Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 4, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 4, 1866 Page 3
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Moines land grant special certificate* hare Isi-uol, fully sathiying the claims, v'Uch, under the acts CfElh August, JSW,jolnt resolution of 5H March, 3rCL, and act ol 12th July, 16G2, amount .to 833,079,90 acres. The Fort Howard reserve is anh d!nde3 Icio 316 lotfj or which ST) have been add, the residue la To he disposed ol under the special ertef JaJy4, IEOG. A sketch of the legislationre lating to swamp ted overflowed lauds, and decision ofLfcc General Land Office, overruled by the Attorney General's opinion of, April 20, IS3S, ere given. Aggregate area selected to June 3J, Js6\ ia55.019,947 acre*, of which 43,204.774 acres jure been patentedthe aggregate Indemnity fronted for lands of till* character to the 60th of one. ibGC, Is, in cash, $397,‘5M.37; in other lands; <475,G3C93. acre*. ■ On the donation claims or Oregon and Watiitngton, certificates - up u> Jmio SO, icuO, 1-ave been received, coverin': 1,637,<1-.S acres patents have been Issued for the sealer portion, embracmg 1,232,123 acres. FcmhcrJccia latii a is necessary to fix a 'period of time within which panics to be required to pav for Iheir*ur- Try sba‘l corn.* forward ana dO'so.’otherwUc their claims shall be located In accordance with the line* of the public-surveys. The report Ip accompanied by a special comma* mcation respecting tlio surveying archives of Mis souri, lows, and Wisconsin, containing historic details relative to the French and Spanish admin* iteration In Upper Louisiana. Xt,is also acconiua* pled by re-urns of the surveyors general comolet®* exhibits of sales end locations, of the extent of son-eye In eacc political division ol the United Slates; also of all the land grants madeforcanais, und rail and wacon roads, with maps ofthe sev eral land Stales end Territories, and a connected map ol the United States snowing Iho ptogress and extent of surreys. POSTMASTEE GESEEAL’S BEPOBT. >'cw Youk, December S.—-The following is a sammsTT of tne Postmaster General's report: Ihe expenditure* for the year exceed the re colpt* fi'As.r93.OT. Ti.e of reveuno, cotn psrod with the previous year, was one and one fif b per cent, and the Increase of expenditure* \ra> twelve per cent. Including the etsndlng ap pmrnsticrs for fico mall matter, $700,003 as a Ic-ciiititate portion of the revenues yet remaining uccxpLrdcd. The actual deficiency for the past %cw la only {*35,093.09. ; Ihc aggregate length of mail rentes in opera tion the pest year wr* 1&',921 mile*. Dmiaglbe yesrtnncho’the service in the m*nrgent States was In operation only part of the vear.- The net postal liabilities from those State* while in opera tion‘.exceed the reo-lpta by $75,857. There has bren an Increase the past year in these States of 3.WG routes, 4J.ST2 mues. and $»,137,8W annual : cost. More than one-half of the mall route*in those Stales have been put in operation, compos ing nearly nine-tenths of tne railroad route*. Contractors have boon fined f M,BOB for delinquen cies Ihcrc has been an Increase in'the postage of correspondence exchange! vvi»h foreign countries, amounting to $169,290. liberal postal conven tions have been concluded with Italy tad.Ven znela. A basis for a new convention with Great Britain Las been agreed upon containing many advantages. A convention with Brasil ris also proposed. * Considerable rpace Is devoted to the mall steam ship line to Japan and China. The Postmaster Gtccral concurs with hi* predecessor in the opin ion tbnt the steamships orthe main Una between s*o Francteco. Japan and China should not bc re quired to toneb at the Sandwich Islands, bat Con gress must determine the conditions ot release. Be urges a liberal policy towards the enterprise. The free »:ciivery Is In operation In forty-sir of the principal cities, and Is wonting satisfactorily. The number ot mooer-omei offices in operation is T»G against 117 last year, and ►irty-seven more nre to ne established In the Pacific Sta'es and Ter- Tileries-. 'lbe business compared with that of Irjt year has almost trebled. Ue rccomaisnd* far ther legislation npontho auD)cettu correct iucon j&tCincios and for the improvement of the sy-tem. _*ich space la devoted to miscellaneous matters. FBO£ GEORGIA. Benson* TThr the Leglnlatarc Rejected the Constitutional Amcndmect—Negro ssnfirage —Schools—lmmigration, Nrw Yo&s. December 2—-The iT'rdlf* MH ledgcviile, Georgia. r-rre?pondi*nt stales that the reasons for tne re' ciL-u of the Constitutional Ameudmett by the' c.ugia were that there were no t.uoraw(ees given that & restoration of the Stair to tha Union would follow it* adop tion, and iLat the peopl- consider it the bright of inpratinide to di-irocchifee who vv-re lately Ibcir soldiers. TncV b.’rio to look calmly ui the possib'Htvor ner to fntliage aa a means of read- but II is altil revolting to them. A idli ha- 1 beer, under consideration in the Gcor pta looking to the .establishment of conmiou reboot- for whiles ana blacks throughout the Stale. and It is probable that it will be parsed. Xrurr.ltrr-i'ion fioiu the North is encouraged and ritsrh capital Las already flowed In from (hat sec tion. IMPORTANT STATEMENT. PJr. Lincoln’* L.n*>t Words Concerning Ai.drcvv Johnson and Secretary Stan* loii-f)r. Stanton lu the Prevent Ad* xntivisii allot). Imperial correspondence ofthc Cincinnati Gazette.] Wasuixiitos, November 17, l-WJ. The loyal people ofthc country* have man ifested the bighc.-l regard lor the views of Air. Lincoln whenever these could be defi aiitely ;i.-ccrtained. Both parlies in the late campaign have claimed to he acting in pur fninrc nf the policy which he inaugurated, and on account ofthc weight which bis opin ion.- carry with them, some strength (l>uiht le.-i- :i> < i ucd to the Johnson parly from those •who believed its assertion in regard to this matter. Just now there are two men high In portion wlio were oniciully associated •with Mr. Lincoln, and both of whom are very prominently before the public. Andrew *1 oh risen and Secretary Slantion fill a laigc place In the national thought. The two Incidents which follo.w occurred within a day or two of each other, ant both •within a week of Mr. Lincoln's death. They Tigard the peraons named, and are probably 7 ho very last expressions concerning Mr. Lin coln's estimate of these men. Both can be idled on as entirely accurate. l.lNi'Ol.N’9 ESTIMATE OF JOHNSON. Three days before the murder of Mr. Lin coln. Li- had made arrangements for an after noon ride with certain memberaof bisfatnily, nnd the hour ot two o'clock was used upon. At that time, the President not appearing, ■word was sent to him that the party was waU -sng lor him. He returned au answer that the Vico President had called upon him,and that Le should nut be able to go. Mr. Johnson remained about two horns, when the Presi dent joined Jits family, and in conversation regarding the delay to ride, remarked with much apparent concent: “That miserable jus! 1 I’VXXOT ANTICIPATE THE TUOLMILC HE WILI. CAUSE ME DURING Uf SECOND TEUM OF OFFICE-” Such were, with scarcely a donbt, the last •won!.* spoken l*> 3lr. Lincoln concerning tho 1 present occupant of the White Hon*e; and * r-poken as they were in the privacy of his j own family circle, they were doubtless tho ' XiiU and free expression of his real belief. < LAST ESTIMATE OF STANTON. 1 While the President was on his way hack 1 fz> 1:1 Richmond, and at a point where no 1 could reach the steamer upon i •Nvh'u h he was, a despatch of the utmost im- reached Washington, demanding j lit.- immediate decision of the President hira s-lf. Tin: despatch was received by a cmifi- 1 «ivtitiai staff ofllcer, who at one? ascertained fbflt Mr. Lincoln could not be reached. De lay was out of-thc question, as import mt 1 sirmy movements were involved. The officer Laving the despatch went directly to Mr. J'tautou's office, but the Secretary could not hf' found. Messengers were hastily despatch ed lor him In all directions. Their search ■was useless, and a positive answer had been already 100 much delayed liv the time it Lad occupied- With groat rclnctance the fctalT officer sent a reply in the President's name. Soon after Mr. Stanton entered him f«-1L having learned of the efforts made to find him The despatch was produced, and lie was informed by the ofllcer sending the answer, of wha*, bad been done. “ Did Ido right Y 1 ’ said the officer to the Eccretarv. "Yc«*Major,” replied Mr. Stanton. “I think you have sent the correct reply, but I should' hardly have dared to take therespon tili'itv.” .M tuis the whole mngnitmlo of tho office, ai d the great he had taken upon himself, seemed to flush upon the offi cer, and almost tworenme him, ami lie asked Mr. Stanton wbaJL he had belter do, and was to go difeclly to the President, «u Lis jrtum, and rtiatethc ease frnnklv to him. s It was a pleepU'es night for this officer, and " nt the very earliest hour consistent with pro priety. he went to the White House. Mr. Lincoln having returned late the night be fore. but was refused admission by the usher, who told hitn that the President had given strict orders t/» admit no one upon anv pre tence till alter a certain hour, in vain did the ofllcer importance ofhlserrand; the usher would not take in his name, and Le wa? about turning away, when the Presi dent’s youngc>t son came down stairs, ludo th«- officer good morning, and. on hearing he Lad been refused admission, his fniber would certainly sec the Major. Still the usher was not be moved, till the son went back himself, and returned with the message that the President would see Lira. Mr. Lincoln was reclining on a lounge as the officer entered, looking over a pile of pa pers. He appeared a little annoyed at the interruption, but slopped at once to hear Lis victor's mission. The despatch was shewn him, and the action upon it stated frankly and briefly. The President thought a moment and then said: 44 Did you consult the Secretary of War, Major?” The absence of the Secretary at the important moment was then related to Mr. Lincoln, with the subsequent rttnark of Mr. Stanton that he thought the right answer had been given, but that he himself would have shrunk from taking the responsibility. Mr. Lincoln, on hearing the glory, rose, crossed the room, and talcing the officer by * the hand, thanked him cordially, and then spoke earnestly of Mr. Stanton, as follows: whenever you have Mr. Stanton's sanction in any matter, you have mine, for so great is my confidence in his judgment and patriotism, that I never wish to take an Important step myself without first consulting him.” Such was the place held In the mind of Mr. Lincoln, by a man whose removal the plot ters in the’new p’arly have been constantly striving ever since the notorious attempt at Sy-jinoklng out the Cabinet ministers by a street to which attempt Andrew John son—“that miserable man”—was ft party. FITZ HESRY TYAERES. A Poor noDcryßread'and-Batter man. JFrota tbe Burlington Hawfecyc.) Tlic State Register exposes a recent bold attempt on the Slate Treasury made by that distinguished member of tbc Bread-and-Bat ter Brigade, Fitz llenrv Warren. It will be remembered that the Ccfilslatarc, at its lost ECesinn, appointed Fltr llenrv an atjent to procei-d to Washington to collect the back pay of the Firti lowa Cavalry (not the “Sec ond” as the Register erroneously says). Font hundred dollars, “orsorouch thereofas may he necessary,’' was appropriated by the act to meet necessary expenses. The restis thus told by the JUgiktr: “Soon after me passage of the act. General Warren presented himself at tbe ofiled of the State Auditor and asked that a warrant on tho Treasurer for the tall emonnt of the appropria tion mi®ht be Waned Immediately In bis (Warren’*) favor The Auditor called the General’s atten tion to the fact that the act made it necessary that a sworn statement of rapense* actually in curred should b; furnished preliminary to ihe la* suance of the warrant, ibc General conldo’l see the necessity for waiting until mis trjfiing voucher should be furnished, bat tbe An-lhor did, and «!e clmed to draw and deliver the warrant until the necessary document should bs forthcoming, hrae weeks subsequently a sworn bill of expenses purporting to bate been Incurred in the sec'iad Cavalry sendee, was t>resented by General War den, and by tbe Auditor allowed. Tbe amount about f3GO, I earing about $lO ol the ap propriation unexpended- A few davs ago General Waneu addressed a to the Aoditor7eaying li« (Warren) uaa aboht to start for Washington, pertly on account ot tbu Second Cavalry busi ness, and he would therefore be glad to receive the remainder of the appropria tion I Tbe Auditor replied BubstamlaSlv at be did on the first application, and the defeated Copperhead candidate lur Congress will therefore bfcve to forego bis expected realization of tbe *um.” THE PAUIS EXHIBITION The Bulldine and G rounds—lnlcroating Statistic*. I A Paris letter save: “The works in the I Champ de Mars are now sufficiently adranc } cd to permit an idea being- formed of the • general aspect; The building, which Is al . most completed, rises in the midst of the ; EiirronndiDg park like a gigantic colosseum. ; Its ground plan has the !orm of a large oblong figure, with rounded corners. Toe great axis forms a Hue from the Military School, to, ■ the Bridge of Jena, but the building la ncar • cr to the Military School *han the quay. In order to leave at the principal entrance .space - fur the park and.the annexed, constructions. The surface covered by the palace Is sixteen hectares (two and a half acres each), which Is equal to a square a quarter of a mile on : each side. It 1* occupied hy a series of con ' centric galleries, enclosing la the centre a . gaidea half a hectare iu extent,' Those ar • cades running round the building are inter* ! srctcJ by avenues radiating from the centre : ofthe building to the circumference. That disposition admits of the"products