Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 12, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 12, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE, last Evening’s by Atlantic Cable. French Transports Leave for Mexico on the 15th insL Prussia Initiates Coer cive Measures in Hanover, Serious Difficulties - Appre- hended in Rome. Seizure of a Supposed Fenian Privateer. FROM WASHINGTON. Movement for the Establishment of Western Kaval Stations. Information Concerning the General Picket Pardom Case. Arrangements for the Removal of the Kansas Indians. CONGRESS. House Bill Reported to Prevent the Counting of Illegal Elec toral Votes. Bill Passed Defining the Duties of Clerk of the House of Rcpre seiitdtiTes. Debate in the Senate on the Dis trict Suffrage Bill. FROM MEXICO.. Arrival of General Sherman at Vera Cruz. General Sedgwick Placed Un- der Arrest. Depart tliat the Imperialists have Evacuated San Lnis I’otosi. THE FENIANS. failing of a Heavily Armed Pri vateer from Ncwbmyport. Mass. Ber Orders From Stephens to Bum, Sink and Destroy English Vessels. A Partial List of the Officers on Board. FROM EUROPE. 11? Cable—French Transporto Leave tar dl'Xico on the 19ib Inai.—l’russla Ini tiates Coercive Slensnrcs tn Jlanaver— Continued Arrest ol Fentons tn Ireland— Sene ,s ItlQicnllies Apprehended at Uomc ~h*t«rc of n r*nppo«cd Fenton Prrvmccr -Naval Stations to De Established on the Teanlan Const. .Pants, December 10—Evening.—It Is expected that alt thu transports for Mexico will leavcbefore the 15*3 ui&l. 1-onpon. December IC —Evening.—Prussia has commenced coercive measures In Hanover. 1 okson, December Id—Evcnlnir.—Many of the delegates of the British American Provinces, har* in; In view the final settlement of the Confedera* tlon tchcme, have arrived here. They have organ* tr.ed, and appointed Ur. McDonald presiding oi2t.Hr. Paris, Decemlier 10.—It Is again rumored (hit Fonld, thr eminent French Minister of Finance, will soon resign. beilcng difficulty Is apprehended at Rome after the withdrawal of the French troops. It Is said that prepaiations are making by the auihoi liies to mretthe worst. The departure of the French fleet for Vera Cruz Is now said to Lc fixed for next week. -Ihe res* eels ore tu'ly manned and provisioned. They are expected to reach Uidr destination by the middle of January, io convey the French troops In Mex ico. Dublin, December!!—Noon.—’The Government is arresting supposed Fenians hourly. Loyal mutual ptoL ctlon societies are forming throngh* oat Ireland. London, December 11— Evening.—The steamer Bolivar has been seized tu Medway, tibo is supposed to have been intended for a Fenian privateer. There wm an immense quantity of guns and po *d»*r on board, which was also taken possession of. The utmost vigilance continues tobc manifested in the search for Fenians, and additional arrests a:c reported to have been made both in this conn* try and Ireland. Causin', December 11—Evening.—A large quantity of arms, which were undoubtedly in* tended for shipment hence to Ireland, for the use of the Fenians, have been seized by the po icc. ard the parties in whose charge they were found have been arrested. Flounce, Tuesday, December H—Evening.— Tbc .Dalian Government baa determined upon founding large navy yards in the newly acquired province of Vcnetia, to be filled with all the ap pliances for the hailding and repair of vessels. Work is to be commenced immediately. Latest Eatllsh Market*, Littomol, December 11—Noon. Cottoh—B*lc*l6,ooob*l«»t*a*dr*pceol J*Jsince rrttmUy. Lonos, Dw*mb»rll-S«ra. ConaoUmtSKtortnoaeT; Mite, 71; IIU&oli Central, Ttji; Erie, «V Ooodaaod fares steady. l*etr.M«im at Liverpool 1* 61 tor refined. At Antwerp the pctroleam market is I'Milr, Livsxroau Deremberll—ltonlas. Corros—The cotton market baa been qalte imri to day, and price* tare advanced J<d. The sales to*t up SCU<a hairs—the market closing firm at II tor mlddllnrnpU nds. Bculdstot*—The breadstnOs market U firm- The Ooslng price of we* tern mixed American corn la 38a 3d. . ntraotAc*—The petroleum market It strong at la 6d (or remed per gallon. Makctikbtkb, Dicrmber 11—Ercnlor. n«e maitrt for goods and yarns u more active and pt ices are cotter. _ _ - Losdox, December U—Evening. Money Market nnehaesed. Consols closed at w< for tLOCCT- The closing Quotations ot Amert ran seenrliies nreaslhQiwi: Coiled Stales Flve-Tweanes, ti: Erie Hallway ■bt*i iTjf; Illinois Central abarea, TJU. PBOE WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to (be Chicago Tribtmc.l WxanntoTos, December 11. The bit Introduced yesterday by Representa tive Paine provides for tbe establishment of one or more oral depots on the Northern and North* western like* of the United Stales ; authorizes the appointment of a board of four nival officers and threeenglnecr officers, and makes it their duty to fbuulse the harbors at BuCoio, Erie, Grand Ham, SUlwankee, Chicago. Michigan City and Cleveland, with reference to their fitness for naval depots. Ibey are to report whether any eoch depots are needed on the lakes, and if any, bow many, ana which of the aforesaid bar bore are bat suited for depots. Their report Is ■to bemadeto tongic**, and it Is made the duty of the Pnsießt, wltnin sixty days after IU sab* mission, mtess it etui) otherwise be provided by law, to proeed to establish such depot or depots •as the majcitj of aald Board may have recom mended. i BETOLCnOKaKT SOLDISB. UappeamLatoneoftbo soldiers of tic Revo lution. of Mom nothing has heretofore been pub licly knowfla living to Noble Coucty, Ohio, lilt name la Job Gray, and be U one hundred and three years4d. He was born In Fairfax County, V» M aid etnsted In tbe Contlncnlal army In 1761, serving forhree months, taking part In one minor engaemrnt, and being honorably dh ebarged at tfc expiration of bis term. Bis period of service w» so short that be is not entitled to a pension nndr any existing law. lie has been un able to snport herself for the last seventeen years, and Is neighbors now oak Congress to give him a sjdal pension. « PTATKouxcnon or xxcoxz taw, It may be ild with reference to the proposition of Complrolk Blllhonse, of New York, to allow the various Stea to collect the Income tax. that It ahead/ fls{ some favor in the lower branch of Congress, at Ilia Idea la that the Govern ment ought t, provide for the payment of State deblJ In curvet in the prosecution of the war, and thrttheincom tax ought to be relinquished to lie State* for tls purpose. An examination of tbe fignres for ay years will show that more than half tbe Incoie tax cornea from three States; Dm*, in 13», th total Income was $31,557,000, of which Ma*sscht*ctla paid $1,110,000, New York sfsSa,oCfi, and Pcnn*ylrcnu $3,411,000, these bUlei aggrepatiig $11,615,000. Ibe advantsge fia: uonldaccne to these and oliiexbtalcs paying m "•* OTO * muam un mma* „ strzm. members of Co&»-«> • S« tt4War “ experiment D--*« If Uw Pat vmee Department eumot *d»«dl*geousJy manic* ue telegraph. Tbe prarMtlon ia to baud a line from here to New York, declare it a poat route, pul It tinder the con***! of the Poetmaate; u>n et*F and requip* memst to bear a cait post age stamp P* every twenty or thirty word*. It h believed the line would >leld a rev enue • present Postmaster General ia nnderw at*'*® to think the eebeme entirely practicable. Oaa «*ember of the lower house baa declared hia por* poae to pub the project Into a law