Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 1, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 1, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicaga tribune. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1566. THE CITY. T? I ''t” 1 " monUll r OMtlrit of mi. KJf. held on S»tnri w «t theVoiiw U “ AmocliUoi ‘ rooms, at half-past n , S ,^ dcfLT Ih-ob*d.—a soa of Mr. Gammon, ofths him of Eastman,Sous A Gammon,was aencmslp Injured on Wodnosdsjonmlnr. Infill -sffi“Ss.f «n West Usdlson slroet. 2dfrSiK 0 0 i". b<,u ‘ «M A Pin Sras o» Bosses.—Colonel (Pood, of Wood’s Museum, has purchased from Bonorable W. S, Wilcox, of Adrian, .Michigan, a splendid team of grays. The bones have attracted much attention in Michigan, and at the late State Pair JwiT. d Ihopretnlom The price paid by Colonel « ood was KLooo. They are expected to attire In IbU ntj in a few days. Pcßxiemxo Goons.—Winter has come and wlih It the necessity tor gentlemen to supply themselves with garmenu for protection from the cold. Those wanting cassimeres or wool shirts. hoelcfy. heavy gloves, mitts to . d a complete line at Wilson's, No. 19$ Dearborn street, at low prices. Their stork of fi.-s, train, handkerchief., Am’ Arnffacomplctef Tni Bonsn Tmtr.-ia the Tmarsi of Wcd c?f dav nenbon was made of the arrest of Louis . c-cldt, who, on the Cth of September, stole two spans of horses, and, bringing them to (bis city. f°! d to Parocs on the North Side, and clears, on. with the money. Schmidt received nu dial examination yesterday afternoon, and was required to rive ball of f 4,000 for his appear ance at the Recorder’s Court. i v GhasdJ cur nr rnx Ciecltt Cocht.-A grand Jury was cmpannelled in the Circuit Court yester day. of which B. 51. Singer. Esq., was appointed foreman. Ills associates arc Messrs. H. Jeaks Charles Sfhrocder, James Croshy. J. o. True’ u^h rd vm“ ct i t ’ i‘ samuel S Syl Jacob Miner, Imther Dmley, B. C. Godfrey Oeoree Imm, J K. Gaskins, bamuel Qaxaar. t! R Chatflcld, O. H. WIIIU, Ambrose Adams, Philip Allen. Robert Moore, Jerome Petrie, P. tunLell, James Taylor and Joel Hammond, Lrcrmr bt a Dtsnsensinm Htnraxnus Dr. J. J. BaiUngcr. late of m- United States army, and a friend and companion of me great Eoffuth during the Hungarian Revolution and dnrinc bU impri-onmeut In lathis city. He will deliver a lecture on Sunday evening in me Union Pari Congregational Cbnrcb. An Interest dl - cozrtc may be expected. Dr. is o-cof the most eioqo<*st meu among n§*" He came over to the United Stair* when to stay In Bungarrwa-of do further use to the cause S her freedom, and bas since obtained an mivUb?e repuutJbn as a scholar and worker eamw * Sold lx es Rmrr Cojarmxx.—This commU tee steels every Thnreday afternoon at the room* of tic T ourj; lien’* Christian Association In the Methodl-t Church block on Clark street, to fares licate claims for relief, and to afford aid to needy '°, ,d, l” "Wows and children. A sum o.tifcV.f f or ?*Jf b - T a matinee given b» ikVlcker and LU company \r^ E j - v - bal ttncb moro la needed. Colonel KS*! C ®»PW have now kindly volunteered a ,b i* benevolent and worthy obiect. T hl,r * da 7 not! whfD I i« hoped a liberal sum will be realized for the famines of our deceased soldiers, and forsnch soldiers a.-arc Incapacitated by disease or wounds from providing lor themselves. The omee ram ta^nt!*!! i f tolfce public without further stale- Jnisx.'cmsto at the norms — While happy family c.rcles gather around the homo tables to ci. : «*y their feasts of pood things the hundreds of Loach'?? persons who live “on the toad" or in htjlt public honfc? were remembered by the hosts of nnr great betels, who provided for them f».. r , Ol m,K ?r al ®l®lT»nce and variety. On-of JU iro.-t ma-ulficent entonalr.nici.ts of the day Mt,r °PoHtan Hotel by who Baldwin, the new proprietors, Tr.rtni-/ ‘“ J a , la! ?® experience In the business! r r h u’V 1 l ,riJ '*. ,n adding’to the attractions ' bnown boose, fie bill of fare on \ ro “JP t,! ; c, i over one hundred dishes of cool-ro?- varieties of »?,°V> ,r *V * i °- T vri’re of by some three hundr. l , gnefis. who sat down in high goodsnlr. I*?’ ncl. previston for tii-lr wants, and rose W-. 1 J(o! ■LS lf’&'J" Bb ' mlJ,l ° t -c:t^grj Pt.:rn Coktuact. Proposals were yesterday received hy the Board of Public Works tor ir.l.Ksi fowerage bricks. The condition of the proposal wa? that ihe bricks should be delivered r,™*l n r f' 10 . 5 !" th .® ,Inc * of < b ® sowers, to be con ftrertrd in the city, subject to tin ronm and In sprit lon of .be Board, to he whole, hard burned, -‘/d 5f o, i* “ e 'i PV ~We * aLd hats, square rd-ed Th-t’iosn-rcivedwere from A. J. K-i-eler. et ' ,S . for ,ac balance; li.;nry »w.‘"; S f Pf r V’pi' for the lot, and U.J. “fiver, j’. n !-V- S-» Ih H T 4' or V :e . ,T ‘ ,nd,aaa i-' r V -1, * : ' Thu last bid was li'furmal. 1 unortamp; it was naaccompauied by ft Lord, end upon the poii.r ofdelivJrv itwas Vt'Ji- Tir f-*'i , rOT ?‘V Dj: “* ! Lj? sd OB, y the d-J!r.‘ry g jf g.pj? r P°“ T* l ® conircct was awarded Wtu. Fixed.—A short lime since mention was made m these colnmns of the arrest of three brothel? l amed Blighc, residing at No. m Adams Ft-cct,-or a family quarrel in gcn-raL and the bcaliiigof oto of their wives, and as«anlUn of! ccrs In parilcnlar. About nine o’clock on Beau -day night Crane and dark vn te ca’o-d upon to pay the ho««c a second visit, i tioma it lake was beating bis wife and f.-arfaily cn the jsir.j.ape atuny Inleifereuce. Ileresiited jj.rc>-i in the most pugcacion.* atvlc, hrockln** down ore nr the officers. He was flna’lvovere rrme and ynlled rnto the Anaotr. Ou Thursday ai’-i.jng l.e ncolvcd oiaminstDr* at the Police Court sin. the sum of hi? oilences mar be -atUer- ; !lL \ l rc ' nU ' wh . ,cb He was ..I (>. .b- was required to give bail of wrt ni ’ V'!. h ‘ ncarc. n e wn- ommitta t fir u!al ‘n rn/i .A ", "S , I f ‘% “ dn, nk and disorderly, unMon.L.m-.daiso in fiiv hail lor retistingM yrrnoMsr M:«ion-art Meeting.—A number , . ' L ~ y} Wions Methodtit churches in the cu> held a meeting ye«tcmav afternoon In tho e ..--nn, „f the Clark Strwi Chareh, to devl«o Ur beet nu thoc for orranlang n sewing society Jf iltshodist Missionary Union Society in *‘ t 'f * r , ,T‘ r ;. , J> UUrJ ' ri * e commenced. Coa»td cnite t! > unfavorable weather, a large umalrr as. rcaibicj ard orjranlacd by electing Mrs. 6. II lu.fli-.j. I rMcrm, who stated the* ol.lccts of the cumins in a few pemnent remark*: It wa* evd ‘Lit cmra meetings be heM each week on fr\filV ',\' Th ,l 6 * o'c'oet. In the room ad- Jrinic- the lecture hall of Uark Street «1. E. n d con hmlue throughoni ih; day. I adtes a:r toquesled tocomc armed with thimble scissors and needles, also with a lunch, that ther may not bo compelled to return home f-y. rioiion of Mrs brown, the pastors of the dil.e' etit VothpcllM c'utrches In *he city wore rcouertt.l to rack* astrongaod powerlal appi-al to tnoir ccrrirrriiUons next Sunday morning to b:h-2 col'ocMonß of clothing for the la lies to Mori; nj ca. Ad.;oaracd until next Friday. TnnMtfirn Amos Case.-In the Tnmnse of Ncumbrrgcd sn account was pnMDhed of the a:ic*t oj Il.niy Wilier, formerly of thKclty, apon ti e cl urge of attempting tn barn tta steamer > , orJrr> , ir, on Ucrlrip from Detroit to Duflalo, ff 3 Cleveland, la the latter part ot September. «» l V°T l li,s l .‘ rp " ap s S!W,er WM en c*ccd In the sale IlhfSr? , Ci[j ' *1 N<> - 311 Stale »trert. In ' ia ‘f- je the services of Adolph ,i l a German bo?,* who proved to be c P O,, ? h P* lfcr mon-y from ti e <.r.i,., r. lc ibis be was octect-d by his em- I .ov. r, vh° only used the Information to lead .i“? J nlp - irra:er crime, hr :iirc«<*mnz ai l“. V 1 ■ s, * orc si:nl If the lw>y Ul • not co-operate v f,,; :" f b me*. Dennis became a victim. J-jll-ngvj.: nus boxes with article.-, the aggregate t alr.e of V Met was only f»l or *330. Miller pro ct..ia ~i; insurance npon them of 3f’,sut. The '; : . c 5 wpned to Detroit, n-d thence to Bof lulo on ihc ••Morning Star." Fou. diawfat at • ,‘: c wade to Cm the host. tneoi.b ~o«=lh k .'l j .tt|.hvcalncdb.dry tbeinsarancemaoer, .r d H i- at .he risk of the lnc«.'ivlury> own Hie *""W Bnrai... Xnvember I*l,. end sn examination before ITnitea SU'i Wilkins, of Detroit. Tm -va« com .or Hie ease is being tiled tiiDw.-ck in tLc 11 tied stares Darnel Court at Detroit. A FitAtt* nx Arram.—lf anything Is pr'.ssntei at tu-.-pouc' r-oert cf a more thin dialui icel charact'-r, the chances arc three to one that lie c.f-f. il-rs are from Brldgepoil. Yesterday nnreirg rne -James Croaley. a boy seventeen or cigat.'. n y« - a:s old. whose gcacr;.! appearance in cicr.ud j rvt enough il.tfllecttodl.Miogul-h him * r ,°i n * ! I , "’ Vir order of brines vvas arraigned npen the cVargc of attempted rape. The bo« has Le< ii ir.i:-: vmh bis married --ii-teri:. a house tie holiii.g Mills h. ilnagonort, and on ilii.r-oa> evening, at six o clink, in the absence of it *• y, the base wicich enticed a litllcgH. tLf wiiighicr of llngh Mclnng*din. agea seven atf. .1 L> r..e, Li d is-icalng the doors, made’he rao»t oKri>;;i r proposals to the chili, and finallr at tiiLiit;; I fotcc lo carry cal I Is haw designs, i 1 r ‘‘-•ui! help alarmed the members of {-(r cp :. i.-iuiily, seme of whom broke Into Ibc iu‘t>e ai d r.'-cLi-d her fiom the leonn-lrel. Th* irc.K-ci.t rhiii., pea-essing more than a n«oal do c.t- ol iu;., molesty and M*m:lug manners, vr. .• -r- uslrg wip.ess In Cocrt ag.viu*: Crow , - ■ s s r “*" : ;‘ l r .’ jn .- T and tear*. .".m-lingelose ny.i-. . .•■J.u-.lces.cbalr related lo him the d-‘- i •[ a ’'' at * ,on . Crowlev wav commitiorl lo s Conn, forttUl. in bail of ?S.iX«. —i he following extract Is taken from the hvanc'tlie (Ind.i Journal ol the llth of April, aj.d rtli-rs to the sen’or partner of tbe new commission uont* of Lawrence, Nixaen & Haller, to vho.-c cm<i. In another column, we would call ihr at.i’Liios of onrreadofs: *“.Ve regret toleam H r.l il.l* nomine we JOsc another of onr old f: lends and citizens, ene who has been a resident of HvaniM’i.. k, i oo g that Ids Departure will he rrvat.y rigictrcd by those with when ho has as sctnatid n.d litc’l. We allndeto Mr. M. A. Law* U«- ha> sold ont all of his interest In oar city, and will hereafter make hU home inCnicn-o, where Lc ht» jtAde permanent investments. fli« lamilr go « him. One of the reason* that has induct c th> chamre is that the colder climate of Lidcago -.-cms to agree with the health of bis cnlidJTE ’ utter theii Uu> climate here.” “Mr. Ir.w-recrotame to F-vansvill-fn ISI'. He a: o: c '* in any enterprise that seemed to be calculated ’n Increase 'the prosperity of our utv.aru remitted efficient aid in all of oar nof-ic in; private improvements. That be has beer. succv-eitt! In bis undertakings, la doe to the energy an-. real with which he pushed bis bush ei-trrp:i‘es. lie was a] .rays carefal In his IcTi-ftmcrts, and consequently flntnoal troubles that ruined ethers never caught him unprepared. \\ c Lave hrard him say that in the darkest hoars Cunaciilir. he Lcrer suffered his name to be pro. tested, or forfeit'd a money promise. This fact, of itself, is sufficient to cite him a pr-.niaent place strung tuc business men of any city, and establish hi; credit wherever he Is known.” Police CoionssoKCCs Metttsg.—The regular meeting of the Board ol Fire, Police and Health Commissioners was held at their rooms jester day afternoon. Present, T. B. Brown, President, Commissioners Gund tad Titswortb.tndtbebeads of the li re -Department*. * Ihcralnuu-s of the last meeting were read and approved. The rv»l S o»i!on of Owen Doherty, member of 5-o. lc.