Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 8, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 8, 1866 Page 1
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(El)tcaga SCrtbmte. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8. 1566. THE NEWS* Citizens of Derby, Ct..have raised $303,000, necessary to secure the construction of a dam across the Honsatonic River. It is reported thatihe Senate •will refuse to confirm the appointment of John A. Dix aa Minister to France. Tte Bank of Montreal, while withdrawing its agency from Chicago, will arrange for Canadian Ijuslress here. Gold closed in New York lost evening at The latest quotation for Five-Twenties In l>sni'on was 71. The Alabama Legislature yesterday re jected the Constitutional Amendment by an at- Taos' unanimous vote. "Wc give elsewhere the November and De cember statements of the public debt. The net decrease dating the past month la $1,660,517.30. A Now Orleans letter says Texas beef now takes the lead In that market, and that Western butchers are giving large orders. The condemned Fenians In Canada have been respited, and their cxccuUou la now post poned till the 13th of March next. The test oath, as applied to attorneys, has been pronounced nncorstitntlonal by the United States Supreme Court, the vole of the judges planding five to lour. The more Important points in the Instrne- tions ol Mr. Campbell, our Minister to Mexico, will b found among the Mexican news of this morning. The Dixon Tc’.eyraph says that parties in that place arc proposing to establish n paper mill. *1 here is already a flax Cictory and a flle factory located there. A member of tbc Vine Growers' State Con- vcnllou, held In San Francisco last month, said Sonoma County would have y. 0,000 gallons this season, and the Slate some 1,500,900 gallons, all of which would be oflered for export. The opponents of the Niagara Ship Canal, and the Hadron River and Lake Champlain Ship Canal, arc moving for the enlargement of the locks oc the Erie Canal from Bofialo to tide-water. The*citl7.ens of Bnculo held a meeting Salai day evening fer the purpose of bringing the project more prominently before the people of the State. The San Francisco Bulletin states that the catch of codfish* on the hanks on the Northwest Coast this season not only demonstrated that California can supply Ihclr own mark t, bat can become exporters ofthc article to less favored localities. Additional correspondence between Secrc la-y c ewmd and ocr Minbter at Paris, In relation to the withdrawal of the French troops from Me*- i-o t« published ibis morning. Secretary Sew ard’s last note to Mr. Bigelow la plain and to the I>oh.t. Tbc St. Pan! Preu says: “An apparently well founded rumor Is in circulation to the er.ect that the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Is In ti -oly for tbo purchase of tbo rights end franchises of the Winona & St. Peter Railroad, bo far as is known, however, no positive agreement has yet bcin made. A heavy defalcation Uas been di-covcrcd in the Albany city Government. James Mclntyre, lately occupying the position o' Receiver of Taxes, 1? charged with abstracting city lands to the amount of $5,51613. A million of money ha* pissed through his 1 ands yearly. The city i* teenred from any h/ss, ar- bis bondsmen are re sponsible, although qualifying only in $10;OM. A rumor vouiff viti Atlantic Cable, that both the Prussian ITemlerand the French Minister tor Foreign Aflalrs, have tendered their resigna tions. The Fenian excitement !n England Is re peated to be on the increase. Three Iron-clad have been ordered to the Iri-h coast. Tiic Fi-ord. army officers in Rome yesterday took a final leave of the Pope. The Galveston .Vftr*announces the arrival, in much Improved roallh, of Samuel G. PemoU, an old and veil known lexan, who ha? just rc tnmed from Europe. In connection with Mr. Dickinson. of Houston, Mr. Pcmott engaged in Scotland noles* loan mp*c hundred families, till of the peasant or working classes, a large ponton eallirg from Liverpool direct for Galveston on the Sth October. and now due. The Boston BuTlrtin states that although the hn-iness of that metropolis mighthe made to advance more rapidly. It is by no m:*ans declining. In support of this slatsroent, so far as relates to foreign trade, the Journal say? there c- ipts at the Boston Custom House during the current year have averaged a million and a half a month, or twenty per cent more than any previous year. A Neapolitan paper says that the Southern Bailway Company is soon to receive ISO railvay carriages n»d twenty locomotives, entirely con structed iu two Italian factories, in which more than i,4CO workmen are employed—all native Italians, with the exception of two or threeto:c men- The vehicles and engines are said to be iully equal to those produced by any foreign es tablishment. NotwitfilantUnjr the vigilance of the de tective and police forces of the Treasury Depart ment and the various mnniclpalitic?, counterfeit ing seems to be carried on quite extensively. As a case In point, it is announced that in the United S:ates District Court at New York, yesterday, t!m tv persons ■••■rre arraigned for dealing in and passing counterfeit money. Counter! •?!:.? of the f.aclional currency notes are as plentiful ts over. The Decatur, 11!., Masnfl y of the ffStli, mertions Inc burning of Uncle John Hanks* 1 ouve, four ml’,vs couhwe«t of that city, at four o'clock on the morning of the 21lh ultimo. Had i: net boon for the timely alarm of Mr. Ridgewood, a school leather, who was aroused from sleep by the crackling Homes, undoubtedly same of the farndy would have oecn burned, so in .rtd was the advance of the Scry eiemcn*. As It was, they puerceded only iu saving themselves and • couple of beds. Mr. I tanks himself was leil wiih-ml coat orhftl. ; Greet excitement exists atMadoc, Canada, over the discover* of gold In large quantities, near that village, L. 1). Gregory, brother or L B. Gregory, cfiHa city, is one rf a com. any who have a lease of ;«0 acres of laud, tmon welch tho gold was discover d. He wntes t > We brother, in this city, (o come to Madoc immediately, and biinc with him young men who are willing to work the mines on shares. He al J o states that out of a pailful of dust, taken from the hole al ready sunk, he washed $1(10 world of gold. Or.-; inum an old miner, offered the sum of tfi.b'dfor <be privilege ct working the hole with a hoe for twenty-four hours. The Council 'Bluffs Aon/wrrrtfof Tuesday fare: “The construction train on the North western Hoad arc now awakening the echoes at the north of Boyer Valley, just twenty miles from Council Bluffs, and still Ihey come—every day makes the di-lance less, and shorten l no the gap Passenger train* still stop at Woodoltv*. and will, !n all probability, make that the point of transfer for passengers for some time to come. If the weather continues as favorable a ! at pres ent, there can be no rearon to doubt that the road will he complct-d dear through, and train? run ning from Chicago lb Council Bluffs some days ■»elbre the advent of the new year.*’ FUOII CANADA. Fear* that the Feninn Prisoners Will Espapr From l.arse s*ale of Ann* on Fenian Account— Fenian Prisoner* He mmed till tbe Itlth ui'.'llurcli next. ToimNTO, Di cemltcr T.—lt it* believed here that the Fenian prisoners in Sweclsbnr~ will yet es cape from tail. Tbe impolicy of their remjval to toat place ip fntdv expressed. Mostceai- C. ft.. December 7 —The Trcnfcn:)' newspaper to-dav s.iys : We learn from an authen tic source, a hlcbly respectable mrncamib* house in the trade. that wiicm a low darn fif.eon thousand to seventeen thousand rifles have been sold on Fenian account, the destination of which la not Ireland. We cannot annoucco that they were Intended for this country. . Tokonto, December «. —The h caian prisoners ttnder sentence of death are respited until the I‘itU oi March. ... ... ~ A darine attempt was mane last nnrht to blow np Beard’s Foundry by a lighted lamp placed under a barrel loutainins coal oil. The lamp go im» out prevented the design. MEXICO. Attain* in Hlainmorn»—.Minister Cntnphi In-dructioQH, Arc, New Orleans. December C.—The Galveston JJuUcttn of ibe «h inst.,-says that It na*pnvaichi tonnatlon that Escobedo and Canales me' a? friends, and that Escobedo now commands the <jtv ol ilulamoras, the United States force* hiving suDscqoeiiUy wiilidrawn. The last part of this information, however, is considered doubtful. A Washington letter. da«ed the Bd, published In Natamoras, sa-s Uiar the lustrnctions to Minister Campbell contain the following points: That the United Stales Government does no* recognize, neither will it recognise any Govern mett in Mexico other than that of the Constitu tional Presidency of Juarez, and that th*y do not propose, neither do they wish to acquire any pan of Mexican territory. Tha*. they do not recngi. z-'. in anv manner the claims of France, but are will ing to extend to Mexico any aid in quelling in ternal disorders, when requested to do so by tac Constitutional Goveanr cut or lu aalho. laic, an • •without intcrfetlng' in any manner in the domes tic eqoahhles of the country. FROM MOBILE, JDrelfttcm BrndPPPil Against tbe Pnunrai of Debt*ld Itrlici Paver— Messogeol'ibc Gov rrnorof Alnbnmn—lie Cnrr« tbe Itaiifiea* tlon of the Uonstltniloant Amcndmru. Mobile, December 7.—Tudgi‘But-teed has i en tered a decision declaring tho payment or all debts in Confederate money, ndl and voM. The Governor’s message to the begislalnn y • lerdsv created grest excitement. lie says event* otlbc' most vital charader arc transpiring, with refcicnce to onr relations with the union, that wear anvlblng but a pheasant look. He says in* ataWUtv ofatTalrs mav bebroken np by the Radical* Inlhelrcflons at afl cost* to ovcrlhiow every at tempi toward* the restoration ot tranqc.lUy. nod <orec?9 tfao ratifl ration of the Constitutional Amend went, hopii*c it may lead to a fall restoration oi the Stale to the Union. FROM BALTIMORE. Tbe CkDtrci»loo»l Retrenchment Coi tec—Acquittal—MHcide, Baltdtoue, November 7.