesday last. The new suit* in these courts were a libel •gainst the Mississippi steamer Sterling, by & hand, who claims wares. A forfeiture is asked against the senooner Alpha and t7d,000 lect of lum ber, h*r cargo, lor a notation of law In not tegfs tcritg. Pricct-dlnc* were instituted in behalf of the Culled Slates against five pipes of brandy, upon which a lorleitnre is sought to be wrought, on the ground ot a vioMlon, cn the part of their owner, of (be Irleitsl Hevcnue Law. Informations were 61- d aga net V. Clarence Zoicc and Mas Powell. . the firsibeine charged iu a jicnaltyof s3t*L and the toi'er tn tßttnsi |i,uih. In ibe Oiicoii Court ot the conn y Judgment was given in favor of William Mtlaner against A. P. CtoiWv,iuUiccn<e icpoited yesterdayfacfT.6T3.- M, aram favor of Thomas tellef against J. h. Si abiding for fiKh The pander suit of Henry Apfel and wife cruliift Henry Scbeerc and wife was dlsmlifed. The Com lis at present engaged into akine the cvicci'co in the caro of Weils A Scars against Mtllj:> adoUiisitshl*- Tol> suit i» Is trover, and has relation to a cargo of lumbar. The case was irlcd Pctruary, ism, and taken to the J*n prvmc Court, whecce It returns ou the Question of ccnve.-ticn. The new sups Included one action of areumpitt. ibc Singer Sewi* c Mach'ne Company against UstnUal J. Klmbal, damages being Uld at yi.OV); c ue action m debt by ihe same plr.lnnfTaralnrt I the same dcf*nflatit and llorare P. Ilofldlej, the I debt being Uid at $2,000, and the damage* at the «acttm. An appeal was btougbt by aullsite K. Uubbaid \s. James P. Dalton, and Hvujt B. Cran mej c* i»tcsM>d Judgment in taroc of it iiUam W. Underhill for $O»0N. ' ■j b- court not being In tcsslora. its business tourists in the new suit* brought. These ;.iv cl Ultlelun, ij lex and others, minor heir# of John Wtub - lMer, deceased, tor tee partition of tbc nvfei hall of ibe northwest quarter, section IT town C, range It case, and (he north-east quarter of teuton ISul tec same township iSeast; acd several petty appeal cases. „ In tbc County Court the estate of ilary Ana Co* can wss declared settled. Eli Dodder was appointed guardian of alary Jane Burrows under sorid oI j-xW. Icr.aOUop was xppointed 'o administer upon the crtati* of her late husband Andrew. Lie died during the year 15(3 and sbe was appointed aJ* mii.ifiratrix. bat was thru unable to furnish bonds. Since that time she -has man led Kjnd Olson, who yesterday consented that she rr sire the letters, when James A. Clark, Oliver Johnson and Domer B, Oalpla were appointed appraisers. i in the Eccorde:*? Court, the lolloping prisoners 1 were sentenced to the penitentiary** John Horan, larceny of tno steers; eighteen W Fitulerlek Toggenbergcr, assault (okill; one TfcocAJ For Des, assault to rob: thirteen years. J«bu McGinnis, laiceny of clothing; one year, Karsons, larc'oy of clothing; one year. John lUnn, laiceny ol a cow; ouc year. Jaiveallauley, larceny ofacoat; »me year. Thor.'is laikin. larceny 01 three watches from a irm«c ot ill fame; one year. Hare Henan. larceny of clothing; one year. Jatne* larceny of coat; oue year. InMa Sinclair, larceny of Jewelry; Ucury Bower. larceny as bailee ofjios; one ,c u»tc and Mary Ca?'v. larceny of ton dol lar In xaoncT; one year each. Andrew Ulckey, larceny of SO3O In money; three Tccatd ohas Black Jack, larceny of cltlfcinjr: one year. Johns. Keller. ahopUtUrg; three years. Hi«re were sentenced to Ihe BrtdeweU, Jol n v nslcfc. larceny of a coal; ihree months. j or , pi-, Nrgle. larceny of SOSO, nailer age; et£h« een months. Jennie Collins, larceny of clothing; four months. Gustav Kaiser, larceny of a revolver; two months. The lollowlng prisoners were lentescedto the county .tail: Min’ Mllletl, larceny of ribboni: twenty days. A. S. Kelley, larceny of railroad tickets; thirty days. - lanbella Leonard, larceny of a dress: ten days. JcuiiT Marsh, larceny of a dress; thirty days. Thn case ol a man. named Peter Jocca, who pleaded guilty of the larceny of a keg of powder, wee laid over until Monday morning to allow him to present testimony in relation to bis character. Kate Cartncr, who was Indicted as the keeper of a lewd house, was tbroocht Into court, and upon faith of her retiring from the buaiuoM. sen* tence was suspended over her, ahe pleading guilty. ASnJSEBUSNfrs, MoVicrxn'a TnxaTn*.—Mr. James H. Hackett is n peatinghis "Falslaff” nightly to large and admiring audiences. Last evening u Klng Henry the Fourth” was ng*!n produced. JgXbanksgiTlne Matinee is given this afler noon, at which “Sir JohnPalstaff” will be pres* cut, as aleo In the evening. MuiXuw—Last night another of the old Museum “specialities,” “The Duke's Motto,” was re* vlvtd, and as the cast Included, with a few ex ceptions, all the members of the company who played in this legendary drama in former Bea cons, it was produced with tho o«nal spirit. This afternoon a Thanksgiving Matinee at at which ‘•Two Can Plsy at that Game,” will he produced. In tho evening ” The Ticket of Leave Tub Hctctuxboks.—Thia talented bally save n brilliant entertainment last evening at Washing ton Hall, which was welt filled. Lituo Dennett Is a wondvrioil hoy of his age and me*, with de served favor from the audience. The Unfchln* sons will give a Matinee this afternoon for ladles and children, and the last performance in (he everting. Tnx Bumavs.—Tills afternoon and evening fie wonderful Bal#lays will appear at the Opera Uottse fur the last time. Those who have not witnessed their surprising feats will not fail to seize this final opportunity. Yarkze Romason's Couszuw.—This popular and attractive place of amniooent continues to (-ratify those who witness the performances in the ring as well as the zoological adjunct. The equestrian feats of Ma-t r Ffah arc especially worthy of commendation and receive, as they folly merit, the most unbounded applause. But without specify Inc the great variety of the entertainment. Inter rpencd as it Is with tho comicalities of two ad mirable clowns, suffice It to say, there la hardly a place of amusement where an evening can be more dellchilhliy parsed. An event recently oc curred which may be regarded as a most amicable episode In the professional career or the gentlemen connected with the "big show." It was the presentation of an elegant whip, the rtolk mounted with hand* of gold, upon which was inscribed. "Presented to H. W. Perry by the employe* of Yankee Robinson's Menagerie and Clrcu*, November ISth. 1B08.” The gentleman In qce'Uon, as is well known, hoars s valuable repu tation at a finished equestrian. Another whip, < wjrh a superbly carved handle, representing the , mastei or the ring and his clown In Qlto r-Wlrco, ' was pieoouted to Mr. Oliver Dodge, the cbtel wag. on master ot the train, and was a handsome and just acknowledgment of valuable services to a Lutblol employe. Tbelavorltcclown, John Fowler, is about to j. lake bla departurelroDtheclrcns. His place will l b« supplied by James Reynolds, the clown and - comic singer. This afternoon a grand Matinee In 'addition to the regular evening pcrlormance. Mx*s Lucille wurnn la announced to make , her first appeartnee at the Opera House on Wednesday, December 8, supported by na able corps of artists. __ ' Y.M. C. A. Bzirem Concerts—The commit, tee of arrangements are ciertlcg every cflort to make these concerts a success. As they have concluded to make It an object for sll to purchase tickets for the full course, it nay be mentioned that those who purchase ticket* this week get the full course for three (Solars, Inclu ding the concert for next Monday evening. 8u«le Traverse, the young cantatnce who made such an iznpiessioo last sprirgat the New York Academy ot Music, is engaged to appear at die first conofrt on Monday evening at the Open House. Reserved teats can be obtained for lb* Monday evening cos&rt by toldcis of shgle tickets, If iney arc nut all taken bcioru by holder* of course tickets. Fries cf Monday evening concert, one . dollar. Gocon's Lrcrraz.—Mr. John B. Gough repeat ed his lecture on “Curiosity” last night allhe Opera House, to a crowded audience. DITOBCEB IESXERDAI, A. CurloaaCaao— Coercion and Separation —Cruelty and Ornnltcnneas. A decree of divorce was rendered in the Circolt Conrt In the case of CATiunixx T 9, joint s it* nus. The hill in this case was filed September fth last. The hilt chargcdldesertion. The Ulster’s report exhibits tbe following tcatiaony: Mary King being sworn, says: lam twenty-one yean of age- I live in this Mate 1 have known both the parties since some time >cfore their mar riage Complainant Is my ststea bhe has lived . m the dty ot Chicago ever stn<e a year ago last July, ana she still lives hen. I know or the mstrbge;U occurred short nine years ago. She was then in her flllccittbycar. and Uvea In Oswego, N. Y. She left home vith the defendant • to be married at the church. Hr slater-in-law and my brother went with bi.' Mother forced her to marry deferdant. bbs wmmanded her to do so. My sister did not wish to marry him. She sever liked him. and only Harried him because my mother compelled Jer to so. Tbe defendant knew that she did not like him, and that mother made her marry him. Bhe only married him because my mother compelled her to do so. Tbe defend ant knew that she did not U*e him. and that mother made her merry him. Defendant was then twenty-three or twenty-four years old. They never lived togelbir: she went away at once and be never followed her, snd sbo never received anything from ton In the way of support. Sho bas sever with Mm or had anything to do with him ernee (he marriage. Qrtumi vs. qriuux. In the Superior Court the mother of one child now five years cf age. Josephine pert tlo edLra dltsrce from her bnahand Henrv. j be parties, semdisg to the allegation of the bill, were narried April 13. They seperated about the l?lh fty of November last, when it la charged the c'nplaluflnl was compelled to leave her Husband's dwelling -beesuse of bis cruelty. She also cbarg*a that be Is a drunkard. l&cetored. Mr. John ta:cy lakes this method of acknowl edging the receipt of a pocket book wb ch be loatsnd v.bleb**aa found oy Deputy dberfff, Cwl crel J- B. FLA. Inepock-t took coutatned iLCpej, bonds tnd excbsage on Europe. LOCAL MATTERS. narwWi’t Feetoml Bafm fa«* tried by thyslcliMi with srrvtrymz 1* no* adopt#* a« » <r *Pj e ,? n,r iy, F«» citeb» ell urnfmt***' Karftbsm* AWo wto&are **». SflUha at/eet, whole »»i« ■rent#. _ Mr rMßtry Krtradtln tranl «f Ointd* of any fcrftd lion Chicago w| I do veil /i«eM tools order* riihef by tn«lltr ezprev* in (b» Ko Conpabt**' Farthest;? Agrol, A. L. h-Jo- fflmpl* f/at (ifTrciual. -Tbr mUrr •cm from all d#iei«rtou» torfrflicsta rendere “Hrowo's Jj-otublel Irorh-i, cf Cough I’d Vol^Lozeurta. a sal* r*m»«* tut I%* mo*l deli rete fi-oal*’. or cMiL and hai caused ibeu to be held to thehigben wteem by lingers. •cd public speakers generally. Ic IrrfU (lot. Of lUe Ibroftt eaovtd hr of*anusaa! e*. ertJon cf ibe'oral in steaking la public, or tinging, they p ro im; e the next beneficial re ruiu. Bars Cbaues fur L'urnctle BTen to Vnakemoctr.