- force In the Third Precinct, was offered SV.' 1 ./. cc Wt I,r,J *. officer resigns la order to CH the office of Justice of the Peace to which be Ll ; > *;!«ted- By request of Captain J Ih ? I’rtaocv, it was ordered ** the psy of tae r7' cd ? ca ’ who bare been absent a 1 ti 8 **% of November on ac- S Comd UorTltl - w “- A complaint was received from officer Briaker man. cbarcirg officer Joeepb Hsgcu wlib ina-ing a rrin to strike the complainam, which he did without interference oa the part of the officer On motion of Commissioner Gaud, Uagan was ordcrcl to appear at the next tn.-c ting of the Bsard for trial. On motion. Commissioner Tttrwortb was an. thotired to act for the Board of Police In con junction with the City Comptroller In regard to purchasing Airmens’ uniforms authorized by the Common Council. Edward P. Ward was appointed Secretary of tbe Board to date from December Ist. Os motion tbe Board adjourned. ST. AnDBEW'S DAT. Annual Banquet of the Illinois st* An* draw’s Society. Yesterday, the anniversary of SL Andrew’s Day, and the twenty-first anniversary of the Illinois gt! -braied b; Andrew’s Society, wu cclch jj oar Scottish dliiPßj In tbclr n*n»l beaMy hilarities and brother* U fashion. The annual banquet rircn in the oven. Inc at the Briggs Uonse was attended by ore?two himdrcd goes is, «sd vu one of the most success »JSS tr^uhdd'wfm^’S 61 * ““«« of Ibi 8ocl«- HSS üB|U,« : M, ' om “n> 0-1, to %ffiS&S&S3SSSiS-wwn. wSflt!. ant Sf ST t ‘<try—TAt. Adam Stewart John Alston. John McAUlater a ° bc ' tH 'C T ' 1 - *-W. M. Dil” r ig; the ® J 1 * 4 litctl to in attendance, and SpSiHISSSi and upon the wild heather Mila* I ".is o r M r b »..^ n v r tto doth Xna removed. and the wineenn ■ ;«v polio* .afwSSt on# connected with ScottishUateVi£a *.coltish customs, which make tho sensor SeoHi? «mM7 rOTCrbi f 1 for their love of it SJg ll p™ V F. r L C " m T? 10 keen alive lbe meSf/Tr *~, l ,£ c .L. * nod - n « concloded by civlnp- th*> t rcirnlar toast of the evening; 1 B * vin « 100 of oldcST"' ,Ujnor *'■" B“a--‘G*fb tS: ““ t rfS ?'“ “ Mt ot 1110 evening n, c ?r &«f Britain ” Band-“Ooi brieVbr s?r e *fSrif T sf "“ponded to in n*?Vi«i ti' ji ♦°f Montreal, who colored ptefent^ I *’ and cxpreascd his pleasure at being l0&it ’ “The President of the •T»nii to responded to by Hon. Kor utan B. Jndd. He said the office of the President* he i?, 091 honored of any on the face of the jJobe. It Is one to which the humblest as well aa the most wealthy mar asnlro it li It bids manhood seek to derelop what Is best ffltetteiS'ce. °°° *° ““ ““wkoworttuljr Thefonrth regular toast of the evening »nn, f«-« U7^. cn throughout the world,” wasrccelved In an enthusiastic manner hr the entire comnanT and was responded to by Robert Herrey. Eao n aong hy Mr. Banter, the flflhandslrth Th® memory of Washington •’ “4 . May cam and trouble ne'er tash. but mirth - - Wera «■>"■>■* iIS? bj ,h ' Mcd rnll'-cncd lh' b";. ISfme rSto£ ““ P “ Er ” cpsr * lcJ “ “ ootlj boar Anus E .HE STS, WfEic*.—Last everting Hiss Jenny night took a benefit, and the lecture room was crowded until Ihcre was no standing room loft. The “French fir n fm C it ln '*? W ® Pril, . cc ” m * ae “P the bill, me J.r-t mentioned piece. In which Miss Ulcht « , sTf‘ lir ? rtb ' ! fin,tl!me at the Vu-enm. Is one which has been rendered popular by artMcs of the cuhas school, who court applause by adoptin'* a cennm immodest attire. III? creditable alike to •he good taste and abih ty of ills? J. nr. v Ilighl. that bcrmiditlon of the character wa? eminently sac il!”H' wil, I ? OD , t . b **rrowing any que-tionable ef- Hr C l!* 0 f n .h lhß ma A e , u 3. which Could not hive d ' bc »0« delicate taste, “ The Invisible IVincc is one of the best ot Mua night’s perron n',d b " a K9 Into play some ol her finest nnirtm lacnHie*. It was well brought out last c M! ir s and oltcltcd load applause. ll>e beneficiary was called before the curtain ot the cose of she first piece, and on briialfof her numerous friends was presented by Manager *i i*V' - an elegant Lox of perfumer v. n mas si ve gold chain, a watch and diamond ring. She ac 1 Lcn 111 8 m(,dca tiitUc speech, brimful 0 McticKntfl Tinu-njE.-Jlr J. 11. Hackertlook bw nnrivalled rendition of St Ssi wn"!*. Ucnry to* Fourth - The bona , JLr ,M fiUcd cv ? r - T P arL Wr - Hackeu ap. tb « CTCBio >.’ for the lasi time. At the ti lliu afternoon the character of Falstaf will be again presented. a Inn CTkcra.—lhe Coliseum drew a large audl !!V^.l!' t .-’ TcmD S% a, V 1 presented Uie usual variety ol attractions, ihe bare back riding and the tra peze are mu-t excrtlcal. * /-A®-*' 1 Umiustias Associatiosßcxurtr Concepts.—The first of tiir sene* of miscella neous convert? for the benefit of the Young Men’s wiU bo given on Monday .veUng atlL e Opera House. A hriUlant combi cat,oi» of musical lalent isannounced—the llmch fnson Family, the Orpheus Club. Mr,. C. D. Car tiogton, Susie Traverse, the child singer, Mr. E. niil ilf 1 lh ®'l°-u» 9 L iir. Uobjohn. the plaijUt, and last, nol least, Uaus Balatka, coa- U-CIU.T; Wrmx.-.'nie great otfgfnal “Mdy l»abd and .J me Vine, lu “East Lvnue, or the Ijlopement, will appear here at C»oV*V fl Opera Uome. ou U ednc’-nay night nex«, sustained l»v a lull and cuiCieui company. E - ux ;— pymnaftic entertainment win be given on nrtadiy evening by the Turner’s Aihociatlou. for tbe benefit of Idr. Frits Bach ii.arn, A mil atlciidance may be BcncEAns Disposed Or.—lt will be remem bered by the readers of the Tmm;.vc that a lew i.fghts ego Ihe hoot and shoo store of Mr. Jewett, at No. K;T Dearborn street. wi« citicrcd by bar«, and a quantity of good? carried away, niJliam Bantu end Christopher Stephens, two hoyij.j 100-ting young men, were arre-'ted four or dvc days since as being of the partv who commil ttd lh- burglary. They were examined y.-MeMay attm.oon bvforo Justice? Millikcn and Starte \anl. It appealed from tiis evidence elicited that the volet emuer oTihe gang had hoi )>c«n can-at. J'ctues iiiC Mepheiu «c. e principally guilty of receiving ot.d dlspo-Jr.g of the goods. Each had a palm the sto.en boots on his feel. They had , a V - , 1 ’ or three pairs to cmplovees at the Vari eties Theatre. At the same-pucr were fo*ind -c --cretcd two "cr thtee more pairs, svphcus wa» committed for trial io ball of ti.r-CQ, aud Barnes was summiUcd In halt of fUKiO. Barnes was also examined cron ti>e chare-- of burglary npon the ealoon at No. 1?j Dvarb-.'m street, two or three $1 M» “go, and «zs coairalaed for trial iiibatl of«Ti-ai committed for «rial In ball of cneo. the ;ia; :I.** who broke Into the ►aloon if Charles WcMiall, at No. W Monroe •sheet, about two month* ago. Cook Covstt and t:ie Piruuc Pcnoot*.— Cook Comity has paid into the State Treasury, as the proceeds of «axc? forlS;.»: For iLc fnpport of free schools Oilier State taxes Tola] Cook Count? received from the State for The «r 2.?. T \- ef f lT® t ' M * ~OoK for the yea* »ii lnat ,«»« county pavS 5 fl.Wi.'.j for the snppoit of schools In other part- of (he Mato. Other t*aru of the Slate ought to appreciate the cllt of Cook County. ATTryrrtn A uses.—A little after one o'clock on Thnrsday mornlrg the attention oi Offlcers Ry der and Soblewas aiuaded by a bright light In the cigar and tobacco store ol Frederick Schnlb: at No. Jll* South Clark street. Hastening to the •pet they observed through lu-j ui:,d o ;v Mr. . cbQhz in the act of lighting a piece of newspa per at he gas burner. Quietly watching, tbev -saw him take u.ouii- and aii'nintto f ailte -.•mi: nnpaicd Under In a ciear-Dox located near me i ntijc coiubn -tH.le mstcrial of the s>oro. Af jcrthuspieparing the incendiary flames the nitn : rn-nly ryaied to a room in the rear. I'hc oSccr i .bon gained admi>.-ion to the place, and after .stlnri.ishmglbcfisnie*, arreted Sohnlizapd a ma P ra, ‘“’-1 llcUf J. F,ck wl»o was with biro and i.ndonKMily cognizant of all that had don lire two tncu wore anaigned at the Polic- i'g-rt J inuvjisy morning ior examination Mlmlizwa* .vmmit-fdmr trial in liail or amt Ksf: in t .Mr.MVmtz was In-met! for f V-W, aud that .here was less than ?2ro worth of goads ou hand •vhi L be attempted to fl.*- the place. Wrnt IxTOcr to Kill.— Pa’rich Snipe was ar raigned at the Police Court yesterday roomin'* upon the very crave charge of assault with Intent [a kl.h A large sired case knife, half worn ont In forays upon tough beefsteaks and badly blnntcd et thec'id oflhc b'adc, ws« on- of the witnesses arralr*. Patrick. It was found npon the spot, *« bk-h w as on Clark street be tween «huutcnth and ronrtrctuh streets. Patih k denied ever havin'* seen the hrko before. The man alleged to have been subbed, Henry McNally, residing at No. vMVentworth avenue, was nnab'e to app-arla « onrt. U appears thaion Thnrsday night Patries jtaned Irom a saloon with the intention of "olng •lotne. Meeting McNally and one or two of bu irienda an expression was uttered that excited an gry ‘, ahfch developed In blows Indicted urcnblilw. Shine had no means of dcl. nce in <I« estimation except a pocket knife, and with •hat be stabb'-d McNallr several times, earnin'* ; c?h woerds. The case knife was utterly ropadu at i \ s “* l,c held to hail m the sum of J2OO ard the case was continued amll Tuesday nexu Death.—Dr. Thomas Wilcox Jones re -Idinj* at the comer of Ontario and Clark streets w « attacked with a fit of apoplexy about half. !'«! «s o clock on Thursday evening, and died Almost Imtnedlatclv. The doctor nu a eon ol the relehratco Doctor Jones, of Middlesex Hospital, iSS. f 1 n ° h i* d »S ■ physician in the uritleh navy; also. la the army through the last Indian war, and In the Crimea. 11c was through the whole o» the American war. In the cmploV-' ;nent of the United States Government, and was very highl/ esteemed by all In the service. He has resdert in this city about a year, and was get nng Into an excellent practice. The funeral took place on rnoay afternoon at his Into residence. DiscrAßoro.—John t-pclz, charged with recelv log stolen goods, knowing them to be each, la conrnetlon with the losses sustained by a whole -ale grocery house on Diver street, was examined dnaliy before Justice Milliacn yesterday after noon and discharged. There was evidence sniff, ••lent for ttiOLgsuepldone, bat not enough to hold him for trial. FROM -ST. PAUL. Thanksgiving lncome Rein res Anonal Mecmbont Kacnrslon—Sleighing. (Spidal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, November 30. Thanksgiving Pay was very generally observed by the snspention of business, and usual church services. The Income returns of this city show 4TS per sons taxed, and the aggregate incomes of same amounting to ffKlJtfi, St- Paul pays sixty per cent of all Income tax In this district/ The annual December steamboat excursion takes puce to-morrow. Sleighing is tolerably good in the city, but poor in the country. The Turf. K>cixjioto, November 33.—A trotting tuairo, mile heats, best three in five, between pvxtcr and Silas Ulcb, at Jackson Park, yester day, attracted an immense crowd. The race was for a parse of f 1,500, the second horse to receive ?.-v. Dexter won in three straight heats. Time: «Cl 3-5, fc27;4 and 2:85. A Repeal el tbe Ucveoae Lawn Urged. I’niLADtrcix, November 50.