Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 11, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 11, 1866 Page 3
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SASBY. Tbe Arantsty Proposition—The lnta»b< ItanteOf the CroM Road l * made the Victim* of a Cruel and Ueartle** Don. [Frcin the Toledo Blade. D-crrol/er R lh*l ' CosFiDurr X Road*. 1 (wich la in ice Mil; ut HewUckt.'t V BeeemOerSd. ’&6O. ) I never wnz so elevated nor never so cast down In in; life ez last uitc, and the entire Corners auz ditto. The circumstances nr the rase wnz cz follows: Me and a part? ut friends wuz a playin draw poker with a Noo York ci>mmei>heJ travlur, I believe they call ’am, a feller w ith a nmstash and side whisk ers, wich comes Sonlh a talkm seccsh and a fclllo goods, fie made some Inquiries about the standln uv the dcclcrs at the Corners, and wnz, after sed enquiries, eggsircemly anxious 1o sell’em goods lor cash. They wanted ’em on ninety days time, and on this they spilt. 11c agreed with ’em In principle—be drank to Jclf Davis, and damnu-l Linklo flooeotly— but on the cash question he wnz Inflexible and immovable. To while away the rosr boars, a knot of choice sperlts. him ioclood cd, gathered in the Posh Orifis, to enjov a game uv draw poker. There war me and Square Garitt, and Dcckln Po.ram and Elder Slathers, and (he Noo York drummer. IVc played till past the witebin hour of 12 m., when grave yards yawn and g»»sls troop forth—wbeutheNoo Yorker suckumd. Uis Innocent, unseasoned bowels bed’ut,bln edu cated up to the standard uv Kentucky whis key, wicb. new cz wc drink It, is plzen to for eigners. The Deekin end EJdzr grabbed the stakes wicb « uz onto the table, aud rifled bis pockets on the suipisbea that he wuz a Ab lishinlst, and rolled him out, and while in the very act. Pollock, the Illinoy store keep er, cum rusbin In. askin ns cf we’d been! the news. Weanseredyoonammnsly that we bedu't. “I’mjlstin from LooisvlUu” sed he, “I JUt rode over frero tnc stashen. Loolsville is in a blaze uv glory !” “Wat,” set I “ hex Sumner killed Thai Stevens and ItnmcjiUy committed eooicldc?” “ Nary,” sez he, “ but Johnson and Con gress bev come together on the basis nv yoonlvcrsal Amnesty, which wuz proclaimed yesterday, to be fbliercd by yoonlvcrsal suf frage ez soon as the South kin conveniently do it They bev met and embraced on llorris Grecly'spUu.” Deckin Pogram bast into a hysterical laff, and In Lie Joy handed me the proceeds uv his eiplorasnen uv the pockets uv the Noo Yorker, and like a blessed old lunatic broke for the meetln bouse. Id a moment or two the l»ell pealed forth Us joyous notes, and In a minitmore the half dressed villagers wuz seen emergin from their respective domiciles In all styles uv attire. A few minits sufficed to make them understand what wuz the oc casion uv the uproar, aud a more enthooslas tic population never woke the ckkos. Afore five mmjtshcd rolled otf into eternity, tber wuz a bonfire blazln on the north side uv the square, the sed bonfire b«*Jn a nlggirskool house, wlch the Frecdmen'a Commlshn bed erected, end wich onr cnlhoosUsilc citizens bed In their delirium uv joy set fire to. It wuz emblematic. The smoke ez it rolled to the South metbawt araoorned the stupe uv a olive branch—the cry ur the nisracr children wich coodent escape, symbolized their de eertld ccndishn, ami the smell uv cm cz they roasted wax like unto iuceuse, grateful to our nostrils. A informal roectio vn- to wunst organ ized by the life of the bumln skonl bouse, to wich Deekln Pogram addressed hisself. He remarked that this wuz a solemn occasion, to solemn Indeed that he felt loadckatc to express the fee! wich tilled him. Uis month wazn’t blc enough to give vent to hU solo, though cf didn't he’d bast. “Wat arc wc met for to-nire, my friends.” sed be, “wat calls us together?” Wherefore these sounds uv joy—wherefore this fire, aud wherefore Is Bascom sellin likker at half price? Decor we arc rehabilitated—that’s what we are. Bccoz the North hez gone into the olive branch hlzness ffirin, and wc Lev wunst more our rites. Wc arc am nestied. Wc kin vote—we kin go to Con gress—wc are agin citizens uv the great Re public—” ©Pollock, the Ulinoy store keeper, riz and begged permishin to say a word. lie pro tested agin these dolus. He understood, ak* kordin to llorris Greeley’s plan, that yooii versal suffrage wuz to follow yoonlvcrsal am • ncsty—why then this makln John Rodgerses uv the niggers? Wuz the South u goin to act in good faith ? Deckin Pogram replied: “The South never yit broke plighted faith nave when she cood make Butuln by so uo’m. At this present junkter uv affairs be presoomed the South wood extend, not precisely universal suf frage to the nigger, hut the way wood be opined to cm. ttich a mass uv Ignorance cood never be trusted with the ballot with out preparasben, and to prepare cm wood be a overturnin in the Kentucky theory, that the nigger is a ocast, and the Northern Demo kratic idea that the nigger wuz cust by Noer aud doolncd forever to be a slave. “The gentleman from Illinoy will to-wunst perceive the fix wc are in. They alnt fit for the ballot now, and cf we make eoiso, it overturns onr theory, wich wc cant do. Still wc propose to be just to em. We slid give slch uv cm the ballot ez arc snfflsbcnlly intelligent, and we shel not put the standard too high nuther. We shel give every won uv them the ballot who Is able to reed the Greek testament fluently and pass a credible cxamlnoehcn In German, English Grammer and doable entry bouk-keepin. The path to the polls yoo see Is open to cm. Uv coarse we cant be ex pected to tolerate skool-honsca for cm, coz that wood raise em above their normal con* disben. Also, tber mast be proper rcgula ehens controilln cm. tor try deer sir, they arc mere infants, and their tottcrin steps on the road to freedom needs directing. Society is a compromise In wicb every one resigns ez much uv hU pcrsncl liberty cz the pool uv the ball may demand. Wo count ourselves : fhe hull, and the resrnln nv pcrsnel liberty | must come from them. That nigger.” said ■ he, plntlo to won wich th» Joyous citizens wuz etringin up to Bascom’s sign post. “ that ! nigger is a rcsinin his pcracel freedom for the good of the hull. No doubt In his heart he mormon, and cf the cord wich is cbokln him cood be loosened, be wood repine. It Is rough on him, but the sooperionty nv the Caucashn race rauf-t be—My v»od I Its one uv my niggers! Stop! Bascom, stop!” ejacu lated the Deekln, out It wuz too late. The nigger wuz already black in the face and Uc<l ceased to kick, and the Deckin, hcavln at sign, percoeded. “ We shel scrootmlonsly regard their rite*. They shel her the rite to buy laud, an kin In all respects like us, cz soon ez they be be trusted. Till then they will bev lntln re straned. There must he laws prohlblti) em from recccvin more than S4.W per month, that they may not become bloated aristocrats and pampered sons uv luxury—the proper development of the country, and likewise the payment of the Confedrit debt, required jnauucl )al«r wich wc wnz never edjucatcd to do, and therefore the good of the whole requires that they shel resign their perancl liberty so for cz to be confined to (he plan tasbans onto wicb they bev engaged to labor, that they may relljusly do It, wich Ls clecrly nessary, for yoo see ef I hire a ultrgcr in Janooty, I must not be exposed to the chances uvhxsqnlttlu me In July. Bat wat more kin they want? They are free to ez great a extent cz the good of society will permit. Wc shel give cm qualified suffrage, fixln, nv coarse, which Is just, the aaaliflea (jons ourselves, and heln valyooahle mem bers of society, hereafter we shel care fur cm, so long cz tnev are healthy—g>x»d Lord, whv will them ensses persist in hangin up able-bodied nlgcers when there’s so many - old ones around, good for nothin bat to celebrate with,” and to save another wnn nr his former servants, the Deckin closed abruptly. It is onneccesary to recount the farther do ins uv the nlte. There was a skool-housc and church recently erected, bnrnd, with some skore or eich a matter nv young nisgars In cm wich wnz too young to be uv any yoose, ’save cue girl, wich wcz noerly whl-.e and almost fifteen, wicb ought to bev bln reskood, I and five, cfl counted correctly, able-bodied | men and wimin wus hung. Bascom sold oat I his stock entirely, and by three a. ra. the cn- , tire Inhabltance uv the Corners wus ft laylfi arr.nuS the square. In festoons- There wuz a bitter awakenlo to this seen® uv festivity. At a little after 7, while the Deekln, the Elder and myself wuz In Bas ; corn’s tryln to get an assuager, and the best I we cood do wnz to ponr a quart nv water f into a barrel which had been emptied, and roll It aroond and thus Savor it, Captain McPeller, late uv Morgan's cavalry, enm in from Looisville. Eagerly we asked t him the confirmation nv the tidies, when he Informed us that it wuz a hoax—that no such thing bed been done, nor wnz Congris in any such uoehen. Pollock dropped In and when 1 reproached him with his dnopll city, be ansered that it wuz a hoax, bat be hoped we’d excooso him. He bed a era cln desire to see whether ef Amnesty and Suf frage stood be edepted, how fur we'd go In ! the latter direction. He wax satisfied, and honestly honed we’d forgive him the pleas ant Jest. He’d made the Comers lively one cite any how. I wnz too profoundly disgust ed to reply to the wretch. PXTROnETM V. Nasbt, P. M., [ (wich Is Postmaster.) STAIE TIUCEEny ASSOCIATION. Procmame of Exercise# fbr the Com ing Annual Meetlnc, to he field at Jacksonville* December UUi, 26th and. 27 th Instant. tczssit, BEcrxßta 25th. A. ji.— l Onrtnlxtilon. Address of the Pres!* dent, S. H. While, Chicago. Appointment of Committees. Ac. , P. M.—Music. O. Blackman, Chicago. Address. Dcr.b. G. Lathrop. Joliet. Discussion—“ Should morel and religions instruction be given In the ComDoa SchoolsP'Of. J. V. ?».—fcfsoalsh, Galesburg; S. JL Dicker, Fulton: M. B. heals, Moline. Gymnastic*. _ Ei«ah<g.—Music, Prof Blackman. Essay, Miss Edith T. Johnston, formal Address, Jes. H. Blodgett, Rockford. A. M-—Devotional caereUes and music. ‘Ad dress, O. W. Perkins, Cbicaeo. DUciwslon— “Shouldthe State of Dllaou establish one or more Deform Schools ImmcdlatelyT I —R. Ed wards, Monnalt G. W. Perkvu*. Chicago, and others. Essay. Jas. P. SDde, Belleville. p. jl.—Music, Blackman. Address. Wm. M. Bikr-, Springfield. Discussion— I “Should at tendance at school be made compnlaorri bylaw, ana U it expedient that a law to that effect be en acted at the present time? I —S. M. Ettcr.Ke wauee: W. H. Raymond, Alton; E, P. Burling- V'.tn, Cairo. Gymnastics. Essay, 8. M. Uejleu, Marie. Essay. J. W. Powell, Nor ■tn«r Address, Hon. Newton Bateman. tuubidst. A. V.—Devolionai exercises and music. Ad* drees, Rev. P. H. Wine*. Springfield, oncanlon „ —“Should the Free Ulgb School and University form a part of a system of Common School*?’’— J.L. Pickard. Chicago; A. M. Brook*, Spring field ;A. B. V coder, Ualra. Caety-Mlsa M. Me* finate^Addrcaa—Hon. John A. Kas«on, DcsMoiae*. Discussion—“ Should the state of Illinois publish a manual of directions and plans for the grading, locating. conrlrocttm-, heating, ventilating and famishing Common School bouse*s”—J- B. Roberts, Galesburg; A. M. Gow, Bock Island, and others. Evening—sociable. mn, President- Executive Commltlee—J. M. Gow, A. if. Brooks, Robert Alijc- - Married by fllrtake. The Detroit Triton, of Thursday, sars: “Last CTCDIng Edward Thayer and Mis* Helen F. Jelllman, attended by Mr. Austin Humphrey and Annie E. Crause, went to St. Paul’s Churcn. the former couple to pet married, and the latter lo act as croornsmtn and bridesmaid. Thy all stood up before •the altar, and the ofliclallnc clergyman, the Ber. ilr. Dmm, supposing that both couples werA’o be married, requ'-sllrctbcgsatleiaio to Join bards with their respected Itdhs. wbl«h was done, and. In a short space of ilme. the four u ero made V< o. Tbe»liua> ll ti. being fully n allied by the latter coupler they concluded to accept what they c-.ula not very well help, and all adjourned to their boarding-house quite well pleaded with the result of the preacher’s mistake.” opinions of tjle pfess* [From the Plymouth (lud.) Republican.] The Chicago Tkibuse Is the leading Radical JouiLftliu lie North4t»t, end the healthy "Mt* of public evntimen 1 . m Uie Kortowestam States 1«. or lug In a great measure to the induenca of the Tiudcbx. It ia.a»lde Irom politics, one of the be-t a»d most reliable newspaper* published treat ot the Alleghany Mountains, [From the Panoia (Iowa) TtdeUe I TrißiHE. —The prospectus of the Chicago TsißCirc ai't ear* Id aoother column. Tbit paper la oi e which, after a year’* dally reading, w* would sot know bo* to do without. It give* more readier matter e'crv day thau ma >y an Pasters weekly paper gives is a week or t*»o. It la rr»ll r a matnmolh papir in all Us edition*. Mihablltty and enterprise worthy the city of Its location.* [From the Fairfield (Iowa) Ledger.) Chicago Tuibck* —Elsewhere may be found tbe prospectus of the Chicago Turn tars. it is alnioet unnecessary for ns to speak to our readers of the Txußrwt. It is known as the/Its** and root I radical paper in the Northwest. Its news, financial and market reports, cannot be exce led, endaicnotspprbsehed. If you want a reliable paper fox commercial, political and miscellaneous sews, the Tiubcxc should i*e in your possession. [From tbe Sturges (Mich.) Journal.) Tlie Chicago Tnintms is undoubtedly tbe most Influential paper in tbe West, end deserves the reputation It has attained. We like the Tbibuks bwanre ll I* always a leader. We do not like a public journal that al ways has to be tmated out bv public opinion before it can ■peak. The Tmmnr* afuav* sects to lead public sentiment to falgaei* though!