Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 7, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 7, 1866 Page 4
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tribune. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1868. THE CITY. Soldiers’ Hoxe.—The Board of Manapers of the Soldiers' Home wCI bold their regular monthly meeting, at the Home, at 8H o'clock this afternoon. Frex Wat Baptist Cnrncn-—The sale of slips in Ibe new Free Will Baptist Church, comer of Jackson and Peoria streets, trill take place this * ling at ten o’clock. A punctual attendance too*. -, te<L Is reqnfc. » used. —An alarm of fire sounded A Bata* D l *- - about half-past one o'clock yes from box I'®- J** -Mooed by (he banting trdsy mcmlng was ,tleVn* Mta * east ai'sasTfeSsK's/sss «*■ w. lo‘S was trifling- St. John's Cnrncn, Union Pabk.—The San air School teachers connected with the Home at d Mission schools of St- John's Church, and ,n rrmnrcted wifh the church, who will ioV-i reaching Festival for the benefit of to meet, in the lecture Tun ru-'v ocTii Zouaves held a special mect inc on W« dresday evening, at the Old Board of T'sv.r Hall, lo consider the propriety of accepting acH.'ha” oo to attend the dedication of a sew luitl at Springfield, at tbe meeting of the State i',..-Mature A committeeolsix wa* appointed to cr~*-idrr (be snblcct and report at the regular ji.iciit.g to be held this evening. False Rettunp.—Beniamin Hendricks, consta ble of the Second Precinct, waa arrested yesterday ir.o:r.lrg, on charge of making false returns in a cstc of vs. Goodwills vs. Ltunlcy, the former Risking the charge. The officer is charged with having received an amount of money, hut In m-kirghis return marked them with " No prop ertv found." Justice Scbocnwaid held him to hail tor an examination on next Monday. litKEm ron tub Soldiers.—'The matinee per formance given by Colonel Wood, and toe mom lair of the Museum Company, yesterday after noon, was well attended, the Lecture Room being quite filled in every part. “ Tbe Ticket-of-Leavc Min" was the bill selected for the occasion. A handsome sum will doubtless be realized for the soldiers. EsrrxsjoN or DEAimons Stbeet.—A meeting cf a special Committee of the Common Connell wr.sbeld In‘the Council Chamber last night, to cir-cuss the assessment for tbe extension of Dear boro street. Remarks were made by Eon. J. Y. Scainnion. Dr- Foster, and Messrs. Xlchols anl Mr.rkin. but no action was taken. Tbe committee adjourned to next Thursday evening at 7H o'clock, at which time all property-holders interested are ui geo to he present. Guest Sale or Clomikc.—Attention is called to the great sale of fine custom-made clothing go ing on at C. E. Newmaa £ Brother’s, Hit South Clark street The articles for talc are of the finest material and will be found to possess the merit of cheapness. A very ime slock of piece goods, ciottis casfimercs, and vestings may be seen at thU •Mabliahment, of which Messrs. Newman £ Iboihersnre prepared to make suits to order in the latest styles, and at moderate prices. Antidotes ron 1100 CnoLTOA.—Attention la called to Mr. M. G-Tousley's advertisement in ibis issue, of bis system of hog cholera antidotes. As a preventive for various ««ine diseases these antidotes. consisting of a powerful curative com -1 aw considered to be very ruccessfui in t*:. irg :og cholera in all Its forma. Mr. Tousle* l.'t- j reputed a pamphlet treating of the cause, ’om- and treatment of the disease, which will I•« ml l free to hog breeders on receipt of a two vll: stamp. Fnu: at toe Stock Yards.— About half-past nine o*cl> ek Wednesday evening a fire broke out :-ii alh.v:n"s saloon, opposite the Hough House, in J:i id;-eport, and was not quenched until four twu !-;«.ry buildings had been destroyed. It is sru i ii that two of the buildings were s iluons, one a „ ii>t'oi pro-niuiiou andtbefourthabaiMliess tsgurd coulectlouery establishment. The total Ir.-- i- about £1 «,#(!, which l« reported to have been f>;iiy covered by insurance. There seems to be little doubt that it was an incendiary fire. The Old Game.—a German named August I'ccr.-mn. accompanied by his daughter, related lb grievances at the Central Station last night ai ou tight o'clock. An, hour previously bo was contented possessor ol and at the Great LT.ion Depot wailing fora train to take him to the interior of the btale. Two men m«dehisac qraiutance, one of whom was going to tno same place with tJtn. It wa- not long before the houo-t German bad lent his friend fSOO Just fora lew miLMes. A heavy valise was left with him as t- mpoicrv -ccunty. The security, such as It was, jiored permanent. The men left and d»d no* ntnrr. The valise was opened at the Central Mat’*n cud lounl to contain only five heavy hiic’-s. Pile Last Evening.—Al>ont half-past ten c \:cckla«t night a Are broke out in (be second st. ry of James Durham £ Company’s bedding ti.rt t’misuic rooms. No. C 3 Randolph street. Tho fire dt-paitnivot was speedily at work, and ancu ttar.v v ;■*. gained to the building by one of the ::nn;i n dim ting from the second story window of No ■* liardolpn rtrect to the one in the room r the I'.ancs wore. A hose bciug passed to bin*, tlji-tlamei* werei-oondrowned. Thebrcmen, a-c,caing to the third floor, fire was found .among the fumiuueond bedding. Tuese.also, w.-reeooo ntiugai-hed, but not without some damage to the -torn in the store. The fire originated from m'bic defect in the chimney. No alarm was sounded lot this fire, and the Sherman engine per fo.iiied the whole work. 1 w o frlsc alctms were sounded during the day. Estate or Ceouce Trcssel —The personal estate of the late George irussel will be sold a puMic auction, uy me administrator, at toe rooms «>: tb'* deceased No. S'! Randolph street, second f.unr, ou Friday morning at 1U o'clocs. Among the article- to be sold are gold watches, diamond tun.-,, bedding, bateaus, clothing, har ijobrs. buggies, etc., a!l of excellent qaabtv and ot g* cat value. Also the well known gray rtarc “Ladv Tnis-ol,” and the hay gelding •• 1 .•xin-'toa” will be soli. JmniL*dhteiV alter v. i;ii h thc.hottse? Nos. V.*i and 11*1 State tftvet, cortuT i f Adams, will be o£er J for sale on the i.u nii-fs, said houses Mdongi-c to the estate of the wcc«-a-vd. Cp»lcs will l»e for cash only. l*er soi> dc-ii irg to purchase property of the »tc«cnp tiuL ii.Mriiuhed will fltd it to their auvaulago u> be present. _ Yvmc.m. iNsruriiESTS.—We call the attention c! the metical public to tho card of J. Saner & Co., m another column. From his advertisement v«_-rec that Mr. Bauer offers to the public an ui c'-cdiugiy doe musical stock, comprising the Ki.ab" ami other pianos pallor organs, brass and firing in-numects, musical boxes, «t a To bay i rr- «>1 Cbri-trnas presents his cnoice stock ole-s ian- pojtmmlcs of procuring tbe flue-l la>tra m, nt? made, as ll.e nrraare sole agents lor several oj tV»- ir.o-i nnni neu instrument mamitactnrcrr. while their well known standing In Chicago imt cisclis will Insure the purchaser the beat ld- MmiiiiMr at moderate terms. Ladies should not torgef.tmt Mr. Bauer has just rco Uod a varied a-«eitcici't of 'be most beautiful musical botes. 'J Lire nuke the most charming present* oflbc fcvaron Where a Tender is Excused rs Law.—The Supvirc Court has rendered a deci-ion in the ta-e of McßLet-son against Walker, wh T ch sets at rot the question »-* lo when a contractor Is rc b-n-red from tbencccsslty ot making a tender of t.'* ci'idt he bar made agr«*m»»nt In sell. Tbe c!< c -inn i- 1 a? follows: The proof show? that near ll;r d- ?e of the month «>J March. a few days before tin* :;M. d« lenoanl'e agent hid an Interview with tin* plainin' nrd notified him that bis principal lidi ot provided him with the laud-to pay for II -• . ut-. and il is further in proof that on the-list dav ui March this agent of tie defendant wai sib-t-m from his office during a great j OTtiunct that day, leaving no one there to re < cite tie oar? if ofiered. The defendmt made no denar i’, o: Uie oats, and though occupying the v.vr.rtrtriid" never retracted the aialemeot matte by the agent of their inability to perform tl.c contrail acd receive the oats. Wc think Uil v:,i\cil a nccessltvofa tender of the o»ts. The rule i?—if cue hound to pt riorum fmnre act, be fon ihotime for d<*ing It declare? hN inteofloa l ot ro do it, this, of itself, i- no breach of hi? con : :ct: bm if his dedaliillon be not w:t!s*L-two v Leo rbe time atrivet-fur tbe art to be done. It o r.s:jt:;:-6 a sufficient excuse for the delault of t - e nthcr pa r.y. U {'arsons on Contricts, iss; U kHer v>. DeLatnnr, CM aud Kg. tr»7; Crlstvs. A-R'uur, r,i Harh., STS. There being no error Iu tbe i ccoid. He judgment is affirmed. iNqrrsTOK the Bodt ixtjie Rtvrn f orotitT M agner h-lo an Inquest yeslerdar morn ing. *t vi-fi State street, on the body of Henry Wit toj.hcrg, the man who was foand in the South : the river, on Tuesday, nnder clremn sta«:fc? which excited suspicions of foul play. Hie particulars ot the afiair have already been pubii?rid. A number of wßncs-rs were exam it - -i. among whom were a iiutubgr of saloon k. ■ p'.-r c. who lcs:ifu-d to haring seen thedeceasej in ar ictuxa-atcd condliltm on the evening be dis aj-tict-rccl i ))»• evidence was of little importance except a? si.owing a stiong probability that Hie man Ua-I stMi.biiC mtntiic river airiilemaliy. Aqoa'rel which ( between him and a man named Cfri-t'au Rnchnliz was the principal can«e ot the n;-,.icion that Le ha-: been murdered. Bichnl-7, who «a-:»trcM*d on Mirpiciun. testified that the <:erea?<d eatm> to bis honsc that evening to *ee 1 1- w that he became extremely troublesome iii «1 wa- pul out of jlie house. .U'hn Brown tcrtificJ that re *aw th-» deceased in u -al< on «js Llsik street, north ol Fonrlccßth tu .-o:; be came th-rt* about 'j o'clm-u and stayca > ::Iya rbor: liii.c 1 drinking some beer: he had Rind ot hi? rlollie«, and there vra?*blond on his 1 <• b:;d every appearance of being drunk v..d baring fallen down tn the mud; be wanted to Luc a bov to mkehlm home, but finally started aloi.-■: in j rliort time was beard ■ nbt-ea«lf there r«« a fight gome on. and alterward the news cm e that sonic man had been drovmsd. Oriit-r witnesses testified to the eSeet that the du aMd ut- very dmnk that evening and de 'u-<l reveral partie? to see him home. At the b'-cc where he di-nppeared there was a road rnn t,:i.L- down lo the dork, which the deceased might t u're nvKukvß lor the right way. ili-'jun rclurrcd a verdic’ that the said Henry Mi'teiiCerg came to hlsoca bon tbe evening of hiitdny. December Sd, a« about 10 o'clock, by diowi in" jn the Sooth Branch of the Chicago River, in the vicinity of Fourteenth street. iFxr-EwxxL Bikkes to Cuaht-cs Y. Ricmtosn, —A most agreeable episode in daily life—an e\< nt which occasionally serves to smooth oat (be Krrinklcd iron: of time—occnrrcd yesterday after noon at tic Cbsxles Dln ng Rooms of ibis city. Mr. Philip Conley, the enterprising and ('gentlemanly proprietor of the establlsment men tioned. nn*i arc-1, at the request of several gentle tnci). a sumptuous repa«l> tn honor of Mr. Charles 't . Richmond, one of Chicago s earliest citizens, acd as popular a* he is wed known everywhere. Mi . Richmond Is oboutto leave for Europe, to take par l in the forthcoming yacht race, and the dinner wa« given Jn view of his departure, and as a fare well tok<*n of the kindly remembrance which w ould follow him. The gnosis gathered andnartook with evident ril>h ol the good thinga which were spicsd be fn-o them. Oysters vanished la a twinkling of an eve. Turkeys disappeared beneath a most vlg. o-on- attack tf krives and forks. Chickens were tali d* conAot. Snbitantlals and deli cacies ~li fell victims to ravishing appetites, stimu lated bv the attractive manner with which they a vt-c fetved. A just tribute to the effort made to ’ riicksc Champagne was not despised, or permit- Kd rofoaro disconsolately at the mown of un touched bott’es. It was poured put freely as an ii.n r.-c nnou the altar of the victims of the feast It ,id<d toy and mirth to the festive scene, it n-ovoked'laughter, the ion mot and the hvclv sal -Ik- of harmless banter, aud jocund pleasantry. W;ib the flow of humor came the more solid ox ptettion o» regard commingled with the regret of evt-u a tvmpoiarv loss of the society of the oven irgV guest Mr. J. b. Beale, of Cleveland, In pion’slEg Mr. Richmond's health, spoke af liim in warm tones of pleasant eulo- He alluded to the fact of Mr. a»* having been the first man from Chicago who dared lo cross the treacherous deep i* a ve-si \ from her port—the pioneer, lu Cict, of orcati navigation from an inland ees—as well as •lii-erst to send a vessel from Chicago to Mew , Vrbacs by way of the Illinois and Michigan All this and much more, equally cotnpll m mentary and just ■ Mr, Richmond in a most dignified and eloquent I ijafter responded to the toast on the Commerce F r’t Chicago, and vvith many more speeches, and [/ . crtle of heartfelt song, the happy party eepa- I .-fyxrd to wend their way homeward with pleasant It 'ptttcioas ofancvenlngmostpleasasUypassod, /' THE LAKE TUNNEL. Official Completion of tlio Work; the Closing Stouc. A Par Of Jubilee—Excursion of Citi zens Through the Tunnel—The Con nection Made between the Two Sections of the TYorh. on the Crib—Speeches by* JT. G, Glndele, E«q. t mayor Bice, Aldermen Holden and Clark) D. D. Driscoll* Esq., and K, S« Cheabroughf Esq, / Tbe great Lake Tunnel, the achievement of Chi jeago, the glory of the nineteenth ccninry, the PJ/ , ™ America, the wonder of the world, waa officially finished yesterday. Kot that it was really finished. The public well know that official declarations do not always square with facts. The tunnel was not finisW v but declared to be so: tbe time when the people/ will be able to avail themselves of it depend* largely on the action of the Board of Pnhw Works. That body expresses itself in favor of giving pure water to tbe people of Chicago at the earliest prvdent moment. Letz be thankful. In order to a proper comprehension of the sub ject. we will begin where alt Intelligent historians commence—with the creation. At the beginning, water was recognized as a prime necessity. It was made «:)•: in the order of mundane things. Adam and Eve had four rivers appointed for their convenience In Paradise. These are sup posed to have famished pare water. As early as the time of the great flood it was dis covered that n/rfgce water was exceedingly fnjn rious. Ihcnseof it killed off a great many peo ple ; tt was the first decided ins Of wholesale damage from the use of hydropalhic remedies. ,h v ? eo P le of were terri bly troubled about their river water. It furnished them wan a" sorts 6t edibles such as the Chicago River has since done to tbe people of this region —the principle staple being fish. The children of Israel wanted water In the wil derness, and rebelled in its absence. It was finally obtained by means of a strike—made by the Board of Public Works of that date (one Moses) on behalf of the people. At subsequent periods the people of various cities bavc been troubled about water privileges, aud have expended vast stuns of money in secur ing them. Rivers have always been a source of trouble. The btyx plagued the ancient Greeks, the Nile was a Iremmdons impediment in (be way of tbe Jews, the Rubicon bothered Czesar. lh« Thames baa (coaiti me Londoners, and the Chicago River Las infinitely disgusted us. "It Is a lo’jglane that has never a tom,” lays the old proven), and we have now a long lane under Ibe waters of Lake Michigan about iwo miles in extent, of tiresome straightness. It only varies an inch trom the dljccl line. It is so uni form that it has become a bare. Some three hun dred of the P. F.s of Chicago went through it yes terday and foniid it eo; it pore very hard on taem before they got through. It felt out In this wise: A good many years ago the people of this dty became dissatisfied with the water which the hjdiautsystem famished them at eight dollars per year per man. They were dissatisfied because li Interfered with the legitimate pursuits ofagooJ many of the citizens who were In the habit of gaining a living on the breakwater. There was too much fish and too little water; they wanted a remedy; one was decided on. And eo the boloue of the city decided on a change. But what to do foe the best they did not know. One sapient individual proposed to bring water from Winetka, sixteen miles away; another wanted to construct a huge tunnel on the bed of t&e lake, some one and a half miles out ftom shore; still another wanted to biuld a sys tem oi strain-rv. All, however, paled before the hold conception ot the Cbiel Engineer of our city, £. S. Cbcs hrougb, Esq. He, at the end ol a lengthened period, put afull stop to the discussions by pro* posing to actualize the old about the bowels <•1 the earth, only that being so near the surface it was more likely to be calleda vein,by those who might feel inclined to indulge in a rein of irony. But the werk is a genuine bowel; it Is, in fact, a colon, having been wade la two sections; it has electrified the world into an exclamation point. 