Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 12, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 12, 1866 Page 4
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CONOBESSIOHAt PBOCEKDINOS. WABmaarox, December 1L 9RNATK. Mr. WADK reported lavorably on IhebOlfor the admission ot Colorado. Mr, FESnENDEN said the Committee on Pi. SJS®*.*'*? histrncted to report the raiht Bill the B DftCem^fr> were unable to consider IV at present. Extra conies of the bill were ordered printed. Tho Suffrage BUI cams up. Mr. ANTHONY, In a seriocomic apcech. advocated the enfranchise ment of females aa wcJ as negroes «t. WlkbOK presented a petition from army ofacer* ask lug an Jncreaae of pay. Mr. AUTIioSY offered a muJntlon, which was adopted, teqnesUnglhe Committee on the Judi ciary to Inquire whether any farther legislation was necessary In regard to the succcalon to the l*re*ldency, Id case of the disabiUty. by or ofaerwiM*, of those now deslgcated for lr. Tbe Lilt to regulate anflimge In the District of Colombia was then taken dp, the question being on the amendment of Mr. Cowan to strike out the word “male.” HOUSE. Ur. KELLEY presented a memorial tod resolu tions of the Central Executive Com mittee of the Republican party of Louisiana, which waa referred to the Commit tee on Recoctirnction. Tkc memorial prays tor tho Impeachment of tbe President, tbeabolttion of the present State Government, and the erection of a Territorial Government In Louisiana. Tbe credentials of Alexander Hamilton Jones, Representative elect from tbe Seventh CougfM sloral Dittrlct of North Carolina, were presented ard referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. INGERSOLL Introduced a bill to regulate the sale ot coin and bullion by tbe Secretary o.* the Treasury, and moved that It be referred to fa ; Committee oPWays and Means. Mr. WASHBUKNE objected to tbe leceptlon or reference of tbe bill at this time, and the Speaker declared that, objection being made, the rctorcnce conld not Reordered. Mr. TMU-ON, from tbe Judiciary Committee, rrported a bill and recommended In oassage. to regulate the duties of Clerk of the House of Rep resentative! in preparing for the organization of tbe House and fur other purposes. Tbe bill pro vides in the first auction fast before the meeting of tbe next Congress, and of eacb succeeding con f:»e*». tbe Clerk of tbe next preceding Dense of h'prcsi-statlves vball make out a roll of the R<*p. rescctativra elected, aud place thereon tbe names ot all persons claiming amts as Representatives from tbe Scales represented in the next preceding Congress, and whore credentials shall show they • haw been duly elected. The second section provide* tbit in case of va cancy In the office ot fa* Cleric of the House, or In case tbe officer should be for any reason unable to perform his duties, those doties shall devolve noon the bergeant-at-ARna. and in case of uls In ability to perform them, they shall devo'venpon the Doorkeeper of the next preceding Boose of Represents lives. Tne third section provides that any of the offi cers aentiored in this bill, violating.auyof Itv provision?, shall be deemed gulllv .of misde meanor in office, and upon conviction shall b* f mobbed by imprisonment and hard labor, not ess than one year cor mote thau five years, in the discretion of the court. Mr- WILbON demanded <he previous question which was seconded. The bill was then passed, yeas IS3, rays 21. ilr, WlLSOM.lrom tbeCotnmlltee on the Judici ary,rePorted and recommended the passage ofa bill to prevent the teoepuon of Illegal electoral rotes tn tte election of President and v ie c president or the United Sta’ea, as follows* VCrrcrraK. The rebellion which waevraredbja portion of the iwwds rf ih* Urjxd states against the ptowriy constituted aathoi tiles uf the Govern sr.n)i thereof. In the most violent and revolting foim. but whose organized and armed lorccs have cow been overcome, did In Its revolutionary pro gress deprive the people ol the several por clous of the United Slates, heretofore represented In Congress, as the States of Virginia, North Car olina. bouth Carolina. LonPtaca, Georgia. Flor ida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas, of all civil government, and so disturbed their political relations with the Union a* to deprive them ol the right tn an per in the Congress of the United b’atcs In the persons of Senators and Kcpn-scntaiives; and as they can be restored to their political relation* to the Talon only by the consent of the lav-nuking power 01 the United States ; and Wueueas, It would be improper lor cotmnian tc«s thus deprived of civil government, and whose poh'.kal relation* to the Government of the T(died Mate? are so disturbed, to participate tn tin- election 01 President and Vice President of the United bialc?; therefore. Bf I' fnac'rd by Ok Stnatt and Smite o/Jtspre t'lita Ires it, Congrea atteir.hUl, That noul the law-giving power of the United states shall have di'dnied the several portions nr the United States toretofo.e rep:escnlcd In Congress,as tbe States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Uncial* anr.Ccorgla, Florida. Atabiaa.MU«is«!ppi,Atkan* Kit ap«l Tens, restored to (beir political relations to iLc Union, they shall not bo be deemed entitled to r> procD'aticn ta the Electoral College for the choice of Urcsidcnlof the United States, and no electoral vote shall be received or coanted from them csceptta each may so declared restored to political fallow In the Union, and cniUU-d *o representation in Congress- Mr. WUjSoS explained tbe provisions of the hUI. Tbe committee had followed the precedent cstabllabrd bv the Thlity-elghth Congress. In Us , joint resolution It declared tbe States, named hav- i in« rebelled against the United States, were ii such a cnudttioo on the ?th of Novembar, ISri, { that no valid election for President and Vice Pr;s- \ idem was held therein, and therefore that they were r.o» entitled to representation in the Else* i toral College; bet the operation ot thatresolnt'on wa* confined to tbe election of ig6l, and Ibe par* { pose of the present bill was to make a similar | law to apply to ail future elections, until the ; Elates shall have been restored to their political I relations in the Union. Mr, HNClv—Bol at the time that resolution | was adopted, were we not In tha midst of war, end ate we not cow in Ibe midst of peace? Mr. WILSON--We 'rere at that time in the midst ol war. and we think the enactor that wa* npon those commnuUies exist even to-day. We hold tbit tbe rebellion deprived thoje comma lies of all civil government, and being deprived ©fall civil government, they cannot be permitted to participate lu elections for President and Vice Prccideit until tier shall have been provided with a civil coverniotmtby Congress and declared re* stored to tbeir political relations in tbe Union. Mr. HALE, of N. Y„ mud that wlthont express ing an opinion on the manta of the bill, he did Uaoe that action npon It would not be forced with out glsinp the members an opportunity to ex amine and discos* It. The question was certainly a grave one, as grave as any that had yet occupied the attention oiihw Con cress, and be was not by any means satisfied that tbe case was ao clear npon precedent as It would teem from the argument of the from lowa. 11 did not ncccssarilv follow tha< what was done by Concrete when the rebellion was actually raging, would be a proper precedent for tbe action of Congress now. Mr. WILSON said he had no desire to press ac tion upon tbe hill, and npon his motion it was postponed, and made the special order for Thurs day next, when discussion will b; allowed. Mr. LAWUENcE reported a bill 10 repeal cer tain parts of tbe act approved April SJCh, 17M, for the punirbment o' certain dimes against the United Stab's. Tbe act of 1790, be said, provided that no person should be prosecuted, tried orpua ished for treason or other capital otlbcces against the United states, uni-as an Indictment for the ofience should be found by a Grand Jury within three years after U Is alleged jo have bron committed, and tbe purpose of :bc bill now reported, was to repeal last pro vision, which. If U was permuted to continue In Jorcc, would soon be equivalent to a general par don and amnesty tor all treasonable acta commit ted during tbe rebellion. The onlj questions that could ctDc upon tbe passage of inU bill were, first, as to its expediency; and, *econd. as to the right of Congress to pass such aU ’. The House bad alreadv determined U was not expedient to declare general pardons and amnesty by repealing smne-tj act oo the first day of the present res f ion. and be had no Uouht of the power and right of Con-, tess io repeat those portions of the act of JTA', which, if col repealed, would soon no equiv alent tn such declaration. - Mr. I s i EVENS, of Pern . obtained the floor, amt said: Mr. Sneaker, 1 approach wahgrealdls tri>t all bills of this Und, wmch are evidently brought lorwsrd forthe purpose of arcertumng how we ran convict men whom we cannot convict under the laws existing when their crimes were commitu-d. 1 do not believe that It be cotni's this ration. J do nol lie lir<e it {■ safr tor ns to undertake to per* lane br «rlth wc can, or may be able to. punbt, "however guilty, that could not be punished under the laws existing when lac crimes wer, commuted. Could we dom change oarCon eiiimioiueo ae to change the place of trial of trail on* to say that the venue might be changed, and tbat they should b.* tried by jurors enmmored from another bailiwick! The Con stitution and our laws provide very carelullr that especially io the cose of treason, the party charged with crime must be tried where ibe nvcit act was committed, la a district pre viously ascertaint.d. Any law. which nrofe?*ea to change that, to any respect, looks -to me so much like an attempt to commit Judicial murder that I bare always been afraid to attempt. It. I am afi aid that the traitors lathe Son’h,iftnel under our existing Constitution and laws will not. out- of them be ccmicted. I should never at tempt to try them for treason. I wonl-1 try them as belligerent* under the laws of nations and laws ol war. Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio—Wo have no reason to expect of the Administration any such trial. Mr. bTEVENS—I am station what 1 would do if] were the Adminl tration. Jl.saghter.l Nos although I wonld not discourage trial- for treason. 1 menuor this (o show that 1 am convinced that none of tiu-se traitors can ever be convicted of ttcason under our present ConafttaUan ami laws, and yet 1 would rather let every man of them go unpum-Lcd forever than to make a law row l.v which they could be punished. 1 thnk our (loverr ment would be endangered lu its fu ture existence,, tn its character before the world, be conduct of that kind, more than it would be by endunnr the evil After inrlhcr debate, and without taking the qnoiior. adjourned. MEXICO. Arm at ot Krtml J*termaa and Minister tamtiWU u Vera Cmr-WhM SluiniUta PlOP'ff*. Mew York, December 11.— A * penal telegram from Vera Gnir, dated Deccm>>er 4th, etc Mobile jpu,, cot tains new* of importance. The vasqnebanna, with Sherman and Campbell ahoatd. trrJred on Thoredsy. Mo one cam: s»bore, however, ted the conrtevies offlhe French commander wore declined. On Monday night, the 2d trutrnt, the vend * ailed for Braaos. where It anivrd Friday last. General Sbennss and Min- V«t # r Casotbdl were to leave for Monterey etc Matamcre., cco’etaporaneooily with the arrival oi the Swqr.ebanna at Vera Crmt. A proclamation wa* lined declaring that Max iml'ian wool'' not leave the country, bnt would rtsntne the rein* of Government, Meantime, the Emperor'* baggage la being shipped lor Austria. Tte French troop* are conceniraUnj-preparatory Sheridan arrived at Brownsville on the tin. r.r.d plsced General Sedgwick under arrest, sedalfo ordered the rrleare or Ortega. Eicobeco ordered Canatea to Monterey to take a command in the force operating against Baa Lair scdoidered Cortina* to report alChlbna l r a coder arrest for depredations committed. New Oklxasß, December 11.—The stesmahm SL Mars art'ec to-day from the Bio Grande with Browrsnne data to the fth, IneJaMvin General Sheridan rctsrned from the Bio Grande instead of being arrested. Je to he oat in command of troops coder Escobedo, and 1* to leave for tbe Interior. Coronas is to command In Etcotmdo and General Sheridan bad an icle-vie* in Brownsville, and afterwards received * vlrtt Ucm a ataffoffleer of the U'tcr. Nesrlv Cfty penitentiary convict* started over land from Brownsville ot the 6ih, In charge of the Bberli for the penitentiary In East Texas, with an escort of Ixiicd State* boope. An election was talked of in Matamonu. and bu«lce«s was somewhat reviving. Some of the goods tad Veen brought back troo Brownsville, and tiorv* b l>een opened, box there were feare of a forced loin. ... , , . . , . Bothpajn te In Brownsville defend and praise the conr*<- of General Sedgwick. The Lilxrrd. of the IS h of -November, says *“* French bid evvenated San Lnl* Potojl. bat Mejia remained with a thousand men. The Liberal* were within ten leagnos of that place. FRQK CHAMPAIGS, ILL. Annaal Meeting #f the Illinois SlateHartl' csUarnl ewctcti—Proceedings ot the First Day. CnawruGX, DL, December ll.—The regular an col winter meeting of the Illinois State Hortlcn tural Society convened in Barrett’s Hall, at to o'clock shla forenoon, Parke' Earle. Esq.. In th chair. Prayw was ottered bv Her. Mr. Adam*, the Methodist Episcopal Church, after which a excellent and appropriate inaugural address wa delivered by the Chairman. An address of wclrume was next delivered by one of the Mce Provident*, alter which the Treas urer's report wa# read and approved. The eon dllion of the treasury was shown la be la a lather Usgnishtag condition. EjThe Vice Protldenle’repwta being next In orde Mt_ral very graphic ani encouraging tepor were read, showing the rapid pro-tea* of hort culture in the Stale. Mr. V. K. Deyo, from the Thirteenth Con-res rtouai DUtrici, the fnut region of" Egypt,*' made a very elowlnc report. Is which he stated that the sna&erof fruit tree. Of various specie*, from Central la to CaJto.on the line of the Illinois Central H*llroad,w»s net less than of which •bC.ft'O weie planted between Carbondale and Aura, tnd two bun at ed end fifty thousand mane rices were plahlfd. At Makanda, tje ahipmeau of fnut la 13t5 were a»cptlCs,OOy boxes ot peaches; strawberries skipped fromMakaads, rtrbondale and Cobden, daring 1300, IC9O bushels. Several gentlemen made reports equally grati fying and encouraging. Not more than half the Vice Presidents hire yet arrived, Put they are expected lUia evening. Amongst tho- e present are Secretaries Plage and Pierson, and Vice Presidents M. 9. Dnolap, O. W. Minler, J. B. Turner. O. B. Gaiusha, O. B. Baker. Douglass, Pirlam. Wbttuey, Bryant, Hull, Hr. Warder, of Cincinnati, and many citizens or Champaign, with a largo sprinkling of ladles. The revision of ft alt lula will progress this afternoon, and several esaaya on special subject*. A tcct me on *' Entomology,'* by Professor B. D. Watah, will be delivered fat. evening. The meeting will continue in session until next Friday with a greatly enlarged attendance. Tie citizens of Champaign have opened thdr houses, and are gra ultoualy enlertalning the member* and rtartort. FBOM NASHVILLE. Message from Govener Bnwßlswialtela- UoßlolheMtte echos! Fond. KaanTiixx, December 10.