—A sob-committee of Congressional Committee on Retrenchment was In session here to-day. John Bothcrton, of Meats County, who some time since killed A Federal officer, was tried ter manslaughter the week, and acquitted. Dr. Bbirland, of Augusta. Ga_, cut bis throat to day. No leaton la assigned. Dalttxore, December 7. —At a ’monthly*rnccl- Board oflt»de,hold on Tur*day la-l, the Committee on Commerce, to whom had been referred a resolution asking the consideration of the cotton imposed by the Government, re ported that In their opinion the same should b** repealed, as being an unnecessary and un{n*t burden on both consumers and producers lathis comtry, and as tending to promote its production in other countries, and to Diminish it tn onr coun try. Corrrspondcnre Between Hoince Greeley and Governor Perry, of Bonita Carolina. Augusta, Ga., December G.—Horace Greeley bos written a loiter to Governor Perry, of Bourn Carolina, in which he says the true bast* of a set tlement of onr national difficulties is universal amnesty, with impartial suffrage. He would have all disabilities on account ol rebellion or color totally abolished, and trusts such a basts of settle ment will nc fixed upon in Washington this winter. In response. Governor Perry says the Southern people will never consent to impartial suffrage, as It would degrade the right of suffrage, and de moralize the Government and suffrage to allow the blacks to vote. The Governor thinks a com promise to enfranchise the negroo* who could read ard w-rlb, who had property qualifications, without disfranchising tbe wnile pet son#, might reasonably be acceded to by tbe South cm Buies. PROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches by Atlan tic Cable. Increase of the Fenian Excite l ment in England. li-on-Clads Oi'dered to tlxe Irish. Coast. Austria Concentrating Troops in Gallacia The French Officers Take a Final Leave of the Pope. Rumored Resignation of Count BismarK and tlie French Foreign Minister, FROM WASBINfiTON. Report that General Dix’s Nom ination Will be Rejected by the Senate. Diplomatic Correspondence in Re 1 lalion to Mexico. December Statement of the Public Debt, Reduction During the Lasl Month 5i,660,817.30. The Test Oath as Applied to Attor neys, Declared Unconstitutional. FROM MEXICO. L'oiidiJion cf Affairs at Mata- nieras. Prominent Points in Sinister Campbell's Letter of Instructions. FROM CAMS!. The Condemned Fenians 'Res piled Till the 13th of March Next. PARTICULARS OF THE DISAS TER TO THE STEAMSHIP SUWAMEE. FEO3I EUKOPE. Itr Gable—Austria to Concentrate Troop* in Gnllncin—Maximilian Expected at CJlb rnlinr—The Fenian Excitement Increasing —lrnu-cladM Ordered to Ireland—Frcocb Oiiicrni Take a Farewell Leave of the l*«pe— Humored ICctdunntion otlhc French Foreign Minister— Resignation of Count HiMUarlc. Br.iiUK. December o—'Evening.—lt Is positively declared that Austria will concentrate troops in GrtUrla, m spite of the former denials of Lor in tention to do so. london. December (I —Evening.— lt Is reported here to-day tha* the Emperor Maximilian has tel graphed by the cable that he will soon land at Gibraltar. Dleun, December o.—Pigeon House Fort, commanding the entrance to the harbor, Is being strongly garrisoned and supplied with Arm .trorggnns. London, December P.— The excitement about the condition of affair? in Ireland is increasing. No actual outbreak has yet occurred, but the military and naval authorities arc making every •irtpaiation to meet the emergency whenever It anives. Til** Admiralty to-day oidcvcd lbs despatch of three more iiun-e!ads to Ireland. The military authoritio* have also directed the departure or two additional regiments of icsalars to the sacra quarter. London, December 7—Nocn.—Tlic lb ft lias n sironc editorial. invhlchit urges that strict In* ,-niry be made of the extent ct the Fenian organ :r_;lior. In England, uud if the depots of arms aic properly guarded. I'.vuis, December ".—The French vessels of war arc Mc'ClicUni' Coiea. Hosts, December 7.—The French officers took a farewell leave of the Pope thf* morning. DniUN, December 7—Noon.—The Crown Prince o! Denmark visited the Kin; of Prussia to-day. Paui?, December 7—Evening.—lt is reported that f-e Marquis rie Monstlcr, French Minister for Fotclcr Allaire, has tendered his resignation to the I'.rnpeior. IlitnuN, December 7—Evening —Remora arc cunent that Dismark has resigned the position of Prime Minister, and thnlhis resignation has been accepted by the King, Paris, December 7.—Preparations for ths cm bnikalion of the French troops In Mexico are lu progress. Twenty-live steamers are in readiness ta sail tor Vera Crux. LATCH, Nnpolron to Pcninml (lint the Ivina oftlreecc l*ul a Stop to Hi* Cnndinu Intrigue*. Pakis, December 7. It is said that tbe Empe ror will despatch an emphatic note to the King of Gicccc to put a stop to his lotncues luCandia and other places In tbe Fast Lojinotr, December 7—Evening.—U is denied by the otllcial journal at Dome that the Pope Inform ed Minister Kins that the Canadas had better be annexed to the United States than fall Into the power of tbe Fenians. l,ntr*t Eaulisb ilnrkcts. Littkiwl, November 7—No 'n. r<-nv*x—Declined V«J on the wetX butcios-cd driver l!:aiAD-‘TnTs~Unctisuged. Unchanged- LivEnrooL. November > rcn. Corr>.x~Thc brokers* Circular ot to ilj> reports the : i'r*. cf cotton Tor th? wrck at f.s.'XK bales. The market chous « decline ot 'Cd V ft on the work. Middling up tends arc quoted at iSkd. Sales to-day. 10.000 bales The maiVfl Is somewhat firmer than at the opmlui:. though isolations are unchanged. Livkiuixu, December 7— Ermine. Conus—Closes at rtgmei noted at noon; tales, 10.0*0 b-dc*. Prr MwrrFTS—Easier: m'.vcd Ms 3d- I'rovuiusfr-Qolct and steady, except for lard, which I'ttroKnm steady; refined is Ah „ M.vNcn»yTEß,Decem'.>or .—Evening. Goods and yarns Usd; salts small-. prices nominal. Lomvox. Peceaibcr 7—Eveline. Mt'xrv— Ur.changnd. Consols ciawd at S3j*;S-2T 1; Erie-IC,V; Illinois Central77V FilOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasiuncto s. December carers. The Republican members of the Senate h?ld a caucus to-day, lasting from noon until about two o'clock. About half ibe Union Senators were piescnt. Messrs. Dixon, Doolittle, Cowan aod Morgan, were not Invited. Hie consnltatlon was rather informal, no final vote being taken. The quod.on ot passing the Colorado bill over the I’:v»idcntV veto was considered, and the majority ol Senators present arc understood to have favored such conrte. There « as also a general Interchange of opinion on the question of sairage in the DU u id, and something was #aid about taking from ibe ITesidcnl the power to grant a general amnesty. rnrsimNo officer for tre senate. Although the sabjett of the election of a presid ing ofliccr for the Senate has teen postponed for the present, tbe opinion Is fast becoming a settled one that lion. Ben. F. Wade will tie elected. SPEAKER or TOE FOEtETU CONGRESS. In tbe House there appears to be meat unanim ity In the belicflbat Mr. CJfai will be Speaker of the Fortieth Congress. PERSONAL. Bo many of the Congressmen are out of t.ecUy. having gone north till Monday, while others are making household arrangements for the win ter, ibaitherc was little going on at the Capitol to-day. RETRENCmrCNT CONSUTXCE. The Retrenchment Committee were at work over in Baltimore. DISTRICT SUFFRAGE QUESTION The District suffrage question will come np on Monday. An effort to establish an educational qualification, applicable both to whiles and blacks, will bo made: but universal suffrage t-ccuis to stand the best chance. CURTAILING TUB FRFSIDENT’* TOWER, In tbe Senate, Mr. Shcnaan and Mr. Williams, nuil in tbe House, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Broomill, have introduced bills to curtail tbe Presidents power over office holders, and several members arc preparing bills on tuc same subject. NATIONAL AifTLCU. The managers ol the National Asylum met to day. Two branch asylums are to be established —one at Augusta, Me., and the other at Milwau t.c«“, 7715., the cltircn* of the latter city offering fCW.CCO as an indue.-ment. It was decided to lo <ele tbe central asjlnm in Southern Ohio, and Governor Pmytfcc. of New Hampshire; Dr. Wol cott, of Milwaukee, and I*. B. Guycker, of. Day ton, Ohio, were appointed to select tbe site. The Board 1* supporting—in whole or part—about 40U disabled soldiers, and will, in a short time, lie able to give relief to double that number. One hundred and twenty thousand dollars was appro priated for the support of the asylum and out door relief daring the cest three months. Aeon- VOL. XX. tribution of $10,4C0 was eccmtd from Colonel McFhanler. Medical Director to the Army of the Potomac, which Is the balance of the hospital fond from the tax on the sale of newspapers in that army. surgeon generae's retort. The Burgeon General’s report was made public to-day. It allows that from August, 1302, to July, IfcCC. there were supplied by his Department to maimed soldiers, S,D6I legs, 9,289 arms. 9 feet, and 55 hands. It also shows that the rale of mortality was one in every fifty-two cases treated of white troops, and one in twenty-nine of negro troops. The Department has now one hundred and eigbiy aewn post hospitals, with a capacity of 10,SS1 beds. SURRATT. Last May the Government learned of John U. Sanaa's whereabouts through one of hU former associates in this city, who will be on hand, If wanted, when Surratt's trial lakes place. He reports that Snrralt frequently said the assassina tion conspiracy was known beforehand in Rich mond. UILITABT COartflTTEE. The Military Committee do not expect very serious labors at this session, except on the ques tions of an increase of officers' pay. and the equal isation ef soldiers' bounty. Th‘A*qaUzatlon ques tion baa alresdy been brought before the House, General Schcnck having introduced hla blit of lasttcstlon. TBE TCBUC DECT—COMPARATIVE STATEMENT. SECT SEARING COIN*'INTEREST • December 1. November 1. Ten-Forties t $ 193,001,330.00 Ronds'67 and'6B. 35,5>«,911.80 lC,oti,*ll.