Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 5, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 5, 1866 Page 3
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COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL REPORT.} Kegrnlar Ulcctintr, Chicago, Decem ber Sd, ISCG. Pretent —His Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D’Wolt Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kami, I'innncan, Hatch, Wall work, Moore, Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard, Holden. Russell. AcUhoU, Gastffeld, Franzcn, EngcL fchackford, i-awson, Clark, O'Sullivan. Absent— Aldermen Wllmarth, Schuler. Friable Blxby, Huntley, Proodfoot, Uuh. ’ XtXCTES. Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the minutes of the regular meeting, held NovemberStith, 18CC. bo cj'peoM-d without being read, and ThexaoiloTi prevailed. rimnoss A2ro comcrmcxTioxß. His Honor the Mayor read the following com mumcanon. and accompanying letter: To Cif /hmorable Board of Aldermen in Common Cn.icil a tumbled: nL.vnxiira: Emcl General c. H. ITort. t tier Quartermaster Derailment of the lake-, came to tills city a few weeks since, in pur suacce of an order from the War Department, to cnc’ose the gronnd and mark the glares of all thoi-e prisoners who were hmied in this citv dur ing the war. Believing that the Hulled States contemplates in its action a permanent burying ground, and knowing that the cemetery where taid bodies have been buried will soon be vaca ted, 1 stressed a letter to General Hoyt, asking him to ilo what he could, by virtue ot his Ofllce, to cau-e tbc removal of said bodies (o other ground, lhai permanency may bu as-ured, Isnb m!: the answer of General Hoyt with this comma gicai on, and ask the Council to take snch action r.r n:a\ to them seem beet in the premises Dur li,_-thi-war. wh«-nfamp Doncias was a prison camp, the city of Chicago readily granted pcrmls i;. i. f ; rta-.d burials, ftec of cost Tor the ground, j \. ■r; > arks the United States to do wilt tnose 1 ;.i:cd tbeic by military authority what our own r:r.. I I.s BTC compelled to do with fbeir deceased f; - I---, remove them from a cemetery almost in I-c heart of our city. Respectfully submitted, J. B. Kick, Mayor. Cnirp QrairiTuiiASTCu’a ornce, I „ ,„ „ r Deport, November 3J, ISGd. f J. B. Rice, Chicago, Illinois: bin: Your letter or the -.Tth instant in reference to the removal of the rebel dead from tbo Lity Cemetery at Chicago to some other local ity has been tecctvrd. Af the necessity for the removal of these bodies not been officiary brought ro my notice, I re spictiulty request that you will address a comma- Lioation ;o me, selling out the nocessltv for their removal and the lime within which*tho work should be done. 1 will torward the communication at once for action bv the War Department. In the c\ ent of tho bodies ocing removed I «hall i)u nott happy to avail myself of yonr kind offers of assistance m the selection of another lociilty. I am. Sir, very respectfully, yonr obedient sor v _ _ c. 11. Host, Chief Quartermaster Department of the Lakes, ... , Brevet Brigadier General. Aid. Lawson moved that the Mavurbe requested topui himself In communication with the proper 0.-cer ol we Government in order to effect the do med object. The motion cot being seconded was not enter tained. Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the communica tion art! letter l>c referred to the select Committee cn Crmetery Ground?*. Aid. banoit moved to amend by adding the Mayor to j-aid committee. Aid. Holden moved to further amend, by adding to the motion tuc words “with power to act ” The amenrjments of Aid. Holden and Barrett were severally adopted, and the motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, as amended, prevailed. Aid. UoMcn presented a communication, cov er a i n amble and resolution, in relation to i.uordlng facilities to citizens to p-us through and inspect tin- Lake Tonne!, and moved «hat the pre amble and resolution be passed. * A.d. Hst n moved to lay the motion of Aid Holden on ih. a table. Aid. Holden demanded theayc* and noes, and the motion of Aid. Kann prevailed bv th« follow lug vote: „-i: <£ —Aid. Kricki rbocker. Carter, D’Wolf, 5* -her, Barrett, Calkins, Kauu. Finaucan, Hatch, allwork, Talcott, Ru?sMl, Ga-ifieM, i ratzee, bhacklord, Lawson. «. lark, CSnllivaa —AM. Cox, Moore, Holden, Ackhoff, Rob, I-* - .. * Commiinration from W. If, Seward, Srerctary of State, ru-kcowlcnsiiig receipt of preamble and npi eal in relation to Fenian convicts in Canada, was. on motion of AM. Kann, Pircvd nn Tile. Coiriauiricasion from the Secretary to the Gov ernor lieneral of tuc Britl-b North American Province!-. in relation to the same scbicct, was, on emmu of Aid. Moore, Plac> d on file. of Brown & Hard In relation to acer- of land claimed to be owm-d bv them in C. T. Sub. of hec. 7, 33, n, was, on motion of Al t. \\ itLt-1, Jt> icntc to Committee on Judiciary. IVtuionot AM. Eranzpti for the gran*in~ of a free tu dob-tV license to John Rolling. Aid. moved that Ibe prayer of the pe tition be granted, and 3 he motion prevailed. Petition t l .\iiiiy Ualdroc, to be allowed corn pen at iou for clotmng destroyed at tbe City Hus pital, wa-. on motion of AM. Law>on, iN JVrred to Committee on Police. Petition of Benedict HctUch lor the remission ot h fine, was on motion of Aid. lvM«in t IteftTn to Committee on Finance. Petition of N. t>. Loberc for the remission of a Cm-, wa.-. cn motion of Aid. Wallwork, Hi f- rn-d to Committee on Finance. Ik tit ion ‘-f w. M. Zcaring to he refunded a por tion ol an assessment, wa-s, on motion of Aid. Alrore. Ite'.erted to the Comptroller. Petition ol Thomas Fin'd for the remission ol a Cue, was. on um ion of Aid. Hatch, l.’efer-xd ’a Como ittce on Finance. Petition of Wmans &. Co. for the remission of a Clo. war. on motion of Aid. Tatcalt, B-fened to Committee on Fnaince. Petition of the Merchants* Union puny for permission to erect a wooden bMidlh" near the tuv dejtot oftho SI. S. Jc N.l. and C. It! L H. U. Companies, w.-is, ou motion of AU. Htfen-eu to Committee on Fire and Water. I’. ufTvhbalis, Shirk &. Whitehead for the Ti dr.v iiou of assessment and tax, was, on motion of Aid. I'ener, Rclcrrul *u the Comptroller. Petition ot property holders for sidewalks on Superior ai d Townsend streets in Higgins, I„avr ,c sr*ttother t Addition, was. on motion of Aid. Lawson, Rvferrpd to the Board orPuhltc Works. Petition of property holders for the filling. &c --of cei lain Jois in Higgins, J jtw & Strother's Addl lion. wa». on motion of Aid. Lennon Reforn-d to the Board <>t Public Works. Rt mon-trance of property owncis against curb irg, tilling aul paving Michigan street, was, on motion of Aid. 1.-nvs-oc,- to Committee on Streets and Alleys, Petition ot Win. E. Jones, Steward of the City Hospital, to ne allowed the same extra compra) 6 #- tiun as was awarded to the Assistant Health o;.;cci>i. by an order passed November 12th, 18wk vrn?, on motion of Aid. Moore, Roicneri to Committee on Judiciary. Aid. ArkliotTpresentcd a communication covcr »P- preamble ai.d order in relation to paying adei tioral compensation to ten police officers who had been acting as Assistant Health Officers. P Jark moved to lay the communication oa tne table temporarily, and The motion prevailed. Aid. Ackn.'U'presented a communication cover* ir - the following preamble and resolution, wi.icii, on motion, were unanimously passed: vuieueap, An assessment lias been ordered for t .ie improvement of Jefferson street, from Lake to li’Onna Greets; and. whereas, no part or portion th-:- of. it is Indieved, has been assessed upon the t.ucago.t 3iihyaukee Railroad Company, or on t.-e t & Northwestern Railroad Company, y.nii wbicait ha* been consolidated: and whereas, a Tiy virtne of an ordinance passed A; ril Po., lluit_ said company is liable, at j a-t as to portion occupied by it, “to dll said ttreot up to grade with gravel or other suitable malciial, ur.d shall also plank or pave said streets, x\h n icijulred so to do by order of the Common Council : f ’ therefore. Artr,lred, That the Board of Public Works be r< -juestrd to report to the next mi-cimg of this t :nrril why said company ha< not been assessed Hr- full proportion for improving said street* or flLi rwise required so lo do. Aid. Rushcil presented a communication, cover tng the ibUov.iug preamble and resolution, which Wi niotton, were unanimously passed: M habeas. The Common ’Council, hyanordl ra:,<e August If.tti, IX-S, authoriz;d the * i.i'bnrg. , roit Wayne & Chicago Railroad -mpany, and such oihcr companies as might ut.uc wi.h ihetn, to lay down ami operate a rail l oud ir.ick in Lanai street, from the south line of t niton street to the north line oiKlurlc street; " "TUEA-i. By section in of said ordinance said are required-o Improve and maintain tL-public highways so u'cd by them, whenever "T the Common Council; and, WiiEUtAF, The practice of said companies of co'.tmig t-aid street from lime lo time withau in l. nor quality of gravel ia of Rule bencat to the street tano. WiiMtcAs, Said street is constantlv In an al mo*; iiLi»a*eat»lc comillion tor heavily loaded teams. Ikerefon*, Jirenlrr-1, that the Board of Public Works be requested u> prepare an ordinance immedlab-ly lor t e .pprovoment of said street, and that said co:i;panie> be a-sessed fe r the same. Bemoi straiict of property owners against vacat ing alky :i, T 5, Carpenter’s Addition, and to a t- i 0 bc n -‘°pc=i'i. was, on motion cl Aid. w <»odard, Rcftirrcd to the Board of Public Works _ ni:i*onTs op punuc opficebs. ’ The Loam of Police Commissioners, to whom Imubeeii r.-l rrcd the petition of policemen de tadi d lo act as Assistant Health Hfflce** tn bo inrmc parttcipaptfl la the benefit- arMog from an older passed November Mih, iS-«. submitted a se;t >i g forth the facts m the caic, bat with out making any recommendation Aid. Clark moved that the report of the Board o. iol:c: Cuminl-6loncrs and the commaulcailon or Ackhofl be refened to the Committee on JUfiiaarr. and The motion prevailed. TTie Bi'arJ of Public Works presented nu Invit*- tjon to the Common Council to meet them at the i «°fKs on Thursday, December C. at ID o e'oek a. m , for the pnrpo-e of passing 'broagh Uie Lake 1 unnel from the shore end lo tie crib ed‘ Carried movtA lial invitation be accept- The Itoeid of Public Works presented a com rnonicadon In relation to the renting of rooms for their use in thu .Mercantile Building, on LaSalle street "Mca, on motion of Alderman Kniekcr* Locker, waa referred to the Committee on Public Buildings. The Board of Public Wo;ks presented a rcoort snd ordinance authorizing a loan of forty thou sand dollar* for cleaning and repairing the streets and alleys and keeping the sidewalks andcnl in repair, which, on motion of Alderman fchackford, was referred to the Committee oa Fl nan ce. Tbo Board of Public Works presented a report covert'.c c-ualn proposed Improvements in the ,, "tlch, on motion of Alderman fchackfcrt, were ordcied to be laid overand pnb ilcLcd. ■ r The proposed amendments area* follows* Section —. The Board ofPublic Works of aaid F authorized, from time to time, as It shall b? deemed by them for the interest of said aty t-o to proceed, to advertise for proposals for , he construction or reconstruction, or relaying of •l o T. t^-', l o L ,,ODof ! bct ‘ i dewaikP which may be ,uj.vd to be constructed or reconstructed, or n. lnch (ji;uu;* Ore whole or any part of the mu nicipal Csc; 1 year m which snch proposal* a*c r.-c-lrcd, according a* the tann shall be . o.ecrul by the Common ' Council or by paid Board, according to the iim vision of (he aclof which ibis is FupplemcnUry. the pei rial ptjiTlilo , 'B of said act relative to the iciunr of work and the execution of contracts, cr c?pl > o far at Inconsistent witn the powers hcrebv granted to apply to this section. 3 brc.lncase the prosecution of any public work i-honld be suspended m consequence of the aclault of any contractor, or in case the bids for doing any tnch work should tc cecncd excessive, or the persons making piup«gals not responsible or proper THTroii-. ti c Jloard of Public Works may; if the tommoti (\„ircil shall, by resolution, authorize irem to do to, employ workmen and procure the cocei-csrj tool* and machinery, ana materials, to That provirton of section 23, chapter 7 of T -’ unt;l J ,°r the acts to which this is sop plemeriarr, which requires that the warrant on the Trcssurv ioV they payment of vouchers certified to Mi ** cssd ? nt ? r ac l l ?K I*ree i dent of said Board, r«" rr> s,dent or to fc S«^“sc^S^o c &TonSto37^°fiS In lLcjlrcU! imd.lle,. jmlrtc eroSd, $ said ci;y; to establish or change the dock line* of ctiamo River and of Chicago lurbw so as id lac liiate i angation on Ihe Fame: and to cause water and gas servkc pipes with Aclr nec Stop cocks and other fixtures to be construed and laid sn as to connect with the gas or water mains in the streets of said city. brc. —. The provisions of the acts to which this is cppulenieutaryas to the manner ofmskiag JEf prn . J / «. a forany Improvcmeutlo be executed /Sysaidrity arc hereby msdc to apply to the im provement* specified In the lorcgolng scions. »55&r«f Cpon . rceclv|,,K an “bPlicttion for the making of any improvement, the dotn.. .t-m.