Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 1, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 1, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Continued Arrests of Fcnijns in Ireland. Peace Between Spain and Chili Confidently Looked For. Illness of the Empress Carlotta Growing More Serious. Maximilian Expected in Europe During the Present Month. FROM inn General Grant's Views on Recon struction. Extracts from the Forthcoming Treasury Report. Interesting Items from tie Eeport of the Fourth Auditor. FROM MEXICO. The French Troops Making Ac tive Preparations lo Leave.,. Tbe Sicry of Sedgwick’s Move ment Prononnced a Canard. the mm. Action of tiie Brotherhood at Va rious Points. Belief that a Bloody Insurrection Has Commenced in Ireland. FROM CANADA. Another Fenian Raid Expected-- Great Excitement. Rumored Conditional OlTer to Release the Fenian Prisoners. Terrible Accident on Ike Scmplils b Charleston Railroad. Seven Persons Killed and a Large Number Wounded. FEON EUROPE. Cr Atlantic Cable—Continued Arrest of Fc olnns—Pence Soonto be Declared Between f-pnm nod Pern—The rasna Chambers Arr»w-.r the Conditions of Peace—Ameri can Thuitknaivum Id London lllness of Eniprr-n Cnriolia (Iranlac More J*er(on» —!»ln;.lir.lliun Expected In Europe During tbe Prc-M-nt .11 outh—Content* of 31 r. Sew* nrd'* Despatch to the American Minister nt Pans. London, November £9— Evening. Occasional arretts of Fenians continue to be mads by the Government authorities In Ireland. Vienna, November 39.—A morning journal pos itively denies that there is any truth In Ibe rumor that the Austrian Government is concentrating troops to the province of Galatia. London, November 99. The London Time Esya that peace will be soon declared between Spain. Clili aud Peru. Maddid, November SSk—The Queen of Spain Intends to Lisbon ou the Ist ol December. Dues den. November 21*.— The Saxon Chambers have ncvnimouEly approved the conditions of peace. Beklin, November 29.—Ministers from the for mer Kingdom of Hanover are generally withdraw ing from European courts. •By Craig'}- Cmled State* and European Agency.] London. November 89.—The Americans' resi dent in this city gave a banquet to-day as an ob- Knance of their National There was quite a Joigc aitt-udaucc. and after aoprqpri atc religion* ceremonivs,tiie customary edibles incident to an Atmrlcan Thank?-giviug dinner were h. uitiy difctiShca. Patriotic speeches were made, most of which rcf<Trca In tlmcrlng terms to U.c great future of their native land under (be blo«- ;ii"9 of peace. Maduid, November 29.—1 t is stated in official quarters that an early peace will be satisfactorily unanged between the Spanish Government and the allied Government* of Chill and Pent. ' Vienna. November 89. —The Chambers have npprov-d the terms of tho recent treaty of peace. Paui', November 23.—1 t is tunuunc -d that tbo lllne-» of the Empress Carlotia has assumed a more ft— aspect, and fear* are entertained that it "in >oon prove fatal. Pants, November 39.—1 t is now announced that the Emperor Maximilian lire here curly In December. LoKrox, November 2a.—The steamship Unloi from N»\r Vorli.'th instant, has arrived In th< Thames. _ _ Is expected to ai trovrit assitojv, November 29.—Steam-hip Hansa from New York, itlh Instant, arrived here to-day and sailed f«*r Bremen. t*tcim-hin Bomssla from New Voik, iTth insianl. hat arrived and sailed again Tor Hamburg. tjUnxiirooL, November29.—Steamship Columbia from New Orleans has arrived. Paiu«, N-ncmber —It has been as certained t’.i jI Secretary Seward’s df patch of Mon day to the American Mini*:cr,at this court, rela cd to the witndranal of the French troops from Mex ico, and tire expression of the h»»e thrt France would carry «>nl Its promise reference thereto. The dc*i alch also alluded to the departure of General r-henaan for Mexico, and gave the rea sons wkv he was sent thither. Although the des patch va- Ltu-ually lengthy, U was nevertheless couched 1:; a conciliatory though dignified spirit. Ur—Secrttnrr Spwsnl’H I Itrli.tiou iu (bo Fenians—John Quit lie llcercut. New Yoke, November 30.—A private letter f.-cm l-oufon pays Secretary Sewarvn despatch to Mr I iciii. '■< l: Umce, in regard to.tbc Fenian prls out-rs, nos awakened a belligerent feeling in Tory circles. Lntcsi Eusilsh llarhem. bnxiH's. Nov* liber id—Evening. Comas — at sj v. t’MTii* ;-tv..■> Su-camrs—l'nlted Slates 5 50s, 70; llLlilfc*niraf Ti.V: I-rts lUtl>,ay.46. l.i\fctroou Novf mber Erenlac. I*cotis I'is —Doll taul Inactive, QaoUUoa* a Chtuptd, I.ixrrrooL, November 29—Erealaff rrrrjen x-—Muriel i mcmi * • T>ir« v.— rirunr. and ten Jlnr n*vriml. i’jn'f ■Ltiv.—ilarkri quiet. Urfipvd quoted at Is 6d. T.ivcrrooL, November W-Nooo. Ccttcx—Market steadv; sales Umlsv estimated at S.fO* hales 2 I.Milne uplands si llfcd. Bux*irMi ns—Thetaarket is caver. Corn baa de clined oV? fd per qraricr f.»r rctwl Western. Lomkix, November rd—Noon. Coxsvi..- Opt ned at tai; fur money. Opening price* ef American s mbs arras follows: railed States 5-30* ?i)j4 ; Illinois Central. 71; Erie, 47. Livewool, November s*—Evening. Ctrr. x—Market easier, although rot quotable chair'd; salw to-day; K.OOO bales middling upland* &UI..J. Ecrad«rrf7Ts—Market remains quiet and caller. FROa WASHIXGTOX. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WaaiitsoTON, November bO. TucrnopoFXD nsrcniJCAX caccl's. It war. proposed to bold a caucus of llepnbllcan members to-night, bnt Thanksgiving has kept a large cumber at home, and consequently the cau cus yrpf and It may not now occur uil neat week. rtraso or cogcnsssxcr. As Congressmen arrive. It is quite evident that they come laden with the Indignation which the people fee) toward Mr. Johnson, and It Is also made dear by these indications that tbe people have advanced grca-ly since the election. Whether there will lx* an attempt at impeachment or not. It seems certain that those nowhere are deter mined to ec strip Andrew Johnson of power as to make him powerless for barm. The opinion that tbe Fortieth Congress will by law assemble al noon pu the 4ib of March next Is ala-oat universal, and to sncli an extent docs this prevail that the organ ization of that Congress and its probable work U talked of quite as frequently as the meetings aud measures of the coming session. TUE COSqCXUED STATES. The subject of Ignoring the present State Gov ernments, unless the rebels show less obstinacy and defiance is rapidly gaining ground. General Grant's position that unless they adopt the amend ment they may go farther and do worse, seems to be the real la-y to the situation. The statement of General Giant to leading rebels that they were diverted of all rights, and Congress atone conld rt-sio-e them, is a sufficient indication of the strcr.gth and direction ol the political cur rent, xxw v o«*rjr ASTTBS. The Postmaster General has made the following appointments of Postmaster? In the West, the 83ib ii rlani: JUlroia—Washbnrne, F. B. Brown, rlcs T. Dance, removed; Grand Chain. G. W. Britton, ties D. Porter, resigned; Gallatin, A. J. Clcare lic, tics G. W. Brown, resigned; U. Ib i Dalacy, rtcc C. L. Import, resigned; Orrlney, F. j Dorr, rice J. A. Henderson, resigned; Oensssee i Grove, John Taxer, vice E. Brookfield, resigned; | Lane's Cross Roads, Lewis Lane ric* A. Johnson, i Ccccartd : Havelock, W. J. Brown W. Ken yon, removed; Akron, D. C. Purcell, vie*T. B. Lnrdlck. removed iForkaville, C. Gale, vies P. H, Scovlllc, declined fltl Dorado, J. W. Cox, tics R. £. fchaw, failed to bond. ni«ro/.«i.i-Srrtngdale, James P. McPherson, , tier W. B. McPherson, declined; Spring Lakc,W. DeCCrnor, tic* T. R. Austin, resigned; New Am sterdam, A. Spangler, rI«D. Needham, resigned. V Indlcr<c— Farm Land, J. C. Williamson, rice G. McGriff, resigned ; Dow Patch, T. S. Trittpoe, tier C. Haycee, resigned; Richland, T. 8. Stew art, rice J. n. Scuxcr, resigned. Ohio- Arcanereir. J. Mote, rice G. Spreckcr, re moved ; Putnam, F. R. Pott*. rice J. 0. Dickia eon, declined; Freedom, L. Bryanb i/icMfcn—Brownstown, N. W. Chapin, rlc« W. G." Morey, resigned; Trenton, A. Mcllkoany, tic? A. 11. Phelps, resigned ; Gibraltar, R. W. Linn. tier J. Dvc. declincd- Artar.tae—Voszj Depot, E. J. Maurer, t-UvJ. B. Phillips, removed; lied Fork, L. H. Nunn, riyf G. People*, resigned; Clarendon, T. Child«, rice N. P. Bowens, resigned; Para'lifta, O. Steele, G. W. GUllalt, resigned. Kan*as— Merrion Creek. JWbraaAo—Plum Creek, D. Beemsn, tinJ.A. H aster, removed. V.'aJt— Provo City, W. N. Daaenbcrry. rict J. McEwen, removed; Sente Clara, J. Glarrap, wie* D. Bonelil, resigned; SmUhfiild, B. M. (Jrceae, fkr B. Brtcc, declined. IdaJio —Earns City, B. IL Undilcy, vice J. IL Mlrcncr, removed. 7<nrc—Cnloa, W. O. Ward, rice T. N. Haaser, resigned; Montrose, J. FTfor, rice O. Beeves, re in ored ; Irwin Springs, C. T. Prescott, vice B. Hal comb, resigned. Colorado— Fort Saturn, J. W. Mclntyre, tic* IL T. Munson, declined. Histoftri— Falrfleld, J. W. Snyder, ri u P. O. .Snyder, resigned; 1-ocg I*ne, J. A. Benton, vie* H. E. Bixrocle, resigned: Vienna, H. W. Ander son. tics Bowden, resigned; Miami, W.T. WU* Items, ntv S. Bailee, deceased; Jad'on, A.J. Triplett, ties E. B. Waterbary, resigned; Wolf Creek, Eli Bippe, rice J. Tnrrcr, declined.