Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 7, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 7, 1866 Page 3
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JOHN BRIGHT IN MANCHESTER. Ul» OralioD on the Progress of Befonn and Duties of the People. (Trout the London Times. .November SL] A grand banquet was glveu yesterday even ing m the Free Trade Uall, under theaus- J'iecs of the National Reform Union, to Mr. kicUt M. P., anda numberof Liberal mem* bors or Parliament. Mr. G. Wilson presided. Cover? were laid in the large room of the Free Trade Hall, which was tastefully deco rated, lor upwards of nine hundred guests. Mr. Bright, who on rising was received with several rounds of cheering said: TM' is Derhsps one of the most striking and important mec-ings which have been held in this counuv dcrup the lastfe-v years. Voa will per haps* be Mrpnscd to leam that 1 cfmetoitwith a fi rs-eoi a‘n:o«t indifference—not inllrercncc as to it.« impostancc, <>at with an absence of taal f ciliic oi tespom-ibiliiy which has pressed to ii'.uch u; oi. me upou recent occasion?. (Cheers.] At.t r a pi.wcrtul application of bis arguments on I: o iuvqti:ih'les- ar.d li.ju- ice ol me present fran c' i-v sjj*tc:n, Mr. Bright kiM: he number of r:«*t-nol*dt*r-* *n !?.e main MhninW-.LS. an 1 really then* remain? scarcely anything o: independent power and freedom of election vuthln the majority ot the couutu*!-of the Unhca Kingdom - 1 c* me i«« the conclusion mat tire working «*-'jy a'e u.diidrl and irsulrt, iII at mWj die classes oic defrauded. and 1 tbo-c »bo really do avie.d .lie .K“ t s lcin fl*J« M ~i ?.V middle S ]Lheer«*.J \\ mn I look at in'-r*. . j nn4 , ftn4 * re*L l cannot help saying - a v.o tmt-U of ih« language vfvi-u Ifc*- *'v ! *W Hch-cw patrUrc.h addressed to He said; “ issachar U a strong 1 A “t Jn*is’ht>»j c»ouchir.-» dowu .i.el'veen two I r', V |: j.nchtiT.l So on the one eljc ther j ‘jw:rd'u Of ir,-oit.utW per annum raised by i.' *. oi ias<!* to keep from j-tarvatem more than -.•i*;. I '' lanpers wuhin the Lulled tviugdom; aV«I. »>n the other hand, and higher up in the t-c-V. there is mismanagement the most gross, t i;c. <■ i> extravagance the most andthTO i- v.tic the most appalling and disgraceful w:h lias ever seen in ibe governments of as. v l -111111 \ [cheers]; and the c.n<l result of this it- b fjetoui width systematically shut? out thiinU- I . ns' aud which cajole* the middle classes by the / j>ccvt of :» Parliamcu'ary Government. [Laughter and chceis.) 1 am delighted beyond n;i-a?ure. alter manntr yours of discossion, of contemplation and of laoor in cumtecion with I this great nnes'lon. to believe t!;at the gr. at body 1 tn the peojile—call them middle c!a?s,or call them woiUhtg class—arc tesolvey that tins state of things shall exist no lougcr. [Load cheers.] inning l>- en mace fly an houe-i Govcrtintcui an honest attempt to tinker me • xt.-tiug ?y»tc:.i; for, after *1!. thebirt « l ■•»?? peusiiin, honest and well in tcc-’td, lit.-:1 v luaMc a- il «a J , «ns still hut a tinkering uf ;i vety had system ;luix»ht?rJ; bu* tin* lory j-.iity rctui-cd even lo have it litikecdr fluughlor uu«l cncers.J I’hey nmind me veiy much ot a wealthy, l>.;t a tno-t ;>v:iurions old g»?>:ll **nan. wno lived home v«ih ag»»in my n-'igub rrhuou, and who oV-veted. among other csccasc-, v.*ry much to a tailor's LIP 11c rani he hud foa<.d out that a hob- would last longer t an a patch. (Great ’av.ghtvr.J I am t.o' sure that is not the faith of lord Derby aud his file-dp,tor it was one of ihoii groat aigitments, that If the bill of the Government passed, it •• inevitably fol low that i out’ th'Ug more would also almost Im* nudiutflv he d.-mumUil: l*..y wore so anxtaue Hint things should temaln as they are that ih-?y refustd ?« aumti two Utuin-ed thousand more of the middle class bv the lowering oi the county fiuttchise, utd th y ref-sed vvuu equal, perilrps with greater perttrscitv, to admit t-vj hundred thousand, hut, a* I believe, not much more, than ore nuiiun-d ihon*-and »»cu lo electoral rights. Tlirv would not tupmess nor allow xhe *- sups fc.«it»:» of a single rot on buroucii; in fact, there wa- no abuse. howiVir intolerable, however put id, to which they would allow Ur legial.rlve toformiug knife to he applied. 'lTitis detenuim-d ta keep things a> they were, vve were obliged, l » otirgicat la-1 t-c-slor. to c-mrend so much wuh them, end row tl.e' ate tit oilier tbaycall thvra pel\c.» Her Majpstj’s servants, bat th*y have uol yet dared lo f.rnclaim tbem-nlvce the tci'tints of the t peonie. |* heers.] Some of tneir papers, and sov c papere which are not theirs, give ns lo uu •errand—for the ncwtpjpars are a]v.s» ccdturtr.nding a gre .t many thing? of \\ls* li sfcev know nolning—they giv.; »■* to under ftand that Cfibinct meetings* which have beea I c.d dtiling lb- last festiuglith/.c landed a? ii tl;l- strange pe-hion, trat the t.ien ag «m-: all re* fo;ra six ’ morph* ago a>-5 n-»w -rarmlv on* gagid in eoLcjcllcg a mea uie tv’dch shall be sat i. :‘..ciury lo l l- g.eaf ii«d.' of lel trtucps of the cot.nt’j. 1* beers.J Now, my oi-luim is this— fl: -t. -.liar the papers know tMlhirgahaU It; scfr* r,r*:iv, that the Gr.*c;-..raent—vc are onligctl to call i!.c in tli*; Government—has cot nnoo up Ita E;trd •••.!,i* :c brag i**a Kefo; :a Hill or not. In j.on'r! f;*.ct I.o'd T-oby is waiting lo sec what t! e wi-mhcr v.PI be, and I snppttse they will nod jHcLe the decision, perhaps, for some wc.:k<* to tVhoknowsi They may wait till th J ? day foci.ighi or yesterday fortnight. Ua Mou lay, the id of Jiccetnner. il is sa-dlhat f.*Ho»viu» thoes ?t:i:de of Ihrmtiigl.atn, the Wc»* Hiding, of CM;«*gov, gnd Matichtstor, and Da’dht, the men cat.neetcd with the trades of lajnd-m will make what the~ cal! a “demonstration”—that Is, on [ b- hulf of t ; is of reform thev will aa t-i.illL* ur.d i •ccvfn’ly va!S: through of the ti.2’ll streets of the Wcst- nd of London, for the jit.ij o*e of shoeing that they lake an interest in iL .* git it tjt’.esliou. [Cheer-.] 1 know nolhias ci ill*- aucngenieiits except wuat Isjs'ln thenavrs* p: ; bit* u I-said 'fieftnor* fhan 1,0 tifiJih-ace * , ■■}.':■ rlift //tc jirv<y*eis//, I hear, from to jri'an amhoiity, that certain persoue at the V-.*■<•! n !, atP-Nucra at the club-, anlsoon, a*c l. i g up u iirle alarm at what may happen on the-’d <,f Dmnibi-r. What will happen we all la.nw. It the pidtcedonot inte.vupt to break the p.a.-e ! rln-ersj ihc peace will not he broken, and in td-ahlv w hat happened on the la«t nceision may b id s.’ineuscin teaching the Home Secretary duty <>u this occasion [Cheer* ] There an* -orm- persons, d.nbtles*, so crcdu -1 in? ard =o willing to wish well of everybody a« to imagine that tojrd Derby’* U-rranim n* will bring ir. a satisnictorv IJcform Hill Teey say U ni Sir Itoi-err I’eelatd the Duke of Wellington p i—fd Catholic Emancipation, and Sir Hob rt 1V« 1 u pcah-a the Corn Laws, and why should not lord Dt*rbypa>Ba Hef rrm Hill? laird Derby Is retilicr the Duke of Wr-lliuglon nor ab Rooert IVtl. | rtn-ersanu laughter | lie li ft bon tiio-c st.r.e- in-'u ;u !bl*s, miner tha- unite with tnem to repeal the corn La»s, nnd he has never shown from hour to this one atom - f statesmaosbip ot one rpiuk of p.ilnutfin hat leads ua to expect that o:i this (-ccasinn h«- w It turn round, and, neg lecting his party, do something for hts country. [(.beets, i It *is all very well lo say that if the Government bring? In a very giiod lull, •vhv. we who want a very geod hilt wil Mlppoit It; but It !•* Ct no use dating in phrascoiogtea and pJaillttdes ofthtu kind. Look attlie Cabinet ot 1/oi*d Derby. Look at vbaltLe members of it said aud d»o dtirlrg 11-Is- .-s.on. l.oi d Derby told ns that hi-* mNsiou vra- to s»em den-ocrarv. Ill* friend* In the oft uiumou? dictated last «>es*iun that the passing ot the Pill ot the last G-verrm.-nt %'onid be to hand over the country to the di-m**crary of the *\oi king via* -e* Mr. l>l*nu*]» In blsspi-cches was I Ingenious neyond hla lullowers—as indeed he is i In general, for if he lied not been he would not I bare been m th** portion lnw:>sch\vt now* Had | him. Hut .Mr. Disraeli wa* anxmits to cut off all i fu-e election in the counties. He is of opinion, as far u? I could gather fr.-m hts speeches, : that the mure entirety the county repre- Fi-ntation can he made contetminons with the grt-at e.-iaies of the DO .*rs and large land o.’neir. the more entirely they will be aTer 1.:-* owai lushti*!* and his ow» -v|-*-es. IChccr*.] N*. iiicnc per loos Idea Can be «-nte:Uined by any s:. *i.-man than this, if you cure get thenpai!- r. i’* of the great land o.vuers and lo.ils on one si(U* • I the I aud the repros of everv b< dv else on tbeothet. Ihci the bcgn.nt'ig of the ct 'i v. ill l.a\o come, and while Jr Disraeli is licu li. g the caip - I thecoumi'j g-U.lcuiea behird him h- i* p.ojios di: jg a plan -'luch.L itc-ia'd be cur* rii.! into t-r. it. v...ald etui iu Ur* ii|pfrr-ninc|s*in pi the politic;l ,iowc.‘of I •-* Coun'ry g-’iitlemeit :n <i me pee ago of I.ugland. (Cheer*.J Mr. Disraeli proj «j-ed to csclude seven thou fgml or vigil thousand lo.utty voters who r*-idcd within 1.. e limits ot the boroughs, :uid I rnmio. Pcileve tbatn ma.u who matte such a t-st pct-Hion N'V.u*‘t eight years ago can produce a • oed Urfom BIL Now, Lo.d SuuiU-v made a Fpvccb dr.nug the dlscu-sioi. ou the late bill wiiiih hts paitv and Hour |vp*« snid was utiaa* Fwcrahle It “as a fpicch leading to this emacia tion—that he would not give votes to any of the work ii>r clatsit* n»-til he -a*- how he a di tnbutii.ii of scats, make tho-e votes of uo tt**c lotli.*m tChrcrs.j Lora Stanley 1 nt himself to an unhappy tuck, intended, «?n appeared to ns, to take uie Govcairocnt aud House ut llcnrescnla lives t>v surprise, and, by •. ainlug a sudden and scctdcctal divisi’D, to destroy both the Govern r-unl und Ibtir bill. [Cheers.| I*ord Crau bi'iuc Is a nvmber ot the CabiucL [laughter.] He was bcuu.* known a* Lora Robert fi-cil. laird Craut-oiiic qaarrelled violently with Mr. Gladstone because he said rna* the working tu' tt were of our own flesh and blood. Untreated that observation very much iu the Fame way aa fcome Carolina planters aud slaveholders in the | So ate oi in the House of Iteprcsi ntallvcs in the I’iilcd State* wuttla hove u-ptted to mylrtend 2dr. Sumner if he had tad dial black and white vv< rc eminl, and in the eye of God of one and the fame flesh aid blood. [ch«.ers.l General Peel is u member of this Govornmar.t, and be protested against any reduction of the fratt cl ise; a?, indeed, did Sir Stafford Northcolc, who i* low Ikcslacnt of the Hoaid oi Trade. 1 vl-n tc ask whether from these men you are to Hcforra Hill. After all their speeches bad Uc'-n made I ord Derby did bis utmost to prevail on Mr. Lowe lo become a member of his Cabinet. If, us er all this, they were lo attempt to mannfac tuie and introduce a Reform Bill, they would cover themselves Mid their party with humiliation and with certain failure. 1 know that iu this country politicians can change stucs, aud it often has a • wondeunl erect with them. 1 suppose that there a rc many here present who have lead the couplet l»v uur witty friend, Uosca Biglow, on pointing out the character of some politicians In Amelrca. who, he said, as wc may say of Lord Derby and hi- party, *• \ merciful Providence favhl'med them hollow, Cu purpose that th-*y might Uitir principles swallow.” [Laughter.] Hut, notwithstanding mat provision —that merciful provision—as statesmen I confess I that I do not believe that the Government have t det* rrnined lo bring in a Reform Dill, or tbatthev can bv o»iv pos-lbihilitr bring in a Reform Bill I whirl! the' reformers of this com try can accept I Cheers.J Thev have done everything during luc last t-wKioti bv'fraudulent statements, by insults to Die people,* by the most evident baseness oi pailv actions to destroy the bone*l attempt of tarf ItUFsell to improve the reprc-'cntalljn of the people. Ido not believe that within one short Tear they can turn round, capacious as ravy V>.- the -cavlrv of the Tory Government—l thirs thev cannot within ono «hort year swal low all tb'elr cotiPtrvaiivc priucinles. [Chcers.l If u man were to n il me he hart a broth compoFcd of hah a of the most poisonous ingredi ent*, and could make a wholesome dish, I coaid not believe him [laughter!; and li he told me that 7 ord Derby and Mr. Disraeli and lord titan lev and lord Cranbonn- and General Peel aud the rest of them ore aooi.t to ptodure a wholesome and salutary and liberal Retorm Bill. I must ask him not to impot-c for n moment on my under standing. [Cheers.] The enemies «f lie bill of ■ jspo cannot nerome tbe friends of the hilt of 1857, and conspirators of the scb-iod just passed, cannot become honorable sidesmen In the e*-«eion which Is about to commence. iChccrf.] My opinion may be no better than that of other men.. This, however, may „ Le good advice. All reformer-* should be on the waten. [Cheers.] There are.uemb**enough, and fnl e fileurtk enough ia cu«.v(nc*-u» that oar can*e If bv no means oni of danger. Bui tbe next bill, what must it be> I vvl-h 1 could hope toat it would be as good as the last; hut one thing, I think, wc have a right to in>Ll upon, that the next hill which I* introduced by a reform government should be In regard to its suffrage, Da»ed on the undent franchise of the country. [Hear. heaM Household or rating Iranchn-c ha? exlsb-dforcen tnries In our parishes; U has existed tor many vears in onr municipal corporations ; It has nc *'er ti. en found In our parUh'*s .ot corporation* to bo dc tractive to the Interests of iliofc diaudets. I say, therefore, we ought to stand upon our ancient institution. Hart Rns fell was in favor of ext ending the borough fran chise down to the municipal franchDe. and Mr. Gladstone approved such n measure, tt e know that the late AUorney-GencraL one of the most eminent members of Uie Uonsc of Commons, SsS”c*prcoeed himself in that (Jange. iVcilcvc the liberal pomon of tic - would have nooblectlon to see tbe franchisees tended loan bodsehold-rs in the ~o. r * believe if It weie so extended we should arrive ai a polrl at which, *o long at * n s'.. rate ,* 3 ol ns are permitted to meddle in «nc policy of our coardtr. no xur ->* tJicir change would be demanded. I Chcers.l i. thertfoic, am entirely in favor of It, because 1 re lieve it to bo wise In itself, and fvecaa*e K l? the ancient borough franchise of the kingdom. 1 m In favor ofthe Con»tituUon. 1 would stand by it whenever II affords guarantees for freedom. I 1 would march in its track. That track is so plain »* that the wayfaring man, D ough look need not err therein.” I would be guided by Us lights; they have been kept burning by great men among ► our forefathers from generation to generation. Our omv safety in this wanate is in adhering to the andent and node Constitution of oor country, and when we have restored it to its anctentpower, aud In polUlcaTpowcr, then the Douse of Commons f ’ will be the servant oi thenation and not la mas ter, and U will do the bidding, not of a small and limited—often an ignorant, n- ccasarily a selfish— clasp, hut the bidding of a great and noble people. 