—The following mei* sage of Governor Browutow was read here to* day: Stats ot Tsswcssn, I Exxcmrx DxrAimiofT, December 10. f Gentlemen of tbe Senate and House of Represen tatives : Tbe Governor. Secretary of State and Comp troller. by yonr direction, nave held for safo keep ing six hundred and eighteen thousand two bun dled and fifty dollars, in United States bonds, known a* our school funds, and treated at a sacred fund by yon. I call yonr legislation there to. Last week. for the first lime fa my life, 1 learned that tbe Treaanrer of the State bad loaned this Bind to one of the Memphis banks, without consultation with any of tbe Stale officials at the State capital, and even with out their knowledge. Tho Treaanrer demanded tbe fund from tbe Comptroller, who held II for .safe keeping in a good and sufficient sate, is a fire-pioof bnflding. claiming it under a law you eoaefadatthe last session, requiring the Treas urer to take charge of Ibis Identical fund. Yonr law is cluer exceedingly lame, or its provision* looking to the eaxo keeping of this sacred fund have not been compiled with, and therefore I invite your earliest ard vigilant attention to this subject. 1 lulendno reflection on the bank, as all banks have a right to borrow and lend money on their legitimate operations: bat 1 protest against tbe secrecy maintained by tbe Treaanrer, who. It seems, loaned the fond so long ago as the ofa of June, JSC6. During the lest fortv-eigbi boars 1 have con versed folly with the Treasurer, and his reason tor the transfer Is, that tne fund was not secure where it waa. There were three National Banks in tbe dly with which it coaid have been divided out, but u it for yon, gentlemen, who famed this money over to the Treasurer, to took after it* safetv. lam atone prompted by a high sense ol dnty'in bringing this subject before you to-day. Respectfully, ftc^ W. G. Bsowxtow. FROM ST. LOUIS. Proclamation et Governor Fletcher—A Call for Velnaicer Militia to Pnmerre tbo Peace —Railroad Ka*e Approved—Troops at Fort Ordered to Texas. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! St. Loctb, Decern berff. Governor Fletcher has issued the following proclamation: ruocLUUTioit. Jxmiuov Crrr, December 10. A portion of the Stale of Missouri la Infested wph m/rderer* and rolibera who Orff the civil authority, and hare the sympathy and aid of each a number of the people of the counties in which they bare their bamit, and have eo obtained the ►ymrathy of the local authorities, that peaceable and law-abiding citizens are not secure In their persons and property: Thnrfort, I. Thomas C. Fletcher, Governor of lh< State of Mi-sonrl, do cal] opoo the people of the Ernie to voluoiccr by companies as enrolled la :hc militia, the number of twenty-four companies of cavalry, and ten comoanlesl'if lofkntry, to oe oipaLlrxn, acd to proceed under my orders, as me cMef executive officer of State, charged with Ihe conservation oi the peace, aod with the chief command of the militia of the State, to preserve :hc i* ico, protect me citizens of the Slate in their iwrsonr and property, ana to execute Teal pro cesses In all violations of the law, and Inlog .Lem to trial. The awaid of the sale of the Iron Mountain and Cairo ii Fnltou Ksdroadf, to Messrs. A. J. Mactc ay & Co., has been approved by the Governor, lot-approval was filed In the office of the Secre tary of State on Saturday last. U la reported that the troops at Fort Leaven worth have ooen ordered to Texas immediately. St. Locis, December 11.— A Urge and enthusi astic mectlnr of thi Stephens' wing, was held last night. Eloquent and patriotic speeches were made by several popular orators, and considera ble number of men joined the Brotherhood. FBOM ISDIAJiAPOLIS, Sates of Lands for Toxeo—Convocation of the Episcopal Chorrb—John 0- Gough— Shocking Accident—Shot bra Girl, At. (epedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Isptaxapoua, December 11. Ihe sale of lauds for default of payment of the interest accruing on mortgages given to secure moneys borrowed from the sinking fond, took place tide afternoon at the Court Douse In this city. The number of tracts silver Used to be sold was very targe, and embraced lands in a large ma jority of the counties of the State; but daring Ihe p&et few days the arrearages have. In many In stances, been paid np, and the lands accordingly withdrawn from Ibe list to be sold. The office of the fond was besieged during all the forenoon of to-day with the deJlnqnenls paying op old scorea and patting their lands; straight on the record. BUU qolle a camber of tracts were not redeemed and were, therefore, cold at auction this afternoon, in pursuance of law. There were a large numoer ol personutn attendance, and the land speculators were as busy as bees. The lands that sold may be redeemed within the next sixty days npon re-payment o! the amounts severally bid tor each tract, with five per cent penalty thereon. The Central Convocation of Ibe Episcopal Chmch of the diocese of Indiana will meet la Christ Church, In this city, to-morrow, and con linoe in session daring Thursday. The opening service will be morning prater, followed by a ser mon and the celebration of the IToly Communion. A public mission meeting will beheld on Wednes day evening. John B. Gough lectures for the library Associa tion to-morrow and Thursday evenings, and for the Vonng Men’s Christian Association on Friday tveninc the Judges of the Supreme Court meet at the Chambers to-morrow. A shocking accident occurred in Tbomiown on Saturday. Some children went to the new Hearing mill of McKenzie & Co. to play, and, unobserved by the proprietors, ascended to the third story. One of theta, a little girl of ten years of age, daughter of Hr. Slower, approached too near the mam shall, which caught her clothes, throwing her with terrible lorcc against a post, killing her almost instantly. Eer companions gate the alarm. The null vr»» stopped as soon as posaibl*, bat "hen Mr. Jarrell reached the puce where the anfortnoatc child lay, be found the body mangled in a tricbitnl manner. The arms, legs and neck were broken, and the clothes all tom ott Mo blame whatever Is attached to the proprietors of Yesu iday, at about one o'clock, Mr. C.R. Fair r brother, piopuetor of tho Torre Haute House, was •hot hr a dining-room phi, named Eliza O iirien. i The cirl bad been discharged that morning for som** improper connac*, and bad retained after 1 hcrcloibing. Mr.FalrhrotherxnctbericthehalL t ct the north door of the dining-room, when some f words passed, erd she turned, and drawing a • pistol from her muff, placed the muzzle almost neatest his Ivodv ma fired. As the drew the pUiol, , be attempted id grasp her, hat was too late. The • ball, a email one, entered ibr abd imen just inside r the upper part of Ihe hip. and indicted a painful r and wound. The girl was immcdUU-ly l arrested and taken before the Mayor, where, in default ol SI,OOO ball, she was sent to Jail to await • ibcacl-on of the Circuit Coart- Mo abatement In the cold. FROM LUUISTILLE. illovanrotsof Troops ■ Schools lop Colored Children—General Thomas (e Receive a .liedal from the Tennessee Legislature— . Teacher Saed for Ansanlinnd Bat tery—'The Packing Business. IgpecUl Despatch to Ibe Chicago Tribune. Locisrnxs. Decumber 11. General Davis sends, tomorrow, to Franklin, Company F. Second Infantry, to reUnro Colonel Leib’e Company, Fifth United States Caralry. A company comes from JeCcrsonrUlo to supply the place ot Company F. . . . , Arrangements are being made to start four new schools for colored children la dcierent parts ot the State. The poJutf at which the schools will be established arc Covington,l.cxlcgt on, Dannlle and Paducah. The rent of the booses ta paid by the Freedmen s Bureau. The teachers are employed ana paid by vhe American Missionary Association. There arc •rrea hundred colored children attending Me schools atLexincton. The school wlllbestarted in ibis city early In January. Ucceial ThomasandsUO will go to NashrfllMo recejrcUle medal. In obedience to the reqoesl of .he Tennessee Legislature. General Jeff. C. Dans andataff will be present at the presentation ceremonies. . . Ito Board of Health of this city cecsca to exist to-nlch'. Miss Virginia Penny, a teacher In the .Third Ward Scnool, who was indicted for assault and battery on a pupil, was tried and nned one cent and coats. Application was made fora new Utah Hoch interest is felt by teachers generally, and all are anxious to know whether this case will establish a precedent. Hirer ten teet two inches, and falling. The Looi*riUo passed np with I,<KO bares of cotton. Weather moderating; thermometer SS. I Tne roslter of special Congressional elections in Kentucky, tn case ottbe passage ot the la™ tor •be Fortielh Congress to meet on the itb of Varch, is being agitated, ai.d the people are talk tendency. Pitces same. Packers think the pro* pent acvacce Is only temporary, and hog« Jriil decline to a lower grade than has been held thl* «a*cu. The range of tne market Is 6®6he. Packets killed to-day, 4.090 head; in pens, 5,0j0 head. Total killed, Sfi,lW head. , _ Uor product firm; hams 10c from block; mess December 10,—An imposter who obtained introduction* here as Generall U»by. of Vlmma, was exposed to-day by an old acquaint anew of the General's. lie tad r.tlted teycralot ourmerchanli nnder pretence of purchasing cot ion The exposition was early enough to prerent any fraudulent transactions 6ii potk packets hate determined to kill no sore hogs on Sunday. FBOM SPRINGFIELD, Another Gift Concert Swtndter Aboeonded. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbnne-l SrcoronXLS. Docetnbei 11. One G. £. Kimball, a gift concert swindler, ab .-tended from this aty yesterday, taking with him ♦everal thonsand dollar*, the proceeds cf a gift concert given here last Saturday evening. Several valuable prizes were drawn, bat none of them ever wdl be paid. Tbe concern was cased the •* Capital Gift Enterprise." Kimball will probably be brought to Justice tor hie operation*. The af fair ha* created gsite a sensation. Kimball Ufrom Chicago, where tie Is well known among a certain class. FBOM MADISON. Ice Damage to a Railroad Bridge Repaired —Continuance of the Cold Term—Assess ment* for Pa vino Best sled-Flre. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tritmne.] Winmcg, December U. The damage by Ice to the bridge over the Wt»- at Lone Bock, is repaired, and trains arc running regularly again. The tbeimometor this morrlng Indicated Are degree* below aero, and at noon, only alx above. It i* stated that two-thirds of the property holder* taxed tor laying the M»chol«on pavement in front of their lot* last summer will retosc to mwd toeeolleuton of some BU.OW) oat of tiLOOO. wDI be resisted. . . # A barn and part of U* content*, in the town of Windsor, belonging to p. C. Aldrich, w *®} ia no last slghi. Insured very beavtly, tot aomt fJIW, which will more than cover the loss. FROM DES MOINES. P.lUlc-Cold Wc.ib.r-8«11r..d matter*, Are. t S pecial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 DrsMotxzs, lowa, December 11. Gmeral Williamson will come oat In to-day 'a ap.w In ttvorolTertllortel Go.«nm»« tor l£. Sooth. A. be U . proclocnt ror Sic celt Governor ol IO««. hi. toktoc toll erocoS 1. ■ r-ellj .or. Hf-o of vrUt He conceive, to tic* the eccuiDcnl of Ibe lorn St leading papers of tho Slate are all callingforquiw a* reoleal tneaaurea. . . .__ c .,_. The weather is wintry. It changed Sater > day ereauig, and since that Uxae haa been very cold, We have only a sprinkling of now, bow* ever* low* li alire os railroad milters, and each mo iioa tries to surpass all others in lu a al is the cause. Joit at present the people of Moont Pleasant are getting qnlte excited about a pro jected road bom lowa city to Keokuk, desiring, u possible, to have U come thronsb their town. l)r- Magnm, ITeeldcnt of lowa College, lec tured here last evening. The construction train on the Northwcalern Ralhoad nma within twenty miles of Coonol Bluffs. FBOM ST. PAUL. Accident from OarelssneeslDthf UisofQis Urmt-’A Fsilßßste Kscaoe. Br. Paul, December 11.—The weather last night wa» very cold, and the rivet U now frozen over to that people cross on the Ice. On Sunday night, while Mr. Kennedy, Gas Su perintendent, was the gas metre In the Merchant!' Hotel, tie pas at the eupply pipe caught lire from a candle which he hud In his hard, and eet fire to the sarrotuidinc woodwork, bcveral piece* of cloth were put Into the metre box to atop the Are, and a large qutnUty of water was pat in, but to no avail. Hr. Kennedy then pnt hia hand In the burning metre box. found the stopper ana screwed it on the pipe, extinguishing the flame. Bis hands were severely burned by this operation, but It save 1 the Merchant* 1 Hotel tiom serious damage by fire. FBOMABKAJiSAS. The Conatltmloaal Amendment to be Be* Jeeted—Hotel finned. Harms, Tenn_ December 10.—A special to the Aroian chr, from Little Nock, says: The Arkansas Senate Committee on Federal Re lations reported to-day fa favor of rejecting the Constitutional Amendment. The Vance Hole), m Hopeflcld, opposite here, was destroyed by fire 10-nlgbt. FRO* TEBBB HAUTE. Murder of a Hotel Keeper—The Murderess Arrested. Tranr Hactx, December 11.— About one o'clock tbla afternoon Mr. C. K. Falrbrotber. proprietor of tbe Terre Haute Douse, was shot, and Ills supposed mortally wounded, by a ser vant girl named Eliza O'Brien. She was dis charged tbla morning for aome Improper conduct, and bad retained for her clothing. Tbe pistol was concealed In her moffi. She was immediately arrested and placed lu custody. FROM PANAMA. Attempt to Establish a Monarchy—lnterrup tion to ami Factutirs* Nzw You, December U.—Late Panama cor respondence states that the aspect of affairs to Co lumbia la lugubrious. Moaqnera seems deter mined to bold bis office of Ptesldentlor life, and hu boldly idnoced the Idem or declaring the Gov ernment a monarchy. The blacks andlbe lower class of natives favor his proposition, and at a public meeting be was hailed with the title of Thomas I. A recent edict directs that all malls, including those only tn fronnfu across the Isthmus, are to be sent to local post offices for dle tiibutlon. Ihia will canoe a serious delay IQ the transmission of mails between Mew York jed California. THE CITY. Fiat oh Cahal STfiErr.