|| kevcsl's APPonmmrr. Tbo President yesterday appointed George S. Woods, Assessor of Internal Revenue of the Sec ond District of Minnesota. CLSTOH BECEtPTV. The receipts from customs daring tbo week end ing November 24th, at tbe four principal ports of the United States, were as follows: New York, *!,€£•{,C57.45; Boston, *2U,5>9.21; Palladelpbla, *133,051.02; Baltimore. *77,613.23. Tbe receipts from the same sonree at New Or leans dating tbe week ending the 17th Instant, amounted to *155,0'8.75. arroumsccTß errors xns sew asst mix. Tbe appointments of Paymasters and Assistant Quartermasters under tbe new army bill, have not been made by tbe President, and doabls are entertained whether tocy will be made until some time after the meeting of Congress. jonxsov's xxxi our dodoe. The conduct of tbe Administration la ita appa rent effort to harry Napoleon out of Mexico, when he really seems carrying oat his pledge as rapid ly as possible, is looked upon In diplomatic cir cles as uncalled tor, undignified and almost cer tain to force France Into war if persisted In, even against her Inclinations. The Johnson men arc losing faith In their ability to create a diversion oat of tbe Mexican question. cxrauL a baht os nicossTnncnow. General Grant bos been lets reticent of late on tbe subject of reconstruction with ex-rebels. He plainly tola them that they mistook their position. They had openly made war opon tbe Government and appealed to arm, and had been defeated, and that they were now nothing more nor less than on tbclr parole. The rights that they talked about bad been forfaited by their treason, and their re turn to tbclr former positions tn the Government laid in the hands of the Government through Its Congress; that If the; persisted in rejecting the Constitutional Amendments they would only have to go farther and fare worse. - TUX WOOL THADE. It Is understood that tho Revenue Commission Is giving much attention to the subject of the wool trade of the country, and that the forthcom ing report of Mr. Walls will treat of the subject at length. Tbe bets presented will bo of especial lntercst,ln view of the fall In ibe price* of woollen goods. Some of the large mills la tho country hare stopped entirely of late, and others are ran* nlng on short time, because wool now costs more than the manufactured goods sell for. The figures complied in the Treasury upon the subject show that t£la glut U owing to the increased Import of woollen goods In itCC over 13-15, the Imports last year being rained at about twenty-six millions. while this year they have exceeded sixty-seven millions. -4,. HEBEI. JUSTICE. The release of Keys, Vovvcrs and Bjrcm, tho South Carolina murderers of three Union sol diers, by Judge Hal), of DeUvvarc, la creating quite a stir in official circles. A statement of the facts proven on the trial, and the part taken In (he matter by Wm. 11. Trcacott, of South Carolina, and Sir- Secretary Drowning, will be very fully set forth, showing the intriguing character of the murder, and the nature of the pardon-brokers' business. VIEWS OF COXRHES9ICEK. So far as the views of Congressmen present can i>o ascertained, there seems to be a disposi tion to giro the rebel States a reasonable time to show the course they determined to pursue re garding the Amendment, and If after that they reject it, to legislate regarding them as if they were Territories. thanwgitixo. Thanksgiving has been generally observed here to-d*y. All Government officer* were absent from their desks, and public personages iu town were the mesta of their friend*. Tbe churches were well filled, and more radicalism was preached in th* Washington pulpits than at any previous time in the history of the city. TUX RADICAL WELCOHE TO CONOBES* has been postponed until Monday. Thla step has been taken after consulting with members now here and In consequence of the majority notar ising till that day. The interest lo the demon stration increases dally, and It promises lo be a brill lanlufiair. ui unaui . ncstoxATiox or glebes. During tbe present year there bare been 2SB resignations ol clerks In tbo Treasury Depart ment, mostly cn account of tht inadequacy of ihelr compensation. A very strong eifort will be made at the next session of Congress to getthepsyof these employ es ot Government increased. HEAD BLOCKS FOB SOLOIEB.V G EAVES. Bid* fop furnishing several hundred thousand iron hcadblucks (or soldiers' graves were opened at the office of the Q,*nrtcrmaster General tuls af ternoon. A large number of bids were put in. Itopre-entatircs frnir every section of the country wete present O" the occasion. TUE PRESIDENT*!* JTESSAGB. Philadelphia. November A private des patch from Washington, from a responsible par ty, received here, stye: “The manuscript of the President's message will be In tvpe before Sun day cert, be primed Monday morning, and de livered to Congress by 13 o'clock, noon. Phcro Is a positive order that no person can have a copy before 12 o'clock, noon, ou .Monday next,*' WA-niNoTo.v, November Cu.—D’ls understood that the message ot the President was to-day read to the Cabinet. Most of the reports of tho heals of departments arc In type, and the proof slips have been furnished them for revision. Another account say#: rhe message Is com pleted and copiss have been prcparcu specially for the use of the press, andwill b.- forwarded to morrow to the principal chics for distribution by the United State* and European Nows Associa tion, under seal not to be broken until the de livery of tbo message to Congress. Important alterations or additions might become necessity, hence the necessity of maintaining Inviolate tho pledge of secrecy Imposed upon the press lo be (hns furnished with advance copies. [candidates ron prcsident or the scsatb. Senators Wade, Anthony and Pomeroy arc prom inent candidates fur Presidency of tbe Senate. Sherman Is also earned, bnt it i» highly probable, says the Tiibur.e, that he will not allow hi- name lobe used, r-cnator Lane express* s th** ouiaion that there will lie nofordblc attempt byCoo n Tc*a to Impeach the President. ° tux sew state DCTAimratr. Tlie expense of the carpet? necessitated Inflt ttec np the new State Deportment exceeds fU',OW). The building Is very handsomely car peted throughout. ATrotKWSST. The President to-day appointed Thomas E. iiaydtn as United Mates Attorney for Nebraska. trEAKEIt COLFAX arrived here to-day, and has taken no his quarters at bis lonuer residence, on Fonr-and-a-half street. rnraxu. nzvxxrr nxcwtns. The receipts from internal revenue yesterday end to-day amount to 51,4W,'.V7. cnotxnA. Five or six eases of cholera occurred la Wash ington Uda week. ESnlAltD AWD rSAXCE. The C<*rrrmfrc}art Washington special says* “The French Government gracefully yields to the PicsideutV demand in relation to Mexican atliirs. England may prove more obstinate In the case of onr di mands tor indemnity by losses of English blockade runners.” EUCCEtmUDCE ASKS TAEDOS. John C. Brccklrridgc is petitioning for pardon, and claims that the general terms of surrender awarded to Lee and Johnston, included him. nrrmscaMtsT coxiuttek. The Consrestlonal Committee on Retrenchment, which baa necn to session examining witnesses for several day? past, investigatin'; the cotton frauds In the £pathern Mates, adjourned yesterday lo meet again on-Friday. The session 01 the same committee and their acts are secret, bat it has transpired that cotton to the value fof somewhere in the neighborhood of S&X),OOO,OUOhdd been seized by the Government, and that probably not a tenth of tbe amoont realised has accrued to the Govern* meet. At New Orleans one transaction, oat of about lP,out)or 12,000 bales of cotton seizM, tbe Government cot only about 1.200 bales. One of the modes ot swindling the Government was to present torged certificates or oaths of ownership after tbe cotton bad been seized, and Treasury agents would release the cotton thus claimed, or tnrn over the proceeds from Us sale, under authority of Treasury regulations. A great ma jority «»t the snlndW were made in this manner. The committee will dou Hess insist that, baling once taken possession of the cotton, the Treasury Department haa no authority to relin quish it, unless the claims ariMnc therefrom were regularly adjudicated bv tbe courts. Tbe Gov ernment is not likely to find this cotton specula tion a paying business, as the amount realized, aflerajl the claims have subsided, will be eaten np by tbe expenses Incurred in the seizure, re tention, sale and liquidation. Till POSTAL TIitATT wmt DUCAT BBITiK. Washington, November CO.—The Post Offlco Department has agreed on the preliminary haroa fora postal treaty with Ureal Britain. The arti cles remain to hr formally executed, and the time Oxed for ira operation. It la expected thalthe treaty will be In full force by or before January, lees, at which time the present postal treaty be tween the United Stales and Groat Britain expires. SAXIOSAL FINANCES. Extracts from (he Forthcoming Trcsssrr Report—Receipts and Expenditures lor tho I’wwt Fiscal Year—Estimates tor the Com* lug Year—Amount of Legal Tender Notes In Circulation—Redaction et the Habile Debt Daring tbe Past Year—ltems lo the Fourth Auditor’s Report* Arc-, Sse. JBy Ciidg’s New* Agency.] New Tons, November tS.—A special to the ncnafroci Washington, November JSlb, saya: “The forthcoming rcj>ort of the Secretarr of the Ticaiury uc the national finances has been .com pleted and printed for distribution to the country oi. the darjoMle presentation to Coogre-a. Tic Tu-tva which it wfil present will not be new, In to far as a line of financial policy will be laid down, yri the rtzxant of facta and figures will show the nautical financial eitnatlon to be In a tnneb more fiatrerirg condition than at the opening of the firstfie»klonofihe Thirty-ninth Congress, or at the close of the fiscal year cndlnsr .lone 30. ISOS. The coming report will show that the fiscal year ending Jnr.cdU, IHIC. was one of cteat prosperity. The balance In the Treasury on (hat day stood as follows: Cash on hacd June 30, 1563, *555,30J.15; cash on Lard June SO, IS6O, *130,t69,8X5.19—net gain, *120.M1,50C.W. , w.