exhibited being grouped, as has been several llmcs mcnUoned, Doth by classes and by countries. “In following one of .the circular gal leries the visitor will see successively -all the articles of the same nature, while by passing along the avenues he will witness the entire exhibition of each nation; the for* 1 finer arc thirteen in,number, aud the latter sixteen.. Thc.wholc edifice is on the same ! level, -and is .constructed entirely of Iron, with the exception of two galleries nearest the centre, winch are In masonry. The cov ering Is also almost entirely of sheet Iron, one portion ofthe building only being shel tered by a roofing of thm plank, covered with zinc. The two galleries around the garden are reserved, the one for the exhibi tion of fine arts; the other for the hhtory of labor, Including implements of the age of stone, &c. The garden Itself U surrounded by an awning or covered promenade six me tres wide. . ’ ' “Light enters the building everywhere Iu profusion. On each side of the great gallery for machinery are 200 windows, each seven metres high and four wide. The interior galleries are lighted by an infinite number of skylights. Equal attention has been paid to the ventilation of the building. Beneath - the circular passages and those running from the centre ere subterranean conduits to con vey Iresh air from the exterior to all parts of tbe Palace. Air will also bo pumped from the outside, and transmiUi.a to the in terior by gratings in the floorings like the boating apparatus In railway waftlng-rooma. Measures bad also to be adopted for getting rid of the waters which would fall on that ouormoas surface of 1,000,000 square metres. A complete network of drains had to be formed. Facilities for cleansing the building and/or distributing water without Impeding the circulation ol visitors had also to be re served, and for those objects the underground passages have been utilized. The service of the refreshment department also necessi tated the construction of cellars throughout the trallery where the restaurants are placed. “The earth-works were also considerable. For levelling the ground on which the palace stands and lonntng the cellars, drains and underground passages 370,000 metres (35 3-10 cubic feet) ol soil had to be removed. The masonry work consists 0f52,000 cubic metres, of which 87,000 were lor the foundations, . 10,000 lor the fine art aud archeological gal leries, and 5,000 fur the walls of that for ma chinery. The vaulted cellars of the refresh ment department are 1,300 metres long and ten wide, and the subterranean passages be neath the sixteen avenues running from the central irardcnhave an extent .oi2,ooomctres by five ; those beneath the circular galleries urcofan equal length, which give a total of more than five kilometres (five-eighths of a mile each) ot underground passages. The length of drainage is about eight kilometres. “The iron pillars and cirdlcs comurlso 13,500 tons of metal,of which 10,000 arc for the gallery of machinery and annexes, 8,000 for the others, aud 500 for the roofing ol those of flue arts and archaeology ; 0,000,0X1 of rivets have been used, and 15,000,003 of holes had to he punched. For Ihc portions of the roof covered witu zinc 1,100 cubic metres uf rollers and 53,000 square metres of plank were required. The wlndtrtvs of the ma chine pallerv necessitated 45,000 square me tres, and the skylights 30,000 of class. The rapidity with which the construction has ad- Tunced has been perhaps the most remark able fact In its execution. The plans were only definitively adopted on the Ist of August, 1M55, and the first contracts conclu ded in the month of September following. In October of last year the Champ de Mar was still vised as a military exercising ground, and at the present moment the palace is ter minated, with tbeshcct-lroa rooting and all the windows fixed. There only remain to be executed the interior fittings and decorations. Only a year will have hecu occupied lu the construction of the building, and a tittle more than eighteen months will luve clasped be tween the examination of the plans and the opening of the Exhibition. This feat has been alone sufficient to exhibit the power of the national industry lu France.” Love, Despair, Salcido. The Oskaloosa Herald gives the following particulars of a melancholy case already re ferred to in onr columns : On Saturday last a man named James Fer ry came to this city and took a room at the Sherman House, lie taunted up an old friend, Mr. Alnnibangh, and attended divine ser vice ou Sunday morning. Mr. A. says that he thinks Fcrrv’s mind was wandering on Sunday, though he did not apprehend any serious result when lie parted with him last. On Monday morning Ferry did not come down to breakfast, nor bad he made his ap pearance at 11: SO a. m. when the first dinner bell rang—a search was made ana he was found in room No. 17, just gasping his last, a large paper nfarscnle broken open lying on the stand. Dr. Hopkins was called in’ im mediately, but the unfortunate man was be yond the reach of human aid. A Coroner’s jury was summoned and rendered a verdict in accordance with the above facts. He left two notes upon the stand, which read os lolluws: Osealoosa. Sunday noon. “31 v intension »as to die and not write anything about if, but fearing that forv* might tblufc ft crime or dissipation caused it, X pencil this. lam not guilty of any crim*, or even an injustice to any of God's creatures. Those who have wronged me I hope wIJ live long eiiongh to become conscious (hat their action* have an Influ* ncc upon others. 1 don't give a snap lor the world’s opinion. I have get r.d of all my mwoisand away from work, so as to com- Sel me to die and not live an honr after to cay. It mother on J sister lire in Lebanon. Pa. I have no connection* In the West. Misplaced affection is the couse of my exit ont of this miserable world. As my lilo flickers. I feel no hoTor for my act. On! how miserable I Lave been for the last year. J. Fmmv.” The following seems to have been written subsequently, possibly Just before he died: “Strangers, I die by my own hand, life is a bur* den to me. Oh, how miserable I pave been. Mo her and Sbier, foiplve me I I h»'o been wan dering for months. Alary good bye! with yon life might have l*eeu tolerable, without you, un bearable. 1 don't blame vou Mary. Goa forgive mel So more. Farewell. 1 have got my reason unimpaired. J. Fcnnv.” From documents on and about the body. It would seem that he was astonc or marble cut ter by trade, and a member of an association of Journeymen Stone Cullers at Indianapolis, Indiana. Sanitary Eflecl* of Itllllardw. [Fioxn the North American Journal of Home opathy.] We also advocate the game of billiards in families from a moral os well as sanitary point ofvlcw. Young America is naturally “IrLkev.” naturally enthusiastic, exuberant, and fond of excitement and fun. Confine him In the house without diversion and ex citement, and he mopes, sulks, pines, and sooner or later, breaks from wholesome par ental restraints, and instinctively seeks for amusements, excitements, and pleasure else where—at the club, the play house, the res taurant, and too often, the gambling-hell and brothel. These natural instincts for di version may be directed In such a manner by parents as to be productive of positive phy sical, moral, and intellectual benefit, by in vesting home with a few of the attractions which b»ckon them elsewhere. Give them comfortable billiard rooms and billiard tnifles, so that both body and mind can be amused and invigorated,’and the attractions and pleasures of home will be superior to those beyond its boundaries. “Billiards is a mathematical game, and af fords scope and exercise for those faculties which discipline and strengthen the mind. A steady band, a clear head, quick percep tions, and a pleasant exercise of the calcula ting powers, are the requisites for an accom plished billiard-player. .The practical devel opment of these qualities must naturally be productive of good results. Iftedlcnl Experiments* Four ringleaders In a mutiny at sea were executed at Brest, France, lost month, and their bodies were given to the surgeons for dissection. Some interesting experiments made upon them arc thus described: “Next to the bodies, rolled up In nankins, were four livid heads. The work' of dissec tion commenced Instantly. Thcncrvcsqulv crcd, and Ibo flesh was still warm. The con tinual contractability of the heart was proved, as well as In the aorta, where sen sitiveness was extreme. The contractability was manifested on simply touching the part, and of course was still more apparent when subject to electric current's. The muscular contraction was so intense that, even after twenty minutes, one of the doctors on apply ing an electric current; made the four heads grimace >Q the horrible manner— Gillie’s face especially assumed the most frightful expression. .A pencil was pUced bctw’ecn Gillie stcetb : It was bitten through, and smashed os though it was made of glass.” Pours Matters.— Yesterday morning Ida Flock ion was committed for trial In ball of S2OO fur deeping a disorderly house on Clark street. For a similar ohenco Captain E, C. Morton was required to give ball of SIOO. Mrs. Catherine Williams, arrested on suspicion of stealing an overcoat, vlb held in ball of S2OO for further ex animation on Wednesday. Annie powers, a ser vai.t at No. iSttThhd avenae.waa commuted for Inal in bail of 1500 foretelling shawls, dres-es, gloves, overcoat, handkerchiefs, tea, sugar, cod fish etc., from her cmoloycr'a house. Margaret Blonc, ebatged with receiving much of the stolen property was held for farther examination until to-day In bail of f’-00. The cov.tinned cases of James Moore, James O'Brien and Mark Tierney, charged with robbing the drawer of the baroi tne American Hotel atNo. 103 North Water struct of sl7wn« finally examined. Moore and O'Brien were discharged. Tierney was held tor trial in S3OO. Wii'lam F. Morchtud, charged with *ho larceny of fGO In money from John U. Sbcrrcr, No.‘.Cfl Madison street, was held for trial In ball ofsT4o. Amite Noll, a servant at >No. 123 Fourth avenue, charged with the U»ceoy of a far cape worth $75 from the Isdh-s' dressing room of Bbaw's dancing ball on Saturday night, belonging to Miss Nellie Jane,residing at No. dtSonih Cnrtls street, was commllied for trial in nail ot SSU>. The case of Henry Schmidt, charged with bigamy, continued from last week, was die* charged, bis wife falling to appear. James Ferris, charged with robbing William O'Neil on Friday night of $49, was committed for trial In , bail of $1,600. t Paitoowtd.— *'Tne circumstances of the convic tion of Frederick Taggcnbergcr at the last term of the Recorder’s Court was duly noticed In the TmuuifE. He was indicted for au assault with Intent Co murder, and, perhaps, was convicted by reason of the Intention. The evidence was sub mitted to tbc Governor, exhibiting the fact, shown, that the person assaulted bad violated the rights of hospitality by an Improper in'Jmacj with bis wife. The Governor awarded a pardon Instantly. It will be remembered that the wife of tbe mau who was alrot, Mrs- Deizcl, bad a btil for divorce rending, asking to be relieved from further allegiance to him because of bis alleged adultery with the parooued man’s wife. THE CITY. Jonxß. Gocon’a lecture, “Here and There In Briiaio, ,, -wiU-be delivered in the Opera tiouso this evening. ’ Tim Snn-Amreai. Gnarasno Exuramox of Lake Forest Academy will occur on Friday even ing of this week. Akotuxp Ixcrrux bt Miss Dicktwsok.-—Hlsa Arna E. Dickinson will lecture lirthla city, on Friday evening, of this Week, on “Something to Do.” The As-ociatiok— Meets this (Tues day) cvenlnr,’for the election of officers, and olbci Important baMness, at the office of Culbert son, Blair & Co., Cb niber of Commerce Bnlldlng. CißTPixr Association.— I The monthly* meet ing of the Ladies 1 Centenary Association win be held on Tuesday at JO o’clock, a. m., in the Lec ture Boom of the Clark street Church. Ajuxsstzb.—Bicharil McCormick, charged Vllh stealing a bone, November 10th, from Mr. Lln too, at Wilmington, Illinois, was arrested jester; day by Detective J)ixou, and was recognized as an olflajDcuder. Be was return-.d to Wilmington. Snuxo Ukitamted Chau*.—Augustus Miller, the keeper of a boarding house, was, yesterday, fined SSO and costs for harms exposed for sale unstamped cigars. The proceeding.was before Mr. Commissioner Boyne. Fob Guaxd Bavmr xxp . Mcssxook.—'The steamer Sea Bbd win make her last tnpfor the season to Grand Bavco and Moskcgon, weather permitting, on Wednesday, the sth instant. The Pea Bird will start at seven o'clock In the evening, from the dock of A. E. Goodrich, at-the foot of Rivcrairett. Tne UicmoaK Soctuebn BamnoAD In Its win ter arrangement Is now running four express trains dally eastward, viz: at 4:15 a. m., 7:00 a. m., 3:15 n m.and 10:00 p.m.: the first and lastria Adrian. The 3:15 train is a lightning express, lending passengers inK<*w York at 7 o’clock on the morning of the second day—a speed unprece dented. Faju ajvd Tableaux.—A fair . for the benefit of the Illinois Street Mission Sabbath School will be held ai the chapel of the Mission, commencing on Wednesday afternoon next, and continuing urtU Friday evening. On Wednesday aud Thursday evenings, on exhibition of tableaux with a con cert will be given In connection with the lair. Acnoif tv Diveses Casus. —In the'Superior Court, the evidence was taken in tne divorce case of Lucinda against Berman McQoucgal, but no decree was recorded- The cose was folly staled a lew dtys since. In the case of Mary vs. Solomon Giles, reported November 13th last, an order was entered that de fendant plead within ten days, Gua>t) Just nr the Kecoudeb’s Cocnr.—The Grand Jury for the December term in the Record er’s Court was yesterday cmpanoelled. Bon. P. A. Eastman being appointed foreman The Re corder. Bon. K. Tan Boren, charged them ex picsily to look the condition of the Bride veil Be suggested an cniaigvment of the insti tution and the es’ablirhment of workshops. Peodacle Fexias R am.