Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 3 Aralık 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 3 Aralık 1866 Page 1
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Chicago Cribmic. MON’DAT. DECEMBER 3. I'M. THE NEWS. Tbe aggregate of National Bank currency now In circulation Is $396,953,827. Tbe amount of gold and coin certificates • sow In tbe Treisurv la .435.000,tX)0. Tbe French Canadians held a meeting In New York on Saturday night. In favor of tbe an* : sfixation of Canada to tbe United States. The programme for the action of tbe Re publican Caucus, to be held on even* itg, is foreshadowed In oar Washington des patch. Tbe condemned Fenians In Canada bare • been denied s new trial. An application for the privilege of appeal has also proved unsuccessful. Five-Twenties closed in London on tbe 80tb at 7&H. The closing price of gold in New York yesterday was mj<. The most astounding fish story yet told Is the statement by Professor Agassis that in Brasil they bare a species of fish which can climb trees I England and France combined consume less paper than this country, which has only half the population of the two combined. Forty thousand barrels of oil were brought down tbe Kanawha river to Parkcrabarg on Sat urday and Sunday last In barges. A bill to establish Provisional Govern ments for the lately rebellions Slates reported to be m preparation in and will dc brought forward early m the sea -ion. The Washington papers have withdrawn from tbe “ Associated Press,' 1 and have nulled with the United Stales and European News Asso ciation. The Nary Register of ISG7 wtfl show Ibat of six bundled vessels in the navy at the close of the war, there arc now but 231, mounting 2,063 guns. George Washington, a nephew of General Washington, died suddenly a few days since in Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio, while afend ing a case he bad. In Court. The postal service In the eleven seceded States, which before the war never paid expenses, boa netted over B*oo,ooo prodt during tao last year. Four thousand members have been added to the order of Good Templars in New Hampshire the past year, and it now numbers over five hundred. The rinderpest having broken ont afresh In Austria, the Bavarian Government have re fused to allows large number of oxen intended for ih i English market to cross Ihe frontier. Workmen are engaged in preparing the Old Fair Building on Pennsylvania avenue, for tbe banquet to be given to Ihe Republican members of Congress ou Saturday next. New Orleans papers are delighted to sec large quantities of flour and other Western produce coming down the Mississippi once more, 6ii route for the Atlantic States. From the official records It appears that during the war 45,t00 Federal prisoners died in the South, and 2«,45G Confederate prisoners died In tho North. Advices by Atlantic Cable state that Mr. Seward's leccnt despatches to the French Forchrn Minister had been scut to the Emperor, and that Napoleon had been very unfavorably impressed with their contents. The opinions of the English press, with other items In relation to tbe pending Fenian dis turbances in Ireland, arc given thk morning. Mr. Stephens is said to be in Paris at the present time. The last great telegraphic feat is the ordering of wheatbya l.ondon hoaseofoneln Son Francisco, and tbe receipt by the former, on the same day, of the Intelligence that the order had been filled. General llullcck says that the action of the Cclllorcla Legislature In n-fu.-ing to counten ancc tic adoption of the national currency ban cost the State fifty millions In money and five hundred thousand inhabitant. The St. Joseph (Mo.) Jifrahl says that an organized hand of horse thieves, counterfeit money passers and rascals are now acting con jointly In Northwestern Missouri, Eastern Kan sas, and Southeastern Nebraska. The southern counties of Indiana are In fested with numerous gangs of fco.-ec thieve-, safe blowers, and petty robbers of all kinds. At no time has crime been go prevalent ia the history of that Elate. Brigham Young is luxuriating in lUe honeymoon of Ids forty-fiith bride, ab?aatifal Danish girl of seventeen. Be has just Jose his twruty-fonnh wife, who was nnrled without any ceremony or even notice ofher death. The (,'ustom House officers at K-iwc’c Point the other day overhauled a Jew who had a lot o ilk wrapped around bis body, and diamond jew elry worth ? ’,OOO, which he was trying Jo smuggle acios? tbe lines. A report from the Hudson's Bay Company contiauirts poehivety »Le statements that the ba sic of on arrangement has been agi eefl upon for the talc of the lemlory to the Canadian Govern ment. A bilk manufactory Is to be ebiablUhed at San .Tote. California. The workmen will be mostly German and French. The California pa pers urge the raising of mulberry trees and co coons. • One of the wealthiest citizens of Schenec tady, New York. Is to be pro- j ecntrd for sbtring fire to fhc freight house of ibe New York Central Railroad, burnt there recently, lie had a* large amount of over-lnsmcd goods In tbe building. An iron-clad ordered a year ago for the Sultan ofTnrkcynow awaits a purchaser la nn English shipyard, the representative of the Otto man Government having failed to receive his re mittances. The Congressional Retrenchment Commit tee. while investigating the affairs of the New York Custom Bouse, discovered that the clerks were taxed four dollars per month fur political purposes, and, if they refused to pay. were dis charged. The collection of taxes in California this year is attended with unusual inconvenience to all parti: F concerned. Specie incomes have, un der the existing law, to be reduced ton green back currency standard. The valuation is eighty CtnUi on a dollar. Some interesting Intelligence from Central and South America will be found in onr New York d tpaichcs. The Arclbishop had been expelled from Bogota, and his palace and papers selzad. In Peru, tee war fet ling against Spain is Increasing. Colonel Pmrto, Isle Dictator of Peru, had been le;tcd Presidrat almost nnaulaiously. Our Ntw Turk dc.-jutck says that at tli" Re publika rancn.'j on Kalorday night. Hon. Thnd. Stevens cave notice that he should in’roduco a bill icquinng the President to submit to the Senate, within twenty day*, oil appointments made by blm during the rccers.acd if they be re jcclcd, tbc olllce ►ball revert to the pr ; dcccs>?or. The South la paying inure attention than heretofore to the manufacture of cotton goods. Factories arc being estahh-bert In North Car olina, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi. The old days of planters’ rule arc over, and new enterprises acd greater development of resour ces will follow. The army in 'New Mexico consists of the Fifth Inlantry. commanded by Brevet Major Gen eral George Sykes, husdqmmcr? at Fort Snmacr; Third Cavalry, Colonel Marshal S. Howe, Fort Craig; and Fifty-seventh regiment colored troops. Colonel P. Harwood, at Fort Stan ton. A collision occurred on Saturday evening off Sandy Hoik, New York, between (he ship Kale Dyer, from Callao, and the steam-hip Scot land, for Liverpool, which resulted in the imme diate sinking of the former, carrying down with her thirteen of her crew. Thcsteam.-hlp was at jo so badly damaged that it become necessary to ran her ashore at Sandy Hook, to keep her from going down. The Sand Patch tunnel, on the Pittsburgh S: Connchevllle Railway, is at last cat through. Its total length if t,TOO feet, being 1,W3 f et more than the long tunnel on the Pennsylvania Cen tral Railway, through the Alleghenies, between Altoona and Crcaf on. It Is intended for a double track, and Is twenty-two feel wide by nineteen feet in height. Captain Napoleon Collins, commanlinj; the Sacramento, sailed a tew days since for China, carrying with him full in* tractions from the State Department to look into the Coolie tranc, and =after a thorough examination, report all the facta to his Government, with a view to early amelio ration, if not entire suppression of this triffic, &c. Secretary McCulloch U desirous that Con gress should enact a clear law, making it distinct ly understood that the United stales are pledged to redeem Iheprlndpal, as welt as the interest, on its bondb in gold, but, knowing the opposition which all of Us measures meet in that body, he will not directly propose it. In another form. however, it is not, unlikely that tbt* and several other measures be has ou foot will be brought lo the attention of Congress at the proper time. A Washington special says: Senator Momll, of Maine, It la understood, will im mediately on the assemblage of Conrress, Intro duce a hill to confer the privilege ol suffrage upon the frtedmen ol this District, and wfll energetical ly insist on an early vote. It is sais to be his pur pose to have this new law in foil force before the next municipal election In ibis city. It was Sena tor Morrill who introduced ami carried through the bill emancipating the slaves of jhis District. The annual report of the Baltimore Asso ciation for the moral and Intellectual improvement of the freedmen, shows $52,000 expended and $12,000 received In the year. Of this sum $ 1,00 J was from the New England Frecdmcn’s Aid Asso ciation ; $3,600 from New England friends, and -$6,000 from Maryland colored people. The society lias In operation seventy-four schools, including twenty-two In Baltimore, numbering in all seven ty-four teachers and 7,000 scholars. Most of the I cadi ere arc colored. The most encouraging sue ccf s has attended the efforts of the association. Xbe officers of the New Hampshire regi ments will have their second annual reunion at Concord on the Ist day of January. 1557. At tbit time the ♦‘Veterans' Union of New Hampshire” wHI be organized. This will be followed by an oration by Brigadier General A. P. Stevens; poem by Lieutenant George A. Marden; and In the evening a (free and ball at Phoenix Hall. Near ly all Ihc New England railroads will give free passes to all who wish to attend. It Is earnestly desired that every New Hampshire soldier will be there, no matter where be may be located. The announcement In Paris Hint Mitstno* res bad been pelted by American troops, and the French driven out, caused a profound sensation In Government aides and among the people. Colonel Sleany, formerly editor of the Toledo Blad', and a prominent Fenian, had been arrested by British officials, and placed In pri-on under a strong guard. The English officials arc very ac tive in making arrests, and they grow more nu morons. The Fenian movement Is believed gene rally to have extensive ramifications. The Em press Carlotla is reported to be dying Mira mar. A Republican caucus of the members o Congress wue held on Saturday evening, at which a committee of ten was appointed to report at an adjourned meeting such measures as It wiß be deemed necessary to urge upon the early attention of Congress. A resolution was passed, recom mending the Senate to reject a majority of the ap pointments made ny the President since the ad journment of Congress. A resolution was also pazsed requiring a meeting of the Fortieth Con gross on tnc sth of March next. Immediately on the adjournment of the p.cecnt Congress. FROM WA^HINSTQN. The Repabiicafi Caucus. Partial Programme for tbe Session. Fffcct of the Malamoras Canard in Paris. Colonel Meany Arrested in Ireland and in Prison. The British Actively Engaged in Arrests. The Fenian Movement Be lieved to have Exten sive Ramifications. COLLISION AT SEA. One Vessel Instantly Sunt, tie Other Beached to Save it . From Sinking. Thirteen Lives Lost. More About the Associate Press Imbroglio. Ike Eiupiess Carlotta Reported Dying. DEPARTMENT REPORTS. REPORTED CAPTURE OF SURRATT. FROJI EUROPE. By Cnble—Enorsretlc measure* on tbe Part of the British Government to Prevent an Onihreak tn Ireland—Limerick Declared Under Marital—Arrests—Evacuation fll ItUDIC. London, December I—Evening.