Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 3, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicagof tribune. MONDAY. DECEMBER 8, 1868. THE CITY. TrxmiaKCK.—The nsnal Wtshingtonlin Tem perance meeting wfll be held at Trinity Mission Bnlfdlrg. on Monroe atreet, between LaSalle and Clark, tils evening at aeven o'clock. Wears asm Cmmitaa.—The next meeting of the trustee* offtbeSßospllal for Women «M Chil dren will be held at the Hopltal, No. 212 Ohio •ueci, on Monday afternoon, at 8 o’clock. A foil attendance is icqoested. BTez Oceax Yacht Rack—Cmcioo R-rn»- sestxd.—C. y. Richmond, Esq., of Ibis city, re ceived a despatch from New York on Saturday Issf, eaylug hta berth was secured In th? yacht Herrlelta, to sail on tho nth lost., for the parse of $90,000. His personal friends are lo give him a parting enpner at the St. Charles onThursday evening next. A Vacant Wm with th* Conoxxn.—A week Of scarrelf parallrl«l qoietnde in the Coroner’s office ha* occurred. Since Sunday last not a sin gle inquest baa been held. Tbe 101 lln this de partment ol Investigation Is a most cheering c m trsst to the great number of cases which have re cently demanded attention from tbe Coroner. rx&soxAL.—The Hon. J. C. Maguire, editor of the Cork (Ireland) Examiner, and representative of that city In the Britlth Parliament, is lu Clil- SK°’. ac . d * to PPtogat theTremoat House. 51. Maguire Is the conductor of an able and Infln mi tial paper, and his repeated election to Parllara »at shows j hat his devotion to liberal priaciolcs are appreciated by his constituents. RoEBtBT.—A saloon and dwelling house known ss the “Cottage of Content,” situated on the Blae Island plank road, about five miles we-toflh’s city, was entered about J 1 o’clock on Thnrnday night by a gan£ of ruffians, who gagged and lied tne inmates—an aged hnshand and wife named smith—and after robbing the drawer ofst«oin money and generally ransacking the premises. H ey left. ' Countt Omcni.—There is no act time at which the county officers assume the duties of their office, except in the case of the Supervisors, who meet on Monday afternoon at two o’clock, ftr the first session of the year. General Beve ridge hasbren filling the position of sheriff for about two woeks past, and Coroner Warner wa* re-elected. The oihrr county officers hold over without election. West Randolph Stbxkt Is now paved down to the centre of Canal, and the Milwaukee avenue care nm loClin:on. A little filling yet remains to be done. The contractors have reduced the nnmhrr of teams employed in filling, and reduc'd also the wages of those remaining. In view of the tod that a bard frost may at auy moment atop off tbe work of filling, lbs policy of diminishing ihe workers I? a very questionable one. The work eoonld be flnleh'-d up as rapidly as possible. Ec.sawat,—Two gentlemen, whose names were tot ascertained, were riding In ft covered carriage near itc comer of Clark and Madlfon street*, about two o’clock yesleiday afternoon, when one wheel of the carriage separated from tho wde and canoed it to npset. Bo«U the occcpant* were thrown to the ground, out fortunately escaped with only a few ornlres. The horse ran awav down Clark street toWa-bington; ibenreto liSelle,and uowu Li balle towards the river, where ne was cau-bt. The carriage came out of the looking aa if an elephant had laid down on it. Fens Repaibed.—J. 11. ’deicuell, a practiced English fbnier. Is prepared to repair fare at his dry geode store, No. 170 West Lake street, oppo site tioodndge. at a saving of twenty per cent on the ordinary cost. This imnoruint coo mnnlcalon will doubtless strike the 'minds or th n fair resident* of the West Division with a d<-Te-- of pleasmabie emotion only experienced by tilo-e whose fciln'gtt'jce in shopping bring* them ia o ct’Llxct wRh rare bargain*. Surely the spirhof airs. Tocdle? will be aroused. CONCERT FOB TUB UiNEFIT OF TUT COLOBEO M. K. Cuenca.—A Concert will be given on Monday and Tuesday evening* of this week in the Music Hall of the Opera House (etiirancc on State street), lor the benefit of the new African M. E. Church now about to be erected on Third avenne. The congregation appeal to the public fur their aid iu the matter. The Socieiv U strug gling to work ont a noble object, and they will produce aperfotmance on this occasion well wor thy of patronage. An Etorramsr. —Mr. Woodward, principal pro ps letor of the “ Olifornia Oomlqnes ” is roporto • to have eloped on a late train of the Pittsburgh £ Fort Wayne Railroad, on Friday night, with Mis “Ella La Itue,” the chief attraction in that Ira tnoial exhibition, that ha? latolv drawn such crouds to the Academy of Mn?lc. They, took with them a lar"o trunk of oce of the actors. c.?u taiulrgall hi? theatrical ;ittir-' and pcr-onal e;T*cts. Mr. Woodward also bad all Hie manor of the con cern, and left the rest of the company without paying them tin Ir salaries. Stealing Ciotuiko.—Rtc’-ard Fleming, a col ored men, was arraigned at lie Police Conn on Saturday morning upon two separate charges of laiceny. On the S'ith of November he stole an overcoat from the prem’ees of S. U. Goodman at No. 417 State street, and three or four day* after ward be contrived to carry away a bonnet an I a Lood from the millinery store or Mi?s .Johnson at No. Knl Srale street. Tin- aggregate valuool these articles wa? about !EU. On Fndav Flcmln* was fonnd on Wells street trying to ( of the coat, and the oth-r articles he to. and staled where they might bn fonnd. He was com mitted for trial in bail ot £3'jU on each charge- Tim Washington Stueet Tunnel.—The work on this undertaking is prog.-esslng quite sa*j->- factorlly. The excavation on the WcstSilebaf proceeded bom Canal street about half way towards the river, to a depth of about ei-ht feet with a width of thirty-two. On the East bide the' hole 1? larger, the excavation revelling from Mar ket street to within twelve f*cl of the water, where they have attained nearly the full depth. About twenty men are employed io digging ont the earth, which Is made available for fiTlin - the streets now coming up to grade. The shoring tin of the earth walls on each side would appear to be pctlect, and to leave i.o chance of caving in. Y. M. C. A. Coxccf.TS.—T:;c Young Men's Christian Association is a thorough g -Is? luslitu lion, ar.d do net. In any case, leave Hungs go before the public in a half fiul-hed or half pre pared stale. The association are now pr.*piring to she n coarse ot concert *, Ihe firv of which comes oC' on Morday evening. the 3d They will Introduce a great co:iU>lamiO!i of talent, each as will Interest end entertain all classes of society. Miss Susie Tmvc*se, of New York, will make her first appearance at this time She will he accompanied by a representative from toe Coward Mission of Yew York, who comes as a gocsl of the Voutg Men's Cnmtlan Association. Those possessing a taste I ir the beautiful, an.l an car for music shonld carefullr read the adver liscmcntiu another column. Masou J. B. Mebu-in’s hEcrtrr.'E.—The lecture of Major J. B. Merwln, del ver.'d st Brickton, on Friday cvrnlrg, wa? attended by a large ami deeply Interested audience. Itwa? an able and masterly analysis, and discussion of lue element' of j-ower in the American Republic; a plea for a broader, deeper, richer culture of the maisc? ot the people, founded on Hi-? achievements of Ihe pa?t, anu on the discoveries iu science. In law, find iu me Institutions wl ich so enrich anti beau tify all the realities of life in the nineteenth cen tury . Having been In his ofllml rapacity brought directly in contact with our starved prisoner* fiom Andersonvillc, hi? description of tJi-tr haiolcsnf ferirg*. and their fidcliiy to the old flag, wa? pecu liarly ndocting, and acted visibly ou the feeling* of hi- liatcnetp. Major Merv-in ha? nnmeron? cogtt"em < 'ni* to lecture before our leading literary societies in the cel, and Mb eloquence and merit* as a lecturer bespeak for nun a high acccess. Tire Anson Case.—The examination of Freder crick Scholia and Ccnry Pick upon the charge of arson was held at the Police Court on Saturday afternoon. The main points in this case wore published on Fridav. Schultz is n dealer m tobacco and clears at No. 3 0 Snum Cl .rk sire *t. and Pick is his clerk. There was no eviaeucc to show toa*. Fickbadany complicity v.Jth the du slpns of his employer. Jacob Well testifiM thr lour or five month* ago Schultz told him tbath was only insured for a thousand dollars. Ui businesswas not paying very well and iiAva anxioijp to go »o Europe. lie intended to g->t SI.KO moie iusutarce cficcted upon the plac', tsdl! the business did not improrehe would set Cie to the store and get the lu-nranci. Schultz was ln«-nre«i forsl,rAo hi the Equitably of thi rty, aud in the Americau, of I’.-oridcace. Hnode Island. The agent with whom he Insured testified that there was less than ?VX) wo:th ot property widen this Insurance covered. Pick vn* dirchaircc and kdmlu was committed toruljl i bail pf cifit o. It I* said that Schultz left Germany In “ hot" ha-to in c.-rpc -ncnce id h*s Icceudla.-v piocllvuie* come y»a:s ago. Kjghtels Pocket Books t-roure.—Some bold honee thief entered the boarding house of E. P. Smith, at No. J'-fi street, about two o'clock yesterday nnri-ing and made a general raid upon the pocket bools of the sleeping boarders, do caaq-irg nlih no less than eighteen. One or two ol the loaidcra, whose du Its are at night in the printing tfilcr*, arriud an hour later a-id foau.l tee doming of nis room-mates promlmjouiJr svatieied about -he room., ITpcit awakenin'' they wvre as much surprised as him- SSL, and, they found that their pockci ♦books were mis-ing. Presuming (hat thi was only the beginning, tbo other boarders were red ii was .amertained that each had been served ,n like manner. Pan’aluotH b lu' the most common receptacle for pocket books' had rcceiud the mo s » Umrough JnvcMlguUoa' A fen o\ creeat* hud been hamlled. but not a *rar nicnt or a watch had been abstracted, money seeming to Lethe only attraction wiih the flnica* liner. An impromptu gathering of tiio- v whore looms had been visited developed the lac* that eighteen pocket books had been taken, but what was fill! more surmWn-» (end prcbafcly exceedingly morUfving to tii thier.) yap that the entire company of boards had only lost *Sln money. Ih'lr usual weeklv talancs were otherwise hustowed than iutheb pocket book., ard If the thief can derive an consoiutiou Boa rccciptg for board, visitin’ cards, and other property of like character, bo 1- qmte welcome to 1L '••w«wui«oi. CIIOOSJNC a WIPE. S. i mon by Itov. n. Laird Collier. Rev. Robert L. Collier has been deliverin'* a its lies of lectures, at vesper service on Sunday of each of t evcral weeks. The course has Included ft® P ro^ etas * flnd «it-y have ranerd through the fphe-c of amusement. pietv, ana learning reaching last eTcninglhc subject of matrimony’ The snb:cc was not Ireatvd lo Its ca tircry, hut on’y tnclnried iii« ??SML O L?fh c - ol “ or *s ,fc ’ <*?&«., io S' of iheconrrfgatlon on the clioic" of a Ltu,l»i.d Ixlu, rctcncii lor an 05b.105 tJ it Ibe lullin'. Joe Clmreli o' Ibe ii.tai. citm di-d to", and the dl-coiiSc S?, or mice by olleranccj 4bl«, by fhcir accumulation ofsomii naimroi 2?" to the dignitr of laughter; SmcS®?w« iffi of, c=« ohen allotlonwaa o,’aoc P m !-fl"p‘pr and climpcy cbppc," and eucb like anlcS lo^ J E Ka?d“ n ’ “ 1110 nK '“ < 01 jSi T^\TrtLZTln b I Jg® may begin life at the foot of the social udder and in company with their spou.-es, climb np* ward to soccers. As at present society Is organ iaed, everything m false and intercourse Is stir, ftmal and mifiiendly, and lo opposiaonto tire wisdom of the Almighty, who declared tnat -it Is not good lor man to be alone.-’ Rethought aJlmco should go courting bm he the Idea that any should go timing. and ‘ oc coa a soiled that passion should not bclmaglned to he • In the choice of a wife, he estreated bis con-r gatldb to avoid fashion, show and glitter; hc°d aired that matrimony should be no longer alr lery, but a matter of business. In opposition to this, he set forward toe prerequisites of a go >d wife, advocating as her accomplishment', beau » of expression; chastity in. fact and spirit, inclut* Ing eobrietr of temper aud demeanor; amiabd- Uy; JomcsitctU—by which be meant the ability to w ork in nod direct the concuct of a kltcbsh, and rdiglon. The lecture was interspersed with anecdotes and iliQßtratione In keeping with the views expressed by the lecturer. It was listened to with much at tention, which augurs well for a full attendance to hear next Sue day ibe other side of case, which Mr. Collier announced that be knew-more about than of that subject of which he trad been speau* leg. SiBDATD INSTRUCTION The Sunday Suhool-Ttan Young .Ron*. Slblo Class, *“ “ * The culmicns of SahhilhSchool iuslrnclton in tbe study of the Bible, as its nltimato object is the salvation of aoul«, the plan of which is revealed In the Book of Looks. All (be preliminary step* tend to this. The child ia taken from the lauci and alleys of the old world, and of the eastern elites oilhla continent, gathered Into the Sunday class, taught his letters, and educated Into the spelling of words, that be may afterwards be able to read the glorious rewa of God’s love to man, as evinced In the act that “God so loved tfi-» world that he sen! his only begotten Sou,’* who “camo Info the world lo save siunfre." True these “glad linings uf great joy” arc taught from ibepn pH, but experience teaches lhatnoi only Is It difficult to induce the attendance of the nncultl wtpd adult on tho preaching of the Ward, but jhal the teed there town ccidom takes root, units* the soil has been previously cultivated Thin ££!! «i* th . a ST^? 1 ob - e J t P 1 4»F.Sabbath Schoo!-to take the stony heart of the child, to water u with the dews of Instruction till a rich sol! of rclhrioua feeling Is produced. In which Utc seed sown Say &^uZ\cTlll ,h,R ' ,P '" ,O I'S .J I \H,.r l:n3 , inlt ° r ?»bbath School Infraction la ilhcßibeClass ;( Wblch bears about the same re »«f *i be n°F ier d4aE ®« that the High School ? r L I ? ar y Grammar Schools, it fr^^r e C roncd between the pupil and S 1 *?! source whence instructors are drawn for those In tbe lower classes, it la usually presided over by the most experienced of the teachers, and Its exercises are not unfrequeat l£ lcdb / ! bc minister himself. Ibe character of the eindlca I* interesting in exact proportion as the leader understands the importance of his his work?