— A suspicions looking craft made her way oat of the harbor, early yes today morning. She wa« painted green; had about one hundred fierce looking men onboard, acd was well provisioned. It was rnm< red Uni sl'ewas loaded and maned by a well known and enterprising Canadian. The Canucks had better look out. The lakeTckxel.—Wc are requeued to state that the public will have au opportunity ol in specting the great tunnel beloro the water Islet in. The lost brick will probably La laid about the middle of the present week, and immediately thereafter the tunnel will be cleared ont. While the masonry is hardening there will be ample time for visitors to Inspect *be work, and arrange ment* will bo made to allow them to ao so in lim ited numbers. CornxMrr or Corar.-A new course of pro ceeding has been adopted in the Circuit Coart, vhirb ivlll undoubtedly aid the administration of justice and help the statutory provision for the discarding of urofcestonal jurors. Yesterday, two parties summoned upon the panel did not nvpoar. They were William BoscnVeld and A. S. Bailey. They were subsequently brought in hr a writ of attachment, and mulcted in the coats of the DroreediDps. J; is the intention hereafter, wc are informed, to deal with defaulters In this respect ujih rigor. Gorxo to Milwaukee.—Mr. E. H. Hamlin, whose genial has loomed over the Ticmuut desk lor eleven years pa-l, and whose obliging attentions to the comfort ol the patrons of the bouse has made him a universal favorite. has transferred himselt to Milwaukee, where, as ocu oi Ihe proprietors and managers of the New hull House, tic vi ill in funne employ bis energies. That, under his direction, the Ncvvball wilt become areally f r-t-claes hotel, wc need not say, os the tbomumls who have made his acquaintance hero well know. TiieFeozen Ones.—Four boys and three girls —a party ol teven—wore frozen in Marion County, Minnesota, during the last winter. The girls V' ere a’l frozen lo des'h; the hoys were permanent ly disabled. Throe of (bo boys, named Presler, me now m this city asking assistance; one has lorl both hands and both teel; another both feet, imd the thud has sun'ered amputation at the knees. Tbe?are in charge of Mr. J. Willoughby, who vr-fll endeavor to cubat the sympathies of the charitable lu their behalf. They are worthy ob jicts of chanty. Chicago, Btolixoton & Qtnxcr ItAtmoAD.— By reference to the advertisement of this road in the Railroad Time Table, it will bo sou that on Additional passeger train bos beeu pat oo called the Galesburg Passenger. This train leaves Dar lington at C::0a. m, Galesburg at Brio a m , Men dots at lilts p. m., arriving In Chicago at t;W p. m. Passengers can leave Dcs Moines, lowa, at ':0()p. m., Ot'nmwa 1:00 a m., and come through to Ci tcago without dvlay. Also passengers from the muhi line of the Illinois Central Railroad are enabled to reach Chicago without detention at Mtndota. close connection being made with trams of the Illinois Central itallroaa. Itetmnlng, the (■nirbhnur I'u-ecng'r Train will leave Chicago at p. in. The Mendota Pa-scngcr will leave at 7:1-0 p in.. Instead of -hCO p m., as heretofore. kAJCSAS AKP NdJUAFKA DIEECTOnT.—ThC Bi- uetcryand fchmping Guido of Kansas and No* hm>ka is now finished and ready for delivery. Mr. Henry Tanner, the compiler of this valuable work, hits bxd many cucccrsiul years ot experi ence, and La*taken special pains to make DiU a complete work. It contains a fail and complete ilercriuiiun nt ml dries, (owns and villages, with the names anr addresses ol the merchants, maun laclmer*, professional men, etc., logetner with the government and institutions of the Mate and Ter ii oiy dotenated, he>ide other nsefni ialormalion lor the mervhani and forel ner. l*hc work also c* nt:«li s a full and admlraoly arranged directory i f Chicago, eelting the c’aims of our msrc’iants mil mnnutuctureis hclore ihr people. Tlie Direc tory isTuihlislird by liol ai d & Co., Leavenworth, Kansas. is TwtNTY-Frvi: Lessons.—Wc arc in receipt ot a circular from Messrs Dryaut & Strat ton telatlve to too new literary department |iu»t added to their Business University In this city. Hie e.-pcclal aim of this department i?to furnish the ilncst taciliites in .ho SVest f.T th-i study ot the modem languages. It is grntltying to sec the success of the new course in the German language so fatly e«tflbltsh< c. Not only Is tin* conr-c luealy com meroed ny our best educators, such'A* Rev. ,lo- soph Haver, I). !>., l>r. C. ,1 belike. Professor S, C. BartVDand Geoigc Qmvlaod, R«q., but also bv a large number of our business men who have availed themselves ofila advantages. We suggest to our young men who wish to improve a tow cicnirg hours ol<*ach week that they cannot ap ply their lime and money inert* profitably than in teaming this most valuable modem language. We will not attempt »o ctnraeratc 'the many scholarly features of this system but merely state Dial it Is a very rrcat Improvement upon the usual modes of leaching the German. Free WTti. Baptist Cncncn Dedication.—' Tho ! First Free Will Baptist Church hnildin?, of this ! city, destroyed by fire on Thanljs'jivlejj day, I Immediately alter the dedication.ha* been rebuilt ! on the same she, comer oi Jackson and P«-oila i juicelp. mid the dedicatory exercises In connec tion with ihcWcstcru Anniversaries,will commence on Thursday evening noxi, in t.e voiry of the new church. The following is the order ; Sermon In the cvedn" bv President Fairfield, of Hillsdale. Ihe Anniversary Convention will bo on Friday, at bn. id. The sale of flm« at 10 a. m. A MUsumary >cnnon In ihe evening, by Rev. .lames Colder, D. U., of Ramsharg, Pa. ihe Misslonaiy Convention will bo on Saturday* at 9a. m. A IMluion? Conference on Satntdav p. m. Dedication Sermon on Sabbath a. m., by Rev. R. Dunn, A. -M., of UilUdalc. Sermon In the crcninn r>y Kcv. D. M. Graham, I\ 1). «.f Portland. Maine. 1 he Orditianco of Uanti-m will be a Jmlnlstorcd at C\. p. m., and the Lora's Supper at th.* close of the fcrnu.n. The now chnrch la ranch larcer than the former ore, and will coat about JhUOO. Of this amount rrly !«o to thieo ihoa.-and dollars remain uncol lected, bnt the concre-jalion ha* exerted it<e f to :hcnitermo)-nodo« uat has been already done, and ;irc really unable to do more, Tcey feel jno tified, in this toeir peculiar strait, in appealing to tin* general religious public, and wo arc sore that the appeal will not be in vain. Parsons' Self-Actino Car Com.ran. on ex hibition in the basement of No. 77 Clark street, opoosltc the Conn Boost*. Is an Inv-ntlon which has peculiar claims ou ibe attention of railroad managers. It is the product of fhe thought of a gentleman who bos been actively employed or the Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad for moie than ten years, one who knowsjnet what Is wanted, ard has supplied that want. The chief fratmes of this coupling aid li is cheap, costing litt’u more than the ordinary coupling, and is tastened to tho car in the same manner. It is simple, and adjusts Itself for re-conpling whetaver the pin is pulled ap wl hout having io s« t «pilrcs or anytnlug ottho kind after the c»«s havesensraicd* li i* dura*ic, and not liable to get ont of order, &f theic U no complication of springs or levers. li couples with tue common link or pin. and is a self-coupling with other- or common draw bars as fast as appi ed to ibe cars. It also admits of a sufficient variation in the height of cars. No person is required to go between the cars to couple them—thus the groat object of a self coupling, to avoid the danger incurred in coup lirg in the ordinary manner. Ih<- ulus Imbis coupling cannot come dear out, and it is almost Impossi <le to lose them. The link cciers the mou<h instead of sinking on the lower fiaugeol tee draw bead, aud does not gel uttu. Wc cod mend it to the attention of railroad officers; they will find Uto be all that Is repre sented. The Cojptos Coi’Ncm met in rcgnlar session last evening. A communication was received from the Secretary of the Governor General of Canada, acknowledging the receipt of the resolu tions of the Council Initiation to the conviction of McMahon and Lynch, as Fenians. Thoßecre tsiy of Plate of the United States acknowledged Ibe receipt of ibe duplicate of the rcsolntions. Cjuite a number of nctitlonP were received, a ma- Joi by of ihem a«Uug the rcml eion of taxes, the refunding of fines and the lognlarion of streets and alleys. The Roara of Public Works wa< re queued to' report at the next meeting why tho Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company has rot been assessed its dne proportion for the Improvement of Jcflcrson street from the lake to Indieoi. At Imitation was accepted from the Board of Pnnlic Works to pass through the tunnel on He* cember Cth next, *1 10 o’clock. The Board of Public Works aico asked that au additional appro* Silation of $40,000 be msae for -tract work, to be oiiC belore April ofil. The ordinance was re ferred |o tbc Ficarce Committee. A large DQBDer of*. haring relation to street improvemects bj sidewalk* and gaj liphip, were parsed over to the appropriate com uiuccs, and subsequently several such ordi nance* pasecd- Thc oroli auce allowing Messrs. Moan & Scott to connect their eio'alnr with the Chicago Jt Bur lington Kailroad, by a track, parted. The special committee on the revision of thr City charter reported, and tbc rvpott was laid over tor publication. The Council then adjourned. ILLIKOIS & ITIICUIGA\ CANAL. Bids for tlio Flnlahlne ol the Work. Bid* were yesterday received by the. Board of Public Works, for the'excavation necessary to deepeffiheT’llnols £ Michigan Canal, sections Kor. 17lo’ £7, inclusive, upon which the contract with Mesar.. Fox. Howard and Walker was bro ken up. The contract Includes abo.u a million and a ha<f yards of earth excavation to be temoved. ihe material is generally quite bard, containing more ' or less boulders ai d detected rocs. It la a condition of the contraci that the woik shall be oroseented so os not to interfere with iho use of tho canal, so fat as it shall he done daring the season of navi gallon; bßtitmusl.bc comluued daring the sus pension of- navigation with a force com petent to complete the work during the time stipulated in whatever contract Is made. -The “md?" arc made upon the enrpdeltlon that telx or debt dredges will bo re quired for the whole work; and these are to be jinroD, with all nccCfEary machinery early next year, tire contracting parties being also required to provide all machinery, and to pntup and te move all dams and *ll works of protection and to do all necessary pumping or whatever may bo necessary to secure tod workfrom water. ■ The bids were as follows : , llogh Maher,Sections 17 to 2-1 Inclusive. All ex cavation excepting rock, p«>r cubic foot 17th sec tion C 4 cents, ISlb section 57 cents, ilnh section M cents, B(Hh-ection 57 cents. 9t-lsection 5: cents, 22d section 59 cents, 34i section tfi cents, 2-Ufa sec tion 68 cents; for rock per cubic loot, for all sec tions $1.96-- - ; Pcicr Bojco, sections IT to 21 Inclusive. Allet cavatioc excepting rock, per ciiblcfboL saction 17 fitly cents, section* 18 and in,' fifiy-etghi cents, sections 2u and 21, sixty cents: excavating ruck for all sections l>i-l lor s2.t;n. James 11. LedHe and J. Vtlkccnan. sections IT to 5-1, excepticr rock, C 6 ccob. rock, $3.50; sections 25 to 99. inclusive, exc> pUngrock, tit cent*; rock $:k&U; sections 30 to 87, Indo-tre, excepting rock, 74 c«ni<s rock $7.50. * Vosbnrgi Blcfile & Brown, sections 17 to 37, in clnsiVo, excepting rock, G 7 ceme; rock $2.75. ' Charles £. Boyer, aection* 81 to 37, inclusive, excepting rock, 7<> ceuts; rocU {•'.so. Derlcv, Ballaniync & Co., sections 17 to 87. ex cepting rod.-, $1.50; rock $2.50. . , Phme Crubagh, sections 31 to 87 inclusive, ex cepting rock 75 rent*, rock $2.75, Janies H. blokes, sections IT to 37, excepting rock 73 cents, lock $-.UO. James Gayoor, sections 18 to 33 inclusive, ex-' ccpling rock 00 cents, rock f-i. 50; section ii, all excavation excepting rock $1.25; sections 21 to inclusive, executing rock 90 cents, rock $3.00; sections S 3 and 30, excepting rock sl.3}; rock sl.-75,' section 3*, excepting rock $1.50; rock, $3.3'1 Fox, Howard & Walker, sections 17 to 37 in clofiivr. excepting rock 73 cents, rock $3.50, Graham «k BoClerq; sections 17 tu 23 Inclusive, excepting rock 70 cents, rock $3.00. BOARD OP SUPERVISORS* The newly elected Board of Supervisors for the cocntyof CouU assembled yesterday afternoon at 3 p. m. in the County Court Boom. A quorum being present the Board organized by the appoint ment of K. J. Edbroofce temporary conirman. Supervisor Farwcll moved that a committee on credentials be appointed. Carried. Tlicchaiiman appointed Supervisors C. B. Far well, X). S. Hammond and Woodruff as such committee.'. ThciommSl'cc examined the credentials of the member-, and recommended that the list be ap provea as printed. The report was unanlmonily adopted. Supervisor Farwell moved that the Board pro ceed t<> an cl' Clion of President. Carried. By rtre roc* vote. Supervisor T>. S. Hammond wat* unanimously chosen President, who, ou tsk (be chair, thanked the Board for the honor conferred upon bim, and promised to fulfil the duties ol the office to the best of bis ability. I he Clerk then read (he minutes of the last ses sion, which were approved. Supervisor Shaekford moved that the same rule a’of order bejadopted as were in use during the lari fusion. Suoemsor Fanvell moved to amend by sinking one the calling of the roll, and that the Committee oj. City Relations be dispensed wits. Snrerti>or Rexford moved to vote on the amend rnuus separately. Gamed. On vote, the amendment to strike ont the calling ofthe roll, was lost, when Supervisor Shaekford withdrew the second. Tlu! previous motion of Supervisor Farwell was then pasted. SunervUorPnsheck moved that a committee he appointed to examine into the rumors that a sa loon had been carried on in the county jail tor the supply of Honor to 'he inmat-s. carried, •the following vreic appoint'd such committee; Supervisors I'uehcck, Aiken, CUllson, Belton and SlAnmueller. Supervisor Bolton moved that the Board ad journ, and that on Tuesday, at oa. m., thev visit the Conntv Poor House. Ca lled. On motion of Supervisor Aptoi the Board ad journed until Wednesday at Id a. in. The following Is the list of Supervisors : Aiken, E. If.,Tenth Wa*d; Albert,Edward, Four- Icci'.tb Wmd; Apfel, Philip. North Chicago; Allen, John, Elk Grove: Baiienaau*. Conrad', Orlaud; Blum, Lamhett, New Tnor; Brown. Noth. J., Le nient ; Bnrkhanlt, F., Sixth Ward; Cl3iJ^o^l,Cha , . F.. First Ward: Bolton, Ctiaa. 