Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 5, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 5, 1866 Page 4
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iHljiccigo tribune. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, ISM. THE CITY. Tnr ArcnoK SALt it J. Stetthelmer & Co.*a eloir will t>o continued lo^lay. The Ivtowix Uxnxti collection* from this Dhtrici. during the month of November, were ?5w,c57.45. Souuvna* Boas.—All bills againsttho Soldiers' Eomc will 1« paid to-morrow at the Coart House. In Boom Nc S, at 3 p.m. Connrmoy.—We are requested to say that Mr. Oliver t*. Ford is not ct present connected with the plant and flower store which was the scene of the Crc yesterday morning. CojntiTTgD.—Margaret Sione, charged with re ceiving Helen goods, the thefts of Annie Powers, from a residence on TC’.vd avenue* was farther examined at the police Court yesterday, and com mitted for trial In ball of S2OO. DxscuaccEn.— Catherine Williams, tho unfortu nate woman "bo lost a child st the burning or Gluv hoiol, ar.d has since led a ssd Ufe, charged whh jto theft of sn overcoat, received a final cx snm cion vcsierdsv morning at the Police Court, and was- discharged. S 3 Gofcn.—The lecture of John B. Gongh last evening in tho Opera Douse on “ Hero and There ir. Gn at Britain,” was listened to by a large audience. The speaker was interesting and la st: miivc. and all present heartily joined in many ( during the delivery. Guanj* Coscxht and tableaux.— On Wednes day a::d 1 bursdiy evenings on exhibition of beau tiful iablfaux, with a concert, at the Illinois Street rii—imi Cbspel. The music Is under the direction cf Vr Sabin. Mr. Lewis, and others of our first mu.-L-al talent will assist. Faiu axp Festival.— Attention is called to the tdvorti.-fmentofa grand Fair and Festival to be te’din the Crosby Music Dali on Thursday atter nci.c and cvt-cing. December 6th, for tnc benefit c> ibe So-.ih Pr.'sbvteriau Cbnrch. Persons at tinaiag will have free admission to tbe An Gal lery. National Lincoln Mokussnt.—Mr. N. A. Gar lat.d. oi Springfield, DL, bis been commissioned ty Governor Oglesby as ageut for the National lincoln Monument fund. Mr. Garland Is now in lie dtv and will make calls upon the citizen* for tLeir siibsciiptions towards the completion of tho uo:L. The Fenian Scare. —We are informed by Mr. Vos-burgb, the will-known contractor, 'that the T C ..e! mentioned in ear issue of yestciday as a probable Fenian privateer. Is a peaceful craft, sect out by him to the Michigan lambcr districts to get timber to fill a Government contract. Home roa the Friendless. The regular monthly meeting of the Managers of the Dome for the Friendless will beheld this afternoon at2J4 o'clock, in tho parlcr of the Home. Business of >m;>ortauce will come before the meeting. Let there be s fail attendance. ArrontTstEST.—Josiab H. Dross, Esip, has been appointed to ihe general charge of the Illinois Valley Coal Company's interests in thla city. For the pre.-en: be ms; be addressed at the ufQce of the I’jtsiecni ol the Company, C. O. Wicker, F.-.j., corner of State and South Water streets. The mine i» now m good working order, and enpab.e of supplying a very largo deoiand. Larcenies.—Michael O'Brien, charged with stealing sr overcoat from John Story at the Lake Stu , l Honrc, was examined at (be Police Coart Tvttuiuay afternoon and committed for trial in bail of gfiCO. George W. Mathews, colored, charged with appropriating the proceeds of a parn given by Mr. Speers, for whom Mathew? vvß«';ici:ng os a'nanclal agent, was committed for trial in bail of S2OO. False Peetences.— George W. Scott and Thco doic G. Pet-rs. who, it is alleged, have recently advertised themselves as real estate agents, deal ers in patents, &c ., “roped” in an unsophisticated man named 11. C. Schufflctt, of Barrington, In this count v. Dc invested fIW with them, as a partner, and afterward? ascertaining that he bad been rrtn-flv imposed upon, brought suit against them b» Justice Brown. Yesterday I’-'cy were com mitted lor trial iu bail of S3OO each. The Electoral College.—A correspondent wri er- us i>t infonnvlion concerning the rights eT Ih-ct ideu'-ial electors. Wc do not fully un der jumi what it is that he wishes to know, but i r-'-uive Vue following answer gives It: Tin - ‘ lectors arc chosen by the people in No vember. Thev meet in tbelr respective State? oa R dav fused bv law. and vote for whomsoever they please. When they have voted, their functions cesM-. ami they have nothing farther to do with tie mauer. A Wicker Beotuee.— ltobcrt Logne had sne cc < dt d ir. getting some money together andcon temulated a visit lo bis wife and children In Ire land. On Aonday night at a saloon on Canal Ft'e t near Hie Arctic House, his brother Charles robbed iim of fSO and a gold watch chain and then *vlop»-d.” It appears from Uobcrfs state men’s lha! Charles has “gone throat*”him in a tuuiiar manner two or three times before. Charles was captured, and ft the Police Court vesterday moiEing was committed lor trial In bail ol f-iW. 3lcV.ceau‘.« I.ectjues.—Wild Edgcrton (B. L. McVickar, Esq.,), wae announced to deliver Ws lecture. “Endcr the Foam,” at Detroit last night. He has delivered that and other lectures at Pekin, in ibU state; Fort Wayne, Infl., and Bccyrua, Ohio. Uis known that there la a movement for tbe ..recti' n of a monument to General Hansom tl i?ose 11111. and Mr. McVickar has consented to deliver one of his lectures at LaSalle in aid ot tho movethm ibe people of that county are taking a Vann Interest in the matter. l.rer.s MANtTAcrcuc. —There will be a meeting at t.,t* T;c oat IJonse thLj cveuingat Parlor Xo. 1, cl hair-]m:» seven, to consider and discuss the que-tiuu of establishing linen manufacture in rhicis-o. rarties pospc-Mn? practical knowledge will In: v-vvi-ttot, who can famish al! thw latorma- Hun and doiails of the bnsluc & that may bode* som** verv valuable facts will be made hi.o"ii to Use centlemen who may be prcscnL It \Tid he demonstrated that the manufacture of linen can be established and prosecuted in ibis city to '•real advantage, and Urge profit. We hope there will be a good a 1 tendance of capitalists. I'ouce, Fide and Health.— The regular scml wroMy DKvtingol the Board of Police, Fire and Ikaltli was held at their rooms, on the corner of Wr.-h;ng;«»ti and LaSalle streets,yc-lcrday alter nuoiu I’u-sei t. T. B. Brown, President, Uomtow f-i, ncr i in* worth, and the presiding officers of the Flu* and Health Departments. C. c. ’i Layer wa.«appointed a special policeman North Minion Fnnday School. IL-- pav robs • f the Police Department for the mm.tb cf November were audited and ordered to t><- jaitl. ~ Ti..> •xatcir.jtionof Joßtpn Eagcnnan, police man, charged with hiring another roan to asranlt a Mr. Brinkman, wa* postponed unci the next regular m-cting. Adjourned. * Pr« £ .-iBi.T a Mchdeb.— Brief mention was mado In vcst‘-rday’s Tninnse of a mysterious cry of “minder" heard on Sunday night, and the finding of a hat ill.ating on the river between Fourteenth and lifrcirih Ftreets. The hat has since been Identified as belonging to John VToodrnC;* man imu'.ovtd with Mr. Stewart, undertaker, on State fctreiu It seems that on bonday night Mr. Wood ruil was accomnanying a lady home when they were- joined by the lady'e husband. The husband | v.a- a-ked if the circumstance made him jealous. He replied, “cot at all.” Ihe three went to a rc-tautaul and were there joined by a mau named Andeison. Shortly afterward the group til-5-cTsrd. the man going home with his wife_ana Woudrn:: Jeavirg with Anderson. Woodhruhas mi f.,n£.. been seen, and Anderson is being sought fur by ibeouthoiitlcs. jj. t'. »’vsTt>-Ai:T.—'The regular monthly meet ing of tic Mctoodiet Centenary Association was held vesterday morning at ten o’clock, tn the Lecture Room oftlis Clark Street 31. E. Church, B!:p. Evans presiding. Minntcsofthc last meet ing wnc lead and approved. The Treasurer, Mif-M. K. lla-Un. read her report, lu cliiOeu the following summary: Amount of money received during the• month *•; V*tL Ac-.onnl or monejr paid o« doting the Amount of money ontstandlng. .....f1.117.i3 The corresponding Secretary, Miss Kite K. Stobridge. read the report of the list of coclnlm tlon*. wnlch anionraed to fi,9iiSA'i, besides fill, vtt nur.aid A letter was read by the Correspond- Inc M-r-ciarr, trom Rev. W. Webster, of Wlscon tin who donat'd 170 acres of land as* Centenary j-itt. The donation was accepted with thanks. swi placed m the Uauda of the Trustees for salo. On motion, adjourned, to meet In Evan?fou on the second Tuesday of January, at 10 a. m. Dickens* Nlw CnmsrxA* Stout. —The name of CUrie-* Is so Intimately associated with M< i.y Christmas, that It Is said persons have act niiiy bf-cn found who firmly believe that he had Eum*c tnlug to do In the making of It- We know cot how ilvrillbe when ho has departed. Christ ina- would not look itself without the welcome apptaiancc of a story from him. liiaalhla v-htth :s looked lor as eagerly as all the other gin? and good things which come at that happy tatur.. Wc hall the appearance of Dl£ms last non, which has jusi been issued by Tlcknor A Vitics, of Boston. The title. “Mugby •J unction," ir itself almost as good as an autograph, and glancing over the pages wc ae* at once that i: t« •• Dickens all over.” We recognize in those •iiuiut pUvful touches the mark of that well known hand which has not forgot It* cunning, ihc first twenty-one rapes of the book, which occupies ihc entire extra number of “Avery Pat ardav," Is by Dickens, the remainder beta" filled m hv other hands—names comparatively unknown to fa’mc Mugby J auction is t pleasant Christmas tioty, aud will doubtless have an extensive circu lation. AUCSEHENXS. McVicKsn's TneaTßt.-'rfr. George L. Alton s ; version of Griffith Gaunt was repeated last night i to a good honse. ‘Without entering into an ex- : amluauon of Mr. Aiken's new version, or mak- ' in'- odious comparisons with Its rival of the Idu-eum, which we may do at a more convenient time it will be sufficient to remark that the play U chVfly distinguished by its faithful adherence to the novel. It la not deficient in merit, and several striking and effective scenes, uf the noting we have not space to speak at length, u will be given again to-mghU *MI-«ecx —GrittltnGannt drew a larger audience loft night than on Monday, owing to the more u mrable stale of the wcatner. ITie pkiy went o& if no-clble, with greater «cfa£ than before. Some were remedied, and the company were am arcntlv belter acquainted with their several rnsikef her first appearance In Chicago to-night at Thi r mpre ltocs«£ in the drama of‘‘East Lynne.” oSreno°n.e e J?d C S l d C yS d o J“J first-class dramatic perform an ce. one u snp noned by an excellent stock company. P Mr. Ravwoad, the manager, has i«cn at great cspci.scin bringing ontthls popular dra^“ d .“ hla performance prove equal tc his P* oa 4“S; I SS deserves hearty support. Seats may be secured U V^Ecn emeus.—This popnlw nlsco of amusement continues to be well pat ramacd every night. The favorite clown and comic singer. James Reynolds, made his first ap ocaranccon Monday, and proved an acceptable •daiilun to the company. Lowlow has also been We note that Yankee Robinson has recently reduced the prices of admission to bis ’o'isenm. „ , rue St Gronez Socrerx announce tbclr an nul ball on December ifiih, in Washington Hall. Tue Musicians’ Union will give their annual 'estival on Tnursday, the 13lh instant. In Turner 'all Tbev are determined to eclipse former ef aria’ The* well-known Kiichoff Brothers have .e*n ei.gaged to ealer for the occasion. Xnß COOK COUItTIf POOB HOCSH. Visit or tbc Nc\t Board of Supervisors— Wilt TbPf **MTt Yesterday Ihe County Board of Supermen made tbclr acnnal visit of Inspection to tbe County Poor House, which U located in tbe town of Jefi eraon, twelve miles northeast of tbe Court House. The day was a remarkable one for tbe fourth day of winter, mild and anno*. »ud though the roads were In a fearfully «?Jlf *“£»• U.c (rip or two boom vr.. In «■«>'• “I*.' i™ii,Spt»wi»4 w “ ke » ,nrre r ° r «» <»»“• county Poor Bontft b situated oa a fara of one hundred and flay acres, and upon a .wui deration, surrounded bva "rove of forest K. e ,.« end commanding a view of the city lying j'o the distance in its veil of smoke, which ii*cs like incense towards heaven forever and ever. The main building Is a substantial brick structure of three stories and basement, to which have been attached long two-story vrmpt of wood, so tl at the whole building is capable of accommodating probably five hundred Inmates. Adjacent are various smaller structures—a small ttvo-etory bonding, occupied principally by uld men, the baking nonsc. work honsc, broonuacto ry, small-pox bouse, and barns, aid other appnr leuauccs of a lanre tatm. Externally the appear ance of the establishment Is that of a great com fortable country hotel. We step within and the impression changes. From the plainly furnished reception room wc go at once into the midst or the unhappy panpers, the aged, the or; bans, the sick, the insane—the very Imperson ations of want, disease and sorrow, who have sought or been forced to accept witbiu thesewalb the core ard shelter which the great .hurrying. 