Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 10, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 10, 1866 Page 3
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HEAVY HUUBEUV OF STOCKS A Confldrndal Clerk Rons ofT with Over SIOO,OOO Worth of Cold raining Stock Cenincatew—Hl» A treat, after a Severe difngslr, IFromthe New York Herald. 7th lust] On Wednesday, the tilth of Novrmbt'r uU., Charles D. Cady, chief bookkeeper and con fidential clerk of the lirm of Hiker & Co., gold and silver minim; slock brokers at No. tO Broadway, naked to leave the city for tbe*puri K >se of spendlm; Thankselv in" day with tome of Ills rclati ves and friends • short distance in ibc country ; and inas much os be bad generally been very, atten tive, to hU business, and bad with apparent becoming real at all tim*s stu lied the inter c>Js ofliis employers, Lis request was readily granted. On the Friday following, tbe other -clerks and members of the firm were promp*. lyonlund, and arrangements were being made to transact busiucas as best they might without the assistance t»l the chief hook keeper; but tbe kevs of the safe -could no where bo found. Cady had charge of the keys of the safe, and the conclusion, under the circumstances, was ‘that he had taken the keys with b!ta when he left on Wednes day evening, and that, a* soon as he should discover he had the keys with him, be would cut his vacation short and return to the oflice. Under this impression business was suspended during the cuti<-e day of Fri day, hut the anxiously expected one did not return. All hands became very oneoav, but thty trusted that the next morning would Una Cady at his post, and matters Satisfac torily arranged. Saturday morning arrived, but it did not bring with it the raising clerk. Noon came, but still he arrived not. THE ROBIftRY DISCOVERED. In sheer desperation the eervicca of the safe maker were cal U-d into retiuisUlou, and Tvilh great diUieoUy the sate door wa« blown Opcu. An examination of the contents of tlic safe showed that certificates of mining stock and bonds, amounting lu all to over SIOO,OOO. bad been abstracted, and the cause of Mr. Cady's protracted absence Arts Imme diately divined. members of tbe tirm and Uie clerks were thunderstruck by this glailng proof of Cady's diahoauxty. and a critical examination of the and ac counts, which be bad charge o£ was institu ted, aud resulted In the dfocorery of discrep ancies and evidences of peculations vthlch . Cady had indulged in at diilercnl times for months past. With these danmitig proofs of the favorite clerk’s ingratitude and dishon cstr, Mr. Hiker called upou Inspector Dllks and related to him the CicU in the case. THE DETECTIVES ON TUR TRACE. The Inspector seeing the Importance of the affair, detailed detective officer Farley to < *tvork up the case,” and this gentleman, af ter a careful investigation into jail the cir cumstances, laid'Uis plans fur tlTc capture of Cady', and with what success will readily be perceived. On inquiry ut the bouse in which- Cady had been boarding, Mr. Farley ascer-* talced that his man had left there on the Wednesday evening in a coach, and that ia all probability he bad gone to New Bruns wick, N. J., where he had been In the habit of visiting a youug woman, lie also learned that Cady and the young woman referred to had been in the habit of vialllng together a young lady in this city, but the most diligent inquiry failed, for the llnir being, to reveal the whcrcalKJUls of the fugitives, although it was strongly suspected fur certain reasons, that Cady and this voting woman had gone in thodircctioa of Boston. Mr. Farley opened communication with detectives in different parts of the country, but all to uu avail, yesterday morning Cady and his companion returned to this ciiy. and so well were the itlans of the officer laid that within a few tours of the arrixul of the pair their place of concealment in the city was known to Mr. Farley, and he instantly repaired to the es tablishment designated in ids information and succcded in arresting Cady. f\ UnSI'EUATE KtSISTANCE. The establishment which the guilty par ties had chosen as their temporary residence was the Tontine Hole*, and an inquiry at ihe -‘Office of the hotel satl'flcd Mr. Farlev thit the man he wanted was in the hoiC>c,’regis tered as Charles Graham, and occupied room No. ffff. The Aiflicer wda slmwA up to the room, and knocked y*ry gently at the door, which was immediately opened by a young m:m, whom the officer nfcogiiizcd as the min so earnestly sought for. Mr. Farley a*ked if Mr. Graham wa« in, and was informed that Mr. Graham had left the city the previous afternoon, but where he had gone to or whether lie would soon return theyomi"- man really could not tell. During this c-«f --icquy tl e young man had beeu holding th«* door slightly ajar; but thcotllcerinthc''m-ist genteel manner |H>ssihle, had managed to glide by the occupant of the room, and be lore Hie latter could thowug 1y uuisrsUnd flic position had shut the 'door, locked it and pm the bey in his pocket. The young man, who was uootber than the fugitive with anood show of indignation, Informed Mr. Farley that he thought that wa» a decid-'Jly cooj upcratloa, and that for a stranger he was remarkably lauriliar. 110 wa- informed that such wae one of the characteristics of Ihcylrciiger out that, as he had culled upon busiiiu-s, the quicker It was settled the but ter It would be for all parlies. Jlc was told by the'•Ulcer that he bad been anxiously sought for. and was wanted hnme li delv at the “Marble Hall-,” No. JEOMulberry street. The young man desired an explanation. You an. Mr- Cady. 1 believe,” remarked the officer. “Mr. Cady? Mr. Cady? You are mistaken, sir,'* replied the vnung man Iv aptmreut surprise. But this would not do* he had the wrong mao to trifle with, and was ordered peremptorily to put on his coat and hat and accompany Iris visitor to the Central Police Station. Mr. Farley showed his shield and urged on Mr. fady the necessity of exer cising t tie utmost despatch. Mr. Cady find ing that he had no chance for escape pro ceeded to flon his coat and hat verv coolly and deliberately, the officer meanwhile searching the drawers and retfesscs la the room to assure himself that nothing would be left behind I bat might subsequent!v be want ed- When Cady put on hU overcoat Mr. Farley, seeing that the collar was uwrv, as sisted in adjusting it, and noticed while clo}d«- so that Cady was fumbling raluer nervously in the tide pocket of the east. Suspecting that there « as something mischievous iu the pocket, Mr. Farley, with a strong sudden Jerk drew the hand trom the pocket and dis covered that Cady had been attempting to insert hU Ungers in a villainous looking act of iron knuckles, with which lie immcdbloly struck ut iho officer in a wicked man ner, but the latter manage} to avoid the blow so generously tendered, aud by a well din-rted ’blow with his clenched fist knocked the ruiiian proslrMe on the floor, and administered to him a sound drubbing,* being obliged to keep his knee on Cad>’s breaal to hold him down. The other inmates of the house, attracted by the noise and confusion in the'room, had as sembled at the door, and were cla-uoring for admission, and tbs officer, thinking he had sufficiently chastised Cady, turned to unlock the uoor. but no sooner baa ho released him than Cady again flew at Uic officer, and re- 1 eelved for so do<ng another “knock-down ■ blow,*’ whcrcupon-hc acknowledged himsc'f ! vanquished and surrendered. The state of affairs was explained to the crowd at the I room door, and the officer, with his charge, repaired to the police hcaJquarlers. i A LARCH AMOUJfT OP PROPERTY RECOVERED. On arriving at llic Central office the priso ner was scotched, and in his possession were loond the missing keys of the safe, together with ccrlllicatcs of stock, money and cUecks, amounting to about one hundred and ten or llflecn thousand dollars. Finding himself cornered, Cady stated that he had arranged to dispose of the stock In a lew days and de camp to New Orleans, but his plans were frustrated aaabove described. Ilowaslocked up at headquarters, and will be brought be fore the Justice at the Toombs Police Court this morning for trial. Kew York Srnntnrxhlp. >TlucrsE, N. Y., December 5,15W1. The editor of the Albany Evening Journal and General Dodge, newly" elec?ed memherof Concurs, are on a tour through the Slate in the Interest of Judge Harris f.»r rc-clcdirmto Hie United Thev arc testing the members elect of the Legislature, pri vately and making all sorts ol arrangements to secure the return of HarrK Thurlow Weed has, it !.« reliably stated, definitely re* tirci from the AW**.’.*/ami will spend two years in Europe, it is nndcr>lood, at the invitation oflhe Japanese Government, who will defray the cxihmimjs. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL lIuMiTAKV. Satceoat Evexiso, Decembers. The follawiur It the eutemeut of the basinets of the Cle&nur Uoum for 'he week cadltu; today: electing*. BllUcss. ,$4,131,593 08 $?!!, 433 13 1,744,K>1.R3 19i,C5.M I.STS,2K».iI SihSK.™ J .M4.SI UIO 174,0 15.57 1.4C».R14,52 155,70W»9 1,505,5*1.83 1C1.8W.0l December 3. December 4. December 2. December G. December 7. December 6. .Total 510,aiG.0:«.S f Ui-TS.OIO 95 iastuveit. Thfej Mcmntile trade of (he dcy daring the week ]a»t dating cm rnl -d qa>et, though (bo ag gregate volume of bnf shows a ilulit |q. create over ibat of last week. Dealers Ibroagh oat the interior continue to act cautiously. ntwj transaction* am restricted mostly to the meeting of immediate wants. There is comparatively ’it tlc speculative movement In any ailido of com merce. The general features of the Money market pre sent no material chance since yesterday Ja some quartern there tu an increased demand (or Money on pork account, and all tbe discount bonces re port <*i«t the market u working closer each suc ceeding day. Tbe shipments of cttrrercy to the £act still keep cj\and until tbe pork crop fiirlj be gins to more, there la no pros pen of any exchange hdngmade to apeak of. Paper is narrowly dls criminated, and loans are condned to those who •re absolutely entitled to iu The bank rate la steady at 10per cent, loth' open cmkettfae rates of discount are 1t3.18 per cent for. good out ride and second-dace paper. Call loans are nom inal at 8 per cent on Government Securities. Exchange is scarce and firm, with occasional calet from bank to back, at « ceati prenlam- The counter rates are firm at par batingaod 1-10 jtremmm selling. There has been a fairly active demand for Foreign Exchange darisgthe at the close the rates are aahaie easier oaring to the decline in Gold. The leading dealers charge the following rates for small bills at sight: Gold. Currency. London £ sterling fj oo JT.oo evuo Parish Franc 20 «*■»* 28 Berlin £ Prussian Thaler ... 75 1.01 6*1.09 Horny V K»x Uynl.3o ** Sweden bpede Baler 1.10 1*62 ©US Business on the Produce. Exchange vu stag nant. Floor was inactive: and nominally un changed. Wheat was null, at a decline of ,4©lc cn No. I, and 3©34c ou No. 2. Corn wai stag nant till (be close—nominally igme higher. Oats wrete unchanged. Uye was doll and 2c lower. Barley was lifeless. Provision! wera lesa active, hies.- Pork declined iJc. Lard was Jsc lower and doll. Green Meals were dill. Whls tey neglected. Wool dull and noealahie. Groce «aca wore <y>JeC Cuba Sugars declined Me. Gold was agdln lower, fbe market openel in Hew York at 13S& and closed at (374. the fol lowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold atd stock brokers: IfcOOa 15 ss ?* m Jthso a. a IT*H l:W p. m 13T5* ~Ti:«)a.m 138 t:lsp. in :r,a 31:15 a. m 23TX ailp.ra ni«4 31:S0m.ta IST** *IU p. rrf 137J4 31:15 a.m 137-U Here the market was qalcV—opcniog at lis, and clceisg at IS7. There was no counter d ;tnani. Silver was nominal at I2sai»-the tipper for anre pieces. The following table shows the dally range and closing ptlco of Gold during the week: Ranjre. Closing. HO* .110*54141* 110* .ISSIX&OI43* IK* . )3J C6lS3* 13SI .13S*5£l&9* its* .137*€kia>* MT* Governments were a trifle firmer in New York to-day. Sixes of *Bl advanced *. Fire-Twenties of '£4 wen* * lower, and the 'iZa were * higher. August Seveii-Thirtiei advanced *, and on the July series we note an Improvement of *. Ihe other eecniiUee were steady at yesterday's rates. The following shows the cloaioj prices to-day compared with those of the three previous days: Wed. Itmr. Fn’y. Sat*y. Sixes of’Sl 113* 113 m*£. 11** Hvc-Twentiea, *tS ...105* 108* IDS* 108* Five-Twenties, W....IUG* 100* |l»* JOS* Fire-Twenties, *05....107* 1(17* 107 107* Tcc-Fonle# 100 100 100 100 Sevcn-lhlrtfes. An?..105* 105* 105* 105* j-evcn-Tblrttct, l‘*s* I(6* I(6* teven-Thlrues, Jol?..l(G* 105* 103* 105* Here Uu* market was qoM hat firm. We qnole: ooranxnrai excTmmx>-OHia*tiO Manxai. Bnyaw. Sclllcg. U2H «*» H.7* lusw 106* lOd* n<c* io:* ice «aio7 »* ioo Urt* 105* 105* 105* 105* iUC* 103* I*6 Monday., . Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday... Friday Saturday... diirt.lSSl y-ar*, ISGt VttTr. Ibfil SXD>, IrCS 6- small uwo’s,lirpc .... lu-trr*, small 7- Ist series. 7- Os, 2d set ice,. 7-Vs, yd aerlca.. 7-To‘e, «mali- Jnr*; Oompouitda. IBM. llt¥ July Compound*,lbCt. ll&K Acg. CVmpoiiLa:, 29Ci.Jlli» Oct. Gomitoniidn, liv>4.. .... Dec. Compound*. ISC - .. ;ISJf .... M»y CompounH*. 1*63. Aug. Oonipout'da. Ifeo MSjf .... S*»ot. Compound*. 1H65. I«?«4 Od. Coapouada, 1885,. ItSii .... Tbe following *iaotalions for the. Public Funds ar££ivcn by tbe Second National Bask: .11**1 1 Jnu Comp. ibCI,..HC I July “* “ ...15* hue. u “ oct. •* u ...m ihjc. ** ** • M»y “ VC5....111* Aojr. u w ..lUi bepu “ “ ...MW Oct. “ “ ...103 Cocpon*, i tii Mi 1 Coupon. uw. .. i 5-20 Cocpon, I small lOCdlDfVi I ICMU Coop., laiyc... I KMOConpon.ptaal) l"S«i i 7.0, •mtll. I Hie matket for Local Securities fs absolutely lirdcs*. There is do inquiry whatever, and prices axe entirely nominal. Wc gnotc: Baylty*. ! Selling. j or Cblcaco city 7*B Cook County Ts Owing to the wires bel our usual cable despatch. Ingdownwo are without •New- York sn Cicalas prices far cash, D Joseph U. Ljoaa ft Co„ Brc lat id ock Market. wcember B,UK, neared by item. let 3d „ „ . B'd. D'd. U. S. 6 per cent • bands, t531...1U U. ». 