Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 1, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 1, 1866 Page 3
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wards some higher goal ia rapid, continuous in retexau, end It were rash to assume there Is no JSWW 11 bejro ? J : Ugbl travels fast: with t.’fiH. 11 ! 1115 ,hal il ?ca:cely rises In the Mast till it breaks upon oar morning dreams. In the deep silence of the right or the calm of a sum. ?? C u. D .° 00 . l thoughtful listener may fancy the swift beating of Uic heart to ho the panting of a &*.?*** for Jta advent, in haste to open a S'v? if rc ,\ a v.* things are parsed away, and Dehold, all things arc become new.” “Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto ihote which arc before.” Lift np voar eyes: We cuter the Golden Age. ISUIiSi AVTSUS nATT IST COUKCII. (, _Tbc tVabs&h Avcnoo ana the Indiana Avenue Churches, and the North Star Mission V-inel with the First Church; sermon by Rev. J. a! tgfsmiih. 1). I)., editor of thu Christian Tun»t aud !{?'•* ifr **** aud pa.-tor of Indiana Avenue Church. n • 22; “He doelo according to His will m the army of Heaven and among me in *.'Sabilants ol earth; and none can say unto Him 55 What doest Tboul" ’ |£ This wad explained as the tri&nte of a heathen teiJOngioUie supremacy and omnipotence of the P Goo of Israel, induced by the experience of a PT signal judgment tent upon him with a view to leach him exactly this which now he confesses, f ‘ wtF the language of Nebuchadnezzar, after that . the seven years of bis strange madness bad passed, and hi.- Lad returned from herding with the beasts of the field *o he a man ami a king once - more. Jbe text was, accordingly, treated as as ruling the doctrine of the sovereignty of Godin Irovtdence; not simply Providence In general, ! bnt the supreme and absolute aovcrebmtv of God therein. “He docth accordhuj to Pit trill in luc army of Heaven, and among the inhabitant* of the earth.” , A,te j-peaklrg of the general dorlnac of Provt u aome sense or another, a necessary result fieia any right recognition of the very be *: ibatonly an atheist could consist cttlyo-ny a Providence, the preacher proceeded V* ‘;H CQIS the general theme under the following biTiriont of argument: I-That plainly, the universe, alike the Intelli gent and the uni. (elligvnt universe, most have anch a sovereign in the domain of Providence as we claim that God is. In order, even, to Ua preser vation, aud also in onlcr to the harmony or its in finite operations, the fulfilment of Its mighty des tiny. vlie physical universe cannot be supposed lo be --elf-sustaining. When any mind would rest onany such theory a» that, even the Immense sys tem of things move*, on in nil this beantilni har mouy which «e see purely through the efficiency ?v«w >e '* w * and tendencies 'thick God has es tablished in it. The notion remains unsupported by any fact, great or small, within the range of man knowledge, however acquired. The one perfect guarantee, wo have that the universe of woilds will not *ome day tali into confusion and utter wreck la the ftict of a Divine omnipresence • and omnipotence everywhere experienced, every- * where felt, to as that the whole system cannot but more obedient to the volition of one supreme Mind. In like manner, all ulti mate wcll-helng in the universe of intuit- Bence is guaranteed by the fac of God’s sot- ■ *™fffily over all beings, causes and tendencies. ext, it was observed that the sovereignty ol Godin Providencebthe necessary concomitant of His sovereignty in the moral universe. God’s bjjsbly providence serv. e a.- too instrument alike ; of tils justice snd His grace. When Jerusalem. : In the reign of Uezeklah, vva* threatened by the ' fierce Assyrian army that lay encamped in full Eight from the city wall, Jehovah eeul this word to the pious Kirg by the hand of Isaiah; “twill defend this city to save it. tor mine own sake, and _ for my servant David's sake.” Jerusalem and w Judah had not yet fulfilled their rohson. These were the grand aims of God’s moral and spiritual kingdom yet to be accomplished through them, bo H.s Providence defended them; and that same night came down that awful ruin on the Assyrian camp, in which a hundred and four score and five thousand men perished. “ Like the leaves ot the forest, when autumn hath blown. That host, on the morrow, lay withered and strewn.” ••••••• “And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword. Had melted like scow In the glance of the Lord.” It is as Sovereign of the moral universe that God rules over all; and universal nature, the whole order and system of things, own* the same sway, usd 1- the machinery hr which be works. 11L In the next place it •a? argued that the sov ereignly of God in Providence I* illustrate 1 in the wboje coarse of human lu-tory. Instances were cited to show npou what apparently trivial special caures Uie greatest i-vc"b hinge. Two theories Were suggested, according to .• hich these remark able developments—with which, in Cart, history is full, may b** accounted for. One is that they are pore fortuities. Adopting thu theory, we make all history * record ol unaccountable prodigies. We have, also, the mightiest and mort momentous effect? without the alignment of any adequate cau-cs. No man who professes to be governed by his reason ought to even pretend tob-ltevd Inal event* come about in this way. The other theory bold? that all these mmin affairs, great Ofid smhM. are snpsrvbcd, superintended, guided, C<wt rolled by hi? omniscient and omnipotent God. And this grand characteristic of a sovereignty wt see; that wliat (>cd will?, not what man will*, i* thatvvhicb in every case come*, ultiraa'ely lo pass. IV. The bit principal point named was that the sovereignty of God in Providence is illa«lrjtcd iu the expeii.-occ of each Individual life. This *or •rcignty must be nrc-nppo*td in all the confi dence vye feel that the care and Moving we n *cd wcmayhearitnUy look f«;r. It b practically felt in the divine superintendence "f oar affair? which eo often disappoints oar wishes iu bringing to pass God'? higher and wber will, Cucm cted with this point wa* that of the prin ciples on which God erercire* ills sover eignty. , Hie grand, centra! on- is a prlr.o*c of bemCcrnre “i»od is love.” Worn all Uis at tributes-uic summed np In one. this is the total; juetasuhen all the separate rays blend in one, the resni' is that green ana brilliant beam which qsabhv ns to si c allthing* il-e,though itselfwc tec nou God’s throne is n“ih:onoot grace.*' Jueticc and judgment are Die babitatl m of h; bat Jt Isa “throne «t grace” < loud-and darkness sometimes t-u:round I*, bnt it I-a throne of grace all the same. In the light of tld< truth it is oar special privilege to bludy the Providence of God. It is the goed God, purt of whose ways wo have. What a li:jbt this sheds into the darkness of onr bcrecvin lit-! What a peace It sends down Into ■ the deptVs ©four cousdoas hcirtsl * “O. < >od o! Ixivc! our eye* fo thee. Tired of the world's false radiance tom! 1 And we view thy pnntv. We feel onr hearts within ns burn. Convinced tlial in the lo'.tcst deep Ol humau lll—Love uevrr sieen^.” Dear ftb.nd?, lit ns he t. antful to-day: thank ful and livnrtful: thunktn] ai - >i thoughtful; thank ful and p*rycriul. We nave mauv causes oftnank fulness. They lie all along e-iu.-vcjor the roll ing year, which God crowns vrirb IW? goodness. As a people, ai Christian vongr.-gai on?, a? mdl vldnab, what reasons vw have tor thank-gtviug I lA?t na be thankful; *• For fie I o.*J Is good, and Hi* tender merdca arc over all Ira works.” WEST I.\I)IAXa ETttCET 31. E. CUUUCIf. Union Ibanksgtving service* were held in this church. Rev. J. W. Ucslv, ut the Tabernacle Congregational Cbnrth, preaclwa the sermon. Ho tool, for hi- text Roman? Xlll.. IfThe nigh’ ia farspent: the day ba; lumd.’ 11- began bv show- Inc that the text was figurative and expressed tho progressive changes In th« son! of man and with the race. Ignorance is darkne-s. nud knowledge is light, rite darkness ol pin a-d guilt In the «onl Is night; and the return o'pe.icand joy Is morn ing. In a wiuer ?cns?, nlcht rbriote* the past and lower typcol clviilzaiioa; morning, the future of a progiesslve humanity. lib first illustration of a coming raommg, and n retiring i sght, was the progress of the aga la knowledge. Another nin«lratlon wa« drawn from the ad vance of.lvll liberty. In ihc earlier age of Ihc world, i;;i r 'hl was right. Iho people were of no sc* count, ihc inalienabh* ri gt»» of man were monopolized by king? and noble?. In the mid dle age* the mnspev wore so*'?, ani lauds and right* vvnefhs property of hud?. And not uni t Ihc pre-cut age ha? Obrlrii.m oqtality been made ! The doctrine of eijaal right* ■* becom-' ng uuiver;-*!, and rtospotl«m? are cnrnhling. Fiecuopi and oppre-.don are antagonism*, and the contest betwt on them t? irrepressible. This war of o; po-its has shaken the American people for gem.utions; was ihc uilme ca r*e of the war of the rebellion, and I* now the virtual anutco of political .Uife and civil «li-*« ? lrtn. Highland truth are •e-llDed to triumph, and the events of the present year are prophetic ut universal liberty. liefercve * a* made to the gr*mljg sentiment m favor of Impartial rniTrage in Hit? country, and the liberalizing Inilncnroa at vrork ta nation?. A third illiL-tiation was found tn the progress of rcfoims. ITjc *)M-aker remurkrd that flfiy yean ngo sue’’ Inslltutton? were nol known a* the Prison Discipline Society, Home for the Fairtn. Inebriates' Asylum, and sSnrlar orgaulxattoa?; that ChnMlanuv wn- Mo.somlng Imo piacffcai life: and (hat the religion oi the age was pic-eml ccnlty humane. That modcr.i reform? were no more needed iu the present than Iu the past; that faellUlc* for comßinulcation and the peculiar Etructmeof society made Immoralities more ap parent; that thu nrxna-eted police frrrcU out aud expose?, as it did not in the pa-t ; but that so ciety was pnrer and more upright than before. Abundant fact? were adduced in point. The la»t evidence ol progress mentioned was the prowtug power of ChrUtia-ity In the earth. False system? of religion are dying ont. Scepti cism and infidelity are le*s d< find, and find fe«s Advocate* Die Bible vva? nivvrso well fortified with evidence, and fclciicc aad llferainre were never to pure, and the doclrim.-? of evangelical Chrl*llans were never so liuelllgeailv apprehend ed and eo cotdlatl-embraced. Each position of the epeakervvas fortified hr lUa-trauve facts, and could not have failed lo carry coavlcaoa to Uie bearer?. The speaker closed by exhorting the congrega tion, in view uf the coming morning, locon«c --crate tuemrelvc? (n hmnanuy -m 1 to God, anj. wlih holy cbaiity and warn ageviion, to prav aud toil fer that glad honr when It shab he anonnuced that the kingdom? of this world have become the kingdom? cf wrnxixtsTSJi cnmcii. Rellgiouf service? were corfiartcj in thl*church ou'ibrr-cay moniJug by it? na-tor. Hey. David i Swing, in (he presence of a large congre-mtion. The te-t tor the t?na.ia was ch >»ca torn Utc 23tU vcr*e ol Ui.’Tth chapter of Ma::b iw,a? follow*: ‘•And the lain descended, aud the stood? came, and the winds h’cwano boat upon that house and it fell rot, fer it was founded open a rock.” Toe preacher began by declaring, that which U a good foundation tor au Indiv Idnal is n good foandaion for an Lui;.ire or btatc. Hedeaueda Slate as a peat man l aving conscience, intellect, emotion, lo , v P’ ; bavang also gieat b-nte farce, capable of ami caduriog: and hiving af?o a long lea«e ol life, varying irom two haiidted to a thousand or ten thousand or more or 1»8 i,f year?. Uc fottowed by per- Eontfyiug i.a'Jorj, giving to many of them those attribute? of personable which characterize the Individual, exalted by gtcai virtue* and ru liicd by great vice*. From ihl* ho prcsrulcd the Cnitcd Mate* os a pilgiini on the great journey of cations! life, and characterized it a? the most rc ti-vmab’.v tba. ha* yet Ctlica into the line of march ofallnauoos. Ooeofihc thing* that we should be thankful for Is that our loved country bid in the beginning somewhat of a religion* founda tion. We would not (o-day glory so mneh in the gilded minaret* aud Gothic «loa >w? and stained glass of our temple, a* in it? grand foundation atones aud xaatstve walls. It i? not tha dress vvhicli L? vroiu so tnoch as the heart which that dress cover*. Wc arc mure thankful that wh it America came West thu old World, she came not in pnr-uit ot gold, not in pnrenitof a magnifi.vLt wa-drohe, but that she came in pur suit of rciigion and li'wrty. sought scity thatbsd foendatiou?. He proceeded to show that though a nation might acquire greatness by her works, might build np mighty monuments of her wcalitTand grandeur, m ghi attain to high in tellectual emlncuce. fur freedom, with oniy Intel lectual culture lay. i itiadequa'e. lor the migbtest lutcllca i* laid low by vice or ?lu. She must still possess moral culture acting along with free-- domln uid-r to render her a grand cause of na tloiial*ncce??. Mural caburc is the best partner of 1100.1}-. and while we too IhUe, wo thank God that when Columb a embarked Irom the Old World she brought not f.ved im only, hat freedom ned reilgton or mo.-uliiy. We are a wicked nation, but the humane phllo-oithv of Christ ha* piven rise to our common tcho.if? and vast educa tional ?y*:em, end ha? shaped ih« treatment of the young. Out pro?