**—nea 3be gold on band was not estimated at a cur rency'tine, or the balance would hare exceeded SISt*,COC,UOu. 1 he i eccipts and expend] tnres for the yearn ISG and 1566, for the fiscal year ending June 30, are as follows: lieccipts from customs, in gold, *17V,046,65f1.H; fiom public bonds, *605.011.03; from direct tax, * ],974,<SLIS; fiom Internal reve nue, jaty,fci»i,sia SI; miscellaneous source#, *65,125,WC.4C; total receipts from all sources, *556.0,190.06. This revenue. It is believed, ex ceeds in amount that of any other nation on the globe for the same period. The expenditures dmlng the same period were as follows: Civil, foreign and miscellaneous, *41,049,905.90; pensions at# Indiana, SlC,‘-M,ajn.4t; was, I interest, f153,u71,‘37.27; loti, Total receipts, 555C.039.1K.06. Total expend!- Kxces* of receipts, *X,r,tf.&>..£&. This excess of receipts alfoc enned during the last few months of the fiscal year, and is not a fair criterion of the ability of the GtTnnmenl to liquidate IU debt. For Instance, the war expecaes for the quarter coding Septem ber at, 1865, were *165,(00,000. but during the June 30, iSaC, they were t\jc balance in the Treasury on Jane 30th, 1985, was l»nt*C& The year ending December I BlsClSCo. >ho*‘fda deficiency in the Treasury of |CI9,OCD,COO, hut six month# from the time, Juno * SCUi, IbbC, there an excess of receipts ! expenditures of nearly *37,0fj0.009. i Thu estimates ol the War Department (or ex penditures for the coming fiscal year would be ntaily 52l0.tOO.UXt*le*F than for 1365. were it not far the equalizing bounty bill, passed a’ the last pcfs.oi. But the revenue trom all sources, for the next fiscal vcar T is crtimated by the Secretary in the neighborhood ol *OJQ,UAI,UO. The full expenditure for the next £scql year la VOL. XX. estimated within **50,000,(100, including interest on the matured debt and a fair earn over far a eroklngfnnd. Tbe Tressary has withdrawn tram circulation during tbe past six months tbe limit of *10,000,000 of paper money. Tbe total amount of United States legal tender notea in circulation la, there fore, *380,000,000. The most important and gratifying part of the report will be on tbe redaction ot the pablic debt. It will ne shown that tbe pablic debt ban been re duced, during the past twelve months, tally fSOO.CuI.U 0. The actual figures of the redaction are *133,027.721. Seven millions of compound Interest notes, le gal tender for tbeir free, have been cancelled, and temporary loans reduced nine millions. The fall amount of currency authorized for National Banks haa been leaned, which, with the United Stales notes, gives a circulating medium of near'y t7Ui,OU\IOC, notlnclading the fractional currency. On tbe Ist of last November, the lo’al, Including the fmctimal currency, amounted to *731.218,033.90 and f‘.C,MXJ.tmO of authorized National Bank cotea remained unissued. The Secretary of the Treasury will not present a new plan for returning to specie payments. He hasebanged none of the view* be maintained in bis last report. He believes tbo Secretary of the Trcasnry should have power to control tbe cmreocy to the extent of being aa'hortzcd at his disctuQon to tell bonds bearing Interest not ex ceeding—per cent, and redeemable and pay able at such periods as may be conducive to tne interests of the Government, tar tbe purpose of retiring ad United States bonds. Uc will ask Congress to authorize a long five per cent bond, to lie exempt from taxation, with which to fund tbe obligations that are soon to mtiure. lie will lay great stress on the question ol urging Congress to adopt, at an early day, a Dim policy of contraction, which, when adopted, will cause the business of the country to gsavitate to a specie basts, which can be reached without a great diminution of the revenues or a wide-spread financial panic. He does not propose to state any definite term for the resumption of specie payment, but believe* that with a proper system It can be attained with the retirement of over two hundred mMliona of United States note*. U will be shown that the Government is on a high road of prosperity to reducing the national debt, and tbe Treasury will cling to the simple and experienced policy of liquidating tbe debt by keeping the national revenue above tbo na tional expenditures. To this end a draft of a bill, prepared by Mr. Wells, Special Revenue Com missioner, will bo submitted, proposing an equalization in internal taxation, and a modifica tion of tbe existing tariff. Important reterence will also be made to (be raw cotton tax of three cents per pound, imposed last session. In 16C7 and 18CS, *830,000,000 of 7-30 s tali due. A large amount of the first series arc now being funded in 5-90 bonds. Improvements in the national banking system will be suggested and adopted. ANomm statement. Wabbiboton, November 80.—The statement which is being generally published, purporting to be an abstract of the report of the Secretary of tho Treasury, is made tin mainly from official statear.cDtß heretofore published, and so far ask is confined to these Is, doubtless, lo Ibe main, correct. Other portions of the statement how ever. are mere speculation, and generally grossly incorrect. The estimated receipts of revenue for the next fiscal year. Instead of being $309,000,000, ere really less than <130,000,000. The Secretary will not recommend the Issue of long five per cent bonds, as atated, and will indicate the time atvhicb, in his judgment, the resumption of specie payments can be safety enected. It is hi* opinion that this may be done In eighteen months, but be hopes tho cfrcumvtnnces of the country will be such as to warrant a tcenmptlou at ah earlier date. New Yoke, November SO.—A (special from Washington to the ibaf snys: Acting Comptrol ler Hubbard. in bis annual report, will recom mend an increase of currency of£3,UtJO,UOO, and it is reported that Secretary McCulloch will make a similar rccomtncndaTon. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, November 33. The annual report of ilou.J. J. W. TTber, the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury Department, gives avery succinct and Interacting account of’ba operations of this bureau. The accounts w Mcb It Is his duty to adjust and settle belong exclusively to the navy, and comprise those of paymasters, navy agents, navy storekeepers and the dlstriou turn of all prize money, the regi-try aud disburse ment ol allotments, the arrears of pay, from what ever cause of officers and meu in the naval ser vice, the payment ot naval bounties, naval pen sions, the pay of marines, and for other miscel laneous duties of lesser Impottancc. Daring the last fiscal year the number of credit requisitions Issued were 8,840, amounting to 143,K53,&H.b3. The number of cash relntdlng requisitions were 7U7. amounting to The amount of Internal revenue tax ciediu-d to that bond and parsed over to the Commissioners of Internal itavenue, was $10,7(4,989. The correspondence of this Bureau, which is an index of the work done, has greatly increased duilng the year, and numbered. a,S3d, being an increase of nearly five thousand over the number written (he previous year. Special at tention has been paid to the section of the In ternal Revenue 1-awa, which requires that every poison prosecuting claims before any of the Ex ecutive Departments ot tUc Government, shall take out a license as a claim ageut, and. In obedience lo tho* law, referred to, four hundred and ninety-eight com missions have been received ami died. It baa been the practice to bind into volumes all letters • revived Ly this office, aud the audiljt auuouncoa that tbv number of theso volume* has now reach ed IMP, and contain the correspondence in an nu uiclan teties from the eevcntceutu of September, jTiU, down to the preseat date. The auditor, states that the same ease, promptitude end cor reduces which hashvralotorvbeen bestowed upon tbv cirinbutlon ol prize money, ha# been unre mlltlncly continued during the naalyvar. Not wtlhtiauding the termination oi the war, thla branch ot business will yet require a considerable period .to bring It to a coiidueioii. Many prize cases still wait for adjudication, and many more have not yet been fully paid, owing to too tardiness ot claim ants and other causes independent of the office. The total number of claim* received and settled during the fiscal year was 19,408, amounting in value lo tS,t»W,9iiu.3o. The operations of the office In regard to the marine corps, navy pen sions. navy agents, aud naval storekeepers re .elding in foreign countries, were, total number of accounts settled, Sbd, embracing 6,9u0 minor ac counts, and involving the expenditure of yI..U).iTRsi. Owing to the great di minution of the naval force of the counttv since Ibe Auditor's la*t annual report, the nninhvr of allo mcats Las greatly dlmici-heJ. A table givcu shows that the amount of money paid on allotments by the various navy agents at New Vtuw, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Balti more, Portsmouth and han Fraucl*co was $1,191,- V9U.e4 dollars, The number of paymasters' ac counts received during the year was ;CJ. being 140 more than during the pretions year, ana the amount involvitt therein is double that of the year previous. The settlement of navy agents' ac counts during the past fiscal year has been prosecuted In a manner ■ very satisfactory (o Mr. Taber, who says (hat no ade quate conception of the Intricacy, difficulty and extent of these accounts can be formed except by an acquaintance with them on careful inquiry. Millions of dollars are involved In l W respective accounts, and the vouchers to be cxaatd amount not only to thousands, but to ten- ofThousauds of dollar*; thus, though the cumber of accounts settled seems small, the labor has been great and complicated. Tbe total number of this class of accounts received during tbe year was 4,914, of which were settled, involving cash disbursement* to the amount ol f34,i>3T,970.1*9. The number of Scoertl cialmsadjujtcd was 11,926. amounting in ieageregat. to *7,773,311*. being largely in ex c« fb ot the number and amount adjas ed the pre vious year. The Auditor, in conclusion, purs a high tribute to the efficiency ami energy of'his clerks, and add*: Tbe co-operation of W. B. Moore, my chief clerk, has been all I could wish, and his intelligence, capacity and judicious man agement have very greatly insisted and relieved my own labors. HIE FEMAX TROUBLES. Sllfßcc of (hr Cable In Regard lo Affair* In Irelund-The Fenians Awsen that aUeo* rial and Bloody Insurrection bas Already Comnieaccd. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nsw Youk, November 30. Tbo silence of the Cable as to the status of af faire In Ireland suggests the probability that we I need not expect much Intelligence respecting the ! reported Feman uprising through that channel. . It looks a* if the British Government, which bolds : both ends of tbe Cable, will give u- as little tnsb I news aspotMhlf. and that out of a character to create any excitement or sympathy for tbe Fe t-nian?. But in this city tbe mvslenous prepara } tiuns for insurrection at d invasion arc carried on ’ with increased vigor, ihc Fenian official?, who have charge in the absence ot Stephen#, maiaum a discreet silence as to the extent of those prepar ations, although they assert with evident confi dence that tbe fray Has actually commenced, and that next week the United Mates will hive start ling intelligence ot a terriulc and bloody work from one end of Ireland to the other. The HilMloe bts»broir-t>blpnrnt of Arms lor Ireland—Uniform* Ordered—Unmora Concerning Fenian Prirntcen*—Activity ot (be Brotherhood at Varieaa Points. (By Craig’s News Agency.] Srr Tons, November 30.—The Ti-iluni says U la Certain thsr Mr. James Stephens has left the city for pans unknown, to company with several of his follower* and adherents, lucre is no no ctual excitement. Colonel Kelly returned some day* since from unknown parts, and ha* observed a very mysterious reticence ever since. It is understood in Fenian circles that a vessel was sent outside of bandy Hook at a late boar on Thursday evenup. with WO revolvers and &<0 En field rifles for U.e liUh shores. The arms were conveyed to the vessel on a harbor tug, and im mediately was discovered bearing oat It is prob able that seme of the arms were conveyed from Port Monmouth, aud some came originally from JTilltdelphia. Ihe vessel was said to be a Phils dclphia propeller, with her original name painted oat, to avoid discover;, and a tin sign, with the words **Yonng Republic,*’ covering the place where the original letters were painted. In the city of Dublin there are stationed at present IS,UO regular British troops, boosed in various strong barracks and forliStations of the dry. To drive these oat It would be necessary to organize 35,000 Fenians, who most be thoroughly aimedai.d organized. It U more than possible, however, that within ten days an insurrection will break ont In Ireland, and as a consequence ranch blood will be shed, with, however, but one possible resell—the defeat ot the gallant-fellows who may raise the standard of revolt, in the meant ime, a diversion in Canada is to bejexpected, irom what Is going on at the Roberts' headquart er s, w ItLin ten days. Orders have been received by President Roberts and General Spear for 8,000 uniforms Item the different circles, tbe money for such uniforms In every instance accompanying tbe order. ' Tbe armories vie busy fixing np and burnishing sabres, and it is certain that all this preparation protecos bloody work for some person or persona unknown. President Robert* is at his office from day to day, without any rest or cessation of labor. Tbe TWlpJPitrasaya several prominent officers of Colonel Koberts* staff waited on Colonel Kelly, the deputy C. O. 1. R-, yesterday, pledging them selves to co-operate with the main body as soon as the order was given. The Daily Xtvt has a rumor that several Fenian privateer? nave left an Hasten port to prey on Encllsh commerce. There Is quite a lively time among the Fenians here. Considerable contributions of money and A ire being received at the Stephens headqnar te. “be rrorganlaatiou ot circles Is rapidly pro gre: and a good many men arc Joining its military organization. FKOM ST. LOUIS. Great Fall of Faovr nt Omaba-St«rmtlan Ralraen the Plaian-Navlgntloa ClmcJ- Arcbblsbop Kennca’a “Sliver Weddina,” &s> (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribnne.l St. Lons, November 30. Private despatches from Omaha, received here ibis afternoon, report a great fall of snow In that vicinity, blocking alt the roads, and causing seri ous distress on the plains. Prices of provisions In the towns are at starvation rates. Navigation on the Missouri River is closed above 81. Joseph, and on tbe Mississippi Elve- north of Keokuk. Thu Roman Catholics arc oat 10-nfjbt, 5,003 strong, In torchlight procession, celebrating the silver wedding of Archbishop KesriCk. FBOK CANADA. The Removal of Fenian Prisoners—Another Hold Anticipated—Excitement among the Cnnacks-MoTemenu of Troops—Bamors UdbSRDIKI. [By Craig’s New Agency.l Moktrxal, November?!}.—Arrangements for the removal of the Fenian prisoners from tbe Jail la this city to Swcetaburg are completed. The pris oners will he accompanied by a strong guard. Great tears are entertained of a raid from the Ver mont frontier to Sweetshorg, to release the priso ners. Judge Johnson, the presiding Judge daring tbe trials. Informed the Crown authorities that ho wonlo not sit in Court after four o’clock in the afternoon, nnU as a strong force of regulars was stationed In the village. The greatest excitement is manifested in the dty over the news of an onlbreak in Ireland. Tbe loading Irishmen of the city had a grand banquet at the American Hotel this evening. iIOKTUXAL, November 30.—D’ Arcy McGee will not leave for England as soon as was Intended. He remains to attend tbe Cabinet Council, which will probably be held here. In view of the pre parations tor tbe Fenian trials, the Bedford water police will go to tbe frontier armed with Spencer rifles. Regular troops will also be sent there shortly. A stranger, about forty years of age, fell dead In the street yesterday. New Yotm, November SO.—lt Is believed in Montreal that the British Government haa refused to pay the Alabama claims, and (hat Canada would have to look out tar trouble with the United States. Ills further believed that Prance haa expressed her willingness to aasUt tn the defence of the Ca nadian Provinces, provided the British navywonld co-operate with her in tbe Golf of Mexico. Major General Hlsicd is expected to relieve Major Gene ral J Jndsay in command of the military force in Canada. The decision regarding tho application for new trials In the case of the condemned Fenians haa rot yet been delivered, it being Intimated that tbe Judges disagree on the enbieet. Governor General Mocck is to be recalled im mediately for complicity In the abducting of the defaulting banker, ixmarande. Tbo Montreal Telegraph of tbe 20th says; “ The Canadian Government ta willing to discharge the Fenian prisoners confined here if tho United Staten Government util guarantee that Roberta sball not attempt to make another raid on the Provinces. *• The Fenian prisoners are to be removed on Sunday morning under a strong guard up to Sweetsburg. It is impossible to secure lodging*, and the hotels are crowded with stranger* from the United States, who bare come to witness the trials. The sixty witnesses for the Crown arrived, to-dar, and were ordered to Sweetsburg. Hon. B. Devlin, Queen's Counsel, Intends to nuke an ap plication on the opening of the Court to hare the tirlsoncrs discharged on the ground of informality n the lodlctmeots. “About 4,000 eland of rifles, similar to those captured at Fort Erie from O'Neil, last June, have been brougut Into this city by a person who* states that he purchased them In New York, and bronchi them here as a commercial speculation. They have been ofiered for sale, but at such a high figure that It Is rumored the Government in tends to ii.quire Into the matter. “The time of large numbers oft be regular* now stationed in the Province expires curing the com ing month. Government has ordered tbit the men be detained until tho country U In a more settled condition. “Sixteen pieces of artillery and a large quantity of ammunition hove been lonrardcd to Su Ca’he rlnes. “Members of the Canadian CabinctinEngland, to arrange the details of Confederation, don't agree, and it fe likely they will return without ac complishing their mWion." Hutaio, November CO.—Advices from Mon ties! say there is cot the slightest probability of any annexation meeting taking place, aa represen t'd. The New York Uavli't recent special about an annexation meeting at Kingston is all “ bosh.'’ Ottawa, C. W., November Si.*.—lt Is rumored that a Cabinet Council will be held in Montreal on Saturday next. There was no meeting here to day. The gas metre ured In the Crystal Palace in London, during the Exhibition of 1861,baa been purchased of England for the legislative hall nett. Toronto, C. W., November 99.—N0 decision la T«t given sale whether new trials in the Fculan cases would be granted. The first consignment ol Snyder i ifles was received here to-day and serv ed out to the Seventeenth regiment. Quince, C. E.. November 30.—1 ttv anticipated that a raid from Vermont will he attempted when the Fcman ptvoncre are brrught to trial in the dlrtrict ot Bedford.* The marauders are aald lo be assembling at ilighgate and bt. Alban*. and their object is declared to be the rescue of the prisoners. It is understood that Lord Houck intends to leave Quebec on Thursday next for Montreal, where a meeting of the cabinet will be held on Friday, at which General Michelf will be sworn in lo act a*- administrator during the absence of the Governor In Europe. Ills Excellency win take passage by the next steamer, and Is llkclv to be absent four or five months. Hit presence in Eng land while the ‘subject of Confederation I.