*. Is within the dberetion aud control of tfio mtunci pal government of said city, the said SutSSSI Proceed to l n J? tlcB ’ c the *tmc; and If they Slu Setermlnc that each improvement is necessary nrd proper, they shall report theeamc to the Com mon tonucil. accompa-ied with a statementof the expenses thereof, and a proper ordinance or order directing the work, and shall in snch citi man- rpcclfiy Low ranch of said expemo, in their opinion, may be properly chargeable to mil estate especially benefited by such improvement, end bow much thereof may be properly chargeable to and paid cut of the general fund, or out of the {uoeecdsof any general tax autnorized to ba evlod by said city. Having reported on each ap plication and recommending that ihe improve ment ho made, or disapproving of the doing of It, as Is provlridcd tor in the above men tioned act, the Common Connell may then. In either case. order (ha doing of such work, or the making of each nub ile improvement, aAer having Crtt obtained from eatdßoaid an estimate of the expense tbereol: and shall in such Older specify wksi amount of said etilmaied expense shall be assessed upon the property deemed speciaDr benefited, and what amount shall be chargeable to and he paid in of tie proceeds of *hc general fond, or oat of the proceeds of any general tax authorized to be levied by said cliy. Sec —. When in any case It shall be deem ed noccssarv by the Board of Public Works to cansc any sidewalk to be raised, lowered, repair ed or relaid, or any private drain to be raised, lowered, repaired or cleat ted, it ahall be lawful for said Board to require the owner or occupant of ibe premises in front of, adjacent to or upon which said improvement is lobe made, to make the same forthwith, or within such reasonable time as the Board of Public Works may prescribe, either upon written or verba! notice to that effect: or the Board ot Public Works may cansc the work to be done and oaid for out of any moneys in the treasury at their disposal. Said Board shall then report to the Common Connell the amount of said expenditure, giving a description of the lota or premises liable therdor, acd me amount for which each is chargeable. Ibe Common Connell ahall thereupon assess the said expenses, by an order, ordinance or resolution', upon such lots respec tively, and the s'ame may he collected by warrant and halo of (he premises as in other cases. in like manner when the Common Connell shall have ordered the constmtilon, or re construction, or repair of any private drain, or gas, or water service pipe, it shall be lawful for said Board to cause (he work to be done and paid lor as above, or by agreement with a contractor, payment to be made out of the special assessment to bo levied for tbc same, and shall then re port to tbc Common Council the cost and expense of said work, with all pro ceei’ltigs relative thereto, giving a description o the lob and premises to which said expense Is chargeable, and the Common Council shall there upon assess the said expenses upon such lots re spectively, and tbc same may bo collected by warrant and sale of the premises, as provided above. A suit may alsohc maintained against tbc owner or occnpant of snch premises for the recovery of such expenses, as for money paid and laid out for his use and at his request. The Common Coun cil may also by ordinance impose such penalties upon the owners or occupants aforesaid, for any neglect or refusal to comply with the aforesaid re auirement. not exceeding twenty dollars for each ay’s neglect, as tojthc said Common Council skull seem most proper. All assessments author ized tinder this section shall be collected by said oty, with damages at the rate of one per cent a month thereon, tor each and every mon'ti that any such assessment shall remain nonaid, after the t*mc when public notice shall have been given by the City Collector rhattfae warrant for such assess ment Las been received b) him for collection. SXC. —. Section 11 of Chapter IX of said act, ap proved February I.S, 3F03, la hereby so amended that in the case of assessments made in accord ance with the lorcgoing section, damages on any assessments which shall remain Unpaid alter the Collector shall give public notice that he has re ceived the warrant for its collection shall begin to accrr.c st the rate of one per cent a month from the date of each notice. Sec.—. It shall be lawful for the Common Coun cil, on. the recommendation of the Board of Pniilic Works,nnderthe provisions of Section £3 of Chap ter VII of tbo said act, approved February I3tn, 19C3, to levy a tax for the whole or auy part of the expense tor an improvement of the character spe cified In said section. Sec.-The cost of improvements at the intersec tions of streets or alleys, or of streets and alleys, made payable by the above mentioned act out of the general fund, may be deducted from the total amount to I>e paid ont of said fund or ont of the proceeds of any general tax towards t'.ccostof any improvement, of which the cost of the work to be dene at each intersections constitutes a part. Sec. —. The Common Connell is hereby em powered to ranse the tax authorized to be levied by the sixth paragraph of Section 1 of Chapter VIII of raid act, approved February I3lb, 1801, to be of sufficient amount to provide for such portion ofthccost of sewers to be constructed as shall bo ordered by the Common Council to be paid ont of the proceeds of such lax. Tin* eighth paragraph of said section I? hcrebv so amended that the Common Council Is author ized to levy u tax of not exceeding five (5) mills, instead ol two-and-a-bhlf(3H) mills, and that the provisions of raid paragraph may be extended to made to apply to the improvement of the streets and alleys nnd public places of said city. Sic.—. The power of assessment conferred by Section 1 of the act amendatonr of the revised charter of said city, approved Februaiy 15th, ISC, is hereby extended 10, and made to include the laying or relaying of any gas or water service pipe, the construction of any public sewer, or the making of any public improvement to be paid for wholly or In part bv special assessment, and the doing of widen is within the authority and dis cretion of the mnuicipal governm-nt of said city; nnd the Commissioners of said Board of I*nbllc \Vorks shall assess the amount directed by the Common Council to he assessed for any such Im provements, with ibe costs of the proceedings therein, upon the real estate by them deemed specially benefited by any such improvement, in proportion, as nearly as may be, to the benefit re unhang thereto. Sac.—. Under the provisions of Section at of Chapter V of the act to which ibis Is supplement ary, approved Fcbtnary nth, 18C3, the Common Council is hereby authorized, in the event that any improvement shall be ordered afler the making of the annual appropriation, some por tion of the expense of which shall bo assessed by the Commissioners of the Board of Public Works on some lot or lots of land owned by said city, to appropriate and borrow money for the payment of such assessments, as Is provided for omerca-cs enumerated in said section. bEC. —. For|thc purposes specified in Chapter of the act approved February J3th, ISfIS, of which this is amendatory and supplementary, the said city shall have power to borrow fiom time to time,» snm of money not exceeding one mil lion of dollars, nnd to Issue bonds therefor; and nil tl.«? provisions of said act, as to the issue, cus tody and sale of Water Loan bonds, and Ibe cus tody and disbursement of the proceeds thereof, shall apply to the loan hereby authorized, except as herein otherwise provided. Th«- Board of Public Work* presented the fol lowing reports and ordinances lor street improve ments: For carbine, grading and panne Honth Frank lin street, between Randolph nnd Madison streets, which was Referred to Committee on Streets and Alleys, for curbing, grading and paving North Clark street, from the Chicago River to North avenue, which was ’ Referred to Committee ou Streets and Alleys, h.l), ' ’ Also, ln S «' Both of which were referred to Committee on fatrccie and Alleys, W. D. Also, the following reports and ordinances for aide* walks: For sidewalk on the north side of Twentieth street, from Clark street to Arnold street For sidewalk on the north side of Thirty-first street from State stud to Michigan avenne. For sidewalk on the east fide of Indiana street from inlrty-firsl to Thhtv-p.-cond street. ror sidewalk outhecari side of Wabash ave nne, Irom Thirty-first to Thirty-second efrecL For sidewalk on the cast side of Michigan avc nne, from Twenty eighth to Thirty-first street For sidewalk on the west side of Wallace street from McGregor to Twenty sixth street Fortidewaikonbotb sides of siatc street from Twcnty-flfih to Twenty-eighth street For sidewalk on the west side ofUllman street, front ilnrty-flrrt street lo Dooclas place. For Fidewalk on ihc west side of Michigan ave rme, from Tblrty-firsi to Thirty-second street. All of which were referred lo Committee oa Streets and Alleys, S. D. Also. a report and ordlnence for a sidewalk on the cast side of Wallace street, from Archer road to Me* lircpor sticcL Aid. Kann moved lo concur in the report and pass the ordinance There being no objection, the ordinance was put upon Its passage, and passed by the following vote: Jyc«—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kaun, Flnnncan, Hatch, JJcllwork, Moore, RatTerlv. Taleott, Woodard, Holden. Ackhoff Oastfi.dd, Franrcn, EngcL Shack lord, tawson, O'Sullivan—S 3 fa h ydes— None. & report and ordldance for a sidewalk on the cast side of McGregor street, from Sanger to Wal lace street- Aid. Kann moved to concur in the report and pass the ordinance. There being *no objection, the ordinance was volV* P ° n itS pMeacc ' 0113 P a? 9cd by the following Knickerbocker, Cox, Carler, D’Wolf, 3P«er, Barrett, Calkins. Kann. Finnucan. Hatch. Walhvork, Moore, Rafil-.-ty, Taleott, Woodard! Holden, Ackhoff Gastflcid, Engel. Shackford. Lawson, Clark, O'Sullivan—23. A'ore—None. Also, for sidewalk on the south side of Wisconsin street, from Clark to larrabec street For sidewalk on the oast side of Sedgwick street, from Oak »o Division street. For sidewalk on the north side of Willow street from Hoisted street to Sheffield avenne. For sidewalk on tbe north side of Menomonee street, from Sedgwick to Larrabce street. All of which were referred to Committee on Streets and Alievs. N. 1). Also, F £ c , walk 00 Uic north side of Carrol! street, from Robey to Leavitt street. .# firewalk on thecastsideof Centre avenne, from Blue Island avenue to We-t Sixteenth street Forfulcwalkoa the south aide of West Taylor Street from LoomU to Latlin street. For sidewalk on the cast side of Pago street from Madfrnn to Washington street. For sidewalk on the neat side of Loomis street from Taylor to Twelfth street. For sidewalk on the west side of Reuben street from Milwaukee avenue to Clybonrnc place. For sidewalk on the south side of Fulton street from Oakley street lo Western avenue. For sidewalk on the west side of Oakley street from e«t take to Fulton street For sidewalk on the south side of Hubbard Bt s«t from Elizabeth street to Western avenue. For sidewalk ott the northsidc of Kansas street from Loomis to Laflln street For sidewalk on the north side of Hubbard street, from Oakley sheet to Western avenue. For sidfwald on the south side of North avenue, from Noble street to EBton road. * For sidewalk on the east ride of Elston road, from Wabansta avenue to Clyboume place. For sidewalk on the cast side of Noble‘t-eet from Division street lo North avenue. lor sidewalk on the east ride of Ridgevillo read, from Elk to Blackbawk street For sidewalk on the south side of English street from Halsted to John street. sidewalk on the west side of Ramsey street, from Clarinda to Augusta street # For on the west side of Rocker street from Milwaukee avenue to Northwestern Railroad crossing. For sidewalk or. the west side of Newberry street, from TV e«t Twelfth to Wright street. For sidewalk on the north side of West Wash ington street* from Leavitt street to Western ave nue. . For sidewalks on both sides of Waller street from Twelfth to Maxwell street For sidewalk on Ibe north side of Indiana street from Wood to Lincoln street For sidewalk on the west side of Tthoop street from llastlng* sheet to Blue Island avenue. Also. for tldcwaik on the west side of Elston road* from North avenue to Wabausla avenue. Aid. Gastfleld moved to concur in the renort and pass the ordinance. * There being no objection, the ordinance was vote* P ° D iW paasaße passed by the following Aura— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf. Wiuter, Barrett Calkins. Batch! Walhrork, Moore, RafiVrty, Tmlcott, Woodard golden* Ackboa, Oastfleld, Fraowrn, Engel! fchackford, l*wson, Clark, O'Sullivan—2L A oca—None. Also, for a fidewalk ofi the north side of North avenue. from MHwankee avenue to ENton road. Aid. Gastficld moved to concur in tho report and pass the ordinance. There being no objection the ordinance was pot upon Uapassage, and passed by the following vote: Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter, D’Wolf Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Eann. Flnnncan, Hitch Wallwork, Moore, Rafferty, Talcott* Wooiard, Holden, Ackhoff, Gastfield. Franxcn. Engel, SLacklord, Lawson, Ciark* O'Sullivan—M. Soet- Note. a report and ordinance and an assessment roll for a'sidewalk on tbe northeast side of Milwaukee avenue, between Holstein avenue aod Western av enue, which wns Rcfeircd to Committee on Streets and Alloys, W. D. Also. tbe following reports and ordinances for lamp pf'-'ts; For six lamp posts on North Franklin street, between Kmzie and Illinois afreets. For one lamp post on Chicago avenue, about 30 ’ Let oa‘t of North Clark et crt. For six lamp posts on West Washington street, bnwcu Lincoln and Kobey streets. For forty-two lamp posts* on twem) abalie md Dayton streets. Alt of w hich were referred u Committee on Gaa lights. REPORTS OP STANDING COMMITTEES. riKAJIC*. Aid. Holden, of the Committee on Finance, to whom had been referred the petition of Jonathan to have tax-cale cancelled, submitted a re port adverse to the prayer of the petition. ■ _ Aid. O'Wolf moved to concur in the report. Cnmed. . , Also, of the same committee, to wbom had been re ferred an appeal from the Mayor and citizens of Quebec, for asslstaucefor tic sufferers from the late fire, submitted a report staring that aa the City Charter made no provision tor an appropria tion of ibis character, tbo committee bad to re port adverse to the appeal. Aid. Clark moved to concur in the report, and The motion prevailed. Also, of ihe same committee, to whom had been re ferred the petition of John Mines, for the remis sion of a fine, submitted a report adverse to tbo prayer of tbope-Itlon. Aid. Moore moved that the report be concurred inland The motion prevailed. _ <v Also, of the same committee, to whom bad been re ferred the petitions of Wm. Woodruff and longan & McHugh, for increase of price fur building cer tain sewers therein specified, submitted a report which, on motion of Aid. Carter, was Laid over and published. The report Is as follows: iirronr or comrm. To the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Chi cago, In Common Council assembled: Yonr Committee on Finance, to wbom was re fereed petitions of Wm. Woodruff and Laugan & McHugh for increase of contract price for build log certain sewers therein specified, having bad the same ondcradvlsemenL neg leave to report that your committee, in order to act intelligently and upon the communication of ftvUUoncra. at once called upon the Board of Pub ic Works for information pertaining to the in crease asked for by petitioners, the petitioners Claiming that they had sustained heavy losses dar ing the prosecution of the work under their sev eral contracts entered into early in 16G5 for the construction of various sewers in this dry. They ales c’alm that such losses were In toe main caused by tbc negligence of the city in furnishing material, as was stipulated in the contracts, and lor other causes which were fully set lortn in a petition of a similar nature presented to the Com mon Connell In the fall of 1865, and reference ta made thereto in this their last communication. Your committee desiring to do exact justice aa near as may bo to petitioners, and also sec that every in-' tercet of the city is fully protected, tnd not Jump at any conclusion, herewith submit the statement of W. H. Clarke, Esq., Assistant Engineer, which statement is in conformity with the request made of the Boaid of Public works, and which arc as follows: s|si|y s a tt *< a 2 m 5.S w :* z • Ss®?® t-3 : aofie. Z : o : |=i; = : “ cc-: s s : s’ I I :; 2 H gSSL* s O 5 2g -3 s ss & e != “? ?S ’ a ss | % S § f r.“ B g S S® r . 