^J Bonds Of ‘6l 253,740,000.00 23i,739,7,»J.00 Five-Twenties ... fiMUCfI-3JH.CO 623.041,000.00 >j # vy Fund 11,750,000.00 11,750,000.00 $1,371,066,591.30 $1,333,553,811.60 DEBT SEARING CURRENCT INTEREST. $ 10,320,000.00 | 9.552,000.00 147.357,140.00 113,512,140.00 Cl«t,«ti,7ot*.oo 724,011,300.03 Six per ceuts.. Compounds... irevcn-Tbirllce Total J $57,010,*10.00 £ $83,403,140.00 DEBT HEARING KO INTEREST. U. S. notes $ 05,4-11,519.10 S WX1,«8,553.00 Currency....... . gfo(i.-ii! 27.3*8,b10.:a Gold certificates. Total $ 133,108,5113 13 ? 433,08*1,775.83 Total debt... 3,055,013,575.61 5,C51,G76,9‘jC.81 CASII IN TUEASL'IIT. Coin $ 53.1fi3.510.15 $ 1r9,t13,01*.55 Cuirency 4ti,tW,S3l.b7 :.0.D13,bi3.(J7 Total $ I«U.:SS»t«O.C: Total d bt, lc>s . _ „ ... oubund.. ?,549,C»y,15!3.42 2,jj1,310,0J5.r. liccicatc for >'o vc tuber 'j lie lorccom? Is a forrectstatcmcnt of Ihc P«l>- i He Debt, as aopcaw from the hoohf. and I'rcasnr I er’e retains Sn tie Department, ou the Ist of De cember. ISCB. H. McCullocu, I oovrnxMrvr ncLO, WAsnpccToy, December".—ln reference to the repored recent soles of Government sold In New ■\orlc :l has been learned that no specific orders have been "Ivon by the Secretary ol the Trea«nry to tell. Mr. Vaniljkc, the Assistant Ttonurcr In N’cw York, hat discretionary power to sell snch arnom.ts of cold a? he may deem necessary to pro* u*m the sneers? of any combination to put the price of poid up to on unreasonable fienre. It ia the opinion of the becrctary that tbero is nothing at this time in,the financial situation ot the country that will justify a premi um on gold over forty per cent, and except hi the event of an efiorl on the part of speculators to ad vance the premium umcasoaably here, there is no rcaron to-oppose that the Government gold whl I e thrown upon the market. The amount of gold now iu the Treasury is over of which, sPV.Ct'.W'Obelong absolutely to ttc Government, Is a suhlrletil indication that very little If auy Trcnsurv gold has recently been on the market. Tie icceipts of gold from duties on Imports ha? matenallv fallen oil of late, and docs not cicc:-d from two'to three millions per week, and the li.- cicase of over §2MiCt»,bOO ol Treasury gold in the last week shows Umt lucre has been no diminu tion in the amount of sales. THE TEST OATH DLCIDEDTO DE VNCOXSTTTmOXXL. Washington, December 7. — 1 he Supreme Court to-tav agreed upon a decision upon trie constitu aliiy bflhetsi oath. The qu-stion fame un on cases presented iu regard to the exaction o! the oath for attorneys,©! w inch there wore several un ler consideration, which were argued last sinnuiei. 11,c Court decided bv five to four, against tin*con stitutionality ofthe oath. The opinion will proba bly be read on Monday next. It is understood that each of the Judges will render a separate opinion. nit condemned fenians— note moot tue DIIITISII MINISTER AT WASaiNOTON. Washington. December 7.— ln response to notes from our Government relative to the Fenians tried by the Canadian Government, addressed to the British Mir isU-r at Washington, Sir Frederick Brucu has responded on liehalf of the English Government, stating that the prosecutions were not conducted In a vindictive or harsh spirit, and save he is authorized to state that the final dis poVal ofthe convicted prisoners has been referred to tho Home Government, which will certainly be animated by a desire to dial with the question in a manner To K-ctire peace and harmony be tween (be populations living iu immediate proxi mity and separated by a long frontier so easily travelled. the district franchise bill. Ihe Senate bill to regulate the elective franchise in the District of Columbia is to be taken up Mon- dav next. An efiort is to be made to press it rpc'dlly to a vote. It provide? for suffrage wl’h out distinction ofcolor. An amendment I? pend ing, otlored by Mr. Morrill, Chairman of the Sen ate Committee, coupling with the enfranchise treat of ncgrocp, dlstrauchis-cmcnt of those who Jdt tho District to give aid and comfort to the re bellion. UENEEAL WnITTITFET REPRIMANDED. Washington. December 7. —General Whittle sey, Assistant fommisbioaiT of Frecdracn in North r.irolina, has been sentenced to be repri manded lor ccitain proceeding? while there. holl or noNon. 1 he War Deportment lias published another roll of honor, embracing name-of s-Idlers who died In defence of the Union, inteired In rhe State?* of Arkansas, California, Indiana. Michigan, Minne sota nnci Nevada, end territories of Arizona. Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Washington, CONGItESa.'OMAZ. COMMITTEES. Dnt few ol the committees held sessions to day. The individual members of the various committees me. however, engaged in pit-paring business Thu Hons- Judiciary Committee uas in session to-dav. Nothing detinile was done. the cosovrn I’EirJCiiT case. Wasuwqtok, December 7,—S. C. Hoodinn. coun-cl for Sanford Conover. al\zs Charles A Drrhnm, nndcr an indlctm n' lor penury before the* Criminal Court ot tals DistricUt-'-day pleaded a demurrer to the indictment. VISIT TO Rll U'IOXD. Senator Wilson atd apuny cf irmnds have gon to hicbmond to visit the battle-fields In that v: cinity. CABINET DAT. The White Douse 5® nearly deserted to-day. As usual cu Cabinet days, only few Senators and Itcrresrntatlves railed. All tae members of the r ahn-cl wore present at the regular meeting, which was protracted. intev.nal bbvente receipts. Receipts cf Internal Hevcnnc to day, si»I r sSSO. ACTIVITY AT THE NAVY YARDS. {pi* bas been ascertained that ihe Navy vessels now liclnc fitted out at thcßrooklyn.l’hlladelphia, Boston aud Portsmouth Navy Yards, arc not In tended for anv new operations, but arc to replace ships of tbc’torclcn and domestic squadrons, which have been in continuous service for two Seal's or more, and to be ordered omo for repairs, «fcc. It i® not practicable to order home all ships of anv foreign squadron at one time, and Iber fore they are to lie relieved one bv one until the whole squadron has been re lieved by vessels now fifing out. The hoqnols vlll relieve tbc Wachcsct on the Ka«t Ind-an station. The Pawnee will relieve the Juniata on the Brazilian Stafon. r.rm'cnos isr the public debt. The small reduction in the amount of the pub lic debt for November Is explained by the amount paid out for interest during the month, avd!: is anticipated at the Treasury Department That tin statement for two or three months to come will rot exhibit anything like such a de crease ns for the several previous month®, as there are t?-U0« O.uOd Interest to be paid out be tween this and March. exports and imports. Thcmcnthly statement of Imports and exports cannot he prepared for several dry?. Great diai cultvacd embarrassment arc experienced in ma king up these statement®, on account of the fall tires ot t'ollcclors at eeverallimportant points to make returns, although the law to prevent smuggling reported last sc?«lon Imposes pcnaliles for mch neglect. The tacts have been brorglu to the a'tenUon of the Secretary of the Treasure, and it Is expected that measures wilt be spcrditf devised to perfect measures for the speedy’performance of this duty of the Custom Officer rojcTKincnoss to tee pahis exposition. T‘ e verv tr.terc-tjng compendium of statistic? of the Vtdted State® for the Paris Exposition j «ill appear in a few days. 1 THE COLORADO RILL. Washington. December ‘.—The bill for the ad mission of Colorado and Nebraska was to-day com-iocrcd by a caucus ot Republican Senators. It «a« agreed that Ihe Committee on Territories should reports bill for that purpose. It Is under stood that .’Jr. Wade will Introduce the matter to jlu- Senate on Monday. CONCUES-MEN ABSENT. Quite a number of Congressmen have lelt the city during the recess on private business. LAND SAXES. During October t 5,655 acres of public lands were disposed of in Michigan and The amount lecciwd for those land? was flilUo. Four hundred and flfty-thrcc acres were taken for settlement nndar the Homestead Law. MILITARY WAGON 110 AP. Tlie Governor ot Wisconsin has certified to me Secretary of the Interior that twenty miles of the military Vapon road from Fort Wilkins, Copper Ilmboi, Michigan, to Green Bay. Wisconsin, for which lards were granted to three Stale? by act ot Congress, March 8, I*6-1, to aid its construc tion, have been completed, as required by law. COMMANDER JOHN UUDOKUS leaves Washington immediately to enter upon his duties os Commander of tbc Boston Navy Vatd. FROM MADISON. Articles for the Pari* Exposition—Hon* S. D. Hastings. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Madison, December 7. Professor J. W. Iloyt, President of the Wiscon sin Board of Commissioners to the Pans Exposi tion, has Issued an earnest appeal to l u .c citizens of this State to forward to the care of A.M. llelmer, tn Milwaukee, as early as possible, all articles which will contribute to make a credi table showing of the resources* productions and civil zation of the State. Hon. S. D. Hastings laid Slate Treasurer, has returned from a trip to California, whither he went some months since in behalf of the Good Templar organization. FROM ODIAXATOLIS. Bank Consolidation-Cleaning Ho—The Now BhrrUr—Bircet UnllvrnT*—fs.vvcrnor fflnr ton'* Message—Annual Report*. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbanc.l Indianatolis. December 7. The Indianapolis Branch of the Bank of the State, and the Indiana National Bank have re cently been consolidated. Daniel M. Taylor is the cashier of the new bank. The Court House has now been thoroughly re fried, having undergone a proces* of cleansing which has driven the filthy oat. The court room* and falls have been newly carpeted, painted and varnished, and the old concern looks like a new place. Coloml Parker, the newly elected PhcrlS. took possesion of tbe dwelling attached to the jail yesterday, and will ectrr upon the duties of hl< office on next Monday, Colonel Robinson surren dering tbe office. Daring the month of November the receipt of the Citizens’ Street Railway Company were on which a revenue Ur of was paid. Governor Morton commenced working on Uls me? aage this rooming. He Is now examining the statutes of other Stales in regard to the registry law. The message will be much shorter than that of last year. The State officers are now engaged In prepar ing their annual reports for the fiscal year ending October 31. DIPLOMATIC. Correspondence Between itec rotary Steward and Minister Olaciow, &c. Executive Mansion, I Washington, October, 30, 1630. f Sir: General Ulysses S. Grant having found it inconvenient to assume the duties specified in my Icrtcrtoyouoflhe 26th Instant, you will please relieve him from the same, and assign them in all respects to W. T. Sbermau. Lieutenant Gene ral or the Army of the United Stab's. By way of salding General Sherman In the performance of bis duties, yon will furtisb him with a copy of your special orders to General Grant, made in compliance with my letter of the 2-iUx instant; also with a copy of the Instructions of the Secre tary of State to Lewis D. Campbell therein mentioned. The Lieutenant General will pro ceed to the execution of bis duties without delay Very respectfully, yours, Andrew Johnson. To Don. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. [Mr. Bl?rlow to Mr. Seward.] Legation or United States, 1 Paris, November 8, 1301, f 6m: The Minister of Foicign Adairs informed me on Thursday last, in reply to a question which certain newspapers prompted me to address him, that It was the purpose of the Emperor to with draw his troops from Mexico hi the spring, but not before tost time. 1 expressed my surprise slid regret at this determination, so distinctly in conflict with the pudge given by hl» Excel lency's predecessor, M. Dronyn de Lbnye, both to you, through the Marquis ue Moulbolon, and aho to myself personally. The Marquis assigned considerations of a purely military character, overlooking or underesiimatlnc, as it seemed to me. the importance which this change might pos sibly have upon the relatione of France with Ihe United States. My first Impahc was to send aim a note on the followirg day, asking for a formal statement of the Emperor 1 ? motives In disregard ing the stipulations of his Foreign Minister lor a withdrawal of one detachment, of hU Mexican nnoy daring the current month ol Novem 'cr. I concluded, however, that It would be more satis factory to the President, that 1 should see the ‘Empeior himself upon the subject. 1 accordingly waited upon His Majesty yesterday* ul the St. Cloud, repeated to him what the Mar quis dc Moo&tier had told me, and desired to know what, If anything, could he done he me to anticipate and prevent the discontent which 1 felt persuaded would he experienced by my country people If they received this Intelligence without any explication. I referred to the eariy meeting of Congress, when any change in our relation*, cither with France or Mexico, would be likely to come under discussion, and my fear that lib Majesty's reasons for postponing the embarkation of ihc 'first detachment of bis troops might he at tributed io motives which our people would he disposed to resent- The Emperor said it was true in* ned concluded to postpone tbo recall of any of Ms troops until spring, hut (hat. in doing so. he had been induced entirely by military consid elation?. At the ttmc he gave lb.- order, me sue ce-s of (he dissidents, supported as they were by large reinforcements Irmu the United Slates, p, ented to lender any reductions of his force there perilous to those remaining behind He accord ugly sent a telegraph to Marshal Bazalne, who had already embarked a regiment, the Eighty first, I think he slid, but which had fortunately been prevented from sailing by unfavorable winds, anectlcg him to embark no troops until all were ready to come, llils despatch. Ills Majesty said, was not sent In cypher, that no secret might be made of Its tenor in the United Suites. The troops were then disembarked, and returned to Orizaba. Uis Majesty went on to say that he sent General Cu-delnau (o Mexico about the same lime, charged to inform Maximilian that France could not give him anothercentofmoncy nor another man. If he thought he could sustain himself there alone, France would not withdraw her troops faster than hud been stipulated by Urouyn de Lbuys, should such be bis desire; but if, on the other hand, he was disposed to abdicate, which wa* the coarse Ills ilajej-tv counselled him to take, General Cas* tclnau wne'chanred to find some Government with which to t-cat for the protection of the French In terest, and to bring all the army home lu the His Majesty if the President of the United Slates hart been notified of Hits or if any thing had been done to prepare his mind for (be clai ge in Ills Majesty’s policy. Qc said that he did hot know that M. dc Monatler ought to have done so; that as these events occurred during the change in the ministry of Foreign Adair, it was possible thai it had been neglected, though his ichfciam to Marshal Barulne was purposely scut iu n waj toshow that there was nothing in hi* plans tc disguise. 1 remarked that my Govern me: t was constantly protesting against nets done In Uo name of fils Majesty, ad the cncct of arch protest was always to weaken public in the representations which our Government had felt itself uuthoilzcd to make in regard to Ills Majesty's intentions. I theu ex plained to him again brlclly the grave incon venient s liable to result from any unexplained departure from the stipulations already given. Bis Majesty replied that we had the telegraph now, and that all misunderstanding of that sort might he readily explained. His Slap-sty ap peared to realize the importance of having an un derstanding wiUi the President upon the subject, and 1 left with the impression that he intended to occupy himsell with the matter at once. There is hut one sentiment here about the deter mination of France to wash her hands of Mexico as soon as possible; nor have lany doubt that the Emperor is acting in entire good lakh toward us; but 1 did not fceisiircthat the change in hi? nlans. upon which I have been commenting, would re ceive so favorable an interpretation iu the United Ftates, in view of the recent successes gained by the imperialists in Mexico, and in view of the somewhat turbulent stale of our politics at home. 1 feaied that the cours*-of the Emperor might po9slbl> awaken suspicions in the United States v.hich might seriously prejudice the relation? of the two countries. To prevent such a calamity If possible, I thought it my duty to take the precaution of which 1 have rendered you sm account. Tho fact which the Emperor admit ted in this conversation, that be advised Maximil- lan io amiicaie, has prepared me to espect er dav the announcement of his abdication. for such advice In Maximilian's dependent condition Is al most equivalent to an order. That It would he so rcgaided, « a», i tWch, the expectation of the hm neror, am the ample preparations for the early departure ofall the troopshavc, I believe, already been made bv jhe Ministers or War and Marine, ihe tmperof said ho expected to Icirn the result ot Castlenan’s mission towards the end of No ' A*Udecram has appeared In the London S'or and Pott , quoting a report circulating In New York on the uh. that Maximilian bad abdicated. A des patch received on the Tth, made no mention of this report. Ifpiesumn U was at lou-t premalnre. 1 am, sir, with crent respect, Ynit obedient servant, (Sifted) John Bigelow. Hon. Wm. Reward, Sccrctarv of Slate. I.Mr. Seward to Mr. Bigelow.) I Department or State, i I Washington. November t», l-fti. f | Sint I have hcc:i nnabte, until this moment, to il\a i lllltlf |tu.tuil , UUf.l .V ackro'vledM the receipt of your despatenes of October Vi iNo. ’ITu The President is pleased with tin- liberal jindTnendly di«i>o‘lilon which i* manifested by the Marquis De Mourtier in re gard to our inlenmtional interests. Mr. Campbell proceeds to-morrow with Lieutenant General Sherman to Mexico or Us vicinity. I give yob a copy of the Instructions ofthls Department to oar new outgoing Minister to Mexico. it is not in tended that they shall bo formally ur.d officially communicated to the Ficttch Government, bnt at the same time we affect no sitcrecy on the occa sion. Yon may therefore make such use of them as you lii.d necessary or expedient In making known the policy of this Government, as affected by the anticipated retire ment of the French mili tary forces from that country. 