Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 9, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 9, 1866 Page 4
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(O)tcagcr SUNDAY, DECEMBER 0, 1366. THE CITY. t Exxirwcirtß ZocAvxa.—This companv have de cided net to visit Springfield on the 15th instant, as wu proposed, bat to bold lb dr annual bill ihsieoo the 7th cr Fth of January. Tirma Otm.—v meeting of the Veteran Onh will he held at the office of General John B* Turchio, on Monday evening, the loth loalant. All members of the Nineteenth are requested to at teed. WasimrevoKLijr Nnraro.— I The Sunday even ing meeting* at the chapel of the Home, No. BTS West Mad M-on street, have been re-organized and will be held regularly hereafter, begin mag pro • ctaely at 7 o’clock. _ WAsmKOToffux Eon.—A special meeting of the ladies’ committee will be held in the office of the Home on Monday afternoon at three o'clock. BusloeN of interest demands a full tnd prompt Attendance oflh* xnsrnsßGEp.—James and George Applet™, charged as participating In the assault npoc Officer Murtagh. os Wednesday evening, were finally examined on Saturday morning, auddi • Charged from custody. A CoßßicnoH. —Wc are requested to state tint the Item In our Issue of Saturday headed "Broth erly Love” was incorrect, so Car as it relates to Hr John L. Howes, ihe mss el was between two other parties. Good Nrws.—The filling o.' West Randolph street u now assured. The Board of Public Works have put on an extra wheelbarrow, whose mission u double—to take the mad from the bridge, and fill up the* met. The work will undoubtedly bo finished ere long. Who shall say that the Board neglects Its duty 1 WassnioTOX SniEzr Tenant.—The workmen are making very good headway with tills tunnel under the river. The excavation Is going along rapidly, and a row of plica is already driven half way across the river for the coder dam, wbicb will shut out the water walls the bed of the liver is being dug away. Catholic Booms.—Messrs. J. Graham & Co., at No, iD2Uani4on street,between Clark and Dear born, and at Mo. 113 Soqib furrier, rear St. Patr!c!£k-£juroli, have Just received a splendid. fiftbrtmenl of hihles. prayer books, 'beads, crucifixes, church ornament*, sc- for holi day presents. They arc also agents for the sale of foreign exchange and passage tickets. Post Office box 1059. To CiAnt Assxts.—Hannon's Manual of Boun ty and Pension Laws, containing all the laws of the United Stales on the subjects mentioned, la claimed to be the best work of (be kind ever pub lished. Tbe author is au officer In tbe Second Au ditor’s office, and would have access to reliable metes of information. It will besent, postpiid, by return mail, on receipt of $2.50, tbe publisher's price, by £. Sidney Smith, Drawer 5,753. Tits Cost Tmxr.—Frederick Schoene, whose arrest for stealing* coat at the New York Honse was mentioned in Fridays Tiubcxb, was exam ined before Justice Smrtevaut on Satmday morn ing. One other coal was proven against him. Ttie flirt, he said, he took hr mistake, and the lift In consequence of beinr mumated. He was committed for trial in hail of SSOO, and ha* changed his boarding place from the New York Bouse to the Court Douse. Rmrcnos nr Pur css" or Pctuotcb*.—Charles Tohey, JCo. S 7 £ fO State street, announces that, preparatory to a change rn business, be will sell his splendid stock ol rich, medium end com mon furniture at rates which cannot be com- S.tcd with. The sale will commence on Monday, eccmber 10th, and continue but thirty days. Every one who want-: furniture will fod u for bis advantage to examine the stock, and leant the reduced prices. Holiday Goods. —A very rich and degant as sortment of jewelry, watches, diamonds, suver and plated goods la now being displayed by Messrs. W. M. &J. -B. Mayo, jewellers, Mo. 101 South Clark Street. They have a fine quality of eHvcr-Dlaicd ware manufactured by the Goram Manufacturing Company of Providence, R. L, which makes the first ware of this kind ever pro duced in this country. Their work is equalling 11 not surpassing that of European makers. Hotels and families arc supplied at nearly manufacturers’ prices. St. Jobs's Cncncn Scsdat Scnoota.—Pre ■pa rations arc being made for a grand leitival at the Washington Skating Park Hall on Wednes day evening. December IS, lor the benefit of toe Sunday Schools, Home aid Mission, connected with the church. Ail who feel an interest In tb Sunday School work, and wish to give substantial aid to the thriving school of the church, and at the same time refresh the Inner man, will not fait m pnrchsse a ticket, which will be good for supper at the ball. Holiday Goods.—Our readers should bear Ir mind that an excellent place to obtain rich and beautiful gifts tor the holidays is at W. H. C. Hil ler £ Co.V, Jeweilen,Nos. 10* and 110 Clark street. For variety and completeness their stock is not to be excelled in the dty. Hr. Miller has just returned from New York with a most beautiful slock of diamonds, fine solid jewelry and silver ware. It does one’s eyes goon to take a look at their fine stock, whicb they orfiir ateach astonuh ingly low prices. It will pay to e-.e them before making purchases. CnniFTiufi Puxeextb.—The approaching festive season of Christmas brings with Its agreeable asso ciations that pleasing custom of making present* to those we love and esteem, and readers the memory of the time de »r alike to all. Jewelry, watches and sUver-ware have always been es teemed as both serviceable and suitable, and those who wish to obtain a very good article will do well lo call at Meters. Nowllr. £ UcElwrainV, So. DTK Clark street, and Inspect their admirable ■lock, consisting of walcbts, silver ware end jew. eirv of nniqne patterns and excellent workman ship. Lost Jeweu.—Mrs. Zipp, residing on Sttpetior itreel, was so sick three weeks ago that she fun ded she wa« going to die. the desired Mrs. Mar garet Eollicv cr, who was waiting opon her, to take the tin* ft cm her finger and tae Jewels from her cars, aa they would be of n > me to her in the grave. Her rcqnerlwas compiled with, and the article' mete placed on the bureau. babßequeirly Mrs. Zlpp concluded not to die, snd when she sought for her jewels they were not to be found The Kind hearted netgbnor had gone ham-. Shu had no doubt stolen them. So Margaret was ar rested. When each party to the imt and each witness had told (heir stories on Saturday alter coon, and the Comt had discharged the prisoner, they all retired together from the room in the best of feeling, »• earning to reel that they had quite done their dnty in thus deposing of the case. A, Pcbs'.btkxt Womab.—On Salorday afternoon, at the Police Court, Conrad Brand was charged with larceny. The prosecuting witness was.a German woman named JlenrieUe Glider, who elated that she dwelt on Canal street, but tt ap peared that the property stolen, eonsUtlnj* of a sloTC.a tot ot household fnrnltnre,.!fcc., Was taken from Philadelphia. P< nn»y)van!a, where the Glxier formerly kept house for Conrad. With stem jus tice sbe demanded the payment of fil(f) for her itlcgt. Conrad denied stealing them, lienricttc recited them article by arUcle-bcr's. her own. paid for with her money. Sbe came here only Fri day on purpose to see him. lie had written “forged letters” to give her an Idea bo was some where else, Dai she was as relentless as Mrs. Hc- in search of captain Cattle. Thecascwa* continued till Wednesday for farther examination Fmi os Wear Jacssos Street.—' The alarm of&resoncded from box No. 64 about 5 o’clock on Satnrdav afternoon was occasioned by seeing cmoLc and £ame Issuing from ibe roof of the residence of Mr. Cobb at No. 454 Weal Jackson street, between Throop and lA/omtj. The flame* spread very rapidly In the hutiaUg until the rea lm! central portions were quite destroyed- For tuxatejT tor those residing east ul Mr. Cobb: vacant lot Intervened, and the wind was blowin eo strongly from the west that the boose ncx west of it wae only fora abort time indange. The lower portion of’he house, a mere ahcli rained by water, was all that was raved, esco atom f*a wonh or furaltnre, Ibe loa- wi about which u believed to have been la I covered by inenrmnee. There was no |.» Bounding the general alarm, except the high wlm wnten prevailed, as the hnfldag-wxs qaiia.apir; fromany olhers lithe vicinity. - Tn» Finer Fall or Suow.-Wlntcr, hwinn long “lingered In the Up cl" a Tcry muddy and nnteafosaMe aniamn, awoke a hamed on Satur day morning and heralded Its coming bra iklnt t carted, b» ittll hopeful fall of mow Hikes \ot euch an old-faibloned enow storm as seta school sit doing and snowballing— not scch « thorough abutting outoi Uie world as makes tbe pictures of . now Bound real, not Urn a /car «>«»«—< increasing in nnmher «f^. Ca w U^ CT ?*L Bed ” lmi 8,111 »cow. and, as the *? f *he rear on, worthy to becfironl- Jollowlrginia Leiald of winter came a d»> Solid^. E '.° r^S“ Wa,re ' ™ sssiis ™ SlsTu. sstttdr? d 2 Sil 1 " Dcd “ d r "*« «•ItaisLs“Jj& ffcl * ***? bracing Cold ia not ungrate- A ”• '* *' clrs CmL.-Scwfcn»fii aod ncrobon are BO BDCOBttoa rights in the ttreeu of Chicago, bat female vender* of information, cryin 3 their nock on the *U«.tr, are a novelty; though Ujb abUllr °V he “* lo bailing news around in _ ics-t-blc ai-d at LUe sewing circle. are nan olber hoTrercr, anac tome twelve anmmera appear* . P n M*c .Places, crylan the paper* after uetsoH approved «iyle of new*boy pronunrla tica, and exhibiting urercth of luuge which for bade aay »»jilclon or eoc*uniu>ioa. If tbe yuan a***l I'<ll red to be a scold, toe xocai 5?* 118 , ■wblcd she then exhibited, with the ad oilluia) fet.-ci gfh which they bill gala if she cod litiuea trie practice oi ibu epet tea of om-door ora tcry, win canse her rotate husband ro consider fleaxt ttte a nnrrital digpecsalion. If rftla want s®, •*’*} nc«n>aj>crß there li nothing to prevent, bmfoc „,u not liroUblj ba mule ex- It U veil known (hat recently . . 6 asaaj hu hecn set running lor the State rtre« of tfae horse railroad track, to tfao Union S.oek Varda, ctnjlnf passe u:ere vest munttu*!S rt .« bB Park * 11 1* reported that of sombern blate ffarct and vicinity at the aatci palcd change, a* they regard « £ blznlT flan gi-rcn* to life and limb,especially la cot supplied with h ad ijriSaT lut Wednesday nJtbl, Mr. Powers, residing near the Junction, was dining an ox team across ’he track, wbea the •dummy came np in ntler darkness, mod me first Intimation he bod of it* presence was the nonet Usg ot Lb wagon. One or the oxen waa kuiei Toe case was not reported. The [HOpie of that neighborhood intend to ap peai to the common Council for protection. Tb *v aie deimniovd that. If they can help it, tfae street railroad men aball not propel their cart hr steam •- OT tr etale street north to Twrsty-second- A petition, rumenmriy signed, sail probably be presented at the next Courcil meeting. f Dtatix crTwo Eonsu nr tot Faia, onD. serious accident happened last nigh" the eorcer or bberman and Van Boren streets, the new depot of the Michigan Soulhsm w.' : , I J ck ™ man to from or - near the tide »bere the rope ”® 1 nil of a |«nac£jßot enungted, an? t * support, ihe derrick ml vim a soimdlnw>»««». right on the backs oi the horse*, kUllSthemboi instantly. The driver of the ota,,.Va« mlncnlanelr ultbont suctalning the ailghtMi fnlnry. it apsears that the gey line was left la an un safe condition and wasdtrrc ]j in the way of trav el. Bad the oemck fallen a few feet from where It did. the consequence* might have been dread ful, as seme pauengesa were in the omnibus at the time. FREE-WILL BAPTIST COMVEHTIOW. 1 ffigfS I 1 EVENING SESSION. 1 In the evening the Convention ariembled. The meeting was opened with prayer b* leer, i; Dunn, A. H., of Hillsdale, Michigan. 'The com* miltec on final resolutlocs reporled through >der iFtuflnd. the following rcrolailona : Kecognltlng the Mud Providence that bu ner mllted a* to meet In this uleiMllyChnsilan gather ing, to renew the acquaintance ot fonarr rears atdto eonanlt for the interests of the °1 V 5 *" 1 00 e*rth, wo now draw toward the last of the Convention. J onr tommlnea on general resolutions respcct fnllj aubmit the following aa crpteaaing the ecu tusenla of the Convention; £t9o4tnt) 'That the pleasure and profit of this Occasion hare afforded ui every aaiisracilon. and we suggest that «Hhln another twelve months some other rlmllar Convention may wisely he cahcd togtihcr, either hero or at some other central locality for the Western Stales. ® MuiUved, Thu the Western CommHtee of the Bojnc Missionary Society be empowered and re quested to lasne a call at inch time and place, and 10 make each preliminary arrangements aa aball seem proper to them. A'< tciztd, 'l hat In diseoiving this Convention we tale each oiher hy the friendly bond resolved anew to do well like work, by the grace of God, and «o be prepared In dne lime for the great meet ing when the Waster ahalleay tons, “Well done, good and faithful a err an la; enter Into the joy of your Lord.’