Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 7, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 7, 1866 Page 1
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Qlllieago Cribuue. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1860. THE NEWS. Gold closed In New York last evening at 155\. The latest quotation for Fire-Tweutles In London tras TC^. The total value of property assessed In Kcw las} jiar was f35,T53,835; this year Ills {IiT,ST!,"Ci. Bulldirgs amonnllnc In value to $103,000 have been erected in Fsola, Kansas, In the past •etchl month?. Governor Crawford, of Kansas, was mar ried at 1 opcha on the 2vih nltimo, to Mias Isabel Chare, of it at place. Lengthy correspondence between Secre tary and oar Minister in Paris will be for.r.d strong the Wa«hlnjrlon news. Gov. Patton, of Alabama, In his message to tbc Legislature, strongly recommends the adoption ol the Constitutions! Amendment. The Kansas State Journal has declared for negro surface In that State. It was for a time »jht only dally newspaper in the Sta o which snp ported Pn sident Johnson. Additional particulars In relation to Gen cral Sedgwick's recent movement on the Rio iGraudc. together with many other Interesting items cf Mexican news, are given uiis morning. The question or Sunday travel has lor some tln.c post been sstia*-„ C,. cre a at.d the lower boare of the or i- t M -« has lust pa-sod a bIH prohibiting railroad trains and‘steamboats from running on the fir*t day of the week Th • Omaha announces that an- Oi' o- rodrctlon Of fare between that city and Chicago ria Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, •wer.t Into c-STect on the Isl Instant—a redaction of ci “ii The tare from Omaha to Chicago now Is 3'. Ti.crc are at this time In South Carolina \ o a cotton fatories In successful operation, IT! • T" 27 2UO Spindles and 'flfl looms, the largest one, the Ratal* Mills having 10,000 spindles and | r,fl looms, and the smallest one, the Talley rails Factory, having 500 spindles. The sugar crop on the St. Pauls river, I Iboria on oS2 acres, yielding two and a half to ihn c hogsheads each, mil give 4 211,2>0 pounds, a- the crop of IS6Q. Oue-thlrd allowed for home consumption, will leave lor export over 2,000,000 1 The United States District Court at Cov* ingtou, Ky., ha> cedded that railroad compaulea are not responsible for losses by the killing of stock which may hare broken from the pa-lnre and thus come npon the track, nor even when the fence- have been temoved by malicious persons. \ despatch from Sweelsburg, Canada, slates that tree Mils have been found against four- 1 Uvn of ih'- Fenian piisoncra. General AvcriU, our Consul m Canada, has arrived at Swcelebnrg, and will be in attendance at the trials, which will '•* commence onMo nday nest. The amount of gold thus far disposed of tiy order of the Secretary of the Treasury, is be tween four and five millions. It is not Mr. McCulloch's purpose to sell freely his gold, but in ►mall aicourte lor the present; probably his arc all over, except in a very small way. Judge Durcll, of the United States District Court In Louisiana, has expressed the opinion that, under the fourteenth section of the Frccd meu's Bureau BUI, the agents of the Bureau have the right io arrest parties for maltreating or de frandlLg ficcdmen, when the civil courts refuse to act. In view of prospective annexation, it i- a ror.Uerot congratulation to know that Upper Canada is making rapid advancement in educa tional matters. Toe school report for 1555 is just out. end trom it we learn that la 1555 the number of pnmls in attendance of school age was 351,61 i, and vl other aggs 22JC5, making a t.-tal ofjai,Csk As the whole number reported is 420,*a«, this have- Jf.ti 5 that fal* to attend school. * The M* Idle Jrfn'rhVr tells ol the sale of the well ncown blockade rauuers Mary and Red Gauntlet, by the United State* Mat>h,nl. «» which the Marj was knocked down at the in-lgnifirant sum of sh;,wio. She cost in England .Ci'iJXW eter* ling. The Bed Gauntlet brought $3,100. and cost at Uveipool some £12,0: iO sterling. She was ori built for the opinm trade, but falling in spccd'for that iralUcvvas sold to the Confederate Government, and used as a blockade rnnner. In the Southern General Assembly, now in pcfeion in Memphis, overtures V avc been adopted, ri d dc'ogalcs appointed to bear to the Associated Reform (Touch and the Cumberland Presbyteries, in rreer to effect the union orthos’* bodies with lb" AtJ-ctnMy. The Htlempt to remove the Theo logical Seminary f»om Columbia (S. C.) to Mem* jiM-has iailed. The report oT the Committee on the Ft i rdnun ir eliciting much attention, and the Indications* are that the debate will be violent and protracted. The Vstsd.vßlc Jlanner says that agents from Cincinnati and other points .ire travelling ihroii'h the south and buying nil the railroad iron lore uo and damaged during the war. Large amounts have been shipped from thl- place, and there i» still more to be sent off. Old and maty rail®, twisted Into all sorts of fantastic shapes, n-elcss until remolded, arc piled up to be sent away and -tinned for the new roads that are being built throughout the country, never again, let ns hope, to be torn np by a ruthless soldiery. The rains of Thursday and Thursday night Ift-t had the effect to suddenly raise the streams In Central New York to a deg-ee almost unprece dented. The low lands between Syracuse and Rome are several t-ct under water. Between Rome end Utica the rental Railroad track was e«bmer-**d for several miles. The flats between Rome and Little Falls were completely covered. The Erie Canal was suddenly filled to overflow in'*. and one break had occurred about three mile® ca-t of Rome. Boat* werepa««ing, not withstanding a large body of water was pouring over the tow-pa'h bank. General TVillinm Cirncy, E. sanford, Pbtlip I Codins, and some fifteen other leading citizens of Grundv County, have called an Ami-Monopoly Convention, to meet at Moms, on Wednesday, Pec- rab:-r 271 h, for the pnrpose of eliciting facta on the subject ot the existing combinations ot railroad end other corporations, and devising practical measures to put an end to the encroach menu- of chartered monopolies cn the law and - ri-ht ot i u e pubbe; and toseenre tin* enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and direct water communication with the ocean. p,;nr" November there were flfty-uluc American vessel* lost by fire, wreck, collision and o'her disasters at sea-tbeir total value being «-'»V.i3UP. Of these Vessels, four were steamer*. ihTcc were ships, fourteen were harks, eleven were p ! -s twcntv-MS schooners, and one a fishing smack. For the eleven month* of IW. the total lr have boon s** vessels, valued ie S2T,*s..HW. i-r1,.-the corresponding neriodof 16fu the Bum ofTO-rde lost w«s -IIS. valued at fl3.ltllt.NO. Tte losses darioir November, ISdC, were not so Live a. during some ofllic precedingmonths, tm-lom-arison being ;JJ sunary.*3.7ll.Slo; Oslo- p C r f5.515,uf0; February, $3,1.0,000; ApnU 701/-00, and November, *2JS«,m Tire \rizona Gazette, in epeakinj? of the T-isna<-emcnt of the Territorial Government aaya: i of Ac Select Committee ot ine tasi ‘ leMslamrc, appointed to inquire Into me stale of i u,-"Territorial Treasury. ehowedthe Indchmdnc.s Trca«nrerand -xpensef. sl,«.', total, • i n?wl.ole amount received lor tnves was $l,mOC .ii ices than the expenses of the Tern torlal Treasurer's office. This la rather a starUug “Dili's Marv Foster, aged fourteen, residing ■ in'ihe family of Wffliam Morrison, Esq., of le-fon Jllseonri, >»> horribly horned on the ■■ cvLCi—’ ol the 21th of November It appear, that she bad -or e np slabs for the pnipo-c of-dressing to -O out While there a coal oil lamp fell, or was kn«kWl io the floor, and bursting, the oil wa® set ou C-e In her endeavors io extinguishThi flames, her clothing was fired, when rau doxvu stairs through me house, and finally crouched down In a corner of the kitchen, where the flame® out bv Ml®s Mary Morrison, but no. until Miss Fo-tcr was so Mdly burned that she uled In a lew boors nftcrvvards. The Otv In her hamiog clothe. ° to bilense as to set Ore to the house In set oral . nieces charring the frame ol . door .gainst which ’ o that it had to he put oat AHv Morrison, In her endeavors to save the nn formtrate -itl, had her hands so hsdly banted a irll probably leave them permanently scarred, bat Wlf not otherwise seriously injured. . | In the Senate. 