Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 3, 1866 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. flnn “ ■*“°®' uo lor lD,cHor CSTheic wm n pood pacUne demand to day, lltongli pilcca were hart?/ sustained, rr.Uap perhaps 10@15c loTrcr than at Uie dose or yester day's market. Most of the offering were dosed out stararpo of £UiOOS.S3. The feelliur was dm at the dose, at J3.C05C.50 for common to extra. AZOXBTA.BV. Sirunnar Evrsrac, December 1. The following is Manager lvc»' famnarr of tho tinslncss of the Clearies House fertile week end* tag 10-day: Clearing. Balances. November S 3 SU7Gd.C3i.63 3115.119 53 November 27 I,«3S,SST.BS 110.151.09 November 9S November 20 1.679,216.35 204,903.83 December 1 1,955,0i>J.96 903,005.70 Total *8,145,523.01 *5-11,726.37 Last week.. * * 10,53T,105j?0 The Mercantile unde of the city during the week fcae been rnther quiet in tbe aggregate. and some brunches of basinessarc reported quite dull, tbooph there has been more Ufe during Ute past two days titan at any lime for two weeks previous. Transactions arc in the main limited to providing for immediate wants, and there is very little disposition shown to make large pur chases. Until Congress shall take some definite action as to the course to be pursued with the national finances, operators in all kinds of com modities will act very cautiously. • Tbo money market during the week has rnlcd very qnlct, though at the close some of tbe dis count houses report an increased demand for Money. The general dullness ol trade is felt by all classes of traders, and they want more or less accommodation to meet maturing paper. Some of the banks report a perceptible • contraction of cuncnrr, owing to ihe continued shipments East ward to provide Exchange, (or which there Is an active demand. Tbo market, however, docs not show the t-ligbtesi inclination to stringency, and pr;nc htn-inese paper la readily discounted at the usual rate —10 V cent. Good outside names, with approved collaterals, arc taken in the open mar ket at 12 V cent,- and less acceptable signatures at 1£&1£ cent. Call loans ore Inactive and nomi nal at 70S cent per annum on Government Se curities. The scarcity of Exchange continues, and with an active demand, the bank* arc still obliged to ship currencv. Round lots sell between banka at-10c premium, and very lilUc ofleringal this figure. Tbe counter rales are steady and firm al par buy ing and 1-10 premium selling. Canada, Balalo and Oswego are taken at ;i off. There has been a good demand lor Foreign Ex change during the week, and The market doses firm at the following rate for sight bills: Gold. Currency. London £ sterling So 00 57.10&T.4U Paris y Franc. ‘JO 2>H Berlin VPrnetlsnThalcr.... 73 i.Uiiil.o7 Norway V Klx Wyot 3d 42«5 Sweden s*pode Haler 1.16 1,6301.65 Bntjnci-s in the Produce Exchange was again quiet Flour was dolt and depressed. Wheat was steady. Com declined l@2c. Oats were a trifle firmer. Hyo was doll. Barley dedlucd 50Gc on No. 2. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were flat Seeds were dull. Wool was unsalable. “ Gold was a t rifle lower !o New York to-day. It opened at um, declined to 110?* and closed at 141 - The following quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, gold and stock brokers: JChWa. m 141 H I H:43a.m 11l 10:30 a. m HU* 1 ifcoo m Hi 11:00 a. m HI | *OO p. m lIIU 31:15 a.xn HO?,’ I 3:13 p. m UI4 ID 30 a. m.. H 0« j Here the market was dull atl4o©Hl buying— d-cing at Silver wasnotnloal at 123 ©l-0. Tbe following (able shows the dally range and closing price of gold daring the week: Range. Closing. Monday RiSf«(jsl4l HOjr Tuetdcy... 342 U Wednesday 34lk Friday M'»?i('6l4l?j HIM SatnrSay HU£'£-Hl>i I4ijj Govercmenis were quiet and without essential change. The following shows the during pric today, compared with those of the two previous days: Wed. Pri. Sat. Sixes of'Bl lVi*J 1121£ 111 Five-Twenties, ’(l2 itfS’j lftS’4 Five-Twenties, ’CI l*«»i IWPS I0 r .j| Five-Twenties,’o3 100“* I(l7** 10T*| Tcc-Portle* 1«01£ lW*i !U?; Seven-Thirties. Aug Oj?* 1"5!5 103$$ Seven-Thirties, June 105!* 105 laj Seven-Thirties, JuU ih.*. 1 * 105 lUS Hero the market was dull at yesterday’s rate. We continue to quote: GovRCKVEKr etenumns—craoiac xxhket. BaytnF. Selling, Sixes. IS - ! H2?f 113 C-iTs, 16-i-i lOS-* J.,3« IsKl lW.?i 5-ir/a, Ittis 10JU 5-*V, email 1!W ttlOTJi JWu's, lame ........... 00/* OJ*: umov, email lua^ 7-*V, let tcries 105 ;4 ?-"OV,2d series lui£ 3US TJUrs, series *(*■«?.( lUj 7-oO'e, small !W‘i<tlo3 .... June Compounds, 2SC4. HSj* .... July Compounds, IS4-. 115 Aug. Compounds, late. 111»i Oct. Compounds, 16*4.. irpi .... Dec. Compounds 3564. 112*4 .... May Compounds, mi* .... Aon. Compounds, IS3. ir.3»£ .... Sept. Compounds. ISOS. 10:44 .... Oct. Compounds. ISG3.. I«;S2£ .... Tte Second National Dank quotes the Public Funds as follows: Coupons, l>£i 112?; I June Comp. !£CL..IIS<S 5-21' Coup on, jjn'y 44 ..115 large. . 2GCj:®r)S;5 ; Aug. 44 ,k ...111*5 5-2UCocpon, | Oct. 44 44 ...li3»s small... .1W ®1J17»: IKc. ,l “ 119*1 10-40 Coupon, large W*, i May •* 1865....111*1 10-10 Coapon-emall I<!2*« ’ •* 44 .ikiv 7-30. lame..iivi'.'C.lftjri fceuL • 44 44 ...luou 7-30, small..PJtJ.Gilh"!# 1 Oct. 44 4 4 ...IrSJX In Local Securities there ts not him; doing, and thcmaikct it nominal. We quoU-: Buying. Selling. •M 100 Chicago citr Sevens Cook Connty 44 Liverpool dates of yesterday noon, via Allsotlc Cable 10-dsr, quote Fivc-Ttvcnlies at 70 i£. —The statement of the business transactions of the Philadelphia Umt for the month of October shows the following: Gold and silver deposits Gold coinage.... Filvcr coinage.. Copper coinage Total COMMERCIAL. Satcedat Evrsnta, December 1, ISfiC. The following tables sbowibc receipts and ship ments ol produce dunns the past twenty-four hours: zmcnPTS past Twrsrr-roun norm. IWL 1955 11,317 1>,530 65.171 70.992 27.500 45,975 5,150 32,353 3,130 >3,030 10,073 40,396 201,875 150,531 145, S'!) 83,033 7,000 01,910 103 GO 2,630 2,117 83,35 S 17,153 &?,IGO 16.151 117 60 Flour, brls ■Wheat, bu. Com, bu... Gate, bu... Bye, bu.... Barley, bu...... Grass Seed, lbs. Broom Com. lbs Cured Meat, lbs.. Fork, brls Lardl Tallow, tbg Butter, lbs Dressed Hops, No. ... w Live liOCT, No 8,700 5.753 Cuttle, No i,coi 1,117 Bides, Tt b 101,001 202,710 B. Wines, brls 71s 421 V Wool, lbs 13.170 11,5533 Lumber, m 7,117 2,552 Shingles. m 1,270 1,315 Lath, m l,«ll 100 Salt, brlr. -1.M2 2.BJU EtUTXUKTS PAST TWENTT-FOCR HOCUS. IVtfi. 1555. 4,78*1 4,175 0.537 21,212 23,300 17,000 100 Fionr. brio. Wheat, bn. Corn, bn OaU, bn. Rye, bu. Barley* bn Grass Seed. The.. Broom Com. H>“. Cured Meat, lbs. Pork, brl« Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Butter, Cirf D.Uuvf, N 0.... 720 3,‘JIW 31,R53 57,*C0 j:!n '.*2o UVM 53,S'K) 129 123 11.157 35,2n0 CSMI3 2v-0d 5, 9,331 I3S .... Live Slogs, No. Cattle, Nc,.... Slides, lbs 11. Wines, brls Wool, toa Lumber, in.... Sbingks. m.... Igitb, in Salt, brls I, - 3,«ftl l,‘.rt7 r-29 205 177,580 hii 07 11. Id 33,730 2,29* 1.509 tot 2,(140 lUJ 23S 01*2 3.913 There was a good attendance on 'Change, hat the volume of business wa* light. and on some articles wo note a maikcd d**clirc. There was not the least spark of vitality in (lie Provifiou market. Mess Pork was fieely offered at s!'.• dO cash, without finding purchasers. For forward delivery (here was t-o inquiry, and In the absence of any offers u is impossible to give quo tation*. Uiecn Meats were dull, with sales of 1,400 pcs Shoulders at and I.Unl llams at £J4c. Lord was dull uud heavy. Prime wafl oQerrd at 12<-tr. out there was no disposition on the part of buyers to pay over 12c. Dressed Dogs were dull, with galas at 7.Co—the npper figure lor heavy averages. There was no impiovemcnt in WUUkcy, and the market is altogether nominal at in bond. Free Is almost unsalable. The Flour market was again dull and depressed ■ in view of tbe unfavorable advices from (be Hast, and there was not enough but-iocss done to es tablish price*. A few transactions were made at $9.GC&1!.50 lor Spring Extras and 55.15a.tk50 for Spring Supers. White Winters were neglected. There was a rather better iccllng In Wheat, though the market ruled quiet and comparatively steady at yesterday's decline. Wc note sales of €2.100 bn al $2,05(32.11 for No. 1; (l.'Jl&l.g* for No. 2in A. D. & Co.; st.*W@l.S2 fordo mN.S. and N, W., and sl.lO®Ul for Rejected Spring— closing at f fofNo. 1 and S!.SISI.SIJS for No. S in regular houses. Com declined l(S2c, though at the depreciation Ihere was a moderate Inquiry to 611 contracts. The sales aggregate 107.000 im at 80@82c for No. 1; 7S@7oc lor No. 2; rCjti-c for New* Shelled acd 51c for Ear—closing at for No. 1 in store. * Oats were quiet but firmer, with sales at 30© 3Sc for No. 2, and 35c for Rejected, in store—clos ing at medium figure*. Rye was dull at yesterday's decline, with a few transactions at Ssc for No. 1, in store. There was noihirgdonc in N 0.2. Barley was lower and s<&Gr lower on No. 2, hut other grades were nominally nnehatigod. Sales were made at SIUG for No. 1 ; 33JiCuc for No. 2, and sl.l2Ji for a choice sample lot. Trade In the Grocery market exhibits a fair do* pree of actMty, and price? arc steady and firm. Hardware poods, embrsciLp Iron, Steel, Kails, Mclala and Tinners' stock, are in pood demand, srd the market Is (ally maintained. Salt is cjaicl and lower, with Domestic Fine scll Seeds continue dull, with Timothy selling at r2.65Q2.80. Wool is dell and comparatlvly nominal. Sales of medium In good condition are miking at 4 Jc. Lumber by the carcois in active demand, with the supply afloat exhausted at fall prices. The follor.irg telegram were read on 'Change to-dar: , Cctfauo, December 1. Hjourligbl inquiry. When held above the views ■ofeoyeni. Corn held at *1.05. Oats nominal. Ite KrvrYons, December 1. Flour unfccUlcd and lower at **.155*10.40. Wheat altady; common most salable. Corn nn aalablo at *l.lS&i.vj. Oat* quiet and unchanged. Perk firmer at *21.50. Lara firm at 13*c. Gold, LATCH. ' „ - . Vowi. December I, dcllanc heavy. Wocat drooping at Com steady at 51.19 ia eiore. oata ttcakatCiGCJc. LATE It. In the afternoon the Gram markets were qolct bnt steady a* Ite closing prices on ’Cluugo* There tv as nothing doing In P.-otUiods. The Caule market was doll, but firm at about jeaterdaj's rates. There were few bayere oat, and but 175 bead were worked oi These were taken chiefly by city butchers at 53.W®5,50. The New York r*i ClralnjCpncM Dr cub. December 1,1868, rewired by Joeepb U. Lyon* « Co* Broker*. 36 Bo nib CUr* atrtet: m ad in 3d B’d. U'd. B*d. D*d. N. 1«V 111* V.B.tT*TcmX Erie (com) 71* 71 bomb, 1891 ... 113 .... M- S.<rom).... 81* 81 «X U. S. 6 per cent C.&Pltt* 83* 8 8-M coup-’®. 153 V .... bock 151and....101 103* U. 8.6 per cent C.&K.W 41* 44 MO 106« .... 77V D.s.6pcr cent P.FUV.*C..I(Bfi 101* . MOenap*'®. 107* .... t/nlckftilvcr.... 44» 44* u. b.sperc«nt >V. Ullod Tel.. 46* 1040* MX .... C.&A.(coroK.U'9 Bor. *Q.cWd).ia3 is ißieerie* 135* .... O. a D. s. 73-10, 34 Baton Kirer.lTl 150* erriee 108 .... m. cvßtrai....usv mv v. s. 73-10, so P. B«wllne.. Hi 113 §er«r«... 105 WlTkoebTeCoal 63 61* Amcr. G01d.... 110* 141 V T. A WabaMi.. 42* 43V 31ark*V—Firel Board stca< 1,176,743.37 Chicago Provision Market. _ Cmcauo, Dovamber 1. Depression in Ihe commercial world generally, bat more especially to the provision trade seems tee order of the day. The great feeling ot uncertainty which ovcrhansca the future, and jhe on repeated assertion that tbe Increase In the hog crop through tbo country la greater than even the most literal computation deters packers from commencing operations, and ren der* them timid lu tbe i-xircmc. . Borne ol tbote previously most actlwy engaged are remaining idir, teeing the Impossibility of placing their products at remunerative rates, and being un willing to hold them on speculation. Our market la now much higher than Cincinnati, which, considering that railroad freights arc considerably In ber fever, Is an anomalous condition that cannot bo maintained. Eastern tldpi>cr> have entered Into lively competition w ith our packers, and oar hog market has experienced less reverse than any other through Ihe country. This though extremely beneficial to the farmer*, and prov ing to them most conclusively that to no other market can thev consign their hogs with tho certainty of ob taining such high prices. Is not of similar advantage to our packers. Competition iraon; them Is so active that they generally pay higher prices than those cur rent in any other market*, and they thus run inordi nate risks with but link apparent chaucs of profit. We have had hut few accessions to our packers, hut several of these previously engaged have withdrawn from the ranks, Many regard oar pre-ent prices as transitory and altosethcr too high, and express their Intention ofuolng nothing unless they can Invest at safe price*. ConauniptloDjwill, of com sc. create ademtnd and regulate prlcrs, but the lamentations from the East and England ore bo poignant it would appear os If It had nttcrlv cessed. Out ol twenty-fire or fifty packers, we have only some seventeen at present ca paced. Ihe receipts ol host for the week sum upas follows, nr; dreesed. 