* being considered by the Imperial Government will, UU tboncbr, be of advantage to the Province. New Yens, November iC-The IhrahTt Mon treal special says the Canadian Government will discharge the Fenian prisoners If the United SUtlcs Government will guarantee that Roberta shall not make another raid on the Provinces. Ibe Government has received Information that a large body of Fenians left Chicago amt Cincin nati under order from Colonel star and Senator Fitzgerald. The entire military fbreo in tbtv dry, consisting of three regiments of infantry and one cf cavalry received ciders to-da* to bold them selves In readiness for a forward movement. .w* a .wi «a.u WWlbiliCUh. The Governor General yesterday received from (he home Government despatches instructing him bow to proceed agutust the Fenians If they should attempt to Invade the sacred soil of Canada. Tbe English officers on duty state they will take no prisoners, and hope the Fenians trill tol low their example. Donuts exist If a Jury cm be had at hwceL-bnrgto try the Featans, and If not they are to be removed to Ottawa and tried by court ma:tial. A di spatrh was received this evening from Fort Erie, in which trouble 1* anticipated from Bufialo. and asking for reinforcements. MEXICO. The Reported Crossing ot the Rio Ctrnnde by United .“latf-fi Tr.»oos->pwnrd ami John* mb's Coarse toward tbe French Govern ment—Tbe French Authorities have Acted (□Good Faith—Arrangements lor the |tc* turn of Troop* ano War Material to France, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wamusotok, November 59. Up to ten o'clock no Information has been re ceived by General Grantor the Presldentconccrn- Itg the report that General Sedgwick has crossed Into > exteo. Grant has telegraphed General Sheridan that if the move has been made ItwlUlcrepudiated. Scnorltamero has no In formation upon the subject, and, la fact, in the diplomatic circles of Washington, up to this even ing, roLhing Is known about the reported cross- Ing of the lUo Grande, except the conflicting ac counts In the papers of yesterday. Hr. Seward bus not communicated with the French Minister on this subject, nod In fact, of lali*. his whole course and that of Mr. Johnson has convinced all foreign Ambaseadora here that both of these ofll ciale arc tx-m upon forcing a dttUcult; with Napo leon. On the other hand, these Ambassadors have no doubt or Napoleon’s sincerity in the mat ter of withdrawing bis troops. IntotmationhM come to light to tbe effect that more than one year ago me plan ot creating trouble with France was urged upon Mr. Johnson and Ur. s-ewaid by some leading rebels, they de claring that in their opinion it was tbe only way oflurcing the President's policy upon Congress. At tbe lime Mr. Johnson refiaincd from talcin'* the responsibility, and felt sanguine of being sni° ported uy the people. Ur. Seward, however,a*, that etr y day urged him lo adopt the measure. Immediately slur the elections ho and Mr. Sevvoid began to work actively lo tbe matter, and all Indication* point lo their making trouble, even if they go greatly out of their way to do it. A Idler just receucd in seml-otudal circles from the City of Mexico, written alter the depar ture of the Campbell-Sberman mission was known at that capital, says that Marshal Boaalne stated merely that there was no cause to anticipate trouble with the French authorities from the presence of General Sher man. so convinced were all these (bat the Empe ror was acting in good faith. Tbe beads of the French army were speaking very nlghly of Gene ral bherman's record, and seemed pleased at the Idea of entertaining him. This sami letter, speaking authoritatively, and from tue personal obseniuone of the writer, states as a farther evi dcnce of the good faith of the Emperor that in accordance with orders irom Marshal Dozatoe, the destruction of quantities of partialis worn out military material had »een commenced. The serviceable war mateiialis about to be shipped. Gpnfral Sherman** Tdrcnun—A Blonder— The Despatch In Fall—Transport* En< gnerd lor the ICnarn ol French Troops— Mory of Crossing the Rio Grande Pro* nounccd n Canard-MoTemenis oi Maxi* mlllun—Capture of Jolapa by (be Liberals. I By Craig's Mews Agency.] WxfimtOTOS, Xoremoer Si).—Owing to a blan der in General Sheridan's telegram to General Grant, it was made to read that **l bear that Gen eral Sedgwick hu crossed the Rio Grands with troops, etc., instead of that “I fear he has cross

ed.” General Sheridan's telegram ts la fall, aod cor rect, as follows * _ “Gaixestos, November S 7. ••To General IT. S. Gnawr : "1 tfear General Sedgwick has crocked from Brownsville to Matamaroa coder the pretence ot protecting the property of American citizens. Shotna it prove true. I shill disavow any and relieve from his command. “P.U. Smniiy ll General Grant telegraphed to-day to relieve General Srdjwick If he had crossed the river In an official capacity. New York, November 30,—A morning paper eays the Fiench Minister at Washington has tar nished the State Department with the names of tweniv-ronr transports which are about to sail from France to convey the Mexican expedition army corps by (he end of December. Represen tations have also be* n made, br which it Is -hown no breach of filth in their vlthdrawal Is intended. Maximilian is daily expected at Litvina, his wMhdrawa] having been final and complete and no obstacle remaining In the way of his embarka tion. Marshal Baza me has expressed himself anxious for the arrival of General Sherman, t> whom he Intends ►nrrendcilng bis trial. No official information hae been received at Washington concerning the reported occupation ol Matamoras by F* !‘rd Stales troops, and a New Orleans dee] .vtcb nates that it ia nndonbtedlya reward. General bn’rwicK has paid an official visit to Escob -who is investing Matamoras. Uavmna, correspondence, dated November 24th. says General Sherman has returned from Montoriza. The Susquehanna was to have tailed j on the 251 h. * _ New Oonxixs, November 39.—Tbe steamship Al'.lance arrived from Vera Cm* to-day with Mexican date* to the 23th instant- Kaxitnilian's baggage bad arrived at Vera Crux, but he was still at Orizaba, at which place he had been re»ldln» for tbe last tbiee week# as a private Sntlema*'. There v.ere two French and two nstrun frlcates at Vera Crux, llaxalne was at the CUyof Mexico. The French cow hold that place and Fncb 1 a, Orizaba and Vera Crux. Cordova U used as an outpost while tney are fortlfv log Orlxalia; and they also hold the pass of Belmondo as an ourpo-t for Vera Crux. They hi Id no otter positions ui Mexico. The Cbntch party of Mexico had offered to raise six million* of dollars If Maximilian would consent to remain in the country. An American protectorate *nu regarded by tbe people as the only solution ot tbclr present difficulties. On Tuesday, November Ctb, a Liberal anav marched on Jalapa. which was strongly fortified and garrisomd oy Imperta’lst*. Cannonading continued for s.veral days at Intervals. A largo number ot Imperial troops deserted to the Lib eral army. Tbe Imperial troops were driven to the Cathedral where they were cut off from all sup plies. The final assault was made on the llth in slant, when (be Imjuri&T troops surrendered as prisoccrs of war. On the lllh. Colonel Dnpean, with one thousand Iroope, armed from Su Bar toUrao. en rou't to Jsiapa. but, bearing of the surrender, returned to Ortiaua. CHICAGO. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1866. THE TELEGRAPH IMPUOCLIO. A General Sianpede from the New Tork Association—Correspondence Newipaptr Comment. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribone.] Nxw Yonn, November SO. There la a prodigious uproar over the action of the Western Associated Press. The Baltimore Jmtrican, Buffalo Commercial AdrertUer, Troy 7 Uttft and Philadelphia Prttt Joined in the rebel* lion against the New York monopoly to-day. The jonmals ot New Daren, Hartford, Springfield and Worcester bare signified their* desire to break Item the New York Associated Press as soon as the requisite telegraph facilities can be extended to them. At present they are restricted to the New York Association by an old contract with the American Telegraph Company. The New York State Association will hold a meeting at the As tor Dome next Tuesday. Four ont of fire of the Executive Committee are lu favor of following the example of the Western wen. The New York World has shown so mnch Inclination to follow the stampede that a resolu tion was passed by the monopolists on Wednes day evening to expel the World from the Asso ciation, but the resolution was rescinded the tame evening, wiibont any apologies from the World , Bennetl, the younger. Is leading the fight ou tne pan of the monopolists. Both the Herald and Tritons this morning contain editorial articles abasing the Western Press and ihalr representa tives. [By Craig’s News Agency.] Nxw Yore, November 30.— Despatches from Washington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, New Or leans, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Louisville, and va nous other Westers cities ttato thst the entire press Is resolved lo act in conjunction with the united States and European Telegraphic News Association, of which D. U. Craig, is General Agent. A large parti on of the Philadelphia, Bal timore, BnUalo, itlddle and Southern preen have taken similar action, and indications are that all the New York State press will soon Join the ranks of the new organisation, the permanent success of which is a;rcady assured. Nearly all the for mer agentaol the Associated Press at the West and booth have become identified with the new Institution. Batnatonz, November 30.