1 [Loud and protracted cheering, amid which the v honorable gentleman resumed his seat, having b ppoken for upwards of an hour.] Henry Ward Beecher declines to lecture this winter, and has returned the mousy advanced to fritn by committees end associations. NASBT. k.sball the Democratic Parly Mvo or Diet”—ntr. NaabyGlvea hlsVlcivsou ttio Subject. [From the Toledo Blade, November 53.) Contediut X Hoads, 1 (.lob I. m j. Tbc papers nv the country are very sou crallT dlscussln the question, “Shcl lhc pnra oeralio party live or die,” wick, ™ take into considcrashcn the feet that the eorrhe Is afotc us, seems to me liolKr raocjw cry! and a heartless triflio "Ilh UiofoeUriJ uv the friends of the deceitst. ™eraint J}® voosc uv talkln uv its fuclicr, coz is in Us lucher now, and a tomb stun might ez well be nut up, resardlis of expense, commcmo ratio Its virclioos. . The Chica-o Timet and varnm other pa oera ale advoeotln the Ijee uv lloppin over io I h;v let my Websteriun Intcileok Jite onto this subjeck at various times and the more I Uev considered It. the more In™ satit-fied that it wont do. A ua her of n»lm» wunst bed the stumlck-ake. and applied to rac for a remedy. In a spirit uv jokelarity I told him that strlknim* wood cure that, cz well cr all other physlelc Ills- The poor fellow rot seeiu It wuz a joke, took an ounce or two, and need I slate the resu.t. He sleeps in the vallcv. Nigger suffrage, wich is rank plzcn, wood end the troubles uv the Hituocrisv, hut wooden’t it end Dimoc tlsv also? We tnitc die gracefully cz IMm oefats, but wood our resurrection ez Abllsh inista be certain ? Wooden’l the people when I we arc wunst entombed, lorgci to awaken us? Mv objections are these s T,’\Vc can’t gobble Ablishen votes with nigger suffrage, for the reason tint ef the people desire it they’d probably go to the In venture thereof; that they mite be ashoored uv cetlln the gcnoolne article. 2. We can’t get the nigger after he is man and a brother. The Timt*' idee is. wc d ketch ’em on the score that the trash natur ally gravitate to us. Wc are too late for Ibis. The nigger jus now Is lookiu up—not down, and cl tbe tax wuz taken off uv whis key, so cz to bring that esseoshel to Dimo cratic success wuust more within our means, and we ehood devote onreclvcs enlhoosiasu callv to the work, we wooden’t be able to gel ’em down to our level In twenty years. Alore that lime I ehcl hev gone into that other -world wher polytlx wont trouble me, and efllie orthodoxrelijusbeleefc uv tbeday t« correct «n the department uv tbe tothcr 1 world In wicb I shell put up, there will be a I ftrong Demociatie majority. Ez I lift up I mv eyes from thence, il will do mo no per -1 tikehr pood, cz I know uv, to be told that the Dintoerisv hev elected ther Presl- I dent by nigger votes —that intelligence I woodn’t supply the place uv the water I 1 should be callin for. . I Us instant telccfwc need, and ei life ts ever pumped into tbe carcass afore us, it must be done to wuust. I hev an Ijee for lb- salvation uv the parly, which, cf acted I ..nvull give us a lease uv power for years— Mnxico. Here is sathin feasible. Let the South adopt the Constooshncl Amendment to wiinst, providin Congress will knock out the third section wich disfranchises the heft uv us who are fit for Cot*gre«p, and also re pi cl ti c t«*>t oath, aud Immcjilly let Johnson annex Mexico. How will it slum!, then ? We Lev ten Stales out, wich we kin depend up. on. Kentucky, Delaware, and Maryland make thirteen,’and Mexico kin be cut up into twenty more, or thirty for that matter, givla »:s a clean majorilv in the Scnit, House auJ Electoral College.* I hev let my inlelb-k out ».n to this subject and ain’t mistaken. In Mexico Is the precise we kin beit work upon: “They can’t understand our specters,” sc?, one objector. Very good. I admit It, and what do we want uv voters who kin understand ns? The downfall uv D*- mocrisv conimenst, the intuit the people begun *to understand us. tio long ez they took things on trust, it wuz all right, but w hen they begun to que-ttou. the jig wur up. Intelllgcuse is a good thing iu the abstract, but you must be luodrit in Us I >» Ml se. Knuff uv us wood hev to emigrate thither, uv coor.-c, to be sent hack to Washington Seward aud I, for instance, woul go to the Set-It from Chiahualma, DoolitHe and Dr. Olds, uv üblo, from San Juan, Henry Clay, Dean, and Cowan fnun TamaultiKis, John Morrisey and Randall from Malamoras, Val- Jaodigham and Slocum from Tehuantepec, Custar and Beecher—no thev’vo gone back on us—>lllll Sleedman and Jesse D. Britc from Puebla, ct scliry. There wood be room for every one uv the liatliu Democrats North in thc.c Slates. Thcr vood he sixty seats in the S'*mt and three hundred in the House to ho titled, be sides the State ofliscs. The hundreds uv thousands uv DimoUrats uow tuomulu for c.ifists, and who can’t he supplidc, wood here lind opening. Think uv ill Thirty Slates turned over to us wi*n a people wlch cooln’t compete with u» for the ollises. My soul expands with the thot. The field wood he a rich one for Androo Jaxon Uodgcrs to stump, for the people, not understands a word uv wat he u uz a savin and hevin a high opinion nv the Amerikins, wood think he wuztalkin scnccl And His cgaslcney, the President! wat a chance It wood he forhiru ! He cood hev Duglis dug up and re-buried at Monterey, so ez he cood hev a cxcoosc of tonkin" a tour to his torn!), or, ef the friends nvthe statesman objected to that, he cood no to Chleai’o by the way uv the City ol Mexico, and cood'make hi« speech at the way , stations through that country without fear. The Mcxiklns wood vcscevc the constooshns and stars gladly, ami ez they don't under* ►tand the language they woodcut receyc his speech with peels uv laf nre ez they did on his late memorable loor thro Noo York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinoy, et settry. the re membrance of wlch, even at this day. send'* a thrill uv anguish thro the I’reMdenshel breast wich even the triumph in Dela- I ware and Maryland cannot and docs not soothe. 1 he people of the North wood rocoeve the proposition gladly. 1 menshund the mattci to a leadin merchant uv Philadelphia, who lit d just declined to glee six months’ ciedifc for « small stock nv goods to a friend nv mine, on my endorsement, hut who in tlu* most gentlemanly manner expressed a wll lingnesatosell for cash, and he warmly an* I>r«»vcd nv it. “Go,” sod he. “and et It will work ez yro say, and take them lucu* busses out uv this country, 1 think 1 kin not only promise yoo the co-operashcn nv Hu* people nv llic North, hut ul-o money rnutl' to pay yoor fares to the land uv yoor cboiee.” And tic bust into feers. “Wat arc voo wceplti for?” fed I, aston .... ... “ Those teers,” fed he, “ ere for Mexico. She hez endoored much, but her cup uv woe is not jet lull.” Thif Is the onlv Inpc tir the Denncrisy. Tltepeople hev bin brought face to lace with slavery, and they Mimsht it. They hev bin brought face to lace with nigger equality, and ihev don’t scare ut U at all. Tbcvwuz brought np before Southern sooperiority, and (hey putuToorcd that. They look some rather extensive toors thro the South, and somehow they come home with Mug ler ideas, and wondered that they lied b n rooled to long by sich emptiness. The H mth sccculashcn dldi.’t pay, lor tho we shot Lin kin wc eoodent shoot Linkin'* principles, and tlicy remain to torcher ns. When lie Kll, others, finnhow. stept forrerd and took up the ark. and they hev bin carryin it rite along. Johnson interposed the post oflisis, but tlicy kicked era aside contcmplously. Only bv nddifhun kin wc hope in the fncher torooir The sole uv John Brown is march in on, and cz far ez I kin see, our plan is to let it march and git out uv its way. Petroleum V, Nasbt, P. M., (wicii is Postmaster.) Tho Prestdi'iiPs [tlossaEC, (Front the New York Herald.] The President’s Message is before our readers. Thcv will find it, as nn exhibit of the working of the several Executive De partments during the last year, nu interest ing. instructive and satisfactory Stale paper, while upon the great issue of Southern re construction Il reads like a chapter from “The World betore the Deluge.” Mr. John son devotes two tedious newspaper columns to a defence ofliis last year’s measures and general ideas of Southern restoration. Inclu ding some beautiful extracts from Washing ton's Farewell Address, and from Jefferson and Jackson, in s«p]»ort of his theory of State rights and Hie powers of Congress, and then he drops the subject. It Is an argu ment to the court after the jury had ren dered their verdict. It may be compared to a history of France, omitting the revolution which overthrew the Bourbons—as a trivial matter not worth mentioning in pleading their claims to the throne. Jt Is indeeu remarkable that after deliber ately submitting his Southern policy against the plan of Congress to the people in the late elections, the President should not have a word to sav of the will of the people, as made manifest in these elections. He talks of “ the ancient landmarks,” as if none of them had been swept away by the late Southern deluge of fire and blood, as if the war had changed nothing, and as if the re cent elections bad decided nothing. In a word, Mr. Johnson forgets that we have passed through the fiery ordeal of a mighty revolution, and that the pre-existing order of things is gone aud can return no more— that a great work of reconstruction U before us, and wc cannot escape it. PBUSOJAIi. New novels arc annonne *d by Mrs. Mary Clem tner Ames, and by Mrs. Jane G. Swlssbclm, who lias left Washington and gone to Pittsburgh, Penn., to live. Hiram Powers has lately executed, in Florence, a large nndc figure of “Eve alter tbc Fall,” a work spoken of as being finer than either hie “California” or his “ Greek Slave.” The widow of Lawrence M. Keitt, in a Charles ton paper, offers a Cue mill-seat, with largo water-power and mill-dam complete, gra'la. tJ any one who will build thereon a cotton factory. The Louisville Journal has been printed thirty- six years and the Boston i’osf thirty-four, and the editors who controlled tbclrcolumns at their com mencement occnpy the same positions tonlay. General Wm. Preston Johnson, the private sec retary of Jeff. Davie, was In Newport, Kentucky, ou halnrday, ana spent several hours at the Court House. This is, perhaps, says the Cincinnati Ccmnurcial, an indication that the trial of Mr. Davis Is to take place in that city. Tbc defence of Mr. Algernon Swinburne meets with a rather cool reception In London, and the JtrtUic even says of it; “He exhausts the lan guage of wontonness, and recruits himself in a riot of blasphemy t ” Miss Mary E. Rice, who resigned her position as teacher in one of the Charlestown, Massachn setts, schools for the purpose of making prepare - tlons lor her appointed marriage on Tuesday last, died the previous Saturday.. Mr. Joseph Barker, who is well known io this country as an infidel lecturer. Is a canaldate for orders In the English Church. He haa been by turns a Methodist preacher, a free-thinker, and a dissenting clergyman. Erastua Standlsh and his wife celebrated Ihe sixtieth anniversary cf their marriage at Dozrab, Connecticut, on Friday, with a large gathering of their descendants and friends. Eight of the thirteen living children and twenty-eight grand children were present. The Utica Herald tells of a priest at Madison wno ievi'ed a married lady to meet him at a designated place. She banded tho note lo her husband, and he kept the appointment. Tho ecQuel was quite disagreeable to the priest, as bo carried home with him an eye in mourning aud a cheek highly ornamented. I Monaler Zavler Eyma has begun in La Übnte a eoilcs ofarr-clca on eminent Americans. The Hut sketch is of Mr. Seward, whom the wiltcr warmlv calogUe“. remsrkln;? that his career can scarcely he considered less remarkable than tt at nf bis (ttend, Mr. Lincoln, although he has not bad "It b'n(“ce de la fotnbe ” Mr. Seward la probably better saUsfleo as it is. The KewYork papers announce the dea'h of Don. A. J. Baldwin, member olecl to the Assem bly of that State from the couo*y or Sullivan. Sir. C. was a member last winter, was a lawyer, and a man of respectable ability. lion. Paul A. Cbaubonrnc, Professorof Chemis try In Williams College, baa been elected Presi dent of the Mas-achuaells Agricultural 0011-ge, In place of Judge French, resigned. Ue Is bcanlly endorsed by the ftowmoriy which says: ‘‘The fanning community may feci the most enure con fidence that if any man living can make a com plete success of an Agricultural College, Presi dent Cbadi'ourno can and will-” The Wisconsin Sto-V Journo?ha* the following facts m regard to the illness of >»las Anna E. UicUrsou. Her complaint is pneumonia. The attack was brought on by her being obliged, on the day she left Madison, to ride from Caledonia to Coividcre, n distance of nine miles, in snch a vehicle that t-he was constantly exposed to a dralt of that CToUieb pndi le blast. Thonsb tar from well on leaving here, and all the while growing worse, she persisted in keeping her next appointment, and so lectured lulklvidere. Poasl'ily she was the more scrupulous about U as, on the Monday previous, she bad failed to come to time in Ripen. Out toe bad no sooner arrived in Rock ford, on the next afternoon, than she wa« com pelled to succumb, and has not since left her bed. On Saturday her left lung was congested, and aenuly pauiiul. Kor waa sbo able to raise her left arm. Her fere was Hashed with fever, and her bands felt feverish. Though among strangers, she has found a home, and is nursed by a Quaker matron not unknown to heron (or mer visits. The Dublin correspondent of thi New York Tribune thru describes The O’Donoghue tb&l representative Irishman: “He is about thirty-four yearn; he la tall, finely pro portioned, and of very handsome features. Tteic la mnch of boyish, or it mil?'ll bo said, of womanly, beamy In 'bis face. Hu soft, scout vhifcke.s do not mar the smoothness of bis cheek*, and bis small month is each as would. If a girl were Its owner, be called pretty. Then his high character, his polished man tiers, his proven aonrage, and Lis a'ictcut lineage, ate pouts that (ell in his favor everywhere, and more especially with an Irish audience, whose re gard for»im 1- still further Increased by the fad of bis near relationship to O Connell. In addition to iL:p, he has many of the qualities necessary fur a great orator—graceful action, ereal self-posses* son,a ready Cow of words,and a vile*clear, powerful and distinct, though somewhat delicate It. some ot its intonations. Ymnie Hearn, that eprisbtly, black-tressed mai den whom Congress empowered at the close of last session to execute a statuct'clu marble of lii.colu, Is preparing to sail for Naples in the ►pihg. In folilllnicoi of her commission. Mean time she is chi-cliing ind’iitrioaely a' farads and titled ot living ami departed etalosmou, and al ready has quite an anar of piaster caste of Con gre-hmui on exhibition iu toe old Hall of Rcpre seLtarives. Senator'Wilson was baptised at Natick, Mass., Sunday before last, and united wl*h t *euty-nine others with the church a: that point, of which Rev. C. M. Tyler Is pastor. Stephen Albro, a prominent citizen aud veteran cul’or of Buffalo, dlcO in that city ou Thursday night, aged sev-.nty-elgLl years. He formerly edited the Buffalo J!