1.735; live. 19,179; total, S&Mfi. and the shipments, dressed, 419; live. 5,515; t0ta1.5.901; leaving 14J32 head for city consumption, packer's use, and number left over la the pen*. Fur tbe corresponding week in IS3> our receipts wens: dressed, I*s; hvc. 15.757: total, 15.593. acd the shipments, dre*s«d.7s; llvc,U,la); total, 13,551. The market fcas rn’cd comparatively steady at fSAOAUO gross, for light to heavy weight, and tnsomc instances *5.7i<7.W for very choice begs, closing weak, however, at $2,753 The cattle market has been active, shippers being the principal purchasers, at S&Cc gross. The patting to the present time approximates to 55.530 bogs, and 17,003 catuo. Thu market lor prodac’s has been Inactive, dnll and dragging. Men pork declined ?I.CO ? brl, and closes Snlct at $19.00 for “spot,” and the same 6r January eilvery. For the latter there 1* a better demand than fbr present delivery. Prime mcis Is held at {17.00 with small salfs bet contd probably be had lo quantity at a lower price. Extra prime and ramp pork coaid he nal seems but little desire to bay green meats, and ns the packers are on willing to sell at present prices, most of those now being made are salted down on packers’aceoent. The market may be quote! at 5X6 85fc for 4 ehoulder*,7>iC for sides,and 6V(VJJ<clor hams. Small averages of these last are in demand and sell readily. Bulk meats are tlTered without success at 7V C?73tfc for sboul<lct*,and SV®9Ve tor sldes.bnt the quan tity of meal ready to ship u very small, and those now oilerud have been bat a short time down, and will not be safe to shlplor some time. bmrar car»*d hams, fr**sh packed, are held at lUtfSlic. But few early packed on hand. English men's could be had at B'ifor Cumberland*; 9c for long middles; 9*®9*c lorchort middles. No long cat hams being male. The lard market has ruled steady al'l2\c for prime steam, pres* ent delivery,nedr-efor January delivery. No. I sells forlstn light supply. Greases arcflrm atPW^licforwhite: B)j®SA'c for yellow, aad'.VCWc forbrown. The scef market Is inactive; extra imws. italic : mow, iSi^i.V:—the lower quotations being for packer** second hands. Tallow quiet at KK® 10* c for prime—the highest quotations being for clty packcrs*, and the Tower for batchers*. Country lots sell at 93 9Vc. Tallow grease firm at ft-i.9>,c. Freights unchanged: to Cairo, 35c; to New Orleans, to New York, {1.05; rhlladclpbia and Baltimore, f LOO. llExnr MtLwanu & Co. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Satcedat Evxjoxo, December 1,15C6. The dry goods market daring the week ruled rather quiet, though at the close It exhibited a InUe more activity than mtho forepart ot the week. Prices are steady and the market exhibits considerable firmness. Wo quote: Mcrnmac T> isv Merrimac W 20 Cocheco 19 Pacific u Garners 19 Spragues IS immeliN I7lf Manchester. 17 Lowell 16 Arnold’s 16 Lancaster i?v Richmond. i:£ ODi'UI Clinton z> | Lancaster. .23 | „ BEOWK SB Banner. 2iu Lawrence. at« Stork 4-4 21 Appleton 4-4 313 s Medford 4—l 20 V Nashua 2J Indian Head 4—l 2? Caboit A 4—4 2! Atlantic 4—l 22 Amvnkuac •!—I Si w Salmon Fall-* 4—t cl v Agawam F 4—4 IS V Appleton U 4—i SO Illinois A 4-4 19 KwPt River I—4 18 Peppercll E. St „ ” K 22 Peppercll N 18 . _ IS LEAGUES): K. r. Mills 1-4 4 r.%4 Wamsntta t —l ss* Hates 4—4 35 While Rock 4—l 33 V Hills 4—4 .34* “ 7-S SO Masotmlle 4—4 ,3JV Pay Mills 4-4 .54 Androscoggin 4— l 32 V Landon"— 6 IIII.vs “ 4-4 39 . . . TAPES' Lcnfda1c.. ........ *jo Camlirlce 12V@1C Amofekeac^.., York Manchester.., Oxford Luion Usymaykcr’s. .45 Connecticut 15 ,4?.V Wiwhlnjtloo 21 ..Si* Milford Improved ujv .jssx Bluellill. 87 .„tW Com City 33 u ...31 Pawnee 75' CTBiPEn siinrrn>as. Amoskeaß.. .87jf | WWttendcn 0 22K *ork.. 33 “ a. .SJ American, 31&35 lUnraATlllc. dWv&nk Hulls, 25 'jTbormlike Uoaooke 30 | sibeluckcU so'’ ness. . 75(1,252 . 55.5*3 . 117,500 .&SUJRS AmoSkeagAC A <3 Hamilton, regular to “ A 47* •• IK. :a ** B 42 s' Pemberton E ja “ C •* x JQ „ , D -*»* Swift Klrer lorkSMtcb 43* Star Mills3Mnch S 3 Albany...... If, ♦* seiacU 43 Tork J3-lnch A3* COBSET JTASS. 11ndian Orchard .iGu ~..3?k I Androacoagla... igu I I’cppcrell a ....js£ | tiloue is Amo“kcaß Lmorm Bulu* N’aumWcac Sa* een. „ CANTON rUSSEtf. Hamilton 8V L .33 l Thorndike 35 Kllcrtoa T 31 | Naomkeas bleb. 80tt..... Laconia. ...I* I Beamnsloa. .•21* I IVppercll.... oeiauiu. Manchester, new. Pacific, new .35 | Hamilton c .25 | All Wool M£56V . nAuioaiLsocTs. Gilbert*# j Man.rantMallckeß.HAO jVJIook 5.(X\31.00 I Rallegh't 2.00 I’omooenc 3Js;»3AO 1 Bruner 2.25 Washington Mills..,.2Ao_J BelleoftbCßeason.. 2AO _ . „ „ THKKADs. Coate 4140 Green & Daniels.... TO CTarkM........ uo White Skein so ludiey & co’f » cora uo Wore ted Braids.... 95 Wllllmanuc 83 Stafford. to ” COTTOS TAKCS, rrc. Eagle.... H0pe..... Franklin. ..62V I Eastern 55 ..CSV I Carpet Warp CO • ~60 I Candlewlck ..€0 I Chicago Batts .$12.50 CABPZTS. Lowell,3ply $2.15 Ibopcrfine 41.35ai.50 “ super 1.75 CroMiey* FaU Tapes ** metlmm.... I.PO I JlarUoro,eAtra3-ply 225 jßoxburv *• Imp'lS-ply 2.12 V 1 Kmpire'iiitis i.-jj ** super. 1.73 Belgrade 123 M medium... 1.60 I _ CAssnirscs. Farmers & Mech*s 55 1 Everett L 5214 11 abash 50 I Everett O 50 cnicACo LiiaiisEu .haiiket. SatubdayEtskiso. December 1. 1566. The receipts and shipments during the past tortv* eight boon were: Lumber 7.1»7.«M 2.;.»1.iV0 shingles i.57«.0n0 Ruem Mjh- ; i.en.wa lottm Ibr large supply of lnml>er which was afloat yester day has been exhausted by the active demand in the market. Frlcts have been fully main tat ned a*, previous Egurcs. Sales reported to-day were as follows: Cargo Khr S. G. Andrews,from An Sanhle, ISO m mill run. ntflSXOforculls,s2o.oo forcommon, StXOOforlstaud 2d clear strips. S4S.OQ for wide clear, and ?L*» for lath cargo ffhr Kmma. from Muskegon, 100 m mostly good beard* at $22X5; cargo sehr Magic, from Man!nee,Bo m V strips, balance mixed, at $17.37?,': cargo barque ** H, C.from Au Sanhle, 170 m milt run at $1.1.00 for cull*. fCP.W lor common, $43.00 lor l«t ard 2d clear strips. J 45.00 for wide dear, and $1,25 for lath; cargo xhr El Tempo, (born Matitowoc, ISO m sawed shingles at S4XB, mm shaved do at S3XS; cargo xhr Arctic from Mnskegor, 130 m good mill run V each strips, hoards and mixed at S3t.OC, 70 m lath at $4.25, pin the yards the demand continues good, and prices nre Prmly held at the following quotations: Luxates—First Clear;!, IK, IX. aso z-lnch per m $63.03 263.00 . Second Hear, I,I VIX. acd 2-lncb SSJXUauM Third Clear, inch First and Second Clear Flo.rlag, together, rough—the same as Second Clear, wide 50.00:255 00 Common Flooring, rough n» ™ Matched and crushed Common Fleering S3JI32V 00 Matched and dressed 8-tnch Com mon Flooring 36.Ca235.C0 First and Second Clear Siding, to gether First Common Pressed Siding UW.«t;5 00 Wagon-box Hoards, select, IS-ioch and upwards. SS.Oft2IC.OO AStockßoard«,ißtnche« 3soo.4vT.nj JlStoik Boards. 12 inches 25jXI^'»7uM Common Boards, jolsts.Satntlinc, FeicScgaudamsll llmber.U to 10 lert long 23.(0223 03 Jol«t and Scantling, 18 feel. Joist* and Scantling, SO, 23 and 21 tret asjc.aao.oo Sunfcxiß—A or star shaved Shingles...... aoj Aor Star Sawed Shingle* SOftasso No. I Sawed Shingle* 35a* s.T3 It ho. 1 Sawed Shingle* ? ~-4 rt >3 Lath—lVr mln yard* By car load by Northwestern Rail road, delivered In any yard wbrro can cat be Bwltcued.or aav depo*: A or Star Sawed Shingle*, bv car leaden track A or Scar Shaved Shingle*, bvear load on track, count made fun. or five bunchra to a thousand .... iaj A Sawed Shingles, city made, on track SIU2S3S No. 1 sawed Shingles by ear loaion * vv^' track 3.25 Tnroe dollar* a car load added wbea transferred, which charge lollowe the Shlng'e* in irelght bill. _ SITING LX STASKAIU). Tldckness—Five Shingles to be two Inches la thick urs*. l ength—Sixteen inches. Baru—Twenty leches. Courae—Twcnty-Bve. CHICAGO CATTLE maeket. Por the Week Ending December 1. or 7‘ l E? or ttik lun/r Trißrxe, i bawnpar Evrstxa, December 1. { «KBF CATTLE. t The following tabic shows the daily receipts and shipments ol weet Cattle dating the woct endin'* to day. compared with the receipts and shipments of*the corresponding week last year: Sunday and Monday... Tueslaj-. LVO 18 S 3 m Wecnrwjvy *w p; Thursday rh Friday 1.711 1.057 i„M7 I!!! Saturday :u ai &0 ct Tot*]..: *©3 J.o*» Last week xw ... 1 i<a VTeti beJorc lut ... lysa .... *'<a WeckOjdlncNGV.tO... 4.9A9 .... Sja Week coding Nor. s.. 7.953 .... 2 7ri Uj comparing the receipts Dr this week and last*we Bsd the following: Receipt? more than 1m t week -43 Shipments more than last week. mj They compare with the,ncelpla fhr.lhe corresponding week of 160, u follows: Receipt* this week ~4JT3 Receipts for com?*ponding week of iso £ea Receipts toon this week. 1,70 For the same period in the year ISO, wc find: Receipt* this week 4 r *a Receipts lor week ot ISO 6.7.11 Beecipts less this week. Greatest number recelrcd for any week since Janu ary 1.18,(37. Smallest number received, 3,10. Received weekending March SI 13,(37 Received week ending July 7 The total receipts of Cattle nod non at the Union Block Yards kluto January 1, wi re os follows: Cattle STt.tWO Hoes Ji»3,000 Shipments for the same period: £>«le 131.000 Uor" - 430,000 TUo Dumber of Beef CalUo receive! for tUo same period in the years IS6I and 1353, were as folloirs: Reorlred to 19fia itg Uccclred In ISW * Til* XABSXT. Tbe week closing 10-nlght ha* been among the dulloit experienced In this market Ibr a lone time. Trade ruled perfectly stagnant throughout the entire week, ttareliored by a single gleam ol Tltality, or tbe slightest evidence that life was not-wholly extinct. The receipt* aggregate a lew bnndrea head more than last week, bat the actual transactions will show a smaller business done, as there were quite a number left orer unsold at tbe close oftbe market. Hock Mucoti The shipping demand haa amounted to a mere noth ing. Tncrc was very Utile stock suitable for shipment received, and tLcrewaaan astonishing disinclination on the part of operator! to invest. There Is a very gene ral feeling of distrust in the market, and each movements as are made manllot extreme raa'loa. It Is only when the most flattering Inducements arc pre sented, that they can be Induced to operate. “Taking the chances” aslonserly, is no longer In vogue, and men calculate their margins closely, and all their pur chases are made with extreme caution, N'or was this feellcg of mistrust confined to shippers alone, but ap parently pervaded all classes of buyers. owing to this feeling among operators, tbe extreme lightness of the receipts caused 00 Inconvenience, indeed the few re cti vtd were cot all closed out. ly. Second Board weak. Tbeldllficnlty of finding ready solo for oven good slock, Induced many owners to send them droves through. East, on their own account. The inquiry from first to last has been principally for butchers* Cattle, but the demand has been fully satisfied, meagre as tho arrivals have been. Notwithstanding the dull character ol the market, and tbe general Indifference of operators, prices for good Stock have been fohy snrialned, and for prime shipping Beeves a tuning ad vance hat been cstabllthcd. The highest figure ob tained during tbe week was $6.60 for a lot of choice Illinois Steers, averaging over 1,400 fts. CLOSUiO Or TUB ViTrrr. The market to-day was qntet, though the general feeling was firmer than lor some weeks back. Sales embrace 175 bead, taken chiefly by city butchers at from interior mixed lota to choice fat Cows. The market closes firm at the follow log quotations: CLO6EVO PBICXS. Extra /?«rrv*—Fine, fht well-farmed, 4 to 6 years old Steers, and averaging 1,390 us nod upwards S6JS®BAO Prime Detrt\— Good, well-failed, fairly formed steers, averaging from LIOO 10 1.400 ft*.at 5.7106.00 Aoirbradrs—Fair Steers, la fsD flesh, ar eraiicgl.oooi»}.9oofts, at 5.09^5^0 ilntium Medium Steers and good Govs, fit ibr city slaughter, and averse lngtooai,osofti,at 7Z. 4.0001.75 Sh-cJc CattU —Common Cattle in decent flt>h.avcrartngfvr«L(oOtts, at 3.7501J0 /affTfor—Light and thin Cows and Steers, roach and coarse, averaging 6*Ui«SjO Bs,' at .. 2-KfcXSO The prevailing prices for the same period in the year 16G> were *• follows: Choice to Extra {6.7*37.50 Fair to Prime Atagwa Medium to Fair LCOftI.TS Inferior to Common 2A&45.75 Transactions to-day include the following: Carpenter sold DjKman IS bead good stock Stern, fed and watered, a\ craginp 1,001 lbs, at $1.75. Snyder bought 19 head common Steers, aver* aging 1,050 fts. at SL2S. Jones, Hough £ Co. fold 3S head fair packing Steers, averaging 1.133 ns, at {5.75; 17 bead medium grade, averaging NtO tts, at |IAO. O’St eaboaebt is head common Steers and Cows, ar cragicg SS6 tbs, nt ft J5. Burst £ Co. sold 11 head rough Oxen at $55.00 each. The following are the receipts and shipments for the current week, and for the corresponding period last year: „ mt . 1306. 1903. ISO 6. 193. Sunday and Monday 3.63$ .... 3,17! Tneftlay 5.797 1.754 2,405 8349 Ttecncwlay 5£M 2,273 671 8U Thursday S,M9 .... LCS3 Friday 9,311 3,836 1,937 815 Saturday 2.SOQ 1,919 1,60 3,919 Total 23,713 15,757 6,855 1J.159 T-ast week 14.3C5 .... 4,52? .... Week before last 15.1H3 .... 7.775 'Wi'ekuullnp Not. 10..55.C2S .... 11,173 .... Week ending Not. 5.. ISjIW .... 7,467 .... The receipts for this week and last compare as lol* lours: Receipts this week 33 312 Receipts last week 112^ Receipts more this week hVqo As compared with the corresponding week In IS3 wc Or.d a- follows: Receipt* this week 23.112 Receipts for same period In IMS is 737 Rectlpts more this week 7,43 The receipts were considerably larger than last week, hut there has been a corresponding Improve ment in tbc demand, so that all bare been worked oIT, andeachdaThasclosedwlih the peas well cleared. The offerings have embraced a better class of Uogs than that ol last week, comprising more heavy lard Hops and fewer coarse uneven lots. Packers have been the principal operators, leas than 7.0J0 bead going Into the hands 01 shippers. Prices have flactuat-d somewhat, but closing steady at a decline of *33}% * ICu as from the opening rales. There was a fair packing demand to-day. and all desirable lots were readily closed out. Thu market dotes steady at the prices given below: American I7jr Amt/SKeag I6w Duchess D i3v Mourning....*. is Allen’s i7>/ Providence 17 James Sanders’ I6)f Gloucester tcv W. W.Frecman Si C0..13V Talon 15 Wamsuira nv Columbia 14 OAKS. I Glasgow I Roanoke. 19 IEETIXOS. Atlantic Z2v Peppercll O 23 Great Falls M 31k “ “ S 20 Indian Orchard A.... 21 - •• Sn;:;rsi = " Boot Mills H I6k •• ” 0 20* * •* S 21V western Worla n;q Arkwright jjw Portsmouth P 14 Napoleon is Quaker. 