** and nobler atta timenle—to eJeval* hu manity. Instead of depressing iti There Is no conservatism about the Tmouss, but it Is truly and genuinely a Radical sheet. It may not alwars be tight on all questions, but the boiii and fearless manner in which it utters forth tu convic tions of what Is tight Is worthy of all commenda tion. [From the Oqttawka Plaladealer.) We take pleasure in calling tbe attention of tbe staunch Republicans of Ola Henderson to the prospectus of lb* great progressive political newspaper of (be West, the Taintms. It is a paper of splendid ability, unerring sagacity, and by l*s deep uaight into tbe political perplexities ot the day, baa woo tbe confidence and gratitade of the entire Northwest. As a commercial paocr, R has no superior, probably, in this country, and as such should re ceive, a- it no doubt docs, a liberal sapportainoDg t adestnen, merchants, gtain and stock dealers— in fbort among all who keep a close eye on ibe mat keta. To one aM all we soy, eubscrlne for the Tm- Buax. [From the Buchanan (Mich.) Union.) Ibe prospectus for 1067 of the Chicago Tat nrjfc— the ablest and best paper In the North west—will be found in another portion of to day's paper. We hope those of oar readers who mar wish to subscribe for a good dally, tri weekly, or for im weekly, wjR givi the prospretus a careful perusal, and favorably con rdertbc Tcibckx's manv valuable merits. Tbe Chicago Tnintnrr Is recognized as the fore most journal in ibe West, In every thing going to make op a newspaper. Its influence Is very great, ano deservedly so. Though no one nssd endorse alike reads in it, anyman will find hlm pt-jf far behind (he times if ho tries to do without tbe Iwntnsr. [From tb** Iroquois (HI.) Republican.] Chicago Tn .-ntt.—'This pap-rhas become a powrriiiibeNo.tbwißt: it Is read by more peo ple, and prints more general, political and feie urst hie news than any oilier paocr west of New York; and Is Indispensable to tbe merchant,, drover,and tmsinraa men uenera’l*, in the prosecmlnn of thel-business; ana av a ftmfly pane*. Us poetry, tales, anecdotes and mi cellaoy, will Re lound of the most interesting kind. Pensions. The following table fshows the number of pen sioners on the roll at Washington: y. No. of Pen- Annual - eionctt. Ain't. On (he tolls (in all the Slates) JUne 30,1561 10,7(91 857,77114 A ddtd during tbe year ending June 30, 1562 679 60,872.73 Added during the yearenolng June JiO, 18*3 7,893 731,589.23 Added during the year ending June 3U, ... 39,509 8.C17,-16L01 Add d during the year ending Jnn- 30,19C5 40,170 3,831,031.70 Added during the year ending June 80, 1500..... 7 50,177 4,597,570.22 Total 119,0 tS 311815,2-11.03 On the rolls Jane 30.1806 1*:C,722111,0*1,174.81 Dlscontinned. by death or le gal limitation, during too past five years. 12,392 % 2,140,916.72 Tbe (allowing table shows tbe number of pen sioners paid each year, during tbe six yexra end ing June 30,15C6: Class of Pensioners, 156 L 1862. 1563. Revolutionary soldiers &3 30 13 Widows of do 2,728 1,350 1,573 4,741 8,874 5,244 2,235 1,435 7,S 0 4Z7 421 611 . 530 IS3 577 Army livallds Widows, &c.. (army). Navy invalids Widow c, i£c., (navy) Total 11,817 8.147 14,789 Class of Pensioners. Z3-7L 1885. ISB6. Rcvulotlonary soldiers 12 S 1 Widows of do 1,418 IJIS 931 Army ibvalida .. 22,787 35,011 81820 Widows, (army) 25,433 47,372 69,937 Navy Invalids 712 «J 1,0« Aifiuwe, (navy) 785 ROI 7 l.lSt Total. .51,181 83,997 123,721 Popnlatlon of Ohio Cities. The Colnmbos Journal gives the present population of the cities and towns of Ohio, as indicated by the vote oflSCd, together with the population in 1600, as follows: 13TA. 1940. 193,910 ISl.'tii 57.497 43,(17 83,599 19.554 29,152 S'sOtJl 27,C03 13.7itS 12,473 9,2» 11,843 8,(93 11,703 7.223 11,411 7,0" S Cincinnati... Cleveland... Colnmhns... Dayton Toledo Eanesvllle... Sandusky.... Hamilton.... Fprtngfleld . Xenia ('Ulllcothe.. Potisninclh SienbcnvUle. Akron Nev-ark... . Piqna Masefield... Carton. .. . Tllßn Marietta Lancs?'ter... Irentun Gampolis... BOARD OF EDUCATION. Itcjnlar Meeting, Chicago, December Ith, 1800. [OFFICIAL BZPOBT. ] Promt— Messrs. Blsckmsn, Bond, Bonfl'ld, Prenltpo, Brlpgv, Clarke, Foster, Gailiord, Hol den, Leavitt, Runyan, Byoer, Tinkham and Von lutfl Abiffit— Untn. BalUntyne and Walsh. In Ihe absence of the President and Vice-Pnssl dent, Mr. Uyder was called lo the chair. Th- minutes of the last meeting were read In fat*, when, upon motion of Mr. Leavitt, the further reading was dispensed with and they were approved. Ur. Blackman, Chairman of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, reported the conjunc tion of sewer connections ana catch-basina as fol*~ lone: At the Franklin School, 2U7 feet, al a cost of 1510.50; donee School, 2&> feet. ro<t {21910; Washington School, 5M loct, cost #-t2La): Brown School, M 9 feet, cost (415 86; Haven School. BiS feet, cost trat.N 1 ; total cost, *2,018.90. Also, that gM bed been introduced In the Franklin and Foster School buildings at a cost of {002.80. lu-port accepted, and ordered to be placed on file. Ur. Blackman alsopreecnted a communication from the Board of Public Works, informing the B ard of Education that upon examination it was found that the appropriation for the Sewerage Department we# not quite exhausted. and that they would not therefore be obliged to call : upon the Board of Education «o advance the amount ucce-sary to extend the sower on Wood sheet In order to make connections with the out bonses at the Brown ScboiL Conmimucal on accepted, and ordered to he placed on file, and the Secretary inm noted lo re turn to the Board t>f Public Works the thanks of this Board. Ur. Blackman also presented the following re port: IheCommlttce onßmldlngi nndOroanda would report tha< the new frame building at the comer of Market and Pearson streets, the one at the cor- Iner of lake and Elizabeth (tracts, and the one oo Douglas avenue, are so near completion that they think they will be ready for occupancy by the opening of the next term. The other school build teg, ai’uated al the corner of John and Walsh streets, not being so far advanced, your commit tee deem it Chaise on second of the lateness of the ceases, to *ry to planter during the winter, ono cost of plaster now on ha- been considerably fro wn, ana u liable to come off, aad we would there fore recommend that the plastering and painting of mis building be deferred notil we hare more suitable weather. The committee would further teport that the addition to the EoMelo but ding of twenty four by forty feet w 111 be ready to occupy by the opening of 'he next term, and also that »fie building heretofore known as No. Twelve School BulMing has been removed to the comer of Waubansla avenue and Ueuben street, and Is being repaired, and will be ready for occupancy at the opening of the next term; also, that a room has been constructed Id thebasemctit of the Moseley School nulldlng, which Is now nearly completed. Thccummiuct; would also ask for an Jbority to effect an insurance In the Home and Manhattan Insurance Companies, of New Yi ik, of fIOJ’M, on each of the four frame buUoitJga now m cour-e of erection, and ot tl.uOO each on the fnntllnre of the three to be opened at the cummen> meat of the best term. Report of the committee ace.*pted, and authori ty to effect the Insurance granted. }<es—Messrs. Blackman, Bond, Clarke, Foster, Guilford, Leavitt, Itunyan, Iljder and Yon Com —9. Xcyt— Merer*. Bonfleld and Clarke. During the reading of ibe above report, the Vice President came in and look the chair. Jdr. Blackman al#o presented a communication 'rrm Ne«ra. Murray 4 Wlnne,fubmltunj:a prop* 3plilot to beat and ventilate the new frame build* Itc. comer of Alatkeiand Peirsoa sheets. On motion of Mr. Leavitt, the communication was laid on the tabic. On motion of Ur. Guilford, the Committee on Buildings and Gumndawas anlhorixed to procure stoves for beating the new frame buildings about to be opened. }*i«—hcsffi. Blackman, Bond. Bor field.-Breo taoo. Brine, Clarke, Foeter, Uullforo, Leavitt, Banyan, Cyder and Vonilom—U. >one. Mr. Gnlltord. of the AndlUngand Finance Com*. miltee, piccenud the following report of the s-diool Acini for October and November ; Cash on band Oct. I,ISCQ SS,9uxao BKCEITTS. From rent* f0,'91.50 From Interest 17..&1 ?na dty school tnid ...15.200,00 From billsreoeKaiile 10f,00 QRXStTCBIt* For teacher*’ pay toll* $24,059.74 For Uootley book tnod, book*. Ac... SS.S3 For Newberry fond? 90.90 For«xpe»»e*,ccnasa earr*»Ber* $1,070.05 • Tot expentca, C. C. Chaao, talaiy. 50.00 • $53,3«.51 Caih on hand December I.ISW $ *.103 91 Of the cash on band |3, ta for payment of teacher*, (S3CL&> for payment of balance of sun dry accounts, and (£39.96 for investment Deport of tbo committee accepted and ordered to be placed on file. Mr. Guilford. Chairman of the CommlUee on Apparatus and Furniture, reported that the turn I- . tore ordered by them for the four new frame build lies, and also for the Matter*’ Divisions of (be Wasili.rton and Scammon Schools, bad been re ceived. and was read) to be put up. Mr Guilford asked that the committee be au* tbonred to purchase additions) rest* for the Mas ter’s room of Ibe Scammon Bcbqol. Authority sra. Blackman, Bond, Bonfleld, Bren* tano, Bnccs. Clarke. Foster, Guilford, Leavitt, Bonyan, Ryder and Van Born—lS. Icji—y une. On motion of Mr. lAiritt, Chairman of the Com* mlltee cn the Examination oi Teachers, cenlfl* cate* of RuaUilcation <o teach wore granted to Mis. Dath-1 8. Pinmmer and Mines Emma U. Grey, Mrliasa A. Greene and Mare G. Andrews. Ibe resignation* of Lucia A. Briggs, Airtataut in tiic Moseley Fchool; lianaah M- Mo'iea>en ■ and Frsdeilca W. oin'h-r, As*l*tan s in the i I'm'gepiiri school; st d J'Ho* Mußer. teacher of Gena:, in the Well- bchool, were received and I srcejited { kr. leavitt. of the Committee on tbeAnpnlct- , { meat ol Teacher*, rtomu-d the follovlDg appola’- < merits since the laet meeting of lb<-B >vrj; A res i M. Vsckie. in the Ktczie ac'iool; Ju’U F I rigg*. Aens'sr.t tn'the >!*»*«.»/ sebaol: Jo anna Patch,As*latest lathe Bnd/tOOrt School, • si.d P «dr lies W. Glntiie-, teacher of German is • ll«e W-li- Mho 1. Mr. tesvi i r ported th* names of the following teachersw::o ■ apnomimeau have hocnprerlDU-ly reported tor confirmatma: Jennie Palrua r, of the Scsinmoo Fchool; Mary C. Fitch, of tire roe- ' ter bchool; Maggie E. Burns ot the Ogden bchool; Aula A. Livingston, of the Wells School, and Maasslaki, teacher ol Gennaa tn ; the Ne« u try bch oh * Mr. Brentano moved that the eonfirmatloo of ! Mr. Wa«esltki be postponed to the next regular meeiiig. Mr. G'nllford moved,'as a substitute for Ur. Brerdaso’s motion, that tbe Committee on Ger man be imusetrd to rrqae»t Ur. Maosalski to re eicn bra petition as teacher ol German Imme diately. ■J he substitute was accepted by Ur. Brentano, and adrpifd. Tbe balance of tbe appointments reported was con*rnv d. Mr. Brenrano, of tbe Committee on the High 1 Fchool. presented a report, recommending that e native French teacher be employed for two boars ] each day, to give instruction la ibe French lan guage In Ibe Hicb bchool. at a salary not to er ected |OCO per annum, acd alro recommended that Mr. George R. D’AndlJy be employed to fill such portion. Report of the commttie accepted, and recom mendations adopted. 3>es—Messrs. B.’nckmat), Bond, Bonfield. Bren (ado, Briggs, Clarke, Fosh-r. Guilford, Leavitt, Kenyan, Ryder and Vonliom—l2. JTcyi—None. Also, a report recommending (hat hereafter dming the winter term, tbe sessions of tbe High School commence at nine o'clock and close at two o'clock, and (hat dnriug tbe summer and Call terms, the sessions commerces! eight o'clock and close at one o'clock. Mr. Blackman moved to amend, as follows : . That from tbe first Monday in tbe school month of November to tbe find Monday in the school month of March the sessions of tbe High School I shall commence at nine o'clock and close at two ; o'clock, and Irom tbe first Monday In the school month of March to the first Monday In the school rocnih of Novemlwr.the sessions shall commence at eight o'clock and close at one o'clock. This amendment was accepted by the committee, and the report as amended was adopted. Also, a report recommending that a system of light gymnastics be introduced In the High bchoohasa part of the regular exercises of the tcbuol, to be participated lu by both the male aad fticale pupils. Referred to the Committee on Gymnastics and tbe Committee on tbe High School, to arrange a system, and report at the u*-xt regular meeting. Mr. Leavitt, cctlrman of tbe Committee on Evening Schools, presented a verbal report oa tbe evening schools, stating that the average at tendance was 1,115—454 at the Dearborn School, 251 at the Franklin School, ICS at the Washington school, 275 at the Foster School, and 161 at the Haven School. lb.' President came in end took the chair. The Snpirrlstendect presented a schedule of tbe article* purchased with the mosey donated by W. B Brown, School v Itls Books of Reference and articles of ap paratus. Accepted and ordered to be placcd'on file. Alto, a communication from the Common Coun cil. rtfmir.g to the Board the eommouleaUon of Alderman Talcoit In reference to the introduction of the study ot the German language In the Dis trie Schools. On tuoiiui, of Mr. Bond, referred to the Commit lie on German. Al>o, a communication from the Boird of Public Work*, extending an mvl alion to tbe Board of Edcratlun lb attend tbe formal opening of tbs Lake Tunnel. On motion of Mr. Bond, the Invitation was ac cepted by the Beard. Alto, a leanest from Colonel Bowen that the [Board furnbu for the Paris Exposition, pnoto graphic views of some of the school buildings of ihuciiy. Bel- rred to the Committee on Publication, with the President and Superintendent with power to act. Fiat—Messrs. Blackman, Bond, Bonfield, Bren tsno, Briggs, Clark, Foster, Guilford, Holden, Leavitt ana Runyan—ll. Soys— Nunc. Also, the summary of attendance for November, shoving an increase ovc: the corresponding month ol la-i year 0f5,(55 In tbe t.mnl er enrolled, 1,778 ic the ovc.age number belonging. 