Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 4, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 4, 1866 Page 4
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. [CnUnwCfrm Flntitq*.} it an am believed to be belter in all respects thin the needle gun, while Us metal la regarded as aa* perior to the Inner. Tbe Department has already on band breech-loaders of approved pa terns, ad equate lor the supply of the mounted Infantry. aniUBT vovexknts. Tbe principal movements of troops have been in Tom and tbe Mexican frontier and territories, tbe de alls of which are given In tbe accompany ing teport of General Grant, commanding tbe Ar mies of th*» United Stales, and ihe reports of Division and Department commanders, to which rererenct: la made. General Grant report fo«s b«« Seen Wept In «n the lately rebel Stales for the purpose of ln»nrirg the exccnUon ©flaw, and pi electing life and prop erty against the ads of those who as yet aeknow leccc no lawhnl force—a rfa™ unaiieMn bis opinion, than conldjxare been expected after such -* conflict as that through which we b*'* passed— but sufficient to loeliiv the course which has been purvned.TMUiiirr movemcnis bate aiso been di rected with a riei r to the protection of emigrants on their war to the Donntaln Terriionci* against the hostility and op position of tbe Indians. Acave acd carefn racis tires have Nrec Instituted for successfully and fpcedilv carrring Into effect the generous provis ions ofVongress for tbe benefit of surviving sol dim of the war for tbe Union. The subject of tbr iiavmem of extra bounties to d'sebargod sol dim. and extra par to discharged officers, ha * re reived assiduous attention. The recent law devolving upon the War Department, -instead of tbe accounting officers of tbe Treasury, the duties of examination trd settlement of claims of the men, the disbursement of nearly S3!,0o0,00j among more than a million of claim arts, soon after the adjournment of . Congress a competent board of officers was organized to prepare rules and regu lations for the payment of the authorized boon tie*. Diligent application was given to the work, at'd the regulations having been found to be in strict accordance with law, were promptly ap proved. Published, and directed to be carried into efiecl. To the s«mc Board the subject of bounties of colored soldier* was also referred, wire a view to provide anv additional checks that might guard the bounty from fraudulent assigns, and ucan it to colored soldiers, and protect Ihe Trcasr.ry against fraud; and when tbe report was received parmeut of the bounties was ordered. As to the other classes of bounties, the Paymaster General regards it as Im praciible to make .payment until all applications shall bavebeen received and claims classified and registered by States and organiza tions; but by this preliminary process the ulti mate payment will, it is believed, be greatly ex pcdlied. Attempted olbcrwi-c,probably the wort would n?vcr be lolly accomplished. Of the valu able public records by which the validity of the bortity claims ate lo be tested, there is In tbe archives of (he Government but one copy, already much worn, lor each period. An examination for each individual case would soon reduce them to Illegible t heeds. ' Ihe duty of the Government to the soldiers who haw been maimed or have fallen mils defence, has not betn neglected. Much care has been lak>-u. by precautions and practical tests, to secure for lire former the most durable, useful and com fortable artificial limbs. From July IGth (the dare of the set 0! Congress authorizing artificial limbs to be tarnished), to July ist.lHW, there have boon to disabled soldiers, 3,881 legs, -2,210 arms, 0 feet, 55 bands,' 125 surgical apparatus, and U la supposed ibat not more thin IjJOU limbs r.'tnniu (till to be au estimated cost of $771,01 m. In order to { elude unfortunate casra in which, from (be tatnre of the injury or operation, no limb or oiher surgical appliance ran bi advan tageous? adopted, me Surgeon General has re comimnced that if tbe appropriation for (bis pur pose sha'l be continued, the monev value of an artificial 'imb in Hen of me apparatus be given to the maimed soldier. atUXTAHT CESTTEEIrS. Fo;ty-one Rational Military Cemeteries bare ben e.-fablishcd, and into these had already been gathered. on June 33rh, the lemains or 101.5i'» Union soldiers. The sites for *cn additional ccm cleiie* have been s lec*nl, and the wo:'« upon Hem. for some time delayed by the climate, and a threatened epidemic. Is in coarse of vigtnoua piosccution. Although it may not be dodrahlc to rrniove the remains of those no • reposing In clhcr suitable burial grounds, ft is estimate ' that o:.r Natioral c'cmeurl-* will be required to rec-Tve aid protect the remains oS J 13.357 prlrio’.ic Fcldier?, whose lives* were sacrificed in d'J'Ece of our national existence, flic average cost of the ictnovaN and reinterments already accomplished is reported at (2.73, amount -n tbc aggregate to -44.T1*!. and It is b> U- w-d that aw additional expenditure ol $1,GUU,23l willbc necessary. It Is proposed instead ol the woet’eii htcd-boanls heretofore nsed, to erect at the graves small monuments of cast iron suitably prct.c’cd by zinc coating against rust. Six lists of ihe dead, containing £2-*>6o names, have been published bv the CJuarlcrma-tcr General, and ctheis will be Issued as rapidly as they can be pn pared. nrroim? or military courts. The number of recorue ol Military Courts re ceived at this bureau reached a minimum soon alter tbe adoption «>f the recent army act. and siii. c that time lias increased with the military lorcv. The other bu c ine»K of ihe Judge Advocate’s cilice as an advisory branch of the War Depart ment, will also. It is believed, continue to be aug mented until lue peace establishment shall b; completely organized, and tna new army fully re cruited, and ‘lie tact that in a large number of important cases Coiummderr of Departments and armies are not authorized (o execute sen tences in time oi peace, and tiat eticb cases cau t o longer be summarily disposed of without refemice to the Executive, will al-o require tro « th>- iutn-.iQ a very conslderaole nurahsr ot report winch herctofotehave not tieen called for. I’.-* aggregate ba«inesi wll*, it i* tbunsh l , not be reduced in proportion to Ihe redact! »n of lht-xnll«iary force. THE TAT DETAETMEST. The Pay Depirtmentrcuniins without material change. The dUbnrscmeme for the fiscal vear were $233,374,317. The esrimatcl approprialloa* ot the Par Department amount to $17,728,560 for the par ot the arniy forthe next fiscal tear. Ihe csiiinaud appropriation reijuired by ihe Engineer Bureau Is (2UM:UU. ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. Tbe Otdnance Department, limit-' Its operations at arsenals to the construction of wrought iron sea cnae t carriages, and such ordnance supplies as arc reeded for immediate use and prcse.vatlon of ordnance stoiea left on band at the close of the M. braking up of unserviceable ammunition tom|neiiOn ui unumaiicu uuiium-s. Tue Chief of Ordnance is opinion that U is not ndvis aMe to rebuild the North Carolina arsenal or To re-es:ablbh ihe arsenal at Harper's Ferry, oiid the sale of both is recommended. A ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL. The comra!s«*ion appoiuted under the act of April 3‘.i, 1?64. to examine and report the value of proper ty Liken off Rock Island by the United Suites, has entered upon its dull***. At* »oou as good titles to the property shall have been acquired, the con struction of the armory andar-cool will be hasten ed as fast as appropriations will admin A con fidcifible apprupiiatlon for this parpoac has been asked. STRING YIELD ARMORY. The operations at the National Armory at Springfield, Mas'S., during the past year, has been confined to cleaning and repainngarms used dnr* irg the war, and making requisite preparations for converting Springfield mneketa into breech* loaders. wear and man. The ordnance roturn* for tore* consecutive year*. Itcliiriing a period of active service and or dinary repairs, show ati average duration of five ypjirs for cavalry cat bines, fonr years for cavalry ririol-. sabres and acomr-ments. ofesven years for infantry muskets, and of six years for infantry bicoutremcule. From January j, iSGi. to June 30. 1566, the Ord nance Department provided 7.B'Ji cannon, IL'.si artillery carriage*, email turns, 2.362,516 complete eels of accoutrements for in luxury and cavalry, 139.5 H complete sets of cav alry horse equipments, 28,t(tt acts horse artillery harness, b,472 cartridge* for email arms, I.gSLDG vi'b percussion caps, 2.862,177 round* or fixed artillerv ammunition. 11,507.692 cannon> and farce, 15,575,2 > >4 pounds of artillery projectiles. *26,440,(*51 pounds or gunpowder, i ,3'. s,impounds of nitre, and 1*9,416,233 pounds of lead. In addition to these there were immense quantities of parts provided for repairing and making good articles dam aged. lost or destroyed le the service. The expenditures of ibo Ordnance Bureau dur ing last fiscal year weic sl ,; -551 1 G77, and the esti mated appropriation lor the current year is SJ,M3,2IS/ Arrangements will soon be consummated by the Medical Department for the pmmnent secur ity of its valuable moruuuy records, including lu,oui folio volumes of hospital reg-sters, 17,tWfl burial records, 10,000 Lo-pital muster ana pay rolls, alpbabcticai registers of Ibe dead, contain names of white, and 20.0000 f colored sol diers. and *he pathological collection, constitut ing the army medical museum. CLASSIFICATION OF SL'LOICAL CASES. During the year, official evidence, obtainable from so other source, of the cause of death or of dbchaige lor disability, has been furnished in 4'.V212 ra«es and 21(1,027 dDcharg** upon certifi cates of disability have been examined and clari fied. The total number of surgical c.\»es, cUisi- Cvd and recorded, is, of wounds 133,932, and of operations 2MTS. suncicAi. itiFTonr or toe wah. Tlie preparation for publication of the medi cal and snrg-cal history oi the war has been pro*- ccuted with energy, mncli of the manuscript and several of tbv illustrations for the first volume being completed. AtllsT JTEDTCAL atCBECJT. Tre Army Medical Mascnm continues to in crease in value, usefulness, and tho greatest se cut ily and Uie addttiorai accommodations of the building to which it will lie -bortly removed ad mit of the addition of a great num ber of interesting and instructive speci mens not hitherto available for want of space. A smail appropriation will he required to coiiUnue the wor). of classification and preserva tion of tbe Nafioral collodion. CAsrAXTros is the nxmcAt. corps. The number of cariulties from the commence ment of the war to ihe present time, in the regu lar and volunteer medical staff, is asacrtalncd to be j. Including twenty-nine killed m battle, twelve killed by accldcuC ten died of wounds, four died in rebel prisons, seven died of yellow fever, throe died of cholera, 2*o died of other dis eases During the war thirty-five medical officers were wounded in ba’ile. ACTING ASSISTANT SCROEONS. The distribution of troops la small bodies over F<> large an extent o( country necessitates the em ploy ment of acting assistant surge'ms tempora rily. bnl the number of these has hern rcdac. d from J.t-lC on Ju-y Ist, t'GTi, to 2f>4 on July Ist, , and «111 be still farther diminished when exit-tire vacancies in the grade of assistant aar jreofee, created by the act ol Congress of Jnlf 23, 1M 0, are tilled. A corresponding decreare in the number of hospital stewards, of the general ser etc*-, has alro been eCccleJ. and in every branch of the Department redaction and retrenchment have been rieidly enforced. rtoicat aid ron xnr mixn«s*B nmnatr. ’ An laccTiCate expenditure ot fSi.'Tit.tOS was incurred by the medical department la famishing officers and supplies lor the Bureau of Refugees and Freedmen. and abandoned lands, which U - had ccdtrns cotliol dnringthe fiscal Julr Ist, ihf«C. No appropriations were applicable ' io the pentose, though coder a decision of the Treasury Department ■jcirabursoment was not made from subsequent appropriations for the Frcedmen’s Bureau, no embarrassment arose, and 'no Icgtrlation Is required. The (unde at the disposal of the Medical and Hospital Department dnrlng the year ending Jane 3u. is*r, wete J5.H36,000. IheteMfmatcdappro pnatiou tor the next fiscal year Is fiW,OWJ. FROM KEW YORK. Ilor*c Hall road DlfllraliiM-Ati Atrocloos tlmracc-Bcn. IVoodV News Stilt Hires— M>, HacaVuew Mornuig L’aper—Atml ol lifted Robbers— of the (aty -suit AirnioHi a Newspaper—Fraodson the Cohlt m noow-Ilravr Loss by Fire. Nrw Yous, December 3 —An attempt to lay a railroad on Beaver and Pearl streets, frustrated by ifce police last week, was renewed this morning. The workmen were rot molested, bnt It is under* stood the Courts have granted an Injunction re* Attaining further action. Uwa# proposed to ex* tend tho railroad from the Battery to King's Bridge. An atrocious outrage was perpetrated early .yesterday morning In Brooklyn, ny a gang of ruffians, who entered a bonse occupied by a oora ber oi sewing girls, and harms robbed the in* mates, seized the terrified women and subjected them to the most revoltli«gindlgnlties. All were outraged In a horrible manner. Several arrests have oeen made. . . The ratement telegraphed through the country last week announcing the demise of the New Vorx AVtcs Is Incorrect, that Jottmal-appcarlngas usual this morning. Benjamin Wood announces that hereafter a Sunday edition of.the Seict will be issued- It is rumored that the company organized by Chas. A. Dara.for the publication of a morning newspaper in this city, has purchased the 11‘rctd establishment, I** prowea and printing material. Tbc first number of the new paper will be Issued in February, when, it is anticipated, the H'rald will occupy its quarters on Broadway. Upwards ofHCO.OUi have been subscribed for the new en terprise. _ 2\twYoi!K. December 3.—Two men, named Adams and Clark, haxe been arrested In Jersey City on suspicion of haring been concerned to the lobbing of aAlrs. HollUier and Mrs. .Mason, of $18,0(4) Of Government bond*. In Buffalo, last September. Adams, who, l» Is alleged, is one of the Concr.rd Bank robl«>.-= and an accomp ice In the I.ord bond robbery, about a week ago of fered lor rale in Jersey Ciiy three one thousand tUtoT The accuswi-ortiC taken to BtSUOi T « *>r,11 Common Council IMa evening authorized the construction of a bow Truant house, to coat 160.000. . , The taxes on teal and personal property on* lecUd m this city dnntc « i-iuAui*,euauijf December Ist, amount to $12,000,000. Xu tue ta.c of b. 'i. gainst Messr*. Brooks of the Exprett newspaper, brought to ’ recover damages for earning* alleged to liarr been fraudulently withheld from the PlalntJJt who was part proprietor. Judge Daly in the Superior Conit toJasdenied the motion for stay of pro- CLTdine*. and ordered an Immediate sale. The care row roe* to the Corn of Appeals Datjnran time the paper moat be sold. Ur. chapm's elegant new church edifice or., nfib arenas comer of Forty-fifth street, was dedicated to-day In presence of a large gather it is rumored that frauds to a large extent had been perpetrated by tome half dozen firms in Una city on the Cut tom Bonce. The firms are-all wine merchants, and a considerable quantity of wipe is withheld from delivery by the Coalom House. Nearly a whole block of bonding* was destroy ed by fire ills evening. The fire broke on: In the bnllalngNo. 