Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 10, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 10, 1866 Page 1
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(Eljicago MONDAY, DECEMBER 10. 1906. THE NEWS. Our Washington special shows what con atltntes a vagrant, in Georgia. A New Orleans despatch Announces the defeat of the Liberals at Monterey by General Mejia. The Treasury yesterday held gold to the entrant of f96.7ki,000, of which tSS.OOQ.DOO are htld’to gold certificates. Disbursements of the Treasury on account of the various Departments, last week, amounted to The amount of Internal revenue received thus Ut during the present fiscal year Is reported at sl£4,CM,(rtS.&s. The acffrccate amount of K&Uonal Bank currency now In circulation Is given at *i57,512,933. . . The Orleans theatre and ball-room, loca ted in (be Second District, built In 1317, was burned at six o'clock yesterday morning. Lots heavy; partly Insured. A Washington despatch states that the new Gold Sale Blli will probably he favorably re ported on by the Finance Committees of Doth houses of Congress. General W. D. Whipple, Chief of General Thomas’ stalL has returned from a Southern in -specting tour, and reports the feeling against the North and Northerners daOy growing worse. The Secretary of the Treasury has algal .fled his interiion of sending a complete set of American coins and specimens tit oar national weights and measures to the Faria Exposition. Mr. Seward and the President, It Is said, differ In their foreign policies, and the Secretary ■disclaimed to M. dc Monlbolon any responsibility for the Isngnsge of the Message In regard to the action of France. < The mcller of the United States Mlutbaa msec' a discovery which win save the Govern ment 12,500 out of every million converted from -gold dost into coin. The new process .will not be made public. Mr. Bnunhack, of Louisville, who'lost his wile sod daughter by cholera, has sued the dty corporation for damages In the eora of &&,000, alleging that if the street* to bis vicinity bs-l been properly graded no deaths woo'd have occurred. statement sent by special despatch, a lew days since, that Governor Patton, of Alabama, had recommended to the Legl latum the adoption ol the Constitutional Amendment, te pronounced untrue. A Fenian prisoner has arrived from 'Eng land, sent home by the British Government. Be says (here are 60,000 Fenians la Ireland, well aimed, übo wilt strike a blow for liberty before tic first day of January. Our Washington special is authorized to make a po-Jii*e and emphatic denial of tbe statement made by the Springfield correspondent of (be Chicago Times, that lion. £. B. Wash br.rne is a candidate for the Culled Stales Senate upamst JadgeTrumbnll. A lady lias gone into the freighting basl nrw from ffeiirasta City, which place ahe left last Tuesday with a train of fire wagons, which she owns and conducts CerselL (or Denver. She re ceived the height, hired the hand*, tad bossed the loading of the wagons. The latest Atlantic Cable despatches say the reply ol tbo Emperor-Napoleon to Hr. Se ward's recent despatch In relation to Hcxica I* of a rcasenring character. The report fs again circu lated by the English papers ’bat a dissension has recently sprung np In the English Cabinet on the Reform question. There has been much discussion out of Congress upon a bill to abrogate State Govern meats In the South The opponents of (he meas ure arc confident that they dfri defeat It In the Senate, where a two-third?"rote over the veto cunld not be received. , The Norfolk Tuvinian estimates that the present cotton crop grown In Greenvll'e. Sussex, Southampton and Brunswick counties. Virginia will amount to 10,000 bates; Halifax, Warren, Fincklin, Granville, Northampton, Edgecombs sed Wilson counties, North Carolina, will pro duce Cf,ooo bales. At the charter election In Hudson, N r T., on the Mb, the whole Republican ticket was elected, with tbo exception of ono Alderman and Assessor, by an overwhelming majority. Hors* not, (or Mij or, ban neatly flvo hundred majority- Union gam over November election (our huadred ana uiociy-nlne. There is another Fenian scarce In Canada, and intense excitement prevails. Ramon are afloat to the eCect that tbe Fenians will make an attempt to R£cue>bcprisoner.iatSweei«butg,and that there will ne a formidable Invasion of Canada fibU. Great precautions are being taken to meet this emergency. Troops have been ordered under arms,"and alf the bustle of s canpatgn is exhib ited. Our despatch from Cairo records a bloody tragedy iu that city. Mrs. Lleberman, wife of Leopold Uebcrman, s brewer, during tbe absence «f her husband adzed an axe, struck her two children ou the head, cutting several severe gashes, and then cot her own throat, expiring almost Immediately. The children will probably* recover. Sadden mental derangemept was the cause of the deed. Colorado .Towetl, olwaya tngenloua, me morialize* Congress to declare Hannibal Hamlin President ol the United States. Qe areues that tbe second election of Hr. Uocoln was npt consti tutional, as eleven of tbe States did not appoint electors, and that Ur. Baml'n bold* over, as Ur. Lincoln would hare done, the absence of a legal successor. We infer from this argument that Mr. Jewett withdraws his support from Aa <ircw Johnson. It is announced from Baltimore that some ol the Republican journals of Western Maryland, owing to the didcrei-ccs of political opinion be tween tbe people of that section and the rest of the Stole, are advocat’ng a ’divbjon of Maryland into two Slates, or else the annexation of the "Western Congressional District, now represented by lion. Frauds Thomas, to Western Virginia. The opinions of the people of Eastern Maryland upon this project, however, are not stated. An Alabama correspondent aaya’that the bill recently introduced into the lower House of tlie Stale Lecirtature providing for qualified nrgro euftrace, although U na« laid on tbe table. Is elg i.ifluuit of a great change In public scQiitnent. A piomlncnl member of the L*gMatore stated that the bill could oe pokSi-d if any assurance* wore giren that Its passage would Insure tbe readml— tion of Alaiisma. The ultra Union men are more eppoted to universal suflrage than the old secs*- etculat*. A Wffdem Georgia correspondent says that, since the elections North, the people of that por tion of the State are making nil their rnind# to a enbmUslon to the will of the majority. Thelrcon duct tow ards Union men bas changed decidedly for the better. They acquiesce cheerfully in the plan for the education «.Cthe negr£, and devote their best energies to retrieving their mined >or* lanes, and ate co-operailngheanlly in the crecJoa of mauntactories and railroads. The cotton and com crops have been a C&lmre, and planters cal vereally complain of the laziness of the negroes. The making of window and bottle gUss at Pittsburgh gives employment to 1503 men and hoys, whose annual wages amount to Sl,3oil,SlC. The amount of slllcia consumed b3ffi,ww tons,and it is chiefly brought from Missouri. The annual v&lcrofthe manufactured glass is estimated at £2,100,000. uhcee reports are of the window and. bottle glass w ork alone, find do not include the nineteen flint glass factories, which are valued at SX.2OS.ICO. psy weekly wages aasunting >o 519.U00, and annually conscmc 2,033,506 bushels coal, employ 2,AU hands, and make (i,W0,000 worth of dataware. Onr despatches announce that Maximilian is still at Orizaba, and bis agreed ti abdicate in favor ol a triumvirate which be names. Toe Im perlalis*s are rapidly evacuating all northern out poets. ard the Liberals are concentrating a large force to attack San tools P*ito«. Generali Ba zalnc and Castelrean were at Vera Cruz anxiously awaiting the arrival of Minister Campbell and Lieutenant General Sherman. The people of Vera Cruz manifest much ]oy at the expected arri val of these two Americans, A band of robbers hsd captured a diligence load of passengers and afterwards a company of Imperialist soldiers had gone after them. There is now bnt one Revolutionary soldier Inscribed on the rolls of the Pension Offlcc—Sam ncl Doaniog, who enlisted from Carroll County, New Hampshire, hut who now resides at Etila bnrg. In Saratoga County, New York. In 186| there were nrtv-threc officers and soldiers of the Revolution on the pension rolls, of whom four teen resided in the heathers Stales, and have not since been beard from. In ISdfi there were but thirty survivors of the forty-nine residing In :he Northern States. In 1853 there werebntdghteea; In 18C4 but three. But since then William Bntch lua, of Maine, and Lemuel Cook, of New York, bavodled,learinebutonesurvlverof that patri otic host which Washington commanded. General Grant has of late been more out- aocksn than usual oa political subjects, ear* tae Washington conespondcnt of the Dotion Aflrre riser, and has given pretty foil cxoreMlanto bis views on reconstruction. In recent conversations with ex-rebels be has plainly told them that they mistook tbclr position; that they had openly nuda war upon the Government, bad been de'ealed lo their appeal to arms, and that they were now on parole: that the tights they talked about had bees forfeited by tbdr treaeen, anJ their return to their former position in tbe Government lay itt the hands of Congress; but If thev persisted in rejecting tbe amendment to the Constitution they -would only bare to go further and faro worse. The Portland Price Current complains of the disastrous influences and serious damages to ihe merchants of Portland, who bare bad large conriguacnt* of flour acd corn on the way front the West, tor the past two or three months, by tae Grand Trunk Baltway. Thousands ol dollar* worth of capital, it lays, Is locked up in property tbs* cannot he made available to curmerchants, through tbe Inability or the Grand Trnnk Batl wayto fulfil;ita contracts; and give reasonable dispatch to produce received bjr them for trans portation to market. Seeping inch immense quantities of freight piled up lo store until it de preciates In value, and tbe patience of the con duces la exhan«t«d In fruitless efforts to get It, orfo learn when they msy «*p« t the delivery ot the property, for woich they are daily suffering Uc ot c0.t0».