Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 13, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 13, 1866 Page 1
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£l)icego tribune. •niUISOAT, DECEMBER 18, 1806. tqe nkwh. Therc vrai ft beftTj frost In Mobile Decern- cinvtMtaK of t’.o Virginia LtgU .jUiho" o«>J t<>ar mtmita in linrcf the iC-UlEltert Amendment. c P ” i cw it point* In the new lintlonnl BJU, ,000 to he reported to the Donee, in _i rt u(bUiaonJiiC. I'nitcd Slates fivo-lwentles closed In Lon l«i ««**«« 41 n * 0014 ** Nbw York ra itfianotedat 13« H The public treasury at present bolds {o gold, in addition to which there are cl/lii.iwJ m colu certificate*. 2 It U alleged that John H. Sarratt will be ~ rei * pardon in case be tnrea btate'a evidence all of his lellow conspirator* in the plot fonbe murder of President Lincoln. \ new scheme for the reconstructlon'/Jf the exilic: n Sla:<« is now brought forward bj prom pt North CarolKlacs, the gist of which la given in onrVarblnston despatch. The Canadian Judges have Ignored the various picas eel np by the counsel to the Interest o 'ibc Troian prisoners, and their trials will com on Tuesday next. The University of Toronto has erected a memorial window to the alndenta of the college wVo Ml in tbe battle with the Fenians at Lime* ftror Ihdcr. | Fourteen vessels and twenty-six lives have been loci in prosccntton oi the fishing bnainesa o(T Thelosaof life i- more tl’&n double that of last year. The value ofufeselt and property lost ataltaU to tIOV.OOO. The Philadelphians are about erecting a mammoth reservoir, which. It Is proposed, shall famish the city with 9,000,000 gallons per day. It setm* that, during the past aiunxner. a majority of the cholera case* occurred In the northwestern D ,rt nr (bw city. vk«r* the water 1« very poor. Admiral Pierson, of the Powhatan, lately at callao. baa wzinen a letter vindicating tbe American mlsMOnartea at the Sandwich Islands from the aspersions of a roving band of English High Churchmen. Everything at the Islands is progressing In the right direction. It Is announced that a site for a new Press- 1 decrial Mansion at Washington has been deter mined uDon. It la to be located about two miles northwest of Washington, and will be snrronndi?d by a pa’k. The land in that neighborhood is valued at aboat 91.&00 an acre, bnt before any final arttoo can be taken upon Uh subject sa-ap* pi&pironon mart be had from Congress. Toe recent Methodist Ccntenlal at Boston was an important affair. A generous eollec* tlon was icalUtd for the general purpose of the sect, as veil as for paying off particular debts. Theie was a good delegation of dUltugnlsbed mi a present from d»:ont cities. Bishop Janes made at- clcqo nt and Impressive address. There is talk of removing the New England College from Concord,' N. 8., to the neighborhood of 80-ton. I A letter from Berlin says Russia Is at pre- I sett by no means in a position to entertain ag- j gresaive design*, for the emancipation of the I pf 15 ixtry has not led to the result.* that were cx- f peered hem the measure. The peasants have 1 etiunn so l.ttlc Inclination for Industry that whole I trsets of land have b**n left entirely uncultivated, I ar«l the peasantry arc now unable to fulfil their I engagements to those who have a*simed to them I tbo e lauds tor cultivation. The latter, arc now, I on their own putt, unable to pay their taxes to the I (JoTtxmrnt. I At thu icccnt session of the Circuit Conrt I fo Doicl uster County, Maryland, Jnd?e Rpouee I decided the invalidity of the Indentures of certain I regro apprentices, and restored them to tbelr parents who had petitioned for hihta* corpus. The of the Jodie's decision were mnch I th* tain-- as those taken byJndgo Bond in the Criminal Court. The decision baa made much ft : i in the jndtdal district in which toe learned Judge p.e ides, as It invalidates nearly all the indentures so hastily entered into when the act of emancipation t-ok effect in Maryland. The Columbus (6a.,) Bun says : “ The high wage* oCcred for laborers has induced a good many to leave for Mississippi plantations. We are tuld that about one hundred lett «Talbotlon on Monday, and Tuesday a lot of between fifty and Te'cnty left Columbus. They went with their em ployers, and eecmed to bewel! satisfied at being prom’sed Inrrca-cd wages, and tbe prospect of making large crops on good land. The pay allow ed, bt tween $l5O $175 per year, is liberal, and will attract away many freedmeo ; though wc believe tbe IsrgensJoJty will not consent to leavcGeor- gia.” Uor. ‘Wju. D. Northcnd, the Democratic candidate tor Rcprwetitalivc to Congress at the ! recent election In the Fifth District la 'Massachusetts, has written a letter to Governor Bullock, protestlnc against the certificate of election being given to Gereial Duller, on the ground that he was not at the time of the election, and never had been, an inhabitant ol the District. The Governor re ft,ed the matter to the Attorney General, who de cided that General Butler is entitled to the certlfl* cate, and the Governor trill accordingly give U to him. Tbc Boston CommeretaJ Uulletin aays: “A well-known merchant of ibis city fans just com pleted arrangements Tor the erection or a new .and handsome theatre, about the size of, and to he cosdorted and managed npon the plan or Wallaces, In New York. It MU hr located upon the easterly aide ol Washington street, between Hayward place and Kesex atrc-U The archllen baa the plana of the building In hand, and opera tions will be commenced with the Intention of completing Ue theatre, and opened with dramatic pcrfoimacio on the Ist of. September npst—a'h*-, 3 ‘n' pptmt «• of 'K’.Uacli'i the city P>v=n.mcat of ot for censml Pfound;,, cudo-1.. cl C Mnu Peru <m me retarded t. 1.- ou ctw7 tenawt .aluallon of ai'on of which would tte d.r call for about tp®r poo r> 17 cents; public uibntcd a 5 school'. debt sod fur sinking laud, of inuveet cents; water’. SI cents; po sl.r>C; hlchw^’L,»ropcr‘y, Gcenls; fire, 7 cents; Commlselonerp, t- cents ; prikom*. ", _ . cent*; remaining expenses, 21 tucel cl/ 111 *’ cents. , Maldy, before the Polvlccb- Sir- ° jn, recently, presented some curious nlc A* In an oSdal report on the etaV* n staling that 27.0il guns were ba rt «% on the Held after tbc engagement, r OI this number one loads each remaining nnfiicd, one bad three loads, and the remaining 6,001 qJloed over ten loads apiece, Many were Cd bating from two to six ballets over one urge, is others the powder was placed above 1 a',], one gun had six cartridges with the paper autora, In one Spriigflrld rifle twenty-three sepa rate cnarpw* were found, while one smooth-bore oceket cucialucd twenty-two bullets and sixty brekrbot rammed In promiscuously. “Malakoff,” the Paris correspondent of th** Kew York /Tm*/, iclalr* a cartons Incident for Paris, which happened at the Italian opera during the performance of “ Crispin o,” In which Adelina Patti has had such an immense success. Just as thu curtain was going up tor the second ac*. high went** ot oupnte between two gentlemen were beard in the iho two gentlemen were tern to go out together, and as soon as they arrived in tbc lobby the discharge of a pistol was beard. The curtain was lowered, and the great est confusion prevailed for a moment in tbc house The parties were taken before a magistrate, and there it was found that the one who had fired the pistol, and fortunately done no harm, was a Mcs icar, end the other a gentleman from Havre, in Prance. They bad quarrelled about the artistic merits of 1 a Patti, and the Mexican, to “giro force to hi* argument,” had used his revolver. After explaining the cate to the magistrate, the Mexican said: - “1 have told your Excellency the whole tm»h about U, and now, if your Excellency pleases, I will retire.” “ His Excellency” was not a little a toended at this proposition, and inform ed the Mexican that “what you call, in America, fii/orcit.y cn crpt/ntnrf, we call, in France, an ei trwpi at Cf*2itinafvw,tni that under such clr* .cumrfaaccs we i-Crd people to prison.” The Mexican qld not scire the distinction, and went loffbelween two gtns rfcrws quite as much as loniebed at the Squire as the Squire was at him. I In Hie Senate, on the IStli, a joint resolu tion was offered thanking Cyru* W. Field for the /successful laying *>f the Atlantic Cable. Mr. I TrcmboU introduced a resolution requesting the i President to inform the Senate whether aay per sons have been appointed to office since the last ' adjournment of the Senate to fill vacancies exUl f it.g prior to that adjournment. Tbe District of I Columbia Suffrage UUI was then taken no and i discussed by Messrs. Brown, Davis, Sprague, j I Bockalew, Doolittle, Pomeroy, ,tc.. and the Sea- < I ate adjourned. In the House a resolution was j ' introduced and laid over, authorizing tbe Cow* mlltce cu War Dtbta of the loyal States to report ] a bill to give authority to tax the National Banka two-aod-a-balf per c«nt for the payment of eacb di.U Theeredcntlalaofß. XLEppenon,elected to tbe Conte frem Texas, were presented and refer red to tbe Election Committee. Tbe bill repealing the law of 27U0, which proeldea that no trial for treason «**n taVe place after three yeara, was de —— bated and recommitted to the Judiciary Commit* toe. Tbe till was pawed authorizing toe Presi dent to confer brevet rank on officers appointed to tbe regular army* for gallant services in tbe vol unteers. Tbe bill regulating appointments waa •debated at great length. A bill was passed placing volunteers appointed to the regular army on the came tooting as regular officers. A bill to fix tbe JVaoe establishment of tbe United States army nu laid over. A bill to provide for an an nual repart cf the progress of the survey of the Northern aid Northwestern Lakes, was appropri ately referred. The famous Parrott con Is in the New York coortc. Ibe bill was filed in the case by Daniel Treadwell against Itobert P. Parrott, founded on letters patent Tor a new and useful Improvement In the manufacture of cannon, to restrain him from v an Infringement on the same. The complainant's patent was bcued on tbe 11th of December, I*s. and afterward surrendered and re-issued on ttao 4th of February, 16®. Tbe specification of the original patent describee very particularly the mode of construction. Ibe patentee first carta cannon, having at Its largest part a diameter about twice as great as tbe calibre; It la then bored, and the onlaide turned; a screw U cut on the body; hoops or rings are then formed of wrought Iron, and a female screw cut on tbe inside to fit tbe threads cut on tbe body, and are finished about 1-UOOtb part of the interior diameters less than the male