—Tbo alarm of fire sounded about half-past seven o'clock last even ing was occasioned by the boiling over of some soap In the baaeivent ol Ho. 14 North Canal street, occupied by 0. Clark A Co., as a soap factory. A small fire was vlslole. but the lose was trifling. KrwLT*MAJutna> Couples who wish only to oc cupy ose room, boarding or otherwise, and others vrbo are obliged to occupy few ana small rooms, are recommended to pay a visit to Bebaaks A Johnson's establishment. No. ISA State street, and examine the carious combined chamber sett, Whitney’s Patent, now on exhibition there, it combines table, bureau, closet, toilet-stand, mliror, bedding and bedstead, all complete. To Ct-uv Aoexts.—ntrmon’a Manual of Boun ty and Pension Laws, containing all (he laws of too United Stairs os the subjects mentioned, is claimed to be the best work of the hind ever pub- llehcd. The author fa in officer 1b Ibe Second Au ditor's office, and would have accesa to reliable meat sof Information. It will be sent, post-paid, by return mall, on receipt of $2.50, the publisher's price, by A. Sidney Smith, Drawee Pure SttTiK TV abz.— Seekers after novelties will find a genuine novelty at Ibe extensiva Jew ellery establishment of W. M. 4 J, B. Kayo, northeast comer of Clark and Washington streets —a magnificent display of fine silver ware, the work of the Gorham Manufacturing Company, aid far exceeding in quality the heat silver plated ucice of Europe. The pattema will be found unique and rteAercht. For presentations these article* will bo all the rage. Ihe largo stock of presentation goods of all kinds—jewellery, dla munds, watcher, bronzes. Ac.—wilt well repay in spection. Fmx.—At twelve o'clock last night fire was dis covered in a small bam In the rear of bouse Nos. hf and Hi Jefferson street, and la a short time the building waa totally consumed, together with two other fine houses. The flames also spread to the two dwelJlcgs immediately in front. No. 82 and the double home Nos. 84 and 86, both two storiea high and of wood, and owned by Robert Armstrong. The fnrnUnre was mostly removed and at two o'clock the firemen bad greatly subdued the fire, though it was still burning. The bouses are proba bly partla It sued. No. fa waa occupied by Robert Bsvetor, who bad no Insurance on his furniture. No’. 84 was occupied by A. bhnhert, whose furniture was insured in tho Merchants’ Company for SSOO. Mrs. Bailey, a widow, kept hoarders in No. 06, and had no Insurance. Toe fire waa probably the work ol an incendiary. AniuftisnENXS, The West Side waa in a state of festivity last night. It waa the Inauguration ol the abating season, and a thousand hearts beat happily. The announcement that the ice was ready came before the skaters were quite ready, and an un wonted hurry and bustle of preparation marked the day. Tbo inviting words f ‘carnival,” "splen did ice," "grandopening,” stood oat in promi nent display in the advertising columns of the : morning papers, a pleasant intimation that the season of seasons had In very deed arrived. The weather moderated a little daring the day, which was a fortunate circumstance, as the keen hisst which ushered in the reign of winter would have Interfered considerably with Iho attendance at the Park. The West Side waa the great centre of at traction yesterday. The Washington Park has alivarr been one of the most popular winter resorts, and this T e *r It succeeded tn stealing a march upon Ita contemporaries ol the eoulb and North Divisions. To be the first on tho ice, to open the hall, was the one thing de elrab’c. and it was not a matter of surprise there fore that the West bide Itink and the Washington Skating Park u ere both crowded last evening with the most brilliant array that was ever reflected by the Ice. The Rink was thrown open for the first time lut eight. There was so Immense attendance. The street care were crowded sil tbe evening, ss they have not been for tweivc months past. And It Is unnecessary to add that every body enjoyed a gay and festive time. This couimodions building, a description of wfcich has already been published In UioTmßUTvx, Is one of the finest in the world, and will undoubt eJlv be extensively patronised daring the present season It has skating accommodationa for fire thousand persons. Is brilliantly lighted up with two hundred gas Jets. well heated, aud everything in perfect order tor the convenience acd comfort «>f the visitor*. A large cloak room I'provided. In which ladles and gentlemen can disencumber themselves of thaw outer garments, and an excel* leuircfteshment hall has been fitted up and plen* tlfnlly supplied with all tbe delicacies, coffee, tea, oy'ters. cakes and cigars. The Kink was open to spectators flee last even ing. A large number of con-skaicra assembled, v. bile the Ice was well covered by a Joyous merry crowd cf oldandvctmg, who seemed to have no other business in life than to akim and whirl like troops of swallows over the shining surface. Dean's Light Guard Band discoursed most excel* lent music to the merry crowd, and the festival was kept up till a late boor. All felt that It was rood for them to be there. The Washington Park opened under no less favorable auspices. Tbe ice was In splendid condition, the mnslc was good, and the attendance was large. What more could be desired? Ihe Inauguration ; carnival was a festival to be remembered. At eight o’clock the Great Western Light Guard tent forth a peal of music from the centre of the Park and toe sport began. There was an immense turnout or staters as well as spectators. Tbe bitter cold wind did not appear la the slight est degree to retard the enjoyment of tbe lint night's sport. Everything was in rood order and music and mirth resounded over the pond. Tn* Ctsrnat Pang.—This fkvonte resort will We opened for the season this evening. The Park Las been flooded ana a fine sheet of ice has formed. Additional accommodations have been provided lor the visitors this year and the mana* ger has left ooihlng undone to secure a continu ance of that patronage which has been so liberally bestowed on the. Central for the past eight sca«ocs. Tnr Wasun Arisen Runt has been complete ly refitted and famished since last season, and row presents every attraction to Ihe vhltor. A fine sheet of Ice baa been obtained, aud Ibis even ing the Rink will be thrown open for the season. tbc Codes PaHK, at the .North bide, will be opened on Wednesday evening. It has been flood ed. and the management are mattneevery effort I to ensure a successful season. The Park wm be [ opened with a brilliant display. Illuminated with calcium lights, and seasoned with music by the Great Western Band. , The opening of the skating season Interfered to a considerable extent with the attendance at the various pUces cf amusement m the city. The booto w as rather ehm both at the Museum and at McVlcktv’s, while the Opera Uouse showed a visi ble falling off. notwithstanding the atti action of *• lw«h.” The lower pm of the bouse was almost frill, but the upper dress circle and the galleries shoved an amy of empty s-av*. WteTinx.—**t«ah, tbe Forsaken, took the place of “East Lytne” l«t cren lnu«s being tbe first appearance of this cele brated diama in Chicago. Some disappointment was felt at httsi Western’s Impersonation of the Jewess, after seeing her truly great rendition of Lady Label. In the latter she was a< near fault less as careful rtndv and natural adaptation to the part could make her. In Leah she seemed to strain her mercies to the utmost, and yet tell short of the mark. She Is not quite eqnalto the part which has made the name ot Bateman famous Throughout the world. In tbe first, second and UlUq acts, she was tolerably successful, and some oasrageswere rendered with singular force and beauty. In the scene where Leah and her betrothed exchange vows of fidelity, and agree to for sake borne, kindred. aH. for each other, she uaa exceedingly touching, and completely en listed tbe sympathies of the audience. That speech In which she mges her lover to flee with her across the wll Jerries*, haply to find the prom ised land, reads like a floe strain of mnslc. It was In the fourth act, »n that Impassioned scene where Leah, baring round out the perfidy of her Christian lover, denounces and curses him, that Sll*s Western discovered her limitations. The whole scene was powerfully overstrained. It re- Quirts something more thsn mere physical effort to porpay adequately the Infuriate wraih of such a jUM*Westeni was poorly supported. With the exception of Mr. Raymond as “Ludwig,” and Mr. T. llamlltoa, whose rendition of “Nathan," the »pc-tale Jew, was excellent, there was not one deserving of commendation. Sir. McKee Rankin's “Rudolph" was a weak and faulty pet formatce. Nr. C. Beach cut a rather tldiculons genre as old “LorenU.” Leah will be repeated , this evening. , , ._ i The BaTX*a* Coxcebt*. announced for a few creators at the Opera House, commencing next Mondav, win be or great Interest in musical cir cle* Ihe sale of season tickets "Hi commence | to-morrow morning. The programme for Mon day comprises Beethoven’s boeata in 0. for piano i and violin: Ihe aria "ABa Pare,” from Mere*- dante; Cavatinas, from 11 Barhlcr de Seville, and La Semlramlde; Romano from Martha; a pUao forte Fantasia from the Midsummer Night s Dream: the duo “Da quel di/ from Unda de Chamonnix; Hatton’s “Good Bye Sweetheart : n “The Nightingale's Trill, by Gaux, and other I—Griffith 1 —Griffith Gaunt is still on the boards wwh but llitle diminution of Interest. It wLI be repeated tbl* afternoon and evening. Mrs. Barry exhibit# a mtrked improvement In her persons i\m» or Kate since bet first appearance In the char acter** Itwobldbe exceedingly difficult now to flrd fault with b« rendition of the pm. HcY,cKEn's 'ItrEaTWK.— Rosedala was re puted livening. with Mr. Barrett in his lavor iS'cSSt-tS»2 Snsoo'. zooloslu) rlSJnfMd Collscsm nrelnlllof curiosities. and been for some time past prostrated on a bed of S3s,3irS«pr«A *g - SfAuhS^lr^r I WuhlLCton the Court House- The arrangements are all that could be desired tor the passion. Tut HrrcamsoKs will give their last entertain meots in this city this afternoon and evening. Tttj have been well pstronUed daring their slay, hut not half so well as they deserve, bee adver tXtcmeal for piac* and pi©gramma. COMMON COUNCIL. Special Meeting—The Illinois ac 4 Mich igan Canal. The Board of Public Works on the Contract—That Body Proposes to Ur dertake the Work. Tbe Proposition negatived br (he Coun cil—The Board Directed to Sue upon the Bond* of Fox. How ard ft Walker, A special meeting of the Common Council was held last evening, for the consideration of (he re port of the Board of Public Works In relation to the enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Caral. The meeting was presided over by Hla Honor the Mayor. There were present Aldermen Knick erbocker, Carter, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth, Ilatch. W allwork, Moore, Schuler, Kacn. Talcott, Holden, Ackhoft Pronlfoot, Frauen, Engel, Sh ckford, kaweoo. Clark and O'Sullivan, The following report waa read: The Board ot Public Works on the X9th of last month, addressed a report to yonr honorable body, setting forth that sectional* to 57 Inclusive, of the Illinois and Michigan Cunal bad been for feited by Fox ft Howard, and that to the opinion o( tbe Board, ai-d especially tn order to prevent great lose of time, it waa neowaary for the city to undertake the prosecution of the work on said section, under section 10, of Um Charier Amend ment of February 15th, 18C5, at least to the ex tent of cansing to be constructed during the present winter, not exceeding six dredges with a complete outfit of all machinery necessary to work the dredges to mcir full capacity. As the request was not acted on Immediately the Board, sebeeqnestiy to making the report re ferred to above, publicly advertised for proposals in accordance with the suggestions of aome of the members of yottr honorable body, who under your instructions had been in conference with the Board, aa yonreommllttce, to consider whar steps bed beet bo taken to forward the work on the canal, and who bad a desire that first of all there should be made a trial by advertising for proposal* aa to the prices tor which the work could be let. Tbe bids received under this notice were opened yesterday. A statement of the bids is herewith submitted. As will be observed, the lowest for tbe whole work la toon than double the price stipulated in the Fox, Howard ft Walker contract. The Board considered all these proposals too { high, uid bare accordingly rejected them. We believe that the city, if the proposals were ac cepted, wonld be compelled to pay much more than the coat of dotng the work. . •the Board now desire that aotvelhloe may be dos<- so that all of next Besson may not be loat for the want of machinery* and that dorihg the winter tome portion of the work may he prosecuted by. the Board, in order particolarly that trhoß a * sta ble time comet lor again inviting proposals It shall be knojrn what the coarscler of the work to be <*cne is, and wbat will be a fair price (hr U, and also to wbat extent It will be practicable to continue the work throughout the wbo.e season, Inlhcsnmmerbydiedgea, and when navigation is suspended, by workmen, with wbat help can be obtained Irora steam machinery. K la very desirable thru action should be taken by the Council as speedily as possible, and we therefor* again request that the Board may be authorised to procure dredaea and prosecute some portion of tbe work to the extent that may be necessary tolallytestlta character. lie Board do not differ from tbe Connell as to the opinion that 11 Is better as a rule that the pub lic works should be executed by contract rather than by workmen acting under the direction of its officers, and in what la now asked to be done by tbe Connell, wc aim only at sating the city from wbat seems to ns to be an extravagant price to pay for the work to be done, and to prevent delay in Ha prosecution. Wo append tbe order already sibrnlttad, changed somewhat, so as to authorise the testing of tbe excavations by employing workmen. Re spectfully submitted, 3. G. Q aroma, Fnxo. Ijn, O. J. Robs, Wx. Oooonto, H- B. Mason, Board of Public Works. Resolution authorizing the Board of Pablic Works to procure six drcdres, and whatever machinery and materials may be necee-ary for the construction of a portion of the Illinois and Mich igan Canal. Wuraxas, It has been reported by Ibe Board of Public Works that. In their opinion, the construc tion of a ponton of sections seventeen to thirty seven. Inclnatve, of tbelllmols ft Michigan Canal, can be better done at the present time, by tbe Board Itself, witr.ont tbe Intervention of a con contractor, and for reasons named m their said report s therefore, It Is hereby Jittolrndy By the Common Connell of the dtv of Chicago, that the Board of Public Works, for thepnrpoeeof prosecuting said Improvement to tbe extent that shall be necessary to tally test the character of (ho work to be done, and to prevent delay In tbe prosecution of said work, art hereby authorized* until otherwise ordered by the Conn ell. to employ workmen, tools, machinery and materials, and to procure not exceeding six dredges, with as nary scows, cranes, and what ever machinery and materials mar be necessary for working such dredges to their foil capacity- Accompanying this is a list of the blda as pub lished In the TKißOr* of the 4th Instant. Aid. Talcott moved that Ihe Connell alt as a Commitue of the Whole (or the consideration of the report. Ala. Clark moved to amend to paas the order asked by the Board of Public Works. Aid. Knickerbocker suggested that there was | not s quorum sufficient to pass tbe order. It need ! ire the affirmative vole# of twenty-four Aldermen. The Council then sat as a Committee of the Whole—Aid. Holden in the chair. 