16J« The closiEg prices f&r this week and last compare as follows: This week. Last week. Medium to Prime. hales to-day Include the lollowicg droves: Keenan &F. to Kent &Co 46 SSO toiS* Kota sold Kart &Co 41 S7l Cl 5 (leonine bought 45 291 GJJJ Hlcker bongbt »0 6XO Kent 4 Co. bought 46 357 SS7V Kent d: Co. bought t*9 994 r -Sn Kent & Co. bought 53 507 6.10 Hurt 4 Ce. bought 46 Sls 6.10 llMcd bought Ztt 6.00 bought na •■•ti r.m Tllden bought 11l IH 47 $9 rTS TjWen bought kb aw llos Tllden bought 55 2.75 poo illdcn bought M *7O doo MlEEl’—The receipts for the week have been very light, though perhaps about equal to the demand. AU arc sold and the market closes firm at the following rates: snnmxas. Itol Boat 7—S 17 , ** 4-1 SO Lonsdalft S; Wnwbeck 36 J. i: W. bl&tvr 4—4 33 Canoe 3—4 ( | BiaterrlUa 7—B a Blacketooe lU%*er Biarkstonc'A a"..] Ballou & Bon 4—4 S3' ** 7-8 SIS rriinc to Extra. Good to I’rlmr Common to Medium. tMBSJCB. | EozUsll. All *ate» of Grain reported in tnu market report are mode on tbehn*lt of muter «<■) etoraae untett Oihrruue rrjiremed. Satvudat Etzjtt>*o, December 1, ISC6. FllKlCsllTS—lUJLltOADl'niijonTS—TbefollowißC is the total tartlf oa the Eastern roads: ‘id Sd 4th _ „ _ class, class, class. Flour. TobewTork 173 133 103 210 •* rail, lake and rail. ICO 115 10a joo To Boston isj m no 230 _ rail, lake and rail. ITO I*s 103 210 To Philadelphia 10 115 100 200 To Baltimore. 165 US 100 200 To Albany ICi I*} iOO ;«» ‘‘ . rail, lake and rail. 130 130 93 195 To Montreal 130 m w jgs To Buflalo... S 3 6S 57* 110 •* rail, lake and rail. 78 13 S7* JOO To Cincinnati 60 45 40 40 Laks FnrtonTs—Market closed forth© winter sea* sou. * i.Om—KccelTed,ll.3l7brls; shipped, 4.739 lirU. Market dull and nominal. Bales, were: 100 brj "Novelty" on private terms; Spuing Extcan—iOO bm ••c< lu s Alternate" at sll AO; 400 brl«"lJccker'B Doulne Kstra" at (H.oO :2Cobrb “Dater’- Advance" at fll.W; f-C brls “Lane & Foster's Itp*f at Si«AO; 200 brls do at »10A5; 100 hrls not named at ?'.<AO; ICO brls do at 100 brls do at $3.00; Srpms—is* hrls not named at ffiAO; ICO brls do at fo.TJ; Kve Fi-0C8—133 brl» not named at fC.47. *VflEAT~ltecelrcd. CB,tTlbu; shipped, 9,937 ba. Market quiet at about yesterday's decline. Sales were: Spuing Wheat—tU) bu No. lat f 3.11: 400 ba do at *3.10. lb I.; 600 bn do at $3.06: 1,400 bo do at fb(&: 4.00 bu No. 3 at *1.93;403b-tdoat |i.*ji, A. u. A Co.; 13,0(0 ba do at #l>3; 1,800 bade at *l ,61 it ; 35.000 bo do at $1 At; 6.100 bu do at #1,80: I*oo Irn ltdcctnl at #1.51 ; 1.3U0 1:0 do at f I.4>k ; I.JOO bu do atjdtl; SW no do st $l.ll y ; POO bu do at fi.ll ; 3,000 lm do at f 1.10 -closing at #ltsftv.o6 for No. 1, and fLSiuilAlV for No. 3 In regular bouse*. • tIOKN-Kccelved. 27.5C0 ba; shipped, 23.500 ba. Market quiet at a decline of I&4c. Sates were: Cork in stole—3s,loo bu No. lat S3c; 55,030 budo aISIVc; lo,oUiba do atHic; '.M.000 bu do atSlc; 4301mN. S. ui 60c; 30 bu No. 3 at7sc ; 400 ba do at TSo : 600 ba New el 56c; 14(0 ba do at 5Gc; 2.000 ba do atSsc ; 400 buliur Com at Me—closing atSlttSlkc for N’o. 1 In OATS—Received, 5,190 bn; shipped, none. Market quiet but a shade tlnuer. Hales were: 600 tm No. 5 at USc; fCObu do at 37\c; 6.000 hn do at 57e ; 12.000 ha d> ainr-vc; B,rnUmdoat36vc; 7,Coohndoat 3Jc; Cod bu Krkeied ntSSc. II V E—Received. 3.t(M bn: shipped, 315 ha. Market dull, hales were: 6.(40 hn No. lAt 85c. IsAKßEY—Received, 10,C73 bn; shipped, none. Market dull and t<suc lower on N'o. 2. Pale* were: 400 hn No. lat $106; 8,000 bu No. 2at COc; S,CuO bu at 59c; 400 bu by sample at SU2V* Al.t’lJUII u—l?quirt at $4.64C1.GS tor roandlota and f 1..f'c;.75 in the retail way. BKAN'—Paleswcre: 10 tons at SISXO on track. The demand Is good and the supply light. niJOOat CORN—Market nominal at $109X0(2 a* to quality. BEANS—Ate selling In a small way at fIXAaX.CO for Interior to prime Navy. Sales were: XbrlatfiXO V bU. III’TTER—Hccc!vcd,S?,IK) »8; shipped. 5,(530 as. There la perhaps mime little Improvement Id the de mand lor shipment. but aside from this the market re mains substantially the same. There Is a steady, lair demand for choice table qualities. and with a moderate supply cn Land, prices for such keep well an. and are Arm. lor I’rtme Dairy Uk&ic 1« readily churned, w Idle for a very choice article. In fhney package*. :t!a T4c in rot nnfreoucot’y realized. Coamtondescriptions. ofwMrh there Is a large surplus, arc as dull a< they v «-ll can bo. and prices are w tak. Wc quote os follows: Choice Pair}' r*v.i Kc (<ood Tub. rtitJJo Common Firkin Vi-rWc iTlmc Firkin 7.1^ »—The market continues very quiet, at d drooping. The demand Is confined to supplying rnn cut wants, and price* have rcceced We now uncle; National A. 2 ho, seamless lines 45X0 I'nlnn A. 11 bn, do 43,<>j Illinois A.lMut, do at.tu Com Exchange 42.03 Stark a, cotton seamless 75 oj LewiMonA, do 74.0 a Andn-«copgln, do 70 00 American, dy 70 TO Heater Mills, no mrw ntlsPeld S, do 7*SJV) l*cnn Mills do 73^ Fort intt, do Sligo. do 7j 00 Sam, linen and cotton Kldgewood, do SXOO bprirgildd, do 59 oo titntics ao.oo Burlaps. 4 bn, Ko. 1 nn Eudire City 404» COFFEE—With a good trade the market Is fully maintained at the following quotations: Java 10 ({fi c Bio. common to nir 20 M27Vc Klo, goed to prime S^VteSSVc Ule. prime to choice SS W99WC 4 COPEILt(■ E—Sales were: 100 Pork Darrels at Jl.Su, delivered. and 100 do at 9155, on track. CHEESE—There lano noticeable Improvement In the demand, and the market may be quoted quiet at thederllrerotedyesterday. Werepcatour list: Kew York Factory (Genuine) lsval9Vc Factory (Illinois).... !"!!:"l7»lSc Hamburg. (*|S c itcslcm Kcsene is <£l7 c Webern State.... is (sls c “Tonne America" SO c t'HA I.—The market exhibits a fair decree of actlv ity. ard with a full supply on hand dea'er* arc holding Meadlh at previous rate*. The demand for cargo** is somewhat limited, though prices arc nrtn- We Stole* Ei;ir— BrooKrejd a * xi.£C do Onnsby njo Cleteund—hilar Hill n no do. Mineral Itlose. tono do Willow Bank. 10^0 do Tunnel in no Chippewa io!oo ni&s-pnrg 12m Lump Lt-olgh ijjxj tackaw ana, prepared , 140 a g"»«ton 14.C0 llitHor. tj on Illinois... fijoaairo ontrark SjO Tocmcth-ncy .V... jjjo f'iUj*—Wert in cood local r*qoMt ata ofSi (?;oc The Irqulry is coa.tnM almost exclusively to snppl j tnp local want*; Indeed the receipts are no more Ilian MiSlili-tit to meet thl* demand. FItTITS A>P XVTS—The market presents no new leaturc worthy of note. There Is a fair more, men: In choice varieties ot both Green and Dried t rultf. and price* ar* steady and centrally Am at oor quotation.*. Grapes are abont ont of the market, and the ftw offerinß were home held at Llcherflcnrc*. Ixm ona are in better tnrply aid easier. Oranew are scarce and nominal. Green Apples arc In demand, and steady at SSXft&SO for nrand lots. We quote: Apples, *> brl fiio a 4.00 GrslHS..... IS (4 SO Oranpra. Havana, V IOC SJVJ u 0.00 Lemons, Valaca 13.00 (*lt.oo Cranberries, wild (413.00 Cranberries.cnlUratcd ...... 15.00 o&OO Kecrlpta. Shipments. Ties S 3 30 Dat.r b 5 (,4 ■« Cam divachcs, F dor, 3 ft cans 4.63 (44.73 Apples new 10 « it rrarixv. halve* and quaclers 17 t« 19 lUackbemes, new, 4P 13 SS « 83 Lifpb*, V ft 63 (4 70 Eld»rbmlfji. fft 20 nt .. Latah.*, layer* 5.00 0 345 Altncnds, hard shell*! **' a 85 Airnonda, ton ihciicd 4J a M Almonds. paper .'belled 53 5 5S mtntt, . ijva 11 8rar11Xma,...!:.... jj'vf £ Filberts, « 2 m English Watoms 33 a si Naples Watoats a S ai Pecans. mall and large **'* « a .33 Ulrkcrj Xau. jp ia jjo g 3 Clmtnnta Vba ifjm SiTm Fltiß-Tbeiroeral marfcVt la * a 7eU thon -h under moderate •tocla pilcra are well nuk\a*d and folertbS eaaasssss I Troox, Ko. 2, )• brL JjMj-S Mackerel. NoTl. X Mi. new "I t'/'ii Mail 3 Mark ere 1, No. 2. x brl idSiio m Mackerel, exir» mats, > a brl UJO^tSu CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. HOGS. Becelpts. Shipments. 800 SALES 10-DAT. ?l 73(7.5.00 4.303 5.00£ CIIIC'AfaO DAILY MAICtCET. Mocketrl, extra mtsa, p kit I.O\a 4.23 MarkrrrJ, No. a.cj-j 2 75 Marirrol.-rarallr. klu jjw 3.33 Cod.TMi, np.nir, V 100 S.S b y>a a,75 Cortr»h, IJporife'B Hank 9.t0'4 9.0 Herring** dried. No. 1, V box gja 70 Herring*, walrd go Labrador (irrn&s, V hrl nm-^tun Labrad'r Herring, Xbrl 6.503 700 Norwegian llcmur, K’a, p brl 13.03 Norwegian Herring, JJ’», p bn 16 00 Lake Utta 60 tiHEA*?E liiaCufo ana nominal at gauc tor Drown to White, llOGM—Eeoelwed, 147; sblpped,l33. Market dull, bales were: ¥ aVaiTirtineonsoo its, at.! rr.23a7.a71r 11. dividing on »39 fts, at TDujJfas* B, areraelnx SB a5,at...... * 3P, averaging ISO Its, au 7JJO 7, all toend, at. 7^3 CR, all round, at 7*5 19,aU tonnd, at - 7M , Fliun A INKj*—RtceltM, TiSbrU: shipped 523 dull and nomlaai at 33033 c tor H A The market was quiet and steady at the de cline noted yesterday. no quote: wnoLCsau: PBicra. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. 114.50315 50 Timothy, loose pressed 15.00*10.00 Prairie, beater pressed, new 11.00313.00 scran, micxa, Timothy, roller and beater pressed 17 00*19 00 Tlmoihj, loose prawd 18D0««>J Vralite, roller *rd beater nreaeM. 1&IOM17.00 Prairie, loose on wagon, delivered H.WiUW „111 DEs»—lbcaved, us ; shipped, 235.253 da. Tbe stocks are accumulatlng.and with no improve ment to tbe demand an easier feeling obtains. Bhl> pers are doing huuifle, and local Tsnuers are <n!y boyke to arppiy current wants. We note a decline ot fc(?.lc in Green salltd. Green Calf and Kip, and quotj as follows: H Greco Butchers’ g n BVc «k so (Ultra, trimmed to aiowc Oricn Calf .V..V.V.V..V. » o Kip, Green Salted oslSkO Dry ninutrimmed !..!!..!! is SisTc Dry Sailed, trimmed , ...15 «16 C Orreo Salted, part cored strceio e IKON AND nTßßlj—Market fairly active with price* firm and a strong upward tendency, owing to prespeettve advance at nKabargin Wo continue however, to quote: 0 Common Far sva «v liars'! Flioe Don ffi? i,5 Heavy Band TU'htOk' Ifeop and Light Batd 7V411V Hound and Square 6>?aiis Oval. 6VA 7V Half Oval and Half Round 7 * Sheet Iron, common sheet Don, galvanized, 17x2s 3 a Sheet Iron,vharco*! Sheet Iron, Juniata, UralS Norway Nall Roads 12 «i 5 P.ow etreh German gi4 Plow Steel, cast «18 Spring and Tire Strel, English. u &u Tcol Cast Steel, ordinary sues % cap Tool Cast Steel, American are Ulutrred Steel ; 30 (^7) Rcssla, No. 9 end 16 23 #37 Russia, Am n Ist qualify, s»bdl (*jj Russia, Am. is; quality, F sheet azi Russia. Am. 3d Quality. V sneet & 3 LEATHER—There Is little doing In this depart ment ot trade, though with no snrplus stock on hMwi therein no dliporiUonontbepartot dealers to shads prices in tbe least. We quote tbe market steady nrm at the prices given below : City Damn), V Slaughter, Sole, & I 40® 42 Hufla o t iSA 43 Country narn’ss 40® 41 Slaughter, Sole. Lire, V a 42® 44 Chicago. No. 1 40$ 43 Ktp, medium, p • Slaughter, Sole, a®i.:s Chicago. No. a si® si Calt P & IXOmI.TS Daenos Ayrea... 404 41 Upper, p f00t... Sl® 32 Orinoco b01e.... 37® 3i Country Upper. 2ro® 23 Orinoco, good. Collar. P f00t... Sl® 26 damaged. 81® S 3 OAK. Slaughter Sole.. St® &41 french Calf, 31 name**, ¥ ft... 46 lbs 2.1062.25 Upper St& S 3 French Calf, 36 ElP.Ko.Ltsoll' Its 2.0333.10 utn 1.1031.20 French Calf, Le* __ Etn.No I.heavy ajtl.lO _ molscs.PcDx.ra.OOsSO.O METALS AMI TINXEUS’ STUCK—Trade Is pood, and prices, stlwulafod thereby, ooqUdqc tmn at tbe same figures as heretofore quoted. They aro as follows: TTS, zurc. Box Tto Plate, X. C., Ist quality, cask IS 10x14 |U-50 Ist quality, sheet, wjf Large Figs. Small ITge. Bar Ttn.... 37 I bl»b 14 38 DBJGUT WtCC. $8 [l tO 6, ... 11 comre. >.B aad 9. MetallicAl’Botts... S 3 loandu.. Copper Bottom 53 13 Brarlers over 10 fts. *6 13 and 14. to 16 oz 45 13 and 16.. Tlitlnps 10 17 lunnrr eetal. 18 Ist Qnality 80 19 Antimony 20 20 Fire Solder 30 Fence Staples. lirge 1 held linn at the following emand, and the market U rates: lOd to Sd. V teg 4U3 13d uq.oo 8d wwlw,floeWoed.../. ... w 3 ■W 8.25 2d* line Lined n. 03 "d FJO Cnt Spites g.OO s<* 1 Clinch net OILS—The general market is quiet, and steady at previous rates. We change lu our quotations nslollows: Linceed till, raw a 145 Linseed Oil, boiled “ iJS out*- tin . 2^ male on. W.B ;; L43V.L50 Lard till, extra LtCVaLfO lard Oil. No. 1 winter .... fcaSilo Lard Oil. No. 2 Winter r Hunk Oil, round lots 1.2i*L30 Machine Oil. roand lot* ""i in fcpcnn Oil. W. It., round lot* «A 0 Lunrlrath g Oil 60*i,v) C astor Oil 3.lirjjo Neatsfoot oil, extra LjavaiAO CARBON OII4—Is in brisk demand, and Arm to* day at our quotations : Carbon, p car load stc Carbon, small lots yy- Benzole * * *"’ ‘jv* 45 ~ POTATOES—SaIes were : *.OO bu Peachblows at Csc on track, ana 100 bn do at 70c, delivered. I’OIJI.TICY AN!) GAMK—Sales wcrc:sdoz errsf eu Chickens at *3.W; n doz do a» *3.00:61I02 do at |2 f-?x*. 2 doz do at $ 1X0; 20U ns dressed Turkic* at ISc; IA>O us do at Ur; 4CO ns do at 15c; S doz live Geese at imhWdoz Mallard Burk, at $3.50; 8 doz OnalH at doz do at *2.50.2 dor Turkics (wild) at <2.00 cadi: 1 doz Kabhlt* at |U2; 1 doz Squirrels at slAn. PROVISIONS—Received,7,«Xi ns Corel Meats, IC3brls Pork, and XtiJO ns Lard: shipped. 13X093 ns Cured Meats, Ihibrls Perk, and 11,157 ns Lard. mess Pork.—Dull. Offered at SIO.OO, cash—no buyers. l.iecn nicnt«—Sale*were: I.XollamsatßVc,de liven d; 1.400 Shoulder* at 3kc. Iji nl —Olfercd at uyc.casb. No demand at over I3c >A L.T—Received, 4.U3S nrU; shipped. CC2 hrls. Mar ket quiet and 10c lower on Domestic Fine. Sales were ECO nrls Domestic Fine at $1.30, delivered. Wc aoote tbe rsmrc of prices os follows; New Fine « 2NO Coarse *.CO CTonml Alum.. - MSA2.S3 Turn's Island, bags ti^hCO Ground tolar a..;0 Dairy, with sacks 503 Dalrjvwithout sacks • 3,75 t^EEDH—Received, 2f4,T0 as; shipped,aUsW Be. Timoibv ?»eed—Market dull. bale* were; Id bags good at $2.80; U bags at f i.tS. MMM A Nil >sA LEUATtm—There Is a lair trade doing and the market Is steady at tbe lollow Inc quotations: Dabl ltl's Mcdlclcal 13 Deland’s •• Healthy c “ Pure fctuve A It*—Trade Is good and the market is steady and strong, with prices ranging as follows; Cnha." QWj Potto Rico 12Yf*M i N. T. Refined, Powdered and Granulated to J5W*eA 15**16 Clnle A 15*»413V wwieu Extra C l^kttUk reiiuwc OxnardC oho Oimud C Extra 11*411 V J>»y IU! P.