Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 6, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 6, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicftfja THURSDAY, DECEMBER 0, ISOQ. THE CITY. G. A. R.— Post £6 will hold special mnstcr to night at camp, corner of Clinton and Randolph streets. Bucclaht.—The residence of George Spring, at No. 112 Twenty-ninth street, was entered on Tuesday night and roblei of clothing,fare, Ac., to the value'of *I,OOO. Old Ladies’ Hoke.— The regular monthly meeting of the Beard of Managers of this lostiio tiou. will be held atlhe rooms of the Y-iarg Men's Christian Association, this artcro®® 3 * al three o'clock. A fall attendance Is desued. A ItoßSEßT.—Abont Dine o'clock on Tuesday night the basement of No. H 4 North Wells street was entered ami robbed of two large trank*, re ported to contain *4<W worth of gentlemen’s clothing and *l,lOO In greenbacks. Deabboiis Stheet Extension.— I The committee of the Common Connell to which was referred the assessment roll for thr extension of Dearborn street, will hold a meeting at tho {Connell Cham ber to-night, at 7}J o'clock. Boheklax Club.—A meeting will be hold at ‘tree o'clock on Friday afternoon In lie new clnb rooms in McVlcker’s Theatre building, citt ern entrance. Members are requested to be cn hand. Weftekk Fbeiobts. —i he meeting of the RaT road Freight Agents, and the committee appointed bv ihc Pork Packers and Shippers, which was an nounced to be held in the office of the Michigan Southern Railroad Company, yesterdar afternoon, was postponed until all the’roads could ho repre sented. Coxcekt axd Tableaux.— This evening a grand conceit and tableaux will be given at the Illinois Street Mission Chapel. Among the artists who have consented to assist, are Mrs. Madi«on, Sirs. Carpenter, Mr. I.afin, Sir. Hubbard, Miss Abbott and a wonderful cnild singer. The enter tainment promises to be ono of the first order. A ForsDLtNc.-An inHut babe, apparently abont two weeks old, neatly dressed in darnel clothes, was lonnd last evening between six and seven o'clock on *he docrvicps of the Young Ladies’Semins.; v, at No. 83 Wabash avenue. The child taken to the Armory whence it will probably be consigned to the Home for the Friend less. Reckuitixo Vetekaxs.— Captain Forg.u Walker, Forty-third Unite! Slates Infantry, Vet eran Reserve Corps, is now recruiting for that regiment, in Room No. 5, Garrett Block. Hie pay and allowance-of soldiers of that corps are the same a# in other infaatry regiments ot tbe army. Thv term of enlistment iu three years. Only men who have been wounded, in the line of duly, by gunshot or sabre, will be received, ~i Soldiehs' Matxsee.— The f.ljndsof the soldier, end that should Include tho wbdepubllc, sbonM bear in mind, and bear a hind to, the matinee to be given this afternoon at tin Museum in aid of the Soldiers' Relict Fund. The greaf Museum spccialf-—“Thu Ticket of Leave Man”—will be presented with a cast embracing tho whoL strength of th? comaany. Wc trust that tbe hou'tuMbc crowded. The funds are low, and nowhere is a bolter opportunity presented for combining pleasure with the act of doing good. PmsoNAL—William Booth, Esq., the popular acd gentlemanly agent of the g vat perlamc man* nlactory of tollman & Collins, at Janesville, Wlscoumh, is now In town, and will spsna some days in calling upon onr druggists. This firm arc the proprietors of the celebrated perfume “ Egvp lion Calla,” which has become so popular in fa’qi iouable circles, and manufacture also a large as* somnent of first-class perfumes, hair oil?, flavor ing catiaciP, and other similar goods. Their hand kerchief rases arc the most elegant in this market and worthy of especial notice. A Default-ikc Gnat* —lt trans pired 10 the business men on’Change yesterday Iha* one of their number was missing, one unfor tnnate business firm mooning hla absence to the extent of £10,01)0, and several others for lesser amounts. Mr. J. B. Champlain, a well-known grain speculator, who ha? hitherto barnc.a good business reputation, and prompt to fulfil his con tract, failed to respond, and is said to nave de camped, carrying with him moneys to a consid erable amount, which he had drawn from the bank for the purpose, it is supposed, of making good his lllgut. Be is reported to have been heavy on “short” contrac’s ai wheat, and on‘‘long” con tracts in corn and pork. St. I.rKr’sCnuucn Fax a.—'The ladicx wor.h’i pii.g at St. Luke’s Chnich. assisted by many fro;i other churches, aic vorkiug vigorously for t ic Fair,which Is to be held - .t Crcshy’s Op -ra Ilunsc, commeac l n»r on the 17ih m?t. acd rontlmii; through the weet, numliere o! thesogeu.-- rous hearts, with ninble 11 gc*..,»ncct daily at {th.- church, corner ot Slxtecmh/lreet .'nd Wa'ja i;; avenue, for work, in the eveutng both iaul, j«n l frcntlemen assemble for the same purpose. Ta ivc Rector of St. Luke’s, aided by his panshoa* ers, bus the ability to make this o.ic of tbe most tuccei-stul cimrrh'fkire ever held in this city, and he intends to do iL HrnoK & Oktahio Suit Canal.—lnrcpponte jo a letter of Imitation, the Directors of the Board of Trade of this city hive appointed a com mliti-e to proceed to Ton nil in c mjanc'lon .with a committee from Mllwankic, there to’ confer with the Huron &. Ontario Snip Canal Company end the merchant? of Canals, in relition to the proposed canal. The following Is the Chicago ccmm;tiee: Lieutenant Governor \V. Bross, cluTr irrUi; Charles Randolph. cx-Prcsident Board of Trade ; Wesley Monger, H. C. Rauney, JulUn 6. Rum-ey. Hugh, J. F. Ballanryne, and Captain VV. M. Egan. ■J ho party will leave on Monday evening, December r.ib.S»~v- The Bout Recovcbes.—lt wat staled In these colonies yesterday that the hat found floating In th> me on Sunday night hid been Identified as belonging to a Mr. tVoudrnJ, a man recently in the i mnloy of Mr. Stuart, undertaker, at No. 4l><» State street. Ibe name is Wittccbnrg, not Wuodmii; and tne body of tnc man was taken from the nver near Flint A Thompson's elevator on Tuesday afternoon, ana was conveyed to No. I'.fi Siate f-treet, where an mquert will be held this morning. Ihcrc arc no marks of violence upon the body except a cut over the left eye, but the my?tcrii>ns circumstances connected* with the ailair, so tar as known, lead to the belief that the man was mmdered. No arrest* have yet been made. . ca EuiTAi Assault and ItoaumT.—,V paragraph was published in <h? c columns te ■'oral days ago, mentioning an assault upon a Mr. Burger ny Charles Miller aud Wi:ltim Nc’dcrging. Afler leaving a naloon, two weeks ago last Monday night, with the intention of going to bis bouse, ut No. Tbb Archer road, I'eter Burger, nccomaamed by hie brother Frank, were assaulted by Miller. Ncidergcng.aiid one or two other ruffian?, in the most violent manner. Both men were severely biulecd K e'aig knocked down, kicked in the bead end bouy, and brui-cd in every ehape. A etoce wa- cast at Frank Burger, which broke one of the bones of one leg. One brother ros robb.-d ot n watch, anaibt- u her !o>l it 3in money. MiPer and Neidocdtig wen’ finally examined at the Police Court veslcrday mornhig, bo h being coai mltcd for trial. Miilenn bail and Ncl dergaug in bail of gy»o. Masonic Election.—At the regular annual con clave of tbc Apollo Commandery No. 1. Knights Templar, held at their Asylum, Ma>omc Temple, on Tnesdry evening, December 4tb, the following officers were elected and installed for the ensuing year: Eminent Sir Knight, V. T.. Uurlbnt. Com mander; T. T. Gurney, Generalissimo; Charles U. Brown. Captain Gcneiol; James 11. Miles, Prelate; William □. Gate, Senior Warden; Tbos. D. Sryecr, Junior Warden; it. W. Bigelow, Trea-nrer; S. K. Ludcriiiß, Recorder; P. M. Hor ton, Standard Dca er; IJ. E. Slorcv, Sword Beater; Charles E. Leonard, Warder;’L. K. Ot boin. Captain of Guards. Atthc tame conclave. Past Emlreut Comm mder Benjamin I*. JVrick, who bad held the oliiee o: Eminent Commander for two years with ipuc'.i ability, was made the icdptcnt of an elegant Pa-i Commandci’s jewel, valued al ?vw. T->c pres, il lation speech was made by Sir Knight V. L. liar - but. Eminent Commander elect, in a neat aai pertinent manner. The occasion will long :>c r. - mcmbctcd as peculiarly interesting by those whe witnessed and particmV.M in it. The Ocean Srr.Aum “a x ■ioo.’’—A large and splendid steamship has rec;n.l- 1 mur'd by Mown*. Galon «t Co M of live rprol, which they have named “Chicago,” In hioor of t v i«, the Garden C;ly of rtn No th-vest. A rumbar of merchant? and citizens, on receipt of the news. Mat ted a subscription to procure ft dag for the vessel. Yesterday morning the Board of Trade made an oCldal recognition of the compliment, and unanimously adopted the following: yf'sa/t'd. That the Board of Trade nay the en tire com of the flag, without regard to privat snbrciiption. ihe t:sg has been orde el, and is expected to cost atl«*a«t three bnndiea and fifty dodar*. It i< inaculactntvd of the best silk material, and will bear the seal at-d arms of lh- city. Tue flag will be on exhibition. In a few days, ’at the Board of Trade rooms. By tbit- means the seal and arms of Chicago will float Irom the mast-head or on.’ of the ocean steamers, and be earned to every pjrt, through every clime in the Eastern IleiuUpbe.c. Cook Cocxit Ac::i».ri,TtT.Ai. Socievt.— I The Cook Crunty AgtlcnUnral aad Horde idnral So ciety held their annoal meeting on Toe-day after noon in the Society's Booms on lh: earner of Lake and Wells eliccra. George W. Gage. Esq., President of the Society, stated the objects ol tne meeting to oc the elec tion of officers, and the transaction of general bu'incss. The subject of holding anneal mettlags wat discussed u> some extent. An election tor officers came next In order, and resulted ss follows: President—George W, Gage. Vice President—A. 11. Dolton. Secretary ana Treasurer—ll. P. Emory. Board of Dliectora—W. S. Patrick, D. A. D. W. Austin, A- IL Dolton, General W. S. Smith’ EdgarSauuatrs, J. Peiiam, D. b. Dtmnin~ Geo' W. Gsge. Committee on Horticulture—E. Saunder*. W. Cor. F. SuJzer. Commute* on Agriculture—J. Periam. a. H. Dolton. J. C. Wilson. On motion, it was agrees bold weekly meet ings on every* Tuesday at 2 p. m. during me win ter. for tbc purpose of disco-sing questions per mining to the advancement and perlec.iou of ta* Interests represented by this Society. Dosfxsnc Inteucxtt.—Yesterday afternoon, at the Police Court, there were two representative cases of domestic infelicity, which should serve as a warning to others not to have any broils in the family, except those incidental to the kitchen. An unfortunate Celt, less than twenty vests ago. married a woman who might-have been good looking, but skeptics of the present day would doubt it. Of late, nls wife has so far ceased to bold a place In hi* affections that be has beaten her, as she alleged. It appears that beer has been frequently need in 'be house by both of them. Mrs. O’Flaherty bad two lady witnesses, who testified without the least reluctance to the persecution* she had received from her husband. Toe wife was never drunk that they knew of. The husband asked her "on her oath now" if only a short time ago he didn't lake herfrom the floor drunk and put her to bed. She entirely denied It. U'Flaherty was XLned ffi, and put under bonds to keep the peace. Henry Bono, a colored gentleman of very ami i- Lie appearanci*, was charged with making tares.? to kill his wife. For five months past Henry ha 1 beta living with Anna, his wife, at No. fifidCiar. street, and she said that be had whipped b; three times daring that period. %nna was a wj man ot ready spec*, ana evidently esparto of holding "bet own" in argumen. so long as her physical strength held ou Yesterday she a*ked Henry for some money t boy wood with, and he replied very promptly b pitching her into ibe alley, and said it an** c\v asked him for another ceut he would kill be * When Ecnry waa permitted to que-oon her be said be had no desire io.aa ail bhe nad spoken was "utterly finfalse." Be saw, “May it please your Honor, sir, this ie a verv abusive woman. 1 have bad no peace with her ever since 1 was married to her. When lam away she is having persona there”— I "Cau you prove ili" interrupted Anna—"and ehe'lias got another mao living"— "Well, what of lha',” raid Anns-and thus the dialogue continued, much to tbe diversion of the spectators, lor some minutes. Bond was fined (5. ' NATIVE LINEN. / Proposal to Establish a Manufactory In this City—The Case Stated. / A number of business men met at the Trcmoot -’lloumj last night, to take Into consideration the ptojcctof establishing a linen maunfactory lathis city. George W. Gage, Esq., was callefi to the chair. Mr. George W. Billings of Kankakee. Illi nois. exhibited a very handsome specimen of flax prepared at his establishment by a process oj> bis own discovery, which 1. M.'btrc .1,, nisi loti proceeded tori.” .o lotereetincr ■tttemont of the advantage* and value of bia melbod and the cost and profits of manufacturing linen cloth and thread la Chicago. n« raid that for the last fllty years the method of iirvntni g flax In the old country has been by polling it by baud, a slow and wasiatnl manner, which the machinery which be has invented obvi ates, workirg automatically, and combing and mining out flax ready lor spinning, and making from one to two bosbeU of the seed to I he acre go as far as from two to three bushel- by Hie old pro cess. Tbe fibre raisec from one bushel of seen on onr pialnes will produce as much mannhevared material as that from two hnahels in England. The new system of working by machinery instead of pulling by band,produces tbe fibre at ono-half the expense of the old way. One ton of straw, palled in the old way, will produce 350 pounds of rough flax, and SID pounds of fine. Ur. Billings* method will give 400 pounds of rough, and SOU pounds of clean combed flax, ofthesame Quality aa that palled by band. Tbe tiax is put throneh two processes ot fermentation to pro duce the fine soft stock. In ono month his machinery passed through forty-five tons of rough tow, and can average ibis quantity. Until this discovery there had T»een great dlihcoUy In pro ducing good stock. What little had been spun in this country bad been imported and did not pay its cost. Taking into consideration the co t of food, fnc 1 , fibre and labor. It has been proved tnat the mam factnre of linen can be carried on cheaper in the West than on the seaboard. There are now 20,000 flax spindles in operation In the United States, hut nineteen-twentieths of tbe goods produced are of a coarse character. Only 1.000 spindles arc engaged on No. 40 yam, such as used In linen cloth and each as tbe machinery mentioned will produce. Mr. Billings proposes to pat np 2,000 spindles capable of spanning from No 3u to No GO ’Tee 1 ’ yam—being a floe quality. A lec is 3JO yards; sOO lees constitute a bundle. No. 40 makes tbe staple sewing thread, and No. 60 fine shining dch. At present all ourllnon thread and cloth, with the exception of a trifling amonnt produced in Now England, is Imported—the Imports for last year being $32,000,000. Mr. Bll'iugs presented the lollowing figures, carefully prepared with the areUtarce of Mr. John Walker, a medical man ufacturer, from Leeds, England, wbo was pres ent. and made some luteresting statements. The cost of importing 2,1X10 spindles, with tho necessary machinery for the complete manufac ture of thread hud cloth, will bs. In Now York, *45,815; Lift) spindles to be used for thread, and I.GWI lor cloth. The totol cost and profit for 800 days, or 50 weeks, oi-40 tecs linen thread, span ana finished or. the machinery specified, will be as follows: 1,003 spindles will produce 340 bundles per week, each weighing Silts per bundle, equal to i,7Writ)# per week,which is equal to #5.000 lbs for SO weeks. Deducting waste in preparing, leaves 73,050 lbs. Selling price of 70,9501b5, at ff 1.10.... *1035*50.00 Cost price 0f73,0j0 lbs, at 77c 5C.911.50 Gros* profit S 4d,553.50 The total cost and profit for 303 days, or 50 weeks, on finishing shirting cloth, spun into *H) lees, and fiuhLei on the machinery specified, Is as tallows: 1,000 spindle* will produce 290 bundles per week each, weighing 3.8 lbs per bundle, canal to ;*57 lbs per wet, which is equal to 7,Sj'J lbs for ro w-ks. Deducting 25 per cent for waste, ’caves Oi’STii lbs B Selling price of Ss,R»7i* Be, at *2.50.... *59,713.75 Cost of tame at 54,7 is 41 Gross profit. Grose profit on thread. <Jre-B profit on dovh .. Total gross profit *81,578.02 I css 1" per for waste, &c 10,313.76 Total net profile ?