Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 9, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 9, 1866 Page 3
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TERETIA WAKES AGAIN. [Tor the Chlcaro Trfbone.l While tie yellow/banner Aoatad o’ar the lions of 8». Vuk, While the gold and parple faded, andVeaellae robes grew dark With the shadow of oppression, that, like heavy pall Lay on tower, anil hearth, and altar, htunhlo home * and palace halj; ■While tbo beanty of her waters, and the glory of berektea, C >p d "«« beneath her lonely Bridce of Sirha Grew dim, and colorless, and my, half shudder* lag I raid — Homembcrme her golden day—* 1 Veneda Usth dead.” To-day upon ber quiet wares a Southern sun has trailed, Italia opcoa wide her arm?, and lifts the wearied child Close to the heart that throbs anew with strong exultant heat. Trwr than that which stirred the sea, that mur mured ather feel; Thai ribbed, and moaned, and kissed her feet, till from Italia's side 220 wooed ber with caresses soft, and won her for hie bride; And ronnd her heart with treacherous fold, closer and closer crept, TUI we fettered Veactla dead, who inas she only slept. Ibat same fair sea enfolds, to-day, the haughty Austrian's shore; The bride he wooed and cart aside shall smile for jind iiot tor him in marble halls shall gleam the festal Ughl- But,l.'logln Italia's arms, silent, and atm, end white. If the pale lips move or eyelids bft, the word and look shall be For the land that claims her for Its. own, that makes her truly free: Whose heart-throbs thiill with wondrous Ufo along each sluggish vein. Whose voice hreak> thiongh each troubled dream —Venetia wakes again. Not In her early beauty, not la her robes of pride, # As when the orange blossoms shouo in the fair hair of the bride; t clothed in every color Jtaiia'tfiag vnfurit, ShepoUethoffbcc sackcloth, and galbereth up her pearls. And binds them on her brow once more, and counts them as the tears From eyes that wochtd for freedom, thro' oh the wc*ry years; f««iin g from her fettered limbs the Austrian's galling chain. She lifts her face np to the sun—Tenctl* wakes again. Again slorg each crowded bridge wiTa an erolt ast throng, *fla on every silent street wings out the boat- man's song, {.ennoas float from mast, and tower, and m. ble balcony, fwd cbetfia and waving banners greet the army of the free; Kotwltb the tramp of harrying feet, or maD<lad warriors'tread. ICot with the captives at her beds, or conquerors at ber bead, Kot with the canopy of gold above the glittering train. Or gorgeous pageantry of old—Tenetis wakes again. But radiant with the dawning of future life and etrcneih;— The morning of the perfect day sbs shall behold at length— go happy hearts shower flowers down, amid their tears and prayers. On every gondola that, slow, its precious burden bears. •The Angels of Deliverance, jwho are welcomed nose tbe less That they wear instead of royal robes the Gari hsldmn dress: v Anri bear, within their strong right band*, asvrerd that knows no ataln, A sceptre, at whose ligotcsttonch—Vcaetla wakes a&ain. O, woe to thee. Italia I If sheltered in thy breast She finds not there her truest life, aa well as truest reel; And woo to thee! If. bearing now thy flag, thy shield, dry name, Then lilt her not from darkness, and redeem her net from thamc; Tree from the mountains to the sea. thy lost ones gathered home— A prouder day yet waltelh thee, when thy banner floa's o'er Rome. But, when thy hymn of triumph knows Us last cxu'tant strain. Still may Ukeep glad refrain—TeneMa wakes agaiiu 11. C. L, •Entrance on the 19th of the Italics army. Vsnes, October 12. 1606. jn\' ofttTs&D. I hold that Christian grace abonnds Where cbarty is fceta: that when Wc climb to Beaten, Ms on the rounds Of lore to men. I bold all else, named piety, A selfish scheme, a rain pretense Where centre Is not—can there he Circumference? This 1 moreover boll, an* <iare Affirm wbeie’erany thyme may go Whatever tUrct be or fur. Love males them so. Whether it be the lullabies aiiat charm to rest the ovr>lia? btrd. Or that eweeicon&dciK-: vf a ms And blosb-.e, made " ithsu* a word. Whether the dauliog end the dash 1 Of softly sumptuous cardan bowers. Or by some cabin door, or tmh Ol ragged Sowers. *Tts not the wldephylactery. Nor stnbbom last, nor autod prayers, Tb* l make os salata; ve ja&z< me tree By what It beats. And when a man cas lire si'rrt From worhr, on lieoJe**t trait, I know me hi od about OU heart Is dry as dust. AUcs Cary, POREIfcS GOSSIP. An Anstrmll*n Bonuee-A Banker Circa aUinok In Finance— Dining » la Adulteration of Food In Spain-Uo'f Uicr set np «Fanrt« t»» I In 18CI an loglish cij~vilPUvcd In comfort able quarters nau - -ii-itarat, Australia, the ynaT. being postcard of several good mining store*. vti au«vh day howerer, a brother shareholder irss Introduced, and one line ermine thc- r lsdv tad t»»e J'nenA latl Ui IcmeoauiLAbr » pother. The mine* in >hich the Lr'toud was Interested having lately-been -worked out, he realized his little property, and heating ; great deal about the Gipps Land cold lidos, determined to ecelt the new Eldorado, and landed a few weeks back in Sale. He beard that be could buy a large hotel from a WuJow at a ridicu lously small sum. He started Co view the In vestment, when be was surprised to find that the widow was no other than his long lost wife. The husband used recriminations, the wile tears, and at length she was forgiven, more especially as sue had endured a long list of sufferings at the hands of her para* moor, wbo had been removed by death. The hotel has not changed hands, hnt the hus band has asserted his rights by placing his name over the door. Old Mr. Lcfevrc a illustration of the theory of banking to a customer, whose ac count was almost always overdrawn, cer tainly rivals the best treatise on that sub ject, Watching the customer be caught him one day at the counter, and said to him : “ Mr Y , yon and I mutt under do: stand one another something better than wc now seem to. lam afraid youdont know what banking realiy is ; give me leave lo tell von. It’s my business to take care of your money, but I find yon arc always tak ing csre of mine. Now, that Is not banking, Mr. T——: it must be the other way. I m the banker, not yon. You understand me ■now Mr Y—; I’m sure you do." Dinner alter what is called the Russian fashion has lately been a mania In London and Pans with those who could afford It; but the accounts wc have seen ol these mag nificent banquets do not, according to the latest advices, give a correct Wea ot the real Muscovite manner of doing the thing. For instance, wc were told the table was laden down with flowers and fruits, and exquisite devices in confectionery. Attendants hovered around you with tiny cups of china filled with Iragrsnt lea. bolt rouble from unseen and distant spots swelled gently on the car, and a light, ethereal foretaste of paradise generally was supposed lo be experienced. ;ow, look at tho coarse, material reality, as recently described: On a bide table were Disced decanters, containing doppel, keppeL cognac, and other spirits, and beside these lay plates of raw herrings, caviare, sardines, and small hard pieces of biack bread and white. Those wno desired an appetiser swallowed one or two small cEuscs of spirits and alo herrljg, xcavialxo or sardine- The ladles do this well as os the gentlemen. After the necessary and lm tk)riant preliminary, which was executed 'standing, fork In hand, we were all seated, and the real business commenced. Smart ’ lacqueys. In drab liveries and blue lacings, •with white cravats and gloves, served la suc cessive dishes, a dinner, of which, for the cakb of those interested In such matters, I -will give the menu. Isschcc, a soup made from sour cabbage, and very good when wsll made; beef tea, mushroom ple.cut in slices; tcegee, a fish nearly equal to a salmon; cold vol with sauce; roast beef, venison, devil led tnrkcy. chickens; all these meats with I . sauces; wild fowl, game, iced cream, straw berries and cream, confectionery ,of many .kinds. kisßcll (a sort of a jelly) In various colors; apples and Jargonelle pears, (these .pears arc. In Russia, three shillings apiece) raisins, nuts, sweets, coffee and cigars. The wines were numerous and superb. Blsck bread and white, baked and roosted potatoes, .Dublin and Alsop’s ale, and the favorite London porter at six shillings a bottle. The silver plate was profuse, the crockery, fine china; cookery, faultless. The conversation was kept up with spirit, bat only.between the courses, and each course appeared ready -cut up, to be served by the footman carrying it around. . , Wc bad supposed our dealers were pretty woU skilled In the adulteration of food, bat they have not begun to reach that refine ment in the art which prevails In Spain. Duller, in the favored latitude of Madrid, is | composed of tallow, remnants of cheese, i the Juice of the petals of marigold, and raw potatoes scraped and reduced to pulp. This delicious compound Is made into cakes, and outwardly provided with a layer of tho genuine article. Bread is adulterated with the flour of pease, beans, and the like, and whitened with catenate of magnesia, borate and bicarbonate of soda, plaster of Paris, .alabaster, Ac- Most cf the chocolate sold at Madrid docs not contain a particle of cocoa, for which fccula, fat and .& few aromatic eubilaucci. cin namon, for Instance, are substituted. It is true that the first-rate article does con tain cocoa, and that the fat used Is purified; but the rest Is as above slated. Coffee U mixed with chlckory. roasted chick peas, tiimcnlo, arnica, black hellebore, aud even cupWbmm. Sail Is not easily ednltcratcd, but ukcpl in a damp place to give it addi. tionsl weight. Tea is generally adulterated with deleterious substances that give it a fine green color. Olive oil la chlcflv mixed with poppy and other cheaper oils. Vinegar is a mixture of water, sulphuric and tartaric acid. Beer Is a decoction of barley, arllß daily charged with carbonic acid/ As for Fsneagcs. they are made with all kinds of vil lainous Ingredients, tbo remains of dead bones and the like. In the adulteration of wine and spirits the M&drilencs hare attained . 1 the highest degree of perfection, so as to 1 leave out the jmee of the grape altogether. J A London letter says: "Finding that 1 Faust was to bo sung for the lost time at ' Convent Garden, I bought a guinea seat, and i bled to the theatre. Iliad hardly presented i my ticket to Uie usher before. In the most i Impertinent and dogged manner, he told me I could not enter without a dress coat. I tried moral suasion, aad indulged in a homi ly against the absurdity of the thing, bull was coolly referred to the amphitheatre. My snow-white tic. blush-rose gloves, Poole pants and magnificently swclllsh coat plead ed in vain, so Z dashed at the amphitheatre and Innocently demanded the diflersuco be , tween seven and twenty-one shillings, hut I with supreme contempt! was told that a rc -1 fund was impossible. I mode a virtue of a I neccs&ltv. took the ticket and ascended amongtbc tradesmen and their low-necked daughters. The exchange proved very pleas ant, as I bad the society ol a very intelligent musical critic, and he pronounced that part of the house the best. I never saw Faust bo fbre. The scenery alone was worth the {•rice of admission, painted and arranged d the most wonderfully natural manner. The garden scene was great. Regular beds of natural flowers, beautiful avenues and windingwalkswitb real treesand live shrubs ; Inclosing them. Mario was the Faust; Pan line Lucca, Margaret; Morenst, Siebel. and Fanre, Mephlstopbcles, and a more mognifl bent cast would do impossible. Lucca Is ex quisite, the very living type of Goethe’s Margaret; in fact, beside her MUs Kellogg is a silly, spoiled, vain and bUut coquette, and Frederic! a cold, stiff and nnlmpasaioocd woman. Contrary to the usual custom of Margaret kneeling on the steps of the church, a Gothic interior is represented, with such correctness and beauty of perspective that it steins a vesliable cathedral. -At the end, a superbly colored window Is inserted, and the light, streaming In, falls in golden and pur ple rays upon the procession of peasants, who gradually fill the seals. Tue entire management of the act was something won derful. McphUtopbclcs was made to appear as seen through toe pulpit by a pole, hellish light that illuminated It, onu his voice was accompanied by an organ, a very fine Instru ment, played by the first organist of London. IRE MYSTERIOUS PARIS DUEL. A Parisian Llliralear Killed bran In* dmate Friend. (Correspondence Vevr Orleans Plcsyuae.] Noromocr* 1960. There is a good deal of indignation