screw to be encircled. Ibe hoop is then heated to expand It sufficiently to turn it on to its plice. An indefinite of hoops or rings mav be thus put on tbe body of tbe gon, ana also other hoops formed in the same way orer the first aeries. Ibe claim la tbe original pat nt Is &* fal* j ou# . *• ido not claim a patent lor using hoops generally in making cannon, as the earliest cannon known »ete formed in pari by hoops bmzeiupon r--.Mii. Bnt my invention consists in constructing cannon will! hoops screwed and shrunk upon a body In which the calibre Is formed in tbe manner herein described." Judge Nelson, of the United State* Circuit Court, before whom tbe ease was broccbt, decided thal the patentee was not the first aid original Inventor of Uie Impro' enxeut. Ml EUROPE. Yesterday’s Despatches by Atlantic Gable. farther Information Concerning the Conspirator Surratt. The Suspected Fenian Privateer Claimed by the Columbian mister. Large Numbers of Fenians Em barking for the United States. FROM MiGTOS. A New Scheme for the Reor ganization of the Sonthem States. Interesting Statistics in Rela tion to the Freedmen’s Bureau. Prominent Points in the New National Bank Bill. CONGRESS. Further Debate in the Senate on the District Suffrage Bill. BilltoEcpeal the Statute of Limi tation in Treason Oases Ee oommitteil. Debate on tbe Bill to Regulate Executive Appointments. FROM CANADA. The Fenian Trials to be Resumed on Tuesday Next. INTERESTING SUMMARY OF MEXICAN NEWS. FROM EUROPE. tly Atlantic Cable—Departure of French Troop* tram Rente—Farther Inform alien Concerning the Aenasstn Barrett—'The Pope Advised by the French lUkaletcr net to l*envc Rome—The Suspected Fenian Pn» vßterr Claimed by the Colombian Minuter —Fenians Embarking lor the United Staten —aiortee Disasters. Roux, December 11.—The Pope Is at CLvitta Vecchla. The Twcnty-Nmth French regiment left for home, evacuating Castle San Angelo, and the Fon* tifldal flag la hoisted over the Castle. The man who save Information about Surratt Is a French Canadian, named St. Marie. Be betrayed Surratt throuch jealousy, and aaya Sarrau told I him that Lincoln's assassination was a precon- I ccrtcd plot. Snrratt carried direct from Davis' I Cabinet at Richmond, the principal details of the plot to Washington, and the assassination was not only In accordance with the desire of Davis' Cabi net, but was done by their direction and orders. I London, December iJ—Noon.—Tbs steamer I Bolhar. the>uspected Fcnlao privateer. Is strictly I guarded. She had no papers, and has every sign I of being a privateer. I Rohe, December 12—Noon.—The French Min- I uter to-day Informed the Pope that If he with t’cmrerowK, December 12.—The steamers U 1 ;ernlan ana Washington arrived, tonnes, Wednesday Evening.—The ateatnc Bolivar. seized on suspicion of being Intended for n Fen’an man-of-war, baa been claimed by the Mil Igier of tbe Republic of Colombia as the legit laid'- property of bis Government. The Bolivar :«tbe vessel which went to Lagnayra In charge o Ornish officers for delivery to President Mose quern's Government. The crew insisted on being retailed on tbe ship, which was refused. They thereupon led the port with her and retained to England. She will now probably be turned over 10 the Colombian Government. Excitement about her b as died onl. Cons. December It— Evening.— A large number of Fenians have embarked at this and other Irish ports for America. Cnsnavxjf, Wednesday, December 12,—’The ship Mary Baker, from Philadelphia, has arrived at this i»ort very leaky. Weatohd, Ireland, December It.— Tbe ship Indus, bound to Philadelphia, is ashore near this place. Eosllitt Market*. LmwooL, December 15—Erer-lag. The provision niartet ts dull. _ Losmsi, DecrmlvrlJ—Erealnc. llje tnontr market m easier. CotuoU advanced V per cent. clcMlna at BSX for money. Uoaine p'tcr* for American securities are: MO**. :i; Eric,4l>i; Illinois Central, FUOM WASHIScfto. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Wasuisotos, December 12. XTW UOIXJIEST Ttlß TUX BZOBOAKtZATIOX OF TUX eocrnsiix status. A stroni; movement la being made here by lead* mg men from North Carolina and other parts of lb.- South, to secure a reorganl'ttion of the Slate (lovciiunents by those who can taVe a certain form of ted oath, which they claim would allow all who, after Mr. Lincoln's amnesty proclamation of De* cembcr?, 19W, were in favor of the best attainable peace, and bcaitily opposed to any further efforts of establishing a Confederacy. This Is a move* mebt dlstirc* from thatpiasented through Judge Kelley, chiefly on tnc part of Louisiana men. The petition for tbe formation of the new Cute Governments reports that ihe.pcople were driven into the rebellion, and Union men over- awed, bnt that very soon many became convinced that they could not succeed, and after Mr. Lin coln’s proclamation of amnesty. Is December, :av>. a strong peace party sprung np Vhlch tbe rebel Government attempted to crush by tbe sus pension of the right of Aetaucoryw* by per secutions. At this time party lines were very closely drawn npon this peace issue, and all who desired to see the Union restored were on one side, while all who were really secessionists were found on the other. An nath recognizing this distinction would pul those m power who were simply mis led, and vttetward saw their error and repented ct if, and cxclnde all who were avowed and bluer secessionists, th e class Is now discouraged by the course of the President, and by tbe fact that Congress seems disposed to make no distinction between them and tbeonglnalsccessioniits. For these reasons they a«k that those who can take the following oath be allowed to form new State Covsmmcr-ls: •-I. a B ,do solcmly swear on tbe Holy Evangelist of Almighty G6d, that oa the 4lh day oi March, IB*t, sro at all times thcrestter I would have willingly complied with the requirement* of the proclamation of the President of the Colton States, issued on tbe Sth day of December, 1863, bad safe opportunity of so doing been allowed ire. That on tbe said 4;h of Marco, 1964, and at all times thereafter, 1 was opposed to the contin uance of the rebellion, and to the establishment ol tbc so-called Confederate States Government, and voluntarily gave no aid or en couragement thereto, but earnestly desired the success of tbe Union and the suppression of all armed resistance lathe UovcTTmcnt of the United States, and thatlwill henceforth faithfully support the Constitution of tne United Slates and the union of the States themselves This plan is particularly suited to North Cat ollna, as there ihe pesce movement in 1965 was the strongest, ana It is supported by many of her ablest and soundest mer, while at the same time they propose it as a general plan of reorganiza tion. TUB JOUSOK cixas. Tbe Johnson Chibe of the district are consider-* ably demoralized. One of the novelties at the regular meeting of the Conservative Amy and Navy Union last niebt, was an earnest defence of the character of Hon. Tbad. Stevens. rtziEKETs acanc rativtics. The War Department report. In answer to the resolutions of Inqnlry, passed by (be Uoase In (he elotlse day* of last eceslon, ebows that the ag pie'Ttte iccelpts of the Preedmca'e Boreaa from Ua organization, Jancary Ist, 1365, up to October let, istt, a period of twenty-one months, were u follows From Freedw cn’« fond.. Frcsx reclaimed bounties.. .. .. From clothing, fuel, and subsistence, From safes offarmcrops... 19V&tO From reatotbailalsn..*. 101,573,89 From rents of Gods 5J9,'2318» From quartermaster's department ... 1S.8&50 Fitm conscript land 13,015.00 From schools, tuition, and taxes JW,O3MI Total ft,«H,tS3.TO The tern froedmen's fond*, embraces money uo* ired from teles of Confederate property, fines, marriages, certificates, donation*, etc. The amount held as tcclalmed bounties cannot proper* It be considered as fonds of the bateau, a* U is merely held In trust (or colored soldiers or their families, in accordance snth general order, No. 90. Department of Virginia and North Carolina. Since l«W, the conscript fond, originated la a mil itary order In New Orleans before tha organwa tion of the herein. In behalf of the families of col oied soldiers contcripled, and baa been expended as contemplated in the order. Ibe C*Feodiinrp« of the tor can for tbe twenty- YGL. XX, oss months ending on October Ist, ISO 6, were u follow*: Prwedmen'a funds Clotting, foel and subsistence. Farms, fendee tools, Ac, labor by employe* Knits ot bnlwtngs Repair* oi building* Bent of iands restored Houashold furniture Internal revenue Cowoipt fund Transport*! lon ochoon Contingent ezpenica.. Detained bounties— Total ....SKS4£L77A6O The report gives the number of laUoos issued from Jure Ist, 1965, to April Ist, IK6, to refugees atdfreedmen. 7be greatest number issued in one month to refugees was In March, 1a66, when fi54,745 were furnished. The greatest number tuned tn one month to freed men, was lu Septem ber, 1663. when 1,06U01 were furnished. The ag gregate for the entire period of ten months are as follows: To retugeee, 1,974,528; to freedmea, •0,014,480. Total, 7,965,008. Till STAtW WAS CASDIT. Tbe propovlllon of Comptioller Blllhoose to tnm over the income tax to the various States wherein it Is collected, in liquidation of the State war debts, cans out the idea, which was brought forward in the House to-day by Hr. Blaine, who moved an Inquiry into the expediency of settling their indebtedness by allowing each biate to tax the National Banka within Its limits at a rate not exceeding ten per cent on the capital stock, said tax to be In Uett of til) national taxes except one-tenth of one per cent on the average circulation for the expen ses of the Currency Bureau. This proposition will probably find a few friends, but will meet a decided opposition, because of the unequal distrl bntfon ofTTaircnal Dank cdpllat.