6th, a number of petitions from army oEeers. asking for iacr.o-.ed pay. wera .Mitnini Mr Trumbull, from the Jndtnary Committed reported lavorahls on th« taking awav the amnesty power from the Preal S.t re.,ors.lng that it might he done lotme dlatelv. A joint, rcsotntion from the Tcnnnnt ii cWalnr. in isvor ot Impartial saffrage, was presented. repotted a bill to pro lect the rights of certain loyal allzeas. Hr. Po- I-tid iltlrodnccd a joint resolnllot. having special refcret cc to the wool crowing Interests. After • ibe transact.* of some unimportant bust pcs, the Senate adjourned until Monday. 1 S the liorac, Cib. Mr. Wa-hhnrae, ot Illinois. offered a resolution that the Committee on Pop I SS and Post Hoads he inslmcted to Inquire into the expediency of conferring upon the PMt , office Department th. jmisdledon over the I telegraph lines that la now exercised by It Iran post offices and post ros-la. A resolution greed ,o for rite appololmenl of . It three to investigate the mmam,m..nes .tteod . In- the mntder ol three Union soldiers in South ■lk . Carolina In October. IRIS. A hill was introduced bv Mr. Dawes to fix the rime for tbs dec ion of tncmlicra o! Concrete. A retolntlon offered, and 1.-d over, calling on Ihe President to Inform , the House whether any portion of Mexico has been occupied by our troop*, and If so, by achat aaVhority and for what pnrpose. A resolal.on , ™ offered, and agreed to, to provide lor the np- , IJbtlmcnt ot a committee of throe to u> Kew Orleans, and to inquire into the details ot uTSfc massacre. Mr. odered a rcfiolntloo, Wtlcb wt» agreed to, direct ing Ac Jcdidary Committee to ,t( l nlr * |.l?„nrn?m^t^ n^ acd tbe reasons for each removals, - - lion was passed to Inquire » nU> ‘“® I dlency of reorcaolxlng the Peorion Barexa A resolution wa, passed railing »pon the Jcdlclnnr CommiUee to consider Ihe propriety of the doty oflhc President to proclaim msrilsl t»w ; ID those districts in the laid, rebellious Stales 1 where murders and other outrages have been i committed on cltirens and the local i have reused to punish the offenders. The bill to f *s the Urns for the meeting of Congress was uken 1 pp. discussed at considesahle length, laid ores, and the llonse a-lirmrned J t*outh Carolina Item*. \ Jjl the stab* to srttl* atl disturbing question* bo -. ■ IW tcip IrfßcenSth?North Atlantic Squadron now •-, thli city Were handeotaelv entertained at a re- to-dav, p\xen in their honor by the Mayor wintered military anthorlilca. Ml WASHINGTON. Extracts from Official Mexi can Correspondence. Mr. McCulloch’s Contraction Scheme Obtains Little Favor. Financial Statistics in Relation to the Freedmen’s Bureau. CONGRESS. „ aruon Bill Favorably The Eeported on in the Senate. House Debate on the Bill to Regulate the Time of Meeting of Con 'gress. Bill Introduced Fixing the Time For Election of Con- gressmen. Committee Authorized To Investi gate the New Orleans Qassacre. from mom Italian Envoy to Rome Not Dc' cided Upon. The London Times on the Pres ident's Reference to the Alabama Case. FROM MEXICO. Further Particulars Concerning General Sedgwick’s Recent - Movement. A frreement Entered Into Bet-vveeix Gen ei-al Sedgrwlclc and Esco bedo. FROM riMDA. True Bills Found Against Four teen Other Fenian Prisoners. Governor ration, of Alabama, Favors the Constitutional Amendmeul. FROX WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WasnixoToir. December C. jrn. u’coxocn’s itnakcial pouot. A very general conversation with members of Congress dcvolopcslhc fact that It isvcrydonbt fnl whether Mr, McCulloch will be able to rally any considerable minority to hla support in meas ures looking to a marked contraction of thoenr rcncy. En- stepping ont of the way In his report lo recommend the admission ol the rebel States, is creating considerable dissatisfaction. TITX BEVEXtTE COWJISSIOJfFtI. The operations of Revenue Commissioner Wells are giving rise to various complaints, and the do ings of the chief of the Bureau of Statistics Is severely criticised. TTTE cosovre TZSIUIOST. Ihe War Department has to-day secured all the original? of tno forged documents,''purporting to be part of the Cor.ovcrtestimony mthe conspiracy case, with which it has been attempted to break down Jndgc Advocate General Holt, and It seems tbb is a very Important capture. Tm.T. BZOLXXTtKQ THE atEETIHa Of COSGUC69. The only thing of interest in Congress, to-day, was the debate In the noose, on the regular «c««<one of Congress. It seemed a general agree ment on the Republican side of the chamber mat the Fortieth Congress ought to meet on the sth ot next March, bnt there was much dillcrcnce of opinion as to vhen the other session should meet. Pome serious local difficulties were found in the way of the meeting in March. but It tvas thought these mb ht be overcome. It was understood that there c””" ° £.l occur to the dm of March, to see If an agreement can he reached aa to a delay of the h? THE DKXOCHAT9 DI9OXTS lU5f. p nr inc tie debate In the Uonno this afternoon on Schench's bill, chanelnj: the tlmcotlhc mcctinj ol Conerese, considerable amnaement was canecd l,y the remarha of leßlend, or Ohio, who do tl&icd that the Democratic party never had taken up the President, and since the elections could scc no reason for so doine. W e have no dlapml* lion to shoulder him, said he, to do that would destroy any party In the country. IXDEKKITV ron SLAVES. Mr Edwards introduced a Wll In the derate to* dav intended to take from the President the potter of pa-slnc on the report- or the Commissioners appointed to make atrards for slaves emanepated late rchellloas Stales. I. provide, that no money shall be paid npon awards of these Com missioners until they shall have been approved by Congress. uttestioatiko comnTO®. t •me action of the House to-day, in appointing r special committees to investigate >e * or '““ f riot and the murder otDnion aoldicra In. bonth , ('•mlina. was In accordance with the ) programme agreed on at the Union I cancus lari evening. Each tee will consist ol three members. Mr. EUot Is al the hesd ot the Oral named, and Mr. rih'wul be chairman of the other. One Democrat will he on each commttlcc. 1 members will he announced on Monday. Tue New Oilcans committee wPI leave Tor that city betore the middle of the month. Both commit- I te..* will make thorough work, mil imsTHicnsa TOE toesidest a rinnottuvo rowan. The Senate Judiciary Committee this morning on the Bouse hill ttldng tom the licsldent the power to grant a general atm 1 nesty, and It will he taken np and pushed to a 1 vote early next wceh, it possible. 1 TOE ntPEACmsEST tJUESTIOK. 1 The action ot the Republican caucus ot the Dense last evening Is regarded by leading Sena tors as settling that no special committee will he raised al present to Inquire loro moving an im -1 pcachmcnl ol the President. What may he done ; alter rations other special committees have re ■ 1 ported, remains to be seen. 1 1 kew rosmssTEns. the following changes ot Postmaster. In the West were made by the Postmaster General atnee , svllle, T. J. Webb, rle. D. L. .T. h, Laaghlln. Her W. J. Nodars, resigned; Ugo. Isaac Ollngcr, rice A. I Paid, icplcncd; Batavia, C. U. Barn, T. t>. B Tn"‘eo”sln-Alto, G.I-annglan, tics W. let ter resigned; Dundee, J. Arimond, ties J. S. Sheldon, resigned: West Kassood.lo sjladlcy, I ~,, o L Hammond, resigned; Oceola, v». Mhchei. race “perrin, rmlgnod; Malden, O. I wni'oiib. ri« Maxwell. iranvoilb, n«o. ». »»*"*■••• _ r Jllinoi.