6 per rent 5-2 U •62.108 X .... U. 8.6 per c-rl 5-'.U U. 8.6 per cent S-7U coup-'a.ID7X .... U. 8.9 per cent ie-«o* ioo Tr. Nolan, ?W0 .. „ „ B’d. U'd. b.T.Cen 110 k BOX Erie (com; 7iq Tin ?com).... wx C ftPlu* 83 siv Bodl«aDd....l{RX 103* C.4X.W, « SSX C. ft N. W.. pfd 70X 70S P. Ft. W. ft.C..lM* *IWX OQlckttlTlT.... <9 <tu W. Vtlon Tel.. 48« f 4Cw C. ft A. (com)..100 I® Bar. a- o 131 ui O. ft U. Cert*.. 39 SS.q Hd«Uw ltlver..l2oX 13>X IU. Central....ll7* .... P. ft l>»alns..lWK .... WJic-fVreC'at. Q . . Tftl- ft Wabash.. 41 Market—in Board ateadr mA'tnei tosv U.9.7M3, 5d * aerie* 103 V , D.H. 7 MO, 3d ' eerie* .105 V .... Amer. Gold ...U«V 137# COnnEBCIAL. SxrciroiT Ersjoso, December 8,19G6. Tbc following tables ehow Use receipt* and ship ment* of Produce during the past twenij-four boure: Ucnrn past twehtt-foob nouns. ISM. IRCS. 0.337 3,162 tKI, I2i 83,8 U 10,033 11,533 '11,703 S 1,0(3 350 1,400 2,8 0 400 20,003 24.360 31.150 30,700 4,830 5,070 Floor, brls Wheat, Uu Com, bn Oats, bo . Hye,t-n . ..... Bsilty. bo flrass Seed, lbs.. Broom Cots, C>§ Cored Meats, Os. lk-r, btls I'ork, hrls.... ... Lard, Os Tallow, Oe Bauer, D> No Urelloirs, N 0... Cuttle, No Bides. Os B. Wines, Lrls.... Wool, 7!>g Lamlrer, m .. ... bLlndes, m Laib, m 3,200 lUW IV 80 19,315 8.21 U 10,'Jll 573 49 C. 277 2,303 409 1.78 J 139,075 QlO BUH S.OIO i.y>s 2.W7 3if 711 837 229 15 snmtzKTß vist rwKHTT-roun noinu, ISCG. IS®. 4,913 3.121 C.7OV 1,a:3 1.937 7,700 3,550 410 575 20,720 1.4U0 87,7*3 23,til 62,530 171,000 230 Cl 705 1,099 1,8-20 5,400 82,25» 9,413 4i* Floor, brla Wheal, bo C.ils,bu live, bo Uii Icy, b 0......... tiiaae £eed, 1b5.... Broom Com. lh-> Cored Meat, 1b5.... Beef, brl* Pork, brl- lard. B>* Bauer, lbs bioMed Uvn,7io. I4ve Gone, N 0.,.,, Carrie, jio Hide*, S»s Uljbvnnes, brla. Wool, fti 1 .umber, m... bhlnjrlcs, iq. lath, a... SaltTbr’ I'd]*} 450 C7l CG 23,1W0 137,760 wa 23 I.WO 15.2G7 1,501 2,135 613 3,016 08 1-J1 S“C L.GUI Oalnj to the storm last night, the wires were dom between Toledo and Baltic, aud cause qncmly no despatches were received on ’Chinee. The attci dance was fair, hot the jpejiwaJ produce markets were heavy, and little hauL'ess was done. The rrotidlon market was slow In the absence of as; New York advices, and little business was traoracled. Met# Pork declined 25c, with sales (parties*eretHKrlof 1.500 bris at ri7.T33i5.00 cash: $17.73 for December and nest week’s deliv ery, acd JlS.ft 1 , seller December—closing quiet wilh tellers at f 17.73. Grecu Heats were alow in cooi>e(]neocc of the unfavorable weather. We note tales of JL2OO pcs name at Sc, and 1.5U0 Shoul ders at 5c dtllvercd. Lard wae dull and easier, w th sales of oou tes prime now eteam at HHc* Grease was quiet, with sales of 00 tea Yellow at BS4C. Whiskey was doll, neglected and entirely nom inal. There are rumors to the clTect that the re tail trado Is supplied by illicit distillation. Bonded v. hJstey may be quoted at 305851 c. Dressed Bog* were about ll'« better, with sales at *C.2S ami S£.«u,.divldinc on 200 lbs, mojUyal *0.25 and *C CO. Flour was Inactive and unchanged. Some 800 l>rla chacgrd hands at $13.00 for While Winters; ilO a) for lied Winers; SS. 75(210.50 for Spring Esins, qsd s3jsU for low grade Supers. A email lot orilye Flonr sold at $0.23. Wheat was dull.and we note a decline of HOric cn Ko. Jyand 3®3c on No. S Spring, with sales of <«.(00 bu at $2.01@2.U3 for No. 1; SI.S3 for No. 2 In R. $1.7601.70 fordo Regular, and $1.37® M 3 for Rejected Spring—closing at $3.0033.(11 for No. 1, and $1.7001.7UH for No. 2 Regular. Com opened stagnant at about yesterday’* closing pnehs, and couUouod so till the close, when a slight,speculative doma-id sprung op, en abling holders to advance their views 10l!Jc. About WHO ba changed hands at SI <331 He for No. 1, and 73c for No. with buyers of No. 1 at &Hc, and sellers at Sic. Oats were quiet and without essential change. Sales were made at for No. 3—the upper figure fur receipts in the Northwestern. The mar ket closed steady at 39c. Kyewa« dull and the market declined 9c with falesatSOftiScforNo. I— closing with no noyera over 79c. Barley was doll with light pales si C3&Cdc for No. 3 in store. The Grocery trade Is quiet but stead/ and with out quotable change. Hardware goods. Including Iron. Steel, Kails, Metals and linnets'Slock, am In fair demand and prices generally ore folly maintained at previous quotations. Salt is quiet but steady, with sales of Domestic Fine at J3.GU, delivered. Seeds arc dull, neglected and almost entirely nominal. Wool continues doll and sales are chiefly maktnr on concessions. Timber by the cargo Is In light supply, mod erate demand and steady. LATIfil. In the afternoon Com m a trifle higher, clew ing sltonp alKlc tor Mo. lin store. Wheat was inactive and nominally unchanged. There was no movement In Provisions. Beef Cattle were quiet thoneh the market for good to prime stock nt firm at toll rates. About IH' bead were takes, chiefly br city batchers, st liccolved to-day, bead; received ibis week, G,O-:6 head. The market closing flrmjat BO for ictcrlor to extra. The isarket lor Uoga vat active to tho extent of the oflerlngj, all fludtng quick sales at an advance of 50500 per 100 tU. Bcccived to-day. 756: re ceived this week, 31,183. The market closes at $5.00(30X0 Ibr common to extra Hogs. FOBK PAOKIHG AT CHICAGO. Brtelpu end Shipment* or Ure «nd lirmcd Uosi from October Ist to Date—Approximate Paeklnc* The foUouiiiß tables show ilie receipts ud shipments of liro and Dressed Hors from Octo ber Ist to dale, for two yean: nxcxxro or boos. ISOS. 1665. Week cnd*g. Uvo Dree'd. lire. Dm'd. Oct- 6 £1,004 .... 2010 18 ia.4l» .... .... so ga,s« .... i:,si7 27 1«,W0 7 11,900 3 J'OV. 8 16.733 E 8 32,763 « 10 29,2*8 238 17,653 10 17 18.791 193 27,731 90 _ 24 13.118 SSI 5&913 25 Dec. 1 19.1*0 1.2*8 15,757 135 8...:.... 88,118 1,713 6,122 130 Total 203,651 3,786 209,150 Add Dressed.. 6,760 .... 863 . iW,6SS .... «o£ls smntßiTß of nose. 3SC6. i Week end’g. . live. Dres'd, lire. Drrm'd. Oct, 6 22,911 .... 15.836 13 15,M2 .. . IftlaS SO 13,518 .... 13,531 ST 16«C1 7,550 Kov. 3 8,737 .... 11,410 11 10 10,574 .... 17,Mfi ft) IT 0,283 ® 23,00 , si, 4,tco w 10.709 Uec. i 6.515 419 12,489 75 & 6,003 OS 4,166 10 • T"* l -i’ Mia 11U1I iso Add Dirtied.. Hedoettrff Ibe shipment* from the receipt*. die balance aboeld approximately Indicate the nom her of Hop* packed .tad butchered for city eon atuapilon: 1565, 207.G3T StOJIS xuws Receipt*... Shipment*. Faded and butchered UZ.M3 TiJ&S Merits. WHwardd; Co., in their Circular ol to day, the packing thla season, up dale, at OtflOO, Chicago Provision SioraeL. caicaoo, December A 1306. The provision market ta Jo»t now paulng tbrontb tbe tranaitioßitatebetwren Ua-lesaoeas ana ntaUty. t»»Jy in theweek price* eomtacaced decUcloa eorap. Idly U'Atopmtora rural agbtitai in- rc--orJ ■ j ibelr traniictloni. Ftvrutiidbefouid cf roO'ieQt nerve to <T.ier Into new oo!teaUoo*,aultue vt-rr nnfororable weatbcrlor pw-klas wniclt prevailedaddsd to tbe es> UUng gloom, Two or three new packer* ooamemed work. tint have touad tbeTwnaM hare fared Utoorvadj by a delay of a few day*. Esotera operautrs w.«u aut putrhMc, aniicipstlng lower prices, sad t&e We*;, eta wen had eiUter 10 coTnlo stock or tell si a daily Murlf.c;. A *lort liai-»*iua <1 packerslo»tShU flat i of things eoa.a not but lour, uodoief tunned oa lower prlct* i-ir hog*, winch lirracr* were reJact’aaUy farced to socede to. TLr rici elopm*tU of (n>. present only b*ar in out In oar prediction* In the pa t. IbeWratondNorUiwca. linisi»i»»i;fT.pnrk'l»<iro»(!fil a itii b-xc*. The farmer* ndlculul Uie ide*. and, expecting tba high prtits tocy have t*ai ic-uumil to. refund to mage mj any contract!. exccol at preposttruu* rated. J lif}, couacqutt Uj, »iUI are toe principal antlirera. bat Kteral ycara* expenraee at tbo expense of the packer* bar- t rablcd Item to aland loa.-c* wltacquanl'uLty. It f coma tbe gu.crai 'jpuuoa mat price* unit rearh a ir.iifti lower point than hv. teen auatne-i, m> at t j rea der the packing interest *3f>» by ludodtir export*.Jon. With every Iciucernt-ot to rirmera-to hold back tb- ir hogi, and their oft repeated anuraocei that fey would Bet take u cse price*, our receipt* and pacxlngtiavob'dbtwtoastArgea* last year’*; above lop Unit the farmer* knowing iae extent of tbeir stock pru.r accepting tower rather tcaa ho cover In ti e fare of an aftno»f certain decline Ibeneclpti of licvn Mr the week *nm op its follows, viz.: Urmed. 1.7 W; live, :3.105; total, sxnit; and ths •btptmnu: iJrefaeJ, £>10; Ilve.s.UG'i; tit it. leav ing Kr p.ckrn.rlty o>.sumption.aid numtur left over Utthepetu.r-.uyt.ead forthecorreapo'idlog period In IM*. lhe receipts were: prejeo.l, 133; live. a,tir; to tal. ; and the shipments; Imascd, 13; live, t,U$; tots!, 4.lKS—leavlne 2.W brail !>>r s-vzrr#, cliy con Tl>e parking to the present time an. proximate* to GS.COU b»g« and iJ.CM) catUe. La*t year, on tbe 6lb of Jieccmbcr, it was recorded f* 03.T0) hog*. There sotuts bat UtUc doubt that the supply .of hogs la oar market vM be large, twine to die blch price* wc arc paying In edm S»l*OD with other market*, and the realsealeth U to fled for bis slock. Tbe hog mir ket durl&g tuo«t of the week was dolt atd depressed, and trlrcadeclli.tdtos4.7s^l^gro»»; baton Fndsr there was a decloet* rally, and prices advanced Se P 1(0 he, w hlch was sastalurd to-day. the market closing firm at tESfcS.TJfoftcr'y to light wclcbts. Dreierd have been melvcd to some extent, but the wet aod warm weather has been trying on tbe receivers, who have been forced to Mil at such prices as might be of ttred. Farmers would do much better to consign (heir hogs alive, as cotoaiy co ao«.b command coiipara- ■ uvdy higher prices, hut there U atuttied aversion among Eastern operators to meat Irom dmscri. ft jeen hog*, and many gc so tar as to say they will not par* ebaso ilatai.r price,' Hbould they tcrslsiin their de ttrnilt alien tor effect on the giartcl for drosecd hogs would I e singularly fata) The cattle market baabcen n active, packers only working on drovers* scc.qqi Good packing grades may bo qndted at toSh'c pots. The market for products was laieUre U J Tes -I*lllo7. when some rbow »t llf<- wa« apparent. Uca pork lad declined to tU.OauT-S for -spot,” and tl‘dO ftr January delivery, at whlclfwerfcrsi thooiandbar* rtl* were sold, bnt rallied to f for ••spot,’’ and future delivery. The market vaa. however, hard lyjriiMlalntd. and closes weak. lUme n ef* was cleared ont of market by buyers for hew Orleans wro tor k allsaffldrnU) cu’eu to bear that clln atcatll'.CO. Frcsti pa-ked can now be had at lIOA'lo }ie.oo p-r brl. Extra prime and ramp.lt3.oJ per brl. The weather has dcrarptnl the tratu*cuons in gr.-eo meats, and packers have been furc-d to salt dow a on their own account. The market, however, is firm all«SKcforshoulder*.6)»36Xofor side* and SWVc lor bams. Balk Meats have sold at 6Kc for shoulder* andß>,ciortides. Tor future dellvrrj they could 1m had at lower rate*, gnear pickled hams firm at uV. 3 Uc mr forth to early hacked. There has been a mode rate inquiry for English meats at STtSitc lor Cumber land cot; 9r<sV.c f>r short ribbed, and for short clear mlddl-. A few long cat bams light averages soldatpuc. Lard has been very dull, though there Is some demand for future delivery at lIVCtUc; for ir®ect delivery the market may be quo tea at lor prime. The sale deman t belne to fill »hort sales now maturing. Grease* him at 9j£3vc forwhUe.»hcfor ydiuw.acd 7ifc for brown. Heuf market ctchangod. TaDowdoll Greats oc. The rallroao companies eastward haverqdnctd their races ot freight lsc f- ICC as. which, to a certain degree, remedle* the unjust discrimination which has teen made sccc the opining of the sea;on In favor ot ClnclnnaU. . ilcxer Milwaod A Co. CHICAGO DllY GOODS MARKI7T. Satcsdat ETTSKO.Dficenjbepfi, ISM. There bu been a Ulrly active trade doles lo the Dry Goods market daring the week Jaw doelng-the de mand, however, betas moshy qoaflncdto sorting np. Prices haffc anaersone no change, aave in one or two Instances, and the market close* op very steady at Uie quotations given la our preview report- We quote prlcea oafolioae: naviß. Ameilcw. 175/ .....18 Mourning i« ....18V Alenv!? 17V .....18 frorldcare 17* .....17 Oiosrtaier. j; •” • w. w. jrreenua * Co.. bv ..a..3fi Ijuian Uemmac D. Ikrntuac W. Cocbcco 1-fcdCc. Uanicn f-pr»irofi... . llUSDCll’*.. . Mu>rlKtitr.. Lowell ArookTa... . laacakte...... BkliOiutid.... • Wamaufa ...I’SH Columbia,, COOUAJtS. Clinton „ Lant**tcr....„. ..25 ■ .73 itoanobe.. _ Bmnrssiirmsoa. P«mer ..... 3IK | Atlantic 33u Lawrt-ncc 21* I Pepiwrcli 0 30* alwk 4—4 21* I Ureal Ft Uls M 21 u Appleton I—4 21* “ “ s M Ai-dßra 4—4,. 2i Indian Orchard A.... ai Nashua * SJ “ *♦ c an/ Indian Meal Cahoil A 4-4......*.. 21 “ ••'<v Atlantic 4—l •• ** L.... 17* Aniotkcac 4—J Z 21. V BooOIUUB lew halmon Falls 4—4 av •* *• o jn* Acawatn F 4—4...... ffj? • •* 5...... jit/ Arplt-wm P 4—l » Western World i«u lllUioj A 4—4 19 Arkwright,.,* aiw twl'i Hirer 4—l ig Portsmouth P 14 - ' Pcpwrrell E. 24 Xapuleon is „ * 11. XI Quaker i<l reppmUK is .. „ BLKACHZDfmirmos. J». T. Mills l-l 43Jf U«t Baau Watnnittaj—4 3S* “ “ 4—l So Bate* 4—l 55 Lonsdslf .si v JJlilteßocW 4—l Arfewrljrbt.s 35* HlU»4—4 Jilt Wtobeck as . " 33 J.4)V.StMcr4-L.„JO W»s^onu*4—4 K>f C«nor 3—l u toy MUI» 4—l si* si»u*ryUi* » Ai(ln»cocd&4—U...3lH liiaciaUmelarer> ~ . , “ 7—F S 3 A. Lttion 7-* a Blackrtot? A * aw ** 4-4 29 Dallon A Son 4—4......25 - ?-« •ten , , . tATTZ CASBCICK. LncwUV SO I English., Cambric*...... 12X916 . . '. Dcam. Am«ta*f« a Connecticut. .25 }«*-• 41* Wwbtnctoa .23 Manchmter S3* UlUbrd impr0ved.....571/ Orftinl Disc Hill. 37 Tnlon -90 Com city...... mv Haymsykert. ,81 Pawnee S, . „ stuped Biiirnscs.’ Ampsktas- jgx WhliumdenC JZx 'ork m - A- American Fnrasrille. .SSVsnK, Ball* 25 Thorndike,.,. Boanokc jo Sbeiucteu W AmqskeagAC A. CSX IlaiallUm. rega1...40 ** B *2* Pemberton 15111111111*30 ■ M c s;x •• x . ..aa _ *,, B Jox Swift River 2SV TorkaJ-lncb 42* Star Mills SMnch m Albany 16 “ M 36-inch .....45 VorkJMacb jj* w cowrr jsajcs. Amoskcas 23* 1 Indian Orchard l«v 1 Lsioma a* | Androscorsln I«>V' Walt* 16X1 PcppcrcU...— 24 hacinkeag Saltern »>, 1 UKibe « rtrhw vt .vm. lUttlltOD ItOUt. UJcrton T. ... »ss | rtjormusr. as •nv 1 Nsumkwis bleb JS) orowsr phills. | Keoamrton i ivpperell... nott Laconia. Mancheater. new. paciflc, tew .35 | Hamilton. ■55 | All Wool. niMutubtunr. Gilbert** ... ,tS~iO I Manyandi MallrJfwn }• ll'fi '.'.rvvXrj I lUlle;Q’i s.CO IVi.ioo§uc L87«3.!0 I Urnoer Bai*hlajttonMUls....tSo I Dclleof tbeteaaon.. 2JO , „ TUIXtIH. •T.&P. Cotta 4UO |Gre«** Danlela..., *2O Ctark’f.. U 0 I White Skein, M nadier* Cos re Jcord...., 100 Womel Braids.... SS {Wllllmaaac a Stafford 70 | oorrox tacts, no.- . PJJ* t Carpet Warp 60 .......60 | Chicagoßatu <IIJO casrm. Ragle.... lioi>e Franklin, Lowell, 8 ply $3.15 MJporflnc tl.Socsl.3o ** super 1.35 Crueulry* Fat. Tapes “ medium.... IXO Brussels 19.3 V narttore. extra s-ply L 35 IV'xburr ijijw *• IroplS-ply 3.W.V Empire Mm*. IJS ** snpt-r. 1.93 M medium... 1.60 cissiaian. Farmer* A Mach'5.....53 I Everett L... s"j/ Wabash 30 I Everett O 50* CHICAGO LU3IUEU MARKET. Sattwjat Etxxiso, Decembers. Tbe receipts sad sbtpamts during tbepsst twenty, foor hours were: llerrtM«. Shipment*. .2>7,T0 1,101,05 mjro * , 55000 !••«» There bare been hnt three arrivals since yesterday, *nd>Uhbutafmall inquiry Ue market l«qnletbut •teadyatprenonj«mtotatlon», Sales reported were: Care® (cow Parker, from Manistee. 100 m coarse mixed at 117.00; cargo achr Argo, from ManUtee. 110 m twin nua mixed, at tISJD. Id the yards trade It moderately active i&d prim arc firmly held at the following rertaed quotations: hennas—Ftnt Clear, salt Inca, V TO |rtUDa«SJ» Second Clear, Ll J*Mk' and 2-inch... MOUW.OO Tslrd Clear. Inch qq Flint and second Clear Flooring. tenth er. rough—the tame as Second C!e*r. wide.. Mynftyft.fP Common Flooring. rough 31.00*510! Matched and dressed Common Flooring. UUUMU.U Matched sod created S-incti Common Flooring. 86JM3S3.CD First and second Clear hiding, together. 30JW*:cu» First Common Drested Sldinr.... vnoyrwft TCigon-bux Boards, select. 13-tnch and upwards SAQftOJtt A Stock Board*, 13 inches It Meet Board*. II Inches. Afnjy? nr) Common Board*. Joists Scantling. Fenc ing ana Small Timber. 12 to Is reel “fc IMM *- «*4 *IUUCJ . M U/ AO iOCI ,if®B Juoarfcjoo Ji>l>t ud tcanUUyr. te> &«•.» 2iuft4&jdo JoUUaoa Ss,OOjJ3(U SuLK'iLfcf—A or Star shared Sblnciea,.... 4jg A or Sur Saved Shingle*, So. 1 t«wec thmslw lift,* AGO Lath—i*cr m la yard* By c«r load hy BorlLwe*lcrn Ballroad. drlitnrdlnany yard » here car* can be tvttcbcd, or ost depot: A, or bur Saved rli!rj:lc».>y or load 00 track.. 5.75205 A, or Star Stared by cor load on track - 4JO ho.l Sawed Shingles by car load, on track ; Three dollar* a carload added when Tran stored, rhlch charge follow s tbeShlnsles ta freight bill. tatAULK eiAAVJMIU. Thickness— FlvcShlnglato be two Inches In thick* ■es*. L*ngth— sixteen Inches. hauls—Twenty Inches. Course—Twcntr-five. CillCAIaO CATTbE MARKET. For the Week Ending December S. omc* or Tint Dxn/r Tcmuxc. > tArr*i>AT Ermcnto, December A f BEBF CATTLE. TV Ibllovrtn* able ebon me daily recant* and shipment* ot Beet Cattle dans* the week ending to day. compand with the receipts aad shipments of the corrctpondinc vr ce* last j»r; Kecelpt*. Bhlpnenu. PuimUt MidMoDdiy. si .... as TucmUst 1,37 » IS IS 2Jfl 676 «S 145 Tlmnoir 1,597 .... 1,04 FrtdkT „ «9 *» 471 46 bfctarS*r ... _77 ÜBI J« M TottU.... MfJ 5487 W3I BS3 ijui •. 8,642 is". .... «iw .... Wtea aiding Not. 17.. 6j91 , • .... liS .... Week ending Jfor. 10... GO .... km .... Week ending Kor. 3,, Last .... 2,733 .... Vt eomnannr tbe receipts br this week and last we bed tbe mUowice: Receipt* more Una tat nek... l,i*i shipment* more Una tat ween...... ......1,111 rbey compare with lhe.r«eipu ft>r U»oorre*pondias verb of IS®, u follow*: Kfcxtpu tbtf week KtTfJptj for conc«poa<Ua£ weds of ISC. Am Receipt* more thl* week ASI» For me tame period la the year ISU, wc Hod: Receipt* Uus week.............. Receipt* lor comepondlaj; week ol ISI4 4,453 Receipt* more thl» week .. IX Create*! number reed red for any week tloce Jana ary 1,13.1i*. SmaDeti number rewired. SJM. Received weekending March 31 13,437 Received weekending July? 2,154 We are indebted to B.U Dakin. the KenUemaaly and efficient Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Com pany, lor the sollowlng table showing me iota! receipts and shipment* of lire itock tor tha month November 30, IM: Receipt*. Cede. Bon. SM*p. My UoiKJt* .Crttr*- Road AM «,» Ijil i<> By Utcaic&n Cetifal Rota.... 45 *.•-« I.CO t»y Cbicacoft AUoa Rc»d.....S*l7j 477 By Poruntton ft QntncT Koafl.fvTV s£jO# ' WTT B> NnaiTotm fcrii AM# SX!t9 XiSS Br MlcWr»n SoaUMn Baad.. 1C - 146* C. 610 Bjntwbnrpb* fXW. Read. .... « By Chicago ft Gt. E««rn Boad. 47 SN Drifts uiiotbty&nu. fit .... .... jtoub... ~..na0 c «35 jgs’- sar ..ten ii,oj« tsi .AO* ItSM SC3 I. «l .... * .... SMpoccts. By MtchtcsnCentral D0a0... By XJlrblrao Southern Hot-:.. Bv l*ittabnr*b & Ft. W.Kood. By ObleagoAOt.Ea*t*nßoad. Total Tbe receipts and ahlpmeu tor the three months pre* ceding this were M follows: Cattle. Roe*. Sheen. Bcctivcdln October -31.563 KJA*S W.4U 1 torn red In September lUtf3 M£A ITSM ItirMrrd In August-... dill 71.M4 31 SO Ehipr*o to November. lk*a 61A40 *.«7 Chirped is September.. >6,3X3 • 61.SXX I.TTO Shipped to Atgnrt .St.** f%m S.CTI Tbe ahlomeata of Uve Block for the week, and tbs rotnu to which the tame were consigned, la shown by the table atria below: Cattle. Qor>. Sheep. .. son silo ico .. c?n To Xew Tork To Boston... To So»prntlon Bnetr. Tc I*l»t»bcrcb... ..... To Bnllalo 6AU 700 The total rcctliua of OaU'.c uod lio.i at tne Union fitock Varda tlnco January 1, wire aa follows: CaUle. 333,91'. Hoc* II!!!!*.’ ! Shipments fbr the tamp period Cstue Ho.-» V * *;t X.* 13 The number of Beef Cattle received for the same period In the year* IS6I and l*S,wcr»*«i follow*: Received in ista, Itocdred in i»i TBE BiCrCT. We are heartily glad tint occasion, at last, offer*.' when wc ran »sy tosethteg more cpw Mac of tbe Cat tie market. Trnr, prior* have not txjcdm-oJ any very decided advance, nor hat tbs volume 6r bulaesr transacted, been attrprlungiy large; bat there bn bfcn a BBcb better feeling among all clastea ot open, ton, and an Intemt* tcanlhated oaths part of boy. tit, which, contrasted with the morbid drowilnna of tbe balfdoren weeks preceding tU*. was truly retrwb -Ins. Eastern advices are of a more aUmolattng caar acter, and with a better average quality of stock, a EUi h firmer feeling obtained, and on good itlppUg grades an advaaceof 10®!* F 100 ns wu as. IsUSfhfdon tbe cloilngratcaotlsstweek. This advance was realized early In the week, and, under tbe mods* rs:e arrivals, was rally smutted tbroogbont. Com. iron and Inferior sized lots, for which there hat been but little Inquiry, have no more than held their cwn, and. Indeed, daring the closing dip of the week, ruled. U anything, a shade lower, and were slow ol rale at any-figure. Though tht receipt* of the upper grades were more liberal than for some time past, the proportion of com mon and iflerlcr descrlpuoas was stlii by far too prominent. Why drovers will pcril‘t in torclng this “ scauwy" itock upon the marker, «cd by what conrsc it reasoning they convince tbemielre* that there 1* more money to bemade In hand ling this I all fattened, bag tailored stock, we con fra* we are at a Joss to determine. There has bees a steady lair demand tor good to prime Beeves lor the Eastern markets, and considerably more than bajf of h-e offering* have found their way into tbe bands of shipper* for the mtrktta of Kew York, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. - There ha* been a lair Inquiry for Stock Cattle, by buy era from Ohio and Pennsylvania, and sale* have been trade at prices ranging from ftAaACO for medium to rood qualities. Fair to goqdbaichen'Cowshavebctn In demand at City batcher* have done toelr canal amount oC tmaloeaa, bat speculators have been rather quiet- Packer* are dorng nothing aa yet, still contend u$ there u no money to ftlets Be«* at tbe prt*«nt high rate*, .and confi dently predicting a low range of price* later In the Kwor. Tbe arrival* of Texas Cattle have been very liberal during the week, bnt there haa been IIW* or no demand lor this cias* of Stock, and a large proportion of the offering* hare been packed oa owner** account. / CLOSISO 07 m VAJOBT. The nanal quiet of Salaruay's market hsi not been varied to-cay. The wcathar was cold, wet and dreary, and doi ftw bajera made their appearance In the Tarda this moraine. There was a limited aopply of Stock In the pens, and this little waa to Me np princi pally of the nailing**’ of the week's market. Yet, light as was the supply, it proved (ally equal to aP de- Bindi, and no one left the Tarda disappointed. Trataactlocs were limited to about ICO bead, tafctn by city botchers at fI.TSaSJO for Inferior mixed lota, to good Cat Cows and Heifers, and medium Stem. The pens are well cleared and the market closes steady, ana Arm tor good, bat weak Air poor erodes. The fallowing are the current rates r closing nttczs. Dftra B'rrft—Fizt, fat, Will-formed. i to 6 years old Steen, and averaging L3OO &■ aid upward. 46J536J0 Tntne Jj'eztJr—Oood, wdi-fttted, fairly- ** Lm>»3 &t«era, averaging from UOO to JWw Its, at. S.T3.ISJM Fatr oradrt— Fair Steers. in fair flesh. it®l l ao as, at jjjiiS.jO M'aium titeerw and mod p>«*. 11l lordly slaughter, and averag* lngK«®l t (&o»t,at ,7*. <-0031.75 SUxi (halt— Common Cattle In decent fletb, awaclnj;&«* UOO as, at /pjrr/or—tight and Udn Cows and Steer*, rough and coar»e,a>engaig6aO»fiM at, at f Tlie prevailing prices for the ume period in the year IM6 w »re a« follows: Cbotoe to Extra/ Fair to Prime. Medium to Fair Inferior to common! „ CATtl£ SAI.ES TO-DAY. ' Keenan A F. told Lrcpart 10 bead medlom butchers’ itLCt, axtrarißcl.UXl a*, at st.3o; to Wall S 7 bead medium butchers’bU.-en>, fed and watered, areraglnz l.Uias,at 04.75; 9 brao common etoex at £33.00 per bead., * J. Ki-llejr fold Peace 1J bead Cows and Heifers. led and •atcu'd, avirtKlnsNiS b», nIM.OO. ; j B. Caoit SI bead medium Steers, aremjlli* ’lllcky bccirtVt 16 head coarse, rough stock. areraelnr l,lto ft*,at |3.75. * 6 ; Jones, H'.nch & Co. sold noble 2i bead medium Mock, STerasiog 1,000 ®*. at #1.40; to Walxcl* Co.M , htud tuctllQcn tuned stock at #4.10. 1 nous. * TLe following are the receipts and shipments for the cental week, and Or the corresponding period last . year: Shipments. tailor. 1 ?: }$ TVS«Jar. *9Ol 63J 1,013 439 *c<ln«.l»y 9.C30 TbisruUy 7£Si CT. z.«K Friday —. *?n no um bamruay 7M » «t 4SO , J 0 31,139 6,133 Wl3 4.U6 lift VNk 21212 cm TVeelc letbre iMt 14,263 .... 4527 "" Weekending Nor. lu.ti.iCs _ .... rfo WwjcmincXov.»| .... 7.45; Tbe receipt* Idr IM» week *nd lut compare u tail low*: Itccctpla this week mm Ibxvlpu last week r~*,* Beceipt* more this week * \ac A* compared with the corresponding week La 1865 we find m fallow*; * .' sv«o Becripu tor time period m ISO ' Ceciipu more Uil* week. „ -ntn Received since January 1.1FC6 .. fuin Bt-cdpt* tor *OIOO lime In 1865. „ T3T.«O Receipts tor same time In IWI l,l»J» Themarkct thl* week has shown moreacttrlty'tbaa dories the week prccedlos, bnt prices have mlrd lowrr. The receipt*, as will bo »ecn, have been Urge); In ezeenvr those of last wee*, bav snchbai been the character of the demand that oil—with tbe exception of a lew stock Hogs—were doted ont. With continued tmlavorable advice* from tbe Bast and outer tbe Üb> era] arrival*, price* during the earlier p*n of the week continued to recede, and op to Thursday noon a redaction of SttJlTk: bad been ■afleted, bat at this time a react lon set to and the dtcUne noted above, waain a measure recovered. Packer* hare been Ue principal operators, less than “,CCO head solos into tbe bands of ibJppcn. citj butchers have taken tie usual supply. Attbeclooetheoplztoo seems to be pretty general!; entertained, that with large receipts price® next week wIU go down with a crash, aa there are cow at the va rices parkins boutes in this city onslansblered, Irom ICJCd «o U.WO bead. Drovers wUI do weU to ship wim this fact Jo view. There was a brl»k demand today, and all the oflfcr lns«. embracing a boot 800 bead, were quickly cio*M oat, at $5.13(36X0 for rood to extra Doga averaging over 900 ns, an* S3AS&B.GO lor common to medium grade*. These were divided between packers and buy ers for (he Boston market. Ihe closing prices for this week and last compare as follows: „ , . __ This week. Last week. Pi Ime tn Kxtra. s3.7V*Sjio sti.JS«46^B Medium to Prime.... .3.4A4SSS &Axa!to Common 3.C0«3 33 3.3*43,73 For the corresponding week of last year prices ranged aa follows: Prime to Extra... Medium to Prune. Common.. HOG SALES TO-DAT. K«nin ft F. to llronlfk VfWMft Drotucic. il.o'llar* to Quinn. ISrunlck bought..- —uOUClll.. bOUKbL. Ucod & 8. bonghL. Jtrod &. 8. bought.. tod A S bon{ —-- —. B«fC 4: S. taDcht. £QF£P~'l!ccTlred this we.’k. IKB ; stripped this week, TCt. today, 7i : shipped to-day. none. The receipt* hare been tight. as ha* also the demand. About the only Irqulry eras lor food to choice mat ton prndc-s on local account, and owing to the UnlUd Bnppi? orsuch on s ale, prices have been rally sustained, and ruled firm throughout. Common and Inferior descriptions hare been dull and neglected, with prices somewhat unsettled, though perhapa not quotabiy lower. The market dotes steady at the following quotations: t*rltnetoExtn~. Good to iTlme. '.Wi W11iuic....,..) Common to Medium.. CHICAGO DAILY 3IARKET. Alt tote* of Ora in reported in Pilj market report are mad* on the qftcinXrr (Ic) itorage vaUtt otberteite eapremni^ b*rcwuTErcctwo. Decembers, IMS. FREIGHTS—ItaiLSOAO Furtoars—Are lie low er rn FouiUi clifS and 33c on Flour. The tallowing Is the Joint tariff on the Eastern nads: Bate* Irom Chicago to- c!