32* s O c 3 >» is b Cg 2re - 5 ** “ ~ ?3 CW s s 2 -> o_, „ -y. >5 |8 g S B| Sz 5 S “•* £a ea jt- 22 s si g >o O CO K. g si • | g 03 £« c*® s S= s tsg $ SB r *5 • • *a S 2 > S £ cn B B 5 O Z. ?ri 3 »S | o S « >*" 2 =5 B B o SS r g ® w s g ° g ■ I g a S e sg 5 ® I •-! - £ 5 6» ca * >< The above statement Is based upon the returns of the Inspectors, and Ifl believed to bo substan tially correct W. H. Giadke, Assistant Engineer. Iberc has been paid to the contractor on account oftHe above $1,035.50 Leaving balance unpaid on account of above delays $2,470 C 5 Statement of loss to Largan & McHugh, on ac count of increased prices paid by them from June 25 to August 2U. overprices of April, May and June, occasioned by delay for bricks not Imnlsbed to them. June 25 to August 20, extra prices paid over rates of April and May, when the work could have been done: Days. Ain't. . 17<1 at 81.37 $3X7.90 .2,192 at 51 1,133.59 Bris. Am’L . 313 at UJ4 35.10 Masons.. Laborers Cement. Total $1,537.08 The above statement I believe to Ik; correct „ Wan U. Clause, Assistant Engineer. Omen or Roast) or Public Works, I Cuicago. November 3, ISCti, f ’ From this statement it anpears the losses ena tamed by William Woodruff, caused by the city In not tarnishing material. Is fa.50fi.15, of which he was paid the sum ol $1,030.30, leaving fffJTU.CO. & McHugh snsialn a loss of f LbM.CS, open which they have received nothin". This statement was so at variance with the cal culations made and submitted lo your committee by petltlonere—being a difference of some SB,OOO or upwards in the case of the lonner, and SI,OOO or upwards in the case of the latter—that we called npon Mr. Clark lo lurnish na with a lull and con cise statement showing in detail that in the above flgnrcs he teas correct Mr. Clark at once complied with onr request, and snhmilted the an neicd, which is mane a part of this report and is as follows; To Messrs. Wicker, Uolden and Lawson, Finance ■ Committee, Common Council: Gentlemen: The undersigned, to whom Is re ferred Ly the Board of Public Works two state ments made by Mr. Wm. Woodruff and Messrs. ijmgan&McHngb, In reference to the cause of their losses upon their contracts for building row ers for the city, respectfully reports: That bclorc discussing the special causes of complaint by them, It will be well to revert t > the tenure of the contracts which they made with the city, in which you will find the following provi sions : let That all the sewers to be built by them fexcept the Poik street sewer, by Mr. Woodruff the tim- of which extended to November ISthT bo completed by the Ist day of October' 18C5. If it is answered by them that they were prevented from doing so by the failure of the Works lo furnish them with bricks during the year IMS, I reply that the delays for bricks were few and temporary, nol exceeding a day ot any one time, and nol amounting In alt! in the rase of either contractor, to over ten days, so that the work was never suspended, so for an the excavation was concerned, and for the delay of their masons they were paid In Rill. The con tract prosides that fn the case of delay to the con tactor ,°n account of the Board nol furnishing him with bricks orplpes, he shall bo allowed an a*tra lime to finish his work, equal to such delay, but shall not bo entitled to prospective damages on that account. WM iuh. auuiuik The fact Is that the delay which prevented them from finishing the wotk according to contract wjine prices ot labor were low, was caused partly by the very rainy season oflSC3.arid partly by ,( !w Carc 2? l®’' or o r *» ®nd the contractors not putting a sufficient number of parties at work upon the several sewers, which they were orged to do by the Board, hut which they stated they hot do on account of the scaraty ot men. The Hoard provided bricks for the work up to thn time when it was not safe lo continue It on account of the frost, and paid from five to seven dollars per thousand for bricks over and above ire summer rates tn order to keep the work going In the months of October and November. 1 cannot sec. in any view of the case, that the contractors have any just claim, in law or equity, «LS4i? r ext L a compensation lor delay occurring in IBCS than what has been allowed and paid to them. * . now P to the delays occurring In the f I L. 1? of IS6C » ia tbe prodding of bricks, " h f. h »-i yon , consider to form an equitable ground for extra compensation, and tbo amount of damages to them so occasioned, har ing been reported to you heretofore. ..i ? prae oflSft. there was a delay for bricks, as at that season of the year the market is always narc ol them, but ns soon as any were burned they were provided by the Board and placed upon the work, u is true tbst 75,100 of the bricks, which were Intended for a part of the work of Mr. Woodruff, were taken for the use of the Lake Ton nel, the contractor for which having frilled to snp ply himself, and the Board being of opinion that the work upon It should not be allowed to ston coder any consideration. This cost a delay to Mr. oodrntt, tbe cost of which I have fully esti mated in a previous report, as wtl! as that to Messrs, Uug-on A McHugh, who preferred to wait nuiil sufficient brick could be purchased to com plete the contrac*. to commencing early in tbe spring, and bctngobllgcd to stop again before the work was done. 1 will now lake tap the several causes of com plaint In turn, commencing with those of Ur Woo dm a; remarking, however, that, by the terms of the contract, all claims for extra compensation for any cause whatever, is agreed to be presented by Ibe contractor at the end of the same month when the cause occurred, and tbat many of these items ate now presented for the tint time. M. All losses occurring In 1965 by cause of ne glect of the Board of Public Work-, were fully compensated at the time. Sd. With iccard to the men from Mr. Woodruff; which be supplied to Mr. Gowan, it was entirely at his option whether he should no so or no, and the reqnestof the Board simply guaranteed that If Mr. Gowan did not pay ior their services, that ihe Board would do so. which a did, with twenty live cents added for the day’s wages of each man, !o the average price which he paid to them. There were forty-two men, who worked two days each, who were sent from the Ramolph street sewer, and forty-five men. who worked one night, who went from the Milwaukee avenne sewer. The former. 1 am prepared to prove, all returned to his woik, and. of the latter, all bat a very few. This occurred on the Bfrt of July and the Ist of August. The r»tnnw ot the inspectors on those sewer* show that bis force was doable !n August that of July, so that be did not coffer from the loss of laborers on that account. 3d. Belay for want of brick in 1505 It has been previously stated that (he total delay did not amount to more than ten days* it being gener ally a fraction of a <Uy at n time, not Interfering with the earthwork, and for the delat or masons ho was compensated apan ex tra allowance. As to Indiana street the Board have the right by their contract to say wnen and where the work shall be commenced and -„., on ' ftMl * *?. r * Woodruff was compelled to DU up the excavation which ho bad made with out compensation, because be did It in direct vt the orders of me Assistant Engineer tn charge of the sower. Whh V rc s5 #c $ far Polt Street Surer. 22*« th ® contract for that hc proQlacd to put on an extra gang of bands, and no» to diclnUh his force employed on the old contracts. On that prcmi*o he was authorised to purchase the brick for that sewer. Messrs. Walker *c Q uin* afterward* otfered to sell to the Board 4Tt).lfO bricks, which they bonghtfSd nuS ferr.coo of them OB the sewer which Mr Wood, rnfl was bnilding under the old contract, which .the Board coiu-tdcred should be first boliL a« they had nothing to do with the contract of Mr Woodruff with Mtsira. Walkir & Cutting ho cotild not expect them to be responsible for the execution ot it. At any rale Mr. Woodruff bad more work to do upon the old contract than bo could provide msn to execute during that season Thu Board instruct mo to say* that the eta’e moot that they promised that he should lose nothing uron his contract la entirely erroneous. With regard to his account appended to bla statement claiming a loss of {U.S'Jt.tU on bla con tract by reason of extra price paid for labor and material over what be would have paid at an earlier time of executing hU work, 1 only oar that my previous report for such losses on accrual of delay of the Board in furnishing brick early in the year ISIQ, «u based on the returns of the Inspectors, whom 1 consider to be* fair and Impartial, and whose reports 1 believe‘ toboßubrtantlally correct. ' I now propose to consider the claims advanced by Messrs. llancan & McHugh. lit. ilaimt for Delay Coated hy the Board in IWB.—AII Just claims for delay for want of brick were fhliy compensated by extra allowance (for the time of the masons delayed, as la the case of Mr. Woodruff as- those delays were for a very ehorltlme when they occurred, not interrupting the progress of the earthwork, and not amount ing In ail to over ten days, us is shown bv the Inspector’s report, and by the testimony of Mr. Knights, who had charge of tbc delivery of bricks, and who wee on the work every day. Jd Claim for Delay for 21m tent la Tunnel.— By reference to the request of the Board, U will be seen ihal as In the case of Mr. Woodruff, Messrs, nangau <k McHugh were not required to a*ccde to the proposition of Messrs. Bull & Go wan. to supply lh< m with laborers, but that it was at their option whether to do so or not. the Board guaran teeing only to see that al) just claims on that ac count wercpald hi them. They paid Mcesr-.Langan & McHugh for ihe 43 days’ work of the men’s time who were employed there, only for three days, as follows: July U3tb, 7 men; July 31st. 17 men, and August Ist, 10 men. The Board paid them an ad vance ol SO cents per day on each day's work over the price paid uy them, end 1 have reason to be lieve that ail but a very few, if not all their men, returned to their work. 2d. Delay for Sluldng and Altering the Water FHite on Korth avenue and C.ybourn avenue.— When it was discovered that It would be necessary to remove the water pipes from the way of the sewer, (be engineer in charge asked the contractor If he would prefer to do that work himself or have it done by the men employed by the Water De partment. He preferred to do it with his own men, and was allowed to do so; and their time, as well as tnat of the masons who were delayed thereby, waa paid for hy the city at an advanced price over what they received from Ibe contract ors. The delay caused by these alterations occu pied not over raven (7) days. 4th. Alleged Hutjtention of the Wor\ on account of the removal of DricL from Clark street, in Oc tober, 18C6. —The bricks were supplied to the work of the contractor upon the North Clark street sewer until about Ihe 15tb of November, without Interruption, except as before stated, when the weather was too cold to continue it with saiety. Daring the winter a considerable quantity of bricks were* accumulated, amounting to over ICO.OOO, to enable the contractor to commence it in the spring at an early date. Twenty thousand of these bricks were taken for the Lake Tunnel, and when spring opened it was thought beat by the Board that the work should be deterred until enough brick were obtained to enable the con tractors to carry the work on to completion with out Interruption. In this matter, according to my recollection, tbc contractors concurred with the Board, as they were much occupied at that time in lay ingpnvatc dralns,upon which work they availed themselves of the low rates of wages then prevailing, in ray previous report 1 have, how ever, stated to the best of my information what loss they Incurred by this delay upon the sower werk, and 1 consider it (o be a liberal a'towance. sth. Lottes o . account of tcet weather in August. —All experienced sewer builders ore aware that they ore liable to heavy storms In the summer sea son, and they do or ought to keep their work in such a shape as to have it suffer as little as possi ble from such causes. The contracts require that the arching and hack filling shall be brought an close behind the masonry, in -order to guard against the effect of such storms. In tbc care re ferred to 1 do not think that proper care was taken and there were some losses caused by it, lam aware, but not to the extent claimed by the con tractors. The total cost to the contractors of the labor and material belonging to the two blocks of two-foot ficucr, built on Division street, where he was working when this storm occurred, was not fir from Ihe cost to the contractor of one block ot two-foot sewer on Elm street, which was laid in ltd, where the cut is less than on Division would have been at the same price paid by them on Division, $1,150, showing aoout an equal cost per foot on'both sewers. Thu work done by the contractors inlSOOwas the heaviest and most expensive part of their Job and could not be compared with that done in l&Qo, which was of a very shallow culling and the ground was so firm as to require no sheeting ex cept Clark street; whereas, upon Division street the cutting was deep and the work had to be ex ecuted in running sand. The cutting at the north end of their work on Clark street was three feet deeper Chan at the south end. where they worked lasi year. So. that although tbeycompictedubout four-dribs ofihc length ot sewer which they Usd to do in IBCS, they bad ytl to execute mure than a third of their can hwork and the most difficult and expensive part of it. In conclusion. I would state that, wi h every de sire to do full justice to the claims of the cou tractors for losses caused by the cltv, 1 cannot, without ii justice to the public, report’anything la addition to my former return to you. All of which is respectfully submitted. Wittiav u. ciAcnc, Asst. Eng. Board of Public Works. The Board of Public Works concur in the above report. J. G. Gindele, ~ Commissioner. . . 