Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 2, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 2, 1866 Page 1
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Chicago tEribnm. SUNDAY, DECESTBEB 2, 1800. THE MEWS. The aggregate of National Bank currency BOW In circulation U $206,953,327. The amount of gold and coin certificates C3W is the Treasury la ftS.OOMIQO. The condemned Fenians In f!*unda hare been denied a new trial. An application for the privilege of appeal baa also proved unauccea'foL Flve-Twentlea closed In London on the 80th at TOH. The closing price of gold In New herk yesterday waaltl^. The most astounding Osh story yet told la the statement by Professor Agasslr that in Brazil they have a species of din which can climb trees 1 England and France combined consume ICfs paper thsn this country, which has only half' the population of the two combined. Forty thousand barrels of oil were brought down the Kanawha river to Parkersburg on Sat urday and Sunday last is bargee. A bill to establish Provisional Govern ments for the lately rebellious Stales Is reported to be in preparation in Washington, and will be brought forward early in the session. The Navy Register of ISG7 will show that of six hundred vessels in the navy at the close of the war, there are now but 501, mourning 5L568 guns. George "Washington, a nephew of General W asbtngton, died suddenly a few days since In Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio, while attend ing a case he bad in Conn. The postal service In the eleven seceded States, which before the war never paid expenses, has netted over siCo,roo profit daring the last year. Four thousand members have been added to the order of Good Templars in New Hampshire the past year, and It now numbers over fire hundred. rinderpest having broken oat afresh r nsedto*aslo tll ‘ > Bavfl^an Government bare re* for the Erclhh m"£', ”“"? r ««" ll "“dcd Workmen nn> OM Fair Bnunmson Pennsj!r!Sl. r a7i;” ln r = barqnet to be given to the Republican me‘Lwl of Congress on Saturday next. New Orleans papers aro delighted losco Urge quantities of floor and other Wuatem produce coming down the llissiaslppl onco more <n route for the Atlantic States. * From the official records it appears that during the war 43,100 Federal prisoners died la the South, and 26,430 Confederate prisoners died la the Korth. Advices by Atlantic Cable state that Mr. Fo ward’s recent despatches to the French Foreign Minister-had been sent to the Emperor, and that Na;>oleon had been very unfavorably impressed with iteir contents. The opinions. of the English press, with ether Items In relation to the pending Fenian dis turbances in Ireland, are given this morning. Hr. Stephens Is said to be lu Pariq at the present line. The last great telegraphic feat is the ordering of wheat by a London boose of one In Fan Francisco, and the roceiot by tbe former, on tbr same dey, of the Intelligence that the order bed been filled. General ILilleck says that the action of the California 1 cglslatnrc In refusing to connten sore the adfplion of the national currency baa cost the Stale fifty millions in money and five hpudred thousand inhabitants. The St. Joseph (Mo.) Herat'l says that an organised band of horse thieves, counterfeit money passers and rascals are now acting con* ‘daily In Northwestern Missouri, Eastern Kan* i.i?. and Fonlbeiflem Nebraska. The southern conotles of Indiana arc In ie»’. d with nnmerors gang* of horse ihlerei, safe Kowera, and petty robbers of all kinds. At no lime has crime been so prevalent In the history of H_s State. Brigham Tonnsr is luxuriating In tho *•;. -ymoon of bli th hridc. a beautiful oistvenifcn. IJ; ha« jnst lost Ms I’ -i-*;’.*t-i wire, «ho »■ *• burled iny re:- or r ?»•»• notice of nor death. The UtieoMii a>u«-o ollr >rs-it IhtwoV Point ■ ■ l‘-wr day or« rtiailed a Jt» who bad a fat a til. wrapped around is!« tody, and diamond jaw. < Jrj '«o:tli f i,uu>, »Lich he was u-ylpg lo smuggle i'.;P-s the Uses. A rejiort from tire Jludson’s Bay Company rentirrlris positive y the sia'.cncnls that the ba •> of an nrrangeirea' has been agreed upon for ;:if Mile of the tenuory to the Canadian Govern ment, A silk manufactory Is to be CR*aMUhed at .lose. California. The workman will be L:o-tly German and French. Tbe California pa per* urge ibutaislnj; of mnlhcrry iroos and co* One of liio wealthiest citizens of Schenec tady, New York, Is to be prosecuted for setting •_:i lo ihe freight honte of ihe New York Central i. :il:f.rl, \ unit there rcc2mly. He had a large amount of over-insured goods in the bnlldlng. An iron-clad ordered a year ago for the Multan cf Turkey now awaits - purchaser In an English shipyard, tbo representative of the Otto man Government having fulled to receive his re mittances. The Congressional Rilrcnchment Commlt while Icve-ilgavlng the affairs of the New York Custom House, discovered that the clerks w«-re taxed fonr dollars jer mouth for political pnrporce. end. If they refused to pay, were dis charged. The collection of taxes in California this year is attended with unusual Inconvenience to all parti-? concerned. Specie incomes have, un der the existing law, to be reduced to a green- 5:; currency standard. Thv valnatioa is c ghty cents cn a dollar. The South Is paying more attention than heretofore to the manufacture of cotton goods. l-V.clorles are being cstahlis-hcd in North Car olina, South Carolina, Georgia and MlzaterippL The old days of planters’ rule arc over, and new enterprises ard greater development of resour ces will follow. The army in New Mexico consists of the Fifth Inlantnr, commanded by Brevet Major Gen eral George Sykes, headquarters at Fort Snmner; Third Cavalry, Cclonol Marshal H. liowe. Fort Craig; and Fifty-seventh regiment toWd tioops. Colonel P. Harwood, ai Fort Sum* to Tbc Sand Patch tnnntl, on the Pittsburgh i: Coonelurille Hallway, Ip at last cut through. J is total length la 4,V-0 feet, being l,oofl feet more ihtn the long tunnel on the Peuuwylvanla Cen tral Hallway; through the Alleghenies, between Altoona and Cresfou. It is Intended for a double track, and la twenty-two fed wide by nineteen leet In heicbU Captain Napoleon Collins, commanding the Sacramento, sidled a tew days since for China, rgnjicg with him foil ir.-tructions from the State Department to look into the Coolie trade, and after a thorough eradication, report all the facta to his Government, with a view to early amcllo tation. ifnot entire suppression of this trim:, Ac. Secretary McCulloch is desirous that Con gress should enact a dear law, making U distinct ly understood that the United Mates are pledged to redeem the principal, aa well m the interest, on Its bonds In gold, hut, knowing the opposition which all of his measures meet tu that body, he will not directly propose it. In another form, how ever. It Is not unlikely that this and several other measures he has on foot will pc brought to the attention of Congress at the proper lime. A Washington special says; Senator Morrill, of Maine, It Is underwood, will lm mediately on the assemblage of Centre-?, Intro «tncc a MU to confer the privilege of suffrage npen the freedmen ol this District, and will energetical ly li.sht on an early vote. Ills said lobe his pur pose to hare this new law la fall tore.; before the ceil municipal election hi this dty. It was Sena tor Morrill who Introduced and carried through the bill emancipating the slave? of this District. The annual report of the Baltimore Asso ciation for the morel and Intellectual Improvement of Use fretdmen, shows fs},'r"J expended and s*-j,«O received in the year. Of this sum 51.0 X) was from the New England Freedmea's Aid Asso ciation ; » 3.8*0 from New England friend-, and • gr./Vii from Maryland colored people. The society has In operation seventy-four schools Including twenty-two In Baltimore, numbering ra all seven ty-fonr teachers and 7,n*i scholars. Moat of the teachers arc colored. The most encouraging suc cess Las at tended the efforts of the association. The oClccrs of the New Hampshire regi ments will have their second annual reunion at Concord on Ibe Ist day of January. IS*57. At that time the “Veterans' Union of New Hampshire’* will be organized. This will tie followed by an oration by Brigadier General A. F. Stevens; poem by Lieutenant George A. Harden; and in the evening a terse and ball at Phoenix Hall. Near ly ell the New England railroads will give free pusses to all who wish to attend. It U earnestly desired that every New Hampshire soldier will be there, no matter where be may be located. The corner-stone of the old Masonic Tem ple, In Baltimore, was removed the other day to be Incorporated into the new one. It was laid to 3514, and when It was opened, notwithstanding the care taken to transmit to posterity the history of the building, two coles of gold, a half eagle of 2795, and an eagle of 2811, with the Inscription on the marble, were alone found to be unimpaired. The silver was blackened and defaced, the figures on-the copper bad disappeared, and some rem nants of decayed bidding were ali that testified to the printed volumes that had been placed within the stone. The north winp of the Capitol or Senate extension is'now complete, and eo is the south win; or Bout* extension, with the exception of the terse mocolltbic columns, which are from Ma ryland quarries. The remainder of the marble of which the extensions are constructed, by the way, je from quarries at Lee, Massachusetts; tho sand stone, of which the main edifice was constructed, was from Virginia quarries; much of the oral men’s! marble in the inteilor la from Tennessee; the colOesal dome contains about do? million* of pounds of Pennsylvania Iron; the copper of which the roofing Is made is frost 1-akc Superior; and much of the lombcr need is Georgia pine. The London papers of the latest dates are fall of comments on the nprl‘tng of the Fenlme, though they give no particulars of the outbreak. The bitterest language is employed by all of them and declarations are made Hut “no merry" shall |>« shown, ihc London Timft says the rebels must be "stamped out" like the cattle plague, which was done hy slaughtering ttc diseased cattle: the AVtr* claims that the Government most Act promptly and with a "relentless band;" the Teltgrcy-h wants to rue *an iron heel," and tho gtandard says lire captured Fenians "should be left to the extreme rigor of the law,” while the organ of Earl Deroy announces positively that no xnercy will be shown to those who are captured. The fourth match for.thc Telegraph Send ing championship of New York City and New England, between Messrs. Bums of Worcester, end Kettles o! Fall Ulcer, look place on the STth nit- On the Western Union Company’s Hues sooth of Boston. Mr. Kellies’ time *asSS3 words In fire minutes forty-five seconds; Ur. Boms’, five minutes flfty-five seconds. The latter gentleman •was adjudged victorious, his willing being, in the opinion ol the judges, far superior’to hl» oppo nent’s In everything but speed. Sir. Bums has received a telegram from Sir. Brooke—the South ern operator whose challenge he lately accepted— expressing a desire that Ibcir trial of skill might soon come off. ardannouncing bis Immediate de parture lor New York, in order to bring tho affair lo a speedy conclusion. PROM EUROPE. Tcsterfaj’s Despatches by At- lantlc Cable. Sailing of a French Steamer to Intercept Maximilian. Mr. Seward’s Recent Despatch to the French For- - elgn Minister. FROM WASMGTON. Bill Preparing to Establish Pro visional Governments for the Eate Rebel States. Arrangements for the Grand Wel come to Congress. TDE mils REBELLION. The English Press and People Greatly Excited. Additional Gunboats and Anns Sent Forward. Mr. Stephens Reported to be in Paris, mob mm. A New Trial Denied to the Con- dcuined Fenians. Application for Appeal Also tin- successful. LiTEE ADVICES FROM MEXICO AND SODIfI AMERICA, FEOJI EUROPE. nr Atlantic Cabte-s-lllnu of a Steamer to Intercept ,’tliuimlllaa—Srcrcmry Hswaiil’s Uewpaieh to the French Pnrrtsn MlnUter. ICralg’e European News Agency.] Pam*, Novembers^—Evening.