00l- Bldc world would not give them, to make hero their dreary home, to take here, many of them, their last weary look on life. Wo look first Icto the women's apartments. Hero arc the aged females and those in middle lift*, whose husbands and sons are dead or have basclv deserted them; and so, helpless and forsa ken, these once happy wives and mothers linger out their aimless lives. Some elt silently In the cut ncr, seeing not the strangers, for the light has gone from their eyes; some are able to sew or knit, aud thus have employment (or their fingers; s few can read, and so can ond some food for their mental hunger. Next we enter the Juvenile apartments, where some twenty children, from a dozen days to a* many years of age, arc cared for bv motherly looking women; and here in the unthinking happiness of childhood we see the only cheerful faces of the whole great com munity. These llule ones, children oi want or of shame, wear, many of them, bright and intelli gent faces, and may, in their after years, forget and overcome the sad prestige of tbcir early days. One little bov there was stone blind, with no Irhndsor relations in the world, who has bat A hopeless lot before lam. Too tick men's wards are next shown. Here lies a nan with hollow eyes and emaciated form, whom consumption will soon kindly relieve; bore, another drawn up and tortnred by ihenmalism; here, one dcceitly dressed, with a look of respectability, who la much of the time insane, bat quiet and bat ml ess; and so through tbc catalogue of ills and woes. Kot tor distant are the sick women, victims 100 of consumption, rheumatism, fever and other frequent and often hopeless infirmities. N*o sadder sight can he found than that of an aged woman, who has been a happy wife and mother, lying here alone in bet hard cot, friend* less and hopeless, slowly hut surely parsing over the road from which there is no return. One old lady, sixty-six years of age, who had been in the bouse two years and is now near the point of death, la to hare a son keeping a saloon on Clark street, and in comfortable clrcum* fiancee. Another bed-ridden old dame of sixty* tlx rears wears ont the long hoars with thoughts cf a son not tax away who is living amid abundance, while she Is fed by the cold hand of public charity. Such filial ingratitude Is almost too great for ueilcf. The Insane Department exhibits another phase of sorrow and misfortune. Within strongly haired cells or, when the symptoms are mild, in balls adjoining, seventy-eight unfortunates are now confined, from whom the light of reason has fled. Here ail decrees of insanity are manifested. Some sit upon the floor or walk alone, muttering to themselves or bursting into unmeaning laughter as some strange fancy darts cm oss their disordered brains. Some arc sullen and refuse to be approached; some axe wildly tall.alive and sc'ze the visitor by tbc baud and tell him the story of their Imagined troubles. One Unman girl Implores each visitor intake her out, haying continually “ I be not crazy,*’ “ I he not crazy.” Another .called “Bridgeport,” who gives her name as Hate Uervcy, biull of wild gayety. “I’m a statue,” says she; “I'm the month of Way, the queen of May;’' “I’ve been through hell and I don't want to go again.” An excited woman says her nameTa MaryMcHtaw. “Me friends live In Ireland and me father has a great house and a grand estate. Won't you sec him and tell him to take me out t” A Utile man with cheerful look sing? “ We'll go home again In the morning.” hut he docs not know, poor fellow, that he has found his final home. Otto Knobloc, a physican, whoso resi dence is No. Cfl Archer road, was sent here about three weeks ago, the vic tim of mild insanity. caused partly by the death of his wife. lie is Ulndty cared for by some friends who furnish money lor bis comtort, and it is hoped that he will eventual ly recover. Uther forme and expressions of In faulty are exhibited, as varied as the characters of the patient?, forming sad and yet interesting sub jects for study. In a two-story building west of the main edifice seventy male paupers, mostly old men. lodge. Hie low beds lie close together along tbc walls and on these and on tndc benches they lie or ait, antidote the time away, save when they are inter rupted at the nme of meals or to attend to some trifling employment about tbc building. A few leitamcnts and papers are seen, hut little Intel- Isciual curiosity Is left to prompt to their read ing. Some of them arc intelligent looking men, who have apparently seen prosperous days.bul are now crushed and broken by the band of adversity. A tew are healthy, hearty fellows, who, too lazy or 100 weak-hearted to earn their own bread, come here ue the winter begins and hang about tbc stoves until tbc summers sun drives them forth to pick up an unwilling sustenance again. Most of tbc inmates of the house, however, are real paupers, broken down in spirits and fortune, sick, friendless or old, and genuine subjects for the deepest pity. The PoorHon*e and its appurtenances appeared yesterday In an excellent state of cleanliness aud order, and the Warden. Mr. M. L. Pmney, with his assistants, seem to attend faithfully to their unpleasant duties. There are at present 804 in nin.ct-. *eveniy-.*lght of whom ore insane. Last winter there were at one time 450. During the cholera season, thirty died ol tills disease In a month, and twelve died from other causes lu the last three months. „ A . . , . At two o'clock a most excellent and abundant was served In the dining-room., to which the hungry officials did fuli justice, and after viewing the farm and slock, the party returned to the city, arriving just before dark. noAUD OP JIDVCiTION. Roy and Evening School*—Changes improvements Teachers Fi nancial —Attendance* The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education was held at their rooms last evening. Present—lnspectors Bonficld, Blackman, Brings, Foster, Gulllord, Leavitt. Banyan, Byder, Bond, Van Born, Clark, Brentano. and Holden. In the absence of the President and Vice Presi dent, Inspector Byder was appointed President pro tan. , , ’lhcmlnntcsoftbc last meeting were read and approved. bzwcss>. Inspector Blackman. of the Commute; on I’aildmcs and Grounds, reported ibat they bad ordered sewers ip the •Tone*, Franklin, wasting* I ton, Broun and Haven Schools at a total cost of fV.uiS.'JU. They bad also for the evemne schools ordered gas in the Franklin and Fooler Schools at on expense of f6U2. Report Died. Ihc tamo committee reported a commnmca* tlon from the Bo«rd of Pnnllc Works to the of feci that the sewer on Wood street to connect with the Brown School wonldbe paid for out oi III*! city Sewerage Fund, without the loan from the Board of Education, which was at first thouirlil necessary. Report filed. The Secretary of the Board waa instructed to acknowledge the favorable action of the Board of Public Works in the matter. JSETT BCUOOL BCtiDWO*. The Mine committee reported lhaltho three new frame buildings, situated respectively on the cor ner of Market and I’eareon streets.on the corner ol Lake and Elizabeth etrcela. and on Douglas avenoe, were so near completion that they coaid tic opened, probably, next term. For these build ings the committee had ordered furniture to the amount o! *3.o»'u. The fourth school, on the cor ner of John and Walsh etreeta, would not be ready for use until spring, and the committee re commended that the plastering be discontinued for the winter. The committee further reported that they had euecteo an Insurance on the fonrbnlldmga ol f 10,010 eacb.ln the Home Company of New\ ork, and the Manhattan Company. The committee also renottnd that the old building need for School No. 15 had been removed to the comer of Vi'nbsuEle avenue and Rcnhen street, and would soon be ready for use; that tho addition to the Holstein school of Iwcnty-fonr by forty feet was nearly completed, and mat anew room for tho jjt.. of the Herman scholars had been made In the basement of the Moscly school. Report flled.^ The Conitnittce on Buildings and Grounds were authorized to beat the new bmldlrgs with stoves. The Committee on Apparatus and i urnltnrc re ported through Inspector Gnlltord, that furniture bad been procured for the new buildings and Inc grammar departments in the Washington ard Scammou Schools, and requested authority to purchase a email quantity ol additional furniture for the bcammon School. Report accepted and the purchase authorized. arrourtHESTS ajcd bxsioxatioss. Inspector Ix-avitt, of the Commlltce on Cxsml calion of Teachers, reported the following ap pointments, resignations and confirmations: >lrs. Daniel E. Plummer, Emma U. Gray, Melissa A.Greene, and Mary b. Andrews. Jjetianatlon»~ Lucia A. Briggs, Assistant In Muscle School ; Uauuah N. Morlenscr, Assist ant in‘Bridgeport School; Frederica W . Gunther, Assistant in Bridgeport School; Julius Muller, Assistant In Wells school . . . . . AppoinliAfiit*— Agres M. Macklc. Assistant In Kinrte School; Joatma Patch, Assistant in Mose ly School: Frederica W. Gunther, Teacher of German iu Wells School; Julia E. Briggs, Assist ant In Mosely School. , . _ Conjlmtofltina-Jetnle Falrmao. of Scammon School; Mary C. Fitch, of the Foster School ; M-’ggie E. Bums, of the Ogden scnool; Anna A. Uuogslon. of the Wells Scool. Iheicporl was acceptedand the rccommcnda- Hors conflimed. EurLommjT op rnrsfen TXACnun. The Committee on llleU Schools recommended ib. emplovroent of a competent trench teacher, i o give lessons two hour* a day, at a salary of not oceedinc Jf>oo ptr year, and recommend the iisnc ot George it. d'Andllly, a French gentle man who comes highly recommended. The re pel I war accepted and too appointment made. CUAAQE or UOUIIB XX HIGH SCHOOL. The same committee recommended a charge In the hours ting tb** half hour recess at noon, and In the «n --let *brm commencing nt 3a. m. and closlnc - *. m and In tho tall and summer terms com m.imßie al Sa. m. and closing slip. m. Beport rccepted and the change adopted. orxKAsncs. Tho same committee reported that the system of onl-door gymnastics bad been aacccssluUv ;-?cU*ed. bntThattbcy felt the need In the High t-cbool of a system of light gymnastics for both UAsand girls for In door practice during the win ter. The mat'cr was referred to the Committee ou Gymnastics In connection with the High school Committee, who were empowered to ar laugc a sjslero and secure Its introduction under a competent Instructor. EVXMSO SCUOOLB. Inspector Leavitt, of the Committee on Evening ‘-'chcols,reported that the schools were In success fnl oneration, with the following attendance: BLSS.Ssdiol.aM: ap. 5 1: Haven ICT; Washington. ICS. Total, 1.115. Inspector Unllforu repotted some $£,300 of the Evening School Fond still on band, which would be sufficient to continue the schools five or six rrrm’oK aoaixst stcpt or round* lasoUaom. a petuion to the Common Council referred by that body to this Board, was read, asking that the study of German and other foreign language* be excluded from all the public schools except the High School, as being an nnneceasary expense and unjust to those who did not wish loputsno those studies. The petition was referred to the Committee on Ijaytuages. _ t iKt TL'&SEL CELZBIIATIOV. An Imitation to the Board to attend the cele brntlon of Die completion of the lake tnnn.l on IhnLd.y next, was received frotu the Boned of public Ivories, and eccepled * PA mfl xxrosmow. * _ iwx-iietinn Colonel Bowen to the rcfcmcl to the Committee on Pub -11 cations. cSS/S 0 * ?o r r Total receipt! ' - Total Expenditure# Cash on hand December Irt.. j. vc*. *LfiSt or tie amount cm band s *“ of icicbeSls3o.6o for suudry account?, and ***•« for in* exxctzd. On motion, the Board proceeded 10 the o! tcacbcrr for the two new school* on the corner of Cake and Fttrabrth streets, tod on the comer cf Market and Pearson street*. Miss Sarah K. I tcood wasdeclarcd unanimously elected for the fit. tnnird school, and Mbs Flora U. Parrish for Miss Fa«ab O. Babcock was also ejected teacher ,n t|i(* Bolting Mill tfchooL armrouiCß. The Superintendent reported toe following ab tltnct of attendance for November: Nov., 16 u5. Increase. Dee. 'ioml Ko. cn tolled 18,4*3 10.8 M *,O» Average Ko. I'C • lorctos 14,467.1 1,773.1 l’r. cl. of at. Ko. Ixlougtag to Ko. enrolled.. E 6 .... ...» At. dally aitcdd* acre 15,M8J 13.C53.S 1,519.7 Pr. c’.ofav.dai* ly attendance. 93.0 91.7 Cases of tardi* nwa C. 093 Pr. ct. of lardl’i .8 7,168 ... 1,093 J.l 3 AJiLnuamia. . The committee on revision of the charter report ed sundry amendmcntacorccrnlngpubllc schools, *hlcb were adopted aud referred to tho Common Council. Adjournco. THE ILLINOIS A: IKICHIGAN CANAL. A Oilcmma—Vacation Of Contracts. We published yesterday au abstract or the bids opened in tbe office of the Board of Public Works fortbe completion of the work on sections 17 to 37, Inclusive, ol the Illinois & Michigan Canal. Eleven bids were opened, most of them for all the sections ; one or two for only a portion. The binding was what may be called “wild," the figures varying widely, ranging from 51 cents to per conic yard for earth excavation, and from gi.Mto #5.50 (or tbe stone excavation. Ihe contract price of Fox, Howard & Walker was tblrty-tnrce cents for earth and two dollars for stone. Thathrm was one of tbe bid acre on the re-submlsslon of tbe work, tnetr esti mates ranging at about sevcnly-lhrce cents and three dollars and a halt, or folly twice the amount of tbelr first contract. It i£ rumored that the Commlsslonera do not know what to do with the subject; they have ah elephant of decidedly elephantine magnitude on Ihdr bonds, or perhaps wo might call It au ana conda— m view of the tortnons character of the canal—on anaconda which threatens to swallow np the wealth 'of tbe State, to consume many long years of time, and may yet engnlpn the Commissioners themselves in its vast maw, as the former contractors say they themselves have been wbat the French wonld tern enaloutt. The lowest of the recently offered bids calls for about a million of dollars more than the original contract price, and there Is no security that even that would not be found too little. as the repudiation of contracts with tho city Is now fashionable. They do not know bnt the canal may tnrn Into a quicksand which will absorb all , the money now appropriated, and necessitate tho making of still other appropriations for US com pletion. _ They doni know wbat to do. To let the con tract to the present lowest bidder would be dan- . gCTons. Indeed they think unwise, as the bids ate evldcntlv wild, and the work conld be done at I much less than the lowest- 11 la rumored »ba» the I proposition has been broached to make It a city undertaking, at least fora while, till it could be seen what ibo actual cost ie.wnd then to take those figures as the basis of a contract with some one who w onld bo willing to make the bargain. Of coarse no one knows as yet wbat will be the course taken. . . . , The publican; a little curious to know why the contract with Messrs. Fox, Howard & Walker was not insisted on. Very many Inquiries of this tenor were addressed tons yesterday. We are enable to answer, and will be glad if any one will throw light on the subject Ihe contractors gave bonds lor the faithful performance of their contract, said bonds being represented as sufliclcnt to Insure the city against loss. Why was the contract vacated ? We would not insinuate that there was any Im pioper reason; wedonot think It probable; bnt there evidently was a reason, and it most have been a strung one. The people, an extra multou of whose money is now imperilled, think they baveanebt toknow. Will the Board of Canal Commissioners please explain? As before hinted, the vacation of contracts, or rather their attempted vacation, is crowing alto gclher too fashionable. Now it Is IbciAueTnn* nel, then the Canal. Bye and bye It will be some 6 tied contractor, and then, perhaps, some city official who, having contracted to serve tbe city for a certain term at a certain rate, will “strike,' and withdraw bis valuable services unless extra ■ compensation be allowed. These are vicious pre cedents. and cannot bo too carefallv guarded against. It should ho understood that a contract a contract, whether made with individuals or corpoistions, and a contractor should be held to bis bond, if a man or firm do not understand their business well enough to know beforehand what a certain amount of work Is worth, they should Id It alone. To abrogate contracts Is to ivo a death blow to boncst competition. ACowaudit Assault.