“ °aa prepared by prayer and study for A great deal of attention baa. within the oast fow years, been devotes to the subject of Bible t. a , * °.f crcl , ,ee v a,,d while a much higher typ 2 of Inetiaction lias been attained as it consequence there Is now much greater uniformity than romier ly. Wc remember the existence ot great diver sities; a few of the different types may be thus noted i IJo f law restricted to the rcaiUc- of the EIWo. «?•»,»!r ver | y b* Inra; no discussion allowed on the topic, aud no attempt to throw light on men{ Cn * l sas!a S C|3 , cither by comparison or com- The readlngof a chapler followed by the rcad «vlPl?.cnl ‘bercon, taken irom some ramuy Bible, the class taking no part in any thing save the reading ol the u*x£ 3 The chapter made a pre-text lor tbe delivery of a longhomllcctual discourse, generally externuu raneens, seldom coropreheasihle, and never inter esting. Singling out a leading passage, from the chan ter read, as a text for essay or dlscnailon. I’uscctlon ol the whole, or part, In a polemic way. discussing doctrinal point-, someunca ad mitting uvea atheistical arguments. Making the h-eson one In natural history or re ogrtphy to the exclusion of anything like a serin ternf Icatcre. H Wc might add many others, but the above wifi give an idea of the breadth ot \ lews formerly obtaining. An equally wide dlilcrcnce was observable In ■he kind of work expected from mo scholar, Thne, he wonld borcqmred, To read and then listen; or to “learn by heart” °te or moic versos, repeat In class, read in tarn, and listen: or, after renamg. Answer in ram a seres of printed questions— inis and no'hlng more;” or. Answer also captious questions asked by the teacher, lo the end of the tone, as If undergoing rxemmation for promotion to the rank of A. Bt (C ; or, ’ ' Enter cn a general competitive discussion on any point suggested, sometimes termination in a qi:airel;or, ° Wnlch was seldom the case: Taka a moden un ;u the discnsalon of the topic, the t-arher bo inp lookcu on as the leader; not, however, di ilactu ally, but merely suggestively. No.\ Übo Bib’e class is a well defined Institn tlon, with equally well deDued object and melhcda of irstruct-on. Not that they toliow one model eervilelv, but that the-experience or the teachers comi>arcd at their meetings has developed modes of teaching, which both interest. Instruct dcvclooe.and rightly train the nPnd of the pnoil 1 Le 5 oung Men’s Bible Class which meets vviih the labbath School of the First .Metbodm Enia copal C’lmrcb, lo tho Melhodht Block, is a very f f t d specimen of a wvll-condncted Bible cl:is« 1 h. t cbnscb Is pccnllarly hitnatod, sionding out ot ike i esiderce portion of the city, ihe school de pends lor attendance largely upon the lloatingpop iiiatthD fouml in boauUng-honses. with U»e , children ol lio.e who minister to their eaitblv want?. The Bir-lc Class is made up a'nost en tirely from lhal class of young men who are too oHtn lei! to spend the Sabbath In loafing around. U mitiincr? an average attendance ot about ihhtv under the tuition of Mr. Downing. The da's meets at 2«so dock wl*h tbcSnnday School, and alter Ike opening csercNcs of singing, £cilptures and prayer, adjourns lo a separate room for the class exercises. Tbe les?ou o! the day has oecu previously announced, and the young meu arc supposed to be In some manner prepare J fop* it. lue specified chanter is read by the class each v taking a verse, and the teacher men states the subject on which It bears, and asks the class for parallel passage? of r-crjuinrc which they may hare looked nut ihutrg the wcek. The;c rend, the teadicrspeci fics I' oec wldohare irrelevant, and asks for the ccummt furnished In the quotation. Uc supplies dcfiitcncles, keeping, however. Ilm one Idea caie tui yin view, that his remarks sliom.l lather he srpgcct'Tc than final, and endeavoring to draw cut the opticus of the cla-s rather than to ennn datcMsown. About half an hoar is consumed in th • di.-vnsflon of the topic, the ca«>e :s then nphy the teacher, ihe Bibb s collected and with a small contribution, the exercise Is aided. W v hail intended to present In thin connection a short sketch of the service of yesterday, but re fuiln Iron? doing so, as It would not do the cl am justice. 3he point under notice was toe prophe cies of the Look of Daniel, and the discussion was ore of the least Interesting that could be selected. Add to this, that the exercise? were slightly in lerfoieu with by a visitor from abroad, a very sen sible gentleman, and one who doubtless intended to do good, but when it was perceived that be wa« do-posed to talk, ine das* was dumb, mid the cxcrcire fmaliv resolved iteeif into a colloquy between the visitor and the teacher. Wo would suggest that In chas es where I tic pupils *re supposed to be thinkers, vi-Itors should be silent listeners, unless asked to speak, and then talk but sparingly. The Bible cio.-? is now supposed to be an institution In which each doc? his own share of think!a »and talking, the pans of the teacher being chiefiv directive, and it is not well to Introduce any ele ment which puts a restraint on the pupil. CURISrUN VUAKITY. Sermon by Kiev. It. m. UatflclJ, D. D. Rev. R. M. Halficld delivered a sermon yester day, in the Wabash Avenue M. E. Church, on thf text. “Ami above all these things put on Clnriiv, w hich is ihe Loud of perfectness.” This supreme Christian quality, the speakorre marked, was above knowledge, faith, hope, or thodoxy, and all which ii external In religion. This “charily” is not tho same thing a? alms giving. In tho earlier editions of tho Tcatam-.-nt it was more appropriately translated “love,” and that is what it properly means. It* true signifi cance is well illustrated In that passage ip which wc are told -hot a man mar give all that he hath in the way of aim?, and still be without merit be fore God. Having thus d.fiuoJ tho virtue spoken of, the .speaker Bald that charity i j ini* eca*-c, did not mean tolerance of error, or of Ihe men who strive by false teaching to drow n men’s souls In the sea of error. One of the most imperative duties of theUhrl?. tisn i? carnf.'lnr?? in faith, striving for the truth Ihe liberality which makes nothing of tbcuoc trine* of Christianity and Is indifferent to the o:>- positioti to it, is not chanty, it is a brat of h-dl is it charity to believe that everybody will be saved, lln ro are people who cannot bear the gOFpel as preached by Christ and Paul, yet ir incur is anything taught In the mo?: po«uive manner to the Bible, n is that a ceitain toar.-c of lile will obtain the pnuUhmcnt o! Heaven, and li is not Christian charity to ignore tlii? tact, bat a batten! and spurious chanty, a gautv iufn— >pi.iig;ng up from the loner regions, thtiviu" i»cn ia the hearts of men who fynn rathizo with sin, it is an ema-cularlon of God s truth. Tine charily is that which point* out to our fellow-men the consequence? or their evil dv-eds, it I* a to* e of humanity chastened by a lore lor God and Jt*?ns Christ. The Apostle says of charity that it sufTeroth long amt is kind; in other word-. It is patient toward all men, tt oven bears with the wicked* nessufhad men, and is especially teuderto tb* errors and faults and weakness of Christians. It hath no des re to wreak vengeance on the wrou"- peers hut to save them. It is benignant, tender hearted. foil of forgiveness, even as God, for Christ's sake, bath forgiven us. Charity is not vain, envleth not, it Is not pnfled no win pride vaunitth not Itself, ft doth not plume Ifselt on wealth, or apparent resjv'ctabllity or pay halre, or position in societv—U no* nratedi with sncccss, hath none of ih’e“stund indue for wc ate holier than thou" spirit. Es pecially is Ills chantv a foe to envv. T.u*re Is no pchsihlllty of one b* Ingmade happy who In stead of this virtue Is envious, pchisb, pttulint and conceited- Such an one cannot bo made hap py, ne Ims not enough of Christian charilv. In hon-.etv words “the plater 1» not large enough to cover his sore." He must fln-l loam to love God. It he truly does litis, he will also love his fellow min and without this mm cannot ho bjpnv. they may deceive the wotla, hut they caiaot fool their own hearts. Again, unless we have till* charity, we rannot make the sacrifices which we on; cabed upon to make In the service of Jesus CnrtrU and here is the true impedimer tin the wav of our making a right nsc of our religious rnvilegc-.inthedischarge of the highresponsi hditicb which rest upon ns in the service of Heaven. l-ei no man disparage the Importance of thoiongh, earnest preparation for too dlschatge of the duties which devolve upon us, especial ft’ln our training of the young; but. great as this is there is something stilt better, something higher! and that is charity—above all Hungs, pul on char ily. How much good might be done, what a re vival cf religion might be inaugurated, if all who profess to he tic servants ol Christ were full of this Christian charity. If wo would follow in the footsteps oi Christ, wo must love men even as Christ loved them when lie cave himself for them. Ihe indirect Influence of charitv upon the world Is also invaluable a* a mnnlfcitalion of the broth erly hive Which Is inculcated in the hearts aud h» v*of t'hrisliaus by the religion they profess. i hiht has t-aid, **By «his shall all men know that yc arc my disaples, if ye have love one for anoiti er. Not by your zeal, your orthodoxy, the churches yon bui.<l, the services you institute, the diesies you wear to profess your faith, are you to l*e known, bm by this, “If yc have live one for another. Even bigotry and intolerance we must tepsT wiib love. Christ, in giving this command mem to love one another, said: “A new com mnm.mcnl give 1 nnto you,'’ and however the children of Christ may dftlcr with regard to cer tain minor passages and ordinances, there can he no doubt rmong line Christ-ansiofth? necessi ty for obedience to this commandment, which Is ”! Ro many places and so forcibly inculcated in Cbrict s teacMrg. In ccnclitsiop, the reverend speaker exhorted the brethren to the cnlUvailon of this virtue of chanty. Till: RELATIONS, Plarrlogc—Scmioii by Rev, O. 11, Tif- fany, B. £). Rhine service was held in Grace Methodist I-pisropal Church last evening, and participated in by a full congregation. Rev. Dr. 0.11. iiakuy. .he j.a-tor, chose fur the subject of bis discourse, Marriage, and took as LU text lh« tweaty-sec ord verse and other portions of the fifth chipler of Eihcrians, beginning, “Submitting yourselves one to another In the fear of the Lord,” ic. Be. fore discussing the subject, the reverend speaker announced that It was bis intention of delivering a series of Sunday evening sermons on domestic relations, commencing with that of marriage, and OD «n»secutlve cvculngs with, re* lKu£ cly ' P ar ? ma K «»l, brothers and «liJk ,8 « d , families, and concluding relations between masters and that rile irtTt» C H P ' ak « rcumni enced by remarking LirS C i&W on of i“G.*i“° nO /t Ci ‘-Si's dntus which the marriage relation .«.i made them the burden oi LU cuco n rsc P Uf * n,u treated of trom the pulpit, ormadeEubJcS o religions conversation, as often as It should A« an Insti ntlon of God it ought lo be held aao£rt in is union. There would be more of batintnesn !u Its enJoytaei.ts, and respect in its relations if It was rclfcionslj •regarded. Ibe speaker then treated of the fearful prevalence of divorces, with which the newspapers teem, owing to the want of the proper consideration paid to the marriage state. It ought lo bo regarded by all, not merely In its results upon roclalhan pines/, but also as It cortrols the religions Chirac an lo»tltuilon of this life, bat u Hou.d be made the groundwork of the enjoyment ,°J.?i n ! urc a!ld Le . ,t . cr Ule - Ee then spoke of the .imimaic niauotislilp and association which exists in the marriage relation, audit la the union of iw e I'n cno. The FiJpalcn - then spoke of tho creation ul woman. The Divine wisdom ihongbl it was tiol pood for man lo be alone, and God cave him woman aa a companion— not as an Inferior or LiteHeg, bm as a heipnieci for him, As an Intel* llpeiit and responsible being woman la man's equal ,He '-hen followed with a feeling and bean tiiTil tribes lo woman's wotih, gnodn.-s* ana In tellect. lie treated otthe Apostle's injunction for wives to submit themselves to their hus bands, according to tho direction given In the S?h5SL G °s : 5 ,0 . 1 .f s Inferior, bat according W lholaw, And this submission la such as the wifely irsttec' prompts, if a woman cannot so o\e and honor a man aa to submit to bis an is2J?iT\V! ,e shon A d not marry him. The Apostle proprieiT of man's authority in the r^ P v S h thc text >a founded. There can bo no real and proper Christian marriage un* c.. Lujl.a.'d. „C »niito» to .Sililc r ™“ Itclr rcrpectlvc families acdllva [other. He spoke ot tbe develop 2“* 01 S 0^ 1 fMlln ."> loAlude, and all loose vmoea wMch arc cbaractenaiic of tho female sox. tie illustrated woman’s tact, prompted by lore, in coveting up her husband's weakness. He then epotc or the lack of domestic bliss where the woman did not possess religion, however heautl *ut and accomplished she maybe. Her personal Chaims will lade, and unless there Is a fiound work of a religions character, all appinefs In marriage Ufa la lost. Kcllglon alone can smooth the path of old age. The love of tho husband for the wifo |homdbc as (bo love of Christ for the church, ilia love shonld be a eclr-sacrifldng one. Uc la to giro up lather and mother and allfor hi- wife. His love is alto lor the perfecting of the character of the wife. He sboold admit only pure and proper company In the house. He is hound to choose such a pursuit in life as will be honorable in the eyes ol fils wife. He should show the nrou er des'ie of perfection of wifely character. The mau wLo would pass tbe abandoned woman on the street with a shudder, a a If there was contain !« n .h« a J- mos Phere, and yet Introduce n° t^ c «S a »,v >ror #..u to . me ’ and permit him to take the daughter of the house to a place of amuse* &^. Tcr * aa ? who was perhaps thoasao clateof this same degraded woman, is altogether y s i rl C e ’ I P d eutifely regardless ot the pro priety should surround his marital relations. if?