-Yothsvllle, T. *' L {j- t, rcMpncd; CrccnO.ld, J. ! O. Cut-nlnchsm; stone's B. ; i rlc*> H. T. Lewis, rcnsrned; Paine s Polnl, j Edward Jordan, rh- Wood. resigned t Madison, , A J. AdaroaoD, Her d. T. Batoea, resignedt Flor ence blatlon, E. SUevcl, rira R. Mars, resigned; j Etna. J D. Gardner, Her J. C. Jacheon, resigned; Sandwich, 3. W. Sibley, tier J. Adble, removed; Detroit, A. B. riclcnpangh, clcr J. S. Seven, dc- Cnrt'ssvllle, H. T. Moon, tire S. K. Oldalter, deceased i Manadeld, -*” 1 ™' 1 " J. W. Uarscy, resigned: Net* Enaabtth n, M. Sblrby. rice M. Z. Coll, resigned; WlchlUTe, O. n T*6cv ric* G. A- C. Smith, resigned. Orrtjcm—Forest Cove, W. A. Crawford, 1 G. French, resigned -. Willow Springs, A. J. Coba. 1 rice b. P. Dean, icalgned. „ - 1 1 Jotro—Hoversville, J, I- J lllß * ' ; Stephenson, rcalgned; Weal G ™ v £ 1 “S’ rice E. E. Sevlnnegcn, resigned; Bloomdeld. S. at c.vtes rice J. Boyce, temoved; Sterling, b. c. CArli-S resigned; Sl.Dnr.tne, I PeterGchlin,clceH.Kook, resigned; Wooster, j mlpcratowe, rice R.; Nngenta Grove, Mil on Baggari, rice A. E. Smith, re-lnned ; ! lleallor, vice A. F. Campbell, de -1 v.rmtn. W J. Johnson, nice A. i r redgnedl He, UheGy. J ', gt'orms, rice W. D, l.jtlle, resigned; Jjp m W. ' „ VT, tier S.S.Dsml, removed; Smyrna, O. - ; ?WlWsSs, vice J. Mclh-ynoldv ■ ?■„ jM. S.Us, rice W. 3. Wright, resigned t Strove. A. T. Bale-, nice W. Lyntm. re.lgt.ed; ' I VOL. XX. FprJnc Creek, E. D. Blakely, ri« C. N. Knapp, rerlgned. JVVsnrdl»—Cottonwood Springs, M» F. Catting, ri« B. Uamcbcr, resigned. Cclorcdt^-F oit Garland, R. L. K. Meeting, cic< O. W. Hepburn, resigned. illftovti— Union, Stark Weaver, riw M. David* SK."® InSrSrtteJ.' R.'s. Orr, ric. W D. Orr, rertpned; HjdejbnrE, Brooks, removed; WenlsviUc, P. *.*coiUtlee W. Abbhicdon, resigned; n ? rlet . G [?V;?! Smith, rice J. M. C. Smith, resigned; Robertson a Mills, M. Bennett, nwJ. B. Cox, resigned. , rac”co“Si«ot States, which was Intended to to. Sot mined to tic Republican caucus this evening, and the committee not being member* of Con cvess, were dented admission lo.thewtena, and Sclr bill waa not presented. Another meelin o will be held to-morrow. , _ riirmuPl'a nmzatJ ACCOiJST. WasimtcTO!?, Dcccmlier 6.—'The w«e to-dav eenl a communication to the House to rawer <o the resolution calling for the amount received by the Bureau of Refugees, FYeedtoen, SSd Abandoned Lands, from Its organ* Itailon to the Drat of April, low. nmaocoo Receipts from various sources fWg.OO Total amount expenoed. Balance on band, Oct, 31,1W5, available tomcetUabllUlca 313,790 00 Official ITfexlcan Correspondence. XIL BIOZLOVr TOXB.BEWA3ID.NO. 3». Legation of tbs United States, I Paws, Mv 10, 1W»- 1 Sm : I translate from La France of last evening ihe following niiponncemcntt ‘Tlic croWikation of Austrian volunteers for Mexico has been countermanded. wid the uoope enlisted have been discharged, and the maturity of them have been enrolled In the A'nny of the North. I enppoje consider this paracraph In a paper ss practically answering f *« M 0?/ which I addressed to the MjnbUir ofFordimAi fairs, on Ibuisday last, and as Pnallydl-p obl Eg oi what threatened to become an unpleasant com- Pl Apropoß or onr relations wilh Mexico and more ot the blot phase of them. I invlm Tone aiteniloi to the annexed extracts from the Mexi can official journal s _ .. _ Y ours truly, n. M. Bigelow. (No. I.] fFiom Memorial Diplomatique, May 13.1 “ Accoidlng to an American letter published in the Tit/-**, the Minister of the United Sialcsat I’aria submitted to Ibe Cabinet of the Tulleries that, lor the purpose of restoring the miliary re prisals in Mexico, Ibe Juarez Government should le Infoimtd of the limit within which the Fiench army of occupation should be withdrawn. M Dtonyii dc I. Hnys declined this overture, for the reason that the French Government had no mean-of communicating with Juarez. At 1< nclh Mr. Uluelow offi red for this purpose, to the Cabinet of the Tuilierics,the pood offices of hi- GoviJiiinenl, near which is accredited the Jnarist. M. itomero. It‘appears from our Inlor matiou lhat vhat there may be of truth in this story, relates to the steps tormcrly taken by the Ftdc a! Cabinet to induce France to demand horn the Mexican Government the repeal of cer tain decrees concerning the Unarm brigandage. Ihesc steps, and Ihc rec- phon with which they u,ft from the Minister ot Foreign Afuirs of France! all this is found at length in the LMeJuneot IMJC, and we believe lhat no later incident coaid have chanced in this regard the rule of conduct of the Imperial Government.” [Enclosure No. 2.1 FFrom the Memorial Diplomatique, May FU “According to the Information which reaches ns from Vienna, the imperial Govciiiraent has had no difficulty in convincing Mr. Motley that Austria has no intention to send troops to Mexico to replace those of France; that the volunteers in Question cannot he considered as Austrian sol d'ers. as 1! Is of their own accord that, after hay lim fulfilled their military obligations m their own country, they culisl la the service of the Emperor Maximilian, to form an integral portion of toe Mexican arm*. The proof that this Incincct seems to Lave been scUled h-facton manner, is that iheemharkation of 1,000 Austrian volnnteeis was to takej)lace in May, at Trieste; further, that since the ah the Tampico has been lying at anchor there, on boanl of which won. to b* tr*...porl«d to WlB CfUT. [Enclosure No. 3.1 [From Ibe Journal des Debate of May 14, 1^66.] “We yesterday called altcntion to the des patches ot Mr. Seward to the United States Min ister at Vienna, In which the American Secretary of State protests against the sending of Austrian volnrtceia toMtxico, in terms whose eannineu every one can appreciate. The thinks it can announce this morning that all difficulties are removed in the matter, and tnat Ibe explanations given by the ' have folly satisfied the Minlst-r of the Dn.tcd Slates, so that the first detachment of volunteers was to embark on the 10th of May for Mex ico from Trieste. To tell the truth, the CovemwlOMt knows nothing of ibwc facts itsell. hut cties them fioiu the Monona* in which, for our part, vc are tar from having absolute confidence. It may be, alter aP. that Austria has not thought nroner to pay attention to the protest from Wash ington, although it has at this moment aCalrs cnon'-h on hand rot to seek for new ones, w e shall «>on know it it is tree that the corps of sol nuleei e eel out three days ago lor \ «-ra f-ruz on boaid the Tampico, hut even If this twt were exact it would not he enough to prove that an understanding with regard to this Question of volunteers exists at present between Anetria and Hie Bolted SUM. Mr Seward permits ns to donbtlbls. »\e shall wait, therefore, until the text of the arrangements concluded between the two Governments is made known to ns hv the ComtvunmntT* leave, which encloses ttc stan-menis of y. bi ch ° Sl*?* except the assertions of the .V'moHoi Dto/o* n.a-iqvt, which are always lo be received with camion. ,^ r> uigelowto llr.Seward.] Legation or xbe United States, I Pahis, May 3t, 1*45. \ Pm* I have yonr despatch No. I'o. marked confidential, and bad proposed to disease theepn tents to-day with ihriMlnmer of toieign Allaire. His Excellency, however, bad a »«m --mons to tl.o palace, which compelled him to ter minate tis reception of the Diplomatic ab- Mr tlv. lie remarked with a smile, as I entered, that ho knew what I came for; that 1 had a harsh message to show him. ‘‘ Am I not pc'*”, tie asked. I toiu him that i nan been iu v »ructcd, as ho was aware, to acquaint him with tlic dirqnlet "hlqb cOTiiln re pcfta in record to ilic tmnaport ' roo , 1 p ll i fmm difl'erent parts of the world, lo Mexico, bad occasioned In the Colled Stales, and 1 expressed ss"' , r 4-4^ and of t h c disposition of the Serial r.occinment, thereby accrayatine the dddcnliica cvilli wuicb Doth tiovernmeu's already hnd in collierd. 