1,394 in the av er spe daily, and a decrease of Lift) in the namber of tardinesses On motion of Mr. Brentano. tbe Board proceed ed to the election Jof a Female Principal for the new building corner of Market aud Pearson streets. Mr. Blackman nominated Clara U. Todd; Mr. Brentano nominated Flora K. Parish; Mr. Leavitt nciulnatcd Alice L. Barnard. Fourth Ballot—Parish, 0; Barnard, 8. Mbs Parish was declared elected. On motion of Mr. Gnillord, Miss Pariah was de clared to be unanimously elected. On motion of Mr. Guilford, the Board pro ceeded to elect a Female Principal for the new bunding corner of Lake and Elßubefb streets. Mr. c’arku nominated Sarah E. Osgood; Mr. Leavitt nominated Alice A. Loveless; Mr. Guil ford nominated Henrietta G. Hubbard; Mr. Black man nominated Clara M. Todd; Dr. roster noml nared Martha A. Wunlrnan; Mr. Runyan nomi nated Helen O. Litchfield On the .ninth ballot Hiss Osgood received 9 votes, and Mira I-ovelrss 3. Miss Osgood was declared elected. On motion ot Mr. Blackman, the Board proceed ed tv electa Fcmalr Principel for Me senool re cently removed to the neighborhood ot the Roll ing Mills. On the first ballot Miss Babcock received 9 votes Mr* Taylor 2, and Miss Loveless 1. Miss Babcock was declared elected. Nr. Bond presented the report of the Committee on the Revisions of the City Charter so Lira* re nted to the F*“hoo» Department to be presented at (be next sessfou of the Legislator®. On motion the re vision* were taken ttp by sec tions and atUv various amendments, tbe report as amended was On motion of Mr. Clarke, Coalman of the Committee on the High Fenool, Carrie Moore aud Dt-nry Ftarrett were readmitted to scale In the High school. Mr. Briggs moved to adjourn to Tuesday even ing. December 11. Mr. Titikhstn moved to amend by adjourning to Thursday evening, December 13. This amend ment « as accepted by Mr. Briggs, aud the motion aa amended adopted. J. L. Picxauo, Secretary. English and German. On Saturday morning, Professor C. J. Beleke, LL, D., delivered ,» lecture on the German and EngUth languages to the students of Bryant * Puatlon’s Commercial College. The tudicDcc *u a crowded one, and was deeply interested la the subject and iia treatment. The Prolessor was npratcdly aod warmly apiilanded. Ur. Beteko commenced with the origin and cradnal development of the German, and after having dwelt on the richness of lha German lan guage at.d literature, he proceeded to the Anglo* taxon longu*, which consulates the foundation end groundwork of the English language. Ibo Anglo-Saxons Invaded Enpliud in the mid 110 of the fifth century. and having driven toe Celt* and Briton* to the fastnesses ana mountains of Wales, -and across the sea into Ireland, th y established ;l euisclve* permanently on the Island, which soon w»e entirely Gonnanlxed: out in ItXn the Saxons ban to snccamu to the victorious Normans of Fra* cc, whose language became that of die court, ol law, philosophy, science and line arts, and was soon adopted *by the I robiKty and autocracy, whilst the Anglo-baxon I continued to be cbcrf>hcd by the mass or the peo* 1 p:e. 1 hits for a time, the Norman snd Saxon form* | cd two distinct languages; bat by degrees they : gradually coalesced, forming that wonderfnl English tongue wnlch, enriched by contributions from various sonrcos.was finally,ln the fonrtaentb ana fift-cnih crtitorles. enthroned a most power* ftilatd Independent queen among the sovereign languages of 'he world it we consider words merely nnmerlcally as they occur in the dictionary, the Teutonic and (••a-co-ljt In Nomun elements are nearly equal, bat If we count tin words as they occnrlnscn* tenets, the element by for predomi nates. ibce in the Lord’s Prayer, which In the rrou stsLt version contains exactly sixty words, flliy-four are baxon and oily six are lallu. In the language of the Bible and sneb works as are mitten in plain English, as for In stance. “The Vicar of Wakefield,” “hoblnson Crusoe,” eves lnbnaitep*are,tbemam bulk ot- acids, are pan; Saxon, The English might be very aptly compared to a qmtr. tnc : groundwork of which Is Saxon, and the patents ate imported from all the parta of the world, espe cially from Greece Italy and Ftaxce. In proper* tjon a* In the popular language, the Anglo-Saxon element prevails In the higher style, especially tu the’aegoage of pnilosopby, science and fine arts, thcGnvco-Lalln Norman predominates. As the Missouri and Mississippi. in their on* ward course, meet in one channel, forming oue powerful river, which, fed by many rivulets and streams, centimes to grow, until at length with , the water* of (be Gulf it enters tbe mighty ocean— I thus tbe Teutonic and Gneco-Lvtln tongues, like I two mighty sit earns, the one spreading mth many outlets over the Fonthwerlim, the other over the . Cenualar}dNonhwe*tcroraitsnfEnrope.mectifl I England In one common channel, forming one I powerful mcr, which, enlarged by coninbutiorJ from many sonrcoa, exivudsdvor the British lal* i aids, and then like Ihe mighty Gclf stream , pcuetiate* Ihe deep Atlantic, spreads over the Western hemisphere, cross*-* the Pacific, and with many outlets proceeds to Australia, and final- I fv.ln its onward course, reaches India, tbe com* | moii and original home of all tn« Indo-European languages. ILustbe English language, like me snn ofTlcaven, winds its wav around the globe, : illirmloatnig every object wtihln its reach. In replying to the comparison of languages by Charles V., Profcsfor Beleke says; ”lf l be al- , low cd to institute a comparison. 1 would liken the English language lo a lofty pyramid, founded on a broad ard deep foundation am bmu.ot tbe most coal* materials, collected from the richest ; Castries of ihe world, and most carefully hewn at:d shaped lo fit that magnificent structure, which, by fu variety, harmony and grandeur, by far eclips es the proudest royal pyramids and obelisks ot an- , clem Fgynr. The French,like'the Homeric Greek.l would compare ton beautirut flower garden, locat ed inarko rrcsn valley, inlgated by winding streams and rivulets, and sarrounJed by richer®* mantle, variegating scenery, supplying ns with the most beautiful, odeilferous nosegays and bo nnets. The itallsn. Spanish and Portugese seem to reflect the lofty blue sky, with its balmy air enliven* d aud animated by the harmonious voices of the rigbtngmle, lark, and otherctuneroua lands ° The^ennan!as the iron-clad ’ ntn, Is like the national emblem, tbe lofty o£k,the product of a small aeon.. With outspread branches, pro ceeding from a mighty stem, and supported by roots penetrating through stones man rocks deep overtops In splendor and ma jesty all me trees ol thetoresk and Wds defiance to tot stoma and tempests, like the oakea-buUl fleet, which ride* majestically over the deep blae tnt'ace of the agnaled ocean. The next lecture of tbe coots* wit! be delivered two weeks hence, on Mental Development, viewed philosophically and historically. - 8,931 6,263 B,tS9 R,t54 7.129 8,1 7 6,016 4,073 6,787 4,fit6 6.606 4,631 6,513 4.011 6.220 3,992 5,427 4,322 5,110 4,303 4,511 3,691 3.139 3,418 POUCE 31ATXEBS. Tbo GeddeH of DollncM IlelcnlaeSa* The usual assortment of unfortunate people was , atlhs Police Court yestetday morning, sod the < various reatora assigned for their being found ta j the differed stares of drunkenness, or for plum- \ tut b»U» notice officer*. were exceedingly com* , mon-place, with rare exceptions. Of ten men , charged wPh Being drunk, not more than three or ‘ foa/Vtll give the blunt reply, ‘‘l was;" hut their answera come concned in the language of bumililT. sometimes wtlh a allly smile, Intended to mitigate the severiiy of the fine. " I suppose 1 «r a Itule:*’ “Perhaps I had » an J?_*£? much;” “it’s tfie fir.t lime, jour Honor —are among the stereotyped answers. ... nTI A mao »1 o said he had lived In the city alxtsen years, and was never drunk before, tried the ex« pctlmcnt on Saturday night, was found about two o’clock on Sunday morning la a very mixed con* dlUon, endeavoring to enter a dry «»ods » Clark street, under the firm lmprr«rioa that It was a mighty mean hotel keeper who would lock his door on a man who could pay. Emeu *“•- . One Uuneyo. alUrquamUirowi ban abandon ed woman on Wells street, Sunday mgbt, and sulking her u the face, pitched into the officer who attemptedwa*re«thltm Fined (15. John Wagner, charged with herag disorderly, said he was partly guilty and partlynot When Ural seen by the officer, he was running at uu , “level best spetd.” wlrti a nun In I nrincisal oftence was haring concealed himself , 82Sth tSrisidewalk and taking observations Ihiocpb the crevices. For ft 1 * v?I 1 “cnrKslty.” (which was not alluded to In Gough s 1 ,e ?s?en« 5 , l5 B »«*prt« ** SjSSSat 1 ! dmnk, v«i assessed egatusl a man who boards at ; the lichi tense, and lost hla way home on Sun- Bauman was permitted to naT a fine of I (10 tor the innocent amn«m*ai of thro-vine an empty beer barrel through the window of a saloon on Co'tage Grove avenue on Sunday afternoon. Dschl Use »as noisy ami belligerent to me v Ice of fh and costs, In a saloon on Archer road Minday afternoon, a here hla nse-fulnc#* was cut tboit by ft policeman. Joseph Day and Thomas Incite walked reluc tantly into the prisoner’s box at the Police Court vesieiday morning. Mrs. Day stated that on Sat urday night she and her husband were having one of ibclr trl-weeLly domes’lc quarrels, Joseph be ing n little crunk, and Locke Interfered. At thu 127,450.85 jane; arc of afialr.*, aPo iceman lulrrrsred and ar rest'd loth Lay asd 7h > The pailcemai said that D y was a* ngiy as sin, and was fined Jts oily Rrlweekf TpMindirg his vj e . j) t y i~. n red all resnon ihillty In the matter. Be was drunk when it happened, and now looked upon M».s*ir a* «i.ol:er and entirely dliferent man. The Court requested him to pay a fine of H aad to work twt uty day? at the Bridewell for the one D-y ibatwas drunk on Faftmhy night. Locke wa- di>charged. H obui bhirbe does not seem to regard toy pr a n< complication of trouble the ‘ligated rea so i why he-Lonld cot get still further involved, in bonds of {S.CO3 to keep tbe peac?, fined JIOO, :ml coiumFted for trial in hail of S&00 ou each of tbe charges, iur the most ontTigeoas abase ot his wf •• orlr a f«!w c'svb slrce, BJiche Is mIQ Irre pressli'ls. Ai a late’boar sataraay night poles on cers were catisd to the house of Mr.j B| glie, who has lately moved on btste street near. Monroe, wbeie. It U alleged, Mrs. Bl sbe w - seieau-ing for help. When tbs ifflce** trrt'-d it the honse, c. ped f om ber mtabond, and the lalter was bold luf ueir Infant chill In Me arms, its clothing stained with blood. Mrs. Blighe't tace was streaked with blood, which was Cowing from a ent neder one of ber eyes. BUghe was taken to ♦he Atijinrv. Ve-terfav morning, wtia he was Inettad of dLcharclnchim, as Re aad bis brothers evidently believed the court would do, he was held for further examination until Thursday af ternoon, in bail of SI,OXI. Prank, Augustus aud Albert Grandls, charged with the larceny of a pocket-book and contents Iron a.Mr, Gillard were finally examined yester day afternoon, ana were di<cnarged from custody. Ellen Henderson visited tbe house of Mrs. Dickey, a neighbor who lived opposite, and atter abating her in words to the rail extent of her vortbnlery, she proceeded to wage a general de struction upon the furniture. EUea was arrested and broighl before the Police Court yesterday afternoon. Fhe alleged that ber husband had been eedeced from the paths of vlrloe by the wiles of Mrs. Hickey. She was fined $w and re quired to vive bail ot f lOU to keep tbe peace. Simon Kennedy, residing oc Maxwell street, was v is tied on Sunday nignt by James Prince, who wished Kennedy to inform Rim wnere Mrs. Prince was. Kennedy denied any knowledge of tbe mat ter. Prince Uild him No knew better. Words fol lowed and then Ke-nody struck Pnnce a tremea dons blow under the left eye. Prince drew a re volver, but others rushed in. and be yielded if t . Kennedy nad Prince arrested for an assault with Intent to hill, and yesterday afternoon at tbe Police Conrt he was discharged. Prioc* stated that he had vainly tiled to prevent bU wife from Indnlgtrg In criminal condnct with Kennedy and others, and she baa left him. His visit to Ken nedy was »o ascertain her whereabout*. M-chael Mahoney was charged with stealing two kits of mackerel. Tbe case was continued Until to-day in ball of S2OO. Charles Jc:se. a colored man. charged with robbing the till of tbe bar at the PrescoU Hoave of a small earn of money, at an earlv hour yester day morning, and Emily Bailer, colored, as in complicity with him. were held to bail for future examination. Mr. 0. T. Montgomery, who is described a* one of the most intelligent freedtsen of an elder brother of the rebel President, baa obtained item Ll* laic staffer a lease of bis two large planta tions In Mississippi fur a term of years, and be pioioscs to organize a colored community for their cultivation. "Tro government of tbe associ ation is to be "confided to a coundi selected by the community, whose duty it shall be to adopt tnch rules and regulations as experience shall show to be necessary for its welfare." The funded debt of San Francisco Is t4.9t7.291; license revenue ol tbe year ending June 33, iSOC {U9,573Ji0; expenses of ci-y officers, SIU,->9223; >e<-s received, cost of street works, 061.13. The mortality of the city from No vember 6,18C5, lo June 30, ISC6, was 2,532. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Hosdat Evz-nso, December 10. The discount bouses generally reparian lucrcts- lag demand for money, and in view of the contl t- ned fblpmenti of currency eastward, the aatket Is working decidedly dote, and tn some quarters 1* aircady pronounced uncomfortably so. Taper 1? already di-criminated, and In acveral Instances wc bear < f loans brine refused. None bat those whose claims cannot be dented proenre accommo dation. Ihc rate ofdisconnt Is unchanged. In the open market good ont-ode names are negotla- ted at and second class slgnttuies at 15©lc per cecft Coll loans may be quoted at 8 $ cent on Government securiaes Exchange continue? scarce and Ann, with occa sional sales between banks at 40 cents premium. The drain of currency to provide exchange still keeps np—to (be extent of about half a million per diem. The counter rates arc steady and firm at par buying and I*lo premium selling. Floor was quiet and nominally unchanged. Wheat was In moderate demand, and without spe cial change in values. Com opened strong, but BQbseqnvnUy declined S©3c. Oats were a trldo firmer. Dye advanced 2©3c. Da r ljy was qnirt. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were doll. Hess Pork declined 25c. Lard was dnll. Wool was unsalable. CoSees were dnll at a decline of 4c. Sugars were weak and a shade easier. Gold was comparatively steady 10-d«y. The maiket opened at 1374, declined to 187.4, *4* vanced to 1874 and closed at 13*4- The follow, ing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold broken: 10:00a. ta 1574 I 11:15 a.m 187 s 10:80 a. m 1374 I Uktti 1274 11:00 a. tn 1874 1 2:00 p. m 1374 11:15 a. m 1314 3:00 p. m 1374 11:80 a. a 1374 | 3:IS p. m 1374 Here tbe broken were buying at 13*4®157, and selling at ISS. Very UUIe doing. Silver was nom inal at 155Q123. Governments were all lower to-day In Now York. The Sixes of’Sl declined X. Five-Twen ties of *62 were 4 lower. The ’tit's were on charged, and on the ’(U’s we note a decline of 4 Ten-Forties were 4 lower. Seven-Thirties were 4 oir. The following shows the closing price* to-d»y, compared wlin those of the three previous days: In or. Pri’y. Sal’y. Mon. Sizes of *Bl 113 11*4 «»4 U*4 Hvc-Twentles, *t2 ...1164 1034 lOS’.j Five-Twenties, 6)....10i»4 llh-4 1004 11104 Five-Twenties, *03....1074 107 1074 10i4 Tcc-Fortlet 100 100 100 W,S SeTeu-’lblrUes, Ang..lo3K 1034 HJ5«j 1054 Jk-Tcn-Iblmaa, June.-HO* 11*34 11*4 105*- bcTCD-TUi tics. Jui T.. lUSH IK>U IOC* H*34 Here the market was doll. We quote closing prices u follows: ooTXfuntEST SKCtmmas—cntoAoo xaukst. Fixes, ISM. Vril'e, 1563 t»t. V2o*n, 6-50'a, email., tt-lu's, large Jtwd'f, small. , Ist series... lU5s Sd relics 105* , Sd series 'l2>4 . final) 104* 7-UCs, 7-0 n T-H.'*. 7-20's, June Compounds, 15&4. lUH July Coriipoutdo, I6M. I's Sng. Cixupoouds, ißrtk. IHH Oct. Dec. Compounds, 196«. i72«J Day Compounds 163. l-t Aog. Ooropoui ds 19»3 1( 9* S*»pt. Compound*. :*65. HKt* Oa. corro'Ji'i*. *9T*? IC-* Thi-Stcord National Bam. quotes Govementa as follows: Ooui-oms 1 Ri t:2»J | Jnco Comp. iSfi(,-U<’ V9< Coupon, (July “ 44 ...15V* lamv. J Ang. 41 44 ...115 V£o Col»c, 1 OcL - 44 44 ...111 email .’oeeifou | n-.c. 44 44 l(Mc Coup., large. . W*j i May 44 iO-«oroapon.smallli'sli [ Aug. 44 44 ...lio Tan. large 7-30,small 105. lock 44 44 ...IC» Local securities are dull and entirely neglected. We nominally quote: Chicago City 7*s, Cook Cooatv 7*s Uverpool advices of to-day noon qnote Five- Twenties at 71. —The amendment to the Cummer Act, Intro duced Into the Senate by Mr. Chandler, and tnado the special order for the thud Tuesday In Decem ber, 1966, enacts— *• That section 25 of the act to which this is an amendment Is hereby so amended as to autbortxe the bine of IUO.CXtJ.iIOO of noloi for circulation. In addition to the (300,000,' CO provided tor In ea! 1 see- Ui.q Si, and that the addiilonal 1100,0X1,000 shah be secured In all respect* and nnder tne instruc tions and provisions of this act hereby amended; Frorided that not more lean (5.000,000 of the 100,000,000 of addUtousl notes tor circulation shall be Issued or delivered to banks by the Comptroller of the CntrencT within six months from the paasaire of this act, and that thereafter not more than Si,OOO,(XX) of notes for circulation shall be Issncd duringany one month.’ “We fail to set the propriety of any farther iesne of the national cnrrency. The conn try groans already ncdertl e harden of expansion and Infla tion. rhe currency now in circulation is in cx cc-s of the wants cf the people, and If increased | will only benefit the few at the expense of the mtny. What Is the n>e of contracting the cnr rency at the rate of Ibnr millions per month, and deleting the people with one hundred millions additional to what they now hare! Ills absurd, j The compounds begin to aspire next June, and It i xnlyht then be proper to order an issue ot green- ; backs eoffieleot to liquidate tnem. This simple conversion would cot change the present flnan- , cial condition. The compounds now act as the 1 legal tender reserve, which the banks are obliged to keep in conformity wi n the cnrrency act, and | while In the vaults ot the banks, are doing dnty only as currency, which la all that can be done by the farther issue of greenbacks if issued for the expires purpose of mirlug the compounds. We t hope Congress win table Mr. Chandler’s propo- ; alUon without a reading. —The New York Herald ot Friday remarks that the drain of currency from the West “Is very per ceptible here In the accumulation of National | Bank notes, which In some instances have been loaced for three days without Interest, returnable In legal tenders?* —The Cincinnati KmpArfrot Saturday remarks: “The demand for money at most of the banks j to-day was reported leas pressing: tha marvel. ! however, l» still working dost sufficiently so to cause tome Inconvenience, and borrowers experi ence some difficulty In nagonathig loans, even on first-das* paper. The basks are still in many . rases limiting their favors to depositors, and { these «rc not in alt cases aide to obtain accommo dation# to the extent which has caused more lib eral oflerings on the street. The rates of Interest are vrrv firm at 10 per cent for flrst-ela»s names, ard for good mercantile paper. The street rates are IH&iper cent a month, which rates oat side parties are in many Ins ancre obliged to nay as this class of borrowers fl-0 It dlfficuF to nego tiate loans at the regular di-count houses. —The currency Interest duo December 15 on the 090,(k (i,oro ut the second series of the United Sta'cs 7 30 per cent notes Is abonl ten and a half m,Won*. Ot this sum ot *10,533,003, less than one-third will probably be dishorned directly by the Treasury office In New York. The National Bark depcritoi ic* of the Treasury throughout the country are usually directed to pay the 7.30 per cent coupons whenever presented, charging the am Don Ito the Treasury at Washington- This Is a great convenience to the holders of 7.30 per cents remote trom the Atlantic cities. The next currency Interest payments win be on January -50:, on about (SW,OOC,«W (originally (530.000,01X1) of the third sole* of TJO per .cents now out standing. —The Montreal Gazette of Friday observes: TVre Is less demand at the banks for accommo dation, to that all lair to good paoer meets a read? disposal at the usual rate- Second and w*at may be considered third-class names are done at* *°isroiaUmpo:t» at the port of Montreal for the eleven months ending 30th November : 1K5....' ISO 6 prime. Showing an ioerease Jo favor of 1966 of (3,1*5,959 The An«lri\n Public Debt Commissioner* have published In the Vienna Gazette a ftateneut of the loiai debt of the Emoire oa the 33th of June, 1866. Ibe figure* show it to amount to *,sat,*U,l» Cortot The portion mmbumable and bearing lalcreal b florins ;not bearing Interest, 3 AVSLM3 florins , the portion not repayable and bearing Interest, I.T.rT.OCO.O'B florins, snd beating no Inicreat, &lii« floitaa. A turn of 41 floriua U re paired to pav the annual interest on the public which baa increased, since the end of De cember, 1555, 33t.R31.a33 florins. — l ibe Sew Yotk market for foreign exchange u aim. «: e'xty data on Tendon are quoted at 'C9H&IOOW Jnr eomaercul; 109£ai'J9lf for b»nt«:t*-*; c!o at rbmt light, Part* at iixtr Idiiya, B-IT}4®3.IJX i do at »hvct al*ht, 8. «- OIIJ4 : Aumerp. M7K®s.s; Strl«, M7* t o*.ls: llambn g, BKJ*OSj?» ; Aaulcrda-n, 4 ; F«ank'f>n, Bremen,T9® 7.1* : PitU'Jan tbaltn, 79375**. —The I'OT«mh«r carnlngi of the Ullvaokes tod su Paul l.ti;rotd « ere: „ JBBS r«,71fl IS* 347.998 — lh“ earring* of Ibe Milwaukee aa3 Prairie du riil ji itailwsj lor KoTemberwere * IS-.'-, 18 CC, —Ti.e earning* of the McGregor Wejura Ball toad for November were IKS i!63 .* ...* «,«a —The estate* of tbs Ulnnsaota Central EaQ* road for November were -1»5 18CC .'i he canines'of lie Michigan Southern Rail' road for KoTcmberwere IP*«. 16>3, From March 1 im 190 The of the Chicago & Great Eutera BaQway for Nor ember were: —United States Treasurer Spinner has Issued the following clrcojsx: Tmtasnom's Om«, I Wainvorov, December S, 1563. J The atreuion of Assistant iYeajnrwra, dcsUrast* ed deposluutvs, ona National Bilks designated a« depositories, is celled to Ibe fscttlmmacb convt'lon lu the accounts of this office and of the D partment has been caiued by the practice of eu.eriDc payments **oa account of semi-annual dui ” by National Banks as receipts of Internal ReTtnne, and rice rtrut. Tl e semi-annual duty paid by national banks in the mouth* of January a*id Jnly, under the provision* of tbe forty-tint section of the National Cun esey Act, is not a payment on account of In* terpal Krvenoe, am should not be entered a* such In it ? weekly transcript* sent to the Treasurer of the Celled or in the lists of deposit* sent lu i ,il* Secretary cf the T'caanry. Such payments rh<- ;ild bo ci.te. ed as a separate Item, and should be'ecteted on transcripts and list* ns eeml-axmoal duty. Certificates of deposit in duplicate only will he Issued by the officer or depository bank with whicn the deposit ~ testis, the original certificate to be forwarded to Uie Treasurer of the United States, and the duplicate certificate to be ictalned by the bank depository as its voucher. This certlacaie. which la a certificate of the payment of tne amount to the Treasurer, is a enCcicnt leceipt for tbe bank, and DO other will be issued or aesno* ledgment made by the Treat nrrr unites where an error has beta nude. In which case tbe hank will l>e advised. When the certificates furnished to depository banks have upon ti cm the printed words, “on account of In tcipal revenue," two words, •‘internal revenue,” should be stricken out, and ‘Vembannaal duty" snMMoted. AU Iranscrlpt lists nf deposits or certificate* of depom on account of semi-annual duiy, which arr not In accordance with the lore pt. log Instructions, will be returned for correc tion. F. E. briSJTXu, Treasurer of the United Slate*. —Twenty-two banks la Wisconsin are reported abontto clo-e up tbelr boatne-s. Thor are *b) following, namely: The Bank of Appleton, the Baiik of t'ond da T-ac, Uie I>!olt Sarum B.c»*, tbe Dodge Connty Bank, Ball B'oiberV Bank, toe Ko»lik n nonc Bank, the hlercentlie Bank, the Oconto Bank. Oeborre'a Bank, tic Portace County Bht.i;, the rontbein Bank, tbo Winneba ro Comity fcai k. the Metcbante' Back, tbe Bank of Pottaje, ibe WUcooein Valley Bank, the Ke.-dabun; Bank, the Bank of Albany, the Waiu.eaha County Bank, the Bank of Eao Claire, the Bank of Beaver Dam, the Tiadcttsan Bam, ana the Waapun Bank. Tne ai.ovcnamcdnlll pay an treisge of seventy-five ce»'" on Ibe dollar on outstanding circulation. Tbo highest paid by nay one is eighty casts on the nONETABY. dialog price* pr ;asb. December ID, 1566, recctred by Joar pb 1L Ljoaj * Co, Broker*. ut u m « B’d. B’d. B’d. B’d. N T.Cco .llo* 110* Z. 6.6per cent Krfc (com» 73 73* bond*. 1981...112* 112* M.s. (i0m).... 8U ft)* U.B.* per rent C.&PIHS S’/* 86* 5-20 C up, '63.107* 107* Kcc* U and,...103* 104* U. 8. 6 i-ir c-nt C.4S.IV 53 57* WOcmo, *64.106* 106* c.)ft S. W, pfd 71* 7.’H V. 8.6 per cent ItSk VJw coup, *6XlO6* 106* 0-.l»kn!rrr.... 44* <ll* D. 8-5 per cent W. felon Te).. 47 47 ID-40s W* W* C. ft A. (com) Tr.Note4.7S-U Bur. *u l»* .... Ist i-rtes 103* IC5* O.&M Certo.. 29* C. 5.7 MO, 3J Ilndton Birer..'?! UO* eerie* 105* UK* 111. Cratnl....lt7Y 1»8 U.«. 73-10,83 I*. * Bmoloc..U'.V4 110 eerie* KB* 105* 7VL6-»h’rcC* al Amer. Gold ...IS>* U7* Tol.&Wabub.. 41 42* Market—l»i lio»rd ateadr. Buying. .. U*H - lU7H Selling. US* MU IOC* !Us>4Utoh4 90* 09* loss* Boytng. Selling. .{13.700,018 . 25.205.979 Increase. Srw York »toc* Marart. M Board Arm. COSIBIiBCUL, MosuiT Bvnrau, December 10,1SC0. The follow ini; tables show the receipts and ship* menu ot Produce daring (be put lorly-elght boon: arcnm rm ronrr-nom nocos. ISM. ISC3. i, 43,120 23,161 i 1,130 42,710 “I*. i7,7w 181 >SO 940 B.SU iFABT TouTT-nonr sonti, _ FTonr, brla Wheat. bo .. Tons bu .. Oats, bn hyp, bo . .... . Bailey, bo Grass teed, tta.. Broom Coro, t>a. Cored Meats, lbs. Pork, brls Lard. tt« Tallow. Os Boiler, lb- D. Heirs, Ko Lire Hoirs, N 0... Cattle, No lildcs. Tbs E. Wines, brls... Wool, lbs Lumber, to .. .. Milcclcs, tn Lath, to.. tuiriUTs i MU V 336 N 558 6.4UU Floor, brls Wheat, bn. Oats, b 0.... Hye, b 0.... Datlcy, bo. bevU, tts. i Com. D>». (Jitsa Uioon SMJS 61,190 43,020 S9.t»J Cmcil S 3) 83.700 430 8,416 r»iiuw. its. Duller, lbs.. Iticeecd iiosa, .Xo. live Uoi>, S’o Cattle, No lilies, lbs hijhmrie«, bili... Wool, lbs I.IM I.OJd 4Si I,SM 63,8 M 2JO,iiO 473 13i 6,050 B.WO l.umber, o. Shingles, m Vath,m Salt, brli ... The weather to-day was cold and clear —rather 100 cold foront door basinets, hot admirably adapted for pork packing. The Provision market was dnlL Me?« Pork dr dined 25c, with rales of GS brls at $17.50®17.T5 ca.-h, and 400 brls at f u.CQ, seller December and Jannary, and SIB.OO seller January. Green Meats v ere Inactive and nominal at SQ3}£c for Hams and 5c for Shoulders. Lard was doll and Def lected, with sellers of prime Steam at lijic. There was more activity m Grease, with sales of lOQlcs f r brown to While. Dressed Hors were dnll, with » few traasac t!o» a at SC.“S for heavy averages. Whiskey was doll, heavy and entirely nominal at 12.29 for Free and SOc in bond. Flour was qniet and nominally unchanged, with sales ot 2,000 brls at $13.00 for While Winters; fll.'Sforßed Winters; {B.OOQIOSS for Spring Extras ; and t5>S5&7 25 for Spring Sopers. 1,351 TM 4U 80t 13 571 73 There was do essential ebaure 10 the Wheat market A boat 112,000 bo changed bands at f too (iS.CS for No. 1; *1.7501.77 for No. 3; and tx.35 ©L<2 for Rejected—doe lng quiet at <2.00 for No. 1, and *1.7601.764 lor No. 2 in regular homes. Corn opened strong at the extreme advance noted on Saturday, but subsequent!