* Jlifojcal, Tb.l iro comji.toliu the Fran caEtlrtCbDrcb In Chicago, upon the scene# which have at length attended their long continued and patient cflorta to erect a boose of religions wor ship In this cliy, and aa the beamy of this little temple excels tnat of the former, so u« hopo its Hie will be longer, and Its glory greater. J/etolud, That we tender the good people ot Chicago enr moat hearty thanks for tneir kind and generous hoapltaHly, so ireelyextended tons duilng ooraiay among them; and that we will ever pray that as they hare made ua partakers of Ihtlr temporal things, eo the Great Father shall make them largely partakers of His richest solr itnal B-crde*. r Beiolud, *niat the thanks of this Convention are doe to the officers who bare so faithfully served us, the gentlemen of the press who have so lolly reported our sayings and doings, and to who have eo- satisfactorily ana to insplr- Inely led us In our songs of praise, hoping and praying that In the General Assembly of the First Born on high we may all meet again; and that as well the singers as the players onlnstrmnenU mar he there. ' RTbe resolutions were unanimously adopted, when, on motion of liev. Bathrtck. the Conven tion adjourned sine vwnven President an address to the Convention on his thirty-Urn* days InSme. commencing wllh New Year’s lUr, iaG4. EXEBCISBS TO-DAY. The Dedication sermon will be preached hy } { *J- ’** °t Hillsdale. Michigan, at « m n In the evening by KovTd. if. Graham. D. I>„ ofrorlland, Maine, ailu o’clock Ihe oidipgnoj of Baptism will be administered ax Cvp. n»„ and the lord a Supper at the close of the sermon. Reports of Committees ••Western Papn -Criticism of “Andy” John soa-ObitUATj. The Convention of the Western branch of tii Free-Will EaplLt denomination assembled oi Saturday morning, at 8 o’clock. In the new Free- Will BapMr Church, on the comer of West Jack sen and Peons The meeting was called to order by Professor Whipple, President ofth' Contention* Rev. C. Reynolds, of QUlsdale, Hish.,o£cred the opening prayer. The minuter of the last session were read and approved. wxstxxik raran. The Commlltee on the Establishment of a Western Denominational Taper, submitted the following report through Her. O. L. Bradley Chau man: 1,1 «'umra, For . cumber of )<UI p,.t there has been a growing Imereti In favor of a Weat.*m Free-Will Baptist newspaper, located atsomo ecu tral point in the West; therefore, Awo/wif. We believe the time has fully come to establish such a paper. J AVrofrvd. That we recommend the appointment of a committee of seven, who «»«» oc; to the n' padty of corporator!-, and who shall proceed fo tecmetnact of iccoiporation, and select trai ' * c s^° r ••tobllaliment of a paper in the cltv of Chicago of such a alee and quality as the/ may deem proper, provided a sufficient amount ot stock shall bo pledged and a subscription list of at !ea« a,cco shall he secured. B<*ol r«r. That ue recommend the raising or stock to Ihe amount of at least £5,G00, the trustees a.-erasing such a per cent ol ihe clock tor expenses as they may deem proper. httolt-ed, , That wo recommend the hiring of the «oik done for a year or two Instead of purchasing jyrese, type, ic. v s £<toit*a % That we recommend the form of the paper to bt Quarto In shape, about the alee of the AorfAtresfmi Chrt ilian Advocate, gefolrtd. That a general agent he appointed who shall travel through the West for the purpose of tecunng stock and subscriptions; that the Trustees provide a way for for paying said agent the sum of £l5O and expenses tor three mouths time. Jiewolted, That the price of the paper bo IS 50 per annum. AwJr-ftf, That wc recommend the railing of a donation of at least SIOO, for the purpose of print ing specimen copies of a Western paper, to the number of fire bundled, and that the Trustee* proceed Immediately to raise that amount. Also, to select an editor to superintend the printing of said five hundred copies. Bcv. M. Bradwell spote in favor of the report. He said that a denomination cumoerlng UJ,(xiO in the United States ouch, to have more than one organ. There la now bet one. the Stomlitg Star, published In Dover. N.U. That was now over crowded, and U required another paper to assist It in ad rocs) in? the cause of iho denomination. Bar. Dr. U) xrbrti uiirffifi'ls tie did not think the paper would t*e »e if-sustaining. Proiesaor Whipple strongly sustained the proposition lor the establishment of a paper. The Fiee-WID {Church bad gone too long with only cne oigan, and U it would grow It must In crease the number. Rev. George t*. Bradley laid before the Conven tion the expenses of publishing a paper. Rev. A. Williams raid delay would not Increase tbe faculties for establishing a paper. To-day a paper can be started much easier than eight yean in the future. Difficulties will continually arise. Should we commence immediately, much ground might be gained. On morion, the preamble and lint resolution woe unanimously adopted. The second resolution wav adopted, amended so as to leave cut the location of the paper. The ihire was adopted. Tbe fourth was laid upon the table. Tbe filth, sixth, seventh and eighth were referred to the Committee oi Seven. Ilcv. J. P. BlaucnarJ, of Paw Paw, Michigan: Rev.D.O.Holmes, Chicago: Rev. S.F.Smith, Berlin, Wliconsm: Rev. A. H. Haling, Raynnre, Wisconsin; Rev. A. H. Chase, New Ljtjc, Ohio ; were appointed a committee to make nominations lor the Committee oi Seven, ibe Secretary being called away, Prolessrr George Mold LIU n, of Hills oaic College,was appointed secretary pro tern., on motion of Rev. A. ft. Chase. XtSBIOKS. The Committee on Mission; reported as fol lows : Jf' folKd, That we are In sympathy with the Christian spirit that would work and sacrifice for she delation and salvation of mankind in the whole world, giving our aid and prayers as God Flrcnldeive ns tnc ability,*© toe tolling ones’of In dia, and to the laborers for the benighted In our own land. Jt(»ulz(d , That we are In favor of carrying for ward our own Foreign, Home and Frecdmcu's Missions, under one missionary association or society. SrtUved, That as aoon as practicable measures he taken to organise such an association for the denomination in (he West, not because wc have rot Christian confidence and love for the officers atid members of our societies Id the Boat, hut be cause wc believe it would be to tnc honor of God and the growth of our beloved denomination In the West. On motion,the first two resolutions were passed, but the third called forth some remarks respecting the expcotency of adopting such a measure as given In the third resolution. Rev. A. 1). Williams said that if he understood the mat ter a* the last speakers, he should oppose toe measure. But he believed there is no 111-feel ing or jealouaytowanl the East, or that the East would do the west any injustice, but quite the country. But he thought Western association and omnlxalion important to the awakening and keeping np of interest and efficiency at the West. Lev. A, H. Chase said there was now a commit tee appointed lo consider the time appropriate tor forming a Western association ; that there had bren the greatest intimacy he t-veen the East and West and lha t they worked In the greatest harmo ny. There was nothing practicable In the resolu tions, and it would be uvtiimcntal to our Interests in the Weal lo start a separate association. We must wait until we grow to a greater extent Rev. H. O. Woodworth said that it was notpro per to dlrcnea at this time the questions, but there was no doubt but that the resolution was damag ing to the interests of the Church at present. Ber. G.s. Blanchard moved to lay the notion on the table. Carried. The committee to make nominations for the Corporation Committee reported the following names; R»,t. G. S. Biandley. Rev. A. H. Chase, Mr. D. D. Garland, Rev. Ransom Dunn, Rev. James Colder, Rev. H. G. Woodworth and iter. S. F. Smith. The nominations were unanimously ci dorsed. Rev. A. H. Chase announced that Rev. James Colder ofHtirri»barg, Pennsylvania, had consent ed to deliver h» lecture on China for the benefit o; the Cbnrcb oo Thursday evening la this church. Ibe fo iowlngg ntlemen were appointed a com mittee on final resolutions. Preeioet-tE B.Vairfleldl Rev. H.Q. Woodworth, and Rev. A. 11. Chaee. On the motion of Rev. Woodworth, the meeting adjourned until twj p. m. afier a piayer by Rev. D. l*;>te, ofliilnela. AFTERNOON BEBSION. At two p. in. tbs convention assembled, with prayer by Bev. O D. Angir, after haring refreshed ibemselves from a bountiful table famished hr the ludica of the church is the basement. suedat acHooLs- The Committee on Sunday Schools made the foil -•wtng report thi ougL F. B. Moultrie, Esq., of Hoi Icon. Wucon?in: Wyxmt, A ChiUllan statesman has said that virtue and morality are indispensable enoDirta of a Lee Government, and the rroipmre 'declares that “ Righteousness exalts a cation, and sin is a reproach to any people,” and Whereas, unman experience proves that the child If father to the man; therefore, - JU sofctd. That the command “Feed my lambs” Is as applicable to the Chorea to-day aa to Peter, ana that a Christian bnl partly performs his doty mho is not in tome way actively connected with the Sabbath School. 1!(tulval. That toe Fabbath School, properly conducted, present# one of toe best means for bringing out and developing the working force of tfcecfcmch. Jiftc-tttd, That the Sabbath School is the nur sery of the Church; therefore In all onr leadlines we honld aim to reach the hi. art and bring tte children to Christ. “ lietdr+a. That onr Sabbath Schools ought to he emiahied with as much success in winter as In summer. Tfce resolntlocs were considered tcparalely, and each was adopted. The last one dre w forth re marks to some length from Rev. H. G. Wood worth and Mr. F. B. Moultne. respecting their txj enince in Fabbath bcbools, and to what ex* i« til Sabbath schools bad been continued daring the winter time in the West and Northwest. STATE OF COtWTRT. *“- V. VUVdiAi. The Committee on the Slate of onr Country re ported through Professor U. C. Whipple the fol lowing: Ilttolud* That we devoutly thank Heaven for peace in which In the triumph of constitutional liberty we are graciously permitted to reap a rich icward for the awful sacrifices of the war. ZVscfrrd, That we view wlih heartfelt satisfac tion the sublime position of our patriotic Con cress holding In check a treacherous Executive tratemixing with secessionists on the one hand, and extending protection of law over the helpless .rvedmpn on the other. AttUttd, Tnatwe ball aa one of the auspldona signs of the times Uut the leading newspapers which hare from the first steadily opposed the anU-klavery refoim now feel compelled In order to retain their bold opon the pnbl-c confidence to advocate some of the most radical reform party doctrines. r 3 Jk<tcludy Tbst we are uncompromisingly op posed to any plan of roconatnicuon that Calls to guarantee equal civil and political rich* to ail. hiueptcllve of color. AWt'/fftf, That the General Government sbonld oriendit*- fettering care over the etnarclpared biackemid, connection with benevolent or ganlrasions for Giif-pwpoec, furnish them-the mrina c f becomlj.c rtkidcitlXCßS , fitiolud* Tnat tbe brave army -ud navy should be ever held inantteful ro a^ d Uje Government should make * Prinitlon for disabled aorrivors and the dependent families of our heroic dead. The first resolution was nnanlmonuy adopted. To ihe second n solution the following gentle men spoke: Rev. E. T. Merritt said that the second molnncn Implied that the President was a traitor, lit cocsiderca him cs ,cch, and a had man. Ha bad no heart to pray for the President, and wonld not do it. Froiefeor Whipple raid it was not the intention ct itccommittee to “apeak evil of Ibe rolerof the people, * butlt did seem to them that Ibe Pres* IdcM had been Ucacherons He bad been elevated to power, and taken a pledge (o maintain the sap* port given bnn, bat notr he baa left the loyal men and raternized with those who bad been rebels, •nd bad bled cor country. The Congress now elands endorsed by the people in a condition witch renders it the sheet anchor of the nation. It stands higher to-day than tt did at the end nX he last aesalm. On the fourth ot next March when the(ne«r Congresses .'moles, it Is the duty (or all to pray to (tod that they maybe guided aright. Morally the Executive is im peached, and cannot avoid the act. Tbe people will beta him to it; and history will record Jl tied eaved to the people Congress and the Judi ciary, and we can rely on then. With these we can let the Executive go. Be la like a bos in the car; pour a little oil in and it makes no difference «'hetter be stays hi or roes ost. I Applause.) J titer. H. O. Woodwonh caid that the mal* ini was not tbe in'er of the people, but tbe people had lately decided that Con victs »as thtlr rulers. Be owed not to ranch favor to Jol nson as to call him the inlcr. Johnson was only High Sheriff, and he had not performed even the duties of that office. The circumstances in which Johnson were bom and bred foi LIJt him (o imitate IJncoln. The people can run this G'ivcismett wiihoot the President. 1 know Ibey can do It, because for tbe past year they have dotie It; run It even against tne Presi dent, and the time will come when that office will be done away with. wuuucaws- «iuu. The eocotid resolution was unanimously adopted Iqouthe third resolution Rev. 8. Bathrlcc, of Frankfort, Illinois, said his record was known, and be believed wc never should hare a perma nent peace octil tin- resolution was prac'lcaiiy adepted. The people and Congies* may not M rcany at credent, but they are mat g.owing to tout state. l*t ns with one heart extend to others tfae prlvileg* ► which we would enjoy. 71,i remaining resoloiluc* were each unani mously adopted in torn, alter lengthy discus sions. ZtXOOT. President Fairfield, of Hillsdale College, Michi gan. ottered the following resolutions of eulogy toward William Burr, editor of the J/omlfig mar, the organ of the Free Will Baptist Chnreh: /tou/red, That we Join with all our brethen. East and Wert, throughout our entire denomina tion, in sorrow over our great loss (as a denomin ation) in the death of our belated brother. Wo. Burr, who bs» w| h such eminent abililv and such learned dUmtion conducted the publication of tie JJtnvu.p Star, bi th as agent and editor, for thirty years past, and that without speakta* with undue partiality for the dead, we may sefely ex press the opinion that be was a mao peculiarly £t>ed by bis business capacity. Integrity, and Christian character, tor the high responsible po sition which he has so long and so satisfactorily filled. Httclrtd, That, though Brother Burr la dead, Ue Jfurr.lrp mar, which be so long and so ably condteted, still h»cs. And with the full as»arjnce that those who have It* Interests tn charge will not allow our denominational organ to snfier lose, uehete jledge onnelves to labor unceasingly to promote its drenla-ion, and we advise onrhreth rtn eveiy-bcre to roclloue, a* hereto ore. and cv.nmote, liberally to anststn thej/omfag S'er, which has to Icrg shed ao clear a ligl t upon the grea: moral Ueoee cf the country ana the world. These resolutions were adopted after acme re rca-ks. Rev. A. 11. Chase ofiertd a resolution, express tiigconfidei cc end catltlndiou in the recent au polLtnent of Rev. Q. T. Day as editor of the *?