1 Aid. Wicker advocated the propriety of the non passage of tne order asked by the Board of Public Works. He based bis opin ion upon the estimates which Hr. Gooding made to him. Qe believed the result of the adoption of the plan suggested would be to expend by tbe city from fifty to one hundred per centum more than need be paid If a contractor -be entrusted with the work. Aid. lakolt strongly opposed the adoption of the resolution, believing, drst,thst ills now im possible to proaecnte tbe wore, when each onnee of soil taken ont becomes a frozen clod. Be waa also much astonished tha< Mr. Gooding should ask money to test tbe work, when that gentleman most know that (here are fitly men tn the State and tn Wisconsin who know all about It, and when the records of the canal still exist. He should also oppose the building of dredges by (be city to be sold In the spring at Iras than seventy-five cents on the dollar of their cost. Bach dredge wonld cost, with its machinery, F&CCO.andlllbeworknas afterward let ont by contract there would be a lose of some $30,000, In this connection ho advocated thesemtlagof delegates to the Crna) Convention to be shortly held at Rock Island, that efforts be made to get the woi k Into the hands of the State. Aid. Barrett could not sec why tbe Board shoo'd he so anxious to get tbla work on their hands when It is a matter of pnMlc notoriety that they have cow on tbclr bands more work than they cm doacnatl'tidto. Be remembered that when U nad thought lie tunnel contract would be thrown ap. toe rime Board faked to be alio wed to step tn and perform ihe work. He should object to the passage oi tbe resolution even if the contract price should bo a trifle hither than the amount which the Boaid could assnre the Council it could do It for. Aid. Shackfotd and Aid. Proodfool endorsed the substance of the remarks of the previous speaker. Major IMcc was of opinion that the only quea- l tlon here Is. how can this work be done moat < chiaplyby tbe cite. A gerertl Imnresilon baa coco forth that the rotate \\ITI accept the work, and if there is to be action cn the part ot the State, be ■ BDggrated that a Utile delay would be deelraolc. Aid. Carter hoped for nothing from the Statu Legislature in this behalf, and be tboocht the re* pottshonlc be committed to the special commit tee In relation to toe matter, that come light may bo thrown upon the enbject to direct the action of the Board. Aid. C'ark explained that one grand obstacle in tbe way of tbe success of Fox,Howa»d A Walker bad been to the want of proper implements; they bad used scoop dredges when chain dredges should have been used. He deprecated (the idea of tie Board of Public Works advancing to do this work: be directly opposed It and was wil ling to wait to see what can be done at the Legis lative. Meantime he thought there could be no great expedition made, inasmuch as the sol) Is In no condition to be operated noon at this time. He looked upon tbl* proposition as a piece ;of folly, the more as he understood ; itiatbedeaireoftheßoaidtobuynpalotofFoz, Coward A Walker's preposterously nnsnlted ma- Aid. Knickerbocker averred (bat he would never vote to give the Board of Public Works authority to carry on this work. He did not, how ever, hope that anything would be done by the Slate. Thc'wur debts, held sacred ‘n thenorthem comities, burdening the people by necessary the members from these. coun ties wtlT object to say great increase of incumbrance by way of debt. He recom mended that the work be divided into sections, to be let upon separate contracts, to be well se cured. and in case of failure on the part of tbe contractor, io enforce Indemnity from the sureties. Aid. Talcotl conld not understand why Sawyer A Steele bad not been notified to increase the ma chinery os their rock excavating contract, when ther, to his certain knowledge, are as br behind in the completion of their work as Fox A How ard. With a contract on their hands requiring forty derricks, they engaga hat sixteen, and with the need of fire hun dred men, they bare bnt two Hundred. The contractors —Ludler. Lowell A Co—sre in as had a condition wtto inelr work, and they bare not been notified to increase their force. ’ Aid. Clark presented as a substitute lorthe reso lution the tallowing: _ . . jfrrrtred. That tbe Board of Public Works be rrqne-tea to advertise for bids for deepening the Illinois and Michigan Canal, asld bids to cover and include not more than two aecttoos, whether of rrck or earth, so far as may be required for the completion of the Improvement originally con templated in the contract made with Messrs. Fox, Howard A Walker, avd other partita. Aid. Moore moved to strike onl the words “not more than two sec Dona “ from the amendment. _ Ihe amendment of Aid. Clark was lost by a unanimous vote in tho negative. Aid. Cartel moved as an amendment, that it be nettlrfi* That this Council doea notaporpvo of U.e plan submitted to them by the Board of Public Works, for tbe completion of that part of th«> work forfeited by Messrs. Fo*. Howard A Walker, bntreqnevl ibom to proceed according to the prov.aloes of tho charter, to re-let toe i work. . . Ihia amendment was accepted. The Council then rose and reported. Thereupon the resolution of Aid. carter was **A\d^knlckerbockermoved that the-Board of Public Works be Instructed to bring salt upon the bond of Fox, Howard A Walker, or to report to ibis Council at its next meeting why they do not d The Council then adjourned. Xh« flaDhattin Ufe InmrwM® Com pany of flow York* Tfce asset* of thi# Company have now readied the magnificent sum of V>ree tnimona andoAolA and Its annual lixooe ta more than two millions of dollar*. Id the dm eight month! of the preaeatyetr it i*iutd two ifconsand three hundred and eighty lUrco policies more than »n Ibe pe tted of ’£s, and the amount of Its lacreaae la the icautance of Mvcs was over six millions. It received In pretulnma In tho same time one mUhcn and twelve thousand beyond those of last year, and handed 'o Ita Insurers ooe hnndred and alxty-flve thousand doHari. . ... It cortlntic* to maintain Its advanced position In every respect, and claims that U oflem, amoog Ita many new feature*. aubsUatlal beacSia In dlrlileede »rd mode. o! m.vt liberal terms aa to payment of premium ever rranted to the insoPM by any compsnr. Tue dividends. In which all participate, are made annnsllv. Da policies are Incontesuble, and after tho third year's payment, become non foriciub>. It haa no claima unpaid, and has. with the exception of fonr, the smallest rate of mortality Ita expenses are stated to be comoara- HvJly iSi thac these of any other wb company. Ttrttollowlnff example* oT the exceedingly aat i-faetorr operation of the Company's dividend! art entitled to special alienUoa; poucxxa irauxu nr IS<2. osut toc» txam aoo. § la SS H • M rs i! if §:a;S • ® : S in HfLCto »1,«0 rsST! slß,sn S toco \o» a,*ts io,sis S 7 6CO 703 S.TO i£*s « 7CCO m 4.608 S.SB This plan originated with this Company, and U Is claimed, la entirely new. affording the insured the largest return ever made by any company within the same period. ... The Manhautn la one of oir eldest life compa nies, and ita remarkable and complete success U the result of the undivided attention bestowed on its attain by Its oOccrs, who are all eminently cracicwl business men. Their work has been acalously. faithfully and Intelligently perfo-med, and the Income nceived by the Manhattan has been and la cow so immense as lo give It cot only a prominence among tho UisUtatiotia of the.age, bat alto a permanence which place* U beyood the reach of (he ooGllftreades which eadaager the •Übnltr of tome other companies. Mr T. C. Miller is the representative cf the ta onr dty. foißir Soaooi. Pzanrax.—owing to the etrlr advent of ibesksllngsctsoe, the place for hold* tag the Festival lor the he&eflv of the Home and Mission Sonde? Schools of BL John’s Episcopal Church, Union Path, has been chinged from the Washington Sfcallrg Park Ball to No. BM West Lake rreet, a vacant house in Caruenter’s marble block, (sdnir the Park', third door west of tbedmrrta. TbU Festival takes plac: this even* tar, and U held (or the pnrpoae or raising means to replenish the library of the Home school, and other general purposes of both the Homs and Mission Sunday nchools of the Church. TO* Anut Ball of the Klckotn circle—P.B. —will be rlrea at Union Hal), No. 919 State itnrt. iMa (Wednesday) craning. Hnale will be far* oiahed by the Great Wertem Band. LOCAL MATTERS. Sonrttilat’liiierwtlßCforfhe Ladle*.— See McNiiLT & Co.'a adTertlaeaent in another colnmo. All the wont forma of Bhrnmatim are betas daily cured by Metcalfe's Great Ehen static Kenedy. This wosderinl Medk'ne never fade, and Ibootandt who hare aoflered exernds* ilng agony for year* are Instantly relieved and toon cured by a few doaca. Lous & Sstzv, agents. The torture eoanred by tbooe subject to Asthma, la beyond expression. To such we bars aqneatlonto ask: why suSerl when relief Jt within your reach. Mauscx*B Pxctob&z. Bin has proved successful is the treatment of every case. Forsslc by all druggists. Bnumaas A Vaa Hcuaack, wholesale dtuggltla, Id Lake street, wholesale agents. Itch t Scratch 11 - Boyd’s Rfedleated Cream ctxrea Itch, scratches, and all skin diseases. Ills seat, pleasant, aromatic, rate and certain; specially adapted to children. Sold by all drag- Colgate’s Aromatic Vcgeubie Soup.— A superior Toilet Soap, prepared from refined . Vegetable Oils, in combination with Glycerine, ana especially designed for the use of ladies ana lor the Karrery. Iu perfume Is exquisite, and Us washing properties unrivalled. For sale by all druggists. mrl3hSM3-!y*xir Go to N, F. Memll’a, Wholesale and retail dealer In kerosene lamps. lan terns, chan deliers, table glass waie, looking glasses, Ac., Nos. 71 and 73 Randolph street. Ladles If yon want a BcantUhl Com* plexion use *■ Wagpoper's French Enamel.' Price SO cents. Sold by all druggists. Tradi supplied by Smith A Dwyer. Give Dullest Galvanic Salve a trial. It will core canes o. f scratches. swelling, pails. • Inina, qS&or and cuts, which hare resist' ed every other remedy. As s hoof olnUnaat It is perfect. Fifty cents a box. Sold byldrnjrcleta. Bonhams A Van Schaack, agents for Illinois. Juniper Tar Soap enrea chapped hand*, salt rhenm. pimples, tod all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Mtnafac urn-d by Casvtxll, Mack A Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Special Notice to BoilseM Wen and theTravelling Public generally.—Quick time to New York, Boston, sndf all points East, eta Lake Shore and Michigan Sonthero Railroad line. Oar S;J5p. m. train arrives Is Cleveland at&OO a. m., Bnßaio at 1:35 p, m.. New York at 7:00 a. m.—five boon In advance of the Michigan Central and Great Western time. Geo. M. Goat. Western Agent. Ticket office removed io No. S 9 Dearborn street, under Tremont Home. Children Teething.—The mother finds a faithful friend In Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. 11 is perfectly reliable and harmless, ft relieves the child from pain, enrea dysentery and diarrbsa, relieves griping In the bowels, cures wind colic, softens the gnms and rednees inflam mation. By giving relief and health to the child. It comforts and rests the mother. A Sure Pile Cnre,-Dr, Gilbert’s Pile Instrument posiUrcly cares the worst auee of piles. Sent Ly mall on receipt ofsL Circular* free. Sold l>j drurrlsis. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Bonus*, Manager, No. 615 Broadway, New York. tTse Tonrtelet’e Extract of Beef. Twenty pounds of Fresh Beef for $1.50, Paper Uasgloca and Window Shade* at crt-atly reduced prices. F. E. Blgby, 6? Ban* doiph'ft. Markets bv Telegraph, New York Markets, New You, December 11. COTTOS— }<c higher at S3W«asc. Fines—lt&Uc lower. Safes extra State at 99.Aa 910.18: roond taoopOblo at S9AQi3tUAO. and trade brands at 9UAftilX Qruis—Wheat doll and a abade lower at,92.1&33JS for No. t Milwaukee. Coro heavy and Sale lower, at 91.0T51.10 Cor mixed Western In (tore; f liOatOO afioat —doalngatll.i.Tal.CS la store, oats excited and Sate Mcber. at oaue for Chicago and Mliwankee and sla«9c lor new Western. Foss—Firmer and qnlet. Sale* at tSLOdAHAO for sew and fJJ.UgSOST fhr old—dosing at 9W.3S for pilme. Bacon doll at iovc. Dressed bon firmer at felCcior Weatern. Lardnraerat U\«U*C. orocrmxs—Bnrar arm; Havana. Lfc. PSTsotrm—Finn at ikAl9#c ibr erode, and SOfceaic lor refined in bond. LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) . Kcw Toss, December U. vintT XSPOSTI. Export* daring the tut week amount to $3,100,000 ; IdclaClog SS,OOO brls tour. 50,000 bn Wheat, 50.W0 bo com, M.Poobo oats, 80,000 bo barter, AWO brls pork. 400,000 B» lard, ana 388,000 bs bacon. BtuMtcrn' iAim. ‘ Moor—Thera Is aotna epeenlatlon ta lew grades. Bakers and IkmUr brands were more active and firmer. Wheat—Holders are geners'ly firm, bat sales wee at some concession. Cora—Sales since 'Change at *I.OB In store. Oats closed heavy. Barley—Oomaun Weston at 88990 c. rsoTistosa. Pork closed ijalrt, with new at I3LS7V. One thin sand barrels prims mess were taken by theQovtm- Lard and bacon are tending opwwd. Boos. Becelpta, 3,400. Market firmer, at 7i<c. rsziaaTs. Bates are a shade easier to Liverpool. The total shlpmenuto Europe were 130*000 ba, mainly ol barley and peas. oßoenna. Coffee ; TUo at 3>,*3 Wc, So£ar~More dnVac; tea 10 prime lOKdlljfc. Molaaao—La/fe sale* of New Orleans at “f^jStc. Blooey and Nocti io New fork* New Tens, December U. Wojnrr—More artlre, at U' per cent. Gold—Opened at 137, declined to U 6&, and dosed at l3jv. GoTxzxoKjfT Srocxa—KQVlowcr, and dolL FuianT* to la mroofc—Lover. Stocks—6tron|. .106 V K.T. Central. U3X .iw*» a-so* io?v . ssh two* n Fort Wayne... Rock Island... Northwestern.. c. & ntttborah.’