raised here by a duel fought a few nigois since, un der very mysterious circumstances. Among the spoiled children of fortune to be found in Paris, vos the son of a late wealth; St. Petersburg hanker, named Seguin. After hit lather’s death, yourg Segulu, his mother and sister, took up their residence here. They purchased one of the handsomest houses in the Rue Taltbont. and entertained a good deal. Young Seguin became the pro. prietor of a theatrical newspaper, and through it he soon made the acquaintance of a great many persons connected with liter ature and the stage, while his free expense of money carried him into the *• lirst” circles of Parisian society, “ byc socicty.” He was an athletic, stalwart fel low, of unusual bodily strength. He was <iuick tempered, and blows speedily followed the least nervous agitation. The French have a proverb; “Scratch the Russian, you will lind the Cossack.” It is no wonder young Seguin, educated among Cossacks, should have had a lude hand. This story is told ou one of the most brilliant Russian Prin cesses ndmticd in Russian society. She or dered her chambermaid, inSt. Petersburg, to iron hera handkerchief. The iron proved too hot, and the chambermaid’s hand was not adroit. The handkerchief was very slightly scorched. When the Princess saw this she turned deadly pale, so furiously angry was she, started from her arm-chair, took the poor chambermaid by the nape of the neck and carried her to the kitchen. The poor chambermaid screamed: “I did not do it on purpose.” The Princess shook her violently every time she screamed, crying, “silence.” The great iron stove called pleiU was almost red hot. The Princess pulled the chamber* maid’s clothes above her head, tied them about her neck, and forced her to sit on the hot stove until she fainted. It Is not quite a century since the Empress Anne, of Russia, cut the nose elf all ladies of her coart whose Leant} made her envious. A lew days since young Seguin dined with some officers of the Zouaves, particular friends. Where the dinner took one seemed to know. It Is probable a good deal of wine was drunk, and the conversa tion turned on women—though all this is mere matter of rumor. Young Seguin be came irritated and slapped the face of his most intimate friend, a lieutenant of the Zouarea of the Imperial Guard. Their relations were so intimate this nrovocatiou lost in a great measure its. insulting charatcr, and the officer con jured Seguin to - keep cool. These appeals increased Seguin’s irritation, and he slapped the officer twice afterward. As it was evi dent jonng Seguin intended to continue to provoke the officer until he drove him Into a duel, the officer asked for reparation. Se guin insisted the duel should take place In stantly. It was now nearly three o’clock at night. The whole party repaired to the Palace of the Tullcncs. The Lieutenant woke up some comrades (a portion of his corps were on duty, as guard of the palace), insisted on their being seconds of him and his adversary, and procured swords, some say—lolls, according to others—and repaired, all is or on the same track, to the duelling ground, which was, according to sotnejtcr* sons, the Porte Maillot of the Bols dc Bou logne, or, others insist, the Boulevard j MaJesherbes. Duilng the ride, Sc- ; gutn (who was most unfortunately placed, contrary to all rale, In the carriage with Lieutenant Lee at), slapped his adversary a f-nirth time. Ko surgeon was present. They fought. “I have touched thee, Seguin; let us end the tight,” exclaimed Lieutenant Lccat. They thvu'd each other. “You are a liar! An pardt’" shouted Seguin, advan cing Impetuously. Lieutenant Lccat simply guarded himself. Seguin advanced with so ! much force he actually ran upon his adver- 1 sary’s sword, which transpierced him. Uo fell senseless to the ground. He was borne to a hotel near bis mother’s residence. Sne and her daughter were summoned. Seguin, in their presence, clasped Lecat’a hands in bis bands, warmly and affectionately, be came insensible, and soon expired. Lieuten ant Lccat refntes to reveal the names of the other parties; refuses to state whether Le was indeed the principal or the sexoad. There Is a good deal of public Indignation »t the manner In u Inch . this ihwi was man aged. It Is called no'less than' a cannier. It seems the Minister of War is determined to force all officers of the army connected with it to resign their commissions. Tlse Royal Poll at Uie Bell. There is a story told of an anonymous king, the moral oi which may bo well ap plied by all sovereigns. The old monarch, when aylne, called bis son to him, put In his band the sceptre, and then asked, him If he could take advice as easily as he had taken from his lather the symbol of authority. The young heir, grasping the sceptre lightly, and hinting at the excellence of brevity in counsel as well as in wit, said, un der the circumstances, he could. “I will bo as brief os my breath,” answered , the abdlcatingmonarch, “and that is short I enough. Yon look npon the world, boy, as | a house of pleasure; now, hear better from me. Woe, my lad, tumbles In pailfuls, and good luck Is distilled only In drops.” The son looked down at his now silent sire, and found be was dead. I The new king commanded a splcnded fu- I neial, and arranged a grand'hunllng party I for the day after. He lunched at the pater- I nal simile, and, to publish' its weakness and I bis own fc l icily, lie caused to be placed I above his palace a large silver-toned bell; a ■ rope passed from It to each room which no I occupied. , „ . ••I will ring It,” said he, “whenever I feel I thoroughly happy. I have no doubt that I I shall weary my own arm and deafen my peo- I pic’s cars.” 1 For a whole month the bell was sDent. I “I have had roy hand on the rope,” said 1 the king, “fifty limes, but I fell I was hardly I happy enough to proclaim It to my people; 1 butwc have got over oar first difficulties, 1 and to-morrow —” I On the morrow, as he was boasting of the I fidelity and iricndshlp of one of his minis- I ters, he Icarneo that his friend and servant I .. l,.Vi» tha Mint Ant, nf was m the habit of betraying the contents of a his private despatches to a neighboring po- b tentate, from whom the traitor received “ stars and crosses In return. • £ I The king sighed. “Wc shall not 101 l the „ I bell, then to-uay; bnt assuredly to-morrow.” 1 In the morning he rode over to the house r I ofthe ml* tress of Uls heart. • £ 1 “Tbcic,” he remarked to himself, as he \ I went along at that pace which used to be * I observed by the pilgrims to Canterbury, and I which In England has taken Its name from , I the first two syllables oi of that city’s name i —“there 1 have never found disappoint- t | xnent.” * | What he did find he never told; bnt on his I I return to the palace, w hen bis groom of the \ I chambers looked interrogatively between . ! him and the bell-rope, the monarch simply * I twisted the end of the latter into a noose, i and angrily muttered, as he fiong U down < 1 Would to Heaven that they were both hanging from It together 1” I On the lollowing day be philosophically ; I reviewed bis case. • : I “I have been unreasonable," he said; 1 I “ why should 1 grieve' because I have been i I betrayed by a knave, and jilted-by a girl 1 with golden hair ? 1 have wide dominions, a' ' I full ticasory, a mighty army, laughing vine | yards, verdant meadows, a people who pay I taxes as If they loved them, and God’s tree i 1 air to breathe in. I maybe happy yet,”' . I added he, rdvancing tu the window—“ nay,l 1 am I” and he reached his hand to the rope. He was on the point ol ringing at it with s I good will, when he saw a sight without, and i j heard a voice within, which made him pause. I A messenger was at his feet, t | “ Oh, sire 1” exclaimed the bringer of bad i tidings, “ thou sccst the dust, the fires, and the gleam of arms without. The foe has bro ken In upon the land, and terror is before and devastation behind him I” i “Now, a curse upon kingship that brings tI a wretched monarch evils Use these. cried - the king, who wanted to be happy. ; . 1 The courier hinted something about the. s I miseries ot the people. , . !, “By that Lady of Hate, whose church Is r 1 In • Biittanv,” cned the prince, “ thou art m right 1 I thought to pull lustily at the bell, d 1 hut 1 will as lustily pull at my sword In the ,o I sheath, and see if there be not virtoe In that, h How came in the foe? and who commands d them?” The answer to this double query told him that the enemy could not have entered had not his despatches been betrayed to the in vader; and that the van of the army was un der the command of a prince whose name was no sooner uttered to the king than the latter turned red with fury, and exclaimed: “Jtfe/— I then I shall ring the bell yet. I will j have his life, and the lady—” \ He said no more, bnt went ont, fought like a man, cleared the land of the foe, hung the traitor with aft his orders on him, maim ed the young leader ol the hostile van-guard Last sympathy from Cupid, and returned to, is capital In triumph. Ho had so much to employ him oiler his return, so much to accomplish for the restoration of the fortunes of his people, so much to meditate upon for future accomplishment, - that when &i night ho lay down upon his i couch, weariness upon his brow but a shade . ol honest joy-upon nls check, he bad fairly - < forgotten tba silver bell to his turret, and , i tbc ropes which depended from it. And so i .bo grew gray and mflrm, never turning from ; I I>U work till the inevitable Angel looked . • smilingly in bis fare, and began to beckon ] bim away. He was silling upright in his umaty chair, pale as death, but still at hit ministry, till his eves grew dim, his head sank on his breast, and there was, without, a sound of wailing. “What voices arc those?” asked bcaoftly; ** what is there yet lor me to do ?” His chancellor stooped over him as bo now lay or* the couch, and whispered : ** Our father Is departing from among us, andhia children arc at the threshold in team.” “Let them In! let them come in!” hoarsely cried the king. “God! do they really love me?” •Tftbcrc were a life to bo purchased here, O worthy Sire, they would purchase thine with their blood.” The crowd streamed silently in, to look once more upon the good old king, and to momn at his departure. He stretched his hands toward tiiem, and asked, “Have I won your love, children? have I won your love?” One universal affirmative reply, given from the heart, though given with soft expression, seemed to bestow upon the dying monarch uew life. He raised himself on the couch, looked like an Inspired saint, and tried to 1 • speak, but failed in the attempt. None the | I less happy, he looked np to God, glanced to the turret where hung the bell, extended bis band to the rope, gave one pull, and died, with a smile on bis lips, as he rung his own knell. _ TERRIBLE TRAGEDY. BS order of a Child by Ita nother-The .Wreicbed 'Woman Attempts to Com mit fcnlcide. From tho Wheeling IntrUigmerr we leant the following particulars of a most horrible and desperate murder and attempted suicide which occurred cn Wednesday morning last, at the Packer Hotel in that city: A woman, who gives her name as Aflnnie Nugent, amrui there on Tuesday morning last on the Parkersburg boat, and looklodg mgs. She bad with her a little girl about three yeara old. There was nothing especial ly unusual about her appearance, or that created the least suspicion os to the horrible ml sion cn which she had come. After she bad been assigned to a room, very little was seen ol her by the Inmates of the house. She ate her breakfast and also her dinner, having the child with her at both meals. She did not come down to supper, nor to breakfast the neat (yctlerday) morning. The landlady, no'icing her absence, sent up to her room to tee if anything was wrong, and the clumber* maid returned buying that the woman was cfcltcp. Dinner passed off, and still the woman did nut come down. Thinking snch lout fueling a very unusual occurrence, Ihc landlady went up to the room a second lime with her chambermaid, and, knocking at the door, the woman came and opened it. The situation of affairs was soon made known. She pointed those at the door to her little girl lying dead in the bed, and atoncecou tetsed that she bad murdered It on the pre rions evening, since which time she had been under the Influence of opium, taktn with the expectation of killing herself. Indeed, the evidences of aU she said were conclusive enough. She hud been vomiting, and was at the time in a state of delirium fro u the ef fects of the drug. Her child was lying iu its Unod-blai-ed night clothes In the bed from which she boo Just arisen, with thr *e