—'The following an nouncement appear* in tb>« afternoon 1 * ««Hnon of the American : “Our reader* hive doubtless observed that wo have daring the past few days published very vol nmlnoai despatches from all parts of the country and Europe—foreign, domestic and shipping in telligence— to as extent that has sever before been presented tn the colomcs of a Baltimore newspaper. The greater portion of these des patches were from the United States and Euro pean Telegraphic Sews Aisociatlon,which has Just been established In opposition to tho Sew York Associated Press. The General Agent of ibis new association Is .Mr. D. ii. Craig, who has lor fifteen yeats part been the General Agent of the Sew York Associated Press. It was our purpose to receive and publish the despatches of both those associations In pursu ance of the usual enterprise of the American in furnishing its readers with the fullest and laatest intelligence from all parts of the world. The Sew Yoik Associated Press has, however. Issued an order prohibitive any paper Irom receiving their news which shall elect to publish that forwarded by Mr. Craig; also knowing from* long ex perience in the telegraph business that Air. Craig is possessed of the necessary tact and enemy to distance all competitors, and that Lc has cnrivaied facilities for the transaction of the business he has taken in baud, we have refused to deprive our readers of hU entrr prl'ingrenlces. We do not regard ourselves as under any (-pedal obligations to the New Vorit Associated Press, or any other eeliiconatitutcd body. We have held that Association up when some of those who arc n jw combining against us in Baltimore were endeavoring lo destroy its organization, and Lave rendered them note unpaid service during the past five years than any other paper in tnc country. That we should allow anybody to dictate to ns what we shall pnhlbb or what we shall not publish tn the columns of the American Is simply ridiculous. We have always heretofore acted independently of all combinations, and shall continue so to art, regardless of what the consequences may t>o W e have, however, full confidence that the United States and European Telegraphic News Associa tion will be able to famish fuller, more varied and more satisfactory reports of news foreign, domestic and commercial—than the Associated Press haa ever attempted, and that the traders cf the Amrrtoan will be benefited by the change. We .til] also have tho advantage o having extensive apodal iep >rts, and not bs com polled to present uurrcadcj with the deatulcbc> that appear In other papers of the cliy. Ihe following ore the concluding despatches of a very ♦ arrest but friendly telegraphic correspon dence between Mr. Slmontou, agent of the New Yoik Associated Frees, and the proprietors of the Amniccn: „ , New Tout, November 2D, ISOG. To (be Agent ol The Associated Press, Baltimore: Sorry tic American will not trust us. With hold our news from 'he American unless It will rtfcaoto publish Craig’s despatches. Thiamin is imperative. (Signed,) J, W. Smosrox, General Agent of the Associated Press. Cnfcnncan, November 2D.—The agents of the New York Associated Press in the West a body, resigned their positions as representatives of mat organization, and will bervatter represent the Interests of the Western Associated Press. News n ports will be received and delivered as heretofore. (To the Western Press.] Nnr Yens, November 83.—1 t js important that Western publishers should understand that there ia but ono regular report of news -oiog to the Western Press, urd that is made up by Mr. Craig's News Agency. All other reports are special, and must l»e paid for at special ratca hr laities taking them. The contract that the »• vhtc.n i'rv-a have with the Teles'.aph Company la lor a flxul uombar of words, and the full uua i»er is regularly senlby Craig’s Agency. All pa nels thatbava taken the New York Associated Prt»* report are entitled to take the present re-nt lar Weaicm Assodaicd Press report, and the cost will be. for (he present, the same as heretofore. Mr. Craig is under written obligations to turn over hia news agency to the press of the conniry ap toon oj the press la organized to receive it from bis hands. It is proposed, and will present ly be arranged, that the boards of directors of all the press associations oi the country, except that of thb city, wili meet In the city of New York, wlltun a few weeks, and organize a general asso ciation. This will be the Associated Press of the country, and online the New York despotism. It w ill be administered according lo the forms of a r» publican government. Tills organization can continue .Mr. Craig as Its tew* agent at this K.lut, or appoint any one cbe. Ur. Craig gives 6 full a.i6eul to this proposition. Ills quarrel with the New York Associated Pres* is the oppor tunity of the press of the country. (Signed) M. Halstead, Cincinnati Commercial, Domex Whits, Chicago Tiudune, Executive Committee Western Associated Press. Ntw \ottE, November SO—The assertion la a moraine papet of Oils city, thstccrtain despatches of that Kmntl have been purloined for the u»o of the Lnlted State* and European Neva Association is a falsehood, and comes w Ith' an I'l grace from a paper which has been notorious from tta starting nnul the present day, for its efforts In obtaining sewa by surreptitious arid dishonorable means. Tjei complete arrangements perfected In all parts of the gtqbe for the earliest sews transpirin'*, render any purloining of news from any other *onrce entirely unnecessary. Further the dishonor able course ao naturally suggested to tbd mind of the editor of the journal masing the charge, by his own natmal Instincts and his past expe rience. will never} bo practised by the United Males and I.uropsan Sews Association. It ts now certain that the efforts of the New York City press monopoh to control the columns of the press of the whole countrv have most signally tailed, and the response* whlcn are indignantly sent to their browbeating and dictatorial demands by the Independent editors outside of the city of New lock concluslroly show, in the words of an editorial in this evening’s Brooklyn Union, that “Ibc New York Associated Press’ no longer ex- The desire co often expressed by the country press to rid themselves ol the Incabas they have ►o long been unable to shake off u now gratifl-L and they now fed fally assured that their liber ties ire no longer to be tampered with in this mat ter by so monstrous a monopoly as the New York Alternated Pres* has so unnecessarily proved It self to be. lb. claims pnt forth by the to-call-d Associated Press of this city to the exclusive priv ilege over telegraph Hush, are as false as their as •cition Uut no otherparaea have equal faculties with them in obtaining news. Tbe fact is that In every respect In obtaining, famishing and dispens ing the most reliable news atmorc reasonable rates than heretofore, and from all quarters of Ibis country and Europe, the facilities at the disposal of the United Stales andjEuropean News Associa tion are unequalled by any and all other associa tions in this or any other conntrv. The Interesta of the whole press of this country in tbe procure ment of telegraphic news, will be fallv protected, and their every want amply supplied without anr reference to the peculiar notions Uut may prevail in any editorial rooms of anv paper, and without minisleiing in any way to the Idlosyncracles of any party, sect or creed. Trnl? the Pi css as a micopoly no Iqpger exists. jfiwancial. SI,OOO TO * lo ’ ooo T 0 loan ON SRORT OR LONG TIME, with City Real Piute Mv-nrUr. JL3W to loan for fire ycarv at» per ccaU WILLIAM C. RRYyoLDS. >'o. g Opera How. SIO,OOO WAXT3E3D Frrfrfimone to fire rpars. Address “A & B,” Tri bune Oder, lor y: e week. professional CARD 31 nu Dr. HAWSOX LEV ATI WAX Das remised her dnUe*. Ofßre Ko. 23 AiUniwt.. two doors mt of Wabafch-ar. Odes boors trots 10 a. m. to i p. a. jfur (Sotifrs. PURCHASERS OF LADIES’ FURS Should not fill. BEFORE DUTIh'G. to «« our itoct width 1* foil aad complete. Price* «-hc?»r“T ts. n •>,. cheapest. TAYLOR, Furrier, Cijc JLcrturc Season Y odng MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. John B. Cough WIB deUrcr hit Inatruellye and Entertaining lecture. Entitled, “ HERE AND THERE IN GREAT BRITAIN,” ON TUESDAY EVENING, DEC. 4, AT CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, Commeiclnc at 8 o’clock. This Lecture hu notbceadcllTernl Id Chicago wltMr two or three Tear* put. and U tcncrallj oooildowi one 01 Mr, OoucU'* matt Interesting Lectures. Ticket* SC cent*. Reserved *eau a cot* extra. The fain of Beeerred Seat* will rommstce on Mas d*T Kornde, Dec 3,at»o’dock,at the TjcketOOce 01 CrtahJ** Optra Rosie. A- c. McCLUBQ, Cor. Bee. Y.M. A. dotting. 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BUY CLOTHING Of ANY DESCRIPTION un til you have seen the MAM MOTH STOCK and learned the PRICES, at DcGRAFF’S, Corner State and Bandolph-sts. CLOTHING. Wholesale and Retail. 2,500 Overcoats, 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,500 Jackets, ■ 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, &c. UattraaMs, Curled Hair, Boiler Towela, fte. FRED. L. FAKE, SOI and SOS South Water-st* jgOTS’ CLOTHINQ CHEAP, BOYS’ CLOTHING CHEAPER, Boys’ Clothing Cheapest, AT HOWARD LOCKE «5c CO.’S New Store, 74 Bandolph>st>, Where they kaep BOTB’ CLOTHING ezdailTtiy. OTercotttHnpnxdf, tod other toodi in proportion. dotting. jpiLST IN THE FIELD! Overcoats! Overcoats! Overcoats! AT A.T AT Sim 54 Dearborn-si, 54. 