12.,Thornton; Dnnton, W.H., Wheeling; Edurookc. It. J., Jef ferson; Kbrbardt. Jacob. Wura; far veil, Cfaas. 8., Second wird; Frel«v, William. Schaumburg; taster. Edward, LakeVß««v; Gray, George W„ third Ward; Gore, J. It., Fourth Warn; Guderjahn, Christopher, Fifth Ward; Gerber, John L., Bake; Given, 11. 11, Palos; Hammond, D, S., -Hanover; Harms, Henry, Niles; Heac'ck, W. <>., Eighth Ward; Biggins, H..M..Hyde Park; Bing. Simeon W., Assistant South Chicago; Knirt, Julius, Six teenth Ward; Kott. William. Bremen; Lodrtii.g, Chailcs. Scventn Ward: Miner, Adam, Bleb: Nc"coml», George W„ Ninth Ward; Pahlman, J £l., Palatine; i’urbeck. C. G„ Proviso; Pcn noyer, stephet', Hayden: Ross, Joseph I*., Elev enth Warn; Bcstord, 11. S., Worth: Reynolds, George W.. Evanston; Banter, Charley Bloom; Sanders, Benjamin, Calumet; Score, 11. C., Maine; Shaekford. Samuel, Fifteenth Ward; Bicinmucllcr, Philip, Assistant North Chicago; Studley, Davis, NorthSeld; Timmc, George, Cicero; Vial. Samuel, Lyons*. Worapte, Andrew, AsrlMact West Chicago; Wnitebead, B. J.. Sooth Chicago: Wilde, Joseph. VSV-r Chicago; Will marth, E., Barrington; Woodruff, Eocr, Thir teenth Ward. MvETEmors.— On Sunday night police officers heard a cry of “Murder," in the vicinity of the rlverbefwccn Fourteenth and Fißecuta streets. Proceeding to the spot they found nothing but a hat floating upon the water. 'lhc hat was rccuted and may bcsccn at the Archer road Sub-station. FINANCIAL AND COMEaCIAL JHOMvTABI. Moksat Kveniso, December 3. Elsewhere in this ls«ue of the Tiiibusc will ho found the official lest of the report of the Secreta ry of’he Treatuiy. The report Is a leucthy one, full of statistical information, srd ennreiatory of the same eentlmcntsas distinguished his former report und the “ Fort Wayne speech.** Too sec retary is of the opinion that l< Congress will adopt the recommendations which be offers, specie pay ments can be safely resumed within eighteen. months. llie Money market present* no sew features. Owing to the disagreeable weather business at the baiks was generally rather dull. The volume of currency is steadily decreasing, owlcg to the continued shipments to the East to make ex change; and the market is gradually workingless easy. StHl there is no appearance of closeness, ard all good paper la readily, discounted at the nsualratc. 'ihciatciiuopm ma:kot are 123D3 percent, accoidiug to the standing of the appli cant. I j:cbangc Is scarce and firm, at par buying and 1-30 premium rolling. Hie banks coutuiuo to ox piers currency. Flour was dull, bul held firm. Wnoat was firmer, a' an advance of Ic on No. 2 Spring. Com advanced I!*Q9c. Oats were better. Ityo declined 1(52c. Barley was neglected. Whiskey was entirely nominal. Provision* were heavy. Mess Pork declined 50c. Wool was neglected. Groceries were easier. Gold wa** again irregular—closing a little lower. It opened at ft, advanced closed at M*‘£. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., Gold and Stock Brokers; ir*«Ua.m... . 14t | 1:00 p.m .IUH 1(1:151. id Ill 1 * l:«p. m.. 141* |l:tC a. ra 111?* \ Ul‘* 21:15 a.iu 141* I *l*ls p. 1104* 11:45 a, m .I4l*i | aiOllp.m IWl£ MiKitn itif, | 4;iWl>.tn Gere the market wan doll. At the opening the b’o-cre were baying at 141,bat at the close only* ]4(% was bid. Silver was nominal at Governments were a trifle firmer io New York to-day. Thf following shows the closing prices to-*lay. compared with those Of the two previous days ‘ i'ri. Sal. Mon. Slice of *SI U 3 Its Hvc-Tweiiilcs, ’«2 HS'i iff'* Five-Twenties, ’Gi ll« 4 101 H 10H* FiTc-rwfxuics, 'cs i«?» 10:4 Tea-Forties !).!** 10* Scven-’Jhlrtiee. Auj: l"s*i 105*4 mV!£ Seven-Tblrtles, Jan* IHS 105 lOSsj Seun-TLiiUc?, Juiv 303 H*S 10*4 Ucrc tlicio was a steady dtmand, and tlie mar ket was steady and firm. We quote: GOVESSXEST gICCIItTirS—CHICAUO XAUErr. Unyra?, Selling. Sizes, 18*1 IWH 1124 S-Sb*»,lft2 JCS«A liS4 3-»'*s. lsTrl WC*4 V3o*», I*l.. Ift.-k ioi;* 8.40 X »nau ireuatiinis ic-tu’s, larsrc f*o»£ ICO 11MG>, smalt lu2*i 7-30’s, Ist series ICj?5 205*4 7- 0 »■, 2d series 3034 1154 ■ 7-’&*f, Jid soriee MijC 115*4 email IMJt iloC-U .... : Jure Conjpo'uida, ISM. 112*4 .... \ .Inly Compounds ISM.. I’s ... I Ann. Cunpounds, 15M. 1114 ■ Oct. Compounds, IS*4.. 113*4 .... I Dec. Compounds, ISM. 1124 .... May Compounds, I*®* I*l*4 .... Anc. Compounds, 193. ITOjJ .... I Si»pt. Compounds. 1-G5. 109*4 ... Oct. Compounds. *S63. ICS4 .... The Second National Bank quotes Governments os follows: ,'oupons, ISSI 1124 Jure Comp. 1911,..1154 v-% Coupon. July '* “ ...'ls*4 larce.. Anr. “ M ...lU5£ 5-SO Coupon, Oct. ** **....1134 small... .300 ciOTli Dec, 11 “ ...1124 I(Wl» Coupon, latpc May u 1M5....1114 itMUCoupon.«nall 1"2*4 An*. ,lU9?t 7 30, hree..l(«mtfilos4 Sept. u “ ...1004 7-»i. small..*o4*olo3** Oc:- *• * 4 ...IS4 Local Securities are dull at tbe followin'; quota* tiens: Baying. Selling. 99 200 96 97 Chicago City Sevens. Cook County “ 3-hcrpoul advices of 10-day noon quoted Five- Twenties it and Contois il 6SH cx.-dlr. Ttc followlne shows tho bnsincaa of the United Slat s Snb-Trcatary, in this city, for the week coding December 1: Customs Internal Revenue. Miscellaneous— Total. Special warrants... I>ubnrslngr officers. Currency Interest.. Total. Currency. Total... Just week The carcfnfff of the Chicago & Northwestern lUilroad for the wcekecdlng November 30 we<e: 1605. 1806 S C2.741.CM f 163,14x05 I&t,SSLSB 7.335.4*2 15.bGi.00 1,662.68 L.Gii.67 Passengers. Freight..,, Express Mail 5237,863.20 5*31,565.81 44,197.01 Total Increase. ISCG.... For November 1905. IS’6. ' 9«S9£U3 18 $£62,567.75 5:6,--21.C3 710. .91.72 17,553,12 20.023.00 6.551.41 . 6,(91.11 Passcnctre. Freight..... Express ... ilatl $310,961.32 $U0n5.079.53 169.319X6 Total... . Increase, ISfiC. 1 be European 7\me» observes: “Since the redaction in tbe rate of interest, the fliet day. when the kept-back bills were presented, cot much business ha* been done. Tne rates generally now stand in the open market where money is plentiful, at for good bills. Thebans tctnrn sbo<*s that the successive reduc ions In 'he discount rate have failed to attract business to It, (be terms in the general markst being still lower. Owing to the fresh Qlmlnntlfn *c Jh<-Advjmccs on private securities, comblred with the Influxof Oovemminl deposits*, tbe reserve has oeen tunhtr rtreogtieued to the extent of £6*7,4*i I l.e amount c: toll gained bj th. Bonk on the Import andexport transactions of the uju- traa ou.y - aouut AST,- 00, and -as tbe in crease la the coin end baJUon .ehovn-below U &!CS,oii], a distinct reflux-of eoto from- thr'proi* vioces la Indicated. Ihe return trora the Bank of ■'■"land fur the week V/»——*• -- for the week cndmr November H ihe following results .when compared,.,with..the pr«non»wc«k; ' ......£3,254.743 Increase;.£l3,4Bß Public deposits 9,115,771 Increase.. T 70.059 Other deposits IR,CS7,IOT Decrease. 761,064 Os the other side of (he account: Goremm’i Fccatiticfi£l2, ftLffil Increase.. £4,*79 Ollier aecarlik».....-J','Ci,233 ilecre**. 201,158 Notes on* mpiojrd.. 7,5J7,-"5 InAc*Bß„.4aj,WQ “The amount, of notes In circulation Is £2k2<G,SL r », bdnc a decrease of £251,455; and the Stock nf • hnlhDiT .'in' hoth3 tfjpartmenla;. "Is £lZ,l44 t Uf7. shoving an lucre*** of ££>lo3l .when the preceding •UtepcnU , v 2 i he return of the Bank of France for the week mcHnc ISovcmher I‘* is as follows: Increase: tile discounted, n.OGLI.OJOf.; notes, 8,000,00 Jf.; prl'alo accomt', hand. 3,900.t300f. : : »rcafurr balance, r,WO.DOQf.; ad* voices. ststlonnir. The decrease in the dNcoacta indicates that a demand lor money 1* growing np. Ibe coin and bullion continue to decline, bat the week's decrease is not very Important AH tala Q/ Grain, reported market report are-made on.UtahctU of tamer (4r) ttoraoe unleet Oihenate'expreueal ‘ MoypAT-Bmuiui'Peeeabera. 1908. •’ FRElGHTS—H**Mrmnoirr»-TheroUowiße la AM Jcnuudiroo Ute£utemrMdii\ • r.., . - 3d - 34 ; IU» • . CUM. class. cUu. Floor. To New York. its 135 105 jio ■J 4 7»S, lake an] rail. ISO 113 ISO *» To Boston. 183 1» 110 120 * , rail, lake and rail. 110 m t® .no To Fhlladtipbla 165 11a ' luO 300 To - 100. W To Albany ..W- 153 130 100 • 300 1 nO, lake and ml, 750 130 ' 86 , iso ITo Montreal.. 150 111 W J 33 ; To 8ufiai0...... «S 61 57 H 110 I • " nil,lake and nil. 19 ftß ST* 100 ToClntlnnaii..,., 63 f 45 40 40 The Fail Freight Linos are taking Creased Hon at - $1.15 to New Toik, and ILSS to Boston. ? 100 Bs, »Uh j out transshipment. PLOD«— aWppod. 4,Vosbrls. MarketcttiL Sale* were: Warn Wcmms-3# brta I oot jiStD« at U&tO: ai-acto Kims-too hrls bos nawtoo at *lB-*; SO iris do at HB-X; 340t1»A0 at l' 19.75 ■, 300 bria do at |9.501 100 brls do at I-5.23; 100 brU 1 do*»J^-lOri-cpm—4so brls cot named at f6J3. >V 11 EAT—Received, 11/ODba; ♦hlnped, 8.612-ba. ilsrktt quiet and aachmfM ftr'•To. I Spring. hot Mo. 3 advanced 1«. Bales wore; 4uo bn-No. \at |, A. 1 I). A Co.; A.OXI bu do at ttsio ; 6130 ba do at ttM, 1 regular; «0 t.n No. 2at f 1.90, F. & T.; 2,000 bo do at ; 11-aS*: 25.UX bo do at bo-dt at <I.«IN ; I 12,000 bn do at |t ai, - reculat; 100 ,ba Ejected at 1 *l-< s tfiH»budoatfi.4s; *ioObudoaitLli—closing I for No. 1. aid tor- No. 8, la regular boasei. t:4lßN—Uccelved, 13,335 hq; shipped. 1.130 bu. Marfcetnnaer ard3c Vutr. Sale* were; 6.0030uN0. 1 atß4c; SJftJbu do atS3£c; S.OWbu d"> at < W*c;s,OOd bn do aiglet; c&XoOba do at SJc; 88,000 ba do at & Vc: 25,000 bu do at 83c: 1,000 buido at Sic; *OO ba Mo. 3at 18ct isjxx bado atTSc; 8,000 ba New Silled at tfc; B£jo bn do atKc: 3,0(1) bo do at 56c: 800 ba Sex Corn at 6tc—doing at fc&SMfc (at Mo. 1 In store. OaTS—BtxeiTcu,i.96bbo; napped. I,ooßoa. Mar ket advanced icuc. Sales were: £.400 bn No. t at; S9jic 5.W0 bu do at 33c; «.lW0Badoal»kc« 16000 ba sECCZFn past ronTT-nonr noma. - doat&*c; goo t»udo»tss>ve; 5,0» ba dost aso; 000 Itrd. 1965 ba do at Jfifcc; 9,030 bquo at 37#e—closing firm at Flour, brlf.... 3.319 4.495 S9c. n’heaL hi .. ' . 11300 RAfiSO RYE—Received, IJOOba; shipped. 1,90 bu. Market VnrTi.n • : fofcW ‘ iiuS declined 1«.2c. bates were: 400 on No. lat die? tod ba doni.bu JfSS doatSJfc; 2,0C0 bu CO BtSJc; 400 ba No.UaISJC- ' f2s ■ 1,700 2,®i . BAHLißY—Hccelred. I*l3 bu; shipped, 935 ba. Barley, ba 2,8:3 .... Market anil, bales w* re; KWbo.hy sample, atlluKt; litore Seea, ®>B 29,900 63.910 40t»bu doaUUSK; 400 at #l.lO, all on traca. Broom Corn, lbs 85.FT0 86,713 Al^OllOlr-MomlnaiatUl.'Hcal^octjrrouadlott. Piin-il Mm( Iha 41°40 314 (1119 .AS^Hfcw—Are icatrs aud In demand at £c. iwt. w- t,C w *9, BUOO n COKN-Market dull and nominal at lork, ur«a -•••- rj. aicOUkiSoOJXJ. balea w-re: two tms choirs ban at I Urd - .••?* ?,|W iltOJO; S tons dost 1220.00; 5 tons fair at f 16064 tta 8,000 I,BRt . BEASsi-Aiesemnßat retail at as to Butler, 2*B 7,700 8,«10 quality. ■ Dropped Ho<>s. No 122 2 BIIAN-Sales: lOtousmliidlliigtaiKwlO. _ live lIo"a So 1 425 1200 BETTER—Received,7.lWft«; shipped. 15,601 ©a. • ° T " ’gift '»i , The central market W dull and dcooplae, wubcota ■“j *»* »i rntiDdevaipunns trndingstrooely downward. Theln- Uldcs, ue...................... vu,197 C 9,80 ' qulry U confined chieflyto chibrnlab'e qualities, for H. Wines, brlP 180 236 ;boniecoDaumpUon,wluch.owln£toUiaiutbtarrlTals, Wool, ftp 6,550 85,686 ; are held firmly at quotatlcus. Bates included 13 pkn I amber m.,.. 2.021 117 ai2bc; 3dotbolcaat»c; Sfirtins pilme at*sc; W) Sfcim-lei 350 .... tme*ran E i-iuIolu»>: um. m i,ooo i,eoo 6UZTMENTB FAST TOCTT-POBT BOCHS. Common Firkin. 18m3Pc • 15<h6. 1365. Frime Firkin »»35c Fionr, brie 4,905 1,633 , BAG4JLN**—The market remains dnll. Thede-, Wheat, bn 8,612 19,730 mand is confined to supplying enrtent We W I::::::::;;;:::;:;::;:: Kye, on. 1,910 mmols A,3bu, do 38JW Barley, ba...................... 935 350 Corn EacKance..... 47.05 Broom Com. ft* 59,645 72,800 Stark A,cotton seamless.... <5.00 Cured Meat,fti 126,060 .... Lewiston A, do 74.00 Beef, brla SlO 28 Androscoggin, do 7000 P/,.1- h.ia ifl i American, o» 7000 ilrn: S!:";;;:;:;:;::;::;:::: 1 % M vaiiow, ft? m*:u3 2i,cco - fjSi Su£ So i::::::::;::::::::::::::::: wS Bi.ttcr, ms i3/oi 13,339. do £s> Live Doge, No 1,473 3,177 • Slice, do 7AM Catl'-e, No 93 5M ' Ssco, linen and cotton 59.0 J illde., Ib. 1103.10 59.11 T *1“ S-ffi II nm,6, lirls 57 13 • rrnf^ 4, 4 m'SS *■" i.umner, m 1,883 Wl Eidire city 40M ?b|nsiee. m. 1,0« 902; c«»FFEE-810 has uecllned \e to-day. The mar- Lalb. a 109 52G ket Ii Islrly m tire. are cblefiy makingopoo unit brlr 1,993 I,SSO orders ln>m the country. AVsnovqoota: >ot«ithtundjrs tie diMcrceabie couaition or tto-r eatucr, which In a great measure placed a Rio.aa jdto .V y/is>,c n " there r“ l ■Lirt-sjsss-'ti fair allendance on ’Change, and with a modorato <«/*; m pork BarrelP sncculatire demand for the leading cereals, there CIIF.E>E—The demand u somewnat limited, ua» a Crnur f-chno, and m Bomo loMancra price, |K^fSlr,l^SS»^fe^S ,, " *" boMm ' were a trillc higher. i New York Fsru-ry (Ceamuc) 19V®1®J^ C The iToriaiu-i market mu n W i n anil and all I heavy, though In ifee 'aggregate the w«t*rn ttansacllone were larger than at any time America'** W ®*n c unriiic the past ivccU. ileas Forte declined c^OA^ia—7hcrc is a steady, fair demand, and the •iI(T»S* c, with sales of 20D oris at J15.50® 19.00 market rule? firm at full rates. The slocks are ample. cash, aad I,SOO brls at tl3.sC@ia.CO rbc fnlure de- $ 11.00 livery. At the close holders were reluctant to do Onuobv. sell at Hit Inside fleams, bar in the absence ot Bwir;;;.:V.V.V.V.',;: 10“ any Inquiry, the mnrhet may be quoted entirely do Willow Bank. licxcinal. There uae a plight Inquiry for Grcon rw Tmmel W^CO 1 Meat?, at B decline of about Uc, with saWof lucs-o a rp.’