*pvblucn, aud alio the lit public Mr. John Thomas, well known as a practical printer, died at bis home !□ New Jersey, on Tues day, id the sixty-second yeat of his age. Mr. 1 Lomas ran the first cylinder press ever operated in lids country. He was lor a number of years a member cf the Sim ot Baker & Thomas, job priut ws, New York. Count Nlceuzo Toflctll, whose name was the Wl inscribed In the “Golden Book ” of the Vc* j.etian Republic, U dead. He was bom on the tth day of May, six days before the fall of the Republic, took*part iu the revolution of 1921, am! In lSt> represented the Provisional Govern ment at Naples. Hou. Jacob Fry died In Norristown, Pennsyl vania, on Wednesday night. Ho was, a native of thermic of Pennsylvania, and served his District as- Representative In Congress from 1535 to IffW. Subsequently he was elected Auditor General of the state. John F.. Wheeler, Fsq., has disposed of the Kcnaiee JAcl to Mr. Wr lie, formerly of the Stark County AVits. Wc deeply regret to learu that Mr, Wheeler is very low with pulmonary consump tion. lie Isoncol ihcbcst of men, and his death would be a serious loss to any community. POLITICAL, W. W. Sellers, Esq., the Republican candidate lor Representative from Tazewell County (Tlilrty tevinih District), has served a notice on Dr. Samuel H. Saltotiftal. the Democratic member, who has the certificate, of his Intention to contest the validity oi hU election. The document set* foiththe following among other rcarona for the contest: First. The contestant claims that, the polls in Pekin township were opened before eight o'clock a. m., and about cne hundred and fifty votes were polled before that time, a large proportion of the number being for the Copperhead candidate. Second. The total disregard of registration in the town of Cincinnati. Third. Theirandulent voting in the town of Pekin and r.ther places; also failure to return cer tificates and the proper vouchers of elections and also, that aPer the election the Board of Canva®e eie dt elan d Sellers elected, but that on the day after said canvass had been made and the rote de- clared. the County Clerk of said county permitted an amendment of the certificate of said Judges and Clerk to be made so as to show the number o( votes cast lor each candidate respectively, and wrongfully iit-ned the certificate of election to t=allons‘al. Jhe election in Portsmouth, N. 11., for Mayor, on the t:3ih nit., resulted in a tic vote. Two of the wards elected Republican officers, and one Dtmocaiic. Tic ant! State Mass Convention called to meet at Ooldi-n Citj, Colorado, on thciMth ult., was a complete failure—there being but four persons present. Judge Hancock, of Texas, writes a letter con firinng the s'aieincnt that his defeat for United States Senator tn»m that Mate, was owing to the tact that he was not an original secessionist, and suppo-ed to be minted with Unionism. FROM CKNCISXATI. Fined lor Foiling to I'»c Revenue Stomps ( A S>ul Ml>up in the Lniterr Bumiicsw .Tl»itiin*v Report—lJravc Robbing— Fatal Re-nil in the Boy Stabbing Cnsc. (Special Despatch to the Cblcaso Tribune.] Cincinnati, December 5. Colonel T. L. Jones, of .Newport, Kr„ was fined ?SCu in tbc United Slaves District Court, now in vesrion In tbc adjoining city of Covington, for fatting to attach revenue stamps to receipts for money. Colonel Jones sympathized with tbc b at cause during tbc war, and did not believe in the obi i»y of the North to maintain tbc Govern- L. I*. Coles, of Washington Connty, Ohio, holds (be ticket which drew the first prize of land to Kentucky, valued at forty thousand dollars, In clayten & Young’s Gill Enterprise, of Covington, Kentucky. The parlies refused to convey the lands, and Cole has instituted suit in tbc Kenton, Kentucky, Ciicutt Court, to compel them to make the conviyaice. The sail is brought against .las. Clayton, il. Yonnp. N. C. Morse, J. C. Hedge, Robert Howe, Benjamin Young, Vincent Phinklp and H. O. Andrew, all residents of Cov ington, Kentucky. , , 7be lleahh otllcer reports one hundred and sixty-seven dAths from cholera during the month ol November. , . Mrs. cillara and Mrs. Eagan, widows, desirous to find the remains of their husbands, who died from casualty and were buried in the Potter s Ficlr. went thither but found the graves robbed. Warrants were procured and the dissecting rooms i.f the medical colleges searched by tho po lice. Any reasonable number ot subjects were fonnd, but the saw bones, by that svstcmalic use of the scalpel which self-protection from the rigors of tbc law imposes, had so de faced '.hem that the disconsolate widows tailed to tccognize the remnants of mortality as their unounam lords. .... John Conner, tho lad who was stabbed by his rilavmatc, llnch Kelley, a short time ago, died rom the effect ot ms injuries to-day. Kelley is still at large. . . A . Cincinnati, December 5.—A despatch to the Cvvtvmcial dated Brownsville, November 3''. says that General Sedgwick occupied Mataxnoras on the 34th ultimo, and tbc American fiag now floats over ttnt city. , The tax levy to carry on the city government of Cincinnati for trill and ISGS has been agreed upon, amounting in the aggregate to f2,0.T4.000. The cln debt up to date is J3.34P.000; assets of prop erty owned bv the citv, J lO.flt OJJOO. A company* Is about to erect a magnificent hotel in this dry. , , , , James Parton If here gathering statistics for a series of articles on Western dries. Mayor Wu slock has given him the freedom of the city, one hundred and flftv thousand persons have crossed the suspension bridge up to dat". The site of Pike’s Opera Douse !«■ nearly rebuilt with a magnificent stone ftont business block, six series bicn. ..... . hlrht thousand five hundred dollars have been recovered from i?ny«*cr, the defaulting salesman of Bennett’s bat store. _ FROM LOUISVILLE. iddcn Death—Railroad Repairs—Peraonah (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, December 5. William Kaye, son of the cx-Mayor. living in Breckinridge county, while eating dinner at the Commercial Hotel, Portland, fell dead from his chair. He cad been on a heavy spree. The railroad from Tullahoma, Term,, to Me- MlnnvWK destroyed by the Union army, is re built to Manchester, within twenty miles of Mc- Minnville. Passengers go through in one day from Nashville. „ _ Ibesieftner Wild Wagoner takes to New Or leans ibcbtgucsi trip oftheacasen. River rising; eight loet on the tails. _ . Major General Whipple has again gone Sou-h on a special mission for General Thomas. John Mirim, a heavy lumltnre manufacturer, died suddenly to-day. FRO3I THE PLAINS. Ftsfat In tbc* Indian Country—Surrender of the Bum Navajo Chief. St. Louis, December G.—Advices from Fort Sedgwick say a detachment of twenty-five troops, under lieutenant Amea, recently bad a fight with a hand of Sioux Indians, numbering one hundred. They killed eight, wounded seventeen, and cap tured a considerable number of cattle, horses, mules, pontes, and plunder. The troops marched jfti miles In thirty-six hours, without food for either men or horses. _ . .. Tbc Santa Fe ucztit« says: Barbon Cite, the Ist! Navajo chief of any note, has surrendered, which Is a virtual submission of all the Navajo Indians. The fiw still remaining at large have no tribal organization. ... , , m Washington, December 6.—A letter from La pass, Arizona, dated October inth. received here. Informs the Commissioner of Indian Affairs that on September ‘AT a hostile band of Boaloptas killed John Killian, wagoner, and tour mnlea which ho drove, and that os September 9fith John wood worth, A. Jud»on. and two men named Baker and Bcriman, were killed, and Samuel D. Krowles wounded, by Hualopias, while engaged in a meet ing near Fort Mobove. A party ol ten citizens from the vicinity cf the tort, accompanied by a numl>cr of Mobove Indians, under command of a Chief named Hans Anstipab, went in pursuit ortho murderers, whom they surprised in Uieir camp at daylight, and killed the whole party, twenty-one in number, lo: Ijg one Mobove. Baltimore Items, Banxmonx, December B.—One branch of the City Council to-day passed an ordinance to pre vent Use storage ot coal oil, naptha or bcnaloo within twenty feet of any dwelling In the city limits. Three hundred and seventy-one emigrants, Dorn Bremen, arrived to-day in the ship Lcocadla They nearly a»l go West. . Cleared to-day, ship David Uoadlcy, Son Fran cisco. BOARD CF SUPERVISORS. THIRD DAY’S PROCEEDINGS. Reports of Conn 4 / Officers—School Sta tistics—Poor House Expenses— Storage of Gunpowder. Visit to tbe County Honpliali Tbc Hoard of Supervisor* met yesterday morn ice punsnaiit to adjournment, President liam- Dimd in tbc chair, ihe miuutca of tac last meal ing weie rend nod approved. ueport on cotnrrr scuools. Supervisor IVUicbtad, from the Committee on Fnncai-on, premned the report of John K. £her hardt, Esq., the Superintendent or Comity Schools, nhlch shows tbc following Interesting acts: l)miog the past year, certificates have been granted to 141 teachers. About mu applicants for certificates were rejected One Teachers' Institute baa hem held, attended by over IMJ teachers. There are 191 districts la the county and 2t3 school*. Ofiliepe, 183 bad schools more than six months and seven had no ech ols. The avenge number of months that schools bare been held Is eight There a«e 2lu school houses in the county, 13 of which have been erected daring tbc year. There aic US eroded schools. 13 of which are In the city, and 63 pilvate schools, attended by 11,231 pupil*. Thirty-eight of these schools belong to the city. FJfty-ttree districts are in debt while ICO have a surplus tu the treasury. About 73 dis tricts have lioraric*. to which 127 volumes have been added during the 'tar. The whole number of white persons la the county, under years of ago, is 119,9f0. Of these 69.15“arciathea*y,and 3830ia ‘be country— W 9 are colored, The whole camber between the ages oftix and twenty-one years, is 06,333. Only of this number—a little more than one-hair, bare at aoy time enten d the school room, and the average daily atlenoance is only 13,031. The whole nnmhcr of male attendants la 15,t27; fe males, Hi.BOS. The salaries paid to teachers In the county range ftom $lB to $l5O per month for males, and from fio to f'U per month fur female*. The total township school fund Is {352.501.13, of which ?113,1'0 belongs to the city, and $139,- t41.4H to the country. Ibe interest received da rim; the year is 09,514.14. ' l ’b e amount of dis trict lax collected by the different districts, be sides the State school tax, la $2t9,301 *1 The to tal amount expended lor all school purposes in the country is £>91,483.16. 'Jhe report urge-very strongly the propriety ard practicability of establishing a Co -h County Noimal school tor the training of teachers. It cblute lhat the expense to each tax-payer will he very trilling, while it is almost a necessity for the iiiopcr education of the children of the county. The city Normal School, it is thought, does not benefit the children in the rural districts. A plea sant town In the county has onered to furnish, gratuitously, a suitable building for the school, util other towns would, no doubt, make similar propositions, so that it would cost the county nuiMti" for buildings. The Teachers’ Inrlltutcs are the only means offered for Lite instruction of teachers in the rural towns, and as they continue but five dare, they can, of course, to bat lUUe for the defied end. App nded to the report were Ictit-r* horn the Stare superintendent of Instruc tion, Hen. Newton Bu’eman. and from the Presi dent of the stale Normal school, strongly recoin mending the fonndinc ot a County Teachers In stitute. Ibe idea commends Itself to tne careful corsideratiou of the Board of Supervisors. Tte repoit was referred to the Committee on .Eduiaiinn. , „ _ A communication wa-» read from Mr. Xhomje, the engineer of >be v ; ovtrt Uoose. stating that he bad been obliged to make certain changes • £ uie bcilcrs and h'-atlncr apparatus of (be court House, at bis own expense, and asking that the Board nnke an appioptlatron of s<oo, to pay an assist iiitlor tiring, and also make some further allow ,ce lor his own services. The application was lerred to the Committee on Public Buildings. The clerk th n read the report of Mr, F. Hard ier. the County At'enL from which it appears that the expenses of the otlice for the lasi quarter have been and for the entire year, beimrttf.&M.'W less than they were lor the year 1&U&. itefcired to the Committee on Poor lioure M>d Paupers. nrroiiT or the pooh hopse physician. Tlie report of the Physician for the County Poor House, Dr. S. S. Keeler was read, accepted and ordered died. It shows the following figures: Number treated durii s the qnarte*, Sit); births, none; deaths, -JO; of which :>0 were from cholera. The sanlary condition of the County Alms House is now troop, ard everllunc Pi the power of tho Warden and Matron is hein? done to make the condition 01 the inmates comfortable. TOEASmiEn’S BOND. The bond r of the County Treasurer was pre sented to tho CoramtUee on Finance. ETouAct; or cunpowocu. Supervisor Aiken olfered a resolution request ing the U-s-islature to lake measures to protect the city acainsi the erection of nuijaslaei and the sioiicc of larpe quantities ot pun and blasting powder near dwelling bouses. Kefeired to the Committee on Judiciary. omi'E ROOM WANTED. A petition was read from I!. W. I’bUlins and W. M. Swan, Collectors of North and Sonin Chicago, a*kinn lor U-e Urc of Koom No. 3 lu the Conn House, for the purpose* of an oClcc foe the receiv ing ol Uixee. Hvfvrred to the Building Commit' tcc, with power to act. A QUESTION' OP PEniJUTSITT-S. Supervisor Misckford tnovcu that a copy of Haines's Township Organic Laws be voted to each new member of the* Hoard. Supervisor DoUou moved to give a copy to each member. Supervisor VTilmarUi moved to plvo a copy to each comity ollicer. Alter lone dt-cussion |n regard to the expense and the necessity of the book, the matter wan finally laid on the table. COCJJTT TREASmill’a JICTORT. The report of the County 1 n-asurer was then re d and reicrrcd to the Committee on Finance. Ills as follows: Cash on band, as per September report.? Cash received from Town Collectors.... 2i,3U!.S'J Amonnt collected by Treasurer 2T,*TO.T4 An ount collected by Treasurer, tax of Riccivcd irum 1.. P. Hilliard and P. Am* kk, tax of iBO4 Cs.Ol Balance unexpended from the land, from A. OUd u 210.58 Allotments received from A. Gibbs..... 15J.30 Ssalce on County J-’arm, fi om il. L. Pin* nor 1 jS.CS D.linqtipn! perroiml property tax. Irom Mipi-r\'>oi.l O.*J Received from County Cleric lor 11 censes *1T7.'