'that colon has been finished. From a O'dQl on the lake shore, at the foot of Chicago avenue, a sbait pierces the earth to a depth of some eighty leet. the first spadeful of earth was taken out on Pt. Patrick's Hay, ISGJ, by Mayor Sherman, who “tacJJiaied” the business oy picking ou t tnc soft cat snot. He was a«slsted in the undertaking by Messrs. Gicdele, l.etz and Hose, of the Board of I’nhllc Works. The other saints smiled on the undertaking, and the subsequent shovelfuls of earth came out indue order. Arrived at the bot tom the workmen struck out in a direction almost due cast, boring a hole in the day of about six fect and a half diameter, which they subsequently reduced to about five feet ny putting eight inches oi bricks all around, laid in cement, ! Soon after this was begun, a quantity of lum ber was stacked up on the No'tu Pier, and a num ber of workmen commenced to put it iwo shape, ihey piled one logon another till a huge struc ture finally loomed up over the scene, some forty ftct high, and about ninety /cotin diameter, hav ing five tides and ca-ed with Iron. June, I'd, the monster was launched into the lake, and towed out two miles, where it was sunk, and filled with stones to keep it steady. Then a number of men began to bore down inside it, nor c-ased 111! they had reached a depth of slxiy-four fect. when they, too, struck out wilh their monster anger of success, and bored toward the shore. For many weeks ana months the two sets of workers giopcd along in the darkness, the only light sup plied being a flickering glare cast by a kerosene .amp. They toiled along, having nothing for their reward but four dollars a day aud the chteriugs of a good coneclcure, till at 'ast ibeir labors : were rewatded by n clinimerot other light than I that supplied hv kerosene. An anger hole bored • from ore side found a vent on the other, and two J weeks ago tn-day the cheers ol the workmen re som ded through the hollowness ot the archway, j Idling to one urotbcrtliat they hadmcL Only a narrow strip of earth divided the two armies, j rammer than that which often divides the sin ner trom bis mt-rired doom. The thirteen Inches of ciav wall was subsequently broken down sur reptitiously, snd the continuity ol the two sec tions was made complete. A few days longer, ami the gnat public was madca-vare that the tumid was virtually finished, in an invitation to Hum to he present at the tormal opening yes lC ", iouu, inursuay, mu uug no r< member* d hs a dar on which xnauv peo ple were dtnd-heflded on a long ride, wno never irw the pleasure ot a free excursion b-lore. There were about three hundred invtta duns issued, the lirt of invitees Incladiug the N.ajor of the city, the present Common Council, aud that which was In cxi-tcnce at the time tho • ucuc! naf oidereu. the Board of Education, the Judges of the Courts, a lew distinguished citizens ind a number of undL-tiogubued ones, whose only interest in tfa** ceremony was that they hoped to tnjov ti e blessing of a pure water supply ere long. Besides those invited, a great many were present who baa no invitatiou save the Impnlsc of their own curiosity. TOE Ar.UANCVMESTB. It 1? One to the Board of Public Work*, and their efficient Secretary, ,\. W. iinUham, Esq., lo ray that the arrangements for th>* occasion were peifcc.—the only fault being Inal they were not accurately carried oir. The cards of Invitation were div fled into four sets, as follows: No. to go down the land shaft at 10 a. m. No. 2, to go out to the crib at 10 a. m. No. 3, to go down the land shaft at li<4 a. m. No. -1, to go out on the tug at Urt a. m. The intention was to take out the first named paity through the tunnel on a “special train.*' * m.d l»nd them at the crib; then to take the sccon I v.»rty westward through the tunnel; then to take tin- third party eastward through the tunnel, and ■lie f< urtb par y westwaid last of all. 1 he ticket? were so distributed as (bat the first ■ paiiy should include ait those who were directed to be present at the formal joining of the two sec lions of the tunnel, viz: the Mayor, the Board of Public Works, ami one or l-volnvpcd guests, with the present Board ol Aldermen. Tbe thin! party Included the .Judges of the Courts, the Board of I dncitum. ,tr. 'those whose presence was not rci-ilni at I- claying ot the joining stone, but was deemed deMiable cm the crib at certain celebrant exuclfcs. while the second and further parties nere comprised ot thosn who had not such an cs interest: they were intended to be seat thioiigh the tunnel from tbe oast wi houl refer ence to the ceremontcu cither In tbe tunnel or on the crib. TOE EXCCRSIOX. Long before the lim 1 stated, the ground where on stiitrt? lie M ati-r Work-, and the dock at 'he south ciid of !*tau*otrcct bridge, w«.re crowded to tbeir um»?t by anxious crowds. At the former ‘•ta ioi. '.cio ga'.bc<t.d the Mayor, tnc Board of rubUcltorks. tho contractors and tnclr supenn t.-Ho'R.s, tho mcuibois of toe Common O.mucil, tlioCUy I-.ngiiiccr and two or three members of bis Math the representatives of the Chicago Tm t.t nr an>', and others who bad not been in \hvd. hut were there nevertheless. At the dock weic gathered uumvfoos gentlemen, among i lium wore noted <‘cloncl Gilmore, our new Post masitT, ami Hon. ts.». Haye.% vnaciing be part of ♦ .ion, carryiug a lantern in open daylight, out probably not, like him. looking lor a man. THE TlJtr EASTWARD. At 1- o'clock the Cist party, consisting of ths Mayor, the three of the Board ot Pithily Wotke, Canal CuniniiisJorcr Colonel K. B. Ms r-ou. and one or (wo Aldermen descended the ?hatL At tbe bottom they were unloaded and took the advance in tbe train of six rar- which was lu wuiiing. The platform rose and came down twice i_»<iic. bringingeaca time ah mt eight, eouMstitg of Aldermen and representatives oftlio Tkidl'ne end Timti. At precisely twentv mtn w« past ten, the first train moved eastward along •he intmcl. It was a cunons journey, an uninviting one, the trip along tbe tunnel. Thu short trail) at six cars, drawn hr one male and pushed ochind by two tnU). was loaded wita three excursionists to each car. a few of whom core a dickering lamp, which only served to make the darkn-as more hideous. TLcjumney was performed In silence, the party pa-smgihe time in examining the Joints in the brickwork, anti noting me figures which were i allied in b'-ack on the face ot the work at inter vals ol five feel, denoting the distance from the *:artli.gpolut at the shore shall. Nor was the po -itton the most favoiahle one fur ob-ervatio’t. Ihe party were obliged to lean forward to avoid bringing their bead* In contact with the arch above, and those who hid come adorned with silk hats foned the bricks peculiarly nhnoxicna. Ibenagata it was noticel, or rather Mt. that tall men were at a disadvantage. A d-'ait would have been juoiUi.t, if the dwarfago were not confined to the intellect. The bulk of the observations, indeed, consisted of pathetic admonitions to “ksvp your bead? down," and •* lean lorward.” Wim these were mingled tho very original remaik* that •• this i* a great bore;’* •• wc are on the underground railroad,* Ac., £c. fney wen*amusing enough, bur, strange to nay, were more highly appreciated by the ntterers than the listeners. No wonder the jokes lelldaUy;lt must be contcfsed *bnl they were very low. The car? stopped, and the order was given to dismount. Marked on the southern side of the brickwork were the figures “ RiTT." that being tbe number of feet distant from the land shaft. Uu d-*r the figures waa a hole, about a foot in length, and some six laches wide. A heap ot cement lay ccar, and two or three workmen were •• ready lo assist” when called upon, fhe grouping was simple, and rapidly efiected. On the east side of the hole stood Mr Kroescbell, the City Inspec tor, whose duty It baa been to watch the work trom the alpha to tbe omega; Mr. G. it. bramhall, the gentleman who superintended the building of tbe crib, the putting it In position, the sinking of the lake shal, and the work of ex cavation from that end, on tho part ol the con tractors, and Mr. Everia who, in his official ca pacity, superintended the laying of tbe la-t brick. Or. the other side were grouped the Mayor, Hon. .1. B. Rice. Colonel IL B Mason, and Messrs. Gindvle, l£tz and Rose, of the Board of Public Works. Behind them were grouped the Alder manic occupants of *he first train. XATTSC TOE PTOHB. The ceremonies attendant on laving the stone which was to fill np the last gap In the work, were very simple, and the chronicle of them will be brief. Hr. Kroes chell, City Inspector, broke the silence by saying: “Mr. Mayor and Members of the. Co mmon Connell—You bare arrived at the spot where the two ends of the work arc to be closed np. It only remains for the Mavor to place tbc last stone In Us proper position In toe work, aud we arc go ing to help him to do it.” Mayor Rice leaning forward toward the yet par tially emptied cars, so as to bo heard by lOi, said : “Members of tbc Board of Public Works and of tbc Board of A'dermcL: gentlemen contractors, aud fcllow-dtwcns : At the commw»cemtm* if mi* important work, the Mayor of this city, bring its chief officer, and supposed to represent the mests of all onr citizens, was appoLued ;u ;.’:n jtv •die first shovelful of earth, thereby eadj.-jlng the work, and assnring the world that it was ibe wish of the citizens of Chicago mat this great wo.k should be done. Now (bat this great portion of it is completed, 1 have the great pleasure and the honor. as being Mayor of the city, in like capacity, to put the last finishing stroke upon this work. Ills Intended, as 1 understand it, that the citizens of Chicago seal roy act, this great work with their ap- rousing cheers rent the confined air of the tunnel as the Mayor concluded his brief speech, delivered under the waters of the great Lake Michigan, and yet not nnder difficulties. ' Mr. EveriU then offered the trowel, which was taken by the Mayor, who applied the cement ait toned (be stone, remarking as be did so that be had done some other things better than bo feared bewonlddo that. Tie stone was then put Into Ila plate by him, nad be said, while doing so, do- »alloc ht« voice: “Now, gentlemen, id oehalf of the city of Chicago, 1 place the lavt etonc in this great tunnel, the wonder of America and of the world." The announcement was received with Ibrcc rousing cheers. As the atone ws - pnl In position the dock above struck eleven; tv wua not h“ar-’ by the celebrants, bnt a careful noting of time choired Lbai it was done on the strode of the nour. I it took come time to CLII in this cement careful* ly, and to wash the f tone so that all who came hr alterwards might h*-able to read the inscription in the dim light. While this waa In progress, the Mayor announced that be had laid three copper cents under me stone, and some others or the party followed bis example, pushing their ccnu Into the now rapidly sealing cement. The work concluded, the Mayor said: "Gentlemen, I an nounce to yon all that the last stone in the tan fid la laid, and the work is completed." During the latter portion of the proceedings there was a running fire of cross talk of a Jocular kind kept up, not worth repeating, but pleasant cnoocn amid the gloom. To one cheer “ Long lire the tunnel." the Mayor replied, "Long live the people who have built It, and may it bo used by many succeeding generations." Tfao senti ment was answered hy three times three. The stone is a neat block of white marble, mea suring some 12 1-vfihr3H Inches. It bears the simple inscription. In plain letters shout an inch high* CLOSED UP DEC. 5, IBM. Tbe ceremonies concluded, the party again took the cars, ana proceeded eastward to the crib, landing on its plank platiorm exactly one hoar after leaving the shore shaft, and were sainted most heartily by the crowd which, having come over to the crib »*• the first tog, were eagerly await- arrival. The first party wss closely followed by the second train of cars, the time consumed Inlay ing the stone by the one having compensated for tbe delay in loading the other. Tbe only accident which occurred waa to this second train, and that was only the breaking of one of tbe aide boards to a car. ncccssliaiing a delay of a lew minutes la fixing it. By the time these had landed, the tugs had Drought another complemeat, and tbe crib was well filled. The party grouped about the filatform, looking at the machinery, asking ques lons, and playing practical Jokes, for some lime, their number being somewhat diminished taking of a few throne* Jue Cnnnel westward. SALUTES, ETC. Tbe occasion was marked by a display of flag* from the Conrt House, tbe office of the tunnel, and other places, and a salvo of artillery thunder, which was belched forth from the Dearborn guns, stationed on tbe lake shore. We should not omit to mention among tbe commemorations, a royal salntc of seven cans, fired from the roof of the crib struclaic by the officers of tbe Bohemian Club, of this city. The compliment waa well de served in view of the great amount of work which the (unncl has made fur the reporters. They have written a great deal " and the end ta not yet," though the tunnel he declared officially finished. Messrs. Doll & Gowan came through the tun nel with the second party, tbe latter bearing with him the stake, which had been displaced on th'e 17th of March, 1963, when the first shovehol of earth was dug out- It was ornamented with the "red, white and blue" ribbons, and was borne by him proudly among the visitors, who sainted ft Instil) when told what the object really was. From 11 o'clock till S. the first arrivals waited for the " party of tbe last part," who came not through the tunnel till long after the last-named hour. It was intended to bold a mealing on the cub, In which some of (hot party should partici pate, bnt rftcr waiting till they were tired, it was finally decided to proceed without them. METING 02? THE CtUB. At half-past two o'clock. J. Ci. Glndele. E«q„ Chairman of the Board of Public Works. mounieu tbr stairs which stood near the centre or the Crib, 9 nd spoke as follows: *• Mr. Mayor, Gentlemen of the Common Coun cil, and fellow-citizens: The uleseant duty has been assigned to me of