.V..V...V...V,.V.V." 1111111111111111 12.00 ; 2/iCOpca Shoulders at sue, and 1,230 pcs llama LutupLeblgh 16J0 (~-iected)at e«o, cash; io,con pcs fboulders at 11:SS (‘hjjcdcl, and o,tHxi pcs at sc, from the block for I’lmwJb pnn.-» ,< *S2 j luture delivery—seller having choice of Dressed U cS ota oVtrnckIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIir.r.IIII SAO^ljo ;oi bUcghtcrcd Hogs. There was bo life In the Yochipchtmcy H.1.....V.V. [ nmiKtt for Lard. A small lot of Prime Steam m Ks ,^lsv ClßafßlrMpr,ly, “ ld ** ood ]octl de * j sold at '9J4C, cash. At this figure round lota pit ('IT AND NTTO—Trade was a little slack to* ! were freely oficrcd without aliractiug buyers, aho da r. thoucb prices were w.*n susUlned all around and j Mint, to layover MC. _ ESK"”’ nottangc. la.onronctaUen. • Sew ioA Market. ' , ,• Closing pnocs prcgih, Decembers, Joseph 34. Xjotidejpai, ttrpfcersiMSoaUiClark street! tat 3d Ist Sd B’d. U’d, B'd. B’d. N. .lUV 1 lij* D. B.oper cent Erie (com) 7l£ 7S« bcmda,lS3l...Uav 113 U-I>. (rote).... 81* 81 o.B.6pefcent C. ft Pitta S 6 83 3-M conp-’eMOev 108»f Kock island. JMH U.S.spereent . C. ft K. tv,..:.. 17* <8 6.30 coap;,*€4.lWX JMX C., t>f<l CS TBV TT. s. 6 pcr crtit l». Ft. tV. 4C..106 506 IPTtf oul' «fllver..,. 1C 16 U. b. 3 percent w. uaonTel.. 41 17 iwOb MH 100 C. tA. (cum) .... Te.Kolea,7Mo „ Bor. to 130 V 131 15t«rt«.....1»V l»Jf O. ft M. Cert*.. «* »X D.8.7M0.M Bud* n stiver.m 171 • s*rles 106. H I®,H li. Central.;. 119 ... O. S. 7 MO, 3d * . P. ft Reading; aenee l»M I®H Wiikw-h’feCoal . „ 001d....Hi.K l«J» T. * Waba*h ' iUrket—First Board strong. Second Board stcadf. oonaiißCUL. ' JToitoat Evxjnso.Dec ember S, JB6B. The table?>bow the receipts and ship ments ol proaucc daring the past fortj-clsht hours: Brewed Hops were dnTl and J*clowcr,withfaleß AW'iw. * brl atttiviomg on 500 oj,ana 7c for good ®5Sm averages. Lt raons valsgn Wlilflicj- was doll, neglected and entirely nom innlat&c for -Bonded. Free is irregular and _ bkikd rtmi*. Rioted at s2.2? l &S.Krj—the inside figure for round lota of country manufacture. Flour was dull, I>at without any qnotablcchanra in value. Udders* If anything, were a shade ►tiller In ihdr new®, in view of rather better ad? vice* from the East, but buyers failed to respond* The salea foot up I,IWO brie at 513J30 for White. Winters; for Spring Extras, and $8.50 for Spring Supers. Whi*ai was quiet but firmer. No. 1 Spring expe rienced no maiked change, Lai for No. 2 there was a moderate speculative demand, aud the raaikctwas fully tc higher. Ttoj-C'ed was doll. We note sales of ftkOtlt) bn at $2.U5®2.10 for No. 1; ?l.un for No. 2 in A., D. & Co.; sl.glQl.B3Hfor No. 2 lu N. S. i N. W., and #l.3o®l.lSH for lie* jected Spring—closing at f4.05(®2.0fl for No. 1, aud Sl>iiTpLt'2i4 for No. 3 In regular houses. The nntavorahlc adviceslrom New York caused a fairly active speculative movement in Corn, and ihc market advanced 2c,tboneh at the close the improvement was barely sustained. The sales aggregate at SVSSiclot No. 1; “5S"9c lor No. S; &M2ißc for new Shelled, and Wc for La; Com—clueitg with b dicta of No. 1 at S3*4c, and buyers at Kc. There was a decidedly gfronrer feeling in Oals, ana though the market was not active, prices ad* vane d ifr.3c. We note sales of -10,000 bnatOtft for No. 2— closing firm nt 3^c, K;e was dull and l(Z£2c lower, with sales at SCIG' Sic for No. 1, and 83c for No. 2 in store. Barley was dull,Kith sale* Of choice sample lots at )I.IU&I.£U. lu graded Barley there was nothing doing. Tallow was dull and nominal at o>J®92*c for CV'LtiUy and icei J 4 c for City. A email lot of Tallow l»rcai-e sold ai He. 1c Lake FrcisUts there ia no mnvemcnl whaler* er. 'itie»cawn has virtually closed. The Fast Freight 1 uw» aio taWnc Dret&cd at t 1.75 to .New Vuik and f 1.85 to Boston without transship* mcrl. • 3bo stock of Pork Is New York on the Ist was oT-,(J'.o bile old and new. The following show* the stocks on the dates named: * IS6O. 1533. December 1 65,058 41,0.10 November 1 . 35.000 fi'J.ttM October 1 ....I ,600 , 83,433 September 1 '....61,858 69,000 Ansnst 1 >.78,731 93,0'.*0 July 1 87.163 1UI,(M0 liado in Ifce Grocery market exhibits a quieter feeling, and sales arc chiefly confined to ordcra fiom the country. Coflees have declined J*c, and teas are of 5c on all grades. Sugars arc steady at previous quotations. Hardware good*. Including Iron, Steel, Nails, Metals and Tinners' stock, are lu fair request, and prices arc fully maintained, f-nll is dull but nominally unchanged. Seeds arc dull, aid sales making show a down ward tendency in prices. Wool continues dull and entirely nominal. The j market has no quotable value. I Lumber by the cargo is in rery'llmi'ed supply ! and Inactive. hut without change to note ra prices. [ The loilowiug telegrams were read on 'Change I to-day: Xrr Took. December 3. Flour firmer and quiet at 58.202,10.13, Wheat stronger and quiet at J2.13i52.2Q Com heavy at $1.19 in store. Chits firmer at 62Sfi3c m store, i’orklowi t and heavy at $21.12*4. Lard lower At 13‘fcc. Gold Hl* i. New Youk, December 3. Floor. Wheat and Oats firmer but quiet. Com unsettled atf tn store. LATER. In the afternoon the Grain mukots were quiet at the clo'imr prices on 'Change, There was nothing doing in Provisions. CHICAGO I,I'nHEU MAUEH.T. Moapat Erornro. December 3. 1566. Tfcc receipt* sed bblpmcnu daring tie past forty*

clg,lit boui»wcre Lumber. ShlD£h-» V»U» Market Inactive and nominal, bot without quotable chanic tn values. Tb« re are oat three cargoes afloat. In the yards trade 1* thirty active at unchanged price*. We quote; per tn Second Clear, 1.1 J», IK. aid Much 48.00,.*f10.(M Third Cleat, lech 99.0u»&00 First and t econo Cl:ar Flooring, together, r*agh—lae same a* S<-cord Clear, wjfle 50.30a55.00 Common FlV’rlnc. rongh 310(1*35.00 Matched and treated Common Flo, rtor 58.90i313.00 Matched and dratted 8-loch Com* men Flooring S6XO3SSXO First and Second Clear Siding, to ccthcr ........................... <^.| First Common Dressed Sidlnc S 3 00^r5.00 Wagon-boa Boards, select, 15-inch • and upwards 35.0CG1f1.00 A Stock Board*, II toche* 55.003j7.0a B StOi k Board*. II toche* 25JU377.00 Common Boards, Joist*. Scantling, Fr. rite and email limber, 12 to Igleet lonr 33Jtt372J» Jsiet and ScanUlrg, IS feet. HM&IiM Joists and Scantling, 30, 8 and II leeu «U»O9DJ» SncroLS&~A or Mar shaved Shingles 5.03 A or Star Saved Shinnies 5 003 590 No. 1 Saved Shingle* 15Asi 3.73 B No. 1 Saved Shingle* 175* 3AO LaTD—l*er mtn yard* 4.7^5.00 By car load by Northwestern Rail* road, delivered In any rard where cancan beevltchrd,or any depo*: A or Star Saved Shingle*, bv car load on track 4.73 A or Star Staved Shingles, by car load on track, coant made full, or five bench's to a thousand .... tS) A saved Shingles, city made, on track &OQ&5£5 No. 1 saved Shingle* by car toad,on track Three dollar* a car load added when transferred, which charge follows the Shlag-c* tn trdcht bill. annroLS STasuaco. Thickness—Five Shingles to be if 3 lixhes la thick ness. « length—Sixteen Inches, liatds—Tacnty lochc*. Course—' Twenty .ove- ,t is,mis . 10,131.03 . 145.555.03 .$173,123.49 . 5300,735 63 . 5.41583 .. 55,733.00 .5531 % 91i53 .99tt.f155.94 . 021,697.81 ~.59<7.75t.*) .91.146,071.16 CHir.AllO CATTLE MARKET, Omn or ths Chicago Twacsn, 1 Monpat Etxaino, December S. 1866. 1 BEEF CATTLE—There was nothin* doing at the yard* to-day in thi, branch of the tire Stock market in th* way oi sals*. A drizzling, driving rain has fall en incessantly, making an active day’s trade entirety ent < f th* question, even had oarers taken sntQclcnt Interest In the market to *• pot In an apocarance,” which they did not. There were tn the pen*—leftover frem Saturday’* sales—about 500 head. Thla nnmbcr was made up almost exclusively of the lower order of Cattle, with not a few that were positively Inferior. Good, straight, shipping Steers asd fat buiche-i’ Cows which are chlefy in d»mand—lndeed, these are a pout the only grades Inquired frr—anyoe quoted llnm sad with tight receipts dcrlns the week, a night advance Is not Imirobablc. The market is entirely nominal at the quotations given below: Good to Choice .ISAOafLM Medium to Fair 4-50*5.» IniraloT to Common HOGS—With a fair packing demand, all the offering* —comyrtalng about 90J head—were readily closed oat atabjuithe closing rates of last week. Large receipts are anticipated lau wee*, and a decline la ,/tlcm li eonfld«.tly predicted. Tbe markat clMesflrm at tba toUuwnsqooxaUooa:' - Prtme to Extra....... JL)9aU6 Fair to Good s!Set» Coniiuob to UMlaic . 'ffilfJVT* TTe note the Hallowing »>lea: Joow, Boo*h4 00. toTObej-..;... M°* fiio** J°b«Tbon»bt...... ...u 40 S« : WO Balr«t C0.b00rtj1,.... ...... 64 ig <LI2V t4 an tzcT Eerf ft S. bought In 10ta..700 ZD S.T&U3# BEZEP—The market waa uucUre. aoaentlrtlfnoml col at (3 00®t,00 for In&rlor to common, «<«i yi wy no for sood to choice gr*dea.-<rhefe were oo tranaactlona reportcatoKlaj, . , , CHICAGO PAILY MARKBT. Plc«.. DaM. Caoa'dPeacLes, dor, 2ft can* 4.65 (3 1.73 Apples, new 10 (* 14 Peathea,halveaandqoar;e» it ® W Peacltea, pared 40 & 43 Blackberries, new, pft 36 OS, 39 Kaapb'-rries, new, V a ffl (3 70 Klcl'rtwiTlee, pft .20 ® ♦, ,Itaislta, layer? 5.00 & 5.29 Almcmilfl, bard shelled 23 ® 35 Alnu-nda, soltsbctied *0 & 51 Almonds, paper .'belled 68® 58 H Brazil Nat* : 23 0 33 Hll-ert).. 1* 0 IS EncllMi TCaltmu S 3 (* 31 Naples Walnnt# 33 (A 31 I’ecnns. small ami Urge. 3S 0 m Ihckety Nnta. V b« 2-M <& 3.00 Cl rUnnts V bu.... 10.00 011.00 VlMl—The market Isqnlet, thouch therele nodis position evinced on the part ottbe regular tradato shade prices, tt-cy acncraUj bolding hrtulf at the tauots pvm below: WhUefisn, No.), X brl Whliensh. No. 3. x brl. Trout, No. 1. Vbrf. Trout, No. 3.x brl Mackerel. No. 1. X Mackerel, No. 2. X brl MaiVrrcl, fitra turns. ? S brl, Mackerel, extra me*s. f Kit. Mackerel, No. 1. kU», new. MacverebtamlVf. Wu, Codfish, Bank', ¥ 100 !>s &'A4 8.5 Codfi-h, Gcorpc’s Bank 9.t0 <4 9.33 I!crrtnir». dried, Ko. I, ¥ bo* O® TO Ilerrtnee, sealed TV4 80 Lahnuf-r n»rnnc, V hrl 13.00ai3.00 Lahradrr Hrrrtnjr.Ji hfl <UOtJ 7.00 NfiTfMfliMi Memos, K*s. V hr! IS.OO Norwegian lierrlnc, il'e. F brt..; IfiOJ Lake 6.00* 6.SJ ISIIEA-E-MarketlnacUveand nominal atS>3llc tor Urtiwn lu White, nn;n AlNES— 'R'MWed,lßobrt« shipped A* hrti. Jlark-i (lull aun nomliai »t33-tor B »nrt**'l, aoa S3 JS S 3 for Free—the ln?lde tlyure for wood lotsof coon lrilOrS->tarket quiet aid stead/ at SOaUe for WifU-ri', and Eastern. Sales were: Abates Eastern at COc. _ . _ II was quiet to-day. Bealet* ore offering Irccliatttic decline noted yotenlay. We quote; i wiiotxfaLS I’niCKx. Tlroothr. roller and heater pressed. 111.50(315 SO Tlntotliv, loose pressed 15aVV.<i«.00 Prairie,’beater pressed, new ILM^u.OO Tlsothy, roller and Itoter preyed. l«-00ai9 03 Tltuothj. loose pressed I.).OC<«‘iO.OO iTaltlc, roller and water pressed lu.lO.*l7iW PralrtMocseonwacon.deilT.Tcd It.V)^USO ■ lill)R>—!Kl97fts; shipped. 143,310 ss. The market continues quiet. The atock* arc accumu* UUng/acd the central market is by no means firm. tVe in a Re co chance In oar quotations, aa follows: fJreen Batchers*...* » w «VC Crrtn Salted, trimmed 10 mlOhc Orton Calf 93 R« c Kin. Oroen Salted 15 A;tiW c J)ry Fllnt,trtmm«) IS Wl9 C llry Salted, trixtned ; 15 <314 c Green Salted, part cured 9V410 C IKON AND s-TEEI.-Market fairly active, steady am) strong at the following quotations: U.immcn bar ■’Y'4 6\ flora- Shoe Iron "Yva *•£ Heavy Band • •<£«>* U’-op amt Light Band TV£UY llmndand&uoare fi*ii»llH U F *J v •*.••• • V.*%V nl~ 'i ~,x Half Oval and naif Hoanfl... Short Iron, common sim t Iron. galvanized, 1 .xCS. Sheet Iron,* h*rco«l Sheet iron, J0n1a»a... . .... . Korway MU Komi* Tow al* Plow St_*ol,easl- Spring and Tire Steel, Engi Tool Cant Steel, ominary si Tool Cm*i Sieel, American. Hlittrrcd Stool K.sela, JCo.9 and 16 Jluscia, V Am. Is: Quality. V Pu.-Ma. An .. 2d analttr. 9 ' liEATTIEK—Thero I*l the market at present. U ever, prices are wcJ sostali City Harness, F ft. I 4f« 42 Country Harn'M Ida 41 Line, ?ft 42i <4 Kip, mcdlnm. V ft. Us®l.« CalCl* ft Upper, f Com... SL4 w Country Upper, *1 Collar. P f00t... 5543 oi SlanchtcrSoie.. KVA M Karwfcs, 4» &... KVa 46 'Upper Sfti S 3 Kid. No. l,medi- l.iafcl.23 Klo.No ].heavy SliiLW META I S AND TIN’ Is talrly active, and prices lows: Receipts. Shipments. Box Tin Rue/l. &, 10X24 ns 50 Lsrpe 8? Small Me# sa Bar Tin » IW.ttO .'uoolwo POFTTE. _ Metallic Al’Potts... S 3 Copper B* U m OS Bmilrrs orer 10 as. 46 FhevticcsJl to 1C ox 45 Tunings 10 BABBIT *rTAI~ Ist Quality 3J Antimony 20 Fire Solder. S 3 NAIL-*—An? in good di foilowlnc Art tLe rat*»' _ lOd to Sd.F Etc* f]*sj §•« -251 M 9XOI OlLS—Tb«re Isnocha character ol me marcel coi llcht.acdtbe general mar Tfe repeat car list: Linked Oil. raw Linseed Oil, boiled. ?s?rsj Lard OH. extra L4JU1.43 lArdOil.No.l Winter IXV4LW latO Oil. No. 2 Winter L25AL35 Lank Oil. round lots I.SI4UM) Machine Oil. roaart lot* l.« . Sperm round lou 330 I. • s?^l«S Castor Oil Sestslbot oil. extra LWilJft rAKBUN OIL—I* In demand, and stead/ and Orta tc-datatHsMc. WeQUOte: Carbon, |»t-af load -51 c Carbon, small lots s?c Benrolr... PllOVlSlONS—ltcoalrfd, Cured Meats. 4.143 as; chipred, IKX*O hs: BeeCJOhrU; Fork. 1« nrl*. Mm|i |» orb—Market derllntd 3'vS-'>oc. bales were: 106 nrl. at tl9X>O: 100 brls at lISX-0. cadi; 2»brl*. seller January. at f i9Xn 5V* oris. seller December,at #13.13 ; SOO brls. idler Jaunarr and Fcbroarr. at (13.50. OrceD 3lrat»-sfarkd Nc lower. Sale* were: SjOOpcs ShLulderaatssc; pcs Ham*, arerag ng i:tv as. at ?\c— both de*.: ICkoOt as Shoulders, seller December and January, at 5,c del.; WOO pcs do, idler 60. at 5c at the blo»-t—both trom slaughtered or dressed hot*, at seller’s option. DkE->sku HOll’*—Received. 