atlha next re*, alon of Congress, If nolhlnt Is dose this winter wruraßT bazlbqad eranartoa. Among the doesmenta accompanying the re port of the Secretary of Wariaaautement allow ing the nnmber of engines and can hunt, par chased and captured by the United States Military Ilanrcad Department during the rebellion. sad the disposition made ofthem. Itsasmmaryiau follows: Irani, 36; cplnred, 1!B, total, 438. Can purchased, 3,280; built, MW captmcd, Gl6; total, 6.605. These engines and cars were flnaDy disposed of as follows: Engines lost or destroyed, «; sold for cash, 1«; sold on cicdit, by Executive, order, I£9; returned U lota - 413 - lost or destroyed, 1,615; sold for cash, « o ld under Executive Older, and on credit, 4.C11; returned to owner*. Ml; total, 6,605. COMHVJIXKT BCmOET OF BXBXt STUPATUIZEIdS. Thu manner In which rebels and rebel sympa thizer! manage to live at Government expense, Is shown by facts which have Just come to band. In enc cnee U appears that (be chief messenger in ot cof tho bureaus of tbe Treasury Department, Cox, by name, himself suspected throughout the war of Southern sentiments, bad two sons lu tbe r*H*i army. One of them was killed during tbe rebcllio", and the other bar recently returned to Washington. Tbe old gentleman set to work and got one A. B- sitremtea assistant messenger, nothing appearing to show that he was ever a lac titions or improper person for the poet. Pay day brought around this ex-rehel soldier with what purported to be a power of attorney from the aforesaid A. 8., empowering him to receipt for the salary of tho assistant messeng-r. Tho game was transparent enough to (he disbursing clerk, and the money has not yet bees paid. ACTIOS OF THE HOCBB. The action of tbe Home thus for on the series of measures agreed upon In caucus last week, has been prompt and decisive. The hill defining the duties of tbe Clerk, reported from tbe Judici ary Committee to-day, through Judge Wilson, was lead, explained and passed without amend ment, by a vote of 182 to SI, all in about b*if aa Itenr. The bin provides that tbe Clerk shall not pltco upon tbe rolls of the noose, names of mem bers from any btate lately in rebellion, till the legislative Department of the Government has declared them entitled to representatives,and has recognized their Governments. The companion LIU that no State shall be entitled to representa tion la the Electoral College till It has representa tion in Congress, was reported and made tbe spe cial order for Wednesday. SECOND AUDITOB'S ACCOUNTS. The report of the Second Auditor, which jiat been public, exhibits that daring the dacat year ending Jose SOtb, 1804. 91,309 accounts w«.rc settled, embracing an expenditure of ?177,5'.C,131. the principal of which were: Tay department SItiXSOO.TIB.C3 Irolan aflatrs 8,8<1,256.00 » rdnance department 8.803,539.00 Mrdiral and hospital departments.. 17,3.17.439.00 An cats of bounty to discharged and deceased eotth-rs and offlceia 10,189.347.09 Collecting, drilling and organizing volunteers 5,258,038.00 ray of bounty to volunteers *nj reg ulars 10,129,917.00 In addition, various reports were prepared and transmitted during the fiscal year. The Auditor, In conclusion, s: ye: It appears from the forego ing exhibit that the settlements In Ibis office have been larger in Ibe aggregate than In any previous year, while the general business baa been very mnch Increased. About one-seventh of the entire clerical force bar been employed In making ex ami- nitons of rolls to answer inqui ries from the offices of the Paymaster Genera) and Commissioners of Pensions. This service, requiring great care, baa employed the labor of valuable derhs, who would otherwise Lave been engaged in ibe settlement of Paymas ters’ accounts. It was earnestly hoped and ex pected that upon the closing of the settlement of the claims ol discharged soldiers, a large portion of these clerks coaid be made available in for warding the settlement of Paymasters’ accounts, hr.ttbe passage of the additional bounty act of July last will render tbelr continued employment, in their present services, necessary for an in- Jeflniic pci iod, while it at the same time adds some two hundred thousand claims to be settl'd In this office. The sadden addition of 23,900 claims monthly to tlsonllnary receipts, with theneceasary correspondence andother clerical labor, taxes the power of the office to its utmost capacity, and has m.dcied its partial reorganizatlou indispensable. This has been made so far as It could be done un der existing laws, bnt to secure the proper de spatch ol business the office should now be thor oughly reorganized. rnorosED kew postal atuuxonrxsr. Tuo Post Office Department la considering the feasibility of taking np and delivering stalls from express train* at points where they do not stop and without Blackening their speed. Several In ventions which profess to accomplish this are be ing experimented with. THE DISTRICT ffUFTUAOE BILL. Ihc Senate baa spent two days on the District Sufirage Bill without reaching a vote. They will probibly agree to universal, rather titan ednea 'ional anffrace, Du? when the blit will be passed cannot be safely predicted. TAiitrr nnx. - - The Finance Committee have not yet taken np the Tariff BUI, though they were directed to re port npon it tn the first week of the session. They Ate waiting lor the report of Sped*! Commb iioner Welle, which will probably be ready early i.ext week. ArPLtCATIOKS FOU BOUNTY. The Second Auditor has issued a circular dating that from twenty to thirty thousand claims tor additional bounty are received every month; •luU many contain Inaccuracies, and that many applications require answers, but that In no rase ■•nil rcpsler he given until the claim has passed :Ciongb the hand? or the examiner*, when the nccc.-; ary replies wilt be at once fortvard -d. bIIBKWO AVOIDANCE OP TUB TEST OSTQ. It will b; remembered that last summer a circa* lar was published, signed by Bryson Tyson, of fering to obtain mail contracts for Southern men, nettoudiii? forth and making the required oath, and receiving from them a commission upon the fsceof tb’ contracts. With most tbU passed as a hoax. The fact is, this person is notv receiving nay notn the Po*tU3co Department on contracts t'-us obtained. Thin Is the best tcef'Dii yet pul in jnaciiccinaoy department to avoid me teat oa’.li. EIfSIXEDXL CENUSAL PICK'TT S APPLICATION FOR Washington. Dec.-ml«T*1l —The President, to day MDta messaire to the House, Jtnc detailed iufomutlcn in regard to G'ucral Pickett, n-ked for at the last eesMon. Enclosed is a letter from Attorney General Stanhcrry. transmlltiuj all papers on file relative to Pickett’s application or pardon. The Attorney General ears no action has then taken on Ihrse papers, and be has no information of any proceedings instituted against Pickett for cruelty to prisoners, or any offence asa'nsttxe laws oi war. It will bo recollected that he was charged with hanging a number of United Slates soldiers for alleged desertion from the rebel army. P;ckcu’s application admits having approved sentences by court-martial ofdescrlers wco were unmistakably Identified, and says his action was sanctioned by ihe Contederatc Government, and also that he willingly renews his allegiance to the United tubs. General PtclseU’s letter to General Grant l« ol Ire same tenor, and is endorsed by Grant ai fol lows: ** Respectfully forwarded to His Excellency, the President of the United State-, with tie recom mendation that clemency be extended In this case, or assurance given (hat no trial will take plat; for ihcodentcs chaired against G. E. Pickett daring the rebellion. Bel igerent right* were acknowl edged to the enemies of onr country, and ills clear to roe that the parole given by the armies laying down their am* protects them a**iinsi punishment lor acts for anr other belligerent. In this case I kaovr it is claimed that the men tri.