mortal drggvr stabs through IU left breast and side. The tight was horrible enough, and was made doubly so by tbc situation of the woman. Confused os she was with opium, the was able to tell the history of the cir cumstance. She related that her maiden name was Arbor: that her parents lived at WUliamalowD, In Wood County, in West Virginia, opposite Marietta; that lour' years ago she had married a man named Kngent, against their consent, running away with him, and that two mouths after the birth of the little girl he had deserted her, and had never returned; that her mother bad refused to become reconciled to her, and had never lorgivcn ber marrlace, bnt bad made her home so intolerable that she cooll not live there; and had poisoned the mind* of all her other relatives against her to such an extent that she had no place on caith to call a home, and was forced to go oat lu the world and seek a subsistence. She bad gone out. and bad found tnat there was no place for her; nothing that she could do, and she could not bear to beg her way from place to place. Rendered thus desperate by brooding over her hopeless prospects, and anxious not to leave her Utile daughter to a late worse, perhaps, than death, she calmly resolved to end both their lives, and after making up her mind to this effect, came to Wheeling to carry out her resolve. She purchased a small dagger and also several papers of powdered opium, and seems to have made minute prep* aratlous for death, os the documents pub* Halted below seem to Indicate. She said that for several hours after arriving, she could not j bear to kill her child, and yet she felt that she must do it. She waited until It fell asleep, and then putting on its night clothes and placing it in bed, bent over it, and kissed It several tunes before planting the dagger in Us heart, as she finally did. The child, she said, made "no cry, only moaned, and with scarcely a straggle, bled to deatb. She had btabbed it three times, twice in the left lung and once in the heart. She says that be* fore she took Its life she knelt down and prayed over it, and also repeated her prayer alter she had Inflicted the wounds, and that she hod kissed away its last expiring breath. Alter the perpetration of this horrloleand unnatural deco, she took the opium with which she proposed to take her own life, and then lay down beside her dead child to die. From some cause, either from an overdose of the opiom, or else from an Insufficient amount of it, she failed to accomplish her in* Untions of suicide. She had vomited a great deal, and seemed to have thrown up most of the poteen. Several powders, with directions in a female handwriting, were found among her effects, as wore also a number of letters. She is a young woman, aged only about twenty-one, rather Illiterate and evidently unbalanced in her mental and moral organi zation. The following letters serve to show these characteristics. We have rowriueu, and, us U were, translated them from a mass of almost Illegible manuscript: I'mox Rood, Wiuxuso, Wm Va. Hr. Proj*i\nor: When you discover that I I.ive committed suicide, don't let a crowd of full of curiosity mio my toom to gaze i,pen tny temafts. 1 wub to be laid out decern* lj. vltU plain coffin, lay my dead baby oat too aed puj« her beside me, with h:r acid upon my lo»uo whims urn around her, and lay us in t-ui •n.r.n. for 1 cm died and a-ck of life. B« rer» f»i. cf iL* pac-rjjea lurt behind, «u 4 put one ih tb* ai.d tCe other w au editor lo pub- I j;. h. !.'•» yone will be so kind. 1 »hall ilka lo to l once •• the north cemetery ai Marietta, Ohio, i ut-t U !t« tbOfp who Cell to do this. On I air, pit ti e for God's site, and do as I bid you. 1 ctme here to die. Remove nothing from my per* eon that 1 have placed there. bum Mnnric Tscoett. Mxmxm, Washington, Co. Use ff;e mocey left In my pocket book for my Horn up my dirty clothes. I never go this dirty, but 1 tailed meet a charge when 1 left. Addressed—For the Proprietor of the Union Hotel, Wh«llng*W. Va. _ _ Thick lionx, Wnmnro, West Va. llß.Enrroc: No doubt you and others will ehuddtrwlihborrorwhen toeybear of the dca re,tie cerd which 1 have committed. The young aed harpy hearts maj shudder, hut the heavy heart will think how sad she must have been. Yea, very rad Indeed. 1 haven’t lime to aaymneh. l*ve thoncht of dying ever since I cot married. . My mother, elatet-ln*law, and brother* arc the cause of my death. Ob, 1 have many tneods to* I day who would lay down their live* for me, many I who would Buffer. Many sac hearts there will be ' when they hear lam ccad. But, mother,! forgive 1 ?oc: joe drove me to this You caused all our ninny to mlftreat me without a canre; bat 1 for* Kveyon.and 1 want yon lobe abetter woman •tote you die. You will regret this forever. What clothing lhave at borne, bum np every thing that lhave left. Jennie, too, don't bate me no more. God knows 1 have tried always to do right as mar as 1 could, and 1 beseech those who love me the most deeply tot to grkve, but to be glad because Win* nle la happy, bister, 1 want you to never cease praying lor me and others. Ifeelbaopr. 1 leel that Godis near to me. 1 meant to say a great deal more, hut 1 don't feel like writing. Some* how 1 must die soon. A last and long good bye. 1 have some cremlea. but none who will Injure me, nouc who baa attempted to. 1 don't want anv one to grieve for me, ball nave a request to make. Urric, celu our folks to lay aside bird thoughts, and ear nothing when 1 am gone, but try and do belter. I might Lave been and might be happy: but they ore tee true cause of all this. May God toruivc them as 1 now do. Good bye once mote. Mm. Mean Ncotsr, Marietta, Ohio. 1 win tiny friends to never cease oraying for mo. llary, (1 cannot call you aUter,) cease to slander and i e on me when 1 am core, and 1 hope ay blotter Uam-U will tnlnk of the insults ana abase Lc lias ehown to me, and try and be better. 1 for* rlvv *n. I have commuted thia deed because I mother and father always bated me. I've thought 1 util for a great many rears, Moonx. 1 want to be boned in the new cemcieir at Ma rietta. little to thl*. Bur/tay child In the came grave and' same c~Su. Don't remove my tody to my father's house. Take it right to Die EspilctChurch In Marietta—hare funeral preach* ed, and now don't grieve. Miasm. i i»i» llanr:—l will be dead before this reaches you. Beep all 1 left at your house. Remember n.o. I waul then to bring Jennie's remains and n Ice to Msmtta ana pat them In the new ceme tery. Come to my grave sometimes. Give this plciure to for me, and tell nothing ol what I tell you. iclUhereaitoaiTuothiDg. My mother and father and Bus. are the cause oftb>. lake picture to voarwlf some dav. Say good bje. Tell him to always may for Minnie, and be a good boy. Forget me not You can have all ray clothes If you want them. X will meet you all in heaven, •icllyourrooibertoprayformeolten. Tour (rue friend, Mcnjti. __ *Twa* my intention to kul myself when 1 left > on. That was why 1 left my clothe*. Oh! mv ‘God lam afraid'twill kill . Comfort him tor me. How I would like lo kiss him before I go, but we will all meet again. Good bra, my sister, and may God forever hires you. Toll-- to keep r 1* for my sake, ink tow It sometime*. Tell—to come tomy crave —to be good—o pray for me every right, rad he better. May God forever bless Urn. How i love him to-iight. lellbim I shall never joicct when last we met. Ifon't think bard of me. •lell lizzie not to grieve. I'P soon be with Anni and brothel Henry. How 1 long to see them. Farewell, forever. Tell Ive constantly IbongUofblm. Tell Jo Jett good bye, and teU them to think of me kindly. Mot this to . riant a willow tree by my grave. See that they bury me where 1 tell them to, foil can treat con tented here solar from mj old A* J?j?2 bard lo die among at rangers. Good bvel Good bye! Goodbye! Tours, Missis. The -woman U now in jail, and tbo child was properly laid out last evening, and will Lc interred, wc presume, this morning. The whole affair created considerable sensation in the viclnitv of the hold last evening, alter It had been generally known, and the story of the woman, together with her strange conduct, enlisted no little sympathy and cu* rtofcity. The matter will, of course, undergo legal Investigation. Horrible Harder In Pennsylvania fSiiccial Corrtipondcnce of the Pittsburgh Com mrrcUL] WaanracTOK, Ps-, December B, ISS& 1 It becomes my sorrowful to send vou an account of one of the most fiendi-h murders In the annals ol crime. Last night (December 4) Robert . Dmsmore, a weU to do” former residing about five miles northwest of this place. In Hopewell town shln was murdered before the very eyes of ; hl« P ’wlft and daughter. Ha had b«n U I town and had been urine to set a 11,000 bond chanced, and ho returned home late in the ccenlnc. About 10 o’clock p. m, while he Kit reading a newapaper. and hla wile wo_. getting ready for bed, be beard a rap at the door. He asked who was there. A voice replied that Mr. Miller (his next neighbor). was very sick. When Mr- Dlnsmore heard that, he went to the door and found two men there. One asked him if he would let one of tho boys go down. • Qo replied that they most be mistaken, that ho had no boys. « They then sprang Into the house and i caught bold of him, one of themsaylng “you i are the one we want.” And then com- i menccd a deadly combat, which ended , in Mr. Dinsmora being ahot, and i cut In the breast In snch a manner that death ensued In about three hours. , Though he was wounded to death, he fought on. and the robbers were compelled to knock him down with a chair. One of the daugh ters sleeping np stairs, hearing the noise, came down-.nd her lulle sister making a noise up stairs so scared thovlUalas that they fled without getting any plunder. Mrs. Dinsmore was compelled to be an eye-wiv». ness to the horrible tragedy, being unable to getaway through, fright. Aa soon as the murderers had fled, Mrs. Dmsmorc, with tna assistance ol her two daughters, (they being the orly persons about the house,) closed and locked the doors, fearing that they might come back and Rill them al. After abont one and a half hours had elapsed, one of the daughters went and aroused the neigh tors, who arrived just In time *to see Mr. Dinsmore die. . „ „ The news spread like “wild fire,* and censed Insense excitement through town and county. Coart being in session in this place, the County Commissioners, by the advice o Jodgc Acheson and the Bar, offered a reward of SI,OOO for the arrest and conviction of the murderers. ' . . About 10 clock this rooming a man by the name of Robert Fogle was arrested by Sher iff Smith and Delect‘ve Greer, they thinking , he filled the description given by Mr. Dins* i more of the largest murderer. He was placed 1 in jail, and the boose he had been staying at i ! was searched, and a suit of clothes belonging to him lound all cov ered with mud - which was not yet dry and a pair of boots with one heel off, which was almost conclusive evidence against him, for a boot heel that fitted the . boot nicely was picked upal the scene of a the murder. Fogle took his arrest quite coolly until a chain of evidence was produc ed against him that left no room for hope, a he then confessed that ho was guilty of the e crime, and that his confederate was a beard -0 less boy, not more than seventeen years of •» age, named William Montgomery, of Canton township. - He further said that they had 6 the plot Jaid three weeks to rob Dinsmore. 