* ASKVAL nxrPUT OH mi SOUTXT OT TUX HOBTU- WEBTEBH BASES. Among the bill* brought into the House to-day ua* cue by General Paine, which requires the Sccretaiy of War to hereafter make to annual re port, separate ftom his genera! report, of the pro erete ofthoturveys on the northern and north western lakes. One of the Hems In the Diflclcncy Bill, reported In the Douse this morning, Is ten thousand dol lars for Marine hospital at Louisville. The bill repealing wbatii commonly called the statute of llmltallou. in treason trials, was recom mitted to the Judiciary Committee. In the Donee, to-day, it encountered serious opposition' (tom Mr, Stevens and other leading men here. FtXAiB Ct-EUBB, The proposition to discharge all the female rlt-iPaul the Treasury Department, is now being LCilouely considered by Secretary McCulloch. BAYED niOU THE WBXCE. The Secretary of the Treasury, 10-day, received a certificate of deposit In favor of Mr. Benry Mer till, for the sum of tour hundred pounds sterling, on tbe London and County Banking Company, ol London, which sum, Mr. Merrill reports, remained in his bands while acting as an officer of tbe so called Confederate f tales, at the closing of the war. The Secretary has ordered the money to be collected and placed with the funds arising from tbe sales of captured and abandoned property. A UOOZ FEIXUttE ,f dutiable goods, amounting in value to several thon»aad* of .dollar*, was made at th« port of New Orleans a few days since. The {rood* were being smuggled la by passengers on board tbe Lorcno, »hich arrived from Havre. The Secre tary of the Treasury baa prepared a bill, which will be submitted to Congress at an early day, providing a gcneial Custom Hevonnclaw,dcsi(med to snper-cce all other laws on that subject, and embracing all necessary provision* for icgulafng the foreign coasting trade, the assessment and collection of dalles on merchandise imported from foreign countries, and the subject matter im mediately pertaining thereto, Cast *Tx to wonmann. Tbe debates to the House show that several of those not retnrncd co the Fortieth Congress lean strongly towards the position of the Conserva tives, doubtless with tbe expectation that at tbe dose of their term Mr. Johnson will provide for them. Several bids appear to be lo lor vacant offices of various kinds within tho gUt of the I'ieeidcnt. xaTioaan baxk mix. Three protracted sessions have been held by the Denso Committee on Banking and Corrcncy, to consider the National Bank Act, postponed from last session. Tbe bill has been en tirely remodelled and will be reported at an early day. Tbe principal new feature Is the requirement that all National Banks shall redeem theit circulation In New York. Tbe committee is understood to be opposed to any Increase of Na tional Bank currency, and to favor a re-distrihn tion of that sow In circulation, ao as to give tbe South her proper share. Tic Ways and Means Committee have had no formal session. From (he conversation of a part of its members it would seem that the committee is much more nearly in aecord with Mr. McCul- Jrfb tb«" ♦><«» TTnnsi* 1« nr trill he.... WasiintCTOx, December IS.—The bill reported by the Committee on tbo Judiciary of the House, repealin'* tbs act of 1790. which limits the prosecu tion lor trend on to three years, has created a pro lotted sensation, and the finest legal talent of the hedy has been oromptly arrayed realnet the pro position as a monstrous one. Many leading Re publicans. Including Mr. Stevens, will resist the ritoposlUon to the last, aa an ex-poit facto law. CAuronsiA arsaronsuip. Mr. Stewart yesierdav received a telegram from San Francisco, seating that Senator Nyc. of Neva da, bad already received a deeded majority In the Leclalatuie, and will nndonbtedlr be re-elected. loos tax* naiutoan. General Bloomfield, of New Oneana. is hereon business connected with the rebuilding of the railroads of Louisiana. There la little doubt bal be will be successful. •mnwnrr* norra. although not so exclusively attractive as before the session of Congress, still attracts many vis itors. The usual number presented themselves to-day, and In addition to official Interviews with tiicmcmhers ofthe Cabinet, the President found lime to sec a majority of them. Dinrascr cm. WATOiJtornK, Deeeinlfer IS.—Mr. Stevens* bill, repored yesterday from the Committee on Appro* rnaUoss. to supply deficiencies In the appropria* lion# for the present fiscal year, and which is made a special order lor to-morrow, embraces the fc* lowing liras: For publicprinting... income Bureau of Sla'istic*. F Fuel, light and labor In Treasury b'ld’g.. 23.000 To nfand Sixth Auditor B,*W) Marine hospital, Louisville Fencing grounds comb of President’s boose.. 15,000 Hepatra and preservation public b'ld'ge... 125.0UJ Furniture and repairs of furniture 10,000 batno for Treasury buildme *O,OOO Heating apparatus, public bolldiece 10,000 l ecililalinc communication by telegraph. 40,000 Ft pervi»|t>jr local steamboat inspectors... 7.000 Waul man for pnbbc buildings *,700 I'cflaencv for work done In tVasblneton City...:. 1T0.5P7 Stable at Executive Mansion 1.500 Metropolitan police 17.72 S Cmnintatlon ot quarters and fuel for ef fect* of Engineer Corps 130,195 Pan done to Washington aqueduct... 13,000 t (rtlngcodcs of Stale DenartmcnL *50,000 TUX KZW OBZXAKS BIOT. The special Committee to Inquire into the New Oilcans riots held ameeting to-day, and took les- linn ny of Messrs. Fish and DmanL The latter r ns tbe President oftbe State Convention of Lonisi* ana «f 19PL Uls evidence was chiefly a repeurlon rft* at given by him to the Military Commission, at New Orleans to inquire into facta. The Con* pur-ional Committee are expected to staiton their m'sslrn to New Orleans on Monday next. WAS PSPAItTBEStT ORPCH. Was DcrAsntsxT, Awrraxr Uanui'a Omci V AVasmaoTOS, 1). C.. Dec. 1", 1906. | ' General Order No. (Q. Paragraph sus, revised regulations of the army, Isheicbv modified to read as follows: R's. The legal punishments for soldiers by sen* tei cc of conn mattial, according to tbe Jurisdic tion of tbe court, are death, imprisonment, imprisonment on bread and water diet, solitary confinement. bard labor, fcr-eltnrcs of pay and allow ances, discharge from service, reprimands, and when non commissioned clTcers. reduction to the rants. Periods of con- Cement, and In scgravalcd or repeated case* of des< r'.ious, shall not exceed ore year so'Uary confinement, or confinement on bread and water shall not exceed fourteen day* at a Ume, with In tervals between the periods of such confinement cot less than scch periods, and not exceeding .-Ighiv-for.r days In any one year. Enlisted men, for pniel* inllliarv oileoccs, shall not be confined In a State prison or penitentiary, and when sol diets, lor other than military odcnecs, are sen tenced to confinement In a penitentiary, they will be dishonorably discharged the service In the order promulgating the proceeding* of the court. Ball and chain sfcrl not be nsed. Hospital Stew ■rds and Ordnance i*etge*nts, though liable to discharge, shall not be reduced, nor shall they be tried by regimental or garrison courts, unless by a special pennlsilon of tbe Department Com mandant. By order of the Secretary of War. 1 P TV Tn« «mn. Assistant Adjutant Gencri woxccaTiom. The following nominations were sent to the Senate to-day: John A. Dlx, of New York, Min- IsterPhnipotcrtisTT lo France; A S. William*, of Michigan, Minister Resident at San Salvador; John beys, of Ohio, Minister Resident at Liberia; H S. Peek, of Ohio, Minister Resident at Havti: John McGlnnc*, Jr., of Illinois. Minis ter Resident at Stockholm: A. G. tiawrence. of Rhode Island, Minister Resident at Costa Rica: Wlcksm Hoffman, of Laturiana. Secre tary of Iteration at Paris: U. Ewing, of Kansas, Minister Resident at Ihe Hague; J. D- Campbell, of Pennsylvania, Minister Resident at r ogota. xavax. rrza. Commander O.H. Co:per, of tbe United States shin Winooski reports to the Secretary of the Nut, fi cm Key West,the sailing of the Winooski from that place for the coast of Cuba. Health of officers and crew much improved. miU CLUB XI. Hie Itawmtnl lh«l 'he secirurj ot the Treu bit had under consideration the anhjectot die* penflncstiththn eerrlcea of the female c.erta hal produced a strong pressure against such action, or at any rate that he should not dispense at once with tbe services of this class of employe*. It is ihoccht be mav oe induced to retonsider the matter so far as faithful and compeunt ladles maybe found among those at present employed, hot application lor additional appointments hare very slight chance of success. BCTCPIATBD. . „ , Tie reported settlement by Consul Morse, of London, made wits Francis Trenholm & Co., the notorious blockade runners daring the was made without the knowledge or consent of Minis ter Adams, or Consul Dudley, of Liverpool, and Is not satisfactory to tbe Government. It has, therefore, been repudiated. IAJTD SA.I.BS. (£53,63323 DnrinffUie monlb of acres of imt!ic lands were disposed of St tae Menaana. Wisconsin, sod BoocevUJe, WL*soorU offices TTie crest, t portion of Ibeee lands Las been takes tor actual pittlciceLt and cultivation, sod wUI add about SCO fame lo those States. OiTtnxai. Bxvtscr r.Ecrm*. T 1 e receipts ftom internal revenue to-day were COS* CL Etc O IWID. n p r:c»!£erl ha* recorawed Allen A. Bnrloa Ccr.»ul of Cotta Hlcafor ibeSateof kcotociy, -a tcrlelo at LonliTllle. r-oßtin ora, the wt*l CctamUeloner toi■ exebanpc of prisoner* dnrjßir ti* wv, be* btre flsctoi i id CD her of ta* YlicmU Sratli’. from Trichmord. coin a Tin T«ri*r»T^ The Trettorr held to c°to to-day $96,716,000. o wbtch SSJ,<ni.wo U to certificate*, the halincebe longing ebeontelf to UovcrxuacaU VolA 70* celpu diminished during the 'ast month, wh'ch wlin dlsbnn cmenU on Government acc >uut mil explain the smallness of its pretest rated in* a ease. $15,430.43 69.374.93 4t.iSU.S7 601,015.14 01,057.49 91.473.93 oiouxs 4,904.90 9,315.08 B,ITJ.SB 43,834 51 143,061.16 40,635.10 aviia^o CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Wasiusstos, December 14. SENATE. Ur. TfiCHBULL Introdaced a reaoluUon re- , questing the President to Inform the Senate , whether any persons hare been appointed to . office since thelast adjournment of the Senate to Cll vacancies ezisiloe prior to that adjournment, particularly if snen is not the case in regard to ! the Surveyor of Philadelphia. Mr. MORGAN Introduced a Joint resolution presenting the thanks of Congress to Cyras W. Field for the successful laying of the Atlantic Cable. The District of Colombia Suffrage Bill was e«Vftl up. Mr. BROWN, of Mo., took the floor, and said be thought the bill was intruded more to elicit opin ion than anything else. He stood for universal sufliaceandforno limit of color or sex. He recognized the right of humanity. Society had no rfebt to impose restrictions that did not spring out of natural cause*. Be denied that it wai a boon granted by society. He did not hold his lib erty by any such tenure. He would be sorry to depend upon the majority for those right*. If mat were necessary, U would rirgthe death knell o: Republic*. He w ould refer to the aoatract ground on which this rested. Whal were abstract rights ‘ It has been asserted by Herbert Spencer to be the right of each limited by the right of all. A m«n might refuse to exercise that right, but that only proved Its existence, lie though: female suhrage would have a tendency to elevate the Government, and considered the various rea sons advene, d against it as fdvo.oas. lie bad never