—No political new s of importance has transpired to-day. Dublin. Ireland, December I.—Energetic meas ures on the part of the Government are being rapidly adopted. The county of IJmerick was to-day proclaimed under martial law. In order to prevent an oa:- Vreak which was deemed to be Imminent. A larc'e number of arrests have been made of suspected parties, both in the city and county of Limerick. Arrests arc also being made iu this city and other parts of Ireland. L Laris, December 2.-It la stated that the de cision of the French Government in refusing to accede to the demands of Ureal Britain for the ex tradition of Inmicraudc, has been acquiesced in by the British Minister of Foreign Affairs. Florence, December I.—lt Is announced, semi officially, that the evacuation of itume will take place in ten days. Cons. Ireland. December I.—lt is stated that the English Government have counteimanded the orders tor the transportation of English volun teers to this city and other places In Ireland. Paris, Sunday December s.—The Empress Carlotta, of Alcxico, la staled to be dying at Miramar. TheEmp«ror Maximilian Is expected to reach Miramar in the course of the noil two weeks, and prcpaiations are being made to give him a fitting reception upon Austrian soil. I ondon, Sunday, December 2.— A Paris letter slates that the suit brought against the United Jitstes Government, hr the builders of the cele brated Bordeaux Iroa-clad rams, is likely to ho sc-ukd by arbitration. Berlin, December 2.—Prince Adalbert, Ilkh Admlial of the Prussian Navy, will soon vl-!t the United States, for the purpose of observing the American vyetemof naval construction, which Is to be introduced into the Prussian navy. Latest Foreign Market** _ , Livnnifou December l—Evenin'*. .The cotton market Issteady, wlla **;»» L.-.L*/of 1^40 " Ul ' aDll * al 11J * OreacLmtl* are _ . . Losdov, December 1— Evenlm? Consols rlcscd txhw at 83- tor moacy. Th: fob jV •nc arr the prices of Amen.-m *m.rltn*i; UmieJ Ua’;?. ’ ;o> ‘ ; cSf. By Cable—Effect of the Mntamoras Canard In Pari*—Arrest of Colonel .tlmiir, a vvc»l« known Fenton, formerlv of Toledo, obio (•reat Activity among ibe UanlishtimciKta he Liverpool .Uai act ns Reported by the *• Associated Press.” Paris, Sunday Evening, December 2.—'The an nouncement baa been made public Out Matamo ras, Mexico, had been seized aud occupied by American troops, and the French been driven onL Till? Las caused a profound sensation la Govern ment elides aud among the people, and various conjectures arc indulged in relative to complica tions of a serious nature, which are expected to ante from such a course on the pan of the American Government. London, Sunday Evening, Deccnsber2.—Colonel Mcany, a well known and prominent Fenian, has been an cried by tno Government officials here and placed in Blackwell prison under a strum* guard. " Dublin, Sunday Evening, December 2.—There is great excitement hero relative lo the activity of English officials in making arrests of persons be lieved lo lie Implicated in the Fenian movement A great many amats have been made and they grow more numerous hourly. irvciiPooL, Sunday Evening, December 2. There are indications here of trouble Jrom tho Irish popnlavlon, and precautionary steps arc be ing taken by Government with n view to its prompt suppression. The countermanding ofthc order tor volunteers lo leave for Ireland was made In this connection, as their services may be re quired at homo. Glasgow, Scotland, Sunday Evening, Decem ber 2.—From various movements on the part of Irishmen, and their sympa'liizers in this city and v.cimty, fears arc entertained that tsc Fenian movement has cxtem-lve ramification? here. The authorities are taking steps for the proper sup pression of any outbreak. New Yoke, December 2.— The report of tho Liverpool breadstuff* market of yesterday, as for nished to the unfortunate victims of the Associa ted Dress monopoly, stales that market as being very active. Tho report of the same market from the well informed agent of the United States and European News Association stated the breadrinCj market dull. The latter is the only report receiv ed for the press of this country, and is so accepted by merchants and pro duce dealers generally. This report, of the so-called Associated Press, of a very active bi cadslafif market la Liverpool, wa» undoubtedly promulgate d in the Interest of certain parlies con nected w ith tome ol the new spapers belonging to the decaying monopoly in thin clty.for speculative purposes, and the successful efforts of Mr. Craig, while agent of the Isle Associated Press, to pre vent just such .Impositions* upon the public. While in charge of their despatches, has been the chief incentive for the personal abuse lately in dulged In by unprincipled parties. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Washington. December 2. russtn ent’s message. Parties, who assert positively that they arc fully aware of the contents of the Message, declare that It contains no change whatever iu policy; that it I? conciliatory only so far «? it expresses the hope 1 that Congress will come to agree with the Execu tive; (bat it contains no amnesty and suffrage J propositions, and proposes no constitutional t amendments. 11 I- very free in regard to Mexico a and the Fenians. It Is accompanied by the usual I document?, a synopsis of tome of which will ap pear from tho following: RSNEBAL nOWABD'9 TTSTOJIT. General Howard's report will show that there is no special change in the organization of the , Frccdmeu’s Bureau, bnt that the basinets has l>cct) greatly facilitated by tho la* of JSw». The districts assigned to Assistant Commissioners 1 coincides with the military departments and dls tuct commands. The new law embraces Ken- ] tacky and Maryland, and these Stales reqnlrcthe 1 aid of the Bureau in promoting the Interest? ofjns tice and education. In the Northern cliic?. cm- ] ploymcnl offices of little expense lo the Govern ment, and not a sonice of revenue, have bcencs- | fafcllshcd, with a view to obtain work and homes for dependent freed people, and to relieve crowded localities. The Impor tance of self-support has been urged by proper means upon the laboring classes. have been determined, not by the orders of the Bureau officers, but by the circumstances ordinarily affecting the price of labor in different | localities. The education of freedmeu and refu gees has been carried cn vigorously, under the immediate patronage of benevolent societies. A bupermtendent of Education, devoting bis whole time to Us vroik, Is stationed at the Bnrcau head quarters in each State, and all Bnrcan officers co operate with him. 1* is estimated that 150,000 freedmen 'and their children are now attending school In the Southern States. Schools for refugees, white children, are also established. Their formation la everywhere cneonragcd by the Bureau. There has been bnt U< tie uniformity of action in tho different States In respect to tbe administration of Justice. Assistant Commissioners have been instructed lu transfer .military jurisdiction as rapidly aspoj - siblc to Sia'e judicial tribunals. This has been > { dene completely in some States, while iu Vir - > gtuit, I<ouUtana and Texas’Bureau courts arc still , ! in'existence. A claim divirion, instituted in March last, and by officers and ; i agents throughout ihe 'States, has sought : > to prevent the frauds upon colored . - soldiers In their efforts to collect unpaid claims. I i ■ One bundled and ninety-five claims were paid • through tho office of the commissioner; 723 re . jeeted at his office; 1,552 are in process of adjust • ' meat. Tbe aggregate amount collected and paid o Is t 10,55». Detailed reports are given of the open- L Hons of tho Bureau fn each SUlc, and the District a of Columbia. Transportation la reported as for • diked to 6,3.78 destitute freed people, y VOL. XX. ajjd £S7 refugees; 13,112.271 rations were belted between June Ist, IK2, and September 1,1600. TLe average number per month to refu gees and freedaen waa#H,B69; Ihe average num ber per day, 21*,619. The issue to whites increased until June £0,16C0, when Issues to frtedmen and refugees were about equal. From Jane 30, 1860, nnlilScptemberl, the number supported of both classes boa diminished. Itigid scru'iny has been exercised to prevent Issues to any but the abso lutely destitute, and part of the rations uot actu ally needed were cut off. Officers were directed to bold each plantation, county, parish and town, responsible for the cireot ita own poor, to very tittle purpose, for, with few exceptions. Ihe Slate authorities have failed to contribute to the relief of the of persona supported by the Govern ment. Cuing to the failure of cropa, the requirements of the circular of the Kith -of August, ISG2, could not be rigidly enforced npon the application of State officials. Special issues arc being made to certain Stales for tho support of their pauper population. Rations are sold to teachers and agents of benevolent societies, under tbe same mica that apply to such purchases made by com missioned officers. Tbe Bureau hospitals receive the usual frevdmeu’s rations. The amount of land now in possession of the Bureau is 373,23] acres, to be Increased by 223 tiacta hi Tennessee, of which tho number of acres has not been reported. The aggregate number of parcels of torn property, not included In tbe above, which have been in possession of the Bu reau, Is 3,721. ol which 2,003 have been restored, leaving a balance of 1,110 parcels cf town prop erly. The Commissioner estimates tbe additional funds necessary for the next fiscal year at SB.Kn.MO. In accordance with recent enactments, Commis sioners to assess the value of slaves enlisted Into the army have been appointed 'in Maryland, Ken tucky, Miaaooti and Tennessee. PLCUETARX Evasion's UZTOHT. In ibc War Office the work of mustering oat troops baa been actively continued. From Jana* ajySGtbto March 9th, 932 volunteers have been mustered out, leaving in tbe service 11,013 volun teers, while and colored. The redaction «.♦ col ored troops has been 75,024, ard on Novemho. ’it lU.ijoo officers and enlisted men remained In ser vice. The reduction of the army has been attend ed by grettly reduced expenditures. Tbe ad vanced depots of the Quartermaster's Department bar*' been broken up, and great quantities of ma terials have been sold at advantageous rates, or packed in five principal depots and and all unnecessary aieebaryed. From May lsi,l6te, to. August 2d, 1500, over £07,100 horses and mules were sold /or {15,209,0(5.54. About < 4,190 barracks and tfospitals ned other buildings have been sold during tbe year for J4t7,6SS.U. TLe sale of irregular and damaged clothing in store, produced, during the fiscalyear, tbe grin of $912,770.15. Tbe fleet of 590 ocean transports in service on July Ist, 1603, at a daily expense of 582,490, was reduced, before Jane 39.25GC, to fifty three vessels, costing $3,C00 per diem, and most of these have since been discharged, ocean trans portation being now almost entirely conducted by established commercial hoes of steamers. Of 20?; vessels, which bad been employed in inland transportation, at an expense of tMKt.r33.2S—none were remaining in sendee on J une Sthb, 1666. The sales of river transports, steamers and barges during the year, are reported ns amountin': to $1,132,595.92, The rates of wagon transportation in the Indian country have also been reduced by favorable contracts. The military railroads which were operated daring the war at a total expenditure o*f $45,422,719.15, and which officially reported to Lave reached an extent of 2,G3)H miles, aud to have poseesi-cd 4b3 engines and 6,095 cars, have all been transferred to companies or boards of public works, upon condition oi the adoption of loyal orgsniza'jons of directors. Cash sales of railroad equipment, to the amount of $3,406,939.33, arc rcpojted, and credit sales of $7,M1.urj.22 upon the .latter. There have been paid, principal and interest, $12,13 0,626.13, leaving duo to the United Stales, on June 30th, ISCb, principal and interest, $0,570,074.03, The Military Telegraph, which attained an ex tent of 12,469 miles, of lines constructed during thcpciiod oi hostilities, with n total expenditure of during the war. end 53-.7,C37 during the last fiscal year, has been discontinued, the material cold and disposed of, and the employes discharged, only a few confidential operators be ing still retained for cypher correspondence with commanders of Important districts. Get eral hospital?, hospital transports and rail road trains, ambulance cc.