5 At present writing Monlnomery is still at ’* large, but his arrest is expected every mlo* t u tel He can hardly escape for the whole \ cuontry Is aroused. SAD JUSIOKrCSE. Several Families Poisoned by Eating CuXie&lUty Pork—Five of me Victims Ecud-- Several Others Despaired of, [From the Louisville Journal, December One of the most prominent and highly re speeded timers, living in the vicinity of Crab Orchard, who*e name we could not unfor tunately procure, killed for family use, a few choice porkers from a One drove of hogs that he had rated, and sent a fw neighboring families a few splendid hams as presents. Nearly every family to which the pork had been sent, partook of what they supposed were aavory and delicious morsels. Early the following day Ihe'mcmbers of the several families were taken violently 111 with all the symptoms of cholera. The best medical still was at once procured, and every exer tion made to relieve the sufferers. The pa tients suffered, we are told, intensely, and by night five of the number bud died. The wife of the owner of the hogs has died, and there are no hopes of h*s recovery. Several others lie in a very critic*! condi tion and ore not likely to survive. The same day on which the families were attacked, the remainder of thedrovc of hogs were seized with some strange disease, hav ing something of the character ol bog cholera, and nearly all have died. " The oc currence has caused great excitement In that section of the State, and Is likely to ex tend Its influence to others. It Is well that the extremes! caution b« employed after this sad experience lu the use of pork in the infected district. We condole with the sur vivors In this lamentable bereavement. “ Wt»o wan AQueke J*n»l” (From the Rochester Union.] Who -was Wynlie Sybranti ? Who struck BUlv Patterson ? Annekc Jana waa a Duch cas from Holland,' who came to Kew York about ilso yeata ago—lbis waa during the childhood of Gideon Welles, and before George Washington’s father bought him the hatcnct who couldn’t tell a lie. It waa pre vious to the advent of B&mum and the Si amese Twins, who are not heirs of Anneke’s. Hip Van Winkle might have been a cousin, but of that there is no certainty. Very few ol the present Inhabitants of New York re member Anneke, none above Forty-seventh street—those who do recall her as a promts* Ing young lady lu irood society, a little 100 stout, and a little Teutonic, perhaps, with a fine set of artificial teeth, a glass eye, and a “Government leg” (Bly’a pat ent). all which were bequeathed her by King William, of Holland—gto. About the year 1(34 Ev. Bogardus, a young clergy man, a graduate of Columbia College, wuo bcardedat the FUtb Avenue Hotel, preached In tbc Tabernacle, and lunched at Crook & Duff's, became enamelled of Anneke, and offered her hls hand, which she accepted, after a brief consultation with her CUber-iu law, familiarly called “Old Jans of Fulton Market.” Bogardes, who previous to the marriage ban pretty ranch “gone to gras§, ,r was now “in clover,” and was sup plied by Anneke with the wherewith to pay hls tailor’s and sundry other little hills, In cludkg bis dues at the German Club, and for lack of which he had been “posted” and threatened with expulsion. Bogardus also dcsceudcd from King Wil liam, os did also bis qrother Stephen Bogar- Oua, who used himself up in Harlem stock. These brothers were of “even tenor and date,*’ In other words, » ere of the same age. They, however, were not twins, although brothers, “and both boys;”, the were “rights and lefts,” and could not readily trace their descent to King William. There appeared to be “a break’-’ somewhere —probably at Bnshncll’s Baeln, and they could not get around It. Anneke Webber was Anneke Jans’ grandmother, and was also descended from King William, as appeared from “a strawberry mark on her arm.” She was much older tnan Anneke Jans, and of differ ent build. Stic had a stoop in her shoulders, and a planlcprade walk, where she spent much of'her time. She was near-sighted, and fond of eleven o'clock luuches of rye and croton. Anneke Jans was possessed of much “ stampsand these she had Invested in land lying alone the weal side of Broadway, (contagion* to the Aster House, which was the upp r fit of the up-town hotels at that early day,) and lust out of reach of the nm* nihus drivers, who were also descended from King William of Holland. In the cour>e of a tea years, more or leas, the land Increased muchly in value, and the heirs of.THoity Vhtmih'leaded a portion of it, which they now claim as their own ; b - it which the heirs of Anneke Jans, so far aa heard from, dispute the claim and “Join Issue,” instead of join ing the church, which they should do. In the year 1047, Amv ke Bogardns {nee Jana) took down her waterfall and slept with her lathers, who were also descendants of King ■William of Holland; Anneke left property which had been constantly increasing In value until it Is supposed to hare reached at this time the enormous sum of twenty or fifty millions—but “commentators differ’ as to whether twenty or fifty millions is so many dollars, or only intended to represent the number of heirs claiming to share the property—and who are also descended from King William of Holland. A proposition bos been made to dispose of this vast aggre gation of property on the “ Gift Concert ” plan. Something of the kind will have to be done at once In order to forestall the Board of Aldermen, who are also descended from King William of Holland, and who are supposed to be moving to add the estate to the “Contingent Fund,” which otherwise Is liable to be overdrawn, on aeconnt of tho enormous prices now demanded for munici pal suppers at Delmonico’s and other first class restaurants. It is reported, also, that the railroad com pany, which Is also descended from King William of Holland, Is covertly making ar rangements to lay a doable track, aboat lour o'clock on Christmas morning, through the entire properly. To prevent this some of Annckc’s heirs have made propositions to Vanderbilt to run the Hudson River cars into It, and Issne convertible bonds to all the unconvertible heirs. What the end of this wQI he It Is difficult to foresee. A great many babies are now be ing christened Anneke Jans and Evardua Bo gardus. the Commissioner of Internal Reve nue, who is also descended from King Wil liam of Holland, having recently decided that this U not an Infringement of the spirit of the law nor In violation of any of its amendments, and further that a stamp Is not required to mske the ceremony legal. A number of enterprising young men arc adver ting for situations as heirs, with a specimen of which we conclude the present article: ViMELI. The mbscrll er. a sirgle man, of pood fam ily and respectable connec.lon»,aProte*taot, of fine personal appearance and coosUulion aily opposed to earning fcls bread by ** the sweat of bU brow.” is dcs;rou»of obtaining a sttnationas one nfthe heirs of AnnekeJans, deceased, and who was descended from King William of Holland. “No objection t<Jgoing into the country,” or elsewhere (except to Buffalo,), provided there are “ stamps” in It. If de.-lrvd. would keep books" or any other property intrusted to his care. Is not particular whether the exact amount of “ spelter” is twenty or fifty millions. " The best of references” as to character, capacity, etc., required. Address, postpaid. John Jonncs, Station A, and spall Jonoa with two FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL noNCTABT. DITCBOiI LTUUU| wckimvcx a. The following Is the ststemeat of the business of the Clearing House for ibe week ending to-day: Clearings. Balances. TWrrabcr 8 f» m« 06 f314.<71 48 December 5 1,6*6 IVttl rn.ftt7.76 6 .11 .:" ... ivK« 155.7m.a2 Total fIO,BIG.9IOAS fh*»,910.« Lasctnck 8, t The Mcrcsnti'.j trade of the city durine ik« week jnst closing taa ruled quiet, though the ag- I grvgate Tolnme of business sho»a a slight la i crease over tbst,of last week. Healers through -1 cut the interior continue to act cautiously, and I trartactlone are restricted mostly to the meeting I of immediate wants. There is comparatively lit tle speculative movement in any article of com merce. The gtnertl features of the Money market pre sent no material change since yesterday. In some quarteratheiewasantncrcaseddeaxa&dforMoßey 1 ' on pork account, and all the discount bouses re* i port that the market la working cloecv each sue- 1 eecdine day. TLe »h patents of currency to tbs East etill keep U7,snd until the pork crop tilrly be gins to more,tbere Is no prospect of any exchange being made to speak oh Paper is narrowly dia ■ turner U cert-lu u> uid lor Ui» »»**•*• The hog mar* I ; ktl durin* me*l uf me wees «M doll aid depressed. aod prices derived w fhWA ro* 9 *->ut oat nlsT i ! there wu a drclc«* ralty.and prices advancea me P l 110 ns, a bleb was scsialntd todar. tae market ctiamg , firm si for he**T to Hr tit wrtsbu. Pressed have been m-elved to msw citwit, but ihewet sad « vtm vestbrrbts betnuTiur on me rsnlm*. who 5 have been forced to *elt at such pricea si might be of > treed Firaw would do pocb better tocoos-ga tbeir ' lo« sllve. ss not oay do oath romteana coapara • titrfy hltber pnesa, but there l« a »«tued aversion 1 aw.o«Ea.'era operators to meat worn dn-sv-U fijica ■. bo r». sad many go so tar a* to uj they will not par- J ci u»t %.• y pro*, bboutd iter tenut to their de* i btmualloitb- earctou tbs market tor dreassd bon i. ■wvuhlieaiig'Urytita. Tbe csUlemarkr.bubeaa {tucUTt, packers only working on droTcn* accsiuut. S initialed, end loans nre coataed to those who < are absolutely entitled to it. Tha bank ratela , steady at 10 per cent. latlif open market tha j r«tei of discount are 1I&18 per cent for good onU , side and *oeo»d<lass papor. Cull loans are non- . iaal at 8 per cent on Government Securities. Exchange is aearee aafl firm, with occasional sale* from bank to bank, at 40 cents premium- ; Tbe counter rates are Arm at par DnrlngnndWO premium aelilnjf- . . .. . Ihero baa been a fairly active demand for Foreign Exchange during tho week, and a t the dose the rates are a shade easier owing to Um decline la Gold. The leading dealers charge 1 the foUoxtmg rates tor smsUbllli at sljdit: . Gold- Currency. London ¥ £ -terling »“ 17.00 »7.g SSSSJSaffis;::::« Bustneea on the Produce Exchange wis stag nanU Floor was Inactive and nominally chanced. Wheat was dad, at a decline of 4©lc on No. 1, and 33314 con No. i. Com wai fltag rant till ibe d*»ac—nominally. l®U*c Oats were unchanged. Bye was doll and -c lower. Barley was Ui.less. Prorlsions were less active. Mea* Pork declined 85c. Lard was He lower and dun. Green Meat* were doB. Whis key neglected. Wool dud and unsalable. Groce ' are were quiet. Cuba Sugar* declined He. Gold was again lower. The market opened In Sew York al iSSJi and closed at IST#. The fol lowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock broken: 11:80 a- m. 13734 P-» ...137*4 U;B a.n l^U licre the market was quiet—opening at lS3,and closing at 137. There was no counter demand. L Sliver was nominal at 135®US—tho npperfor , tree pieces. . 5 The following table shows the dally range and, ’ closing price of Gold during the week: Eange.. Cloiing. .:iohoi4ih noy .i«i»&iv.H 140*; .TZj SiS3H 139 ■ lass .IJ7Hd 188 X 137 H Monday.. .. ln«day.... Wednaadny. Tbundny... Friday batniday... were • trifle flnnar in New York o>-daj. Sixes of *Bl advanced H- Plve-TweatiM sf *64 were H lower, nod the *Se were % bifiber- Augott Seren-Thlrtiea ad fenced H.'and on the .Tr.lj aeries we sole an Improvement of 34. Th* ctber securities were steady «t yesterday’* raloe. Tte following sbnsri the closing price* to-day three previous dtps: Thor. Pri’y. Sst'y. compared with iboae of the Wed. Hue* of’Sl 113* U 3 lUK ns* Flvc-Twenlita, '<2 ...WS* MS* 103* 108* Five-Twenties, W....lfjC* 105* 105* B«* Pive-rwealk*. .107* 107* 107 107* Seven-'lhlrtles, Aug..los* IM* IM* «»* Seven-Tbiitlea. Jnne.,los* 103* 105* BJft* ’ Her* the market waa quiet hat firm. We quote “ toTKnnxsi excujusiu '■ ciuoam xauut. Bajrln*. Seine* 3i*«,lSbl 112* U*\ vare.isa itn* ver*. laci loo* mfl 5-af*. raall im‘ UMo>,amalL. I£* 7-ou**, let scries l&>* 7- oa, 2d eerie*.... -••• *s£ 7Aft. sd perica It®* 7-arr, imall .. it® June Compounds. ISG4. 11.* !n!j Co?npo«*t.d*,tSW. I*s*4 Ana. Cimpontns, 1964. Hl* Oct. Componcda, . 113* I>ce. Compounds, ISC'-. Hi* Mar Corupoanda, VB3. Ill* Aae. CoajpoQi ds, 1&3. 103* ’Dt. Compound*. 1 ,J 65. lift* 0:t. COT'Don-.da. 1965. ICB* The following quotalloos lor the Public Funds are given by the Second National Dank: onpona, Isfil US* I Jams Comp. ifc84,..116 S*9<i Coupon. iJoiy “ “ ...115* large. . 106* CIOS I An*. “ *‘...18 5-20 Coupon, I Oct. “ “ •••ill •mall 1066106* | Dee. w “...113 umo coop.,large... 00* j May “ UK,...i11* tO-U)Coapop.«aani"t* An*. “ “ .2W T 30, large.. 105*©106* SepU ‘ “ —IM* 7-tt. email. Us@lM* 1 Oct. “ “ ...103 The market for Local Seenrltics is abaolntelj liitelesa. There is no Inquiry whatever, and prices are entirely central. Wc quote: Baytns. Selling. ..3 100 97 Chicago City Ti. Coot County Ta. Owing to the wires being down we are without oar usD&l cable despatch. con nut BCiAX*. Satcmat Btxkiho, December 8,1804. The following tables show the receipts and ship* meats ol Produce daring (he past twenty-four boon: «m:nwi I* IST TWUTI-FOUU HOCUS. .. 4,337 S,4jl 84,131 83.8® .. 10,050 14,683 ... U.7UO 31,918 Plotir, brls. Wheat, bo. Com. bn... Oats, bu... Rye, ba Bailey, bn Gnus Seed, lbs Broom Corn, lbs *■ Cored Meals, lbs Be-1, bits Pork, brls Lard, B)a 1 allow, tbs Batter, lb.- D. Boss, Mo live Bocs, Mo Cattle, Mo Hides. V* n. Wicee, brls Wool, 9>s ..timber, m .. bLIncU t, m Lath, n .. 8,200 14,500 .. 8,180 19,818 .. MIO 10,911 876 19 .. 6,977 2,806 .. 409 1,791 .. 139,875 139,060 ... 610 300 .. 8,010 1.923 ... a,wr 312 .. 741 857 399 15 snmcrsTS fast tWDTZ'Vora nocua. Floor, Mi 4,013 B.W Wheat, bo 6.701 L|t#, L 957 7.7 WU'. 