***£*®r* which was n&auimonaly adopted, acv. F. B. ktoolios, «r lowa, than occupied tfae DELICIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Tbe following cervices are announced for to-day. Invitations are extended to strangers and others to attend, and in all casoa sea: r will he gladly Pre sented tree: mscorAx. Right Rev. O. D. Cummins, D. D„ Assistant Bl#boo of Kentucky, will preach in Trinity Church morning ard evening at the usual hoars of ser vice, 'ihe vestry of this Church have acted with great promptUude In fill teg tbe vacancy which will bt mace by the removal or tucir lata rector to Kentucky. They have elected Rev. Dr. Eecleston, of Massachusetts, and are now very confident that bo will assume tbe dutiesoftbepoßt at the com ing Easter. Dr. Eecleston is a clergyman of * ery high standing, and enjoys a very enviable report lion as an eloquent and most efficient dirtno. Meanwhile Bishop Cummins will continue to fill the pulpit or Trinity Church and lo discharge the dolfc* of the Urctonnlp, it is hoped, turn his successor ai rives. St. Stephen's Church, comer of Blue Island ave nue and Porquerstreet. Services at 10>4 a. m. and 4p. m. Sunday School at SH p. m. Rl. Rot, U. W. Lee. DJ) n Bishop of lowa, will preach in St. John's Church, Union Park, at 10« o'clock. St. Mark's Church, Cottage Grove, E. B. Tuttle, rector. The church la nearly completed, and, It la hoped, will be ready for occupancy about Christ mas. Divine acmes, as usual, in the chapel at 10H a. m. and 7K p. m. bun day School at 2W p. m. Church of the Atonement, located on the corner of West Washington and Robey streets. Rev. 8. Knaserl Jones, uctor. This is tbo first day on which the congregation enjoy tali possession of the church building. There will be morning ser >tce, with sermon, at 10K o’clock. AH the mem bers ot the congregation and all Interested lu tire Church arc particular hr requested to be present at this service. There will be evening service, with a sermon, at IK o'clock, p. m. The Sunday School to-day wilt meet at. 9 o’clock, a. m., on Sunday next, and during the winter at SK o'clock, p. m. fct. James Church, comer of Cass and Huron suet:.-. Services at 10Kand 7K- Rev. E. C. Por ter will preach morning and evening. BAPTIST. Union Patk Baptist Church, comer West Wash ington a: d Fautlna streets. Preaching morning and cutting atlOK a. inland 7»ip. m., by the J actor. Rev. E. G. Taylor. Sabbath chooland Ible class meet at 9 a.m. General prayer meet ing Wednesday evening, and young people’s prajer meeting Friday evening. First Faptist Church, Wabash avenue, south of Unheard court, lit. Everts, pastor, being absent to attend the dedication of the new Bipuai church at Woodstock, Illinois, Rev. G. 8. Bailey, D. D., buperimendent of Missions for Illinois, will preach. Services at 11 a. m. and 7J( p. m. in the evening, (be sermon will be addressed especially to tbo young. Sabbath School and Bible classes a kK »• »• General Biole class at 3p. m. North Baptist Church, comer of Superior and North Dearborn street. Preaching on Sabba hby Rev. John C. C. Clarke at Jt-K a. m. and «H P- m. Sunday School at 8 p. m. Young people's meeting Monday evening. Second Baptist Church, comer of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at 10K a. ra. and 7K p. m, by the pastor. Rev. £. J. Goodspeed. Sab bilh School and Bible classes at 9 a.m. Young people's meeting on Monday evening. General prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7K o'clock. Fifth Baptist Church, DeKoven street, near Sooth Deeplalnee. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. N. C'olver. U. D„ at JOK a. m. and ~K ]»• ra. Bible class at 9}Jfi-n»., ami Sabbath School at 3 p. m. The ordluance of Baptism will be administered after morning, end the Lord's Supper after even ing services. Tabernacle Baptist Church, comer West Indiana and Moreau etree s. Pleaching babhaih morning by H. i. Woodworth, ol the Free Wul BipiMcon- 6 regallon, at 10K a. ro. Sunday behoof concert i ibe evening, ana a abort address by Rev. F. B. Moulton, of Wisconsin, and others. Wabash avenue Bap Ist Church, comer of Wa bash avenue aud Eigntecuth sir ct Preaching by •he pastor. Rev. Samuel Baker, D. D., at 10K a. m. and 9H p. m. Sabbath School at SK p. m. rUSSSTTUBIAB. Elghth PreshTturlaii Church. Opening services Id the Fabbslh School rooms in basement ol the mrw church, noil-west corner Washington and Robey streets, c« follows: Preaching at 104 n. m. asu iVi p. to., by the pastor, Kev. James T. Matthews. Sabbath School at 24 p m. Olivet Presbyterian Church, center of Fear* tcentb street and Wabash avenue Rev. T. O. Hire, ol Boston, Uasoacnnsetts, will preach at ihcosnal boors of worship, via: at lOK a. tn. and •s»p. m. Subject of the eermnj) for the evening will be: “Moral GreavnrisllliisfraUjd la the LUe of Daniel,” to which the attention of the vonnir is invlud. First Scotch Presbyterian Cbnrch. Rev. Wm. Cochrane, o; Brantford, C. W M will preach in St Groi go's Ball, *26 Bomb Clark street, at 104 a. m. and 84 p. m. On Tuesday, isih, Mr. Cochrane ufllpzcsldealame-'ting of the congregation ror the flection of a pastor, according to the forma of the Scottish Church. llelomed Presbyterian Church, Fajton street, near North CUntou street. Services at 104 a.m. andSfiP-fn- Bible classes, S4p. m. Lecture to young men In the afternoon by the pastor. Rev Kobetl Patterson, D. D. Subject: “The Coming Revolution.” Fire. Cnitf d Presbyterian Church, Green street, between Madison and Monroe, Ucv. W. C. Jack son, pastor. Services at 104 a. u. and 74 p. m. sabbath School at 84 p, q. Young Pcopl-’s Prayer Meeting Monday evening at “4 o'clock General I‘raycr Meeting Wednesday evening at “Wro’clock. Thhrt United Presbyterian Cbnrch, Superior street, between Wells and Franklin. Pastor, Rev. John S. McConnell. Morning services at luu, conducted by the pastor. Evening services at 74. by Rev. T. b. Park. Sabbath School and Bible c*aee at S o. a. COKCBIOITIOSIL. Congregational Cbnrch. corner of Green ana r> cat Waanl&gton streets. Preaching by Pro fereor Haven. Morning sentev* at 104 o’clock. In the evening at 74 o'clock. Adult Bible «t»a. m. SajiDllh School mi blbl« tluiet at S o clock p. cu. Singing school for the congrega tion on Monday cvcr.lngai 74 o'clock. Professor Havre will deliver a free lecture to the conmn-i,. o’clock lhlS thmth on at 74 Plymouth Coneregallon|H?bTrch, comer of Wabash avenue auo EtdtfjjL courU E evening servlcs, Jjj.r' g*bbail.|Scnool and Bible day evening, yooag people's prayc. Meeting at 74 o’clock. Union Park, preoculng at 104 ». m- snd <4 p. m. by the P*Sar. Rev. C. D. Helmer. Prayer mi cling on Wcaquday evening at 74 o'clock. rocMtng on Friday evening. Son day Senociat 3 o’clock p, m. --itfornacie Cbnrch, comer of West Indians and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. Healy. pastor. Ser vice* at 104 a. m. and 74 a. ro. Sunday School Concur* in ihe evening. Addresjes br gentlemen from abroad, and ringing by the chßaren. Young people’s prayer meeting Monday evening, and chmcb conference Wednesday evening. Choreb sociable Tnurrday evening. JJKIUODIST EMSCOFiI. Tbe yonng men's Bible class nKets Sami ay af ternoon, at o'clock, with the Mission Sabbath School, In the Mrlhoalst Episcopal Church Block, comer oi Clark and Washington lire*is. Sub jects for discussion: “L&xaras Monr.ied For” and "Lartrafi Kaised.” Clark StreetCbnrch, Methodist Block.corner of Washington ar.d Clark streda. Rev. O. H. Tiffs* ny, D. !»., will preach at 10i* a. m. Eveatngaer rice at p. n>. by the pastor, tier. W. C. Dandy. Grace cturcb, comer of North LaSalle street and Chicago avenne. Homing service al loti a. u. sermon hr Iter. W. C. Dandy, paator of First Methodist Episcopal Cbnrch. Evening service at •H. sermon by the pastor: will be the second of the aeries on the Domestic Relations, «. e., the "Parental.” Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Chnreh. Sermon at 104 < '’clock a, m., on remperance, by Iter. J. C. Stonentoa. Preac&ing by iter. C. a. Fowler at T 4 o’clock p. ro. Writ Inc*tana Street Metbodlst Episcopal Church, comer Sangamon street, Her Robert Bernier, paMor. Ferric** at 104 *• »• and <4 p. m. Sob jec» of evening discourse: ’’The Spirit—lts own victor.’* Sni«o*y School at 84 p. m. Bible claaa for rooxu; people. The late Dvsplaine* Street Society ot the Metho dist EpUconal Chnreh will beteafter hold services lo the rraiiie Mission. corner of Maxwell and Newberry street*. Morning services a 1104; erm ine ecrrice* at'4. A. F. >’eedhim, pastor. Illinois Street Chntch. Illinois t-uevl, between Wells and t* Salle. Sabbath morning, prayer meeting at 10 o'clock. Preaching by lhep«nor. Rev. C. Wbcrler. at a qnatter before eleven. Sab* baib School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Preach ing In tue evening at <4 o'clock. _ CStTXB?AUBT. nv n Cbnrcb of tfae Hcocemvr (Second Unlverva'lsl), corner of West Wastalncton arid Sangamon streets. Iter. T. E. s*L John, pastor, demces av IC4 a. m , and “H p. m. By special request, Mr. bL John alii repeat his Thanksgiving discourse in the evening. Subject: “ Ihe Proridence of God, as Dlustrated In the History of tne Hebei* Uor,-’ Sr. Paul's Chnreh. Services In the morning, at ICij o’clock, and iu the cven nr ar gu o'clock. Hi v. Dr. Ryder, D. D., pastor. Rev. Dr. Ryder Is dcllvcrin* during the Pabbstb evcalneMa De cember a course oi doctrinal lee nre*. Tbe sub ject for this evening is ibis: No theory ot salva tion which dcale* the final recovery of ail souls, can with say confidence affirm the certain salva tion cf any sonl. CTTTABUX. Unity ( Lurch, corner ot Chicago avenue and Dearborn aired. »enlce Snuoaj morning at V Itelore 11. Preaching by the pastor, RrvTßoben Collyer. , wrw rnmin. Tie New Jerusalem Temple on Adams street, rear the laic, bcnlceal IDfi a. m. and 7H p. m. Subject for evening: ** The ufe and Writings of Emannel Swcdenl>org. v ' Babba'h School at 9)4 a. m. ’preerhntcb. corner of Eankabce avenue and Thirfr-thlrd street. Sunday School at 9 p. m. Preaching al3p m. cnuccn of ood. Warren and Robey s»ree's, Preaching at id<-( a. m. Ly Prole.-sorv. D. Williams (Freewill Bap tist) aid 1% by the parlor. Sunday School at U>i p. m. and prayeMnAeilng at 6 p, m. ruixsDs' aniuo, J other Gordon, a MlnMer of the Society of Fr!rna«, will attend their meeting at Room 15, Mcthodlrt Cauicb Block, to-day at II o'clock. CIIBUTtAX CITVBCB meets for worship on hold's Day at, In the Lecture Room of the Opera Hnaae. snnnrausTs. First Society of hplntuaU«ta will remain in Cro bjV Mnsic Hall, and services will be held as Dftrsl, morning and evening, by S. Frank White. ChlldKn’s Ljceum meets svltH o’clock. Bneovax.—We notice that the North Dtriiloc City Hallway Company have moved to their new otters on North Clark street and Elm. The ball ings are ample ana very commodious. AtmiKaunTA C3 l lC*!h Gaunt and East Ijnno have almost filled the bill of unucmcsU Ter (be past week. Tbe foimer baa occupied a cotulderabla (tiaro of pub lic aMonlion. two v.rsioua of the story having been produced simultaneously, one at Wood’s, and another at McVicker’s Theatre. The arrival of Lucille Western, who opened in 4 East Lynne” st (be Open Bouse on Wednesday, diverted (he current lo some extent, and the ••emotions!” drama became the rage. Miss Western hes met with Ca:terlsg eocccse in Clticago. Since the ap (•earance of Edwin Forrest. In ue earlj part of this year, no “star,” Eastern or Western, has drawn so many vl-iton to the Open House for a consecutive series of nights. And her success ia not uUrlhntAblc to accident or good luck, bat is (be legitimate result of gen nine anlsilc power. East L>tne inthe bands of Hiu Western it a power!city affecting drama of domestic life, far more so than the neve! on which U is founded, there is nothing veryorWnsl la ihe conception of the plot; there i« something highly Improbable ra and far-fe:ebcd in the aeries of mUundentano rags which lead to the grand event of the drama— the eloptmtcL it n an exceedingly common* place event, one which a dramatist would hardly select now-a-days as the (ocndatlon for a telling play. Id Eaat Lynne, as it Is brought out on the eUkC, little has been added to the incidents of the story. Everything Is left to the actress who un dertakes the part of Lady Isabel, and npoo her everything depends. The atory Itself can be told lo a sentence. Ihe daughter of an Ear! merries a wealthy English gentleman, and becoming jeal ous of her nnaband’e sepposed partialby for another, mns away, leaving Lim to »cd that other at bla leisure; returns In disguise, alter several yean of shame and misery, and dies. It is very tragic, very common-plate. Mira Western, bow* ever, and not her alone, but several other emi nent orilaln, have found material in this simple stonr to develop a most thrilling and impassioned tragedy. ••Bear witness many a pensive sigh.” many overfo»lcgs of eyes and other emotions! Smptoms nightly evoked by Miss Western's ren ilon of the "sorrows of Isabel.” Wc have already commended Miss Western's impersonation of this heroine. It Is finished, original, great, evincing much earnest study and observation. In the first and second acta she ap pears, we think, lo better advantage than ia any of ihe succeeding scenes of the drama. In those delicate portrayals of emotion there la a trnt&fnl ness lo natuie which could hardly be excelled. The (bird act, where Isabel Is dis covered in the retirement whither she had fed with her betrayer, is evidently Hiss Western's particular favorite. She dwells upon it with sin gular fondness, prolonging the agony till it would seem her physical endurance fairly gives way. Certainly there U great power manifested in this trying teene, which occupies the entire act, and few artiitei could so « the sympathies of a Chicago audience, as to keep them seated during such m long drawn out scene of sobbing and sor rowing. tint there are limits. Thu scene might be profitably curtailed Just one-half, and nothing essential omitted. Ihe atory does not progress a tingle step, and while few can vnll'-hold their admiration of Hiss Western's de liueulon of the passion of remorse and shame. It is Impossible not to yawn a little. The same fault is observable In the two last acts, which are too sad, too unrelieved by any Incident, to be dwelt npon at such preposterous length. Oar tears dry op long before Isabel la dead, and give place to an anxious glance at our chronometer, which pointa generally to the witching hour of midnight ere the curtain tails. Miss Western is well supported. Ur. T. Ham iltonandMr. McKee Rankin are both capable and accomplished actors. Mrs. Eldridge is admirable is Dvr rendition of the eccentric “Cornelia,” a second edition of Bets; "botwood. Miss M. S. Gotdon Las some pleasing qualities, which are well displayed in her oatumptlon of Barbara Hare. East Lynn will be repeated Ibr the last time, on Monday evening, with a slight change 01 cast, Hamilton and Mr. McKeeßankin exchanging Griffith Gaunthas drawn good houses both at ue Museum and McVichcr’s daring the eatire Monday, to make room for “Rosa dale,” in which Hr Barrett will sattain bis great Impersonation of “LllutGray.” At the Museum Griffith Ganntagaln on Monday night. ' Y. M. C. A. Bxsarir CoKcurrs.