-d and convicted for tbc crime of d- sertion were Union men from North Carolina, who bad tonud refnge within onr lire* and in our service, Ihs punishment was a harsh one, hot ll was in time of war, and when the enemy no doubt felt it necessary to retain by some power the service of every man within tbelr reach. General Pickett I kno -v jcrsonally to be an bonc:abie nun: but in this case bla Judg ment promoted him to do what cinuoi well be sustained, thongb 1 do not see how- any good, other than to the friends of the do - ct-ased. or by fixing an example lor the future, can be secured oy hlsttial row. It would only bring no ibo question whether or not the Government did not disregard its contract entered into to se* cure the snrrcnderof an armed errniy. (Signed! “U. S Grant, Liectenaut General.” March IfUKfc. reports that the examination of rebel at chives for the preceding* of tbc conn* martial allnccrt to has not yet been ccmplcb-d. tae record trqmtcd not having been found in Jniy, !SMJ. The Adiutan’ General submitted to the Secretary of War a statement bjr a reliable person, recommending the arrest ana tml of PickelL iskice into consideration the action of the So* pirme Court of (he United State?- in the • a<-u of Mulligan and other*, who bad brer, (tied and convicted by a military rotnaUsion, and thedonbls cast npon (be jnrie* (iliTion of snch tribunals, the Sect clary of War has not felt anthoriz-Nl to pnnne the course re commended by the Judge Advocate Gecoral. nn tllthe opinion of tbo Supreme Court should be formally promulgated. The magnitude of tbc (force alii ged against Pickett Is snch that there •Lor.ld be so p:r?on to contnittUo Jurisdiction of ibe ’libnna) to whom the trial mav be committed. iSlaned) E. 11. Stanton. Secretary ot War. ersmn rxcdpts. December 21. Wasinscros, December ll.—Receipts from customs for tho week ending December Bth, were a« follows: New York, ftI.4IS.UCO; 80-ton. s3ot,- Ctt); I'hlladelDhia, S3O,IST; Baltimore, r.JCUih jrronxaTjo* cxu.n> ron nr to* novss. If every clerk In the Attorney {General's office were connariUy and exclusively employed from this time to the end of the session for tinhorn* 7<r day, it would he Impossible lortbem to collect the information called for by the lions- in the resolution requiring the statement from him ot tho particular* in each case of the pardon of rebels by the President. raunos. The President Las pardoned Dan l Hawley, a pi hate of the Twelfth Infantry, who was convict ed at the Juno term of tbe District Snprem - Court, of robbing a comrade, and sentenced to thice yean Imprisonment- The ufience was com mitted while in a state of intox-cstlon, audlhr Eardcn w*# recommended by tbe Judge who tried la, and attorney who prosecuted him. at Tut worn; uofez. There was, as usual, beta email attendance at the White House to-day, it being Cabinet day. kUD livurv IITU.J. «. UUJ . ZXTERWAL USVEITUS BUCZtPTS. Tbe receipts from Internal Bevcnno Unlay were S6tC,U9. * tits cnwzsx puutzs. Actireßear Admiral 11. H. Brit, commanding the Lulled States Asiatic squadron, transmit* to tbe Narr Department a copy of hi? general order. *i°- i r *« lasncd in eonforotiy wiin Instructions of Iv ,l J* ,T J* *0 act la concert with tbe British Admiral and representatives of other Dowers on thatstaUou, in tie suppression of pi rscy on the Chinese coasts. He directs all commanefas officer* of vessels under hi* com mand to give vigilant and earnest attention to the MippresHon of piracies on the coast of China, and pertne, capture and destroy all such piratical ve«- eels wherever found, with the aid and consent o the Chinese authorities, and to turn over snen cao nmtl property and persoss to tbe anthantia* o the nearest Consular port, faratshlng such preef against tho captured parties e« may lead (o their crnvtction; and tnnher directing then to pnt tbem-clves in communication with the senior representatives rf (7 rest Britain, or any other Power present, and the Untied States Consul npon their stations, and tbe custom boose and other authorities, civil or naval, and commanders of vessels, are authorised to employ Chinese pilots, who am competent, to point out piratical junks or vessels. uraiAX amtus. At tbe former session of Congress, a law was fs.'fcd, authorizing the removal of numerous rdlan tribes from the State of Kansas. Nodsfl mteaction has heretofore taken place under this act, but the buannees heating oi what had been Cljica^jO VOfci XX. don# urf A delegation, who are yet here, to mik* lnanm#*bour toe matter. The delegation «nll to Kansas, to inform the varioaa tiih» that CommlMiocera are coming to tjgxr with them. They had an mterriew ««th Commissioner Bogy to-Ur, bat did not come to any conclusion. ibeseCotnaussioners have been appointed, and will proceed at once to discharge teelr dntle*. The ofiject Is-to sake a treaty wita all the tnbea, a list 01 which accompanies the ia ttroedone. and gel them out of -die State, where they are in constant conflict with the whiter, to a sew home better adapted to condition, nod where they would be much hippier. The coentry designed for them is weal of rbe Chicka raws and south of the Cherokers. it vas tonne-, iy called the leased lands, but by recent trct'T tbs absolute title waa acquired hviheUnlud State*. To each Uibo a section of s undent eater* wilt be granted. The Commissioner* are Instmced to visit each, to consult and ascertain their deposi tion on tbe subject. Id order that the mattci mar be flcallj aettied during the present aeaeim of Congicsa. Tbe tubes will be directed to send two dd*. gatea to Washington, to be here by tbe Ist of Fe*. rnary. It possible—at all errata by the 10th of thv month—so as to give lime to make a treaty with them by the SSth of February, and lay it belore the berate and have It confirmed befo-e thr 3d ol March. All axpenres of these delegates will be paid by the Government, and they will b« accom panied by the agent of each tribe, if possible. These Commit signers are instructed to come along with them, and to haretbem all come to* gtther. Tbe Commissioners are instructed to sell tbe Indians to select the most intelligent and In. flncutlal of the tribe to represent them. The Commission era arc directed to call on Superintendent Thomas Mnrnhy, In Atchison, and consnlt with him freely and lolly, and. If be desires and has tune. he ia authorized to rlalt the tribe*, and to be, in point offset, a fourth Commissioner. He is also authorized to come to this city with the Indians, so as to aflbrd tbe benefit of bis advice and experience lu treaty with them. WATS AND MEANS COXMTTTZS. New Yock. Dec mber 11.—A Washington des patch says: Bontweil’s bill for the sale of Gov ernment gold don't meet tbe approval of (he Ways end Means Committee. The action of the Committee on the Currency is yet doubtful, though Vr. McCulloch's recommendations are al most cei tain to be concurred In. rsospxcrs of tux warmer suffbaob biu> Washington. December 11.