1 Bailey. bn 410 875 iiiaw Seed, S* *».7« J- 100 r.ioowCom,t>fc 57,763 25,111 Cured Meat, lbs 82,83) 171,000 tk.ef.brl* »» ,61 Poik, hrl 705 1,899 lard, lb* 1,320 5,400 bQUcr, The 85,2*9 9,135 iHefsedHoM, No 49 .... 14ve Hocr, No 1.®6 W Cattle, No 671 60 Hide#, lbs 25,000 WT.TrtO lilghwiiiet, bils , , a oS2 WooLfcs 1.080 13.2C7 Lumber,® WU *.*» Shingles, WS 1,018 lalb.m.. ..... 88 191 frSTbrta. STB 1,00! Owing to the storm lart night, the wires were -down between Toledo and Buffalo, and conac* qncnily eo defpslchca were received on ’Change. The altei dance was fair, bat the general prodate markets were heavy, and Utile business was done. The Provision market was slow In the absence of any New Votk advices, and little business was transacted. Mesa Pork declined 23c, with tales (paiilaat«muulof 1,500 brla at 317.75Qt5.00 CUbl 117.77. for Dweeatwr and next wveh'a deliv ery, std |iS.dc, £"Jler December—closing quiet wilh Killer, GrtSSl ttal'»?re ,loit hi consequence of the unfavorable weather. We ‘.wS rales of 3.200 pea Hama at Sc, and 1,500 rbool ders at Sc delivered. Lard wa* dull and taster, w tb sales of 900 tes prime new steam Crease was quiet, with sales of SO tea Yellow at SJ*e. Whiskey was dull, neglected and entirely nom mal. There arc rumors to the elleet that the re tail trado U supplied by Illicit distillation. Bonded " blikey tstybe qaotod at 30&31c. Dreeted Hogs were about 10c better, with sales at (C. 25 and on 300 lbs. moetlyat J&S3 and 86 60. Floor was inactive and uncharged. Some SOD brls charged hands at ( 13A0 for White Winters; UO.U) for Ked Winters; (5.73@10.30 for Spring Extras, and (5.34 for low grade Sopers. A smalt lot of Bye Floor sold at (0.33. Wheat was dull.aod we note a decline of HOlc on No. 1, and 2©3c on No. 8 Spring, with sales .of 41,( CO bo at *3.0101.0* for No. 1; (1.83 fori.xi.3 la R. I.; H.7CQ1.7? for do Regular, and (I.S7© 1.43 for Rejected Spring—closing at ( for No, 1, and Cor No. 3 Regular. Corn opened stagnant at about yesterday’s doting prices, and continued so till the dose, when a alight speculative demaud sprung up, en abling holders to advance (heir views lAIHe. A tout 43,000 bn changed bands at 81&S1&C for No. 1. and TScfbr No. 3—closing with buyer* of No. 1 at &KC, and sellers at 33c. Oats were quiet and without essential change. Sales were made at SOQ4O4C for No. B—the upper figure for receipts In the Northwestern. The mar ket closed steady at 39c. Ryewa* dull and the market declined Sc with isles at SO&tSc for No. I—dosing with no Doyen over 79c. Barley was doll with light sales at CO&G3e for No. 3 In store. The Grocery trade la quiet but stead/ and with out quotable change. Daidware good;, Inclodlng Iron, Steel, NaQs, Metal* aod Tinnere’ Stock, am tn fair demand and prices generally are fully maintained at previous quotations. Salt is quiet but steady, with sales of Domestic Fine at (3.50, delivered. Feeds are dull, neglected and almost entirely nominal. Wool combines dull and sales are chiefly maldnr °° concessions. lumber by the cargo U tn light supply, mod* crate demand and steady. LATBB* lo the dtmooß Com was a trifle higher, clot* leg auong at63c for ifo, Ila store. Wheat iraa Inactive and nominally unchanged. There was no movement inPronalons. Beef Cattle were quiet though the market for good lo prime stock was him at full rates. Aboat HO bead were taken, chiefly by city butchers, at S&II&T’.SS. Received to-day, TO bead; - received this week, 5,5h6 bead. The market doting Arm .at {1 for irierlor to extra. The market tor Hon was tears to the extent of the, all fludlng quick tales at an advance of BfiSOe per ICO t»«. Received to-day. TOC; re ceived this week, 31,135. The market closes at fS.&€G.CO for common to extra Hogs. Chtcmff* Pmtiien Kineh Cmcaoo, December 8,130. The provision marktt u ]o»t nom pmmiac throa<h the trecalUen line between ba-lea«a«e aaj ntaitty. Early la the week price* commetced declining so rap- . t«liy operators stared aghast at th' rcord of their ' traoisctlooa Fvw coeia be foatd ef nfldnt nerve to < tier Into new obUrsUons and the vrry nnCmrorable veathcrrorpscklni; • hxh prevailed adtled to the ti fciirg gloom. Tiro or three new packer* comncneed work.bat have Knud they would hare saved thorn lads by a deny of a few day*. Eastern operators wool! not paitha*. an’iapaOng tower prices, and toe Wect ennen bad cither to go Into stxkor sell at a daily aacrlflc*. A u orl Umrtmtts&ed packer* toat thl* stav* of things oobM net last long, and they insisted on lover pxlcts tot hepu which annex* wee reloet’aLtly forced to accede to. . . Ihe de»ek>pmett» of Ihe present only bear ns ont In onr predictions a the pa u The West and Northwes tern Slate* were t« ported a* crowded with bogs. Th« firtcm ndtcnled the idea, and, crpectmg the high price they have bees accnstctned to, refosed to m*ge bot early contract except at preposterous mtea. ; 1 hey, cctsedccttiy, still are me principal sufferer*, bat ' several ycaxm’eipenctcc at the expense of the packers ; hav enabled Item to rand loaves «ime<inaalTiuy. 1 It sevni* the gvtiers, opinion that rncr* mostmeh a much lower point than hm» been attained, to a* tj rea ' <jcr U e pncktnc interest safe by inducing exportation. With every inducement to Csrme * to hoid back in- ir bogs, and their eft repeated a* <nr meet that tie) would &>.: take these prices, onr receipts sad Kicslne bare been twice as large aa last year**; show- C thst the firmer- kr-owlnj the extent of their nock EiftTbccipUng aover prices rather tnaa bed over In < fare ot an a nio-tccrula decline. Itercclpts of bogs for ibeweennm op aa fallows, , Tlx.: i'rrssed,hlW; U«e,aOoi; total, SlAii; at 3 tht I shipments: Dre*wl,Clß; Uvc,S.oßij tutml. 3,‘dl—letr i tog lor picker*, city co.ttroptioo,*id number left o-'er i tn the pens, t ead tor me correspo .ding period In ISA ibe receipts wem lirwwed. Ill; lire. «jjj; to- I tab f.'Sd: and the shipments: Errssed, 13; live, (,11S: . total. tOltJ—leaving 2.126 brad tor pacsers, Uiy coe ' The ♦ to the present tune ap proximates to fAOCM bogs and lAOJO cstCe. Last rt»i, m the Clh of December, it was recorded as SACO) hogs. There stems but UtUe coabt the scpplJ of bogs In otzr market wl.l be large, twine to >ba huh prices we are paying In com palsoa with other mulcts, and the ready sale th Good packing graces may be quoted at 4k toJVc rren. The mancet tor product* was inactive O J res y.frf«y, when some show -I life was apparent, lias porkhad declined to tor repot,” and til JO for January delivery, at which several thousand bar rel* were aold. hut rallied to *17.75®18J0 tor ••mot" and future delivery. The market was, however, haro taanstateed. and cloaca weak. _ print ncea was cleared out of market by buyer* tor Wew Orleans wrotwk ailauffidmUj ca»ed to bear that cllr ats at 117.03. Fresh packed can now he had at tISJt' to 116.00 per brl. Extra prime and rump. SiU.O3 per trt. Thi weather ca* tlmr ced the* in rrren meat*, in'*, packer* hare been tore -dto aalt dawn <n lt«li own account. The market, however, u atSAsUcforihocldm,6li36!kctor alia and SkStfc tor bam*. Bulk Meat* have aold at tor shoM-teri and 6Vc tor aide*. For tulure deilv-rj they could be bad at lower ran*. Sugar pickled hams firm at lie lor fresh b> early packed. There has been a mode rate lequlry tor Enpilab meats -it P-W.'fc tor Cumber land cut; 9taSi«c f.p abort rthaeu, and SVtkUo tor abort clear middle. A few long cut bams Hcfat averages sold at 9Uc. Lard haa been vcryduU tioßjth there la tome demand tor future delivery at llVQtrie; for ; react tdeUverv to- market may be quo- ThrsMedemaatbelorto SR fbortsales now maturing. Qreaws fins at 9A3}fc jtllow.a:d 7S’e fir brown. Beef nariretutetasged. Tallow doll at 95»AUkC. Grease 9c. Tberallroan eompaulea eastward have reduced their rates ot freight The F ICO na. which, t> a ceriala degree, re men le* theeojuat dlacnmteaUouwhlca has h*cn m»d" nnce lie oik nice of tho tea- on In favor ol QadncatL llawet Mrewamo ± Co. Special ISfoUccs. Dr. Jamhu To those misled and those who mislead them, to tho married and single, to the old and young, and all ■£• ferlng from diaeaset brought on by Indiscretions, ex cuses, or entailed hereditarily, such as Syphilis, Oon orrbma. Spermatorrhoea, or any of the diseases alTeet- Isgthe procreative organa and the Mood, Dr. James will guarantee a cure. ~ Be has made the treatment ol tfcla class ot diseases a ipectatty tor over twenty years, 1 thirteen yean ct which time he conducted Jamn' Lock Hospital, Custom Beus*«u, Hew Orleans sod for the last tlx yean haa been located In Chicago, and lathe only specialist Is the United with wtl . moffials from the preaa, cd medical colleges eulogistic ot »>*- 1MI „ _ isu Buccsaa. edition OX which contains the history, origin, and danger of private diseases-how bow eared, etc. As important feature ot ths bcok Is a treatise upon female diseases, ho w prevented, with directions and prescriptions tor self-treatment. The book contains B 0 XXmo. pages, and Is entirely without oldandyonngol both texea. Price of book SO centa, with tour sente lor postnge. Address Dr. James, P. O. Box 696, Chicago. lU. Dr. Jametean be consulted oonSdentiatiy at his office and parlors, 93 Eaadolph-au, corner of Dearborn, from *a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays during the torenoon, or by letter through P. O. Box 696. Chicago, 18. istrolosy. *pu> ****** tadnenee of the Stan and Planets raveal your Destiny I! Sour Destiny? Your Destiny? tm*t u UF Good or evil? Bleb or poor? An yon to rtae to eminence, honor, wealth and power, or are yon to «inh into obacurlty, oblivion, and he forever un known ? , What an JO O7 Fntnn Prospects la lift ? «To he, or not to be,** that U the all-absorblcg cues ttoc!: TThowlOeolrvlt? The never-iamas Dr. Bs pbael Is the best. He ineceeda when all others hare IhOed. Be solve the question. Be also hat the secret ef winning the affections of the opposite sex. Be guides the single to a bsppy marriage, and makes the married happy. Be shows you the likeness of your tntorc bnahaad or wile. Be can foretell the reanlt of •II buriaera tram actions and speculations. Be can guide yen to wealth, eminence and honor. Be alto guides yon to health, even when yon are gmn np as

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Box 151. lilt gcloe to health, published monthly, sent free to am address. Ur. Louis Saucer* Begelarly Qualified Phvrtclan, S 9 Randolph-st., at tends exclusively to the medical and surgical treat ment of all <ti—s*s of tne GenlUl and Urinary Organs In both sexes; also. Chronic, Nervous, Private and Female Diseases. Consultations confidential. Umos separate. Ur. TbumiOß* Proirtetor of the Medlca'. and Sur<leal Institute, ITS SamhClarlMU. has treated all lorm* of venereal dis ease with naprcceatei success tv nearly lorty year*, bpcnnatorrtaa and impotence treated with the hap piest lesnltr. Particulars of the Institute and the Guide sailed free to any address. P. O. Box 75. Cfii cagu.Ul. Batebeloris Hair Dye, The Best to the World! Hartnlesa, reliable, Instanta neous. The only pcrJecl Dye! No disappointment— no rldieoloo* tints. Slrn*d. Wittiav A BaTCTtsiAi*. N*w Tort. Also. BE’iKSERATING EXTRACT OF MlLiJvFlEOßS—restores, preserves and beanuoea the hair, hold by ml Drugosu. doaiap-iy 2,80 400 2fi.OO> BLtjO 31.150 28,793 4,850 6,970 ffiiloou ana (goal. TLUKOIS COAL CHLEAJP! we ▼in sail la ton of from 10 to 100 toss A No. 1 an tele ct Danrllle Coal at $5.00 per Ton. Alac,l.ofCtonsofScrcaalng.andalot ofNo.lCake cheap. Address aiOttßl* COAL COUP ANY, 494 Sooth Clark-tt. 3£inplomncut. -r'MPLOYMENT FOE BOTH SEXES. DUabled Sop If r*. Widows of ‘lain soldiery and the nreimrtoyrdcfbntb »a« ... l p ia canvas* lor k& illnvtr*ted and elecanuy heard t«ok. Gnt dw on the late Rebellion. Indoco ff DM«ALT. aaorcas yp. 9 CUnt-o-at., Brooklyn. nTy. .MtKRKJAS HOUSE, BOSTON. fbu tavorlts nrft-clais Hotel, the lareeat la Sen Knclsnd, effsra tasurpaaaed accommodations to the ravelling enbhc.^^^^_t.BWiS_HlCK_rioott«em»_ 33t8 Goofts, (Sioccrics, &c WE AKE TO SELL OUR BSTIKE stock of Dry Goods. Oroecrl-a, Bard* ware. Crockery. Atrtcnltnra* Implements. Am; alto, oar *tnr*. wsreboate, crlos Ac., Am, now d. In* a fine trade. Other rmsltew «;* i»e far aelUna. Who wants A,p ‘“ a “" l “ c MOTION »niEI. Gardner. R* 1965. . RAILimA . * TABLE* >*<n uj*. wnt , iT n DsyEiww •••<' *fcSy.®» fs’lpLl txp»\J* •its *. m. Accoujb£u , ,*c *s:iop. m. »s:»p. tn. Woodstock Accom’dj**-._53:00p.n. •WOa.m- 6UUA p-mou ana Cedar Rapid* •fciSs.m. 7;*jp.n. Fallen and 10wa... ..... Frecoort u>d Danleith.. *9:00 a. m. Freeport and Danleith.. •KfcOOp.a. a,op.m. Rockford and Fox River. •*.:oop. a. 11:10 a. a. Dixon. •tWp.n. 11:10 a. a. (Geneva and Flirts • SrO p. a. Bi4ia.rn. Express. •ftOOa.m. *S:«p.a. gfrS; •Mpp.n.