expressing to you the object of this meeting. •jhi« day, which 1 hope Is to be worthy of re membrance in the history of Chicago, has gathered us together to descend into the bosom of mother earth, where but a few years, no ore dreamed that a human being could breathe. We hav* passed through the dark region, surrounded by the mighty elements “with which no enduring league could he formed," to b- witnesses of (he completion of a work whose construction has attracted in rbe highest degree, not only our own attention, but that of the whole civilized world. We have Just put In place the keystone of this great and peculiar work Ahhough the undertaking cannot yet be considered ar. completed to its lull extent, or at once devoted to its intended purpose, we nevertheless feel impelled by a holy sense ot duty io bow with thaiiofulncss to that Providence which has restrained (he threatening elements, ami caused to originite and proceed, a work novel and hold in its conception, and :rom which wo look for ibe greatest pleasing to flow to the inhab itants of this city. The closing up of the arch of this tunnel is the culminating point of the whole undertaking. Ihe completion of it forms the moil beautiful ami important link in the public worn- of this city. Well may we be timiil.::'! and reioice for what has thus far been ftccouttiiihhed. The enterprise was no ordinary on*—;t was dangerous. The resolution to engage with the uncontrollable element in so perilous a strife, proceeded Horn the gradually obtained conviction (hat no other way led to the cud sought. [Cbeers.l It is needless to say that (be supply of tbi’grcar and growing city with pure and wholesome water in abundance was long acknowledged, and often deeply telt, to he of the greatest necessity. Pally experience at certain times fully confirms tins statemen*. The late Water Commis sioner* were zealously engaged in seeking to ro lievelhat necessity, and when the present Board oi Public Works succeeded them, these eflbrls were unceasingly continued. From theaa i* re sulted that among the dirierent plans presented in JB'vi, by Mr. (’hesbrongh, the Chief Engineer, the construction ofa tunnel under Lake Michigan ap peared to he not only the best adapted to the ob ject in view, but the cheapest, if great difficulties be not met with in carrying it out. This it was impossible to determine certainly in advance. In order to assure tbcniM Ivon as far as possible of Ibe practicability of constructing this tunnel, the Board caused the most careful examinations to bs made of the soil under the lake. Tnc result of the-o was so favorable that we ventured to recommend the carrying out of the project to the City Council It is, of course, well under stood trat so great and strange an undertaking should meet everywhere With opposition and did not easily gain public favor. But the controlling spirit of our population, ready to undertake great wotkt, on the one baro. and the imperious neces sity of providing g-od water for the city on the other, very soon removed doubt with regard to the practicability of the woik. ibe plan, after careful consideration, was n-uu-nved hv the City Council, and then steps ta>.«’U to can y out the project, wntch nave been flrcoiiijißt.icd with the happiest success—ou the oiicband. in of v.ry favorable cir cumstances; and, on Ibe other, through the care and zeal of the Chief Engineer and hjs principal assistant. Mr. Clark: the able advice of Mr. Eiastus W. Smith, in New York; the energy and perwveranre of the contractor*, .Messrs. Dull £ Gowau, aided by their Superintendent. Mr. Oner man, and others; the faithfulness of th n Inspect ors, Messrs. Bramhall, Krovscfael, Everett, and oiocn.; and last, nut not least important, -bo pa tient and eome.liues pciiiojs labors ot the work men. We arc pushing the work wilh the greatest pos sible speed to Its entire completion, and the day is not distant, we feel.iu which it shall be granted to Uh to thaw f om its inexhaustible source, pure and clear, me element greatly longed for. May that day be a day oi universal rejoicing, and in jy Kit d Providence prof ct Ibis work now' and ever more. At thispolnlof time,Mr.Ueaing proposed that tlm-ec been* be given Mr. Chcshrougb, tae Board ot Public Works and all the men wno have had to dowltht'c successofthc great tunnel. Ills Honor, * ayor tncu spoke. He said: Mcmlx'is of the Board of Public M orks, Aldermen ofthc City ol Chicago, fclJovv-citizcn J , one and all: th- icmaik- just made by the President of the Board of Public Works renders it«‘csFa*y that I should speak one word, bnt 1 would gladly testily to my rejoicing and to your gladness that this great work of ours is so far completed; 1 desire to express my apprecla ion of this master work that I nave seen the opening of to-day. With tbe men who have worked ana with tho-c who have watched 1 dc-Irc to express my heartfelt jov. I stand among you to-day ami find mis to bo a day of gladness; a day made doubly plan to ns by the knowledge ("at (be works of our hands have been crowned with snccu-s lo oar profit, that we mayohtalaat last pure water. Ills for «s a day of cjok'.ng that this great v ork. this wouclcrful work novel in its conception anu perfect in its execution, Is com pleted. It Issoiuetrlug for na to rejoice at that iv U an accomplished fact, an accomplished fact, too, ot no less an importance than that it gives ns a means to fur nish every inhabitant of tho city of Chicago with putt* waler—s 'eft water and a supply suf ficient fot a million ot inhabitants more t*»an now we have, t Applause, j ,\U houor to the wen and thanks to th-ui whoconceived and have executed this emu work. [Applause.] I would congrat ulate the citizen? of Chicago that they now, so soon shall have not only the pare air from the pm rounding prairies hat pure, retreading water from this mighty lake, th**se element cn tcilng Into our dalle habit, and being pnre, com bining to make Chicago tie most favored of cities. I do nut design to enter into any statistics with regard to tnls great work, bat I will stats that wbcu it wa? commenced ll was surrounded wlih difficulties: its commencement was imbedded In doubt, bat ne cad. so successful, has brought ua to realize howgieol is the ability of man, and bow ooic the men are who arc with and of ns. I will leave untold the facts that are wititln my knowledge, and I will, instead of stating them', mate wUn yon all In saying. Hail Chicago—me tropolis of the great West, vast In her resources. fortunate In her ciiizens, whose genius. Industry and Integrity secure? to us the use of all these advantages of air and water, and all Hie privilege? which are roucn«aled to n? by tbe Creator and tbe Dispenser of all good, fixing continued anplaase.J Aid. Clatk *hcn proposed that tnree cheers be given tor the laborer? on the work. Tko cheers we:e given wl'h lusty voice. At the conclusion of the npplante there were loud calls for Aid. Hol den. 1 hat gentleman then appeared. Aid. Holden then said: You call on tne to-day, I presume, that i may add my testimony to the recognition which others make of the success of this great woik. celebrated as the President oftbo Board ol Pubbc Works has said it should be. Wc all have great ami Just cause to bo proud of this day of our life. We celebrated ihe opening of this wonder not only of Chicago and the Northwest, bnt this wonder of tbe entire world, for elsewhere than In Chicago such a Icing a? this lake Tunnel i? not known, fravclling twenty seven rolmtcs by the watch, of mooing lime, we wore lamledfrom the land shatt to where we rose in the midst of our noble lake, the entrance ofthc great waters to our city, we have travelled through this tunnel, and wc have seen the pertec tlonotthls most magnificent work, which has been made perfect In Itscvrrjparu To Chief Engineer chcsbrougb, (and those who aided him: to the contractors, sod to their assistants; to the men who have done this wont, be great praise given. (Applause.] 1. lor one. feel like paying words cannot express my feelings at this conquest of genius over the obstacles of nature. (Ap plause J This is, at it should be, a Joyous day in our existence. It is a day that give* to Chicago that for which for years past wo have been asking, a sufficient supply of puro water. This tunnel will give ns water irom the pnrewa.crof Lake Michi gan. and 1 believe for ail time it will furnish It It has been said that Chicago, through her mu nicipal authorities, has been extravagant; that wc were'pending a great deal of money; bat whea we take into consideration the vast improvements that an* now b< log carried forward, and among others we may Include this gigantic work, it will cease to be a question where the people's money goes to, Renumber, too. this is hat at.c of the treat works now going forward. The bed of onr canal Is being lowered, that by it wemay by that route pass to the Mis sissippi River, and wc hope wo may he called noon within three years to celebrate »he comple tion of that great work which is help? carried forward by Messrs. Masoa & Gooding, and others. Then again, wc are tunnelling our rivers ; we are improving onr streets, we are doing all that a feeble municipal body can do to spend vonr money Jndidonrly; In tbo meantime until these works are done, when It is raid wc are extravagant yon should remember that we in dne coarse 01 time show great results. It is hardly a fitting , time for sitecch ; we are all too glad to talk, and by detaining yon I shoo'd hardly caro your thanks, so I will cease, expressing mycratuude that 1 have bad allowed me the opportunity of adding a word in relation to this most glorlou* event of our life. Aid. Clark being called forward, said: Gentle men of the Board of Public Works. Mr. Mayor, ard • on gentlemen Aldermen of the city and all friends here assembled: 1 had hoped somebody more able would have been called upon to speak on mis occasion, but 1 oo desire to express my t*nmks and my joy at the success that has crowned Gas gigantic work. I icei in doing so tint I would rather some one else had expressed my ritws; that some one who would have been able to give telat to the occasion bad been railed npon to speak. But Ina-mucb as lam hero, I will r Imply say, that in the accom plishment of this great work and In its edebm tlun 1 see one of the proudest days of my life. We are here to-day celebrating a great triumph of civilisation; a greater cause for tnompb and joy ha* hardly occurred to a people in the nineteenth century. To-day we can Join our voices, not In song, perhaps, bnt In sweet unison at the accomplishment of a great work, such as heretofore the world has not seen. We can rejoice not only in onr unbounded feli city that we possess, bnt in the means of health that we shall shortly receive. [Grca' ap plause.] I have no words to express my ideas of this work. For me, If 1 bad words, to speaktbem would be superfluous, bnt 1 may say that 1 think we have can*o to be thankful, not only to the ma terial agents, bnt to the God above os who has Uowcd not one single accident to happen lu the a prosecution of this gigantic enterprise. I believe all the people of Chicago will Join with me la the expression that thlaiaa day to he celebrated. have n< c< mp ishM Jjj we aimed at. Home, In her prondcat day, had her viaducts, ai-d New York leads her -ater for many miles, but such an enterprise as this, which dams a lake and turns its current Islo a city. Lover be fore was thought of. Wc have thought of It not only, hut wc have accomplished the labor, and wc rejoice, as we may, mat this day we open the greatest work that the world baa seen. [Great applause.] v. I>. Driscoll, Esq., was called out. Ho took a convenient stand and spoke briefly. He said be hardly knew bow this thing of speaking came In oider, and he did not want to stand in the way of any who could express their Joy to words. Said be, 1 am willing, however, as an officer of the aty, at this time to say a lew words In refer ence to tte great work which has been accom plished. 1 do, however, hope to bear from others 1 shall be very brief. The citizens of Chicago, without regard to any ques tion of property or influence, should feel a com mon Interest is the completion of this tonne!. It has been aaid by those who come from the Hast that Chicago pre sented everything almost which coaid be de-irrd—that Chicago presented the largest cram warehouses in the world, the most magnificent commerce, bnt they complained of our water; they said onr water was Impure. Now, within a abort time wc will remedy toe evil. By this ton ne! we will draw Into onr booses the pore water of the lake, and while we have everything else, 1 thank God to-duy, that we can tell oar Eastern frtetds that we can give them as pare water as they receive from the Croton Aqoedact, or from Falrmoam, The public picas has been liberal in its remarks upon ibe question of onr streets, but when weconsldrewhaitbe officers of the ei-y have done sholnd wo not ask them to silence their voices; should wc not point them to the successes of the officers of the city to qualify any faults they have made, it is an easy matter io criticise—it !a not difficult to find fault—lt is a very naima) thing to And fault, but it ia proper that credit sbomd be given here where it is due. [Applause.] We have no pure water rutting from a mountain side, hut wc have a lake, and to day we rejoice that that lake will flow even into onr booses. [Applause.] And I want to tel| you. although I 39°’: p.C.'Jt? to be a Detent lawyer, th“l TO? Inis greal lav ml on yon might apply to too Commissioner of Talents . ot Washington and take a patent. [Applauds.l Gentlemen, J do not ocslrc to speak on this occa sion. This great work has been accomplished without accident. It Is not only a success, as I have said, but Ills the opening wedge of an era of improvement in the world, ft Is its own enco tnlum upon the Board of Public Works that have carried it Into operation. 1 want lo add bnt one word. Aa an officer of this city 1 ask yon to let no man who has been encaged in this work go fonb hungry or naked,bn; let every man wuo u&e aided yoo In this enterprise be fed and dad. [Ap plause/! Mr. Cbesbrough was now loudly called for. In response to the repeated calls, be said: I cave bnt a feeble voice. It Is difficult for me to make myself heard. More than that, wo who have been engaged In this work as laborers, led that other men, and not us, should do that work of making speeches which now seem- to be in order. We thank you, and we thank God, with all onr heart, that this circumstance has brought ns together to-cay. J led thankful to von for what yon have sold concerning thts work. Those who have ro long and anxiously watched the prosecution of tbie work, white they are congratulated, congratn. late yon on the prospect of the coming in of a healthful stream of w ater as the result of your en terprir-e. Gentlemen, It is difficult In a matter of this kind to say wbat credit belongs to any person, but 1 tnink yon ought to give thanks to those who have taken npos themselves the responsibility of the woik. Jt la not difficult for an engineer to suggest a plan, but it involves a great responsibility lo those who employ him lo carry it out Especially is this the case In this Instance. AH of you know ho«v much doubt there was about the propriety of nndertak lug thin enterprise. Some of my most fastaud near friends were of opinion this was a moat fool ish enterprise. 