—The AVirs of Ibis city has an elaborate and aide financial article this morning taking ground in favor of the repeal of all internal revenue Itws. and demonstrates tbs pnctlbnity of doing so without damage to the Government finances. r*terra oa the Coast, New Tons, November 30.—N0 despatches from Europe bv the Atlantic cable have b-cn received to-day. A heavy Mono hai> been prevailing since yesterday beyond Calais, Maine. A Destructive Conflagration at Wyandotte. WTAJmorrE, Kansas, November M.—The gro eery and provision store of J. J. Collins, tbe hotel owned by Mr. Uoep, and three or four tenement 'houses on Nebraska avenue were bartud last night. Loss estimated at <50,0(10, partly insured. the most destructive fire that ever oc curred here. PBOM NEW TOES, ,b ' «»■!*"« aiTfrl. take Obeaplu.-Dlreci Oemmeelcatlea >™ b fewTork-Orc.lrj-.ChM. ra« for the Henatorahlp, Are, (Special Despatch to the Chlcaeo Tribune.] An ,m P«rtMt project ia on foot to construct a t '°" “o Und.on River lo Lelto Cham- JS"’ r ,rill b ” dlrect mler commaal v cl "‘ tween New A ork City and the Great liVm * ggpsssags g^afc&sss SRS^ssasgase SS.'«tsFSSJS slSla^isssi *f the New York Dry Rudi Exehaaze STES'ES Wblakey Dtailllei^lArMQwtllJlrpSl troleam Baned-Bllliard Match. NrwTonK, Novembers.—The New TorkT>r» p'prny^ made^BmokjrL° r nlidt wblfl,£e 7 dlatUlem were de^ 0 ?„“wc"*„l.^ PeC ‘ ed m "' hlnt ' d " d «“4- _A ® r . e to-nlghl destroyed seven thousand bar *Sl a «n r P® tr olenm, the large building containing i b «°Jlj a box lactorr. a planing mill, a portion o? a lumber yard, and four cars loaded with netra. lenm. The building containing the oil was a on*. XlaSeloif&cl! 0 sr‘^ ru * d fc ? l ,qa4re * owned by uaxieion «t Co., of Maiden Lane. The Ufa Mm. tocnced in Uus building by the bursting of a hap »>; severely injuring** jf r . Henmanf foreman •n«t h i e «^S!f“ oa, s* box factory, planing mtii tS SS*? yard belonged to M&fi7Brflh?re Mi°o. flrß w . er ® cut'rely destroyed,-and the tetter partially burned, They adjoined Ufa oU to*mS! nt ,10,0 W ’ loss alight. All v *ifbe billiard match at Irving Ball 10-nieht McDevilt and Goldthwalte, the Utter Defitf i.mT. re Stand nj: OoMthwalle, 1,500; He ?. an Fraa cisco has reached this P««!t ? 1 i% or ?. iI 9? rt 2F' "hero ebe potln on ac rout of defccUvelbonere. Her passeaeara Lave gone forward by another steamer. B *“ re FROM LAWRENCE. T Jj”Tf ,,lnt-Tlcl4 " r Bnornaß, Tlie i-rnmorlal Cootcei—Prom New Mex. ■ eo-*armdrr ol Indian. - Barbonllij Among (he Somber, Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lawrckce, Kansas. November 80. ThanfcscrringSl.'ay was generally observed in hH dly. 11.0 cUnrcbes hold onion services.! tboM. 1.. Church, Ilov. C. s. Doathom, o3cl atlng. 1 The yield ofwbcat In (his State ibis season has been enormODii for the amount of surface sown. The SWfJorma! notice? a yield of .1,000 bushels of spring wheal from a field of 100 acres, an aver age of thirty bushels to the acre. It sells at Cl SO pv-hn?hcl. Ui..*-"BdP and the Senatorial contest arc the ea gvo-.-ti.-r topics oflutcrett. i h preporition to saddle the State with a debt iif u:ie Loil.ious ol dollars for Internal Improve- [ J . ; }r ®«y much dropp-d. Also eight ofree«hirtycan.Udaf 4 |of the Senate. It i" P- cm- generally conceded that Senator Pomeroy Who the o:her Senator wUiba C! * u^a * nl,a! 7 alaae will determine. P C °P. ,C of>ew Mexico are p»aving and nro- Jesting acaiost the removal of the heaa<rtartere of that U:s Met from Santa Fc to Fort Union, and the removal of :roop s from SanL-.Fr cod Ft. aVot qaerqne to the frontier post?. Captain Dutler re p. ru a*-, 1 DdrlonlM , K,v.l„ iuicl, hS, tia he.- Indian?, •n-rcn l .‘rod hi asclf to the military to he to the Ho W, r lr Ch -' U tf > ltn - now entirely •!»“V ar « of ihc Xavajoes who are yet at large are without anychlefofnoie, and. con reqnrntly, without any [real -organiza’ioa Bar reported hi laU chief of jjdnoocc { 1 8 lldbe ai!d surrender may ]oe chiefs Le thl ‘ «“wci.aer of the last of the Nava- FROM NASHVILLE. Railroad ColllHion-Scven Penoat Rilled, und n Unrac Number Wounded* Arrest nl n Noted Guerilla. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NAsmuxu, Dorembcr sn. A fata] collision betwem a freight and gcrlrein orenrred near Corinth, on the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, this morning abont one oc.ock, by which seven persons, among them i.ifi C ? udu f ,o ,r ° l ts,ft P train, are reported 1 VV- 0 nn ‘ i l' > \ r wounded. Both trains Jl l uniP(i C '* V ”’ rec^cd * several of the cars be r“ a . D!c -'- ”■!>» Ha. comnit.j.d mr>snho“km.- m.irecra In West Tea ncsioc during the war.’ha* b?<-n arrested tv-re uno is n.»w iu ja;L He will he flret seat to Henry < aunty io l.c tried fir itilllng the bhcritt who endeavored to arro-ti Mm Is-t January, lie Is coiuidotcd bcifar (ban Champ Ferguson. < Appropriated for ibe Poe «*f a Brooch National Military Academy— Amnesty and >at>rngc Bill Iniradncctl. Arc, Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NA.sjtya.ic, November 30.1 SC'I. In the llmwe to-day, the bl*l appropriatin': the Hefmitagc property and two hnnirel acres of land adjoining to General Grant, to be used as a branch of the West Point Military Academy, raised a third reading, and Is now a law. The 1.111 provides’ust miuul.l the Government refuse ,h . e < T. l, 2r St ' r,ro ■'!" V h ° r starch next, the tio.e no. s.talj d!*po»e of all the property oxcop: the hon«es amt Ofty acres. its j. A bill pas«e«l a first reading authorising the i.orercor.o rall ont five regiments of loyal mlh* down insurrection and protect lac bal- m] 11 ?’ s * ,intor Trom t,li3 coantv, intro »'nfcdabill in Jho benrtc to-dav uroridin • for amnesty and Impartial suffrage .lHly,lSi.. None can vote who are unable to read and write. Ttc franchise Commitc is now bur dened v iUt suffrage bill*. FROM: MILWAUKEE. SXliO.l* . *n»,3J3SS TbncU«clvlnß~l7n l on Rrlirlon* Convention -bt. Andrew’,* Soclctr Snpopi—niaaptieiir. ed-Orlaln of n Fire-Thc Wcaiher, Ac, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Mii.wAixtn. November 30. Thanksgiving yesterday was more than usually observed. Rcl'glcns services were held In all the churches, and tee poor were especially remexn hexed and furnished with iurkte« in abundance. A call Is made for a Union Religions Convention, to l*c told in this city for two or three dave, com mencing the VMh of December. The call Is «|-ned ' v I n >- Rev. Jas. Dixon, P. B. Pease, l>. W. PerUrs, I. C. UaV. a gmeral Invitation is extended to all denonlnailona. v 1 v «*.i An,,rew,s ?°ci«ybavc a supper at the i a ' , , U:;ht * Governor Fairchild and trdi, , .,i.-ht d persons wLI be in attendance, r sl:v ® U: S?, U 2I : " e hna of • 1 «*“»*on J?Uau s -r. Ct'darbutg, W Jjeonsia. came to this cuy with his wite several days atpv jrd left her atafrle-d’s «|Hciinjr to rcinmmafew hours, bat has not u r h '‘ ftß J, of ' !nco -. A ’ had several hundred dollars r. hl« pt>3*'asion, there are fears c! lonl plar. Tfcc erterapi thr bsmlr.r of 11. .T. Hllbtrf. <i's tlllcry wasftbm a caudiellzht n*edby the Gov ernment Inspector while filling a barrel with sph Its. The owners will sue tits Government for damages, as the distillery was insured for onlv three thousand dollars, amd damaged fortv tbonsand. The weather is cold and wintry. About an inch of snow fell last night. FROM SPRIXG FIELD. The Penitentiary Leiuve-Dranch Penltcn. ttary-UeportvirnoD-Jobn P. Keynoldson the Pnrts Kapoaiilen—McLean Caanty, (Special Despatch to ihe Chicago '*ribnnc.J SrciycrrxLD, November 30. I understand, from good authority, ttu.- the at t« nipt to annnl the penitentiary lease to the pres ent tenanta will bo renewed with increased vigor and determination, by the approaching General Assembly, on the ground that Jamea M. Pitman had no legal right to transfer his trust without the conrent of the party giving the original InalmmcnU.and for variooa other causes. An attempt will also be made to organ ize a branch penitentiary la the southern end of the State, a? the present is inadequate to the °* and too remote from the somhem Umita to be elLuer convenient or eco nomical. The Hon. John P. Reynolds, Commissioner from this Sta’e to the Paris Exposition, has made ms preliminary report to the Governor, showing the progress made tn the selection of Articles rep* resenting the Indnstrial products and progress of (he Stile hi agriculture and general wealth. The rcjKirt shows that tfie Commissioner. thni far. has met with much success, and that the Stats will be w«ll represented la this respect. The assessment of Mclean County far IVA Is SS.3LS,O&s which U a gain of <32,521 since 1963. FROM INDIANAPOLIS. Annual Reaolenat the Twenty-third Arm? Corns—OfficeM Elected for the Year—An nnnl fleeting ol the Indianapolis Geneva* lent Soclrir-Tbonksglyinc, Are. special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! IXDUxarous. November SO. The second annual reunion of the Order of the Twenty-third Army Corps, met in Morrison's Opera Hall, in this city, this afternoon. General John C. Mcf’nislon, President, in the Chair. The number of delegates present was small, and evinced a painful lack of interest In the object* of the meeting.* The principal business doae was the election of officers for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows • For President—Colonel Thomas Farleigb, of Kentucky. Scmor'Vlco President—General J. K. Bond, of Ohio. Vice Presidents were also elected from each of the following Stales: Ohio. Illinois, Kentucky, Indians. Michigan, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York and Ma*sachns«'tts. Secretary—Major A. M. AUn, of Ohio. The following genriemen were appointed a Cor resnoading Committee: Chaplain Pollock, of Ohio: Captain A. D. Harvey, of Indiana; Adju tant npoeo. of Kentucky. The meeting for the next year was find at Louis* vllle. Kentucky, on the Wednesday succeeding the 13th day of December, 15C7. The meeting then adjourned. A public meeting of the members of the corps will take place at the ball to-night. General Young, of Ohio, will deliver an address, and a po.m wll be read by Mr. Joseph M. Wood. Gov ernor Morton is expected to make a short speech of welcome to the soldiers from other States. In accordance with the nroat custom, the annual meeting of the Indianapolis Benevolent Society wa» held last evening in Wesley Chapel. The meeting was called to order bv the President, James Blake, Esq., and after singing, approprl. ate scl< chocs of Scripture were readjby the Rer. A. S. Kin man, after which prayer was offered by the Rev. J n. Nixon. The report of the Sccre* tary, Kev. E. L. Fletcher, consisting mainly of the minutes of last year's meeting, were Uen read and adopted. The report of the receipts and dis bursements of the society for the (part D S °^ c *fcs di "*‘tosSs “o .si*™ flSffvltSTVK *« ?“ b at»cmcnts made on L 455 or fir dt f wi t m- m l - e r COm v m ' ltm - f ° r ’' , ooil »cd VtaCM » bl >T". *ll»-m; Corpro *>r U X“ , P »K Sff&.lP 7 ” T /“°' ‘hS.d, ta -wSS ,1[0; “ u1 ’ tl7lll Officers wtre also electaj, and sollclUco com. S'**, "PPS'iim for the ensoln? in, ' c m (r^f 1 , e "?* ■PPropriatoly obsorred T»- lerday. Nearly ail Diaces of business wen closed VKudiovfcMheldlß.il the churches. Ser oftl/ a s c^f a . W k° " e onknowa, took advantage USfJSF i° # b s»k «"«<> the shed oaedbythe “? IndianapolU base ban dubsT on SSShS! and cleaned o’al WCrC hl^m dp “ SECOND DESPATCH. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trfbnoe.l Isduxapolis, November 30. Tic meeting of the Twenty-third Corps at the Opera HsJl was pretty well attended. General !