— It Is reported that a steamer has left Havre, to intercept Uie Emperor Maximilian oo his voyage from Vera Crna to Miramar, to join the Empress Carlotla. Usbox, November 30—Evening.—A largo United States eqnadronw now concentrated off this port. LivcnroouNovcmbcr S l-Et-mlng.-The steam ship Java, from New York, mixed this aheruoou, after a vuy rapid passage. London, November bo—Evening.—lt la said that becrelary Seward sent a decisive deffar. ’i M ibe French Government on the subject jf the cv&eoaUcn of Mexico. London, No-- v nVr.'.o.—T» ts said on high an tbority that Mr. frenard’s despatch touchingibe Mexican qncstioc, to the Minister of tbe United States at Paris, was communicated by the latter to Napoleon, to (hecCoct that the United States required Franco to fulfil her promises in regard to Mexican a Hairs. London. November 30.—The Imposing cere mony of onvellicg the etatno of Prince Albert took place at Wolverhampton to-day boforc an Immense concourse of people. The look a leading part In the ceremonies, amid tbe cheers of the crowd. Latent European Market. _ „ . „ Livrrr>K>L,X«*vfmh<T». The Itrekrrs* Clrcclar reivjrt* »*!«■* m con.>-i n»r ih« w**-L ol 3.W bale*. ITIH-.idecfu.vd daring la,; weiik. MlddUne nplandi lid. s»lr« :.xi*v. io.a.j i. i... v*r> kcls rlf»«tng n*-aillcr. Hrrai»ia*o~aeclj.ii j - tvod'H cy; WtsUTnuJicucornWaf-rt. CosscliH»V Ihr money; Unit*.! .■ 'Vatf-.a IWe 4«g iliinoi* cmtrol Tt. Im r;.-« in Nmk la koglnad and trance*liow* ri-n>l<lrtv!>lc Increase. KircciMOL. Nvw-mbr* an— Kvenlng. Tbebreau&mt'« market It Weak. Uti.-aid,—nr.e»l S« per cental. Cora Is uacnaayed; mixed Western ta qnotrd at £3>««. The rrovMvn market l» easier, bat we note no par tlmlir dreilue It arjjr article. The peUrJeutn market Is Uuavier; refined aald to-day at is W u l* W per gallon. London. X->vcaber 30—Evening, tonsol* up nooey close at #v. 1 :••• li-lli-a tug arc the cluing prlee* of American se curities: l uc-twmtUs, rii; Illlcols Ctatrsl shares, TC^. rHO3I fVASUOGTOX. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] * Washington, December 1, THE WCtCOHXTO CUNonESS. The welcoming banquet to Congress promises to be « very interesting alfinr. Judge 1). K. Car ter, of Ohio, will make the address of welcome. Mr. Feesenden will reply on the part of the Sen ate, and Mr. Stevens os tu.> part of the Hnnse. Ecu. Butler will re«r ~Tf ‘* *° tbo toast, “Tbo Exec utive.** The regular .oasts will bring out tbo bctL talent in Congress. Many ladles will be present THE WT*StSSOn LEVEES. The Louisiana df.epatlon, lo urge Congress to re|>air the levees of the Mississippi, the appropri ation for which was kilV.i oil so summarily at the last session, are agni:. i.-'ra. rnoTiaioKLL cote; sv ckcs ron tux lite beuel- mors STATES. A hill baa already been prepared, and will be pressed upon the consideration of Congress, pro \ldlig provisional Governments for the States lately In rebellion. TLX 05 Bt '4.105. The valet of the Imlllir;!; 'nmps, bars, Ingola, or otherwise, assessed *. •■ln fc :.e fiscal year IS<>C, Is given by the internal ,'snno returns at $51,850,M1. Of this amount, 470,(32,505 was as sessed in the Pacific and Hocky Mountain Stales and Territories, and the remainder, $11,350,733, chiefly In the Atlantic seaboard cities. Ills esti mated that In the gold producing regions of the country, at least twenty-five per cent of the pro ducts escape assessment, and that of the gold as sessed tn the Atlantic seaboard cities one-half is of domestic pioduction. In view of these facts, the Internal Revenue returns, taking os a basis of estimate the production of gold In the fiscal year of It*'*!, Is calculated at J'.'l.Sl '.TTI The produc tion of ISTA, Is estimated at f73,.Vii,' mccc&so in ISC6, of SI9,nTS,C7J. The amount ot National Bank currency issued by tho Comptroller of the Currency during the week ending 10-day was s*iS,l9t». The total sum issued to date foots np $£*9,057,i59, from which Is to bo deducted $2,073,932, being Ibe amount of mutilated end worn ont cotes, which has l>ecn re deemed since the National Banking act went Into operation, leaving the total amount ot National Blink Notes now In circulation $S>.t,QSi,3«7. the resue debt. Statistic* of ‘he public debt show an Increase from sixty-six millions on January Ist, 1861, to twenty-five hundred and fifty-one millions on No vember Ist, 156(5. The debt reached Its highest figure, $4,737,059.57, on the 3Jstot August, ISA, since which tine U has steadily decreased until it has reached $3,551,310,055, at the date of the last monthly statement, [By Craig’s News Agency.] corros axd ticnm ruAi'us. WASlttscTox, December I.—The Congressional j Committee to Investigate the cotton aud sugar | frauds in New Voile and other cn-tom booses will on Monday ask leave to remove toe seal ot secrcsy from their proceedings. It Is rumored their re port will involve a number ol high officials. charges or txnirxAMTV hkfcted. The following Interesting renort ha- been fur nlshcd us by the Secretary of War in refutation of the charges of Inhumanity concerning the treat ment ot prisoners and soldiers at tho Dry Torla pas.lSllcoodndM as follow's: The conduct of officers in each Individual case mentioned, has been grossly aud maliciously mis represented ; hut thU is not wondered at, consid ering the source of tho report. Immediately after the appearance of the article in question, a search was made In the quarters of the Chicago conspirator, Orubnl, and among his papers was found a draft of the same letter mat appeared, ad dressed to Bradley A Johnson, who, it is pre sumed. forwarded it for publication Air. Giubul is represented os a very unreli able. telf-whled, rebellions person, and would be anywhere else. His word cannot be depended on in the commonest transaction of life, and having been deposed from the position of gardener, he has since endeavored to place the officers In a very unreliable light before tho world by trumping np charges against them for Inhuman treatment of the prisoners. His charges, taking their foundation from the mo?t trtml circum stances, were enlarged aud exaggerated to such distorted proportions, as only bis low and sordid Triad is capable of. Ills diary shows that he has Wen In secret com munication with rebel sympathisers North, and that Lo has been led to believe that strong measures would be taken for his release His game then was to draw attention to the Tortugas, and the snppo-ed atrocltle- there committed, and through these Instrumentalities thus secure and enlist in his favor the sympathies of the public. He has miserably failed. 1 \ kited tho cells of all the prisoners there, and their cleanly and orderly appearance spoke well for the care and vigilance exercised by the commanding officer for ibe e»in fo rt and well-being of the prisoners. The prison ers receive the same rations as the enlisted men el the post, arc neatly and comfortably dressed, and the labor required of them Is ot a very light character. (Mgned» R- H. SnEntnaw, Major General United Stales Army, mt cxpcblicas caret's. New Yobk. December I.— Washington specials say no definite action will be taken at the Repub lican caucus to-otght, as many members are still o be cat. n. sxwaud’s rutxcn despatch. Mr. Seward has col yet received any answer to his long message to Minister Bigelow directing him to remonstrate against the long delay In re calling the French troops ftom Mexico. It Is an ticipated Louts Napoleon is not satisfied with the energetic tone of Mr. beward'a despatch, much as he may desire to get oat of the Mexican scrape, pnorottp ciiASoc rs tub ntvrscz depart* but. There wOl be awarm ftiuggls between the Ex ecutive and Legislative Departments for entire control of the Revenue Department, and a pro portion of the spoils. Ibe Republicans will, tberetore, attempt to detach th ■ d.partmnu from the President's control. With this view. Judge Kelley, of Philadelphia, Is preparing a bill to ' substitute for the present internal Revenue Bureau a Department of Revenue under a Commissioner, to be appointed by Chief lattice Chase, who is to bo authorized to make all subordinate appoint ments. ____ nrvr.vrr and tahitf. Philadelphia, December I.—A Washington epccaltolbc Etfhing DulU'ln says: Several of the leading free traders state that Secretary Mc- Culloch is opposed to the tariff bill which pissed the House I*-i session. He has Instructed Com missioner Well*’ to arrange the new Revenue and Tariff bills eo as to make them uniform In ihtlr workings. colouado Arm sksuaska. Senators Crum Colorado and Nebraska are VOL. XX. here. They hare assurances that both Territories will be admitted this session. Should the Presi dent again veto the hills. Congress win pan them over bis bead. the ucror Etxcnos in auanjum. On the meeting of Congress It Is rumored here that an investigation committee as to the recent election in Maryland will be asked for by some of the Bepublscan members. DECREASE IV PL'DLIC EXFCKUITCUE*. The Treasurer's report will exhibit the gratify logfsct that thepubllc expenditures for the fiscal year ending June 30,T6C*-, are about one hundred end fifty million dollars less thsn for the last year c f the war.cndlng J one h0,15£4, showing that while thocxpcndltmcs Increased rapidly from 1901 to 18®, trey have already begun to decrease quite as rapidly, thus verifying the prediction in Gen eral Spinner's annual report, that from that time expenditures-would steadily recede from the highest point then reached. AWASUiacTUX MEDAL. Mr. A. J. Brazil r, of Philadelphia, has sent to President Johnson, as a Thanksgiving Day me morial, a family heirloom, one of the medals etrcck In commemoration of the resig nation of General Washington in ITJ7* 1 lit- head of Washington is a strong resemblance to that adopted by iloedon In bis statue of the “Father of his Country.” Tne letter accompa nying the letter likens the patriotism of dent Johnson to that ot Washington. nrrautxo. WasniwoTOir, December I.—Major General Davis niUon, Assistant Commissioner of freed* men for Georgia, and Major General R. K. Scott, Assistant Commissioner for Sooth Carolina also, who were ip be mustered ont to-day, December Ist, arc to bo retained In service until further or ders. WTPTTBED OCT. B revel lieutenant Colonel James A. Cat’s, Cap tain of Seventh Regiment V. It. C., and Captain N. B. Blanton of the Ninth Regiment V. R. C., have bees honorably mustered ont of service. nucnOßax. cdbsehct. There was received at the Treasury this week from the printers, fractional currency amounting to t CS,WO. There was shipped daring the same time to national banks (129,^07.07; to the Called Slates Depository at Chicago, (50,0 W. TubU fWS,CG!,OT. KAVAL. Despatches have been received at the Navy De partment to-day from Captain W. B. Reynolds, commanding the United States steamer locks waqa, under date [of October I3lh, from Hunter cldes, annonneing his arrival there, all well on board. Commander B. Simpson, commanding United slates steamer Mohican, trader date of October 17th, reports arrival at Waranaham, Brazil, thirteen days from BarbadoCa. irteusal nrvEsrz. ’ COLD IS TTTT TUEASmT. Gold b held by ihc. irea»nrw to the amount of €&s,bou l bUi, ol Which i: on gold certifi cates. rATXRTS. Two hundred and thirty-fire patents have been issued from 'bo Patent Ofilcc for the week ending December Ist. LAXTI PATERTB. Transcripts, embracing swamp tracts in Cali fornia amounting to over 53,000 acres, have boon submitted to the of the Interior for bis ' approval as a preliminary step for issuing patents lor same to the Slate. WUXiOEPAID BICE. The lloti. N. C. Beaman, of Michigan, called oo General spinner. United bUtes Treasurer, pvday. and paid back into the treasury over five hundred dollars, received during three years for mileage as a member of Congress, in excess of what be be lieves lobe just, altbongb the amonnt he received was computed according to the present Congres sional estimate of mileage. umtL ANTE-WAB ciAnts. .Thl« morning two checks, given by cadets at West Point previous to the war. who eitbreqncmlv Joined the rcb* Is. were presented at the tna-ury or payment. The matter was refeued to ihs See relaiy of War. ufcodeddcdlnat the checks should not be paid, but cancelled, and the amnmit re mined to tbe appropriation from which it was •linen. FE(t.U »EW YOUK. Me- J-rrrlrr’- C'hsner*. for Congee** lc*.s- The Ldcti-* Wtuklus for an at r-oUrujip- v Wise Prrvauuaa Agatust Jlnnatrelrta Itaroina Krroseno. [bpccial Despatch to tbe Trlbane.] New YonK. Decvu *er I. Horace Greeley’s chances for the United States Secatorshlp are utterly hopeless. His Uie ad* dre*s. coolly abandoning the colored people to their fa’c, and demanding noihlng for them or for the nation, but everything for the rebel lead ers, has mado Mr. Greeley {Headless In the house of his friends. The Arming /Wfaays to-day that be stands on tbe same platform wiih Bon. Wo ml’s 7«l<y AVira and Uie Richmond Fnq*>irrr. ]( {< not surprising, therefore, that while only throo Itepnbllcan jonrnils In this State snnport Mr. Greeley’s pietcn«!ons to the Sena'orshtp, all rbe Democratic ionrcsls (Tom the World onward sup port him aud r«vor bis eh-ction. Ibc ladles of this city are organizing sawing circles to agitate their ueaicnd for iho extension of suffrage. Hcv, Dr. Chapin’s new and elegant church ed ifice on Fifth avenue has been completed, and will be dedicated on Monday, It will be called the Church of tbe Divine I’atemity. Tbe doMmctiou of a vast amount of property was prevented at the burning of the petroleum storage warchoufc last night, by the action of the Flic Commissioners in previously carrying Into eflcct the provisions of tbo Stato law. requiring iliat all oil warehouses shall be constructed with sills or rafted brick wails, the height of two feet acove tbe doors, so that oil in case of fire cannot escape, Frond IndiritnonlN Qanshcd—BnoU Officer Ilolilwd—c-hlpruoni* of Specie-Fatal Qaai it I ilrrarcu norknee. New Youe, December I.