* I* moral, ?o that If religion has failed to traxe a*J oar citizen? good men, it influ ence* ihoie great stream* of iulnence, schools press, rostrum aud jpulpit. ?o that through these channel* iho waiiri fio«? sweet fur the present and future millions. Th* order oi our Messing?, tho speaker thought, seems lo t>: about this: Firrt came freedom and religion, second churches, school? and the p v c‘-«. Thirdly came a widely i j read common ?env* and conscience. The great raliuns oi Enrope arcastoubbcd at the edn cstlonal tyetom of America. Aud a*'or the press it is a power that defie? »>nr« ►tima:c?ff.ts ’laucace Ip too mnr.ulalu-likc to be mca nre l. Tv. press Is the'rumpH of the people through which theca tionul education, the national liberty, the national aud national common sense swell* np into a voice. It is on account of these va«t foonda tlocs oi tbirgs we would thank Jehovah. Wckn -w suthii g about the fntnrc, but come to (bank God • for the part. Wc led grateful that when five years ago the great norm came, when the rain descend cd and the floods came, and the vriuds blew and was by there fnnone Ciemsnts lobe founded on a rock. The speaker conclndvd Ll* vio-ilc-it d:?coit'*a byat : Ufbntiug fo God the prai?e tor having bestowed the blc**i«ge of pro?i*erily, freedom, and national unity, and calling upon Ui* people, while giving their tha*-k?. to assist in promoting Uis,work? on the earth with proper eiloi u in the rlgnt direction. JEWISH STXAOOUIX. The DraMllis met b} common consent at two o’clock iu the Synagogue on the corner of Adams nnd Wc!I: rtretts. The Jb-v. Mr Adler conducted the scivcigf. The diseonree of this gentleman we* of that das* which in ordinary pulpits would be declared learned. Joyfully ac'cpting the an cv.adatlou of the ulsh of the temporal authoiltios (hit the day should be regaroeo a? a day of tbanltglving, he. the preacher, aunoanctJ the occasion as fuch a one as warrant-; tl the assembling lo render lo the of (he tancfct, bcarticli acknoHlcdgtncnta ol Hi* bounty. For the nrpsncrity which had blessed the land, he thought all should be thankful; and for thu bits rtrig poured upon the people of Israel, In their dlsenthralmcnt, hi? congregation and tbrlr friend* shonld particularly give piaDc. This day was of Dlvlno appointment The children of Isreal. re bondage of EgypUhad their Feast of Tabernacle*, and albeit It was not appointed by a President or a Governor, it waa not that one day independent of the eight of the barverl feast should bo held m rever ence for the recollection of the merclevof the great *‘l An.” The speaker recapitulated special fact* demanding thankfulness In the history of (be nation, ana ho enforced the duty and en deavored to iucnlcatc the idea that these more especially resulted irom au upright life, to which be invited hla bearers, that to the rear to come equal rejoicings might again be made, when the civil authorities, if it bo in their mind proper, shall call for Slate aud National holidays of the denomination frost. AT THE Ctronx SCHOOL The boys In the Reform School looked forward to the national festival day with no little anxiety. For some lime past it bad been the mattr topic in their conversation Mr. Perkin?, the able Superintendent, and Mr. Hood, hi? asabuot, have displayed great energy to mat e the day especially happy to the boy?. Tnc chair and basket shop was cleared, and a fable spread large ouoagh to accommodate two hundred and fifty young men. Many who bad left the Insti tution returned tbat day to associate with tbetr old companions. Sixty pound* of roast beef, five dozen chicken*, three dozen turkeys, one hundred and fifty pic*, wltn other articles, were spread upon the tabic. The room wa* deco rated with flags and flowers. Festoons of ever f:rcon hnng about the room, eo that the work-tbop ooked like a banquet hall. Mr. Perkm*, when all had been seated, announced that be did not want to send any one to the desk on the charge of not doing bis share of work at the ta ble. The boys did not give him any oc casion, for sorrow, for all did them selves justice. They all worked hard and one said he would like die In the elate that bo was then in. Their behavior was remarkably Siod. and nothing occurred to mar tnc pleasure of e occasion. The evening was spent in singing and the recital of piece* by tho boys. Pargen and Cannon performed some excellent piece* on the the drum end fife. Cannon’s imitation on the drain, of a railway engine, and of a battle was loudly applauded. The lady teacher? and officer* of the institution labored hard to make the occa sion a merry one for all. Some of the graduates oftbc school are now filling honorable position? in society, and bear ample proof as to tbc daily Instruction aud course of duties required Jof the inmate*. FKOa DETROIT. A Democratic Hullabaloo in Michigan. The Democracy Coming Out Tor Negro Suffrage, nnd tue Detroit Free Free* to Lead Ofl*. [Correspondence of (be Chicago Tribune.} Detroit, November S!i, ISGO. Tour correspondent, who waa too fre quently compelled to neglect the Tridcnb, bclorc the election, by tbc pressure of busi ness, and who has since then been ill so as to cause more neglect, seizes upon the opportu nity afforded by this holiday to lay before you the particulars of the greatest political joke, and most astounding political revela tion known In the history of parties. .. The Democratic pajly of Michigan Is about to come out strong, rabid and radical. In favor of universal manhood suffrage! The Detroit Free Frem, which bus been even more ferociously anti-negro, and more stub bornly prejudiced against negro voting than the Chicago Times , is going to lead In the movement t Now, do not Imagine that the devil lias been converted. Not by any means. lie is sick ; and, therefore, would become a monk. Only, when he gets well, if ever, the monk’s cowl, like tbc shirt ofNessus upon Hercules, will slick to him. and cannot be pulled off again. For the Democratic parly in Mich igan, and especially the Democratic State organ, roust speedily make a choice between negro suffrage and death ; and Ihc organ has already intimated that it will not choose death, and will choose negro suffrage. The joke Is all the more huge and ridiculous be cause when the Chicago Time* first turned its remarkable flip-flap, and came out iu favor of negro suffrage, the Detroit Free Frets, not beign sharp enough lo sec where it until soon stand or die, biller! v denounced the movement ot the Tunes us an utter de sertion of Democratic principle?. The Times, possible seeing the corner into which tho Free Frets was rapidly drifting, retorted by styling the Detroit organ “the owl of the press,” which bird, as it well knows, cuunot sec au Inch beyond i:s beak in broad day light, and is only fit lo hunt food and smell game after dark, while given to indulging in dismal and altogether unat tractive melody.” In a short time the Time* will have the satisfaction of seeing the Free Frees ont-Storeyiug Storey in favor of un qualified and universal negro suffrage, in Michigan, at leas:, and, by info ence and ex ample, recommending universal suffrage everywhere. This Is the way of It; The people of Michi gan have voted, by an overwhelming ma jority, In favor of a Constitutional Couvcn lion, to reconstruct the Constitution of the Slate of Michigan. This Convention will be held next summer, it is certain that this Convention will he largely Republican, If the parlies remain divided upon present issues; and sure of containing allepublican majority at all events. The only hope for the Demo -1 cratic party to obtain even a fiilr show in the Convention lies in that parly joining Is sue upon a platform more in accordance with the overwhelming radical sentiment of the State than the position occupied by th.c Re publicans. Moreover, that Convention will take up and settle Lite question of suffrage In this Slate, and will inevitably introduce Impartial suffrage Into tho new Constitu tion. Now a formidable portion of the Republi can party ot Michigan has long been in favor oflmjiartial suffrage iu this Slate based npou the test ol intelligence. There Is, and will he, a strong clement iu favor of exclu ding Ignorance, vice andpanperism from the ballot box, and the remainder of the Repub lican party Is unanimously in favor of exclu ding disloyalty from the ballot box. With in the Republican party, therefore, the question will be whether all loyal men shall be voters, or whether onlv all loyal men who can read and wrltp, who* have never been convicted of crime, and who arc not pau pers, shall vote. It cither of these tests arc applied It wifi greatly injure the Democratic parly. That parly cannot bear the disfran chisement of its ignorant, IU criminal, or Its disloyal voters—the latter including deserters, draft-sneaks, and all who have favored secession In any tangible manner. Either test would ruin the Democratic party past redemption. Therefore the Democratic partv of Michigan ' will be forced to denounce nil restrictions upon the ballot, and to advocate with all its strength unqualified and unrestricted man hood suffrage, including, ns a matter of tin avoidable necessity, negroes of all shades, r The conclusion Is Inevitable, and neither to bo dodged or passed over In silence, or hand led gingerly. The dire necessities of this party will compel an outspoken, a load and intense discussion of the Issno. And the Republican tactics will be so shaped as to • enforce a complete showing of hands ami an open, irrevocable, notorious showing up. and showing down, and exposure all around of the future Democratic platform upon this question. The agitation in the Democratic party ha? already begun. The Free Freu has had its eyes opened a little by the stormy discus sion that has arisen among its party mana gcre. It Is relucllauUy, and with mauv a heavy and lugubrious sigh, taking the back track. It approaches the inevitable like sweet Kathleen Bawn, “ with a smile i on its lip but a tear in Us eye.” It has al ready declared qualified suffrage a humbug ; and that any qualification wifi disfranchipc while men; which is not to be endured. It J asserts that, If the change must conic, nni j vcrsal suffrage is inevitable. If vou can imagine one of the evil spirits In a tight cor r Her, compelled to repeat the Lord’s prayer, i nnd trembling with apprehension with each faltering syllable at the probable result of the experiment, and expecting the holy spell ‘ would crash him, tn— Siu“cr * *ea change Into something rich and strange,” 1 a something which ho particularly don’t i want lo be, you can Imagine tho mingled dis gust, apprehension, anxiety, despair and ex i>ectatiou with whlclrthe party and Us organ 1 launch their canoes upon the swollen Radi- L cal current of equal rights irrespective of race, and how gingerly and with many a groan they jiaddleaway from the submerged 1 little island of a “white man’s government,” where they have so long encamped and laughed at the slowly rising waters. The Free First ha*s been savagely pricked forward, moreover, by the following card, published in the Chicago Times, and signed by two of the shrewdest and most Influential Democratic leaders of Western Michigan; . _ _ “loxia, Mich.,NovemberßX “To the Edltoroftbc limes: “ We have read year articles on negro safiVace, acd approve of them. The Detroit Frit p,nt opposes* but Uu qf tk\t S‘a'«, u-VAouf rt- Caia topartv. tcUitoU ta amend flu Co,itHtuhon eo lAat t.rrfrot! may rate. “Your*, “A.F. Bm, T . .. . “J. C. PIAWCaABO.” If these two old and truly Copperhead [ leaders thus speak out, there are a hundred other* who think the same, but have not yet publicly spoken. When U Is considered how great a revoln t tion in the Democratic partv of Michigan | this will l*c, and how deep-rooted, how long [ cultivated the prejudices of its masses are, , and how Us leaders have not only got to i shallow themselves, and turn wrong side • out, hut have got to convert all their ’ follower*, to whom thev have so i P>cached precisely the opposite doctrine, nnd how skillfully the conversion must be . nwnaced, lest the converts be too thoroughly • radicalized and converted dear over to Re • pubacanlsm, it Is seen at a glance the nccos i sitv of beginning In season the gigantic dlf •• Unities of the distasteful task, and the huge | proportions of the great political joke which s has been ployed upon the Democratic party t of Michigan. No wonder “the owl of the press ” begins lo roost nneasllv on Us perch. I Bjlfthc Liglslalnre of New York ehall de clare, os it probably will, that the propo?l --* tfon for a Mate Constitutional Convention Is carried in tbat Stale, and ehall order a Con ! ventlon, the New York llorM will be in the , same fix as the Free Press of this State. Tho i TTw/rf Is already hedging against this proba r bility. and the Albany Artjtts has come equally out in favor of unqualified manhood I suffrage in case of. a change In tbc suffrage | laws. The fun promise* to sperad pretty much all over the North, and Into the South, • too; so that Republicans and Radicals cvcry • where can laugh and grow lot for the next * two Tears. Mien. ! THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMEND -1 KENT. r Tlireonmrtb of the Loral States Com -1 detent to Ratify It -8 JTrora the New York Herald, Nov. 27.) I rom emphatic and decisive popular s endorsements which the reconstruction plan » of Congress has received In all the recent •- State elections from Maine to Oregon the \ opinion prevails that soon after the reas i tumbling of the Congress thus endorsed i summary measures will be adopted by . the two houses to bring the South ern difficulty to a speedy and decisive J solution. This opinion wc believe to be well * founded, and from certain information which * has lately come Into onr possession, wc I think tbc Initial point of a new line of action . has been discovered, whereby this whole s question may be (substantially settled before f the adjournment on the 4th of .March next, s and settled ujxm the basis of the pending * Constitutional Amendment. ? The key which unlocks this difficulty anl all Us complications Is this:—that three* fourths of the loyal States, or the States represented in Congress, are competent not only to carry on the government, bat to change the organic law of the government. Why not ? The federal constitution pro vides that “the Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem It neces sary, shall propose amendments to this con stitution, or, on the application of the legis latures ol two-thirds of the several Slates, shall call a convention for proposing amend ments, whTch, In either cose, shall be valid to all Intents kml purposes as part of this consti tution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three-fourths of the several States or by con ventions In three-fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification mavbepro posed by tbeCongrees.” Kow.actlng upon the letter of the Constitution and apoottbo theory that the lately Insurgent States were restored to their constitutional relations in the Govern ment with their compulsory ratification of the amendment abolishing slavery under the President’s experimental efforts at recon struction, the Secretary of State when a suf ficient number of Southern States had joined in the ratification to make up three-fourths, or twenty-seven, of the whole nnmlier of the States of the Union, proclaimed said amendment part and parcel of the Consti tution. Thus from the Executive Department the doctrine was officially promulgated that the insurgent Stales, in accepting the Presi dent’s conditions of reconstruction, were re stored to their voices in the Government. But. I>y the Constitution, and os pleaded by the President himself in the outset to several of his provincial Governors, all his proceed ings in the way of Southern recon stinctlon and restoration were ouly provisional, and were subject to approval* or rejection by Congress. We see that the President had shifted his ground with this aforesaid proclamation from the Slate Department; but this did not change the fact that unless accepted by Congress all his proceedings and proclamations in this busi ness must go for nothing. That proclama tion, nevertheless to far established the idea that three-fourths of all the States, inside and outride, are necessary to effect a ratifi cation of a constitutional amendment as to lead to the endless embarrassments and etui litigations m regard to the status of the out side States. It was perhaps as much as' Congress could do at the last t-ession to avoid committing itself to the ratification policy of the Execu tive ; but now the two houses have the au thority from the }>ooplc of the loyal States to take decisive groundsagainsl it. The law and the logic'of the matter may be brieflv stated. As the outride States were dlsableU by a regular rebellion, In which they cat themselves loose from the government and combined In arms to overthrow it, they cannot be reinstated except by Con gress, and are now really in the condition of unorganized territories, not having even the tight to a voice in the national councils, which