„ tot tar. COM Ibctn tbe l»bor of , lilo'lme to obUlu, ,„d upon .boee trade they were relrinj: for teinnier.uoa tor Uielr ■capital naked in tbo Invertnient-l- * » e noas loss to them. Tennessee Congressional Oelexatloo, According to the Nashville Prat and Times, tbe Tennessee delegation In Congress -stands Uma, politically: aCXATX. J. 8. Fowler ( Republican], for negro suffrage, D. T. Patterson (Johnsomte). against negro suf frage. necsx or BtmzsrxrATivta. "W-B. JStjfces (Republican), far uesro suffrage. J. R. Dtrttn«(Repn6(iaii), for negro nUTrtje. 6. *. (Republican), tor ncs'o anflraee. BoneeUiynirC (Republican), foroiiiro aaf fn». w. B. Campbell (Jobnsenlte). mlul negro aoartet John Lcftwich (Johnsoolle), sg*icat negro suf frjfTb. Taylor (Jobnsonlte), against negro anf- Cooper (Johnaonlte), against negro «af- —Cor necro rnffytjre, 5; anlxut nccro sof rr**jc, 5, Hr Anifll is decidedly oppofud to the uorcrstl nzfiasc and amnesty ecbeae. BLOODY TRAGEDY IM CAIRO. A Mother Attempts to Murder, Her two Children, and then Cnts her own Throat. FROM, MEXICO. Max. Proposes to Abdicate in Favor of a Triumvirate. Capture of a Diligence by a Band of Robbers. They Afterwards Capture a Com pany of Imperialists. Wailing Tor Minister Campbell and Gen. Sherman. Progress of the Fenian War in Ireland. ANOTHER SCARE IN CANADA. : ears of a Rescue of the Fenian ’ Prisoners. Ur. WasLLnrnc not a Candidate for Senator. * FEOM EUROPE. Bv Cable—l.ord Derby Utscedei a Liberal Itelarm Bill—Cavalry done te Ireland to (>upsms laaarremiooury <nevemems - French Troop* ucavics Rome—Asanmp* Hon at the Papal Debt—Tbe Cretan Insar* cent*, dke* Gzasoow, December B—Evening.—A leading paper asserts that DMsraeil, having Intimated that hi* resignation was contingent up m the present Cabinet accepting a liberal Reform MU, Lord Dei by baa conceded to D'leraell's views, aod a bill in accordance therewith will goon he placed before Parliament. LiTEnroon, December & Evening.—Two cav alry regiments have been sent to Ireland to sup press Insurrectionary movement* in progress there. float, December 9.—Nearly all the French lioops have left Borne and the forces are still evacuating the Papal dominions. The troops lave taken steam trauspoitation at Civil* Vecchla. frouKHcz, December 9.—The Convention be tween the Italian Government and that of the Tope, in reference to thS assumption of the Papal debt by Italy, has been elcncd. St. rxrxufißcco, December 9.—Tbo Itnsslan Government has annulled tbo special laws of the Empire-relative to the Church. The relations with Papal Government are saspendpd. Losoorr, Sunday, November 9. —Advices from CoriMantinople state tbat tbe mesn* of the Cretan ii.surgcnta ore exhausted, and they are- unable any longue, to visit repressive measures on the Turkish Government. Ilf Steamer—The l.’reinu Insurrection— Disturbance Among the Chinese Holdiera ut Kanalu-A Luse Number ol Them Beheaded. Numerous bodlos of Cretan Insurgents have taken refuge In Greece. Five days have been allowed U> those still oi&ring resistance to lay down their arms. A Greek despatch says tbe Greek Hoops have concentrated on ibe Turkish frontier. ftc Bombay telegram of November SSd reports shipments or cotton during tbe fortnight of 7,000 bales. * lIoKO Eoxo, October 28.—Tea U quiet and drooping. « Shanghai advices of the Bth October report dU tnibances among the Chinese soldiers at Nankin A large number have been beheaded for robbing the Inhabiiatla. The murderers of the Captain and other persona belonging to the American schooner Imbca have not been di-covered. The Westminster and J. E. Boyd, tea ships, bad been wrecked. *ertou« Difficulties Atuielpuced Etwees the brltlkh (toveramest and the Wultlu ton Authorities Fealau movements** Alarm In Ireland—Another Cable Hnfgfas. Ac. Tne steamship City of Parts, from Liverpool, November tSih, arrived to-day. Tbe Loadoa Glote blhts at senoas diffleuty between the Drlliih Government and the Washington Cabinet, in respect to the dntie&oi the latter in maintaining legitimate and faithful wotralUy in Penitn matters. A Cork telegram of tbe 26th, rays considerable alarm nrermls here and throughout Ireland. All ihc police staltons are borriead-d, and the mliKary »:e dispersing thronglmm tbo connirr. Tjc troop* were confined wvhe barracks under srois last night. A Dublin letter says the Fenian revival pro duced abad uCecloii trade, and a dnll winter Is anticipated. Arrests have been made In Droghela, Trim. Mallow and Catnckuacrosa. Troops are in Dublin under arms, and a detachment of civ airy are pairnUnc t&e suburbs. Id.SO'J breech loaders were received far dlatrlDuUoa among coa vtabalary. Ur. It A. G’ejb had been knighted for his labors on tbe Atlantic Cable expedition. The Extradition Treaty between Prance mn-1 England, will, by agreement, re male la force until the first of September, 1959. Italy —lhe candidates returned la VenetU as far a* ki own belong to tbe Moderate party. Mt’tlal law was to cease In Palermo on Novem ber SOtb. Tbe convocation of Ibe Ofitbolic Bishops will ireemble in Borne flOtffofJtme. Tbe Rnoslaa Minister of War- has Ordered (he ;cnvcrvion of 162,000 musket* miu br««ea-loidsrs. FROM WASUISGTOJr. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasuixotox, December 9. what vans a vaonarrr nr osonata. The prime object of the vagrant acts, which were pawed In all the Sonthom States Imme diately after the ratification of the amendment abolhblng slavery, la welt Illustrated by ths fcl* lowing: Rev. William Fincher, a colored ml*, sionary, who was preaching to and teaching peo ple of bis own tece in Pike County* Georgia, and übobai a salary of (35 per month, paid by tho Georgia Equal Rights Association, which receives lie lands from Northern benevolent societies, was arrested as a vagrant and sentenced to the chain gang for twelve months. lie has now been In the chain gang about six months. When arrested and convidcd, Le was In receipt of his salary, was Independent inhla circumstances, and was doing much good as a preacher of the Gospel ind teacher. Bis cue was carried from one court to another, and his conviction was affirmed by the highest conns to which the case went, the coart holding that the North bad no right to sen t money Sonth to pay for finch services, and that sccha support made the one who was dependent upon It a vagrant. These facta are matters of of ficial record, and will be brought to the attention ' of Congress In a few days. adwbsioh or couuno. Another caucus of Colon members of the Senate willbebtldthif week to consider the Colorado question, the attendance on Monday afternoon be ing so small that tne Senators elect are not satis fied with their bearing. It bas been known that In the early put of lut session the President fa vored the admission of Colorado, and was strong ly Inclined to recommend tt tn bis message. It !• cow asserted In the most positive terms, by the Jmimate personal and political Mends of Senators Chalice and Evans, that alter the passage of the bill, In a six hours* conference with these gentle men, he indicated a willingness to sign the bin If they would sign a written agreement, drawn ap py bis Secretary, to support certain measures of hi* policy. This they refused to do and hence the veto, tot rctmATT cui. The Judiciary Committee have had ft meeting on tbe Swntt captare cu«. the eolation of if unknown coaceruing the uuntouion was informally discussed. While the members of the committee are cocrincod that Darts was la* plicated In the conspiracy, it cannot bs estab lished before a court It Is believeffUut the dii* cover? efSnrratt may lead te new developments. nzuoion emmess. Ibe Ball ot Bepreseniallves was crowded to Its utmost capacity this morning, on tbo occasion of the opening religions services for the session. *lhe sermon of tbe chaplain was upon the value of onr nationality, and the means of preserving u. BOX. S. B. WAKSBtUUtX. It may be said with reference to tbe Chicago Tinted Springfield despatch, stating that Bon. E. B. Wrtbbnrue will be a candidate fbr the Senate again*: Judge Trumbull, that Mr. Washboma auiborizes its direct and emphatic den l *!. TAW IT. U 1b Mid by tbo«e who are In position to be well informed, that the tariff hill which Is In coarse of preparation by Special Cotmnlj-Inner Wells, n-mflrlhe dory on wool In competition wtin American fleeces at elx cento instead of ten cents, and ten per cent cd tularem, as provided ta the Honre bin of last session. It is also asserted that he rill recommend a general reduction of dotles on taw material. onto jAutast aoewt. Mr. Westmore, Ohio Military Agent here, has, during the put two months, filed 5.0 W claims, and transacted butlne** for four thousand eewn hundred correapoodeuts. ArpoommiT or fatxuthu. Wasuzvctox, December 9.—Major H W Broun, present Assistant Paymaster General, and Danirl McClure of Indiana, have been appointed, under the new Army bill. Assistant Paymaster Generals. John P. McGrath Ol Missouri, and William U. Johnson of Ohio, bare been appointed Paymasters lo fbe tegular army. A number ofva cancW la the Paymaster’s and Quartermaster's Departments are «et to be fitted. As yet only four or flv« Paymasters, and the Colonels and Ueuten jxtLoiooel* in the Quartermaster’* Department, bare been appointed. .. _ . oovsiwon noiDEK ?