1 could not blame them, lor such opinions, for it bad the look of cntoplau dream ing to those who bad not had the opportnniry of investigating Vhc project. But an yon know the work has been cariicd on. and now we know as well Hie a success, and upon that success I con gratulate you most heartily. [Applause.] Mr. Go wan then said: I am not very apt at makirg speeches. The best man to do that be 1> ngirg lo onr Arm is my senior partner, Mr. Dull. Mr. Dull then said: I have very little to say to ynn; 1 have looked Into the contract I made with the uty, and I find nothing in u requiring me to make a speech, if it bad neen there 1 should not have signed It. [Laughter.] THE ODE. The following lines were written ou the crib, by George T. Stansimry, one of the employes of the Beard of Public Works: At last our fect have touched the flooring Ol the work beneath the wave; Wc ’vcleft our light craft at her mooring O'er the entrance to the cave; Over os the wares arc lashing— Music with the singing wind; Over n* we bear the crashing. Of the right arm of mankind. Wc are moving to the ending. Of the work eo strong ai.d grand. While our woudrons thoughts ascending Through the water and the sand, Seek the presence of the being Who this mighty rower pave. That we can. with His o'crseelug. Tread the laud beneath the wave. God, all gracious t Thou whose kindness Guards us now from awful death; Thou win still dost case to mind ns, Conldst destroy ns with a breath; Thou it is wbo-e will hath brought ns All this power from our birth, That we have a belt of wal era Passing through a belt of earth. When the tunnel’s month we’re nearing. And much closer seems the light; Since we hear the word so cheering, Teat the cod Is 'most in right. Then our strains will bo the meeting. As we step upon the strand, from beneath the waves we’re greeiln g, Those who stand upon the land. TOE COLLATION The talking ended, the party were Invited to walk into the room in the crib structure, which has so long served as the dicing room for the workmen, and there treated to & very substantial collation, the food being followed by some excel lent wine. No speeches w ere made. TOE ADJOL'UNBENT. Tills closed the proceedings. The tugs com menced to lake ofi the visitors at about four o’clock, and from then till sundown there were parlies leaving for the shore. A number ot gen tlemen wlio Ictt on the first tag adio irued to the Tretnoni House, where tnloe host Drake did hts W-t to make the occasion on agreeable one till near nightfall. There were several who voted that to be decidedly the best part of the day's en tertainment. AIHUSki JIH.NTS. Opera Hotel.—Miss Lucille Western's second appearance in “ East Lynne " wa< greeted with a large audience. Her engagement here promises to be a ere-t bncfcpt*. East Lynne uili be present* cd again this evening. Mfstv*,—GrlflUn Gaunt is drawing fall houses every evening It will run to tbeendof the week. McVTckers Tueatue. -Mr. L. P. Barrett and Griffith Gaunt. The Hutchinson Fajult—Tribe of Asa—will give one of their popular cmcrtainoicnts at the Music Uall or the Opera notice, on Saturday af •vruoon ut two o'clock. Tlnir last concert* for this season will he given on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Tut Circth.— There was a rood performance last evening at the Coliseum, and a full attend • mce. Baldwin's Railway Gcwe.— I The new Rail way Gnide and Business Directory, recently is -ued by Messrs, G. S. Baldwins Co., proves to be a prosperous enterprise. The proprietors have met with marked success la tbe advertising department of the book, which is oheady nearly •illcd with full page adv»*rtj«'-menis. Their can vnsseisarc for the present soliciting only cord advmtiM-meuts. under the head ol “Business Di rectory.** classifying eacu business nnder rs proper heading. No merchant will fail to appre ciate the advantages of this mode ol advertising. :akii-g imo consideration the facilities Mr. Bald win possesses for dlstrlbrnlng these *• guides ** through his connection as General News Agent for (be various ralhoad lines leading Jqlo Chicago. >'iom among the many letters received favoring the enterprise we quote tbe following, which will explain itself: Clinton, 100 a, December 3d, 19GC. G. S. Baldwin. Erg.: Dear mb: I have received the copy of yonr J.'aUnay dinar, and like the arrangement very much. 1 think it will be of great benefit to Rail way Companies and tbe public. Reliable Infor mation (dating to Western roads has Ion? been needed by the public, and 1 am sure that you will now furnish it. Truly yonrs, Isaac B. Bows, Superintendent lowa Divisions of the Chicago £ Northwestern Railway. Errata.--In tbe official report of the Coundi pjocecoiogs, published December sth. the Com mittee on the Revision of the Charter is made to “ppoar c* rvcommcbdlog sundry autendmeuts in relsiion to tho Board of l*ublic Works. Ihese nmendmonis were not r. eluded lo the report of rominitiee, but were merely suggestion? of au AlUi im u. They should, therefore, have been ociiucd from the official report. A. H. Rodxak, City Clerk. Well Answered. In closing an editorial teply to correspondents and Inquirers, Mrs. JI. A. Livermore, of tbe A*tr Coc*nciir> whom tho Northwest and tbe whole United Mates delUrbt to honor for her noble work in the sanitary department during five years of war, writes, in the Arm Coteuani ol November 21, as follows: •‘Ninth. I prefer the WilcoxA Gibbs Sewing Machine to ail others, for it is adapted to every species of work that may. In any way, come op in a family. We have to-day si wed on the velvet ribbon that formed tbe trimming ot the skin ofa dress—a thing (he dressmaker warned ns could not be done—re-sewed all the scams lo a pair ol pants, sent home abominably made by a profes sional lailoress, an hour before the busnar.d wanted them to start for the pant? iMriiig made of thick cloth, lined with heavy drill ing for winter—and have in part, made a cHlcate wool delaine and a Swiss muslin Garibaldi, of ma terial which had been washed—the worst possible thing to sew—and we have done tho whole with the *ame needle, only chancing the thread, and all without inconvenience, annoyance or nesi (ancr. “ froth. The hemtner, feller and braider of this machine axe the most perfect we bare sees, and the most easily used. “In conclusion. Id os add Ll'-Xl wc have u*cd a sewing machine for seventeen years—have owned four diierem Linds, one belli? a Grover A Baker, and that to-day we own a splendid Wbei ler A Wil son, which cost Sits. Bat oar cheap little Wilcox & Gibbs, costing bnt fSd, which stands In the din- Ing-room.alwajs ready,never baulked, never taken with what seems an unaccountable fit of the salka when wc are in the greatest haste aud need, doing anythin? and everythin? In the way of sewing, which has been run daily now for two months, with hot once being oiled and cleaned, in disre gard of directions, and without once changing the needle, we prefer to any machine wo have ever seen, and should told It above price, IT we coaid not get another. Wc have written the above In answer to letters addressed us on the subject, aud our correspond ents will please so to consider it. It uan honest expression of our opinion—not au editorial puff. W'e have not been a«k«l to write It, and shall not be paid for writing 1U In common with all wive*, and mothers, and household*, we have found the family sowing the heaviest burden laid on tu. The necdb; used to be our horror when a child, and wc have never outgrown it Bat with oar W'icox & Gibbs machine, wc are tmappalled by the pile of shirts, sheets, skirts, dresses, etc., that cverv now and then confront as. Wc are mistress of t£e situation, and have ceased to dread the spring and fall sewing. M. A, L. LOCAL MATTERS. Dr. Storm’* Scotch Conch Candy 1* the safest and most efflcacioas remedy that has ever been discovered for the relief and core of coughs, colds, ooops and diseases of the throat. For fifteen years past has this remedy been before the Western public, an evidence of its unpar alleled popularity, and to those suffering from any of the above complaints, we need oniy ask them to give It a trial to be convinced of Its virtnes. Sold by all druggists. netealfe’* Great Rheumatic Remedy Is the most wonderful remedy ever brought before the public. A gentleman of this city who had lost the use of his limbs, aud had used crulchc> for over six months, has been completely cured by onebotllc. Tell yonr afflicted mends to try it. Loud A Siam, Agents, We have tried U. Tried what! (Thy the great cough remedy. Pectoral Balm! Having derived haieflt from li, we nso the Scriptural in junction: “Gotbonand do likewise.” For sale by a]] druggist*. Bcbkhaxs & Vas» Scuaack, wholesale druggists, lb Lake street, wholesale agents. Bishops and Divines Including the Revs. Potter. Hopkins, Dlx, Tyng, Smith, Newton, Cox, Morgan, Weston, Huntington, Muhlenberg and Vinton; also, Gustave Dore. artist; Kate Bate man, actress; King and Queen of Prussia; Thlcr.*. tbc statesman: with articles on the Characters ol Sbakspcare: Education, by John Neal: Society; Suffrage; Walking; ShakiagHands; A Natural life; Health; Sleep; Death; in December Phreno logical itiirao/, Pictorial Double No.3J cents; a year, f2r Newsmen have It. Address Fowlvb A Witin. No. 3-9 Broadway, New York, or Western News Company, Chicago. r« Toarteiet’s Extract of Seef. Twenty pounds of Fresh Bod for $1.50. It yon want to bay a Plano don't poirbisc 101 ton ace tbc celebrated Pianos at Drs'a Booms, 10! Randolph street. Hair Drmlnir without a particle of grease. ‘•Glyceria'* restores tlie hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp cleanses It from dandrnu*, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to| soli the finest fabric Caswed, Alack A Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. ltd*! Seratcb! I Boyd's iWedlcatod Cream cures llcb, scralcbes, and all skin diseases. Ills seat, pleasant,aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug. Go to If. F. Rlemil’s, Wbolwalo and retail dealer in kerosene lamps. lanterns, chan delicrs. table class ware, looking glasses, £c.. Nos. 71 and 73 Randolph street. Oar Country Friends In want of Goods of any kind from Chicago will do well to send their orders cither by mail or express to the Ex press Co.'s Purchasing Agent, A. L. Stlmsoa. A Blraring to Uolben,-!Hrs. Wins low's Sootblne Syrap, for all diseases with whicn children are afflicted, Is a safe aod certain reme dy. It relieves the child from paid, regulates the stomach and bowels, cures wind col e, corrects acidity, and. by giving rest and health to the child, comforts the mother. Office, 43 Dcy street. New York, aod 9(15 High Holboro, London, Eng. land. A Sure Flic Cure,—l»r. Cllben’s pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent ny mall on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agent* wasted every, where. Address J. B. Roxaine, Manager, No. 5“5 Broadway, Now York. Paper nsaglns l and Window Shades at greatly reduced prices, F. E. Rigby, SJ Ran dolph-st. Markets bv Telegraph, New Y’ork Qlarketstur • New Tome, December 6. Cottos—Aihadelower; SJsSDfC for mlddilog n> lands. Flocx-Common grades quite Arm; there has b»n rather better busmus than Ust reportod. Extra State, fV.70*10.00; supvrilne vvustern, Western, tSift*lo.6o:cholcc do, round hoop Ohio, S]OA&U.U>; trade brands. Gcain— Wheat without change la price; rather bet ter feeling: Ifl.awtUJO lor No. fMllwankce. Ure very quiet. Barley rather more steady; 91390 c for Cauoda west on arrival. Barley malt heavy and quiet: Cora igSclowen $1.1131.14 for shipping mixed Western in store; GJt’H*l.l3 fordo aQoat, closing at inside flu am for new a bite, and $1.10*1.17 for white Western. Oats heavy aod scarcely as firm; 61*67cfur Chicago and Milwaukee. Wnunv- Doll. PtrcoLem—Dull; MSUKc for crude; 3l&He lor re fined In bond. GeocKKixs—Coffee less active bat steady. No (ales reported. Snear very quiet: Cuba 10.¥*ll)lc. Mo- IsN'Csqolel; New Orleans 77*53c. Provisions— fore firmer, at $40.62*21.00 for new mean; |SO.DO«2IhSO lor old meat, closing at $20.37 cash, and $19.00 for prime. Beef heavy. Beef hams dull at 23*3ic. Bacon quiet. Cut meats dnll at 9*lij<c for sooulders. and Il*l3c tor hams. Lord lower bat more active at lhai2k'o. Butter and cheese unchanged. Dbeseeo Hoq»—Dull, at B>(S9c for Western. LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbone.i New* Tout, December 6. BCZADSTCm. Bread*tuffs excited and feverish owing to the near approach of the close of navigation. With large re ceipts, wheat was much stronger at the close. Corn declined this afternoon to (1.11 Is store and (1.13 afloat, at which there w&a aome speculation, aud there were further shipments of 50,000 bn to Liverpool. The clo sing rate advanced to s>«d. pro vmovs. Pork nominal at fitLZS for old and (31.0) lor new, but adeclded advance was bid (hr future dellvsry. Lard closes better. Sales cf 500 tea prime kettle at Ukc, seller January. am canxe. Receipts 600. Yesterday’s improvement fully sus tained. Prime Western stesr*lsJ<ol6c. BOOS. Receipts twenty-seven car loads. Firmer, at T.Vc. GROCERIES. Coffee—Rid 3h3.25c, dnll. Bogar—Fair to prime 10,V©HJ,'Ct quiet. Molasses—New Orleans T)@9oc. Money nnd ("locks in New York. New Tope. December 6. Mojntr—Market modtrately acUve at C£* per cent for call loans. Steruxc ExcnAxas-Steady at iWYfUW.k- GoLD-Opcned at 139 k, declining to 139, advancing to 133 k and closing at 136 k. Gotxcnment blocks—Leas acUve and scarcely so firm. FatlGDT* TO litzepool—Firm. Stocks— llcavr* Northwestern SIK Nvrthw’npU To£ Toledo .112 Ifrn-k Umnd IM.V Fort Wavne 105 A Hon & Torre name. 53 Clrvc. A: ruts S3V Midi. Southern TJ* Heading 11l Erie UK hJVTI Nctr Tort Central. PoclticMail ITU Mariposa pM 31 Aitacis Kxprejs 7ljf Mariposa J3V Ohio* Ml**. cefti.... »K Missouri C* 31* lVo3o«cefia 70j* Ex-Coup Trcas. 7 3-10.1Q3£ rxsr. Kaw Tose. December 6. re steady at the following Govtenxent Bonds—. rates: _ Hctf‘t«red. *SI. l» 7-30 Anc Coupons’Pl....ll2 ftH2V "-to June IQjv cICbV MOrec. *63 lOfiVftlOG* 7-30 July lOSVftIOSV 5-20touo. ’C3...1«},(3105H 5-131 do. 'a .. ..imS(£lo>U July camp- ’6l.m*ftU6 S-'A» do, *65 IOiWSIOTH Aajr. comp ~'6l. JlSvftlU V 5-Ado Jan. Oct. comp., 'KI.IUH^HtW and JQJ7.....1U5.V3105X Dec. comp.,’6l.ll3V®U3V 1040 ree 99*«10f« Goli>—'The pold market 1* heaw and closes at Foreign Excuangk—Market dolt bat arm. Prime bankers’ Merlins, GO days bills HWVft 109 V. WtscKLLANTtore Stocks—The stock market la more active and stronger, and closed at the foUoirlneprtccs: Ohio certs 29 «. 29U ID. Central 117 V W.U.TeI 45 ft 46 Pltlsburrh Sjf® 61 K.Y.Ccn HOkftillK Toledo HIV Erie 71«» 71V K. I. A Paclflc.lMvaiW.V Hudson. * 120 N, Western.... 51 <aM-< Heading. 11l ftlll 1 ; N. Western pfd 70V* 79« Mich, boa .. . WVft TJV Ft. Wayne IMX'JIOS Fetbolkhm Stock*—Bergen Coal and Oil, lb. Mining Stocks— American Flan 140 Keystone A Avers, M.AM. 435 Done 90 Be scobcl 110 Lacrosse 139 nolllc n Oon« 210 Smith & P 7W Cons. Gregory cold .1010 walirtll no Corydon 290 Adams Express 75 Gunnel cold 91 nillwankce Market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.l MinwACSRC, Dee.'mbcr 8. Flocb—Lower and more active, with sales of supe rior winter at |II.3O®IJXU; XX winter at 911X83U.5U: X winter *9 50^10.00. Gc.*in-*Wheat more active, with sales at 9 a. m. Board of 3Sobu No. 1 spring at |3JU; I.OoOba do No. 2 atfl.K): BUO bn, by sample, at 91.D0. Noon Board saiea were 1.250 bn No. 1 spring at 13.03; 11,500 bn No. 2 .it Jl.so3j.Sl; 2JSO3 bn N 0 .3 at #1.68; l.« obn rejected atftA9. Barley dall atBQO. movtsioss—Dull and lower, with sales of mess pork at 918X10. Dt-trszo Hoot—Declined 13M3&C, with sales at tO.OC«G ft. Lite Doos—Active, bnt downward tendency, with -ales at fJ.Mio}6.oo. RimiT*—3.Wo brls Pour, PJOO bu wheat, 3,:00 bn o\i».6M lire hoc*, 360 drees*d hog*. SmriiEJfTtj—JAW brls floor, 310 bn wheat. Cincinnati illnrkct, (Special Despatch to the Cblcaeo Tribune.} Cincinnati, December c. Flouji—Quiet. Prices nochanced. Small sales of Aupct.bc at J9.00® extra at JtOAOSUAO; family at JWJhcUS-TS. Grain— Wheat a shade amer; sales of No. 2 spring atJ2JO; No. 1 do at JJ.nit3.J3: No. I wlntcrat J 2.73. Corn scarce and Arm; sales of new mixed at 00c ; ear 63$3Sc: old dull; sales of mixed at Wc. Oats 1c higher and active; sales ot No. 1 at MRMo. Bye dull; Ko.l atfl Vk}l-12- Barley quiet; no b(Uo*. Cotton—Quiet, Middling held at SOtf-jiSlc. Wiiusst—Nominally lower, bales ot bonded at coc. Protisions—Depressed and generally lower. Mess t*ork dull; small sales at 118 60.419.00, spot; 500 brls January, at f 18.00. Paeon and balk meats nominal. Green meats Quiet; sales of shoulders at s>tfc; sides at 7*c; hams at 9Vc. Lard dnll and treely offered at lljfc spot, and to be made. Moos—Dull and lower-closing at $5.0)45.50 cross, J6.10G6.75 net RecciptsSAOO. Receipts since morning about 6,(00. Market closes heavy, Escuanoh—Heavy at 50 discount boylnc, and par selling. Monet—Close. Albany Cattle Market. ‘ -» (Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.] Albavt, n, Y , December 6. BEEF CATTLE-Are comparatively light, let* than i.9.*C having arrived up to to-nlcht. Prices are X&X'- b & higher, the greatest advance being on the best grade.*. SHEEP—No change In sheep, and hogs are dawn to M, Louts Alnrhet (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] st. Louts, December 6. Fi cub—Dull; low er grades, J 7.5033.00-, higher, JIIAO <41.100 Ghats—Wheat, nothing doing; choice, JJ.fiO; fan JLSO; spring, $2.05. Corn—new white and yellow, 75c; old.Ssc. Oats dull and declining at 62361 c. Barley— spring, f MO; fall, t 1.60. Wniaxrr—Unrhanped: so sales. Pbovisjoxs— Mess pork. JM.OO. Lard dnll. Hoc a-J5.2V3 6.10. Baltimore Cal iiile Marker. Baltuiobz, December 6. Pest Cams—The market bu been belter tapplled dnrlcc the week. s>mc i.yjo head of beeves beta? re ceived. The offering Include <3O fiom western Vlr enda, O from A'lQthwestern Virginia, and 4ts head from Ohio Ot the offerlnea 1* hoa»f were withdrawn. 100 sent l» Plilladephla and New York, W sold to crazier*