..'.,. ass' mcs..’.....'.ibj Mich, bcothem. so* Mich. Central UIJ Erie Tt* >»ed op easy at <e? per cent nple supply. Ko chance m Uoxrr— The market cloi f»t call loans, with ao at disc. unt*. »red towards tba«iose, ml " nftrket tint Escn*»Qß Uirnei qaUl bm* ftt ud IMI Gornsraun- bccnmt lowrr tt ttie ttssddnn. Priam tanker** trt »Ictt atliOAUav. »—Ue»ry tad decidedly Registered '£l.. CoupoQs,’dl....lllHC«ll3‘< J 5-70 coop. *65, MOirg’C I Jan. and July.lo6lffSire* s-30 coup, 'o...io7\ain* kmo reg mvuioo 5-»coap.*«...iav®u6 10-W coup w*ui«j,v KzscnxA.*cocs. Et'ct market firm at last Board, and generally up to Hie highest point of the day. Erie, Beading and Mich igan bocthrra were the only rrllvay* that shoved any f»lliDgon.*ndtDe decline on these »U slight. The adraace has been stracyand gradual during the day, and there la a much better feeling lo the market. cLceoto DCOTATIONB. The fbllovlng were the closing prices at *3O p. »• .. OhtoAMlMcert39*» » I Mich. South... 80\f» N.T. C. lX3H((*mt< 111. Cent. lIWjtUS Erie 73*« tj.h f c. A P **■ *> V Hudson ISver.4« «tl» Ic.AT 113* »U3* Beadlnc JloKi4Uo* 1B- 1 WkAIWX Ulch. Cent HBX»UOH I Mromb stocks.— . S* Ayer'sM.AM .00 Corydcn *j3 Montana. <8 Gold BUI •*« New York Gold 170 Keystones 3 NyeGoUL* it> yoamnni » Columbia O. A S ltd Walkm tso American Flay 310 Second Call BO Ayer's Mill A Mining.. WO Bennenoa 8.9...-..1W35 Cona. Gregory G...~....*& nuwiskee Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Triburr. 1 Muwaciix, December U. Fnorn—Dull sad unchanged. Giant—Wheat—Dull and lover, with sales of 5.000 bn at H.TfftLW lor No. J, and lIA4 (br No. 9. Oat*— Dull and quiet, with sales of 1.900 bn No. 3at 4tc. Bye —Firmer, with sales of *9O bo at 87c. Barley—Un changed, with sales It 67#e. BPsoriMtata—Pork I*held higher, vtihsMesoTWObtU atf.i.OO. Dexssxp Hoov—Scarce at H519L99. Lit* Hooe—Firm and scarce, with sales st |LfO for an avenge of JM Si. Brrm-Quiet, at 35c tor tresta roR. Rxcxiria-Md btl* floor, S,(CD bo wheat, LSOO bn oats. KBirnm iVr brls flour, 1000 bn vbeat. Ctedsutl Marin. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Cacimn. December 11, Fbon—Moderate; talcs ofsuperflce at 9DAO ; extra at ; family at tLS»UXC-

Ukah—Wheal more active; sales of bn No. 9 spring at gZUX^XTO; No. lat «AS); do winter at 99.35. Com firm; talcs of rev mixed at 60c. Oats firm and active; sales of No. I at **ct No. 9at Sic. Byeduß »sd 5c lever; sales ot No. lat *l-07. Barley tnacave; sales of prime {MI st |1 AO. Corrov—Advanced le; tales of middling at 80>fe. WnissaT—Dull; hooded at 36c. pscytsioss—Fumer; MeastPrtk quiet bat firm; talc* at (29 SQarv.OO. Damn dull. Shoulders tcarre; salt• ofnew andold at lAjJ»)»'c;cl9ar tides at liifc. Balk meal* doll: tales of (boulders at “k'c. Packed creeo meats hitter: sale* of shoulders at I .'am tides at “S&Sc ; bams 9Xc&loc. Lard firm; sale* of prtas Set tle at UY&l3e: steam at llVr. Boce—AcOt* and lagCc bieber; sales at gros* ; fL<fio*.‘B.oet- Receipts—MOO-.; 750 act offereed lor all nest week. Uostt—A shade carter, Exchange weaker at 100 discount bnylrg: par selling. M. Leets Market [Special Despatch to the Cblcaco Trlbne.] St. Loots, December IL Ftor*— steady aad quiet; interior atoda9UL3 aad double extra at $ 15.25)13.75. Oeant—Wheat very doH; prices unchanged. Cora without change; (tsaH taka. Oats steady; said of lAOObags alkie, Byeaoaale. Qat—s2&4o per ton dellTcmL hOTSUSt-Reas pork lover ; $93.90. wmixrT—n. Boot— taprorleg; SACQftCSS. flew York Dry Gawd* Market Nrw Tokx, December 11- Dry foods market don and Irregular. Business Is chiefly c:sfinec to tbe dippoaal ol tuts offered by OOV fide panic*, who ar* unable to bold their iwb ibrouchecoUnoed dullness, aad do not wlib to flak them In the spring trade. CoortderablelotsofMetchod mods, of few makes, are placed upon the market at 19 £IS per cent redaction nvm the regular price. and are quickly taken up. This has been done with Aadro*- cc-gglu 1. gtrds. Janet* Steam Mila, tome kinds of Wamfurta, Hope. HUT*. Am, wlttua the IsstXkw days. Aceots are nerertbelers firm at tbe old prices for these same coot's. It Is reported that moat of these goods are tsonght la other margrts. aad sent here foreale. In this Irregular way considerable botlaest is reported. Domestic*-Brown goods are In leas supply, ana firms In all bands. Dsltlnste Market, BamnoxT, December IL GkAOt—Wheat Terr scarce and u demsnd. Con ad -aaccd lade coder licbter reerlpta. _ . _ Fu>ct—DnlL Sale* ot Cblcaco extra at PvTistom—Deary. Sale* of bm pork at frtAd. Gfoexrw-lnsctlTe. with a downward tendency. Bxs»—DoD and lower at ; fiaxaeed. $919. WBissxt—Vary doll. * B*Mon Sllalng biseka Nrw Yore. December tl. Tb« following are the prices of mining stocks bid la Boston this day: Canada, 6); Copper Palls, Mb: Frankila, CV ; Ilsocock, 11^: Heron. 39Jf: Minne sota. 15v: Qclncy. Uv; Carey ispraremsxt, UK: Water Power, aBM- Balihniß itarkci. Flo re—Actl re; sales of Chicago extra at fllAOd nw, .. . w u . ~ ■ . . .. *• H.. M OSAlT—Wheat fl-m; sales of prims at $1153108. Cora steady at soamc. Psoraioaa—Port quiet; sales of meas at tZI-wd a.oo. BABBIBP lo this city. Der, lUh. at tbe Taberasele Cbarch, by Her. J.W. Healy. BENJAMIN F. DAVIDSON and Ills* MATTIE SIMPLON, ah of Chicago. In this city. <n tbe tub lust-, at tbe realdeae* of the biioe'v rathe', by the 1-er.J. W. Uraty. GEORGE A ssbsch gad Mis* EfTXE BtL, aQ of Cxicag*. Blip In (Us Cttr. ei ,eathshdiest* ot Inlailss received tma |« h« . a*«.a# aw • An I fUi WU nit Uni) beta* ran over bra (trial cat. oatne Sth tit, NOU- 1 MAJ? J. COLTON, itrp-aon of Bar. X. a. OarnmoA, IB (be Uth >ear ol kit »ge. “LUe the dew on the noosUla, Like the foam on the rlrer; Uke the hobble oa the fountain. Da's gone— end lorareT," Snatched ewer la the ot 700th, by (be hood of the ruthless ceetroyer, be hu left m bemoaning oor loee. while he bee me to ihare that rich ben tan held In reeemUon tor God’i children. Be was a noble 007 —ooole In LU unerecmi life, nobler InhUtraatc death. The heroic fortitude »Itb which he bore hu •otl'irtnga, together «Ith bla earnest fklth In Christ, hare dj rested of m keenest pact* ihi* terrible berearement, which else bad tk leswtihcraabtrg force upoo hie friend*. When Informed by hi * uncle a lew minutes after be was hot, that he «u rerr aerjooilr Into red and might Beret walk again, be calmly replied, “well, u can't be helped now. oncie: hut what win mother think r* Koble spun, that couM rtaenpertor to the most la tense pbrdcu aoruUb, to fbei tbr the aorrowhla «ia. ibitonemua: inflict open hie mother. Throughout thoaeday*andnight*ofagoo», not a word cream* plaint escaped him, nor erns La hi* delirium did he ut ter a aingle word calculated to pain the beam ot thoae who lored him. .Hi Ua in endowed with more than ordinary a] sit ti. ana iu dpcQDM, lh the prophetic booea of Ui frieodaito *s honorable p nUl.n lo Utfe, Bat be 1* Eaee* The bn*bt career vbieb aeemed opeolar ao opefblly baa hero cJoaed—moomiullf doaeo. anonr. ever. Uebt Ue tha turf upon bla boaora. From bu dear dnat nuty rloleta aprlng. Children who tore tbe Savior, tread Ugbtly open burahea, fir he via joor brother. TbU bumble trltwte U laid upon tbe altar of affection by hU Sabbath bchoil Teacher. ■* h> tbU city, Dec- W, of diseased the heart, Mrs. SA BAH A. BCHEHMKBHOBN. aged « yean. QTbteatxn County, (N. Y.) paper* pteaae copy. amusements. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. (XJL. J- B. WOOD.. Proprietor Director of Amusements F. g. aIRKN Stage Manager TROB. BARKY Second and last week of the Great Drama. The Triumph, received by crowded houses with distin guished applause; The Duel a U toort; the Lancashire Fair: Live Pig Chase: boon and Dance*. This (Wednesday) Afternoon, at inn GRAND MATE KEBjayj past 2 o'clock, and also In the creams; at a GHLFFIIH GAUNT; or, Jkaloust. In rehearsal— FORT UNIS. MONDAY—A New Play. Farewell concerts BY TBB BTTTOHUtSON FABfLt, TRIBE OP ASA. BIX MEMBERS: Asa, LI ale, Abby. fret, Ira, and little DeuneU Opera House Music Hall, Entrance on 6Ute-«t. TbU, Wednesday Aneruwia and Evening, (with Matinee cn Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.) December 13th, being their GLOBING CONCERTS tbr the season tn this aty. Evening doors open at 7k- Concert at u to 8. Admuston 90 cents; call* dretuSSccnu. Matinee on Wednesday, 13th, at 2 o'clock. Admission a cent*. QKOBBTS OPERA. HOUSE— l rffT.'Tuyraond.T7.... THIS EVENING, Oowntbal’i Great Emotional Play* LEAH, THE FORSAKEN. WlfH Mies LUCIIiLE WESTERN AS LEAH. A JEWISH MAID EE, Mr.'f. Hamilton and Mr. McKee Rankin. Friday, Forowell Benefit. SATURDAY. GALA MATINEE. Me VIOKBirS THEATRE. UKEB A MYERS LAST WEEK OF Mr. LAWRENCE BARBEIT. inctloa or Loiter ’Wtllack’* mud romtatlc dniu, is flt« tea, entitled BOSEDALB. mdty, Tnwdty, TTedoadty and Thursday, BOSEDALB; ob. TOE BIPLE BALL. ETtot Urey Mr. Barrett. Dorloe the piece, the Glpaey Dell by MoooUsbt, tod Uw Kite Ball. Brprodi Today—Benefit or Lawrence Barrett. 'Eainraay—BarrtK Matinee. ~yr ARIETT THEATRE. MONDAY, DECEMBRIUPni, WILL APPEAR E. BLANCHARD, a mt bli wonderful trained dogs NERO AND CARLO, In the sensation Drama, In two acta, ot OKS BUNBBSD TSARS AGO, OR THE POSTMAN AND HIS DOQ. Tim appearance ot Mias Laara Bernard, Joe Woods, J. W. Clara and a boat oi talent. THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AND COLISEUM. Scccod week of Wil. DUTTON, the renowned Sam- mersanU Rider. Continued engagement ot JOHN LOWLOW. Flm appearance of JOHN DAVENPORT, the “Favorite." MONDAY. DECEMBER 10th, will be pn>dueed.for tbt ant time in Chicago. The GRIND CHINESE CAVALCADE! in which (be entire Company wIU appear. QROSBT’S OPERA HORSE, BATEMAN’S CONCERTS. Sonday Evening, Dec. 17, Tuesday Evening, Dec IS, and Wednesday AUeraeoo, Pec. 19, ONLY CONCERTS IN CHICAGO. ta which the Peerlcse Soprano, nioins pabepa, The Qreateet Utlds Tenor. SIGNOB BBIGNOLI, The Matchless Bnffo, SIGNOB FERBANTI, The Excellent Baritone. SIGNOB FOBTCNA, The Pint Bo'.o Pianist of Amenta, ns. s. b. 9nust The Toons and Splendid Violinist, MIL. CABL HOSA, And tbe Talented Composer and Accospanylst, mu. J. L. HATTON, Win appear. A splendid programme will be offered at each entertainment. Admlse lon, One Dollar* Ko extra charge for secured seats. Balcony Boxes. ti-M. The sale of feats will com mence, at the Box Office of t p e Opera Howe, to-mor row (Tbnradsy) morning, at 0 o'clock. Jj'Alß AND FESTIVAL, Thursday Sveningi Doc. 13th, To be beM by tbo LaAlea of Christ Chnrcb, in ibe Oaat m«nt of ibe Cborcb, corner ot ■nrooty-foanb-et, and Mlcblcaa*ar. Entrance on Twentr-fonrUm, ADMISSION, S 3 CENTS. Chicago dancing academy, Corner Clark and Mooroe*ts. Gentlemen’* Cla*» aeeti Wednesday and Saturday ermine*. Ladies’ Claw meets Tuesday aiternooa. The liaU U to rest one evtalne each week, to prlrats parU«. It lithe Unreal aadche*pe*t In the city. J. EDWIN MABTIWB. GRAND BALL—The Fourth Annual Concert ard Ball of the CHICAGO MUSICIANS’ UNION Will be held at the Tomer nail. North Clark-st. THURSDAY, Ikc. 13, W 66, Th? are respectfully iorlted to altoso. liA\s BALATKA. Piest. W«. Zercn. Secy. The semi annual ball and Soiree of the „ , , . Bt. George's Benevolent Association, At Waihlngton Hall, WashlngVm-st. opooAte the Court Bouse, Wednesday evening. Dee. 12.1806. Music by the Great Wsttern 1-1 *bt Guard Bsnl- Tickets |J\6C, admitting gentleman and ladle*. Aaeccellent •upper will be provided- TXfAtmNGTON HALL, Smith & Dixon’s Building. On Wnafclakton'et.. Opposite Court Hesse. The above Ball Slaty (»> feet *ouar«, hai ttont and private entrance, la well arranged lor balls, clubs, concerts, and LECTURES. Can be had on resionable term*. Apply at the HaU. ,-jfot ri)C jPoliaang pOB THE HOLIDAYS. STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS OF THE WONDERFUL FBEEB’S GLEN, Ist Schuyler Co,, S. T,, Three and a half miles long and from two hundred to three hundred and Arty feet deep, showing a variety of watertsUa. dells, cliff*, and cascade*, which are grind and picturesque beyond tiu cripUen, and most be seen to be appreciated. Can and see them at 138 Lake-st. • DUNLOP, SEWBI.L A SPALDING. promptly Ailed at three dollars per dozen. ,-tFinr Jurniturc, pURNITUBE ROOMS. CHAS. TOBEY, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IS RICH, MEDIUM AND COMMON Furniture BEDDING, MIRRORS, £c. TBS LARGEST ASSORTMENT aad LOWEST PRICES of any boose in tbe tr It U the SPECIAL INTEREST ol erery ?«*» wanting goods la my line, to call aad examine. 8’ and 89 State-st., Chicago. JHarijlnpcs. fJpHE LAKE & EODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, FOETASLE STEAK EE6IHEB, Ebloxle warhtPiw com Bins aad Bhafttag, Wood* working Machinery. lansa bodlky. Corner ot John and Waterway Cincinnati. lassa?* HoLt anh jfounfr. T OST—A large, black, Newfoundland I < Dcs: white on breast and neck; also, white spot on nose. When tost had *maQ strap aronnd m« neck. Answers to tbe nuns of ** aaaebo.” Any ope return- Ickhtta to 491 Wabash-am, or clelsc InfotmaUcn U adlng to bis recovery. wtll be well rewarded. r OST On Sunday evemne, m a State- I i «. car, or in cbtarlag to the Sfcsdison-rt. car. a Sark nort-motmaie. containing an amount of money. Also, msnCom Clerdandto PUtsburrtjFort Wayne to Cblcagmeardt with the owner’s name. L. O. «a?cJL Tbe fir der win be liberally rewarded hr THOMSON’S Dining Booma, S 3. S 4 and SjTDear* bonMt. ■ T OBT—A ladies’ tnr collar (mink). The 1 j Cadrr will be liberally rewarded. Address “A2>- VEUTmER.” Tnbttae oflee. f OST —$3.C0 Reward -will be paid to I j the person who picked 85 a pocket-book, yester day moraine, at the Post oaee. crar the stamp win dow, by dellterttg the same at the Trlbene oOce. r OST—On Monday night, at Crosby's J Ktnt!ey*» talsoma gold sleere Dolton. Tb* carter will re rewarded by retartilng the same m m»sfVFKLS PROS.. No. 164 Lakfrst. LOST— A pocket book, at or near 31c- Vlrker’s Theatre, coetalntng one hondred dollars tn srmbacks and provincial bank note*. The owner trm allow >»«iMhe amount oc deporting at this offlm. XTOUXD—A End of the J. Tribune oCce, on Clark-s’. _ Tha owner can hare the same by applying to J. B. SMITH. 46 Grlswold-SU 'TAKEN UP—On the Bih mst, three X cows and two calrea. at first house on Oakley-ct. north of i*rt<«aa—west side of street. 