—Admiral Dahlgren, Generals Crittenden aud Warren, and Mr. A. A. Low and family were passengers on tao Ocean Qnren to-day fur Caltloniio. The Indictment agaiuslMiveral master workmen in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, for defrauding the Government, has boon qnashed by Judge Wilson, on the* ground that tbo indictment tbnuld have been found to the Southern Dlsuic* of New York. John N.Cockro-t.onc of tbo officials ot the Nassau pis l was roblx dof T2,UA) lu United Stales note* In Nassau street to-day. One or the thisves was arrested, but the money has sot yet been recov ered. Ibe Srrrttt rays the exports of specie to-day wore as follows: tinmen, J.C.TTT; Teutonia. $51.1; Villc dc I*arls, Sisi.fifd; City of Washington, $l4O,(Mi; total, f HJI,?/,! New York, December I.— The Democrats held a mess meeting at Cooper Institute to-night. Ad dresses were made by A. Oakey Hall, Major Hoffman and other-. The local election of Tuesday next Is exciting very little interest. TTris afternoon Patrick Ilannlgan and Thomas Muller, laborers employed on the new U-.nld building, quarreled, when Uanulgan threw Mul len Into the cellar and Injmcd him so severely that be shortly afterward- died. Ihe total registry in the city, which was com pleted at l» o’clock this evening, gives ns a total of over I2d,o<u registered electors. FROM BOSTON. InvesttgiUlon Into the Charges of Gen cm t llnnMv* Misconduct—Affidavits Sabstaml ottos the Chargee— Ilia Constituents Aik Ilfm to Rcsltat [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlhanc.l Boston, Dt ccmber i. It was apparent to many at Ibe time of the agi tation, shortly before election, as to the alleged mL-couduct of General Banks, that the General's Indignant denial snd bold challenge to bis ac cusers to prodnee their proofs that the mailer could not end there. Banks* course In regard to the matter placed his friends In rather a occnliar position, and U was Impossible to reslsl the pros sure for Investigation. A committee of five cltl reus from the btxth District, including some friends ol General Banks, and all prominent men In the local community, accordingly vl-lted Portland and inquired Into tho affair. The* found tho charges of Intoxication fully proved, ana in order to satisfy others as well as themselves, procured affidavits of ibe most important witnesses in regard to It. In cluding waiters and others at the hotel where the indltcrcUon ot General Banks was most promi nent. They have uow written,a.lcUcr to General Banks, stating la plain terms tho result of their Journey, and reminding him of the declaration which he made at Malden in a large meeting of his constituents, to the effect that If the accusations against nun were true, he wocld not only decline a rvnomlaation to Congress, but would resign the seat be now bolds. Th& remarkable document Is. in the hands of a gentleman of Boston and will nr.donMedly soon be given to the public through the press. I have seen It, hut am not at lib'll; to scud yon its precise words at present. Tbi* summary of circumstance? and purport may, however, be relied ou as authentic. FEOJI CLNCIXNATL Death ot a German Actor—Sappresef «n of an Obscene I'ohllcnllon—Opening ot the 9ar pension Bridge— Fire, [Special De«patch to the Chicago Tribune] CtxrcntaTt, December 1. IT. Ludwig Ranker!, an accomplished German actor, died of long disease to-day. The anniversary of the Polish Insurrection of 2530 was celebrated last night, a line supper, and Irtcqgelv radical and patriotic speeches beta; the order of the night. A filthv sheet, entitled the ifr* riPOM*<f, and dau-d bt.’Louis, but In reality printed and pub lished in this city, was seised and suppressed by Ibe police to-day M. 11. Moos, P. Lapham, 11.I 1 . Tracy and William H. Barton were arrested la the editorial den, and hdd in SSOO each to appear for examination on Monday. The suspension bridge was thrown open lo pedestrians today, ana thousands of cittftens crossed to the Kentucky shore over the tcrlal arch. It is over two thousand feet in length—the longest in the world. The new and splendid Jewish Synagogne took fire from a dcfect ln the beating apparatus during services thl* morning, and caused great alarm and excitement In tho congregation. A rush was msde for the doors, but the only injury was to the erlt ollne aad gaudy bonnets. The damage to the building can be repaired for less than f J.u.o. FROM MILWAUKEE. The Purls Exposition—The Case of the Lae La Ilrlie—Site for the New Ceart House* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribanc.l Milwaukee, December 1. The Paris Exposition Committee met on ’Change this morning and elected Professor Hoyt chairman, with In-trncUons to visit all the larger towns and cbica of the Stale, and urge people to send forward articles for cxhibilion as cam n* possible. „ The Di troH-and Milwaukee Railroad Company have given the necessary bonds and released the steamship Milwaukee, tied up at Detroit, for sinking the lAt la Belle. There Is every prospect of exculpating Captain Troaeil, of the Milwaukee, ftom blame. The Board of Supervisors of Milwaukee Counlv report In favor of the Fourth Ward as the rite lor the new Court House. The question was decided by five ayes and four noes. So the West side has gained an Important advantage over Ibe East. FBoai ROCKFORD* The Promised Addrcas of Ann E. Dickie* non Postponed on Account ol IllneiMS. (bpeciat Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Rocktobd, 111, December 1. Miss Ann E. Dickinson, who waa to hare de livered her lecture—" Tho Rejected b tone"-in this city last evening, la quite seriously ill, and will cot probably be able to speak in public fog several days to come. Sentence et Prisoners In Pbltadelphlu. PnitADttruiA, December I.—To-da» the Court ol Quarter Sessions in Balre, Judges Alli son and Pence on the bench, imposed sentence on all prisoners convicted of various crimes in the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Mason Roberts, and the noted nrofcasj OL »i burglars, each received five year? In tl’jj county prison. Win A. Maguire, the murderer of Maggie Baer at (he Continental Theatre In 18&i. vu *eoteaced to eight yean and six mouths In the penitentiary. Newton Champion, the murderer of Mary Kear ney, In June lashwaa sentenced to be bun? by- Judge Allison. The scene was of an unusually solemn character. Champion paid no attention to it. but during the Impressive remarks of the Judge marched up and down the dock, bis eyes fixed on vacancy. De has heretofore sought to create the Impression that be Is insane. THE FESIAS REBELLION'. By the Atlantic Cable—General Alarm and Excitement Concerulns' the Fenlau Out break In Ireland— ** No Mercy** to be Shows to the Rebels—Captured Fenians to be Nlnnshiered as Diseased Cattle— Additional Gunboats and Arms Sent Fnr ward-Steptaena Reported to be in Paris. Jena's Hotel, Loxdok, Novembers:, IS'Vi.— There exists s marked and universal sensation here to-day, In consequence of the prospect of on Immediate Fenian outbreak In Ireland. The London newspapers of this morning, with the exception of ibe Tendon Pjti, elmaltaucoaily express strong end bluer language against the Pentane, warning them that “no mercy’ 1 will bo shown to the persons engaged in the rising. The London Tlmti says that a rebellion in Ire land xnnst be “stamped out 11 as wo (England) “stamepdont” the cattle plague; that b by slaughtering the diseased cattle. The London Jietet says that England mnat pnt down with a relentless hand any and every sedi tions movement, even If stirred op by her own mlsrale. The" taken London TelfprapTi aaja measures oust be i to render it certain that the very first amp* of a revolt in Ireland eball be “ stamped ' with an Iron bed. ' The London Star saya that the English people dread to be placed trader the odious necessity of crushing out any reb-l movement in Ireland The I-ondon Standard says that the captured robber Fenians should bo left to the extreme rigor of the law, and that there is no hope for them in Ireland from the United Stales. The London Herald, Ear! Derby's organ, refer ring to the condemned Fenians in Canada, says there b no loophole to be left for the escape of future otenders ot that class. Lojtdor, November SO.—Two additional gun boats hare been despatched to Irelsod, haring aboard large quantities ol ammunition for ser vice against Fenians. Dcblu*. November 30.—50 far as heard, no new arrests of suspected parties have boca made in Ireland. Lordok, November 30.—1 t b rumored here that Head Centre Stephens, oflbo Fenian organi zation. has lately arrived at Paris, where he Is now supposed to bo concealed. Action of the Brotherhood In this Country —Preparations for tbe tjeesod Invasion of Canada—Stephens and Robert* Working Together. [Spcdd Despatch to the Chlcsto Tribtmc.] Nxw Tone, December 1. I am permitted to annoncce authoritatively, that Uto Itobena branch ol the Fenian organiza tion. so far from abandoning the scheme for a record Invasion of Canada, Is perfecting a plan, the final commutation of which will create a startling sensation. For many months past the vast machinery of the organization, wuich now numbers two hundred and fifty thousand numbers In tbe United Stale*, exclusive of the adherents of James Stephens, has been secretly hot vigorously worked nay and night, to s.-curo the chances or snores* beyond the possibility of a failure, A sanitising quantity ol arms, muni tions ofwar, ordnance stores, and all the essen tials ofa decisive warfare, has been collected and to disposed a* lo be ready for ore at Hie chosen points of attack. The organization Includes many rtinurp'-ds ofdlssCVcled Irishmen in Canada, reg nlnriv armed and equipped, wbo will lend a ao<t chectlvs co-operation at tbe proper lime When that time arrives, ami not UN then, will ?oq have Intelligence o r i uprising in Iro std. Stephen* R’»d Itoh'j**. are working toge’h e. In pt.rV»; bat i_ .-i>. • * h.-vinr hi* own part lobcnrmthc vorku.* a com mon ;nr;,o-e Nxw V .».**, Pe<. ••• •>,•» ‘.—Fliiy nen •'.e?* em ployed ttw!« ( . i. the Einla- L •s.f : i». itr* repack log arms nrj« ammunition to fsama'c shipment. Several Co Ulbulion* of money were taijo to dav. Offcerso nnUing In Uie Western S*»ies report great sner* * slncetne report ofaupiKnv.t irmed njwislrg in Ireland. BcrrxLO. December I.