<5V553,0fl 1 he- e figures, it is claimed, are based on actual knowledge, with liberal allowance for incidentals and If correct, they show a splendid margin of profit, well worth the attention oi capitalists, ibe estimated cost of purchasing and setting np ibr of factory and other expense of commencing operations is {70,0(W, and if tils amount be raised during the present month (be machinery can be tanning in May next. The bnsinefp of linen manufsetnre is an immense one in the old country. * Mr. Walker stales that 1,000,000 are In operation in Ireland, CUU.UMI in Prussia, 000,000 in France and tft’.OCO in Belgium, most of them having been Flatten within tbe last twenty year*, while less than I,OCO spindles are now running in this coun •ry. - •-EnSland Imports two-thirds of her flax from Prussia and yet makes the manufacture very prof itable. We can grow and manufacture our raa icria) at onr own doors. Toe quality of stock recestary lor fine goods prows well only in tbe Northwest, so «c haven great advantage over the East The method of preparing proposed, b-*- ingaleoarew om*and controlled only by the In ventor. Mr. Billings, who proposes to Decom? one of a company to mannfactnrc, the nrospectoft very fine profit to those who may take stock in the company I« flattering, provided the statements presented arc reliable. This we cannot vouch lor, but our capitalists will do well to investigate the matter. Another meeting will be held at the Tre moot House to-night at half-past seven, to which alt our business mvn are invited. AIHUSEITIENTS. The much abused Griffith Gaunt, the novel, is now before us in the shape of Griffith Gannl, the play. It is the Inevitable road which all novels, good and bad, are doomed to travel in these days, whether hi their jonmey toward immortality or oblivion. “In this stage of society,” says a well known writer, the “ the playwright is as essential and acknowledged a character as the millwright, or wheelwright, or auy other wnght whatever,” ard the same writer secs no reason why, in gene ral estimation, he should rank lower than them bis brother artisans, “except that the former working In the timber and iron for tbe wants of the body, piodncca completely suitable machine,while ti c latter, working in thought and feeling for the wants of the soul, produces a machine which is Incompletely curable.” Judging from the vast umnbcis who now engage In it, the occnoation of playwright would scum to be n profitable one, while, looking at 'hr quality of produce which is commonly manufactured, lew «viit venture to pro nounce it a very arduous one. The process of making a popular drama 1? so exceedingly simple a matter that a knowledge ol it maybe acquired with by any man, woman or boy who takes a lanvy to tbe trade. No Inventive or creative fa culty J? needed, for the “adapter” finds his matc ral. bis plot, his character-*, his incidents, all party made in the last sensation novel. And tbe jToce-s of adapting has been still more simplified Ly the novelists themselves, who, knowing well •he path which their “latent” must travel in ttii- world, mually construct their story with an eye to ii? success on the stage, so that any individual, gifted with an ordiua-y i-haic of common sense, industry and patience, having: ome knoulidgr of stage business, and fur n'ehcu with a pa-te pot and a pair of scissors, may sit Town of an afternoon, and cutofa titty cent edi tion of one of Miss Bruddon’s novels produce a «..uuia Unit will attract “ immense audiences” ami draw tears down iron checks. 11l fares it gene -ally wi*h the Idea ortho moral which is meant to be conveyed in the story. For the playwright, not being an artist, hut only an artisan with an eye to pecuniary remuneration, rarely troubles h:m?elf to examine the fjiiri-’ot the work, to re k cast the whole structure so as to preserve that rpirit, acd pr-sen* some approximation to what the author conceived. This is tor Irom his voca ilcn. He adncrcs to the Utter* to the pages .<f the fifty cent edition, which be deftly manipulates by the aid of the scis sors and paste pot, »-•» as to preserve si.oicllm.g which, by a polite fiction, is called “fidelity to the plot.” Tnc only “fidelity” visi ble in such cases i? that the tlramfii persona are named after those who appear In tne novel; they utter some of the sentences which arc to be found in the Look: their outward form and semblance, and the fashion of their garments are tae same, but— I he soul is Mt behind. Instead of the real, lifelike, if not living, men and women, actuated by real passions and purposes. In whose fate we took an interest, who lived, mured, and had their being in a real world, we find a set of characters, completely strippea of all characteristics, hollow* mouthing stage figures, having merely stage pa hods and whoso chief buslnes-* in this world seems to be to form “situation-” and “ striking talUcux." All that is essential is drool out: a*l that is icnsalioual, “ellcctivc.” isTclotucd. The rtrau.atizer, who Is never a dramatist, skims the -urface of a work o! fiction, picks out, so to speak, tic bodily vesture of the several characters and manges them to suit tho requirements of the tege. These empty suits the actor has to galvan ize into some kind of life, sod too olten, indeed, does it happen that upon his bead arevMted the t-hoilc- mings of the playwright. Tuns, the reader it the novel is doomed to sore disappointment If he comes to the theatre in the expectation of see ing some realization of the tiemitages who were made present to hlfi imagination. that which cave them reality Is by some mechanical process cropped out. and the whole character Is diluted, trimmed and remorselessly rounded oh' to flt some conventional stage mould, some vehicle to utter forth the approved stage cam and claptrap which the actor fols's upon the public taste as passion, foiling, sentiment, humor. The spectator, astonished, sccsbis favorite hero or heroine, sadly defaced In passing through th- mill, taking a quite Itislgmfl cam part in (be affair, while charactors scarcely defim tl to the readtr, assume an unexpected im poitancc. This Is what is termed an adaptation. I*l us not quarrel, however, with the industri ous playmaker, who really seems to be an honest pm on claiming little merit for his hasty Improvi t-allon beyond what money it will bring, but ra ther wish him all success in his calling, for It msv be that in most ca es the rubbish from whlcj be digs out bis material ts worth no better pains. There is a da-s of playwrights somewhat more pretentious In their claims than the paate-pot-and sassors men of whom we have spoken. Tnesc arc the genllemeu who produce dramas “founded on the novel,” thereby pulling forth a certain claim 10 originality. From the specimens of this kiud of workmanship which arc current In the market we arc not inclined to accord these a much lotlier position than their less ambitious fellow-crafts men. although they do occasionally produce u less disjointed performance by taking greater liberties with their author. Their superiority, however, consists mainly In a more skilful dovetailing of ire incidents a belter talent for combining and orrat g;ng, a quicker perception of what can be made etlcctlve. In the higher province hinted at -bovetbey do not achieve any more satisfactory result* than their humbler brethren. Griffith Gannt has bred no worse, perhaps, in the hands ol its dramatize:.- than zaauv a better and worse novel. Indeed ■•hen one reflects noon the dreadful fate awarded to uanv excellent works of the tame class, It will be' conceded that Charles Iteade has been mercifully dealt with, rids is probably to be accounted for by the fact that the work was peculiarly well adapted for dramatic purposes, and offered great inducements to the host of adaptatora who are constantly on the watch lor prey. A practical playwiignt could scarcely (all to see In this work a perfect wealth of sensation material. Jealousy, dererlion, bigamy and murder, these were surclr good material for a "drama of the passions, 4 ' white tor novelty of plot and incidents, dialogn-* and clear occisivc portraitures, the workconld leave but little to be ocsbed. Augustin Daly's version is undoubtedly the best mat has be>*n produced on the American stage. It is "a drama lonndcu on the novel," and beipnps to (he better class r.f dramatisation*. As a faithful repres-mta uon ot Griffith Ganm, it is by no mean? satisfac tory, nor U Hr. Daly at al! successful in preserv ing the best cbaractcrlstics ot some of the t>c?t characters. For example, Mercy Vint, in tlie novel, is by far the most ictc.-esiing peonage Achaiming character, in the drawing of which the author has evidently bestowed much thought and core; one of those spotless pure-minded, bewitching Hildas of bumble life, that Hawthorne himself would have delighted to pamU &hu outshines Kate Peyton as daviicUt doth a lamp. Mercy ViniintbrpUj becomes a character of quite* s'-coudary Importance, merely passing betore os for a brlej moment like some bright vision, and disappearing finally in the strangest way, as If the drums ti*t, not knowing what to go, bad dismissed her as a troublesome incumbrance, not even granting her a divorce. It is the queerest consummation, and, unintention ally on the dramatUcr't part, wiaps the spectator in a kind of " humorous sadness" while he pon ders in bis heart over her mvt-terions late. We are to credit the octrees, not the author, with any remarkable degree of l*cauly which may appear in the Mcicy Vint of the play. It may be exacting 100 much, however, to look for a strict adbeicnce to the novel in each cases, leaving the fiction, then, out of the question, and diMnUeing U altogether from our thoughts, we will find much to commend and he thankful for in wnat Mr. Daly has actually accomplUhed. We recogntxc in toe construction and conduct of (his play evidences of »<o mean talent, a faculty to tell a good story well, through the median) of me diama. Clear metboo and arrangement is discov erable throughout every act, every scone. From ihe first act, which Introduces most of the promi nent characters, ana dimly announces the future troubles that will arise, the action prog* esses, with free, natural, rapid movement, and with never « pause in the interest, to (be float dose. Happy louche? of humor abound, graceful pictures of Kngibhlxfe In Ihcolden time."malice dome-tie," pareionate hatreds, passionate ’oves. tendernesses, sweet reconciliations; and ail blended In a lolcr- ably complete whole. Having already is* cheated the *l*ll7, with which we presume most of our readers are familiar, wu seed not recur to it here, but proceed to notice the manner in which the drama u pro duced AT THE vnsxrv. First of all we would remark that »n produc tion hero was provokingly fanllless. Unqualified commendation is never tne critic’s favorite vein. He prefers as a general role to display his acumen by a spice of condemnation, which is much easier than Judicious praising, and far more “lelllng.” Tne really meritorious sivlc in which Director Aiken baa presented Griffith Gaunt leaves but little to find fault with, and much to praise. It was admirably brought out; the scenery, atarre (qnlpments, and costumes m perfect keeping, while the actors, one and nil, entered Into tbe aulrlt of the piece so heartily that It went off in a rin™- ipg, joyous manner, and tbe verdict of the audi ence was spontaneous and nrarlmoas. Griffith Gaunt ia a much more Civora hie sptcimcn of n hero than the c'<ass of milksops, the chalk-ond-hnltcnnllk young persons who genoslly fall to Iho share of the leading man. Sir. Frank Aiken at least suc ceeds in investing him with adMlnct Individual ity. He throws Into his manner a rough, blunt force, quite characteristic of ihaplaln young Cum berland squire. Wc sec m Griffith, as Aiken ren ders him, a young fellow of warm, generous im pulse-, yet with a hasty, headlong temper, which first leads him into error, then in tocrimc. This Impetuosity Is manifested in his every action, in bis wooing, in his easily aroused Jealousy his swift determination to have revenge, bis scathin'- denunciation of ihc woman he believes to be fals£ bis fl'ghi, his rash betrothal to tbe innocent Mercy Vint, and finally bis reconciliation to, and re-awak ened love for, the woman ho has wronged Mr Aiken fully appreciates the part he has to deal with, and renders It ample Justice. To Sirs Barir is assigned a role cf a xnnch mote arduous kind, and she ac quitted herself admirably, discovering in home passages qualities with which she is not usually cn.ditto. Kate Peyton comes before ns in the first scenes as the young fiscloatiug girl, somewhat approaching to tbe Die - Vernon of Scott, in the second act we find her snbdned into the serious Dions wife, devoted to her hnsband.but too devotional to please him. This gentle phase ot her character, Mr-. Barry depicts so naturally that we arc surprised when in the fourth act, the gentle Rate pats on the garb of tbe Infuriated woman on discovering the treachery of Grifllih. In this striking and effective scene, Mrs. Bury surpassed all her former efforts, rising without apparent ettort to a height of tragic vehemence, and giving a voice and expression to rage and scorn which quite thrilled tbe audience. in the Coart set-ne she was equally good. Of** Mercy Vint” we have already spoken wDh some feelings of disappointment. Wc gladly reenr to her once more In the excellent rendition ot Miss Jennie Hlgbt. if tbe dramatist has failed in presenting thl- character fairly and justly, Miss lilgbt Las made ample amends tor the fault. Mercy is not. as she ongbi to be, tbe finest part !u the piece. She has very llple lo do or say, and in tbe hands of any mediocre actress, might attract rcaicc any attention. Yet in that bucf glance Into her Lnmbie home, Mies Uieht presents a pic ture to Ihc heart and imagination which refuses to be forgotten, tbe is a good representation of a “ Lancashire witch,” and tala Is no mean com pliment. Charles Keadc exhausted his best effort lo portray an earth-angel— 1 “a l*elng all dipt In angel instincts.” Augnsim Daly succeeded in delacing the lineaments of the portrait, ia the process of dramatizing. Jennie night has the merit of restoring it to something of its original beamy. With the slenderest material to work upon ehe interests us deeply in the strange fats ot Mercy, and there is a feeling cf mingled Bad ness and wonder at her final exit. She goes away under tho protection of tbe cow-do-ncr. Docs she marry **/«, then, alter ail! Echo answers. Mr. McManus’ “ J oin Leicester,” the vagabond gamekeeper and p: dd!cr Is a etndiei and careful pcrsoi alloc, perhaps one of the most finished and genial in the whole cact. Tom pervades Ihc whole nicy, and his appearance, heralded by the never falling announcement iDat‘”tls tils delight la a shiny night.