Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 11, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 11, 1866 Page 1
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THE ASSASSIN SURRATT. Recent Arrest of the Conspirator in Egypt. How the Criminal was Traced and Finally Apprehended. His Hystericus Assertion in Rela tion to President Johnson, FROM EUROPE. ■The London Times on the Fenian Troubles. IN ITALHN ENVOY SENT TO ROME. FROM WASHINGTON. Congress to Adjourn for Ten Days on the 22d. Payment of the Additional Homily Commenced, GIB 'The Nebraska and Colorado Bills Favorably Reported on in the Senate. BILL INTRODUCED IN THE HOUSE TO UEOEIL THE SEUTRiUTi LAWS. Fill Passed P gnkting the Time of tbo Mg: dag of Congress. FROM MEXICO, Terms of Canales’ Surrender of Matamoras. Interesting Official Corns pondcncc. sunn att. His Float Arrest in Exvoi—flow tbe Crim inal was Traced and Finally Apprehend* ed—lfe Acknowledges flm Complicity Willi the Assassination Consplrat Assemoa Conceralng President Johnson, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] WasnisoTOir, December 10. Tbe correspondence sent to the House to-day, touching the arrest of Johu □. Surratt, covets about onehtmdred foolscap page*. It establishes, conclusively, (hat the State Department has lirown Furratt’s whereabouts since early last May, thus verifying the assertion made by Gov ernor BontwelL Tbe correspondence Includes letters from Consol General Poiter, of Montreal, our Consul at Liverpool, Ministers King, Marsh nnd Harvey, Consul General Hale, of Egypt, ic. It appears from the papers that Surratt spent some time, after the assassination. In Canada, at Three Hirers, being protect ed by the Catholic denomination, though It 5* not known that hla identity was known to th'm. Thence he wenn to Londonderry, lieland, and w es for a while In the Catholic oratory of that city, leaving there lor Home cany in the present year. At Rome he enlisted in the Papal Zouaves, serving in that body until arrested In November. Tbe correspondence ahpwaUtat the Government has the names of various vessels in which be sail ed from point to point, and ccnmaUv a tolerably mil account of hla Jontneyings, and disasters. Among tbe pipers is a statement from a person (name withheld) who crossed the Atlantic wl-h him. and who communicates tnroogh the Consul si Liverpool. Sunatt was then pass ing under the nams of Macarty. He adml’ted to this witness that Booth and himself originated the assassination eonspkacy. and intimated, with out actually saying so. tnat Jeffi Davis is privy thereto. Be claimed that be was in New York tbe night tbe murder was committed, on his way to Canada. He owned to making frequent trips between Richmond, Washington and Canada, and sa.d his bnrincas was well known to mauv per sons is Richmond. He expressed great satisfac tion at the death ol Lincoln. DU hair a: d tvhUVcn were dyed, and be seemed plcnlilatly suppled with money, ills general appearance was so changed list it was almost impossible to recognize him, and although the Consul at Liverpool knew his exact Whereabouts while in England, he slipped away l-efare his identity could be established. Such observation bad been kept of his actions that It waa knom on the day be slipped that he was Bound for Home, Minister King was properly advised. The story of his IdeullflcaUon and arrest in Italy Is very interesting, it appears that on tbe Sid of April, a man whose name is also with held, called on Mr. King and staled that he bad known Surratt in Washington and Maryland, and that he was (ben under the name of John Waason, serving In ibe Papal Zouaves. Tbe Minister waa surprised, and at first could hardly believe the story. His informant was closely questioned, however, and Mr. King final ly concluded that be was telling the truth. Tbe report waa sent to 31r. Seward, and a long corres pondence between Messrs. Seward, Hale, Stanton and King followed. The fall eUletncut ofthe wit ness was Uken down, showing that he had been a school teacher in Prince George County, Maryland: that be knew Surratt Welchman, Sin. Surratt and others of that arcle, and that he was well informed relative to ail Sur ratt's afiairs. He said Surratt had told him ofthe conspiracy; had admitted bis mother's gnilL had expressed satisfaction at Lincoln's murder, had given him to understand that Davis was impli cated. and had expressed his purpose to return to New York in a year or two. A photoeraph of Surratt was cent from this country, and Mr. King employed a discreet person to compare his fea tures with those of the Papal soldier, and the identity of Surratt, then passing u Watson, was thus Sully established* *v Two or tnree interviews had taken place between Mr. King and Cardinal Anlonclli, and tbe Car dinal was fully informed of Ur. King's knowledge, suspicions and plans. We hare no Extradition Treaty with the Pope, and could not therefore de mand Surratt, Orders were, however, given by tbe Cardinal, while the investigation was going on, that neither tbe criminal nor tbe witness, who was also in the Papal service, should be dis charged without specific directions. Ur. Kin g, by Mr. Seward’s instructions, asked if Surratt would he dcliveied up on the proper inoictaent and proof, and be was promptly answered in the affirmative. The Cardinal seems trom the begin ning to have moat promptly seconded the efforts of our Government in the matter, and be hlmsclt ordered the arrest of Surratt, as soon as his Iden tity bad been fully established and the necessary legal steps had b en taken. The fact of his arrest and escape from a guard of six men U already known. The ortera of the Papal authorities, and the regular reports of the Papa) military officers touch matter, are included in the correspondence. The Cardinal ■expressed great' regret Surratt's escape. The most vigilant efiurta were at once resorted to for bis re-arrest. He was traced to a hospital at Sara, and thence to Naples, passing in the lat ter city under the name of Walters, lie escaped from Naples before he could be arrested. The authorities knew he had taken the steamer for Alexandria, and the necessary information ami suggestions were at once sent to Consul General Sale. Assistant Naval Secretary Fox had reached Rome about this time, and be and Mr. King sent word to Admiral Goldsboro ugh, through Minister Harvey at Lisbon, to despatch one of hli vessels of wsr into the Eastern Mediterranean, ' Mr. Dale cfiecied Surrau’s arrest, as soon as the I vessel on which be sailed from Naples reached I Alexandria, and at occe advised .-Mr. Seward. ! Orders were sent to Admiral Ooldshorough, hy Secretary Welles, ard Mr. Uale'a coons was ap i proved by the Secretary o( Sute, who directed - bun to deliver Surratt to the Captain of our war i ytsrel. lt Is expected that he will soon be on bis way to 1 this country. Tbe person who gave information i that he was in tbe Papal service ha* been released 1 fro ox that body, and will also come to this ! country as a witness against Surratt. Some ; comment is made among those who have seen the correspondence, by one remark made by Surratt j on his arrival in England. It was that be hoped 1 to live long chough to be able to give a good ac count ofTreeldent Johnson. Everybody is ask ! lug what this observation meant, i [Tothe Western A-ioclated Pres*.] i Wabsxbctob. December 10. Tbe President 1 communicated to the Douse to-iay the correspoa -1 deuce on the arrest of John H.SarraU- It Is very 1 Tolumlnona, and 'relieves Mr. Seward from the ' imputation that bo had neglected to use the proper exertions to secure the arrest of the fugitive. Under date of Liverpool, 25d September, Mr. i Wilding Informs Mr. Seward that Surratt Lad ar l rived, or was expected to arrive, in that ciiy. He ! enclosed tbe affidavit of a person whose name is not made known, bnt whom ll appears was confi dent OI Surratt's Id. ntity, stating tbe particular* of his voyage from Canada. Surrall confessed he had been in the Confederate service, anl his spe cial butlnea* was to convey intelligence turn Washington to Richmond, lie al«o averred that th- plan to kidnap and carry off PresldeuC Lincoln vas concocted hy himself and J. Wilkes Booth He esys be arrived in Canada before the assassin allot ot Lircoln, and while there received a letter from Boom saying it bad become necessary to change tl cir planr, and requested him to at once come to Washington; bnt be did not aay whether be returned th rrjhni ualdlhatcn his way hack tbe auaastnallon of Hr. Lincoln, tad Umt be re plied tbit tt *u too good to be true. Tba g«tiaem*o took a n-wswaper from hli pockei nod retd an areosnt or tba occurrence, and be, surprised at finding bis own name, la* mediately Idl on Son day night. lie related a long conversation held with Hr. ,at Richmond. and I raid, “Yon ha»e toll me arreatatory, now air, what anal I call yoar camci He promptly answered Surratt, ibis wo* before he armed at Londonderry. I hare not »een Snrratt since, bat 1 believe he Ls la liver pool. Coder date of September 30th, Mr. Wilding says: “ Sirce my despatch of tbe Sid ins'ant, the supposed Ssrrau baa arrire-d to Liverpool, bat Mr. Adams adriaes me that under tba present evi dence of identity and oompllclty. It woald not be politic *o caare tus arrest. In conrcraauon with ol Surratt declared that be hoped he would lire long enough to giro an iccoaot of President Johnson." Under date of October 13,1953, Mr. Banter. As* Blatant Secretary of State, writes, that oa consni tation with the Secretary of War and Judge Advo cate General Holt, It u not thought advisable to take any steps for the arrest of toe anppoaed Sur ratt at prefect. Mr. King. under date of April 5,19 W, write* Mr. Reward that John Snrratt had enU«ied tot&e Papal Zonavoa and had admitted (hat his true nanie was Surratt, and acknowledged hla par tidpaUon In the plotting against the life ol President Ixncolu, He declared that he htd never seen Jeff Dans, but it wet understood that ho incited, or waa privy to the plot. Mr. King aaid Surratt appeared to be w til supplied wab money, and appealed to bun notto betray hu secret Ihe informer expreeaea an desire that it any siepa be taked to ward* reclaiming Surratt as a criminal, that his name hbonld cot be Lnowj lu tbo matter V r-MWIIM kWh tig kuvnu 111 lUQ UliiHU May 17. ISuU.