.C4.U7 On motion of Supervisor Heacock It was voted llmt when the Board adjourn it be nmll 10 o'c ock to-mnrow morning, and that o-i adjourning they proceed to vl-lt the County Ho-pita). ELECTION EXPENSES. Supervisor Stcinmullcr ohcred a resolution In regard to the payment of clerks and judges of ( lections, and other election expenses, which was rcleired to the Committee on Miscellaneous Claims. rnmos ron bounty. iu» i. Supervisor Kingpreecntcu a petition from Fred* crick \V Cole, formerly of the Thirteenth Illinois t'avalry, ru-king the payment ofcoanty bonntv voted to volunteers, which he tad not received. Ttiu matter was relcrred to the Committee on Firanct. On motion, the Board then adjourned until 10 o’clock thi? mAnilng. VISIT TO THE COUNTY UO9WTAL. Immediately or adjourning the Board proceed* cd to make their annual visit to the Crok County Hospital, tiiir institution is located on Arnold strict, near Eighteenth, and is a fine audextensive fonr-tion brtk hmiding. It was erected in 1951. ter a Citv H«->psiaU at a cost when gdntshcd, of tome STl'.uP, but when the work was completed t?c brilliant lint !>o’ne-.'hul untimely tboughtoc enrred to the city magnates tt-at them was no use for such a cmhltug, inasmuch as the county was obliged l»v Jaw to take care of all the poor within Its linm*.* It was therefore rented tc a number of iihyticia* ?. ard cm<dn< ted as a private hospital oi forao fix v. ure. The Government then leased and occupied it as a mllittry hospital for about fonr seats, nr.lll It «as rented in December. 13'>5, by Cook ( unity, for five years, the county, as an equivalent, utv ing the city the use of the property now occupied hy the city Deform School. ■j be hospital at the nrcsent time seems to be ad* mirably conducted. The rooms are iarce, high and clean ;| the cot* are wide and comfortable, each bavin]* Its own number; the different classes of patients arc arranged in appropriate wards and the medical and sanitary arrangements arc appa rently Hbeial and excellent. The report ot the Medical Board of the Hos* pital, which was published yesterday, contains the main statistics of interest. The total cost of conducting the hospital during the year has been $->(i,00o, an amount which is not extravagant when considered In connection with the good accom plished. An income of about SI,OOO has been de rived from the sale ot tickets to medical men, giving them permission to witness operations per lormcd In the lecture room, wulch con ntns seats iu the form of an amphitheatre, and win seatSoO persons. The annual charge fur tickets Is $5, and a- many ns two hundred students have been pres* cut at one lime. , ... The hospital Is conducted nndcr systematic rules and regulations prepared by the Board of Supervis-ors. The Medical Board with the War den, Matron and twenty-four assistant* are cm plovcd In carrying it on. The number of patients will increase ns the cold weather comes on and a large number of unroitncate, poor, friendless and diseased, will find shelter and treatment in this beneficlcnt institution dull eg the coming winter. The following gentlemen consulate the Medical Board: _ . . _ Attending Surgeons—George K. Amerman. M. D.; U. Hogue, 51. D.: Charms G. Smith, M. D. CorsoUlug Snnrcous—Jos. W. Freer, M. D.; Wm. Wagner, M. D. _ „ _ _ Attending rhysicians—Thos. Bevan, 11. D., J. r. Doss, H. D.; li. W. Jones, SI. D. t rnsnitlrg I’hystclans—u. A. Johnson, M. u., K. C. llamtil. 51. D. „ „ Pathologist—Henry M. Lyman, 51. B. Warden—Benjamin Chase. 51alron—Mrs. B. Chase. TCE srPERVISOUS DINS. After paesslug through and i"spect!ng the va rious departments of the hospital, the Board pro ceeded to the dining-room and there partook of an excellent and bountiful dinner provided by the officers of the Institution. Ihc honorable Chairman, on the plea of a native aim chronic dislike to the ilcsh ot fowls, declined the chicken and thns tkihully obtained double allowance of bivalves. The sincerity of bis excuse was ques tioned by some of the other magnates, but the strategy was allowed to pass. , Alter these pleasing attentions to the Inner man the body concluded their visit and departed. Death nx SrrrocATios.—A young man named David 11. Lane, of Sullivan Connty, Missouri, came to the Revere House oa Wednesday eve* ring. and requested lodging for the night, slating that be was on Us way to Anderson, Inulana, and fcajsuffictcnt luncheon In his satAel lo last him to his destination Tfce price for lodging was one dollar and twenty-live cents, hot when be l f *ld Mr. George, son-in-law of the proprietor, that he bad only a dollar, he was permitted to remain, and at 104 o'clock was conducted to room No. 100, on tnc fourth floor, lie had ex pressed a wish to bo called early Ihe next morn ing. and at fi o'clock one of the servants tapped at Ills door, hut obtained no response. His load breathing was heard, but supposing that he was sleeping >oundiy, the servant retired without any funner attempt to waken him. A little after id o'clock vesterday morning one of me chamber maids went to ihe room, and finding It locked on the Inside, rapped loudly, hut all was silent with in. She rattled the door until the key fell ont niton the floor of the room, and then applving her own key. gained admi-sion. bhc was at first half stifled with ihe weaning gas, the room having 1-een completely filled with It. The windows were down and the transom light over the door was cKscJ, and until the door was open ed there had been no vent for the Invisible ilnld since It had been “ blown out' ’ the previous even lug. After tnrnmc on the bmner, from which tnc as was stilt escaping, the girl looked toward the bed and beheld >oung Lane lu that sleep which knows no waking, lie teemed to have been dead an hour or two. Tho counte nance was somewhat discolored, and the pillow was stained with matter that bad flowed from the mouth. Toe cause ofma death was at once apparent. Unacquainted with the use of gas or tho regulation of It, and thought less ot the vcntlilation of the room, the young manbad extinguished the gas as he would have done a tallow caudle. It cost him bis life. An In quest was held upon his remains at 8 o'clock yes taday afti-moon, and a verdict was rendered In 1 accordance with the foregoing tacts. Nolcttcrsor I parets were found upon the deceased, hut a rau -1 road ticket to Anderson, Indiana, stamped upon ! the hack as having been sold at Macon City, Mis souri, gave some cine to his former whereabouts. ; 1 He was apparently twenty years of age. and had told one of the servants that be was going to An -1 demon to visit an uncle. A Coax Totet AUHE9TXD.—For some time past strangers stopping at the “New York Hotel," on Randolph street, have been annoyed by the lota of their overcoats. The proprietors called in the services of detectives from the Central Station, ardlastnrcninga“decoy"coa washunguphyone of mem. while one oi two other? watched. The result was that one Fiederick bheney was detect ed In making oIT with the cost, Sneneyhas been boarding at the hotel recently, ai*d has been with out visible employment till Ust evening lie was recognized as “filling the hill 1 * of a thief who had pawned one coat, which was at once recover led. lie was taken to the Central bialipn and lodsed up. aud will probably be examined at the police toon this morning. Fuse Wax Baptist Council—Dedicatwo Sep.- vices.—’lhe annual cclcb'ailou of the Free Will Baptist denomination m the and toe dedi catory set-trio a 01 thencwFieeWiilDaollttCtinrdi, on tbecorner of Wc.->t Jackson anil Feoria streets, weic commenced last evenin'* by a Herman from Tmldint Fairfield, of UUUdale College, mill dale, Mich. The following is an outline of bis remarks: In view of the purpose for which we assemble logcthei, especially In vie-v of toe fact Inal we a:e about (o dedicate the first church ofourae nomination, and as we are intending to hold a denominational meeting, It Is characteristic that I might caM yonr a tendon to a denominational sermon .Now %-e glory In the name of Free witi. when lutbe past it was given as a mark of dis credit, All denominations embrace no v the doc t lues of onr Church, though they do not bear the tame. Ail uu'ba are not fonnd in Ihe li.Me; bm all in the Bible Is true, ard other troths coincide with those In the Bible. The doctrine of Flee Wilt is no; fonnd directly In this Book, bat, like ihe truths of philosophy, mathematics, medi cine and such, are synonomius to those found thee. Whst ie freedom of the will? It la freedom over philO'Opbical agency. Men cannot do anything tbev cb"o-e: it would require infinite power, which man docs not posses'*. Neceesltv la re nniicd. Freedom Is not to be found. We pos sess only tbc freedom of choice. No physical compulsion can hinder my choice, bn: may resist the earning out of mr choice. Conscience testi- | flea to tills. Ask a nun IC he is free, and htacon- | science will tell him ro. The child elves the rea son, cause, but it be was educa'ed and knew him self, be wonirt say it was conscience. The testimony Is ultimate; yon cannot go beyond it. if a man denies your convictions it does not chance t r»e fact Tbc rnJ Is there and you must stop. If man la not free the whole world is a machine, crcb working in Its own aphere. But God has mode it dlfeienu He ha? crown-d man with that power ot choice that be may choose whether he will go to the world above, or hell below. 1 would rather cling to the doctrine that all men are to l*c saved than that each one ie llm part of a ma chine. As God sends forth his ministers heeays, “ Do! every one that thirtiethit Is left to the men to choo-e. They may come In If they will. .Every mar believes Uirasel. free, it is only others whom he imagines to be governed byneces«Uy. In law a man is Indeed to be free, whatever theo logians may think, and I venture to say that ju risprudence 1? rot all founded on absurdity. Man commits a ciime because he could uot help it, I punish him because i cannot help F, Is founded on a rtoculi.e that the absurdity ot which causes a smile. “Choose ye this day 1 ' Is given in the Scilpinres. In it we can And the doctrine of free agency vindicated. . . , , The rematks of the speaker were attentively listened to throughout. the ex ercises will conal-t of a Missionary Convention at a e m. Ten a. ro. sale of slips. In'be even ing sermon by Hev. James Colder, D . D., of liairisburg, Fern. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL IfiONETAUYi Thuusjut Eten'isq. December 6. The decision of the Supreme Court of this State In denying the negotiability of warehouse receipts, as published in the Tmn'JNE of this morning, was the occasion of considerable discussion In finan- cial circles. Heretofore, the banks, ami all business men have. In the absence of any law or binding d'cUlon.regarded possession, entitling the holder to the legitimate ownership of the property men tioned in the receipt, and whenever such receipts were hypothecated as the security for the payment of a loan, the banks felt ccifectly secure. The de cision of 'be Coart will compel the hanks to act wlih exceeding caution in loaning money on waretou-e receipts, and if they hive any doubts cs to the stability or Integrity oi any peraoti ?~ 2r * ing to hypothecate each form of security, an abstract ot title may he demanded, to satisfy the bank that the holder is legally entitled to the ownership of the property pledged In the same. This decision—the legality of which we do not question—will be looked upon as a great baidsbip in business circles—particularly in grain circles, where grain receipts pass through fifty hands w lUnu a week. Sapporo that A stores S.WW bn Wheal in any one of the elevators, taking a receipt for the same, and sells It to B. B. is pro tected because A endorses it In blank to him. Bat when B comes to sell to C, D or E, he maybe requested to show tbnl he Is legally entitled to it, and in order to do so, will be obliged to get a cer tificate from Ato this cficct. lias process will probably have to he followed in every instance, and when it fails into the hands of the bank os se curity, the parly pledging It may ho required to show the passage of title successively from Ato 7.. Sncb “ red-tape" circumlocution may well be denominated a hardship, and it calls for speedy and special legislation. The demand for money Is steadily Increasing and with a growing diminution of currency the market is gradually working closer. In some quarters a “pinch" Is already reported, but Ihe market in the aggregate may be termed comfortably close. Paper Is narrowly scrutinized, and none but the best signatures arc able to obtain accommodation. In the open market there is considerable second class business paper offered which is taken at 14,®I 4 ,® 18 per centperannum, according to the stand ing of the applicant. Exchange continues scarce and firm. Between hanks wc bear of occasional transactions at 10 cents premium per thousand. Dally shipments of currency arc made to keep up balances. The counter rates are firm at par buying and 1-10 pre mium selling. Flour was dull, buyers and sellers apart. Wheat was stagnant at a decline of 4 C °a No. 1. Corn ruled dull and S@lc lower. Oats opened a trtrle better, but closed dull and weak. Rye was neglected. Barley was flat. Whiskey was dull and nominal. Provisions were generally more active. Gold experienced a slight reaction to-day, and the marlrel was a shade higher. The market opened at 130*4, declined to 1357». rallied to ISJvj, and closed at 159. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock brokers: 10:00 am IB3*i 1*33 p.m 10:15 a. m 133 ItOop.m I£H* ICj-.O a. I«3S 2:00 p. m t JJ.* 11:00a. m. 13*S 2:30p.m H-JK 11:50 a.m 13# IhOOp.m 11M5 a.m *S9‘i thisp. m 159 liUl to 1391* 4:00 p.m 133 Here the market was dull. The brokers were bnyingatlS£®l39-133V4 hid al the close. Silver wa? nominal at 1233130 buying—the upper figure for large. The demand Dr gold Is exceedingly 515.00 IVII *ui. —-------B lickt* Govemmenta wore a ebadu lower In New York to-day. The o’a of ’fil ‘lecllucd Flvc-rwcnties of’• S and ’63 were >i lower, but the '6l’s advanced 3; ; Ten-Forties were steady. August Sevcn- Tbittics receded H* bnt tho June and July ieauca verc unchanged. The tollowing shows the clos'ng prices to-day, compared with those of the three previous days: Moo. Tues. Wed. Tour. Sixes Of 81 113 113* ItJij U 3 Hvc-Twcnllcs, %52 ...lOfc* 10SH 3Us>?* I'S* Fivu-Twentlus, 61....1064 106* UV.* 10.. H ITve-Twemies, ’63....1974 10«** 3Q*U 39*4 Tcn-Fortltf 11M 300 100 100 Seven-Thirties. Aug..los* 105* 10*4 1034 Sevcn-Tiilntes, June-lOS* US* 1054 I‘o4 beveti-Thltttcs. Ju>v..iUs* 105* It'S* 3954 Here the market was quiet and scarcely so firm, though without any material change. We quote: QOTEJUOIEB7 SXCOIUIIKB—CQXCAuO MillXlt. Buying. Selllcg. Sixes. IS 5 ! U2* 113 v-ars.i&a ius n>s«4 5-2!'*«*. 16GI 100 Wj, IHV> 10C* 1074 5-aOV, small 1054®107 -- HMU’s, Urrc 99* 100 UMO>, small 1024 ••• 7-cto's, tst series 105* 1054 »- 0 s, 2d series 105*4 11*34 7-3»i*s. :5d series 105** 1034 l-TO’s, small 105 ®.lU£»4 •••• Jure Compounds. ISM. 1154 •••• Only Compounds, IBM.. 115 An?. Compounds. 1364. 1144 OcL Componode, ISM.. 1134 .... Pec. Compounds, 186*. 1124 .... May Compounds, IH>5. 111 U •— 4 Aug. compounds !S*tS 109* .... Sept. Compounds. 11?9*4 ••• Oct. Compounds. 1805.. ICB* .... The Srcord National Bank quotes the Public Funds as follows: Coupons, I%SI 112* June Comp. 1£Ct,..115* 5-2 i; Coupon. July * * ,i.vs Urge..... 1064«10S4 Aug. 44 44 .. .114* 5-20 Coupon, Oct. 44 44 —lJ2* smaU... .106 ©in? Pec. “ 44 ...112* 10-49 conp., large... 