Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 1, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 1, 1866 Page 2
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€ljicaigo tribune. DAILY, TBI-WEEKLY AST) WEEKLY. OFFICE, So. SI CEARK-ST. are three sdiuoai or msTjaarsi Inu. lit. 1,7 Carnot,. and L,c walla Sa-TtoTn-Wmir, MondaraWod. 7nC,J *- “■» wall. only; aod-the Win, it, on Ihor,<Uja, tut the main aad uio.toar courtcr nedbr newsmen. Tenaa oftbe Chicago Tiibane Didlj delivered In the city (per week) 9 5.5 l«BO s v L v Z: er • nr -nm. payable la advance) Ui)o > (per ennnm, p*)aL:c jn advance) *Too Fractional part* of the year at the aaoe rate*. OriVnona maituas and ordertne five or more copies o f either the Tri-Weekly or Weeklv edition* I =ay rrsrJa tea per cent of the eabscripboa price at a commission. * M 1 * oner to smactinns.—ln ordering the at ronrpapom changed, to prevent delay, be sore amt rpocliy what edition yon take-Weekly, Tri.Wm.vtr 11 or Dally. ADo. ctveronrmsnrrandfatnro tr Morey, hr Draft. Exp-eas, Moncr bm»« ‘ llrrlalrrrd Lenere, mnTbeaeolatoartlah. sS ” ‘ TEincXE CO., Chicago, 111. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, ISM. BATIFTISG A3IENDMESTS. CWmio Tfcirj has been able In the h-h or the Inevitable” to discover the Z MwT 3 ofnMkta e ™<Tn>S« ImpartUL jml therefore pronounces all practical dial tmet,„ns between men. based co To r f ts fictitious, absurd and unjnst. The discovery of the nebteousness of negro sulTra-o ai!d mere ana wholly irrcconcilahlp with Democratic truth, though Utc, are suf ficiem ,0 indicate that the 7b™ ami fao tn'r" '? tiC P3tb ° n 'caltbful luCjUity. Men emerging from blindness can not take in at once all the beantiea which are plain to the ordinary vision; and the rmio,. upon coming out of the darkness bL hardly bad time to take in more than 11m beauties of negro suffrage. It win a little time to make it familiar withothj? truths no less snbllmc than that which now engrosses all ils admiration. DOW fc-Thc Tn:.r% Is unahle yet to see that thu i. u National Government, undent a ua ,on of confederated so. erelguties. U can not understand that Stales arc created hv he Government, and that States, In the seo« that Uey are known to the Constitution can cvlel only While they arc in harmony with the nat tonal i. niom When they ecasf to he thnsh .°n .. their political and govern! mental organization lacking the vital prlnd- T* ’T' 5 ' 1 ’ 11114 the people of such Slate come directly under the caelnslvo Govern! ment of the nation until sneh time as that Government erects them again im o a Slate organization.- In its issne nf the29th of Vo. veniber i, looked at an a. it was accustomed to look at it before the bebt of neg ro snlTrage broke upon its vision, a,vakil,got the authority of States to vote upon .he ratification of the Constitutional" Amendment, that paper says • pvt? I s s*s This statement might have come force in r, • e.'T “ C - 11,0 Cu "s‘ltmioa of the bmun States requires that ail amendments to that instrument shall he proposed by Congress, and become valid as part of the Constitution when ratified by the Le-lsia lures of three-fourths of the several St"alc« Congress in the joint resoliition proposin'- the amendment, in to maoy words submitted J .'° 1 ,I ‘ S C , of the several States. I'l.Jt elates ? Of every State which had a government known to and recognized as a Statcgovemncnt by the United States. Vo man ~,.1 pretend to say that the so-called S.ate Government in Mississippi is the gov cmmcr.t which was recognized by the L ruled -.tales as the Government of that .late in the act admitting Mississippi to li;i"D. What has become of the govern mi nt known to the laws as the Government of the state of Mississippi ? It has ceased to exist. The Constitution has been obllter, the officers deposed, and that Govern incut utterly abandoned. The Amendment certainly was not submitted to the Lc-Dla turc which formed part of that Government whic hno louder exists; and It certainly was not submitted to the Legislature of a new Government as yet utterly unknown to the laws of the United States. When and by what proceeding was the Amendment submitted to the Legislature of the Humphrey Government in Mississippi? Andrew Johnson, it may be said, submitted it to that Legislature, but if Andrew John son had sent it also to the Common Connell of Chicago would that give the Common Council of Chicago jurisdiction over the subject? There arc Legislatures in Ne braska, Colorado, helug parts of the so called Stale Governments existing there. Those Lecirlatures may go through the form cf ratifying the amendment or of rejecting it, hut their action in the premises is of no possible weieht, unices Congress, by re cogui..iug and declaring these Governments to he State Governments, should thereby £ive to the action of their Legislatures a legality which it can obtain in no other way So Congress may, nest week, by act, declare the Humphreys Goveirmcntto be the State Government of Mississippi, but until then Mi.-si<‘ippi cannot ratify theamendment, nor can she be cuuutcd as one of the dissenting States any more than can Colorado or NV Tl-c therefore, when it says that Corgriss .-uhmitted that amendment to the Lc ihl.'.turcs cf the so-called Governments In the rebel Slates, does not state the truth. It wa S proposed in the exact language of the Consihulicn to “the Legislatures of the sev eral States.” Not to every body of men that itay anywhere set themselves up as a Legis lature -. but to those Legislatures constitu ting parts of those State Governments known to and recognized os such by the laws cf the United Slates. That Con gress has the exclusive author y to determine whether a bodv professing to be the Legislature of a State Is such body, U is only necessary to suppose a case where two bodies each claim to be the Government .of the State. The decision of this question is purely a political one, and the courts will always follow and adopt the decision of Con gress to he supreme In the case. It alone has the power of deciding which, if cither is the Government of the Slate. The authority of Congress Is exclusive, as may be readily seen in tbe practical execution of another clause of tbe Constitution. The Con-tiuition provides that when a State is disturbed by domestic insurrection, the Uni ted State-, upon the application of the Leg. Mature, or if that be not in session of the Executive, shall furnish military aid. In a case where two organizations claiming to be the Stale Government, apply for this aid, the President of tbe United States ir.ut>t for the time decide which he will aid, bnt his authority to do ao Is an authority to him for that purpose by Congress, and wnicb may nt cr.\ time be revoked. The power is deUgj.t. d by Congress to the President be faijs,-tVngrcs* L> not In session always, and tU occasion for Its exercise might arise In vacation. Thus it will be seen that to Coa- CTc.-s. aml to Congress exclusively, has the Ceii-tiiution given tbe absolute and exclu sive power of deriding whether a govern nur.t exists In a State or not; whether if such government has existed. It has not forfeited its official life; and In case the people of a Stale be left without a govern ment, w het her any new government shall be organized, and when, and of what particular kind. Tlir Ucmorrary having advised the South to repudiate ihc terms upon which Congress prnpor*d to recognize their governments, the rebel-; will soon discover how sadly they have Lcen deceived. They arc not oolv wiihoirt reT'reseijtatlon, hut thevare without any rt c gi.ized Government. * They came our of the war without any political weight iu the I'.'tion, and they arc likely to remain so. They have defied Congress, and they will rrohahly experience the full power and authority which the Constitution has placed in the hands of the Congress of the United elates. AliABAm. Tlic so-celled Legislature of Alabama has juft elected a so-called Senator of the United Stales, for six years from the 4th of March next. Ex-Governor John A. Winston was selected, and in the opinion of the Alabami ans be possesses high qualifications for the . office. On the secession of Alabama, the Montgomery Jfail informs us, “he cordially acquiesced and went with his State.” He organized the Eighth Alabama Regiment, and went to Virginia with it as Colonel. He was In Ycrktown during McClellan's hoc and shovel attack on that place, and partici pated in the battles around Richmond and in the seven days’ fights, and is said by the J/fltf to have been “the Idol of his troops, and conspicuous for hla daring bravery.” * Alabama thus “accepts the situation In good fiiUh,” by sending a man to the Senate who could not be admitted to a scat even if the Slate were recognized as a State in the Union, because he cannot take the necessary test oath, and this too while she is on her good behavior. The same pretended Legis lature will doubtless reject the Constitution al Amendment, in accordance with the so called Governor’s recommendation. The men who have control of the preseat “gov ernment’* of Alabina, hy the „- ay> is Dot a lega\ government st all, hare evi dently determined to disregard the declar ed wishes and opinions of Congress and of the loyal people of the country, and to persist In glorifying the rebellion and pro claiming their contempt for the law of the land, which excludes rebels from seats In the National Legislature. They will doubtless Imi-d. before Congreas adjonma, Ih.tthe peo pic of Ihe North are In earnest In their deter tT.aT'lneh 11 ? 1 .l^* 1 6,1,11 govern, and !{!“* la h k Iw‘f™ " lhu rebel Colonel " inrton .hall take back .cats. His clccUon U not only au insult to the Senate of the 1. thet~* l “’ “ 4 “ >thC ’ rhole North - b “t U calls far l !! 11 "° Vil °f * 6 PWI of rebellion that ea sfor the prompt interference of Coneress erament. In which loyal a B ““ WNS «N OS VtHCONsTUCOTIOV Thc crcttl end .ought in all mcaamv.?„r thinking men anywhere tn humiliate or ,!, 1 sgain to their former place ia the for meat will not use their’^cqaiiS any rebellions spirit, nr for any parpnse con <niry to the spirit of the Onion and th™ Rveat principles of equality and which hare been Indicated and rc eauSH £. rc Their r °!T CWtof w «dMd h£! pililli atsar^^sssS ”d^:°n f Thfenun^ h tf dlrroTS“ ,vcr “‘ terms be adoptedT”; nlTthe* scnlial points Carded, «,“°es the dat rr; i -n. In a letter tn tL New f .O Sc «rd prohibit to-ttorrofraU *,i^S2 fcr “w Union, men from TOlrnc and rZ*f3?F' 00 S- Ma colored m V n alone. It conrtiuon £r« i ,?^ t,al an ajuplu goanmfcj iSf pI nnt I'Cdl£tc ibe 2*aiion«l dehi°rSI e?s 11 never re federate debt. Vou V 9 H rnc Ibd Con would ibis i^ ve £»» y°« as liuneptJr believe* ih«» iJ?? l°?P a t r ** l ; *Q-ratp;: I i* J»i uiiidy-Ja picbablr the ftuue L an ; and 11 h 1 DcuiccratfcjonniailtoSSht^in l several vo-c ofthc South Tvnnl^hn , Mi T ?£l p, * ,form * Tba single locality b- ihe<»nf«i5 a f« bo CD *ugcd In a ciptttrd elavU vSa tSf^oruTe 1 f' n '° rt Z*™ 3 n. ►utfitlnjr a large portion omi,*/ £f? dRICn as coa * Sonib; bat, oncesiire of ,i.J ® r y *\ pr °r" u of »>e be hi> loyal or as disloyal ni!?