-. -Market Curly active, and prices steady at the following range: New York syrups $ 6531.25 Cuba Muissaea laS « Wc° 85(41.10 New Orleans film aa. Phllrxclptita hcelllve 7a* 7.; Chicago Rtfncry, Amber 1.10.»l.l3 *t “ Golden 5H31.00 __ ‘ „ bncar House 81* M HTAT,I,OH “Received, -jVSS b«; shipped, 63,m Bs *'JirK c J 9 YftlOc for Country, and lOVc lar City. TEA *—Market fairly active and price* steady and Cm. iVcqnotc: Young Hyson, superior to fine. $» ft fIAftH.GO do extra to choice, p ft Imperial, superior to fine, * b„ i.2\*i 73 do extra to choice. V ft 3.oX<rtos Gunpowder, superior to fine, ft a 1.3V41Tb Co extra to choice, ft ft 10VJ2.10 Japan. natural icai, Cue to extra tine, ft do do Dno to choice, V B 14(1 >1.50 no do colored. 9 ft jja-i 73 TOnArcU-Bemaiua doll, though Him ai Drevl omlj quoted; r Tobacco— Extra Choice Medium Common &VOEIXO 'Joiucro— N lrjrtnla> Favorite sv*l OD CUolrp.... jVa go UtClutu jj-j jj _ iv nitron Stems 19a 23 I*lXO Tohalxv*— * w Loyal Citizen T&a go Farmers* Delight 70i T 5 Natural Leaf. 1.W1*5.10 llalf-origtit SSia Choice Black, sound ?£.■« SO Medium.......... 'TO(A 75 Common w* 70 ........... Ml/.> O] Virginia 10s and ds a> , Flounders WOOD—Is in steady demand, ami stcady’at the lol lowing ranee tf prices: alai le. 43 cord, delivered ilSAOftli 00 M'»plc, V cord. In yard UXftaWXO Ueevti, VcorcJ, delivered...... 11X0*12X0 V « fd ’J. ny * r ‘ l lo.oa|lixo Hickory, V cord J4.OJkU.OJ WUOli-Upcdwd. IM7D as; shipped, 11.4 m »i. Market comparatively lifeless. Sales were: 3,530 as medium. In good ccndttlon, at 40c; 4.000 a* do. tn mixed lots, at 40c; 8,000 B 9 coarse and medium. In mixed lots, at 40c. Beeline iu Prices. IFron. tho New York Trtbnnc.l A comparison of the provision market for the three months Just pawed wlia Its condition anting the same period 01 last year, will show a difference decldodlv la raver of the downward tendency this rear. Uecfcat- Hc bare declined fully 2Vc per B net; during the cor re pending scawn la-t year, the decline reached only V '■* a cent. The market is already overstocked, and uni.iT an average arrival ol 000 head per week In excess Still.? tx J2*|l' t ' s one year ago. the slock cannot be re duced. Iticcs are 1 cent per pound lower than last year, and the tendency is >Ull downward. Holders are keepmc lo rcal * re u °cc. lu order to avoid expensive fi l | 7’Ph»vp declined about 1 cent per pound, live wilciit, in three mouth*, and are now scents netow ih<* price o. ibm year. The reel pis are al>oat 1,003 iH-art per w eek la cxc«* of the arrivals last Fall, and M Uli l" ,be lnflucnce of beav y stocks, prices must go •• Iberc never was such a time among hors *•» The recelpu are not extravagantly large, bat ihe demand is rxtmucly limited, llltnerto, at this season of the year, lame exports were made; this year cargoes that were tent out early In ihe summer are now relumed from Europe and thrown back upon the sbtpp-r*. A Ocelli cot 4W cents per pound light weight, has seat the price fully C cent* t«elow what it was lait year, when Ihe receipts were WOO lew per week than they now arc and an active export demand afforded areadr market to hilder*. Prices then, between the middle of Au gust and the Jjth ofNovcmbcr. advanced 2 cents ner pound. The present htgh price of corn t« forcing heavy «npt>llc*ot hog* on the market, and ills believed Erlroe will experience a still timber deedne, and force ciders to self at heavy sacrifice*. Perk has lurried from *3.(0 to $22.00 per barrel, and Is now below the prices of same lime la*l ?r.n r ;,.Z£ e tuatkei U very unsettled, and Is doomed to still further reductions. Lard I* 12 toll rent* per pound lower than at this time last year. Shipment* are returned from England, mod targesappllM are coming from the West. Brice* have gone down 6 cents earing the last six months, and must go still lower. Cer»a!*Tiaveacvanccd. Flour, under an advaoecof $2.00 per barrel. Is now st.oo higher Umu It was a ▼ear ago. The market.- however, is unsteady, uud prices arc looking downward. Cora has gone nn S cent* per bushel In three month*, ana I* S 6 cent* higher than tt vm la November last year. Lnless all reports of a full crop prove to have been false, speculator* must yield and prices fall much below the present quotation*. Ihe price of butter luvs declined 5c during the three month* ju«t ended, it 1* now Itc below last year's market, and the full supply and free receipt* must force it *tlu lower. lout year, during the same period, better advanced icily l5cV ». * Coal has declln- d nearly $5.00 V ton In three months, aud Is row $4.00 below last year’* prices. The pro ducts 01 the mine* have been unusually large, and there are ao fears that holders will ever again realize the cncrmoc* war prices, which for two wl atera effec tnMly put out tbe fires on hearths of the poor. The things wejeat are dally becoming lc»s costly In toe tnaTkete. The decline ts cot so perceptible at tbe (tails and shops otietallera, and to the actual con sumer at the hotel* and boardlng-hauxs It Is wholly unknown. Tbafhll supply 01 provtrion* la tbe coun try, prtsslrp upon tbe crowded *torr-hou*e* lo the city, must eventually break down all speculation, and U ice down the price* to consumer*, lo order to Induce more rapid consumption of the pemmjle artlc o* 0! food. Finally. Id the course of time, tbe decline will reach the people who buy to cat, and the good oM day* will return wherein the laborer was able to sit dewn to a hearty supper without first balancing ac counts between nls appetite and hi* day** earning*, *0 as cot to leave the latter in debt to the former. The C>al hale at New York. He auction talc of4EUOO tons of Scrantoncoal to cny.hythc I.cliware, Lackvwaa* and Western Rail* way Company, briefly reported in onr second edmoa, wa» not rcry well attended. The approach o! the TJiatVfßlviDff festival, and tJ.o chance of the day of arconnt for thl* in part. Terewas compvr a uvciy UtUe c> mpetltion, The bidding wo* sometime* very slow, and the c«al wen? at lower prices, probably than those ohtalnM m three or four years past. Inc lollowinc Is a report of the actual prices obtained t o-day for al] the coal sold, and the prices of a month October 24. November 27. .*4.30 (£4.73 *£X3U4.OJ . 3.37' 4 «3.fi2J£ 4J0ii3.0) s.S7*fci3.«) 4.73.?.5J| .. 5.C0 03.70 4JO >33)) . 6.0 «6.«35f S.COrtkSi . l-iasat-ST.V 5.73«k8 Lump coal. Steamboat. Grate t*BB Ftuve Chestnut... TheCalltornia Wheal Trade* TteKcw Yort Shipping LUt say*; Tbe shipment oflVheat from San Francisco, from Jane SO, the commencement of the harvest rear, to October 31, is stated by oar correspondent t& follows: „ Carrot*, iqo in aka. Value. Great Britain SJ 633.334 CI,O3«JSS Australia 31 13L303 m. 651 KaMem Ports 10 15&.794 370.6(9 China 13 4U97 a*,!w| _Total 991.8G8 Thna hare cleared la a little over three months kt< etly-throe vessels, with cearly 1,000,000 sacks, or 41W«,V tons cl wheat, valued at ( in round nr raters. la addition to tre wheat ehlno-d to the United Kingdom, tbcrcwa»al<oi2.os*hrls floor, val* tied it |/}. Our corrrJponJcrt aids: “Itcaabceu enreotiy reported for the pa«t two or three da vs that the Montana, which sailed for Pacsma this tmimln • world carry herce about 100 toes of wheat on Kew York account. The steamer’s outward foreign man!* fest contained no such item, and we arc Informed no ■orh shipment was made. According to the latest rc celvtd Quotation* from Kew York there ntxo margin at a:i t . Induce shipments hence pert learner at Ur- per 6 Cr- tght In gold/' The telegraph advises as of the clearance from San Francisco, JSu instant, ol the ship T«mPlar. for Boston. with lutsfi sacks ol wheat and the ship Maggie V. Hugg, tor Now Yor£, with to^u. memoranda. Asnonr.—Wc learn that Iho bark City cf Chi cago and schooner Dreadnought wcut ashore near Sand Point, a few days since, on their downward passage. Pcorxiirn FAromri.—Thle steamer arrived here on Saturday aflerooon from Marquette, laden with a cargo of 150 tons of pig Iron. She bailed from Chicago, la owned by the Northwestern Line, and baa been plying between Portage and Har quetie dating the season. Ar soonaa borcargois discharged she will go Into Doolittle & Olcott'a dry dock for repairs. IVIARIIVE TV JEWS. POUT OF CHICAGO, _ . ARRIVED.. DecerobcrL Star Sea Bird, Grand Haven, f audrle«. Prop City of Madlaon, Barber. ISO n BMusics and sundries. Prop Forest Queen, Buffs 10. sundries. Prop 'Normas, Houghton, Rundrlea. Bark Potomac, 1 r.rerse, ISO m lumber. Brig B. F. Gale, Buffalo and Oconto. ICO m lumber, ICO tens coal. Scbr Guide, St. Joseph, 40 m lumber. Bchr Sea Gem. Manistee, 60 m lumber. Be hr Conquest, Manistee. 120 m lumber. Scbr Hubbard, Bay City, 130 m lumber. Bchr Racine, Goa, *w m lath and 4.000 cedar posts. Bchr Albatross, Meromlncc, 120 lumter. Scbr Fanny and Floy. WoU River, 1,930 railroad tlca.l Bchr Wm. Aldridge WoU River. 1,200 railroad Uea. Scbr Hamlet, Port Oneida, IS cd* wood, bchr Ketch mu, 'WoU River, 4ASf7 posts. Bchr Gamecock, Marquette, 120 cos wood, fccbr Colllngwood. Loop River, IS edi wood. Scow Hercules, Mntkeron. 81 cds wood. Scbr Knight Templar. Oswego. ifOionscoaL Prop Potomac. Elk Rapids, 200 m lumber. Scbr D. K. Martin. Buffalo, sundries. c December 1,1396. Stmr Sea Bird, Msnltowoc, sundries, btror Oricn, Manitowoc, eendrieo. Brig F. B. GanlntT, Green Bav, esndtles. bcow Gamecock, Silver Creek*. • Bcow Pat. IPnry, Lynch Pier. • Scbr El Tempo. Two Rivers. ; SchrTtu-cola, Grsna Uaven. Scbr Ardent, Sheboygan. Schr Geo. J. Uieiy. pcatwater, son dries. Bchr TV. A. Parker, Manistee, sundries. Scbr Gland City, Kalamazoo, sundries. New York Dry Goods Market. (From the Independent.] Trade continues exceedingly dull, and there Is a great anxiety to reduce *tocka, which are 100 large; but Buy ers are not lo be fined, even a’ greatly reduced prices. The country dealers are overstocked, and must null be lore they can buy. Quotations ol prices are muetiy nominal. Manufacturers are resorting to short-time work. Unbleached shirtings aad abettings are Inac tive, and with on Incrca-tng stock prices are lower. Little lebelaff Bold In blescaed goods; only the very line qualities fell at aIL Prices Drills ■requiet. Canton flannels dull. Smpes very In* , active. Denims sell very slowly. Prints are accumu lating in stock, the tales not equalling the fresh sup plus, and prices are one cent lower. Ginghams are without activity. There U also a very Umliel business doing in delaines. The desirable One style* alone arc warned, anu but In (-moil quantities. In coburg* there la a small busintas doing, ihe demand has been large for the scseon. which Is nog Just over. Shawls arc more active than ether goods, and desirable «tyles are very Arm. Broadcloths are dull and prices trrezular. Fancy cassimeres also have fallen off in demuna, any cons.qnently In prices, which are cxtremeld low. iTodcctlon has now teen curtailed, manufacturer* working short time; but the stock of goods cn band U very large, and buyers ran bny to gnat advantage. Satinets arc inactive. Ltnseyo are slow of rale. Flannels appear active, and prices i'.ooJj. blankets also are more lively. Foreign rubrics are i-xree'dtgly cul’. There Is accavystock Dons which buyers can felect at favorable prices, the market belos n'tog-thr-r lower, bilks have greatly de clined. ilmoor, delaines, stuffs, b ack and colored silks, and woollens all feci the depression alike. A ce ll on sales have almrst cesocd. Trade mar now be con sidered over for the year, and dealers are now looking forward to the spring trade of next year, Cjr wnlca they will begin soon to make provision. Petroleum nnd .Mining J?tqc* nB m y ew York. ~ .. , NEW\oßK,Dtfcembjf 1. . Alihe informal meeting of the Mining Board thli me market was dull and steady. Ameri can Flag wasDrmandlndcai.ndatrf2.oa, and Con* solirthted Gregory rose to ; Corydoa was steady at; and Kye at lie; DownlcvlUo rose to 15c, and the other sales were ail at steady prices. KAILIiOAO TIME TABIE. Omcaoo AKD CCB» WZ3I WA7S3 AND EIN&JC. _ *. Dcpan. Arrive, p*y Express •tnOOa.m. •fr'lOp.a. *<el«EfpicM ..... •l:a)p.n. •aui.m. Janesville Accommod’n. *5:-;0 p. m. •sptop m Woodstock Accom'd’a.. *3:00 p.n. *8:00 a ml OALZNA DITIdiON. Fulton and Cedar Rapids *&ls a. m. 730 p m Fulton and lowa t7:UO p. n. 6:00 a. m. Freeport and Dunleith.. *0:00 8. m. s-OOs m Freeport and Dunleith.. *10:00 p.m. SriOp’m* Rockford and Fox River. *i;oop, a. Ji:loa.a Dixon *l:oop.a. Geneva and Elgin • MOp.m, &45a.a. mrwACXD smstoK. Express *y;UO u. a, •S: < ton.n, Express *1:00 p. a. *12:00 a. Night Accommodation. 1.:4,*»p. a. M.tO a. a. Kenosha Accommod’a... ,-hlOp.m. 0:45 a. a. Waukegan Accomaod’a. s:lJp.m. 6*30 a. m. Roschiil, Calvary, and Evanston 1:30 p.m, 8:40 p.m •Sundays csc« pled. tSaturdays exccptc ♦Mondays cxccptcd. wcinuAs crsTWAL bauboad—rsiOHsarc?, root Or UiJLS kl'BkLT. Morning Express *5:00 a. m. •8.43 p.rx. Day Express *7:00 a. ra. *11:00 p. m. • Evening Express ti3o p. m.;*l2: 0 p. m. Sight Express 7*9:15 p. m. s&» a. m. CLNCCiNATI XSD LOOTS VILLS XEATSS. 1 Morning Express •7:00 a. m. *UJ:CCp. m. Sight Expres* 70:43 p. m. *11:00 p. m. HICUUJA.S SODTUSRS ASD AKB fUORB UNS—DX por cobnbb ZLiusisoN iNo snxanut BTB am. I TOLEDO UKB. I Mall *1:13 a. m. *8:55 p.m. i Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. n New York Express JtiSp.m. 112:30 u. m Express 1*10:00 p. m. *0:00 a. n SZTBOIT LINT. Night Express $10:00 p. m. *5:55 p. m, rirn-BUBOo, roa? vatnk and Chicago. Mai) 4:20 a.m. &oO a.m. Express 7:00 a. n. 12:30 a. m. 3:15 p. m. 7:13 p.m Express 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p. m XL.TJHOO CENTRAL. Day Passenccr *jtoo a. n. *lo;3o p. m. Night Passenger $10:00p.m. *o:lsa. c. Kankakee Accomtnor ,l E. *4:osp.m. •:c25 a.m. Hyde Dark and Oak Wood •Grill a. m. *7:43 a. m. “ “ “ ... .... *l*i:iup.m. *SK53a.m. u u ** .... *3:30 p. m. *l:sop. m. u u M *5:55p.m. *7:3op.m CHICAGO. BCHUSOTON AND gUTKOT. Day Express and Mail... *5:20 a. m. *3:50 p. m. Night Express *12.00 p. m. *5:50 a. m. Mcndota Accommod’n... * UUO p. re. *D-.45 a. m. Aurora *s:oop.m. *S:loa. m. CHICAGO AND ST. LOCXfI. Expres* and Mall S:ooa.m. 5:45 p.m. Ktcht Express fcWp.m. MIC a.m. foilet and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p.m. 6:37 a. n. CHICAGO AND G&bAT EA‘iTSBN—{LITE CINCINNATI Ain unx)—niLWACHaa mufim depot, con. CANAL AND KIKZta STB SETS. Day Express 7:00 a.m. 3:401 p. m. Night Express 7:00 p.m. 10:50 p.n, SOB INUIASAI'OUfI, 10U1871H.8 AND CINCINNATI. Day Express ":00 a.m. 0:10 p.m. Night Express 7:00 p.m. lu:50 a. n. Colombo* Express <:UO a. m. p. tx Cincinnati Exprcess.... S:OJp. m. Lansing accommodation 9:55 a. m. 0:00 xa. 11 44 5:15 p.m. s:uo d. m. CRICAGO, ROCS ISLAND AST) PACIFIC RAILROAD. Day Express and Mali... •S:ol)a.n. *5:45 a. m. Night Express ft4sp.n. *2:3lp. m. Joliet Accommodation.. 