-ps, and a number of im dual purveying departments have been dis ported with, and all perishable articles, of medi cal end hospital supplies, in excess of therequire ments or a peace establishment, have been dis posed ot at public sale at advantageous rates, and Hu reserved supplies concentrated at five depots. Theproceedf of old or surplus medical and hos pital property amount to $4,014,261.59. TUB EETLDLIOAN CAUCUS. In addition lo the proceedings of the caucus tel rgisj'hed lad night, Uhaa transpired that there wns more enthusiasm over the resolution request ing the Senalc to reject most of the Pre Idont’a appointments than has ever been witnessed on any subject in caucus. Governor Boulwell aald he should introduce a resolution in IbrEonsc calling for coircspondcnce and informail. n con conrng the n hcreabouts of John B. Sorrj U, sa/ ing that his biding place for the past three month i was known to the President, and that Sec tary Seward could have procured Jus amst at any time. THE RECEPTION. While Mr. Colfax was elected to respond *0 tbe address of welcome, lion. Tbad. Stevens was re queried to be present at the banquet for the pur* pose of responding lo any toast concerning the Bouse of Represematives. ARRIVALS. The Illinois, Missouri &ud Ohio members are nearly all here. Hon. Benjamin Eggleston ar rived to-Ja?. DEPARTMENT OP INTERNAL REVENUE. •forge Kelley has prepared a bill lor the estab lishment ofn Department of Internal Revenne,tbe head of which is to be appointed by the Supremo Court, on the nomination of tho Chief Justice, and the subordinates by the head of the depart nunt. The character of the recent appointees of the Internal revenue Bureau seems lo render such a measure necessary. Hie bill finds almost uni versal lavor among Republican members. MEXICAN An*AIBS. The answer of the French Government to Mr. Seward’s note rc«pcciing Mexican affairs, is said to reiterate the assurance already given by the French Secretary of State. It affirms that France bas nothing to change or retract In her former declarations that tho orders for the evacu ation of Mexico were long ago given; that she fulfilled all her promises, and otherwise considers Mr. Seward’s note useless. The French Government cannot refrain fromexprcssingfts as tonishment at this demand regarding a "matter which is already in way of execution, ami pro fesses Itself unable to understand the real mean ing of the recent note of Mr. Sew ard, when he so well knew Ike Intentions of the Emperor, Washington-, December 2.—At the Republican lari evening, among other propositions u vcufrcd was one that a law should be introduced ami passed, requiring a meeting ol the Fortieth Congnsaon the 61b of March next. Immediately upon the termination of the present Congress. This ptonosiiioi-is met with general aeceprance, and the Republican members generally arc under stood to be in javor of it. In the present temuer ot Congress, ps indicated by tb- member* alrcadv auivec, there i* hide doubt that such a law will be passed before the termination of the session. The Republican members express little hope of an amicable arrangement uf the difficulties be tween Congress and the President. without ronroATios. The reports to the effect that the President was disposed to make concessions calculated to diminish tho disagreement with Congress on im portant matters arc without foundation. rHESIPENT'B MESSAGE. Ttcrc is a probability mat Congress mav ad journ to-morrow before tar President'* Message is rmived, in order to respond to the mass wel come, and In that case of coarse tho Message will go over till Tnc-day. “ASSOCIATED rßlffl." The following card was received tc-dsy by the Agent ofthc Associated Brers: Washington. December 1. To L Gobright, K?q.: S Sir: This l» to notl'y the Agent of the New York ' Associated Presi*. that the dally paper* in this c city, represented by the underr.lgncd, on and after t this date, wi’l not require* your uews, haring made arrangements with the tutted States ana Euro- c pcau News Association. I Very truly yours, t D. C. FoeNEY, Chronicle. t Snow, Doyle i Co., National Intelligencer. t A, U, Wallaoi, Evening Star- Wa. <3. XUhtane? A: Co., National Republican. -I Tuoiias B. Florence, Constitutional union. i niottaiatvc rou the c.vfcts on Wednesday s even iso. < Washington, December Q.—The Committee ap- x K' ted to prepare a programme of action for ths i teal canons on Wednc*day evening have their propositions all cutand dried. The bill they will offer tor theappioval of the caucus is very simi lar to the one oflered In Congress by Hon. Thad. Stevens. It contemplates an abolition of the 1 present State Governments in si! the Southern States, on the ground of their ucconstUntlonaltty, and provide lor the appointment ot a Commis sioner for each State, who shall have power to appoint the civil and military officers necessary tor the f reservation of peace and good order. The Commissioners arc to call conventions for the purpose of adopting Constitutions, with a view to admission Into the Union. There isa difference of opinion a* to the tight of franchise. borne arc in tivor of only loyalists voting; some arc in favor of Congress designat ing who shall and who shall not vote, while others advocate allowing all those to vote who ate now qualified under biale taws. The CoQs'itutions are to be resubmitted, bnt only those allowed to vote who are enfranchised bv the Constllnt'on* voted on, as was the ease in ifarj land. If the Constitutions be adopted, then the States tre to be readmitted; If rejected, then, they are to be territorial government*. Commis sioners arc to be authorized to organize the including the colored population, to carry out the provisions of the bill, and if called into the service, arc to Lc quartered on those render ing ihc call i.ecessaiy. bnch are the leading points In ihc programme which will be presented for the approval of the Radical cancns, ari the Southern lovallstfi express strong hop,* 01 success. Too t trace of the committee are Messrs, bievens, Washbmno, Schcnck, Hart, Mcßucr, Orth, and two others not known. urrenuCAN CAcers. WAtnixcTOS, December 1, p. m.—Tho RcnnbH* can Members of the House, at present In Wash* lacun, hart a canons in Representative liail this cv«Ui.i - . Between fifty ava sixty members were present; Bon. ThaddcUß Stevens, I*reslaent; Hon. . E. C. li cirroll. ot Illinois, Acting Secretary, Af ' ter cent,dcrablc dhenssion, a eommrtteoor ten : wn at poinb dto report at an rdjoumed meeting next W cdtier dry evening such mcastires as it will j !i>dictccd necessary to urge upon the eariyat , tetUon of Congee* •. A rc.-o ulion was muo ' dcccd recommending the Senate to . reject a majority of the anpo-nt : m«nts made by um IVerident since the adjon;n --* ment of the last Congress. In thceotrse of ice ■ dhcusrioD, members related mstairccs of whsl was termed particular hardships and Inconns • j ttncj, In removals and appointments. There . : some difference of opinion as to the propriety I and esjrodiency ot Ups recomnendation; qnt* vote being taken, there were no voles In the negative. Speaker Colfax was unanimously designated to reply to the address of welcome, at tbe loyal mass reception which comes off Mon day, on behalf of the Douse. The welcoming ai dless will be made by Judge Carter, of the Di strict Supreme Court. It was suggested and agreed that a Senator should bo appointed to reply alo on behalf of the Senate; that on ar rangement be made by Speaker Colfax, and that tbe Senator so designated fortbe-one shall re present both bouses. The indication* are that Congress will be a very radical one. At limes the speeches were very hitter against President Johnson The caucus was in fcssloa over two hours, and there was a very fair Interchange of opinions, and a general unanimity of sentiment on important questions. 1 bo caucus adjourned until next Wednesday even ing when moct Republican members will have arrived to participate in the proceedings, annmosax annirau. There has been a considerable addition to the number of Congressmen (n the cily to-day. Among the arrivals to-day a»e Senator Foster of Connecticut, President of the Senate, end Hon. Mr. Boutwell of Massachusetts. Judge Swayne, of the Snpieme Court also arrived- to-day. THE 210*8 WEECOXS. Preparations for a grand miss welcome to the Republican members of Congress arc completed. A procession, composed of the Loyal Leagues, Boys in Blue, Army and Navy Union, and Repub lican Association, will organize In front of the City Hall at noon, and after marching through some of the principal streets, will reach the Capi tol about 2 jvm., and march to the east front, wncre an address of welcome will ho niide by Judge Carter, and responded tobv Speaker Col fax, and a Senator, yet to 6e designated, on behalf of tho Senate. After tho speaking .vs Concluded, the prpeeaalon will Proceed to Four-and-a-Ualf street,* it will bo dismissed. The banquet in tbe evening w*]] lake place tn the Fair building, corner of Seventh street and Pennsylvania ave nue. Extensive preparations are being made to make It a grand affiur. Genera! Hiram Whlbridge, of New York, will preside. Among the speeches to be made rn response to toasts/ihe following have already been arranged: “The Government of the United States,” will be responded to by Senator Howe, of Wisconsin; “Ihe Judi ciary of Ihe United S’ateo," by Judge Filter, of the District of Columbia: “Suffrage in the District of Columbia, 1 ' by Hon. W. 1). Kelley, of Pennsylvania: “An Independent Pulpit,” by Rev. D. Sunderland; “Oar Free School System," by Rev. Dr. Boynton, Chaplain of the Douse; “Toe Loyal Pieas,” by Colonel John W. Forney; “Tbe Loyal Citizens In the United Stales,” by Hon Charles Sumner; “The Thirty-ninth Congresa,” by Senator Fessenden, o! Maine, and Tbaddcn* Stevens; “Tbe Loss and Cost of the War,” by Hon. Henry Wilson, of Massachusetts. StXTIOK. S [Washington, December 2.—’The value of hul on In lump, bars and ingots, aud otherwise, as sessed during tec year ISO, Is 581,809,541. Of this amount SUMS2,COS was assessed on d* l c Pacific and ?.CC*y fountain states and Territories; the remainder chiefly In tbe Atlantic Elites and sea board States. It is estimated that twenty-five per emt of the gold product escaped assessment, and iM.ofute cold assessed In the Atlantic and seaboard t.. ca oue-haifis of domestic production. 