* i£ r^ oia * thv * will clius, and no more eo .? ,c ' ~ltxvhltc noiifcnws to talk about th* loyaltr an* *Fi nn V lt ■he S'lclnlly flomKt 1 ffifS™,", “a«ers.or Plates. Poor, HnSint . tbelr respective »nti without any Position. Mb.L^U.CJC» O /ofl„ Sc ” " ” C^" r , 'r liUC 3‘ srs&ssg** "oteSPsrs: ast «S‘„ Cr n mt^/ 0r "“ J is “> bc fonnd hi In ” !,’ M , rJ " Lt of s “ m ' a S c in the Constitu tion, and placing in It also permanent cnar rebel d°bt he fh- i0 ° “m re Pndiatlon ofthe ™,ii ■ 7 w °nld be effectual, and would leave but little occasion for future agitation or dispute, ns any effort to nn-cttle ? r „„ »° n ,l ° f lhlS kiml imbedded in the Constitution would he hopeless. amt l r Oll , 13 6bOW a wallt of ordinary prudence for Congress to readmit the Southern States and leave the important and essential conditions of Impartial suffra-e and the maintenance of the public credit subject to such legislation as these States m. K ht hereafter see lit to adopt. So far from , U f C t L aCOa ” CI,C “ S ‘‘ Immanent settlement of the question, it would he hut the begin mng of nerecr and bitterer conflict. The there is every reason tofear, would set at work at once to disfranchise the blacks, or hedge round the exercise of the elective fran chise with such difficulties and dancers as would make It practically unavailable. With their increased strength in Congress they might also make such conditions with the disloyal and corrupt Northern partisans, as to threaten the foundations of the pnlille credit, and open up to the greed and rascality of gambling operators good hopes of the as'- mniptiouol the Confederate debt. There arc untold and Immeasurable mlschlcfi and dan gers in such a elate of things; and we sec no sure way of avoiding them, but by placing the necessary provisions In the Constitution. Let the right of suffrage to every male clli ten be second in the enduring frame work or the Constitution, and let the public credit be established on the same tlrm foundation Less than this -will leave all subject to great danger, and vre fear to certain destruction. DOOLIXTI«U AND MSniPHRS* In rcfcrrinsr to the report that Mr. Doo ■ llttle k about to sell om his property In , Kaclnc, and ea.ipratc from Wisconsin alto cetber, the Mobile Advertiser announces that be is expected In that city in a few days, and thinks he is not to be blamed for leaving Wisconsin, because “there is too much nuf- Icallsm up there for a man of his conscrva tiveway of thinking.” If the great Doolittle is really determined to shake the dust from his conservative feet, as a testimony against onr radical Wisconsin neighbors, we should think Mobile would be a very good place for his new residence. He would find an abnn. dance of congenial hatred of radicalism among the people of that city. Besides ‘Admiral” Raphael Seinmcs, having ac* ccptcd the chair of Moral Philosophy in the Louisiana Seminary of Learning, will be compelled to remove to Alexandria to as sume the duties of bis high office. Me will leave vacant the Probate Judgeship of Mo. bile, and It is possible that Doolittle mi"-ht set Into the place at once. A. J. would not let Seinmcs perform the duties of the posi tion, but Doolittle has too many claims on him to he refused. By all means let Mr. D. emigrate to Mobile, and let the people of i iat goodly city .elevate him to the place vacated by the Moral Philosopher, Raphael Scmmcs. THU SPKAKERSIUP. The canvass for the Speakership of the Honsc of Representatives is becoming quite active. Of course, the Tribune has no can didate, and will merely suggest that, In this as in all other cases, the man who will preside with the most dignity and efficiency should by all means be chosen. In a session of only lorty days there Is a vast amount of business to be done, and it makes all the difference in the world In the result* If the Speaker be thoroughly competent lor his task. Among the gentlemen whose names we have heard suggested arc the Mon. James Dinsmore, of Whiteside; General Ilurlbut, of Boone; lion. C. R. Griggs, of Champaign ; Mon. J. F. Alexander, ot Bond; Hon. James C. Conk ling, of Sangamon, and Hon. Franklin Cor win, * f LaSalle. There may be other candi date* whose names do not at this moment occur to us; bat, in any event, let the best and most efficient man be chosen. tS In slavery the negroes were servants, and re i P#S pet,y rci.r«cuied In <he (ioveromcnl fre/ I? the ' otea ot ’ *kelr mas tors. By emandpa “a!e * of lbe People” Anv mMt f Sr’«nt a u , JL ho vi? v<>ca,e 0,6 dlsb-anchlse °i*nl of any large body ol the peop’e will be swept away as certainly a- that a democratic form *>t government prevails.”— T'rm't. Tl'ts Is exactly what the Tainuxc told the Copperheads before the elections, and ever since llio termination of the rebellion. This Is what it told Johnson when he issued his proclamations for the organization of Gov ernments in the defunct States, and forbade the loyal colored people to participate in that organization. Even the rebel-sympathizing, Copperhead Tiint* is at last obliged to con demn .Johnson’s scheme of reconstruction, based on partialism, and to endorse the fun damental proposition held by the Taiucxc in April, 1665, that the negroes, having ceased to be slaves, had become ctlizcn*, and, as such, and because they were loyal, tbev must be enfranchised and allowed to partici pate in the government of the Southern Stales, of which they constituted nearly half the population. E7"The reconstructed rebel concert finds It tough work to cram negro suffrage down the unwilling throats of Us Copperhead readers; The dosc-la too nauseating for their stomachs. But It tells them, dally, that they must take the medicine or the Democratic party will surely die, which Is very true; but It Is also true that the Democratic party will not long survive, no matter what medlclno it takes. There Is no use In doctoring it: that “ boss’s eyes is sot.” E5?“At ft caucus of the citizens of Chelsea, Massachusetts, on the 27th ult., for the pur poseofnominatlnga candidate for Mayor, the principal contest was between R. S. Frost and E, W. Morris (colored.) The col ored man received, on the final ballot, 243 votes, and Mr.’Frost 336. Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Chimney Comer Papers” will l>e gathered into a volnmo and pui>- Ihhed socn. She la now occupied on a novel fir the Atlantic, which will probably take up all h-;r time next year. thanksgiving, Observance of He Day in Chicago. SUSPENSION OP liUSINESS-TITV KEKS—REMEMBKAJiCE OF THE POOR -AMUSEMENTS. IN THE cucbches. Abstracts of Sermons Dellvercd-Thc Mercies of the Year-Reasons for Giving: Thanks—bur Position and Prospects as n Nation. Wint Cod Hath Wrought, Bay has again passed, amTtha ttrrclea of the acL'e porllon of the year 1806 haw been remembered and acknowledged by the de tontlnonr city, and afi over thfL/ aenacs bare been numerous, greater than those J®"* ** lXl . m3ay fonD " J«*«. ln *dditioQ o |o uSif blc#£la « whl cb have been so lav! t^d I f n P^ I T 1 °.u l U , pon 09 Ma nation, It ie permit now u baa been lo 100 and altar, has received ike <5 ® co ?' from offtUe tlmeiil which feda art<*i.t ,£“_■[ Cl * ftn S® of eea- Lnman richly The aatinn«/^iFr C ? Question of down of the middle wall J^?, bfeak i?* Jews anri the Gentiles wWfk e tt * OD between the risbn or Ua mt or SiinianMF i'*“ C™“ “■« alone of the head bat *l™ nr »isi u £! fonn not could ciott bcmtlljena « (live thank- foril thaun, SilTk.'. i, unanimity and fw7)r^anVo^,™i l L a C r ** t er In the days of n»! i o naj K t rial«J c . a £! Inrned away the liaht of hkTVnn.l? n tbc ** darkr ew-wia on tho faeJ nf aod Thunday in ILr ™ /n£nr deep ' l hc laet although there was B . n PPßcation, cause for ttenktotaess^A? l ? < u.r aCkoow,ed<re d ssssadSlSsgs bUK^Ma"^ 1 h dSl" *£ lathe gatherings of thrFIL“ tc ■ terday much larger than mua! al^^lt£n^ , nl^^*r h . ,cl, were MumkfulnMVSS !ti n,of *”<='*•*-<1 dresaca offered loV throne or the ESStS“ “i" Ihe remarks made to the wowhlDn?™ te /25 :5 nd was much expressed ihanUnlCeM foAd 1 ?”® poral prosperity of the neonlc lcm * panic and inactive “® absence of «a\^hTS.^,J , “a? o ; s ss^S?£.i; th _■ amntner nod‘aStanfi 5 ntMU 1 ,?| i bl ° 01 ErrEnjTAIrOBgEUVASCC. peacelnl aspect, very like 8 th*? ? or ® a sent from the ciosein»« and 'thoiffW 5 na * p?i^s«sis ! bow shout was hushed, and »“hew JS*, L V ~ V *l ?.SiSi^hufeoSr.r^' r^^ tetstsssL ddaj-cd completion ot tS SndemtdnS nS' p € «s cnAßmca op ran dat. s i ,ni « i^' o iiSo”Ld e l .i“ , ,t°Sr S‘.!3" e ts s^^p«xsfS?^“srejgS sssriteT’*™ 1 "" charitable institutions toe came commendable wfr A ®f AsTsssffi-^ taken tip in aid ortho nooeaud distressed Snm* envc for the relief of me pooZft&Sh . outhcrn cllujoa, and olhere for the poor nearer «nf“w3 e of those contributions not ascertained, but it was nmlotiblcdlv a larw amnanl which was thus realized,'and exhibited Tithoot dolig anghUoward? cffectinc that res ait. Drxxms. into the cHj Core ™?SrS e «n7o^te S d y l yjjSt:™' M*»y » happy VaaSlTnuSSfSl ii^i Un C! 10 V h * onI 7 ®eet once in The commemorate the aMcmhllnes of their childhood aromd lb'ono femllyhoiS. ?hi hi. tvlF, too, pave tbtlr Dinner mm, ccla day, and the hearts and stomachs of ’mnnv a haplocs n jcht was chtercd at his “private hn/r.i injr noose by "bat was to him a ttreae wrltr—>*a cood square meal.'* v nimy— a __ AxrsnirsTß, Toe iiifrerenl places or amusement »«m nil crowded to the nfcmosL All «■« McVlckmV Tl., a ,„ C TcS o"n S£ matinee performances. which wore in ‘°r Wcll Wonted that the ?«cdl«t Oilier Twist oTn manager could not hate wished t? r , , lE ° rc - , .The Tlckct-of-Leave Man and Jack th^ ?£ ll P bted »l»oasand?, while ' l •«* and the arena performers were ffl." plaudit* K si nvin:s in thb cimncnEs.. t ,'„ vc . I ,lrc a ’ lnd ‘'<l to the monitor rath enctrs In the churches as far exceeding In nmn. to. , on Tlt.nt.rfvtor S 'ices. \»o>»j'etLe tQllowinir summaries of the «ad°rZ? '"-’'"S Sn v* r t ecneral character waa moatln tcrcfeltng, and their treatment able. i cen UP i arv church. jne members of the Centi-narrM R nm«.k *he Church of the " a * Sangamon streets conducted bribe pa-Tor, R e “ thU VwTJ ; HL C i lc , wl - T appointed minister of v. fonDe i» ln commemoration of the C»utcnary \ear. After the n»oal services ihp a rcpnbii r iv* C Afi?^ ,^« U,oeCt r f la t ;ia : na °' , ’ rof tne “““• r ° r The problem ol the age is this: Given. God and rnJ )0 »° 1 ’ f* Republic. Gives. God, having an aersal hatred ot sin. hta whole character ond ail tbe energies of bis being rnah I, O'™ « «« »Sin.t SS £?n T CB ’ t “ e People, fall of wonderfol *rtii*nV.Ai e9 »ii ld activities, bnt lost la painful actuallues. being Ignorant, low, passionate, sen •o*i» •elfish, cruel, loving sin, hating life than, njng the truth. These arc the two equations and £ er J?r I n, re<,nlre ? *l*rmaneht Republic the brim! ing of the people on to a common brotherhood wwifpSfi l Sh* sl ? f cach b . tho interest of all* 5? , i bem . fror ? and sin till they see the light, love truth, gravitate upward, live, plan, legislate, administer in accordance with the DmnewiU. then God’s will wilt bind the Got pwSrnimP 1 * 1 Then ,he lic P ubUc most be n^*'Jd*hi S . p £°V cin of l , be *CO- «I* not com .