—The Stephens Fentons onranieed here last night, when money and arms w. rc donated. Tbo Koben* Fenlane present In sisted that it is nsrle-g to do anything In Ireland at the present, and that (.'anada was the plsrc to strike ; but gvncrallv, all aecmed desirous «,f aid ing the cause In any way. It was stated that ex perienced officers were required for belaud. The Fenian Plano—How they U'nrl;- YVhal Mr, Stepbeua has Accomplished In (lie Tutted Mute*—la Ihc C. O. I. it, tu the CUT or lias lie Lrlt f (From the New York Hcr&id, hAh ulU] Mr. Stephen* landed In New York oa tbe tilth of May. l*jrt—bl* purpose hetng to reorganize Ft nlanism tn Anierlca npon a more secret bajl*. and lo heal, II possible, tbo lacltoiu division- of the Brotherhood, winch had been brought about by the qnatrel betweto O'ilahouey and Iloberts. Taking rooms temporarily at Ibc Meiro poll an Hold, be assumed the dircctlou nf the O'Maboncy wing, deposing iliat fnnciionary and Instituting a rigid In vestigation into the conduct of Fenian affairs In this connin’. AtthatUmo his plans were dcib nib ly fixed, and he has not siucc swerved from them. They were compn-honded in a few points. Ho calculated that, wlto firtythoasandwoll-armnd and trained men, ne could adord to *«t Uie boll of rebellion in motion, and steadily maintained that two hundred thousand men werealready well drilled and prepared to spring to arms npon hi* return, which was to be the signal of an npnalng. He made Ita preliminary to this uprising ifu' the Americas wing of the Brotherhood should be re organized, and pat under htsaosoluto control and direction, (which, ’so far as the O’Mohoner wing of the Fenians extended, was done. The luvn-lon of Canada wis steadily closed, as a diversion ol funds and material from the legiti mate purpose of the organization, viz: the libera tion of Ireland, and continued to assert that before the first day of January, ISC7, he would have effected bis return to Ireland and opened the revolution. The great Stephens option at Jones's Wood. May IK, was made the occarinn for unfolding, as far as was practicable, the purpose? the Fentan leader had In view. At this meeting, after can vassing with some thoroughness the prospects ot success in a rebellion. Mr. Stephens said: “lint whether or ooltbo snoport l»c forthcoming from America. Ireland must fight ties'year. Upon' you depends the question whether that fight -lull Degin with ever, prospect ol encccs-. or whether the conflict shall be more desperate tuau It need be. We Lave In Ireland fiiKOUd men, who will spring to arms whenever I shall raise the stand ard of revolt. Of these, 50,(00 arc trained aoldien-, who cannot he beaten in the field by any 5 >,ooo men that Eiigland can pit agaiu-t them. Ba.ore the first day of January 1 shall be In Ireland, and the haul-- will ha- e hegun.” In the assertion that ho should ho in Ireland belorc U:c beginning of the new year, .Mr. Ste phens has steadily persisted, even to his last ad dress to the Fenian.? in St. Louis, about four wceka ago. About two weeksagoareportoftbo sailing of Stephens was circulated iu the city by one of the daily papers In this city. Tho report originated with a member of tho press, and was matmfic tnrvd for sensation purposes, the plan aad man ner of patting together the boas was formed and incubated In the prolific brain of the reporter— Stephens being privy to the transaction, and promising to keep himself ont of sight until the ■flair should have blown over, Unfortunately for theaucec-s of the hoax, however, Stephens was seen In hU private office, attending to busi ness a? usual, the next day. The canard— like many others whichhavo been circulated In regard lo the whereabouts of the Fenian Head Centre—was simply a rutf intend’d to deceive the English authorities and enable Mr. Stephens to get off In safety when the boar of trial shonld be nearer at hand. Pur several days Mr. Step Lena baa not been seen at the Fcaltn headquarters, and Fenian officials have steadfast ly refused to give any information in regard to him. Telegrams purporting lo have been receiv ed from him have been shown, and the Impres sion has been conveyed that Mr. S. had left the city. This Is In accordance with the programme agreed upon between Mr. S, and the reporter—al-o a Fenian—of the daily paper in which the caraani was pi Inted—the purpose of the whole being »m --ply to mislead spies and Informers, and enable him to slip off In disguise, while the detectives are looking for him In the wrong direction. Un less Stephen- has left America within the last week, he U still in this city, awaiting hit oppor tunity to get off without being dogged by detec tives. of whom at least half a doxcu were lurking about his office yesterday, and carefully nottsg every movement of Colonel Kelly, his secretary and general adviser. At the Headquarters be has nor been seen for some days, although Colonel Kelly has been In constant communication with him. WHIT THE nairs HLVE BXZS DOtKO. Since the Roberts* fiatco and during the t-mpo rary lull that followed it. the Fenian? were really working more fdillgenllj than they had ever been before. A regular system o( collecting arm?, old and new, wherever they could be boucht or beg ged, was .Inaugurated and secretly carried ou. If a Fentan knew where a musket or a rifle could be bought, he was instructed to buy It aud baud it over to the] Head Centre. The wolf Tone Circle in Brooklyn Is known to have collected 133 maskets in this way in a single week daring the month of October; and an Idea of the vast number of arms which have been gotten together within three months by the Fe nians, may he gathered from the bet ever; circle under the control of Mr Stephens throughout the United States, has been similarly engaged In sup plying arras and material, every individual pick ing np a market or a rifle wherever he could find ooe, aud rtkntly conveying it to headquarters or to the possession of the Head Centre. Many have probably been less successful than the Wolf Tone Circle; but potting all together and making mo«t liberal deductions, the quantity of material col lected since the first of July must be perfectly huge In tho aggregate, and will not at the least calcnlaticn fall short ofShCOO stand of arms. These have been smuggled into Ireland In small quantities—the idea of smuggling In any great quantity at a time having been abandoned a* Im practicable—and most of tbem have been con -veved to the North of the Island, and concealed among mountain fastnesses. The pi an of the Fenlana. Is is bet, to begin the rebellion In the North, and those who suppose Dublin to be the centre of the Fenian movement ate mi-taken. Whenever tbs ball is opened, it will be by the hurling of torrents of armed men from the North open the less barren but less defensible regions of the Sonth. Whether it mil succeed ia another question. Stephens is confi dent of success, at*a bases his confidence upon three things: 1. The disafffccllon of Irishmen In the English ‘T'The calculation that England cannot within three months bring more than SQ,OiX) available troops against him. 3. The certainty that he Can pnt 75,000 well trained men into the field, leaving, as he asserts, a reserve of 2Cn,OfV more. Who is to enpply so vast an army with rations Is a queslloa not yet solved. Mr. Stephens ex pects, however, that the sympathy or the Irish will be with him, and that those who arc left at home will endure untold privations for too sake of keeping the srmyin fighting trim. He reck ons the number of able-bodied Fenians at tkjn/ini In round numbers, and of these he declares every one Is a fighting man. rxr-soßjna. or xn. Stephens. Personally, this fbmentcr of rebellions u small and exceedingly mild-mannered. About six feet seven inches m stature, he ia so compactly built as to seem not more than five feet six. Hi* com- Slexton is tan as that of a girl, and generally he i of rather effeminate appearance, saving the nose and mouth, which are exceedingly strong. His nose is futly-devciopcd Roman, and his mouth has a fiercet.c*B about it which Indicates dogged determination and perseverance, ills smile Is very plessant. fascinating, and Infec tious, acu lights up hi* whole coun tenance. Of the general contour of hi? forehead a just idea may be gotten trod any Krtrait of bhakc»p:arc. it is broad, lofty and id—his long, silken, curling, yellow hair being always combed behind his ears and thrown back in ringlets upon his shoulders. He talks quietly and composedly, and with some.hesltaiion, as if he were weighing tho force of a word before per mitting it to dto? Irom his Ups. In dress be U CHICAGO. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1866. nsnaDy quiet and Cubic cable. Has & large liead and patrician hand* and feet. IHX BEXBATIOX lUIUIUAT. It la worth the while to ear In this connection that the report to the effect that an uprising has already bnrno Is scooted a’ headquarters as pre mature. Colonel lieffeman.w bo controls in some measure the military operat’ons, and la deep in F> nlan secrets, statoa yesterday that be did not believe that any actual collision had aa yet taken place, although matters were (hat verging to that direction: and it may he mentioned,also, that any collision in small bodies would be In direct contravention of the orders of the Bead Centre, whose Intention was to cause tG.OOO to mdtttout quietly and suddenly at a single point, and strike a heavy blow almost without notice. With an army of 50,000 massed at a single point, be calculates that he will be able to gain a foothold before an army can be massed to oppose him, and to seine and possess himself of every stronghold in the North—thus becoming master of several strategic points, and make a base from which to prolong the war. A collision may have occurred, bnt If It has. it baa been by blundering mismanagement on the part of over-zealous subordinate*. ixxs ananas izrr mi enrf Notwithslacoing (he Industrious efforts of lead ing Fenians to produce the impression that Mr. Stephens has left the city, there Is every reason for supposing that the Uead Centre is yet in New \ork, awaiting hi* opportunity to leave when no detective's eye Is open. That he will leave It within the next tec days—lf he can get off unob served—U very certain, and that be may have left within the last la very possible. Meantime, ca nards and telegrams nave been only inaucenvres to mask his movements. i’EOM CAS AD A. A New Trial Denied lo the Condemned Fe nian*—Application for Appeal Cnsnecess* Tobosto, C. W., December I.—Judgment wsa delivered this altcrnooo In the cases of Lynch, McMahon. Slevln and SchoaL There were not many present in court, and no unusual interest; lb McMahon's case, the Chief Justice expounded at length the taw under which the prisoner was tried. After disposing of the objec tion* raisgp. by the prisoner's counsel to the counts of die indictment, his Lordship read tho evidence given at the trial, showing tbo prisoner's connection with the Fenians, and stated that after a careful and deliberate consider ation be agreed with the learned Judge who tried the case, that although the prisoner came over with the Fenians 0.