'TAKEN UP—One grey and one sorrel I bone <m the form r*( wllhebn lick (KlmbaU’s fi?m>TtwSmUrawel ol HcDtrtn. oo the MUwaskta Piank-road. wiUbe returaed to the owner by paying costs. ffl* Kent-»ouOES. TX) RENT—A new. flrat-daes Inme X bonae, coeutsmr OUrtaem roetst. and fitted «iu>itmtDMmrrtaanaMKaonr Ijacoinrwt, Mo. 9113 North Oafk-tL T»ta FaUar«oo-*T. w». rpo KENT—A new cottage, with eight X roena, baaeaent, bet and cold'Vatar.aadaaeof ben. UtmuliiML, sear Babbard. Iwjolrt on tae ymalna. TO KENT—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 09 Waabtnxtos-cU, tboam rontalnlsc Bor * rooms caco, oa tbe aotubveet corner of HnbUimaod Beesea* M. Beat f9D per dobUi* rpo BENT—Rooms, and mmitore lor X aale. Kitcbec, dtnlae-room, Bedroom and parlor, « delete. Booma only fU per mocia; |SO ft>r lo? fur- Binse-t bargain. Con oret tSB. Call at 333 Iforth CUrk-n. TO BENT—With good hoard and gas, one btftdfotoe front j ajjor oae eolte of rooait. enforcUbed. Also, ooeramiihrt room, all ol which arercrydielrabte. Locality good. We»: Side, hone b«t rented. tlcc peoolo, need apply. Addrwa “FAMU LI’P. O. Box 6tiJ. TO BENT—A seven-room house, No. 333 C&ttnnet-tT.. newly papered tad painted—|S per month. PETEK B£UMP. 92 Mocrofrrt. TO RENT—House, No. 877 Micbigan «▼. Seven roost. Kitchen, pantry, eloseta, cellar, eta water- One block from cart, gome fa ml tare for tale. Inquire on premlies. or 33 Sonta Water-tt. 3'o BENT —A good dwelling boose in itw Wert Dtvliloo of the city. Apply to 11. J. T.j3 booth Water-tC TO BENT—Two new trame houses, Nos. 19 and 23 Cattago-plaoe, at fSO each. Alto, coo»f*>'u». 1 tJ3and 1 <JS Cottage Grore-sr. T.S. men A CO- 107 Dearborn-»U I>o BENT—At a baigain—A first class and very convenient brick house In the best part ct the West Division. containing eleven rooms, wuh fireaaes, cupboards. drawers, bath room, Ac- with bare ot real very cheap till spring, with pnvtl#ee of re newal. J. B. KEDZIE, Ho. 3 Walker's Building, over 32 Dearborn-at. f r*o RENT—Furnished bouse, convent* X eatly located on the North Side. Has all the mod em improvements. Would not be willing to rent to a family where there are children. For particulars a> ply at SM West Randolph-st. BENT—New bouse, 348 Ohio-st, contalnlrg nine rooms, consisting of one parlor, kitchen, dining room, and six bed rooms, Enquire next door. TO RENT—A neat cottage on Jackson* tt- west of Qovne-st. Contains seven rooms, pantry, presses, Ac. Applvat Mrs.D. PRATTS In telligence (Jffloe, 130 booth Clarr-st. TO RENT—Lower part oflhe house 233 South Cllnton-st- containing four rooms, pantry, rirnet and summer kitchen, all In good order. Inquire, cnpnmjses. _—' '" ' rpo KENT—Two-storr tonso 818 Ful- I toa>st_MTea room*, closet, botuy and aimsmer fiicheo. In rood order. One block from street cats. Apply to w. B. SAMPSON. Boom 3, Metropolitan Block. r l"'0 RENT—Fnrmsbed —A handsome X booae on the Kortb Side, fire mlnnteairalfc from Boib-st. widxu and la uw moit definable location. Tee booM 1» elexanlly ftunitbed, and cctaplete in erery re •mcU WUI only be rented to » flnt-cUss Meant. Ad drew “8 G E,” Drawer 0413. K O. TO RENT—A. new tirst-clase, two-story sad brick basement dwelling, 103 Huron-su, nance IS room*, pantries, closets, hot and cola water* bsth.maible man'ela, cornices, ga*. and comiortably msiahtd throughout; two blocks from borseraUtosd cart. References required. For rent inquire at 93 Huron-* t. TO RENT—A first-class famished house on the arcane, centrally located. Also one with tearoom*.wUUaooebtockofthe Pott Office. AR TUUR A BOYD EX. 810 Stalest. TO RENT—Two boarding houses, two saloons, centrally located on the South Side, Ceeap rents and plenty of bulneas, with furniture tor sale. ARTHUR A DOT DEN, 3 *0 SUle-st. Eo i-vtnt—Rooms. TO RENT—Rooms—-And tomuore toi tale, Inquire at 190 Clark-eL. Boom 7. rpo RENT—Rooms—Para itnre and I carpetjbr aale. lo Cobb's Building, Dearboro-st. For tanner particulars apply to J. D. ANDERSON, Room Ko. 10. from 10 o'clock a. m. catll noon. TO RENT—A famished sleeping room for » single gentleman. References required. g:io etatr-n. TO RENT—Fnrniabcd rooms, single or doable. wUb closet, gas and store, at S 3 Jack* «on-»U, near Biate-st. inquire at tbqhouse. TO RENT—Furnished smte ot rooms, w»h.*nt board, one Block from tbe Post Office. Apply at 93 Adaaa-st. RENT—A large famished room near the Court Home. Al<o a Mx-oclar# piano. Inquire lor f or dari at the office ot Dr. B. REKD, 1 02 Raadolph-iU, Boom 11. 'J'O TO PENT—Rooms—Two or more un furnished room*, with or without board. » geutie ata inn Tile. Gaaana water. Family private. In qolre at 147 Tweaty-flfst-st., near W»ba»h-ar. TO KENT—A tenement ot five rooms, op-staln, ten minutes' walk from the Post Office one of the best In (be city. Rent very low. with about sertn hundred dollars worth of new furniture Ibr sale Inqnlreatiai Dearboro-st. TO RENT—Three or four rooms, suit able lor housekeeping lor a small fiunlly: nicely mined and papered: bard and soft water. A good bam with them. If desired, and near two Mora of street can on the West Side. Andreas “B." Box 3096. KENT—Two very pleasantly loca _ rooms, sod farnttnre tor isle on resiaoshle lerm*. Tvomloates wslic from the Coart Hoase. Ad> drees TO BEST, Poit Office Box 1169. _ T°» '0 RENT—Two rooms, suitable tor man std wife. Apply at 117 Sooth Hslst?d-«t. ©o Rent-Stores, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 ConrMdaee, oppo site Croeby> Opera (loose. Apply to A. WOBDKS ft CO., or L. i. TODD, on the premise*. TO RENT—HaIf of store 133 South Clark-at. Flxtares for tale. fPO KENT—Plrrt-dasß sewing machines I at H, E. BCOTCQMER’S Sewing Machine Repair Shop. 90 Madlsoo-et. rpo RENT—Store—Most desirably situ- I ated for a real estate or Insnraoceofil-.e.orptano store. Lease snd Bircres lor aa'e.* Immediate poeses lion. 10f»Morroe-*t. auction Sales, ASSIGNEE’S SALE. Groceries, ITorae, TTacoiif Counter*, SbeltTag, Platform Scales, Ac., AT AUCTION, BT GILBERT A SAMPSON. At 137 North De*plalne**l. os <VoJaesJar njornlnr, Dee. r.m, at 9x o’clock. w-c wiu idl the entire «tock oi a Grocery Store, cooaltUn* of a renctai assort nest Alto, Uorw. Wayon, Shcirlnr. Counter*, putforrn and Counter SeaUa; will be *»W in loti to *alt dealer*. Sale po»ltire by order of the asslcnee*,W. P. Walpole and K.Z. lUU. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anct’ri. pURS! FURS! Larye ttock of VALUABLE rtJße, AT AUCTION. By GILBERT & SAMPSON, At tfielr salesroom*. 47 and 40 on THUBVDAT, Dec. IS.»t 9X o’clock, od eonllnuloc nnm all la aola, cociUUde of Reculne mink, martin, (Itch mutlo. Siberian sqnirM, ctuoctillla, and all other tinrl», too name roni to mention, to c*pa, half copse. Talma*. mnfle, rtetortte*. cotlai*. celts, ctd a lar*- as sortment rt cbl'dret'a fur*, cents* caps muffler*, tlcvta. ranaUeu, *c-, mailcsr one ot tut choicest and most •eket i tocl* erer *o!d la tbl* Citj. Tbef were all made op. oftbe fees; and be*t cooda,«xpre9<ly tor Or>t-cta«a city mail trade- They are all tn*is and ° Ladles are partlcslarly tented to attend this sale- GILBKBT A SAHltiOy. Atcaoneets. T>ORES AT AUCTION. Included In our sale of RICH FURS On THUKSD AT, December JS, area aplendld line of BODES cf Tsrloos kind*. . GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anctloieera. SPECIAL SALE OP AN ELEGANT stock of Blch and Medium Fnrnitnre, Pier Glasses, seir Carpets, Ac., AT AUCTION, tnube conttxoedon FRIDAY, Dec- U«u at 10 o'clock a. m-. in place ot Wedoeacay.the 17th. cooslstlni of one of the moat extensive stocs* of new custom made far* nltcre In the West, and consists of the newest and m?4t beautiful made, all of which ti made of the best seasoned wood and by the beat makera in the conn try. The stock crraliia in pan of elegant parlor mu In all t'e fashionable «f rim made, and coverel la the best of silk plu*h. «ilk cotteilce, terry, moduenr. rrpsand haircloth; elegant Tnrkiah chairs, psrlnr. drawingrcom and other tancy ctulr*; gentle tea 1 * re clining, smokies and reading Cbsirs; music stands and rarka. work, elore handkerchief boxes; Oriental ard adding chairs; very Dae etacens, with French plate alaaa-.Udles 1 elegant partoeaecretarlea and desk*, finished In ebony andvariegated In the most besnltfru manner: Frecch wort-table* aal rtanha, library book case* and secretaries, library tables, steps and chairs: marble-top tables or bc&uUfui styles; the moat elegant assortment ol tancy brackets ever seen In Cbicago,]ust the thing Ibr Chnstmst; hall trses and chain; recep- Ucn.dinlns and chamber chain, recking chairs In great variety. Particular attention U invited to the splendid assortment tf nchchsmoer snltesofths most decant style* made, finished and polished in oil and waxed ebrey and valent, with cnaste and elegant carr* ißcsandmouldlnx. French bedsteads, rich marble top burcaos and washtunda. lounges, enmmodfs. Dining room-oak and walnut French extessioa dining tables, with aexoli and heavy filled legn dining chain m great variety; elecsntosk aid walnnt sideboards, with mir ror back ano msrbloi, with an immense variety of oth er goods, useful as veil as ornamental. Pier oisasos— also, several large and splendid French plats pier classes, all site*, in polish black walnut lrames.fiul‘nsd In tii* rlche-t style. Also, several fine American and English R:dy unused* Carpets, Ingrain. Felt and Thne-ply Carpets. The stter.aon ol bnyen wish- IngCiit-claiKfurpiturc,Ac.U particularly Invited t) tils ulf. Cocntgy buyers can have their goods packed and shipped ic th*- bnt manner. The sale wm be posi tive and wlihcut reserve. QtLBEBT A SAMPSON. Aucdoaeera. Chicago. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Kerchanta PALMER'S BLOCK, pHI 44 dk 46 RAXPOLPn-BT. r-A>'CY DEY GOODS, Array Coats, ckee Notions. Ac^ On WEDNESDAY, Dee. Uth a; »V o’clock. at Balaam* SMmrootsa, in Palmer’s Block. 4-* and 46 Randolph* j A. B UTTERS A CO.. Agetionowa. ■pkESIBABLE STOCK BOOTS AKD S M ( CHICAGO HADE BOOTS, (te WTDNESDAV^I^'I'rVI.* o’dock.,t Potter.’ Salesrooms. In Palmer** Stock. Boa. 44 and 46 Ran dolphs!. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO« AocCs. -jKA BALES COTTON BATS AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY. December IJ. UU o’clock, at Batten’ Salesrooms, In Palmer's Block, bos 44 and 40 K * a<tot>b '*WM. A- BETTERS A CO, Auctioneers. TtEY GOODS, Clothing, Cloths, Cas- I 3 slmma, Yankee Nations, Undershirts Sand “at auction. On THURSDAY. Dee. IX at 9H o’clock, at Batten* ‘■sintcoma, inPalmer's Blocm-44 and 46 Randolph- WM. A. BCTTEBS A CO.. Anct’s. K A WOLF SLEIGH UOBhS, DU LADIES’ res SETS aad PKAVERGLOVES. , AT AUCTION, This mortice. Dtf. lith. at U o’clock, at Bntsen’sala rooms in Pafincrt’ Block, 44 aad 40 Bsntolpbrt. VM. A. BUTTERS A CO„ Ancf n. BIOS. SUGAB AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, Dec.,l3th. at tl o’clock, at Batten* salesrooms is Palmer's Block. 44 and 46 Raod«)pb-«t. “* WM. A. BCTTEBS A CO.. Ancfn. XE7TB WILTj SELL, on WEDNESDAY VV BJornltg. Dec. JJth, ISO, at onr AtcQoa Boona, No. 193 6onth aark-st, at 18 o’clock a. bl, NEW AND SECOND-HAND PCSNITUBE. STOVES, DESKS, CARPETS, AC. WM. GRIFYITHA A CO, Ancfa. SCHOOJTER BY AUCTION, on ac count ol wbota tt may eoneerm TBURSDAA. DEC. 13,13*. D „ We are tnrtrneto* by B--h«* Kae. EiQ-. Solicitor, to kA on *ceoTSt ol whom it may concern- the schooner AMERICA, as she cow ■!<*, with sane rigging, anchor*. Am. Ac., all complete- Tbe America lie* at or near Polk-n. bridge, where »be may b* seen ary day pnof to sale. Sale at IS o’clock "’““""turn BCOTT 4_CO_ 4.el*i, Toms easy. AppW to ROBT. RAE. Sc, ID Dole’s BaiMing. or the Auctioneers’ Office hOfr*. Heal Jsgtate-(gttg» laPBOVBD. r-nii HAT.r.—A.ngw.flratd»as 3-**°? F iS. dwemnchow flwe<* MwTU I S5-/S:fS“<S£»“£‘SSSSJH'S? .TSSauw OmUy. Apply cn prwntf**- I’ETEB BHIMP, 93 MoaiO**t- . F°jL 6 .^ c^yssS jftsKaS! Klje AftnU. yo. 4 MetropoUtan l»oO. F)B SALE—House and lot on Church _.Sis2S oSrtlnt bone o. MWmttteT, prtM **gSjooo ud boprdlDC boon on 0-0 " tW®* Home and o; Eifani *P°°- «.m --' S3?TrafrßS?* “»*• Bandolgh-st. Bridge. t?OR sale—a very desirable boiue r and lei oo Wabash-ar, north of fl oj£S3r cobrt,withn rooms, water, gaa. bath *oopu«ai*rtoia nuUK tuMce. A?, lot sfcxia. with good bora.Ac. moderate. Tide wxftct. A rate chaces w se cw a Unt-claas establishment. Title t WARREN * GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 143 Dear&oto-«t,Bootn8. FOB SALE—A two-Eiory honse wilb stone basement, on W»ba*h-kT, ana Thirteen tb*t*_i3 room*. wai*f,j furnace, Ac. Jot 35iia. with cood bara- «Ue Price low. Terms rery UlClLEealEstate Bro*efS.l23 Dearl>otn*«t,Boon: j. l?OR SALE—On Monroe-st, near f 1 Franklin, asxlW leet, at fLMO cash. Inelndlae SIAM leas than the market prlcel A perfectUQe. No better be Itjcnd. Most be sold this week. Apply to GKO. w. HILL, 17 Reynold*' Clock. _ F)B SALE —A nearly new two-story frame home oi ten rooms, water and fa*, and lot fort front, with bam, on war rfwu near Lincoln. Imneediate possession cltoj. THOMASdTsHTDKB * CO, Beal Estate Aetna, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. USISPBOVKD. F)B SALE—The north ball of Block Ho. 43. Behoo* Section Aodltioo. bartn* a front* acecfCSrcctonClinton and JcffemoMla, and con- Ulnln* a lota. A rare opportunity frr a ry. Will be sold on reasonable terms by T* 8. FITCH 4 CO, No. 107 Dearborn*!. li'Oß SiALE—Foi a few days, 450 tee* A* froit, comer Of Indiana-ar. and Douci^-plscc. ptk-tbe araoe, H. o. BTONB. 107 btatc*u ~ It*oß BALE—A beantiM lot on Wah -1 nansebAT, near Vlucenn»r'a<l. WxW., wlUi handsome shade trees, only 1635. WAKKSN A GOOD RICH.ReaI Estate Brokers. 183 Pesrhoro-st, Boom 9, lacal isstate-ffiounttg. T?OK -SAL'S—lmproved Farms—The followmc farms, with raluable ImproTemenu. situ*led la Manball County, Illinois, near railroad Two farms ol S3 l ) text* each, one ol r9O aeroe, one ot 210 acre*, cue ol iCO scree, one of 117 acres, ana one of debt? text*. Also. coal nod timber land*, and Improved property in the thriving city ot Lacoo, Marshall County. Term# very reasonable. For particulars address FISHES 4 soya. Lacon. Illinois. Pin SALE—Land—3Bo acres, 5 nules west ol city. adjoining StaiwT fkm. aiso, 400 acres In will County. UL C. R. B, near Mo use Station-m reeeral parcels. Cb«ip. A. S. POSTON. No. 2 Smith 4 Mxon s Building. F?OK SALE—A farm ol 80 acres, under 1 improvement. In Wisconsin. Will seU cheap Ibf cash or exchange tor dtj property. Call at 100 Mad* l.on-iL. Boom 4. _ business (Cljances. FOE SALE—From 10 to 1,000 cords ot X seasoned white and black oak wood at s7Aopsr turd. Can on GEO. r. CLINE, office 77 Dear Dom-at., Room 8. t'OK SALE—An equal partnership is offered to a reliable basnets man lu a fir»tclass well established wholesale grocery bouse In the city of Chicago. Cash capital from tbrtr to sixty thousand dollars required. \*n few opportunities for ousinea* se pt rlo to this. A practical crocrrtTrierred. Adams, with reftmee ana in confidence, ‘•XENOPHON,'* care P.0.80x 6117, Chicago. TpOK SALE—A dry goods business in X this city. It Iswcllea-abllshaLhasan excellent tup of custom, enjoys a good reputatlnq and will un doubtedly turnout u> the purchasers fail satisfaction. Tbo»e wishing to purchase will apply »»*ca*tonewecx before New Tear, as alter that time omcr arrange ment* will bemad*. Terms favorable- Address “B * N ** p. Q. Pox 473, Rock island, 111- T7OR h A TSJ natures, con- X slstlP* of jV^ii^easmakingbust 17OK best siloons X I In Chicago. I'-* not apply nairas *.hev bare plenty eftnoneyp'oar time Is precious. G. W. FEW 4 CO- 7 and 8 Wicker’s Block, corner South Water and 6taic-sf. 170 k SALE— At invoice, lease, stock ' and fixture* ol a fir*Lclass grocery store, requires from *7,00 u> IS,OOO. G. W. FEW d 1 CO, 7 Mid 8 Wicker'sßlock. P)R SALE—A first-class prescription drug store, centrally located, and doing a fine business. Q. W. rEW 4 CO-TV and 8, Wicker’s Block. T7OR SALE ReFtaoiants, saloons. X rrocerle*, boardlsr houses, h-.tols, 4m, 4m, of different kinds and pncea to stilt customers. O. W. FEW 4 CO- 7 and 8 Wicker'* mock. f7OR SALE—Family grocery, doing a X good business. Location ooe of the best locltr. For particulars Inquire of CLARE, LAYTON 4 CO., 128 Wa*htngton-it. T7OR SALE—A good-paying restaurant, X in the centre ot the city, is for tala very cheap. Inquire at No. 47 South Clark-st., basement. F)R SALE —Drue Store—A splendid chance. Stock and fixtures all new. WiUbesold tor cash at a bargain. Address “GEM.