Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 5, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 5, 1866 Page 1
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FROM WASHINGTON. The French Minister and the President’s Message. Action of the Senate Canons Yesterday. Messrs Cowan, Doolittle & Co. to be Given Back Seals. Governor Peirpoint’s Message to the Virginia Legisla ture. He Favors llie Adoption of the Constitutional Amendment. ■■ Debate on tbe Bill to Restrict tbe President’s Pardon ing Power. Speeches by Senators Fessenden, Howard, Trumbull, and Others. PROM IHOPS. Continuation of the Fenian Excitement. ot Rome by the r' French Troops. 'Surratt to be Sent Dome Under a Strong Guard, Humors of a Eupture in the Brit- ish Cabinet. President's Message Received in London liy Atlantic Cable. ” FROM CANADA. Sanguinary Fight Between Two Fenian Prisoners. Attempt to Set the Prison on Fire. FROM NEW YORK. Richard B. Connolly Elected City Comptroller. FRO2C TTASirniGTOJf. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, December 4. The Congressional session to-day was brief and of no special significance. The Senate remained in session about three-quarters of an boor, and the lioosc about an honr and a half. The atten dance in tbe galleries was small, not over four hundred spectators being in the Capitol. THE BILL TO HESTBICT THE PRESIDENT'S PABDOS- The noticeable feature In the npper branch was that immediate action on the Eliot bill, taking from the President the power to grant a general amnesty, was refused. The motion to take it np to-day was lost by one majority. It will doubt less pass to-morrow, Mr. Fessenden and Mr. Trumbull said there seemed to be no necessity for putting It through without reasonable consid eration. important action op the house. The Douse expressed Us opinion Indirectly upon the present political situation in three voles, by more than three to one, on this occasion; first, in ordering a continuance of the Joint Committee of Fifteen on Recoostraciiou; eccond, in directing the Territorial Committee, on Broomall’s motion, to consider the expediency of reporting a bill for the government of the South; third, in reaffirm ing. on Ur. Wentworth’s notion, Us belief In tbe Constitutional Amendment as a liberal basis of settlement. aUBRATT- After the day’s business was over. Governor Boutwell reported what he bad declared In caucus some days ago, viz: that be had reasons for believing that the Government knew as long ago ns last May where John D. Surratt was. In what regiment of the Papal army he was serving, and what name be had assumed. lie farther said that if the correspondence which had been called for did not show this, he should be ready to make public recognition of the fact. SENATE CAUCUp. The Senate caucus met again this morning. Dixon, Doolittle & Co. were not Invited. A com mittee of three was appointed to report a list of the members of the various Standing Committees ol the Senate. They wilt probably be able to re port to-morrow. Dixon will doubtless be re moved from the chairmanship of that on the Pest Office; Cowan from tbesame position on Patents, and Doolittle from the head of Indian Adairs, These gentlemen will be treated as belonging to the Democratic porty, and put. with their asso ciates, only in third-rate positions. The caucus meets again to-morrow. THE NEW FRENCH MINISTER. M. Bartbelmy, the new French Minister, Is ex pected on the £2d Inst Count Montbolon leaves on the lUh lost., universally regretted. TOE CONDEMNED FENIANS. A correspondence has been going on for two weeks past between Secretary Seward and Sir Frederick Brcce, concerning the execution of the Fenian prisoners In Canada. It la said that while Sir Frederick is willing to give verba! assurances that tbe executions shall not take place, Mr. Se ward Is Inclined to demand written pledges, and in the view of the legation, is evidently attempting to stir up trouble with England. The feeling is strengthening daily lo diplomatic circles that the Administration is bent upon forcing its policy upon the country through a foreign war. IMPOUTANT ABMT OHDMO. The War Department has Issued a long general order, giving the names of all field officer* of the new regiments organized under the art of last July, Increasing the regular army. The order took effect on September 21st, and lu provisions are tn accordance with the conditions of the army at that time. The main point* of this order are as follows: let. The two additional regiments of cavalry, composed of white men, will be known as the Seventh and Eighth Re jlments of Cavalry, and their chief field officers are: Setenth Carctry— Colonel, Andrew J. Smith; lieutenant Colonel, George A. Cnsttr; Major, Alfred Gibbs; two vacancies. Station of the reg iment. Military Division of Missouri. Cavalry— Colonel, John T. Gregg; lien tenant Colonel, Thomaa C. Devin ; Majors, Wil liam Gamble, William B. Price. One vacancy. Station, Military Division of tho Pacific. Two additional regiments ofCavalry, composed of colored men, will bo theXtnih and Tenth regi ments of Cavalry. \nd their chief officers arc: JflnfA Co pain,—Colonel. Edward natch : non tenant Colonel, Wcdey Merritt; Majors, Andrew J?. Alexander, James F, Wade, aim James A. Forsyth. Station, Department of the Gull. Tenth CuTcltv— Colonel, BcnJ. 11. Grierson I.icntenant Co’oael, Cbas. C. Walcott; Major, Jas. W. ForsyJt; tuo vacancies. Station, Military Dultlon of the Missouri. Second—The ten old reglmcnta of infantry will retain their deslgridon, the first battalion o*f the three regiments will retain the designation of the regiments to which they belonged, and und-'r the sew organization trill be the Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Sev enteenth, Eighteenth and Nlnctcmh regiments of infantry. The chief officers of thebe regi ments arc: EUten’M Jnjttnfry—Colonel, Wm. S. Kelchum; Lieutenant Colonel, Robert S. Granger; Major, —— Daniel. Headquarters, Richmond, Va. 2t ctlfth Ihfaniry— Colonel, C. C. Augur; Lieu tenant Colonel, Geo. W. Wallace; Major,Henry E. Magruder. Headquarters, Washington, D. C. TiilrUaOA /n/au'ry—Colonel, Isaac V, D. Reeve; Lieutenant Colonel, Geo. S. Andrews; Major, Win. Clinton. Headquarters, Fort Rice. Dako tah. Fourteenth Infantry— Colonel, Chis. S. Lovell; Lieutenant Colonel, Henry D. Wallace; Major, Lewis C. Hunt. Headquarters, Arizona Territory. fifteenth Infantry— Colonel, Oliver S. Shep herd; Lieutenant Colonel, Julias Hayden; Ma jor, Edward Mcß. Hunter. Headquarters, Ma con. Ga. Sixteenth /ri/ontry—Colonel, Caleb. C. Slblc .*; Lieutenant Colonel, Q. U. Geddings; Major, ta vast. Headquarters, Savannah, Ga. ftvcnttenUi frfantry —Colonel, Samnel Belntzcl man; Lieutenant Colonel, Doubloday Major, vacant. Headquarters, Galveston, Text*. Eighteenth Infantry— Colonel, Henry P. Car itogton; Lieutenant Colonel, Henry W. Weasel; Unjor, James Van Voort, Headquarter?, Port Kearney, Dacotab Territory. nineteenth Infantry— Colonel, Samuel P. Daw sen; lieutenant Colonel, Delaecoy Floyd Jones; Major, Pinkney SngenbevL Headquarters, Fort Dobrun, Indian Territory-* The Second Battalion of the came regiment* trill, under the new organization, become respect ively the Twentieth, Tirenty-flral, Twenty-second, Twenty-third, Twenty-fourth. Twenty-ftt«b, Ttrm tv-fixlb. Twenty-eerenlh, and Twenty-oUthth Regiment* of Infantry. The chief t offleers or these Regiment* are as follow*: Tic*nlit'Ji Infcntry-C olooet, Ficdcdck steoe, Lieutenant Colonel, Lewis D. w * axn . a >L» 1 TLoma« H. KclU. Headquarters, Richmond* Virginia. _ _ Twenty-Jirtt /i./lrafry—Colonel, ncorgo Stone man ; Lieutenant Colonel, vacant; Major,, Dicktn eon WooaniO. neadQturto™,, Vlr- C 7iwn/»je»nil /»*2»(ry-Colonel. D.vld 6. Stonier; Lieutenant Colonel, vacant; Major, Hi ram Dryer. Headquarter*, Fort Bandall, Dako tab Territory. Ttcenty-ihird Infantry— Colonel, Jefferson C. Davis; Lieutenant Colonel. George Crook; Major, Lewis 11. Marshall. Headquarters, Fort Boise,' Indian Territory. Twenty-fourth Jn oafry—Colonel, Alvin C. Gillen; lieutenant Colonel, Albert Ames; Major, Nathan A. M. Badly. Headanartcn, Vicksburg, Mississippi. Twenty-Fifth Ir.fantry-Cctonel, Gordon Gran ger; Lieutenant Colonel, Emory Upton; Major, Peter T. Swane. Itrcnty-Sixtfl Infantry— Colonel, Joseph J. Rey nolds ; Lieutenant Colonel, vacant; Major, Levi C. Boales. Headquarters, Augustine, Texas. . Ticenty-Sevfnth Infantry— l Colonel, John E. Smith; IJentcnant Colonel,vacant; Major, va cant. Headquarter*, Fort Kearney, Dacotab Ter ritory. Twenty-Eighth Infantry— Colonel, Charles IL Smith; Lieutenant Colonel. R. B. Ayres; Major, Charles C. Gubbcrt. Headquarters, Camden, Ar kansas. The Third Battalion of the same regiments will, under the new organization, become the Twenty ninth, Thirtieth. Thirty-first, Thirty-second, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, Thirty-fifth, Thirty sixth, and Thirty-seventh Infantry. The chief of ficers of tbe regiments are: Tkcenty-Slnfh Infantry— I Colonel, Orlando B. ■Wilcox; lieutenant Colonel, vacant; Major, Ly man Birrell. Headquarters, Norfolk, Virginia. J7urUeth Infantry— Colonel, John J. Steven son ; Lieutenant Colonel, Jos. H. Potter; Mqjor, S. Dodge. Headquarters, Washidgton, D. C. Thirty-first Infantry— Colonel, Regis De Tro hex; lieutenant Colonel, R. H. Bowerznan; Ma jor, Joseph K. Q. Winter. Headquarter*, Fort Rice, Dakotah. TUirty-ueoni Infantry— Colonel, Thos. L. Crit tenden; Lieutenant Colonel, vacant; Major, S. Chapin. Headquarters, Fort Goodwin, Arizona. Thirty-third Infantry— Colon*), Thomas H. Unger; Lieutenant Colonel, Coaa. R. Woods: Major, Jno. D. Wilkins. Headquarters, Macon, Georgia. Thirty-fourth Infantry— Colonel, vacant; Lieu tenant Colonel, August V. Kastz; Major, Wm. P. Carlin. Headquarters. Nashville, Tenn. Thirty fifth infantry— Colonel, Charles Griffin; Lieutenant Colonel, Jamea H. Wilson; Major, John b. Mason. Headquarters. San Antonio, Texas, Thirty-tixUi Infantry— Colonel, George W. Getty; Lieutenant Colonel, John Brook; Major, vacant. Headquarters, Fort Riley, Kansas. The regiments of infantry to be composed of colored men will be these: Thirty-eighth, Thirty ninth, Fortieth and Forty-lint regiments of Infan uy. Thtrty-tlghfh Infantry Colonel, William B. Hazen; lieutenant Colonel, Cnvier Grover; Ma jor, Henry Merrill. Station, Military Division of the Missouri. Thirty-ninth Infantry— Colonel,Jos. H. Mower; lieutenant Colonel, Frank Wheaton; Major, va cant, Station, Department of the Gold Fortieth Infantry— Colonel. Nelson A. Miles ; LSculvuant Colonel,E. W. Hints; Major,C. £. Compton. Station, Department