—On Monday lift, Mr. B. J. DPchcock, a retail grocer at So. M Twenty second street, addressed a number of letters to certain of his customers who bad fallen behind lo their payments, the tenor of which was an urgent invitation ta “walk up to the captain's office and settle,” failing in which the accounts would be placed in ILeTiands of a lawyer for collection. Urc of the gentlemen thus addressed felt Insulted, and determined on revenge. About 10 o’clock in the evening, be repaired to the residence of Mr. Dltchcock, who had retired for the night. That gentleman partially dressed himself, and an* ewered the summons. The visitor produced the netc.and after some remarks on its “imperti nent” character, be said be thought It his duty to give the gender a good trashing. On seeing two other gentlemen arrive in the ball, be, however, thought better of it, and went out. but bad scarce ly passed the door when he palled a large atone from bis pocket and threw it at Mr. Hitchcock, in flicting a wound on the temple, which would have been serious had it not grazed rather than struck the object of hi? wrath, lie was arrested, and In the Police Court vesterday was held to ball In the sum offaai. Tho prisoner has hither to been known as a man of exemplary conduct, as be Is roost respectably connected, and lu view of this fact wc refrain from publishing the name of the perpetrator of what cannot be characterized other than as a dastardly outrage. TFon’t stead It. Ciucaoo, December 4. Editor? Tribune: In this morning's Issue you say “U Is the duly of every citizen to read tho President’s Message,' Imt do not give any reason for so doing. Do you suppose those who voted at the last election did not understand what they were voting for? Your advice Is good, but 1 will venture there is not one voter in a thousand who will adhere to your advice and read the “Message.” “It can’t swing 1” Conservative, LOCAL MATTEES. Henry Rider, of Chatham, Columbia County, K. Y. t one of the best horsemen in the State, says: “The Condition Powders made by Ur. llurnck, of Albany, called Harrell's Powders, arc Ibc best horse medicine lie ever nsed. One twenty-five cent package is worth ten dollars to any horse ont ol condition.” Sold by all dealers. J.IL Heed & Co., Chicago, 111., agents ior the West. Another Clin nee* in view of the ap proaching busy Bvssoa of the holidays-.« have de cided lo continue the sale or hair goods at the re duced price of twenty-five per cent for another v. ecl:. 1 have just received a large importation o> European hair roods and fancy articles that must be sold before the first of January. The old adage of the nimble sixpence Is the standard motto of il. Campbell. SI South Clark street Facto arc Stubborn Thine*? and con* not be gainsaycd. Such Is the case with Maredeu s Pectoral Balm. It Is a fact that It has never failed lo relievo and erne every ease of Asthma, Inrtu and Bronchial Diseases. To provethu state ment to he a fact, he has Instructed Ms agents to refund the amount In any Instance where it falls to cure. For sale by all drncglsts. Burnhams * VanSchaack, wholesale druggists, 10 Lake eUect, wholesale agents. C*c Tourtclet’n Extract of Beef. Twenty pounds for It you want to bny a Piano don’t turchaso till yon see the celebrated Hazelton E’ianos at Dye's Rooms, 101 Randolph street. 8100.-— An cncrcottc man with 8100 will be offered an inducement rarely met with by calling at No. 131 Clark street, Room 16. A rare atl*n«»!—One more dl*cas«con oncrcd 1 The worst cases of rheumatism are be- Inc dally cured by the new auQ wonderfm discov ery Lnown as Metcalfe’s Great Rheumatic Rem edy . Lord & Smith, Agents. Glove*, Glove** Blitt*, Bnckakin Gloves.—A large assortment for fifty cents a pair, at Stein's, opposite the Court House. Albums* Wholeaalo and Betall*—At Sleln’a, 79 Clark street, opposite the Court House. Rubber Chains.—Rubber Chains and Crosses, for two dollars, now dosed out at E. u. Stein’s, 79 Clark street,opposite mo Court House. Onr Country Friend* In want of Good* of any kind from Chicago will do well to send their order* cither by mail or express ic the tx prcfS Co.’a Purchasing Agcut, A. L. Sumson. Rfoliop’* and Divine** Including the Reva. Potter, llopkln? Dlx, Tyne, bmlto, Newton, Cox, Morgan, Weston, Unnilngton, Muhlenberg andVlwon; also Gustave Dore, artist; Katcßste man actress; King and Queen of Fntxsla; Thiers, the Statesman: with articles on the Character* of Shakspcarc; Education, by John Neal; society; Suffrage: Walking; Shaking Hands; A Natural Life; Health; Sleep: Heath; in December rmtxxo louicat, Joitnal, Pictorial Double No. 2flcents, a v-oar, ; Newsmen have it. Address Fowler & Wells, No. £S9 Broadway, New York or Western News Company, Chicago. A Blowlns to Win.- low’s Soothing Svrup. for all diseases with whten children are afflicted, is a safe and certain reme dy. It relieves the child from pain, regulates the stomach and bowels, cures wind colic, corrects acidity, and. by giving rest and health to the child, comforts the mother. Office, 49 Dcy street. New York, and *OS High Uolborn, London, Eng land. . Juniper Tat Soap care* chopped hands, salt rhenm, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and amooin. Manufactured by Caswell, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all druggist*.g Give Dailey’s Galvanic Home Salvo a trial, it will cure cases of tcralcbes. swellings, galls, strains, qultlorand cuts, which have resist ed every other remedy. As a hoof ointment It Is perfect. Flftr cents a box. Sold bvldrnggUts. Burnhams A Van SChaack, agents for Illinois. Winter.—TUl* I* the first week of win ter Soon we may expert snows and wlnda and chilly weather. Be careful of exposure, and pro- Via. 70i,terns with Coe's Conch Balsam, to croup, coughs, colds and sore throat. It is an cx cellcnt remedy. . nch! Scratch! I Boyd’* ffledlcated Cream cures Ucb, scratches, pd all akin diseases. U is neat, pleasant, aromatic, sate » nd specially adapted to children. Sold by all drag gists. . Ladlt* If you -want a BfftntlfnV >lexion ose ••Wanjoaer’a French Enimcl. »dcc GO ccnla. Sol(f by all drngglsU. Trade .applied by Smith & Dwyer. Co to N. F. Merrill’*, Wholesale and retail dealer in kerosene lamps, lanterns, cnan delicrs, table class wave, looking glasses, «sc.. Noa. 71 and 73 Randolph street. Colette’s Aromatic Vcectahlc Soap.— A superior Toilet Soap, prepared from refined Vegetable Oils, in combination with Glycerine, and especially designed for the nee ol ladles and lor the Kurecry. It* perfume Is exquisite, and Its washing properties unrivalled. For eale by ail druggists. mrKhWC-lyaiw A Son* Pile Care.—Dr. Gilbert’! pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases or piles. Scut tiv mall on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Soldhy druggists. AgcnU wanted every, where. Address J. B. RoxaiMS, Manager, 2io, 575 Broadway, New York. . Ctcwlnc Ont Sale of Slcatea,—Simon lUrscfa A Co. wish to call the attention of city and country dealers to their stock of skates at re dneed prices. Purchasers will do well to call t their factory. Nos. 251 to SR Ewing street, be tween Balstcd and Dine Island arenne, before purchasing elsewhere. Bine Island avenue cars ron within ball a block of the factory. Oar Country Friends In want of Goods of any kind from Chicago will do well to send their older* either by mail or erpress to tbc Ex press Companies’ Purchasing Agent, A. L. bum* .«27,466.5* . *3,m5l paper Hangings and Window Shades c>Tßtl7 reduced prices. F. E- Rigby, S 3 Ran* at crrally dolpb'St. Destructive Fire lu Mobile. Meum.Decembers.—A destructive IB!* moirlce de-trored between fiIXJ.UOO and S°rth or°ror<!.tr, tomatas live .lock m b»na. lugs. M.vmsox. JoTimnr Fairchild SJaliea Di( Aassal Tonr of Inspection auona tbe mate I nail - lßiln«**nafo Uobborr Jl*trlmoni«i—la nruat Kercanr. (Special Defpalch to Ihe Chicago Tribune.] Madisov, WL., December 1-7:M p. m Governor Fairchild, accompanied by Qeaeral T. F. Allen, Secretary of Stole, and General J. M Boat, Bank Comptroller, has none to make his annual tonr of Inspection In the State Institution?. He expected to visit the Mote Prison at Wanpan to-day; the Blind Asylum, at Janesville, on Wed nesdi-y; the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, at Belavin, on Thursday. A safe in tbe mill of Wm. Thompson, of Maxd* manic, la this county, was blown opon Saturday night,about twelve o'clock, probably by some of the gang who have been oyeradng in the same tly’oclsen here, and robbed of some 91,390. Two men, suspected of the burglary, took the cars a few miles weal tbe same night, one leaving the train at Spring Oreen and the other at Doscobel. Detectives are on tbe track of both. Don. E. W. Keyes, Mayor and Postmaster of this city, waa married al Janesville 10-dav to Mrs. lionise Sholes. a lovely and accomplished widow, and lett for Now TorU and Washington on bis bridal lour. The Internal Revenue collections for this Dis trict, in November, amounted to 919,500. FBOX SPRING FIELD. Jadiclal Appointment—Military Asylum Permanently Disabled Soldiers. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SpccJoriELD. December -If The Don. B. S. Lcland has been appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy caused by theres- Ignatlon of Judge Hollister, of the Ninth Jadiclal Circuit of this State. The Governor received to-day a circular from the Eastern branch of the United States Military Asylum for permanently disabled soldiers, situa ted at Augusta, He., of which be is one of tho managers, together with a package of blank ap plications for the benefit of those seeking admis sion to (be institution. Either of the Managers has fc anlhority to grant admission. The designer the Asylum, as gathered from the circular, is to receive volunteer soldiers who have been honora bly discharged from the service of the United States, after being disabled while in the lino of dnty during the recent war. and to provide them a home, where they will be fed and clothed and en joy the advantages of secular and religious in struction. the use of a library, Ac. Certain condi tions are required on the Dart of the inmates of the Asylum, which can be learned by those inter ested on application tb the Governor. SrniKonELD, 111., December 4. —The second annual Convention of the editors and publishers ol Illinois will beheld In this city, January Bth and 9ih. The Quincy A Palmyra Railroad was sold on Fridav to the llanlbal A St. Joseph road for a quarter of a million of dollars, and now forms part ol that road. The officers, in conjunction with the managers of the Wabash Valley road, have united to bridge the Mississippi at Quincy. The work will be commenced at once. A number ol ttfhccn of the Thirteenth Amy Corps propose to call a meeting soon at Chicago, lor the pa.pose ol organizing an association to be composed of honorably discharged officers and privates of said corps. _ . Thu Eighty-Second Regiment United States Colored Infantry have contributed the sum of 31SO to the National Lincoln Monument Assocla- Receipts at the State Treasury from all sources for the month of November foot up £02,750. with a disbursement for the same period of £17,514. FROM NEW TORE. HnppoicdLoMol Life at the Fire of Mon day Nlebt—Opinions of the CUT Pres* on U»e President’s Rleasase —Charter Eiec* itoDB-U. B. Connolly Elected Comptroller —Articles lor tbo Paris Exposition—Ke tvord Offered for an Assassin Convicted «J Itnpc. Sew Yore, December 4.—Four persons are missing. and are supposed to hare perished in the Walker street Arc, viz: John Birmingham, Adam Macltgcr, lienry Dean and George Robins. The vole cast at the charter election is slid to be very light, and the total number will «not ex* cecd perhaps 75,000. _ I*ew Yonß. December 4.— The World, com* roenUngou the message, says: “The President adheres to Iris former views with resolute. Indom itable steadiness, but with the calmness of con scious strength. Ho refrains from discussing or suggesting any new conditions of the admission of the Southern members, because he recognizes no authority on the part of Congress to Impose any. Both the tone and the arguments of the message on this leading topic arc excellent.'' The lYMuht says It has no heart to dwell npon Ibis dreary, lifeless document. There is nothing that any loyal man con read with comfort or hope, Andrew Johnson Is as much an enemy as when be menaced the nation trom the While House ten months ago. The duly devolving upon Congress now becomes more solemn and responsible, and wc look to Congress with Infinite yearning. The Btruld thinks the message an argument to the court alter the Jury bad rendered their verdict. The President talks of the ancient landmarks as If none of them bad been swept away by the Southern fire and biood, os If the war had changed nothing, and as If the recent elections had decided B< The*!fi»«s finds cause for regret that President Johnson has neither modified his views nor given any indications of a wish to concede the right of principle or policy to the demands of the govern ing States or Congress. New Yore, December 4.—The charter elections passed off very quietly to-day. Htchsrd B. Con nolly, nommateu by the Tammany Democracy, was chosen Comptroller by about 2,100 plunll'y. Total vote: U.B.Connolly, 2M?l; uohert Colly, 21,250; Michael Connolly, Mozart Democrat, IJ tfbe packet ship Harps well, having been en- I caged to carry, from the United Staves, articles designed lor the Paris exhibition, is now loading I at tins port, and will probably sail this week. Sha has now on board between one and two hundred | cases of books ana medicines from various parts of the United States. It Is said that the applica tions for space at the exhibition have been, so nu merous that aDout on. aalf of them will have to be rejected. .. __. The first steamer of the new line to China will leave this dty on the 11th Inst, A reward of $2,500 has been offered for the ar rett and convict-on of the assassin of ofilccr Hip well, of Brooklyn, who was recently shot while is prevailing in the epidemic form In Taylor, formerly of New Haven, Conn., was convicted to-day in Westchester County, on a charge of rape on the person of M’ss U. E. Peck, on the 21th of October last. He was sentenced to imprisonment at bard labor at Sing Slug for twenty years. . . . . . 1 be yacht Vct:a, one of the contestants in the coming <IHJ,OOU ocean race, went ashore near the city this morning, bm was not seiioosly dam i jged. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Indian Ootraactt-ArriTal of Whalers at rionolatu—Facts I'encernlon the Laio nrc of a Mexican Vessel—A sMlsbt meteoric Shower, &c. Sax Francisco, December 3.