4 1 report of ilr. Clarko endorsed also, as u is, by the Board ot Public Works, your com mittee have but one duly to perform. Knowing as wo well do that the Board of Public Works have charge or all the public works of this city, and to them is Intrusted the leniug of contracts and. In fact, the sole management of all matters of what soever nature, pertaining to all public Improve ments of Chicago. That claims ot this nature ate frequently retorted to the Common Connell we do not deny, but know that snch is the prevailing custom. They arc to referred with the intention of having any real or seeming wrong corrected. In these cases we fail to find any wrong done to the contractors after having allowed the amounts above referred to. If any one is to blame It Is the contractors thcm«elvc* for taking the contract at so low a figure, and wo do believe that they will bo largely the losers by these contracts. We would like to aid them if It could be consistently done, bntonr powers are limited and we believe that all contracts should be strict ly maintained by all concerned. Believing this we recommend the passage of the following orders; Onitrfil , That ihtlCoroptrollcr be authorized to draw his oider upon the City Treasurer in favor of Wm, Woodruk for the sum of twenty-four handled and sevenlyXTO-loO) dollars, the sum be ing for ballancc duo him upon sewerage con tracts ofl«B,or asjsmoto fully set forth by state mentof W. 11. Clarko, Assistant Engineer, of November 3, ISCfI. This amount to be chargeable to the Sew erage Fund of Chicago. Also ordered that the City comptroller be and is hereby authorized to draw his warrant in lavor of Messrs. Langan &. McHugh for the stun of fifteen hundred and thlrtv seven CS-10U dollars, the earn be ing for ballancc due them upon contracts of ISCS, or as Is more lolly set forth bv statement of W. 11. Clark, Assistant Engineer, of November a, ISCC This amount to be charreablo to the Sewerage Fund of Calca^o. All of which ia rcspectfallv submitted. Cmjii.cs C. P. Hold eh, CIIAS. G. WICKCB, Iron Lawson, Committee on Finance. lUTUIOAPS. A’d. Taleott, of the Committee on Railroads, to whom had been referred an ordinance granting right ot way over Mitchell, Hodge, and other streets, for Monn& Scott to lay a railroad track, submitted a report recommending the passage of -Aid-Taleott moved that the report be concurred in and the oidinancc passed. The moilon prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by tbo following vote : Ccr, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Bar rett, Calkins, Flnnncan.Wallwork, Moore, Taleott JjL°<£a'd. Holden, Gaatfleld, Shackford. Lawson! Clark—lß. , Aid. Knickerbocker, Kar.n, Raffertr.Ack both Fracxen, Engel. O'Sullivan—?. The following Is the ordinanceaa passed: AxOrdinance planting permission to Mann* heptt to lay down and operate n railroad track. Bf it crdainidby tht Common Council of the CVv of ihicrpo: * Section I. iliat permission Is bcrebvgranied to Mnmi & hcolt to lay down aud operate a railroad track over and across Maxwell street, at its junction wLU Hodge street; thence south on Dodge street to its intersection with Mitchell street; thene? over and across Mitchell street to foenw:h line of the grounds of the Pittsburgh, Foil Wayne & Chicago Railroad Company, Tor the purpose of enabling said Mnnn & Scott to make a more perfect aud easy connection be tween their elevator, situate south of Twelfth street, and tbe Chicago & Northwestern and the Chicago, Burlington Jt Quincy Railroad*: Pro vided, however, said Mnnn *k Scott shall enter Into bond with said etty, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, before laying said track, to be approved by the Mayor, to hold and save the city harmless from all damages, costs and expenses, whatever. In conseoneiicc of the passage of this oralnaucc, or the laying and operating said track; and provided further, the privilege hereby grouted shall he subject to an ordinances now In force concerning railroads, or which may be here passed. And provided also, this ordinance snail at all times oe subject to modification, amendment or repeal, and in case of re peal, all the privileges hereby granted shall cease and determine; and, provided further, tha said grant or permission Is hereby expresriy limited to a period not ex ceeding nine years from the passage of the ordi nance, und unless otherwise ordered by the Conn ol, the said Mnnn & Scott, their reprcsen'atlvcs or assigns, shall take np and remove the same, at the end of said period, or on the repeal of Ibis ordinance, or on their default (he city may order the same taken np at the expense of said Mnnn JS Scott, their representatives or assigns. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred the petition of citlrcns on and in the neighborhood of Milwaukee avenne, a«tang that the Chicago West Division Railway Company be requested to lay their tracks on said ave nne to city limits and to operate the same, sub mitted a report recommending that the petition and report bo referred to the Counsel to the Cor poration. Aid. Barrett moved to concur in the report, and the motion prevailed. Also, of the same committee, to whom bad been referred the petition of citizens on Indiana avenne, tsklu" that tenon bc taken in regard to the running of street care on said avenue, submitted a report stating that the Chicago City Railway Company had done all In their power lo accommodate the wants of the commnnity, and that any complaints made at their office wontd receive prompt and lull atten tion; that, therefore, no action need be taken by tbe Connell in the premises. Aid. Calkins moved to concur In the report, and The motion prevailed. nnz axp watxu. Aid. Kann, of the Committee on Fire and Water, to whom bad been referred an ordinance chanMng the boundaries of the fire limits in the env of Chicago, submitted a report recommending «>*»t the ordinance be not passed. A'd. Calkins moved to concur In tbe report Carried. Also. of the same committee, to whoohsdbeen referred an ordinance authorizing the Board of Pnlillc Works tograntpermits for the erection or removal ‘ of wooden buildings within the Are limits, in cer tain cases* submitted a report recommendine tbat the ordinance* as amended by the committee, be passed. Aid. Clark moved tbat tbs report and ordinance be laid over and published, ana The motion prevailed. The report and ordinance arc as follows: RETORT or COIOaiTEE. To the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Chica go, In Common council assembled: Your Committee on Fire aod Water, to whom was referred an ordinance authorizing the Bard of Public Works to gra* t penults forthc erection or removal of wooden buildings within the “fire limits** In certain cases* having bad the same tinder advisement, beg h ave to report as follows: Tbat they have amended said ordinance in a lew slightpartlculars, and respectfully ask the pas sage of the ordinance as amended. All of which is respect'uiivsubmitted. N. V*. ih-jmir, ) Committee Ccnstantiss Earn, V on Fire noßEiir Clark. \ nnd Water. A2t Orpin arcs authorizing the erection and re moval of wooden buildings wlihla the fire lim its, In certain cases, and amending Chapter 9 of Ibe 1 toviied Ordinances: WninxAS, Section 13 of the Revised Charter of the City of Chicago provides “Ihat the Board of “Public Works shall have ibe exclusive privilege “of granting permits for the erection or wooden “bnlldings within the fire limits of said city, sub ject to sneb general ordinances as the Common “Council may prescribe,” Ac.* Now, Thn-rforf. In order to carry oat the said provision of the charter. Section i. Be it ordained by the Common Coun cil ol the city of Chicago. That when any person or persons shall desire to erect any wooden building within the fire limits, he or they shall make a plat ot the lot or lota upon which the same Is proposed to be erected* and also of the adjoin ing lots, with the names of the owners marked Ibcreon, so far os can be ascertained, which plat shall be presented !o the Board of Public Works, witb a petition describing snch proposed build ing; giving its size, height, and describing the lot npon which it is proposed to build. Sec. 2. Upon presentation ot such petition and Rial, (be said board are hereby anthorlzea. in iclr discretion, to grant a permit for the erection ot such building, nolto exceed *23 by 40 feet in site, nor more than 20 feet high above the estab lished grade of the nearest sidewalk, and if the tame is to be placed nearer than three feet to any other building, it ihall not exceed SO by 40 feet in size, nor be more than 14 feet high above such grade. Sec. *. Any person or persons desiring to re move any wooden building from ocelot to another within the Arc Units, shall make & plat of the lot upon which U stands, and also of toe lot and ad joining lots to which it la proposed to remove the same, which plata shall he presented to the Board of Public Works, with a petition asking sach re moval, and said Board may, in their discretion, grant the prayer of the petition, and Issue a per mit, npon such conditions as they shall sec oroper. I’rorttbd, such permit shall not he granted unless said Board shall be of the opinion that the dinger Irom Are will bo decreased thereby, nor without the written consent of the owners or occupants 01 the lots upon which it is proposed to place the Fame. . Sec. 4. Said Board shall keep a record of all such plats, petitions and permits In a book to be provided for that pnrposc, and they are hereby au thorized to charge and receive for each permit and making such record any emo not exceeding Are dollars. Sec. B. Any person who shall erect or rcmovc,or be the owner or occupant of, any building in pro cess of e:cct!on or removal, without such permit or in violation oi the terms thereof, shall be sub ject to a Aae of one hundred dollars furlheArst offer ce, and to the like flue for every -13 hours be or they shall continue in violation of the provis ions hereof, and the building eoerecicd or re moved is hereby declared a umsance. and shall be abated by the Board of Public Works in pursu ance of section lU, Chapters of the revised ordi nances. Sec. 0. Ail permits granted for the erection or removal of wooden buildings la the “ Are limits,” spall be In writing and signed by all the members of the Board of Public Works, who shall report ’heir action to the Common Conncti when requir ed. with tbe reasons for granting said permits. Sec. 7. Wooden buildings within the Arc limits may be raised with or without brick or stone foundations to a point not exceeding six Inches Vovothe established grade of the nearest side walk and may be moved In any direction on the lot or lots upon which they may stand. They shall not be enlarged, but may be altered or repaired with wooden materials, and proper lowwlndows and fronts may be constructed without the permis sion of said Board: Provided said repairs do not exceed one-fonrth (be valuation of said building. Sec. t. Such parts of chapter nine of tbe revised ordinances as condict with the provisions of rM« ordinance are hereby repealed. Ibis ordinance shall take efiset and be in force (tom Us passage and due publication. STnnrrs axd alleys, s. d. Aid. Barrett, of the Committee on Streets and Alleys, South Division, to whom had been re ferred a report and ordinance far planking alley between Fourteenth and Sixteenth etrcets.ond be tween Stale street and Wabash avenue, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordi nance. Aid. Barrett moved lo concur in tbe report and pass the ordinance. Tie motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Ays*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Coi, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, reann, Moore, Talcoit, Woodard. Holden, Ackboff, GaetAeld, Fraazen, En~ei, bhackford, Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan .Voss—None STnEETS ALLEYS, S. I). Aid. Clark, of the Committee on Streets and Al leys, 2L D., to whom had been referred a report and ordinance tor curbing, Aping and paving Michigan street, from Clark to Kingsbury street, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Ituh moved to concur in the report and pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote : Ayes— Aid. Knickerbocker Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, wwnn, Moore, Talcoit, Woodard. Holden. Ackboff, Gnafield, rranzen, Engel, Sbackfotd, Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—2o. Acts— None. Aid. Freezer, of the same committee, to whom had been referred & report and ordinance for a sidewalk on tbe north side of Willow street, sub mitted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Clark moved to concur in the report and pass ibe ordinance. Tbe motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Apes—Aid. Knickerbocker,Cox, Carter, B’Wolft Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kaun, Moore, Talcott, Woodard. Holden. Ackboff Gostflcld, Franzcn, Engel, Shack/ord, Lawson, Clark, O’SulUvaa—2o. JCoet— Kone. of the same committee, to whom bad been referred tbe remonstrance of Ernst Prosslng against the construction of n sidewalk on Dayton street, from Willow to Centre street, submitted a report adverse to said remonstrance. Aid. Moore moved to concur in the report. Car ried. of (be same committee, to whom had been referred a remonstrance against tbe construction of a side walk on Orcbaid street, trom Lincoln avenue to Fulton n venue, submitted a report adverse to sold remonstrance. Aid. Moore moved to concur in the report. Carried. STRUTTS AKT> ALLEYS, W. D. Aid. Woodard, of the Committee on Streets and Alleys, W. D.. to whom bad been referred a a report and ordinance for planking alley be between Abmireu street and Centre ovorme, 1c B. 12, W. »j and W. \\ N, E. n Sec. IT, oabmiltcd 0 report recommending the passage 01 the ordl cancc. Aid. Woodard moved to concur in the report and pa s s the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox. Carter, D’Wotf, WJcKPr. Barrett, Calkins. Kahn. Moore. Talcott, Woddara, Holden, AckbotL Gastfield, Franzon, Engel, Shackforn, Mwson, Clark, O’Buliivan—Sik Itoet— None. . A ld ,-9^ ta^ (3 ‘ °, r 1110 eamo committee, to whom bad been referred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the eonth side of Chicago avenue from Jtneker to Noble street, srhWd a rc. P Al.l TT ro » nd n "i h . e P af,M^e of the ordinance. r.«oi«k ia c ? tluove(i h> concur in the report and pass the ordinance. 1 ■Jlic moilM, |,rcT;iHcil. and the otdimmeo vraa passed by the tallowing vote: Aye t— Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, D’Wolf. Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kann. Moore. Talcott! Woodard. Uoid. n, Ackhofi; Gastfleld, Fnmz-n. trgcl, fchackfoid, Lawson, Clark, O’BulUvan— 2o! Ao€>— None at , J E £W' S of SELECT COMMITTEES. Aid. Wicker, of the Select Committee to whom had Jjccp rcleiTed the communication of the Board of Public Works in relation to the contract of Messrs. Fox, Howard and Walker, for deepen lug and widening a certain portion of the Illinois & Michigan Canal, submitted a report recom mending that the contract of said Fox, Howard & Walker, which bad been declared abandoned, bo let to one or inore other parties as mar, by the Board of Public Works, be deemed best for the interests ot the city. Aid. Moore moved to concur In the report, and The motion orcvallcd. r The Counsel to llie Corporation presented tbo report of the Select Committee on Amendments lo the Uly Charter, accompanied by such amend ments ns they proposed. Aid. Wicker moved that the report and amend ments be laid over and published; and The motion prevailed. The report ami amendments are as follows: Tothc Common Connell: Yonr committee, who were appointed to pro pose amendments to the Charter of the city; for the consideration of yonr honorable body, would bee leave to report; iifcve idischarged that duly. In eo far ad ■ other official obligations would permit, to tho best of their ability. Believing ft was not the In lion of the Council to make many radical and sweeping changes, your committee found the para mount difficulty in thelrwork (pwingtothe divers suggestions made), to limit the amendments to those that seemed to be absolutely necessary, and of the greatest practical utility. Without pretend ing to nave successfully accomplished those ob jects, the committee believe that the amendments herewith proposed will obviate some of the de fects and difficulties heretofore encountered and oreca:culated to promote the beat in tor eats of the So believing, wc submit them, with the recom mendation th f y bo published before any action is taken on them, tbar the public may sec and die case them, ami that your honorable body nay be tbo better able to decide on their merits aud necessity. Incase of their modification, or adoption. It will, probably, be necessary to reunite and rear range them, and change some of the phraseology, as many of them hare been drafted hurriedly in order to prerenl them to-night. Considerable discussion has been had. In tho community, about doing away with anuujl muni cipal elections. There are some cogentrcasons therefor. The expense to the city ©rejecting an Alderman and Constable in each ward, every alternate year, is as great as when all our city offi cers is elected. It* continuance gives an elec tion every six months in the city, with all its ordinary and usual concomitants, which hardly seems necessary. * If thought advisable, this might be remedied by providing that they be elected biennially, and that the term or office be fonr years, one-hair goingonl every two years, or, by providing that the term of office be two years, a; now, waich would require all to be elected and all go out at the same time We have not thought proper to submit any amendment In reference thereto, or to make any recommendation, but simply to suggest tee prop osition to the Connell, to lake whatever action may be deemed best. Ibe Board of Public Works and the Board of Education have amendments which they propose to submit to the Council, bnt which yonr commit tee have not seen. All of which Is respectfully submitted, <J. B. Rice. Mayor. I Walter Kimball, Comptroller. B. A. lumx, Counsel to corporation. D. I). Driscoll, City Attorney, Chicago, Decembers, 156(1. AX ACT supplementary to M An acl to reduce the Charier ol the City of Chicago, and the several acts am»n- • dntory thereof. Into one act, and to rcvi-clho ' same,” appiovcd February 13, 1533. and the several amendments thereto. B( ittmeud by (he jitojde of the Staff of lUinoii, reprttmtfd iff thi Gent rat AetemWy: CHAPTER —. COMMON COUNCIL. Section 1. The Common Council of the City of Chicago shall have po ier, by ordinance: 10 PHifcni the interment of the dead ■ within the present or fnmre limits of the city. S*cot,d~ To provide for the vacation of the sev eral cemeteries In said city by the purchase and extinguishment of the titles of lot owners, or oibermse. J7ifrd—To subdivide and sell or otherwise dis pose of the same, aud devote the proceeds thereof to such municipal purposes as the Council may ( deem proper. ; Fourth— To purchase grounds and erect thereon a City Ball, and provide for the par. 1 meat thereof by the issuing and 4 he- I collating of the bonds of said city, or 1 by the levy and collection of taxes, or partly by bout: Provided* however, that no such levy shull in any one year exceed mill on the collar an Ihcasf-essed value of the real and per sonal estate in the city, made taxable by the laws of this Male. Fifth—To provide for the Inspection and regu lation of stationary steam engines and boilers Sir'A—^To appropriate not exceeding SKLOnO la any one year, from the City Treasury, for celebra lincthe Fourth of Jnly, for funeral occasions, and to defray the expense of entertaining official visit ors of sister cities: Provided, however, such order or appropriation shall be passed only by the votes ol at least three-fourth* of all the Aldermen elected, snch votes to be entered by ayes and nocs on the records of the Common Connell. Snenth—To prescribe, regulate, and control the time or times, manner and speed of all boats, nulls and vessels, passing the bridges over the Chicago River and tts branches. ZTfflrA—To control and regulate the construc tion of bondings, chimneys, and stacks, and to prevent end piohibi; the erection or maintenance of any Insecure or unsafe buildings, stack, wall or chimney, m said city, sndtodcciare them to be nuisances, and to provide for their summary abatement. SihUt —To cause the sewrare and destruction or other disposition of tainted or unwholesome meat, hatter, vegetables, fruit or provisions. Jrn/A—To authorize the use of the street* and alleys in said city oy railroad companies; Prori ded, however, permission or authority shall not be given, nor shall any such grant or permission al ready given, be extended, unless by the vole of at least three-fonnhs of all the Aldermen elected, such vote* to be entered by ayes aodnoesonthe records of the Connell; and provided, farmer, tnat in case of a veto by the Mayor, any such grant or permission shall receive the votes of sevcnn-Ishths of all the Aldermen elected to take effect as an act or law of the corporation. Elmmh —To increase or advance the price for which work or materials Is contracted only on the concurrent recommendation* of the Comptroller and the Board or officer letting the same: Pro ruled, however, snch recommendation* «>i*ti m all case* be made to a regular meeting of the Connell and shall in no case be acted upon except at a subsequent regular meeting, and after one publication thereof in the corporation news paper; and provided, further, no increase or advance in price shall be made on any contract, in any case, unless by the votes ol three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, snch vote to bo entered by ayes and noe* on the records of (bo Connell: and in case the same bo vetoed by the Mayor it shall require seven-eighths of all the Aldermen elected to pass It over snch veto. Twttftk— To direct, regulate and prohibit the location and management of booses for the storin'* of gunpowder, or other combustible material within the city, and within one mile of the limits thereof. Thirteen^— To declare that it shall be nnlawjul for any baU, theatre, opera bonse, church, school boose, or building of any kind whatsoever, to bo used for the assemblage ol people, unless the same is provided with ample mean* for the safe and speedy ocress of the persona therein assem bled in of alarm. Eourtfenth—lo control, regulate or prohibit the

use of steam whistles within the limits of the CUV. e\ftetnt7i—To provide for the borrowing, from time to time, a sum of money not ex ceeding puipotc of paying any debts owing by said city on account of tie Chicago Water Works, and to Increase and diAso a plentiful supply of water throughout the city Provided* however, in the borrowing of snch coney, alt the icqnlrcmcnts, conditions and resections of chapter Aftcen of the act of ISG3, to vhich this'ls an amendment, shall apply and be,ln full force, and such loans shall be made In srlct contoraity to the provi sions cf tuirt chaptrr tilzifcnfh —To provide for (ho borrowing, from time to time, a samof money not exceeding ——thousand dolhrs, to pay existing debts In curred by said city lor sewerage works, and to lucr«it-e the aewerare works of said city: Pro rlifc. however, the said loan or loans shall ho made in strict conlirruity with tne provisions of chapter sixteen of tie act of 1503, io which this la an amendment. r %3itf ti US nt/, ~To dxect and require the Board of Public Works to let the cleaning of the streets, alleys, lanes, and lighways, or ordinary repair* on the same, or anyportlon or pan thereof to the lowest reliable and responsible bidder or bidders. 3bo said letting md contracts to be in all re spects governed by the provisions of the law In regard to the letttnr of contracts for improving the streets: P/orwed, however. It shallrequire (wo-thlrds of alt the Aldermen elected to pass any such ordinance, ench votes to be taken bv ayes and noes, and entered on the record* of the CourciL To direct and authorize the Board of Police or the Board of Health to let the scav engtr work, nh-hi or day, or both, to the lowest reliable and responsible bidder or bidders, or In case a proper contract cannot be made, to author ize said Board to do said work. " Such letting to be governed in all respects as nearly as may bo by the provisions of rtc Charter in reference to the 1 cuing of street improvements. latnty— To make, publish. ordain, amend and repeal all such ordinance?, by-laws and police regulations, not confary to the Constitution of this >iau*. for the good government and order of the city, and the trade and commerce thereof, as may be necessary or expedient to carry info effect the powers vested In the Common Council, or of any officer of said city, by this act, and enforce oh-crvance °f all rules, ordinances, by-laws, notice, sanitary and other regulations made In pursuance of this act, or the act to which this is an amendment, the amendments thereto, or any other act concerning said city, by punishment, Ane or imprisonment In the Bridewell or House of Correction, or both, in the discretion of the magi strate or court before which conviction mav be had: iv huicectr, such Anc shall not ex ceed Ave hundred dollars, nor the imprisonment two years. 1 tcenfy-Stcon'i—To regulate or prohibit the carrying or wearing by any person under his clothes, or coucoaled about hie person, any pis tol or colt, or slung shot, or cross knuckles, or knuckles of lead, bras? or other metal, or howlc knife, dirk ksile, or dirk or dagger, or any other dangerous or deadly weapons, and to provide for the confiscation or sale ot such weapons. custteh tax comssioszn, jlssessxestb, ac. Sec. The Mayor shall, on tne Monday of A. D. ISOT. or as soon after ts prac table, and quadriennlally thereafter, appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Common Council, a Commissioner of Taxes, who shall bo a freeholder In said city, and for at least three years jnlor to his appoiLtmeut. Said Commis-. sloner shall lake ana subscribe an oalh of office, and ebali enter Into bond In the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, with two or more sureties to be approved by the Mayor, for the lalthful perform ance of his official duties. The salary of said Commissioners shall be annually Axed m the Ap propriation BUI by the Common Council. . . The Commissioner first appointed shall, Immediately after bis qualification, proceed to di vide tald city into as many and eucu convenient assessment nutricts, not exceeding eight, as he ebali deem expedient, which shall be known and designated numerically: Provided, however, in making such districts, regard shall be had to the natural divisions of said city, and no ward shall be divided, or any territory thereof be embraced in different districts: and provided, further, that such division of said city Into districts shall be submitted to. and bo subject to the approval ot the Common Council; and provided, farther, that such districting shall only he subject to modifica tion or alteration by a vote of three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, such vote to bo taken by ayes and noes, and entered on tbe records ot tile Connell. Sec. —. Said Commissioner shill, as soon as may be after his qualification, make or cause to be made a map of each and every ward in said ed.v. which ebali plainly Indicate each and every audrlon, tnb-dlvieion, lot, piece and parcel of laud therein ; also all streets, highways, public grounds, public buildings and alleys, and also, so far as possible to ascertain the same, tbe name . of the owner or owners ol each lot, piece orparcel of land, and whether Improved or not, and such other Information as may be desirable forpur | poses of assessment, and shall make thereon such ; marginal or other references as may beconven . lent and practicable. He shall keep in suitable books io be provided for that purpose, a record j of nil Information which he may bo able to obtain ! in respect to the taxable property and persons I liable to taxation In said dry, and all chants lu the ownership of real estate tn said city, of which i he can obtain information. He shall have power to appoint suitable persons as clerks in sold office, the number to oc limited and salaries Axed by the Common Council, whose business It shall be under bis direction to make said ward maps, and from tunc to time to amend and correct the same, and also the record of the properly in the office of said Commissioner, both as regards the owner ship and extent of snch property, by adaily ex amination of the maps and conveyances vvh'ch shall be left for record In the office of tbe Re corder of Cook County, which examination he ebali be entitled to make free of all charges what soever during office hours. He shall also have power to make all necessary surveys (br the pur pose of such correction, and to prepare all mans -Mch shall be m co:*ary for the use of the Board of Assessors hcrr£ provided for. Sec. —. The Common Council shall, on the —— Monday of , A. D. 1&57. or within thirty days from said lima, and biennially thereafter, up* point by ballot an Assessor lor eacautswici created as afoiCk'sid, who shall be a freeholder lu eald district, and have resided therein at least one year preceding his appointment. The said Com missioner of Taa-T* a*> d the said Assessors, shall consulate the “l>OttL’ d of Assessors.’ 1 the said Commissioner being fxl tficlo President of said Board.' * . bee. —. The said Assessors aw.™’ flyo days alter their appointment, toko ail!* subscribe an oath faithfully to discharge the duties C f ,h ? lr respective offices, which ihcv shall file'in office of the Commissioner of Taxes. The Com missioner of Taxes Is hereby authorized toad minister any oath required to be taken br this act or by any law of lids State. The said Asses sors are also hereby severally authorized to ad minister any oath required by this act, or by tho revenue or assessment laws or tbe State. Sec. —. TLe Assessors shall, as soon after the ---- us ouuii auci me T~~ Monday of s in each year, as may be, under the direction and supervision of tho Commissioner of Taxes, proceed to examine and dclenmne the valuation of the taxable real and personal estate in their respective districts, schedules of all the taxable real estate la the sev eral districts shall be furnished by the Commis sioner of t axes to aid them in the performance of their antics, upon which they shall enter their 1 valuations. Sail Commissioner in making ont • said schedules, shall take as his guide the assess • ment list or Collector’s book of]the previous year, nnd the list of subsequent conveyances, and each other data as bccautlcd to make them as nearly correct as possible. Said appraisal, logctherwith their appraisal of all the personal estate taxable In salacity, shall be compbtcd and filed in the - office of said Commissioner on or before the Mcndsy of , in each year, unless farther time eluil! be granted by the Common Connell. sec. —. Sa ,t shall not In auy case assess taxable real or ocrsonal estate any less than its real or trnc value a S defined by the State Kevcnuc Laws. All personal properly of every nature and kind having its actoal H f us within the city, shall be assessed for municipal purposes, whether tho owner resides In the city or not, In the district where the same may be found. Sec- —. The Assessors of the several districts shall be famished with ihe necessary blanks to take a list of taxable property in their several • districts, by the Commissioner of Taxes. They shall call at the office, place of business or resi dence of each person required by law to list bis property, and at the office of every incorporated company, end require such person, or the presi dent, cashier, treasurer, secretary or other officer ot snch incorporated company, to moke a correct statement of