1 then said Hut as bo was called dwwbcre I would wail upon blra at any more convenient boor Uni be would name. Ha I TO tioaod that I rbooid call apain on Satniday at 1.30 n°ni. Meantime ne wished me to be assured, as etna*rti.TKo ueS* tS bSJT.'a3.*dtKm SS w“rc to replace oltmre whose rerma of nflii-ja hml expired, aud in pnmbere less rather , fban more tSo crere'tbore betore. Ho believed 1 1 ’ssnssr's-fti ii I f,S b£ onco said tbut they i in uittutmw ihcir troop? from Mexico, that they j Soil which 1 was specially instructed lo confer W 1 aro/sir, with great respect. Your obedient Don. IVs. 11. Sew Ann, Secretary of State. PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. SENATE. The Senate onened with prayer. Tho journal ww then read, aud a number oi petitlons anc me raSmaS'irM';"sK>l*”mX. l hm to provide foMhe* defence of the Norlhf«l-^^itil^ion/ thc limsdictioti oi the Court olClalma was to in regard ,O C I ?DMBSDs' p” JmeTa Joint resolution from' the moot'lepl-lutute, tccoiumonaiiig ,r Cno".S th“ w to raird to criminal ptoeetallEga was referred to the Judiciary Com* the hhUn°?tl°tloa'“ rtgiliiltog rtS‘'ielMUon"o P t i'™* VtoWUtD d o“ertd 'so amcndincnu and mhed thatit he printed with the bill. It was hud States. vaeati™ that early next weet tfd° “-a r ° m vo.nnl’.l &S&SSS&S ss- hj c ssyvffi ?n° Confederate Sul*'*, or un- hv'virtne of authority of any Department °^l? r D^^D^Ur r ii^^l^dianai a o°j^ a, lus’ to any ssSSSSeSS^: KelsliOM. leave given, irttodnced « .'r.d co d°;sSme°cisp 11 w c ' rdrifulfh" ■or h lJavs given. Introduced a .££s&sess& \ special rtlcr SV4«i?o toe appropriate committee. lo; li“.esoloUoo, which pa-sed^cri!l r . bc Jlttolnd, That .?fsoSciv?elhcr he has ap j quested to mlSrm the Senate j n action pointed the coromlf slpnots provld«l » aCt to 21 of the act entitled , provide for the enrolling ajd national forces, and f° ro^° r 4^ r ??loVt the names March 3, Ifta, and If so. thatbc report the nom^ 1 of all such comml.slooert.ard "»' ,l ''^"" llcl ,, e made any report, and if so, that ne comm n codt of such report. ■..i.wam to The section empowered the commissioners to award compensation to loyal of "ta* • The Joint.rtrolntion ot the llonse appoin g ttn>roanager* for the Nations! Asylum fordlsa blcd Onion soldiers, to fill racanciea, &s fe The*PRESII)ENT laid before the Senate the these lection or Jnror. In Dlah Territory WM token op and read a second time, and. toe-ether with amendments offered by Ur. Howard, laid oa tbc table and ordered printed. The resolution piovfdlng seats on the floor o* tbc Senate for reporters of the United States and European News Association and Associated Press, was taken np. and on motion of Mr.BUER MAN, referred to the Committee oa Printing lorm syHtem'ofbankruptcy throughout the Cnltcd. Mr. WILSON cave notice that early next week be would call up the resolution to disband all roilltaiT orcanltatloDß in the so-called Conf-de ralc States, now existing, and to prevent the or* caniaation of any more. Adjourned to Monday. HOUSE. . . The SPEAKER announced a communication from the Secretaiy of Stale, transmitting. In com pliance with the act of Congress of March 2d, 17VJ an abstract of the return made by the Collec iors ot Customs, to purauance of Wc act of May n which waa ordered to be printed, and re ferred In tbe Committee on Commerce. Mr WASHBURNE. tßepabncan) of Illinois, offered a resolution that tho Committee on Post Offices and Poet Roads bslnstructeflto Inquire Into the expediency of conterring upon the Post Office Department the same jurisdiction over vailona telegraph lines that is now rxexcised by U over post offices and post roads, and to report bv bill or otherwise. Agreed to. Mr. COOPER, of Term., moved that Mr. Thom as, who contests •*« scat of the Bitting member from the *Hrrn District of Tennessee be allowed a Etat pending tbe decision of the Honse, Mr. bCUENCK, of Ohio, moved that the bill of the Joint Committee on Retrenchment be ordered to he printed, which was done. Mr.TIKE, of Maine, offeted a resolution for tbe appointment of a committee of twee to in vestigate tbe circumstances attending the murder of the Union soldiers on the 15th of October, IS'-w, tn South Cwollna. Agreed io. . 4 .... Mr. of Mass..lntroduced a bill tons tbe lime for the election, of Representatives to Congress; which was read a first and eecoud lime and ordered to he printed. , Mr THAYER, of Ptnn., offered a resolution raping on the President to Inform tbe House whether snv portion of Mexico has been occupied by the lioops of the United States, and-If so. by wbatambozity and for what purpose. The reso lution was laid ow. ...... Mr. MILLER Introduced, for reference, a bill to protect loyal persons in lusumctlonary states. Also a bill granting a pension to the soldiers of tbe war of 1612 of t,s per month for life, to lho:C who have never borne anna against the Govern meet, nor given aid and comfort to Its enemies. It was referred to the Committee on Invalid Pen- ELIOT, of Maw., offered a resolution to provide fi-r the appointment of a committee of : tl rce to proceed to Sew Orleans and inquire Into the details ol the lost massacre there. Hr. T-eBLOND offered an amendment that the committee ebonlo then proceed to Indianapolis, in «he Male of Indiana, and Investigate into the not which occurred there on the reception of the President. , _ . Mr. ELIOT said that was another matter, and bad better be separately Invesllga’ftd. The reso lution, as first reported, was agreed to. Mr. GARFIELD, of Ohio, offered a resolution directing the Committee on the Judiciary to In* quire into the expediency of passing a law pro viding for the more efiectnal punishment of bri bery; which was agreed to. ine resolution oncred on Thursday calling on the Secretary of War for the names ol enrolled and drafted persons who failed to report to the proper authorities, was called up and passed. Mr. BRIGGS offered a resolution calling upon the Postmaster General to furnish to the House the names ol postmasters who hare been removed since the adjournment of the last session of Con gress, and the reason for their removals ; also If the salaries of the new appointees have been in ctcased over iheformeraalaries, and the reasons for such increase. ~ ~ .. .., Agreed to, and ordered laid on the table. Mr. TAYLOR, of New York, offered, a resolu tion to autboilze the Committee on Pensions to inquire Into the expediency of reorganizing the I enslon Bureau which was agreed to. The SPEAKER announced that Mr. Williams hill to regulate appointments to office, which was made a separate order for to-day, would now he la Onmouon of Mr. GARFIELD, It was laid on the table. , , , Mr. KASSON, of lowa, offered a resolution on which he demanded the previous question, calling upon the Judiciary Committee to consider the pieprlety of making It the duly ° r D*®* .President to proclaim martial Ja« in those districts of the lately nhellions States where murders and other outrages Ua»t- Irccu commltUxl upon rlllrens, and where the local authorities have tailed or reiased to act and pnnlsh offenders. Agreed to. A bill to fir the time for the racing of Con gress was taken up. Mcsara. SCIIENcR * T.K YENS. MORRILL of M..DAWE>, GARFIELD and 1-xBLOND <oou part in the discussion, after which, without final action, the House adjourned. FKOSL EDBOPE. Ur Atlantic Cable—The London Time* Aa* proves the President's Position on the Al abama Claims. SovniAMPTon, December s—Evening.—The steamship Saxonia, fi om New York, arrived here this afternoon snd left this evening for Hamburg, after baring landed her English malls and pas- Floeence. December 3 —Evening.— It is stated that the Government have finally dcicrminned not to send “Vegeixl” as Envoy to Rome, and that another diplomat of high elation will take his Lojieon, Deacmbcr s—Evening.—The to day m an article on President Johnson’s mes sage, says that It agrees with the position taken bv the President, on the Alabama claims, that the question of that subject should be definitely settled. It argues that the settlement of the afialr would conduce to the more perfect harmony of the two Governments, and regrets the delay already Incurred in the mailer. Pabip, December G.