-teoribly for the purpose of administering spiritual consolation to the wounded, bo was aiding and agist ing in the act, and waa equally guilty. AoUUvIU put to by prisoner were then read, and tbclr Insufficiency for granting a new trial dwelt on. in conclusion, his I,ord?Dip elated he was of opinion that all grounds taken by the pris oner's counsel for granting the rule had failed, and had it been granted It would merely have l>een wasting time and words to no purpose, as the Cour: would not have made it absolute. After the most careful consideration, he could arrive at no otner decision than lo refuse the rule. Mr. Justice Uagariy then delivered judgment Id the case of the Queen versus Lynch. Having re capitulated the objections itnatlm, he stated that be perfectly concurred In the view* which had been expressed by the Judge. andJurring devoted much care to the study of all the diiTcreot poiute Involved and objections raised, he bad come to the conclusion that no sufficient grounds had Ken made out lo warrant the Coart in granting the rule. Hr. Justice Warren delivered Judgment In the case of the Queen venut Schoat, and stated that be uonemrea with the Chief Justice and Sir. Jus tice liagaity. and that he had no doubt on the law of me subject, and must therefore refuse the rule. Mr. MeKeimo then moved for leave to appeal. The Chiet Justice said the Court had anticipated such a motion. Having refu'ed the mle they did not consider they would be warranted in giaiittug the application. Cbtet Justice Richards delivered judgment In the case of the Queen tb. SJcnn, refusing to grant the role on the same grounds ad those urged by bis teamed brethren in the Queen’s Bench. THE TELEGRAPH IMBROGLIO. Mew York Associated Press Despatches not ttrcclTedby Cblcnuo Papers—Farther Ao ccMiausiodlr. Craig’s News Association. . [Copy;.] CmcAoo, December 1. To Mr. Donkin. Superintendent .Telegraph: Siu—All the dally newspapers In tbU city hav ing used Craig’s new* reports, you will please to with* old from all of them the reports from the New York Associated Press. Yocra very truly, W. F. Sronrv. Agent New York Associated Press. WESTXBN I’SIOJt TCLXOHAPa, ) Cmcaoo, December 1. f In accordance with Instructions contained in the above, no copr of the New York Associated Pro** despatches will 1« delivered from this otUco to any n«-w>pspcr tn Chicago. H. C. Rankin., December!.—At a formal meet ing held lonlay, at the otficc of the Xulonal Intel llyrnctr, the editors and publishers of the \Va«b iux’on Cby newspapers unanimously resolved to sever their connection with tbe New York City Associated Press monopoly, and to publish here aticr only the news reports of the United Stotts i" d European telegraphic News Asrociatb o. of v. inch Mr. D. H. Craig Is the General Agent. The yew arrangement goes Into effect at once. 11o‘Tok. December I.— Tbo Sunday firm and tbe Sc'utday Utrulng Exiirett will publish to morrow the news despatches furnished bv the United States and European Telegraphic 'News Atrocioliou. SOCTII AMERICA. New Nnvnl nnd Military Conmandcrw for Ihr Altin Akwlum ParmaT-l.on<icti In lk«, 1-otc U«mlr—A Crew Uanntas Away With a Mcauier, Arc. [By Crate's News Agency.] New Youk, December I.—Advices from Rio Jarclro. October 2Dih. elate that Daroo Amaso n&sbas l*eeu appointed to command Ibe aided fleet Id Paraguayan waters, in place of Viscount Ta mandate. Marshal Cascas has been-appointed to command the Brazilian army, and probably will receive command ot the whole allied force. Ix>pcr. was still strengthening his forces at Cora* patiy. The allies lost 100 men in the assault on Coraralty. The Paraguayan loss Is unknown. Three of the allied Irou-clnds were seriously dis abled. Tlicy arc said tb hare dono more narm than good to the assaulting columns, killing many 01* their own men. Too allied forces would fall back to Corrientcs. Large quantities of am munition arc being sent from Uio to Montevideo, bat few troops are coins. United Mates Minister Washburnc would at* tempt to reach Paraguay in a gunboat. General Flores has fixed the end of November as tbe time for the election of a constitutional Government in Uruguay. A revolt by UU enemies was feared. Tbe stock of conceal Rio waa one hundred thousand bags. Tie screw s b-amcr Bolivar, for the Vcncxncllan navy, reached Lagnagra in October from England. The uagllsb crew insisted on being retained, and, the Government refusing, they ran away with the vessel. FBOM JAPAN. Reported Suspension of Hostilities Between the Insomenlsnm! Iraperml Troops—Utah Prices and Great Distress—Seventy Lises Lost on Board a Dutch Vessel. San Puajjcisco. December I.—Brig Alert, from Tukoboma, October 9:th. brings twonandred and fifty coses of tea, and three hundred and lorty-five cases silk worm eggs. A suspension of ho-tlll ties ie reported between the belligerent*, but the cause Is unknown. Continued distress prevails atTeddo. Two hun dred men, women ana children went tothe public temple for succor, and about fifty visited tbe resi lience of a rich lamltcr merchant, and demanded each a sack of rice promising, (o pay when the prices tell. This is cited as a proot of the extreme destitution prevailing. A large meeting has been held at Tokoboma to dcvUc means to remedy ibe ancarrcnt condition of Mexican dollars, which hltheno has been a cur rent coin of the country. The Dutch brig Duo Deomo Is reported lost In Van Pieman Straits, having seventy persons on board. h>o Enrojicans, and only three Japanese escaped. Nu date cl'cn. Cnitcd States steamcre Hartford and Wyoming were at Yokohoma. FBOtt BALTIMORE, Cn«(cm Haase Cbanges-Actioa of tbe Can srcMilotal Retrenchment Committee—Fail Id aid oft be SontUrra Orphan Asilodi* [By Craiggi News Agency.] Ualtizobs. December I.— The new Surveyor, Mr. Wallis, of the Comm*rdal. entered oa his duties as Surveyor of the Port this morning, vies Mr. K. Fulton, of the American, removed. Deputy Surveyor Parks was also removed, and R. Canbart appointed In his place. There arc indications of a general removal of subordinates. The Retrenchment Committee of Congress, presided over by J. L. Thomas, of Maryland. met in this city to-day. and examined some very im

portant witnesses in relation to Government paUonage and retrenchment. Oa the meeting of Congress it is rnmored that a committee or in vestigation into the recent election Is Maryland, will be asked for hysoma of the Republican mem bers. Baxtuiooe, December I,—On the £Xb of Jann- Xrv a fair and festival on the most extensive scale wfil be opened in this city In aid of the Southern Orphan Asylum of Richmond. PBOS 2LEXICO. Joorcz and the Imperial Mexican Prisoner* —Tbc Scheminrii at Ortesm. IBy Craig’s News Agency.] New Yobs. December I.— I The /Zrrstf# Mexican correspondence dated Chihuahua. November Tih. rajs: “Tbc policy of Juarez regarding those Mexicans whohave served in the Imperial armies, and who nay tall into bis bands after the Anal em barkation of the French, is slightly hinted at in a comnnnicition of the Secretary of War of the Mexican Republic to General Pavan, at Turpin. The Secretary disapproves la strong language of wholesale pardons to such perrons. “Certain documents an published official!* bv the Juarez Government, which throw a flood of light upon Onega’s opera lions. The latter has granted the privilege of coining Mexican money in San Francisco to a citizen ot New York. Juarez being requested by the same individual to ratify the remission of Ortega, It was promptly re fused” San Francisco terms. Sax Fnascreco, Dec. I.—The Panama steamer which sails to-day. takes an invoice of tea for Terre Gaute, Indiana. Among the passengers are W. B. Gazen. W. R. Corbett, Catted States Senator elect from Ore gon, and Captain Baby, ol the Pacific Mail Steam ship Company. Orders are received from Washington to dis miss from office Cornelius Slagg. Deputy In spector of Internal Revenue, and J. W. Kennedy, Inspector of Liquors. Four thousand five hundred entries of public lands have been made during the pa<t month at the United Lines Land Office In this city. Wirti r nics harv set la early, and the country Is clothed in green. Virginia Politics. fßy Cr«y*» News Agency.] RjcnxoTD. Va., December I.—At a 'ineetin'’ of the leading citizens of the Peninsular count!-? of Virginia, a', Williamsburg, rcsolntior j were unan imously adopted declaring that U, e Lc'rislatore nhlchxaeets on Monday should at once cull a con vention. to amend the Con*titat'. on m a a#nncr adapted to the new state of so sfetv, as It would be a shame to make their snccer M rs ficir the lows by the war. It Is understood that Governor Pier port win recommend the ad option of the Consti tutional Amendment in hie message. Killed br • Negro. • XbcnMOXO, Decembev 1.-L Maury, captain of acacal boat. aaskiUO'Jby a negro this evening. Intbevidunyof nad considerable ex dtemeat was produced is the streets by the par suit of the mazdertr, who was finally arrested by a policeman. Incendiarism. PunADELTinx. December L—At two o'clock this afternoon the stables of the Spruce and Pmc streets passenger jsllroad. were set on fire in the taylolt. Loke Keegan was arrested as the in ccudlary as he was coming oat of the loft, THE CHICAGO POST OFFICE. Its Post and Present. The Several Departments—“Throw* tag”—Fhe Carrier System—Beg- Uterine and .Honey Orders —New Instructions* Not quite thirty fire year* ago, the Post Office of Chicago wa; kept in a country variety store on the lower part of Lake strecMn tho mldsjtof a mingled stock of “tar, treacle, other miscellaneous goods. Subscriber* to newspaper* from the outride world helped themselves when the clerk was occupied In weighing a . pound of butteroc measuring a pint of molasses, and those who were in the habit of receiving letter* nailed up boot-lee* against the wall as receptacles lor the anticipated missives. Those boot-tecs were a piinuUvc attempt at private boxes. When a mail came la, which wag only occasionally, people did pot always wJtto have the letter* sorted out. bat hotted through the pile” themselves. Folks must bare been honest in those days, for there are xio stones of letters lost by that unique system of general delivery. If the experiment were tried now-a-day*, many a one would draw a full hand who wouldn't be entitled to a pair. Not long before that, no farther back than the winter of 31-1 we had no Post Office, and our only ° r Paper* which used to be ** toted” here iromMlcs, Michigan, about once every fortnight, by a half-breed Indian chartered tor the service oy .general subscription of the citizens. With what anxious care, in those days, a paper *as read. Systematically, the recipient of a two-weeks die of papers would son them out, and, beclnnlng with the oldest, read patiently the successive L>sae*. until he had *■ ketcand up” and covered the ground to the late-t Intelligence. Why. in those time*, people perforce took an In tercatln even foreign news, and there were bold spirit* who, for want of excitement nearer home, have darod au attempt to understand the Scalcswic-llolrtelu question had It then pre sented Itself, in some respects the gradual tries u»lrri"n of Intelligence then ‘might have been ■ beneficial. One wouldn’t sorrow muck, for the death of a fourth cousin or a mother-in-law, who had been buried a mouth or two before one beard of the Incident and then bv the time one would hear of bia wife, “away down East” having eloped with some other i"«". the thing it oald seem like an old story. The early annals ol the Post Office In Chicago are not treasured In tho archives of the establish- meet on Dearborn street, und but slender docu mei-mry evidence relating thereto is believed to exist even lu Washington. With characteristic iuocptndcnce the Institution seems to have prcttymnrh ran itself, or else itwas *o nmmpor tare, for a long while, that the Department, away off in the ‘•city of magnificent distance*,” didn't bother about It. or think it worth while to “hive it.” Its early hl-tory 1* preserved only in the memories of our “oldest Inhabitants,” and there are few of them, most of those who flourished then haring by this time been gathered onto their fathers. But it 1* borne in rememoiasco that the first authorised Post- master here was J. S. C. Bogun, the proprietor of the country variety store down on south Water street. lie acquired bis official dig nity in 1553, and held undisturbed away over (he erratic mail facilities of tills section for a number of years. His petition with reference thereto, how ever. Is rather ap’ly Illustrated by an Incident ro tated of n certain Chaplain In the Army of too Potomac, who. in addition to his spir itual duties, officiated as Postmaster for hia reg iment. ft was about ttac time of the battles la the W 1 Idcrncfr—-malls were very uncertain and Irreg ular, and the rood Chaplain was much anr.nved by inquiries from the men as to when letters would go or malls arrive. Having occasion to ride over to a neighboring camp one day, be, be fore starting, posted conspicuously on bis tent the notice: “The Chaplain does not know when a mail will go, nor when one will arrive” His dirgust may bo Imagined, when on bis return ho found that icmc wag bad closely counterfeited LL hard-wmlng In the addPlon—“Nclther’do:* ha care” bo, the now long-departed Hogan, knew liitlo and probably cared Icoj, about tbo mails under his charge. But I’tto, people were more easily satisfied in those days than they now arc. Malls came In a straggling wav from St. Joe gen erally, and sometimes wandered round through ilidufiaa, and thence here, Sidney Abel was tuc second ruetmastcr, and It is reman tm-rt lhal as early u *4l, when Wb. Stewart, the third Incumbent, was In power, the office t>a«l risen to such dignity a« to command the uxdn sire use of a two-story bnck building, tweqiy feet wide, and rtfiy or sixty feet deep.' Tee lob* by fer general delivery was about half the sue of the present I’ojtmvicr’B pri\ate office. and there was only one window, whoa nulls arrived, the space down stairs was so small that they bra to be carried op stairs tn baskets to be dis tributee*. and people who came for letters on mall days termed In long lines, stretching away down street, as voters now do at election polls, taking tbdr turns on thu “first come, first served” principle 11. L. Stuart followed Wm. Stewart, both gen tlemen enjoying Iml tour year terms, Yhcn it. L. Wilson enjoyed the fleeting glories of the poat maatcrsblp for two years, and was supplanted be Mr. G. W. Dole. By this lime, the extou !