£f lncle ( * ne * llon before tho people, itrrnorsall the avenue* of want. It spans overr Inch of the national domain. Justice laone cIS but not all. A man raty have a he?d Sid still be a dcadman. We can do nothing outride of justice, batwemuit do more. Itis not enough to stand a lick man on his feet, and let goofbtm saying, “Go. you arc well.” Core him rather t cu he will flpd hu feet noon enough. Statesmen and philanthropists must core the diseases If a man baa a cancer and tbe consnmnll m. Ills not ipongb to cure one and let (be oiber eat him no Ifhe die oi consumption he Is none the lea-dead though the cancer was cured. The nation has had a cat ccr in the bowels and the ronsumption In tne Jongs, w e bsve been doctoring tbe cancer for a ™ £ >4I .V? d . U U on« out of the blood wcvbontd betorqngh with li. The lungs must «‘*o be healed or ucath is Inevitable. Many think nnixnwal snffrarc w ill set everything at evens I am on the rcrotd for nnlrcwal aoflragcana re tnam there. \\ c arc comb-g to it. We shall hare it as soon as we can bear It. It Is only a question of time. Tbe pattern must have strength Wore uc eta wand. It Is rain in say “ voo are writ Ft'*j I, *# we must do. the cords that Und him down: feed hm well; nurse him: keep the flies ort; let hint sleep and cat, ana have a chance. Then he win get ont soon cpouph. But he must have books. Atrr* p«m e idea of the rise, rd history, and law* of the Republic, and a little roUosiofthe gvnin* ol oar insulation-, and he win come on. It will not do to leave him oat In r e IVtJ?Vl Vt J?V' cr : u r3ct H' vi-emtes poll otihls cover lug and iKiathimwiib dubs. That will not core The Sooth is an immense hospital. Their doc torsai.t- nurses have been worse iban neglectful Ire panet.l has grown wars*. I would try them attu send them to »he workhouse for malpractice, riv iv‘ i fu *L *? nrdt?r - Then send them in school books and five Ideas, and wait results, meantime bolding the lines to as not to be ran \Mille we doctor the cancer, let ns remember the consumption. We are being flooded bv mil lion* from abroad. The system fail- to Ibiow off its secretions. Strangers to onr Ideas swarm In tipoa ne like locusts. The pour in line the ocean’s lldes. They come with every variety of ideas, abl lues mid inabilities. China with'her snpar stliloi«, France with her follies. Ireland with her Ignorance. Germany with her infidelity, England with her potions. All peoples come with all Ideas and dangers Wearcatthecocflaonceof all great races. Alt these must be d’gested. elevated, unified. Americanized, Evangelized. This is ibo work of tbca/c. Justice to all men; schools and churches for all men; evangelization for all men. Kolhlng else can preserve ns. Congress meet protect ns everywhere, ordain universal scholarship lu possibility. Then we may work ont our salvation. We talk about “Mr Policy” and aboitthe “ConetStnilonal Amendment” as It either of these were ttcontfructian. They both fail alike. “Mv I'olicr” jnmpe Into the well, and the “Constitu tional Amendment” tries to jump across the well alt*o Jumps. Both land at the ho tom. “My Policy” carries the water to the horse; the “Con tUlntional Amendment" leads the horse to Ihc "atir. Ibcre both stop. The thing to be done Is not to bring these in contact, hat to make the horse drink. I would nuping the hydrant, and set the streams of liberty and free Ideas running through all the land. Then 1 would turn the horse loose on certain conditions, conditions con- Uolllrc hla diet. I world salt (with truth) his hay, salt hla pasture, salt bis oats, salt everything bt-bad to cat. Time would make him drink Itcconstrnetlon does not aicaalhe mechanical nnloc oi the cnt-throata of Texas, and the fire caleis ol booth Carolina, with the Radicals of Boston, the money sharks of New York, and the war party of Chicago, all bavin? their old Ideas. It means the universal dominion o( free ideas, free speech, free schools, free conscience and free labor. When these arc nblqaltons, so that South Carolina and Texas feci at home In Chicago and Boston, and Chicago and Boston ore at home cr- crywrtcrc; when wc have eocal lights bc/nr.i Whl. ln n teCcl,! ’ !n »«n, 1° s , „ {g® tench. In Iho pWt,aSd.t the ballot-box; when a mao in mwuinrcd by hu brain and bean, br bia manhood,then wo shall ha reconstructed. and the llepnbilc cndSriSg be KepnbUe cannot wait thlrlyyeara for tighUsoas- and perpetual liberty. “ It U a long pall and np hill ell the w.» n„. toto *we with as. limSt n\?if ,oad !°° tca, 7- We may need to 5?/ Ibcn we mast hare the rag-wheel .£.n _’ SfS, h ll l .“ d f ll H°,° re,lUr:jed »-7* i " r ° IhOßtuS Uon^ b ? "e-whMll* the Constftn in ?n T i«l f i r ? l Bholli b ® ft clause securing aaffrapc tooil men who can read and write, andwhoflvi been In-America twenty-one years When « m«« ffi 8 %‘S “s«w « SoR; jiSS none. And when oc Is of a«*e let him mi. i/ aa.ffasirgp: I J Bey J P li ßK n‘, Tl ?f r * “• *• enraca. i Snaß?3“ffia E K| ™» rataprsMljra"Ldhi“Ehlo”^& is«ss=^: S® 'S WWttSflhsg |p;s-!3Ks.a%:s was in search of. His policy .had thnidS?/. almost boundless patronage. It had ih* .- snpport of all the rebel* In u^Vft«.S arne3 i of all their sympalhiaers ia the North! *°lt hHws I l.^'SiPPPil should ihns go backward S abb >et : SIIS. hdSa g £\Tj ae f 1 ir?w thaf r ir b h dcad th cmsclve9 are Massachusetts, The next rwea» “** °* humbled !o t£?”u C MlonS Kiirope. A doable power Is aSlffth^&Sf SFT-ssSsttwjmS peco.vd DArrm- curacn. c£»L J bg°A’sSi th?osS!? , ~/„? , S| 1 si^nST' ll or saKsraSS asrsis^B^iS Isa true worship, aud that Is rorcaM In the BlhiS I ”^ Ul ° 9 *i ncc « b efo« the Lord o*r cc°,sSo c r , ?„'?, e % i “ a, ' -Maft&a ass, -"4 &sa- Latnmn? o d“™c r I ’tT? r SccT ennoble the sonf. The Influence " WS?/. «?* was ebown to be lawlttSS?^ *•, a/ *o o rnesna oTxnn\*al oiicipltnrand o source of instruction th«» «j n * cauonal v«loe or tho fIiISeTSISS;-™, <d “‘ **o man follows the edneated pastor from wm° in lluiit hu tonu Iccl.imatoVnili l"cu-llic hn' t!!v« eo m Ponent elements oftfiechnrcbca* fSSfsaf |lo !®f* rw* 1 ,® ~atu,a * Inrtaence of the constituents of oar Protestant worship is to Inslrnct ißd7>nn<l»2f the conscience In all that la good and holy Alter |>howicg the evils which would result irom the (ibandot ment pi our eaoctaarles aod our relhrlon the speaker Mild: Sustain onr public wore bin In an elevated poeiuou ; let it be cheerful, rational in f?™® I *"* sllrrmg; let the whole people unite c / 11 i exr ? ct {txa continued reign of jff dmiry aud caucation, good morals and social I “ay add, multitudes wltibc united b v a llvjng faith to Him whose f tvor is if*. an ?„ w bo*e lovine kindness L better 'ban life. in reply to craakern who complain of the expense of churches, he question was ‘discussed, “fitfc money worth except to promote and wmJil .T 18 “? rc P |ln -*,P n » c and crrlolu than that which Hows frtm religion? He exhorted bis bearers «o Interest all in the services ol God’s house. And not Christians only, out all lovers of mankind were Invited to aid In promoting a ceS era! attendanco npon public worship. Thcn^unr J2W-v rooia ,i,oMore 1,1“; “,s from the hompn, aad shine with the brightest Inure among her sister cities. If the whole pb®”* on e *rtb were duly active, by God% bless lug none would longrcmaiu tu aarkness Then wou.dom globe become one vast temple’ wbt»«e Ihchts arc the heavralrorbs, whose audiencerooia 'rill contain every litfi g soul, and whose services ht?IL.V»? by all mankind, the holy lh u e fCTmo “ closed by reminding msr^ p it n 1 * 1 C4 ' n,, urnce of his rivtrs of good* ?oT.®d bc ® orrnw lngones should Decor, solid by the assurance of God’s healing inten. lOIk.l Ol k.. eTcn i?. chastisements. Let ns hone that the fttture will shine with the of love, and hang heavy with.tbc fruits of theSpirlL *ftStlf*iSßS.“ d flDd Umorc ble°/»eTt^ll U e CKIOJTPAUK BAPTIST CHURCH. v E. O. Taylor— preached from Our annnal Thanksgivings have grown into oc f^i,°«r fo »:. r ?. ft t ltark , ors l :,d ■holltioa lemon*, both of which have played an Important part in our country's afiafre. There is not so much nead *{s— abolition sermons since tlarery is abolished by constitutional enactment over ail P" br ? ad W*rc is little dtS-rcncc of opti on over the North as to the blessed nature ol that result, and that vexed qnesUou Is taka B out of the arena of discussion. There are other ques tion#,howerer.whlch bear ibcrelaDon of corollaries to the main proposition, which remain. Yet ttere is little need cow of sermrns to Instigate men to flo justice to the emancipated race, when since the overwhelming electioneer this year. Democratic papers are vicing with Reonbll can la advocating equal rights and impartial snf frage. Indeed, the zeal of the neophytes almost shame# that of the o’d line Abolitionists, and It Is 'W® aqacstlon whlcn Is the more radi cal, vvcadell Phillips, or tho Chicago Tim/». We who have done some battle for that line of troth in times past, find that we are followers now to be In the van. In the out set of this discourse, and with but Ihesli-ttest glance at the position ofalTalre. we may echo the fangnep of Baalim. “What hath God wron-ht? 1 ’ Bnt before launching into the deeper waters of onr nation s history, let as recount with joy His dealings with ns here. J 3 Ihe speaker Instanced among tbe occasions of special thanksgiving, the groat prosperity of the d ° r *ngthe year; the outpouring of the lloly Spirit, tnrongh whom over a hundred per sons had been brought to Jesus: the Increase of oneness ot aim and purpose in the work for sonls spinmal growth; the pre-ervatlon of the city from ai-y extended ravages by cholera: bn-lness pros perity, anr every advancement in education, sci ence ana tbe Gcs{>eU He remarked that the year would be memorable in the scientific wotld as the one in which was achieved the successful laying of the Atlantic Ca ble, by winch the Old World and the New are brought Into loving c.niact. K will be raemora- Mi- airo for the birth, and bnrial, of a ucw political party In the the I‘resident, all in the space of three months. He then presented briefly some points in onr nation’s history to show forth Providential deal ings. God ha* choavn onr connur for a great pur pose, and from the beginning has watched over and guided her in a special manner; that purpose is that here there might be a home for tbiTop pressed, and that under the benign sway of the Gospel thus might he republican freedom and equal rights accorded tn all. For this purpose there were necessary three thieg?: .1. A Government which should not be of king-, bnt of thepeoplc. The Bhine Idea is not a king ly rule. He was displeased with Israel when they clamoiedfors king, and only gave them oce on account ot the hardness ofthclr hearts 8. freedom from the ari«tocradc* or privilege* ofbirth which result from feudalism. God n&s given us a state of socletv In which the poor, equally with tbe rich, has open to him every po*l -. r - 8. Universal liberty and freedom from oosres sion. and the establishment of equal rights for all Pot bavirg he other two. thi« has beend med ns— and ve have witnessed the aaocalv of Freedom andSlivcircrowiug npslde by side, and God neitm’tcd it, ihat the one might appear the more lovely end the Mber the more damning by the f airful central. Tut row in the abolition of sla very ard the ccmrqceut ar.d certain establish ment of equal lights -tUhotn reference to color God’s idea of government and society, as seen In the history of Israel and m that most democratic of all books, the New Testament, Is about to be carried out In our country. The reparation of onr nation from the mother country, the struggle with the same enemy in the beginning of tMs century, and »he contest In the late slaveholders' rebellion, were advened to to show how God was leading ns onward and o'e paring ns for His own idea of equal rlghta. il seems almost like a hideous dream to look back and see where we were bow far from justice, at the beginning of this decade. Then slavery was bold, naughty, defiant and seemingly impregna ble. But what has God wrought? The spell Is broken. It Is n-Ut-d In falde that at one of the Grecian feasts Larmla onesided in all her beauty and splendor, admired and worshipped by her ro tariea. Soon a grim old prophet enters and fssleos his eye epon her Sh? tosses her head In contemptuous rage, but as he continces to gaze she totters, sod falls, and chdoa away a loathsome hissing serpent Thus Goo delivered os from slavery. The war was over. The proclamation of free dom was sustained. The plans of Jehovah were rapidly approaching completion. Bat the death ofonrPrcsldent seemed to Interpose. Yet Is God not to be defeated. 1c lr> Ing to explain the Prov idence of Mr. Lincoln’s removal we thongbt that perhaps God meant more severttv to treason than seemed to be in the heart of the martyr. From the fierce speeches of his successor we were almost planned lo anldpallon at the wrath to come upon traitors. But Uko Bottom.the weaver, his language "as “i will rear yon as gen-ly as a sacking dove.” Tbcwrclh expended Irself In vaporing, and not orly «hl«. hut there has been the persistent eflort to defeat vqoai tights. But the people have been too well taught of God to falter in the onward march. They hare thrown off the yoke efservi- Indc, bunt tlio trammels of nanrUm amu. tlan oto do n"ht Tbe i««n» and have reached Into him, and made him a Slows r™® vm. lit* elections hare had like some who seemed incorrigible. Bat t; God nnlees driven, and he K at the eleeemh hoar receKcd his mbdj as well as tliose who bore the hm a™ and heal of ihe day. We wclmido all.rZ r ?