—Call at 101 South ilark street. No capital needed. From twenty to flay co laxs per day can be made by good men. Nore bat first e'ls* reliable men need apply. Grr A. Lcu'ta. An excellent artltls.-ni* Winslow’s Seething Syrup is an excellent anitle for all dts eases of children. It relieves (1c child from pain, regnla:es tbe stomaUi aud towels, and by glvftag health to ih« child comfors aud reels the mother. Paring the process of tietbtng Its value Is lucsiimahle; cores wind colit and griping in the bowels. *' FonnodrnUi” Tooth Faki prywires tbe b ctb, preventing decay, maalnr them white andbeantiful. II is free from all mvuioas sab stances. It Is used and recommendtdbr the best dentists. Manufactured solely bv CaswEii,MacS £i Co., New York, told >«y all drniSita. Constitution Water.—A Certain Caro for Punms, and all Diseases or the Sinvcre. Sold by all Druggists. Depot 4S CUff-si., N. Y. Poland** IQactc Billon* Powdm.- These powder* are a ante enre forUvtr Com plaint,and all Bilious derangements. They never lull. Can I* obtained at alt drug store;, or by tuall Price W cent*. C. O. Clark & Co.. Mew Haven, Conn. Fuller, Finch Jk Fuller, Cbcago, ticnetal Arrnta. $5,000 Rrward.-Challmcr to the whole world. Miss Tennessee's great Cancer Itnncdy extracts cancer* root and branch without pais or the o»c of instrument or caustic. It can Dv applied to (he eye or over any one ot the vital organs without dancer A complete cure i« guar anteed to every ca«e. Also all oih«r diseases treated with the same success at bvr Magnetic In firmary. "f-5 Wabash treses, Chicago. Lock Dos 5,566, Post Office. llliss TcnnctMSv tU** (inat Hasnetlc roctrese end Clairvovast, has established aula fitmsrv at Mo. S'd It abash a venae, seco'd door above* ilarriron street, where she may be con sulted cn all matters pertaining to life aad health. When defired, she will go lino an unconscious state, aad give information of great Importance to the inquirer. Paralyzed persons made to walk in a few days. Canc- rs extracted, root and branch, in from three to use da>s, without the r»r cf fcrlfe, or icstnuuent. or pain. Consump tion, B‘thiua. and all dUeaseiot the nervous sys tem, cj llepsy, fits, theematbm, neuralgia, dvs tK-i>p|*. diseases of the Ut-t, heart, or kMaevs, anu all diseases ot the blood, treated with like IcneCcial Jesuits. Those not ablu to call per voufclly. may addrtj* l«ek H»x Post'OCbr. vniewcoimnota. Tnc poor nnetauy CesJl win. A ewtw guaranteed In every case. A Sim Mr dire*— Ur. CitTbert’* Pile Irstrnmcot positively core* the worst case* of rilr*. Sent f.y mail on receipt of #l. Circuit!? free. Sold by dniecUts. Agcnla wanted every where. Address J. B. Raxaisn, Manager, No. 5‘3 Breadway. New York Paperßanatas* and fflbdow Shade* at cirally reduced prices. F. E. Rigby, S 3 Han dolph-st. Sconce in Louaon on l«ortl Ttayori* Day. A correspondent of the London Turn* de scribes scene* witnessed In London on “Lord Muvor’s Pay”: “It were beyond the power of my pea to give nn adequate description of the scenes presented to-day; hot there arc thousands of respectable persona who were present who can te.-lliy with roc that they were most dis creditable to the first city of the world. I can onlr imagine the impressions they most leave upon any Intelligent foreigner to see the streets given up to the possession of a ‘rowdy mob/ whose unwashed faces presented all the varieties and changes of fiendish dec, ns they rushed with eagerness and de light open anv unfortunate bat that might happen to arrest their attention. Hats were destroyed by scores, I might sav hundreds ; but bat'de&trovlng was the most harmless amusement with which the ‘gentlemen of Whitechapel’ beguiled their time. Pocket picking was carried on to an extent almost incredible, and although the policemen were busily employed In removing into custody the scamps whom they had caught in the act, there were yet dozens who escaped the eyes of the sturdy constables. A gentleman who was stationed at the An* chor Dining-rooms, in Cbeapsldc, saw no less than nine or ten actual thefts, the perpetra tors of most of which escaped with their ill gotten booty, at least to my friend's knowl vdse, who was prevented, from his position (being on the top Coor of a house) from call ing attention to the rascals, though he Inef te tnallv attempted to do so. The pushing and sudden rushes were something terrible, ami I grieved for the .poor women who had. rosblv ventured to catch a glimpse of the procession, and dearly paid for their temerity.' I must not venture any farther on your valuable space, but the evil I complain of, which has steadily been increasing every rear' has n*<w assumed such an intolerable ‘sped that I ccnld not let another year jmss without eolioitii'g the pre« to take tUt mat ter up. FBOK SASHTILLE. Ad4itw on Mrtro MffnM Dcfm tte tec* liUlnre «f Ttnne—ce« by UanciHißU U»' »f Jidce Pmlfr-Thf JtlllM-MM ©1 Wrntbpr. [Ppccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NiinTXLtr, Morembn 38,180 G. Colonel Inu R, Eukisi, Congressman Crom the Seventh District of Tennasaea, on Invitation, addmsrd tbe legislature this forenoon. Be dU* coaecO (be qceiUon of rebel and negro enfran chisement, ud white emphatically opposed to extending amnesty to rebels, be urged on tbe Legislature tbe propriety and Janice of giving the ballot to fieedmeu. Indlcttlona tU point in the direction that bl; eagroatlooa wtlj be acted upon by tbe House especially. The committee to whom was referred the case of Jodre Fnutier, owing to come unlocked for delay, bare not yet reported. Tbo legislature baa adjourned antll after Tfcontegliing. It baa been raining all day, and tba river la mlng briskly. ’FEOM SPRING FIELD. Payment ofPaat baeUßtereat-Fepalatiea el tbeSlate—militiala tberiute, &c [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Senii'Qnxu>7r(<rremDer w. Tbe amonot of past doe interest cm the Indebt edness of tbe State, paid at tbe Treasury dace tbe first oflast July, amounts to This is m addition lo tbe payment made in Mew York at tbe above date, borne items of Ibis earn bare been standing on tbe books of the department for several years, to the credit of the bondholders Frost tbe census return* of tbe State for tbe year 19GS, oa Ole in the office of the Secretary of State, it ap pears that tbe aggregate population of tbe State is Lit),slo. Of this number 1,033,111 are while males; 1,031,058 white females; fin* tnale ne groes ; 8,328 female negroes. Tbe camber of mi mic In the Stele, between tbe ages of 16 and tS. U 3(3,41*- Tbe counties of Gallatin, Maton and Monroe failed to take tbe ecunurauon, and tbe Snores fixed for those counties are takes frost toe L imed htales census of 1860. feom quiaci. Fatal Affray—A Detective 6ha«u a Barela* Dead-Escape trem the Jail* [Special Despatch to the’ Chicago Tribune.! Qciaor, Hoaember S 3, last evening, at the Virginia Uouae* in this dty, a man bj tbe name of Meta, a supposed burglar, wib killed by a detective named HcCraw, She circumstances are these i. Ur. UcCraw being no* UOed o( tbe whereabouts ot Met*, went to hU room at the Virginia boose, and knocked on the door. It beliic opened, be told Ueia what bo wanted: bat MeU presented a pistol, thereupon UcCraw drew hxa rcrolvor and shot the mao. who lived but a few minutes. A Coroner's jarr ac 3atrua the officer. Metals ea'.d (o hare been a cfpemte character. ‘H - Two prisoners confined in oar I*o, xbm.l their escape on Saturday ntcht, oy sawing ofl l*v- bolt which secured tbe grate door of their cell. < from Baltimore. Honor that Reverdjr Johoaon will Takes t*eot to the Cabinet—Tbo New Maryland Senators* (Rt Craig.] Kxw You*, November iw.—The Commcrelari Baltimore *pecial says It h-rumored that Ucverdy Johnsou will take a seat la the Cabinet, and that the Democrats will elect Governor Swann to the unexcited term of two years tn the Catted States Senate, reserving the fall six year** term for a straight oat Eastern Shore Democrat. Baltzvoex, November 29.—A suit has beea commenced aeatnei three election Judges for re fusing a vote tendered at the recent election by a soldier in the late Union army, who Is a citizen of this place. 11 is intended u a lest cue ih certain legal points. FEOM SAB FEABCXSCO. Libel Bnlt Aealnat the Alta California- Marbcta. Sax Puaxcibco, November 27.—Gaston Dor tote has commenced a suit acilist the AJa &jJ forria newspaper to recover damages to the amount of tvT.uuo, for the pabllcatlon of on al leged libel about the seizure of the brig Ba?co at Cape St. Luca*. In which the plaintiff la designa ted as a pirate and robber. Wheat sold to day it £1.86 per hundred. Ha waiian sugar £9, WJ per hundred. Sax Fbascibco. November 23.—Kaccidrar A Co., consignees of the bark Coys, bare sent a meesencer to lhe»*cme of the wreck to bury the dead bodies and save articles of value. Special orders. Military Division of the Pacific, direct Major General George Crook to proceed to Fort Boise. Idaho, and relieve Lieutenant Colonel Lewis 11, Marshallfrom command. The rattle dlseaie !« said to be prevalent In Josephine County, Oregon. A ship bufldloga-souatlon la about to bo form ed at Victoria. FROM MILWAUKEE. Fire—llleben’a DJotUlrry Destroyed—Los* WB 8-10.000-Navigation, Arc. [Special Dtapatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MawAtncnt, November 28. KBiohert's distillery, a mile south of this city, was destroyed by fire to-night. The season of navigation Is nearly ended. Boats are busy stripping for winter, and these starting are on their last trip till next spring. Weather cold and raw. Philadelphia Item*, - < PnrLAsnnoA, November 3d.