of Washington. Forty-frit Infantry— Colonel and Lieutenant vacant; Major, Geo. W.Schofield. Station, De partment of the Gnlf. •lib. The four regiments of infantry to be of ficered by wounded offleers and soldiers of volun teers, and of tbe regular army, will be tbe Forty second. Forty-third, Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Regiments of Infantry, Veteran Reserve Corps. Tbe fixed officers of theae regiments are: Forty-Second lujan fry—Colonel, Daniel £. Sickles; IJentcnant Colonel, Jno.B. Mclntosh; Major, T. F. Hodcnbaugh. Station—Department oflhc East. # Forty-Third Infantry— Colonel, John C. Robin son; Lieutenant Colonel, J. B. Klddoc; Major, Martin D. Bardin. Station—Department of the Lakes. Forty-Fourth Infantry— Colonel. Thos. G. Pitcher; IJentcnant Colonel. Alex. S. Webb; Major. Fred. E. Trotter. Station—Department of Washington. Forty-Fifth Infantry— Colonel, Wagner Swayne; Lieutenant Colonel, Geo. A. Woodward; Major. Bcnj. P. Rankle. Station—Department of the Tennessee. It should be stated with reference to tho appa rent vacancies in tbc foregoing list that many of them have probably been filled since the order took effect, an.' that other appointees have not yet signified their acceptance of tbe positions tendered. Tbc relative rank of tbc new Colonels is as fol lows: Steele, Stoncman, A. J. Smith, Robinson, Getty. Huber, Stanley, Gibbons, Griffin, Granger, Davis, Eazen, Gregg, Glllern, Slower, Crittenden, Sickles. Reynolds, Grierson, Swayne, Mile*, Wil cox, Stevenson, J. E. Smith, Huger, D’Trobland Batch, C. B. Smith. Tbc General Order declares that recruiting for each of the new regiments will be continued and conducted under the superintendence of tbc regimental commander. Promotions in tbc Ninth and Tenth-Regiments of Cavalry will be made as In the other cavalry regiments. The four regiments of Veteran Re serve Corps, infantry, will be regarded as a dis tinct arm, and promotions therein regulated ac cordingly. This order Is yet circulating as a confidential document. Members of Congress claim that tbe law has been violated In various way.;, and that tbe President baa shown favoritism towards bta political supporters. BBEVETTED. Colonel Joseph Deaton, ol Illinois, the efficient assistant to the Postmaster General, and tbe well known author of the “ Paymaster’s Manual,” has just been made a Brevet Brigadier General In tbc regular army. the rcKNcn KiNisnn and tits mss id ent’s MESSAGE. Washington, December 4.—Tho French Minis ter takes exception to the language of the Presi dent in his message, in speaking of the conduct of tbc Emperor Napoleon In not complying -villi bis agreement in the withdrawal of the French troops from Mexico, and is purposing a sharp fetter to Secretary Seward on the subject. SENATORIAL CAUCUS. The Senatorial caucus to-day decided to depose from leading committees of the Senate Messrs. Doolittle. Dixon and Co»an. They hav * another meeting to-morrow, when the question of making other caanpca will be discussed. There are many Senators who favor the election of a new Vice President, and If they agree Wade will probably be the man. TOR GOVERNMENT GOLD. . UUIiU. New York, December t.—A special from Wash legion says it is currently reported that Secretary McCulloch will anticipate the action of Congress by selling part of the gold In the Treasure, grad ually ana without secrecy. THE NEW TARIFF AND TAX BILLS. Don. David A. Wells promises that his new tanfl and lax bills will be ready for the Commit tee of Ways and Means by December 17tb. appointments. Washington. December -t. —The President to* day appointed John C. Carroll, of Idaho, Receiver of Public Moneys for the Department of Public Lands atßolee City, Idaho, and Robert D. Brown, of Idaho, Register of the Lana Office at Bol*c City, Idaho. CABINET MEETING. The nnxal Cabinet meeting was held at the White House to-day. and was attended by all the members of the Cabinet. There were few visit ors, as usual on Cabinet days. FAT OP DEPARTMENT CLERKS. A movement for Increasing the pay of clerks, etc., 1? being pressed energetically upon the mem hers of Congress, and It is being sanctioned by the beads of Departments and Chiefs of Bureaus, etc. ihe clerks are hopeful of success. A pe tition. signed by at) tbe clerks and civilian em ployes oftlio Navy Department, has been pre pared, and will shortly be presented to Congress, asking for a moderate Increase ol compensation, which has been endorsed by the higher officers of the Department The high price of living here, and the depreciation of currency, render something of the kind Just and necessary. smuggling. The smuggling fraternity having found favora able openings for tbelr traffic on the Southern const, are devoting themselves with considerable saccess with their usual energy to the pursuit of their business in that quarter. APPLICATIONS FOR PARDON. Up to the present time a large number of appli catiots for Jpardon. both of convicted criminals and participants In the late rebellion, continue to be received at the Attorney General’s office. Very few of the latter arc granted of late. AUDITOU's AOCOCKTS. The following Is a condensed statement of the business transacted in the office of the Fonrth Auditor of the Treasury doting the month or No vember, 18M: Three Navy Agents* accounts settled, amounting to $3,475,455.77; tbirly-flve Paymasters' a£ counts settled, amounting to |3W,8M,793; six Fanslon Agents* actonnta settled, amoonllnglo fll 9 ,3 u; eivht Marine Agents* ac counts settled, amonntirg to $14,210,5®; nod L 372 prize claims account* settled, amounting to $21,182,101; 51T general claim acconnta settled, nmonntlng to $4,255,859; 5,522 letlere received. 4.VC-1 letters written, 7,832 letters recorded. 74 clerks employed. . 51W COLD NIXING COIfTASV. The National Gold Mining Company of Mont gomery County, Indiana, was organized to-day. with General J.W. Denver as President. They will proceed at once to develop the recently dis covered deposits of gold-bearing quarts near Great Fails. According to late geological dcvul opement*, the gold deposits on the Upper Polo mac are of the same formation as those found all along the eastern slope of the Alleghanlcs. and it is believed that they can be profitably worked. PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. Washington, December 4, SENATE. The Senate was called to order at twelve o'clock. iTaycr was offered by the Chaplain. The journal of yesterday was read, sir. eUMNEII gave notice that be would In trodnee a joint resolution declaring the true principles of reconstruction, the jurisdiction of U ongi css over the whole subject, the illegality of U»- existing governments in the rebel States, and the exclusion of such States, with ench illegal governments from representation in Congress, and from voting on the Constitutional Amend ment. Mr. WII£OX presented two petitions from of fices olthe army asking for an increase of nay Mr. PATTBIteON presented two petitions ask ing for pensions to certain widows. Mr. CHANDLER oflered a resolution asking the Secretary of tbe Treasury what amount money bad been paid or ordvml paid since tho 18th of May last for advertising for the Executive Department; also, the number and character of the advertisements for which It was paid and who directed It paid; also, when and in what manner the circulation of papeis publishing them is de termined; also, the sworn statements of tbe pub lishers of such papers. Unanimous consent be ing given to proceed to its consideration tbe reso lution was adopted. The resolution calling upon tbe President for Information as to whether the French Emperor had withdrawn one-third of tbe French troops from Mexico during tbe month of November, ac cording to agreement; whether any apolocr had been received in that connection from the French Minister, qnd wbat, if any, action had been taken by tbc Government to have that understanding carried ont. came up In order. The question was oc proceeding to Its consideration. Mr. SUMNER thought it would be advisable to refer tbc bill to the Committee on Foreign Rela tions. It was a very important question, and the Senate must be struck oy some of tbc language employed. Be had his doubts about its propriety. If not sent to that committee it should lie on the table for the present, until Senators could form an opinion on tu Mr. chandler thought the resolution might VOL. XX. be taken up and acted on. If it were defecLve, then action conld bo taken upon It. Mr. HAULSBDUY hoped the Senate wonH not take np the resolution. It contained language which one nation should not use towards an other, and perhaps the French Emperor was not cognizant of the facta In the case, lie conld vote for no resolution containing such language. Mr. SCMNEU had no desire to avoid discus sion of the question. The President had stated at some length what wo bad done in the matter, and that to a certain extent be bad anticipated the resolution. Under these circumstances, be thought It more advisable that, since the language baa not been carefully considered. It should not be sent the Committee on Foreign Relation!. The Senate refused to proceed with |the resolu tion, and it was referred back. Mr. CHANDLER moved to proceed to Ibe con sideration of the bill entitled >l A supplement to the act In relation to conflicaled property of rebels.” Mr. SHERMAN called for the reading of the section nroposed to be repealed, which was also read. The question was on proceeding to the consideration ot the bill. Mr. JOHNSON was not prepared to say wheth er, by the Constitution, the President had the power to giant such pardons without this act. The question was certainly one for discussion. If be could have done so the original act was totally unnecessary; If he could not, at all events Congress bad author ized him to do it. and where be bad cxercisedthat power, of coarse in such cases Congress had no control. He would submit, therefore, that the bill conld have no practical effect. The President, too, had issued fewer portions than hit predecessor. It was very advisable that bills relating to such Important subjects should go to some committee, either the Judiciary Committee or some other, and he therefore hoped that it would not be ctcd on cow. bat would take that conrae. .v«. FESbENDF.N was of the opinion that every bill should be referred to a committee be fore it was seed upon. On some occasions,when time was pressing, it might seem desirable to act upon a bifl without such ruferment, but he would remind the Senate that on several occasions bills had gone through In that manner, when It