— There seems to be no doubt of tbe early passage of the negro suf frage bill for this District. The only question in dispute Is over details or to limiting Ibo bill to those who can read and write their names; but ibe bill will t-robably pass, giving full suffrage to all, white and black. THE FENIAXS. •♦titling of a Ileavllr Armed Privateer from Newboryport, ilia**.—A List efHerOnleers -Sbo lias Letters sfitlarane tram Htephens —Order* to Barn* Hok and Uestrsr—An v;flon inbclUadetoCnptnrc the locomloa Canard Steamer. Nrw Tontt, December 11.—'The World has a ♦pedal Boston despatch which ears a Fenlanpri vatccr Is stated to have successfully eluded Fed eral vigilance, and to have sailed from Newbury port several days ago, the last of last week, en route tor the Irish coast. The vessel in question is alleged to be the schooner Estelle, of - seven hundred tons , harden, and isuidtob’. armed with the most Improved and destructive ordnance, soiled in calibre to that of the vessel, with a tided tS-ponndSpirot eon alt, ana to contain a picked crew of more than two bnrdred men, who have seen service on our iron clads. Lieutenant Burke, ber commander, was roaster’s mate In the navy daring fr^VTIV.® 4 * nlMlnrnlshed himself si Hoacoke ana™ Mobile. One of his assistants. Lieutenant Devt rn /’ c fcrve '* on (to ram Tennessee, wJule li otcnKc Jones was atone time runner's nato mona Alabama. The other officers have all sets service. Fenian offioals state that before leaving for Ire land Stephen* leaned letters of marque and re prisal to the Estelle to capture, sink, or destroy any English vessels out of neutral waters flic nay encounter, and Captain Bnrkc anrotuccd his intention of making the Atlantic too hoi for e British ship. Ills declared that the In-coming Cuna>d steamer ia to be captured al all hazards, and to that end the EstelU- has Billed dl redly In the track of the expected vessel. Others will follow as chance ofo:s, and It is the purpose to detach a portion of the arms ana men on the Estelle to the first available English craft captured, and tbue improvise another pnva'eer. FROM CANADA. Argument ot Counsel for the Vcnlan Pris oners note the Jurisdiction of the Canadian Conn. StnxTfXtmo, December 11.—Hr. Devlin spoke upwards of two boors in support ol bis plea as to thejnrifdlctlon of the Court. The Judge decided that the Court bad power. Mr. Devlin said to-morrow be would argue hit Elea relative to the txpotl • facto character of the iw under which it was proposed to try the prisoners. The Coort then adjourned till to-morrow. FROM RALTIMORE. Aaotfaer Bebel lie aon by Governor Swam. Baxtoioux, December ll.—The Governor and Board of Edncation have decided that neither the tm or any other oath la necessary for teachers in the public schools. Telegraphic New a Enterprise—A Contrast. New Yoke, December 11.— The Cable report, civirg European dates of last evening, was re ceived by Ibo United States and European Tele graphic News Association at half-past eigbt o’clock this morning. Tho World , this morning, contains upwards ot twelve do?oly printed columns of fresh telegraphic news, whilst toe Htmld and Tribum, andother topers ot thu monopoly rlrg, have comparatively rtrf reports. largely made np from yesterday afternoon’s Journals The World has also an Interesting history of the early days ot the Associated Press and Its cou- Irttwliu Mr. Craig in' 1819, when (he ring met witn a signal defeat in the great race for European t.uws. The Woiiri also proves, editorially, that 'he bays 01 the Assedated Press are number ed. Georgia Lrstsiatnre. MniEi>oEvn.i.E,Ca., December II.—H. V. John, ron was elected United Stales Senator to-dsy on the first ballot. Mr. Butler proposed in the Senate a me* niorisl to Congress; also a resolu tion appointing a Com mis non cr to proceed to Washington and see on what terms Georgia v {l] be admitted. They we:e cot acted upon. CT v\ 4IT OROTIIEUN, Advertising Ac'ls 126 Dearborn Hit., receive ndvcrttnemeais tor utl the •ending papets tbronebont ihe Untteti Elates and Canaan*. fHasontc blotters. AfASOKIC. —The Annual Convocation _» a ci Corinthian Chapter, No. 09, IL A. M_ »111 bs i.jlrt (V.’edoredsy) evening. Dec. I0t». ISM, at 7« oc’oc}-. in Kllwlnnli c Hall, corcer North Durham •ndbmzie*t«.. (bribe Election of Officer* and other Kurin w. Every member it hereof noticed to attend. Hy order of theli.p. VT. D. SMITH, Sec’y. "YJASONIC. —Elancy Lodge, No. 271, A REGULAR OOMSUTNICATION Of this Lodge will be held to Aft- Ho C •mmsndery Asy. Icm (Vasomc Temple). this iW>• DNK6DAV) evening, at TV o'clock. Amendments to Dr-Laws. Let every Member be prewot. J. f). C. wnTTNKT. Secretary. Business Notices. AGENTLENAN, who lor the last lit* teen yean hu been roonreted. as clerk and active Kartner. with one bfthe eldest luiporting WiaJow o>a» Uonses In the East, wbhei tv make an arrance- Ti;cr,i with some psrtv who can command a caoltal of UC.CUO or upward*, for the psrpo»e of carrying os the WINDOW GL.\S* BUSINESS. He U perfectly familiar with the but lomzn source* of surpTy, and with the manntarturlac bailaes* la this eoct.tty. Anyopeidtstrlne to embark In the above bc» ness, eltner as special nr active partner, cay find It for hi* interest to address, immediately. “CIASS.” Box 2054. Boston P. O. Goots auh Sljoes QI.OEIXG OUT IS JZI. 31j E 3 Ot a Large and Fine Stock of BOOTS AND SHOES. Preparatory to a Dissolution of onr Firm Ot the first ot January next. We Will Sell Out our Stock AT A GREAT REDUCTION From fbrmir pricr*. FARGO, RILL A’ CO* 4S and 50 Wohash-ar, p.VNIC IN THE BOOT MARKET. BOOTS ! liOWN GO THE PRICES! lOOCvesKIp. 13 in *l3 100 C»se*K«p, IS to 4S 100 Caere llor»' 33 100 Cam Yoatht' 34 Price LM to fan loCblcico Jorrral of Commerce, or ■end far our areolar. E. CH^EIOST, 141 KINZiE-ST. g>ale of ijHctures. JN NEW YORK. AT THE LEEDS AST GALLERIES, Si; AND 819 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, vagnigeent Sale of the Highest Class European and American Pictures. HENRY H. LEEDS & MINER Win sell hr auction, on tbe evenings cf TUESDAY, lith, and WEDNEbUAT, 19lh December, at batf cast 7 n'cl'cli, at the above GALLERIES, by order nfU. RNOCm-KB. Esq. (OOUPIL A CO- Of PAIRS), a Urjrc aod vs'csV.e roT.fccoa ot OIL PAINTINGS, most of which haveJa»tarriv*d from Europe. Amoug other celihrulcd artuuare thefulloalug: OIEItiSOMKU. Pijifsax. Armv. lUesos, t-arra*. ttxzaxncz. Ficuel, >*iv»Ln, Cnacrr. Davisbl&s. aHriE, Coouaxa. DeJodoox. DUrfSEI.DOKF SCHOUL. AcutTßicn. cael nrnsn, Lrrrsciursa, renua-vrsaxa, h-mn, Webb. i Lcr.QicE, W.Urrxs, Lot, and ©there. AMERICAN bCnODL* Jms k. Rar, Coum, t Hipwn, vr. li.osjixn, heexcsst, W. T. Kicnamt, Gto.jA.rMa*. Ictiho, At'<t otlnrs oi »Q«a’ celebrity. Theywill beoaetblhl tlsr. FKfcE, s» noovc. on snd slier Tnetdsr. the Ilia S:j-i_ until me i vcslrig.of »vlc, from N s. tn. tiS r- m -, nndusUi to p. m. two crestns* previous tout* )g Skating Season, RADIES’ SKATING PARK, Q Eighth Season, r Eighth Season. F. Eighth Season. N TEN ACRES OF ICE. T TEN ACRES OF ICE. [I TEN ACRES OF ICE. A Smooth as Glass. Smooth as Glass. I Smooth os Glass. Baik Lighted Beautifully. P Bark Lighted Beautifully. . Bark Lighted Beautifully. H Connltlc in all its Appointments. R Compete in nil its Appointments. Compile in all its Appointments. ATloral Place of BecreaUou, A 3bral Place of Recreation, Q A Moial Place of Recreation, P Where Misses, Mothers and distera "Where Mifiseg, Mathers Sisters JJ "Where Misses, Mothers and Sisters NCu enjoy thesselrM unattended. Can enjoy themiilvea unattended. SCen enjoy thema elves unattended. By Father?, Husbands or Brothers. m By Fathers, Husbands or Brothers. | By Fathers, Husbands or Brothers. 