09* May 41 l c 10-40 Coupon.small 1084 Aug. 44 7 30,larcc..irau<ain5?i Sept. 44 " ...JWi 7-30,5ma11..103 ©103.4 Oct. M 11 ...PB* The market for Local Securities continues dull, and our quotations are little belter than nominal: Buying. Selling. Chtcago City Sevens 99 IJW Cook County 44 W 97 London advices of ti-day noon quote Five- Twenties firm at 71, an advance of 4 on the quota* lion of yesterday. —The Boston Adctrtmr of Tuesday remarks; The week opens with rather a quiet condi tion of monetary affairs, but the market shows in* creased firmness. Goon short-dated paper Is still taken at the banks from (heir regular customers, ai G prr cent which is nominally the ruling rate, although the ins’anccs are not unfrequent where another hall per cent or more is added, by way of exchange. Call loans, owing to the ureal caution exercised in discounting commercial psper, are readily accessible, and rates show no special chance, round snms and Government collaterals being otiered at 5 per cent, with more frequent transac ions atC per cent. On the street business Is p Derally rather doll. The market is now sup plied wlthbus’ness paper rather in excess of the demand, considerable out of town paper heme not-of.* red. Many of the note brokers have art varced their discount ra es; but the movement is still Slow, the recent stringent turn in monetary afialrs havimracaled a distrust In commercial paper which has not yet disappeared. Prime paper Is easily obtainable at 6i> 7 per cent, and thete Is a considerable number of good endorsed notes offering at all the wav t rom 7 to 9 per cent. Strong single names arc otlcrcd at as high as 9 per cent, but do not generally find favor. —Chicago City Sevens sold In Boston on Mon day last at ICO and Interest. New York t>n Clcaing pncca far ca*h.l> Joseph U. Lyons * Co., Hro Ist 2d I B*d. B’d. K.T.Ccn 11 uk not,’ Erie (cetm TIS TJX I M.Mcom>.... 79* I C A PIUS SI S3* I Uoci Is and,...loS* ms c.&s.w sow «•* V, *N. rfd It'S ton. P, Ft. W.AC..IMV iwv OUckMlrer.... Ilk 41!* W. 46tf 4** C. A A. (com) Bar. *<J ” • O.iM. Cert#.. »H' 29X nudwn BtTer..l»X W>S IU. Ont»J....n*H W* F.* K«uilD£..lU 110* W.llsHkb*feC«»l Tol. & VTahaHi.. 43 42* Market— l*l Board heavy COnaiJKBCIAL. TimtPDAT Evgyryo. December 6,1966. Tbe following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: wrriTTa PAST TWESTT-TOUB QOCBS. IS6B. ISSS. S3,ff» I, FAST TWXSTT-POtnx' HOCUS. 1806. 15C. 3,963 11, 4,5-3 1,500 375 2,690 16,620 190 60,225 4,820 3,706 137 Flour, brls \meat, bu Corn, bu Oats, bn lire, bu Grass Peed, lbs.. Broom Corn, lbs. Cured Meats, Sts. Pork, brls Tallow. !b* Butter,lb?.., ... D. Hon, N 0.... lire Bocs, No.. Cattle, No Bides, lbs H. Wines, brls.. Lumber, m •• .. bliinclcs, m lath, m tuirmsw Flour, brls 'Wheat, bo Oais,i»u ... Rye, ba Baric;, ba Caret! Meat, fie.... Pork, brls Lard. fie Tallow, lbs Butter, fie Brewed Uo~a, No. IJvo H0e#,7»0.. Cattle, No , Hides, S>e Hlghwiiics, btls. \S uvl, It 8 1 amber, m.. Ssblnglee, m. Ijtb. m Salt, win ... Tbere km a good attendance cn'Change to-day, notwithstanding the unpleasant condition of the weather, hut the leading Grain markets were dnll and easier, ibe volume of trade was light in all departmexi’s. At the opening the Prorlslon market was rather slow, owing to the decline in Lire Doga, bat sub sequently the demand became more active acd the market closed up rather strong. Tbere was more activity in Meaa Pork, «llh sales of 2,635 brls at sl7 Ss@ 17.73 for City, and sl7 00 for Coantry, cash: H7.85@ii7.50 seller and $17.85 buyer's op tion tor Jsenary ; $17.50 seller It), and $17.00 (last

evening) seller December. At the close tbere were buyers at $11.50 seller January, and sellers at SI7.W cash. Mess Bee! sold to the extent of 50 brie at $15.00, Green Meats were dall. There were buyers of Hams at B®BJ4c tom the block, bnt holders were taking oH®3j£c, A lot of 400 pcs (belchers’cut) told at 7Kc. SnoaMers were efiered at Cc from the block. Tbere was less ac tivity m Lard, bat the market was firm with sales of 550 tics at 10j£c for ol<L Hifc for new—the lat ter tree of storage UU January I—and 12c buyer and soli*, r's option all January. Grease was doll and lower, with sales of 3 tres Yellow at 84c. Cut Meats sold to the extent of 10,000 lbs Shoul der*, twenty days In salt, on p. t. Dressed Hog*- were dnll and SO&lOc lower, with soles at $C.25®c.a74 for heavy averages, and s;.tOan<* SO4O dividing on 200 lbs—closing with no boyers over SO.OO and $6.95 for the latter. Whiskey wag entirely neglected, and the market may be nominally quoted at 31c for Bonded. Free sold m a retail way at SL9B Iherewas some speculative Inquiry for Flour, but holders were firmer in their views, and ad vanced their pretensions beyond the feelings of buyers. Some 1,900 brls cnanged bands at S%OO <[£lo.oo for Spring Extras; $6.50®7.«2H forSprlng Supers, and $6.60 for Rye. A small lot of Back whfat sold at SB.OO. The Wheat market was doll and we note a de cline of He ou'No. bat So. 1 was steady and unchanged. Wo note sales of -T.'.O-X) bn at $2.06 lor No. 1 ; $1.51®1.82 for No. 3—ln regular booses—and si.ife® for Rejected according to location. Ihemaiket closed quiet at i9.00Q2.0G for No. 1, and sl,Bl for No. 2. The unfavorable advices from Ne<v Torkim- parted a heavy feeling to Com, and the mar ket ruled dull and H®lc lower. About 79,000 bn changed bands at 83®S2c for No. 1; Tsc for No. 2, at.d 55c for New Shelled—closing dnll with sel.ers of No. 1 In store at Sotfc. Oats opened a trifle stronger but subsequently became dull and declined He. Sales ranged at 49c for No. 1 acd 40041HC tor 3»o. 2—closing with scllets of the latter at 40c- Rye wad dal), heavy »vd nominally l®2c lower, with inf Jgntficam sales el No. 1 at ole. Farley was dull with tricing transactions at 11® •14c for Rejected and SI.CQ®I.IS for sample lots. Id the Grocery market the genera) trade is dull, al'boDgb lo the cases of a few leading housed an improved degree of activity is mtnifosted. Sn card and Symps arc. shaded a fraction to-day— otherwise prices a>v steady and wlthont quotable chance. Ilatdware goods, embracing storks of Iron, Rietl, Nalls, ilcials and Ttt.ner»* Stock arc fairly active and s eaily. koodng Plates urO quoted at an advance of Me. Salt Is quiet but steady, Wltll sale* of Domestic Fine at *2.50, delivered. heeds arc dull, neglected and nominal. Sales of Flax Seed arc caking, in a small way, at $2.65. Wool continues dull, and in the absence of quo tations may be regarded nominal. lumber by the cargo Is in very limited supply, and w itb a fair inquiry prices ate firm. The following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: New Tore, December 6. Low grade Flour steady and salable; Family irregular at $8.25® 1U.55. Wheal firm bat quiet at s2riitfcS.27. Corn lower and dullat sl.ll in store. (JoG tim-abblc at Pork quiet ok $20,23. Lard easier at Gold 139J*. * New York, December C. Flour firm. Common Wheat firm. Corn quiet at $1.13 In store. Oats heavy air>lH@Wc. Pork linn at $20.23. Lard easier at l-^c. In the afternoon the Grain markets were doll, though puces were steady at about the closing figures on ’Change. Mess Pork was firmer, with sales of SCI) brls, at sl7 50 cash; 2fH) brie at $17.50, teller January, and 100 nrls at $17.73, teller first half of January. The Cattle market was fairly active, bnt East ern advice? were of ales? encouraging character and an easier feeling obtained. The receipts were 1.507 head. Entered sales 1,95 S bead, taken principally by shippers and city batchers, at s'< for inferior lo choice grades. The market closes heavy at the above range of prices. Hogs wore a little quiet in the morning, and with large arrivals prices receded 10®13c, bnt Inter in the uay there sprang np on active demand, nndcr which ihe dccllnewas ful'y recovered. The receipts were 7.621 head. Entered sales 10,148 bead, at $4.85®3.G24. at which range the market elotea strong. __ The following advance slip from the Price Current c 1,, 8 the number or bogs received daring the pa*t vvck. amt fir the season. It will be seen that there is ancaty falling otfas compared with previous year*: Hr railways By river. From Kentucky..... IV™ Driven in Total for the we*k. Previously reported IfcO ft* 119 l?w 113.703 isy 176 591 19ft. 4 .. - S.'W.KW GCI 153.8 S IS6O 1**.519 1559 246.078 IftM V v W Ilotm nt LnoUvltie. The-7(»t.Tnd(ofyrfterdayrpmatkß: ... . . There is more activity In the hoc market, with a fair Jcgrcc ot competition among all our packers,« prices The decline reported at nthrrpolnlehacludeprewit-geirofton the market to waicls the elofc, which a o utlal withdrawal ol operations. «ml-ss at lower rate;*. Ttte receipt? todlav. bv pall, were near 1,«» hesc. The weather after last night’s rain was warm, and the day w.a« regarded as ntlavorahle (or active slaughtering. All the packers wre encaged to div.nad their aggregate sUng'cter amonntet: to b-ad. w Hh a,2 >o head left over in the S SaVs.T l l97 togs, light weight, :it gro«; the ciose, ruled at f<s6;»c tor good htavy averager. CHICAGO LC.IIHER MARKET. Thck.-day Evejosc., December 6. TLp receipts and eMpmeais during Hie past twenty jar hours were R«jp|pts. Shipments. .1,171000 I.OUOTJ rin „._ «U.MO WWW Lih::!.:::: 2«. w» There 1< no eapP'y of lumber by the canto, and with a felr demand price# tire tally maintained at previous quotation?, sale* reported to-dav was a? follows: caraopchr Mar of the Korth from Sasloaw.HM m board#, scantllmr, Join, timber and tome clear, at $13.00 for culls; #19.03 lor common; ? 16.0* for 3 clear; t-cmbcr. 25 m lath at *1.25. Trade la the yard* Is fairly active considering the condition of the country roads, and prices are fully malLtalaid, ns follows: LcstuEC—First Clear. 1, It.. IX. *nd M S<ro™d clear’, M Tnlrd Clear. Inch •••••••• W First and Second Clear Floorlatr. Wscth* cr.™» c l.-.6.Mm e a. Scorn.! Km^a , SStISJ Fust and second Gear Sl'Iln?, together- First C«immon Drca'ed sddiar ..••••• J3.UXA2S.W "Sssg 1 BoarJ '’ ie ;“h.“° c ““ *o»sioj» n Slock Boards. 12 Inches •;.... J5d»^J7.(W Common Boards. Jowts Scantiinc, Fcnc- Jclsland 5eanU1n5,55fee*................ Joints an«t Scantiinc. K*. 22 and 24 feet.... S3.OXS3TW SuiJtotis—A or star >hsved Shiturie* A or St «r Sawed Milnclc* *-sj* No. 1 Saw« Shingle* B So. 1 Sawed SMnsle* -zii f7m Lato—l*ermln yard* 4.73@ 3.W Bv ear load by NortUwe'lern Uallroad, ‘delivered In any yard where care can be switched, or any depot: A, or star Sawed shlncle*. ny car load on track.. 4.T5 A. or Star *haved shlnclca, by car load on track,count mauo lult.or five banco* estoa thoasand • A Sawtd Shlnsles. oty made. on track... 2Co.i Sawed Shmcl« by car load, on Three dollars a carload addedwhen transferred, wlilch chaw folio* s the shlncles In trelebt bill. smxr.LE erxNDABD. . . , , Thickness—Five Shingle*to be two inches In thick ness. Length—Sixteen Inches, hands—Twenty Inches. Course—Twenty-live. CHICAGO CATTLE MAUKET. Omcs of thi Chicago Tt.ttickx. ) Tuttsi'at Evtmso. L'ccttnberC, 1856. I Thf followtnc table shows the dally receipts and shipments of Lire Slock dnrlne the week up to this •return:, as reported hy the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company Sends; and Monday. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Tot'd S.W sure t,i» Ttc TTCtMpw to-day were by tbe followtac rosls: Cattle. Uon. soeeo. lit RS9 va 367 ST7 £>SS 6M ICO 300 WOB SO S 3 sn aw za By Illinois Central By Bnrltnetoa *y SI. Loot** Alton... Bi NortnweMcni Hr Bock Wand IU Mlcmsan Central... By>llcMcan Southern. B\ Plttshnrcb & Ft. By Great Eastern The fhmnienW to-dar« f° r th* week optolhlr ■TemtLp, were lock Market. December 6,1966, received by Snndac and Monday. Tuesday IVtdn.sday Ttmwday Ist 3d B’tL BU ' r. S. 6 per col bondMSSl.,.llS 113 U. s. 6 per cent 5-30 w0p.,’63.108* 10SV c. S. 6 per cent 5-30<vno.,’6U;-6V 106 V C. S.Cper cent MU coap., *65.107* 107 V C. S.Sper cent 10-W9-... 100 ICO Tr.Notea.7Wo_ Ist senes 105 V 103 V r. 5.7 S-13, 3d „ eerie* 133* I®V U. s. 73-10. Sd mrle*»V 105 V Axner. Gold ...13US 133 T0ta1...................... 2.1® 1,956 .... shinmenls to-day were by tbe rjllowlnc routes: Cattle. Hoes, fcbeep. Jtr Michigan Central »i I,JW By Michigan Soother*.. 7® »« Hi rittaborga & Ft. Wayoe~. 720 • Total WM 3.«* Sale* to-day. ai entered at the different Scale-houses, were as lollovs Cattle. Hoes. Sheep. lUlDOiiOcstnJSc*ie-... Y «j> ®*®« rorluirton £Qnlacy Scale Mfl fcuLoole&Ahon Scale MS IJM 1» s*orUi»«*teni Scale _» 2d Board steady. Total I.M 10.126 WO PEEF CATTLE—The market was fklrly active to* dav. but under the liberal arrival*, and with lead fav orable advice* from the Eastern market*, an easier feeling prevailed, acd price* were barely sustained. Ihe day va< not at all tavorable lor active operations but bayera were out in considerable torce. and the yard* presented as unusually animated appearance. Vptr York. Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Detroit, each had their representatives in the market, and a large pro portion of the offering* were taken tor those points. City botchers took their usual supply, and a tow lot* were taken by leedere. Packers are doing noth ing as yet, claiming that there Is no money In Kess Beef at present rates, and confi dently predicting a lower range of price*, later In the season. Good itrstett shipping Steer*, fair to good botchera’ Cow*, and good stock Steer* are chiefly in demand. Common and inferior mixed lots are sail very dull, and In a measure neglected. Ttcre were several droves ot very fine Breves on sole to-day, sad two or three that were really choice. the latter w» re U head premium Illinois Steers, averaging 1.963 as. The*e.were owned byrtt ACo., by whom they were held atlifl.OOß 100 as, but not firntog a purchaser here they were shipped East on owners* account. « Sales embrace L9M head at prices from SSJftdLOO tor ioierlOT mind lots, ipcladlng thin rough Cows, hslf fSttened Steers, coarse Oxen, and Texas Cattle; 54.C9 Sectortnedlnm togo;d fkt Cows, and lor good to eholceihlpplng Breves, The tollowlcg named gentlemen are doing business in an open market, ana express a willingness to give at all times, not only their own individual transaction*, bnl impart bach other inlhrmatton as theymay possess regarding the general character ol the market, 4c- 4c- I Kct can & Finley, Jones, Hongh A Co., Conover A Hall, John >“£• M. Clark, John Kelley, A. Harper ACo, The msrttt closes cruet aal hear/ at the qaotatlor s jjiTcn he!ow s Pilmelo Extra. Good to iTtmc.. l.r* 023 172,400 KB 5,520 Inferior to Medium 2.50*5.00 Transactions to-day Include the lollowlnt droves: Keen* a & F. sold Beck 18 h»-ad ttir Cows, fed and watered, averaglngl.OTO fis. at |tdO. Ball sold Flagman 3) bead Rood Cow*, averaging 1,063 bs. at S4J7*. Albery sola Beck 13 Dead Mr Cow*, averaging 1,030 CO bead good Cows, off cars, averag* inr. iJsofi«.atf4.