—Mr. reward Informs Mr. Stanton ot the receipt of the foreign IntormsUon, and laid before him Mr. King's letter detalliog all the fact*. May lit—'Mr. Stanton acknowledges tbe receipt oi ll.c document*, suo says he had referred toe »smetoJLdge Advocate Holt, who advise* bio l! at lull FtsicmenCs of the Informant be secured and verified under oatb, and aiterwards proper sups Lc taken for toe arrest of too criminal. MaySt>—Mr. Seward anegostato toe Secretary ot Mar that, a« we Lave no hstraditton Treaty with the Pupal Slates, a special agent be seut to dviraLd the return of Surratt. Under date of Home, June 30th, Mr. King states be ban another conversation with which confirms him In tbe oelief of the statement .. ...M. VWM. M. D M.U. M. IMS WIKI Ul hUI. SUW U|.U, which bis Intormant had commllffid to writing. SurraU had conteeecd hi* own complicity ana bis mother’s. Witness says he waa at one Lime a ttscher ia the village of Texas, Maryland, and dclrdrcs klmsclf prepared to go to the United States. He still withes his name concealed, fear ing that Us life would be endangered if divulged. Surratt also remarked to him that be was in New Yc.ik, ready to fly, when tbe assassination took ptscc, and no does not regret whit too-c place. July 7—Mr. King returns to Mr. Seward the above t-utemeot against Surratt, property sworn to I y the intormant. Kom, AngnstS.—Ur. Kl"g says be explained t!-e whole afair to the antnorilies In Home, when His Eminence czprcsst-d himself a* greatly inter* esied, ud intimated that if the American Govern* mint dTslnd a surrenderor the cn-ninal, there would probably be no difficulty in tbe way. October IG—Mr. Seward mclueca to Mr. King a photograph of Surratt, and suggests that a com petent pcieon be selected to visit Vellelrl, and compare- the photograph with the supposed com ical. He also suggests that proper co.unensaiion be allowed, »nd requests him to seek uronzution whether his Holineoa would surrender Surratt, or wbetber he would be wllllngto cater Into a gene* rat extradition treaty. Mr. King waa alrised that neither burrau or be arrested tail! a full !a- veiilr-Uon of the matter, and time to make a de mand tor them. Koxc, November 4.—Mr. King says be had a full tntorviuw with Cardinal Antaodli, who prompil. responded that bo woald give up Sur ratt itpun proper indictment and proo', at the re vf the United States, if the latter C.overn- nunl woni'l do likewise under parilM dream *;at.ces. Mr. King also said that no would like a confidential perron to compare Surratt's pnoto u-ath witb Inu supposed criminal. November 10—cardinal Antouclli apprised Mr. King that bnnatt or Wilson had b.en arrested by his orders (the CaroinViV). but on the way to home had eecapcu from a guars of six men. The Cardinal expressed great regret at Surratt's es «*pc. Ail tbe onleiß of tbe Papal Government, atid the reports oi the Papa! otdiiaJs coaccmlng the iure*l and escape, were inclosed. November 17,31 r King and Assistant Secretary of the Navy Foxsi-nt word to Minister llarrcy, at 1 Isl K>ti, to direct Admiral Goldriiorougb to t'ud a United States vessel to Cirita Vecchla upon imporUit business. Floucnce. November ’.3 —Mr Marsh reports that ne bad, immediately upon bis arrival from Naples, an Interview with the Secretary Gen eral of the Minister of Foreign ATklre, and asked him If he thought tbe Italian Government would surrender Surratt if he shonld tie found Ic Italian temtory. The Sccrclarv replied that he lieHi.vcd Surratt would be surrendered by that Government on a proper demand of the Doited S»a;cs, and proof or the identity of the rriotPial, bnt that mis wonld probably be done only uuier the stipulation on tic part of the United States authorities that the punishment of death should not he indicted on the criminal so eurreadered. The Consul General, Howard, report* that Sur ratt had been bunted for at N'aplea, and It had been ascertained that under tbo name ol Walters, he had the day before proceeded In the regular deader to Alexandria, Egypt. Mr. King there upon telegraphed to Consul Hale, at Alexandria, to arrest funalt upon his arrival. Under da*u of December 3d, Consol Hale tele graphs to Mr. Seward that he has arrested John Snrratt at Alexandria. Mr. t-ewnrd to Consul Hole, under dated Oe ■v tuber fid, telegraphs him that bis course 1* ap proved, and that measures nave been Uken to bring Nurratt home. Mr. Seward. under date of December 4th. tele gi apbs Consul H«le that tbe Secretary of the Navy ha" instructed Admiral Goldsboro oeh to bring i-rjratt home, and directs Consul Hale to deliver him to Admiral Goldsborough. FROM TTASHINGTOS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l WasntscToir, December 10. snxTO lzoauxs thx pststacvr's onnms ajtd rnonjDtATtosa nentno tux wan. Sir, Bingham, of Ohio, has Introduced a very iniportaiilbili, which was referred to the Jndlci *ry Committee, it declares valid all acts, pro dsuiatlous and orders of the President, and acts dune by bis authority after tbe 4th of March, 1661, and beiore the Ist of December, 1863, respecting martial la«, trial by Military Commissions for the arrest and trial of persona charged as rebels dur ing the la:e Insurrection, ar as alders or abettors, ihereof, and of all proceedings done or bad by Cuorts-NTartial or Military Commission*, and of all arrests or Imprisonments made in the premises by ihc President's order—declailng the same to be valid to the same extent as if previously author ized by express laws, and proriding that no civil court of a State shall review or reverse any of tbe proceeding* hod, or hold any persons (or acta done or emitted to be done by these orders by tbe President. sill to goysbx nix JtrrocmiEtT or renton AOLST*. Tbe Bouse did a smart piece of business In a quiet way Ibis afternoon, by a vote of about five to one. It consisted In sa Amending a Pension BUI as to make it proride that the term of office of all Pension Agents ap pointed since tbe first ol last January, shall expire m thirty days after the passage of the act; that Pension Agent*. Instead of being appointed by the Sccieary ofthe Interior and the President, shill only be appointed with advice and consent of the Senate, aid that the nominations to alt vacancies made under tbe bill shall be filed within fifteen days after its passage. rxnnosß. . Colonel Paulding, tbe Paymaster who lost soma SuCC,COO of Government funds'by the failure of tne Merchants' National Bank of this city, and who afterward was sentenced to pay a fine and be imprisoned, has Just breu pardoned bjQ the Ptcridcnl .and the fine remitted. Richard Cox. a notorious rebel of Georgetown, who ba* lately been pardoned by tbe President, and bad bis property restored to him, obtained poreenion to-day. His house had been turned over to a society of Itales, who took care offricud- Ices negro women and children. Mr. Cox forced tbim to leave the building by taking out all the doore and windows, and thus rendering It Im pofslbte for the occupants to remain on account ofthe weather. • - *’ccu.ocn’a nxajrciat roucr. Tbc action and temper of the -Boose to-day in regard lo the eevcral resolutions of a financial diameter, showed plaint; that there la Terr little sympathy felt for Mr. McCulloch's views concern* ins tbc contraction of the currency, which e< ems to meet w ith more decided opposition than ever. PiTKST or asnmoxax. noevrr. Tbe loop delayed payment of the additional bounty was commenced on Saturday, and wilt be contumed regularly hereafter. oxxxnat ouakt leaves for St. Louis in the morning, *xw romances. Tbe Postmaster Geneial has made the fallowing changes ot Postmaster* in the West since the fifth list. Kttifvcky— Mnierehare, poirbon County, Mary J. Kelly, rice George S. Savins, resigned; Win* chestrr, Clark County, Thomas H. Deny, rice A. Baxter, removed. Atl-a.tot— Lewisville, Latayetts County, Thos. C. Pipbcr. rice J. L. McDonald, declined. Ohio —Northampton, Stark County, Michael Uarjman, rlre A. J. Haskett, resigned; llihauna. FranVlin County, Thomas Young, 'vie* M. S. Ra chel!, resigned; Ayeravllle, Defiance County, J, Winfield, rice J. Odell, declined; Chanticleer, Knox county, C. Leveling, tire B. Perfect, re* rigned; Franklin Terrace, SdoLo County, T. G. Bcckus, tire William