is possessed by Montana or Utah. Yet agaiu, as the National Government, os now represented by the constitutional quo rum in both Houses of Congress, is valid to all intentsand purposes, the States thus rep resented and thus making lawsfor the whole Union, we repeat, ore competent to change the organic law of the Union itself. In a word, the States represented in the Govern ment are, in law, the United States. Other wise all our federal legislation of the last five years is nail and void. Divested of petty technicalities, quirks and quibbles, it fa thus apparent that threxs fourths of the Slates now represented in Con gress are comjietent to make the pending constitutional amendment part and pared of the Constitution, the supreme law alike to thecuteibcandthc inside States and Terri tories. This Is the conclusion which, wc understand, will be acted upon bv Congress. When threc-fourtbs, or twenty-one, of the twenty-six States now represented in Congress shall have ratified the amendment, the Secretary of Slate will be required, by an act of Congress, If necessary, to proclaim the ratification complete. Then, while the ratification may he held as the con dition of Southern restoration, the amend ment consummated will still be binding uj-on them os the supreme law of the land, and Congress may enforce it from Virginia to Texas by “appropriate legislation” as In the territories. This i* the solution which awaits the ex cluded Slates. It I? a solution perfectly con sistent whh the right* and powers assumed by the loyal States in suppressing the rebel lion of the late so-cullcd Confederate States, and with all the legislation of Congress since the first bombardment of Fort Sumter. The only que-tiou there fore remaining to the excluded States is whether they will make a virtue of necessity and come forward to the ratifica tion In order to participate In the Presiden tial contest of or remain outside lo be subjected to the terms of the amendment by the action of the loyal Stales and of Congress. PROPERTY OF DECEASED ALIENS. Important Decision by Hon. J. B. Bradwell—The Laws of Illinois,- and of the English Eccle siastical Courts—No Reciprocity Be tween Them. Kligbl* of Foreign Convnl*—A Lowering of Dignity—No one may he Ap pointed by,a Court who Is not Amenable to it. It will bo remembered that a case was brought before Judge J. B. Bradwell, of the Connty Court, during iho month of October last. Involving (he qnocl’ou rf who tlial! administer upon tbccMatc ol a subject, who olca latertate In this country, Icartng no Tcla'lvob or creditors In thl? connuy. The case came np ca the application of the British Consul to be appointed administrator onhecblateorwilllauj Burnil. the petition being oppo ed by (he public administrator. Julies Ito tcuthal, who claimed to he legally entitled lo the office. fhv Court yesterday decided the questions fo volved; In cheet. It wn* held trial iho |>owertoday who shall administer upon the estate of a BrUl*b subject lound u our £tato f* not in the British Government, nor In Congress, but, la vested exclusively in tho people of tho State of Illinois, and, they having provided, through the Legisla ture, that when a per-on shall die in this State lea'lpggjropcrty, but no relative* or creditors in this state, that the public administrator shall lie appointed administrator of such cota'c. A foreign < ousnl petitioning for administration baa no standing in Court A^.PP 11 l on ° r toe Conrt was as follows; " BnrnlJ, a Britleh subject, died at Chi cago. Illinois, on the ;slh day ol July, A- D. RXtL leaving ncitncr relatives nor creditors in this state,but leaving money on deposit In Iho State Saving? Institution of Chicago, which Ihc bank has refused to pay to Her Brt’ianic Majesty’s Con rat ion ucmar.a made for that purpose, bat the ban- ha? expressed its willingness 1° pav the same thl? r £onrL m atmor ° r,t * id cßtato appointed by - ll:c A'' 1 ? ,'V r of October. A. D. IS!(l FrMcli Wi.kins filed his petition In this Conrt and prayed to no appointed administrator of said estate, npou ttc rronnd of bl? being**Acting British Consul ’’ On the same day JnliusKoeenibal filed hla petition In this Cot-rt rerirting the petition of the British toon!, and praying to he appointed administra tor or said estate on the ground that he Is public administrator, and that deceased left no relative* or creditors in Ibis State. Inorilerto properly determine this cs<c It will he ner'rgj.r.ry ta understand the duties of a consul in regard to the settlement of an estate, where the panic* interested are enbjecfs of the govern ment Irom which he I* sent and the e?tatc iu the country to which he is sent; and and also lo ex amine the statute of this State in regard to lha appointment of administrators. It i? the duty of a consul to look after the In icrcsts of tho subjects of hit own government in the foreign govern unmeet to which he is sent; and, when called upon, (0 aid. with all hi? power, such subject* in frtffpe their legal right*, and when property Is left In such foreign country, belonging to such fore rn subject*, with no one to look alter it. It then becomes hi* duty to see that It Is properly cared for, solar a* permitted by tho local law, acd tuact for the time bring «* the national agent or attorney of anch absent snbicct*. According to the general law of nations It b not the duty of a consul In case of the death of asub jert of ms Government in the foreign country to which he b sent, leaving petaonal asset* in eneh country, lo do more than he can a* consul nndcr the local law. and whatever be doe* In the premi se? must be done by virtue of hi* office as consul, and noi as on officer oi a foreign probata court. In the absence of au express statute confirming the power, whenever a consul seek* to become an administrator ana an officer of a conrt of a foreign Government, he lowers the dignity of hb office and Government, and is acting out of tbc line of bis duty. It being hi* doty to watch over the interest* or the absent heirs of the deceased who are subject* of hb own Govern ment, ana when administration Is necessary, not totakelihtmscllbnttoald the administrator of tie foreign court to do bis duty. Can It be claim ed that the Court anould appoint the Briliah Con sul adirinlstrator to-day and when if to-morrow n< should tail to perform hb dalv the Conrt shonld order him lo proceed and upon hb refusal, au or der to show cause why he should not be attached should be entered, be would haw the right to ccmc Jn and say, “1 am Her Brlttanlc M?je?iyV Consul at Chlcagp, llllaoi-. and von have no or power fo order me to do anything—you cannot attach me. 1 defy the Probate Court* of America to deal wnh me.” An administrator should never be appointed who cannot be made to feel the power of the court tbat appoint* him, for wilful rcclcct of bb duty. - We have tho# tar spoken of the duties of a Con sul. In general, coder the law* of nations, without repaid to ibe act* of Congress, Ibe acts of Parlia ment, or the decision* of the English court*, ibe act of Congre*# on the powers of Consuls, passed KW, provides that when the law* of the country permit, it shall he Ihe duty of Consuls to take possession of the'pcrsonal estate left by any citizen of the United states who ehall die within their consulate, leaving Ihn* no legal representa tive, partner tn trade, or trustee, by him appoint ed, to take charge of hb effefts, collect the debts dne to the deceased in Ihe country where he died, and nav the debt* dne from his estate which he stall then bare contracted, and at the expiration of one year from hb decease shall transmit the residue to the Treasury of the United Stalra. Bat if at any tune be lore such transmission the legal represertative* of the deceased shall appear aud dvtnand Lb etlecb in their Land?, they shall de liver (hem up. By the act of August, 1536. it Is provided, tbat It snail be tbc duty of Consuls, so tar as the laws of the country will permit, to pro tect the property of the deceased from any Inter ference of the local authorities of the country where such citizen ehall die (as to the power* uf Consuls under thb aci. see the Vriy able opinion given by Attorney General Cushing. Till vni Opinion?, pp. 2i2.) Urder the act of iTVJ cited above. Colonel AspinwalL the American Cccsnl General, applied to the English Ecclesbs cal Court Bo be appointed administrator on the cFtateof John Hammond, a citizen of the United htalca, wbr> died in England leaving personal asset* there. In delivering the opinion of the court Sir tier l>ort Jtnntrstid “it appear? that on the death of Mr. Hammond, Colonel Asplnwall, the American consul In this country, took possession of the pro perty about him, paid bb funeral ana otaer cx p< nscs, bnt upon application to Messrs. Baring A Co., they declined tn pay over Uie money In tbelr bands until Idlers of administration were taken out, and ibey could obtain valid discharge. I am not aware •of any case in which it has been held that by the law of this 1? tomnetett to a foreign consul to take possession oi the property of a foreigner d} lug here In ttlnti e, domiciled in Us own coun try. is it then tbc law and practice of thb Conrt that such an administration should be granted? 1 not, acd that the Crown Is the patty to see that Uie property of any person oviiitr in it? dominion? gets into proper bands, it ha* been raid by the law ol the D. S., British Con suls may take possession bf the property of British subjects In similar circumstances. But this b tot by the law of nations, but by custom or express enactment, and U not a law which this country ia bound to follow. This country has not adopted the principle of reciprocity In thb re spect. lam of opinion that there Is not sufficient evidence to ehowthat the admlnia’ratlon ought to be granted, as prayed, to Col. Asplnwall. and 1 re ject bis petlUon. No claim Is made by the crown, (Asplnwall vs. The Queen’s Proctor, 2 Cnilb*, 513.) The following authorities sustain the doctrine u? laid down in the above case: 1 Addams Reel. R. Mu, in the goods of I’clcr R. WyckofT; 3 swa biy A: Tnstram. 1L 20; Dodd A Brooks’Probate 1 nrtke, 41uaud note; Cootes’ Probate. 130; The Public Administrator rs. Hughes, 1 Brad. Snr. R_ ISO; Feme vs. Public Administrator, 3 Brad.Sur. The Britisb .bialotc in regard to the right of foreign cotirals to administer anon the estate* of subjects of their Government dying In England Is as follows: •‘See. L Whenever a convention tball be made between her Majesty and any foreign State, whereby her Majesty’s consuls or rice consuls in euca foreign State shall receive the same or the like powers and authorities as are hereinafter expressed. It shall be lawful for her majesty ny enter in coun cil to direct, and from and filler the publication of such order in the London Gazette, it shall be and is hereby tnacted. that whenever any subject of each foreign Stale shall dlvmthia the domi nions of her majcety. and there shall be no person present at the time of such death, who than be rightfully entitled to admims'crto the estate of each deceased person, li shall be law ful for the consul, vice-consul or consular a rent of such foreign state within that part of her majesty's dominions where each foreign subject shall die, to take possession and have the custody of the personal property of the deceased, and 'to apply the same in payment of bis or her debts and funeral expenses, and to retain the surplus for the benefit of the persons entitled thereto ; but sneb Consul, Tice Consul, or Consular agent shall tmmenlaiely apply for, and bo entitled to obtain from the proper court, letters of administration of the effects of such de ceased person, limited In each manner and for such time a* to such court shall seem fit” - The power to say who shall administer apon the estate of a British subject found la onr Slate, Is cot in the British Government nor In Congress. In fact Congress has no constitutional power to say who shall be an administrator In such a case, nor to enter into a valid convention with Her Brittsnic Majesty for the purpose of providing for the ap pointment of her Consols as administrators by our Probate Courts It l« a power vested ex clusively to (bo people of the State of Illinois, and the people have through their legislature pro vided that hi case a non-resident dl f, and leaves estate in this State, and no next of kin, or credit ors, that the public administrator anal) be ap- £ ointed administrator of each estate, and aving said nothing of the British Consul, or ary other Consul, 1 agree (ally with the English Court, that this State “ha* not adopted the principle of reciprocity in this respect,” and that to appoint the British con sul would be against the policy of onr State gov ernment, and It* express statute that until the Legislature shall provide otherwise, in case of the death of any non-resident leaving property, hut no relatives or creditors la this StMC, the public administrator “Is tho party to ace that such prop erty gel* Into proper bonds.” The petition of the acting British Consul is, therefore, dismissed at his cost, aud administra tion granted to the public administrator. FINANCIAL AND’COMHERCIAL. nONETABV, F lunar Evzsino, November 33. It arotber column will he found a synopsis of the forthcoming report of the Secretary of the Trcasnty to be presented to Congress on Monday next, in which Is given an interesting return* of the doings of the Treasury Department daring the past year. These Diets have from -time to time been given to the public, and need no repetition here. The synopsis gives very little Information a* to what the Secretary proposes to do. Ue enunciates no sew policy, ard merely reiterates the views ex pressed in bis last report. Considerable stress is laid on the proprlcrty of Congress authorizing a long five per cent bond, tree from taxation, into which the short obligations of the Government may »c converted at maturity. Congress will also be urged to adopt some fixed policy of contraction which will cause the commerce of the country tq gravitate to a specie basis, bat the telegram done not announce any suggestions In thiswise. The Secretary does not specify.any set time for the resumption of specie payments, hot believes that It can be attained whenever two hundred millions of the “greenbacks” shall hare been retired. At the present rate of contraction this will occupy about fonj years. The Secretary intends to cling to the eonnd, yet simple, policy of liquidating indebtedness of the nation, by keeping the*expenses of the Government as Car below the public revenue as possible. Accompanying tbo report Is a bill prepared by Commissioner Wells, relative to the redaction and equalisation of the Internal revenue taxes, and corresponding changes in the larifl. This bill will be eagerly looked (or, and no doubt will be closely criti cised, as the people at large are directly interest ed in the Internal revenue taxes, many of which are nneqnal and burdensome. Ihe volume of business at the banka was very light, and some of the discount houses reported the market very doll. Money remains easy, and unexceptional paper is readily discounted at 10 per cent. The rates in the open market are 12® IS per cent, according to the nature of the docu ments and the standing of the applicant. Exchange la scarce and firm, with a few sales between banks at 30®40 cents premium. Most of ihe hanks are shipping currency. The counter rales arc steady and firm at par haying and 1-10 •premium selling. On the Produce Exchange the leading markets were dull and lifeless. Floor was neglected. Wheat declined 4®44c. Com was 84®4c lower. Oats receded *i®lc. Rye was l®2c off. Barley was little belter than nominal. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were dull and heavy. Mess Pork declined 60e®fl.00. Wool was un salable. Gold was again Irregular—varying little from the eccentricities of Wednesday. Tbo market opened at 141, declined to 1104. and closed at 14l*j. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock brokers: 10:W)a. m 14! l&uo m 140«; IdiWa. m 140* 1:15 p.m not 11:00 a. m 140?* 1:80 n.m 141 11:15 a.m 1402 X 2:00p.m 141 U 11:30 a. tn IJOv 3:15 p. m 1415 11:45a.m 140* 4:00p.m. Hl£ Here the market was dull atllo@lll buying— the upper figure at the close. Silver was nominal at i2i2.SU 1 . Governments were ahoot 4 lower to-day. The following shows the opening and closing prices, compared with those of Wednesday : Wednesday. Friday.- Op'g. CTe. Op’g. erg- Wxeaorst 113 112* H3|£ 112*4 Hve-Tweutles, C 2. ...lua lut-je i(tav 10sK Five-Twenties,'Cl HV.* 10G4 100* ltXi2 Five-Twenties,.lCTfe 10C.* 107 URu Tcc-Fortles ‘M\ HO* 00* gj'2 bcvcn-lhhtlve, Aug...105* 1054 10554 |U34 Seven-Thirties, June..los‘i 1034 105 luj Seven-ThitUcs, Ju1t...1U5)» 1034 105 105 Here the market was doll and a shade easier. Wc quote: coTtnsau: becuuitixs—cmcAao xabjcit. Buying. Selling. Sixes, iKI H2J4 112V^ 5-20*e, ISR2. KM** 5-20’*. IsW 10GX 10f.2 sar*, isos in**? lU7* MOV, (-mall lufl fifclflm KMU’a, large 99j4 * nju KWOV, email Brill * 7-W’*, Ist eerie* lUSU JOSS “-•O n, 2d eerie* 10154 10514 7-anV, ad eerie* IW»£ 10514 7-uOV, email ..7. June Compounds, 18*1, 115f4 .... July Compound?, 3SW.. 115 Aug. Compound?, ISO'.. Htu Oct. Compound?, IS*"*4.. 113J4 .... Dec. Compound*, ISCI. 11214 .... May Compound?, ires, r.ij* .... Ane. Cotupouido, ISiB. lIWS£ .... Sept. Compound?. inyvi Oct. Compon?d?. ’S«S uj>j4 The Second National Bank quotas Governments as follows: ionponss 1-51.... 1:24 IJacoComn. s.*)Can;’f»t, IJiil} “* « Urro. Utj’iSltXSi . Anp. *• 44 5-20 Coupo:-, '* I Oc£ 44 44 “ 11314 stnall.., .TDfiMClflT'j n«c, 44 44 ...112*4 11M0 Coupon, «9*j I May 44 !•€5,...11iu Aar. 14 44 imu T-30. larce.,los @105*4 SepL u 44 ...lU3** 7*3fi» etmll..*U43£@iir>*4! Oct. 44 44 t:ss In Local Securities there u nolblar dolne, anti onrqnotations may be regarded as altogether nomtaaL We quote: Cbicaro City Sercns. Cook County •’ Boring. 90 Uverpool dates of yesterday quote Western Mixed Corn at 80s Cd per quarter—a decline of la since Tuesday. The interest of the late John L. Scrlpps having be* n withdrawn from the firm of Scrippa.Preston & Kean, a new association has been organised, com* posed of Messrs. Stephen! l . Lnnt, Dand Preston, S. A. Kean and F. W. Crosby. Mr. Loot Is of the firm of W. n. A s. P. Lum, formerly Orrtngton Lnnt* Bros., of this city, and tU integrity and business capacity need no recommendation at onr bands, as be Is favorably known throughout the West from his Jong connection with the elevator Interests of the city. Mr.HCrosby, the Cashier of the old firm, is one of onr mod promising young men—folly conversant with all the practical de tails of his profession. The new firm will, hereafter, be known as font, Preston & Eta?i. and with a large Increase in capi tal, will continue a general banking boa in ess, making Government Securities a specialty. We bespeak for tbe new organisation a continu ance of the patronage so worthily bestowed on tbe late firm of Scrlpps, Preston A K>«n —The New York Tnbvne of Wednesday ob serves: The statement shows the banks to be hard press* d for legal tender, and in no condition to meet a continued drain. Iheir cinm'ation and deposits are £211,778,433 Calling lor a legal tender reserve of ... 61,1Vi.i00 legal tender reported 6*,S3kdM Snrplns above legal reserve 51.165,151 Any further dram upon them can only be met bv selling compounds, or gold-bearing debt. Mnre the year commenced the »mit« have re duced them snrplns of legal lender to a very large degree, as will be seen by the following figures; Circulation and deposits, December 80, •ISR, were fSOT.fiiaAtl Calling for legal tender reserves fiI,SUQ,SSS Legal tender reported 71.13(,!D8 Worries legal lender, December 90. it«S f1P,531,11l Surplus legal tender. November Si lt«s Decrease of surplus legal tenders fIS,iCS,J3T Ihc New York Er<nxr<g I\>tt remarks: The failure of Dehon. Clark & Bridges, a promi nent house In the provision trade, but recently encaged in * peculations in {cotton, railroad Iron, Cold and stocks, has caused some needless auric p-, encgcnlvea* it la ot fears as to the week and toileting condition of other Anns, some of whose members bare been speculating with reckless dls* regard of the Inadequacy of inar means to the risks they ventured to a-some, The-sKi/yi*? Uafsaya: *1 be money market is easier, call loans being now freely put out at 6 per cent, with exceptions at 7 per cent. Discounts, however, are by no means free, and 7 per cent is the current rate for high grades of paper, with exceptions of special tame* on short notes at 608*4 per esnt. Fair to gt od signatures pass at 8® 9 per cent. Wc quote: Loans on call, stock securities 8 @ 7 ** bond and mortgage 6 ® 7 Prime endorsed hills, 60 days 6 ® 7 - “ M “ o®4 months. ... 7 (E S Fltst-class single names 8 <t 7 Other good bills ; 8 QI —lhere is:a acu«c demand for money in Phiia delpbla,allhc!ich borrowers 2nd less difficulty in obtaining tern; u;*ry loans on acceptable collator* als at 7 per cent than was experienced last week; upon Government securities transactions are made in large sums at 6 per cent. The best com mercial paper at ehoit date la placed at 7® 3 per cent per annum discount. —The total valne of foreign good* Imported Into the port ol Boston for the week ending No* vcmbcrSS, wa« against (670,635 for the corresponding week of 1563. Total amount of im ports from Janoll7 1 to November S 3, 1866, (43,210,057. The total value of the exports from Boston for the week ending November 23, includ ing fpede, was (400,210, against (30,815 for the corresponding week In 1663. —The amount of National Bank notes Issued, gradually Increased between Jane 10, 1865, and November I,IBGB, from (177,772,705 to (3a5,X4,85i, a dlSacncc of (!57,552,H«, the progress of the movement being shown hy the following table: > J6CB. Jnjw W (137,772,703 Jnljß) 140,00.1,065 Angnrt 18... ICU.S’JS'Wt» S-p-ember 8. r7,4?7,240 October C... 104.lSi.tKO November 5. So7.2ia.sai Decembers.. sS3,4(e^tt3 _ ISGO March 4 258,433,790 April!.... *01.917,170 slay 90 .. .. 27UALV.»5 June 1(L 27 c ,315.075 Aaffnaf t 3... 280,4.11,775 September 1. 959,1115,-93 October 1.. 991,(i3i,0CM November!. 995.551.5jl k, oa the other band, dc- January 7.. 2«,ffiM,sCs The iLgal tender notci crossed during the same period from 1659,100,509 to *138,7177,925, ft difference of *12J,452,Wt. By subtracting the decrease In legal tender notes from tbe increase In Ihe National Bank Issues, we find that an addition was made to the currency of *37,129,505 during tbla Intciral. The progress of the decrease lu legal tendon Is thus shown; June 1 $689,160,539 Apn! 1 September 1. 691,188,959 May 1 6«,«8,35» October 1.... 675128,W8 Jnnel December L. 62(1,290,133 Ancnat 1.... M6,573,82f 1936 September 1. 558,115,793 January I. . 614,7y>,«0 October 1... 561, Pebniaryl.. 612,451,361 Korcmber I. 538,707,925 March 1 C06.9&VU4 —The following are the comparative eanitnijs of the MicblgaaSonibcm Railroad for the turd week In November: Decrease..... From March 1: IS6G 16C5 Decrease. Comparative earnings of tbs Detroit and MU waakec for the week ending Novem ber 42: isec. IsCS. Decrease $8,839 Comparative earning* of the Western Union Railroad for the third week in November 1966. 1865 Increase From January Ist to November 21st: 18G6 ISCS Iscreaie f 107.45 G The folloaluj: are the earninjrs of the Toledo Wabash and Western Railway Company for the third week In November, ISM end 1569 ISCC. 1565 Increase. New York Si Closing prices forejuh, Ko Joseph iL Lyons ft Bro Ist 2d iiocfc Market. or ember 90,1506. receJrefl by oken, 86 South Clark street: Ist M Kd. DM. D. S. 8 per cent bonds, 1351... 113 k UJV C. b. 6 per cent 5-33 Coap_’62. 10Sk I®V U. 8.6 per cent 5-30 coap-'M. 106 k IMV U- S. 6 per cent 9-20 coap~'6S. 107 107 k U. b. 5 percent UMOs Mk »36 Tr. Kotes.79-10 ; ut scries ,135 J 6 US36 D. 8. 79-10, id series 10536 105 .. , . B'd. B’d. S.V.Ces. U2v ns Erie (cos) 71* 7iv 51. b. (c0m).... HiX 81k C. ft Pitta...... 51* 8t? Kocklaland....iai* IM* C. ft K. W 43* 41 * C.ftN.W., pf.| 71* »7V P.FUW.&C..IW* 105* Uulclallver.... 41* 41* W. Dulon Tel.. 40* 44* C.ftA.(COnn..lo9 10!) Bar. ft 0.(btd)032 132 O. ft M. Can.. 29* 29* Hudson Kiver.uofi 121* 111. Central ...118* 119 P. Beadlns.. lit* 111 WUktab'reCoal 61 C3* F. ft Wabash.. 42 42V Market—Pint Board atea D. 8. 7 8-10, 8d tents 105 X 108 Amer. G01d.... J«* lU* ly. Second Board Arm. COKinERCIAIi. Fszdat Evrstso, November 30,15 M. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of produce dorms the past forty-eight hoars: Floor, brls, Wheat, bu Com, ba Oats, bu i.. liyc, ho Barley, bu Gross Seed, lbs.. Broom Corn. SM. Cored Meat, lbs.. Beef, brie Lard Tallow, Cn Batter, tbs Dressed Bogs, H Live Bon, No.. Cattle, No Bides, Ba 11. Wines, brls... Wool, Tbs Lumber, Shingles, m Loth, m Salt, brls amnasrs tist ronTT-Eicnr notms. IreG. 1565. I Floor, brU .. 8,648 1,839 Wheat, bo .. 13,271 2,109 Com, bo 1,200 21,000 Date, bo 16,100 14,900 , Rye, bu 8.300 ... : Barley, ba 8,450 .... Grass Seed, lb« 1.200 .... Broom Coin, ibs 55.377 30.5T0 Cored Meat, lbs 89,200 £7.30) Beef, brls 11 ssg Pork, brla 001 63 Lard, lbs 9,510 1(53,(30 Tallow, lbs 20,000 0,200 Butler, lbs 38,510 11,263 Live QoffP. No 871 LOOO 1). lio2e.No SO 75 Cattle, No ' 97 Hides, lbs 103,814 05,170 11. Wines, brls 615 59 Wool, o>s 17,517 9,300 Lumber, m 1,77!) 465 Shingles, m 1,223 sa Lath, m...„ ; 137 55 Sail, brio 1,693 1,877 nors and oaxnr in robe. The following table, compiled from tbe"o£Hclal returns ot the wareboosemea to the Secretary of the Board of Trade, shows the amount of Flour and Grain in store on November 24, in compart* eon with the amount in store at the same time last year: ~ , Nov. 24,1565. No7.2Usfid. ‘ Ronr,brla Ji,*s3 61.181 Wheat, bu 445,448 677.333 £®J®% bn 126,803 835,735 ga ts ««n 132,349 518,218 Ip* hn L* 87,550 157,19? "liey* bn 319,455 356.141 Owing to an error in Thursday’s publication, we republish the above as corrected. There was a good attccdancc on’Change to day. but (be leading markets were dnll and lower, in view of the unfavorable advices from New Tork Tho Provision market was again doll and heavy. Mess Pork declined 50c® SIOO, with sales of 250 brls cash, and 500 brls, seller Jannsry, at $19.00. Green Meats were dnll, with sales of 250 Shoul ders at sJic from the block, and 2,000 pcs Hams, rubbed in salt and packed, at English Meats sold to the extent of 25 boxes Cnmberlsnds at BHC. I ard was doll, with sales of 50 tierces, not jwime, at 124 c. For forward delivery holders were asking 13c, bat thcro were no buyers at this figure. Dressed Hogs were dnll, with light sales at 7J* 0.74 c all round. WhUkey was dnll and nominal at 3?©33c for Bonded, and (3.33 for Free. Floor was lifeless, with sales of 530 brls at $3.75 ©10.25 for Spring Extras; for bring Supers and $0.50 for Rye. Wheat was dull, heavy and 4Q4H« lower, with rales of 114,000 bn at si,QsH©2.l3 for No. 1; $1.92 ©$L93 for No. 2mA. D. * Co.; sl.So©sl.&l for do tu N. W. & N. S., and $l.+J©L5O for Rejected Spring—closing nominsl at $5,05®2.05,4 for No. 1, and $1.61 for No. 2 in regular houses. The unfavorable advices from Liverpool, quot ing a decline of Is per quarter, had a depressing Influence on Com, and the market was dnll at a decline of 3HC. About 185,000 bn changed hands, atKQSSc for No. 1; So©Slcfor No. S. and 56©60c for New Shelled—closing dull, with free sellers of No. 1 at 83c. Oats were dull and HOlc lower, with a few transactions at 36@8Sc for No. 2, and 3?Kc for Re jected—closing nominal at SC4c for No. 2. Rye was flat, at a decline of l©sc, with a few sales at 65©S0c tor No. 1, and SB4c for No. 9. There was no movement In Barley—a few trans actions having transpired at $1.05 for No. 1, and Csc© for sample lots. Trade in tho Grocery market exhibits a better degree of activity than might be reasonably ex pected on the day after Thanksgiving, and prices ore generally fully maintained. Hardware goods, including Iron, Steel, Nalls, Metals and Tinners’ Stock, continue in active de mar d, and the market Is firm. Sail is quiet but steady at unchanged pries. Seeds are doll, neglected and nominal. Wool continues very dnll, with sales making chiefly upon concessions to bnyers. Lumber by the cargo is in better supply, with a good demand lor Boards and Strips, and prices firmly held at previous quotations. There was nolhlngdolng la Lake Freights. The season is virtually closed. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: .... , BcfTAno, November 30.. Nothing doing to Indicate market values; quota tion* nominally unchanged. Receipts—Wheat. 40,W.y bn. Com, 50,00) bn. Oats, 50,«U0 ho. VkVTOSX. Floor 10c lower: Western, $9.90©10.M; trade brands *n.35©1325. Wheal heavy, unsalable. $2 22©“ 32. Cora heavy, sL2u©l.2l in store. OaUkbcavy, 62@6Sc. Pork lower, heavy, $21.37*4. Lara unsalable. Gold I4i.*ic. * XATXB. Flour dull, heavy; on settled. Wheat lower, tm ■ fettled. $2.19®2.», Rejected Spring $L90©2.00. Com steady, $1.20. Lard nominal, IS*. LATER. In the afternoon, the Grain markets were dan and lower. Com dosed weak at Sic for No. 1 In store. Wheat was doll snd nominal, at $2,03 for No. 1 and sl.So©l.S2 for No. 2 In regular houses. ’ Provisions were doll and neglected. A lot of • 5,000 Green Hams sold at SHc delivered. { Ibe Cattle market was dull.* There was a fair [ attendance of buyers, bat little disposition to op- ; crate. Sales were confined to 600 bead. These | were taken chiefly by city botchers and shippers, j it|fi.Sod6.So for interior to choice grades, at l which range the market closes steady and firm. I Hogs were fairly active at a decline of 23c VIOO Tbs. The receipts for yesterday and to-day. Inclu sive, were 9.511 bead. Sales to-day embrace 8,500 bead at $6A0©6.65. The market closes steady at 25.5C© C. 50 for common to choice Hogs. Selling. 100 s Grain Deliveries. The following resolution vu adopted on ’Change to-day: Rt»oltrt % That on and after December Ist, 1560, all soles of grain in store shall be considered sold subject to winter storage nxileM otherwise sped- ECU. Proposals f«r Army Supplies. The Unn-o Mates commissary at Louisville has ad vertised tor proposals for the following subsistence stew*, lues tone open next Wednesday, December LOCO barrels mess or prime mess pork; 10.000 pound* bacon sides ; 10 JJ bacon shoulders, to be peeked Is J}S r .C? s LCOO barrels flour; 10J® pounds pilot bread; lOQ9XC pounu* corn mra’; fd,®q pounds brown or reb low sugar: 4,0® gallcts vmezar: 2J» pounds star candles; Koou pound* soap; 15J00 pouadssalL The above are to be deUvered at the Commlsearr bute in Louisville on or December 30th. CHICAGO XUffIKER MARKET. Fcrnpar Evzxixo, November S 3. The receipts and shipments daring the past twenty. MTlvinrftvm* * Lumber. naan 1,770 m bhlEfle* 159.0 M 1,21,tw Lath - j® 137J0J The supply cf Lumber, by tne cargo, u tmpreviag About 5,000,000 feet were reported afloat to-day. The demand for Strips and Boards U good, and price* are held firm. Common itsffls heavy and uncalled fer- Shingles continue dull at (4 JP. and Lath ore steady at (4.