** speaker treated of the mutuality of tbe married life, atd qnoied tne well known saving ? I »!f,ii i’ ’Shared pleasure is double pleas* ure, while shared pain Is only half pain/* Do* ilc happiness Is the only bliss of Paradise which has survived the fall. He closed bis admi rable discourse with a beautiful picture of youth and young love, married life, and old age—the voyage of liic, depicted with an amsl's touch. SECOND BAPTIST CRCBCII. Second Annual Sermon by tlic Pastor* RevvE. J■ Goods Tho Second Baptist Church of this city, situated on the comer of Morgan and Monroe streets, was crowded evening to bear the second annual sermon by tho pastor, Kev. E, J. Goodspeed. Af ter the nacai exercises, the preacher took aa hia text: Acts u., 47.“ And the Lord added to the Church daily such as should be saved.” Jn the mt'Oduction, the preacher explained and qualified tne term “church,” and showed tbe ne cessity of strict conformity to the Bcrlptnrca in doctrine?, sacraments, ana order of developmenL lie stated his reasons for adhering to his own de npmiuaUon, and gave due credit to other sections of ihe Cbarch of Christ, lie proceeded to analyze ike early histoiT of the Church at Jerusalem to find the conditions of Irne prosperity and the Ic gidmam means to c-mpiuy lo striving to build np a Cbarch. Among these ho named * trV.JVtV* 1 ’ 01 wa *. c , h i lj£ ? and wa «thig forthc Spirit If won,d be endowed with power from on high, they must occupy the altitude ofexpec talicn. Pray and watch for Him as the mother for her absent sop, or the eaiior for tho tide and the favoring wind. 2. Readiness to co-operate with the Spirit when He cornea. Over ns the windows of Heaven have been opened, because Christians have brought In their tithe-land ottering*. They will not he shat tin onr telfij-hnea? compels Him to depart. o. The convincing and persuasive power offer ventai-.dmutnal love, ibis must he practically exhibited in friendship, visitation 6f the poor and tick aud of strangers, and care for souls. The pastor's record of calls aud visits showed Jutl and upwards, made upon people whom he lomid at home, aside from those made upon people not at home. He spoke ol oilier colaborers who had been faithful In this blessed work. -1. Christians are to be fortified in their new life by regular or persevering use ol tbe means of tnacc. ifa pastor Is worth having, he ia worth marii'g constantly and with regularity. s!r. O said lie had preached 111 sermons dm lug the rear attended 2'fl strictly religious inertings,eighty-five fccnlar mccilnes. sixty-one sessions of the San bath school and Biole classes, fifty-four funerals and forty-five weddings. S. The exercise of firm and kind discipline. A snot on the frescoed wnii. black arduglw, destroys the effect of the artist's skill. A dishonorable church member discredits and disgraces the whole body of inilhfttl ones. o/ldbeialltyin the use of money for religion. Tl.u aggregate of contributions for religions ;ur;r-i‘*j at home and abroad, was s'ated ban- been &SU,OCO for the year, besides i»-.f m enlur education. Oat ol a membership of (•:" sc-.toly a score fall to contribute to the church fund - ortiior cf themselves or by proxy. The pas tor slated Ihat he had received 232 members to tin* chmch dming the year, of whom J3l he bap tised. In glancing backward he could see how earnestly many bad labored, and concluded by saving: Let each one act as though hi? place or hers must be lahhfiTr occupied, or the ca-ise w ill be lo*t. We are lu the right, because we are laboring In Christ’s own way. as communicated to the Apostles for the glory o( God. One Item 10-nlghi, and how shall we write our record? 21 God will be pleased to give us os satisfying happiness as in the year that’s -one, in doing good and receiving good, in savin" souls and being saved. In polishing jewels uud being polished for Ills crown, in sitderingand sacrifice" to honor Kim, we will give Him praises ana "lory from glad hearts ana adoring lips. But 11 He In His wisdom brings on us darkness and trial, may vc all be able to say from the recesses ofa lowly spirit—“Thv will be done!” THE UChGAUUN STRUGGLE, Lecture by Dr. J. J. Harlingen. A large congregation attended the evening ser vices at the L’nlon Park Congregational Church, Dr. Jos. J. Ilartlugcr, late of the United States army, one of the heroes of the Hungarian war of independence of ISIS, delivered a very interest ing lecture on the subject of that memorable struggle. A number of his countrymen were prfcM'M at the services. Dr. Uartinger was an iu tlmatc friend of Kossuth, uud companion ot the great liberator in Ins wanderings afl.'r the ftiTTcndcr ot Gorge!!, through Europe and Asia Minor, until he readied the hospitable shores of America The stor>’ of his own early years, and of the Incidents of hi* soldier life, hi* ilrst meeting with Kossuth, his enlistment into the service, and the narration of some of tho <r rcat events of the etrugglc which called him Into active life, were listened to with deep attention oy the auditory. At the time v ben Hungary was forced imo war by thetrearherv and doable dealing of Aus tria, when oven maidens w*>nt forth to the battle, and eld men of eighty winter? ofl’ered their ser vice*, he (the speaker) determined to raise bis arm against the Invader. He made his escape bom home alter three abortive at'empts, and sought out He headquarters of the Governor. He was kindly received, and on making known ht? determination to enlist, al though he was a $ yet but a mere joutb, Eo-sulh appointed him as member of Ins own Lite Guard. For alme he was naelul ;is j spy. cud being with Tanou l - lau ullages, ho easily obtained access to the camp ot the enemy, wlme b" was looked noon a* a mere peasant boy. The iccident? of his maturer years, as reined by the lecturer, were lull of interest, es pecially his personal reminiscence* of the hadeis of the Hungarian war. On ;hc 13. hof August, isw, Gorgeli t he dictator, surrendered his perKon.his army, and tie liberty and independenc- 1 of Hungary into hards pn pb-with the blood of hu coantrvtnen. 1 he man in whom the nation liadcomldeJso'miich proved recreant to hi? trust, and brought upon his head the curses of enslaved millions. Tho news Ml upon the nation like a ihnmler-urokc. The good Kossuth, whose hvarl -was so pure and unsuspecting, at refused io believe It. The mournful tiding* hovw ver, vcrc soon confirmed, and Kosbutu, with n small and tru.-trd band, among whom was the lecturer, made a hurried preparation and set out for the land of their exile. Their Jourucving* by liuoa and field, until they were safe beyond the pursuit of the Anstnens, wore fcllcttonslv de- FCtihcdhy the speaker, who Introduced several interesting anecdotes ol men whose name* now livlot gto bi?tory. The lecture was replete with information and conveyed a vivid picture of the boiltaritics practiced I'.v tin? Anstrlaiis during that heroic btrr.ggle In which the speaker was an ac tive participator. LAW INTELLIGENCE". Presentment of the Grand Jury ia tlic Circuit Court—A Sentence for Manslaughter. Ap is usual on Saturday, (be amount of business transacted iu the Court* was limited. The di vorce are elsewhere given. In the Circuit Court the case of Miner's admin- Mratrix vf Wells ,t Wears, an action of trover, tacu m relation to which have been fully exposed in the TriciwE. was argued. The (-rand Jury t.-mmi-d Into co;trt lon tmo bill*. ihe Indicted parties not being under ar te-t renders the publication of their names Im pioper. They also made a prcsculmcnt as to the condition of the jail, as follows: The Grand Jury of the Circuit Court for Cook County, having £uMutl their duties, visited the jail for the purpose of examining the condition of the prisoners there incarcerated, do most re spectfully represent to your Honor (hat they found the condition of the same, generally la a cleanly condl'ion as tar os the premises would warrant. Bui they most respectfully report that their feelings and stuscs were terri bly at the condition of the closet, a room not over twelve feet square, with ordv one sink tor the rue of 130 persons, and withal it was sadly out of repair. It was exceed ingly ole nstvc ana sickening, and is totallv iuai equate. t\c most earnestly urge and demand of the proper authorities, for the sake of common limuncuy, to reform this evil and that speedilv. I* is a btunlng shame and disgrace to a civilized community, as well as to the great city of Chicago, to allow such aa evil to exist as it dees rigat In their midst. It Is deplorable to bo a prisoner In a common jail, and they should at least have pu:e air surrounding them. X-milf Holzman, Indicted for murder, was al loweu to withdraw his plea of “ not ca’dty " Uc then pleaded guilty of manslaughter, aud was ecnu’ured to the Peultcntiarv for one Tear. I>. ti. Smithi confessed jnefement tuVnvor of Du rand A; Hyde for ana subsequently a gar nishee process was Issued out against Silas Saw yer on the judgment. A peUaoc was filed by Frederick O. Stewart tor a mechanics lien upon house nnilt on sub-lot !; ’5 l ' S -',V“°J s s?i“ AMlnon, asilntt Bube:t O. Goodwills for SI >3. Ibo superior Court not bein': in session the business fn It consisted entirely of new fnit« which were of the following catore: An Injunc tion was sued out by Samuel Myers agnln«tUhri*. bjibcrhlater and Chri-iophcr regtmercr to re strain them from Iccnmb?rlng a partnershipprop erty of ail the parties. Mary C. Johnson filed her petition for doner as the widow of the late Sotb Johnson, lu lb) acres in Township 4. North Rai'po 13, rest. Melville V. Alien asks to fore* ( ] "e a mortfface of (11.000 on the cast thirty acres of the >oiiit sixty-four acres of the northwest quarter of section 25, township S'*, north ranee li, e.jst A reject, issued against KiS'ik Lclpckc, on the affidavit of .Herman L. Mt’.Uc. who Is about to bring an action on the case for slanderous words, charged as beio*,’ “ b,v does not keeps decent house; he keeps a \?~d d d w^—e.” The actions of a*?UL n P sit 'vere as follows: Abraham Wise ct at. v? - Joseph I). Goodman, Mr. Shields and kcopulvl Silverman; damages (SCO. 1 The same ts. the same; dsn.' 9 - o ** SSM. Ira W. Ceae ct al. v». Frank J« Howes; dam nges, (350, In Uje County Court, Ellxa, the w.' dow of tbe late E. P. Towne, and Mr. Benjamin W Raymond were appointed to administer noon the .estate, each giving a bond of (SO.OOO. Luke Vaudertrelt was appointed guardian Of John i puma, a minor, under a bond of (SK). An action on the case was commenced in the Recorder eCourt ngamslGcorgeEager hr fho-naa Ulyat, in which damage* are laid at (kink) Thn aCll ° n 18 10 b = “milKproS Clotliiucfortbo Poor. Another cold winter teat hand, and with tho high prices of lucl, nrovislona, rents, Ac., there ate hundreds of families in our city who have not one dcltar to spare lor the purchase of nece«i?y clothing, but must «uCer hi their scanty, woru garments unless aided by tho band of charily last winter there was a csnva?s of the city made by committees of ladies, who solicited donations of second-hand clothing for the poor. Thc*e do* nVi 0 ! 18 wc , re . by the Young Men’s Chris* Mid duliibated to the needy at their room. In this way over one hundred fora, illes received supplies of clot Ding, which rendered I «^?v?- I, t ni i I 4 vc J y u eomfo,taWo for the winter, and without which they must have suffered. The snrr.c svstem will be pursued this winter, only on. dcatering to make the canvass more Utoren-h than wlui'j;. Subscripiion books hare bctu prepared aud are being placed in the hands of commlltccs who will call upon onr citizens In a few cays to solicit such donations. It is earnestly hoped that each family called upon will contribute something—some article 01 apparel that has been laid aside and can be spared for the poor. The greatest want Is cloth ing for women and girls, scch as dresses, shawls, underclothing, etc. Parties are especially re quested not to send any slove-plpo hats or old snots There are enough of these commodities over from last winter's collection, to meet ah wants In this direction for two or three years, raities donating are also requested to make np their handles as soon as poa.-ible after the can vassers call, so that they win bo all ready when the team comes for them, aud thus avoid unneces sary delay. O. C. Grans. Chairman Relief Committee Y. hi. C. A. Xho ol Platte*. Editor Tribune: < !l" c ! T '? ."‘l™. 1 ; P a l>f r • few da;. .Into, a statemrut 'hat it will probably be some months oelore the water from tbe lunuel wUI ha aappiied to the city. blr. each a proipect dlls me with horror. Allow me to explain. Some months since (long enough to enable me to vote at Iho lost election), I came hero, bought property, and went into business. 1 was an ardent believer In the fntnre greatness of Chicago, and eagerly es tablished myreli Cere for life. Ah. alri nobody told me of what 1 wonld have to endure; no pro phetic foresight warned me of the perils which I had dated In eo doing. 1 act onl, in writing this letter to yon, to apeak of my grievances lu one particular alone, therefore I win not digress. I W'UI say nothing of the abominations of yonr streets, the stench of your river, the Infinite an noyance of your bridges, the way 1 have been “scalped” in your Board of Trane. the manner In which my confiding Innocence and benevolent Impulses ren dered me a victim to a designing young female book agent, or the many other mishaps winch be tel myself, my son Adolphus, my daughter Betsy, and eyeu my wife Sarah, through the physical and moral evils pervading your city. But, sir, I am compelled to raise my bumble protest against tbe farther continuance of a nuisance, which has. within a few days, become unbearable,—the fish nnlfancc; the oroeccc of an infinite multitude of minnow*, or tprais, or infant sardine?, or some thing of that sort, iu tha water which we draw Grom onrhydrants. They arc worse than the frog* or the lice of Egypt, Frogs arc good to eat, and the lice can be combed out; bnt bow can wo cut rid of these flab ? 