■Carolina, smvedhrre last evening, and la stopping at the Ebblou Bouse. ’ iua>i» mi xteprcsesianr** now la this tlirh-’d* tn-i ting for eoualtatloa last thn,c present were Governor M« ? *ipii; Governor famous tad MrM>o«ar of“a! ba-e; and benstors Bunea and UoSLX .Lj Epner-on. j*t in*(he frw bontbera members pramutwf/h* Ircton, no definite course of action wn* a* realm bbonld evenu require it, a ganetil sSsf ß Tir Ml . repreeeauUvea may be calftd «rty Senator’ Pool, of North Catmiaa, llna, Laf arrived. Senator* Burnett and ttonart* have an bremew to-morrow by appointment with Eeoetary Browning, to consider IndUn rolailoas la tbe Southwest, with a view to restoring the yol. xx. •ardent rights of (hose who participated In the ictxHlon, and the remrtng the general good of the frredmen of that section. TannzEwni sectios oa nr* iuian act. The desire for the repeal of the thirteenth sec tion of the Amoeety Act, seams abating. In view of the tact that sinelecn-twemtelbs of the prop erty affected by it Lae already been restored to the Southern owners, which restoration cannot xjow be db»lmix'd. The repeal would afiect only prummect rebels now abaenu from the country, and who own bat. little to be confiscated. It wul be contended by severs!Senators that (be tendency will be to disturb confidence, embarrass industry sna hazard loss to Northern creditors of Sonthem merchants. traaisa maurut. Eccor Gabriel Tassalo, the Epiohb Minister, who has been absent two weeks on a visit to New York, w ill return Tuesday. vox wcwbsotb' no an. < The ladles who Inaugurated and bare conducted (bo Newsboys' Borne in Una city, have now (a contemplation the widening of the field of opera tions, by making tne bouse a receptacle of all filcnaleea children woo may .tend In in ed of care and proicclioo. A public meeting la to be held In tbta lily on next Wednesday evening to aid the deftgs. common patios, op ausuu. It la ascertained (Tom cx-Provlslotal Governor PsrtoLß, of Alabama, who is in this c'tr, that the report that Govenior Patton, ol Alabama, recom mended the adoption of the Constitutional Amendment to the Alabama Legislature, is an error. The fact war. Governor Fatten, under the advice of Governor Parsons and other citizens ol Alabams, called the attention of the Legist ataro to tbu amendment, and nnred action noon H. In view of recent important events; but without re commending its passage. Governor Patton is reported by his (needs berets not having per rccally favored the adoption of the amendment at sty time. mronvAsr cases. WABttntcTOJf, December A—The argument relative to bank cases in New York will be beard on tbe 10th. Tb* question is as to whether stock in National as well as S ate banks, bolding Untied stales securities, is subject to taxation. The case has already gone through several phase?, and in v cilve* probably the largest amount of money ever b* fere argued before the Supreme Court. The counsel engaged lor lb* corporation of New York are Mr. Ogvrnun. Ct-rh-e O'Connor, Waldo Uulchlus. and Judge Pai •.*, of Albany; for tbe basks, William M. Evai . Benjamin billimao. JoLdE, Bnirlll, Edgar si. Van Winkle and others. Eleven cases we Involved lu IhedecUion, and two counsel appear In each case. The city and tax-pavers are Interested to the amount of five million dollars. -FfiOM CAIEO A Bloody Tragedy—A Woman Trie* te Kill' her “J wo Children, ana then Cat* her own Throat—Fire-Theatrical The Weather* special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Canto, December 9. -The tragedy near the corner of Eighth and Ce&r streets, brief mention of which was mads jester car, "as by far the bloodiest tod most terrible to its "nature ever committed In tbia region. Toe eight presented on entering the building Boon after the occurence, is described by those who n finessed U as most appalling. Upon a lounge the Moody corpse of the woman was extended, her bead half severed from her body, and tbu walls, Poor and Jnrultnre smeared and bespat tered with blood. In an adjoining room, the doors and walls of which were also covered with blood, were two children—one a boy aboqt nine ycais of age, ana the other a girl about seven runs old—Both of them with their beads bandaged, lying ujmu the bloody led, utterly tnsensiole. ‘i be husband of the deceased—a German named Leopold Llebcrman—la a brewer, in tbo employ ment of Meters. Feuchter & Co. About kali-past nine o’clock m the morning, Mr. L. beard the cries of Ills children, while he was engaged over a mash-tub; but thl’ikug the mother was merely correcting tbem for misconduct, he gave the matter no attention. Iho cnee ol the children ctntknuig. however, and growing more earnest and pitiful, he abandoned hi* work and made taste to Ihe door of bis resident- , distant Aliy feet ftom the hrewerr. On entering the door • me bloody spectacle bun) upon him in all its hor ror. ills two children were lying upon the floor weltering in blood, which was pouring trom gat ing wounds in (heir beads ; the woman,lgaspm; her last, was sitting on a lounge !n the adjoining room, her bead resting against the wall, ana blool spurting tiem 3 ghastly wound in her neck. Tb '■ little boy, still conscious, replied to an Interroga n as to what was the matter, that‘•mamma hid ufed to kilt them with an axe,” and tic bloody axe ' upon the Qo-r sear (he children corroborated t:c tcmblc story. Tbe wound on tbe woman's throat shows that there was a must desperate de termination on her p&rt-to endber cnstlccc. It is c*early the result of not only three or four terri ble cuts, or sweeping ticks, but looks as if the knife bad been sawed to and fro across ber wind pipe. The gash was about seven Inches Ion;. Tbe trachea was nearly severed, and tbe carotoli artery was entirely severed. It was u most ghaa: ly worn d, and gave evidences of a desperate rs solve ana endurance, on tbe part of the woman, shocking to contemplate. Tbe little girl receive t three hiavy cuts on the bead, and the Dele boy, five, all Indicted by the azu In the hands of the mother. The mother was dead before mealcil B*nsU.iicearrmd. she gaKpcd her last, looeed, whin ber husband entered the door, and only a rntouleor two after hearing the ontcryofthe children. The condition of both children is criti cal. Tbe prognosis as- to the Rule girl, though lisdly cut, is lavormbls. Tbe liuie boy's recovery is teem rted as extremely douotful. The woueds of ihc child ten were promptly and skillmlr dressed hy Doctors-Wardoer, Gcrrick sud Taggart, and the osktktauee of experience I mures was at once tendered and accented. Tbs Utile suilerers were still alive this evening, audio far recovered Horn insensibility as to be able to conveue relative to tbe afinlr. The axe with which the murder of the children was attempted, U a regular chopping axe. weighing about (oar potmoo. "Ihe blood that smeared iis-bUdashowsd how mercilessly U hod been used. Tbe batcher kQU« with which the woman cut her throat was a rough-edged well-worn sdalr, tbe blade being about tutu Inches long. It was found beneath ibe body of tbe woman, and was covered writa blood, it is quite evident, from the appearance of the rooms, walls, floors and furniture being be spattered with blood, tb,t tbe desperate woman not only cbascu the children around the room, dealing them blows with the axe as they ran, but that abc unveiled around the room herself after the tad ent ber throat. The walls of one of the rooms look as If they bad been sprinkled with blood In one place to tbe height of seven feet. Tbe floor of the room tn whten the body of tbe nonao was found, wa<slippery with gore. Tbe husband ol tbe deceased testified that he aud others were at woik in the brewery near by, when, at half past nine o’clock, he beard loud sud piaiul crirsliom Ibe children. He dlsrerarded them at first, bat as they continued he tsit his woik to ascertain tbe cause of them. On eitcrlsg the door ol hie boose he taw the children covered with Mood, oylng, and bis wife sitting on a sob gar junc ber lost, with ber throat cat and blood «purring from the wounds. He gathered the llillo roy m hia arms, ana, to tbe Inquiry, “what Is Ibe matterT 1 received the reply that “mamma had tried to kill tbem with an axe/’ He and deceased had been married twelve years. She was thlrtr-elght yean old : never drsnk; was not violent In temper, and they had lived a peace able and agreeable lire. Her name was Theresa. She had never been snhlect to mental derange ment, bnt complained a snort time before the oc currence of feeling heavy beaded. They had lived lu Cairo two months, having come to tbU place Cram Cape Girardeau, kllssourig This testimony was corroborated by other wit ncaso examined. After he*rice the evidence of the several witnesses Is the case, the Coroner's jury rclurreu a verdict that deceased came 10 ber death by several cats on her own throat with a kulfc, inflicted by heradl, during a fit of menial ce.angcmcnt. The testimony of those who were acjualnted with Mrs. Liebennan shows that she was a woman *.f fair education, and strong practical sense. ILe children are healthy, well formed and good lo« king, and give evidence of kino, coniiderate pai enlal ctre. I'efoie this shocking occurrence, abmt two o'clock this flrv broke oot In the gro cery slure, corner of seventh and Walnut street*. Ibc store, together with a building, a o ie-storj Lame structure, owned by G. G. Smith, was en tlre>y cwbsnned. Mr. Smith esUnatee bla loss at insured lor |SUO on the stock and (3,000 on iho buildlsr. In Easiern companies. The fire u believed to have been the work of an Inciadi&ry. *>otte thieving villain succeeded In stealing Mr. Smith's pantaloons, together with his watch,pock ct-book and contents. Cairo bas for a lime been without its pnblic amusements. To-morrow evening, however, the Aihemrnm will be reopened under the proprietor ship of Messrs. Hartman A Hodges, gentlemen well known lu this Oty. and possessing means and energy to render the Ineuinuon what It was in Ha ralmieet days. The talented artist. Mr. F. A. TannehiU, la to be stage manager, and the esti mable wife ot that gentleman one of the corps of female artistes engaged tor the season. The bill selected for the opening night is “Black Eyed Susan.*’ Tbe mild temperature and coplooa ram of the part few day* bas given way to cold, blustering weather. Winter seems now fairly seizing in. u has been inwting all day. FBO9. SPRING FIELD. County Assessment*- Discontinued —Fire, etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spnorormo. December 9. The following assortments for 196 S hare been received at the office ol the Auditor of Public Ac* counts ilxce the last report: Grundy County, fa,BT!lC,iffO, which is a decrease of $98,481 since 15»i5; Montgomery Cotmty, sL22B,rin, a gain of <C,fIC4 since 16R5; Washington County, $3,321,936, a lots of $38,433 ilnoc 1965. The cavalry recruiting office in this city, la ebarye of Major O’CQnrdl, has beer discontinued, and the officers ordered to report at Carlisle Bar near, Pennsylvania. The stables of Willis Renfro, of this city, the onner of several celebrated turf horses, was burned last evening, with its contests, consisting of feed, harness mad light vehicles, rained at about S2»WD. Happily, tbe bones were rescued from tbe homing building without injury. It is attppoecd lo be the work of in Incendiary, FROM MEMPHIS. Tbe Weather- Nicholson Parrmni-Be* BMmstrwßee Acalost High Bt-us-Bebel RuffinDlMn, vVo- Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Mxairms. December 3. The weather cleared off excessively cold, and tbe mud Is d'j’ugup.j Ibe Board of Aldermen laatnlebt paaaedtothe first reading an ordinance providing Ibr Nichol son pavement lor tbe principal streets. A call for a meeting ol tenants 10-morrownlgbt, >0 remonstrate with landlords against high rents, appears, signed by most ot onr leading merchants. Ibe gentleman sent lo Mooed City, Arkansas, by attorney*, to negotiate (hr goods belonging to a colored client, was asMUlted with pistols, ar rcaUd without process, taken to Marion, Critten den Conuty. during ihenlght. and only escaped Iw his life through the strategy of some aer (bants al that p ace. FBOH LOUISTUXE* Raßtsiito-A Romance—The Railroad Ac* eideet—The flenn fttMtlj Germane ffsm Chicago. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] t Lorumu, December ?, Last week James McDaniel* and James Saun ders rode Int. Frankfort and got on a Go ing to the country they nearly k iUcd srreral per sot*. An old negro was beaten to death. Trey stole five stallions at Elkhorn, and are at Urge. A Kentucky genCetnen and wife oflha character, resided before tbe war tomellmra at Frankfort and sometimes at Chicago. On the breaking war tbe basbaud went into UeConftdeiacy, and la IRS h* embarked on a ship and tun th«- blockade. News came that tee ship a ** lo*l. and be was not heard from ouCU re cuuly. übcu be made hi* appearance to find nU Wif married agaiu. Nearly alt the injured by the accident On tb Loourllle & Nashville Railroad, on Friday, were Geinao laterer» from Chicago, going South to work on railroads. This is the coldest day of the season. At nine o'clock to-night tne thermometer was 27 3 . Oualoeas la dull and money tight. Colton tales for the week, 331 bales.* Tobacco—Sales for the week, 2JO hogsheads, quality- generally poor. Hoc*—Receipts foot up at 10,000. The packers are busy today killing, taking advantage ol the cold weather. Com and oats scarce, ana la de nar d. Rumors of the serious idoess of Governor Brrm lette sre hi drcofaUon, but not believed, a» Ur. tTentlce recaved ■ letter from him iht« morning. FBOM MEXICO. Deport that ax baa Agreed to Evacuate In Favor of a Trimavlralc-The Imperial lots Evacuation the Northern Pasts—The LA be rule Concentrating to Attoca f*an Lata I’oloal—.Vital at er Campbell aod (ieitrrai Nheraao-Tbe Brlr* Ish Minister l«oee Heme —Cap* by Brlganda-Pighc with the Brig and*. and Use Ongande Victorious—Lib* eral aiovcmenis, Are. New Yowl November 9.—The steamer Man hsuan. from Harms, brings sdvlccs from the City ot Mexico to the *4d, and Vera Cruz to theSSta nit. Maxirolllsn U still at Orizaba. It te stated tbatbebae agreed to abdicate, appelating Mar* qneee, Miramon and Mania a triumvirate, aod ap pealing to a vote of the people to confirm this Step. Ite Imperialists are rapidly evacuating all northern outposts, and General Donay la expected dally at the City of Mrsco, with the garrisons of San Lula Potosi, llazatlac, ana other places. The XJrxraJs are concentrating some thirty-five thou sand men to attack San Luis Fntosl, and it Is staled ihatlbe Imperialists aid also soon evacn aieDntacgo. Generals Bazalno sod Castelnsa - cie at Vera Cruz, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Minister Campbell and General Sbermin. An • tcoit is to be provided for them to me City of Mexico. The people of Vera Cruz manifest much Jot at the expected ari Ivnt. Among the passengers by the Manhattan were the British Minister bear I to, returning to Eng land from Mexico, and Lieutenant Baealce, with a special despatch to Napoleon. liUiy of Mexico correspondence says (hat on tbd 1 tb of November the diligence from Eacate css. containing fon.-teih passengers, was slopped within a short distance of the gates of Irapiols by one hundred and sixty robbers. Fonrgenllr tnen were taken to the mountain*, and three re tained for itntom, H,UOU being demanded for Uuec ol them, and for me fourth.* One American, named CauitLey. was seel to tiaereUro with orders to raise the sum* required and de posit tbea wnb a certain party la that ctly. The Imperial troopaweredespstchedafiertbe robbers, nbo were soon overtaken, when a brisk fight ensued, to which torty soldiers were sliin, and the balance surrendered. Ibe prisoners were at once tied to the trees, and the robbers amnsed themselves by thrusting them through with lai>ces, or backing them with sabres. Liberal forces everywhere were springing np as If by magic. Apasaio, the present terminus of the first division of the imp-tisl railway, (s occu pied by a large force, and the whole valley of Mexico is teeming with troops. Colonel Mcario occupied Fadnca on tbe 11th, with 80 ■ men. He now has nearly 4.WU, and in face of such tacts the Church parly believe they can raise 50.UJJ men in this valley within a mooli. FROM NEW YORK. Victims ol tbs Kslw'Ditiuter-Fatal A(< lercaiieo—The Fsrger Uleateanx. ate* New <•.—By the explosion of the itcamer Kelso, reported yesterday, the fol lowing persons were killed: Chief Engineer Bei der; Assistant Engineer Wilson; M. Wjldron, Iwggage master; William DaU, firemen; and John Rowan, Captain Grille and three firemen badly scalded. The following passengers are badly scald ed: Rev. J. Cowling, George Bickett, Mrs. Southampton, Edward Zochler. L. Saughtelle, Major Carter, Etsbth Infantry, jus. Davis, Ste phen llayes and Cbas. Nixon. Ihe ln;arod pas sengers hate been taken tn the Marine Hospital. E. P. Bacon bad bis skull fractured yesterday In nn ojfercvifon with Homer Nash, on Laurens street. Tbe latter party has been arrested. A poiUon of the old Harlem bridge gave away yesterday. The new bridge Is not yet completed. A car, Alien with passengers, was smashed last evening, white eros-tug Hudson street, by a dom in' engine of the Hudson River Railroad. None killedf In tbo United States Circuit Court yesterday, the case of T. W. Kennsrd against Ben UolUday, for tbe recovery of SIO,UOO, which was "sent by Unlltdoy's Express for Colorado, but whlca destroyed by an attack of Indians, was decided Is lavor of Kennnrd (or tbe full amount. The Judge ruled ibst the exoress was liable, as common ear ners. and a verdict was accordingly rendered. United Stales Commissioner Nebou will, to morrow, give a decision in the case of Grcateaux, the Glasgow photographer, arrested bero eight or ten days ago, at the instance of the British au thorities. for forcing bank notes. Tbe aecialon grant* tbe aaked for extradition. Charles F. Basson, editor of the Boston Evening Commercial* died suddenly in this cby to-day of heart disease. uhe Unitarians of.thls city dedicated a National Ibß to the purposes of their Older this evenieg, Ucv. E. 11. Cnbpln delivering the opening ad dress. /- Rev. Dr. Smythe, the •* naked truth* 1 man, de livered a phtlUpif i»-oay against editors. FROjt CjaCLNNATI, Fall olg Expioslon—De* lrsi|f theLlber«liat Montereybr Slnjla. Ccvcuntan, December O.—A portion'of the >*a]l of ihe new building on Fifth street, qcar Main, was blqwo down jcstcruay morning, injuring throe persona—one fatally. The l>o4W of a portable saw mill, (even miles below Henderson, Ki nlcckT. exploded yesterday, kintne three men and wounding several others. Tbe Ccmi‘umeV» Row Urluajjs dcsptmhatys Tellable Inlelhcunce' from Monteigy ~fanotmcej the complete overthrow of (he Liberal army nn dvr General Thndno, by the Imperial forces under Mejia. The. ASfrrirrr this moraine reports unusual ac tivity among the Fenians of this city. In the way ol rterniung, orranlxlng. etc. Several boxes of new rmfronn. arrived yesterday tor dmrlbatioa to troops in this Tiddly. The bridge at Zanesville has been repaired. Trains are running oa nsnol. FROM CANADA* Another Fenian Scare —Alrald that the Fenians will Kesene the PriMsen at f'wcttsbnrc—lnvasion Antlciptled-TrMp« Ordered Under Arm*—£criou» Trouble at Hud* &c. Swzrrenrno, C. E., December 9.—As intense excitement ha* bora created ben within the past twentv-fonr hoars. It Is thought that the ronore to the cflect that the Fenians would make an at* tempt to rescue the prisoners confined in this place are troll (bonded, and that there will be an immediate and formidable invasion of Canadian roll. Tie Government la taking all necessary precautions to meet the threatening emergency. Troops have been ordered under arms, and all the bustle ot a campaign is exhibited. Reinforce* menu bate been ordered np from the interior, and all the movements Indicate serious trouble to be not Cir off. It is probable that the prisoners will be secretly removed to a more secure point. They are strongly guarded, and the greatest vigi lance is manifested. FROX ST. LOUIS. John IIosttn—Deaths bv Cholera—Pacific Railroad—The tVeatbrr. Sr. Lome, December 9. —lion. John Hogan left for Washington yesterday. He will contest Gen vial I'Uc’a seat In the Fortieth Congress. The official report gl ve s tho number of deaths nom cholera in this city, from July 27tU to No vember 9th, at BA2I. Heavy mows nave falleb on the plains. Out going trains are tnfierlng. T« o surveying parties belonging to tho Pacific Railroad recently arrived at Salt Lake, one by the •ouihcrn, the other by the northern route. Both tomes aro pronounced feasible and excellent grade. Also along tho Humboldt River. After nearly a week or mild weather it turned *-uddcnly cold last night, and the mercury ha* been several degrees oclow freezing point all day. FROM THE PACIFIC. Aid for Jnares-£tecfc*-Sagar*—Annulling Pardon*. Box F&axctsco, December ?.—A battalion of troops to old Jnartx,itUs for Mexico nexiTaesoay. The Savage Mlmng Company have declared a dividend of (IWX, payable In cola. Mining stocks ate Ccetuailng. The raw sugars Imported here the present year aieesllmatedat forty minions of pounds being an increase of five million of pounds over last year. Rail Puaxcibco, December B.—A Mexican paper ol October 87th contains the official decree of President Joans, annulling pardons vrblck .Pern geirahas granted certain Mexican Imperialists of Sonora. Toe french are still at Durango, but the L.ber ala defeated a large number of Imperialist! In the field. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Csuon sa the Bed Blrer>Fna the Bie Gt-sadtJ skw OBUiKf. Decembers.—About Shreveport, on the Red Elver, where cotton was not attacked by the worms, ibe late cotton l* colag well. Th- Iste heavy raws have caused mnch loss trom shed- Jter, beadnr and rotting. Tbe newt ttom the Ino Grande show indica tions of Implacable hostility to American Inter vention in the attain of Mexico, and that any effort of the kind will esnse more united opposi tion than Is now made against intervention in the Empire. JFENXAJS REPORTS. Arrival el a Pnlaa t*rtaoacr from England— Wuy Thsaiaid Fen tana ktadr to tkrlke for LJbertv. Noswicb, Conn., December 9.