®. SMe* reported were: Cargo schr Metropolis, from Grand River, (to arrive.) ]® m selected, largely strips rafted and clean. Including fint and second clear at (45,00 for Coortcg, (XJO fer common flooring, and U 0 m common rafted at (17A0; cargo schr Jennie Beil t rom River. 4500 cedar pasta, one-half round, at ISc; cargo schr Walrus, trom Laura's mill, Canada West, :«*» eighty-fir* percent strips, at (26 JO. hoard. at (19J0; cargo schr W. F. ADen. trem Derry Sontd. SC3 m clear at at 3iJCk and coarse at (17 jo In the yards thare U a tern demand, with a firmer ftellsu In the market. We quote: LcxLßXt—First Clear,Ll*.l*, and Much 5 i VC’! K.’ aad’i-’i^h^^ Third Clear. Inch MJuaS’iS Finland Second Clear Flooring, together, rough—tee same as braced gear, wide »jny\ er> Common Flooring, rongh rvi TX T. Matched and crossed^Common Maiehod and dressed 6-tnch Com* w moo Flooring asm:.— .. First and Seimnd Clear Siding, to* gether S3Joatun Fust Common Dressel Siding S 3 Wagon-bo* Board*, select, 15-Inch and upward* SJCkaum A fctxtßoards,llloches SwJsjal DSUxA Boards, U lachra. fiJ9S47JO Common Boards, Joists, Scantling: Fet rlnc and email limber, 13 to Uleetlong. onnnqv?no Join sod bcmmilr.c, is f 3UO*3J» Jouu and Bca&, II and 34 (Ml. Snnrauar-A or Star Shaved Shingles , 9 00 A or Star Sawed shinglei S.Ofts 5 50 b«. 1 Sawed ShlarfeTr I SO'S 5.75 B 3*o. 1 Sawed ShTn-lw J.TJa sjn Lath—Per min yards slTtia sjjo By c*f jo»d by Northwestern Bail* road, delivered In any yard where cancan be swltched,or any depo*: A or Star Sawed Shingles, by car load on track. 4.75 A ot Piir Shaved Shiuln, by car load on track, count made foiL or nve bunchee to a thousand ...» swt • Shingles, city made, on track......T7rr,.7;...... “.... 1 R^nsle * &y w ***d»on —».^.,* car load added when’transferred, which charge tollowa the Shlagiea la might bill. _ , SBtXGLS BTAKDABO. n^~ ctDC ‘ , —^l T r Shingles to be two Inches in thick* JXBtth—Sixteen Inches. Bat 111—T * ccty lichee. Coarse—Twee tr-nre. .114,374 .*11,756 .*3,593,969 . 3f.:i^T4 CDICAUO CATTLE MARKET. Orric* of Tn» Cm cam Texbcs*, ) ItoiT Et raise. November », 1886. j BEEF CATTLE. |2:,555 Th« following table thenra tbe dally receipts and shipments of Lire Stock dortns the •week op to **>'« event n*. u reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Tard Company: $33,911 41,230 Sm»U, ul Mondaf.

Tuwdiy ims 5.797 *473 Friday 1,711 'tsi Total U 20.113 1,733 S«n.eUnclut«eek 3AQ ut&i Week bdort Imt K«-r: Tbe recelpu to-day irere by me CaUowln* roada: By llltsoli Central 6&eep ‘ •By ItcrUnctoa ...... 901 <jst "kq By St. Loaii & Alton so 537 79 By Northwwtenj ?77 2,011 w By Kock UUnd. ju rjnj By Mlcmjnn Central ies 100 By Sllchljnn Southern iq Driven In yj f1«.937 15,033 fI.TM .fT*0,721 . 653,233 $37,231.4(3 . 7=,Bi7.ia $3,423.37 Total J,7U fcSll 731 The shipment! uxlay, sod fur the wee* tip ro this eTcnlDy, were: * Snna.T.MMoM.r noCT - Sl " S ' ga 9.105 **** Wednesday 97 .... Tbanday Friday w»7 *iS T0w............. 1,731 iai la Same no e last week no *\rj g*? -Week btftjre last..-. a. 77. t»6 ", fchipmenu to-day were by the following routes: I'jHIcUn.O.M C & U '- gST By Mknican Southern 564 163 m PllUbatgb ft FU Wayne 556 535 '.... Total. 1,50 Sales to-day, as catered at the dlffirent Scale-hocaes were nsiollowa: - • im.d.canlftM. “JS- ““fe Burlington & Qnlaey Scale..... 196 lsso im SU lools ft Alton Seale 87 20t KorUtweatera Scale 96 24Q Total 199 5.43] «*J Bkxf Cattix—The market baa exhibited no new fea ture, worthy of note, rtace our latt report, unless It be that there was a slightly Increased demand tor prime chipping B'tere, In consequence of which a firmer teel log obtaintd,and prices ruled, perhaps, a shade higher. There is, however, not the slightest Improvement la cummon and Inferior grades, but, on the contrary, the general feellngls. If possible, more depressed, and the market for these descriptions baa at no time ottered .. 7,19 a a,si» .. 27.470 31,200 .. 15,450 31,685 .. 18,106 £0,013 .. 7,333 4.150 .. 3,550 15,061 .. 37.8 W 41.552 ~ 91,815 37,336 poorer Inducements to drovers. The demand, as here tolore,was confined chiefly to prime shipping beeves, fat butchers* Cows, and good stock Steers, and ttee were tn fact, about the only grades inquired for. The day was notUßttvorablefor operators hut there were com paratively few buyers in attendance, and of the 1,700 bead on sale, but about 600 bead found purchaser*. These were divided between Shippers, Feeder*, and city prices ranging from fSAO@4.OO for In ferior to common mixed lots, *4 J535.C0 (hr medium — ——- tucuium butcher’s atock. and medium stock cattle, to good smooth stock steers, and good at cows, and (5 SQS6AO P>rgoodto choice shipping steers, averaging fiom I L 203 to i,tco fis. Wc are often asked the question why do not tho man agers of the Union Stock Yards take Immediate steps ! to “breakup,” as they unquestionably hare the right and power to do, ttls “combination" ot Live Stock Broken. We have for some lime refrained from com menting on the action of this “unholy oUonce," and j the non action of PrMJcnt Chandler, cf the Slock Tard ! Company, under the assurance that measures should at once be taken to “squelch" this nest of “scalpers." - Smarting under the attacks their pet scheme has received through the co'tttnns ol tho ; dslly papers, and tcortei of farther exposures, ' th-y arc now offering tribes, as a “ stopper” to the month of the press. ItU rumored that jlte *undrett dollars was recently offered to one of the morning papers, upon condition that It should keep “ mum." Until specific transactions arc famished for publics Hon, w e shall continue to “show up" the “ ring” in thdr true colors. Among tbnscwho are doing business la an open market, and who at all times express a willingness to Impart any or all information they may possets re -ganling their own individual transactions, the general character of the mark* t, Ac* &Cn we take pleasure in mentioning the following: Let nan & Finley, Jones, Bough & Co tonoverA Ball, John Start, M.Clarr, John Kelley. A. Harper A Co. The market closes doll, bat steady and firm at the fbllow ing quotations: Prime to Extra M.25a«50 Good to 1-rlme WUtOO Interior to Medium ? ynp We note the following transactions: Jones, Hough A Conoid O'Malley 20 bead good batch ers Cows, averaging 630 as, fed ana watered. atftAO, Jints, jiouch A Co. »o!rt Vvaliell A Kelneman 80 bead , good fleshy Steers, averaging I,l® bs, fed and water , at ta.eyfr. - 7 S 3 bead medium Stem, ;ss£s i-s vv oixti A Lememsn nought 24 bead prime Kteers.av apu c Dw) n* tt at Lead CJIOICO Steers, aver- Ruble bought 64 head good smooth Steer* at 16.03. good even. Cat Steers, aver atfngLXO^matee.cO. N. M.,m» bought® held fiirstrara. averaging LUO ■ ** (J head rommon Karsos Steers, averaging Lli.i Bs, at HOC; 29 bead mod Ist Steers, averaging L*>l>B*,ai, exijtf; 10 h<ad gooa second-class St*i rs, averaging LXO ss, at ?5J5; 19 brad good Cows, fed and wa«r:ta, averaging l.wo B*. at(U7tf. loillson sold VcCluag CS head good second-class Stvvra. fed atd watered, averaging 1.203 bs. at SSJO. . bougoilShfad good tat Cow*, averaging I. Us. at $1.87)4 • II head common Cows, fed on 3 watered, at ft.ti-. Shepard sold McCltmp, 60 medium Steers, averaging l.Cl'j B*. at >5.(0. . -•—» Con, ver A UoU sold Morrls.lo head common batchers' stock, av tracing 900 Bs. at MdS. McClang bought 17 good second-class Steers,aver* a£ing i b s, at fSAO. HOGS.—The market opened quiet. hold ing off. and demanding a reduction of aiaSfc. bnl hold ers were Onn In their news and woald not yield, and np to ten o'clock comparatively HtUc was accomplish ed In the way of sales, bat later in the day a compro mise was pstchcl np, and a fair business was transact ed at a decline of LW25c per 100 Bs. About 3JiOO head were taken, at price* ranging from ISJOgSAS for com men roach uneven lota, and {6JMci6.53 for fair to choice Bogs, averaging Iron 2*o to SV) as. A few tales were made In the morning at f6J£@6.65, though Rhe great balk of the sales were taken at and within the range of fc 00£6JB. The offerings were pretty evenly divided between shippers and packers. The market closes quiet with a number left over unsold. He following are the current rates: l*rlme to Choice 3A33«6A0 Mtdliflh to Good 6JXr*6.23 UotuaiOD 3J0»3.73 hales include the following droves: HOC SALES TO-DAT. , „ „ No. Av. Price. Jones, Bough A Co. to Swartz 82 3CI kaj Jones, Bough A Co. to Coogin* 41 305 6.15 Jolw. Bough A Co. to Chance 63 SO 6,20 Jones. Ifnugh A Co. to IVaslce .153 300 6JO Jones, H TCgh A Co. to Toher. 53 stO 6JO Jones, Bough A *O. to Tobey 45 3& 6J3 Smith sold too 331 AW Smith sold ,53 jj-7 6.12 V Keenan AF. to McKinney 86 SM 6AJ Krelgli A Co. bought 39 421 6->5 KrcichACo. l-oacbt 109 ?jt CJ9 Krelch A Co. bought 51 257 6.12 V Krrigh A Co. bought 47 29d 6.10 KrelcbACo. bought 133 sis 690 Kn-tch A Co. bought 44 sty 6.103 lU-ed a sherwtn bought. 73 fiß iJSiS Reed A chtrwtn bought 54 as SA7K Becd A Shcrwla bought 57 za 590 Reed A hhrrwla bought 49 J4B 5J9 (Conover A Ball to Newport C 3 311 5» . Conover A Ball to Rower* .155 313 6JS Conover A Ball to Romp 44 JS6 CJ3S Tobey bought... 148 315 6J5 Tolwy fought. 50 sot 6A5 Tobey bought 89 810 6.40 Tobey bought 296 g. 23 Cochran bought ;43 553 J. Kelly to Reed A S « —6 5.% ■Warner sold 314 6A3 Teccordeo bought 44 3*; c.«T> einiEl’—The market was quiet at about yesterday's rates. Ibe supply is liberal, and the demand limited. Prices range from HB&loo for inferior to common, and H-2SAS-W tor medium to choice grades. J. Kelly sold 50 head common stock Sheep, avenging 65 Bs, at *3-37*. CHICAGO DAILY MAUfiET. All salrs f>r Grain reported tn tuts market report or- made on a hesfi of 3e storage uulcst oiherictse expressed. TnxoxT Evxsiso, November 39,1568. FRElGHTS—iiaaEnxDrßEicirrs—The foil owing is the uist tariff on the eastern roads: Sd 51 4lh class, class. cUu. Flour. To New Tork 13 135 us 310 “ rail, lake and rail. 160 us tw 33) To Boston 135 135 110 230 “ rail, lake and rail. 170 is K 6 319 ,To FhlladelphU 165 115 100 300 To Baltimore is US 109 290 To Albany 10 139 100 3CJ “ rail, lake and rail. 150 12a » 195 To Montreal 150 m 93 isi ITo BaSalo 93 63 S7.V 110 " raU, lake and roll. 78 t 3 57V KM To Cincinnati 63 15 49 40 Lake Pekiobts—No charters reported* season vir tually closed. FLOliK—Received.7.l96 brls: shipped. 6,643 brio. • Market Inactive ard nominal, b&lra were: srccro Exteas—tOubrli “Rcamce”at llTLafiiOObrU“Loek fert Hydranllcv" at fIO.CRn 2PO brls not aaneJ at 59.73: rms—ido brl» not named at #ASO; Itnc Fujra—» | br!« not named at fASO. -7 1 . W lIE%T-Beeelved,37.473bm shipped, 13,771 bn. > Market dull, and 4<a4Ve lower. Sales were: Sranro ' Wnttav—3,tto bu No. 1 at 5203. K. I. and A. D. A Co 4 < 3JOD bads atm* 3JX» bu do at f 3.05 V, Regular: UDO bo No. 2 at <1.95:400 bu do at dTACo^ 1 n.(U) bu do at fI.S4; 2fiJOO bn do at fl.Sfc 17.030 bu do atrtA3v: !,om bo do at LOOo ba do at MAIV: IS.ML bn do at t,u da at fIAQ. N. W. and N. b.: 400 bu Rejected at *iaoi 4® bn do at t 1.43: 1.600 bu go at fIAS; 3JOJ ba do at *£o*s mi had) at dosing nominal at HC&adJSv tor No. 1. and fUSI f-r No. 3 Regular. CORN—Received. 15,(50 bn: shipped, LXO bn. Marketdntland3V@4c)}Wcr. Soles were: Coss at rxoEt—63JCo ba No. 1 at 85c; 5,(00 ba Goat Stve; luJCO ba do at tvtfcc; :.®9 ba do at t4Vc; 35J® bu do atß4c;S,lPo ba da at S3Ve; 5.4® ba doalSJe;l®ba No.2»tSl'-;‘OOba<loaHl,WC; 4(0 bu do at ?0c; New Coax—UC ba at fDc; xjiO bn at SBc; 800 bn at 57c; 2.400 bo at 50c; Eab Coux—2.l® ba at 56c—closing dull.»tth seller* of No. 1 at S3c. OATS—Ree-lvM.lAW6bu;shlpped.tK.l»ba. Mar ket dull and s\alelo«er.Sales were: WObu No 2 at Sic; 6 0 bu Co ait .VlHc; cu do at 37c; 4.000 bo do at S6VC; «0 bu do at ac; POObu llr*rct»d at S 3 Vc, 0® bu at sc on track—closing nominal at ®Vc for No 3. KYE—Received7^sba; *L'pprd3A6oba. Market dull »sd l(t2c lower, fca'c-werc: 1310 bn No. lat 85c; 13.(00 bn an at vc; 4® bu No. 3at S3vc. BAkil EV—Received 3JX tw; shipped LXO bu. Market Cal. Bales were: 4® bn No. Ist HAS: Br Saxflz—JO bu and S 3 bag* at (LIS: ;® bag* at 65c. ASIIF.S Nomina! at sc for Pott. AI.COHOI.—Ibe market Is oolet and f W4i3lA6 Car round lou, and *4.79£1.75 In Um retail OROO.U CORN—lnactive and nominal at fIOXCO aTOjJAi. bale* woe: 46 bales Choice at (175.00,de ||'ua\—'There Is very utile doing, and the market Unom nalat (IHOCIIXiO. nr rTBK-Bcveivert. Sl.TA Br. shtp>*d.SSAl6 Bs. There I* no eMeoilal change to note in tne gonenl character of the market. Owing to the continued Kareltv ol choice table qnaliUe* prices for such keep well up, and are comparatively fins at quotations, bat a!ic.mmf>nde*<TlPiJons artuuU and neglected, wtta a stroDg downward teedeocr la price*. Sales tootsy include 10 r*c* choice at SOr; 5 crocks stSSc; TO Bs. In tubs, at Ste; Sflrklnt atXc. We repeat our hnt Choice Datry„ .toaSlc Good Tub *W*e Common Firkin. J^aXc Prime Flikln 2SA3Sc BAGIiLNG—The demand is limited, though wim a Ucbt supply on hand, dealers generally ore holding at our quotation*, which are a* follows: National A.3bn,seamleas linen (7JO Union A-3 be, do (3.53 lUlnol* AJtbv, do 38A1 Com Cxthange. <l.® Stark A,cotton seamless..., 77J0 Lnrtitn A. do JO Andrescc-gria, do American. d> Beaver Mills, QO 70JO PltiifiaJd &, do 7'VJO Penn Mills do 77J0 Fort Pits do 77 JO Sligo, do 73J0 Saco, linen and cotton. 59J0 Ridgewood, do S >SO Springeeld. do 59.® Burlaps 4 bn,N'o. L 5(J9 Etplrc CUV 49 JO COFFEE—'The demand cooanue* to improve, and prices are fully maintained at oar quo tattoos u lot- Java. 40 $42 C Ihs.common toftlr ...36 ;i?7\c Rio, go-.d to prime 2^V'4t'sc Rio. prime to cbolco. GY«29Vc CHEESE—Tbedeaasdeantlaaes light and under •lightly Unproved stocks aty easier feeling obtains We rcduca our quoutlnna on Hamburg a*l Illinois Factory is and on New York Factory *c ¥ » aa tel- New Tork Factory FacU-ry OllinoU) 17 m}3 c Hamburg n 4*49 c Weab-rn Reservs .16 sl7 c Western Stater u a!5 c “Tonne America" » c Bscetpts. Shipmesu. C.OAl*—Trade 1b airly active, tad trim an ample tnppirln the market prices remain iteidjr tad firm at the rollowlrir range: Esn—Urootfleld • UJJP do Qnncbr. ujb CutnuuiD—Briar BUI 11J30 do Jlmcrtl lUdcc. )(LOO do Willow Ban*- Imo do Tonnrt. 10JXJ Cblpprsra iojo BlM>bnnr.„. IMB LotnpLehigb „ Lackavana, prepared...... i*jn Scranton link PUUlon . iJjo IliiooU. 6J3Oa (LOO do. cn track. ******! EUClji—Werß in rood demand on local account at a ranee £|2££Sc. . FttUlT* AND NCTS-Tbets 1* a Heady, Ulr demand, (or the better varieties of bo lb Green sad Dried Fruits, sad prices sre veil soauined sod geo crslly firm. Dried Peaches sre la light supply. and etur at foil rates, prime Dried Apples sre la tolerably fair request, bat there la s large quantity of Southern frail la the market, for which there la little or no de mand. aao tale* sre alov sad seaerslly at reduced I a lea. Lemon* are la better supply, and lover. Grapes arc becoming scarce and higher. 