—Alfred TonV, wbo is alleged to have murdered Captain Joseph Wylie, rn a cnnal boat, near Bucksvfile, Pa«*4taa arrested yestcidav, by Uealenxnt Frank* Aid Sergeant Marshall, 4 Edgar Thompson. President ol the reanA* vtnia Railroad, and GUead A. Smith, in Aaml can hxckerin Lordoo. have secured iho coopem> Uon of English capiialisU Cor tbo immedUt* «•* ;jhii.,hnent of alJneof steamers from to Liverpool. noabvllle. (prom ibeTfew Albany Commercial, Nov. 37.) A Northern mao who ban last led Nash, rilJe In dDgnst, called on tu fast nlgbt and left the following advice to the citizens of tint place, the dust of whose slrecU be nays he has shaken off hi* feet forever, fie says: Jf the citizens of Nashville or the peoj£9 of Tci/ueasee wish U- secure Northern capital, enterprise and Industry, they wcmld do well to do y ir**—etoj» eamrunglbc Tankees. second— Don't bum down mote buildings, because Northern men are therein interested. Third —(iti f/r/in fitly to one hundred lawyers oot ut the rlty ; the Itmlcca* courts arc crowded dally with the inferntl bickering on small matter*, and ft U a perfect nuisance to go past them. Fourth—Let the Legislature abolish the prohibitory ux of twopereeut on all goods t'roogbt lnP9 the State, fifth—Don't Cue a man fifty dollars for acilhjg goods by the •ample. HxtU—Repeal the Gtroutiee law that would Uketi*t UK>d from a mou’t. Beventli—Drive out the gamblers from your midst. It seems that gambling la mere Uahhxuble than anything else iuvt now in NsuhriMe. Eighth—Let the rebel papers, or cooaerralire, *’ao^alled, M stop ugntlo;: fora "dead dor.” The thing is dead and thev should acknowledge It like men. When tbete conditions are fuiflllcd capital may seek an investment in the beautiful country of Middle Tennessee. The ProtnUot Kybcopal Chareb. [From the Philadelphia Korb Americas.] The following atatlstlca of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States for the past year hare been prepared for itucr. lion In the Church Almanac for 1867, by the editor of that work, which U not yet out. The compiler was nnable to see a copv of the contention Journals of California. Florida, Kansas Mkfiikslppi and Illinois. The figures ttould all have been increased, bad these Journals been available, with the exc option of the t umber of clergy and parishes. The statistical year of the church is. ire believe, generally reckoned from Easter to Easier: OXXntAL STATISTICAL ItmUBT. Dioceses Bishops Priests and Deacons .............. Whole mtmi’er of Clergy Parishes - ........ ... Ordinations, Deaeons “ Priest* Candidates for llolr Ordera, CbtuchcA consecrated Baptism, Infante “ adult* “ not stated..,. ... Confirmation* Commnalcanta added. *• present number Marriages Burials Sunday Sctool Teachers. •• Scholars. Contributions A Lltcrair Bishop. The Paris Ftytro gives the following ac connt of the literary predilections of the Bishop ofOrieana: “M. Dapanloup’s enlight ened love of letters Is well known. He de fends and cultivates that study, and no one more keenly enjoys Us charm. He knows nearly the ‘whole of Vtrgll and Horace by heart*, and frequently, in conversation, makes felicitous quotations from these author* riu memory is so prodigious that he distin guishes clearly and In its place, as In an in ward library,’every detail of Its extensive knowledge; and In dictating to his secreta ries he refers them without hesitation* 2L wi«h a pM« oX Fonrlua. or nxch a line eg **« .£neid. * • ♦ Up at flvo every mnrm& during the year, he works without relax*, lion until midday, and, after a short prome nade and giving a few audiences, resumes harness until seven o'clock. While walking, he makes rapid j*encil-notes of fugitive ideas and heads or sermons; during bis drives, he Is similarly occupied. When he travels by rail, be has, as constant companion, a largo portfolio of green morocco, stuffed with papers,—-the real one that belonged to Tal leyrand.—and be revises manuscripts and corrects proofs. His correspondence Is as extensive as that of a Minister and he scuds rot fewer than six thousand letters yearly. There U only one momtet ot the day that docs not find him at work: It U t hat succeeding the evening’s repast. He f* obliged to condemn himseUto that period of »ej**te. and to forego writing and reading at night, in order not xo injure his eves, which have been already severely tried during the day. Markets bv Telegraph. Sew Ysrti Marfcria Sta V>'a. Koverrber 3S. AMms—Coallanc quiet at tor pot*. PrarU are nominal. Cottos—Poll asd H*lc lower. Sales of 1,300 bales at M(s34xc for mlCdlior uplands; and »c for Or* ksut. Ltorß—Pull ant' lover. Receipt* IMS) brH. hskwoflJtflm-lesnpefamSttJea: fT-5149-s>; extra State fSJWCiIO.SS : cood to choice do JIO.SJJUI-*); ■upcrCoe Western FljwkiS l 3; extra Western lOdO; choice Co tUXttaC to •. round hoop Ohio, Cl<Lsd C UwO; trade bnoli. The market cLm« llf^TT. Jtr* Ftors—ls doll; sale* UD Sri* at &2S. CoiMtuWi burn salts U 0 brt* BwUrvut oa prlestc term*. _ Goat*—Wheat, receipt* OS.IM bn. The wheat mix- Vet la dull and iSic lover; safe* IT.IOO bn at JUX tip NobMUwankec; ISA) lor a very cood No ?do, aad jJXO/oroldSo 1 do. Bye I* h-aer; aalM WObu west ern at tl 9*. Ecwipt* barley, •*»* bo. Barley U UaU and lower, tale* siw bo weamm atSs&sX*. anda.W> ic Osa*-* West at ?115 tree. Carter mJt t« hoary; tin i;o) tn it »LX. Receipts com The market i#heavy audible low«~ aale* TIjJW on at f1.Ut51.22 for iblppt&s tnficd Western; dosed at th* la>Wc nuoUtlrpn; fuaw t'T white Western ta store •-ltd fids tor new whlir Receipt* osts, XL 39

lu. Oat*iirt dull »nl 1c Inver. i*K** SX tG baa. 13.- lor ».b>rmro and Milwaukee. aud w*4b*c for stn*. WtiutsT—Vcrhaciß'l; UObHs to bond allCfaGc. The pork market is hoary aad lower. Sale»«rs.?<CbrUat fjr rcsolar and ra»h new wm ; cUslrc al fcS-US' ck *^’^V l , l rt r rnr..p. Red to bcarj - fair* of *f'*{•**' prltn. luerrji-* aredull; i*otiseau are Navy ; sales ot l.Opkes ,' l *tci.ldvrt and iSsalahcfot tarns.hscoale cach«fOi. Lard K colei and steady : *al-s of or i at 12 tc. cmit-l* dull, at ii«Jsc fbr otto, SOjtXv: for state ami j-'v? ric fc>r orange county P‘U*. Cuai>t—ls bcary ats,*lo«c. Oil.—ldnaeed I* oniet at fl.tX>l.<s. RavaLSrcu*?—ana Irregular, TJS’dTSHC for ivinto ci tuipcaUM. • Eon—Qalet sad fins, ■with aslea at X&ac for sU kr-- , iTßOLXtnt—Dull; ealee of 5M bria at tlX»»e for tnide, sikl rafted lo bond. XslXow—<julet;a«lcsuXlCr,CtoOß»atlllfaUc. , Btomanua—Rice dull. t>ffee dun ‘M nominal, Bacar doll and onchancrd. MoU*M*dn.l. wool—UonMtic continues doll, voile tortlsn u niber more scUto at prerlc oa prices. Sale*. HO.COi 0.9 tUI&IAc tor dome-tic fleet* ; for pulled; yjc lor tabbed; Ccfor cwtaUnca. _ _ _ Utarnr*—ifcrn'ock sole is a shade raster at S>3S3c lor Buenos Ajrree Ucbt welzhu aa®3lc middle do;» 037 c for best rdo ;SL*i3c for California light do; ax m!9Mc tor middle do; asrtsaSEcfor bcarydo, |3.75®7JC per ton of 3.CCO & i from jarda. LATER NEW IOUK3UBKETX. [tpedal Dispatch to toe Chicago Tribune.) N nr Ton. November*. Shippers held ofl. owing to tbe holiday to-aomnr, and with freight* tending upward* and a partial ad- Tanoe of one penny, with some reneiril of the money prmsre, much lower price* would bare been accepted (ur Hour and wheat; or. ratber,*moeb &ure|Uun a nominal decline. Shipping a—lran*tarred to Baltimore, where the auppUes are liberal, and price* ten eenta lower. Beet cattle la a fhlr demand, and a very Arm mar fcet. Receipts, alxty cars. Good to prime lUloou steers atUJfaujife. Sheep at S»«l<c. and doll. Hog*—Re celpts 30 cats; doO at BJ<c. Pork closed at gSlio, and quiet. Mnej and Biocai to New Verb. tßyCnl*.] NawTotc, November 23. Mostr—Market o«T »«€o7perccat for call loans «Uhl)u»lD«MMlovu&per cent. M«u»o £xc*j»*ex—Finn st lo9J<a)£9V. GoLi>—Luwert opßilngallU; aaranclug to lI3M. are closing at%*7Jt* Exports of specie txiay were 9 'ouvstsian Btocx*—Steady. Moca*—Dull sad beavr. otuo&MlM.cert«.... I Cumberland Coal Co.. 70 V tv, r.T «* S.X.C Erie l(ml»oo I*l Beading..... Mich. Central lUH Mich, toothers Bh>i Hi. Central JW rutsboreh M Foor o'clock opes board, Ohio A Mim. cem.... »H tv. v. «* n Reading .ItlH Mich, boothera sjm 111. Central scrip .ij* Pittsburgh „ tu Toledo. Saw Year, Novembers. The Ptnf* money article a*rs: The loan market ta reil supplied at 8 per cent, and transactions are re» rported sc 9 per cent. Commercial olltt are verr _;ow at 7<* 6 for choice name*, ' erocxs-LnU. Governments Bra at bleb prices jeau-rday, ana fhir bunnes* dolnsYvtos oiiSol beinx in requeat Tor European account. These bonds are la- Linslcally superior la Tame to the bond* ofiuta, har luclubKtrto run Ai the 'ti'i areselling3per cent lower than the Tt/a, there la an obvious reason why U e lomrr should be praerrnl, and little doubt la eo tetlaincd here thatln « an >rt time foreign investors In the taeda of iso will realize retorna for Ihclricreelcht. Alter tbo regular board the quotations were: S.Y. von Uhi I Toledo 111 Kile.. "I* Kock liland.. ~ioi ICeadlcg. UlK|>. 1T.,,,. toev Michigan fioothisn... blfc | Uudion jjij! 111. Centra) .IWX I Michigan Central... ..jlV* Pittsburgh wv I Ohio A Mias. Certa.... t ajr Northwestern. UK 1 CuniberUnd CO PR! 77* I Fotiio* EicTLisoa—uuiet_ DiUi at sixty dan od Eondun are quoted miireVaiW; for commercial lU9U toli»#; lor banken* do at abort tight lIOHuUOX- ...Y. C. Kne QodMB. •V. Nkw You. November 33. Mostr—Market cl«ed very eoiyat S«C per cent on 0.11, and there w*» not e disposition to ducoafit prime builccs* papvr it SaSpcrtenU Oou>-Oo»«lat 111 V alter frajaent sad wide fiae tr.ailoti. During the day the twu extremes wexoliou Foexion Excraxqx—Quiet. Gt>TiISKXXT StIXTUTUtt Dull. nt HJXailJxii-*d0, , f15 107 aum. Coupon*. , *1....U2Va1'3 (5-23 rer... x« <« ..* 5-fCrrs.,*63....l«>tai>'>X I®-*®”*- 09 V® .... coon- •a„.:ußhf f tica iio-tocooEona.. ... c.-jo co, 'ot I The following were the clo*ta* prices: Obiorcrta...... 5* to Ene .....73 Qt 71 Canton. 