and feeders. <3 held over, and the balance takes by batcher* at prices ranging »s follows: Iloef cattle to crsilerf. I~'iio.i6.oo: one lot at #0.37 v-; scatiawac* and cowa, #4.0X31.75; llcht hclf.-rs, #5.00,>35.73; Wr, |<l.oVi ajO; cood.W.'JX#*-'-* 1 ; mine. #7.2V-i7.9o—bat very few at the last price. K few extra cattle were sold to Xew York dealers on Wednesday at #*.oo. Hogs—The rtcelnta and demand are moderate. Pack* era atm keep oat of the market, and butchers hay very sparingly. Sale* hare ranced at lOUOVc net. Sweep—The receipts hare been light, hat batchers are well supplied and bare bonght sparingly at 536 c, acccordlng to quality. New Orleans Market. New Oel Exits, December «. Cotton—rnchancwl; low middling. SO&nc; mid <sßng nominal at 52c. Receipts. bales. GaocEsirs—Sugar Arm; tair, 9\c; noia&ses caller; Inferior, -tic; p-lnie, »c. Ftoc»—Good demand; superfine,|lo,sCl3lo.;S; extra, lIIACUIIAS. Gcai»—Cornin good demand: mixed, fi.2531.50; oats, Tsc. Peotisjovs—Pork doll; new, *23.00; old. fSS.OO. Ba con, retail business only; shoulders, 13c: aides, lie. Lard doll. alWilSc. Bat— Ohio rarer. fS.OO. Tobacco— Pall ; fair I0£l2c; medium leaf. “310 c. Wnt&Err— Gou>—: bank sterling, 51; New Tort exchange, 14 discount. FuEionn*—Unchanged. PhiiadclpbiaJlarkrl- miLADiirniA, December 6. From—Cnchanped; tale, at fS.oo«9.Mfor superfine; *a.K»IO.OO for extra; tu.oosl2.a for Northwest family; *13.00*13X0 for Ohio: |UJ»£IS.OO for fancy bracan. Kre flour sells at *7.2)51 >.Sd. Gnats—Wheat very doll; small sales at *1.645JJ53 for J*ctm#ylTanla red. sod sOcatl.OO for soutaem do. Corn dull: old yellow *i jj. and new 900j*1.00, as to common. Oats V7c. Wti iuvu. Ptonooss—UnnsetUed: sales at <23.003,0.50 fjr new ism pork; 10©21c for bacon. n*m* Tor mcklod, and U«lixc for failed shoulders. Lard 13c for prlme.lo bn* of Uerces. PnxoLkni—Declined i»c. Toledo Market. Toledo. December A Obaec—'Wheat—Sales of amber Michigan at <3.7! a Diet. Corn—Sales at S2c for No. 1 mixed, bat not ac re. Oats an chan (ted and quiet. Bye-Sales at <l.lO for So. l, Dsrs&jtD Boos—Sales at 7 cents. Daffalo Market. BvttxxjO. December 6. FLom—fltAO (or No. i spring. Gnats—Wb*at quiet and unchanged. Cora—sales ot 10.0C0boolrtNo.limnol*at<l.n). Oauqulet. Barley —sales of Canada at (1.03 burned. Rye quiet. pioTTMoss—l*ork, new, <31jJ0£33.06. Lard, ISXc. Watanr—O^S. Pbcsbki* Rows—7VaSc, Fnaiorm —Wheat to Rochester. 6c. Ktcniwa-Fiour. 3.177 brls; wheat, SIAM bn; com 4,157 bn; oats. 12,000 bn; barley, 883 bo ; peas, 4.58 bo. New York Cattle Market. Snf Yon. December 6- Bixtxs—With lighter receipts ard a better Inquiry the market ht* advanced folly half tent, leaving pri ce* at about 14 Vr, average. though the quality of tbe oOerlcc is not belter. ..... tvn 1..UT8-Contlnaednlland depressed, the brst droves of sheep bringing 6XC, and lambs 7 VS77C. Swiss—Are very doll and heavy, with a Ucbt de mand uom packers at TfiTVc. the highest ft jure. Baltimore Murker. Barrttron, December 6. Ftore—All crades In very limited demand. Market sbll downward, particularly for spring wheat flour. Pcoruioss—Mes* pork dull at <T2.00aJ2.5C 1 for new. Bacon—bboulden and sides are reported at very mate rial coqccs-Io&s. Bulk meats scarce, bat there is no inquiry for shoulder* or tides. GBonxtr*—Coffee—The market Is well supplied with Bio, and dull, bagars—Some large tales have h-enmadeto re£nn daring the put two days, bat ortce*. wnhh are understood to be lower, bare not been made public. Whiuit— city and 'treaters IL3CQ9.3i.if, and coos* try <3.gSL2B. n a um k D « In this city. December 4th. at the residence of .7. W. Bvk«*. Km- oy Prot. 8. C. BarUctt, D. D-, BK.VJAMIN DUIUIAALM. D.. audIIIMLUCV M. CLAHE. bolhol Chicago. jfo card*. In ibis ciiv, on the Mb tniL, st the Church of the as motion, hr Bev. Q. W. Beer*, Mr. EDWIN p. QOODE and Mis* ANNIE E. HAWKINS, both of this city. In this tlty, or the !lb insu, by Her. B. J. Good speed, CUAt. C. BOUISbOK and airs. MAEGAUBT NA«u* botboi this city. At St. Mark’s Church, November Sl*r. by Her. J. W. Buckmuter, Mr. OEtiROB W. HDNTOON. Jr-and Miss D. LOUISE GAMBLE, daughter of Major Gam ble, P. 6. A- all of Evanston. No earda. o a E i>. In Troy, N.T-oo the 6th Inst., at the residence of I>t. Dr. ueom C. Baldwin, HAST HUNTINGTON, eldest daughter of the late acarv E, Huntington, of this city, of eonaumptlon. Eije jFine arts. qrosbt opera house ART ASSOCIATION. The following Splendid Paintlngt are now In the Art oalieri; THE RECOGNITION ! Constant layer’s Great Work«Q &Au<irl£‘s IRVIHGtHD HIS FRIENDS. Leulse’s Fine PMure of GEjA IST T ! fjr Free to IToJdtr* of CerUffeaUt. amusements. pROsBT’S OPERA HOUSE. ,LT. RAYMOND Lissi* aNT> MaNAOEr. Brilllsnt and Genuine Success of the youthful, beau tiful aod talented artiste, LUCILLE WESTERN, And ot Tayleore'a moral emotional play of EAST LYNNE, OR, THE ELOPEMENT. mim Western will he sustained by Mr, MCKEE BASKIN. Mr. Tllto. HAMILTON, MUi M. E. GORDON. And a Fall Company. POPULaIT'pRICES; Admission 30 cents. Reserved seats 73 cents. pOL. WO CITS MUSEUM. cbL J. B. WOOD.. Proprietor Director ef Amusements F. E. AIKEN S'asr Muaser .TQOS. ttAIUtY Brilliant Success of the Dramatic Sensation of the Day. a Play or the Passions, roielvea by crowned home*. with unbounded applause. Tula (FRIDAY) evening. Dec. Tin, tin* new drama In 5 acts, with new reentry and appointments, entitled OBJFFHH GAUNT; or, JxiLOCST. Now plat log to New Yo»k, with great success. Saturday Afternoon. Griffith Gaunt Matinee. Saturday Night. Griffith Gaunt. In rchcanisl— FORTUMS. HTRibE OF ASA—Matinee, by the HUTCHINSON FAMILY, Asa. Llbblc. Abhv, Fred. Ira and Little Dennett. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, l>cc. Sth. at 2 o’clock. Aduiis»lon. 23 cents. To schools and classes a liberal dedurtkn. ryjc VICKEK'S THEATRE. McVICKER AMTEBS .MANAGERS Friday. BENEFIT of LAWRENCE BARRETT. And last night but cne ol GRIFFITH GAUNT. Gilffilh Gaunt Mr. Barrett Saturday Afternoon—Uarrctt Matinee. Monday— ROSEDALE; Or. THE RIFLE BALL. OKOSBYS OPERA HOUSE. LUCILIjE WESTERN IN A GALA MATINEE OF EAST LYNNE; Or, The Elopement, SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Reserved Scats 50 cents. Admission 30 cents. THEATRE. Sir. ED. WRIGHT Business Agent GREAT SUCCESS OF THE NEW STAR, BILLY BAIIUY. This Evening an Excellent BUI. Monday Evening, Dec. 10th, will appear, EDWIN BLANCHARD, And his Trained Dogs, NERO and CARLO. Also-Mlss Laura Bernard, Joo Woods, Jimmy Clark —all talented artists, THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AND COLISEUM. Cl It* CUS AND MENaGERIF. First appearance in Chi cago of MR. JAMES REYNOLDS, the favorite Clown anuCnDl: Singer. Be-encaeenicnt of JOHN LOW. LOW, Great Atu«-rlrai Cio»n and J'Stcr. Fire; ap pcararcet.f MR. WM. DUTTON, the Grant Summer sault Rider. On and after MONDAY. Dec. .Id, hv re* quest of many citizens, and to keen tip wits the times, we hare reduced our Prices, as follows: AdmDsion— Am Cl airs in Dress Circle. Wctsg Scat* Res'rv-il tn DrcssCircle.73 cts.: Famnr Circle. X cts.: Boxes for Color'd I’ersonF.3o cts.; Private Boxc*. 93; scats In iTlvate Boxes. (1: Admission to MaUncc u> all part* of ihctu.aM,3Uctg.; children under 9, HO cts ; children nnd»-f3. tree. auction OU*BEKT& SAMPSON, O' GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS 47 A 49 DEARBORN-ST., Chicago, HI. Onr personal attention given u> sales ot Household Fumunxe, at Auction Rooms or at dwelllag*. feCPERUHt FURNITURE» Piano-Forte, Lace C omits. Linen Goods, Carpets, Stoves, Ac. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Dec. 7tb, at 9V o'clock, at onr Rvoms, 47 and 49 Jtearbcrn-st., comtsilpgul a splendid as foilment cl flnt-c)a,sana medium PAIO.UU, CHAMBEtTuitUAUy _ AND DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, Including a large variety of elegant oil walnut, mar bl**-top chamber suits, of s and 10 pieces. Cottage enamelled chaml>er seta, 10 pieces. Mirror*. nciurra, Crockery, stoves; Krussells, In grain, Ergllsb Felt and other Carpets, (Stair, Ac.) Also, 1 fine 7-octavo round-corner rosewood-case riano, made by Hallett, Davis ft Co. Also, sets of rich lace window curtain-, am: 4 solid sllvt r candle-sticks. GILBERT ft SAMPsON, Auctioneers. JQARGE AMOUNT OF Second-Hand Household Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, Ac., Ac., AT AUCTION. This (FRIDAY) MORNING, at 9 o’clock. to be Includ ed lu our sale of to-day, at onr Salerooms, -17 and 49 Dcarborn-fct. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. SALES OF THE MOST EL- O EG ANT Slock of Rich and Medium Furniture, AND FRENCH PLATE PIElf GLASSES, AT AUCTION, That has ever been offered at pnbllc sale in tills city, on Tuesday and Dec. mh and 12th. at to o*rl)fkearhd»v.coßslsitn: of one of the most exten sive stocks of new cm-tom madj furniture in the West, and consists of the newest and m >st beautiful made, all nr which Is made oflhebest seasoned wood and by the best makers in the country. Not an article will be allowed in this sale that cannot be warranted In every particular, and tor rlchnes* and elegance of design cannot be surpassed. If equalled, west of New York. The stock consists In part of elegant parlor sets lo all t"e fashionable .tries male, and cover el la the best of silk plush, silk cotcellcc. terry, moquene, rep. and haircloth; elegant Turkish chairs, parlor, dtawjrg-rcom andotrer tanev chairs: gemUea.pua' re clining. smoking and reading chairs: music stands and rack*, work, clove and handkerchief boxes; Oriental and folding cnaire: very Bne ctageres, witn French plate glaes; ladies’ elecanf pa- lor »ecretarle* and de*k«, llnlshrd In el>opT ami variegated In the most beautiful manner; Frctch work-table* and sums, library book cases atd secretaries, library tables, steps and chain ; marble-top table* of beautiful styles; the most elegant as-ornnent ol tancy brackets ever seen lu Chicago, just thelblt-cDr Chrtssmn; hall trees and chair*; recep tion, dlnlnc and chamber chair*, rocking chairs la great variety. Par Jcnlar attention Is invited to the splendid assortment c,f rich chamber units, of the most elegant style? made, finished and polished la oil and waxed ebrpy and walnut, with chaste and elegant carv ings and moulding. French b-dsteads. rich marble top bureaus and wa.bswnds, lounges, eemmod-w. Dining room—oak ard wamnt Frcnca extcrsion dining tables, with so ol< and heavy C'led leg*; dining chain in great variety; elegant oak at d walnut sideboards with mir ror back ann marble*, sritu an Immense variety of oth er goods, useful as « ell as ornamental. Pier Glasses— also, several targe and .niendlfl French plate pier glasses, all sires. In polish black walnnUrames.flnbned lu the richest style. The attention ot buyers wishing flrst class inrnltnre. I* particularly invited to this ssle. The good* win be on exhibition on Monday af ternnoL bclore the sale. Counter buyers can hare their gnrds packed aid shipped in the best manner. The sale will be positive and »ithcut werve. GILBERT ft SAMPSON. Auefa, Chlcaeo. A. LETTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PiLHER’S BLOCK, pMS 41 iV 1C HA Mill l.l’H-ST. pLOSING SALE OF J.'sTETTHEIMER & CO.’S STOCK OP CLOTHING, CLOTHS, BEATEBS, CASSOIEKES, PILOTS, FCKWISIIKVG GOODS TAZZ.OHQ* mxxaMJna*, .AT AUCTION-, At the Store of J. Sirttbelner dt Co.* 74 and 76 Lakf>it. On WEDNESDAY, Dec. 12th, at 9* o’clock a, m. Tbe stockconslstsof between <I0,(W) and <50.000 worth of the most desirable (roods, all of which will be closed without reserve. TERtIS OP sqi.s. All Mil* order <4OO. cash; all bills over (400,4 months* credit, for apptoved paper....... , tvM. A. BUTTERS A CO, Aocl’s. -T'NTIRE dTOCK of a Shoe Dealer 11/ Af AUCTION. OnFRIDAT. Dec.Ttb, at 9* o'clock, at Batters’Sales rooms, m Palmer's Block. 44 and 46 Randolph-st. Also, 50 cases beat quality Chicago-made boot*. WM. A. BUTTERS * CO, Auctioneers. A SSIGNEE'S SALE—Entire stock, ma- J\, chlnery Wlihont resfrrr. lor c*»h, on MONDAY, Dec. ICth, at 10 o'clock, at Store IS3 Lake-«C, np stairs. Br order of J. W. Merrtam. Assignee. 1 VTM. A. BUTTERS A (JO.. Auctioneers. SCHOONERb BY AUCTION, on ac count ot whom it may concern. . DEC. IS, 1866. We are Instructed by Robert itae. Esq., Solicitor, to sell, on account ot whom tt may concern, the schooners AMERICA and DENMARK, as they now tie, with satis, rlrgtnr. anchors, Ac., all complete. Tbe Peatrark Is aow lying in Morgan's Canal, above Chicago-sv. bridge, and will be sold at lOo’clock sharp. The America Ues at or near Polk-st. bridge, where the may be Men ary day prior to sale. Sale at 13 o'clock sharp, on above SCOTT & CO- Audi, Terms easy. Apply to BOBTRAB, No. 10 Dole's Bonding, or the Auctioneers’Office protest., 44 La jalle-st, * aio—Rouses. RENT —An elegant bonce, C 4 Park- X av.. one block weat of union-part. Keys cao •« obt-ined at 63 Park-av. For terms Itqolre at 233 LatfraU H TO UENT—Honse, No. 233 North La t-alle-et.. contalrtns twelve rooms, iras sod water. Fan Imre soldi! dcaueo. liqa'te on the premises. HPO RENT—A Dew bouse on Indianaav, ». ahoveTwctty sixth-.t, nine room».b»lde* clo«ct* an'* Luge bails, water and cu. Inouira 1269 indl aaa-av. Price S6OO. * r PORENT—A Cottage House to rent X and furniture for sale. '3Bl Fnlton-st. Hoase congas six rooms and closeta. Apply on the pro- KENT—A pleasant Cottage, with TO BENI—A two-story House, with '•®®deot room for the accommodation 19?Wrtt LakMU * location. Inquire at r PO iiEKT—New house, 248 Ohio-st, X eight rooms. Rent >6OO. Call at 1«»5 Lake-st. TO RENT—A house of 5 rooms, on the corner ol Harrison and Fosterstj. Deferences required. Call at 161 West Barrlsoa-st. T) RENT—A newtwo-stor?brickbase- JSS® » modem Improremenu, vuuated at 200 weat Adams at., opposite the rr«t --fl»DJ1r1?lliFoon^,»or p ’ Apply to J. H. D. BLAKE, Boom 9 Lamon Block. TO RENT—House, tiuely famished, «i? T “l®‘>m |, i o peblxgtrom Poet Office. Apply kj o. ». b£A, 11d AdjoHL 'T'O KENT—A first-class newly furnished X residence. In a good location, within two Moeitsof if‘tovd^;aio^i£il rccc “ "v*" l - AltnlUl! TO RENT—A seven room house. No. 353 t-ar IS per month. Immediate pos session. PET EH alllMP, 92 Monroe-st. TO RENT—A two story house, and bam. on comer of West Indiana and >Mct*«. Price *.3 per montb. Apply to c. J. UAMBLETON, 90 Uark-sC, Boom 20. TO KENT—Ooe house in the West and oue In the South Divisionalof vt and 14 rooms with furniture fbr tale. T.H.BELFIELD & CO., 101‘Ott Office Block. TO RENT—If you want to rent a lioufe, bny a house, or sell a bou*e or loU call at onrofflee. Some bargains olTcrlnc. GEOBGS&WIL LIAMS. 