97.0 piodnc’icn CS cold In the fiscal year IrCOis es timated at *‘JB,2l9,ffM, PgaiQßi £73,511,323 in 13 w. ARRIVED. Judges Field, DavU, Clifford, Nelson and Mil ler, of the United States Supreme Court, arrived here to-day. CAPTURE OF SILHIUTT. He is Reported (o be on n<B Wap J° this Coautrjr. Washington, D.C., Decembers.—lt Is report ed that information has reached the Department of Elate from Charles Bale, United States Consul General to Egypt, of the capture, at Alexandria, of John If. burratl. the long sought for co-con spirator in the a-?ns«iratlon of President Lincoln, lie!* doubtless now on his Way to the United States for trial. FRO3I BALiniORE. Arrival of a Steamer with Chicago Consign ment*-Obituary—Rotas to Washiuut-in- Oysters—Memorial to Congress in Regard to tnc Maryland Election. Baltzboiie, Decembers.—The steamship Somer set, of the Baltimore and Liverpool Hue, arrived this morning. In fourteen dava from Qveeariown and bring* a large ard valuable cargo, a great por tion of which Is consigned to Cincinnati aud Chi cago. Colonel J. C. Groome, of Cecil County, Ma«r lind.died in hlkton on Saturday. Be was a prominent politician, and some years ago ran on the Democratic ticket for Governor against the late Senator Hicks. Bight Reverer.dWm. Robinson Whidngham, Biriiop of The Diocese of Maryland, arrived here to-day from Europe. The City Council of Baltimore, the municipal authorities, amt a nami-er of citizens, leave here in the morning for Washington, to participate in the mass welcome to Congress. The bog cholera l< prevailing to some extent on the Eastern Shore, and also in some parts of Western Aaryland. ’ * Rev. Benjamin T. Brooks, a well-known Epis copal minister, has received a call from a congre gation In Memphis. Jn the oyster ma:ke» large numbers are offerin'*, and the t'emsnd is good. Ibc Cherrystone and "iorh Mr r, of superior qualify, sola for sl.2ii pc-; medium quality, 75c; common, 5Uj. The following, which has been signed oy all the presiding Judges of the late election in Bil ttmoic. will be presented during the comiug week to the Boos: eft o.wcscntaiivcs: -The unaerstgned citizenaof Baltimore, return Judges of every eleclon pnjemet In said city, re spectfully state that at the late election, he’d in November, we acted ia conducting the election lor members of tbe Fortieth Congress, us well a? f w other officers; and that, in the Second Congees flotial District of Maryland,. John 1,. TLomas had 8,5-79 voles, which we be -1 evo were all legal. according to the requirements of the Co alitntion of Mary land Issl adopted. We al?o stale that Joseph L Stewart had, in the Third Congressional District of Maryland, -I,ws vote*, which we bedevo al-o legal. We fnnber stale that Stevenson Archer hod In tbe Second Congressional District, :vj.»o votes for member ot the fortieth Congress of the United States, and Charles E. Phelps had. in said Third Congressional District, 5,512 votes for said Congress. Wo farther sfate, tinder the solemn obligation Imposed by our (-file?, that since the election, and prior to tally executing certificates of election, which the laws calls for, we have become convinced that a large majority of ballots cast for said Archer and Phdps, were so cast by persons di-OranchL-ed for dMovalty by the tonsiltutiou of Maryland, and that although wo. judges of election, withhold our certificates of election from the latter, wo are fully itaprcs-cj with ibu beliei that Thomas any Stew art icccirod a largo mnjo*(lv of the legal loval bal lots ca-t, at-d that therefore ihcr oag-it, in view thereof, to occupy seats, in said Fortieth Cou gre‘f.” it win be remembered that Thomas and Slew art were the Republican cvidldates. and Archer and Phelps the Consorvaii-es. The American on the Associated Pro* —cot ton Hat Factory Burned-Judicial De cisions. BAiTiMonc. December 2.—C. C. Fulton writes os follows In the Baltimore Amtrxei u of Monday: 1 here seems lo be no doubt now entertained that the New York Associated Press will pass out of existence in a very short time. The Chinese policy of exclusive control of the business has proved fatal to It, The order that no paper r< - reiving its news should bo permitted to publish despatches from any other source was so averse to tic progressive spirit ol the age. that we did not hesitate for a moment in repudiating the principle, and severing our connection with an organisation based on snch antiquated Ideas. The whole Western press broke from the Associated Press on the same antagonism to monopolv, and Uic indications are that the press ot Bono'a and all the New England (States win soon follow their example. The papers of Washington, morning and evening, held a meeting at the Rational Int<llig*ne t r office, oa Saturday. and unanimously resolved to sever their connection with the New York Associated Press, and receive. In mture, the despatches of the United States and European News Associa tion. •The Southern press have nearly all followed the same antagonism to the New York monopolv, at d nil the evening and Sunday-papers of Fhfl adelphlahavc joined Mr. Craig s new organiza tion. There ate also indications that one or more of the six papers comprising the New York Asso ciation, will refuse longer to participate In an association which undertake* to assume the powerto dictate to the press of the country what they shall or shai not publish In the way of tews, and wo do not believe that the press of Philadelphia wf)l much longer submit to so un reasonable and Improper an interference with their business.” Yesterday afternoon the cotton batten factory of John Cook, on Garden street, near Prof ton, was partially destroyed by fire, all the combus tible material being burned, at d the machinery damaged. The fire was caused by friction irom the machinery. Associated Judge Giles yesterday cave judgment. In accordance with bis opinion, filed in the case of Owen Bowie, furnish ed bv the agent of the United States and European News Association, on Tuesday last; in ten other cases mentioned In tno revenue of the Fifth Dis trict of Maryland, the aggregate amount being making a total, with Bowie's amount, which Is to he returned to the bureau of taxes, collected in i&S. on tobacco. It is understood that no appeal will be taken from this decision. in the case of Jotlah Bacon, of the Denial Voi canito Company rs. Josioh Baidcrsion, In an ac tion tor alleged infringement of a patent right in the manntaemre of artificial gums and ]>aUtes, the Mine JncLe granted an injunction, with leave to dissolve on five day'e-notice. In the case of Ucnty rt. Goodyear, and General A. Duncan re, Joslah Batderstooe, an action for infringement ot the patent forth* manufacture of a bard rubber or vulcanite, issued to Nelson Goodyear, and which was assigned to the plaintiff for dental purposes, a mcUoa for injunction was granted. FROM. NEW YORK, Collision m Sen—Thirteen Lives Lost-One Ship bonk, tbe Other Ron Asnore—The Archbishop Expelled from Bogota— I The IVur Feelina Against Spal**—What Third- Stevens Intends to Do—** Queen’s Own’*— Selling Treasury .Void, Are. Ql AUAKTINS STATION, STATEN ISLAND, N. Y„ Decembers.—The ship Kate Dyer.of Portland, from Callao, with I.TOu tons of guano, was ran into last cretins by the steamship Scotland, hence for Liverpool, taking tho Kate Dyer on the starboard bow, cutting her completely toroogh and causing her to sink in ap Instant, giving those who were saved barely time to p'‘ l-to the boats. Thirteen oi ibecfcw- waatu--»n with the ship. Tire Hate Dyer bad a pilot on board, who says, as also does the captain, that thoj saw the steamer about fifteen mlnrc«.*e before she stuck them, and bid she kept her coarse a collision would have been avoided. The Scotland bad her bow badly stove, ( and after picking np tee remainder of the crew of the ship,, beaded back tor New Vert; bat the- Icak gaining rapidly, she was compelled to ran ashore on' Saney Hook to prevent s'aklng, whoue ebc stUUlcs. This morning at fiv* o'clock she was half full of water, and her pumps useless. The steamer Arizona, from Asoiawalli-ld, vntb a large number of passengers, and a million one hundred and thlrtyithousanddcßar* la treasure, arrived to-day. Advices from Bogota state that the Archbishop bad been expelled from the Re public, his palace and papers sfclred by the Oov crr.meiit. and he was awaiting passage to France. Considerable Inconvenience was occasioned in Panama by ue non-arrival of lee. Valoaralso nates of the 2d, Callao of the 4lh, werq received at Panama, The war feeling against Spam is Increasing. Chilian cl izenshlp is to be confoced noon ail clrlrct-sof Spanish America, and free trade with all the Sonin American Republics, is by lag dis cussed. • Colonel Prado, late Dictate* of Pent, has been dcctcd President almost unonimousVr. Generals Mschusa and Baiba bad been dishonorably stricken frem tho military lists. General Castillo U to command the Chilian and Peruvian army. ■jhere Isa great sca*cUy of money InEquador, owing to the war. The British bark Chimborazo burned at sea on the 15th of November. Crew saved. Vaxpahaieo, November ah—Copper active and advanced; supply Wheat, dour and barley CHICAGO. MONDAY, DECEMBER 3. 1866. Ann Tilth an upward tendency. Bide* un changed. New YoßK.Deccmbcr 2.—At the Republican cau cus In Washington last evening, Ttitd. Stereos pave notice that be should introduce into Congress still requiring the President to submit to (he beu ate alt appointments made daring the recess within twenty days after its reconvening; that all appointees rejected shall bo ineligible for any of fice for three years; that the President report, to the Senate his reasons for removals during the re* cess, end that, by the rejection of the Presidential appointee, the office shall revert to the predeces sor. A special Washington despatch says the idea of Impeaching President Johnson Audi but little favor among Congressmen. New Yens, December 2.—lt Is stated (but the aulhonly Is very questionable) thatblephons Is in Boston, negotiating for a fleet of ships to take a large quantity of arms to Ireland. Iweivc million four hundred and sixty thousand dollars have been received up to date at taxes on account of the city lor this year. The Bermuda says the second battalion of the “Oueen’s Own” Beglmenl sailed foe Cork on the 6th. II is slated that Secretary McCulloch has been selling Tteoaury gold for the past lew days. Ntw Yomr, December 2.—Xno French Cana dians held n meeting last cv ning favoring the annexation of Canada to the United Slates, and expressing sympathy with Ireland. The detS.s of a battle between the Paraguayans and Allies, at Fort Curupaity, shows that the £, rt was only slightly injured. Flores, alter slurping to Montevideo, disbanded his troops s* u a resume! bis civil functions It la sUietr Brazilian wounded were murdered by th j Paraguayans alter the battle. PKOSI LOUISVILLE. Noney lo the Kentucky ’Treasury—On the Rocks —Fenian .ti overrents Attempt to Gnlvunize—Arrested—About ihc Frcsl* deal’s message, Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] lonsrnit December 2. On November 80 there were £1*192,913 in (bo Kentucky Slate Treasury. The steamboats Sam Merwln and Wm. Butler arc both on the rocks attbe Falls. Both ate being lightened, but aa themeria falling, it la feared the boats will receive ectious damage. There aic nine feet water In tbe canal, and seven feet on the Falls. The Fenians had a large meeting on Saturday olghl, and a large collection of money and war materials was the result. The Fcuians pretend to have the most che«..iog news from Ireland. The Board or Trade called a meeting to-day to endeavor to resuscitate tbe business orthe city. Street car conductor Loctry was arrested and put in jail to-day lor pushing a boy from a car, which ran over ano crushed his foot. A gentleman just irom Washington, who bad facilities for knowlD? of w];;; * ue speaks, says & the Journo...ia recent Intelli gence from the Fi cnch Government required sOtBC modification of a portion of the message, and that this circumstance prevents ns reetprt' n by mall simollanemisly with us communication to Con gress. The document is said lo bare been, as flri-t written, prvlty tart on France; tint on account of the late loiormatlon the tartness is modified or left out. There have been various outgivings as to the (one or the document, and even a synopsis of it bos been given to the public. All tnese, however, are based, more or loss, upon surmires, and must-be lead with cautio’i. We have Ihc b et rca-qAo believe (hat the message will he mild ar.d condnjatory; that It will se3k no quarrel with Congress, but rather endeavor to avoid one. It will probably state the situation, both of our foreign and home affairs, and remit lo Congress the responsibility of shaping mea*- ,77cs and extricating the country from the diilicut lies Jl jat l jC£t ‘ t B. FKO2I 2i curias. Elections—From Ark*. n *a»-Cotfon Mar. bet, Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trfbune.] 