-ttopm. Nicht Accommodation i-tup.m. a. m. Eehosbs Accommod'a... 4:40 p.m. 9:15 a. cu Waukegan Accommodx. 5:3} p. m. rSO a. tn, Eoscblll. Calvary, and _ _ F-vanuton.- ... 1:30p.m. B:4up.m •Sundays excepted. tFaturdsy* except. (Monday* exceoted. . yrr-TM^fv w*nAoai>—exxox dspox, woof Morrt"g Erprty -y... ,*5:00 a. m. *8 43 p.m. SSr..V; K. a. -IWO p. m, ExprtM.-'.VS. C m. Night Exprtsa t*ft4s p. n. 13.35 a. m. arm loruvnxi nann. Morning Express........ *7:00 a. m- ••it-Xp. m. ■jcaiaas tomuu asro axs saoaa uxa—*>»• ror couxsa sauaxsoa axn SEaaaaa nasals. , nuAw Mai) *4:lsa.m. *S:Bp.m. Dai Express •'.rfWa.m. "1-iOOp. m New York Exp«*» ** p.m. = Nightßspresi *6ooa. c DXTaorr La«v Mali *4:45*.m. tfeUoa.n. Nteht F-xpresa 110:00 p. m. *S;3S p. m. rrmnraes, tobt wars* axn cmr«o. Mail . „ •t3o*.m. 6:00 a. it. KiVrt* •;rfJo*.m. 12:50 a.m. «stl£ 8:15p.m. 7:40 p.m rtijuaw < A.sraat. t»«t PteM&tei • sOO t- 'itfc P. a. KLciirSnSer *i«!Op.n. •&«*•=• Kack*ke< Acconiino< J 'r. *<:C5 p. n». •ajia.m. ; m * •&%£.&• nonp-c. - *535 o-m. •^3op,» CHXcaM. »c*u»«toa a»P QOM. - •fcOOp.w. *!fc<s *.'=.■ CHXCAM aJL. •*.ji>ca. I «ipra»«MlUti SJ9S-S- Im^d Klch: E*v«*» *ls p. a. »«» »-n , «**•»■ aOTHJ«i nB 113X013 HXTOt, COI. ■ vS*V?Sfeii' 7:00 p E. XCSO p. E. tocmtt' an) inasnu SFhffSSi SSt-5 SLn ■ coU^‘^; ;;;:; SftS: *SS£'£ Clnaxmau Expiws.-- ££ £‘ S' HiißV IctoemodUloß |Sox aneiM. »ock ituxs a»x»ficmc Din.tlUD. D«» Emrv** *ndMsT.«. prelcbu wttt. p*ss«jrcr ax stAOvtc. e ptsaeacex depot ever? n *3r *-£ f r o u' AcconinodxCcr eocaceta with *!• pl S^sj isxmrtn txtnwL mox nocr Tixx nxr mo Inn Vidison Smxt- - .if*" Swc * T "?*; fcno.... •-"- i;S i - - ; laco •»•"• ‘{s2 <«. n p- xa. aS::::: £—- *g J-U o- m- 5:13 acsoar max's. a.m.lJk'a ,.x xa- j11:C.... p.m. | £-0.- * -p.m-1 505- ■nival >»•) Departure of Holta. Tlf followtoz Uth« new table for the erfrel end departure of mine fro™ 'to Hiiaso Poet OOce for the winter, end now In torce: wnrenctoa. F. o. viMonrj. ’’iSt.-meh. Sooth. RB. .... Itg —• Jjo m " MO IMO lm.'.',;Pl>t».*Pt.W«rie ItM *** (nit w *• *• eeoe UlO • u M 11 .. ftOJ 11:00 lift V«.“firc*tEA-temß R.. &» IfcW ?S« Albany* Salem MO IfcOO ,iltM Kaltraad 8:10 StaJ jig £8 £ 5 i ::: l*sassafi£ £ - Railroad. U:SJ SrSO llco ?S::;.nSno». chiral RoR. 7:00 ftOO JE2 tpno ..Sl.Lotds Hailrotd... 5:» ft« GUOBI, Postmaster LIST OF LETTERS. “LETTFES REMAINING UNCLAMKD IN THE Post Office at Chicago, state of Illinois, on the Sts day ofDee- mber, 136*. • or hoc nim, ir*. . IT“To obtain say of three letters the applicant moat cailfor "Aurrmsan Lerma.* give the uaie of this Hat. mad pay one cent tor advertising. ir~U tot retied tor within oxa noxrx, they will It aent to the Peed Letter Office. _ . pr—Letters are cot advertised until they have re mained tn the office one week, and on Fridays and Sat onlays letter* to be advertised are tn the bands of tho TratucrlMne Clerks. M l. DIELCT telterspl&lnlT to the street sad number, as wen »»the Port Office and State. _ _ -1 HEAD letters with the wrlter*»Po«Omcf and Evan.emrr and nsm; algn then plainly with toll came, acd request the answers to be directed ac cordingly. *• Letters to atrsnatrs or transient visiters In a town or city, whose apccill addrew may be unknown, should be marked. In tbs lower ten-hand corner, with the word | Transient.* . -*4. place the postage stamp on the wpb Best naso ocxsncL, and uunirici between the stamp and direction tor rosr-kaxxisa without Interfering with the writing. „ "K.IC-A BEQUEST tor the RCTUIOC of alerter to the writer, IT nnclalmed within thirty days or to*, written or nrlnted with the writer • saws. Post Omot and Stati Vrww the left baud end of the envelope, on ihe toev aide, win be compiled with at the usual pro wba» U»e letter U drSv ered to the writer.—[fte. a. Law of ISO. nr Free delivery of letters to any parttot ths City tJnbe toured by bsTlfig them addroeed to tha street and number. Adams John Qmn S *. Adams H»i™ miss Aaceraon BobertW* __ Abbott KM an Anderson John Henry mrs AuSmlstbuh Applriiy Harriet mn iiimi EUa miss Arthur J mn Allen Ban ha hnatln HatO«4d*i Aldoson Home olsa Austin Del Pert mbs Baker Sophia Dormer AS ten Baker Maggie mis* 9 uoruea Harrarec znlia Bailer Market J Bontey vum« J miaa Baer-" ' l>C| Boring Goaala miss Wkirlmn Bowen Helm sms ‘tSkSLoMflaSt - Booth Bom mUa vialdwm Marr J mn Boyer Matilda miss Ballard Minnie miss Bartow Catherine mr* caret Barno *""t"1 BranscnCarne Mmil nSnSvemrs praxee Eta* mto Bartlett Barah Amis Brandeii uerieuamisa Baruert Belie mli» Battle* jwmn Brigw^Bcua gai^sf 1 ” 1 m gsvifSJ*' 1 " Beach tin*»lenriia Bruee Mabel mtei Luvlnla mn Broomfield H mn Beaty Bridget mtea Bryant H H nn Beardsley Geoliemrs 5 n)98 5*v.,v.- Berry Ellen mn Brown ElUabeth mr» BlsPrilßAmis Buhl Ann* tnlsa Blcetow Amory mn Buck Ella miss Black LW mn - Bulkier barah mn , BiakoUcy U F mn Banneplen Louiao bus Blackman Ella miss Burnsides Virginia miss Black 6ar>b Burner Dora min 88-s£lenMmn Burton Harriet min Bodetecn Ueten U Btuiu ell Dotue miss Bordgmaa Ameßa Butler Mary J miss C Caldwell Kettle Btnln Cole Anna silu Calkins Mary A nn Cole Addie min Campion Harry mn 2 Cosgrove Ff **dS S mitt Caro cron Rate S xnUs Colepy alas Cameras Margaret tut CombaLyalamn Carpenter Ur on ‘ vccaJ an Carlisle Alida mUa Cose Baasell J mn carter £arah mn Cooper J mn CanUn Mary Ana mlu Cooper Auruats nn CarpesicrJL on Cowlam Belle mlu Carr Ansa an Cotton Adelaide alas Carpenter A A an Cowan James an Canon aamoet mn Crandell Ells mlaa Corrigan Bridget Cray IloacUamln Casl£eld Annie M Creighton Alice N.mlsi Chamberlain Harriet mn Craig Julia A mr» Chamberlain c B nn Crawford Kate M alas Chapman Sydney nn CrtUctden Mmole C miss Chsaters Jo on mn Crane Jane mn Cherry barabmn Crochan B mn Cleveland b O mn CrowKrtMarr J on Clark tally Bon Croccerf/ullr Uml»i Close H mn Crnlkab'.ok Margaret on' CoOb Clara mIM Cutler Jamn 8 mn Clara B mlas Curry Catherine mlsa Colebocr Mattie ™tas 2 Catnln*.haa S C mn D Darrow Jane ml** Katy F Ot* PjjStCl)' Ariwinm „ CtSM f Davidson thanes mrs • Doane Bcbeccarwe 3 Davis Jlary £ tsUs Dod. a Dey mn DavUJun Dontofl Oita miH DaTla Vary mrs Doru i!*«ie L Dawes Helen miss Doraej Francesmre Dean 6 EU/a xntia Doyle Saran ml»« Dctirn Fanny oilas DowLlzdemia* Dcmalt Francis miss Dow Mattie mitt Devine Man' mim Daman L C inlM Devcry Nelly mlat DoriteeJaae Dewtrc Variant mis* Bjioaßon Eddy mrs Emmets L mrs Edbrcoke G H mrs Emi >ck I uzle mlxs * Eddr EJUaheUi mrs Escott Charlotte on EcwaStAll!emi=s Enright Ellen mtn Fay Mariha mlat Fcx Mattie mIM Farnttm B J mrs Fox B D mrs Ferguson M J mrs Fo*dtetMarlatrn Flddinc Arnle wi« Facet Amanda il mrs ■ Findley biltn F.wu-r Jane mlsa FUbcr Mary H miss Franks Mollie mUs Fuwert I Ha mlaa Fret, h George w mr» Flowers Fannie mlsa Freeman Lila mn Flannlgaa Marl* Fuller Elizabeth mrs Fletcher Addle M French Lirrlell mlsa Fox Inn* J uxn G OsnapberMarrinU* Gray BC mrs Ornlty Celia mis* Gray Minnie miss Garrey Motile mrs Ura> »ie*r- mrs UanluLlcamrs Gray Martha mra Geegan Belle B miss Gray Phoebe J mla Glbuencn Fr»D> ta Atnrs Grant H mrs GUI Maraart t tclaa Graves Anna R min Gullben Lonlia mn Grancor Goasey min Gilbert Oalde-ntss Grele William mrs GilUngham Marla min Graham Aooamtm Girting G«>.rce mrs Granland James mrs Glover Fannie miss Green Ellen F Glover Maitha L mra Green Addle C mrs Gotdto. 0.0 glamln Grren ABmra Goodin*; D W mrs Green UatUeMmrs GoßMne Chari, a mrs Orkney Alphoslne mUs Goman Ma»glo miss 222“ L I £ 1 T2 m,M — Grant LJleu mrs Gridin bheldon mrs Grant A £ mrs Urlfllt.* Emma C min Gray Alma min Grant c M mra Or»j Mary Wmis Gubbia* Joseph Mara n HarrertM mra Uenderaon Helena M HileUW mra Uayaltoamra Ball inane mrt Hlmtley Mary E art HiHElitamrs HlekokJanemra Hamilton c mra Hipey Mary K mrt HajnlUoD LUzle miaa Hlbecs OteilaEtnUl nanoleta Ha&oorab mrt IBU Lama Cialta □annlsan Kate mlia Hlnchaan Rate mlas Hamah Janetrra Htre-jt Abrncoa mlasS Harmon Henrietta mra HtDAhhleb Harry Marr SI mra Hitchcock Elisabeth mra Harm Mary mra Hill Elndlamlts Harrli SUa miaa Hodae Charlotte mra Uarned Aimle mlu Hodgeman Jennie ml* Harper Jaha & mlu Horn ln*a Matilda Harru etoo C mra Hobart darrj H mrt Bamnpioa M L mb a S Holland Marv n mra Han.ln Caroline mra Hoieyfjrd Hary miaa Hart JlTUcyniHs HopUiw Debtor Htskla Kate mra 3 Hotct sarah mrt Ha>ktll Harriet mra HontpanAnno mra Uaaoen Herbert 11 mra Howard Emma A miaa Hat ca Ellen Howland Ulram mra Heath Frank mlu Howard I.orlnia mra Helm JoreDhlne Howard Mar; ml*a Hendrte A J mra Huranln A Tror* Henry Mar> mra MasliaElleuMnttl Hcsdy Lorinla B mra '•••ydo Frank mra llcnnehxy Mary mIM Oracle mui iTiary Baiaa mrt JacVwmM A tnlu Judkins M P mra Jackin A B mr» JciwetßcnAmra Joctron Clara Jana mlaa Johnston Fraa-lemu* James < Rmn Jobcston Jnilaoua Jacob* C mra Johnston Nancy mra JcnnloK mra K gander Uattfe tnlaa Kenaatl Ilelea mla Kcboe Michael mra Kidder Rate miss Heady Anna Ma’la&ls* Kirkland JP mn Hath llstxle mui Klonle Letilde mra Keefe Ella O miss Stnnle LUile mIM hotels. Keith BA mra KrUeLbrr Jlsry Kelley H Won Kent Stella mra L*bean Mary J mn Lee Mavis miss Labcity Mary A LetU Mary m*d Lstros Mai W mIM Leonard i rank mltf lancer* Harriet mrr Leonard Hattie mlaa Lane Mary BMUa mn law James cr» Llddy Ann miss Lawrence Utile mn Lone M mr* lay NcJne min Lone Sarah Ann mis* Layton Rste mirs Lombard Msry mn Lsranns Man mUs Lloyd Msdora ml* Lcavlit Mime miss Love Aisle ml»* Lthtcr Nellie mi* Ljlc Edith miss Lcfiixn AMe a l»» Lyon Alust mn Lcmlsg Antic sin Limn Ida O mlaa Lemmon Otorgeaa O Mactlcr Mary mra S Miner Marta L Marks an IbomM ion Miller Dora bum Maloney F. me Miller Mary O mn MaraMo E-tward mr» Miller Jennie mlas ManrJeld Wealtay mile Miinnni Jane Amn MapiebAmn Mitchell Helen iqim Marple btnb ir.rt M >ateh:ar Annie ™t«a a*mr»h Belle mlas Merton s E turn r» MoffortTTmn Matkley sbaa) mrs Mom* Mery B on ' Marunllattlettfl MorrisPhcboe mua 1 Martin a I> mr* Mom* Lada alat UaeoaMate pwaa Moon Michael nn t Muuon Lodua miss Morrii? o LlbhiemlM ( Mvttev* M on Max«< H3evrctam* Made/ C mlti' >• Mlln E" mra Morphy Alice M or* ; Mills LaoramiM Mnrphr Annie 9 an J Mills Kate mlaa Varphy .1m i villa A F mra M U DU j Me MePrtdemn McLaarUla Annie min . McAlplnr Mary McLaajAUn mn ' Mactrbe Mad McLaughlin F E mn McCabe Emu a K mla McLary Jamea mrs Mclaaky Betty mra MeKarmara Cathwtne McCormick £IW n misa McXereney Mary mlaa McDonald C A mn Men amory Magrfe mlaa McDonald chrt»tJO min McMa»on.Bnaan Jane , JKIIS" McScJf alter Brtlcet mn Mclntyre Mary MeAmndalla Sarah ml«a 1 McKee Emn McWace Francis mn I McKinley Elizabeth miss McSeynolds KUUe mlii | Mdnttte Mary miss . Nevtut col mn Xenon Clara o , X'ohle ranny B miss KortonEmrs O O’Brien Bridget mlaa O’Brien Marrtemlm OOner Anna miaa O'Bncn Judiui mn Olcott mra O'Harra Mary J mlaa OleottHarrttt mn S O’Cornor John mn Oleou Emily mra o’PooneU E min OliverUlrauln O'Hare Mirrors Orhup Spencer mn O’Malitry Mary Osborne Ida J mm O’SolUvaa Catherine mist Osborne Ksacy ml* Needham Anlemrs Nelson Julia M mis Newton S P tors Ncshlt Carrie miss r Parrl»h Sarah mra Pierre Helen O Patterson J at taxt Flamer Mary A mi* *anl Rote mUa Polass Jennie bum *enttco« Mary Jane cars Pollard Matilda miss rmoßiUmr, Potter Jane bjl« ’ease Jlmerra tors Pwwclt Pro ncs ’eroy benry mis Pender graat lleill* miss nnj 7 mrs Powers Nellie ml»s PeikmsN liars Preston Emily min Pmj J runic mws nitchird Hannah S min Pcttenon Emma C Pomrey SEmrs PeUr*Loot»a«nlis Pred l/-trteml«* Plus Harr E mbs Prlneßßalis PltktßEPnm Prince Emm* Q ml* Pit* In* Minus Quick An;ell* tart’ E Ratftrty Manta mi* RoMaß Raycer Mary o>n> BoMnwm Ira xara Undefield Jolla mn BoebeElen Kf ri d 'ft cm Roach Motile mla Reed Helen Kna miss Keren John M me* TUicHlill G w mr» BoUsnd Alice min Richards S tl an Rolf Kate on Rich** Bather ala Boatnfleld Carrie mlai Klee HI-Idle min Ronrke A K mn Rich Wm mn Byekennsa C mn Rice Henry mn Russell Rat* mn Ryder M M mn Ryst dies F mlu Rcmtsmoo Fltra mn Rraa Thomas mn lamey J mr* Ryaa Blira nl«« BotlKon Mazy min Rattray Minnie mm gsbln Jolla miss Slater 3»«ar mUi saaom lltuie ml*« fcqnlrea Libbl? 