*■*“*• pnnied * In a brief speech Introduced Governor Morton,[s M £ d lbe d tl e^,tc * * nd welcomed them wL elf £ff*n £s?®” oU S? ,bca address, finJ n«r?. 9 „2f eo a? c t ,e 55 u, » “ d contained many Ma J° r w °° d * P°«n was also well erIfSSSS 0 r- rad b P lht Secretary, from Gen e,d ’ Gov < rn °r Cox, General Bobaon, shle wfSn'd° oU,lCtosU,e,r r « rct »«“°> hang FBOM CIXCISSATL A^r.' r J’^ l * hcd - A "' ,n P‘ at Solcldo—A swindler—After the Gamblera-The rios. M;Srtn“ r ]Sr Cnb,e Acro ” • heou *« [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. CotcuntATi, November 30. A monster in human shapemamed Munson Der rfre,waa Imprisoned Unlay for kicking a little girl, his niece, almost to death. He had Just aerved a term in jail for attempting to kill his own slater, the mother of the girl. A Tonng man named Joseph Antrim, clerk for a m,ro4d engineers, attempted to commit enldde by swallowing laudanum, because detect ed in a career of systematic “robbery of bU em thJftfiSr ny l^?, h , l . d . t>gen , Btealln g Instruments from taWßtoroS™ ”* “'° PPOrt .™. , '.M° dl ' r "• m ' d E. H. EIIm, who his for Borne time past been carrying on the gift and lot. *** er the a aS. title of n iniama A Co., was arrested «nri P?®milted for trial. Be has been driving a very business, and hundreds of moner letter* add «"ed to the fictitious firm are now In ml lce i 9K snmd jury commend to aad * |>w-ahldlng cltlren*. the need of still greater and continual*efforts to enn press gambling honsea, and to br&TK fc P ?r thl r?, 4 V concerned befrj? ml ,T_s , the Criming Court for soluble pun- Tb_s£ to me prevaleuce P of •b* *®^R e cnlerpntcs, which, under some 111 ■J»»nn*tleally deceivear“S td«tb«.pnb.,,c'and ibey call upon all In author. to " ,pp ' e " Workmen were engaged all day decorating the oMßißg C ta l, fnAf ewllb,lapß and^ banners, for its i 0 , fo °l passengers to-morrow. The span presents a gala appearance, and has attract ed[thousands of people to-day. 51 i.m* vs !,crn Telegraph Company have kI 4 wWrl* ¥ rer 81 Maysrllle, wim mu bp u ttat place commaa ication FROM LOUISVILLE. An Unnatarnl Mother—Burned to Death— „ . . Damage by Rains, etc* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] x .u» .... Locuthl*. November 30. A child two months old, mother white, father black, was tound near Hahn’s Hill by some persons last nipfaf. The nnnatnral mother had wrapped • the child In an old cal ico dress and left It lying In a fence comer tn a cold rain. The child lived only bSS2' ,,w ' l - Tftt police are on the >ZhbLSrd q ! ' Vh ° ' rtli "= «^ e C DT c 'hf , *l°P b * r * colored, aged eighty years «^ s^sys^ H TSttfss on Ujc Nashville A Decatur Hoad, twenty-stx M«Sif OBtb Nashville was carried away, and ?rack nßC,fi taTe t 0 b ® transferred around the B u ! at Mikbcllvillc for resisting SSw«S?mJS - Tleom “ r ‘ l “ d Hycooi ere alive FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Visit to Jeff. Davis—Accident to a Steamer —Arrc--i of on Embczzler-.Mctbodlst Con ference-Permission to see Jeff. Davis tte- Foctte.** Mostioe, November 2f\—Clement r Clay, accompanied by Me wife, arrived here and * aft '‘ r h,s arT,v »i railed on Jeff. Davis. ’The meeting was most cordial. 1119 i.A b A^? mc .^ aab -° de Cnba - from KewTork. l ! 1- P as ? r,, ficr? and ftclght of the rt...«VV 'i ,p >a,1 a Froocisco, which put In here In a ® ondt U°n. Th- ysetirtgo will proceed ?.l^.I 0 rc -r- 0 "!?’ and the Sftn go JwSr t ui!i cI L' ork for "Pftin». Amocg the ian J 1 "® 0 ?®® 9 was, this afternoon, found, A dwa .l d Kevins, late confidential Vn^Ynrb br iT-T Boolcy A fco., merchants, of itSSdSU* ia charged with embezzling ire thoussnd dollare of his employers’ money. He SSSSS wS w Yo D t£° a thC Gorernor ’ and i 3 to wSfrhJftSS 1 . Con l rcrcnc ®,of the Methodist Epis copal Church was In session to-day In Nortolt, and ci tcnrrrd in the recommendation of lh * Gen! eral Conference respecting the change of the name church w , ,,eJel »y the word “Sonlh’*^ dropped, and In the question of admission of 1-y representation Into the council ot the Annuiti and General Conferences. The Conference ad journe to-morrow. >-wnijvnce ail- Foktuess Monxoe, November 29.-J. Reeves Pollard xndJ. M. Hanna, formerly of the Rich- £ oßd jo-day applied for permission Fortrc?? hut were denied access to the LOCAL BLATTERS. -Uanr hesitate nlumt using a medlclno li '* advertised. That i? a falsep:lnclple, s*[“' ,s . ~ b® ?« nd source from which*ln! m i 5 t:,!nc ' d « nd the world crli-htvned. inn«lr« s,r » aio,b A cae li how many would now be • .rom the various diseases or tbe Lane* i* 1 ,t S n , for lb ® eotfrprlso of the proprietor ofloc.cial Balm, which ha? provrd such a sue £!* j?, ‘v e troa’mem ?? bronchial complaints ? F0 .f.. 8a1 « b J w a U drn-gists. Burnhams & Van Dru ” iß "- IC «—■. Tonic.-raMrell, Black & Co. s CoabmaUo-. of iron. Phosphorus and Cal rffl°£ u V * crro *-l’hosnhu-4tcd Elixir of CnlUaya. The 1 on restore* cotor to the blood; the phosphoni.. renews waste of the n-rve tissue, ardthe calhaya {rives a natural healthful tone to ti e digestive organs. One pint contains the Tlr- ? aacc of crilsayo, and one teaspoonfiil hi r ?.2Ji ir ‘’J l .* Dd nbospborons. Manufactured 5i Sto"S s ''. iCKi * sew York, For sale To Horsemen.—ii yon hare o sick hone.eearc all other treatment, and feed him branjlmsshandn 25 cent package of Harwell's CordiJl-’i 1 onflow. His improvement Is certain, bold everywhere. J. 11. Heed Jt Co., Chica~o. Illinois, Agcnte. " ' Tlie inereantlle Aaenrr.—ParilenCon tcmplatlng changes in their business at the com mencement of the new year, who desire to have tbelr names and ratings fnscred In tbs forlhcom ine Rcfejvncc Book,{obe published Ist January, wm grcttly oblige h? corvnunicaUne with the nn derrigned a* early as nosslhle. 11, O. Dcjt. 42 Wabash avenue, Chicago. A splendid combination of mnalcml talent at ihe dr«l mlecvl areons concert of the jonng .M*n s Chrlttian Association December 3 The Hutchinson Family; the Orphens Clnb; Mrs. C. D. Carrington : Susie Traverse, of New York City; Mr. E. tchultre; Mr. tavris, the vloUnl*t; VV. J. Kobjohn, pianist; Hans UaUtka, con ductor. , yoitrsmt* for the fallconracof tboioang Mens ChrU’Jaa Association benefit concerts by purchasing tickets for the conr«c to-day. , lfT#n want lc* have m gennlnp good langb, go and hear the natchln«on Familv at the lonncMen s (Tirl-tian Association heneill con cert Monday evening, Dec-unber 3. Ifyon want «o bsatirrsd with pathos, go and bear little Sn«ie Traverse, at the Yonog Men s Christian Association benefit concert next Monday evening, December 3, al Crosby's Opera Skate* J Skate*! Skate*!—We are now ofTennconr entire stock of Skates at reduced prices, and citv and conn try dealers will make it lof their interest to call at onr fnctorv. Nos. 2d* to 232 Ewing street, between HaNtei and Bine Island avenue. Si»os Himnidfe, Blue Island avenue cars ran within half a eqntro of the fac tory. Fimwt Grnpc in America,—Tlr. .UHed Speer, the maker of the celvbaited Port l.rajje Wine. say». it Is about the else of the Isa- and that it lathe finest on tfcta continent, lie has reinsed thousands of applications for the plart. as he require? all available cuttings lor the extension of hi vinejard. Be baa orders for hi* wine from Lnrope. Oar dmgglsu have procured some four years old. Hlallzed -Ur.-Or. Al. W. Masnrood civra this awesthetic. and eenalqiy ex tracu teeth wlthonl pain. While he makes extracting teeth a specially, hi? faculties for operation and Mechanical Derttstiy are unequalled. Hlv prices are cradnaled to suit the circumstance* of aIL Booms No. IS and If Lombard Block. Our Country Friends In want or Good* of any land from Chicago win do well to send their orders either hj mall or express to ih-Ex press Companies’ Purchasing Agent, A-L. S»la. MyOOO Rewrurd.-ciialleiise to the whole world. Miss Tennessee s great Cancer Hemedy extracts cancer.- root and branch without °?i^ e . “fv of to,,n *®ent or caustic. It aw Oe applied to Ihc eye or over aav one of the vital organa without danger A complete ear? L« cnar » «»wy case. Also alt other diseases f w“ 0 sncec «iat bir Macuetlc In- ™«»- voctßoi Ladle* If yon want a Beautiful Com* plcxton ase ••Waggoner's French Enamel.” *old by ail druggists. Trade supplied by smith Jc Dwyer. Rare Chance for Knrrcetle Iflen to male monrr.—call at 101 Sonib Clark street. No capital needed. F-om twenty to fifty do-lara per day can l»e made by good mcr. None but first class reliable inch need apply. Gut A. Lewis. C A S.' x £ el,rn . t article.—Vira. Winslow** Soothing Syrup la an excellent article for all dis eases of children. I» relieves the child from palp, regulates the stomach and bowel*, and bv giving health to the child comforts **id re*ts the mother. Doring the process of teeth'ng Us value h i bC * ctir ” wic(l colic and griping In A Sure Pile Gilbert** Pile Instrument positively cures the worst easef of c s *sv , J»® l *_p» receipt of Sh CtreaUrs free. Sold by dragglm. Agcnfc wanted every, where. Address J. B. ItomaiXE, Manager No 5:5 Broadway. New York no. Paper llan«txic« ami liTcdow Shade* at greatly reduced prices, P. E. Rigby, 83 Ran dolpn-si. Markets bv Telegraph. New York .Markets. [By Craig'* News Azmcy.l Nrw Tots. November S 3. (V.TTfW-Dntl. aoJ lc lower. FLore-Dniu and lower; fS.mAtlXJforex tr* Mate: ;or reuad-hevp Obkxsad SUN) (ilXjSior tr\,ie tirands; xrsrke: cio«lnch«vT. . w be«t tesvy.anda*V tower: ft M tor No. 8 Milwaukee, and tr.tdflj 29 tor fair to tool No.Sdo. Iwtlcy UcJ. aoe liSe lower, ncetlpw corn, bn: market heavy, acd lower; |1.30 for ahtpptcg mixed « esteiT, ta store and afloat. Receipt* of mis i;3,i.NJbu; market dull aod decUolne; sale* 23,000 ba at ei£(Sc for Chicago aad Milwaakeew aad «4*sTc for tute. I*pott«ioxv.— Pork dull aad lower at (Zl.l<vftßl.f3 recular and caib, clocloc at fttXT caih; it 9 JOiA3O-h3 for prime. Cut meats heavy, at &ktsve : shoalder»ll GUVc; ham* and baooa dull, at U*<ilikcj Cuiber- 151. r ? , h. , Sr u “ j\ imm—Quiet aod enctanred. i hoary tad dan. eager tod mo- Imks dalL LATEUNEW h OttK. MARKETS. [Special DUpatch to the Chicago Tribane.) Maw Tone. NorembwSO. wuMivrn. FJonr aad all coarae fratoa rerr dnreaiM lected, hot closed with ray «tob* fbelinr MiUeri aboatSOjWbMbeU. SchacS affording conalderahle relief to the market. TheiaS were aboat 10 cena lower for the Veet. ine “« i motibom, J^rk aoldilnce’Chaage at m jsr H forregniar. and •2L50 *>r new, teller Jaanary. Lard—x lower ursnooe. Hoc*—receipts t*o d»ym X cm; lower u sasu'c. QBOCZSISS. •**** Coflc* dull. ao SJfrSc. Sugar steady. Fair to prime iO*®UiiC. *air to [ Hssrf sad 9t<x*o la New Tark. IBy Craig's Kews Agency.] Starer-lCto, ..are S£ r call loans, chiefly the latter rale. 5 ccat for and firm at KSvaiogv Wllbout decided change; openinr 11 iK i decllntegtoliov. and closing at ifivT* * 14 ®*' OoYxajMUT Brocks- Hteady. to Lnr»nrpot bnt Terr flww Kort. Island lOtjJ Nis* Sfeil (affli*r..!sg s Latxst. elotrt =5 f SSr«& ! ?IS ! S r r ”u 1 loans. * rime paper more current aiCvr%7 Tn*«nni %£SssiSAsr* L '' •“ GoLD-Markn firm to close, and kept off at inv “ *“»>«*** <s& Fophgs Maaxgr—Tbe market is nni» n.. m\aiiW t “’' buK '“ owibjmiS#! <SiSn fo&7ss,. B p , ssr- D ' ui ■“ •<** « a. (fa r S::-;->EK -• *••0 IKKftIKV [IO4O Coupons « S2°°E7 h(M6 AngVdo'.'.m'rt ” S 3 & Sr.:-“iB?Bg. , S?S I ,<MO "v. Mbckllaiikocs—lbe stock market at thr i«it 11mm g^sssjasss^i act. Fort Wayne was stronc to >ui# .