after wares appeared that it had not been done ad visedly. if be saw any necessity for immediate action in this case be would make no objection. It had been suggested that the President conld take certain action which this bill will prevent. Supposing that to be the case, tbe bill bad still to be bobmltted to him for approval. He did noi thereiore sec that any advantage would be gained by immediate action. He thought hereafter that every bill should receive notice. Mr. HOWARD thought there was some greater evil apprehended by the House when they took this action than that comprised in the mere fact that the PreslncLt had the pardoning power and conld authorize it. The great object of (his bill was to prevent an unwise restoration of power by the President to persons who have been (n tbe rebellion. Tbe action of ’CI and ’62, if he bad been rightly in formed. showed there was socedy cause for action of Co&gress in tbe cases included In thepardootag power granted to the Presdent; but that was a separate and distinct power conferred npon the President by the Confiscation Act, and he bad great fears that proceedings bad been had under that act, in tbe way of restoring forfeited property to rebels, with which tbe country would not bo very well satisfied when they came to understand IL He supposed that this bill was to put an end to these restorations by tbe PresidenL so far as practicable, and for ouc he hopt d the bill would bo taken up speedily and acted on without unnecessary delay. He saw no necessity for referring it to the Judiciary Com mittee, or any other committee. They all knew wbat the 13th section of Lie act of IrCi was. This HU simply alms to repeal it. thus preventing the President of the United States for tbe tutnre from attempting to restore property forfeited because of the owners having been engaged lu rebellion. Mr. CHANDLER said the country expected them to act promptly In this matter, now when It la alleged that pardons were hawked by women of at least doubtful reputation in Washington, and that property to the extent of millions had been restored. It there ever was a time when prompt action had been needed it was now. He hoped the bill wou’d be passed by tbe Senate as prompt ly as by the House, which took it up and passed it in an hour. Tbo country looked to them with as much confidence as it did to the House. Mr. TRUMBULL was understood to say that he differed with the Senator from Maine (Mr. Fessen den) In some respects. Perhaps the power had betn abused by the President, out he hoped th's measure would not be forced to a vote at present They tiiould not be In a great burry to repeal this section, which a short time ago they thought right and proper. No object would be attained by It. To-morrow or next day, if necessary, tbey could attend to it. At present they should let ft take the ordinary course and not act upon it upon any m.duc excitement. Sir. DOOLITUX, of Wis., thought the record would show that thev were not acting under anv undue excitement. This was not a motion that the bill pass immediately, but It was befote them, and be did not know otany better opportunity of Eroceedmg to attend to It. No one seemed to ave any objection to it. The motion to proceed to the consideration of the bill was lost—22 to 21. The Senate then adjourned. DOUSE. * Washington, December 4. Donse met at 12 o'clock. Ur. W AsIIDI'RNC, of ill., from tho Committee on Rules, reported an additional rule, thn there shall be appointed at tbe commencement of each Congress a standing Committee on Freodmen’s Affaire, wboec duty It shall be to take charge of all matters concerning freedmen that shall bo committed to them. The SPEAKER presented a report from tbe Sec retary of War In reference to Indian hostilities. Ordered printed. Tbe bill amendatory of tbc act on banking and currency was taken tip and postponed. 3fr. TDO-MAS fVjLIJAfifS, of Pa, front Com. mittce on Internal Revenue, reported a bill to es tablish In the Treasury Department a new Bureau to have charge of the Issue and regulation of the national currency secured by United States bonds, the chief officer of said Bureau to be appointed by the Comptroller ol the Currency, bv and with the consent ot the Senate, and have a fixed salary. Mr. STEVENS, of Pa., moved that the bill be ordered printed, and that tho consideration of it be postponed until Thursday of next week. FROM EUROPE. By Atlantic Cubic!—’Continuation of tbe Forfwardnf to thcrnitcdMatcs-ThcGrcnt Fenlnn Excisetnei t-Failnre-Evucuaiion ol home by the French—Surratt Soon to be London Ktf'orm Mocitnu-Splrliod Itc* solution* PimM-d-Sumnirny of the Pres tdcnl’a IllesMice Itfcrlverl—Tlie French Subscription Medal for .lira. Lincoln. **ew Yobh, December 4—The Commercial Ad rerHsrr has received the following cable despatch: London, December 4—noon.—The Police Jus tices of Cork have sent telegraphic despatches to the authorities here sating for more troops to preserve the peace of that city. The enrollment of the loyal Irish in Ireland bos been ordered by the Government. The Govern- a ment Is determined to crush out the rebellion the moment It breaks onL Accounts ban been received of the Mlure of Meears. Troast & Son, of Manchester. Tbelr business was an Immense one, and it Is reported that their liabilities arc heavy. Kobe, December 4 —Noon.—The evacuation of this city by the French troops has cotnmcflcod. John D. Sunatt, implicated in tbcassassination of the lamented Lincoln, has been rcatreated in Egypt and will be rewarded to the United Slates under a proper guard, as soon as possible. London. December 3.—Colonel Mcany, the well-known Fenian, who was arrested here and committed to Blackwell, has been scut to Dublin for trial. London, December 3.—Tbe Reform demonstra tionlobtmnch of its cfect to-day from the in clemency of the weather, hut was nevertheless a great affair. There was not the slightest disturb ancc. Resolutions of a spirited and significant character were passed, and at the close of tbe meeting, the people departed for their homes as quietly and In good order as they came together. Don. John Bright was present at the demonstra tlon. Dis appearance was hailed with the loudest cheers ironr the enthusiastic multitude. De will address another large gathering this evening. London, December I—Evening.—Tbe Royal Commission, to consider and report what changes arc necessary In the neutrality laws of England, is now in session. It is composed of thirteen members. An organization has been effected, and the business for which the Commission was framed will be entered upon Immediately. Rumors have been current to-day of a split in the British Cabinet, but there is high authority for pronouncing them false. A summary of President Johnson’s message has becntccelvcd by the Atlantic cable, and was pub llehcd to-day. It has no effect upon the prices of English or Atnci lean securities. Kl'Aius. December 4—Evening.—Tbe French sub scripUon modal for Mrs. Lincoln was presented to-day to Minister Bigelow, who will carry it with him to the United Slates. Latest Euslish market** _ . London. December 4—Noon. Consols. fSV American securities nrraer; United States 5-SCs, 7U,S'; Illinois Central, 77*4 ; Erie, 46w. .... . „ . . Lirxitroou December 4—. Noon. CottonidcrJlnrd ka since ycstenlav, with sales to day ol f.POO taKa nlfddllOK uplands at lid. _ . w londox, Decembers—p. in. .The London breadstuff market U wear, atd prices fbr all article* lower. * _ „ LrvctpooL, December s— p. m. . Breadstuff market w lUtom chance. ivtrolenm mar ket steady, with sales of refined at l* 6d V cation. _ , . Ixtxrox, Decembers—p.m. Consols have accllnedi io ,SBU ex-UlvtJcnd at close ofbusiiiCM to-day. Closing prices American seenn- Ueatral l^? 1 S * brie shares. 46; Illinois Lmreroot, December 4—Evening. The cotton market«iwes quiet at the decline already reported to-dny. Tne Mir* were r.OOO hair*. The breadstuff* market U easier, except for corn, which has advanced to S 9» W for Western mixed. Pork !> drclinlt g. Ch«»e dearer. The petroleum market U heavier, with »alr« of re fined alls per gallon. The ilaocbmler mar act is flat. „ _ London, December 4. Finaxcial—The money market i» easy, consol* cloved atfis.W for money. The cl.slug price* fbr Amer ican srmrUtr* are m follows: United States 5-ac*. 70*;Eric,40;imaoisl>i»lr»l,;S. * FROM. CANADA. Mnrder Trial—Preparation for the Fenian TrlnlHnt tiwcclsbnr*—Counsel tor Prison* era will take Exceptions to the Joriadio lion ot the Court—Lively Time Amom tbe Prisoners— Keogh and Tamble Fight—At tempt io Horn the Prison. Swirreunno, C. E.. December 4.—The court opened at ton o'clock this morning, and has been occupied all day with the trial ol Emery Cham berlain for s murder committed In the Township of Patter, on tbe 2d ol Angus! last, and adjourned at half-past four without finishing the case, which will probably occupy the whole of 10-morrow. Mr. Dcvelin, of Montreal, counsel lor tbe Feni an prisoners, arrived here this morning. Gineral Averill. United States Consul General for British America, la expected hero to-morrow afternoon to watch the trials on behalf of his Gov ernment, The Grand Jnry bad the indictments against the Fenian prisoners submitted to them at li o'clock this forenoon, and wcieat work on them till 6 o’clock. They will probably make tbetr present ment to-morrow, and the prisoners agaiust whom true bills may be found will then be arraigned. Tnelr counsel is ready to proceed at once wltn the trials, which it is believed will commence on Thursday, as soon as the murder case has been disposed ot The whole of Thursday will in all probability be occupied with legal arcu ments. It is understood that the prisoners' counsel will take exception to the Jurisdiction of the court, contending that tho Provincial courts are not competent to try charge* of high treason. Be will object also. It is said, to the act under which they are to be tried, con tending that it is not within the power of a Par liament, of a mere dependency of the Empire, to enact laws defining what shall commute high treason, and thereby it will be urged that the prisoners cannot be tried under an ex u ott facto law. The offences were committed Inconel and tbe act In its present shape did not become a law till the 15th or August, the act of the Bth of June having been amended and superseded by another subsequently introduced. The prisoners had a lively time this afternoon. Two of them, Crawford and Dan Coboorn, bad a flebt In the hrnian ward, and Cobonrn, who Ib a powerfully bnlil men, punished bis antagonist badly. Iney began the fight with fists, and