/ declined S 0 Cc, at which there was a fair!/ active demand to CII “abort*.” .The transactions embrace 212,000 bn et SOH&SOHc for No. 1; 75c for No. 2. and 53 021 c for Rejected in store—closing at 604031 c for No. 1 la store. Oats were a shade firmer but quiet, with sales of SC,«XJ bn at S'.@4Cl*c for No. 2, the opper figure for receipts In the Northwestern—dosing at 3D© *3fcc. There was an Increased demand for Bye, and tho market advanced S&tc. with sales sCSt}«@ for No. 1, and 6i£B3e for No. ,S—closing at 83®S3H« for No. 1. Barley was quiet, with sales at SDOGOe to: No. 5, and iGcSJJI.ISJs for sample lots. Trade to the Grocery market is generally dull. Grades ofFoao Rico and Yellow C. are oT 14c. Java Coffee has declined lc and Bio i%c, Oumr anlc'c* are quotably unchanged. Hardware foods, Including stocks of tron,Stecl, Nails, Metals and Tinners', are moderately active and price* are steady sad on changed. Salt u quiet hat ateady and Inn, Domestic Fine being held at f 3.50 delivered. Seeds are dull, neglected and nominal. Wool continue* dull and nominal at 40c for grades of medlsm In fair condition. Lumber, by the cargo, li inactive, with little or no supply. Tbe following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: 3»ow Tome, December 10. Floor heart toil Inactive at fS.IddIU.4U. Wheat fins hot quiet at fi.oßd« 25> Corn Arm bat qqiet at f 1.13 in store. belter at &i&63c. Pork salable and easier at fSO.SU. lard Arm. Gold, 13TH. urns. Now Yobs. December 10. Floor heavy and doll. Wheat Ann Dot qaiet. Corn Ann at afloat. Oats strong. Whiskey quiet St tOd-UC. LATEB, In tie allfrsooa com vu quiet, witi * few sales of So. 1 fat store <t Sit. To ere was so aoTtafßt is Wheat. Provision* were neglected. The Cattle market was doll and entirely nomi nal, tithe closing rates of tut week- The re ceipts since bitacday somber about 400 head, there were so transactions reported to-d*y. Prices stay be qnoted st $J,50®8.50 for inferior to choice grades. Bogs were quiet and steady at Saturday's pikes. Received since Saturday, aboot 600 bead. Entered sales to-day. 47i head, at 95.2503.73. The II og prospect. A emespcndaal of the Cincinnati Commercial says: **A crest many fust bow are interested tn the Hoy atd prevtaun market, and are aarioudy considering thecsuKa, which for the present, and atao prospective ly, must determine price*. The heavy decline bom la bop ud the hoc predict, which lor several weeks rail tuts been steadily progrts-lng. sad the present Is olOereLce of packers, stlU radicate deary t&e almost nnai-lmons conviction of those who bare all the rises et curing treats, mat prices bare not yet rear bed a safe level, While the growing gispoKtton of tanners ana dQTrrs to »-It at scat H cures o Main able, aud make

Uidr kM at once, argues a very general bdlei mat tow prli e« most be accepted. _ -Pet me'bottom* >• sot touched yet. w« mu( bare lower prices, and for these, among other rea sons : ~Oa the Ist of October last the nocks of old meats were ranch larger throughout the country than It wa* anticipated it could po**:t>lr be, considering the coo parailTrty short bog crop last year, and the fact that on Ocuberl, 133. sJI the leading markets of the coaa try were very bare ef provisions. The parking of l9»-SmetabrtskcoaiBmpnve demand from therery bcgltnmg cf the season; hams, clear bacon and lard from the previous season being reported entirely ex hausted. - xo-o ly there It plenty of old bams, bacon aad lard tote Lad. It is true not much remains la Cincinnati. Chicago or 8U Loots, bo Southern aad seaboard eldes bat e a saperatßndaaLe. where It has been sent on con signment In order to dear up the porta .uses at he packing points, preparatory to the present season's op erations. It is mil in me country, aad a drug oa me at Cincinnati October J, 1365, u nbw- Qurnt shipments during the south show, not far from SUoou Per tea of lard, aid other articles ct the bog pro duct mar'y in the same proportion. This was the fact at the winning up of a'short bog crop’ show ing that there may be a short crop of hogs, aad yet much more than exough of provisions. 1 •• At the average prices ruling during the year It wu , proved that there pc ted short crop was really alarg# one. The ks*<s sustained by the trade effectually cou i ribced packer* of the toliy of discounting reported ce- I cclftrtfs. ano now tn the fs<e of experience they are nut disposed to repeat former Indiscretion. Not at all. - u is generally believed, and with good reason, that the bogcropetteisymrwUl exceed by trom thirty to 6irv per cent that of last year. . if home consumpnoo afloed* the only market that ran be ml don. scarcely acy Price, however low, can 1* a safe one for the packer. If. with last yearissmall stocks ot provisions, there wa* but a triiUng foreign demand and an actual reablpfuent to this Country of ■ tear SO,KC boxo if tarot. 7.0® t 013,000 barrels each of . i lard tna mess pork. what inducement can there Mf»r I pmkm to open their bouse* at all this year, units* I 1 pork can be cured at inch figures u will Induce or- dm from abroad? XT iba crop till year It thirty to tony per o nt larger than last y*ar, wait price caa the packer »aftlT p*-y fur pork? From earrmt markets abn adaad pmeatratoaot eachu,f* (Jr* e uta tf»» woolobe an eurrme, ootalde Agate. Hal there arc acme aatideratiou which Indicate rr-»t rl»k asl dannr. er-n at that fl«re. No tenaihlt, JntelJlgeot urerabf caßdoabtthe a’ateinent Uat the market t»r the unliu deteroilaea the price or tha »h>la crop. Ar<l vlert tan we aril Ue au-yla* at any price? “Ii la reported ih»t Esrtapd haa orer 1.w0.000 hoy* th'a year, aoc Ireland vov fe\ wblH the acreral aelca torliacoootrtrioo the conttn-nt ha*o ÜbevUem»re than an ordinary anppl?. ibe Increased pro-loctno or btg«ln Ihoaccouairje. bu b*m neatly stimulatedby tt.t prcTaltrce tf ruderneat amooc cattle. And It is by nr meant eras that we ihall hare a foreign mar ket rer err ta-plca at atyprlre. tvhereare taa Irish acd Enymb packers this year? Notooe ot them l»ln ClmntuU. . a u.Bsi “If 1»m« Ibrdcn market* which we hare oinsliy supplied bsTesaexp-saof their own cnrtnt. wemieftt cl e»p»n li or pron-iot* by oar surplus, but It woaid be ■ l~«inc same for as. “li tbe prosper* of order* for prort>loos from •b'oialsßot rr 17 cheerier now. h-w woold that pros pect be cS*cted should cold IsrcrirdecU& it msf worn Use Secretary shall be comvoilel to cease acea> naKllne scd to sell at tbe market whatrrcr sarplh* tbe eoiroD * tear trice into his hauls. “WeWftUC sjy to thepacker*; keep ccol. If you csooot bnjr st s safe price, :et tho«e «h * will Ist* mo rltE*. Lbkssyoar latetusenu have tAine res* joable rhtrer* tor recarcerstion, yon had better be I4'e ttisa reckless sod unwise. Wbst can job do, with pj.-t shore six rent* net ? .t19,T13 BU|SS3 .tllftjso . 4J3.121 “At.d «h»t oota U coat the termer to produce pork ? Otcbcahd of corn, coail'C tifly cmU, win feed a bos elptot days. and aeae xwelVe poorne croaamla: that li. a fraction over toor cent* per pound, ero«s wcirnt. Fifty cent* in the coon cry I* a liberal pace, too, tit eon. If the braier tuld nine or tea pound tor hi* atock boa, toe cannot expect the packer or cw asmer to pay tola ioue*. par tboold he complain this rear if be Joes sot rereire the Inordinate prodta of the lait twoyrare. which the pecker** lead clearly prore hare been paid h m." .$3,709,191 . 3.773.409 .f 163,910 .*£,911 n*r> *t durllatrtoo. ‘{From the Bar'lnrtm (Iowa) ilawkeyo.J The receipt* rf jive .u>ck hare be-o rerr lust. and compared with a crrMpondlng period or ta-t year, »hflwa material fai'lng, owing almost whohy to the nUhroraMts state of u>e markets, farmer* expecting that price* will shortly caaoc*; tor the bitter. The tsarlet at present I* Cat at S 4 sacas.M per cwn, u to sire. The amoant of receipts the past week by the B. iM.B.H. U as tollowa: Moodaj.... Tue*a»T.... "WeCn-^Bj - Tonr»daj.., Total lO 155 The number packed by Behead ft DenlM sines tbe season commenced Is CO; the part week, 193. Host* ai filaacarlne. The Muscatine Journal says the pork trade In that city 'Tens doMowtr. and “from alt anpeartn-'es, not a moat deal of Dacians will be done urn season. Deal era are cautious In purchasing, while on the other band farmer* are ctary about letting their horn po at exist ing prices; so with both, tbe market Is very dull, aol utbM a reaction takr* place, which is uncertain. It win pietabiy remains*. One lot of dressed bogs were bconst to-day B. Lire botfs.wUl otlngpc per sound. Tbe aiastegon l.nnbcrTrade. There have been sawed at U-interna. lU Jaian. dur ing the past fea*o% ttu.973.0C0 f&et or lumber, and there are under routract to be saved before tbe close of tbe jrar,3Von,«o feet of log*, wblcb win make the azgr~ cate of lumber U-,9i3,0 0 toct. It la itatel that the stock ot V g* tor UW7 will cut IMJOOJU) tool of lumbar. Tba ►lock tor li£7 Inclose* tbe amount of logs actually un der contract to be pat down at tbe mills during tho wtn'ef. The azures above show tbe work oftbe mill on 1 ake Muskegon; on the river there me-several mills which win turn out about 15,K0,003 feet ot lumber, •veiling tne production for l*n to Ji feet. CHICAGO LUMUBiI MARKET. Uosdvt Etetiso, December 10. Tbc rccrlpu ted iblpments during Uid put forty eisiii hoars ven: Lcmtfr. KLlncK*. Latb Then-la tut one cargo of Lumber afloat, ai yet ua •old. Trace fur tbe icason !► rapidly drawtngtoactoM, w Kb price* firm and quoUbly onchaogel. la tbe yaroi there 1* a fcUr degree of activity and price* are fully maintained at too following quota- U< na: Lcxbee— First Clear, andttach, vd '...FOjDftaajCß becoLd Clear, U IJ<, IJ, and 3-uch M .114 50,00 Taint Clear, inch S3.Waa.oo Fim and r-ccoud Clear Flooring, toreth er. roneb—the lame »a Second Clear, «ldß_ WAO3SBJO Conunrnl'loortns. roa£b &J 30457.00 iUkhid and dreared Common Fijorlmt. 4d.iXXSCt.OC SUtcb<d usd created 8-iocb Common Flooring. MJ&335.00 Fu*t and second Clear sldlor, tojrether.. »JU, «.&oo First Common Dtca ed Stflinr ti in^pco TVa*oo»bux Boards, amecu ii-incij and npvarda. 3SAt3U.OB A block Boards. 13 iorfif* S3JUj-t:A) B fcloc* Board*, I: inches 25.03tf 77.03 Coatnon Boards. Joists Scantling. Fonc . log ana Small limber, 11 to l«< fbet l<tg.. 7LC&38.0 J. Ist and scantling. IS iw jtovuvou Jotttsanu Scantling. 30.11 and It tect.... Saisatu—A or Star'haTedShtni:.e»..,.. 03 A orStirSawed Shingle* M. 5» Nc.i s»»r Shingle* 3Z04 son Lath—eertnlnjard*.., 4.73£ 5.00 By car load by JCorthwestcrn Railroad, dillreted In any yard where cars can tM twitched, .or any depot: A, or Stir Earned rhlnclesVj car load on tract:.. 3.7 VJ 05 A, or Star shared eulogies, by car load on track. 4A3 No.i Sawed Shingles by car load, on track iX» Three dollars a carload added when transferred. Which charge f-dloa • the Shinnies to Irelxbt bUL Thfekncs*—Five thlngl** to be two' Inches in thick* nr**. Lcretb—Sixteen Inches. i-an«*—'Twenty Inches. Course—Twemv-flve. Chicago cattle iuauket. Orrrci or to* Cbtcaoo Tmm, > . FmDAT EvEiCfQ. December If, XSjft. j BEEF CATTLB-Nothlng transpired at tba yard* to* day worthy el ipeclai set*. The weather was severely cold, and the quality of the offerings was not tuSdeflt* ly Inviting to tempiboyen loom la an appearance, so that nothing was done In the way ot sales. The receipts whirh were light, were made op almost exclusively oj Texas Cattle, lor which there Is do dmaa4 at any time. *TVlth no transactions open which to form as Idea oftceaetoal condition of the market, we quote It . entirely nominal at Saturday's rates. nutib—The receipts since our last report number about ao head, of which <7l heal found buyers to-day at prices rangtni trom t9.23ft5.T3 for medium to prime Dogs, Most of tha talcs were made to packers, a lew lots only going Into the bauds of shippers. Large ar rivals are anticipated during the presmt week, and should such betbecasearoCnction In ralnea 1s by no meant Improbable. We n‘ta the following sal«: 800 SALS*. Vanehn to McK«tctun McK«4chcm bought KrtlsriftCo. b0ught........ .. RrtlphftCo. bought KrrlphftCo. bought ReM ft Sherwln b >ucnt P.t-ed ft Pberwln bought XUtti ft s~ber»ln ajncht Kerri ft »brr»loboocnt Jocca. Hough ft Co. to Debts. CUIOACU I>AH«Y SIACKET. All tola of Groin reported in tM* market report irr. mode on the (null of iclnier (4c) ttoroge Mnlfn oltenntf *svrr*tto. Mosdat Bresuro, December 1956. FITEUJfIT»-Kan.«OAD FkticuTs—Tbe loltow- Inc U We Joint tariff on we Ejitm r»ads; 3d 4W ___ Dr»M Rare* from Chicago la— claw. claa*. Floor. Ito** Puerto. N. T « » 6) Tofonu«.C.W. .. « rt* BJ 61 M(A<rta).C< E..... .. 3.05 .. .. mat.i.T WO «v IJB W» New Tcr» IJ3 » l-» »J Uoatonrto/Ibanr 1.33 » IM 1.61 Uuaton r<A Grand Trane I.fri I’urS'aod rtoCraedTruak 9.10 1.4 J micdelpbi*. 1.13 » I.TO »•« UaltilOi re. 1.15 SJ J.W I.M i’Utaburch TO M 1-M »J Cleveland. UhlO 43 13 TO S 3 Jefleraor.rtlJe.lnd 45 S 2 CtndMiatl, Ohio *5 S 3 64 55 Ft<*lUK—Bectived. 4.147 brla; ahtpaod. SJ46 brU. Market inactive and nominal. Trade ooatlaod cbleSy tobx-at want*. Sale* wcretlWiuTi cot earned at tI3.CC; Red WiNnes—sJ br • not naiood at J11.T5; Sr*iso Exthas—loo brU “Rears at 410.10; lOObrla ct>t named at 111X75; 160 nria do flaw ende) atfS.oo ;SX brU do on private terai; Scfees— to hrl» ret named at fT.25; 100 brla do at (G.TS; 561 brla do at tclCi 114 brla co at 66.3; 100 brla do at6sJo;l« tirh ao itotttmtaT aiterpoon) at 1930:100 brla do at $5«5: CoesMial—lo ton* baza, at|33JX) Ol \VnEAT—Received. 15, CIO bn ; ahlnped. 5356 bo. Markei without any material chance. bale* warn: 100 bn No. irpfint at »I.U (B. 10; 21.000 bn dj at 6200 reenlar; LICO bn No.: at 61. T.: 120® on do atfi.TW; 4b.iUibudo at |I.T6; SI.OJO budo at 91.73; 2000 hu lb Jo ted at |UI: IS.W ho do attl3s-clos|n; at(3.00 lor Vo. 1. and |!.T*®l.7SJ< for No 9 regular. C■tlKfl-^ tf w^ w < l .*■ w • bu ; ihlrped.n'De. Mar ket owned » toady bnt enheeqnently drctiaed 2%3e. bale* were; JT.Ct4i ho No. t at SSXc • *UO} bn do at Fsc: 19.