® Prt, gi^araa'ips.waaaaS i?lsv,^sf e ■*- * considerable borrowing demand tor &‘asjrw^srijss l -sS?£ rn.OD, ~ CLOJiDCO PUCES. ftfc^ e i 1 S o, ' iD^? ere tbeelostng prices z s r:fc"iSS3,ss: ( NEW YORK CATTLE BtARKKT, Sate* at Beracn. .Reported by for the Chicago Trloone.] D»* NoremberSO, . “^f’ ( - A 1 vere yarded at Screen to- head, ana in addition to these than vere S S?Jils? l ?® Ba,p !. w * “ abundant topply f or Tb * quality wu poor. The best s32tS2 rta H ,rt I* 1 i U3on,fh toe X»«e not prime. were made chiefly at 14315 c, with aoaeat 13c. Prieea are \c higher. AH are sold. Weather, rainy in the morning. J SHEEP—The anrrly Is In exeeu of the demand, and tales are elow at *c decline. The beat sell at «Wtand P»rdlw«at4K®se. * t, “ a notw.l seuatßtfc. Bows Bosiasoa. r _ . Albany Cattle Market. [Special Deapatcb to Use Chicago Trtboae.l _ . Auusr. November 30. 11 *° me totprovement la the cattle trade tLI* week, price* advancing on an average ab ?«* c 16. Whileuii \c onaur and common! S7tead Stools, averaging I,UO as, «t t.JB; SO tat «VIT«UI S I,e(| zi. «17.00 : « tali .vcr«ncij«) 1.. M 7XC; o taad, aceratUij i,S “ ~ »..K: add 7 head premium, accraplnir 1990 bs. at svc. A. D. seller HU to head catra coil Ing 1.450 fte, it fa.6o. T. Drown aol-l 59 bead State, ar. |7-46 * W ‘ Rol)bl0 * sold 113 head, BW ? 6s * at7Vc * J- TT* Teel sold OKc£ I,WO ®*’ ftt "Vc. B. C. Coon told 6! Bs * S*c; 33bead,aver •flS Bat 8at f ? <c ’ “ d 33 be ad, averaging 1.300 as, at Sc. J. Slmmooi aold 3 bead IlllnoU, averae lag 1.100 gs. Total receipt* for toe week, 3JOO bead. * Sbem—continue in light reqaeit at sa«c. sheep «.r»SSS “ Es “« ““ ««-»■ b^* a “ Are to tolr demand at B»<*9c. Eecclpta, 7,000 Blliwankee Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.! . . November 39. •lae?? 8^ 0 ,l 81111 6rm * wllil s*ics «f SWO9 brls at f 10J0 for don,de extra spring; for extra. Giuxx—' Wheat doU and heavy and *s*c lower, with •i’m < t9 v E ; U v. ardo:S - 6M *t |IAO for N'j.3; fj'f?-?!. * io * ** n UoarJ »* l « Of 5,109 ba at r>.-r&I.T9 for bo. 2 ; {I.SS for Xo. 3. OaU Jc lower with sales of 4W bn No. 2 at «c. Rye ic lower with sales of 4W ba at e«c. Barley dull at K 1? ’" r ' w ' a “ , '• cr, ’ 3 btls d”r^sr.T 3c , °' cr ' ’ rto ‘ ““ RtcEiPT»-lAf« brls flour. 23,000 bo wheat. SmrtiK3Tß-a.«O brls floor, it,ooo ba wheat. Cincinnati Market, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] r. Am. t, ,i .. Ctsctsiran, November &. an and heavy umaUaale, of snpcrflne at eiiw. : “ ,ll t0 « llto . “J tour «i <iuo 'tall «»1 nomlciU: Xo. 1 mm; >t “ ,: - a - Con > o«Wt »JS of o.d mlicl at 67c,and new ear Oats In good

demand; sales of No. i atiSc. Rye flrmw; sales ol No. iat |I.IS. Barley dnll and nominal. Cortos—Qnlet; middling at SIXQSc. n*AeSSc~ D!,Xt ' 184 ‘ mikll BaJ ” of wcre iTovuicKt—A shade flrrrrr. Um pork Id eood de »“-» *V” of \°° brl * *I3.OCKai9JO. Bacon and •dSW iceaLs nominal. Green meats scare and vc* oUhonldert at s\c; tides at 7*c. an.l i!l '“ orfetu ' noof-Acttre and »e higher; tales at f3.»3fi.00 at * 6 —^ 7 o,3 Bccdpufcrlhe last two Merry-Close. Exchange slightly easier, at par a •TO prcmlcm. r _ . . Louw Jlnrkct. [Special Despatch to the Chisago Trlbaae.] ST. Lons. November 33. Tonxcco—Little dolnz. Fujcb—rDthMized; lower prude* sell at 19.0eaij.50 and b.chrr grades at »*•»**•«* Cora-new. s&9Se t old. vvcm.oo. Oau hldi«r at Ss4ftc. Bj-o stead*at SvaMc i’»oTi*ioxe—Port lower at iZlXO&i\M.' *Vni wet— Lower at DocMljtijC, Vrsorls Pa>«cd Detroit. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbaae.l Dsrcorr, November 2). Cp—'Todd. D °^?‘~ J, ' e . w * r,oy '’ Dashltx. bUpe. Whaling. R»w. kim Cll^ of J lMwauke **’° no ®‘>«*. Cream City. Fair IdU t, cuy Of Chicago, Percw, Excel lor. \ oitmtrrr. Moms, Board of Trade. The CUy of Chicago 1j uhore at Baud Branch. TV lad—J.o«hweet. I’hiliilflphtß Market. (By Craig’* New* Agency.] FLr, rE—Doll »d JIIJWIUO lor tai BAAI-*’* 3 ® t»raix—>Mieai dull and lower. Sale* nr p*i-»rir«’USgi? ,?J .‘LSHSrHrSS bacon ham*: lie lor pickled bams; l*. lier'r salt sb/iii: ders ard ISc for prime lard In brl* and tiercel a “ RntTala Market. [By Craig"* New* Agency,] C^iw^vpMiL& S< i ; m'i’ ij rxi>TT? i °x t .--l* o r*:—old,flLo9; Bew.f3.oi, Lard— wnisKKT—fass. oru, ne. r L ilea. If wiu So repaired tomorrow morn* leg. W earner growing cold fisc ™ Tilodu IHitrbn. HJr CraJi 1 * Xer> Agocy.) Tcudo, Korenbfr 30. FLon*—Vnrdnn. ««l*r ai Rkii >o.] sprttid 13.15: extrafpnn~s/jj. Corn d«U «2 *c tower. baa at Me for Xo. i! Oats ra cbarged, halos attic. Rye gain ana nnehansed- JI A B n I B D n 1 Ti lh \t r Ci i Y> h T Uc*. V. tt. Rrder. BAXroa I}tODOU!iJ ’ i?TKV^*SjS tkZi ilu * SAiIAB * ,i ,J* th r reth ln« the Ber.n.B. n»t !Wf. Jl&fcV; St ■S« K „ EH - »■ 3£ F - bms<is “ a In this dtr. on the 39th la-I- it the Parsonage. 1« Wonroe~»t„ Vy tae I>t. W. C. i’aikdr. MMIERKKirr J. KAip »co Mies ELIZA R, OlUSOk.all of (hit city l aU»l«eltT.°ntb*f9(hlt» the faldenee ot 8 A, Trice*. Kao., by Her. w. H. Rrd*r D D ELWVr ih»Pr« ** I‘eor 1 ‘ eort ** “W ttlMhcaa^ hHJGGh, ofCblnm. S3r~ Providence »B. i.) paper* please copy. In thU v»»j, on xr-SPtb the Ber.Ur Lores, ojai, Mr. WtOM OS U. MTttK&T formerly of uSS. Pntlard. tad Mi*. JANE GnEEXßPßO.thlrtdaaS or ..fJiT-H’.K Cpr 2? f 'r y i ti,e torttrt rtMtt were eate ?k K™' 1 baronet and ban. at toe residence cf the brldeSi lather, on west Randolph-et the ?^tP e,f * e * H at the residence ef tee bride slather. near Chlcaco. Sir. JOHJf nrrn and Miss MELLIE WILLIS. boa ot Coot 00., m. DIED. flirt!? 1 ! «° J- r9, ‘ l * af?pr * »Sort mscss, Ol drpb- ’™ rdl ’ "“w •» I* hlllwantee and pap*r* please copy. y Of j « B napUoa,in« ASK A BUTTRICS, afrd » T?JJ?'7 OTTO y < ! ootrlnc, it 10 Vo’clock, Iv.^Ertfeu^t 1 ' 0 " “““>■««'» <™a.b. £te JPinc arts. IROSBY OPERA HORSE ART ASSOCMTION. Paivinfit art now In toe HE RECOGNITION! Constant Harert* Great Work.? ScAu*ulft RYINGIHD H!S FRIENDS. LtMUSt Tim Pkiurt of C - E 2; A. 3ST T I tr Tret to U. fitri of CrrUfcaUt, fHchical J)R. JAMES HUNTER Chronic Bronchitis LUTTIIH BTo. 4. To the Editors: , Oaring pointed out those affections of tbe now and throat, which go before and prepare the way for dis ease of the lungs, I now come tosxakofcbroalc bronchia*, the most common form of pulmonary dis ease. Chronic bronchitis la a local inflammation o* the mncoos membrane lining the air tubes, and is stm> ply a catarrh of the hugs. It doe* not differ (Tom catarrh of the nose in tbe effect It nrodncesnponthe mneons membrane. Thickening, enlargement oi the mneos follicles and ulceration takes place In the air tubes of the longs, the same as in the passages of the nose, bnt the effect apon the health is rery different In the two cases. In bronchitis, thickening of the mocoas membrane diminishes tbe size of the air tub* and »bortcns the breath. When the nose Is obetrnctod by cnbealtby secretions, or to charged by disease as to make if difficult for ns to breathe through the nostrils, we can breathe through the mouth; but when the bronchial tubes In the longs are obstructed or di minished to sue, we can only and relief by the care of Bronchitic, then, Is a dlecue of the Unlay or the bronchial rebec remitting the coherence of tho loan. Ibu lining, or innnbrure. M Terr lentuire tooeerr external taCnence, and U hence liable to become Im lated by enoden ebante* of weather, by Impnre air by the toe pataelea of matter which HU tbe atmot pbereof woik elope, or doat open the wind In dn«y •lteere,by tbe hundred Irtlretlng cancea which meet oor breathing In alreoat erery place. Tho molt com. mon caare, howorer, U cola, ehowlnc ludf n rj: „ a catarrh of the noce, next alocttnit tho throxtand larynx, and Incur Inxolrtna tho bronchial tnbea, when the dlceace u known as a Rated “cold In the chett." or bronchitis. Tbe acute symptoms utuaHy subside after a short time, bnt nnles tbe patient Is properly treated he does not retain to hli former good health. Be dlscorera a slight dlpoeltloa to warmth to the M-ids toward evening, and cannot take the same exercise as usual without discovering that he Is “short of breath." Still he Is pretty well, and If the season be gammer, ho may go on UU toll without expectoration. But as the winter approaches he begins to cough, and the expec toration is found to be yellow. He may also And the fever Increased to decided beetle, with night sweats and rapid loss offltoh. In which case he will probably die before spring, with sD the symptoms of consump. 1 Uon. BUU this Is not consumption at all; It Is simply a chronic catarrh of Ihclangs. UU Tery common fbr chronic bronchitis to awttine a milder tom. when u Is spoken of as a “Winter Cough.” It cornea on each winter, and as recilarly subsides during the summer; bat at every succeeding recurrence It manifests luell In greater severity; and the recovery in the following snmmer is not so com* plete. ThUfonn of BroichlUs. If neglected, will sore ly destroy life, and, treated In the tuna] manner, it la as Incurable as consumption ItseX The mucus mem brane. sooner or later, become* altered In structure, and peurstorth a matter which has all qnalltlta of pus. Hectic fever snpervenes. and the disease tends slowly, but surely, to a fatal termination. «,;,wws. , ,rs Iho character of the matter citwiiniK? ri7 n *ii ftt?r.,i W n^th rcou;:h,^ln inz from sleep In the moraine. the other In the erenln* TLerc 1* conn<ler*hle dnhcnliy of while tif« r^n*£*3?, bul M ® s the lungs are freed - rom the vie-i.i anm-urOr The patient h levLie; he m»y, however, liveaml attend to light duties for reveral years. Put His eoontonaSS rraduallr ntstcnt pale, bluish tilt, the Uic blood tKconua thin, and des Lh isai a a ft®®” 16 «ng«il d-ala kept np by the dlscharffetrom the nines. Seme patients dl« trom ethaa*tlonlaflS or six months, but 1 hare knoa n othcrs to aarrirS for as many years. w survive There IsVtUi another farm of this ditease, eattert e hc f9>c P tlal character of which com fi*i*„? f .. ctllonlc lamination, attended by a thicKcn in? of tic muetm- membrane, by which the alrtnbSi are diminished lu sire, and also In tho accretion ola deme. cicUtona kino ofmatter. of a arbln l»h-white color, by which they are still farther oh smarted, The smaller bronchial tnlx-s are o'len en- IV^ 1 - , tlo ? ed * «n ( * occasionally a lobe of rerj consider ab.e sUe becomes scaled up by th's matter. This atfcc- KuIVS e i? I m p loa,a tb*s climate that in some degree pwbabletao oat of every three suffer from It. “In the most favored parts of France," aays Laupcc! “fully one-halt ot those arrived at adult are will m? founi. on careful examination, to pinsent endenee of ol r >omc p ' jniva °* tnucoas membrane dry are not marked by J?'f r t *ty-Jtls the most tnildiouj of pulmonary com fc*J; Tb suhA-ctofit Is coD*c;oas only of bclrz I. 1 ; h-. wn-n ascen Incanelevstloniirattemp;- i^T ,n * ) s hec * ! * rc * portion of the futn ts involr e«.. ase-..eof andon*wry .light exertion. By some the opnreSna Ifhbh \° ,hB °. pp< K“ e ***** °f «»e che, tto *th« on d**«-afrOi»« , ltaa : cd,or to a remote part ot «>r “me sld*, or even the reclcn of me stoiuach- After a tlme.dlfi cnlty ol breathing comes on, and con scloosly to paueors themselrea. ancon ttey n * ve * coach, they win. almost without exception, answer, “bo!” yet rturtneyour «s n JTi7* r 1 . 1; Prrhsps. hack. anrt riuJii" t|e3e|]y..ikeirncns half a doaen times. At Interval* 2h^*, u .^ h . 