100 Walker street, amone a quantity ot cotton batting, the properly of Scbenck A Co. In an incredible short time, the three upper floors of Noa. 98 and 100 Walter street were on fire. Ibe flames extended to tbo buildings frontins on Canal street, Nos. 246,248, 250 and 252. The up per floors of all the buildings were bum! out. No. 250 being entirely destroyed, os were also 83 and 100 Walker street. The goods stored m the floors of Ibe Canal street build ings were nearly ail saved. Ihe total loss will reach S& The building* belonged lo John J. Jay's estate, and are partially Insured. Tbe principal looser* ar:J lltcbard Davis, manu facturer or nndergowna, loss 180,000, partially in tured; Roliert Grard. monofactnrer of calcium Ifshta: the New York Paper Collar Company; Hill * Co., hoop skirt makers, loss. $30,000; John U orton, gas Utters, loss. SHi,OOOi E. liyinan »t Cp„ upholsfery, loss, $15,000, partially Insured, there were a very large number of occupants of tbe building who Buffered to small amounts. FROM EUROPE, Ily Atlantic Cable—lmmense Reform Meet ing In London. London. December S. —An Immense Reform demonstration is In progress in this city this fore noon. London, December B.—lt is estimated that then were at least fifty thousand persons in the pro cession which formed the imposing feature of the Reform demonstration which look place to-day. Nearly all the Trades Societies werejont in full force and marched to the place of meeting. Forty seven of these organized bodies, together with various branches of the Reform League were in tbe line, which was c-.mposed of four grand divisions, under the guidance of marshals, and led by bands of music, banners, society insignia, Ac. It was by far the largest and most important aflalr of the kind which has ever taken plscelnthis country, not withstanding the very unpleasant state of the wea'ber. It is a fact worthy of notice, that the Jriais and Stripes waved above tbe procession in many places, and was frequently and loudly cheered. Tbe bands, too, seemed to have caught the inspiration of the occasion, and indulged in Ihe production of national airs of a patriotic char acter. The meeting took place in the grounds of the Eeanfoit Bouse, a most convenient location for so large o gathering. Seven stands were . erected for the accommodation of (be several speakers, a large number of whom were present cn the occasion. The stores la Tali Mall, Piccadilly and the other thoroughfares through which the procession passed, were closed, and people thronged the streets all (the way from St. James Park, where the proccjslon was formed, to (he grounds at Beaufort House. The greatest .-dor was maintained throughout the demonstra tion, uml great enthusiasm prevailed. The moral effict of the whole aflaircannotbe over-estimated. Latest Coßllsb Markets- Ltvkbfoou December S. CoTTOS—Cotton opened timer, with ao advance of Jfd. Sales to-day of 13,000 bales middles uplands at London December 3 -Noon, Cocfols fcS ex.-<s|r.; United SratM Jv- - »j's Tu.V; Illinois Centralßailroad Slwrcs .<; Uric Rillroil snares 43*. Lonoon. December a—Evening. The cM«frg prices* of American scurJehts were: United States 5-sWs, 70#; Erie, 45 and 1 ill noli Central shares, *C\. Ltvßßfeou December 3—Evening. Tie cotton market elo»M Arm. The evlos were: n.roo bales, ln*'ladlag ie,<XU talcs to the trade: mid dling uplands, Itttd. THE FESIAS TROUBLES, Threatened Irish Oalbrcak In Liverpool— ninny Arre*»« and (.rent Excitement la Dublin—Humors to Bclatton to the Where abouts ot t»iei>hens. Liverpool. Decembers.—There are indications hereof trouble from the Irish population, and |..rautiouary steps are being taken by the Gov c.wmcnt with a view to its pjpmpt suppres sion. Tbc countcimanding of orders for voluo tiers to leave lor Ireland was made in thl* con i.cctlon as their services may be required at home. lokdon. December 2.— Colonel a well known and prominent Fenian, has been arrc-it-d by Government ofiiclals here, and placed iu Black veil prison under strong guard. Durum, Decembers.—There is great excitement here relative to the activity of tbe English o.liciaU in making am-sts of persona believed to be impli cated in the Fenian movement. A grcai many ar rests have been made all over the country, aud U*ey prow more numerous hourly. London, December B.—Two regiment* of 'roops have been ordered to leave here to-day for Ireland. The Foman excitement is on tbc increase. Vai tons rumors aud reports continue to be cir culated in regard to tbc whereabouts of Stephens, FROM LOUISVILLE. ■earners on the Falls—Philharmonic Coa e«rt—Di-entireon the .Mewsatrc —The Demo crat and General Davis—Arrest of O. B. Duke—Hostile Feeling in the r*outk—A (southern Mission—Recruiting forthe Ilea umr Army—A ** Fraternal” Song atssed iu .11 obiic. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribtnc.J IjOCTsyille. Deccmoer3. The steamboats Minnie and Wm. Bailer arc on the Falls, still stack last, though, as their cargoes have been removed and (be river is rising, it is hoped to get off both to-night. ihe Philharmonic Society gave a splendid con cert to-night—the first since Its organization—in Masonic Temple. They bad a largo audience, de spite a heavy rain. George D. Prectlce write? as follows of the President's Message: “ its amhor takes no back* ward step, modifies no opinion thit be baa otter ed, yields no position that he has occupied. lie treats Congress with entire respect, but relterriei his own views and enforces them by anen tmibtnl and powerful arguments and Illustrations ns it would seem impossible,and wc think is impossible, lot any bonnet deliberative body to resist. Uccau cot be answered,hat hecan be denounced and par* tiully thwarted. lie mas* encounter the opposl unn of the dumb logic of votes. The question so ofien asked. 4 What will the President do ? is answered by the message. His acts will be in conformity with his message, lie wit] do nis duty. No matter who or what may aland in his way, he will obey and uphold the Constitution ana cxe* , cute the laws by the vigorous exercise of all tbe authority that belongs to t him. He will use every legitimate power con* fitted to him. if be believes that he can use it for tbe promotion of the national prosperity, the vin dication of the-national rights. «.-r the advance* mem cf the national honor ami glory.” The Democrat of yesterday casts a satirical time at General Jeff C. Uavis, bocansc he orders an inquiry into alleged combinations between the Jews to swindle the negro soldiers. The Detnocra' introduces tbe matter with the heading, “ Colored lambs,”andaHndcs tome letter asanord r. 1 1 have authority from General Davis for sayin: that he issued no order on the subject at all. Hi only replied to a IcUrr from the commander of tin barracks, who received Inlormation of design: above mention* d. O. B. Duke, cousin of Basil Dnke, was brought up by the military to-day from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, where he has fur a longtime beca a terror to tbe town and neighborhood. He has killed six persons, the last of his victims being a lieutenant In the regular army. Dnke was, dur ing the war, a captain in the union army. He is tx desperado of the most vicious type, and the cit izens of Monnt Sterling rejoice at His arrest. Con siderable excitement was created bv his arrest by the military. General Davis at oicc delivered tbe prisoner Into the bands of (tie civil authorities. General Wm. D. Whipple, Chief of staJ to Gen et al Thomas, arrived last night from his Southern inspecting tonr. He reports the feeling South rince the Radical success as growing daily more hostile toward ihe North and Northerners. General Van Schroder, of General Thomas' ria fi;Mails to-night on a mission South. The character ot his business is nut known: he carries seated oteers. Officers have l>ceo sent to ail the principal cities South 10 recruit for the regular Inlaniry. The hi-adqnailcra of the regiments are in this cuv. A pong produced at the theatre In Mobile, a few evenings since, was hissed un account of the ex ircssion of a hope that the Noith and somb would ivc Id peace ana harmony hereafter. 88031 MILWAUKEE. Destructive Fire—Stcnmcrs Chartered for Winter Service, [Special Despatch to the Clficigo TriJjune.l Milwaukee, Decembers. A fire broke ont la»t night about 12 o'clock in a woooen building ol Florida street. Fifth Ward, owned by Leith & Michael, and occupied ay Freed &. Messier, confectioners, burniog that and spread ing 10 Ibc* building occupied by Leith * Michael nr a commission siotc; also* a soap factory owned by A. J. Hormcycr, and the building next to I r on the corner of Reed and Florida streets. J<ciih &, Michael's loss on tbe corner bulldog Is $3,300. Tbeic were other small losses by families occupy ing tbe building. The Detroit Jc Milwaukee Railroad Corouany chartered the propellers Caldwell and Cash man for winter service in the place of the steam pliips Detroit and Milwaakro. FROM SASHYIIXE. The Free School mil P-ntponcd-Nrecsslty tor the l,a« (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Keshviux, December 3. In the House, to-day, tbc Senate bill, providin'* for the organization and maintenance or free com* ir.on schools In the S»atr, was inaeflnllely post* poned,hj a vole of S 3 to SC. The bill was Intro* duced by Senator Basson last session, and had undergone material amendments. Tbc friends of the meawre were fi&ncntne of maltin'* U a law. Its necessity wM be admitted when it h stated that there are scvcoty-eight thousand adult whies in ibe State who cannot read or write. The op ponents of the bill were ostensibly controlled f*i .heir vote by the empty condition of the State Treasury. _ FROM MEXICO. Scheme for Malting C7encral Orteaa Pres’, dent—Orders to Halted States Troops on the Kio (.rande— Humors that Maxi milian baa Returned to the City of Mexico. Ntw Yoke, December 3.—Tetters from the city ofMcxlco, received here, dated November 10tb, rule the fact that Marshal Baxalce bad given arms and ammunition to two Mexican Liberals, and promised them that they should not be inter* fered with by the French forces, provided the* pronounced for Ortega, and proclaimed him President of Mexico. New Ouezaxs, December 3.—General Sbcrldan has ordered the commander of (he United Stales fore* 6on the Rio Grande to retrain from any In terference in Mexican aflairs unless specially In structed lo do eo from headquarters of the De partment. it Is reported that Maximilian has gone back to the City of Mexico to endeavor to Keep up the Empire. FBOM CANADA. Commencement of the Fcnfan Trials at MrcetKborg-The Story ot Another Fenian Bald Discredited. SwEtrenuno, December S.—The Fenian trials commenced to-day. Judge Johnson delivered a' lengthy charge to (be Grand Jury, who retired. Tu-morrow will be entirely occupied by a murder trial. Sixty-three witnesses are here to testify In the Fenian care. Town.quiet- Humors the expected raid from St Albantaro discredited. Virainla l.oiilsliunro, Hiamoiru, Va., December 3.—This was the day appointed for the regular meeting ol the (loneral Assembly, hut no quoium appealing in the Sun- SOVXTT Z4WD. The comber ct bounty hod applications al loyed do rtap the year eadbx September SO, 1366, wcr. &s follow*: - A nmiTEI ACT O* mWAItII, IM7. iwtizista (brim acne each. Mo acre* CTM»TMACXOrKiICBI.UBfc •... I® warrant* for i«*c«»e»ch .—61.*9 “ 1 vttnati Ibr ISO acre* each WO “ 0 ffimou for 80 acre* each 7» “ - i etnutU ...... w . Total somber of warrant*, 406; total ■number o acn*, 63,«C. The number of duplicate* tuned in Uen of lost wan an la was 37, and the number of warrant* can celled CD. The number of .original application* fur bounty land warranU-waa Till, and the number o( enspended applications re examined 1,653, j • Harr pcxsiok tckd Only one BoTolntlonary Pensioner EEFQBT OF THE COMMISSION EH OF PENSIONS. Total Number of Pensioners— -126,722. AMOUKT OF PENSIONS PAID— f 18,755,000. LtYlng, DsrasnmT Irtebiob/Pension Optic*, I October 25, 1865. f Sm: The transactions of this Bureau during the past year, as concisely reported In tbe foflow statement, surpass in importance those of any like period since its organization. The aggre gate amount of pen-ion* paid during the fiscal year ending Jane BU,lßfi2, just prior to tbe pas sage of the_ liberal and comprehensive pension act of *nuv 14, 1902, was only $790,381. At the close oi the four years succeeding that date tiie annual amount thus paid had increased to m« rc than $13,000,000. For the current year there wlll-be a much larger aggregate, and the estimates for the next fiscal year, the rates of pension hav ing been increased at the last >ession of Congress, can (or a sum exceeding $33,000,000. Under the bounty land ads of IBSU and 1855, the labor de volving tuioij the Pension Office was very great for a brief period, yet the entire aggregate value of all the bounty land warrant* issued under (be ration* acts B'uce the,formation of the Govern ment, estimating the public lands so granted at $1.25 per acre, only amounted, as stated in my an nual report for 1802, to $32,252,327.50. Tbe whole amount added during the last four years will not raise the aggregate above 533.000.0CQ. PENSION EXPENSES. Tbe total sum paid in pensions proper down to 18C2, was $00,008,521.0(3. During the four years lust succeeding, tbe whole amount paid was $87,518,008 18. The amount of business now an nually devolving upon the Bounty Land Division is refativelv Insignificant; whim the pensions granted during the last year, under all the acts of a dale prior lotbatofJuly 14,1862, are nomorii tally unimportant in comparison with those al lowed under that and the supplementary acta. In view of the large number of applicants which continue to be received each month, on account of casualties In the late war, it Is manifest that the aggregate annual amount of pensions will con tinue to swell for some years to come. BEVOEUTtONABT TENSIONS. Only one of tbe soldiers of the Revolution whose names are Inscribed on Ihe pension rolls Is now living—Samuel Downing, of Edinburgh, Saratoga county. New York. This veteran, dis tinguished by fortune as the last known survivor of tbs heroic men who achieved by arms our Na tional independence, enlisted from Carroll Coun ty, New Hampshire, and is now more than 100 years old A: ihe close of the fiscal year, ending Juno 30,1 SOI, (here wore slxty-tbrcc officers and soldiers of tbe Revolution, whose names still appear on the returns of payments ma«*e by the pension agents. Of this number only fourteen terided in the States theu in insurrec tion. No one of the last mentioned pensioners has claimed bis pension, and it is reasonably presumed that ml had deceas'd before thcoii'horilr of the Federal Gov- Moment was fully restored in those Slates. Of the loitj-uine residing in the loyal States, nearly two-fifths bad dl-appeared from the returns for the fiscal rear ending June SO, 1862, leaving but thirty survivors. A year later, in 18*13, there re nutiried but eighteen, and In 16 '-1. but five. Since the Stub of June, ISC3, 'William Hutching*, nt .Maine, and Lemuel Cook, of New York, of the three survivors at 'bat dale, have died, each bar li g attained an age exceeding one hundred years. The surviving Revolutionary soldier receives. In addition to bis original .pension. SIOO per aonum, under an ad approved April I, 1864. and S3OO per annum, under an an aclappproved February 27, 16'T«. The whole number of the widows of Rcvolu tionarv soldiers on the rolls, as returned at the close oftlie last fiscal year, was Ml—a dimonitlon cl eighty-four during the rear. Under the act ap- I roved July 4, ISWS, {tensions were granted only to those widows who were married to the de ceased soldiers pi lor to the close of the latter's military terries. AM the pensioners of this class ere deceased hot the following, viz: Jane Slaughter, widow of Isaac Slaughter, of Orange County, New York, who receives SSO per annum, end Nancv 1-ciena, widow ot Joseph Ucreno, of Ucctmoreland Countv, Maryland, who receives sl6 per annum. The act oi February *2, ISIS, extended the benefits of the pension laws to those widows of Kcvolntlouary soldiers whose marriage with the Utter tools plac<* prior to January 1,1701. Of this class of {•rnciorers only’ U 2 living on the 3Ulb of June last— a decrease oi !