11 The Beautiful ft Comfortable Buildings v The Beautiful A Comfortable Buildings m The Beautiful A Comfortable Bonding* ire net equalled in America. I Are not equalled in America. Are not equalled in America. [L Music Every Evening. A Music Every Evening. T Music Every Evening. Tickets tor sale at KIDDER A CO.’S, «4 Lake *U,cor.ot Stale; 4.H. JOilSboN'B. cor.oj Randolpb sn s °**ra Uow Kestanrant, and at the Park, blngle admission tickets tot sale only Ladies* Ticket 93,0*^ Cents’ *• 4 Rois.(l3 mrsol ace and noder ) 4*oo QPEN AFTERNOON & E’/enING. WASHINGTON SKATIKG PARK. Full Light Guard Band THIS EVENING. MAGNIFICENT ICE! BRILLIANT MOONLIGHT! SKATERS DESIGNING rUBCUASINQ Season Tickets are requested to TRY THE ICE on “THE W&OH- IbGTON ’■ andtucmaln by actual experience me ad. vantage* of OPEN PARKS. 0 “ REASON TICKETS* Gentlemen- «s c* ladles ....... s!00 poj». ::::::: For sale at the (bUowlugconven'ect places: ttrectPcar. •onftCn„lOl Washlngton-st.:ßa |*fce* Mensem, bktnner ft Clarke. 140 Lake; Jewett ft Uat- Jet, IN Lake: Barnnm Pros-cor. Lake mad Ulrhiran av.; Tribune Office; Kinsley's, Opera liooso; Iloot ft C*uv. Opera Itutue: J. 11. Johnson's skate Depot, usutheast corner or Randolph and State: John R. Walsh. corner Dearborn and Uadi ton; euit. Eir cor* ner Dearborn and Washington, And at the Parle, SIMILE ADMISSION—GentIemm, SOcj lAdles, 13c. Beys. me. For tale at the Dark. QPENIXG OF THE Wabash-av. SINK! TO-NIGHT, Wednesday Evening, Spectators Free. Professional and Amateur Skaters of the city to he present* TIOKXI T S : Gentlemen - - - wi-l Ladies - - - - - 3 Children - - - - 3 For sale at Kinsley's “Opera BouseJ. M. W. Jos«s', 44 Dearborn-'l.: J. It. TValsh's, corner Dear born and Mtditon-«u ; Johnson's Skate Depot, comer Stale snd and at the Rink. CF" These desiring to skate to-night nctt procure ti'kfU before en;»rlcx. EbT SIDE SINK! SPLENDID ICE! FULL BANS THIS EVENING! Ibe cheapest and most delightful place In the city to skate. Tickets, at the following low rates, for tale at JOES* SOS'S SKATE DEPOT, corner Stat* and Randolph* KINSLEY'S, Opera Bocae; J. M. W. JOKES, 41 DeuttornsL; J. B. WALSH, comer Madison and Dear* horn-et... and at TBS BXKK. Gentlemen $4.00 Ladles • • $3.00 Children $2.00 Srcnre Ticket* at once, u only a Urn* IteU number will be aold. J~JO NOT FORGET OGDEN SKATING PARK. OpeningNiglit To-Night. Good Ice and Good Times. PARS LICHTED BT CALCIUM LIGHTS, Great Union Band la attendance. TICKETS to be had at the Park. JStoridjollicts' fHcctings. ATOTItE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT i.> THE Annual Heeling of Stockholders OF THE

merchants' National Bank, of Chi* CBgO, For the Election of Directors, will be held at th? Office of the Dank, on Z UESDAT, JANUARY Slh, 1367, at i o'clock p. TO IL R. bTMONDS, Cashier. Chicago. Dec. 8.15*4. jFinanrial. TO LOAN, IS BUH6 OF TWO OR THREE THOUSAND DOL »LAK£.OS IMPROVED CITY PROPERTY.' Apply st Room No. *A Mrtropo’Jtsn Blxk. trem 5 otp. a. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1866. jFor tj)g ffiolfaasß. JJOLIDAY GOODS! HOLIDAY GOODS! COB 6, PRITCHARD & CO., S 3 Lakc-st., Chicago, Here's Largo Stock off FINE BODES. LONGFELLOW’S EVANGELINE. IllostreUoas by Dabxit. LONGFELLOW’S FLOWER-DE-LUCE. with ca pering*. JUAN IKGBLOW COMPLETE. 1 roL. Bra. lUU treted. SONGS OF SEVEN. By JeeaZnctlow. tllaitreled. TEE CHRISTMAS HOLLY. By Merlon THE CULPRIT FAT. ICO tttestretioas. THE COTTER’S SATURDAY NIGHT. IDnitrsted. HOLLAND'S BITTERSWEET. lUostreted. DANTE’S TNFSBNO, with Doss’* Qliutretloas. With a great variety ol STANDARD WORKS IX FIXE BXXDIXQIj. Irving, Prescott, Bancroft, Cooper, Tenny ssb, Heines, Scott, Bnlwrr. Dickens, Mrs. Jameson, Bfacaalay, Motley, Home, &e. Also. «, 1,4 BQE STOCK 07 WRITING DESKS, In Mahogany, Wain at and Bosewool. XST We hare some JO varieties ol DESK*, varying In price from $9.00 to *15.00, all of superior flalih. COBB, PRITCHARD A CO. QHHISTMAS GOODS. HOLIDAY PRESENTS pres®ation sits, watches, DIAMONDS, SOLID SILVER SETS,&c. W. M. & J. B. MAYO, jewelers, No. 101 South Clark-Sf., Chicago Respectfully Inform the public that thev have added to xi/ivnV 0 £r *F. d . Jewklky. DIA MONDs and SIL\ HR Vi ARE, a superb assortment of SIZ.VEB-PZ.ATES WAGE, aianniacinred by the Gorham Manufacturing Co., „ VRTie-u MFC?CO. SILVERSMITHS, OF PROVIDENCE, K. I. klad CTer Produced In this •urpaas may made b* Elk ina totLofßirinlnKii*nj Znxoo. of BUcCJcW. or ChrU !S2&SLSf tt - PlaaSjT^rtetyof 6mib ' W ° cornmf!od »to tavorable Wo are prepared to supply Ihe'requlrensenli ol fkml- Si"X;sr ““ 01 We cherUh a laudable pnda In bclnr the letrodueers ~ th»e ipods, as they tneeta want long fUlby per* sons of refined taste, to whose good opinion and pat ronage we are tndsoted. F v Thew goods, we claim, are In perfect hammy with tbebeauilfalartm,which weharemlmedto embodr la all our production* of Jewelry and SllvcnrareT^ JEWELRY, &V. CHHIRTBIAR GOODS! BOU9AZ OOOSB BRIDAL PRESENTS I PRESENTATION GOODS I Comprising .verjlblaji to bo found In . flr.Pclui Jew* elrr bio re. AMERICAN AND GENEVA WATCHES. DIAMONDS and Pnetou* stone* set tu every new and cot cclrable style of mounting. French Clocks. BronteV ase*. Cups, Ac. Solid bllver Ware, the belt assoitment 'ver offered In Chicago. Plated Goods ol btaetifui dwdgiuaad flnlib. eaosl to solid .liter, being plated on German sitter, which has the appearance ol real sllterai.dl* null* as durable. Having so’d these grodsf r the past year, or ever *lnee they were am Introduced in the market, we can fully recommend them to oar customers. Our Slo, kls a.w«ys Full and Complete- We pride ourselves* in being able to »av to our customer*, that they will alwsvs find the very latest and mod desirable goods exhibited t u our stock as soon a* they are prepared for market, a vasonat.i prlcea, and from all th-leidiog fbet-m a- Thankful wea*k a continual > > < same, and an examination of oar good*. MATSON & HOES. J^ECACOMANIA OR TITE ART OP INSTANTLY TRANSFERRINS PICTURES To China, Gloss, Eai then, Tin and Wooden Ware, Leather and Papier Mache Goods, In short *o article* of every rteacrlptlon. canddered worth while to be beantlSed and male attractive, and lhn» U,ciea*«l In value l>j- tut* new prows*. AUo a largo lot of Vaae*. White wood- Boxea. ftc_ for lale by TCcNALLV Sc CO., 81 De-art>orn«rt, JJOUDAY GOODS. The Choicest Collection In the dly for tale by ALBERT H. HOVET, 194 Lakc-at. jyjirsiCAL BOSES. A PINE ABSO&.TBEZ2H7T Soluble lor HOLIDAY GIFTS, Jut received. Price* rangttgircm|6 to 1300. LYON A HEALT, Clark aad Washl&gton-aB. Chicago. C EATING PARES OPEN. EAE MUFFS, AT SCOTT, DAVISON * CO. 136 Lakstt. gKATING GLOVES SCARLET AND WHITE MERINO, SCOTT, DAVTSOK A CO- 136 Uke-al. TirOOL MUFFLERS, wool. WRISTLETS, SCOTT, DAVISON A CO- 136 Latent. JAP ROBES, Z*AF SOBSS AND SHAWLS, AT ECOTT, DAVISON A CO- 136 Latent. TTOLIDAT GOODS. PRATES, FKATES. Oo'driah, Fancy Flower-Pot*. Wreath*, Dried Flow* er*. Mn**e and Ron on-la. JOKES. ELLIN"*OOD x BRADJ.T, 139 aad 181 LUxt Kottons. QLOSING SALE. REDUCTION IN PRICES I! Wfifc a view to closing the bwdpeas of the prwret firm before January Ist, we offer from thl« date our WHOLE STOCK of Hosiery. Woolen Goods, Worsted*. Corset', Dress THmtclcrt, Notions. Ac- at greatly reduced price*. We glrc no quotation*. and make no big aatertxona, bn) say briefly, that all dealers In oar goods, who wish to SAVE MONEY on their purchases thU month will CCBFAINLT DO SO by making these purchases at 78 Lake-st. * ■nmw—NCT cash on delivery of goads; or. teaie meat without Ull before December Slit. SPECmtr NOTICE To Whom it Say Concern I AD parties whose Indebtedness to u» mature* befbre Jai carr jit, urt, are rttr-ectfullr requested to mu« PUUIM*. THE IT.KaUS* MOXFU. aa ALL CLAIMS (hereafter wt!