—A letter from I-a Pa*. Aiizona, dated November 22d, says: The Indians have blockaded the road between liar dcjpvillcand Prescott, preventing the transmis sion of the mall for about two weeks. The In dians aleo attacked a train between Prescott and Agnafrio, killing throe men, burning several loaded wagons, and driving ofi fifteen yoke of oxen. They were committing outrages in other parts of the Territory. , . , . , Large quantities of goods had arrived at La r„z. The United Slates Quartermaster had ar rived to buy grain st I*rcscotl, and it is believed that the crops in the vicinity would bring $150,000 In cold. _ San Fuancisco, pec. 4. —United States steamer VandcrbiU, from Honolulu, Nov. 2d, arrived to day. She reports the British ship Isabella cleared for New Bedford,with oil and bone, November 7. latest dales from Honolulu, state that an aggre gate of forty-one thousand three hundred barrels of oil and 503.700 pounds of hone had arrived. Host of the plantations were grinding and sugar coming In rapidly. ... . San raaxcxsco. 1 jc. 4.—The examination of witnesses before unit *d States Commissioners, in the case of Gaston Dartois. charged with piracy in setting the brig Bosco at Cape St. Lucas elic ited facta that the brig sailed Crotn hero under Maximilian’s colors, and that Maximilian s signa ture wah attached to the vessel’s register. Fur ther examination was postponed, and Dartois per mitted lo leave wimout giving bonds. Ula re commitment was subsequently procured, butthe Untied Stale* District Judge urdcrod_hla release. Honolulu papers of November 17tb, say the liabilities ofWalkcr, Allen & Co., arc six hundred thousand, aud the assets nominally seven hun dred thousand dollar?. The credit ors had ac cepted a proposition for an extension of twenty months, with the payment of forty per cent, the flret ten months. This arrangement goes into ef fect November Ist, under the control of a Board consisting of two persons representing the credl- Influenza and other diseases were very preva lent at the Islands. Queen Emma was to give a reception without ceremony, November Slat, to celebrate her aafe IC c!*Kapaake«, a distinguished chief, died Novem ber 13th. . , _ A fall of shooting stare was observed at Hono lulu on the night of November 13th, three hun dred and seventeen meteors being recorded at the College of Punabon. . Fiuxctsco, December 4.—The cabtccounect- Ing Vancouver’s Island with the American shore has been found defective. There Is plenty of cable at Victoria, and a new one will be Immediately I& A* Westminster despatch says Colonel C. S. Bulkley, chief engineer of the Rosso-American telegraph expedition, arrived Nflctori& day on the steamer George 8. M right, and would leave for San Francisco the same day. RAILROAD DISASTER. A Bridge Break* Down. Precipitating a Number ol Cor* Into the Rher-One Per son Killed and a Number Woanded. 7ivmn.ti, Ohio, December 4.—Great excite ment wa* occasioned here this morning by a por tion of the eastward bound passenger train, doc here at nine o'clock, falling through the iron bndccat Ibis place. Tuc engine, two express cars; one baggage car, and one passenger cat of the passenger train, and an engine find three freight cars, which were passing the tame time, now lay In the river a perfect wreck. It was at first feared that a great many persons were killed, bat as yet only one I’fc U known to have been lost. The bridge jv« on Dollroan's patem.aud was considered, substantial. The following U a list of the casualties as fax as known: Jesse Bill, Pleasant Valley. Ohio, Ul cd, U-vy Claynort, Nasbport, left ankle, slight}/. James Bariland. Gaines’ Slation, Michigan, ankle end bead; Mr. Bart. New Jersey, sllghuy: Tnos. tVing, condnctor of passenger train, slightly, DenC Shipley, engineer of freight train, slightly, <;-o Thomson, fireman ol passenger train, aught- It;’Patrick Smith, engineer of passenger train, messenger*, were injured. . nd Smith, the engineer, blew * down brakes, ana kem whittling until bis engine stracc the water. The remaitins cars of the passenger train, four n number, were filled with people coming hero to attend the Stare Pomologies! Society, which meets to-day. Thole escape la tndjr wonleni irl. Cincinnati, December -1.-— lt rfi *J*?KSLJ2’ oialdavß to repair tho broken bridge at Zanea vide. \\ Coi The Richmond Pres* on the President’ Message. Richmond, December f-The newspapers of this city this morning publish tnc ® f President, and generally express satisfaction with iis tone and character. . . . Tbe Examiner says there is nothing violent or offensive I . the me;sage for the Kaaiealfl to make a handle of, but U entirely repudiates the present test oath and foreign policy. The IPAIp says that the message counsels no re alliance to the measures of Congress, and that It is virtually a recognition of theacUof Congress. Ti, e Ttmet says the message la temperate and firm, and that while It concedes nothing to the 1 wild beasts of Ephesus, U does not exasperate them by unnecessary or nntimely demonstrations. Accident on the Illinois Central Railroad. Paxton Ford County, HI., December 4.—The Sucdav night train on the Illinois Central Rail read came into collision at the Pera tank-two miles sooth of this station—with several Irelght cars which had been blown off the switch npon the main track. Ihe engine, two passenger and baccate car* were thrown off. The condnctor wm rlightly wounded, bnt no one else was hurt, and the depth of the mud prevented any damage l °LastDiehl's train waa detained bnt a abort time, and the road is clear. . . . By the breaking of a switch rone here last r ight, two men were InJnreQ—one slightly, the other, it Is feared, family, the Iron hook striking their -kulls ami (factoring them. . Gone Into Winter Quartern* Bcjtjoo, December 4—2 p. m.—The Now'i ork CeuttaUme of propellers pljii'tr between Buflalo at d Chicago. have gone Into winter quarters. Markets bv Telegraph. New Yark Market*. Nkw Toss. Daeaber I. Cottom—23*93tc lor tnlddtingnplaoiU, Fmxjb—VjSuc lowet, atd very quiet. trtra BlUa yn.eatfclOJO; round hoop Ohio |lo.oft‘iUl3; trade orao<;a Ml.2oei3.tO—closing qul-l. boathasi floor doll and declining; common |U.'JO& 12. C S; fane, and estra Gbaix—Wheat very daU and lower; $2.95 for winter red Western. Barley rule* lufsvor of thebirer. corn l*4Sc lower: shipping mixed Western. fui’3l.l6 In store, ana $1.17 afloat Oats heavy and declining; sales of 3*ooo oa »t «l(i6Sc for Chicago and »lUwauk--e. PjtovuioKS—Pork Le»v> and lower. 9ae* of 5.7i.0 brto at foo 00921. M for new me-s: $19.«9-*KSO fur reg ular and cash (hr old mess—closing at fiv.o* for reg ular and f 19.00 far prime. B-ef dull and snehantsa. IjcefhamsdaUatlitJoaMajQ. Bacon doll aid nominal. Cut meats heavy at 9910 vc or shoulders and 13215 c for halts. Lardheavy and lower atll*9ll*c. Butter •<eirr at 159hsc for Ohio, 29ftS6c for -State and 4!V)45e rnr t County pallr. Cheese quiet at »®l6*c. f WmskFt-'WIUWM decided change. a*occS»-CoJ<!e dpu end nominally anchaaged. Sugar in moderate request; t. üba Mcscorado at ll(J like. MolSHseadiiU. . _ . .. , Prn.oLrc*—Doll at 21c for crude and Si.VOMc (or refined in hoed. LATER NEW kOltlt MARKETS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlhone.l Nkw Yoek, December 4. WKKKtY KXPOBTB. Exports for the past week were nearly three and a half millions, including seven thousand brls Hour, Ibrty-one thousand bn wheat, forty-three thousand ba corn, Any three thousand hu barley, twenty-four hundred brls pork, fire hundred and forty thousand Bs lard. BUanerryy luun. Uolavorable weather and » reported decime In Liv erpool checked business, and unsettled prices. High grades of Bour are In better demand. Prime No. 2 wheat is held higher, and much looking about. Com closed Ann. Barley—Use of 60.000 bn Western closed out at 85c per bo. yysiGBTB. Freights quiet; rales unchanged. Pork more firm. The French are buying prime lor Mexico. Closing at 1*0.93 cash for old. Lard—prime kettle, U*c. BOOS. Receipts, S 3 cars; firm at 6x37c. Coffee more active; 1810,25d35c. Sugar drooping; fair to prime, 1OX0UX; refined. He lower; best crusbed,UKc; best soft white JllHc; best yellow, UXc. Money and Stocks In New York. NxwToac, December!. MexzT—Bather more active at 6 per cent. STKauxo Excsaxoc—Steady at 109M9109X. Oou>—Without decided change; opening at I4o)fi advancing to 141 M, and closing at 140X* OOTKEKWZNT Btocks—Are trmer. Feziobts to LrvKtPooL—Quiet and very firm at &Xd3*Xd for barley and wheat psr b&U, and 7d per ateamer. Stocks—Steady but dull. Itock 151and....:..... 10tx Gold .140* Alton ATerrcHaute. 40 Erie 79* Mil. A St. Paul pf 0.... 70 Northwestern 51* Mich. Southern 81* Ohio A Miss, certs... »* Chi. A Pitts Missouri SIX Chi. A Korthw’n pfd. 69* Treasury ACS* IV. U. Tel 47* 5-3$ coup., ’65, new Is* „ Quicksilver 46* sue 109* Mariposa pfd Si taxEsT. New Yokk, December 4. MointT—The Increased speculation at the btocc Ex chance actually creates a more active demand (or money, but the market it easy at 5(26 per cent cq Gov ernments and stock collaterals. Prime discounts range from 6to 7 per cent. . 4 . . gold—The gold market closed up weak at 1(0*9 146*. Cash gold has been loaning fiat to-day. , FscnxNCE—Thers u no change in foreign exchange, and the markellß quiet and firm. Govkbxmkkt scccFrm»—were astire and stronger this afternoon, especially on sew 1565 5-30*. The fol lowing were the closing prices: , itsglstered. ‘81.106*(4109a 1740 June 10*^1®* Coupons,*U3i* 7-W Ju1y...... 5-20 reg. *63 106HW106* | June compn’fl.UfXßst}«* 5- , 63...10SXlielC«*| M.USX^mX 6- .wckuioi^mx t-« do. *65 107‘(91WH I Ocu comp., ’64.114*9114* 5-90 do,‘£D Jan. I Dec. comPn’6l.U3>,s*llS* acdinlv 109 9109*1 May comp.,’*6*in* 10-40 reg-. 99\'(2100* l Aug. conjp.,’O.UO‘ 4 9nO* 10-40 coupons.,loo o»iw* Sapt.cjmpM^s.-....iw 7- Aug. 1U5*»100 | Oct-c0mp.,’63.109*9110 STEAMSHIP KBABZfi—Ths eteam.-lilp shares an hlcber, with an iccreasinedeniand. Dordkb bTATZ Bond*.—The border State bond* this afternoon rose to W for Missouri 6s, and 70* for new Tcanissee bonds. The intereit due January 1 will be paid at the Bank ol the Republic, and this strengthens MiscctXAXiocfi—The railway market at the latt opsn Board was very strong, with an advance of 2 per cent on Northwesters preferred. The fluctuations havo been frequent during the day. but Uie entire m^OTi*Q following were the closing 111- C«»t....,...116*®119* S:i Hudson River..l3o (2123 R. 1. lW*r4lolS Heading 111*9118 N. W.. 51*9 51* Mich. Cent 119 « .... Do pfd Mich. South... 81*9 81* Ft. Wayne 1B*»1W Kew York Dry Goods market* KswYosk, December 4. The Cvmmtrcial say* the dry goods market la very qolct to-day. The holders of goods are still Arm la their views, and notwithstanding the absence of hav ers, there seems little prospect oi lower prices. Should cotton decline, or Congtasa remova any part of the tax on manufactures, or make any other change, a decline will follow; but with the present steadiness In the mar ket the prices are firm, as the margin of proflt above coat ol production 1s very slight. . . „ In woollen goods there is a more steady feeling. Blocks are diminishing under the stopping of milts, and the market leels somewhat relieved. In cloths and casstmares there is bnt little change, hut In some makes cf woollens suitable to the soring trade the market is more active, and llnseys and flannels are in light stocks. Prints arc steady, with no change In P There la an almost entire absence of bnslocu in for eign goods to-day. The auction aslca are nearly or , quite over, and Uie business Is in other branches of the trade. New York Cattle Market- Nrw Tout. December «. Bxxv Cattle— The supply ol beeves has been smaller than last week, and with more favorable weather the market at the opening on Monday morning was about Vc higher. The rise, however, was temporary, u butchers bought sparingly In view of tbe large stock already on hand and ire« arrival! of poultry, and at the close tbe figures of last Monday would gladly have been accented. We quote very best at 17c, choice at leetlCtfc, fair to pood at 15«16c. and poorest at 10313 c, per a. no very inferior lob* being offered. . , Much Cows—Dull. A few sales of prime loU at per head. - .. Vkal Calves— Less plenty but arc not much sought after and, about previous rate*. > . . „ .__ Soexi*—Plenty and In moderate demand and at prices easier, closing at about «*c for strictly choice; 5X»6c for pood to prime; and 5&5.Vc for Inferior to common. Lambs lower and range at 7KA&XC. bwink—Arrival* of awtna are more liberal and prices decidedly lower, though even at the concession there is no very active business. Corn-fad, Uva, at oXGviC and corn-fed, dressed, at Bj%rt9c. „ KKCZirrs—s.Cl4 beeves. 43 cows, 844 reals, sheep and lambs and 11.055 smlne. Bi, Louis Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,! St. Lotns, December 4. TOBACCO— DuII and inactive. Gurnee’s, 2S33SXC. FLocn-Steady but dull, at f5.75@10.00 for common, and fISJS for extra. GRAlN—Wheat Ann, at 83.05 for spring, and $3.65 for fall. Corn dull, heavy and declining; while, 93c; new, 70Q S0c. Oats advanced; 67®6Sc. Bye, 90&97C, Har ley— spring,Bl.l3; fall, $1.70. Hat—Active, atsl63o®lAso. Provisions—Lard, UXc. Pork, 830.50. WnissKT—Lower, at 8557. Hoes—Firmer, at 6«6Xc In gross. Milwaukee Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, December 4. FLom—Dull sad unchanged, wllh sales ol 100 brls choice springat *9.10. Gnats—Wheat quiet and advanced 3s with sales at 9 a. m. board of 23,700 bn at |1.7901.80. Bales atnoon board ot»»*3.os; 5.000 bn No.tat »15QX «1.S1; 300 bn No. Sat tI.OTKQt.G); 1,000 bn rejected at 11.4 a. Oats firmer, with sales of 3,600 bn No. 3at 41c. Com nominal, at 63c for N 0.3. Provisions—Dull and lower, with sale* of 500 brls mess pork at *IBXO. Dutssrli Hoot—Declined 35c, at |SAO®7.W. Lrva Ucos—Unchanged, at *6X0*6.30. Receipts— l,ooo brls floor, 14,000 bn wheat. Bnirtmcre—LOCO brl* flonr, 5,000 bn wheat* Cincinnati Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cincinnati, December 4. Front—More astlvo. Sales of extra at tIOJOciH.OO, and family at |l2AOdtS 00. Chau.—Wheat a sliade flrm-r, but Inactive; sales ol No. 1 spring at *3.35, do winter at *2.75. Corn firm; new ear active at 50553 c. shelled at 58c. Oats firmer, and held 3c higher; no sales. Bye active; sales 4,000 bo No. lat I1.1S&1.13. Barley nominally 5c lower. Cotton—Firmer; sales of middling atSok@3ls WmsskT—Declined 1c; sales of bonded at 33c, pßoviaiONs—Dull; small sales of mess pork at *19.00. Bacon quiet; sales of shoulders at 13c, and clear sides mtllc. Bulk meats In better demand; sales of shoul ders at Sc, and clear sides at 11c packed. Green meats dull; sales of shoulders at Slfc, sides at 7X®*k’c, and hams at 9*S»*c- Lard dull at UJf®Uc,wlth small sales. _ . noc.s-Qnlet, but firm; sales at *5.7586,00 prow, and |6.7T<*7J3K net-cloeingidnil and weak. Receipt*. 4500. Financial— Money close. Exchange declined; 50 discount buying and par selling. r Stocks in Now York. New Yoke, December 1. pen vary quiet daring the t change was an advance Petroleum and Minim The mining share* bare hi daj. and the only Important on ceneoltdatetl Gregory. latest ycOTATiorrs. American Flap 210 H01man....--..- 26 Ayres 11111 and M.... «» hew \ork Gold 150 Bullion consolidated, 218 Oak Dill J 2 Consolidated Greg- Pahraganat *» -»ory Gold IC» Onam mil.. SKI DoinilcTllle 15 benacboff Bun «50 UnnaelGold 8* Baltimore Market. Bannov*. December K. Flocb—Cltr mill* standard brand* and Baltimore Web pradcs arc nominally uoebaacod. hortliwesiern fat grain inactive and irregular. prtmS W.fl»33jSo; for Inferior to rnT < a i r -ATi ts ■ for rood and prime wnlte, taj&cudW* tCcw com—SxiSOo for dry. Md for damp. Oats—U#S6c by weight. of 100 baas of prime quality far coffee at lS\c. Pnorisioxs —Everything under this noad mores slowly, wlih prices In favor of buyers. £* c 1 0 ®~ Sh ?? 2?: ersltiuvc; clear sides 15c; rib do Bulk Meat*—fecaicc- Lard-MfrlSXc. Gnocaaixs— Snpars-yniet and no chance. winwtT-Pali, and the market well supplied. Bnffhlo Mnrltrl. Bttpaeo. December t. Fiorß-^Jalet; No. 1 sprint: fll.OO; Western and Cans'!# while wheat |IIAX*IS JO. Gaa.i>—Wheat qolct and Inactive. Corn—No. 111U* nets mixed offered at SIJM, wltbost titers. Oata held at Wc. Barley—Canada fI.WV*I.C2. Hye iTtOTisioss—PorX ni-X&K.OO. Laid lie. Hacxnrs—nonr v ls.oo3 torn; wheat, Si.MC bo; corn, U.UO bn. Toledo Market. Tolxoo, December 4. FLom-DnH and drooping. Gcats—Wheat, winter, ic lower ; sale# a m J*J ”.*£2 lean atf3.'a : No. l spring at Coxnat-todc Ann cr; aaieaoldKo. 1 atSOctoflJ»; new at 65c, _ Oata better; sales No. lat 41Q0.-. Rye unchanged. ftao Fntocltca Mining Stock*. tj»« Faxxcisco. December 3.—Mining shafts* sold fliTtnllows-‘ c aTScc. 1900: Yellow Jacket, 1310 s Opnir, TStWrt*. «0t ChcUar. W.W plre MEL 150 t Legal tenders. 71, 3fl AB B I K D vnr 25th. hv Rev. C. H. Wheeler, of tae