•» during the year—re siding as toMovrs: in (ho New England States, •11; in New York, 24; In Pennsylvania. 1; in Vir ginia, 4; lu Ohio, <*; In Kentucky-3; In Tenncs m North Carolina, 3; in New Jersey, 2; in Indiana, 1; in Illinois, 1; in Michigan, 1; in Lmisiou;i, 1; in tlic District, oj Columbia, 1. Tb*.- act of July 23, ISIS, furtucr extended tie bunfus ol the provisions in behalf of the widows of Revolutionary soldiers to those mamcil to the latter ivcforc January Ist. 16J0. Under this act there are tlxty-inrce pensioners, residing as follows: Jp th<- New England JSt-ics, 26; id New York. 7; in Pennsylvania,-!: inOhle, 2: in Indiana, ;i; in Virginia, T: in Kentucky, 7; In Il.iacis, 1; in Mici igan. i; in Wisconsin, 1: in Tennessee, 1; in Mississippi. 1; in Maryland, 1. By tbe second eemon of tbc act of February 3, 183:-, all limilatlons ns to date of marriage was re moved for the benefit of tbe widows oi Revolu tionary soldiers. Under this and special acts, the remainder of ihe pensioners Included in the foic goiujj aggregate of widows of Revolutionary sol diers w re pensioned. OTUER AItMT PENSIONERS UNDER ACTS PRIOR TO THAT OT 1502. Asalready indicated, tbe number of pension ers, other than Rcvolutlonaiy, under tbe various pension law's enacted prior to that of July if. 1&62, by reason of deaths, or disabilities Incurred by the war btr. sequent to tbe Revolution, is com-.- pnvatlvcly small, aud yearly diminishing. Alter a lapse ot more than fifty years alter the close of ihe war of 1?12, applications conseqnenlnpon that class of service are rare, and of those received, as well as of the suspended or rejected claims called np anew, very tew are found admi-sable. The numbers engaged in tbe various Indian wars were comparativily small, and the casualties ■ datively unimportant. The applications reuniting from the Moslem war have also been cblefiy imposed of, audbnt admail number of cases of this class come up for adjust ment. The whole number of invalid pensioner? now on the rolls, who were disabled In these various wars, docs not exceed 3,(m0. Tbc number of widows and minor children who e names appeared upon the pension rolls at tbe close of the last fiscal year, on accoant of deaths, incurred in the teivicc alter tic Revolution, aod prior to March 4,1861, ueder general aud special act?, was 1,227. There "ill mauifesily De a urge ratio of dimluu rion in tbc liVts of invalids, widows and minors of iMs inteimcdlate period. Within a few years, nearly all of (note now icmaining will have dis appeared iron) tbc pension toils. ' ADMISSIONS TO TUE ARMY TENSION ROLLS. The rntnbcr of invalid pensions granted on ori* giuai applications, during the lari fiscal year, was 22,W5, at an average individual rale of $77.53, and an aggregate rate of $1.756,M2.20 peranoum. The number of invalid pensioners increased daring ihc same time was 1,213, at an annual amount of $43,1MC.25. The entire number of army invalid applications of both classes allowed during the year was 23,1'CP- and the annual aggregate of these admissions $1.8Cti,7rj.43. Tbe unmber of original application* of widow.* and dej-endant relatives oi deceased officers and soldiers of the army allowed daring the year was 27,176, at an average rate each of ?10!.3't, and an segregate tale of ?2,7-UJ.7n.i7 per annum. Ot (his class of pensioners six were increased during the war to the amount of $239.10, making the total number of admissions under the widows* division 27.(£2, wbh a total yearly amount of }2.7-ri,C11 , .227. Tbe- whole number of new army pensioners of all classes added to the rot s during tbe year ending Jane 30. 15.16, was •P.'Wi, the aggregate of whose pensions wa« $4,510,523.37 per annum. The number dropped trom the rolls during the same period, by reason of doatr, ro-m.iniage, and other cau«o«, was 0,311. at an animal aggregate rata of IT3.CJ. KIDDER AND AXOITNT OT AIIUV PENSIONS There weic on the pen-ion rolls on The 30th day of Jane lasi, S4,G2t) invalids, the yoarlv rote of "bote pen-ions was St,limits. 15. and (Ui.SS’i wlJ ows and dopcndcU relations, at a yearly rate of s7,vß4,4{H.ii, making a grand to’al of army pen sioners of 121,50 P, and a grand aggregate of $11,413,122.20. The amount paid daring the year to Rcvolntlcm ory pensioners (including payments to pension agents) was $252,201.39; to army invalid pen sioners, $3.515.M)5.04. and to widows anil depend ent relatives of deceased officers and soldiers of the army (other than Revolutionary) SP.IOP,iUG,TO, giving the total earn of sbk 1*7.446 12. Of original applications for navy invalid pen sions 328 weic allowed dnnng the year ending June 30.ISCC, at an average rate of $79.12, and an aggregate amount of $15.W2.50 per annum. There were thitty-fivc pensions of this class lccrcaro-1 at an annual aggregate of fuT, making a total of 266 navy invalid applications allowed, and an annual ag gregate of f lii.SitbSO. The number of original applications ot widows and dependent relatives ol the iavy, allowed during the same period, was 213, at an average rate of $151.26, and an aggre gate of $32,1*76 per annum. Ihe total number of navy Invalid pensioners on tberntieat the close of Ihe fiscal year was 1,012, at an aggregate annual rate ol $72,61ii.i*5; and tho number of widows and dependent rcla'lve*. l.lri, at an aggregate annual rale of $153.712. The whole nnm’cr of navy pensioners ot all cla*ses was 2,213, and the annual amount of their pen sion- $261,352. The amount paid to navy invalid pensioners dnring the year wa* $56,, and to widows and dependent relatives of navy officers and seamen, f226,iyJ.4s—an aggregate of *SSS£Gttffil. STATISTICAL TAUIX. Fuller details of the various matters included in the foregoing summary, showing the tran-Ac* lions or ibis Bureau in tholr relation? to the duTer m State? and Territories and at (bo several Pen sion agencies, ate given in the tabular statements respectively marked A, B, C, D, E, F. ti and U, apLcnded to thin report. Tin.- fol owing table shows the nmnbcr of pen sioners ot all clasces. army and navy, on tho r.Jls fur tbe year ending June 3u. IS»‘>l, and the utfmbcr addel each year since that dale, as well as tbeag gregaie nnmbrr dropped from the roll during the lari five years by reason of dvath,rc-marryiug and other cauhcs: Ko.ofPcn* Annual . slooers. Am'U On the rolls (m an Uic States) June ai ISOI 10,739 {937,772.11 Added dnnnc the year ending JiinrSo,l«2 579 W£75,73 Added during the year ending .lunc SO. I‘tS. 7,993 731.K0.53 Add'd during the year ending Jon- SO. 15M.... .S9AC9 S£i;,IStJU Added during the year ending Jm e 3D. I*s 40,176 8&1.041.73 Added doilne the year ending June 33, IS* MAT. 4A57A7a.33 Total 119A4S 1t0.5U.591.03 on the rolls June St*. 1566 IM.7W $11,671,17L51 Discontinued, by death or leeal limitation, during the past five >riT* iwa »7.11t»,516.73 •J he following table shows the number of pen* sinners paid each year, datin'* the sis years end in'* June SO. ISCn; Ciaww# of Petitioners. It.volutlonsry soldiers. Widows ot do .Mav invalids WksJus, Ac. (army).... Navy invalids Widows, Ac. (nary).... Total Oats of i’ensloner*. KrvoluUnnary soldiers, ttiiii wsorco Army Invalid* • -22,767 35,011 34.6J0 Widow*. Ac (imy) 25, m 65.057 Nnvy Invalids... 712 .SW 1,051 Widows, 4c. (tary) 7W 1.017 I.IFI Total .51,135 85.WJ WM The rt'snfctlve numbers In each State and Terri tory arc given in an appendix to this report. nOUS AND AGENCIES US STATES XJLTELE XX UEBEL- xaox. Under the operations ot an act approved July 4, IrCS, all the names of the pensioners on the rolls of the eleven Slates confederated in rebellion were, on the restoration of Federal relations with those Mates, and after the disbandment of their armies, stricken from the pension rolls. This was ejected by an ordenssued nnderdatc ot June 10. IH3. Pre viously, after the commencement of hastllltlea, the npeiatioos of this otticc in those Stales had or necessity been sui-ptnded. At Ibe date ol mv last animal report Pension Agents had been appointed in Virginia, Tennessee. Arkansas and liOnisiana. with a view to ihe resumption of the payment, to arch pensioners as might establish, tn the man ner prescribed, their continuous loyalty through* onltbc war. and to the enrollment of new pen sioners, redoing in those States, who bad been found entitled thereto, by reason of casualties Incurred by service In suppressing the rebellion. During the past year an ajnmcy has been opened Ip the State of North Carolina. Pensioners ro> sidirgln Texas are Inscribed upon tbc toll at New Oilcans. The very small number of pension ers in the remaining five States are chiefly in scribed on the rolls of the District of Columbia. Ibe following ttatemeni will show ibe number o' pensioners and Ibe amount paid at each of tbo above named agencies: _ , 2>o. otven- Yearly * loner*. Amouut, 93 f:\sNl.W Wi .Vj.osn.Sl jm IS4 lI.VVJ.TO 45 3As’i.;a Flair*. Virginia 'lfUiitfKr Arkan>as Louisiana >;orlU Caiolir.a. The Navy Pcnulon Fund accruing from the con demnation and sale of prizes captured by our na ry—half the proceeds of such aalea being set apart by the law (or this use—now amounts to Ii 1B \OOO, lavesteo in bonds, under tac direction of the Secret**? of the Navy, as trea t*o. with an uninvested surplus on band of s2‘s,7BS,;j3—an aggregate of Sll r <fiS,mC3. Tbe Interest on this (hud now annually exceeds, by more than one hundred per cent the whole amount payable in navy pensions. onoastixaTton or tot tension omen. Tbe greatly Increased Isbor duvoiiog upon this office, by reason of the passage of the pension act of June Cth and July 25ch.-tß6*, a* well as tbe continued reception 01 applications In numbers exceeding whit was anticipated so (hr on In tbe second year'after the close of the war, render It necessary (0 ash considerable additions to toe clerical force now authorized bylaw. The inad equacy of salaries now allowed to clerk* m the more responsible positions lo this office, and the marked inequality between these salines and tboee paid In other departments to offi cers entrusted with duties no more ar duous. and requiring no higher order of qusltflcallODsin any respect, are urged upon your earnest atientimi. A partial remedy would oaveibecn found in a bill “to reorganize tbe clerical force of ihe Department of the Interior, and for other purposes,” which seasonably passed the Senate without a division at tbe last session of Congress, but which failed to receive the concur rence of ihe Douse of Keprea-ntalivcs. The changes in tbe Pension laws abo re alluded to, made subsequently to the passage of this bill by the Senate, render it Inadequate to the present wants of this office, and ilia hoped that a new bill, more In accordance with the necessities of this branch of the public service may be framed and presented for tbe consideration of Congress at an early day. Without here Investigating in detail what, in my opinion, should be asked on behalf of this office in the way of reorganization It is suggested, generally, that the appointment of temporary e’erks be discontinued, and authority granted for the regular appointment of the full number of clerks and employee now required. Of the ten principals beads of division* In this office, at least five are justly untitled to salaries of $2,210, and tbe remaining five should in my opinion, receive J2.00J per annum. An addition offifty percent throughout to the salaries of all clerks and employes as fixed by law, before tbe late war, would hardly make good the advance which has taken place In the expense of living. Nor would such increase more than keep pace with the average advance of wages and salaries in other callings. In my last annual report attention was called to ihe advantages to be derived from the appoint ment of a Consulting and Supervising Surgeon for this office. Fuitncrexperieuceonly confirms my previous opinions as to tbe expediency of legisla tion providing for such an officer. 1 would also respectfully repeal my former suggestions as to the desirableness of more complete information tlan is at present attainable hero, as to the lor e>g-> pension systems, and of an per sonal observation of their practical workings, du lr imported lo the Government. The business of this Bureau is in a favorable coioiiiou, though, for reasons already stated, not brought up as closely as was hoped at tbe date of mj last annual report. Ihe number of cases dis posed ofdnriug tbe fiscal year, without any mate rial Increase of ihe clerical force, was greater by about nnc-fourth than during the year preceding. The labor devolving npon tbe Pension Office du ing the current year will be nearly or quite double ihai of any previous year since my con nection with It. As a consequence without tbe ►utgi-Mvd re-o'ganizattou and increase of force, the business must Inevitably fall very much in ar rtari*. Earnestly deprecating such a result it is my earnest hope that Congress, at its approaching session, will take prompt action on tbi* subject. 