4:00 p. n. •mo am. Express Freight, wltn pm-scnccr car sUacncd. for*t^e^v etl ff f depol CTCI T Saturday at &SQ The Joliet Accommodation connects with Ex press Freight for Way Stations. •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, (Saluda? excepted. . 1WV41.15 .. KU 93 » (3$ o UNION STOCK TARD TUX TABLE. Leave MadUou Street. Leave Stock Yards. 0:30 a. m. 7:10 a. m. S:HO xm. H:io a. m. Ifcno a. m. 11:30 xm. 12; : o p. m. 1:30 p. m. &2U .p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:43 p. in. 5:40 p. m. SUNDAY TRAINS. 8:3) a. m. 0:35 a. ra. 10:30 a.m. 11:45 a. m. .p.m. 2*:KL .p.m. 5:15. Arrival and Departure of .Halls. The following is the new table for the arrival and departure of mails from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now In force: MAIZA CLOJS, P. O. CRICAOO, ILL. MAILS ARRIVE, a. m. p. m. a. m. n. in. .... ihUo....slich. Sonth. R. R.. .... lioO .... 8:15.,.. “ “ 44 Sa .... 12:110 m 44 44 44 .. 6:00 31:00 .... 12:0« m Mlcb. Central R.R 32.00 ... S:is 44 “ 44 .. 6:00 6:45 .... i 00.... Pitta.&Ft. Wayne I&2U .... 6:15 . “ 4 * 7:10 .... licio m “ 44 44 r,;oo iROO 12:00 4:So....Great Eastern R. R.. 6:SO 10:00 12:00 4:3)....New Albany & Salem 6:20 ‘ 3100 6:50 7:45....Ga1ena Railroad 8:10 s*4o 12:00 6;00....Dix0n Adr line 6:00 7;20 12;fift Railroad 5:43 2:30 12:10 b:00....C.,8.tfc Qnlccy R. R, 5:50 ftdO fcJJO liW)....Northwestern R. R.. 5:45 &30 6:.50 3n4)....Mitnankcc Railroad. 11:30 5:20 12:10 7:45....111in0is Central IL R. 7:00 ft(io 12:00 7:C0....5t. Louis Railroad... 5:85 &45 R. A. Gilmore. Postmaster partners!) ip. IV OTlCE—Dirpolutton cf Copartnership jLI The firm ot HUNGER. TVHEELEK * CO., ffr the EievMinp and storage of Grain, expires by limita tion tM* dnv. Chicago, Doc. 1.1565. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. The business ot Storing Grain will be continued alter this day by the undersigned, under the name and style of .HUNGER, WHEELER A CO. WESLEY MCNGER. GhOIIUE ARMOL’K, _ RIKAM WHEELER. Chicago,Ucc. 1, 19Gg. CHAKLES TV. TVHEKT-KR, Dissolution of partnership. The Brm of Rogers & Butler Is this day dusolved l'v nintna! co&Hait. Either of the partners will slznta liquidation. A. A. C. UOGKItS, J»OTemberso,lS66. GEORGE F. BUTLER. _ . . Chicago. December 1.19 M. The undersigned bare thl* dar formed a Co-nartaer shift under the name and style or L a WUEXCE, NEX SEN A: lU.TLER, for Ihc purpose of doing * General Commission, ITodnce and shipping Bnsluej*, they succeed to the badness of Rogers « Butler, and resnect mi;y a>k for a continuance of the Terr liberal ration age bestowed npon the late arm. tVitblncreasad means and facilities, and a perfect knowledge of the business, we offer cur services wall shipping Grain. Produce or General Merchandise to Chicago tor sale, also, to pur chaser* cf Grain In this market for Investment or for Kadcm shipment, and assure all such that the closest persona] attention shall be paid to tbsir interests. LAWRENCE. XtXSEN* * UUTLER, OUs Block, comer LaSalle and Madlson-eta. Bating retired from the firm of Racers a Bntlcr. it give* me pleasure to recommead to all tnclr o’fi cn«to toers thenew house of LAWRENOE.NFXSEN & BUT LER, who succeed them, and to assure them that their tntcmts wl.l receive the tame prompt attention here tofore given them by the late Arm. ■pvISSOLTTION OF PARTNERSHIP 1 J —The Ann of XdcBSZSB 6c PAT7Z.Z. Is lhl» day dissolved by mutual consent. Thebdtlnsss will hereafter be carried on by W. McBRIDE, Who will settle all outstanding claims doe by said hna, ana is authorised to collect all debts doe the Arm. S. W. MclißlDE. CEa w ‘ I’ic£L 1 ’ ic£L Koftrc to 2Tax Dams.

'V'OTICR—To the Tax Pnrcra of the Jo City of Chicago; For the purpose of citing the working classes and the mechanic* an opportunity to par ihdr City Taxes, and save their Utce. I shall Keep my Office ooen dorlng ’be Aircf r boms, ily office h'lurs win be,on and after MONDAT.Kovemba' 19th, 1£66, Iron 10o'clock a. m. to S o’clock p. m. A. 11. HRAi.n IQotcls. AMERICAN HOUSE. BOSTON. This tavorlte first-class Hotel, the largest in New England, offers unsurpassed acco mm editions to the ravelling pnbllc. LEWIS RICK, proprietor. banking. *k&*l.Cl3 gAVINGS BANK. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. THE MARIN E COMPANY OF CHICAGO. Net Assets over 8300,000. Oflco in their Building, 134 Uke-sL, cor. of LaSalle. Under special pronslons of their charter, allow in terest on depoou in savings department, and recelre mcncy in trust tor Investment. H ““ receiTS Drafts on Europe bought and sold. J-YOCSO SCAMMON, President. Rooxst RkiD, Manager. LIST OP LETTERS. iw»omii? l wJf BMA P iIXO UNCLAIMED IN THE as °» fctftteof Illinois,on tie Ist day -AF.' *T° obtain any of these letters the applicant must f»U for •AnraEnsm Laima.- else the date of this list, and pay one cent fcr advertising. C-o “If not called tor within osc nosrn. tier win be wnl to the Dead Letter Offlee, wlu “ladrmifled until they hare re mained in the office one week, and on Fridays and Sat iSS«iSc£rtS.“ I,ml,rt 1 ““ 1 *<* “• M*U‘r.i? u VhD ,et^?is t pl4inl /i 0 1* 10 ttrccl aad number, “ well as the Post Office ana State. • t- HEAD letters with the writer** Pour Omci and BTAre.ffrurCT and smo, sign them plainly with eormngly reqaeßi tta answ «r* to be so nr**«H^. Uer J ,oa^s?, i?. rtraosle3t visitors In a town “I bo unknown, should 111 ttC lowcr comer, with me word Dpjtage stamp on the vfpks sight rt »-»*vispaci between the stamp and mrowmtor roei-iusnaa wlthont inwrfirlng with DEQUE STtor the RETURN of a letter to “2 writer. If unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's sakz. Post Ornci acro*s the left band end of the envelope, on *• spiled withat thTSIS paw rate of pootage, payable when the letter la ddix wed to me writer.—{Sec. 28, Law of ista." .n T Free delivery of Letters to any part ot the city beHcmed by baying them addr£ued to the street LADIES’ LIST. Adams Jane mrs 2 Ailing Busle M miss Adams Mary TV mra Am ell L K mrs Adams Ada miss Antibos Jane mra "* i! *?!• Ansil Almda mrs Ab-ban EHcnmUs Appleby Hmrs ®ra Andrews Louise miss Alien Celia mUs ArmstrongM Amiss 4}* eo Lizzie ml« Arthur mrs Q AUMR ( S« ECILra At matrons Mattie M mrs 3 L S mrs *BUck S B mrs baker Mary L mra Boyce EinaK miss Baber Dclana mrs Bowers Miranda miu Henry C mrs Bowen Jerome mra nU!S? f Vi bo ?y axi,r * Brambaß Sarah E mUa SS? l ll?xS e w mn Branson Carrie M mra Ballart Flora mrs Bradley btreat mrs BamCarainemrs Lravcli Ellen SJUrST mrs Brand M mrs Baram Minnie miss Breed Llmie E mrs i rank mra Brewer Frank mrs Barnes Mary mlaa Brenalck Mary F Barnes Ann M a n Broughton Laura B mtis nKli.r 1 , ien m,fß Bruhstoa Ueanle miss Barrett Jane mrs Brocklns Mary L miss Barrows Louis* mrs Brown Mary £ mrs Bs. .on Cora B tnUs Brown Dolly n i rs . Brown Mary mra Besomont madame Brown A miss Beatty Sarah J mrs Brown Frank miss At e; t* Brown Sylvia miss Be.cen Ddia Ann mrs Brown Emms ratw «S»SA i, F B ¥ et Bulkier Same mrs ite-lville Lewis mrs Bulora madams ijlrhop Lime K miss Bucher Anastasia mra Bigelow cisrihsa rara Burton Ctsra 1J n>m Bithop Mary £ miss Bart Cynthia mrs Biihup A B mrs BurgerT O mrs Bickford Jennie tars DurkeEil*n B am Came mrs Burnham Mary Ann mri Bh.'e Laura M Bnttrtck Hat.le miss Blake Mary alas Burnet Julia wtw C Calkins Rhoda miss Coitea Flora miss Ceikics 3Ury A mrs Coe Clara miss Cnmhrrn Jennie miss Cockier Mary A C Campbell M a mra Comly Cildord mrs CampEiza D ulki Colter Sarah T Camplonmrs Colo LL mu Campbell Caroline L miss Colby A D mra Campbell Lina miss Column Mary mra Curitor. Lou miss Colter Mary mn t air Anno miss Cole LA tors Carr Eolti nits; ColehJur mn Cr.rroli Ads miss Cole Sarah A miss Carroll Nellie min Colehour Hannah mn Carter Wallace mrs Cole N W mrs Ca»lor Laois 1 miss Collins Ellen miss Cas<y Bridget mlra Colby Kmliy J mrs Chafce 6 Y mra Conner Mary *nn mi— Chapcll CaroUoe mn Condon Thomas D mn Cburcb suenn £ miss Conn PrisoUa mrs Cherrle EUxa mUs Connell mrs ChaseF Cons CoagertMarv *• JOSOUIP ari Soot. 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Wdr Eaton Jo“.ph W JrKdrldge D Ennis Patrick Eastman lleary FElliott ChasF Enwright .1K Eartman EbcnD Elliott Jas * Enstone Morris Eastman C A F.llcrson Harry Esnmy j p Eekley cnas Kills O’connerAcoEvans John P Edgexton L EllUonGeo EvansJasH EowanlaUobert Eili-on John A EvaosWruE Eawarda niehard catt Ewing Henry Edwards Thus R * Faber Henry II Pickett mr & mrs Ford O B Fahcc Patrick Fleirl John S Forster MP Fain George FtnkHenrr EA Forsyth * Fata* Fal.on Jobn Finnegan Thos J 2 sou' tanning John 3 Kinneran John Forsyth Chinnier Fanl Junta Finney L W Foseutl Mark !I t arlcy Charles n Fisher LG] Foster troWW Farley James C Fisher G Foster JF FUk Wcstly Foster AII Farrar Stephen A Fitch J M Foster George Farrar George B Fitzgerald John Fountain John Farrow Peter Fitzgerald J K Fowler Aim on Fassett ISUo 1! • Fitzgerald James Fowlc* John Favor Oils 8 Fitzgerald Dennis Fox Watson A Fawhrrv Tto* Fitzpatrick JolmTFrank Joe Fclch JII Fleming Archtble Frank* Edward G Felix Bcahunln F Fletcher TR Fra-cr A McLoodJ Fcilows Oliver Flldi Michael Fraser n Felt Deter A Flint D Freeman Frank Felton manager Flood Lake Freeman Haggles Ferguson Win U Florence George A & Crosby Fenm»cn John A Florence Chas W Freese N L FernaldCP Flower dr FrowoockWT Ferrall Wm K Foley Moses Fry Jolm 3 Ferrell Jamea D Foote E M prol Fuller bras Ferrln A D Forbes \v II Furlong TbM Ferry H S, Forbes A M Fyler Edwin W Person A J FomOS Gape a T Gln«on Joseph Graves J R GalligcrJoseph GlldcrslcevcLJ Gray Robert Galdm John capt Gill AsaG Gray Geo L Gamble John GUI B Gustavos Gray GW Gancy Jeremiah Gill Thos Grave C&co Gannett Edward Gill T P tireeden Nicholas Qancon ThoeHcd* Gll’csple M M Gregory Henry raond Gilley J E Green Asa Gano Harry C UllHganThos Green k Tmr or GardantJohnT Glllaly Michael tun Gardner rar 3 GlluartlnAndrewGreen Frank C Gardner Daniel Gilmour Albert Green Geo Garrett EM OlmbleMoses Green Sidney 8 Garvey Thos Gladwin A rev Green O D Oately Frank Gleeson Terrence Green J £ Gates FAA co Godfrey Mlcbatl Green J B Gates CO GoldburyWmA Green JE GatesDTV Oollhcr wm Green WR3 Gates Fnnk A 2 Gooding Blrnay Greenleaf Henry Gaogh&n Michael Goodoo Alex GreenleafZO 3 Gawn Jobn Goodrich ElizurT Greenwood Chas Geary J W GoocMlN GrecnwocdJoslah Gear C L Good.mlth Wm Greenwood W W GcnmJt Henry GoodwlnA KlnncyGrlffln Geo Gcmmcll John Gonld Geo P Grinin Cvros Germain Jb t.ou.illng C N GrlllittisSl II Gibbons Thos GraCom Alonso Grimes John M Gibbon* Joseph Graham Chas Grout JR Gibbs Reulwn F Grater Jas Grovcsnor E W GUiora Edmund Graulic Eddie R Grubb S G it col Granger Ben Ctlberi Chas J Grant F Gilbert WraE Grant CM Uromman * PTln- Gilbert Jolm Graves EH die Gilbert R j Haarvjgrar HcTcrnin Jos Holden Geo M Hamsworth F Helen Jos R Holden PS lintr W Ileimcs Sami L 2 Holland Jas Ualrgravc TVll* Hcmcnway w W Ilolilday s W Aco Ham Henderson JC Hollis TH Hale Thos capt Hollister OM Hale }* C Hcndrlrk E B holmes Henry B Halo AC Hendricks John J rev Han etas l(ttn«'SM.*yl‘atrlckno'!Des Frank Hall Darwin N Henning Frank FHolmcs R A Hall Isaac Henry Thos Holton Goo Hall John C Henry Allck licit L Hail chas A eon Henry A J Hooker JTV Hall Cas & nenton Wm TV Hootcn Wm UalsteoHrapt HrffernanJas Hopkins HC Hoisted CH Heron Jas Uopkloson Chas Ham David Hethenngton Ju-Uoring Julius Hamilton A H lion R Hamburger Wm Bamllton Wm Hcsket Samuel Bosford w F Hamilton Geo D HcwsWmH HoskrnCM Hamratii Wm He»sCU Hoskins mr Hammerburg HeylGeo Hoskins M^rrlt Godlrey lleywood PertcrHosslcr HAry Hammond Geo n P Hough Charles Hanehctt & TTalibHickcT Michael Hoiucbaa Jas Hancock K UlckcyJohn It Houston J T Hancock JP Ulckcy Stephen Howard Hubert liaoey r A 3 nicks Joseph Howard E major Hanks Walter Hickey Jaa Howard P Harden £fc] Hicks Geo Howard Cbas nardenhargbrWHlcksGeorcc Howard J C Hardy CbaaS Ulßklubotlum Howar«hJohnW BardylboeC .Tolm Howe JW Jr Harkln* Allck Bimbos Joslah Howe Clark Barllff F U Parker. Howe Patrick Harms Tfm T Biggins H J Uowcs John Harrier Henry Ulcgtfns Chai W Temple S Harrington D nrHlli A.trwiE Bobbill U& Harris Wm T Hill Henry Haber Sami Harris John E Hill Wn Hudgeons Wm Harris Sima Hill J C Hudson AS u-ttu uiiwt uiu« \j uuuvua a o Harris Edward Hill Jerry 27 Hudson Ul3 Harrlogtoo M HtUJX Hudson L Harrison Ihoe B Hill S W Uorlonn ilent col Hart C For HlidcbrnndLF HalseßMcapt Hart John Hlldman D K HnmlstonGeo Hartnng C E Hillman AnderionMampbrey John Hasbrook John J Hillock Isaac Humphrey Geo £ A Illllp Robert Humphrey* Wet Haskell Beniamin Hills Edward tiu&gcrford B Haskins G«*o n UlogothGeo Hunt Homer C Batkins Cbas E AHire A Hunt F C co HlreAlbertS Hunt Chas Hastings GregoryHoaclan J C ’Hunt tvra Hatch Durant Hcbbs Edward 2 Hunt Chas H Hatch C Hobart Chas G UonterßßS Haven Aaron Hoffman A bros 3 Hunting A broa Harvey A Hoffman B Huntington A J Hawkins Geo HoffordJotm Huutoon Frank Hayes Calvin Holbrook EdwardHontoon FT Hayes Jas A Huron F Q Uayctjohn Holbrook John U Hutchinson Edw Bayne John Holbrook A Flood or John Grayson HaynesJ D Holbrook .t son Hutchinson Ralph Hayward U D Holcomb A J Hutchinson Edw’d Hazard Omar HolcombFraakWHutton tv U H Hazel Geo Holden, Clark AHratt JohnG 2 Heartt Edwin Wllsoa Hvde Fitch Ul ai I. LM-1W ntuc Heath Wm 1) Bolden WUUam G 11; ait HenanD 1 Ingalls .T A LbcllWiiie lirlnJoha Ingham FA Ilham F tV Irwin ID Ingersoll F M Jackson Geo N Jobbett Thomas Johnston Sam*l Jackson James D Johnson Tbos L Johnston D H Jackson wuils G Johnson Sanford Jones William W Jameson BonE Johnson Rltchard Jones O James BB JohnsouArdrewOJones W WJr Jefferies