(10 bo do at9tj.c ; 15,0(0bn do Ct S2c: 40.000 bo doatsisc; 4.5C00 bn do at Sic: SSJOO bn aii3*c; 4 (CO on ft. S. at TBc; 4CO ha No. 2 BtTsc: T,Co3bu do at The: SOCO bn new stMc:I,2W bn at 53c—cioalui at Mvrrsie stNo. 1 in a»oi*. tSCS ba; ablpped. 6,4(0 bo. Mar* kei oulct bnt a abaoe timer. fia-ct were : 2JW) bn So. 2 at 40 wc: 5.000 bn do at 40c; 21.3X1 ba do Sr.Ve; T to)bn to at»e—cloelo g at K \ E— RecelTtd, 1,500 ba ; ablpt>)d,3s3ba. Market adraiwtd SAtc. Erne* «re: 220 u ba No. lat SJjfc: ? 4(0 bn do at 83e; tWOhadoatSaxc: M(obn do at F3k“ HO bn do at Slj»c; 2Zoba So. 2at 82c; 400 bado itgiic: >OO bn do a* elc—dealer at Sjs4S3l»c (or No. 1. n fuEEV—Received. 5.613 bo; ablowd. $5 ba. MaririqsieL Sa'ra were; 60 bu So. 2at 60o; 4Wbn do at toe; lOf bn and 46 bac* prime at fU3.Y: 210 bag* a; Vc; l.ono ha on jtrt. it roilfll>—Nominal at st.(Aa4.(4 for roand lot*, a•» 11 i>—A re ono table at Sc for Pot». BtttJOM I*OlCN—Market quiet, traycr* boldine coin anmipatli.uof lower price*. qqouUous noou* cal at fKC.OK-iSu.OO a» to quality, flu >•—Qnlct at 61«dlX6l&iO. at retaflat f1dA%3.00. BlTTEß—Keceivtd. ITJI3 a*; aMpped, 453 »a. TLtre Uno ebam eto cote-la this branch of the mar* krt. to an* eamtlal particular. Common deacrlpUona continue very dull and weak, with no Immediate proa* oect of acy Improvement There la hard and no oatlet. Che Ice table batter ula demand and atrady at SiSSCc. tbouzb for a tsacy article M»32c 1* or.'tflcnsUy octalced. We quote: „ „ Choice Hairy S C Good Tub » «« J Comtaei; I 1® 55 £ prime flrktn - TO AS c BARRING—The market condnnw doll aadlnao* live, UiottaU under tigtt stocks prices are tolerably well sustained. We make no change loourquota* Hons: Nations) A,?bo,seamless linen. UuoaA.abu £0 • Illinois A.* bn do IAII U UVM*.*............ Stark A. cotton seamless. Lc»t»ton A. to • • Andro«coccln« °° Aatrlf*R. co BorrrMliti, do HU*6cW ti. do Pten VUU, do *■ Fort mt, do fillyo, do Saco, linen Mid cotton. Kldpntood, oo gpnncfleM, do r.nnnlf* norUp«.4W, J»o.l. Emnnt cat* ‘«S"i»V(»ic,to- I diT. Trade l» teaerally dnIL Weoowqoot#: '• 9 fl£ f Hio,cc»toct to Mr *SSSSS».-£ ' Kto.eooctoprtßw. r'Ptiab? ' Mo.ortmeto cbolr* ; rUIIPfcKAnE-Ula «m: 1(3 PnrtEimUit «cti 100 do it cua. delivered; 8«0 do it fIJoL delivered; llfldo it SI JO, OeliTerad; 100 Lird r^inEE*F—t » qtirtrady it tbe decline noted Fiturtiy. We«t«Boeu»qaoto: Wratera *“ e £?Tride ire rteilT isdflrm it toll rat*, theitecta ire impie. trie* Kqffi’i 4 »$ S || SS tmuL OTriCT*. - i£S f*S» Letup Lrt1Kb........ fflS Ucfciwu*. t-repmd. *££ Pennine 'Tro Vntuon— ima ono "SS,*® T mMr reoowt it »vaS3c.. 9om*oral >r» were bolding it -54 c, botwi bcird otbo*l* it AND KrTs*-Tbe generalmutetwwi ou»i uii«. tboceb prtc* were will etuuiaed tad H?i in ireced. fferepratourllst; “TV• Cfsnberrlto. w11d....^.. Cranberries, cultivated. Catced 9 &*. * “a* Pt*c’’** “d qdiniai. pfkbefc ••■••■ plat kKrrlt*. cew.Jpa R*jpbcrri<*.new, V »•■ Cfccrrt*, plsied-** RjOflß*. UJW». Ataocfls.bsrd ib#nti. *? ® 2 Aj£oߣectwb«fle£.. S®B A’.condi.p*peraheilce S v 2 u SffiSsA.*"™ -he fl s - g s 5 ?SS.T'»LTSai w . ,| S B n-.cVf'iT yet*. <* to • s**? ‘♦*•2 p* ..»—»& hj ...*•■■•■*lX3o ntuo '►tin—There l«imj*oou»glnthW breach oTtndfl •torrent, though there »• nooupoellxoa evinced on the rTt of ta*“ tmde to *h»fte pnac*. We quote the ntrh>l arm»t the following rate*• TVhltet*h.No.l.XsS T. Ltttf.rtu No.*. if BeU Trout, No. I. H £ri Trout. N«. *. VW.m Meckerd. So.l > %» BW UscicreL><’. bf 1.......... Uirkerc). rstrt tne*«. V X hr!. Mecterel. «tr» me*. *J*\. Meckeicl.No. UkltLsev. ilicicrd, UnJiy, Uta,,.. Codrrh. Pat*. ■ 100 hr. Cocfi»b, Grorcc’a'Bink.. Derrtie*. dried, No. 1, 1 box. nfmtka. aealeo T ahrtjljlf IlMlntf > hpl .. Latuidor Hen lug, 9 br|. La. r»dor Uerrtor, jf • rli Non fcl'n Herrin*, K’i, 9 br1..~, Scnre*.u Hemur, ir*, 9 brl... Lale do HRFA^E—Morkrt more actirc.' tsiist were: 100 tia\%bifa At ve; SO tea Yellow al8i<e;30lc»Bra»o at 8c: Odotl'kr. njt;»l rt ragußterired. in br!«: •hippcd.ns hr*. UarKet auu ud nominal at fti* for rreeaod Sjc |t>r DordwL nocs-tatlnd, 330; Shipped, IIS. Marirt doll. Samvere: jriutrh uuu. PU9* 7 alt nr ft TO »* »t K.n B qoiet bat Krady at JdJtMc for Wo* t cntt !dc. BA v—U ta fair demand osd ready at tbs prices Uvco below: wunrwiu nm - - ‘ • Timothy, roller uwt berter proMea. Timothy. oo*e preated. hrUrte. beater preawd, new SKTAILPUOU. Timothy, roller and heater pressed. * 1~.09at9.00 Timothy, looae pressed . ISJOr'O.M Pral'ie, roller and healer prated H.9r»17.00 Pnlrl'.VxMoovuou deltiend lU9*IUC UlPEs*— Keairec. Bt.«S B*; shipped. sv«t BS. The tt«rt«tconUtme* dnli, and under accomaiatxnc •rocks prices are weak and nr settled. Wo note a for th, r Q«fUne In (i.eui fia-ted, and quotar GmnCntcbm' Grtes t-ftitMl, trimmed. .r.t«n c»tf Kip. Grrca Salted™... Dry FUi t trtn c M-. S*lA tr* ■* Div£d .It ftU e Utra ialtrfl. pan njrert. , 9 A V9o IKON A>D pTEEiWndea fairly icttre, ud prim »rr fnUj losulced. Wf quote ''omnoa Bar tV Heavy liand Hoop and Liztit Band. Hoond and square..... IsJf Oral ana Qalf Uusnd. >heet Iron, common Sheet Iron, ea:Tanlred,lTx29 rtlron. Sorw*y X«U Bo*c!i* plow SimT, Gtroiia. I'low Steel. caat Spnos and TlrcS'ee’, Encll'h., Tool Cut Steel. ordinary sires.. Tool Cast Steel, American tlinmd Steel nuftU. No. 9 sod 16 . Eus-I*. An. i»t quality 9 ba!..., llaaaU. Arabia quality. V aacet. BcMla, Am. 2d ocadiT. v tboet. LEATHER-TBo market la dull, bat, trltb greatly reduced stock*. price* keep veT up. and are compare* Uvely arm at previous Wc quote: Bon. c»n;e, .. 7*3 M lh .. «M 83 Country Barn’at 40 I Line.** 43d» 41 Kip, medium, V „ i i. i.iaai jsq CaU, V B Upper. *• t 001... »•# a i Country Upper,. 2b« a ' Collar. Vfbot... 3k* » OJLK. SUccliter Sole.. &1A M FrescU Call, 51 Banes*, V ft.... 400 4a ®a ............ MW.fl roper 5a s Freoett Call. » Rip. No.l.ttedi- _ . ..... 2.C0J3.10 tun .... 1.1031.30 French C»lt Lc- Klp. No.l.beaTT 856*1.13 tuning METAI.a AND TISJiKRV HTtirll-Dfr nano moderately acttre and marltetsieady altaofiJl* lowing Quotations: 713. &L..C* Box TW ITate, I.C. Ist Quality, cast .It 10x11 fl&SO tstqnsllty. sheet. U«< Lsrpe Ftp* »7 Slab It j. trail Plks JW »BXonx wot. Bar Tin W l to 6 11 cotrn, 7.8«cd9 U MotaOtcArUottß.,.. S 3 l6aod 11 ; IS « optr Bolt m U 13 It I<raa»r*orerlo 95.. 46 13 audit IS babbit wxrat. is IS Utqoallty SO 19 ?! Antimony 30 39 43 Fine Solder. 301 Fence Stw'e* 10 NAI la Ur demand, at toll price*. Bate* ana* io.lows: lod to 80 ? leg. so, M. to. BecelpO. Shipment*. *i*sv?s 'a.<3.u« Sj.COO 6UUOOO .fTJaiM . 8.0013 d, ftne blued. . 830 IJd, fine blned. W.... ...... •oolcitafb Net OlL**—Trade!• alack, thoucb for oo»iSu... r .— I rtm ire tolerably veil (ostalced. IJasce-,1 la id fait BcorilY and firm at previous rate*. Lard Oil It a Utile «tai and unsealed. We quote as follows: Liueed OIL taw f (31.43 Idaeeed Oil, loued uii - fireo SOU.W.B - 1.43*1.50 * ■( lard Ol'.eztrv. Ijirr Oil. No. 1 Winter. lard < 'll, No. 3 Wtmor Bank Oil, ruono lota. ItacMDfi Ou, round lot* E-perm Oil. «'. D-, round .ota. Lubricating OU CMtorOll Neat foot OH. estm. 1.402190 : IIAUOON Oil/—!• to demand and steady at U3»e « arboo. V car load .- : A93e Carbon, aaall let*. _(*ssc P-tzoie 43415 c POTATOES—irale* were: 9UO bn Peach Biovs and F»rl» V«>rkat99c, In *trtep. POrtTK Y AM) IJA)IE-S»IM vcm: 3 dozen rre*»e*. (.bictcn« at HID: J dozen a•at f ijo; 4a dozen do at (5.10:5 dozen c«maced do at (?.V);i pacKaje and sw- B» Dree*«l Turkeys at 11/ie; 90P &• do at 13c; ;dt ztm Lire do at 9c: 6 dozen Prairie Cblrkvna at (1.90; 4 dozen do at $1.19; & dozes Quail* at (3.0; 11 cozen do »l (1.10. PROVISIONS—Received, 1,133 »i Cored Meat*; rhipned, 49,(Ud >i Cored Meau, SB brt* Beet 993 brU I’Olt. mess Pork—Market dn*l and about 3V lover, bate* were: ISbrisat (!•.«.>; hi brS* at lIT.M, ca«h; 200 brl*. seller January.. at • L'-W; 2X) orl*. teller l>e> ccmt-cr and January. at f 7Jo—cloilnj nuxlnal at ca/D. for »l»cd« t. Crrrn Mewte—Seminal S£SKe for Qasns and Sc for »bou!d»rs.— Dali and nominal at 11 )fc for prime New. >»A I.T—llecelred, none; shipped. 371 brls. Market nnlct, not Heady and Arm. bale* were: 50 brU St. Cbe'a at (334; 7h baft Old ti round Atom at SU3; 2i liar* New do at (2JO. "We quote the range o: price* a* fol.jra: _,, Newpjne. 4 »40 Coane. J^O Creme Alum Turk's Wand, bags. UIVUUU WV1M......**....**.. Dairy, with ticks 5.00 Dai it. without aacki ATI HEFHS—Uecclveo, A-* ! B ID*: Shipped, C 330 Bf. Ttniolby Sjird— Market doll, neglected and nom* Fin * »'geil—fal»* were: 15 bags Prime at 12 C. !>OOA AND SALEUATVre-Uarket quiet and without quotable change, as follows: Babbitt’s Medicinal. AS <sttsvfc •• Pure UX<aU e Dtlaod'a Chemical. IS ftl3£c - Healthy c “ Pore it rpCGAhS—Porto Rico ana YellowC x rales are shaerd Me to-dav. Trade Is generally inactive, and the market la weak, as follows: Cuba. -...uxais e Porto BSco lIMI4USO N.Y. (Mined. Powdered ana Grabuuted....i6x«i*tc White A. White V. Ko. a r. Price. „ . » 319 | Extra C.. ,31 9K O * «llo» C O ]M } cry Oxnard C 55 276 573* Oxtardu Extra. *0 279 u;tr Are doll, bnt wtibost any qnoubU SO 'AD 5.f10 charge in rxloc*. Weqoote; _ . rw Kea Vcrkbyrepa | 0^j.50 -47 J 77 sIS YeTowD.Jp' UWAI.U - »J' re Mi Com Molumi 5* ® U in frg Poite Rico . 0041.05 Aeworlran* -• I’hiUdeipUa IW Hire Chicagoßetmeij, Amber. - 44 Golden *• 44 Sugar Doom. TA I<ljOW—BccciTOd, 34JS* »•; ahlpped, 9AU ft*, llarket dull. Sales were: » hrla Co as try at 9*c *, 13 br)n ( Uy Catcher*' at 9J<c, TEA^—Price* bare declined 5c on all grades. ud thr market la quiet u»cd<« quote: Tonnrlljaon, roperlor to flnc.V ft.. .do . extra to cboice, V » 1.«V41.*S Impel lal,anperi-r to flue, V ft L.lktfi.a .do extratocliolce. |> t> ! Gunpowder, rapcrtur to nee. p & i.mi.o do extra to choice, V » I^S4UU Japan, natural leal, lira to extra one. 9> a... U&4L33 do dj One v> choice. V » 1904143 <*o Co colored, ? ft.... TOPACCO—TteintrkeirxMblli little life. tiraach Mjj-e rtocke »re well won«o down di tiers *re bo.d- In* tinnly tt lull rata. We co&Uoae to qaute Cuxwist* Tobacco— Eitrs Choice . Medium C0mm0n...., Sudsrso Tobacco— VirctcU'a Favorite........ oai.oo Cbolct, S 3 Medina . «r» » Common Sterna .... w* ZJ Pltoloiuoco _ _ i Loral Citizen TV* <o Firmer*’ XMlghL. Tfta » I Natural Leu. 1JW«LOO Half bright BT» > cholra slack, aonnd TVa W Medlatn.... 33 * Common >l4 <9 ; Navis' 63 *sl 80 Virginia 10a and kt 5»« 60 • TToondm 3S>» S ; WOOD—la la good request sod atetd; isd Qnn ■tenrqcotaaoDa.vUchare utoliowa: Manic. »'•oro, delivered 115.V141 IJO Wtq)K f» cord, in yard. listen.® : Beecft, f> cord, delivered li.ooati.oo Beech. f> COM. la yard 10.03. an 00 DlekoTT. 9 cord .... tIAtaiVOO WOl)L—ltecelTed, MO ftai »Wpj>ed.s.fiMft». M\r tel doll. arsleU.'d ana nominal, at «uc ror medium grade* in Uir condition. , MARINE NEWS. i POST OF CniCAGO. | JAMES WIN&HIP, . unciwnm unrasumw ir»T«no.iiu>uin. 11l CTIPC AC TUT DP ATI? tcbrJ. B. P*nrcW. lUy CUT.til «n lumber. 80 nlatb. wUol Iwb Ur Inß r CMUtj b'hr 11. L. R«r City, itO ra lam - 'er. __ 1 » 4 T arTC-HT b<-br CUM ensf.Pere M»rqu«tt«.»m Umber. OJ -** Schr S<* G»-m, MaUUjwoc, 300 m *Mncl«. i Cor. of Midlioa. Bbota 13. Pchrrwnllco. Alprn*. 1» m loraber.iso m Ula. ! Ei-br c. C. Buam, uiioutco. Um mmoer, 30 a Umber. Memoranda* Annivat or xnr Tea Escasjju,.—This fine tag, commanded by Captain Mathews, and owned by tbe Northwestern Railway Line, made this port Saturday from Eecanaba. She has been engaged during the past season in the towing service bo* tween the latter port and Green Bay. She la to bo. generally refitted and repaired daring the winter. Tut Anmvaw.—The arrivals for the put forty* eight boars number seven vessels. There has been no clearances since the evening of tbe 3th inat. Senoonzß Pajfiico.—This vessel arrived here yesterday 00 tbe first trip to this port with a cargo of lumber from Alpena, she was built last gam mer at Buffalo, from which port she ball*. She Is owned by E. C. Winslow, E-q., and is command ed by Captain Mldlam. Inn Fob* aan An Scnoojnm ensure* Warn. —Tbe new schooner Charles Wall, bound from to Cleveland, and at present on her •passage to the latter port, has on board Odi gross lons of Iron ore, which is the largest cargo of ore ZUJO 7iM ixoo SdiU .j».ce^3eA> SLOti (OjQO ever pot in o a vessel of any kind on the lakes. Tbe “Wall” was built in Cleveland, by Ira Lafrie i.!er, and la ownedhj tbe Messrs. Winslow. Tenet* In Peril and AnifUnee Ren dered by ibe Steamer fllasrnet Ooriiic } me Season of 186 G. [ [Prom ibo Detroit Post, December 9-1 ! Tec wrecking steamer Msgoe', commanded by I Captam J. P. Hodge?, as Is well known, bu. for ; the pan two season?, maije ihli point her : tjeadacarters for the purpose of rendering prompt aid 10 vessels tn peril, or which mar hare be-n uriTTS on thebcachand hrcome partially wrecked. During the season of 193 numerous vesscla were : rrscoro from impending shipwreck. and many were the Instances that, bj her timely arrival. ha mar life was saved. The following detail of ser vice-. tendeivd daring the season Jnst cl. slag wLI exhlaUJoaJlmteie ted the Importance of each a ctaltin ml? locality well cuancd and ©aulpped tor such duties: _ ApriiSd.—SchocnerSttrprli'e.acToandon>toney • Island Beef, Detroit River; got off without dam- ( Bark Tom Wrong, ashore neir Pair- ! nort mem. Lake Krle, high and dry; got off and ; towed to Cleveland. May 7.—Schooner Fiarl.gbt, sunk near same po*si: punned oat and taken to Cleveland. May la.—Bark Marquette, aground head or Hog Island; got off without damage. Hay at.—Propeller Trader, ashore sooth end of < Kelly's Island; palled off and taken to Detroltfor re sa7sft.—Bark Harvey Bis sell, fell off the ways while launching at Toledo; polled off with alight 6 Jm»e2-—Brig Paragon, ashore and foil of water at Pott Hope, lake Union; raised ana towed to Dench. . . June *o.—Propeller Cuyahoga, rank bv collision near Fort Huron; pumped oat and ittfO to De tune 85.—Bark George Sherman, t«bore four miles below Cleveland; polled off and taken to that port. Juno3o,—Schooner George Suff’l, &«hore el»ht miles above Purport; puled ofi and taken to Cleveland for repairs. _ „ , , June 30.