1 have the honor to ue very respcc'fully, Your obedient servant, Joseph n. lUnrurPT, Don. 0. n. Bnowsrao. Commissioner. Secretary of the Interior. THE CANAL EXTENSION. Kejiort or a Committee to the Soper- Tl*on* of Bureau County. To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Bureau County: Tbe undersigned special committee to consider and report on the subject of the Canal Extension, bee leave to present the following resolutions, and recommend their adoption: L. D WmnKo, . B. N. Stevens, W. F. liAWTOX, Committee. JUsolrta, That wc hail with the highest satis faction tlio report of the survey of the Canal from Hu- Illinois River to the Mississippi, which report demonstrates beyond question that the route is eminently feasible for constructing a first-class canal. y.vso/rtd. That tbe construction of this canal, with a navigable feeder to Sterling aod Dixon, to gether with the improvement of the niluoU and Rock Rivers, opening np a grand system of in ternal navigation, and completing the connection by water between theMissis-ippiand tbe lakes on the line of the greatest continental commerce, aie works of Immediate and lasting importance, the most so of any now !u progress or contemplation easlof the Missouri River, required by the agri cultural and commercial interest* of Ihe whole country, and arc enterprises worthy of the public -pint, greatness, and high desuuy of the State of IRiiolP. * * HftoUfd, That In view of the valtc of the In vestment In these works and the ample revenue to be derived from them when completed, as well as to insure cheap transportation to tbe people, wc are decidedly and emphatically in favor of their construction and ownerehip by tbe State. litsoltnl. That feeling a just pride in the won derful growth and prosperity of Chicago, and Id every undertaking that snail legitimately tend to further develop that growth and prosperity, and believing that the immediate construction of the proposed canal and river improvements would vastly promote the development of oar great com mercial centre, we, the Board of Supervisors of the county offiuroan, hereby commend the above named projects to tbc careful and considerate at tenrion or the people of Chicago, as ob jects worby of their immediate action, and which riionld command every reasonable effort on their pnu lo secure their early accomplishment Ji**olrfd, That wc recommend the friends of canal and river improvement? to hold a genera) ccnvcu'lrru In Chicago in Deeembcrnext, to coun sel together ana to lake such action as mar bo deemed expedient. That there be appointed a committee of five citizens nitbe county, including the Chair* mao of iht Board, lo a term such convention when held.and to so to bpringileld daring the session of the next Legislature. i(, in their opinion,such atterdanec will tend to fonvard the Interests of the enterprise. On motion of Mr. Whiting, the resolutions were adopted. 1m- chair appointed as such Committee Messrs. 1.. D. Whiling, B. N. Stevens, C. Baldwin, W. M. Whipple, 11. Ilnnter. GRIFFITH GAUNT. . The production of the new sensjuon drama ” Griffith Gaunt” at two diflercut theatres on the fame evening, created a general cariosity regard ing It, and despite the bad weather both places were well attended. The version given at the Museum is the one executed by Augustin Paly, of New York, and presented snccessiullyln that city. That giv.n at McVlcko.-’s Is a dramatization by Mr. Gcoige J- Aiken, of the Museum. Both versions while differing materially tbo one from the other, present a pretty close ap proximation to tbe plot of Charles IP ad o s novel. In both much is omitted, and a coed deal added. The story itself, as given at (lie Museum, is somewhat intricate and scarcely admits of such close conicoiiailon as we are com- pelted,'for want of spate, to give it. Griffith (taunt is a young man who gets into serious matrimonial difficulties. He marries a vonng hcitcss with large estates, hut with stronger reli gions tendencies than is agreeable to the taste of i>er hatband. Troubles soon arise. He Is fond of hunting and amusement, she of fasting and devotional exercises. A young father Confessor appears on the scene, and tbe Jcaloos Griffith, mistaking a pure Platonic mutual regard which exists between Urn and bis wife, denounces the latter as a wanton, Cees to a distant shore, and turns up in a dying condition, ala country inn. Here be becomes enamored of the landlord’s daughter who tends bun in his sickness, and marries her under an* assumed name. But the secret la discovered by m.-aua of a wandering piddKr. a kird of relative of the Gaunt family, and tbe first Mrs. Gaunt comes to bear of it This occsrioos trouble enough, aid excites tbo anger of the injured lady to suen a pitch of frenzy that she threaten* to kill him. Strangely enough a murder }* done that very night, and subsequent ly a body is found in tbo lake, which is supposed ’to be that of Griffith Gannlr The wjfc is tried (or the murder ot her husband, and is iu*-t about to be convicted, when to the general joj-of all. Griffith reaj>pcarji. aiivo and well. I wa« not him. but the aforesaid peddler, who had been drowned, and whose dead face bore some resemblance to bis relative. So everything ends happily for all except the unfortunate second vile, of whom nothing morels heard. The play Is full of incident, and moves along with a rapid action, disclosing scenes of pathos and of mirth in every act. Tbe play was produced at the Mttfteam last night with pre-eminent success. It weal off ad mirably, and thoroughly enlisted tbe sympathies of the audience. Indeed, w-have rot recently witnessed any performance al this theatre which was so nMy and so equally MiMaincd. Each mem ber of lb e corps seemed to have the verypait culled to his capacity, and without an exception every pait was rendered with point and spirit. We have not space to characterize separately Ihe acting of each of ihc parts, yet we cannot omit tQnotc the very importau> aid given to the whole representation by the excellent scenery produced bv Mr. Voegtlin,the scenic artist. Great ca>c. as well as superior artistic power, is manl fesi in crerv scene. Particularly is this shown In the Fair seme, which la a prominent feature of the plav, and where so much depends upon the surroundings. The sepornotueraries were ail well drilled, 100, and tbe whole scene was a realt ratio’ ot the old-fashioned English Country Fair. Griffith promise- to be a taking piece, and will doub’iess oold the stage longer than the present week. Al McVickcr's Theatre the play Is a more lit eral itanscnpttou of the novel, yet there la a much closer similarity in the two than might be exported In two independently written sketches of the one Ihrrae. The pterc at McVtckes’s I well put on the stage, but it lacks tbe Fair scene, with its oddities, which impart so much of inter est lo the Museum version. Tbe part ol Griffith Gannt is taken by Mr. (anrence Barrett, who is well known here from his inimitable delineation of ‘'Elliot Grey,” in “Roscdalc,” and other char acters. He sustained the part In an admirable manner, exhibiting all the hre and energy which the most fffstidlons critic could desire, yet wita onl oVrstepping (he bounds of the natural. Ho was Indifferently well supported. We shall speak more al length hercaiter. is«. issa. iso. 63 SI IS . 2.TIS . LSU lA7J . 4.723 SAW . , ai 4.»i mi . MO 433 5“ Itches Wefteks.—The sale of tickets com mences at the Opera House this morula;. The Cmcr* is more a'traclire than ever. lue Benefit CoynuT given lasi evening In the Opera House for the Y. M. C. A., was a grand enc cess, both artistically and flnaselaiy. .11,307 &>U7 14.790 1891. ISSS, 1566, ..IS 3 l ~ l,t'9 1.113 931 Film.—Abonl 12:30 this morning the Depart ment was called om by an alarm irom the eighth district, caused by the breaKlng ont of a fire In ibe f!o«er and plant store of Oliver S Ford, Jfo. 8: Washington street. The flic was discovered ere it had made any headway, and was quickly eirngtUfhcd. Damages about SI,OOO. LOCAL MATTERS. * Ithbop’s and oivlnn, Inclndlntr the Rets. Potter, Hopkins Dlx, Tyng, Smith, Newton, Cox. Morgan, Weston, Huntington, Mnhlenb-rg and Yicton : also Gustave Dore. artist; Kate Bate man actress: King and queen of Prussia; Thiers, the Statesman : with articles on the Characters of SLaksyeare: Education, by John Neal; society; StiOißcc; Walking: Shaking Hands: A Natural Life; Htalih; Sleep: Death; ia December Piwcxo eocicai JornNAE. Pictorial Double No. SO cents: a year, $2; Newsmen have it. Address FowtEU* W llia. No. 559 Broidwxy, New York or Western News Company, Chicago: Cotton Packed Safety l.ampa.—For burning Benzine, Ugotinc. Pelroleophei’e, Phos gene and all other products of Petroleum. Burners fbr same and lamp goods generally. Send fer ciicular. Edqab £ Cavan, No. do Malden lane, New York. 1.000,000 fellow beings annually sacrificed on the altar of Ignorance, tbne mil lions dally, hourly, momentarily, sufferlna irons discasi d lungs, who by tho timely use of Mars den’s Pectoral Balm would enjoy perfect health. For sale bv all Druggists. Bcbxuaxs & Van Scuaace. 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Manufactured by Caswell, Mack £ Co., Hew York- Sold by ill druggists.^ A Sure Pile Cnre.-l)r, Gilbert** Pile Instrument positively core* the worst cases of piles. Sect hy mall on receipt of $4. Circular? free. Sold by .druggists, 'Agent* wanted every where. Address J. B. Boiuiss, Manager. Ho. 575 Broadway, New York. rloalntr Ont tale of Skate*,— Rfmon Hlrech £ Co. wish to call (he attention of citvand country dealers to their stock of skates a't re duced prices. Purchasers will do well to call at their factory. Nos. 231 to 292 Ewingstreet, be tween llaisted and Blue Island sveuae, before purchasing elsewhere. Blue Island arcane cars run within half a block of the factory. Onr Country Friends In wont of Goods of any kind from Chicago will do well to send their ciders cither by mall or express to the Ex press Companies* Purchasing Agent, A. L. 6ilm aon. Paper Hangtnca and Window Shades at greatly reduced prices. P. £. Blgby, 83 Han dolph-sl. New York Markets. Hxw Tore. Decembers. Firmer, at S3tfa3J#c fir middling up- Fwira—Without decided change. Sale* of extra State at 99.55Q1d.39 ; round hoop Ohio, Ito.o-Aau.s-, trade brands. |HJSaaiS.W; Southern do ir doll and drooping, at tu.30Ai2.79 tor common, ood ilLssatwu for fancy and extra. Obaei— Wheat doll and nominal, with sales at RA3 for Ko. 3 Milwaukee, and *3.33 for choice No. 3 Mllwan kre. Oats more steady, at 6iQ(3e for Chicago and Milwaukee; G&aQHc for choice Ohio, aod 65 Vc lor ex tra. Corn Ichlgner, with scarcely so much doing: sales at IU6 tor shipping mixed Western U store, mod 91.30 afloat, closing doll. 1 Wtnssrr-Qniet and unchanged. Paovmojra-Porß—Heavy, with sale# at t31.50Gtt1.7S for new n_«*: fn. 31 tegular and casn, closing at |3i.CO regnlsrlor all mess, and J9A3 for prime: alao, SAUObrl* new mew for December and January, seller ana buyer, at t30.90d3L90. Beef heavy at previous Slice*. Beef hams heavy at |31.00(»3a.tX1. Baren— eavyatllUc for Cumberland cut, and liailuc for ►Port ribbed. Cot meat* heavy at s&tOXe tor shoul ders, and 13813 c for bams. Lard—ls a shade eai'er. with sales at ami small l~>taat sSk(ki3;-ie. GCOCBEIT& Coffee—Dull and nominal. PrrßOLEc«—Dull and heavy at 2tc tor crude, and 31 V&S2c tor rebned la bond. Dbewsd Hogb—Lower. at tor Western. There Is a good general export Inquiry for floor and all grains, but would not pay freely at the advance asked. The supply of low evades spring wheat is icarly exhausted, and mlllcn are a little nervous about the better grades, but still bold off. The stocks of grain in store are: 1,146,000 bn wheat, 2,960,005 ba corn, 'AOTO.OCO bu oata, it,ooo bu rye, 1.516.0C0 ba barley. raonstoss. Pork—Old sold, at-the close, at and new is nominal at 930.79, Hams are lower; sweet pickled 12 Vc. DOOB. Receipts, 56 cars far two days. Selling at 6*97c, xhissmkd noos. Sales since 'Change at S3<c for heavy. rsejojira. Freights a shade easier, com to Liverpool, by sail. U. OCOCZBIZB. Coffee—Bio 22a25c, and dolt. Sugar—Fair to prime and quiet. gold—Lower, opening at 141, advancing to my. and closing at 140&- * F height* ro LiVkEPooL—Firmer. stocks— Finn- Gold .140# | Raiding.... 117 V Itock island ....101* N.V.C lts« Northwestern 43 ) Pacific Mall 19I 7 * Ft, Wayne 106 Iw. U. Tel « Clcv.d: To!. ..114 I Ohio A Mias, certs... **9v Northwestern pfd ... 69 15-20 coup-'64 10C« lit. Cent. ....119* • 5-aocoop.,new issue.ioay Mich, tiouthern is 1 7-aos. Sd„. v _ NewYoa*. Decembers. The Expreif fourth edition money article says; Tbs wcca opens with an increased ease In money. Call loans may be quoted at 5#6 per cent, with more buxi nes* at Uic lower rales. There havebeen,however, some transactions at 4 per cent on Governments. Prime paper is current at percent. Gold closed op at UOyoUL The Foreign Exchange market la quiet and steady at KOwqioov for prime banker* nt M day*, and UOV@IIO\ for short sight u •■•re is no change In the Continental rates. tut uovernnifnt Securities were a rractiuu utm“ toward the close of the day. The following were the closing prices: KcgiMered. ’Sl.lMVfiMttV *-30 Jane IKS3IO3V Coupons,'id....ll3.K®ll.‘tv 7-30 July 105V®!03k MOreg.’O ICttwaiM* Jane ccidp^ , 6L...:.*ll6 vjo «oup. July comp., *w us w 520 do.'W .....locvfttosv August comp., *6i....U5^ 5-aOdo,'6S lo7>t(sU y 7hi Octobercomp., ’61....114 5-'io do.’ta Jan. December comp-'61..113 and Jaiy....aosx&tQai( May comp., m« I<WO ree. WVSSSS August comp., ’G5....110U 1(M0 cooyon*.. 99T< *loo* SoDtembercimp., '63.1W *-oD Aog lOVSIOV 1 October comp., *63...109V The stock m&rK'-t was stronger at the last op*a Board, acd (here waa a general Improvement In prices. Pbicxr—The following were the doting quotations at 4JO p. m.: p. AM. Cert*.. »v® 29V I Reading. 119K91UV N.T.C I idlcb. Boatbtm Bij<S 53V Eric 73V® 73V I MISLNQ STOCKS—The t£L r ~ firm. oak nin ix Quartz Hill 500 Long island Feat.... 405 KcnschoffK. 500 liynd Farm S 5 Alpine SlO i»e aware. US American flog 195 Benton 130 Krw Tons, Monday Evening, Decembers. Bnr Cattle—There were yarded at the National Yards, Yorkvllle. SATO head, of whicb.s3l were from New York; CSS from Ohio; 195 (Tom Kentucky; IS9 from Indiana; SS from Michigan; 1,033 Iroro DUnols. The weather was clear, mild, and la every way favorable tor operations. The market opened brisk at \'3Xc advance, bat later In the day grew doll, tad the advance was lost, trade closing ijlull with not.all sold. The average quality was fair. • The following are the current prices: A.TICSK.fXKNXS. Markets hr Telegraph. LATER NEW )OBE MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.]’ New Yobx. December i. Money and Mocks In New York. New Tons, Decembers, Easy and steaor at A 3 5 per cent. STEtLixo Excqaxgs—Wnlet at 109V(*I09 v; GontcKKE-vr Stocks—A shade firmer. sg shared were quiet and Burroughs 41 cons. Gregory 965 Do do 990 Corydon. sio Gunnell G 95 UopeG 90 Davidson Cop- 93 Walldtl Lead 150 Ayers mill and tnig.,.4300 NEW YORK CATTLE MARKET, Sr ales at tbc National Yards, Vorkvlllc. ;Reported for the Chicago Itloonc.} *rt qua ty ..ISfclCJfc I’d quality...- iftgis c Sd quality c Average price paid, Ufcc, which Is Xc higher, owing partly to the light supply, and partly to the Improved quality of the stock. sheep—'The market Is ovcntotkstLdall andweak. Prices declined Xc 10-dsy. Prices range SX36XC. a few extra Lambs sold at 6 4®9Xc. n.’O*— Received 50 cars. The market Is very dull, and ortcc* have declined le since last report, and Xc *lnce Saturday, The tollowlng are the total receipts of stock at all the New York markets: Beef Cattle.. Sheep Bedford & Kennedy sold Cl bead tot Kentucky, aver* aging 750 as, at IStfc- N. Snyder sells 161 bead Ohio, averaging 675 tbs, at David Sclsor sells 60 head Ohio, averaging 850 as. at 16c. Coon & Hasbnrg sell 64 bead Kentucky, averaging SIS as, at iCX?. Wood & Gillespie sell 131 hind, averaging C7S hsjat 13X316C. W. K. McKay A Co. sen 97 head, averaging TOO Cs, alisc. J.Thompson sells 87 head, averaging 600 as, at 14c. Messenger A Hedges sells 63 bead, averaging 603 es. at I3*c. J. McFhtrson sell 7S headj averaging GOO fts, at 12K«i5c. .1. T. Alexander sells 40 head, averaging CM) as, at 12&15C. J. B. Goodwin sells 60 head, Averaging CIO as, at I3<sisc. [ASSOCIATED PEES 9 BEPOBT.I Berve*—Supply for the we*k 5.010; previous week 6.IJS; a decrease of ÜBS. Except for nrlmest cattle. 15c per c> was the market price. Alter this week there wttf he a mart cl on Thur.days and Fridays at the Na tliTial Yards. Milch Cow*—'No Improvement la milch cows, good to extra good ranting ir»m <53.000 to 9 ino.M. Vr-u. Caxves—Brought from SjUXc, according to quality. BticrPAXP Lucas —Sold at s®Bc. Swine—Live weight, sold 4 at f VIW Bl; drosed, a, sxsw. Slilwsßliee Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribcse.l Mavicm, Decembers. pLors—Dull and unchanged. Sales at f 9.6089.33 lor