Co bourn finally knocked the other down and kicked him In the face, damaging his nose and nearly knocking out one of ms eyes with the toe of bis boot The difficulty, according to one story, arose out of a discussion between the two as to which had rendered the greater service to the Fenian cause. Crawford’s version of it Sa, tbit the subject of dispute was whether the parties who attempted ;to kidnap George Saunders were acquitted or not. He says, also, the difficulty was aggravated by a reference to an old gambling transaction in which Cobourn had lost some money. Cobonm applied to him a very opprobrious epithet, and the fight then be gan. The Jailor and his assistants having entered the ward, secured Cobonm, and removed him to a aolltary cell in another part of the Jail, where be will he fed on bread and water, and deprived of bis allowance of tobacco. Scarcely bad this affair been disposed of. when It was followed by a new excitement about a quarter of an hour afterwards. The goalcr en tered the ward to lock np the prisoners for the nigh*, when bo found the door of the inner com partment shnL Opening It, he discovered one of the prisoners. Thomas Madden, In the very act, apparently, of attempting to set fire to the goal. Tic bad filled one of the tin cans, used as codec cups, with burning coals from the stove, and bad It set on the floor under the ash pan. The theory Is that he wanted to set fire to the floor, or more probably that he was to carry the coals to bis cell and set fire to the bed clothes in ibe hope that In the confusion caused by on alarm of fire the prisoners might succeed In effecting an es cape. Madden’s story la that be wauled to light bis pipe. Older* have been given that In future two or three policemen shall remain io the ward with the prisoners to preserve order and to prevent the repetition of any attempts at incendiarism. All la quiet in the village. There are very few strangers from the United Plates; perhaps there will be more when the trials commerce. Mean while the capabilities of this and the neighboring village of Cowansville, to provide board and sleeping room for the crowd of officials, military officers, policemen and others who have been at tracted here by tbe trials, are taxed to the very utmost. Qccnxc, November -L— The Hnndrcalh regi ment arc to receive the Spencer rifle lu place of the Ei,field, with which they are now armed. The military authorities hive signified their intention to remove the balance of the regiment to Ottawa If suitable barracks can be provided. Tbe amount received fur the fire relief food from all quarters to date, la $237,351 ; expended, *C9,y»3. TIRGISIA. Governor Plerpolnt’s Message to tho Legis lature—lie Advise* ibe Adoption of the CoDfclttatioDnl Amendment—His Argu* meat to (be Premises, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J Washington, December 4. The message of Governor Plcrpoint, of Vir ginia, laid before the Legislature of that State on Monday, nrges the adoption of the Constitutional Amendment, and wares the people ol the South to beware of the President's parly In the North, lie nees the following language; Tbe.practlcal question for yonr consideration now is whether, by the rejection of the proposed amendment, yon are likelv to place the people of onr State in a better condition. If my views are correct, there is no hope of better terms. It is urged that it would be dishonorable to accept the terms otiered In tbc amendment. I think this ob jection is not substantial. There was no political power acquired by the snrrcndcr of the Confederate armies. Tbc terms were as to the soldier—the surrender of bis arms—giving his patrolc that be would go to his home and re main there peaceable until exchanged as a pri soner of war or released from his parole. Officers had more liberal terms granted them, but these terms were only such in a military point of view. This position is Inllv confirmed by the fact that after one of the Federal commanders had at tempted to give a political status to a large divi sion of insurgent army, the political treaty was ordeted to be stricken out by the Government at Washington. The people or thess States, as a conquered nation, or as individuals who have for feited their rights by rebellion, are at the mercy of the Government, or in the power of the con querors. In tbc case of nations at war, conquer ors dictate terms of peace; in the ease of subjects Sod in rebellion, when the rebels are subjn tbc Government enforces the penalty on the terms of conquerors. In this case, the penalty im posed by the Government is embodied in this proposed amendment. In either view ol the case there can he no loss incurred by the accept ance of the terms proposed, because they arc offered by a powerful Government. The people of the States arc disarmed and una ble to resist its authority. The disqualifications proposed prncl'cally do not go to tbc army that surrendered; neither la it supposed that five per cent of the individuals who composed that army will be affected by the proposed Constitutional Amendment. There were perhaps more able bodied men in the State who were detailed Or ex empted in one way or another from military ser vice, than were in arms on that day. The disqual ifications will fall chiefly on this 'Class. They ongbt not to complain because they dm not expose their persons in the strile to secure the victory In a war they so largely contributed to inaugurate. There were few at Appomatox who bad been in action m tbc beginning of tbc war. The pardons issued by the President as* snmed that severe pains and penalties had been Incurred by the Individuals recoiling them and required an acknowlcdcment by the recipient that he bad committed an oflcnce. Congress also de clared that the oflcnce was committed, and affixed the disqualification Imposed. The pardons of the President were eagerly sought and accepted with professions of gratitude. It cannot be contended (bat no disgrace attaches to tbc acknowledgment of a wrong where for giveness Is promisee, and that ft would bo dis honorable to acknowledge tho same fault where the consequences of admission go to disqualifica tion from bolding office. But arc conditions Im posed by Congress hard? Congress indicated that Uic disabilities embraced in the amendment, arc not to be perpetual, by reserving to Itself power to repeal them. The conditions are not near a* hard os they might be. The person of the citizen is safe; bis property is not threatened with confiscation, it Is not pro posed toanminlstcronr laws by strangers; the power over questions ofsufl'rage is left with the Mates. For the sake of securing peace and its blessings, may It not be an act of exalted patriot ism for a ponton of tbc old and middle-aged citi zens to yield gracefully to a necessity toey cannot avoid! It only brings (he yonng men a little earlier Into pnblic life, and will tend to the earlier development of their energies. Bv the accept ance of the amendment tranquility'will he se cured to the South: the yonug men and old men will enter upon a new field of prosperity. li.tercoramnnlcaUon will be opened between all fiartsof the country, and, by the exercise of a ittlo forbearance, in a few yeats a perfect restora tion will be ccectcd. But it l-pioposed to reject the amendmentand abide evems and the question Is frequently asked what will be the result. The answer li invoked in doubt. The condition of the country is onset tied, and tbeie will be no tranquility until the ttatve » f unrepresented States Is fixed. 1 have no mean* of knowing whai the action or Con gre*s will be in the event of the rejection of the Amendment. It seems tome most prob able that it will be claimed that through the Ille gal Interference by the President, in the unrepre sented States the political power of those States has been placed in tbe bands of those who were lately In rebellion against the Government, and who withhold political power from those who were and arc loyal to tbe Government of tbe Uni ted States ; that they refuse to comply with the requirements of Congress to entitle them to re- Eresenlation, and arc therefore still practically i rebellion against the Government, and that the ioyal people of these States are thus deprived of a representation In the councils of the nation. Congress will be asked to eel aside the Stale organizations created by the President, and place those States under the control uf the loyal men who will accept snch conditions as may be imposed by Congress. If Congress should adopt this course, tbe President has no power to resist it, because, if adopted by two-thirds of each bouse, it will bo a law of the land. Virginia would not be liable to ibis condition of things; but 1 have treated the snblecl as though she were on the same condition with the States reorganized by the President. First, because I know that your action will have an important in fluence over these States; and secondly, because, as we arc now unrepresented, we will nave in ef fect to conform to tbe same conditions Imposed on those Slates, which will in all probability be much more objectionable to our people than tbe amendment now proposed. FROM CINCINNATI. Executive Clemency Rciu«cd In the Case ot a Murderer—New Railroad Company In* rorpornted Bonds Stolen Arrest lor dwindling. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cincinnati, December 4. Governor Cos has dcclmcd to interpose execu tive clemency in the case of Smith, the murderer of Green, in Fayette Connty. Ho will therefore be executed on Friday, the 17>h test. A new railroad company, with a capital stock of five millions of dollars has just been incorpo rated. the line to run from tins city to MUlcrsburg, Holmes County, where It connects with lines East. The Snperior Court, Judge Scott presiding, met to day. Four trials for murder in the first degree arc eel for trial in this city this month. The City ConncU of Colnmbtu left to-day fur Cleveland to examine the Nicholson pavement, and will vim Pittsburgh to examine the practical working of the fire Alarm telegraph. The funeral of Colonel W. K. Bosley was large ly attended to-day. The Masonic ceremonies on tne occasion were very impressive. Four thousand dollars in Government bonds were stolen from the residence of J. B. Corbly at Mount Washington to day. George Snyder, ralesman in Becnm’s bat store, was arrested to-day (or swindling bis employer iu the amount of $15,000. from Indianapolis. The Case of (Toward Stretcher for Murder, Committed on the Night that Andrew Johnson was in Indianapolis. Arc [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapous, December 4. In the Criminal Court, to-day, the case of the State against Howard Stretcher, on an Indictment for murder, was taken up. Judge Hines, of tho Circuit Court, Is on the bench to try the case, by appointment by Judge Chapman. The counsel for the defence occupied all tbc morning in pre paring an affidavit for tbc continuance of tbc case, askirg time to take tbc depositions of General Giant and General Custer. The affidavit was read ibis afternoon, and a continuance granted til] the first Monday in FcV ja.y next. Stretcher was in court, and looks quite bleached by his long con finement. lie was remanded to jail. —j* Tbc grand a:.d pent Jurors of the United States Court nave been dismissed until the 27th Instant. The Court meets to-morrow to hear motions. Judge McDonald Is still quite unwell. The Su preme Court of the state meets again at Chambers on the I2tn instant. FKOM SMSUTILLE. Foal Ittnrder—Small Pox at Chattanooga— Tbe Tennessee Frecdmon— Poisoned by Mistake. (Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, December 4. A man named H. C. White, Hying at Kingston Springs, on the Northwestern Railroad, was mur dered last night about S o’clock by a neighbor named Patterson. Bis head was split with an axe, and his pockets rifled ofsioo. it Is supposed the Ibul oeca was committed in order to more eaMly steal the mac's money. Tbc murderer has fled. bmall pox is prevailing at Chattanooga to a considerable extent, among both whites and blacks. General Lewis, Commissioner ofthcTreedmen's Bureau, who returned to-day frbm a lour in nut Tennessee, reports tbc f rcecmcn In that section as getting along finely, tbe relations between them and their employers being of the most friendly Character. There is among them a general desire to aid the colored schools, which are in a flourish ing coedition. A prominent citizen, samod Poleg Blarkcy, CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1866. tuok, through mistake, 10-day, an over-Lin of morphine, rendering him InsenMoie eo (hat no tones are rntertuimd of his recovery. fOne hnnflie<l and fifty barrel* of oil which ar> rived yesterday from BnrksviJle was shipped rorth to-day, for the first lime In the history of Naahvllie. A large lot of agricultural implements, inanu factored by contract hi the penitentiary, were ex* ported 10-day to other points. The Supreme Coart of Tennessee commenced Its session yesterday. Masonic Grand Lodge ofTeen.convened yesterday and w 111 remain in Convention for a few days. A resolution providing for an adjournment of the Legislature on the iOth instant, was seconded to day. A number of Importai l measures will come before the body before it adjourns. FROM MEMPHIS. Steamer Sank—Markets, Arc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Jlocpms, December 4. The steamer Julia was snagged and lost in the Eatchlc River on Saturday last. No casualties. The Catholics have bought the Baptist church at Jackson, Tennessee, and consecrated it yes terday. Trade dull. Cottons S0&31C: com SI.OO, and ad vancing; potatoes, $2.55®3.00; onions, $3,00; apples, $4.00@5.00; butter, 85c; eggs, i&JJ33c; chickens, B®stfc. Down—-Strader, Ajax, Fulton, Silver Moon. Up—Memphian, Belle Memphis. Bertha, Shark, Forayth. Glasgow, Commercial, St. Patrick, Mol lie Able. FROM ST, PAUL. The Weather and the B-lver—A. Johnson** Message. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Pacx, December 4. The weather continues as pleasant and mild as In October. The river is as open os In anmmer. Ills now a snhlecl of general regret that the an nual December steamboat excursion was not postponed until the close of navigation. This benighted community has this morning re ceived A. Johnson's regards to Congress. bat no

onefeels any particular interest in what he says. FROM LOUISVILLE* Fatal Accident from Wood Chopping—Mar bets—Meeting In Aid of the Southern Poor- Theatrical and Operatic. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.). Lorisvnxs, December 4. The steamers Merwln and Butler, on the Falls, got oil to-day with light damage. River elowly rising. Mrs. Bradney, an aged woman, on Monday, in chopping wood, received a blow from a stick which fiew up and fractured her skull, from which she died. Receipts of bogs to-day, 4,000; packers killed S,OCB, leaving 2,500 In the pens, tales of 147 at 514 c. Market at Ike close for good ltca\7 averages. Bales of cotton 10-day, 50 bales. Numerous meetings arc held In the interior of tbe State to relieve (be sufferings of tbc Sonthem poor. All clashes are interesting themselves. Tbe Masons and Odd Fellows arc foremost in this charity. The theatre recently bnrncd la neatly com pleted ciurnally. The root la being put on. It trill be one of the finest theatres in the country. Snsml's Opera Troupe will arrive next Monday. Ibc Hanlons are performing at tbe Academy of Mask, and tbe Nightingales at tbc Masonic Tem ple. FKO3I ST. LOUIS. Governor Fletcher After the Bushwhackers- [fcpccial Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.l Sx. Louis, December 4. Governor Flctcbcr is organizing a force to arrest or drive oat of tbc State the numerous bands of bushwhackers which infest several coun ties, murdering, pillaging and burning. He says be Intend* to pursue them with energy, and make every part of this Stale as safe to life and prop erty as Illinois or lowa. MEXICO. Air* Seward** Late Despatch to the French minister—. Movements ot Opposing Forces on the Pacific Coast. New Toijk, December 4.—The Ustaid says a private cable despatch from Park was received in ibis city yesterday, which says, in effect, that no direct r“ n ) v baa yet been transmitted by the French Government to thS! the United States upon the snbjec* of the immediate withdrawal oftbc troops from Mexico, or in installments, as was proposed by M. Dronyn de L’llnys. Mr. Scwatd, In bis despatch, has remonstrated against the neglect, and asks for tbe prompt ful filment of the promise which was received by the United States in good faith, and in the expecta tion that it would be fulfilled. This remonstrance, however, was wholly free from threat, though de cided and earnest in Its tone. That any difficulty will grow ont of it is notbeheved in quarters here, where the lengthy message to Mr. Bigelow, so far as its general character la concerned, is folly known. A letter from Montegga’s Imperial command at Acapulco, dated November 24th, docs not aecm to meditate an immediate evacuation of that place. It says the war ahlp Talisman left there with orders from Marshal Bazaine to bring four hundred ont of fifteen hundred men campaigning in Tehuantepec, and Dial their arrival canid dispel ail chances of the Liberals taking po-session of Acapolco. It farther says that operations will be immediately commenced against other ports of tbe State of Querrctaro and that the boasted Li li cit! victory near Colomo was over one hundred and five men who w ere surprised and overpowered by a superior force. Elgnty-flrc of tbe number arrived safely at Colomo. THE TELEGRAPH IMBROGLIO. niisreptcscntatlous ot the New York Asso- Bocitulon Exposed 3l**. C'rals’s News Acency a Fixed Fact—Ho Challenges Fair Competition. Office or the UnitedStetes and Ecuopeas 1 TELEcuarmc News Association, > No. 115 Buoadway, New Yoke, Dec. 4,ISCG.) The statement sent over the wires by one Simon* ton, who Is acting In the interest of five morning journals in this city aud his own pet newspaper la ban Francisco, to the injury of all the other news papers In tbo country, that the United States and European Telegraphic News Association Intends to abandon the furnishing of news to the news* pare?* of tbo United States and famish mercantile despatches to commercial men only, is a most out rageous alsehood. The United States and Euro pean Telegraphic News Association will condone to furnish news of the most reliable and interest* ing character from all parts of the world with the greatest promptness and dispatch, defying all competition, and the newspaper editors and pro* prictors throughout the country are cautioned against believing anything to tho contrary. (Sinned,) D. U. Cbaio, General Agent of United States and European ■Telegraphic News Association. FROM CAIRO. Treasure Trove—A Hlch Deposit Inn Bank ol Earth—Weather—The River Rising. CAtno, December 4. —In tho washed banks of a ravine, which jots into the Mississippi River a few miles below Wolf Island, there was, a few days ago. discovered by a Missouri banter, a keg. which the finder at first regarded as a keg of powder, bat, on attempting to remove it from Its resting place, he found it defied his efforts. Ho thereupon employed a hatchet which ho carried in bis bell, and, dashing In the bead of the keg. was both astonished and gratified at a shower of gold and silver coin that fell with a musical jingle all around him. The keg contained £.*0,000 in eagles, SOSO in half-eagles, f£so In quarter-eagles tad siToln silver. There was nothing in or on the keg to Indicate who burled It there, or when it was boned. From appearances, however, it is believed that it was placed there at the outbreak of the tcbelilon. Alter two days' rain the weather has become clear and beautiful overhead, hut is miserable under foot. lh- river is rising eighteen to twenty-four inches every twenty-four boon. FROM BUFFALO. Frnlnn Parade—Arms Delivered Up by the United state* Government—Attempt to 3i artier nn Officer. Buffalo, December 4.—The Fenian parade this afternoon was a comparatively small aflair, owing to a heavy rain. A regiment of Fenians, accom panied by wagons, marched to the place where the arms taken last June were kept, and received them Irom the officers of the Government. It is proposed to get a round hood given to the Gov ernment not to use them against Canada, by sell ing them at auction to the highest bidder. . An attempt was made last night to murder a constable named John Both, In the town of West Seneca, while riding home In his buggy. He was fixed on three times. Ohio Fomolosicnl Society. ZAsrarmx. 0., December B.