H. Brown, declined. - JUlcftigttti—Hiddlenllc, Barry County, John F Emory, tier E. Sweeny, declined. Blscomlji— Neerah, Winnebago County. J. L. Ootoa, rice E, Smith, dretinod; Grand Prairie, Green lake County, A. A. Lee, fire H. Danty, de clined; Woodman, Grant County, John L. Parker, tie* H. Rankin, resigned. Indiana —New Marion. Ripley County, Mrs. S. Wcstover, tic* J. P. McGee, resigned; Mahon, Huntingdon County, Jacob Snyder, n ce L Dean, resigned; Nevada, Tipton County, S.P. Lee, rire G. Rickettr, resigned; Erich Valley, Wabash Cunn ty. William Brechton, tic* J. Jackson, resigned; Barnesvßle, Bartholomew Coun*y, J. C. Rcney,. tlreJ. Thomas, resigned; Bovine. Gibson Coun ty, W. Creedner, rkr D. Bow, resigned. ißnnt»o:a Elk River. Sberbnm County, Hora tio Holton, tire George L, Staples, removed away. Wathirffton Territory— Whatcon, Whatcon County, Eugene Jasper, tire W. Manly, left the place; Miami Prairie, Thurston County, A. E. Gown, nre J. Lanes, resigned. JUinmt— Earlevllle, LaSalle County, S Lyon, dre C. IL Stephens, removed; New Rutland, La- Salle County, E. A. Gore, tire C. S. Rickey, re moved. nnx nroexanso thi xrmso or cokqbxss. Ihc bill regulating Congrcsalotal sessions, which parsed the Bouse to-day, simply provides that each Congress, beginning with ihe Fortieth, rfcall hold three sessions, n*: Two as now, and another beginning on the fourth of March next, and every second roar thereafter. It was put throngh hr rot* of 123 lo 29, the negative vote being entirely made of Democrats. The bill is not likely lo be taken op !o the Senate till after the holidays, it will probably pass hy a good majority whenever reacted. The question of providing an election in States that do not now bold elections prior to March, will be considered lu another bill. aormsx LAxn inn. WasnpfOTOß, December 30.-Re turns received by the Lommlaejoncr of the Genera) Land Offloe from the at Tallahassee.Fiort.ia. for the tuonsbof Hovembcr, show 1 *,914 acres taken in :he last mouth, under the Uomeataad Law for actual settlement and cultivation. These, with the 22.521 acres entered under the same law in October, tubes an aggregate of 493 farms of 80 acres cadi, which in two mouths have been added to the productive power of that State. uqcob cans nr tub scfbxxx comrr. Tbe Massachusetts liquor cases, not settled by direction of too Supreme Conn, last session, will come up st the present term, and may be tried. Several cares were introduced to-day. CrmiSaL EETDftI ItZCEITTS. Receipts from lultmal Revenue to-day we: 81.C8X1UC. tub test can. The opinions relative loibetcal osth were not debtrred in the Supreme Court this morning. Mr. Sbcrwocd. of our Southern loyalists, desired the court, on behalf of bhnsclf and ex-Provisional Governor Hamilton, to be beard in regard to th’ c'nsUtutlouollty of the test oath, as they bad views to offer in favor of the cqueUtutionalltv that in Th. Thl.t Jn.- YOL. XX. writing, and file It with the clerk, for thecoarid eration ol the court. s*mr roit tmnoiT PismnEtu. Secretary McCulloch baa issued a circular to Inspectors ol steamboats. In reply to Inquiries, Inlormlng them (hat the provisions of eocil-is ten of tbe act of July S 3, J6»fe, requiring that til pas senger teasels, propelled wholly or in part by steam, shall bs equipped with suitable dbengsglcg apparatus, is (o be enforced at once, and must no* be deferred until tbe expiration of tb ir certificates of 1 cense. He ears the act contemplates a dot -no lea-re sponsible than providing In the b-st possible manner for toe safety of human Uvea on ship board, and neglect to comply with toe require ment* deemed es-cntlal to this obj -ct, will be viallcd with the full penalties prescribed by law. CC.vZU.-I.DtTU: It In conversation to-day. expressed hlm«elf op- Bceed to all Congressional action conaUiug or miring toe power of toe Eo-entire, on tbe grocßdthatench action would unfavorably affect tne Uepnbllcao party when a change occurred in thajurtvimel or toe Incumbent. uoiiuaT anjoirumsr. Ills nndcmooTJ Congress'will adjourn for leu days on the Sid. THE GOLD BILL. The Ways and Means Committee has not taken any action on (be Gold Bill jet. x »ew covutKxnr »ob the maimer or cotax- Bli, Wasmscros, D. C., December 20.—1 t Is report ed that alter tbe adoption by Congress of tbe »u'* fence bill for tola district, the city charter will be taken away ana theotv governed bya board of lour Commissioners to be appointed by the Presi dent. these Commissioner* will absorb the tunc* tiot.B of tbe city government* of Washington and G- trgeiow»t A long bill on the aunjeet has been prepared lor presentation to Congrees, JETT. DIIIS. Wasbixctoh, December 10.—It Is stated that the President vriti not order tbe release of Jen. l-'ans on parole, or interfere in any manner labia case. Hr. Darin will rem tin at Fortress Monroe until arrangements can be made lor his trial in tbe spring. coxxrrrcz or requmr. WaimxcTOX, December 10.—A committee has been oidercd to investigate tbe detention of the Hon. C. V. Culver of Pennsylvania. TUI ntXSXDXST to cosoitxss. FROM EUROPE. By Atlantic Cable—Tbe l<ond*n Tines on the li'Uton Troubles—Ucparmre «i the Niw French Minister tor tbe United Slates —A New Italian Minister sent to Home. New Yoke, December 10.—The following cable news la* arrived to-day: QrtrjtKTomi, December 10—Noon.—The steam ship Aitm, Irom Boston, ria Halifax, sod tbe Tciifa, from New York, arrived tfaU morning, eu route to Liverpool. Lokdox, December 10—Noon.—The London Titrui, in cn vdhoiial this morning, says that the Fenians have been fairly checkmated, and it would be madness on their part to attempt a re bellion. Cardinal Cullen lute loaned « pastoral urging the Ixl-h people to obedience to tbe law, and the avoidance of alt secret societies. Arrests still continue to be made. More artillery will leave for Ireland soon. finis, December 10.—The new Minister to the United States, 31. Berthemy, sailed for New York on Satmday. bnstx, December 10.—Some of the French troops are still here, and will remain here until the end of December. LnEfifocL, December 10.—The Examiner be lieves a majority of the people arc In favor of an amicable adjustment o! the Alabama claims, and uigcs the prompt sct’lcment or them. Floblxce, December 10.—Signor Fonellohxj coco to Home on a mission from the Italian Got cmmccl, u place of 31. Vegvssh Bv ftlnli—Tbe Alabama Claims Revived-Tbo l.*mlan Globe on United Sinus Ncncrnllty In Fenian Affairs. New Yons, December 10.— I Tbe steamer lowa, from Glasgow, is ot) tbe lower light ahip with the missing eleamUilp Britannia in tow. The lolloping items ate by mad from Europe: The London Morning HauU, (Conservative or gan) says: Vt e are authorized to state that tbe question of tbe Alabama claims has been recently revived hy tbe United States repiesentalives in this country tb the most conciliatory and tnendiy tone! The subject is now under consideration by the CanineL ThctLondon Globe hints at a serious difficulty between (he British Government and tbe Cabinet at Washington, regarding ’he duties of tbe latter in maintaining a legitimate, faithful neutrality in Fenian matters. Other pipers discredit the idea. A prospectus has oeeu issued Inviting subscrip tions f-*r establishing a transit route (rom the At lantic and PaclQc through Nicaragua. The capi tal required U one and a hall millions, and is to be Issued first to the English public. Latest English Markets, * Li r* wool, December 10. The cotton market opens active *t B»rard*r*« pnere. Tbe »*](» tn-cay promise w reach ififiOO bales mfimtiwo upland at ltd. * Lojmoji, December 10—Noon. Money market quiet. Consols for money o*cn st KB\,,cA.dU:dead. tUetolloulcc are the opening rates furamcrir.n»ecurtars: UcLtedbUtesVnu.77tr: ini. n Is Central, '.7* ; trie. 47. * LivazrooL, December B—Evening. Tbe cutum market bss beea a oderetely acUvetbU altennon. and tbonab quotation* are not advanced, prlres were flrn>er at Ok* close. Sales hMlay: l&oiu baits on batU of ltd for tnlddllug uplands. .. ; Lt»iw2c, Monday Noon, utney market without change. Consols, SBV tor money. Ihv tollovlncare current quotations of America tKctalUes: 6-itT*, 715,; Erie, 4«; ItUaols Central, >7^ CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WxsHtNGTOH. December 10. SENATE. Mr. MORGAN presented a resolution of the Cl:auii>cr of commerce ol New York, in firor ol ‘ittablitbing a ime ol ocean telegraph, under American control. Mr. MORGAN presented a petition from the New York Comptroller iu favor of the Govern ment assuming inu war debtor tbo Revere! States, or giving up. to be applied to that purpose, cer tain koorces of internal revenue. Referred to Fi nance Committee. Mr. SUMNER presented the petition of Wm Cornell Jewett, praying that il*nn<h«i n«», Itn be declared President of tbe United Slates. Helmed to the Committee on Judiciary. Mr. WADE, from tLc Committee on Territories, reported favorably on the biM for the admission of Nebraska as a State. Mr EDMUNDS, Rom the Judiciary CommiUee, reported a bill tcgulating appointments to office, with amendments. 