7 Sooth Clark-U. TO RENT—House of six large rooms, lonr closets: water In me kitchen. Beat f 3 per month. Inquire on the premise*. 31S Hubb&rd-st. Fpo RENT—Two neat cottages, contatn- I leg 7 rooms, pantry and prcss*«,on Jackson, wet ofßoynesr. Inquire or Mrs. D. PKATT, Intelligence office 150 Sonth Cisrk-st. TO RENT—House No. 1,283 Fnurie av. Contains eight rooms, with pantry, clos ets, &c.» and in good r< pair. Has a cistern and well on premises. Imtmdlate possession riven. Forpartlcn tars. Inqnlre at No. 12 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT—A block oi two-storv frame dwelllnn, entirely new, 9 la namher.pleasantly situated on the North Side, near the horse rail vay, be tween LaSalle and Welis-sts., on Eueenle. The above dwellings will be tented at a low price to salt ante ten ants. Apply to J. SCANLAN, 9 Masonic Temple. nro RENT—House of C rooms, sud 1 harm ISO Wt*t Van Bnrcn-sL. (3J per month; SSSSonth Drtplalnn-et., 6 rooms. (30; 213 West Laie-st.. 10 tcome, (600 ; 3-story brick, on Indlaaa-av.. near ibim-bm-st., (S 00; 317 Norh Clark-st., 13 rooms a Br«t-cia*» house. lift). n. C. MOREI &CO., Real Estate Broker?, > Mrtr:pol>tao Block. TO KENT—House, in a good location, snltable for a private awe nine or bearding hoase. Furniture for »alf. Inquire at 111 Bait Randolph-st. ®o Rent-Rooms. TO RENT—Suite of rooms, nnd furni ture fur sale cheap. In Reynolds* Block. Address BoxtKJftO. TO RENT—A furnished front sitting room, with bedroom, lor man and wife, or two gentlemen. In a private family, at 1*29 N'orth W-dliust. TO RENT—Three furnished sleeping rooms, kent In order; one large front chamber, unfurnished, and one hm'lsomely furnished front par lor. Apply at 164 Thlrd-av. TO RENT— Tito very desirable rooms, on H-conrlUoor, Stf Randolph-st.. suitable for of nc»s or sleeping robins. Applv at Office ot YOUNG AMERICA COLLAR >lO.. same floor. TO RENT—Rooms suitable for house keeping. and furniture for sale. Apply at USSk tooth Clark-st. TO RENT —No. 130 West Kandolph-st,, three pleasant rooms and rloset, with furniture and carpets fur sale. Inquire of.l. &S. McNIC-tO LAt?. 7S south WelU-euorl26 West Randolph-st, TO RENT—Three comfortable rooms, haedv. on We*t Rscdo’ph-’-t., suitable for housj Keeping, with s'uuo tnrnlturc tbrsale. T. U. BEL FIELD & CO„ Room 1Q Post Office Block, opp. P. O STo larnt-Stores, ©fSccs.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7-1 KandolpU-M., Court-pUcc. oppo site Cro-bv** Opera Honse. Apply to A. WOHDES & CU., or L. I. lUDP. on the premises. 'T'O RENT—The 2d and 3d stones ot L the larno brlrs store occupied by M-mra. SU rry, Moore * Co. 50x70, comer South Water at. and Mklilcan-aTH.. entrance on Mlrhlcan-ave. >altabk* notlota, rlothlnc or boot* and shoe*. Apply at SIL VER. MOOUE* CO.. 40 and 4SMl.blgan-aTe. TO RENT—Very heap—Two Doors suitable for storage or U„nt manufacturing par* post*. at »A3y Itandolph-*t. TO RENT—Dcsli room, or one-tliird of office for physician. In business part ol city— near r. 0. Call or address 11S South Clork-sL, Bmltb A Nixon's Bntldtng. Room IS. TO KENT—Cheap—An accessible office, with bedroom attached, on second floor and cen trally located. Apply st Room 1. No. 49 South Clark-su TO RENT—HaII of store in the best lo cation on Sonth.Ciaik-»t. Fixtures for sale. Ad ore*!* Box 303. Chicago P. O. TO RENT—Office, No 13 Lombard Block, with a small amount of go-id furniture for sale. Inquire of W. F. BARMS, No. lOS South Clatk -91. TO RENT—A large room, on 41h floor of 93 RanColpb-su comer of Dearborn, suitable for light manufacturing purpose* or sleeping apart ments. Appl) to Dr. JAMES, id Qoor, 93 liandJlph-st r T*O RENT—Lo f s on State-st and Micb i Ican-av M mar Koorteenlh-'t.. 91A0 per foot; or Lake, Fulton and CarrolMts., near Elizabeth, JoO and $75 jer year. H. C. MOREY A CO., Real Estate Bro kers. S Metropolitan Block. TO KENT—btore, No. 100 Monroe-st., second floor w c?t or Use Post Office. Rent JIM per month. Lease and fixtures lor sale. Apply at me Here. Worses. ©arriaur;*, &c. A WEU.-BEOTCEN BUGGY HOUSE, /A 7 years oM at rt black, for sale. II« can i>o seen Jacob Gresse's stable, cn CUnton-st., opposite Meehan tcalßaki-ry. T. A. CLARK. A GOOD FAMILY HOUSE, five years oic, Top Bugsy and Harness, for sale, j| 1-17 Matc-st. TOP BUGGY, Single and Double Har ness, an<t foor hnrte* for sale cheap, together or separate. Apply ot 339 Fu.t-jp-st. TIT ANTED —Horses to pasture this VV winter. Terras It per week. For further par- Honiara Inquire at the office ol XROS. PARKER, No. 2 Methodist Church Block. HORSEo "WANTED—I have superior stabling and yards,and the best oflesd for a lim ited number ot h'r-es and colts during tbs wint*r. stock taken out and returned, by addressing L. A. OS TKOM, Ponton, Co'k Co, Qxe seven year old team ROKSR. weight x.®o pounds. A good one. For at WRIGHT I3ROTHEIIS' staple*. A FINE COVERED DEMOCRAT wagon fbr sale, nearly new, wnicla’ make. In quire at No, 10 Chamber of Commerce. A NEARLY NEW six passenger rock r\ away for sale at A. McFARLANE*S,.2 l-V and 247 Statt-su Can be bad cheap. Can be used for a family carriage or as a hack. T'XPRESS WAGONS ofbest maimhc* 'j tcre for sale at MARTIN’S CARRIAGE FAC •jUKY. 2A 1 Klnzie-st, east of Statc-gt bridge. ; pianos, ~ PIANO FOR SALE—A piano, original cost S6OO, manufacturedbv A. H.Gale dr Co.. NtW York, used oniv four months, will be sold for $3)9 i* sale 1* etficted before to-morrow evening. Call a* 270 Oak-ftt. np-sialtß. iHarijintrs. F)R SALE—One louncen-horse porta hleengln-aadboiler; two twelve-horseao,use 1 only one mouth. Also, one now ten-horse curia** for *»f»t very low prices by GRIFFIN BROTHERS, 130 South Water-st. F)R SALE—Mcam Ensnnps—j, C, 8, 10,20 and SO-borse portable, and all st/esofsta tlruary engines, circular sawmills. Woodworth pia ners and matchers, power corn shellors. sliafting. pul leys and elevator machinery built to order. RICII - IRON WORKS. 190 Washlngton-st. f?OR SALE—The Earl steam pump, r three tons of white ground lead, ol very superior quality, at very low figures: a lot of stave and barrel machinery, portable and stationarr steam sengtnes of any .izr, three Farrar §nrlacet>. Iron l ithe*, iron pla ners, drills, chucks, cnc scro’l saw. nil on hand and can be seen at the Machtoerv Depot, Al booth Wcils-st, HAWKINS ft JAMES. * F}il SALE—Six engines and boilers, best make, new Improvement*; two S, two JO and two IJ liorw t>ower. with or without boilers; 11, 1\ 16 andSO-horse tnbnlar and locomotive boilers. Encloes and Jailers furnished toorder; also, sawmills, barrel and woodworking tnaohlnerr, iron planers, beltlnsr, saws. dies. ew. Maclurery depot No. 3 2 Dearborn-at. WHEEKLEE BISO*. & CO. 17*011 fi*ALE—Portable and stationary .1 melte*. and portable saw-mills. KRclnesofall tires manufactured *t Watertown. New York, and for sale by the subscriber, Saw-mills of the moat ap proved styie. Call and see them at No. 2S Mar Vet-st, tbleaco. Send for a circular. W. F. NOYES, MUI FornlshlDg Bouse. TT'OR SALE—Grain Binder—A. J. X 1 Smith’d patent. This valuable macblre It now of fered to the farm* rs of tae West. No agencies riven, bnl the exclusive right ofea’e given, nr territory leased on reasonable terms. Apply imm’-dlatelr. Ify m wnnM engage in a good paying cosines*. B. tv. SQUIEBs. General Agfnt. Gareth city Hotel. Chicago, Hi. T?XGINE FOR SXLE, cylinder 71-2jclC, llj in good order. Inquire at Chicago Steam Lvnh dry, west Madlson-n. LANE <fc JBODLET Portable Circular Satr Mills, PORTABLE STEAK ENGINES, Shlncle MacWnos. Corn Mill* and Shafting, Wood* working Machinery. LAMS & BODLKT, Corner ol John and Water Cincinnati. Applicants fbr descriptive areolar* will specify Jhe trtctxjpcry lß*r newl. jFine JTDRNITURB ROOMS. CHAS TOBEY, MANUFACTURER AM) DEALER IK RICH, MEDIUM ANB COMMON Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &G. THELABGEST ASSORTMENT and LOWESTPRICES of any house in the West. fy It is the SPECIAL INTEREST ol every person wanting goods In my line, to call and examine. 8" and 89 Stafe-st.. Chicago. Banking. CAVINGS BANK. foreign exchange. THE MARINE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. Net Asseia over 8300,000. Office in their Building, 134 uake-sL, cor. ofLaSalle. Under special provisions of their charter, allow In terest on depwits In sarlugs department, and receive money in trust tor tnvtstntot. Draft* on Europe bought and sold. j.YODNQ SCAMMON, Presldent- BoBSBt Bkd, Manager. Kcal Estate—(Kits. inPHOVuD. FJR SALE—-By Warren. & Goodrich. 120 Dearborn-«t., Speed's Clock, Kww 2 me following raloa&la Soitti side p.-ap rvr • 143 by 177 feet cd w abash ar_ cornerot Hubbard-mart, In •bole or part, at moderate prices ami on Uh«al Two new frame h'Daca on Wana»h-av, aorb of Twenty-nlnth-st, 10 room* each, e ejantly flaishel. goodcellara.«tc.:lot:MilW. SSjxiOeacn, A desirable two-story frame booso on Wabub-iv,- rear Tweiltb-st, iSroums. water, cas, etc- coiJ barn, lot 25X177. Will be sold trilb or wltboutlunil.aro. »t a low trlct and on liberal terms. Fine lot on near Indlana-ar, S3x ISieetto alley. Price fsi per ioot;easy terms. House ana lot Ko. 257 sute-str lot 33x172. Price S6AOO; libera) terms. Lot on Stalest, near Hußbard-court, 4»x172. with botldloM. te«utsp fci a*Kut*l,2X;prt«*lWoQ. House end lot So. 40 Monroe-st, between Stalest. andtVahash-ar.lot SxKO adjoining alley. Prlc-j11,9». easy terns. WU! becom- tint-clus business property. AD excellent chance f«r an inside and sate ’DTeJi-nent. Lot ob Monroe-st, a little west of WcUs-at, tdxUOfeet price only *2OO per io* t Hoose and lot on Third ae, near Tan Burm-st. Douse bt.« 10 rooms, etc.; lot isxieo. with pood Mm. price (ijui. A Irantlfnl lot, wlih handsome shade tree*, on Via* ccrno-foad, in Cotup» Grcve, 123x150 feet. Price tW per tool, cn easterns. Four lota on Wahp*tich-ar. between Cotta re Grove and EHM-stj, racing: south. 53x125 each. Price 81,000 each, a cwh, balance 1 and 2 year* at 7 per cent. A splendid lot, 100x202 ftct on Wabash-ar, soettevat ccmcr Iwenty-cicth-st. Anootr wanted. A floe lot. Wxien M on Michlgan-ar, north ot Twenty-tlnthwt. Price JAOCO. Another lot, SCxlfiO. to alley, at $65 per foot. 4 V acres on «eniworth-»v, A ot a mild south of the city limit*, j-rlcconly A ten aero block, suitable tor subdivision, being block'll. In Cana) Trustees* modi vision ot scion u. corner of Kenben-et and Dooglas-place, atalowpnco and upon easy tents. A frw IC-a rc loti In Ranter's subdivision, five mfes sentb of >be city, on tee Dine I<l*nd Flask Rial, at only $1,120 each. flWdown, balance In U years at 7 percent, the cheapest and most desirable 10U of tbe kind in the market. WARREN * GOODRICH. Real Estate Brokers. 123 Deart>oru-st, Room 2. T?OR SALE—A small, yen’ handsome f cottage ot 5 rooms and hall wl.l be sold cheap If applied fur immediately. Address P. o. Bex 755. Chicago. F)K SALE—At a derided bargain tor the buyer—At entirely new two-story and brick basettest bouse, with Man*ard root, containing it rooms,hot android water, bath rooms, water duets, marble mantels, etc* and lot. 37 feet front, oa Lake>st_ near Elizabeth. THOMAS D. SNTDEB A CO.. Beal Estate Agents, 4 Metropolitan Block. FOK SALE—Two lots, 21 1-4 each, on North Clark-sL, neat North Water-at.; a two story house and choice business 101,35xi75 feet, corner ol writ Madls'-o andAherdeen-sis ; a house ana lot, SfixlSO fret, on WestPOft-su. near C.loton-st.; 10 acres, IX mile* west of city, on line of West Lake-*!.; i* acre*. with Improvements and fine grove, tv mtes tonlhofclty. AbPIytoG.ILEL UCGaEs,77 Dear born-st.. Room 'TT’OI? SALE—A new and elegant bnck Jj boost, with 14 rooms and all modem conve- Diences, on Fulion-sl., east of Tnloa Park, wilt be sold at a great bargain. If taken at once, and on most eaty term*—only one-tlilrd down being abs 'lntel* ra/iulrel. Lot ?£\l2o. Title pcrtbcl. WARHRN * GOODRICH, Ileal Estate Broken, 125 Dcarbom-st.. Room S. P)R SALE—A nice home on the North Side, good neighborhood o*e bio k fr-vn the city care. Rouse coutalts 10 rno*’ s. well finished and conveniettlv arranged. Lot 50x135 east Iron*. Price jj.iCO. Apply at southeastcornerofLlncoln and Scdg. wick-st. TT'OK SALE—A verv desirable house and X lot. IS3 Jefferson-au. 10 roam*, water, gas. bath rrnm.dc. In perfect order. Lot2Jxl37. to an alley. TlVeyertrct If taken immediately, will be said at the very low price ot $*.,803. whlcn Js roach less than Us value. Will rent lor SI,OOO per annum. WARREN « GOODRICH, Real Estate Broker*. ISA Dearborn* >t- Room «. "JT’OR SALE—A good house of 0 rooms, l larce lot, stable. Ac., $3,001, on time; one Or S3 S&. DETER SUIMP, 92 Monroe-st. TT'OR SALE—Two-story bouse, contara- V 1 Inc S room*, water np and down sta*.t*. aa-l cit tern in yard, Irt 2V feet by 130, good tei?hborhoM,nG*r streetcar*. Year’s lnel. coal and wo- d. on hand. Im media e possession. Price S&9UJ, half cash, balance la SV wear*. Abo, inrmture. it wanted, at mroici prices. g ELLER A CO- 133 >onth Clark-su. Room IQ. T7OK SALE—A desirable new bnck 1 tocse on flovne-st.. wim9 r-om*. A-c.. lot 50x126 feet to alley. Title perfect. Onlv *3.'fv, If tafc?n Ira niedla'ety. Ear'y no«e*slon. WARREN A GOOD RICH, Real Estate Broker*, 1*45 Dearbora-st, Room •4. UN IITI PROVE D, 170 R SALE—TIic north hall of Block * No. iX Schco’ Section Addltl ro. having a t'or.t- nceef refect on Clinton and JetTcraon-sts., anl con taininc - 23 lots. A rareopporl'inlty f«r a roannftrta. rv. WBlb'iudc on re»*onable tenr* bv T. S. FITCH A CO-. No- IC7 Dearborn-st. F!)K SALE—No. 76 Adams-st., extend ing throned to Quincy; lot foet, with two fratre houses, now renting for 12 per cent on the price naked. and will soon !>•• btmness pronerty. A. «J. AVEUELL. B'sl Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. 170 R SALE —72xI3O feet, corner of Jack- J son st. and Hatmlton-av.. ILIMD: 21 lota near the corner of Robey and Harrson-*t*- $173 -acb; low on Patk-wv.,otc.blcckwcvt of city limit*. SSVI. H- C. MOREY A CO- Real Estate Brokers. S Metropolltsn UKck. SALE—A fne lot on "West Madi- U son-sL, between Throop and Hncke*-»W- 90f.79 eel to atbioot Alley, with a small halloing, renting for SSO per month. Price #7,500; J4-T'o can nmaln f»r 3 Tear* at 7 per cent Interest. Title aaine*tlonahte. WARREN 4 OOODRICFi, Real Estate Brokers 125 Dcarboro-st- Room 1. fT'OR SAJiE—Foi a ftw days, 4.7 C feet 1 DoriL corner of Indlana-av, aw! *Doic’a»-olar<», trenting cast on Hie avenue. H. O. STONE, 107 State-at. liusinrss (Chances. TT'OR j*ALE—A No. 1 saloon ami res- X tanrant and two blltanl tables, will be sold at a -Mrgaln. Inonire at 133 south Clark-tt. Doing a good basinets. Rcs*oa lor bcUlng is sickness F)R SALE—Plaining Mill, two stories, WxSO fee I. besides engine room. 19x10, a tfly-hor*o power cut Inc. three flooring machines, surface?, siding snw.etc..alUn good order; lease of lot.V»xWi feet. This mill will be roid low. part cash and part In real estate, or a salting vessel. Apply to REES « AVERS, Real Estate Brokers office to Crosby’s Uprra Houae. IT* OR *SALE—Lease and tistures of a I flrst-riaßa BN re In one ot the beat locations cn the South Side for either a wholesale or retail trade. Ad- Oretß “M W," Tribune office. |7OU SALE —Or Lease—The dry coods 1 itnreandflxtnrcssltnatcd De»platn*v at, Chicago. ccci-Pled by H. A K. Goxlrtdgu for the last t»c year*. Also, a email *toeiof dry gotxUat mar- Ettprlre. Thlal* tcbuirn seldom ♦*»-• »n»»* win* to nuy rnirrprtsinc basimrss man lout year.