—The next of the series of concerts will come off on the even li<g of the 31st instant, at the Opera House. The fltsl concert proved a very successful one, and of a high order. A programme of equally varied attractions is prepan df.«r the next. There will be an opportunity to sccnte tickets lortbe balance of the course ol three concerts, including the two oratorios for two dollars and a half. GRASP Concerts.— Oar advertising columns give notification (bat Bateman's great troupe of artists, beaded by ibe peerless Farepa and the favorite BriguoU, will give three concerts in Chi capo, commencing on Monday, the 17th instant. Success has attended Hr. Bateman wherever his troupe baie appeared. It would be needless to speak In praise of Farepa or Brlgnoll—their transcendent merits are universally acknowl. Sd. Mr Ferranti Is one of the best Italian is who has ever appeared in this conn* try. Hr. S. B Mills takes toe front rank of solo {>:anlste. and Cerl Rosa has vastly Improved since astyear,andlßnowacompletemaaterofthe nolln. Mr. J. L. Hatton, the composer, author and ac companist, will be discovered a genial and ac complished gentleman, whose efforts trover fall to please; and we may add the same of Slvnor Fortune. The sale of tickets will commence on Thursday morning, and those who wish to give themselves the grates? musical treat to be bad, should secure scats at once. lorai StKctna op Chicago.—ladies and gen tlemen who desire to participate m the production of Mendelssohn'a Oratorio olSk Paul are Invited to meet for the first practice on Monday evening December 10th. at the lecture room Mo. 29, Opera Hot a , at T:£o o. ra. St. Geobpx's Biii.—The annual ball of the St. George's Benevolent Society will be given on Wednesday evening at Washington »»n. Smith £ Nixon's Block. - Mcbiciaxs* UmoK Fwtital.— The annual festi val of the Musicians' Union of Chicago win take placeonThuisdaymnlng,at Turner Hall. The entertainment consists of a grand supper and hall— a feast of reason and a flow of sank and something else. The wine will he furnished by Mcseii*. fcchmldt «t Cramer. TBs Here msecs Fasolt—Tribe of Asa—will give their farewell aeries ot concerts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and J hnnday evenings, at the Oroany Opera House Music Hsll. tbx Cincca.—Yankee Robinson's Coliseum and its many pleasing attractions are sot forgotten by our amusement loving citlaena, among the other places of entertainment. Toe circus sustains Us popularity, and receives a lair share of patronage. The equestrian portion of the show is welikeot op, while the humor of Reynolds atd Lowlow, the cio* nr, evoke irresistible peals oi merriment every night. 1 be ruanagvmeti t has encaged the services of the well-known clown, John Davenport, who will ap pear oo Monday night. The Chinese cavalcade Is also another novelty. DIVORCES ON SATDBDAT. Tvro Dfticw oik'the tiroond of Xkeser* tlon. Judge Jameson rendered one decree In an action for dhmee. This was on the complaint of TCAXCIS TB. COBEUT B. HOWARD. The bill In this case was filed July 18th, last It alleged a marriage, the complainant being then a Mrs* Harding, at Jefferson In this count r, on the i«h day of July. 1663. Tr.e parUca lived together at the house of complainant*:* latner during four or five mouths, when the defendant deserted her. In this case then: was notice by publication, run ning forward from the Zd of October last, and summons, allot, and first and second queries Imued. each being returned, ♦‘Defendant not found in my county.” The decree allows each parly to remarry and gives to the complainant the custody of the sou, bom of her to the defendant, vvko Is rectralucd from Interference with him. In the Itecorder'a Coart a decree was rendered between CADOUIVET. ASD OEOCQK H. BILES. The bill in Ibis rase was filed the S3d day of No vember la u it alleges a manage on the 18th cay of March, 1650, and the mrth of two mate and • tie female children. The charge of the bill was □(Svrtloa. The master's report was filed batnr day, when, bc> oud the production of the certificate of marriage. Sarah Davison was sworn. She tes tified that she had known thepsrtlesdonngsix years, ard to the commencement of the icUaucr finding them living together as man and wife. iDCMiIBSf# lived iti the family of complainant nearly two years pi lor to ISCG, at 77 West Adams street. During that time complainant supported bmelf, the dclcndnnt having left her in October of two yean since. The decree gives the divorce. A Cast-Awat.—Brief reference was made tn Saturday's lubi'MS to the death of ona ttnium Van Brant, at Ih© Bridewell, on.f ri d iy mornla? . The deceased w«a placed in ihe Bridewell on the Elh Instant, by me.ol fc/j best friends, with the hope that ihe c,*elpllne of that establishment would navf 1 tendency to sllevlate, or possibly prevear (he “ horrors,” which all who were sc 9lain{ d with the case anticipated. The body was placed in a metallic coffin yesterday after- md wilt be forwarded to Adrian. Michigan. Jt Is represented to us that the deceased was a man of considerable wealth a few years ago, and that his worldly prospects, before the destruction of hi* Intellect by strong drink, were of a promis ing character. Toe 'UKXjrowjf.—Tbe name of the man whose body was found in the lake, near the fool of Ad ams street, on Friday evening, by a fisherman. Is, a* our reporter was informea or Coroner Wagner lirt evening, still unknown. From a number of abrasions about the neck. It was at first supposed that the deceased had met with foal plar, but (his supposition was thrown aside br Dr. Wagner as soon as re learned tbit thefisberman. Immedi ately upon finning tne corpse, bad fastened a rope around its neck and towed It ashore. An inquest will probably be held on Monday. Dr. Chuostk, paster of (be Sinai Congregation, Is delivering a series of lectures at ConsordU Hall. Lombard Block, on the subject of Ancient and Modern Ethics. On Monday evening he will lecture on “Chrlmitnlty considered from the Jew ish siano-polnt,” As ibis U one of the most in* tercsllnc lectures In the series, a large attendance is expected. The lecture will begin at eL.bc o’clock. LOCAL MATTERS. Griffith Gaunt. Beware of Impoiton,-If you bare Corns, Bunions, Enlarged Joints, or Ingrowing Nails, goto Dr. anrafeOK, office U 9 Clark street. Lr. K. baa operated on the feet more than sixteen years in Boston and Chicago. Ilooma for ladiei. Grimtlt Gaunt. Go to It. F, ITlemll’s, Wholesale and retail dealer in Lcrosere lamps, lanterns, chan deliers, table class true, looking glasses, «tc~ Noe. Tl and 73 llandolpb street. Grimm Gaunt Tae Tonrteir(t» Kziraet of Deef. Twenty ponnds of Fresh Beel for fI.W. Griffith Gaunt. Paper Hatazlocs aud Wladow Staade* ** redaced price*, P. E. Rigby, &3 Jlan- Grlfflih Gaunt. Gridin Gannk Markets bv Telegraph. Mew York Markets. Ccttos—DcD and rather crlaiids and Cc tor Oriraaa. ’ T-xotr-nrayy snd declining for medium anihich F 1?. *1 **><( without decided change la tow braids: ItUtoisuL 06 01t att| l L*ada brands at UOlcLsnd without material altera- H“f*ry a shade Cr*rer. Corn a.%tc better, ba: ’5 f ** uw \ P.#dUs W tor shipping mixed • i ♦t.tiTil.U do.aSoai-c.osmc at wiS?Jb ll isa??Kw ,u S ,BMts K l *** r, t unsound trn, aDdf.l3 Dr Western yellow. Oats le better (Wile for Chicago and Milwaukee, wtmin-Qni»t. *“ w - B “ fb “ Tr •* w »““- P« toirnt-lruU, at ac f'r crude. Wool—etrady. at avaSSs tor domestic fleeces emubmiu rQl ‘ c<l; a * s ‘® fcr Tent, and tor WEEKLY REVIEW. . . nxoca. ..“•w has been much depressed dnrtur the •"K* wW s°°* “J unitormlty in nrtow. BaJ« «xtn.l with mi holders * t«K« decline. The heavy arrivals. I»ti.J‘c‘ CTUI <,eclla " ,a leal tv '>inu«ncTs m>n Europe, bas increased tse general mISk l «if£ ,J ktTSL. BO,e * decline of ot tow and p bn on mediam »M hlch f/'f"- Thj ’IT 10 increase tn stock bat Induced ibe trade to held oft ana the absence of demand fbr ex- I'Jlpo demard tor flour. The stock <s * t S*. bPl »- wnlcb, with the ItJw >l th® East ana Fht adeiphta, serves to re -71 e •* f «h now t« a trifle more «>>»u ssj^sjs^jsw.’assra SJiSSwM , SSS? notpn ”' declined rapidly, and no dema&o*at eoseesUon. fcl*»^ vwfcF 1 “ BCh I ° W * r ' b ** r T at f LS9 wnx*T. The nrarkrt ruled heavy up to to-d*r. a further dv cllne bsriiu: been accented on spring and white win h. *«U at me concesston dv «vk has proved mod crate. To-day a hettsr feeling was noticeable, mpv daliv lor unbar winter, which la la redhead •apply. Ehlpr«rt bought spa) Ugly of ordinary duali ties and miller* operated eautioaaly In view of the steady detune tn Soot. The stock increased somewhat, bet is still leas than one-half the tlock otlast mucd. Weqoote Chicago spring *t |].9Sa3.tO;for refected So. t, WWjtlAs, So. i, pjfo'tjti.uu 1 fir Amber State, F3.50t43.95: White Canadian, tIJOJI.W, ud while Michigan, |3XOw 3 JO. OCX*. The market haa been much excited, and at times Site a panic prevailed. The price* declined cr> to IdujiSclo Ificabnabel. Since ihfs there has oeei an ad ranee of Sc to 4c, cloalnx at |i m u store for STB. Declined, and price* nnietUed and nnminti. min. The price la fle to ICc low. r. and the market c’oae* heavy and unsealed at nr in bond, and 11.19 for tree for Canada West. State l» dull at 88c to tlji. MSS. Pork has been moch store active Bader the decline of a dollar a hr). There iwm a more healthy state of this branch c* trade, no new CiUwm bavins occurred, uir. Bert r:ore active, and held with confidence, the •loci being moderate and receipt* much leu ’b*” last year. Prices fluctuated and closes deddedlr lover with firmer feeling than last ’ oonoß. For cocos there Is a moderate inquiry nriatipaDy for export. Early in the week prices were steady, bat at the close they became bcavT, cloalneal3sVloSS"-<c formiddllturoplandsand New Orleans. Sales cf the vr— have been 8.730 bale*. Receipt*. bale*, and tine* September lar, 138J43 bales. **•• **•«*» «**“*»“ Holden submitted to a decline, which *«*■*] *« active dtmsid. Other «caUtteedo£7 The demand Is mederate*fordUttlllne ntmoeca. and prices are wlthoot change. pur^wea, nuuwi. The market for both erode and refined petrolerm IS depressed. Receipts heavy and stocks focrtailag. at for crude, and rwfc Money and blocks in New York. Nrw Tout, December 8. Mosn-Market steady at 6®7 per cent Btxbuxo Excnasat-Kteady atlO*uai»w clSs?ih!w’'° I>a “ S “ t&i. Uruant u usv, OovzEsxxarr Stocks—Unchanged butualet. uni. Moirwr-Marketeasy to-Car, and demand quite mod erate from Stock Exchange. General rate for all loans Rper cent and very Uttlorew busfoeuat 7 per cent. V l **? * r f- more ** 5 *** <*ol on Oovcrn menp. Currency ts still Uowine this way trom the Wc* t. and N atlooal Bank notes are retting very nleuty. The Governmentjrm pay out next week as interest on tbe notes, and this win farther retleve prime Discounts oonuoue to ps*s at ooi^— Market dull and steady this eloitng Oovxermr Becciitim—Dnl] uuj heavy this alter a-»coup.-a...ica esioejl * The stock market at the dose was a Uttle lower on J, orthw es tem common, but otncrwlie steady _CIOetSQ CKICX*. OhloAilltacert29 a *9Jg lU.Cent, MS allfiu W.U.TeI 46£m 46H C.fcP. ***<• N.Y. C. lIbXAUOk C. ATol U2*taiOV Erie....... .... TIJiS 71?* R. 1,.„. ..10Jk#103W Dodson Blv«r.jao N. wlll.ltlltt. tejS wfi Ifcadln* lW3f«lo9k Do pfd 70S- Mich. Ccot.....i»k»lU Ft. Wayne IOOIMW Mjch. South... T9*ta 79Y PTTEO'.eni &UAKl£—Dull. • TTnlt^S States, i7O ; Manhattan. 15c- 1 * °“‘ co Denton Coes Greg gold. Corydou Gold UUI Gunnell Keystone, all. Lacrosse ■« do 270 Smith ft Pannelee.... 710 Review of the New York Dry Goode Market* N tv- Toxx, December 8- Tbe week clcics with a better foiling wa . ai> . p*m.t at the close of the last, but builnesi li till' only moderate, ana prices have a heavy downward ten dency. There Is no general decline In the once* of all coooe, but to-day one article 1* marked down by a job ber to attract attention, ud to-morrow another bv wme otner house, nntll by degree* the whole list Is found ten or hltetm per cent lower. These chance# la# few kind* of goods occur almost dailr, and where •locks ars ecnslderable there Is stiU a vllilagncss to make coocescK’QS. Prime makis of all kinds of goods are, however anile Cm from scarcity, and are bnt Uttia criterion oi jo very low price* for other goods, ihefollowicgctanges in goods were on the bnlletin board at Stewart's: Jamesttn Mills bleached shirting, 4-1, at 23Uc, a re duction of 3c a yard; Amoekeag tiers minced 5c a yard; Pacific U brown gooda l»>,c dAUantlc I*l9 Uc ; I’erpered B, 30c; Amosksag denims, sß)fc. a reduction New York Cattle Market* Xkw Yoss, December 8. Arrivals of cattle and sheep at the Hudson City Drove t ~“" r ’■ 1 “ : c *“'- Cam x—- All sold at about haif a cent per pound ad vance tiom last week. bnxxr—All sold. Market dull and Inactive. t*t> Louts Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] &T. Locxin December A Fbocc—'lnactive, Fine, |7JO; super, WWB9.W choice, |IOJ3; double extra, flt^O. Obais—Wheat—No. I sprlnc, (J-®; No. 2 spring, 13X0; fell. 12.50g5.f1C. Com firmer; old mixed, 83c; choice old white, 93c; old white, She. Oats Ann at etc. Barley advancedsc on better grades. Bye nnct.