<j:; l ». _ Dawson sold Walxeu & KlO7 bead lair KansaaSteera, averaging 1,:t6 fis, at f 4.75. bllghsoid Flashman 21 head good Cows, averaging l.Off Bf.ftt f5.C5. Finley sola 70 bead medium Steen, averaging 1,100 fie, al $5.00. Peace 4fc Co. sold ITbUe 17 bead goo') fat Cows, aver- fir. at (3-30; 17 prime Steen, averaging l3bu fit, at J€dS). . _ Daube bought 13 bead good Cows, averaging 1.071 fit, at 10 bead common Cows, avenging 1,000 fis at fi.oo * Donaldson sold O’Haiey, 10 bead Cows and Steen, averaging 1,051 fcs,at<4.73. v • Kojd sold fS bead medium packing Steers, averagings l.tso fir. atfS.Oc. WaixellftßelLcman bought 60 head lair Steers, av eraelne 1,100 BSjatisjs. ..... Curtiss Mid VTalxeli is Rslneman 133 head good smooth Steers, averaging 1.2 W as, at fS-00. ■Walvell A- Duo* man bought tl bead Mr Steen, av eraging 1.350 fis, at __. ■Walxrifi bought 70 head medium Steers, fed snd watered, averaging 1.100 ds, al *5.00. Walxell ARelnman bought 107 ne»d Kansas Steen, fed and watered, averaging 1.116 fis, at f-t. 73. Moon sold Obendorff 31 bead medium Steen, averag ing 4.1'J0 fit. at |3dS. DOGS—Iho market opened to the mormnz a little quiet, and id anticipation of large arrivals, prices re ceded lOdlSe, bat later In the day there sprang op a J brltk packing demand, under which the decline noted ] above was fully recovered. Packers were the prln clpal operators, though not a few were taken for the Boston market. Sales number 10,003 bead, at f I.S">3 5.U) for common rough, uneven lota to medium grades, and fA3s<2s£o for good to choice Bogs. A few saleswetemaoe at |i.60£5.70, though the great bulk of the offerings were taken at ami wimln the range ol The market closes still at M.7XJ 3.62# fer common to extra grades. Sales embrace the following: HOG SALES TO-DAT. No. Av. Price. •Jones.noDgh& Co. toGooglns..... W 2JM *3.15 Jones, Bough * I*o. to Bowers 53 863 5.33 Jonw, Hough « Co. to Bowers 62 SSI SJP •Ccnove-& U. to Turner ...US 3*o SJO Heed & Sberwln bought SI 372 3.15 Heed & thcr« In bought. SO 554 5.15 Reed & Sberwln bought.. 49 Sl6 SJ2S Reed & sberwln bought 45 fiX) 5.13 Reed & Sherwin bought S 3 235 5.10 Reed & Sberwln bought. S 3 W 5.55 Iteed a Sberwln bought. S 8 260 4.30 Reed & Sberwln bought S 3 231 5.25 •Moore to Soamea 47 522 5.10 •Moore to Soameft. 147 322 &.U Paclll to Hongb &Co 37 SM 5.00 RompbODgUU 43 800 5-15 ■Weaver to Castor, off cars 40 311 5.0 U Weaver to C„ Blair Jt Co S 3 370 5J5 Kent £ Co. bongo* ..S3 i>J 5.U Conover & Hall *,o Turner 98 372 5.25 Conover & to Kent *Co ;..U3 357 5.10 I ifaU t Co. to Scamps »3 H*'ugh * Co. bought « S 3 MO McCoy u> C., Blaur£ Co 44 |23 Jones £ Bowers »• 5-3® Ilmlctk to C.. 8. £Co 37 311 5.31 Pagill to Dough £Co 37 3.* S.OO A.C. Uh Ito Sowers 49 2W 5.25 Hedges to C,n. &Co S 3 8W 5.T0 Jones, H. * Co. to Bowers 46 311 5.30 O'Hara to Reed AS ...51 I? 7AX Stranger to S 3 *4) 5.15 Dillon £ White to Sosmes 43 SX) 5.40 Dillrn £ White to Soames 47 331 5.40 Moore to Soames 117 *0 5.40 Henderson «o Soames 49' SSB 5.40 Spratt to Reed * Sterwln 4» 5472 s*o Culterfcon £B. bought S 3 Sit 5.15 LATER. Hogs at Cincinnati. .16:3(7 .213.053 .22.VJ.19 .3:11.81) .2KOII .112.749 1857 a. 1856.. IST*.., 1511.. 19X1... 155?... 1851.. 1830.. 4.50 5.05t3 s.>j Cattle. Born, steep 1.797 6.951 2T6 7.551 . ?• iajt u« cacne. Boss, fcheep. 123 i.oa 623 1.231 ,1,01 2,653 •Fed and watered. SHtEP-Thcre was a fair demand to-day for good mutton trades, o= local account, and prices were well maintained and firm at f j-00@3.00 Dr Inferior to choice Sheep. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET- All tol<A of Grain reported tit tAit trvrrkn report • are mode on the ba-it of winter (Ic) ttorage unless other ic tec expretted. Thursday Evxscfe, December 6,1956. FREIGHTS—Ran.noA» Freights—The follow ing is the joint laritf on the Eastern roods: 2d St 4th class, class, class. Flour. * To New York 173 125 103 810 •• rail, lake and rail. 160 115 1W 200 To Boston I*s 135 lit) 2JO 44 ral'.lakeand rad. 170 133 106 710 To Philadelphia 165 115 ICO 209 To Baltimore 165 115 100 To Albany. 163 u« 100 »» 44 rail, lake and rail. 150 ID tfi 195 To Montreal IMJ 111 ft) I*3 To Dutloio SI 68 57<f 110 •• mil. lake and rail. 73 53 57>, 100 ToClrcirnistl 60 45 tn 43 Ft.Oi:U—ltcccivc<i.3»V97brU; shipped. brls. There whp a firmer fallug with a belter Inquiry, but co actlvjtv manifested. ?alc* were: m-rinu Extras —geo brie not nan ed. at 110.00; 200 oris do at f 030: 150 lifts do at $8.25; SCI brts do (iow grade) at 33.23 ; brrvns—lo l>r!< cot ns’ncd, at #7.6? v; 75 brlsfloat #6.75: 14 hrl- on at #6.50: HTR Flour—l 67 brlr 44 Rock too." at #6.10; Hcckwiievt Flock—lo brl* at #9XO. WHEAT— Kmdved. tin; shipped. 11,491 bn. Market anil at u«h« ’lne of V c °a No. 2 Spring. Sales were: Srcisr. v iitat—T.bOO ba ho. lat #2Xo; j. 200 liu No. 2at #1.8); iI.OUO ba do at #l.Sl*f; 403 ba do at #l.Bl V; 7 000 bu co at fl.Sl; 400 ha Reject M at #1X0; fto bu <lo at #1.46; 1.400 bn do n( #t.4S: .!.**»bu do at JIJG-ctoslng at #?.0H.t. , .W lor No. 1, ond dull at #IXI tor No. 2—nil In rt gabtr huuscs. CORN—Revolved. 18.700bn; shipped,4X62bu. Mar ket dull und lower. Sales acre; 8,003 buN<R3 nt ®?c; ll.Cl«ri.u 2«.000bn do at stc ; 2a003 Imdoatsuvc: 15.00ubadoat NV 4 ; 1.200 bn N 0.2 at 71c; 400 hu New bhdlcd at 53c—closing dull, with sell* 1 kttoptsed a tilde stronger, but closed dull and Ac lower. Siilcswirc: COubuNo.l at42c: 7,0331mN0. 2 at 11 Ac; 7.oCObu de at 4tc; 8,300 nn do at iOtfc; 2,t00 bn do at 40c—cl' sine with sHlen at 40c. _. . on uu Hi <wru viiiu - - ■“’•'i. . .... KYE—Keceived. 500 bn; shipped. 375 bu. Market dan. no* levied and nominally l«3c lower. Sales were: lll Jl'AKliEY—lMelved. 2800 bn; rblpncd.2.6*o bn. Mark«t»iaenant. Salcsweru: 403 ba Rejected at 14c; 1,?C0 pa do at 41c; 400 baby sample at #1.15; 400 bu do 6 REf*—Dull and nominal at Sc tor Pots. ALCOHOL—The market Is qnlct at #4.6034.64 far round lots, amt #» 6K*4.T2 In Ihe retail way. ItltOO.ll CORN—Sales were: b tons choice at *‘wEANS-ScU at 11.5U3.00 in the retail way. KHAN—Sales were: 23 tons at #13,00 in balk on ,r BII*TTER—Received,21A>t 2>s: shipped, 3,766 BS. The market contlnnes dJdl and drooping. The stocks are cxrceslve, a>.d the denana limited. The Inquiry is chiefly for a prime article to supply local customers. We note sales ot 5 packages at BSc: » do at 30c; 3 tlr klrs at 3te: 10 no at 13c. Prices range as fo.lo wa: t'holce Dairy W C Hood Tub K «-’< c Common W tvi) c prime Firkin 23 f *fl c BAlttJlN4i—The market 1« very da kandpricee, thonch tot sensibly it.wcr, are oy no means nrm. On ntnnd lots concca«ions might easily be obtained. The drtnnnd la rontmed chiefly to small orders, to supply current wants. Wc continue to quote: National A.?bn,seamless } 5 .22 I'mon a. 2 bn do Illinois A. Bbn do 3*.W Com Exchange i:*S Stark A, cotton seamless KiiSSAb. SS a American. do ™-'fi Fsnvrr Mills, do Pittsfield S, do . Penn Milts, do Fort Pitt, do a;*99 Sligo, do Saco. Unco and cotton ®s-J® Ridgewood, qo K'S SprlDKfltld, do 59.00 (, nunies nnriaps, 4 uu, No.i E i« dofC although in ex ceptional cases there U *a Unproved degree of aettv itv. steady at the following I.litres; ti rtlt c iho, common to lair Rio, gooc»o prime R ri»^VrEßACsE—”w*ero: 153 Pork Bireels at #RK»on track; 100 Lard Tierces at »2AJ, delivered; 250 Porx BrrrcH at #l.ft\ delivered. .... CII Though trade is ur t particularly brisk, till-re UH fair Inquire for me better cln«? of goods w hich under monerate t torks are bring held flrmly at orr nnotatlons. For common grade 4. In round lots, 1 t-llght reductions are granted. The following are the ! current rates: . , /*, 1 New York Factory (genuine) i Factory (Illinois) ® , Hamburg. wjS ® Western }*» gjf ® Western 13 * i * 4 7ounc_Amerlca ** CO A L--Beni*ins steady iuid Ann. There Is a etc uly, fair demand, nt the prices given below; Enn-nrookflcld f do Orrasby U'rii CLkTkhasu—Briar Hill-.-... H do Mineral Rldsc do Jflliow Bank do I®-™ Chippewa Blossborg.. }|*SK Lump UM5h...... 1?S Laekawsna, prepared *'•»« Scranton Irg supply in the market, prices today were l®3c lower. Salra are made at w«xvr. •» FRUITS AND Sl3Ts4—Tr*»le Isallttluslack at present, though there Is no disposition «SF ccaicrs to shade prices to any citcat.Tlie stocks are rot large.though perhaps tolly u , fc l to the dcniand. Winter apples are dull, though steady and firm at qnotniion-. Grapes are «c.-irro and n ,°J™ ln4 * • Domestic dried trult* are generally demand ai.d steady and unchanged. The following are the prices rnrrcnl: * , M | J 6S |n.ra a5.M amtt Canned Peaches, p dor, i B cans, A pries, new I’cacti'F, halve* and quarter* peaches. pared Blackberries, new. V B Raspberries. new, F B. Cherries. pitted Elderberries, V B Raisins, layers iuuu».»ye» ~ ~ " cl. Almonds, hard « « g 0 j Almonds sett shelled.. « « » Almond*, paper shelled » » ” w I’cauots. Vft *“*»•* ** cc i I 1 * g| | “ IVcans, small and large -» ® ,2} *, Hickory Nuts. Vim •-«? g.fffl w • a « ply is light, and prices remain steady at previous quo la uiiana: ..... - Whlte£*h,No.l,J*'brt *t-SI -S <r EuSLoS brUnei’.'.’.’ e! Msdsercl.No. 2. H hri......... n Mackerel, extra ncu, V H brl n Mackerel, extra me**. V kit *-®« *-o 0 Mackeiel.Ko. t.kltsncw 2-«® r 3 t Mackerel, tomllv, kits s «l«ra v Codrsh.&mk. 7* icons 2'Sfl‘S Z Coofisb. Gforce’s Bank.... ••S* 9 -S 0 Icrrttgs. dried. No. 1, V to* Himnc*. 5ca1ed........ *.„li; w S t Labrador Bering. * brl. -no t La- rador Herring, X,! t 15...... 6ja ®iQ«i t Norwegian Herring, Ka, Pbrl. l|.« e NorwecJin Bemng, M’s. * hrl W-JJ 1 i «ti» do 6J» <;nEAr»E—Market doll and lower. Sale* were; 30 ’ j Tlocelve>L 5M hrls: *hlpped._l33 j brls. Market 0011. Sa cawcic: lObrlaFreea* .^.s. ° nOP>—Market steady acd unchanged. Western « sell at Sftarsc. and Eastern at 51®60c, s jj^Y—laqclctand caMer. We make no change In j onr captation* as follows: « ° Hrq WUOLE&aLS PBtCSS. ........ 1 Timothy, roller and beater pressed M Timothy.loose pressed..-. frStnjS mirte. beaterpre**td, new--;—; UjM®U.OO nzrart. prices. Tlmcthr. roller and beater pressed Ttmcthy,loose pressed ,«SS2?2<S mine, roller and beater pr»»ed VHS&iVu ITMrle. lo>eC on wagot.. delivered •••••••• HIDE"*-Bcieivcd, 53.08 ns; shipped, 1.i.400 »«. I here Is Utile doing In this branch of trade «t present. The storks arc accumulating. and an oasler ftejlnj ob tains. IVe quote the market doll at the prices given GrS Batchers’........ li/aio^c Bssaa^ , “ - ■■■£§ | | j | D»y Salted, trlrt-mert ** ®*» ® crera Called, part rum) .<* =*H C mON AND f*TEEG—Trade Is only moderately active, hut the market continues strong at the Show ing quotations; _ v . fiv Common Bar s*® 5X Bone Shoe Iron »* Heavy Hand........... Hoop and Light Band *kwja Round and Square 2J * l l£ oval *» Half Oval and Half llonnd •* ** Sheet Iron,common... il*l * Sheet Iron, gaivanUed, 11x23 *» » ] Sheet Iron, charcoal » »X« » Sheet Iron, Juniata j Plow Steel,German gj* vinw Steel.cast .......I* «&is Spnoc and Tire Sreet, English 1* Tool Cast steel, ordinary aUcs. •si ®w Tool Cast Steel, American. nilstend 5tee1...... *» Rnssla.No.9tnd 16......... S 3 Rnssis, abu Ist qaadty P b<il ®2t Koasli sheet «- imssla. Atm. 3d Quality. 5h«U...... I.F-ATIIEK-Hc market Is doll and drooping, ttoonchwe note no essential change In prices: • nzjmorK . ritr Harness, 9 Slangbter. Sole, _ B : £S7. 3 a is •jasaga « « K IT J-isai-w tv* « Cak vtt l.Mttl.tO BoencS-ATres.. S>* 40 trpper. P 100 t... »» si Orinoco SOe... S Country Upper.. so* & Onnowj good. Collar, 9 t00t... 3JO damaged 31® 31 • Slaughter Sole.. SJfl WSI TT&rnras.P%,.«. 40® 46 &■ ....3.10^3.9 S® s: French Call. 36 * Kin So. I.medl- OS.'.. 2.0033*10 s nm 1.1001.70 FrenchCslLLe- ! Ksh git .8.00 3d,flneblnpl 10.00 4d r... BJO Cut Spikes 8.00 9M Clinch Net. HMD METALS AND TINNER** WTOOK—There iaauir decree ol activity, and prices aresteauy at me following quotations: TIN. EDTC. Box Tin Flal«, I. C. lit quality, ease. .» 10x11 fiuo lat quality, sheet 15X Lam Pigs SI Slab •!* ( Small PlgS. 38 BBIQHTWIB*. , Bar Ttn.f!;. fflltofi.... .11 ! ooppeb. 7.8 and 9 12 * Metallic AT Betts.... S 3 li and 11 H 1 topper BotUm 55 12 •}* i Braam overifl ft*.. 46 13 and IS . Sbrellogs,l4 to 1602 45 U and 16 16 * Honings 10 17 17 i BABBIT HTTAX. IS .U | lit quality so 19 .21 Antimony. 20 30 23 Fine Solder 201 Fence Staple* 10 i (jll < ;*_Tbpgenera)market tsdollaed despondent, . with prices unsettled. We make no change In oar Quotations. though we understate! some dealers were 1 abiding prices a Utile. Tbe following are the ruling I ”nseedOn.raw $ »1.45 1 Linseed OH, bolted »l*M Olive on , «J-« WhaieOU,W.B l-OtaiAO Lard Oil. extra IASat.4O Larc Oil. No. l Winter Hf^HS Lard OH, No. 3 winter Bank Oil. round lots L25A1.30 Machine Oil. round lots fat.4o Sperm Oil, W. 8., round lota Lubricating Oil— I Castor OiI..WH-hM Neat foot Oil. extra I.WMA# CARBON OlL—There Isabnst demand for Car bon. and with an Inadequate supply on nano, dealers were holding firmly to-day at KK3SSC. Wo quote: Carbon. V car load. «33c Carbon, small 10u.....,.,;.....:. D»niole POE LTRY AND GA M E-Salea were: 13 down dressed Chlcltensat|3.oO: I'-dozeadoatfsJlOiSdozaa i Irish do at J 3.25; 11 dozen da raged do at #l-30; 1 rjr>p ; Turkeys at 15c; l coop ro at lie; 100 Bs dressed Tor kets at 12c: 200 as damaged do at Set 1J dozen ' d resect Chicken*at #230; Icoop lire doalfWO; 1 coon Ducks at 14.00; 6 dozen prairie Chickens at 1 ! #43b; 3 dozen Mallard Duck* at SJ.OO; 3 dozen do at rj3o; 16 dozen Qualj at #3.25; 2 dozen Babbits at I 50: 1 •Arrags N enlson at lie. PROVlSlON?*—Received, tUW h§ Cured Meats, ! 56 brb Pork: shipped. 18,020 as Cured Reals, IS) oris • I’crfc and «L 225 bb Lard. , . I Mesa pork—Market scarcely so firm, though with- , out decided change. Sales were: 263 brU at #11.50; 50 i tns at#17.75; 2M Cr!s at #17.25: Hobtls Country do at #VJ.W. cash; I,ICO brls, seller January, at (17-59; 500 . trl*, seller 10, at |l7_V): 100 brls. buyer January, at #17.75; 100 bn*, seller January, at #I7.S; 350 oris j seUer December, at #l7.oo—cfoslse with sellers at I #1730 cash, act! buyers at #17.53 seller January. i Me** Reel—Safes were: 50 brU, at #15.00. I (trreo Mcaie—Sale* were: 130 pa Hants (butchers’), at J«<c from the block. Round lota are In dematd at SQSJic. Shoulders were dull—offered at 5c i at the block. Cat Mrais-Sales were: 10,000 fcs Shoulders, 20 i davs in salt, at p. t. I Bert Tongues—soo Green, at 53c each. I i.ard—Market quiet and {lnner. Sates were: 159 - tc» 10\c; lOu prime like castufrce of storage to January Ist; 100 tes buyer, and 103 do seller. January, at ICc. DRESSED HOGS—Received,lit; shipped, 137. Market dull andiOSuCclower, gale* were: 62, civldtncou'AO us, at #4.00 and##.4oo 18, dividing on ‘.MJ&s, at 6-uOani 6.49 12. dividing oa yJoßs,au 6.00 and 6.40 6. over 200 B*. at 6.25 73, averaging24o us, at 6,3. V 70, averaging 330 bj, at 6-o0 Sf, averaging 190 ns, at 6.60 —Cio*)ngai#3.Wand6./t,dlviaiacoa 3W B*. .t&avaua SALT—Received,none: shipped. X.3K brls. Market 1 steady. Sales were: 430 brw Domestic * lue at shM do- ! llvercd; SCO sacks Turk's Island at »2.00; 3C9 sack* , MarKlUtsatflAO. We quote range of prices as ml- . New Fine **?fi Turk's l-land, bag* * , Ground Solar | Dairy, with sacks 5.M 1 Datrv. without sack! 3.. x !*EFII>t-Recelved.37. , :oO lbs: shipped, none. Timothy Seed—Market neglected and nominal. i I Flaxseed—bales were: US bags atfi63;33 bags . I *'cTnvcv Seed-Sales were: 2bn at Jo/Hi. ’ ! s()DA AND r*A I.EUATL’ss—TradeU qaletani ( . price* are rtesdv, as fo.lows: ... I ‘ haDbltfs Medicinal, ?!? i * m Pnre l2H?n c Deland's Chemical ! s t “ Healthy 12.',"*.