good to choice extra. Geaix—Wheat unchanged. Sales at the 9 a. m. board of 4.C00 bn at $3.03 for No. 1, f 1 77X51.7S tor No. g. and 91.C531.CE tor No. S; at the noon board sales ol 4,t00 bn at (2.05 tor No. land |j.7SXtorNo.3. Corn unchanged; sales at SAiSJC. Rye steady; sales 400 bn No. 3 at S3c. Peotbuoxs—Dnll. Sales 300 brls pork at 9JLSO tor clear mess and ( 18J0319J30 tor common. Btzssm Hoos—Uuchanged. Sales at di viding on 300 BS. Lite Hot.s— Vc lower. Sales at f 5.1X136.50. brls floor, 12.000 bn wheat, 5,000 bn oats. EntvaiaT*— brls floor, it.(WO bn wheat. Cloclnnntl Market, [Special Despatch to the Cnlcago Tribune.} dsct-tJfan, December s. Fiore—Dull and depressed: *sK* of soperfioc at (9.(o;extra9ll.CO; family9l37s^lXoo. Geaix—Wheat doll and nominal; No.l winter 12.75-. do spring (?J5. Com scarce and firmer; new shelled »fi C ; cor Oats active and l®Sc higher; sale* of No.l at 49350 c. Rye qnlet; sales olNo. 1 at (1-13. t>arlcy dull and nominal. Cottom—Declined Xc, closing firmer; middling so.sesic. WtiwxxT—ictower; bonded dull at 33c. Promaioy*—Opcord firm bnt closed weak; mc«s pork In good demand; aolesSOC brls at (19.00; 490 do at 919A0. Bacon 1* in better demand; salesof shonlccr* at toe; clear sides 14c picked. Bulk meats doll: sales cf shoulders at Sc packed. Green meats closed dnf; shoulder* sic; sloes <S’C; hams l\c. Lard declined Lc, closing doll; »mallsales prime kettle at 13c; steam UNO. Hod*—Declined 25@35c? closing doll at (5.5335.75 grow; (7.oonet. Receipts,B,7oo, Mom—Close, exchange steady; psr and 1® pre mium. Vessels Passed Detroit. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Ttltnme.l vcTkoir, December 3. Up—Champion. Notice—There wiH be no forthtr reports this s«s scm. WlSD—SoathfMt. New Yon Weekly Bank Statement. New Y< be. December 3. I*ao* Decrease *L*H,747 hr*c>e. 1U6M70 Decrease S4kSSB Circulation M.9W349 l«ctUunder*... 20>5R.917 Decrease 4.K33J7 Deposit* 6U.»Wa Decrease 83.796 Toledo Market. ToLzoo, P«e*nb*r S. Or am—'Wheat quiet and le lower; t3.19f0rN0.l sprint. Corn doll; hoc for No. 1; 09c for No. 2. .Oats nr.chanc'd. Kyc quiet. nrctirrs I.asr Wots— brls Conr; 39,000 hu wheat; 46.C00l»ucom; 10,000buoats; LOU) hu rye, 17. c CO ha barley. 4S.KD hrls Hoar; *O,OOO hu wheat 63,0)0 bn com ; 90.000 hu oats; S.OOC hu rye. Buffalo Market. BrrraLo, Decembers. FLont-f 11.00 for No. 1 spring; gUAOaUAO Ibr Western white. _ Gnats—Wheat Snn and quiet; No. 3 Milwaukee %1 C 5; No. 3do held at Com quiet: a boat ♦HO by host load. Oat* quiet. Barley—Canada fiJM At (?. Rye—99c®fl.Co. peas-|1.19«145. Ptovim Port f3l.5dg.SOC. Lard 11215 c. DBE-'Ktn Hoos—Pc. FriiGme— Four load* com to New York at 19c. Ttmarrs— Floor. 9.333 brl*: wheat. 7SS.3W bu; com, lTO.49jbn: oat*. 96.176bn; hartey. I.S9ha.> DIED. In this ciu. i.n the 5d imtant, MARY AGNES, ycr-nrest daughter of Patrick aaj Jane Malloy, aged 13 huccral trom the residence of her parent* to-day, at 10 o’clock, Friends ol the family *re respectfully re o<.r»ud to attend. ®fic Jfine arts. QROSBT OPERA. HORSE ART ASSOCIATION, n>e /Moving Splendid Painiinfft are now in the Ari Qaltert: THE RECOGNITION! Constant Stayer** Great Work. 9 Schueiele't MINE INO HIS FRIENDS. Lcuiie’i Fine Picture of C - IR; .A. £T T ! gy Free to IToJdtrt of Cert if cates. amusements. r-JEO&BT’S OPERA HOUSE. j.r. RAYMOND asn MaSaqer, Enjragemcntfor a limited number of night* with the beautiful and accomplished STAB Of THE EAST, LUCILLE WESTERN, CommeaclDS WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER Stb, la Her world-famed i eodlUon of LADY JbADEL AND MAD AVI VINE. In C. W. Tajleurc's orlrfnal dramatization of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT, Supported by MiM M. E. GORDON. Mr. THEO. HAM ILTON, Mr. WcKEE BaNKIN, nnd a full and efficient Company. Tbe Play ol EAST LYNNE baa achieved a complete success when presented DyMISS nCSTBUN. and has bees produced in the principal cities of the East SEABLX 1,000 TIMES, To (be most fashionable and appreciative audiences ever aastmlded by any dramatic enactment, the artist proving, to the satisfaction of THE LARGEST AUDIENCES EVER CONGRE GATED, By her Incomparable impersonation of tbe cbarae* tera ot LADY ISABEL and MADAM.VISE, That she alone can make for her play the success It has achieved; while TEARS ASD SOBS, And other signs of EMOTIONAL SYMPATHY, Evoked from overflowing audiences, attest the PUKE MORALITY OF THE PLAY, ITS WONDERFUL . DOMESTIC PICTURES—ITS CORRECT DRAWINGS OF SOCIETY, THE TORTURES OF A JEALOUS MIND—THE PERNICIOUS INFLUENCES OF CONJUGAL DISTRUST—THE PLEASURES OF A HAPPY SOME—THE MISERY OF SEPARATION, THE STRENGTH OF MATERNAL TIES, THE VACILLATIONS OF LIFE. a*£ ”H 2 TERRORS OF DEATH, As especially presented by the Implorations of unfor tunate, wretched Lady Isabel lor forgiveness foum HER DEEPLY-WRONGED HUSBAND. This Play has doubtless done more actual good to the community, wherever It has been pertonned, than any other w» tch has ever been played m the country, atid a more thorough connctlou ot this fact cannot be bad than may be seen aoT t leht of Us performance, in the bIITER TEARS OF MEN AND WOMEN who crowd the Theatre nightly to see Miss Western's per formance in the principal character. Admission. McenU; Reserved Scats.7s Cents; Bal cony Boxes. (4 Kata) (4.00; Family Circle, 30 cento, Entrance on State-st. Proscenium Boxes,fS.oo to 110.00. UoxofiUecpen tor sale uf seats Monday morning, Decemb* r So, at 9 o’clock. 2 ‘Y/'AMETT .THEATRE. Mr. ED. WRIGHT. * Business Agent GREAT ATTRACTION OFFERED. Appearance of the excellent Ethiopian Comedian and Vocalist, BILLY BARRY. THIS EVENING will be produced the great two-act Drama, THE PHANTOM, With the advantages of effective scenery, appoint* marts.&c. X3T Remember, TWO ENTIRE COMPANIES the came evening. THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AND COLI9RUM, CIR CUS AND MENAGERIE- First appearance in Chi cago of MR. J A MEB REYNOLDS, tne favorite Clown and Comic Singer. Re-engagement ot JOES LUVT LOW, Great American Clown and Jester. Firs, ap pearance of MR. WM. DUTTON, the Great Summer fault Rider. On and after MONDAY, Dec. 3d, by re quest of many citizens, and to feeennp wlto the times, we have reduced onr Prices, u lolluws: Admission— Arm Cl aln in Dress Circle, SO els.; Beat* Reserved in Dress Circle, 75 ct».; Faml iy Circle. 30 eta.; Boxes fbr Colored Persons. SO els.; Private Boxes, <5; beats In Private Boxes. $1; Admission to Matinee to all parts of the tense, 30 cts.; children under o, 20 cts; children tinder 8. tree. SOL. TVOOO’S MUSEUM. ~ J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusement! F. E. AIKK> Stage Manager XROS. BARKY production of the Great Dramatic Sen«atlon of the Dar.aPlay of the Passions,now performing nightly In »*’ York to crowded houses. OT Commence at *; before S. on Tuesday evening, Pec. 4th. and rvery night, will be presented a Drama by Ancustln Daiy, author ot “Leah, the Forsaken,” entitled GRIFFITH GAUNT; or,•lssbocsT. Founded on Charlesßeadc’scelebratednovel. Wednes day and Saturday Afternoons, Grand Griihtb Gaunt Matinee. ' Tc VIOKER’S THEATRE. rcVi CKER & MYERS AIANAGKBS Engagement of the young American Actor, MR. LAWRENCE P. BARRETT, Who will appear on Monday and every evening until tunher notice, in the Drama, in five acts, dramatized by Geo. L, Alien from Chat. Beade’a popular Novel, entitled GRIFFITH GAUNT: or. Jealmtst. Griffith Gaunt Mr. LawrenceP. Barrett Frtdav—-Benefit of Mr. Barrett. Samroay—t’arrclt Matinee. In rehearsal—Koscdale. -JAKCING PAKTT. This evening, MIRASOLE will give his nsual TUESDAY EVSKINa PASTY. gy Juvenile Class will meet this afternoon. Ladles are invited to attend. ©)e Hectare Season. yOOHG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. , John B. Gough Will deliver bis Instructive and Entertaining Lecture* Entitled* “ HERE AND THEREIN GREAT BRITAIN,” ON TUESDAY EVENING, DEC. 4, AT CEOSBTS OPEHA HOUSE, Commencing at 8 o’clock. ThlsLecturehas not b«n delivered In Chicago within two or three year* past ana is generally considered one of Mr. Gough's most interesting Lectures. Tickets 50 cents. Reserved scats 25 cents extra. The sal* of Reserved Beats will commence on M'n* dav monster. Dec. S, at 9 o’clock, at the Ticket Office ot 'Crosbj’s Opera IIon»e. _ _ J A. C. McCLURG, Cot. Sec. Y, M. A. Jfinc jfurnitutc. J7CRNITURE ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, MASCFACTUBEK AND DEALER IN RICH, MEDIUM AND COMMON Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS. &c. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT and IX) WEST PRICES Of any hcasc In the W est. tsr It Is the SPECIAL INTEREST ot every person wanting goods tn mj Uue, to call and examine, S'" and 89 State-st., Chicago. Ruction Sales. A. EUTTERS & CO M Auctioneers & Commission Merchants P ELMER’S BLOCK, ■pQIO 44 A 46 BAXDOI.PH-ST, LIBRAKY oi Classical and Miscellane* nous Book*. AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, D*c. 4th. at 10 o’clock, at Batter*’ Salesroom*. Palmer's Block. 44 ana 4 tf Raodo'pb-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO^Ancfr*. Auction sale of groceries— Sugar, Tea. Tobacco, Cigars. Hardware, Black smith's Force and Bello**. Gouuy Bacv, Wines.ic on WEDNESDAY. Decttnoer stb. K 9N o’ckok. at Bntter*’Saicsroomf. tn Palmer's Block. 44 and 46 Randolph tt. - WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO„ Aoct’rs. Dht goods, cloths, OASSI* MERES, aothlng. Boot* and Shoes, Hats, Caps, cii Gocds.dc^ AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY. Dec. 6ih nt 9 u o’etAck. at Batters’ Salesrooms m Palmer's Block, 44 aud 46 Randotpb st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aoettoneem. PEUEMPTORT bALE BOO White Blankets, AT AUCTION, Oo THURSDAY, ijw o’clock, at Batters’ Salesroom*. In Palmer’s block, 44 and 4 6 Randolph* at. WM.A. BCTIEBS& CO., AotUODUn. T t aLTJaBLE GOLD WATCH and \ Chain, Diamond Rir g and Pin. AT AUCTION, To pay arwaace and charge*. Os THURSDAY, l>ec. Oh. at 13 o’clock, at Setters’ Salesrooms, 44 and 4 C Ttaa-tnlph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO- Anctloneer*. T7NTIPE bTOCK of a Shoe Dealer I 1; _ AT ACCnOS. ~- unTRTDAY. Dec. Tib, at 9k o'clock, at Batter*’Sales room*. In Palmer* Blcek, 44 and 46 Randolph**:. Also, 90 case* best Quant? Chicago-made boots. WM. A. BUTTERS A CD-, Auctioneers. . A SSIQIn EE S SALE—Entire stock, ma- XJL chlnery and fixture* of a Boot and Shoe Factory, AT AUCTION. Without rwrrr, tor rn-h, oa MONDAY, Dec. 10th, at 10 o'clock, at Store 183 Lake-*u up stairs. By order of J. W. owrum. Arslan. WM. A. BUTTERS h VIO.. Auctioneer*. LIBRARY of Classical and iliscclia* aeous Books AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. Dec. I. at 10 o’clock, at Batten* Sales rooms, In Palmer - * Block, Nca. 44 and 46 Randolph ihaßookscanhcseenoo Monday afternoon. WM. A.BUTIERS A CO, AUCt’s. BT. LEE, City Auctioneer, • I*3 DBABBORN-ST. CLOTHING AT AUCTION, Erery erening thl* week. Coats, Paau, VetU, Shlru, Rile of Furniture oa Thursday. tJTo iXent—Jßouses. v T) RENT—By Wm. D. Kerloot. 80 Waablxgtoa-*C, 8 new booses, oa Ue southwest eoreer of Hubbard sod Beoben-st-., j-,«t«inii,y 8 or 9 rooms each. Bcut-RSD per month. • 'T'O RENT—A first-class famishedhouse X at Harlem, elghtmlle'tram the citron the Galena Ha'lroad. Freauent accommodation trains to and from the city. The tenant win be de tred to hoard (he owner's family. Apply to JAMES W.BCOVILLE,at Boom So. 18 Coon boose, - TO RENT—A block ol two-story frame dwellings, entirely row, 9 lanumber, pleasantly •mated on the Konh Bide, near the hone railway, bfr tv'cnjaSancaßd Wetls-st*., on Eagvno. Toe shore dwellings win be rented ax a low price to ratable ten apis. App>y to J.BuaNLAH.7 Masonic Temple. - rpO RENT—An elegant houce, 64 Park- X av., one block west of union-park. Key* can be obtained at CS Park-ay. Fox term* inquire at 333 basest. TO RENT—House, No. 233 North La- Palle-st- containing twelve rooms, gas sod water. Fnitltnre sold if desired. Isqtpre on the premises. •'T'O KENT—btory and a half hou?e, 7 A room*, pantry and closets, in a good celghtwr hood. >*33 west convenient to cars. Beat low. Apply at it gg Washtngtoii-st. f’PO RENT—A new two-story and base- JL meat house, remaining eight rooms and closets, hi dry t water. >o. 33 Cittaxe-placc. Apply to X. B. FITCH £ CO., 167 Dearbora-St. 'T'ORENT—A Cottage House to rent X and furniture tot sale. '334 Fnlton-st. House contain* six rooms and closets. Apply on the pre mise*. TD RENT—House, 564 West Lake-st, fronting on Union Park, marble front, with aU modern improvements, good bam, Ac. P*«««4loa given immediately. Inquire of j. CARPEKTER, 17 Bt. John's-place, or at the U. s. Marital's Office. TD RENT—If you want to rent a house, bay sbonecor ttll * house or lot call at onr o{- ect borne bargain* ottering. GEORGE A WIL LIAMS. 7 Boom Ciark-tU r T'O KENT—Cottage house on Jefferson- X St., near Burlington Railroad croastog. |U per month, inquire DAKIEL SLATIEBY, corner Caaal at ft Adams-vu., lumber cfflcc, O BEX .ii»KT—House in a good location, od tbe South Bide, callable for a prime dwelltrr or board In b bonce, and furniture lor aale. Inquire at 13 Eatt Bandolpb-ct. rro RENT—Two neat cottages, contain- JL It’S ~ rooms, pantry nod rreaae*, on Jackaon, we*t ofTloynest. inquire of Mrs. D. PRATT, Intelligence ode*. iaQ Sooth Clsrk-at. T) RENT—New tenement, corner of Twenty-ninth ard State-au., 4 rooms, 2 clothe* presses and pantry. Real fl 6 per month. Inquire at atore corner Twenty-ninth and State-ats. TO RENT—A three-story bnck house. Aim the lover floor of a frame bom**, both in a Asdrable location, near the street car*. Apply at 213 &o Kcnt-Jiooms, TO RENT—Room, 2£xoo, with steam power. eoa-ai. XO RENT —On South Side, five rooms, four closets, water, etc. Furniture fop sale in. Rent. >35 a month. Apply to ,l. H. pat.v, 6, So. 89 Washlccton-st. TO RENT—No. 130 "West Randolph st, three pleasant rooms and closet, with furniture ai u carpets for sale. Inquire ol 3.4 s. McKIGHO -7%K?rFe,£Bt-°.ft -°. f I 9 * Wwt Randolph*?. RENT—Funvjjbed lodging rooms, -A, furnished and kept In order, to Waler-»L COt ® o ** a * , ° penuemen only, at 13 South HPO RENT—A. large and comfortably X lumkhed food room; also several other room*, convenient to bcilncf*. Suitable tot two or four gen* tjemen. Gentlemen with reference preferred. Apply at a'JCl.j State-st, TO RENI—Two suites ol unfurnished rooms to rett, with board. In a pleasant location. West SidMOmlnnlcs* walk from the Post Office, 128 Lakc-*L, room 6. nPO RENT—One single furnished room. I Also one double furnished - room, suitable tor two or four cents, at 83 Jackton-at., near Statc-it. In quire at the borne. 'T'O KENT—One well lurmshed room 3. with conveniences to board themselves. 2d floor. 