—Legal proceedings have been commenced by the United States against the parties who famished ships to the Confederates during the rebellion. The attempt to settle the case by arbitration has foiled. I ovpok, December G.—United States Assistant Secretary of the Navy Fox is most courteously received at all the British navy yards. He Is thoroagblsJooklng Into their operations. HAnßuno.Dccembfr 6.—Thellanoverian civil and military offlc*s have been released from the oa'h of allegiance to him by the cx-King, at the sug gestion of ihe English Government. Latest Endlsh Market*. [By tbcCsble.l Litokpool. December 5— Evening. Corrox—Slendr. Sales to-day 10,000 bales; ml< d 'bEr^i^i^rF>—Market remains without chance. dull and decllnlDß. Tallow active. I’ETEOI.ErU i— Cloelne(inotaU''n«l*RXilftlßW. London, December s—Ermine. Congo’s doted to-day a- &K for money. quotationsfor Americaneecoritiesara; maim K. 208. 701*; llllnoii Central share#, «i.V« Erie Baliway «h&rea.4iV. . ■ mpcvraincr o. icSoo 5SS®* BSS£tta y crt < Sd nominal- December 6—Noon. i rt gsESMEsas.»;aoai tsssssuß «X: lltooH It,,*,c-orcolng. COTTos-Msrkri unchanged. bale* 10,000 bale*. ot mined I«w •Us Mrcr gallon, December G-crenlng. Central “X- • By S, t .m t r-Tl. [ Frnlnn EwlteincM I. to land—Account* of Seizure* nnd Arre«« Tbc French and EnsHsh Press on Maxi milian’* Future Action. „ December « —The Fenian "Citation Is niScd employ of the Arm to whom addressed. was ordered arrested. “rKaXalautKiosat Quoonato-vu KiK . “Sn named John MePhertou MeGUjary Fhp- Sfesi'S-*- **rit"aTt?W« that Maximilian i» about to sfflSiss'Sf” iCHaRMR Jg3^SJTBStSISS wm not swm invaders, as SfxicJnKepSE and “awe a national Mexican as lie ostensible rnlcr. __ WAsmsoTOH, Dec. 6. The Governor General en route forEnaland General AveMll In Attendant on ttto Fenian Trials— Keeling »n England In to •iceremry Seward** l etter on renlans—True Acainst Fourteen of the Fc “ ltt ” -The l*ri»oncn I’oweii and Coburn Dl»- E . December C.-The Sf '“■fhfjiv.-rpor General leaves for Montreal to floral Engineers, broke bi« kc while skaiing Avcrill. Unhci^l*tM ( C pTl^^ C *^o^Mr* SrpT&nt lloW.and a gnardof honor was plartdlntronlor of this • "M> Sw£d'*|iellerwith res pent S the Fenlin prisoners has eaclled deep anscr In Knclando'dil.e Preaidenfa message will not at lay tbe leeUng." r»*/s*mhcr 6,— The Grand fp'/c'Mr^^offi^andtheir-ere •ISS?St T .h?Sfs2Sii«« »SKS bill. W Tr. nSui ashed for copies of ae tndktmen^ S£o l fS?'hsL.eU “sr^S’M'S'-awasgas “SS5 d l7cvfln 'EStom'Sard w oh >sa?S 3.« ass sESsferwufs; panted by the Court. _ or( « er after an abnnee of aver- Indlcments °^ e lor £VE‘JS,Ar of the child. -D«Sl>« «“» ot4l CHICAGO. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1866. rary nrecantlons arc ob»ervcd by the jail an'hni tle*-, in consequence of information received 1 y them that an attempt win be made liefore the Ihn to ideate the Fenian prisoners. Vlaitors are net admitted under any pretext. A strong cnard of the Beventeenrn regiment ie constantly on doty. .............. .W\ftVi«r« ouulciuids uensrat Hecent rwoTement-A«re«ment Entered Into Between General Bedawieh and Escnqrdo—lncomprchenainlc Conduct of the En’tcd States Commander-aiaxl mllliOD Gloomy and Despondent—lie Acreee not to Abdicnte-No Official infor mation at Army Xleadbaartcn. Nsw Tons, December 6.—The ITor/tT# Browns- Tllle special gives the following additional par ticular# concerning General Sedgwick a move* mcnt In Mexico? . . . “Tbc city of Matamora# was surrendered to General Sedgwick, commanding the United States force* on the Bio Grande, on the evening of the 2ith uliimo. Colonel T. 0. Perkins, of the Nine teen Unite d States colored Infantry, was placed in command. One hundred and eighteen men of the Fourth cavalrv crossed over and occupied the city on that day. Tne following were thelerma of surrender; First, Colonel Canales shall place Matamoras under oidera of the commander of tae United Slate. forces; tetond, the letter gnaranlees to Canale# and hla forces their liberty, andseenre# the safety ° r ~ bn ^ third, the persona and interests of all J 1 ®

tame ot Mbiamora# are to he respected, no mat ter to what rationality they force# of Canales are to maintain their actual po sition; fifth, no force# shall enter the place, ex ceptthoee of the tnlUd Mate#. “The attack upon Matamoraa began at five o'clock in the morning, on the 27th. K*cohedo opemnbii attack, tbc American floating from thcGoven.ment bonse.. Bri A firing continued up to seven o clock, Unt the attack was rC^t &cohcdo’# I fo?B,Skilled and wounded, cap tured ano deserted, foots np 714 men, Eurin* the fight on Tuesday morning. Colony Randati ecm a message under a flag or truce to Escobedo. Informing him that v e United States forces held the place, and directing that in no case should hi# loices advance beyond the fortifications without communicating with him. Escobedo re sponded that he should be guided by circumstances that the American com mander had prombd him to withdraw all bl« troops, save fifty men, and that be had broken bis promise by retaining 300 men in the place. Randall, who had received orders In no case to fire on Escobedo's men. immediately made arrangements to withdraw with the army, in case he should be attacked. “The lollowing is ihe memorandum of agree ment entered Into between Generals Sedgwick and Escobedo prior to tbe aitack: Ist. General Sedgwick assures General EscoVdo of the con tinued friendship of the United States Govern ment towatd himself and the Liberal Govern ment. 2d. The American commander consid er# himself a# morally holding the city of Matamoias. under the terms of Canales sur render of that place to him, hnt it U for no hostile purpose a« regards the force commanded by Gen ual Escobedo, hut to protect the lives aad pro perly oi American and other citizens ; third, that ihe Amu lean commander will withdraw the armed forcts In case an attack la made, with the exception ol Alien men and officer#, who will re port their presence to General Escobedo, should he capture the citv: fourth, that the United States forces shell bold Santa Cmz and the ferry, and no armed men shall cross to the American shore. “This agreement bad not been mane known to Colonel Bas nail when he sent out the flag of ln “ C Gcneral Sedgwick’# action I# Incomprehensi ble. It seems a# if he Intended flm to take pos session of the c«y. and tben evenlrully handed It over to Escobedo, and afterward changed hi# mind and held the city to protect American cUizeua and other foreigner#. „ ~ , “A steamer Jn#t arrived Irom New Orleans brought Despatches to General Sedgwick, on re ceipt-of which urden. were issued for the with dra- al of the troops frem Matamoraa.’ Advices received here from tbe City of Mexico «ay that Mejia left that city October 2d with orders to march on Matamoraa with all speed. Another rej.oit says that the Übeial force, unde.* Qneviio. Narajanoand others, were com pletely routed at the hacienda Dc las Bacos, near aan Luis Poto#i. left the main army with 1 000 cavalry and marched upon Monterey, which had been left without defence. ~ , New York, December C.