—1 leutenant Law let, formerly of tbe Ninth Connecticut Herlment, who has lately V>en Imprisoned In Ireland, as a Fex.tan.bu arrived here, ha nag bees seal hotar by ibe English Government. Be reports that there are SO.fltt' well armed and well drilled Fenian* In I e and who arede e mixed to strike forhbertr by the firs r January. Ucn'.etant Laeler will soon return to Ireland to assist Is the revolution there. Captm *f a Mardem. Prrrs*mon. Deccmbci .'.—Young Montgomery, son ol Don. Wa itonicomerv, who recently mur dered a man named Dlnsmorc. la Waahwgton County, and f.” whore capture a reward of one thousand dollar* waa offered, was captured yes terday u WvlUbutg, Uest Virginia. . Arrested Fader tbe Civil Hiatus BUI. Rrcnxoro. Va., December 9.—Dr. Wafson, ot Rockbrldce. arrested last week under the Cinl Rights 818, was brought before General Schofield yevterday, and gave nail to tbe amount of S3O,QUO to appear when railed for. Dnak-Down of Ike New Fork Press Gang. The Timet, Herald and Tribune have been compelled to close their separate establish ment* at Wa*hington. In order to defray their Increased expenses, and to try to make head against tbe telegraphic enterprise of tbe Wind and other live journals mother parte of the country. As Mr. Raymond, of the Times, who Is now In Washington as a pardoned Radical rebel on probation, Is no toriously capable of supplying three sets of reports at one time with three different acts of opinions, be will probably take charge of the new concern. In the character ofa tele graphic Cerberus, barking three ways at once, our versatile contemporary will pretty surely be amusing. If he fails to be instruc tive. But the New Tork public win please lake notice that the Washington end of tbo Ttoi/a, Herald and Tribune has now broken down, and that the World will henceforth be CHICAGO, MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 186 P. the only New York moraine paper which stands on Us own Ices, pays its own way, f eta the news from all quarters, and utters ta own voice on all subjects, political, com mercial. social, financial, ana llterarr. —JT. T. World. FROM. WASHINGTON. Opening of the Second Session of the Thirty-Ninth Congress. Progress in Poor Bonfhi—Baking Good Record*—Tlie iw»»niny of Site Blectloixa—Drawing Ua* Presidents TccUt—Teachable and PnieacbsMe— The Elections m Sir. staaberry’a Office. I Prom Our Own Carresoondezd.] WsssHoTOt, December 5, 1666. Congress Is already voted a bore by the sight-seers of the city, though It is but three days In its session. There was a great crowd in attendance on Monday; but to-day scarcely three hundred persons, all told, were in the gallaries. Yet It would he wrong to argue from these facta that no Interest Is felt In its work. The proceedings of Monday and Tuesday were of unmistakable significance. They showed, first of all, that there haa been an

election since the adjournment in July—a contest of remarkable vigor and earnestness, in which the moral and Intellectual force of parties, not less than the power of numbers, was notched. For a campaign in which only questions of bank and tariff and boundary were at Issue, could never have home such fruit of bills and resolves as appears in the Globe of yesterday and to-day. Congressmen are very human, after all; and I have som*. limes thought that A Record lathe cljjef «nd J of many men who get Into the lower house. Doubtless, therefore, something of this mass of twenty* long columns maybe counted as chaff—may he looked upon as an entry upon the credit side Of the books kept with the dear people of "my district.’? Tetwben this Is granted there still remains what may well make us, the plain people, very proud of oar Government —not of the administration, but of oar dem.- ocrallc republicanism. For we are the sov ereigns and these Congressmen are only oar servants. Because we fought this Just-closcd battle on Issues of principle rather than on questions ol policy, tney begin their winter’s work with words and acts that must give thought to European students of political economy. It was the voice of the people that has been caught into the pages of the Globe. Consider what halting rin ineffi cient phrases and mountings lumbered them In June and July. So doing, yon cannot fail to note that there has been an electioneering campaign of unexampled jqoral earnestness. The men who moke Congressmen and Presi dents have declared that they yet hold, »nd mean strenuously to exercise, the power of unmaking them. They have further declar ed that this late four-years* war was no pa. 1 litical tournament, bat, rather, a strag gle of profuundest moment to the very souls of men and women. And tho real language of these forty bills and sets of resolutions that neither President nor Congress shall fritter away the victory sealed at Appomatoz Court House, in April, 1805. It la,*thercforc, because the proceedings of Monday and Tuesday were of such plain and solemn Import, that mere pleasure-seekers have so soon grown tired of Congress. Later In the session will come eloquence and Wrangling—just now there Is no room lor anything but the nnadoraedSind direct utterance of jvhat the people think and believe. Reading the reports of these drat three days, one can’t help seeing what Radicalism lies behind the tremendous majorities of Masaachusctts,and Now York State,and Ohio and minoU,and lowa, and Michigan. “Tour folks seem to hare done nothing since 'lection bnt draw np bills and resolutions," said an Opposition representative to me this after noon. "They appear to hare done some th:ng in that line," I answered; "how does the work strike ‘‘Yon havogrown "so Radical that If wc take the ground you "occupied generally last season, the two “ parties will not be further apart than they “then were." It was sober Democratic judgment of oar progress hi three or four months. Individual* always move Cuter, than masses \ and therefore it will doobtkiMie fraud, before the end of the session is reached, that Congrc.-s, as a body, is not prepared to advance to the ground taken In a majority of these two-score hills and re solves. Yet some things are certain. “Wc are going to draw the President's teeth, any how," said an Indlanlan sententious!/, when I asked him, In a careless way. what Con gress would do this winter. Of so ranch he and his friends may at least be sure—by the end of Feb ruary be will find himself most cleverly “cribbed, cablnned, and confined." Jnst bow this will be done it Is too early to predict; hat if there is any thing certain. It is that Andrew Johnson will have ranch less power next March than he' bos got now. There is, of coarse, some sore ness In tbe Congressional heart because he has slaughtered so many of tbe Innocents In the persons of postmasters and revenue offi cers ; bat over and above this is a most profound conviction that be la guilty of gross violations of the spirit of the law and the Constitution tn other matters as well as In respect to bis manner of using the public patronage. When such men as Gov ernor Boatwell and Representative iforrifl and Judge Harris, and Judge Spalding, and Governor Morehead, and lowa Wilson, and our own Wasbburnc, and John Sherman, ad mit the necessity of a formal Inquiry into the President’s conduct since lost Jane, It Is evi dent that tbe situation is full of grave import. If Abraham Lincoln was. as I think, right ly called the Teachable President, Andrew Johnson may Justly be called the Unteacb ablc President. Tbe elections seem n»t to have been heard of in the office of the White House. The annual message Is moderate in language, and supplicatory In tone, but Its essence and substance arc Jnst as anti-Rc pnbllcan as the vetoes of last spring and tbe speech of last summer. The substance is Mr. Johnson’s—tbe tone is Hr. Stanberry'e, and Mr. Browning’s, and Mr. Seward’s, mainly Mr. Stanberry’s. The President appears wholly oblivions of the fact that his odious treason-petting policy has been condemned by aealy a half million majority : and ho “ swings round the clrcU ’’ of his Southern sophistries in the usual manner. The Attorney General has heard of the elections, and knows that somebody has said something about an Impeachment of the Executive— hence tbe body so lately “lounging on tbe verge of the Government” is ban-'--_ . spofcw of u "tho r Co?reM ... sna hcu( J such Ml cxcew of piety .1 Uio btßialng »od at the end; such a cooing word for harmony between the co-ordinate branches of the Government, such a mUk-and-watcry spirit where erst was each angry and malicious declamation. ' JEFFERSON DAVIS. Another Tftait to the Prisoner—HU Health* Appeftanee, Ac. (Fortress Monroe Corns pondeoce Rev Orlssns Crescent.} TEE PRISONER'S PERSONAL APPEARANCE. tVe had oo sooner knocked, to announce onr presence, than the door opened and directly before ns, In the middle of the little hall stood Jefferson Davis. He was evident* lj just about to take a stroll, bat insisted on our remaining, and ushered ns Into the sit ting room. Here we found Mrs. Davis and her youngest child, a fair little bW, with bright bine eyes. tFe were innncdJalelr im pressed with tbe fact that oar host had been terloutly enfeebled by sickness, and even then tbe peculiar softness of tbe convalescent’s air was plainly apparent. He was dressed in black clotl.abd at the moment, with his hs and slick in hand* looked like some nuiet gentleman farmer, and, by no means like the chief of a people that "has made the ace hcrßTc.” His high, broad forehead I? deeply wrimtled, but It Is principally in the lover part of his face that the Hum of care are furrowed. He has permitted his beard to crow, and this hides his emaciation , in some degree* bnt the hollow cheeks, and pinched, drawn features, Indicate very wrongly the suffering he has undertone. The upper portion of his head seems unnat urally large, in contrast with his small fea tures and snare face. His hair, of a light iron-grey, with white spots here and there, is full at the rides and bnt slightly thinned at tbe top. Hia beard* of the same color, makes the most decided change in his ap pearance, hut Us eyes recall, unmistakably the old fire and vigor which shone In former day*. 