1 thank you for the Information yon have given mo concerning domestic question* of interest In French matters. I am, sir, your obedient servant. Win n. Seward. John Dlpclow. [Seward to Slnnton.l DETAnTxnsr or State. I Wasottoton* Itov- 21.1SGG. f Sin: Herewith I suhmi' tlie correspondence which, tinder the President, ha? taken place be* iwoen tnis Department and the Hovcrn* ijciii of France, and n’so a copy of the in* strnctmn* relative to the matters discussed, which have been jriven to Mr. Campbell. Minister of the I'nited States at Mexico, ll l« snbraltled forynnr consideration, whether in this new jcmergency "tivinn •»« , anv sp« cisl Instructions are necessary for the cor eminent of the army of observation of the United Stales, to prevent a premature disturbance or the peace while guarding the Interests of the United Slates. I have the honor, Ac. W. n. Sewaud. Don. E. M. Stanton, Secictary of War. [Seward to Campbell.] DmmEsr of State. [ Wascisc.tos, November 2d. j Sin—l give yon a copy of the despatch which Is just received from Mr. Bigelow, from which vou will Uarn, ns wc have learned with aernrtse, that the trench Government ha# postponed lis stipma’ed withdrawal ol a detachment from Mexico In Not ember, with a purpose, as Is avowed, of withdrawing the whole ot the torce at tome time next spring. 1 give yon also a copy of mv icply thereto, annonneine that this resolution ol the French Government Is unsatisfactory to the rrer-ident. The same papers will Inform yon that the President does not think it necessary or ad visable to modify your instructions. We are not without confidence in anticipating a satisfactory solution of the subject from France. 1 am, Ac., W. U. Seward. [Seward to Bigelow.] Detastme-nt or State, 1 Washington, November 2S, 18C6. f gm: Your despatch of »he Bth of November. No. SB4, In regard to Mexico, Is received. lour piocecdtnga In your interview vhh de Monsuer, ard also your proceedings in your Interview wild the Emperor, are entirely approved. Snv to M. de Mciisticr that thlsGovernmo tls surprised and affected with deep concern at the annonnrement low made for the first time that the promised re* rail of one detachment of the I'icu'b troops from Mexico. In November current, has been postponed hy the Emperor. The embarrassment ihns pro* doccd Is immeasurably increased by the con* sidcmtlun that this proceeding of the Emperor has been taken without cor ter ring with, and even wlihont notice to the United States. This Govern* 1 mem has not In anv way aflorded re tnfoiccmcnts to the Mexicans, as the Emperor <rcm« to assume, and it has known nothin; at all ot his countermanding Instruction* to Marshal Bdzalnc, of which the Emperor speaks. We consult only ofiiclal comraaxucatlons to ascertain the purposes and resolutions of France, as we make our own purpose* and resolutions known oh’y in ine same manner where she is concerned. It is now nnneccssarv to dtsenss whether the President could or could not have agreed to the Emperor's proposal of delay If he had been season ably notified, and If the proposition bad been put. as the prrcct-dlnpls now, upon the ground of mill tarv.considerations alone, and if the tone of it bad been marked by the customary manifestation of reparo to the Interests cf the United States; bnt the Emperor's decision to modify the existing ar rangement without anv understanding with the United Slates. «o a« to leave the whole French army in Mexico for the present, instead of withdrawing one detachment In November current, as promised. Is now found In every way inconvenient and exccp* nors.b’e. , .. . We cannot acquiesce, first, because the term next spring, as appointed for the entire evacua tion. Is Indefinite end vague; second, oecauscwe have no authority tor staling to Congress and to the American people that we have now a better guarantee for the withdrawal of the whole expe ditionary force in the spring than we have here tofore had fo r a withdrawal of a part In Novem ber: third, in full reliance upon at least a literal petformaru! of the Emperor's existing agree ment, we have laUcn measures, while facilitating the anticipated French evacu ation, to co-operate with the Republican Government for the promotion of the pacification of that country, and for the early and complete restoration of the proper constitutional authority of that Government. As a part of those measures, Mr. Campbell, onr uewly app •luted minister, aitecded by Lieutenant General Sher man, ha* bten sent to Mexico tn order to comer with President Jnares on the subjects which are deoplv interesting loathe United Staies.and of vital Importance to Mexico. Oor policy and measures thus adopted, tn full reliance npon the anticipated beginning of the evacuation of Mexico, were promptly made known to the French tagaMon □ere, and doubtless yon have already executed . vonr instructions by making them known to the Empciot’a Government In Taris. The Emperor • will perceive tb*t we cannot recall Mr. Campbell, nor can we modify the instruction* under which s be la expected to treat, and under which be may CHICAGO. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1866. even now he treating, with the Republican Gov* eminent of Mexico. r ihat Government will or course most earnestly desire, and confidently ex peci, an early and entire discontinuation of nr-. elgn hostile occupation. Yon will, therefore, state to the Emneror’s Government that the Pm I* dent sincerely hopes and expects that, the evacua tion of Mexico will be carried into eftect with ench conformity to the existing agreement as the inopportune complication 4 which call tor this despatch shall allow. Mr. Campbell will bo advised of that complica tion. Instructions will be Issued to the Cured States military forces of observation to awn: in every case special instructions from the President of the United btates. This will be done with a confident expectation that the telegraph or mall will seasonably being ns a satisfactory resolution from 'he Emperor in reply to this note. Yon will assure the French Government that the United States, while they seek the relief of Mexico, dealre nothing more earnestly than to preserve peace and friendship with France; nor does the President allow him self to doubt that what has been determined in France moat inaospldonsly, ns v o think, has been decided upon inadvertently without mil teucc tion upon the embarrassment it must produce here, and w ithout any design to retain the Frcn'b expeditionary forces in Mexico beyond the full period of eighteen months, originally stipulate J for the complete evacuation I am, &c„ Wat. H. Sewaud. John H. Bigelow, Paris. Washisgtos,December".—The reply of Min ister Bigelow to Mr. Seward's cable despatch, says in answer to a verbal communication, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Moostier writes me to-day that France has nut changed her position, hat on milliarv grounds has deemed it policy to evacuate Mexico*, and the troops will leave Mexico in March. FROM LOUISVILLE. Fa «1 Railroad Accident—Seizins the In strument;* of a Colored Band—The Weath er—Porn Packing—New Railroad* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lons tills, December 7. The lender attached to the engine of the passen ger train, on the Memphis & Louisville Railroad, ran offthe track this morning, near. Bird's Creek, eight miles south of Clarksville, tearing np the track and precipitating two care down the embank* , meat fifteen feet, killing the express messenger, and injuring a number of passengers of the see ond class. No names arc given. On mustering out yesterday of the colored band of the One Hundred and Seventh Colored Infant ry, the Colonel of the regiment seized the instru ments that hao been presented to the baud by the -uller of the regiment. The band entered a suit ‘.o-dav for their recovery. General Davis decided i tut the Colonel bad no right to them. The weather continues so warm that pork pack ing is suspended. 500 nog* sold to-day at 5*40 Receipts 3,000, with '.‘,050 head In packers’ eiicnimicgiobu'ldarailroad from Ciocim-atl to connect with the Frankfort mad, some where near Eminence, Ky. The work will begin immediately. SECOND DESPATCH. Farther Particulars of the Railroad Acci dent—Names of iiltlcd and Wounded—High Freight Tortile on Southern Railroads. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.!

Locisvilie, December 7. Farther particular of the accident ta the train on tic .Memphis, Charleston & Lonh'llle Rail road, ray the train, alter running offlhc track, ran into and knocked down one hundred fret of Pmld’s Creek t'otle. The name ofl he messenger killed was McGuire. One passenger, a German, name unknown, was ahokilled; two passengers, names unknown, had their arms broken; ten otherpassengers were otherwise slightly Injured. Mr. Howard, baggage master, bad a leg and arm broken. Those in- 1 jnu d were taken back io Clarksville to Moore’s and National holds, and com'ortably provided for and placed under the care of Drs. P. Wright and Julian. The bridge will be repaired In a day or two. In the meantime passengers and baggage wilt be transferred. A meeting of merchants to-day, at the Chamber of Commerce, resolved to memorialize the Legis lator c of Georgia to uke such action os will com pel a redaction of the exceedingly high and op pressive tarlti> on Southern railroads. On ac count of these inhuman prices of transportation i coin commands such prices as puts U beyond the reach ot wen persons in moderate circumstances to supply themselves with the common nec ssartes of life, whereas, the.-e removed or reduced, they could live the winter through without aid from others. THlltl) DESPATCH. Tho Legality of the Three Per Cent Cotton Tax to be Tested before the Conns. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, December 7. A subject of importance to commerce was be fore the Board of Trade to day, relative to the tax of three cents per pound on cotton, and resolu tions were passed authorizing a committee to act in conjunction with the Memphis Chamber of Commerce to prepare a case to be presented to ihc United S ates Court, in order that a soeedy decision might be obtained as to the legality of the tax as imposed by the recent act of Congress. The case will be prepared and presented to onr court here at an early day. , * Over 2,oiX'.uoy bu-licls of coal passed over the falls to-day for Southern elites. THE FENIANS. Imrcnsed Acttviiv Among tbc Boben* Wins of the Brotherhood—An Invasion of Can* oila Imminent Twenty Thousand Sim Itcndy to .llotc Now—Stephens Denounced nti a Cheat and Rascal—Knmored Seizure ot the Mcaniflbip I’crsla— Meeting of the Fenian Senate—Arrest of Swindlers. New Yoiik, December 7.—There is increased ac ti'iiy In the Huberts organization. The leading members of the Senate conveced yesterday at the Itohery headf]narlere to decide whalcource should be pursued in the present emergence. Although prlvscv i? observed by all connected with the merlins, enough bar transpired to Know that the leaders favor an immediate movement on Canada. It 1s not known when the campaign will com mence. imt it Is openly sta'ed that twenty tnon sand men are ready to take Use tleld. Should the sentence be pat Into exccnt'on, there Is little donbt Ibis force can be largely increased. New Voek. December 7.—General Mlllen.lalc President ot the Fenian Military Council of Ire land, publishes to-day an address to the Fenians denouncing Stephens as a humbug, if not a ch-sat and rascal, and makes grave charges against him ot dishonesty, Ac. . „ , It is rumored that the steamship Persia, from New York. November for Liverpool, has been seized b-. the Fcniaua off the Needles. The report is probably unfounded. The National Company's steamer Queen, which sails to-morrow, has someOOCpaisengersvncag.'d, mostly Fenians. Considerable anxiety is felt ai aurb an unusual number going. . Tbc Fenian Senate met this morning in res ponse to an order from President Roberts conven ing the body to take* action relative to the Kcnlan prison rs now under sentence of deith in Canada. Nearly all the members were present, together with the Secretary of War and a number of lead ing military ofllccts of the Brotherhood, who par ticipated in the invasion of Canada. The scs-ion was strictly pilvate. It is believed that a move ment to rescue the Fenian prisoners is now in I contemplation and that it will precede the Fenian I campaign across the frontier, 1 A schooner, laden with anus und monitions of war, is reported to have sailed from Elizabeth. N. j., last week, for an unknown destination. Hu more sav th«* arms were Intended to be shipped onboard a vessel, in transtn. on Monday. The revenue cutter made a search of all t':e vessels In the \ icinltv of Elizabeth and hailing from Amboy. While the Fculan Senate was in session to-day. General Spear presented a report of a character which emlcd forth commendation from all the member®. He sta'cd that 50,000 Springfield rifles belonging to the organization had l*eoncbang>d to breech-leaders, many of them being in the bands of men who were disposed to destroy all traces of British mle on the American soil. The change of these weapon®, he said, wonid render Hu m doublv e-cciße In accomplishing the pa hlotlcpnrpo'si's of the Brotherhood. The report v.-as adopted ; and a resolution was adopted in favor ofappolntlue a sub-committee of the Senate to visit the various Slates to saperintena military movements on the tapis. Ibis evening an immense quantity of arras was received by the leaders of the organization, and forwarded to a regiment of Fenians who volun teered to participate In the next campaign against Canada. The number enlisted for tho campaign is very large. FROM BLOO3IXSGTOS. The* location of the Agricultural College— Htnvv riult—llarslar Capiared-DeotU tram Bum**. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Brooninotos, 111, December 7. Ihc suggestion of the Tribune noon the location of the Agricultural College in connection with the State Normal University has excited an intense interest in the enbjcct here. A vigorous cdort will he made by our rttixens to induce the Legis lature to favorably consider the proposition. ■—■James Funk, who has generally been regarded as an illcghimate eon of the late Senator Tank, bas tiled Li? petition in the Circuit Conn of Mc- Lean County, pravmg for an equal share with the other heirs of his father's estate?. The salt in volves nearly two millions of dollars worth of night, a burglar named Daniel Reardon en tered the hardware store of Harwood Brothers, hat while in the act of opening the safe he was caught by the police. Be Is now in jail. It has rained constantly here for nearly a week, and the roads and streets arc nearly Impassable. Jo ephlno Taylor, the 'onug lady wh >was so scvriciv bnmeil a abort time ago. alter the most terrible" of suffering for more than a week, died on Saturday nlpht. FBOH MEMPHIS. Encouragement to Railroads in Arkanaaa- Marlteia. Etc, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Msxpnxs, December 7. Arkansas will encourage railroads, by famish ing a certain amount of bonds to every mile fin ished. Onr streets are swimm'ng with mad, and every kind ofbnslnett Is stagnated. Cotton 30c; com SI.OO. and declining; moss pork Irregnl >r, at f2I.OO®SLOO; clear sides, 15tic; shoulders, 14c: choice butter. Sic; erss, potatoes and onions, $3.00®3A5; app'es, sl.oo® 3.00. _ FROM BOCKFOBD. Mis* Anna E* Dickinson Getting Better— John B. Gough* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bocsrons, 111., December 7. Miss Anna E. Dickinson, who has been ser iously ill for the last week. Is Improving slowly. It will be some weeks yet before shs ii able to re sume her engagements. Gough delivered hi? lectcre on ‘‘Cu riosity ” to a crowded house last evening. FROM ST. PAUL. Attempt to Commit j*ntelde—NarrowEacape trom Freezing— A Highway Robber- St. Pavx, December 7.-—A lady stopping at the Busbncll Iloosc, Minneapolis, adempttd t> com mit tnldde yesterday, by taking a Ja-ge doie « f laudanum. Cause, domestic trouble. Prompt medical aid frustrated her design. which she tbrcaicns, however, to accomplish at some future time- Bcv. D. Knickerbocker and party narrowly es caped being fiozen to death during their late trip to Chippewa Courly. The conveyance broke down, ami they were obliged to wain, with soow twij.fecl deep. Two Indians went forward to pro cure assistance, ard. ou their return with au ox team, found Mr. Knickerbocker and companions insensible from Icien'c cold. They were rcviwd, and proceeded on their mission which ihey -c- comptiibed. ~ A few nights ago. a man named McDonald, while riding on horseback In Dakota, was shot at and stopped by highwaymen, but he escaped un harmed. FEOH AEW YORK. Wholesale Seizure of Illicit Distilleries— Nomination ol Street Commissioner. New Yens, December 7.—Judge Nelson. United Stale* Circuit Court, yesterday delivered an impoitant decision, dismissing the euu brought against Robert P. Parrott, Inventor of the Parrott gun, by Daniel Treadwell, who claimed to bold a patent for the manufacture of cannon which the defendant had infringed. The special agent from the Treasury Depart mci.t hem Investigating frauds in the distillation of tiller spirits, yesterday caused the seizure o! over fifty distilleries in various parts of the city. Ac additional cumber have been seized to-dav, and in consequence an Intense excitement prevails among Honor dealers. E- B. Uart has been nominated Street Commie* siotier. Tbe Equal Rights Association, which convened here to-night, woe in session to-day. About 250 arsons are In attendance, moallv women. Rese ctions were adopted declaring women can hold sea's and vole in the com ing Constitutional Convention in this State, and recommending the election of delegates irre spective ol sex or complexion. Addresses wore delivered by Mies Anthony, Mrs. Murray, and oth ers. A letter w<s read from Robert Purvis, of Philadelphia, dcc ariue that negro suflrace should be postponed a decade of years. Henry B. Black well reported the result of an interview with Chief Justice Chase, who had declared himself tor conferring the elective franchise on the fair sex. Senator Sumner, be says, has expressed his indll erence. W. C. WUUatns and Seth C. Klinck, of this city, and Junes P. Hoggin, of Baltimore, have been arrested hero on the charge of defrauoing Griffith & Kimberly. No. W Leonard street, oat of several hundred dollars 1 worth of goods. It is said that the accused, assisted by Ellery C. Folgcr and Per cy W. Tibbs, of this city, and S. 3. Klinck, of Cincinnati, have been «rt*gag- d in one of the most extensive awlnolos ever committed in New Y orU It is asserted that several wholesale dry goods bouses here have been defraded out of goods amounting to one hundred thousand dollars, and that these goods have been sold at auction tn New York, Baltimore and Cincinnati. New Yore. December B.—About f-'.OfO have been t.nbscribed hero for tne antTorers from the in undation In France. Accounts from the monda u-d districts say the destruction has been wide spread, and the sufi'eting caused even greater than at first supposed. , . ._ A suit nas been commenced against the Seventh Avenue Railroad Company by a Mr. Bedford, to recover fSu.COU for alu-ircd injuries sustained in getting on a car some time since. §tso carnages have been awarded to a widow, against Felix Dougherty, lor seduction and breach of promise to marry. DISASTER AT SEA. Lotm of n Steamship—Probable Loan of ??lx< teen Lhes CmunxsTOS, December G.