19 R>ore aa ' l ‘••otuea ou In parovysins, u common yregardedasMmtly-nervoo*.” a; It i» fashlnable to rr % s.d U a« a tutre “stomach congh,’*ora* bct-c »««* h > “‘ ,vcr •H'wuw,” • bile. In tici, the deraans meats cf .he stomach, liver, kidneys, andof the atenae iuncilon, whlUt exl-t,areb:tt so many rcn*edn(nce«of 55*L t, J? ofthelutn. There u aomethlzir ff J “ e . ln aa,u r' <l oy tbe famlir physician il s». there is no dancer of consnmpilon." that •• this contra Ii a mere trltle and will spec-tily na»s away it * r . ,t 10 Ib’Clt” that uts aotsafprldaiiheCsttered *?’ 1r 7 , T0 , rcrh»oks the Important tact thiUno •* a mlnatlon ol tbe lonr* has been made to do ic.-cihic Uic hralihcrdl-ew* ofthls organ; tnst this -• ,r, Coplulrn. therefore, is founded oa nolhlat r>’ liable, ann, reduced to its intrinsic tnirili. Is flmolv tampering with human life. u *tu»piy «ri£!.V!£?, CKhsof toes standln-," twaUeoaea h T {:i * CTpfclorailo;. arc canned either by this ooaitiion of the htcnoldsl tabe>, or by incipient in the !S25Lv. T PV BI,S-ectc<, . co,(l, * ,whlcb M often provM Ihfs a”asc f con,an, P Uoa ’ u but varfety of Ibe irrtinricr rf this form cf bronchttls.-lts slow, hvldcpo. ano trr.icherous rrorr»».sndth?dUwtroßi «o which U so otteo leads—shnnla awa ,f!l.‘art:T »11 Who are mirelngdry conclu »hiiS nc ii‘** ,<1 Br, *V ‘v- va! ? hope of growing out of , Ho * cvcr cliche and apparent.* unimportant s. ch couchs may serm. they leaid on, by sore gradua tions, to aprematnre grave. * *•** tF”T7w> writer of the Abore re** be consulted, either perrtiiallj or by letter. At the office ot ““ Drs. R. & J. HUNTER. 48 SOUTH CLAHK-ST., CHICAGO, (manDlwttwof fhe Throat, Hwt and Lone*. cm hrirtnje tai.-vrrh, bore Thrmt. Cnnsmnotlon. u? » AHhcii, Ac, to wblrh branch of tla prortaaloa bis practice U<ictiaivcli confined. v ““ auction *alrst. SAMPSON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 ft 49 DEABRORN-ST., Chicago. 111. U ' ,Vf * cf Household r unutu. t. at AiiUos Rooms or at dwellings. ►cpEinoit furniture, Linen Goods, Carpets, Stoves, Boots, Ac. AT AUCTION, al 9.V o’clock, at onr R-nras 47 and 4f» Dcarbarn •*!., c»>c*l«‘tncut a ealendid as! •oitment cl flrst cla*# and medium p caaia “ PARLOR, CHAMBER. LIBRARY AND DINING-ROOM fUKMTI’IIB, Including a large variety of elegant oil walnut, mar. nAfc?’ . ? r S* number ot ralnahle miscellaneous GILBERT ft SAMPSON, Auctioneer?. ■RT J. M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer. XX WJ DEAiatOKN-ST., On SATURDAY. Dec. in, at 10 o’clock. sale el CANADA GREY CLOTHS, LADlhi’ VEILS AND SCARFS, Watches. Silrer-plated Warn, A. BUTTERS & CO.. Auctioneers & Commission Merchants* PALMER’S BLOCK, 4t A 4C RANDOLPn-ST. 100 and second-hand Cookimr ivv parlor, sfore and ©dee Stores, • ct AT AUCTION. _ r ®E,^ < ?- IVc. S. at oVJoUtal Sutler** SM«. in Palmers lUocfc, r - WM. A. BLTXEUS a CO„ AneTa. L I SS£SL°^ C!IiaM “ a at at:ctio\. 10,0‘dock. at Batin’ Sa]«- rootaa, la I a.aer s Block, Nc*. 44 and 4 a Theßooto can be vep on Voadar aneyaoon. WM. A. BUTIECSA CO. Anct's. W dJSI; t ,v s W' ON ' eatttrdat, ▼ T tocetaber Ciark-at., 10© ciocfca. ta.. todfteadi, tattr*t9& t&blM. «rv. pic*, c*-*p«u,»!«», cb»lr*. yy. omyrirn & co„ Anetionggn. gjj RANDOLPH-ST. PIKE & CAVANNA. Furniture, bedding AKD <g fHarijincrp. 'J'HE LANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mill«, PDATABLE STEA2I EKGISES, Sblttole Machines Com Mule mj Shafanr, Wood wording Machinery. rfrri „ .T .. UJiß * BODLET, - Cc ™ er ot Joto and Water-eta., rtnHiei m TSLSS&ra* iEstatr-gountrp.. ■pOKhALE—lmproved Farms—The sSs^s^^saassass n-IEl! & fi^dreu TT o ®, SALE—Pine Lands—3,ooo acres &ne» I S , w >le ftR lee ,lndj fiar *^e.lofoWßahlnl.N. Alleran County, Michlaaa. CuiiMfrom is vatS”?. 01 *" SSWspJSiS amusements. Me VI OKE K 1 b THEATRE. ICKEBAUTBRS „UUUDISS *'■** attencen and creator of fiabiM.. .^ Mr -JAS.H. UACKETT. *“ Slr’jnh WIVES OF WINDSOR. U'.J.U.U**',, bir juHaaggg..^” " Griffith Gaunt, lo the l JSlV’.S^ a:agzea from Char lea Beaded hotcS ■yARIETY THEATRE. Mr. ED. WEIGHT- “ Bocecrfof the Local Piece. THREE FAST WOMEN. SHOUTS op LAconrna, oesccix rra BO VULGARISMS, BUT * WIT, MIBTH AMD HUMOR. Larse and Respectable Audience*. llSprecmme* CTES,SO « I ProducedUiobean* PHANTOM, Wltb tbe adrenrepea or aceaery, appointment*. 4c. QOL. WOOITS MUSEUM. CUL, J. H. WOOD . ................. . Pnitrittar «.« t M^^? ,ucincau .......Vp:*raßK? state uaracer Tnrm jidup Afternoon and Mnhr.’ Uoprendraud f ttraitlons even here! Comedy, Traced*’. Farce. 9tn~. VW* {TboradayjaftdraocaTxov. sv Jl»tlsee at CV o’clock, will N> perform*^ i&«aS plat at thatoame. HFTRp I *T e Wl , h .£ * new F »«»of PIPKISs' RUSTIC Mris£ A s^~.< In i, Uie e ,'«Btor. at U before A the ?n4t Uubeom called THE 'J ICELT-OF-LEaVE •KS2V-./.t? d * J ’* f '? n .S?* of “ l!! Jenny Hlebt. First L ! S£ *»*£«•“•Military Drain* of THE FREN’CU THE .f CONCERT For the benefit of the TOtHB SEX’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, Monday Eveglog, December 3, A Splendid Comblnatloa of Musical Talent. GRABD ORCirSSTRA, THE ORPHEUS CLUB. MR ILSCHULTZE. MR. WM. LEWIA Vlollnin • THP HUTCHIKSOITFAXHL T 7 - W&e of Li" MBS. C. D. CAffKI.VGTOX. SUSIE TRAVEI“t • CHOKhs OF UTTLE GIRLS; ROBJOIUi,AanIst; HAMS R vJ.atk*, Coq. , - PHOORSMSIE—Pa»t Pnsr. l. (mrtare to the Opem of M*jualello . „ _ OECTtESTIU. *. Sew Qoirtette. “ There’* oo time like Uie old time Waco you tad i were roanr." Worts bj ollv s rfrtOrtl Ho’rtoo nrnilo s. Bom.n» fesa-ag” l * t*..o v. *P**. K acnuisTZE. •••"»«««* 5. BemislKCiuee of Ijer Tannbiuuer, . _ OBCBESTK*, 6. Icqoesto s<mpU«*, aria from Bat«lr Donizetti MBS. C. D. CAKBLWTON. 7« nlltt Yn-*i>l QUAETBTTE BY OEPfIEDB CLUB.” „ , Past Sjxojd. 6. Vlolla Solo. . „ „• MR. WM. LEWIS. 9. Come Home, Father nr Waft in v-._ o SUSIE TRAVERSE. W t ID * Homoroni Temperance Bone, written h i OKsm'nrccmli&oS it ?Chorne by the “Tribe of Asa/* U. Romania, from La Dame Ulancne Robin Adair ~ MS. E.SCiIULTZE. " uou * Aa “ f !- Song of name vsd.. ii C - D.CABRINOTOK. 13. coronation March from the Prophet. - ... Meyerbeer ORCHESTRA- ' «L 1 ?^n l rlS'!S! n 6 r ?f rTt SJI“ , i' *I.OO. nwtrred frcnrea on ilcndny from 9 to j o’eior> *r th* °*»* Hot «“ offi&rt «u uck it, Contort cmtncoce at 8 o’clyfc-, * QEOsBT’S OPERA HOUSE. J. T. RAYMOND. •Lxssn asd Slasaor; h J£?. fuSfsss* for * HgiUed number of nights with the beautlftU ard accomplished STAR OF THE EAST, LtJCILLE WESTERN, SSS&F.SffiI?"- DECEUn “ «v« wr ■= c. EAST LYRNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, m W E. GORDON, Mr. TFIEO, HAM. fempany. c££E BANKXN * “d aftiU and Sclent AdmUslon. SO cents; Reserved Scats. TS mile n,, ; Family Circle? centl Dottes.fS.Sl to UO.W. r P jOl YANKEE UOBIXSON J NEWZOOLOGICALO ARDENS AND COLISEUM fm fctate-su near Washlugton-st. 0; en at all hours* ix” tAivA r Mtr i‘ ry B, s h . : , bjr i ,IC emeus TROCBE I tvivrNVWiV\”vVi'?,Vd J -Art(.K-iT Collection of ilT^P'ymp ANIMALS ever exhibited in Chicago Three Grann Matinees this week. Wednesday. Tbanlu tnvinc.Tbnredav, N0v,33, and Saturday rw i Last We*k of the Great American Clowi, * JOITN LOWLOW. SfOKDAT EVENING, Dec. SVI, first app , »aria*e In Chicago, cl the lavorlte Clown and Comic Sheer “ JA3H.S BEryOLD^.’ O MKASpr-E’S DANCING ACAD \ U EMT. No. 311 Wabash-ay. „ JaTl ?i , rwliimcet tills altcmoon at twoociock p, i^*S?SS51 8 ® “’.Mellon of Madame MimsoleT ms o»“ip«r jgcltgioug Notices. P'IEST SOCtETT OF SPrEITOAI.ISTS~ ™“nS; tjetun .A loaroiti! TJOAKDING—Private Sourdine House. E^«SSa£S^S!ia^^lify^J£issg , R°£s?F' G - F,rst -c |a s board, with «tm at\S® fnS I *£-P‘?v bc **Am JaimMlate applica te^ 1 >O - 137 I-ourth-av. Fow-aurr marble toot T^OAUDIAG—A snltc of unfurnished «ilt*blc for ernUemw dt-si^’tV w a n^l Tat r> r ‘' !nlsr * 0Q Wmt SJdr, Jn a 1 parlor and bed* and day beard, eaa Dj had at ffinzie-st, a |saw«d? lUble, * iIDB, * rtrtJll,C,rfl>twolll 4 room T) OARDLNG Furnished and unfar- SL'FSSSwSf'SKSr- T. ra SSs£St' I S3: "R9^L?S^? q — A few gentlemen caniind STS room, At 237 Mlchl- TJOARDING—An unfurnished front «i-^r r i >0n,, .f u,, * b,p^cr * «nUcman And »lft; aljio. two ?**•£*? -cnUc men can be accommodated with Qrswla.4 la » prlt.ieiteulr. .t 17li sSmroKnL T> 0 A KD INQ—A tew respectable penUe- C . a:id ' thelr * lre =- can Cad flr.U ro P~ # * turnuhedor unfnr, °W«d' ll4orgnrtb '* T * siren and n- li9AfiP^P — Pleasant rooms, for* •il4 Wa h &Mh*V^ ar ?““ d * wtU * fi«S-cU*»So*fd, at TIOAKDING—A sicjrle centleman can Jl A be accommodated with a pleasant frjot __j acomiortahle home at lag WaSSSr. 1 *° d —A gentleman and wile, A?'Without children, can hear of an unfhrnlihal WaiMA», o nr 1 10 • PrtTale amity, on »aoaah : ar- where there are no other boarder. is walk from Lake-st., by addressing P. Of Ijox pleasant sqite ol ur- XJ nl-hed rooms, with board, suitable lor a eentio. !hl t l? E^.. w ‘j: e tV rtTa «M»e(EntiuaTeuiie SS it Jh. -t.t.ojd lloasc, 1 IS and 114 Booth sv.iHif.-j. loSTua'S ! £'^"“ OW, “‘ vS: —An unfurnished tront IraanLit's (L?* West and llorgaa. Reference* reqaim/an^ctr^ H9i. R P INl i^ A fcw jonne men destr- L, |pC n pleasant home fir tfie w!nte~ mae rail .t fOA booth Peoria-*!. IWcreawteonlteff^'” 11 1 l^^AJ^pO'G—One larce front room, iiLl or^iai^T'rvKr 21 % sentiemaa and wife! Oa.Qtroom t.>r four gentleman, and other Moa mV vV r “TO gendemm end day hoarder*, at SH3 Michigan tu Eoaru ftr»:*riaM- T>OARDIXG—Board to be had at 102 dat«L Utc '* 1 * AiHJ ’ * few boarder* accommo- T>oAKDlXG—Unturmabed rooms, trilh tn / i'SM'VJT °btaliiM, by asent'emaaanivir*. g*,W««e &zAI7- Apply at -37 We«t Waahla;’ BOARDING— With ftinnshed and un nirslthed rooms, for cect>mn*and wl;«nd «in. tbepeaUantn. Also, day WrdiiTs/a"aiSb T>OAHDIXG—First-class board, room? AJ store, etcu with home prlrlleeea. me l*dr “ d or two eenttemm, InVdSlrable T>OARDIN'G—Good board at $l5O per Eoona HI DarborSi, ’nOARDp^G—A pleasant tront cham- JJher.fanilshe*! oe nnhintlthM. suitable fbr cea. rat WlUl bo4rd - TJOAhDJIfG—For gentlemen, m a pri ionttrc: Ttirtna, imaotooi. taro biocta frog Sut»ju bridge. . T>OARDING—To rent, with boardT a fJr sc=Ccra “ U OAKD—In api irate Preach fatnllv ol i*-*. bl*l*7 and cnltnre, wlto pleasant room 6 A^n^L!i?s. ,P , rt ,¥*? ,a »«JO».ftrberMlfaa2 01 to»lan»n*ce prrrlou* to m con* oL re V CttC % In Fnzat facing toe Udr'eob'ect. * young gentleman attend- MrS.?^ 45 *? * enCrce. In a peltate tug. llj. eating terne. 0.” Trttsne ornof. "OOARD—By a liberally-educated Pari- poelUoa In a Gar emmcnt i Oce. la a private c*xl|r, within 13 mlnutee* yaik torUi or wet from toe Iw rebc nay br c& *» l r r* fjpn-r.s class French or German, uan S?« Addresi “LAUakVike.- w.ut£AV. oa 151 coraer of Wwl Randolph and Sarto parses, Carriages, &c. A WELL-BROKEN BUGGY HORSE, ,t\ 7 years old ard black, for »al*. no <-aa be COAL CARTS, in pood repair I ftremle. ApjlrtoK.O. HESTOS, 711 South Cl*rk-»u it Union foandry Worst. 38-a A FEW HORSES can be accommoda ted wlto first-elan* board and attention In a nrt rnte Rahie (on first floor), at reasonable price*, on an plication at Boom 3. Smith A SUon'e Block, between toe boars of 19 aid 11 a. m. and S and 4 p. itl wn A COTTAGE AND LOT in eidanee for a bone, barer and harness and «-««w f or »Si. to W. u. OLMSTCAD, room 4, So. 100 FOR SALE—Express wagon, harness and 1 bonce—one of toe bonce soluble for a d-av ordonMe team, at 14S Sosto Wells-et. * Host ans jfounb. LOST— $5 Reward—A Gold Cham Bracelet was lost In W«t Mtdleoa can, or la ro. IPX from Opera Uonse to can, os IcesdaTßlrtiL Ahon amount will be paid an leaving U at M ATSOK A HOES* Jewelry Store. Milked -gTSt. fowler.