133; shipped,none. Market dull, and lie lower, baits were: 12, cindlic on *xi as, at, .#s.ii*..oo 6. cvndmi on iii as, at. ) S 3 »u round. al~ ».o3 C, all round, at. ».30 11. all round, at >.N IS, sTeraelnc 2» as,at...— *.OO Itt aTeraglns as as, »l. S 3, averaging 3» as, at *JW 6, arcraalng 340 as. »t «XX) |j»rd—varket ray dull. Sales were: 53 tc% prims at I2>»c casn. Roane .lota were odsred at but tbfre wen* ro buyer* above lie. f> k |lab aicai*—No inquiry—quotations entire/ Do pC»TATOE>4—Market doll. Sales were: 1 car Pearbblowt at 13c on trace. POULTRY AND MAMK—Sales.were: Srtoica dresied Lblcaens at(i.ou: 6 doz-a do at (-10 ; a dozen do A t (£SO; 4 dozen lire at I; 3 dozes Geese at tll3o; Sdtzeo dressed do at7scea*h; t coop live Tor* keys at 1?Hc: A 0 1M do at lOwllc: in It* 0 n at 12c; 2Cw as do at 15c; 5 doz~n Prairit Chickens at (4XO: 4 dcren Mallard Du< ks at #XSO; 3 doze: do at #4 U); 1 cozen Rabbits at (1.50: 3 dozen Q ialls at fcl.oo •.ALT—Received,none: shipped, 1.903br15. Market dull, we quote the range of prices as follows: Sew Fine. .# 233 coarse I.N) -round Alum .1.15043 33 *lora’» Island, osgs ~..1.M01Xd Ground Solar (■& Dairy, with sacks S m Dairy, without sacks. J»H •r"EEl»H—Koc'lrod, 29.900 as ; shipped, none. "• PTlmoihT bales were IStaxs ttlratf3.&6: is bun poor »l tf.CO. Flax •‘eed—iale# vere r IS ban at t3-W; SO bap poor at fUO. X>« «r S«e4<-U but st |UID. • S*OD*- *ND-BAXEBATDH—Trade.I» ratter Burt, ard prices are steady, aa follows r abblttVlsadMcal JS aUtfe Del&Dd’s .'."r.......^-l3^Sui<c .. '.-Hialtay... „ .U/K«U 6 ■■“ Pure ....... Oi t«UXC KDGA K-H—Tie strfcet ta somewhat InxcUre, &ad trUet* confined pritcl-sliy to order*from tbs coan try- pnc»,ltfi wcrer, coaUone iteady at Ute fjUovtsc nuise Cab*. - m ..J2 QUU Porto litre.'..'. .uv»u* Powdered ' CTtdteA. •I?X r ?!?.. ;irvieA. White KxvmC......... Trtlo-w.C........ Ossirt C. L..... Ozbu* C Extra-*......a UVttllt i ttvttDPß-Arrin fiurdemasd.«&d tbfl marketU Steaor aauiafi><loirmcj6aouUaba: rowTorkoympa..,,. ~....9 #^l.* Yellow Brtpo . IJStSt^O L’trtt* M0Uaaer.............. :.. .TV* 9 Porto Rico; a>H.U Kew (Menu..... Philadelphia Bee Hire..' Wa 73 Chicago utrncrr,Amber..................... 1.10.^1.13 - Golden 9141JM ** u Sager Uottsc Ov 9® TAI»T.OW- : Beceired,a,fl3>»»: shipped, 130.91! as. Market «nul and nominal at 9V®*<c for Connor, end inwove lor City. Sales were: 13 btia Tallow Grease TEAS—Atadecilneof 5c on all grades there U » rood demand. We now quote: Totmg Byeon, superior to fine, p ft... 41.15i3L50 do cxba to choice, tp a 1.7T31J93 Imperial, aupertor so fine, V b„ 1.3041.73 do extra to choice. 9 & ... 1.35^t.00 Gunpowder, eupertor to Ane, * a.. iaj^uTO do extra 10 choice. V a 3Qo«3ja Japan, natural leal. One to extra fins, ft a.... ).20*130 do ' do fine to choice, VIS 1.3531.4 S • do do colored. Va. I.4&3I.10 TOBACCO—Trade 1* light. Prices remain firm and unchanged. We quote • Cfc*wi>o Tobacco— Extra. Choice Medium Common Suoxiso Tobacco— Virginia** Favorite. Choice . Meclnxa Common Sterna Ftra Tobacco— loyal citizen . Fenners' Delight. Katnral Leaf., Hatfbrlfhl. BV4US Choice Blact. sound 7>4 83 Medium.... Wa 75 CommoQ....'. 63d <3 Karlea .. Qjfi 80 VlnrtnlalO* and®*... 60 Flounder*. Tij 95 \VOOD—Dealers report a steady, £ilr trade, and are boldine "rmly at the prices siren below; Marie. * core,delivered »JsJftdl4J» Msple, ? cord. In yard WJOdiUM Beech, F cord, deflrered. II.OO'gitTO Beech. V cord, in yard 10.03d11.00 UlcKory. * cord 14.0>413.00 OUls—Received, 6.550 a»; supped. ©■ Market doll and nominal. Ko sale* reported. MAKINB NEWS. „ . ARRIVED December^. Stmr S«a Bird, Manitowoc, sundries. Prop Laay FrankUa, St Joseph, saadrtea. I'rop Cl.erelmd. Oeuensbaroh. sundries. I'rop S D. Caldwell. Buffalo. son dries. Prop Plymouth, Buffalo. sundries. PropTroenddUGrandHaven, aoadrles. Prop Sky Lark, St Joseph. sundries. Prop Brooklyn, Glen Arbor, sundries. Bne Fashion, Cedar Hirer. 1W m lumber. **hr Made, Pcre Marquette, S 7 tn lamber. Schrl ricolor, South Haven, 33m lamber. tchr Pea Star, 61. Joseph, 3 m railroad tie*. SCbr K. B. Kmp, 8U Joseph. 60 m lumber. Sobr 11. Kent, su Joseph. TO ra lumber. peUrTwo Brother*. St Jcsep-*. sundries. Schr Norway. Wolf River, sundries, tk hr klary. st.Joeeph.&lcdivood. Srfir A. M. Beers Bar de Coquette. 4.000 codar posts. Scbr J. Dresden, Kslanuzoo, so m lumber, ana sun dries, 6chr Calcutta, WUldnion’s Pier, G cords wood, bebr New Ban pshlre, Packard's Pier. 65 cords wood. Scow Otanaer, Kalamazoo, «1 cords wood, scow Adda, Charlottesville, T 3 m lumber. CLEARED December S. stmr Sea Bird, Manitowoc, sundries. Prop Caldwell, Milwaukee, i'rop City ol Boston, Milwaukee. Prop Forest Queen. Buffalo, tawdries. Scbr U. B. Kicp, Su Joseph. sandrW. Schr Fannie and Floy, Shehoypm. W brls apple?, bchr tricolor, South Raven. sundries. Back Cnr or Chicago.— This vessel, which went ashore at Sand Beach, Lake Duron, on Wednesday night last, was got oft; after throwing over about 5,000 bushels of corn. She sustained no serious damages. Raised.— The schooner Comet, which was sunk at the Clay Banks, but summer, has been raised, taken to Malden. Oft.—The schooner A. Bradley, or Vermillion, recently ashore on Deng Point, has been got off without damage. Acaedoked.—The bark Tom Wrong, which went ashore at Port Borweil, a short time since, is a total wreck, and has he n abandoned as such. The wrecking steamer Mignet Juts left her and gone hack to Detroit. Caisized. —The echoontr Swallow capsized a lew- days since off Toronto, and drifted ashore. All the crew are supposed to have been lost. Vessels Passiko the Wellaed Caeal— Bound eastward on the *2Sth nit.—Barb M jutmorency; schooners Muskingum, Ralph Campbell, Mont pelier, W. B.Allen. VEfcarLS PJSCIIABGIEO AT TOE EIEVATOB. Schooner E. Hauler, of Chicago. Ho orders. Pout of Blttalo.—Tic following Chicago ves sels anived on iheJWth ultimo: Propellers Tona wauda. Empire State, Idaho, Congress. .Steakbb Lac La Belle.— The safes of the Ex press Company have been received from the steamer Lac La Belle, with their contents not se- iiso a 4.00 IS ft 80 SJO ft 6.00 . IXOO wll.OO . lo.eo 3ixoo 15.00 fttt.oo > tously damaacd. All hope ol ral jin" the hull his been abandoned. The enclncs.willbc taken oat as eoon as practicable. 23 <a 30 a & 26 IScto publications. 'THE NATURALISTS’ LIBRARY. X an volumes. Imperial. Sto.. k Morocco. Price ftfO.OO. 1 TOLCSE devoted to— BKUaTIFUL leaved plants, ByE.J. Lowe, wltn 60 colored plates. 1 ym.T-ME— BRinsn GRAPES, by E.J. Lowe, with 74 colored plates. 1 VOIXXE— NEW AND RA RE FERNS, by E. J. Lowe, 73 colored plate*. SvoLcms— BRITISH AND EXOTIC FERNS, by E. J. Lowe, 47V colored plates. a rounds— THE BIRDS OF EUROPE AND THEIR EGOS, n* Caarb* Robert Brea, M. 0., 43S colored plate*. 6 TOIXMB— _ UISTOUT OF BRITISH BIRDS, be F. O. Morris, wltb 3GU colored casravlßg». 3 TOtr*sa— NESTS ANPEGGSOF BRITISH BIRDS, by F. O. atom*, with 333 colored engra- TUB*. 1 TOLCX*— BRITISH BUTTERFLIES, by F. 0. Hof rn, 71 colored plate*. t-JOS 5.75 ~ 7.35*# 7-50 . S W\« 5.75 . I 50 f«t.75 .lUV4U.W .10.2X410.50 .15 00,415.50 . 4.OV# 4.75 . . 2 2V* 1.35 •1 TOLCTOS— FISHES OF THE BRITISH ISLP.9, by Jonathan Conch, F. L. 8., 'O6 colored plates. Ibe above 23 volume*. Imperial Svo.,f irnp ono of the mo*t macmflccnt and raloaDle worls fijr tbs Natural* Ut i vcr IfSuocl. ihe binding. paper and type, are well nlsh f.mltw*. Spo ia attention Is mritea to the Kncrarlncs and tolorrd Plates, which are of moat exquisite flnlah aod beauty. JARD INF'S NATURALIST’S LIBRARY. 40 to. nines. Cloth. Price fHJ.OO. The same la 40 tola, H green Morocco, f 130.00. •WOOD'S NATURAL HISTORY. 3 voj. gro. >» caX 130.00. CUVIER'S ANIMAL KINGDOM. 600 cajtraTlßrt wood and-H onrieel. l large 6vO. volume, fmi Morocco, green. fIS.W. SAYS’ ENTOMOLOGY OP NORTH AMERICA. 2 vote., Svo., H ca it, rod, |J2 M. The lorers of Art, Science and Literature, will dad at HI) and 41 Lake*at.. a collection of BARK AND VALUABLE WORKS, Not snrpa**ed by aoy bon«e In the Unltei states. S. C. GUIUUS.fe'GO., Import# s, Wholesale and Retail BooEsetlera, 39 and 41 Lafee-st. "DLACKWOOD’S MAGAZINE, COM 1> ’ PLETE from the eomtncnremeat, tn 1817 to July, 1866. 09 VOLUMES AND INDEX, 100 relumes in all. A brantl/bl cony to v call, uncut. Price 6350. Till* wo.-kcontalt > tne very cream of wit, humor and learning of »n ace Put pv-alo? away; one peculiarly rich In Its sifted and great taco of culture, to toe realms ot prose and sons. Id ti.f paces of l>n*cswooo nrst appeared the Dlarr Of a 17iJ sit tan and HO.COO a Year, Mr Novel, the Oas* toss, and Caxtsnlana. The Opltm Eater, Adam Bede, ana tor Noctea Ambroslsnx. . ""’a . .iQ A • 9VA .ITVAIS ■l2 Als . (*U .11 <sl3 .14 (als .23 AS) Als ,r*.'JQ (*:D Oi (2629 HMi an > sheet uii ■neet a i little rtnlns tn this b*ancho Under reduced sloccs, has Iced «Dddm: its pa*** arc yractti with the writing* of Professor Wihwn. Sir Walter Scott, DeQnlncv. "Ir Archibald AlitoD. Ur. Warren,The Ettif* te Bnepird. Df. Mt::lnn, Sir E. L. Balwer. At won, Lockhart, and a lone list of tunics whose fame la eternal. This work I- a ildi library la luiii and well worthy of a place In nil good collections. Very few complete aet* arc note tone had. and In a »h~rt mne It caonot ne porchased at twice the price 0I ““- f ° f W 8. C. GSHGGS * CO. CJtltrn? ard strangers will please hear la mind that there is no other hoot house la Amcica taa: can ofler fiver fYiLitcTtojca, a more tnx.vstrt askirturnt cr nv’ir riA«oXAiir.EPEira< than may belonnd at 3f> «d4i ORlQfis t uo-> Importers, Wholesale aod Itruu B-wKseUcrs, 39imi41 L>We«t. LOCK. . Slaughter. Sole, Hnflao | 403 43 Slaughter, Sole. Chicago. No. 1 403 43 '■latiehtcr, Sote. „ Chl'-ae'. No. 3 843 37 Buenos Ayres... 40c* 44 OnnocoSole.... 573 38 Onaoco, cood, damaged 313 SO ASHES WELL! WEARS WELL French Cali; 31 ft* 2.1032.25 French Ca t, 36 ft*. 4JW3J.10 French Calf. Le moi«es.v nar.Bo.o>aoo.o EXKRS’ STOCK—Trade » rally maintained, as tol- lit quality, cask IS modality, fjj«t ts)f slab U naienr 1 to 6 U 7,8 and 9 II lOandii 13 u .. II TLe‘ Genuine Music Ruffle 15 and 1C............ *...18 n r. is is 19 si W Fence Staples 10 lemaad at foil price*. The There food* name me above trade-mark pa the Box and Card, are warranted to Bfwnrt «tx fall yard! in each piece, and to W*a« and Waan a> wet at ani GENUINE MAGIC BUFFLES, fall maculae* Hired by the orUtnal inventor* aau patenters, on •cpe rlor machinery, from the beat materials. and nsuet ~areTßl supemGos. hare withstood the te?ta tf Six Taasr constant os*. giving InraiUM* satisfaction. Munaftctnpedbv THEM AOICBUFFLB COMPANY. No.9ACnambeMt,NewT«rk. Al*o Mannfefturtr* of RUFFLE FLUTING IBOXS. Aomi-MaDK Rcnxxs. 12d f 10.00 13d, fine blned. 10.50 l it fine blued. 11.09 lC»tSplSea...w 8.00 I Clinch net 10.C0 •get) note In the general rin price*. The demand u *ket la somewhat unsettled. Stramtoat at auction. .1 1.49 rpHE STEAMBOAT FOR SALE, AT AUCTION. The owners of the steamboat City of Cl ere land heir z rnsaced la building ■ larger *tcattbo*l. fjr the Dtrrolt sod Cleveland Line, will offer the steamboat City of Cleveland, and ah her equipments. for sale, AT AUC TION, At the Wharf of Keith A; Carter, foot of s*heiby-H, Deirou, ON THE TWELFTH (12th) DAT OF DECEMDEB NEXT. AT 3 O’CLOCK P. M. Said steamboat wai bout Is I%*. bas a very superior lo«.D!*f»ureenpoe; ber cylinder and steam ctiau wereat-w tnlSffi; cylinderso tochea In diameter.and 13 feet *lrokc. Both ct her paddte-TheeU we*« built new this season. Her onibtia full and complete. KEITH & CASTER, A seals. Detroit. Nor. 33d. 1566. jSTotiEE to Cox 33a»ccs, •VTOTICR—To the Tar Payers of the Ajl City of Chicago; For the purpose of giving the working classes and Abe a erbsulc* a* opportunity to pav tb tr City Taxes, and fate their time. 1 shall seep my OSes ooes darlne the dinner boars. M> office h urs will an i after MONDAY. November 19th, 1566, tfom 10 o’cl vk a. m. toSO’doct > A. H. HEA.LO, city Collector. AMERICAN HOUSE, This tavome fim-claas Hotel, the largest In New England. offers unsurpassed accommodations to the rsTtlUng public. LEWIS BICE, Proprietor* -‘-•JrrSasSS au ...u iuw -•"*nS . i_on%\.is .. s%* w .. CB3 75 9V%1.W .. 25a 33 .. 21% SB .. iii 23 .. 75% «0 70S 75 PORT OF CHICAGO. memoranda. fflqgtc iattlflE. CUT OF CLEVELAND, hotels. BOSTON. Jspmal Notices. -ProfcMorsr*- Bw*nb<n t T; ytT t Member af tie ifealcxv Societies laLondtra, Parti. Bar* Un wd V lenci, cui esNeacif «l DlK»t*,n3 ynsttcx tow badly afflicted 'or bow lung standing. by the world-wldt eElfhratrd - Anly fjnn OOTB fbf Syphilis. Testimonials are to be seen trpm hundreds gtvfUUp-by other doctors, kxd thorooghlylcurod bare by him. Explanation roT tbe core can be bad. The Doctor can be consulted la English, German, Trench, Italian, Ac. Office. Spwfi’sßloek, 133 Dearborn-JL, Boom* 13and..1-I.J-0»Box-3313.Chicago.™. . HelmWdi* Bxtner.Biteha" Give* health and vigor to the frame ‘and bloom to the pallid cheek. Debility is.accompanied by many alarm ing symptom*, and if bo treatment is submitted to, consumption, lnsan)tv,.or.epVi<pac6t» ensue-, Dp, Jarntm Formerly ol James’lodcJlnspital, Custom Bonse-sL, New Orleans, and tor thelaateyeatsjocatcdln Chicago can be consulted at'ils'offlee'ani parlors, *)3'Roa dolph-et., corner of Deasbom, Chtcaro.XU.. from 9 a. m.loßp.m n upoaoTsry.sp«lea ofErirata Disorder. TUB MONITOR, by Dr. James. reputed the beet ex ponent ol Secret Diseases ext ant, containing directions a&dniescrtptlons tor adi-,treatment, with a treatise upon Female Diseases, how avoided, their remedies, de n can be had by addressing Dr. James. F. 0. Box 6SO. Chicago, 111., enclosing W cents and toor cents for portage. - Take No Flora Unpleasant And unsafe rernrdles tor unpleasant and dangerous disease*. CseHelmboM’s Extract Bcchu and Improved Bose Wash. • Dr. Bigelow,- Bavins the confidence oi the puMlc and the tacnlty at large. Is the most ratable physician In tbe eHyfurchronlrnarronsandsenai diseases. Call at his otDce. 