4$ UQoson.... ...U0 «12J gulektllver.... . Kc*une lltu{*uiu Mariposa 13 «13 Mich. South... ®3\i4 Sow Dopref. ~M as 36J< IK Central 113 &U 9 Western Union. Wj't* 4cy T01ed0*,,.......U3 MILJV N. Y. Central. New York Dry Goods Market* Nkw Yoke, November to. The dry goods market conUauw exceedingly dull, and there Is a prtst anxiety to redace stocks which are too large, bat buyers are sot to be tband, even st great ly reduced prices. Country dealers are overstocked and must sell before they can bay. Quotations of prices art mostly nominal. Manufacturers are reoort mrto short sales. Sheetings and ihirtlnn are inactive, and, with an In creasing stock, price* are lower. Little Is being sold in bleached gi>ods. Only the very tine finalities se<l at all. Prices unsettled. Prills quiet. Canton flannels dull. Sttlpes Inactive. Denims sell very slowly. Frtfiit—Accumulating to stock, the sales not equal line the fresh (applies, and prices are le lower. Ginghams are without activity. There is tbo a very limited business doing In delaines. The desirable fine •tries alone are wanted. on* pat lo small quantities. In Cobarcs there Is a smalt badness doing. The de mand has bees targe lor the season, which is now jatt over. shawls arc more than other goods anddeslra blc style* are very firm. Broadcloths are doll sod prices Irregular. Fancy casslmercs also have fallen oh la demand and conse quently m prices, which are extremely low. Manufacturers working short time, but the ■lock of goods on hand Is very large, send buyers eon hay to great advantage. Asilnm inactive. Ltoaeya are slow of sale. Flan nels appear active, and prices are steady. Blankets also arc more lively. Foreign fabric* are exceedingly doll. There is a heavy stock, from which buyers can select Stfavorahle prices, tha market being altogether lower. ClDcinnotl Market, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] CncuntATt, November 23. Fnorx—Dull and Sc lower, with tales of superfine at |9.Sai(UW; extra at fIO.SsU.S; family at ISJO. OBoa—Wheat dun, with asiesof No. 3 spring at rz.i^ Ko. 1 winter nominal at 92.73. Corn quiet; old mixed shelled e*®9Ce; new ear, 47®50c. Osu inactive -, So. 1 17c. Bye ateady. with soiss of No. lat |1.13. Barley quiet. No sales. CcTTOX-ffuiet,^wl th solve ol middling at ac-closlng weak. WmsxxT—Dull. Bonded Ste. Ftcmnoas—DuU one lower, with sales of me*t pork at 919X0—closing weak. Bacon nominally unchanged, with sales of new clear tides, next week, at lltfc. Boat meats nominal. Lard Arm and active, with tales ot 500 turces at U)c*, spcLaod *OO tierces, seller Janaary, all>„ Grres meats jtfe lower; ahoolders iUQ*Xe ; sides'Ko; bams 9c. Uoos—Wctowrr.and la fair demand at decline— closing at 9SXD® grosa, and net. hoarr—Steady. Notes all paid at Kmu to-day. Better feeling exists in monetary clrclra. Excnaxoa—Adroued; par baying, and 50*140 pro. miam oellmg. BH&saaM Xorkot, (fpvcial Dras-mjLto Cllcavo t^v—t - atr.WACKs*. Savvrr.'wf», Fiara-FiriMT; saiea ijKO UU at tut doable extra; sJMtot eiUK sad 91*0 Pnnpntn*. Gaaci—Wbvotdfj) om Utrtttt Sows > *aW at IM 9 a. mlp'juA' XMA fea ai £2 0* far ge.l: |IJSIWNo, 3t Mi tun(rtrfe)rnMii et Vxrt wot wee t« at 92 «fwS».l; 91 Aralrft lot H*. >i|l.*Alor9«.Mb,l«((llMtkrri(o, Oau—4atm i/to at *kr |af %o. V Cora quiet at Ke. Ilya let«ti*r. aaLaat «•- Iwrtay SallattUS. l*a»(Vi»jAa»— WAt aetita s **K» LM VrU dt/ »ma at|:9M, ycxurrr-PU&r tzA \met at iJ'4'iUc C/tcSvA/s. Uatrj, atd tvr 'lVacca. BcTTxa—t'actaarttC; cheica. E#p*sra)y at Vk. Daman Doo*-t7 Sf*&JS>, 4lrl4tag «o 9S) H Balbm •—Z,W3 tri» CuV, ffiJJSkg LMp* call. - eauazxxb—4.74o Uli Socr. Z2JCO bu wheat, WOO bd curs. (*r. lauU Jlssrkeu IPpcdal Despatch to Utt Cblcato Trtbaae.J . bT. Locu. 50T*cd>Cf XL Crttral market more animated to-day. at (330 fcr udrctted tad (TB iof drts*(d. Flock—ln demand; prices escheated, Okais—Wheat, firmer at M.10£:.6D. Com XoaiXß. Oau,adraicedtc>ttaV:. Ej-e,steadyat»A£SCc. Bar ley, stiff at flAS^l-C. Hat—Deary as in.COtfIB.JO per ton. Risks a»c Talujw—Uncharged. Pro THioas—Teas port. %SM, k Sidea,2sc. Shoal* den, »4J»c. WButiT-rm.l st (3JOO3JQ. V«mel» rsMrd Detroit* [Special Dapaum to the Chicaco Trtbooe.) Dcrsotr, KoTemher S 3. rp-yeae. Dows—Two Peaks, Burnside, Karagh, Sherlisa. Wisd—Boult at* t. DaQale Bsrkct. BcrraLO. Korember 29. Ftoci-Salfs 9(1 tola Ko. 1 sprtaa at ftUWMi l ja.- GkAUi—Wteai.Bitt: sales b.ouu bn Port wublac* ton club at ; Ko. 3 sprtez betd at S2AO. Com doll; sates at anon fiUV by boas loU and fl.Ciil.3vi, car lota. Oats qsvt: saica alAac. lUrlcy—Sal» 9,tUO bu CtsaCa at fib. Peas—Satea 600 bu CatadA at fU3. HjeQowu „ Pnovniaa*—po*—Sale* at (33A0. Lard—Sales at .43.VM 6.327 ecs— si,an 14,136 IGI.tH 9.9J0 Ifs-IS IT,3«U IS7.MS *3,G31,«j&.64 lie. ■Wcmrer-Stlem «-3?. Caxal Fkiuht—WtcAtto Boehmter 6c; through ccpaci mem* eod«L nmmurrs—Ebpaesta (tom the ports ol Chicago, Milwaukee mod TVedo for the *«tk mdior Norember avert: Toßa£Mo—Floor.Sl^UOnrls: wheat. 910,07% Mi; errs, ST.IU Mt o*U. 2y.5,0 tm; barioy. lO.WO ta; rye.a.TOuba; T< C.-*wc£o—'''beau ba: cars, 3MXO ba; eats, :J*Vbo ; barley. 17.10) bs: To Port Coibt ru-Went. «VOO ba; com. s&NU bo. From Syracuse onfy ahrtl So boats vest of that point, lock ing ISO boat* Oaliy, ban FrUiclsco .tllsiis stocks* 1 Sax Fxaxciaco, November IT. Vising stock* rterally look well. Savage. #39AO; Eelcher. fI.U 1 1 a. twill- *1.17; Challoc, ft ; Ophlr, tl-U); letlcw J K-ji t, iJ Ai. ■ Leju leaders unhinged. Fxorr—Quiet. Uraix—Hbesr—aslia white Michigan at#L»; am ber Michigan at fkAt No. l »prtnp. taco, com Jc ivveri n.c» at K*. tor No. 1: twe tor No, j mixed. Oats uiAbiagtii ; it Sit No. U By* oule; No. 1, fUP. Lau Fanouts—Steam, *e oa corn to Buffalo. 3HHBIKD. In this CUT. Not. S 3, by Rev. J.W. ReaJy.oTtba ’labcrmela Chorrh. AZXKAHAM MABsH to RATE .ALBPAUE. noth ol C Oka so. Attbemldmcerf the bride's aether. St. Charles Kece Co.. IV, Kct. S?, by iut. s. n unmta. Hr. i.obEUr WIUON to Mrs. fcI.UACt.Td B.FABREK. of Chicago. At the rwidiice cf the bride's fatter, Nor. 3R. by Rev. iißA*e;iJw.fw, Eerier « i-eChvrcu of the aloso amt, Mr. CHARLES K. BUTTS to Miss MARY, only Cscsc'er of Martin Cycr»OD, No catis. At CotU» Gro- r. Not. A by Hex, E. B.Tatil*. Sec tor of t-t. Mira's Chores. Mr. HENRY PORTER to Mis* JANE gjLW<S,«!I c-f Chide w In kit* city, the rrUdmu of the bride's t, 21 We«t Qotucy stmt by Her. J. D. Irani is. oi the h van* ton yre-by&.ri*i Chareb. Cist, w. G. Khnii to MU* CHRIsUM BAIN, both of micaac. No cara*. At LtrTOls. nu Kor. 5L FAK3OK BELL* Infant danchur * f IVilUsm W.atd Itabe* A Clats. aced S days awl 4 bonra. Is Hu* city, Xot. 37, of qnlck ctttcmpuon. tn«» CHEIs 11>‘a BOWXKS, of -B syne. Stetbea Co„ s. accdtoycai*. ~ We shall ever tbhk of ber with Ure, While she frltep* to peace with G<« aooTe.” Tl Uik «t*C PiltJT 1 *** K**.* " .W. wu MM »C, Be WfEM arc mpecdhlw lanted ■_> attaut ha to iwal, this aliemocn, at <a Wcat Mot we street, at a quarter I. la tMe city. hov. tstb, A. LUELLX. dansfeter of Charles 8. and Mecca aced 3 y«r» aao s mo*. Fnactalt'raic>s«itl <ake place in-atherealdenee cf the parrot*. 12 Thlrd-ar., on Friday, bov. 30th, at 3 o'clock p.m. In ihla city, Not. STth.UrmMAnGVBETA.BCT. lERTLQ J). with of P. Bnttertcld. c yea.** art*»month.. _ _ Funeral *ei*lc<3 oa Friday, Sot. »a. at II o'clock a. 0., at the residence of the family, !• boats Uij-it Id this dty. on the 9Tth ln«t, at the rr>idetce of hia brother. A. t. Cam- roo.SU £a*t vyrr_ UAU i-OI,LARD CAMERON, fourth » a of D. Came, run. br„ Wheclloy. Cook County. ased ;1 Tears. Bclldloo* k;Uih this aftersoos. at i o'clock. Fnenda of the iaotUy will please acce;- this tnaaa Farewell, btoiber. coMtanJ tree. oil the morrec- Otm iron May we nee* ax*tn in tn*> better land, wtere pain tod sorrow u tnlaowa, asi deatb and paross can never cons. In Uil* citr. Xor. rtii. 'WILLIAM E VRIUSOH TAT. lOlLstnof IM~»odM,T»jlor, a*eda foara aaaif '’Vtneral froa its txlay. ■Oi^KSOKAIi—II the youc£ lady on 1 fc latent, tar* Wednesday alien 00a (cxlubioac a Wt of ladle** Tucker" e Tocos Anpric* papor coUars aodtr.r* to lady opposite* will tend l»-.r aodret* ta l*ox 3ACS. r. o„ #1)1 bear Crow ada.lrer. SitasrE anxr Stolen. QTRAYED—£IO Reward—A large, ts& O Cow fr'tu Vi3‘i Indlana-ar.. Oct Tib i*»u rj •tnytd. gi) will be paid f>r te. r*tara i If *l3O of cow and djtscUoa « ui*. yf m Tl|c THEATRE. mcvu":ku»mteii» .Mj-Viotmi THANKSGIVING NIGHT. Tfco Great Sbakeperlaa Comedian. Ur. JA4. H. UACKBTT. Thursday, TUB MBBBT WIVES OF WINDSOR, ... ... Or,»fflrmßWT., . „ r Sir JobnFalstab. » Frida*. Benefit of Ur. J. B. Haskett. Saturday, Fataisir Maanee. In rehcanat. Griffith Gaunt. pOL. TVO OB’S MUSEUM, cbL J. D. WOOD ....Proprietor Director of Amuaementt, AIKw Btsce Muiftr. s.tßßx Clin Thaakaxtvtng Afternoon and Nlaht, Lnarecedroted attraction* even here I Comedy, TrarrOy. farce, Hlnz- Inc and Dancing. This (Thursday) afternoon, Not. », at the Grand Matlrn* at 3U o'clock, will be wrllirrael the Co rooty of TWO CAN FLaV AT THAT O AMK. To conclude «l>h Renew Farce of PIFCISb’ RUSTIC KCTREAT. In (be etenlr U h-forj-S. the crjet Museum Specialty, called 11TK TICKETHIF-IEaVE MAN. Friday, ftenrflt of Mis* Jcnn* IHiht. First tlmnhfrc.the ernnd Mill tar* Draw* pfl UK FBBSCII BKT. To ronrlnde with tbe Fairy Extravaganza of TUB tNVIEIBLB FRINGE. ■y'AIUETT THEATRE. THREE FAST WOMEN. NO VULGARISMS—SO IMPROPER LANGUAGE, BUT SPAUKLTSO WIT • AND GENUINE HUMOR- All the talented Company appear In a On Monday Etc&los will bo produced TBS PHAIfITOia 1 With all the tdrastatea of b*antltal fernery, appoint* meota. Ac. I Toledo .11W 1 Hock bland 101 Korthwnicrn Kortbweatern pfj ... 71S? Ft. V2O A3O fOBp. t ’« mo coup •«....io7 W)coop-ue* luae.UH* 7-59 Ut *erl<* ~i>i6 Thanksgiving apteknoon ANI» EVENING. The Original Hutchinson Family, THIDE OF* ABA-SIX MEMBERS, WDI Site TWO CONCERTS ONLY, at WASHINGTON HALL, (Smith A Slxoa’e Block). This (Thursday) Afternoon and Evening. Matinee at 5 p.m. 73 cents admission. Erealnr, floor* open at ato 7; Concert at £to s. Admualon M cent* cbUdrca a cett*. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. THAHKSGIVISG DAY ASD EYEMSG. X*ast Two Performance* TUX WONDEBFDL BUIS LAV'S Last Chance to (cetbe NIAGARA LEAP. BPIRAL MOUNTAIN. BALLETS add QROUFINQb, TABLEAUX, And the Btde-cpUtttng Pantomime ot the APOTUEC AHY UaUnee at ti o'clocx. Evening at 8. pT Admliiicm to Maunee. ‘A3 CENTS. JO SECOND SCITANABEaUON ENTERTAINMENT TO be given at Railroad Mission Chapel, FRIDAY EVENING, NOV. 30, 1805, For the BENEFIT OF THE SCHOOL. TICKETS, AO CENTS. To he had cl thaTeoche-a of the School. sod at TOMLINSON BUOriiElld', 109 I>rerhorc-tt. QKO&BVS OPERA HOUSE. J.T. liATMOND... U&stt a sd lU.vaOxi Engagement tor a limited nnmberof nlshuwlth the beautiful and accomplished UTAH OF THE EAST. IXCILLE WJSSTEKN, Commrcclcg ‘WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3d, In hoi world-famed i cndlUon of LADY IY-AUEL AND MADAM VINE, In C. W. Tsylcorc’s criminal drammtlxstlou of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, fcnpponcd by Ml*» M. E. GOBDOX, Mr. TUEO. HAM ILTON, Mr. McKEE BoNKIN, and a full and efficient Comiituy. AdmUslon.socenta; Reserved Seats,7s cents; Dal cobj Boxes. <4 seat#} ti.oo; Family Circle, SO era’s. Entrance on Btate-»l. l*roscenlara Doxra.ld.OiJ to 910.00. Uox office epen lor sale of seats Monday morning, Decembe r 3d, »t 0 o'clock. Op H B YANKEE ROBINSON I NEW ZOOLOGfCALGA tJDENS AND COLfSKDif. On bUte-st., neat Washington*;. Open at ail hour*, rertoru sore every olcht by theOctCIRCUSTFIOUI'E IN AMEAIIICA. aid the LAKGf>T Collection of LIVING WILD ANIMALS ever exhibited la Chicago. ThrteGrano Matinees this week. Wednesday, Nor. at. Thanks civiec. 7 hnrsdav. Nor. to, sod Satarcay, Dec. 1. Last Week of the Great American CTowt. JOHN LOWGOW. MONDAY rVENINO. TVc. 3<J. first appearance Chicago, of the favorite Clown and Comic aimer, JAMIS BEYNOIiDH. niLBEKT ds »AJM PaON, VJT GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TRADE SALE BY CATALOGUE OF Sixty Crates of Crockery, 300 Looking Olasaos* AT AUCTION, On Friday Afternoon, Not, 30th* At 3K O’clock, we win wn at our ssinrtK'n.o, 47 and 49 Dearborn •C. CO cram of white granite ware, all of the best •liwt and rnske. and recalata ot au the kinds made. K/vh crate will be soM by ttte package, and are •pferv eldly assorted. Included m the isle are eight crates of •e<*o4*. Alw>. mo mirrors, mosurted sU«a. The oalo will be wlUwnt rraerve. atLtiKta * aanrsox. Aactioaeera. G U,bekt* 3A(ffl . A v. iCcnollliaw SALKSttOOMft 17 * 49 DLAZtftOKS-ST, ChP.**', I.'.'. Oar prr*<.t.aJ •tVr.JW'.a «,»«. io wot of fk.uMaotd t -mtfiaf». at ui %i tmr Awtim «c«m fi&d ittouwtrt> tcrmtlo CAR vu as. ftflp-rV>ry«wSfed gsTO^fUM aovssaoZfp rtmwinmu. £!//**«. A*. naWAT, Jk/T. xa, •1 vu t/*V4lt, at oer of atm rai »m*yrtti**A of tnrUf, i U»*n 4 *T and 4.-iut'i‘'*u tamunti o—* a*i »w»*t o;j waltiit arita *M pary-T ; »umuiiri M t»ir at/J •’-'/•ad-haM |>f4M* «. ti./«r"Plr. terrain Wl IU-t3UU UU f.vy<U tr ***rr. •!"»•», Hr.: tot*tt*r vltbscrt'rsi *«• GILLKKT A EAMP*'». AsxOgtJKt*. •yyiL a, curreug * co. Auctioneer & Comnliiion Merchant! PiLMEli’b BLOCS. pM 44 Or 4H UASDOhPU-HT. STOCK OF LADIES'AND GENTS' FUES AT RETAIL AJSD TO TSB TRADE, Oa FRIDAY. Sot. SOth, at 10 o'clock, at Bolters* Salesrooms. Palmer's Block. 44 and 40 fiaodoiph-st. VTU. A, BCTTEBS A CO.. Aaefrs. WE WILL SELL ON FRIDAY, VV onr Auction Boom. 19*4 Booth C:ark-tl.. at to o'clock a. a, LFDSTEADS, SIATTBAhSES. DESKS. CESTBE TAJRUju. COOKING AND PAKLOB STOVES, APPLES. Ac. VM. umFFITIIb A CO,. Anctfouters. T>Y J. M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, X> , l‘A7 DEABBOHN*ST n SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURMTURJE AKD UISCELLA9BOU6 GOODS Friday, Kst. .IQtii at IQ o'clock a. m. gfj KASDOLPH-sT. ' r* ■ PIKE & CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDDING ASD FEATHERS, Tvicdo Market. Touoo, November 3S. '£»HE LAKE & BODLET . ' Portable Circular Saw Mills, POEIABIE STEAM EHpISSS, gllcjtie Com Mills snd Wood worllng Machinery. LAMS A’ nODLEY, Corner ot John and Cincinnati. Applicants tor descnpUTcarcnlan wtn specify the TnaohituT tht-y nerd tcWtSM»pq FUR SALE—Rare chance. A well es tablished Job Primlne Establishment. To a tasn of experience arid nmn H is aJ*o.i chance. Adores* “ pr.lM fJU" P. O- Box -141>- SA —A pood saloon and res- P taarant. In the ouw of the city. Wry cheap. Mnit te ald In nve day*. Inquire at So. 47 Soata Csrt eh. basement. DIED F'OR SALE—A good paying manufcc tcrlnr buMte-s. crotrailT ■??. t SV.4^.V -PL't Abcot frio) capital repaired. Addrets W. SL, Xrtb* oceotScc. . 170 K SALE —Saloon, boarding bouse r and nature*. A chance cattrgrWod man. inqnlre at 7S booth WcLwU or at 19S East Kloalc-st. troll SALE—Drop Sioie— My. health r' banns toll*. I win mj •tor*. bom* and lot. at a steal h*f**in. .rttojuedilo tbs CenrifrbU.C town of wesinllr, Lip -t to County. Infl~ on tteT.S.A.AC.K.a AUir«tockoabaafiU *ndhave a. nn«ir»de to or addree me ** woinue, ipo. Ettsnnal. amusements. Genuine Succcat of the CHOICE ENTERTAINMENT. auction flairs. AT ADCTIOX, jaaefonerp. Uusintss iCfjanees, U.'M.F. CLOb foil saLE—Cheap, email stock of t gosd*. lease and fixture*, at So. 172, corner of Xortfc CUzkaaiErittU. ITOB SALE—A billiard saloon to a t* tret-rate location, tad 1» doing * toe Dosin'**, »ith iSae ’VSi. Sad t" <«iy wld to close 03 a concern, appiT w eSS“aTBES Soon 10 CroMij-i oper, Uocae. . P" )B SALE—A-well situated cigar gore, ■tock, Anton* awl lease. 59 WoltveU, Brigs* Hem, - P)K SALE—Stock, lease and firtnres of tSMchatflOlU BOT; K roicc Into wholesale bniirw** Afiare** « • **» Tribune oglce. F)R SALE—A fine stock of tin and htniTafa with lease of store- Batina** extab' Uabed ISB7. A tpkndld Prtc ®* IA.COO to H.CCO. ApptT »* 59 West Kaala.9b»st. trORSAJiE— One-half intent in the lagsri> set proit* morib. lor particular*, aa drees ‘♦Laundry.” Tribaao oglce. tTOR and billiard hall, r withholding*. lease ol lot teaSTiSKA «i« r?4^ik>s Kfivi Soiivia im yri will please ouxe a note of tbit, gr : ui*CCSUIIHOS.Room 19. ISW S*aUiCi*rt-ec. ®o iicm-ieouses. TO liENT—By Wm. D. Ecrtoot, 89 Wa*hl£B«iMtnSri«r fcotwc*. on (M corner of Bunbord and Benbcn-cb., containing a or » rooms each* Best. JSO per couth. TO RENT—A new cottage bouse at city UiuUa, wm Side, two Woi* trom the slftwl can, IcgnirofttOtC wot taken. rpo RENT—The lower port of house X 304 tbaK-ar. fowwlon area 'mmfdlatoiy. TO RENT—House, 161 Park «r., has H noma, water and cat; ploaaant location. Apply on SMO. T'O KENT—On the Souih Side, a house containing fire rooms and tour clorota, with fnrnl tnre tor sate very cheap. Apply at 100 Eoom 4- PO KENT—A story and a hall cottage, L tbe ion cr part IfcnlihM. l&QOire at 217 Horta lAfML fT'O KENT —A new two-story home on I Indiana av„ a*OTe Twenty «Uth-»1..9 r-oms. be •mes large ball* aid cl oar t.-. m and water. I’rlcc, f up a year. Inquire at 1309 ladlaaa av. rpo KENT—Dwelling M 3 West Jack- L *oi)-st;vnl)hetoTesttoa prompt-paying uoxht. on the lOtt tut., abr.nW partle* applym* bo willing to pmcAaM about KJJO worth of furniture and tamliy supplies. Kent of boose, ftf) per month ontll May Ist, Wi. fT?o KENT—It you want to rent a house, I bar a bonae or aell a house or lot. call at onr of lice, bon* barcalna ottering. QCOBQB ft Wltr HAMS. 7 South Clark-aC T'ORENT—A nice collage house ot 0 I rooms amt basement, on the corner ot Leavitt ar.d Walnut-eu. Appty to T. S. FITCH ft CO, Boom 3, No. 167 Dcarborn-st. rpo KENT — A house of 10 rooms, and _L rood bam, wtth.a ten minute** walkot the Court Dome. Fbrmtnreforaaie. Addreas *• A B,” Tribune office- ri'O KENT—A cottage on West Madl- J. aoB-at, wtuiolns about a room*, btable, well and cistern water on the p readies, inquire at 138 W« t Madison-*!, __ TO KENT—Two neat cottages, contain- Inc 7 room* and pantry, on Jack-on-at., west of Hoyre. Inquire at MUA D. PBATTS Intelligence Of* tee, ISP bombClark-su TO RENT—Two-story honse, 0 rooms, onLate-u., near I'M: two-story and basement brick home, on Vndlaua-ay., near Thirty- Cm-su. $s&01 two-story house. * rooms, near Soldier** Uome, on Wabpaß»ch-*y-,t4tt per month. IL C. MO KEY ft CO., Ileal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. UTo ivEut—Uaoms, TO RENT—Fumifhcd rooms to rent at •178 Cdnton-au. between Adams and Jacsaou-sts. TO RENT—Two nicely turnlshcd rooms. Apply at 3 33 South Clara-su T'O KENT—Rooms, and furniture for sale. Apply at 70 Dear born-* L, Koom 39, op atalr*. KENT—The upper part of *a nice, JL warm house, in the West DlvKlon, containing l»iur room*, two from two lines of street car*, turd and soft waU r-. also, hara with ths above, If de ilrcd. Inquire at 37 Ns«berry-»t.. or addreaa 1». o. r PO REST—Three rooms on ine second . I floor ot 80 Batidolph-aL, pap- ml and very dealt. toe. Woold l« let separate. Apply tt iha office of YOUNG AMKIUTA COLLAR Co., lime floor. r pO RENT —Lower floor ol boose 4c50 X KortblVelU iL.coßiUUflg cf 5 rooms. latmlre tv IQtt y onto Weilsau nhO RENT—Dec Ist, second floor oi X 112J* Somh Jetfcrsot-fL—threarooxi and two cJcmU. honebatrvspoulbieptitiMoeei apply. 'lO t\ENT—A tarnished room, with or A without hoard, oa thtnortheant comer ol Jsrk boq sou FratikUo-ata., in a private finally. T‘o RENT—A nicely furbished room can be aeca by applying at 1 IS atoaroe-au, near t jC l'o»t Oflo.'. r pO RENT —A trout furnished parlor X ana bedroom, with two viable bo-*, inltabie for a mao »l>i % ife «r two gentlemen, la a private tatallj, at Ititt .North H’ell«*st, T'O RENT—II East Randolph-sL, seve ral furnished front end back rooms, for two to four griiil-tncx or married couple, with or wltbont b~ am. Private hoot*, 1 1 llaadulph-at. 'PO RENT—And turnuurc tor sale— -1 Une-half Interest In a room, in a block scar Iho CuauUouic. Apply, between in and 11 a. m., at 42 j-mitb A Xlsoa'a Exchange. 'T'O RENT—Eniidshed Lodgings—Two X turnl.ohfd room*, kept in order—-at 200 Eatt WadUon st., uptiairs, to grbUem-m only. Reference* clChafigCft. TO RENT—Gentlemen desiring com- Cirtableroom* for tae winter will find them, at moderate puce*, turnuhud with every requisite,*ior«a, Ac.,at lli.S Caaa-tL.near Octano-sL r pO RENT—A large and pleasant iroct X room, comfortably fnrr.lthed, convenient to hntl nett, laluble for two or ton? amUem*n. at 22GX StMe-gt. Gentlemen v Ith rrfcrcccc preferred. go tStnl-gtorcs, offi'ccs,jcc XO RENT—Offices or sleeping rooms In brkk block corner lake and Canal at*. F. KCOX. 138 and l-IO fTO RENT—A good rear office on sc X cond floor on WasßlcrtoiMt., between Clark and Dearborn, llent low. Inquire at LSWIS’ Dental Boom*. OS M asblngton-st. TO RENT—No. 141 South TVater st. comer c 1 south Clark, r-mtablefor commUitoi orofllce bcMcrfs. Very desirable location. Fossa sfon (Oven December Ist. Apply oa the premlte*. r pn RENT—Store 327 1-2 South Clark- I fL, aud fixture* for sale. Aim. Ti.ood cigar* and a few case* of Connecllcnt feed le>r for sale. 3£ral Estate—(Ci'tij. I.npKOVhD, T7OR SALE Or To Rent—House and J? lot. So. 644 Wabaab-ave. laqalre at the boaao. T?OR SALE —A email, very handsome X? Onltape ol 5 room* and hall wt 1 be fold c&eao if applied for Immediately. Address F. U. Box 7aS, Chicago. 