'Sometimes ha appears listless and absorbed, as If long etude or thought bad left their effects upon his ptytigiu. fiat his attention is no sooner ex cited than one Is undeceived in that opinion and the brightness of his perceptive faculties U accompanied by an entrain and suavity which makes the conversation glide along agreeably. Mr. Davis retains much of his military presence* and the square shoulders and sinewy 4nmt give proof of a n hvtiave that was trained in a martial school, there i? *llll. however, a tremulousaes* lab's man ner resulting from nervous excitement, which would lead a casual observer to the opinion that Mr. Davis possessed a weak ornniza tlon. His wiry, muscular frame easily dis- proves this assumption, and dnrine tho man acllne scene we are a&sared that he gave such proou of his natnial strength as will long be remembered by the soldier on whom it was cxcrtlW. |Tbe character of Mr. Davis’ mind is; to some extent, a reflex of his physical organization. His fondness for sporting, his observation of external-thlngs, and h!a keen appreciation of the outer world are combined with thepos wfslon of brilliant lacnllles of mind. His rural life baa, doubtless, enabled aim to fos ter that muscular power wHeh keeps us In sympathetic contact with practical life, and to combine sturdiness of bodv with clearness of intellect. Men of thought and books have generally very little appreciation of things earthy; but Sir. Davis has succeeded in uniting with this healthy philosophy the highest intellectual development. On this - account there are few persons whom he falls to interest, and few whom hts gentle and .««*• manners fall to captivate. TEE PRISONER'S EOIO. There Is a round table in the centre of the room, and a large sofa stands near It. At night these pieces of furniture are wheeled together, and, after a long day's conrersa lion with visitors, the prisoner gladly re clines to read and do good tngntol work. Tin, til long past midnight. A row of shelves In the opposite comer of the room contains the material with which the prUder occupies bis active mind. The devotional spirit that characterizes both Mr. Davis and hlsWfclj manifested In the religions prints that deco rate the walls of the apartment. The young est child U generally seated near her parents, and la the obJ£Bt of tender attention, evinc ing the kindest feelings of the do mestlc circle.' Bqreral times our* atten tion has been attracted to a glass p*n/»l in the door leading to the adjoining room, and we could not imagine for what par ptoe it was Intended. Snhseqnentlv when wc moved to the next apartment, now used for a dining-room. Ur. Davis explained to ns the , purpose for which this glass was intended. Dnnng many months of his confinement, a : sentinel was always stationed at this glass, to give the earliest alarm of any attempt of the prisoner to commit suicide. *’ For months,” says Mr. Davis, “this small room was niT prison.” These are the apartments descrilxaXj Dr. Crartn, and this one Is now used for the prisoner's family dining room. Tt is even more plainly furnished than the parlor, having a deal tabic in the centre and a few chairs around it. There is rather a : cheerless aspect about the apartments, not produced by the want of absolute comforts, not by the absence of those petty, luxuries that contribute to the charm of a home. THE PRISONER’S OPINION OF HIS HEALTH. Mr. Davis complains very little of hia ill ness. Hot being able to attribute bis feeble neas to any local disease, his replies to in quirks about his condition would lead one to suppose that his health was not Impaired. He walks on the parapet every day after breakfast and endeavors to counteract his physical-lassitude by a cheerfulness of man ner. His habit of smoking, to which he is vtry much addicted, is considered somewhat injurious by the physicians, but to prohibit its indulgence would be a severe deprivation for him. Mr. Davis does not think that Fortress Monroe U a healthy location In antuiuD, the malarious diseases at that sea son being very prevalent and dangerous. Mrs. Davis has suffered from chills and fever this season, for the first time in filtcen years, and five officers have lately died at the Fort ress of the same malady. Tbe Atlantic Tcletnph-a New Cable Fropowd. (From the New York World, December “th-] The regular monthly meeting of the Cham her or Commerce was held yesterday at 1 p. m-, io the Chamber of Commerce Room, Jonathan Storces, Esq., In the chair. Mr. Samuel B. Rugglcs offered the follow* log resolutions: £ftelv«d, Thai the Chamber of Commerce of the Stale of New York arc deeply Impressed with the importance, sot only to the commerce, bat to the security and peace of the United States, of ascer taining i.y proper sounding*, toe facilities afforded by the bed of the AtlanticDcean tor laying lines ol telegraphic cable, directly connecting oar At lantic coast with tLe Western coast of Prance and of Southern Europe: and do b«*eby re spectfully petition the Government of the united States to employ such portion of the na tional navy as may be required to make the neces sary aonodlnrs vrltbonl delay. Jif4oiT’d, That copies o( ine precedioe resolu tion, duly authenticated, re transmitted to the President ol the United States and to both Bouses of Congress. Thu resolutions were unanimously adopted, with the additional resolution that Mr. Bug gies' resolutions and address should be for warded tb the President of tbe United States and the Chairman of the Committee on For eign Relations of both Houses of Congress. iHaeonlc Notices. A TEENTION SIK KNIGHTS.— j\ There «:11 be a Special Conclave of CMeaco commandery. Ko. 19. K. T„ this (klooday) evealnff. at : o'clock sharp, tor work on the K. T. Visiting Sir iu-lKhts arc courteously invited. Dy order ol tie B C._ k. CLARENCE HUBBARD. Recorder. "XTASONIC.—The nevt Regular and i.TX Annas' Convoeatlaa of LaTsfcUe Chapter, No. *,lc, A. Sl-, will be held to their hall. Masonic Temple, wsiMocaamnatsc M7k o’clock, (hr ike election of officers fur the entalng je*r, and other Im.wrunt hastLCW, All toembert are expected twbepre*«ac. E. S. TUCRBU. secretary. jFor ti)C SJoliMns. yj OLID AY GOODS. The Choicest Collection In the dty lor sole by ALHEBT B. HOVET, 104 Lake-st. ftSKanttfr. wanted— T A>' ABCHTTECTURAL PRArOHTSMAN, Thoroacbly competent to ihoim the chart® of an of fice, (a a I It* detail*, a ay address •‘COtiStCß.’’ Qox 6194. Chicago, 111. A young man pretend, u expo nent* d. Reference* required. burning 33ranb0. BRANDS FOB Brewers and Disiillers, Figures tad Number*. Bung tad Cork Hols Burners; lor Barrel*. Bose* and Tools. Also florae and Cattle Brands* Address GCSTAV KOCH, 47 South WeilfrsC. Chicago I-nsurancc. General Agents of the Mil American Life Ins, Co,, NMW YORK. OCre —Xo. 9 Barman Bloch, Chicago. i. St. D. Bt.AKK, O, IV. BIItITT. Laic B. W. Phillip* A Co. jrkatcs gKAXEa S BL A.TSS. J. E. JOHNSON’S Great Westers Skate Depot Corner State and lUndolph-sts. 10*000 Pain of SMatcw; 100 DKTerent Style** Wbeleule and Befall. The Largest, moat farted sad eltsul «t;ck la aay one flora la Uy> United states. From 81t« 850 a pair. F»»«u Lannt !• mba lest Mae- From CbraptW is Terr best. Far Ladies aad Gentlemen. Par Uirli and Hay*. CF*£c3e Western Agency far M*cltUUa'* Sew York Clot«. \r Ticket* to in the Blake sad ruts. sygkatd«!t*fiigaaiioafgp»iKd. / t ODD SKATING—The public are in- VT farmed ibst w. CHAKLTOS. tbe celcbrsW Ska!rOtio<W and Poluher. has nrared his *errtcej at the machine shop u 1). F. Buckley a Co, Calhoaa plaev, het*ces dark and Dcamcn-ati, tn rear of tn* i -aH? Tfmn office.»here skateavtil be era and and pcUthrd la the UW style aad beat of ttaiah. asttoiogi) OTTCE—Ju«t amred from Europe. CLiBRDfIAHILLSOW, Tbe celebrated Owp.y Fortune Teller, css be coo-nltwl rxm 9m15 la the afternoon. Dont comet 3X7 South Unt-v- scsrly opporite Joccs School. Best city r-irresecs riven. fjanncrstitp. CO-PARTKEHSEIF N’OTItB. JOHN BROOKS bas this day retired from tbe onset wia.B. YOUNG A CO. The tmstafM ot maa- Bfaeturtiig Flows and Snlkj Cultivators Win be coaUhttcd after ibis date under tbe name sad •tyle o( HspmATsußt d;C*. CUAS. B. HAPGOOD. WH.B. YOUNG, OSp. B.LSCCHTOH. Chicago. Dee, lit. 1966. jparmlUß nanus. ALL WANTIN' G PARK b—Good * anr axd wen-proxed Fruit LrVl*--Be*atlftU sac i: riTinr •tlUemfEt f VINELAND T* xlles sootb pjj'sdrfphlahjfailusd. jcreised LW o»opl* l* t>ur yea'*. Go-d icorr. sen >ois act chsrcbra; LDWorubardapiiuited. Pnee,iA per aen. payabk It. four yean. VlUage lets tor b «a-w sac ufa. tnrcna'to f>r *ale. Climate cUl—perlecui teal-hl-S-1: t gTJw trrlde.>T»l Kvres alac to •ae. Addrrv CHA9. K. LANDIS. Prcpnetrr, Vice land. New Jersey. P*j»-T*cocUicla* taJofnaUos ie.' fT-e- From leport nt So’oo Habtnane, Editor of tbeTrlsune: “ItU one cl the t>at exten *iwc fexOie tracts Is sc aim-at pi-iaio, sod mv able ecaJltloa far plea.aa*. larmts*, that we kuow o thl* rterf tha wntera Prat nee * Last Night of EAST LYNNE. <Clotf)»ng. INTER AT HANO. DOWN TH^Y GO. A DISCOUNT OF IQ PER CENT PBO M REGULAR PRICES ON CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT DeGraff’s Clothing . House, Corner State and Randolph-sts. THE URGES! STOCK BEST' ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY. In making this REDITCTION w iny customers will secure greater Bar gains than are to be obtained else where, and enable me to make room for a Mammoth Spring Stock. All in need of Winter Clothing of ABY DESCRIPTION, will find it much to their interest to fayor my Establishment with aviiit before pur chasing elsewhere. I.^DeGRAFF, Corner State and Randolph-sts. JJnoto lifeiill - Patented Hay J 9. ISM- i l lllito article tor warning almost radUBAWA I * l ~ . l Tt r 7 < y rtT Pisces, which win require » retj « llitl .aod, sell** onset pre-orations oftnS tor \ i purtK«e. wnx not *ot nn ctonm, but wt rave them much wuma than ordinary methods, wilt ■cl the usual wear aid tear. .tremovnyrmespoUadl by aajrtc, ard aoflm Use dir* ay soaHnir. *o mat rlsalas will in ordinal* caw* entirely remove it. TW« powder l* prepared tn accordance with enemies tcletca, and upon a process peculiar to Itself, which 1 secured by letters patent, ft has been In u*e tor mon icon a year, and baa proved luetf an adrenal lavortb wherever it ha* been oaed. Arsons the advantage claimed are Use following. vie.: It save* til the expense of soap urn any used oa eot ton and linen roods. ItaavMZDoetof the labor of rubblar. and wear an war. . r Also, tor cleaning windows It it unsurpassed. W.t, me-qnarter tbwWme and labor nsnaUy required. U la parts a beautiful rices tod lustre, much superior tr toy other mode. No water required except to motsta the powder. Dtrecaons with each package. And can be readily appreciated byastneie trial. Th> lost cl washing tor a (amity ot eve or six pawns wv :oi exceed texxx cxsts. 