217 Lake-st. ’ TO RENT—Five rooms, two closets, sellable for a email family, at No. 207 Illinois ?t„ can of Clark- Inquire cn the premises. r PO RENT—Elccant rooms, with use of .1. casnnd hath room: also first-class board u de sired at 54 Fourth-ave. rpO RENT—Two very desirable rooms, .1. on second floor. 8(1 Randolph-*!-. suitable for of fices or sleeping rooms. Apply at office of Young America Collar Co., *.tmc floor. aio&cnt-Startss, ©fficcs.&c TO RENT—Steam power and moms to rent, rear of 7-1 Randolph-sU, Conn-place, oppo site Crosby's Opera House. Apply to A. WORDEN A CO., or L. I. TODD, on the premise*. TO KENT—A warehouse, suitable for storage or manufacturing purposes, JONES A GIFFORD, 17 Lasalle-Pt., Room G. RENT—One ot the two new stores J. on South Water-st, Just cimplcled (No. 191>, next door cast of Hall. Klmbarfc&Co. B. F. sIIKR MAX. Room 12. 114 pearbont-at. TO RENT—The 2d and 3d glories ot the larce brick store occupied by M-s«ra. sil ver. Moore «fc Co.. 50x70, corner South Water at. and Mfcblean-ave..entranceonMlclilcan-are. suitable for notlnrs. clothing or boots and shoes. Apply at SIL YET, MOORE A CO., 16 and IS MUhlgap-avc. T) RENT—Store, large, lleht and de sirable. Lease and Oxtures'lor sale. Immediate possession givcin Apply all 09 Monroe-st. T) RENT—AII kinds of sewing ma chines at Scotchmtr’s sewing machine room. No. 90 Madhon-st. Ural Estate—(Eounttg. X?OK SALE—lmproved Farms—The A following firms, with valuable improvements situated In Marshall County, Illinois, near railroad derot and river* Two tarms oi S2O acres each, one oi 290 acres one of 310 aerve, one ot ICO acres, one of lIT acres, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal and timber lands, and improved property In the thriving city ol Lucon, Marshall County. Terms very reasonable. For particulars address FIBBER A SONS. Lacoo. Illinois. FOR SALE —Farming lands and ira proTfd Illinois to wlthm 100 miles of Chicago. Excellent ratlwsT aid canal facilities for market, healthy climate, ifood water. New England neighbor* ho-xls. abundant churches ami schools. The attcaflon of Eastern men I? called to thwe farms, some ot which are suitable for stock-raising oo an extensive sca'o. The low price at which they are offered presents unusual inducements forprofltsM* Investment. WM. KELSETT HKET>, Real Estate Office, 70 LaSalie-aU, Chicago. morses, firamages, Set. A WELL-BROKEN BDGGT HORSE, /■\ 7 years old and black, for sale. He can be seen Jacob Snssc's stable,on CilntOQ-aL,opposite Mechau leal Bakery. T. A. CLARK. IT’OR SALE—One pair dark bay horses, A 1 tour rears o'd, and weigh about 3,200 fcs. Can be •ecu at grocery store 141 Wells-st. rpHREE COAL CARTS, in good repair, I frrsslc. Apply to N. O. MENTON, 711 South Ctork-et.. at Union Foundry Works. OLEIGH WANTED—With two scats, Cl suitable tor one horse. Address P. 0. Drawer 6137. with price. A GOOD FAMILY HORSE, five years old. Top Buggy and Harness, for sale, at 14? Siaiost. Ruction £alcs. TTPHOLSTERY GOODS, U FURNITURE, «&o. We desire to call the attention of all buyers of Fur niture to our splendid stock oi neb and medium Par lor, Chamber. Drawing Room. Library and fDln mg U'o(Q Furniture and UpholsUry Goods: Chamber Suite* in Wax and Ebony, Pol ish and Pialn Oil Walnut; Parlor Suite* of the finest style*. In Brocatel!**, Cataline. Terry. Plu«b, heps, Moquetee, 4c. a lour goods are warranted In every particular, and will sell at price* that cannot help bnt be sathfactory. We now have lu store, and are tally receiving as rich a stock of flrat-ctaaa Furni ture as cab be found in any olber store la the < outtrv. which we invite huytrs to examine betor* buying. We have our second and third floors for the pur pose ot doing a Orst-ciass retail trade. GILBBHT & SAMPSON, 47and49 Dcarborn-sC.Chicago. Gilbeht & sampson, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 40 DEABBORN-ST., Chicago, HI. Qnr personal attention given to sales ot Household Furniture, at Auction Rooms or at dwellings. SUPERIOR FURNITURE, Linen Goods, Carpets, Stoves, Books, &c. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. Dec. 4, at 9,v o’clock, at our R-*oma, 47 and 49 Dcarbonwt., conilsilngola splendid as soitment cl and medium PABLOS. CHAMBER, LIBRARY AND DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, Including a large variety of elegant oil walnut, mar ble-top chamber suits, of 8 and 10 pieces. Cottage enameJlert chamber set*. 10 piece*. Mirror*. Picture*. crockery. Stoves: “russells. In grain, English Felt ana other Carnets. (Stair. *0 Also, a targe number ot valuable mlseellaneous Books. A large lot of Linen Goods—towels, table cloths, handkerchief*. Ac, __ „ GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anctloacen. C FECIAL SALES OF THE HOST EL- Stock oi Rich and Medium Furniture, and French Plate ITtr Glasses. AT AUCTION. That ba« ever been offered at public sale In this cltv, cn Tuesday tod Wennetday, Dec. nth and lAtu at i 6 &*uj >ck caiu day, cotalstlnz of one of the moil citen *lve stocks of new custom-made furniture In the West, and consists of the newest and most beautiful made, all of which Is made ofthebe«t seasoned wood and by the beat makers to the country. Not aa article wilt be allowed to this sale that cannot be warranted In every parUcular. and tor richness and elegance of design cannot b* surpassed. If equalled, west ofNew York. The stock consists in part of elegant parlor tcislnallttefisblonable style*made.and covered In thebotof fl'kplnth, silk cottelite, terry, moqnette. - itd hllrcfca-. ctpui: Tonn.ll Aslr., pulor. drawlng-rcomandot»er fancy chairs; geaUdi-CHS re clining. smoking and reading chairs; music stands and racks, work, slove and handkerchief boxes; Oriental and (hiding chain: very fine euceres, wita French Plate glass: ladies’ elegant pa*Jor tecretarie* and desk*, finished la ebony ana variegated In the most beautiful manner: Fretch work-tablea and stands, library book cases and secretaries, library tables, steps and Cnalrs; marble-top tabic* of beautiful stylet: the most elegant aarombeot oi fancy bracket* ever seen in Chicagu.]ast the tblt-g tor Christmas; ball trees and chair*: rcceo tlcmdlnlnt and chamber chair*, rocking chair* la gnat variety. Par Icular auntlon is mvlted to the splendid assortment of rich chamber suits, ofthe most elexant style* trade, finished and polished in oil and waxed ebeny and walnut, with chaste and elegant canr inssand moulding. Fnueb bnlsteads, rich marble top bureaus and wathsttnds. Images, ccmmcd's. Dining rooiD—oak and wsmnt Presen eztcrsloo dining übie*. with twiolt and heavy Cried leg*; dmlugchalrs in great variety: elegant oak aid walnut sldrd>oard«, with mir ror back ana marble*, wltu an immense variety of oth er goods, useful as well as ornamental. Pier oiosse«— also, several large and splendid -French plate pier glasses, all sizes, in polish black walnu;iraa:fa,flnl-a*d la the richest style. The attention ot buyers wishing first-cl*** mrnltare. Ac„ I* particularly invited to this *>le. The good* will be ou exhibition on Monday af ternoon before the sale. Country trayerscaa have their gord* packed aid shipped in the best manner. The sale will be positive and * übent reserve. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anct’A Chicago. GILBERT & SAMPSON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TRADE SALE OF Toys, Parian Ware, Photograph Albums, &c., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. December. 6m. at 9.V o’clock, at oaf salesrooms. 47 and 49 larte variety of Tors and Fancy articles, a splendid assortment of Parian Vases, Statoette*. Boxes, Ac. Also,avery6ne lotolc* cfWdoten Photozraph Aiboms, Jpst received trom Parts, with other goods, to bt sold in Quantities to suit the trade. H GILBERT • SAMPSON. Auctioneer*. BY J. M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, 1*47 DEASBORS-ST. On WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5, atlOo’doek a.m- »aleol HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND MISCELLANEOUS POOPS. iHacijinerg. rj*HE tANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EHGIHES, Shlccle Machine*. Com Mill* and Shafting. Wood* tmcsie aia«. working Machinery. LANE A OODLES. Corner ol John and Waler-au- Cincinnati. i&ss&s* lacsl Sstate—Citgi inpKWKD. TTOR SALE —By A. J. Averell, No. 7 XT Metropolitan Block. . A flve-stoi y brick se>re os Booth Watery _A hr»t-c'a»s marble-ffnntl. onse on MirJilrtn-ar-.ntwr Harrlson-st. |40,0U). A Drst-rlua home. marble-front, eo MJcWcma-ar ne*rTweifib*t,si£y»o. _ . t «v»» •■w>mmiauw. _ 46 feet cn the corner of FoortAulh-xt. and Michlgao ar.,p:flpej foot. "A fret on Michleis-ar, south of Fourteenth-st., |is) per loot. HCfeeton Wabath-ar., near Fourteenth-sC,|lso per Cost. _ 50 tret on Pralrle-av-, fronting east, near Twenty* firsts, fiao per feet. - - . jM feet on sear east ITOR SALE—A small, very handsome ' cottage ol 8 rooms and hall HU M sold Cheap. If applied {hr Immediate!?. Address P. O. BOk7aST Chicago. Fi)K SAL? — on Fulton- Stn with lot 35x1)0, to.* <*,500. and one on Warren* st., with lot 25x150. f->r f-\CC*>—bnth 'n good location and cheap, n ft CBAllLfil; corner lake and Lahalie-sts. FOB SALE—A new first-class frame dwelling bouse, containing is rooms, with all modern conveniences. No. D3'i North Ciaik-st: la nearly ready tor occupancy and. will be sold at a low price. DAVID GOODWIIXIE. . FOR SALE—In bulk or parcels, 130 feet on North Clark-ft_ with frontage of 81 feet on the river, with the building*, will be sold exceed ingly low, and oo five years' credit. Apply to G. B. S. HDGILE*. 77 IHarborn-sL, room 23. So l\oor. EOR SALE—In the Beal Estate Office of TBOMA6 D. BBTAN ft CO- Dryau Sail, w ABASH-AV m vouih ofTwelftheu, hou.«c and basement, with all modern improvements, and frame barn, and all in the best repair, with lot 35 or SOxISO feet. two*lory frame house, with modern improvements, and lot 50x125 feet, to 2>.foot alley. south of Lake-eu, two-etory feame house, with brick naacment, gas and water, and a small barn, wit lot 40x113 bet; bouse In excellent repair. JACKSON-ST., north-east comer of four two-etory frame houses and a ham, wlih lotsMx ICO teet, to ailcy, pay leg 15 per cent on outlay. lAKE-SV^westoi Idstoin-at.. two-siory new Crams house, with store; also, two-stcry frame ban, with lot 37>x250 feet, at a bargain. Abo. a large list of other Improved and unimproved city and suburban property. T?OR SALE—At a bargain—Three ent- T tact* on V» est Polk-st- between hlorgaa-st. and Blue Island av.. and lease of lots, at f3TO apiece. Ap* ply to JOHN GUNZENHACSER. 151 Bandalpb-st. P3R SALE—I{ you want to buy a house, rent a boose, or sell a bouse or lot, can at our efflee. Some bargains offering. GEOBGE4WIU* LiAhta. 7 South ciant-st. FJK SALE—House and lot on Cain* met-sv.; honfe ten rooms, large lot. stable, Ac. immediate 00--8eMlon: f3,WO ; rented Or $430. FBrEit tIUILF, 92 Moaroeat. TTOR SALE—In J. H. Keeler’s Real Es- X tste Offlce, M 9 ?Oulh Clark on Ulcfalgaa-ar. a flm-clssi brick residence, three stories and base ment •, poa>e*aioa January lat. TTOR SALE—At Union tark —A new X 1 and beantlinl residence, one that will plca«e the ladles, fc. 11. CCslillNGS,lto*m 19,No.l3ASooth C.ark-at. F)R SALE—A new two-slory frame dwelling, (10t31x150 feet) No. 1313 ludlana-av., near Twcnty-Qilh-*t. Terms easy, at (4 50). WM. RELSEYREED, Real Estate Office. 70 La>alle-«t. VNinPBOVED. £*OR SALE—In Thos. B. Bryan & Co.’s Real E-tate Office, Bi ran Hall. W ABASH-A V.. Booth of TwelftD--L, 105xl?0 (eel. UICHIGAN-AV., SDOth of Twemh-«U, HxlSO lo;t. IM)IASA-AV.,eoaUiQt bUieemh-au, SJH tccl, to lake. CALCMET-AY-, scuth of Twenty-flr«-st„ 50 feet, to lake. CALCUET-AV., south ol Twenty-9CCond-«L, 100x160 f*ct. CA LUMET-AV-, northeast earner of Twenty-third it.. iXxfrO feet. RrSH-ST., south of Superior, 53U13 feet. INDIAN A-ST., southwest corner of Pine. 50x100 feet. WaRREN-st., northeast corner ot Leavitt, 120x130 feet. MAT)ISOK-ST..wnt of Robey. 60x141 Icn. southwest corner ol Morgan, 300x100 leet. Besides which we have a large list of other unim proved and improved property, in this city and Its suburb*. F'ORSAIJE— The north halt of Block No. 41, School Section Audition, having a front age rf42r fret on Clinton and Jederwn->U., and con ry. Will b-Hild on reasonable term* br X. S. FiXCII & CO* No. IC7 Dearborn-?!. T?OR SALE—Pine Lands —2,000 acres F valnaMc pine land* for sale. In Towushio 3, N. Range 15, W„ Allozan County. Michigan. G mile* from the lake. For Particulars address A. N. LANCASTER, Wall*t.,N.Y. I 7OR SALE—Wabasb-av.—A fine lot on the northeast corner of Wuha-sh-av. and Twen tv thlrd ft.. Ni fed frontbv 160 fret deep- Lot tilled up and snm-unurd by fine shade tree*. A. .T. AVEUKLL. Beal E-taie Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—No. 1C Adams-st, extend- Ing througn to CJnlncy; lot £>xl>3 feet, with two frarre houses, now renting for I'i per cent on the price asked. #9.000. and will soon b** business property. A. .1. AV£R£LL, H-al Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Blovk. F)R SALE—On Praine-av., one block from street can. 70 fret, a very rteslnble lot. en closed. two row* of large shade trees In fr *nt. (10 ore fon less than the market pncc. GEURGE W. HILL, 17 Reynolds* Block. T7OR SAIE —Ten acres on State-st., 1* one mile south of Uml’!>. very cheap, for a few day*. ALo. other choice oni.-ldo property. J. D. UaUVEV, 7S LahtiU-; at. - Musincsß (Chances. FOR SALE—Notice to Lumbermen and Capitalist*—The largest, best and most comp etc lumber manufacturing establishment on the SLCUIr River U ohered at private sale for a limited time. The mill* are In the city of St. Clair, at tou continence of the hi. Clair and Pine river-, with a water frontage of 2,800 feet. There are two buildings: one lOt feet hy 41, with addition 35 ny 20 iret; the other f* fret by 41; ac knowledged fiy all visitors to fie the beat constructed mill* Id the state ot Michigan, containing two upright saws, one gang ot 36&awe,two edging table-. twocviV ofl saws, ci e inclined place lath machine, Wilder’s pa teiit double flooring ana sluing machine, one 24-lnch surfacing uitchlue. acd one of Evart’s patent doable automatic shingle machines. The engine and boiler bouse Is W feet by so. perfectly fire-proot. There are three U llers SCfeet long by 4 Iret diameter,cylinder Stf feet stroke, 16)< Inchc- diameter. The chimney is rut-pa, of hrlrk. 1W) leet high. The whole is m pertect order, replete with every requisite loci aud implement tor doing a large business.aad Is now running day and night. Ilgbt-d with ras. Connected with this property there is & loreet containing over mstv wiluoxs kiit of good riM tuiber, d'TW-lble and deliverable at the mills by the natural current. Thb whote property wul be so.d toccthcr. or the mltla vrill be sola separately, atd the pine soul on the stump or hv contract, rtrllvti apie at the mill* in stlpulstea quantities per annum, or hy taking payment m * percentage of the lumber when manufactured. To persons with the requisite capital this property presents greater advantages ami Inducements than any other lor sale In the Western country. The great facilities for (hipping lumber, .cither taSt or We-t. 1* alone a Jarre over mlfi* at moccremoU point*. (3AO pet M ft.being the high est >ea*on contract price paid In twelve years on lum ber from bt. Clair to Chicago, while (5.3 per 51 ft. taa been paid this season from beclnaw ii Chtcjigo. For price and tern s apply to jOilN OWEN, £*.)