-* Is always hailed with suonls of laugnier. In the Fair scene where so much mirth and sadness is beautifully blended, he is eminent ly good. LcMoyuc's “ make up ” as “ Paul Garrick,” the cow doctor, was perfect, andhta rendition fall of the rudest bumor. Although playing a minor part In the drama he puts In a variety of comic touches which make it instinct with life and realny. $34,990.32 4G/89.50 31,9.10.32 lire“C.-rollneßyder” of 31 las Mary Ricorrta was a lorcible mid well studied performance, 'flic intriguing, meddling, unscrupulous, wheedling ana Jea'ons nature of the lady’s maid was de picted with great power and conveyed a vivid im picst-ion ol the character. Onr space wilt not permit usto characterize separately the remainder of the cast, each good in their line. The fair scene, however, deserves es pecial mention, being the best pictate in the piece. It is admirably filled, the wonderful ex ploits of Quinn ami Johnson as merry Andrews, eliciting hearty pi .udits. Quinn seems to be im proving much and gains in popular favor. He is endowed with genuine comic talent which only needs a good opportunity to manifest Itself. The Conrt scene, where the final dt/uuemaif takes place, Is impressively piesculcd. Mr. Rogers “ ai-macs the part” of the Attorney General with Lrcci. >g gravity, and his “ very clear statement cf Hie in questionable Laun.aud enunciated with tie tcrmal precision of a grave and reverend edgi-ior i irresistibly ludicrous. Me-sts. George 1-Aiken, Barry and Nichols, Mrs. tro-call and Miss Emma Marble each leader the >r/e* assigned to thorn acceptably None of thtm have much to do, lint they do that little carefully, ana thus contribute, each in their way, to (he general excellence of the entertainment, AT a'VICKEi: 8 TOSATHE. Had Mr, George L. Aiken’s version of Griffith Gnnpt appeared without a competitor in the field, the probability is, it would bate carried the day in spile ofitFclf. So great was the desire to see the novel in dramatlcTorm that the public would have gladly swallowed with KStlsmctloa, auy preparation that was oUered. Unhappily for its success in Chicago, it had to contend with that of Augustin Daly’s. When two articles, manufac tured out of the same web, are placed before the public in this way, it is impossible to avoid com parisons. odious as they may be. Nr. Aiken's prodocion la in every way inferior to Mr. Daly’s, it possesses some "merit, but Is tnll of fmpcrfcctlons, and bears unmistaxable marks of haste throughout. A prosaic following of the novel may or may not be an advantage. It depends altogether upon bow the novel itself is constructed If the scenes and incidents fall In exactly with the requirements of a drama, then it is advisable to adhere to the plot as strictly as possible, in which rose all the more praise Is doc to the scissors and the manual dexterity of the adapter. If they do not fall in well, adherence to the plot is simply a fault and a blunder. In the fitesent case. Mr. Daly- must he allowed to iave the advantage ot not strictly lollowjng the plot. The difference might be illustrated thus: Let two men of oiflerem capacity undertake to condense a fire oration. The one will first read it over carefully, and then convey in his own language an intelligent Idea of what (be orator said: the other will select the most striking p-issace-* and connect them by moans of “and-,” “ winches.’ • “ Ua” and “bills/’ Tbe result isthatone Is at lerahly per fect report, while the other Is imperfect, perhaps a botch Mr. Aiken's production i> certainly far from a botch, yot bis method being a purely mechanical one, his drama does nut strike us as a ncrfcct self-sustaining whole, but is fragmen tary. imperfect, and the drift of the story.often rendered obscure The action docs nut glide along with that smoothness and rapidity which marks the version prodn-cd at tue Museum, nor is it so successful in enlisting at once and tor all the sympathy and attention of t*»c spectator. The’s unflinching fidelity to the novel leads him into some serious mistakes,while it has scarcely gained lor him a single advantage over his rival who bddly deports from It when it salts i.iepurpose. The tlif.i act is In st-rac respects prcfcrrnhlc to that in DalyV vcr.-iou, bur tiiongh more cxplasa toiy, it fmb to prodneo a? decided an cflect. Th*; t-ccom! act bears ic pietiy close resemblance to that of the other, except in the closing eccne, which mightpass lor abnlhant conception at first fight. Lut is quite Imßcrous and inconceivable as a reality. Griffith, wounded in the right arm. which i-dom upin a sling, and under the Influ ence of liquop,appe.irs by moonlight nndcr Kate’s winnow in the second story, bhe aerecs to marry him. and he, in a transport of euUmsla-un, climbs up the vvall to her chamber window by mean? of hi? left hand. A dialogue ensue- be tween the lover?, which lasts fully twenty min utes, Griffith hanging on in some mysterious way to die wall vviih one hand. In this painful posi tion be cling? HU the engagement is finally msdc np. We venture to say that'Komeo himself, with two arms and “love's light wings” to bool, vvonld not have done a? much. Passing over thcthlrd act, which Is tolerably well conducted, the fourth falls immeasurably short or ilio corresponding act at the Museum. If Air. Italy's treatment of Morey Vint was bad, Mr. Aiken's is still worse. Here she sinks into a mere commonplace country barmaid; nor can we lac the blamo upon Mrs. Myers, who is quite capable of enacting the line Morey with accept ance. Ihc whole scene at the Packhorsc Inn is valorized. Griffith we ilnd settled down as the husband or Mercy, and smoking a “cutty.'' He quarrels with old Vint, and prepares to rneh home lor the money. Here a htdicons blunder is mani fested in crowding the action. Griffith orders young Vint to complete certain repairs about the house, to tear down the name of Vint nnd re place It by that of Tom taicestcr. • Scarcely have his coat ’ails disappeared through one door, when the young man outers by another, to announce that Griffith is far on leeway, and that ail the repair* have been completed. At the same moment the real Tom anlve*> and reads his own name upon the sign. Such espurtness In the art of sign paint ing and carpentry w.-rk would surely make one's fouur.c in the world. The Talr scene, too, is en tirely Irit out in this act. In the Court scene there is a good deal of similarity between the two pieces. Mr. 1.. P. Barren's make-up as Uriffiln Gauntis com 1 , and his acting still belter. Yet he yields to Frank Aiken In presenting a natural picture of tbo man. In Barrett there i? more Intensity, more acting: a good deal more, wo think, than is ne cessary. In many scenes the young Squire merges fairly into Othello, and takes to ranting nnd stamp ing, and gnashing of teeth. The passion Is over done. One scene in particular scema to he borrowed entirely from OtbeLo, where Caroline Ryder, (Miss Merry,) who is converted into a kind of fe male lago, works him up into a frenzy of jealous rasaion. Mrs, Merry, by the wav, would do well o throw lago overboaru altogether, anil adhere to the humbler conception of an intriguing, spiteful domestic—Caroline Ryder iu fact. Ifshc persists, however, in her ambition to shine as logo, we wonld recommend her earnestly to dronout that diabolic “ ila; Ila! Hal'' meant to be the exhult ant laugh of a fiend, which she Introduces so fre quently. It has been ascertained from the best umhortthy that lago never did indulge in it, and all good lagos have long since omitted it. Mis. Cowell’s rendition of Kate Peyton differs widely from Mrs. Barry's. Both arc ful’y equal to the roUy tbc former, perhaps, having the pref erence in point of ansuunca tragic power. We much prefer Daly's version in the drat three acts, one, then-tore, Mrs. Dairy. Kate, as Mrs. Cowell has to render it. gives ns but little hint of her devotional tendencies, and the impression cot veyed In tbc bickerings bet ween her and Griffith, is that there might be some love in her heart for the young priest. Her innocence in the afiair does not appear till afterward. Mr. Waldron has not a verr happv. nor we think a comet, conception of the pan ’of “Tom Leicester.” He senders him a gross, lialf-ruffim- Ish fellow, whom one wonld be careful to avoid in a dark lane. In hi* execution, however, Mr. Waldron develop* better artistic talent than bo has berctoiore exhibited. “Mercy Vint" mnst pa«s comparative!* - nnno ticed in thi* plav. notwithstanding Mrs Myers doe* everything to redeem the part from insig nificance. The piece is well pul on the stage at MeVicker's, where it ha* the advantage of a wider stage than at the Mnsenm. Miss l.i’ciux WnsTEiHf appeared last evening, for the dm lime in Chicago, in the Opera Hoa-c, in the interesting domestic drama of Bast Lynne The house was crowded, notwiths and.og tbc t-ao weather, and the ari\»!t carried the vast au dience as if by storm. In tne Hot scene Miss Western did not appear ;o advantage. Her lores were lull and strong, the voice mellow and pure, hut the intonation struck tbc audience as exceedingly artificial. The genera) Iccliog was ooe of uisappoimment, and the scone dosed amid the most perfect silence on the part o( the audience. But on her next appear aiicc. her acting began to tell. Her ntteranre of the sentence, “SodoJ," in answer to Die remark of bet husband that Barbara Hare was prettv. called forth the first curst of applause, and as the act closed, after the indolent dash of jealousy, with a tender duo at the piano, the enthusiasm manllcsled Itself In aloud call before the curtain. The spectators were now fairly absorbed in the spirit ot tbc drama, and from the first scene In the second ace the Interest deepened touch by touch, until the end. It U purely in the acting of Miss Western, too. that our whole sympathies are centred. There is no action,’ no incident, no “ situation” to divcit our attention. The shadow of a coming calamity, however, seems to bang over every scene. The little spurt of Jealousy, which was laughed over at the first, ha* now set tled Into gnawing, ever-present haunting sorrow and unrest. Those secret interviews between the husband and Barbara Hare arc eating into her hear. There is some Im probability in this point of ibe story upon which the whole interval depend*. Wo are alwavs tempted to ask why tbc hm-band, who t* so loyal to hla wife, doe-not confide at least so mucb’oi the secret to her as would have allayed her sus picions. But at the same time wo readily forgive afauV which la necessary to the development of toe events which follow. In this part ol the plav the perfect artistie power of Ml*s western is finely msniicslod. Nothing conld surpass tho*e in vCable touches of tenderness, so real, so natural ard nnartectcd that they might melt the hardest into tears. A woman, a true womsD, in everything she says and docs Those passages between the husband and «itc, where the latter, driven to the verge of desperation by the tattling oi toe maids, endea vors o unburden her overcharged heart belore him, but still rushes back with tears to her old truthfulness. arc full of beamy inexpressible. Lillie playful touches ore given here a»a there, so exceedingly natural, that one completely forgets the cctrees. and the audience arc hurried from one emotion to another—now to lauenterand now to 'eaia. It la net the slory with which they are bo nccply encaged, it is the emotions portrayed with such power by the artiste, that' her Influence acts like a spell. In the third act Hiss Western roaches a climax of pathos and tragic exptesalon of feeling which we have rarely seen equalled ou any stage. It is palniolly real, and so completely (foes sue carry the sympathies of the audience with r>or. that when the curtain drops there ensues an Interval ol breathless silence more expressive than the loudtsl tumult of applause. The fourth and fifth acta are sustained wiih equal power. Miss Western was excellently well supported. Iho honest, true-hearted husband, gull’lcss of wrong, and nonchalantly unsuspicious, was very well given by Mr. Hamilton, ihc heartless liber tine, Lcvlson, found a good exponent In Mr. Hank In. and the sister-in-law, port, proud, cynical, cutting, dominant, old maldlsb to the last degree, could'hot have been better represented than by Mre.'Eldndge. We have not space to speak of the ••support” more In detail. East Lynne will be repeated to-night, and we would suggest to the manager* that if they would commence before a quarter to eight they might dismiss the audience some lime before midnight. The music U excel lent, but the intervals might, with shortened. Yaxeee Ronixsox'e Cmccs is at the height of prosperity. With an nnsnrpa-sable corps of ar tists. a collection of animals never before equalled In this city for Its raritv, a pood comfortable seat for enjoying tbe performance, the ocit of ar rangements made for preserving order, and a very moderate pries, the management ia securing a large patronage nightly io spite of the high at traction* elsewhere. The Peak Fakilt are now on an cas’crn tour, and win melt Washington, Baltimore. Philadel phia, Brooklyn, &c., daring the winter. They are drawing crowded houses wherever they go, and well deserve It. As Swiss bell-ringers and vocalists they have no superiors, while their se lections arc peculiarly attractive. EXTENSIVE CREDULITY. A Note for SBOO to a “ ClalrToyaut’ s for Services—The Magicicnnc Summoned to Appear in Court. An injunction was sued oat ia the Circuit Coart by Edward Silver against Tennessee Claflm and the Third National Bank of Chicago. The com plainant m this care is a resident of Lcmout of ibis county, and the action is brought to restrain collection upon a promissory note, made October hist, ISGC, for *BOO, payable one year after date with interest tram the date of the obligatory writing. The note was signed by tbe complain ant and by hi* wife, who is now deceased. 'I he note was giver.—seemed by a mortgage of the west 27 Icet ot lot 15, block 3, Bralnerd & Evans' Addition to Chicago. Itlis charged that the note was without consideration, but was obtained by false and fraudulent represeata'ions. Tbe facts as developed in tbe bill, are that the deceased wife of complainant was for some time atlUcted with paralysis of her legs aud abdomen and nearly all tho rest of her body, and was thereby rendered almost helpless. This affliction able physicians bad de clared incurable. Daring the mouth of October list the complainant states be was Induced by the reading of handbills issued by the defendant to consult her with reference lo tbe ailment offals wife, ihcse handbills representing boras the ‘’wonder ful child,'' the “great magnetic doctrcfs” and “clarivoyaut,” ana as being “endowed from birth with a supernatural gift to snch an astonishing degree that she convinces the most skeptical of her wonderful powers In reference to life, health and every disease of tha human system.'' and that “consumption, asthma, pamlyris, Ac.” in their worst form, yield to her magic touch. The consultation ended m a pro fessional visit by Tci-uci.