E A Johnson John A Jones dr LN Jefferson Samuel Johnson James A Jordan Wm K JeunerML Johnson H Jordan A Joses Jennas dr D Johnson Fams- JosllnAlexD Jerome Chaunccy woithAco Jorce William Jlmnettjo Johnstone JB Joyce A co K Kaln Henry Kenedy PJ KlagCH Kean Thomas Kent La man B KingsouryA Mer* Keath W K Kenny Robert chant Keeler Kerman Kerr, Doughty AKlnsey A London Keeiy Dr Leslie E Lapham Rlr&y Wm H Keenan Doth Ketchcll Dr Kirk John B Keenan A FlnleySKeve* JS 2 Klttreire Henry Martin RyenonChms U Kelley JD Kimball Martin Knapp B Kelley A S f KtnertonKC Knlcscrbock Har- KeillsWM Kite William ,nson Kellogg Myron King Wm J KclmGeoW Kellogg A Good-Kirg Johnny KnigbiFW Ing Kina Joseph L Knight Samojl Kcmball George KlcgJ Gno Knott Stephen Kcnly D F King Sattee Knozelton Wm Kennedy Wm S King David LaeyF Leonard Iraß LnrdQP Ladd Arthurs Leonard Ira Lord FA dr Lahey Patrick Leonard JB Lord Chav U Labor Frank loonord Jceeph Losee WiUett Lamb J A Leonard D4MO Los ey Fred c Lamb John Leraenrlng Wm MLoton Frank L LambcQ J3l Le»llo Cbarla 0 Loach J B Lamentßearr Levlcgs Homer Lons HD Landa Franks 1-cwis.TohnC Lowe Joseph P Landoa T VaUlog’Lldell Wm H Lowell Chas E lord A co LlddyPJ LowrieJohn Laagstaffjohn IdcdseyEA Loyd John A Laos liter L Linton Henry H Loyd A Smith Lapbam EH A L Linton Henry c Logan Michael Large Charles B Listen Bex ryD Lucas Robert J-ateeUesCharleaMUppcncolUeromeLThaon Wm H Lathrojp 1> dr Lleton Maurice Lvfbrd n a Lawn Henry Loter Benjamin Lyman JosS Lswwa Ceorgeß LltchcrbCßtr Lyoun Wm & M D mrs TT— Florence miM G EXTLETI EX’ 9 LIST. Chittenden GII Coot Albert G Cultten Geo W Coon C U Gruaslnger C S Guthrie 11F law John 8 Chas T Lynch John Lawrence J N Livingston HenryLviin ABtlrmel LawrenceG F Uoroßjenard LyonAHico Lawrence David Lock William Lyon Geo p Lawson I w-ge Thomas T.youPß Lnwscn JoUua LougOF Lyon John Lawson Tnomai Long J Worley Lvons Jerome Leach John Longfellow J LionsJDAco LcClvre Ernest LoomU James Lyons Terreal Lewis Josephs Loi eh Lewis Livingston A J 91 Maguire O F Mendenhall T FdrUooaer Christ Mssrath.lT Mcrrt&m A Cosh* Moore wm Macrath Thomas Ing - Moore Mathew Mahcney MichaelMctzrerWll MooreLnmaa Mah'Hfj Blmon MicnamEH. WooreJobnD Ma oy A J Mlchei Albert Moore Edsoa Malloy H| Mlckow Geo Moore Chas Mallory WA_ MldnetMlrhael Moore Aco Manley Geo F Millar UM Moran Tbos Manley Jas W Miller Adam Morgan Henry M Mann John MlUerAdr Morgan HO Manama 9 H col Milter Chat Morgan David W Martonlj L MuierS Y a Moms Mites Harsh JRAeo Miller WaD Morris* WmE Marsh Chas H Milter wS 3 Morriseld CB Marsh Tyler Miller WH Morrtgwv\umtl Marshall Sydney Miller Louis Mormon A H J Mills WB Monon Andrew B Marshall Ore WlllsPobertA Moitoffi MartinßF' Mlllspangh C. Moses Luther T Marne SB MilnerD£ MoaSjoo 1 Martin Lp Milan James Mountain Thomas Martin John M F Miller John Aco Mowry wiuum C Martin A Bro Minard Beniamin Mnltord Geo o MarrlnJohnC Miner £O3 MallaloyJE3 Mas* Joshua MinlerTL UullaleyJ Mason Tho# Minon Peter Muznftrd Wm R Mason Geo TV Mlntcr Wm Mann Wm Maturr Wm Q Mires John Monson WC ' Mather GUI Mitchell L C Monz Slmoa Mathews Wm Mitchell JooitthanMnrphy Nicholas Mathias David 8 Mitchell Jas t Morphy Jas Matlacfc A Noe Mitchell A Murphy Mirhyrt MattescnWp Vlichell A W Murphy John Mattson lip MlxierTWAco Murray Patrick Mangir James Mogaa John Murray Uarnsy MzngtrJa* A sooSMolony John Murray Tho* N MarsbnOgeJ Mrltby H B Murray Jas Mayo John Monaghan Daniel Murray w Mead Amos P rev Montague P P captMuzzy S R capt MradN iiontcrmuy Myers KB Meeks G TT Johnle MygattEOdr MfndcrrrcflAbpoaMPttigemtry Ell Manning E B MeicerAH Moon Don L McCabe Thomas McDonald Johnß Mclnenhey Mlch'l Mclieih Wm McDonald JohaC Mclver Alex McCaffrey John McDoweDThos McKenna Patrick Me r arty J j McDonnell Sandy McKenna John MCnulcy Daniel Archy McKendrick John Mccianather Lo- htcOcnonsb F McLean Wm ..VH McUarry Daniel McLeod Wm McCUUacdThosSMcGovcru Bcr- McLerawJß McClareMoseF w nard McMahon Michael McCiure J E A co McGovern Ja» McMahon Danis! Hn J&. McGovern John McMela Samuel McColllstcr CE McGrave Henry S McMillan Th« McCorey F G McGraw Edgar S McMurrayTuoe3 McComae D W McGrath Michael MrMuray Robert , Lon McGrath A Rian McMurtyJohn McCormick Tho# McGregor GsoD McNamary An- McCowenJohnC McGnlrcH thoay MtOvary Wm McGalrel*etcr McNevlaJ McCurdy Daniel McOalrftJas McF.iv Wa J McDonald PairickMcHogh John MeWlulama John McDocaldGco Mclnncrney Thos Ucipi McDonald O Nagle Michael KlcholsKT NortoaGcor«A Nason John D NichoUon Robt Kottins Bernard Nelllgan LTaecls capt Noyes U j NeliUan Wm C Nlckersr n John Nove« George M Neills OP Mcklin Edwin NorcsChasF N 1 lien Tho* Nlmmo Josephlf Nuftr W F Nelson clandins Nixon DK Nugent Henry Neversß Noble Robert Nutnng Allred L Ncwtcrry taw-NoUa Mkhsel Noy Edward 3 tence KorrlsJW Nyman mr Newell JF Norton JO O'Brien John O’Hara £baa Olmsted Mn 3 O’Brien Michael O'Hara A Byrne OimitedHß O'Brien W F O'Hcrron John Organ W P O’Brien Edward O’Eeffe Dan Orton H D O’Brien Patrick O'Malley (lias Oiborn Geo W O'callagban Wm O'Marah Micba?! O.«hom Hoary 3 O Callaghan J W O’Nlell Terrence Osbourn LO Jr O’Rlelly Farrell Uscaoyan C O'Day Jmoish O'Shnn Thomas Osgood Geo □ O'Donnell Daniel Oats Robt_ Ott C rev O'Dowcd BernardOber Ja* K dr OratMt R Q 5 O’Qredty Bartieiwleou A Sons OwersDC P Packard J W PelardJohnP Pioneer John p*xe Geo Pcmbletoa W s Platt LB A bro* FsgeJC XtennockDH Plummer Gran- Page John B rev Pcirson Andrew vlUo F Pam Charles Perralne>lonathaoPollock Thomas Fanner R B Perkin* N P Pond Henry H Paine Samuel C Perkins A U Pope JohnT Parcels Walter HFcrkluS David C Porter Thomas Parker Chas H Perkins HG Porter Duff Parker Chas J Per lam A co Poaey Gw D Parker B C Ferro John P Potter Wm D Park* Geo D Perry WmT Powdl John Parka A J Perry John R Powell XI a PanttnlcrPQ Perry Silas Q Power* Wm B Parser Elam D Pemer T U Power Joba Paraona Jotm D Peierkin James rowers Ch*» S Peter* JqKq Powley John 113 . con H WntiitGeorg* PratxJosepbG capt pbelpsWU Preble E i. s co Patieuon E C Phelps W E Preacou D li 2 Patterson W L Phillip* O S Preston John Peabody LC PbllllpsGeoS Preston Smith Peabody u B PbUllpsFredL Price OJ Pearce Jobn D PnmneyJA Priest R H Pearsons EamuclPldtmfy Theodoref rjor Jowph P major W Prodmau FC Ftartens WUllardPlatt Chat Prouly A Librlfca v '«« John P Pickle* Samuel Prior Samml F v bram Pigol William PalsifcrGooW p C e?k name J l&£, Ward Peck WII Qnlao M __ ** ' T Ramaker Btnry RlchairtsonGeoLßoUo Wm Mol Rathbun Dkk G Bkliardson Alien Rood Archa Haw lit* Isaac U . Locke Root OS Raymond Tno* 2 Richardson M Rorebeck Ed/rar Read John M Rldtr George Rocry Silas O {leaves H T pro!3 Rlcley Prank Ro>e •* F Ru ler Edward Rllev Patrick 3 Rose ILB Headan Michael Uancforth U RcssJks RtdyearnUE RcuehanJa* Roth Paalcl Kcese Wm R King James M Rowo Chas A Leed Geo M Hltcble C F Rvwlanl Peter J ReganWm RoachJames2 Rowley CM Kelly MG Road* Jo>.>ph Knd'ly Geo Rlcilr Thos Itobcrt Wm S 2 Rudolph Jcha Remington Loren-Koborts Jolm L Roger Wm 20 U Roberts Jobn Roger* John 3 RrnUJ Ruins Robert* Ctua Ruudell c Risen Wm Robertson Fred Rumllctt Jas Reynolds Jos II Robertson WJ Rush Burner Reynolds Albert Koarh Michael Kusreil Ehn l „>* _ RobbinsLonl* H Russell Samuel BeytoldsPearson Roblusen Jobn Uos>eliso ,. _ . Brnry RusscllJamcs Reynold* John 51 Robinson Cm J Russell John Reynolds W Matt Robinson J H Russell Jolm S Rhodes Richard b Koblmou Johnny Ras«cll mr a H'ce B H Robinson W P Ryan Thomas R chJohndr Rockwell FM Ryan James Richard John E Rockwell Geo Ryan Patrick 2 R, 1 / bards JG Rodgers Terry lace CL Richards 1) BJr Rcthxlg FLC dr Rose Geo Sampson Chas Shoemaker Aco Spring Edward J fcunborndr Shorn Charley F spring mr rev Sanders JobnM Simmon* Thos Springer Frank A Sniders Patrick Simmon* John 3 Squires H W Sanderson Leroy Simmons A J Stacy WB Sand* c B prof Simpson Wm Stailord A Harris bands O Sinclair Ja* u stailord lleur Sanford Hanson J bkmup Sami stall Arthur 3 Saunders CF or jakitllngton Malt swnnns R G D Konkin Skinner EF StanstllJß Saunders Arthur Slater;Christian Stapleton Jobn Savage C A bllngerland Wm BstaUer S A hro* SaxbyßoAco Sloan H L Staoghton Neville Saylor O R Sloan Bclt 3 stave Henry Scales Chas Small Geo Steele A Pros ScoLeM A bros Smaller WmJ Steele A Alvord Scofleld Cyrus Smiley DcwittC Stela Wm Sco lan Patrick Smith A G Stephen* Herrick Scolllan Simon Smith AC St'vcn,Edward SVtt A Chilian Smith Alvarado Stevens F a Seott JohncaptJ Smith Chas F Steven* Francl* A Scott Harwell Smith Frank Stevens Luther E Scribner S A Smith S N Steven* J S A co seamen J Smith Sanford rcrStavensm S §*•'7 \altoas A Smith Gm Stevenson Jas Seeley Jacob Smith G Nclaon Srevcas Wm 112 SeidanJolmU „ rev _ Stewart John H<mry Smith Henry V Stlccbttrid Je:e- Sclllck J D Smith J M mUh fcerlcy Wm E Smith Jerome A Stine A SswaldßC Smith JP Jr SfittTW Sewell B C Smith John Btltuin Jerome B Sewell it A Smith Lnrenro M Stockhrldeo Willi sbafler JotnD SmithWl) StockineDA ' Shaffer J 5! Smith Mo«ely StoueClt shafler Merrill J SmytbeThosß stone John Stoneberger Jas U Shannon Alex ■ Snowden A Ott Stouffer C R Shannan John L Snyder, Uarrla A Slouch UaulelS ShatJey Frederick Baarett Stout Andrew Ehattick L Llleut Snyder LA dr Storey Albert Shaw W m Steel Snyder Michael Straight laaac shaw Peter Snyder A D Stnckler A co Shaw PanlclC Solomon Nathan Stack Geo gi-aw Joo Soule John SturvenlEEH ShlelPß SoulhwcilJolmWSwUacocGcaG EheldcnOW Soyer Will Sn'llvanPatrlcxH Sheldon Henry D S;anldmg Leo- Sullivan Aco Shepard N rev nard Sumner Goo It Shepherd 7 \V eldSpesre SLR Sumner A Sheppard Thos B Spencer.! F Sutherland D W Sheppard JU A Spencer Frank Sntbcrland John II „.co Spencer Erastns Swafford-It Kdf Sheridan Hugh SpiccrNF SwalnEDcol U . Bplcgle Joseph Swan ASynstwllb Shi.ton C A Sptuß A Sweetman Geos Shipman EA co Sprague CH Swift Joba Selovcr John Swift A Tabor Milton Thompson Chas Townsend HcnryC Tatcott LS £3 Townsend Geo TacottJaaH Thompton Chas Treat** Jobo Taiwan OF rev Thompson R CdrTripp A Brown Taylor Dcnj F Thompson Frans Tripp Thomas Taylor Geo s Tompkins Wtn Trost J A Taylor Thos B Thorn KM li Troxel Jacob W TaylorJ D Thraccr David True, Wolcott A Taylor JohnH Thurman Marldy co Taylor Wm Tlmnnan K TmeJ O Terrel] Ed Tice John It Trnesdell O Terry OWJ Tice Lewis Tubtw jj c Terry Martin Tierney Mathew Tuck Edward Thayer RS Aco Ttlden JohnH Tucker Horace Thayer Thos B 1 l.dcn C C Tucker Thlsdon D Thole Chas Timlin .Its J Tucker Sylvester Thomas GL Timmons fraadsTullls C E Thomas Joseph Tlnkham II J Timlin Jas Thompson Thos STlnkey .Tames Titpper Ransom capt Tltcorob Frvdt 11 Thompson ftPrlceTobla* Henry Turner Donley Thompson CM A Toby F B Tuthtil Albert G CO Tocqcivllle Eu- Tonic W F Thompson WB gene Trier Geo F Thompton John MTodd hros A Joj- Twcbooae Angus- Thorn non John 2 tee tos Thompson God* Tower it S fred Todd, Wells A co rbi w.t UnksHS Underwood Free-Undcrwood John manE M V Van Barca Abra-Vacy John VibertJO h*ra Vaughan Jas W Vincent Platt F Van Front AC Vecuer Peter Voorh-*es John Van Houtcn Wm Vlan Edward Vrooman J U W Wagner PII Weston c H Willard Geo Uacoptr Htnry Weston das Wiillard * Bellry WaitWmD Weston Jno Wiillard S « A co WuitcFP WtTtnte&HtgbeoWllliams WD4 Wullbrldgu MlloMWtiherbce S J J UMecper Wa’k.J W Wlialen Joseph WilliamsTnoa B Walker Robert H Wheatcn Welling* 3 Walker Lucas P ton Williams UP Wall John Wheaton W Williams J.I Wallace Jesse "Wheeler ww Williams OF Wallace Wm WheelerChascaptVllilaras John E Walls John R Wheiltr Theodore wnijs Wm W Walpole WB F Wjlsc Tnos WalfhJas B Wheeler FT Wilson Sam Ward Timothy Wheeler Harvey SWllsoa John Ward J A co Whelan Jnnu WtisonßßM Ware J M prof Whlcher William Wilson Richard Wane, L'htevcr AWhlpple SytvestcxWilson C C co It Wilson FrinkM Warner Chas WhUcomhHow'rdwnsoa w a Washbcrce SamlWhiienil Wilson H F Washington Oco White Frederick Wilson j K W&spl brands White James Wilson Jas Waterman C A White John D Wilson Wm WaterboaseJT White Jonas Wilson Geo W Welkin Robert White Wm capt Wilson Saailer Watson liobt While S Harry 2 WlnboltEdward B Watson Geo Wnltebrns&co WinchellJasß > Watson Jas A White, BUUngslceWlnn T D Watson W A Aco Winslow C A Watts J W White Chas B Winslow FW Wayne Alex C 3 Whltchouse John Winslow JlenryW Wcore John Wtnteley JobnQUWintoa A Janes WcathcrbeeJ Whitley Geo w wixon Peter Weaver DH Wnitney Hiram Wo is Si Weaver Add Whitney A Faulk-Wood Jas & co Wtbb Emmer ner Wood A N A co Webber A Coe Whitney Wm C Wood mr Webster AB 3 Whitney David Wood Jack 8 Webster Howard Whitney B 8 Wood G B dr Weed Guv C 2 Whittier,MltchamWo.-d Thomas WccdenChasF A co Wool G U WcekaJFdr Wicker T D Woods Geo Weeks Geo M Wick* Charlie Woodier Fraoela Welch CC WlcnpCF Woodward A N dr Well Charles WssEene,Br»dfon3Woc>dw'anl Pat- W'ella W C A co 27 letters rich wen* W Wilber E A Woodworth E S WOla commissloaWiTbnm A Wocsey F merchant WllcoxCA Worden AD Wcscotr BB Wilder Jacob World C Wtslev U J a WllerjohnF Worthington WII West Harrison P Wilhlns Alfred WrayWlJ Weston John Wilks Stephen WrightJoslah W Tewy Ephraim Tonne Wm Tork Zcchsriih TccngWH Young J C Ycrc&CowieJ WISCELLANE' ABC Palmist Cor Sect AWLS President of the North Editor the Lender SlarMlalneCo Editor the 'Westers Bin- ProprietornMofrcll’iMae* ncr sedc Field Heitor Boise Journal Proprietor 6u Nicholas FMPT-T-T Hotel HI State Sanitary Cornells' Plncheon'a varieties lion A Claim Depart' Reporter (PaDlisherj nan SAG International Musical As- Feet Oriental Lodge No S 3 societies Sect ExcelsiorLodjeNoK JUS Secor's Han't Sump Co J (t A Union Coil £ Oil Co LCL Westers Dinner ICS LETTERS* £3 Bine Island 153 Lain at 117 and U 9 Ocmsllc at K LW jrtw country Style Joor- HOLLANDS!: BRIEF, From November 19fh till November 26 tb 1866. 