54 Dearborn-si, 54 54 Dearborn-si, 54 Who nr© now roooivTnep and. offering: tliclr SPLENDID STOCK OP FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING AND Gents’ numm OOODS. IT HAS BEEN Pfoved and Acknowledged THAT THEIR GOODS ARE SUPERIOR ffl WORKMANSHIP TO ANY Merchant Tailor Work IN THIS CITY. McCURDY & 00., 54 Dcarborn-st. G° T 0 12 9 CLAHK-ST. YOUR CLOTHING, AND GET MT-MSABTIM AT A MODERATE PRICE, P. J. HUSSANDER, ISO MORRISON DtTLDINO. 'J'HE LARGEST AUCTION SALE Ever held Hi CMcaco, Kill tala place on Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 4th and. sth, WUCT J. STETTHELMER & CO. WUI dose out their entire stock of CLOTHING t!LO TUS, AMOUSTIKO TO $150,0 0 0] Without Eeaore, at their Store, Nos. 74 & 76 Lake-st. TERMS. FOUR MONTHS FOB AFFECTED PAPER. BILLS UNDER lICO-C&SH. Catalogues and Goods ready for Inspec tion on Hbnday, Dec. 3<L WM. A.BCi iejtS A CO.. Anctloneq*. Real instate. QOTTAGES for sale. •c cn Fulton-ft, with lot 3SxUo,’ior moo. and one on Wimiwt, with lot 35U30, for |S,M)O-ooth In rood location and cheap. * DATBO ft BRADLEY. Corner Lake and» inn nnnacres oppineland lUVMVUU IS MICHIGAN FOR TtieM jacO* were carefully aelected aaa commlae aomeor ujeiirxcrt ana best tticta east oi tbs Bockj Mosfituoii ■ Apply t« S. B. WABD, Detroit, Mich. NUMBER 173. 'Nctospapers. Q.IVEN AWAY. GIVEN AWAY! WHEELER & WILSON $62 FMILY SEWIXG MACHINES GIVEN AWAY! FOB NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE WESTERN RiMl! A Ne.S Wheels A Wilson Family Sewing will be given for each cits of tweaty-Sre NSW «ab •crlbers to Ton Wcxrxss BcaaL for ISC!. Tua Wjutxu Huhal Is a large, eight-page, quarto. Agricultural, Horticultural and Family Weekly, pub* U»htdatl64 and 166 Randolph street, Chicago, Illinois. Tua Cmcaoo Tararra says of It: “Onr reader* should glT* U preference to any Eastern agrlcoltoral All we waatUths names et twenty-fire nosx na« NEW Tiinr smeCKiassa, with the money (bj Draft, Post Office Order or Exprea*,) at *3A3 each, (the regu lar single subscription price.) end the tfa-hin- will be promptly teat by Express. Cell oa or address, for specimen coplre lot paper and foil parnenlart ol the above and ornka rsxxxuxs. n. F. LEWIS, Publisher, IGland 100 Randolph street, Chicago, EL iF Descriptive circulars, ftc, of machines seal to any address. A CARD. Omci or nra Wiotlzb A Wruox ) MxxuTacrtrccia Costrasr, > Cmcsoo, November a6th,lS66. ) We hare made arrangementa with the publisher of Tins Westsbs RcgiX to furnish our N’o. S Family Sew. leg Machine, the regular retail price ot which In this city Is 1(2, as a premium lor dabs ol lubiTriWt for that paper, as per statement above, and we fully will warrant tneb machines to be perfect la every respect; and we will always consider ourselves under obliga tions to glreali necessary la*tractions to parties using them. ARTHUR FARRAR, Agent Wheeler ft Wilson Mannftctnrtog Co. Hooks aulr Stationcrn. Books, stationery and fan- O' ARTICLES. Min Due., 83 Lake-st., Chicago, Wholesale and Retail Dcalrrs In School and Miscellaneous Books, JUVENILE AND TOT BOOKS, Blank and Memorandum Books, NOTE, LETTER AND CAP PAPERS, Tissue and Wrapping Papers, TTEITIXC DESKS, BACKGAMMON BOARDS AjD POKTTOLIOS, ENVELOPES, INKS, WALL PAPER, GOLD AND STEEL PENS, SLATES, AND GENERAL STATIONERY. ■ffchaTe no specialty, bnt claim to sell ALL classes of Goods, which wo keep at all, as low as can be bought in Chicago* COBB, PRITCHARD & CO., 83 Lake-st., Chicago. Slolihai) ©cobs, 'Yy'ATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. CBBISTSZAO GOODS! EOZsZDAT GOODS] BRIDAL PRESENTS I PRESENTATION GOODS! Comprising everything to be (bond In a firsbclau Jew* elry stare. AMERICAN AND OKNETA WATCHES. DIAMONDS and Pttcioa* Stone* set in every new and cotcclvable style ofm-nntleg. French Clocks. Bronre Vaaes, Cups Ac. Solid stiver Ware, the be*: aMottmect ever oifered In Platol Good* o.* btantlfol de»tgcsaod flnlib. e.;u\l to solid tllver, helot plated on German silver, which ha* the appearance oi real silver and la quite a* durable. Having so'd thcae ptod* fjr the past year, or ever since they were first Introduced in the market, we caa miiy recommend them to oar easterner*. Our Stock ti always Fall and Complete. We pride ourselves in being able to say to our customer*, that they will always find the very latest and in wt dc«lrabte gscxls exhibit'd In onr strec, ai soon a* they are prepare! for market, at reasonable prices, and from all the leading Cacton's. Thankful for past ta vers, we ask a continuance of the aatsc, and an examination of onr goods. MATSON & HOES. N EW CHRISTMAS GOODS. Fireside Games, Parlor Croqnet. Fancy Wa 1n u t Goods, Flue Illustrated Gift Book*. Children’* Picture Boots, btsOoccn’ Fancy Goods, Decaleomaiile n alert ala. STBEET, PEAB9QS <t CO., Keto rpHE NORTHWESTERN Insurance and Mercantile Journal FUR DECEMBER, 1566. JUST OCT. CONTENTS—A History of the Hon** of John V. Farwell A Co.iChicago; Diseases of the Heart; lowa Letter; What we Think; A Novel Enterprise; EtiT.t tcred Letters; Notices cf Merchants; A Notable Arti cle on National Banka. Making uninteresting and val cable number. Price* 10 Cents per Copy. The Trade supplied by the WESTERN NEWS CO. Copies may be obtained oy applying to the EDITOR, 49 La£alle-«L, or P. O. Box 109. Chicago. 3300 ts anb irijnes. jgOOTSI DOWN GOES THE PRICES! 100 Cases Kip, 15 In $44 100 Cases Kip, 18 In 48 100 Cases Boys’.. 32 100 Cases Tontla’s 24 XF Price Wit in fnll In Chicago journal of Cost* meice, or send for our Circular. E. CHLAJPIjST, 111 LIKE-ST. SHantrtr. tOtr -WILL BE PAID TO ANT PER- J eon who trill procure for me a permanent SHoaucaa* Bcokkeeppr or Assistant, or as Salesman In any respectable btalaevs In this city. Bedofcltr refereece*given. Addras“X"careP.O.Box62ll. TO PACKERS.—Wanted, a Situation ly a man ot nrtn*Tyeara* experience In uim* mtnp and curing Hams in Bel Cut, Ireland; also, com petent to cut Hogs, or do general work aboutaPack tssßoue. Apply to j. beebhard ft co. 319 Sooth Water-*t. Utß ffiooos. DBY GOODS HOUSE, S. D. JACKSON & CO., Jobbers and Commission Dealers in DRY GOODS, YANKEE NOTIONS, Etc., 53 & 54b Wabash-av^ (NEAR LAKE*ST.,) CHICAGO, ILL. Consignments. •[JOGS! DRESSED HOGS. We shall give os usual personal attention to can* Blenrrrnwcf Dre»se«l Hon. Correspondence from our old enstomera and new one. Is solicited, that we may keep them posted and tarnish them with stencil plates, wcixht list and daily price list tree. A. n. PICK EKING & CO*, Commission Merchants and Salt Amenta, TYRCSSEDHOGS! DHXSSED HOGS! DRESSED HOGS! Conslgnmcnti of Dressed Hog* will hare oar care ful, prompt attention. We make a specialty of this business, and paraea la the country shipping non to this market this season will fled u to tfislr Interest to ship to ns. btendi plates, welzht lists and dally mar ket reports furnished *recon application. _ . LAWRENCE. NEXBEN A BCTLBB. Otis Block. IG4 Madlsou-sL. corner of Lasalle. JpOR prompt returns, send jour _ DRESSED HOGS DAVID QUEL Jfc CO., 114 LaSalle-*!.. Chicago. JQRESSED HOGS!! BBH&SED HOGS!! I)BESSES HOGS!! Cocslcnmenta of Dreued Uo;i will have oar asnal careful attention. Stencil Plates, Weight Lists nod Dally Mar ket Reports furnished free on request. Correspondence from old friends and new invited. SHERMAN HALL & POPE, Commission Moroliantis lUO rf ashington-it. TO GROCERS, &o, &c.—\Vc offer at LOW PRICES a lev shipment* of good WESTERN CHEESE. Also, barrel* of CHOICE WINTER APPLES. JaS. SOERRAKD ft CO, 219 Soath Water-st. Apples and potatoes. 300 brl«. Green Apples; 130 brls. Dried Apple*: 10-00 U bns. i each liluv and Ncshanock Potatoes. Received and far talery R. IIANSON ft CO, Commission Merchants. 107 tsiutn Water-*t- jfot gate. gTO C E OF THE Merchants’ Union Express Co , West Side City Railroad, FOR SALE BT QCIHDV A- HAWLEY. Broker* No. 7 Reynolds* Block. Dcarborn-at. JjVNGINE AND BOILEK FOR SALE. A second-hand Stationery Engine and Boiler 1!- herse power, win be sold at a bargain if applied fbr soon. Apply to or address BENT a GOTVAISD, 206 Madlson-st. 20,000 F11!E BRICK ’ FROM TUB CHELTENHAM WORKS, ST. LOUIS. For tale by McGLaSHAN, MUSSON ft CEDDES, tfgLaSade^L QAR LOAD wagons/ A car load of IS FARM WAGONS, All cn the WIDE TRACK, complete, with Top Doze*. DoitleTries nod Nuk loki-, tr.aanfcicturi-j a: tae Badger state Works, at Kenosha, WU., tor sale by E. bain, At Kenowhn, M'lscsnslo. iJartnctstjip. TAIssSOLUTIO'S OP CO-PARTNER 1-/ HlU*. Itc co-partnership bereioforc existing brtwc<n the undersigned. coder the firm name or SWOKMSrEDT.tXHadN <tco.. 1* this day dissolved by mutual cot sent, L-SWOKMafEDI havlneaupj'ed of M» mu r<*t in said firm to C.IL CORBIN and S. i*. Lu.NT, who hate a> tho Uapililie* -if said nrm sad ore authorized to receive ai- m »ney« does »M firm. LEROT SWOBMSrKU, CALVIN R- corhin, _, v. __ bIEFHEN t, LUST. Chicago, N or. SO, ISM. CO-PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day forced a co-partner* •hip for thetranaartlon ot the Wholesale Grocery busi ness, t; Chicago, HL, coder the nrm came oi C. R. CORBIN »fc CO. The general partner* are C. U. CORBIN tort E. W. JONCa, of Chicago, and the •pedal partner l» SfE FHEN I*. LUNT, of Chicago, who contrtbatea thirty thousand (00,1X0) dollars to the capi'al of the finn. Eald partnership commences on the first day ol D_- crm w er. iscAaaq terminate* on the thlrty-flm day ot December, IS®. C. B. CORBIN, E. IV. JONES. „ &IKFQEN F.LOST. Chicago. Pec, i. it®. TVSSOLCTION OF PARTNERSHIP. JLS The firm of Roger* A Bntlerl* thl* day dissolved by mntnal content. Either of the partner, will sign in liquidation. A. A. C. HUGER-*, N«ygmber3o,l6C«. GEORGE F. BUTLER. _ CincAfto. December I,3>M. Toe undersigned hare tnl* day formed a Co-partn-r* •hip, under the name and ityle of LAWRENCE, NEX-. BEN A BUTLER, for the purpose of doing a General Commission, iTodnce and & hipping Business. they