*2 source or in; motive, who stand for The question of equal rtqhts la decided spSSJS* loP&tS%£S&*S‘ K.“S£ ".¥ 01 ?“{J fflssias^ b^sffsf-ja^s Catholic Chnrcb. Id tvhleh plan, of mlMhfnlJl Kin erc m,to «. donhtleaa, for laborlni: actons the neproea or the SoothT 1 ** 0 . ,w. Mm A2TD 81. Bari. .The services lathe Bishop's Chnrcb fEoi«eAn*iv located on the comer of West w»«m*w*»^** Jo P e"SS' avmt ”^,«UamVS i* « cnran o» nix xscetsios. s«ul Ascension, earner of Iji isf-ai il,Jni. r M«J ,reat l 11!: 1110 »«fai«rl»itloa of oar Ujantioirliiff observince, tu the reanlt «> “®ff f S ’-.M. pol, i ICil dUrawlon !?“* , b °J P" , P* , » »&lle the press could do the w i?t SSft. »'»»«liberal h«d-,tat “ lira amoog tbo bamin family arb b JanccSWSa bl. Ihrcae,and Ib’e “it’SSyS MfS'ffi c“ fefSfS a? hSSb®, „ J r es a a ” presence of this unlvereaj ffi. »,!“ ft® T {J?^. eßa ®nce 01 true Uiaokerirtuff in ■ , is 3 ™ bb”°b" M, rif-br la aoo b t eai f.°s 5?il!r h, °«Sk*nf* ipbit ud'lD triti - ' fTOTUane Jin \oa hare nt> more rightTo try to «£ni Wy-mli* Sfss.isM^iasiasigS 1,0,8 nwy proclaim tbi* obaermee* coiurremrin^f M'ssss ssfoji x™ ic ®^«sjfs^jsissa!s Jf ™tff, d .," ~not’ ,; ,plri! ■>' imo. ataSSiS lonnmcC lad SoISS ft ■“ =^'^'3^ »>■ c s JbolS&S £~£ ,n F*“ i f.? ar have gone op on w?nS of PI^ r , * a primal sacrifice of Uiankagirin~. than SsWA'MlliS “n trary.wohafctomc a horeVlih%pinSm h h cl st?' J* * e brought hither onrpridcSadl3: ncea. If wc have failed to nodenstand that to God JSSPH&SP ove j T and IkcnUy r«n. ’ b»dr. and possession of life if wo fail to rememter Uial our wives and children onr a?n£l' blw i ,, ff s » °, ut Profits and position arc n/Zlhegina and blcealnip* of Almighty GcS and i? r cb an< * ?v«ty one of them,TndloV the nsc or nbnse of them we shall each be callnd to 5h»2Hf n * 'konkicMnc offices appointed hr the ?CL &VcL'^' trom Vbicll w '° have abstract rmsT pcgißy“ ■** • ~ u? cncncn. * ‘T- Z . M - Umptoor, D. D„ con fcer'tc?1 * observing the usual ortier of Her captwy hu“ iSlrdTieik teen released from her bondage of send! meni to false ideas. She has already a name *n<t a praise among all people/ coLcrt-nce of peril ? for f?* **Sl TP,* 8 ®” ° f her resources ; for her limin’ Utcccnialus ; for her patriotism ; for her sniHt ter‘relWoae ie/oli™ Su/c* weuare of her soldiers: ah* *«- ~i„.j an enviable rcpntallon. sn e la 8 * ?»er. O .‘&S t !S o Se°. r „ h d”rS.”" d Iherc it much, however, lo be done to sustain ,b *lnfluence Amrtw Mncd attitude ro the ether nations Is tobeVorlLe E£«2r main, 7 9V “ f ***<»- of uon-lntirveotion und of moral Influence. Wc must develoa the m?rtVrSw« dea „ of j?°P" lar liberty and applyU a Ptirts of our land. The south lQ tiT opened to the principles for which ve have toccht and the men who have won our battles. Our duty to tmt large class of ctiaens ro. ccntly set free from slavery was then considered chrnn l K C4, is b iJ 041 through which they ate passing, these must he *nn«i ve w* Tna of education and rellrian ®“fi # b « «fricd to them. They most be the true nature of Hbertv and how to nse n. In discussing their dril rM ts the 6uCra£ r lC ?M brosd s^°^ nd favor of nolrerVaJ 6uCrag< .1 his ground he maintained by a brief nimmww fu r e " ° r , our iuslltmlocs, and of the * . l il?5 eof » lh *v pcopl . e tow «rd them. Abstractly considered, the speaker wonld favor “impartial £«!lr!I ce *" b n tllm mt -‘ ans Practically “universal »w2 ci * no other system than this can ju*! t.ce be done to the negro and a proper balance of power be mail talncd in the South „ *2??“ «!«»«* ' ri:h a «r*«oce to the perils th* it S i C L a u poi,n,ar Government, and the meat.* by which those penis might be averted iS mcrll . mpseß info »he radiant fa t^*fni b .i^ ho,d . 8 °. nt ,te Promise to os, it we are tsuhf nl to the mission to which God has called us. cxnr rumen. , i\S°2 8 cx l rc ,!? < ; a ’ WP»Prt*le fo Thatiksclv- Ingltav, were held In this church on Thursday S?TS* *r I ?’ c J‘o ri V, nn *■“ peached by the pa**. M° \r iT’ lobert Collycr, who loot his test from olln?J. V * r l C iS.H thc mh cl «P‘er of Uebrews, as loltovis: “ A betler counter, even an hearcuir ” Our space Is nee ssarily limited to a briefsbidraa *i v mMt e * c ,vU»-ct discourse. Dr. Coliyer open ,C^?Lrcr"flrk n * ««t It «as bts honest conviction that our country and all Its concerts la nearer like the beUer country than it has ever been since It bc had no more doubt of it than he bad that be was then addressing his f h co P k '- ' lhat he had jnal as little doubt tost our country Is growing lo th* thititrs that are essential to ner perfection—la heading right on toward a grander and better des tiny than was ever given to any country in anr dceirco to make this the ground for our thanks. Ivlng. It Is not torthe rom ana wine ?°H°v«9 c po . d * * nd 9ll ' er - and cattle upon a thou sand hhls, not as commission men and baaken'. but as cmldren of Our Father whico Is in Heaven that this thanksgiving should b" Kent lie spoke of the character which bad been aflixed to the American people of lovers of gam for tnc i sake ol gain, ai.d that tbdr lace la stamped wllh deeper lines of care than are ever any hot the speaker argued there were two sides to the question, and that tfietremen- i dons need to care must create care quite a- mnch as the greed for money. The lines on the face of this man of the J»ew Woild come from :>G 000 I miles of railroad, built in exactly half a Uetime. It Is the shadow of vast forests felled, and the °i tho wl l d brd and transformed I L of , in cn, and .a work done alto- I P. r | b " ,balb ” fonder on the eaith. rL U r^ ,b Al h .S dcllbr ,f*t«ir proposed to do this 1 £°JLfi® , * ker that on the I aholehedidllforMammon, ilcwonldbe clad to believe that the men who are making a railroad ?19 C r ?, le ?. f , a ntUe a day to thePacilie have some !S2i «r a:e . b «l pia^10 r * n ffoottheda»k- 1 2?y. f ». U, fJ ac<, % aßd ** 9° Chria * V* l * ho, with every clang of the rails. And that the men who have shown such skill and coaragc m the construction of our great tunnel are no: in* dlnerent to the liner u.i-s it must serve la our oTilluilon. and that all men like them are touch id row and then with a sense ol the sacr. dness of &?i e A a I or . aa -1* “V *»• for * b « common rood!* Ihc American U the mojt careful mnanowlivin'- became be has the most to care for. This was the lowest point, the speaker remarked, on which i. was possible tor him to loach! ‘’fA .*=•-! everywhere bringing good ont of evu. But a %.!□ be K noDe to* less sure to snf ter. And so if this nation was altogether given acy bad no power and no aim beyond that, and wanted none, then that aa ml question of Chnst about gaining the whole world n-d losing their o»ni soul would have no Im* solemn an application to tbU nation than li has ro °? lo narra ‘e toe noble which b»e been made by mcnand women duric_ theieecni struggle for national csistonec. showing what tbc nation had done Besides mii-n Wbatpiooflt has given of anoblerna ,v, ope and Joy *»d crown of rejoicing lo all that dislrc abetter country and hart had some poor share in aiding so£ar the mighty ea fTS r .'°.S M - n>«lcnet.omor”SS£ UAt was taken have one word very oflcn ou their t* T,°, rd .w° r and iniwiitJt 1 mV - ®* 0 " 2 I co&Terslo a.- Tncspeaker 4 * “CMltg, f-rcc, and eflrci pictures of the pvoces* of iharij.c. by which religion Instead of BCre, y advancing. HU eon !,« if?.^l. ,fcallbe J ,rocrss 19 fairly «nn. d. and I eau to enter on the nobler uses of vhe higher sor-ow ufdlJd? 8 a >, Jv ro s*t h * Ull,i- tnrmoU of r t l l c *. A “ d “ e felt hopeful and thank wh*t was doing, and conld not tln l tl| C m!V mast , bc , entering on a career hill Vil 2Sr, f * of oar b,rlh lr - to a uo * •_I a V l .^il er ilfo* Ueapo.e hopefi-llyot the d f o,, ’~ a tv»y'nth ola prefa dive., and the mind, of men more nearlv mcetini* jSSSSrIt" IIO ' * w “'y»Te -o lonr vri^rd and fri 13 n'V. C .''k-'v!!' l ■. 7 e ■ toiler OEII - to'Jtonlu.l irt fon-lt for,»«hole Broad based jpon the people’* will. And compared by the Inviolate «ca ” A country in which there shall be no dark nl«r<» f !s°i scr ««pt lb« natural tS? 1 Brd yet no record ifcat the alien land* that He about nifhc «\tnrp n/ h/ 06 ° r bnl • plain unvar- Elf dc>. story ot bow one by one these outlrin" brings with which Cod in fcL goodness blessed us. catue a* Gideon camo to old Israel, and said, “Behold our bread It is bottles they arc rent and empty, «d oai shoes they are old. We c V lk .? * l«C«e with u«, tor wc hate heard the one of all that oed has done for you.” ax. jonji's tncnce, usios pans. K - BUbOI> ’ *» “• .uu 10 “ d ta> ' ~:d k ” o " M "’ Ac eventful year, be paid,had run Ue round, and oado its deep Impressions on our beans and i |Te ** Oat ot the treasured memories of our experience as Individuals and as a nation, vre were rolled upon to press the new wine of rcjolc* lec with which to fill our cup, as we call upon the Ibe Doctor then allcded to thi fhlfilmcnl (■l the prophecy quoted in the text Never, in all the past bad thetc been auch a mlehty movlne amonc the nations of the earth as In these latter aces. The spirit of emlci alien was aoroad In all the world, afore than ever do the population of the clobe crowd upon oor shore*. From the Old • WoildiherLlpsand steamers are frclchU'd with human Icings, in numbers so Urge that flora this fOmcc alone oor population Is augmented by bundreds of thousands every year. And bow tsacy in our own favored Jsnd are going east and S"cj SS-'nvU " a . but .he Prophet adds: “Knowledge shall be ip • pr * C?fl il 9 tbe nnlrc; * al watch worn Ulfi'•Jf Ic f-J7 ax »drelle , °ttß instltntionr. Never BOC . h “ atliaprorctnjnt. ? bo ia . abroad, the lecturer “.. abroad, the missionary ts abroad £?i h t£fn r b®f* rov ®d fiscultle* of Instructing It baa been truly raid: “Hie Lord cave the con* rnßnd.and cTtat waß Uj e company that published at tbe preecm time, the Lord has rili r^lVJ J,t j? EO 'L e s l^e aha 'l be Increased, and bow many and varied in their character are those w . b ° «K* eaiT, ’ , ? £r 4 s * ~2bt* or science and of roll -s!i°«n Dt «M ery “ji* °Jd landmarks arc breaking do»n, old prejudices are passing away, old , systems of education are fast falling Into disuse and tew once are adopted rand new sacrlflcesof P? ** r ?-t , nrtVs“i e ,0 f lbe cood of » a Wtlnd are being kindled In almost every valley and on almo.-toery mountain top, not only throa^Loat °^ < u n r tl^fT3^, i )nt ft l ßo Jr ijlaada of the sea. 1 1 hii tew order of things could be dated from «. ep Jhi c l ofthe i rr otcstani KcformaUon.iSS ua* the If re slumber of ares broken I Then **s" *° r,ee ,n «Plcndor; aid «^-2!2:li be *"*s reformers exclaim, with the Dr. Bishop then passed In brief review the fn- Zf?JwS B ;». d * ac< ? ver,ea m<J improvements that hare Birksd these latter arts, That great ProtesSm IneUtntlon, the American Bible Sodetv! ai one can stoke off more than twenty thousandgoblm of the sacred Scriptures In a single day. We P c*n pow, 5 l ebwP.coat, obtain the Bible in more thS a hundred and filty different langnageMnwhw? nnUl recently, not a text onfeplml tnilh sS ever written 1 Ue spoke In IS co M “ lion of the new hooka which were «mu». nally comlnp from the press; and n? r£ newspapers, periodical* *and Sets are scattered over the wide woftd lit? the leaves of autumn, wberftho trees of th* s„l!iS are swept by .he mlAlj wind! °o£ f? y . bad 119 cbUd ’ B P»Srf and t£ Lulu Corporol Is Ly many thought to beth,>YtM» r ?/*5 e k,Bd *» *» ow country beßt «SS?.W oext lD ded to the missionary work I which had been so powerfully developed In ih* p tfl eo i aj ?\ It t e now no roSh of the flret character and the fairest oroml./ nt!s or toth sexes, to aspire to be of^ In all parts of Prote«lant Christendom churchy at-d congregations that In seasons of have grudged the support of the Cornet at bT^. 8 are now equipping young men for * or tbetrown edification*and