—Orizaba, Mexico, cor respondence of November 22d. say» t Unt u» u»t Fiei ch steamer which brought famon a so cimedOW French soldier#, deal ned lor sen-tee in Mexico. This, and other event-, do i,ot point toward an early French evacuation. Military store# aud ordnance have been moved to ward the interior, anil recently General Douay, with his f,U « men, commenced a fresh campaign In Northern Mexico. . , Maximilian is gloomy enough in his residence at Orizaba, lie sees no visitors, and has no inter views with any one, ~r , A meeting of the Conservative party of Mexico was lately held at Orizaba, where delegates from raanv of tbc States presented petition# to .Map* mllian. praying that he might reconsider Ms de termination to abdicate. At this conference U was resolved to appoint Miramon commander or all the troops tinner Maximilian, and to reri?t en croachment# ©fall foreign powers, and to call upon Maximilian to aid mem ia the coming coa- His llajt-siy, alter roatnro deliberation, acceded to their wishes, and agreed notloahfll- Ca WASOiNOTON, December6—Wc have good au thority for savins that General Grant, up to this hour, has not received a word tonehtnff the ex pected cnirancc of General Sedgwick into Mata* moms, and the military operations around tha. city. General Gram received a letter from Gen • ral Sheridan, dated November 2Pth, live days af ter the icporcd entrance into Malatnoras,,ip which he says he had ordered General Sedgwick not to make the ptoposed movement, a* the same was entirely disapproved of. If the movement was made into Matamoras, as represented, we arc authorized to say General Sedgwick baa been placed under ar* r.-M, and will he punished. General Sheridan, it is believed, re ached Brownsville on Tuesday last. «ncb wa« bis expectation, as elated in his letter to General Giant. It Is not believed hero that General ScdgMlCK Intended any wrong, but u he cntcicd Matamoras, as reported, he has been overreached by the merchants or that place, who heart Imperlali.ts, and who have lately been entertaining him with sumptuous dinners. plan for a Nhthl School-Meeting of the Fenian t*ennie— Acilvity nt the Brooklyn K nTr Yard-Election of Comptroller Con nolly lu be C-»niefcted-Ald Solicited for the Poor of Atlanta, Gn.—Medal for General Thomas— Memorial from the New fork Rlercbnutn lortbc Removal of the Export Doty on Cotton— Llfe*oarlnjr Apparatus Tested. . , . . Urw York, December C,—A plan has been pro pored for the establishment of a Naval School in ibis city under the auspices of the Board of Edn- of the Senate of the Fenian Brother hood will held to-day. Business of great Im portance will be laid before ihe body by President of Anneke Jans'hclre will beheld at PouchkccpsleJannaiyS. derehavcbeen received to get ciglit vessels, the i>nnboals I’cnobseot, Peona, Gettysburg, tna- Huron, Quinneberongb and Inrveyor, ud n,* vloon-ot-war Iroquois In readiness for sea mth all P s«'aich. The Gettysburg was for- Sm o°« frassn?-® cimSiolletShlp of this dir, on the cronnd that hlslfcu»t* were refimd Improperly at some of “ tjSbS"fir P 2Stas ln thi; «tj - to «cjnrt bullous for ttc support of tree hospitals in A lan Ga. Tlie deslrncton of a large that citv has deprived the poor people ot tbc mcana of support, and many of them are now linn.. in tents ”TOM*>'o.MvoJ«t eompktcd . h»ml.o™ glir!? a& , SSB , £SL:“ i S £« tac'ta whlchthe 1 SrliKld'ia'iaTCCand SS U Sthcciocmticm of the commlUM to rail mchOD. dun- ID s*t the regular mceitng of the Chamber of Com- Atllhe ro-mar mw. i k rfal waß T cad. pray sssbsh and Stv.;a;en; gotojje In JJffu,,* noch •. Uoe during the rebellion, reported a to Con y^^lS^f^SSSlfS Inspector Baltimore and Boston, KfiflifiSS?! boats, thal of Urow^ 0 he Government Bsa L » fsss 10 A further ciamin.Uon in the case 01 •“““d^nidi'll o'nt’nactung > ''* s t',.Tnn Kl Hcv Bishop roller ana this port to-day by canal ooats. FROM CASADAa tsetita are far superior already to pcen beretororc, ana »h y will i-* atill belter wnen onr machinery sets fairly lnt» sperttlon. , Kew Yoke, December C.-Ti.e New Y ork stale Press Association, which has a contract vita t>ie New York Associated Press haviaz s iS2J?Af»!f cwse "kt: h - um oes. am to break their connection wuh lie New York Asso ciation. LcslatatlTe Proceedings-General Thomas luTitrd to be Present at tie Anniversary oi the Battle of Mashnlle-latally Scalded. [Special Despatch to the CUcaco Trlbnnc-1 • NasinxLS. December «. A resolnllon was adoi»ted it the Senate to-day invitloc General Thomas to bepresent at the an niversary of the battle of Nahville. on the 15th instant. Should he accept the Invitation, the cold medal ordered by tbe last aaaaton will b. presented to the Geteral onth - 515 c V*9 ?: Ell S. Drake, formerly Deputy sheriff of this conrtv. was fatally scalded last night by toe ex plosion of a boiler in his llstlllery, a few miles bom town, lie died this miming. rBO3I JiEW YORK. THE TELEGRAPH IMBROGLIO. 4 v«w plain Fact#—Action of the >*ew York A Few 1 i«» m|e ABSOClattd Press. .g&SHfgir SS&. >° £ &HSSKS Sa W^m. heretofore collected vits press ESHS’S.^Hrsa »f“ e : ?SE«ta« Sme“he”°Sthe neSbborhpoS ”1 qmS?S »Salon • 3ear for ft* m. « r ft the meaenro of tbe I'EOX SASHTILLE. FROM MAD ISOS. A Bold Forgery-Pbremthcra* Day. (Special Despatch to tee Chicago Tribune.l Vauitos, December C. An extraordinary attempt at forgery was ciooscd here to-day. A dry goods cleric, named George Richmond, to raise money to g ■ into pa'tnershlii „,tn a Aim where he had clerked, forced two checks of}?,0» each, one purporting to hastened The wboie ‘“• al m T, n \, a bly be forcibly arced in p.eaofinaauUy *uiprj«»u*j behalf of iheprisoaer. have reared to The New England bectety let- . ; celebrate Forefathers’ Day >T * supper on UW 21st Iceiani. from, kajsas. Arrest for Anwn-A Defnoliton United I Motes Marshal—Fcatlsal—Oeclnrlnß lor I E«o»l Hiatus—Weather— Toll Bccclp.s- I Woollen Factory. I [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] I LavmEKCE, Kansas,Decembers. I The Culler family, of Kansas City,have come to I crief. One of the Cntlera,of the inn of Scott, I Cutler <fc Co., of Kansas City, wat arrested re- I cently in 1 onis, on the complalit of Scott that I they fired their store in Kansas Chi’to get theta- I enrance money. In the burning a the store, two I clerks were burned to death. to»*hor with ih-i I More of Chicks & Co., and a Urge amount of I ot Abrabam Cutler, a hrolherof tin Cutler at Kan- I sas Cltv, has fled the Territory ol New Mexico as b defaulting United States Marshal, In the sum of of the Dnlverally hstiyal last even- | l "fh', ere /S2“ffir-Ml ha. cone out for ne gro suffrage to thl. Stain It tor • one time was the only duly | n “J® «tau* that eupported the President, and was the flret rancr in the Slate to declare or his poller- The wea’her I* stiU warm and pleasant, aud no ‘"SfIS&’S & bridge car the Ken... here by partica from Cinciiinatl. from MILATAITIEE. Printers’ Sirlke-Xuilounl Bankers* Meet loa—Weather. (Special Despatch to the Chlcaao Tribune.] Mn-WAUKEE. December 0. | Tbcptinlcra of this city made x simultaneous ' mSeTiy’ tTo dV mands of the strikers, and business goes on as uenal. The y*wt and TTirco/idu refuse to accede to the demand. . The National Bank, of Wl.ton.ln held .meet ing rceletday, lor the pttipoee of forming a Wl*- conaln National Banker.' Araodallon. The fol lowin'- officer, were elected: 11. 11. Camp. Cashier -National Bank, Brcsldtnt; If. I- Baker. ci?hiCT Mllaankcc National Bank Sccretarr: W. G. Filch, Caehlcr Notional hxchangc Bank, T The U tveathcr has been tram and rainy nntll to- The wind has chaigcd to the northwest, and ii Is growing cold. from Cincinnati. <addcn Death— Imp«rta*i Declalon Re garding Railroad Liabilities. [Special Despatch to the Caicago Tribune.]* CxxcisitaTi, December 6. William Kayo, eon of an cr-Mayor of liouisville, dropped dead from heart disease, atPortland, yes t John Simon, a prominent and popular furni ture manufacturer ami dealer, of the former city al TT»Scni!«d StatS District Court, in session in Cmlncton. Ky.. has derided «hat radroads cannot be held responsible for the killing of stock which ma? break out ol the pasture orlot, and sfray on the uack, or even i> the fence is removed by ma ■ Melons persons. The suit was brought by Jos. Howerton against the Kentucky Central Railroad inr ri c "very of the valus of thirteen mules, killed l y lil «w in l*ii Iwlre and the jury acre instructed to find for Se R. E. Bowles, ot Cmcln naU, owner of the road. _ Governor Patton, of Alabama, Recant* mcndntbe Adoption ol Oie Constitutional Amendment* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihnne.l Cinciksati, December 6. A special received to-night from Montgomery, Ala. say* that Governor Patun, in his mciswe to the Legislature, recommends, in the strongest •erms, the adoption of the CotsUtntlonal Amend mwit. Tnls la the first Instance of a Sonthern i Governor doing so, and he was elected hy rebel I votes. Military Arrest— . Harder Trial. RicnvoßD, Va.. December tS.