179 South Curk-su. corner of Rooms sepumte. Consultation free. P. O Bor 13-|. Bis guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any address. •• Tbe Glory of San UStrength, Therefore, the nervons and debilitated should Immedi ately use Helmbold'a Extract Itochu. Tour Destiny* What Hit? GoodorevU? Bach or poor? Areyan to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and power, or are yon to sink into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not to be. that’s tbe question." All this, and your ftitnre prospect* in Ills, can be clearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. He can win lor you the affections of the opposite aex. Be guides yon to wealth, eminence and a happy marriage. He guides you to health, even when voa are given up, as incurable, by others. - Call at *213 East Msdlson-sU, between Wells and Franklin (up stain), Chicago. Consultation fee. One Dollar. Enfeebled and Delicate Confutations, ol both test, use Heiabold's Extract Bochu. it will give brisk and energetic feelings, and cable you to sleep well. Dr* Louis Sanger, Regularly Qualified Physician, can be dally consulted at his office, 89 Randolph-?!., on affections of the Kid neys and Bladder; also, on Chronic, Nervous, Private and Female Dlseaa«. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 9 m.; Sundays in the afternoon. Give him s call. Shattered Constitution* BestoredbyHelmhold’s Extract Buchn. For Non-Retention Or incontinence ofunne, irritation, mcammstlon or ui reran on of the Madder or kldnevi, diseases of the pnwtare gland*, stone in the bladder, calculus, gravel or brick oust deposit, and all diseases of the bladder, kidneys, and dropsical, swellings, use Qelmhold's Ex tract Bach a. manhood and Youthful Vigor arc regained by Belmbold’s Extract Bucbn. Batchelor’s Hair Dye* The Best in the World 1 Harmless, reliable. Instanta neous. Tbe only perfect Dye l No dtoaupolntment— lo ridiculous tints, signed. Wn.LL*M a lUtchxl.>b, New Y’ork. Also, BEUENERATISU EXTRACT O? MILI-E-FLECRS—reatorea preserves aud be.*otia« the hair, gold by ail Druggists. d^xtsC-ly Dr. Thnmtson, Proprietor of tbe Medics’ and Surgical Icsiltnte. 178 Samb Clark-et-ha.* treated all lorm* of venereal dis ease with nnprecented r»r nearly ;ony years, spermatorrheea and impotence treated with tbe hao p>e*t teenlis. Particulars of the lutltutu and tbe Guide malice Dec to aiiy address. P. O. Box 73, Cal care. Hi. ; Pnbllkhem of Newspapers May send a sp< clmcn paper, an 1 ihclr rates ol adver il»lnr, per annum, lor one wlncin. payable Qaart .-rly In navnnee. with i*»e number of roUe* the place ol pn - '- licatlon 1* fr- m Chicago. Address DR. RAPHAEL, Box H3TS. Chicago. 111. partnership- "VTOTICE—The co-partneisliip hereto _LN fore existing between rlonrcc’ZlcgfJ't John B. Gerard and callus Muller, under the firm name ot ZZS6FE&D, G3HAHD & CO., Is this dar dissolved br the retlrer-ent of .To>n B. Ge rard freni said firm. The liu-uicm will h'TfAfu-r oe c« udnct*d by Florence Ztecfeld aud Gahus Mailer, co der the him name of F. ZXEGFEI-D & CO. The business of the old firm o! Z'cgfeld. Gerard ft- Co. wilt he continued bv the new Arm of F. Zlsgfeld ft Co„ who have a.-sntne>t the lial llltl**# and are alone an thorlzec to collect and receive all debts due to the old Arm. (Signed) FLORENCE ZIEGFELD, JOHN U. GKUAUD, ' October 23,1SCG. CALLUS ML'LLEiL As my tcslncsa affair* prevent me keeping np the coniKt uon with the badcea* hei etop >re conducted by ilic ahove named firm, 1 hereby withdraw from the some ano trartfer It to my nephew*. Messrs. Zlcgfvld and Mnller. These gentlemen will carry on the al ready flourishing business. and by their talents, ♦■cergy auirtrccmsp ctl- n win make tbe same thriving. 1 therefore kudly a*ir the lovers of art to patronize and sap port them la iheit endeavors. JOHN D. OEBAUD. Chicago. October 23, 1566. A^OTlCE—Desolation cl Copartnership i> Tt« firm ot MGNGEU, WUEELKU * the Elcvutli g and stotsgc of Grain, expires by limita tion this day. Chicago, f)cc. I,IW. COPARTNERSHIP* NOTICE. The business ol Storing Grain will be continued alter tbi- day by tbe nuiicrklgnec, tu-dur the name and stile of. JQtNGEB, WHRKLER Sc CO. WESLET MITNGFn, OtOKGR ARMOUR, HIRAM WHKKLER. Chicago, DsC, 1.15C6. CHARLES W. WHEELER. TIISSOLDTION OF PAHTXERSHiP. I J The Arm of Ibwcr* ft BoilerU this day di*»olved bytnntual couicau Either of the partners will sign in liquidation. A. A. C. ROGER-. November 30,1566. GEORGE F. BUTLER. cmcAGo. December 1, IMS. The undersigned have tot* Uav fumiv-l a »'o-partn»r ship, under the name and style ot LAWRENCE. XEX SEN ft BUTLER, for the purpose of «lomg a General CORimlfelon, Frodoro and shipping Pnjlncsa, they succeed to the business of Rogers ft Butler, and respect mlly ask for a continuance or the very liberal nation ace bestowed upon the late arm. With racrci- J mciitu and facilities, and a perfect knowiedce ol the Dullness, we offer our ?crvl<-e« to all shipping Grain, i*ro lace or General Merchandise to Chlcami tor sale, also, to par f haters of Grain In this market Ibr Investment or fur Ea-U'm shipment, and assure all such that the ctod»t personal attention sliall he paid to their interns is. P J.AWUENCt,XtX6EN ft BUTLER, Otis Block, conn r LaSalle and MadLoa ata. Havlnt retired from the Ann of Rosen? & Batter, It clvt* me pleasure to to all their o-d custo mers Hie new bouse of LAVV|»KJf f, E,K KXbEJf is CUT LER, win. succeed them, am! to a‘sure them their Intemts wIJ receive the same prompt attention here tofore Riven them by the late Arm. : A- A. C. KUGEKa. BAILROAB TIME TABLE, CinCAOO KOEmVEFTEBS—DtPOT 003. WBBI 'ffATXS ASl> Kl^EtS. Depart. Arrive. Day Express * i ftOOa. m. *5:30 p. m. Nigbl Express *t::jOp.m. *5:15 a. m. Janesville Accommod'a *s:tOp. m. *& !op. m. Woodstock Accom’d'n.. *3:00 p.n. *9:00 a. ro. C.AIAfcA omsKis. Pnltoxi and Cedar Rapids *&iSa. n. 7 20p.r0. Fulton and lowa. t«:3fip. m. fcOda. m. Freeport at.d Dunleitb.. *u:ooa. o. 3.00 a.m. Freeport and Danleltb.. *IC;(Wp. m. ro. Rockford and Fox River. *<:00 p. m. 11:10 a. m. Dixon *i:Cop.m. 23:10 s.». Geneva and Elgin .* ':0 p.m. 5:13 a. m. khwacxxb sn iaics. Express .... *1:00 p.m. *12:00 m. Night Accommodation 1:15p.m. &Sf a. m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:10 p. m. ft 13 a. m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:30 p.m. 6:56 3.3}. nosehlO, Calvary, and FVansion •Mondays excepted. tMoncays ciceotcd. 31CCWAK Ci>H;Al. KAItBOAI' —TTJftOB DXTOT, 7001 oviau tra^n. Momlns Express *5:00 a. n. *8 43 p.m. Day Express »l:Wa.m. **1:00p. c. Evening Expo*?; J5:30 p. n* s*J2:l p. in. Nicbl Express J*ftl3 p. m. J*:3S a, m. • wcissatx ako icnyniLi tzaih;. SSominc Express *7:00 a. m. *'l):% p. o. NMil Expres-*. 1C;IS p. m. *J2:OU p. m. mGAS SOCTHtBS A3TO AK> “HOB* UM-M* rOT COSMB HABT.ISOM A HD gHKRUAN BT&S3TS. 1:30 p. ex. S:4O p. m ♦Saturday? except* •4:13 a. m. *6:55 p. m. m. *H;OOp. ns 3: 5 p.m. tl‘i:3Cp. a »iaoop.m. *C:OOa. m y ß li '4:45a.m. W:Uja.m. Slebt Expc«s& tUhOU p. m, *5:35 p, m. t’ITTrBUBOH. TO3T WATSR ASX. OHKAQO. Mail 4:20 a.m. 6:Uot.m. Express 7:00 a. n. litf* a. m. Fast Line 8:15 p.m. 7:40 p. tt Sspvssi IttQO ». m. il:00 p. m 31 all Par Exprt-aa.. New York Express Niclu Express 5* DEXAorr i tt !.r»na cXKTBAI Day Passenpci •*OO a. n. *l*3o p. B. Passenger jlttCOp.n. *C:45a. B. Karkakee Accommfw , 't. **:osp. m. a. m. Uvde Park nna Oak Wood *6;*fl a. ra. *•:« a. n. %» “ •vriOp.xo. •i«San. u h» « ... *3ijop. m. *l:sop. m. « u « *SJS P. to. *7s2op. O CHICAGO. BHBLBfcTOM AMD QIJISPI. Day Fjprws and MaU.. *i2CA.m. *£hMp.B. GalcebuicPMsengcr.. . *loop m. ••LJOp. m. Aurora * *3*4o a. B. Mrcdota *7:00 *!fc» a. a. N'-'fci Express $12.00 xtld'ht t5:500. m. CHICA&O AND ft. LOUtt. Express and Mail 6:03 a. n. &45 p. n. Sigh: Express 9:19 p.m. 6:30 a.m. loftct and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p-m. 9:43 a. o, Chicago astf gbcat kastsbx—(.latx 050x21*1: *IB LUTt)—»U-W*CSBI KAILftOAP PITOT, COB. CANAL AXD Kl2fna ptkxjts. Day Express 7:00 a. n. 9:4ofp,m Night Express. ......... 7:oi)p-m. 10:50 p-m, ?0 * ISIiIASaTOLia, LOTUTUt AlfP CTSCIMNATI. Day Express 7:00 a-n- ftWp- Ev Nichi Express 7:00 p- n. IjnfO a. m Colombo* Express 7:03 a. m. 9:40 p. &- .* 7:00 p, xa. ifcSO a. m. Cincinnati Express.... • S-WP- m lancuuj Accommodation 9; OtCUa-ir. “ •» 5:15 p.m. LuO d- m- CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC BAUJUXAD. Day Express and Mall• *&UCa.*d. *3.45 a. ta Night upreas 9:43 p.n. *2:3) p n. Jonei Accommodation.. 4:00 p. m- *9:40 a. m Express Freight. wltn passetcer car win leave passenger depot every Satarday at S:BC p. m. lor me WeA . TbeJoliet Accommodation consnctfi with Sx press Freight for Way Stations. _ •Fanday excepted. rMonday eseep'.^d. • CXIOX STOCK TABD TDOS TABUS. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Tarda. .a. m. 7:10. .a. is. 9:10. .sum. ll:30. 1130 p. m. 4:00 >....p.m --5:40 p. n. p. m. .p.m. ■p.IQ. 6CXPAT TOAtvS. ...a. m. 1 %«.. ...a.m. 111:13.. . ,p.m-1 *■«.- ...p.m. I 5U5.. Arrival and Departure of Halil. The following lathe new table for the arrival and departure of malls from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: WATT-a CLO9X. P. O. CHICAGO, ILL. KAILS ABIOVK. 1. m. p. m. a. m. p. m. .... 2:00....Mich. Sonth. R.R li3o .... 8:15.... “ *• •* S:3S .... 12:00 m u “ .. 6:00 IV.OO .... laoo m Mich. Central R. R 12.00 ... &:5 “ “ * k 6:00 6c (5 2:00.. ..Pitts.* Ft. Wayne I*3o .... &15 .. “ 4 * ** 7:10 .... 12:00m “ M ** .. 0 00- 11:00 lioo 4:80...-Grcatßastcniß. R.. 0:30 10:00 12:10 4:30 New Albany & Salem 8:20 11:00 S:-0 7:45....ua1cna Hallruad 3:10 2:10 12:00 6:00....Dix0n Alt 1ine...... 6KD 7^o 12:00 ISoo....KockJelaml E-iflroad 6:45 2:30 12:C0 8:00....C.,8.d5Qn1ncvR.R. 5:50 9:00 6:90 lfcOO....NoTthwwieni B. R.. 5:15 8:50 8:20 360... Mllnankee Railroad. 11:30 8:20 12:i0 7:45....111in0is Central B. R. 7:00 9:00 12:00 7:oo.Louis Railroad... 5:95 8:45 B, A, QoX9«S, Foatsusisr iHclu'ral. gCEEKCK'S v . ; ,, PTJLMONIC SYEOT, SEAWEED ::aDO.2Sr rc?v| BXANDBABS ril*l.a. THE BISTORT OP DJL- SCHENCK*aovplcasw ; ANDBOW BJiWASCCRBOOf Cosaoil*Tlos« 1 Many years ago. while residing in. Philadelphia, i V haa progrea*ec gradually into tbe last stags ot Ku‘- • monary ConinmaUon. All hopes of mr recovery bo- ; lag dissipated, I «a« o-ivUoLby ml physician. l>r. Parish, to remoTe into thecotnrtr;- ataorestowa,'lf. J., about dee mile* eljunt, being, my attire place, I was removed thither. occupying mil days la u< transition. My lather and ail hit tami y.tad ored and died tfcere—atd died of Pulmonary Consamploo. on my arrival at MoMTertown. Two* pni to n Ji, where I lay for many weeta In what was dremea a boneless condition, tir. Thornton. who b-vl been roy fam-r’s CaiMJj chjiirtsn. aid cad attended him la hi* last ill ness, vt> called to »eeme. He thomtot my rase ennrv ly beyond the reach or medicine, and decided ttat I mnst die. and cave me one wet* to arrange OJ tempo ral avails, in this apparently ccndtlonl heard ol the re-meal-* which 1 now make and toll. It seems to me that I coaid teel them working thrlr way, and penetrating every ccrvc, fibre and tljjae of my system. * Sly long* and liver pnt on a new action, and the mar bid mailer, which ban lor years accacmltiol and irri tated tnc different organs ct the oady. w s oltmlaitei; tbe on my lunts ripened. arc I except>r*ted from my lung* as cinch aaaplsr.ofyeilovod-oswe matter every morning, as ihb expectoration of mat ter snbsldeo. the fever abated, me pain left me,tne congh ceased to harass nuvand tbe exnaustinc night sweats were to loteer-snown. and I had reftystund sleep, to which 1 had long beer a stramrer. My a o po ttle now began to retnrn. and ar time* I found urtiffl. cull tw restrain tnys-lr from eating too much. Wtta this return « f health I gained In strength, and now am flwny. lam cow a healthy man, wiui a large healed clcatnxintbe mlortle loNsofthe right nagaal the lower lobe nepadzed. with complete adhesion <t the pleura. The refilling is sound. and tbe upper lobe of the right one u in a tolerably healthy condition. Conewnpcon a; that time was thought to be as Inerrable disease by every one, pbjrkUn* as well a« thoe- who were unlearned In metacint—especially uch cases as were reduced to the condition I was la. This Induced many pecpie to believe ray recoverv only temporary. 1 n-iw prepared and earn medicines to cor.iumttlves fit tone time, and made many wonder* ful cores, and the den.and itcreased so rapidly that t determined to i tkr them to the public, and devote my undivided attention to Inigdtsea'co. In truth. I waa text to forced to it, f r peuphiwould send for me. Ut anc near, to ascertain whether ihclr cases were hkc mine. For many yean, in ccolnncucn with my principal efflee In Phlla Jelplna. 