length become so disreputable to stand ?„* these mattes, that the IndlTldnale ol gallon who wonld withhold thrir cause feel themselves In on™i3^^ character for all that Is good Ind m2i^tShl r i !o, ?ousto live In such an age ai'th^S?* ent I Praise tad blcaa God’s holy name were not born a century ago. V lbat we «• .V°. arTe * ot 1110 present age is the extlne non of that monster erli, ahlch for so iS£ .I h'iK a y^e°“ r b tE r A d „,'f 1 -; ho «a»=Uono* SMW SWM ated fiee and eonai ~ rTI _ r . ~ cre npou the auction block lor sale I Hk? th?n Praise Ood, and give thanks for sit hh mrn . ?* voßaßUidJvjduapß-Bs families. Pt3«nu?«vS Jl s goodness to us ar a State. SSJJng tor lils n»crc:cs to us a* a Nation. 11,01 lor tbcott wrrnoDiswEnscopai enmea, V»Si .»U.C G<."fh?,voij a l~P£ K ®J crend gentleman earned?^ .-*b° Rev. Mr. Jewett, then takin» for his tsvi he words -Letevery priilo tL Lori^ (Bealerunomy S ch. S v.t The # the dracoursc was to exhibit th* iSSw our pasthtsfory, and the lessons deduciblTth^ a" c .'fviss' SSSIS# potlc sway has been portrayed in anv is “a. ■“ Mmnoß consent some to church and evTdcnccs of Diyine lme™slSo“ The psaafci sss dency; the Prpndccce of the comta" of the Malt P n P r°.K UOn IO ,be McTrimSC, BDd to the Si. tentiooof the means ol crcaUna a rcvotminn it, gfsasss lbon chts and cxonloas of ie wisest falsehood. Oar Lahore bad covered mMbo l?e f that ucn could nave property in man. ifbev had left its to discover if thVlate waV that there wal an nnacsncrable argomenl ot God a -airst th« pfoj’otlilou, and Irom tho exhaustin'* strlia Inst sssteYis ssss sss ina Sot- g BtSS.S l£s*Ki ccpt-ct-Ily ought the Aruerican people to learn tho In conclusion, the s|«aker urged a reliance religion and Us teachings, and a consistency iniibre ?- J atKl ibanksglving to a£ mighty Ood, the Father ot man. M KOUTn PRreBTTERIAS. Varquls, Pastor of the North Pres **♦ Ghnrcb, located on the corner of P»«ched an ajle and Inter ; *tliig seimon to u hire audience Uo rhn«» f n . Im telt I l,c eleventh Saplcr ot zSsrt.h ssvcnll. vcnc, "And l"“l leed“hoto*“l tlnnuhier, ere» job. o poor of llie Hock. And I took cpto me two ttavea; the one I called bea’itv l?° i’ l * l '* I called band; and Ihd tire nf t»fn CC ij a v ah conj P rj ' iC » a symbolical hu£ JhlTUchrews. ft depicts ;hc Batteringa that can-c Qpjnn the people when they disobeyed ccrse° CC Thp G n d ‘ v n 11156 chapter Is *be nations curse. The prophet ianrj tempest swet>nim* ?Ai r . X «? tb S ® olibetbrcst nretail low . the fruits of tbe fields were destroyed The sheplcid mw bis flock scattered and lost. Messiah h «> .““c «* ■ shepheid to feed the ." h “ h WcMtowor liberty and clothe 6 tSenfln the garb of happiness. In the text be renro«eßt« tw o « ays by which lie saved the Monte. P HeS, two staves, the one called bcantv,which Is pleasant °>her band, or notof SfthKSi liewontd lift them np, guide them atom* «oci r.nj ibom to .IW plnce. Ho mould jeft people slesderifthey only wooJdaccent film One jrwnnatlonalcondltion b sUullafwthatofthe M*!”** I **p*comogoti the Messiah- Oar con niuon Is heticr In that no foreign power has mva ced oar land and laid waste oarhomes; discord and strife hare swept over the land- The F*® 4 * bare been made to falter; the shea siataTJt H?. ftt« t H eir,locks pca,,e «d. their hraS slain at Ills own door, ho neat was tnlshtrifo that now eighteen months have passed and It re mains the main topic In all mind* n «-,V'£,t ,onn S cload - h* T e cot ycl all disappeared ?tln??s.t an .v Oesinotßhitec,o ® r - The mwSc Uoii«Hhs»«S cein ,n J ,l,c pea reatalos high? »n . i w#t bt » rawed and the thundering of t; *- canton Is not heard among oar bill* ao-~the SSSi-T' l : c, I v J“>"B upon our beij,! yet 10 he done, l<el us glance at the afialre. Discontent yet remains. The minds of men are yet uneasy. Many are yet any ions l«t the siorm break forth te,d, in redoubled toy. Non In'ihScctraUon l.od tend. Ills Son. who, n i,nlUi™e« to become our shepherd und .ccure tor M .nTror- c n P ro9 PCrit>‘ nnd happiness. He pub '9‘, ' ’“.V! (C'ffOcs Thai there arc only two ways by which the clonds mg bo cxdcllmi cr,, ?.nd ,bo ,s? , ”‘ ro ll Ert bf tt-V'laves Srii™, Si band, the emblems of Dls ofilce While ; ot* are a band of citizens met lorthc purpose 01 thanksgiving. I annear Sr* minister of Jesus Chrtst mouthpiece to sod. of Hl,“ieomi £5 b rs Pme 11 * s duty to state clearly end open r. tbe only ground npon wKyonean ottnln Ills friendship, u U nolnenclttrif SI which I.^°,e P m KilcE.r? S old 1 «i»ot be taken .. Uod> wore, l e.and not as tnadvocale of any mnr •“hiwsador of Chrtsu As f P l inonrb to warrant me In saying that lie la wlllim* to guide yon through yonr difficulties among ns with Uis stafi called beauty We can seen in all JIU loving klndnevu ■«/' ?' b >* Ihem-.H übmumSS drat. In a p '“ e " ub '“Tip, Power,. i * p4it 04,0 was necttsary to be f scrc t- c d lest our country should he carried in eulatop. if any one entorteina any bitterness agstrst a foreign Power, that feclirgls norb act ?£?•s '. L * 6 ?f rit lhal «>o{f ht to direct Son tuh l^ Bn Vr^ ,B S ■ s ] a - v ’ nor the objects of P » Itisand cents are not to h« welched SfiSS? u llh =“ d tears. rSe am ii.t tie peepie breaK the staff of beauty Letna ScJ tejlffdl all^m O U'Sf li. it. The mark of his Utot Is a«“ “«dcn7te i^“ bCGd ; Dl of the fiSa? N«iSS,S showers hare watered our land. The nS tnres are covered wtih flockl irfl 401 ciotbed with &t. xi, e f »?* -prairies are fteedieg the hangrr! The ravage# ot disease have been stayed wmie a£ ftep * k «P t »t«iUly mu The OC w? ‘"""od with the path of •'bile the rnCag engine v«« ho*n hurling the ratiUng trains to meet our wants. Th# V°*slS *if lbp t* r h . bßTe »»eea openA i“Seldel fofkh riches. The infldel mas mar scofl. but the cevom worshipper has to reco-nlie ih« God in &efe fokuts, Ut *UU n^ Dc abandon os (o our own destruction mtS, u w' b^. e wUa oi. «.rr tdfSS *; scts 003 Government! one fla^ Ihe >1 John to the Ri o Grande trem th? *r- ®dd, to the tinherraost point on lh-« psdfle ri*„' ,he aeWnl m/of di, Se s- ,i t*a»T?, “?«>■«, x -tapped in local .fair, end forit Umpfof the ShSufi.!. thU «ld?a.,Yd > i, nM^S'to'S partlcclar spot. What called >h» . a "J our Acids? SvhttWMto SeSlnjraSSSL? rred tread of squadrons. ot>eef9m<u*w o** 4 ** V defend from eccmlc, iiihontot tSmliM? « C V u V ra mins:? a eSstssa wnF^nf e « 3 i,« e *** yoa^,yote 38 you choose, an”l 7vi 5 ij° 1116 AH 1 demand is tbit yon should promote harmony between the dtiicru thcose rour own road, only let tmlon be aim. remembering all the time that the true nrle! ciplcs for union is tore by man fur mar? 8 £2?SI2S. er 5 btird ‘' BS ;*'ibin to the JSdineeof ourbhephcrrt.and oar people will then become great. Icionwtli exist everywhere. Peace win exist everywhere, it is for you to say Shethlr J v a .v llibß led by the staves Nractyand band^• }} Israel refused to follow them Godforsook It. nie Shepherd said,**! wlu not fe-.dyou" I*rael was then eisen to her own deslrnc-Irm Conflicts caused the fleld* to Cow with Foreign naUong, like locusts, stv ar mid Jn^e ThJ cnra s« :tuist nrtTsnfliuer. rIPStsPP%s nnart(it*i«/i».^ a \ ad ? ,lraW J’ rendered W the IL?«£??L?, I n£"e^'“'!|T Uon,b ' J °“° f Hev W II “ e eemonwubj asggsKM 1 be n C ™» a 8 * ?° T * °^» J » »ad ba%-e no **contlcniD"ci|r Tb« whom # wc arc remembered Ibis Tbaoiatfring At RL “WOPAt. coi!.pr^.‘i,^ w f:r as.'s f'^ta7xcn all i ort COmprcDjivD discourse, from “ n Ss2 :, ,i2g , S?ss t “Thou wilt keep him In perfect peace, “S”" "IIHe Sfel' b n °S e^‘%^°«S d u2^ I SfiSSM afe fflssffjys; aaS » r , J «b» SwMd can draw no music from It. “ u worj<l “other vear. with Its unfold mercies ‘ 3 i*^ nfi °P OQr *>earu to the Author or aJi good Can we not respond to the call of the chi<-r ilagli Irate. and be thankful? We hare Wi . S', I ,' «^tr™pe,UlS l c. I tomSiS Sonic of ns may have bad many cloads hanrfrg over oar heads ttbkh seem Bn nA.,. £s* sF.“ Td i ,rA,r o“ d ti^ o< fo c f S£t'r ««s“ toi* tSiSu^sy^sga: E . l rj f ,u r, ' t°, onr doors a pans- streamer -fi «iS Un * « «* r , lor the nealih and comfort of CTO 'n»d wi th good Sat Oh. how pntyseems nuns proudest working skill toepmd inchi«m,, »klll «nd labor, to bsn-l" : • Jf'n'Hj, compared to God" Sid'. SblcbVc"‘oSd ' lcmCM l “ clf ’ m^ul JIJ, But more direeily should we rive tfaanVa u ™ l ?" He Jail and on Ibenn i-‘.S~SL? ofyon hast been where the pestilence ®ptc*d like a ptO, hot yon have esesned wherethoujandffhavefiTiJen. YoShiSftdtSbe 1 full where ott era have bad Hl*le to ki«n th.» iT/ISS lon°tbKt U noV tb o4 ' nU I’ielf In iSbsgsßP 9ffl9eMt blessed to give than to receive 1113 fflotc ~..e Z^- rxi:r rr.c-ETrrniAx rumen islpiiiisi daily loadctb us wl h bem-fft* « a rt»?* acc ’» } V P° a do ‘ 5a3SS«i^?S few hours’ rule oarrfe. oV„ ’2 r JSf - oiS fSSK * quite into another? fn a eiuele .* sr >,_* kingdom tact w ith thice or four differ £ on ’ cago and B r ooklJ^/r ? o much' allK'Vh£ I Sd HISSSfpfS PM tszsasss*;? &s^s& cdaround him a cungregatlonof wide progressive men, wiiich is only limited hr ih« i?r d mentions of the capacious charu in «hWo C *. di * ffi SW .Sr ~n^ b “ 'Y/ & on r-'W d °™P »» happened that he was ln ra rA.«» *« . 80 when things were at Sc woSt with”*’. 0 two or three years elnco ,«irf w,l “ ISM s^s-^MMS. *i was under these clrfrnidtdnpAd t ii-i u. eeivcd by a storm of yill* and buses. 'Bat honor. :r tamed the bovlues with bis eloquence Sn^T 5 /* 11 *! oMoed «ad charmed thewlldi>casta and irfcrnal flowers with the music o| Wa^r? * «rtr« of aadrr*scs ofinasmrly eloouence fhrt W « ch d , lsplay i S d » wohderful knowj«Sre C ©f Ihocinina of oar Govemmont, ilr. Becchrstna med and fault-checked the tide that wufunriSr wbetb " there Is another man liviiip who could have dune for ns tvtia» m r Hccch* it did In that •’, and patriotic oirn of all parties la politics and rrilriub, were roadv to »r tnowledge the Irestlm.hle^a^^/^ re P laced on Sumpter’ sror‘,V^«^^ e rs? raan or *n others to del over the oration of Ihc oetaMon. The war and i ’.a ro \lndicared Mr: i!oreh indt alaverj conratb ttal he rrta paired and CaltSrt have inrnrd Iba bSd iSI J ° t. 1 ' man. A few montha ago MrEeachtr wrote an nnrnrnmnte letter, tu wbrch '"'“■■dmioodlorepndiale the pdactiliTlS t hich he had ccmtended dir a qnarterofa centner" And whet wae therceult! Bt?ore, one blit nS Mr bncle horn eras worn, ten tboiand mcu. K “a." *""“t of ebrcfTi,af£? tlieir bell wether. The people, witched hv his #lo. *’IIG tberolce oTa God and tot of a man, but as soon as toe IVekaktli episUe saw the licht they said, “&s bodßv nS. cnee is weak ud his speech contemptible ra„'p d V?rfe ir n. Prt^. ldcßt had a similar experience *Z w ZS ri £ d . ctlt were disposed fo S'® and sapportT*” Sis friends wlcd to forget, and hts enemies xenerallv refrained from referring to the atumefrii Sft mauguraticn day. When be be*S to dev?L>n a T ' Kb one pursued by Sis eminent predecessor. Congress and the neonle slowto bcliere that the divergence w£, Sad! Bal 11 became apparent that n? 111 J®°l«rty the substantial gains eaß»s?«i?rh Wif * And now lhere occarred a fi- o « c Ht n ' n-f^‘.onf country never witnessed be f J*V.° thrtident, hacked by Influcutial mom l' c i* 9?hlnct, threw himself boldly into the aiera. All the Immense patronage of his cilice »as used to reward his fmnds and punish bis enemies. Time would tail ac to Icllyoa of all thatw.