—The Ohio Pomo loglcal Society assembled here to-dar. Dr. Warder* of Ciccinnati, presiding, ftcr. C. Springer made the welcoming address. The d!s play of fruits Is very fine. Throe hundred varie ties of apples arc exhibited. An election of offi cers vDI take place to-morrow. The attendance la large SUPREME COURT DECISION. Construction under the Statute of Wills—Reconciliation of Con tending Features of the Law. The following decision of the Supreme Court, in the case ot Julius Rosenthal, administrator of the estate of Michael Doyle, against John Magee, real interest for all our citizens. Tho de cision Is as to the legal mcanlngoithose sections of the statutes of ‘‘wills*’ which provide for the manner of reimbursing the costs of prosecuting claims against the estates of deceased parties. The opinion is by Brcese, Judge: The question their record involves the construction of certain sections of the chap ter entitled “ wills,” which do not seem entirely harmonious. They are sections 95 and 101. An action of assumpsit was brought in the Cook Circuit Court upon a promissory note made by Michael Doyle to John Magee and against Julias Rosenthal, administrator on the estate of Doyle. The pleas were the general Issue—denial of tbc execution of the note—that It was assigned after maturity, and sot off. The Jury found for tho plaintiff and assessed the damages at $6,333, on which verdict judgment was rendered. Tbc following stipulation was catered into, on Elaimiff'e motion, that the costs be awarded to im: “it 1* hereby stipulated and admitted that the defendant took out letters of administration on the Jsth day of January, 1363, and gave the notice required by the statute for creditors to present their claims for adjudication for the March t-nn ot the County Court, 1663, and tint the plaiotiO; before the commencement of this suit, caused the note upon which this suit was brought to be presented to the defendant, and requested payment thereof of him, as admin istrator of tho estate of Michael Doyle, deceased, which payment was refused, and that such pre sentation, demand and refusal, were proved by the plaintiffs witnesses on the trial of this soli, and the said claim was not presented in the County Court, and that no other demaud was made than that above mentioned,*’ whereupon the Court rendered the follawingjudg menfc '“That the pjamtlflso have and recover of the defendant, as administrator as aforesaid,his dam ages of $6,332 in form aforesaid by the jury afore said assessed, together with his costa and charges about bis suit In this behalf expended, to be paid In due course of administration.*' The cause is brought here by wnt of error, de fendant assigning as error this judgment (or eoet B against hint as administrator. It is insisted by the plaintiff In error, that, ns by section I*s of the . statute of wills, all claims most be ‘presented to the Court of probate within nine month* from the date of the advertisement of the administrator required by that section, end Ifnot so presented the estate is not liable for the costs of any claim presented thereafter, Scatea Como. It la very apparent this section has reference alone to claims presented to the Probate Coart. Section 161 of the samertatnte provides that no ac tion shallbemalntadnableagainstany executor or administrator for any debt due from the 'cstatoror intestate until the expiration of one year after the taking oat of letters testamentary in adminis tration, except as is herein excepted; nor shall any person mlng after that time recover costs against such executor or administrator, unless a demand be proved before the commencement of such salt; hot in all other cases both exeentors ana administrators shall be liable to pay costs as other persons.— lbtd, 120;. Section 102 provides that suit* to recover claims shall not be brought unless within one year next after such executor or administrator snail have settled his acconnt with the Court of Probate. The proposition of plaintiff in error that no salt con ue brought against an administrator unless he has presented his claim for allowance! lo the Court of Probate, does not seem maintainable, for section HG pro vides that the manner of exhibiting claims against an estate may be by serving a notice of the claim on the administrator by presenting him the acconnt, or the amount (acconnt) with the Court of Probate; whilst section IX7 preserves the distinction between a claim filed and a salt brooght on iu Tbecaseof Reltzell Miller, SSV. Illi nois, 67, simply decides that an administrator can ton submit a claim, against the estate he repre sents, lo arbitration, and that an administrator has no power to admit a claim ao as to bind an estate. The case of Grarjary vs Heckle, SKI I. lb., 249, refers to sections 93 and 101 of the statnte of wills, but no decision is made, or opinion intimated. that a salt cannot be maintained under the latter section after a Wfaaud is made, for that section exoressly so provides, and it is expressly agreed a demand was made before suit brought. Though there is Is rot perfect coagrulty between the sections, jet wo thick they can be both made operative by con pe section 95 to cases in the Probate Court, to which it is evidently directed, and section lUI to cases arising la the Circuit Court by original suit. Acrcdltorof an estate Is by no means compelled to present his claim to the Probate Court tor a - lowan ec; be can choose his forum and resort, in 100 first instance, to the Circuit Court, if that Court La» jurisdiction. Many circumstances may concur to prevent an application to the Probate Court, The Circuit Court la always open to all kinds of actions. If the bar of the statute of lim itations can bo set np, the party claiming will be defeated, but if it is not, and the estate inven toried has been settled, the claimant can, notwithstanding, recover his jodgmen’ and collect the proceeds ont of the assets thereafter to come to the hands of the administrator. (Peacock ex. Harvcr, Admx., XXII. ib. 23: Lcdy ra. Selby, SI, ib. 211; Grarjary r*. Meekle, before citcd.l On careful consideration, we are ol opinion that these sections cannot be so inconsistent that they cannot both he enforced. It U not for us to say that the Legislature did not design that both should be carried into cQect In the manner we have here intimated. Thejndgmenl of tho Court below is affirmed. For plaintiff in error, Rosenthal and Van Hig gins. For defendant, Goodrich, Farwclland Smith. A SHOCKING ACCIDENT, A Bridegroom Killed While on HU TVcdiilug Xeur-HU Bride Fatally In jured, (From tbc Milwaukee Sentinel, December 4th.] A short time since Mr. Wm. B. Rugg, a young man thirty years olage, came to this city from New Hampshire with the Intention of settling down as a farmer In the Interior ofthcStalc. OirThursday last, theSllth lost., he was married to an estimable young lady living near this city. Having purchased a span of fine horses, the couple started on Saturday last for Oshkosh on a wedding tour, intending at the same time to select their future home. Full of bright anticipations of the future the young couple chatted and laughed as they sped over the road, never fearing danger of nnv sort. When about fif teen miles fthmthis city, however, the horses took fright and ran furiously down the road, throwing both Mr. Rugg and his bride from the carriage, almost instantly killing Mr. Hogg and totally injuring his bride. The sad event has cast a gloom over a large circle of friends, by whom he was loved and respected for his gentlemanly qualities. There ore few accidents that possess such sadness and cast such a deep gloom over a community as the one recorded above. A yonng and loving couple, just united as one flesh, and looking forward to the future with the brightest hopes and expectations, thus suddenly and icrribly plunged into the fa lure world without a moment's warning, is an event which would cause a thrill of horror in the hearts of the most stoical. tr WAIT BROTHERS, Advertising Ag’tg IS6 Dearborn.*!., receive advertisements for all the lending papers throughout the United States and Canadas, fHasouic Notices. WAfcOXIC —Annual Conclave of Obi- JAI cago Council. No. •», R. &s. M- for the election ot officers will he held Hits (WEDNESDAY) EVEN ING, at Masmlc Temple, at 7N o'clock p. ra. ByordtrT. I.G.M. . E. CLARENCE HUDUARD. Recorder. ■\TASOXIC —A Ueculnr meeting of tbc i»X Chlcaeo Masonic Board of Rebel wlirbc held «it Malrllai:, ihli jWcdnesday) evening, at “H O'clock. SAM. C. SMITH. Secretary. TyrASONTC— Thcic will be a special ItX convocation of Corinthian Chapter No. C 3 B. A. M.. held thl« (Wednesday) evrnlnp. December Jlh.lS'-C, In KllvlnnlcpTiall, comer of North Dearborn and Kin zle-*ts„ at "J( o'clock, for work on 11. A. decree. Visi tors arc cordially Invited to attend. VT. D. SMITH, Secretary. 13ul)lic fHcrting. Attention, fourteenth WARD.—A Public Mcttlnc Is called, ot Property Owners on Clybourcc-av.. on FRIDAY EVENING, Ike. 7. at S o’clock, at JOSEPH EUINGER’S, No.l 01 Clyboume-ftyc., lor the purpose of ga«. sower and street matter*, ns ihe lot owneis are dissatisfied about the sewer on Clybourne-ave. Come one, come all. _ THE COMMITTEE. 203 RAXDOLPH - ST - 203 FINE Furniture, MIRRORS, BEDDING, &C. TVM. W. STRONG, 203 RANDOLPH ST. 203 jFor tijc fitolibatts. GOODS. HOLIDAY GIFTS. We are now opening tho Largest and Best Aiwortment of Rich and Beautiful Goods ever offered In Chicago. BLISS & SHAM?, 144 X«AK&-ST., Druggists and Dealers in Fancy Goods. fHUUnctB. QLOSING OUT AT LOW FBICSS. Fall aad Ulster etack ot HATS AND BONNETS, AT THE BOSTON MILLINERY STORE, 10-2 STATE-ST. •Clotting. ■DOTS’ CLOTHING, BOYS' OVBHCOATS, At Greatly Reduced X*rlccs» At SCOTT. PAVISOS A CO/S. 136 Latent. TANUARY 1.1867, O Is nigh, until which time we will ten Men and. Boys’ Olotlilngp At Greatly Reduced Prices, At SCOTT. DAVISON A CO.’S. 136 LaK-at, QREAT REDUCTION «SH AND BOVS’ CLOTHING, At SCOTT, DAVISOy A CO.’S, 136 Uke-st. vy sv. xv. ry. "*■ * Fifteen Dollars will boy a **" * Bearer Overcoat or Black Cloth Sait, At SCOTT. DAVTSOS it cO.’S, 136 Lakest. DULL TRADE.—Boys’ Clothing THREAD MIXING AND KNEADING D MACHINES—for Families, Hot*!