-‘d busi ness eftbe Chicago Post Office. growing In pro portion to <lc rapid Increase In population and wealth of the cuy, had necessitated a removal to larger quarters. The little brick box wh'Chhad formerly served, ou the corner of thu alley on Clark street, w-rcrc tho Sncncan House now stands, was no longer tenable, and part of tne iKisncs building then erected, wad modelled eo as to accommodate the Dost Office. Iho portion used for that]mrposo was the present counting room ot andtbo room sow occunlcd b; ‘ }j the tea store oa the corner ot Uio allcv. Th~»o were then deemed very ctnimodlsaa qaortorj, large enough to do handsomely for maty years to come. slr.ils were no* mach more rcgalar than id the olden time, hot even aa late as in l&ls tha aig was sometimes a week without o mail, hi cun mcr-llmc, malls were carried across the lake from N<w BcQhlo. and in winter were bronchi fbnnd liy stage from Kalamazoo, n long and anoject to many accidents and delays. Sorapid was the building ap of Chicago, and ao speedily were her systems of communica tion with East. South, and West developed and improved, that it was htu a short time before the necessity for a et 11 larger ofllcc became imperative. At the samo time, the growing importance of the business of the Teibuse, which even then bad 'ekett rank as the leading newspaper of the North eel. demanded the nse of more than half the 'ce tb ” ' ” space then occupied by the Post Office for the oar poses cf a and business office. Another location had to be found for the Post Office, which seems to hare been almost a? tinsel* tied and peripatetic as the Hoard of Trade in lie early days. Isaac Cook, the seventh Postmaster on the list, found a new place for bis office in what was then as “ilie brick block,* 4 on the west aide of Dearborn street, on the comer of the alley between Itandolph and Washington streets. litre rest was loauu for a considerable time, and here, after Mr. Cook bad held the sceptre lor four years, one William Price reigned lu Ids stead. Price’-* authority was of short duration, only one year, and then ilr. Cook was reappointed, and remained la ofllce three years. The tint Iccuoib nt. appointed by President Lincoln, was the late J. L. beripps. one of the most worthy citizens of Chicago, who after filling the ofllce with admirable ability and Integ rity for four years, resigned, and was succeeded by Mr. Pamncilloard. one of the (ear capable of filling Li? place. Mr. lloard was succeeded, on Friday, by Colonel Robert A. Gillmorc. a gallon! officer, who went into the war ns Manr 1c the Twenty-sixth Regiment Illinois Volon cntcers. and fcogbt throng every ta.arcmont ta which his command was brought Into action, until they were honorably discharged from the service, raisin? himself to the rank of lieutenant Colonel, and serving much of the lime as Colonel in command. It la now about seven years since the last removal of the Post Office, from th« old ••hi lek block,’’ down to the prescat magnificent building on the corner of Dearborn and Monroe street-. One cannot but view with wonder the great and unprecedentedly rapid ext- nsion of our Pc.t Office, one of the moat thoroughly represen tative institutions of a city, which In about thirty five years has grown from a few boot-legs tacked to the wall of a country store up to a splendid ed ifice; the mails to and from wnich have mcics.-aJ from the few idlers loosely carri<-d in a ualf-brecd Indian’s breeches porket, so a* to amount at- resdv to some twenty tons per dtem; which was’ then managed easily ny one clerk In the Intervals of hi* business, and now employs busily over our hundred and sixty men. Some nineteen months ago, Mr. Remolds, the Assistant Postmaster, weighed the outgoing malls for thirty consecutive days and found that the average weight then was nineteen tons per day. Since that time, there has been a gradual and steady Increase, but no weighing has since taken place. At the present time on* hvnSrrd cr,il tfcrnly “locked cogs”—those containing let ters—and about three hundred bags of papers are sent out daily- In addition to tho immense num ber of new* paper? thus distributed from the Gar den CltT through the Northwest, the reader will remember that by far the largest portion of the country circulation of the dallies gov- in bun dles which arc sever enclosed in bags, and winch do not go through the Tost Offico. Of the Tmnusx, tor instance, thirty thousand per diem go in this cam cr every week day. But, to return (Tom this digression. It may not be uninteresting to readers to review something of the machinery of the Chicago Port Office as i: oowis, in order to ttndcntana and appreciate Us extent ard the immense amount of labor involved in its duly business. For this puiporc let c: glance at the several , U.M,if Into which Its details are divided. First of these U the “ Eastern I’.oam.".where all the mall colay cut is soned and pot up In package* for thj sev eral offices to which the letters are addressed. Thi* department 1» under charge of Mr. n. H. ■Welch, and employe ten men. The ** Western Boom' l ls for the sorting of letters going we*f, south and north, and U under charge of J. Stow* art and L. A. Beebe. Twenty men arc em ployed in C-8 work of* this extensive de partment. Both, uheae departments are on the first floor, and the letters from them, now tn«ir<> op into packages, iro scot fromlbem dotru to the basement, lo what U colled the " throwing department.” Here two huge scml-circalir frames or walls, with many openings therein, sur round two tables which fit their Iron la. The packages, by huge basketfolls, arc heaped op on the tables,and clerks hnri them as rapidly a? one re, there and yonder Into the yawn ing openings through which they drop Into boxes, ready tor eliding into bags. The greatest (liifl cnlvy in the entire work ism this deportment, tor each one of these boxes reptnsenu a distributing office from which packages arc redistributed to half a down or perhaps twvuyother smaller offices. Ihe “thrower” must tncreloro remember all these offices, perhaps five hundred of them, and Inc distributing office through which the pack ages for each mart go, and, as he throws, the remembrance of the direction of each package mnst spring so instantly to bis brain as to s<wm almost Instinctive. The distribution of newspa pers la also done throngh this department, under charge of Mr. IhJ. Blatuieil. Keainmgto the main door, wo find the ” opening room,? where the bag* which come In are opened and the letters arc sorted oat for the several departments of de- ! livery for which they arc designed. Thii depari tnentemploys three men, under charge of Mr. ii. Hlrschlcldu Another department on this floor is that In which the. “sumptng” is carried om In which three tlerka are employed,under Mr. tr. n,. Jockr-fck. All these depamacaia are rater the general control of D. Green, Superintendent of The’ “ General Delivery” department, tadcr charge of Mr. tierce, employs seven meaand three ladles,and the “box delivery,' 1 maler Mr.J.r. Oram, makes me of the ierrley; of ten men. Tms **bcs deltverv” bßsia»F l« rapidly decreeing. It la quite elaborate tn ItadeUUs; fu cheeks, on any att* mpts al fraud or rascality, is very coapu e , tnd tmder the old regime, a was very pro?.’ bat U la rapidly lading away before ms cannttna' stste*. Hi I* department, under charceof ¥ r :,£3 dowry, wa* Inancnrated on the ~*h of Ancaft, JSM, II then had thirty-seven carriers and sav ers! clerks, and commenced onder apparently the most tmlavcrahle as*pices, jet now It ha* rben lo sacb macnUodo astobe third whole Unlieo dty delmi?. As a mat’or of contrast we quota tao jeisrna ot the business of the flj si rix months In thU depart ment and also these of the present year. Those of the dr-: sis months were as follows. .•vff«n£»<r-MaU letters delivered Ou'oiur-Uall letters delivered, delivered. 7,-il9; pa;>era delKead, 5,i51 Unis month they commenced col, *cnmj drops, and the number collected was lT.ft2:.) Soxmtfr—Mall letters delivered, S7.Cs); drops delivered, 5,4*2; papers delivered, letters C °i^oecfht?—Mall letters delivered. 7\512; drops delivered, papers delivered, 0,n23; leU-*js collected, 59.845. Jan wary, XSCS-Slan letters £dlyar(s, 55.U3; drops delivered, 9,195/ papers de£ver«d, H/Kte; drop* collected, 63.56 T. Ftbmarw, ISi'iß—Mail le.'ters delivered, 03,231; drops delivered, 13,130; psp.era delivered, IS,9TJ: letters collected, CS.SO3. The foregoing shows that ai.*eady there ws' a rapid increase, hot still some surprise must be felt at the statu tics of the present jear. which are u follows: c. 2 . ■= s* 03 2. 2,0 sr* < sr* 2® gr. 2?? 5 “ S 3 2 3 e.ff Iff P’s. S f ;3:a : * : 3 Jan. Ist 5W5.427 23.333 42,443 191.11^ Feb *23,746 34.063 41,596 132, >SI March,... ....*77.577 26.213 50.-1 B 212,030 April 253.673 £2,570 4f5,0>2 217.253 May 500,691 23.323 49,819 230,693 Jane SsiUSt 21,605 45,729 299.253 July 258,096 52,810 49.263 2SL9U August CCC.MO 26,1779 53,783 252,653 September... .SCO, 143 81,231- 61,056 212,356 October S3-5.4K5 42.173 53,100 252,173 The business of this month is running about Ihc same u last month. In this department forty* seven carriers and seven clerk* have been the force employed op to Satnrday,when an addi tional carrier was appointed. The salaries of the omen were qnlte email, ranging from 5710 per annum to £SSQ, jot there has tons far been' frond co dfffl colty in oblaudug active, intelligent and trust worthy men for the position. Ills a fact worthy of notice, that while the business of tbo depart ment has been quadrupled, the number of persons employed in it has not been lucrea-ed by one fourth. Many of the largest business hooves in the city have given up their boxes, and cow rely altogether npon the carriers' free delivery system, : feeling aeanred of the entire reliability i of the men employed, end the superior adroota* 1 cos of the system. . ! 