-s done, of the tearful couventiou held in the dir of Brotherly Tove, and oi the pligrinago from to Chicago, wim thoifpeechee IDade 5S d constellsUons lefMjvthe way. The President bad hiaopportunfry, and the people waited for their time. It cameat lensth. at.d thronch the ballot*box they uttered their vbp! dim on the President and bis pJIScKTbi Scorf of the dictions of the present fall will constitute the proudest chspterfn onr nation’s hietorr And as tee lave freatett Andrew Johnson and Hetrr Ward Beecher, so would they treat any man who should attempt to seduce or drive them fromthv nrisdpics tncy hate dcllberaicly adopted or Gcccr *i Grant would be repudiv led within a mocth of the time when he should a: m himself in favor of the President’* plan of rccon-trucUon. Uow stupid and impn deut ntdvr these circumstances ts the inUnution fi'orn O-e Jlps of any man that he might. If be would, proclaim himself Dictator. decce of dtc j,Ucn and control is one of the most encouraging signs ol the times. raoai “For ra the east I see cplcsp Ihe streaks ot first forewarning, A SS they who sowed tbn light, shall reap The golden sheaves of morning.” * But there are shadows on the light-darkness on Onr Government has been ntteriv negligent of Its obligation to punish the crimes of tnuoa and i ebcllion. On ibis I take scriptural and radi cal grounds. The functions and responslbillHmt ol rulers arc cefined lathe word ol God. Thev are required to be a “terror to evil doers” to re- Strain Clime by punishing Cagraf.iofienderawim icsl ard whofeseme rigor. Rulers who are meant to the claims ofjuatlce are asposiUvetv guilty as those who wrong and oppress tae Inno cent. A similar responsibility rests on Barents It to not enough that they give their ddldrti wholesome counsel and Instruction, They ore iv?m rC cii° «£?? l 5 afD » aod ,n *omo case?, correct ! J 3l tolled in this doty and he and his i dc,lr °J«l In consequence For odd is ktioun as the “nniver eal amnesty and universal suffrage” plan of rc »r^hVr^ Uon i i l {s a compromise with crime that .5? y~ b J f .° “ale. Until traitors are pan °f Jnrflce will hare a controversy i.™l?i,Vi?. lto s’v*f we COl, olve at trca«on, vio v rtJL ?« , b J oodi^s d ’ must chare in the penal- A? Ji ° s « eri “«- There lg yet upon oar ?/**:!“ tb «» VU .u Cl aod indexing question of the nnf t ° ! V.° ! M t t s e ,- A,rlcan - Thla H qncstion can- Eoi lesenJcdliy aav superficial expedients. » significant fact that presses and l r, *^ir l>o T * alWfl y ß spoken of theAtd- V otv Ptoadln- for his en franchisement as the only means of harmonizing l^'co^V 7- Ij<l “not taant these gentlemen for thi lr late conversion, bn: rather rejoice that While the lamp bolds oat to barn ~Tno vilest sinner may return.” J? ® ,p»® pending amendments to the n i ** ule lM« question? If ttey secured to the African bU right?. If*; J f not, no. Would a Jaw of the United £/•*£• piactD ? the ballot in the hands of every dtflcn,t T J 1 answer this as 1 did the previous question. Nothin” can settle tku qneadon bat Justice to the negro-la?tlco not •V. a £~ n fowuintions, bntjastlce In fact There J 5“ SSS® »ions discussion of the qneatlon whether ItnUon of the United States was pro “*. v „ e r7 or and men seemed to sop -5®.IcJfiat 1 c Jfi at settlement of this question wooM whether the Institution was to live or die. But It was really a matter of little moment. w 1 against injustice, and the organic • «.££ onr could fUmlsh no refuge for in iqnltrln which it could hide and be safe? Wecan E.Vva.& WB l ,° protect the freedmen, but can wc make those laws elective ? Ihe growing of the Ignorant and vl- ooi 9c .V. eslsec!,l,y ta large chics, is an evil one. The ciU>s are ontgrowing the country even ?J£XJL ta if:Ji ke «d lowland the? tonjely by German Infidels, Btbo \ ,cs * “d not by the better classes *«SSL e V™*. B ? me of onr cities the politi cal power Is already In the hands of the unpiinci fJ's?*.. B * Ute Empire City with Its majoritv of IO,C(0 in favor of rum and ifcentloos- I-\1 . e commercial emporinm send* a notorl u! b £ c £ lejr w a ? Bepresentaave KLSm. h wEif v lf l- 8 ?^S ,e connlr 7 should ever Ike New kork City, a democratic gov- SP*® 1 w ?“ ,d longer be possible or desirable are parts of Chicago that S.w v e, «! f “s.better than Ihe Fire Points In hew 1 orfc. And in other smaller cillcs lam told l^aV^uiy i 2l a,meU ?. t i on ° f ,he Loid ' a Sopper c u* 9 ,°P e ° r thc »tnusemenf? of a mob ?/,« abb ? tb ‘ breakln p !nfldeb - It was a sad day ns when we made the first concession to the profane and nagodlv spirit that turns tbo Sab a or riot and debauchery. it is f.h«?/££2 r .? OTcr Pi l, f m b neither Fagan, Jew- J fth«tbesowc ana doomed, ?*h2.V ®? n ooiT *tond on » Christian focal jWg*i that does not honor aad serve of Gpd nos t be desfrojetl. . ihe evil of which lem sneakin'* la a «-tiw tint \fe\nn»*t' 1 fbat °f OQr POlltfcimS SattCT IbO «!*«»“? P*, nfler t 0 ’fcelr depravity. Wo off-i* ahataeful truth within the last few months. Candidates for offleo ‘•hv^* h?Vi! * an v ,Jeer Widens, and guzzle lager until they become slaggerlnc itmsira. truth ibar the vile sing will mtoxlcate o a, i'o’ b °™ Americans, however It miy be with E( jeally disgnstlcc were the efforts s®? f ? e «° r " **»e \ole of the Fenians at ocr late election. The question oflbe right of Ireland to declare herself Independent of England is not now coder consideration. Bui the President was abused for an enforcement of the neutrality laws - bv men who knew that he haa doue no more than I**® And the Canadian authorities were dr noncetd for ddending themselves against the ad-- ven.nrerswho invaded their country with Are and sword. Ourpupers teemed with long diatribes against the brutality of Hie British laws. Why were no eneb appeafe made when Lopez and his f. o^d^" e C°. el€cntea ,n a few years elcee? Mmply hecauscr ro political capital was to be made ft the case .The prospect Is not clear! s°*. •* evening time it shall bo UghL There may Sclavs, and storms atd Saiknese, hot our couewy and woild will be redeemed and saved, p long expected nay begin, Dawn on those realms of woe and sin,” CLAUS BTUEET Jf X. cntTBCB. C ' .^ 1nd y P rcJc hed a very impressive sermon from ihe luth of hehemiah. -W-J3.* .».* *, tw> £ li ? e tw ° companies of them that gave I- 2wi B i?r£ htf boQS « aad l.and hairofthe \ nilcrewifh me, and th- priest?. • • • And Ihe tiaccis rang alund with Jexrabial, ihelr Sm 588 j .?° tbal da f* ikey oflered great sacrl -s?*K rcjo cc t d * or «“> oad made Inem re jolco with great joy; the wives alscvand the chil 11Cr!'} tbelr cn * m,CH h«d Irtumpbed; tntionahty was apparently lost; seventy tmts bad been passed in captivity, but tw . b S d not forsaken- them. J}} c 7 kad rctnrned to their nat^e land , they bad recovered their territory, aci* rebuilt the walls of ihelr city, nn.?‘r a /f^lS oulß J n ?’. C 9 .**» toibes of old, to the House of Cod. and join In thanksgiving to the bather of n? all—the Giver of ail good. This act ™ B . o ' only imclliinbleui vor thy vitw of Divine Providence. The oniformitr thV I nE. oll ti hp on© hand, or its vicissitude?on i.* e « v.uST.'S. tbe » e - v ? r,recarrfn S seasons—the laws hy which ihe physical universe Is governed—or !{f? tb ?sf a !| d Enex P®cted changes—cannot so blind “7“* onr researches, a* to lead ns to pa- Let us recite, 1. The ordinary, IndisnrTiaahV a „ tl r» of P?. re alr * flr *i water, lood and health to fke*® that Is noted. Air* stagnant and poisonous; the dronght-canshiff iho Cheerier s and arid waste, the nlw 5 the highest conception of personal evil. Famine now stalking over India, causing three-fourths oJ the lower classes to die of starvation. p IV i CDCf> ' tba * ba “ hovered on out shores but Jl b l cbaecffiß l ,° be d l“rmcd of Its now If ii.«trrt°« r v anjr of ,hea ?* now prevailed, we would ‘s;° “ ow e “ Jl » “ «SS SSViSS "pc- mr,.nilopand all Us Ircasurc, pr , cL L ;p.Uo n “ m;, " ed P«SV. _ e .7 ar hn« had .Us Incidental benefits n-.- i < i ii>CT t^ 8 .! tlp i. fundanicrital Principi.*9. Ihenpheavnl has broughtabouta re-t.'xauilnaiion iis* C m? ) iPl c f ! ?cl 1158 r v H} n , e of ihe nation's life, and «^?.°. r^ ea,OUB ® r ,he "atonal character. The fhnnnki is an cxponmtoi the : nations Jh«^ bt » t . rc3eDt elections are the result of 2« pSS& tCII,SCBtVOte erercait bytheAmerl- Vhe war was inevitable. Thc saga-dous and phllosopnlc Calhoun could sco it. n 0 liboM-d fur rt ,r -f-h?n?„ re *£ ,ifr to peP*« kts section Sr n. ibomna H. Demon pr* dined 11. Ha ♦*Thirty \earii In thebenato” regarded aa the lui n °f f- nD S Tc srion*l action in'erprcied in the tofil of commg event*. Mr. ScwaS had spSkcn of ,bc irrepressible conflict.” it was nL ol i Europe. It was ibo assert of fH I old feudal system as arainst the right- ol nun 5S mau. It was m poliiicat economy the Whether rapiu! should own L I.Xr 11ms the laborer he made so much nachiiicly or asa beast of hurdeu. Man as man Shore! sptcled. Capital cannot own humanJabor Tin* old system asked toj much. Itasscrled Itself l l the sword—by the sword It periah'-d. ““ 7 ni« nr «TKi I 2?Ji I ,y I* l sasored, we arc4oo ronn~ to hl^hnt^t^rf 1^0 ? 8 °f a,,clent limes measured life by thousands of years. Modern ImngimtionL m r ? ! I{ * C ' datu lar I®-** cSSA? With us the v\ar waa not the Ptxuggle of death Sa“e Un nc vtTVln * ro6Cacd from lb « $ "SnSl.’il-iSS p° On.Z 0 n .Z i b V op *1 h *', ard in onr dtstanl setiJementa tomahawk and scalping knife ar C rfeaml j®s ,n Bl d - a «r, as be seizes upon defenceless women and children. r uc*cu*.eiess Wci.eednotfcarthatthemvMsare not cana ble of Belf-gmerumeai. Much of their snerew in tl-.e war was due to the thinking baroneL ?i' dy m «ud fores pat can go w. rantlbc secured from another liianrreetJon this tecnrlty there mast! & «re whole people to puraultr “tcSsnue commerce must be free ; pereanal lihirlv mn-t h« protected everywhere, together wUh tit)lia? U any nnarter, lihor employed by Shmn i» £?? ■*« o. labor, man i. LT, ra.JJtS m lo AJSto'ib; AEencan people at tbia Juncture Vi! “! e n p “'f •“* PtorpcrlCy of tfio pre.cin --rn bntor tboao to come. With oar terriTirV the ""P-'o ocean, from Iho ™i°[J, toe t*ulf, with rverv variety of ,u u productions of all zones wltbinr ,b t Sw himo^Sus d bvTcom? mocity of interests and a common nnh!t C r. l V lC 2V ,he horo , 5 =°Pe of t»«e AtncriSn 3 Ke 1 - .^ a y we not look forwaid lo some future P ay wbea now alienated broth hood, silting down under toe roof-tree of ons common country, forgetting paslcUJercnccl *nrt “sfe oltl nnitcln ; t.od of uatfoua and Ibo Falherof ua at! fo? thl bleasiop of nm.ersat freedom nod lie beigniol prctcctloaof .a callsblcaed Ctolattan gSSJ! TT.. »Tk^ ■ COXOIirOATIOSAn. r* ™ e ™i mltß sj. VU)C discourse preachedbr Rev ,^r.-.W n "t^“J or »' ftrk Cciir™; tional Church, embraced as themes for miik.s? bcaiih. with tbc Providential the the cholera; second, the of the earth from field and mmo; third, of toe Chicago tunnel: fourth, meancccJs ful lay Ire rf the Atlantic Cable; flfih the deiiref. ante of \erlcc from Austrian bondaieTsUth‘toe amditioa of our country. Under tho tklrd hll* tl« bo tor line lo the cnJinMr ud Ibo-ertoS?; Inborcd to conttmcllng ibe tmmcl. i will I! the benefits accruin': to the dir ly. considered. Chicago and 2Ste ninJdTn.°°/“iiluS blfbeli^ henceforth the brightest imdmost trl2fl™l w« v c , of the bean of M Me vrtil doubtless be faithfully given to the triom plant and exultant city. 'And speaking of the »h«°r. e tL“°4- ,pro ? itJ 5 t ** cowffitloDof the Cllago Tnnnrl and me AHan ic Tdemnh. the speaker would hava inscribed, in dfnSct ccarac.cie, on the scrolls containing the li>t nf pB j c worthy names of Field and Ctusbrongh.” In passing from the freedom of Venice to our own national affairs, the -peaker alluded to the collapse of to* Empire of Maximilian inMei. co. There was cause for gratitude In thofidelitr American people to the fundamental principles of Jostles and freedom. The President bad cot bern able with all his blandishments and use of power to swerve the American peo ?