31 minus, DcccOuTf 2. Able and Coleman, Conservatives, worecte.lcii representatives yc.lcnjay, over Moore, Union, by about one hundred ami eighty majority, ’he vote was light. Moore’s vote at the previ a® election would hnvcclecled him yesterday. The Stay Law in the Arkansas Legislature is de feated. The Arkansas Diver is low, with oily three (ecu Cotton, yesterday, sc ©31c for middlings. Down—Mficary. Rubicon, Carroll, GUkiiccy Dcs Arc, Dan. Able, Cclecte. Liberty, Marble City, Gay, Kllgour, Mem- rHO2I BUFFALO. hectare by a Fenian Frlsnncr-Fcnlnn mmi!*—Complicity iu the Ilutlibter Bond Robbery* Bctealo, December t.— Rev. Mr. Lumsden lec tured at 6t. James’ Hall to-night, on liN exno pence, Ac., daring the Fenian raid at Fort Erie last June, and ine treatment and uial bribe Can adian authentic?. There were about ono hundred piTsore present, at twenty ecu’s a head. As a ►peculation it was a lailnrc. A Fenian batallioii, some 2flo strong drilled at Uuioutowa to-day. Armscaptnrcd/rom the Fe nians all along the Hue are so be delivered to morrow. The teman military of this city pro pose a grand public parade on Tuesday. Delega tions from Rochester, Lockpurt, r*c., are coming 9 wo men have been arrested in New Jersey and brought h- re, charged with complicity in the Hol lister bond robbery. Superintendent Reynolds arrived with them yesterday. 3 FEOJI CINCINNATI. Cbitnary—Real and Personal Property in Cincinnati—snsiicnsxoxx Hx-iduc. Cincinnati, December 2.— Wm. K. Bo«lcy, fbnnvilT Major of the celebrated Gnthrie Gray Battalion of this city,and afterwards Colonel ofthe sixth Onio \oluntccrs r died at eleven o’clock last night of consumption. A statement 1* published showing that the value of real and personal propcifx ia this city is one hur.dicd and thhty-Uirco millions ’six hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars. •Hjc suspension budge \>a s perfectly thronged With people to-day. It is estimated that not less man twenty thousand people crossed orer It. The opening of the bridge was celebrated by a salute of one bundled gnus. The new Jewish Synagogue, corner of Ninth and Kim streets, was slightly damaged by fire at uoon to-day. J ’ Arrest of <t .llarderer, lUnTTORp. December 2.—J?l rice the robbery of Jlr. Leach s grocery store, and the stabbing of >.r. Leach, the police have been at work endeav oring to find the villains who committed the deed. This morning the police arrcsleffa negro who was merged in driving a cart for Geo. Woodruff, on suspicion of hi* being the criminal, lie is from Culpepper County, Virginia, and was a member of the Thlrtv-flrst Connecticut regiment, and gave bis name as Abhon Butler, lie has contested the crime, and been commuted to jail. It is uncertain what the Into ctf Mr. Leaci maybe. Ills Hung was pcDOlnxlea by iheweanon Ju the hand of ihc assailant. FEOH THE I'ACinC. Captureof!Uazntlnn by General Corona, Jfcp, San Francrsco, December 2.—The steamer Montana, from Panama, arrived to-day with New J.ork dates to November lliih. SLs'rcports one French man-ot-war in the harbor of Aoapulco.and brings news that General Corona entered Ma- Lilian in triumph on November Uth. after having besieged that oiace two years. Amcag the Mon tana’s passengers are General J. B. Fry and Gen eral ,T. A. King. The steamer Oregonian, Brian], from New »ork, also arrived to-day. Impartial Suffrage Tabled iu Alabama Montconxht, Alabama. December l.—Xhe i.egMatnrc 10-dav tabled a bill, after a lor.** de bate, which proposed altering tho Constitnuon so os to allow-all persons to vote who cna read or write, and who aro worth two hundred dollars of ptopeity. Richmond Typographical Society. lUcnxpjfD, Decembers.—The Richmond Typo graphical Society adopted a resolution lasi night favoring a suspension of Sunday wo:k on daily papers. Obituary. rnnTTnrKcr, December 2.—George M. Rich

mond, the extensive calico printer, died yester day. Is iffaxinilllan insane ? The Mexican correspondent of the New Tork Herald savs: “ It is reported In French circles that Max imilian is showing decided symptoms of in sanity. lie is represented os being furious towards si rangers, allowing none to approach him. ordering them from his presence with curses and threats. His manner at.all times is said to be very violent, and he is subject to freaks such as none but a madman could invent. He appears at the table in his draw ers, with hair in disorder, his shirt.-unhutton cd, sometimes wearing a Mexican jacket, at others a dress coat with all his orders and decorations- His conduct towards his-attend ants Is variable, treating them with courtesy or abuse, with tenderness or oaths, os his feelings prompt him. In his promenades bis dress Is always fantastic—slipper* no pants, a flowing robe and smoking cap complete his costume—certainly airy and original, if not elegant and elaborate. This Is the French story—and the idea attempted to ba-convcy cd is that Maximilian is-playing mod, and and that Carlotta also wd .so at Home in order to excite sympathy for their melan choly fate, and to smooth the way fbr their return to the privacy of Mlramart. The Emperor's friends, however, contra dict this story, and say it Is merely a French intrigue, fabricated and set aflcac in order to give' Bazaine an excuse for deposing him. They cite facts in proof of their position; the Emperor, since ho has been, hi Orizaba, has been In conference with his Ministers, approved of decrees,, and it is. but a few days since the French sent a deputation to him requesting bis return to this city. It is moro than probable the Emperor's friends arc correct, although the man has lately had troablc enough to craze a stronger brain than bc'was ever suspectedot possessing. The Emperor Is.stopping with Senor Brin 7,as one of the wealthiest citizens of Orazava. xnd has with him his ccnildcntial friend and adviser and chaplain, Padre Fisher. The Padre was far many, years a layman in Texas, is perfectly conversant with the Eng lish language, well posted upon American affairs, and his Majesty pays greot deference to his opinions. New and Cheap Proccos of I*ltaking * ATrcoshi Iron* Mr. Charles M.Dupuy has Invented a pro cess for reducing Iron ore, which he says will save seventy-five per cent In fuel, al most the whole: of the moial in the ore and dispense with the skilled and exhausting lar„ hor of the reverberatory furnace. He first frees the oro as much as possible from earthy impurities by washing U when in a crashed state. He then places it along with Ized charcoal in thin sheet Iron canisters, in quantities sufficient, when' reduced, to. form a mass of iron of the usual weight of a puddle’ ball. An ordinary sand-bottom iron heating furnace Is brought up to a re ducing heat, and, with a thick clear fire, tie canisters are introduced. Tic furnace is carefully maintained at a reducing he*l, In the usual manner by small additions to the fire from time to time, ah required, and by a careful exclusion ol the atmosphere. Very lUtlQblitsl sad a suppressed draft so as to furnish a reducing heat without catling the canister. The operation resembles very closely the process of anneal* •ngr elieet Iron. Soon alter introduction the canister is annealed and toughened, as suming a polished appearance. It should be the aim to keep the heat In this condi tion until the metal Is thoroughly reduced; should It be increased the canisters may be prematurely destroyed. De-oxidatlon com mences immediately on the introduction of he ore, as proved by the biasing of carbonic oxide from the vents made for the purpose, and, by occasionally rolling and, at the proper "time, compressing the canister, It continues without intermission until reduc tion is completed. The heat should then he raised to weld or paste together the particles of iron, and then canister and contents being with drawn are welded, in any of the ways pud* die ball is usually treated. Very little mani pulation is required in the furnace. The whole operation need not last longer than from four to six hours. A few canisters may tested at triOiog expense at any rolling mill. It la believed that from three to five tons of Iron may with equal facility be made the same time la one furnace of suitable capacity. The extra expense Is the cost of sheet iron, amounting from Sid to 815 a ton, and the cost of crushing the ore and char coal, allowing for which there would still, he says, be a saving of SO per cent, in the cost of the manufacture of iron. The Gamins of New York, A coircspondentof the New York says: TV c had occasion lately to employ an ogt'ht to look for those drifting waifs of society— the street boys—at night, near the/ theatres and the low lodging houses, lie want on an evening last week to the “Old Bowery;” going rather too hastily iuto the “pit,” he found himself caught la a swelling throng of “bummers,” petty thieves, pickpockets, lit tic peddlers, street boys audyouug roughs oi all ages from six to twenty. His watch pockets were speedily tried lor, but lie was well prepared, and soon took refuge la the orchestra to wntch this singular mass of young humanity below. After carefully counting, he estimated that there were seven hundred young lads in the house who were ol the vagrant and homeless class, and as he is an “expert” with boys, his judgment may be relied on. They were mainly about ten or twelve years of a"", rugged, verminous, dinv, M shock-hcadeiV’ without shoes or proper clothing for the winter. Some three hundred, he estimated, had no shiits at fill. There they were—some quar relling, swearing, thieving, ready for any crime which could give them a living; some simply neglected, ill-clad, poorly-led, even hungry, preferring the show of the theatre to the t»r«au they might have bough’. * * » The story of “ Gavroche” in Xe*-l/7s*ral<’cs may he thought improbable, but there came lately to our lodging-house in East Eleventh street, near avenue C, a very bright street rover—a true gamin—' who had slept for months in the hollow iron pipes of the new Harlem bridge. Into these, it would seem, a boy can uluKst walk for some forly feet, and they are considered very comfortable bed rooms hi damp, cool nights. This lad, 100, wa a a soldier's orphan. The corner-stone of the old Masonic Tem ple, in Baltimore, was removed the other day to be incorporated into the new one. It was laid iu ISM, and when it was opened, notwiihstandicg the care taken to transmit to posterity the history