** sal's slCo,oof, ana can no increased wuh energy. Terms part rash, balance on time, real estate secnrltv. U. GOOD RIDGE, 163 West l.akc-et. Chics o. I7OR SALE—At cost and Invoice Lease. stock and fixtures of n family grocery store, now doing a business ol f 100 ailitr. Good rea son' given for Be.imp. Address •• R D,” Tribune office. ‘{7OK SALE—lnventory, stock, lease and I fixture* of a Crst-clits* proi crv store In one of the br*i V cations In this city. Address '* It T,' 1 Trtbaao office. FO U SALE—A coed chance tor a prac tical butcher to obtains cood paving business, with a small capital. Address HAMMOND, Tribune office. VOU bALE—Pnoe sl,soo—Packme I horse. with all the necessary tool* and fixtures smoke hcn*e, ice house, barn, splendid lard kettle and press. with a good ronrkti for meats, an old estab lished place. Address"F.V,"Tribuneoffice. [7OK SAT E—Rare Chance—A new vln .l egar factory tn tanning order, with boiler and enpinc. I r f '.Wt. Good rov*ona given for sealing. Ad dress “fat tbls »fflpe }7OR SALE—An equai partnership is offered to a reliable busm-ss man tn a first das*. » ell established wholesale grocery house In the city or ndraco. Co.»h capital from fortf to sixty thousand dollars required. 1 er; few opportunity* for emstnesssu- P* rlo lotbls. A practical grocer rrelem*-l. Adnre**, with ppfere r c-* ana In confdeacc, *• XENOPHON." care I*. O. Bos 6117. Chicago. |?OR SALE—A millinerv, straw and I taocy coeds stnte. lo a thtlvl-p etty. VJS raUea from Chicago. The best lucatl a west o* New Turk, both lor wbol* saline and retalilnc. Hoim nea-ly ntte t nn. with dwelllnc attached. Bent v»ry cheap. Stock all new; no tra*U on band. Oavln^Just cumplcted the best invert!- nt f the ac* is the reason fbr seiilnir Ap ply to KEITH DKO., -13 and 47 Lake-sc., Chicago. 17 OR SALE—^O,OOO —A fine and •well -17 (elected stock of hardware, crockery *t.d house. turnUhiuc euods. lo one of the best cities In tne £tate. t-ald store la dolnp a pood business, etorc room and location unsurpas-cd. Will sell at Invoice. For fur ther partlcnlars, apply lo JOHN* 1. SPAFrOKD. 33 Lahe-«t. T7OR SALE—Stock, lease and fixtures of I a grocery store. In one of the best location* for retail bu-iness in Cblcaco. Most be sold immediately. Inquire at 1-27 North Despialnts-hU FDR SALE—A stock nt boots and shoes; also, fixtures of store. The store can be leaned cne year from May 1, 1567. It I* situated in a good iv cality for business. W, D. b AiIFSON, Room 2 Metro politan Block. I7OR aALE—Small stock of *rof>ds t fix- I. turc* and lease ol s'o-e and dwelling. 172. cor ner North Clark aid Erle-su. Inquire on the prem ises- P)R SALE—A No. 1 restanrant, saloon and boarding bouse, containing 13 room*, paving fA per dav. Cheap rent and plenty of business. ‘Call at-AIO Statc-st. J7OR SALE —Saloon, boarding house. I 1 rrstanrant and fixtures, a good chvnee for an on terprlsing man. Inqutrcat 78 South or a: l»SEa*-tKlu2le-Bt. 4For Sale. T7OR SALE —The schooner Adriatic, 191 17 tons, old measurement: now laid op In toe pin of Grand Riven, Michigan. For term* and price, inquire of JOUN E-THUOOP,comer cf Wells and Harrl•‘nu lls.. or the owners, at Grand Haven, Michigan. CDT LER&WCIiTS. 170 R SALE —The schooners Denmark and America will he ofl»rcd for sale at aabllc auc tion, at ihelr docks, from 10 to it o’clxk, lor tne bene fit r.twhom it may concern, on the thirteenth dav <■! Devemhcr next. For particulars app.y U) ROBT. RAE. Sooth Water and Clark-sts. T7OR SALE—Orexchange Ibr dry goocb, r groceries, crboots and shoes—A hoa*o and lot and barn la Milwaukee, Wis. Price MOOD. Will rest for fW per year. Address -*N A U, ? * Drawer 333. Milwaukee, WU. T?OR SALE—schooner Cornelia, capaci- X* ty 17,000 bushels or 223 m lotnorr, 8 1. will be »old cheap if applied for immediately, KLKINa A meh biix. t?OR SALE—A large size Simrer Sew* r Inc Machine In trrt-rate order. Address “3,” P. O. Box 2791, FOR SALE—Abont 400 M sood bnck. Address P. O. Doc 1.11. Chicago P. O. 170 R SA3A3 —Su newmrtcb cows can be L seen on Cottage Grove-ar. between Twenty f eventh and Twenlb-«-lßhih-st*. nex* to Garin A Darns* blacksmith shop. PETER LABKIN. pamers ffijaantth. PARTNER Wanted The under* tlcned.bavlne tberlght of A. J- Smith's Patent Grain Blcder. will dispose ef an Interest in the West to a pood bnslnru man. one that can and will assist In deposing of and selling toe same. Satisfactory rea sons elten lor selling. if required. Appl*. immertl alcly. to B. W. 6QCIEKS, General Agent, Garden City Hotel. Chicago, ifl. PARTNER Wanted A gentleman who bss a tew thousand dol'ars wishes a partner ■with a JiTniUrami'Unl, to open a hardware, stove and tin store. in a first-rate situation in this city. A prac tical tinner preferred. Address •• W z," Tribune office, at once. PARTNER —Wanted—In a commission business, loop established and now par ine a hand some Utcume. Capital required 11,000. A. J. HILLS A CQ-. 133 Dearborn-si "PARTNER —Wanted—A smart, mtclli- cent yonne man (one who speaks German pre ferrcoL with JAM to SAO ready cash. Apply to PaH SHALL A SMITH. 128 South CUrk-at.. Boom 11. PARTNER —Wanted—lnan established I commission honte. Address •* PARTNER," Trt bone office. PARTNER—Wanted—ln a good.legiti- X mate business. Profits talr. To a manw&ocaa snow a clear record 1 offer a pood chance. Address, with references, lor one week, "SUCCESS, Tribune office. PARTNER—Wanted—Silent or active, IT «Uh sn available capital of from $13,000 to juO.CCO, to encage In a well*c«tabllshod, crowing and payinc wholesale and mannfacturlnc boslne*a. cen trally located. In this eitj. Adcreas P. O. Box 812, Chicago. PARTNER— 'Watted—TVith a capital ol S2.CW. to take a half Interest in the csubl&tal>tg or a Ufht manufacturing business In this city. rtncesklvenand required, tall at Boom 6, 133 Clark-* t. HEtsonat. PERSONAL. —Young ladies in school, asac*n*ral rule, do not almlre boys la school; bat sbonld there re anyroaog la iteain Kockfjrd, Mon month. Barvard, lAke Fomu or elsewhere, who are ex ceptions, they may, and probably vj;ig.d similar ex cepUons in the persous comprising tbe ‘‘Tonne Men's Corresponding Club ol the unlvetaity ol Lake Forest." That the yoonc ladles may be sore that their letters will be read by only one person, and to prevent tnli* taket. address, with a gord-loaklng photograph, either “X." "K," “T," "O," “H" or "a? 1 Box 6084* Chi cago. SuHantefc-jaale Jtlclp. BOOKKEEPEUtS HILBS.'SEN Arc. WASTED— A. first-class salesman, who cod control a large Illinois trade and attend to ,Il properly. Wll. be reoulred to navel darin- At« rrcMhsol ibcycar. Apply Immediately to TRACT IRWIS & C. 0.. • i 00 Broadway, Kew Tort. w; ANTED—An assistant bookkeeper. VV Good salary paid tif roiopet-nt ps-son. Ad djtts. for two days, ** D w A.” Drawer 6-i.T ■. TBiD£9. T^TA^TED—A gr»od and competent T» roaa,»hn can drive and d<y chores. Also, a good enoc. paid Ibr competent parties wreh recommenced. Address ♦-& F H.~ P O Box 191. AXTEI ; t)— a. tew good machinsts. Bui_»a°l KL.? hnld * ««*• “• a MEP ' TV W A ,*- -—i'o Bookbinders—A tirst cJim for ■ araer Andfi* inhfr ns liMf of & cood «e»C7 Jot> tT »PPU toe W 7 JLKTED —At 249 SoutsTciari^st. T » Roost 10. two eijxrtenced aalettaea to tro In IBe country. 1 k ““ '.NT' TTT A±t TED —A first-clac? evTicuur ior VV »dTerti»fiECT3tß. Jfooe but experiment r*-. apety. C»n between lOanl lio'ctneic axiaj »t ioi tVa!l>hiagtoo-«t. A» C. ANuEBaON. 7 TXT ANTED—Travelling salesmetf Tor a V> manufacturing establishment. Salary f&> pe» mo Mb and travelling expenses paid. Mnst Ctpoalt $«0. Address “A," Tribute o£Dce. asaantfb-jramale ??dpi SALESWOfIEM, TRADES, fte. \\f ANTED—Wet Nurse. Apply to W Dr. IL A. Johiaon, Oil Wabasb-ar, from 11 to I o’clock. TXT ANTED—To employ a lew ladles of -T T rood address am! business ability, In a voca* Ucn wt II adapted to then, highly respectable and re mnnerstlTe. J. A. STODDARD ft CO- 103 Wash iDglop-H, Chicago. Rl-, Box 2g7« BOUSE SERVANT*. TXTANTED—At t*J5 Wahash-av., an. VV American or German girl, as chambermaid. TXT ANTED—A Swede or Noweirfan V V cltl to do general housework It a small family, liustbe a good washer and ironer. Apply Immediate ly at 245 indlana-st. good girl to do the Vy work of a small family. References required- Good pay azd a permanent p.ace. Apply 511 North May-bt. WANTED —A good girl for general housework. To one who will sire saiisfactlon. a good beme and liberal wages will be paid. Inquire at 197 West Lake-sU TXT ANTED—A man acquainted with \ y lubricating oils, to canvass the dty of Chicago and vicinity ft.r an oil company. Apply to E.PECK, Agent, 194 UIM- TXT ANTED —A goed girl, American or V\ Grimanprderrca.todoceneral honsew. rklu a ratrlty of four. Good wage* will! e paid and acom* fortable home to one wan p:eas s. Apn’y 106 Ribev* st. Id coor sooth cf Maoboe st. XXT ANTED—One latmdress who under- V * stands her business i fi dlnlug-room girls, i cliambrnualQ and l kUcben girl at Caille Fair Hotel. Union Stock Yards- TXTANTED Girls Two American, VV Irish i r German girls. One to cook. w*-h and tron. the other to nurse and do chamber work In a »mali lami 7. I want girls who know their place*and «l'l kvcp toem- lamb.* good borne win be given and expetuis paid to Buchanan. Mich- 88 miles irom Chicago. Addrw* a* cnee and stale where can be seen. F. M. LEE,Tnbnat office. XT 7 'ANTED—A clrl to do general VV housework, Rjftrruccg required. Apply at IS Wlllard plscc,between3 and 4 p. in. T\T ANTED—A good quiet mrl, one W who mderstauds cooking, at 3~d.VMichigan. \\7 ANTED—A good colored cook. To V 1 on- that can come well rccon mended the highest wages will be given. Call at 139 Wabsah-av. "\X T ANTED—A cood kitchen cirl, al VV 121 South Pejrla-st. ißmplfliimtu: .agencies. \\T ANTED—Youugmen in the country V 1 wishing to o' la’nsltuHti,-ns.anrhaa bookk-cp era, cicrkt, collector*, sa'cainei,*. exprea men, Ac-tnappjy at Room la Fnl‘* rton Hi-'c*. fl'i or ad nws.l. M MOOREACO., Bex 1707. encioalpg ten cent* form 1 pantciilara. TT 7 AN TED—2 asfistant bookkeepers, 2 VV saWircn. I i'or.aucWr. 2 brakemen, 1 t.reroeti, I p<>rt**r, vdriven, 3 expr-»sn»en. Acplvat K’Oro I.T. Fulle-ton BKvs. !»’J Dcarm>ru-st. App (cant* bv mall o-ulrc»s J. M. M.K)RSACO.. Hex 1707. ct.d.'erog 10 cents lor reply. \\J ANTED—Young men in the country VV wishingt-obtainMtuati»na,sacb bookkeep ers,, coll-ctors, expresam'O, clerks, brak«- nieo. Ac-Ac., to apply at 114 Dearbom-st, Rons s, or adurest M. E. JONEa A CO- B3x£t)-AO, enclcalng ten cent* lor full particulars. \\7 ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V V colbctor, 3 bravem-n, 2 firemen. 1 pore.*, 2 driver*, t ng»-nt*. 3 vntrv clerks 3 conductors. Apply at 134 Dearborn-si.. Room —■ "\y\7 ANTED—Live men to sell a patent VV mai-hlrc fjr gilndlng knlve-..set^sor*,shear*, reaper kuves and all kin* *of edge ! wots. Sells In every bons*. tactory, shop, hotel, saloon, steamboat, vessel, at all *ea*OLscf the year. Grin!* one or both sides »: same time. Don’t wear out ->r get out cf order. A child can use it. Men are making from $lO 0 $133 per dai. S«nd retail price. $>lAO. for sample. FULLER A CO., ]33 Sontb Clara-»t.. Room 10. Two stamps lor reply. \\Y ANTED— 1,000 men to go South ; V V Ihvers and rUikers,|2-50 atliy; 500 railroad laborers, $2 a day. Apply at 153 C-ark-tt- Room 3. WT ANTED—I cicrk, 2 salesman, 1 prtn- V f ter,3 solicitors I travelling aeenua cookss tinners 3 farm bamst tailors 3 shoemakers 130 railroad men to werk I&lows Nebraska and Mi6*oarL wages $1.75 to $3.00 per d»y; also, 1,000 men to go South. wacCa sl3 to s.*o per month and board. Steadv emmormcnl- Apply to PARiiIALLA SMITH, 12S coirh Clark-st- Room 11. Applicants by mail enclcsc two mix pa for pardcnlars and rcplv. men South, wages VV f 45 to SSO pei month and b ant; to Sup carpeDtets. $0 railroad bands, 15 wood choppers at Room 3 Llad’» B ock. Randolpn-gt. bridge. ■\X7-^TED—A man from every town, VV with from $lO to $5.h00 to call a* 127 South Ciark-st, Boom 11, up ore flight ofrUlfs \\7 ANTED—immediately, a tew more V $ men f>>r the ’cvcc* arid nil nther* want ing erupinytm-rt. «o apt ly lo OLMSTEU A SNELL, lUO Madison sL Room 4. WANTED— Bookkeepers, clerks, wiles men. porters, drivers, bartender*. hrak“*tuen. mechanics Ist orer.-, canvas-T-. and all wishing -Itua apply at EuPU»VME*-T ARI NOY', M D,-ar born-.-i- Room 3- Applicants ty mnil enclo-c 10 cent*. \\T ANTED—A smart young man to » caava‘9 the city. (Toed saurr and rtstdy em ployment. Mnsthav- jtf-cto deposit, and come well rcct-mmcmU'd. Call at room 2t.127 South Clarkst TO 7 ANTED—A Jew smart men, with V \ from $lO to (100. to Invest La * sutopvyla? basinets. sale and honorable. Call at Ream 3, No. >7 Wa«Mngtoa-rt. SiHantcb—ltUscrllaiuous. WJ ANTED—Know Tnysell—AU per f V sots, young or ort.who wl-b to havctViro-st. oro-i t ami tuture rl ally revealed, tall on MADAM CAMJPLE, at Hill 'out' ClarV-B*. at stairs. \\J AN'lED—Your past experience and V» present troubles explained, and yonr latare clearly.revealed, bv MADAME ULVAL.393 South Hark-:t. All questions answered. Priceoue dollar. T\7 ANTED—Any merchant having an T ? ov. rst -ck of diy goods, notions or fincy go *H, e)o would like t-open a branch store, or ha-e them sold«n commission, can hear of a good opportunity hy addfifMCp **S IIS," care P. O. Box 3799. who has ■•lore and small stock of good*. tn guoi oc-ttlon. Ex mn-e* llcht, and perfectly competent to carry on busi ness. G.od references given. VI7ANTED —All persons 10 know that VV Dr. Chamberlain’s* Senraldc and Hteomatlc Antld. te cure*, in one or fifteen itOont*-*. Chronic and fkln dHcates speedily cure-I. Bonn 2, Ko, S 2 Dear born-st. \KT ANTED—Experienced canvassers in » V every county fn tho Northwest, tor a new and standard article. Liberal commissions ami exclusive terrlt ry. C»U cn or address HE.VKY M SUER- B 00D.21 LorooaM Block. 107 Monroe-st, Chtcag?. \\7ANTED —Live men! Live men! V y live men—To invent from 1130 tofiOOln »bu»|- nes* that win p*y from ¥<oo to #3.o>>J iu stx months. 128Laktset. A C.BttOWX A Co. TXT ANTED—An alto singer, with good V? vtlco and ready reader, to sin/ in choir on West Side. n.BL»KE, Room 9. Lar mon block, ccraer Washington and Clark-sts. Chicago. "\7\7ANTED—I have money to loan on f T approycl security. Q. ||. jfAAFF, Room 8. latfSoutn Clark-st. VT7ANTED—To let everybody know VV tha r MADAME BRUNDAGE. tne celebrated Fortune Teller, Is now residing at 133 West Kan* dolpb-st, wh-rc she can be consulted cn all matter* pertaloincto the past, pr-sent and future; a)*o, the name and ace ot evervfinqulrerf jr absent friends, bat lefactlon gnaractced. T\7ANTED —All wantrae stonciJ, tools, V • plate*, steel sumps and hotel checks t > send to HILTON A HANSON. No. 3. Hilliard’s Block, corner Clark ard south Water-sts, Chicago. X\7ANT£D —To Exchange—Real estate y\ lor dry goods, clears, piano, horse and boggy or double team. ARTHURS BOYPEN, 210 Statc-st. TXTANTED—SeveraI store tables, from \V pto t« feet l<mg. in good condition and cheap. Apply at 167 South C'lark-gt. TX7-A-KTED—A, lady desirous 01 prac- V v Being medicine in this city, with.