seen any reason why there should not be channel of the present usages. The revolution of the past fire years bad shown that greater chance* were possible. Change waa the primal condition of our being, *«d-on which our life fcould not Republics be reformed by doing away with the aeramhlea for place and pow er? Be died some Instances when* women bad held important trust* in Eurojie, and thought there would be no danger in trusting them here. In Hew Jersey the right had existed un’il an elec ■ tion having been decided by some colored women , me prejudice against the colored race annulled the law. In Kentucky and Michigan also, they participated in the suffrage to ■ some extent In bis political career he had ea * dt-avored to bring about some reforms tn his own Slate, and had some obnoxious laws blotted from ■ the statutes, lie was still consistent io bis advo -1 carv of the rights of women. ... * Mr. DAVIS argued that it was a fixed American priiclple that suffrage belonged only to the W Mr! S *BPRAGUE advocated, and Mr. BUCKA LEW opposed negro sußrage. Mr. DOOLITTLE said he would volej against the amendment. Be had arrived at the conclu sion that the true foundation on which to rest suf frage was the head ot the family. According to nature and religion man was tbe bead of tbe fa ml' Iv. He was tuld the Indian or African was com petent. Be could pot believe It. Though some tew o! the Utter might be, it wonld l* a burlesque on religion to say that those who had lately been elates were competent. Be had learned it was proposed to otter an amendment attaching a qualification. Be might support such an amendment, but be could not support either tbi>- LIU or the amendment. Mr, POMEROY was for this bill, and for that reason m onld v ote against tbe amendment, believ ing It Intended to defeat the bill. The yeas and nays taken on Mr. Cowan’s amendment—9 yeas, 87 nays Mr. DIXON oflfered the following amendment to come at the end ot the first section ot the bill re ported by tbe committee: Proiioed, That no person who has not hereto fore voted in this District shall bo permitted to vote unless he shall be able at the time of offering the vote to read and write his own name. _ Messrs. POMEKOY and BAULSBDR7 also made remarks, when, pending a vole, the Senate sojourned. HOUSE. Mr. BLAINE introduced a resolution anthem ing the Committee on the War DeVa of the Loral Slate* to report a bill amhorixlne a taxa ciou of two and a half per cent on tho National banka for the payment of each debts. Objection bring made, tt liea over. The resolution of Mr. PRICE, relative to the lime and circulation of National Banka, was laid over. JUKI W,vi. The resolution declaring that no State of the Sonlb refuting to adopt the Constitutional Amendment, should be entitled to representation, laid over. _ _ . _ *lhe credentials ofß. U. Epperson, of Texas, were pretenud and referttd to the Election Com- The MU repealing the law of 1790, which pro vides that no trial for treason can oe bad after the cxßiralion of three years, was taken op, debated, anil recommitted to the Judiciary Committee. ■J he hill authorizing the President to confer bre vet rant on officers appointed io the regular army for gallant service in the volunteers. w«a passed. The bill of last session, regulating the peace establishment of the army, was reported and tabled. Tbe bill regulating appointments was debated at great length. Mr. ROGERS eald the question before the country was not av to wbo should or should not role. Thu question was between constitutional liberation and despotism. Mr. KEI I.eY undorsiood the gentleman to say that the Government was which de nied representation to its citizens, and DC wished to ash him ilthat was afree Government or despot ism which denied to its people not only represen tation. but citizenship, and yet taxed them ? Sir. ROGERS s. Id If Mr. K**’ e henry was cor rect, then onr tubers who framed the Constitution were despots. ... Mr. KELLEY raid be bad not a*ked about the nmninn m nar fathers or their merits, out .had _ gentleman from nvtt *trMy, atm lfo*«9oiinx'agihi ark him, if he was in favor ol denying both the right o! representation and citizenship to 4.000.000 p» ople ano theirposterity f If he would declaim ai amstthataa despotism which asked that every man abottld be a citizen, and that no citizen who was not allowed a tree voice In electing his repre sentatives shooldfbe taxed directly or Indirectly 1 Mr. ROGER*. tn reply, said he was simply op posed to Inflicting upon the people of the bonlh, or people of the North, any mlo ofsuffrage by virtue ofan amcwdmcr.t to the Constitution. He wanted each to settle the question for it*elf. Beheld thatihe blatrs were sovereign, and cash had a constitutional right to control ns own poli cy. Be was as much in favor of liberty as any one coaid be,hat ho was opposed to negro sol tnge in every form. Mr. THAI EH, of Penn.. Inquired If the gcnlle nan bad not voted against the Constitutional Amendment abolishing slavery. Mr. ROGERS answered that ho bad, on the ground that States have the an«olate control over slavery, and he still maintained that Use Constitu tional Amendment was unconstitutional. The slaves were free, and eo help him God he would do all he eonld to maintain their ffvedomf tl aughtcr.) He Flood beside the President of the ’cited States, who would go down to posterity as one of the brightest jewels that had ever been (riven io the country. (Laughter.) The President might be eccCed at by traitors to the Constitution of the country, but Almighty Gtd woald have U written in letter* of cold on the altars of Cbriitl- wuuru iu iriv.ip ui wu wiw.a v* vw..«m anlly irenewed laughter) that tit least one pure man was left in the land who. at all hazards, would stand by the Constitution of his com.try. 1 Continued laughter.) Mr. ROGERS protested acstnst being Interrupt ed. He was not surprised that gentlemen scoffed atthedowrfidl of liberty. It was to he expected that they would do so, but he. for one, would not be put down in that wav. Ue bad aright to ex prut his opinions, lie had always expressed them freely and be would continue to do so for the short time bo bad to remain to the House laughter] unless the majority should get rid of itm as they cot rid of several other member*, by expulsion Ue felt it to be his duty to warn the people against the encroachments of Con?re*s on their liberties, and to protest against Its nolley towards the South, but he must not therefore be accused of sympathy with treasm. Mr. BI.AINE, from the Commuted on Military ACairs, reported, recommending the passage of a hill relative to brevets In the army, and stated its obj'-ct to be to place volnn’eers appointed to the regular army oa the same footing as regular offi core. Tin* bill passed. Mr. SCHEM.iv.lrom the Military Committee, reported a hid to fix a peace establishment of the United States Army. Laid on the labia. Abo a bill to extend three months pay to cer tain oncers. Laid on the table. Also reported adversely oa memorial of A. Gleason sod five other* on same subject. Mr. lEAYEK, from tbe Committee oa Private I and Claims, reported an act concerning tiile of Alexander Gardlpt to certain linos In Wisconsin. Passed. $50,000 430,000 4,000 The House resumed consideration of the bill to regulate appointments to and removals from An amendment ofiered by Mr. Williams was agreed to. Various other amendments, giving rise to much discussion, by Messrs. W Qliams. schcnck. Thayer. Katson, Bingham, Wilson, of lowa, and Sheila- An amendment offered by*Mr. WILIJAMS, that head* of Departments should hold office during the term of office of tbe President, unless removed by the consent of the Senate, ano should severally appoint their assistants snd all their subordinate officers, was further an ended at the suggestion of Mr. Bale by striking out the latter clause, providing tor the appointment of subordi nates by the President, and so agreed to as amended. Mr. GARFIELD offered a bQI for the punish ment of any officer who shall receive or pay any mcnev out of the Treasury of the United State* Is violation of law, which was altered, at the ang gesiion of Mr. Ua>e, to make punishable the payment or receipt of money In violation of this or any othcratatote, and, so amended, was agreed to finally. On motion nf Mr. FARNSWORTH, further con sideration was postponed until Thursday. Mr. HOOPER, by unanimous conies’, reported a bill to provide a national currency, seemed by pledge of United States bonf*. and to p-onde tor tbe drcnlation and redemption thereof, and for Mr. NIBLACK, a resolution was adopted calling on tbe President for all corres pondence, reports and Information in his posses sion in le'anon to the not alleged to have oc curred at Kew Orleans on the 30th of July. Mr. PAINE, of Wis., introduced a hill to pro vide for tha annual publication of a separate re port of the progress of the survey of the Northern and Northwestern lakes. It was referred. Mr, PRICE ofiered a resolution asking the Sec retary of War to turnbh a detailed statement of the present ard former surreys of the lakes above named, with charts, maps and diagrams, snd au thorizing the printing of 6£OU copies tncreof. It was referred. A bill to quiet the land title in Santa Clara. California, was introduced by Mr. McRUKU(acd referred. * Adjourned. FROM MADISOX. Brevet Commissions lor Gallant Stervlcee— Mretire rl the !*i«te Agricultural s*ocietr —Apretwimut*—9Ua*lMlpt>l Vlvrr Frozen at Prtlnr da Chlen—The lakes-Tle Weather. lS pedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Mamsok, December IS. Gcvcrror Fairchild has issued brevet commie jloes to the following members of the Slrth Wl*. cousin Eegimcnt, for heroic condnct: ChAs.Som> merit, private, of Company I, to be Captain,from August --Sth, I SCI, In recognition of his great gal lantry at the battle of Gainesville, Virginia, where, alter beta? severely wounded in the throa% be nicked up his musket and remained in the rant*, fiiirc v Ith the greatest coolness until woanded to the ana and permanently disabled; CorporalJas. Moody. Comptty I, to be Captalo, from March 3UI. ISO, in recognition of coosplcnoos gallantry displayed by him at the battle ol Gravel Ron, cirla. where. In defence of the color*ofhis red* Elect, be biiictK .ItW .i'Ji tl t bMt ot his musket: Sergeant Cbas. Patri ck, Cv “ to be Captain, from 51st March. ou gallantry displayed by onlbat d»y. at the tattle ol Gravel inn, J a^SSil^ the coiota of Hs teg*« eajrtai* to do which successfully he £?,55,,l l . tc* kill ar. opponent with tb ® r^ yo ° e *’ ChJtinccy Wli-sor and Isaac |® Ki.