«np** Hat—Acute at (18.00. ntorißtosf—Pork active at t3OXO®3OXO. Lard.UVc. Hoes—|6Xo. HlllwnDltee market. [Special Despatch to th« Chicago Trlbnne.] Milwaukee, December 8. K Fx.orr-1* a shade firmer. Sales were too brls Golden Gate at (8.75. Gkaix—'Wheat dull and drooping. Sales were: 5,100 hua No. S Spring in store at 11.74, and 1503 bua No. I In store at SI. €3. Com unchanged; sales were: MO bus Mo. 1 shelled la store at 85c. PnoTißiosa—Firmer. SaJesofJOObrlscltymesspork at (17X0. Dacnxn Booa-Have advanced 39c. Sales as (SAg 6.75, dividing on SOt tts. hccaunv-Flour, ics bru; wheat, 5,000 hx] Emncxn*—Flour, 2X37 brls; wheat, 1,01 bo. Cincinnati Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cm cm an, Decembers. Floc*—Quiet but steady, bmall salsa superfine at 19-W; extra f 10JOgllXfl; femlly ftlSO. Goaia—Wheat a shade turner. Sales No. 1 spring at (3X5; winter dull and nominal; corn inactive: new firm ; mixed, COc; ear. sSgt»sc; oats, igVc hlgaer • tales. No. l.KgMc; No. 3, Me; rye dull and 3c lower; tales No. 1,11X6. Barley full. Concur—Fist; middling offered at 39^gXe. WBisrrr—Dull and lower; talcs, bonded stsse. Faovmoas—Generally firmer; mess pork steady. Sales St 118X0319.00, spot. (19.00 Is ireciy offered tot January i bacon and balk meats, nominal; gram J<c higher; sales, shoulders at SX3SVC : ,ia«, ;^- c . hams 9s&4y,c. Lard held firm No.l; steam lOfee. Hoot—Good demand. Sc higher; sale*. grass; (6.73 net. llecclpts, 3XOO. «• Moskt-Uom. Exchange unsettled at SO discount and par, buying, and par and 50 premium selling fobk Packing ax Chicago. Receipts and Shipments of Lire and Dressed Hobs from October Ist to Date—Approximate Parking, The following tables show He receipts and shipments of lire and Dressed Hogs tram Octo ber Ist to date, for two years: nccurra or noos. Week 1806. IBS S. end's. i— - » „ „ live Drea’d. Lire. Drea'd. Oct. 6 «,004 .... 21,310 18 13,4b9 .... 8^95 20 25,sti .... 177517 ::: 27.. 16,640 7 14.300 a Not. 8 J6.7M 58 a£:S 4i 10 20,288 238 17,«3 10 H 15,792 l« 37TM an „ M 18,403 ait SB.UU *5 Dec. 1 19.120 1,928 15,757 135 8 82,108 1,718 6,128 1M Total 208,851 0,790 809.150 065 Ado Dressed.. 3,780 .... 863 .77. Total 2tn,657 .... 809,516 unranrs or noos. Week 1»,6. 1365. .. end'g. „ . Lire. Drea’d. „ lifiT Drea'd. Oct. 6 22,911 «sa6 IS * 50,...;, . ‘.7 15.VU " '27 15361 !... 7,5 S Nor. 8 8,737 .... 11,444 ]! 10 10,874 .... 17,016 90 17 9,283 88 13,065 34 <BO3 00 10.709 .... Dee. 1 <515 419 15.459 VS 6 8,0)5 CIS <166 10 Total 113,419 AddDiesaed.. <340 .... 186 LAST TTEEK OF Mr. LAWRESCE BARRETT. Reproduction of Lcater tfanaat’* mad romantic drtmi, Id fire ku, eauued BOsEDALR. Monday, Tneaday, Wednesday and Tbonday, COS ED ALE: Ot. THE BIFLE BALL. DHot Urey Mr. Barrett Dnrtflg the pkce, tbe Glpaey Dell by liooallrbt and

(the Kite Ball. Friday—Benefit of Lawrence Barrett gains- day—Barrett Madaee. TOUI IM.tS9 .... 131,003 Redacting the shipments from the receipts, the balance should approximate); Indicate the num ber of Uogs packed and butchered for city con sumption : Receipts... Shipments. Packed ftad butchered Ul9iS 77,9u3 hleesra. MUward & Co., la their Circular ol to day, approximate the packing this season, np to date, at {fi,COO. ISIBBIED. la this cltv, oa the 3d tcst-tr the B«v. B*mael Bar ker. Mr. WiXLLtM O. HENDRICK*. of Clueuo, Mls* MAUDE A. V AKDBLEUB. of b’e w Tore City. la this c.ty. Dec. 6 th, by Bev-T. E. '•L John. DAVID fi. lIILMOKE and ELMIRA F. STEVENS, both ol t&U city. To Lincoln. 11U oa 39 ih Nor_ at the residence 01 the bride's mother. cy Bev.iL. B. Clark. Mr. K. L. BE ACU. of Ucecla, aid MUs MaBY p. CLiKK. hraeru o( Chicago. DIED. In this city, on the Tlh lost, at the nal.lenee of her sister, Mr*. Wo. D. Nichols, o( pneumonia sad peri carditis. FLLA Eh, daughter ofU«orse mine. Fm ■ cf Vest Sana Lake, BensseUaer County, N. T, a*e3 15 years. Her remains we takes Bast lor Interment. Albany and Troy papers please copy. In this my, on the tth Ust- of disease of tbe brain. IX CY, lonrth daughter of Dr. aad Mrs. W. s. Rea colds, area six years. Funeral icmce at parents’ residence, Maxwell st-, at 11J, o'clock. Monday, URh Inst. Id this city, o& the 7th l&aL, of internal hemorrhage. JANE McKEtitE, vice of Wm. Mc&eehe, ared 36 jtut. Pnoenl to-day (Scnday) at JO o'clock. trots the rest* Hater, corner ot Onnstde and Twentr-vcrentb-na. Hietda of the family art Invited to intend. In this city, Dec. flh. JULIA, tntaat dacthter of F. ard J.B. Lamed. Funeral at the raldenre of the paresta, No. 7ElU ridge court, Sos day. at 1 o’clock r. m. At &t. Loots. Dee. 6th. ot typhoid terer, Ua O. D. X\'LS, wife of E. t~ Ives. late ol Chicago. F&nerai at the resident e of her brother, J. L. Deol •cn, 1U Wc*t Kluxlc street, at UK o’clock, p. m., l> morrow. Friends o* the dcocaaed an relocated to at* ucd without further notice. iEljc Jpinc arts. QROSBT OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. The .fblfcncfn? Splendid Patnitnffi art note in U)f Art o clteri .* THE RESOGNITION! Constant Slayer>i Great fforkj ScAtMein IRVIRGIH& HIS FRIEHDS. Leutte’t Fine Picture of Or HRj T ! OT FYee to Bbidtrt cf CrrUfa&ft. personal PERSONAL -Mis, Bnrnctt, Ironi Cln- I dm aU, win be gild to have Wchard a»e« <t*rer maker) call at once at Wrights Hotau sorta We:!t-tu PERSONAL. —InfonnatioD ™icd 01 GEORGE C. OREM, and rO*f tobl*business taChlcr . If lbef«dJ to boarded, and the agent or attorney bUbnstcc*a,*lllaQdrr*a orcall they will comer a f*vcr on Mbtf’a Utaar. n.rf. BARN KT. 1» Kliyfa BtotE. 40 ’ amusrmtntg. QKOSBY’b OPERA HOUSE. MONDAY NIGHT. DSC. 15. inaugceaxion; OF TQB LAST WEEK, POSITIVELY, Ol the highly mcccaafal «jgagvir«sjt of the eminent, youthful aid beautiful artl.te. ITTCILLE WESTERN, And the last nights of the Dramatic Season. LAST NIBHT, POSITIVELY, Of the highly emotional and moral drama. In five acta by C. W. Tayienre, entitled EAST LYNNE, Or, the Elopement, In which a] CHANGE WILL BE HADE In the principal male characters. (See below.) LUCILLE WEST ESN as Lady Isabel and Madam Vine. Mis* M-E. GORDON Mr*.T. ELDSIDGE Amt Cornelia Carlyle., Ur. T. HAMILTON a 5.... Mr. Mr-WTF WAKKTV U. .Sir Francis Lerlsoa ..Jkrchlbsld Culyis TUESDAY EVENING, DEC. U, VT.gR WESTERN will appear tn the character of CryTJIU , TBEGIPSTqUEEXt la the Backitoue drama of the same title. ON WEDNESDAY. DEC. W, LUCILLE WESTERN AS LEAH, In the popular dramatization of the German M De borah,” entitled LEAH, THE FORSAKEN. MISS WESTERN will appear during the week, as DON (LESAH DE BAZAN, AndalaoaaNANCT SYKES, In the dramatization of Charles Dickens' master-work. OLIVER T WIBT. — * t WILL END THIS ENGAGEMENT, and alio toe Season, positively. Tuesday—First appearance of Mr.-TonsT. Barvoirn. Door* open at 7; curtain rises at ”Y- Seats may be secured daring the day from 9 uaUI 4. Mona. N. GQiLEh Chief d'Orcheate. ‘Y'ARIETY THEATRE. MONDAY, DECEMBER 10TB, WILL APPEAR E. BLANCHARD And nil Wonderful Trained Doss, NERO and CARLO lo the benmttion Drubq, In 3 Acta, A Hundred Years Ago ; OH THE POSTMAN AND BIS DOG. First Appearance of MISS LMRI BERNARD, JOE WOODS, J. W. CLARK, •Ind a Host of Talent. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. BATEMAN CONCERTS. Idooday Evening, Dec. 17, Tnesdav Evening, Dec IS, and w ednesday Auernoon, at 2 o’clock. ONLY CONCERTS IN CHICAGO, by the Benownsd BATEMAN CONCERT TROUPE, Embracing the celebrated Prime Donna SIAUinK PABUPA, Woose conversance with the Italian, French, German and Spanish languages, aod magnificent votes acd tcotongh musical culture, whether hearj In operatic selections. In sacral wags, or 1c those German and Bug. lUh UUads, to which her exquisite rendering has given undying feme, has proved a worthy successor to Jenny Lind. in the esteem and admiration of the American nubile. SIGNOR BBIGNOX.T. This charming tenor has returned with new lanrels to tbe scene of bis former triumphs, to repeat those sweet and tender Interpretations oi operatic moslj that hare made hit name fernons In both continents. SIGNOR FIiKRANXI, The Irrevlsttbly comic and dashing BuOo, who has achieved with tbe public, wherever he has appeared, an unequivocal success. SIGNOR FORTUNA, Tfce pleasing and accomplished Baritone, MIR, H. B. MILLS, Unmistakably the great classic Pianist ol tbe dsr. whose repertoire comprises slloftbe works oftheoid matursas well as the >psrklmg gems of the modern school, and whose wonderful execution affords not only astonishment and delight to his eager amliors, hat alao the very highest model of style tor mtuicai stu dent#. MR. CAUL SOSA> Tl>e rilled and youthful Violinist, whose thorough fa muisrlty wlib iU: b st compositions, graceful and cm ibrntJy sympathetic stj to and biUllant usgertng, hare luiUy platen him In the very (list rank of b.s profession In t-srlt, Usmburg. Vienna, as well as loth!* country. nn. s* l, itatton, Tbe well known and esteemed Composer, win officiate as Conductor and AccoapanyiaL Admission, One Dollar. No extra eharte for secured seats- a** n Reserved Scats will commence Thnrfdsy mortln/r, December 13, at 0 o'clock, at tte Box pace at t’. e Opera Hoa-e. Farewell concerts BY .THE Bxrrcszivsox raniti/s’, TBIBEOF ASA. SIX MEMBERS: Acs, lizzie, Abby. Fred., Ira, Alty and little Denaet, Opera Uourto Music Hall, Entrance on State-*!. On Monday, Tataria? and Wednesday Eveclnca. (withManatecn Wednesday alternocn at 3 ■■'clocz.i Dec. and Uth, brine Udr CI-OSING CON t'EBIB fur tbe season to ibh city. Evening doors rpenat7H. C>r.cert at Mto 8. Admission U> cent*: children, 25 cents. Matinee on Wednesday, 12th. at i o'clock. AdmUtlon g cents. THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AJjp -C9if - Second week of WM. DUTTbN. the renowned Snm __ . .SffrSaaU Rider. - Con tinned encasement ot JOHN LOWLOW. First appearance DAVENPORT. the -FaTcrUe.’ 1 MONDAY. DECEMBER 10th, wUI be produced.for the nm Ume In Chicago, The GRAND CHINESE CAVALCADE! In which the entire Company win appear. Me VIOEEK’b THEATRE. ICKER A MYEB3- MANAGERS pOL. WO OU’S MU.SEUIL Cbl* J> Q> WOOD - .fropnctor Ulrecter cf Amtuments. AIRbN Stwe'u «w... ..T.TT... V.V.V.V.V.V.Vi ihisT habkv Seccnd ud lux vnk of the Great Drama. The Tnaatih, received by crowded hoiee* with di«Uo. pTHihertapplatueilheliotlaUiDOft; the Lancashire Falß 1 ire Mr Cd**?; Song* *a<3 DancD>. Oft Mrtday erector. Dec. 10, and every njfht, and also mt the Grand Matinees, Wednesday ud Saturday aTemoocs. GRIFFITH GAUNT; or. Jkatoctr. In rehearsal—FOßTUKlS. MONDAY—A New Play. T*HE semiannual ball and A Soiree of the St. G carle's Benevolent Association, At Washington Halu Washlngton-st. opp'Nite the C«>ort Hols-, Wednesday erector. Dec. 15,1966. Music by the Great Western light Guard Band. Tickets lIJC, admitting gentleman and ladiea. An excellent tapper *lll be provided. THE HUTCHINSON FAMILY, TRUE OP JOHN, tvill commerce their Second Series (Christmas Week). CC TUESDAY EVENING. Dec. Wlb. UP ' Foil Band, with lostnnneetnl areomnaeltDeats. P.s'ofrcm Root A Cady's, Assisted by ProLPEß nixesPlacUU XVT AfcHINGTON HALL, Smith & Sixon’s 801 l ding’. On W Baht saloons.. Oppoaltn Caart H«w> The above Hall Sixty (86) feet nqnart, baa Croat and l rivate entrance, U well arranged tor BALLS, CLUBS, OONCEBTS, AND LKCTTCBS. Caabebadooreatonableteraa. Apply at the Han, Ural Estate—ffiountrs. 17 OK sALE—lmproved Farms—The fbnrwmg Otnrswlih valuable Improvements, moated In Mar*hail County, Illinois, near railroad cetot sad river* Two tarms ot S?t acre* each, one of acres, on* ot no am «, one oi ico acre*, ooe of 117 aeroa, aad ooc of eighty acre*. A l*o. coal and timber land*, and Improved property in the thrivingdty ot Lacon, Marshall County. Terms very rcarouable. for pardcslan addreaa FISHER 4 SONS. Lacon. QIIdoU. I7OR SALE—Farmmc lands and nn proved lllmcb fauna, within U 4 mile* of Chlcaro. face lent rallwav and canal tacll'ics fbr market, bi tlthj chn ate. *o»*d warer. New EnyUad nrlghbor lord, andatcnrt»Dt rborewa and schools. Toeatteo* )cn cf Eai em men t» called to iheae tannv aime of which are soluble frr »tock raising on an extensive • me. Th* low pnev at which they are offered present a emaMcdactmcßUfur profitable investments. ffll rj iact REED. Beal haute office, 70 Chi* cago. Fin SALE— acres of land m C>tok Coonty andhfi acre*>n Irocoo'sCennty. In* COire of CONDICT. TfOOLLEY A CO-. 39 Lake^t. jFinc jFurniturg. J,'URNinmE ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, MANDFACTUBEK AND DEALER IN RICH, MEDIUM AND COMMON Furniture, BEE DING, MIRRORS, &C. TBB LARGEST ASSORTMENT and LOWEST PRICES of any boose la the West. t3T* It la the hPECIAL INTBREST ot erery person Vastlng coeds In my Uac, to call and examlce. 8" and 89 State-sL, Chicago. ®o Ucni-^ouses. TO BENT—A twoctory House, with bwnnrat—«Qtfldcotroen> for the Accommodation oi two famines, In a desirable location. Inquire at 197 West Lake-tt. TO ivENT —New house, 243 Ohio-st, eight room*. Bant SCOP. Call at IQS Lake-tl T'O RENT—A block ol two-story Iramc 1 dwellings, cniir»lynew,9lnnnmber,plea9»:.tl7 situated on the North Side, near the hors: rail war. be tween LaSalle and WeUMU., on Eaxcale. Th- above dwellings win be tented at * low price t» suitable ten ants. Apply to J. ECAWLAX. 7 MawnicTeinp'e. T'O RENT—A house on Pfame-av, near X Sixteeoth-it. Also, three or foar rooms, suitable for tamlllea. nod location, and terms low to a (rood tenant, inquire at aoalc atom. 01 Washington-*!. TO RENT—A new, first-class frame house, containing thirteen roams, and fitted w Itb every necessary coarenlence. near Ijqcoid Park. No. 933 North Ciark-»t. Tate Full:rtoa-ar. car*. rpO RENT—New dwelling, No 23£lhs -1 av., eight room*, hydrant wale*, at 4S> p*r month. TTg.irrca A CO.. Rojm g. No. IC7 Dearborn-st. T'O KENT—A pleasant cottage, with I basement,st3l6Co«»»ce Grove-av. obtaining eight rooms and close la. For pnrtlcalsrs Inquire at Pete Btcmp'a beet and thee store, Ko.-UfltUKHt. TO RENT—Home 223 East Washing tco-st.lo room*, convenient to business put of the city- Can keen boarders. Inquire in the store be low. Also. 833 Wear Washington-*!, story jf house. 