-ce. when she represent ed sho was endowed with a gift, power and abil ity lo cure (he most obstinate diseases and affile th ee, and would cure his wife, and restore her to health in a few weeks. Relying upon these prom ises be and his wife agreed m the event of cure to pay $Sw), hut if otherwise, then no payment should be made. Treatment com menced and continued to November 7th lasi, when tho wife died; bat, by some Influ ence, on the 31st day of October, tbe wife wa> in duced to believe a recovery was being effected, when tbe note, secured as above, was given, tha the attendance of defendant might not be discon tinued. The complainant stated th t the defendant is an lirespocsiblc person—a woman wuo represents hcrrelt as “ a child,” apparently about twenty years of age, who intends speedily to depart for Europe, as she has repeatedly suited. Toe in junction issued. DipcnanoEO.—The case of Miss Bridget Con roy, charged with forgery, came np for examina tion at tbe Police Court yesterday afternoon. Iho prosecuting witness, Frank PrclMsch did not ap pear, end Miss Conroy was discharged. It will be remembered by the readers of the Tnimr.NE that this was the third charge of the kind apaln-l Miss Conroy, sho having been proved inno cent of tbe two previous charges by wit nesses of the most respectable character, who testified to the presence of Miss Conroy at her customary pm suits In the employ of Miss Stevens at the times it was alleged tint she passed the counterfeit notes. The trouble, annoyance nml expense occasioned by the prosecution ol Ml®s Steven? and Miss Conroy, constitutes only a por tion of the burden which the; have borne and which has saved some guilty woman from the Penitentiary. It Is said that th-r millinery and dressmaking business of Miss Stevens has suf ficed very materially from tbe ill reports which have found clrcnla'lon in the vicinity, but the In nocence of these ladles having been fully estab lished it Is to be presumed that neighborhood scandal will ccnsc. Assault ok a Policekak.—About half-past ten o’clock last evening, two or three Intoxicated sailors were turned out of a house of ill-fame at No. 4*B State street, and one of them, named Wil liam Bennett, became so exceedingly noisy that officer Murte proceeded to arrest him. Tbe. roan ran from him, and passed through an adjacent saloon. Murte pursuing him. Bennett's compan ions came to bis rescue and the three men assault ed the officer in the most brutal manner, kicking him in the side ana beating him nponthe face and bead until he was nearly senseless. Officer Bauer came to his assistance and the assailants took to flight except B< uiwit. who was rearrested and ta ken to the Armory. Officer Mmte was relieved >iom duty, and Lis wounds were dressed by Dr. Rich. IJLT.CCMCB.—Henry Bing. charged with stealing an overcoat and a pair of pants three or four weeks ago from John Nelson, at No. an West In diana eticcl, was examined in the Police Court ye«lcrday morning and was commiticd for trial in bail of SSUO. Charles Fitzgerald, alias McDonald, was arrest ed between eight and nine o'clock on Friday evening by Officer Speiden, at tbc corner of Kinzic and North Clark streets. lie had a bap partially tilled with heavy hammers, cold chisels and other tools which had been stolen from tbc yards of two r-tonccnUcts, lliomas Hughes, at No. 321 South Jefferson street, and Thomas Woodman, at No. G Charles street. Fitzgerald was examined at tbc Felice Com t yesterday morning and was corn mined for trial tu boll of fr>Go on each charge. LOCAL MATTERS. An Article of True ItlerlU—“ Brown’s Bronchial Troches" are tbc moat popular article in this country or Europe for Throat Diseases and Coughs, ai d this popularity is based upon real merit, which cannot be said of many other prepa mtlons in the market which arc teallybut weak imitations of the genuine Troches. To tlic Lovers of Suit Water Flsl*.— We wonld call their attention to the Boston Fish Market, Montoc sticet, opposite the Post Of fice, where Captain Hjdcr is iccctving daily by express all kinds of fre?h Sea Fish, Clams, Lolt sters, Ac., Ac., wholesale a d retail. Saloon and restaurant men will do well to call. Froli Oysters.—Just received* & flue lot of those superior seaside oysters. Epicures fond of this delicious bivalve will find these su perior to anything in this market For sale, wholesale and retail, by Alfred Fuencu & Co., No. Ci Ifaudolpb street, Chicago. A Word of cotiMolatlou to nil who stiller from disease of the Langs. MAUSDKN'S PECTOHAL BAIAI has been tried to nearly a ini’liou eases, always giving relief and in the ma jority of instances eGecting a cure. As each but tle Is accompanied with a guarantee, sufferer* may ret-tass-nted of tbe results. For sale by nil Drnggbts. Durham-* & Van Schaack, wholesale druggists, 10 Lake street, wholesale agents. BlaliopM and Divines Including tlic Revs I’olter, Donkins, Dlx, Tyng, Smith, Newton. Cox. Morgan, Weston, iluntlngiou, Muhlenberg and Vinton; also. Unstave Dove,artist: Kate Dale man. actress; King and Queen of Prussia; Thiers the statesman: with articles on the Characters o Shakspeare: Educaion. by John Neal: Society Sniirage; Walking; Shaking Hands; A Natura life; Health: Sleep; Death; in December P/t mi o loyicaUvuiriaJ, Pictorial Donblc No.2J cents: a vear, f 2: Newsmen have it. Address Fowleu ,fc \Veixs, No. 3-i* Broadway, New York, or Western News Company. Chicago. Cue Tourtclct’n Extract of Beef. 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Wins low's Scot l inr Syrup, lor all diseases with wfalcu children arc afflicted, is a safe and ceitalu reme dy. 11 relieves the child from pain, regulates the stomach and bowels, cures tried colic, corrects aridity, and, by giving rest and health to the child, comforts the mother. OScc, 4S Dry street. New York, and SUS High Hoibom, Loudon, Eng land. A Sure Pile Cure.—Or. Gilbert’s Pile Instrument positively cure* the worst cases ol piles. Sent t*y mall on receipt of sl. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every, where. Address J. D. Roxaixe, Manager, No, 573 Broadway, New York. Paper llanztnsß and Window Sbadn at greatly reduced prices. F. E. Klgby, Sfl Ran* Jolph-st. Markets by Telegraph. New York Markets. Skw Tore, DeeemVr?. Cottos—Lower, with bslier demand, at for middlings. Fuorr—ln rather better request bat prices moderate, without derided alteration. Market closing heavy, -ate? were: Kxtra Mate at t9.RS-3l0.30: snperflne W«U ern at *7.5069.39; extra Western al f*O*MIO.tV); ch >|co do at fUVtfull.ff; ronnd-hoop Ohio at; trade brands at 13.00. Grain—Wheat—A blue more steady feeltne to-dav. but trancaeticms have only been to a llmttc t ext-nt, at X2.OJ for 1 on*mon No. 3 Milwaukee. Rye heavy and dull; Mate at SICS. Pansy moderately active at lower prices—VOiiSlc for Canada West In bond, ami ft.lCfor canaca West tree. Barley mattea!!. Corn moderately active at about previous prices—fl.l3 for shipping mixed Western In store; f1.1541.1S for do afloat, and f).T3 fw white Western instore. Galsde cilntng—nseaxefor Cnlcago and Milwaukee; K)*® C - for new Ohio. ixoriMoNfe— pork—Opened firmer, hut closed with leu firmness; sales al f30.3T329.90 for new me**; fl9.ns(i3o- c d fbr old dr, clo-tngat f2O.CC for regular and ftv.OD tor prime. Beef duiLheavyand unchanged. Cut Meats—Heavy and doll; sale- at for sh< nlders ar d U'4lSc tor ham». Bacon nominal. Lard more active but heavy; sales at UJi'CAUe. Butter dm): sale.- at for Ohio; 2S%3Gc for (stale, and 40c«4ie tor Orange County pall*. Cuoese Qnlet; sales at *» Wnifxkv—Dm! and nominally unchanged. Tallow— Moderate request at 11K'A11J»c. Lvarntn— Hemlock still quiet, and price* without drrldtd alteration. NavalSionx.*—“i>*7tc for spirits of tur ♦mine. and fJ.TiAIO.CO (hr resin. Wool—Fair lijiCT for domes tic recce. 4MSOc for polled, BV33dc tor Texas, and 37 54De for CaUtorcla- UEocxrm—Cofiee more active and prices lather lieavy. Sugar in moderate request; Cuba HV-MOKc- Mi laere* dnli and tieavy; sales by auction of 4&> brls New orlcansatTreSCc; ISO brie Cuba at and M hhd> l*orto Ulco at 933i*e. iTvroLxrM— Dull; about 39c for crude, and S 2 4r3c furretu-cd la bend. Deemed Hous—Uulct al for Western. LATER NEW YORK MARKET*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) NawTocx, December 5. BEiibsturis. Holders of floor and vht at weary under th« long dull ness, andalihoucb very confldmt. want to tell some. With brisk Inquiry, the sales are not satisfactory. Transactions In floor to-day embraced l£W brls com mon extra state, tor export, at $10.00410.55, ana 1,030 doon speculation at|loio,bnl the dutlnaas ot North westers brands weakens the market. co or. Large transfers of Westers Bankers came la to protect their advances and shipped a ship load to Uverpooi, dosing Ann at 41.16 afloat Oats and barley more active, part export. rcxiotm. To Liver mall, and 7 pence by steamer. 7b,0C0 bushels shipped. raovQiosca. Pork—New Western brings $71.00; largo orders for old at f70.C0. reirolar. Lard—Lai go expart sales of prime steam at 17j<®l3Xc. onr cirns. 3300 received. Wholesale butchers buying more freely. Price, rather better, the whole rss * &l7c; Illinois steers 15N016C. XJOO received. Market lower at W£sXe. BOGS. 37 can received. Market firm at 7c. GBOCBRCKS. ■ Coflfee—Better demand. HioS2A3se. Bogar—Steady. Fair to prime Money and Siocu in Ifetr York. NewTo«, Decembers. Mnsrr—Market rather more tcilre at 6 percent lor call loan*. Bteclixo Excuaso*-Firm bat qalet at IWkaiOJ V. GovrtsarxT Btocsb—Steady. ' * Gold—Lower: opening at 140X< declining to irjav and closing at iso*. FcstQßTs to Litsctool—Firmer; 5d for corn, sw| fbr barley per tall; «Kd lor wheat and cam, d*r steamer. Etocks— Lower at Second Board. Kock Island 103 V Erie VortWajmc 105 V New York Central.. .ll3 Northwestern 49V 6*B,*bi, coap mi/ NortbWnpfd 70 6’s.*Sl. re* 133 v Illinois Central 117 V 5-30 coup-, ’Si. Dodson 130 V 5-30 vouo., ’CI ~IO6V incb.soaibem BOH VWcoQpZ’S.,.,V.V.VIioTii Beading lIIH Ohio & Min. ceru.... yji^ New Tone. December 5. * Gold—The cold market was heavy and lower, with an increased pressure to sell. Tne telegrams from Washington In relation to the sales or cold by tbe Treasury, and tbe prospect or tbe passage of tbe new Gold IUU. exercises a depressing effect upon the mar* ket. It was tbe general impression tbls morning that tbe GoTernment was selling, but we can state officially that such Is not the case. GoTTBSXzrr SEcmrms—Were weak this afternoon on the lower gold quotations. The following were the cloelngprlcee: __ Registered. *UUO6K(%IO9k 110-t Oreg.. 99X3100K Coupons, *81....iu;-;(%li3)i 17-JO Ang los&ato&k 5-20 reg. ’G3 KWJffctOfi* 17-30 June 13V«'uclO&k 5-30 (ODD. ’63...138K«1C5* I 7*30 July I»v<aios* 5-20 do. ‘6l to6\'«lo6,< June c0mp., , 61.116k»n6V ».-kido,*6i I July comp„ *61.115 k(«tll6 5'A do.’ffi Jan. I Aug.cjmp M ’&l.ll3;.«UjV •m.W iiaxsiraxl * MisczLLarnsocs.—At the last open board stocks were renerally a fraction lower, with a talr bmlness,. After the call the m tricot was steady. Among the steamship shares pacific Mall was th-jfalnre. The stock fell to 168. and then rallied to ItO. The cause of these fluctua tions was the rumor ol an Injunction on tbe atoca- cLoetso qt Ths following were Uie closing qaoUdona at 4:30 p. m.: ■ >, am rcrtß... 23V<2 29H' Boston SO*® 30* Canton. 44V» 46# CccbcrUnd.... ® (* TO N.T. Central..lll ®IIIK Readlne UIKeUIV Mich. Mich. South.,. t«s<«4 80K 111. Central u;j<r 4 .... C. ft Pitts. 81**81* C. ft T01ed0....112 (Jtilck.llrer.... 46 Mariposa M.... Western Union. 46j*($ 46V New York Dry Goods market* New Yobs. December 5. The dry goods market Is quiet, but steady with a fairtrade. The meeting of congress and the presi dent’s Message wa* entirely without effect npm the market. With lower prices for cotton, d.y goods must naturally sotten a little; but holders are too confident to leave any prospect of any further decline than the decline In raw material, and the actual cost of produc tion. The margin of profit oa the tuvnofin tare of cotton goods is reported as great enough to warrant mill* running on reduced time. Some mills are report ing lower wages as a preferable step to stopping and throwing number* of poor people out of employment. Brown Sheetings and Shirtings arc qalft, with the exception of standard and other leading prime marks, which are y. c hlgh-r In jobbers* hands. In Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings there Is a light, steady busloes?. Prints arc witbontquotable change. 1 he trade is quiet and uniform la ticks, hat strips ore without particular movement. There Is little cr r o demand lor Canton Flannels, and quotations are nominal. In Cambric* and Sllesias there Is a steady demand fTotn home dealers, and prices are steady. Dribs—Quiet and orlces lower. The price of denims and enttonadcs lias been reduced a little to correspond with pricesoiothereoods. Woollen Good*—'The unprecedented mild weather of the entire season has largely affected business In wool len goods. The short time of some mill* and stopping of others Is somewhat favorable to a better market, and holdrrs of goods show a better feeling. , Delaine* nnd Llnsey*— Are In onlv moderate supply bnUsiifiiclcnt for the pre sent licut trade. Cloths and Casßlmerrs But few gcodslare called Ibr excepting leading styles for Immedlato manufacture Into clothing, or tome other poorer grades for ready maue clothing tor the spring trade. The market for foreign goods shows a slight Ini' provimint from the lighter importations and a rather better prevailing demand Is consequent upon lower prices. Fashionable styles ot goods arc steady nnd not very abundant, but most other go; da are very low. The auction sales for to-morrow will be special sales of British, French and German dress goods, silks, fehawls.&c.; a sale of black ribbons, a sale of blankets, and asalcolhotiery andGermantowo goods. Cincinnati Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Cincinnati, December 5. Flout—Onlct but steady. Sales of super flue, 99.50 xtra, 910.50Qli.00; family, f13.45Q13.00. Chain—Wheal dull and nominal. No. 1 spring, $3.35; do winter, 93.70Q3.75. Com steady. Sale*: New ear, sQs3sc; old shelled dull at 85c. Oatsflrm. Sales: No. I,so£Mc. Rye quiet. No. 1. f1.12t01.13. Barley steady. Sales: No. 3 spring, $14531.16; No. 1 do, 9143. Cotton—Dull and tfc lower. Middling, 30@30jfc. Wdieeet—Dull and !c lower. Bonded, SOgMc. Pronstoss—Quiet. Mess pork In fair demand. Sales iOObrls at 919.00. Offered at close at $13.50. Bacon dull. Sales of shoulders at 13J,'c; clear sides lie. Bulk meats a shade lower. Shoulders 7Xc: packed. Green meats Kc lower. Sales of shoulders alSJfc; ildc»at7Jfc. Lard a abode easier. Sales at 13c, spot; 11J4C December and January. Hogs— Opened active. Sales at $3.5036.00, cross; |fi 7jq740. net. Receipts, 4,100. Closed dull at 93.330 5.75, grots; 96.50Q6.T5, net. Monet— Close. Exchange firmer at 50 discount, and par baying; par and 50 premium selling. Mlltmakce Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] Milwaukee, December 5. Fiom—Very doll and no sales. Gbain— Wheal doll and declining, with sales at 91.79 QI.BOM for No. C; 91.676U.6S for No.S; sl.lO lor re jected. Oata unchanged, with sales of l.tOObu No. 3 at 41c. Corn dull, with sale* of 1,293 bo No. lat BJc. Rye steady at P6c for No. I. Barley unchanged, with sale* at 83c for No. 3 delivered. Buttes— Steady at Me. Eogs-^c. Pbottmoss—Firmer at 117.00 for city mess pork. Dbi&seii FI or>6—Unchanged, with sa'cs at £, dividing on SCO fte. Lite Hons—Dull and 155%35c lower, at £5.90(?6.10. RicEQ'Tb—9oo hrla floor. 12,000 ha wheat, 37,u00 bu oats. Shipments—3so hrls flour. St, Louts market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] St. Louis, December 5. Flocb—Steady, with sales of common at £A50®).50: extra, £IS.3S<SIBAO. Ginus—Wheat—Sales of extra at £RSS; spring. £3.10. Corn—Deary and lower, with sales of yellow at 7.c; new dry white at tCc. OaU—Lower and dull, with sales at Rye—Sales at 90c. Barley—Sales ol spring at (1.15, and fall at £1.35. lUY-Salts at £I7AGS. IS.OO. WniPKET—Sales at (3.76. Provisions— pork unchanged. 11005— Sales at €(*63<c lu the gross. Buffalo market* Buffalo. Decembers. Flout.—ales of No. 1 spring (“Western Spring Baker*'*) at £13.00. Grain— Wheat—Sales cf 1.000 bo on private terms. Corn held J»v the cargo; tales of ICO ear lota at £1.05. Oat* Inactive at about Sfle. Barley—Sales of State at £1.00; Canada held at |I Ryo—Sales at ittefj (1.00. Itonatoss—Pork—Sales at £31.50. Lard—Sales at lie. WnttKET—Sales at £3.38. Receiptf-140 brU flour, 350 bu wheat. Exports—No canal exports. RrcstpTS at Ornxn Ports—The receipts at the porta ofChlcago. Mllwankee, Toledo. Detroit and Cleveland, tor the week ending December Ist: 89.133 brls flour, &i;.7b9 bn XV heat. 193,161 bn com, SLOOBba oats, <*1.071 bu barley, 45.353 bu rye. Baltimore Market. GALTnione. December 5. Flo ce—All grades are In very moderate demand, md the trade are buying only to supply Immediate want*. Grant—'Wheat somtrally nnebaneed; cxid white £3_<X«a.Co; common to fair (3.09&3.75;c0ju to choice red (3.7T<r-.8.T9; Inferior to fair do £1.2532.37. Corn- New whlteGAl' to condltl'n and quality; yellow do TTftSTc. Oats 53>i55c. Rye (UXV41.06.. Provisions—barreled pork, lard, and tmlk meats doll and romlnal. Baron sell ng In snull lots at Ik*. 14Nc ior shonldcrs. and 11.V(%15c for side*. Whiskey—Business at a stand In wbiskey. Philadelphia Market. PiuLAniTpntA, Decembers. WimnnrT—Dnll. with ‘ales of Penniylvama, at £2 and Ohio, at |3.ta per gallon. mining Stocks In New York. New York, Decembers. Mining ACalrs— Mining shares were steady, but business !• quite rooceratc: ccrtral. 150; UcnnchotT Ku 0.440; New York A Allechanv. 550; Ayers’ .M. A .M.43C; Cons.Gfegorv.KH); Nye Gold. 13; Cory.l'n.