50— Peter Detairble 39—Paul Freese 51— Clans Chauseen CO—Clans Johnson 52 EevUH D*Game «—FSchact 55—Theodore Rlaaaen »a—□ de Tonne st—J rer Weer 63—Peter Peters 55—Mr Boltz CsWacob Dntmer 36—Rev T Deßlelct fix-JacoM Wertman 57—Jan Eenn 66—Jon Ectse Como sS—Jean Kobbcls —Office open mm the Ist ol April to the Ist of No vember, from till 7.2 p. m.; from November Ist to April Ist, from 8a m. till. p. m. The vestibule will remain open until 9 o'clock p, m. On Sundays from 9 v a. m. till 10 ami. R. A. GILMORE, P. M. iJusincßss orathg. QEsT, BATTEN &"CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants, Wo* 50 AlcGaa-st*, BetweenFandG-sts-l DENVER, fOLO«*nn. TyKESSED HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Fnmlshtd gratis. Highest market prices guaranteed. Prompt returns made. Cotrespocduece solicited. REDMOND A CO- GeaT Com*n Merch'ts. SS Wsidsgtoiwl n Chicago, ILL Special 'Notices. The foliovvfofr-editorial concerning Dr< James, of 93 Randolph street, Chicago, ni n Is from the Memphis Bulletin, of November IL 1356; Location.—There ate few physicians JamM wbo £* Te , 90 extendve a practice as Dr. wiSfviJ. Dl > wsg formerly connected lnSeroJi?s?» i v! , . plta ii >f?,ewortefta *' and ranks high ‘5?. Profession which ho has throu-h IftEL* I ***. P 3 £im « *»“ cone abroad rariA ol a ?V I PaUenU come trom all PQiJUshed a new and S^whShS2^r^ e i l- s no,rnwor »* The Moot. S': j JffiSmsg&S?a;S3 JiSS'SSS" at liU ctEca daily, from 9 la the morning tm ?K evening.” The above la one of the mary notices Dr.' James has received trom the press of the South, la which section of the country he is weQ knows, from sa extensive piactice ot IS years In New Orleans. THE MONITOR, a complete history ol Secret Dis eases, with directions and prescriptions (br seif-treat ment. containing, also, a trcaUio upon female dis eases, can be had by addressing Dr. James, P.O. Box 696, Chicago, EL, enclosing 50 cents, with lour cents for postage. Dr. James canto confidentially ccnsnlted at bis office and: parlors, 93 Kindolph-BL, corner ol Dearborn, from 9a. tn. to Bp. m Sundays during the fbrenooa. Hofttctter’a Celebrated Momaob Bitten. REAP E. D. E. N. SOUTHWOimrS LETTLH. Psoeract Corrxoe, Gxoegktuwx. d. ) Hems. Hoetetter a Smith: April M, 1336. J Oectlemen-Il drum pleasure to add my testimo nial to those of others in favor of your exc-l:-at prvpi. ration, several years 01 residence on the banks of a Southern river, and of close application to literary work, had so thoroughly exhausted my nervous sy»tem and undermined my health, that I had become a mar tyr to dyspepsia and nervous headache, recurring at ebon Intervals, and dcfyii gall known remedies la ihe Materia Medica. I had come to tho conclusion that nothing but a total change ofrcei-iencs and pursuits would restore ray health, when a Wend recommended Hosteller - * Bitters. I procured a bottle aa an experi ment : it required but one bottle to convince me that 1 had found at last the right comblnat'.rn of remedies. Tne rt lief it afforded me has been complete. It Is cow some years since I first tried Hostetler's Bitters, and It Is bat lust to say that 1 have found t-.c preparation all that it tdalms tone. It U a Standard Family Cor dial with ns, and even as a stimulant we lice It setter than anything else; but we use it la all nervous, bu llous and dyspeptic cases, from fever down to tooth ache. If what I have now said will lead any dyspeptic or nervon* Invalid to a sure remedy, X «fraii have done some good. 1 remain, gentlemen, respectfnily yours, E.D.E. N. SOUTaWOKTH. Tlarrtage and Celibacy An Essay of Warning and Instruction for Tcnng Men. Also, Disease* and Abuses which prostrate the vital power*, with sure means of relief. Sent free of charge tnsealiHJ letter envelopes. Address Dr. J.URILUN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia. Pa. Prepared Oil of Palm and Bnccj For preserving, restoring and beautifying the hair, and U the most dsdghlftii and wonderful article the world ever produced. Ladles will find It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article for the Toilet, as It is highly perfhmed with a rich and delicate perfume. Independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and Mace. Tsx MarTXL or_Pntn—A now7aad .beautiful per fume, which. In delicacy of sccat and the tenacity with which it clings to tho handkerchiei and person, is une- qualled. Tb« above article* fbr tala by all Druggists and a , tamers, at $1 per bottle each. Sent by w tn y addreas by the proprietors, T. W. & co 100 Liberty-sk, Sew Xqik. sale by J. a. KEED & Chicago, U A Valuable medicine. M Dr. Poland’s White Pine Com pound, advertised In our columns, la a succvssfdl attempt to combine and apply the virtue* of the White Pme Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by people to this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has tc-tlmoclvls of 13 value trom penoi s w ell known to our citizens. We recommend tt# trial in all those cases of disease to which It Is adapted. It la for ca!e by all our drug gists.”—lK. Y. Independent, The Great New England Remedy! Dr. J. W. Poland’s WBITEPINE COMI*OUND Is new offered to the af flicted throughout the .country, after having be:o proved by the test of eleven years in the New RnglaaJ States, where Its merits have become as well known as the tree flom which. In part, it derive* its vlrints. The White Pine Compound enre* Sore Tliroat, Coldf, r r v Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Splmct of Blood, and ccugr*,. --dioiia general.y. It is a remarkable I Tuoonary A*>. ''mplalnu, Diabetes, Dltflcnlty ot rcmedi for major x. ■„ the Kltt Ind BljJ. VoKlc* Urine, EltcUcsrr.- For PUee end Sent dvr, Gravel ana other complaint*, vy it will be found very ralnable- a Give it a trial If yon would learn the value w. * and tried medicine. It Is olcafaat, sate and tors. Soldhy Druggists and Dealer* In Medicines gene* rally. The Gorham TXanufacturins Company, SUveismllhe,of Providence. R. L, l:form the trade that tb»y are producing flue EIiTtTD-p’ateil Goods, com prising lull Dm: cr and lea Services «n i Table Ware of every description, of a verv snpenor qnalltv aid ol new ana elegant designs, the base Is Nickel silver, upon whl. h Is a deposit ot Pure Silver ol such thick ness that they possess all toe advantages ot solid sliver in utility, and from beauty ot design and superior On kb arc andisUnguisbabte from It. mm m. 4wiw4i.|.kEwmi;ic i.vm lu The Gorham Manufacturing Company refer with con fidence to the high reputation thevhave establt-hed In the production of Solid Silver Ware, in which they have been for many year* nnsngeC, and they tow as sure the public that they will folly sustain mat reputa tion by the production of Electro plated Wares of such quality and extreme dnrabidty as will insure entire tatisfacUonto the purchaser. All eruclis by tn.m are stamped thus: cO *IUMMPc,. o And all such are fully guaranteed. They I eel it nece*- *aiy paitlcuiarly to call the aitm.lnn ot purelLaer* to the noovc trade-mark, aa their design* have been al ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from rejpoailDlc dealer* throughout the country. If oar Destiny* Gcodorevll? Arcyan to rise to eminence, hoacr, wealth anti power, or arc you to sink into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not to be, that’s the question." All this, and your future prospects in Ike, can be dearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. Uo can win tor yen the alßfetlons of the opposite sex. He guides you to wealth, eminence and a happy maniocs, lie snides yon to health, even when you are given np, m incurable, by others. Call attjlU East Mvilaou-eL, between Wells and Franklin (op stairs). Chicago. Consultation Ibe, One Dollar. Or. Louis Saajrcr, Regularly Qualified Physldan, can be dally consulted at Ids office, 99 Randolph-«t., on affections of the Rid* ncys and Bladder; also, on Chronic, 2Tc.*voas, Private and Female Disease. Office hours from 9a.m. to 9 m.; Sundays In the afternoon. Give him a call. Batchelor's Hair Dye, Theßeft In the World! TTarmleas. reliable. Instanta neous. The only perfect Dye ! No disappointment— lo ridiculous tints. Signed. Wu-uau a lUiciikwr, Nrw York. Also, REGENERATING EXTiIACf OF MILI.K-FL£tlßS—restores, preserves and beautifies the hair, hold by all Druggists. de9al9G-ly Dr. Tlioduar, Proprietor of the Medics’ and surgical Icslltnte, 17S feautb Clark st-bagtrcated all lorm< of vetiereal ills* case with nnprecented success far nearly ;orty years, speroiotorrbma and impotence treated with the hap piest tesnlti. Particulars of the restitute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72. Cnl case. 111. , Dr. Bigelow* Having the confidence o! the pnMicaud the medical laciilty at large, Is the most reliable physician in the city for chronic nervous and teruil diseases. Call at his office, 179 South Clnrk-st.. corner of Monroe. Hoomssep trite. Consultation free. P. O. Box I.VI. uis guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any addrets. Pnbllalier* of Netrspapcrs May send a specimen paper, and their rates of adver tlflne, pit annum.lorone column, payable quarterly In advance, with the number of miles the place ol pno> llcatlon Is from Cldcago. Address DU. RAPHAEL, Box 6275. Chicago. lU. jLcgal. \\T HEREAS, Samuel J. Walker, oi the T V city oi CottPctcn. SUte of Kmiucsy. by hit mortgage deed, dated the first day of M»v, A. D., tsfe. and recorded In the Recorder’* Office of tae County a Cook, and State cl lUlntlo, In Beck 34 cf Mortices a. page all, convey-d to the und'H-! jnM, Fb'.be fl. Weiti ot PerMv acd Stats of Illinois, the following described real estate, tp-wit; Hart of me rent east quarter of mo tton six (6.) in towns tnpthlrty-*igtit fifi.) north ot rants fourteen (U.) east of the thud principal meridian, do* scribed as tallows: commencing at the northeast cor* ner of the northeast quarter cl said section thence south along the east ucecf said quarter sectlos one hundred and sixty fIM) rods to the south line a •aidquarter section: thence west ataac said sonfhUat fifty (»> rods; thence norm oc a line parallel with the east Hoe oi said quarter secucr one hundred sad sixty (lbC> rcd.% to the north Unc of said quarter Section; tb*-nce erst along said north Hue to the place tf begin ning-containing (SC) acres. Said mortgage deed bay* me been given and mode lor tns purpose ot sccurim the payment cf three notes, of same date as said mortgage dtea, tor the sum cl twenty eight hundred and ihrtj-three ora S3K-lUO dollars (SigjSUbX.) each bearing Intero»t tl the rate ol six pc cvntper annum Bern date, ai.d pava&le la one, two one three years, rwpecavely, from date. Whereas, default haring been male In the payment cr said note due In oce year from date, to ktt: on them day cfMsy, i«C6; thtrttote, nctscs is hereby rivet that L under and by virtue of the power vested In mi by sold mortgage deed, have elected tc declare all a: said promiseary notes now due and payable, together with the loterat thereon, and that I. by myseli. arcs: or attorney. wi;l sell theaho'.cdefcrlheipremlscf, at public auction, at the Court Ucu*e doc:, ft the city o: Chicago, County of Cook, for the purpose ot paying al of said protnueorynotewasd interest, oc Monday, the third day of December. A. D, ISW. *t ten o'clock a. su cisald day, PfIEBE fl. WEIBS, Mortgagee. TSID-Sp-sp-ex dfinc jfurmture. J£L£GAOT FURNITURE. GEO. J. EENKELS, LACY & GO., 13TH AND CHB3TXUT-ST3., PHILADELPHIA. We hire s suite of Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted And tarnished complete as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Purchasers can see bow a suite of laralture will an pear in their house, and can from thes* rooms, makes tetter selection than they can irom furniture promts* cocsly placed in large ware-rooms. ISctD ffitblicatums, REBATES -OF CONGRESS. The Debates ol Congress lor the Second - Session of the Thlrtj-sinth Congress, Will be published as usoaL Cocgrevslonal Globe and Appendix *3J» Dally Globe jjx) Debates In nil in either edition. Address p. ± j. HIVES. Washington. D. C. Steamboat at Suction rj'HE STB AIM BOAT CITY OF CLEVELAND, FOR SALE, AT AUCTION. The owners ol the steamboat City of Cleveland bake engaged In bonding a larger steamboat, for the Detroit and Cleveland Line, will offer the steamxiat city ol TWN ** d » bcr CQtUpmcata, fbr sale, AT AUC- At the Wharf of Keith dr Carter, foot of frheiby*at, Detroit, ON THE TWELFTH (12lh) DAT OF DECEMBER KENT, AT 3 O’CLOCK P. M. Said steamboat was bull: in 1536. baa a very superior Jow-pafisuroengine; her cvlloder and steam ctmts were new In ISC; cylinder3o Inches In diameter, and 13 feet stroke. Doth ot her paddle-wheel j were bull new this season. Her ont&t is full and complete. KEITH As CARTER, Agent* De troll. Nov. 33d. ISCS. •vrOTICE—Tne Partnership heretofore !v| fainting between SMITH & PHILLIPS at 23R East Baadomhsu, u this day dissolved hr mutual consent, Chicago, December 3,ISW, p. h. smith. C. A. PHILLIPS. - •3 fElehtcal. g C HEYCK’S. ‘ : : > PULMONIC SYRUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, ICATJDRAKB PILZ.S. THE HISTORY DFT)B. SCHENCK’B OWN CASE: AN© HOW UK WAS CURED OF CONSUMPTION. Many years ago, while residing la Philadelphia, I baa progressed gradually into the last stage of pul monary Consumption. AU hopes of my recovery be ing oimpated, I was sorbed by my physician. Dr. Parish, to remove into the country, sioorestowo. Jf. J„aboatnlßemUcsdistant,being mynitlvc place. £ was rumored thither, occupying two fun days in the transition. Mr lather and ail tus faoLy bad lived amt died lucre—slu died of Pulmonary Consumption. On my arrival atMoorestown 1 was puttoh-.d, where I lay for many weeks In what was deemed a hopeless condition. Dr. Thornton, who had been myLsthcr’s rf“ u r PhjilcUa. and bad attended him in his last ill tailed to tee me. He thougat my case entirv meat aft 1 lt . e tvach of medicine, and decided that I rai oniu? Iia ** Te one week to arrange my tetepo heard at the rV 1 11:18 appmntly hopeless ccnd tiaal Uiv “ ,chl O°»®iSe«> d sell. Is ISiMMtotnre VSSSi*them working their way, every tcrre,flbre and tUsneof my My lungs and liver put on * re — ftnrt th( , bid matter, which hnd tor yAn?^??. 0 3fJip5 tated the different organ* of th-» w the tuberc'cs on my lungs rlp»-cM?5’-.