- at the Natonal Imm ranee Bank, cr to GEO. b. FRUbT, Esq., at the Canal Land Office, Detroit. F)R SALE—A fine stock of tin and hardware, with lease of More. Harness estab lished 1857. A splendid opportunity offered. ITlcc, (5,C00 to (0.0(0. Apply at 53 West Kaadolph-st. Pm &ALE— Or To Beni—A new hotel, 4 stories high, with a ba«ement, completed In good style, containing In all 37 rooms, situated in the growing town of Normal, at the Intersection of the Illinois central and Chicago & SL Louis Railroads, for sale or to lot V> any one properly recommended, who will apply soon, amt who Is pn pored to furnish and kfCp » well-ordered, drst-elass house. Assurances have been given that at least one of me triins on the illln- is Cennal Road will stop for brvaklast, on me opening ol the souse, ami, with adequate hotel accom n odations. a targe passenger-transfer business is ex posed to be at this point. No one need apply who cannot give sntisiactorv references .and who will rot keen a smelly temperance bouse. WM. A. PEN NELL, JEzSE W. FELL. FOU SALE—Saloon, boarding house, Rresiaurscl and fixture*. A good ch tnce for an ei.trrpmingiuan. Inquire at TS fcoulh Wells-st-or at IDS East Klnzlc-gt. TTOU SALE—The stock and fixtures of a retail grocery store. Rest low. Inquire nt 3**l South Canal-sL T?OR SALE—At a baigin, lease, stock l 1 and flxtnrcs of a well located groc-rv, doing a good bn*inets. Stock liebt and rent very low. En quire of C. GENISON. 3- West l,*kc-6t. T?OR SALK—Stock, fixtures, lease and X 1 goodwill ufa boarding house now doing a good business and centrally located. This isagreat bargain. Will do toldlcheap. inquire at room 23. Lombard Block, Custom Uotue-piacc, jnat wcit of Post Utflcc. I? OR SALE—Stock of groceries, flock of tobacco and cigar?, stock of boots and shoes. s*ock of xaillJnerv; also iron foundry, stock of hard ware. T. D. BELFIELP A CO.. 10 P. O. Block. TTOR SALE—Saloon and billiard hall, F isclndlog building?, lease ol lot. fixtures, four bil liard tables, etc.; would exchange lor a gtod farm, city real estate, improved or unimproved. The pro per y now p»ys a yearly rent of |3,UI, E. H. CUM MINGS, B« cm if). No. 132 Sontn Clark-st., 1?OR SALE—Livery stable, lease, stock, 1 etc., horse*, buggies, close roaches, harnesses, robes, lap* and horse bUniet*. Win sell separately or together. Inquire at -134 and 43(i Statt-st. N. B Ur will rent the stable. I?OR A No. 1 saloon and res -5 tamsnt and twoMllardtables, will be sold ata bargain. Inquired IIIU f-onth CUrk-M. Doing a good business. Reason lor selling is sickness. jFor Sale. T?OR SALE—The schooner Adrialic, 191 r tons, old measurement: now laid np In the port of Grand Haven, Michigan. For terms and price. Inquire of JOHN E.Tll ROOP, corner of Wells and Ilanlvm sts*. or the ownt ts, nt Grand Haven, Michigan. CUT LER* WURTS. _ FOR SALE—Three decant mirrors, French plate; two 'mantel five feet wide and five feet ted a half high, onemae feet high sod two feel seven inches wide. One scven-oclave piano, rorewood case, fine tone. Emerson make. Address, for five days, ••MIRROR,** Tribune Office. F)R SALE—Organ—A first-class make, 8 stor*. W-octtve pedals. In every way good as new. verv UtUeused. Price, IOT; Is offered lor sis days at ('175. Addreaq “ORGAN." Ttlbnne office. FOK S?ALE—Five slate bed billiard tables sccotd band. Inquire at A. D. GRIF FITTS. 171 State- Chicago, in. FOE SALE—Orexchacge for drygoods, crocene*. or bools and fboe—A bouse and Jot and bam In Milwaukee, Wts. Price fa 000. Will rent for succ per rear. Address “N A 11,” Drawer J33* MUwaakec, ftU» FOU 6ALE-“^ ne anda halt story house, in perfect repair, No. Wd Jeflerson-st. Good lease of prosed: possession Immediately. Price, *3D, Apply at 210 Bnn»lde-*L, corner Archer-road. F'OK SALE—a Ballet A Davis 7 octave piano, carved leer, nearly new. At 142 Lake->t. TTOR SALE—Three elczont black wal- X sat Store tables wjth drawers. 125 Sooth Clark* TTOR SALE—A Wilcox & Gibbs’ Sew- JP inn Machine, new; cost #"l. Will be sold at ft great sacrifice. Call at 111 Twenty-second-sL, np stairs, near Mlchlgtn-ar. T?OK HALE—Portable and btaOonacw X Engine* of a'l sixes. One 8-fret bed. IS-mch swing; one Meet bed, It-lnch swing; two 4X-feet bed, IMrxh swing; one Ifi-fctt bod, 22-loch swine ore 1> I eel-bed, 22-lnch swine; one 16-fcet bed, 2Hach swlrg; all screw catting engine lathe; two nnruht drills; two Iron planer-; bolt ratten nut upper, ore wood snrtficer; one surthcef and matcher. Also, all kinds of machinery, belilt c. hose and pomps. C. L. KICK A CO- 19 and SI Dearborn-st. SALE—Portable and rtationary DCS, and poruble saw-mills. Engines of all size* tumolactnreo at Watertown, New York, and lot sale by the subscriber. Saw mills ot ed style. Call and see them at N't. 2S MarteMU Chi cago. Semi for a circular. W. F. NOTES, Mill Fnr nUblsg House. FOR SALE —bnc engines and boilers, best tra>e, new improvements—two 8. two 10 and two IS horve power, wnhorwlthoat boiler* ll 15. lG and to hone tubular and locomotive boilers. Enelres and boilers frirnuhcd to order; al«. saw mills, barrel sqg wood-working machinery. Iron etancra. betting, H vr, files. 4c. Machinery depot Ko. 52 Dearborn-eU OBEkyLEE PROS. & CO. FOR t?ALE—One twenty-horse bmJpr and engine; three twelve to fonrte«n-horse porta ble encine# aud bo Hera, used oulv ore mouth, all la rood running order; al*o. one new teo-horso engine, on consist tnent, and will be sold at great bargains. GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 156 Booth WflteML FOR SALE—Readv tor immediate de livery—a. N. Wood & Co.’s Portable Engines. Inquire of A. N. WOOD, at ihe Sherman House, orot the manufacturers, at Eaten. Madison Co, N. T. FOR SALE—Steam Engines—l,o, 8,10, 30 and SO-horM poruble, and all rites of station ary engines; circular sawmill*. Woodworth planers and matentrs, cower corn sbeders: sbaiOng. pulley* and elevator machine* built to order, RICHARDS IBCN WORKS. 190 Washington at. t'OR SALE—The Earl steam pump, three tens of white ground lead, of very superior rualitv. at very low figures, a lot of stave and barrel machinery, portable and stationary steam «nn« ot any size, ihree Farrar suracers, iron lathes. Iron placers, drills, chneka, or esi roll saw, all on hand and can be sees at the Machinery Depot, 34 South Wells -11. HAWKINS & JAMES. % ®Hanfrtr-|Hale ?J}elp. BOOK&BEPEBS, 9Atßfl3l£!l ftc. TXT first-class salesman, -who |T can control % large Illinois trad* and attend to It properly- Wilt be required to navel during flv,* months ol the year. Apply Immediately to TBACT. IKWIN_*_LO., 400 Broadway, New York. \A/ ANTED—lmmediately, or on the V V Ist of January, aa experienced travelling agent Joe the grocery trade. NonerecdapptyexeeptUioseol ip s y experience, ard who can ccmmand a good trade. To Hich * literal salary will be riven. Address P. O. «Adenua^ 1 ' ta * P* nicniJLrs - Correspondence \\[ ANTED—A first-class salesman. ▼ * he temperate and not afraid to work. Be* ™£“* r »H£*s ihpceportion to ability. Inquire oi O. D. Orris. 125 Pearbota-sL. nn * v»; ANTED—A yotmc man from 1G to \ V ißyeats,totitrktoidottilngsioTe,to apleas ast town SO mile* from CMcaso. Mo*t be well ac- QoalrHdlathCl'MtoeeA Apply at IQB Laku-at. WT ANTED—tmmeiale\y—Tv?o young V V men of steady habit*, to travel with an axhlbl tfou. Good andideady WBpioyoenu Appli cant* may address “EPnBmQS," Tribune ofice. TXT ANTE Dr-A smart, active yonn? VV man. acquainted with lOliclUng savertise ments. None others need apply. Inquire at 210 - * TBADBS. TXT ANTED—Bookbinder—A first-class VV lorwarderandCnlihcrcan retaperraanent situ ation and be*, pay ft hLAbSH.'Bancib*t Mo. TIT ANTED —A few good burnishers on \V hollow ware. JONES. BKETHaPEK ft CO., 79 Latfrit. ajaantetr-dfamale s?rip. SALESWOMEN, TRADES, fte. -\\TAX r T£T>—± ladv, from 18 to 80, to V V - attend to correspondence. Mn»t be good-look ing, a lair writer and an agreeable oOce companion. Auorcf* “XEg." Tribune oOcc. \\J ANTED—A good sc win a girl to go YV to Lake Fomt—ouewho wool<Tbe wtlltns to assist about the house and eat at the second table. A nenoarAnt situation. Wages $3 per week: Address L. FOBEhT, Tribune ode*. X\TANTED —Two youug ladies, having YY experience In the dry goods business m this city, can Qnd employment m a firat-clats bouse on by adorcaaing. with references, “A B,” Xri buoe otTire. HOUSE SERVANTS* TXT AN TED—A competent German girl Y v to do general housework In a small femlly. Lib eral wages will be paid. Inqnlroat393 WestAdama- TXT ANTED—A good girl to do honse- YV work tor a small umllv. Apply at Boost 8. No. 100 Ban»:olpb-*u, ot 1776 Wabsab-av. TT TAN TED—A good girl to do second YV work. German or Swedish preferred. Apply at utce at 383 Ontario-* i. \\TANTED —Immediately, a healthy YV wet cone. Apply at once. 603 Mlchlgan-av. TX7ANTED—A Nurse Girl. Most have YY good reference*. Apply at 810 Indlana-av. TX7 ANTED—An English, German or Y * Norwegian girl, to do general housework la a small thmliy. Unit be a good wasner and troner. Ap ply at 74 Twelfth-st. TXT ANTED —A German, Norwegian or VV colored woman todo general hoavework. In quire at 616 Wabaah-ar. No frith need apply. Wf ANTED—AgirI to do general house* V V work for a smaJAmlly. Reference* required, Apply at 317 Wabasb-tv. TXT ANTED—A • competent girl to no YV general housework la a raall lamllv, with every convenience. Apply at 514 North LaSalie-at. 11 T ANTED—A first-class cook, to t y whom good wage* will be given. Also, one chambermaid. Apply Immediately at *389 Idiaula-at. Employment agencies. XX7 ANTED—I,OOO men South, wages It (43 to (50 per month and board; al*o, 30 good choppers, tranfportaUon luridebed: 10 ship car penters. 50 railroad bands 50 for pineries. Apply at Room 3 Lind’* Block, Uaodolph-st. bridge. W T ANTED—y nung men in the country Y V wishing to obtain situations, such us bookkeep ers, sa)(» coll-ctors, expreaameD. clerks, brakes men. Ac.. At., to appiv at ] ;i<| Iharlwni st., I-jogj 2, or address M. E. JONES A CO„ B9xtfU-10, enclosing ten cento lor fall particulars. , V\7 ANTED—I bookkeeper, 1 salesman, tv 2 shipping clerks. 2 travelling agents, I entry clerk,! c« IKciu-r,3coDduct?iN,2hr*Uemca,l Dretaan. Apply at 13-1 Peat bom-BL. Boom 3. WAN TED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 Talesmen. 1 conductor, 3 brakemcn. 1 Bremen. I porter, 3 driver*, geipr-.-smen. Apply at Brora 13. FulV-fon Blocs. 92 Doarooru-st. Applicants by malt aodresa J. 51.3KKJ218 <t CO.. Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents u.r reply. W 7 ANTED —Tonngmen m the country Y T ‘ wishing to obtain situations, sneh aaboctk»ep ct>, clerk., collectors, salesmen, conductors, express men. Ac., to apply at Room 13 Fullerton uioct, 9 - g DearNirn-et.. or ad-’ress J. il. MOORE i CO- Box 1707. gncioßipg teo cepis for mil particulars. WT ANTED—A lew smart men, with \ » from (10 to (ICO, to Invest la a sore paying fiii'li.*-*. sate and honorable. Call at Room 3, No. 5»7 Wa-filcgtoo-st. \\ T ANTED—A No. 1 cook, 3 salesmen, » ? ] clerk, 2 travelling agents; s •ollcltore.l print er. Z H upfio.sierera, 2M mea lo work ou rail roads; also,i.fOOtnen to go South. Apply *o PAR SHALL & blinil, 12S South Clark-fL, Boom 11. A pplicants by mall enclose two slam pa. WJ ANTED—1,000 men to go South ; V t wsgfß (45 to (50 a mouth acd blank jOtnck- Uyers and stiikere.t3Ab aday; 500 railroad Üborer*. (2 a day. Apply at 155 C.ark-st., Room g. WT ANTED—A business man, with SSOO, Y v to tax* an interest In a profitable huiluna ana travel lo Eastern States, a fortune offered. l*3S Lake-81, A. C. BROWN A CO. \\J ANTED—A few more men with a 1 y little money. Now Is your time. Winter busl ne-s. (do per month. If you Hko to work. 12S Lokc-st. A. C. BROWN * CO. XX 7 AN TED —Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- Y v men, porters, drivers, bartenders, brakesmen, mechanics, larorers. canvassers, and all wishing sltua tlotMo apply at EMPLOYMENT AGrNCY, N I D«r- - Appllcanta by mail enclose 10 cents. TX' r ANTED—fcevcml shlp-kccrcrs; also V t nc-Icrk and aa-htant bookkeeper; alsolabonng men turnirbed with employment. No coune itlnn with any aatney. Apply at S 4 Deatpora-st., Room 3- XX WANTED—3,OOO men to go South, Y V wage*. (45 to (50 a month and board; 50 wood choppers for 51icbigan« railroad hands and men fbr the pinery. Apply at 100 Madlsuo-st.. Room -J. \\T ANTED—Immediately—loU Stone VV Mmons, wage* (AU) per day and board; 73 Car penter*. |TW per day and boardlso l even. (3.00 pec any ai <1 lioam: 3W Onarrrmen. (7.00 per day and board; 1.000 Laborers, at |I3B per day and board. Ap ply to OLMSTED & SNELL, A rents, 100 Madlsoa-sL, Room Applicants by mall enclose tea cents. I£lantrt--fHtecellancaus. TA T ANTED—To housekeepers in een- V V eral. I have a recipe for making an excellent family soap; also, a recite for making a washing Quid that will not injure the finest fabric, bat will make year wa-hlngs easy, these cold winter days, anfl will pt-arngreat deal of wear and rear of clothes on the beard. For making the fluid it win cost yon about 10 cents a week fop a large was*), and for soap about 17 cents. lam irpractlcal housekeeper, and know what lam talking aooiit. Upon the receipt of so cents. 1 will bend the two recipes, or w ill deliver the same is thecl'Tfhr one dollar. Address MRS. I-ADAMS, P. O. Box 759, Chicago. T\ T ANTED—A second-hand Safe, me- V » olnm sixe. Herring or other good make. Ad dress P. O. Box IKI3. chiosgo. TV'ANTED—A smart, active boy, 1C or > V 17years j! age. Must write a good hand, bo ci-rrcct at figure*. and live with his parents. Address “COAL.” Tnbnne ofilcc- \\T ANTED—An mtellisent bov, for a Y V lawyer*? office. References required. Apply at 3 Marine Bank Building. \\T ANTED —A younp gentleman of V V good education and some literary a*dllty, with (SuO, to take a third Interest In a well-paying enterprise. Pstlsfoctory eaplanailooat Interview. Andres* J. £. WINDSON, Tribune office. V\T ANTED—Any one wishing to pur yy chase a splendid Oriental Stove for parlor or office) to call at the office of J. WINSHIP, Justice o( the Peace, 134 Clark-st. Room 13. WJ ANTED—Know Tnysell—All i»cr- W sots, young or o.d, who wish to have their noaL present and mtnnt clearly revealed, call on CARLISLE, at RIG SontS Clark-st., op stairs. TTTANTED —Live men to sell a patent VV machine for grinding knlve?,sds«or?. shears, reaper knives and all klncsof edged tool?. Scllsln every house, factory, shop, hotel, oatoon. steamboat, ve&>el. at all seasons of the year. Grinds one or both sides at same lime. Dent wear out or get oat cf order. A child can nse It. Men are making from (10 to (100 perda). S*nd retail price. £1.50. for simple. FULLER A CO- 133 South Clars-st- Room 16. Two sumps inr reply. 33 carting, TJOARDlNG—Fnrnisbea and unfar- rooms, suitable for centlemen and thvtr wives, or f- r single grotlemeo, with beard. In a pleas ant locality on Muhicun-av. Terms moderate. Ad dressP. O. Drawer G 273- BOARDING— A pleasant suite ol Inr tl-bed rooms, with h«ard. suitable tor a gentle* man and wife or two single gentlemen, can be hod at th*rt.Cloud House. 