375, Walklll Lead, 1(0; Excelsior, 30; Cherry Run, 25; Special, 35. ' Toledo Market. Toledo, Doccmbet 5. Gratk—Wheat 1c better; sales of No. lat £3.1 Corn quiet at Me for No. I. Oat. 3c better; »alei> 45c for No. l. Rye QuebangeL, .11 A II B I ED In this cltv, Angnst l*th, bv Rev. Joseph Hart-nan GKOCGE W. MATTHEWS to .Miss MARY A. STEW ART. l>* ! h of this city. TT Ottawa papers please copy. In this my, Not. 29th. by Rev. J. W. lArimorc, Mr. RKNUY BAUTUAN to Miss elizauktii nelson. both of Chicago. In tbl* city. Pec. ith. by Rev. C. U. Wheeler. of the Illlnols-at. church. Mr. CHARLES M. MORTON to L’lse EMMA M. UTILE, both of Chicago, No card?. In this city, l>ce. 4th. at the residence of the bride’* father, bv Urv.J. P. Gulliver. Mr. EDWARD B. LA THROIVof Jac»s nvllie, l.h, to Mil! SALUG LOM> BAUD, daughter ol Joslah Lombard, EtQ., of IhU city. .no card*. In Sventnerc. Pec. 4th, by Rev. M. B. Cleveland. JOHN N. GAILf. of German. N. Y., to Miss NELLIE A. DENNIS, rf Sycamore. No cards. 1> I B !>• In this city, Nov. 9th. PLUS FAXON HANSHERRT. acvd V vearsasd Silay*. Also. Dev. Ist, WILLIAM L. iIANSBERRY, acnl 16 years and 19 days—sons of Wm. and Charlotte 0. llansberry. IT” Philadelphia papers please copy. In ibis city, IHc. Ist, of consumption, ALEXANDER GRANT, aged 86 years 6 months. Z3T Philadelphia papers please copy. In this city, Dec. 4th, of cognitlog of the lanes, WALTER D. MORTON, aged 51 years. Fmural trvesy. at 12 o clock, from No. ISO South Franklm-fU >nth!*-cltr, onthetlh MOi:K.Ia the TSUi tot of tier age, at Ko. I*. Wort Wa»blcßtco ftft In uil« city on the sth Irataat, at 6 ft. ARTHUR T. i .ACES. «r<J SSyeara. Fnceral from 720 Fulton «treet, oa Friday. Decern- Ur «u>. at 3 p. m. FrlencU ot the tamlly are re • jprrtfu-tT tnrltfd to attend. CT" bfUwackee papcra plwe copy. 2TI)C jfiuc arts. QROSBT OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. The JcUmrlng Splendid Pointing! are note in the Art OaUeri .* THE RECOGNITION! Constant Slayer’s Great Work J SchuueiSt IRIINGIND HIS FRIEHDS Leviedt Fine Picture of O- I?. A. IST T fy Free to Uvldirt of Certiffcatet. Emusementg. 'J'HE ILLLKOIS-bT. MISSION FAIR, TABLEAUX AND CONCERT. Erery one should jjo to-nteht to the Entertainment at the ChajW ot tne ILLINOIS-ST. MISSION SUN DAY SCHOOL. BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX, By Fifty Tonn* Ladles and Gentlemen, and CONCERT By the spleacid Quartette, Mrs. CARPENTER, Mrs. BJATTESON, Mr. SABIN. Mr. nUUBAED, And Miss ABBOTT on the Plano. Also, the wonderful CBXXjD singer, In the Tableaus and Song, “ Come Hone, Father." ST~ Fair open in the afternoon and even tag. IBO&BT’S OPERA HOUSE. J. T. RAYMOND asd MaSaokb. Brilliant ana Genuine Success or the Toothful, bean* tlful and talented artiste, LUCILLE WESTERN, And ol Tayieore’e moral emotional play of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT. Mils 'Western will be sustained by Mr. McKEE BASKIN, Mr. XHEO. HAMILTON, Mias U. E. GORDON, And a Poll Company. POPULARPRICES: Admission 30 cents. Reserved teats 73 cents. rpHE HUTCHINSON FAMILY, Tribe X of Ara. six members—Asa. Lizzie. Abbey, Fred. Ira and Little Deom-tt,— giro their Concert at PLYMOUTH CHURCH. Comer Wabash-av. and Eidrliigfrconrt, on TQUBS DAY Evening. Dec. 6tb. Tickets SO cents. Childrens cents. Doors open at U to 7. Concert at;»to 8. pOL. WOO£B MUSEUM. cQI. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director cf AmoaemotU F. £. aIKKS Stave Uatager rUOS. BARKY Brilliant Snccesa of the Dramatic Sensation of the Day. a Flay of the Passions, received by crowned homes, with unbounded applause. This (Thursday) evening. Dec. 6th. the new drama la 5 acts, with new scenery and appointments, entitled uniFFHH GAUNT; or. .ißitorsT. .AIM \anw..4 , .*1 . -I M M. 3 X . Now playing In New York, with great success. This (Thursday) k past 3, a Grind llatinee.— Man—f*r the Benefit of S-l* ciers* Widows and Orphans. Saturday, Griffith Gannt Matinee. In rehearsal— FORTUNIS. jyj c VIOKE R’S THEATRE. McVICKEK ft MYERS .MANAGERS Engagement of the young American Actor, MB. LAWRENCE P. BARRETT, Who trill appear on Monday and every evening until lurihcr netter, in the Drama, in five acts, dramatized by Geo. L. Alk*n from Chas. Rcade'i popular Novel, cnllu-d GRIFFITH GAUNT; or, Jkaiocst. Ciltßtb Gaunt Mr. LawrenceP.Barrett Friday—Benefit rf Mr Barrett. Saturday— I'arrctC Matinee. In rehearsal-KoscUale. QROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. LUCILLE IN A GALA MATINEE OF EAST LYNNE; Oi; The Elopement SATCUDAY AFTEBNOO.N, A dmfcelon 30 cents. Reserved Scats SO cents. rrHE XICTCHINtjOE FAMILY, Tnbe X oi Asa—ix members—give tbclr second and last but one MATINEE, at OPERA HOUSE MUSIC HALL. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Dec. sth, at 3 o’clock. Songs ned Sentiments fbr the Old and Young F< Iks. AdmiMoD. 33 cents. Schools and classes at a libera! deduetkn. V/-AKIETT THEATRE. Mr. ED. WRIGHT ~ .Business Agent great success of the new stab, JBILX/ST BAIUIY. This Evening an Excellent Dili. Monday Evening. Doc. 101 D, will appear, EDWIN BLANCHARD, And his Trained Dogs, NERO and CARLO. Also—Miss Laura Bernard, Joe Woods, Jimmy Clark —all talented artists. THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICALGAKOENS AND COLISKDM, CIR CUS AND 51EN AGERIF. First appearance in Chi cago of MR. JAMES REYNOLDS, the favorite Clown and Comic Singer. Re-engagement of JOHN LOW LOW, Great American Cln«n and Jester. Firs; ap pearance of MR. WM. UUITON, the Great Summer sault Rider. On and after MONDAY. Dec. 30, by re quest of many cilUcta, and to keen up wlta the times, we have reduced our ibices, as lollows: Admission— Arm Cl airs In Dress Circle, 50 cts.; Seat* Rom rved in Dress Circle. 75 cts.; Family Circle. 30 cW.; Doxes for Colored Persons. SO cts.; iTlvate Ooxe*, 93; Seal* In iTlvate Boxes. 91: Admission to Matinee to all parts of tbc he use, SO cts.; children under 9,30 clt; children under 3. tree. auction gales. Gilbert & sampson, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TRADE SALE OF Toys, Parian Ware, Photograph Albums, &c. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, December, 6th, at 9J< o’clock, at our salesrooms.-17 and -ID con-latinc of a large varlct* of Toys asd Fancy articles, a splendid assortment ofParlsnVnses, Figures, Statuettes. Boxes, Ac. Also, a very fine Invoice cf JO dozen I'hotograpb Albums. Just rmlv*:.l trom Paris, with other goods, to be sold In Quantities to salt tbc trade. GILBERT & SAMPSON. Auctioneers. Gilbert & sampson, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DEABBORN-ST., Chicago. HI. Our personal attention given to sales ot Household Furniture, at Auction Rcoms or at dwellings. SUPERIOR FURNITURE* Plaoo-Forte. Lace Curt »lns, *inen Goods, Carpets, Stores, Ac. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, Dec. 7tb, at 9)tf o’clock, at our R-'onw, 47 and •IDDearborn-tU, coml«ilugol a splendid os* soi tment ol Crat-elam and medium PARLOR, CHAMBER. LIBRARY AND DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, Including a large variety of elegant oil walnut, mar bb-top chamber suits, of S and 10 pieces. Cottage enamelled chaml*cr sets, 10 pieces. Minors. Ilctures. Crockery, Stoves: MmeoelU, In grain, Ergllfh Felt and other Carpets. (Stair. Ac.) Also, l tine "-octave .round-corner rosewood-case t |.*no, mad- by Rallett, Dana A C n . Also, set* of rich lace window < urtaln-. ana 4 solid ellvir candle-sticks. GILBERT A SAMPs-ON, Anetjoneers. O FECIAL SALES ON THE MOST EL- O EUANT Stock of Rich and Medium Furniture, FRENCH PLATE PIER GLASSES, AT AUCTION, That in* ever been offered at pnbllc sale In this city, on Tuesday and*day, Dec. llth and 13in, at IP o click each day, consisting of cne of the most exten sive stocks of new custom-made furniture In the West, and consists of the newest and most beautiful made, all of which Is made of the best scatonedwo xl and by the best makers In the country. Not an article will be allowed in this sale that cannot be warranted In every particular, and for richness and elegance of design cannot be surpassed. if equalled, west of Sew York. The stock consists In part of elegant parlor i-ets In all t;e fashionable ‘tries made, and covered In the best of silk plush, silk cottellnc. terry, moque'te, rt psacd haircloth; elegant Turkish chair*, parlor, drawing-room and other tancy chairs; gcstle-Lens' re clining, smoking and reading chairs: music stands and racks, work, glove and handkerchief boxes; Oriental and folding chain: very One etsgvres, witn French Slate gla«s; ladies'elegant pallor secretaries ana desks, nlshed In ebony and variegated in the most beautiful manner: Frci ch work-tables and stands, library book cases and secretaries, library tables, steps and chair*; marble-top tables of beautiful styles; toe most elegant as-ortment ol tancy brackets ever seen in Chicago, j-ist the thli g DrClirlsimsf; hall trees and ebatr*; rocen tlen,dlnlne and chamber chair*, rocking chairs la gnat variety. Par icular attention is invited to the splendid assortment cf rich chamber suits, of the most decant styles made, finished and polished in oil and waxed ebenv and walrat, with chaste and elegant carv ings and moulding. French bedstead*, rich marble top bureaus and waahsunds. 1 lunges. commode. IHalne room—oak ard wainot Frenca cxteislon dining tables, with sci ol) and heavy (Hied leg*: dining chair* In great varletv; elegant oak a*.d walnnt sideboard*, with mir ror back ana marbles, witn an Immense variety of oth er good*, useful as a ell as ornamental. Pier Masse*— al«o. several large and splendid French p'ate pier classes, all size*. In polish black walnntiraaies.flni-hixl lu the richest strle. The attention ol buyer* wishing first-class turnltnre. Ac., Is particularly Invited to this s;.le. The co'-ds will be on exhibition on Mondav af ternoon belore the sale. Coantrv bnyerscan have thMr pi.ids parked aid shipped In the best manner. The sale will be positive and w ithont reserve. GILBERT A SA3IPSON, Auct’s, Chicago. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PILMER'B BLOCK, P64G 41 *V -itf RAXDOLPH-ST. SALE OF J. STETTHEIMER & CO.’S STOCK OF CLOTHING, CLOTHS, BEAVERS, CASSHIKKES, PILOTS, FURNISHING GOODS TAH.OHB' TRZZaZVZXIffGS, AT AUCTION, At tho Store of J* Siculielmer dL Co.» 7-1 sail 7G Latent, The stock consists ofbe’wpfn? 13,000 and fM.OOO worth of the meet desirable goods, all of which will be closed without reserve. TERMS OP S4LB. All bills order 1430. cash; all bin.* over |400,4 months* credit, fbr apptovtrt paper. W«. A. BETTERS ft CO. Anrf*. Dkt goods, CLOTHS, CASSI MEUES. Clothing. Boou and Shoes, Hats, Caps, cv 1 Goods, ftc., AT AUCTION, on THURSDAY, Dec. 6ih at 9y o'clock. at Ratters* salesrooms, to Palmer's Block. 44 and 46 Randolph* st. WM. BUTTERS ft CO., Auctioneers. T>EKE3ITTOHY bALE BOO White X Flankeii, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. Dee. 6th. at 11 w o’clock, at Batters’ Salesrooms,ln Palmer’s Moot, 44 and 46 Randolph* »u WU. A. BUT! ERS ft CO, Auctioneer*. T/aLTJABLE GOLD 'WATCH and \ Chain, Diamond Bit c and Pin. AT AUCTION. Topar advance and charre*, On THURSDAY, Dee. filh. at 13 o'clock, at Batters’ Salesrooms. 44 and 46 Randal pb*st. WM. A, BUTTERS ft CO., Aactloneers. T?irriPE bTOCK of a Shoe Dealer JCj _ Af AUCTION. On FRIDAY. Dec. Tih, at 9* o’clock, at Rotters’Sales* rooms In Palmer's Block. 44 and 46 Rtndolpb-at. Also, SO cases test qnantv Cblcaso-made boots. WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO, Auctioneers. A SSUxNEES SALE—Entire stock, ma il calncry and Cxtntes of a Boot and Shoe Factory. AT AUCTION, Without reserve, lor c»h, on MONDAY, Dec. 10th, at IP o'clock, at Store j S 3 Lake-st, np euin. By ordtr of J. W. werrlam. Assignee. WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO, Auctioneers. BT, LEE, City Auctioneer, • 143 DEABBOBN-ST. THURSDAY, Dec. 6th, at 9% a. m„ An assortment ot Household Furniture: Express Waqoa, Horse and Harness. Saica of Clothing every evening, at 7 o’clock. &Hincs, jLiquotg, ftc. LONGWOETH’S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI GOLDEN WEDDING. SPARKLING CATAWBA, DKI CATAWBA, ISAKFI.t.a AND DELAWARE, These celebrated Wine* are lor sale by FULLHa FINCH ft FULLER, LORD ft SMITH, and 'WEITZEL, 3LVETES & CO.. 7 Chicago, IU. ®o 2atnt~?i)ouses. nrO RENT—An elegant honre, Cl Park- X av., one block vest of union-par*. Keys caa be obtained at 63Park-av. For terms Icanlre at 2U LaSMt, TO RENT—Douse, No. 233 North La- containing twelve rooms, gas and water. Fniclrare sold if dcvircu. Inqa're on the premises. TO RENT—New tenement, corner of Twenty-ninth ard SUte-ii#_ 4 rooms. 3 dothea presses and pantrv. Bcntfic r*r month, inqalie at store corner Tveaty-ninth and bta-e-su. 