2* ala sre In demand and firm. "We mate some additions to oar list, sod qaote as follovs • Arpl«. ¥ tori. Grapes. fSJO a 4JM 18 a » oranges, Havana. >< 1M.... Lemon*. Malaga. Cranberries, wild Cranberries, caltlvated.... SJX) « 6-00 u.oj aiun . 10.00 &UUN liOO @MOM Fin s a so D*t«« a « » Cu&iiiittcbea, Vdoz,t Scan* IS 0 L 73 Apple*. sew 13 (s It Pcacbes, Mlrrt aadQcarters 17 19 Pracbrt, pirrd. '* - - lUackbcrrlca, new, V a. Raspberries,new, V a. EWsrheirfo, V > Almonds, bar! shelled 23 9 SS Almonds, son shelled 40 o S 3 Almonds. wiper shelled 55 9 5d Pen bo, v a it Brazil Nnta. 23 « 33 hllbcrta 13 9 13 Encllsh Walnuts 30 9 31 Naples Walnnt* 33 u Pecans, small and Hickory Nats, p ba. 2A3 (5 S.OO Chestnuts. Vba 10.00 91UA FlSH—’ibe stocks of nTmeftsb are well reduced, and the tendency is to Uelier price*, thoach owing to the tueacre demand we understand that Wome dealers are oCcrlcc at rates 25c below oar quotations. Mack* irel an* oulet and lower. Other descriptions are on* chanced. We sire the following a» the current rates: WbltcSsh, No. 1, n brl fTAV* 7.35 WbUeOsh,No.2,S brt...... 7.ii* 3A 1 ) Treat, No. U V brl 5.C09 SJS Treat. No. ?. S brl 150 0.1.35 Mackerel. No. 1. X brl. new. lI.TV3iI.SO Mackerel. No. 3. X hr! I0.?v*10 5C Mackerel. extra moss. P X brl 11.00^1533 Mackerel, extra tress. V kit 4J>k% 4.35 Mackerel, No. 1. ktU.ncw...../ 3.£y* 3 35 Mackerel, tamllr. kits 2.31 j» 2.35 Codfish, Bank. V 100 »s S.S3 8.35 Codf.eb, George's Bank 9.109 9.35 Herrings. dried. No. 1. V box 6V£ a Herrtnce.srmlrd tv* <® Labrador Uerrlnc. k hrl I3.CO*HOO Labrador Ucrrlne. S' brl 6A09 7.03 Norwegian Ilemnc, K’s, p brl I3j» Norwegian Uerrlnc. M’s, V brl u 00 Hake fljxia 6JI UREASE—Notblngdolng. Market nominal at 10c Jbr Brown White. HIUII WlNKS—Received, W brU; shipped, ns brie. Market dull ana uutitely nominal at S&33C for bonded, and fUSI lor free. 1) OPS—Market quiet but steady at SO&SC tot West ern. and S.ftGOc tor Eastern. ]TA>—There la a leas active shipping demand and d-alers for tor of being caught at the clo«o of naviga tion wlthaltrgesnpply on hind, were oflcrtog (freely to-day at a reduction offl.oo per ion. There U a ulr In quiry on local account. We now quote: U*« wiiolxhaije rcicaa. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. fmaaisa) Tlmotliv, loose reward 15.00@t6.00 Prairie, beater pressed, new ll.WytU.oo EETAtL FIttCES. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. 17O0A19.O) Timothy, loose pressed IS.OC@JCU» Prairie, roller and beater pressed 16.C&<17 00 prairie, loose on w anon, delivered., 11.50*1230 IllDES—lhcc»vcd,loL3n 21; shinned. KSAII Bs. Tbcmrrset presents no new feature. The demand con tinues light bat as the stock* are not accumulating to any considerable extent prices keen well no and were firm to-day at our quotations, which are as fbllowa: Green Buictxrs* H 49 BVe Green Suit, trimmed JOwlOVc Green Ca 11.... K (40 c Kip. Green Salted MXAUIfe Dry Fllnt,trlmmed 13 4*19 c Dry Salted, trimmed 13 <416 e Grceu Salted, part cured 10 aiovc IKON AND KTEF.l#—Market fairly active, steady ami Urn at the following quotations: Common Tar 5V(4 6V Hors* Shoe Don »*£* Heavy Band TuaiOv Hoop ana Light Band “SQll2 Hoond and Square. - 6W(3Uw oval 6V(,i tv Half ova! and Half Hound 7 @ * Sheet Iron, common 7*64 ehoct Iron, galvanized, 17x23 .20 44 Sheet lron,(harco*l 9V@ “beet Iron, Juniata ,tIVT4IS Norway Nall lh>a>ls u' AU Ihow such German „ 911 Plow Steel, cast 17 @ls Spring and Tins Steel, English 14 @l3 Tool cast Steel, ordinary sizes 23 @3O Tool Cbm Steel, American BlisUrel Steel 20 @3O Hi Mla, No. 9 and 1C gj @29 llnssta, Am.,Ut qna’py. PMI (441 Kuisla, Am. Ist quality. > sheet aS2 Untsla. Am_ 2d quality. V succt & 4 , but steady and cnmjwa es. We continue to quote: ILOCS. Slaughter, Sole, Bulla o | 40A 43 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago. No. 1 40S 42 slaughter. Sole, > Chicago. No. 2 S4a 37 > Bucnoa Ayres... 40,« 44 : Onnocosole.... 87* Si 1 Cnnoco. good, • damaged. 31* SO )AC. I French Calfi 31 French Calt, 30 as French Calf, Lo- TT)otsea.V> d0a.90.0(X490J) sNEHS* STOCK—lberc the market U t udy maintain- LKATIIEK—is quiet, I lively Crm at previous rata nrvi City Harness, v a f i(*@ 42 Country HanTss 4<V« 41 Line, V a 42* 41 Kip, medium. V a usai.H Calt ¥> a UXXit.7l upper. V f00t... 3l@ 32 Country Unper. 23 Collar, p f00t... 2t* SC ns Slaughter Sole.. KVa 64 1 Hornets, b D... 4u« 46 Upper So@ S 3) Kin. Nu. l.tnedi- ( tim 1.11*41.20 Elb.No 1. heavy »}* I dIETAI.SAND TIN Is a good trade doing and tb cd at the following prices: TIS. Box Ttn Hate, L O, , 10x14 $15.50. Large lies 37 Small pigs &j Bor Tin & zrte. l«t quality, cask is ■ Ist quality, sheet 13J< slab 11 nmanr wins. 1 to 6 U T, s and U U 10 and U 13 13 :3 and 1} 16 and 16 14 a* .S is 19 21 20 .....24 1 Fence Staples .10 Icnmnd, and are held Arm at corpre. Metallic Al’Bolts... S 3 Copper Bottom S 3 Bnulcn over 10 cs. 45 p to 1601 43 TiLDlnse RABBIT VET Al ls! Quality 31 Antimony 20 Fire bolder S 3 XAI L.*»—Are m good d tlie following raug: lul to sd. V keg (7.73 12d. (10X3 W 8.(013d. line blued 10.30 6-1 Sja IAU fine blue! li.oo 4d SA3 (Cut Spikes B.M 0 9.00 I Clinch net 10.00 OILS-llic market is quiet, and prices unchanged fff continue to quote: Linseed Oil, raw a j. 45 Linseed OH. boiled. ijo oihreun , 2.8 J Whale Oil, W. |) I.tV.IIAO ijrd on. extra 1«52|.» Lardou.Nn.l winter USA^UO Lard OIL 7-o. 2 Winter X.25.5L30 l:»nk Oil. round low i.23m150 Machine oil. rooa-l low IAO bpenn Oil. W. lt„ round lots sja Lubricatl-g Oil SO 91.30 Castor O'! 3.3V3J0 Xeatsfoot on. extra 1.W41J0 C4KUON Oll<—Lnder a cood consumptive de mand, ana mtliscarcely an adequate supply lathe market, dealers arc bolding steadily at ic, with no Immediate mange inprospect. Weuuote: Carbon, V car load stc Carbon, small lots sec 3KU3c POTATOEr*— Market Inactive and nominally an “», r ,evd ; F»l«* were; 73 sacks Peathblows at 13c; 100 bu Ml« Mean do at The. . PorLTItV AND RAME-Th* general market Is dull, and mot kinds are a shad'* weaker: Sales were: 13 dr* dressed Chickens av fd.tC; 3 doz do at ;2i doz do at (4X0:10 doz do at (LSO; 1.000 as dresfed Turkeys at l3Xc; t,2CO ttsdo at tic; W 0 as do at r.kltc; SCO &• do at nvc; 3 dor live Geese at (S0.(0; 6v doz do at (11.00; 2 doz do at (12X0; 11 rioz Prairie Chickens at f4AO; 4 doz Mallard Ducks at (3XO; 11 doz (jualis at (2.:t7V; I carcass Venison at PROVlSlON**—Received, 100 as Cured Mests; shipped. as Cared Meats ; 11 brld Beet; Ml brls Pork and PAtC as Lara. Hire* Pork—Market doll, and 50AFIJ0 lower. Sales were: 230 LrU spet at (19.® ;5® brls seller Januarj at (13.00. . Crrrn .ilcnta—Sales were: 250 pcs Shoulder* at 5Yc; 3,ftJw> Barn-, rubbed in salt, and packed at 9Vc. Encllsfa vi coin—W boxes Cumberland at B Vc. I.aril— Bail, bale* of 30 trrs tot prime at live. IMrtured Hon—Received, 811; shipped, M. fflall round at (7JO 25 avcngli g!7 BS at 753 31 allround at...*. 7.35 SA LT— RcccivetL none: ihlopiwl, t.ras brls. Market stoadv. We quote the range of prices as fellows: New Fine t 2JO Coarse.... t^i ground Alum IJSftIJQ Tora'i- l*land,bvgs 1.7551J0 Ground f*oiar .". 2 ® Dairy,with hacks SJQU.IS Daln*. with sack* 4 JQAIJS **EEl»?* Received.37JW Bs;shipped. 1,2® »«. Tlmot br e*red—Market neglected and nominal. Sill) A A Nil 6*A LARA Til**—with afalrdemand the market cottinues steady and strong. We continue to quote; Balbln's Medleical 13 ©UVe “ Pure-. 12VaVI’c Dcland’s Ch-mlral „u »*iive “ Branny c “ Pure. u »Uke r-CG Alt—-There I# no dance to retain lha char seter or cor.dlti<*u of thenarkrt. Wltha good de mand prices arc firmly held tube fellowlnganotattoas: Cuba «t3w l*onoß|po 12VL-CIIY N. T. Refined, Powdered and Granulated I6k<4lf White A iSgau Clr, leA .13V«tl5V Extra (; 13v<l5v Yellow C .U «ll Oxnard C ; u gllk iimnirpTtM Oxnard C Extra IIVCSHY }•* 111 t-}*-trade t* f.itrly active and the market Mcadv at tne following prices: New Torknyrups 1 gjauj Tcllowl)rtp > *""... 'uglifi Cuba Molasses 73$ S 5 Porto Rico Si-tl.lo New Orleans Slat.® Philadelphia Hce Hive 73 Chicago Btfnery, Amlwr ;<l.U “ “ Golden MjtiJO “ “ bucar Boose. 9u M ~TAT«LOW—Received. 309 Bs; shipped.JOJ® »«. Market duilat 9k313c fw Coohtry. and 10Vc l3r City. TEAS—Trade u Calrly active and pries* are stead}, as fellows; Young Hyson, superior to line. V » (U03L60 do extra to choice, p B l.a$LS5 Imperial, superior fo line, * b~ i.lvsl.7S do extra to choice. P B 2.W :3.® Gunpowder, superior to fine, *> 1 AiAl.7s do extra to choice. ? b 303*2.10 Japan, natural leak flue to extra fine, p b.... JJS.3LS do do line to choice, F & 1404L50 do _ do „ colored. > B 1A6«1.7S TOBACCO—Continue* dull, though as the stock* are being gradually worked down there is no disposl tionevmcFdrnthepartofthe trade to shade prices In the least. Wc quote the general market steady ■"** nrm at theprices given below: Cnrwtbo Tobacco— &tr* tvaxiso Cbo«. Medium <O4 *0 C0mm0n....; Qa 75 SXOknro Totucro— Virginia's Favorite SV9IJO Choice T>is a a fWrmiiß Stcma. Ug a To narco— Loyal citlren ga <jq Fanner*' Delight. TU* 75 Natural u»t t Half-bright. 85AL15 Choice Black, sound en i*» 73 Common. soia 70 Narjc* ,Qva S Virginia 10* and B*. - , lie* ® Flonnder*. g *% OOD—The market Is fitlrly active,andttcady and cnn. at tne toilowmg range tf prices; Majie. *• core, delivered. (ILSMILOO Maple, F cord, in yard i ? vk. 1 s on Beech, F core, delivered. HJOotIJO Beech, F cord, in yard lOJOiiUO Hickory, F cord. ILOC^UJO ..WOOL-Rfteived, Uffl Bi: shipped. XTJI7 Bs. Market very dull sed almost entirely nominal. k«;«« aremoklngchicflynponcoccnslmsto buyers. 3IARXNE NEWS POUT UP CHICAGO. _ AUriPTED .Xor ember SO. Prop Ottawa. GrardlUrcn. ICO m lambs. Prep Brooklyn, Ofrl<a*bnreb. Mmdrtes. Prop St. Ixoia, Bodalo, roodrlcß. Banc K. G. Wmalow. Saginaw. m lumber. B*rkwm Stcrsei. Onrem> and Bay city, ao a lom ber. 73 ton* Bvt Su Lawrence, Dadlo. 200 tons Bart A. s hcrwood, Badalo, SJO too* Bart Lalrtnlrr. Buffalo, I*o m lumbr. Bart Favorite, Bap Cltr, ija brla nit. Bart Pe?Lnro. Bay CUy.KOm lumber. Bart John Miner. Cleveland. 500 lira coal. Kart Tonuclia. Peneianculiblae, 213 m lumber. Brir b. M. Stewart, Buffalo, GOO brla cement. Sehr Barbarian. Menominee, 315 m Itunbcr bcbr U. G. Cooper. Buffalo, 150 tons coaL SchMornella. Bay Cltr. yom lambs. fecteTlUß, BarClty.sßmlnmber. Sclir Peoria. Maakeson, ICO m 1 amber. Scbr 11. Rand. Moakeson, 96 m lumber. Scbr Cream City. Mcatrcon, no m lumber. br America, Mutteson. 67 m lumber. Sebr lUstea, Uaakenon. v*j m tsmber. Scbr Melvlna, eontU Hirer, 100 m lambs*. Sclir Toledo. Manistee. 95 m lumber, bcbr Mariner, Centrevllle. 90 cda wood. Scbr nimoU, CentrevlUeTsD ccs wooiL Scbr O. Murray. Tr»ver»e Bay, TO cda wood. Scbr Jcbo fl. Dri-kc. Bay Cny, a» m lambs. S'mr Geo.L. Imntap, Eacaoaba, 60 tons sir Iras. Scbr Patrick Henry, lynch*# Pis. HI cos wood. Scbr Southwest, Buffalo, 100 tons coal. Scbr John Liny, SU Joe. €5 cri* vom. Scbr J. Dresden, Kalamazoo, M m iambs. Scbr Island City, Kalamazoo, SD3 m solutes. Scbr Toscola. urana Haven. 100 m lumber. Scbr Calcutta, Wlltlneon'i Pis, CTcda wood. Scbr Japan, HarrUnile, 142 m lumber. Scbr Commerce, Kalamaroo, 155 m lambs. Scbr Bay State, Oconto, AO m lumber. Scow Invincible. Abnapee, 530 cedar Brljr Sailor Boy. Traverse, SO cords wood. Brie Fannie Gardner, Sturreon Bar, 100 m lambs. Bark Xonhwcst. Battalo, 579 tent coal. Bart **£. C. LV* Sable Hirer. 150 tn lambs. Bvt L. W oodirnff, Bay City. 4ftl m lambs. Bark Republic. Bu>s*toa. ism lambs. Scbr Walras, Lawton Mi'll, til m lambs. Scbr Gallatin, Day City, 125 m lambs. Scbr Bot cle Dooa, Bay city, 200 m lambs, Sclir Montank, Ene. 563 tom coal. Scbr Stock, Buffalo and Oconto, 200 m lambs, 90 Scbr W».F.Allen, Scbr Jennie Mullen, Bailey's Harbor, m conlt wood. , schr JUnoicr, Ccoavo, ufi m lojabs, Scbr General Grant, Esy <la Noquette, cedar %cbr ferry Hannah, Oconto, 18S m lumber, S 3 n lath. CLEARED ..HoTember SO. Erls Sailor Bor, sheboycan. Bark I>. I*. Dobf la*. Buffalo. S£oo bu com. Scbr J. G. McCulloch, Raotba. Scbr Toledo, Milwaukee. Schr X. M. Stouast. Milwaukee. Scbr Eclipse, Ketoeha. memoranda* AnnivAi or tux Stxamxb Qeobgx L. Dusiap* —This fine steamer made >h, s port on Thursday sight, with sundries and sixty tons of pi? Iron. Fhchas been plying during the put season he . tween Zecanaba and Green Bay, and is here on her first trip to Ibis port. As soon as her cargo la discharged she will go into Miller Brothers’ dry dock for light repairs. After leasing the dock she will lay ap for the season at this port. She is owned by the Green Bay Transit line, and from Fort Howard. Her commander Is Captain Alfred Taylor, an experienced navigator, and well known to the travelling public. Vessels Larao Up.—Quite a large number of vessels were dismantled and divested of their outfit yesterday, preparatory to going Into winter quarters. The baric D. P. Dobbins departed for BoSalo yesterday with 25,000 bushels of com. Tnx Fixrr.—A large fleet of vcareUr, laden with lumber, arrived daring the past twenty-four hours. The greater portion of them will lay up tor the season as soon as their cargoes are dis charged. « (* o » a, « a 0 it a a wo - a 5^5 VrsftLlxsnuscx.—Testel Insurance policies expired yesterday at twelve o’clock. lx Dbt Dock.—The propeller Ottawa, of the Grand Haven and Muskegon line, was in Miller Brothers' dock yesterday being repaired. She will he cut to-day, and then go Into winter quar ters. The arrivals for the past twenty-four hours, as reported it the Custom House, number forty-five. The clearances cumbered six vessels of all de scriptions. AccocsD.—The barge Forest Queen left Sagi naw on. Wednesday last for Toledo, with W>,ooo feet of lumber, and ran aground near Carlton. Tbe tug Uncle Sam, of Toledo, was sent to her assistance, bnt while on her route was run into by the steamer Ware, and sank. Asnonx.