* »• from my longs as much mw«ofi»iw o ir.MWe matter As this ter sob»lded. the lever abated, tne pain lea me. me cough ceased to harass me, and the ni '&t sweats were 10 locrcr Lnown. ana Ihad sleep, to which I hao long been a stranger. Mvaotvi nte now began to return, and at cult to restram myerlt them eating too m ich. With this return < f health £ gained In strength, «ort cow am f eshy. lam cow a healthy man, with a large healed cicatrix in the mlodle lobe of the right lung and tbs lower lobe cepatlzed. with complete adhesion of the rdeura. The i-ll long Is sound, and tho upper lobe of the right one is in a tolerably healthy condition. Comumptlon at that time was thought to be an incurable rtl-ease by every one, physicians as well a* those who were unlearned in medians—cape cl ally uch ca?es as were reduced to the condition I was In. ibis IcCcccd many pecpie to believe my recovery only temporary- lu-.w prepared and gave medicines to consumptives for some lime, and made man* wonder dcraml increased so rap mV that I uctcrmiLed to 1 i!«t them to the pnhllc. and devote my undivided attention to turg dl?ea*cs. In truth. I was next to (breed to U. f r people would send for me, Mr acc near, to ascertain whuhir their cases weie Ills «« or^!^7 c . a l ß V ,3<, ?^ nactloa wlttl “f Principal office In I biu ldphla. 1 have been making regular pro- JeteloialvisltstoNew York, Boston, Baltimore ami ntuouruh. F<t many year* past, 1 have male as many as five hundred exsnlnalicna weekly, with tha -Itespirooie- Kft’’ F«r such eian-iuatL-s* my charrels nv c dollars, and U enables mo to give each patient the true condi tion of his ciscase, and tell aim tranfcly whether he wIU get well. The great reason why physicians do not cure Coo sumpuen la, that they uy tido too much; th:y giro tntniclncs to step tee cough, to stop the night sweats, hectic and by so doing they derange tho whoin rt,g«iive system, locking up the secretions, and even tually tie padentdie*. ThcfuimonlcSyrnp Is one ofthe most valoabia modidnes known. It unutrient, powerful!v tooic,aad healing la luelt. It contains no opium, yet to sen. the phelgm In the bronchial »abcs, and nature throw- U off with time exertion; one bottle frequently corn an or dinary cold: bet it will be well artt to take a <io«e of Schsnck's Mandrake Fins, to cleanse the stemach The Pulmonic Sr. up u readily dlgosted and abs-irLed iat-> blood, to which It Imparts Is Sealing propcrtle-s. it is one of tLebcit preoarations of iron (Lose: it is a pow erful tcniccnuelX; and when the Seaweed Tonic .11s soivcs the mneos In the stomach, and is carried oJ by the ala of tho Mandrake Pill#, % bealtny flow of sas’rU Juice, sood appetlie and a good digestion folio*-. The Seaweed Tonic is a stimulant, and tone 1* required when Uls used, UUparej *r>- • . co bad effects like when using Dour*-- disorders the t lomach, lorev> ' - .nwhlskey, wuuh UießJcret!ons,tu;pjui-* UT * r - *$, CK ln.andlhen*vet.* '- --»ood Into water, dropsy &<A Boorbcn . acs suddenly, tr.osih-- -uskey is recommended now a-davs by al - -ry physician. M»oy patients who vhl: my —ois,boih male and lemaie, are stup-ned »ut mta poison. The relief is temporary. If they conga, they ukealltte whiskey; If they feel weak aadrocbl* taw tale a little whiskey; tt they cannot elu*p. they take a little whiskey; and then goon In this way,reqntnnff more and more, until they are bloated up. a-.d imagine they are gening toby. The-stomach, liver and irl gretlvc powers are completed destroyed, and 10-« their appetite fer food. No one was ever cared ofc->nsunp- Uoa by taUprccwa, where cavities have been firmed In the inngs. A stimulant is frequently bcncaclal to cossumpures. snen a« pore brandv or gjod wines; la mar j rases Loudon porter or brown st nt. in mode mteqi'aauiles; bnißonrbon whiskey hasreus on In stead of curtrg eocsnrrptlon. The SEAWEED TOMC produces lasting rc.-ults, ttoronghly Invigorating the stomach and dlrcstlve avdrni, aitd enabling it to eltmlaste an t ma\e mto m-althy Mood the food that may b-* used for t-:it pur pose. Ills po wonderful inita effects that a win l g'a-i Ml will digest a tcarw meal, and a UtUs ot Ir taken before breakfast will give atone to lha stomach which ftw medicines possess tbepjwerof doing. The MANDRAKE I’iLlc? msy be taken with entire rifely by all a 1,-0* aml conditions, protlu.-ing all the gocu r»iu“ !.*!’! 1"* coji calomel or any of the mercurial mrilclucs. and wiiuoiu 1“’ hurtful or lulurUas results. Thor carry unt 'fthosy*-; and wom-ont matters lco<eaed and my seaweed Tonic and Pulmonic Syrup. It will N* seen t.iat all three of my medicines arc need ed in lutn-i case* to cure ccasumptlca. l’atlcEt*eaacoc-Hn'; me profcs»n-.allv at myr\»om*. ,ia Bona-sL. New Yore, every TUESDAY, trom 9 a! Ui. to 3p. us. All advice free of charge; but tor nth ir on* h vaaixauaiK.p n hu rtaplrouit-ter. ?j. Price of the PulaionlcSynip anil Sevwcd To Ic, c.irh f. 53 psr botUe, cr 57 US ;c- Calf dozen: Mamtrake Pi.l-. -gs cents * box. fee :-i oy druggists and dialer* \ full supplv can always be obtained at his rooms.’,T3 York. DEM AS 1: ARNES A CO., 2 1 Park row. New York, General Ti tclcsalc Agt nta. ircposals. T>IK>rOSAj- JL OF A PORTION i ,F ’ TII£ H-LINOIS AND SuCBIGAN CANAI. . - vTror _ , nmciOPTOE B(UW OF PThw. - , , J t'uicaoo. November *.2. i«w. ’ Scaled proposals will be received bytue Board 'i I‘uoilc Works, at their Olflct;. quIU 11 a. m. Moudayv' 1 ecrmbcrSd, for the excavation n*ce*sarv to deopca the Illinois and Jllchlgaa Cana?. Sectuus Nos. -even tcen (K) to thtrty-«cren (ifT) inclusive, accordlua to Mar* and specification* on llle at said olfliv. There will heromelA‘ff.w'Oyapl« of earth to be remove.}. The material I* generally jmic hard, tu'dcontairszr.oreorle.-sbialders anddctaeheil rock. ‘bt’Work nc*t be pro--»cuted so as nit t<> wtm the use of the Canal, k> Ciraa it shall bo done during the so.'soa cl Divigatloi: but mist also bo pro«ecnird during the snspe* ton ot navigntlen. with wb a force a* shall sattuythe Board thatth* work win be completed daring the time stipulated In the contract. ItUcupponM that as many as ala or elgnt dredges will be required for thr whole work, and tbesa crcCgr-. with scows, ernne* and all neces»»ry machin ery, will be required to be put on early n-vt year. l*ar t»*« contracting for ihe work wt:i be rrqaired to pro vide all muci inery. ana M pm up anil remove all <lams and all work* of protection, and at metr own expense to do ail pumping, or whatever may be necessary i«j secure their work from wa cr. Proposal* mn«l be at to the ot Pnhllc work?, endorsed *• Proposal for D'epcnlnj; Illinois and Ulehican Canal” and be accompanied with tti.r u-nal IW b-md. wltt sureties, to be approv'd hr thr Baird. Contractor* will bid, statlne Use price ter which the work will be done on e«cb ol the different •.•-mlnna and the work wilt :«e l»t a* a whole or tu part, and la reth quantities os the B urd shall determine. The Board re«crve the riqht to reject an? bid not In accordance with the conditions of this advert!*-mert, or to riyoet all bloa, and no propotal will be ac opted unices thep«rty clTennsi: shall alvcc'ljvnc* tcry to tlic Board that he has the nects'iry skill, expo rlmce, energy and ability for doing the work. Is trust worths . ana has enmclent pecuniary resources. The Board will require »nch eecarliv as, according toth'ir »ndctreaf,wlU secure the doing of the work according to the contract. J. O. GIXDELB, FUKD. LKTZ, O. J. BOSK. tV3I. COODIN'G, It. 0. MAS* >.V. C035-9t Board of PuWlc’Worti, Proposals for sewerage BRICKS. Orncx or Tnxßoano or ITnuc Wosxa, > _ , . Cmcano. Nov. 19th. isw. f Sea.ed propoia.s will be received by the Board of PBb.lcUcrfcß.at tbetr office, until U a. m-Thor-day, November taih.fjr one hundred and slaty-one thous and hewerree Bricks. Tlte brick* wiU be delivered piled no alone tnc Uses <t the hewer* to LecooaUnctea iu tnis cltv, surjfct io thecount and inspection of the 80-vnl of pjjr» i • tvork*. and must t-c whole, hard horned, free from time, peb ble* and bat*, square edged, and cf the standard dimen sions (axu;>< tnche*.} Ibe foil number of bricks will be requir'd to be de livered on or before January l>t, 1567. Proposals must tw scure*»ec loino Board of Public works, endorsed "Proposal fur hewerane Bricks,•• and be accompanied with the usual |2WI bond. *Uh sure ties, to be approved by th-. Beard. The Board re*erve toe nrnt to r-J-ct any bid not la accordance with the conations <-f this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepter unless the party ottering It shall give evidence «ati»tV> torv to the Board that be has the tec os ary skill, experience, energy and ability for doing the wort, la trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J. O.GISDfcLS, FRSH. O.J.KOSE. Board o! Public Wc.r»f. no“l-10t PROFOfcALij FOR THE CON bTUCCnOK OF SIDEWALKS. « Uma or nnt Board or muc Works, > „ . . Cuicaoo. Kovember 29. isr>«. f Scaled proposals will be received •br the Board ol labile Works, at their office, until li’a. ru. Friday, Kovuml-vrhCtli, lor me construction and reconstruo non of sidewalks according to soeficatiuns on Hie ah said office. . propot-tls must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed ••Propo-uHtor Construction ot side walks,” and be accompanied with the usual fLW bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Beard rtvervo me right to reject any bid nolle occoidotcc with the conditions ol this adverf.s-nrmU or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be acvj?ted. unless tr.c party oCcrlng It shall give evidence sitS,fac- s tc ry to the Board that he has the necessary skill, ex perience. energy and ability for dome the work. Is trustworthy, ana has sufficient pecuniary resource. J.O.GtKOELE, FEED. tETZ, O. J. ttUsL Board of i’umic Works. •*' "PROPOSALS FOR OAE TOIBER X bealfdProposalswlll be received at tills office an tiltbclCth day ot December next, for the f»l T owliyr hill of DlmcnsMQ Timber, auitVole tor car dalldiag, to be tquare-edged, free irom wane, shakes or unsound, knets, to-wit: 2GP,fd> fbet, board measure, white oofc, 9to I'd t“e: Ion», bJ.ooa “ *• - “**33t030“ “ CC.OOO ** “ ** elm u lj •* Tobedtllvetcdon beard C„B.&, la tha dry of Chicago, within twenty dava alter ineon •nine of laxe cavjgatlon. In the spring of ISCT. aad to !> • sub ject to Inspection at the Works of the C„ D. & Q. K. It, in Aurora, Ko projosals will be accepted bat ih-isefrota partloa of known mponsibillty, and the Company rct»rv« the right to rrje<-¥all bids. All aids to be marked "Propo rals for Oak Timber.” and directed to G. P. LOUD, Pur. ArX B. * Q. R. IE. Chicago, 111. ■PROPOSALS FOR LUMBER.—Scaled J I ropo- als will be received at tals oQre until tho loth day ot December next, for the following bill Lum ber, to cosquaJe-cdgetLfnc from wane, shales or un sound knots, to wit: HAOOO tcet’board meosnro White Oak Plark, 2 to 3 in. thick, to to 13 f-et lone: LA.CCO fqct b. m. ASh Plank, l'< to in. thick. 13 to l*. luii.iXO fict b. m. Black Walnut, Ito 1 in. thtrtf, 12 nd it. 25.(00 f«ct h. m. Cherry, 1 tc 1* In. thick, 13 to 16. SO.ftfl feet b. m. Wbllewcod. 1 fa. thick. 13 to 19. To oe delivered on coord the cars ot the C. B. & Q. R. R , In the City ol Chicago, within twenty days after the opening of Laae navigation, in tne spring of 13C7, and to be tuhjtct to inspection, at the works of tha Company. In the City of Aurora. Ko bids wil: oe entertainedbnt from parties of knowa responsibility, and the Company reserve the right to relect all bids. proposals to be marked u Proposals tor Lumber,' and directed to _ G. P. LORD, Pur. Agent C. B. A Q. R. R. rpo ARCHITECTS. PLASS AXD SPECIFICATIONS FOR NEW BUILD INUs FOR THB WAR DEPARTMENT at Washington; d. c. Architects are inriteftt j prepare plans and spedics. tlocs, and estimates ol cost, tor new Ore-proof holld idp* for the War Department, on the site now occupied by the War Department and adloctal yocant irroondja Wasbmalon. D. C. The buildings required should hare a superficial am as large a« the site selected will admit oh Photoeraprs of site, and all ether Information relating to the But> ject,wlll be furnished to Architect* desiring to com pete fer the work, npon application, personal-! or by letter, to the undersigned. A premium of |3,c00 for the first, ot 13,003 for the second, and of fx.CJO for the third most acceptable plans aid specifications received, win be awarded, npon the approval of the Uoa. Secretary ol War, by the Beard ol ffliccrs charred with the duty of select ive a site and preparing plans and specifications for the buildings of tne War Department tinder act ol Cos* cress approved July 23.1666. The plans and .pxclficaUous mnstbe sent to the office cl mevetLieutenant Colotcl T.J. rreaiwcU, Recor der cf the Board, Ordnance tdScr, Winder's Building, Washing!; n, D.C., on or belbrc the Ist day ot February, The Foard will reserve the right to reject aav or an plana submitted, should none he deemed suitable far the purpose, as well u to retain any or all of each plans. By order ol the Board. T. J. TREADWELL, Bvt. Lieut, Col. U. S. A., Cc<*order. gransportaxion. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. Genera] Transatlantic. Company's _UAI7. STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW VO BE AND HAVRE, CALLING V - * BEKST. The splendid new vessels ol U s favante roots ter the Continent will sail irom PleANo. SO, North Elver, as follows; PEBKTRR. Jhichene../ November 17. VTU.EDBPARIS.,Saimoci./ .DecemberL. EUROPE LamarM./P.Deceaiber 13. ST. LAURENT Bocwaii-/<.December i 7. _ PRICE or PA*B/CE IN GOLD. First Cabin, *153; Second >.ahln, s£o. toclndlcg table wlae In enter claw.,. The steamers ol this line do net carry steerage paa> intending to land at BREST win be far nUhed with railroad coupon tickets. and their baggage checked to Fans, at an additional charge cf 15 fur and 13 for second class. , Medical attendance tree of charge. For tertfcer Information. apoD, in Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 233 llUaoU-rtg la New Tort, to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, 3S Broad way; . ESa'antcli asms. WANTED FOR THE Gold Medal Sewing? Machines In. every City atd Coantv in the Union. Tbs least coatUcsUdiwolhicadMachlutilQ thtiwurld. Addreaa A«F. JOHNSON ft COn 334 Washttgtovi;.. Boston