—Schooner Three friends ashore at the same place; pulled off and towed to Cleve land. June 30.—Schooner Rapid, ashore at the same pl*ce;polled off and taken to Cleveland. _ . July 15.—Raised hull of steamer Sl Clair at McDonald's sh:p yard; pumped her oat and pat m dock. August 9.—Schooner Nonpareil, on reef near Middle Island, Lake Huron, bottom out of her; dismantled. August 11.—Brig George M. Abell, ashore be tween Con scant and Ashtabula, laden with atone; raised and taken lo Cleveland August 14.—Bark Monitor, aground above Mal den : palled off without damage. August £3.—Propeller Sallna, aground on St. Clair Plats; pulled off without damage. September 4.—Schooner Connland. ashore on ’ "North Batbor Reel; Lake Erie; polled off and tewed to Detroit. September B.—Brig Belfeoatein, ashore near EairisonviUe, lake Huron ; palled oil and towed to Detroit. September 14.—Schooner Bermuda, disabled .IWO .J 5.00 &£UX 8 S » ... US a 4.75 .... « S u .... 18 0 18 .... <9 a a .... X 0 38 .... 68 * * ..„ 10 .... » a .. ....ISO »5» .tua* va .. IJK» "JO .. s.n» 5-n. .. 4J04 «.a ..UJVillJt ..1121*1230 ..IS. 03*1530 .. «jro *■» ..LS*L» rear Cat Bank#, lake Erie; picked op And towed lo Cleveland. B«tteu<ber S3.—Propeller Old Concord, ashore on 001 l Island, Lake Superior; got off am taken lo I'etioti. November 90.—Berk P. C. Sherman, ashore end fnli cf water in the Straits of Mick,ini*; relied and .Ukea to Saaluaw. . _ 1 o al number ol v easels saved, £l. Toe schooner Korpailel was beyond recover;, and omy her ouifli na« saved. . 15» 8.73 9.0 W 9.* 89 . 754 ILOMIUB . . 13.01 . iwa . <jd» Ln ISoolts for tte ttolftass. A RAKE AND BEAUTIFUL WORK! ENGRAVINGS FROM THE Works of Sir Joatma Reynolds I Three volumes folio, costal cleg 830 portraits and pUtea. ana letter-preas list* at the present poe sesiors ol the Pictures; (originally pnb tlsbed at 9S pounds). Now Offered at 9300.00. ILMAUJO There Is sox another copy of this princely work for sale at any Bootstor. In vets country. 1 be edition ts entirely exhaavtod. and as no single pot Usher U the world could nxdertake to pabU>h a work o{ sneb eXbens* wtthont the paLooace ot the nobility of Europe, or ol Government, It is not ttxely totele-pcbltshedioralong ilnetocome. The conies now In the bands of subscribers most ConUnnvly enhance tn vain*. Sir Jcabna Beynolda was the loanderoftbe English schoolCt paUnag,** regards Its special character*.*- ties*; and. la the laxunuge cf Barge. *wa» the first Englishman wbo added the praise ot the el*gaol art* to the other glories ot his cots try." Many ot his ponrapa are among the first master piece* of the art. Their great excellence eonmta In their natsrml grace, fa ness ol espresaioL.. substantial «n.T rhfmiw-. ■ir<-.>:nf | *sd of Ugtt aid shade. 7*a 8, e . 9*e .« 439 e .u an c .n e .7***lo* .6K-4IW .6*3 '* .7 3 JO » G.U ERIE DU PALAIS PITTL Largn paper, ftur f Irk volom*». roper-royal t-ilo: containing 300 KXOiATues execute oyih* first Italian Artists; vita descriptive letter-pi ess la French-*! euperior copy, e esanuy bound tn one-half red* morocco, gut eege. Price#t(XUlO. . 9\C ■ |! J .17 SIS 14 013 .S 3 « » (itS Jo ja . MSI «« MSI GILLBAT'S CARICATURES, rauwa F*o* rn» oxtctsai rLATxa. all engraved oy himself oeeween 1'.7» at d tan, comprtsU g tae bast Political and Un morocs Satires of the Peicn of George the Third, tx cmiM or nx ucxdus nronr annuo ei oravesas. In oce large volume, atlu tbUx (exactly uniform with the original Hogarth), hoi/ bo tad red morocco extra, put edge», togethei with a tolcxb oruiitx-vnas*descriptioa. Priceforthetwovol mnes,flSbJtt. Thlscopytslargeraadmochiuperlor to those generally in market. “SSS'.S «» a SUncbter, Bole, _ Chicago, Naa iS) <3 Sianehter, Sole, Chicago. NoJ sia 37 Bueno* Ayr**.. Siil 40 Orinoco StJ 99 Orinoco, good, damaged..... Bt3 S 3 BOGABTITB WORKS ENGRAVED BT HIMTELP, IMjfse jwotes, Unciudingtke txv treUtnotm *•tup. prt»teaciatti.") witneiaboratewiter-pre**descrip tlusAatlaslolio, «l«*iwm/y i-i/hcond morocco ex tra.fullgin fcteiandfflUeflgf*. ini* a te^ret pocket for i*e rti)yre**>d rhues, (pub. at£M.) A fine copy on large paper tor >125.00. CHAMPFRLAISE'S BOTAL COLLECTION OF DKAWI.M-8.70 fine plate*. (ORIGINAL IMPRES aIOKS>,rrom the meat ea'ebTateil Masters og the Bv>- l/'GNESE, ROMAN.FLORttNTINBand VENETIAN Schools: enmprli.Ei *omeff the wort* of LEOSAR rODi VINCI.TbeCAUACCLCLACDB LORRAINE, RAPHAEL, MICHAEL AN'GEIA), The POUSSINS aid others, engraved by BARTOLOZZI. Scinavo. ,jm and other eminent engrarerv. Folio. Price >30.00. Wxan wow abu rooms ns ctrtzcn of Cut- CICOASD TBS OEXAT WXST, OTX 07 TDK MOST BFlXX pip an* valuabu coLLsenoss of Boon OONCM TSATSP IX SST OSX BOOXSTUCX OX THK OLOHX. nrttoxß wnx sot so tootso-vi* jrmc* bt ftb i«f m onin llilUT BOOM KXAMISUiO or* BmnTt axd tatod- assostwett. Bolt'S* IUTISO TUB CHIXF FTBLICATTOWa or TO* HO£T niSBIT Ecsofeab Hoc?**, Vt ASX TUB bfb ctAX. lonrn ass tmmmTiTß, ramo eng. r>ASTLTOS UASD, 13 LAXO* QCAXmTXS, Al.h THX fcbucaiiossof _ Irisov, Pnuaii, Dlakdiax A Co.. D. Arrixros & Co. Hakfzb a Bwmnnts, EcgtßhKß & CO., J. V. LxrPUfCOTT * Co., omms TBW AT TO* LOWEST BASTKU PZXCZS, FLXIQQT ASOXP* .. 13.00 JTAO BJM . tooo ashes well i wears well uv«ijo IJS.AI.SS iJSuIISO 1*1.4) CiV) SCUIJO 3JMJJO The Gennias Magic Ruffle! These goods, baring the abore trade-mark on the Bu and Card. ar- «irruHd to measure six foil yards to etch piece, tod to Wui tod ffi« u well ts any m*iiehT mod. THE GENUINE MAGIC RUFFLES, tall manutse tnred by theorUtnaltuvealo'* anl pstenter*. ot rirtf marhlnery. from ice best maierials. *nd nnua . etretal mpersvloo, hare withstood the ttiu cf Sa TtAn constant use. ffiTinx InriHlahie satisfaction. »U?a£ct nndbTTPKM WIC WTFFI.B COMPANY, No. f».*> ChtmbeMll New York. Ai«* Mwiaaciam* Of RUFFLE FLUTLSQI EONS. EoitMAh* Rurrum, Husiruss gaiaa'. T3LAIR & JEFFERSON, commission men coasts, OFFICE, 304 FRONT-ST., 5: w . wEaro*. f MEMPHIS, TENS. Liberal cash advancement* made on consignment!. QEaT, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission. No. 50 MoGaa*«>t^ Between t tad G-ts..) DENVER. COLORADO. ryiLSSED HOGS I BTBNCILS* AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished gratis. Highest market price* guaranteed Prompt returns made. Cnrrespoade ee ao'lclted. REDMOND A CO.. Gen'l Com’n Merch’u. 83 Washington-* c, Chlare. ni. M&ftUO L'nsi.oo 7.60 .is*«Ms*c »H4U*e 'mu£o Il?.VanH<c .11 »uye TLLIXOIS COAL CHEAP 1 TTewnia»Ula lot* of from 10 to 109 tons A No. 1 article ot 7>Al!ia TO* 73 .1.0&T4I.10 Kl* 93 71* 83 , DaniiUo Coal at ?5.00 per Too* Ai«c, l.Otc tom of Screwing, tod a lot of No. 1 Coke cheap. Address HOktßl* CO A l. COMPANY, 494 Sooth Clark-it eITY BOOTS. Crrr CoymoiLni Omo. I CbtcaOo. Decern her 8,19M.J The of Dty Chicago will pay immediately the Janu ary. 1861, Coupons for interest on toch ot the CUT* IPods as shall be presented at my office before thefom imust. TLclatereytonßandsoot so preseated will be p»ld in the city of New York as usual, deit-m WALTER KIMPALU City Comptroller. .»us«uo ;*us ; m oa a TfiIPLOTIIEKT foe both sexes. Disabled Soletera.'Widowaof slain aoldler*,ahd the nnempioyed of Doth sexes general y, of good addreaa. are wai t'd to tunas lor an illoiiTated and elegantly w»nnd±>fok.loardfdoo the late Esbeition, induce mens: Quick hales, Large Proau, andHs*t- TT JOES M. DAUnALT- No. 9 Brooklyn. FOR SALE— Two Roes ot 31-tnch French Burr Mill Btonci. with spindle*,pa ler*, corn* sod hopper*—aj I compete. Also, a food Bmnt ter. at the Mill ot Frier GrtnneU, Striker, Ohio. To, WfoLvER * CO.'S mm O Chamber of Commerce. oaxcioa *O3THWTSTrm—DTTOT 00*. Will WATS* 450 KISZX*. Depart. Arrive. Day Express Klcht bpitu *<:*)p.m. JaiwUte - a. Woodstock Actoir'd’B.. **oop.cs. ' BALVK4 DITtgIOV Fitum and cedar Rapids *B*l3 a. n. - 7JW p. m. Foltou and lowa. t“:Bop.n. kOOld. Freeport ai d DinUeltk.. *VtW t. n. Elk] a. a, Freeport and Dnnleilt.. *10:00 p. a. 3: 0 p.m. Fockford and Fox Rivet. *td)op. ra. 41:10 a. c. rixon... MiOOp.a, iUWa,TE. Genera and Elgin * I:op.m. 8:43 a.m. vzLWAcm Dinsoi. Bxpxt**. 5-OQa.m, txprw* *tOO P* a- *l-00 m. Msbi Accommodation . l :ttp.m. s:* a. m. Seaoebs Accommod*B... 4:(Up.m. £45 a. m. Waokertn Aceommod*t. 5:50 p.m. Rs6a. c. Bo*ehm, CaVwy, and Evanston LSD p. El. 8:40 p.n. •Sandays e*a-pw<L ttiaUmuy* except■<« tXonttaje exceosed. «rmicii! I'lt.lUL ATTXfiaX^— ! oi>ud errrrr. nontaeExpnu •SrtJOa.m. *9 43 p. a. DAjExpreaeV.....: a m. *l'aO p. B. tZntng Kiprww 0:30 p. m4*l£o p. a. liieht£*prw* t*ftOp. a. »*sam. CT2HJSHATI AST* MnSTEII TAADI*. Komltu* ExpreM *irnt»a.ta. •yM&p.a. Kbht tow* 19:45 p. tt- *11:01 p. IB *1?816A5 WCTHrSH ASP AX» «OSI UW-M --ror coins Baihm9 asu mxxAS stbssb. toaxdo inrs. Mill *4:QLB. *8:55 p.m, DAT ExpreM •'tttl •• »• #tJ SW P* B New ~ tlfcSlo, B KiehtExpres*.. tncwop.B. •&»*.« osnotr t an, r(toup.m- *S£sp.m. f, SOB? WiTBA ASP 00*460. . • 6tfo »-a. •SODA.**. 12:31 s.m. 8:15 p. m. 7:40 p. B •J CkOOp. a. U:VO p. E. WUECKI>G, TTjmOT* cxmix. Daypass-engct *4OO x a. *l**l p. a. ylght Passenger......... fltMOp.C- J&4SX m. Kankakee Acc«aTno«!*t• ** *s22xl*, * Hyde Park ano OakiVood *6:20 a. B. 1 •i* u i» 'lmlOp.m. I « »» »• .... *3:Jop.xh. *l:snp.xs. u w ♦» o. m. *7:90 p.n CHTTA6O. BCUXOMTOS AXV Day Erpm* ttd MaD. *»Wp.B. • Galesburg Passenger.. • *3:oop m. Aaron *VOOp. m. *3-40 xru Mendota . *7:00 p. in. X c. Express flt.oo cld’bt tkM x m rmcAflo ash rr. tocrx Express and M«ii fcOSxtx ft® p. a. yieb*. Express 9:15p.m. SAD tc Jouei and Wihntngton _ Accommodation... ... 4robp.m* K 45 xm» csicauo axu unxaT xasrehs—<laxX cniccniac AIB tpn)—WtWACltl BaJLBOAO DXTOT, COX caxai a*i> mm ruptx pay Express 7.-00 xn. »« p. m. Sixbt Express 7:00 pm. HeSOp.xx *O2 ran ,t m*Wm VOCflßtl.l ifD ODfCIHSATL Day Express*..7/7. 7:60 xm. 440 p. m J*lehi Fjpre**....: 7:oopm- Ikso x c , ColumHos Express 7:00 xm. *4O p. m - *T i;QO p. n- itso x m. dnormaU Kxprecsa.... sfjv? p,m * lansuu AccommodatLn 45Sx m* *(« xc. «i 5:15 p.m* t:uO o. n CHXCAOO, BOCXISIASP ABSPACmCXIOBOXS. Day Express and Mh£... •SOOvn. Sight EipreM 4« p. m. Jhß p. m. joUef Accountndatton.. 4K.Op n: *440 a- »• Emmas Freight, with paasetfcr or itiacnec. will fesve pass enter depot every Saturday at S:JX p. m. for the We»t- . . ... _ TheJoUrt Actocunodatioh eommets with Ex press Freight 'or Way Stadoex •Sunday excepted. rstoa stock tabo too tahlx. Leave Midlsoa Street. Leave Stocli Yards. xm. 7rt0... Am. W 0 m. m. Ktoo xm. ItnTO jlro. 12:0 I>.m. L3O p. m. 8:20 .p. m- 4:00 p. m- Cl 3 p. m. 5:40 pm. SCHDAT Tiuiyx 8. C. GRIGGS Sc CO., CHICAGO. fHagtc ixufflc. ffiClooh anb Coal. <Eits ISotlcea. jEmploemoit. dfor Sale. professional. RAILROAD TUB TABLE. -CKioa ozpot, loot JUli...— Sight Rxpreat. Matt....... Express— Fast Lise. Sxpreas... JSjJEOHt MutUEB, Batehdofl Hair Dye, Tat Best lathe World I lUrmliaa reliant*. inriaatar neoca. The only perfect Dys! .S > d'iinn'naj a-al— co rtdicn:oo» Uata. •ieo-'d. Wru.t*a ABxrciiLua, Saw York. Also, REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILi-E-FLEURS—rtst«r*«. preserves sal h-eiiUles the hair. Sotdbyal Dnumsta drialAS-lf Spennatorrhceaf Invo.cntary Seminal Emissions, brought on bys*N abese or s.rnal excess, cored by an tsfallifafg method by Dr. James. 93 Bandoipb-st .Chicago, Dl, savin* Cme and expense. Impotence, arising from Sperms tonbma or loss of semen, radically cored, and toll vlcor restored to the debilitated organs. Dr. James can be consol ted from 9 a. m. to 9 p, s, at his office and parlors, 93 Eaadolph-At., or by letter throotb P. O. Box 696, Chicago, lIL Dr. Bigelow, Having the eottfldeoee oi the pnt-ue avd ths Q#dl*ai tseairr at large. Is tae most reliable phnictan la the clttfTchrcßjrnerToas*a'l«exai. d'iea>e-i. Call at bit office, 179 Sooth Clark-st, comer of Macro*. Booms separate. CooxrureUQa tree. P.0.80x 134. DU gnlrte to health, pahUshed mootbly. s*nt Dos to any address. Or. Louis Singer, Regularly Qaallfied Physician, 99 Batdolpb-at.. at tend* exclusively to the medical and surgical treat, meat of all diseases of me Genital and Urinary Organs In both sexes; also. Chronic. Nervous, Private and Female Diseases. Consoltattaoa confidential. Bmoj separate. Dr. TDomxon, Proctletor of the Medical and «nr<lcU Icsdtatft, 179 San;h Clark-st_ has treated all lorm* of venereal dis co*- with nspreceoted sacceu fw oetriy :orty Tears. Spermatomcra and impotence treated with the hap- Bot'ieantt). Particulars of the Institute and the utde maned free to any addresa. p. O. box 77. Cm -0.-o. 111. fftOtflS JERVIS HOUSE, Corner Van Boren and Sherman-sts^ Opposite the magniaecnt Xsw Depot of tbs Mlehlraa bonth*ns and Ue rhlcaffoAßodc I*laad Railroads. Th’s Hoc**, having changed baada. has been raise 1 to gradCA&dentlrely remoddlM, refitted aa I reforaUhel. Tbe Proprietors, having had Joog expsrieace in hotel keeping, will endeavor to make this one of the very best moderate price house* tn the aty. Board tf.OO per day. A tew day hoarders can he accstntnoda’ed. JaCESOH BROS-, Proprietor*. AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON# This tavern# flm-daas OoteL the largest la Hew England, ofihrs xiiiinrpswrl aecemmodattona to tht ravelling pabttc. Ltffls RICK. Proprt«itoT._ fHrhtcal. gCHESOK’S PULMONIC SYRUP, SEA-WEED TONIC, SZANDSASS FZZsZtf# THE mSTORT OP DB. SCRESCfTS OWN CASE, AKD HOW HK WAS CURED OFCOSaDiU TION. Many yews ago. while midis? In Philadelphia, I ban projireweo gradually *nto th- :«it stag# ol Ku.- XBonary CoQintnptlcm. AH hopes of m- nearer? he lot nlwipaied, I vii aurUod by my pny«u*ix, l>r. Parl»h. to remove into tbe roomy. Woimtown. Jt. J., about sine miles cutset, being my attire pi tee, 1 was ies.oTeu thither, occupying t«o lull dsyt In the transition. My lather end sil hi* fsml y hen bred sod died inert—*ta diet of Pulmonary Consumption, On my arrival st Moartslcwa 1 vu put to h»t, where I ley ter many wests In what vu deemed n hopeless eoßdUloo. I>r. Thornton, who bed been my Cither*! tSsnUy phyilclsn, and bed attended btm in hUlut th orn, vu celled UKtne. Hethougoimy »»evaOr-s --ly beyond the r.ach of medicine, and decide! that 1 mmt die, and gavemeoD'.