—The barge Sheridan, employed in the lumber trade between Toledo and Saginaw daring the past season, was driven ashore a short dis tance above Lexington, a few days since, and will probably prove loss. Nctospaprrs. NEW NOVEL SOLON ROBINSON, VETERAN AGRICULTURAL EUITOR THE niOSETKIBB, A novel by Solon Robinson, long and wcll-tnowa as the Agricultural Editor ol tho Teibcxi, will be com ttenccd In the Wxxklt Tuinrrs of December Sth. ft is called Me-won-l-toc; A STORY OF WESTERN LIFE, INDIAN AND DOMESTIC. Though sot Hr. lioMnson a first botcl, wo do so donbt that this win newly prove the worth of the P*n that In so many chapters of successful writing for the farm and the fireside, and In bcbaltof the friendless poor of a crowded city, has been entertaining and In* atructlve. A true Indian novel it among the rarities of latter day fiction, ana the pioneer lift ot the West, abounding aa It does. In rude but rich material tor the work of the novelist, ha* found, of late, butfew faithful delineators. It Is not too much to say that few Americans have been so tear to the American people In their home stead lift and characters as settlers and pioneers, as the author ofMe-woo-l-toe; few have travelled so tar and observed so closely amid the varieties ol the farm er's and pioneer's life, £ast and West; and no writer fbr the daily press has had a keener relish lor, and livelier sympathy with the fresh and free out-door lift which enters Into the elements of his novel. Mr. BoMnson's writings have always been marked by* quaint and direct force; pictures, simple, bat graphic, of things as they really ore; practical and minute knowledge ol the csefbl and the beautiful aa they are brought together Into cvcry-day consciousness—these are some of the teatcrea of a style of word-painting with which the readers of this paper have been long familiar.! The new novel, which win bo begun the tot week In December, will continue daring the spring. In addition to this. To* WsratY Tszocsc win con tain, aa usual, features ot entertainment, instruction and variety, surpassing those of any other journo] pub lished to benefit the home-life of the people, and Justify the ever-increasing support which has made It the meat widely circulated paper In America. The New fork Weekly Tribune Is printed on a largo double-medium sheet, making eight pages of six broad columns each. It contains all the Important Editorials published la Tor Dailt Tbidusk, except those of merely local Interest; *i<q Literary and Scientific Intelligence; lie views of the mo« Interesting and important New Hooka; the Tet ters from oar large corps ol correspondents; the latest new* received by Telegraph from Washington and ail other parts of the country; a Summary oi all impor tant Intelligence In thlsdty and elsewhere; a Synopsis of the Proceeding* ol Congress and State Legislature when In session; the Foreign Nows received by every steamer; Exclusive Deports of the Proceedings of the Farmers* Club of the American Institute; Talks about Fruit, and other Horticultural and Agricultural in formation essential to country residents; Stock, Finan cial, Cattle, Dry Uoods and General Market Reports; making it, both for variety and completeness, alto gether the most valuable, Interesting and Instructive Wzxklt Nxwspxpxs published in tho world. The Full Deports of the American Institute Farmers* Club, and the various Agricultural Deports, In eac number, are richly worth a year** subscription. THE NEW NOVEL GRATIS. Any person sending the money for ten copies Wkzs lt Teibtcb will be entitled to an extra copy gratis. The wort If published in Book form would cost two dollars. Priceot Tm Wixklt Tbibot five cents per copy. For sale by all Newsmen. TERMS. Man subscriber*, single copy, l year-5S number*- fAOO Mall subscriber*. Clubs of five „ 9XO Ten copies, addressed to names ol subscriber* 17A0 Twenty cepie*, addressed renames of subscriber*. 31A) Ten copies, to one address 16A0 Twenty coplea, to one address .f. SOJIO An extra copy wlUbcscclfcrctchclubofteotcash to be paid In advance. Drafts on NewTork,or Port Office orders, payable to the order of Tux TsißUffz, being safer, are prefer able to any other mode of remittance. Address THE TRIBUNE, New York. OF CONGRESS. The Debates of Congress for the Second Session of tho Xhirt]r-Xmth • Congress, WUI be published as usual. Oongre<slotia] Globe and Appendix 43X0 Dally Globe AM Debates In toll In either edition. Address F. ft J. DIVES. Washington, D. C. iEUuratlonal. jnrrLLSDALE COLLEGE. WINTER TERM. The Winter Term of this Institution begins TUES DAY, Dec. 11th, and continue* twelve week*. Usual corps of Professor* and Teachers la the rego lar Department. Tuition from Mt> f 3 per term. Board trom (ISO to |3 per week. Boom rent trom |3 to $3 per term. All incidental expense* moderate. Excellent (acuities for teaching Vocal and Instrn mcßiai Music. Drawing and Painting. For farther particulars scad (bra Catalan*. Address President Famixu, or L. p. REYNOLDS. Secretary. CELECT SCHOOL. * MRS. J. O. PERRY Will re-open a School (tor a limited number of schol ar*), at 233 Erie-st., corner of Dearborn, on MON DAY. Dec. 3d. hotels. JERVIS HOUiaE, Comer Tan Bnren and Shcrman-sts., Opposite the magnificent new depot ot the Michigan South cm and the Chicago A Bock Island railroads. This hew, ha vice changed hands, ha* been raised to grade, and entirely remodelled, rcatted and refurnished. The proprietor*, haring hid bmg experience in hotel ketplnc.wni endeavor to maku this one ot the very bc-t moderate price houses in the city. Foard fciw per day. A few cay boarders can be accommodated. • JACKSON BROS* Proprietors. AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON. This tavorlte fint-class Betel, the largest In Sew England, offer* cssorpaued accommodaticns to the ravening public. LEWIS RICK. Proprietor. business QEaT, HATTED & CO., Wholesale Commission Merch&nu, No. 90 MoGaa*Bt« Between F and G-*ts„) DENYEB, COLORADO. JJRESSED HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Famished eratli. Highest mute; price* eutmtaed. Froopt return* made. Correspondence solicited. B£DMOM> & CO. Oeo'l Com’n Mercb'U. S3 Wai-hlDgtoo-st. Chicago. lIL Notice to gax Hagers. 'V’OTICE.—'To the Tax Pt.tcts of the 1> City of Chicago: rot the purpose of giving the working classes and the mechanics an opportunity to pay th fr City Taxee, and save their time, i shall seep my Offlce ooea during the d!rwr hours. My office hours will ba, on and after MUMIAV. horemher ISlh, 1566, from 10 o'clock a. m. to a o'clock p. m. A. H. HEALD, Utjr Coiioctor. Special Notices. Sr* James* Formerly of James’Lock Hospital, Custom House*!, New Orleans. La., and now permanently located at 03 Raadciph-st., Chicago, 111-, cures SYPHILITIC, CHRONIC, MERCURIAL, and all prlrare disease*, without the aid ol lodide potaaall, arsenic, or any poi son, bat with a neutralizer, the came as used In his New Orleans practice tor 15 years, and which rained blm so great a reputation. Spermatorrhoea and Impoteney, brought on by self* abuse, excess, or entailed, with all tu deplorable train ol symptoms, treated and radically cored by an Infalli ble method. THE MONITOR, containing full Information upon Secret Diseases, with dlrocUccs and prescriptions for self-treatment. Including, also, a treatise upon female diseases, how avoided, their remedies, 4c., can be bad by addressing Dr. James, P. 0. Box 696, enclosing 3 cents, and lour cents for postage. Dr. James can be consulted at h's office and parlors, 06 from 9 a. m. to 8 r- m- Separate rooms and consultations confidential. Enfeebled and Delicate Constitutions, ol both km. use H-lnboldl Extract Bach a. it will give brisk and aergeUe feelings, and cable you to sleep well. lour Destiny, Wbatlslt? Gcodorevil? Flchorpper? Are you to rife to eminence, boner, wealth and power, or are you to sink irto obscurity and bo unknown? “To be or sot to be, that's the question.” AU this, and year future prospects in Hie, can bo clearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. He can win tor yco the affections of the opposite sex. He guides you to wealth, eminence and a happy marriage. 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Tke Glory of Xian U Streustli* Tliercforc. the nervuu* and debilitated ahootd immedi ately use uclmbold's Extract Uacbo. Dr. Tbonuon. Proprietor of the Medlca* and Snr.ilcal Institute, l? 8 South ClarkiL. b&» treated all lona, uf venereal uU case with utprccented success fir nearly lorty years. sncrmatorrUa* and impotence treated with the hap prert lesnltr. Particulars of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. I*. O. uox 72. Cel* cago, 111. Steamboat at auction. ... 'JHE STEAMBOAT CITT OF CLEVELAND, FOR SALE, AT AUCTION. The ownsn ot the steamboat City of Cleveland heir e engaged in building a larger nU-ao;bo«u fir the Detroit acd Cleveland Line, wIH otlcr the steamboat City ol Cleveland, one all her equipments, fur sale, AT ACC* l iON, At the Wharf of Krllh Ar Carter, font of Miutby-et, Detroit, ON THE TWELFTH 03th) DAT OF DECEMBEB NEXT, AT U OX’LOCIi P. M. Said steamboat was built In IW, baa a very tnpcrlor low-nsttsnre rnctne; her rvlimler and steam ch»**s were new In UsA; cylinder 50 Inches In diameter, aud 12 feet etrokc. Both ot her paddle-wheel* were built ihl* BcoauQ. Her ontnt is full and complete. ' KEITH & CARTER, A cent*- Detroit. Nov. 23.1. isra. iproposals. PROPOSALS FOR CONSTRUCTION X OK A PORTION Of THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. unux or th* Boxed or Public Woesb, > r Caic.vGO, November ill, 1966. » Swc*! prop«al« will be received by the Board cl Public Work*, at their Office, until 11 a. m. Monday, December sd, for the excavation n*ce**arv to deepen the Illinois sod Michigan Canal. Sections Nos. *sven teen (17) to thirty-*evtn (ST) inclusive, according to plans and specifications on file at said office. There will be lump vartis of earth excavation to be removed. The material is generally juice hard, ard contalr* more or le-sbmlder* and detached rock. The work mo«t l>e prosecuted so as not to interim u ith the use of the Canal, so Sir as U shall bo done during the season ct navigation: oat must also be pro<ecnt«d doting the ot navigation, with such a force as shall s«tlalylhe Board that tat work will be completed daring the time stipulated In the contract. It is supposed that as many as six or eight dredges will be required for th- whole work, and the«t dredges, with scows, crane* and all necessary machin ery, will be required to beput on early next year. par tiea contracting for the work will be required to pro vide all machinery, ana to pat ap and remove all danu and all works of protection, and at their own expense to do all pumping, or whatever may be necessary to secure thHr work from wa er. K. iuc.urjl -IllhllUUl WA cr. Proposals mo«t be aedmued to the Board ol Public Work*, endorsed *• iTopoaal for Deepening Illinois and Michigan Canal,** and be accompanied with the nvual ISO bond, witn ramie*. to be approv'd by the Board. Contractors will bl-J, stating the price lor which the work will be done on each ot the different sections and the work will be M as a whole or In part, and In such quantities as the Board shall determine. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions of this adverilvaasT t, or to reject all bios, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be ha* the necessary skill, expe rience, energy and ablUtv for doing the work, is trust worthy, ana b&s sufficient pecuniary resources. Hie Board will require »uib security as, according to tb-lr judgment, will secure the doing of the work u> the contract. J. O. GINDELE, FRED. LKTZ, O. J, ROSE. Wjl. GOODINQ, _ KB. MASON. EoO-tt Board of Public Works. PROPOSALS FOR SEWERAGE X DUICKK. umex or tub Boxed or Public Womca, t „ , .Cnicaoo, Nov. 19th. 1966. J Sea.edjiropoeaia will be received -by the Board ol PubJc Hcrka. at their office, until 11 a. m. Thursday, NovembwCth, foroue huedred and sixty-one thous and Sewerage Bricks. The brick* win be delivered piled op along tnc line* of theSewer* tobecoo-tinctea In tots clty,su*Joct to the count and lustfrctloa of the Hoard of Pub Ic works, and must be whole, hard burned, free from lime, peb ble* ard hata. square edged, and cf the standard dimen sions (KxlxdH Incb&O The foil numlier of brick* will be required to be de livered on or before January I-t, IScT. Propoealsmonbeaddresstd tour Board rfpnbhe Woras, endorsed **Prcpo»al for hewerage Bricks,** and be arcrmpsulid with the usual f2CO bond, with sare- Ufi. to be approved by th- Board. The tk ard rreerve me ngnt to reject any bid net lx accordance with the cunw'tlous -f this advertisement, or to rvVct all bids, and no proposal will be accvptec :inie** the party offering it shall give evidence «ati-fac torv to the Board that he has the necessary skill, experletce. energy and ability fordoing the wort, U truirg-urtty, and tas saffletent pecunlair rc*onrcea. J. O.Glf-DELE. FRED. o.j.wisa notl-lCt Beard of Public Works. Proposals for the con fcTKUCTION OF SIDEWALKS. Omct or tdr Boaun or Publxo wobo, { Chicago. November J 6. ls«t>. I Sealed proposals will be received by the Boatdol Iffibllc Wort*, at tbefr office, until 11 a. m. Friday. November DCth, for the construction and rccoustruc •lon cf sidewalks according to speficaaons on file at said office. pro ratals must be addressed to the Board of Public Work*, endorsed “ Proposal lor Construcftoa ot Side walks, ** acd be accompanied with the usual iiJJ pond, with sure tie*, to be approved by the Board. Ihe Board reserve me rirnt to reject aaybld not la sccotdance with the eondltlcnsol this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted Rules* U e party oOcrtng It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be has the necessary *mil ex perience, energy gad ability for doing the wonc. Is trustworthy, and has sufficient pociimary resource*. J. R. O^iDELE, FRED. LETZ, O. J. HOSE, Beard of rnbllc Works. ■pROPOSALS FOR OAK TIMBER _L Sealed Proposals will be received at this Office on tuthelOth day ot December next, (hr the fol’owlog bill of Dimension Timber, suitable lor car oalldlnr, u» be rquare-edged, free trom vane, shakes or m«.)nr J t tncu, to-wlt: 360.W0 (bet, board measure, vhlte oak, Sto&leetlong. SS-TO “ “ - “ S’to 00 - 30.000 u “ eta“u •* •* To be delivered os board C„ B. & Q. It. R. cars, in the city of Chicago, mtbln twenty dav» otter me opening of late navigation. In the spring of 1967, and to be sub ject to icspectioo at the Works of the C-. B. ft Q. B. IL. In Aurora. No proposals vlll be accepted but those from parti--j of known responsibility, and the Company rewrv* the rlcht to reject all bids. All Did* to bo marked “Propo sals Ibr Oak Timber." and directed to G. P. LOUD, Pur. Ag’t, Cn B. * Q. B. IL, Chicago, HI. ■PROPOSALS FOR LUMBER.—Sealed 1 Fn)po*ali will be received at tnla office until the 10th day ot December next, for thefollowlng bill Lnm ber. to be square-edg-sl, Irte from vane, males or on found ktota. to vll: 115X00 teet board measure While Oak Flack, 3 to 3 In. thick. 10 to IS fret long; 135. CW feet b. m. Aih Plant, to 3jf Is. thick, 13 luc/tCC feet b. m. Black Walnut, l to 4 In. thick. 12 ana u. ffiuoc foet b. m. Cherry. 1 to Ik la. thick, 13 to IS. MfAiC feet b. m. Whllewcod. 1 In. thick. 13 to IS. To De delivered on hoard the can ot the C. B. A Q. . B. R , In the City ot Chicago, within twenty days after the opening of Lane navigation. In the sprinr of and to be mbject to inspection, at the works of th* Company. In the City of Aurora. N o bids « Ui ne entertained bat trom parties of known responsibility, and the Company reserve the right to reket an bids. Propciais to be marked “ Proposals Ibr Lumber,' and directed to O, p. Loitn. Pof. Agent C. B. * Q. B. R. rro ARCHITECTS. fEANS ANT SPECIFICATIONS FOB NEW BUILD INGS FOB THE WAR DEPARTMENT AT WASHINGTON, D. C. Architects are Invited to prepare plans and ipeelSe*- Ootf.ana estimate* ol cent,tor new flre-proof build logs (hr the Wat Department, on the site now occupied and adjacent vacant The building* required should hare a superficial area as large a» the site selected will admit it. photograpM of tthi. and all other Intormatlon relaaog to the sub ject, will be famished to Architects desiring to com pete ftr the work, upon application, p-r»ons3,y or by Utter, to the nodersi/ned. ki iue uoocTsi/ncu. A premium of {3,000 lor the at fi»J for the second, ud of fI.OO for the third tnD»t aec-puftlt p'ar* aid specifications received, wi:t hv »»a- - •. open the approval of the Hon. Secretary ot war, Py the Board ol ffflwre charred wita tho nuty of select- Iteaeite ssd preparing plan* and specifications for the bblldlhc* of the War Itepattmeut nadtr act ol con grats approved July 33 WW. .. . _ Tbc Hans and svt ctacaMon* rmstbe seat to ths naec cl MevetlJctxenatt Colctel T. J.Trcy.weH, Hr cor i* rcf the Board, Ordnance « dOcc, winder’* UaUdiar, tvuMr jj.c, o° or befhre the Ist day ot Faorcarr, IS*7. The Foard will reserve the right to reject anr oc aL rlaoa snlmltted, should none be deemed suitable far the purpose, as well as to retain any or ail of such Pl Wordcrol tic Board. T. J.TRKADtTELL, Bn. Lien. CoL, U. s, Am Baeordac. fHcbiral. gCHENOK.’S ; PULMONIC SYRUP, sea-weed tonic, ZOANB&ABS PZLLB. THE HISTORY OF DR. SCTTENCK’B OWN CASK, AND HOWIIi. WAS CUREDOFCOSSDIU'TION. Many years ago. white reading la Philadelphia, I baa progressed gradually-aw the lut stare or Pul monary consumption. All hopes of mv recoverv be ing dissipated, I was advised by my pby.lclah, Dr. ravish. to remove tato the country. aioorestown. N. J„ about nine miles distant, being myatilve place. 