'T'O RENT—lfyouwantto rent a house, A buy a boose.or sell a bouse cr lot, call si oor of flee, borne great bargains offering. Q BORON A WILLIAMS, y feouth Clars-«t. rpO KENT—A newtwoslory brick base- L ment dwelling, »uh all modem Improvements, situated at 200 west Auama-tL, opposite the mi drnceasd mounds of P. Scbnttler. Apply to J. H. D. BLAKE, Room 9 Larmon Block. KENT—A first-class house of 12 X large rooms, elegantly f&ml»hed,ODMlehlraa-av, north of Harrlson-st. ARTHUR ABOYDKN. 310 Bsate-ft. 'T'O RENT—New CctLape House, six JL rooms, on Catharlsnet, near Blue Island can. Price til per month. Inquire C. J. ADAMS, corner Adams and Cansl-sts. nro RENT—A cood residence on West _L Waihlngton-«t. Rent low. Hooto In good order, with barn, etc. Some furniture for »ale. all new and la good order. Will be acid at a large discount, as the family leave the city. Adores* “ Tnhane office. XO RENT—Two-story house, 318 Huh bard-at, containing »li large rooms, four closet*. bt m kitchen. Term* |35 per month.. T O KENT—Dwelling House on Calu met-av M containing 8 room*; hard and soft water: bare. kc. lionee in complete order, w. n SAMPSON, Boom 3, Metropolitan block. TO RENT—Two new houses, No. 167 and 109 Park-ar.; II room* each : with all mod en Improvement*, inquire at A. SALISBURY'S Beal E»tate Office, corner 01 Canal and Randolph-eta. r l*o KENT—A neal cottage, containing JL 7 roootnf, pantry, and preases, on Jackson, vest ofßoyne-st. Inquire of Mr*. D. PRATT. Intelligence Office. 130 South Uark-et. <Eo Kent—iiooms. r PO KENT—No. 13U West Kandolph-st, JL three nlemtant rooms and closet, with furniture and carpet* for sale. Inquire of J. ft H, MOfICKO LAS. y& feouth Welh-su. or 126 W«t Randolph-*!. TO BENT—A large tront parlor, on Maclsoo-*t., West bide, suitable for a Doctor's otnee. or fir one or two single gcnUunm. Amilrto **S y M," P. O. Boi 7 1 0, Chicago. T) RENT—A pleasant tarnished room wlthstove in It, sattable for two gentlemen. To a party thst stop* for the winter It would be rented to foi (6 per month. Apply thu day at 7-1 £a»t Indiana* Bt. 'T'O RENT—Rooms—A front parlor ■ andUd-roi m, tmfanu-hed, to rent without board. 179 West Adam»-*t. Belarences required. T'O KENT—At $lO per month, rooms In a new house, suitable tor a email Umlly. Cali at 97a West Maduon and see the premises. TO RENT—A pleasant tarnished lodg ing room, on second floor, suitable lor one or two gentlemen. in brick boose, lontbeast corner of Wells at d llnnots-sts. Apply on the premises. T'O RENT—Two tarnished lodging X rooms, with ess and stoves, near Fust OUIiS. far 2or 4 gentlemen. Call at No. is 7 btate-st. r | O BENT—Five rooms in second story X olNo. 331 South Clarg«t, on reasonable terms. Furniture ler tsle IX dolred. liqulrc at ptetnue*. TO RENT— Rooms, mrnished or un turnlthed, at 45 West tVa»lilnpton-vt. a'O BENT—Partly lurmshed and light , edwitta cas, sTery plrasont slttlns room, with 1-room off; cood location; within two minutes’ walk ofFostomcc. For particulars address •• J b ii" Box I’ia*. Chicago p. Q. TO RENT—A nice tarnished room can bo seen by applying at 114 Monroe-sU. opposite me Post ogee. T'O BENT—A suite of untarnished rooms, with board, atjatf 3 West Lake-it rru RENT—An untarnished front X room to a centlernsn and wife, with board. In a pavaieUmtly, 491 wabasn-ar. TO BENT—A good sized room, com fortably fuml.h«£ without board: closet,gas etc.; suitable fur two or three young men; the room cared for; at 77 Fonrth-av. r PO RENT—A Pleasant furnished room, X with board; suitable for a gentleman and wile. Also a room for a tingle gentleman, at 904 Wabaib av. r PO RENT —Sleeping room and tarni- X tare for sale. Apply stjio. 30. COBB’S Burn ing, or at V26!f Dearbora-sU, in the evening, or ad dress “H.” Drawer 6207 P. O. r) RENT—A tarnished room to rent, with stove, with or without board, In apnvaie tiu-Uy. Apply at 490 South Etate-it. 'T'O RENT—Fomianed lodging rooms, X single and double, with gas, furclshtd and kept in order, without board, to gentlemen only, at No. 13 Sooth Water-st. 'T‘O KENT—One large tmnlshed room, X with closet, gas, and stove, at 83 Jacxson-su. near State-*t_ suitable lor two or four vents, luouire at tbe house. Rent-Stores, ©fliers, &c T’O RENT—Bleam power «nd rooms to real, rear of 74 Bandolph-sU, Gourt-plsce. oppo tuc Crotby’s Opera lions*-. Apply to A. WOKDEN ft co„orL.l. i6dd. on ihe premises. TO RENT—Desk room, or onc-lliird of office for physician. In business part ol city near r.O. Caliorad'iras 1188onth Clark-sh. Smith ft Nixon’s Building, Boom 18. 'T'O RENT—Offico to rent on first floor, TC/ydeslraUo location. Apply at No. 43 TO RENT—2d floor, suitable lor sales _ room. Inquire at 104 Latent. XO RENT—Offices on tbe second floor efbolitlorKo. 10 Sooth dark-el. YOUNG A J N'OER. N o. 2 Metropolitan Stock. rro tiKlST—Stores and basements, 3-10 J. and JtAl Sooth Clerk-et, and office and sleeping rooms, 4 Lite rooms at 337 Clarnt, 33s Fourm-av, and hern at 113 East Mooroe-at. Apply to J. 11. MARSHALL, Boom 8. at 97 Sooth C-irc-st, a"*© REKT—IB3 booth Clark-sL. 1 store and 1 room, per month, f 13; 3 rooms on the hack. per taontn. IIS; f rooms on the back, pee month. |v. Ruction gales. C PECIAL BALES OJf THE MOST £L- O EGANT Stock Of Bleb and Medium Furniture, AND FBENCH PLATE FIEB GLASSES, AT AUCTION, That buertr been offered at public sale la this city on Tuesday and Weane-rtay. Uec,uth and Uta.atltf o*cl«cke«>ndar, contlsunc of one of the most exten sire stcci* of new custom-made fund tore id uo w«n. and consists of tbe newest and man beautiful »tr ca mario, an or wiucts is marie of the best sea«oned wood and by the beat mat era in the country. Net an article will be allowed in this sal* that cannot be warranted In every particular. and ?or rlchnea* and cletaace of oeslrn cannot be surpassed. If equalled. west of New York. The stock consists In part of elegant parlor »«ta In ah Ue fashionable ‘tries made, and covered in the beat of atlkpluth. silk cotleiUe, terry, moaneuc. rrp* ltd haircloth; decant Turkish chairs, parlor drswltg-rcuin ted otner fancy chairs; pratiexens' re clining. smoking and readies chairs: music stands and racks, work, clove and handkerchief boxes; Oriental and folding cealrs: very fine euceres, witn French plate gts*s; ladies' decant pa-ior secretaries and deek*. finished in ebony usd variegated tn tbe most beautiful manner; Fretch work-tables and »ton library book cases and secretaries, library tables, tteos and chain : marble-top tables of beautiful styie*: the most decant assortment ol fancy brackets ever seen In Chicago. just the thine fhr Christmas; nail trees and chair*: reocn dca,dlnlrf and chan ber chairs, rocking chain In pnatvarirtT. par Icular atteptioMs invited to the •nlf ndld assortment rich chamoer soli*, of the most elcrant styles made, R&lsbed and polished in oil and waxed eb-.ny and wal- at. with chaste and elegant Carr trsi and mould!ns. French bedsteads, rich mart :e top bureaus and wsjbstands, lonnces. nommoJ'S. Dtnlns room—oak ard wamot Frenca extctaioo dlnlnr tables, with saol» and heavy Cied leg*; dmlnz chalrsln variety; elecantoak aid walant sideboards, wtt&alr ror hark ana marbles, wlto an Immense variety of oth er coods. nsefnl asaeli as ommraui. Pier Masse*— also, several tarse and »p!esdto French p ate pier Classen, all size*. In polish blscS walant frame*, finl-hod In the richest style. Tbe attention ot-buyers wtshinc, is p-<mcuuriy lavitedio this sale. The roods will be 03 exhibition on Monday af- : ternooc. before the sale. Country bnyencan have their coeds packed aid shipped tn the best manner. Tbe sale will pe positive ard a itront reserve. GU.UERT A SAMT&ON. Anct’a. Chicago. ILBEHT 05 aAUF&UA. FOR CHRISTMAS. ARTICLES DE PARIS, TUB IMPORTATION OF nessrs. West et I'oapuaie. 17 and 49 Bie da Faaboura a>u lloaorr, Fans. AT AUCTION. Crmoecdn* oa WEDNESDAY EVENING, Do center I*, ax 7V o'clock, aad oontlnne day sad even leg nsUl all Is sold. An immense variety ot the choicest and richest novelties. made cxprws.r for the fans trade. As rich and varied an assortment coald barely be tonsd in any one ettaoltsfament in Parts, and certainly tot in America. Persons dfdtron* oi making octane presents can here select “objects do Cactalsle** which cannot be dup'icated except In the best store* In Paris. These roods hare been chosen boring regard to richness and novelty of style. In ftrad of cheapness. They were, however, bought wtth a Uktooth knowledge or the Pam markets, and fbr ca‘h, tmm the best makers, and there are no interme diate protis to b» provided tor. Tbs sale *lll be ■without reserve. The roods will be oa exhibition two cays previous to the sale. UII BERT ± hAMPSON. A octloneer*. bacsrooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-ft. ASSIGNEE’S BALK. Broecriet, Hone, Wbcob, Counter*, Shelrlsei PlntTorm Seale*, Ac., AT AUCTION, BY GILBERT 4 SAMPSON. At 127 Nr rth De*platne*4t, on —edngaday morning, Dee. r.m, at S«f o’clock, we viu tell tee entire stock oi a Grocery Store, corstatl&r of a general awortsent Alao. Bane. Wagon. Shelving. Conn ten. Platform and fonder Scales; will be kk U lots to »ntt dcser*. halepoalUTC by order of the assignees W. P. Walpole and £t. Pall. OILBIRT 4 SAMPSON, Aocfra. FURS! Large stock of valuable pubs* AT AUCTION, By GILBERT tte SAMPSON, At thetr salesrooms. 47 and 49 Deatbcrwat, oa THURSDAY. Dec. IX. at wyewt, and cooUnalng no*ll allUaoto, eooaunng of genuine.mink. manta, fitch martin. Siberian *QUur»X.cbu»cnira, andan outer kind*, too ctraeront to rotation. In capes, half rape*, f almas. ma&, vie tom ca. eoilai a. cnSi. and a larr* aa a'-ruaenl rt chi dre*-’» fttra, grata’ caps, muffler*, gtev.a gauntlet*. on- ot we choicest and moat w'Ket >tock» ever i«h! In thla city. They were ■il made op. ofthe Crest and beat cix da, exprevtly for city retail trade. They are all Orah and *£JdlcTarc partmlar’j incited to attendthli sale. *GrLbr-Tn »>A»rEON. Auctioneers. JAI. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, , 1 -n DEARBO RJf-ST. s«na the entire stock, flxtorea and leaae of B. S. w I>'F LQ.'S Grocery andProvUioa Store, at No. 17S North Clark-«U cn WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER Mar, at 10 o’clock a. m. Schooners? by auction, on ac ..ii'wt oi whom it may concern. TBUBSDO. DEC. U,J9BS> Wearemitractec hy B**Mrt tuc, Bsq*, Bollator, to sen. on acconi t cl whom it may concern, the achooner AMERICA, aa ahe tow lira, wi h aaita. rlyginr, arcbora. Ac» Ac., ail con.plete. The America lie* at or war PoD-et. bridge, whsro *be may b*f*cn at y day prior to sale. Sale at Id ./clock sharp, cm abeve <ua ‘p A > aWj SCOTT 4 CO, Anri’s. Tents easy. Appl* W No, 10 Dole’s BtnW’rs. er the Ancßiti»fs Office pro tern., 44 La aUe-it A. EUTTERS & CO. Auctioneer) & Commission Merchants p.LMEB*S BLOCK, 41 a? 40 ?»A MX* ggIQ'N'F.K'R SALE—Enore stock, ma cnlaery aad a Bootaal Shoe Factory. Wnibout reserve,*for c«»h. cn MONDAY. Dee. ICth, at I? o’clock, at Store 183 Lakwu np»la.r«. Rv order of J- W. wetrtam. Aaslgnee, w WM. A. BUTTERS 4 W>, Anettooeera. isteal Estate-Cits, ISPSOTiSD. FOR SALE—By S. H. Kertoot & 00., Beil Estate Rtokerr, 71 Dearborn-it: 3—Elegant brick residence os Park-av., near union Park.U room*, besides ctoteti.pantries, bathroom* Ac., Ac_ toot a&a cold water, andbam—let 30x1-0 feet. 948 a new trame liouae on Warrrn-at., 10 rooms, bot and cold water, bathroom, aad every modem con veclrecr. price moderate and terms easy. 94 O—Frame house, with brick ba*emett,on Tbroop it. Islcw—contains U rooms, bat&room, marble man tle*, and Is w*ll finished in every retpecl. „ 939—House and Kton Micfilgac-av. Hodm hu 9 reams; lot vßxiTl fbti to aa alley. Will be sold low L/T ea«ti. GOS-Tbree brick kouaeaoa Tbroorv«t_near Jc3er sonpark; about 13ro»m* each, with bktbrocmi aad all modem la.pTCT«nmt». _ w _ 897— Dwelling of? room* oa Wert Lake-rt. Lot S3xtu. Will be »old at an extremely low price. 847—Good dwelling of s room* on ladiana-av. Lot IJxi.l tecl to an alley ; bam oa rear. Term* easy. 84U—'Two home* oa Dougias-place. Lot &Sxl23. Will be low fi r cash. 11—A melee lot on Prah-le-av., 100 teet Croat, with an excellent frame boose aoc bain oo It. _ 9—El tract fonr-etory brick oa Wabasb-av,, mar fcUUcnih-*t. Finished !■< the best style. St— Rome oi 7 rooms, cloeatotkc., on Franklln-IL, nrarUadlson. Lot rafiettrunt. uxmi unuiruui uukt^i:c«uuM>* 940—Two bouses on K\nkakre-ar. Good Icta,36z US feet: "or Srooaa tn each dwelling. 911—A desirable business lot, tiDxiSO feet, os Mon roe t~ near Wellt. 72&—Cbolee rot, XtxUO feet, eu North Peartxxx-st. East front aid location dealranle. UU IVtMUU UOUWIG. 715—Frame dwelling of 8 rooms, closets, te, with lot tS feet front on Wblte-st. Location excellent. Will be acid cheap and on e»»y terms. 871£—Btulnesa propcm—brick building on Mlchl- CUric. suitable tor manQfactnriog par* posit—to tretfrcnl. Can be bad at a bargain. 891—On Wabaab-av., north of Fourteen th-st, Good Drug house on elecant lot turn feet east front. 14—Brick bouse ol 11 rooms, closets, marble man, with lot ana feet on Eighteen tb-st, near Lake. Price lew. 14— Three ft ame dwell Icrrs, oa Eighteenth-it, near Prairie-;.r, with good lota, wilt oe sold chrap. 