—Dr. James Wat sons citizen of Rockhrld-e County. recently tried there for kilim: a and acquitted, 'vas Seetedet the NHternl Briaeenfew dare since. purpose^ deu sr«e,r SS g«®L 4S£—TE annlr for » Washington, charged 1 " ar ’ fKOJI BALTIMOKI Memorial to Conirem Irom the CUT Connell j!SSSSSX^Si ,a^ss ™ 3^C-SlS«ffl3 fHfefi oVM^d"nScrt°-W^jc°ement laA on the table for tbc present. Grncrnl Holler*. Election , BOSTON, h», T'T e ?»”,?|''i 1 !S^ I K e ,0 General Bone- «8 G ™Kfo?gon'rcH elect tcora lire Fifth Con i ihs. oM%r «*»*■ 1 candiflwe. _ A Mother child and Attempt* piiiiiii ;S&lL*hjUh“ta 3 ' opium. Cause, domee -1 tic trouble. Re*lntioc orOcer*. and cottiused. Tkolokloii nnd Lois of Wfc* . Co p^li2?d, ”we”^^«>“ATSi‘wo B S Georgia Lcalalaturo. hlj parted the hill ermtinc H o n ae aleo M ” K o“ clUaens ol Keo lXs s“?oS e doo.tloo ol core m aid of Uic poor. _______ ■^l.r ; £?.U° Territorial Government* for the Sontb. T j„ the House of Representatives, on the «h last., Mr. Broomall, of Pennsylvania, offered the foUotrinj: resolntton: _ . ThattbiS ConitUlttee OD Territories Of tnqnhe^nto^l 1 * pe^®”^^2nts the llrnll ■ Sf “ftSSSS ln“h?iate rebellion. 101 l such Territorial Govern- Alllio?; AmV£ At&Won, Keanu. -nStoomllU Bactfsad. Baa, CnUom, Bj?>«V?t'eSS EUot, Farnsworth S nsC e.? F,SV eitaeld" Grlnitcll, tint vol d , 11l fS«S. Uiwtins. H.rej Benner, UiraiDt, 1 a .. n Q imed Hooper, Hiibbsrd ssm%iW^£i*s rrnre W h i?2j Miller. Morehced, Mor, MeClareJlcKee. «««ur.M»ef.„ o’Sem 0 ’ Sem efenVi'drtlu Williams, Wilson (lowaO 7yftrifc» n'crilKy.) Peowat* la /^W*x T~~Seating the first in the field. SEASON TICKETS Are now tor sale at the following convenient places; STREET. PEARSON * CO, 101 Washlngton-at. A. H. HOVET, 104 Lak- _ , MUNSON. SKINNER 4 CLAREE. 140 lake. JEWETT * BUTLER. IS lake. BARNUM BROS, comer Laxe and Mlchlgan-ar. TRIBUNE OFFICE. KINSLEY’S, Opera Boose. HOOT 4 CADY, Opera Boose. J.H. JOHNSON'S Skate Depot, southeast corner of Bmdolpb and State. JOHN B. WALSH, comer Dearborn and Madison- EDW ELY, corner Dearborn and Washington. and at tbe park. PBICES. Gentlemen. ladles BOJB On application to the Director*, a liberal redaction will be made to happy father* blessed with a goodly nombera of *♦ olive branches." jfot iljc %olinaps. "\ f USICAL m instruments. j. BAtJEB & CO.’S Magnificent Musical Stock makers. THE KNABE PIANO, PARLOR ORGANS, MUSICAL BOXES, WI5I) A>T) STRISG ISSTRUMESTS, CARHABT & NKF.DIIA.tI’S PABLOB ORGANS, Forming the UneA Mn.lcel M-ortromt In the city. ttSmttflchtoselectChrittma. Prrecnß. J. baubb & CO., UNDER THE IIPEKA HORSE. Uanks anb bankers. PRESTON dc lUiAiN, 47 CLABK.-ST, (Successors to Scripps, Preston & Kean,) bankers akd dealehs ik lovernment Securities and land Warrants. Seven-Thirties, First Series, received for ’(inversion into the new Five-Twenties. ban kers, Corner Lake and LaSallc-sts.j Chicago Correspondents of Messrs. Colon & Co., Liverpool, Authorized Genfrtl Acfnts for Northwest ol Messrs. Williams & Onion. New York. General Ascnts ot “OM Bl.ei star." “Onion 4 Co. • and M Cnn»td Line. BUYERS AND SELLERS Of Draw oil Great Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe. ISSUE PASSAGE TICKETS To and from Europe, by steamer and sailing vessel. v n —UfiwiMiblc Firms In the Northwest arc tnvt- NATIONAL BANK, CmcAOO, December <*. ®G«. Notice is hereby given that the A“usl *i cc il“ e t i Paints aub oiis. gPECIAL NOTICE. PAINTS, OILS, CLASS The subscribers announce to their friends and the public, that they baxe taken the store at No. 127 South Watcr-st., Where the* offer an excellent assortment of Goods In their Hoe, at the LOWEST CASH PBICES. Huhbet (Gootis. JOBBER CLOTHING CO, VTAKEHOCbES XE\f TORE, CHICAGO AND SAX FRANCISCO. F. 31. & TV. A. SHEPARD, Agts. go LAKE*ST.» CHICAGO. We bare on hand a fall Unc of RUBBER goods. Comprising Clothing, Piano Covers, Boots and Shoes, Balls, Toys, Combs, Drngglsts’ and Stationers’ Goods, Bich Jewelry and Fancy Kubher Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. MUlgftass ■ dhows ol the anil Throat. JIABSDEN’S PECTOBit BALItI ffissassssa^gSlS-H pj—»,s® SS££^^~***s or^S^p^“^^“Ml *°'‘ f ' wo ' memur ones edccted. . hcookits. Oct- M. «*. I eTcr tucO. u ffjj, YOUNGBLOOD.” ! £2SSi« .Mold bela.bel.uda of all tuCtrers. ** n. B LEfcLTE. V. 8. N." “New Tors, Jdlj-23. u » v»eofi • bottle ol Pertorai Pa’.m, «o-t tonsuc 1 S”?‘ TOT I tlaeo W“I P b “to“o?KMOBTOS." “ Boarox. Oct. 3,1*6. •■ PrertoDMO Drtnd ££»*«“•>“SiA?l'SS eT iTmptom* of myasonl- B. B.” “ Nrw TOSS, An*... ISSB. from troaehlal y ** ”, i cooMder svsaxSrtSS" •> “ T "*, , s, , s.?f“ r “°“ 1 “-mSSSvbet T°nm"SoßK>sSd SUIbJV." . is Agents Ud dingJia m Cbl ~»~°- Prlcta tame M In Ke^Yotfc. 33rg (Goods. QPENED THIS DAT-One case GOOD GINGHAMS, AT 35c. vtMiF.L BROS.. -2SII k 253 Clark-st. TCST RECEIVED—One Me ” Fine TThite Flannel, at 2s. 6d, e.vnn. nHOS..Cor. Clark A: Van Horen. P’ROiIAHCTION— This Day—One ease French Merino, 62 I -2c. twAtm-FT. HBOS.. Comer Clark A Vanjtoen. fftasomc Notices. MASONIC.— There Mill he a Special Wuroeatlre 01 Maahlhsam Chapter, ho. A B. A. at., tala. rniDAT EVESISG, AT 7K O’CLOCK. TV\I T>ATVKI.rORD. Secretary. PitniAT evbmng. 10 Apollo Commandeer Asylum* aIK InTltxl. ffiitß Notices. TMO rC. ff Chlw^W t lmm-UKIS I MPfMi? 'HAV-ftSSJS&u "?r co»pm.ner._ motostay’bs. pHOTOGKAPHS. £25,000 TO LOAJf, on EXmcational. WiMsSM accompUsbm*®' jfor gale. SALE, ON COMMISSION, sssss^sa , ®®n^ 6 ac„»r»«W FAB gi>ciiD(irMU, Quc«o, KUMBERI8 1 (Elotfjing ■piKE! Fl^ r ‘ No Fire, Sir; No Fire; PEOPLE ARE RUSHING TO C. E. NEWMAN & BRO’S. 119 South Glark-st. Great Sale of Winter Clothing! 35 Heavy Casa. Salts for. 25 ** “ ** . 25 « <* u u 2s <» (( m H 05 (( « ** *• 20 melton Suits f0r.... 20 “ “ 25 FrencHCass, Suits for. 20 Heavy Overcoats for 25 fct 25 *• 20 “ 20 « “ 25 « “ 20 “ # We mention above, a lew of our Deary Winter Goods, and prices, which we claim to sell 20 per cent. le*e than any house in the city. Do not boy until you bare non them. AT C, E. KEWIN & PRO’S. pKI C E 5 DOWN ! REDUCTION 10 per cent FBO3I REGULAR PRICES ON CLOTHING or EVERY DESCRIPTION! All who have Winter Clothing to bny wll consult their Interest hr selecting from my MAMMOTIISTOCH at REDUCED PUICES before purchasing elsewhere. L, DeGRAFF, Cor, State and Randolph-sts. pvVERCOATSI OVERCOATS! Only $7! $7! $7! Fact. %VnOLEi*AIjE OR RETAIL. Heavy Pilot Cloth Coats; fine Bl*ck Cloth: heavy Blue Cloth; Grev cr hrown t'oa f e—anv sire. all nnn* S?l*r V«i hsvr urf per pair. Xo ‘JS4 Sooth Wat Et-s:. -pOTs' clothing, -*-* BOYS’ OVERCOATS, At Greatly Reduced .Prices, At SCOTT. DAVISON A CO.’S. 136 Latest. u widci time we will ten glen and Boys' Clothing At Greatly Reduced Prices, At BCOTT. PAVISOy A CO.'S. 130 Latt-st. Great reduction IS tvttvm.. .AVSky&nrStty.'*. las Late-su vy. xv xv - XY. xa. 1 • fifteen DoH&rs wnibny a BeaTcr Overcoat or Black Cloth Suit, /tt SCOTT. PAVTSON & ißUDical. Xoueleyt* System of Dos An tidote. r “?i’’,i^ , ruwder,” to be slyen Vo cnrame A T -ipao£ to g jS^SiairJ of Blind aid Rldoc>*, . doctorlnc Wei • •cut to Eop mg&fgtoSH** &5~ M. O. TOLaLEY. relton, ™»- —— .■ffatwung TLanns. -S “•“"tSESi'ESis^"•lisSlsTlwopfSir.V^ rhi« t«aw of me TVc«tem mwa. 33ahlic faceting. i t'T'PXTI OIT , FOUuTEEN'i'H m^jaaesMi^gsaagi sewer oa Cjtourae'ave. Corce T nfc COMMITTEE. jßcrrsriiaußt 13ipcs. /-'tENCTSE Mocrschaam Pipes and Cigar Holders of our m importation,« 93 south WateraW gionsittummtg. A VPLES'- APPLES! ■“■ 1,000 BABBELS WINTER APPLES ror sale* In quantities to suit purchaser* by bates, stonc &, CO. ISI sobthwatbb^t. ■pvKEcSED HOGS —Because of the pie- JJ Ta mng Low Bat* or OOl r^,rlj T jiDent» »e« OnI»««a BOP. I «al« KC “ tUtitebu besSed hogs I T<> n !l Itld Tsnal Facilities to Shippers. Commissions on wr-lo&d?