| go into tbe hand* of our attorney tor collection. URAVE!* A* IHTIXB. 7S Likert, Bts Gooes. PRICES GREAT EXCITEMENT About Low Prices DRY GOODS. Now there Deed be no excitement In the lexit emcng the ledles ot Chicago shoot where to find the beet light, the beet stock of goods, end where to find the LOWEST FRIGES, Becense ertry one knows, or ought to know, that PUTNEY, KNIGHT & HAMLIN Always hare. and aiwaya Intend to take the lead. We are nov selling FRENCH MERINOS For Five Shillings, fcech as our neighbors sell tor Six Shining*; and EMPRESS CLOTHS Per 80 Cents, Sach as our neighbors sell for 7 and 8 shillings. All our 10 and 12s. Merinos for SI.OO. All our $2.00 Merinos for $1.50. 50c. English Merinos marked down to 2s. 6d. All onr 2s. Dress Goods marked down to Is. 6d. 1,100 pcs. 3s. and 4s. Dress Goods marked down 2s. 21 cases Blankets from Auc tion, from $6.00 up. 50 pcs. Striped All-wool De laines, worth 45., now 2s. 6d. 20,000 dozen 4s. Buttons marked down to 2s. I IV PUID IHD DRESS GOODS We defy ail competition fn Style* and Prices. Silk Shawls & Cloaks. The Best Stock in tho West. We have gone through oar Stock and marked it at SEW YORK AUCTION I*BICES, without regard to coat or value. Ladlea of Chicago and the great North west, give at a can belbre purchasing. PUTNEY, KNIGHT & HAMLIN, Sign of the Golden Eagle, 105 and 107 Lake-St. CniCAfio. December 8. ISM. A G. D. & CO. J:\.» BONNET VELVETS VERY CHEAP. CLOAKS AND CLOAK CLOTHS. HOOF SHIFTS, A FULL&TOCS. h. B. DOWNS & CO,, 150 LAKE-ST. jßair Ixcstotatibcs. •VTO MORE BALDNESS OR GRET TTAlß “London Gnj Hatr Color Does Rotors' ‘-J.ct.coß Hair Color Restorer” "London Hair Hair Color sot Restorer* "Lottos Htir Color Beatorer" “Lotdon Eatored Hair Color stain Restorer" “LorWB Hatr Color Restorer* •‘London without Hair Color or soil Bestcrer*’ "Lon' cu Hslr Color Beatorer” "Lost ob Dyelr-k. Hslr Color anything. Restorer*' U win make the hair soft, glossy ana CealPie. u wir preserve the originalcolortcoldage. liwiQrrtTeat the bilr from CuUng off. Itwtll core *1 dlieus ot tbe aealp. Only Wonts a bottle, six bottles *4. Mhl or all leading druggl«ta and deaim la toU«t ar ticles. SMITH AD «TEB, Wholesale Agents, 9S andlULak»-at- Chicago. gilber plating. FOB Instantaneously Silver Plating ARTICLES OF Brass, Copper, German Silver, &c, ; Benortnz the planet where wnrn off. and tor Cleaclni asd noHahlyr Miser and Silver Plated Ware. nA, jno« useful invention of the ate U a preparattot ot pure surer, and contains no mercury, aod or othe suhstasre icjartous to metals or the hands. It Is I complete elxtmplating baoery In a bottle. Price » cent* per bottle. Fcraale by Druggists aad Varteo Stores. HOV E & STEVENS, MAXCFACTIjBEBS. BOSTON MASS. amusements FESTIVAL AM) OYSTER SUPPER Of the Olivet Church win be belt) at THE LECTURE ROOM Qf the Church, corner Fonrtccesth-st. and Wahaas-ar- Oa Tbnndar Emliu of this Week. A Supper win be amed at SIX O'CLOCK, to which ALL cur friends and acquaintances are COUDIAI.IV UtTtted. The proceed* to be used In fcmiahlng the Andleacc Bocsu of tbe Church. jFucniture, Hewing, iHittots, &c. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Reduction in Prices of FURNITUR BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. THIRTY DAYS ONLY! FOR Preparatory to a change in business, commencing MONDAY, December 10. The largest and best assortment of Rich, Medium and Common POUND TTOE ever offered in Chicago, all warranted, as usual, FIRST-CLASS; a part of which MUST and SHALL be sold FOE GASH within Thirty Days, at prices that DEFY ALL COMPETITION! Consult your own interests. Call, examine goods, and see for yourselves. Prices reduced ou all articles alike, without regard to cost CHARLES TOBBY, 87 and 89 STATE-ST., Chicago. jFine jfunuturc, HOLIDAYS! HOLIDAYS!—The most complete stock of PARLOR, CHAMBER, LIBRARY DEJIKG-KOOM Furniture, FRENCH MANUFACTURE. We are also In receipt of new Importations from EUROPE of SI I-KB. REPS TERR VS FRENCH STRIPES EIItIUUIOEttBD COVERS of colon, patterns and styles which Cannot be Found Elsewhere , la the City. Having onr three large Show Rooms. we'a«T w olfer lo lh • P“*»»cihe above, with n general m? 06 * 4 Rich, Staple and Common Styles of Furniture NEW YORK PRICES, which are lower than are offered by any other honae In ibe Went. Having a larse atock on hand, we are de termined to oiler each Indacemenu no will reduce It before the lat of January next, re gnrdleaa of cost. W. W. STRONG, 203 Bandolph-st. 203 ®*Hantrtr. TXT ANTED—I,OOO Agents—The best V V chance ret. A work of Historical value and National Importance. Tbs only work on our Nary ret la ibe held. Agent* And no competition. In pre.*9. OUR NAVY DURING THE REBELLION; 08, A. <3- TJT and ouu NAVAL COmnxaNZ>SBS. nr HON. J. T. HEADLEY, The distinguished Author ami Historian. In one handsome volnme, with twenty-two splendid Steel I’urtraluand lut'lebcen-*—comprising the early Mfu. public service* ard naval career of Admiral D. G. Farragut, Vice Admiral 1). D. Porter. Admiral* Foote, Dupont, Strlngi am, Dari*, lioldsboroticu and Dahl green; Commodore* Wlikc*. Winslow, tv .Men, Bailey, and many other prominent >av«l celebrities, written In Mr. Headley's graphic and inimitable style, with an authentic account of oatUes. sieges and bcmbardm ut*. tnclndlug the recent discoveries in conducting Naval warfare, by gunboats and iron-clad ro*<eli: also thril ling description* of the most brilliant exploit* and achievements of the rebellion. The authenticity of the work Is beyond a doubt, a* most ct the material concerning their early life and public services waa mulshed directly by the oUI.-era or th*lrfrieude. The boot will soon be ready to deliver, and agcali are already meeting aith almost tmparal- Jelled sucres* lu taking order*. \tealso publish THE LUST CAUSE, the only official bocthern History of th- War, cl which over 60,000 copies hare two sold In the lan six month*. Agents win hod it to their Interest to apple at once for term* and territory. Adders* C. W. LII.LKT, Publisher, *JU Beyaold'* Block. Chicago, in. A fcIGN PAINTER WANTED. To aflrrt-clAia workman stead j work at good wages.*- lUMKI & GIIAUAU. Painter*, py Duaac-*{., New York Citjr. glrlagterns and rerrenccs. Coal. QOALI C O A Id. J. L. HATHAWAY, Dealer In Hard and Sift Coal. Office aad Tarda, 44 aiAliiiET-J>T„ NEAR UASDOLPH. Coal dellTered Promptly and in Good Order To all parta of the cty. Y OGGHIOGHEXY COAL CO, Office IT Chamber of Commerce and corner nert Kinzle and Green. Ton«hl*gbeny, Briar QIU. Cannel and Mineral Ridge a» ConatUavlUe and Pittsburgh Coke. AMES & CO.g grY TOUB COAL AT HOLBROOK & PARKER'S, 64 Kingsbnry-st., coi. Indiana. POST OFFICE DRAWER .ISIT. jHarftinerg. 