bis or its taxable property, in ac cordance with the provisions of law; and the per son listing the property shall cuter a (rue and correct statement of suen property, and the value thereo r , In a printed or written blank, prepared for that purpose, which statement, after being filled out, shall be signed by the person listing the property, and shall also oe verified by his oath or affidavit. Bec. —. In every case where any person shall neglect or refh-u to make ont and deliver to tbo Assessor the statement required by this act or by tbc revenue laws of the State, verified by oath, In addition to the penalties tn such case provided by snch laws, the Common Council of said city mar provide such other and further penalties as will secure compliance. b ec. In every case where any person or offi cer of a corporation, whose datv ft Is to list any personal property, moneys, credits. Investments in bonds, stocks, joint stock companies or other wise, or any properly of a personal nature liable to assessment for taxation, shall have refused or neglected to list the same when called on for that purpose by the assessor, or to take and subscribe an oath or affirmation tn regard to the truth of bis statement, required lo be made as aforesaid, or by any law of Use State, when required by tho A»seseor, Ihe Assessor shall enter opposite tho name of snch person in an anproprlate column, j “ refused to list,” or “rclused to swear;” and in ev. ry ca-ewhere anyperson required to list prop erty for taxation shall have been absent, or tumble from sickness to list the same, the Assessor shall enter opposite the name of snch person In an appropriate column tho word “absent” • or-“sick.” When the Assessors shall have completed tbc assessment of the taxable real and ; personal estate of said city, they shall file the . same in the office of the Commissioner of Taxes, and fix npon a day for the bearing of objections thereto, and the said Commissioner shall give no tice of the time and place of snch hearing by six days’ publication thereof in the corporation news paper. Anv person feeling aggrieved by tho as sessment of nis property mav“appear at the time specified and make his objections. Brc. —. The said Assessor*, together with the Commissioner of Taxes, constituting the Board of Assessors, sbsll meet at the time and place desig nated, to revise and correct their assessments. . They shall hear and consider all objections which maybe made, and shall have power to make all proper corrections and supply omissions in their assessment, and for the purpose of equalizing the \ same, to alter, add to, take from, and otherwise , correct and revise the same. They shall cuntinne I in session during the bu-incss hours of each and | every secular day for Ihe period of twenty euc , cessive days. Increiflcr no change, amendment, [ abatement or alteration shall bo made, nor shall : any tax or portion thereof be refunded. A ma jority of said board shall constitute a quorum. ?ec. —. When said revision snail have been completed, the Commissioner of Taxes shall enter. In one or more books to be prepared for that pur pose, a complete list of all the taxable real estate in said city, accordirg to the schedules as re tained and revised by the Board of Assessors, showing In a proper column, to be ruled for that purpose, the names of the different owners, so far os known to the said Assessors: and ra another column the amount of the valuation made in each case. Said books shall also have ruled therein in an appropriate column for extending or Inserting the amend of the tax which may be levied on said property. Said book or books shall together constitute the tax list of real estate for such year. The Commissioner of Taxes shall also enter In another book, to be prepared for that purpose, a complete list of the taxable personal estate In said city, as returned and revised by the Asses sors. showing in the proper column the nam>** of the different persons whose property has been as sessed, and in other columns the valuations made by the Assessors. bald books shall also have ruled tbctcln an approoriate column for extend ing or inserting the taxes which may bo levied thereon. Bald book ehal) constitute the personal tax list for such year. The Commissioner of Taxes shall add np the valuations in each list, and the aggregate amount thereof shall be entered by him at tho foot of the appropriate column on the last page. When said tax lists shall hare been so completed (hey shall be signed by said Assessors, ora major ity of them, and Tax Commissioner, after baring been ascertained to be correct, and left in the cus tody of said Commissioner or Taxes, and shall constitute the only record to be referred to In aay case in which their srid assessments may be drawn in question. Sec. —. The Common Connell shall thereupon, bran ordinance or resolution, levy snch sum or sums of mosey a* may be sufficient for the several purposes for which taxes arc herein authorized to be levied, (not exceeding the authorised per cent age.l particularly specifying the purpose* for wntch the sane are levied. Szc. —. It shall be the doty of tho Commission ers of Taxes to estimate the seven] taxes levied by the Common Connell, computing them together as one tax. and to insert the tmal amount of such taxes in the appropriate column of the several tax lists opposite to the person or property chargeable therewith. When completed, (ho Tax Commis sioner shall attach to each of said tax lists a war rant, to be signed by the Mayor. Comptroller and Tax Commissioner, and the City Clcre: shall am* the corporate seal and countersign the same, di rected to the Collector, commanding him to make, levy and collect, as the taxes for such year, tho several sums of money set opposite to the real atd personal estate or oersons in said tax ll'ts mentioned or described, of the good* and chattels of the respective owners of snch real and per sonal estate; which warrants shall also designate the names and rates of the several taxes Included therein. Sic. —. Said tax lists with the warrants at tached shall be delivered to the Collector by tho Comptroller, as heretofore, who shall la all things proceed as now required by law. Sec. —. Every per-on who shall be gnilty of wil-nl and corrupt false swearing or affirming In taking any oath required by this chapter shall be doomed guCty of ullCui aad corrupt perjury, and shall be punished aicordiucly. Sec. —. TLe Common Connell. In order to remedy any unforeseen delect or omission, ahaU have the power at any time upon the recommend ailonoftne Commissioner of Taxes, by ordinaries to so modify or add to the requirements of this chapter, as to perlcct the assessments to be made in said city tor municipal purposes: Provided, however, that no such modification or addition shall be made unless at a regular meet ing, after due publication thereof, and then only by a vote of two-thrds of all -the Aldermen elected, said vote to be taken by ayes and noes. and entered on the minutes of the Connell, and In case the same Is vetoed by the Mavor, it shall require three-* lourths of au the Aldermen elected to pus tbs .same over snch veto. The Board of Assessors hereby created shall perform all the dunes In relation to assessing firopertv. for the pnrposc of levying the taxes mposed by the Common Council. The Assessors In the performance of their duties, shall have the same powers, and bo subject to the same liabili ties as are or may bo given by Jaw to Town Assessors, unless otherwise provided in this chap ter. The State laws for the assessment of all taxable real and personal property now in force, or that may hereafter be adopted, unless In conflict with this chapter, or the acts to w hich this Is an amend ment, shall apply and govern m making munici pal msec aments. cnAPTEU —. THE POLICE DEPAImtENT. Sicnqw —. The Board of Police may establish from time to time as many police precincts (not, however, exceeding eight), as In their Judgment may be required. >ec. —. The said Board may, from lime to time, appoint-an additional comber of Captain * and Sergeants to tbu police force: Proridta, however, the whole number of Captains shall not at any time exceed eight, or the sergeant* twenty. Sxc. —. The Board of Police. In their annual es timate of police t-rpenscs, made to the City Comp ti oiler, shall, If in their judgment the pnollc west requires it, recommend to the Common Connell such additional police patrolmen as may be necessary. * Seo —. Toe'Common Connell may, on such ro eommcucitlon of,said Board, provide by ordi nance for each increase of the police patrolforce: Provided, however, it shall require a majorlivof all the Aldermen elected to pass such ordinance, snch votes to be entered by ayes and noes, and entered on the records of the Council. Sec. —. 'l he Superintendent of Police shall receive an annual salary of not less than (2.500. and not more than (£.OOO. Ibe Denary Superintendents shall receive an animal salary of not more than (2,500. Each Captain of Police shall receive an annual salary of cot more than $1,5(0 per an num. Each Sergeant shall receive an annual salary of not more than 1)1,200. Each patrolman shall receive an annual tjalarr of sot more than (LOCO. the same to be Axed by the Common Council In tbe annual appropriation bill, on tbu recommendation of the Board, and which shall not be In anywise increased or diminished during the year. Sec.—. It shall be lawful for the person desig nated by the Board, as tbe custodian or deposi tary ot stolen property, to sell the same, alter due notice, at pnblic auction, under and pursu ant to such general orders and regolations as tbe Board of Police shall prescribe. Tbe proceeds ol such sales, after deducting tbe cost of storage, advertising, selling, and. In case of animals, their keeping, snail be paid over to the President of said Beard, to be by him paid into the City Treasury, to the credit of the Police Life and Health insurance fund, as already provided by law. Sec. —. In case at any time the Common Coun cil should deem It for the Interests of the c»ty that (he members, or either of them, of said Board, should devote thclr entire Umc and attention to the duties of their office, they may, by ordinance, so provide; and in such case the Council shall in crease thclr salaries to such extent as may be proper: Provided, however, such ordinance shall be published before Its passage, and shall only be passed at a regular meeting of the Council npon a vote of iwo-ihirds ol all the Aldermen elected. Src. —. It shall be unlawful for any person other than a police officer or patrolman, to wear a star, or other similar device, or to wear any not* form, or pan thereof, like that of a policeman, un der a penalty of not lees than f 25 nor exceeding FIRE DEPAnTHEST- Sec.—. The Fire Marshal, the Assistant Fire Marshals, the member? of the Board of Police, and each members of the Fire Department as the Board of Police mas designate and appoint, shall bo Fire Wardens, and shall have and exercise all the lights and powers, and shall perform all the duties now conferred, exercised, imparted or re* Sulred bv law of Fire Wardens. The Fire War tns arc hereby authorised to enter upon and In* fptet any building, place or places lor the pur pose ot ascertaining whether the same is or are in a safe condition, and if not, to direct or caase the same to be made so. Sec.—. The salaries of the' fire police shall be fixed by the Common Connell in their annual ap propriation bill, *on the recommendation of the Board of Police: JVorldfrf, however, no more than fSCit per annum shall be allowed to each fire policeman, except the engineers, who shall be paid as now provided by law. Sec.—. The Board of Police are hereby cmnow. ered to regnlatc the constr^rt o n bettin°ir C im I ’oE CIC3 -‘ D 5 thereof; to prevent the «v/«!5 or L construction of stoves, hollers, P' c P fci , or other things In snch a manner as t> G dangerous; to prohibit the deposit of asnes in unsafe places; to regnlatc the tarrying on of manufactories dangerous In cann ing or promoting fires; to regulate or prohibit tbo sale or nee of fireworks in said city; to raze or demolish any building, wall or erection which, by reason of fire or any other cause may become dan gerous to human me, or health, or tend to extend o conflagration. „ - On the recommendation of the Board of Police, the Common Connell may, by a vote of three-fourths, to be taken by ayes and noes, and entered of record, authorize the establishment ot nrt l au of Repairs In connection with the Fire Department, for the purpose of making and re pairing such articles of machinery, tools and equipments as belong to said Department, as also those-belonging to the Department of the Fire Alarm Telegraph. Sec.—. In case the Connell shall establish the Burcan authorized In the preceding section, then It shall annually appropriate such amount of money as shall be necessary to maintain the sumo. HOARD OP HEALTH. Sec.—. The Common Connell shall have the power by ordinanco to confer and impose noon, the Board of llealtb snch additional powers and auiies as may be necessary to promote or preserve P e _£afLiyor health of the city or improve Us san c<®dluon • snch oidinanco sliall receive J lO v oh-‘s of a majority Of nil the Alder men elected. »0 he entered by ayea turn no '-‘8 on the records of the Council. t*Ec. —. Said Bo»rd of Health may enact such by-Jaws, rulcs and regulations as it may deem ad visable, in harmony with the provisions ami ob jects of the act establishing the same, all acta amendatory thereof, and all acts the object of which Is to promote and preserve the health, safelyaud sanitary condition of tbo city now ex isting or that may hereafter be passed, not incon sistent with tbo Conslitlon or laws of this Stale, lor the regulation of the action of said Board, its officers and agents In the discharge of its and their dalles, mid for the regulation ol the citizecs or public, and from time to tunc may alter, amend or annul the same. Sec. —. All rules, regulations and by-laws so enacted tor the regulation of the citizen or public, shall, before tbovgo into efiect. bo published for three successive days in the Corporation nows paper. Sec.—. In case of pestilence or epidemic dls- Fm 611 ’ imminent danger from impending pes tilence, or epidemic disease, or In case tho sani tary conditiru of the city should be of such a character as lo warrant it, the Common Council may from time to time, to meet snch temporary emergency. Increase the number of the members of the Board of Health, not exceeding four ad ditional luctubc’s, who shall act In conjunction with the Board of Police iu all mailers relating to the hcnltn or sanitary condition of the city, and for (bo time being, shall together constitute the Beard ol Health of said city, and shall possess all th« authority, and be charged with all the dudes conferred or imposed on said Board of Health, by any existing lay of the State, or ordinance of the city, or auy Mt may hereafter bo passed. Pro vided. however, that no increase in the number of tbo Board of Health shall bo made unless by a vole of two-thirds of all the Aldermen elected, such vote to be taken by ayes and noes, and entered on the records of ihe Connell: aud }>rozid(d j'vnlur, that each additional members shall bo elected by ballot, and shall receive a majority of the votes of all the Aldermen elected; and /rorkfrtf further, that before any such election, the number, time or service and salaries of snch additional members shall be defi nitely fixed by tho Council, by ordinance. Sec.