succeed to the business of Borer* i butler, and re«poct lully a.k frr a continuance or the very liberal nation* age bestowed upon thelateurm. With mean* and facilities, and a perfect knowledge of Ui- business, we oiler car service* u> all shipping Or ala. Fro lace «r General Merchandise u> Chicago lor sale, *'»n. to par* cbaierst-f Grain In thl* market for Inveaiairal or for Eastern snlpment, and aa»cr» »:i such mat me closet personal attention shall)« paid u> their inter ste. LAWRENCE, NeXsJEN A BUTLER, Otis Block, cork r LaS-lle sad Madl*on-*U. Having retired from the firm of Rogers A Butler. It give- me pleasure to recommend to alt tnelr o.d casto* mersthenew bonse of LA W REN **K, N KAaEN A BUT* LEK. who succeed them, and to assure them that their Interests wl.l receive the same prompt attention h»r> WXkrc given them by the laic firm. A. A. C. ROGERS. Dissolution of partnership —The firm of STcBaiDS & PAULI. Is thli dsv dissolved by mntnal cunienh Th« bailnesa will hereafter be carried on by S. W. MoBRIDJB, Who will settle all outstanding claim* due by said firm, ana 1* aathurUed to collect ail deb-.s doe th- arm. • B. W. MctIRIIUJ. GEO. W. FAULL. Chicago. Pee. Ist. ■J^OTXCE The Interest cf the late JOHN L. SCRIFPS la the firm cl bCEII’FS. VRESTON A KEAN*, has ceased,afid STEPHEN F. LENT, Of this cUy. tficceeds hla. TLo firm will hcrcaflcr bo known as LENT, PRESTON Si KEAN. ” A a7ke£n. STOX ’ j S«rtvlag Fannera. Dissolution op copartner. elllp.-Tbe partnerahlo bcretoiore existing on* o«r Uie firm name and style of FUR&T, BRADLEY & CO., Is thl* day dissolved by mutual consent. All unsettled accrtot* ana net** tare reca turned over to FLUST ft BRADLEY. 30. OS. 00 and 62 Jeff«r,oa-«t., where we te<;tse»l that all amount., rtcetnofirui hepdld at once. All Ollia aratnst the said flrai must be pre sented lor payment without delay. CONRAD FCHST. DAVID BRADLEY’ JOHN sALL-Witf. Chicago, Nov. i:th, ISO*. HENRY SHrCKM.VX. iSusincss GTartis. QEO. McEDTCEY & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BATS REMOVED INTO TBEIB NEW OFFICE AND STORE, No. 12 LaSalle-st., Where they have unsurpassed focillOo* for handling Grain, Floor, Brewed Hogs, &c., Ac, %3T CocsJzcsesta solicited. p, o. Dos 937. oto. m'xiasxt. j. c. mm. C WEEP BOOT, OH I—We are prepared O to thoroughly clean ont your Chlmseyv, haring machines adapted to all descriptions of flues. Charges low. W. X GRIFFITHS ft CO. C3T p. O. address 030 W&.I Madlson-su Order Box southeast corner LaSalle and Msdl*on-<ts A TTENTION, WaGONMAKEUS I EC. E. SAWIWS, Manufacturer and Dealer In Fdlcca, Wagon Gear, Axles, Foies, Box Boards. 'X' la MORGAN’ & CO., ‘commission’ mehckasts. For the purchase and sale o! Grain, Flour, Provisions. Ac. Particular attention paid to the sale of Dressed Hogs. 13 LaSalle-st- Chicago. wnsaeu patents. QARD’S PATENT EBICE IYIACHtMS. Office and manuactory 33 South JctT-rson-st. Pot Information and descriptive circular address _ E. it. GARD, 33 South JeJcrsan-st- Chicago. Citg Notices pvFPiCE OP THE COUNTY CLERK* \J Cmcaeo. November 27th, I%*. Notice 1» hereby given to an p.irti.s having claim* agalnit Ccck Countv, to present the same a: my cffiiu ftIIOMOS. . Coonty Ccr*t. General Notices. TXT OTICE. —TLe public will please take At notice that my wife, MART JE2ECK.has lelt my bed and board without any ran**, and oil prisons are hereby forbidden to trust bernpon nrraccomr aa 1 will pay no debts ot her contracting altar this date. OUw.IW.Ut.IM. **™*aiS!B*- IBaflitoate, globes. Set. HARDWARE. WHIM BLAIR &. CO, IMPORTS ES AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN inir in, no AN'D 181 RASDOLPH-ST., (Adjbtalag the Brlgg* Bczicj, CHICAGO. •pARDWAUE ASD CUTLERY. A K & ft Hr MILLER, ’ B 5 State-st., Chicago. ,100 dor. IXL Wostcnhotm’s Pocket Knives. 300 doz. XCD W«de A Batcher's Pocket Knlvo*. 300 doz. Joseph Bodgrrs & non* Scissors ud shews. 100 doz. SpearA Jackson’s, and other English brands ol Hand and Panel Saws received direct fhim Ensllsh mnnnfactnrers per steamer “City ot Manchester.” which we will »eii At Low Prices for Cash! Also, a fine assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS. Ment Cutters and Staffers, Ladies’ and Gents' Skates, Straps, &£, Scoops, Shovels, Axes, &c. JJARDWAIiE A CDTLEUT. HUBD, PBESCOTT & CO, 175 Lahe-St. The attention ot close buyer* is lnrit»d to onr com* plete slock ot COOLERS’ MACHINISTS’ and CAR PENTERS’TOOL*. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLEKT ana BUILDERS’HARDWARE, direct from the beet Biaonmcturere. We offer, also,* cnuiplou* aaurtmeat of WOSTENDCLM’S POCKET CCTLERV. SURAH A JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS A WOKS’ SCISSORS and RAZiiia, STUBBS A FILES. Ac. * We also kero consiantlv- on hand fall numbers ol SHOkNBtRUER’nJUNiASA NAILS. C. B. HCED: Eow. PSKtCUTT. g. Itrrvr-i ur 0.1 iUSSILLON PIG IRON. DEWEY & CO., 27 Klngsbnry.sU Buplrxlslliptic JafeirtE. pASHIOAS DEMAND J. V. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic (OR DOUBLE SPRING) . SKIRTS. They will not bead or break ilk- tfie sine'e springs, bat will ever preserve their perfLct and tua-itiroi jiase, where three or lOor crulury ssirtv an thrown aude as creloA They combine comfort, durability aad economy with that elegance of shaae which *■«* the “ DCPLEX ELLIPTIC" the STAKRARD §KERT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At whrjrsslp by ih» exclusive cihul.’.ctarsre arc ecle owners of the patent, TYESTS, BRADLEY & CARY, Warrhonre and Office, 117 Chamber* a-.d 79 and Si BcadoeL. New York. Ai»o, at wlwleaafe by the lead ing Jobber*. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the Hicst popular and eracelu; btlrt wore. Fox sale at Wholesale at m-inofacrirer.* bv FIELD. PALMER ft LEITEK. 110.11 g. 11 -I and 11 g Chicago. 151 LAKK-ST, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For E>renc- acd Econrmv are nu«nrpv*fd F- r nil aivholftale by J»nJi V. FAKWELL ft CO, •12, -I I and 46 Wab*»l>av.. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, men agreeable and perl-ct Skirt* made. ForsaleatvLoleaale. I*o\VES UKOS.. ID and 71 Lake-«L. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beaoty, comfort and durability superior to all oth ers. For safe at whole sale by tokkencE. MANNING ft CO.. 33 Lake-su and 69 Wabaah av, Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at manntacrarrrV prlre*. KHTIL WOOD & CO, ffaprt. 'JHE "RpnEUCIIL” PERFUMED Kote Pape? and En velopes Arc dow For Sale by All tbc First-claas Dookhcllcrs and Stationers. For talc to the Trade by UULBERT, TTAT & CO., J»ew York. aiKooli auh (Coal tJZES £.ACS£.W£I££. COAL. We guarantee lull weights. Order; from ih» country promptly filled. CURTISS, BROWN & CO., 15 WEST MADISON, Center of C.»nal*«t. flrus. JOSEPH GILLOTTS &TEEL PENS, OF THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY r*r Dv*.Tlptsrß Name and Ixtsiit* jo-*Ri*n GILUIPT, TRADEMARK: TVAllltANTEl».*utur.d Mnner. NEW SERIES, GOOD AND COEdl*, Data No. ZIC No. :ei. JOSEPH (JIUIITT. •BIit.UIMiUA.II. Numbers. Toe well known okic.i;.mi. and voi-txas nnmscrs, 303. 401. 170. 331, „ taringbemai.nmed by other Makers. w<wde*lrs to caution the public it r*«pect to said imitations. a?-k for ciLLorrs. Cn-tcrTs PXS«, la such variety and style as to sals every kind of tand-wrUlrg, lor sale to the trade by JOS. GIXiXjOTT & SONS, No. 91 Joho-et.. NoirYork. gSWHY OWS?:, golo Agent* temple of i^lusir. Pianos, Orpins ml Mclcicons mmisbed, a: K.'tED’S Temple cl Music, &S upon payment wf A small amount down, tatm;e In month'y Ininilineata. cr Call and see us ftLlinrs, JLiquors, &c. LONGWOETH’S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI GOLDEN WEDDING. SPAP.EUNG CAT AWD A. CATAWBA, ISABELLA AND DELAWARE. These celebrated Wines ue tor ssla by FULIiXS, FINCH A FULLER, LOKD A SMITH, aid VETTZEL, MARTIN & CO., T State-sc, Chicago. PL ' 3Lanbs. A IX WANTING PARKS—Good Farm XX and well-proved Fruit L-.r.ds—Bcautlfhl fnnvlnentUment'f VINELAND S* utiles »onth aS Philadelphia by railroad- Fopnlatica increased 3JSOB people la four years. Gocd sccety. schxils and eburehe*; 1.0 X) orchards planted- ITice. fa per acre, payable la four j ears. Village lota lor b .sinras anc manolafturers also far sale. Climate clM—pertoefr healthy—aotl highly tertlle. Improved Places also Bar sae- Address CHAS. K. LANlilS.propnetar. Vine land. New Jersey. Psperacoctalnlngtnformatiocsett free. From report ot Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: “111* cue ct the meat exten sive fertile tracts In an almtstleve; position. ami sml able condition for plea*ant farming, that we know at this side cf the Western Frames.* ■DOSTON Fl§H MARKET WILL OPEN NOVEMBER IST. 1003Tonroe-st., opposite 3?.0. Freah Sea Fl»b. Lake Flat, and Oysters, wholes*!* and null. Fresh Cod, Haddock. Hai'bnt, B«ls. Smelts, MackcreJ, Corned Cod and Uacacm etc-In their sev •on. ba.okedgaim r ’n,Uallbct. plan nHaddie*. Tar month IHoaters, Flckled Salmon, Ha: jaixt Soft Sheik Clam*. he raben or quart, Ac. KU extra selected klaikrre: Tongues ana Sounds, QaUbata. Fins—put on «xpree*ly lot family use. A. BTDolt, bO.IOOILB.tMt. JRchltal. VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dr/ Up! FOB THE CATAJBKH! A perfect and speedy cute ter this loathsome disease, tottawcraticrm- In every cat* cf Catarrh, severe or light, the disease should be soon a* pout* hre, for It gives rise to hoarseness, soreness ta the wind pipe, dry couch, caronic indammatiaa efthejanga, SiSteaa, null pair in the hemA with a sensation a wight over the eyes, lea* ot the tenses U amelUnr aeft .mi various palntnl cearilxlc aH.-cUoai. Thera 1* notanv mistake about the anove remedy, and it may he bad of the subscriber. General AgmtSu the Ctateft States aad R. L FcrsslehT SifTTU ft DWYER. Drugglgts, 93 ft M. wiotetalo Ac«ta for CMcsgsf^ With D«*maU3C