«r i c-nicraiils from March Slit, pro, in *£e’[i ccof miijm*p o» Grsr.l lion. Vlr.’lntt, sserejant n. A Milter com* *ny I« to be Captain from July lit, coast-icttoaa galUotxrdi*. BltTcdbrelSattoo battle of Gettyebm, tas whore he captured the Cags of tbcTwm. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1866. ty-Flr»t Mississippi regiment, lor which ht re recdved a medal from Congreei- _ . . A meeting of ibe slate Agricultural Society t* bi Ist; held here this afternoon, to settle the ac count! of the last State Fair and transact otter business. It Is thoroughly attended- Governor Fairchild has appointed Charles U. Robinson, of Green Bay, Commissioner of Fort Howaid Military Road, ricr J. F. Loy, realgned. An excellent appointment. „ . The Mississippi River la frozen over at Prairie dn cbltn strong enough for fool passenger* to croa on the Icc. Third lake here froze over last night; Fourth lake, larger and more exposed to wind.sUll remains open. The thermometer this mcnung stood at 4 8 below aero; to-night li above. MEXICO. Reported ArrasctarDt Between Prance and the Untied r»talc*—Particular* Con cerning the Evacuation *i Muxutluu bv the French— Maximilian Annonac*-* Hie Inten tion to Remain In Mexico—Another Series ol Liberal e*aece**cs. j»rw York, December 12.—A London piper says that the basis ot the agreement between the United St»tc« and Prance, r*Utlv« to Mexico, Is that certain tracts of land are to be ten open for French colonization, and the arrangements lor payments by France to the Mexican bondholders stall remain Intact. , .. .. . . Nsw Ouixase, December 11.—Advices from Tampico announce that both the Liberals there and Metis st ban Luis are exacting heavy forced loans tor the support of their troops. A Mazsllan paper has an account of the evacu ation of that city by the French and the entry of Gtneral Corono. home liberals tried to seize the American steamer Continental, bul were prevented. New Yen*, December 12.—Havana dates of the Sih are received per nlearner Eagle. The steamer Elder had arritrd with Vera Cruz dates of the 2d, and City ol Mexico 2Stb. The Inhabitants of Vera Cm* made great demonstrations of Joy on the dm »slant In honor of the announcement that Maxi milian bad determined staying In Mexico. The Prefect had Issued a proclamation staling that Maximilian, in a great spirit of abnegation ashus i ard, had determined to adhere to Mexico, In <W«nce of which be proposes to shod the last drop ol bis blood. , , , , . The French General Deny bad reached the City of Mexico from Potoai ,on the 23d, and continued on the march for Pncols. ' General Asnvard’s section of the French troops had reached Pcrole, tn rout s to the coast. Too French garrison were to leave Zacatecas on the 371 h. Juarez la reported to be at Saltillo. The greater portion of Tehnacan Is la the hands of the Liberals. Pepec was threatened by Corona. Juarez withdraws bis otters to foreigner* is Mexico to Join him. . . .. Durango was occupied by the Liberals on the l *M*jb |» *bont retiring from San Louis Potosi, d retreating to Sierra . , Ibf French are being rapidly driven ont of bas been declared open to the com* merce of (be world as long aa Vera Crna la occu pied by the French. FROM. CANADA* lornlmrot a Railway Hiailoa—Three Per* sons Pei lab In the Flame*—Fenton Trials to Commence on Tuesday next* Qciekc. C. E-, December PL—On Friday last the railway station at St. Jean Pont Jolt was burned. Fbe station master, George Johnson, Lis son, aged eight yean, and bla daughter, aged three, pcrlsbea lo the dames. Mrs. Johnson leaped from an attic window and was severely injured. The fire Is supposed to have been the uoik of an Incendiary. SwxETsnmo. December 13,—Tbc court mled oulMr. Devliu'f olea. tad the prisoners were ar raigned and rKad not guilty. The trials com. mencc next Tuesday. The court adjourned till to-morrow. _ SstrTßnvßa,Deccmbtrl2.—The prisoner 80-,

gers was discharged from custody to-day. The counsel, Devrlin, famished him money to carry him home. His statement Is that bring dmnkbe deserted from the American army and crossed with the Fenians, and only came ju> hla senses after be was arrested. Fresh indictments haring been prepared against Reatdon, Smith, Morrill, Howard and Crawford, they will be laid before the grand Jury to-mor r°The rase of McGowan Is elm nndcr consider] atlon. Be la a little fellow, and claims to be a bool-black, and went with (he Fenians to carry on bl« trade. He is said lo have had the implements ot bis trade w Hh Dim when arrested. FROM INDIANAPOLIS* Address to the Colored Citizens—Govern ment Indebtedness to the !*tate of Indiana— The Indianapolis Associated Press Union heldtcrs Buried in Indiana—Pork Pack ing, Ac, [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ixvtiiiapous, December 13. Don. J. P. fampson, proprietor of the Cincin nati Colored Citizen , addressed a meeting of the colored people to-night, on the questions of the day. lie urged moderation ou the part ol hia brethren, and reliance on the Government of the State for lull and ample justice. Be declared Ibat Governor Morton would recommend in his mes sage an appropriation of a portion of (he reboot fund for coloi ed children, and a speedy abrogation of such clauses In our Slate Confutation as con flict with the Constitution of the United States Abstracts of part of the Indebtedness of tbo Gov ernment to the Slate of Indiana, amounting to SITJ.SU.I3, have been forwarded to the second rts-miTfmffwt *■***» anlhowrtss i- Artlcles of Aasocia.ton of the Indianapolis As sociated Press, signed by Douglas £ Conner of (bo Journal, and Lafe Devlin of the Herald, have been filed in the office of tLe Secretary of State. The Supreme Coart of the Stale meets to-mor row morning. In the National Cemetery, near Indianapolis, there are buried one thon*and two hundred and loriy-elght Union soldiers, and forty colored; at Madison there are one hundred and thirtr-two wntte, and at Evansville five hundred and sixty :br«e white and three colored soldiers. These tmbrace all the soldiers buried In Indiana. ihe weather continues cold, and considerable huslnes* Is doing in pork nackmg, notwithstand ing i>-e fact that (timers bold thetr bogs expecting better prices. FROM SU LOUIS* The Governor’* Proclamation—lron Moss tain Railroad—lmmigration—The Rlvere- The Weather—Obituary—Action of the Hoard of Trade—Bobbery—Ao Imposter. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbone.) St. Louis. December 13. The troubles which grow out of the Governor's proclamation ol martial law, exlat only in very tew counties—mainly those earned by the Conser- vatives in the recent election. The State, aa whole, is perfectly quiet. Noivvithaisnitng the lateness of the season, large number of immigrants aro yet pouring ini the State. TLe purchasers of the Iron Mountain Railroad profess their intention of commencing ihe exten sion of the road, early m the spring, to Cairo or CoJnmhns. Tbc river Is full of floating ice this morning, and the water Is falling quite rapidly. Very few boats are arriving or departing, and business on the levee bast poverty-stricken look. The weather still continue* cold. ihc dcaih of N. Paschall, sealor editor and piopilctor of the St. Louie Rrpul.Ucan. was so* nocrced on 'Change to-day, and the President ap pointed Girard D. Allen. Bart Able, N. Banner, N.oole and A. W. Farin. a committee to draft ic-solutlona. which should embody the feeling* of te«re ct entertained for the memory of the de ceased b» the Merrl ants' Exchange. Mr. Paschall has been connected with the city pttts for forty years. * A Missourian mined Harrison, from Jackson County, while looking Cor a New Orleans steamer yesterday morning, waa knocked dospi and rob i«d of £1.50" and a valuable watch. St. V.OCTS, December IS —A notorious Impostor, named Captain dill, lately engaged in purchasing a steamer (or Mexico, tried to get possession of the steamer Evening Star, br negotiating for her purchase. When the owners came to demand the first payment, the cash waa wanting. Ihe millers and merchants fthla city contem plate calling a contention oi Ihe mvnalactarers and business men oi the Mississippi Valley, for the purpose of establishing a bureau through which all necessary Inlormauon mar be acquired in regard to the crops, manat*during operations, shipments and stocks of grain and flour at di’Jer ent point? and periods. _____ FROM LOUISTILLE. Personal Counterfeiter Arrested The t Packing r*em»oii—Markets, Are. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 LonsTTLLE, December C. General James n. Wilson and General W. P. Carlin, of HHnois, arrived in the dty to-day, and trill cccompany Generals Thomas, K. W. John ecu, Jeff. C. Davis. Ely and Rankle to Nashville to attend tbe presentation of the Tennessee medal to General Thomas. Cliai lea A. Roaenbacm was arrested for counter-. feitmg United States crrrency. Tbe Board o( Trade propose to memorialize the Postmaster General to appoint mote agents to w Otkans. to obviate the detention in the mails which are now four or five days tnrovU- Two coal boats got on tbe Falla to-day, but will probably be raved. Weather colder; thermometer 99®. Folk firm. Old. £2150: new. £21.50. It la maintained that a larger number of hogs than at first anticipated will ne killed here by the farmers this season, owing to ih* nneertaintv as to prices at Cincinnati, and to the bet that they think they can get better returns from hog pro duction trom live animals sold to packers, roar thousand eight hundred head slaughtered to-day. Total. 57,16*. In the pens, 5,350. Prices £6.00® Sales 539 hales, at 80®5ic for Inferior to low middling. „ FROM LAWRENCE. The Lawrence &; Galveston Railroad 1 brosllo la a Fair nar (or Settlement. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Lawnxscg, Kkiuu, December 13. Tbc Lawrence <t Galveston Bailrosd Imbroglio promises an catlyaod amicable settlemeiU The community here Is so strongly In thvo'of ilr. Starves, of Chicago, that the old Board trill pro* btbly reinstate bin.’ m bis ngbU opon' Us giving additional a*sorance* that the work trill ro on, which it is understood be Is willing to do. A committee of the leading otUens of tbs place has been appointed to vt#tt Chicago and confer with Mr. hturpes. This committee is Qiendljto him and the new Board- Weather clear and cold, with a light fall of snow. FROM DBS MOINES. Singular Death—Horse ; Ballread— I The Weather. •Special Despatch to the CUcifio TrO- 11^-} DnVima, lo—. uecembotis. A hoy 1“ Jsckscn County. a d*J* w«st on; Ie jtt *omc qc*U trmpe, tad not retomlngat tbc time appointed. search Initialled fjd be was louad suspended from a tree, dead. Be had probshlv been np after a squirrel. and on de fCOLditr hU foot slipped and W* comforter cto-hi. chokicg him todca'b. lib feet were vrtthn alx Inches of the ground. .... . . Tfce Cut Conned hare sraatMto Turner, White & C\>., a charter for a street rail road to be built to this city. The charter eires the company the exclusive riset to run street car# in any put of the city tor thirty yearn. One mile of track 1* to be laid wrhm mo yearn; a second vtllMn four; ■ third wttuia nx, and. a fourth in side often Tears. For the first five yean the'r tartfiU limited to ten cent* and thereafter to six cects. They have purtha el umber thirty joules on the rtrer, and w&l their tie* ready to rail oovib ..ten <lO «prt=iß irmiet comt«. It Is intention to bnlld the first mile, ruining (rum the Court lionet and new Post Officel-dta to the Capl- be K4dj "to jl baUiirp,'H.