15— Two-story frame house on West Adama-st. Con tahisll rooms.oe«tdes close**,patales, Ac. Lot Sdx :r. ie*t tom toot alley. Handsome yard, planted with •hranbery, small Ac- A bargain. U'OR Bai.r—Marble front house on X 1 Michlgan-ar„ north of Van Buren-et. Tbree story brick boose on north ol Slxteentb-st. NlcebnlldSßloU oa Prairie av n north of Twinxy nlnih^t. Honaeand lot oa between Twenty toonh andTwenty-tlthwtj. Cottage house on Twnty-nlnlh-sL, west ot Cottage Grove-av. Good business property oo Wells-st, north of Madi- MHt. FUtt-claea marble front dwelllDg on West Washing too-sc, eootalslna an modem laprovemenu. FUst-class brick eweiUßg on weet Waabingun-st. Good order and first-class neighborhood. Vaunt lots os We»t Waahmgton-aL, near Sangs mon-sL • , Flnt-claM bitek dwelling bouse on Park near Pan Una-aw Good dwelling lot* on West Monroe-iL, between Ab erdeen aad Uocxer-ets. BBamesa oropetty on West Uadlsoo-st., near Clinton aad Lesplalms-sts. Business property on Hadlson-sL, near Frank Iq-«l WM. H. &AMPSON, Beal Estate Broker, 3 Metropolitan Block. |j*Oß BALE—A new, first-class 2-story X 7 trams dwelling boors, fitted up with erery desira ble convculecce, containing thirteen rooms. No, 93*4 Norm Clark-tt, well suited lor a respectable faulty. Apply cn the premises. L'OR BALE—House and lot on West A. Madieon-aLnear SheldOMt. Immediate posses sion. Price SAMO. Bouae and lot on Twenty-ftmrth-st. near Calnmet-aw. Immediate potseaslon. Price, t\soo. YOUNG A SPKINGEB, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. Ij OR bAliE—Or Kent—A neat 3-story 1? trims house cf 10 room*, water and gas ted lot, Xo. 23Q near Lincoln. Terms of pay menu made es*y. J. LEWIS LEE a CO- Beil Es tate Agents, Xo. 4 Metropolitan Block. FOG NALE—House and lot, two-stories, Hire rooms, on West Side, *OOlll of Lake and vnt of D organ-*u. inqnlrc at 124 Baodolph-et, Boom O, 170 R SALE—If you want to buy a X house, rent a house, or sell a boose or tot. call at our office. Some treat bamlnaofferlnr. QBUBGE & WILLIaMS, 7 Sooth ciarx-st. F)R SALE—A new two-story tramc dwemtft.lotSlilSO teet, No. 1243 Indlanvav. near Twtniv-slxtb-st. Term* easy at (4.50 J. VTM. KELSEY BaED, Real Estate office, 70 LaSaUe-at. 17 OR a ALE—Two-story trame boos?, XT No. 71S Fniion-sc with 100 feet ol ground, very cheap, on easy unit. If Uacu at ouce. »V -1. j. TEWCBSPUBY. Bootall, >» MJ Wi^hlcgton-rt. L Otv SaLE—Two new neat and trame X bouses of 8 room* eaci, water, gas. sewerage, &c- aid lou, on Washl: ston-st., nearLlaco n. Itnme <tlstepo«c*ston given. ThoUAS 1». bNTOKB & CO- Keal haute Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. I7OR SALt—House and lot on Wabash- A av.. mar Twelfth-*!- Jn perfect order. Lot »1173 feet, with good barn. Willbescldat alow price aid on very literal terms If taken atcrce. WABBEX* GOODRICH, Ucal Estate Broken, 123De»rborn-iL, Uoom-J. T7OR SALE—A very desirable and ele* X gantraldenceoo Wabatih-ar., north of Peck-coon —with 16 room* and all modem convenience*. i*jt 30x17) feet to alley, with good earn, Ac. Frice low. WABHEK A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Broken, 123 Dcarborn-tt- Boom. tmnFuovED. BALE—In Thos. B. Bryan & Co.’s X 1 Real EaUte Office. Bryan Ball: Six lota—ope and onohith acres in ttertnase of Wbeaton,oo Galena Eal road, la picket Unbt board fence, only S rods from depot, with iv story frame cotUre, with L addition, CunUimne 7 ruJmi. cellar, sheds, cistern, well, Ac. Ground la trudea. with some so bearing fnut tries. Shade trees around the whole. WMhlngtcn-et. extended, about Klnlle west of city limit*, icw coture hoiae, and lotauiisftet. +■- Lake and Madisoa-sts. extended, iv 'milts west of city limits, U acres. Hatsted and Dirrrey-sts- X mile north of limits. Four acres fenced and trees on ground. Halsted and Green Bay-road Junction. 13 acres, with fine grove. Be»ldr« which we have a large u*t of other suburban and city property, both Improved and unimproved, on our Bulletin Board, to which we desire to draw the attention of purchasers 17OR SaLE—The north hall of Block X No. 43, School Section Addition, having a iroat ace cf O feet on Clinton and Jefferson-ilx, and con taining 23 lota. A rare opportunity fhr a manubeto- Wy »gW on reasonable term* bv t. S. FITCH A CO- No. 167 liearbom-at. 170 R SAJ^E —Foi a few days, 45G feet X front, corner of Indlana-sv. and Doag'aa-Dtsce frenting east on the avenue. 11. O. BTO.VE. luj 170 R bALE —Cheap—For a lew days X only—4o tect oo Wabash-av- near Van Boren at. An excvQrnt opportunlly for an Investment. Asolr. trrin9 toiOa.m . to X. D. KAITLETE. southwest corner of Clsrk and Washington-*'*-. Room -2. Business ffliiancfs. f7OR teALE—A No. 1 saloon and res- X. taursiit *nd two blllard table*, will t>« sold at a uargsiD. Inoaire at 133 eouth curk-n. Doing a good boglnres. Reason lor selling is sickness. L'OR SALE—Flainirg Mill, two stories, I 4hsßo fr*t, beside* engine nvm.lSilo. aCfly-horse power eutlne. three flooring a.aenioc*,i>nrfacer t siting •jw. etc., wl m good order; lease of lot, luoxlsl feet. This mill will be told low. part nub nut part to real estate. or i snl'iog vca*el. ax ply to REES.« ATKHS, Beal Estate Brokers. office 10 Crosby** Op-ra How. SA7 £—Rare Chance—A new vln- L egar factory in la-nlng order, with Ballet and engine, ler tMOo. Good reaeoaa given forseliag. Ad tlrcss •* F.** at this efiice C*OR SATE—An equat partnership is 1 offered to a r*llaoiebtmh-M ma& 13 a flr-tclas*. wdlestablltbed wholesale grocery house In theory or Chicago. Ca*h capl'al from font to sixty thousand dollars required. Ver; few ooportuclffri for oustoeMsa perto tothls. A practicalgTOO-rerflerrod. Ad-tres*. with irfererce ana Id confidence, ‘•XENOPHON.” core P. O. Box 6117. CMC*go. P)U sALE—A millinery, straw and laocyeocdsnere. In a thriving dir. 123 miles rrcin Chicago. The best loeatt- a west 01 New Turk, both lor whop satins and retailing. Koomoea'ly fitted tip, with dwelling attached. Rent my cheap, stock all new: no t a‘h on hand. Ravine Just completed (he bminvcrU' ncf thea?->.i< the resv-3 tor lin?. Ap. ply to KEITH BNO-, 43 and 4 7 Lnke-st, Chicago. OOR SALE—*{),ooo —A - no and well r (elected stoex of hardware, crockery aid boose fnrnlihlcr goods, in od« of Ibe best cities in t&e ‘tale, Paid store la doing a good business. More room and location nngnrpas’cd. Will sell at invoice. For far ther parUcnlaf.s apply to JOHN t. SPAFFOKD. S 3 Lake-st. FOR &ALE—Stock, Jfase and fixtarcsof a grocery «ore, in one of the locatnw fur retail bn»ln«« tn Chicago. Mo»t be sold Inqoire at 137 North Deeplalnes-st. pOR SALE—Saloon, hoarding house, vrstsnraat and natures. A good chance for an ca /STka ga^° irg,t 78 w F'OR SALE—A Photograph Galleir, doing the Uad’ng bustneM U a place of <,030 fn nanltaats. t-nllolog bnlit 00 the dm! ellglb-e spot {“’; co °’ r f^!cri^ e tn the city, and calr abiat 2 Tears old. Witt all the components for flrsi-dasi trail". Eg.ffgffgJrgis “ww l -* L'OR SALE—The stock and fixtures of A, 1 , retail grocery store. Bent low. Inquire at SSI flouih Canal-st. F)R SALE—Cheap, if applied lor soon, grocery store, doing a fair boslnrw, well lo cated, on West bide. Satisfactory reason clveu for selling. Inquire ol or address M F. 306 LakMU ITOR &ALE—Good Bufluess Chance— f 1 A nearly cew itockof bats and caps, boots and fboea, and gents' fornl>hthg goods, with fixtures and Mui*e store on South Ctarg st. will lake cottage and Jot in part payment. Inquire at room 3.167 Dear- 170 R SALE—A fiist-dass merchant r tailor’s trade, »toel and fixtures. Possession t<* March. ISM. A rare fortune to the right man. WUI heso:d for cash only. Addjesa Box 913. P.O. T7*OR SALK—A No. 1 restsnrant, saloon X and boarding containing 1J rooms, paying fa dav. cheap rent and plenty of bruintas. Call at’4lo state-*!. L’OR bALE —A dress-making establish- X menu with furniture and fixtures, situated in the best part of nacdoUtast. Thepropnetor la aocut to leave the city. Addre** JTB Bandolph-su, up stairs, between LaraHe aad Well* su fcAXJE—Wood yard and fixtures JL A good chance for any ooe with a small capital. If applied for umi. Apply at ll booth ciiaton-su FOR SALE—One of the most elegantly fitted up acd respectable estlnchouses la the cltv, in a very ctntral location, with stock, fixture*, farcl- a low rate, nnwdoinza fine business. WaKBLN ft GOODRICH. Real Estateßr.ftera, 133 Room *A» JF or Sale. L'OR SALE—Orexchange for diy goods. X boots aod shew*—A boats and lot aad bam la Milwaukee, Wu. Price 96 Oft). Will rest for f<*« per rear. Address “S A U," Drawer 33A, Mllwaokce, WU. ITOR SALE —schooner Cornelia, capaci -17 ty 17,000 both#!*, or 210 m lamb-r. 81. will be sold obey if applied for Immediately. ELKU*B A MKE- r?OR t ALE —Six new milch cows can be A? arcs on co*tage Grore-ar, between T»cntr tevestb aad Twentb-rlghtb-sta. aezt to Gavin A Barns' blacksmith shop. P£TLB LARSIS. FOR SALE—Lot of store fixtures, suit able for mall trade, for sale at a bargain. Apply IT'OR SAXE—Cheap—To Printers—A P "medium crllocer prem." In good order. Address or call cm MULDOON AiIEAXY. 178 Michlziaat. LTOR SALE—The schoorer America Jj will be «ft*rrd for sale at oabllc auction, at tbelr docks, from 10 to 1) o'clock, lor toe beoe tl cJwbr'm 11 may concern. on the tbtrteealb day *4 December next. For runlcniara app>y to BOBT. RAE. South Water aad Clart-sta. L"OR SALE—Hunting Dog—A three r years old pointer btteb. thotoacb bred, full blooded and well trained. U a good water dog. and yrt will be »o!d cheatv a* u.e o»ner has nofortaeraae for ber. Address F. O. Box 699. F'OR SALE—IO,OOO feet ol tin air pipe, $ aad 8 leches la diameter, la good coadlaos,at tae Lake ImttL P)R S ATE—Lease of a good new house, with rami tore, which U new. Beast on West MiOioMt. W. BAXbBHQCOH. 90 Washington*!. IT’OR SALE—A laree book-case at ball X 1 price, with drawers oodtrneath. Also, a writing drafc for sale at half the co>U Apply immediately at Boom So. 34 Portland Block, or to tte Janitor of the boikUg. dorses, craraages, St. HORSEb WANTED—I hare superior ttabling and yards, and the best of ie*a for a Ilm luo BGmfcer ft b*r*es aid colts daring Uie winter. Sio< k taken oat and returned, by aodiesatax L, A. OB TBOM. Doc Urn. Cock Co. A GOOD HORSE, Duggyand harness for sale, as owner has no dm ar tama. A bat gain. Apply at »Q 1 Wabaso-av. A SECOND-HAND, Hist-dan two- Kitrd carriage wanted, lor ooeor twohetaea. Address P. O. Drawer C 243 A GOOD HOUSE and express wagon for sale at a bargain. Call at 39 Sorth Clara-at A FINE Carriage Horse tor sale. May X 3 be aeeaat 164 asaaist. 8-ycarold Mare fnr sale; weighs i. / sloot lira »Ai fclidaod »o»d. Inquire aCao (>LOsE Carriage,Team and Barnes for • >eie. PricetLSw. Can bsaeeaat434 Suto-su AT 120 Booth Waler-ok, a light Express Wap>B vantoL &3a«trti-iHale f^elp. BOOKILEEPEBS, UtBSnEN Ac, TXTAN TED —A man acquainted with IT lubricating oils, tocanvassthedtyofOitctgo aad rldnlty feran oil company. Apply to B.PECK. Agent, a 04 Latent. WAITED— A nrst-class salesman, who can control a larce IlltnoU tradsaml aUcaJ u> it properly. Will be required to travel dorla; nve months ot the year. Apply Immediately to TRACT IBWIN A CO., 400 Broadway, New York. WANTED —An intclllecnt man to take ebarse of a clothing Jtore. Mint boa prarucal colter and a good saheman. A fair salary and constant employment would be given to a trust worthy person. Good reference repaired. Apply at 1294 Sooth Cana.-si, between Van Horen and Harri son. TBADES. TXT ANTED—To Bookbinders—A irst- V* class forwarder otdfl'liber can bear of a good steady Job by applying to J. WIL-hiN, No. 10 Clam-at. XXTA2i TED—A lirst-class carnage pam- IV ter to go to Burlington, lowa. Call at D. A. FOOT, 108 Hacflolph-it, lor lalormatloa. WAS TED Two wire weavers. MARK LEY. ALLINQ A CO- 31 r «*»■«. TXT AN TED —A first-class bookbinder. ¥■ competent to do all kind* o: work. To such, good wages will be paid. Address Kox 50S Laiay ette. led. SSffilantrti-Jfanuile lljelp 9AJUESWO2IS.V, IBABSS, dec TT TASTED—Twenty Ladies—To learn V V to operate cn the ELLIPTIC LOCK-STITLU BEWDCO MACHINE. Lessens free of charre. \ll tooriof ftlt'hlDg neatly done to order. MOBET A SHAW. Qj Wotblagton-W, Chicago. nocsESEßvms, \\7ANTED —A good girl tor general ¥ Y housework. To one who will give aaUsCactlon, acoodbemeand liberal wages will be paid. Inautre at 197 WeatLake-tt. v H Tl/ ANTED—immediately, an Enslish It or any Proteilant slrL who Is neat and compe tent, to aislit la plain sewing and chamber wore In a small family. Apply, for three days, at 406 Eile-st. North Side. TXT ANTED —A good cook, washer and It Ircaer. Good wages tv competent girl. No ether need apply. Apply at 574 WatLakfret. WANTED— A Wet Nurse—Apply at occeatCOa Mtohlgaa-ar. WT ANTED—A good cook, washer and V v Ironer. Good aemco wanted and good par given. Also, a smart, active girl for second help, tlall at 94 Deatbom-aL, Hoorn 1, or address Pox 1595. TXT ANTED —A girl to take care ol two V* ihlldres. Host come well recommended. Call at 1113 Best Honroe-«r. TX7 ANTED—A girl to do general uousc _yV work. Must have references. Apply at IS Wlllard-plaie. W ANTED—2 Norwecian and 2 Ger man girls, strong and willing to work, ran ot good alteationa by applying at Mr*. wHITTA KLa’S Inteiugcnce Office, 226 Cblcago-av. WJ Aft TED—A cook and second girl at YV laCougressst. . \\7 ANTiTD—a smart girl to act as f V saleswoman. For particnJsrs apply at 101 D* atbom-et., corner of Ws*hiagtoa. TTfANTED —A competent woman to •A. .cook, Atu, willing to go into tie country. Call at 279 Ontario-* t. \\7 ANTED —A good girl to do general TT hoosewotk In small tamily. Fo one who will «lvc coed uUslactlot, a rood home and liberal warts will be raid. Apply at No. 110 Sankakee-av..near Twenty.fourth-n. TXT'ANTED—An experienced and capa >J bte housekeeper. Addrcaa “B. B. 8.," box 17»g Chicago Po.t Office. ’ Employment agencies. WANTED —A lew smart men, with V I from (IP to (10Q, to Invest in a sure paying bu.«lue>s. sale and honorable. Call at Boom 5, No a? Wa’-hlngton-tt. V\7 AN TED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V f *alv*mcn, 1 cocdnetor,3 brokemeu, t tircaien, 1 pvrtcr.3ortTer*,a expr-umen. Apply at It om m, Fu lfton hl,c». tig UearoorL-Bt. App leant*by mall ■cures* J. M. MuuliE & CO.. Box 1707. enduing 12 cent* lor reply. WJ ANTED—i'oungmen in the country V ? wishing U‘ obtain fltuattona. aoch *a booakeep cr», lalwmeu, ccll»ctar*, eiprwnfn, clerks brain men. Ac-Ac, to apply at j:*4 l>earborn-el, 2. or aUCrtit M-E. Jos.fcS A CO, B»UV4U. enduing tec cem lor tail parUculan. T\7 ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VY col>ctor, 3 bratea>n. 3 firemen, l 8 drtrer*.4 am-nta,Sentry clerks, a condocton. Aoplr at IJ4 Dearhorn-gt- Boom *2. 1 WANTED— T onngmen in the country wishing to ohta’n situations, such as bookkeep era.cierki.coUectore, salcmen, coodacton, exprex:- men, Ar- Ac_ in apply at Boom 13 Fnllmoa bmck. IF* ijearborn-rt- or iihrae J. M. MOORE A CO- Bex 1707. enclosing teaceats ter mil particular*. TV 7 ANTED—2 Falesman, 1 printer, 2 V T clerk', 9 solicitors, a travelling agent. 