31 r. WADE introduced a bDlto admit Colorado into the Union. Referred to the Committee on Territories. The bill regulating the elective franchise in the Dutuct of Columbia, was taken up. The bill to regulate the elective franchise In tne District of Columbia provides thatmaica, except ing t supers ami persons under guaidiansbip, of the age of twenty-one years, who nave never been guilty of crime, and resided In the District els months prior to any election, shall be entitled to vote. Judges of elections who shall reject the vote of any person entitled to vole under this act shall be liable to t fine not exceeding $5,000, or Impris onment not exceeding ore year. Provision Is also usdofor disturbers of elections, and lor a tvzlstrv of voters. Mr. WILLEY of.ercd an amendment, giving (he richt to vote only to actual resldeot* entitled to vote at elections held in the District In ISCS, sol diers or sailors who have been honorably dia ebatged from the service, and male citizens ofthe United Stales, excepting paupers, persons of un sound mind, or persona convicted of iu'amons offerees, who hive been residents of the District for one year preceding an election, shall have paid taxes assessed against them, and can read and write their names. After a lengthy debate, an amendment was of fered by Mr, ANTIiON Y, to exclude from the privilege ofvotlngall those who had taken part in the rebellion. Mr. COWAhi offered an amendment, looldng to giving females the franchise. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. WARD Introduced a bill to guarantee cer tain Stales that have been fn the rebellion reonb* llcan form* ot Government. Referred to tbe Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. ROGERS Introduced a bill to repeal the neutrality Jane, Referred to the Jndlcuuy Com niiltce. , Mr. BINGDAM Introduced a bin declariugraltd certain proclamations of the President issued du rirciLe rebellion. Iteferred to the Judiciary. Nr. FAKQGUAK Introduced a bill to disfran chise all persons in the District of Columbia who bore tmi in the Conftderate Government, or who accepted office under the Confederacy. Referred to the Judiciary. Mr. I’EUUAM mtrodneed a resolution instruct ing the Committee on Invalid Pensions to Inquire whether any person In the rebel States, who had been dropped from the pension rolls for partici pation In'he rebellion. had been restored; If so, by wfcti authority. Agreed to. Mr. HAKi introduced a resolution, which was speed 40, calling upon the President to tnrntsb the House with Use namee of all persona engaged in the rebellion who have been pardoned since April. ISC3; the rank and position held hy them, and whc:hor they had held office under the United Matte Government prior to April Hth, lS6,and the rames of tnote who endorsed the application for paxuoxu Mr. SPALDING oSercd a resolution, which was affixed to. Instructing the Committee on Re construction to inquire into th« expediency of reporting a resolution in relation to the admission ot Senators and Representatives of the United states from the rebellious States upon the pass age ol the Constitutional Amendment and the ca taiillihmcnl of republican tormaot government in those States. Mr. McKEE Introduced a resolution, which was •greed to. lull meting the Way* and Means Com olttee to inquire into the expediency of so amend irg the Internal Revenue law as to relieve distil lers ol spirits who manufacture less than twenty barrels per year from the operation of the law which requires them to have a bonded warehouse and employ an inspector. ♦lr. ROSS offered a resolution instructing the committee on Banting and Currency to iisquire into the expediency or withdrawing the National Bank currency, and of winding up the affairs of the National Banks, and supplying the country with greenbacks, or a saallar currency, Laid on the table—&• to s*. The SPEAKER filled vacancies on the com mittees. The Committee on Frecdacn’s Affairs remains the same as the Special Committee last year. Meifera. Eliot, Sbcllabaigcr and Thomas were appointed a Committee on the New Orleans Biots, and Messrs. Tike. Farnsworth and Cooper to investigate the murder of Union soldiers In Sonth Carolina. ifce Home took up the special order, which was to report a time for tne meeting of Con gress. The bill was modified so as to provide for ati addltioi al session ol the Fortieth Congress to commence on the fourth of March next, passed bv 184 to 20. . . Mr. LOAN introdnced a resolution which was agreed to. calling for information relative to the payment of monry to the Atchison A Pike’s Peak railroad assignees of the Hannibal A St. Joseph Read. The Eouse then considered the President's message. Mr. BLAINE spoke. Adjourned. JtATAL INTELLIGENCE. Magnificent Reception ol the United **tat< I‘nsnie bhenandook at Botnbav-Adrlcj from Oar nediterraneaa rsiuadron. WasnaioToir, December 10.—The Socretare of tbe Navy received a despatch from Captain J. B. Gold>horo, of the roiled States ahip Shenandoah, lolntdetialie. Ceylon, Novrmh-rlat, renortlng 4 the arrival ol the Shenandoah at that point. Om ens and crew were well. Hie Captain reports every clvt fry and courtesy tendered to himself ai.d officers oy tbe Governor and civil and mUlary authorities of Bombay. Tbo Superintendent of tbe Deck Yard offered the use of their naval moor- Irgv, and to enpiu? bis wants lire of charge from tteyaide. Their navy yard Is quite Alien with Trktvttal lorLniidlrg. and tbelr docks, three In cumber, capacious enourb to uke a dozen fri gates in at once. By lantalinn. and In company with the United Slate* t'on>nl General and lor re of his officers. .Captain Goldsboro visited the Governor of Bombay, Sir Bailie Preere. at hia ho had prepared for bim, a!-. rants, carriage.* and larder well sto;k>*l wlihall ibe market could atlord. Everything that ntmself and family could o3er was exicuded. In Bombay It >r». Impossible for the Captain and hla offl-ers to accept one-talrd of the Irritations they receiv ed from both the military and civil authorities.* In fact. Captain G. the advent ol the Shen andoah, in all the Astatic ports they have visited, ha.* bun attended with most gratifying reception* to his officer? and himself, by civil and military authorities, as well a- inhabitants, and hope* the showing of our flag In so many places may prove Juofiiablo and beneficial to the country «nd [b comm tree. The customary honor* and salutes have been exchanged with the authorities at all the porta be visited, and all our country’s representitlves abroad have vl-lted t e ship and been received wui the ca«ti matwealntes. it was Intended for the Shenan doah to leave for Calcutta ootbc6ih of November, in obedience to previous Instructions. lotoimstlon re-ertved-from Tripoli, to October 31, report* tbe arrival of the Halted St*i-s cor vette ricooderog*. Commander Steedmaa Oc:o her ieih,fromAleiand«U. All well. TheUoiied Suites Cental at Tripoli requested, It It be deemed advisable, that j-ort auuuld bo visited at least once a year by a naval vessel of tne squadron In those waters. On the evening of October Sid, toe Tlconderoga received a clean bill of health. Os the tied, the Consul made an offidal visit on board aad was-suitably received. MEXICO, Tmai of Canales* Surrender oHlatuionu —C> riccntnttlsa el t.ibtral Farce*— ueja Lev vine Forced Loans— Movements «1 max, imutan—inter* sung Official Correspon dence. Bnowrsivitix.Texaa v DeccmbePß, waNew Or* Icons, December 3. —By the terms of surrender, Canale*, wliti all hi* men, will act, henceforth, with acd nuder Escobedo. In four days lae cou jr-l&ed forces, numbering about four thousand, will move through Monterey to unite with other foice.- on the load, for toe recovery of San Luis Poioii, which, together with Durango and Zocste cas. are promfseo deliverance by next January. Coneenuailve action throughout toe Kepubltc now promises a speedy deliverance of - Mexico. Jua:ez moves without reference to ud.< force. Sherman is probably already on bis way to Duran fu, there to await the consummation of this plan, non the tecovery of two-ttiidsot the btatea it U probable be will urge a meeting of tbe Re publican Congress. Tne rumor here of toe pro gress in the oliectlon of Mciia with an Imperial force, and of a late ront of the Llbeials os this read under Naranco and Trevcno is ridiculed by Escobedo, whoso Information of a later date re ports a small debt and victory by those Liberal chief*, woo are now in a small town about twelve miles this side of ban LnU Potoat, awaiting the arrival ol the rest ol the corps. Escobedo him self will slay here but a few days after hla com mand, v ben, leaving behind a thoroughly pacified fionlicr, he hopes by spring to rest lo the capital. Crowds ot refugees throng here each daysiuce the surrender, returning with their effects. Con fidence and commerce under tbe reatoraUon pro* uiUea better life on the border*. Citr of ftlexlcocoireepondence says that, since the arrival of Miramon and Marquez, negotia tions with the Emperor for bis return to the capital have been renewed It U now probabl ihat Maximilian will do so. Tne Austrian and Belgian troops, now In Mexico City, received o: dvrs to maren to Veia Crux on the Sid nit., bat tbcnrderwts coan-ermanded. IbeCabinetwa to have met at Orizaba oo tbe fl4th, when Vidaarri would advn-c an abdication, and the opening of negotiations for that pnrpoao with Jaarex. Uvula’s troops bad arrived at San Lola Poiosl, ana were levying forced loans to a large amount. One thousand dollars was demanded of the British Conanlate. Wasuikcton. December 10.