-umayear, Boa* to ~ Accommodate the member* of ths next General Alterably. menaometcr four degree* below aero thia morning, but the weather U moderating. within EBON ST. PAUL. BefliMi to ?«mndti—Accident—Attempted AiuntDUliD-The Weather. [Special Despatch to the. Chicago Tribune.] St. Pauu December 12. Hr. Wood*, the newly appointed Assessor for this District, made a demand upon Mr. Wilson for the books and papers of Lis office yesterday, bat WDaon declined to surrender. Woods has ac tively taken lecal advice ever since, but Congress soil probably npect bia hopes before be gets his office. Ike bones attached to sn omnibus became frightened st Ibe Minnesota Valley Railroad depot last nlchL Mr. Etheridge, a prominent in* sarancemanof this city, lumped from the omul bns »nd broke his lee baulr. Olhex passengers escaped with a severe Joltlnc. An attempt was made night befbre last to assas steale Übcn Lamprey, a lawyer of this city. He ttsb died at by some ruffian as he was entering hia boose, anout eight o'clock In the evening. The ball passed through bis coat and lodged in his pocket-book; , Tie roereoi j registered four degrees below giro iMtd&bt FHOH CINCINNATI# Obsequies of the Lose Mr. Usehe— Treops Ordered to Franklin, hr. to Suppress Outrages—The Bateman Troupe—Embes demret and Arrest, (Special Despatch to tfac Chicago Tribune.] dscnntATi. December Ik. ■ funeral ot James Locke, Esq , late of the Ocsrtte, took place this morning, the cntlie city press being represented, lonlsville is trying to raise <91,000 to assist in completing the proposed railroad conacciln; New Albany with this city. United States troops have been ordered to Franklin. Ky., to regulate the robber* and mur derers of kbit region. . . .. ~. . lbs Bateman troupe opened for three nights to an immense and elegant audience this evening. Thomas Rogers end Henry Un.bu-g were em ployed to bring a drove of bocr, worth «,«W, across the river tor Joseph Ringgold, of Boone County, . Kentucky. They sold the bogs tor $1,825 snd gave Ring gold a worthless check for the amount, lie presented the check for payment, found It bo-ms. procured assistance of the police, and sue celled in arresting the men as theywere on the point ©Heaving the city. FROM MEMPHIS. idden Death—HorseThief Kllled-Addresa to General Wood—Markets—Marine. (S{«cial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mzvrms, December IS. Professor Fal°Bt 8 musician and composer, who nanllulnalib>:,dled of poeimonla before coon to-day. Some soldiers at Corinth alien a nofol hone tUef, who was attempting to ateal Government horses. Some little excitement ensued, but no collision occurred. _ The Vicksburg Grand Jnrrbas sent a compli mentary aedresa to General wood. . lie Argut to-day declares Itself lo favor of lay ing aside prejudices and welcoming Northern 54.73(5555. Visaets passed down—Clara Poison, Gay, Vir ginia, McDonald, Patrick. Up—Baltic, Lewis, Southerner, Gills. FROM SEW TORE. Conclusive Evidence Acninst the Swindling Whiskey Distillers—Largo Fenian Meet* leg—lncrease ol Ci ime la Commercial Cir cles— S»ale ol Otean Steamers—Fenian Movements and Tl amors—Action ol the Ex ecailve Board ol (Ire Underwriters. Nxw Yobk, December 13.—The Icsllmony against the revenue officers Devlin, Tilton & Levin, shows strongly that they branded whiskey which never paid the tax. _ A large Fenian meeting was held in Clinton Hall last night. Over one hundred recruits were ob tained. In the charge to the Grand Jury at the Court of Sessions, Recorder Hockett alluded particularly to the manifest increase of crime in commercial circles, and the unsafe condition of public build- sbc Directors of the UavreSteamship Companr have decided to sell the steamships Ango and Ful ton at auction, on the 33d instant. It bas been fonnd necessary to discontinue the line from want °X l Stephens headquarters exhibits an anitna- 1 ted spectacle in the packing of ammunition and aims anivingfrom Pennsylvania and Delaware, collected by Colonel Condon. The donation* amount to amOlion rounds of fixed ammnnltlo". with a large quantity of arma. Texas sends 31,000 stands of arms, and (LOGO in currency. The re port of the arrival of Stephen* la Ireland is looked for with anxiety. lh.*re is no question bathe ha* left Ihe country. Ihe public expect Important news from Ireland wilhln three weeks. Ihe Executive Ccmmlttec of the Nariotal Board of Fire Underwriters, at their meeting this morn ing, referred tbc following suhiectsto appropriate policies of 'coTiteniß of dwellings; payment of claims before maturity, and before cause of fire Is satisfactorily ascertained ; allowing use of gas generated from extracts of coal oil; to secure municipal action generally toprevent the storage of coal oil and ex tracts where other property is stored ; organlxa- Uoc of local board*, and lo advance rate* to a re mnnera'lng standard throughout the country, and adoption of the most efficient measures to detect and punish Incendiaries. The steamers Ueclaand Bavaria arrived from Enrope to-day. NlwTorx. December 13.—John Cunningham has been re-elected Chief Engineer of the Brook lyn Fire Department. Kev. George L. Layior, of Brooklyn, was thrown from his ramsge to-day and seriously tuinred. The Kew England Society holds its annual meeting at the Fifth Avenue Hotel on Fnuay evening, and will celebrate the anniversary of the I undlng of the Pilgrims by a dinner at Irving Ball on Saturday. The pawnbrokers’ establishment of Boon £ Co. was robbed on Monday morning of property vnined at s£,(*o. All the ponda in th Isvicinity are frozen over, and there will be fine skating in a few days, if the present weather continues. A case is on trial tn the Superior Court of John W. Taylor, a St. Lotus banker, against Morri? Ketchnm A Co., for the recovery of $50,000 al leged damages open certain stock and gold trans actions in 1564. Mrs, Caroline Rexford ha* recovered $7,500 damages in tbc Superior Court against Ihe Seventh Avcnnc Railroad Company, fur Injuries sustained in getting on one of their car*. Miller, a Post Office clerk, has been held for trial on a charge of purloining money from letters. At the afternoon session of the Executive Com mittee of the National Board of Underwriters, Committees on Finance, on Polfcv, and on Ad justment were appointed, and some other action taken looking io tbc adoption of measures re fered to the committee at tbc forenoon session. The committee meet again to-morrow. The Chief Engineer of the Fire Department haa advised the Fire Commissioners that the law in re lation to the storing of combustibles be amended to limit the amont't or kerosene or other burning fluid *ton din a yard of any building occupied as a dwelling to one barrel. The recent calamity in Division street show* Us necessity. Recorder llackett's charge to the Grand Jury 10-riuv called particular attention to the walls of the Academe of Music. The old sail, that were subjected to Intense heat on the occa sion of the great fire, have been again naed, and should thev rot snstam the great pressure to which ihat'bnildmg will ultimately be subjected, a great catastrophe might result. Among the rae?engcrs per Scotia fbr Liverpool to-dav were Viscount Monck, Governor General of Canada, the Earl of Alrlle, and Mr. SclcoU, Bntteb Minister to Mexico. FROM SEW ORLEANS. A ’Provisional novcmmcni Demanded to Louisiana. Nkw OntiaNS. December U.—The New Or lears TVibrnis insists upon the organization, by Congress, of a Provisional or Territorial Govern ment in Lonu-iana. to supersede the present, and nomlratrt Thomas .T. Doram for Governor. It rays alt other Union men who have held the office have been failures. The T\ir.ts to-day welcomes the investigation by the Congressional Committee to examine the causes of the tioU. Progreso of tbe Koaoo-American Telegraph expedition* Sas Fbancisco, December li—Further tateilt zence concerning ihe operations of the Kosajv American telegraph expedition were received in San Fraudseo yesterdsv. It says that only three hundred miles of the route remain to be ex The Constitutions! Amendment] In the Vlr» ainla L»gi»Ui«re. RxcnxoKP, Va., December 12.—1 t la stated that only four member* of the Legislature cinoe re lico on to vote for the Conslimiknal Amend ment. spirits Prodoeed In California. Sax Fsakcisco. December 12.—The amount of mlrlis produced in California tor three years to the SlstoHas t May was 396,000 gallons. Baltimore dt Ohio Knllrond. BarTnion*. December U.—W. been appointed Ana U or, and Geo. VV. Blanchard, late of the Cei-fal Ohio company. General Ticket Agent oi the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad. WAIT BROTHERS, Advertising A*’l* I*6 Dfwlnwt.. receive advertisement* far all the leading; papers throughout the Called States and Caaasas. fHasonic Notices, A T ABONIC.—The Annual 0“^“™’“- \I ucnot a«veltndU^te..So.*l* Randolph-* t! at 7 ot&fT fer the Election©! to is prefect. Business. Every ne:c jQp.WHTn.ET, Secretary- A. E. CUTLER. W. £lorkfr» ttlcrs ' fEkctings. oTOCEHOLDEKS OF TEE WEST 8 SEE BZMS ~ cotlflcd to meet at The Risk. THURSDAY EVES’* l>6 t December li at 6 p. m., sharp. GEO. E. AH BRK. Secretary. amusements. FESTIVAL OYSTER SUPPER Of the Olivet Church win be held at the lecture room Of the Church. corner Foarteeentb-st.andWahash- Ob Thursday Itenlu of this Week. A t-nrxr will bf served tram SIX to TKS O'CLOCK, to wtfch ALL our friends and scqualntaoce* are cokiimLi t invited. ■ t* proceeds to be used la fundsUac the Audlfuce Q9omgttbqlite»th» Adalaslpae qtnU. HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE, Importers and Jobbery of Dry Goods, Corner Lake-st and Michlgan-av. CHICAGO, Dec. 13.1808. Special Inducements. In preparation for taking account of stock, we have marked down prices in every department, and shall close out many desirable articles at lower prices than have been made since 1861. We have also received some cheap jobs from recent auctions in New York, which we shall offer at DECIDED BAD GAINS. ■HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE. UTtjr Skating Season. Insurance. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENING. WASHINGTON SKATING PARK. SPLENDID ICE! BRILLIANT MOONLIGHT! BUY A SEASON TICKET I The cheapest la the end. REASON TICKETS: Gentlemen.. * Ladles Boys. SINGIiE ADMISSIONS. Lacies 5S Port QPEN DAY AND NIGHT. OGDEN SEATING PARK. Lake Shore, foot of Outario-st. SFXiEXDID 1033. Parh well Ushted. A good time guaranteed. skating park. 1 Eighth Season. - Eighth Season. ■ Eighth Season. 8 TEN ACRES OF ICE. J TEH ACRES OF ICE. j TEH ACRES OF ICE. A Smooth as Glass. Smooth as Glass. Smooth as Glass. Park Lighted Beautifully. PPark Lighted Beautifully, Park Lighted Beautifully. A Complete in all its Appointments. R Complete in nil its Appointments. Complete in nil its Appointments. A Moral Place of Recreation, A Moral Place of Recreation, * A Moral Place of Recreation, "Where Wires, Mothers and Sisters P Where Wires, Mothers and Sisters £ Where Wises. Mothers and NCan enjoy themselves unattended. Con enjoy themselves unattended. _ Can epjoy themselves unattended. O Ey Father?, Husbands or Brothers. m By Fathers, Hofibands or Brothers. I By Fathers, Husbands or Brothers. I Theßeautiful * Comfortable Buildings * The Beautiful & Comfortable Buildings m The Beautiful & Comfortable Building! Are not equalled in America. I Are not equalled in America. Are not equalled in America. 1 Music Every Evening. • Music Every Evening. T Music Every Evening. nr Tick*** for sale it kipdEß A CO.'S, 6I Lake « cor. cl St sic: J. H. JOHStKjyS. cor. ot Randolph and Still-its.; BIKiLET’S Opera iloose Botuannt, and it the Part. Single admlaaton ticket* forme only it toe Psrk. Ladles’Ticket. Cents’ ** Boyo.(l3yen>r of ngennd under ) 4-00 IStcal Estate. pHOIC£ PROPERTY FOR SALE BY THOS. B. BEY AN & CO. Wabash-av* Residence. Onebntdred ti et front by foU depth, on Wabast-av., —niti oi lw»lfW'-rt«wlth a fine »wo-»tory and ta«e --c ent frame bonse, admirably arranged, with all mod ern improvement!, and In excellent condition. oAim, a trtme and a bri< t stable, with a Millard rjom, dxx, G round handsomely unproved. Splendid Business Lot MOXTOE-ST., nt ailr opposite the Port Office—'Twei ty-two and a half feet front by one hundred and ninety tret deers beingibe mo« dutiable business location in the city, at the price. pHOICE LOT. WEST WABHINOTON-BT-, Between Wood sad Lincoln-eta.. a met South treat, A vrry dftlrable location. B&IBD A BRADLEY, cor. Lake and LaSalle rti. SUatlitoaw, gitoaeS; &c. JJAUD WAKMEKS, Fooot Warmers, Stomach Warmers, Bed Warmers. P. P. STEWARTS] .Cook and Parlor Stoves. Sew Hcltfay Goods Just Opening at DALTON & CO.’S, (Snirtal Notices. PIANOS AND LUMBER. —I would are To Exchange a Fine Piano, Sew or Seccnd-band. POR Xi UMB EH■ Address M O." Trthase oOee. the A DOLLAR STORE Is opened this day, at No. 167 South Clarh-st. GIVEN IN Decal comanie and Wax Flowers. Oidera lor Chrtitmas and yew Tear's PRBS- EyTb prcaptly attended to by iftSo JOKES, os State-at-, Dm doorgtnfb of upstairs. piNE KINDLINGS FOR SALE BY THE LOAD, At the North Pier Planing Mills. rp o 1 RAILROAD SIEN. The utdeniened 1* dextrous of harl&c an Interview irUh iDTperson taring the control ola railroad en ters*, undeveloped. Address “HE," Chicago, Box 13ooks for tfje Soliiiass. TT OLID AT AND II STAVDAUD DOCKS. iSC.ermsB.FKMh. Italian and Spanuh: also, Retzseh a Raalbach's UlcslrsQoßS to behilleraod Oaths'* Wort'. JcTcaUe Cooks, Haste Fhotncraohs, ciro ®°*’ ** EDW. BUFHLros Forelm **»v»Ws»rtrs. j 11 near Poet OSce. NUMBER 190. 33r5 ffiooifs. jpiRE INSURANCE. Metropolitan Insurance Cu, OF NEW YORK. STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES, NOV. lot, 18GG. Cush in Bank and on hand- Loans on Bond and Mortgage (first lien) Loans on Collaterals (ColL). United States Securities-. Other Securities Bills’Receivable (Karine). Louet In Ptocom of Adjustment. 199,671.61 Tbf well-earned reputation for soundneas and fair dealing which has for so many years eminently char acterized misleading Company, aawtll at me reliable Indemnity afforded to tta patrons, and me liberality aed prcznptUnda with vhlch It* losses are settled, point ll oat as One of the Best Companies in which to Iffcct Insurance. SBUTBy BIiAXNETT Be CO., gAI’ES TO BANKERS AND MERCHANTS. Attention U called to Morse’s Celebrated Fire and Burglar Proof Safes, So well known throughout the Eastern Bates as ihfl BEST and MOST BELT ABLE SAFES made—triumph ant wherever they bare been tested. Manufactured In Horton. and hare a more extensive tale la me New England States thao any other made. Read me following testimonial: “I’OBTLAXD, JulyU,W6fi. Mr. E. R. Morse, Boston, Us>f^ “liran Six-in me Ore of me 4th last., onr store. No. 43 Tnlon-eu. with must of the stock, was destroyed; and It pUcs ns pleasure to say that onr Sato (which w as one of year manufacture) came out of the ft re with the con irate In good order, while a Safb of , In same building, went through, everything In It being destroyed. Too will please make asd forward os, as early as possible, another ol the same size, with a steal box. We are now compelled to cany oar books one half mile; so yon will please give as me Sale at me earliest possible moment, asd oblige M Tears truly, JRA CUSHMAN A CO. M The shove Safe was taken from me ruins five days after the Hit: the brick was hot when dig out.” Call and look at them before buying elsewhere. 6. U. HARRIS, 6‘J Sooth Cnnml«*t.» Chicago, ,-lFor tijc ffiolfrOßS. GOODS. HOLIDAY GIFTS. We nrc doit •fferlntf ihc LaraMaod Oc«t .r nut. «■«» UMalllM Uoods ever offered tn Chlemco- BLISS & SH-A.RB, 144 X.A837-ST., Druggists and Dealers la Fancy Goodi. CHRISTMAS ! CHRISTMAS GOODS. HANDSOME GIFT BOOKS, NEW AND PLEASING GAMES, ELEGANT IMPORTED { FANCY ARTICLES, DESKS, GASIE OF SQUAILfi, STREET, PEARSON* A- CO , CRATING PARKS OPEN. / EAR MUFFP, 6COTT, DAVISON k CO. 13C Lalfe-lt. gKATLSG GLOVES SCARLET AND WHITE MERINO, 9COTT. D AVISOS A CO- 136 Ukc-*U .83.00 . .1.00 TtTOOL MUFFLERS, ’wool. WRISTLETS, SCOTT. PAVISOX A CO., 13C Lake-tt. ROBES, LAP HOBES AN» SSAWLS, AT FCOTT, DAVISOX A CO., 130 UtMl. TTOUDAT GOODS. gKATr.B, BKITEBI ’ Oo'd FUh. Fancy FloweM*ota. Wreath*. Dried Flow ere. Mnpei and Poetn't*. JOSES. ELLiX T IX)D.« BUADIiT, 139 and 161 LateeU TTUnEKA CUTTING BOX.—We bee 1( Me to announce u< cor friends and the trade centrally mat we have m cured tfie right to mannoc tore and Mil Uua Celebrated Cutting Box And are new prepared to All promptly aU order* with vMchtremaybefhTored. Wealso manniactnn the widely known STAR CORN-SHELIER. The rctxicj: Pcx and Corn SbeHer are in high repute wherever Intnx need. Ther have taken the FIRST PREMIUM AT SEVERAL bTATE FAIRS. Th n oMsd* are In use and clvlsg zood taiUfactlcn. tTf mate several sires of the above Machine*. r>T Send for Descriptive Circular aod Price List. BLTMYHU, DAT A CO- Marotactnrm ot Cook's Sugar Evaoorsfor, AtncnJ tcral Machines aad Tools. Mansflald. Ohio. EBAT. —Parues in Michigan, Ohio,. wlKonrta or Indiana, who dealre to buy Slate its for LeeU* Stale Fair Premium Peat Machine. win (led a party ready to advance money for one- K-cnh, third or half Interest ta either oner rail these States. A Company can more than clear themselves the Prat year In manntactorevaad County KUhta. Address D. B. nIIXrPXJB, SprtngfleldTMass. rpHERMO BAT LERIES. —We have X jn*t received a small In voire of the newly Invented Thermo Batteries. Producing Use Galvanic Corrcsa by beat, of tsinr acids. For tale at JAMES FOSTER. Jr. * CO.’S, - Opticians. 46 Clark tt. pARD’S PATENT BBICK IHACHtNIL Office and canmactcry S 3 Stirth Jeffersoo-«t. Fa i-<nnr-«tinc &od descriptive circular address jFur <sooas. A TTENTIOX LADIES.—A splendid r\ assortment of Fun will be offered at PUBLIC AUCTION. At 208 Falton-iU. on 6ATUHDAY, 151 b »nma* at 10 o’clock. Bay andbLldtCxice totbepiercing bto«a of ■winter. yiNE MINK FURS, We are showing a splendid assortment of tbs abort BREWSTER, Farrier, Sherman Home. T ADIES* dress fues. DON’T BUT ttQ you bare seen oor stock and prices BREWSTER. Farrier, Sbegman House. OF PARTNERSHIP. 1 I txbllc do tie* Is hereby glrra that the firm of fiTTt.T.AKn & TSOKP Is im« day dissolved. AU mon ey* doe ibe firm will be received bvD. L. Thorn. All debtscwlns will be paid try D. I»Tborp, 140. South Wai<r-st_ Chicago. Ctlreto. n»e. ftth. 15CT. ffijotostapta. *D RAND’S GONE AND DONE IT— I* Bntactd Carte* de Yulte Croic tbree and four doilaiato okh nm psb sossn. VcrkfloUb«lJarta*«ellaJ*tlhe adraoepd prlre?, Coloms la oU by a master ot tie art, < IMPORTANT NOTICE. FURNITUR BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. FOB THIRTY DAYS OALY! Preparatory to a change in business, commencing MONDAY, December 10. The largest and best assortment of Bich, Medium and Common FUBHI. TUBE ever offered in Chicago, all warranted, as usual, FIRST-CLASS; a part of wbicb MUST and SHALL be sold FOE CASH within Thirty Day* at prices that DEFY AIL COMPETTTIOH! Consult your own interest* Call, examine goods, and see for yourselves. Prices reduced on all articles alike, without regard to cost QKEAT CONSIGNMENT BOSTON ZMIEUnTS Clothing! €199,387.93 GRADES AKD PRICES. 