—. In tbo presence of great and immmon’ peril to the public health In slid city, by reason of impending pestilence or epidemic disease, it shall be the dnty of said Board to take such measures, and to do. and order, and cause to be done, snch acts and make such expenditures (beyond those duly estimated for or provided) for the pre servation of the pnbltc health (though not hero in or clsowherc, or otherwise authorized) as It may, in good laitb, declare the public safety and health to demand, and tbc Mavor of the city shall aUo in writing approve. t-zc. —. The Common Coned), for the purpose of providing for the contingency mentioned in (bo preceding section, may order tho Mayor and Comptroller to borrow a sufficient amount to cover such extraordinary expenditure for a space of time not exceeding tuc close of the next muni cipal year, which sum. together with the in teres’, shall be added to tbc amount authorized to be raised In the next general tax levy, and embraced therein. Sec. —. Any person or corporation who shall violate any 01 the provisions of the Health Laws or ordinances ot tno city, or any of the by-laws, rules or regulations oftbe Board of Health, in ad dition to existing penalties, shall be subject to a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, and on failure to promptly Jay the same may be imprisoned In the Coarty ail. Bridewell or House of Correction, os in other cares of failure to pay a fine, or snch person may be both fined and Imprisoned in the discretion of the Court or Magistrate. BOARD OP PUBLIC WORKS. The Common Council mny increase the number of the Commissioners of the Board of Pmrile Works, by declaim? by ordinance that the Mayor shall be fx ofliew a memb-jr of said Board, and by authorizing the Mayor, by and with the advice ana consent of the Council, to appoint an additional member or Commissioner of said Board. The Mayor, however, shall not act a? a Commissioner of the said Board in making any special assess* men I for any public work or Improvement, nor shall he be required to trlvc a bond to the city aa a member of said Board. Whenever the Connell shall, by ordinance, determine to add each addi tional commissioner to the Board, thev shall at the same time, or os soon thereafter as may be, and before the making of such appointment, fix his term of office, not exceeding four years, and also his salary, which shad not exceed that paid to the other members of the Board; Provided, however, it shall require a majority of all the Aldi men elected to pass each ordinance. Bsc. —. The said additional Commissioner, as well as the Mayor, shall have all the powers, and be subject to like duties and liabilities with the members cf the existing Board, and shall, to gether. constitute the Board of Public Works of said city. Any three of the Commissioners of said Board, with the exception of the Mayor, shall In all cases, except otherwise specially provided, act as Commissioners to make special assessments whenever the same may be ordered, for the mak ing of which assessments they shall receive no fees. Szc.—. The said additional member of said Board shall take an oath and give a bond, as now required by law of (he present Commissioners. See. —. Hereafter, as the term of office of the present Commissioners of said Board expires, the Mayor shall fill their places by appointment, by rnd with the advice and consent or the Counof. The term of office of the Commissioners of said Board, alter the expiration of the terms of the pre sent incumbents, shall be four years, unices the Common Connell shall provide by ordinance a shorter period. cnAima—. miscellaneous. 6ic.—. Whenever anypenalt shall be Issued by the Board of Public Work*, granting to any peison or corporation the use or occupancy of any street, alley or highway, or part thereof, for building purposes, for the depositing therein of material, or other proper purpose, said Board shall take from such person or corporation a bond. In an adequate amount, with two good and sufficient sureties, conditioned that seen person or corporation shall be liable for any and au dam ages occasioned by each use or occupation, or re sulting therefrom, and m every case of recovery and judgment against the city in anywise growing out of permitting or suffering such use or occu pation. or which resulted therefrom, where duo notice of the pendency of snch suit has been given, such Judgment shall be conclusive not only os to (be damages recovered, but as to the liabil ity of the party or corporation and sureties. Sec. —. w henever. in any case, any injury be snstaiccdby any individual in consequence of any defect in any sidewalk, or it* being out of re pair, or any obstruttion thereon, both the owner and occupant of the adjacent premises, whose duty it I* hereby declared to be, at all times, to keep the same in a safe condition, and in a good and tborongh state of repair, shall be primarily, and jointly and severally liable in such cases, and the city shall only be - Uable in snch case after the party ha* exhausted his remedy against snch owner a*n\ occupant; but in Ho each case shall foe judgment against the owner and occupant, or the owner or occupant, be any evidence against tho city. If the owner be a non-resident, proceedings may be commenced against the property, by attachment, as is other cases of atiaenment, under the laws of this State. . Ssc. —. Whenever any Board or otSc«r of tao city shall let any work or Improvement, which shall reqaiie the digging np, uec or occupancy of any street. alloy, highway, or public groan is of said city. thexe shall bo inserted in tala contracts enosiamial covenants, requiring sack contractor, during tbe nigh; time, to put np and tmir\Mtn, such barriers and lights as will eOcctoally prevent tbe happening of any accident in consequence of such diguing up. u-c or occupancy of said street, alley, highway or public grounds, for which the city night be liaole, and also such other cove nants and conditions as experience has or may prove necessary to save the city harmless from damages. And also '© provide, in snch contracts, that the party contracting with the city shall be liable for all damages occasioned by the digging up, me or occupancy of the street, alley, high way or public grounds, or which may result therefrom, or which may result from the carelessness of such agents, employe* or workmen. Sbc. —. whenever any work or improvement Is let by contract to ary person or persons, firm or corporation, the Board or officers of tnc city let ting the same shall, in all cases, take-a bond from such person, persons, firm or corporation, with good and sufficient sureties, in such amount as shall not. only be adequate to Insure the per formance of the work In tne lime and manner re* qmred In such contract, huiaboto save, and in* damnify, and koep harmless the said city against all liabilities, Judgments, costs and expenses which mar in anywise come against said city, In consequctce of the granting or such contractor which may In anywise result from the carelessness or neglect of said person, firm or corporation, or bis or Its agents, employes or workmen. In any respect whatever; and m every such cate where Judgment is recovered again*t the city by reason of the carelessness or negligence of such person, firm or corporation so contracting, or bis, their or its agents, employes or workmen; and when doe notice has been given of the pendency of tnch snlt, snch Judgment shall be conclusive against such person, firm or corporation, and bis, or their or its studies on such bond, not only as to the amount of damages, bnt as to their liability. ?bc.— The City Clerk shall be authorized to ap* point one or more deputies, subject, however, to Che approval of the Common Connell. Such deou* ties, after confirmation by the Council, and after having taken the oath rcqmrcd to be taken hy the Clerk, may. In case of the sickness or absence of the Clerk, perform all the duties imposed by law. or any ordinance of the city, on said Clerk, and slall likewise be subject to the same liibilUles ai d penalties. Noordinance shall be finally adopted by the Common Council nntlllhe same shall be engros sed by the Clerk, unless otherwise ordered by three-fourths of all the Aldermen elected, except . such orders and ordinances as are sent to the Connell bv the Board.of Public Works, relating to public Improvements paid for by. specai assess mtniE. Sic —. Tne Clerk shall record all orders and ordinances passed by the Common Council in a proper hook or V°°ks< with proper Indexes, and transcripts from anch hooks, certified by him un der the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts, in like manner as if the originals were produced. Sic.—. Cycry ordinance, resolution, order, or by-law of the Common Council may be read in evidence in all courts and legal proceedings, from the volume of ordinances published, or to be pub lished, hy order of the said Common Council, without any other proof of the passage or publi cation thereof; hut such publication shall only be prime fade evidence or its passage, or that the same has been duly published In the corporation newspaper. Tbe Beard of Education not haring furnished to tho Council the amendments to tne charter de sired by them. Aid. Holden moved that when furnished the Clerk he instructed to have them published, with the amendments submitted bx the committee. Carried. Aid.’ Barrett moved that the Council do noir adjourn. The motion prevailed, and the Conndl stood adjourned. A. U. BODMAN, City Clerk. City Mortality. Tho following is the statement of the Health Officer of the ciiy mortality for the month of No vember last past: # Died In Bonth Division 137 Died In WeetDirision 173 Died in North Division 73 Total. Total In November, 1565 299 Total InOcioher, 1566. 1170 A ccs—Under five years, 173: from’fivo to ten. M; from ten to twenty, 25; from thirty! !° 8 ’ frorn f °rty » fifty, 40; • “w io 15; from sixty to seventy, 12; .rC— !tTtLty to eighty, 2f t from eighty to ninety, S; from nicety to one hundred, 1; unknown, 8. Total, 252. The following shows the nativities : Chicago, 102; United States, 72; Canada, 7; Denmark, 1; England, 5; France, 1: Germany, 51; Ireland, 3V; Italy, 2: Norway, 15; Sweden, 1; Switzerland, 1; Scotland, 6; Newfoundland, 1; unknown, 18. Total, 352, Cause of Death—Accident, 16: asthma, S; apo plexy, 1: burned, 3; cancer, 8: child birth, 4; cholera, 12; cholera morhns, 4; cholera tnfimtum, 1; congestion of brain, 6: congestion of lungs, 4; consumption, 39; convulsion*, 47; croup, 11; cold, l; disease of brain. 1; disease of heart, 2; disease of liver, 2; disease of kidney, 1; disease of biff,!; disease of lungs, 2; disease of throat 3 .1 Ueciine, 3; dropsy, 9; dl* arrbma,ls, d.uihcrla, 12; dysentery. 2; drowned, «J 3 * intermittent fover, S. scarlet f- ver< 6 . gpotlcd fover> j. typhoid fever. 19; fever not stated, 4; gun-shot wound, 3; hemorrhage, 3; hydrocephalus, 3; inflammation of brain,9; In- C&mmatlon of bowels, 4; Inflammation of longs, 13; Inflammation of liver, 1; intemperance, 4; measles. 1; marasmus. 1; old age, 12; phthi*ls pnlmonalle, 3; paralysis, 3; gtillhorn, 5: sum mer complaint, S; scald, 1; teething, 1: tubercu losis, 2; diabetes, 1; nicer, 1; whooping cough, IT; wound, l; unknown, 06. 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Chi cago, HI- PnbllHlicrn or Newxpapen May scud a specimen paper, ana their rales ot atlrpr tl«lnr, fnr aaoura.lorone column. payable quvt-rly lr advance, with tte number of mile# the place <>l porv llcatlon 1« from Cbtcaco. Address DR. KAPHAEL. Box 6*275. Chicago. 111. RAILROAD TDLE TABLE. Chicago akd xoamwcsirax—depot cob. wm WAXES AKUKINOZ. _ _ Depart. Arrive, Day Express •WWa.m. *£:3op.m. Night Express *4:110 p.ta. *5:45 a. m. Janesville Accommod’n. *3:40 p.m. •‘4:10 p.m. Woodstock Accom’il’n.. *ioop. n. *9:00 a. m. galena division. Pulton and Cedar Rapids *Stl3a. m. 7:20 p.n. Fulton and lowa t7:3yp.n. 6:00 a.m. Freeport and Dunleith.. *5:00 a. m. 8:00 a.m. Freeport and Dunleith.. *10:00 p.n. 6:40p.m. Rockford and Fox River. *i:oop. m- 11:10 a. n. Dixon *4:oop.m. 11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin .* r:-op. m. 8:45 a.m. SILWAUXS3 Diruuoa. Express *3:00 a. n. *S:.«p.m. Express *1:00 p. n. *12:00 m. Night Accommodation. 1:13p.m. 5:"0 a. m. Kenosha Accommod’n... -klOp.m. 0:43 a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n- 5:33 p.m. 8:50 a. n, Uosehill, Calvary, and Evanston 1:30p.n. 3:10p.m •Sundays excepted. tSalcrdaya {Mondays excepted. WCHIG AS CXS7BAL AAILaOXD—CXIOX DEPOT. POCI OPtASZ STREET. ~ Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *3.43 p. m. Dey Express *7:00 a. a. *ltd» p. a. Evening Express {A3O p. m.;*l2: Jj p. m. Night Express {•9:45 p.m. {iSa. m. Cincinnati asi> xoneviLLS tbacv. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *tiWop. m. Night Express {6:43 p. m. *11:00 p. m. sicbjgan sotmzEßS ass ass auoaa use—os rot cossxb hahelson ako shebeah stscxts. Mail *L 13 a.m. *8:33 p.m. Day Express.... *7:00 a. m. *11:00p. m New York Express 2:13 p.m. p. B Night Express t*lttoop.E. *C;OOa. ’n BET3OR LDT3. Mali *4:43 a. n. 76:00 a. m. Night Express t 1 0;00p. m. *3:35 p. m. rmvßUßua, roar waxnb and Chicago. Mail...— 1:20a.m. 6:00 s.b. Express 7:00a.n. li?0 a.m. Fast Line 3:13 p.m. 7:10 p.m Express 10:00 p. b. 11:00 p. n Day Passenger ••:00 a. b. *11:30 p. in. Night Passenger {10:00 p. n. *6:45 a. m. Kankakee Accommod’n. *4:03 p. m. *'. < ;23 a. m, Hyde Park ana Oak Wood *Cr2ft a. m. *7:43 a, m, “ “ * 4 ........ *l2tlop.m. *lcs3a.n, u 4i ** .... *3;3op.m. *l:sop.n. u “ “ *s:Kp.m. *7:2op.m CHICAGO. srsmteToH ahd qcisct. DayExprvssandMail... *f:Soa.m. *9:oop. m. GafeebarcPa*scnper.. . *3:oop.m. *L3O p. m. Aurora *3:00 p. m. *B-10 a.m. Mendota *7:00 p. ro. *9:45 a. a. Express {12.00 mld’ht tksoa. m. CHICAGO AND BT. LOUIS. Express and Mail 9:05 a.m. 8:45 p.m. Night Exjiress 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a.m. Jouci and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p.m. 9:45 a. a. CHICAGO AND CHEAT SA9TEHN—(LATH CTCIHHATI ATB LCTZ>—MILWAUXa BAILBOAD DEPOT, COS. CANAL AND vnm« BTXZZT9. 7:00 a. a. 9:401 p. m. 7:00 p.m. ICfcSO p.m. TTT-K JJTO CWCISSATI. 7:00 a. m. 9:40 p. a. 7:00 p. m. 10:50 a. m. 7:00 a. m. 9:40 p. m. 7:00 p. a. 1030 a. m. 5:00 p. m. 9:55 a. m. 9:00 a. a. bis p. m- buo o. xl. CHICAGO, BOCS IffLASD act paCTFtcTtAtt.uaap. I»ayExpressandMafl... *& *5:43 a-m. Night Express 9:45 p.m. *2:3J p- ex. Jouet Accommodation.. 4:00 p.m. *9:40 a. m. Express Freight, Kith passetgcr car atuched. will leave passenger depot every Saturday at b2C p. m. for the West. The Joliet Accommodation *"*"***■ with Jtx* press Freight for Way Stations. •Sunday excepted, tHonday excepted, {Saturday excepted. Day Express Night Express, TOB INDIANAPOLIS, LOOP Day Express Night Express... Columbus Express Cincinnati Eiprces?’’’.” lapsing Accommodation UNION STOCK YARD TOEK TABLE. Leave Madia on Street Leave Stock Yards. .. .a. m. 7:10.. 