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LADIES’ LIST. *n Stella J mra •on Jolla 8 mra Rlinle Fxama B mn Kirk Kate miss KlneFßmra Knight barabmn Tailor mr» Th-mpsoaMarymn Tsico-.t J H mn Thomas Mary mn Tfwkhcnß M mn ThOTSS Hannah J min Ihimoaw Kmrs Thomases Mo.lla mr* Thatcher mn Tbomaa B F mn Thurston D mn Ti oallis n Joseph mn IbnspwMtry Son Tolly Della ml« IhomlaMTmna TarnerUacy A Thomas Jiathaaßmn Tarda Ihchtrd mn Tanahtlne Amanda sci Tasloaa Sarah Tan ten hob Joan mr* Tanaistine Cynthia »m Vancha A K mr* Tolwiaer Cornell* mu* Van Meter Sanford mi* Valentine an W*cner Melinda Mxnr* Walsh Mar? Wadawonh Edwin U oa» wneuer Margie miss TTino Lain Wheeler L 8 mra Wklirr Coni**mu Wniteomb Neitt «M tor* Wale*'Deborah Wbt'more Bertha mis* WahlscMCmr* wijtntaa At* mra Wallace Lea Dies Wa te Sarah b mlia Walker Boee J mr* White J mra Ward Eyl*U mrs Wn<»« Sarah mUi Warner stifle mr* willartAßmra Warm r Kate nils* Wicker Joe: M mr* Warner Lncy A min Wilder Lilly min WavcnKZmra WPlla lf»-y Charl'ittemlm Vkltmta WewSl* mill wither* Mary L mn Wttt Mary Lain Wring Bn - *'C miss wmi main C M mra Whitman Bertha mlm Wash’ am Geo E mr* WUilamvi- £, B mi— Waibbnm di e E mles W tnU* Waterman Joll-Oe Wltios Haute Minim W»t«on>Btnra* Wilson Ek*mlim WataoD Camemln w>|»onAcv*nil3« Wearer Jollel>emrs WU-ooMatU-rmlu ncttflmn write JeU- LmlnJ Wenger Fate mr» Wyman Ada Lnl* Wells PbUUp mr* Woolarott Anna mis* Wet MW an Worthlaztoa Finale Weston Blanche ml* Wood Bra ial*3 ■WdchOOmra* Initials. SMmra DM mUB P Minnie talas lizzie AM nn GSMTIiEaXBN'S LIST. Abbott Henry Q Andenoa BobertAinoW Jemei Ahernetbr Join- A Antild John It .AMreemy Adams CW Anderson John T ArtUClinWh Adams C K Anderson John Ash Michael Adams Silas O AnderaonA Co HAaabrldye Abra- AdamaFHATW G bamo mi mi Emory Ashton William AdhtrDanlela AndewwPLa Ashton Joseph Alnscow EdwardAndrowa GeoA Afhtonn Albert P Andrews J R Atxlnsoc, Enisnt Ai lit Lewis AnorewaJM *« iicSnSlKam inane wc AmneooCj».H Alda D A Anthony Daniel Atwood Jo bo tin» as Anthony F Arcry dr Samuel Aiklre Adam Archibald Allen Jr master Secret AyetaQA EdmuadA ArmoarJP Ayre Geo A Allen dr Horace Armstrong JaanZAyreactaP9 P Allen Joseph Arnold George Marcel AUisoh B Babcock W C Itßtgden Britton Bobm col Broddle Coleman Bacon J B Bell ST c*• Brockway Jerome Ballej John mngb*jiT Leapt H BamßcnJamln BJalTnJdr BrookaßW Balne Jaa Bl'oop A H Brooks C A Baird B F Blackly T 8 Bros H I Baker 831 Blackman F Brown nr Baker Henry mark-man O H Brown WHA Baser Joae MS Blair O W Brawn Sarny Baker We S Make AVflfrt Brawn tiamodW Baker WD Henry Brown Joseph dr Baker MH * ErowaHosmerA paid.--” _3 T Baldwin J C Blake Walter Brawn John D BaldwinUG Blackmore Jo* MIST Blakely Thom aa Brown Flotenw BaUmaaJcha ElakraW A P hocßrowa Andrew A Ealtrt* Henry Blanchard G A Brawn B Bannioa A Blara W A Brown * «p Bartow Lewis BoeklsaCUaß ®™ w »is^ co Barlow U drl BoOdeaJota BrMJtwEH BStfc 8 * fsa'l*" Earee. Fanrael *|^jm*oo w ss2rtß*ig Barnhart CL Boaely Frank Bryant HB Banddee John BonldlneA CO Da. BamttJohnW Bowen. &a Back Samnd P Barett S S Bowers 4 co Bneh Barrow* ChaaH Bowers^ Edward Buell Jai BarleitSelh liowes Jonathan Hodiarary K Barton Jerome K Bowes E N . BaJ, aa^Fh J * • p irVt , * j Bowlea J O oof Bullock Geo E ‘S“ t wc*wS‘ b « iSSffiSSij issssg.' sssfs* Bates Edwin uettoe Handy BtffchFH BaScnaTlUel Boynton Ge-.rgo Unrtham B Q Battermu John Brackett H 8 BaiwrMH Bradlbnl WmAAJJorteßaTid BSSSmd co ’ WtePaUldc Beard JS BrwistawJJ F F BaaroleeWß Brade Hior-a- Frr'arlJartln Beattie Win trwjJK - ■ >ri ‘ V* * 4 f*. . Bchher Henry iU*«r <'r? • w-ra JwstnUs*' Beebe Jama |,r*:r-; - UarbsUUoJ Bcuey «• Harrell J*s B«*caK B Pr*la«d TTa-rr iU btowstot HTfe? feaa gS'i’o^c 1 SSS‘.tD A lsSs»iuat>p» b“K SS s &^ J /c,^SSiS.^r *??sSr Bsais-B.asa^ ESJiSSf %! , ?^ UDU £^w“ Ii fmrksnl ftLsns ChaaeMß Confer Joseph cSdTrOWm Cheer CbstleS OonelvOwea | ; cadvDftco child U s conlon Peter cttiJoba Childers Charles Connor Thomas B ffiabsnJotml Ctuna Scott Ir Conover ft UsU J ; CiSerenO CMitenceaf J Conrad JH | Cammcn AnlhonyChrtrten Je»ee Conroy Jams* V M Christy John A 1 Cook DK „ 1 Campbell ASt J Church WRft co Cooley Char la O • Campbell Alonzo Chnrchneolr cooper Orrllte A 3 rigpneiio chuieJnolliUon Cooper W . rt? Shell G J Clapp E CopUa ThoS ! Campbell VTsßsccClarey Cornelius CorblUß»rge W ; Ml Otri flenryD CorkcrvJoha CarenhellXlV Car* T prof Connlcc Sami c£?ftb« Clarke lb dr CoMettWUdam < Carder Chas Clark EO CotrallwS Cone Charles M Clark dr Cotton R H Carl Mathew Clark U U rev Corel Wm L CarleGcorge Clark Daniel W Corel MUo t CariUle U W Clark Amos cowan Robert C Carlin W J Clayton l. H Cowles J W rirrSiter J H Cleal Charles Cox George Clemmena Leon- Cralk Theodore P Carr Henry} !iisD Carroll Thomas Clemmrns L D • Crandall ok CarteJU Cllderell R Craae Barnnel Carson David 3 Cliary ’ohn CartcnFU Clifford Frank CrawfirdJamaaw Carter W Cline Joseph Cartwright J D CUmleJohnM CreUbbjoWE Caseß Coadeyßst Casey Thomas Cobb, Andrews ft CMfoptWtn D.T CaawellW CSDt CrookCt T Catuhcrty James Cochran Geo Q Ccwsitaa Q W t CavscßCnPliUlP CoftrJohnll CrosaJoba Chßdwj H C Cogar llarrtßon Crowanon Patrick Chambers David WtllumCrowell Augottni ChammoQ Bob’l J Crump Joan J yp " Coecwsll Charles Cruise Joseph Champion RE H Cuiberi«nar Jas Champion B B ft CoieD Calm* Peter Cole UK Conan John CbamoUn teloss Coirgrove Frank Conan l*atrt« ■a * Colima KB Cure Miehsel U W ColUn. I. . Cbastn John P CoUna John nWCertls Hurd L ÜbattnllftiO CaUnaWmß cartiaad fboodore Chapman 1> ColsonSß Culler -I II i Chapman Edw H COllyer bamual Cutmore Cba. C Chapman Bonce Conant WO Cnuin* Otl» S i u a condoo Robert Cutncs J C i Chapman JD ConcJ K cattmxJSft eo Chaw Richard D Cone CM Cotrlgia Michael Chase Jamcscnpt D Dalhcff L H Denslow Vanßn-Donw Ely I T)«mCi) rra Doucn-rtr a j I Daniel Wm Derell Henry Donnaa Edwin 1 Daniels Allen Devine MA. Downer RM J Dinks W K Deveral Freder* Dowocv Patrick J DarsleyJohn W lek DowleWllllam j DarnlaßM Dewerß, DoyleJaa I Davenport Oca Dice David Drummond Prank I Davenport A U DlckJacobW boull 1 Davie CTrcll Dlrkerron Jas S David l Davis £ Boyd Dickey EF Dud ft cowan l Davis Harry B Dickinson DQ Dunbar CM i Davis TP * Dickinson Frank Duncan T C or ] Davis SB Dickson TH Donomson capt A l Davison John Dixnaa Mlcaael Dunlin Joalan l Dawson Un am DUlon William Dunn John T j Dtan Albert Dlxaon Peter Dunn Nicholas j Dean II Dome Chaa Dnan B DesnWC Dodson CbasH Dunning LM I Dean M D Dodge W 8 Duantne Wm A ] DcanSE Dolan T DuoqluxJH Decatur Albert L Dooely Jas DanloaG B Decker Frank L Donojhue Jobs Dupont Chas ft oo g DcTomt Samuel Dcnougbue Jas Durand CLft co pt Gartner U rev Donovan TlmolbyDarnnr Chat Dell ii M Donovan Jas Dnrpny C H Dennebey Wm Donovan John Dwyer John DenscheyftShar* DoaovanJß. DyrRD " to, 1 Doolittle mr Drer Lewis B , 1 rennlsJohn Dore Satchel!C Dennis trank J | DcnsUonEphrlamDorrUAftco 1 B 1 Ester Gooree Edwards A sniaWUUam^ • f,t° mr Fdwards CM3 Emmett Hebert » Eastman Dexter Edwards JobnT a Ennis-W i Eastman £U Fxtn Jama L Ennis Edward I Evrtman Edward Egan JW Erlckiiu K A Eaton William KkdF Evans James ! Eaton ChasP Egan Thomas Evans JW * EarerslberoasTECredJohn Evers John ÜbttiJobnJ E'drldteH UhamSEversole E C ! Ecklcy Cbanea T Ellas E H Ewer J <1.,., I EdainkUmWaltemlilottWllUe Kwlnz William j j * Elliott mr Em el and Me Amt j Geo I 1 Fahey Patrick First dr _ Forsythe JH> Fallen John Fuher banlord 0 Foster iPnJammF Farcham K H Fisher LA Foster HA Farnum J K Filch WlKUra Foster Nathan S Farrsworlh Jo> Fltztatrlck Wm Foster P irptt FUrpatnck Jcbn Foster Champion Foriiivorth mr F _N _ Favor A M Fitzpatrick D Foster Geo luctlCLl FlausboighJohn FoxPatrlck D FerltrsC W rapt F*teh,r b B Franca J?ha _ , Fenton Qas Ii FUna Tbumas Francis Daniel D Fcrcu&on Wm JU-Flowcrs 3 U rev., .. (ersoo UnkeLH Franklin John I Ftrtuscn John Fly.n Bernard FraasoTT FrrcuiotJ FljimPß Freoch 3^_ Fenom W * Fony'lmon ftench Hubert E FmUED follttt l»«o W Free man Isaac Ferry U Funds Wm B Freeman Geo E Few OK FrtlchloA Field SC F. rc j Q Frank Milo HJ m Field Sanfbrd ft Ford O Full-r A Wells FordS A . Funster J eapl Field Cbas Ford E Furber HO Fle'ds o;tver Forrester Angus* Furgusou 8 U FieiosKL tus na»W Leavitt For.ythe ft Pat- FW or FtLkßmiT tenon FemeCollaCJ flansy B U Forsythe Wm B Finn John 3 Cage AT Ollleaple Tbottas OranlF : RacelllramM GUlett Albert F GiayOS Gaines Ara OUltnannF OreaneyJMa i Gilmer Wmf_ Greeley S F I Galiacar capt D GluncreU'ntFL Greccrp ; Ga laater An- G lie ora Frank D OrecneltT I tbotef Glorer ern Green S 8 Gardner tcrniro Glorer w OreenGeoreeß Gardner Wm H OlccbßC Green George H 3 Girdtttr JitnesS Glynn Patrick Green H & Gardner BD GodDey Michael Green AW GalcaG W GoldsmithH Gre-*h HU I GaieaJamraA Goodin* JH Green JL GateaAcoFA3 GoodiDgtlaicaceoree&JobsT Gates FA - Goodman Henry SUrecae W B 3 Garcn John Oooanow W H Green Wm H Geary John W GoodncnHO Greco George G : < toe John Goodrich MB Green Martin QseoF Goodwin Will GroenleafZQ3 < Ctocr* Wm H Gom Oliver 8 Green John | Oeorie A"P- Goes Fred Orele James Crtvifte UenrTl*-'li«ach JobnD Grennln Chaa I GforreftWiffiaa»witfifc***«oWmGprayJarrd I Germain Geomßuonl&O Gnoley llecry 8 Gibson Joan M GoukPjfcW OjJlBaWmC GUtlcw rex John GooMleg “P* 922*5 Wl* A A ; Gibbon* i suldtß Chaa?. X, P2?“‘st 0 £? J 4 1 GUicrtWmO Gowda; r> 1 GUI 1 bon: as Lrvthu: • maete Cl’lard Joseph 3 Ors.'Jß FtotnlCf • riT= ! GUicnJohn G'antrex JoM i rv Barker AlfOTd Tlctaiae Jcrrx Thomas Hancock Geo B A.« BjlJittd. BU- H g 2. J , Pt— . EiJICbAa 4 ’ n«urjGeorgen HallEJdr Hoff All* , HuossT arJU-ary . nSiiWhM HrtAhawChasJ Moran 9|lx«ur ni iSrt3sbnwrmM2HoTn L j Hsjij Besot derrick w)QWm H Horn Lewis L Utbben Kd Q fi^j«^Hj^ sa «i Eis a Bashy B Br«T Hlgga James capt Howard WUIUm IS ST fe I liiaor refer HowelUchard ' nSSyFltro Hlggletcßobert HoweJoanT i HaSw« BlßS’Thomas Howe ft «> Kdw uui William Howe KS _ j SSaVom umjc B..we Newton W nSk«T?aßia*2 HUI Jerry N capt Howoa 8 B i n h MIUDD HoyeimaanACO nlttiiirnTliM HiUn&uuaG Hjft » Injw- HarteaWUllaaiEHUtcnJ W bridge j Safest* i |^sss , g"ss«w' »^.“**sss!Sr S2uSAcr.vBSS.JOM. {}”«“, 1 gSiSS": SffigSiESorHSySy nffreJ* jacsehl Holleswcrlh nr Banter B<* t SSSS.Vj va SS“»J»» =»■ ; Hfctrh Anson Haunea * Marus TT i KitlL vr Holme* JB Huntlnrton JoeD BaT?UM>ert HMSeaUßrex gnauerausl# : ,12“,SjiVir S?!?sr.“A el i iS^ K gSu“i“ A . STwSb ' Boirubdwtn Holly JameaJ Bnatey Ja* I Heermaas Ttoa Donaa IhomM Jackson JD dr Johnson W J Jtctoon CylT«terJohnson O J jg°g £ ? jeS2cnl*bert Johnson John Is«am Jensins Anderaon worth Aco 3SSL.S J iss..Ssi- JchrsonW B if i[ in r"‘ ii v ! Kean John Kendall John H Blmball Q£i ! K easel boa KenflallJaaß Kimball OB ; Sramsltos J Kerry DFol SSffiS? Awtt k&^’Sh, Xtece FG Mace Klajf Jollna A Keefe Lawreiee Kctmedy Wm Ktnoo John Eecsefly John n y KlcftrJohnS Kenyan AS §^v n tn« r KercheralW G Klnrsnxns Kly^AH &co KerleyßA SH!?SSSi 0 -. KeVy MJetart Kerr as Joan brs.-’bnrT A Mar K^MC^* gaTisatt iissjom vSSoSts Kellout itarando KW»ej W B KUUldg«li®7H kSTS Dttlel KHett Geo F , Kn-ipaan John B RtodrA Kimball JCrtTl KmJo Myron A KeUej tdward KimfeaUJO- CUrt * EemptrC KimtaQGooF White EttuaAftniey InreyThomasE LelandhF T JSSf»m affl.. itSna LelieWSl I^xAVml UmbteSc vJSaonVa f«T«weU George te^rdGco lAnloiiian Bros LewUJotn Lov^aoeP mbs John LoveJamnel A iliSoDjS llccolu EJropt LovWliUam SSonSP Lintsy-e«a»rA LoyrdroJae , WmrtTaleott LanwWmDl Lav try Joseph n VStttnP C LavtcceeeatnnclLlon AMal l^gjuPG Tnvlnn Joaenh C List Allen LnUU Jaß Lay Cha* Locke E Aco Lynch Jerry LaitcnßP Locks Morgan lynch A X#andcrCharley LodceTboma* J-yt“i° ! ? a r ,. ? ~_ Teary C P Lex an W B gth Lybdbmjl Copley Lee Israeli Logan S Lyon John MacetbeoAco May Jos J&SSS?* uifhf* John 6 Kit A Art6l Moor Ai«y MackXcn MayoWßAco Moriaaflanry MarkCGdrS ' MewdTbosH MorsaaPLAco Madison A prof MraderOeoß Morgan JasO SUrulre Mlcfcatl MeaderQoo Mahanc* John Meany T Morgan Edward MabcneyTlmoniTMeeiisG Charlie M.hoaeyMJcbaelMenrtiß J««* Mahoney Johsß Merrill I. LA CO inlah Mahoney Ju MeftUlGM MorelyAß Mahoney HenrrWMerrlll BeaJarjia Mortcy WE ter Mallet ■A'bn Merrill 9 A Morin John A 3 Mniterr'WtsP MeMtasr’ CUM Hilorrl* DWC Mallory A W f Mortis Charley Maloney Michael Mec** j 0 ta ilomsoa Alex Masagtne p*trlciM»' c «jT Samuel Montsoa A Manlxood ChiS L Morrison J U MasnGQ Milz»Wmo3 MoraaEW Marble Charles q Ul i lcr nilico Morse Roblß MarehAlonxr a Miner Wm W 3 Morse BJ Marion Boy* Miner J & Mosher TA . Marshall % imam Miller Henry bon Mois W C Jr A eo Marshal y, q Miller Robert S Moss Johns Mar**- on Mills Jobs B Mo»e»Job Ma'ctoa Etubarl Mills Herman MottramLo Ca Miner Leslie Mouram H Martin Fred'S L Mistier Seth T MacbmoreEl MartinTK MltrbellCOl Maldoon John Martin JasH MUcbtUUeo Mull Jacob Martin Jobs Mix Howard Mn'lalyJ Martin Wm Mixer n prof Ualien Paler M.nla O B MohaaP. Mnnroo John MasonP Moloney Oeorce wooson WCS Matter JB Montgomery at-Murphy Wm luster F chlbald Murphy JaaQ Matchette A C Moody Aeo MnrphjTbacnas M alter P 3 Moody Joseph Mo,oy Patrick Mathews £T Mooney C Murray Bernard UUica Ed«ud MSSnecri UMJMJMiaiio. MaxtcM AS 3 More Henry MnrtanchOF Maxwell J Moore WP capt Mos^ein^DL Maxwell. 