'T'O RENT —A com tor table bouse In L good order. No. Hoj pralne-ar., ctirecr of Twenty-fourth-at.; six bed-rooms, gas. bath. Ac., 1 tree lot and bam. Apoly to JOHN S. BUCHANAN, office 00 Washlngtcn-n. TD BENT—House No. 1,233 Prairie av. Contains debt rooms, with pantry, cloa* ats, Ac., snu in good r* pair. Tt*s a cistern and well on £ remises. Immediate possession riven. For partlcu irs, tnqulreat No. 12 Chimber of Commerce. T) KENT—A new bouse on Indlana-av, above Twenty-slxth-tt, nine rooms, bi»Wes closets anu large halls, water and gas. Inquire 1*469 Indi ana-av. Price |COO. TO RENT—A Cotta ee House to rent and furniture fbr sale. '324 Fulton-sU House contains six rooms, and closets. Apply on the pro- XO RENT—Two neat cottages, contain- , iDR Troona, p&atTT and t<rc<«e*,oD Jacksoa.weet 1 oyrieat inaaTreof Ura.D. PRATT, Intelligence c} omcf, 130 booth Clarke nPO RENT—Dwelling ot six rooms on n " ar at SIS per moatb. T. FITCH A CO., 107 Dearborn-«t. rpO RENT—A pleasant CoUaee, with JL rood basement, at 'll Q noron*9t. Icaulrcat James scorrs. a?s CUnton-st! TD BENT—A two*story House, with basement—snlflclcnt room fotthe accommodation 2 t J?SU® 10,J,,C9 ’ 1° a desirable location. Inquire at 107 West Lake-sL TO KENT—Nctv house, 248 Ohxo-st, eight room, Kent KOO. Call at 103 UtHL TO RENT—If you want to rent a home, bny a house, or sell a tome or lot call at our office. Some bargains ofierlaz. GEORGE A WIL LIAMS, 7 Sooth Clark-tU TO RENT—It yon want a good boose and cheap rent, call at 073 West Madlson-sl. Ponte la new. 2To laxut—lxooms. TO RENT—Room, 22x90, with steam power. FCLLEIi & FORD, tiSi and 254 M*dl sob-st. TO KENT—To one or two gentlemer, a large turmrhed front chamber and large c>o*et, couvcnletcefor Arc. Inquire at No. 10 North Cur- Us-sU T'O RENT—One, two or three rooms, with or without board, at 232 Oak-st., with or without inmiturc. ib 'T'O KENT—A furnished front room in X a pleasant location. Inquire at No 3151 North Wclla-su TO RENT—Furnished lodging rooms, ■ingle ami double, tarnished and k-pt m order, to rent witiuut board, to gentlemen only, at 13 South Water-it. TO BENT—Suite of rooms, and furni ture for eale cheap, in Reynolds’ Block. Address Boa 03.10- T'O RENT—Pleasant furnished oruu furnl-hed front rooms nt N". 21S East Washing ten-at., (betwten Franklin and Marxet-sU.) r PO BENT—feet rooms, tour closets, I water. Ac. Furniture for tale. A good oppoitu nlty for any on** ahhlut to commence housekeeping. Apply ataSfeV booth Uark-st. r PO RENT—A furnished Iront sitting 1 room, with bedroom, tor man and wife, or two gentlemen. In a private tamily, at 129 North Wells-st. npO RENT—Nicely famished rooms, X wllbor without board, at 13S West Washing ton-st TO BENT—Famished room, with board, at No. 1 ’>3 South Clark-H, Room 01- T'O RENT—Cheap—One large furnish ed iront room, suitable for two or lour gentlemen, with clofc!, gas and stove, at 83 Jackion-st., near btnte-at. Inquire at the house. TO RENT—Four rooms in a new house, suitable for usmall family. Rent {lO per tmnth nntll the Ist of May. Call at 073 West Madlson-sL, and fee the rooms. Also, eight rooms in the same building, at EC3 p*-r mnctii. Co l\rnt-£tcrcs, ©fixers, &c TO RENT—Steam power nod rooms to rent, roar of 71 Ramlo'.ph-st., Court-plnoc, oppo site CrocbVo Own House. Apply to A. WORDEN & C0..0rL.1. 1 PUD, on the premise*. TO RENT —The 2d and 3d stones ot the larce brick store occupied by M-»irs. Sti ver. Moore & Co.. 30x70, corner South Water at. anti Mfcblgan-ave..entrance on Mlcblgan-atc. suitable notlut s. clothing or boots and shoes. Apply at SUR VEY. MOORE & CO., IB anti 48 Mhhlgaa-arr. TO RENT—Very cheap—’Two lloors suitable for storage or light manufacturing pur poses. at 23S Randolph-t. TO RENT—A small office. Inquire at 16-1 Washlngton-st, Room No. 10. TO RENT—A good office, on second llcor. with and desk lor sale. Inquire at Si Dt-arbcm st.. Room 1. W. It. WELLS. HpO RENT—At 4&3 South Clark-sL, one A More and one room; three rooms on the back; two rooms on the back. TO RENT—Desk room, or one-third of office for phvMclan. In Im-daos part ol r-ltv— nenr P. O. Call or address 118 South Clark-st, Smith db Nixon's Building, Room IS. TO RENT—Cheap—An accessible office, with bedroom attacked, on second Soor and cen trally located. Apply at Room 1, No. -IS South Clnrk-et. (Eomeponbencc ftfUanteh. CIORRE&PONDENCE— Wanted—Two ) younc men desire forming the acquaintance ol two young ladles ofa roman'lcdlsp-wUlno-’ Photo* cx chorcnl. Objoet, aausement. Address *• WILL HILL or HILL WILLS,” care Box AS9. D-*catur. Illinois. /■'l ORRESF ONDEN CE Wanted A V r ynnrgmvn.strarger in the city, wishes to fo-m the arqnalntat ec of a limited number of young ladle*. Object, companv to skating park* and other n ae*-"1 amusement during the winter. Address HARRY SEY MOUR. Chlcagn.K O. _ partners SBlantch. PARTNER —Wanted—A young man who In at present encaged la finishing patent and has not tn<* means to put 11 through, do-ir-w apannerwho ran *urnl-n S'tne moccy. Persons will artdre** “A S TV* Tribune oiPce. PARTNER— Wanted—In a highly prof itable moniifarturlnchu*lnes*lnthl9 city. Small capital required. Great inducements. HALE & CO.. •I 1 Lombard Block. PARTNER —Wanted—Ol some literary ability, who has £3W ready ea-b. to lnve«t In a paving. legitimate hnshc*-. Explanation at Inter view. AdJros J. E. WlN tf Oß,Trtivineomee. lioarb ffiSSantch. T>OARD—A gentleman and wile wishes 1) board with room* In a respec'able private fatnllv on South or West side. Goad reference* given. Ad dress, statirg lcrm?,’*S. J. K..” this ofilcc. T>OARD —A gentleman w s shes a room O with board In a private familv. withl" five min bits'walk cl tbe Court House. Addre«s“F.,”at Trl bune ofllcc. staring terms. T)OAKD—Two students wnnthnard for I > the«ißter whore thcr ran s»u-iy evening*. A private family preterred. Must be but a lew minutes’ walk from the Court House. Address “STUDENT,'* Trtbmc office. ©nrscfs, Carriatjcir, Scr. AWEETj-BROTTEN buggy horse, 7 year# old and black, for sale. He can be «eer Jacob Grease's stable, on CUnton-st., opposite Meehan leal Bakery. T. A. CLARK. Q LEIGH WANTED—With two seats, Ci snltabie for one horse. Address P. O. Drawer 6137. with price. A GOOD FAMILY HORSE, fire years old, Top Buggy ami Harness, for sale, at 147 Statc-st. A NEARLY new square box Bugirv {nr sale. Can b* s»en at FIELDS'Shop, 121 W-st Madlton-st. Inquire at Ui? Shop, ur at It.Tf) Folton-st. ASTOITTHORSE lor sale—Good for ail kinds r.f work where «p"etll« not refiilred. Sound and kind. Sold cheap, lor want ol use Inquire at northeast corner of Robev-st. and Park-av. r)P BUGGY, Single and Double Har ness, and four hors*'* for sale cheap, together or separate. Apply at IRIfl Fmton-st. TT7ANTED —Horses to pasture this V* winter. Terms £l per week. Fo- farther par ticulars luqnlre at the ofilceot TUOS. PABU£R,No. 2 Methodist Church Block. TTOKSEb WANTED—I have superior IT stabling and yards, and the best of le*d for a lim ited nnmher oi hT*cs and colt* during th« winter, stock taken out and returned, by addressing L. A. OS TKOM, Dunion. Coek Co. ONE SLYEN YEAR OLD TEAM ROUSE, weight L-Trfi pounds. A good one. For sale at WRIGHT BROTHERS' stable*. A FINE COHERED DEMOCRAT WAGON for «alc, nearly new. wniclo’ make. It quire at No. ill Chamber cf Commerce. fSariiinrts. FOR bALE—One tounccn-borse portv Uecncln-and boiler; two 'wclve-h:r*c Jo, n.*ei only one month. Also, one new ten-horse eacln* for saeat very low prices by GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 106 South Watcr-at. T7OK bALE—Ready lor immediate de- I 1 livery— A. N. Wood ft'Ca.’ Portable engine*. ID' quire of A. N. wood, a' the Sherman House, or of the manufacturers, at Eaton. Midnjn Co., X. Y. T7OR SALE—btenm Engines—l, C, 8, r 10,'JOar.d 30-horse portable, an J at) *l*es of «ta tt.rary engines, circular sawmills. Woodwcrth p a ncr» and matchers, power corn shelters, ‘hafttnr.jiul levs and elrvLtof machinery built to order. UICQ a!:DS* IKON works. 190 Washington-*!. T7OR SALE —The Earl steam pump, I 1 three tons of white cronnd l*ad, of very saoerlor qoalitr. at very low figure*;* lot of stare and barrel ma. blacry. portable and stationary steam sengltea *f any liar, three Farrar snrlaeet*. Iron l«tbe*. Iron pla ners, drills, charts, one scroll s*w. all on nand and can be seen at the Machinery Depot 3-1 South Weds-st, HAWKINS ft JAMES, FOR SALE— Six endues and boileis, best make, new Improvements; two 8, two 10 and two 13-hots«power. "Ith or without boiler?: 12.1M* and 20-btrse tubular and locomotive boilers. Engine* and boilers famished to cede-; also, sawml’l*. barrel and wcodwirtltc machinery, Iron plane's, belting. »aws. flies, etc. MachH ery depot No. 35 Oearbom-st. GREENLEE DRO*. ft CO. FOR SALE—Portable and stationary encUos. and portable Enclne* of ail sizes mtnatactnrod »t Watertown. Near York, and for sale by the subscriber. Saa-irllis ,-f the most ap piovca styie. Call and see them at No. OS Msrket-st, Cblcaco. Send for a circular. W. F. NOYES, Mill Fnralshlts Hcose. 'J'HELANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Hills. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Sliincle Machines. Corn Mills and Shaftlny, Wood working Machinery. LANK ft DUDLEY, Corner ol John and Water-sts, Cincinnati. Applicants fbr descriptive circulars will specify the machinery they reed. lel9g&3fl4oxai jpiue jputuiturc. p-URNITURE ROOlia CHAS.TOBEY, MANUFACTURER AND DEALEB IN RICH, MEDIUM ASD COMMOX Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT andLO WEST PRICES of any boose in the West. y- It Is the s-PECIAL INTEREST ol every person wanting Coods In ay Une, to call and examine. 8" and 89 State-st,, Chicago, 3£cal Estate-Cits. inpuovtD, FOU SALE—A small, very handsome cottage el 5 rooms and ball wvi be sold cheap If applied for Immediately. Address p. o Box 70S. Chicago. ' P)R SALE—Cottages—One on Pnllon* at-, with lot 23x130, lor *2.500. and one on Warren. IU, with lot 50x130, fir *4,000— both 'n good location and cheap. BAIKU A BRADLEY* corner Lako and LafcaUe-at*. FOR >ALE—In bulk or parcels. 100 feet on North Clark-st- with frontage nf S 3 feet on the river, with the bulldicg*. win be sold exceed* inely low, and on five year*' credit. Apply to G. B. U. HUGHE?. 77 Dearboro-sh, room 33. >J floor. EOR SALE—In the Real Estate Office of THOMAS B. BRYAN A CO., Bryan Hall. wABASH-AV., sooth ofTwelfta «n, two-story frame house sod basement, with ad modern Improvement*, and frame barr, and all lathe beat repair, with lot 25 or 50xlW feet. WARRESoT., west of Llncoln-st. admirably bnllt two-st»rr frame boose, with m odern improvements, and lot aOxlSi fret, to JChfoot alley. ADA-t>T M w3U'.6 of Lake §U, two-story frame house, w Ith brick basement, gas atd water. and a small bam, wit lot 4*1x113 !• ct; bonse Id excellent renalr. JACKSOK-ST., north-east comer of De«plstnes-«t., foar two-story frame honws and a cam. with lotsSOx 100 teet. to alley. paying 15 per cent on outlay. LAKE-ST-wesiof Llneola-st. two-story new frame boose, with store; also, two-story frame barn, with Ist 37VX2S0 fret, to TValnnt-su, at a bargain. Also, a large list of other Improved and tmlmprovcd rlty and gnbnrban property. I?OR SALE—A good two-story bouse 1 on Illinois at. beta eon Dearborn and SlatMts. Al«o, hense No. 13, North Corns-el. THOS. FREE MAN, l‘d4 Randolpb-st, No. 6. FOR SALE—By XVm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Washlsgton-at.,00 feet on Warren, near Home; 60 feet on Warren, near Learlu; CO fret on Park-av., near Leavitt: 50 feet on Clark, near Polk; d3t150 feet on LaSalle, near Cblcago-av.; 47 feet on Cast-aU, near Chicaco-av.; SOQfcet on Calamet-ar., cor. Pralrle-av*- T?OR SALE—A very desirable two-story I 1 Dame hocse, with atone basement, on Wahuh-ar., beiwceo Twelfth and tot 35x172 leet. to alley, with a good barn. Will be mid at a very low price and on meat liberal terms. WARItEN A GOOD RICH, Beal EsUte Broker*, 135 Boom FOR SALE— Two new frame houses, with good dry cellars, on Wabash-av„ between Twenty eighth and Twenty-nlnlh-ata., 10 rooms each; sidewalks soon to be built on the avenue and on iwen ty-nlnlh-it.—already ordered. Lou 36x191 leet each, to wlce alley. Price only |6,0C0 each. WARREN A GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 135 Dearbora-st., Rooms. - EOR SALE—Michigrm-av residence, south of Twelfth-sf.; desirable residence on North atle-tu, near Oak-ft: two cottages on Faltoa-st. J. D. UARVEV, Real Estate and Loan Uruter, 7*5 La aallu-at. I?OR SALE—On Michican-av. a new r thrte-story and basement mantle front residence. rtpfM«dlr first-class. i*oj.«cs*lon January lit. J. U. REELEC. Real Eetatc Agent. T3!> Sooth Clark-at. li'OK SALE —Ai a decided .bargain tor XT the buyer—An entirely new two-story sod brick bi6eu.c-,l boost, wUh Man-ard rooL containing 14 rootLi, lot tndcold water, bath room*, water closets, marble mantels etc., and lot. 37 fret front, on Lake-*!., near Elirabeth. THOMAS* D. SNYDER & CO- Beal tatate Agcnu, 4 Metropolitan Block. &ALE—At a great bargain, on f M<>nro*-st, near Franklin. feet, wlta bouse worth #1,500, at S3£oo cosh. N*r better Investment ran bcicand. Mu**tbc sold lbl» Week. Apply to GEO. W. lULU 17 Reynold*’ Block. VKinpIIOVED. }7OR Sal^E—The north bait of Block X No. ii. School Section Audition. having a front* egerftiSfi Lion Clinton and Jvflerson-*!*., and con ulning 23 lots. A rare opportunity f>r a macufticto rv. Will h? sole on rca>onab:c term* hr X. S. FITCa A: CO.. No. 167 Dearbom-»L |7OR SALE—Wabash-ay.—A fine lot X on the nor.beast corner of Wahash-av. and Twen ty-third i*t— SO feet front l»y 160 feet deep. Lot nPed up and surrounded by hue shade trees. A. J. AVERELL. Beal Eiltlu OlHcc, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. L'OR SALE—No. 7fr Adams-sb, extend- I" Ing throuen to Quincy ; lot 25x175 feet, wl’b two frame hru*ea, now renting for Bl per cent on the price naked, tp.oeo. and will eooa b>* business property. A. .1. AVERELL. K-*l Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOB SALE—A choice lot on Prairic-av. hSsISU fecU In the lies*. localltv on the avenue, and very cheap. GEO. W. HILL. 17 Rcyncld*’ lliock. FOR SALE—72xI3O feet, corner of Jack son e-t. and llaimlton-av.. fi.503;24 lots near the corner of Rob«y and liarrsoa-st*.. 91 .j each: lots on I'ark-ftv.. ore l.i;ck west of cltv limit*. #370. U. C. MOHEV & CO., ileal Eetatc Brokers, S Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—SO lect on Micbigan-av., near Twenty-hrsl-BU: 50 feet on Dougia*-placc, near University; W ti*et on iVe*i Madison,near Ril>ey; 50 feet on Mlchicar-st., ne»r U -*h. verr rheap: MV on Madison near Wells. J. D. IIARVEV, 7S LaSalle st. 1?OR SALE—Two lots, 21 1-4 each, on North Clark-Ft.. neat North Watcr-si.; a two story home and choice huslncas lot, lAxkS fwt, comer ot West MadUcc and Al<crd«eu*s.a ; a noose ana lor, :®xi:o Ret, on Wot Polk-et., near C.tcton-st,; 10 acre.-*, miles wfst of city, on line of West Lake->t.; 12 acn-e, with Improvement* and Cne cruve, 1 ml c» wnthofclty. Apply to G. R. 11. HUGHES, 77 Dear tHTU-M.. Room (Clianccs. T?OR SALE—Notice to Lumbermen and X 1 Capitalist*— The largest, Ix-st and most comp etc lumber manufactnriog eatapiUiim-nton Ute St. Clair Riser U ottered at private *ale fur a hUillcd time. The mill* arc In the city of St. Clair, at tue confluence tit the St. C>alr ned line river-, with a water frontage of 2.200 feet. There arc two building*: one TOt feet by •». with addition 25 r.y 20 toet; the other by v.; ac kcowledgtd by all visitor* to he the N*»t constructed ml>U Ip the Mate «1 Michigan, containing two upright saw*, one gang ol S 6 flaws, two edglcg Unl«-*. two cul oil aawß,ctclccllb«l plane >ath machine. Wilder'* pa tent double flooring ana aiding machine, cnc 21-lach turfheing machine, and one of Evan’s patent doable automatic shingle machines. The eoglce and holler house i» Sft leet by so. perlectly flre.prooh There are three N-lter# 26 leetlongby -I icet diameter.*yitndcrflK feet stroke. 16)4 Relies diameter. The cdmttey *.* round, of brick. 100 ftet high. The whole is m t>ortcct order, replete with every rtqulsU; to: I aad tmMeutaot tor dome a large business and 1* now running day and . night IlgMtd with raa. Connected with this pr.