1 i3and ill SouthFronklin-st. only two minutes* walk from the Court House. VIN -lON A UAYN ES. BOARDING —Boarders wanted at 310 1 Single or doable rooms for man ana wife or twof entleaen. TIOARDING—For gentlemenand ladies D at 246 State-st- pear Jackson. "OOARDING—A furnished Iront room II with board for a gentleman and wife. Abo a room soluble for two single gentlemen at 30 Nor*h Halsttd-sL T>OARDIXG—A pleasant famished AD room, with board tor gmtlemaa aid wife, or two gentlemen, either one or two room*, as parties desire. 332 Michigan-ave_ comer Tweleftn-st. References TtgUlltd. “DOARDIKG—A few more gentlemen il can tod tood board and rooms and comfbrts of a Hotne.or day Board omy, at 297 SUte-sU Mrs. A £. MILLS. * iJUAIfDIXQ —One large front mom to ll rent, with heard, suitable Tor a gentleman and wilt or two single genuoaes, fit 7-4 Jackson-st.; also one single toom. , T> OARDIN G—A pleasant front room, JT> soluble for two gentlemen, to rest, with board,at 503 OUMt T>OAKDING—To Let—A large front ID rocm. with board, suitable tor a genteman and witc; also, a nice room tortyoung ladle* wlparo en caged from home, and room tor gentlemen day board ers—*4 per week—at 295 Mlchlgan-st. BOARDING— To Rent, with Board. a large front room soluble for gentleman ana aiie. Apply at 26 Washlngton-sC BOARDING— To Rent, with Board, one front parlor, with closet, gas and crate; lo* radon very fine; at 539 Hllnols-sL, two blocks Irom SUte-st. bridge. - TJOAHDING —Day Boarders can be ac |j comisodated with first-class board; also single room to rent; at 200 Easlßandolph-sL BOARDING— For vcntlemen, ia a pri vateftmliy: beard llrst-clftsa; location very fine; at 239 Ihlnols-sL, two biocSs from Stalest, bridge. T)OARDING—Two gentlemen ot good I) social po*ltloa who desire a handsome front room, with board, and the comforts of a noma, win find one by addressing “HOME,” care Tribune Ofllce, and give saUsCictory reference. TJOARDING —A comfortably furnished fj norr, with stove and gaa, soluble for three yonsg gnjts, can be secured at No. Si 3 liuaois*sL, corner of North State, and cnly four squares from t&e corner Lake and SUte-sta. Reference* exchanged. TIOARDING—One Inmßhed iron* ID room, suitable lor gentleman and wlfb, or two single genUem-n, convenient to boslnres, and la a pn* vateiarolly. Cat! at HO North Pearborn-et. BOARDING— A good table and largo rooms at 14.00 a week. Day board 13.00 ft 40 Dearborn-sv. North side, within five minnte* ot l.e Conn House. - TJOARDING —Single moms, $5; two |S In a room, f 4. 223 and 325 Kinxie-**-, near Statett. bridge. Boarb ffiSEantcß. TJOABD— By a gentleman and wile. In jD* private family. North Side profrir*i Addles “G A, Tribune office. OAKD—A scnUeman and wite desire board with one room. SJSI , £SSf r Afl* ir would renttwo or three roooiiwlJiont board. An drws “J. CV* Chicago P. O- B OAKD—Two smaenls want board for ine.l.ur .here lity etf amrlj CTenlng,. A prir.leran.UT prelamrl, walk from the Court House. Address “bTDDhNT, Trtbuac office. gdttiaiuma ®aanuo=JHa!ni BOOKKSEPCBS, SALESOEII &e. CITUATTON—Wanted—By & young U mu wellacquainted with tho tf»yn«i» and 6w n»n language*. as bookkeeper, clerk or trarelllsr agent. Good reference* can be given. AddnH *•*10, Tribanaotßce. CIT UaTION—-Wanted—By an expert bookkeeper. wm make himself gtßsralhr J™ 21 * Good references. Address u g B,” Tnbunact CITDATION— Wanted —As teacher. la other cap*dtx,l>T» respeas* able. wtU-ecutatcO man. Understands German anC French. w CITUATION—Wanted—By a younp W. lusn as coachman, or coachman gardens. CBoeratandi the management of a greenhouse thor |B^^e In general, AiMrtas “D. QITUATION —Wanted—By a young i_f m& of good faablu and address, aa salesman or Mghtporter. Goodretefenceniven. Artdr-ss **A.a.,** Tribune oOce. SITUATION— Wanted—A bookkeeper who thoroughly understand* Ms buslens wn&es an engagement on or befbru Jaa. Ist, in a wholesale or flrstclaa commission house. Good city reference. Address - ACCOHNI Ayr.- TrlbnngQgce. SITUATION— Wanted—As salesman m a grocerr store, or u shipping clerk In a whole* i home. Is not afraid to work. Cares more tor a permanent iltnatio* than high wage*. Bffe.renew given. Addreaa -w T," 140 stale-su CITUATION—Wanted—A Frenchman. O wl»be»ailiuaUonaieook. Can tamlah the best , Inquire at Ribolla-s Baroer Shop, 111 Monroe-st. CITUATION—Wanted—By a steady Ll Industrious yoncc man, attending awnmerelal college, aomeihlng to do to occupy bU time mornings, ev clings and help to deirav hiacx penses. Address "M. S. Trtuune oOca 1 CITUATION—W anted —Bv a Tonßff O mm In a grocery store, who wlsh-A to InrnCw buslneis. Ad Anas ~ R-." No. 97 CITUATION—Wanted—A young m^u. O age 23, leeks an engagement as dark, warehoSa man, or In any other capacity when he could make himself useful. Thoroughly understands bookceroluc by single or double entry. Address henkt STEWABT. 116 North Daplilaefrgt. CITUATION—Wanted—By an actlTe kj young man asltnstlcn astaleoman or ccmaerdal tfaveller.oae mat’s not afraid of hard work. Addro* **J. F^ w Tribune otSce. CITUATION—Wanted—By arcspectv L 3 bleyonugomn. to take can ot horses and make himself generally useful in a private Cunily. Cali at 111 1-gfattUadlson-su to-day. FEMALES. ClTUATlON—Wanted—By a Protes- O tint woman, In a private lamlly, io do plain cook ing, washing and ironing. Apply at ‘AS-lsute-st.ap. stairs. CITUATION—Wanted—By a respecta hie alrl. as lean stress In a private family- Would have no objections to making heraelf generally useful. Can use the Wheeler ft Wilson machine, and «***| glvo toebeatofrcferencea. Can be seen at 17 7 Wabaah-av. far a week. SITUATION —Wanted—A lady wishes O » situation tn a confectionery or a taner flora. Can or address EaTELLA GCBBOD, 97 n*frbon-*t~, near Fourth-ave. CITTJATION—Wanted—A young gal kJ who can do plain sewing Is desirous of obtaining a seme fbrthe winter In a private thmlly. aecoodworkcr waitress. Understand* Singer’* chine. Good dir reference riven if required. Ad dress **M. J. C..” Xribore Office. agents £©antcU. 4 QENTb—Wanted—$150 per month, .rTorwhere, male and femalr, to. sell tre GENU COMMON SENSE FAMILY SOWING MAC3INR, the greatest invention of the age. Price ( 18. Every Machine warranted thr> e years. Address SECOMB A lU.. Cleveland. Otto. A GENTt?—Warned—Experienced book Xk and engraving canvassers, to whom s large sal are orcommfrrion will be paid. Address CHARLES BILL. 132 Sooth Clatk-st, Chicago. 111. A GENTS —Wanted—sl,soo per year Xi. pafa to Agents to Introduce our new Sewing Machine. Address SHAW A CLARK, BlddefcnLMalae, or st Chicago. 111. • A GENTS—Wanted—slsU per month. r\ I want Agents in every county in the Cultcd States to an entirely new business. Address U, B. SHAW, Alfred, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per month Xa. and expenses paid male or female agent-,, to la in duce a new and useful inv, nllon. of absolute utility la every household. Agerts preferring to work on COtnr- isslon can earr from FM to Cd per day. For fnli particulars addresa W.G. WILSON £ CO„ Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTS —Wanted—ITo 1 To sell Grant's cel* e: rated CARPET BALLS, never betcre Intro duced. Thebest selling article ever offetM to \eent«. Men are making (30 per day. Addfrea F. GRANT. 212 West Lake-si- Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—2,OOOAffenlswant- Xl etU lor the book Ju-t out. “TOE ‘PA3ULT IN tTUUdUIL” Ittontalrs over 100 ea gravlncs. Address A. KIDDEIL 9S Wa’hlastOML- Chtcago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per month— JTV male and female, to sell the BARTLETT »EW- I.MI 31 AC HI NlC—lhe bc-t cheap marble* made. Ad dress W.DELOSS&CU n No. l6Si Dearborn-St., Chl cago. HI. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Ascnts want- J\ ed ImmedHtely tor the GLOBE SEWING M\- ( hINF. on ihe most liberal terms, i*. ATKINSON, 16-1 rcom 6.Chicago. A GENTjs—Wanted—Male and Female _r\ arc making a* high si (20 per day. with “TUB i*I<EAT LABOR SAVEJL" worth (30 to any &m!ly. Only (3 to CO capital requiicd. S*nd stamp for nar tlcclare. R. WAYVELL. Box I7Sl.Chicago. A GENTS—Wauled—Ladies and gcntle i\ men, throughout the Northwest, to canvass for ilra. Bella Z. Spencer’s new novel, “TRIED AN& TRUE.” This book I* selling with unexpected ra pldljy. It is an rfrgant gin tor the and Agert.s will make Istgie commtssfors. Apply to or ad ore** w. J. HOLLAND a CO., Chicago, ilk; iUlwau kee.Wls.; X-efrOlt. Mich.; Dubuque.ljwo. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a new r _r\ highly inteirtUDgand rleh y embellished work, lilt I’KTIt’RIALBOOR OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF TUE REBELLION, civil military, naval and domestic, embracing the most brilliant ar>d fe lt arkab'c event* of the great American c office, he roic. patriotic, political, humorous and tragical, a beautiful royal octavo volume. 7PO pace* «oa ever 3(0 asgravuicv. This werk t* one of the fintst prouactlons ol the ace. and the most pcpulsr bork of ihewar. Over copies ordered the Dm two months. Agents are making laize sabs, and say it Is the bestselling bot'kthey ever soli. Energetfit Agen>a will find it to their interest to encage in the #..:c cf this txvt-seilloa book. Exclusive territo ry and large convmi»»lot> given. Addreaa J. A. BIOD HARD St AGENTS —Wanted —We want o.OCO canvassing agents, one la mch town and city throughout the country, to »ell 1S ST ANT A EO C S WINDOW CLEAbER AND MAGIC DOLI*!!. (Seo advertisement Ist pare). Everybody beys It. Small capital required. No rl k. Large proms. Send '53 e»» ts or sample and terms to G. M. SOUTH A CO., 77 Chicago. P. O. Box 61'M. DU* RAN t A SJOTT, Milwaukee. General Agents for WU* cousin. . A GENlS—Wanted—For BARRETTS II LIFE OF LINCOLN, In English and Ger man—the only work for which Mr. Lincoln bin.iclf formated all the material tacts of nta early life. The most mature, reliable ami ( heancst of the sled published. Besides a large c.>micts-tOD, we are offerlne Ag-ntsaOue list of premiums. That the p-op'e appreciate this important work 1» evidenced by tee following extracts from reports of Ag* nts: Dane Cc., Wla ,78 In one week: Green Co- lowa, in) In one wees; Livingston Co- iu„ iff. one wees: Static CO- 111., 234. three weeks; Grant Co., Wis.. 78, four weeks; Whiteside Co„ 111- 497. seven week-; Tazewell Co- 111- £37, four weeks; Dubuque CO- lowa. 91. one week; L (ran Co-DI--167, seven weeks. We have a large amount of territory s'Ul nneanvMsed, while a second thoroneb convais rj territory already partially canvassed la sure to produce excellent results. Ad drwsJ.S. GOODMAN * CO. 3 Custom House-place, Chicago, 111. A GENTS W anted For Frank s\, Moore’s new work “ WOMEN OF THE WAR.” 1) is. In the noblest seme, a gallery oi beaatr, ana we envy the author the grateful work he has performed. It all re-ds like a romance. The str-ry of the war can never be well told wlthonlthc story ol ’hewomnlitold with It.—TMcntfo Ertnlng-Tovnial. It «e Is snlendllly. For Fall particulars can or address R. C. TREAT, 1 IT South Clarg-«C. Chicago. SKantrtJ-Eo Kent. TI7ANTED —To Rent—A good fur- T V olsbed bouse within ten or Ottem minutes' walk of the Const House—South Side preferred. Ad dress P. O. Box 1-16.3. Chicago. TAT AN TED —To Kent Furnished VV rocm. without board, for a single gentleman, east of Stalest, and between and Haibard conrt. Best of references given. Addreas **P t ” Trl buee office. ffamnrs gHantcb. "PARTNER—Wanted—With to 1. take an interest In the msnnCictnre and patent of hog cleatiing machinery. Capacity 3.0C0 ser day. with the soslßiaoie oi one man. Call for or address “N’t?.'* 6SO south State-SL, frf-m Suß, where plans mod specifications can be seen. . "PARTNER—Wanted—With #I,OOO, to I engage In in honorable bosines*. The profits ore large, and aa liabilities. Address p. O. Bor S 9. "PARTNER—Wanted—ln a well-paying J. nanufactortse business, on arconnrof the pres ent owner being unable to attend toth* oot-door ood nevt. (I.£CO capital required. In inire »t 163 LatML, Room IS. PARTNER— Wanted—Ina mannfactor ing, business that will pay over 100 per cent monthly on the capital Invested. Capital required, horn (UP to(M0. U. ROfENBEBBT, X-t-1 Carroil-at. "PARTNER—Wanted—To take a half J. interest In a hn*ln?» paying from (60 P> (SS nett per week. A good chaoce-fi-r the right mao. Apply at J 34 Dearbom-sL, Room 2. PARTNER— Wanted—With s3oo to takes ball interest in the oil acd commlvaloa brokerage bnslcesa. Bcferesces exchangee. Address ** T. C. IL," Box 536 Chicago. 111. T>ARTNER—Wanted —In a light mauu -1 fiictcrtng hn<inest. anvwhere In ml* State or luwa. Capital (300. DIXON * Boom 16. PARTN £K—Wanted —A smart, intel ligent young man,oi a large country acquaint ance, wlih J2XW tWO. Apply or address PARSHALL A SUIIB. 1&S booth Uatt-aC, Boon H. "PARTNER—Wanted—A young man X wnb *l5O to *2to capital, wto wishes to engage fna good paying situation. Call at S 4 Room 3. Immediately. (Eortesponbence SiSaanteb. C''ORKESF ONDENCE Wanted A ) Jadr wishes to r-; —"i with any number ot gentlemen. true and sled, intelligent atd tefloed, those who can lore a lady well, bot not a dandy or a swell— a hundred feet, nor sion their dlasoidson the street. Plcasv address “ESTEM.B G L,” j-o*t Office. • OORKEoPONDENCE Wanted \ I Three»oung men. strangers In the aty, would llketotorm* themcouainlanceof ailimlted camber of young ladies. Object,-ompxnr to Skating Parks and other places ot amusement daring the»la*er. Ad drear GEORGE, CHAPLET and *t£T. Burl 137. ilostamr TOST— On Saturday 'afternoon, proba j bly between Fourteenth and Twenrtetb-sU, on Mlchlgan-av., a papier-mache pocket-book contatnlng about Forty dollars (ftO.) The finder will Igbmilr rewarded by leatlrc the same with J. F. STUART, Americas Express Ogee. LOST slO Reward—On Saturday night, a small flvMtoce, Diamond Pm. The shove reward will be paid torlts return to tits Mer chftou* Hotel. LOST— Nov. SSth, an tvoiy-headed Cane, two silver rings around the handle, co mark, with dirk- The finder, by leaving tt at the Xrl broeofflw. nil be ÜberaUy rewarded. 10 ST—A black and tan dog, about four , months old. Had on, when lost, « gray blanret, uimmcd with red. Any one wh” will retam the same to 7-tTwentysecnnd-st.winbesaltablyrewardtd. T OST—sls Reward—On North Clark \_j st.. between Klnzle and Haroa. or oa Saron be tween Clark and Dearborn, a rod of money. The find er win please leawe at Tribune office, and receive* suitable reward. • T OST—$5 Reward —A small, tan-col- I J ored dog; with curled tall and wound onrtgoc ear. answering to the name “FRANK,” In the West Division, on Madison, near Canal-st* when coming down on car Sunday evenlzu. Re turn 39 South Water-* I. T OST—On Saturday crenhiff, on South I j ciark-»t~ between Sonia Water and Lakc-ctr.uc oalake-«n. between the stores of scott, Davuon A Co. and Vergho. Rnnllng * containing*?!- The finder will be ItberaLy rewardea on leaving Uat 104 Lak»st. A. BAER. t OST—On Sunday, on Michiean st, be- I j tween Fine and Clark, or la city Uniita tar.Nor.h Side, ft sold cna-nellcd Locket, coatnlmng a ptetn-e. The Under win be liberally rewarded on returning I**° 397 Michlgaa-et. T7OTJND—A smn of money, near the J post Office. lasi week. Tba owner can hare It by proving property and applying to CHAS. U. KUtB, S 9 Martet-su FOUND— Liver colored pointer dor— Any one that’s lost the dog can get him by trying charge*. Apply fit 12S find 13V Soa’A Clfiri-fit. A