'JO TTOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLEN MiCßni. E. C. CLEVELAND £ CO. JUNCTION SHOP. WORCESTER, MASS- Manufactnrm of Wocßa Machinery, aa follow*: Cardin eMachines and Spinning Jacks. tram new sac Improved pattern*; Wool Pickers. Wool sod Wait* Dusters. Tam spoolers. and Tan Dressing and Warn lax Machines; Broad aad Narrow Gin. boihsmcii and r.oiMe acting; Moadand Narrow Brushing Ma chine*. VelreCng, WltnevlTg and Petersham Finish lug Machines, urdro atrmeton aad Cloth Drvlar Macatoea, Hydro*iaile aad Screw Presses, Preas Platt H-aters. Indigo Grinders. Rotary Fulling Mill*. Wa*L MllhvCiolh. Winding and Measuring Mac nines, sildi Hist Turning Engines, Card Grinder*. Ac. Our machines are all la aabatartlal aad super! ot Iron cram* a, and are warranted to be equal In even respect to any machines made In the United States. In addition to shore named machines of oar own make, we are prepared to fUrnlab Crompton’s Looms, Parts A Woolaon'a Shears. Steel Bing Bar Machines and Bcr Pickers, Card Clothing, and maanfactarera' Endings generally, a; makers* Kiwest prices, aad pan fnnilin oar customers with machinery tftr Woollen MIUf. complete, with promptness, and at aifavorshtt prices as any other builder*. £.C. CLEVELAND. _ J.C. MASKS', _ Worcester, Mao-Oct. P. 1366. J. M. BASsbTT. jyjJhRRITT & COUGHLIN, UDUNiPOLIS, INDIANA, DEALERS IS COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* NfwFactories ftnnlahedwlth Machinery. Shafting. Fnnlnee. Mass, fipectflcattons. buptrtntendeatt site capenenead w orkmen. BOLL CARDS Always on hand. COTTON WARPS & CARD CLOTHESG Ot an kind*. ZW~ Second-hand Machinery on band, far sale cheap. NUMBER 189. E , (Elofljing. INTER AT HAND, DOWN THEY GO. A DISCOUNT OF lO PER CENT FROM REGULAR PRICES ON CLOTHING OF EVERY JBCRBTIOH, A.T DeG raffs Clothing House, Corner Slate and Randolph-sts. THE URGES! STOCK AND BEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY. In making this SEDUCTION, my customers will secure greater Bar gains than are to be obtained else* where, and enable me to make room for a Mammoth Spring Stock. All in need of Winter Clothing of ANY DESCRIPTION, will find it much to their interest to favor my Establishment with a viiit befoie pur* chasing elsewhere. L. DeGRAFF, Corner State and Randolph-sts. G KEAT CONSIGNMENT FROM BOSTON OF MEN’S C 1 ©thing! OF AFX. GFAMS AJJ) PRICES. Hsve Just Received a $20,000 STOCK, To be Sold at 25 PER CENT LOWER PRICES Than wo have known In five years. Sow la (be time for those who would make a little money go a great wars. This CLOTHING Will be sold much LOTTEBibanltcas be found in the dry. EDU ARD LOCKE & CO., 74 Handolph-st, Old Chttago Time* llfflct. jliarotoatc, Stoats, Set ■\7OS. 0,10,11, 12, 18. X> sos. it. is. man top MORNING GLORYS. At YAK SCHAACK’B. 48 Btate-SL JJAIiDWARE <fc CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 2.75 tako-St. The atmtlon ot ck*e bayer* i* Icrltrd to onrcom plete itock cf COOPERS’. MACHINISTS’ ard CAR PENTERS* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY •si BUILDERS’HARDWARE, direct from the beet mean flic tome. We oUer. also. a complete assortment of WOSTEKHOLM’S POCKET CUfLKRT\ SPEAR £ JACKSON’S BAWRJOSEPH RODGERS £ SONS* SCIbgDRS tad RAZORS. STUBBS £ EOT EERY'S Pi lES, £c. We alao keen eoaetauly on bead fall cambers cl SHOES BERGER'S JUKIaTA NAILS. C. B. Strop. Eow. Pepcott. S. Bbto»h Esttolosg. jSfOTICE—Just armed from Europe. CLABBISBA. JIILLSOW, The celebrated. GTwy Fortune Teller, can be cowmUod &cm 9 Oil Sin the afternoon. Don’t tortet a*y Sooth nearly oppoalte Jones School, sett dry KlcmiUl nfHL ®®atri)es, Biaraotrts, .getoeltg, &c. A. H. MILLER, Comer of Randolph. and Clark-sta., JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH. Christmas Presents Of the Richest and Most Beantifal Descriptions. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, Pure Silver Wares of the Latest Patterns. Nickel Silver-plated Goods of the Newest Designs. SETTING OF PRECIOUS OEMS A SPECIALTY. All work of tho kind belnjf done under my own super* vision, In my Factory oyer the Store. AGENT EOR THE CELEBRATED t-ATEK, PHILLIPPE & CO. WATCHES. BHONSSI, CZiOCSS, FANS, OPBBA OZ.ABSS3, OAKES, OBSIBZVS CASES, WHITING DS3BB, MUSIC BOXES, &c., Ace. iHusiral, jyjXISICAL INSTRUMENTS. .1- BAXTER & CO.’S Magnificent Musical Stock Offer* rare laclllUea f> CUBISTS! \S BrYKR* for se- U*c;lcgthe Quest Instruments ot the mo»t renowned maters. THE KNABE PIANO, PARLOR ORGANS, MUSICAL BOXES, TVIXD AXD STRING IXSIRUMEXTS, CARHABT &* NEEDHAM’S PARLOR ORGANS, Forming the finest Mndral assortment In the city, from which to select CbAatmaa Presents. j. BAtnm & co., UNDER THE OPERA HOXJSE. ■J.JAZELTON BROS. PI AM US, ■PHF DKST AND CHEAPEST, o .rantcd Hevoa Year#. ?S5 K* u « s v or wnd Clrcnlar. Pianos to —At. Old Pianos taken In exchange for nsw once. P* rs PIANO ROOMS, 104 Bandolph-U. TJRAND’S GONE AND DONE IT A) Bedaced Cartel de VUtte from three and fjar dollars to One Fifty Per Dozen. Work flnUtaed ]asl as well as at the advanced prices. Coloring la oil by a master of the art. J_J 5L HIGGINS. & CO. PIANO FORTES S EQUAL IK TOKE, EQUAL IK TOUCfL EQUAL XK POWER, EQUaL IS DURABILtTr. And tventy-flre per rent better In economy than any other Plano Forte notr made. THE H. M. HIGGINS & CO. PIANO Is perfect In erwy re-'pect, and wa*rant~t tor are years. E-tUfa-tlon guaranteed, or no sale. Please call and examine for yourselves, at the nAMnOTU SALESBOOnS, 117 Bandolpb-st., (tinder Col. Wood’s SJnsenm.) ecries of HIOGIKS* MUSICAL REVIEW will be sent free to any address, on application. Price ■JS cents per year. The last Ko. contains six beautiful pieces of Music. ffatenta, PROMETHEAN FIRE. The most X wonderiul Invention of the day. A Fortune Becnred by Purchasing' City or County Sights* Call ami aw It, at the Richmond Bosae. w.m. e. duo try. GfD. Agxmi. TIREAI) MIXING AND KNEADING U MACHINE*—for Families Hotel*. Re.taaranl: and Bakers, the noil valuable Invention of the ace. By ttc tame action the Bread 1* mixed and kneaded thoroughly and qu'ckly. without the hanua touching the flour. Ihey Insure crest saving of labor, perfect cleanliness certainty cfgood bread, and arj cheap. Exrlutlve Mate. County and Town RUhla for fair, af fording a rare cnance for great piles with email capi tal. Agents wanted everywhere, and most liberal to docemenujrtven them. Apply personally or br letter to c. W. FORBCSU. Agent, 4tt Congreu-st, Boston, Maas- Send Ibr circular. nro DEALERS IN LADIES’COLLARS X —The nncenlgned would respectfully aauouacs that the General Agency lor G»xt> Patent Molmd Coin.ns tor Ladlta' wear, hu this day been placed lo Uelr hand*, and ifccy will be happy to furnlah dealers. Tcrtr»on application. 'I hcae co‘lai> are manufactured by the Americas Molded Collar Company, under H.-eus* of the Union Paper Co.Ur Company. LELAND, .TOUXaON’ ft CO- S»1 Dcvotahlrc-st. Bosun. QAHD’S PATENT brigs macsnsiE. Otflce and manutactcry 33 Jefforsoc-rt. Fo» UuormaUon and descriptive circular adders# E. K. GARD. 33 South Jcffenm-fL, Chicago. faints anh ©Us. g FECIAL NOTICE. PAINTS, OILS, (MS. The subscribers announce to their friends and the public, that they hare taken the store at No. 127 South Water-st., Where they offer an excellent auortmeai of Goods la their Unc, at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. HOOKERS & CO, Urroscnr ©il 33uracr. NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT I LIGHT! The lost b?d Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burnet. Glau Clilmnoyi 'ilspensed with. A RteJdv, brillian: Hunt* equal to gas, (o born ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO AVTLASP. “To Beo is to bo Convinced." tar* state and County Rights lor tale by General Notices. -JOUSTS EL B. CAPS. A sample ol a perfect sabtiltale for tbs abort cap* will be scat on application so tbe snascrfber. who np> piles, at the lowest wholesale rain, all articles con nected with Gnna, Fnto:s, Gansmlibs* Materials, Am monition. Ac. CH MILES FOLSOM. 