-perty there is a Inrcsl containing over sixtt 3ru.uo.vs kkst or oooi> pt>k timber, aecesslble and deliverable althe mlllß by the natural current. The whc»e property wld he sold together, or the mills will be eobi separately, aid the pine sold on the stump or bv contract, drlivtr able at the mills in stipulated quantities per annum, or by taking payment to a percentage of the lumber when manufactured. To person- with the requisite espita 4 this pr- perty present* greater advantag'-s and inauccmeoh* than any other tor sale la the Western country. The great lactlitie? for thlpnlng lumber, cither hast or Wo-t, is alone a large proilt over mil.a at more remote point*, f2A3 n- r M ft. being the high* »*FI acason contract price paid Id twelve ycurs on lum ber from St. Clair to Chicago, whit* #A2S per M ft. has been paid this season from ><gtnaw 11 Chicago. For price and terms apply to JOHN OWES, E-o„ at the Nat onal Insurance 1 vna. cr to GEO. S. FROST, Esq., nt the Canal Land Office,'tt. FOR SALE—Livery staWc, lease, stock, ct*’.. liorec*. bugirlr*. rlf-Fe coaches, to! e*. lap* an*’ horse blanket*. Will sell separately or together. lDiy.ilreM-ls4and4sti Sta Ce-st. N. D Or will rent toe stable. I?OR ,^-ALE —A No. 1 saloon and res taurant and twoblllard tables, will )>c sold at a go.Q business. Rcfti-on lor serine la sickness. T7OK BALE—Plaining Mill, two stories, I fe*t, beside* engine room.lSiin. a f.fiv-lior?<o power em tne. three flooring machine*. t*urfarcrj siding saw. etc., all in grvd order; lease of lot. loo.xui feet. ThlMnlll will be *old low, part cash an<l part In real estate, cr a sabmg vessel. Apply to BEES e AVERS, Ilcul Estate Brokers, office 10 Crosby's Opom House. 'SALE—Lease and fixtures of a 1 fim-emss fibre In one ol the best locations-m the South Side for either a wholesale or retail trade. Ad dre-s **M W," Tribune office. t'OU SALE—Or Lease—The dry eoods I st'-reaßdfixturcssttuaiwl 123 North De*plalne*. si. Chicago, occ-inlcd by H. ft K. Oowlrldcr for the last UD yearn. Alan, a small -lock of dry gooiy at mar ket price. This Is a chance seldom to -e met with to an> enterprising business man Lout years* cal*. ♦lOO.CW'.aimranbelcmased with energy. Term*.part rarli, balance on time, real rotate security. U. GOOD RIDGE, 103 W«t Lnke-st, Chtca. o. I7OR. SALE—At cost and Invoice- Lease. stock and fixtures of a family grocery •tore, now doing a business oi SIOO a dav. Good rea too given fer sc.llcc. Address •• IIU." tttbane office. I7OU BALE—lnventory, stock, lease and fixture* cf a first-class grocery store In one of the test It cations la this city. Address “ B T," Tribute office. 170 i< SALE—A good chance toraprac 1_ tlcnl butcher to obtain a goo-i paring basin***, with a small capital. Address HAMMOND, Tribune office. FOR SALE—Price sl;soo—Packing house, with ad the neccssarr tool* and fixture*, smoke hr>u*c, ice house, baru, splendid lard kettle nad prers, with a good mark-.t for meats, an old Cstab- Ushea place. Address •* F K." Tribune office. T7OK SAl E —Rare Chance—A new vin- X egar factory In rntnlng order, with ballet and engine. irrfVAW. Good rea-ona given for selling. Ad dress “ F,” at this cilice t?OR SALE—Fflmllv affairs compelling P me to leave this city. I o’tfer rav store In Lake-st, between Dearborn and Clark, with cotlre'y new and fhll assorted stock nl valnaMe goods, lease, flxttir-s aed lively. On-top trade, for SIAOO. Rent KJCO. Ad areas '• FhOHTAR^.L. , ’ Trlbnn*. office. 170 K SALE—flail miercst in an office P business paying from sls tosJo per week, tet, •f(» required. Apply at 134 Dearbotn-st, rcom No. •J, pp-etalr 9. 170 R SALE —An equal partnership is ,P cffemttcarfllablcbc»in*-ssmantn a fintclos*. well e»tabli*hed wbolesala grocery house In the city of Chicago. Cash capital from forty to sixty thousand dollars required. er? few oppe'rtanluc* for ounlnou ?a perlo tothls. A prectlca)grocerrreierrerf. Ad-tres*, w ith refere' cr ana In confidence. “XENOPHON," Care P. O. Box 6117. Chicago. FOR SALE—A very desirable boarding hou*e. In a central location, now dolor a flu* vim ness. lia» a lease wlta over four vears in run at a low rat-, 05 reorder*. A fine chance for an enterprising n an with a few ttetitaud dollars to step Into a paring bm-inti*. WARREN ft GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 123 Dearoom-M. Room *4. |7OR SALE—No. 1 Business—A nen I stock ot boot* and shocs.baU and caps, and gent* tuir.UMnp ;oo<ls.with r.xmn**. and advaataguouslea-i ofstoieonbonthClarr-M. Will take co*tageand lot In part payment. Inquire at room 2.167 Dearborn. J7OR SALE—SI,SOO cash and lime—A 1 trccerr, dolngcoo-i bu«it«f9, on aslnet rtllwsv reat. Reason, owner colnelnto rhoicsac trade. Address, fur S days, “ADIboN,” tblscffice. dfbr s-ale. I7OR SALE—The schooner Adriatic, 191 V tons, old measurement; bow laid bp In tot? port »f Grand Htvcn, Michigan. For term* and price. Inquire of JOHN E.THItOOF.coiTer cf Wells it*. Uarrl*on ‘is. or the owters. at Grand Haven, Michigan. CLT LER * CRTS. FOR SALE—Orcxchauge lor drygoods, groceries. or boots and «ho»s—A hou* and lot and barn In Milwaukee. Wu. Price ffi 000. Will rent for SC<C per year. Addreaa“K A 11,” Drawer 333, Milwaukee,Wls. I7OR bALE—A second-hand piano, 7 I 1 octave. four round corners, la good order, made by Gilbert, of Bosun, cost fiiO, for sls. 130 Clark- Room 6. F'OR SALE—schooner Cornelia, capaci tr 17,000 bushels, or 223 m lamotr. B t. will be «old chc-ap'tf applied for Immediately. ELKINS & MEB HSU— ; I7OH SALE—The sboorers Denmark 1_ and America will be o3*red for sal* at uabll.t aac sion, at their docks, from 101*» 17 o'clock, lor me bene fit ct whom It mav concern, on the thirteenth dtv l>nember next. For particular* spp.y to KDbT. UAE. Scutli Water and Clark-sta. I7OR SALE—A large size Singer Sew l Inc Machine In brat--ate order. Address “5,” P. O. Box 2791. FOR SALE—About 400 il good bnck. Address P. O. Box 131. Chicago P. O. con SALE—’To Jlroßers—Anapproved r claim Bgalns} the Government, nr lIW. due tr F*brnary. Ch>ap for cash. Address “X T,” Triban* cthce. before Sa«n»day. Krai Estatc-ffiounttD. T?OK SALE—lmproved Farms—Tbe A? foUcwtns farms, with valuable improvements, situated In Marshall County, Illinois, near railroad uet-oi and river* . . „ Two tarms 01 S?T acres each, one ot a »0 acre*, one of 510 acres, me ol ICO acres, one of 117 acres, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal and timber lands, and Improved property In the thriving city ot Locon, Marshall County. Terms very reasonable. For particulars address fisttfr & Sfc)N'S. La con. Illinois. F3R SALE —At a great bargain, 330 acres of good land in Lee County, Pl-Ta few miles trom Dixon. Will be sold at alow price or exchanged for dtv property, and the balance. If any. paid in cash. WARDEN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Broken, 125 TwrboraH,, Boom 2. FOR SALE—Pine Lands—3,ooo acres valuable pine lands for sale. In Township a. N. Range 15, Aueean County. Michigan. $ tulles from the lake. For sartlcnlars address A. N. LANCASTER, 18 Wall bImN.Y. TT'OR SALE—3GO acres ot finepme lands X In Marathon County, Wisconsin. Will exchange for city property* D. W. MITCHELL, 3 Fullerton Block. personal. X>ERSONAD—Mr. L. B. Hoit, late of I lowa, ti requested to send bis address to VAN N AME & CO-,39 Lnbsdic-su, Chicago, m. asaantei-JHale !S)elp. BOOKKEEPEBS, SILESSEN &o. WANTED— A brst-class salesman, who can control a large Illinois trade and attend to U properly- Wll. be required to Gave: daring five ipot tits ot the year. Apply Immediately to TRACT IRWIN&CO-, 400 Broadway, Kirw York. WJ ANTED —Immediately, or on the V * Ist of January, nn experienced travelling agent fer the grocery trade. None reed apply except those ol long experience, ana who can command a good trade. To (Qch a liberal salary will be given. Address P. O. Cox4is. giving fall particulars. Correspondence Confidential. > \\[ ANTED —A smart young man to VV canvass the city. Good aaiary and Heady em ployment. Unatiiave *lfo to deposit, and come well recommended, call at room 31,127 Sooth Clark at, immediately. \\T ANTED—Two clerks for recoiding. V v Address aii»n Pinkerton, 92 and 94 Wasu*, Chicago, ketting forth previous orccpatl m, age,descrlptlonand references. srcrsonal applications will not be entertained. TUADiiS, i\f A^TED—Bookbmdet— A. first-class Y> forwarderandfinisher c«ant»pmimaitslto- K WaaLUEQERT \.\/ ANTED A first-class Rosewood V V Grate cr and one Tarnlaher, to EnUh cofflaa- Icqnlre on Court-place, rear or 23» Randolphs:. TXT AN TED —Tinners—Four pood tin- VV ten lor the winter, one as foreman, at No. IIS East Washlngton-at.. op-atalra. TXTANTED—A good and competent V * man, who can time and do chorea, Also, a trood cook. Rest wages paid for e .mp'U.'nt parties well recommended. Address **G F II,” PO Pox 401. TXT AN TED—A lew good machmsts. V\ No whiskey beads need apply. O. E. MER RILL. Beloit. Wl«. SSaantrtJ-jfamale Ibclp. SALESVOIOSa', TRADES, fte, TXT ANTED—A good sewinc girl to go VV to Lake Fcreat—one who wonltfbe willing to aaslstabont the boose and eat at the second table. A permanent altnatl a. Wages f 3 per week. Address L. FOREaT, Trlbaae office. WT ANTED—XVet Nurse, Apply to VV Dr.H.A.Johnson, 611 Wabash-ar, from 11 to 1 o’clock. HOUSE SERVANTS. TXT ANTED—An English, German or V V Norwegian girl, to do general housework in a small Cxmllr. Most be a good washer and tracer. Ap ply at 74 Twelfth-at. TT7 ANTED—A German, Norwegian or VV entered woman to do general Inosework. In qnire at 616 Wabash-ar. No Irish need apply. TXT ANTED—A first-class coot, to X \ whom good wage* win be given. Also, one chambermaid. Apply immediately at-JSO lUiooU-»t. \XTANTED—A good Conk. Apply at W BMP Wabaah-ar. • \\T ANTED—At 035 Wabash-av M an \ t Amerlcswor German girl, as chambermaid. \\f ANTED—An English, German or V » Norwcgiarfplrl, to do general housework, lu ll c at ;iO VVU'ara-pUcc. \7v7 ANTED—A good girl to do second v V work. Must c >mi »ul recommended. No Irish aero apply. At 3S.*I Onrano-st. V\f ANTED—A woman to do general V t hon-ework in a small family. GtXxl wage* and a :M*rmau* r.i situation will he glren to a gjod per* son. Apply at 210 Sooth Peorla-et. V\T ANTED—Immediately, a good girl V T to do general housework st tfl Pork-av. WANTED —A Swede or Nowegian * clrj to do general housework it a small famllr. Must ne a good washer and ironer. Apply immediate* tyatglA Indiana-*!. \\7 ANTED—A young girl 10 take the V T care of two children. 92 South Poorta-aU WANTED —A French or German girl to do central housework. Apply for two days, at no. 30 Third av. WANTED—A good cook at CuSWa- T ? tash-sv. Inqulie lor a few day*. T\7ANTED—A good girl to do the T* work of a small firmly. Rcfbreue-a required. G*>* d pay aid a permanent p ace. Apply 311 North May*kt. _ VX/’ANTED —A good girl tor general V* honvwork. To one who wilt give satisfaction, a good hero*? and liberal wages will bep*ll. inquire at 107 West ukc-st. 3£mploiimcnt agencies. \\T ANTED—A tew smart men, with v v from *lO to ?lfC. to invest In a «*nre paying - nnd honorable. Call at Room 3, No. J»7 Wa-Silug:on*>t. V\7ANTED —Fam lies can be supplied \ > With gemi, reliable help, at MRS. WaIITA KER'S Office, litJU Chlcago-av. l'\ T ANTED—Toungmenmthe country V V wishing t*ioM» n sUnatt.ns,aucUasbookk-cp eri*. cierk . collcct<*rs, salesmep. coadoctors, express men. mapply at Boom i;| FaJlcrton tnoc*. j» - h lK > arlnra*fL. or adras J. M Mt’OllEd: Box 1707, cnnoslng tut ■•entß for lud particulars. T\7 ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 Tv talr*men,lcondnet3r,2brakeiaeo, 1 nremen. 1 porter,^driver.-,2 eipr-aFmm. Apply at K*oni 111! FuHe ion Bl.'cs, UU D-arnoro *u App leant* bv mail andresa J. M. M JURE 4 CO.. Bax 1707. enclosing 1C cents tor reply. \\.f ANTED—Young men in t&c country V » wlstdug 11 obtain sltnatbitxs. aurh »■* bookkeep er*., coll ctois cvpre.«sm«o. clerk*. brakes men. Ac., 4r., to apply at 1 «4 Uearb*vm-«t, Roata 2. oruddrc*-M ILJtiNfiS &CO n 8.52040, encloilug tec cent* tor thd paruculare. T\^ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 T T 008-rtor, 5 bra*em*n, 2 fl-cr.i«i. I porcr. 2 drivers. -I agents. 3 entry clerk*. 2 conductors. Apply at 184 Dearborn-st. Room 2* WANTED —1,000 men to go South ; wag«» fistci #SO a monin aul urers and etrikers. #2 50 a d*-v; 500 railroad labjmri*. fi a day. Apply at 133 Boom 5. WANTED —1,000 men South, wages #45 to 950 pei month and htard; al-o. 20 good choppers, ; 10 ship carpenter*. 50 railroad hands, 50 for pineries. Apply at Room 3 Lind’.* D ock, Ran dolph-st. bridge. \\J ANTED—I travelling agent, 3 sales \ • mee, 1 clerk, 2 cooks, 3 solicitors, 2 printers. 5 tinner*, 7 (alters, 2 shoemakers, 3 farm bancs. 130 men to wc.rk on railroads In lowa, Nebraska and Mis souri, wages 91.55 to 93. W per day; also. 1,000 men to go ?outh. wates 915 to 950 p**r month and board. Mfady cmpiovmccL Aop.yto CARSUALL* SMITH. Sou»h Clark st- Room 11. Applicants by mall endi'M two Ftanif s for reply. \\J ANTED—lmmediately—3,ooo men T * co B'inth. wages, fis to &0 per month and boaro; 10b stone ma<oc* and cdtter*, wagts fj per dsv am) board: 50 hecers, ware? 42 per dav and b-isro; £0 quarrymeu, wagisfiperiUy and board; 1,003 labor. wmm fl.Su per day and board. Apply to OLM STED ft SNELL. 100 Madl«m-sL, Boom -1. Appil cant* by mail enclose ten cent*. \\T ANTED—AII persons in the city or f • conntry, looking for employmert la th*7mer cantllß or commercial capacity, to call or address room 21.1 *27 South Clarte-*t. immediately. Siiilaiitch-iHisccllancoug. \\T ANTED —Know Tnyself— All per- V 7 tort, young cro'd, who wish to have their pvst. cred i t and ir.tare dcaily revealed, call rn MADAM CARLISLE, at 31 0 i oaii- Clark-s:., at stalls. \\7 AN’ILD—Your past experience and \ v present troubles explained, ami your Intnre clearly revealed, bv MADAME DUVAL, 393 South (Tark-st. All questions answered. Price one dollar. \\T ANTED —Salesmen traveling from T T Chicago with samples lu call at 4C Franklln-SI. up stairs, mU a corner to their profits. XX'ANTED —.Money to loan on ap- V * proved real estate. U. n. HAAFP. Room S, Momton's Building. V\7ANTED —Any merchant having an \i ov»r*t?ckof diygoods.notiocsorfincy gorl*. y 1 o would like t'* open a branch store, or have them sold f r. commission, can hear of n cood opportunity ny addrff»lrg“S IIS,” care P. O. Box 3799. who'has store and email stock of goods, in good location. Ex panse* light, cud perfectly competent to carry on busi ness. Gcod references given. WT ANTED—Live men to sell a patent Vl machine fjr grinding irnlvei,scissors,shear*, reaper knives and all klncs of edged tool*. Sells In every lions*, laclcry. shop, hotel, saloon, steamboat, vessel, at all seasons of the year. Grinds one cr both sides nl same time. Don't wear oat or get oat cf order. A child can use It. Men are nuking froraflOto $lO3 per day. Ssnd retail price. $TkSd. for sample. FULLER ft CO„ 133 South Clar»-t„ Room 16. Two stamps tor reply. WJ ANTED —All persons to know that V\ Dr. Chamberlain's Ncnralslc and Rheumatic Actldcte cure*, in one or fttteen minutes. Chronic and skin diseases speedily cored. Ro-Jin IS, No. S 3 Dear born-st. WJ ANTED—Experienced canvassers in V * every county fa tho Northwest, lor a new and standard artlc'e. Literal comralssiors and creluslve lerrlt ry. Call on or addre-** HENRY M SUER WOOD.2I Lomaard Block. 107 Moaroc-sr. Chicago. WJ ANTED—For a foundry, a smal \ V portable engine amt boiler, abmt 4*horsc—*ec oud hand. Apply to JAS. WARUACK, 31 Dcai born-st. ■\T TAN TED—Live men! Live-men! V * Live men—To *nve t from 1100 toltfO In abn»l --m-s-that will psy from t‘>oo to $2,000 In stx months. 