ox* the building, two coins of gold, a half eagle of 1*95, al*d an eagle of 1611, with the inscription on the marble, were alone found rube unimpaired. The silver wad blackened and defaced, tno Ugares on the copper had disappeared, and some rum- nauls of decayed binding were all that testified to the printed volumes that bad been placed whbin the stone. limJALISH. The Great Controversy In the Episcopal Clmrch—What It; Is nil Abont-Thc Points at Issue stated, [From Iho New York Wotld, November 55.] Ko ecclesiastical subject of iipnlcrn times has created more Jntcresl than the ritualistic movement now In progress in England and the United States. The two great branches of the Episcopal Church, designated ‘‘High” aud “Low,” hero long becu divided on the great issue involved in the sensuous worship adopted by the flamer, and the revival ol ancient ceremonies and usages, deemed rub rical. has widened tnc broach which hitherto Impaired the unity and powerof the whole communion. Thcleadhig divines ofthe Low Church party charge their reverend brothers, wiio are iu favor of ritualism, with trav elling at a moderate pace toward Koine: and the High Churchmenopruly declare that their opponents, though professedly in the same loid, are proceeding rapidly to the Puritanic regions of Geneva, where the Al mighty, who Glhd the graved old Hebrew temple with his presence, is worshipped In edifltes repulsively plain, and in which the wealthy attendants would scarcely deign to Perform their morning ablutions or take lunch As the' adherents to both 'tides of the question are determined not to yield or settle these ditfercnccs amicably, there is a prospect that the renewed agitation, arising trom iLc progress of ceremonial worship, will eventually end in the snbmUsion of Hut points at i««ue to the General Convention: but In that distinguished body the majority ofthe right reverened prelates are known to he partially iu favor of the principle of the High Church party. A brief review of the points involved be tween the disputants cannot fail to be inte resting. M’o present the following to eluci date the general question; tue uiua cuuncn partt. It is a pity tin- 1 the doctrinal affinities of Episcopalians should result in dividing a Church which hssnohly withstood the shock ot civil war and clasped heads with their brethren of the same fold throughout the South, in the spirit of Christian charity, which survives all human law*. The High Church i«irty have arrayed themselves for ecclesiastical battle, which must come sooner or later. Their forces are strong, and they arc a unit in feeling cn the subject of cere monial worship. TL r -y apply thcterm«-cm bodied in the ancient rubrics'of the period of Henry VIII. and Edward VI. to every article and ornament of their sanctuaries. All their altars arc gorgeously decorated with flow ers during seasons’ of triumph. Latin crosses appear on their chancels, and a clergyman of any of the out side denominations has cs little chance of being invited to otlicintc among them as he has of being called to accept the crown of England. The priests invariably wear sur plices, and the ritualistic emblems incidcn al to the festivals of the* mints are promi nently displayed in their tcrables, on the re currence of thedavs set apart to honor them. They conform to* portions of the Llturgv which the Low Church party deem obsolete or superfluous. Though not, committed to the doctrine of the “ileal Presence,’’ they attach a solemn, it not awfuL .import to the Holy Eucharistic, otherwise known as the “Lord's Supper.'’ They approve all that is msthclie in doctrinal usages, and they unite in an effort to render the celebration of Divine worship, as embodied In the Book of Com mon Prayer, full of all the /rorgeous inci dents and splendor which mark the clerical ministrations of the old cathedrals of Eng land, They couform to the usage* of the Episcopal' Church immediately after the Reformation, ami they claim that in so doing they do uot violate any of the rules of the Liturgy. To sum up the grounds ot> which they rely to sustain their position, they de clare: Ju rtf. That man, being neither an angel nor a spirit, but a compound, sc to spcalCof body and soul, must be reached through the senses that his Creator gave him •; and that proper ecclesiastical objects tend to stimulate devotion. Strand. That these ceremonial usages arc in accordance -with the practice cf thccarly church. Third. That In their office,as ministers con forming to the book of common prayer, they violate no rubric. ib«r(A. That organizations of pions men and women, except lor family ties, are beneficial to the general Interests of the church. A full embodiment of the first of these propositions may be witnessed. on any Sab bath morning in St. Alban's Chapel in this city. There the alter is brilliantly illumina ted end the services are preceded by a grand procession of priests and choristers it) vest ments led by acniclfer, beariiur.a-golden em blem of the redemption. Wneh the chant is ended like clergy, acolytes, and people make genuflexions before the centre of the tutor, and during the Holy Euchar ist the officiating priest spreads his hands overtbe chalice in the manner of ancient sac rifices. The Ittcenc creed is intoned, all pres ent facing the Ritualistic east, symbolical of the scene of the labors and sufferings of the TUvine Redeemer. The people kneel when the “blessing "is given, aaa at every repe tition of the name of Jesusythey reverently bow their heads. In temples of the Low Church party this practice is only adopted during the Profession of Pailb at the recital of the Creed. The chalice is covered with a patten and an embroidered cl Mb bearing a cross. All the members unite In declaring that the ginuflexlons used when the name of Jcshs is mentioned. Is in accordance with the Apostoli? command: ‘•That at the name of Jesus everything should, bow. ’ the low eirpßcn party repudiate all these ceremonies and declare that hhev tend directly to superstition. Their edifices are models of plainness; and they make no pretence to having what their oppomnls designate an “altar. 1 * A cross Is seldom seen is their chancel*, which are scrupulously neat. They hold the peat principle that “ God is f* spirit ond.thoy that worship Him must worship Him. in spirit and in truth.” Their practice is to counsel . the sinner, and to transfer him to the ex elusive care of the Almighty. They regard the two- Sacraments* Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, not as efficacious mcana of grace, ‘but as edifying ceremonies the one Initiating a 'member • Into the official fold of the church, and. the other merely “ showing forth the Lord’s death until Uo come." The faith of the Low Churchman is regard ed as stoically sublime. Ho rejects material worship ; he will only burn lights in hs temple during dusk or night. His purpose U to render public worship, as embodied in the Book of Common Prayer, exclusively spiritual, and, surrounded by walls almost naked, he • proclaims the great doctrine of faith m Christ, of His all-sufficient ntoi?- mont on Calvary, and of the inability of good works to be a satisfaction for sins. The Tes tament Scriptures, he .ftTCrs, contains the grounds on which he relics to reject ritualis tic worship. The above embrace all the leading points involved in this important controversy. The Kcv. Dr. Dix. of Trinity Church, may be regarded as the leading representative of the “High” Church party, and Rev. Dr. Tyug of the “Low.” That these differences may be so adjusted as to result in the future unity of the Episcopal Church 1s “a con summation devoutly to be wished.” In Eng land, the subject of ritualism is creating at this lime intense excitement, and bringing into play paislcna that are the reverse of Christian. THE msu METROPOLIS. Dublin. Its Buildings Ac.—The English military Force In Ireland. [Correspondence New York World.] Dennis, November U, Americans know nothing of Ireland or Irishmen. TbU is my opinion alter a resi dence of a few weeks in thelrlsh metropolis. Broadway is doubtless a noble thoroughfare, and as a devoted admirer of everything sa voring of our glorious Republic, I am proud of It. Its magnificent stores, great lSQ<nh, and not least, its beautiful lady fqut passen gers, delight me as tbev do all New-Yorkers; but wltoiTl walk up Sackvillq street, Dublin, I ftcl “ small.” It is times as wide as Broadway m lti> w idest part, and some half a mile fti length. Splendid marts of trade towerofj either side, tempting a purchaser with a display of the most costly wares. And then for the crowd. It is a motley one. Ladies, the most beautiful J haveevey jostle against piluted courtesans, while mil itary meo in muit, ogle and wink with con- Eumhiaic eurontury,fifi4<2fil)pSf little clerks. “ dressed to kill,” envy their Importance and ape their fooleries. It is sans dvute a noble thoroughfare. DUBLIN AND ITS BEAUTIES. And the city itself Is a fine one. Thacke ray described it as a dirty cbamhermiid. with a mop, peering through a dust-begrlmea window-pane. The prince of satirists has been unjust. Dublin swarms with magnifi cent public buildings. Its Custom House, College, Post Office and Bauk—the last once the Irish Parliament House—are noble struc tures, and Us private residences wortbv of being ranked with any in the world. Of the feminine beauties of this Irish metropolis, your corrcßjpondcnt would fain speak, but that he is a Benedict. They are many, uuJ their peculiar style of beauty makes a de mand on every Individual of taste for unal loyed admiration. FEKIAMSM IK THE METROPOLIS. Auu Clill parent to every lover Cf r?p2l‘!* ca3 l fm * There ia a stagnation ot trade, and a rever ence lor rank foreign to the American tuiud. The exports of this vast city, with a popul i tion of nearly 400.U00 souls, amounts scarcely to one and a half millions of dollars annual! For this there must be n cause, and the only one apparent is the gross treatment of Eng land toward her sister (?), Ireland. Manu factories have been started here, mills put into operation, potteries, but in all cases English capitalists, jealous of what Ireland might have become, have come over and bought them up and then dosed them. In this way the only manufacture left to Ireland is that of llax, nor would that be relinquished tn her if the soil of England could produce that plant. Thus has Englandpcrsistentlvacted towards Ireland,-cramping her energies aud striving to stamp out every spark oi enterprise iuihc Irish character, For the sake ofthe ‘‘human man divine” her etforts have proved a fail ure. Can it be wondered at, then, that all Irishmen do not love this motherly England? I am aware that Americans have been almost surfeited with accounts of Fenian swindle* and defalcations, hut these must have arisen from American teaching. There is none of this kind ot patriotism here. The Fenians in Ireland, and here I except the traitors ic ferred to in a former letter, arc sincere In their devotion to their country aud her cause. I gather, from undoubtedly re liable sources, that there are Id,ooo Fenians in this city, all more or less working men, and ft is not amongst men of rank aud wealth I look for patriotism. These men aic armed with, not pikes aud Hint pMols as informer times, but with the most improved weapons, six-shooters and the like, and those, too, of Ewjllsh tnnn'ifitr turc. Throughout the country the men, I understand, arc not so fully armed, but bet ter organized. I would say that Stephens’ statement of 200,000 Fcniaixs being iu Ireland was nut much above the exact number. Now the question arises os to what tins number of men can do against the forces England can throw into the country. I would say, uot much and a great deal. If properly olHeercd aud efficiently organized, such a Miy of meu can take the country iuto their own hands : but lam of opinion t hat. without a fleet of war vessels, which the Fetihns do not pretend to have, It will be Impossible for them to hold it for any length of time. Of course 1 sup pose in* this that all the insurgents arc properly armed, and that there be a simul taneous and speedy rising. There are now iu Ireland eleven foil-regi ments of inlantrv, nine battalions of infantry, seven cavalry regiments, and three trorps of the military tram, besides a large force of the royal artillery, or in all something a: out •AVW) men. The initiated will bv this sec what they may expect to encounter, rnd what chance of success the “boys” mnv have. THE LAKE TUWK£L. TUB EXCAVATION Alt FINISHED. The Proposition to Giro a Hoary Rjaus to the Contractors oat of the City Treasury. ■Site Facto la tZic Case?