*w. c)m. din. Floor. *!f | «!S I*bllftdclpht» I,6ft IJS a 13) lUltlOWt. I.SX 105 Bft 13) Plttsborcb 85 ?0 BO IXO FLOCK— Received, «p<B7 brls: shipped. <WS bru Wsrsot icscilvrtsd oonunsL Skies were: Warn Wutrr«*»-i6O brls(Ulcblesr) st fliSO; Rid Wcrrxes —ICO brls cot earned st 110.50: Sttpa £rnu»— ioo lifts ‘-Cmrrea” st 13.50; 190 brls not nunrd ircrr rttoice) st ti 0.50: IDObrl* do st ftC.9; 190 bm do *t lir.00: loc brls do st btJO: 30 brls do st f 5.75; Ecms —l2 brls cot cstced (low grade! st |5X>: Kn Plocs— -10 brls not named sttd.3ft :Hccswbest Fiore—lo brls Stlj-VTft. " w'l»kAT-Rerelved,v«.tM bo s shipped, «.7» bo. Hanes doll at adecliiieof j«3o for No. a Spring s No. liras fiat, and SiCalciowtr. sales were: iCOboN'o.l a'l'.fO; ll.tXCbn do at »101; U.OOO bn No. i at|L73- Indo at |L7S; 2o>X bn do at tI.TT; KUU) bo do at (1.15. H :MOt»do at |1.76.—a1l regular? fW tm No. 3 (U U) at HXI: too bo Kcyn ted at f t.u: 1.2*1 bo do at »1 X-cloelßC »t lor No, 1, and t1.16i31.7tM JbrNc.7 tp Inf. Ct»KS—»bo ; ihlpped. none. Mar ket rpmed dull, and a few tales were mace at yestcr days doting Pgtires, but |vi at the dose a m’eolattre demaro sprang on. adratdng price* taive. >»le» were; 33.CCP tm No. t atflNe; MOOtm do at Bt‘*e; 12,00 bo do at Sic; S.nobo No. 2 aiTtc—dosing with bnyers at SSC. and sellers at Sc. OAT?*—Rrwl'rd. 11.700bn: shipped.l,*7bu. Mar ket quirt and a Itbont essential 6a-»a wrr*: LSttbni So. 3 (S. W,) at lf.Vc; J.3UJ hn do at *Jc: Aftfl In B t S9XC: 18. WV bn d« at me—rtoslm at»% K VF—lfrcrlTre.aiobQ; shipped,a.lsobo. Market dull sndlr lower. bale* were wo on so. I at Sic; SOD tc no at We—clodi s With so buyers ovrTPc. DAhl^t-V—nwlvsd, r.wtl bn; dipped. iW »«. Market ooiL Satetwcre: «00bu No.t at se;MCUbn do at «W.e AMlFS—Noralcal at Bc. at #i.6ft»LM Ibr round lots, U a N-tyuMt ft #l7 OXi tau. HKO«»11 VOUN-SaminslatflOOJiladMXft. RKA Nji—Arr reiallinc at #1 -Xk-ekPO. .BUTTl.R—BrwlTtd,fcSK»»ts Clipped, tUS tl. Cosbiboo apa Inferior dcamptsoE* conilso? coi: ud crooner. T?ie *tcefc» are rnonn'B* ana rti',l smtHia- UtinK«sd«ltaao outlet (or thl» rarplau,a »ea*lMe declne mctt* jneritapie. Fcr ebi-ies qnai;tu-* t&a m»r»et Vn p* *ell op. anfl prices «r^ Ztm.lyi\ UiUu due n.ore t« Hie rearcltT oi prime tfr. >«, than tour aettner la u<e demand." We quote as btlovs: Choice Dairy JS e Good Tub .a i4l« e Corrißon F trtln t# i*9J c Hlme ** - Ime firkin. IlAtiCI %(;-Tb» m»mt toanaotiterj qslec. tad •Q ixsltr rrrllnc ituisn. Tfcf d:m»cd U limited to ■mall optjar* tor irapnijinc current mu. *ne«toct» aremderue. WlU> tberxoepuoa oi asUs'tt In Gcntic*. Prlr-# *tt- cnrhancrd. We quote: Nattcaat A.lbo.ieaaiica Oaea. C.O) VtuonA. ibo do 413 J IRInoUA. *t»B do SXOO Com Exchange. OJO start a. coitoo aeataleM .. TtO) LtwUton JL to Androscoggin, do An.ertran. do Banr Mill*. do Pltufielrt S. Penn S'llia, do Fort fta, do ... fcilpo, do Saco, linen and lUdnvood, co Sprlnrtrtd, do Mimic* RiiTlatM,*4b«i ?jo. 1. rO v r EE—Trjuic u Qotet and the mar Set itealy, u follow* ; Ifto, roromoa xo tolrt lao, ccoj 10 prime... I’lo. prime to WxHce. fOOrMIAGE—SaIe were: fid) LirJ Tierce* at |3 so, delivered. tn EE^E—Tbe nocks arc literal and with a light demand, cealers arc oSrrliig «belr roods at a »’ubt re dnrdiu. naaoteadccliMOf hale, and qa'tas New Tork Faetcry (|aano <U9 e Fartory imtsols) .isifafvc Western hircrro. - 15 «ait c VtitsmEUtn U tfll c **Yocae America" 9) c rOAL-Bi* market romatoa ataodv ud firm. TbrmaafblintptyaQda tatr demandant me price* Bven below: „ sia—Brookfield. .f UJO do ormahy. iiJDO Cl*t«u»xi>—Briar Hid - i ujk do M'.Bntl 1Udce.......... ISjDO do Willow Bank... 18X0 do Tsssd xe.OO Ch'ncci. ion BIOMCQTtS... lt.oo Loirp Isblgb 16M Uckavasv prepared 11.00 Scranton 14.00 ntwom.. Blinds.. , -■ w do os track UOO4OII Tortlnttesey Jl.Ot EHG»—Are to better «pply and is»3e lower. Ohal ers were oflenne freely to-day at 30*330, with as oc cafloaal naieat Mr. FRUIT?* AND no important chance to note in Ibl* nrasrh of trade. There la a auady toll demand for the bet er varieties of ootb Green and Drt*d Fruits, and prtcea are well nmalned all arosnd. Winter App)*e are a utile dull joat now, bat,vrUb not an extravagant supply to the market. .... *6OO 363 pricffttrepwell op. Dried Apntr* are quiet, thooxb prune Ohio ldc Ukllno are held brzujy at lUilac. Tb- rel* alartccouuUj of Southern Dnvd Apple* la the icr wclfh ther» if do demaaq. Thtse wre oferlnp In the •ire 4 * to-Q»y a: Bc. with Do payer* even «tt tl at Cjrore- K ati are ttcadjr and era. Wc gtre th 2 lolica Ins u the price: Apple*, * hr |L» ® *.W Orarctr.Hat ana, IM ..„,.SOO (a 6JXJ Lrcr,na ilaiara UJHJ **ll.oo Cratberrlca, wild 1040 (<13.00 Craabeniea, calUvatfd J 5.00 £30.00 DZOCO FTP ITS. ".SxtCS. ..mum Dales... U (4 ii Camed Prietos*. F do*, 3 a cus 4,15 (4 Do Apilw. » (4 n Pemetorr, talv« tad quarter* IS Gt It I‘nttti, iurto 40 y It BltttoUrrti*, ora% f> ft 96 & » Itupberrlc*. new, * a W 9 TI Cherries, bitted 10 EJdtrbemp*. V a M 3.. itiklr*,ltjers SJO <ss2i tou it. AlnotiM,liud tbeM St A 86 Alo.Uid*,tctl rtoelled *" *' FflCiJOU*** Almond*, paper «hc;led.. resent*. V 8.. BranlKot* nitwits Eeglltb Walnut* ... SO M fl Naples Walcnti *SJ 9 W Pecan*, until and lar« 39 9 SO Jl icivrj Hut*, •> bn 2JO 9 XCO Cbtnajrt. t bo. 911.00 I* *:acJc. (tonsil wnt ao »nrsln« ■lark pHcee ire well •mutin't! and firm lunmcboot. Tie make &•> ctauseln our qoouUom : TVbtirt.'h'.No.l'jf orl 7.7 S TVtitcf fh. No. 3, « brl T-ii* 7JO Trent, No. 1, s nri 5.«3 Trent, No. $v brl + ..4JA4 4.3 Mackerel. No. t S brl, new •. .Uj&JIIJHJ . lJ4br^ U»r>crei.K(>. a. * brl I&2*«tCJO ilackerel, tnn bm, V Jf brl .lUwU M AUcktrci, extra mm, V tat AStis US Mackerel, No. 1. kit*, sew 2.« w» S.*3 Mackerel. £»mll r, tita. 3-23yi JJ3 Codrih, Bari. *> 1W fii 8.23*. a.^ Cocfl'h, G#«rr»'i Duk 9.73 D«rtrc», drttd.No. X. * box (&4 TO Ucmeca, aoaled 75a £0 Labrador Hen Ing. V brl ItiOaiSXO Lx> rador Herrick'. H * ri» fcM* «X 0 NorwecUti nerrtaa,K"a, f br1.... IS.CO Hmuj. U'a. pbri. 1610 Lake do 6.003 6^3 (tltEjkKE-eajeawerc; sCtcsTeQov ats^c. INF.?*—Received, 510 brU; mipVd. >'Z brie, Matkttciul. No atmand whatever. Tne e are rumor* that the retail demand la rapptled bj UUclt dl*- tillatloc. Hooded u Domical al VfeXle. HOP?*—Marketqai« and»uady torWeat- , era, aid H&coc fiir Eastern. Ealeawerc: 3 bales East ern at tCc. HAV-H (inlet and eaMer. The derails confined 1 tbltCy to the local trade, price* range aa follow*; I _ wboLC»au riucta. . ! Tlmolhj - , roller and beater {treated JUNO3IS 50 llnioib}.looae pr«*«ed. iSJKstiuM Ptalrle, beater preand. new U-KUU.OO _ EXTAIL niCIL Timothy, roller and beaterpressed. 17.0di19.0Q Timothy, loose pre*«d I&MkM.OO ITalrle, roUer and teater preMwd IfijMc.riAO Prairie, loose on wagoc. delivered HAOwILhC liecelfeo, iaa,ra Bi; shipped. ajBO »*. TLi re U ho Improvement to nous la the demand, aad with i elcadv aecamnlatioa if stocks, prices are weak ■Dda&KtUeo. Green balled •ad Orem Batchers, sad quote m loUoitk Greco Batchers’.. 8 e Greco baited, manned. t^e Green CMC-.... Sa e KlftOmsSilM-..,.,., • „y an c Pa ms. «•! 5 J*T cu. vrmtaed. II uU c Orem Salua, part cared 9 u M9c IKON A>l) ?*TEEi,—DemandCilrly active, aad prices steady, as tollows - Com men Bar. llor>e Shoe iron! Ucavjr iiud Hoop and Usw *c3ui2ul’. Him fc Honed and Souarc, Oral .7;..., half Oval and Half lUand. tb«tlroo,ccc.a.vo. ,7Vd Sheet Iron, ff»iTaßl7ed,l7iJ3 *w 44 Pfceetlnm,thareoal..,.. *va Sheet Iron, Juniata JiaalJ Xont»y Xall Boad*... m (au now Steel. German »u Mow Stetl. cml ...1“ ula tptina »Tid Tire S’eci, EotJiah..... H 41W Tool Cut Steel, ordinary n ajo Tool Ca§t steal, American. *. ua *-HMerr<l Steel JO Ssj tlnMla,Ko.9aiid l*. a aS • Uu»?m Am n p bola? 1 Bonis, Am., Mentality, pibeel &>z PfcheeU ft3i LEATI»EK~TLc market lednlt sndcrooplee. and In »ympauiv with the decline lu easier foellnc obtains. tteqnole the market doll, with a strong downward tendency: City Uania*, » n ™ l j r sunrhter. Buie, 4W4 411 8a?a30.,r7T.f 400 43 Country tlira H Sy- to i SUnrhtcr, 8-ile, Mp, medium, i» J Blaaetater, Sole. fc/V/LT CWcaco, J4oJ* UO 57 Cali, ft l.SVl.iOi Bnenot Ayret.. S>4 40 I Pl*r. *» f00t... r<{ 51, Ortnoto 511 e... 570 s« Country rppcr.. 36* » Orinoco. eooO. ' Collar. t'f&oi... 310 351 damaged.,.,, 313 5) oax. Slaughter Bole.. MO W French Calt 51 nani»*,V».... 400 46 5.1033.23 Cri>cr... ....... axs » Frencn Call, sa Blp.ho.l.medl- ft* 2.0333 10 Rm 1.1A31.90 Freccft C»lt Le- Kip. »1, heart SVai.ta molaMT'rtizau.oo3oo.oo IMETAi.- ami TINXEKs* stock.—Trade It fairly at tUeaul the marge; steady aal strong at u>« ft-ltowtog prices: • nx. .|i73a750 . I-ilViTi Bor Tin riaici T.C. lat qoalUjrfcaac IS . fIS-SS Isi qaaillr, tbeeu uw Lsrcr net j; suo. £« ss Bczoar wise. Bar Tin. 39 Ito 6 u corrtß, T. band 9 .13 Metallic Al’Bctu.... S 3 lOudll ;...13 icppcrEoiim Si 12 H HraziH> ovtr 10 »*.. 46 13aadll U sUctUevn lolSox 45 is and 16 IS Tlnnlngß jO 17. n BABRIT JCETAL. IS 13 Ul quality 30 19 71 .intmiocy 'rig ga 77 Fine Solder Tl g Fence Staple* 10 ..■'A I I>-Are la good demand, ateadr and arm, at the fuiowlDcrate*: J iWlloßd* aeg |TJS 2 di .....JIMO w &00 3d. flue MBOd. 13.00 M...„ BJS feLflueblued, „ 11X3 H &S 0 cm Spikes &0Q W.. 9JX) CUocb Net 10.00 OlLt»—Tbe general maiKtc la quirt. though tor price* are tolerably wcUiuatainod. *V e continue <0 quote: Liured OIL uw a oi j\ Llnteed OjL boued Ml-40 Olive oil A3.SO JfluuoOlLW.B 1^S«1J0 Lard Ol:, extra, Lard OH, No. 1 Winter- IJSALSJ Lard OIL No. 3 Winter. usjijj Bank OIL round lots 1 an Wad me Oil. round loti- - uI.W sperm OU, TV. B-, round lot* 0350 Lubricating Oil Sa«isu ('attor Oil .vi.rfitj Neat tool on, extra. i iq CAUDIIN (MU—lam active demand isStuidr atourqjioimllon*; v Receipt*. t arbon, V car load avy Carbon, small lota. Bvtsoie. aiaiv. POTATOES—Market dull. Peach Blows are sell lap at CVSnc. Pol. DTK V AND (JAilE—Sales were: 5 dozen alreut-d Chlrkrrs at f:UX); n doses do at «,75; « dozen do at fIS; 5 dozen do at It.OO; 16 dozen do at t-IJU; 3 dozen do at H-W: 3 dozen do at El JO; 1 live at SjUS; »* n.»crer*ed Tnrkeys at 12Xc; 100 Bado at 10c; :00&*<ioatltc; l dozen dressed Duetts at ft AO; ldozeridoat HJO; tdozebllve Chlckensat »un. x dorm Prairie thicken* nt MJ(; 10 dozen Qualls at r.dormdo ats2.oo; idozen ItabblU at|ljS; « .ren Partrldgrs at |IAO. FKOTl*«ioNi6- Itrccircd.4. < »3tts Cored Meats, ana ASO »• tata; rhipped, S1&0 B 9 Cared Meats. ~v u*s llraf. 103 t-r’e pork. lAM &• Lard. s, ' ’ Mm» Pora—Market lees active, and "about 2V lower, hale* were: bXbrls at flH.00; at Jli.Tt :co hr!- la«t ever.lncal cash: MJ hrl.v. eeller next week, BtSl'.Tb ; 300 brls, teller December. atsi..;p; fipjo—cloflmr at flt.Acaib. Krrrn bleats—andnnchinrod. Sales were; «,U0 ham* nt ?c del.; lAOO shoulders at3c del. Cut >leni»— NI.OOO Its hbooider*. 1-0 day< IntaH. at 6Sc, packed; UU£O tts Hams, nibbed la saikalS’lc l-anl—Market dull and outer. Bales were: SCO toa prime new at Übc i ash. UItESMiU UUUS-Rewired, STB;'chipped, 43. Market sdranwn toe. Sale* were: viikii »*ji buciii ik. wen: WaTeratlrc Tib he at s«.e}v. n dividing vn 3CO he at and T 3 - -CM •’ “ 6«3 and 6AO. * A FT— non-; shipped, STSbrU. Market quiet out steady. Sale* sere: 9)0 brls Domestic Fine at £LSO. delivered; 100 tacks Old Ground Alum at ft.lS; 200 tacks do New a; yr. 25. We quote prices as follow*: .stjifis9.a . 8.75*9.00 New Fitter Coarse Ground Alum. Ko* Ar. Price, .. 4( SIJ {i.W i< ftta i on Ground botir ja Dairy, whu tarts s.or Dairy,wlihcctaarti.. X 3 r»EEl>S—UroclTp<i J K,roO Im : »WpT»d,».7M ft*. Tloiutbr s*c*rd—Martel doll, neglected u<i oom> Inal.__ . .195 SO 5.75 .to 70 5.(0 MIDA AND 8A LEIt ATlTH—Karket quiet bat ttrad? »t the qucUUou pren below : BanMU'e Medicinal ......IS AISVc „ „ *5l tp U*C<l3 C Delatxrs Chemical is ai3Vc “ ilmlttf Usuis’ e “ t*nre W f4U*c BLC.AUB—Cub* Sugar* bare docllmu J»c. T<>e general market U qntet. and prices are steady and oUi crwlee unchanged. We cow qaote: - U*Al3 c Porto Rfeo.—i. 12* N. Y. K«Ooed. PowderedaadOraauUted....t6*at<>Vc While a UMistc Circle A uv4isS c White n 15*UlV*c Kitra C., 15 Yellow C lltfaufr Oxnard C. 12 «llVc Oxrard (1 U.Vj*n»^c S.oo£«.u f>VIM I'S-Art in moderate demand at ttVtolVc w tneritcea: »w Tonc*Bynips. Yellow Uitp* Caht Ma|u.-a.... I*ol to »co New Orleans TtVtMO Philadelphia Bee Hive.. TO* 75 Chicago Bennery, Amber IAXUO ~ “ Golden »'4 ai ** . “ _ Sugar now TV-i as TALlj(l\S —Ecmved. 8.190 tss; shipped, noae. Market dull and nominal at tyc (Or Country and 10^ tve Quote: Toucc Hyson, superior to flue. 4» a fUMLSQ do extra to cbotea. If a l.Tr^l.SO Imperial, sepener to floe, 4* a L'XSAtJO do extra to choice. p a 1A\*2.03 Gunpowder. superior to fine. V a do extra to choice, V » JJXUJJ* Japan, natural loaC fine to extra ene,f>»... ' •**-*' y do do Cne to choice. ¥ a IXotl.u ao. do _ colored. V a LIVkIJD TOHApCtS—Continues doll, with no chun la pricer. Vt e repeat our list: ” UiZWU'Q Tobacco— UUHtfV lUULW* Extra. Choice Me01am....... Commote...., SvOKnn Tottacro— Vlrirttla’a AftLOO Choker S 3 lltiUu. Ul4 SS Comtncn Etctns. tax «i Tobacco— Loyal Citizen tu SB Farmen.* ItoUyhU. Th* a Natural Lean , Half bnsM aSS Choice otack. sound tv* SO aledlcm 7U a C0mm0n..... 70 Navies ••....OUii fo Virginia 10s and as ££ 60 Flounder* TVa 95 WOOD—1» r-tcady and Arm. There U a rood de mand at the prices clv«a b=krw: Maple, V ecn?, delivered tlSAQail JO Maple, V cord. In yard...... Uiollo) Beech, p cord, ocllvcred ii.aLaXg.oo Beeeh,« core, ic yard io.nv*li.«l nirtuiT.Fccrt. Idiilkid v W shipped, U 80»». Mar ket Inactive and nominal. Sales were: 2.000 n» tub ws»beO at tcc: 2.000 ns medium In rrod condition at i.c: vSOs*do at the; 23.0 M ft» medium in fur condition at tfetUjiOOma good fleece washed at 40c. MAKEVK NEWS. ARRIVED ■.-December P Sisir Sea Bird, Graad Haven, sundries. Brig Roam*. Ocot tt>, Ys, m lomtcr. U m lath, hetr TV, H. cralm E*y Qtr. ZM m lamber. Schr Baltic. Erie. 4Jt trasraaL lx hr i aha, Cleveland, EIQ lona coal. bctr acc to bazco, Cleveland, MO tons coal. Schr 8. B. Pomeroy. Oconto, 90) tons 1 amber. Schr Soart*e, Aln-na. 5X at lamber. jcbr U. Kent. FaDeC's Her. sundries, tchr W, a. Parker, Manistee. 10P m lamber. FcnrTho*. Rlnr-fbrd Manlstiqne. ISJ m lamber. Schr Frcccoa, Kalamazoo, M m lamber. Scow Black Ha eh, peatwater, M c 4 lamber. „ _ . _ CLE&BED December 8. Star Fra Bird. Facanab*. snndrln. Schr Bis Ehlct, UanUtee. !U”U’. toco tox nemorandm AccTDECT.~-On Saturday nomhjp the E. Van Doleoa. in pomp ifaronrh Daisied street bridge, bad a portion of her pQol botua carried away by ... ’lldlap vitb that structure. ..... "« tom Xiao JAM aun .9.0»A5.» ScßooPsn H. L. Wnmux,—This vessel, which left this port on the 57th of October with a corn of wheal fnr Opdensbcrph, arrived hero from Sajjl saw wUli a cmruo of 101,00 c feet of lamber. Cap tain Cnaberford reports bavlnp been Is company with eight or rise vessels os Lake Michigan bound for Chicago. As eooa as her cargo is dis charged she win go Into winter quarters. .to «n e V.V.n\ss"e .—s &a c Wuickixo.—The wrecking schooner Ringgold, of Cohsseeli, wblcU bac been in Ibc wrecking service at Green Bay for some tin* past, was at work a greater poi Uon of Friday petting the spars ont of the schooner Autocrat, whkfa was sank last rummer about four miles from this city. Fon ErpAias.—The brig S. F. Gale Is at the Me chanics* dry dock being generally repaired. The tebooner Wilms is alto at this dock receiv inc new stanchions, end being otherwise repaired. QEaT, HATTEN * CO n Wholesale Commission Merchant* lUO CJO* SCO