170 R SAI.E iramc house, ’ Be. 7J 8 Fnllon ft., with 100 feet of ttn nod, very eaa» term*, if taken at once. wH, J. TLwgkSi.l'LY. Boom I I.So.Mt Wa*btosK>&-<t. I/OR bAl«E—CotiAge house ar.d lot, *344 I We*t U*'ll*e>n-*t. ifoOfccottaln-* e *ht room*. Lot 35slit) feet. The pieaeanfest location *bo tbs cheap e»f propeny In Itqtire ot iiVj. A, FAIw 2i { if. 343Hi.atfi Wafe7-«t, Ifoorn .»■ F’OR SALE—Or To Rent—AcntUgcon tho We«» t )<Je. two 1-Joefcw wye* -j1 *«»/ Rnm*. cr. Bejn.e/afeit» north ol Lake. Inqairaow tboproial- F’Ofl 5ALE—That valuable btificess jr/.f'ft; f.r, u.* tt>rm of M*dt*m svi av*t ,wi:h 5/sf •-;*.* ia.yif.irv.enu, Al*o, * g!>y> mk. Ihqolr* Hi Ho. *»0 Ji<at) F’OK hALE—A new Iwivsbwy irarnc Iwsae <f it Lot »M wrt marK" mint!**. */•, avi l.t. V*. tH Amat. r.**f T.asklr.*v>«. «.v, co.. Ifoal fcv *l* *?«•!». £'/. 4 U'-roy, f.oV. i/Dil HALE— A r.ew twv« su.iy frame I AwrT.'.ut it ‘/fv* fo't/yUu/5« «il u.'AyrtftK. s'-i i*ru ; t*/< ),/ tT, lu '■*.* 'A tJ* b-«t f+iC.'nrtSt ./it U. U-* i‘,M, i* •*»**!'-u f.ituiii'AU*T. i ttj.’.irWL gv. Ml Kytrfy, hAfyK—<>n 31u:h‘.7tmar,, a firrt I <t«M /-rVlry*-, ft f** sc.'l •• 1 11 <o4^ 4m i ttM rr {*(. J, |i. KGt.LfUi, o**l t>UU AirU.yAUK&C^st4l. Foil SALE—In Imlk or pjtroel*, U>i*m Svi a Cl»rit »t.. «i:ii ttu* i*w of * fort cu tl« riitr, w;Oi a.- 1 jucr». »i;i \* *vla *tr<va- Inly ft*, ul on i*.»a n>-Uf. Apvly ft C. U. U. iltoHb-. 77 .r.wa f*./Xir. l/OU SALE—-May be you don't think \ m.'jul wefr*J» !.•>«• Iwo b j(Mlojr«'<o Pt*U-^u Ujt i:JO0. « Llcb rrut 1-r a a«.u*lJy. OHOUjE a SALE— Cheap—A new lirstclass X 1 frtiL« Lot#c f,f H ro<,ir.«,bflUc luumlailoa, fur* oubet U ronjhoot with lot ad cold vatcr, batb ro< m- water n a't le mantl-n, «e„ nad lot w fn-t froet, 00 Warnr»-*t- tear Llnc/.tn. Imiccilate dvrs. THOMAS V. ‘•VTuEIj, a Ift-. tt*al La late Arectt, X 0. 4 MttropolHaa o‘ock. I/DR SALE—Cottage Grove property, X 1 11 acre* iroßtlos on Kankaieraad InlUna-arg, illb dwcUlßs. itabtr, tbrec veil* of water, and fine CTorr nt oak trtei, rnce lew. and on time. Apply to O. B. U. liCGHbfe. 77 Dearaoro-»ft room 72, an floor. T.'OR &AIJ2 —Cbcao, 0 new two-story JO loeae often toon: v*lui r.rlct bajemeni. and lot os Fnlton-at. j. a. KEO.EK, Beat liaiato Agent, 129 Eootb • 17 OH SALE—House and lot on Indiana . Ko. l.lli, brick baiemcnt. Price. }3JCO. Poaae*>ior. at cuce. D. D. CUAMDEU9, Ko. 17 lU-vnold*' Block. L'OK SALE—House and lot on Michigan. X' aT„aoaib otTwentj fourtb-.t. Price.#o,a j. IX ISI comer l , ralrte-sr. and { wenty-secoi;rt-*u ?103 per foot. R. D. CBAMhEiai. Xo. 17 KevaoltU* U»*ck. tMRPHOVtD, TTOR t>ALE —A tract of 80 acres ot JO land. In east Lad cf section 17, township .3. range U. vitbln ball a ml.- aootb of toe Union Stock i'rnl*. Beal £.ute Ageala. 4 MttrcpoUtat. Block. T7OK &ALE—At a bargain a fen acre r trsetone and abalfmiles *r»t oftbe cttrhmPt, frocthcon the line- 01 West Lake and Msal-*in-aU. Apply U> Q. li, Q.XIL'GIIRo, 77 l>tarborn-*C. room 'it. Sdcoor. IT OR bAI E—Evenly teet on Prairle-av., X? axery desirable lot enclo*ed.two row* oflarge shade tree* In front, tacb.ocfc (rem*; a-vrrain yet oCend.tlO per foot loss than the market price. GEO, w. MILL. 17 Reynold** Block. 17‘OK SALE—An investment that will 1"' par IO) per cent at once. If aoir* and 33 seres la Sections 10. ta. U: al»o. ol acres, all on VlDceanes-todl. ady-dtinc the Urtai Cblcas® Park. 11. O. STOKE, ll« 7 ffa^-st. Uveal gstatc-ffiountTg. 170 K >ALE —lmproved Farms—The X’ fo’JrwiDß forma, with valuable ImproTemen!*. iltuated In Martbail CoonTy, Illinois, near railroad accot and rlrer • Two ttrmt at 3P) aera* eatb. one of 299 were*, css of nc acre*. one o: 160 acra, one of 117 acre*, aad one oX eighty Acts. Aleo. cm i aad Umber lands, and Improved property la Us? thriving city cl Lacoa. Ma:*baif County. Term# very Trow able. For particulars addreas FISUEE A TONS. Laeoo. lUlnol*. ' ITOR SALE—Pine Lands —2,ooo acres n valuable p’ne land* for »*le, taTowcihlo 2, N. Gauge 15, W.. Al’etan County. Michigan. 6 mile* from tbs lake. For particular* adCrtj* A. A". LANCASTER, 1?» Wa3«L.N. Y. 33oarh aJHanteb. OOARD—In a mi vale French familv ol l~> naoeeUblllt* ana culture, with ptemsast room for the winter and »prios. by a widow. tor herself and son. Acnulren.eatof tbelsatssce prerjoaj to a con ten plated mltecre in Frasee being th- &dr*a object. Tl;e family of a protasor wcojd be preferred. No ot> ’ecGoD to ite country. or any place near Chicago. 'Hlgt.eft reference* siren and required, Address tor thrta gayn. ~ L N V," 95 Oat-at.. Chicago. BOARD— Bt % joime gentleman stlend log Cry act A StratlonV CoTi-ge, I n a private tast ily, AddrtM, ttatlag term*, *• W o." Tribane oSee. BOARD— For gentleman sod tnfe, in a private family. Addreaa -U,** Trlbcnc offles. I)OAKD—Bv two single gentlemen, in i> « private fktsily on the IvesthUe. tlf JoraUbed tthib preferred, neat reference* riven- Address “il n.”f.0.80»1437. _ . jEßacftiiurtg. ITOU BALE—Portable and btationanr JT Exsrinf* of a'l sixes. One S-feet bed, lAinch •wing: one6-fbet bed. 2-Hnch swing; two JV-f«t bed. It-tcch awfnz; one 10-feet bed. 2Mnch swing: ore IS tvet-bed, 22-ltcb twins; oce 16-ftwt bed. fit-lneh swing; all screw cnttlcg engine lathe; two opnght drill*: two Iron planer-; bolt cnKer. cut tapper, ore wood surfseerrone surtacer and mau-her. \lsc. aQ lie is of machinery, beldrc. hose and panpa. C.L. KICK A COn 19 and 21 ixarborn-st. ITOR SALE—Six engines and boilers, r bet cate, oew improvemrots—two 8, two 10 and two 13 horse power, with or wltbont bol ers; 12, Ij, lo and SO horse tnbnlar and Jocomortre boilers. Engine, asd boilers ftmldted » order; mso. saw mUU, ha-ref aad wood-worttng machinery. l»oa Platers, belling, Maohlaery depot No. 3‘2 Dearbora-st. GREkhLiIEPBOS. ACO. FOR SALE—Portable and rtatiocarr rerlaes. and portable aaw-oni*. Bnfitncs of all mannlactuae«i at Watertown. New l»rk.'A < J tor ule Py the •obKrtber. Saw mills ol the nw: »ppvor ed«m» Can am sec theta at No-2S Sgo. Ecadrira cUmlax. F. NOYES, MUI For. tlshlng ItanJ- jfot Sate. F'OR SALE—One sale, one desk and one letter pro* aad stand. Inquire at 9i South. LASaile-sx-. ct> LTOK SALE—Three handsome black r wsinst store tables, with craw era; aha. 39 feet ti.elvipg. Win trade tor goods. 125 SouthClatk-e l?OR SALE—A few cases ol French r calf, S3flS3 at, and kip CQhl fit, duext Importa tion, wli be told cheap. S«mpiet al booth Clark- St, ODfifit 3Uaantrt—fßale ?jelp. BOOUREEPLUS, SALESMEN &C« WANTED— A salesman of experience, wcrthyaadTrrU qjuliard, to roa acetacood fcn»lr«*»*. Mu<{ be a poodjncJicaof mai.-'' O.D.OHVI* -t'»p>od» a pood jtfcJiCi •\ OH VIS, 1*23 Utarborg-»t., CMcmo. TTTATsTED—Salesmen ol mature, a^c, V \ correct hablU and eenllemardy bearing, to Q'd HreircUea Ktinunentbin an>*.r:li>B to ability. Inquire ot J. D. speed** moot. Dear, lornel.. Chuago. T*r aNTED—A first-class salesman, who V V can control a large Illinois trade and af-rort to it properly. tv»< M reeairM *> tt*vel dam/Jlr-t troethtot iboyear. Apply Immediately to TUACY. Htttix A CQ..4UO Broadway,>ew York. WASTED— A clerk or talesman in an cut petition. Ibttcon loan h*» rmplotef M» to --■*tco.ruy» Addrewa," Trtbane ogee. 3D KWd_ good di TXrANIED—A. go.- iroggiat—none V V o<b«r orM ■ppiy—»□(! ono Ui*( cm Jo*n bt# C'a* pioyer MW3 or fWO, it «1 »-camy. H*ti* » coo-lit* ml mnn nlrp »tork. Mnrt be welt recomaseiufcd. Aodresi •*K K M.” Trt'/oic pfflco. ' TX/ - ANTED—©alesmen going to the V • country with aample* can add aeolher line ot rood* hr ranine at Office of Young America Collar Co.. 80 Uanfolpb-st. WANTED —Immediately, or on the ut of Jancary, an experienced travelling azent for the grocery trade. None cecd apply except those ol long experience, and who can command a cood trade. To such a liberal salary will be circa. Address I*. O. Cox lIS, (trios fall particulars. Correspondence Cocddentla). WJ ANTED—In a wholesale bool and Vt *boe honae, a Ont-elaaa talesman, acquainted wJib the bo*lnp*«. and who can command a go Ml trade, to whom a liberal salary wl'l be pal l. None others ncedapplv. Adareta, with reference*, “T £ It,** I*. O. Drawer (JlftO. TUADBB. XXTANTED —Immediately, a good V * wearer to *el up and run Ptahord Looma.'tVxvl nay and steady work. Address iiITST ft LAMPHIKB, L’h-n.ulzn. 111. ©Aantcb-jfamale, fS>clp, SAbKsWOMEN, TBADCS, fte. ANTED—A cood girl to ran a Sine- TV criewiocnivMnb, In a tailor shop. None out a good hand need apply, at a i I state-st. TXT'ANTED—A Tallorcss, at 20 North V> SUtfrat. OUl'Sfc skuvants. TX7ANTED —A woman to cook and V> wash. A steady place, and good waxes paid. Apply at 3(*o Wabaah ar. TXT ANTED—In a small family, a girl to V* <3o housework aedrooktex. A Scotch eirl pre lerrtd. llefr'rente- rrqoirrd. Apply at 333 South MiTpan st.. hear Bine i»land-ar. XX7ANTED—Ucoo, laithhil girls, to V V work In cood fain die*. Ar-plr at UtlS. WAIT TAKbU’S liitcUlzcnce Office, 32U Chlcazo-aVn cur p-r of LaSalle. Xl' ANTED—A good plain cook, washer Tv and troncrj- a family of tbreo person*. Pro preferred. BrJererce required. Apply at 30S Writ VitJiaoxtopjt. \\T ANTED—A nurse girl. Must have \V y:i>' reterrecr*. Apply atßlo tadlano.aT. 117 ANTED—A girt that can cook, wash Vl and iroa well. No Irishnaed apply. 170 iloa toc-sl, corner ol La^al'c. \\T ANTED—A girl to do kitchen work. V V Apply at gfl.l r.c»; Lvke-aL WJ ANTED—A cook and second girl. V V to CO 7 mile* Into the country. Wage* $T and St per week. Address ♦♦ lira. M a.