«n^wui tte ]r ,oy, i* y to llt * n r “4 humanity. Jmnartia l sniTrage becomes popular, and mast 1 ad on to final and complete In-tie*. Lot the na tion be true lo itself and true to the fundamental principles of cur Government; and let the stare end strpes be borne high and fijremoM la the onward march ol the nations. rmocns coscßxoATjoKjj. cnracn. At the Flymonth Congregational Church a vcrr attentive e?scmb.age. densely fillirgihe auditory lUtemd to a 01;coarse from Her Lewis E v»>. e r n .V renewing Is bnt aa Imperfect synopsb of the dlicotuse, Which waa in a great degree ex temporaneous : • ‘•lf the Lord delicti in us, he will brine us Into £JTJ“* 2 Dd £2 T ,f rt J“ ; ? laD s^ lch Aotreih with milk and honey. —Numbers XIV 6. After an Introduction, In which the preacher drew a running parallel between the children of isiaei, aft tr thej hau crossed the Bed Sea and were In the borders of the wilderness, not vet la toe promised land, and America to-day, tho fol lo-Migprindple was deduced: f«^i^. CCC r- ,tI P n of God ’ 8 , antbority, and a desire “f tSlo” * For God b sovereign to thb world. Be baov ejhvn for the rake of man. The doctrine of dl nae sovereignty is most tenceriv dear to those who really understand it—harsh and repulsive only to those who arc uninformed, God’s bov ereicnty relates to men as s inner*. God never curses; men ccrse themselves. God alwavs blesses, and U Is because He la sovereign that He can dispense Kis blessing. Such being God’s sovereignty. He will nseeverr His ends. ' r |t was difflcSfUS iS2f s, * ta bcllev . c I H B .‘ V** aspect of the H worid presents a seeming disorder la events—the want ®£* P«««el«a arrangement. But u was prove, able that God has to purpose. In all the man a? a vres.and In the Anal upshot of affairs, the highest cood.of man. The Earth was created for man: but how many epochs of geologic change were necessary. Agee of production and death, repro duction and death again, before the foandaaon **jd. The struoure was up, the turret set, and God cold: “Let us make man to oar Image." Here Then is the law foreshadowed which guides God’s operation* in history. It was difficult to explain periods of discouragement, bat we are in a transition state, and must therefore expect Uilitgs and mishaps Inexplicable. It was difficult suo to trace a divine plan of nnltv in the experience and deeds of dlflcrent people’; but ft was shown that there was a necessary natural or ganic connection between the dhaerent even's of the world’s Hie. A great purpose L* In creation, •id this is to elevate in moral sentiment and re generate in spiritual character the race. Note u,, progress of civilization. Hark how the right*T.r ifce people are beginning to bercspecteX Ob serve the Increasin'* intelligence and moraliir Xr the lower classes. Behold the freedom of the en- The argement b (kat God will reieet sorb Ip slrnmtntalities as wUI not eo-operate to hb nfe pose. No object b more dear to him than the 51 vdormentoithemaubood in men. He cares r?r corporations. eocietier, leagues, 'states, Ballons, bni no cares for them only so fhr as they advantage and advance men. lie has ordained governments, but governments only for the sake ofmen. Another argument was, that cations ware ac countable as well as ImJl Unala. Here the dancer ol !c--lcg pnbllcconjciancL- was dwelt upon. The Commentary of history also illustrates the prin ciple under consideration. A contrast was ncre drawn between Greece when an austere repaid for truth and rectitude prevailed, and when the love of the beamlfulpredcminatfd. Grceccwcnt down because she did cot Hand high enough up. So with Home. All that was powerful and im pressive in her character was developed In iho rugged lime of the monarchy and republic, when men felt the reality of obligation; hnt when the empire canrc. with its luxury and refined diaolu'e ness,' Home sank into physical corruption and menial inanity and moral mdlUcrcnce, and the light on her seven hills went ont forever. The fact lha» God U moat underlie every social compact. Negative excellence Isnot enough for the nature, .‘•ome radons are positively bad. and they have been rooted ont like those Gooless races which siood in ihc way of advancing Israel. The Confederate States were ao example, blue Baby lot s than one in history. A still inrtbcr argument was derived from tie reason why the Jews were set apart as a peculiar people. They were denominated exclusively the Lord s, but not that they might be In all time par Mnlnrace the lord’s, but that through his dealings with them the Lord might teach other people that they too were the Lord's. We are as much God's peculiar people a* the Jews ever were—thence the laws which govern nations are to be founded on the same principles which underlie Jewiahlaws. The argument was completed by illustrating that a recognition of God was the shrewdest political" economy. God had established the constitution of things. There was no dis harmony throughout. Application of the above principle we then made to this nation. Wo undonbtedly stand too near the-pel five years to properly appreciate them. In estimatin'* anv event or age, there Is this that Ton hare the detafla yon miss the compre- Hls«*7 ts that mystic atone on whxb the Norsemen dinted their rimes, but fninrc chronldew wfli interrogate Its. meaning, and understand It better than we who write. Another generation must pronounce on this. We tell stories and bring logtber facts—wc cannoi com pose history. The sacrifice aud patriotism of this age Is not appreciated. That patriot soldier ln £ i j rerence ’ not with disdain,tv f&rl et i ll ™,! 1 ™ years, and men will uncover ‘bey meet him. Onrbattlcs most Erf 9l^ the alembic of historic criticism. Tboa the General who paved our victorious war feSv? e iu? rt & th ?? nllh ofh,ff ffre#lreoo«iT S** «}r* ft®";? 1 $ * Judgment, wherewith he as r. Llneoln a place in history. Is snbject to call on ud rensai. We must look at Sir Lincoln thrpngh ibe telescope of Hme,.and years £*? rijS sections In this telescot**, and they mast be pulled out one by one until they ere all ad ’ “ <3 . tfie ° mra “- lt on hu life ark stands In die giowlug tbtne, w© shall see hint tm he Is and know btm as he should be known ’ lint we understand enough already lo> revest causes abundant for . have learned thar tne will of the maleritT C S? ! !ts * ano o, “ nst beacceptld by ?„ , SS“ bnci, « '“*■ law the abolishment ol slavery every tian D h .m^i e a c™ ed fili ° ***' of a Chris' e !? ,tc ' lal reason ft*r gratitude that we* J*®Te escaped, in part, at lenw.-the perils mddent to a return to peace. Our oatnrer was to bo over maqpariimoaa. Men of tstutfcnesa and wisdom • 5 *»- h ». co H”e ; but we wire not beguiled ottoer by Sr. Greeley or Sir. Eeecher. Congte«s ' tm , a{rai P st , »b« President; and the £«J‘* ca i J? nrn had clogged every more 5St j of v But the people had between them, and decided with Si?. 60 ®?? 1 and Independence of thought worthy ibis gnldeaage of Americas* Fife. k J^w£)? r 0 **•?“ * ith bright promise, too. A {ra£s®« Tees tor three years. No foreign cn racglenents. At peace with all mesr. Every na •tionbowmg with profonnder respect, and still profonnder. to the flag which curies In its auroral beans ol starry light the hopes cf-tbe world. F* »op. rfeing even out. of desolation; as ot 1 c?er sburg, crow mriens and float flowers where are yet the nuned wheels, and bro- SrnS?’^^t na;bleiClUn81501:63 fbr horrible llie speaker then remarked that there were some evidences that we did not recognize God as a nation. »n^SS£?i # * UieT ® a *^ e P a «y to-daywhJch dares b?ac£ mn^? f,pOUSe catue ot Baa ' ,a SC 'for the & £ree Aments ware adduced for negro eaf- 1. As a ’neasnre of security to the nation^ 2. As a iteasure of precaution for the Sooth. J. As a measure ofjusticc to the necro. And now are eye of the Lord Uon the aaifon elc that remorse into Inc heart of I'cter. who denied bis Lord, and i° e *- ay t * ‘ as ye dented ento them the k-aicoi my brethren, yc denied unto *> " L 7 acre be popnlar ednes- Uoa. For inrsmuch as this Is a govemmec* of the people. It was essential that tno neoDlo'bp eoncatcd to an .baity to govern tbSScTSS Ms,‘ff iiss" n ' c “ ,iiy *■“ cm » JAars’ EpjacoyAi, cirmcn. r- D - £ aneß (Episcopal* Church, comer or £**£ and Huron street?, the pastor, Ror. £d\rard preached Rom Psalm,2hC. ■! “ltf*a good thing to give thinks unto the Lord, and to 2i!lf ° n!o T*»T name, O. Most Highest’’ asdHcb. 111.,* and J 8: ‘‘Although the 11 * tree shall not Mogsom, neither aball fmlt be In the vines • the labor of the olive shall 101 l and the Holds shall Tjf! d ll ° JP cat » docks Bhsil bo cut otTfrom the «m?i« d i ,Ilc * rc u l ®!* bc no h errl in the stall, vet I - lD^ I f rd ’ 1 xrin *°y !o theGodoFay salvation. Tho former rector of SI. Jams/ chancel° andf°res<f I sli br “ kj '* u present tn the chancel, and read the anfc-cnmmonlon scr v.ce. ihe preacher said be had n»*?s( V*° because in-tbc former e "uaeral Principle was slated, while In the latter e Jl aß ?. P , pliCd to * • *P«W cl«aof drgS. in ,g .® k’ o -blng toglvo thanks to God In w prosperity, but we tco yfWs forgot that in adierslty too God blesses us, Theday calls tor ibwhtjciving, first, for the noticeable and promi nent blessings ot the year; second, and still more, for the nnnodeed, because common and daily, blessings of Providence ; and also, la4lr for the very sorrows of the year, which, U viewed aright, are blessings also. " tu We give ihe following extracts : • Among the prominent events ftjr which »» onght to thank God, is that Ibis year hw trim*!? cd the almost noiseless achievement ofoneS most interesting among modem triuranli* spaotnd time; that at fast AaSca Eawnl arcuMicdbyatie sponger than any tmiy £?t *a upon parchment. And as one of ow «nZ?«i causw. for thankfulness, 1 would noint Tnn*& •. fissa^Si hope never unrecognized, gifts to ns aa i iJL® srip^ps^ssjg^ i°.?“i‘i Toar "■‘“‘i'Xlvlbir lor IMs iSL ?r S SSISSJ 1, * VP ctia ‘ l lUoi-br , e elne to h?eft another season docs not find ns i«mn‘i n i *i?» l or J onr God by each a condition oi sl™venh"«ani 0 a* ha- diagramed ns to the pit l i would remlcd you, also, to thank God that the f° r whose eaf.ancht-emont snch a lomr and tttrlhJevvar wasToiigbt have been ihu year a I a tmer Idea of the which .Js?is!«sajf r jn£a SSSAS.-Sg'^ ~£‘l® * lo ° part of our free, broad No*!h he men who bad achieved by their baroui*. onr late Incmph over injustice mri w«w«J «i Jr n I ‘51 r MBou ,Stt lloc oj the he loe to hold last the m"' resS?!r Iff 4 ™. “hd raenhoea, aed raSnSn-SieS wa , sssi syjsassjsiS W^o W it«irio er dbSsy “t I cense otjn.ilcc M ta r a,Uel llhcrtr^endi«ai°£ S' 1 -m3 tnlcrest In the >CSSt if r Plij . '?''* 1 ' 1 . 0 ' . For «u the*o th&" we I thank God to-day. And now let ns tnm. toTto*a which have been bestowed imon tS ao K y ,5 n m fio^ nat ? n '^ ,h ® twe hav e luwdlv no- VST5 1 *J«a ■« blessings at all-seed UmlTsma har vest, wii.tcr, semmer and autumn have nassed bv ir^Si^^v l^ 01 bringingthe recewe’of?heb!e*«- top* of God s good provfdence. For us the snows ofwlnter fell, and covering ail tha earth keni ihepredoM-ecd bhried bo2*»h ifo son »?n n^ thea P r * n ~ time came, making, the earth soft will, showers and green with verdure! Fo- tu the on prairie, horns the lilies Wire adoTicd with exceeding the magnificence of OrientS oa . r com Tort Ibe tree, were cJolhtlwilh the green glory of summer For ns. ano In answer to our prayer, the 'brlr bird, en w n{J,’md lhMe . tea tboßsand miles of praUle. For us the snn shope warni ontne arm'.-ris Arid and the evening winds blew coot from th- fate tte strong winds o: the wet £VJ , h -o*T> over our city, away the nestl or t onr deltghl the rains ofsum- r t h *i e f ? l, f n tT 4 benediction to thirsty trees 10 not a few oius lie li.^ , ?« J 1^ aln *. h3TC ‘“’OOSbt their blessings of peace, and the solemn roar of ocean hss sounded Inoureare, renißgcrthemaJestrof ocr Father in Heaven. J»lghtaf»srul.'bt has shown us the mysterious sptendac of the heavens; so now when the harvests arc gath ered; when the fruits of antamn w , bea tt*Cowe»harefo!dStt?fr «*nne«tlon of spring time. when the laded leaves ot the fall 11* beetle onr doers which they shaded In the sunuteMlme has “ crowned the vear with Hl* goodness.’* And now ktns tura irom the bri-btpldcre of the sunshUc-that hS of «»• ari «°4alre if we sorrow we mar not find occasion to look t^rt E t« «hi!i c »l! OW i. 0 C pro:s i Be r from the tears in which »he light of God’* good is shinin'* Af \er shewing how tndividnaSiSws aas'e or thankfulness and circumstance of sorrow toe £S£V. r .? 