—The United States (’omul at Vera Crux reports to the State Depart ment that Maximilian was to leave Orizaba, on the SSth, for the City of Mexico, and that the United States mlaelon was likely to be regarded In a friendly manner. WasmsoTOH, December 10.—In reply to the Donee resolution calling on the President for in formation whether any portion of the Mexican territory had been occupied by the troops of the United States, the President sent the tallowing report from the Secretary of War: WasuuoroN, December 10, ISG6. To Hon. E. 31. Flautou, Secretary oi War: Siu: 1 have the honor to return herewith the resolution of the Boose of Representatives of Counts*, asking to be informed whether any Cortion of Mexican territory bad been occupied v the troopi of the United Stater, and It so, by what authority ana for wbat purpose, which waa retorted to me for a report. In compliance, I would respectfully state that no official imormation of the occupation of any por tion ot Mexican territory naa boeu received at these headquarter*, and no authority has been given, cither by Uto Major General commanding the De partment of the Gulf, or myself, for toe movement of Hoops into Mexico. AitenDon ia respectfully invited to the comma nlcahos ot General Sheridan, dated November fflth, enclosing a letter of Genera] Sedgwick, com manding tbe sub-district olthe Rio Grande, which was lotwarded totbe Secretary of War December slb, ISC6. Also the copy of this letter of Novem ber Sutb, nit., and copies of telegrams bearing on the subject. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, U. S. Giuat, General. [Despatch.] Ntw Oblzamb, iu a. m., November 14. General U. S. Grant: Colonel Gillespie, of my staff. ha* just returned from Brovnavi le. Ortega waa arrested at Brazos Santiago, lor attempted violation of our neutrality laws. Cai.alea, la Mstamurai, and Negrato and adherents in Brownsville, were just waiting bis arrival to astert hla claims by an appeal to arms. He ba« no adherent* in Mexico, except French and English merchants, who heretofore supported Maximilian. There Is no trouble In all Northern Mexico, except lu Matamoras and Tampico, and the merchants are at tbe bottom of it. My letter and Ortega's arrest will settle everj* thing od ibc Bio Grande, and 1 thick In a few days that Ortega can no without violating our nentnditv lavs. I hope the Government will support me In this ► Imcle and just method of restoring peace to oar bonier, and trade and commerce to our people, there will he a trade throngs Brownsville and Northern Mexico of s li,ooo,»w yearly, aa soon as these Mexican troubles subside. P. a, SimtiDjur, Major General Commanding. [Despatch.) New Gutmans, Novembers?. Genera! C. 8. Grant: 1 am Joal in receipt of news from Brownsville, and fear that Gtncr«l Sedcewlck, commanding the buhdUtrlct of the Bio Grand, will, for tome unaccountable and unjustifiable reason, demand of Canales the surrender of the town of Malamo ras, on the plea ot protecting the houses of Amer icans, elc, The situation there Is: General Es cobedo lain front ot tbedty, wlihaoonia,lX'iii“D, and Canales ottered to tnnead.-r If the Übsr»; government wocld pay the merchants who had been supporting him in bis illegal ami infamous acts. 1 las Escobedo would not agree to. leery much fear tlai tbe*« very merchants bave gotten around fcedgtvicU who Is not, 1 fear, a tUong man, a> d prompted him to ibis ac tion which he louicuiplaics. I have heretofore notified jeu that there very merchants are at‘the bottom of all the troublea over there. There is perfect hat in on v itctwmi Sedgwick and Escobe do, and no ouiectiuns are tnadS_fo tbe tomempla tea act of Sedgwick. Should Qtkpsict aa as 1 have some reason to expect. 1 wiuatoucc dl-ap prorr bis action and relieve him from his com mand. I have telegraphed to General Sedgwick, disapproving bis coutcmpla’ed.act or any action be may have taken in view of It* 14m, General, rtry respectfoßy, yoora, IML SaMiPur, Major General, Comd’ff. (I>e>patch.J Wa* Drrximcrxr. I Washes trroK, November 3u, ISOS, j To Slsjor General P. E. Sheridan, New Orleans: \our telegram of the STih Instant to General Grant in regard to the contemplated action ot Gan* oral Sedgwick In crossing tne itlo Giande,bas been submitted to the Presided, and your action in relation to General Sedgwick is approved, and General Sedgwick’s nropuaed actiondisapproved, if be tbonld have crossed the Uio Grande, yon will relieve him and place him tn arrest to await the rnnher cider of the President conccininghim, E. M. stastos, Secretary of War.

fLetter.] nxAOorAirrrns Dkpabtxzxt oj* rnx Gci», p NswOolzass, Not. SU, ISOO. f General U. S. Grant, Commanding United States Army: UiDunGomi; Therei>orlln thenewrua- Mn that Grncral Sedgwick baa crossed the Ulo Grande is premature. He certainly had not crossed or demanded the surrender of the town on the 23d instant, and I hope he has not mace this blunder. There is no ooiibl in my mind ton General Sedgwick has hid some influence bronchi (o bear on him. Sedgwick went over to Mata mores and took breakfast with the merchants the morning be wrote the letter 1 enclosed to yon There i* somethin* wrong about this transaction. Escobedo was abool to take the place hy assault, and was about to do it when Sedgwick adopted oU course to save the merchants. Tne whole thing, If it should take place, will not complicate matters, and my disapproval of it most have reached Brownsville yesterday, the S9th lost. 1 am. Gtneral, very respectfully, P. E. Snantnas, Major General United States Army. (Despatch.] Nrw Omxitrs, December 1,1368. General IT. S. Grant: external.: I have ooportunity to go over to the Rio Grande *bts evening, ana hy going f.think 1 can settle the Ortega affair,* also the Sedgwtc trouble. If any has occurred, and put things oa a good footing, lint 1 would Hue to have your ap proval of my absence. Affairs are In a good con dl’toa. and General Forsyth communicates to me from the Texas frontier, "no Indian troubles.” (Signed) P. E. Shssibak, Malor General. 'Hils close* the correspondence submitted to Congress, bat it may be added that General Grant approved tbe proposed visit, asd General Sheri dan no donbt reached Brownsville on Thursday last. New Oblxsxs, December 10.—A French man- bon>>d from Vera Crux, December i, *»■« arrived. She report* aeverteen or eighteen tram porta dally expected at Veracntx. to carry tbe French troopa away. The Austrian and Belgian tr>opa were to remain in Mexico. Tbe rumor la train torrent that the clergy and a Jarre portion of the moat tnCnentla] and wealthy citizens cl Mexico have offered to raiae 833,000,000 for Maximilian U he will re mam at the bead of the Government. The last accounts of tbe Empe ror are that he has accepted the term* offered. Everything qulel at Vera Crux. Mobile, December 10,—Colonel John J. Fitter, formerly an officer in tbe Mexican army, under ' Commonfort ai.d Juarez. and recently in the Con federate service, anived in this a»y on the 9th fort., having left the City of Mexico on the 9th nit- and Vera Crux on the-ttb Inau lie eay* a deputation, consisting of clergy and distinguished men and citizens, went from the city of Mexico to Orizaba to meet tbe Emperor. He also save It was believed that arrangement* tor the withdrawal of the French troopa were en tirely revoked and abandoned, and that the Em peror would be sumalned by France. The frigate Susquehanna was lying off Vera Cruz on the *th. Buowbbtilzx, December 7.—Canale* and his troopa have left for the interior, and Cortina? has assumed command of the forces left at Malamo- ns. Colonel Crosby, of General Sheridan's alaSi had an Interview with Escobedo on the 6tn Instant, the nature of which baa nut transpired. Easiness is said to be improving. FBOM SPRINGFIELD. War Records sf Illlnel* and lowa—Brev »;ommiastsn* a aaesaaiento of Taxabl Pro peril. [Special.Dcs patch tq the C hicago Tribune.] SrnzFonxLD. December 10. Adjutant Geceral IZaycle. of this btate, received to-dsy from Adjutant General Baker, of lowa, five volume* of his report, coveting 4,922 pag*i roya and embodying the complete military hia- Tory of the btate during tbe rebellion, with tbe names and a brief iec<vrd of each oi her brave sol dier*. General Haynie inlorm* me that a similar history of Illinois Gin stupe fur publication In )L> office, and that nothing ts lacking to give to ib»* reo. 1c ol the Mate the gloriou* record of her n« b.f deeds dvrine l*ie rebrliiou. bui tbe naces aary legte) <i!on wl lev It is to be hoped will soon be placed open the eUtute books. A work of like cbaisctcr has bren complied and urenlated in liille I‘bode Dlat d. Wl-y sbonld Illinois, whose glory exceed! any of the Stiles, be wlinont a simi lar record f Brevet commission* have been forwarded CHICAGO, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11,' 1866. cl:«, for Major Reynold Kalembachand I.ieiueiu C. Thnrher, bo'h qf the Fifth United States Co!- orcd Heavy Artillery, frrmerlr commanded by the General. Ihe following u*essmenta of taxable property *or 19TG Lave been filed in tho office of the Auditor of Public Accounts elnce last report; Carroll Conn y. t?,032,<L6; decrease aloce 19G5, £3t.55T. Green County, f 3,259,370; gain. *£t.ia). Baa- OOlph Coaaty, gain, $111,170. FROM CINCINNATI. Obltnarr—A Thievish Son Arrested by Hl* Father—Fatal Bar Ro«m Affray. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Ctscoßcan, December 10. J«mc3 Locke, engaged on the local columns of tbe (iczette, died this morning after a brief and sererc illness. Ue <*aa the second son of the late Professor John Locke, of Cincinnati, whose reputation as a man of science was national, and was withal a gifted and estimable man. Newton Coibley, a young man, was arrested to day and loosed in jail, on a warrant by bis father.wbo alleges Uat he robbed him of $-V*jO in Lord* and bank bills, all of which was recovered cxci.ttluO. The money was found stuck away iutl i padalng of an old saddle belonging to the accrued. »; Pat. McCarty, a ruffianly Irishman, attempted to abase a woman in a drinking boose on Front street, last night, but was prerented by Jerry McLaughlin, whereupon the lor-nor attacked him with a knife and inflicted several stabs in the bieast and abdomen, from which it Is Impossible for him to recover. McCarty la atlU at large. Cold Weather—Arrest ofa Thiel—Drowning of Three aen— tVoru on the Cincinnati & I.oblitiilc Kaltroad—Salts Dismissed, die. Cis.-ciksatt, December 10.—Tbe weather Is very cold to-day, with a -light fall of snow. Re ports fiom tbe West anu No thwest represent cold w eather, with more or less snow. Newton Corbiy was arreted ;o-dsy for stealing $4,000 fiom Banyan Cor.dy. at Mount Washing ton, lan week. Nearly all thr money was re covered. Three men were drownt d at Paducah, Ky., yes terday, while attempliog to e.-oss the river in a skiff. Work on .ibe Cincinnati t Lotisrllle Railroad will be commenced immediately. Fire hundred ibonsaed dollars have been subscribed oy tbe I.ouiavtUe & N tsbvijie Koad ia aid of the enter lirtse. 'I be road will be about one hundred miles eng, and will intersect the lonlanHe A Frank foitrosdat LnOrangr, Ky. Colonel Taylor assumed charge of the Cincin nati Post Otbce yesterday, tier Mayer removed. Thirty-three suits for damages, amounting to nearly a million of dollar*. In the United Stales District Court at Newport, Kentucky, against Gaiaaway and others, for alleged illegal arrests during tbe rebellion, have been dismissed at the costs of the pli In tiffs. TLe expense of the Cincinnati Fire Department for the last olt e months amounts to over Ilit.UOO. James Locke, a well-known journalist of this city, died last night. FBOM ST. PAUL. The Cold Tem—River Freezing X7p—First Fail efSoow. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bt. Pam, December I'J. Our winter weather baa commenced at last, and the river wlllprobably be closed over to-nlgut. The northern part of the Slate, above i-ak- Pi'pla, has not been visited by the snow storm, but below that the coon try shared the same fate as Chicago. FROM MISOOKA. Destructive Fir ..-The Mlnaoka r-renm Mill darned* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnuc.] JlmooKi, Grundy Co , 111., December 10, The steam mill known as the Mlnooka min, of this place, was destroyed by fire on Saturday even ing between the hours of six and seven o'clock. It was erected in 1329, at a co-t of $ 10.000. There was an insurance of $5,000 on tbe building and $2,500 on tbe stock. FROM MADISON. Cold Weather—Railroad Bridge Damaged by Ice—Fall Plowing—Personal. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ilimnoK, December 10. Winter has begun his Ice reign here vigorously. Tbe thermometer was down to zero yesterday and tcSs morning, and the ground was frozen stUU The lakes here etil) remain open. Ice in the Wisconsin River was running freely yesterday, and lodging against tbe railroad bridge at Lone Hock, pressing against it with each force as to move It partly from it* position la some places, and reader it unsafe to cross. No train irom the vest to-day. It is expected to be all right to-night. A man tunning out barefoot In drflriu-n trnxens here, bad bis leet so badly frozen that he will probably lo»e them. Farmers In dJUerent parts of this State were plowixg up to Friday, the 7ih. Governor Fairchild and other State offleers bare returned, having completed their tour of visitation to the Stale Insulations. FBOM BOSTON. Death of a'Ballrnd Maperlotendent—Mu nicipal Election. Borrow, December lu.—ubatlee Minot, former It Superintendent ot the Erie Hallway, died at ble residence in Somerville this morning. At the mnnlctpal election to-day, Otu Norcross, Republican, was elected Mayor br t*26 majority. A majority of the city Council arc Republicans. tTWAITfIEOTBEtUs Advertising Ag*l» 126 Drsrb<uii4t n receive advertisement* far ail the leading paper* tbreogboot ibe (Jotted States mad Canada*. jyjONEY TO LOAN, IN SUMS OF TWO OR TBRB6 THOUSAND DOL- LARS, ON IMPROVED CITY PROPERTY. Apply at Boom No. £, Metropolitan Bioci. trom 3 to a t». m. SHantca. Jl SXGK FAINTER WANTED. a Cnwh'i wortmsn tteady work at mod wane. AddrnM HOJEI A GRAHAM. Palnt-n. 97 Doaao-sL, New York City, giving term* and retirencea. Stodtijolliers’ iScctings. J^OTICE. The annual meeting of the Stockholder* ot the * North Chicago City Railway Co, For the purpose ot electing a Board of EM rector, for the enraing year, win be held at their once, 430 North Clark-* U, on TUESDAY, Jan. Bth, 13C7, at 10 a m. H. N. TOWSER, Secretary. amusements. FESTIVAL AND OYSTER SUPPER Of the OUret Church win b 4 held at THE LECTURE ROOM Of the Church, comer Foorteemth-ot. aadWabaih-ay., Ob Thursday Evening of tbla Week. ' A fcnpper will be aerred at SIX O’CLOCK, to which ALL oar {Heads and are CORDIALLY invited. The proceeds to be notdlnfamllhlnz the Audience Boom of the Church. %ousekccpins (Snobs. JJEDDING. BLANKETS, COMFORTERS, COUNTERPANES, PILLOWS, x&rritßssES, ‘WINDOW SHADES _ PBIBB FEATHERS Cheap it 7 JAMES DURHAM & CO.'S dfut (BOOHS. JUNE MINIS FURS. Wearetbnwlsga splendid assortment of tie abort. BBLV> biEB, Farrier. Sherman Home. RADIES' DRESS ETJRS. DOST BUT nQ you have seen oar stock and prlea. BBEWSTER. Furrier, s-heraan House. AHusiral. piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. BIBS. H. P. STOWELL Desires a limited cumber of pupils lor Instruction on tbe Plano Firte. tarticular atteatl >s riven ti those desirous of coomecclnc the Study of Music, For oar. UcuUra call at 317 State-**. . 33|)Otograpf)S. W 7 E’YE bTRUCK iLE—Photographs V\ of an sites, from tbe watch dial to tbe lift* star, finished Wantifully In Oil CULOBS. by tbe beat artM ta lh» country, at BHAND'S tone established Oallery, 1 OS Lake-st, Carte* de Tlalte Paly 81.80 per Dstea. jFor Salt. PEW No. 43, IN THE Tblxd Prcabyterlan Cfraroli, Apply to A- B. A O. Bu MTLLEB, P)R SALE—The stock Lake-st. consisting of HATes CAPS AND FCttS, Tofitiher with the lease ana fixture* of store. One of the best stands la the aty. To ooe wishing to pur* chase peat Inducements are offered. . ■pOR SALE, on communion. Free Connecticut feed Tobacco, Wrapper* PlQen. Crr-p ISW. AJ*o, a Cne stock of Tobacco, Clean, Hm, debtor sale by PABKEB. MARSH TEAM, THE FORSAKEN, TO-NIGHT, CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. grtic Seating Season. 'J'HE mx TEE RINK.! THE West Side BINE! GRIND IH&OGURHIOH! THIS EVENIMS! THIS EVENING! : ree Admission to Spectators; IBIS DDIEHSE BINE, he Lagist and Finestinthe World wm he open nzz to the public, as spxctatom, This, Tuesday Ev’g, There Is SEATING ACCOMMODATION for 3,000 FEKSO> 6, and a perfect view from every teat. The building IS BRILLIANTLY LIGHTED with 200 lets of gat, the rooms wdl bested, and everything airanged lor s GRAND INAUGURATION. Twenty (30) Musi cians trem DEAN’S LIGHT GUARD BAND, Have been engaged, with siw and choice selections oi Mule. A LARGE CLOAK ROOM bat been provided. In rblch ocxrri can dispose of their enter garments. Here Is also a fine lot ot EKaTES on band, to hire. The. Refreshment Room Will be plentifully supplied with CHOICE COFFEE TEA, OXETERS, CAKES, CIGARS, Ac. In offering our TICKETS at the following REMARK ABLY LOW PRICES, we do not do It with a view to compete with the OPEN PARKS, which are so fir OUR INFERIOR, IN EVERT bENSE OF THE WORD. Tney are, however, LOWER, and will give the holders MORE SKATING than they could hare at tbe Park, Gentleman’s Ticket ■ - ■ ■ $4.00 Lady’s Ticket ------ $3.00 Children’s Ticket, miller 12 ■ $2,00 For 20 Admissions. FOB SALE AT J. Q. JOHNSON'S SKATE DEPOT, AND AT TOE RINK. Etaten win do well to DEFER PURCHASING Bet el* to that BLEAK FIELD adjoining until they have visited The Rink To-night, Parlies Holding Tickets can Skate This Evening. The Stockholder* are requested to be at the Office of The Blnk at 7:30 o’clock) sharp* (ETlotijmg, Q_KEAT CONSIGNMENT FROM BOSTON O F MEAT’S Clothing! OF ALL GRADES AND PRICES. Have Just Received a $20,000 STOCK, To be Sold at 25 PER CENT LOWER PRICES Than we have known In five years. Now la tbe time for ttaoee who would make a UUle money co a creat ways. Tbla CLOTHING Will beaoldmncb LOWER Uian It can be found In the city. EDWARD LOCKE & CO., 74 Raiulolph-st, Old Chicago Time* Office. ?J}olßia|! (Goobs, JJ-USICAL BOSES. A rXKB ABBOBTBSNT Suitable tar HOLIDAY GIFTS, Just received, prices rangltg trom Wto S3OO. LYON & DEALT, Clsrt and Wa»hUgton-sts, Chicago. CRATING PARES OPEN. ° EAR MUFFS, SCOTT. DAVISON A CO- 136 LakMt gKATING QUOTES SCARLET AND WHITE MERINO 6COTT, DAVISON A tO- 136 Lake-st