1 vu removed tblcber. occupying two tall days in tba transition. My lather and ail hi* femtybaa lived ami died tncre—and died of I‘nlmonary Consumption. Oa my arrival at Moores town. Lvu put to b,«i, where £ lay for u.*nf weeks la what was deemed a hopeless condition. Dr. Thornton, who bad been my Cither’s family phjslclan. and bad attended blm in his las: Ul cers, was called to see me. He thought my cavaeattr* ly beyond the reach of medicine, and decided that £ mast die. and gave me one week to arrange my tempo ral affairs. In this apparently hopeless rond Hon I heard of tee remedies wnlch 1 now make and ,ell. It seems to me that I could leal them working their way, and penetrating every nerve, fibre and tissue of mv system. My lungs and liver pnt on a new action, and the mor bid matter, which bau lor years accumulated and irri tated the different organs of the bod?, eliminated t the tubc;c:cs on my long! ripcccd.anc I expect jrated from my lungs as much as a pint of y-Uow oOVctira matter every morning. A-- this tx peculation of mat ter subsided, the lever abated, me pain left me, t*<» cough ceased to harass me. and the emanating night sweats were to loeger known, and I had refreshing sleep, to which I had long beca a stranger. My aope tite now began to return, and at times 1 found it diffi cult to restrain my<elt from citing too ta-ch. With this return u/ health I gained In strength, mv! now am f&ty. 1 ant now a tfealtey man. witu a large healed cicatrix is the mludle IcNrof tee right lung and ibo lower lobe nepatlzed, with complete adhesion ot tho pleura. The I'll long Is found, and the upper lobe of the right one is In a tolerably bealthr condition. . Consumption at that time was thought to be an incurable disease by every cue, physician# as well as those who were unlearned la midiane—otpcclaUy neb ca>es as were reduced to the condition 1 is. 1 bis induced many per pie to believe my recoverv only ttmporary. 1 now prepared and gave medicines to < or.somruves for some lime, and m*de many wonder ful cure*. and the demand Increased so rapidly that t determined toeffer them fa>tee public, and devote my undivided attention to long diseases. In truth. 1 was rest to forced to it, for people would send Car me, fxr ano near, to asccrtam whether their cases were Uio mine. For maay years, la conjunction with my principal office In I'MladelpMa. I hare been making regular pn>- tauloaal visits to Now York. Boston. Baltimore Pittsburgh. Fn many years past, I have male as many as five hundred examinations weeklv, wua me “Eesptrona ler." For such examination* my charge UuvcdoUara, end It enables me to give each patient the true con-h --t urn of his disease, and teU hlciraxkiy whether he will " Tbe great reason why physician* do not cure Con sumption Is, that Utey try to do 100 much; lb if glva nedklnea to step tec couch, to stop thu night >wea£*. hectic fever, ana by so doing they der-iace tho whole digestive syaietß, locking up the sccretloas, anderea ttully u e patleot dies. The Pulmonic Syrup is one of the most valuable medicines known. It U nutrient. p»werfa>ir u>3!c.aod healing In Itselt. It contains no opium, yet lo era* the pbelgm in the bronchial tabes, ana nature threw* I; off with Utile exertion; ote bottle freqarntlr cur an or dinary co*dt but Itwill be well first to take a <io*> of Scbenck’s Mandrake Fills, to cleansr the stomaelu Tho Ihilmoalc syi up U readily digested atd absorbed Into blood, to which It Impart* lu Lcaling properties. Ills one of teebe>tpreoaraaouaof iron luuw*; ituapjw erfcl tonic cf Itself; and when the Seawet-1 T-.ulc dis solves the mocu? la the stomach, and b carried uJ by the aid of the Mandrake Pills, a bealthr tliw of gastric Juice, food appetite and a good digestion follow. The Seaweed Tonic is a stimulant, and none other is required when Uls used. It Is pure and pleasant; no bad effects like when using Bourbon whbkcy, which disorders the rtom.vcb. torptrs the liver, leek- up all the secretions, turns me bionl teto water, dropsy sets In. a&d tbe pat.ent dies suddenly. Bourbon whiskey u recommended now a-days by al most every physician. Many patients who vUU my rooms, both mate and lemaic. are stoppled with »m* poison. The relief Is temporarv. if ihcv coagu. tner takes Utue whiskey; If they feel weak and feeble, they jak* * little whbkcy; tf they esnsot »!e-p. th-v take a Utue whiskey; and then go on in this wav, reicinnH more and more, until they arc b:oaU?l an. and tnaglne they arc getUnp Ceaby. Thj stomach, liver aad «li gesttve powers arecompleUfiy 1 lo?e tixtr appettte for food, ho one was ever cured or i'ic.ra> tton by tbbprrcws, where ramfe* have tonaed In the lanjs, a little stimulant is frequently hcacfic'al to Consumptives, vxi-na.- imre i.rtsdy or g,.ud vinre; la marl case*London porur or brown >t .r.u in nume rate quanUtk-*; Iml Bourbon wUik-y L.vtcas 0- in stead of curing consumption. The SKAWbKI) TOxIC preluw lastls* results, thoroughly ißTlgoratlng th? stomach anl d!restive sjjt-m, and enabling It t<» eilmtuste and make into healthy flood the food Hut may h- use>l fe: tiat narv Ev. It Is #0 wonderful la Its effect* that a wise i?x>« I will digest a hearty meal, and a little ot It Utea before breakfitsl will give a tone 1 > the stomach which few meillclaw poes.-ss the p'wer of dclag. ThcMA>DRAKE FiLlim*y betalcm with entire safety by all age, and conriiu>m.<, produ-lcg all the good results that can be obtained trotu calomel or any uf the mercurial meoiclntM. and without ot their hurtful or injurious result*. They carry on; .if tb-r sys tem the feculent and worn-oat matter- b and dissolved ty my Seawetal Tonic aad Falmonic rvnip. It will be seen that all three of mynicUltmcs .vrc uoou o<l In most cases to cure comiamptton. i atlectscauronsnlt me at rny room*. 32 Bottd-et.,hew Yors.wvery ICESOAV. trom •> a. in. tofifkm. All advice free of cnarue; bull..- a thjr oogbexan.mario& with hU respirometer. ?5. Pnet-of the Pulmonic Syrup and Se ta i-M fo tc. .-a.-h jl 5C per bottle, cr t“ JO the half Mandrake Pt.l-.fi3 ceaw nbox. told by dnigglste and dcakr> everv where. A Pill supply ra:i always |«e obtained at hi’ reoiua. 32, Ucrd *u,>iew York. DEMAS UARXtS 4 C0.,21 Parle row. New York. General tvr.oleaalc Agrr.ra. M A “The wondertul progress vt M-r dnMug tfcep«« *Lr yrnrs cnly.m-ili>n It p .*- _M Mf tiblc fbr the conscientious PnyMclau todw — cure, now, that Cossraamux is as era -'Til.’n.T crcrD as In t/rmttteht /Vr rr. aul as ore tAiSLT'rn»f*3rr*o as Small Vutl'—lU*. CAu/fca S Klny, Jf. D. LL. U H etc. KING'S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, Made from the Prescription of Rev. CIIAS. E, KINO, M. D. LL. D n etc., fur the Prevention and Cure ct cojsrstJMFTioisr as ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) Fortbe AaJf'oJ C»r* of ASTHMA, OKONCUIITS, C*» TAIU.II. acd all alTecli.-.a of the LUNGS. TH!?»AT and AIU PASSAGES; for and <r-riu y~I of the BLOOD*; and tor »U n - !(n 4 >' u ol tee Slnmnch and hmteU. IXlmtutiiluuli/ Increases the » trtngth the odor oftheyvi/e btnoJ. I: subdue, the rhtiu aad f*rtr, and diminishes the Krp*ttnraiUia. ft rh-cU ue niSht always. In f{vm«rr/. to ,Uvjt, The ipj fllif la at oace HrtjW-i\ir/d. *nd t*-c pat! ct ra fvf'/.’g the tuuitH, *ndt w tiiji-.-iitr mt* oJ7»respredlly relieved: the sl**p Ix.-oir.. * cilr.i and’ rffrt»Mi,c; the jsrcc.otion* regular and AI L THE GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONaUUP* HON, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. Ac.. DISAPPEAR WITH A REALLY 4aTU.NISiiISG RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION eh-,nldbe osol la ever? cobs where the oh) Melon procrlbe* “Coctm Mirrcna.** ••Tosics,” 1805, acids, Dans. ouctUK. c*id Lira Oil. Ac., and In every Dl««u-, by wuvtav ks saxK ksC'®^ , ,J b which there is evhlMtcd any oas or more of thefuJl* w l B * S'VJHTO.Jiw : Did cult or Irreguiar L-s-s ot Dream. Cough. Wasting ot Flesh, Sweat*. Bleadlngfroa the Lang* Lo-s of StrcngTnn>'?» ej Aptellte, G*-n:ra* Debility, Debility of Pregnancy and Nur*log. Flying Pains through the Shoulder*. Cheat, Face C r Luitn, Neuralgia. Nervous ILnduhe. Nervous Prnnratiuim Nervous Irrltatlcn, Glddlno* or Dlalness Elective Palcro<a* Sore llircar. Driwalne-a, Sl-rplU'-mesi. Djs> pepsla, Sour atoiuach. “Heart Dure," Oppression or hlnklngof the Stomach before or after eailnr. Coaati pailon, Eemlttert Fever, Ac., \c»aad m-mhit la all Female Disorder* or uterine Irregularities <ucb m Difficult, Painful. Suppressed. Scacly, Excessive, laycd. ITemature or L.o frequent Menstruation. Matcmeuls From Puilcnli*. Ac. “Tour Prescription saved my dangbler’s life, aatf has saved me hundreds of dollars.— Ret. E. Rcjo» irrs. lUmcn. N. r. “ Weble»s God for the we have received from Emr Prepared Prescription.**— U*v. P. FxesoKcnb 10-tbura, I*> cn. ** Every one to whem I have recommended it hashes eflted much by ltd use.**—Dev. C. D. Jo.vrs, BniLi Doras. astob Puirg. N. Y-—ln «he early part ot February, VsC, 1 was sud-nur from a vriicn; b»r which! bad been treated during six months pre viously without benefit, 1 bad .Vicar .vrsnty wnich completely prostrate-; me. lattieeveslog. hoarseness would come on. which would prevent me frjm«peat- Inc above a whisper. 1 had then bad two attacks at Heeding from the lung*. MyCs-dly I’bydcUu assured me that he would da no more form*. 1 waa growing rapidly woise, and bad been compelled to leawbaM. uess for nearly two month*. All my jvir.ptom* Indi cated. unmistakably, the presence ot CON ■m.'MPTIOW. la the beginning of February, lie. Fuim. JrrasMrer <■/ rfle J>»rrtnnt IHbU Sr.ei-t , nr—rated me with a bottle of the PREPARED PRESCRIPTION In a few day* my appetite (whlcn I hail entirely loitx, returned: within a wetk. my cough bvi aiaovt left me: and in less than two week* the. were broken up. Thenceforward I regainedstreiuih rspldJr and am bow regularly attending t.> duties a* clerk to the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, ploymeat l bavebwn nluprear:. I am now cnbrlm Komi health. Tour PKEaCfIUiTION rHeeled a Cl/rtfl when my friends despaired of mv re overv. -f . tilOS. J.'LONGER. I have had Nxcvor.* oc Sraeuunic actus* fjr eleven year*. Dorlogtb* last six yean 1 hive n*vo: had an cnlnterripted night’s rest. It often seemed to me that I would die before I could get sir into my lungs. 1 suffered •» greatly from *»liortii*«s«>f breath,*- that I TP count-lied to tax-* frequent mu In walktujr from my residence to my pu-e of burtne**. •• Tl.e night belure I obtained the * PREPARED PRE SCRIPTION' ci< the worst I ever passed. <>u o’ltatu teg the remedy, l toon a tea«pooafai at no*u and agada at night, and slept all night without waking. 1 bare sot naDx neost* sight’* f-n?<T sere*. • • • • i have now completely recovarod my strength and spir its. and am not at all air.lcted with * sbcrtncMuf breach.* I shall be glad to hare any one afflicted with Asthma call and See mi. EZRA C. LANODON, wuuumb- v.- “So.SIX Fourth-*t. New York.** The “PREPARED PRESCKIPriON** u put up m a fl bottle, nd Is sold by ftLl*-S ± SHARP, til Late st- : BL'CE, 9lt riark-rt.; J. PAIUJONo & CO.. *1 Oark-st.; DLcTIE A SfCiltEV. 1)3 Kan-l dpli-su Wholesale Agrr.ta for Chicago. 11R BURNHAMS A > AN MIIAACK. and by Draggist* gen-rally, or orders maybe addressed to the Sofv j-roprletcr*. OSCAR O. MOSKSA CO n If New York. Ofr sultatlon frre. A Circular, ccstalsls? pazrculab o» xamr ca*z* sacce>«fjllv ireateiLwll] be * malL to all who will write for It. TX 7 HY WU.L iOU STJFFEU > * fbtn KIDNEY DISEASE. GOUT. GRAVEL. RHEUMATISM. GONORRHEA, Ac, when SMOLANDES’S EXTRACT BTCHU WDI cure you permanently. Ladies Should Use It. Frtre only One Dollar. Slid by n. SCOVIL, AgsaJ or Chicago and vicinity- fHagtr l\u(5g. AbllES WELL! WEARS TVELL The Genuine Magic Ruffle! These nods. taring the above traie-mark on the Box and Card, are warranted to ;ac-uur! ,ix fan -ana in each piece, and to Wsxc acd Waaa a* veil as aar made hr hand. * □sue nr uuu. THE GENUINE MAGIC UTFFLES. mil rated by the original Inventors atd patent■•«, is ,aoe rtor machinery, from the best material, and careful ‘nperri-lon, hare withstood the te«ta ot Srz Years’ constant cse. glnnn Invariable aaamgirtlon. Maanfrctoredby ThE MAGIC UUFFI.E COMPANY. No. 9Artanib*r-*L. New York. Also Maontactuim pf BUFF L£ FLUTING IRON 9. Hoxs-Mans Ecnua 3Ugal. \\J HZREAS, Samuel J. Walker, oi Uic VV city cf Ccnlrctcc. sut* ct B-mtutsy. by kla mortgage deed, dated the first day of May. A. D-, end rtorded In the Recorder's Office ot ice County a? Coot aedSt»te cl Illinois, lu 3. ok Si cf Mortgage*, a: pare SU. conveyed to the urdtrsieued. fhebe u. Weis, ot Peon*, and ot Illinois, me fodrvm* describee real estate, to-wit: Part eftte a=rt east quarter of so ticn six (6,) la towns s: p thirty V ns,) north of rcaa fcerteen (li.) east of me to'rd principal m-nliaa. de scribed a* toliowi: commencing at the sertneast ear ner cf the sertheart quarter cl said section six flj thencesjutb mjs tutdred and sixty fI3C) rets to xse «cnln line ct * taldonartcr seccon; thence vest elot£ imd south Übb , MtyftOroas: m-nccacrtnosaUd' parallelwithlhfl * d tine oi sard quarter *ecticc cue hundred and atztp Ik * UTO rod*, to me lino cf sate quarter U' a-'ong saift>cora line m the place of begta- Dlnc—con»!xlag«sa» acres. Said mortrvie deed . mg been given aid made lor th£ purjvse -1 securteg the payment cf three cerliln promlw.jr/ nctu, of 'v date as said mortgage deed. &r the inmul tvetiw* * fight hundred and thry-three acj R»S'-'.u» doHara, (lh£a£V.) each beanrg intcrbft at u= -ate ct six »s*.pcf annum from dare, sud piyaclem one, two Ujrecytaxf, r.'»rcrave)y,trom date. wtenat.del»u:t bavins hoanmadeinmc piymntef laid ode cue in one y-ar from dale, to tU: cn Ih* Isa lay of JUy, I'ro; therefore, nonce u Utrety e'na tb.ti.under acd ty virtue oi ln» power vestedlama of said ceng-ige deed, have tc deelsr*- id a£ .••Idpfvtttswrv tore* icwdne a».t pav\nte, tosrThsr with tn«Mni-rtst thereon, ardt,-« i. by ays'ln agtck ■r sttornty, wt;i sell the above deacn>*c. prcmuco. at poblicaseticuitUe Conn Hcu*e dc-c., tx the city ot Chicago, County cf Cook, tor Uic puiu'fe ct paying aO •d tala Promike-rvacte»andU»crc»v<ra* tM:d day Of December. A. liSE. at bra o’clock a. ot »iI(S day. PHEBR H. WEISF. Mcrtgajee. ylhtosn-cx gilLlautrb 3.gcnts. Gold Medal Sewing Machines In every City and County in the Caiotu The least crmtllcatid two-thread Ma la tho world. Address a. f. jutiNSOS & CO, 331 Waibititoa-sU. Eoisoa Hast.