'Tbe manufacturer* ot* this powder art awaretha many cwlnw compounds have been Introduced to m public which have rotted th» cloth, or tailed Inremo* se the dirt, but knowing the intrinsic excellence c this article, they confidently proclaim it as being ‘-slip .■d to meet a demand which has lone existed, an d wt?c ha* heretofore remained onsnppllea. Mum»« urest HOWE & STEVE3NS 300 BROADWAY, BUftTON. Also, Manufacturers ot Family Dye Colors. Fo: sslebyGrocers aad Dealers every Consignments. A PPLESI APPLES I 1.000 BAHBHLe WINTER APPLES For stle, in quioriUes to salt purchasers, by HATES, STONE &, CO.. 151 SOVTg WATEB-SI. QN CONSIGNMENT. 123 Bags dole. sarj andJtrilnm Beans for sale In lota to salt. a'm. KO br>» choice Winter Applet. Inqolreof LDSLET,BLACKMAN *CO. HOGS .Usual Facilities to Skippers* Cos missions CO car-load lifts, tSS and 140 Slnaie-tt. ccrnerol business Notice. Customers Of SHARPLEB. MATTER* & SHAR PIES. No. 107 ModUoc-st, are requested not to give their work to our former solicitor, a* be>*« left oar employ. jfov Sate. JCE TOOL 6, FOR S AJLTEI ALUEET n. BOTEY. 394 Lake-iL 'J'O PRINTER S—For Sale—A RORTHHfJP CYLINDER PRESS, In tend atdgr. at d la coeataat see. Prints s oaaer 33 b? M lacaa. will h roid obeap lor Asslr to HOOPS a JAMES. Ch euo. pOBSALE. Cano of Gang Sawed Strips and Boards, K*trip,sboQtloßu,sovlnox at our dock. Mason’s Canal. CCTLSB. wu.HECR A CO. IQs Sens Caaal-st. A WELLE dT B AliioHED CAbH BUS- DiSSS In this dry far tale, tearing 33 X-*3 Per Cant Profit, ADdoowasteftcctorctUßkeaf faahlCßt. For ptrtlc nlatu address “CASH.” Triovtte office. JpOB SALK. OS COMMISSION, Fine rorseetlcct Seed Tobacco, Wrapperi and Finer*. Crop 1364. Al*o, a fine stock of TnbaecA. Clears Pi pea, Am. lor fate by PARKER. MABSB A CO„ 6 Deartooia-aL, Ctueago, (General Notices. jgLEY’d 3ES. B. CAPS. A sample ot a pence! vabatltutc for tbe above caps yd be nt on application to the subscriber, who pllea, st tbe lowest wboiesste rites, an snides esn* ceded vlib Cubs, Pistols, Guntmlibs* Materials, Am. monition, Ac. Ac. CHARLES FOLSOM, 3S Maldeo Lane, Sew York City. JFur (Boobs. T ABIES’ DRESS FURS. DON'T BUT. until you bare.seen our stock sad (rices. BKEWSTEB, Furrier, Sherman llooseu Last Night of EAST LYNNE. NUMBER 187. Seating sarks. 'YP' asiinbtoh SKATING PARK. ' THE'FIRST OPEN. OUROID REPUTATION SUSTAINED Grand Time This Evening. POSITIVELY The fißtstsheet of ICB ever loraed oo this or *bj other Pvk. Smooth as Glass! Clear as Crystal! " ■’ Solid as Rock! THE KOLL Great Western Light Guard Band Will be In »tUsdktc« ALL THE EVEKISQ. The cpeciug this evening vill be tef>*-m«t ONLY SEASON TICKET HOLDERS WILX* HE ADMITTED. To-Morrow Evening the Grand Inaupration ’Carnival Wm take place. trEtc advertisement is to-aenw's lAsdlton Street Can Land Ton wltlilti a Block of the Parle. SEASON TICKETS tor tale st (be following places: SI BEET, PEARSON ft CO„ 101 WsiUngtoML A: H. COVET. 104 Lake. MUNSON. 6KINNEB ft CLABKK, 140 lake. JEWETT ft BUTLER, IS Lite. BARNTM BBOS„ pjmer late sad iHdilgsa-aT. TRIBUNE OFFICE. KINSLEY'S, Open Boose. BOOT ft CADT. Opera Boose. J. H. JOHNSON'S, Sts to Depot, southeast cornty ot Bsndelph aad Bute.' JOHN B. WaLsh. corner Dearborn usd Madison, EDW. ELY, comer Dearborn and Washington. AND AT THE PARK. PRICES. Gentlemen. |SJ» 1-adlca *. SDJ Bays am Boy your tickets down town and avoid the rush si the Part, QENTRAL SKATING PARK. 1866-67. PROSPECTUS. The first breath of Winter reminds tbe manager ot the Central Skating park that thankful acknowieag meal* are dne to the numerous patrons and fneuib whose encouragement, during seven couiectnJvo seasons, has made it the mm popular, the most t*»h lonabie, and—as its lady frtesos declare—the ravox* pr» Skatixo Pa*k or nix Cirr. That it U Indeed the most popular resort of the steel- Clads. Is attested by the lame attendance during past seasons: the character of me attenoanee quite as fully sotstantlsics 1U claim to thsbtonsble precedence: and Us large proportion of lady paeons Icares nodoubl as to Its being their favorite Park. In announcing a Prospectus tor tbe Eighth Season, the manager begs leave tossy that be has, at tbe ear nest soLidtatloo Gf many friends, abandoned his Snten- Uoo'tf dliposl&g Of bis tnurest in tbe Central and has refused various ofiers to that effect, some of which, la a pecuniary view, were highly advantageous. In tons yielding to the wishes of meals to whose encourage ment In the past Ue owes so much, be confidently relies upon a continuance of their favors, while he pledges himself to exceed their antlcipsUons la tha enterprise, care aad attention that shatl be developed In the mime. In securing tbe services of Mr. Albert Banks, as Su perintendent, together with a full corps of attendants, the manager believes that every thing which personal dire and vigilant supervision can accomplish will be guaranteed. ft la aot necessary Co state, what everybody knows, that tee buildings connected with the Central are Urn ftnrst of (be kind in Chicago, and an famished la a style oUlegaiiCc never equalled In any Skating Park In America. The Ladlta' Boom Is a pertect gtai, a boudoir, where none out ladles and their escort are admitted. TLc Park will be brilliantly Illuminated throughout the season, and Carnivals and Social Ko unioD* will be a marked ftafnre of the Printer's sports. T&e tnanacer believes thst tt Is unnecesssry to argue cpt n the heaithtui effuets cl open air skaUug. when It t> so appsrest to all. Tbe doubting stepocs are Invited to drop In at the Central and obaerve tar themselves how besBST Bpoh Lteib dsmnc over the ley mirror, Eurtags, raptures, gathers and veart the roses that loom only in Winter, and that nay uvtr be plucked but lor the glowing cheek cf tbe steel-clad. ♦ CARYL YOCNO. QENTRAL PARK □as the finest SHEET of ICE ever an tie Park. Will open aa coon as the ICE Is sufficiently hard to bear tie large crowds which will be present on the opening sight. MUSIC. One of the finest Banda tn the city has been en gaged. and the choicest a election of antic win be dis coursed each evening on which there la stating. UGHT. LIGHT. The Park Uila season will be brilliantly lighted. so that every part of It will be alta'wt u light M day. Lam Lamp*, with rtefleeton, will be placed at a dis tance of ten feet apart all around the park. The man ager U confident that by this mean* U will prove the best lighted Park, by all odd, is the city. The M*fos tium Light vU also be aied on the Park. TICKETS, eeaaon Tlcteta Ibr sale at Hinder * Co.V, 6-t 1-ake-et., comer of Stale; aIJ. n. Johnson’*, corner of State and Randolph-* op stairs, and at Kinsley's, Opera Bouse. single admission tickets for sale at the Park only. Silbet plating. FOB Instantaneously Silver Plating ARTICLES OP Brass, Copper, German Slher, &c*> Restoring the plaanz where wen oft and lor Cleaning ana polishing KUver and SUrer Plated Ware. This &on useln. Invention cf the age u a preparation ot per? silver, and contain, no mercury, aad or other substance Intfirtotu to metals or the hands. It ts a complete electro place* battery in a bottle. Price X cents pa botUe. For tale by Druggists aad Variety Store*. HOWE & STEVENS, MANUFACTURERS. BOSTON MASS. agricultural implements. pARHEES’ AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE, 90 West Lake-xt., Chicago, 111. lELTON’S PORTABLE GRIST MILL baa taken the Cnt premium wherever exhibited dnrlna the last twelve yean. It can be no with any power, and is warranted to grind more grain with the same power, to be acre simple and durable, and aura easily kept in rrpatr than any other ™»n. I bare the largest stock of CORN 9UELLBRB AND DAY CUTTIES ts the market. Portable and StadonaiT Enelne*. Steaa Threrlter*. Drar and Ctranlar a*w Still*. Tread Power for one. two and tun* bones, Misha* aka silver steel Plow* hardened to the whiteness of Hirer, at anaufactOTers* price*. AH order* for Implements and Machinery promptly fill'd. w. d. NICHOLS. West Lakpot, Chicagj, PL £2Hatrt)ts airt .ietoelrs. JEWELRY, &C. GOODSI BOUOA7 GOODS BRIDAL PRESENTS! PRESERTATIOH GOODS! Comprising everythin* to bo frond in a flnt-tiaaa Jew dry sum AMERICAN AND GENEVA WATCHES. DIAUOSDSssdPnmoos Stone* *et in every new and cotcelvaoie style of m'lnatlsc. French Clock*. Bronze Vaata, enps, Ac. Solid surer Ware, the best asaoiment enrotferrd la Chicago. Platel Good* ot b* entire 1 desires end finish. equal to solid silver, being plated os German silrer. which he* the appearance ol real (lira- esd Is quite e* durable. Hsrtiur *o*d these Eodsf.r (he past year, or erer since they were tnt ircdnredie the market. we cu tolly recommend them to osr customer!. Oar Stork 1j atw*ya Poll and Complete. WeprtdeoarnelfesTabeloaabLr to aeyto ocr cnavunera. that they will always and the very latest ud most desirable trxxda exploited l t» 0 *r stock as toon as they are prepared frr market, a casotat.e price*. *nd ffwm all the leading fseton**. TSantfa' for past lav; rs. weesk acontthCsn* c same, and an rrsn!"* l !™ l of oar goods. MATSOH & HOES. ' Last Night of EAST LYNNE. SKATES. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. JAMES H. FOSTER & CO., 180 IjAK. B-ST,, Have the largest and best assortment of Ladles'. Misses’, Cents’ and Boys’ Skates in the city, and at prices that defy competition. Examine, our stock before purchasing. dFutniture, Rebbing, Mirrors, Set. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Reduction in Prices of FURNITUR BEDDjNG, MIRRORS, &c, THIRTY HAYS OIVL.Y! FOR Preparatory to a change in business, commencing MOHDAY, December 10. The largest and best assortment of Eich, Medium and Common FITEHI TTJEE ever offered in Chicago, all warranted, as usual, FXHST-CIASS; a part of which MOST and SHAH be sold FOE CASH within Thirty Days," at prices that DEFY AT,T, COMPEpiTIOH! Consult yonr.own interests. Call, examine goods, and see for yourselves. Prices reduced on all article* alike, without regard to cost CHARLES TOBHY, • ittUsiral * JUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. J. BAtTKK & CO.'S Magnificent Musical Stock Offtn rarefacilities CHRISTMAS BUYERS for se lecting lie finest lastnzaeau ot tbs cost renowned makers. • THE KKABE PIANO, PARLtfR ORGANS, MUSICAL BOXES, TTISD ASH STRING INSTHCSIENTS, CARHART Ac NEEDHAM'S PARLOR ORGANS, Forming the finest Mattes] ss«otfcnmt in the city, Root« bleb to telect ChrUtmss Presents. J. BAUER ft oo n UNDER THE OPERA DOUSE. fJ'EE BUKDETT COTTAGE ORGANS!! Are the nearest approach to'perfwtloa of any Reed In. strum cut now manufactured. For volume. -tichnrM and organ-like quality of tone, elasticity of touch, and promptness cf action Tbtj hare no Successful Competitfoo I They are Cchhcd In cases of Rosewood. Walnut and Oak, plain or rarred ffoia the most beantttol and ele gant designs; *ho in Jetorlmitation Ebony, ncLiy glided and ornamented. The ynpertor exceLlence of the«e Instruments ts mala ly attributable to tbe many Improvement* applied ex clusively to them, tbe mjtt tmpcmnt of which are “Bordetl’i Improved Manual sub-Base.” **oardeU’s Improv.