Betwwi r aad DEhVhtf.-COiJ>x*Tv», JQUESSED BOGS I I BTHHCILM AND WEIGHT LMTS I FmUhed gratia. Highest market prices rnaranteed IXTomptrctanismade. Co impendence aslleUed. HEDMOKD A CO, GeaT Com'n Merch’ts. SO WaahingtokML, Chicago, DL - « « J| 40 « M 15 w .51 7J 14 SJ 17 (4 « lias 4 2 AC . SAP . 5-liJLai .» . Litui.u as .' ani.cs —a 4LU«ua M4 90 c«* a JPOBX OF CHICAGO, iSttsiness came. No. OO SloGootit^ LIST OP LETTERS. REMAWDfQ UNCLAIMED Df THE lutEOls ’ on Bth day ? f UK * e l«tm toe applicant nnt 1 - rrr *»-’ clre the date of ill* pay one rent tor adTcrtUlnr. “£ , £SSte =»» no* advertised cam they hare re- K^°^swetk * aadon Friday* aal Sat iSScHb "»■«““ Of “>• lcita» plalaijr to the ««et aad number. c _ Ur f w W» writer'* Part Oma aad ft^fnSn2^^, acd JJ n<ncc * *lsa them plainly with wns*Sl>’.“ 4 “ lD * a **“ «•»«* «> be directed ae nr**eitnatiat H»ltor* la % town SI *dsr®»* may be ontaown, aboffid the lower left-hand corner, with toe word _^tbe poataje sump os the crm emir rti^l?f^ I ? tt ’ {ia£,Lt * TIWAC,: between tie stamp and «wi-sumio wltboat laterfcriTj with »EQ«ST tor U* KCTDKN of a letter to • l“,. w £ ller * If unclaimed within thirty days of I»m. or printed with the writers saxx, Pwrr Orrnm u^£2bi2 c £m t £? left band end of the enTdope. on mm ir* B,u - «wnpHed with at the oaaaTpre ff. 1 *? Payable when the Tetter Is dtilr _*n„r ‘eedcllTcry of Iwtws to any part ol thaestr b*Tlae 10cm addreaacd to the street LADIES’ LIST. aiuSniltt* °- Ui Andem* Robert on £n?S l \t K M ttra Anderson John Henry ran aIS VSKW* Appleoy Harriet mra uSS* 1- Anncr J bn . ~ Austin Hattie min Aldersou Mollle mlaa Austin Delbert mlsa B g»k*£ fopUa Bonner abbot B«i tr Mastic miss 3 Borden Margaret mUi Biller Margaret J Bontey Mattie J mluL. Boring Gm,*lc mlas - - B-kcr Mart i. tnrs Bower* Helen mua baker Lncindami* Booth Baumi.* s*iS* lL V. urr,e "*f* * Boyle* Johanna mr* S*l? w l. 1, .V 1 %r ' Jmn Borer Matilda mlw . how»n Anceiiacmn Barlow Catherine on Brannen Slarearel mlas Branson Carrie M mr* SmiiP v V? r * . Brasee E)ix* miss Neme ni»* BramfceP Omrnde Pbln g**Jle«S/ I ** l * •'“« Braudel) Herletta ml** Stf?^ U i 1 u- ,e m,s# Breaaaa Mary mr* 'Vmrj Briers W K mrs luy JoaeMjlne L mrs Brier* Clarlnda -<«« Ika: Lair. Brink FPmr* Beacn BQa*|emlM Brace Mabel wio Beale Lovlala mrs Brootnfleld n mrs Beaty Bridget mis# Bryant U » nit* c mr* UroDamri Ferry HSen mis Brown ElUabethtar* Bluel! 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Fannie tntot Greco EHm F Glover Mai tha L mra Greco Addie C mra Goooloc G« orula mlu Green A R ran Gooding I> W mra Green UatUe if mn GOiOlns Charlie mn Grcvocy Alpboalce «*>!«■ Gorman Uaccle mui Griffin Helen miss Grar.l tllrti run* Griffin Sheldon inn GractAEmr* Grtfflcg Emma CmlM Gray Alma miu Grant CM mra (•ray .Mary W mn Gubblns Jo*eph M mn n Haccert XI mn Hesdcnoo Helen* X! Hal* MM mn • Hayzltoomnt Hall I;care mn Kinsley Mary £ mn liall Xlli o mn Htekok Jane mra Hamilton Cmn Hlmey Mary tmn Hamilton Uzzle mtfi* inherit Oteua E nd— Hsrxlnn Baaaorab an Hill 7-acra t: mlu Hannlcaa Kate ml»s lllocbman Kate min Hantsb .lane mn Harm* Abmena mlu 3 Harmon Henrietta mr* HillAbbles llarvv Mary il mn HltchcwckHUabcUinir* Harris Mary mn Bill Lindla tnlaa Harrli si«s mtu Hodge Charlotlu mra liarmtl Ancle mlu Hodgeman .tannin mtn Harper Jolia 3 mlu - Hornings Matilda Uarnrpton c mn Hobart d«.rry Q mra Harrington M L mU»3 Holland Mary N mn Harem Caroline inn HocmTml Mary unis Hart Jlrnej- mlu- llopkina Debby Haikin Kale mn 3 Ilovey Sarah mn tia*arU Hanb'imn Humgan Anne mn Hayden Herbert M mn Qowaal Emma A mlu Hayes Ellen Howland JUram mra Heath trank mlu Howard f-orlnianirs Helm Josephine Howard Mary mlu Uendnc A J mn HarnnlnATmr* H. Vary mn Hosba Kileo M mlu Hendvlonnlaßmn Hyde Frank »ra iicnnetry ilaxy jalu Huntington Grade mlu Incan Stella J mra Ivcarr Satan sn tvcracnJniiaSmra JtcVscn M A miss Jndklns U P mn Juck» n A Umr* Jesscl Den Amn .lartson Clara .lane mlj9 Johnston Frantle miss James lEnin Johnston Julia mrs Jaroha c mr» Johnston Nancy mn Jennlne mra Render Macde tnlM Kendall Tlelea min Eelu-e ill choc i mra Kidder Kate oilm Kcady Anna Mails min Kirkland J F mra Knlh Ualiie mtes - Klnale LcrJclemn Keefe Klla O mIM Klanle Little roU» Keith s A mra Rlculo Kxatuailran Kellctber Mary Kirk Kate mlu Kelley K W mn KlosrPßmn Kent Mel la nm Knight Sarah mn L Lalwan Mary J ran Lee M«t:le tb!« Lataerty Mary A • Lett* Mary mad Lamo* Mai tv mlu leosard Frank mlu lAiultr* Harriet mn Leonard HatUemlaa Lane Maty 0 MUe lewis Jane mra Tnwjamc*c.n Llddy Aon mias Lawrrnce Little mn Lone Man Lay Nelite ml«» Lone Sarah Ana miss Layton Kate mlu Lombard Mary ran Lauraue AUr> mlaa Lloyd Madora mlu Leavin Millie mus Lore Aerie min LebUr Nellie mlea Lyle Kdltb mlaa Lcfircn Aide mist Lyon Abtal ran Lcmine Ancle mn Luna Ida Q wm Lemmon Oeorcean Q Macklcr Mary tnra 8 Miner Marla I. Markmui Thomas mrs Miller pora miss Maloney Emrs Miller Mary o tnra MoAHhlo Edward mn Mtllrr Jennie rale* Macr.Vld Wealtny mlia MUbtml Jane A mrs Mapa- 9 A mrs Mitchell Helen Marpleharabmra Montchlar Annie miss Marsh Belle mlas Morton b £ mn MaishMmn ilorfbrd T T mrs Markley bn«an ran Mom* Mary Bmrs MaritnMaulc mrs Monti ITicboe miss Martin A 1> mrs Morris Lncta nlss Masco Mate miss Moore Michael on Mu»rn LorlniamlM Morrl*on ÜbMomlM Matthews Sarah M mn Munson EB mm Maxwell Georgia mn ModdyCmlM Mile* F mrs Mcrphr Alice M mrs Mill* Lanra mlas Marphr Annie 9 mn Mill* Kale mlas Murphy J mrs Mtiia a E mn Morphy M G mn me Mcßride rats McLaughlin Annie miss McAlplne Mary McJ-anghlln mrs Slsrsrhe Mad „ McLaucblln FK out McCabe Korn a 2» is las McLary James isrt Mfi aal*y Hetty tor* McNamara Catherine Mi-rormiek Ell* □ mlaa McNerener Marr mlsa Mcl*oaa!d c A mrs McNamnry Maesle tala* MelvmtW Christie miss McMaics.boaanJane Mclntyre M mlaa McNcNaller Bridget mra Mclntyre Mary MrHandalt* Sarah mlts McKee Eon MeWace Francis mr* McKinley Elizabeth mUs McßeynoldJ EUOemiai McinUre Mary miss Needham Ant le mrs Newcanlcol mrs Neb on Julia M tma Norton Clara C Seaton SPmrt Noble Fanny B miss Scablt Carrie mlaa Norton E cm O O'Prlrn Frldget miss O’Brien Marrle mlsa Oilr*r Anna miss O’Bnen Jndltb mrs Oiwil mrs O'HarraMaryJ tnu* Olcott Uarrtit mix 2 O'Cotaor John mra (Hcoii hmlly mrs o’DonncU E miaa (Hirer Eliza zztsa tv Hare Wiry mra Orhup Epcncet mr* O'Mallery Mary Osborne Ida J mias O'EaHlraa Cauertad «tw Osborne Nancy ™isa Farrlth Sarah mra Pierce Helen O l*attmon J U mrs Plntaer Uvr A mrs I'anl Ju>»e mlaa Polau* Jennie miss PnsUoott Mary Jane mra Pollard Matilda miss lenoreß bp Potter Jsae ml* PraseMißerramn Powell I'red mrs Perty Henry mn Peodercrast Motile mlsa Perry F mr* Powers Nellie mlsa PnklsaN l>mrs Pmmo Eraliy mlas Pm-y Jennie mia Prltchart Hannah 8 mlaa Pettrrscn Emm* C Pommy s E mrs Peters Locks mlrs pred Lottie mIM Pitta Maty E mbs Price S H rail* J*iiktn E P mrs Prince O rat— PintnaMTars Quick Amelia mrs Keffcrty Martin mr* Bobiason P L mr* Kajurf Mery an floLlnsoo Ire tare. 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Abbott Henry o Anderton BabvlAraoU Jaam AberteUiy- Join- A • Arnold John U . ton „„ Andersoa T AUniCw Atdenon.iohaT AriUciialoa AdauuCH AndenoaJubn AebMiehsci Acami 811a* g Aadcrsan *Co HAsnan in Abra- AdiTßg FU A TW G bams' ■*" AdßiLiAUdridgeAndrewi Bmorr Atbtoa tViUUtn Adler Daniel N Ao.lew* PL i Ashton . Ain*cow EdiranlA&dieva Geo A AahloaS Albert P Andrewa J C AUJbJoa, Knlzb: AHat Lewis Aturewa J >' 40 Aidrs Henjamla Andrie W C Autasos Cbas n AlnioUA Atthery Darnel ArwooJ Joha AUlreA.2> Aniaony P Avery dr damasl Aiklre Adam Archibald master J Alien Jr master Evaret Ayers O A * Edmond A Amour J F Ayro Geo A Allen dr Horace Armstrong JnUsAyres qtjjp Allpd Jewph Arnold Georre Arnjoir iLarcrl A VmViiw Bsteock w c itwraen lUchva Britts T’ibm ml ntrelo* John H Broddle Col-uta I’sconJE Jlcli s T <3r Brocswsy Jerome Ballet 4o*ia BlogbaatT Leapt U Bean Benjamin Blown Jdr Brook* E W B«loe das bUlion A H B.'oots C A lisJnl B F Blackly Ts Broa* H Baker u M Blackman P . Brown nr ' Baker Henry Blackman c H Brown tv H A CakcrJeeeMS DlalrOW BronSimr Hater tVmS Ulaie Albert Brown saraiicl W Baker WD lUnkeUetry Brown Joseph dr Bakt-rMH BlaecJana Brown Rosmcr A H*ltUß;r 1 P Flake W*:i»ee J » UaidwlnJC (lAketfalter Brown John D Halcwin M G Blackmore Jos Brown Lewis Dali ST Blakely Thomas Brawn Fletcher Uailmanoehn Blakesle* AthOoßrown Andr««r> Banner Henry Blanchard G A Brown E "* Banr lonA Plato TV A Brown ft to Barlow Lewi* BoeXlns Cfcaa B Brown J F Barlow Mdr a BoddraJohn Branstw' m Barnard K U • Bocae Geo M Bra*- • BsrresC . Boltcn J N aS?R w"** 1 Ba. Lt. Fatusel ABotooaiAeo jntfg*,g O'Neil BarthartCL Bm&rFlnS BnStUtt* 60 KanlOgeJohn BoaltflncA Bnirti» k BarrttrJohn W Bowen it*. 00 P Bare it 8 S Bowers 4^j, Barrows ChMB Bowen-, tdw^-j BartM y K J . e 7 me K S? /e ‘ E J* Butman Thu c kS?? ii. r' * ¥ ,wlt9 A c 001 Bullock Goo R barter Tboa # C ft Soyoe Cha» ty Daiaateso Wta J E Donnell BobrrtJ Boyer A' l , cm BuntGeollftco nitS? , Do ?’- ” w ‘®‘ Burch Nicholas Baser Bnreh P H “““jOt’t-vlUey Bnynton Ge-rge BurkhamEO Bmkett H S - BarkamEOtr - BracUord WoAiJiurtt Hand Baiter a , co Patrick Bradley BO Barllmrlm ftco oeardts s BradstLiVjj Burl >ck F F BsartleeWH Brady Ttomai Burner Martin Beartle wm DradyJM Doras Hyeapt BebberHecry Brace Crr Barns Jeremiah L*tti««*ine* Bramard Wesley DarbrtdJeJ hecneyEUts co! Darren Jas BerionKß Bralnard Harry GBorrows mr Belcher Chat H Braman A lUruerßarton w C Bclyea VS lllle T 3 Bray Ju Burton Robert DtcaoeilichaclUbrajman Mason Burton Root F Benedict Mallory jen Burton £ U Rrrnnen Jasl Burton CL Beobard J C Brewer aim BosttCharles Bennett Hiram Bnrr» Geo A Ba»b dr Bennett (-eoC Brief* SD Batter * MJdcapp Bennett banlord SDnets O P Bauer if G Bennett ArCretr jereslahDauon Peter BersfieM A lax Bristol T B Byron Richard Berger John 8 Bristol Learnt B Button VJ Berry l.ulber D Britten Lewis D G Burnham Ed B Berry Klctard W{* BrigpjW Cackatrt A Lane Chili Corrw Joseph UsdvcUWm Cheer Charles Coaeir »;r®o CutyDAio Child II s ConHm Peter Cain John Childers Charles Connor Tnomaa R Callahan John 3 Cmnn ScoU lr~ Conover ± llatt B Cameron G Chittenden TJ Conran JU Catuncn AathonjChrUlcn Jose Conroy JamM M Christ}- John A S Cook D K Campbell A St J Charm Wp*« Cooley Charlie O Campbell Alamo Chnrrm-'colr Coiptr OrvlllsA J CaupoefT o Chnie Jno Milton Cooper vr CanpbellGJ Clapp E Coptte'thoa Campbell WallaccClarey Cornelias Corblt Grorge W cot Clark ilenry 1> CorKcry John Campbell M V Clart Tprol CormlcT Sami Card A bro ClarKe E D dr Count Bllllan Carder Chat Clartßo Cotreliws Cone Charles M Clark dr Cotton RII Ctrl Mathew Ctarfe 1> H rev Covel Wm L Carle Usura Clark Daniel W Corel Milo Carlisle UH' Clark Amos Ccwia liotutt C Carlin TV J Clayton t; 11 c.'wJta J ft Carpenter J n c>al Charles Cox George cttpl Clcmmens Leon- Craig Theodore F Carr Henry 3 IdasD Craiß James Carroll Thomas CleoimcaaLD ' CrsnoallEK Cane J II Clldrrell K crane S.imncl Canon !'*T|d S diary 'ohn , Craven TW . Carrml U ■ Clifford Frank - Orawfb*d JamesW Carter w cun'* Joseph Cresnr Monroe 2 Cartwright JD CUnueJobnU Creighton WJI Case H Coadey Hit Cresireil rapt Casey Thomas • Cobb, Andrews ft Croftwt Wm Capon Cnrce B co cront £ L Cartel) Wlllianx ECnehrace David Croot* Mml Caswell W capf CrooherT Cauaherty James Cochran Geo u Crossean.o W Cavacagh I*hUlp CofcrJohnU Cross Johi ChadseyUC Copar Harri'-on Crow anon Patrick ChambersDaTid Cogswell WiUiamCrowclt Anrn«tas Champion Boh’l 3 Crump John J W Cogswell Char lea Cruise Joseph , Champion KE U Culbertson dr Jaa Champion S B ft Cole D Callns Peter co Cole U K Cun&n John Champlia Lclom Coie.-rove Frank Conan Patrick W Counts KB cure Michael .Chamberlin H W Collin* Wm Curtis S * co 1 Chapin J.