*’ Tribune office. WAN TED—lmmediately—A first-class sc:oad Ctrl. In a mall lamllv. Moat have good city rrfem ce. Apply at Mas Kcrth Dearborn-at. WJ ANTED—A girl to do Housework V> In a mail family. Inquire at the new brick bouw, cc»rt»r ot Park-av. and LtncoiO at. X \ 7 A N TED—Two eiris, one as 1 fiend ress V V aid chambermaid, and one aa acamstrt** aal «litres. Good my reference! required- Apply at Mlct laan-av.. between tl and 3 o'clock. JEmplosmcnt agencies. XjtJ ANTED—SOO experienced Railroad V V Grader* (Irtihmen preferred), to work ce tbt grading cf the cedar H»p’rt.> a FI at Rat. road, la Western, lowa, wasca ll.Th perduj. Boara |A»perw!*k. Transportation frciuC,.HArj to ir.t work tarnished Ore, hy F. B. WEABK A jvo’Uh Water-**- W. n. WALKEH. Vice FT**loeat ana ct.itf WANTED —1,000 men to go South i wacs f4iU> (50 a month and b?*nl, 50 track layer* and Btrlkcrs. |Z-h<) a duy; railroad Üb-orerr. a day. AppQ at 153 C.a.luL. Uooav 5. ANTED—I,OOO men to work South, V V Wi*K«#fl3l-' fM per rtioctlv aad boar<i_wec~.a fnrrUh tj< ketg every rtar; 50 han'U to work in plnerv. 50 wood cLofpcr*. 1 good tinsmith, to wjjom the hicli c!t«ip<* vill be paid. Apply at Boom It Uad'* Block. Lando-pb'gi.bndite. ANTED—Men seeking employment Vl ns iKOklrepcra. clcrkr.taleMcen. porter*. *o lleiior*. ttaveiitns aient-, b.lrtcndcr*, drircr*, jc., A<~ to apply to pAKsUALL « SMITH. Its South Clark «L, Boom 11. Applicant* by mall enclose two stamps for circular and reply. A V ANTED—This day and Friflay, 1 j V trsvellinc aeeni, 3 CaWmen, 1 c)erk.3*.->iirltor«, mi railroad men. U) chcnpcr-. t.CCQ u.en U> go S-.'ath. Apply to FaUSUaLL Aslinn, Itoomll.ap-atalr*. AA" ANTED—This Day—so good scorers V T and chopper*. S3O per month and bo*"d; 13 hewers, »W per month and bjant; J con«l firemen, tree tniiip cutlou. Apnty at 100 Modison-su, tol. AAr-^TED—3,hCO men to go South, V T wises, Jij U> iiO mont*. and Ni*rJ; M wo-i chopper* for Mich:i:sn, ralUuad Inn u and mejfor tL-a plttry. Apply at lOp Kmu VAT' ANTI-^D—Youngmen m the country V ♦ wishing to obtain *lCa*rk tia,*(2rh «v boock*et>. erf, Mle*u.eii. cierks, brakemen. firemen, driver*, 4c.. Ac., to apply at 1 :<4 DearVirn-at, ifoom 7. or ad.lre*« M F-JONFo a CO.. B 1 MU4O. encfoilagtea cent* WJ ANTED—2 assistant bookkeeper?, 4 Yv fa’ctcves 3 porter»,T driver*. 3expre**mea. I eosdorior, ;1 trakemci . l f-rrman. 3 az»nt*. i fhtp plnflcieras. App.y at 13-t D-aiboro-il., Koom '4. \\7 AN FED—2 asfistinl bookkeeper?, 2 YV Mlevmcn. I coruiortor, 3brakem«o. 1 nre.nen, 1 porte/, ydrlr»r-. 3 expr-Mmea. A?p)y at R on 13. Fc.le*ton Pl.*c», f»7 lv-*rhe, f r. *t. Any Icaoubr mill *>,(irr*e J, M. U XJit* 4 CO., box 1707. eoel 1C ctr.t* tor repfy. WANTED —TonDgmen m the country V Y wIM.Ipf |o o* falii *!tT»il n»,wOI «afeV>Mi-ep t»«,c-et'a ,eo3efUira. «?»ie*m«r. 'f-nOnrV't*, expfe**. —w,*-.,*e. at IP---TO |:f rsreyton Hl"i, ffi/•earN’nKl .Of r~-tj M M'-OHK * CO., Do* 1707. ere.oaiar f'f «(m.' * >n I tartienaw. saiaKua-ffUstcllancoua. \\ T Ti<r?cJt—All per- VT "• witO »W f>k«r*a>trp%r’ V?7t7 f*r r,t, MADAM t/.i*LfeLK,«t;ffOS'.«{' Clara**.. spatal/a, \\ ANTED—A h*u! srrrwn V»y, who T T 11*-» W(ft V, rtV-vt * tU'-s/fm >.f ntt-uM*. Aypfj tt 319 but tlVllftf- ,fo(M, \\IAS'LEI)—In Mfitit m the TV a vMXr.t t'twr.frjS'-w* vtitUr vtu& tu-AW. AOcnm* -A * C.~ y. it. tonUM. ■\\ r AI'TKD—A fttrong Ocnaaa or V T c»a. fk/4. Uu»*. ft*4, »nv: w 4 tr.t*. MArim-COAIA' 67 Cltfluu U r AS r TED—'To boys fintclwsalooj?, e»a m j?rnucitrt*t, V\J ANTED—To borrow tor two 4x««a , 'X> Z, 'lmmceotßrc. " \V' ANTED—A man to take a quarter V V la-»*r< »\ lu aIC-t'T? Uoci-ftf tcb'ltUlon. It v»! paj 100 ptr cant. OEOnOE D-,TrtSiti* o£tc. TAfANTED—S3OC—I will board a mas Vl or ir.aa at 4 loer or aix ir.otnU*, tor tat u»« orj-'OC. fim* lUi bo*r) act a tarse parlor t.->m— IVotWr. Go < '<! tccor!t> Cur Ute tuonry. Addrtoa “f</* TrlOcn- offlr*. WANTED —Copy ini:—Translations or teTtiloo ol V6S, iq Enrllah. Frtncb. Ita lan »r uerm&a. promptly eieattcU. Apply »c l.ooai 17, Ko. 1 tia tiirnL WJ ANTED—W isconsm men now in the TT city, call ontulmmediately.and»«»«lla-ll you tbe beat harsaio io (bat state. A. C. BKOW.V ± W f ANTED—Good second-hand and V\ new Tictearbarreia, for cub. by ELOEK ± UAXFIKLD, at Uje Chicago City Vtotgar Work*. IJ7 Klezie*t. TA " ANTED—ifessrs. Ticksnrd; Fields, \ V Holton, bare pubUtbed a itcel-«a fftared Por trait ot Abrabam Liuioln. that anaven alt tbe requirements cfaMrlrrtiikfiMtfaand a werk ol art. it la com n<c«*tl a* U.c bt»l llkeseva ct Mr. Uncmn yet pn> JULfd. ty Robert T. LlPeoln, Mr. HernJon, Charles Eoamer. Mf.Tmmhßtl, Mf.o-tUx.Mr. I. N. Arnold. Mr. Chase. Mr. St.tlrn, Oeneral Grant, General Burs aide, and mace other*. It U only by asb*cripaon, and Acenu are watted tor Ita »ale. Urxrai eoaimta *lgraarecl'cnu»canra*»er«.and aaceraafal one* cam bare rrx'C tcrrttrrj t-» operaft In. Adaresa JOUX ii. ASIMON. l*ub | l»ber»* Agent, i? 7 Waatlngton-aU, Cm eago. _ Uoartung, TtOAF.DlNG—Private Boarding House. II Know all, by these that 2SB Sute-it* Em been newly refurnished, and tbu&e duolro'u ran procure plevant rooms and good board fir the winter gone Lot Crat-claas gentlemen and ladles need apply. OOAKDING First-class’ board, with fl lam rooms, may be had on Immediate appllra. tun at Ko. 137 Foorth-ar. Fonr-.tory marble fount house, BOARDING— A suite of nnfarmyhecl front room*, with Board, scltabl? for s-ntiemaa ■Ed wife. Is a BritaiefemUy. on ibe West tide, in a dwlratlc location. Eclcreice* required. Addrm **Q S.~ Trlocne c—ce. T3OARDINU—Front parlor and bed i i room, aiasle rooms sad day beard, cun b- had at 1 7 I>earocrn-«L. np. tuln. pOARDIN G—223 and 225 Emae-st, a I* good table, a tingle rcom tor {&, two la a room <4 a week. BOARDING —Rooms lor tour pentle men, with board, oalr tor tbo*o m bo saslf be per manent tor the winter. Apply at 142 Wabaab-av. BOARDING —Furnishea and nnfnr rwhed tootts. suitable tor centlemen and tb-ir wivcu.orfrrsleelecent’eruen.with heard, la a pleas ant local Ur on Terms moderate. Art. drt*a I*. O. DriTtf C 213. TJOARDING — One large front room ff> with board, suitable tor tour gentlemen; al«o, three gentlemen to room with other -enacmcn. i>ay boarders accommodated at t 193 Klchlgan-sC. BOARDING —A fen* gentlemen can find good bear Jami pleaaatt rono-s at 25T Mlrhl san-st- near the corner c£ North Stats and convenient to bueinca* localltlrs. Term* molefate. TJOARDING —A comile ol gentlemen fi can obraia a pJeaaaaj Xroat room oo the- «ccoad Cc-or. with beard, at $i per week; Ut-o, room.t r a alt-. gle gentleman, at 3U3 Sooth CUrfc-su BOaRDiNG —A nicelv formshed front ro'tn, with large clas-t tor two genticmetj, or a ucv acd co <l< man. where Chs oomXbrta ora home can be had. In a private family. Apply at IK> booth Pco* Refercocv»r«(pllred. "OOAKDING —Witha large, handsomely I I famished frcitt room on the first floor sad oteon the second, for a gratieman aad wi*e or-two gentle* ao, at West MadUon-st. A splendid locaiioo. T>OABDlNG—Front parlor and bed- I 1 room. rerel»hcd or onfornUbed. to iratt. with 36S Sooth Palstod-st* Nocmerhoardara. iJOARDING—For gentlemen, xnapn- Xj vat- fartiily. Ilovd Location very Cue. At “39 lllicou-*t- two blocks XTom £lale-*t. brlcgm T>OARDING—Trro gentlemen can find X Ja good room and board at US Stalest. Alw. room Air a tlrgle genUemas asd a tstrday board- TJOAKDLNG—An nnfnrnished front X Jroom, suitable torn, gentteman aad wifti ai*o, rwo • single ctctlemea can be accomraiyUied with Cm-class boardlas 17fl south CUaton-st. T)OAIiDING—A tev? respectable gentle- X> men or gentlemen -nd their wire*, can Sid flnv cla»» board and jplemld rooms, tnrmshedor onfnr m*hcd, at X4oronrth-«T. Ketozence* given anl re- gorges, gaqiages, &t. A WELL-BROKEN BEGOT HORSE, jt\ 7 year* old and black, for sole. Be can be seen Jacob (<rc»e'i stable, on Clawa-st. oapcalte Meehan- Icalßaktry. T. A. CLARK. r THREE COAL CARTS, in good repair, X for talc. Apply 1"N. o. bENTON.7II South Clsrk-su at Uclco foundry Worn. A SECOND-HAND Democrat or Bug ey wages warted- Apply to S. BILLINGS, cor- Per t’carbom and Monroe-tta. \ i'EW HORSES can be accommodn _£\, ud with finPclaa* board and attonUan ta a prt vateatable(oafintfioor}. atreaacnable urlcea.on.ap pUcauonatUoom3. Smith AKlzon'eKeek,Mtwfiea ths hour* of 13 aad U ». a. asd 3 aad* p, in. Situations S&antcosjaaUg BOOKKEEPERS, SUESnEH &«• SITUATION— Wauled—By a first-class cook, (ft FnsxhnftQ). C*a tnraub be, tot ceco*. Appljftt ■RmOIXA’S, llj Monrasj;. SiTU-aTION— Wanted—By an experi ecced bookkeeper. Wlii make Mrnvtf zcnerallT oie/al. Good reference*. Address “5 B,” Tribute ot Uce. ? OlTDATlON—Wnnted-iAa traveling O agent (br a wholesale ktccety or unig boius. in both, f cferrncca can fc« Circa. Address **T A.** Trtbcßß offlcr. SITUATION —Wanted—By a soap man- Uacturer who has been In batmi man Uah.«u maoaiaerare a good timlly aoani. without mtxtoreor foreign article*, cheaper thnsaar aoap ever haa m market belore. This ranuntac* U only known to him- Addrra* “P B," SO Wrtt MaCUuott, SITUATION—'Wanted— By a voting O, man, who ba» a good knowiedw of the Vxtry l>n*lne*a. can Influence some trade, mad giro gomX itf renew,ln*re«prctftM < ‘ wholesale grotrrv. -sh*m he can make bliuelt uutal to any capacity. Will wUllnsly Work tntU sprite train opens, wltndut anr day. Art«J W‘ORO C tit,» Dos B. itatfsj wsoniw Interview may be had. SITUATION Warned —To Photo- Cj rrapfaen. A So. 1 Operator deaim a situation. No objection* to goto the country, Addrui-AK, K."yo.l7BWc«t Matlson-st..Chicago. SITUATION— Wonled—To travel. In IHlnpU and Io«», tor a wholesale liooas, Aidrua Hoi 1)04, itatlog where an interruw may bchyi. CITUATION—Wanted—In a grocery nr O provision atore. by the undenUaed, who wants b learn the practical biiMnca*. Ret* willing to w-jrk. and cares more tor obtatstoc a thoretun ba<tnen rtn. cation than blab warp*. The heat reference* »trn Addies* or call on ••J J o.*' at 1-17 £i>uth C'i*rk-,i CITUATION—V\ anted—As coachman k 7 ty a flnt-claia coachman. Dels a native of pm. mark, and haa good reference*. Adores* “TIL" Tri bune office. ‘ ‘ CITUATION—XV anted—Anexpenenced O bookkeeper desire* an enxaccmen'. Kcfensces unr-iccptlcnabie. Addfeas F. U. Box 0333, SITUATION—Wanted—By a yomui O man wbo understands bora's and drlvlor. and would make himself useful. The beat of flu refer encts. incase addict* •• M J," P. O. Uox 3078. Chi- CITUATIONS—Wanted—By a nun and O wUb. Both can write a cood hand. Man under. sundJ wclfhlox.clerxUc. cate of bor*<w. couducttnc Wl/c u acoodcoefc can ran Wheeler A tVu ■onmaehlo*. cr lake care of children. Win make itemMlTta useful. Beat of ratereoce. Address N K M T," Tribune office. FKn.VLES, ClTDATloN—Wanted—By a ladv ot O experience, aa bousekerper for a widower or mtd die-ayrd xent.pmaa. balary not *o rnorh an as acomlbrtablr home. H>-<brcncTS exchanged. Addrraa “ F. Annie.’* Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—By two girls O one to do chamber work anil *ew antf oos chamber werk and take care of children Ci>d re feteacea If required, can be acena.43fl Wabasb-av. CiTUAilON—Warned—By a compe k3 tent yosen woman, to dr> chamber work and sew* me, or w*U itk- care or chi dren. Apply at 313 Uo.jth Van Bnreo. SITUATION—Wanted—As wet nurse. OlcQoire at Uoapiial for Women and Children, a 12 Ohlo-iU. Cticago. 01TUATI0N—Wanted—Rv a lady "of O experlecce. ta a dry soodv or boU'-o fitallaiore. Gcod refrmcß circa i< required. Address>Hir Ti Konc office. CITDATION—IVanted—As diningroom O fllrl or cUAtnbcrmrld In a howl or boarding house or both in a private roardir- h»n:c. Cowl referena* given. Adder «e -J C.‘* Trlljuneotfla. agents fiHantfjj. A GENTfi—Wanted—£150 per month. rV?-, «Mc■ and female, t. sell lie OEfU *AF. I OMMON SEN&E FAMILY EWJxn M UUII’IIL }?f K«»teat invention eftheacr. Wire 9is. Bren A?* "arranted thtte yean. Address SECOUB k Li>.,Cl«veland,Ottio. AGENTS— .Wanted—£2GO per mouth— wale ane frmale. to »-ll toe BAKH.ETT SEW. f*u JJACHINF—th-he»tch»ap mama* made. Ad ca-o* HI* I)ELO6S 4CO - Jia -I HS Dearborn ft* ChJ- AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced book and ectrravitnr canvasscra. to whom a large aal ary oreotnnilerlon will be paid. Addr«* CUABLBS BILL. US South Clark-at.. Chicago. 11L A GENTS—Wanted—sl,SCO per year XV paid to Acrnta to ir.trM-'r-* «>nr n<*w JlacMr e. AddrtM SU±W± CLARK. or at 1 Mcago. til. AGENIS—M anted—.<lso per month. f a aaf Ace at* in ererr cocnty la the tfnltfd bnsinca*. • Addnw* U. B. all AW. Alfred, 11 .ine. A GEN Tb wante*l to sell Hodzras Patent Flasuc Taper Collar Fasterlr z. ilf-KraVd In the bclcmidc American Aoim*: lllh, iy«. Samples and circulars *ejil on f*celpl of fifty cent*. Anatiru make to | A per day, AtMress 8. HODGISS A CO. Ji l 'ltilrU-»v. bL Louis, Mo. AGENTS— Wnnled—Ten active, cner eetlc men. to each • f whom 1 will clve *IM a a. nth and t paid. None need apply who are rot wiljiag !o travel and eell. Acblreo* do* S 3, la dU- apolK Inn. A GENTS— per mo&lh XX and ejpenrea paid male or tcmale a; t -nt\ to In ti«4lOL-e s r.ew and Qsefru lnv< nUoc.of atH late trJUiy In every horwecold. Agents preferring to work on cotnn ißSlcn can r»rr> from FIO to *Td per dar. For fall parttcaUrs address W. G. WILSON A CO- Ceveland. Ohio. AGENTS Wanted—For several very important new boors, tcelndlnc THE AHfR* ICAN FARMKB'tk 1-OUhE BOOR. Ono eltCßt octavo Tdotre, afoot cOc paces, splendidly urea* trstedand errNr llst.M wuh nanefjovflatenaravtoas. ny Bo nr. 9v«w*»t. M. D. I*. e-ibodymcthe r«i!u of twenty year*’orlcloa' l:vt»tlcaUco and htjthly sncce*sfhl veterinary ft*, tic* in the pealvtocs-falf* me TtsinZi or Reciucay. Tctneoea and Minimalp*l. (fie rarnre. canscoand treatment ol mamy disease* peculiar to tne American Q< r*e. and of ana.a dUeaee»hcret,-f2rrcci.*ldered me arable. Alv>.aa«2- teedert trrsttscon Meek Falsi g and Pt-ck Hiai;r ment. Sotdotly by *Oi•ertpCf'-o. feodfbr onr HMi tratrd ctrcnlar at«. lerma, and yoa will «ew that vow reed k«.« to farlber for the t>e*t an 1 most tab ■criptka exUr t. J. 8. GOODMAN A CO-Pab- Irthert. A Castotc Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wanted —For WOMEN OF THE WAR,** anew work by Fn*.« Jl, author of the ••Rebellion KeeoM." 4c. Tbiv wr*r |« * rl,*t/»ry of tpedeadsof pome women w v> ‘b.ved tlw V -fll*ot fr.e war*-donstttojrJvtttta*Url*v.Nacnew of nearly on* hntrtred ol tt e l>e»t women of the cotm- Iry. trom evft j liysi frste, are b*re with narrative* a tin aeronnta ot iheir e- nrac*. *eb and mVerinia for tne I’nlon, ll]a*tr*ted wVh etegsni »ieej ej)er*v|np». ron'Uttnr ot '-aaoUfrif yOKTKM73 OF WC cr»v-<l•ipr-ee’y mum wort. Many •fiMW b'?* ■!!* v e i.;eae*«e« ol n*>M» wo rn ar In tc T* of (?•« cpsov jevrfrsfr* <<r t«»ed In |M« to’ntne, |{ jv • 3f*t-rT««* ree,ic M ilt h We want u» atetit In erery Who In lb-' Cm I*l elate*. r>nM*rrr«at* ilferat. t*:- or. or 1L C.IJBtAT. 1 l7sond»Cla/«-»».. O' A GENTS—TTaafcd —Disabled u>Kstn. J a Torai mm. ton waote-', ande*A mu* nweaey /«•*•»» ♦cmryO.e’Cew FiWde.eil f;l«ck 'e»»r. lor |e,H*f, y A>l win l.*Jt If. l» Wlff«- Vf: 1»T.t17 pf»pa»f<l, Co.l *o<l SC* M. ‘J|«« A GENT*—Wafifed —if ft the m*l tinf* J\ n.»f sf.d V*t *■*«« in'* M*r.*d. W- ve trvMUVT* H ft” rMfod fc/■***• in #i# ei;w<. >v* m* smtftt fftsm Atr.u !*» *nfir art <(Vr ■»<! *?*•: S; >”t t'/ f.l* :*• f*t* «aM«rs iL* rtir» y*t tn-. t •V'h 1* *,>.*«{ «»wa"al *'* »t*-U»*u) wit f •»*• ft *t«Mta«* M 4ra it* »lft OM' trtUhhrf* *rtA t.f rf.r>t.\ht* *i.-j aw: ♦.*,* ».< -/*if w.ra, Agcn** UtNU^iJ |>«i Wit. *.V, «t tiVrf Oy»(V,l r, M Jft, V*., It., w Op. M«i«. AGTWti~\Uzt**~For Hut .VKW UU iIiB*KWISO WA«;mSErr-iU.^i'» «.lo r>lir,U YttU »c.i !>•-» U-/pr t I'rv p.'.Ltltf, V, (TfVfUll cu» bis •>. </a« cf Um U-»l ou> 'i.t-f* trw i. Cmt. t-rir'fZi ft If, aseftfilne V/tlfU. I‘. A o£ii*TS— Wflhttd—Tofel! Gruit’scel /\ e fs’.M i.’Alil'LT BVLD-'. b***r latrv coo-4. 7b»-A»/»t oSe-« w» vy«>u. M-n ar <U;. AtCUt* f.UttAHT, SIS W«*i Lite-**.. AGENTS—^Vanted— 2,000 Agents watt rf-wftylayskjn.t ««t, -THE PAMII.T IlC* btttVLlOli.’* ll«oeUl»* jU>pi>*ran-l '»T-f 1W prarlcr*. A4lrtu A- A.’Mcaso, 111. AGENTS —Wasted—To sell omames- U 1 *n t mtrtrrr ftatnp* »av<? ' ' ten fi?r *Ut ell*. AdJraw JOIIV C. lIiLTU.V. bbudl C'ntftr. 1 Clat’Ht.. Cb'tigo. Box 739. AGENTS —Wanted—Jlale and female— Healer** at home. Xo opllkl r»aalr»d, Aftire acestaran m»k'ls dally. wt'ti stamp, S DEVEREAUX. Draw-r tt 1 1 ‘2. CM'-tr. lIL ISlanlrt—sTo Jinxt. WANTED —To Kent—Any young man vbo baa an oQfrr. and wo’iid ilk* (0 rent balf 01 it, can addrea* B. B. JEgAL'T.D, Cblcago P. O. T\TANTED —Io Rent—By a gentleman YY and bis wife, two or three rooms, suitable tor booaekecplDjf. Wesr Side preferred. Address, fef two days.-O £ £,’• Amtncan Lspriua OOce. WANTED— I To Rent—lmmediately, a Vt faraUhf-d ton«e, for a small private jscuiy. Must be on ilje bide, not orer tea talnnt-s’ wa-k ttomtbe Post OOce. Addrea- “C,** Box 14 8.7. W/ ANTED—To Kent —4 ors rooms, be- Y T aide# ciCMC-a. coa*enl*t:ta>r bonsekoepln». b* a lamlly of tbrre peregc*. Ben* ma»t be low. in-trsce jtlrrn «nd reqmred. Address P. O. Box 2056, stating terms and location. ANTED—To Rent—A cellar room, Y T or first flo«r ol a brl-fc bnlldlng. for a Cietory. Artdnaa, wlib full panlealara. “A,” P. O. Draws ay 04. jjartners gglantrii, PAETKER— TTanted—l want a fart nrr. with (rem eight to fifteen thousand dollars capital, to Jo.n mo In nn eatablhhed asd s'.ap e bust* new. I tnvotbe. warebon.’C. and am well and laror. ably known to the trare. A man with a clear rrcoru may control the finaerta. If heoeslrea, and the btulncaa wlllrartrrm 73u>H0 pir cent p*rancnm. UU January l»n 1b67 -WATbQX." Tribone oßcc. "PARTNER —Wanted—The advert^er. 1 betze a t bore neb bastness mao. and bnnsc tiuCOO capital, would Uko an interest In a well (Stab fl-bcd and paying tcklnesa. Address •‘BCblXEan,’' Tribune ogee. PARTNER—Wanted—Business light* XT proCiable and honorable. Capital required, #«W Erterinces rtqolrtd. HAI.K * Block. PARTNER— Wanted—Eitherspcdal or artUc, with a cash capital ot f4C.of>, m Ufccaa Interest la an oij aiij vel;,ot*b!fsJ)ed bon-e, dclns * wholesale anti r»till brMnc-e to the amount of a quar ter of a 3l lien a yew. and coaid be lecrex-ed larzelT- Apply to KM. EAEidl, Maauer Commertrlal AzwfJ, 47 Btate-*c. Chicago, or or letter to F. U. Dox IbOo. "DARTNER—Wanted—With A 1,500, to I take an Interest la the manatocture aa i patent of bog rJ-ar’rjr aracbl-ery. C3r«city’s,CTo Per day.jrltfc the aanttaeceoi one mao. Call tor or address -N 8.” 65*0 tomb state-»u, £r jo C to 3 p. su where plane aert «pe' lcrat!«>n-*eanb<r«een. _ ®S3anlcs=Corr£sponbfnre. — Wanted A. . j widow ladv. sged 32. wubt* correspondence wild imt z-tll'-tnan X to +) jeara. Ob’jet. maatal nproTHacnt. .Ufltwi **M W," I*. O. PotCllfl. ''ORRESr — Wanted V J TVIUt a rof yancgladlca. not over J 5 »ear» two yours Pbotogtaphs exchacsei. If de»tr*c. Addroa r. O. Box lt»3, apnagag a, wo. /CORRESPONDENCE —Wanted—By a napectahla jenez man 17 years of age. In mode rais goodcii cuni»tancei. who Cwlrw to form us «c --qnalclance of a rtepeciable votes lady, with a vtow to matrimony. No ejection to a aCMsO-looaicg yosmr widow, ram loeanest. and aJ corre-ponccca* aiil receive coetdettlal and zenilrmaniy at:<*&ilos. Fteaec jddirs«,»uil:gwb-resjunterstew may be had, “ti- B. Caicato Feet OCee. pOBRLStO>iDENCE—Wanted—Cor- V 'ressvndcnu. t*rof.Ea?;ma-havlncttiiaesfeiUte Stcsent* ol Ins Ollejeui bring LoUeswith tifen ’oiho Lecture thl» eTentrg, and five of it- yonnz g-atiemn* belfigwithontlady acqnalntaacea. wonMUWeto tonn ;he acQnalctscce or ioxc, tn airecrt this other places of atnesemeat aac instruoa-'n. denac me win* ter. Address, before 4 o'clock to-day. **t> X,** Chicago Post Office . ilogt anx : LOST —On Saturday last a large Cali fcmla Gold King.marb q “TV If T” oui.lde, aad. mi' came Inside. on Tuesday, a snail leather *>ocfcct Book, etntaln&c <to ana a paaer ctec* tor cood*. The finder will te liberally rewafdeday loar fcg at 34 - North If ah^-St. LOST —A medium-sized tan Sint, answer ing to the usa “Topsy.” Any on# mtaraiur tome to 13*A et will te sciUhly rewarded. HB BANKS A JUHNSON. LOST —Or Stolen—A large Newtr.imd lano Dog. with while on brea.M«“t.noae ana Up ottatl. Answers to tt? tame <«f -flia." Who-vev will rttaxa hla lo 173 Sonin WtUswL, w'a, bs wall paid. 2 T OtT—?10 Revvaxd— About halt-part 1 i j o’clock vestcnli.". m g<ilng to ISB CtMt n a Pcctct Hook, cocuata; *on fifty dollar :j> ardaUw paper* ot no valu* to any one bat the ows-r. the owner’* nor l» printed • n a • mill piece of pap r Ihstde. Anyoa*findingw« ?<w.tetboukandr^tnri lUtfUU>lS*6Latent,wVl rewaire theapove reward and the tpaaga ot the owner. rpAK EN DP—On i\ie SCth msL, a Grey X Boree, about IS bao-'ua Ugh, and s ytata old. {to beiees at the «’shl« of c* wnaenlgnaa). which tie SSS«.J f&^B^fAWSßiSiia 8 *