- c • « l»nrc M «W*c «srC?A US-Rc2ncd and mostraw grades arc shaded 1 kc to-dav. Oman’s, Cuba and Porto Rico unchanged. ; > Th** demand is fairly acUve at the decline, and we now 1 quote: Cuba 12 ai3J*c Port > Rico 12,VrfU*C K. T- R* lin'd. Powdered and Granulated....l6;,,«l>>k'c white a tatf'TiSi.c Circle A HXAIS.Vc White B WSftUtfd Extra C 15 «Ul*c • Yellow UV«.t3*c Oxnard -U ttut*c Oxnard •* Extra UK&tlkc bV RIT'S-M w grade* arc off sc. and the market Is iiolct at the prices we now quote: Nlv York syrui* 60A1.‘W YeTow fall* - 1.t0ji1.15 Cuba MolawCS 7*3 ® J’oito Rico WaI.W New Orleans WAI-l? Philadelphia Bee Rive Chicago Refinery, Aml*or. 1.0x3,1,10 *• •• Golden SVift 9o •» “ Sugar nous'* TVS S 3 TA LLOW—Received. 10,1» »s; shipped. ft*. Market dull and nominal at 9.*a9J(c for Country and IftsiOJic for city, T LAS>—Trade Is moderately active, and the market Is steady at the foil wing figure*: ..... .. Youn" llrscn, superior to fine, I 8 ft 11.tif11.50 do extra to choice, V ft Imperial, fnpertor to fine, ¥ ft i.Jftstl.TO do extra to choice. Vft 1.9V<2.J0 Gunpowder, superior to flue. >• & I.JoiI.TU do extra to choice. V & 2.(ri.ti.03 Japan, naturallcaf, fine to extra fne. ? a... UM.4IA) do do fine to choice, F ft L3V£t.43 <*o do colored, 9 ft l.lVtl-*0 TOIIACCO-Dealers r-port a very light trade, though representing the general mantel Arm, at rail rate*. There is no surplus stock in the market. We i give the folios leg as the prices current: rnrwtxr. Tobacco— Extra (1.1591J58 i Choice un.* Medium W Common 6M T 5 SmOetno Toiucco— __ VlrnUU's Favorite faai.oo Choke. 25:« 30 McGinn Common Stems. lli Si pLfO Tobacco— „ Loyal Citizen TV3 5 Farmer*’ Delight. TOS» •-> Natural Leah laft.v2.oo Half bright gAftUS choice alack, sound *o6* 2 Medium..,.. H Common s>y TO Navies 80 Virginia IDs and ©s M Flounders • T 53 85 WOOD—Remains steady and unchanged. There la a fsltlyacllved'mandatoarquotations: Maple, V cord, delivered fW.idjtllAJ Maple, V cord, in yard JWC'* 13.00 Beech, V cord, delivered H. 00312.00 Beech, F corn. In yard- in.KteJl.od Hlrkorv. Fcord ll.ftljUVOO WOOIj— ft«. Mar ket doll and almost nominal. sales Were: sCo&sLo* washed at 2lc 1 100 B>s Waahed at 42c. 3IAKESE NEWS. POUT OP CHICAGO. snmvcn TTnxaiUcr t>. Pehr Traveller. South Haven,:rl cords wood. Schr Garibaldi, South Haven. II conk wood. Schr R. p. Kin-:. St Joseph. <3 conk woo<l. Krhr Beloit, Muskegon. M lumber ITT. i.vth. Pchr Tubal Cain. Alpena, 254 m lumber. Scbr Elmira. Holland, 13 corns wood. Bchr lUmrold. cbatnl*ers Island, Menu Bcbr o. K. Johnson, Kalamazoo, ItW m lumber. Schr L. C. Irwin. Grand Haven, f>3 cords wood. Kcowßowena, White Lake,lumber. Sehr Calcutta. Grand Mire. 1.21 M railroad Won. Bchr Patrick Henry. Lynn’s Pier, 121 cords wood. CLEARED December 6. Schr Garibaldi, South Haven, 4 brk flour. . Schr O. Johnson, KaUtuozoo, I.CCJ bu oa*a ond corn. g« hr Elmira, Holland. Schr Traveller. South Haven. SO bags of feed, bchr Emdlne, Grand Haven sundries. ITlitnoranda. 1 , Arrival op the Profeiler Boscobsl.— This ; Bloamer arrived hero early yesterday moraine, 1 with a cargo of 200.000 feet of lumber from ] Peshtigo. As soon as her cargo Is discharged, she | will undergo extensive repairs. Her upper works . ; will he Nolli by Edward JlcGraw, of this city, j The engines and boiler of the Boscobol were ' formerly In the old proneller '‘lowa. 1 * trlie Is owned by. W. B. Ogden ± Co, of Chicago, and conmandcd by Captain Hutchinson, an ex perienced navigator. NCIIOONEIt PEOBtA OF CHICAGO.—'TiIIs TCSSeI will bo rebuilt at this port daring the coning winter. Work was commenced yesterday taking ont her decks. | Vessel Sale*.— The schooner Clara Parker of Chicago, was sold a few days since by Thomas L. Parker, of this city, to Chloaco parties for ( f-n,JOO. She was bniii In Detroit In September, j IPCIS, and cost some $27,000. I Schooner William Joses.— This vessel, now ; lying In Grand Haven, has been sold lo Captain Sgnlers, the owner of the tug St. Mary’s, of Mil- 1 wuiikee, tyhlcb picked her up, for tho snm of $1,500. This Is exclusive of a salvage bill ol $1,200. hut Includes aoont|*,ooo worth of Umber , in her hold. 1 J»ew Vessel.— A vessel having a carrying ca pacity of 110,000 fr-et of lumber is being built at I Ferryvllle,.Grand lllvcr. | Laid Up.—The schooners Lire Yankee and Marla F. Johnston have laid up at Detroit. i Detained.— lha hark Clayton, grain laden and • bound down, Is detained at Detroit by the United States Marshal, and la awaiting release. No Vessels Passing.—' The Detroit Poet of yes tcidayeayv, aside from two arrivals, there was no movement of vessels on the river Tuesday, and none passed either way. Los? or the ScrooserM. Ballard and all ’mn Crew.— On Friday they schooner M. Ballard, of Detroit, struck on the reef at Galloo Island, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, and went down with all hands on board. The Ballard clewed from Toledo on the 21th ole, with a cargo of it,OUO bushels of com for Ogdensbnrgh. She was owned In Detroit by Captain 11. Coyne, and commanded by his brother. Captain John Coyne. The Ballard was built in Cleveland, in 1557, by Messrs. Preshy & Stephens. She received exten sive repairs in 18M, registered 253 tons, old meas urement, and was valued at about $12,100 and in sured for SIO,OOO. We clip the following particu lar* from the Oswego Jlm'i of the 3d inst: On the noth insL the keeper of the light house 1 on Galloo Island, lake Ontario, with two men, saw ! a «chooner going down <oward the SL Lawrence, i probably bound for Ogdensbunrh. When oppo -1 iltc the island, and one and a half miles to the \ northwest onto light house, ?Le stuck a shoal J and was onabie to get off. Sue struck about 9 J o’clock i. m. At 20 minutes of 11 the mainmast i fell over, and at 11 the foremast fell. The wind 5 was blowing a gale and a heavy sea lunnlmr, so s no boats could he sent from the Island with any » hope of reaching the imperilled crew of the ! (thornier. The tohcl hone hi the (ime po-ltlon n till 1P- m.. vhra she sunk ont of sight. Her o email boat drilled aahore about an hour after she 0 went down. . .... . . The lighthouse keeper and his two companions remained on the beach till dusk. Shortly before nightfall three or four of the crew were seen float ing on the hatches. One of tnetn came so near thatan oar was hauded to him. H* caught it. but a heavy sea washed him back and he was not seen afterwards. One of the crew was picked np teat evec'DC on the shore, about three miles from the head'd the Island, and two more wero found the "AtoaidwM picked np with thename “Ballard” cm it, and the vessel Is supposed to hive been the “M .Hilliard,” of Detroit, with a ere v of ten men, all of whom are probably lost. The schooner E. B. Gannct, Captain E. Wilder, n s?«S e thc Harbor, came In this mornlng. brlngln? the bodies ol three mcnpic.ed up on the Island. Vessels Passing the Welland CASAn-Bound eastward on the Sd instant: Propellers LowetU Cijr of New York, Bruno; harks Bessy Barwics, Prince of Wales; brig Msrirer; schooners Cuya ho'm Jessie Anderson, George C. PUmey and ASna. ThepropeUer Maine passed on the same day, bound westward. liattmrrsijip. TMSSOLT3-TION OP PAHTNERSHIP. I > The firm ofEocers * Ballcrls this day dissolved Aureal concent. Either of tte partner will slgum GEOIioE g^gKfcß. i Chicago, December 1.1366. ; The tmdrrslencd have tal; ftrmM a shit*, under the name and style or L\Wblnoe n ba 6£2« A ItUTLEIt, for the purpose of dome * Generd commission. Produce and bhlpplne Busluess. the? Buccccdto the buslnea* of Boecra & BoUer. and respom* folly ask for a continuance thevery ÜberaJpati on- noon thelatehrm. With Increased mean* and faciUuS. and • perfect know! ed<e ol thebaUa«B, wan shipping OnOn. Pro lace or G<moal Merchandise to Chlcaeo tor sale, also, to pur- Otis Diode, corntr LaSalle and Madlson-ats. 1 Havlne retired from the firm ofSorcrat 1 elves me pleasure to recommeid to aUtnelrod custo mers thenew bouse of LAWRENCt, N F.XsEN & BUT ; LER, whosocct.*d them, and to assure toa. their > interests wl.l receive the same prompt attention herc -1 totore given them by the late AMERICAS HOUSE, BOSTON. This favorite ftrtvclass Hotel, the largess hi Kew England, offers unsurpassed accommodations to the ravelling public. LEWIS BICE, Proprietor. Special 'Notices. U A Valuable 91edlelne* **Dr. Poland’s White pine Compound, advertised to our columns,laa Bucetstfol attempt to combine and apply tbe medicinal virtues of tbe White Pine Bark. It baa been thoroughly tested by people to ibis city and Vicinity, and tbe proprietor baa testimonials of Its value from person well known to our citizens. We recommend its trial to all those easea of to which It U adapted. It Is for sale by all our drug gltts.”—CM. T. Independent. The Great New England Bcmedy l Dr. j. W. Poland’s WHITE PINK COMPOUND Is new offered t» the af flicted throughout the country, after having been proved by tbe test of eleven year* to the New Rngluud States, where tta merits have become as well know n *a tbe tree born which, to part, II derives Its virtues. Tbe White Pine Compound cures Sore Throat, • oldr, Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Spitting of Stood, and Pulmonary Affections general y. It Is a remanable remedy for Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty ol "Voiding Urine. Bleeding from tbe Kidneys and Blad der, Gravel and other complaints. For Plies and Scur vy it win be found very valuable. Give U a trial If you would learn tbe value of a good 1 and tried mtaidte. Itlsulealant.saleaiidfure. Sold by DruggUu and Dealers to Mem clues gene rally. BURNHAMS & VAN SCUAACK Wholesale agents.' Prepared Oil of Palm and Htaee* For preserving, restoring and beautifying the hair, and UthemostdellgiUlUand wonderful article the world ever produced. Ladle* will tod It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify the hair, hot also a d«lrab;e article for the Toilet, as UU highly perfumed with a rich and delicate perfume, independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and Mace. Tm Man til or Pnc-A new land' beaattfnl per fume, which, in delicacy of scent and the tenacity with which It clings to the handkerchief and person, is une- qualled. The above articles tor isle by all Druggists and Per fumers, at II per bottle each. Sent by exprea* to any address by the proprietors, T. TV. WRIGHT A CO„ 100 Liberty-it, New York. For sale by J. H. KEEP & CO, Chicago. The Gorham Hanafhctarins Company) Silversmiths, of Providences H. I_ laform the trade that th*y are producing Bar Klectro-platad Good*, com prising lull Dim er ana lea berrlees and Table Ware of every description, of a Ten* superior quality and ot new ana decant designs. The base is Nickel silver, upon whi. b Is a deposit ot Pure Silver ol such thick ness that they po*»om all the advantage* ot solid surer in utility, and from beauty ot design and superior fin ish areondistlnenlsbabiefromU. The Gorham Manufacturing Company refer with eon fid«De« to in* tush reputation tnerhave emiouri-.nea in 1 the production of Solid Silver ware. In whlgh they ! have been for mauy years togageC, and they mow a»- I sure the public that they will rally sustain tnat reputa i non by the production of Electro plated Wares of such quality sad ext'eme durability as wUI Insure entire * satisfaction to the purchaser. All oracled made by them are stamped thus; And all such are fully guaranteed. They led It neees sai y particularly to call the attention ot purchasers to the aoore trace-mark, as their designs have been al ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from responsible dealers throughout the country. Whatlslt? Good or evil? Bichorpoor? Areyon to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and power, or . are _ rtn »a*‘ t *L into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not w t*. Uiafa <l' testl ■ n *” A" »!* Tour future prospects in life, can be laquiy rcv*al»l by Dr. RAPHAEL- Hecanwlnlor yon the affections d! thc opposite sex. He guiuC? J° u wexlth, eminence and a happy marriage. Ue gclaea 7 oa *° even whin >on are given up, as incurable, by others. Call at*2l3 East Msdlsou-sU. between Wells and Franklin (up stairs), Chicago. Consultation fee. One Dollar. So well known as a Specialist In the treatment ot pri vate diseases, can be cou-ulted at his office and parlors, 93 Chicago, 111., from 9 a. m. to Bp. m. THE MONITOR, by Dr. .Tames, a complete history of Secret Dlieacea. with their remedies; containing, also, a Treatise upon Female Diseases, how avoldel, treatment. ftc-c»n be bad by addressing Dr. James, P. O. Box 09b. Chicago. 111. Having the confidence ot the puMlc and the.m«Uftal Ucultf at large. Is trio mo*t rcdahle phrsiclan In the city f..r ciircul'* nervous ami sexual «lUea«c*. o*ll at his office. 179 South Clark-st- of Monroe. Il«*onisseptrale. Consmtatlonfree- P.0.80x 131. Hts guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any address. me Best In the World ! Harmless. reliable; instanta neous. The only perfect Dye ! No disappointment— ro ridiculous tints. ?lin-d. Wn.i.tAa A BxicnwLoß, New Vorlc. Also, REGENERATING EXTRACT OF 311LLE-FLECUS—reatefts. preserves and beautlßus the Lair. Sold by all Druggists. de9al!fc-ly Publishers of Xewspopcr* M*r seed ft specimen paper, and th"lr rates oi air’"- tklnc, per annum, for one column. payable oaurt-riy 1l advance, with the number of miles uie »>lac* «>: pa - *- IlcatJon s fr->m Chicaeo. Address DR. RAl’ilAbl., Bo* Chicago. 111. Neto publications The character of .iesus for- TUAVED. ! LITTLE, ERO m &. CO., HO Wusliliiirton-st., Boston, PUBLISH THIS DAT, The Character of Jesus Portrayed. A Biblical Essay, with an Appendix. by DR.DANIEL SCUENKEI., Profrascr of Theology, Translated Dorn the Third German EdlUoa,wtlh Intro* dncllon and Notes, 2 vole., iJJmo. Olotli, S I.SO. QEoT, HATTES & CO~ Wholesale Commission Merchanw No. 50 JlcGaa-'-tn Between F and G-*U.) DENVER. CULOUAIX/. yyu-isEb hogs i AND WElfillT LISTS Furnished avail*, marKet pricn fUirauMcd Prumpt return* made. Correspoudo- ot so'lclted. USMMUSD.* attantch agents. * GENTS wanted for the Medal Sewing Machines In even- City and County to the Union. .The least comjlbwd two-thread Mat-hit cm the world. AddreM A. F. JOHNSON ii CO„ 331 Watthm*toa-iL. Boitoo Maes. . RAILROAD TIME TABLE. cm CABO AND 50nTHW*«TER5— DEPOT OCR. WEST WATER AND &INZIB. Depan. Arrive. Dsv Express *SkOU a. m. •e::sop.m. sSnSpw. at;. Sf»P-n- 2=»«-5- Jnfe.vilk- Accommedhl -5:!0 p. m. *i 10 p. m. WooOstoclc AccouiM’n.. -h«op. n. -9:00 r. m. UALVVA WVH?»S. Pulton and Cedar KapitU *S;l3a.m. 7.20p.n. Fulton and lowa t.:Snp. n. 6.00 a. m. Freeport and Dunleltt.. *9:00 a. m. 3.00 a.m. Freeport and Dunlelth.. *10:00 p.m. KtOp.m. RSfordandFoxP.lver. m. H:loa.n. Dixon *l:oop.m. 11.10a.t0. Geneva and Elgin • £;-op.m. S:-Isa.m. KZLWAVX7V DIVTSION. FTT»re*9 *'.*;oo a. m. •v.'M p. n. F.SS*‘. * *4:00 p.m. *12:00 m. Accommodation. 1 stsp.m. M'ji a. tn Kenosha Accotnmod’n... 4:10 p. m. a. n. Waukegan Accoromort’c. SilOp.m. kjG a. n.. Roseblll. Calvary, and 4 Evanston 1:30p.m. S.4op.n, •Sunday? excepted. tfealurdays cxccp’e , jn?mSi." f rSS!L up OT TAKE STBBiT. i;4hi p p- »• »*s * p- »• Nleht EriiresJ.. p. m. , xs. Night Exopms. 70:43 p. n. *11:00 p. m. SIICUICAN SOCTII*EH AND AS* SRORB USB-DE POT COBNEB HABRISOS ASD SECRILAX aTBSETS. TOLBOO LDTR, _ „ vitii *4:13 a. m. p.n. DW&PM! -tUIM!.. m Ksir York F.rnrees B:;sp.m. tlk-SOo- c Night Express 1*10:00 p.m. *d:ooa. m DETROIT uxa. _ M , |; *4:45 a. m. tftOOa. m Nleht Express jiO:OUp.m. *S^sp.m. HTT>BUBeH, FORT “tOO^IL. pSTIJne *1:15 p. m. 7:10 p.m tores” .