-hnP Colins John n WCorttsUnnlL Chapin U& co CoLlnaWntE CnriiandTbeodore Chapman 1> Colson bit Cutler JO Chapman Edw n Collyer r-amncl Caunorr Chat C Chapman Horace ConantWo Cutting utt* 6 M 3 condon Robert Cutties J C Chapman JD ConeJE Cutting J 3 ft co Chase Birbsrrt D Cone CM Corrigan Michael Chase Jamescapt » IHlhcff L H Dentlow Vanßo- Dorsey Ely Dana CD reo Dougherty A M Daniel Wm Dereil Henry Douglas Edwin ' Daniel* Alien Device M A DpwmtßM Dsr.oa WJJ Deveral Freder- Downey Patrick Ifcirnley John W ict DowicWlUiam DarninllM Dewey It Doyle Ja* Davenport Geo Dice !livid Drummond Frank I>a\erportAU Dick Jacob W heat 3 David Cyrcll . Diegenoa Jas S Drydee David DavtaSDoyd Dickey EP Dull A Courts Davit Harry B DleklceonDO DnnbtrC M DavuTP Dickinson Frank Duncan T C dr DavUSE Dickson TU Danuaurancapt A Darivco .tana li'.znm Xflrnae? Vunlxp .loif a& Dawion Hiram Dillon Winiam l»opn John T Dean Albert Dixaoa Peter Dana Nicholas Dean H Doane Chu Dunn B Dean wC Dodson cbasH Dancing LU Dean VI D Dodge W 8 Dunam? W'tn A Jtean 8 H Dolan E Donning J IV Decator Albert LDuoeiyJas uontonGß Decker Frank L Dunopbue John Dnpont Chas Aco Deforest bsmnel DonongbueJaa Durand CUAco IK-Carmcr Urev Donovaa TlmolhyDurn-.r Cba« Dell it il Donovan Jaa Dnrpby C U DcnnrheyWm Donovan .lobn Dwyer.lobn DcnncheyASbar* DonomnJK Dyrr N D key Doolittle mr Dyer |/>wla R Dennis John I Kira SaiclteU C Frank J DctmiioaEphrUmDorr li a & co E Earn George Edwards a Bills'William Early mr Edwards c VIS Emmett Robert Kastman Dexter Edward* John! 2 Eionla W KaettLacEu Es«n.lsmcaL Eaal* Edward K<i*tman Edward Csss J W Erlefc»on R A EatOßtvlUum Ktmß W Eraasjamas E.aton Chas p Evan Thomas Evan* J W EavetislLomaaT E drad John kt.htlt John J E.arU)ceWlUlaat2KTenole £ C Eckley Ctnrles T Ellas E U Ewer J G EdclcptonWaller KDlott Wiuio Kwlng William J EUioUmr EmoJ and McAort Fahey Patrick Ftmdr Forsythe JH Jr FalltnJobo Fi»bertsanlord G FosterUeabumnF FamhamKll FisbtrLA Foster U A Farsam J N FUcU WUUam Foster Nathan 3 Farnsworth Jo- FlUtatrtrk Wm Fo*»erP lepb Fitzpatrick John Foster Champion Farnsworth mr F N Favor A M Fitzpatrick D Foster Geo Fayett c L 3 Flanabtuch John Fox Patrick D ieners C W capt Fielciu rail France John Fenton Cl aaU FUnu Thomas Francis Daniel D Ferguson Wm JeFFlowtn S Q rev fenon Fluke LU Franklin John I FersosonJohn Fly: n Bernard FraweTT Frnmior J Flytm P E French l»» IT FernomW Foeiy *lmoc Freoeb Hobart £ FerrlafeD FoUettGeo Vf Frrasaa lauc Ferry Q - FobiUWo fi Frccm*aCteo£ FevOK FoidM FrlteiU# A. Field S O FcrrJQ Frank Milo H» Field Sarfcrd ft Ford O Fall-r A Well* Kora 6 A Funster J east Field Chas Ford E Father HO KlndaOilTer Forrester Aaca»- Ferguson 8 M Fields B L tea Kurney Ju FUeM Leavitt For-ytte dt Pat- Fyter mr FUik Henry tenon Feme CMln C 3 Flimsy B u Forsythe Wm B Finn Jobs 3 G Oag« A T Ollle*ple Thomas Grant F nmlllruaU GUltn Albert F Gray d 9 Games Am GiUmannF Oreaney John GallcerJoln Gilmer Wm P Greeley KF UaUafcSC capt D Glunt-re Heat FL Greger D Gs'lagter An- uncaca Frank □ OrecneßT thony Glorrrm Green»S Gardner Irorenro Glorer w GremGeorceß Gardner Wm H UlochfiC ■ Gre«n Gonrn n* Gardiner a Glynn Patrick Green HU Gardiner K I) Godficy Michael Green A W Gates O W Goldemltb fl Grew HM Gales James A Gooding Jtl Green JL Gatn£coFA3 GoodiDgilarenceGreenJohaT Oates FA Goodman Henry SOrwae W R 3 GavtcJoha Gooarov IV H Green Wm H Geary Juba W GoudncobG Green G-orzeO Gee John Goodrich M H Green Martin GcesiE* Good via wm GreealcafZQ 3 6«rj Wo H Gow Olivers Green John Geo tyre A F Go** Fred Urelr James OeomlienrrP Oooph John B OrennlnChaa UeorceftWiUlamtGou'd co WmGGrarJared UermamGaorgeliGouldO GrlJlcy Henry& Gibson JoimM Could MW Grtm»WmC GWIow rev John GonWlrc cant Griffith prof A A *tm>hoa» Patrick H Chas S Orttßtb jirtat J i Gilbert Wm C Gowday D Golle A L lr GUI Thomas Grace Peter Guthrie ena«ti» Glllard Joseph 3 Graham Fleming Fred GUien John Grant rev Joel Harter Alfhrd Henasee Jerry Dorawa Thomas Uadcock Geo B Hrnceccn **■**»• tY Usgenbach Hue- artU Hood J M ben Deary John Booker F L HalertAA HtnryJ Docker U M Hall ctaa Henry Gee rye D Hooper William n Hall E J dr Henry A H Hoover ft Hadley Hall The* Becahaw ChaiM Horan Silvester UallJD2 HemcfcsonWmMJHorn L Ball J B apt UerrtcaaonW m 11 Horn Lewis L Had John Uervey Arthur Horns John K Halil. Hewitt Chauncey Bo*mer Master Ban ft Eos Chaa 2 Hew* Will U Arthur ur. * .. iij u Armor HlbbartWinitmGHonffhtTO WU iltbben Ed u liara C Hall HA Hamlin E B Hammond JoeUb Hickey Hichart Howe C W Hicks Wolf ft co Howard QB Banbyßurer HlygaJarocacapt Howard WUUam Bancctftco Uiccenooihao.* tr Hand Jehu A Bailey Howard W B Hand Furman Hlysm* □ J BovardL Ererett Rasny Peter Himrenj Join HoweKlcbart Handyldtre HtczlscnltoPert HoweJonaT » Barnes H HixerXhotnas Howe ft 00 Hanlon Edw UUI william Howe F 6 Hanaiier Geo But J C lluwe Newton W Hanson Thomas a Hill Jerry Neapt Ilowa 8 B Hacifcn H HUIDI) Hoyeimacs ft co Hartancn Thos Hiber Emms G Hoyt ft Trow* HsrtfsWlUUo E Hilton J w bndxe Hsmln S»ta B Hilton J W prof Hoyt George A BardingCliaa captlWtoling G*o E Ilunbsrd Julia* M HifßM Hush tLyklmn-AJamcs Babble Ju EUroeixdE UodneuJ P Hughes D It Marpc Georrr FrHol Mubcw Uni! John B Harper James G Hone w p Unmboti Edward Harrt&xtoi KB noittsgtoa W H II . Hams Andrew rer HsmphrevUle T L BamsoubJ Hohlea Clark A Haul WUey Harrison AC Wil*<n Boat Welter Hartshorn TCrev Holder* John Hunt mr ZiaitAUW.U IVICI Wl Himj Arthur floUsdsv Henry Hiat James Harvey Jrfcn * George Harvey* jsrscn3 Holietworth mr Banter BO Uasbroufe j v A HoUisJB HaaicrMD Hastings TJ Holman James Uaailagtoa Ben- Hatth Aoaon Uo.moa A Marion ry _ flswe* Fr Bolmca J B HniUngton Joe D Hayes Robert Holme* II R trr Haotrey Silas C HajnOiriiicil ilotmeaaamael HnrlbertSA Hayrlrc* JohL P KrltEdgarA HaM<*Tk»Uß Uazlitt GeorgtK Bolt Edgar A Honing Wm ~ He* John HollEA Hansel! Wra 11 Hftftt £<fwia Holly James J Haney Ju UtdlgasJohn Hester BL Hynes Edmond Heermah* Ttcs Honan Tboats isymltby Henir Incrsa Bobert IrrincJoeepb Inaanbee Fen T locram Le Graadelnrln Robert Itjraham Ttm W Irtlc Jaa Zabell Asgusto* J Jackson JD dr Johnson TV J JooesTVW Jackson SttresterJofansonOJ JoaeshH Jamison liber: Jobmoa John Joces H L JanesJ«ha JobasiooJoba Jones oratherAco Jeflerson a Seed JohLftoo TViUiamJoaUnO B Jenkins tbaiE Jobiston, Fams-Joitm. B«aa Aeo Jenatsa Anderson wonb aco Joy Mscnael Jtrome TV c Jonee J H Joye>* John Jerome JB Jones Edwin Jadtdns J S Jeveil Gnstama Jones Frank SB JoesaJoe JbhLSOB W It Kean John EendallJutmH SlmbsD Cbaa Kcsneibcs Kcao*iUas& Kimball O E KeamslhoaJ Keaiy D F mr * King John B Rsstlbclbos mr* Bins Lyman SeallsrFat: KnmavJssTV Kor Wm fl KmeFO Pierce RlagJalluA KeeteLawreece Kennedy TVm King HenryC KcnoeJobn Kennedy John EtsxChanieH KicArJohnH KesTanAA KlagHU KlclJy J KtrehevalTVQ Klnxßolos RellyAßAco EerkyUA Kingsbury Jotaß KeleyUlchael Kenan Jotm Kingtharr A Mar- Kelly MJ cap: KerrOW chant Kelly MC KfTwtnMW KinaeUJaoW Kelly John KesslerßU Ktll) istrick Kevrny.tohn KirkJCAco Kellogg Maraado KUsey TV R RlUr Lice henry!! KelogsDanlel KCetaGcoP Hbapmaa John R KrDofc A K tmball J C rer t Kmflea Myron A Reiser Envsrd KtmbanJO Raou, Clark A Kemper C Kimball Geo F White Eecas A Flaler I, LeGraageCharllelAChen Jaa Lonn Oeo Lacey te LeecJasß Looergan Corae ls«7 Tbomss E LeUnd s P Has LsddArthurh Leiow John LossFBJ Lake Mr Lemon Oeo C Lori Charles H Lake DU LeaheWU IxmgAVaa Lallr Mike Letter Wm Loomis Jq Lamb Isaac Lefer Joseph Lord Charles H Lanbaid t Levensoo C D lord J 8 Land cm J R Levy David A Lovewcll George Lsrctord Gvo Lomrsa David LaaicimanAtroe Lewis Join Low Amos P Lstkiu Ptter Lillis John Lowe faanrf A InmonJ S Uscoln E Jespt 1«w Wliltam LuxaiS P LmtbyiTotcrA LoyrdenJas lAsghnn J C Wm m Talcott Lnnas Wm D 3 Lavery Joseph B Llnsleyß A I.uDW £amnclLloc. AMal LutklaFC lawtea Joseph C Lb* AOm l>olkla Jas ' , Lay Ctai LcdceEkco Lynch Jerry Lajtcnnr Lock-Morgaa Lynch A L* acdcT Chaney LodeeTboiaas Lyictijohn CP Locan WBgen Lyudhom Copley Lee Israeli LcgaaS Lyon John MaccTbeo Ato May Jot Jdoore Garret Marten John B MayAAxtrl Moor Avery MtckLen UAc ° Morgan H<iry Mack CB dr 3 MradTbojii Morgan FLAco Msdison A prof Mr*ler o*o E M*r*“ juC MacuireMlrha*! MtaderGeo Morgan TnosW Mahancajotm MeanyT Morgan Edward MaboneyTjßothyMecasO Morgan Charlie Mahoney Michael Mcllea K Morlartr Jere. ilkhoct-y Jchnß Merrill LL ico mlah Mahoney Jas MemtlOeo MorHyAR Mahonry BcaiyWMerrlll Beniamin Moricy w E rev ‘ Merrill HA Morin Join A 3 MaJery IVm P Mrestager Chas UM jrrls DWC Mqilorv A W McUcei F Morris Charier Maloney Michael Merer John Mvmion Alex Managme l-atrlcaMidcely damsel Morrison a Manic odd L Mllett Thomas Morrison J M MarrGU Milne Wm 05 Morse E W MarblcCharicaQMlilerßMAco Morse lioMB March Alonzo B M, ler Wa» W 3 Morse BJ Mari',n Henry Miller Jit Mosher T A Marshall wtiilara MlWr Henry boa Ma«s W C Jr Ace Marshall LB Miller Robert S Moss John a Mansion James Mills John B ilo-ti Job Marvton Shnbari Mills Norman MottramLS. C’-l „ Miner Leslie Mottram U Mania Fred’t L Mlntler Rets T MachmtreEd Mania TK MiicbeUCO* Muidooa Jobs Mart‘nJa»n MltcbcUGeo Mall Jacob Marlin John Mix Ecwatd Ma lalv J Martin jym MUcr H prof m alien Peter M.rtln O B MohanP7 MaaroeJoha Mason? Moloney George 'nasoaWCS Massey J B Montgomery at- Murphy Wm Ma»ur F * chi bald Murphy JaiQ MatnbeUe A C Moo-ly Are Mornbv Thomas Matter P* Moody Joseph mL?j PalrtS Mathews EF MocncyC iiTmtHaSd mSSFaW SS“«JiSS* M^mmiUAuSiel MaxxelaASS MoreHenrv MariaS'-a O P MS“fe«DL luxwell, bands A * Myers Pjj . H'osrejomj M«iJm Moore Henry D Molr Charles --a trick MacDonoagh F MacKlnscy E X wTVr E ** P BLicKltisiry Uar -5° .nicy J T MscOougal John risen ‘Mcßride Pas Ma-DouldO MaeKltt.Mck Jos McCafieryJohn Mac Elroy J J Lymxn McCale Lewis MacFoller WU- MacUh'OeoA McCallam JohnJ lard MacLa^eJohn McCarthy Dnld UacFarlla Hugh Mi:Lsnon John McClennan Jsa MacOUlcs Din MaeGlouchlla McCoQosh Peter Macllwer Wm Brsiy McfonnellWtn Maclntyre Stmoa &l«n McCasUa Wester -P JiteMlllaoTnn Macoy Boben Maclntyre Sle- MoMiQae Dauean MacCroclaa Wm pbea UsManamy u , K Maclntyre A D McNamarj Law- MacCready Thos capt • rence MacCroasen Jas Macßals Patrick U NamC.l Thot MacCulla Good- MacKtyKontE McNsrner Patrick mead MacKeeirj B M-Xern J Martinrdy John MacKeuzle UeoryUcNeVla mr Msc Daniel JamuMaeEenzln Mir- McXlchols M MacDonald Chu dick McNally John MthOonaldJu MacKtchanO Mcswlr&erCG MacDonald John MacElnly MlchaelMcTigae Michael , B MacKlancy K:cl MeWulrk A MacDOBOUghPE Nath Samuel T NewtaanC BA eoNolen Michael a Mcghlon Edw’J Newman mr, of Nolen Wm Xcarman H Newman tiros Nolen E C Nnlketcr ; NtenolsMH Norris RF Nclen *■* NmuoisDandL Nsruno Neills Ararlah Nicnotsos Jsme- Norton JT XetsonA NortonbtotS New John boa Edward Northway Wm K Newtarter John Noble A Nonrse Alien S t Newman C £ A Nocking J . NyeUhltier broa O'Brien Wm O’MaTlfy Anthony Older Jsi M O’Brien Q H O’Malley Jotn Oimst*dA*neU O Bnea Edward O'Malley Wm Ores Eben T O’Councr llm> o’MaraJohn Osborne caot thy O’NleUMuee OaboraeChtl O’Day John o'Nleli Taos W Osborns Lester O’DoonellMlchaelO’Byin ODDI Osxood Geo O’Hsra John Odlen ChristopberOstnnder Chas 3 o’KeefWm_ Ogden Mstgaa L Owsley John E O’Fartell UTdr capt Outhet John C O'Loughlln I’ai'k ogle Davl l Owens Michael P PspeFH Perk Joha Plummer Chas Psfnc L D Perk 0 H Pomercv W Palmer CT I’eckCol Pomeroy John Palmer C D Peeblea BUey Pompon U M palmer Wm D Pelham Wm *1 Pope W J Palmer L T Pradlrton C H Pope J F pantll TV B Percy Domains J Pope John Iwrk IQvln M PertaamJoel Port bilai iwrkrr Jonathan Prtklns AH PorterUH Parker M o Perkins Js Porter Geo B Parker fR Perkin* Porter Frank Parker Joseph F Perkms A NortonlPortcr Edward W Parka J B Perry becler PostADarUett ParserJaaß Peters F WJ Potter PA co Parker C 1 Peterson Z Potter X Parka Thecdore Palmer Joseph!. Powell G PannAJAco Petterttn \w PowerPC Panntlec_H 4 Pcthyt>rid~*jo»h-Powers John L llroahy Wm tu Power* M c Panons LA CO Mtlbone Rjbut Power* Wn j*ar*on»Ja» * PeulkJa* , pr«uJoeephO Parsons Ueo B PhelpeWta Aco Pratt Ueo Parson* Chai E Pbelri ASec.ey 2 PrattN a Pate Davids . rtaUlpswn Prato rJasC Panic Henry Phillips V Preble EC Patt Martin Phillips Oto 9 I’rcnil-sLeon U Pattciscn A Tim* Phillips F Prackmour John berraan Picott Wm Prescott N PattWoa H E Pita Wia F C Pres* A Rtttel PatumJohuA Pint Jasper Priced £ Pax ton I e»'U Pinkerton A Prldbam Edwin Payne Cbas L Ploksay B mod e L C Pearce EH Place mr Prior Beorr Pearson W Place H WACO ProntyßT Ptnee A S Plan & Bart Prooty A LabrUa Peck NtUisn S 2 Platt John P Pollen E 3 l*cck John H Platt JS Putnam John B Peck John F 3 Platt Geo W Pinny Goo S Daily Patrick QutnnDavtd Quinlan Pat olgleyd gmnn John * « n v RalrourdFdinondßlcher Joieph W Root Oed A * HaltdbrthßlchardKlddlc Janes Boot L Kaltt Oliver KHnerAW Roper .too UamsdeUOPAoqlUggleOU Boric Michael J liamachell Alonzoßhe Aaa Rosa C A Ramsey W A A coßlortcn Edmond Rose A C Rankin .Tame* £ ZRobcrsum Ira Bote Charles* RactomLake Roberts John Rom tv P Raymond John&lßoberuJotm James major Reason William Roberts mr Ko*»Ja.Un ReedMKhaet RobertaoaWA RoMllugh Reed John capt RoberteohT Ro»i David. Reed Geo U Robertson Ed Kov* Alexander Reeder John Robinson VTlUlamßonnasvlile R C Reese John Gosh* H Rountree H Sam « en RobitsJCAco RoweTD R'eresJD? Robson Alex RowlandPoter Uelph Charles Kochs Tbotnas Bomscy AJbsrt Remton W» B RockJuhn Konecaan Sftw Renvlch U F Bocswell Henry Ihuby WUU« Itennolds W E Roe E Roaicll P Reynolds All W RossnJß Ruvsejj II C KeynoldaPearvooSltofrcn Geo Rosseii George D Reynolds Charles Roger* Ores Aco • Reynolds WB Roger* Asa B Rutherford John KeynoldsJotm B'gersOcoW ByanllD Heycolds James Roger* James Ryan Michael Rhodes J N Roger* A hpenccrilyi.n James KiceOeorgo RolsndJas Ryan Thom u Rice W IT Rolenv»n L H Ryan Daniel inch Wm Bollbatt G M Ryan Patcy Richards Wlman Roof Albert Ryanjohn RlibardePh RootEW RyereonJß Richardson John 8 Psi>m c c W a co bhllder J - Sponn Andrew Sabin Wm HQ 3 Shimon Albert Squire WJI Sampson Cba* tmtymanEAeo Bucey Chas SanbcrnWl] Shipman Darnel RSUeyJno R SannomWraß Shnemakeri A AslanlyESS banford C F rev Mansell J B bon 3 Sanford Wilbur F Sliart P Stvnton Pivld Svnlbrd W R Sibley Wm W Burk a Briggs Sandenon Albert Slrkte* John W Steadman Ueo SargcntCC MdoailJJ Steam* John P Sax Sami Simon* Edward steesvEL Sawyer* LR sinpvonjasr Steele Andrew fcchtock Alien Simpeoo Jae Steele Jas CVUCiIV. ai|H WOT Scofield Henry Sketnp Samuel 3 Stephens John Scott C A fektomon ATntUestrveai C s Scott Edward Skinner Wm Stevens Francis A Scott Randolph Slade Jae O StvveasTbo. il Scott Jas StatorChnstophersicveosO a cast Scott Lon hleencr Alonzo Stevens Henry it Scott A Peters Stoat Samuel rev Scoot Ciias A 6a alley W J A coSteveuon J U ScnrelJoeS bnliiO.