12SLake-flt. A C.CrtOWX ft CO. &Ha»tcb-gro Kent. W T ANTED —To Rent Furnished t T rooms, wiih bean! or cooking by a respectable quadroon family. IWervnccs required and given. Addr-.s*. with lowtst terms and location, P. 11. K. BURNETTE, Chicago Post Office. Air ANTED—To rent —Desk room in 7 7 store or office, for light boilncss. Address Lock Box 0277. Post Office. TXT"ANTED —To Rent —Two furnished T V rooms tor a gentleman and hl» wife, with or without bovnUtn a good location. Suath islde or-*- f-rroi. Address, stating terms and particulars. Box 1203. Chicago. TX7ANTED —To Rent—A house suita y > Me for a bearding house to accommoiste 13 or SOooardera. Addresa - W W.“ai t Sooth Jefferson-st. T\7"ANTED—To Rent—A gentleman y y wishes to rent a furnish*! ro:m.wunaut board, on the North S»de. Ad.’ress “J G." Catcago PO. TX7ANTED—To Rent—lmmediately, a yy hoooofSorlO on North Side, bilow Huron-st. Adare-s **A K.** Tribune office. iLogr ana jTflunS, r OST—A black bpame! dog, about ten I j months c.M. answers to tbe name ol ‘•Jet-*’ Any ..nerctnrnUj; blm, or giving Information where he rau be found; will rccelvellO reward. L. OzGBAFF, Wot adams-tt. LOST —A large Newloundland Dng, with white on breast, leet, nose and tip of tin. answers tu the rame of “Plato. Whoever will r-> turn Mm to 173 South Wtlls-sC wll. be well paid LOST— On Friday last from 171 Wabash av„a large Mack Vewlounlland die, white on tiresst amt nrckmnd answers to the name ot “Sancho.” When list bad a strap around hi) necK. Anyone re turning him, or leaving information leading to bis re cvvcry.wlli be well rewarded. r OST—Between Blakeslee’s tiimming store and Uabbard-court, a lady’s leather shop nlng-hagccatalnlng a pockat-book with some muaev. Any one returning it to No. 1 Masonic Temple, will oc amiably rewarded. ]" O^T—*lo Reward—A small, daik tan Li colored Dog, with curled tall, answering to ths came ot "FRANKS” In the West Dlvjjl jn, Sunday eve ning. Return to 59 Sonth Water-31. LOST —On Clark-st, between Washing ton and Randolph, a large white and yi-llow:point er, with tear on left car. By returning to Sl3 booth Curt-st, the finder wilt receive $5- LOST —A fine English Cnach Dog, hav- Ingrn a German snv»r collar. Any one return ing blm to the owner, at 615 a Mlchlzan-avJor 37'A booth Clark-sC, will be liberally rewanbd. LOST —On Wabash-av., between Van r Burra-st. and the Second Presbyterian Church, a y’s t *rea»ioln. round, ehated and slightly enameh-i. The finder will be rewatded upon returning It tu -19 East Van Uuren-st. T OST—On Saturday last, a small spring 1 1 Call, red and white, with white spot on cad of note. Also, a small lamb—dirty white, no wool on le*s. with a little strap around tts neck. Aey one re turning them to 187 North Water-su, will be reward ed. TrOtrND—A PJam Hcaded Cane, X* at Rnsh-st. bridge, Sunday, Njv. Sth. The owi er can have the bame dt prarlng preperty and paying charges. Apply at 183 corner of Cass, up stairs. JOHN McNORXON. T7OIJND —Two Cows, one red and one X black, were taken up at 932 HinwoMt. Owner can have same by calling at 932 Uarrlsoa-su, paying charges. Ac. rpAKEX UP—A brown pony, about 13 I bandshlch. Tbeowneran have It by prorim; propetty and paying charges, by applying to WM. u. CBOAON 1061 State-at. TAKEK UP—A Lieht Bay Horse, witb harness on. Inqslre at 274 West Lake-st_ prove prepay mipaj ttr uds sdrcnisemeaL j.riHNCE, SuUaittms ©Eiatueo. 2XAI.ES. SITUATION— "W anted—By a yonng mm well acquainted wlttj tbc English and Ger m»n Zanguagta. oa bookkeeper, clerk or travelling •cent. Good reference can be given. Addreaa *' Q Q." Trlbone office. SITUATION—Wanted—A Frenchman kJ wisbeaaeltnatlonascooa. Can tnruish the best of references. Inquire at BIBOLLA’S Baroer Shop, lllMonroe-et. Q ITTJaTiON—Wanted—As taker or to VZ3 make Mcselt generally useful at anything. Apply at_llo4 Wabash-av. J.DQRMaM ENGLISH. CITUATION—Wanted—Bv a young O man ol liberal education, speaks German. AagHsh ai d French, as clerk cr to make himself emeral'i aao ful. Ad< ms. lor two day*, •* w. Trlbone ofllce. SITUATION— Wanted—Bv a man who Uwell acaualntedwlthbuslnes*,*havtnz travelled through most Western Stated and can Influence much trade. Dry good* or groceries preferred. Beat ot reicrcncea gltec. Address*LES. V Tnbmecww- 01TUATI0N—XVanted—By a teacher m O Dutch, French. Enc't'h, violin piavlagdlAc. Ad dress P.0.80x331. Pella,lows. SITUATION —ft anted —By a young’ mill, aa bartender. Alao nndenttada Business, Hw good city references. Address-LD,‘* Tribune rfflee. CITUATION —Wanted—As first-dass C 3 barkeeper, grocer.oraomerespectableworkwhere a man make an honest living. la-docr» preferred, and a pood hotel or flrst-claia-»»loon or liquor store. Addict - BARNEY," Tribune ofltce. SITUATION—ft anted—By a pood mBl- O er. Addre«*OEO.LAEMS,CrawfotdiTlUe, Mont gomery Lo„ lnd. ClTUATlON—Wanted—Copying tooc- r tP.ce. flTe hoa " “ cliaaT * Ato;e ““ A C ITDAIION Wanted—By a younsr llshl porter. GoodruercDceßiTcn. Address‘-A. A~~ Tribune office. FE JULES. SITUATION—XVanted—By a young kl lady to takecare of children la some good faralir whereshe tan enjoy the prlTUege of a home. Ad creaa EMILY, 80xt?341. ClTUATloN—XVanted—By a girl, io O sew and do chamber work In a private family Call for pro days at 181 North galstea-at. QITUATI ON —XVanted—As cook, by a Cj very trnstworthy and responsible person (lady), either In a hotel or boarding house. Can base-natS North Ciatk st-fcr two days, and best of telerencs given. • SITUATION—XVanted—As housekeep- O fr. Is ccmpetcat to take tall charge. No objec tions to leaving the city. Address 355 South ciaik st, for three days. QITUATION —XVanted—By an Ameri- C» can girl, to do chamber work and sewing In a pri vate family. Uttt reqolnd. Apply on three doom north of Rlnxte. CITUaTION —XVanted—To do chamber O work in a private family, by an English girl. Good references given. Adcreaa “S B,” Tribune office, for three days, CITUATIOK—Wanted—By a lady from O N»vrTor* City, as housekeeper. Can give the best of references. Address oi call on MRS. BURN ham, iog Orchard**!. SITUATION —Wanted—By a respecta ble G-nt an girl, to keep house for a widower. Can cook, and understands housekeeping generally. Coil ImmcdUttly at 130 North State-st. QITUATIONS —Wanted—By two young .75 girls from the Eart—one a* second girl U a private ami-y. the other os stamre.-s; understands dre<e making and running a sewing machine. Apply at 2*2 nrrcc-st. CITUATION—Wanted—For a girl, to O sew. i nt and flu or make herself generally useful In any kind cf sewing department. Apalv at MSS. BALK AM’S Office, 130 huto-au ' SITUATION—Wanted—By a nuidlc- O aged lady.lnst from the country, os nurse- Would not object to going ho;:*ew-.xk la a smal! roll to-day at Boom 17 Post Office Ulock, the Pest Office. SITUATION —Wanted—As Cook. Can hi famish good references'. If required. Apply at 704 State-st. agents Kaantch. AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced book ard cr graving canvassers, to whom a large sal ary or roirniHMcn will be mid. Address CHARLES BILL. Ilf2 booth Clark-st- Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted— $1,5C0 per year ox paid to Agents to introduce our new Sewing Mach'. 1 c. Address SliiWi CLARK. nr st<bicfu>. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—*inu per month. Xx. I want Accnb* in every county In the United State*, ic mq entirely new business. Addrrts IL B. SHAW, Alfred. M->lne. AGENTS— Wanted—$200 per mouth . and expenses paid mole or tcmole agent l , to in -11 bdtie a new andu»tfa. luvintlcmcf abp.iute utility in eves; hccfctoM. Agrcts ; referring ;o work ou ccmr i»lf.n tan • art from to #lO :•< r dav. F.r full particulars address W. G. WILSON 4 Cleveland, Ohtc. AGENTS —Wanted—$200 per month— male and lemnle, to sell the BARTLErraEW- iNU MACHlNE—thcbe-iebcap mschße nude. Ad dress w . DELOSS A CO n No. j6S Ucurhorn-st . Chl engo. 111. A GEN IS—Wauled—Ladies and gentle- J.\. :ner. th-ooihoi.t tli<* Norhwest, to canvass lor Str*. Be-la Z. tT«ncer*s new novel, ♦•TRIED AND TRUE.” This bock D *ciling with nncxncctcd ra pldiiy. It is an el-gant gift lr.r the i.oHd-iy-. and Age: t* will makelr igecotcmlssiocs. Applr t-> nr ad dree* W.J. HOLLAND 4 CO., Chicago, in.* Milwau kee. Wlf.;! etroit, Mich.; Dnhnqne. Ijwo. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell a new, highly mtcmUng and rich y embellUhrd work, nci* RFALBOOK OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OFIIIE REBELLION, civil military, naval and domestic, embracing the most brilliant at.dte n arkab> events of the great American c nCI. c he roic. patriotic, poll'iral. ri manilc.l hair.cron*, and tragical, a beautiful royal octavo volume, tpq pages and f-ver StO engraving*. This work la one of the flntst production* cf the age. and li e most tvpu'ar lxv tof the war. Over 12.5 0 copies ordered the Qnt twoiLrnUu. Agentsar>: making large *nlf*. and say it Is ti t seMng bo* f thev ever sold. Energetic Agenw wt’.lCndltto their lrte»cft to engage in lie f f this taot-seillng bock. Kxrliulvo temuv ry and large commission given. Adores* J. A. BTOD DAbD 4 CO- 102 Wastaagton-SL. * Mcsgo. 18. AGENTS— Wanted—For BARRETTS LIFE OF LINCOLN, la English and Ger man—the only woik for vhbh Mr. Lincoln hla.felf fun>tatcd all the material tacts of bu early IBe. The most mature, reliable and (cheapest of the klcd pnbli*fce«l. Bi-sidrs a Large c.*rumi3i*iou, we are otfcrlcg Ag-msaflne list of premiums. Tlut 1 he people appreciate this Important work is evidenced by the following extracis from report* of Ag-nts: Dane tVU. ,S In oce week; Green Co., lowa, 100 tnore wees; LivingstonCo^DUSAone w-.cb: btirk Co. 111., 224. three weeks; Grant Wu., ZS. four week*; l%hltf*ide Co., UU 407, siven weeks*; Tazewell Co- 111-237,f0ur week*: Dubuque Co- lowa. 01. one werk; L. gon Co-111--105, seven week*. Wc have a large nn.ouht ol territory s 111 uncanva'sed. while a s*ci-nd thorcueb canvais cj territory alrcKty pardallr canvas*ed 1* *ure to produce excellent re*alu. A*t drctsJ.S.GOODMAN 4C0.3 Custom □ooso-pUcc. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—SCO Auents want- S\ ed Immediately for the GLOBE SEWING MV UHNP,on the libera, term*. I*. ATKINSON, 164 Kandolpb-et., uom b, Chicago. AGENTS Wanted For Frank Moore’s ntw work “WOMEN OF THE WAR." J. Itis, In the noblest seme, a sailer; 01 beauty, and ue envv theanthorthe grateful work he liar performed. It all read* like a romance. The story of the war ran neverbe well told without the story ot »hcwom-nl* told with It.— Chicago Ernttuo Journal. It so Is «pb-ndl lie. For full particulars call or address B. C. TELAT. 117 South CTark-»U, Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted—Male and female /-\ are making as high a* |2O wr day, with “THE GREAT Lai OR SAVED,” worth *"0 l.any family. Only *JU» 410 capital required. Send stanp for par ticular*. 11. W a WELL. Box ■I?S1. Chb ago. ISoatiuntj, .-IXOARDING—A pleasant suite of lor- XX ebbed rooms, with b»ard. suitable tor a ccntle nian ardwiq* or two single can be had at the St. Court House. 1 12 «ud 114 South Praiiklin-tt.. only two minutes'walk from the Court House. VIN TON' ft UAYNfcS. T> CARDING—A furnished Iront room JD with board for a cenEemai and wifi*. Abo a room suitable for two single gentlimeaat 30 Nor*h UalaUd-st, T)OAIiDING—To Let—A larec trout XX rocm. with board, rattable for a gent eman and wile: aho.a nice room for 4 voung lartie-wt»s are en gaged from hr me, and room r>.r gentlemen day board era—s4 per week—at *495 Michigan--*!. BOARDING— Two gentlemen ot good social position who desire a handsome front room, wtm board, and the comforts of a home, win find one by addressing **UO.ME,’* care Tribune Office, and give satisfactory reference. "IHOARDING—SingIe rooms, $5; two JD to a room, $4. 223 and tS43 Klorle-eL, near £tatc-el. bridge. • T)OARDlNG—Mechanics can he accom- X # medated with good board and room*, at reasona ble rates, at S 4 School-at., near l)*«plame-. IJOAEIDING—A suite ol unfurnished XX rooms, with toard. tmitable Ibr gentleman ami wife, in private (amllv uu West bHc. Location desira ble. Address “H LV Tribane office. BOARDING —A few more gentlemen can find pleasant rooms and good board at USCS’ btate-st.. or day board only. Pi Ices reasonable, b. K. COLEt Proprietor, EO AKDils G—A fewgentlemen can find good board and pleasant rooms at *427 Mlcbt gon-sn, near the comer ol *• orth state ami convenient to bur loess localities. Terms moderate. T4OAUDING—Two smsie gentlemen or JX a gentleman and lady can find tnmi*hed rooms, with board, at 173 Wabash-av., near Monroe-st. TXOARDING —An • untnrnishcd front Xjroom fin* a gcntKmanand w ife, with board. Also, 1-0 flugle cent* can te MCeommodated, ia a private family. 170 South CbnUm-st- TXOARDING —Pleasant rooms, fur- XX m*fa'd or unlurnlshed, cou be had, with board, at 266 West Eatdolpb-st. BOARDING —Rooms handsomely fur t ished, with board, caa be obtained at 112 East Adsms-st. T>OARDING —With handsomely lor y nlslinl guile of room?, for gentleman and wIC: or two single gentlemen. 207 Michlgun-av. Belerences exchanged. BOARDING— A suite of tront rooms, tollable for a geaßcman and wile, ma» be secured Tit application at No. SO' Adamant. References ex cn arced. "DOARDING —Ac No. 8 Eldrid^e-court f> one eotle of front rooms, with large closers and good board. Beiereacea reqnlred. BOARDING —A desirable suite of nice ly tarnished rooms, Bailable for a gentleman and wire or two tingle gentlemen, with board, can be ob talncdatlS? Wabssh-av. References required. BOAhDING— A good room, wrtb board, for one or two gentl-insn. can be obtained ty applying at 91 Aberdeen -gt. BOARDING —A large tront room, nice ly famished, with lame closet, and first-class bsard. In a private family, for gentleman and lady or. single gentlemen, w :o would like to enjoy the c.mfP - of a home. No. OO Sooth Peorta-st. _ BOARDING— Three gentlemen can Cc accommodated with board in a private family. Apply 139 Thlrd-av. BOARDING —A gentleman and lady desiring comfortable board and a pleasant home, nay fmd such In a quiet fiuall? on the North Side uear also, room lor a single gentleman. Address * F. o.,'* Trtbnne offllce. "DOAKDINQ—Good board, with pleas- JD ant rooms aad day boarders accommodated at Briggs Hcnse No. a.SB Monroe at. T>OARDINQ—A gentleman and his n wife, or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with board In a pleasant private tamllv. where tnerc are no other boarders. Apply at 3&S West >Udlsoa-st. TJOARDING—A ecntleman wishing a ll suite of unfurnished chambers with board for self and wife In a *mall Camlly Uvlntf In a pleasant part ot We«t Washlcgton-su. may address “ w,” p. 0. box 2363. OARDING—A room lor a and wife, and rooms for two or three eeatleraa 3 * wins first-data board, can be had by applying at 61)1 Wot Madlscn-st. T3oAßDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good JLj board In a private family, and very loca tion, can fltd such at 239 Dllnols-si, two clocks from State-st bridge. "DOARDING—A turnished room with JD (ms and closets, and board at a reasonable price, lor two respectable young men, at 42 Twelfth ncr Mlchlgan-av. "DOARDING—A parlor unfurnished. Is and a front chamber furnished, suitable for a etn* tleman ana wife or two single gectlemeu; also a f.w day twardera. Apply at So. 7 BaadoUß-tt. BOARDING —To rent—a fine tront suite of rooms, handsomely furnished. sujmMe tor afiunUy: also, two nlco room for single mta. Including beard, at 263 Wabash-uv. . DOARDING—^With a pleasant smte ot JD rooms, bath room, with hot and cold water, cioe eu and other conveniences, suttabiu lor a gen’-lcxau aad with or family of Uuee. 1 19 Wabash-av. DOARDlNG —Splendid rooms, fur- JD cubed or nnfuruLbed, can be bad. will Orst-claM Dbard,«l49iotmh-ftT.