—Slav 3 Ureynot Ifiad Enough? On Friday afleraoou the last thin w&ll of earth which divided the two sections of the Lake ffun nel ww cut through, the clay carried eway. and tfcc great bore made continuous from the shaft on the lake shore to lbs cnb shaft, a distant cf t »o miles and seven feet out tu the lake. The junc tion was effected at a distance of 3,270 feel- lion Hie shore .shaft, and ’i2t*l feet from thcccnticof the crib-haft, making a great total of 10.5<} T feet. it wae- promised, and expected by the ynbllc. that the breaking toroiign ine partition, which Lad been Ictl aimost uniauchcd for nearly a week, would be accompanied by some cercmunLvJ-ob scrvancc of a penile character. Bui the arrange manta were scarcely ready whereby the comrac-- tors-hoped to carry through au advance on the contract price, on the tcllU of the occasion, and so It va.*d?«dcd to nut off the ccUbration till the tmine) to really finished ; and so tbero wn- no jubilation. Only the contraciors, the Snpciiriteu-- deut, tWCU? Engineer,-his assistant, and a cop perhead pet,-exclusively Invited, were presect. The contractors, their superintendent and went down one thaf», th« City Engineer nud his assistant descended the other. Thev (logout tlic* u tcrvoDinp earth in (he most prosaic and quiet siannar possible, the whole workbeing accom plished in about half an hour. ffotr.oflfiyfcetof bricking yet remain(o bo pa' in, nt.lchwi)! probably be all In place bvabont Wednesday; aad-then tbe great annednct’will be cor.iiccuns, with no other nrcak than that of the few laments constructed at short intervals for the convenience or the workmen Lu passing each other, «d as places for mixing cement, ic. To dll up these may require two or tnrec weeks longer. The tunnel-will Uiuu bo cleared out, and after tlm tested. By that time the connections with tha pumping, well will be completed, and ndcing reraain but to give totbeclil/cas the pure water waicu they have so long wailed and prayed for- Ihe Inca that three months must yet elapse before the water cm flow, is preposterous. No valid rerfoc cxUts for keeping the long desired ccn-nmroation deferred longer than one month at larthcsl: unless it be that the covering powers decide to enhance the value of the boon by a lon ger delay. We may add that iu their last annual report tbs Board of Public Works slated that the tunnel b Jng cut through in November. tbe water would be let in soon after New Year's Day. A full description of thoTunnel«as given in Tbqjvxe on the day when Uie work was virtually finished, an Saturday. November 34th—one week ago. We may rocawtulate that the innnel b- capabla of supplying fiftr-iwo million gallons of trail r every twenty-four boar?. Two million sixhuedred thousand brkks will have been used In Its construction uhco finished, and exactly one barrelofcement* for each of the li'.i 'fccliu fu length—the two « halls of about seventy feet each tele? thrown So. As already contractors are understood to be preparing for another effort to induce a ccusldcratiou ol their claims for extra compen sation. It will he remembered that they nave tw ice node application for an Increase, on the con tract price. Ihe first was refused. The second was acceded lo by the Common Council, the extra sum conceded bs ng the very handsome amount of neaily fiMhOCO on a contract or jS-'HS.itir*, or ncarl» two-ibhds; this was, however, veto-d by the Mayor, and on a subsequent reconsideration bv tUa * ouncii the matter was thrown under the table. The atiemnt is new about to be renewed. Let US-sec what reason there Is foe this claim: Hiecun'raators hare all along urged that they Wera losing monry, and they have been, accord ing to their own representations,on the verge of Imaktnptev. They donor aver toil the character of tha-workhis been more difficult than ••xpected at the time of making the contract, but represent that in consequence of the war every article In volved in. ilia work—lran, bricks, labor, Ac.—baa- largelv lacccased la cost since the contract was itstn.* Thai owing lo toe continuous advance- In pi ico-, tbc parties who contracted to famish au* lerlal vttused to dll their contracts when the lisa arrived for doing so, and that the; were caose quemiy obliged to bey at a greatly enhanced price. The only drawback claimed by them la toat the clay excavated Ims not proved to be of a. qcaßiv j;ood enough to make bricks, and that, contrary to too.original expectation, they have Leva obliged to buy bucks at an ImictfjfcC cost Wc think the pabllc util agree with that la equity the contractors have no claim on the city Ter increased pay, even though the work, should have proved a lo** to them. We believe farther, that an investigation of the case will-show tha t they have lost nothing by the undertaking, bat on the contrary, have made money by the opera* lion, the concessions made to them fnllv equal ling the Increased expense of the work incident to war prices. , .. , It Is true that wort was one without prece dent, and that they were therefore liable to error in their calcnla&na. This is shown in toe wide mcffo of bidding, the estimates varying from fai3,i; 9, the riiw a; which toe contrast, was let, to about * Bntlbrt It must V remem bered that Messrs. Doll <t Gowan laughed at the idea of uncertainty, pointed proudly to.their uast record os conquerors of dlfilQuluos in the East, and stated over and over again that theywere willing to lake all responsibility. that being, in fad, the point on which their bid was accepted (antoniKlonal nak), though their securities were so nnstdefaclary tool toe Board, hesitated a long lime accepting them. Jfikbcr la the “ war price" cry a valid one. At the time toe contract was signed, October 20. istj. toe price of gold was about 130, and when, thdblde were filed, September 9,1503, It was about ISIS. Gold was hence seventeen lo eighteen pee cent, Weber at the lime they took toe. contract, totn when these bids were pm in, and there bring iben no sign of toe war closing, the chances w are U-at the ptlco of cold would still farther appreciate. They had allthts in view, yet they wt so so well satisfied with their bid. that they wei e anxious to sign toe contract, were indignant at toe Idea that they could fail, and oaxered into calculations show ing that they conlq aQm d to do it at their figures, and that those wen bid higher simply did rot understand their business. It is tvru' tfcM although the p'teo cX cold he? not NUMBER 180. averaged higher than the contract rate, from then till now. that the coal of labor and material hare been higher nearly all the time since then. Bat not higher than could reasonably be expected And it they bad made their sab-contract* as they promised to do, Ihey would have had to pay no noteworthy advance oa anything hal labor. But the fact Is they dldnot make those sab-contracts, and for tho reason that they bad not the capital 1 at command to start with, which tho Board of . Public Works had reason to expect from their representations, and without ihe strength of which the contract would not hare been letto them. They bad the opportunity for making contract* for their iron ana lumber, but they did not do so because they Lad not the money to pay with unless it should be advanced by the city, which very prop erly was not done. And so Messrs. Dull is Gcwan proceeded with the work in a “from baud to mcuUi” sort of a way, buying the material one week w blch they wanted to use the next. When remonstrated with for their lack of available capi tal, th.-tr only reply was that thcy.had themselves been disappointed, their friends at the East refus ing to lend their money Ch each an impracticable project as the. Lake Tunnel, though they naa lent before, and would lend again on a feasible ' undertaking. The public will not require argument to con vince them that they are neither legally nor mo .vally responsible for the Liilaro on tho part of the contractors to do at the outset as they ha d at least tacitly, agreed to do. The bolt was their own entirely. Bui admitting that the city should In honor bear come ponton of this lues, that loss has been more than made op hv the omission of a large quantity of work which was contracted for. Amorp these the most important arc the omis sion or three cribs, which at their own valuation would have cost the contractor; a t least a oaar tr of a million to put h». It may be urged that they were not required to pul in the Intermediate enhs unless it was proven *«, . necessary. me 6>cclflcations did provide that if, after commencing the work it should be found that four cribs were not necessary to complete the work in two rears, (lit* now more than three) one or more of them should he .omitted, bnt U*U added “TWO cribs shall be commenced before the probable rate of pri grecs in the tunnel. from the land shaft, shall have been satisfactorily ascertained.” It there fore, they calculated on bat two cribs, thev saved one, and its cost of not much less than fIOO,OOO. For this omission no deduction was made on the contract. This allowed was a very respectable per centage on the original price, without count ing a very liberal allowance tor extras during the progress of the work, amounting to probably sixty thousand dollars, and the payment for ma terial and labor by the city, much of wnicn could have been exacted from the contractor. These arc the (bets In this case. We will allege another, which we cannot at present prove: That when the Board of Public Works shall have made up its own record of Ihe work done and material furnished—they have kcot such a record—lt will bo found that with all their losses by war prices, the contractor* have made money. If they have cleared themselves, they cannot In honor ask for un advance. Wo trust that before the Common Council en tertain* the coming proposition to pay an advance on the contract price, it will at lesst insist on an exact tooting up of the figures kept br the Board, rn,,’- ”'ev owe to the citizens of Chicago, for 2.11,5 *r.- „'* U will need strong reasons to MtL&iory eicl"' to ““"S a ' r ** •“«* of thousands of dollars as a bon.*.; KUWAIT BROTHERS Advertising Aa’is ISQ Dearborn**!,, receive advertlHcmcuta for all the lending papers throughout tbe United Slates and Canadas, agricultural l-inplnnruts. 