\ Stewart SBW Scribner SU smith JD Stewart John SorlbterSA Smith PH Stewart iVmJ SccdderH BmtthDJ) StlcknryMS ScodflerJoba U Smith Chs* W Stidham John T Scullion Tho* Smith Chav - btllftato J O dr Scully Tboe Smith Cha* Cdr Sitmp*ou John Seaman* HD Smith Allen D St. John A K Scavtm* F A Smith o j Sus-ktnan T M S*awnchtPerry Smith 6N Slocks Si^phenaD Sedgwick 1U Smiths A Stoke* Jif begin O A Smith ThoeW Stoke* JW SexolneHH ,♦ Smith Horace Stone EH Senter Thomas M bmUh Isaac L Stone Bent F Sercomb Orville Smith J Bradnff Bfory & Hsrnos gewetl Homer Smith Ja* V Story JIJ bewail & Ecclct-SmlUi Joeefb stover 1> B capt ton Smith JBr m Stowe 11 IT Shane ah an John Smith John 3 Stratton Wra Shannon Alex M smith Wj Strode J Sharp J W s Smith Wm A Stuckey D RJudge Sharp F HartmaaSmlih W a dr Stoll a Cavannab ShearwoodGeo BmttbUF 6 tall 4 Alvord bhelhamcr CbaaEamHb * Carr Surtevast Charlie SbelbamerCha* Smith * Styles Sullivan WL ShclCon Edwin T Snell Cha* U ' Snluvan SL Clair FheldooCA Snow Cha* D BnmnerCA Shetdon C P Soyaer F. C Sunderland E Sheldon rimry LJ'hyder W H Snftoa Jetse B ShtldonLT Border Do Aco Sutton AltrcdF Shepherd Daniel Solomon n bolt* F G Shepherd J Soper Albert Swa>ev John Sheppard F M Seth Swearingen O M W A Spencer Chas Sweeney John Sherman A PlrketSpencer C H Sweet jm Sherman A Price Speoc-rTC Sylvester, BlrahA fcbcrrlca John U spencer MarUn Ely EhctwoodOD Spillman T rev Sylvester Fordyce Sherwood M CS Sprague Daniel 2 Snlfiln Itulhs Sherman Peel T TatmareSazauelßTbotcpeon H TravtaPeter Talmadre a B Thompsuu ll T Treaty Jaa W Tarbox j B Thompson Brt nTTrwj T P Tate Wot Thompson HE Trideil John Taylor Bunt A coSThospeon Geo C Trimmer J It Taylor W E Thompson Daniel Tnmmlncnara B Taylor J ff 1* F Taylors A 3 Thompson CH Tripp Dwight Taylor Chaa ThomptohPtter Troop Robert Teagarden Wm Thompson NC TroetjQ Tutusn K TboranJß TrowhridxeWCS TccsdaleJohnO TbrumbieWH TntmbleO W Templing Cyras Tilton Albert M Trnmb’eWJU Terry AD Tlraanuf John M TullerCbatdr ThainßS TobinTboa Turner J a. Tbalr Caleb TotmanJO Turner Walter D Thiel GH Tolmao Jchn B Turner AAA co Thomas Donald C boa TutUe H E TbcmJe* U M Torr Heary C Tottte Kftlph TticmpeonWmß Tower Jote Tyler Gear Tboapton Jobs TrtTenWm Tijlor* Uktleton Udell Uathlit B ÜblWm P Underbill Jaa A V Van Anricn c A Vaa Horn C Vail John ? Vaidcnbarxb Mo-Van OradaUUV VeiterSD aca Van VechtenJaa Veaceila* B H VanderveikenDaVaa Zandt Cha* AY ora Kil Aco vid W 2 Waddle Carr 0 WelTi JL * roS WlljonHC Wadiam* John HWelb Wn 8 A eo Wfvra Cnta Wadivorth A Weel B A Wliwm J B WalteJobn But Geo W Wliaoa Robert Walker Join 5 Weal Theodore Wilson Edward A Walker CSrer We»ton Cba<* re? Waiknp W U Wetierell Kobt WWUaoa Jm W all ff Wetnereu A S;o-a Wilson Wm n til a r ncwcrcu a ** n u WallaeeJobncaptWieat DearC WUwn D«a«al*D Wallace Simon Wheeler Geo W W|'f>n H«urr Waller Uomarer Wheeler Fred £l2 Wilson TAB Walpole W U Wheeler E M WTllon A co WalU Andrew Wieelerctai Willem JosephW WaKb John 9 WbmakerAW WlngJackS Walsh Vot: Aco White WF Wln/atcCE WaUhPhtllp Waite Wm Wlnaiov A H Wauoa Benjamin White John C Wtn«tovCF A co White John Wln«lov Chaa W WalurEdvard White UW WtoneKeol Walton Milton W Wine S WlthereU Maretu Wampole Geo W Whim Frederick 31 Ward C B White Frank N 2 Woolrvorth F L Ward Horatio F wane Frank A Wood w Wards D Wood WB Willed E H ? TTima C TvaiJdy Bob-.-rt 1 VTojdhntl C H dr TfinaJH WblUemorc TV QWoodtmll Qocr*« TVirreomr &co Woodlry Tho» TVaireaS TThitßeM Johaß Woodra»a J B&co TVarren He*itt &Whlt»£ n K Wo»ir3flCJ> S*wt Whin ey John TfoodraTJoim <* WarthJ*r6P Wbttl«y B « TToodmaa Ed- WBtktM ItßTld J WhUtot* W B vnrd Woinoßti* WhirenaonDC Woodward Je**o Watklaa U M WlantopJohn W W« ©award J A WattersThoa wibhernohertß Woodworth John- W»sier* Ale* Wtbert ffa ney Water* Albert 6 Wickham Daniel Wood* Geo S Way Choi I Wtckltfle J H Wood* Hrmo AJ- WayithdAD Wlmnmsraiilord lot WeareaUsrt co M Wooter John Weatherhe* Jofca-Wigtt Lothrop Worth IIT oihaa Wi&loodAG Worthington FH Wearer Add Wllahore O Wright & mn« Web*ter Aco Wilkin* Fred crtckWright Jm C Webcter W WiuumatiS WrientJll WehcterS J wiata»*Da*ld Wright JG WeeUOW . WUlUa* ft U*a-WrichtßC WelrichAdam rich WutlmJ Welch WH Wuhan.* Martin Wyant EH WtUcome Mike - William* Henry Wra t Thoma* Well* L F "WUliaru Wm Wynne John a Well* F L Wlhnarth J Wytly* dug ft tj Xlmene* John Tottow Chaa Tosnc Ct Yoaas» doahaa Young Jc i»«a Tounz Geo >hnU YoloThos 'rtBBKIKP. BUUJJIU! Prom November 33th till Deoember 2d* 1566. Cl—S vender Stela f?—B Tinder Stall U-Wb da Voa DUsrCßltltA’ 171—Caalmr Van der vest lUS LEXTKRS- Proprletnri Chicago vonldjncCo i prcaldeat of Use North Weaken steam Toe Co Proprie lor or Ibt eauaLast Alpha 4 Aeent Mutual BeaefltUfr InsoraaceCo of Newark. N J American MeaMncer Act spaalilisc Express Co Arat Or New England Motcallireinaora' re Co B)adamUh.We«t Lakett, Chi cam bteam Gaoze Co CryttalizedOUCo Cargos Oil Befinwy Orixapi Baaket Factory GK U uv Georse Barry Howe's Seale Co JP „ Hope woollen Uiantsctor. Factory Slato-Pspee Schooner L B Shepherd Hon eccr-ury Illinois state Horticultural So clity Secs of Sooth Bomonoock Lodge Sect ol iDthra Lodz* No OOAF4AM Sect of Home Lddn No WAFSAU Sect ot Oriental Ledge No SAFAAU Sect ot Dearborn LodgeNo SJBAPft AH Sectcl Hyde Park Lodge No«9AF*AM TjRR Prrizai A£tst To the States Azent or tne C*> North Western Cazamer* dal Oil Co TheNaUo&lCo OE Proprietors ot a vm-v** Shop IU U>Q BW.OIQ <UUI VI Ma*wroiltaa*twrtadoa Union NewaOepot No ST Wabath svense i ot April te the Itt of No ; p. tn.; front November Ist U .p. m. The veaUbole wUi ;p. m. On Sunday* from S>( R. A. OILMOKE. P. M. —Office open train the Ist vetnher, from 1 %. a. oil Va, to April lit, from Aa m. ml remain nnUl 9 o’clock ] A m. OUU Am. professional. JAMES TTLSeHIP, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Cor. of Maduce, Bxd 13. Spreial Notices. Th e Gorham nmuflietnrltiz Company, Sllvaarcltta, of Providmee. B. L. Uform me trade that th»y are producing Bee K*ectro-pia:ed Good*, com prlMne mil Dimer ana lea carriers tnu Tatis Ware of every description, of a very superior qualltv and ot oew ana e.-etant designs. Tbe b*M « Xieknl tsircr. upoawhl hisadeporltol pure Silver at such tM'E- B--M that they i>c*>cas all Ore advantages of solid »Hrer in utility. anJDom beauty ot areiga and superior fin is bare cndMiiPctlahapie from It. Tne Gorham Manufacturing Company refer with con poence tothcnigh imputation ta»r have reteMt.hcrt la Jheprodncttcn of solid silver Tsre, m vrtileh they "*'■ (or many years engager, and they bow as imretoe oqMlc that they win fuJiv sustain that reputa- CKm , *be production of Electro-plated Wares of surd SPSiIKA 1 ” * xl ?, e2:e dnrabi tty as will Insure cadre samariloato tbe purchaser. All articles by them are stamped thus; *<*-**• u * fRI, J r ßP*cM'teoL Theylsel it traces *°®*H w** stsendon oi parchassr* u> thelr Coigns tore tea X .*S*S!^y'fr imitated. These goods can only bs Croo responsible deataa thrwoghoM the “A T^lnable^iedielne. “Dr. Poland's White pine Coepctmd, advertised la our eolemar, U a tnccsssfnl attempt to combine and apply the medlrlcal virtues of the White Pme Bark. Xt has been thoroughly tested by people is this city and vicinity, and (he proprietor hae testlmonttla of Isa value trom penots wen known to our citizens. We recommend its trial In all those cases of disease to which It Is adapted, it is ftp ia!e by all our drag- SJstt."—{K. T. Independent. The Great New England Eemedy! Dr. J. W. Poland’s WHITE PINE COMPOUND Is new offered to tba af- Clcted threeghout the cottesry. after haring been proved by the test of eleven years in the New gn.-und States, where li/ merits have become as well know n the tftedom which. In pert, it derlvee Its virtue*. The White Pine Compound cures Sore Throat, Cohlr. Chugb*. IhphThena, Dreocbitis, Spltuss of tr ,d Pnlmonmy Affections generalr. It is a remartaSte remedy tor Kidney Dtabetea, Dlfflcolty ol Veiling Crtae. Bleeding Cmm the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel ana ether complaints. For Piles and Scur vy It will be toned wry raloaple. Give U a trial if yoaxDuld lean the*value of a good end triedmedlclEA Ills olcaaant, sale end sure. .Bold by Druggists *nd Dealers to MMlclnea ten*- raUr- BDBNHAMS A VAN SCBAACK Wholesale agents. Prepared Oil of Palm Hlme«y For preserving, restoring and beautllylng the hair, and la the most delightful and the world ever produced. Ladles win find It not only a certain remedy to in store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article for the Toilet, aa It Is highly perthmed with a rich and delicate perfume, tndependmt of the fragrant odor of the OQs of Palm and Macn. Tnz Max vat op Paso—A newlaad’.beautiful per fuse. which, la delleaey e€ scent and the tenacity with which It clings to the hanitksfrhtei apl pcr*o3,’u one quailed. » The above sate by an Druggists and Per fmDer«,at|lperboUloeach. Seat by express to any iddro* by the proprietor*, T. W. WRIGHT A CO, 100 Llbmj-n-, New York. For sale by J. H. SEED ACOn Chicago. Dr. Bigelow, Bavtae the coßfidenee ol the paMle aid the medical faculty at large, is tbe mol reliable physician lathe city tor chronic nervout aad sexual diseases. Call at his office, 139 South CUrlm, corner of Monroe, tojoraascpiraie. consultationavb. P.0.80x 134. Hi* guWe to health, puUhhed monthly, sent free to any address. Dr* Ijonle Sanjyer* Secularly Qualified PhreSan. S 9 Kaodolph-sfe, at tends nrlusively to the medical and surgical treat ment of all diseases of tne Genital and Urinary Organs In both sesea; also, Chronic, Nervous, Private and Female Diseases. Consultations confidential. Rooms separate. Dr. Xisomaon* Proßrtelor of the Medical and Surgical lasfeiute, US Sautb Clark tfe. ha* treated all torm-ujf venereal dls g«re with uarrrcgated saccni femirly lony years, bpermatorrbtea and impotence treated with tbe hap piest iesalts. Particular* of the Institute and the Gutde mailed treeto any addrwa. P. u. box 7*, Chi cago, XU. u Bairheler’i flair Drr, The Bat la the World 1 Harmlasa, rellahlA Instauta neens. The only perfect Dye! No disappointment— ro ridiculous tints. Sign'd. Willia* A Bwcnnos, New Vork. Al». REGENERATING EXTRACT OF preserves siy* beautiflts the hair, bold by a,l Urogruia. d^Jakfc-lv jFinr Jftinuturc. FURNITURE. GEO. J. HENKELS, LACY & CO., Chcstnut-sts., PHILADELPHIA. V* £ a salt* of Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted And tarnished complete aa PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Purchaser* can see bow a suite of furniture will ai>* pear In their house, and can from these zooms, make a better selection than they eaa trjm tarSllorj "rimla* cooaiy placed in large ware-roan:*. «E©oos anh <Coc.l' JLIANOIB COAL CHEAP! We will eell la lots of from 10 to ICO tons A No. I article ot Danyillo Coal at j*“*.CCr pop Ton. Ai*c, t tro tons of Scrcaclnj. and a let or No. I Coke cheap. Address MORRIS COAI, COMPANY, iJilgsiognomi). of AIT FACE?” Thli: Janes TValxtr,lhe wd]-knowa Phyilovn> edit, Unow at SD Waab!mrtcn-«t. Your csbamna andcocetlratloo. What to do. Howtollv*. Bow u rUe in the world. What to »ta<ly. Examination <IJ» J3rs CSoohg. (Groceries, See. WE AKE BODG'D TO SELL OITK FMI RE stock of Drv Goods, Groceries, Bard* ware. Crockery. Aartcolur*' itnptemeau, 4-c., Ac.; »!m). onrstor*. wareboote. cribs Ac., Ac., now J, las a fine trade. Other huslsesv cause for selling. Who wants to purchase, a splendid chance. MORGAN A LI ART. /!■_!._> T\» M ICM (gttg Noticeg« Cirrv bonds. 1 CITT CoYPrBOtXXB’* Omn, > _ Cuicaoo. Dccemhero. Jd6fi.t The of City Chicago will pay Immediately the Jan uary, I9fi7. Coupons for Interest on such ot the City Bend* a» tbali be preheated at my office before lb* Ahh tnitast. Tbdnterf«ton Uncut*not »a predated wIU be paid In the city of New York na usual. CeU-lOt W ALT Bit EIMBALU City Comptroller. RAILBOAJJ TUIE TABLE. CHICAOC AND NOHTUWMttBh—DEPOt 003, W3fl Wins AND ECfZIS. Depart. Arrive. Day Express •S-.00a.n. •?;:« p. m. Nl£hl Express p.m. •2: 12 a. m. JaneovlTlc Accommod'n *2: >0 p. m. •S; 10 p. m. Woodstock Accom’d’n.. *3;oop.a- *3:00 a. a. cai-ksa ammo*. Fnlum and Cedar Baplda *%lsa. m. 7.Sjp.m. Fulton and 10wa......... tT;3O p. n. H:(Q a. m. Freeport at,d Dunleith.. *0:00 a. n. 100 a. m. Freeport and Dunldtb.. *10:00 p.m. l;0p. m. Bocktord and Fox Rlvn. *uoo p. ra, 11:10 a. n. Dtzon *l:oop. ta. 11:10 Am. Genera sad Elgin • JjDp.ia. 3:12 a. a. xzLwarxn i*rrt»icr. Express *9:00 a. c. *s:v/p. a. Expnas.... ... *1:00 p.n. *12.-0C m. Night Acconnnodstloc 1:45 MV a-m. Kesoeha Accomznod'a... 4;lUp.ta. 9:12 a. c. Wankwan Accotaiaod*c. MTJp.n. 5:58 a. a. Rotehili, Calvary, and Evanston 1:30 p.n. MfOp.m •Sundays excepted. tSaturaays except, IMondays excepted. szcßieav cxntbxl aansoan—rsiaa nsro?, foot of lax* enter. , Morning Express tOOin. *9 45 p. n. Day Express *1:00a. m. *lia«p. s. Evening Exprew 15:30p.0p. o. Ntgbt Expires J*9:C3 p. m. t%23 a. b. CINCiySaTI AND tonsruil TRAIN-. WnrnlppExpress *J!OOa.Bj. •Hfc.iop.tx. Night Expresr JfklSp. o. •IDOGp- ra. cicHioAii socrneßS aan in eaoas lin s—Dl ror cousxk tuuxtsox AW!) rasm sTsxrrs. ram xurx. Mall * *& Day Express m. *i'.:oo p. o Sew York Express.4-sp.m. tlksop. c NlchtExpress l*lo:onp.m. *WOi m Dxracrt lin». Mall *4:4sa.ic. «d«a.m. Night Express tIOUXI p. m. *Sdo p. m. TTmr»trm«B, xostt warww andchhaco. Fast Line 3:13 p.m. -7:40 p.n Express *1 0:00 o.m. IDOOp. a TTTJUntm o*stbal_ Day PssMngcr •'*oo a. n. *l*3o p. a. Pa«enger. jlfcOOp.n. *8.45*. m. Eankakee Aeeoroood'c. *«:€sp. m. •’•3'a.m. Uvde Park ana *•» ** “ »ls:inp. nu • “ •* “ .... p. m. •tsf'p. nu u u u - «sjj o, m. *T*3O p. BJ CHICAGO. imDMn.l JJH> oxnxrr. Day Expme sod Sail. ' •£**a. m. *9:00 p_ m. GalesborcFfeMeseer.. . *8:00 pm. *4.80 p. a, Aaron *'dX) p. m. •B'tf'a.ta. Mrodota *7rfX) p. 0B- *9:O a. ffi. NJgMExprasa Jlibo nild'bt tiso x. ta. CBTCAfiO ASI! Ft. tOXTO. r-sprees «Jd Moll 5i0»*.8!. 9:4Jp.ta. vjdr. Exprcse... fclip. to. iMt-IL. toilet said Wilmlagtoc Accommodation... . 