5S 0 i5 t V #y / And cod iSffSSiM. “ jl^a . t^, {vlduAl f cf ten by ways that are not rl‘£t bTlt TieToaa 1:1 tbelr Present seemlier So iJi k weep sec to-day that the madness sad fblly of one in whom onr nation Imposod a sacred which so many of ns looked upon « erlncing lndelllble disgrace upon the land we love-tbat this very IrfahuJonbisdnly WrvrfTo make more strikingly eridt-nt the common «enae and common interily of the coaunou people—tad to give Mother proof of the stem amnnwrraSl. ble manhood that dwell* in Ibe hearts of a free, a mighty, and an Intelligent Republic. 15 nuns probttoius, J ohn 8. McConnell, of the Third Unlh'd S^^“TTfV h ?J cfc *.fii ,Tcrc ? * discourse from Dcrid has just drawn a picture of national pro*- penry. It has for its main features a nebtoanj f2w?i°^l.»^ e ** lion - abundance of ma terial wealth,peace and contentment. Herecog mw*? 1 lMC i a « r * °' ni tau W * a -' n icons! u in Hap P^ ,s -that Peoolsthat is in .nch a case, 1 ana remembering that such fr ll * jo toe lot of the nation whose God is Jehovah, bAadds: “rca. happy Is that pro pie whose God byth# Lord.” We nave brought before os la thU portion of Scripture the fan that ««nhSn P ? W v Der “7 snch . M *■ d-wcribed, or rather symboUxed here, is only the Inheritance of that People, who have the Lord for their God. “ •* • principle of Diviae Government, applring equally In case of nations and Tnnlridnals, not alway* borne in mind, but ° ld l l nd H?! “ u to'oM, that these who honor Ocd he wJU honor. The moral laws by which Goo governs bis rational creatures are ashmnn bble as the laws bv which He gover^nSS®?; we have a revelation of these laws . the ease of any specified nation, in of the World, we have a revch&on wW n ,SiE •re ~ the ei=e ot trery nation,“ '™»‘ <bcy world, buckauaveiationwe have Toth*®* I ish nation (Dent. SS) was national prosperity in case ofinblS««?ii k,D jU ot ally to Jehovah, ttd all lo 7- Jsnildes was threatened In ca and disloyalty, and toe •nl2eSrf£,» f >3 I ? )^edl ? nc6 uaflon was simply a »*« s toe When U was portion to its lowiSr®^**Sit® 11 P r °- c^Vr^f.r;'nF^rSri h °" r , .]] good and to be thankful fur them, with the principle of the textbcforc our minds. it la natural to oak, aiewc m people whose God is the Lord? The question will sound strange to some, and it mey be sold, sorely tfe are a Christian pcop.o. Onr thief Jlagistrace' recognizes God lo his thanksgiving proclamation. Congress employs a cfappiatn to pray for then, and God Is rccognu edln all oar coorU of justice in the administra tion of the oath. Surely we mast bo a people whoso Cod Is tbs Lord. Hark, the question la nor, do we, a l * a nation, recognize aGo J, bat, do wc recognize the God of the Libia ? Do we recog nize the Lord to be onr God? Let ns see. Pass ing over wltfi a simple notice the open and avow eu tnfidehijr that is so prolific in the land, bow decs the concretion of lire Deity, entertained by difTerest te’igionUts, differ from the being and ctuiacter of God as presented in the Book of Revelations. The Romani*! adores a God who is ?>if« t w lsj senseless Idolatry of Ibo mass. -worships a co'd abstraction as different !^?Jr 0 r God .i? f Sapiens ancestry as the dead ® a XEP **&>“Ur in ~ man. The Unlvcrsarlst. *S" C 5 ofb « attribute of justice: »be divinity ofiho Son- Go J d “Ciliated to suit the Ideas of h 3 o- n depraved mind. And others again will {^y°, no . God *»nt such a, they can limit and bound by the fceblo powers of their own scanty intellect. of all who wffi m “7 f recognize this day of thstika giving there will bo few indeed who will not recognize some sort of a being whom they will call ood. hot It is also tree that bat few compare- Te^!°^.K^ 3 f- n ? :l 2 n w *ll, to-day recognize* and uotfhlp the Ood of revelation. We have a dodb latlon oi over 00,000,1X0. it -Is estimated that H’lS fl,CC vgMh P 0 ?^ 100 »e prof«?b»g Chris tians. With these iacts and figure* bc?ore ns how can we escape the conviction that, as a oeo! pie, we do not recognize the Jffrd as onr God. And bcaringin mind the teaching of tnc teat that only a tnly Godly people can be a happy people* we are at no loss lo account fbr the calWiiics and distresses of onr people, both recent-nd n.-vsent Tt e are not a people whose God is the Lord, and* therefore, we hate not realized the idea! of na lional prosperity selected by the Psalmist «hat an ovsrwhelmlng proportion of the yonth of this nation Is growing np, not jv C®°5 s y, hnt as noilona wVcds. debanched In both principles and moral?, reckless, profane, sensual, polluted and polluting’ S7J"5“> Jofinense that most tel! fearfully for SJ“ °i?, “J? 11^ 113 .® pre , Senl an . d coming generators. •TS«u5' e a,,0z13 l wealth, but with if much !nrtStei!?J e isLt“ tf *°] fenn «* The pestilence °° l lb <Jn!cr o. and onr streets are by no wf®.? o .™ co»gW»lnc. AH these, and aD that ffe Bafle t as a People, all the dis pa. tty between onr rcaE condition and the pros peroas Picture drawn by the President. lathed snl. of Infidelity In the hearts oi uqr people. Aa Christians, with these teem before os! what are we going to do -about it? Wa have much to d? wc arcwhally interested. 10 ao * I not elevate onr erring fellow-dlizciui onitfr* Cbf f S i s V jl l y tte 7 . wUI * !ra e M dawn. The question of d«y Is a plain one. it is a ht~h nrlv }«se I® WB i k for Cbns Jk The “*« l9 far from be ing a hopeless one. Tha evasgelizaUon of thte nation is something that is practicable. TbLn£ lion can be* converted to God hi less thaiTfiva '®~ 6lls,lao, !, of toc only would ' will It and gn earnestly to work. If evervnmi fussing Christian wonldjevery rear brim- rwo converted to dMdnals to Chrfcf, thj workS,Hd * ■ be done. itwDl cost something to do this in BP CswS bounds than b would, if properfv plan Is (ne cheapest; as well ns thn rr> * otl 3 .'«> *»a»«i;sf«W!an,“,sii£ e uTtV^'S •5f this Id his Providences, let m »hx..Tr ta i -° t Ti™ of thee facie, » . thiSL?hw’TSn? fore. And we may rest assured and be by ihethonpht tbat if wo work in lofth on?”?l d bor will not be In vain in the Lord " D OQr _ _. , catxcn or tt.» assaxxu. i.. 3, fpjT!D? B « r% ices w-»e held a . ttl , cb „ f h in the afternoon. Afier ibe Offering of n4ver «n 2 '■"e 1 ”! »f «PPtoprf.te hmTS Ej Re? SE5 d .SIVW CoIIICT - an S,fe s»- g«LJI U|C Sew In the Nanai?' bntd Vi -2, , J“ DCS rrc passed away; ba- nT !^S,;?„‘!e'S , ' hIE -' fo "“ et'ilioc'pS.Ee? tlB «™nn»fewof the moat e:, A s ' nev eP‘ln the nreem: it I. al ways in the-distant past or the *ar future Thl, bazystmpsphere tbrongh which WcVecintolhe bygonelimsris and th J » $1? j£® rnde home of the first man wa/aa VSn P? 9 ' a W, whilst the present is vicious. Ibe sigh of souls Jias cfway< been for the ancient landmarks and theo’^natW te p^ r S! U 5F lh ."' 'JKP.landn.arlS M ASto mV Prea-' '»■> ,i? 1?; of our nracucal ohilosonblM and pieties would In fil their nroD*nel answer their hopes. Tioy do nnt * °a°d kn^fprtSrS'h^p a”. cl? all historic miracTcs Bas been ac&m have not so mnehms said, “the«e be &arfr£ trom God, for no men can do these m hades which ye do except God bo with them.” uaclca wUch f P/.^?“ er w ’ aafc 00 to contrast too ranid growth of the centuries now with the slow-n»orin<r progress of the olden time. The miSty Kot jsJ'.^"2 dro^ B a r c erc too real to be reauz d and t^?JS!f 1 i re i 0^BO,oe cotn kifr time must give I/? e ,u.* ~oric Proportioas and Importance “S mVTe t bi , » : *#^ n i e S 0,3 ’ th, » 0 T 9 lc w t he inorit table law. Ood does not slnmber, and all tbc*a achievements of man are only the slrldo oi S 2 1 Almighty, the march of God. Natlow come nS and go down by the same exact laws 8 of to-day makes the truth oi v^r^ 8 trnUl Only the spirit of Alhelsm holds rereranLi the UM * y W fore a?S«iSlte° P lI^& 10 WOralllp be elkd to God h?l ori mcl'aoa r ejes of prorrees hove ioohed h?ek i VS.,??*™ "» ; ? ,™ a „“ C " pC ' woiSd'HSre fonneTno I Omt"lS.? 1 ® I tome deolii. America. 1 SK",'“f ’„ C W U of I evtr said In chept-f”? 2th^d^L k^ ul UuD wra i&ssss: ?beS e °r % S-ySffiiVK tofllr, but m>OD pbatau“ 0 HeWj° S* np ” n they uhohave core m .i,." » those are and Lave waebA thelrniteSin^hTv^ lo « Lamb. Their name? are tro utfctcrv, they belong to for ea,,{l ’* I scaled names. No niak fa worth r^ €y *« to :eaa the hook tint la la the°sht hf„ ? pe ? ad ?1»? tl«s on the throneT “be Uub nr ,S d Judah hath pierail.-d to. own «?e°hi«?. W N ° r 100 c tic scats tLertcC Tfcff lh? n^°^ an i lo mWrtmSS' ff, e Jg«f just now, arc cmereiae Into ’°,V‘ brethren, cat!' n; into the new truth of ihn iuL °f the utd deepest tin of h.?®®* Tl ' e , tweeu man and man. la offdl^thS ™?^-SJKs»g^sgfgaM fe.i ttm i/< SS.KgI.'SS . AS»‘JSSS!. »-•<j«* oMiboTtalUilwmUib noodfto, vcc'o^Sfn,' I K spiritraaketh alive*’our nracitc*. “ r L he rwrisT-.-but the let-erk®.- ’ VravQi oar *»> The blight of slavery has also bcaa the »SbA’SSS , ‘ irLftS/SOaffc a? “i^rs^s.?“• “ d * =•*£» ?s We hat a reached this advanc noctHnn n* fiction that ought to let oi rlixS r ?ivcin«t that we ought to help onr brsiher Jive iW m tie sight o?ihe elder brother seem onr theories of Jbc rlghis of thechildren of iho hoe" hold ’ nl>w foMyp to the >pirtl which C'une from »<■> rani in tie Sou of Man I- con^ed^a knots corcurning human rights nt«» n nM« •Trmv^t/® b M* k oolJ.aqnfsHiou of powor. %bc mtod*; have'he weak In their power. It u oalv w* a f y ?/ »«* *« taatea- tOarkno«ledge-not £i' S! ?i t — L * rights of hfc. brother. Whar paltry PUytLlnw are t-Trtf Sigh:* L'UU and FreJiZn's “csklrs expedite cius arc £££»* cd v, npo .‘ cla;i * 57,(1 r! »>tc, and i)f part rvafs ofState baaed upoa thcflctHious dNtucUoo fhlT!?£ jr " <i £ zd rrtf - 11 !he spirit of P.aver? % u J:^ F M e^ S or « c »l» right*. It is the -pint ai liberty that seeks and elves dtifv a* the smoke of ball are Si dfcnerfoa.® between man.and raatu when rights ar i dtstif** are the problem. What right have too Unit tout brother naa not, or what ?aty has’he S tv m have not ? It L- the baseness of trciTra to hr maolty which distil .iouhes betu een impartial and v Tbst orjy |« Impartial which Is uai titliiy: lf “'anjeumeaß universality Is iajpar- BuNfn tfcelr turn, the new things will heroic old und behold ad things will become trne-?‘S- “»«■«« «!■ S ““’nSc'Sur flu,t tr ™ bU "" Pa"al In -..!v Brt i h IF, B 'T ec<? ? nt OOt ourselves to haveen prtb-itded that political sins lick weight are-* rrtchlas forth into things WcbSo before 1 * ?, re 3°* forgelfnl of *• tho St* d * a and compromise 4 prece derts and uoilcle* are things nLI«S are behird- Werust leave them behind If wc woni.- unto the things which are beire. U TcACtX ..M«n i i? ? C ,oonrnaUo ®* 1 toe sneaker 'l 88 wnttCEda the swe-.-test LldocL £s.v a 4 »*;■»• tost our repentance mi-htno-bT without works, fhe condition of pardon is iht* we sia so more; tie condition of pan b iLr™ Troth nsed not* mat? moxfvre * } hezn \ 11 h ** n the i tixja that men bare maloof the iacrifice cf atone *J»c arch-traitor ai all upon the aitlr we » ! 10 the hcalhcu, not to the Cbrb tba shamb es for a victim. Through ?5 fc ‘i^? 1 ‘‘ eem * 0 drifting about, bat we SSfSSSF***”* 1 * a* “rK-of&H It was no entna of ours that we thought the oM shedding of b ood. he «lS P* w ,* >r idc» doming up out of the wlldornMa leaning upon the aim of the beloved.” n ; » herbeucckel with Jewels, though still In wii ucroess. Her beauty was’her proSSi She Se’ rSw5£ p : t< Had ? he «"alncS to the wiid cm^ Sd° rZ a r 3T .t cl 'jcn her jewels to another nS old tmsn to the wiidernesi offbverv value o#:y to the prophecy of her m«».f a J» 0 { (to would loofcfnrtfi ttl mliiS^gFh ipgn^i Hi?h n ir C v Jg*pl»bon U the fuiiare fii/to llp Son»h t our Ea.“ our We-L ' ° EO *nuCa P Ki ; t ha .' c e EOt ODl T to toe red heat of sn<—- tog, but to the white beatof purity? and %lr~™ not bore teat (he oldl'no* thatma^usNorih N?uib, East and B csLare forever lostto this weld! lug tiitp pre pstlon. The |(Jy«3Co ot the race to-