** Box 118, Msson, Allchtgaa. |7OR SALE—A Bakery—A rare oppor- X (unity 1* offered to any one who desires a good paying business tor a small capital, no one of the best thoroughfare* In the city. 37 West Randolph-*!, For particulars apply between ibe boar* of two and five O.m. J7OH SALE—An almost new stock ot X boots and ahoea. b ats and cab*, and gents'fare ishlag goods, with fixtures and advantageous lease of store on South Ciark-sU Will take cottage and lot in part paymeat. IngutreatPooni 2,107 Dearborn st. I7OR SALE—A small stock of notions P and fancy gxiods, at invoice. Bbftou prleee, at 202 State- ri. None bnt cash cnatomere need apply. FOR SaLE —A first-class meat market, half or whole interest, for SIOO. to a nun tint on* ocnUnds the buslne*. Apply at 330 West Twelfu »u [?OR SALE—Drug store, fixtures, Ac, 1? for slS,oW>—this Is thelarcest drug store lo Chicago. The fixtures will be sold for H their value. No bonus asked. For locality, convenience aal business trdsl* a flc-lr»ble More. For oartlculars call at the office of WARREKA GOODRICH. loathing, T>OARDIN G—A nicely furnished room, JL> wither without board. In a private family, for a Senilctnan and wife or two single gentlemen, at 113 oath Halsted-st. pOARDING—Three gentlemen can be U sccomir.odstcd with board in a prlvatefasiily. Apply 130 Third-sr. BOARDING —A limited number of fam ines, single gent Irmen and ladles, can secure ho ard tor the winter at 288 tstate-st, Applicants are re quested. Undoubted reference. pOARDING—Two suites ot front par -13 lors and bed rooms, el: gle rooms asa day board can be had at 17 Dearborn-at. np-staira. pOARDING—Io rent, with board, an 1 ) UhtamUlied suite of front rooms with all modem Imprcremertsin the house, at 430 West Adamaat, between Throop aad Loo nils. pOARDING—A suite of tarnished I $ rootss/slio an unfurnished room, to real, wish board. In a pi irate family, at 33 South ureo-.t- near Madltou. pOARDING—A Gentleman and wite 1 ) desiring a home, with nrst-class board, lo a strict ly private iamiir. North side, convenlait to business, may address "M C J.** Tribune office. P CARDING—A gentleman and wile or JJtwo single gentlemen can And a pleasant famished back panor, with beard, at OS Adams-sc POAKDING —Furnished room, with XJboard. at men. POARDING —Good beam, with rooms, 13 at “Briggs Rouse'* Ko. J. S'** Monroe-SL, near Dost Office. Day hoarders aceommodsmL pOARDING—A lew first-class boarders II rsn be with bvard, wifi or with out rooms, st 374 Indlans-st, corner of State, three Mocks frum State-st. bridge. Applron premises, or at Matteson Bouse. pOARDING—To rtnt, with board, two JL> largepir.CT*.ftmjUb»d,ai*393 Indlaaa-st,one floor from Cass-sL,to genUemasaad wlic. Befctescea required. -POARDING —A private family Lave I) accommodation tor one «r two geaUemen lo board, bating pleasant rooms, with bone comforts. AdSrrss or sppyst Ko. li Enbtard-coirt, M hocus trom Hlchtg*a-ST. pOARDING—A gentleman md wite, fl wUbltg the comforts of a home, aai wUUogto Say for thesame.csa Ard the isae Ids private imDvat Ko. 103 Twenty lepood-st. Becrsncesro* qnired. pOARDING —A tew gentlemenen end fl cool board and rooms, and a pleaiia*ome at Ko. 297 ttate-at. MRS. A. g. MILLS. POARDING —A furnlsned roon, suit -13 able for a gentleman aad vrtfc, or two stale sea tleroen. wt«h a flre-plaoe. Apply No. 17' West WasPlngtoa-su pOARDING One room, tunnhed, 13 soluble for two gnulemto, at Ko. 48 Jackoo-at. Reference* required. TJOAKDING A gentleman wiping 11 board In sprlxate fondly for aelf and wifc.nat obtain s suite of front room*. unfurnished, st >o. 137 ffq; Wa* blngtop-»t. POARDING —A pleasant room, wth fnrel'htAm unfurnished.*ultab> toren tlemaa sad wtfo. or tingle gentlemen. wift or wttbut hoard. Is a nritate family, at So, 364 Soath Jeffena P GABBING—With famished andut li rnrti'hed room* for gentleman and wUe org> ttnnea. Abo, day board, at 134 Ea»t Madiaoa-at. POARDING —To reni, to a centlenm I> and w4fe. a nice front roem, fofnfehed. In a pr T.m f«TT7>iy. Apply at 344 West Randolph st. POARDING —With elegantly famished la parlcracdbedroomfrtwogeoil«iJ»uorr-nOe. ssn sad wife. UeSrrenoo* exchanged. *407 Mlchl gsa-ar. BOARDING —A suite of nicely famish ed rooms to rent with board, at IS? Wabsth-ar. PCARDING—For gentlemen, in a pri- Jjrate family. Board flrst-clau: location xery fire. Also, one iron; room for gentleman aad wife, at *439 UllnoUHt-. two blocks from State-at. bridge. T3OAKDING—A few more gentlemen fj caa&sd pleasant rooms ard r»l board at 298 V State-st.. or day board only, prices reasonable. 8. EL COLZ. Proprietor. BOARDING— A roltc of very desirable unloraUhed front rooms, and one farnlshed room suitable for two gertlcntfl. st Osaby't Building 84 mod NS State-U. Call at the office, first door at the right, up sutrs. T>OARDtNQ Persons desiring day Ij board win do wen to call at the dining room in Crnaby's Dclldlcc, 84 ard 86 State th, where they ean tod the beet the market aCord* preoared axord* Inc to the b«t rules for promoting health. Call st the effice. first door at the right, up stairs. Jfot Sale, T?OR SALE—For $225, a marble conn- X ter. eighteen feet long, cost f£o. R. 8. DICSIS* fepy. 43 aad 47 Lakt-st. F>R SALE—Cheap—To Printers—A “cedtnm cylinder press," in good order. Addrrsa ?r r>’i oaMUIJKXIS A lEEuyT. 179 Michigan-st. T?OR SALE—The seboorer America JJ win be ttortd tor sale at nubile auction, at tbelr docks, from 10 to U o’clock, lor the bene fit cl whom H may concern, on the Thirteenth Air rt necrabcr nTxL For partlctuart app.y to RUhT. RAE. Soath Water and Clark-ata. T7OR SALE—Two all-metal show-cases, cheap. Ac»ly to DT CUE ± STOREY, corner Ria dolph anu Dtaibom-sta. orocresponbeiue JSaanteb. Cl ORRESPONDENCE—' W ante d— A / ladywlthrcenedtastaaodflnepervoaalappesraace wish« to correspord with a gentleman poasesnln: stmuar quailUc*,with a xiewto acquaintance. Ad dress Mrs. enzsl SOMKR3, ChlcaguF. O. gggantett-ffiale %elp. BOOKBEEPKB*> SAtEaflEfl Ac, pgSrVg * * BfoSdwT. Me* Yojfc SvSSgSSpS BEo9»corasofCt»rt>ta vnlWaa-tti. IQ3 a> AdSreM "F.^KJXglll.thlcmgo. XTTATTTRn —A Bnait. active boy, 13 to W uttiti of »r*. ta » Llio Ia»or«c« o«c*•-J*®** too ae« atd Udy, bsro »oni9 *nerwi«jl|«of Bicnre|<• • SjffiS^aSSSStoSSrct.‘oosl rcKTOOI «• qmred. - TBADE9. ANTED—At 103 Twenty-second-st, ta'uoncT'-oae that understands lob wcrfcand m»t rt at fnrnace wort and plombfag. prtfgrreA> ANTED—Five Stone Cutters are vas ted Immediately. Apply *t Wtolntel.U ernre oflrt of BATH * KOItoCULL., >o. IJ7 South Clajk-ct,Morrlwaßnilding. Boom No. «lO* w A s sf^ T r^ SUte-sL ■ TXTANTED—At 103 Twenty-second- VV at a Tinner. One that understand* Job work, *a V d that cia wiri at lurnaca work and plantains pre ffcrred- ■ aiaantcb-.lfsmale %dp HOUSE SKBTANTS. TX7ANTED—A woman to do cooking, VV washlae and ironlns in a prtrate Cwally. A capirle person, who can Cftralsh reference as ebar- at d sbtiltj-joaa have i*U»lactory wAgoi. Apply at the Tribane office. 'TXT'ANTED —-A Protestant or colored V V temale. to yo to tVlscormn, to do the work of a small family. Toone who Is cmclent In «o-rnl book work steady work and *oaa ec«a rtqnlrcd. Apply soon to HABLOW BBOTa- LKn Gc&eial Commission Merchants, ISh boath Water*:, Chicago. XXTANTED —A good cook, washer sn4 V V Ironen »'*?. a second elrL one who caa brink pkd reftrcncts. Apply at 39 ITne*t, comer Indiana. TArANTED —A good girl, one that can V> come well recommended, to do «en*rslboa»e. work. Good vim and a permanent home tor taa winter, call at*A79 WestLako*s. TITANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Itoner. Good «uei tc ejmpetent ktrL No other need apply. Apply at 374 West Lake-st. '\\T ANTED—At 723 statc-st, a good V'V washer. Ironer and plain cook. Goodwacea wlllbe given. \X7ANTED—A good kitchen girl at 101 VV Southaide. TXT AN TED—A cirl about iourteen VV years od, to take care of a young child. One bavins had experience prefaced. inquire at 7-* Quincy-st. __ ttt'a VTFiD — At 325 Mlchigan-av., a W good, quiet girl—one wbo understands caok- WANTED —A girl about lourteen years ot ace. well recommended, to lake the careofalltUc child. Callat279tmtario-«t. TT7 AKTED—A good kitchen nil V V Those afraid of work and above their business pot wanted. Apply at 127 West W a*hmgtjD-sL fEmplnsidfUf agencies. TVf ANTED—Men that mean business, V V with some cash, to buy county rlsrhti on Ear hha’r Weather Strip. A big thins and big bargains. 12S Lake-st. A. C. BROWN A CO. Yt 7 ANTED— A few men, with Irnm W t2OO to 1500. to go Into the best paying thing ever offered. A fortune In sir months. 128 Lake-st. A.C. BROWN A CO. WANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers, 3 salesmen, 1 conductor, 3 brakemen, t Bremen, i porter, xdriver*. a expressmen. Aoply at Hfln 13, FuUe-tonlUccr, 92 L;arootn-4t. Apo lcontabr mall anilress J. 11. MjORB A CO., Bex 1707. epdwStng 10 cents tor reply. , TXT AN TED—Young men in the country V V wishing t* obtain situations, surh »• bookkeep er*., coll'ctor*. expresamen, clerks, brakes men, 4m, 4C_ to apply at J ;t-l Oearbonj-st, Boom 2, or addres« M. £. JUNES * CO- Doz2U4o, enclosing tea cent! lor full partlcalari. TTTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VV colitctor, S br*k«n»n, 2 flmnen. I 2 drtvers,4ccrnts.3tnlrvclerks, 2 conductor*. Apply at 134 Dcarbora-su. Room 2. "ITT ANTED—Y onngmen in tbe country W wishing to 0 Jtam sltnaitons. such as bookkeep ers, clerk*, collectors, salesmen, conductors, expres*- men. Ac., 4c„ to apply at Room 13 Fullcrtou blocs, px Ucarbcm-sU. or ndarets J. M. MOORE 4 CO n Box 1707, enclosing ten cents for mil particulars. WANTED— 1,000 men to go South, SC to ISO per month and board: 30 hewers. 13 shlp-carpcnters, lu wood choppers, $0 railroad men, S teams to so to Michigan, apply early at Boom 3, Und's Block. Raneolpb-rt. bridge. TXT ANTED—I,OOO men to go South, VV waresil3to tSOatnonthandb'tard; Mtrack layer* and strikers. f.3-sfl a day; 500 railroad laborers, filadsy. Apply at 133 Clark-sL,Boom 3. TXT ANTED—Live men, to sell patent VV machine fur grinding knives, iclssors, reaper ktives, edged icol*. 4c. It is an article of real merit; guaranteed; no competition tsell* rarUaly every where. Agents now . make 210 to siw per day. Send retail price I3A0: two ttsmpa for reply. FUL LER4CO., 133 booth Clark-st.. Room 1«. XX TAN TED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- VV men, bartenders, conductors, braxesmeu, labor er*. All persons loot tug for employment call or *d area* Room *JI, So. 127 booth Clark it. All kind* of work furbished at short notice. EncloKsump for psrttenlara. WANTED —This day, 333 men to ffoulb. Wage* 543 tofidper month and board. 50 choppers and 73 railroad men. free transportation. Apply at Room 4, No. IQO Madlsoo-au TXTANTED—SaIesmen, whose experi- V V cues aad ability quality them to assume first das* boslneia relation*. N o mas **atrapped‘* or -'dead hioke" nred apply. J. H. JO>&-■*, Dearborc-at^ Room 47. WANTED— Now is the time to get work. We want 1.000 men to go South, wages Ai>to*3op,rmonth; 100 men for railroad*. Alio. 3 farm hands and I cook Apply to PARSRAi.r. 4 SMITIL I«2S Sooth Cta:t-sL. ftg»m 11. EilantrT)—iHisccllanfous, \\T ANTED—A young lady, who can V » furnish the best ox city reference*, wishes some copyleii. Address“AF M,” P.O. Drawer 611,7. WANTED —All persons to know that V • Dr. Chamberlain's Neuralgic and R-'eumatle Antidote cures, in one or ertoen minutes. Chronic and 'Kin diseases speedily cured. Boom 5, No, 87 Dear born-si. \T7 ANTED —A ding store doing a f v good business in some prosperous town. Ad dress Pox -117. CrawfordtrUJe. Xnd. \\T ANTED To Manniacturere—An V* merest u a paying aanuCscturlnr bu«lne»«. by a young man, bat lug a cash caplUt of about *LSfO. Be»t of city icleieaees given and matured. AoiriAJ “S B.” Tribune office. WANTED— A gram distillery, capable cf caching one hundred bushels per day. Also, a coed dUlTW—one who understands the badness. Apply at Boom 3 Fullerton Block; 03 Dearoorn-su TT7"ANTED—To Trade—Valuable lands Vi of various prices, sccor-'lng to situation, for an A No. i camsce. harness and aone*. or horses and harnesses, or lor goods, or will sell for part cats aad balance on lone time. In quantities to suit the pur* chasers. Also, a hone and IK acre* or la-.a. Laze View, to trace, or for sale, upon rraronahle terms, is* quire at or address 197 Wot Lakost- Chicago, til. \\T ANTED—A man (with a family pre- V 1 ftrrtd) who undmtantla horses kaC cattle. t-> lake charge of a form, St ml Ira Pen tte city, during the winter, and longer If he answers my oorpoae. J. WILLARD EOS, 303 Lak»*t. WT ANTED—Some good lands or other Vv ptoperty In exebatee for some good atoOu. M. A PHIS I ED, 100 MatLaon-st., Boom 4. TAT”ANTED —To Exchange—Ch : cago V T property for a stock ofdrrgrxvl* or rt ady-mSe Clothing. ARIHUB A BUVDEN, itlQStaysst. WT ANTED—To trade some good lots It to fiouritbto; towns In Kansas and Kebraika, for dry goods or other things. Apply at 19*3 South a ark-st. WM. GKIFFITHa fc COh Auction eera. TA7ANTED —A man from every town V v With from SIOO to SLOOO, to call a ; Boom 2, Ko.4y Clark-it. T<7ANTED—Rubber, moulding rub* V V ber, monlding everybody to know that we hare the b»st rubber moulding ever Invented for win dawi anqdoors. A. C. BROWS A CO.. I‘4H Lake-*!. TXT AN TED lnformation—Oi Bans f\ Lewis naatos. who left his father's house two months ago. He is eleven years of azr, slender in form, blue eyes and light hair. Any lotomartoo of his whereabouts will be thankfully received by hU patents, qt No. 36 ladisna-*t. TTT ANTED—Know Tnysell—All per* Yv *ots.yon&zcro.d,wbowUntohsvetheirpa*t. preomtsadratare clearly revealed, call cn mnAh CARLISLE, st 31 tf aonti: up stairs. WJ ANTED—Good merchandise, piano, V v Bid eh. in eschar ge for good property. Also partner for dry poods husteesa. B. W. SSA. Beal Estate aad Metchaadl-e Broker. 