* U “ LOST— A large Newfoundland Dos wlto white on breast, lect, noee and tin ofun An«wersto the tame of ~flato> whoerer•wmr£ tars him to 173 bcath Wellut, wli: weUpni T OST—f2O Reward—jj-op a black and tan Don iccjrtan and tall, with meal collar wltn cojloct. SL-srec from toe sns«rlbar oc FrtS- m Instant. Ite abore reward will be paid hr r?tn™ss him to meal the Merchiau’ Hotel. aT I?OUND—Taken up, comer of Kobev- L ■LaßdSoatowesternPuak.road.aiaaUßedCow* The owner can b«JbT PPortaa Property pa^lSfC&tfp o * BS2tfiXC.BBPWOBia,^ V Co Kent—Rouses. T) KENT—By ¥m. D. Kerloot, 89 bouses, oa the southwest corner of Hubbard ud Deuben-<t<- containing 8 or 9 rooms each. Boat. S3O per mouth. T) KENT—A story and a hall cottage, tbe lower part furnished. Inquire at 217 North Market-iU 'T'O KENT—A new two-story house on X Indiana aT„ above Twenty-Jlxtb-sL, 9 rooms, bs atnra targe ball* ard closets, gas aid water. Price, mo a year. Icq n Ire at I*369lndiana- ar. nPO RENT—Dwelling 142 West Jack- X son-sl. will be to rent to a prompt-paying tenant, on iheSOth Inst, should parties applying oewUUog to porebase a boat (300 worth of fornitore and tamliy •applies. Pent of house, 990 per month ontU May Ist, .thutaou Aceat r) KENT—A boose of 10 rooms, and good barn, wlthm tea minutes' w»'t- ©I tbe Coart Bouse. Furniture for tale. Address *• a C," Tribune office. r PO KENT—A cottace on West Madl- J poD-st„crttalnlng about"# room*. (Stable, well and cistern water on tbe preadies. Inquire at I‘JS fteit Uadisoo-st. TO RENT—A cottage, 413 Sedgwick-st, North Side. Cars every 15 minutes. TO RENT—House, 103 South Sanga moa-st. Inquire on tbe premises. TO RENT—Two-story frame house of 8 rooma. slmated or J?uraslde-aT, between Six teenth and beyenteenlh-st*., one bIKC east of State Appj£toa.°.bTONE,lo7 State-st. Rent, |» per RENT—A neat audconvenient dwcll -1 log bouse, supplied with gas and water, known as 3 1 4_«e*t a low rate. Aoalv to M. J. BURKE, No. 330 (second doar west), or to C. Me- DONNELL, 134 Ctark-st. ’ r PO RENT—Two-story house of eleven X, 190 Warreo-st.; cottag*. near Ful ton, on five rooms, rent |«i per month: cottage, ot Fulton, seven rooms, rent fa. Apply to J- BaANDRS Üb, Boom 7 Methodist Cbsrcu Block. TO RENT—Two-story house—6 rooms, 8 closets, pantry, water in kltobet. Rent tli per month. Apply oa premises. 318 Hubbard-st. 'T'O RENT—Two neat cottages, contain _l tng J rooms and pantry, on Jacfcaoo-sto west of javao^’isgAy- tBATrs ° r - TO RENT—On the North Side, a house 01 six rooms, one-ball block from cars. Also. r„cr flret-?;a‘s brl< k houses, neatly ready. J. E. bUITTfcRLIN. 36 Lombard Block. TO RENT—House No. 504 West Wash logton-st. n*ar Wood-st. Immediate possession. ra ot * s “«™ ■' ;o - !«■ 0 RENT—Good house, cheap, on the North Side. Cstl at 103 Lake-st. r PO RENT—A first-class furnished house yX,A I ? 4rl ?F- elrht miles from tbe city oa the Galena Jiiifoad. Freducnt acrommodaUon trains 10 and from the city. The tenant win be de-lred to board the Jlnber Co Hrnt-lAQonis. rpO RENT—Lower floor ol boose *B2 •lllmSSni'lvV'&S?" 1 " 0 -' “ 5 •B. WijEi T O RENT—A tarnished room, with or .A- w.tboat board. OTTthe northeast comer ol Jack' ton and Frantiin-sta.. tn a private family. TO RENT—A front famished parlor and bedroom, with rwoslngje bed*, soluble tor a JatSftVjiiK““ prlr, “ “““r- •> TO REN T—Furnish ed rooms, at 178 Clinton-st. between Adana mat Jackson. T° RENT—Room, and furniture lor e TC7 T cheap. l-lPomeroy’a nmidlrr. comer Clark and Sonth Watcr-Ma., after hii put m p. ra. T 9 EENT—A large and comiortably dri. ® onl room . convenient to Dating, buuable tot two or fonr gentlemen. GenU»mca with reference preferred. Apply at 226 I>* Slat Mt. TORKVT-Room. 22x00, with steam wirt P°»«- FULLER 4 FORD, and 2S4Madl- TO RENT—Three tarnished rooms, two tnuntes walk from the Poet Office. S'ocebmm*. uemcnjaeed apply. Enquire at 9* Adamwt. T° RENT—A nicely furnished Irnnt attffy llkff^ 606 * U P 009 fll S M of T 9 KENT—Five rooms, suitable (or “ d U * ,l “- XOiKENT-Furutsbed front room with or without hc'd-room for one or two rratle pm. IB a private family, at 2R» ncL- CUrk for ptntlcmen, well lumlsbct* aid H i atovea. In a nrivaL* f.miiv *, moderate term*. lOS war tly> “ T9.r? I ?' T r A room. For auirl.^ 1^4 ” lD< t alr * 41 No. 114* Clark-en, np Co Kcnt-Storfs, Qtßrta.vVc T9n^**l\T”9® ccs or keeping rooms, jcgSilTAggS cLI T 9 RENT—AII kinds ot sewing ma- A 3 E ™‘° S “»■ n > 93?^* T r;S t aun power nnd rooms to TO kEKT-i trareliouse, suitable tor tiirrua"iyir^i£a!si. | gf' ,o - M - ju - vEa * Estate— ItUPBOrCD, aiUtcm" m o?‘b« ,Ssf p 9-E • f^EE —Two-story iramc house. Fn ll p a-*U with too toct of ground, vJry TP w r terma - lf 4 ‘ Wm. J. TMI LfcShLLi. Room 11, N 0.89 WaehlngtonTt. |7 OR bALE—In hulk or parcels, liid l?frnv r '¥*i?® , i f^ir ‘ credit. Apply toO.bTS. RCunLc.77 IXarbora-3U,mom3s,SiCoor. SALE—Cheap— A new first-class rS n WLV cr »«M« mantlo, m iVt M «4if r ¥nMi s “ r r. L 'SJS E , ST’IS” iteal Estate Agent*, No. 4 iLtropolltan B.octe. ’ Ji Grove property, wlih dirtn£. f M rp .2 n K “kakwand ladlaii jL'i? **Y C ' np i eUbif, three welts of water, and fine S l£S 'Jffii'Hfii'??'«!"• Apwr “ i». it. u, HLbHfca. 77 Dear&om-au. room 3J.aj floor. frOR SALE-Qr Cent—House No. J 77 l*«^h£ h '«• Urea on the sth of cartb»tf' Apply at feo West UarrUon-it., or 133 LOR SALE—Qn ilichitran-av.. a first c i2**Kt^ c three etrihes and basement, with marble iroM—all modem improvements—and lot RVii —A new two-story frame Agent*, A 0.4 Metropolitan Block. " ttte pOK SALE—Cheap—A new colta2e A ttTli workshop la rear. Apply s * ortt between Lake P £S T 79 R . SALE—-House and lot on West F? n —A comfortable house and A/1 1 . 0 * Thl r d '*Z.‘ . nea L v “ Bnren-st. non«o hu lt> pccmi, 4c. Loi O liy 100 feet, vim good bam Ti tlejetftrt. Price tUw. Xermi liberal wahhpv ft.,^mU tUi:Cal£stmte SASo. Fm bALE—A very fine residence on Calmpet av. with ilanrclot fhmtlotr oa the lake Airi, another on the Nona side lot *p t**t Ti-lfl »;■ OCUE. 1- LECTWOODaCU° 13 IfataSg" UNI 31 PItOTEKh ■pOR bALE—At a bargain a ten acre ,A tract one end a half miles west of the cltrhmif* Irontlrcoa the line ot w«t Late and ifidljoSu’ B. H.HCGUEO. 77Dutr^«?£S5?£ JR SALE—An investment that will £?Ji I i? ? -£ e f. cea J at oace * w * cre * sod 33 a-_-M i a icevuons 10. Ji, 11; also, w acre.*, all cn Vlae«nf*-f ■»»!» Great CblC3 < 0^ n. o. stoke! T7 2 R SALt-Su: lots on Sophia-.-t, -1. J»ortb Side, within one Mock of bene nn_M~s SDddrr. wUb beactlfnl at lhe"en lo S w acu ’- cijj:k - 17 QR SALE—The north hall of Block £ ,?&£• Addition. battor • troot- K® f/ 01 Clinton and JctleraotwJii*aim coo . ii ln^ l ? l r', ,oU *,. Ar * re fur amM&cS- Tox, So. IG7 toM ** r * *• fitch TTOH SALE—A few 10 acre 1013 m stB ra y'STsyffi£»£ 4For «alr% SALE—A few cases ot French' :■ Md Up 4.V256 3a. direct ftuporU ?^ch£n(Mc* 9 ’ S «»P*« •* ax Sooth Ctark- 'P'OR SALE—The schooner Adriatic, 101 *- Ton*, old ran«ornn«it; icrw lud nr> la ui-cort f-T LEi>± WUtrsf ** “ fen “ d B*t*a,Sllehi*»afcCTr P'OR SALEWA pOR SALE—Three decant mirrors? ““‘el SVefteetwltJe *a3 £U*t c * ,E)l .* , l 4jf ***£? feet Mrb and two tnc-rf* wide. One acvea-ocuve piano, rosewood ca*c, Cae tone. Emeraoa mate. > <fiSi for tre daj». -MIBBOB," Trttee oSa |TOR SALE—Office Safe—Good as new, Ji-i if t??t o\ L nr £iVJi? r V aa l* of CMraro fir fa. CO. a Boot Store. 109 Mon- £R SALE— At a bargain—3 large Freccn clrrom 1 medium German mirror; j£a i«mt marble top Üblrs; Schalr?; i barber*# cbilraad i 8%C5 r>n!lolklotii;3 Ump« J partl “ to " 4pp: - T u Tnaifc £tJr «i *Ol fHacijincrg FOH k-ALE—Portable and btatmnanr Eactaf* of an »tes. one 5-fcet bM. limi ?r. lCi 5 u ~£,* - f e < t NhL 14-lccb nrtsa two jt-.fcei »*>i °?« ,Me *» »&»>» ir^ortu! £££?• I YLV* Icr ;.. cce *«• at-lach EpSi Sui-s; 7°°? « art s* c ~ <£? Ld S^'for! ct* *#v» Es *JL lllß * f y. PeJUce. bo*e tad paap*. 1.1. BICE ft CO.. lOftad-ai Pearbora-ftt v T^2T'„?^ I r]iT Sn ' en nines and boilers, sitre. new improreafct*—two t two io»-vJ or withoat »ad 20 bone tabular um kwomotlTe ffuS* iS-ihiS »nd boiler* fart Üb«l to ortar: also, Sw mhiThSS GE&ISsDBuIfIrcST dgo: X °- ” n«.-boS6 T?QK SALE—Portable and stationary J c»c!if*, lid portable saw<ail's. Ecrlaa o' all New Torfcllm tar s^«^L tb Un t * crlb * r - s * w nulls ot itoemoetappror •« them at No. "S U»rket-«-i.Chi- W. F. XOVES. Mill Fur- FSR SALE—fcix engines and boilers, tot wake, new inprorenjeati—two S. two 13 aad bone power, wltb or wlthoatboUew; U, U. IS f? 32.^ CT *l* abTl,lir . aflll . ,oro « c>tlTe t»nCT» Eaelrss aaa be lien furnished to Arden alio, aaw tntir, barrel am wopd-wothln* taaeblaerr. Iran elanew. bemae. GuM^E£ C *** ** I>wrtwr « t - F3R SALE—One twentv-horse boiler tad ennnr. three twelre to fourteeu-bone porta me engine aud boßera. used oalr ose mooth. allte soodmnalsc order: also, one uew ten-hone oa meat. «=d will *oid at mat ha?S?2r GIUFFIS BROTHERS. 1 a© Sonlh wltc^i** -^ Wrsonal, PERSONAL—SSO—'That suit©! dothes. £ “w.gT i“ ,ue *°“ a ™*'- mrc «W ftElantcb-jHalc fselp. BOOKKBEPEUS, SALES.TIEN Ac. W/ ANTED—A first-class salesman, who it “i^? 1 5* ar ” ~ , lln trade and attend to it properly. nil. be required to ttarel during fire mor Uii ot tbe year. tQmnjUifly to TRvrr IRWIN & 10-400 B.'otowsy. New Vartf IBACI * \\f ANTED—lmmediately! or on the V v Ist of January. an experienced travelling a rent for tbe grocery trade. None teed apply except Oiose oi long experirrer, and who cap cemmand a good trade. To filch a liberal *al»ry will p» siren. Address i* o Cox 418. el ting foil particulars. Correspondence confidential. TXT ANTED—In a wholesale boo; and V v shoe boose, aflnt-class salesman,acquainted with the bcdneis, and who can command a go *l trade, to whom a liberal salary wl>l bo paid. None others need applv. Address, with references, **x B B," p. o. Drawer ((139. TXT ANTED—Four live, active, energet _VV lc canvassers, for Kellogg's u. s. Mercantile Eeglsler. To the right kind of men a salary and com mission win be paid. Apply, Between 9 and It a. bl, at I IP East Msaroe-st, two coon from Clark, TXTANTED—A good Travelling Salcs- Y v man for a manufacturing buxlneas. salary $0) per month and travelling expense* paid. Tbe party wishing thesltnation win have to deposit with the firm from threo to five hundred dollars. <va party need ap ply unless be Is a good salesman and tiows bis btul neu. Addreu "X” Tribune office. TXT AN TED—A first-class salesman. A y Y good writer preferred. All travelling aaleemeo will consider their Interests by giving ns a call. GUODSPEED 4 CO., 14 S Lake-st, Chicago/ VXTANTED —A few good tailors, at 227 YY Dine nearTwdiUvst. TXTANTED —Bookbinder—A first-class y Y forwarder and finisher can getapermanent slln a‘iss. w * i “ WJ ANTED—Colorci s—Apply at 133 Y Y Boom No. 8. TXTANTED—A thoroughly competent y.Eaci" 1 Ud,t “ TXT ANTED—OnIy a good tinsmith, by TJ. the rear, and tbe Wuhesf wages paid. Inquire 01 ISAAC GItEENEBAUM, 'ANTED—Two good carpenters. In. uolraat 101 Dearborn sticet. room 3. TXT AN TED—A Cobbler—An American T T or German that can talk plain EntUsh, to do some cobbltrg. end also to be abletosell roods. Ad arffs, siatfogwhue last employed, to -ckn i-rat Irthune occe. ggJantca-jfamate |£)dp HOUSE SEUTANTK. V\TANTED—In a small family, a girl fo .IJL housework knacooktce. A Scotch inr! nrty lerred. Kefcrente* rcauUM- Apply at 333 South near Blue Isiam^av. "\X7 ANI ED—A good plain cook, washer .J,/„. *°» Ironer. Id atomtly of three persons. Pro- Apply at 30S WANTED —Two girlaj one as laundress ate Chimbcmiild. sad omr at aeanutress and S.TJiTffVi Good rt y rpfercnct* rrnnired. Apply at **» inct-tgiD-ar, between n and Ic’ciock. * 1 WANTED —A good girl to do kitchen rmrim.TJS?’ at **®® Watasb-ar. acn come wen re commended. . \\7 ANTED—A competent German girl *,*_ to a ° f:™ 741 hctuewnrk la a airaO>. ernl wage* «1Q be paid. laqatieatUH^WcaVAdaicU' *IX7ANTED —A good girl to do'ccnetnl s,LI-^V ÜBew * ,r ?