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My 'steer and ail bit (hml y hid lived and died there aid dice of Pulmonary Consumption. On. my arrlral at Moorestown 1 was pat to bd,» here X lay tor many weeks In what was deemed a bootless cosdltlon. Iff. T born ton, who bad been my father** fa winy phj Melon, and bad attended him is bis last ill ness. was called to see me. He thought my case enars ly beyond the reach of medicine, and decided that I meat die, and care me one wet* to arraogs my tempo ral afiali*. In this kpparsnlly hopeless crndUonL heard cl tbs mood** which I now mate and sell. I* stem* to cc that! eonldteel them working their way, tad peaetrabr.g tvery nerve, fibre and tuns* of my and '.lver pet r,n a nrw and the map bid mans.*. wU-*i ban-or yrar* aeromnlated andirri tated the differ* '.t .>ryaa* cf the body, -hrsluatod; tbs tnbere r* is; limes ripened, and I esA from my iu-t» zs asach os a plat ot yellow offtatf r« matter ever* morning. • As this expectoration of mat ter subsided, tbe lever abated, taepaln left ms, the cough ceased to harass me, aod the exnaosung nigh* sweats were to longer mown, sad Ibid rm«hlhg sleep, to which I had long bees a stranger. My aopo ntt row began to return, and at times I lonad it diffi cult to restrain my without eating too m-cH. With this re torn if health I gained In strength, and cow am Ceshy. lam aow a health; nan, vita a targe healed cicatrix tn the mlodle lobe of the right teas and iba ower lobe oepaHsert. with complete adhealoa ot thw pleura. Tbe left ions la sound, and tha upper lobe cT the right one is in a tolerably healthy condition. Consumption at that ante was thought to be sw incurable disease by every one, pbyMelont as veil as those who were unlearned la moil cm a—especially erh cases ss were reduced to the condition l was ts. This induced many pec pie to belt eve my recovery only temporary. 1 now prepared and caw medicine* to coctamptiTea for some use, and made many ful core*, and the demand increased so rapidly that 1 determined toeffer them to the pnbUe. and devote my undivided attention to lung disease*. In truth. I was next to (breed to It, tor people would send (Or me, tar and near, to ascertain whether their cases were liks For many years, tn ecajnnctlca with mr principal office tn Philadelphia. 1 hate been making regular pro itasiotal visits to New York. Deaton. Baltimore aad Pittsburgh. For many years past, I harem vie as many as flw hundred examlcaucns weeitly, with tha “Besptrame ta." ForsachMsminaaonamycharselaßVtfdollara, and it enable* ns to give each patient the true roma nce <'fbls disease, and tell him frankly whether ho win ret well. Tbe great reason why physicians do net core Cos ‘■KfriyV-ir *■* t! *’ ***** try to do too much: they ctm mccr.vrTi to'»io'TTS«ta«h- vs»‘ap tnenleht sweaM, - beetle irvor. sad by so c. «T»tem.|rcbar.g spite SKtJdloas, sad even, n e psUeatdlc*. " * WilsiaoßicSyito Is ooe cf the =« Tal-iabla''* meotanesnown, liusument, power full* bealtns In itsclL it contains no opt urn. yet pbeigm In the bronchial tabes, sad ascarntartTv* umT with little exertion; oto boul# fraootnuy enraa an or dinary cod; botli will bev-nanttotaxe a <m« oC Schenck‘s Mandrake Pins, to cleanse the stomach. Tte Pcimonlcbyiuplsr>-adliy digested acd abanrood la*r* blood, to which It Imparts liseealing properties. It ta one ol the best prevaratiooa or iron lan*; «tw a pow erful tonic cf Itself: and when the Seaweed Tunlcdl*- soivm tbe rnneus in tbe ttomach, and U earned on. ay the aid of the Mandrake PiL's, s bealtny flaw of gastric mice, good appetiteaadagooddlgßitlia fhßow. 1 -rbeSeaweedTonie la m stimulant, and none other is required when It U used. It la pore audpleaiant, no badefftets like when nslng Boarhm whl-aey. whlrh disorders tbe itomacb, torpurs the nver. lock npadl the secretion*, tort* I«c biwd If to water, dropsy ecu In, and ibeoattmt dies suddenly. _.. ~ BonrbonwbUkerurecominended now-adaya by al most every phyMclan. Many pa’ients who vIU. my rocma, both male and temaie, are emptied witn un* pol*on. The remf la temporary. If they roara. toey ukc a lithe whiskey; If they feel weak and feeble, they take a Uttle whiskey; U they cannot sleep, they take a Uttle whiskey; ana tnen go on In this way, rajairuta more and more, until they areb oatednp, and loisgliw they are setting Ceaby. the stamactu liver and di gestive powers are completely destroved. and 10-e their appetite lor moo. J*o cue was ever cared of cons amjh tion by inis proofs, where cavities have been tartma tnthe lcuk*. A little stimulant Is ireqaeitly beneficial to eoniun ptlvea, tnen as pure brandy or guoa wtne*; In mar} case* I«ndnn porter or brjwa st- uClo mod» rate quantities; bnt Bourbon wbiskoy batfeoa on Ib siradof enilrircotsnirnUOD. ... Tbe SEAWEKD TONIC pro-luce* lasting malts, tt&ronghly Invigorating the stomach and dlseaave ft stem, and enabling It 6c eliminate and make Into healthy flood the food that ms* b- u*r»l for teat pur pose. It is so woadertui In Its effects that a wine glass full wiu digest a hearty meal, and a little ©t tt taken IxfurcbrtskXaJt will give a tone to the stomach which fiw n.itl!clre* pcs*r»» the p-»er ot doing. The MANDRAKE be taVen wtth «tOra safety by all ages and conditions, producing all the - -*rt rcsulta thst can be obulnea Com ca.omel or any SrVN* meclclow. and without any # ot their Sirtnd ?su:a - They carry out oflhesy*- r° r .Hr_°riL 1 . i^ r r -tot matter* loosened and tern the fKnlent and wort**. , dlssolveh ty my Sea«ral Tunic auw ■ It win be seen Uut all three of r.v mcici-- 8 arcnc **- ed In moai casern to cure ccnsnmpUcn. ivttects can consult me profea'torally at my rooms, 32 Tors,every TCEsDAT. tmm * a. m.toSp.m. All adnee free cf Charset but tor athor uDfh examination with his ro»plronsvUtr, fh. Pncsoc the Pnlmonle Syrup and Seaweed To dc, each |IJO per bottle, cr 17 60 ihe naif dozen; Mandrake Pld>.» cent* a box. Soldby Crag;lst*aad d. alert e>'erywhera._A full supply ran Mwav* be obtained at his p oms, 33 Dond-*uVew York. _ _ w DEMAS HARM’S A 00,31 Park row. RcwTorfc, General Wholesale Agents. (Eoilct articles r'IiCASSLAN CAL LA CREAM. 1 ) reaby Excelsior llsir Dtewlcs Is raaldlr acoslr eg a high degree of doerred popularity. Itt* put v- in the most amine ana clexant style, end Üb«- •enten to the public ss the most desirable article of the kind ever Intreducvd toto Ibis c xmtry. It promotes ibe growth sad b*auty ot tae Hsir—prevent* la fall loc out—removes the uandruO, *ul clean*ca tbs Scalp- It 1« slio clesnlf In Its aa’nro sad nut likely to soil Collars, Rlbrons. or Bmnet Trimmings. It roeota mencsltstlt Try it, ami be Bald boihot. Ferrate by FUII.KR FIN'CH * FULLER. tW. S-f srd 126 Mariet-aL: SMITH A DWYER, 92 sad 94, LskMU: LORD & SMITH. J 3 Lae*t.;IIGKMIAM» A VaN 1 SCdAACK, 1C UliMt,; DIETZSCH. DLOCIU ft CO.. a» Norm Curk-n. JSctoms fHadjines. jgLUPTIC Sewing Machine Co. IIIGIIEBT PHE3IU7JL Lock Slilck Sewing Machines IcißDVArebly the Best forFASIILY O*K. Highest premiums, (told MedaL Maryland Institute, Nc* York s;d rmn*TlTScl* State Fairs for l**k wanted jn every ciauty In the above EOLE’aGEKTS FOR ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI. MOREY & SHAW, Offer—No 02 %Vaehtngien«et.. Chicago. Drufmsalfi -jVOTICE. Ctrrow Borax. Oan*>snmoir.lf.T.»l SrrsaisTiaonsT'a Or run, Notirmber Jl S Sea.rd pri pcaali will be received at theoStesofthe Sopenttcndenlof the new Cu-iom House at Ogdena l)tu sh, N .T.. until 15 -’clock m ,lbessthd»y ufJaunarr, J?e7, tor (nnrsblog a’lddrtlverlTis dlmea‘l< nitoaeiCir Use onUtoe atone work of th>- bolldlnr abiee Uts vnt>- t iic. The none rxqnlmt I* for has* and b-et courses, window illle*.UoUj aid mneis. imooat moaldma. -densconrs?.Qioiaianl talnga ol cUniEC' top*,nod alto for aahur, ifd-cmed f>rtne Inunat of the Government to ui? asbUr In th • place at urnicd trick. Any gpiciw of (tone, whether granite. marble or andstone. miM, or anr other, niar oe anomltted,bat wiateverku <1 may mnat be of the mm* dnrab.e qaaltty. at coed tutor, fine train, Impervious to water, orrjtctlj nsafected by rrost and ca pable cfrecelrlne a fine oniah. The sizes < t the stock required are xarlons: tb* Ir dlm*r«toas may be procnrrd from drawings at the Snperin rtenCa oQce. Ibe total amount .of three dv tsecil jQ itonea. exclusive of thfl sshUr, will be,oont IJ.DMcnUcfeet. Tteetooemastbe delivered tniberoash on inerltc o' or aoch place asms? hedMicnatedbr the PtioertMi-ndent. and pro prialsmoat benaoe by the cable foot of «tsne deTver* ert. Itclurlveof ad fretxnt, hamlaa, Ac. Measurements to be n arte on delivery, by authorized scrata or tho fcapcrictmcenl. andtenper cent, of all payments re- Ulcrdcntl l completion of contracts. Tb- prupoaala for t*hiar ma>’ be for + lacb andS-lnch ashlar, by tbs vapcrSrlal toot ot each kind. feamrlrarl six Idcms robe, ot the atones propos'd tobcfbiDftert, tncatfceiobnUUerttjtne bgperinicart entb-torctt.eopcblncol HepropnaaU.with tae vari ous anlea of coning or hv*.merin?need on the elan of Hour,'and properly marked with the name of the par- Ora by whom aohmltted. . . .. _ ... Ibe whole amount of the »tock r*qtttred to be deliv ered by or betor* the in of Jazc.lHßT.aad UndeUverr lor the lower conraca ol ‘tone to beeln by or tore May l»t. IB6T. Ibe Department reserves the right to rriect ary or all the propoaaii. . , _ Ail blda meat be accompanied by a bond of two re apooelbie peraora, tn the mm of, that the Miller will accept and perlbras the cottrart It awarded to b.m. the autSldaKT of the aecanty to be certlftel by lheCcliecli.rof lotenal Beycnaool the District. Prrpcsals abonld be endorsed ••Pr,’p.»§al tor Stock tor Dreeaed btone Work.” and addret-ed to N. £**««*» OF THE CHIC AC' ■ &. j jriVb'R‘ ttjafV - T . shiwyAanr. Ca : -' ' Seaiwi Prc;o«tawni h«rec<tyca s- '.*■ t>v.L-5. 10,000 EAMOAL ?aOSS-T!EB, To be CeliT-rra in Chicaao wtaiC: ninety daja afVr the openlcgcf Uk- naTicatto’i la.hV *prtns of 1957. The lira W> 8 fcet long, 6i« U be*6% and oxS If aawed. Fropoaala will aute Stnd of Orobcr oSered. T. D. BLACSSTOXE. ITcaldeat. DROPOSALS FOR OAK TIMBER J~ healed Proposal* wtE b- reerl»o4 at thla odlcana {rttbeicth day ot December next, for the fil owicc bl I of Dltr enat-'O Timber, inltsbi.* lor car a iUdlan. to be Koare-edeed. tow trom wane, thakts or a"*onna mi,bo a: d measure, white oak, 9to W tcet 1oii& g-ss: : : - S“ s - - badeliretedon b-*ard C- 8.AQ.8. B-cara, n the rttyofChlSko. withintwerty caraaftertneooenlac of Laie nangarton, in the aprlasof l»7. lo be »nl>- ject to Inspection ai the Wozlo ct the B. AQ. \o wmhli wi l be accepted bat thn*e from parti* of* KamnrtaponklblUty, aad the Company m»nr_a the rtthxto rr Icr tail bid*. Ail t>ldi to bo marked “Propo «s» tor Oak Timber." and directed to u. p. LOW), n*. ■DBOPOSAL6 FO tt LUMBER.—Scaled rroc»als via be rewired at O.L* office no 01 toa icUl day ot Dumber next, Or tbelonowla* bill Lma ber. to be square-edged, tree trom vane, thalea or aa- WbiteOakPlatk.9 toSte- UUci, 10to 13f-ctlocs: ~ . rwi •£({ b. m. Ash Plank, IJ4 to Bj<la.thle^lo *°3xjXo ftet b. m. Wale at, 1 to ( la. thick, U tort text. Cherry,! to 1* la.thick,l3toU. ge« Set b. Si WUrtrsod. ila. tMCkTh to It Tooededrered «s toard tte car* at ibe C. B. A(L BR Jiibe City ft* Chicago, within days after thccpetlns of i-a*e n»n««r' u*sprta< of tag, mod to be »nbj-ct to inspection, at the vorte ot to* Company. in toe City of Aurora. ~ NoMd-wll i**ntoralnedbntlrompartl»ofki»wa respcrsibimy, and toe Company resent to ”{*rco«*aio be matted “Propofiate to LaabaJ* rpO ARCHITECTS. PLAJiS AND aPBCIFICAtIOSS FORNBWBUILD* r ISUS FOR IHK WAR DEPAKTiIKKT AT WASHINGTON. D. C. Architects are tented to prepare plaae Cota, mw eaUmmttt a co.t,tor tew Bre-p IcesTbr the War Department, oa the jiM B °w gy the War D partroent and adjacent vacant crotmila ■fS Sviihnp, required »N)old rare a v.. v m v, to ArvMUCta derl-isff to com* £te Ar ih-w£n. t£«a aspilcaUcu, p-rrooaLyor by S&STtor to* first, ot nOM tor toe %£%£ tt «SVit% »r toe «r j jpetiicaUcna received, wl.i be awarOad. lion. Secretary cl War, Of tMpiardVr tncer* charted vim tor'uty of select m . *ud prenarlrs piaa* and specUJcsnona forf&s gsdtes»TfinVVrL- Department under act oi Cob* *%,'ZSSSiS&S&* tom. MM il turretLlcoicnart Coictel T. J. rmawe U j! Am WtshHuEtm. D.O, on or before toe laf day ot Feoraary, nrtt to reVetanr or aa plica nhmlUid.*bouW none fto deemed tollable tor toe purpose, a* well u to retain asy or all nf ineb order ot the Board. T. J.TESADWHLL, 1 Brt. Uenh. Col_ C.». i- Beeorda. : Beetot Onentat Lodge Nc S 3 A P A A U Sect ot Dearborn AOAFAAM Sect cl Hyde Farr Lodgi 5o CD A F A A M TjßßFrdfibt Agent To the Station Acnt K UastorofTransportaaot Union Newt Depot wm No 57 Waba.-h arsnn i ot April to toe Ist of No- P.D.; from November Ist ll ip.m. the - « ;p.m- OnSiadaptoom33* B. A. GILMOBE. p.\. OEsT, HATTES & CO, Wholesale Commission MercianU, Btrweea t and DENYEc. CULOttAPO. yyiESSED HOGS I AND WTBieBT LISTS Furnished eratte. Qlstest market prices emiranlMl I’nmpttetnrns made. Corresnoada'ce eotlcltoO. BEDUObD A CO-Oenl Corn’ll Mnreh’ta. 85 W. 'bingtoo-sto Chicago, CL. PJo. 50 McOnaiiL.