I)ltDols-»t. church! Mr. HUBERT OsBOKNB and Miss GEORGIAN A O.POItTEONS. Also. Dec- Ist. hr the same. Ur. HENRY NELSON andMtHHABIE K*NEILS Ek,allof Chicago, In this city. Sunday. Dec. *d, attte residence ofWl &iher. hr the Rev. samncl Baker, of Chuago. and MIM MAUDE A. Of New York City* At Barrington. at the residence of the bride’s lather, on the Sd in*t-. by the Rev. I Raymond, Mr. WIL LI AM B. CLARK and Ml» 4 jcUA &h daughter Of A, 11. Van Gocdeo, £*4~ *u 0 f Barrington, Coot G - HI. Nor.»th,att>v« residence of W. A. taMR. £&> Normal, 111., the Rev. E. Q.Tra«k,Mr.WM.WAbE, of Chicago, and Min A. E. SMEAD. ol Elm Grove, Mas*. DIED. In this city. Dec. Sd, Mrs. JANE N. BICE, wife of C. (Wednesday), De& 1D« o’clock p. xn., at the residence ct the family, 131 Threop-st. It this city, of consumption, cnthesdlaic, THOMAS today (Wednesday), at ujf a. m, f nends of the faint ly are invited to attend. . , . In this city. Dec. Sd. ALICE ISABELLA, InAnt daughter o£ C. P. and Alice Amet, aged 11 months. partners gjiHanteb. PARTNER— Wanted—With $1,500, to take an Interest in the manufacture and Da leal ot noc dr.clcf: rn.cidt.eiT. CmtciiT i.O» "LS?J-J r !'s the assistance ot one man. Call Car or address a h 6*»o fcontb State-st, from 6 to S p. a*, where plans and specifications can be seen. _ TJAETNER—■Wanted—lnn highly prof -1 (table manulhcturtocbustnessinthUclty. Email capital required. Great inducement/. SALE « vO., 41 Lombard Block. PARIIvER— Wanted—With some cap- Ital. to engage in a pajtne business. 1W per cent profft guarantred. Addresa “H bT." Tribune offleo. TYARTKEK—‘NVonted—In a light manu- I fkcuirlng bu'lneiJ. anywhere In tali State or IFwa. capital *3OO. DIXON A CO„ 130 South Clark-61., Room 16. ainwgemguta. JLLKOISST. MliblOX CHAPEL. GRAND EXHIBITION TABLEAUX VIVANT CONCEETI IN CONNECTION WITH THE PAUL For the benefit of the lllinois-st. Mission Sunday School Uy Fifty Teaw Ladle* and Gentlemen, mP d the Pint Mnaical Talent of the City* coder Hie direction of Sir. riABIN, making a ftplendld EatcrtaU-tucnu WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY KVENINuS,Dec. 6A6. PUOGB&UVE. Music. 1. JOAN OF ABC AT TUB ST ABB. Untie. 5. DEBORAH AT THB/• STAKE." Music. 8. SCENE FROM THE BAKE.” 4. BLUB BEARD’S WIVES! Untie. 5 REBECCA At THE WELL. Statuary. Music. 6. “COME HOME, FATHER.” Music. 7 “FATHER, DON'T DRINK ANY MORE.” Unite. o TOM THUMB’S WEDDING. Music. _ «. THE spirit of reugiqn. Tickets, BO Cents. Children, 25 Cents. tickets good tor either evening, and for admission to the Fair. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. CtfL. J. H. W00D... SgS?7L£SiK'?^?^:v.""V"::::rHo£*^SS? B Grist Success of the Dramatic Sensation of the D ft*is Dec. Kb, at the Grand Mattnec, at* past 2 o’clock, and also lu the evening at a* before {(and every night, the new drama of GBIFFIfH GAUNT ; or, JxstorsT. Founded on Charles Reade’s eelebrnted novel, by An cnslin Daly, antbor ol “Leah, the Forsaken. *■ Thnrsdav Altetnoon, Grand Extra Matinee, Soldiers DencfltVßy rtqoest—Tlckcvor-hesve Man. TII c VI CKE K’ S THEATRE. McVICKKB a MYERS .MANAGERS Engagement of the yonog American Actor, MR. LAWRENCE P. BARRETT. Who will appear on Monday and every evening until lurther notice, in the Drama, in five acts, dramatued by Geo. L. Alien from Chaa, Beade’s popular Novel, Cat,Uwl GRIFFITH GAUNT: or. JKALOrsT. Griffith Gaunt.. Mr. Lawrence F. Barrett Friday—Benefit ef Mr. Barrett. Saturday—Barrett Matinee. In rehearsal—Bosedale. pRO&BT’S OPERA HOUSE. RAYMOND LzasKK AXD MaSxOKB. Engagement for a limited enmberof nights with the beautiful and accomplished bTAB OF THE EAST, LUCILLE WESTERN, Commencing WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER Slh,lQ h< world-famed lendltion of LADY ISABEL AND MADAM VINE, In C. W. Taylcure’s original dramatization ol EAST LYNNE, OH, THE ELOPEMENT, Supported by Sir. ifIcKEE RANKINy nr. TBEO. HAWIIiTON, JdiM n. E. GORDON) And a Full and Efficient Company. The Play ol EAST LYNNE baa everywhere achieved a complete success when presented by Mibb wfcbr. ERN. and baa been produced in the principal cities of the Eaat NEARLY 1,000 TIMES, To the most fashionable and appreciative audiences ever asstmblcd by any dramatic enactment, IhqjHUßl proving, to the satisfaction of THE LARGEST AUDIENCES EVER CONGRE GATED, Bv her Incomparable impersonation of the charac ters ol LADY ISABEL and MADAM VINE, That she alone can make for her play the success It has achieved; while TEARS AND SOBS. And other signs of EMOTIONAL SYMPATHY, Evoked from overflowing audiences, attest the PURE MORALITY OF THE PLAY, ITS WONDERFUL DOMESTIC PICTURES—ITS CORRECT DRAWINGS OF SOCIETY, THE TORTCRES OF A JEALOUS MIND—THE PERNICIOUS INFLUENCES OF CONJUGAL DISTRUST—THE PLEASURES OF A HAPPY HOME—TBR MISERY OF SEPARATION, THE STRENGTH OF MATERNAL TIBS, THE VACILLATIONS OF LIFE, and THE TERRORS OF DEATH, As especially presented by the Imploratlons of unfor tunate. wretched Lady Isabel lonorglvencss from HER DEEPLY-WRONGED HUSBAND. This Play has doubtless done more actual good to tbe community, wherever It has been penormed, than any other which has ever been played in the country, and a more thorongh conviction oi this fact cannot be had than may be s-ecu any eight of its performance. In the BITTER TEARS OF MEN AND WOMEN who crowd the Theatre nightly to see Miss Western’d per formance in the principal character. Admission. Mcents; Reserved beats, 75 cents; Bal cony Boxes. (4 seats) 84.00; Family Circle, 30 cents. Entrance on Slale-sl. Proscenlnra Boxes,fS.oo to f 10.00. Box office open lor vale of ecata Monday morning, December So, al 9 o’clock. rpHE HUTCHINSON FAMILY, Tribe 1 of Aia, six membcrs-Asa. LlMlc, Abbey, Fred, Ira and Little Dennett,— give thetr Concert at PLYMOUTH CHURCH. ____ Corner Wabash-av. and EldrKse-court, on THURS DAY Evening. Dec. 6th. Ticket* 50 rents. Children 25 cents. Doors open at Mto«. Concert at U to S. MARTINE’S terpsiohorean PARLORS. ’248 and 230 Obio-st. All classes organized tor the season. Ladles’ Class meets Thursday afternoons. Juvenile Class meets Wednesday and Saturday alternoons. Gen- Uemen’e Class meets The first annual ball OF THE CHICAGO BASH BaLL CLUB, to lie given at Uhlich’s Hall, on December 2‘th. 1966. The Great Western Light Guard Band In attendance. npHB YANKEE ROBINSON J ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AND COLISEUM, CIR CUS ANU MENAGERIE. First appearance In Chi cago or MR. JAMES REYNOLDS, the favorite Clown abd Comic Singer. Be-cneagemcnt of JOHN LOW* LOW, Great American Clown and Jester. Flrs. ap peararceof MR. WM. DUTTON..the Great Summer sault Rider. On and after MO> DAT. Dec. 3d, by re quest of many citizen*. and to keep up wlto the times we have reduced our Ibices a* lollows: AdmUslon- Aim a airs in Dress Circle. 50;ct*.; teats Rwtrvcdln Dress Circle, 73 cts; Family Circle. 30 cts.; Boxrsfor Colored Persons. 30 cts.; Private Boxes, *3, teats La Private Boxes. *1; Admission to Matinee to all paru of the hense, 30 cts.; children under 9,30 cts.; children under 8. tree. —— ffiTje jfinc arts. QROSBY OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. V'* /oltouing Splendid Painttnfft are now in the Art Vatieri : THE RECOGNITION Constant Mayer’s Great Work*Q SchueieieU IPIHGtHD HIS FRIENDS Leutze'9 Fine Picture of a- IT T IT Free to Uoldtrt of CrrHffcaiet. .-ffine pORNITtJKE ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, manufacturer and dealer is RICH, MEDIUM AND COMMON Furniture BEDDING, MIRRORS, &g. THEL ARGEST ASSOKTMESTand LOWEST PRICES of any bouse In tbe West. car It 1# tbe SPECIAL INTEREST ot every porsoi wanting goods In my line, to call and examine. 8" and 89 Statc-st., Chicago. IScal Estatc-ffiountrj). T?OK SALE— Improved Farms—The Jj following farm*, with valuable improvements, floated ta Marshall County, lUinola, neat railroad acre* each, oneol 290 acre*. one of -to acre*, one oi ICO acre*, one of UT acre*, and one of •‘SS.' IMroirtproptrty lathethrlTlng city ot Lucou, Marshall County. 1 Term* very reaaocable. For particulars address FISHER A Sons. Lacoa. iniaoU. T?OK SALE—3CO acres cl toe pine lands r In Marathon County, Wisconsin. Will eschance jar city property. D. w. MITCHELL, 6 Fullerton Block. F)R SALE—Farm—One of the best linns in the State, consisting ofI.CS3 acre*. S miiee from the city, on Rock Island Railroad. Two stations only two mile* distant from centre of firm; S) acres original oat. hickory and maple Umber, never rat ■ SOD acre* blue crass pasture: *OO on timothy and clover; balance under Ullage. Hickory Credc and head run tbroneb the entire farm: all well fenced; never falling water; brick bouse,U rooms: a lam tenant bouse*; »bams (Or cattle, carriages and nar and ice house; •») tons Umolhy and clover hay now on land: 8 apple orchards, good garden and abun dance of small fruit—all In first mte order. Possession given at any time. Price f«, 000; cash, 130.0 W. balance on easy terms. For farther particulars apply to THOyIS PARKER. No. a Methodist Block. #lacf)inccs. FOR SALE—One fourteen-horse porta hie engtn* and boiler; two twelve-horse do, use'*, onir one month. Also, one new ten-horse endue 7or “•at very low prices by GRIFFIN 136 South Water-tt. rj'HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shlucle Machines. Com Mills and Shifting, Wood* b working Machinery. LANK A: BODLEY, Corner ol John and Cincinnati. AnnUcaats for doscrtptlTC rtrculirs will specify the maSlnery they need. teiJgaw-ipxsu Eo lacnt-usousos. r |'*o RENT—An elegnct Lothc, W PaTk _L av., one block west ofunion-park. Rsjichm obturtd at 6$ Park-av. For tcfma Irqoirti it 93$ Latc-st. TO PENT—House, No. 238 North La saiie-et-. rental: mz twvi> o rooms, gas and water. Furilturceoidlf desired. ZiQa<reonthepremUes. KENT—A Cclintre House to rent 1 ami furcltare f«*r sale. '32-1 Fulton-sL House contain* fix rooms and clones. Apply oa the pre mises rpo RENT—Hon*>, 564 Wert Lake-st. A. ircctlpgon Union Park, marble front wllh all modem Improvements, good barn, Ac. p.-s«easloa given immediately. Inquire of J. CARPENTER, 17 kjohn’s-ptaco. or at thaU.s.MarahaV» Office. - TO RENT—New tenement, comer ot‘ Twentv.clnth &rfi ?tate.sis„ 5 rooms. 5 cloths* prc.fcs and pantry. Bent fir. per month. Inquire at store corner Twenty-ninth and Sia’c-sU. TO KENT—A new cottage house con*' tatnlrg 4 rooms and closets, water, etc. Cara puss the door. Furniture to rent If wanted. Apply at 413 bedgwltk-si, Nona Side. TO RENT—A small house, partly (hr slibcd. suited to the convenience or a gentleman ard wire. Cae party desiring boardwunihe same. J. g. BROWN A CO . 43 South C!ark-st. TO RENT—A comfortable and conve nient dwelling, well located in the West Division, on lice ot street railway. Bate cheap, possession yven Immediately. Apply to D. I. CARSON. «S rpO RENT—House 781 "Wabash avenue, I and part ot (he furniture for sale. Inquire on the premises, from U a. m. until 8 p. m. rpo RENT—A comfortable house la 1 good order. No. 110$ Pralrte-av., corner of Twenty-foorth-st.; six bed-rooms, gas. bath. Ac., Urge lot ana bars. Apply to JOHN a. BUCHANAN, office QO Wsshlngton-st. rpo RENT—Two neat cottages, contain* I Ing 7 rooms, pantry tad presses, on Jackson, west ornoyine-Bt. Inquire of Mrs. D. PRATT, intelligence office, 130 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Collage House pleasantly situated, 69 Aberdeen street. Bent S3O per month. Key can be found next door north. Apply to C. L. BROWNELL. 163 South Water-sU npO RENT—House in a pood location X on the Sooth Side, suitable for a private dwelling or a boarding house, and furniture for sale. Bent low. Inquire at 13 East Bandolph-st. TO RENT—House No. 1,383 Prairie av. Contains eight rooms, with pantry, cios oia, Ac., sod lu good repair. Has a cistern and well oo premise*. Immediate possession given. For particu lars, inquire at No. 12 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT—Two tumis'ncd nooses, with everything needed and extras. One eleven rooms, one six rooms. Doth within one block of Post Office. Apply to 8. W. SEA, land office, 114 Adamant. TO RENT—And furniture for sale—One house of elx rooms, well located ; alio, onebouse or 13rooms,centrally located, T.-H. BELFIELD A CO, office 10 P.Q. Block. £0 Lvait-Liooms. TO RENT—Room, 25x00, with steam power. FULLER A FORD, £Sd and 354 Madl soa-su TO RENT—Famished lodgmg rooms, Btnelo aod doable, furnished sad kept In order, to rent without board, to gentlemen 13 South tVatcrst- * TO RENT—Two suites oi unfurnished rooms to rett, with board. In a plea»an» location, west Side, 10 mloote*' walk from the Post Office, 12S Lake-fIU, room G. TO RENT—A nicely lumlshed room ran be teen bj applying at No. IIS Monroe-B*., near the Pott Office. TO RENT—To one or two gentlemen, a large furnished front chamber anaiarge closet, convenletce for fire. Inquire at So. 10 North Cor t!B-6U TO RENT—Two furnished lodeing rooms for .5 or 4 gentlemen, with gas and sieve, near poet Office. call at No. 187 State-«U andsee. TO RENT—Six rooms and two closets, at 207 nunou-st.. east of Clark. Inquire on the premises. TO RENT—Six neat rooms over store 2»0.20H West Lake-st. I S per month,. Apply on the premies or to WILLIAMS A WILSON, plumb era. No. flO Washlogton-st. TO RENT—Two very desirable rooms, on second floor. 