'the Post Ofiico alto makes use of a large room on the second door ot the building, where are located the “ Registered Letters" and “ Money Orders" departments. The first of these, under Mr Samuel Blanchard, employs two clerks and a boy, and has enough work In it to keep them Quito busy. Abont one hundred and seventy five registered letters per d'em pass through this room, and as the address of each has to be copied »evm times, and about the same cumber of checkings, stampings, enterings, etc., done on Us account, it will be understood that there la no lack of labor In Ibis department. The “Money Order' 1 department Is presided over by Mr. T. L. llolbrook, who nas two assistants. This office Is now fourth In the order of extent of money orders. Mew York Is first, Philadelphia second,Washington third. Bos ton brags of being tbo "bub of the universe," bnt sirce the money-order system Teas established In May. ISU, the has only bought something over six thousand, while Chicago has bought over thirteen thousand. It maybe remarked in this 2UIX. connection that man y people foolishly retain in their bands the order Riven them, supposing It to be t receipt. The Department fives no receipt, and without that order the person to whom tie money Is consigned cannot obtain it. This his occasioned much trouble in limes past, especially as these orders were counted “dead” bj the De partment, after ninety days. The time baa notv been extended, however, so that these orders are good for a year. Another new order has, however, been but re ccntiy Issued by the Deportment, that no person may purchase on one day more than three orders. There orders arc for any amount required, up to ?SP, and if an unlimited purchase of tbem-were al lowed, Uwouid Indict a serious Injnrv upon the Express Company. An instance oi tfila was re cently afforded by a transaction in New York, where a man ho-igliiat one time ninety-sir money orders, of $lO each, for transmission to California. In this way the transmission of hU money cost him hot fit, whereas,',if sent byexpreeg. the cost would have been ?! It. It was nrooabiv this which Induc' d tla* n**w orticr. The amount now pissing through this department U not less than from ugh) to ten thum-and dollars per week. One other department ha* been unnoticed, that of the carrying of the mail bags to and from (mine. In this rervico eight men, eight wagons, and seventeen horses, ore employed. Iho present rooms occupied by the Post Office are already too smalt for the Immense amount of business transacted In them, and it Is believed thit wlUiln a couple of years at Clio far thest. It will be ueccrsary to relieve the cramping now felt in ail the department*, by either taking Into the Post Office space the rooms now occupied by the Custom Hnr.«e in ibj? same building, or by finding new and larger quarters. The facts thus cited show succinctly the present magnitude ut tbo Institution. to the cuntiol of which Colonel (•Illmorc has been appointed, sort no comment i-* ticc**«;iry to any rende r who has duly uomd the eariy tmtorvof this Post Office, ae related by us, to coarec a pro found Impretsloa of the rapid aud vlffjroiM growth of the city whos* •nterpit*o fat* n*-re*-’- tated the unprecedented procre-eion of this de partment (mm isil null* the present day. The Pont Office is in irreat measure a port of bar* oiretrr. which irdlcatee the “fair” or ‘•lowcnur“ weather of ihe location where it Is placed, and In this Chicago may wd! beprond'ot the pres ent importance of her Post-'. Department. which ranks fourth in amount of merter order-, third tn numbci ot Utters dc.hired. ann second in num ber of letter* passing through it, of oil the cities in the Union. THE 2UIIRYIXG WO2l AX. Xlic Dclalls of a Tale Uiat Ik a Sequel to a Former Tale, [From the Dubuque Hally Times, Novembcr2U] Some time since we recorded the story of a lady who married under false pretences one Nicholas Boch, of Duulelth, claiming to have two thousand dollars on deposit in a Du buque hanh, and how, after marriaro, her possessions faded Into thin air and disap peared, she herself disappearing soon after ward. She turns up again—this time in PlftltrllJc, pomr twenty tulloc distant from the scene of her fbrmcr labor oflove. A short time since. Mr. Bock, the victim of the former matrimonial misadventure, bad some business at Plaltville; so be bitched un a team and drove over to that enterpris ing town. On arriving there, be found the town on the qui vice oh account of a strange and rather roinnutic occurrence that bad re cently taken place near there. The Btory ran that a comely and accom plished lady, well dressed and Hush with her small chance, and who held the fee simple to a large amount of real estate lu the llourhh- Inc city of Chicago, having by accident wan dered Into the rural districts, had found enoughjn the neighborhood of Plattrlllo to delay her return for some time.* The attrac tion was nothing more nor leas than a well to-do German farmer, for whom she had con ceived an nifectlon truly romantic In its char acter. and which in such a gushing nature as hers could not be repressed from manifesting itself in a manner exceedingly complimenta ry towards the honest, unsophisticated far mer— so she let it gush 1 The consequence was a speedy commission of matrimony. Then nothing wou’d do but the new made husband must sell his farm and go with his beautifulJirlde to the Garden CltV, to share her possessions and shine in the tint circles of Chit ago society. The farm was accord .ingly ottered low for cosh; there was an evi dent disposition on the part of the bride to have all business condnctcd on a cash basis, which spoke well for her financial ability. The farm was sold, and the happy husband tame to Plattevillc to have the proper wri tings made out. Oddly enough, Mr. Bocb had been In Plattevillc just long enough to hear the out lines tof this romantic incident, when his brolhcr-ln-law. who lives not far from that Slace, entered the store In which he was. ot exactly his brother-in-law, either, but the nest thing to man whose sister Mr. Boeh*s brother had married. He Introduced this gentleman to his wife—whereat the lat ter was much surprised, ds he had never beard of his brother-in-law - be ing married. But he was much more surprised to learn that his brother -1 tndaw was the person whoso good fortune In securing the affection of a rich and fashion able Chicago lady bad just been to glowing ly set forth And language is Inadequate to express his surprise at the discovery that his : brutber-in-law’6 wife was the identical 1 woman whom he had married In Duulelth a few weeks before. “ Mf. Bcch—my wife,” said the proud husband. “D«r tyfel. you say,” responded Boch, “I links dat Ish mine Iran!” An explanation was Inevitable, and the twain stepped into a saloon to have it out 4 over “gwte glass la;;cr.” When they came* np, their mutual wife was missing. Slie baJ probably come to the conclusion that has . bands were getting too thick about then » and that her best course was to leave. ’’ Such is the story, as told ua yesterday* by a gentleman direct from Plattvllle. A NOTEL BRIZE FIGHT. Content Between a Sailor and a F tear. [From the New York World, November as.] The “shakc-up” over several of th- j spec tator* departed and the remainder ad’ turned to the bar, where they refreshed thr -mselves with some “pood tipple.” Then i etnrnlng to the pit, a sailor, Jock Moore by name. In poking round came across “hr oin" who prowled him a welcome. Jack responded with an “avast heave,” and “si Jvered his timbers” if he wouldn’t “fight It , e hear for drinks.” The proposition was at am receiv ed with laughter, but the sailor was in earn est and In proof of his sincerity , posted the monev. Kit not at all unused to this novel trial trial of strength, consent* dto stand se curity for the bear's share oft’ ac money, and so it was arranged. Moore is u sioullv-bullt an d very musen lar man, of about five feet ni ne. Ho weighs somewhere abont 160 lbs., a* id seemed likely to be a match for even i t skilful member of the ring. There Is. that dare-devil expression about his face * that usually beto .ken men who have folio? red a sea-faring life, while a well-bronzed eh eck and thinly-far rowed brow denoted he had seen some ser vlce. . , . “Bruin, ’ as he was Ic d oat, assuredly look ed anvthinp but a mean antagonist. His shaggy hair banging from and legs, his massive head, and wicked look, showed that he would not indulge in very much child’s play, and a shndacr passed through the spectators as they thoa gSt «f the dcadiv hng be might give were, so inclined. Moore seemed determined'eostandhb "round and so the bear was lot l j>ose. Jiowut I.— Moore steads determinedly awaiting an attack, wioßo “Bruin” waddles wickedly round the pl.t, eyeing his adversary in a very unpleasant micuer. Not knowing what might result fvom. delay, Moore deter mines to force the fight, and so delivers a left bander well between Bruin’s eyes; “Bruin” slowly raised himself and placed a paw on Moore’s shoulders. • Moore strove to seize the brute I.x. Vae throat, bat of no avail; then pushing tao'\>ear ol he planted another on Bruin’s nose. Bruin tore, down his paw, bringing a large -portion of Moore’s flesh with it. First blood, allowed for Bruin. Moore fell back. JJouncJ 2.—Moore appeared exasperated. Brain &&cool as a bear coaid look. Moore a pain was the aggressor endeavoring to seize and throw the bear. Brain came np to the scratch literally by striking Moored cheek, and laying hare the bone. Moore reeled, and fell. Flr?t knockdown for Brnlo. JttnindS.— An attempt was here mode to prerent matters going farther, but Moore would not bearof It. fie persisted La continu ing the fight; and as Brain raised himself on I his hind legs, with the evident intention of practising the “hug,” Moore tripped him, and seizing him bv the throat fell on him. In this poslUon'Bruln coaid do bat lil^c. ND'.MBER 179. Moore planted hU km*® 3 on the brute’s bellv and tightened hie graa P on his throat. It was now evident Moore .bad the fight his own wav. Kit now, for the fiake of the hear, thought proper to interfere, and though Moore sterncously Insisted on retaining his hold the combatants were *oaratcd. Bruin defeated but not roM.’icd forced gxowlingly to his kennel. Moc' re presented anything but a pleasant appe srance. His Jhceaodann bled profusely, a°“ still he offered to fight the bear In the .strt'ct for SW. Moore won tho drinks, which w*?rc freely given. After this the spectator.* separated, much pleased with the day's eporu Meteorological. The following la the Metoorolwdca! lleecrd of the weekending Fatnrd.ty, Decnbsr Ist. ißtixao kepi by J. (r. • Linggutb. Jr., Onrfdan. .No. 115 Kandolph street. The tempera tcra U tak'on in the shade. The direction tad force of tbo v’lnds are given approximately, with the barometric aW* lades—the small litters being the initials of the words “high,” “breeze,” “gentle,” “vcerln?,.” “rain,” “snow,” ‘‘mMsrt atrnorpberc,” and “dry; ” „ Night SV tala to Date, preceding. SV a. or. - S»»; tn. p. m. 9V d. tu. F. It- F. IU f: ii. £.■ it. Son 14 8 S 3 0 49 i h 3 Mo3.*.u 06 S S (7 S 4T. 5 .IN TOW....SS I IS 7 96 .10 55 13 • JXt Wcd....38 Cl 37 * 59- t 35 1- Thu.. M S 3 - 0 SV 1 SO It Frt n 05 33 0 S 3 1 SI o .0.7 08 3 « 40 3 St 1 B,v a, m. a p.m. Date. Slerc'y. Wind. Mer*y. Wind, tler’y. Wind, fun. .29.52 B.W.C. 39.21 S.b. SM S.W.* Mon »A 9 P.W.r. a.UßTTjru.».ll S.Wra.a Taw JS. CO S.W.h, 39.005.5.WU1. a.W SJ.'Vj; Wed .29.08 W.B.W.b. »JS Wb.m.a. 43.13 w 3 Thu 39.15 S.Wjß.t. 3905 WX.WS F« 29J0 W.y.WJi. 29.41 VT.b. »,VI W.; Bat. 0156 S 3. WO). »U 7 SS.W.R. 89.39 8.5.8. h The mean of Thermometer dorlmr Novem ber, la 40-F. The mean of Barometer dann? November, is 81M2. ITaln fell to the amount of l.S€ inches, and enow V of an Inch daring last month. TheS.W.uladvruthetaoetprevailing The census of Chill, taken In April and re cently published, shows a population of 2,100,000, OrtVAITBROTHEItSVAdTCTtIMIiic Ae'k IS6 Dearborn-ti., receive advertlacßicDt* for all tbr lendlnz paper* ihroaafaoat the United Staim and Cntmdns. jTUHinctg. 1\ JTILLINERY OPENING of ■WINTER. HATS, At Ne*«rs. ELLIOTT A JOHNSON'S, 1 (hi on 1 UE-DAt, Dec. tth. The latest styles ami reason* nbble price*. IHusical OUITAR INSTRUCTION. U AIKS* FORD Will receive pupil* at Doom 41 Crosby Lerscns circa at private rc-ddenrc*. tf prcftrre.l. Slstrclogij. jV^OTICE— Just arrived trom Euroj c. CLARUISSA aiXLESOU, Ttie celebrated Clptey Fortune Teller, can be from 9 tin 5 In the afternjea. D,u’t forcct. J u South Clark-.t. Socictj) fttcctings. ■nuxswoKTn zouaves, atten- IL/T!«)N I—There will bea»pMal n.v» t:nff of this corps, at their h* , art'iuart* p* (ydt ilcaM of Trvle 11 till. oaWEUNEfUAV EVENING, IVc. Mb, at H sharp. All aetttc. pa»acd and boa .iary member. and QrlcLds are reqn«r»«ed to t*» pr^i.t. li. 1.. UKAXD. rspt. Ccm’J'j E. Z. WM. KELSEY UEED. Secretary. QT. GEORGES SOClETi*—.Mcmbtrs lO *ro rr*!r. tml.y to att n-l . rwcn'a." UtONDAT KVkMNCJ, l»-~. .4. IStX, »i I). i.V'.o- k, At Ueir ilali, 22C avaii, Uuslic** ol tmr-'.rti-.ce :• on A W*orn. Prm 'r.