1 am told, when I complain, that these little curses are driven into shore at this season, by the cold aud rough weather, bnt I don’t want to know the cause, the cfcect is enough for me. It reminds me °f“y first sea-sickness, when a cold-blooded philosopher, who bad no bowels of compassion to shake np, eat calmly and ansympathlzlrigly before me and told me It was weak and tool&h lo he flick, that my trouble was nothing more than the usual mechanical heaving of the diaphragm How. even in my weakness and prostration, J cursed that man. But. to revert to the fish nui sance. It was had enough when those little creatures were ollered me in scores in every glass ofwaler I attempted to drink—had enough when the water, having been filtered, *UII bore their disgustingly fishy Haver—had enough when I lonca them In myriads, raw, parboiled and boiled, sound and washed, whole and In shreds,-, in my hatb-lab; bar, sir, worse yas to come—thecup of my misery was not yet full—l stopped drinking water, and look to cof fee and tea. In both I use milk. At several meats I thought 1 detected a fishy odor In mv beverages, hntoscrioed II to prejudice, until one morning the milk for my third enp wa* poured from the last in the pitcher, and, to my infinite disgust, ont came several email fishes In It. 1 spoke to the milkman about n and he placidly t-xplp{r**a that the water drank by the cow was “foil of ’em.” Under such circumstances, of courso 1 quit drinking milk, and consequently coffee and tea. But 1 had to drink something. My friend badgers told me of an excellent ar3- do of Bourbon whiskey, for sale by a Mend of bis, and 1 promptly had ten gallons of that seduc tive fluid sent lo my house. When I tasted it. It seemed to me weak, very weak, and 1 oonred out a second glass to make sure of myjad < nncnt. In that second glass 1 found a fish. 1 waxed ex ceeding wroth, and, a small bottle containing that fis-n, as a damning piece of evidence, In my hand. I wended my way to tbe vender of that so whiakey. He iqoked wondenngly at tbe bottled beast, and thee placidly remarked, ”Wot a werryhig fish he most ’a been Tore he was shJled.” 1 protested that fl»h were never dis tilled, and ho gravely replied, “Oh, yes. they allcs ’stills’em m the heal llckcr?; they gives fi* vor - He became indignant when I bmted at adulteration and dilation. Everything liquid seems to me pervaded with a flMiy odor, even the Ink with which 1 am writing, ana yet, iutbc midst of my torment, I an J told by some officials, a Board of Mokados and Tycoons, who scim to exercise supreme control over this city, and who probably like fi?b, or at least have got Ufeil to them, that 1 cannot have my water and niyflsh separate for two or three month* to come. They say that they will not famish the water through tne tunnel because they have not a w, w : c E or something of tho son. and one ol them withoftrugsleat piety, talks 'ihout the imprac ticability of storing new wine In old bottles. Evi dently, that man has mistaken hi? vocation. Cannot eomcthlng ho done, sir, to save the Board of Public Works from Us impending fate of revolving Into a gram! “ Circumlocution Office/’whose only end and aim is “how not lo do it r* Complainingly and anxiously yonrs. A Vagrant.—The man Ihompson, found by police officers near a window which had been forced open. In the basement of the residence of John V. Harwell, at No. 310 Waba-h avenue, and who subsequently ran away and was re arre-ded, was before Ihe Police Court Saturday moralti", chaigid with vagrancy. He stated that when thus fonndhe was waiting for a friend from uic west Side, It was lust bis 111-etarrcd luck to he found liter*?. He bad no gnilty Intentions. The antecedent* of the man, os exhibited in the testi mony of police olllcers. indicated that it bad been lus luck to associate with bad characters fora longtime past, and hinted at hla having been a bounty-jumper during the war. He was lined meteorological. The following is the Meteorological Record of the week ending Saturday, Deembcr Ist. 1800, as kept by J. G. Lanpgutb, Jr., Optician, No. US Randolph street. Übo temperature is taken in thcthnOe. The direction and force of the winds are given approximately, with the baromei rlc alti tudes—the unall letters being the Initials oftfao words “high,” “breeze,*’ “gentle.” “vceriii",” “ialu,” “tuow,” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry:” 9nrnun,«p-vn - Date, preceding. a.m. Up. to. n. m. Svnm F. It. h. U. F. U. F. Ik ?*nn 11 K 31 0 O 5 SS 'j M0m....18 K 3> 3 fi ( a ] T«e5....35 1 49 7 56 10 55 10 oS wed.../* oi 87 a :a 2 53 1 nt ss 0 si 1 so ci Frt 21 C 3 3S 0 55 1 0 o*7 Sat 11 OS 35 (W 40 3 St 1 •••' S’,' a. m. 3 p. m. Date. Mcrc’y. Wind. Xler’y. Wind. Mcr’y. Wind J’UU IXIA2 KW.c. 2J.UI s.h. VJJS* S.w.c Mon VJ.2B ti.w.r. 'iUl SW.nui. n Tno .79.02 29JKJ8.8.W.L. 29.00 S.SAV.i: Wed AO.CB W.S.W.b. 23.13 \V 1).u,.a. 23.13 \V u Tim 71' 13 SAV.g.v. 73.15 W.g.m.g. *29.23 WN 3V h Frt *2920 W.N.W.Ii. 2-.1.H »v.b. 2J.3J W.e b»t* -73A9 b.S.W.b. 29.47 SSAV.c. ’ihe mean of Thermometer during Novem ber, i* 40*F. Ihe mean of Barometer during November, is 23.42. Rain fell to the amount ot J.S'.S inches and snow 0 f an Inch during last month. The S. W. wind was the most prevailing Proposed East Randolph Street Im- provemeut. Editors Tribune: A unanimous desire nsw exists amort" ihe prop erty o-vners and tenant* of West Randolph atreet, since they have been ioeo great an expense in bringing their grade so near a level, whereby Ino llon-e Railway Company will save from three I? fottribonpaud dollar* a year, that the Board of liibßcWorkinEietupon having tiio Rail way Company lessen the irclinstion on East Ran dolnh t-treet by grading this street from lus bridge to Franklin street, greatly Improving the whole street. hc» cflttlng all kind* of travel, and doing away with the nuisance of so many extra boys and horses on the ftrv-et. The cor of this Improvement cannot exceed two thousand dol lar?. A? ample tilling material can be had at the tnnnel in close proxirallj. with road? favotablc to li? ir-nspmiatlon, « Ibis enterprise if com menced Immediately, could he completed ere the rouion w*e:t ot the river is finished, thus making thif thoroughfare unobjectional throughout It? mure length, without necessity for future im provement. West Side Tenant. Discharged.—William Smith, who has been lying in jail some days waiting for bis wife to get well enough to prosecute him for heating her, was discharged on Saturday morning at the Po lice Court. Cis wife was still unable to appear against him, and believed he had hcco punished enough b> his imprisonment. William aatd he was very sorry about it, and would hereafter trr to ticat Lta family as be ought to. n BrrjjczntKT WoatAN.—Nellie Gill, a loreltc, residing on Fourth avenue, has recently assumed a very belligerent attitude towards Mrs. Brandon, a keeper of a house ol iiMamc, with whom she formerly boarded, and four or five days ago in dulged in wwiona threats, one of which wa* that she would burn the house. Nellie was arrested and at the Police Court yesterday moniln" was required to give ball of fioo to keep the peace. AMUSIiiaEM!). In this busy, bustling. thriving metropolis of om«, there is no single feature which exhibits such an amount of vitality at present as the lib eral support which Is given to our places of nub -0 pretty sure Index of the activity, the prosperity of a community, and in this respect Chicago Is undoubtedly ahead of all her con tcmporanea. Strangers who come from M. Houb, Cincinnati and other sister cities get bewildered amid the tumult and wakeful stir of our thoroughfares, as if they bad newly corns outof the wilderness, white Eastern visitors are no less amazed at the marvellous development £li Is manifested here Iu every department of activity. Business of every kind la brisk, nod the businessi of pleasure Is perhaps the most' thriving of nil. Witness the crowned a spec of onr theatres every evening, and the rate at which places of amusement continue to recreate and multiply. And yet the supply seems scarcely commensurate with the demand For rpir.e time past uear.y every available hall la the city has been occupied, and Ihts competition ap pears to act as a stimulant la both ways. Man agers find it to their interest to product their very best, while the amusement loving portion of the community gains in numbers. Our beautiful Opera House, regarding which many Jeremiahs at one time prophesied of coming disasters Is sow in constant demand. It was esteemed a superfluity at the outset of its career; It had in a marncr to create a want. Instead ofsupplTlngone, and now it is n Indispensable Instlumon. The circus, too. is an other striking evidence of the progress we arc making in this direction. While we bad no’bin" in this line of amusement hut the stray companies wl o paid a flying visit at' a, time, there seemed rtrall prospect »fcat a permanent < stabllshm-int of she kind would pay. , But Yankee Uobin- Inson came, the Coliseum started into existence, and it, top,, has become one of our favorite and j most frequented resorts, which we eonld[ 'n6t atTord to dispense Aside trom these, which we mar term onr reg ular Institutions, there has grown np recently quite a number of cccaslonal amusements, con certs, and other entertainments, all of which are more or less prosperous. Ihns are we marching along. » “That which we have done bat earnest of the things which wo shall do.” last week may be said to have inaugurated the winter season, and a brilliant opening it was I'crhaps something of ibe extraordinary pursuit after pleasure may be due to the fact that Thanks f lying Day occurred in the middle ot the week. *u» seldom have wc been favored with such a va riety of entertainment, and seldom have the pub lic turned out in such force. If wc are to accept It as an Indication of what the winter season Is lo be, there Is held forth to us the promise ora golden time. The frost already be* gtnsfo“iwrfurmbl9 secret ministry.”and soon wilt bis ministrations be made manifest Id the ” C *kß°g °* ol6 pODli ** lie of the skating The skating season l There Is magic In the word. Better than an sound Better than all treasures that in books are found.” Mnee of the maty twinkling feel whit pleasant Visions or healta and beauty and grace Absorb our fancy, when old King Winter' Jlrst announces himself! His ficcring breath pula new Ilk and vigor nrto our veins. Wc take down our Irons trom the peg where they have bong neglected and forgotten all summer, and the sight of them send* a thrill of pleasure through onr veins again. We recall the delights of last season, and we look forward to the pleasure that is to come. Wc encounter in the streetcar oar f»ir Lilian with whom we had such a gay and festive time at the last masquerade, and she shly throws out a hint that she U quite prepared for another—a hint wnich Is not lost upon nr. (or the sake of the clad and healthful pleasnrea which he brings; we forgive old Winter for his manifold cruelties; we almost ior-ct the terrors bo carries with him to the beans oi many who cannot sec the sunny side of his grim conn, tenant*, and “crown him King of Intimate dc- The skating season is close at hand.- and this year avlth increased facilities for a thorough tu,’yyiu.*ui of the Kport, po that, combined with the nmnsemcnta 'vWiu belong strictly to the In-door rla?«. OUP proai-ccts arc ox the brightest. To return from this abort-win {rod flight Into the future, bach to the pas' week and what has been accomplished. The main features have been the tPFWIS* °« Mr >- J - u - Hackett at McYfcket’s as .;. 81 v? t V° Su W*J'tbc Opera House, Gotreh with his lecture on “Curiosity,” and a variiTtv of production! at Wood’s, Including the rcnvaldr some ot the Museum epetialiles. Hackett’a Falstatl Is by far the moat genuine pUce of Shakaperian aclhsg we have eeen In this city for many data. He Is the real, livingembodiment of the tat Knight. By nature Duckett ia well adapted to the oarutat Una >a poor praise, fur the same might be said with equal truth of many an actor who could not other £**l. n| D’ed In the same category with Mr nac ? e ii t '. Is more than a &t paunch and a Jovial face to interpret & P m fiat nondroua creation of the poet. Mr. Hackett potacaaea more than this natural adaptability, lie pcpprasce. wbat Is rarely to t be found, a clear, ayxnpatheUc Insight Into the character, and heS» the lalcnt lo portoy faithfully what he less dear? ly. He bw made Falstaffa life atndy. Every abide of that “compound of all ▼HlalhJ-a;’’ his cowardice, bts lying, his cixiiglng servUitv bis wit, his inexhaustible «ycty. Is oulv appriSited and aptly conveyed. fiat Hackett has not only studied hhakspeate to some nar poso;. be has studied and acquired the verr characteristics of fat old men. and nothlngconld be more truthful than the mannerxn which he re produces this acquired knowledge. Hts imduoua “‘“pess hls ea«, Ws leering smile, his rollt hts grunt, can never be forgotten by any who hu ouc« seen ft The whole delineation was an lnt> Ilectnal treat of no ordinary description. It Is gratifying to know that Mr. Hacked encage menl was pecuniarily successful. U " J * ll.S£ I .“. C „;‘f C!^ m , l>trro . r ?'“.?“,' ln rins «■» week little remains to be said. Nothing particularly new was given. If wo except the “French Spy” of Miss Jenny flight, whose rendition of which baa already been.aofficienlly characterized. It was . produced again on Satnrday evening fn««eJS?°i? accln S n <f fo l present week are fnll of novelty, and doubtleas win be fall of at traction. The far-famed “Griffith Gaunt*’ has c o“ c , the West, heralded by an nnpar alleled flourish of trumpets from all parts of the world. A dramatization of this amoufi—we might almost say notoriouanovel—by S£2^ e vs*»™ M,)e P rod £ ced oa Monday even' iS-* a lin e Qscnm - Another version of the same V-W be presented slmnltaneouMv at Mc- Vt* Gaunt” being taken by the talented yonng tragedian, Mr. L. P. liarrett, who commences an engagement on Monday. The curiosity of the public has b«n considerably excited concerning this play, and there will doubtless be a full attendance at both places. At the Opera House Miss Lucille Western, the celebrated Eastern star.wUl make her first appear ance in Chicago on Wednesday eveninefor a short season, bbe Is supported by a very efficient com- P“y»‘-BdndlngMt9s Gordon, Mr. T. Hamilton and Mr..McKee Broken. Vaas will lead tte orchestra «KUK n i t .?