*, RcstanranU tad Baker*. the mo*t valuable Invention of the see. By the tame action the Bread U mixed sad kneaded thoroughly sad gntckly. irUhont the hand* touching the Cour. They Injure great savins of labor, perfect cleanliness, certainty of pood bread, sod arc cheap. Exclusive State. County and Toim Right* for sale, af ordlrgararecnanee ror great pain*, with small capi tal. /» pent* wanted everywhere, and mo«t liberal Is* dnccrr.cnt> riven theta. Apply personally or bv letter to C. w. FORBUSH, Agent, 16 Congress-dt, Boston, _ _ Maw. Send for clrcnlar. J^OTICE— Just arrived from Europe. -^y ANTED— Cheaper than Ever. Profit* smaU aad sale* Quick at EDWARD LOCKE A CO.'S new Boys’ Clothing Store, 74 Bandolph-st. Good Warn Salt, (A Other good* in proportion. asttologg. CLAKIUSSA MTliliSOaii The celebrated Gypsy Fortune Teller, can be consulted from 9 ttU 9to the afternoon. Don't target iW7 Sooth Clatr-eu Beat city references glren If repaired. fHcctsctjaum 13ipcs. Q.ENDINE Meerschaum Pipes and Cigar Holders of oar ova importation, at very low price*. BECK ft WIRTH, 93 South Watar-sU (Slotting. QKEAT BARGAINS. uiimu: The Best Made, The Best Styles, The Best Assortment, jl't CJJEWMAMBRO’S, 119 South Glark-st. Overcoats! Pine, medium and Low-Priced Bea vers and Heavy Coatings, mode In the best styles, from sl2 Upwards, * -A.T I E. NEWMAN & BRO’S, Xl9 Sooth Clarb-st. Business Suits! The Best Stock in Chicago. Enptllsli Melton Suite, Beaver ** French Ones* JTarrls Cass* Scotch Cass. Irish Frieze *Vclvotinc Of Uio beat Goods, made In the beat styles, from sll upwards, at -AT i e. mmm & mo’s, 119 South Clarli-st, DRESS SUITS! made of English, French and German Coatings, Cloths, Casslmcres and Vest ings, which will compare with the best custom-made clothing, In style, quality and FIT—3O per cent. less. Also, a large stock of nil the above goods In the piece, which we ent and make to order, in styles to salt customers, -AT C. E. NEWMM & BRO’S, 119 South Clark-st. FURNISHING GOODS! A COMPLETE STOCK. Cardigan White Shirts, Cas- Hlmcrc shins, SUk and lilcrlno Skirts and Drawer*; Scarfe, Ties, Gloves, Socks, &c., ic., of the Best Goods and Lowest Price, A.T c. e. mmm & mo’s, 119 South Clarb-st. All In want of any Article of Clothing, Ready-ITlado or to be made, should not buy until they bare seen our Stock* TVe charge nothing for showing goods nnd offer CHEAT BiBGAIKS for the next 30 days, AT c. e. mmm & bro’s, 119 South Clarh-st*, Ono Slock Sooth of Court House. jftit (Sootis. jgLEGANT LJDIES’ FURS, RUSSIAN SABLE, HUDSON BAY SABLE, NEW ENGLAND MINK, T.ATTR SUPERIOR MINK, SIBERIAN SaUIRREIX, GERMAN FITCH, And all the Cheaper Varieties* at Reduced Prices* hr J. A. SMITH &Co., 118 LAKE-ST. prKCHASERS OF L..IDIES’ FURS Should sot fhU BEFORE BCTTSG, to see our stock, which is lull and complete. Prices cheaper than the cheapest. TAYLOR, Furrier. IQt Itandolpli-st. T ADJZES’ DRESS FURS. DOST DDT till you have seen cur stock and prices. BREWSTER, Furrier. Sherman House. Fne mink furs. We have a very SUPERIOR STOCK of the above, well worth the attention cl those who want the BEST. BREWSTER. Fortier. Sherman House. ©Hantclr. SIGN FAXNTHB wanted- Toaflrst-clawworfcnan-iteadyworkatrood wage*. Address HOJES ft GRAHAM. palirera, 97 New York city. citing terms andr^ereacea. $lj)oto graphs. SI .50 BKAND ’ 8 $1.50 t&o to BRAND’S pcpalar Art Gallery. 10 ?»Lake-at, and ret a dozen of his elegant “Carte oe Visiles’’ for r&W 11,30 per dozen. CQXtDRCN photographed Quicker, better, asd cheaper than aayw here else la the dty. NUMBER 182. ■Nctospopcrs. QIVEN AWAY. givenjawAyii WHEELER & WILSON SO2 FAMILY SEfiGMMLIS GIVEN AW AT! FOB SEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE WESTERN RURAL! A No. 3 Wheeler &Wilson Family Sewing Machine will be given fer each club ol twenty.flve NEW sub scrlbtrs to Tax Wxstees Ecttal for 19W. Tux Wxstxbx Boxal Is a large, eight-page, quarto. Agricultural, DordcaUnral and Family Weekly, pub lished at 164 and 166 Randolph street, Chicago, Il linois. Tax Chicago Trbcmx bats ot It: ** Oar readers should give U preference to any Eastern agricultural paper.” All we want is the names of twenty-fire sosa. nos NEW teaxlt pcbscbibxbs, with the money (by Draft, Post Office Order or Express), at f3AO each, (the regu lar single inbscrlpticm price), and the Machine will be promptly sent by Express. Cal! on or address, for specimen copies of paper and fall particulars of the above and otbkb puxicks. H. N. F. LEWIS, Publisher, 164 and 166 Uandolph-iu Chicago, HI. tr Descriptive circulars, etc n of machines cent to any address. A CARD. Omci OF TUB WnrULTB * WtIAOJT ) ilAJcrAcruatsu coupxbt, > Cmcaco, November 23in, 19C6 J We have made arrangements wlthwc publishers ol Tnv Wsstxks Rnui to famish onr No. S Family Sew* log Machine, the regular, retail price ot which In this city la t<i2, as a premium for clubs of subscribers for that paper, as per statement above, and we lullyjwiii warrant such machines to he perfect in every respect; and we win always considers ourselves under obllga tlona to give ail necessary Instructions to parties nslng them. ARTHUR FARRAR. Agent Wheeler dr Wilson Manufacturing Co. Kcto publications. CHRISTMAS STORY, “Mugby Junction” IS COMPLETE IN Every Saturday^ So, 30, FOR DECEMBER 13, ; CONTENTS. RARBO.V BROTHERS, fir Charles Dldfeas. RAUBOX BROTHERS & CO. Bv Charles Dickens. MAIN LINE. The Boy at Mucby. By Charles Dlceens. No. I BRANCH LINE. The Signalman. By Charles Dickens. No. 2 BRANCH LINE. The Engine Driver. By An drew Hallway. No. s BRANCH LINE. The Compensation House. By Charles Collins. No. i BRANCH LINE. The Travelling Post OBce Bv Urdu Mretton. No.r.TiBANCQ LINE, The Engineer. By Amelia B. Edwards. I*rloo Ten Cents. For sale by on Newsdealers. TICKNOn & FIELDS, Publishers. Boston. 3£uiil)cr (Gootis. RUBBER CLOTHING COMPANY. WAREHOUSES SEW YORK, CHICAGO AND SAN FRANCISCO. F. M. & W. A. SIIEPAUD, Agts. S 3 LAKE.ST., CHICAGO. Wc have on hand a Bill line of BUBBBB GOODS, Comprising Clothing. Plano Covers, Boots and Shoe*, Balls. Toys, Combs, Druggiiia and Stationers' Goods, Rich Jewelry and t oncy Rub Der Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Prices same os in New York. 3300te anb gijor.g. QLOSING OUT AT LOW PRICES. Fall Stock of M t It WHOLESALE HOUSE, No, 57 Lukc-st. anb fHoulbings FIRM—The late firm ot GOLDEN, SAHIiaONS & CO. Flaring been necessarily closed by the demise oi Mr. Golden on the SCth of October last, and the heirs of Mr. Golden having disposed of his interest tn said arm to Mr. E. F. White, the arm will bt known In the fu ture nndtrthe title ol SAMMONS, WHITE & CLARKE, Who are authorized to collect and settle all claims for or agalnrt sold late firm. The new firm having Just completed their new manu •artory, ood pot in new and improved machinery, are prepared to furnish all goods Id the line of FKiMEs and MOULDINGS at lower rates than can be obtained elsewhere In the West. SAMMONS, WHITE A CLARKE. Chicago, Dec. 1,1566. 179 Lakt-st. Consignments. pRESSED HOGS Unnsnal Facilities to Shippers. Commissions on csr.losd lou.£ c() HOPS —YVc inrite attcnlion to a ship ment of HOPS of very superior quality. J. SRERRARD A CO. Commission Merchants, g 19 South Watcr-st. QHESTNUTS. 10 Barrels Very Choice, For sale at 15S South Water-st. J~)RESSED HOGS I! aetf DRUBBED HOOBIJ DRBBBSD BOOB!I I am cow prepared to handle Drwed Hoga tor coun try shippers, aud will furnish, by request, STENCIL PLATE AND WEIGHT LIST?. All consignments will recelre my prompt attention. W. n. UNDERHILL, T'jREbSEDHOGb! DRESSES HOGS! DRESSED HOGS! Con?lguments of Dressed Hog« will have our care ful, prompt attention. We mate a specialty of this business, and parties In the country shipping hogs to this market this season wUI find it to their Interest to ship to us. stencil plates, weight lists and dally mar ket reports fnrnUhedJ>eeon application. LAWRENCE, NES6EN * BUTLER. Qtl* Block. 164 Madtson-sL. corner of LaSalle. ~p|~ O G S ! DRESSED HOGS. We shall give oar usual personal attention to con sienmenuof Dressed Hogs. Correspondence Dorn onr old customers and new on*< Is solicited, that we may keep them posted and lurnlsh them with Btcccll plates, weight list and daily price list Dee. A. O. PICKERING Oc CO., Commlsalctt Merchants and Salt Agents, prompt retorts, send your DRESSED HOGS TO DATID DUEL CO., 1-1-1 LaSalle-?!.. Chicago. %)artnri6t)ip. 00-PAETNEKSHIP NOTICE. \j JOHN BROOKS has this day retired from the firm of WM. IJ, YOUNG & CO. The business of man nCsclcricg Plows and Snlty Cnltlrntors will bo continued after this dato under the name and style of Hnpgood, Tonne & Co. CTTAS. H. HAPOOOD, WM.B. YOUNG. GEO. H. LAUGHTON. ffliHooii ana (Coal. LEY ELAND COAL 1/ FOB SALE. Jast arrived Data Cltve'tnd, 400 TONS COAL, D. O. * CO.. Steel's BmlUlngt, cor. and South Waicrat*. Hooks anti Stationers. T>OOK6. STATIONERY AND PAN- D CY ARTICLES. CCBB.PRaCKtRD&C:j„ 8B Lake-si., Chicago, Wholesale and Beull Dealers la School and Miscellaneous Books, JUVENILE AND TOT BOOKS, Blank and Memorandum Books, NOTE, LETTER AND CAP PAPERS, Tissue and Wrapping Papers, IT KITING DESKS, BACKGAMMON BOAKDS AND PORTFOLIOS, ENVELOPES, INKS, WAIjIj paper, GOAD AND STEEL FENS, SLATES, AND GENERAL STATIONERY. We hare no specialty, but claim to sell ALL classes of Goods, which wo keep at all, as low as can be bought In Chicago. COBB, PRITCHARD & CD., 83 Lake-at., Chicago. Business ®arhs. CTORAGE.—The undersigned arc pre- O pared to do a GENERAL STORAGE BUSINESS, At Iheir Warehouse, on Market-fit., between Madison and Washington. GIBSON, CHASE & CO. Hale & co., So. 13S SOUTH CHICAGO. ILL , GENERAL Commission & Shipping Werch’ts, SOLICIT FOR SALK Floor. Gmln. Provisions, Dressed Hob*, and Produce of All Hinds, WESTERN PRODUCTS Received lor shipment (via railway) to all EASTERN CITIES. Q.ILBERT UPDIKE & CO.; General Commission merchants FOR SALE AND PURCHASE OF IXOTJE, GBAIN AKD PROVISIONS, Especial attention given to sale of DRESSED HOGS in their season. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, lfi3 TVashhiirton-st., Chicago* QEO. McEUfNET & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, HAVE REMOVED INTO THEIR NE’-V OFFICR AXD STORE, No. 12 LaSalle-st., Where they have unsurpassed facilities lor handling Grain, Floor, Drrssnl lloffa, Ac., Ac. jy Consignments solicited. P. 0. Box 937. CKO. M'KISSXT. J. C. LXSLrg. rp L. MORGAN & CO., ’COMMISSION MEKCXINTS, For the purchase and sale ot Grain, Fiour, Provl.MJts, Ac. I’artlrular attention paid to the sale of Dressed Hogs. 13 LaSallo-sU. Chicago. TXT T. NOBLE, \y • UASCFAcrmsTiOF Looking Cln«»c» nod Picture Frames of Every Ucrtcriuficm. No. 1130 Stale-st.. Chicago. P.O. Box 1143. Old Frames regUt. Abo. a fine collection of Paintings and Engravings for sale. jFamins nanus. A LL WANTING FARMS—Good Farm JTjL and well-proved Fruit Land#—Beautiful and thriving settlement'f VINELAND 30 miles south el Philadelphia by railrcad. Pcptilatjen Increased 9.WK people In four yea*s. Go-d scciety. schuoU ard churches; I.O>X) orcliards planted. Price. % a per acts, payable In four years. Village lota tor business ana manufacturers also f)f sale, climate mild—perfectly heilthy-soll highly terllle. Improve'! Places also to: sale. Address CIiAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, Vine* land. New Jersey. Papers containing Uifor nation sent free. From report ol Solon Ifoblnson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: "It Is one ct the most eiten. swefenSc tracts In an almost level position, and suit able condition for pleasant tarmlng, that wo bow of this aide of the Western Prairies." sTcmplc of IHusir. pusos CLICKER I N G: PIANOS, for attic nt Uccd’a Temple of Mu ale, Ss* llnndnlpb-td. Plano*. Organ* and Mcloilrona tarnished npod payment ot a amnll amount down, and balance in month iy partnents. fHadjincri) 'J'O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLEN nil. E. C. CEET23EAA’D CO. ( JUNCTION SHOP. WORCESTER, MASS., Manufacturers of Woollen Machinery, as follows: Cardins Machine* and Spinning Jacks, trom new and improved patterns; Wool Pickers. Wool and Waste Dosiers, Tam Spoolers, and Yam Dressing and Warp ing Machines; Broad and Narrow Gigs, both single and double acting jßroad and Narrow Brushing Ma chines, Velveting, Wintering and Petersham Finish ing Machines, Hydro Extractors and Cloth Urving Machines, Hydrostatic and Screw- Presses, Press Plata Hraters, Indigo Grinders, Rotary Foiling Milts, Wash Mills, Cloth. Winding and Measuring Machined. Slide Rest Turning Engines, Card Grinders, Ac. Our machines are all In substantial and superior iron flam*-*, and arc warranted to be equal in every respect to any machines made in the United States. In addition to above named machines of oor owp make, we are prepared to fuml«h Crompton’s Looms, Parks A Woolson's Shears, Steel King Bur Machines and Bnr Pickers, Card Clothing, and manaCtctarera* findings generally, at makers' lowest prices, and can fumi-li oor customers with machinery fbr Woollen Mills, complete, with promptness, and at as favorable prices as any other builders, E. C. CLEVELAND, j.c. mason. Worcester. Mass.. Oct, g, J.M. BASSETT. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, DEALERS IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And 'Woollen Factory Findings. New Factories furnished with Machinery. Shafting, Engines, liana, {specifications, superintendents and experienced workmen. rOLL CARDS Always on band. COITOS WAEPS & CARD CLOTEOG 01 oil kinds. XST Second-hand Machinery oa hand, far sale cheap. J-ilbcr plating. ■ JOB Instantaneously Silver Plating ARTICLES OF Brass, Copper, German SUier, &Cf Restoring the plating where wern off. and lor Cleanlnf and polishing Silver and Sllrer Plated Ware. This most tuetnl Invention of the age is a preparation ol core silver, and contains no mercury, sod or other enbsUnce inturtoos to metals or the bands. It U * compile electro-platlng battery in a bottle. Price 5C cents per bottle. For sale by Druggist* and Vartetj Store*, HOWE &. STEVENS, MANtTFACTFRERS. BOSTON' MASS. ©mural Kotircs. Wl PEREAS—My wife, Anna Maria \\ Scndelhach. has left my bed and board with out any cause or provocation. I forbid any one trusting ter on tnv account, aa 1 will pay no bill of her con tractS"' JOSEPH W. SENDELCACH. December 4. ISM. jFGt Sale. TJ-OR SALE, “*■ ON COMMISSION, Fine Connecticut Seed Tobacco. Wrappers and FlCerv, Crop 196 L Alio, a fine stock of Tobacco. Clgars. Plpea, lor sale by PARKER. MARSH * CO„ 825,000 TO LOAN, On b eal Estate Security. GEO. □. BOZCT. 98 LaSalle-SL Eaucational. VOUNG LADIES’ SEMINARY I under the charge oi a competent preceptress, •Stated by. the entire corps of Frofessors of *• pTHR hNtLKIH’b EDUCATIONALCOLLEGE3.’* Every accomplishment taught, gar Terms «15 per quarter. Apply at 110 and IXS Bandolph-st ggaatcfrea anti Deteeltg; -M 'YY' ATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. - w CHEI3TMAB GOODS! SOLIDA7 GOODS BRIDAL PRESENTS! PRESENTATION GOODS! Comprising everythin? to be final la & mt-class Jot elry Store. ArtIERITAN AND GENET A WATCHES. DIAMONDS and Predoca Stones kc ta evirry a«w and cot eelranic style of moonlit?. French Olockv Bioioc Vans, Capa. Ac. SoiiU saver Viare. oia best Moiiment.Ter ohered In Chtcaro. fisted (JOrXli at btaatiftu deMzns and finish, to Mild silver. being SiM ..° 3 German .Hirer, which ha-« the appear meo t.f and la quite ai durable. Bavin? io‘d thsn P?i7*.f r *hepa«tye*r,or crar atacc they were Iras Iln l ““ narset, r„.i /li'y r-c »:.l3jXil - O ttr Sloe* la atways Foil aa4 *ss* win aiwjji find me very - a£?s,£ tr £ll'‘ ‘MSlbltf-d i u oar Stocte as won as tar rasrtet, a tcsottt.e prices,andfr«m a.l thete^u 0< tu» in . • Thanhital tor toillavcrs,« Q acoaunhai *‘ a • game, and an e lamination of oar gjodA. aaaijolcsalE Clots Rouses KIMBALL, STEVENS & COMFY. WHOLESALE GLOTH HOUSE 64 & 66 Jgtg/f.’.i.V. .If, g?noto ffotohet, , , Patented May *l9, 1566. -?article tar washing without rubbing, ’ *’ ,*. IT » ry *i rt7 .place*. which will require a ivy i. I Mict^aadittnlliceother preparations offered tea I purpose, WTT.L KOT EOT Tff* ChOTUfc, but WHt reave them much warns man ordinary methods, ont the usual wear aad tear. It removes grease spots a# it by magic, and soften* the dir. by soaking, so that rinsing will in ordinary casta entirely remove it. Tl;i» powder is prepared In accordance with chemical science, and upon a process peculiar to ItsdC whlchl* secured by letter* patent. It has been In n»e for more than a y«ar. and baa proved Itsetf an universal favorite wherever It has been used. Among the advantage* claimed are the following, vt*u It saves all the expense ul soap usually ntod on oct> ten and linen roods. It saves meet of the labor of rubbing, and wear and tear. Also, for cleaning windows It Is unsurpassed. Wlte one-quaxter the time and labor usuaUy requited. It lap. parts a beautiful gloss and lurtre. much .nperier to any oth'T mode, No water requited except to mciito, the powder. Directions with each portage. And can be readily appreciated by a single trial. Thg cost cl washing fir a family ot five or six persona wifi not exceed Tntuta casts. The manufacturers ot this powder are ewarethat many useless compound* have 6e**p Itrrvluced to the fiuhlic which have rutted the cloth, or Called la remov* nc the dirt, but knowing the Intrinsic excellence of this article. they confidently proclaim U as being adapt rd to meet ademand which has locs existed, and vthleh has heretofore remained misapplied, M«nrwa uredt> HOWE & ST.EVEK& 260 BROADWAY, BOSTON. Also, Manufacturers cl Family Dye Colors- - For salt bv Grocer* and Dcvleni everywhere. I3rg (Sotms. DRY GOODS HOUSE. S. D. JACKSON & CO., Jobbers and Commission Dealers in DRY GOODS , YANKEE NOTIONS, Etc,, 52 Sc 54- Wabash-av., (NEAR LAKE-ST.,) CHICAGO, ILL. Siluitiola polls!). H E r firm i \\ l' jr | I « fi iB nimiiii VVIM)OW CLEARER MAGIC POLISH! TW- rec' r.t and wonderful discovery CLEANS WIN DOWS, At:.. ;is fast is one can wipe mem over with a cloth; requires no snap or Lot water; makes uo dn«t or litter, anti lrav»s the clft«e free from lint and perleotlv clear. As a polish for silver and alt ether metals. It has no equal. imparting almost Instantly a peculiarly brilliant and hcanuiul lustre. >lnal ot a single box Is all that Is tccep«ary to con Tirceftcyonecf Its great value. It will give eatln? PBltslartfcn. I’rlcc £i cents. Sold by Amenta and Tealcr*. and v hoUsjie and ictill i>v t*e manaficta rer*: R. .M.BMITII A CO., 77 Dfarhorr-st.. Chicago. ZW~ Sec advertisement “Agents Wanted." jJatmts. JB. TUKCHIN & CO., • Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents, and CESERAL PATENT AGENCY, hive removed to 133 Dearborn-st., one block north of I*, u„ over office. JJAILUOAB OFFICER AND OTHERS INTERESTED. Arc Invited to Call and Examine Parscns’Seif-actißgCar Coupling. It le admitted by those who have *een it to be supe rior to any Self-adjusting Car Coupling now known. Room, Bascmmt of No. "7 Clark-at. MAN HRj OWN HOUSE SHOES. The American Horse Shoe AND Manufacturing Company, Owner of Rebel A Rnel’a Patent Horse Shoe, having or ganized under the laws of Illinois. are now engaged tn selling Conmy Rights and taking the preliminary steps for the establishment of a manufiictory in this city to supply the demand for these excellent Shoes. The Shoes are of Cast Malleable Iron, nearly as tough as steel, and by an Ingenious device which chaUtagea the admiration of the ablest mechanics, yet so simple that any one can adjust them, are fastened to the foot Brener than by nailing, or any other known method. They do rot bind nor pinch the fott, nor injure the boor, cort two-thirds less than ordinary Shoes, and are absoutcly perfect, _ . County luchta ta the Slate ol Hltncl*. Indiana, Wis consin and Michigan for sale at No. 95> Washington ,t, £rm.t room. JMn _ A FCT LER- General Agent. /"I ARB'S PATENT BBICK MACHINE. Office and maaulactory 53 South For information and descriptive clreWa kfj£ r^ RD ftiatfrtoare, jetotics, Sit. JJARDWABE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT & CO, 175 Lake-St. The attention of cfo«e borers 1* Invit'd to oar com nine stock of COOPERS’. MACUINISTS’ and CAB* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CLTLEBT BUILPEPdj’IIABDWABE, direct feotnihe bta* manufacturers. We offer, also, a complete assorascst pi>cKEt crrLEirr, spear * JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS* SCISSORS and RAZORS, STUBBS A EOTfIERX’S FILES, 4C. We also Seep constaatlyon hand fall numbers of SHOENBERGEB’S JUNIATA NAILS. q B Hcsp. £dw. Pebsoott. S. Broo»^ ■^"o. 1 MASSILLON PIG ffiON. DEWEY & CO., 27 Klngsbnry-st. (Eransportaltcn. For grandhaybi-. and mu&ke*- gon. LAST TRIP OF THE SEASON. The Steamer SEA BIRD win leave cr permitting). for above ports, on WEDNEsUAt ETb.SG, ttc. M GOODr . Icg . iHrhical. jy£ORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOR THE CAXAKBH! A perfect and speedy cuie lor this loathsome dlseaao. In ita worst form. In every case of catarrh, severe or light, tbedlseasesboold be removed a* »oa ■* ?oa«- hie, tor It gives rise to hoarseness, »orcueas In t hswlxd plre, dry conch, chronic inflammation of the lun». ah tin ess, dull pain In the head. with 4 w* Ight over Iheeyes, lc*a of the senses of emelUn, and ta: ting, and varlons palmul neuralgic affictlOM. Thert is not any mistake about the •t had of the subscriber. General Agent fur the United states and the < Providence. R. 1. For sale by SMITH A DWTER. Druggists, 92 4 94 L»ke-*t- Wholesale AgtntsjbrChlcago. auction Safes. ttacking house auction sale. r We Win offer onrpork House Property tor sale MYnbllc Auction, ou Wednesday. sth day of Decom ternesl (coles* previously disposed of), con slating at KbSnave and a half acres ground, on which Kands J pork Pacldng and Slaughter House combine*!. Hoc Pm« and ten Tenement ifjnse. The Pork and blan*h «j House contain* a cellar andtwo stories. 137 and U 5 fretT itbasbeen built recently, and fitted np on ths moct modern and approved plan. , . _ gale will commence on the premises at 3o clock p. ml where term* and conditions will be stated, lotead purchasers miff Inspect the daf^ Indianapolis, Sot. 30,1365.