* Apply 41 No". 64 Steady Mace. and good wage* paid. WANTED—A first-class Head Ironer. * 1 a. enrgora. No other need apply: WT ED —A good Chambermaid, one J“ 43 v Ii4 ‘ I «*P«lcnccat wait lac on the uMe Call between S and to o’clock a. m. at afll \\7 ANTED—A Girl for general L*rosc a4-icam°c!n4u Good ***** y ° lflßtl atcd *pp*. JEmptogmnit agencies. W experienced Railro.rd ▼ * umderr (Irt»iiaea t>, work op t>» KnWwvr'fe lU l'> S * M.»jourt Btver‘«L> •^“Sh lc ” w ‘*ru, lowa. Waccs *1.15 r>tr Hkv «o«r.i Sm'S.sSm T\7 ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- Boom 3- Applicant* ay mail cnt*lo«c 10 cents. \\7 ANTED—More Jlen—Cook County TT alive for HarshaVWeaiher Sinn. Larccln £c. w A^,X®9 —® nc 111011 each county IlynnLi. a rare chance to make money. inc dead broke. Send ttatsp tor answer IgSLokcst. A. C. BROWN 4 CO. W ANTED—I,OUO men to go South : 545 lo |M a month aad boanL so track- WAN TED-2 assistant bookkeepers. 2 t 1 2 brakemcr. i tircmea. L-SV. r^ r * *£r* Ter 'j. s cipr-s*mcn. Apply at Rxid lit avli J V. oc ff ?,T,? >^4ri ' orn * t - Appifcsatahr m3l c a ton**.** &W * 801 l’o7.c=clost o^xo W^.T E ?~: T oungmen in the country ,J *? ©Main situations, snehastwokk-ro n^ri Cl i^ tß i.^ oL , ,xt ' coadactaw. eipnau V 5 “PP'JI 4t ncK ' ta IJI Fo1;pr»oa lS™ or ‘‘ : -'' n - g J- M. MOORK ,t CO Bos 1707. enclosing ten cents for toll parucultrs. \\7 ANTED—This Day—CO good scorers 4 pd chopper*. kO per mon't and board; 10 fccwers, K 0 per month and b-aru. F.-ce tranan jrti- Uon. Apply at IQQ Madt*on-,u. R.pom4. T\7 ANTED—3,OOO men to go South. to fJO a month and hosrrt- *9 wood gff."I oPyycE 0 P yy cE “ e 1\ : «^TEp—youngmen in the country et? K toobuin situations, such »booskee£ «*. snlesmeo, coU-ciors, eiprw»«a«n,cj<»ka. brakra. bleeper, 1 salesman, clerk 1 -u C k I "[* 4Sfnt> - 1 entry apS>^ \ri£i jk*VsSS3££S** aa ' l nre “*2 T\TA-NTED—lmmedtately— l clerk, a s ?^2Maa. , 2s?s£'!s c»nM liy icll trnlo.. twj .umoa. Xl ‘ AK,I “ T\ T ANT ED—lmmediately lot) Stone Applicants by mau enclose tea \\J ANTED—I,OOO men South, wa^cs -V > to tM per month am! board; 56 (rood <>ho> 41 ltoom 3 Un**Lt*£ antrb—iiitstcllaujous, TIT'ANTED—Know Tnrscll—All ner ww-t Mdm??Ss^ r - 0 ., rt * Wllow w bweuteuout. f-AW tri p‘?HTis.uarly revealed, call on (.Ar.U6LE, nt .lltf eooto Clarg-at., np stalra. A'sjr'i? W ANTED—To Invest SC, 000 in ;he J,, Pttreb»»" of a we!l<e*tabln>h"«L panne htuiaeu am iSf f jasagj- b &'"V?u': r £;v^ ricUr W A>»TEl)—Good second-hand and \iV-f t -.?-'lT> Tlr ‘ ::: ' rh ' for cash, b? ELDER A KiaNwf LD ' at m * CJty Vine wWotto,l37 M 3^ 5 o £%*! W AK.TED—The subscriber having had -I. i„ “.i 011 ? experience In intro Jncla* a vslnahje Pa •jnVfftiPf t h t,M ) cl rarlles Larins received'over to Icm than six mentis, fc Ohio, now wi«h«« *. P* F *o* r , w lth ren.e meant, ro late an Interest with him *» *«: * tte prrpoa- 0 , tnt^nelSearn? P“r»..nally or or letter, to 11 w &vjllUEs. care of City Hotel, Chicago. >v * W have a splendid onon -,*LJ, loe ftp business foranunwlth f'Z3 canltai i&Uk&u aro 111 4 yeir * A ‘ \\ A2\TED—Disabled sddieis and la* * dies of yood ad<lres* to sell a staUe article tued tn erery final’r. Apply at 209 nrashlafftoa-st ” XVA VI fp—Yoiir past experience and T » present trochlea crpla’ced. and rose (atn*n c£ r r .. rf; ? t Hb5 : MADaSe DCvSuS»3 &»«b LlarLst. Ad qumtloa? answered. Price one dollar. \A" AKTJiil—Live men to sell a palcnt s fl E a“ l, reaper mure* and ail Wines of edxed tools. J 'S a?^neH h2W, U V a *. of H l ® - vw - Grlarta one or h-rfh a rMM fhTv e> V. 03 ‘ »«“«*»* or get out cf order. A c.iLo can k««-it. Men are matins from *lO to iica rP 71 ”’’ ?3 5 ? ’ * J ®P se *l’n.LEU ftp reply. 33 CUra-iL, Room 16. Two sumps ■tv AIiTED—To Exchange—City prop- Alnncii l £i?nr?-i'u (gijanrfs. 55;,,4. ! lIE TT good payrae mannJac- boarding hming —Cheap, nnall stock of t£nn ** J '°* corner of of sacks, at F°sSt ™t?it£r A bullar d saloon m a wiiMoce>s£ — e baeln'm.? t/OR SALE—A well situated dear store. Bbwy*' ftxtere * “ d le 93 w tuSZ RrlS TTOR SALE—A fine s!r,ck nt tin and tarcj are. with k‘a>e of etore. Bcslnnu estah. «cm A V >: °?' 1!cl utf-red. frUx tVOO to teg*,. a. 39 West KudolpO-st. F < 2?,§£f ii— ? aloon 10(1 billiard hall. . *i“ bnJldlr.Ta, !»m ol lot, four billiard taniM licenee*, ta oon Cxtnrra. etc_ etc Pr>c«iia^S bok S; j 7, iiin SJi? F 9 Bort^^r 0 ?? o®6ol-^Dew 0 ® 601-^Dew lio!(;, t 4a jj^ss‘ , «£ssfsf fnVwiU'batTr^l 0 !™ ~ “* a * tafcwcnca or toe ,t E^?3 . ao,, A st. LooU Hail/oatt for £m Mnh Js* °. ne property recamnwftrterl, who *n° V *® fttrnUh aod t fep *^y e li-<iro«Td. flrt:-cift*ft bsnj*. Afi.Br»nee* * lvf , s Jt«*t *t lean on- of tae tr«Ja» oarhe liUorls Central HcftdviU stop for brr«kfft4t oq lb# £.*s? 6 . c 01 roofs, ft=A wish tdtdiute haw »ccom eocauaca. ft lure p*ft*eEfiCT-trao*rcr basirie« i» ex ited to be dcoe «t tbu point Ko one oevl ft"3>r whofftciot fire aamaatory recreates, ind wbo w;u y°E^SEsSE C w! jggr™ A- P£X- F)R SALE—One-half ol a drng hUS teeM. low. Lecattoa muirpvned. Inlnlre el 81-UNHAiIS * VAX SCSAACA, Wfcoicaale' Vnf. Kitts. 16 Late-*i- FOR SALE—Dni£ Sioic—Uy health havicc failed. I win seJmj- stock ordmrt, »ad • tore. bouse at J loU *t a creat bareaiD. flouted la u»- CißfWiirs lown of VfestrUle, las:H4 Couasr im ~t tteT.X.A. * C. R.K. AaiSim^Sr^air.S D. M. fr&otiSL* 0r “« “wSiTUfeS! FOR SALE—On accounfof sickness—A *t«mtertlac tad furniture shoo. No, 35 East la i i«»tlOB. with tweaty flrst-cla« Surd- the wlEta 1 . Addicts “ BOABDJNG,'’ XTOR SALE—A ’well-established Con- X fictlcnery Store on the Sr.oth Sl-fe. cow dolnr a CXkd boslaeja. Also, a M«at Market, akalow flsne«_ Sfragrti anh Stolen. CTRATED—SIO6 Reward—A larce. red O cow from 1332 ladlasa-aT., Oet.Tth list, re majxd. tso win be paid tor her return; if stolen, cm of cow tsd detection or thiciTw, Situattonß®tiantto=jßaUri* BOOKKEEPEBBI BILEagBW 4s, ClTUaTlON—Wanted—By an cxneri- Orac*d bookkeeper. Win make himself cecrre!!* useful. Goodrelercnces. Address “f b,"TnbMBQt- SITUATION —Wanted—As travelling O agent for a wholesale grocery or drag Lotus. *n«s experience In both, batlsftcrory reference* can b« given. Addrrsa "T A,** Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted—In a grocery or % O provision store, by the undersigned, who wants to « learn the practical business. He Is willing to work. A and cares more lor obtaining a tboroogn business edo* cation than bleb wages. Tha best references given. JsX Address or caU oa “J J P," at 147 Soatb Ciarkrti. El SITUATION—Wanted—An experienced Wi J^®“ e epcr desires an mragement. ReferencoaXw nnorreptionabie. Address P. 0. Box 0333. 9 CITUATION— Wanted—By a young H 8 ® 7 ho v understands bones and driving. and wotdd make himself useful. The best ofcltw refor «ces. Please address •• u J," p. o. Bo* 3075. Cbl- S^3?^ TI . 0Ns --^ ranted -By two able ter. Address F 4 A M." 150/, Chicago. CJTUaTION—Wanted-By a young kj m»n well acquainted with the KngUsb and Gar *? bookkeeper, clerk* or trarcUUg ‘I Q " Trjffne "c™ 01 * CITUATION—Wanted—By a German k-7 young man of experience, who la not afraid to wcr*,a* entry clerk in a wholesale busineasT n e ia t I .^ tI,O A O^ hJJ U sc, J ualn “ d w,tn willing to do office worx, or to cu out the dace « aanatant bookkeep-r. Salaiy no objection! P a2t 5 oiKc! £IT “- AS^“’ THIDEb, CITUAT lON•—Wanted—As clerk m a KJ7 wholesale or retail grocery. Has haa tour v experience and Is a coodpenmanasdacronnunt gJvi remnneea given. Addreia-L it.- mo bSimi M (SITUATION —Wanted—By a vnnu^ O man of good habits and ad drew, u salesraxa,? CITUATION— WantaI-As clerk in a kj store, either In (he city or some country towa.hv v W T rhs * r t-’amida. who has h 3 perlence in business, and Is not afraid to work r-, of Wkrence, given. Address K. O. “crk,° Inhwe* CITUATION—Waded—Bv a lady o‘f KJ expCTlence, In a dry goo* or notion remil star* S l 3y^ < 5 s T Tra,lted - I « a fimilr to wJ '° nnd ' :r vfon!Wdrc»*nrakiDc and Aaar - 1 -*■ »• m- Waalca—Jb’or a Ctrl of Jbr to tsksc.vrc of a baoy and to iraVc Lc-reff ujis. Ss. I !BSi“ ai# We,t —^'nnted—By a- young Ct.l from the country. In a respectable nriv«S A “"-“*■ b.**§»llS3S: SITUATION—Wanted— Bv. an Amen s* valtlas aald for a yonng Jody tj,,. SITUATION Wanted—As cook’ la - ; S 1 J C f7 lON -' V “ nt « l -Bj a ksmc‘s". North tideprcU&X caniLi » O lady lor a private family** seatW-,~- 3, L-,'r -*-ss- a%ss CiTUAllON—Wanted—By a drTuTdo P rM n A.Tj^Vrn^e^ nletl x*LSF* ,wt invention of the«£7 race f. £ A 9J? ,T ?7“^' anted— ?er month— S: DELOs!7 ho. 1«» Dearborn s Ct,. Agents —Trimted—cco n<?r rr„ psM to Acrnt* to fr.tnyi4c ~nr T £ Wllnted *0 fell Hod-ms' Patent c ? llsr t' l-1 - niiL'. in in. American Anire*t nth. 'sk samrw ... A S® l^ s5 —Wanted—s3oo nor moatl, *n«l .■’ipeaacs paid male or tenale *-en;< »o *r J£°^“ c^ a and nsefal Inv. ntlcu.of aof?atr ••Mt/tr ‘ J3r,?CDo ‘ <1 * Averts trvferrtns to work Jn PB ,n rarr *'> #•*>« Per dav Ftp fun wmculaw addreea W. G. WILSON 4 C&lr7\l& A GhNTs Wanted—For several very icL ’fJESb-S", uSS TSok B o’„'. E “ •rent m tt».* r 2* of KcnfncVy, Tennc**ee ami .1,..^ SSKS''^ menu Sold otly tv «n Usher*. 3 Custom Ura.^^St! 1 <-0.. Fbn A G o £ r i n^'!S tB, ~ F ™ - WOMEN IsiisiMggP JJK^U con ‘l*OOß Ot --taotifal I'ORTuVi'M A GENTS—Wanted— Disnb'ed eold’cra. SBjg"' i£U: A GEXTS—Wanted—For tbc mo*i non* ifc'cd. 1 w “A «^ l D?oIt 1 r B A rtWI ?i ! Send for circular*^an(T*oeSe U -h«^^ J i t " i r P #,,:hlW » fSfSF.S£:'°- vivrhPMoi^isrki's A GENTS— Wonted—To«ell Gnufurtii' Men ln Mini* 21 2F.GKAST; j.'ravlnr*. AdJrMi A c rmWtf £ J?^ n A ~Tcr 100 en- Chlcago. lu. urea * OS WaitinstOQ-S£ A ® E S v *o—« anted—jrale ami Ifcmnr.C; (Ire'SW.DELOSS&CO vV* i«un llt ? nwrte. Art, cago.lll. “•^ 3B^-.>0.16S cS- A T^S^T F ”yedpvDod’B Wo , r,£ tn ,he bandaoj ercnr fkSJj*** 3 J? Wt M tserecert cbaalc. hct men n ercry Javper»?n^ rr V er m ®* ardnseful. I . aE,, *r*koa l Lis boos a;ove Vns„ JTJ per JS** apply. Address ?p£ VS£V £°pV££4 lfz ‘’ 3: »«n Ccrrcta House-place, A want ntl.\K, oa tb-nosTll^a‘ h fe2i' OCE scwrxo M l l«i* llrr.dr p - ATSISSiMf. Sl&antrti—EoKcnt. To P.Mt-immedialcfrTa |*ecgthe surf.«,{»!??? Prtwetianif. tram ttaPgrpmce? w*» .VV J £Sni7i“ J' 0 ? I—A 1 — A celljir room, as«y- WUI *“ i-ni^^rf^gSS I ‘ eEt —A Louse enitn. *ul dir, k !r2o>., < J. a! i hoQ4e ror-; SETi>OLl>s,N‘^?uS ftll locaUoa - W-C. °- -ox "WANTED—To Rent—A Cottar or partners SHantcs, pAKT>. ER—Wanted— Eosin&s hc’ht* ■t^^sarssi ■MriUPWM ?^IT tO h y,na,B ll»‘ockofsT f£S? W &£?•** 1“ gga %?£?*• <=*"« sgg- T)AJvTN ER—Wanted—Id an establish/** An,xr Ufloohcw - *«*« JMSSSSfeg TJAKTNEI!—Wanted— In ~ JL lt*t »er!cTjJ:nrai suibiM the rjaiilj. P«ust}rUt •«c4r«d. *■£. sett P -S3OO tn smsisss tssgßg&a^saa IjAßTNjiK—^VsElpd— Tn i-i JT half In hotti lease OHfr ' AdJre ” DK - PC T>AM,ISO « reanttl chiace 10 mate ca * hear ot ig wm 0 7;Af ra “rtTe part. gad retail tmetreaa. j gromsponhcnte gra.-mW Fci wnteQlati. apply »t a4vnShg£^«^luM, «<fe- FEMALES. agents ffiasutrn, pianos ■fc 4"