‘ lw ? l P le . ce? ‘ w,d , i MW mtialc. The play in which Miss Western will open is Tavlcur’s original dramatization of “East Lynne, or the Elopement- At Yankee Robinson’s Coliseum, which has had us full share of patronage daring the week, the celebrated American clown and comic slower. James Keynolds.wm make bis first appearance oo Monday everting. We notice that a reduction la prices has been effected at the Coliseum.* re served scats being In fixture fifty cents and ordlnt -17 seals thirty cents, ’ibis will tend still farther to popularize this exceedingly popular place of ExTOiexTE Coustehteitiso.—lt trill be re membered that In August last a man named W. Cbamplln, the proprietor or a large boarding boose at Kos. 47 and 43 Randolph street, was ar rested and brought before United Slates Commis sioner Hoyue, rpon the charge oft-aulugcoun lerfeit money. The result of tnc preliminary ex £?isi? ISoII was to hold him to ball in the anm of J3.5C0, a colored man named Daniel Webster be coming his bondsman. Yesterday morning a Mr. Gay. from New York, purchased from Champ lm a Any dollar bill ana twenty-five.-dollars in fractional cimorcy for the snm of thirty-two oollare. The hills thus purchased were of coarse bogus, and Mr. Gay Immediately gave informa tion to Commissioner lloyne, who sent an officer and had Charoplln rearrested. Upon examina tion he was hela to bail In the sum of $5,000. air. Gay Lad discovered that other counterfeit moneys were concealed in Champlin's house. Accordingly Commissioner Home's officer searched the premises, and found concealed In a bag four package* of bogus fractional currency, amounting ju Ibe aggregate to a considerable sum so far as its denominational face was concerned. These elements of fur ther mischief, however, were summarily Mprcd In the bud by fulling into the iron hand of the law. How much more the fellow has managed to conceal, or has already dissem anated, it is Impo-slble, of course, to determine. His sect nd oticncc gives rise certainly to a strong suspicion that he belongs to a gang of practiced conuterfeirers and is a «Hllcg instrument in their band* to assM in flooding the city with the made up imllation of genuine currency. It is to bo hoped that the arrest of Chsmplm and the ols covenr oi the concealed hocus motjey upon his premises will prove a stimulus to extra exertion, on the part of the police authorities, to ferret out the mamifactojy and hi ing (o prompt punishment the manufacturer,, os well ns the agents or fuctots of its spurious creations. LOCAL MATTERS. The Pnrcrt anil Sweetest Cod I.lvcr OU m the world, manufactured Irom fresh, healthy livers, tpon theeca shore; i. is perfectly pure and Ask for “ Hazard &. Casu-elFs'Cod Liver OiL tuanufaemred by Ca-well, Macs A; Co.. T»ewYork. Sold by all druggists? licit! Scratch!! Boyd’s dedicated Cream enres i : .cb, scratches, and all skin di.*ea*cs. 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fc S cl * pttparaMot-a as he knows to b« valu able. Inc fact Shat every reputable druggist in the country keeps Marsden’s Pectoral Balm, I* ample proof that Its effleaev has been thoron"hly tested, ror sale by all druggists. Burnham & > a* bchnack, wholesale druggists, 10 Lake atreei wholesale agents. A M:re Pile Cure.—l>r. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of Sues. Sent by mall on receipt of ft. Circulars ■ee. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Ronaise, Manager. No STS Broadway. New York Praising’s Pnro Cider Vinegar trill preserve pickle, and Is warranted pare. A-k yoor proccr fer no other vinegar. largest works of the kind in the United States. Charles G E Prising, JKOand 3(1 State street, Cblca«n). Colgate’* Aromatic Vegetable Soap.— A superior Toilet Soap, prepared from roflued > occtnhle Oils, in combination with Glt-cerln'*, and especially designed for the nse ot T-adic* and tor the Nursery. Its perfume is caqnlsltc, and it* washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all druggists. mr12h916-lyjiJbw Clo.ln- Ont Sale of Skate.— Simon .nirech & Co. wish to call the akcnUon of city and country dealers to their stock of skates a: re dncedpriccs. Purchasers wi.l do well to call at their factory. Nos. 251 to -JIK Ewing street, be tween Halsted and Blue Island avenue, before purchasing elsewhere. Blue Island avenue car* nm within half a block of the factory. Co to N, F. Merrill’*, Wholesale and rciail dealer kerosene lamps, lanterns, chan deliers, table class ware. looking glasses, ic.. Nos. 71 and 73 Randolph street. : Onp Country Friend* la want of Good* of any kind from Chicago will do well to send their orders either by mail or express to the Ks press Companies 1 Purchasing Agent, A. L. Btim son. aud Wlr.doTC Shade, Sofpi." f du " dpr,c ”- F - E - Markets bv Telegraph. New York Market*. I By Cralc'd Neva Accncy.] r~.,, , „ , . New York. Dcccmb«rl. umanrt?. ,et M<l6tr4dy at lor middling ,OWer ; 19J0.110.35 for c*txa round boon bcavy ?il-Sowlrt.iofe»r trade brands, market doslag l5 wpf * * od (omewhst heavy: nc^ Idc Price for very good No. 3 Milwaukee. Barley heavy and drooninc r«?p!bl. m ?, r^c , l ht * T T and IwL tower; li?ct a. t i 5.1.13 for *M:rlnc mixed Western, In store and JfSPJh at lh c iwtde price. Data heavy at for Chlcaeo and Milwaukee. 1 *at*£^*iV??s~^ >ori ‘T He * v f and declining; sale* at for tegn’ar anil cafh for old uieas. clo.’nc or ( P U * l: f&.00iA1?.35 for new mesa and (19^0 V * tuCfe ° ,d - December tst. i*M, 3j.(C brls. Beef—Heavy; total .lock old and ncv December Ist, «.95l tiackarr*. Bovf Mams—Heavy! sales at t3SJCftSO.OO. Bacon quiet Cut Meats—Heavy : sal« at fcrshonlueta and for hauls. I;*rd— Ix»» er; eales M ll^iSyc; small parcels at IS,^ JS&SXS,!**- Cofe-M! ; ibflrtfSiM; 1 1 “ n « fur aalc “ a itUKtT—Quiet and unchanged. Dprssed Hoos—Lower; sales at 9310 c for Western. LATER NEW * OKU MARKET*. [bpecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs. December 1. Flonr—For full line* ‘onnd low extras, JIOJO asked and refosed, lint the market otherwise very flat. Wheat —Good ►hlpplog and milling Inquiry, but parties gene rally apart. No. 3 fnry sustained. Cera and other coarse grain* very depressed. ccacxstES. Coffee doll: Rio, 22a3c. Sutrars declined, with more doing. Fair to prime, 10.SCJI2C, LIT* XIOOB. Hog* declined ;7.V£7kc. Receipts, M cart. rastacr*. Mederate. Shipment of wheat, barley and oatoto Great Britain, including 4J.000 bn wheat mostly to Liv erpool, at Td by steam. WEEKLY REVIEW WHOLESALE MARKET. There ha« been a craat depression acrcrel'mie, f f . LCarly aJ’Stapo article* have declined IMstrcst cxl.U in every Quarter, and dealers buy spvr- Jugly. apprehending a turthcr contraction of the cur rent'- *o new Jallurr* in the provision trace are re ported this week. There has. however, been a greater variety of cereal crops exported during the week lima In or.y similar period lor many year*. „ , „ . FLOP*. Breadstuff* have generally declined, but the tall Is greatest in ffoa% a hich ha* arrived more freely. The stock has been added to materially, and I* now BO.COO barrel* agalmt about 7ft\W3 barrels la-t vea -Ihe consumption has Cillca off. The Call is froru’M to TO cents per barrel on the medium and high grade.. Extra fctare clo*o» at s9.X&U.3>:shipping OhiolajD 03 <JII Jl*. and St. LcnU extra* from f 13. W to SlLOu? WBlxT. Wheat has alio been depressed, although at the con- CtsMon cl from &£lO cents, there are buyers for expert, main ft-atoro t" the market this week. The stock hvs tnntwedsomewhat, and M now f*ura*t.d at lAfflirao On»hel»»gaih«tSAOO,(Ml last year. At the close there Is a fair demand for: &icc ted spring lt No. i CRicaeo hpriuc, No. I is nominal at and for amber; £U>£ for white Mlchl*' gar. cons. The cor,’' market Ims been very variable and excited at times, in/tncnccdby the news trom Europeffnd rapid fluctuations to cold. The decline lor the week baa been aboetl?£ents a bushel, prices closing at 91 Kua U9fur old mixed Instore. New yellow Is mote Diente aedfo selling at fUSaLftk lluw to no toauffifcj DAI*. Oats are offered, and have been Influenced by the nnavorable news from Europe. The export d£ mand has been ialr tor old Weatern. The Quotations are C33C4C. and e&sSNc for ntw state. y a! ' ,arn ' w w “ Kra - Barley has been In lair demand for export, and has flDcinnud wbh the foreign news, closing 5e lower. i'i e r£ C . O,C ,Y^ l ' irn , at Canada West si f*c« * td Otm.-. and State at „ . , ITOVL’iny*. Provision! arc irregular and vartsbl;, and there is Tbffe is « fair buslctaa doing iS obll s® rmbl9 demand. The stock bu Ttare art 5a,000 hrl i against ulcoo E£2l.^ be closing prices forold me?a are fXlhO iSd nevßiMte sH.Maad rssM. price a cent a pound this week bet nricS? S,*JPPr° TCID Hti* mt »osnuSud pnccs are a shade lower at 19e for citr uve tr> * ■learned and 13yc ;orkeliu rendered, idran^ I T d f e? *' d - Receipts are hunt. Bacon “** in better demand in part tor forward 11.11,*. Prices are nominal at 10y to lie for Cnmb-rland andll V toKVe for short nb£d ; U loiyjc for short market basin' extremely dotf. The *??«£«* •• Pnees have fallenTantl S hsm" eta will not be disappointed if they Ims no oso i«vvi In cheese the been vervlimits The stock baa also been greatlyuerwaXT.m week. Price* have declitcd Vc a Prime factory .tUa from 14 u stock on h*nd is estimated at IDXOOO bon4 cilne in gold la the chief causa of thaiWL 7110 Pcslrcti in Brazil cores has hasn tctt limited. *«d 11Ualr to p?lrne Rio goli. In motawei the hualnes* for dli tilling purposes has mien olf greatly. Few ns nr* buying. Two thousand a day to S *° d jreoucully in imalllou for s*UlSa?nowtoS sales for uiat porpoae would be fitly hoah«*s« ■ div The quotations afTssc to fw mS»vSo : tfic to 63c tor Cuba clayed, and COc to 35c for^Porto pergalfoiT CTOp * ew Orleans Is held at about fi m _ .. • wumatr. The whiskey market U greatly demoralized and f c^E? e l?’ “sUunjg|» dolnp. PrlcM close at S?nt Me In bond. \ err fow honest buyers are opermtlug. There b *n e dortngthe week from *1.05 to tlJtil gaUon. This whiskey paid no tax. * „ . . COTTOJi, Bcslneaa In cotton early in the week wasonUeac. v o r “Wf--rhough there was some for in bn* w UbJw» tavorable news from Eurooe. * gec-lne *p gold, rod an easier money market, orlcea Kflfc£d!s?^2 ,w U*“ TTWIUI ewukfcrawe abateSS In the demand. We quote atOxaßVc fopmiddiiiT* uplands and oo for Ne w Orleans ror middling Money and New York. [By Craig’s News Agency.] Mokat—Market easy andstndy' ** W*ttwp £xcna>°*-Flrm atWcsMSy, Goli>—Rather firmer; opening at m v-ift,** to 141 Y; declining to closing It UIL g GovnutMEXT MOCKS—Firm. B x The Pont'e money article says; "The loan market shows symptoms of growing easy as to call loans, andof growing dlstruit in commercial credits. The J®JJ® 6 * ra, «. for demand accommodation on Govern ment securities is 6 per cent, with an Increasing c^S?f?, 0 F t fJ nsa f tJoa * al 5 Per cent, and even lower! So great Is the ahunaance of idle capital that large amounts are left with the brokers at low rates, and tfie disinclination of capitalists to boy commercial paper ftcelr 1* one of the cauies which Und*. wttn otheri W Jeerease this plethora or capital seeking employment On call lor choice bills the rate is 7«8." * 1 J KU ' .The stock market is dull, ana in view of the opening cl Congress, aid the general lacerUtude of fluanclal aCajrs, very little business Is doinr. Governments are dull, except the new 1833’f, which have advanced to 10S.V, In consequence of the change in the rule for conversion which goes into etfect to-dar. Heretofore the ownrn of nave received In ex change thenfor a 5-« o bond, hcailng theJannarvcou pon. ror this gold coupon currency wa» paid. * Now the January coupon is cut on, the holder 01 the note received his interest up to January Ist at 75-10 par cent. Ibe stock market was firm to the close of thedar Tntre was contlderable activity la the Northwestern eharu, and tn advance to 45« for the common and Crf V for the preferred stock. This had a tendency to strengthen the whole market. J viscEiXAXEore. Among the mucdlaneous shares Mariposa prslerred advanced to laY- P2ICIS. closing Quotations at 4JO „ . CLOSING The following were the Oblaft M.eertt 23* 111. Central lis*«m b-Tc1....- 46*l< 47 Cleve. 4 mu. S 3 gjv N-Y.C -.HIKf4U2 Rock aIOIU f-rte-- —. TiJiw 71* Northwestern . 4j*t« 43* Heading ...112 (aU3* Doprefcrrcd. ns* llLCen tr al.....lta <am* FU Wayne lOoQlCfj* Mich. Southern 6l*u SI Milwaukee niarhcli [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnce.l Milwaukee, December 1. Fiorn—Dulh, sales 100 brls Boruch’s best super win ur at (12.00. Geain—Wheat dnll; 9 a. m. Board—No sales. Noon Board—6,(oo bushels at (LOl for No. 1; |t.7B<3 1.79 tor No. 2. ft JO buyer, ten days. Oats quiet; sales GOO buNo.Jat 44c. Corn qnlet; sales LSOO ou at S7c forNo.l. Ryeanchangcdatfuc. Peovisjons—Bull; sales 00 brls clfy mess at (19.00. Bcttee—Steady at 25c; eggs unchanged at 35c. DcemjXU Hcos—33c lower, sales aKOAC^T.OO, Live Hogs—Lower. (6.00«6.50. Receipts—l,Soo brls flour. 34,000 bu wheat. Smi'MESTs—l,2oo brls flour. I.COO bu wheat. CiociuDali Market. [Special Despatch to the CHleago Tribune.! Cincinnati. December I. Ftocn—Doll: small sales of superfine at (3.00; ex tra at (10 CC, and family at (12.50, GnjuN—Wheat nominal; No. 1 spring at $2.35, and No. l winter at (2.73. Corn scarce and firm; sale* of m w shelled at 53c. and car at We. Oa« firm; sale* of No. lat4Sc. Rye In good demand; sales of No. 1 at (I.13&1.15. Barleyaulct; sales of prime foil at (1.60. Cotton—Dull; small sales at Si33l*c. Wmasrr»-<Jalet; bonded at 31c. Pnovistoss-InacUvc. M<vs pork steady; sale* at (19.cc5i9.30. Bacon nominally *c lower. Bulk mc»ts nominal. Lard steady and Him ; sales of 370 trea ket tle aUS, l ic. and 250 tres prime steam at ll*c. Green meats in good demand; sales ol shoulders at 3 V&€c; sides at 7J*g7}»c, and bams at 9*c. Hoos—Opened firm ; sales at (3.7336.13 gross, and at (G>cct7.2s net—closing weak. Receipts, 3.5 W. Money— Close. Exchange steady, at par @ 150 premium. St. liOuiH .Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} fcT. Louts, December 1. FLom—Nothing doing. Sales lower grades at I9AO, and extra at (13.73. Glx in—Wheat at (5.05 for spring, and (3.C3&2.73 tor toll. Coro is heavy, and 537 c lower, witii sale* of new yellow at 80c; white at 88*c, and old Oats are higher, at C3c. Bye Is steady, at STytfDc. Bariev at S2*c for spring, and Is2*c for tail. PEOTisioNe-Pork, *12.00. Lard at Uc, WnifcKrr—Sale* at (2.29y.2.29*, Hoes—Sales at 05.'C«i*c. Vessels Passed Detroit. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. - ! Dtreorr. December 2 Ur—Golden Fleece. Dows—Bridge. DcSOlo. Wind—Southwest, New York Dry lioods Market. Nrw vons, December 1. Tbe Cnmmrrctat says: “Thercls more of animation in the ilry go-.da trade to-day than for several davs be fore. bccapcctcdly. there were more buyers In'mar ktt yoetcrcayanemoaafttcl ibis moral? than the last of he week and so soon afrora holiday would natu rally have suggested. Whether this Is any Indication or the trade for this month, or merely one 01 tho»e fa vorable Irregularities, cannot be told. Goods arc about aa 1-w as th*-y can be male, and perhaps buyers Lave become convinced of ft. ana are preparing for winter trade! ibe steadiness in prices tor some daya has been quite remarkable. Id the ab-encc of demand: but It N ac cvcntul fnrtrom the £tcl Unit the production In now liuht, and of leading goods the stocks arc not large. Thei woollen good, market continues did', however, and the-o is little* change to note. There Is a tight tie lusnuloeklßirtothesprmgliitslncas, but It 1* as v"t very Irregular. Itie following aro some ol to-day's quotation*: 4 Brown Sheetings—l&«2lHc; Amoskras A. 31e. Oicaehetl Sfc. ana Shirtings—New York mills. DkctTTarrsntta.aiVc; Amoskcag A,S9c. I’rlnts—l • • filoc. Brown Brill.*—3oGvC3c. Denims—Atnoskcag, 42c; Tort, tic; Monitor, 22c. Toledo Market. [Dy Craig's News Agency.] _ _ Toncno. December l. Crao.— Wheat quiet and unchanged ; sab* of Amber Michigan at *1.73. aad No. 1 red Waba«h at *2.73. Com dull and ic lower; pales of No. 1 mixed at S3.*. Oats unchanged; sales at He. Rye quiet; sal*s at <1.13, Mining Stocks in Boston. . N’kwYock, December 1. Prices of mlnlne stxks bid In Boston this div: Can »da, TO; Copper Falls. 4t3«f; Frank in. 45; Hancock, it.‘*: Huron. Mmnetota, H**; gnln#, HJf. Providence Print riolli nod Cotton Market. , Pn<>vti)T:\rir, U. 1., DecjinW The market for printing cloths has necu condders bly active nuring the past week, bat closes quiet an t rtcady. bales amount (0b0.103 pieee« at I2‘f.il2«c for Vest styTrs. Thu cotton market dosed dull aui lrro,ra lar. Middlings nominal at otGir-Gc. Sales of the week amount to 8.030 bales; importations 3.052 biles. lil A R R I E D . At J ll - on the 3M ultimo, bv the Rev. A. TI. J M r v K * MURRAY, Jr., and Mlssß. J. tLELAND, both of that city. Ir Ibis city, Nov. Mill, at the residence of the bride’s father. Py the Rev. C. 11. I-owler. Mr. E. I».SEAMENS, of Geneva, Ohio, and Miss AMELIA. B. PliAlT. of this city. . In ibis city. Not. t«b, at the reeldenco of the bride’s father, by the Rry. H. L. Hayward. J. G. SAVAGE, ol Toledo, and Miss ELLA S., youngest daughter of J. R. Gurnee. No cards. In this city. Nov. 33th. b** Rev. E. J. Ooodsneed. Mr. •TORN P. MaIUON and Miss MARTHA A. WIN t lIL.LL. r Int M-city. Nov. 29th, by Rev. W. C. Dimly, HER BF.RT J. RAND, of Chicago. and Miss ELIZA K. GIB BON, formerly ol Steubenville, Ohio. In Hits city. Nov. 33tb, at the rc*ldence of the bride’s mother, Tfl Waba*b-av.. by the Rev. Dr. Rcbert L. t>l]y#r, L. S. BANTA and MARY A- BKAATB, all of this rttv. No cards. t 2" New York City and Dubnoue papers ple&iecopy. InthecHvnfßockfonl.lll.. Bundty even’s". Nov. 23th. at the First M. E Cnurch, hr ihe Rev. F. A. Read, asfUteC by the Rev. J. Baum, N. W. WEDHEIk M. D.. ot Chicago, and Mlm ETIIE M.'NAsON. of Rack ford. No card*. DIED. In this city, cn the Ift ln«t , at the Wm. Ncvln. Jontn Morcac-st., MARTIN B. MAGLii.E, aged ;l year#, • m< nths, aud 31 «iavs, Toueridat l oVlock (Sunday), trom l^ercsl denfe. Frlcndi of tamliy arc Invl'cd to alter<l. sTijc jFiue Slrts. QROSBY OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. 77 # /,'!hvring Splendid raintingi are non* in the Art tiaUrri : THE RECOGNITION! Constant Slayer’s Great tTorkj S&iuaele'i IRVINGiHO HIS FRIEH9S. Zf?r»se’* Fine Picture of Q- IR, .A. IfcT T f pr Free to Belfort of Certtfl’catct. Jfinc jTurm'turc. Q HAS. TOBEt, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN RICH, MEDIUM AST) COMMOS Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, £c. Tliri.inCE3T4S'ol;ni ENT JMJ.OTCTBI PRICES Of any house in the W t sU wanting SPECIAL INTEREST oi every wanting goods in my line, to call wh examine. 8 W and 89 &tatc-st., Chicago. fHarijlnctg. 'J'HE LAKE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, * Shingle Machines. Cora Mills and Shafting. Wood working Machinery. LANK A BODLET, C-oraev ot John and Cincinnati. amusements. jypSOELLAHEOUS CONCERT For the benefit of 10PK0 MBS'! CmnSTliN BSMIATIOS, AT CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, IDonday Evening) Decembers* A Splendid Combination ofMnsiai Talent. G ? A >!?m£ R T7 I I Ef O£AvJS e ,ORPHEUS club, MIL Vlotlatst; TaM Asa." fan band; B' t Aßltls * GT€ sft susie traverse! a? j i?SS*SI : cnorals of little girls- J^“ OBJo Hh.PianUl; HANa BALAIKA, Con- , „ * PROGRAMME—P/.ar FreaT. 1. Overt ore m the opera of Masntelto Auber HDrarcTulr 3. New Quartette. OBCHKSTE^ “ re’s to time like the old time n hen you and 1 werevoaog." Words by Oliver wenrtsi Holmes, music a *r7-’U UUrCHINhON* FAMILY 3. Romania from Don Sebastian...., Donizetti i *n,B n_l MR. E. SCUCLTZE. A The Orphan Wanderer Tteo. e. Perkins b. ww », QUABTETiE BY ORPHEUS CLIJB. “ ,Vo * el f. Violin Solo. fclCOJri) * 9. Come Home, n.C Work. Ifl v«r « BCMBTBAVBBBB. 'byT....?. roiu Tenj P« railc « song, written 11 SiV. “Tribe of Asa." 11. Bomanza, from La Dame Blanche Robin Ad«| r « tt MR. E. SCHULTZS. I*. Seng of Home „ . mes.c.d.cabrdjgtox. 13. coronation March from the Prophet.. ..Msyerbeer . OBCHESTBA. jaw-ssff ■g“t {fii&oSssis QROtBV’S OPERA HOUSE. J. X. RAYMOND Ltmie asd Masageb, ssgl,? uw LUCILLE ‘WESTERN, Commencing WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER sth. In ner World-famed 1 cndltlon of • I **OKL AND MADAM TINE, in c. W. Xaylcurc s original dramatization of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, bv Miss M. E. G ORDOK. Mr. THEO TIVM. 8om&S r *^ IcKEIS BAjJKli, ’« 6ad aad efficient EAST LYNNE baa achieved a complete J^* , l27\ re^. otp i b >‘ MIhS WESTERN, aad has been prcduccd tn the principal cities of the East NEARLY 1,000 TIMES, Toth* mo«t fiuhkmable and nrnrcclatlra andipro-pa lUE LARGEST AUDIENCES EVER CONGEE GATED, By her incomparable impersonation of the charac ters ot LADY ISABEL and MADAM VINE, acnlevcdf I wui? 11 m “ tcfjr htr ttß success U has TEARS AND SOBS, And other signs of EMOTIONAL SYMPATHY, Erokcd frem overflowing audience#, attest the PURE MORALITY OF THE PLAY, ITS WONDERFUL DOMESTIC PICTURES—ITS CORRECT DRAWINGS OF SOCIETY, TOE TORTURES OF A JEALOUS MINO-THE PERNICIOUS INFLUENCES OF CONJUGAL DISTRUST—IRE PLEASURES OF A HAPPY HOME—TBR MISERY OF SEPARATION. THE STRENGTH OF MATERNAL TIES, THE VACILLATIONS OF LIFE, and THE TERRORS OF DEATH. As especially presented by the ImpJoraUons of unfor tunate, wretened Lady Isabel lor lorglveucsa from RER DEEPLY-WRONGED HUSBAND. fw?min!i l lr h^i£? u - tlr *?/ 1< i ne “, oro aclQal food to the community, It has been periormc.l. than enr olltcr wMch hae ever been played in the country, f convjctlon ol this f.ict cannot be had than may l-e f-cvn any t Icht ot It* I'erforminco- In the WlTElf TEARS OF MEN AND WOMEN who crowd the Theatre n»ght»y to see Miss Western's per formaccc in the principal characUrT rcr Admission.Mccnts; Reserved Seats. 73 cents: Ral c<my boxes,(4 peats) (1.P0; Family Clrcle.3o cent*. T7~i. r Hi* S, CD "- Ult ? sl * I’rufcccalum ILXi'S.ipo.uJ to tlfl.tW. M °°“ r 'THEATRE. Mr. ED. WRIGHT. Business Agent GREAT ATTRACTION OFFERED. Appearance of lie excellent Ethiopian Comedian and Vocalist, BILLY BAKKY'. Drama THiP** XG PfoSoced The great two-act I 3 jE3T^.IXr I 3? o> 7MI, With the advantages of eiTeetire scencrv, appoint- DieiiN, Ac, " *• Z2T Remember, TITO ENTIRE COMPANIES the same evening. THE YANKEE ROBINSON r!ic Z i ) v.^Jt- A hiIA, I i DE2 L SAXD COLW«?DM,CI«. CUS AND MLN AGLUIE. anpearauoe in Cbl rairo of MR. JAMES REYNOLDS, tnu favorite Clown >l n ser. Re-engagemear of JOHN LOW LOW, Great i.iuer!rnD t.l»«n an-l Jr pier. Fir*; an. peanvr.eeofMß.WM. DFITON. the Great Summer tauit Rider, on aad after MONDAY. Dec. 3a, hy re quest of many cUDcls, aad to keen up wlti the times, we have reduced °ur Fricos.a* lollo**: Adml*ston— Arm tTftlrs in Dres* Circle. 50 cu.; Scat* Ria'rvitl in ,;,C W Clr. k. ;y els.; nox-s for tolorvd I'creonN 50 cts.; Private Boxes *3; seal* In iTlv ato ltox» s. (i; Admission to Mntlnceto all nsrt* of the he use. Wets.; children under 9,20 et*; children uml- rn, irte. ]\fc VIOKER’S THEATRE. McVH'HERA MYERS... y.... MANAGERS Engagement of the young Amerlean Actor, MR. LAWRENCE P. BARRETT, ’ TTl:o will appear on Monday and every evening until further nub-e, in the Drama, m five acts, dramatized 1-. Aiken trum Chu. Keade’t popular Novel, enuum 9 r GAUNT t or, JsatorsT. r rltflth Gaunt... Mr. Lawreace P. Barret: Frida} DmeJt of Mr. Barrett, batvrday—Uarrelt Matinee, larcheawal—Koscdale. QOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. CUL. J. n. WOOD .. ................... ...Propriety* Director cf Amusements F.*K. aIKKN Stace Maracer Tlios. HARKT rrcdoctlon of the Great Dramatic Sensation of the P B £- a £!*J the Po-s'ods, now performing nlgbßy In New York to crowded houses. 12" Commence at K before S. On Monday evening, Pee. 3d. and every night, wl'l t«e prce*.nted a Drama by Augustin Daiy, author ol “Leah, the Forsaken.” entitled _ GIUFFIi'U GAUNT ; op,.Jsjlocst. Founded on CuarJt*Rcade'seelcbratedni>vi‘l. Wednes day and Saturday Afternoons, Grand Grimth Gaunt Matinee. auction r-jalcs. W u A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER’S BLOCH, pO-IG II A- 40 RAXDOI.Pn-ST. 'J'HE LARGEST AUCTION SALE Ever held in Chicago, will take place on Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 4th and sth, WHEN J. STETTHEIMER & CO. Will dose cut ttelr entire sloth of CLOTHING CJ2L.O I 37 , ia:s, AiIOUNTING TO sls 0,0 0 0! Without Reserve, at their Store, Kcs. 74 & 7S Lake-st. TERMS. FOUR MONTHS FOR APPROVED PAPES. BILLS UNDER fICO-CASH. Catalogues and Goods ready for inspcc> lion on Monday, Dec. 3d. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioned*. T IBRAKY ol Classical and iliscellane _L/ neons Books, AT AUCTION, On TUESDA\, D:C. tlh, at 10 o’clock, at Butter*’ Salesrooms, Palmer’* Block. 44 and 46 Raadolph-st. WM.-A. BUTTERS A CO„Aqct*w. \ TJCTIOK SALE OP GROCERIES— /-» «nntr, Tea. Tobacco, Cigars. Hardware, Black jmith’t rr T <« W(1 BcUow». Gunny Bas«, Wines. &c on D , Kt i£¥? ?%,•*,.W| o’clock, at Butters’ Salesroom*. . a Fsroer s Block, 41 and 46 Randolph *u .. WM. A. BUTTERS k CO„ Auct'ra. Dry goods, cloths, cassi- MERES, Clothing, Boot* and Shoes, Hats, Caps, ctl Goods. AT AUCTION, On THt HSDA\. Dec. 6th at 9*,' o’clock, at Butters’ Salesrooms, in Palmer’s Block, 4-1 and 46 Randolph at. WM. A. BU'uERS & CO., Auctioneer. pEREMTTORT SALE BOO White AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. Dee. ith, at liv o’clock, at Butters’ st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. TTALLABLE GOLD WATCH and T Chain, Diamond Rlrp and Pirn AT AUCTION. To pay advance and charges. On THURSDAY, Dec. 6th, at 12 o’clock, at Butters’ Salesrooms, 4 4 aad 4 C Randclph-iL WM. A. BUTTERS A CO n Auctioneers. XjVNTIEfi STOdTT of Jj| hoe Dealer tkWr Dec. T.i'.t'Ff ,-55Sg®Uta rcoms, in Palmer’s Block. 44 and 461*- Also, M cates best quality Chicago-made t*.. . WM. A. BUTTERS * C\>_ Auctioneer*. A SALE—Entire stock, ma jTjL chloery and Da lure* of a Boot and Shoe Factory, AT AUCTION. Without reserve, lor cash, on MONDAY, Dec. IQth, at 10 o’clock, at Store ISS Lake-sL, up stairs. By order of J. W. Mernarn. Assignee. WM. A. butters ± CO, Auctioneers. T IBRAKT ot Classical and lliscelia- I j neons Books AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, Dee. I, at 10 o'clock; at Batters* Sales rooms, la Palmer's Block, Nos. -44 and 46 Randolph the Books can be seen on Monday, afternoon. WM. A. BUTIi&S *UO. AQCt'S. 33 eat IHgtatf—(gits. inPßoriso. B y A - J - Arerelf, No, 7 J M«?opom.-.a Hock. ’ a t^s°i£!ir ,c t, 8 V re South w n fW,W». ninlwL^i& rronttMl,s on Michlcha-ir^sear “ bfcoon '' °» • ° f Fo,in « ! M-'«a!l UlttljKi. pc?lo", 0t • ” oa > ot'?oanemU 1 -!t..sisJ junction ir.tanlnr, neu-Foort^ntlHiL,Ira[*t «Ss?»sa?sasr’ ,nottas *»«■*■ oigtraS/teg l C “ r un F)R SALE— J&. Email, very hanosome cottage ct 5 rooTr-aaod hall will be cheap If immediately.* Address P. o. BcxvSs, SALE—Or Kent—House No. 177 M org»n-ri. given on the sth of Csmsl-sf 7 ’ App rat b 9 Harrlson-st, or 133 P ?5--^®^4. Ter y fine residence on -n aT -.'*^thJ3rire on the lake. tS?' MnKS ? TT t V f TOSnf. , t !^ lot M t»t. tsS easy. tn»i»At« Lake-rt. F3R SALE—A pleasant and desirable residence, east Jtont one bidet trom Uadisos-st. neighborhood. HodseiwauS f IgbtTooto*.two pantrle* and scTerat closets udrala water. t LotsCxiOi teet, w«i imprawi. Ira- H^fcwt. POm * tioa ' IC4alre ai ‘ ttQ h 0“«. 11l TT°. R SALE—Cottages—One on Pnlton -4 yV o» W^ ,sc ®« aajf on * ob Warrea lot for S3.CoU—both la good location AftIKO & STAPLE*, corSrlik^Md F'On 5-ALE—House and IntontheSjonth Side, la a good neighborhood, near horse car*. »*» Mom^Vs™ ISWAUI,C poswsftl:>tl - PJCTEB SHIMP, FDR SALE—A new first-class frame h ? a! containing 13 rooms, with all ujwjttßMaTenlencei, Ho. fljfc .Xorth daik-st; iS wSf ’ m >* “““-W ren^ —Cottaire on containing six rooms ana flyo FDR SALE—Two new brick houses on Wabaah-ay, betwtra Twenty-eight and Twenty. SS*SSSSf&SSP&* *** pOR SALE—On Soutn bide, a Cottage §*z'Vaihfi fa i *&?', •&.% Bssa C.M.7IPHOVED, I, OR fcALE—In Thos. B. Bryan & Co.’s w? l>®«, Bi van Rail, virK v ,*i, #0B * h S f B ’ D ib of 50x130teeJ. A-AN H south ot Sixteen a3X feet, to ltk^ LCMET ' AV ' ,St ' QUI of Twcnty-Dril-#t„ 50 feet, to f CALmiET.AV. south of iUl«xW^e^ V ’’ DOrt!lM,t eonier 01 Twcnty-thlrd j\H£ T U .'v T s-is n{h of Superior, 50c143 feet. wi»f»wv•‘Si• , roathwwt comer of Hne, 50x100 fect- northeast corner ot Learltt, i«*iao Sn D -mv S Jl r,,,e l t of »*TM fret. southwest corner ol Morgan, SOQUOO Beside* which we hare a large list of other unim L’OR SaLE—The north halt of Block 1 fcSt, 4 ;?’ School Section Addition, bavins a trout a-e of-CS feet on Clinton and .IciTcrson-std., and con v itnu ß './ nTe °P?ortTH!lty for a mannfacto- Uekrborn-'at?' 6 T * S * FITCH 2To Uicm-ißouscs. r PO RENT—By AVm. D. Kertoot, 89 houses, on the southwest to.xcr of Hubbard and lLahea-st>_ containing S or 9 rooms each. Bent. f3O ptr month. & I O RENT—Atirst-dass furnished house , at narlcta. eight miles irotn the cltr on the Galena £l : ‘ll r Sv .. rv H'i cat au-omniodatlon trains to and fr. tn the city. The tenant will be do tred to board the .ovucr s family Apply to JAMES W. bCOVILLE. at Loom No. 13 Conn Hon-e. " 4 T° KENT—A block oi two-storv trame .* dwdllncs, entirely tew. 9ln number, pleasantly J. hc *9 r IU ne - ir u,e hor*o railway, bc twM-nJ-aSalleand WelU-»ts M on The strove dcinines win be rented at a low price to suitable ten. ants. Apply to J. SCANLAN. rMasoulc Temple. r ro RENT—House, N 0.489 South Clark- X st., newly built, ctmtalalnr II roortstlarco dinlos- cblna closet, Ac..—suitable lor boarcDue: also hancsomc store. Cheap to good tenant. * RENT—A large board'Eg house, on vfT^r C i C eomv^^ rt^ anil Arp'y to U?ock SPLINGoK, Boom No. i Melropolltan TO RENT—A cottage house, No. G 9 prtml6ii >erJl ‘ Ct '* tt ‘ lJlL ' a ‘ atlt * ocatloa - Inquire oa the TO RENT—A two-storj* collage on in dlana-av., rontalidns sevea rooms, beanies closetr, Ac. Address *• t,” No. S-l LaSaUe-sl., room RENT—A house with C rooms and Mavut Cl:itrC ’ ° D Twca| r -,econd - ;St -* No. 103. till RENT—House in a good location, -A f’iitabie bpr a private dwclllnc or boarding house! and lumlture for sale. Inquire alN'o. 13 East lUm uOl pil-st. TO RENT—An clcgnct heure, 04 Park av.. ore block west of Talon-park. Kcvsrant-i at 65 Park-av. for terms liqaire at 2M r PO RENT—For the board of a small no 1 dwelling, partly furalabed. 01*4 West MfcClaCC-it., tear Wood-at. 'T'O RENT—House, No. 238 North La- X fstlc-Pt.,. rontaitung twelve rooms, gas acd water. Fun Iture sold If dcsimt.'re on the promise*. T’O RENT—A cottage, 198 North Green st., half a block trom slilvraukcv-av. horse cars. O RENT—Cottage, 334 Walnul-sL, 0 roems. besides pantry and clo«et«. with soO and water, wlunn one block ol Lake-st. curs. Call at (* IS Fulton st. STo iinu—ivooms. r pO RENT—Room. with steam soasr OWfr ’ FrLLI ' U * FORD, -S2 and 2SI Midi- "I'O RENT—Three tarnishedrooms, two I minute# walk from the l\>t Office. N’oau but ges lltcicnmcd apply. Enquire at 11 2 Adam«-aU T'O RENT—Furnished moms, at 203 Kau Madiscc-BU * r T'O RFNT—Without Board—A hack -*. parb.r, tarnished, suitable for two gentlemen or gcntkman ana lady.' Apply at2o4 state-st. I O RENT—On South Side, five 1 rconis.four closets, water, etc. Furniture for sale Apply to J.H.PALM. loom V, bo. Ml UashiPCton-st. TO KENT—A furnished lodging room, for two or one gentleman, in the Reynold.’ mock. Inquire at Room 5.1. . nro RENT—With or without board, .1. well furnished rooms, with iw of gas and bath rcom. to gentlemen only, at .14 Fourth-ar. TD RENT—No. 130 West Randolph st, three pleasant rooms and closet, with furnltnre at rt carpets for «ale. Inquire ot J.* S. McNICiIO LAS. 7.S Sooth Wclls-st.. or 120 We«t llitadolrh st. So ©fiiccs.^c T'O RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7J Kandoipli-st,, Coart-plvc. onpo- JW'SW'ifciS Uoa r'- ApM,toA.WOBDES * CO., or L. I. i ODD, on the premises. 'T'O KENT—A warehouse, suitable lor or . nninufactmins purpose*, JONES* GIFFORD, 17 LaSnlloft., Room g. r PO RENT—Store and basement No. 18S X South Clark-st. Apply to L. B. OTIS, room 7 hocih.wm comer of and LaSallo-st,. TO RENT—One of the two new stores on S-JUth Water-iit., JnstcDmpletal (So. lOD. door east rf Hall. Mnto.rk & Co. B. F. sIiMP MAS. Room 12i II I Dearlwm-st. TO RENT—Desk room in a mcelv fur rh-hed office. Apply from 11 to Uo’clock a. m. uoom 14 Billiard s Block, South Water-#!., northern comer oi Clark. Uoarb Etlantcb. ■QOARD—For a gentleman and hilwife, a > in a private family. Address, with term* and lo cation. ••James." 202 south Water-st. BOARD— Ey a gentlemaD nnd wile, in a private family. North Side preferred. Address **u A. 1 ribnne ctllce. filters, SrarrtaijEi. stt. A WELL-BROKEN BEGOT HORSE, tuAiw^" l ‘ jr *. B /'P I’lack. forsale. lie can l>o seen Steto 170 U SALE—One pair dark bav horses, X four years od. and weigh al»mt 3,200 ft*. Can be i ecn at grocery store ill WcID-tt. r PHHEE COAL CARTS, in good repair, X fors.le. Apply t<>N.O. BENTON.7II South Ciark-ft.. at Inloa Foundry IVorki. A GOOD FAMILY HORSE, 7 years old. for f ale. No better In the cltv. Also, one torecatm txpre-s wacon, at a bargain, tor cash. In qnlrc at ].»\e South Watcr-rt.. or of H. P. DEW FT. atoet ano Jounb. rOST —On Saturday afternoon, pmba > Mr bowffn Fourteenth ami Twentieth-sis., on Jtlchlgan-av.. a papier-mache pocket-book containing about for*;-dollar* (*JO.) The finder will be liberally rewarded by leavlpgihe same with J. F. STUART. American Express Ofilcc. LOST —A black Spaniel dog, about ten months od. aaaw era to the name of “Jet.’' Any nieretnrnlng him, or giving Infoimation where he can le found, will receive |lO reward. L. DzGIIAFF, 219 We-l Adams-et. T <DST—Last Friday, a Slink Par Col- Lj lar. on Adams-st., between Sosth Clark and rute-sts. The finder will be liberally regarded by having the above at 92 Adams-st. 170TJND—Lircr colored pointer dog— Jl Any one that*# lost the dog can ce: him by paying charges. Apply at 12S and 130 South Clark-st. auction gales. TTPHOLSTERT GOODS, rUKMTUUE, «Stc, »iJT fd . cslrcMfailt he attention of all buyers of Fur cituretoonr sphndid stock ut rich and medium Par* *2- Csamber. Drawing Room. Library and TDln *P« « Furniture and Uphoiswy Goods: f-hkmbfr Snnes in Wax and Ebony, Pol •»h and P.aln Oil Walnut; Parlor Suites of the nc«t styles, In Hiocaiclh. Caialiae. Terry, Plash, i.eps, Woqutt-e, 4c. A 1 oar goods are warranted la every particular, and will sell at prices that cannot help but be satisfactory. We now have in store, and are c ally receiving as nch a stock of flrst-c'ass Farm ture as can be found la any otter store la the tonctrv, which we Invite boy-rs to examine before having. We have fitted up our second and third floors for the pur pose ot doing a Urst-ciau retail trade. GZZtBSHT & BAHZFSOI7, O.ILBBUT & SAMFSOJN, VJ GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 4 49 DBARBOBN-SX^ , ' Chicago, HI. OnrperacD&l attention given to aalea ot Hanachold t URUtore. at Auction Booms or at dwelling*. • M7PERIOB FURNITURE, Linen Goods, Carpets, Stoves, Books, &c. AT AUCTION', 4t o’clock, at our Rooma, 47and49Dearbora.«t., com Ullage; a splendid as aotimcci ol first-elms and medium PARLOR, CHAMBER. LIBRARY AND DINING-GO?* 1 FURNITURB, blt-lou . "*® T». r . sa l t *- of 3 and w nlacea. Cottage enamellet. set& 10 pieces. Mirrors. Pictures, Stoves; Brusaellg, In grain, English Felt and other cV? eta i,(Stalr. Ac.) Also, a large number ot valuable miscellaneous Books. A large lot of Linen Goods—towels, table cioihs, handkerchiefs. 4c. GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, Auctioneer*, lAA NETT and second-band Cooking, XUv parlor, store and office Stores, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, Dee- 8. aljV o’clock. »t Patters* Bales- I i-an A tllfl dflV pr WCCk, 8 iwzns. In Palmer’s - I WB 1 St.- WM. A Stm&B3« COn Auer#, I JL> 1* Bcslwt. ®ElaiUrt-f9ale f^clp. BQOK&KEPEttS, SALBSnEN Ac, XXT'AS TED—A first-class salesman, who kp~psS?.™“.’ CQ.ffoQ ™ AQY - V\; ANTED—lmmediately, or on the ’ “to* Jaanffry, an experienced travelling {"PCRrocery trade. None teed apply except QjoMot Joiß PiperlPrcf. ata who can command a pood trade -TVi 1 5 Jlt t ra^,ala? Twmo«given. Address co3s£iual B!Tlnff fQI? Correspondence TJC7 ANTED—Dng Clerk—A young TT Daa lB to2oye*rr ol age. having oao or two yeara’acquaintance with the drug btulnes*. Addrw*. giving name and reference as to character and htulnasa habit*, |*. 0. Box 13£3. "X/V"ANTED—A first-class salesman. V Y Meat be temperate and no: atrald to worto. Eo unis. 12a Dearbom-SL. np stalra. TF AX TED Travelling salesman—to »*U a‘manufactured article. Salary, ICO per rswtoaiM tr 2!, c . llln ß expenses. Most depodt Horn rawio»>«i. Address M A. r> Tribune Offlee. trades. \XT AX TED—Three good tailors on V V custom work. The best of ws«« win b.m lo good, steady hands. Apply at 814 » tot lSUsu W^fe£^S-o^: ApPly atl =3 SiHantcb-jpamate %rlp. SALESWOMEN, TRADES, &C. HOtSE SEBVAMS, \\r ANTED—A competent German girl V * to do ceneral housework la a small family i th. erol wages will be paid. Inquire at a!i:i “ ot Ap - TAT ANTED—Help—Two good Rr.M?g~ «ril one 70 00 cooking, WlShine Spi^til^ctofe. lo usre C4re cf;wochU(lren - \A7ANTED —Immediately, a healthv _L2»S£L£ll£lgL_ A rrly at once, aoa Mlchlgan-av. jEmptognmu agencies. W “pencnced Railroad towork cn the wages fuapspday. Board TOfwSSM “iVS SSsjSßSfe,y. W ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 i J 1- ‘SITJF” I - 1 conductor. 3 brakemen, 1 aremen. isssr j^ ,juaii * co - B ° i i#s»ssassssi TX7ANTED—lmmediately— loU Stone * > Masons, w age* 93.00 per day board* B r»r. pintete, 33A0 per day and tewera, sgdO ner “y “-d boara; ai« Quarrymen. M.w See £25 nh?S’nV^VhixlMJT 1 2\:vi*?’*, pcr^ “‘fboardf 9*y w OLMbTfcU ft JjNLLL, Agcca, 100 Madlaon-st- Boom 4. Applicant* by mall enclose ten cents. WAUIED— Monday, 1,000 men South, wage* #l3 to *SO pei month and board; also. 30 choppers. iraiwporuUoD lurushedtlO sbiocar- TM'Dterf.M railroad bauds, 60 for pineries. Addlt at Koom 3 Lind » Block. Bandolpb-st. bridge. \XJ ANTED—Men in the country want , » v, Inc winter business. apply at once. A tortune TAT"ANTED —iScveral ship-keepers; also «V«ni5 I k rt . #nd s , ‘ !a!iat bookkeeper; also laboring men tarnished with employment. No connection with any ttutacy. Apply W ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales ▼ 7 porters, driver*,' bartender*. brafcotmen, mechanics, larcrer*. canvassers, and all wishing *uu£ {■“S'* •PI”! « E.'IH.OYMES.’t AOtXCY. S 4 Dei*, born-st.. Room J. Applicants by mstl enclose 10 cents. WANTED— 1,000 men to go tfouth : wages 145 to |SO a month and buri 50 track- LVf V? * ctl s . lrlk ; crt ‘' I ••I’ o a i StJC railroad laborer*. ?2aday. Apply at 133 Lhark-et.. Boom g. \X7 ANTED—3,OOO men lo go South, ri!,L^ S ? : ;i 50 450 a . moEt ‘' and board; 50 wood choppers for Michijmn. railroad bands and men for the ptucry. Apply at lUO sUdl>oa-au Itoom 4. 0 \\T ANTED—Toungmen in the country fX V otu, *l ■l*o»«cnt, snebasbookkeep. ne.c.erk,.collectors bak-Mnen, conductors, express mtu, A«.. toappiy at Boom 111 Knlierton blocc sr l r£ oradirwa J. 51. MtiORE A Box 1707, e&cioslm; ten cents for mil particulars. W ANTED—youngmen m the country -J \ . *l»Wng to obtain situations, sorb « bootkeco *»*SSitiSSSs VV ANTED—I boolckcencr, 1 salesman, ,* J , 2 shipping clerks, 2 travelling azmu*. lenur t collltctor. a conductrr-,2 brakemeu, l Urriaam Appl> at U 4 Deatborn-st., Boom *J. W ANTED—Men looking for employ acHl .“ brtokkeepers. salesmen, clerks bar p*i^M*i, i e i lo «tiß2 er^nl ll r | J er, t.* to «w’r to SMim. 18H fonfli Clark-st.; KT*om 11. Applicants by mall enclose two stamps for reply. \\T ANTED—lmmediately—200 men to * A 7 f ' r ? " aVftnroat !* I" lowa,*N*ebra<ka and Mis. sonrl, nl.-o. l CCO turn to ci* S’utb. Now is the Applj WPARSUALL A SMITH, 12S SonUi Clark at! \\rANTED—Lire men to sell a patent , T^. t r a ‘. b!ne fo i SC{n«Unc*, reaper knives and all klntsoi «‘-ot t<»ol«. Sellsln every buuse, lactory, shop, hotel, *utoon. ileataboat. M sscl. at all icaMinj of the year. Grinds one or b-.lh slrti's at same time. Don t wear on*, or gi- onicfo-der A clilld can use It. Men an* making fro'm #lO to'sijJ berday. semi retail price. *!.W, for sample FUI.LE»t A to., ijabomb Clarfc-st.. Ib>om ll». Two stamps JSlantcb—ittisrrllanrous. V\ ; ANTED—Know Tnyseß—All per -7 T sotp.yonngorc.d.whowlPhtohaveUieirnast. f- r f\ H J t tci E i.- ln . ta .?i*.]' :;i,,y fevc a ] «i- call on MADAM CABLISLE, at J 111 south Uatk-st., np stairs. TX7ANTED—To invest *O,OOO in she T T purebnse of a well e>tHbhsbed. p wing bit<tlae«fl. No ether rii*ed apply, rumvitoniicace strictly confl dentUl. Atldrc»a -A H C.” i*. Q. Box 10». "VV^ANTED —Good second-hand and M\vriSr« T, ?*.^ r^S rre,, »« ,bp CX3h - ELDER Jk t LD * at ““ CWca S° clt J Vinegar Worlu, 137 WAK'IED-Yonr past experience and V * present troubles explained, »ad your tutnre ctoarlv rtv.a'ed. by 11 ADAME DUVAL. 35»:i South Clark-et. All questions answered, price one dollar. WANTED—To purchase.a good hunt v} Jjnc*“s»°sk» te , a ? e * Dd lowest price. Address w ♦ KOSoLR. GO Bine liland-aw, Chicago. ~\\T ANTED—Everybody?? to get their . V \ plate*. ifet-I -tamp*. baggage. hotel anti , bra2 d *.. antl Pencil mol, oi lIiLTON * HAM-ON. Koomllilllxrda Clock, comer Clark and south Water bie.. Chicago. T\TANTED —Two young men of lion , i * estj and character, as time-keepers In a mann factory. Wages *3 per day. Aha one machinist. Ap riicants will enclose 30c to pay fur this advertisement. ui^Sy?»!ftf : S , r/iH!? laa, « wm be refunded. Address **>> AThKMAN. * frlhucu office. \\7 ANTED—To housekeepers in ceb- T * cral. I hare a rselpe for making an ereellcat fainlly soap; also, a wire for making a washing duld that will not lc;nrc the finest fabric, hat wllltnake year waablc;s easy, these cold winter days, and will t»ara great deal of wear and tear of dotbes on the ocaro. For oinatce the fluid it will cost yon about 10 cents a week for a large wash, and lorso ip about rents, lamaprartlca! housekeeper,and know what lam talking aoout. Lpon the receipt of so cents. I will send the two wipes, or win deliver the same lr ‘hert-jTfor one dollar. Addre.-s Mllb. U AU.VMS, r. O. Hot ?S!1. Ct.l» ago. * Btiginrss (gftanccs. Sale—A good paying manutlic tnrlng bnslncsa. centrally Jocated In this cltr. AbcotTAMO capital required. Address-W. IL,” Irlb nne office. F'OR SALE—A billiard saloon m a flm-rate location, and is doing a fine btHituM. wish long iCtise, and i« «>nly -old to close up a concern. House l ° * AXEtb, Koom lO Crosby’s Opera 170 R SALE—A fine stock of tin and .