—The etcam>lup Snw-anec, frcm New York for Brazos Santiago, wns lost oft' Cope Romone on the Ith mutant. A small boat, wlili the Captain and fifteen persons, las not been beard from. Two other boats, in charge of the main and chief engineer, were picked up by the brie Potomac, and carried into Georgetown. S. C. Fifteen persona In all were saved and brought here to-day. Wilmington, N. C., December s.—Nothing fur ther has been beard of the fifteen missing persons lost on the Suwance. WrunKCTOK, December 7.<—'Tire following de tails of the sitamer sinwanec disaster have been received: She left New York for Brazos, loaded so that her guards were under water. On the night of the Sd of December, oT the Sooth Caro lina coast, a heavy gale set in, which Increased nufil .midnight, sea running very high, roe steamer was often in the trough ol the sea, and the water rnu over the hurricane deck. She liborcd beavl lv, and the water gained on her rapidly. The pumps were kept in operation, an J eu'orts made to lighten her by throwing over no ergo At five o'clock on Monday the water uad reached to witMn a foot of the fires, ana it be came evident that the vessel must go down. Tb boats were got down with safety, and the passen gers andcrca were taken onboard without inju ry. In an hour after the ship was deserted si.c went down, Tne boats, three in nnm her, steered northwest, the Captain’s boa with fifteen persons taking the lead. The otbe boats, in charge ot the first mate and engineer kept well toeetbvr nclll picked np by tho Potoma of Bnctsport, from Charleston for Georgetown. South Carolina. Captain Snow of the Polomac showed every kiiidnefs to the sufferers and attended them at Georgetown No loss of life occurred from the disaster to the Quiet Time to New Orleans. Washington, December 7. —TCe Convention of Railroad Presidents, which has been in session here for some days past, has concluded its labors. Arrangements were made to reduce the time be tween Washington and Now Orleans, via the Or ange & Alexandria Railroad, the East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad, ami Jacksonville route?, to eighty-three hours—which they say Is ten hours shorter than any other route; and they expect shortly to get the contract for carrying tho great Southern mall. Virginia Legislature. Richmond, December 7.—The Constitutional Amendment was brought op in the Senate 10-dav on a motion to refer that part of (he Governor’s message relative thereto to a joint committee. After a desultory debate, a motion to sa«pcnd the rules for Immediate action was defeated, and the matter subsequently referred to the Senate Com mittee on Federal Relations. Ihc House was occupied with a mil to give the Virginia Express Company an exclusive chirter. No decision was reached. Rcuorted Development in Relation to Presi dent Lincoln’* Assassination. Montreal, December “.—Too JleralJ pub lishes an extract from the correspondence ot the person who informed the Government of Surratt * whcriahonts which leu to his arrest. ll'* say- Surratt told him the conspiracy and assassination of Lincoln wts planned at Richmond with the assent of Jeff. Davis. The informant is now on his way to Washington. Consecration. Detroit, December (>.—ltev. W. E. Armltair'. of Detroit, was to-day con-ecrar d Assistant Bishop ofWlscouein. The ceremonies were of s most imposing character. Twelve Bishops an< seventy clergymen were present. General Plx. New York, Deccmhcr 7.—The Ilf raid's Wash mpum social says: “It is reported that the nomination of General Dlx. as Minister to France, will be rejected by the Senate on the ground oJ bis parllcipalion in the Philadelphia Convention. (icorgltt Stay haw. Muledoexille, Ga., December 7.—The Senate ha« passed the bill extending the Stay Law. Fnc «r>t third of debts is to be paid January. Ihe Slatchas granted aid to the Air Line Lall road. I.oon ol Wfe Anions the tilonceatcr Flub ortnea* Boston, December 7.—The loss of life among the fishermen of Gloucester Is more thin double that of last year. l>cing twenty-six in number. Fourteen vessels have been lost. Alabama Legislature Reject* the Consllta* tlonal Amendment. Montgomery, Alabama, December 7.—The Legislature rejected the Constitutional Amend ment l»v twenty-two to seven In the Senate, and sixty-nine to eight in the House, and adjourned to-day. .Opinions or the Press. [From the Mansion (Wls.) Star.] Chicago Tribune.—The services the raiBUSE has always rendered, the sturdy blows U;ha** :Jwavs struck for Freedom, for Justice, ana for Banian Lights, Us untiring labors for the Union during the time our troops were in the field, and during the political war since, deserve? the sub stantial tokens of popular approval It has received, ami veil merits a continuance and even an in cicasc thereof. It Is fAepaper of the Northwest, hardly equalled in ability, point, force, and direct ness of reading matter, and In enterprise la second to none. As a political, a finally, a mer cantile, agricultural, and general, newspaper. It has no superior. Men of all parties, trades, aud professions need the TnmuNE. Send for U. (From the Kendall (Ml.) Record.) Chicago Tribune —The Chicago TrtrnuNE and radicalism are synonymous; the Tribune and success co hand In hand. This paper Is a power In the laud, and is the leading spirit of the "real Northwest. The Tribune Is .most always right, though we dltlor with It on some points. Every one In Kendall County knows what It is without any word of comment from ns, and know that It l!isp l& r Eir. M (i».iJ r .!,i The Tribune has been the leading Republican I paper lathe Northwest for the lost ten years, and I the next tear U is almost going to outdo Itself. I ■\r. Us rivals arc becoming more forcible. It ts I doubling in strength and patronage, never taller- I ingor looking backwards, hut. to the contrary, I ulwavs coinc onward and upward,and taking a I position and malnuintog It, at tno haxard of I losing all, bat eventually gaining tn the end. wo I arc glad to secure it for the next current year. I (From the Carlyle (III.) Baoner.y I From tie birth of the Republican party to the I present time, this paper has been a worker in Its I interests, and to Its Influence la due, in a groat 1 measure. the huge majorities rolled up, on the I Cth November, for Logan and his ticket- Every I loyal man tn the Slate should be a subscriber tor the TTubune. . , . „„ „ _ _ fProm the Carbondale (III) New Em.] CuicaooTribune.—llls conceded hr aQ that ibe Tribune Is, in Illinois and the west, ac- ] cepted as the leading newspaper; and as such : wields a tremendous Influence. With thousands of others, we havolcamcd to rcgardllaeour po litical text-book. Having been a constant reader for years, we are prepared to say that, so Cir a> onr ind'nncnt may go. there Is no superior and hot few equals to the Tribune. Especially In the late canvass has it been a grand aux iliary to the Republican columns. Ever fearless and bold, it condemns the wrong and upholds the right. In point of financial success, we may say that its owners are reckoned among the solid men of Chicago; that the stock Is woitb probibly four hundred per cent, if at all purchasable. In addition to Its being an open and fearlets difend er of Republican principles. It is without a rival In every department of news enterprise. It is. In fact, just the paper that is needed oy the profes fcloLal man, the agriculiuiist and me mechanic. (From the Monmouth (Illinois) Atlas.] The Chicago Tribune, wo regard as being on the whole the best paper published In this coun try, and, of course, the world. We advise every bear to subscribe for It and read It. It will make bone and muscle for the mental and moral tug and toll of life. HriVAITBROTIIERS AdvertlsinsAc’i* 126 Ui**rb«»ra-*t.« receive advertisement* for all the leading paper* throughout the Polled State* and Canadas, gjociclp fficctiugs. j O. OF Q-T. 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Amhrotypre or Fhciocraphs cl deceased persons enlarged and col ored. Photosiaph Frame? lor ►ale. Congregation?. <ocl* tics Club?. A-c., can have Photographs oi dtstln iralslicdlndlvldnHU furnished thun by the quantity at considerable reduction. , , F. CARLISLE. las South Ctark-sL, Room 7. sl .50 108 51.50 »T-o Sli-0 flJlOfl-SO Brand's *l5O *IAO *I.V *1.50 ?I_ r O >I.M *1 M Cartes de Visits *1.50 *IA> ft BO *iao *1.50 crly iiAO *rm *153 «IAO *IAO *1.50 per down *LSO ft A 0 *1.50 At 108 Lake-st, 4 MAX HILLED by a tailing star.” fSe« Tribune. Sth.) This meteor undoubtedly fell at i&e Kime time that “Caile* de Vtrite" tfell tr jml'our «:d fire dollars to one fifty per dozen at BRAND’S popular Gallery, IPS Lake-st. General Xnliecs. pjFOKMATION WASTED. E. F. ADAMS, IT. S. Pcctton and Prize Claim A«at northwest comer Mad'foa and Dearborn-si*., cTlcaco. lias collected claim* that are still uncalled for, tor the followlog- J. Brown. P. Col«e‘l.'tVm. Camo o-11. j. Charleston. B. Dam C 3». O. f itrcrrald. B. Gibbon, J. Rushes. D. n»*klM (2). W.P. Hnhbeit, H. Jolmtoa. G. W. Lo»-e (2). U. Uiraioo, H. MrQnlrk, J. McMlllun (S). P. McGane <2). W. Miller, W. Mahmcy. J. Martin, f. Morrison, J. Ryan, 2d. (2). C. ship (5), W. A. S anity, J.Taylor. Ttrr. cr tfcrir l?ml representatives, ere requested to •-an. nr »«>j for their money. „ aw** *• ucwlaw. ______________ A TEN WANTED—37S men wanted at 31 8 O’clock to- nleht. to partake of the beat Free Lunch that ha* been given this season at the net' PALO EXCHANGE SALOON, Northwest comer Lake and Clark-sts. A general In- TltatloP 1* extended. *2,000, •With a live nan, will secure hall Interest In a ram nivl-cminnftotnrlni:business with another ot the X&'cSZ: Best relercnces, Ac., toot broker.) but caU in person. «ai S L^Sutetfifcr. tEoilct articles. BEAUTY AND FASHION—Ladies— Ntw Parisian recipe Jo»t received - EMPRESS EUGENIE’S FAVOBITE, Frwb and fragrant, perfection of beauty guaranteed. Haimlf>s »nd cellshtful. 