-* to hire money. Landed security given. Address F. O. Box J2ilantc'o--Co Jacut. TT 7AN TED—To Rent—On South Side, V* coed house, funmbed preferred. Address P. 0.1-163. CorrcsponlicncE EJUanteb. 7 v Wanted A v 1 lady of pood education ano business qualities would Use to mett with a middle ape ?. confidential g»cUem*n, to establish a email business with her that would pay well. Inferences given and required. Af ter correspondence to oe cjnfldentlal. Address W. C. TABER, Tribune office. Host ant Jr nunc. LOST— A large Newloundland Dog, with white on breast, leevnose and tip of tail. Answers to the tame of “Plato." Whoever will re- torn Mm to 17 a teoath Wt'.U-sto, wtl. be welt paid. LOST— On Friday lasi from I'll Wabash av„ a larpe black Newloundland d >p, white on breast and neck.and answers to the name ol “ Smcho.’ When lest bad a strap around his neck. Any one re taming biro, or leaving information leading to his re covery.wlli be well rewarded. ■ . T O&T—$10 Reward—A small, daik tan I -i colored Pop, with cnrled tall, answering to the name et "FRANK - ," In the War Dlvtdan, sueday eve meg. Return to 39 Sontb Water-eu LOST— A fine English Coach Dog, bav in* cn a German silver collar. Any one return inpoim to the owner, at 613,i Mlcbisna-avjor 07. V south Clark-iL, will be liberally rewarded. LOST —On Wabashav., between Yan I Daren-st. and the Second Presbyterian Church, a y's area«totn. round, chared and slightly enameled. TbcfinderwlUbercwatded upon returningU to 49 East Yan Uorm-it. LOST— On the evening of Dec. 4th, a Memorandum and Pocket-Book combined, contain ing neariy Wl canency. Also, a letter directed to Worcester. Star dish A Co., Detroit. Mich., In which was enclosed anote given taldC->,and signed Coe A Ab bott. The note was not stamped. Also, two (3) notices item the Bevrnce Office to Coe A Abbott. Any person returning the same to the office of A. J. Hoaeland, 366 Washington-*!.. shall be amply rewarded ana lb auk eg. by M. J GETCHELL. T OST—A Gold Locket, with a photo- the 4tbin‘t. The finder wld please deliver ft at 72 LakewL, np-stalr». T OST—On Clark-st, between Washlng- Xj ton ard Randolph, a large white and yellow pointer, with scar on irtt ear. By returning to 215 Sooth Clark-Bk, the finder will receive IIP. T OST—Between the Matteson House Ju parlor and Crosby’s Opera Boose, a small sued Hrte Mbooale, contatolng one braas watch key, a memorandum on yellow paper, and S4O or |M in green backs. Ihe Under will be liberally rewarded onleav* ing the same at the Tribune office. 2. SUPPLE. LOST— An Enameled Gold Bracelet, with the inscription, “Louis to Sarah." A ■ Ibsral reward will be nsltlfbr Us return to SCHOENFELD BROS., 33 ana 37 North Clsrfe-st. POUND—Two Cows, one red and one X black, were taken up at 93% Harruon-st. Owner caahavesameby calling at 03S paying charges, Ac. TAKEN up—a brown pony, abont 13 bands high. The owner can have it by proving propet ty and paying charges, br applying to fflf. B. CROTON 1061 Stote-st. rpAKEN UP—A young Newloundland X dog. hall-breed. The owner can bare the jams by Proving property and paying chargee. Caa at 178 North ciark-st. Sriniantms aatameo. HALES. CXTUATXOK—Wanted—As taker or to LJ make Me self gear rally nWnJat sortning. Apply at 1104 Wabaeh-ar. J. DORMAN ENGLISH. CXTTJATION’—Wanted—Bv a man who lO la well aconalnted trta ba3lne*3,*bartng travelled through most We*ter& States, and can Influence ruacb trade. Dry goods or erocertea preferred. Beat ot fpgepces given. Address -*L S S/* TnbaneotScg. CITDATIOK—Wantcd—Bv a teacher in Dntch, !■ rerrh. Eacli*h. nrfln puylnr. Ac. Ad dwaa P, O. Box 331, Pella, lowa. Q ITU AT lON—\\ anted—By a cood mM -4«»-«> OSO.LARSIK, OrwtorcUTlUe, Mbnt g emery c<7-f led. QITUATI OX—Wanted—Copyrnir. tooc o «Pf foor or five hoars each day. AddicM**A B.** irfooae oa ci. —WiiDWd—By a young’ O tanirf gnodfiatlU and addrea*. ar salesman or ]iffhtpor»r. OoOAreterenceEiTen- Address‘*A.A.,** Tribune o3lce. SITUixTION —Wanted —By a youns m*r,jn*t aa first-data barteptltr. and uodc.*9tlD da thcjtrocery holiness. WM-work at either. Bnt or dry references. Address "L 51 B," Tribune ctfico: OITUaTION—Wan»ed—A younz man, O lately from the old country, desires a situation as clerk or porter in a grocery or hardware store. Bu eond uodtness and undoubted reftrences. CaUon oraedress P. LMXCH. 145 Norta Water 5C CWL ATI ON —W a vonnfr K_7 man, ai coactrx an and to work the boosS a«A , v c {?SS4»V II recommended. Aodre»« “COACH MAN,” Tribune eltUe. RESALES. SITUATION— Wanted—By a lady fros* N»w Tors housekeeper. Can glv** the - SM roe , o"ir, l ;>f J -'“ or ° n MES - BUres - SITUATION— Wasted—To learn vest making, by a young girl. Wages «.ot an object. AddreM“MTD/TrllwinextlJce. oiyec ** CITUATION—Wanted—A lady, cipeti- O cured In teaching. and qeallCeo to Instruct lu high erEngllsb. French. Latin and music. wUncs a nuta tion In a •cb0.,1 orfczmK. Also, a French lady, lately Dost Paris, wishes a situation to teach the French lan guage. Address‘Jl North Vky-su CmiATlON— Wanted—As Coot Can O furnish good references. If required. Apply at SO4 SUIMt 9 agents affilantcb. AGENTfc— Waniea— Experienced hook and engraving canvassers, to whom a large sal art or commission will be paid. Address CUAEL&S BOX. I .TO South Clark-at- Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per moLlh XX and expenses paid male cr temale agents, to to tredure a new and tadul lnv»ttlcin, of at»: lote n'Uny la every honsenofd. agerts rreferrlng to work an commiet-lon can cam from fX) to foo per day. For fnli particulars addmeW.G.WILhOK & Cleveland. Ohio. A GEN l S—Wanled—Ladies and gentle- XX men. th'oachoutthe Norhwest, to canvass tor Mrs. Beds Z. tjHUcei - * new novel. “TRIED AND TREE.** This tock 1* selling with unexpected ra pidity. it is an el-gani gift :«r the holidays and Agett* will make Utge Apply to or ad dress w. J. HOLLAND * Chicago, la.; Milwau kee. Wl*.; letroit, Mich.; Dnouque. j.wa. \ GENTS—"Wanted—To sell a new, _rV hleblj interesting and rl*h»y embellish'd work, THE PICTORIAL BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF THE REBELLION', clnl military, naval and domestic, embracing the- most brilliant atidre nartab e event* of the great American c. rclc. patriotic, polMcsl, romantic,! hnmeroa*. and tragical, a beanilfni roval octavo voinme. TOO page* and rvef 3(0 ersravmgs. This work is one of the Cc»sl picocrt!;ns cl the age. and themust popular bock of tbewnr. Over 12JM cor lea order'd the flm two mectha. Ageatearemaklnglatge salts, and say It Is the but sel.lng hoc* thev ever sold. Ecergetlc Agents win am it tc their Ute-m to engage in tte snie cf this la*t-seilliig bock. Exclusive territo ry and large comnmsinu given- Address J. A. STOD- DaRD A CO- IQg WashLngtDfl-st— ■ blcagj.Pi. AGENT S—anted—For BARRETTS LIFE OF LINCOLN, lu English and Ger man—tte only wor* for whbb Sir. Uncdn hlrr.sclf fhrnistcd all the matt-rial tacts of Dia early lie. The most mature, reliable and (cheapest of (he kind published. Bvehlrs a large coromU-ton. we are offering Ag-ntaaCne list of premium*. That the propie appreciate this important work la evidenced by the toJlowln/ extract from reports of Ag>ota: Dane Cc- Wla . TSlnore wevk; Given Co., lowa. 1W in one wees: Livlngvton Co- lit- 5*5. one w>ec; sttrk Co.. 111., 334. three wt-vfcs: Grant Co- Wi*., IS, foor weeks; "hlreside Co- 1U...497. s-ven week-; Tazewell Cc- lb- 237. four weeks: Dubuque Co- lowa, bt, one week; 1. pro Co- lU-t',7, s-ven weeks. We have % large amount 01 ternt-ry s*Ul uncanv;isscd, while a acc» nd thorough e»uvu»s cl territory alre-my partially ranvasseo Is -lire to produce excellent resnft*. Ad dre>s J. a. GOODMAN A CO . H Custom Boose-place. Cbcago. M. A GENTS Wanted For Frank J~\. Moore’s mwwo«“ WOMEN UF THE WAIL* It la. In the noblest £«n-c, a gallery ot bcaaty.auia wo envy theauthorthe grateful work be ha* pcrfurnied. It all ra -ds like a romance. The »i- ry of the war can never be well told without the story oi thewum-ai* told with lt.—( hievgo Krenlun Journal. It se.Usphmdl lly. Fortnlt particulars call oraddrtas R. C. TBLAT. 117 Scuth Clafk-st- Chkago. AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced first cla** canvassers ?crii>mra and ladles, for “THE FRAYtR AT VALIEV FORGE.** a new ami msznifl ccnt steel engraving; price jSAd. lias pocuilar ntma mcpdatlons which caa-c St to be admired by every American, cl whatever sect or party. Agent* every where arc meeting with nnparulltTccl «ncce*«. Pub lishers* hicbert coiumlMton given. Address sump enclowL S.S. BOTPEN. 73 Clark-«t, Chicago,DU AGENTS — Wanted— Gentlemen and ladles threuchon! the l T i lUd stat»-» to sell oar new Boo*. “ABIIOTT’c T IVES of the from WashlogU'O to the pre»entUtne. In one voltuoa of abonl 5W pages beautifully 11 nstratod with steal engravingr. The Amine— toe Timks-tiib Tuna, the elegant stvic and mcxlerate price, all combine to render tht» one cf the most attractive, useful ami sala ble bonks ever pnblishea In this ooontry. Tn expe ’ lerccd agent* till.* U a rare chance to make money with a «p]rndld book, and no comprtltina. Publish ers’ blgttst comcnlssloD Clrsn. Su’d stamp (hr ctr ulars aid terms. S.S. BoYDBN. 73 Ciark-st-Chi cago. HI. A GENT&—"Wanted—soo Aecnts want- J\ ed InimedUtrly for Hie GLOBKSEWING MA CMTSE, on the most hhcrai terms F. ATKINSON, ltt-1 Kandolpb-Pt- tcom fa, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —Male and Female, —With s:> to (in capital for (be beet paying btuloe*s extent. An agent In Nkchigar reports |:o pronuin haifaifay. Clergym* s teachers ami others, oavlng a little spare time. eb'cM aend tor particulars. Address K. WAY VELL, Pox 4,7»9. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—.S2OO per month to sell the GEN CINE IMI’KOVED BAItTLETT bEWING MACHINE. l’*lcc reduced to agents. Ad drets W. DELOSS & CO., 16S Dearborn-si., Chicago, AGENTS —Wanted—Something New— -I,o*o arenu wanted to *--11 the be*t paying article in the W*it, Needs or.;y to be seen to j-'h to every hons-e. Send • cedo’Jnr. pet sample ortlUcaml circu lar* (o SAfFELL A BAI l’Wl>.TlfDn, Olio. JJoarbing, T>OARDING—A pleasant suite ol mr _l_J nl-hert rooms, with board. suitable lor a gentle man ardwt’e nr two single cenl'en tn. can l>e hvl at th*M.Coud House. 1 t 2 and li t South Franklin-*!., only two nsirutw’ walk from the Court Hons**. VIS ION & HAYXtS. CARDING— Two genticracn ol good F> social portion who desire a haa-i-ome iront room, with hoard, and the comforts of a tome, will find one by addressing - HOME,” care Tribune office, and give satisfactory reference. BOARDING —Single rooms. $5; two in a room, sl. 2-lf and -W Knule-st, near blate-ft. bridge. T>OAl»i)lNG—ilccharacs can be accom- X) mcdalfd with gnoo I card and rooms, at reasons, ble rates, at 8-t near Dcsplatne*. T>OARDJNG—A suite of untarnished J l rooms, wlrb hoard, snltable fiir reot’eman and wife. In private family 01 West Side. Locarno desira ble. Address -n L\” Tribune office. "OOARDING—Two single gentlemen or J J a pentleman and lady can dhd tnrcl*hod r<»ms. with board, at 173 Wabash-ar.. near 3loari»e-*t. BOARDING —Rooms h&ndiomelv tar nlshed, wl;h board, can cc obtained at 112 Cast Adame-st. T>OAKDING—At No. 8 J.) one salte of front rooms, with larcc closets and poodboanl. Retererces retmlred. TDOAUDING—A desirable suite ol mce- J. > ly InroDhcd roc-ms, smtable fop a gentleman and wlfeorlwo slnsle c*nll*m*n. with board, can be ob talced at If*7 tVabash-sv. References required. T>OARDING —Three gentlemen can be D accommodated with board In a private family. Apply 139 TblM-av. T) CARDING—A gentleman and lady 1 > dcMrloecomfortable board and a pleasant home, mav find such in a quiet ftrallv on the North s*ioe .irar Ku,»h-6t.; also, rocm ter a single gentleman. Addresd ' F. 0.,” Tribune offltcc. TYOARCING—A gentleman and bis J J wife, or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with board in a pleasant private lamliv. where mere are no other boarders. Apply at West MsJlsoo-et. BOARDING —A room tor a gentleman and wife, and rooms for two or three gentlemen, wits first-chfs board, can be tad by applying at OOt West Madlson-st. T>OARDING —Splendid rooms, fur |> tmfcrd rr ualnrahhcd. con be had. wit a CrsVclas* board, at HO funrth-av. T>OARDING—A gentleman and wife Jl> can be accommodate J with ocfUrnl*hed front rcoms. with co»rd, in & small private family, on West Washington-fit. Terms moderate to agreeable portlet. Address “ A B.** T>OAKDJNG—A lew first-class boarders l > can be accommodated with board, and with or without loom*, at 271 Indiana, sear comer State three blocks from Statc-st bridge. BOARDING —Suite of pleasant trmt rooms, futnlibeu or untumhhnL with board, at 2-1-I Wabasb-av. Reference reqotrtd. TJOARFING —A nicely furnished room, JD suitable for g'ntleman and wife- Also single room, wlih fonrd. ran be obtained by Immediately in quiring at 133 Wttbaih-av- T>OAKDING—Good board, with pleas* 1> ant room*, and day boarders accommodated at Ilrlgge Haiise No. iSis Mcnroe-ot. BOARDING —With fine Irnnt room, in private faailv, gentleman and wife or two Ma de geoUemen. Inquire at 113 We»t Adams-st. T>OARDINQ —Furnished rooms, with II or without board, at 177 North Ciatk-st. Refe rences required. BOARDING —A limited numberof fam ine*, single gentlemen and ladles, can secure board lor the winter at 28** staie-et. Applicants are re quested. Undoubted reference. T> CARDING—One gent'eraan can find I_> cood board, with room, ma private house, at No. Jo North between Randolph ano-Lake. TJOARDING—Fnmiahed rooms may be JD had, with beard, at 14S East Madlson-st. T> CARDING—A veiy pleasant room, Plard board, can be obtained by two gentlemen. m a pmate family. Addrsss, or call at No. 2 Hubbard* court. T>OARDING —With a pleasant suite ot fi rooms, bath room, with hot and cold water, clos ets and other conveniences, suitable lor a gentleman and wife or femlly of three. 119 Wabash-qr. T>OARPING—For gentlemen. In a prl* XJvate family. Board hret-claas; location very nac. ai 239 Ditnols-st., two blocks from State-st. bridge. T3OARDING—Nice front parlor and Jj bedroim. partly famished. to rent with board, to gntleroto and wife, or fbnr single gents, at 360 Sonth alsted-st. No other boarders. TDOARDXNG—A good table and large O rooasatll.OOa wee*. Pay board $3.00 a week. 4 6 North Side, within hve minutes of the L'onrt House. TJOARDING—Two gentlemen X) ran have a well-famished and pleasant room, with fire If desired, with Bill or part board, at No. 115 fconth Halsted-st. iSoarfc asantclr. TJOARD—WitIi rooms lor three young Fj nntlemen. 1c a private family on the Somh Side. Beat reftrcnce given. AcWrw stating location, ac commodations, *• H,” P. O. Drawer 6-123. BOARD— A lady wishes room aad boara where lutrucUon in music and me ol manowill be taken as compensation. Address Sa; one week, -tfacHEK," Tribune office. POARD—A lady wants board where tl there are fkw or no other boarders, and can par. UaUyfnmlsh her own room if desired. N,,t mure inan ISminnws'walkfroic thePostOfflc*. Address,glvjnjc ocatloc and terms, "J S." Chicago P. O. 9Scal iSstate—(Eouutrg. FOR SALE —lmproved Farms—The (bllcwins fknn9,wlih ralnaMo Improvements, fitnated in Mars hail County. Illinois, near railroad aerot and river* . M Two larms ot 371 acres each, one ot 290 acres, one of 210 acre*, one ol IB) acres, one of U* acres, aad one of eighty acra. Also, coal and Umber lands, and Improved property to the thriving city ol La con, Marshall County. Term* very reasonable, for parOcniarv address prsnFß a SON'S. Lacon. lUlaola. T?OR SALE—Pine Lands—3,ooo acres X 1 valuable plan lands fbr sale. In Townshia 3, N. Range IS. W., A3ecaa County, Mlchlran, enUa twa the lake. For particulars address A. N, LANCASTER, 18 WaUsk.N. 7.