TTTOOL MUFFLERS, VV WOOZi WBISTIsETS, AT SCOTT, DAVISON A CO, 136 Lake-st JQAP ROBES, J AT> BOBSa JMD SHAW3LS, At SCOTT, DAVISON A CO, 136 Lake-st. TTOLIDAT goods. PRATES, SKATESt Go d rub. Farcy newer-pots-Wreaths, Dried Flow- Go.aturns Mo **,«*d RonqneuT JUNES, EUAN ® OOD a BRADLT, 139 THE FORSAKEN, TO - jNTQBCT, CROSBY’S. OPERA. BOUSE. gTfie Skating jpeaaon. H E GRAND OPENING NIGHT * OB' THE Wabash-av. BINE! TO-MOBROW, ■Wednesday Ercnlng, Oct. 12th, 180 C. DEM LIGHT GUIRD BIND Or 20 MEMBERS, IN ATTENDANCE. The Management of this rtsortof the ellu of Wabash und Mlchlgan-avs., take great picture la announcing ibe INAUGURATION OF TUB SKATING SEASON I*6-7. With a FETE D’ HIVER, at wulch the SKAT ING TALENT of the city will he present, sod to which the poblle u cordially invited. The INTERIOR of the Bnlldlng has been' ENTIRELY REMODELLED and filled with such conveniences u. cannot fill to de light our patrons. WAITING BOOMS demoted to the West aid ot the Bnlldlng) hare been doubled in »Ue, p’ altered and rendered aacomlbrtahle as the most tasudlons can desire. The Refreshment Stand is In the hand* of a will known caterer. Slates of all sizes and itj Its on hire. AN ENTIRELY NEW FEATURE, not to be found In any other Sink in tbs World— A LADIES’ GALLERY, INCLOSED IN CLASS, Commanding a Ml view of tbe Ice, comlortably warmed, and capable of seating JOO persons. Besides this, FOUR TIERS CF SEATS have been erected on one (1 fb of the Rink, and seating fscUßcs 0r2,000 thus acquired. We request me community at large to give ns ONE VISIT " bcfhre purchasing elsewhere." and then leave the choice of “WHERE SHALL WE SKATE?" to thetr own dlscrimnstlon. Admittance to-morrow night, for Spec- tators, FREE. Without a thought of competition with Prairie Fords, called, tn courtesy. Ports, wo offler the low price* as below, as, from (he rmnim— patronage of last season, we feel well able to mace ths reduction: Gentlemen - - - $4 Ladies ----- 3 Cliiltli-en - - - - s FOB TWBHIY ADMISSIONS. XT Tickets for sale it JOHNSON’S SKATE EJfPO RIUM. on the southwest comer state and Ron dolph in., ana at the Blnk OfOce. Kcto publications. J.N PRESS The Great Book of the Times. THE HISTORY LINCOLN ABRAHAM AND THE Overtlirow_of Slavery, By BON. ISAAC M, ABWOLP. In Ore Volume. Octavo, of over 700 Pages and A POETBAIT OF MB, UsCol3r. TO BE SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION. This Important work, commenced br Mr. Arnold about one year before th- ea,ma.laatlon ot Mr. Lincoln, and with bl» appro,al, will, wltnoot a doubt, mure ihanfulrl me expectation, of the leading men of the gantry, atd gt,e the people aat indard and reliable history of tbe Admlnletratlonof Mr. Lincoln, and me overthrow of slavery. It gives Mr. Lincoln’! view* on recce,iructlcn. aid bring, to me American people fact* nev-r btfore placed before them. The following extracts from letters to the Antliorand actice, {Torn the prese were called out by the •*An nouncement*' of me work U,t cummer: From Hen. Hash dicCalloch. It seemed to Mr. Lincoln that the relations which yen bad sustained tr-ward* him and hU AdsuaUtra tfon peculiarly qualttea you for me work. From lion. K. B. Wuhbarne. Ton had the fullcet opportunities to watch tbs pro* grtas cl ev*nts which von propose to describe la history. Prom Chief JaMlce Chase. Tonr Intimate personal relation, with Mr. Lincoln and yoni ,pedal anowlrdge ot the erenta connected with the downfall cf slavery, peculiarly quaUJes you for the wort. From Hon. R. J.Oglesby, Governor of Ilia. 1 record It os fortunate to me memory of that great man that you tbould have undertaken the work. *’N>w Verb Tribune.” It will beyond doubt be the standard yrork on Mr. Lincoln. 'Springfield (III.) “Joarnal.” The moat readable and interesting book on the enb- Jeit loaned. Providence (R. I.) “Journal.” It wm take a place among the standard Historic*. Mr. Arnold pcucmm unasnal capabilities for the work. **N, >V. Christian Advocate." Chicago, This will be the beet and most carefully prepared work yet published. PRICES. In Cloth $4; in Library Leather $5: in Half Calf $6. Person* wishing to procure the work or engage In Us sale, shooldaddros CLARKEtrO, Pib'lihcn, SO and S* Wa*hln»toa-st, Chicago. JUoT PUBLISHED. Hilliard on the Law of sew Trials and Other Behearmgs* By brands Hilliard, Esq, author of “The Law of I> Jtmcucns." bto. Price Jlil. CONTENTS: CHAPTER I—DrSaitiOß. Ac- of Sew Trial. II Ground* of Sew Trial. Ill—Ground of Sew Trial; Harmless Error; Substantial Justice. IV—Term* ofCraottaga Sew Trial. V—Naum and Erect of tb« Mwtttn tor. and the OraaOnc ot. a N*w Trial, hotnu of Practice; Successive New Trials. VI Walter. Vll—Sew Trial la Criminal Casa. Till— Grounds of Sew Trial; Grounds It-latlnx to toe Jury; V»rtlct- DC-Jtrrr, lrrega amies Connected wUn. a* Grounds of Sew Trial; ucompeteacy. I Jury; Ulsccuduct. ll—Rmmeous Kullnct or In »tmctloa». Ill—Discretion. Hll—«ria«ce-Ad mhalon or Rejection of Evidence. XlV—Verdict Acainst Evidence. IV—Newly-discovered Evidence. Wl—Surprts*. XVii—Amount ol Damages. IViU— Sew Trials In Equity. Ill—Otter Forms of Bet ear*, -.nzthin Sew Inal; Writ of Error, U—Certiorari, in-Appeal. IXII-Andlu Querela. Hill—Maa dames. Appendix—Statute*. EAT A BBOTHEB, Law Publisher*. 19 Soutb Slitb-*i, Philadelphia. Rrrosnic ©il Burner. \ NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Glow* Cbimneya dispensed with. A steady) brilliant llsnt. equal to sa*t to barn ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO A.\T LA BP. “?o 800 is to bo Convinced.” * if* state and County Rights tor sale by A» B* SLOAN) Adams House. IHecrgrijaum s3iprs. Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Of our own importation, at very low prices. BECK A WIBIB. 93 South Water it. THE FORSAKEN, TO - ZSTXGEtT, CROSRY’S OPERA HOUSE. NUMBER 188. ©St Seating Season. Q.RAND OPENING. WASHINGTON SKATING PARK. Pioneer ParkjjHhe Season! JNADGDBATION CARNIVAL! MAGNIFICENT ICE ! MAGNIFICENT ICE tt MAGNIFICENT ICS !! : THE Pull Great Western Light Guard Band, Win glte a Grand PROMENADE CONCERT I PROMENADE CONCERT 11 PROMENADE CONCEIT! 1!1 Commurtnc at eißht o’clock. MOONLIGHT AND MUSIC. MOONLIGHT AND MUSIC. MOONLIGHT AND MUSIC. The Parkwa».opened \nfarrryiiiy laat evwnim-, all who were prtwetit pionooneed the Ice to beTUK FINtiT lUA*T THEY HAD EVEK SEATED UPOIsT The ladle* excliitned •■flow perfectly chirmlne; “ Bow delUMlttir The nntinaeawara nnaalmoo la prooonnclnrlt -BLtOANT." ‘•BEAUTIFUL,*’ and “ I iA'- lDh/’ and the boy* ataottUd to their lea* Ibnanate fncnc* ontaldo the enclosure that u waa “BULLYP COME AND SKATE THIS EVENING! And enjoy a deJlghtthl dme. BEMIMBKB THE ATTRACTION*! SPLENDID ICE! FULL BAND!! MOONLIGHT!!! MERRIMENT!!*! PRtISOX TICKETS: Gentlemen.. k or Ladle* sX »oy»- For tale at the fallowing nlaoea: Street. Peanon A Co- 101 Wa*hlatrtoa-*u A. a. Hotey. 194 Lake; Muaaon. Skinner A CUrfce. 140 Lake; Jewett A Bat ler, 1 S Lake; Banmin Hro* . cor. Lake ahd Mlvhlrae av.; Tribute Office; Klcnte)**, Opera Boom; Hoot A Cacr. Opera Hutue: J. U. Johnson** Mkate Depot, soothe**! corner or Kaooolnb aadStata: John R. Waiah, corner Dearborn and Madison; Edw. Ejy, cor ner Dearborn and Waunlnnton, and at the Park. SINGLE ADMISSION—Genuemes,Wc.; Ladle*. SCd Boy*, ‘Ac. For tale at the Park. bay yotxr tickets down town and avoid the rash at the Park. Q GDEJt SKATIXG PARK! TfcJir*rorlW Park wm be CjraaUy opart on Wednesday Evening, the 12th instant* TheUasscemestbaTe determined that bo expsnae arc pains will be (pared to mite the aborc-meßUjaod Park AS ATTRACTIVE AS EVES. The Rooms for Ladlrs and Gentlemen have beea re fitted asd pot in the beat order. - •« ■ i . - V. - The Management hare Incurred peUascue ta pro cnrtnga . ... • CALCIUM LIGHT, ■Willi pi«rerfiil XCoflootors, * ,ISD THE WHOLE POSD WILL'HE A 3 EHILLIASI AS SAT. THE QEEAT WESTEEH BAUD . 'Hu beea enlaced for the season, Antfffill aiicnd Id Fall Poire on the night of JVcdneodar, Dec. 12. The Park wdibe ready thu day (TFESDAD, for all lovers of f-katinc. and toe flag will be op at all time* the weather permit*. P. O. PfiTEHSOS, SnperlateaScnt. QENTRAL PAHK. GET YOUR TICKETS At the Down-Town Offices, and avoid Uto Bnih at the Door. KIDDER * CO- 64 Lake-eL, comer State. J. n. JOHNSON'S, corner State and Randolph-sts., aad KINfcLEV'S, Opera {loose. FABK WILL BE OPES SOOS. gKATEfI. S K. ATKS, J. H. JOHNSON’S Great Western Skate Depot Corner State and Kandolph-sts. 10,000 Palm ofSbatew; 100 DUTurnt Siflc*) Wholesale and Retail. The Largrst, mc«t varied and degas) stock Id any 3ne store Is lie failed states. From 81 to 800 a pair. From Lanesttehma lmt Size* From Cheapest to very beet. For Ladies and Gentlemen. For Girls and Hots* nr Sole Westers Agency for MacMillan’* Few York C.uba. fr Tickets to all the Ricks and Parks. Of Skates sharpened asd repaired* GOOD SKATING—The public are in* formed tbit W. CHARLTON, toe celebrated Skate Grinder and Polisher, baa engaged bis wmea ai the machine aoop ot D. F. Buckler A Oo- Calhoon place, between dark and l>earf-orn-*U., in rear of the isailu rime* office, where akmtes will be ground and polished and repaired In thelatest style and beat ewirfi. dFarmins Hanbs. A LL WANTING FARMS—Good Fam /A and well-proved Frail Land*—Beantlfol and ftflring settlement of VINELAND 80 mile* toath « Philadelphia