\TvlGUt 4 .r.s^dl.lOK^Cccr-^tJ - == — —tto: .unr wv Dors of very superior quality. J. SHERRA-RD & COr, Comrouslon Merchants. al9 South Water at. jytESSED HOGS!! DROSSES HOOB!! DHEB3BD HOGS I! I tm now prepared to handle Dressed Boss tor coun try shippers, and will furnish, by request. STENCH. PLATE AND WEIGHT LISTS. All consignments will receive my prompt attention. W. 11. UXDEPjnLL, IS4 chicano. I~jREiSED HOGS! DRESSED HOGS! DRESSED HOGS! CoMleommclollptK'" “SSS'J S5JS'.fSu Otlß TTOK prompt returns, seed jour * DRESSED HOGS 20 25 .30 . 35 . 37 DAVID UI'EL As CO., 1 |.| LaStUe-M.. Chicago. business tEattie. L. SCHUOETEU, Dealer In , FEESn AJtD SALT MEAT. 431 SIATE-ST.. (OPPO-IK P.ilt>« Falmctf, Hotel* ftta Vessels sappur- CO.U.V, xates. I will re-open my 'lore, jot the first time since the •i rthich I was burned om, on Saturday. Drt«3th. ® B»“bbS& cifiM experience In the leel ftoll/competcn*. to pl»’a«e all mj mt w too may favor me with their patronage. I «ep none but the choicest meats. nEBVOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and WasWngton-sts, CHICAGO Give particular attention to both buying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. property bonsM aaa tew o= taardn!, an.l iOM aaa In ttila or fcaiVcrc market*. ' rr rates ot Commission made to thosei wfec Ssmoiw rot tarn parcaa.6. ol prop erty to be held for sale by ns t», L, Underwood. QJLBEKT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants FOB SALE AND PURCHASE OF DIODE, GEAIN AND PROVISIONS. Especial attention given to tile cf DIIE33ED HOGS OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE. 103 lYilshinart.'u-st., Vhlcago. YETH & VANDERVOORT malting company, Nos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., Jlanufactnrcn. if Blalt and Dealers In Barley and Bye. rar* We veep constantly on hand stnek? ol Prime and Rye Malt. *hlch we are prepared to se.l at u.el«iwKt market raua. . _ STORAGE.— The undersigned are pre parol to do a GENERAL STORAGE BUSINESS, On liberal term*, at their Warehouse, on Market-sl-, between Madlsocand w “ hl^’^cnASE&CO_ rp u MORGAN & CO., MERCHANTS, For the purchase and sale o! Grftin. KioDr. lTay ac. Particular attentton paid to the salt, of Ureued Hogs. 1 jHarijmcrg. rj-'O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLLR IICIIIUT. E. C . CLEVELAND & CO. JUNCTION SHOP. WOUOE3TEB, HASS., Mannfartnrm of Woollen Machinery. a* follow*: ard Qon’ilf nr l|n tr ijhtoaJ anil Narrow Brushing M* fes S»W“SSsSsBSS3i pritcißii>ny olberliuiUlcrs. K. t.ILhAELA-ND, worcMtw. liu.utuawt^M. Tyj- ERR ITT <fc COUGHLIN, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY And Woollen Factory Findings. rssjr.'S? “.sfflss? sSiS-sasf'i experienced workmen. koll cards Always on band. COTTON WABPS & CABD CLOTHING 01 all Wnd?. rg- seoccd-hasd Machinery on band, forsalechcap. Silbct plating. Instantaneously Silver Platini abticles of Brass, Copper, German Sllrcr. &c., mmmm Store*. HOWE & STEVENS, M.xrFACrCßEllri. BOSTON MASS. flannershtp. CaWBSBSbw ““'"hows and Sulky Cultivators mnMMuUK.rt'dteOUOaa uialer the name aaJ style of Qnpsoodt Yonna &Co. CSAS. B. HAPGOOD. WM.B. VOLMJ. GEO.H.LAUG3TO2i. Chicago. Pee- * Bt - Notice. Crrro¥ Horse. cr.naisnrßon, Sealed proposal* will Us si a; ostlcns . the ontfloe stone worJc of i*et courses, r-ase. stone reqni t>anel*T!nipo»i moaldrnss, » mdow stllcr. ®L-?n~TOurß*.qaolas and tatlne? archlvolts. «™l"isSfcr~?h!w: if darned for me ■■>"« “M“ ““= »>“ ° f .VSSSS^^g^gsg&^SSS^SA durable nnaffecteJ by trost and ea to water, twKCUy Tbo sizea of the stock pable of rewlTlnc L mtlr dlmetsions may required are /ranoua _ u% e aaoerln be proceed Jrom of thee® di dent s o ®f?;_,^ t frr-sail'n; of tbe ashlar* will gieLiajn mm must be d-Hlrered J 0 Cft pllee in the roughi onthe site« and pro as may fc« dtslcnatM wmo wtw- Qf -toce dsUrer poialsmestbe mwcby theco u 4a * a remenP< 1 Ed. !«!“•«' O 'JV,S = M?SMnS feral. or tte gKfhffimSftflSfei.Bls.Bicl. ourur.oj >t. snpcrtctaltootot flt tte proposed I conrecaol stone w.ortt to beslo hr or oe forejfay 18C7. Tbe Department reserve the rl«hi i eiraSßs^asgasggggg^ [ 2t.T. * Superintendent. cst-ncral Notices. ■to fSS3ft2& J'lv SSjSEMiffS SSI BSS EsyjS T josarfi w. SESDELOACH. December** IS$6. gwoto ffotoPet. ~ . hAK. 1 iniii Sue" tt? oti Ibe usual w«r»=4 v._ a »gic, ato aoflen* ffi VS“;io^Tu>r t riJmr «I * . tLan a year. «d<l haa Uie adraatlt* \ wb«K»er U baa been na«o. a muu * 1 c HSSJiK,“SSS?ifc“»««y “T«»sSifSfe.irtorot"»“»-“ 4 “* I to* window* U Id dddnrpa*^,. I /«i*jmartertht\x^ va*^r««n* v*?“sq-• • •rve rnacuacmrcn <« »« wirttW cany useless c public which bare rotted the' ta rarer* me Use dirt, but taowln* the tnUtaf'* * this articie. they confidently proejaitalt aahec*_vi*pa ed to meet ademand which haa longffih?? ?s?* tin herutolore remained onaoppuei Siaaotae J*et HOWE & STEVENS 260 BROADWAY* BOSTON. Also, M S -. c r—« Family Dye Ccicn. »a!e by Grocers and Dealers every where. aJHljolfsale (Slotf) Rouses KIMBAXiXfi, STEVBNS & COMPT. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE 64 & 66 ,7/7C7/re./.r. .IT* (ClotTjrs fttaugltr, pHE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Deal. Tt will do If to oae-nnarter the time re nnlrrd wtth heated Iron*. It alven a. sdm bdU brilliancy of tint re to Unco-*. Impoaal ble to b.e obtained from heated Irons* NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. Ben, tv. Underwood Vo Hotel. LaunJrv. Resanranr. Boarding noaw. Hospital or Private Family can anotd to be without one. rr r»vES TIME. IT FATES CLOTHS. it SAVVS MONEY. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVEa LAW)EL IT SAVES HEALTH. For pamphlet*, contalnlrg fail description of ma chine. address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., l-io, I3i sad 153 Fn!tor-*U Chicago. HL, i OrJ.R.BU'E.HH Utwt. agricultural tmplrmrnts. JV.RMERS’ AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE, SO West Lake-st., Chicago, 111. FELTON’S PORTABLE GRIST MILt has taken the Cm premium wherever esMhltM thr last twelve years. It can *e me r?lth anr power, and Is wsrracted to grind more g-aln with the »am«- powrr to be iD'.rc simple and durable, and nure taiilly kept in repair than any oth-r mill. 1 have the largest stock of COHN SUKI l-EUS ASD HAY CCTTERS m Ibc «r.l Steam ThmUrs. Drar and UrvuU. ilia mlyw Power for 'me. two nnd three hor-e*. Ml«h.i« aka ..imr Mtel Plows, hardened to the whitene** of ninaolaeturers* pneo. All onJerattir !m. Ifmcns* axut Machinery prompt* -[^OTICE EXTRAORDINARY I great inducements to those wanting FIRE AND BURGLAR-PROOF SAFES Larce stock, of New York and Detroit minnfccmrc, with latest improvement*. Alum Patent and Patent Triple Flange; IUA VNAUD BROTHERS*. 47 sjtatc-etr Armt* l«r YALE'S LOCKS, which are osM almost ev- ACCI J iiilvcly by New York and Chicago Bankers. To CAPITALISTS— A purchaserTrant td for tbe (dr ELASTIC DBOOJI. A bare.ln *lll b« riTH W JSVSS- IhU territory properly, t. E. w AU '* Jo.pb-cU. Chicago. . - ► Catch-thief OB alarm money drawer. ass YALE’a LOCK. -piVERT MAN HIS OWN HORSE SHOER. The American Horse Shoe ASD Manufacturing Company, liiiiiiiiipii on abw.ntily pcrfrtl. «».», Q i nimots. Indiana. VTls -9S su np-atalrs, front rcom. s FULLER. General Agent- proposals^ Safes. ADo, several second-hand Sales, very cheap. JJtfEWAKD BKOIBBSS, Ascot* 11 State**!., p ABB'S PATENT BHICK MACHINE. i ..onirtnrv .VI South JefforiJQ-dt. rO* ll £^\ J a«paT.^W k »g« ißD> 33 EcEtb JetTerejq-d~ Cblcago«_ Ijoots anu Jrliors- Boots and shoes . wnOLESALE. GEEAT BARGAINS! w« are now offerlcp oar l-urease stoct of boots and shoes Very low, an! jaany styh» at K«a«7 reduced prices. V> e jaanulaciore tie lEST CUSTOM-MADEBOOTS la tie West. C. ill. HEiMWi k CO., 4,6, and 8 taie-st^ Opposite tie Adams Hc^ae. .iFut g»oo38- OF JAinTES* -touldcot an before • i tch 11 toll aett compose* " > htare*t. TAYLOR, Furrier. lot Bandolph-st g»nrtitoatE. Stones. &c - MASSILLON x> PIG IRON. DETTEI & CO., 27 Kiagsbury-st.