3« Maiden Lane, sew York City. ißmsdjaum s}ipes. qentjine fifSeerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders 01 oar o« n Importation, at eery ]nwr prices. BACK & WIRTU. 93 Sontb Water at. dFot Sale. pACKING B O -Ttr ~fs g Made to order from npenor material, at low orlcee • a!«o,TcfcaccoPos*s.Ec. Tea Caddies made la drat ctaa* style, at No. 112 Ohlo-»t. DAVID OOQDWILUE £ CO. frALK. ICE TOOLS. By ALBERT H. ROVEY, 194 Lake-el. JpOR SALE, OK COMMISSION, Fite Connecticut Seed Tobacco, Wrappm aa l “Vcs, CrcplSW. Also. a fine stock of Tobacco. Cliara, Plpca, £C-,lortaleby PARKER. MARSH £ eo„ 6 Dear born-el-. Cbicaro, SSusincss Notices. JTOUBTH NATIONAL BANK, VttiLAUV. inWUMK. Notice !e hereby gtren.that the Atnoal Stecdnc ol Stockholdna ot the Fourth National Bank, fCr the election of Dlr»tlcts will be held al the oQcsofthc B*nt on Tueaoay. jaasary Bib I*7. between the hour* cf Saadi p. u. 8. A. BRIGGS, Cwhier JEWELRY. Jenoto ifi. ! t ' I —^ Patented 31 ay 129. IMitt. This 1« »n snide for washing without mhMnf, ex cept it very dirty places, which wju require a very 'light mb. and. unlike other prepir>tlona offered Mr itupaipoee.whxwot sot Tire cloths*. bat win leave item mtuh *h ter than ordinary methods, wUIx bnt the smal wear and tear. It remote* grease spots as If by magic, and soften* the dirt by ''.eking. w that riming will. in ordinary case*, entirely nn.cve It. 1 Ida powder l» prepared In accordance with chemical setrrer. ard epoo a process peculiar to tt*elt, which la second by letters patent It laa been In nae tor more than a year, and has proved Itaclf a nrlvtraal taronie whoever It fcsr hetn n*cd. Among the advantages claimed are the following, vlx.: It save* all the ezpense of aoip usually tued on eoC> tor and Itrm gocoe. I: eaves most ol the labor of Tabbing, and wear «mi tear. Alio, for cleaning windows It U mtsnrpaascd. W|tk rre-nuartrr the time and labor u'ually reqnlred, It Itnram a bermlftu eln»s and lu»ire. ranch aapertsr to any other mode. No water reqalxxd,exeept to moisten tbe powder. Duecttona with each package. At cl can be readily appreciated by a single trial. Tbs cruet washing f'r a elects btrlly cf Are or six per* ions will not exceed nut cxlxtb. TbemtnVitaemrers of this powder are aware that many ntelcre ecu pound* hare been Introduced to tta FmMte which have ratted the cloth, or failed tnremor rc the dirt: bnt.lnow|ng the Intrinsic ezcetiCßee of ahla arOde. they coubdeaUy pre claim It u beingadaat to meet a demand w Men has Jcng earned, and which ha* nrr^htforeremained unacpptled. Mann&etcrrcby IXvwr JBi «SC> V jcxs^vw.’V' ItBOADWAT. BUSTOS. ot Fanlly Dye Coloa. everywhere. AUA.Mam*-.. ---• For ealc by Grocers and irr*. Consignments. HOGS. Dressed Hogs. Wa again offer oar semee* to partis ihtpplnx l>U£SbLl> noca to this market. For reference wp re fer to I hoar Mho hare consigned to ns airing the pur fire setroi t. Stencil Plate* tad Weight Lists fart Is bed £m off charge. BATES, STONE <t CO^ isi south wateb-bt. QN CONSIGNMENT. 135 Bags choice Navy and Medium Bean for sale In lota to suit. a’ko. £0 brla choice Wlntw Apples. Inquire of LIKaLET. BLACK MAK A CO. A PPLES! APPLES! 1,000 BABBXILS WINTER APPLES For sole. In quantities to nit purchasers, by BATES, STONC &, CO, FOB PROMPT RETURNS,"BESI3 jj tour DRESSED HOGS To DAVID BUEL ft CO., 141 La>aUfi-cU, Chicago. jQRESSED HOGS .Usual Facilities fo Shippers. CorrmliManicn car-load lota. percent. A. >l. WRIGHT ft CO. 13S and l-IO Klux c-»U t—raerct Laaalte. (Earns. JJOUNTY. SIOO 33 O U N T YI NOW BEING PAID. Brtrg cr send In your Discharges and have your Bouity collected promptly. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, - 138 Dearborn it-Boom 3. P'IRST CUAiiS _ Eating House. The best Eating House In tho city, full pvtlealcs given at 133 Ixarhora-vt- Boom ii. Q.H.BERT UPDIKE & CO.. General Commission Merchants FOB SALS ASD PURCHASE OF FLOUR, GBAIN AND PROVISIONS. Ekptdal attention given to sale of DRESSED BOOS tn their season. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE. IC3 Washlngton-sL, Chicago. JJICE BROTHERS, 200 «t 27X East Wat«r«stn WILWAPEKK. CHAS. H. RICE & CO., 911 & 213 South Water-st, CHICAGO. Produce Commission Merchant*. Dealers la Ft our and Grain. Special attention given to the sale of Dressed Doga. Stmcila lor marking and market report* for nUbed tree. iauhhet (Soohs. JJUBBER CLOTHING CO. WAREHOUSES JEW YORK, CHICAGO AM SAY FmCISCO. F. 3f. & W. A. SHEPARD, Agfa. S 3 LAKE.ST.. CHICAGO. We have on hand a full Use of RUBBER GOODS, Comprising Clothing, Piano Covers, Boots and Shoes, Balls, Toys, Combs, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Biek Jewelry and Fancy Bobber Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Price* aame u It Kcw fork. dfut <SOOIIB. ■EMNE SIIJfK FOBS. We are showing a splendid assortment of the shore. Bnavstfiett, Perrier, SbermaaHoMe. r Anns 1 DEESS FTJjRS. DOS'! BUT till yon hare seen onr sack and price*. BEEWSTER, Farrier, nbertnan Boaae. Cite Xoi'iCES A N ORDINANCE granting penmsaon _£\ to iinsa ft Scott to lay down Msooperats a rail road tract. JkUorttotnid bjjiXt Common Cbtiaca rfUu dig if 0m& 1. That permlatlon is hereby panted ta Mnnsd: Scott to lay cown and operate ami read track orer and across Maxwell street, at lt» JoncUon wlCx irfxLre street: thence sooth on Dodzestrret to Us Inter*- sertictt with Mltccell street; thence orcr and terosa Mitchell street to tbe north Use of tbo grounds of tbe PUt* bercb. Fort Wayne Sr Chicago BaL road Comtuar, lortbopnnM'seof esabUrKsaid tfnnnftScott to roars a mere penret and easy connection hetwemi tbetr «te rator. strnate sootb of Twelfth street, and tbe Chlca*® &. ?. or tt western and tb» Chicago, Bnrilanton A Qntaew Baftroacs: Prc.tid-a. bowevir, said Mxna * Scott shall enter tsto Bead with sab} city. In tbe smn ol tm thousand collars, belore laylsg tala track, to be ag crored by tbe Mayor, tn bold ana aare tbe dtp kars -Icm (rent an damages, cosM sad expenses whatever. ta ccr seqoeuce of tbe passage of thla ordinance or tbe laying and operating eald track: Andprmlded /briber, tbe nrlTilegs hereby mated shall ho sublet to- all or dinances tow In loire concerning ml roads, or waicb may be hereafter passed s And proMJerf. trfro, TOsof dinance stall at all times he aohject to ryoScattoa, agenda:eat or repeaL and In case of reoea', all tbe privileges hereby mated shall cease and deteraxlce: ArdprocidtiiSurVur. ThatsaU treat or pcrnuMlae u hereby expressly limited to s period not exceeding nine years ftt m tbe passage of th e ctdtnsocj. aod nn lest otherwise ordered ty the Courcit, lae said Mr.nn A BccU, their representatives or sfclxn*, than taka op sod rtxscTe the time, at tbo and of said period, or on tbe repeal of this ordinance, or cn ttclr Cclrnlt tbe efte c»t orter tbe same tittu no at tbe expense otnatd Mcnn ft tfooir, then r-rre-entaiiTC* or aa-l^na. Fassed December • AMrtt: A, H Conihui, CUT Clo»».