3 tinners, S term bancs, 13J men to work railroads la Mlsfonrl. wages (1.73 to (3.00 per day; also, I.OUi men to go South, wares |4t to (SO per month and board.Appiy to FABSHALL A SMITH, 12S South Ciwk su, Boom 11. Appllcanta by mall enclose two fUtLfS. WANTED—A man trom every town, V» with from (to to (5,000 to call a* 127 Booth Clark-*t. Room 11, up one flight of italra. T\7ANTED —1,000 men South, wages if (13 to £0 pc* month and beard; 53 men lor pineries 2u wood choppers, 30 hewers, 15 ship carpenters. Apply at Room 3 Lind’s Block, Randolph st. btldae. SKHanteli—JHistrllaneous. T\7 ANTED—A voung lady, who can Tv furnish the best orclty references, wishes some copying. Address —A F M.” F. O. Drawer Mll7. WANTED —Know Tnyselt—All per ?or s, young cr od, who wlsu lo have their past. prCTrot and future clearly revealed, call on MADAM CAbLISLE, st 316 SootP CTatK-*f.. up stairs. \\f ANTED—Your past experience and V v prerent trouble* explained, and your future Clearly revealed, by MADAME DUVAL. 393 Sooth tiark-st. All quotlops answered. Price one dollar. \\T ANTED—All persons to know that v V Dr. Cuambenstn's Neuralgic and Rneamatic At Urlcte cures, is one or Qttecn minute*. Chronic and *kln disease* speedily cored. Bo;m 2, No. S 3 Dear- \\T ANTED—To buy lor cash—South T* oi.d«astof State andTwelfth-sta, a neat, good conditioned bouse, aorta from 13.C00 in SS,(XB. AUo, 50feetcf nnlmprovrd ground. AddrewO.J.SIOCQH. IIS tout a Cl&rk-ft.Boom 19.Smllb ANixon'spluck. VS? ANTED—A diug store doing a t * cood business in sown prosperous town.~ Ad dress Box 417, Crawfordsrllle, ItcL WANTED —One second-hand counter for saloon,, one roomer for office. one second nan-i tol'cr. troa bto 10 horse power. Address M iL'* tiOWalbandolphait. \\[ ANTED—To exchange city property ft fordiy goods, clears, pUni. borsoanobtugy ordonble team. ARincttft BuTDEX.gIO State-sT. VA/ANTED To Macutactnrers —An > f Irterest In a paying manufacturing bailees*, by a yotnt mao, having a cash capital of about ssjuo. Best of city references given and required. Address “S S,” Tribune offlee. WANTED— A lady wishes to borrow (50. fbrtwo months. l;r which she will pay 5U 1 . and rive ccod security. Please address Mrs. MAUV TCKNEU, Chicago Poat UHlcc. X,\, 7 ANTED —AU hdtes who arc suifer- V V In? from abdominal weakness a=d other de-' raogcmrnu of the ayatem, to call on Dr. D. P. DAN- ItL. at the Nazare.e Dealing icstltnte. 133 Sonth Clark-*!.. BoouiS. atwhote bands they can obtain Immediate relief and a permanent cure. Try it. IXTANTED—To Trade—Horse, Baggy V V and Dirtef«. for lumber, or will sell cheap. Can be seen a: -13-t btate-st. J. A. JOSES. WANTED— At the offlee ol the Great Western Agricultural Tool Company, Room 14.N0. 133 SoninC'arkut,basinets men. who can cam are thootand dollsrs a year. — Tne acquaintance, (not COiTCSpcodencr.) of (urns yottog lady by a •‘Kjuire" yof-n? man. Must be pretty and intelligent. Address Bor 5834. Chicago. 1.1. \\T ANTED—To Trnd&—Valuable lands y T of various prices, sceordlDg 10 iltnanan. for an Alio.leanlsge, narncas and horse*, or hones and han.Mses.or lor goods, or will sell for part cash and bvisree on longtime. In quantities to suit the par ciseers. Also, a bouse atd 1U acres of lauo, i!»if» Vli w, to trace, or tor sale, upon reasonable terms. In quite at, or Sdaresi. 1»7 West Lake-st, Chicago. lU. \\J ANTED—To Exchange—A tirst- V» fl**s OiwPUao Forte, or on excellent second band one, lor lumber. Address M. M. G„ Tribune Of 3c*. ©Haulvii—JEo IS cut. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A nicely for- V \ olshed room, by a single gentleman, in a prl- Address -*L IX C," Chicago P. O. Bpx \\7 ANTED—To Rent—A firsl-clasß ft house cf 8 or 10 rootia, beside* pantries atd elrset».all modern tmprov>m'>Bta desired, with barn on premises, on Miehlcan or Wabasb-av. aonth of Van Bnr*n and North otTwenty-«eoond-«t. parties having ooch property and d'ltnng to rent to gcod pavtir Baa. pleas* apply to 8, H. KERFOOT ft CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 71 Dooiborn-et, or address P. O, Box 934. Chicago. \,\7 ANTED—To Rent—Three or four V > room*, suitable for house keeping, by a rrahe man ac* wife. Most be In good Betshbornood and In good order. Addfs* **W AT.-Inbune otffce. T\7 AN TED—To Kent—A tarmsbed y T bcu**. with at least lour bed rooms, within IS minutes* walk ol the Court Douse, and la a flrst-clasa oelghbofbcod. Andress-JMB.-P.O.Bo»4I. T\7 ANTED—To Rem—By a man and V f wlfc. s rooms, within ten minutes walk of the Coort House. Address FRANK LOVELL, 118 Scuih Franklls-st. WJ ANTED—To Rent—A well furnish- T! *d rwm. with clocrt. stove. *c. Weald take pert board. II dtalrvd. Address ~r G M," Box CQQ4. \\T A NTED—To Rent—A small house IT la good location.furnishedoruntarnished,by • r J?PS c *S.* > *S P»”T* I>plr. lU-Jac terms, Ac- at ooce to H. t, Tribune office. \\ T ANTED—-To Rent—By a phvslaan f » three rooms la a prlrate finally. oce'of wt.lch mustbeafroctroom. suitable for aa office. Location ontrae-irClark-cU three ertoor block* from Aiistss •t, Address for two day* (Mattox price) to P.o. box 1303. CotrcsponDcnce 2S2anteß. /CORRESPONDENCE—Wanted—By a v ■' eettlrman. with an IcteUlpeat, fan-lortag. aatl pradisb young ladv of good reputation. Co-nciaalca iters fUictly eonadcnUaL Aodrese L. B. s. AIJ.EN, Chicago. Host ana LOST —A large, black, Newfoundland Deg ; white on breast and necl; also, white spot in dow. WheatoMbad *mall strap aroaid hi< neck. AnaweratoUe name of “taLfbo.'* Any one return kg him todfl or glilhg InfotmaUcs kmdtag to Ms rtcoTery. witlbc well rewarded. LOST —A aay-temer Pup, dark Ciwn color. A liberal reward will be paid for la mars to ako. C. CkAkKE. 1-iQ Lake-eu • LOST— A Mink Fur CoHar, on the after noon of Dec. sth. on AdamMt- between Sum ana iasalle, or near ecr. Clark and Adams. A »oltable reward will be Mid to the Under by morning It to C. g. MU.LEK, S? Dearborn-st, Boom 11. T OST—A lady’s Fur Collar (Mink), on I i the gonh SMe-'eait of Oark-st. The Dnder wIU [lb»rally rewarded. Address ADVEBTiaEB > w Trlbace t-Cce. T O&T— SIU hew aid —On West Madi* I , *oo-*t_ Sunday. Dee. Sd. a smaU Dog. an tas or brown colored. Answers to Om name of “Franc.” CmlraTine Uforn atlot leading to bu recovery, the above reward wul be paid at 59 9cnth Wateat. T OST— Keys—On Fiiday erening, m I j gt>tng too Tritoie oSce to Portland Block, cl Clark and of keys. The under will be sal tably rewarded on leaving tnem at the Tribune Coazttr g Boon. LOST— A liver-colored Pomter Dog, with small white spot In bis breast, and a i«2l piece cat of one ot bis ears. Qe had a cellar on r arked **II. s. Monroe.** Any one returning Mm to • OSsitlcblgan-av., will be liberally rewarded. CP—By Jacob Conrad, on the X isth d*y -t KovcxnVr In the town of Sew, Oofi founiv. oieGray Hor«*, abcat U years old; 15 ban- s bleb—appraised at (3C. KUW. B.BALOHUB. Cs.ratv Clrrt. StrasEfi ans Stolen. QTUAYED— Yesterday morning, a pair O of Borve . from Goodrich's Dock; ooe was a sor re. and tb« other a daepted chesaat,wltaaatrlpe on *<e.four teanild. leer • »re Usk»a.c at iwut, bridge. The finder will be liberally rtwarttd by re turning them to Goodrich'! Docc, SitoMtonitoiamti aiALES. u „,„ .faS."es^'sag; CITnATION-TVVmltd-Aa aJTr; dreaa "O g h.- *»«. Ad- J. ARMSTRONG. Mr Addini 114 Dcaiborn-sX “ r J * SAMPSON, PmtS, VEMAI.ES. p ain B'wlrs: in a rmig“tmiV* l^!^o ** 0 ® Q?.”?.*rr E °" *^**w?Sf’coSg S|S J «SwsrJ r .'»S5?»-®j r sewlcu. and aiMit In the housewur? 1 »*^i OCo pll, u G ■* Chicago P.O. “°=«*ork. Addi«*~a A GITUAIIONS -Wan;cd-Udh~; Help, at so. 150 SoathVlw it t.i Ijoariing, T)OARDINQ—A gentleman and wib f!b.VnrS.. b K ..•ccoßtraodatel with urfiirnt.fd t-,” w22!bT. lttoe ? 4r S» m4,mfcJl POTktefsnUly Mito&“Jig T?^ARDpsG—A limitednumberot (am. JJ me?. Single gentlemen aadladlw, caawenrew* winter at 28S State-et. quested. Lndoubtod reference. ** *** T>OARDING—A good table andhr% JU* fCflcsatfl.OOaweeg. ray board JAM ix 4? a?SStnSSfc £lde - ’ ,1M ° T?OAKDING —Two suites ot front wr l_S lorsasd bedmoma, stigls rooms ana d»T can be had at 17 op-gt»irr. T TJOARDiItG—A suite of unfurnished XJ float roomr, with closets and board on leaaraZ ole terms. Apply at 76a West v LkOAßDlNG—Splendid rooms, for- JJ niihed or enfaroHbed. can be bad. koarth-av. Capital place for KuilaS with all con\eurocesfoi them to study alright T)OARDING— One single and trro JJ double room*, with excellent Tjoard. mar !*. „k! tou «-“ « sjyys -ROARDKG-Donbleand single roems Sio,i. c .S u “"-roo!r.- S 3 lS. U nS c £.^; per week, at 293 Mlcblgon-sc r bcniji T^OAIUJING —I nave a large tarnished Jj front room to Jci with board, soluble tor naVe ”j C M F," 10. nr ‘ r UUiGtl rirt - "OOAUDING Pleasant rooms, with JL> board, maybe fcond at No. *>2» North Side, a short distance nonh o( suiml f-ri’ convenient to tmtineaa localities. 1 »OAI»DiNU—A lew ceittlemen can oh jßa'ffsi£u!eiaiSy*Mt “ >on ”-“ »" r BOARDING —Gentlemen and wives, or a few gentlemen. c*n find a good home, at low mures, at am West Lske-»L * ww l-J o ;' 1 ,' 0 A-vmme My wishes in AJ, > sr.Ung place where she can te«h ro be' beard. t\l l furnish a piano, if desired. Good reference glvrn. Call at B 3 Thlrd-ar. UW5a BOARDING— A mcelv furnished Iron: ro®. with board, for a gvetk-tranand *>te c*a CCa5 ’- Ttrm.r^« o a- HOARDING—A' tew more day toarders X* fan be accommodated at Xo. o 3 lllch esa aT FllccfSpcr week. * *’• BOAItDING —For two ladies or cenile men. In the new marble front bnlldlnc. a 17 >L Itm.a rraaocable. ' DOAKDING—At 192 State-rr. ciode J J crdoutilcrootLß. Also, a tew day b:vi;ersc*a atxottEodaicd. OOARDlNG—Several gentlemen can be U acrcmmodated with Qr«t-claM board at N >. ■‘•f.t Itltnclf-flt, Xoith bide, liefrrtsivca exchanged. Bxo. R lg^ ii?lhe daj ° r WCCk ’ handsomely tarnished JLk frmt mile of rooms, suitable for a fim'ly nr tune or lour gentlemen. Also, nice room* for» ngls eenuetnen. including board, to oeootamed at No **i,a WaMsh-ar. Also, accummoaatiohi ;or a te« day I3OARDING A furnished and very XJ pltasant room, with home in a ccsUau.e and convenient locality, tir seaUem to iad wile, or two gentlemen, on X\rth Side, east of Clark sU Address "HOME," caieTrlmme office. HOARDING —A gentleman and wite 1 J can be aecommidaCM with floe anfnr&l«bed frent rtwm* sod Iwinl, in s private family, on Mlchuau-av. Alm>. tw o fcrnl*hed (logic room* hsard. "O a.” Tribune office. One hree room, with JLa board, snllaole wr two genilemcn. atXo. 112 Wsba».h*av. "I lOAJtDING—TViIh famished room, or X-f * al ' c c * room*. Jo a nolet neighborhood, ou tuo >onn bide, ronvenlcn*. to street car*. No other boarder*. Address J 32 Borlbuitt. IJOARDING—To rent, with board, an U urternfahed suite of teent room* wtth all ra»l ra iuprcvcmettoln the house. *t 430 Wat Ada:n*-«u terween Ihroop an* Looml*. HOARDING—And one furnished room, XX sellable for two gentlemen. Also, a suite of room*, with balaroommod rlo«eU attached, uual.le three, or for four geaUcmeo, at .So. 119 Waba*h-ay. |_>OARDU»Cr—A large tarnished treat JLI room to r*t t, with board, i iiuble for four ?( nile men that wont] wish to room together. Location cood. ana teiua Hi operate, inquire u 430 Mrtu- K»n-ar. • OOARDiNG—A few gentlemen can be JJ accommodated wita flist-clas* btard and warm noma at No. Adame-*:. T)OARDlNtj—Gtxxl boara, with rooms, JL> •* “Briggs H oo ae” No. 2. Monroe-st., near I*o*l Office. Day boarder* acoomtoodated. BOARDING —To rent, with board, two large parlors, unfan U hid. at *493 la-llaca »t„ one door from Cass-SL, to Ciatlemaa and wife. Refer ences repaired. T)OAUDING—An decant front parlor Is to rent, with or without board, suitable fo.-f>ur young men. Also one or two alng.e rooms, with first claw board, at Xo. 34 Fourth-ar. 130 arh ESlantci). BOARD —A lorm?bed room and board by syoutg g*Jitlfnan and wife tmocio priviln lainllT, or where there are lot f.'w b anler*. Have a flisvctaa* piano, and will give le»*oa* Ifdeilrsole. Ad drma “X 1 Z," Tribune otllce. Agents fcJHantcii, A GiNTt—Wanlea—Eipenenred book -4 A. and canraAiers, ta wlom a large sal- ? r vop tuijtica win be Ad.lrvea CU-VRUO A GENTS—"Wanted—$200 per mot lb . rr “*1 expenses paid male or frmale *?*•«% to la tn-dnee a new and usetal lavmtlcc, of al*!e u’JUty lu every household. Agents t referring to wors -a comoiuslon can earn from »3J to SSO oer dav- F r fall garUcalars addrws W. G. WILSON A CO, Cleveland. A GENTS Wanted For Frank X\. Moore’s ntw work - WOSIEN OF THE WAR.’ It Is, In the noblest se&*e. a gallery 01 beantr. and we envy the author the gratetol work he ba» performed. It all re.ds like a romance. The sfrry cf tie war can never be well told without the story of ‘he worn ni* told w 1 th lL—(A icago £re/«(np j’-ztirnof. It sc l* spltullily, Forthllparucularscau or address K. C. TBLAT. 117 booth Clark-sc. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—$200 per month *? sell the GENCINK IMPROVED BAKILBIT MAcniNE. Price reduced to agents. Ad dress W. DELOS* A CO., 16S Dearborn Chicago. A GENTS—anted—2,OOOAirents. Take -FA-“THE FAMH.T INSTRCCTOR,** « V a want ajfood book. OrtriOOcncnimri. A. KIDDER. 9S VTashlngtomu, Chicago, in. A GFNTS—Wanted—To sell a tip top iA. article. Sells everywhere, with ordinary talk leg. Every btulncM requires it. Coxbim * utlCty wttnhnjcis' own advenlscmeat of special tcirrests nu no competitor. (< » perfect ncvelt? In the United States—only one manufactory yet established. Thou sands already sold snd giving complete (fisDrUao. Opera np an entire new field lor agent*, .fall ca- Eaelties. Coaeump.lon cou<taar. and Uke'r to-ittam teCenreof one m'lllon. dally, in th» N«fthwestetn States alone. Send stamps for areolar*. Samples mailed tree to any address ter f 1.23. Address orcmll on TBPS. DERRY & IQQ JjketUChicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and Female. In this city and every county tn the Northwest. 10 sell the most week out. Call or ttimp for particular*. B. A. CAMFDELL. 131 South Ciark •U Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Evervwhere—To xX sell Grant** eele- rated CABPEO’ BALLS, the beat selling article ever ofierea to Agents. F. GRANT. 313 WatLake-sU. < btcago. A GENTS—Wanted—FtdJers and all XA who sre Idle, call snd see an article voa ran make from 15 to |lO a osy on. ea«y. sABIS ft CO. 31S Lake it, 2d Ccor. partners SJSantEB. PARTNER Warned TLe under ricccd, having the right of A. J. 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