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Instantaiisously Steer Plating AUVvCLES OF Brass, Copper, German Silrcr, Ac., ilotortPclhc'datlEg where weraob. an I tor Cleaning ux u pollshli.; -Il7er and Silver Plated AVarc. tiiOri njvtu. invention tllhcus? u a oreparatlac ol pure silver, .tbd nr merrury, ac;d or other substance ltlnr'.fl3» to mttala or the c.tndJ. U la * cor. plete batlcry in a bottle. Price SC certs per bottle. For sale by crngglsta and Variety Stores. HOWE &: STEVENS, MAM F-MrnTKKK-S. POSTON MASS. JRchieal \j-ORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Dp! FOR THE CATAKiUI! A perfect and speedy cue iortha loathsome disease, inin\run>:i»rm. In every cve o: Catarrh, sever*, or llsht, »he disease fchotxld be removed as mo-j «ij possi* ok*, wr U nlved n»e to boaraecne*. tcrencdd to the triad* pipe, dry couch, eoronle tnHaitmatlan cf the Icius. ulzzh TB,anll pair to the brat. with a oi wrover the eyes, lossot the senses of smelling and tastinr. and various palmol tcur-»1j:le ad-cUon*. there Is not aav mistake about the aiiove remedv, ami It may t c bad of the subscriber, Ueneial Agent for the United suttee tad tbe Canada*. _ _ H. 11. bUlilUNGTOU.Providence. K. L For sa!» by SMITH * DWYEU. Dnxcptoti, 92 ,t 9-S Lakc-st.. Wholesale A cents for Cologo. Semple of fElusic. PIANOS, lOPaalc at Bccd's Temple of Ma ttie, SS Ucodolpo«*t. I’tanoa, Urstuis and Melodeons famished npon payment ot a amnll noioaat down, and balance Id month Iv payments. sxcal £stalc. TTYABASH-AV. AND TWELFTH-ST. Y> —Wo have snbdtvldea thii ci-caat projurty, ami are cow prepared to dispose cf toe same in LOTS TO SUIT PnrtlwdrslrlPirtoerMtdwMUDCT. Five or sti prr* Kir.** 'olnr.s can erect an el* cant Mock cf derolllags Ltre.’to a ureal advanUcc as to plana and economy. Tde suMtTUzon and price and terms con be iiimod at our ofllcc. S, n. K.KRFOOT & Cl>.. Rasl Estate Bakers, 71 Dwurturn-st. REAL ESTATE BROKERS, l‘J5 Drarbara-flt.. Room ‘J. r AA AAA ACRES OF PINE LAND IK MICHIGAN FOK SALE,— These lards were carffnlly selected and comprise feme of the largest and best tracts east ol the Uocky Mountain*. Apple to v * * E. B. WARD. Detroit. Mich. Consignments. I'vRESSED HOGS! DHESSED HOGS! DHESSED HOGS! Consignments of Dressed Hog* will hive oar care tW, prompt aueutlon. We make a specialty of this busincs*. and panics in the country shipping nogs to ibis nsrrol ml* season will find it to tnilr Interest to snip ton*, stencil plates, weight lists and dally mar ket reports furnished*r«na appHcatAop. LAWRENCE. NEX9EN * BCTLEB. Otlß Block, 1 (14 Madlaon-»L, corner of Laaalie. J_J O G S ! DRESSED HOGS* We shall give oar usual personal attention to cm slenmenuef Dre>»cd Boss. Correspondence from oar ola costomcr* and new on«*s Is solicited, that we may keep them posted and tarnish them with stencil plates, weight list and daily price list free. A, n. PICKERING & CO., Commission Merchants and Salt A cents, 160 South Waler-st, Chicago. rpOR prompt returns, tend jour DRESSED HOGS To DATID BCEt * CO., ISusincss (Earns. QILBERT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants TOR PALE AND PURCHASE OF IXOUH, GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. Espsotai attention given to sale cf DRESSED HOGS in tboir season. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, 163 ~WashiDpton-st. > Chisago, WT. NOBLE, • staspFAcrmrn of Looking Glomes nod Picture Frames of Every DcffcriDtinn, No. M3O Statc-iU Chicago. P.0.80x 1143. Old tvutw rfrilL Also, a One collection of Pain tings *mi Engravings for sale. ATTENTION, WAGONMAKEUSI u. sA.wxi?as f “ Maaclbclurer Dealer Id rcllcca, 'Wagon Gear, MAITESON. BRANCH CO., MICH. Y L. MORGAN & CO.. * COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For tbe our chase aad sale ol Grain. b'iotir,ProvlMoi s, Ac. Psrtlcnlftr aiwntion paid to the sain of Dresist Hogs. 13LaaaI)Qlj 11 ChlQgQ: IJartnetsliip. Dissolution op partnership. JJVS A. HAltt iSe CO. Nct'cf '8 hereby giTKi that ttse Ut« nartnersblP «• Uttn? CLder the Ann ot J»4, A. ftait & Co.UUtladaJ JUaclrtd bj ifcwiAtlon. E. VANUXEU. CWcajp, pw.15t,19«i ffiMholrsale mam hihßal^ STEVENS • • & COMFY. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE, 64, Sc 66 jnrcjw&'aw. JUfcbical A Few Words of Common Sense. Row few there arc who arc not subject to some afl*c- don of the lung, or respiratory organs, who, by teg- lecttsg premonitory symptoms, aggravate the com- plaint, until disease strikes its shafts, causing Inex- pressible torture of the patient, and anxiety' hi a. tress to friends. “Only a cold l" -* a sUghtlsora throat l” Is the heedless remark of many when so of- lected. Tea; “ Only a cold,” was the thoughtless er- pression cf thousands whom death has matkod Dr tuc Forewarned—Forearmed! should be the motto for- ever In the minds ol all subject to Coughs Colds, Co tarrh.or Inflccnxa. Words of advice should be heedad by all suffering from Asthma. Bronchitis, Consump- tion. Relief is within their reach; and. If neglected. total consequences ensue—a Ule of misery—a daily, hourly itmggii- inr Acootest in which then can be borons vMor—Dotth '• Does it cot appal the strongest mini ta think or ti» result caused by neglect ? Then why delay i What exetuo can be offered, when timely wanting U so on dal in year cars? When the 'danger! Is pointed oat, wty not avoid It? Maesdxs’s Pectoral Bam hashed used with snccees in nearly amllUon of cases, and ts ecdorsed by tbe Medical Faculty as the most prompt and efficacious remedy that scientific research has dis covered, to relieve and cure all cases ot Coughs, Colds InCofcru. and Consumption, the case is not beyond all hope. Sven when the sufferer is in the. last stages. be will find relief by using this preparation. One bot- tle will convince the most IncreUnloos, that the merits ot this preparation are by no means exaggerated; In fbet—Call far short of the enloclcs bestowed upon It by thotuanda who have beta ennui by Its timely use. A guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealers arc In- structed la every Instance to refund the money, when this preparation fitUs to relieve. Prepared by T. TV. MARS DEN, *lB7 Brmdwsv, Xrw York, and for mJc by all I’rj.-e. ji per bottle. BURNHAMS & VAN SCHAACK. Whole sale Druggists. Chicago, 111., General -Anrata for th«r Northwest. For sale by SMITH & DWYER ccIaTSMSt Itcw-net *noto l3objßcri rnrrmed Hay ‘IP, ISBS, .man article tor washing without rubbing, ex* . ltv»ry dirty places, which will itqulre a tot ■ intl.inil.nclikcoitei preparations oWred fart purpose, wilt, sot rox to* ctotwo. hut w!3 leave them mneu wiiitxs than ordinary methods, cut the u«u;d wear aid tear. Itremovesirrrasespotsasit by Bide, and soften* thedtr. sy auaklcm, » that timing will In ordinary casts entirely remove It. Hits powder t< prepared in acro*dance x,t‘i cncrstcai •clecra. and «p«c a processjwnlia* to lu-dt which t? Reared by letters patent. It ha# oern in u e f.'r acra than a year, and has proved Itself »n uulverMi favorite wherever It lias been use*. Among the advantage* Claimed are the loUowlng, rU- U saves all the expense of soap Oinnily used on d>S tfn ard linen goods. It aares mott of the later of rubbing, and wear a tear. KaT. AlS’’, for cleaning Itls nasurpaiseo. Ax one-quai let the time and labor uauAly rcquiri-d. u I parts a beautiful g css and lartra. much »up< riot any other mole. No water repaired except u» matr tbe powder. Directions with each package. Andean be readily appreciated by a rlrcle trial. T cost tl wnsblrs for a lamily cl five or aU persona a not exceed tuiixx cists. The irunufatrurtra ot IhU powder are aware i' many n9' l<’>9C*iaponriishave t>ern introduced tc fmblic which have rottid tL'clullut-r tiled In nc the dirt, tut kticwin* the Intrinsic tvr-! i>:,t Otsart:c,e. they confidently proclaim It as beta,; -d* cdtn meet a demand which bus lor.ircii«ie.:,au< «; has heretofore remained txatnpplied, Mas mac *r*i HOWE & SXEVENa 200 UROADAVAV, BOSTON. lUuvtfaatt&ctbrcra cl Family Dje Comet. fcTMle try Croeera and Defers rYprywhcrr. patents. JgVERT iIAN HIS OWN MOUSE SHOER. The American Horse Sh AND IVlaimfacturiijg Compaq Owner ol Ut'bel A Hurl’d Parent dorse Shoe, bavins poilzcilnnder the lawsof Illinois, are now selling County Iti~h3 and taWng the preliminary d' for the <'t.nhllxhmrrrt of a manufactory Inthiscltj wpply Lte demand for these excellent shoe*. the She*.* are of Cast Malleable Iron, nearly «to as steel, aad by an liiwrnioud device whLli chalice tbe admiration of the ablest mechanic*, yet so sin thntanv onr ran adjust them, are fastened to the i firmer ihnr. by nulling, or any other known metl Tbev do toUNtid nor pSrrh the foct, nor •n.inrc hoof, o>«t two-thirds lead than ordinary shoe*. ami ab*o nMr rvrfivt. Conntv itiLhta m the State ol RUnal*, In tian w V con«ln and Michigan tor Bale at No. 9S Washing! ■'* o,w ul«. *“- 1 to ° m - JOBS A. FUU.EP, General .Vtcn pt ARB'S PATENT ° Enicn iviacHirci:. OtSce and roacnUetory 33 South Jefferson-st. . IniurmaUon and descriptive circdaradirc^^ jaarttoare, Stofces, Sck, JJARDWARE cS CDTLSitT. HURD, PRESCOTT & CO, 175 lahe-St. The attention of close buyers is Invit'd to ottre pltte stock cf <•GOFERS'. MACHINISTS’ a-.l C PEMEUb* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUl’Ll and BUILDERS' HARDWARE, direct from the manufacturers. We offer, a’ro. a r-implcle as* »*tn of WOSTENUOLM’S POCKET CUTLERY, Sl’fiA* JACKSON’S SAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS & Sd SCISSORS ani RAZORS, STUBBS d: HOTiIEIi FILES, AC. We a!*o keep constantly oq band fall aombe SHOtNBfcRUER’s JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. aetp. Edw. imciicoTT. S. Bccrnr 1 MASSILLON pig moi. DEWEY & CO., 27 Kingsbnry-sl Jlanhs. A LLWANTINGFAB.VS—Good* J\ and well-proved Frnlt Lands—Beaiuifil j ftnvlnc settlement "f VINELAND V milea son i Philadelphia by railrcad. Population Increased » people It foar years. Gold society, schida t Chareh'S; J.O'O orchards Planted. ITttc. per *; payable In fonr years. Village lota lor s .sm-si k maccfiieturers also fbr sale. Climate mild—per f hcalthy-ajll h;ghlv lerllle.. Improved Places al r sa : e. Address CIIAS. K. LANDIS. Propnetir, land. New Jersey. Papers containing infor-natlo: C tfre. From teport oi Solon Robinson,Acticu! i Editor©/ iheTpltmne: “UU one ot the meet < Slvefcnue tracts in an almost level po-lnon. and able condition for pleasant farming, that we kai i this dae of the Western Prairies.* auction Sates. TRACKING HOUSE AUCTION Si I X "We win offer onr port Home Property fc at Public Auction, on Wednesday.-3th clay of D i brr next (unless prcTlomly disposed cf). conaUt ; atone are aula bail acres groamL.on winch : a Fork Packing ana Slaughter House co^ 11 * Pfu«». »nc ten Tenement mtuc*. Ti- rvea S. ter House contain* a r* liar and two stories. In feet, Itbasbcen built recently, and 2ttcd u most modern and approved plan. Bale wl»l commence cn tbe premises a. -o • b_ «bere terms and conditions will be stated. i leg purchasers may Inspect the property anv EINGAN • nrndlarapollg.yoT.CO. 1?W. SBbucailonai. YOUJiG LADIES’ SEMINA I coder the charge ot a competent pieces, foisted by the entire corps of professors of - DV. ENFCRTB’S EDUCATIONAL COLLEGES." Etc accomplishment tsnptat. pr lennsglhperaaartcr. At pi* at 116 and )1S BandoJph-st. itailrflabs. TVOKTHERN PACIFIC 1 KAILKOAD. The Anneal Meeting ot the Stockholders ol thf Northern Parlflc Railroad Company will be held at No !i f-lare-st- Horton. ou iIO>DAY7TUETPIIU)DAr OF DECEMBER. 1356 at i* o'clock, tocn. fir tbe transaction of such busne* as may‘legally come hefora them. By cnl-rof thi prrslcest. HAMILTON A. BILL, Secretary. Bcstoc, November 8.196 g. ' ifor sale. TTUENITUIILI FURNITURE! X 1 FOR On account of ill bealtsTl hare determined toclo ontmy nocjtof Fcrnltare at vrrr low figur - *'}. Ti.o wishing to par chase will pleas** roods. J. B- « -tN*O-V, Agent, KW 19*1 Booth CUr^-at. eglanteb. SIO,OOO , . Are year*. A fc nce otnte. for Qb e g eeM__ (Gcitr -vroTioE.4 noU« tba:\ ... bed and board Se ftortby torbldd* . - I wiUP*yuodcbta] ' CblcasO, Dec, UtV. i'l