1 luvebwn mxilug regular pro leestonal visits toAew York, Boston, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. • Foi many years part. I hare male as many a« five hundred examinations wteUv, with ihi -Uespirome ter.". For such examinations my chargeU uvodollan, and It enables me to glvceaeh pxtlent the true condi tion of Ua disease, and tell hltntretkly whether he will get well. The great reason *hy physicians do not core Con sumption is, that they try tjdotootau?ht they elvd medicine* to step tue co-ieh, to stop the ntobt sweat*, hectic to* er.andby so doing they derange the while dt*e*U’s«<eirtn*nplhe secretions, and even luallj uc patient die*. The s aimoulc Syrup Is one of the most valuable medicine* known. It i 9 notrlect, powerfanv touc,acd healing In iteeli. (t contains no opium, yet lo sens the Vhr’ cm In the bronchial' übci, and nuu.u throw* U oil with lltUeexertion: ore bottl*Rjoumtly cures on or dinary void: hut it will be well tint to take a dose of Kchtuck’s Maodnke I’llla, lo c-rauv? the stomach- The Pulmonic Sy up is readily digested atd absorbed lnt« Mood, to which It imparts 1U cealing properties. Uis oneol thebe«t preuaralliHieof Iron In use; tisapsw erfui tonic cr lUelf; and when thu Seaweed Tonic dis solves the mucus Id the stomach, and I* carried off by the sic of Ui« Mandrake Fills, a healthy now of gastric Ji.lre. xood appetite and a good digestion follow. The Seaweed Toutc is a atlraulant. and uone other Urequired when u ls used. It is rare and pleasant; no had effect* like when aMug Bourbon wbl-key, which disorders thettomarh, tnrp rs the liver, luck up all thesecßUo&atUD* the blood l&to water, dropsy sets tc.atul the oateut dies iOUd-aly, Bourbon whiskey is recommended now-a-davs by al most every physician. Mary patients who vMt my rooms, both mate nod lemaie, are stupefied vitn this poison. The relief is temp orary. If they coacn, lacy ukc a Ilttie whiskey; If they feel weak and feeble, they take a little whisker; it they cannot a!o-p. they take a little whiskey: and then go on in tins wav. reqnmni more nnd more, until th-y arcb oated bn, and imagine they are petting Ctaty. The stomach, liver ana >il- powers arc completely destroyed.and loe thet: appetite lor rood. No o: c was ever cured of consump tion by ILUprvcess, where cavities have Iveen inrued in the lungs. AlliOest a malantistrequcaUy beneficial to consumptives, suen a- pare braoay 07 c *<>l wines; in maty cooeslxmd*n p»'rter or brown strat. is motle rate quantities: but Bouthm wMskoy Uosteot on in stead of enrtre cotaUmr-Uon. Tbe SEAWEED TONIC produces lasting re-olt*, tLurougbiy icviiroraiiDC the st -niacl. an.l dizi-ailve system.und tuablmir U Ui climDole and moke rate healthy Moo-j the fin d ttat mav h- u-e-1 for t-:it pur pone. It is »o woadertul In its effects ttat a wine give full will direst ahesny mea». and a little ot It usm before breakfa-t will guc a tone t • the stomach which ft.w medicines p.'eai-j* the p-'wer of dolae. The MANDRAKE FILLS mw be taken with entire safety hr ail sees and condition*. trodiuTu all the gued results ttat can be obtained from calcine! or any of the mercurial mouldur*. and without auv oi Ui-n hurtful or Inlurlocs results. They carry out ifthuays tern tr.c feculent and worn-out manure Ico-ened and dissolved ly civ Sonceed Tun>cand Falm >nlr Syrup. It will he setn that alt Uircv of my mcJlcmca are need oil in n-osi cases to cure consumption. 1 aticuts can consult me profta-lomlly at my room*, ;J2 Booa-St., New York, every - fUKSD \\\ irom 9 ». m. to 3p. m. All advice free of cnarue; but tor a ttare < u:h oTairtnation with his rc-plrorarter. (A Pncecf the Fula.i.nli- r*ruj> and reinwceil To Ic, each|l.o3 per Ix-itif. c-r ?T M thr- half dozen: Mandrake FI Ja,3S M k Ik>\. bold by drug^Ureand dealers everywhere A lull supply can alwa> s be obtained at his r.ouii. 33 B-.r.d’*t„Ncw York. DKSIAS U.VUNE& A CO.. 31 Park row. New York. Gcncr»! Wholesale Agents. WHY WILL iOC SUFPEh V> from KIDNEY DISEASED GOUT. GRAVEL RHEUMATISM, GONORRHEA, i,., * hti SajpLAJTDES’S EXTRACT miVvil Will care you permanently. I.adics Should Usa It, Price onlv One Dollar, Sold by H. SCOVXL. Agent cr Chicago aud vicinity. proposals Proposals son coxstructiox OF A rORT.i-N OF THE ILLINOIS AM) MICHIGAN CANAL. _ _ Ofnct oe i n* Boarn of Pniuc vvoeks. > Cbicaqo, November CL M. { Sealed proposals will be received by the lb>an! cl Put) 1c Works, at tut Ir Office, until 11a.m. Mu-, lay, l:cmi!hcr3d,fop the excavation n*ce«»ary to deepen thellimcU and 'Mlclilgan Casa', Sections S<m- seven teen (IT) to«n induaiv.vaircjrdiisc tc plat t and spoi-iflcittluD* on file at raid oßico. There will be tome l,s<.t‘,C*-D ratilA ofearth exravatioj-. to be removed. Ibe material la generally inile hard, and coatnlta more cr ie-s b ml lets and detached rock. The work n.n*t b- prosecuted so a-* n»' tMntwien with the use of tbe Canal, so Cuss it shall bo done during the season cl n isLratlua t oat must also be pro-eented during the snspevlsn oi navigation, with su -h a force usshall satiety the Board lhat tn* work will be completed dnnng Uie ume stlpniatcd in the contract. Illssop-csod that as many as bU op elgni dredge* will be requmd for lh* whole work, and these drercc*. with scows. crane* and nil necessary ma:hln cry. will be required to he pnl on early next year, pat tie* contracting fo* the work win be required to pro vide all maci inery, ana to put np md remove all dams ard all works of p-olecUon.aad at their own expense tuduall pumping, or whatever may ne necessary tc secure thvlr work itvmwa-er, Prcposa;* jun-t oedree cd to the Public Work*, endorsed *• Proposal for Deepening Illinois and Michigan Canal " and ne accompanied with th- ti-na liOO i*»od, w ll’i snreUe*. to be approv*d by the BoarU Contractors will bl i.statlnc the price lr»r which the work will be done on «»ch oi the different »«ciloa* and the work win **» j.i ** a whole or lu part, and tn stub quantities as ih* Board shall determine. Ihe Board reserve ihe right to refect any bid not lc accordance with the conditions cf this aucrtl*-oet t. or to reject all bins, and no proposal will pescrepted unless rtie p.rty oDertng U shall give cvtoence satisfac tory to the Board that he bat the pectwary skill, expe rience, energy sad abiliiv for didng Uie work, la trust wont'. ana has aatneicot pecaolary resonreat. Hie Board will require »mh M.-carlty as, ucconln# toth-lr jiidgmoat, wil' wcure the dofag of ihe work according to tbe contract. Q qINDELB, FRED. LETZ, O. J. RUSE, tVM. GOODING, R. It. MASON. n053-9t Board of Pobllc Worts. PROPOSALS FOU TUB COJS bTUCCTION OF SIDEWALKS. _ Owes or ms boattnor FcbucWokxs,) Cqicaoo. November AS, IMt. ( Scaled proposal will I*** received by the Board ol imoliclVorK*. at ilielr otUce, oniH tl a. m- Fndav, NoTumherr.OUi. for tbc construction and recoastruc turn of sidewalks according to spefleattons ou file at said office. i-ioiKMols must be ad'lreucd to the Board of Public TVorU, endorsed •• Propo*at tot Coaitru~Ui>i «»l bide wala.'i.” and be arcomnaaltd with tbo usual bond, with sureties, to be approved bp me Bwn! Ibe Hoard re ervotbe debt to reject any hid notin with the roodltUm ot this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and do proposal will be accented Quits* u>e party offering It sdall give evidence sattTao tcry to the Board that bo has the necessary skill, ex pcnei re. eterrv and ability for Com? the work, li trustworthy, and has sufficient necticjiry resources, .^SDELK, O.J. tiObE. _ . Board Of Public Works. Proposals for oak timber healed Proposals will be received at this otnce an tu the imti day ol December next, for the f-il'uwtuie bill of Dimension TlmPc:, saltibl« lor cur o.d]<Ucur, tu be square-edged, free iron wane, shakes or unsound knew, to-wlt: . SwV-U) tr«t, board measure, white oat, 9 to 20 lect long, sveo “ •* SI to 39 ** *• so.uuO •• “ •* elm •* 12 • “ “ To be delivered on board C„ H. & Q. U. R, cans, la the cltv of Chicago. within mm alter too ooeulou cf Use cancatlon, In the *pnng<,f ISfft, ami to be sub ject to Inspev tlon at the Wo? ks of the C-. U. & Q. H. It, In Aurora. No proposals will be accepted bnt thise ffotn parties of known responsibllitr, aud the Company re-u-rve tbe rlcht u> reject all bt<U. All Did.' to be marked “Propo sals Ibr Oak Timber.” and directed to _ G. P. LOlU>, Par. Ag't, C., D. & Q. R. R- Chicago, fll. Proposals fou luuber.—s«iiea ITopornl? will be received at liilsolhce onti! the loth day ol December next, for the following bill Lum ber, u> be free from wane, shales or un sound knots, to alt: 113.0C0 j ret board mcasoro White Oak Platt, 3 to 3 m. thick. 10 to 13 fret lone; . . , IW,(CO fett b. m. Ash Plank, 114 to 3X 10. thick, 10 to te. ljoA<3 ftel b.m. Black Walnnt,! to i In. thick, 12 apo feet b. n. Cherry, 1 to i v In.'lhlct, 13 to 18. 50.000 feet b. m. Wbltewcod. 1 In. thick, 13 to 15. To te delivered on coard the cars ol the C. B. 4Q. II R ,In the Cltyc! Chicago, within twrrtvdaysaner the opening of ta*« navteaiion. In the spring of lso<, and to he ►obhet to msi-eitum, at the works cf the Company. In the City of aut 'ra. . . So bids wli. ne- ntenalnMbat from partle* of known rt»por «iblilty, and the Company reserve the rigat to re tec t ali bids. _ Proposals to be marked “Proposals for Lumber,” and directed to • G. P. Lußll, Pur. Agent C. B. A Q. B. B. rro ARCHITECTS. PLANS ANT SPECIFICATIONS FOE NEW BUILD INGS FOR IHB WAR DEPARTMENT AT "WASHINGTON. D. C. Architect* are Invited fc> prepare plans and aMcUta* tloca. and cellmate* or ce-t, tor tew flre-proof build inee for the War Department, on the site now occapied by me War IN panmcnt and adjacent meant eroaaddr ' wmired should have asuperficial area a< farce a- me site selected win admit ut. pttoMirapni of <iw.acd all ether laicrmalloc relation to ih<- sub ject, •» 111 be farnl»bed to Architects deslrlnc to com pete Lr ihe wort, upon application, p»rsooal.yor bj feßer. to the Qpaerstrned. A premium of #3,000 for the ftrst. ot SIOOO for the eececd. and far the third most acceptable plans acd speclfiratfcns received, win be awanied upon the approval of the Ron. Secretary ot War. oy the Board ot ithcer* charged wltn the note of *deci lie a *>te and preparing plans and apeclftcailons for the buildings oflneVVar Department under act ot Con cress approved July 28 jSOd. .. .. ... __ K The plans and sp* clflca- ions must be sent to the oOct rt Hievet Lieutenant Cnlorel T. J.Trea .wen. Recor der <.( the Board, ordnance t-fflee. W inder s Was bln etc n, D.C-, oa or before die Ist day otFeoraary, Board will metre the neht to relectanr or aL plans sabmltud, should none l«e deemed soluble for the pnrpose, as well as to" retain acycr all of suet P ol the Board. T. J. TREADWELL, 3 Bvt. UenU Cnl- If. ■*, a~. Recorder. ffijgsiosuomg. pHisioGNOsnrr;: PROF. WALKER’S STUDENTS WILL MEET ON Taftflay Evening, Dec, 4, at 7UP*zzi*y AT S 5 WASUINGTON-ST. Examinations day and erealns-|l. Business capae* tie*, nraltb, Ac. Foil written description, $3. •• iTof. W»r*rr Is cor sUcred. perhaps, the most skill fhl rbyslotaombt living.”—[Exchange. ..a. m. ..a. m. ..a. m. .a. ra. .a. m .p m. .p.m. Sueiness «rarss. Q.EST, BATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Eerchanta, No. 50 MoGaa-ijtH DENTKR, COLORADO. Between F and G-sts..) TNKESSED BOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished cratU. Highest market price* cuaraauo 1. P- U TQpttt«sn»*made. Corrtapocde - ce solicited. REDMOND A CO-Gcn’l Com’n Mereh'cu S 5 W*j»btogtoa-*e. Chicago, HL aaaontebagents. WANTED FOB THE Gold Medal Setting Machines la every City aid County in the Union. The least complicated the world. Address A. F. JOHNSON 4k CO„ 334 W*hUxtOJUU, BoMOB ffightgal- J|£AHHOOD. . ja tbe yotag and rtslac caertMen the Vegetative Powers of Life are strong.but laaftw yean how ettem fits' Pallid Hue, the lack lustre Eye, and Emaciated Fww, and the Impossibility of application to mental earn Show its Baneful Influence, It soon becomes evident to fiie ohserrertbat anas depressing inflcrace is checking the development Ihc body. CONSUMPTION Is talked of. and perhaps the youth U removed from school and sect t&io the country. This is ona os tae worst movements. Bemored &om ordinary diversion, of tbe ever-changing scenes of th* city, the powers of the body too mnch enfeebled to give . zest to bealthtol and rural exercise. Thoughts are Turned lawards UPON TEE MS ELVES, IF THE PATIENT BE A FEMALE, the approach of the denies la loosed lor with asxtegr. as the first symptoaxln which KTATTJH.EI IS TO Show Her Saving Power lndlffcalrgtticcircnlatlOß,&nd vultlog the cheek WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH. Alasl Increase of appeatc has grown by what U t9* on, and the energies of the System are Prostrated, and the whole economy is deranged. T&c boaatllhl oca wonderful period In whb'h body and mtmi undergo so fascinating a change from child to woman, la loom* for to vatn; the parent'* heart bleeds in anxiety, and tsr. lea the grave hat waiting tor Its victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT RCCMD. For Weakness Arising from' Es ccsscs or Early Indiscretion. Attended with the following symptoms Indisposition to Exertion* Loss of Power, Loss of Jlcmorr* SlfHcnlty ofSreaUilßgi Horror of Sbcaset Tfcak Nerve*} TrembllngTy. Dreadful Horror of Ocatlr Nlgbt Sweat*! Cold Feel* IfakcrolocsS} * Dimncwsof Vlalone Languor) Citlvcnal Lanltode of tbe Sluscolar Sjntcm» Often Enormoa* AppetitewUb Syspcptlc Symptoms) Hot Hands Flaaliln£ of the Bodf) BryneM of the Skill) Pallid Countenance and Eruptions on the Face* Fain In the Back) □earlness of the Eyelids, Frequently Blade spot* Flying before the Eyes, with Temporary Saffusion aaft Loss cl Sight, Tf ant of Attention, Great Mobility, He**- Tesroets, with Horror of Society, yothlng U more da- tlrablo to such Patients than Solitude, and nothin* they more dread for Fear of Thcmse .vea, no Repose cC Manner, no Earnestness, no Speculation, but a homed Transition Irom one question to another. Thc*e symptoms, U allowed to so on—which tUt Medicine Invariably removes— SOO3ST FOILHO-W Loss of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fils, J a one cf which the patient may expire. Daring the superintendence ol Dr. Wilson, at tbe Bloomlcplale Asylum, this sad result occurred to two' ; attetU; reason bad for a time left them, and both. died cf epilepsy. They were of both sexes, and aboiflt twenty yean of age. Who can say that these excesses are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those direful rtlicwn Insanity and Consumption? The records of the INSANE ASYLUMS, sad the safr> ancholy deaths by CONSUMPTION, hear ample T»tt» cess to the troth cl these assertions. In Lunatic Asy- luma, the most melancholy exhibition appears. The countenance is actually 8-dden and quite dcrtitow— neither Mirth or Grief ererTlslt It, Should ft sonnet of the TOlce occur, It is rarely articulate. “Withwoefulmeasureswan Despair _ Low sullen sounds Us grief beguiled.* Whilst we regret the existence cf the ahore diseases and SyinjifoiiK, We are prepared to qgferaa Invaluable Gift ef Chemistry For the removal of the consequences— HEIMBOLD’S HIGHLIT CONCENTRATED FLUID EXTRACT OF BDSHU. There is Ho Tonic Like It It Is an Anchor of Hope to tlio Sur geon and Patient j and this is tha Testimony of an chare Used or PrescrQt. It. Sold by all tbs Drngrgista, principal depot Helmbold’s Drug and Chemicai UVABEHOTJSE, 594 BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel, NSW NBK