88 Banaolph-sl., suitable for ol flces or altering rooma. Apply at ofllcc of Young America Collar Co., eamo floor. XO RENT—Four rooms, very pleasant and well arranged for housekeeping, for a small lly without young children. T. 11. BELFIELD & CO., room 10 P. O. Block. TO KENT—A very pleasant room, West Bide, famished and kept In order. A couple of gentlemen students would ba well salted. Apply ac room 10 F. O. Block. TO RENT—Upper front room, to a gen tlcmar ana wife, or two single gentlemen, with board. 170 West Madlson-n. TO RENT—One, two or three rooms, with or without board, at 25*2 Oak-st., with or without tnrnltnre. Eo 33 cut-J=> tores, ©fliers, &c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7-1 Randolph-su, Court-place, oopo site Cfo-bv’s Opera House. Apply to A. WORDEN * CO.,orL.'l. ‘lODD.ontheprcmlßc*. rpo RENT—One ol* tbe two new stores 1 on South Watcr-sL, Just completed (No. 101), next door cast of Hall. Klmoarki Co. B. 1. bIIBB MAN. Room 1 2, 114 Dearborp-et. TO RENT—The 2d and 3d stories of the larte brick store occupied tty Mvssrs. SU vey. Moore* Co.. 30x70, corner South W*t«r«t.*nd Mlclileau-ave.. entrance on Mlclilcan avo. bnttablefor notlots. clothing or boots and shoes. Apply at bllr VET, MOORE A CO., 40 and 48 Mlchtgsn-ave. T'O KENT—Office, No. 13 Lombard I Block, and carpel, blinds and table lor■ sale. All ntw ard for sale less than cost. Call at 11)3 fcoath Clark-tt. _ rpo RENT—Very cheap—Two floors I suitable for storage or light manufacturing pur poses. at 238 auction jpalcs. Gilbert & sampson, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DEABBORN-ST., Chicago, HI. Onr personal attention given to sales ot Household Furniture, at Auction Rooms or at dwellings. SUPERIOR FURNITURE, Piano-Forte, Lace Cumins, Linen Goods, Carpets, Stoves, £c. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Dec. Tth, at o'clock, at onr Rooms 47 and 49 Dearborn-*t„ emulating ol a splendid as* sortment ot first-class and medium PARLOR. CUAMBER.LTBRAR\ . rA * AND DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, Including a large variety of elegant oil walnut, mar* ble-top chamber salts, of 3 and 10 pieces. Cottage enamelled chamber sets, 10 piece*. Mirrors. Pictures Crockery. Stoves: Brossella, In* grain, English Felt and other Carpels (Stair. Ac.) Al«o. 1 tine 7*octavc round-corner rosewood-case Piano, made bv nallott, Davis A Co. Also, set j of rich lace window cnrtaln*. ana 4 solid sllrtr candle-sticks “* GILBERT A SAMI’pON. Ancuoneers. Gilbert & saaifson, general auctioneers, TRADE SALE OF Toys, Parian Ware, Photograph Albums, Ac. . AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, December, 6th, at 9* o’clock, at our salesrooms 47 and 49 Dearliom-st.. consisting of a larirc varictv of Tovs and Fancy articles, a splendid MAortmcntof Parian Vases. Figures,.StatnetU*. Box«k 4c Also, a very One Invoice of 60 dozen photograph Albums. Just received trom Parts with other goods, to be sold in quantities to soil the wade. ucev* ‘“H GILBERT * SAMSON. Auctioneer. CPECIAL SALES OP THE HOST EL- O EGANT Stock of Rich and Medium Furniture, AND FRENCH PLATE PIEB GLASSES, AT AUCTION, That has ever been offered nt public sale In this cUr. on Tuesday and Wetme»day, Dec. llth andljgto., a.lO o'cl ick each day. consisting of one ot theS®fw_ e «w' sire stocks of new furniture in toe and consists of the newest and nnsl beautiful made, all of which Is made of the best seasoned wood and by the best makers in the country* £M an article win be allowed in this sale that cannot be warranted in every particular, and tor richness and elegance of design cannot be surpassed. If New York. The stock consists In part of elegant parlor seta in all the fashionable .tyies made, and covered in the best ot silk plush, silk cottellne. terry,, moquc'te, rep< and haircloth; elegant Turkish chairs, parlor, drawlcg-rcom and other lancy chair?; peatlerxcn* re clining. smoking and reading chairs ; music stMds and racks, work, glove and handkerchief boxes. Oriental and folding cfcalrt; very fine euceres. wild French plate glass ;ladies’ elegant parlor secretaries and d*>k*, finished In ebony and variegated in. the most beautiful manner; French work.tables and stands, llbrwy book cases and fecretaries, library tables, steps and chairs ; marble-top tables of WoUful styles; the J?o , t elegant assortment ot tancy brackets the thing for Christmas; ball trees chairs, recep* Uoo. dinlns and chamber chairs, rocking chairs In great variety. attention U Invited to the splendid assortment of rich chamber salts, of the most elegant styles made, finished and polished to oil and waxed ebony and walnut, wUh chaste and elegant carv ings and moulding. French bjd-tcads, rich marble top bureaus and washsunds. lotmgca, Dtoiug room—oak and walnut French extension dining üblea, with scioll and heavy filled legs; dining chairs la great varietv; elegant oak ai d walunt sldrlmrdA, wlth mlr rov back ana marbles, with an Immense T »rtepr of oth er goods, useful as well os ornamental. Pier Glasses— also, several large and splendid French Plate pier classes, alt sizes. In polish blackwalnmtraoe*. flushed fntoertebest style. The attention ol buycrswirtung first-classturnlturc. &c,, Is particularly Invited to this sale. The rood? will be on exhibition on Monday af- I icraoon belore the sale. Country buyers can have thei r I coeds packed atd shipped In the best manner. The sale I will be positive and w ithont reserve, i wui i*. P W, GU<UEBT & SAMPSON. Anct’s. Chicago. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* & Commission Merchanl PALMER'S block, 16 44 & 16 KAXDOi.Pn-ST. A UCTION SALE OP GROCERIES— J\ Sugar. Tea, Tobacco, Clear*. Smith's Forse and Bellow*. Conor Bags. Wine*. At, on WEDNESDAY, December sth. at §W o clock, at Bnttera* Salesrooms, in Palmer's Block. 44 and 40 Randolph *U A ppTTERS & CO., Ancfra. DKT goods, cloths, cassl MERES. Clothing, Boota and Shoe*, Hats, Caps, col Goods, Ac^ at auction, On THURSDAY, Dec. «th at »V o’clock, at Bottwt* Salesrooms, in rumcr’s Block, 44 and 4tf Randolph. TO. A, BUTTERS A CO, Anetloaecra, Peremptory sale—boo white Blanket*, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. Deo. 6th. at IIV o'clock, at Butters’ Salesrooms. In Palmer's block, *l4 and 46 Randolph* aaiCTrooma. »u« Mt A CO„ AOCtionetJ*. TTaLUADLE GOLD WATCH and V Cbatb, Dl.mcma Bb cud Pirn To nay aevanee and charge*, OnTnrRSDATTDec.iS* 13 o'clock, at Rotters* g.TwftnmA and 40 Raadolpb-st. A. BUTTERS A C 0„ Auctioneers. TT'NTIHE STOCK of a Shoe Dealer H< AT AUCTION, {ftfFRIDAT. Dec. Tib, at 9* o’clock, at Betters' Sales* in Palmer’* Elect. 44 and *6 Randolph^t. Auctioneers, A SSIGNEE'S SALE—Entire stock, ma- 1 J\ chlnery and Bxtores of a Boot.and Shoe Factory, ■ without CMh,an MONDAY, Dec. lOih, at If o’clock, at Store 1 S 3 Lake-su. up ata'.rs. Rt orderof J. W. Merrlam. AsslgChO. . 07 WM. A. PUTTERS A GO.. AQCttoneeri. * gALE BY AECTIOK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. W.U. GRIFriTUS Ss COti Will feu at their salerooms. 192 South Clarit-rt. on Thursday next, December6th. 1866, commencing a. JO o’clc«i a. m., large quantities of New and second* Used Household Furniture. , . ,v. W. G. A Co. are ofttlUesaa attention of pnrtnasers to TOLM AN S SELF-TEN yii. STING BEDS, which are Included in the above. BT. City Auctioneer, j tj““i j y.jj DEABBORN-ST. Every evening tbls week— -300 COATS. 330 PANTS, 330 TEST*. Sale of furniture Thursday. T>Y J. M, REYNOLDS, Auctioneer., |5 I’JTDEAHBOKN-ST. on WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5. at 10 o’clock a.m., saleot nOl FURNITURE AND aiISCELLANEOUS GOODS?. SSeal 35statc-ffiiti}. inPKOVED. t?OR SALE—A email, very handsome I' cottage ot 5 rooms and hall win do sold cheap. If applied tor Immediately. Addrou P. o. ocx7sS, Chicago. T7OR SALE—Cottages—One oh Pnlton f »e, .tlh lotXliUO, lorjß.JOO.aca OMtm W.rrct. *L- wltH lot mitto, fir MHoBI m e®<x> loculc. Bsdcticsp. OMUD A DBADLEI, comer Lrto Ml L.b.lle-*u, FOR a-ALE—In bulk or parcels, 1«0 ftf t on North Clsrk*t_ with froataga of «itt« on the rirer, with the buildings. will be aold ejPoeJ- Insly low, aad on five year** credit. Apply to G. U. u. BCOHEr. 77 Dtarborn-sh, room 33. 9a floor. VOK SALE—In the Real Estate Omca f Of THUMAbB. BUT AN* 4C 0„ Brysa Hall. WABASH-AV„ touth ofTweiftnau, two-story tram# house and basement. with all modern Improvement*, and frame ban, aad all in the beat repair, with lot» Qr west of Llncoln-et, admirably built tvro-sU-r? frame hou*e. with modem ur.prorcmeaU, and lo»WlS5 feet, to JO-foot alley. ADAbT-south of Lake «U, two-story fratoehome, with brick basement, gas and water, and a small bam. Wit lot 4CH113 leet 1 honse la excellent repair. JACK6ON-6T-. north-cart comer of Desplalnea-sL, four two-«tory frame houses and a bam.with loUSOx iM teeu to alley. paying 13 per cent on outlay. i.>KF.fir- weatof Lincoln-sl.. two-story new frame honse. with store; also, two-story frame bam, with lot 37*x250 feet, to Walnuvsu at abargalu. Also, a large list of other improved and unimproved city and snbnrban property. FOK SALE—House and loi on Cain met-ar.; home ten rooms,large lot,irtable, &c, immediate BETEB bUUIP, 92 Monroe-st. FOR SALE—On Michignnav. a new ihree-story and basement .marble front rixldence, deeidcdir first-class. Possession Jaanarj- Ibl J. n. KEELEB. Beal Estate Agent, 129 Sooth Clark-et. FOR SALE—a good two-story house on Dllnois-st, between Dearborn and SUte*«w. Al»o, hoo§e X 0.12. North Cnrns-rt. TUOS. FREE MAN. 124 Eandclph-flt, No. 6. F)R SALE—Elecanl Michigan av. resi detce, south ol Twelftb-st. All modern Improro mNo?ih LaSalie-st, brick residence, three storya and oa Pnlton-st, west of Park. Michigan ar lot, uearTwemy-nraVrt, cheap. Lcla In all parts ol the city. J. D. HARVEY, 7S LaSslle-it, OR SALE—On Illmois-si, between North Plate aad Cass-sts, two nice two-story frame homes, xerj well Arranged and in every way each. GEO. M. HIbOINhON, Real Estate office, No. 7. Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—A desirable cottage of sis rooms, besides closet*, on Carpenter-*'. wl th two - story barn and lot SO bj 133, cheap. ABTQCBABOT PEN«2IU biate-au FDR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Wa»blDeton-st..Wfecton Warren, near Uoyne; 60 ftet on Warren, near Leavitt; 60 £■« oa ° e ?£' l^avnt; SO feet on Clark, pear Polk; JSskA feet oa LaSalle, near Chlcago-av.; 17 ftet on Cas»-*t., near Chicago-av.; POOfeeton Calomet-STn cop. Pralrte-av. 1711DPROTED. FOR SAI-E north hall of Block Mo. 43. School Eectlon Addition, having a front age cf-itS feel on Clinton and Jctforson-sti*.. and coa- Ulnlna 3 lota. A rare opportunity for a mwnfttcto ry. Will be sold on reasonable termsbTT.&.rllCU d CO, No. 167 Dearborn-st. 170 R SAXE —Pine Lands—2,ooo acres r 1 valuable pine lands for sale. In Townshln 2, N • Rango 15, W„ Allegan County. Michigan, « from tfte uke. for particulars address A. if. LAN C ASTER,- 18 Wallet.. y.Y. PJK SALE—Wabash-av.—A tine lot on the northeast corner of TVaha«b-sv, and Twcn ty-tnlrd-sf..SO feelfrontby 160 feet deep. lx>l«llert np and surrounded by fine shade tree*. A.J. AVERELL. Beal I»tate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SAXE—No. 10 Adams-st, extend- Jn Inc through to Quincy; lot *43x173 feet, with two Sic hoaxes, now renting tor I'i per cent on the price asked, f?,000, and win soon business properly. A. J. Beal Estate Office. No.? Metropolitan Block. . FOR SALE—On Pmme-av.. one Week from street cane T 9 fret, a Terr desirable lot. en closed. two rows oflaroc shade UAPf r foot lees than the market pace. GEORGE W. IIILL, 17 Reynolds' Block. P'OB SALE—At a bargain,the following chofoc'buMneja lot, 25xL5 tee t. on the corner ofTVest Madison and Abcrdccn-st#., with fine large dwelling. Also, two-story house and lot, 30x170 Icet, on nest Polk-suncar Clintoo-st. ... Also, a ten acre tract, one and a half miles west of city limits, on 11ns cf west Lake and Maduqn-sts. Also, a twelve acre tract in cottas* Grove, with cood dwelling. oak grove and improvements, 1 H miles Bonlh of cltv. between Indiana and hankakee avs. Ap ply toG.U. U.UCGUES, 77 Dearborn-sc, Room 2*A Sd’Coor. lousiness (Stances. T?OR SALE—Notice to Lumbermen and P Capitalist,—Tile latßeat, Pest and most eomrjew {umber manufacturing o*iabllshm»nt on the St. Chur Klvcr is otlered at private sale for a limited time. The mills are in the city of St. Clair, at the conCuenco of the st. Clair and me fiver?, with a water frontage of 2 200 feet. There are two buildings; one 104 feet by 44, wllhaddltion2sby2olcel; the other C 5 feet by 41; ac knowledged by all vlbUots to tire beat constructed mtlU In the state ot Michigan, containing two upright saws, one pang ot S 6 saws, two eilglor table*, two cut off saws, oie inclined plane lath machine. Wilder s pa tent doable Rooting ana siding machine, one 24-inch surfacing machine, and one of Cvart’s patent double automatic shingle machines. The engine and boiler house is 50 feet by 50. perfectly flre-proot. There are three boilers W leet long by 4 fectdlamrter, cylinder 3V foci stroke. 16»< Inches diameter. The cnlmney \» round, of brick, 100 feet high. ■ The whole Is m penect order, replete with every requisite tool and implotnant lor doing a large business, and Uoow running day and jrioht. lighted with gas. Connected with this property there U a forest containing over sixtt stiLiroxs rui or ciood pink ttkbeh, accessible and deliverable atlhe mills by the natural current. The whole property will beso.d torclher. or the mills v»UI be sold separately, and the ninefold oa the stump or by contract, deliver able at the tnllli In etlpnUtcd quantities,per annum, orbs taking payment tu a percentaco of the lummm when manufactured- To persoas with the requisite capital this property presents greater and Inducements than any other lor sale tn the v» astern conutry. The great tacllltle* for shipping lumber, either bast or West. Is alone a large pro/lt over mills at more remote points. S2A3 per M ft. being the high est season contract price paid In twelveyears on lum ber from St. Clair to Chicago, while *B.