-week to arrange my tempt* nil sfislie. In this appmatly bopsbwa cnndtlenl beantol tbemneal*swblcb luow ouUteand tell. It seem* to me tost I cuim tee- them working their wsy, std penetrating every nerve, fibre sad tissue of my system. My inng« sod liver put on a new sctioc, sad the mor bid matter, which Lao lor years accuxuUted and irri tated thi diflerrnt organ* of the body, v s cllmlttetal: the tnberess on roy lunsi ripened, 1 exrwct-irUod from my luoga u much a» a pint ot yellow oX-ntl«e issuer every morning, a* this exporuiratlou of msV ur subsided, the (ever abated, the pain left me. Ue congb erased to barss* ue, and the exsausting night sweau vere to lotgcr mown.-ad Ihal refreshing sleep, tn which! haCdobt bee: asmng-r. Mraopw ttte now began to return, and v ticca {(ooadltduS cult tu rairair myi-lt from eating t?o With this return « f health I rain'd In strength, and cow as Cwhy. lam now a health* man. witn a large n-*lad c'cstrlx is the middle lobe of the right uagandibe over lube Deputised, with complete adhesion of the pleura. Thei'ft'unr tiaounu, and th- upper loo* of tbe right ote is to a tolerably healthy coadiuoo. Cunrumption at that time was to he at Incurable disease by every one. phy*l :lsni as wall a« those wno were mu earned in medicine—especially •u b cases as were reduced to tbe condition t vu In. TMs Idcneed many po pie to believe my recovery only . temporary. I now prepared and n*t medicine# tc coummtuves for some time, and made many wonder ful cores, aoo the demand it.creased an rapidly that I dctemUed toefier them tone nubile, and rtf vote my undivided attention to loos diseases. In trjtu. i cue next Ic forced to It, f r people would serd for r lst ana new, to aseertata whether their case# were hat mine. Formuyyes'S.lnecoJimctim with mj prlnrlpc office In TblUlelpTua I have been making regular pro- ItmlotalTlslUtoftew York. Boston, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Fo r many yean put, i hare male ai many a* 2re hundred eiamluaucna weekly, with tba ter.” For inch examinations my charge la CTcUoJan, andlteoable* me to give each patient the trae eoato toon of bis disease, sudull him irankly whether he wtu get weU. The great reason «by phyalclana do not care Con sumption I*, that they try txlo toomuen. they fire medicine* to step sue conch, to stop the night sweats, becUcdner. and by so doing they derange the while d'cesare system. focklnanpibe secretions, saderen taally u e palter idle*. The * tumonte Syrup U one of the most raluahie m«ldn» known, uusatrieok poverfaiiv tammand healing la tucii. It contains no opium, yet to sen* the pbelgm In the bronchia! 'nbes, and nature throw, I tod with little exertion; r- p bottl* frequently car** an or dinary co d: bot It will be w-U nnt to take a iiM of Scbenck'a MandrakeFill*,toe.ata*ethcst»inacb The Palinode by op U r-adLy digested and absorbed Into blood, to ■which itln. parts Us lealing properties. it Is one ot the beit pr»i.arath>caof Iron u**; ns tp>«- erfnl tonic cf itself: and when tba Seaweed Tonic dis solve* the mnens In the stotsacb. and is carried otT by tbealo of the Mandrake PH's, * bealtny Qo* of gaatru Jnlee. »ood appetfi»anda euoddlgcUin fallow. Tbs Eeaweeu Tonic U a stimulant, and none otho Is required wten It Is a*cd. Itlsburo and pleasant; so bad eOecta -ike when using Bourbonwht«key. which disorder! theitomach. wrpjra the lirer. h>cc n? all ' the secretions. tain* the blood Into water, dropsy sew tn,a< d throat ent dies suddenly, I Bourbon whisker is recommended nowadays Of al mest etery ptusldan. Many pa'ieots who Yt«lt cay rocma, both mate aud tctna<e. are itnn-deU aita Um SKin. The relief la temporary. If theycoora, f»ey eallttie whiskey; If they reel weak and feeble, tney take a little w bilker; ll they cannot sio*p. they take a blue whiskey: sad then goootnthis way. redmnoJ more and more, until they are b oated op, and imagine they are gening fleshy. The stomach, lirer and <U gtatlrepoweia are cuiuplcUij destroy so. and iow> that appetite lor food. Nootewaaerorcared ofomiomo- Item by this prrema where ramies hare beca tonned In the tonga. A Utile stimulant Is treqoenUy beneocla. to cocanmpUrea. snen a* pore brandy or wic»e; Inmaiy csscslondnapotbror brown stmt la mode • rateQnutiUes: hot Boorbon whiskey hastens oa In ; itead of cotit root sumption. The SBAWRIU3 TUNIC produces lasting results. I ttorongbiy InrlroraUnc the it>>macb and dlxtauve l'il»xn,and enabling It to eliminate ant make late healthy Mood the food that may t>* ns»l for t'at par rose. It is so wonderful in it* effects that a wine glass full will dixest a hearty mea, ana a UtUe r[ it Ukee before breakltoat will gives tons to thsstumseh which ft w medicines possess the p->« eroi doing. The MANDRAKE PlUAmsi betaken with esQn aaftty by all ages and coodlttuaa, prolarlnk all the goed molls that can be obtained from calomel or any of the mercurial medictnea. and withoat any ol th-ni I bnrtfnl or Injurious results. They carry ont >fth«ays> S tern tbr Ibcniest and worvool manats and i dlmoistd ty my Seaw-ed Tonic and Fnlmoolc Syrsp. . It will be seen that all three of my medicines are need* | ed In most rases to core consumption. I RaiUstscucoastiitme profnsdojails at my rooms, i 33 Bodo-sC. New Yor«,e»ery TUEaDkY. trom • a. ' AUadncefreeofcnarse; buttorathor* «c|h examination »lUi hu reaptro'crter, kb. Price of the Pnlmoolc Syrup «sd To tc, each |IJO pet bntLe, or (> N) tb« naif dozen; Mandrake Pl.l*, 33 cents a box, Sold by druggists and dealers everywhere- A ' foil supp:y can always be obtained at his rooms, 33 i Bond-.u. New York. i DFAIAS BARNES 4 C0.,31 Park row. New York. ■ General WhoUsaie Agcsta. \\TR? TVHi YOU SUPFEE VV tnrn KIDNEY DISEASE. GODT. GRAVEL. RHEUMATISM, GONORRHEA, AA, WSffl SMOLANDES’S EXTRACT BIJCHI Will care you permanently. Ladies Should Oso It. W« only One Dollar. Sold by fl. SCOVIU A*ea‘ or O>lr«yo aaa rlclalty. Iltoposaig, J^OTICE. 6miLwTxsDgxT*» ornca. November 30 nw t Sealed pr< pt-sala wiu b« received*! ueoSceofttc -Oci'tnr trtiemof the sew Ca-to<a Howe atOgdeo** *bureb, >'-Y-.nntim o’cinclt a.. Ue »tt<Uy of January. IKT, fbr farnsblng snddeltveriDg dlmen»lrn stones ur tt* ont?l.*« slots- work of ttebolldick ati ive the sab btte. The stone required U for bs»- and b*<t ccar*-*, window stUeMlnteu *M binds. imooat moiWreCT, archlvolu, oornire, blocking coarse. ano'as sod tadngs oj ctlmcy u.d«, am.' also for aaiuar. ifd-etned tor me Interest or the Government to nae ashlar a tti place a Bleated hrlrk. Any n>*aea of itone, wh-tter granite. marble or satdstrne, gneiss, or any otter, may be taotnllted.oat vaatner nadmar be proposed, U matt be or t be mwt dnrabiaonallty.of rood txior. ftao train. Imperrtoe* to water, periecUj uta3octed_by trost and ca pable of rrcelelu a fine ticltb, The slzcatf thestoca required are Tattoos: ui‘!r dlmstslons may be procured from drawings at the Soperln- Cent's oGce. Ifce total amo-ust of three di mesass atone*, exclusive of the ashlar, will be sooQttZXOO cubic fed. Tt-stone mostbed-llrered In the roach on the stteot the hollaing. or such place aa may be designated by the SoocrttiVmdent and pro m aals most be aace by the cable foot of stone dearer ed. Irelwtre of a'l freight. hanllog, Ac. Meaiaremcna to be » ade on delivery. by authorized agents or tbe bopcxlnteodexit. and teo per cent, of all payment* re tained nxuD completion of rontraett- The proposals toraebiarmosx belbr 4-lnch and n-lacn aahlar, by the superficial footot each kind. bampiea cl six Inccea cube. ot the none* proposed to be f€rn:*bed, mntt be sabmiccd t-> toe Snpcrinteod ent b-iore the opening ot tte proposal*, with the rafl cn* atilt* of coiltnc or hammering used on tte claa* ot s>oce, aad properlj marked with tbe name of tte oar dr» by whom anbmltted- .... ... Thewhoteamocatof the stock rroalred to be dcllT ered by or beton the lit of Jote,ian. aad the drill try lor the lower conraca ol ‘•tone w<-rk to begin by or tore May Ist. IS*>7. Tb- Department reserves the right to reject any or all the propoaaia. ... All bids meat be accompanied oy a bond, of tw“3 re sponsible persons. to the ma of BtiX#« that tne bidder will accent and pertbro tte coi tract U awarded to him. the auasdeccy of the aecnrtty to bW certified by the Ccliecror of Internal Kevenne cl the District. Fit pcsal* sbonld be enoor»«d “Proposal tor Stock tor Drttaed Stone Work,” and addressed to If. EaUer brook. Soperlntc&deatof Cm tom HoQfe.Ogdety.grgh, V Y y ATTt a V F ASTEHttRiIOK. “ * Soperlstecd^t. /"VFFICK OF THE CHICAGO <t AL \_J log CouPaXT,,l3C6 Sealed Proposals will be received until tbs 3Cth lait ter 60,000 RAILROAD GROSS-TIES, To be tn Chicago nrtH ninety finer tte open let of tab* navigation in the »prtn* of ls« 7. The Tics to be 8 feet long, «• It hewed, aatVC** u aawed. ProiAulsvUl state Kind of Umoer offered- T. B. BLACKSTOKE, President. rpo ARCHITECTS. PLASS AST SPECIFICATIONS FOSSES'BUILD WAR DEPARTMENT AT WASHINGTON, D. C. Architects are tinted to prepare plant and ipecacs. Hom, and estimates of cost, tor new Ore-proof build log* for the War Department, on the site now occupied by the War D-partment and adjacent racant WtAhiQiioo. D. C» . . The buildings required the old bare a superficial area at large at the atte tfi—•«**< will admit u*. photograph! of site, and all owr tmcnaatloc relating to the sub ject, will be tern!*bed to Architects desiring to com twteftrtha work, upon application, p»r*onaLy or b> letter, to thannuertuncd. _ A pretntam of $3,000 tor the Ant. ot &OC9 tor the second, and offijus for the third matt acceptable p’nni and iperiftcatlcni received, »l'l ba awarded upon the approval of the Box Secretary cl War. by the Board ot ("tScen charged witu th- Hutr of select teg a site and prepart;e plant and specifications form buildings of the War Department under act oi Coo* press approved July J 9 1866. . . .. The plans and sp« dflca'iom must bs teat to th* ofilec ol hieretlieutenant Colotel T.J. frearwed, Recor der cf the Board, Ordnance Wlndrr’t Boi‘diat. Washing* on or before the at day ot Feomary, lbs Board will reserve the right to revet sar or aU plana tnbmllUd, should none be deemed suitable ur the purpose, as well as to retain any or ail of sari ol the Board* T. j. TTUtADWVLU Bvl, Lieut. Cot- L).-. A., Re'-o. l*-i. JEtKaniEh agents, IVAS TED FOK THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In ever; City aid County m the Dalon- Tha least con-tllcated two-thread Machine in the world. Addrea* a. F. joajt&os ft COw 354 Wmtoigwa-sU, Boston Kw< ..a. m. „x to. ~p. m. iHEKiEat. JJA-NHOOD. la »e yoeag sod rt<»« ***ittee Vegetative Powers of life are strong, b«t la a ftw yean hew eftac* Pallid Hue, the lack lustre Eje, and Emaciated Form, tsd the Impossibility of sppecnttoa to meatal efiOri Stow its Baneful Influence. It soon becomes evident to the obeo’WthaC r>llM ■pressing Inflamed 1* rK| -~ v 1~» the development Ql the body* commiox Is talked-01. and perhaps the youth Hremoved tnm school and rest into the country. This 1* one o> tk« Eemoved from ordinary divemom of tbe ever-changing scenes of tht city, the powers cf the hsdy too much enfeebled to give rest to heaUMul and rural exercise, Thonghts are Turned Inwards UPOE THEMSELVES. IF THE PATIENT BE A FESUIB, the approach of the menses is loosed tor with anxiesp. as the first symptom lu which NATURE IS TO Show Her Saving Power la diffnatrs the etrcuiatton, and vUICog the efcot WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH. Alas 1 Increase of appeate has grown by what itfM on, and the energies of the System are Prostrated* and tbe whole economy Is deranged. The beaattftu sad wordertUl perlcd to which body and mind undergo m Ctsclnaang a change from child to woman, is looaat ter In van; the parent*! heart bleeds m anxiety, a* fast :t* the crave hut waiting for its victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT BECHD. For Weakness Arising from Ex cesses or Early Indiscredoil. Attended with tbe following ijiaytcnj* Indisposition to £zertlon, Low of Power, Lon of TZemoiT# SiClcaltT ofßnatlilnfi General WeakneM, Horrorof Dbesso, Weak Kerrca, Trembltncr, Hresuifttl Horror of Deatk IfigbtSwetu, Cold Feed, ITakelblnw, Slmaeuor TUoa* Languor, ITslTenal Lualtnda of the llZiueßlar System* Often EDormotu Appctttenlflk Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot llandi, Flashing of the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruption* on the Paea« Pain In the Bade* HeaxtasM of the Eyelid*, Freqnently Staeh Spoil . Ftjisf before tbe Eye*, with Teopomy SaffMtoa aM Loea otSa»t, Want ol Attention. Great Mobility, Bae* imseH, with Horror of boacty. Nothin* u man itrabteto *nch Pacenta »»«*» Solitude, and nothin* they more dread for Fear ofTboxae rea, no BesoaecC EarneatCM, oo Speculation, bnt a homai Trewritioß tnm one qneittoo to another. Tbeae aymptoma, U allowed to p) on—which tMi iltdiclne tUTariabiy remora*- SOOjST FOLLOW Loss of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fits, la one of which the patient may expire. Who can uy that these exeesKk an not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those dlrefaldUetfe* isanity and Consumption! me record* of the CS&&SZ ASTLUiIS, asdtba rut e&olj deem* by COSSCMPTION. beer eaiple ttf •u to tbe tretti ol Oiesc usertloas. laLnneOf! Hwf iiwi, tba meet oelucboty exhlbltlaa sppeen. TM raatea&aee is eetseDy sodden sad Quite deeutase— ; 116erMjnh or Grief ercrnsltlL Sboaldssoasdc*. ti* rolrt occur. It la rarely amcnlate. s Wltb vetfslacanreavanDetpair Low aallea aoeada M# grief begalKd." WMlst ve regret the exiataice oC tte after* Diseases and Symptom*, IT a are prepared to oiler an Invaluable Gift of Chemistry For the tenoral of the cocaajueace*— HEOEBOIiD’S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FLUID EXTRACT OF BUCHU. There is Ho Tonic Like It It is on Anchor of Hope to the Snr* gecn and Patient; and this Is the Testimony of a~i >. dme Used or Prescribe. IU Sold by all the Druggists. PRINCIPAL DEPOT Helmbold's Drug and Ghemicsd UWABEHOXJSE, 594 BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel, ; NSW TOUt Va