563.515.00 86,940.80 730,208.00 214,669.98 Have Just Received a $20,000 85,867.70 $1,682,484.46 To be Sold at 25 PE?. CENT LOWER PRICED Than we have known In five years. Noev Ik the time for those who would make a Uttle money go a great ways. This Agents. ‘II LnSalle-af. Safes. CLOTHING \TIII be sold much LOTYEK than It can be found in the city, at EDWARD LOCKE & CO.’S Boys 1 Clothing Store, 74 Kandolpli-st, QLOSLN'G SALE. REDUCTION IN PRICES'!! Wlih a view tocJoelrg the bntfn—* of the present firm before January Ist, we offtr from this date our WHOLE of Hoßltry, Woolen Good*. Worsteds; Corset*. Dress lrimminA.Notif.ns, Ac., at neatly T V*af w *C l 2jL,- We cite no amrmikn no big as-mi'wu, hot say briefly, that all dealers In our goods, who with to on their pnrcha«cs mis uonm w*U CEP.TAINLT DO BO by making three purchases at T 8 Lake«rit. TrEJts—NET CASH on delivery of goud*; or- setU> meat wltLoot tall before December Slat. SPECIAL NOVICE To 'Whom it Bay Concern! AQoartlea whose Indebttdnw* too* JiMikrr liL tnn An rapfrUtillT rtflutr/U W nCUIMJ Tilß PKBSEST'iIONFH- m all claims ttmorter «IU co into ibe Laorts of onr atrortt-y lor collection* GRAVES iVIKVINE* ?S-L<k*-«t. pI.OSINQ OUT s Ui OI a Lire- and Fin* Stock at BOOTS iND SHOES. rrtparstOT7 to a Dissolution of our Firm Os the first ot January oat, W& Will Sell Out our Stock AT A GREAT REDUCTION From Ibnstr prices. FARGO, HILL «r CO, 101 tViihlngßßHrt. TCE. I citt rowrrroixja*» orrtce, { Cuicaoo, Dee. Uih, law. > Scaled Vr«pce»J« fbr the prlrlliteof cuttlnronaMlDg the Ice formed In Ue Basfn betweenMlchlanavenue and the tracks of the Mkblcan Centra: Uallroad. ex* undies Doiu the earth to the tenth end at cw Basin, will be received at the olflee of the City Comptroller, until iheSddsr ef December, tnsu HU o’clock nocn of Mid flay, when the same will he opened and the awards mode. I'topomU w til state the amount offered far each t*e> Ocna Mid Bar In, which sections ore dmcntedoa fol lows, vU.; _ Sec. l. From the north tine of the ba*ln to north line tf Mcnree street. Sec. 9. From the north Hue c* Monroe street to north line of Jackson Mrtet. Sec.s. From ttoetorthUneof JacksonstreeUonorth line of Cnemas struet. , _ . sec. *. »010 the rorth line cf Coceroa street to eonhllneof Bubbard court. Scc.3. FromLonhilneofHubhard ciurt l»aouih end of Batin. The partr er parllf* to whom loch awards etas]] be made, wlij'be rwnlrtd to enter Into a written contract aid tocxmte to tte rit» rood am soJUcieat bond* for lie tattain] performance of inch cottract, In accord ance with an ordinance of the Common council, paa*ed November Cth. A. D.l*s. entitled “AaOrdir.aocec'm eemtsc U.e cnttlt X of I** *n the Basin. between ilirhl y— w avenue Kid the tracks of the Illinois Central Rill ro Terirs will be cash on eiecntloa et the contract and WALTEHKIMBAJX . City Comptroller. patents. OiTICE OF THE SUPERINTEND ENT OF COTSTECCnOT OF th»s c. s. COLRT HOUSE. gprlnrfleld, Illinois, Dec. 10.18«. heated croroealovUl be received at the olE» of So perintcflvnt of Veiled State* Conrt Uonsc. aIS-prfos- Celd.UlitoU.tatU 13 o'docc m., December Sitb, Or auMrca column*. pilasters, and their bed*, cap*.bed piste*, required for the Sprlatflelrt. JUlncta, Otari fiocseane PoetOfflce, new er»ctln«. Drawing* of the work.rhowlcz Ctm-urtoa*. d«i;n and extent of It. csrbeteenscdcxsmlred toreatlttattasatof clUce. rr hr application at the Custom Houses at Chicago, UllsolA Ciadanau, Ohio, Pittsbarch, Ptnrayiraaia. and St. Lorn*. Missouri. Tue patterns for capitals must bcsnl muted to the Supericteedeut fir arpn.val t«K>re cas»lnz. aad beds aod top* of eolems* cad pilas ters mast be placed true. All the eastlec* must be foeno, of ev**n thickness. sharp arris**?* aid smooth tacts aad ihe •nummiatlou matt w of soperror CnUh. The price. inelßdlncfretcht and dc Ivery, mitt be sl*ea tnsroM aadlhewtoleot the wort most be delivered la t prlS2firld by or brfore the Ist cl March. iWT- BidMcosthe accompanied slblc partle*. ta the sum of cySata*.tbe.bldder win tlMkrnmlrmct ir award'd to him. S addfeaaed to A . Schwarts. Seaerlaumd ustoTthencw Crun Route at bprtngdeid, J.llnou, aad mnsibeesdorsed. “Propr>sal*f.r Iren Worfcd* A. bCUWAEZ. anpcrutrodglt- MORE BALDNESS OR GRET -1 Hair Color tKxft. Restorer -iTlSea juif color Berorer" “Wm Hair nalr Color do: mi pi ri(<m Hair Color i^sturr. -lituoa Restored Hair Color talc Restorer* “Lordso Hair Co or Restorer" -Iwdca wttbost Hair Color or soil R&unt “Cua'-en Hair color ti Rratorrr^ -Lome® Djrltr. Bar Color anythin*. Res'ore£ jvwui m*ke the balr soft, *los*y aodCeitwe. It wfl ort serve the orltmal coior to old a«V rwreat & ha?trea Mine oft. ltw,ii sure a» ol Mia |Mlg MCftU a ticnlt* H* igij iv *ij trvtinr dracsUts a*o i!e»i;n la toilet ar- by jyvn ER. Wholesale Asms 9ftaa<lHt-lAIr > -Ut.hle*ir». S 3 Sooth JefferartuG. Olcsgo. 33airtnrts1)i9. jfutwUme, Bebblng, jHttrotg, Set. Great Reduction in Prices of CHARLES TOBEY, 87 and 89 STATE-Sf., Chicago. Clotting. FROM O F OF ALL STOCK, Old Chicago Time* Offlce- Notions, STOCK SATE MOSEY Unots anlr Sljocs. proposals. dtlS-lCt Sail Axestoratibrs. Business Ktrtices GENTLBNAN, who tor the last fil itta jeara baa been ronnertol, a* clerk and actlte tamer, with <?♦* efthe eldest Ira port In* Winder G’an How* tn Ibe East. vUhe* to make ao arrange ment with Kim* party ccantadi capita., or |io,oooor npwartts. for lb* pnrpose of carrying oa tie WIKDOW Gt.Vftt BUSINESS. Be Is perfectly famniir with the best foreign *'-orc« cf sorofr. and wits th* manotactnrtng bn«lne*a m this roortry. dmy osedtnrlnji to. embark in tbc.above bca-news, sltner aa spsdal or active partner, may Had It lor blaanurcst to address, immediately. “■GI ASS." Box 2654. Bostae P.O. Caal. yOUQHiOGHESY COAL CO, ÜBee 17 rhombersf Commerco and comer Wntbliile and Greta., Tocchlepbeny. briar HU!, Cancel and. Mineral Bldge a< w.w. ConnelMvUleatd fltuburgh Coke.. _ AMEA A CO. jaectsrijautp. ffipea. QENUETE KeerschanmPipes&CigarHoiders 01 oar oan importation, at very low pricy*. BECK ft WISTH. 9A Soath Water st. jFinantial TO LOAN, IX SUMS OF TTTO OB TDBEBTHOTJSAXDDOL* |LABS, OX IMPBOVED CTTT FEOPFKTT.i I Apply at Boom ?Q. ‘A Metropolitan Dfcek, fro* 5 o 4 p. m. E, Kcm p PRESS The Great Book of the Times. THE HISTORY LINCOLN ABRAHAM AND TUB Overtlirow_of Slavery. By EON* ISAAC Iff- AENOLOs In Ore Volume. Octavo, of over 700 Pages and A POEXBAIT Of MB. LINCOLN. TO BE SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION. TtU tmportact wort, commenced by Mr. Arnold about one ]far before the ■MMalnatloa 01 Mr. Lincoln, -adwltb bis approval, will, without a doubt, noct ibasfultl Vtc expectations of tbe leading atnotlM .nontry. ltd give the people * at .ndarul andrellatud history oftne Administration of Mr. Lincoln. aadtb* oyertbrow of slavery. It jrtTW Mr. Lincoln** view* on rcccnstrncllrn. s»td brine* to toe American people (gets oresr before placed before them. Tie following extracts from leu era to the Author and notice* tom the pre#» were called oat by tbe **An touEcemeat" ol :te work last igaucf; From Hod. llaab EtlcL'allech* It ref mrd to ilr. Lincoln that lift relation* vhlch jca bed scs'atmrd toward* him and htJ Administra tion peculiarly QuUltea yoa for ta*» wort. From iloo. E. B, Waahbnme. Ton bad the threat opportunities to watch the pco -6 real of evr nls w hlc n von propose to describe la history. Prom Chief Justice Chase. Tocr Intimate with Mr. Uncola acdvooi a pedal knowledge ot the events cotmectea with the downfall of slavery, pocallarlj quallflos yoa f. r the work. From floo. It- J.Oalesby, Co«nior of III*- l record it as fortunate to the memory of that great mat Ital yoa should hare undertaken the work. “New York Tribune-” it win beyond doubt he the Standard work on tfr llLcoln. gprtncCrld (111.) “Journal.” The mMt readabla and Utsmtlng book on the seb ]ect Issued. ProrldeoCe iR. I.) “Journal.” It win Ukc a place among the standard Historic*. Mr. Arnold pcseeaics tmasoalcapabtliueoforthowors. \V- Chrlaflan Advocate.” I'hlcaso. TU« will be the beat asd scat carefhliy prepared work yet pnbUahed. In Cloth $4: In Library Leather $5; in Half Calf SO. rc**«ns wishing to procure the work or encage In Its sale, should addrtas CL \ RKE 4- CO-, PabUahers, SO and S 2 Wa>hlngton-«U Chicago. JUoT PUBLISHED. Hilliard on Hie Law of Jiew Trials mi Other KtUcarings. By t rands Hilliard, Esq* author of “The Law of la* Junctions." svo. Price fTAC. CONTENTS: CHAPTER I-Peftnltlon, *c~ of New Trial. IT- Crated* of New Trial. Ill—Ground of NewTnafe orvvru. ui anai. ...—u.v—-. v. .... Harmless Error; Sutalastlal Justice. It —Terms of Granting a New Trial. V—Nature ami Effect ot the Mums tor. and the ll ratting oh a Kew Trial; points of Practice: Sncceeelve New Trials. VI Waiver. YU—Sew Trial In Criminal Cates. Till— Ground# of New Trial; Grounds Relating to tad Jnry; Venllet. IX-Jury. Irregularities Coaaeetol with, as Qrconds of New Trial; Iccompetcney. X Jury: Mtecvnduct. Sl—Erroneous Baling* or la rtrnetloue. Xll—Dl«cretlo»- Xlll—tvtdence Aa clrG.n or Be*cctKn of Evidence. XlV—Verdict Acaic.t Evidence. XV—NewJyiil*cDT«ed Bridenc*. WI-BurprUe. XVu—Amount ot Damage*. XVIII— New Trials in Equity. XL\—Other Forpi*ol Beeoarj- Ir.c thaa New Trial: Writ of Error. XX—Certiorari. XAl—Appeal. X.Xll—Aaclla Querela. XXlLl—Man damus. Appectlli-?'a>ntes. EAT ± BROTHER, Law Publishers, <Eonstgnmrnis. ■yOR CHICAGO. DEESSE# HOGS. Crn«lßD3fnt* of Drowed iloctwill receive oar efc»« ttmtloo, r.rfi fna oor loss r«Jc tn tkaHlac, we u»lti we tao give ittlilacUoa M i,Di!j;cor». ti;t nn try gs :: rrr stmrtl Putts. Wtlaht Ll-Jt*. ml dxllT market t-vort- ftintstrt to shipper* free on application. E»t»Dlia!»C«l If*. U. IlAS!<rtJi Oi CO.. lf»7 Sooth ChlcxP. 170 R PROMPT RETURNS, SEND X TOUR EKESSED HOGS To DAVIT* FUEL A CO., 114 La**ils-st,Cb!ca«o. J}RESSED HOGS ‘Usual Facilities to Shippers, OmlMoo. <« , 1 aS and 140 Kloaie-at. corner oi jFor Sale. CADE OF UNCLADIED PROPERTY". O Node* U hereby cltto t.Sat lh“ undenleuM «m kT at Public Auction, at 2 o'clock p. m, os the lUA Us- of December, ISCfi, at the Police Headquarters, In the cl it of Chleszn. one unclaimed Bay Bono. JOHN NELSON. Custodian of stolen Property. neadq*r» Police Dep’t. Chicago. 111, Dec. 11.1365. TTOR SALE, ON COItMISSION, Fine Coonecilcut Seed Tobacco, Wrapper* and CTOP-19M. Alw. a fine stock of TuUaeco. Clear*. Pipe*, AC, lorMlebj PARK EC, MARSH A CO, PEW No. 43. IN TEE Tilled Presbyterian Olkixroli* FOR SALE LOW. A.HtG.IL MILLER. Arpir» HORSES FOR SALE OF THE GOIDDDST BREED, At Eden Slock Farm.elrtt tml» from the city oC Lonlsvlllv Ky. Ttu-w: horse* include the ten need that have chalk used the world for speed and bottom* throntb “Wilke* 1 Spirit of me Time*”; aI»o. LydUa Golddust, Uiat won larleU ot Monnof* celebrated Brcno In three nefv aL*o. Matty Crolddrut-that won tori'll over ten or it** Nat rwi* year old* of Kentadry In lb* fall of line, and the noted style an<l *perd mare* Sue Golcdeat. Ko*a G<>lddo*t. The**-, with many oia ers, make s> the best meet elegant lot of D-ottera ever offered tar sale in America. ram now breedla* over “& mare* annually of the taoet improved croM ot Morcan# and Uioroas6*hfeed*. and can «cpply ata xic ana docble drivlas borv* brood mare*.or »tat tion*. ot any dc»lred aeee, at the aborted notice. <<4hdO»iTac« L. L. DQttSEY. JB- s3rns, JOSEPH GIU.OTTB aTEEL PENS; OF HIE OLD STANDARD QOAT.ITT JOSEPH OrDacrlpßw TRADE MARK: OiI.LOTT. SiT»»olD«c WIUK4NTEP. uUncMaoSK. NEW SERIES. GOOD AND CHEAP, tzcm No.?* to NO. TCI. JOSEPH Witt IKADESLLBS: UM.UITr, DeMga*ttc* miXTUSOIIAW. Saalwi. Tte well smown okistxAL ud foptlaz nunioeis* 31)11.- 10-1, »70. 3*l. . hiving tea m/*vun‘?ti 5y other Maiitb*. we desire O elation ibe mobile I rMoect to hj<l Imitations. a?k fob GLLLorrs. 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Wa bare cow tor sale Ibe toDowlng additional Boon* *y Blank*, which have f»LL been approved bytbeDo partsenta: Soldier’s Claim far Additional Bsantr, -Widow's •* u Tuber** u “■ Mother's M “ Parent* “ CiolntlrV w Guardian"* ** ** A commaricatioatom ScocLd Auditor* Office, ca erring to c«9im of oor RVc.ks seat tor u TU» forms aw decidedly the best that hayo be«o praM”** l to ***• ° fc fice«” ta<»wu<a «*‘e ««“ —“ *“* •" °?!L t »Mo« *»• »"“» LiwHnSrSut^' , o° 7 ttltt »‘ a Ad4rtM TRIBUNE CO., Si darkest., Chicago.