by mlrcad. Population Increased B,o# people In tour yearn. Good society, schools an£ churchei; LOU orchard* planted. Price, IS per acre, payable In font years. village lota tor ouatnem and macctarmrera alto for sale. Climate did—perfectly healthy—soil highly tertlle. Improved places alao tor tae. Addrena CHA6, K. LANDlS.Propnetor, Via* land, New Jeney. Papers containing inforntstton sect fr-e. From report ol Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: ‘-UUone cl the meat eztoi* sire fonSe tracts Id ah almost levs position, and suiV able condition for pleasant faraniir, that we Imow ol this side of the Western Pralntt.” iiJatmts. TO DEALERS IN LADIES’COLLARS —The undersigned woold respectfully announce that the General Agency tor GBav*s Patkvt Molded Collaks lor Ladles' wear, baa this day been placed in tt clr band*, and they will be happy to famish dealers. Terwi on application. These collars are manufactured by tbs American Molded Collar Company, under license of th©_ Union Paper Collar Company, i.kland, JQHXaOS A cn., SI Devonablre-SL. Boston. p ARD’S PATENT * BBICK MACHINE. Office and manufactory 53 >outh Jeflexson-st. Pot UUormatloh asd docrlpava circular address B. E. CARD. 33 South Je?sra3c-«t- Chicago. Clanks. gOUNTIES. Official Blanks! We bare nov for tale the following additional Boun ty winfca, which hare ALL been approred by the De partment#: Soldier's Claim far Additional UonniT, widow’s “ ** 44 Father's ** mm Mother's* “ mm Paresis' “ (Jointly) ** *• Gaardiaa's ** mm A, from Second Auditor"! OSes, re errtmrtoeopleaof onrßlanks sent for examination, •ajis “The forms aro decidedly the best that bayo been presented to this Of* ficeJ* Sent prepaid on receipt of the money, at fl M pci quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Lav* ol with latest Instruction* and regulations sent Agents on receipt ot stamp to pay pottage. A copy inclosed with each package of Blanks. Address TRIBUNS CO., 61 Clark-st., Chicago. (Consignments. TEMONS.—IOO boxes Malaga 31.E3MONS, Just arrived, at 17.00 per Box. Cal on or address CAGWIN * STETSON, igoii Sooth Water-*t. jpOE PROMPT BEND DRESSED HOGS To DAVID BUEL £ CO, 144 LaSalle-il, Chicago. HOGS - .Usual Facilities to Shippers. Commissions on car-load lota, 1 v per cot. A. M. WBIGBT A CO . 13Sand 140 Klaae-*t. comer ol Laaaile. THE FORSAKEN, TO-NIGHT, CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE, Importers and Jobbers of Dry Goods, Corner Lake-st. and MicMgan-av. Special Inducements. Itt preparation for taking account of stock, we have marked down prices in every department, and shall close out many desirable articles at lower prices than have been made since 1861. We have also received some cheap jobs from recent auctions in Hew York, which we shall offer at DECIDED BAECtATKS. ‘HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE. Jfurniturt, Bering, fHirrors, See. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Reduction in Prices of FURN I T U R BEDDING,.MIRRORS, &c., FOR THIRTY RAYS ONLY! Preparatory to a change in business, commencing MONDAY, December 101 The largest and best assortment of Eich, Medium and Common FCBSI- ” IDEE ever offered in Chicago, all warranted, as usual, FIEST-CLASS; „ a part of which MUST and SHALL he sold POE CASH within Thirty Days; at prices that DEFY ALL COMPETITION! Consult your own interest* Call, examine goods, and see for yourselves. Prices reduced ou all article, alike, without regard to cost CHA.R.LE S TOBEE-, 87 and 89 STATE-ST-, Chicago. Hits ©OOO9. PRICES GREAT EXCITEMENT About Low Prices DRY GOODS. How there teed be oo excitement in the lean among the ladle* or Chicago about where to find the t>%t light, lie beat stocked goods, and where to Sal tb“ LOWEST PRICES, Became every oee knows, or ought t« know, that PUTNEY, KNIGHT & HAMLIN Always bare and always Intend to take the lead. We are now Kills* FRENCH MERINOS For Five Shillings, Each as our neighbors sell for Biz Shillings; and EMPRESS CLOTHS For 80 Cents, Bach as oar neighbor* sell lor? and 8 Rhuunga. All our 10 and 12s. Merinos for SI.OO. All our s2.oo'Merinos for $1.50. 50c, English Merinos marked down to 2s. 6d. All onr 2s. Dress Goods marked down to Is. 6d. 1,100 pcs. 3s. and 4s. Dress Goods marked down 2s. 21 cases Blankets from Auc tion, from $6.00 np. 50 pcs. Striped All-wool De laines, worth 45., now 2s, 6d. 20,000 dozen 4s. Buttons marked down to 2s. I N PUID DID DRESS GOODS We deftr aU competition In Style* tad Fries. SI Shawls & Cloaks, The Beat Stock In the West. We have tone thxongh our Stock and marked It at K2W TOBK AUCTION PRICES, vlthont regard to coet or xalae. Ladle* oi Chlcago-and the great North* -vest, sire ns a can before purchasing. PUTMEY, KNIGHT & HAMLIH, Sign of the Golden Eagle, 105 and 107 Lake-St. Chicago, December 8,1966. Dens. JOSEPH GILLOTT 8 aTEEL PENS, OF THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY TRADEMARK: GiI.LOTT. Same and Deng* WAKB4NTEO. natmgSomher. SEW SERIES, GOOD AND CHEAP, from No. to No. 761. JOSEPH with TRADEMARK: RILLOTf. Designating BIBHIHGiuV. Numbers. The veil tnovn uaicraai. and mpcui manners, 303* 404* 170. 3-11. haring been ai rained by other Uaaxss. »* desire 14 caatlon the public It respect to aajd Imitations. AsKiroß oiLLorra. GnxoTT*s Fna ’i, »r ch ran tty and style a* lr sai* erery kind ofhaeiNvnilcr, tor sale to the trade by JOS* GILLOTT dfc SONS, No. 91 New York* BBWB7 OWHW, Sola Agent* JQEAH, THE FORSAKEN, TO- ISJTGrHT, _ CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. Sts ©'polls. CHICAGO, 10th Decfr, 1B». Stones; &c. 'YY'HOLEsALE hardware. WILLIAM HIM MO, IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IS ASD iv .mo, 179 AXD 181 BASDOLPH-ST., (Adlolnlng the Briggs Goose). CBZCfiOOL o. i iiAssnxox PIG lUON. DEWET £ CO., 27 Eegsbnry-st» business (Cards. UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Washln^ton-sts, CHICAGO. Giro particular allotloo to both buying and isClEg Crain, Flour, Seeds, Park, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought aad held on»©s4 etths In this or Eastern markets. tW~ Special rates ot Commission made U than *M tnrnlsh their own money for large perefaases cf my to be held for sale by ns. P. U Crrtprwsad, Ben. o. roderwsed, i’ATH & YAADERVOORT MALTING COMPANY, Hos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., Moniiftettireni of nalt and Dealers'te Dariey and Bye. t?" We keep comtacuy on hand rt'ckx ot prime Barley and Rye Halt, which we are prepared te sell at he low«at market rate*. SuplcxElliptic Skirts. DEMAND J. AY, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OB DOUBLE BPRCTO) SKIRTS. Ther win not bend or break Ilk* the slug** c*rt9& bet will ever preserve their perfect and where three or to or ordinary Sclrta are thrown «*«<w aa tueina. They combino comfort, durability and eeooome wuh that e egaare op shape which had iiaia the •’ DCPLEa, ELLIPTIC" iha STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale bv the exelcitve tele owners of the patent. WESTS, HEADLEY & CAET, Warehouse and Office, 97 Chamber* and 79 sod Rx Beadnah, New York. Also, at wholesale by th* lei»£ lug Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the moat popular and graceful Skirt worn- yog sale at wholesale si macofhcturer** prices, by field, palmer AiJtrnra* IIP. 118.114 and 1 Jg Lakoah, Chicago. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts^ For Elegance asd Ectmcmv are m.ssrps*vd. For am* at wholesale hr JOH-S V. FAtSWELL A CO -4'2,41 and 46 Wabaahav- Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skins, Tie lightest, mest agreeable and period skirts For tale at wholesale. boWES BROS* 19 and 81 Lake-sL, Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Sxirti, For beauty, comfort and durability superior to an cO* ers. For sale at wholesale, bv TOBKKNCg. HASSISC A CO. 33 Lake-at. and 39 Wabaah-sr. CaicagO. Bradleys Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at manufacturer*’ prices. KKira. wood a co QOAL! GOAL. J. L- HATHAWAY, dealer la Hart and Soft Coat Office and Varda, 44 ilarket-*t.,.near Randolph. Coat SBZaXVSHSD PHOWPTIiT AMS* SN GOOD Ofifilß to all parts ol the city. gUT TOUR COAL AT HOLBROOK & PARKER’S, 64 Kingsbnry-st., cot. Indiana. POST OFFICE DRATCEg 5517. ISanks anU Hankers. CTOCKHOLDEBS’ MEETTNQ.—The «TiTin,> meeting ot the stockholders of Qia FIFTH SATIOSAL BASK OF CHICAGO For foe election of Directors, and to transact asp otlerheatoese that may lawfnllr corns before *ha aeetlnr. vlli he held at the oOce of laid Bank. So. u 0 LaSalle-eh, Chicago, b«;ve«n the haara of 19 a. m. andtP-m-t Xcraday, Jaanary Bth* 1867. ISAAC Q. LOMBARD, CaaMer. Chicago. Dec, "th. 156 a. astrologn. ‘V’OTICE—Just arrived Grom Europe, CUBHISSA musow, The celebrated G?p*y Fortune Teller, can be Com 9mlS In the afternoon, Don't forge; 337 Soaik nearly opposite Joeea School. Beat city re foresee* given. Sftttcatumal. TYTHhENFURTITS COMMERCIAL i J COLUSElathjbeelboslaeM establishment la a.-. Wait, being the crl* one CONDUCTED BT PRAO- T'l>L BUSINESS VEN. Foreign laoxaacre taught* Tnc EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICALTOLLSmS r «pe« lively prepare Tenths for a Btwi'iem or a. Dnl- T*reUy Coar»e. Lailw Seminary last opened. »• THE FORSAKEN, TO -ISTIGHCr, CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. E ,