4-H>jp. ra. 9:43 o.c. Hicaoo as© qbeat sosg-rijt—(loti cjtcrjnfiT: on ter*)—unwipin bae-iooh svot, cob. cjjiai A9i> xmu Kinw. a. a. %np,n 7:00 ne» p- a. ZU.R *si» osiciaMAn. %G 0 a. m-' 9s *0 p. m 7:00 p m. licjO a. n. 7:03 a.m. 9sM p. s. 7:00 p. O. lP:90 t. &. &UJp. m. S:tt *. m. ftOu a. m. 5:15 p.E. LmOo.& cm CABO, BOCXISLAS7 ASP ricmc &AHBOAO. Day Express and Mail... *S;oos.*i. *5.45 a. n. •Tight Express 9:43 p. n. *4:31 p.m. oltet Accommodadot.. tWp.c n EjmrcM PiXjrht, wltc pas*ci.ecr car atjicrvfd. wfflTeare pasaenger depcv every Saturday at 3:3T a. m. tor the Wcet. The Joliet Accoanodailoc, coumec vltb Sz* presa Freight for Way Station*. . . •Sunday excepted- fconday excepted, rSatartxy excepted. Day Express .... slght AippßM /on cmtAxorous, loess Da* Express . Sight Express CoTnmtms Express dDctnastl Expreees....' loafing Aeeommoditloh CHIOS STOCK TACT TZXZ CABLE. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 7:10. WO. 11:30. sao too 5:40. ...Am. ...a. m. ...a. m. ...p. tru ...p.m. .-p.m. 6:30. 8:30. IGCO. 1£?0, 3:20. Ltf. .ju in. I 9:33. .a. m. I ItC. ..p.o. j ST). ..p.m. | 3:15. AxTivmlandl>epartQreof Han*. Tie loQowing U tie new übldTor the arrival and departure of mans from the Chicago Poet Office tor the winter, tad nowin tares: •Winn CIOSX. T. O. CSCAfIO, nr- XAtU AIIBXTX. a-m. p.m. Am. p.m. ... 9:90....MKh. South. B. B .... &15.... ** “ u &S 5 .... 32rt)0m 44 **•*.. &00 JEOO .... 19dU m Mich, Centralß. K 12,00 ... “ ** “ .. 0:00 &lj 9:C0....PU«.* PL Wayne ii?J .... 8:15 . “ “ *• *:W .... ISriX) m 14 “ “ .. sO3 11:00 lioO 4:80...-Croat Eastern B. K.. StW 10NW 12:00 4:50....1'Cw Albany A Salem Bdo lEOO I*-00 fcfO....THioo Air Une.... &0U 7^o 1»-00 18:00.. ..Beckle!an«1 RvDrotd 5:45 2:53 &SO iW....l s orthwceiernlL R., 6;a as® &80 M 0... Wllnantee Kaflroad. 11:30 &99 TfrfO 7rts....miaoleOalnl ELB. 7:00 MX) 19:00 7tf0....5L lAJniB Bailrond... 5:35 8:45 B. A. Giiaobx, Poatmuter fHrtiral. gCHEKCK’B PULMONIC SYSUP, SEA-WEED tonic, gAtenSARB FZXsXsS* TUB H26TORY OF I)B. SCHESf'R’s ntrw p>n- AXD no W HE WAS crai Of cossSSiM Many years ago. while midiac la phiiadeinM. v baa piogretsec cradsaUy >«o u?. «iSf 1 2» U fe 1 1 ttonaryCoasnmpaoD. All hone? to! oluiMim. J ... wish, to remove mtothe mojASSl w J.. about rlee inUes ctstant. being my n [ was removed thither, oecnpylag t*- tn!l (UrJ iTTsi transulop. Mr Utter and ad hi? (ksL v tua U»ed Sa died U,er«.—aid died of l*o!monary Consaiapnun. on ray aritval at I was pui to 0.0. ttuiei Uy Sir many wcets la what was di-emeu a he *ie«a cotdltloe. tv. Thornton, who bad been my & birr's raailly p£ylclha,ard Pad attended him in bis last ui f ese. was called to see me. He Uionrat my c\--c entire ly hvyrnd the of medidne. and decMctl that I mast die, and cava me one w«t to arrange my tempo ral sflol.-s. in ihis apparxntlf hopeless (?'cul 11 >a I heard ct tbemneuUs which I now make and sell, it seems u> ne that I ccoid teei them working their way. system.** 0 * 011 * ' TeTJ fierT «* cl ' rc *nd flasnecf my My togs and Sixer put cm a new aettoa, aad the nur t,3,Q *° r acmtnaliteJ and irrl tated itc clficrrot organs cf the (Kxly. w ;■ ellrnlnate.l* ftvm 1 n <! v C i^si 4 lafl V rlpe£od,aco I excectirsled .‘S’JS'JS* SSi“rh?K& S’.f.SfSSVisSsr^^ the right one is is a Ulorably healthy co-.diuo‘o. “ Conrcxnptlon at that tin.* tioa*t: oVm ihcerahte disease by every one, phyM-Uns taweii asifccsewhowere nnlearerd in mr-liem-—essodliMr nch cases aa were redneed to tbe con.dtion t waste thisipdceedmanype p;etobt-urreatrerorerroalT temporary, im.w prepared and gav- medicine* to consumptives for some Uma, and mademray wrmdcr nil mrrr, and lh* increased that I determined to cff« them to the cnbllc, and drvote mv oncividfd attention to lore diseases. Intnilh. I waa r JS f -'* cr<l lQ 't« f r people wonld send for me, tar Mmnear, to ascertain whether thetr cases Were tia - For many yeare. tn conjunction with mr r.Hiw*n*r pfflee in FfcUalelphia. I Save been > °Mm:h UlU 10 * Ncw Vorfc ' Bsmoo. ulltlmcre sS “ an J y~r* past. I have made aa many as five «b-> “Uesplroaie- Forsaeb exammadons my cbarsels fiVedoUarv, and It eDshlea me to give each patient the tree condl gei°wcsr diK * Be ' :etl blmtraafciy whether he will The great rvaaou why physicians do not cure Con sumption la. that they try to do too much; in-/ K tra medicines to imp tne conth. to slop the nlcht sweats, nectle lever, ana by so doing tbey derange the whole a; gesdve system, ticking up the secretions, snl even tually ttepsUatciw. TbeVnimonlcSyrup Is one of tbe most valoxhls tedlclnc? in-iWn. ItunoLlccJ. powernur tosiAa-id healing In luelt. It contain* owcplum, yet Jo sen? the pbelgp In the bronchial tabes, and injure tnrow? It off with Hole exertion; oio bottle frcouintly csrxunr. disary cold: but it will be w?U£r*t to take of EcbcocVs Mandrake PUJa to e eanse the st-mach. The rUlmoelcSjn up Is readily dlveited atd absorbed Inta blood, to which it imparts iut eating prepense*. It la cm Ol the best preoaratlora of iron fa use; itui srful tonlecf llMlt: and when the Svawew T»alc dlb soives the mucus In the stonuvh. aaJ U earHMl n w or JhJJtotote >£, JSr’of £Sc Juice, tcxvl •purtltehnda goodULmstl .a toilowr ’ The Seaweed louic i» I stliulast, *cd tone Ollier is required when It U u«rd. It Is piiTJ sr.d p ciiaal; »• bad effects like when avlng Boorb-n wbl*key. which disorders Itw i tomacb. torpar»c<e uver. I«cg- op all Ihesecreilora.turn*thebioodlctowater. dfoo*T seta In, snd tbeoat rnt dies snddculy. Bourbon whiskey is recommended now a-days by al toiwt ev«y phyjltlan. &Uny pa'ivnts who vi.u my rerros,both mate and Srma-e, arc step-fied witf. this poiron. Thereiuf is temporary, if they con-n. teey lake a lllt'e whiskey; If they feel s tai anJ feeble, they take a little whiskey: It they c?ncot »lc-p. they takes little whiskey; aad then aooa In this way, reiimnnd more and more, until they areb oatcilua. a-id imclna tbey are getting Ccshy. m* stomarh. liver andoi. gretlvc powers arc criupltteiyd-'strovmLaad lo* their appetite l_r looa. No mrwss erer cured of v.asumo- Lud by talsprccrer. wiiereranUf? have beva nrmrd in the lungs, a Hide stimulant Is ireuaentlr ixmcaclal to cuDsun-ptlves, «ucn a? pore braroy or cron wtaes; laraan cases London porbror bni«a la inode rateqaanuues; but Bourbon whisker ha»rca» on In stead of curti-g cotsurr ptloo. The SEAWtED TONIC produces lasting results, tlorwgbiy Javicoruttße the sP csch and di.xsavc rasUm, ai.d enabUng it h» ettmtaste and rnave lato healthy Hood the food that msv b> useil for teat nnr posc. It Is »o woodertul In Us effects that a wine r'sis full willdUrst a hearty tnea'. and a Utils ot ti LUet befure brcaklast will give a tone t - the stomach which ft w medicine* possess tbe p »eroi dclog. Thu MANDRAKE m« be taven with entire soft ly l.y a.l ages and conditions, pro laving all the sot d results that can be irora ratomelorany of the mcrrunal tuecicittea. and without any ot their hurtful or Injurious results. They earry out -if the sys tem the feculent and worr.-ont matters lco»med and dlsMlvtd ry my an>l I’alntoaiv Syrup. It **U « n that all three uf u. y medicines are ceoi cd In irosi'casce toesrecvasamptlco. I’otlcau can coosult me prufevlo*. ally at my roomr. 33 UoDd-*t.,Ncv Ton.every TUEaUAT. tmm 9 a. n.. toSp. m. All advice tree wfcharße: but tor a t.vir onjheximmauonwUhhli rc.tplrotr.ffer,fj. pri-eof the-Pulmonlc byrup »nd Jecvw c»?l To U*. r»- h f 1 S> per tool tie. cr 1730 th» half doren; Macirake I*U?. Scents a box. bold by druggist#, and d-alen everywhere. A BUI supply »an always b« obtained at hl» £3 Dond-eu New York. DEMAS i'.AliNEb A CO„ 31 Park row. New York. General WLolrsa.c Agents. litupusulis - , Crvrow Here*. Oonrxsntnmn, .V. T.. > fire: mrmiLM's Or nee, November JO, isU_ f Fen <1 perpoanlf will be rvcrlredat the om.-o of the Surer r undent of to*- new Co-tom nou»e at l ntr 1 -. S.7.,aßiillSn*el.wkm , the Bth ft«vnf Janaary, IW-. t>f fttnr shine lndd»ll»erlnedlmen«lrn atones fbr the outMce stone vorlcot thebttlMlnc above the sid»- ta>e- The atone required ta for twe and be«t courses, aindow Mllp»,Unt.le ami Panda, impost moulding*, arrhl volU. comii e, blocking cjurse.quoituan l U-dnjp oi chimney tcp*. and alao for ashlar, if drmed f>rthe Inure' t of Che Ootaramcnl to ns* ashlar In thi place cl , pwevd brick. Any ap;oe* of stone, wbetber erxnlte. marble or aaLdstour. cur Us. or any other, may be *aomlued.bat wtalevtr kisd may ct'iai be ol llw dim! dnraMeQualltT, rr good color.fice calo. Impervlooa to water, perfectly nnatfreted bv troar ant ca pable ofrecetrinr aOn*uot*h. The' riaiiT the stock required are vanoaa: tn«lr dimensions may be procured from drawing* at tit Sutsena drnt’* clflre. I be foraJ imtini of th**e di aeasijn atones. «t»ludre of ihe a»hl*r. will be »Dout IUACA cubic fett. stone moat be delivered Intheronghon the*ltc or the bullflns. or aura place as may be di-.ltmafed hr the Snperlnt'-nir*nt,aod prt> praaiamnrt ho trace by tV*eohlr f«ot of kUn« d-“lvee ed. treloilveof all freigrthanltor, Ac. Mcamremcsm lobe aadeotidelivery, byauthonx*! »erntß rr Urn fcoperau-ncent, and ten per cent, of allpvjnjcao* re- Ulned anti 1 completion of contract*. Th» orcnoaals fhra«n*srmnj» teP>r t Inrb dc-isiarh ashlar, hr the snperflctftl foot ot each kind. fcamples ct six incbc* cube, rt the stones propaml to be ftiinptcd. must be submtßed to tbe.Saperlntcad entbrtorjtl.enpetJneol Uie propueal*. wun lie rart ouj style* of cutting or haijccriog caed on ihecl.vw of stope.sed oropetiy marked with the name of the par* Ur» hf whom /•i.bntUU'iL lb" whole atsonai of tN* •forte remtlred to be d-llv ered by or tvi.n iLelalof Jute. lSt«. and too delivery lor the lower eoararaut *tooe w-.rk to begin l>v or 00~ fbreMny l*t, VfW7. Tb> Department reserve* the rtsbt to trim any or all the propeatua. All bids muss be acrompanled by abend of two re* sponsible person*. It the itsm of *3.000. that the bt llrr will areept and p*rfb»m the corrrart l! awarded to turn, theaumclenrvof the seenrtty to be certified br the Collector or lotercai Revenue ol the District. ITvpoealarbonld bn endorsed “Proposal tor Stock ror Drr**e«l slore Work.” and atidm-ed to X. Fhstcr broot, Suptrlt ten dent of Cm tom Rnn.-st. Ocdenaimrelu N. V. NATHAN EASTEKItBfKJIC, Snperioteodeot. OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO &AL* top gantmaPCoMfajnr. Cincaoo, Dec. 8, ia» Sealed Proposals will he received nattl th» -jCth last, lor *60,000 RAILROAD GROSS-TIES, To he deliverer! ta Chicago wuhlc ninety dav» alter ths epeulOK of lafei* navigation la the spring of 1557. The Iks to be B feet Ion;, 6i« U hewed, and 6th If saved. Proposals will state kind of Umber ottered. T. B. DLaCKSTOSE. President. rpo AIICniTECTH. IXANS ANr SPECIFICATIONS FOR NEW mrTT.n. INGS FOR TDK WAR DEPARTMENT AT WASHINGTON, D. C. Architect* are fretted i« prepare plan* and KpectUeaa- Cock, ana e»Umat« of r -t, jor cew Bre-proof bulkt log* for the War Department, on the site how occapeal h» the n ar D- partmtnc and adkeenf vacant zrouadja W«»htnat-n. L.c. Tin- buildings required should have a superficial are* a* targe a> the kite •elecle- *1 1 admit cL PhotograpM ofethaaed all other tnicnnatlon rcialtrg to She Bul> Jeet.will be fUmUhed to An MiecU deelriog to com pete f. r the work, upon appißaUon, or by letter, tc the undeniunrd. A cremtam of SACCO tat the ent. ot 53. 003 for the 6<*ccd, and of|i>D for the third cjji accopiable pXn* acd fpcrlflc*tt:ns recrlvrl, w*:i he awarded, upon the approval of the lion. Secretary oi War. by the Beard ot CQlcer- charged with the auty of select trga I ite and preparlagputa* and apeulflcanaovforthe buildings of the War X>cpaitzuen: under act ot Coo gre*« kpprovM July as IM. The plans and »tx clficauocs •.-.airtbe vet to the office ot brevet Lieatcnact CclJtel T. J. rreaiwe<f, tteeor* dare 1 the Board; Ordnance«.ffice. Winder** WaahlngUn, on or before the Ist day ot Feoruary, Tie Board will rwrre tie ntht to reject anr or aH Sl*a9 eobmliud, BhooliJ note ;>e Waitable C-T le rorpewe, u veil aa to retain *O7 cr an of incb pUOS. Uy order ot the Board. T. J. TKAAD WELL, Btu LI cat. Cnl» C. s. A.. Etf'o.-.lrr- Crawsportation. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE, (VeneraJ Transatlantic Compacts MAIL STRAMBBLPb BETWEEN NEW FORK AST) HAVRE, AT BREST. Tie aplendld pew reaaela 01 ibla tnvorlte roote tot the Continent via sail trots Met So. 30. North Btrer, m follow*: hEBBIRE. Dachsie....November 17. VlLT.£DEPAlUa..etuinoat....December 1. EfTiorE Lamanr....December 13. ST. LAURENT Boceadt December TJ. PRICE OK PASSAGE IS GOLD. Pint Cabin, fix; Second Cabin. £9O, Including tabU vine In enter claw. Tie (teamen ot thl* Una do not carry steerage |a> •eager*. Paneneera toteodlcg to land at BREST will be fttr eltbcd with fhltoad coupon ackets, and tietr bajrare cLcctcd »o Part*, at an additional charge c( p tor fins and |3 for tecocd claaa. Medical attendance tree of charge- Fortnntcr intorxatioa, ansi*, to Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATEOFFICE, SIW la S»>v Tcrt, to GEO. MACKENZIE. Agent. .TS Broad way. ifcr tljc jßolfoagg. CHBiSTMAS A2fD NEW \ EAR’S GIFTS. GREAT WATCH SALE. On the popular one-price t-Uru cUlnsr ererr patron a hardwire and rcilah’e vfattn torthelow prlceaf Ten Dollar*, without reran to r due, and not be paid tot nnlest petf-cOy *aU*r*ctory 1 US Solid Gold H cntUp W.Mchej $33 to ItSB IW Slagle Cawd Gold *atche*_ XO to 500 101 Lattice* Water es, enamelled 100 o 300 StOSeHd Ilartmp Chronometer Watctea.. 2Wto soo ' 900 Gold Hauling SsxiUh L-tct* OjO to *A StO Gold Hunting Dop’.-a Watehe* iSJ to 2DO UL>Gold Ututina American Watches lucto ZJ) ltd Sllter»... S 3 to 120 rw SDrer Hunting Dnclne* !W Oo!d Laei»a* Watch-. ? WCi Geld Hnnttßsr Let Inw IXOO HUMliooeon* Slsrer Woicheo.. 2,109 Hon lisp Silver Wstrbre.. SJxO Averted WaTcb**. all klaci’***!!!....! 19 to Tt Ertry patron obtains a Watch by thU arraacvmenl, costlofi bat <t3, wtu.elt may be worth 120. .Wo parti ality ‘town. Mfwn. -I. JBfH;!!* 4 Co.*» Great 'Union Watch Ctx, Hew York '.My, wiahto Immediately dlspoia of the above tn*gni£c«it» lock. 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