-’. •$ 0:00 u. c. ll’«0 p, c - mmon .isntral. _ « si »* * *3::fflp.m. *l:Sßp.m. US* « ... •5;55d. m. *7:20 o.n CHICAGO. BCRtIReTOR AND QUI^^T. Day Expw* and M.U. ’L' GD^hh'hPMjehßc-- ■ ; S: 4"?:?: tkmdaia -3:15 a. W. NfeM CHICASO ARL ST. LOCTL Express and 3!aii jS P in NightExi»resa 9:15p.m. 3.&0 a.m. JoDet and Wilmington • Q 4, , _ Accommodation 1:00 p.X- Riojuin. CHICAGO AND GBEAT EASTEBN-fLATA ATB USE)— BILWArHES BAILBPAiI DTPCT. COS. N?JhiSrot«: 7:00p.n. IKSOp.m. iccmnxjtro citato? I c. Cincinnati Eiprce!*'.' SHtS - I .acme Accommodation ||«££ -ISoolk. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAOT AMriOTIC BAJUlOAl). TSSi"2" •iai^'S '^I!^'SSJrSS&SS£F3 p '<Se Joliet TMommodaUou connncts with Si- P^md»y S «Kstod, tocturdcy excepted. CHIOS STOCK TASD TIME TABLE. Leave Madison Street. Leave Sloe* Tarda. frrn a. m. mm. a m. a. m. - s•ia.:o p.m. 1:30 p.m. Ssolir. ! P.m* 4:00 P*™* D.m. 5:40 P-m. '*■ SCSDAT THAIN 3. aso d. I ms laso 1230 i» m. I 5a5 Arrival and Departure of Stalls. The following is the new table for the arrival and departure of mails from the Chicago Post* Office for the winter, and now in force: witt.q CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, ILL. MAILS ABIUVE. a. m. p. m. _ „ ft- m. p.m. ... *2:00....Mich. South. 12:00 m lUch. Centralß.R.. 12.00 0.15 ** “ .. KIN KU *** *C(Lll!Pitts.& Ft. Wayne I*3o ■•" iloo m “ “ “ tl'cu 11:00 i-vpn -t3o....GrcatEastemß. R.. 8:30 10:00 4:30... .New Albany & Salem &20 li;00 1500... .Hock Island BaDroad 5:45 *» aso aoo....Northwestern R.E., 5:45 *3O p*SO at‘o....3UlGantee Railroad. 11:30 &S 0 illrn 7*45....D1in0ia Centralß. R, 7:00 *OO IS*CO 7;C0....5U Louis Railroad... 5:35 6:4a B. A. fl r it " w i Postauatet %otClB. Soar Destiny. Dr. James, Dr. Blcelow, ISatcbelor’a Hair Dyc 9 Heidelberg. Br W. H. FURNESS, D. P. HJusiiugs ~ jHcbttal. gCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYSUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, ZRAKZ3HAZIZ3 FZZ*Z«3. THE HISTOBT OP DR. SCBENCK’S OWN CASE, AKD ROW UK WAS CORED OF COS3DXU TION. Many years ago. while residing la iduladslphla, I had gradually ’DW the la*t stags ox I’u.- monary ConiumnUon. All hopes of ny recovery be ing oUsipated, 1 wa* auvlsed by my physician. Dr. Fartsh, to remove into the country. aioorestowa, jf. about nine miles clstant, being mymUve place; I "“fmovee thither, occupying two tali dan to th« MytatncraDdailhisfamlyhadUvedand Si-.TiSS'T* I -®die«iof Pulmonary Constxmp'xou. Oa SJ Mocrwtown 1 was pat to b tt, where I loy wf “ooy w«»* inwbatwa* deemeo a booetesa »nditlon. had been myfatber'a fhmlly phs»lcton. »ad>’»Aattended him in hr» last lit res?, was called to seem#. He uiouzot my ass eattr> ly beyond the or m-mclne. decided that I most die, and gave me one to arrange my ml ad alts. In thta hopel-w otad Gaol heard ol the remedies which I now €el j. seenu to me that 1 could leel ‘hem » Q rkv as i r way. ard penetrating every serve, fibre and tUsaeof my and liver put on a new action, aaa txte mar bid matter, which ban lor years accuc-nUtet , m . tated the different organs of the body, w «a eumiuxtaiT the on my lungs ripened, ate I cxoecv»r««i from my lungs as much as a plat of yellow off-tut r a matter every morning, as this expectoration of mat ter snb»ldca. the lever abated, the pain left me. the cough erased to haras* me. and the exhausting mgos sweats were to longer inown, and I had refresMOC sleep, to which I haOToog been a strang-r. My appf »ite cow began to return, and ar times I found Itartn cnll to restrain mys-lt from eating too ta-ct. with this return *.f health I gained In atrrngtn, and cow am Ceatay. lam now a health? man, win a targe nettled cicatrix in the mlodle lobe of the right mug and the ower lobe cepattzed. with complete adhesion cl the pleura. The >lt lung is sound, and thy upper lobe of the right one is in a tolerably hrallhv corditloa. Conrumpttflu at that time was tnoattt to be an Incurable dL-ease by every one, payMcUn* as well as those who were unlearned In modione—especially neb cases as were reduced to the condition I was Is. This Induced many per pie to believe my recovery only temporary. I now prepared and gavp medicines to consumptives for sometime, and made many wander fill cures, and the demand ucreased rapidly that I determined to effer them to the nubile.and d-vote my undivided attention to Inog diseases. In truth, t waa next to f. reed to It. £ r people would send for me. lar ana near, to ascertain whether their cases were hka mine. For many yeare, In conjunction with my principal office In 1 UUlcJphia. 1 have been making regular pn>- ItsMoial visits toNew York, Boston. Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Fci manv vean past. 1 have male as many a* five hundred examinations weekly, with the “Ueaptrome ter.” Fur such examinations my charnels BVcOoUazs, and It enables me to give each patient the true condi tion of his disease, and tell him frankly whether he win get weO, The great reason why physicians do not cure Con sumption Is. that they try to do too much; they dre medicines to step the co.igh. to stop the nigh: sweats, beetle filter, and by so doing they derange the white i.-cklnx no the secretions, and even tually u e patient dlc». The Syrup Is one of the moat valuable I medicine* known. It l»nutrient, powerfully towvtod healing In Uselt. It contains no opium, yet h> sens the I pbelgm In the bronchial 'aboa, and nature throws it off I ullblltUeexerUon; ate bottl* frequently cares on or- I (Unary co d: but It will be w-11 unt to take a •to?o of Scbenck's Mandrake Fills, to c.cause the st*maeh. The Pnlrctck s-y up is readily digested and absorbed Into I blood, lo which tt Imparts Its ceahng propirGc*. Ills 1 one ol thebCilpreparatlouof Iron fi.tis«;ai*a pa w, erful tonic cfltselt;-si t«vml Tonic dl*- 1 solves tin* terras in the stomach, and U carried off by Ute aid of the Mandrake Fills, * heallay door of gastric l Juice, fitllow. The Sf aweeu Tonic Is a stimulant, and none other Is required wnm it U used. It Is pure and pleasant; no bad effects <lke whcnu-lng Bourb awai-kcy, which disorders the itomacb, torporsthe liver. l**cK- np all 1 the secretions, tun.-the biood Into water, dropsy seta i imardthepatentdlw suddenly. I Bourbon whiskey ts recommended now-a-days by al most every physician. Many pancsts who visit my rooms, both mate and innate, ate -tepefied wltn this poison. Tbe relief U temporary. If they congn, tney take a lltt’e whiskey; If they feel weak and feeble mey ;gle a Utile whisker; *J thej 1 9>nnot sie-p. they take a little whiskey; aan then go on In this %ay, re.jtt’nnd mere and more, until tber are b'oated up, and imagine n-i* fiwLy. * Ihc slomach. Uver aud ul- SSii“piSs. K, d-trorftjuU 'S-ir J.'o o« r- e«r tlon by tnis prr cos, where cavities Ivg-SSSi in the lunrs. A Ur.le stimulant Is tocoisan pilvrs. snen a» pure hraady or c'M v. • In mat ? cases London port-ror brown st int. In mode rate Q' nmiUes; but Bourbon whiskey hastens on In stead of curti r lotsanipUuu. The TONIC produce* tasting results, tkoronghiv invlcoratiiig tbe oLxuach and dUestxve s»»t»m, aud enabling tt to eliminate and nuke Into healthy t loot tbe food that mat b- used for t*.»t pur pose. It is »o wonderful In ns effects that a wine pa<a mil will digest a hearty meal, and a little ut it tasra before bmikflbt will give a tone t-> the stomach which ftw mcdlclncH possesstbepiwcrot doing. Tbe MANDRAKE FILLS nwr bo tasva w»h enttre safely by all ages and conditions, producing all the coed results that can be obtained from calomel or any of the mervnnal meulctncs. and without any ot th-tr hurtful or Injurious results. They carry out <>f the sys tem the feculent and woru-onl matters Iro«eaed ami dl<solvtd ty my Seaweed Tonic and Fnlmunlc Syrup. It will be setntlut all Hire--* of u.r modlcmea are need ed in n.ost cases to cure ccnsnmptl.'n. _ FatUnts can consult me proftn-lo- ally at my room*. 32 Bonu-st., Sew York,every TUESDAY, trim 9 a. ui.to3p.rn. All advice fret* of chonre; but torathtr «*nth examination with tus re«plromrter, |3. I nee of the Pulmonic Syrup «ud Sevwcvtl To dc, ca a fl-NJ per>. cr ntOtb- half dozen; Mandrake I*l-1-. 13 cent* abov. t,ildbv druggist- and dealer* everywhere. A full suppiv can always be obtained at his rjoma. 33 York. _ _ , URMAS UARSES A CO.. 21 Fart row. Sew Turk, General Wholesale Agents. proposals. { \FFiCI3 OF THE CHICAGO & AL- O -os UauxoaD CouraST, Cuicaoo.Dcc.3,l366 SraVd Proposals will be receive! until the 23th last. 10,000 RAILROAD CROSS-TIES, To be t‘eliv»rea In Chtcnco within ninety days Tfter the opLUlDiroflak- navigation la the sprins of IAJ7. The lies to 1m S feel loner, 6x, U here:, and dad IT sawed. Proposals will state kind of Umber offered. T. B. BLACKSTONE. President. PROPOSALS FOR THE CON STKCCTIOS OF SIDEWALKS. 0771 CS 07 THE tv■*HD 07 PUBLIC tS OBXX, I Cuicaoo. November 'do, 1556. J Sealed proposals will be received by the Board si Pnolic Works, at their office. until U a. a». Friday, November Udh, tor tee cuf.strnetl»n and reconstruc tion cf sidewalks according to spctlcations ou uw as 9 *iwpoSols must oe addressM to »ho Biardof Public Works, endorsed - Pr..pj-<*tjot side walks,'' and bo accomp.mltd with the usual bond, with sureties, to be approved bv the .Board. The Foard re erve me rl«ht to reject au> bid not to accoidatce with the ol this a'Uvrti'cmeat. tcry to the Board mat he hn thu necessary skill, ex perTei.ce, eterev ard ability for doing the work, U trustworthy, ami baa sufficient pccuaniiy rvsourcea. J. G. oJtUKL&, FEED. :.EIZ. O. J. ROSE. Dca»d of A abllc Works. Proposals for oak timber bt-aUtl Proposals will b* evolved at thU «>m -o ua mujolOth day ot Dercmbtr next, Tor itie f-l'owltg bill of Diautui-iaXlmhei, nultvhln tor oar a .UdLu;, to beequare-cdi:td,£fce irum wacc, sCiaSes or k2«t«.to-wlt: r«r, bond measure,white oas, 9 to*) Met long, KW ** - *♦ SO.WO •• ** “ elm “ U *• ** To bcdellvci ed on board l„ B. & Q. R. R. cars, la tho (Jtv oi CMcaao. within twenty Gave utter tuaorwulnj of lake tavi-ration, in the -prlrurof tS*v7, to be sub ject to Inspw. lion at the Works of the C-. U. A Q R. IL, 3«o proposals wIT be accepted but th-tse from parti* of Etiown respnn*lhllify, and the Couip*cy re—nr- me risht b> ri-Je< t all bids. All nidi to bo marked "Fropo sola for Oak Timber.” and dlrectolio , „ u. P. LORD, Par. Ae’t. b. <t q. R. il. ChfcarJ LI. 13R0P0SALS FOKLCHBEa—SoiIed 1 i rop<v als will be received at tels office null! the loth day ot December next, for the following bill Lora* her, tube square-edged, free from wane, shales or ua- found kpot«. to wit; „ Hi.COO jp« ooard measure White Oak Plark. 2to 3 in. tea b.*ra?°lah Flank, I‘i to la. thick. U t0 l wlooo feet b. m. Black Walnut, 1 to 4 la. thick. 12 fret b. ni. Cherry, 1 to 1* In. Utlex. 11 to l«. tO.CCO feet b. m. Wbltewrod. lln. U to VJ. To be delivered on roard the cawot the c. B.« - -r k.ld Ihe City ot Chicago, within twenty days after the r.penlne of ia>e navigation. In tae sprin: of ISW, and to be »ohJ*cl io maoectioa, at the worts ct the Compnnv. in the City of Aurora. No bPb will be * ut* rained but trom parti e> 'ifkaown rcfponslbiUty, and the Company reserve the ngat to "pfopoeaia to be marked M Proposals for Lornber,” rpo ARCHITECTS, tjf AK? AND SPECIFICATIONS FOB NEW BUILD- Wgs FOif IIIK tVAU DEPARTMENT AT WASHINGTON, D. C. , Architects are Itvttcd t > prepare pious and speciacji tlons.anti estimate* of cost, tor new tire-proof hallo ing- for the War Department, on the site now occupied by the War and a IJan-r-t vacant erounddo The’buUiUnus reonlred should have a superficial area as lar~e a* the site elected wi t a<lmU .L I’holdjt rapes of «ltu.acd all otner InJormalloc relating to the sa> *ert,wlll be fUrnUhed to Architects dwlrlnj w «n* pete frr the work, upon application. prsonoLy or by ‘'K&iM’SS'&r Ih. trst. o. ROM fore., sad of V%O for the must piaas and jpcdficatl us rwiveJ^l , l .« owa. teth upon the approval of the Hop* ! the Board oi i nicer* charged witn th-'dutyof £lret- It e a mte and preparing plan* aul specifications for tba buildings of tne War Department under act ot Con* C Th* Idaosandsw cillcaiTOaS must bewmt w theoChM WashlngUn, D.d, on or before the Ist day ot February, Board will reserve the nrtt toreject aav or aft ffMSSS 5912 * “TgaU csAsgSSfcr- Xotifc to igax Daijcts. ■vrOTICE.—To the Tax Payers ot the iotas lb» working .“J 1 S?a“”?S“ i> om~.«u «■;»= UOXDAV,Novca;N:riaUklikw.lrom . f ,V to 3 o'clock p. m. gTransportation. OXLT DIKEOT LUTE TO FRANCE. Ihe General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW FOUR AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new veaeeU 01-thta ,J 5, 0 S *“* the Continent will tail iron: Pier No. SO. North Elver, BEBETREr..! Doehene... Jfovembcr 17. DE PA R 1 a.. am m0n1... -Decetnber I. t arnariA.. .December lu. iPi *mVirvT Bocaadr....December37. ST. tAraSfeg oEwSsAGb iji GOLD.. __ nm Cabin, f 133 ; Second Cabin, ISO, Including tail* line do net carry steerage pa* ”pSscncers Inteodlna to land at BREST will he tax- railroad coupon acketf. ana their*ygaee cb«ked toPartv. at at additional charge cl |3 Ibr ftm and |3 for second class _ _ Medical attendance tree of charge. For mrther apnly. Ia Chicago* at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 235 S'evTort, to GEO. MACKBNZIB. Agent, s*» Bread* way. jFot tije jltolibags. j HRISTMAS AND NEW lEAR’S GBEAT WATCH SALE. On the popular onc-prlce Han, haadfouie and reliable Watch for the low price of Ten Dollars, without rea-iri to r-JjA and not be paid for unless peif-etly BAUsCiClory 1 100 Solid Gold Qonrtr pW.vtche?. to fSO ICOMade Gold --Oto »20 100 Ladies* Water es, ename11ed............ L-Oti -JJ SLOGoId fluctlßC Chronometer Watches.. 2jo w 300 TJO Co*a Hunting *ncMshL"vers yoto OCOGoId ntunlnc Duple* Watehes "0 50J Gold Gut tins American Watches Wt to Kd MC Silver Hunting Lever* £” EOO silver Hnntlrc Duplexes *j»” --X 500 Gold Lael*»* watches d? L((oGeldUnarmsLetlnes...... - .rt 1,500 VL-ctL-aneous Sliver Waicbes 5) to iw Si>oo Hunting SHver Watches ri, 2: M«0 Assorted Watch<s. all hinds • •••••—* t* Kvery patron obtains* Watch by thUaTtan-«iar» costing not »ia,wtmeU may be worth *»jo. >ot»am- ft Co.’s Great Union Watch Co^ New Tors City, wL-hto immediately above mosnlflceetsU'Ct. Certificates tamlr^tnaar fsssiSsssnss,s^^S^s. SSSKSSISR as no article »» Lottery. ttflcaie,ltwill «OTceb«»*® transaction, which bat a »»alghubr«ard "Vo?r the mo,t ustldima! Lmtby mall. pp.«-pai<L A tingle Cerura *l.eleven tor ti. talrtr-. nponf.rK slxtysl* aid more three and or «io.onehuadred and mut so valnahle p« , “‘ t V? } t to agents or those wishing ea pert,pTOmlty. ItU.lecUhniW- P ?srr S£idbosinSa. duly aolhorUed bv the uovern lj tm«D»». i careiol scrutiny. Try os f ■tT.V.S.! SStICS ttco- 143 Bra.-IW^V; .AO. ..a. tn. ..p. m. ..p.m. jure (Goofls. (Groceries, Set. Vtte AKE BOUND TO SELL OTIR W ENTIRE stock of Dry Goods, Groceries, Bard wlri Crockery. Agricultural Implements, warehouse, ertba * Osetradeu OtherbusinesscauseftraeUla*. Wbowanca topmcMsc. A ipleoam ci * ac 'j 1 OBOiS 4 EAST, Gardner, D«. ad, 199*»