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Ten lliousand Sets Already Sol CANVASSING AGENTS WANTED, Til's tnilr Important ami valuable work 1m met with nnlTcrsidpralsc from all part* of the country. Proba bly no work has exceeded tt la popularity, as the libe ral sale. confined to Illinois a'cm*. amply testifies. • he work give* a full and complete history ol the nait taken by Illinois in t*e gr-at struggle between Ftecdom ana Slavery. A history of the campaigns In which the -.Srf.WO sons of Illinois were engaged. Traces each regiment from Its orgaelzailontodaieof on*, giving •c. lment.l ro-tcra. ftc.. &c.. The Imowing extract from a notice which appeared of the work sj»eak9 volumes In Its favor: [From the Pally Tribune, Chicago.] After careful perusal, we pronounce it me best exe cuted and most valuable work which has ever craana'ed trout ue Northwest. Us subject, owing to the noble and In some respects providential and unrivalled prom- Intnceof Illinois In the war. 1* one ot commanding dlgrltvacd Importance. Illinois, which was b«vwe even JlaesßChnsctte and New Tors with her troops la the war. and with lur sanitary enterprises tor their comfort, a tr.ird time outstrips item with the record of her achievement*. The wore couldnothave be n exe ented more ►atbtoctorlly. Tlie slate may well be proud ef and adopt it as peculiarly 111 own. The tccood volume is now cn the press, aid will be readylnasborttlmc. . . , _ The werk Is illustrated by fno portraits on steel of Prc«i < lcr.ttLlccolc, Hon. Stephen a. Doagla*, Ccn. U. b. Grant. Ocu. «V. f.Sherman, Gen. John A. l/iean, Gen. s. A. Hor bat, Gen. John M. Palmer. Gen..l. A. McCJercand. Gen. T. E.O.Banfom, Oea.VT. ILL. Wai ace. Hon. Allen V. Fuller, Anjt.Oea. I. N. Ilaynle, Hon. Klcbard Yalta*. Hon. B. .1. Oglesby, Geo. J»3. A. Mulligan, Col. John A. Bros*. Mai. Geo. Cnatsworth, Gen. M. Bra v man, Gen. A. L. Chcllain, Gen. B. U. orlersou. Price per volume—Bound la Cloth. fV*O; la library Leather, ft .CO; in Are. Mor., ; In Half Calf. toAO. 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MACHINISTS’ ard (’Alt- I'KNI KUi’ TOOLS AMERICAN TAULK UUTLtKY and RUlLUElls’ HARDWARE, direct from the b«t n.annfartim ra Wo dier. a’w>. a complete asv'rtmon; of tV»!'-Ti;M!' LV’S POCKET CUILKRV. SPEAR A jackson-s saws, Joseph rodgers a sox- S<TSS<<IIS and RAZORS. STUIiUS A ROTUERr FII.ES. Ac. Wp al«o two rncsfantlv on hard full nnmbtrs SHOESUKKOEIt'a JUNIATA SAILS. C*. n. llvwo. K»w. I‘RE.sCOTT. HOLES ALE HARDWARE. WILLIAM BLAIR & CO, IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN uenrm TIB’ ill 179 ASH ISI RANDOLrU-ST., (Ad| jlnlng the Briggs Bopsej, CHICAGO. 0.1 MASSILLON PIG IRON. DEWET & CO., 27 Kingsbury-st. Uusinfss U!avaG JMCB BROTHERS, *o* 209 «& 271 East Watcr-st., DHX.WAUIIEE. CHAS. H. BICE & CO., SIX & 213 South AVoter-st., CHICAGO, Produce Cotrm!«Plon Merehvnt*. Dealer# In Ftonratd Grain. Special attention given to the sale of Dressed Hogs. Stencils lor marking and market rtporl# fur nULed free. p EO. McKINNET & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, HAVE REMOVED IyTO^THIEXR NEW OFFICE No. IS LaSalle-st., Where they have nnsnrpassod facilities lor handling Grain, Flour, BrehMd llosm, Ac., Are, pr Consignments solicited. P. O. Box 937. GBO.M’KtXNKT. J - c - t-EflLTg. OL. SCHHOETEK. Dealer in • FRESH AND SALT MEAT, Dried Bcel. Ham, Lank Vegetables and all kinds of San-aees, 431 STATE-ST.. (oppo-lte Polk-st.) CHICAGO. Farmers, Hotels and Vessels supplied at reasonable raus. I will Te-ciw*’*. mv store, for the first time since th* fire in wblcnl was burned on% on Saturday, Dec. Sth. Having had eight yrar*’ eiperience In the business, 1 teel fully comp»-tcni to pi-a«c all my old patrons and any who may favor me with their patronage. I keep note but the choicest meats. CTOBAOE.—The tmdersigned arc pre- O pared to do a GENERAL STORAGE BUSINESS, Oalßera 1 terms, at their Warehouse, cn Markct-st. ' v “ hi ui“°u.v. emss co* rp l. MORGAN & CO., “*■ * coannssios heec^asts. For tie unrehase and sale ol Grain. Fionr. Provisions, dc. J*artlcular attention paid to the sale of D.cased Hog,. 13LaSalle-*t..ClileAgo^^^^_^^_^^^_ iLauhs. ALL WANTING FARMS—Good Fare and well-proved Fruit Le".ds—Beantlfril aae moving VINELAND »«« Fluiad-lphla by railroad- Fopu.aCcn Uimeoaed 9.0 T people tr tour years. G>;d scchv/. * c ]J churches; J.WXJ orchards piiialed. F.*cc,f3 l per acre, r ftrahie i-four year*. Village lo.s tor b isiness a—>- also tor sale. Climate nlld—perfecttj L’ghlv Utile. Improve 1 Places also to “at- Address CHAB. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, Vlt* innd New Jersey. PaperscoptalclnginforT.anonseii fft ‘ "cm te&rt of So'ou Kpfclnaru. Aencuiwa. Fdltrrof the Tribune:’•ills sac cl the s vo tortile tracts In an aim- «t lev*, portion, lolt ftVeecn/*r.!on tor pleasant lattitg, taat we know cf thl« s’ue cf the Western Pratnca.** jFot gale. ■J^AiIAGED Fy erea«a»!• Kd|OTJamat nart«»« ccnntemane* and comiorttr*. Also, a SS-ioctofrawfcjf Ifpo' rr'O PKIIaTERS—For Sale—A "*• SOBTHKDP CTLISUEII PRESS, In good order, aid In constant ate. PrUits a pancrS bvtllnctef. Will be .-old cheap tor cash. App.y to ROUNDS & JAMES. Cb-cago. -C'OE SALE, **■ ON CO 31 111 S SION, Fine CountfUeat S«d onniwti ai*o. ft fine stock of Tobacco, Ci!iare,rtpe3, *? P PARKER, MARSH * CO., &c -» “* eiUe DJ fi Rearborn-st.. Chicago, Ktliucs, iliquors, Sa. LONG-WORTH’S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI ■niee cctotratrf Wine are tor Bale By FULUCt FUiCH 4 FCILEB. LORD « SMITH, aid TVEITZEL, SIAKTIS & CO., y cnioeo. Pi. -£i_ _ . _ jHtcrsdjauiu pEKUHTE Meerschaum Pipes and Cigar Holders of onr own Importation, at very low ortcea. BECK * WIBTH., 93 South Waief-®** ■Souks art# Stat Books, stationery anb fi CY ARTICLES. MB.PRimOUO., 83 Lake-st., Chicago, Wholesale and Retail Beslan ts' School and Miscellaneous Books. uVLNILE ASD TOY BOOKS, Blank and Memorandum Books, NOTE, LETTER AM CAP PAPERS, - ■, Tissue and Wrapping Papers, WRITING DESKS, BACKGAMMON BOAEDS and portfolios. envelopes. INKS, WALL PAPER, GOLD AND STEEL PENS, 6EHEBAI STATIONERY. ITe hare no specialty, hnt claim to sell AIL classes of Goods, which we keep at all, as low as can be bought in Chicago. COBB, PRITCHARD & CD., JEST RECEIVED. Bradbury’s sew Bolden Trio, ConslsUngof tno NEW GOLDEN CHAIN, NEW GOLDEN SHOWER AND NEW GOLDEN CENSES. The Trade, Sabbath Schools, Superintendents sal Teachers ropplied at the lowest rates. Specimen copies mailed ocj receipt of «. TOMUNpON BROTHERS, Dealers in Sabbath School Publications, 109 Dear honut™ Chicago. (Clotf)ing. pKI C E S DOWN ! REDUCTION 10 per cent FROM REGULAR PRICES, CLOTHING EVERY DESCRIPTION! All who have Wider Clothing to bay will consult their IntcrcHl hr selecting from my 31A31310T11 STOCK at REDUCED PKICKIi before purchasing elsewhere. L. DeGRAFF, Cm, State and Randolpli-sts. 8. Unisryj §15.00. BEAVER OVERCOAT, kt SCOTT, DAVISON A CO.’S, 136 Lake-et, sl, sl, si, =ft, si, si, *r, ’’ nrr a SI, TV lute Merino Shirt or Drawers, kt SCOTT, DAVISON & CO.’S, 136 Lak»-rt. JiHljolcscile dlotij Rouses KIMBAIeI*, STEVENS ft COMPY. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE 64 &- 66 JfSinMJG.W. .IV, T>B£AD 31133NG AND KNEADING _|> MACHINES—fbr Families, Hotels. Restaurants and Bakers, the most valuable Invention of the age- By the same ocaon the Bread Is mixed and kneaded Ihorongulv and quickly, without the bands touching the dour. 'They Insure great saving of labor, perftec rlfanllncss, certainty of good bread, and are cheap. Rxcln-lve State. County and Town Rights for pale, af fordltg a rare enanee for great gains, with small capi tal Agents wanted cvervwhcrc, and most liberal in dneerrent- gt' < n th* ro. Apply personally or bv letter toC.W. FORBL’SH, Agent, 46 Congress-*, Boston, Mas*. Send fbr circular. ELASTIC —Tiie only Perfect Patent Broom. The best carpet sweeper In the Territory fbr wle * 13.1 Raidoiph-st. Chicago. iLVN HIS OWN HORSE SHOEB. The American Horse Shoe AND WXanufacturicifir Company, Owner of Betel * Bud’s Patent Horse Shoe, havlngqp* canticd under the laws of ILlnoU, are now osssedJa Sites county Rishw and taking the prellmJnarr step* tor the n»tahluh.a:ect of a. manuCicu>ry la thl* dty to supply the demand tor these excellent ahocs. w The Sboev are of Cast Malleable lron,nearly as tougli as steel, and by an Ingenious device whluh challenge* the admiration of the ablest mechanic*, yet soalmpla that an* one r'orr adjust them, are fastened to the toot firmer than by naU:mr. or any other known method. They do rot bled nor pinch the foct, nor :n]nre the boor, co>t two-thirds lesw thaa ordinary Shoe*, and are the Slate ol IllmolJ. ImllaM. Wli conslo and Michigan for sale at No. 9S Washington .l, w.ttta.fio-.t room. Jom A General Agent. ptAED’a PATENT EF.ICS MACHINE. Office ami maimtactnrr S 3 Sonia Jelfenoa-jt. For liSStloaanaflMcrtl'nTc 33 Sooth Chicago. JOSEPH GILLOTT 8 STEEL PENS, OF THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY JOSEPH OrPeacripßr* TRADEMARK: Ol l-LOTT. Name DeK£- WARKANTEP. n»Ung Number. SEW SERIES, GOOD AND CHEAP, fr3tn So. to So. 761. JOSEPH With TRADE MASK: OILEOTP, D £ ,l,n SSs* BHMHNGttASf. Numbers. The well »o^o«^^“ d 0 I ’ 0 3 I ;^ B anmoe ”’ b»T!nc been su sained by other *® caution the public .L r^cttn^J^ml^Uoas. GniOTT’aPiSB, la 115 erery klndcfband-WTlUcg. lor«»-c to the trsueoj JOS. No. 91 Joho-M.. New York. HEJ'THS’ OWSWi Solo Agent* nCictartUß Plows and Sulky Cultivators WIU be contmocU aUer tbu date uoUer tbe nmt •»’ style ot Hapcood, Youna «sCo. Chicago, Dee. Ist. 1866. SLATES, AND S 3 Labe4t, Chicoso. OF ON OP * ls - C0 - $15.00. patent's. 33ms. ganncTSt)ip. CHAS. O. OAPCOOD.