144- Advas-*;. £2aantcb-®o 32cnt. Wf ANTED—To Rent—l want to rent VV ahocae ofsercAto ten rooms. It must he warm and dry. WILLIAkI & BE7NOLDS, 6 Opera Bouse. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A three, four Y V or five story brick building, with cellar, lor light macntsctUTlog purposes, wh*re stem power would be used. Location not any object. Call at 50. 44 Cham Per cf Commerce, war building. TT TAN TED —To Rent —-Furnished M r<Km, with »’ovr. gas, on South ride, within s few squares of the Court H(s>e, hr two young men. Address Pest c~Hce Box 1669. Chicago. W7AKTJJ.D--'T o Bent —Fnrmsbed Vs room, with hf-art. In aprtxatefimlly. Address “AC c.” Tribune c thee. \\T ANTED—T o Ren t—A sleeping W room, or «ult* of r*'ocn In a business mock. Address. itailsg location and price, P. O. Drawer 6469. Uoarh SBantcb. pOARD—A gentleman desires a com- J) <brtab>, plrasanl ruom. faml<bed, with b->anL ta a family where ihers are hut lew other ooarders. Lo cation desired, (ttt of State and north of Eighteenth* «U south Elae. Address “J G>.W," Tflbuas office. BOARD— And lodeinr, in Chicaso or jU » bwetfish crutlrtnsn tad til* wife, in a rapectaye family. Address “X" Trlbane office. pOARD—In & private lamdv, tor a D gertleiran. wife and nurse, on Wabaali or Ul rhl ta-1% cr xiclsliy. price. lacloolnr Are and gta, not »exceed {23 per week. Address -waSTS,** Tribune <Bcr. ■>OARD —For the winter, by a young i# can. on West Side, not west of se»plaln*« pur seth cf Vanßunn-sL. in pnxate American family pTtarcd. Address “H L" Trlbane office. IJpARD—Two students desire a board- Ulnc place In an American family where there are co (%er boarders. To be within li minutes' walk of the Oort Hou«e. Address, cl Ting joratlon and terms. J-saiirc Eutmaa College. iHadjincrs FO.' feALE—One louncen-horse porta hlmcln* and boiler; two twelxe-horso do, uacl only ocmouth, Al» new ten-borse enrin« tor west -9T low prloj By GBIFFJh* BROTHEUS, 136 Soiii Water-it. F)R nALE—bteum Engines— i. C, ± 10, And 3D-borse portable, and all sires ••{ ita- Ucnary ertaes, circular sawmills, Woodworth pla ners and cJcbera, power corn abellera. lhafUnr, pul leys * n d tTator machtcerr boOt to order. HICH AHDyiEQ WORKB?. 190 UOR SXE—Three 8-borse power up 1. _ right e.’ioea; |Uso six horizontal engines, 8, 10 •rdU-horsepwer. Larger or smaller esgtaee fora lahedwiu. orttbont boUers. 13,15.1« and*)-hor*e tabular and liemotire boilers for sale, best make. Also one l-rolie Union Matcher and Flaun; Machine. Sawnmla.D*rTeand wood-worklog machinery. Iron p;aner», belling, gwi, files. Ac. Machinery Depot, 52 DesrbcnKU Cttigo. BRQ3. A CO. T7OR SALEWA one hundred horse- A power Earl*. aj»o nsineaandbcllenof all tUft. Leatha belag of superior quality. Portable grlitmllls. One U«d one US horse power loeomatlre holler, cheap lor «ib. S. H.HABRIh. Machlavy Ik tot 62 South J Ratios. L’OR SALE—A'Piano—Original cost, X 1300, only used fourbonths. wfl] be sold fbrrm. U sale is effected before k-uomnr tyeslcc. 90.440 Oek-st-, up stairs. £inuuunw ®aanw», KALES, or UfS (^ITUATIOS —Wauted—On or before J*ncarr Ist. br • bookkwrer mod rx*h'r- ?J 7 fti? c # ,tr f XDerteoc#ln W»iUo.JVf rajpooi'blS CITOA'noN-WmtM-Bj a joum t, *Ww ind mddreM, *> ts^& w lltai -4 4,- S^£E°' S - Wall,ed - As aacteS; is?’ I 'T»ar ■>»•iSiss-i M?S£S ,tt “ ** -w?.J SITUATION—Wanted—Oxi or before pJ*nu* 7 ut,iss7.t, r » n3 t <J> i, e . t? 5 cl six years' experience la .if 1 ?, “**• bof>kkr-P»T snd cashier. Bert of -FIELDING," fftf Washington it. AOdre* SITUATION —Wanted—By a colored CTO^Se^tmseU r u«^ CITUATION—W anted—As teacher, to I O take a Whotlln the country, by a ynacs w,Ja» I from New York. City ret-wnwa. ■*’*' Deeplalnes. Cook County, Ul. **» QlTUATlON—Wanted —Bv a O m*n to take care of horses and bouse of In a store. The heat of rofca-ace*. address "M. K," ii 94 Sooth CasaUt. FETIALKS. SITUAIION —Wanted—As Lousukva. er, by a widow ladr between 20 and :d y,-*r« 0 f *C nooe need answer thUbot those who aba u> the services of a competent person, an t ».-< make a liberal compensation. Reference* exchjji? Address, ft>r one week, -D G T." Drawer H ) j | SITUATION-Wanted —As chamber. cald or to do d:nlnn room woraaauo of children. Has llcm two years with preu-t X ployen. Apply at 382 North Dearborn-.t. " SITUATION—Wanted—By a votm; k_l lady as seamstress, or any klnS <jt Afidren -S S j,’’ Tnbnae ottce. ’*■ SITUATION— Wanted—By a Proles. last woman, to do central hoonework in t «■*».* ramilr. Address JOHN S. JONES, 8.0. Irava 6114. SITUATION—Wanted—Bv a TroiS O tant glrL to do op stairs work*iad uk L “ cv- a children. Address "B D,” care J. X. Joat*. p n Drawer 6114. * CITUATION—Wanted —Families oa O the North Stde.ln want of help, are Irt!>i atMrj. WHITTAKER'S IntcllUesce otßee, SJUCfe. csgo-ar, corntr of LaSalie-st. SITUATION—Wanted—By a vooae lady from the East, as seamstre**, rrtnpipg a sewing machine. Apply at 33 West Piatt* it, or at 180 Monroe*:. OITUATION —Wanted—By a votrn* widow, as seamstress. Is competent t> di sQ kiodsoi tine sewing. Can ran a sew tc g ua-iiie. Salary leas a& object than a comfortable h im*. B tr encei exchanged. Address -A B C." Writ Rrauej; p.»_ agents &aantch, A GENTS —Wanted —Messrs. Ticknor & / \ Fields, Boston, bare panllah-d a sted-ecrr-aTm Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a* a per.Tct ,ikcu*j a work ot art. it Is comci-uilt-d as the beat lik-ao* yetpnfUHied. bv Robert T. Lincoln, Mr. Trumbull, Mr.atiaus, Mr. Hetndon, Mr. I. N. Arnold, lien. Groat. Chariee Sumner, Mr. Chase. Gvn. Barn-* And many others. It Is soM only by subscription, ard Aa*aw are wanted ler iU rale. Liberal commt»:»Q» :irr r.'.'u to canvatscr*. and successful can liare gn»!t(*. rllc-ry to operate In. Address JOHN H. AMMUS. Publishers* Agent. 87 Wadblagion-et.. Chlcagn AGENTS: —Wanted— Experienced bock and tn era vine canvassers, to whom s Iwe *d ary or rommbdon will be paid. Address CiIAHUo 80-1, 132 South Clark-st- Chicago. Ul. A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per motlli m C\ and expenses paid male or tern ale igrnt*. u in troduce a new and nsclol Invention, of atw.-lote nU::ty In every .household, .tpents rrefirring to us comm can ears from rK) to t3O per <lsv. Fir foil particulars address W. U. WILSON a CO-.CbTeiud, Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted —$200 per mocib to sell the GENUINE IMPROVED BARTLETT SEWING MACHINE. Price reduced> \i dress W. DELOS* 4 CO., ICS Dearborn-,:.. Chlngi, A GENTS —Wanted—2,000 Aircr.Lt. Take J\. “TQB FAMILY INSTRCCTOR.** if 7 1 wist a tor-d book. A. KiPDEIL 9S WaShtngton-eL. Chicago. HI. AGENTS —Wanted —To sell a lip trp article. Fell* everywhere, with enllcary tvV lie- Every buriuew teqmres K. coabio** utllS*? wlthbuieis* owr advertfacment of -pecisl lst-r-<i. Hu no competitor. Is a perfect novel:* In the l':!W States—«nlv cce manufactory yet established. Hm sands already sold and glvintr ccmp'-te ra:t«ft.-t|v«. Opens np an entire new fI«U tor as» - nw. <-f :d5 cv pacittes. Coniump-lon con-iact, and like;* to v.uia the C«ur« of one million, dally, m the Nortt-»*v:a Slates alone. Send sumps for ctrenlar*. Simply milled tree to any acdrens p-r |IJS. Address orsdi on TBPS. DERBY 4 A GEN TS—Wonted Everywhere—To *ell Grant’s ccleirued CABFEV BALLS, ih; nest fc'lDrg article ever offend to Agent*. F. GRANT. 212 WestLakc-st,« hicogp. AGENTS —Wanted—Twelve good, reli able men, who understand tiic s-:b‘crlpt!ou tvxik business, and can famish satiska-tory evidence c> B“a --k»tt, kNtkGT ai d tuu. can find a pcrmau--nt. patlag busirmby apnlyitg to CLAUSE 4 CO . SO Ni WashlDgtoa-sC, Chicago. AGENTS — Wanted— Gentlemen acd ladlfs throuchoQ! the Crlt-d stales to sell oar new Boo*. “APBOTTe I IVES of the PRESIDENTS,” from Washington to the present time, in ooe volqks ol about 300 pages, beautifully U ustraled with idrel engravings. In* Actmob—rax Tn**»—m« Tnun, the elegant style and moderate price, all mmblus u> render attractive. n»af:il sul -*sls ble look* ever published In this country. To expe rienced agents this 1* a rare chai.ce to make xuiiey with a .pltDdia book, sod no competition, ruhlbh ers* blghtst commission cl/ea. Sct-d stamp for ar ular* and terms. S. S. BOYDSN, 73 Clark-st, Chi cago. 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Malennd lemale— lln<tnc*.« at borne. K. capital repaired. Active sgtnto ran make f 5 daily. Address, with stamp, S. DEV ERA ACS. Drawer 6412. Chicago. lU. A GENTS—Wanted—Fcdlers and all xl who are Idle, call and see an article too <wa make from 43 to sib a osy 00, easy. nAUIN 4 CO. 21S Late at, 3d floor. A GENT?—Wanted—Male and Female /A are mating a* hleh as ISO per day. with *lsl riREAT LABOR SAVEIL” wor-Jri «30 Onlv S 3 to S:0 capital requited, tend »Urap for par ticulars. It. WATVELIH Box 4781. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AUE- A RICAN FARMER'S HORSE BOOK, ny Robert Mewart. JI.D. V. tnere»ulUof twert? year* of ongtsal invrstigatfon. The book above all others for Agents as It appeals to theno'o«sltiei sail self Interest of a very larg,-. wmlthy and mV.* cla»* In ever-community. Apply to or 4, i. GOODMAN A Co- Publishers, Chicago, IU. AGENTS— Wanted—THE GRAND PATRIOTIC CHART OF AMERICA. -The cr ot our Country ami Heroes of *7S.*’ Sire ■» |c<hes. Sent mounted for CJc- post paid. It s '* Ilk' the w|od. Try It. Address GOODSPBED A CO -348 Lake H-. Chicago. 111. A GENTa—Wanted—SCO Aeents want* X\ ed ImtDCdUtrly for the GLOBE SEWING M v tiilNE, on the most liberal terms, p. ATKINSON. 164 uaudolph-et- tcota O, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—&0 more, for the telebrabd BAKER SEWING MACHINE. I will !>ay active min flOCper noalU ard expense*. or civ a llwraicommUslcnton-.a!': and fetual- F n r particulars and agency papers, address 55. BECKWITH, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For the LIGHTS X.V AND SHADOWS OP THE GREAT REBEL LION. Np’.ctuililly Illustrated **uh over ICOftne.or traits and beaut£fo. engravings, ibis work. In It* conception, arrangement, aj« peculiarly net. - and at tractive truer of w«r literature, stand* perries* aad alfur among all l»e competitors. The rtepirtmml which embrace* the WortHanc Deeds cfWonea la an exclusive restore In there oases, and la already secur ing tor the work a universal popularity. It embraces Inrldcsis during all lUfw or the war, and in ad ports cf the Held ol suite. Send for circulars. Address “NATION." L PUBLISHING HOUSE." lO Lombard Bl»:k. Chicago. 111.; 300 OHveeU. St. Lout*. jlo. AGENTS— Wanted—itile and female, are making aa btgb as S3O per day. wl'h *• THE ortAT Laßlß PAVER,” worm s3' to any family. Only $2 to tio capital required. Send st*mp toe par- Ucuiart. R. WaYVELL. Box 4751, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Espenecccd first- Xi cUMeanvaaier*. en'l'men and ladle*, for •‘THE frAVEB AT VaLLEV FOUIUv.” a now and matrulu cettsVel cagravlnr; price. ?iAO, U«s pecullarr«c omirendatlons which cause it to be admired t.y eve-T Amsrlcan, cf whatever scetorpartv. where ara ffieeUng with unparollelad suecca. Puo- Usber** commission given. Add re**, stamp enclosed. 8.8. BOYDEN. 73 Cfork-st, Calcars. 111. AGENTS— \Vanted Gentlemen and todies throughout the United States to tell our new Book. “ABBOTT*S LIVES ofthe FftSSIDk.NTS.'* mmwasblugtoQ t> thepreemt time. In one volume of about 900 pages, beautifully illumed with steel cnKTattsgs. TTrs AuraowHi tuksx, the elegant style sad moderate phee, all eumhlne to render this one of ta» meet attractive, acetal and *ala ble boots ever popUshwi la this com.try. To expert* eti/ wl ascu’j this is a rare chsnce to make wltha'pienold boot,and no compe'lUos. Publish ers’hlgbeslcommbsjoa glvea. S-nd stamp for cir cnUr and terms. S.ti. BOTDEN.TJ Clark-»L. Cbl- Satinets ®3aanteh. PARTNER —‘VTanted—To buy a onc- A half iLtrrtst lu an e*ta*>ilshed, paying hatlara*. Capital required, aboutVUCO. BeftifWM given sad reqain-d. Ary parser wishing to mgare ta a twrm*- n*rt acd prcfltaDle btulhru, locate! In lha dty. will seldom meet with so fovorsbia sa upporta* miy. Call at or address “J A” CS Nlonroe-st. PARTNER —TTanied—An active busi* X ces* mar. with a capital of « to SLCOO. to In troduce i n<> psteut In four of the Western States. Tm maoclacture can be nearly contracted for. A nn- Dhlngshop wi I be necessary, to pm together and com* plite. It is popular wherever introduced. Address “J B,” Chicago. pARTNEH—Wanted—To join the ad* X vrrtlser, fer the sale of au article which par* IDA ptrernt. profit. TMb Is a rate chance. Korisis. Ad dress -AaiHEßaT.** Tribune office. "PARTNER — Wanted With $3,000 £T cub, to tnxesltn a sale, reliable, staple basinet, locatea m this dry- Profitafolr. FirtveUn reference* Flxin sad lequlred. Addrtu “KBMU.KD,’’ Tribune cffice. PARTNER—Wanted—With s rmalt t° * butiae**. Inquire at 479 PARTNER—Wanted—s2,ooo—l wish JL to tee a man with the abort! amount who wi»y« a rood boalneia, established and raying CO art per day. Call personalty at ‘4lB Lake-iU, back room too end floor. "PARTNER—Wanted—ln a Produce X mod Comml*alon Boose, that hu an erteojlro cotatry trade. Address “ W H.“ p. Q. Box 1160. "PARTNER—Wanted—WII h from -L , *IAX) to HACOto take a half Interest la a well «- tabluhed grocery business. obi ret to extend the trade Apply at IDO MsdlsotuL. Boom 4. PARTNER—Wanted—With from SSOO X to rmia an oOce btulaei* paying large profits. Aodrtia **W W C." Tribune office. Worsts, (Carriages, See. PDR SALE—The subscriber expecting to be absent from the city during the next alz ffipDibj, oDcrs hla rtable property, conJUang of the fbllowlrc.for lale: Oco pah xery fine bay tones. One fine Chestnut mare. One fine Mexican pony. One double cloae carnage. One double open carriage. One single bnsgy. One two-scatea tlelch. Two rets* doable paraess. one sett single-harness. Two lap robes. Two lap blankets. Bcrte blanket* forilable aad street »!dzhbells, pad dle. fty nets,carriagecoxere, combs, bnuhe*. Ac., an lo good order, asd will be disposed of at a great bargain to any part* wishing to narcha?e the lot. For forth’r particulars Irqmrc of □. U. KKIGtTT. at the ■tables of the American Express Company, 70 Moa toe-st.or U in reference to carriages, to co AN *TEX BEOCEE,4I and 43 Racdolpb-et. JA3.C.FABOO. FOR BALE—One small carnage, smt abi* tor one or twahersse. Also, an elegant ueaxer Rohe and one palrof Carrtige Blankets. An ply at 70 WsAblngtci.^u A N EXCELLENT pair horses, carriage^ XI bn«lnes« wacon. sleigh, to. To* «ale or exchange for real esiai'. Will pay some money in bargain. QCIVBY A BAWLBt; j Reynold*’ Block. A SECOND-HAND, Crst-cla?s two seated carriage wanted, tor one or two buses. Address P. O. Drawer Cg 43 jarrsmigi. TJEREONAL,—InformsUon wanted oi I GEORGE C. OREM, and of aux mstforreUMag to hi* businw* in Chic-ro, Iftbe la<!y with *hjn he boat i*d. aad tbe sgrnt or attorney who ta hiabostae*s.willaddreM or call on ths they Win e*a.*r a f.xor r.a Mr. O’a Uia«r. W. gy, 13 Ring's Block. Chicago.