-f. with l«wo of store. Bu-lncsi raub iDnrd is*. A splendid opportunity offered. Price t0.i.00 to <0,0(0. Apply at 59 West Randolph-at. * OR SALE—Or To Rent—A new hotel, 4 etorl** Mch. with a ba«etuent, completed In good style, containing In all 37 room*, situated In the growing town of Normal, at the Intersection of the n inoLs Central and Chicago * sc Louis Railroad*, for ►ale or to let to any one properly recommended, who will apply soon, and who 1* prepared to fhrnlah and ktep a well-ordered, Cnt-class bouse. Assurance# have been plven that at least one of the train* on the Illlnr la Central Road will stop for brtaklabt, on the opening ol the oonse, and, with adequate hotel accom xrodfttlons.a large paaKnger-traasrer buslnesa it ex pected to be dme at tbta point. No one peed who cannot give satisiaciory references, and who”w"l'fi -C-v b strictly (erpperance house. WM. A. PEi«. NELL. JEabfc W. FLIU “J/OR SALE—On OQconnt of sickness—A I 1 fteam tnrclrg and furniinfe" ?bcp. Ko. 3.1 East In diana at. Inquire at tha *hop, or at 33 Mllwaokee-ar. T7OK SALE—Saloon, boardinc hons^, Jl Rrcstanract and hxture#. A good chance for an cnterprlfininian. inquire at7S South Wells-flUor at IBS East Klmle-st. F)R SALE—The stock and fixtures of a retail grocery store. Rent low. Inquire at uSI South Cacal-sU F'OR SALE—For §SOO, cash, a complete tobarro factory, with Pe»#e*B Self-feeding M> chief. A(ldrw»F.d. Box 1724. FDR SALE—Stock ot groceries, stock of tobacco and cigars, stock of boot* and shoes, i'oekef mllllncrr; also iron loannry. stock of hard ware. T. 11. BELFIXLD * CO.. 10 P. O. Block. T'OR SALE—Stock and fixtures of a X flour and feed store, 40U bonth Clsrk-sL, now doing a gi-od bcalnu*. Inquire on the premise*. T?OR SALE—Meat maikct, in a good lo- A? cation and well established. A tm&d capital will buy. batiiUctory reasons given for selling. L/C AN'E. Tribune office. * T7OR SALE —A rare chance—Stock and 1. fixtures of a saloon, or half Interest, cheap—2osN East Kandolph-stj T7OR SALE—A first-class h aid ware X store, grocery store, boot and shoe store: also boarding house, now dolnga large and lucrative bnal oe*s. at a low price. Rare opportunities offered br the above to any one desiring to »tep as once Into a rupee table and paving business. WARREN* A GOODRICH. Beal Estate Brokers, 123 Dcaraorn-st, room N*o. 2. Doathing, TDOARDING—Front parlor and bed -17 r^rSra- C .- Ie room 9 tod c “ $3 had at .. .. «p stnlrti T>OARDIN 6.—Fnrmshea and unfor _U nished rooms, suitable for senUemyn and thetr wives, or fi r single gentleman. with bt*m. In a pleas ant locality on Michigan-av. Terms enderate. Ad dress P. O. Drawer 6245. TDOARDING—A pleasant suite ol lur -I J nl-hed room*, with board, suitable lor a gentle man and wlieortwo single gentlemen, can be hod at the tu Cloud House, 112 and 114 South Fraaklln-«t.. only two minutes' walk from the Court House. VIN- OOARDING —An nnftfrnished tront »J-l room and closet, ‘tillable for a gentleman and wife, with board, at 263 West Madlson-st., between S«agattce and Morgan. References reqntred and giv-m, "DOAJIDIKG —One larce front room, -L/ wlui board, aul table lor • gentleman and wife, ana oce large front room lor four gentlemen, and oih a r " T three gentlemen and day boarders, at 293 Michigan -tt. Board first-class. T> CARDING—Good board, with rooms, ,L) at Brlgs , rHon*e t No. 9, SsS Monro e-SU, near Poat Office, lay boarders accommodated. BOARDING A gentleman and his wife, or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with board in a pleasant private fvmlly. where there are no other boarders. Apply at 3SS West Madlson-at. TJOARDING—A single room, suitable XD ler one or two gentlemen, can be had at 124 State-at.: also several day boarders can be accommo dated. Beierence required. T> CARDING With handsomely tur* I* nDbed suite of rooms, fur gentleman and wife or two single genuemeo, at 207 Mlchlgan-aT* Refer ences exchanged. T>OARDLNQ—A lew more pood board -1~1 ers can be accommocated at **PaUee Hall Ees uoraat," 133 Dearhora-st. Terms (5.(0. Heals at all boors, insoodaljle. ana good waiters la attend -e. ttx ’ "RDH? O—A lew boarders wanted Sooth Jederson-st. . One pleasant iront i J at law ' Terms moderate. room and good u. "DOARDING — rC T ‘C* M" t 3Ss“jitoS^ r t;« - woct3 a ° a su,m ‘- hnflge. —- Situations ®&anteo=iElale! COOEKEEPEHSi SILESHEN Ac. ClTUATlON—Wsnte(l- , By ft vormir acquainted wiih tho English and G«t JS b^ , l*c'->cr, clerk op trardiiae ! wSeBT‘ CI ” ba *“"■ CITUaTION—-Wnnted—By an expert- J^ M es< £ d tookkerro. will mate hlnuolf generallr o«Tta. Good relercnca. Aedresa , *Fß. ,T Tnbaa»s. C ITDATION —VV anted As- teacher; porter, or lo any oihercapadfy.bT a respect frecea. Andres **E D," Tribune pace. CITCATION—Wanted—A bookkeeper ®S^?»? !! 3^» , SSS33SS tS I JFn A ™ N “' WaE te<l-By a young- Endcmaiidi ° r roaehaan. and trardeccr. oncLlv n f^-3^* cc . mcnt or * fTcenhoiwe tbor- SfboLMSr^ calasIa - ncjal - ra.TIAI.ES. ClTUATlON—Wanted—By a Proles-* » tantWcmaa.lda priratctaint ty. toilooiain cooir ml IMM. Apj.lj^-JSssaSSgS^: Agents JKEantm A Q^^Tb—Wanted—slso per month. of the age. Price JW. Et tri Aiareu secombl A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced book i^*J?2. e= . Rr ? Tla ?. c * aTasMr *, lo Whom a Urge aaj iSjs i-« 5 .1^ U *lw n^ 111 Address CHAPJAS gU-L. IJB sooth Chicago. 111. A 9S?, T^~Wailted —Per year d . 1°. _ 10 Ictrodnca oar new Sewlt* * CLABK.addd&rd^tagj A GENTS—Wanted— slso per month. * w*Bt Agents la erery county In the United ißgfr.'SffigSi«t OT £ B. A CEXTS—Wanted— s2oo per moelh jIJL and expenses paid male or temale n~cnt* to in troduce a new and nsellii hm-ndca, of wlSJ? ler s. Agent* preferrtag to work oa commission can earn from VJO to |oo oer day. For fan ft CoJciertiMl! A GEX TS—Wanted—To sell Grant’s cel- A GENTS—W acted—2,oooAguntswant qn. eit. tor the book tmt ont, “THE ’PAMii v ry bIKUCTOR.*’ !: conuir* MO pages and over ioo aw KIDDER. 9S Washlagt^n^ A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per month -IJL male and temale, to sell the BAHTLErr IMJ 3JACHINE—the bSt cheap tog* No. 16S Dearbom-sC Od- A GENT&—Wanted—soo Agents want iSnvpe?J?iJiI c s i iff l T.£L tb s globe sewings*.' Viiv’Jy* o oioet liberal terms. F. ATKlNsov 164 room 6. Chicago. w:| l A GENTS—Wanted— To sell a new 1X551 CAUSE, the only IS.?-* 1 !? ac * t Written history yet pobUsbed- Riiu <*u the libraries ot the world/* Agent* %r» m»?tm * onp&isllelfil One la *oocopies Inf days. and saya h- ran'sell '»oS*»V*« conaty. Another, m Lee County, lowa, ordered li ! ULLLT. PttHttSfjg"?- A GENTS—TVanted—Experienced iir-t --cent steel engraving; price *LSO. mot* inundations which caco 1: to bo admired hr evorV American, of whatever sect or partv.\ee-iu where are meeuns with unparalleled saVess piv lisben hlchcst comsrlfaion‘etven. Address enclosed. S. S. BOUDEN. 73 Uark-sL. C&ca*o. 111. 9 A GENTS—TVantcd—Throughout the jCA Unlud states to sell oar near Jjoos.*"-Al»IiO r-t n\£b of the PRESIDENTS," tom WaihlrAmto 4 IJV e * ln on ® volume of about iX~xn~rs Blujtrated with atecl cnararincs/’ Tme AtrooE-T,,, Tints—the TnEUf. the eegaat n“e and moderate price, all combine to render this on- of itt,s7. fct .V, trmcUv *’ ann Ml»ble boots ever pub lUhed In ibis country. To experienced mient* tblau * 55.-£ oß J?***** on * UitblUhcrs highest comml<*lSn worts Mm-fiwv 411(1 rrres of all our works. S.b. UQYDEN. 7J Clark-st„ Ctilcago. 111. A GEXTS—'Wanted—MaJo and Female JrK £ ‘iJ.M B « OI^.iSAVER - M »srtV |30 ; Voi firSilsT Only f» to f.O capital rer;tilted. stainfor nar* Oculars. R.SVAVVELI.: Box P AGEMT&— Wauled—BookAaenlj, Take tJ. O^:?L ll,Te now ready MUtIBFTS ( oil- HIS>TORS OF THE LATE CIVIL IV.\K. which ytu can sell at fitt. Srb pi'idir in-ssi-if,-1 Na £«.«*]« >«.vle. We have Just lb- Mok thafls 7t?Sil. d ;»i t l Iow «r nc e rives It an advautite ov- ab otrers. and we ofb-rsnrh lu'inrcrututs that all who * n 4, eacri: etlctaa mske trom «].*) r„ ?/b 1 month. Call on or addres-* OL'AKMt I'ITV pith LltrHIN'G HOUSE, Q 27 hanfc,m-«t.. i*hllal£lphla. Pa'. A GENI S—TTanletl—Ladies acd gentJe -IX men, thionghon* the N'orhwcst, to canvas* lor £ rt r^ r ’* n f w novel, ‘•TRIED AND I boak I< se'lins with rncxpeetrt ra- r i l ' H* » r 1 ,15 ? a , el *e !U1 t Pf‘ r the l oiida*-, and Aacit*- will makelatjee commissions. Apnly v nzud. flressM.J.llOLl.ANn*rt>.. Chicago, ill.; lilwau- Dubuque. I wa. iElantel)— sTo Kent. \\J ANTED—To Rent—Until M*y Ist* V y by a grntirmnn and wLc. a corta-e ha.» con tainlDe abouiorooicp, with Juruiure. In a lien. Address, staling terms, Ac-I*, o. Box |J3*A. W/AKTED—'To Kent—A con. fnr '.J , L ® c f® »«Ub ten or Untiles* wn.k i f llic Court I(ou*k>—toutii tide ao drcps 1». o. pcx 140 a. CldragoT P Aa *V\7ANTED—ToEcnt.Furnishethouse. • mVh r W! \S t *,® r *?h tiu Arm or Mav net. a fttr nUladlior-o. bj'nth side Pitf. rr* <!. T»-ant »bc! i-s A 1! * KEKfOOr A Real Eststc B.oKtp. 71 Dcarborn-st. Partners £eiantcu T>ARTNER—Wanted—With §ISOO. to JL take on Interest In llie manufacture and «teDiof ftfs t c iSS*5 g tt » cUt,,erT * OwwWt MM otrir. with r«n^2« t^?< 1 ; c ’. , on ® 2*°- -Lall fur or ailure--‘N s,” state-etsC-om C to S p. m.. wh-e plan* and ppet incanons cap bo seen. *“•“• T> A RTTs ER—Wanted—The alvctiscK *- vhotMn the fancy goods ami notbn Uxnts* » anfa a partner, with about <2JOO or ro-,v« in t-h in V°. , J 111 t ? ck °<&rr cooda. Goo* refer! «ou?h Cfcrkat*** CaU 011 0P idUrtM “ J ta IBS T^AUTNEK—Wanted—To take one i- half Interest in bote] lew and ta.-nitir, well loratid aril dclnjr an exrclUst fe-’ctn-.v tvintr^t Address DK.PCTy.UI. 1 SH~JquUj TJARTNER—Wanted—With S3O, to r* take a bslf Interest In a maunfactnrlns b-imss. _tap!r article and uiDvrreal demand. ProttstCC per r i\ BSaAL ' L * SMT!r - 12t 'OAR-TNER—Wanted—To lake t half ± Interest In a bm»ln«%.pnyln? from ?ro ts S 3 n-it A good chance for the nzhttnaa. Aral? *t IJ4Dcarborn-aC. 3oom 2. * T)ARTNER^-Wanted —Any with JL fl'fO wULley'a 'tfoM* reliableba<lr.>-ss, wctli at « H4IE i 0, 41 dfor OR SALE—The schooner Adriatic. 191 B, :s«r en, w‘ t •• lata UP '.: toe non of onH.'r C Tdv*, I ‘ ur itrro- and jice. ln(ir.lm comer* f Well* aid IlarrHon- LEri U na^ tli ' al Ursntl UftVe CUT- L'OR SALE—Three elegant mirrors, ai-e c 5 P ,a two mantel flve feet wife and BTcftetacd abalf r.lgh, oneriaef-c: tlgh sal two iMhea wide. On* seren-ocure piano, rosewood case, fine tone, Emerson make. Atdress, for five days. ‘•Mimioiy Tribune Office. OR SALE —At a bargain—3 larac French mirrors; t medium German mirror: Uma- S noganr marble top rab!c«;Schair*; 1 bartvr'sch ilr ami stool; 5 engravlngji! t lonngc; CO yard- ollclot!s;3lamp*; I • , r ®r paaticulmappiy at Trunk Store, 16l ooutii uark-ct. FDR tALE—A shop, 21 by 5d teet,wilh lease. Inqntre at 49 lonzlo-iU -B. P. LILLY. 17OH oALE—Organ—A Urst-class make, 6 stop*. 14 oitave t>*dsl«, in erery way go->d a* new. very mile used. Price, <373; U offered lor six day* at <173. Addres* ♦♦ ORGAN." Tribune office/ FOR SALE—Five slate bed billiard tables, ►ccotd fund. Inquire at A. B. (JIUF UTS’S, 171 Chicago, 81. F)K SALE —A No. 0 “Forest Oak*’ Cock Etove, and tnrnlmre, in good order. A’*iJ7 at 170 North LaSalle-st. FOR SALE—Or exchange for drygcocls, WOeerie*. or boot* and shoes—A home am! lot and ham In Milwaukee. Wts. Price M 000. Will rent for <GU par year. Addre*a“N A H,"* Drawer 33-3, Milwaukee,wl*. FOR SALE—One andahall story house. In perfect repair. No. 23*2 Jeffer»oo-«t. Good leva of aro2?d; poweadlcn Immediately. Prii-c, <O3. Apply at 210 PofCildc-st, comer Arehcr-roal. F)R SALE—Scnooner Ceraslia, now in port and will be *Aldch**o, It applied tor Imtne baiiieu ' ” ° u Siarinncrg. "J7OK SALE—Portable and fctationary JL Engines of a.n start. One 8-tbct bed. IS-lnch Fwlom oneC-.eet bed, 14-lnch swing; two 4V-feet beii. 2«>lnch swing; one 10-f«t bed. 23-Inch awing; ore l£ leel-bcc, 22-lLch awing; one lu-fec: bed, 21-ii:eh JJtfS; H al .'n * C II T , cnttlcg engine lathe; two upright drills; two iron ptaner>; bolt cutter, nut tapper; cue wood surface:; one surfacer and mat. her. *'”■ 5 1 /A c iH-';, r bo “ *od pumps. I-1»- RICE * Xj'OU SALE—Portable and stationary 1 crglnes. and portable gaw-milla. Engines of all sizes mannlactured at Watertown, New Turk, and for sa.e by the subscriber. Saw nulls ot the moat approv ed style. Can ana see them at So. 2S MarkcW-.ClU ca»>. Bend for a clrcnlar. W. F. NOTES, Mill Fur nishing Home. 17 OR SALE—See engines and boilers, A best rraVe, new improvements—two 8, two 13 two 12 hone power, with or without boilers; 12. 15. and 20 hone tabular ana locomotive boilers. Englr cs snd boilers furnished to order; also, saw mills, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron Dinners. belting, Mws.flles.4c. Machinery depot 50.32 Dearborn-st. GREENLEE PROS. A CD. •• 170 H b-ALE—One twcnly-lioise boiler -* crltEffiae; thfto twelve t? fourtwa-hono porta* ble engines and boilers, used only one mouth, all in good runaltg order: also, one new teo-hO r *v‘ engine, oDfonslgiinent.and will be sold at great ba/WiM. GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 136 South Water-st. IT OK SALE—Ready for immediate dp ,l- liTerr-A. N. Wood ± Co.’s Portable Inquire of A. N..WOOD. at the Sherman nt the manufacturers, at Emeu, 2%Tx7' ’ FDR SALE—Sieam Engines—4,6, 8,10, 2d and SO-hor»e portable, and all ihet of *t»tlon ary engines; circular sawmills Woodworth planer* and matchers, power com aheilers: shafttn- nniw**' and elevator machloer* bnllt to order. RICHARD'S* IRON* WORKS, 190 Washington at. Seal 32state-CountTi) FDR SALE—Farm—One of the best larma in the State, consisting ofi.f® 3 miiw from the city, on Cock Island Railroad. Two stations only two miles distant from centre of firm* ?0 acres original oak, hickory and maple dmb n * never cut; acres blue grass pvsture: Won tlmo’hv and clover; balance under Ullage. Hickory Creek and State Road run through the entire firm- an well troced; never falling water; bnck hou?it no-«* given at any Ume. Price a^’askA"^!!s | gnSß^:*^*a h QK —lmpiOTca Farm=-2Tlic miatM “it taprovea-nU, cach ’ oaeof 330 of eighty Sere*. 1 aCTS9 ’ oae of u ~* acrea - “d one or l4&b^^Wli^£^JS/ n ’ rCr ’ T TiiSk FOR SALE—Free Lands— 3,ooo acres T»ln able pine laadi for sale, la Township 3. Kaugß 15, W., Afl«M County, fruoT ttefate. iildrui A. JJ. LAS CASTS!*. Strasei ami Stolm ft T^™>r or Stolen—From the Linn kJ of the subscriber, near Lake ?orshl_iiacj tv dark bar aare. 16 bS&sSw£sßii£ &jf BEfl leu, star in forehead, and & »• rr* nv'uir branded on the left shoulder, a liberal re»»r t ?r»»5 *•» ter return or far InfonnUloa, at Lake Forint mj office, 12« Dcarboru-tt, Chicago. U, r. h iq^i. ;e