9:10.. ...a.m. 11:30.. ...p.m, 130... ...p. m. 4:00.. ...p. m. 5:40.. SUNDAY THAI NS. ...a. m. I 9:35,. ..A. m. 111:45.. ...p.m. 2:30.. ...p.m. I 6H5.. Gt3o. 8:30, 10:00. 12£0. 3:20. 4145. Arrival and Departure of Alalia. The following is the new table for the arrival and departure of mails from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: WATVW CLOSE. P. O, CHICAGO, ILL. MAILS ABB3VS. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. .... 2:00. ...Mich. South. R. R ifcoo 8:15.... “ “ M - &S 5 .... 12:00 m u “ .. 6:00 11:00 .... 12:00 m Mich. Central R.R 12.00 ... S:*s.-... “ “ “ .. &00 8:15 ... 2:00....Pitt5. JbFLWayne 12:30 .... 8:15 .. « « ** 7:10 .... 12:00 m “ “ « .. &00 11:00 13:00 4:So....Great Eastern R.R.. 8:30 l0;0u 12:CO 4:3n.. ..New Albany & Salem &20 ii;00 8:'0 7:15 Galena Railroad 8:10 2:40 12:00 6:00....Dix0n Air line.... 6:00 7:20 12:00 15:00....RockIsland RtOroad 5:45 2:30 12:C0 8:00....C., B.& Qnlncyß. R. 6:50 9:00 8:30 JfcOO....Northwestern K. R.. 8:45 8:30 8:30 S:oo....Milwaukee Railroad. 11:30 Br2o IfcCO 7:45...,nun01s Central R.R. 7:00 9-. U) IS3OQ 7:00....51. Louis Railroad... 5:35 8:43 R. A. Gilmore. Postmaster gjgaantcb agents. 'WANTED FOR THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In every City and County in the Union. The least complicated two-thread Machine tn the world. Address A. F. JOHNSON ft CO., 334 Wsahlsrtoa-it.. Boston |UM. iHehlcal. gCHENCK’S PULMONIC SYEUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, SZANDBABB FIX.Z.3. THE HISTORY OF DR. SCHENCITS OWN CASE* AND 110 W HE WAS CURED OFCONSUih'TION. . Many years ago. while residing la Philadelphia,! had progressed gradually into the last stage ot Pol* monary coniomoticn. All hope* of my recovery be ing dissipated, I was advised by my physician. Dr. Parish, to remove Into the country, moorestotra. N- J-. about nine miles distant, being mynttlve place,! {tils'=oved thither, occupying two ran days in tbs dtßd , «H2s* J*! tatter and ail his family hadtlved and tnv died of Pulmonary Consumption. Ou i«v rn? « iloareatowa 1 was put to bad, where I 13 was deemed a hopeless Tllc *? UJD »' w ho had been myCithert attended him to Ms last Ul tvftvoSii t tha) e *? e - H ? thongntmy case entire SKSSS?SSS , SS®SSaKL» tciKattrsLOns every nerve, litre ‘SrSi" ot Sf My lungs sad liver put on a new action, and the maiw bld matter, which boo lor year* accan.nUu>r 11ro tated the different organs of the body, w »a «u ain»i«i tbe on my longs ripened, and 1 czvcct-ititej I from my lung* as much as a plat of yellow off-asive matter every morning. A« this expectoration of nut ter subsided, the lever abated, the pain left me, the couch erased to haras* me. and the exnaostlng nlghC sweats were to longer (mown, and Ibal refreshing sleep, to which 1 bad long Ixun astranger. Myaope mecow began to return, and at ticca I loond It diffi cult u> restrain mvselt from eating too much. WUU this return if health I gxlu«d in strength, and tow am Ceshy. lam now a healthy man, wlta a large heal ad cicatrix in the middle lobe of the right tnngaadibe lower lobe uepatlted. with complete adhesion cl the p.cura. The left lt;ng I* sound, and the upper lobe at the right one is m a tolerably healthy condition. Consumption at that time was thought to be aa Incurable disease by every one, physician* aa well a- those who were unlearned la aotii cm c—especially uch ca-es as were reduced to the condition I woa Is. This induced many per pie to believe my recovery only temporary. I now prepared and gave medicine* to consumptives for some time, and made many wunder ftil cures, and IheHemand increased so rapidly that I deterttlr ed to offer them to the public, and devote my undivided attention to lung diseases, in truth, I was next to fbreed to it, frr people would send for me. far ami near, to ascertain whetner their cases were hke For many years, in conjunction with my principal office in Philadelphia. 1 have been mahlngregaiar pro- Kssional visits to New York, Boston, Baltimore «•»■* Pltuturgb. For many years past, I have male as many as five hundred examinations weekly, with tha “Kcsptrome tcr.” For such examination* mv chartels cve dollars, and it enable* me to give each patient the true condi tion of his disease, and tell himfrackly whether he will get well. The peat reason why physicians do not cure Coo ramptlon is, that they try to do too much; they sirs medicines to step the conch, to stop the nlzht sweat*, hectic fever, and by so doing they derange the whole digestive system, locking up the accretions, and even tually tie patient dies. The Vutmoulc Syrup U one of the most valuable medicines known, ltt= nutrient, powerfollr toaicvand healing in luelt. It contains no crlum, yet !o -sens the phclsnj In the bronchial •übes. and nature throw-* it off wlthUtUeexe/Uoutote Douie frequently cure* an or dinary co’d: but U will be well Dm to take a dwe of hcbenck’a Mandrake Pills, to cleanse the stemach. The PulmcslcSyi up I* rradiiy digested and absorbed Into blood, to which It impart* it* Icaimgpropmie*. Ula oneol the bet preparations of Iron fa use; it t* a pow erful tonic cf lu-elt; and when the Seaweed Tonic dis solves the rauen* In the stomach, and is carried off by the aid of the Mandrake Pills, a healthy now of gastrla Juice, good appetite and a good digestion follow. The Seaweed Tonic is a stimulant, and none other Is required when it Is u«ed. It is pure and pleasant: bo bad etftcttf like when using Bonrbou whDkey, which. 1 disort-rsiheftomaoh.uirp.'rstte liver, ices- up all the secretions, turn* th«* blood Into water, dropsy seta In, and the pat ent dice suddenly. Bourbon whl-kcy i* recommended now-a-days hy al niutt every physician. TUny patients who visit tot rooms, both male and female, are stepped zttn thiV pobon. The relief Is tempirary. If thev cough, they takes little whiskey; if they feci weak and feeble, taew take a little whiskey: u they cannot sleep, they take s little wbtskev; and tLen go on In this way. retjuinoff more and more, nntil they areb oated up. and imagine they arc getting Ci-sby. ide stoiuatb, liver aotf di gestive power* are completely destroyed, and lose their appetite ter 1000. No ore was ever cured of consump tion by tnl* process, where eavilies have been termed in the tunes. A little stimulant Is frequently bcnetlcial to consumptives. *ucn as pure brandy or good wines; ininaij cnsesl.ondon porter or brown et mu in mods rate quantities; bnt Bourbon whiskey hastens on In stead of coring consumption. The SEAWEED TONIC produce* lasting results’, thoroughly invigorating the stomach and dlxestirc system, and enabling it to eliminate and make loU> heallby Mood the foed that raty b- used for taat pnr rose. It is >o wondenoi in its effects that a wine gia*s fail will digest a hearty meal, and a little oi it Ukea before breskfim wtn give a tone t-i the stomach which ftw medicines pc-McfSihe power of doing. TIieMAMiUAKE map be taken with entire safety bv nil age* and conditions, producing ail the good results that can be obtained from calomeloraay of the mercurial medicines, and wutout any oi xheir hurtful or Ic'urioOa result*. They carry out *>f Uie sys tem the feculent ami worn-out matters hxuencd anil dissolved iy my Seaweed Tonic and Pulmonic Syrup, .. _ ’*• N; seen that all three of my medicines are n«d --~ ' •ocurec'nsnmpilon. cd in most cn«-, . Patltntt ran cor.jnit ~ rooms; JIS Bond-kt., New Ton., every i i trom 9 a. m.toap.m. All advice free of charge; bailor a thir uuph examination w ith hu resplrometer, to. Price of the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed To-lc, each fIJO per bottle, tr M the half dozen: Mandrake Pl.l-. 3i cents a box. Sold by dnigcist-H and dealers everywhere. A full supply can always be obtained at hi* rooms, 112 New York. DEMAS HAKNES & Part row. New York, General Wholesale Agents. Proposals. OPT] CIS OF THE CHICAGO &Alr iun ILmlloxo couriXT, Chicago, Dec. 3.156 G Pealed Proposals Will M rectivetl until ms flh Uat. lor 60,000 RAEROiD CROSS-TIES, 1 ks 10 fce 8 fict long, tx» U hewej, aul 6tj if bawoJ. BFroposala will etal-' klnil of timber offered. T - B - M.ACKSIOXE. President. P ROFObALS FOR TFLP —pnv bXEucnox of sidewaiksTP* Unrxcs of tdb Board of mfc Works. } iTibUc Works. At their office. until li a. m. Fndav 2jOTeniberoCtMor tte corstructlon and reconstruct 9«Sd office CWaliaaCConUas 10 B ? <acatwas oa°aioirt *»• Ihe Foard re-erre therlcht to reject any bid notln acc.jdacce with the conditions ol tfih* advert’«emea2 or to reject *H bids, and no proposal will be accosted unite* ire party."tiering it shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, ex perience. ecerar ard ability for <tmn; thi work. l« trustworthy, and has sufficient gecumaty resources, „O.J. ROSE, Board of Public Works. PROPOSALS FOB OAK TIMBER iu.h So^?K^ ropo * l li? ,niwrece,TeJ at this Office p i?. h December next, ibr the fope bl!l of Dimension Timber, suitable lor ear D» a * be square-edged, free trom wane, shake* kncL>, to-wit: SV.OO •• “ •• •• •• P®* •• •* “ dm *• •• ** To be delivered on beard C., 11. * Q . cars, in the city of Chicago. within twenty dar» mwr tne opcnlusr of lake navigation, in the spring of I SWT, and to be sub ject to Inspection at the Works of the C„ B. A O. B. B_ to Aurora. ■ No proposals will be accepted but those firoa parti"* of known responsibility, and the Company reserve the rich* t<> rejii i all bid*. All bids to be marked “Propo sals fur Oas Timber/* and directed to U. P. LOUD. Par. Ag’t, t\ B.iO. K. R-. _ Chicago. Cl. "PROPOSALS FOR LUMBER.—Scaied A Proposals will be received at this office anti! the loth day ot December next, far the following bill Lin her. to be fqnare-cdged, free from wane, shales or ua wand So ota, to wit: HACOO Icet hoard men#ore White Oak Plank. 3to 3 In. thick, 10 to a ret long; IM.ICO fed b. m. Ash Plank, IJ* to 3*< la, thick, 13 ftet b.u. Black Walnut,! to 4 la. thick, 12 ‘AWO feet b. m. Cherry, 1 to 13* In. thick. 13 to IS, 00,100 ftfel b. m. WhltewtocLllu. thick. U to IS. To be delivered on Hoard the car, ot the C. B, A Q. R. R . in ihe City cl Chicago, within twenty days alter the opcnloz of Lake navigation, la the sprlnz of 1957, and to be •object to inspection, at the works of this Company. In the City of Aor .ra. No bid# will but Irora parties “if known re#pcm>iMlity, and the Company reserve the right to reject ah bids. Proposals to he marked “ Proposals for Lumber.'* and directed to If. p, LORD, Pur. Agent C.lL&ij. ILK. rpo ARCHITECTS. PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR NEW BUILD INGS FOR THE WAS DEPARTMENT . . .AT WASHINGTON, D. C. Architects are Invited to prepare plans and specifics* tlons, and i>llmnlut cl coat, lor new fire-proof build ings rorthe War Department, cn the site now occupied by the War Department and adjacent vacant grooncUa n a#hiogton. D. C. The boUdlccs required should have a superficial area, as large ai the site selected will admit ot photoenphs of site, and all oloer Information relaQogtothe sub ject, will be furnished to Architect# desiring to com- Kte for ihe work, noon application, personally or by ter. to th«anrtersLned. A premium nf (3XOO for the first, ot <3.500 for the second, and of<«.000 for the third most acceptable plans and #p<rlflcatlons received, win bo awarded, upon the approval of the Hon. Secretary of War, by the Board ot t'fflcer# charged with the duty of select ing a «ite and preparing plans and specifications for the buildings of the War Department naiy-e act ot Con gress approvedJulySa. 1366. The plans and nxclflcailons mustbe sent to the office . cl Btevet Lieutenant Colccel T. J. Treadwell, Recor der cf th- Board, ordnance office. Winder’s Buildings *vaahicgton, D.C., on or before the Ist dayolFeomary, The Board will reserve the right to reject anv or an Sian# submitted, should none be deemed suitable for ie purpose, as well a* to retain any or ail of such plans. By order el the Board. T. J. TKEADWFLL, Bvt. Lieut. Col- U. a. A.. Kacurder. transportation. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW FORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT OREST. The splendid tew vessels ot this favorite roots Ibr too ccmlDcnt will sail from Pier No. 3U. North Blvar, as follow#: PEREIRE Du cheae....November 17. VTLLE DE PAlUi..aoimoot ...-December 1. EUROPE lam ana... .Doc ember is. ST. LAURENT Boeandt—December 17. __ PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, 1135: Second Cabin, 180, inMniUng tahls wine in either class. NIUC lii CiUiCl UW. The steamers ot this tine do not carry steerage sengers. Passengers Intending to land at BREST will be fits nlshed with railroad coupon tickets, and their bagzaga checked to Faria, at as additional charge cf 93 fbr and ss for second class. Medical attendance tree of charge. For further Inlbrmatlon. apply, in Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 235 lUlnctHri; fa New York, to GEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 3S Broad way. 13artnersi)tp. J DISSOLUTION—The firm of Wilcox J & Moore is this day dissolved by mutual consent A. Wilcox continues m the business andaasomes all liabilities of the firm. All debts dno the firm most bs paid to O. A. Wilcox- O. A. WILCOX DON December M, 1566. "["DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. I J The firm ofßocers ft Bntlerls this dav dissolved, by mutual comenu Either of the partners will sign la liquidation. A. A. C. ROGER*, November SO, 1566. GEORGE F. BUTLER. Chicago, December 1,13G5. The undersigned have toU dav formed a Co-partnerw ship, under the name and style of LiWKKNCK. NKX SE> ft BUTLER, for the purpose of doing a General- Commission, Frodoce and shipping Business, they* succeed to the business of Rogers ftßatler, and respect inliy ask fora continuance of the very liberal pauou age bestowed npon the late arm. With increased means and facilities, and a perfect knowledge ot the business, we offer our services to all shipping Groin, Produce or General Merchandise to Chicago lor safe, also, to pur chasers cf Grabs In this market for investment or for Eastern shipment and assure all such that the closest personal attention shall be paid to thetr interests. LAWRENCE, NEXSKS ft BUTLER. OtU Block, corm r LaSalle and Madl*ua-Bt3- ..a. m. ~a.m. .a. m. ..p.m. .p. m. ..p.m. .a. m. .a. m. ..p m. ..p. m. Having retired from the firm of Rogers ft Butler. IS give* me pleasure to recommend to all their old custo mers the new bouse of LA WHENCE, NEXnEN ft BUT LER, who succeed them, and to assure them that their interests wLI receive the same prompt attention here tofore given them by the late firm. NTotice to Ear Hagers. TV'OTIOE.—To the Tax Pavers of the "rot giving the workluc classes and. the mechanics an opportunity c> pavtoelr City Taxes, md save their time, 1 shstl gMpxnyOmce ooen during ’be dinner hoars, ily be, on and after BOND AY. November 13tO» ISC6, from 19 t/dock a. m. USoUoeKv.o. Business (Karts. QEfcX, BATTEN & CO, -Wholesale Commission Merchants, No. 50-3loGoa-9t%, Between F and G-st».J DENVER, COLORADO. TDRESSED BOGS I ■ STENCILS AND WRIGHT LISTS Furnished grails. Highest market prices guaranteed. Prompt returns made. Correspondence solicited. REDMOND ft CO.. OenT Com*n Verch*u. 84 WaaftttgWwk, Chicago, 82. ■-W