# per M ft. b» been paid this season from saglnaw M Chicago. For price and terms apply to National Jnsorance Hank, or to GEO. S. FUObT, Bsq., at the Canal Band Office, Detroit. on SALE—A line stock of tin and hardware, with lease of store. Business Mtsh- Urhed ISST. A splendid opportnnltT oiref-il. Price, $5,t00 to $6,0(0. Apply at 59 Weat UaoJolph-St. FOR SALE—OrTo Rent—A new hotel, 4 stories high, with a barement, completed In good style, containing In all 37 rooms, situated In the growing town of Normal, at the Intersection of the Illinois Central aad Chicago ft tit. Lonls Railroads, for Palo or to let to any one properly recommended, who wIU apply soon, and who w pr* pared to Ihrnlsh and ktep a well-ordered, flritclass house. Assurances have l>ecn given ihsl at least one of the trslns on the llllmlsCenttal Koftrt win stop for br«aUast, on tbe open’nc Ql tbc nouee, and, with adequate hotel accom n oilartoDA a large passenger-transfer business Is ex pected to bo dtne ot tills point. No one need apply who cannot give satJriactory refercncesand who w,u rot keep a strictly temperance bouse. WM. A. t’EN NELL. JEtiSE W. FELL. t?OK SALE—The slock and fixtures of r a retail grocery eton. Rent low. Inquire at fiSl South CanaHri. . XTOR SALE—Stock, fixtures, lease and Jr goodwill of a boarding lionsc now dome ft good business and centrally located. This Uft pr«t Wcala. Will oc soldlchean. Inquire at rrpm 23. Lombard Block, Costom House-place. ]ait weit of Post Office. F)R SALE—baloon and billiard hall, Including building*, lease ot lot, fixtures, mar toll- Hard tables, etc.; would exchange lor a mod tamt, city real estate, Improved or The pro teriy now pay* a yearly rent of (2.411. E. B. CUM VISQb. R*>cin 111. No. 132 Scuta Ctark-at. T?OR SALE—Livery stable, lease, stock, I? etc- horses, boggles, close coaches, harnesses Sbc», laps and hors* blankets. Will sell separately or together, Inquire *t 434 and 430 fitata-sK N. B Or will rent too stable. _ FOR j?ALE—a No. 1 saloon and res taurant and two blllard tables, will lie sold ftta bargain.lnomre at 13:1 south Cla/k-st. Doing a good business. Benson tor selling t>sltbbt*a. T7OR SALE—A No. 1 Saloon, that is P paying from |lO to ?15 per day. In a iwd Iwallon. Cheap rent and plenty of business. Call at 210 State. FOR SALE—riaiuing Mill, two stories, lOxSO fc» t« besides engine room.tßith, a fuly-horse power engine, three flooring iMChlca’.sar&cer, siaing taw etc-all In good order; lease of lot, 100x191 feet. This mill will be ?old low. part rajh aRd lu real estate, or a taldng ve»«el. Apply to KEEb A ATEHb, Real Estate Brokers, office 10 Opera House. t?OR SALE —A rare chance —Stock and I; fixtures of a saloon, or hall Interest, cheap. *—l3>» East Randolph-st. T?OR ‘SALE—Lease and fixtures of a ■ flr*Ki'a6s«urc Inoneot me best locailons on the Konth Side fur either awholcsaiaorroUtl trade. Ad dress **M W," Tribune offlee. Jioathiug, T> CARDING—A pleaFant suite ot for- I I nt?hcd rooms. wUhtaiard. suitable tor a. gentle man and wife or two single gentlemen, can be-had at the St. Cloud House. ] is and 11-l South FrftC£liD-st r only two minute*’ walk from the Court Haase. TIN TON & UATNKB. BOARDING— For gentlemen and ladies at S 4 0 Stalc-«tn he** Jackson. T> CARDING—A furnished front room jfj with board tor a gentleman and wife. Alio a room soluble for two single 30 Norik Halsud-st. BOARDING —A pleasant famished room, with board for gentleman and wife, or two cither one or two rooms, as parties dcalre. 333 Mlchigsa comer Tweleltn-st. Relemtces reqnlred. X> CARDING—A pleasant tront room, i~l enltahle for two gentlemen, «o rent, wlihboard,at 502 OhlOrSt. BOARDING— To Let—A larec front rocm. with board, snltehlefor a getiueman and wue; also, a nice room tor 4 young ladle* wno are en« caged from home, and rooir.tor gentlemen, day board* er»-Hpcrweck-at295 Hichlgan-st. BOARDING— Two gentlemen of good social position wao desire a handsome trout roua), with board. (lie comforts of a home, will find one by addressing ” BOME.” caro Tribune Office, and give satisfactory tefereoce. T} OARDING—SingIe rooms, $5; two n in a room, |4. 223 and 225 KlnxlML, near SSte-tt. bridge. BOARDING —Good board rad rooms to be bad st 130 between Harrison and Polk. Tirms moderate. T) GABBING —Mechanics can be accom i~l modated wltb good board aad rooms, at reasona ble rates at £4 nchool-sk, near Desplalnes. BOARDING —A suite of nnfnmiaUed rooms, wltb board, suitable for gentleman aad wlft. In prlratc family on West side. Location desira ble. Address “il U,” Tribune office. BOARDING —A few more gentlemen can And pleasant rooms and good board at M96 X btate-et., or day board only, prices reasonable. 3, IU COLE, Proprietor, BOARDING —A few gentlemen can find good board and pleasant rooms at M 2 7 Mlcbl nji4t, near the corner ot bortb State and couTenlcnt to business localities. Terms moderate. OOARDING—Twe gentlemen and their ll wives or single gentlemen can obtain board at 137 Scnth one block from CUnton-st. ears. Terms moderate. BOARDING —Two single gentlemen or a gentleman and lady can Cod turalsbcd with board, at 173 Wabath-ar., near Mooroe-st. BOARDING —One large front room to rent, with board, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemei* at 74 Jacksoa-st.; also one single room. BOARDING— An untarnished tront room tor » gentleman and wife, with board. Alao, two single can be accommodated. In a private family. l*/6 South Clmton-st. _ gentlemen. Also, day board, at 15M East Madison tv. ■OOARDING—Large or raiall tront I) room to let. with board In private family, at Ao. li3 West Adams-st. _ X> CARDlNG—Pleasiuit rooms, fh? Is nubed or unlumished, can be had, with board, at gtfg tfegt Bandolph-st. £> OAKDING —Rooms bandsomcly fur j alshed, with board, can be obtained at 112 East aniMt- . OAKDING —Good board, with pleas ant rooms, boarders accommodated at ungg* Me use Ao. ihSsl alonroe-st. BOARDING— With handsomely tor nlsfced suite cf rooms, tor gentleman and wlto or two single gentlemen. 207 Mlchlgaa-ar. Relcrcncea exchanged. BOAKDING— Unftimished rooms, lor *ad wife, la ptltmc Catnlly. bo*raera. Inquire at 147 gt»“ ud Wabtsb««T. suit-it. Ml BOARDING— Foi gentlemen, in a private Amur. fare flrftclaaat location very one. A1(0, one trontpulorw rent vritt two, atOS able for eraUeman and wile, at $39 two blocks from State-at. bridge. OARDING—A mite of tront room! anlUble for a ctaHaman and wile, tna* « wnrea pt application at bo, SU Adams-«• CX* c&attiCd. SEBantrt-faalc ??elp. BOOKREKPEBS tiAtES.UBN W~AN IED—A first-class salesman, who can controla lar*e IWaols trade and attend to It properly- WML bo required to ***T el . da £lsftSl-* o-oi tl* ol <b* year. Apply immediately to TRACT. XHAVIN' A CO.. 400 Broadway, New Tort. at; ANTED—lmmediately* or on the V V i*t of January, an experienced travelling:agent for Ut grwtry trslc, 2* one reed apply ciccpt ja»*o el lour ej wrla.r*-. and whs can ctmmaad a cood vane. ToTvi!. a (literal »aJ*rr will be circa. £• JJ; fo*4iK cirlos fi« PArncolara. Co rro»i>on deuce CvlXCinUal. _________ TATANTED—ITravelling 1 Travelling salesmen tor a VV roaDniarturißcettabUitiment. So]* 1 / £WT acc travelling expense* paid. Must dejxw* t&O. Addict* ** A.'" Tribune office. TKADt-J. TXTANTED —Bookbinder—A first-class V\ torwaxdet and talker can srt apcrnaceaHUn •tmo supplying ki BQfiBT TX7ASTED A Rosewood V\ Gralter and one Vamlaber. to Msh rmftins, Inattire oa court-place, rear ot UUU CaadQtpn-st. TX7AJSTED —Two Bricklayers and one V V Stone Mason, on the northeast comer ot Ran dolph and Canal-sa. TXT AN TED —Tinners —Four good tin- VV t era tor the winter, oae as foreman, at So. 118 * TXT ANTED— Immediately—Two Gar- V\ penters. Apply, for to-day only, at JOHSfeOS r SHvXckß A CO.’b. -i t Lake-rt. ■ ®J3antcb-#Jmalc %rtp. SALESWOMEN, TRADES, TXT ANTED—4 My, from 18 'o 80, to V\ attend to correspondence. Mn»t be good-look- Ine. a talr writer and »a acreeablc cfllce companion. Address “LlE.** TrlPnte office. , TXT ANTED—A rood sewing girl to go V\ to Lake Fcr«i—oae who would"be willing to assist about the house and eat at the senytnd lable. ik oennanentsltuatlco. Wages 13 per ttetit Address L. FOREST, Tribune oCc»;. TTTANTED—Two young ladles, having V\ experience in the dry go:ds bmtncas In this city, can find employment i®» bouse on addressing, with reftxcaccs, **A B, xn bust effita. BOUSE SERVANTS, ’ANTED —Immediately, a healthy wetnurie. Apply at once. 603 Mlcldyaa-ar. TXT ANTED—An English. German or V* Norwegian girl, to do general housework la a smalllkmUy- Must be a good washer aad trocer. Ajk ply at 74 xwelfth-si. [•xtaNTED —A German, Norwegian or V\ coloretfwomso todo general housework. In olre at 64C Wabaah-ar. No Irish need apply. TXT ANTED—A competent girl to oo YV general housework in a small famllr, with tvery convenience. Apply at 314 North LaSall^rt. \\T ANTED —A first-class cook,- to V V whom good' wage* will be given. Also, cne Apply immediately at 289 lUinei4-<t. TXT ANTED—A Cook—one who under- V\ staids cook*ltiff. washing and ironing, aad caa ftrntfta good rctcreacs*- Good wages will be paM, at sns Indiana^!. TY 7AN TED—A girl ot mature mind and VV judgment, conß*teat and reUable, to take care ot a child one year aid a half old. Must be able ip bring good references. Apply atfaOl Weil Madlion-st. WANTED— A s<®3 Cook. Apply at 320 Wahaahvaf. WANTED —At: t>3s Wabash-av., an American or German girl, as chambermaid. TXT*ANTED —A steady girl to do the W general housework In a small family, and one who d'Bires a permanent place. Applyat 173 War* rep-st. 17’ ANTED—An Erclish, German or \f\ Norweclanclrl.tocb'3«wral housework. In lie at 20 Wlllard-place. W j ANTED —A girl in a small lamily, V* and a seamstress for oco week only. Inquire at 351 North Wells-su tt t ANTED—A cood- cook, washer and VV trotcr. Apply Immediately at 2QSErte-st. IBmplojnncnt agencies. ~\ V ANTED—A lew smart men, -with VV from flO to HOC. to Invest la a sure paying hn*lnrss. safe anil honorable. Cull at l.oom 3,50. S 7 Washlngton-st. X\7 ANTED —A business man, with SSOO, V V to take an Interest lo a profitable business inn travel in Eastern States. A fortune offered. ItiS Lakc-et, A. C. BBOWN A CO. TX T ANTED—A few more men -with a V\ Uttte money. Now isyourrimc. Whiter busl* nef s. I.KO per mouth. If you like to work. 12S» Lake-su A. C. BBUWN & CO. ■fNTANTED—Lire men to sell a patent V\ machine for grinding knives. ocUfors, shears, reaper knives and *ll klnceofciged tools. Sells In cverv house, lactory, shop, hotel, eaioon. steamboat, vckh-I. at all M-asona of the year. Grinds one or txith fldct* at same time. Don’t wear out-or get out cf order. A child can use It. Men are making from $lO to fIOO per day. Send retail price, S3AO, for sample. $ FLLEIt ft CO., 133 South Clark-st.. Boom IG. Two stamps lor reply. WJ ANTED—I,OOO men Sonth, wages V V $45 to SSO pci month acdl board; also, 30 good choppers, transportation lortlfhcd; 10 ship car renters. 30 railroad hand*. 50 for plncrlo*. Apply at Boom 8 Lind’s Block, UandolptMt. bridge. TXT ANTED—I,OOO men to go fconth ; V V wages $45 to SSO a month and baord, K> track layers and strikers. IMO a day; 500 TmllTCvrt laborers, $3 a day. Apply at 133 Ctaik-SL. Boom 5. IX7ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V \ colhctor, 3 bratemfo, 3 freircu, 1 porter, t drivers. 4 agent*, 3 entry clerks, 3 conductors. Apply at 134 Dcarborn-su. Boom ’A. TJI7 ANTED—Young mea in the country Vv wishing to obtain sltuaUo&e.«ach *a bookkeep ers, salesmen, collectors, expressmen, clerks, brakes men, Ac., ftc. to apply at 134 Duarborn ai., Hoorn 2. or address M. C. JUNES & CO., Bax 2U JO. enclosing ten cents lor full partlcnlar*. ■\I[7ANT‘ED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 3 VV salesmen, I conductor, 2 braketnen. 1 nremen, I potter, k driven, a expressmen. A?ply at ibom IJ. Fullerton Block, 92 Dearhorn-st. Applicants by mall address J. .M. MUOSB ft CO.. Box 2707. enclosing 10 cents lor reply. TX 7 AN TED—young men in the country V \ wishing to obtain situations, soch as bookkeep ers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductor*, expreas men. 4c., ftc„ to apply at Room 171 bfoev, 92 I'oarborn-ft, or adoress .1. 31; MOOBE ft Box 1707, enclosing ten cents for toil particulars. TXTANTED—3 salesmen,! cook, 3 trav- V\ elllne agents, 1 clerk, 3 solicitors, 1 printer. 4 canvasser?, s tinners. 3 upholsterers, 200 men to wort on railroads; also. i.reO men to go Sonth. Apply *o MARSHALL A SMITH, 12H Sooth Room 11. Applicants by mall enclose two stamps. TX ' ANTED—lmmediately—o,ooo men V> to go Booth. wages. |45 to |SO per month and boara; JOO etone masons and cutters, wastes S 3 per day and board; 00 hewers, wages Kper day and board nuarrvtticn, wngt? t'i per day and board; 1,000 labor er?, wages *IAO per oar and board. Apply to OLM STED A SNELL, 100 Madlson-sL, Boom 4. Appll canu b* mail enclose ten cents. ■VTTANTED —Families can be supplied W wlih good, reliable help, at MBS. WmI'TA KKH’S Intelligence Office. Chlcago-av. , T\ T AXTRfWA man or woman Cron* \\ neatlv every town, with from St to, to call at J 33 Ciark-sL, Room 11, op bight of stairs Chicago. - gglantcfr-jHiscrllaneoug. TXTANTED—Know Tfiysclt—All pur-- V V 4 0-s yoang or old, who wish to have their past, present and mtore clearly revealed, call on MADAM CARLISLE, at 3l» South Clark-«, np stairs. TXTANTED—Your past experience and VV present trcoble* explained, and Spar -lature clearly revealed, by MADAME DLVAL.39J booth Clark-at. Allqmauops answered. Price oca dollar. X!7"ANTED —A home for a young- V\ widow, with Inlant son. bhe imderMants dressmaking and ail kinds ot sewing, and would have oooMectlonto take charge of a gentleman’s-house. Apply at lti9 Fonrth-av., np-stalrs, left hand door. TXTANTED—Sitlefmen travelling from V V Chicago with samples to call at -tSFrankllibat. np stair?, and add a comer to their prcUts. TXTANTED—Men with small capital Vt Win do well to call opon J, B.TURCinN * CO., General Valent Agency, 1113 Dearbjni-st. Vlutto a nnniberof patented srtlcle* for sale. Al»o Territo rial Itlgnts. I’arttcs addrc?!lcg Bten by mall must enclose two stamps lor particulars. TT7ANTED—II,OOO or $1,500 tor one VV year. Give for security an unencumbered house, barn and hardware stock la city, new Insured for *C. 900. FULLER & CO., i - South Clark-st, Room 10. TXT ANTED—Money to loan on an- Vv proved real estate. U. B. HAApF, Boom S» Murmoaw bolldtng. jfor Sale. ‘l7 OR SALE—The schooner Adriatic, 191 X tons, old measurement t now laid up in the port of Grand Bavcn, Michigan. For terras ana prlcm Inquire of JOHN eTTH KOOP. earner of Walls .and Hamsoa ■lß., or the owners, at Grand Haves, Michigan. CUT LEIt A B URTS. F)R SALE—Five slate bed billiard table*, second hand, loqulr* at A. D. GRIP* PITH’S. 131 SUtfrM- Chicago, HI. T7OR SALE—Or exchange for drygoods, J? groceries, or boots and shop9—A house and. Kt and bant In Mllwaokee, Wl*. Price MOCO. Will rent for >6OO per year. Address.” J» Au. Drawer 333, Milwaukee, TV U. COR SALE—Three elegant black wal t* nut Store table* with drawers, 133 Souih Clark.