-d BannoDlc Attachment.'' “Burdeu's Im proved and'-Burdett’s Vocal Tremolo.'* Thevtare danrned for Churches. Schools, Ralls acd the Family Circle. Fifty different styles, ranging tn price from f 10P to lI.COO. Fvrry Runictl Organ U toliy wamsud lor tbe tcrc of Jve yean. LYON ft HEALY, Oenersl Agents for the Manufacturers, Wasblnrto* ard utart-sta, Chicago. Of* Dewrtpave Price Lists aid terns to agents maW on application to either ot the above. ■piANOS FOR THE HOLtDAVS. JL Ail persona designing to surprise tielr Crlmdsor Rtaafy ticmavlvca a lie a aaperb STEIN WAY or pood Flaw*, at lower price*, previous to January l«t, »hooM land n* thelroirtrr* soon. as onr store la rsplo;y decreasing ami will ctrtaloly prove insufficient tar tie tffias oemamJ. SMITH a NIXON, Clark and Waaitncton-eu- and tn Cincinnati. (Coal JJUT TOUII COAL HOLBROOK & PARKER’S, 64 Kingsbnry-st., eor. Indiana. POST OFFICE DUAWEUSSir QOALI COAI. t COAL? J. L. HATHAWAY. dealer In Hard and Soft Coal Office and Yard*, 4-1 Market—t-, near Randolph. Coal OeUvervd promptly and in good oroirf to all parts ol the city. (Clorijcss jHangltt. 'J'HE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do It la one*qnartcr the tr eslred wlih braird Iran*. Jt glr' * a ® rr ” and brilliancy of lestre la tin* *• * 8 °" J ‘ ble to be obtained from heap - n ** *™po*sl» NO EXPEND rJb^bl. Restaurant, Boarding Bouae, tt>* v .atoiaßilly can asord to b« without Ff time. it saves cloths. IT *. ./I s MONET. IT SAVES FUEL. -AN Ea LABOR. JT SAVES HEALTH. For psmnhleu, containing full description of ma chine, addmt AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO. ( 149,131 and 133 Fnltor-sL, Chicago, LL, Or J. B. BICE. IB 1 Latent. ffiaihtoaie. Stoots, &t. JJAUDWAITE & CETEErtT. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Zißke-St. The attention ot eioee buyers !• invit'd to our com. plete Stock of COOPEBS*. MACHISISTS’ ard CAB PEMTEa’TOOLfe AMERICAS TABLE CLTLEKT and BUnDHEi* HARDWARE, direct ffom the beat maanff tmen. We offer, also, a nmplete assortment of WOSTCfBfLM’S POCKET CUTLERY, SPEAR A JACKSOS'a SAWIi; jOaEPB HOIKIEBS A 80X3’ SCTsiSOns and RAZORS. STUBBS A EOTSEBY’S FILES dr. We also keen eawtinUr on hand ftali stnnbert cl SBOEXBELGEB’s JUNIATA SAILS. C. B. Bnz>. EhW. PzdCOTT. S. Bin ■^o. 1 MASSILLON pig moy. DETTET & CO., 27 Klnjsbnrj-rt. fatcrsrijautn sJipes. Q_ENUINE RieerscliaiimPipes&CigarHolders Of osr own Unpcr’-iQoD, at eery price*. BACK A WIBTO. 95 South Wsla^tt. ffatents. BREAD MINING AND KNEADING MACHD»Eh-frr FamW«*, Hotels. Bestaoruts end Baker*, the mmt valuable Invention of the an. By the lame action the Fxead U mixed and tnsaded Uioroechly »ad •Q’ctiy. without the hanaa toochtp the Scur. They Insure rmt nrlng of Uhor, perfect clrsnllsc?*, certainty of good bread. ud ere cheep. ExdnOve state, County ud To wr El* hi* ft* self, af fcrdir * e rare enaece lor treat gain*, wUh fmali capi tal. A gent* wanted everywhere, and Duit liberal Is dueerneau given them. Apply personally or br letter to C. W. FOBBCSB. Agent, 4® Ccncnae-at, Bonoo. Mat*. Send for etttalar. pARD’6 PATEST BBXCK MBCBDIB Office and manufactory 53 rtcsth Jefferson-*!. Fa IhUrnauon and descriptive clmtlar addrea^^ S 3 Booth JeffersotMt- Chlcip;. TO CAPITALISTS—A purchaser want ed for the Southwestern State* for tne EL.* HTIC BBOoST. A bargain will be *lv«n to the non who will work tola territory properly. C, fi. WINGATE, 153 Uu do.’ph-«h, Catcago. __ La« 4 Night of EAST "L-YNNE. Skate 33fpot. SKATES. ;s anb Rankers-. Ranks GHEENEBATJiI * CO, gESK BANKERS, Corner lbke and LaSalle-sta., CUea^tf CorropcadenU of Messrs. Galon ft Ci, LiT«rp:ot» AMhorlred General Agents tor the Korthwert ot Messrs. Williams ft Galon, Sew York. General Agents of “Old Black star.** “Galon ft Ca." and "Canard** Use. BUYERS AND SELLERS Of DralU oc Great Britain. Ireland «n<t Continental Europe. ISSUE PASSAGE TICKETS To sad from Europe, by steamer fAd. K. P.—Responsible Firms ti the Northwest an tarr ied to correspond with os, la order to draw on oar cor rtsponeena sad Issue Passage Tickets ior oar acejnm. NOTICE. —Third National Bank of Chi- J.l csro—Chicago, December S, 1966.—The ammal meeting of It e Stockholders of ibis Beck wi | be bold st tbe Banking Haase, on Tuesday, tbs «n dsr of Jaa omry next, between the boors of il aad 1 o'clock, lor the election of Directors acd the transaction of sock other tustaces as may be preseated. IRA HOLMES, Cashier. JpOUBTH NATIONAL BANK, Chicago. December A MS, Notice ts hereby given that tbe Annul Meeting of Stockholders ot the Foortb National Bank, fbr the* dccilcaof Director*, will be held at the office ct the B*ck oa Tuesday, Jancary sth ISPT. between the boon or 3 aad « p. m. 8. A. BHIGQa, Caihier, CTOCKHOLDEKS’ MEETING,—Tie O .naiuj menu* 01 tbe stocUtoMcn of too FIFTH NATIONAL BASK OF CHICAGO For the election of Directors, and to transact may cr rr hualnts* that may lawfully come be Coro ti* TiifcTlns. will be held at the office of said Dank. JTa. 3ft Lahalk-sL, Chicago, hetwera the hears of 10 a. n. aid l p. Xucodssy, Janaary Stb* 1867. l-tAAC C. LOMBARD. VMhte. CMr»TQ. Dee. 7th. is«g. * iHchlcal A Few Words of Common Sense* Bow fttr Skts are who nr set subject tosemcsflbG tlon of the long* or respiratory organs, who, by neg lecting premonitory symptoms, aggravate the eo» plaint, until disease strikes Its shafts, causing taux prcssible tortkre of the patient, and anxiety tresa to fneada. “Only a cola 1 ” “A slight sar* throat!** Is the heedless remark cf many ween so at fected. Tea; “ Only a coM,** was the thooghtleta ex pression of thousands w boa death has marked fbr bdi prey. Forewarned—Forearmed! should be the motto (op. ever Inthe minds ot atl subject to Coughs, Colds, Ca larrh.or Jaflacaza. Words of advice shonld be heodat by all mtenne from Aathm. Brocchlttt, CmmsF tloa. Belief Is wlttia their reach; aad, u oegiaetoft, latal ctmaequeaces ensue—a Use of misery—a dally, hourly struggle tat dir*-see. ft contest in which then can be but one victor—Death 1 Doe* It not appal the itrooceat ml art to think of Os result caused by neglect ? Tien why delay ( WhaS excuse no be offered, when Otnely <ronuu 1* mxhM Id your can? When the 'daneert la pointed cut. wt j not avoid It ? Mtwmpl PkcroßaJ. luV-w baa bee* sued with tncccsa la nearly a million of case*. aod te cartoned by the Medical Faculty as the moot promct and efficacious reaedy that scientific research has dis covered, to relieve and core alt caeca ot Coughs. ColA laflocnaa. and Coosampaon, If lie c*se ia not beyood all hope. Even when the sufferer ts in the I»iT T‘ai;re. he wlllflnd relief by using this preparation. Ooe bet* tie will convince tic moat Incredulous, that tie taenia ot it 1» preparation are by oo meau exaggerated ; t* fact—fer abort of the eutotlea bestowed open 11 by tbouraoda who have been cured by iu tltnaiy use. 4 guarantee accompanies eacb bottle, and dealers an ts attracted la every butanes to refund lie money, whew til* preparation Cdu to relieve. Prepared by T. W. MABSDEN, IS7 Broartvrar, New York, and for sale by all Druggists. price, fl perboUJe. B CBN HAMS 4 VAN SCUAACK. Whole aale Druggist*. Chicago. HI-, General Agent* tor tim Northve*u For aale by SMiTU A DffVEO, QCU7iM6t Itew-PK JHarijincrg. 'J'O WOOLLEN 3IASTJFACTUREKS. WOOLLEN HOMI. E. C. CLEVELAND & CO.* JUNCTION SHOP. WORCESTER, UASS, Mar.nfccttireri of Wc-Uut Machinery. a> follows: CardingMachine* and Spinning Jacks, from nevaat Improved patterns: Wool Pi can a Wool and Warn Duster*. Yarn spooler*, and Tarn DneUag *«-■« Warp- Ins Machines: Uruad and Narrow U!za. txnhsuLae acdocoMe acting: Kioadand JiirrowßrcahJnx ss chlneis Velveting, Wltaeytig and Finish* Inc Machine*, lij <iro Extractor* an I Qoih Drvlnc Marline*. ZJraiOMailc and Scrvw Prwue*. Prra* Plata B»trra,ln<lltfpOHndera. Rotary Poll Ins MUU, Tub hllHSjClottL, Winning and Mrasana? Mjchlnea. SUds Lrat Taralsg Eneln«, Card Grinders. Ac. Our machine* are in suhsta; tlal and superior Iron warn-s and are warranted to c>e equal la every wjrect to any machine* made in toe Called SUtes. la addltlo'j to thine named machine* of one own make, t»e are prepared u> fimWiCrocuton'e Looms, Par<> Qiiaot's Shears, steel Bias Bar M whine* asd Picker*. Card Ciothine. and manoOciarera' * , 'lxlnt* generally. at maker*' Kiwest price*, and on fcniltb our customer* wlln machinery tor Woollen MIIK complete, with promptness, tirt »* “wSPfwi? price* a* any wther hmlden. E. C. Worcratcr. Mm. Oct. C. 156*. J.M. UAS-tglT. jyjiißßlTT & COUGHLIN, ISDU.MPOUS, LVBUEAf PEALKES 15 COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings. Sew Factories fnjcisbed with Machinery. Shafting, knclnee, flans, specifications, SoptrinteoduiU and cspertenccd workmen. ROUX. CARDS Always on hand. COTTON WARPS & CARD CLOTHING tytUUsdt. U Sccond-bacd Machinery on hud. ftr uk ißßurationai. 2'OUNG- LA JULES’ SEMINARY voder the choree 021 competent prrrt n 111 m_ •ted b* the enure con* of professors of - DTUB anfubt&’s educational colleges." btwt accomplishment taught, gW~ Term* *ls per quarter. * At ply st 11 sudl IS Rudolph- k. SuliLcr ©oobs. JJUBBEK CLOTHING CO. WAREHOUSES SEW TORE, CHICAGO ASD SIS FRiSCISM. ¥. 3L k W. A, SHEPARD, Agts. SS LAKE-ST.. CHICAGO. We lure on bud a foil uae 0 1 RUBBER GOODS, Comprising Clothing, Plano Coven. Boots and Shoes, Balls, Toys, Combs, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Blek Jewelry and Fancy Rubber Goods FOB THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Prices uae s> la Sew York. business Carts. UPDIKE & CO, General Commission Merthaafc FOB SALE AND PUB CHASE OF IXODE, GBAIH ABD PEOYISTOML Especial attention given to aale of nttwagwiy bqq| ts their scaecn. OFFICE AND WABEHOGSB, 163 WashlngUm-aL, LTicuco, STORAGE— The undersigned axe pre pared to do a gesebal storage business. On mere” terms, as re nr Warehonse. no kutiHU between Usolaoeatul Washir non. GISSUN. CHASE M CD- Last Night of EAST LYNNE. SKATES. E ,