«. TUO3- E. l*orLf.oN‘, Iter-rr’nr Mvirtarr. ilrauffpunatlcn. For grand raven and .muske- OON. •I.AST THIP OF TITF. SEASON. - ,*r pcmittlnat. tor a bore porta, on BVKMMj.Uec.Hh Uni- at ■ q'ckxK. a. k. orKinmcn. pljotopapljs Br.AXD— lei BRAND “i never wtoildnl I wad a HtUe bird (A. W.», but I’vi ttten t.d s in--l Uinri-caiidmi, «w 1 mtehr iuu Cie;u all to lIUAXUS hare tln*m plu> »cr,ua,sL Ij.* ulI) f 1..1U per doz-n. Ue maitca b.nuMfUl ol adoit* erfrom old aiabroiTi>n».&c^cheaper and b.-ttcr Uiaa auy one elza Li CLicacu, at 10S Lako-st. ?i)air iJcstovatibes. MLbi-P.S. F. 1,. WALLACE. & CO., Uatcbesler, N’.U.: Oksts: Arourdlae to promise, 1 now submit to too the ret uK. after using y„ar “ Ur. Cbanulrr’a Fmpte*s lor the Hair.” Ravins b*ca trocblel vary much wuh my bnlr coroiny out, retuiUacie part from a loot cocneoftcvtrr.Rcd partlr constitutional. I conft** I mail** ok of youi “Ur. Cnan*aler‘fl for the Hair” with many mlselvltus: hat after a-’lnc U fctlui full) fer tlx week*, t had mr hair returning to Us orlc- Inal rotor, and very cinch thickening. The new h.ur* app or very firm and soft, and 1 feel n»vin*l that anoUur incnlbVtuu will do ite bnaluts* lor me. so 1 can cbcerfuliy recommend It oh lit ixst article 1 bare ever used. Respectfully yours. 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The American Horse Shoe IGanuihctiiricg Company, Owner ot Behel & Baei’a Patent Horse Shoe, having or aolxed nailer lie laws of llllcc;*, are now ineait**-! la ► Mila? Cocnty Itlchts aid taLinu Lie preliminary steps Tor of a mannfa-tojy InthLclty to sapply the demand for ifcrwe rtrcll-it Shoe*. Tee Shoe* are of Cast Malleable I nearly as totijrh as steel, asd by an Icgeriton* devlee wblcn challocrfa Lie admiration ofthe ablest rneehanbt*. yet »o simple that an> car can ndUat tbpai, aru ruunei to the foot i)rra*rtban by call’s*, cr any other known method. They do rot bind cor pinch the foot, cor injure the hoot cost two-thirds le»« than ordinary fchoe*. and are abso ately r-crfcct. Ccctty Rteht* tn the State d Ultnoi*. Indiana. Wj»- coctln and Michigan far sale at No. 9S Washington trou “»“■ jons a. rn.LEn, General A^eat. p ARC’S PATENT u unics: niacmns. Ofice and oannlactory S 3 Sooth Jeffereoc-ft, Pot Icformatloc aaddeacrtpßvs circular address a. B. GARD, jTine jFurnittttc, QUAS. 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We hsve fitted up our teond and third Coirs for the jar* pose ot doing a Orst-clasa retail trade. GZZxBSBT & SA2CZPSON, • 47 and 40 Deaibora-aL. Chieazo. T7URNITURE! FURNITURE! Jr FOR sale-cheap. ._ , i)a account of 111 health. I have lieierrn’nM ta clo*' eatmy itocsof i'umltuteat very low fliures. Tho wUhlnc to nuichaae will pleaso cail and exaxm goods. J. B. HANSON, Agen*. 171 South Clark-sL gtobrs, &t. MASSILLON PIG IRON, DEWEY & CO., 27 Klcfslmiy-st. 33rg (Soofls. QBEAT BARGAINS! MSS & llßltt. 167 & 169 Lake-st, wm exhibit, on MONDAr, Dec. Sd, from t2rs Panic Auction Sa_a la New Tort, over 1,000 PIECES Si and Waal Valencias, For 2 5 Cts., COST, TO I2EPOMT, SO CTS. 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It sm a yerr *rtC»c , nalatlon,»o«iia»»uy »» Sa moa, pop alar publications In tto West. Tn* vines arc always appropriate and beaatuOl.—{Chrta- Umu JnteUlgeacer, I*. Y. T!n« exewiimt family rlalio* for the current month la meraHy with spufcftnc literary Jewels. No nsl.llcation of the day cxre-i* Ue Kepo,ltaly In t»o --r- of contetu. elevation, refinement of t;nc. or beau ty of lelter-preas.-dOrlear* American. New Tors. Th? October nomN r cl this beautiful ma«rszls«» U filled w usual wjtii cha: Vu choice,aadrliarmlaa liters tnr*-. It 'site larc*at,rbe-»rwt and h*«» Urtica’ asm* zinc ever published.—lUnb'rice Hally Times. Tbc November number is a choice issue—*wo One -teel eacmvlncs and a Ittce variety of articles b/ -.mis of tire t»e»t writers In tfca country. teder IU new tUltori'blp t.ic Repository lias 3Out tone of U* visor wndbeaty of style We think ft tne Nat family mara citt pebuttw in ihU country.—[Bocklurd Register, Illinois. We have free neatly made tnoulon ol thl3 work, and ow cad ba> reiterate wtnt we date before staled, trial re think It han no rival la tfce ni»;itdnc line. Its ea- Tavlrcs areunsurpa*»e>l,*ad us rea>Unjf matter on* needed anywUcr-!.—iLoporte Herald, In a. Nawbtketlme to Nubscrlbe. TERiS. Tfareu Dollnm ami Filly Ceoteper Talamet- INVARUBLT IS ADVANCE. PUBLISHED BT POE & HITCHCOCK, Comer EUblh aa*l Maln-sls., Ciec'.nntdl. GR WuMnctcu-tt. Cblraro. SOItTHVrESTEEN jiisurgncß ami Mercantiia Journal roil DECE-IICEU, ISG6. JTST OUT. COVTFNTF—A H'.«torv of tbc Home of John V T'arwfU *Co: Dlseatfs of the Heart; lowa Letter; What WeTtmt; A N-.vcl Entiron*:; r.*r*- terwl L»tiers; Noiuxacf Merchants; A NoUble ArU cl--on National Lanas. Mi>klnk and va.- •n*,'i v.timLcr. Price, 10 Cent* x»cr rnpy» Tbc Trade scrpllod by the WESTERN Nmv»_CO. C.Tp:t-n,ty heomained to the Eill.uß, •19 LsSallc-st..orP.o.Bor lofKcbleaeo. s>atg anH (Caps. SCOTCH CAPS —Nctt Color—Thench reported. jurtt Received. 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Crus, Napkin Ac.; bcw Orrdta ant Medallion Fatter.n Preserve, J»llv, ice Crca-n and Snaar Spoon*. KnK** * o<? Pork*. «•. put nninilna etjlcS3rptcs<iiUßß."lkeep***6B. A variety of OPEESA GLASSES, French Clocks, -Richly" Plated Ware, Jewel Cases, £w., £cc. GILES BROTHER & GO., Xo. 142 Lake=sl:., CHICAGO, - - ILLINOIS. CEDAR POSTS. —We hare on hard. a large stock of Sawed and Round Cedar Posts* Which weoCcr to th* Trade at lair prices. B. MAfeON A SO.V. TUUSSSEDHOGbI DEESSED HOGS! DRESSED HOGS! Canslgnmoit* of Dressed llojpi will bars our care fill, prompt attention. We sate a sptTialty of ttt» btemeaa, and parties in the country ihjpptoz toes to this market tut* season wtU fltul it to lh?tr Interest to sblpAocr. fcti’DCll plates, weight Hits and dally mar ket reports (ttrntabed on •r*pltc»UoD. _ lawucnck, Nkivjst;; * unruiß. Otis Block. 161 Madl«on-«L, corner of l*»fcUe« JpOR prompt returns, Eend jour DRESSED HO6S Apples and potatoes. . AHO brl». Orpcn Apples; 1 AO brls. Until Applm ; 1 O PUCI ha*, i eteii ulow and NrfhanockFotito®. IkxtlytM and ur sale by _ K. RANTON & CO„ Ccpinl-Moq M<rrlaat». 1 ft? W.l-m?. YETH & VANDERVOORT MALTIAG €OMPAXr s Hos. 2 and 4 Xiciigan-av., 2lnnufactuirrw of naif and Dealers In Ifkrley and Bye. Barky and |(ye Slalt, wtlch we wa pr.-pare't u» Mall U.e l..a«st r.iAf«et *. T \T T.. NOBLE, I) 1 s uiTAcrnn or Loolkitti filnMtir nod Picture Franrs of Ever? IK-senvitts, Wb. tIJJO Statc-*L. chtc.u—. 1“. ?* 11 |.*J. old I’m..*’. (TCIiL Aieo, coll—;t. 3 >n'tttr.U3|>s i-t fif «i>. ‘ T/i’ENTION, WaGONJIAIIEIIS I r\ rc. 33. RAwxiffa, Uannhicta'sr ac>i li «lcr La Zclidtc, Wagon Gear, Axles, Polej, 3cxßiirda. MAIILSON. UrJLSLU c«).. SUCH. ry L. MORGAN & CO.. * COMMISSION MERC^UTS, For She nurckaee nr-1 sale el Grtia, r'ii.'ii. I'f’i'W'et ar. lartlcola.- aiuatton ;aU k> the suld ot urcased Hog*. Vi l.tball*— Ctlincs, ILictuars, &c. WlK£ HOUSE, CIMCIfiMATL GOLDEN WEDDING, f E ABiLLN O CAT A Wit A,DCSX CAIAWUA, ISABELLA AM) DELAWAKS, There celebrated Wine* &» ter tile bx FULUBL FINCH & PULLER, LORD <S SMITH, and TVEITZtL, ST ARTEC & €O., 7 State-it., Chicago. IS. » 4 LL WANTING FARMS—Good Farm. and weU-pravetl Fruit La ri'l*—BeautlfUl aa£ Inr Mtlicmentrf VINELAND 3T olio south_ot Pti'adelpWa by railroad. Population increase*! 9&» penple In Ibur years. Good sociery. •chool* and cl prvb-s- I.OX) orchards planted. Price. fa per to% inyable la four yeabs. VUlac* lots tor basin**** tsd manufacturers also for tale. Climate mild—percent? Irtaiuiy-soll tucftly fertile. Improved Kac-, abo me nUe. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor. Vlr»* bind. New Jersey. Paper* curtate Ins information m.« fbtc. Fmm report oi Bo’on I teh ins* m. Agricultural EdSwrojtlieTnnur.e: “Ills cn*; ul Uie most ezt>a tivaferme tracts li» ai» aim. »i level pvIGOD. and suit able ctndPlon fi*r plfaiaaitixmin::, mat wo know oft thU s'fle cf tne Western Prainea ' VALUABLE THAI*; GOLD! Dr. Wadswarth’s Dry Up! FOE TELE CLVTLAiiiili: A perfect and speedy enje lor this loiihscmedlwi** tn its worst pjrnj. la every tasc of Caurrb, severeer Ucbt, the disease -bould be romovtol as eova as poatW ble,uir Itylve* rise to boarseQesf.san.nese InUiewinrV pipe, dry coach, ctroatc Infiammatlon cf the Ickssl oUzli e-s. dull pair In the head, with a sen.atlon <B wtt*bl*.‘Ter tbeeyos, Inseot ifceseuvs '■f imelliacand tasttsd. aua various painful ad*cU *n*. Thera Is not sty mlstak 'abaa: tbc above renieir. and It os* rebr.d rf the eubvrri’jer, General AjtentCir Uie Cmtsc States and tbe cvadas. il u. i-.uuKrxr.TfN'.rrenJeact. a. r. SMITH & ir.WEic umdsh-ui, Late-bU Wb' , ?t»ale f.r C* irsro. JJACGAINS LADIES DRESS FOBS. DON’T BUTT Tl.i YOU HATE E££2f OUE STOCK ASI> taiiits. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.—The 1 > Cor*(lJier‘Mp ber-W«.re extitm.T amltr ttie namecf I'BYOU C SANFUrtU.U l—s u»v ai«»ilTol by Either piny l» authorize! to aaft tie umb at ttk« Arm to Uw seUUmeni of 1W a£t]n. GH.BEKT Pi'.rOK. D.W.C. £AM*OUO. Chicago, Dec. lit, 13M. The naderMgred will ceaUntethe PmrW'j; Brctep* ace Un»t:i?** at No. 1«> Cr.atr.bor »f Cisaws. m ler U:o etrle of GiLBKRI’ PRIOR *€»>., and re-peetfuCy solicit* the patronage hcret-icre CA-tcs l-ci to Lha iata Bm- of Prjor & San>*rd. Chicago, Dec. Ist, lsos. GI|JJEET TEiOB. BREWSTER, Flatter. Shernac Hoa;c. Wlthdrawlnglrom the*Crm of Pryor & aaaJjrd, are* paratory to engaging In nnslaesa elsewhere, I return my thanks to my fr'.eoos for this libera] hmdeau gt tnuted oy uten to the lat- trm, and a«k a e-jaOcaA»-e of their taror* to It* aueccaacr, GILBERT FKIOU 4 CO. D. W. C. dAN FORD. V hlcago. Dee. Ist. Isdfl, A" OTlCE—Dissolution of Copartnership ll The firm of HUNGER. WBEELEK ft CO- fit Use Elevating ud Murage °f Crain, expires by Umlta tlucttlsiay. Chicago, I)ec.T,MIB. COPARTNERSHIP 50TICE. The business ot Stories Grain win be condoned after this day by the undersigned, under Use tuM amt WESLEY HUNGER, GEORGE ABMOUK, HIRAM WHEELER. Chicago, DtC. L 19M. COAKLEA W.WHEELBg. Dissolution of partnership.. JAS. A. HAIR d: CO. Notice ta hereby given that the lau partnership ex.- Istlcr under the lm or Jos. A. Hair ft Co. ta this day diisclTtd by UmltaUoa. vavrrr™- Chicago. Dec. Ist. I?CT. Dissolution of partnership. The Ann of Enters A Butler It this day duaolvod lit- mutual consent. Either of the partners win slgnta liquidation. A. A. C. ROGER'*, Ngvtmbcr SO,ISCS. GEORGE F. BLTLE3L Chicago. December l, 1:68. The undersigned have tnU day formed a Co-partner* ship, under the name and style of LAWRENCE. NEN* SEN A CUTLER, fOr the purpose of (Ling a General Commission, Prodcre and shipping Pcslae**, they ■mecced to the business of Rogers ft Butter. and respect* loLy aMt for a continuance of ihe very liberal rauoa* age ocstowed upon the latattrm. Wlthincruued means andfaciUUaa.undapcrtectiini'Wicc—uof ihoM.lncaa, we ofier our services to all shippm- Grain. Produce or General Merchandise to Chicago lor salt also. to (haierßcf Eastern shipment, and assur* alt sort that the closest pojend •^K^;SS's f I X'S , i“nCTl , £a. Oda pineV, comt r LaSalle and Uadlson-aU. Having retired from the firm Butter, « give* mo pleasure to to o i * p—..u (,tt!W toc-r cfLAtt ICLNlE.viE—sl—i ft iiirv* LER. who eucci hi them, and to a-sure them that thelp to»«w»§wU receive the same prompt attention ban loiat. p™> tt=« W“ 1“ a “;. .V. C- nOOKiB. Dissolution of partnership?* —The firm of UScCBIDS & PA VTJm _ Is thl* dav dissolved by mutnaj consent. TliebCiinaft will hereafter be cain--4 on by S. W. AIoBRZDB, Who will settle all outstanding claims dee by can Crs. and U auihoriitd to collect all d*bt* due Sk firm. b. w. M,*s*::ii»E. „ GEO. W. PAUIX. Chleas9.Pee.lit.lSß6. Dissolution op copartner ship.—The partcenhta heretoicre existing uta> oer the firm sane and style of FUKST, BRADLEY & C 0„ lathis day dissolved hy mutual consent. AH unsettled acconntaaadnoua have been turned over to b’CRST ft BRADLEY, oC. 35s CO and 82 North whera we teqne»t that ail amount* doe the Bra ca paid aite&ce. All bills again*:the said first suutbe pro* UAVID BfUDLET, joas 3Ac:suui:7. Chicago.!7ot. ;Tn, I? 05. Q£>;cr FlN£ AND (Consignments. DAVID DUEL & CO.. 111 Uhaile-it., Chicago. Uusinrss Carts. LUNG-WORTH'S iLmibs,. iatbicsl ,-IFut C.oobs BKEWSTEiC* Kjrrlcr, Slitriuaj Hjowj. 13artnctst)ip.