- 170 R SALE—A second-hand piano, 7 octave, four round corners, in good ortkt, by Gilbert, of Boston, cost (450, for #i3- 130 Clark at.. Room 6. IT OR SALE—fcebooner Cornelia, capaci- X 1 tyU.OWbusbd*,orWmlnmbCT > Bl.wmte»ld chrap if applied for Immediately. BLHINS A. ItER* BILU. TTOR SALE— Organ— A first-class make, JT e stops. was* good as iCTr.Tcry imieoMd. Trice. KTS; l»'offered lot six days at *ll3. Address M ORG AHJ Tribune office. TTOB SALE—Packing Boxes made to X' order uom superior material, at tow prices. AIM, tobacco boxes and tea caddies, made laftftji-claas strie, at comer of Franklin and Ohlo-sta. t)AV!J? HOOD WILLIE A CO. X,’OE SALE—The slooners Denmark F and America wIU H oflirsd for sale at public anc vjon. at their docks, (wm W to 11 o’clock- lor the bene fit ol whom Jt may concent, on tho thirteenth day, ol December next. Tor particulars apply to HOST. BAB, Sooth Water and Clark-ats. fOR SALE—One new showcase, 34 by JP J 7 twelve candy Jars, three toa Itdljbea, aid one ont-door fruit stand, at Bakery comer LahsJle and Madlsoa-acs. _ TTOR SALE—Or Exchange—At a bar- JP rain, lor Chicago store or city property, AAsorteci stock offlrv good*, groceries, hats aad caps. shoes, ready-mad? clothing. ftc. N. A. EATOh’. Waterloo City, De Kaib ana. baUdlak. *«tory dwel ling, a tracUonal house lot*, 1,000 wine plants, 4,000 gal lons wine. • 33oarb Eaantrb. OAKD —A gentleman and wife desire board with one room. Private family preferred, or would rent two or three rooms without board. Ad* dTM “J. C-” Chicago P. O. BOARD— Two students want board for thewlaler where they can study evenings. A private family prelerred. Must be bat_a walk tom the Court House. Address ‘•STuDBAT, Trtbaue office. ___. TIGARD—By a young gentleman and 1> wife, in a p» ivate family, where their society mar bemade agreeable and the comforts of ahoae enjoyed. Address, stating terms. Trlbane_offlce^^_^^^_ Worses, Carriages, &c. A WELL-BROKEN BUGGY HORSE, _A 7 years old and black, tor sale. He can be seat Jacob (ircese’s stable, on Cdnton-st., opposite Meehan leal Bakery. T. A. CLARK. T« SSSFiSSMS Qark-<U at Union foundry Works. CLEIGH WANTED—With two sealsj O snltoble tor one horse. Addreaa P. O. Drawer fil 37. with price. A GOOD FAMIIA HORSE, five yens J\ old, Top Bugsy and Hajtwaa. tor Bale. 15 **• §vaie-«t. ABTHUB * BOYPEK. tilO t?OE BALE— A young torse. Apply JJ Jtlio. 12 HUwmkee-aT. A NEARLY &A c b,£‘.'« aisfep.« •< *»<*«*• giimaxtomt affijanttggjaaUg BOCREEEPBBI S*LBBMW*fc SITUATION—Wanted—By a ypuug O man wall acquainted with the English andOe> m*D lacjrricia. aa b-x>tke»per. clerk or eamt. Qcou refcreuca cu bo given. Adaroaa *• Q Q." Tribune office. ClTU.a.TlON—Wanted— By an expert- O CM tooltwpn-. WUI m«l« Slmrelf coiemUr o‘cfal. Ccod rsfcrcnces. Address "i B, Tribune oi* flee. SlTUATlOK—^acted— By a yonn* tear. aJ erarhamn, or coachman tndeiatar.rt* the munsgeHient of a greefraodae taar* ouchly and of gardening la jrncral. Addrrw M D. Tribune Office. OITUATION Wanted—By a young O maaof geedhstfts aad adurn«. aa or JlcM port'T. Good reference given. Aii'.vi "Af Ah Tribune office. CITDATION—WmIcd—As salesman m O • BTOcerv store, or aa mlpplnj: clerk la a wtcle* sole houses Is not afraid lowork. Caro* more far' • w-nesneat slluaroo than hlxh wages. iLdjreoC** glvco. Addrw«“WT." l-tyataie-su CITtJATION —Wanted—A Frenchman’ wishesasJttuUoaascook. Can himlsh the beat or refenace*. Imialre at RIBOLL-AS Barber Shop, 111 Alcnroe-st. o iTTJATlON—Wanted—As baker or to O makehlmseUjOTW^wft^^JgfW 11 -?* Apply at 104 Wahasb-ar. J. BOBMAS IQrGlaaH. CrrUATtON— Wanted—By a young kD man of experience In a retail dry Roods or grocery store. Good reference* furnished. Country preferred. Addtcssa R..*' TnbpDe office. Ci-TUATIOS—Wanted—I am willing to O work for some private family, aad eats- give good satl»faction In sutdlcese. temperance and Ictelllxeoce, acddnTtDghorseestdc»rrtacca.mllking,eSfc. Also,l csnfnmlsn cood reiereace tros my last employaa. Addrcs* JAMES GAdAOnEm. Tribune office. SITHATIOK— -Warned—Bv a yoong man ot liberal edrcsQon. speaks uermsz;*EßicUu ana French, as clerk or to make himself generally oao flil. Adcrgss. tor two days, ** W. Tribone office. SITUATION —Wanted—By an Intel- Ilgentman in a store orbotel. Be would ba wO usz to make himself genemny nsaCnU WillheAnnct trnsfwcrth?.andcangirs rejfetence. Can be seen-sk NO.-130 Grtawold-et. QfTUATION Wanted —By a dis lO ebarsed Hospital Steward of the regular army. IT s had 10 years* experience te the drug business. bott» wholesale and retail. No ooleettoa to learlns the dtp. Addrerj **G M.” 97 Sooth Chicago- SITUATION —Wanted—A young man who la well posted Is tb*dry goods business and can speak both German and English languages fiaeat ly, wamaarsUnation. Good city references given. If required. Address ** SE," Trlbaafr office. FEMALE* SITUATION —"Wanted—A young gul who can do plain sewing Is de-lrous of obtaining a heme for the winter In a private Mw.ny. Would do second work cr waltpeas. Understands Singer** Ma chine. Goodrtty rsfeicncc glven iTrequired- Ad dress **M. J. CV* Trtbute Office. c ITUATION—Wanted—By a young lO glrlasieamtitress. Has some experiesceln dresa making. Addrcs»“ F T.** 772 MicbbraP-av. SITUATION— Wanted—By a young lady to takersn* of children In socie good family Where sne can the privilege ofabot&c. Ad crese £MILY.Box»j34I. SITUATION— Wanted —A-lady wishes a situation in v confectionery or a-3ccy store. Address Prayer 3797. SITUATION— Wanted—As second gill, by an Intelligent German cirl. who has-no rela tives In Chicago. Address *• MART,” Tribcns office. North Side preferred. • SITUATION—Wanted— By a girl, to lO sew and do chamber work In a prtvar- family. Call for two days at 1?H North Halated-st. SITUATION— Wanted—By a respecta ble German cirl, to-keep house forawldcwerv can cook and uDdfr»tnn4j> housekeeping gersrahy. Call Immediately at 37 vJshash-av. CllTUaTlON—Wnuted—By a yotmg woman m a private family to do plain sewing,' X permanent place dc‘lr*d. Can famish ecwlnc ma chine, Address for three’ days, "MB, Tribune cttlrt. _ Agents g&taittcb. AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced book sad en graving canvasser*, to whom a largo sat arv or rotnmlxrlon will be pakt. Address CHARLES BfLL. §:|g tivnth Clark-st- Chacsgo. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—*1,MO per year naid to Accuta to inlrcdute onr new Sowing, Machine. Address SUATV A CLARK. Blddclbrd.Maloew or at Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—$150 per months XX. I want AsenL m every eotmty In the Felled stares, in an entirely new basin jw, Address 11. B«- SHAW, Altred. Maine. ; AGENTS— Wanted—?200 per mot.lll sad expcnfcs paid male or iTmale agents, to In-- (reduce a new and nsclul Invention, of absolute utility In every housenoM. Agents ;rcttrrtng to work ou commission can earn from fJO to ran perday- For rail partlcuArs addrefs W. U. WILSOX ft Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTS —Wanted—’Tosell Grant’s ccl el rated CAIM’ET never hclore Intro duced. Hie best felling article cf er offered to Agents. Men are making S2O per day. iAddress F. QUANT, "12 W;» Lake-st.. Cblcago. ; AGENTS— Wanted—2,000Atrentswant- ed. jar the book Ju*t out. "TBS FAMILY IN bTOCCTGB," Ittontal«sA»rag<9and liver 100 en graving;.* Address A. KIDDER. S>s’Wa»hlnßtoa-aL, Chicago, 111- A GENTS — Wanted — 4200 per month— jA. mil* aad lemale. to sell the BaRTLEIT SEW ING MAOHINB-theb»t cheap made. Ad dress W. BELUSS A CO-, No. 168 Destfbom-sL, Chi cago, lU. - . AGENT s—Wanted—Ladies and gentle nun. thi ooßhontlhe Nonhw&aV tocaavaai[tor Mrs. BeiU Z. Spencer’s new novel. "TRIED AND TRUE.” This book t# selling with nnexnerted ra nldhJ. It is an elegant gift lor the holidays, and Agents will make large commission*. Apply to or ad arws W. J. HOLLAND * CO„ Chlcvco. 11L; MUwan kcc. wts.; Detroit. Mich.; Dnbnqac. lowa. 4GENTS— Wanted—To sell a new, highly tnicre»llng and rlch.v aaibeilhhiU work, I'ICTt'UIALBmfB OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF THE REBELLION, civil military, naval and df.ncauc. embracing the mesb brilliant ami re tsarkaMj «vcau of the great American c role, painollc, pollilcal, remant ej humorous and tragical..* beautiful royal octavo volume. .TO pages and ever SCO engravings. This wor» W one of the finest prodncilona ot the age, and tucmosl pcpolar l>octt of thewar. overlifto copies ordered meAnt two months. making large sates, and say It Is the h*wt selling hoot they ever sold. Kccrgedc Agents will find U to ttelr Interest to engage in the tale cr ltd* tast-selllng boolL. Exclusive territo ry and large commission given. Address J. A. STOI> I) ARP A CO-102 Washlngton-c-L. Chicago. PL AGENTS— Wanted—We -want 5,000 rapvasflcg agents, one In each town and city throughout the conutry. to sell INSTANTANEOL& ■WINDOW CLEANER AND MAGIC I’OU»H. <bfs advertisement Ist pegs). Everybody huvs lu SroaU capital required. No riik. Urge profito. Send » ceils for sample and terns to G. M. SMITH ft CO -77 Dear Pore-e- tThlcaco. F. O. Box 6133. BU KAN l ft SCOTT, Milwaukee, C-coenU Agsnls for Wls- COPfIX. JGENTS— Wanted—For BAIiBETT’S k- LIFE OF LINCOLN* In English and GfT c?-ibc only work fur whlc-h Mr. Lincoln himself fnrnistcd all the material tacts of hU carlv life. The most tnamrv reliable and fcheapest. of the Rind pnbli'-hcd. Besides a large commission, ■we-are offering Ag*nisaCne list of premiums. That the people appreciate this important work Is evidenced by lie following extracts from report? of 3C*bUs LnnsCo., WU .13 In one week; Green Co.* lowa. 100 Is one week; Livingston Co-AU.,Sft. oneweek; Start ■ Co* HL.234. three weeks; Grant Co„ tVxs., ZS, fonr weaks; Whiteside Co* lIL 4fo. wen week*; Tazewell Co- !11-JS7.fonr weeks; pnbnqne Co- lowa. 9». one work; Lrran Co- HI- lb“, seven weeks. We have a large amount of territory still nncanvaswd, while a scc«'ad thuroneb canvass cl. territory already canvaMcdls »nre to nrodocs excellent results. Ad* die* J.S-GOODMAN <tUU.. 3 Custom Booso-pUce,. , Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first- J\ cia«» canvasser?. rcnUesten and ladles, for " TBE PRAYER AT VALLEY FORGE,” a new and magnifi cent steel engraving; price JAM. Baa peculiar recoin mendatlona which cause It to be admired tyevery American, of whatever sect or party. Agents every where are meeting -*!trr unparalleled sqccc**.- Pub lishers’ highest commission given. Address. enclosed. S. s. DOVj»£N. 33 Cark-st. Chlctso. P*- A GENTS— TVanted — Throughout the r\ United states to sell oor new Boor^ 4 AtHSOTT'B CrvEs or a. ritaauESTS," from the present time. - tn one volume of about.SOOpanw. beaullftUly illustrated with steel engravings. Tun Authob—rax Tixra—rax Tuauk, the eiegant style and moderate trice, all eomblne to render this one or the most attraenre, nfatol and salable books ever pub lished In this country. To experienced agents this Vs a. rare chance to make money with a splendid book, and no competition. Publishers’ highest vomjsiwioa riven, beidsump mr circulars and prices of an ocr works. S. V. BO YD UN. 73 Clark-sU Chicago. BL 4 GENTS —’Wanted—500 Acents want ed lmia«Ua»lT for the GLOER-gEWINSMA S’E,cnthc most libera; terms, i*. ATKINSON, 1«1 e, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For the most pop ntw ar«l iwrt SnhscnpUon Boots (mb- H9he<l. Wearrtiy roost txtenslvo HublGheit In the United Pistes.) having houaea employ Gcxtral Agents (t. a nearly ail other pebU*hlOj« honie? do), therelbrc we are enabled to glv* oor cae vasserx.the extra percent that Utuoah^ General Agents, did ageata and other?iw£UoM advantage ol deaUuc directly with the pobllshenu fiend for clreolars and «£s the r . , f and terms to agents. Address NATIONAIIPUBLiSH DG CO a at either Chicago. cinsatl.dhlo; Richmond, PhHadf.phla. Pa- or Boston, Mass. - A GENTS—Wanted—Male and female J\ are roaklnjrat high as S 3) per day, with “THE GREAT LAKOIt SAVER.” worth |2T m any fsmlly. Onlv |s to (10 capital required, benit stamp tor par • llcnlSs. B. WaYVELL. gax 47M, Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted —For Frank _r\ Moore’s ntw work - -WQMK2f OF THE WAIL* il l-tn the noblest sense, a gallery ot we envy the anthor the grateful wort he haa performed. It an reads like a romance. The story oflhewarcan sever bcwelltold wlihcntthc story ol.the women U told with It.— CMcaco Itself? splimdl For fnll particular? rail or address It C. TKKAI. H 7. South Cia?k-st.. Chicago. gl t&anm-~&o Hcnt. ITTAN TED —To Kent Furnished VV .rocm. wianutboard, tor a sUgl- gwrfeman. of ttato-.r. and between Jaukson-st. and tebbard conn. Best of tafsreacta given- Addreu Fr Trl bnne office. TXT AN TED—To Rent—By a single gen-t V> tleniau. awyU-turnl?hed room. on tt« bond fi'de. and within ten inmates - watt ofCbft post OflXeft Addreu. staling terms, RETE NCR.” car. irlbuaeoffice. - T*TANTED —To Kent —. Furnished VV rooau. wllh beard cr cooking kcmTira.bya reJpcctah'e quadroon lamlly. Rciertnces reqalrtd ana circa *dJres», with lowest terms, and location, D> Chicago Post ntdce.^^_^^_ Host anc .youwb. Lost *lO Reward —On Saturday night, a small CTMtege mamond Pin. JT* ttGove reward win be paid ijjrlmrtiuia to th- Met chant*’ flotcl. LOST— Nov. 20th, an Ivory-headed Cane, two silver rings around the tmadle. no * with dirk. The Sader, by leaving Uat the Tri gone office, will be liberally rewarded. LOST— A black Spaniel dog, about ten mr-tths old. answers to the name ol* M Jet-’’ Any onerctertdag him, or giving Information wherebo can be found? will receive |lO reward. L. DzGKAFr. Ml 9 West Adamant. LOST— On December Ist, 1860, lower nart ot earring set in diamonds. A_ liberal ro ■ ward will be paid bo returning to 49 South Feorla-aU r OST— On the 3d Inst, going from the I j corner of Madlscn and Dearboro-sts. on the »ri ioK#nben-4l- a small calfskin Pocket Book, InsltOorf®. Whoever will return the same to tne office of tne2«. T. Security Insurance Co-_comer of ■Washington and Cl|£fc. oi the ■nueraUv*!^ ienter, 313 West Washington, Shan be Bbcrauy r&- waided- A. WAIT- L o !™ Ssife LOST— On Friday last from dTlW&bash* .w ft larce black Sewloundland dug, white on «f *nd neckland answers to the name 01“ Sasebo-” TVhfn Itstbadi strap around hit neck. Any one ro tnremc him, or leaving information leading to blare- M well rewarded. , LOST— Between Biakeslee’s tnmmmg store aad Hnbbatd-cm-rt, a lady’s leather »hop- Dinc-bag containing a pockeUbcpk wlUt some nioney- Any one returning It to >o. 1 Masonic Temple, wul pe suitably rewarded. LOST —In going from the corner ot Dearborn aro Maolaon-sts. to Kcuben-at., Moa oa? afternoon. Sd Jnah, on a Madfoon-ahcar, at smau calfskin poctM-book coutalmng from WO to ■ TTOIaIS ana tlO bl'U and some small change. The hnder *IU be rewarded hr leaving tb* same at the office of tha Trttnae.or at toe office of Security insurance Co., cor ner cf Clark and Waahlngton-sa. FOUND— On Thursday, Nov. UDth, ft iaict-*lred setter Dos. Tbe owner can bate tbe MBS' bypaytts cbarses end protlng property. CaU at 420 Hnbbard-Bt. _ ' T?OTIND—On the West Side, a, pair of r 1 bone blanket wblcb the owner can aaro by caiUas at Taylor* Hat Store. 104 Baadolph-st. _ 'TAKEN UF —A brown pony, abont 13 I bards bUb. The otmer can hare It ty woTtne nrot*Uy an-l paying cbante*,br apply WVTM»3« ftlfcw loei S»*-st. 1