Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 13, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 13, 1866 Page 3
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' ..TV tranpt of dead ktuo todies iD.fnocr- it e hort, la addition ta whu *».•?£ ji'Jp' l l * e * lev* **d ordtuancss Id ff kwir: , '« and provided*’ rvlalre i> every ftl thic iaiwhich corJd indaencs or e ida tger P, I t*» Ibe pabltc, «rd, so cto*? is this ays- Sa psft ,hsl tro bad almost tald Individual sr’aritlon clfrclcd by ths Board, with „ acd the power th*y hare under continuing tbe Board, nir c * a perfect factory condition of thogiext city fStw York, and confers npoa wr the lar«tx ®* i-n .:H of tavlce absolutely tha ban hy -s”- regulations of any city in -Mis wo*ld. *‘V- ic of th* perfection of all the •/•aiiccrjcnta of tbe Board, we lay before our u*l of ibe circulars aod blinks which *T' t S.JU-, idr ice convenience snl the letter * of their Immense and Important P Thesear.*: v i'-rv.’.-' physicians, requiring Immediate re , ■- ct cholera, typhus or small-pox, and recom ri- ’dirc thorough disinfection of place? tvherc Jr,V..r-i*u? fll*eaaca have becn c" v. Is*' to medic -1 pracJUocrra. requiring thsm m r,--:.-:rr themselves, their residences and of •*** »i clDce of the Boanl of Health. to medical pracXiuotcra, calling for r . OT^; i ..-d regular returns o! birth*. still-births with Inslractlon* lor mode of report- L- k S ;,rf> of death. Orrui-r to undertaker* and sextons. requiring r rn to register themselves at the ofice ol the Health. 'vhon* to the public, what disinfectants to ind bow to use th“ni. i-r-cildw to sextons and others In charge of p. xj' =icd dead, as ty me ms of preventing con- iV',:: notice of requirement ol 'burial permits f.vh/riuins. crrilar to ferry and bridge mailers, railway and aoent«. probibltlur the carrjii.g of dead »--it bod;'-* through ibecltj without per alt f,'*DU cert ifleate of cause of death. iKTnlt for laicnnent. B - _-s application for transit permit p:*r.» uamlt permit, risi:* rvtorn of a birth. l.\>X rctr.rn ot a *tdW-rth. B’jn'; certificate of oarriase. Tunk application for copy of certificate of blnh t.-n lie uxords. . , . „ t Elrrt applkatlon for copy of certificate of mar x:*--from ti e records. 'l-iaak application for copy of certificate of death fh-n the records, ftiaak transcript from records of certfflbate of b CUnU transcript from records of certificate of C nvnb C trnti£griat from records of certificate of di * C J$*uU report of Inspectors, of contagions dla- 'jllank daily report of cases and conditions of a cases of Asiatic cholera. Blank dally report at Dispensary. , _ i TiintiV retnni of cases ot typhfla fcverond ty- . phold, admitted to Charity Hospital, Blackwell's f\t°pv retr.rn of eases ofsmali-nor end varioloid admitted to Small-Pox Hospital, Blackwell's vceklr report of deaths In the city and 1 coot trot New "York. Black weekly report of deaths from I zymotic diHiasce In New York ... . Blank weekly abstract of mortuary returns tbrongbont the dßtrict. . . .. Blank consolidated report of deaths la the city ofNewVoik. , . , . , Blank form for reporting existence of col form for reporting legal evidence of nni- dry titles of:hc«c blacks will Indicate bow complete is the system, from welch they BWtwc but to an immeasurably greater extent would this be Impressed upon the reader, could he fee the beautiful regularity and nicety of de tail with w-bscb every one U prepared. The mere classification ot the causes of death on the “con solidated report of deaths" is a huge reform ta mortuary returns, a now revels ion to the maker* thereof, whereby something of roil practical benefit and information may be instead •jf the mere Jumble of disjointed fact* and errors ta which tuck re torus generally abound. The arjupnloua closeness of queries relative to revlEtration of births, recalls an incident which is said to have occurred In Ireland at a time when the Eoßll*h Government attempted to enforce fdmJUr registration there, and for «hat purpose furnished to each clerk of registration a Jut of prltuedqneflinriF, which he was to ask. and have answered by the person registering the tilrili. Thereupon, in one case, the following dialogue OC tTo»nc ’(cwteri-p the otßce timidly)— 41 ! want to regUlera child, fir.. , Clerk (referring to his printed !l«l of questions) —“What Is the name of the ch'ld?' Voiron— “.John Hoolaban,sir.’ C 7, r£ (contlooing as per form)—“Male or le fVomoJ} (mildly surprised)— 44 Male, air.” CUr?:—" Are yon one of the parents r' IVofKffn— 44 Yes. sir.” . . Cirri!—“Which? Mother or father ?" Woman (witn Increased surprise)—“Mother, elr.tobc rnre." . . “ Wore yon present at the birth f ITomon—“Och, musha, and be asks me that?” fExltln amazement, convinced of the lunacy ot towercr. Ibis registration Is an excel lent thing in more than one way, and tho strictness with which the Board appear determined to en force It will *o donbt cause U to be much more cseful than It was under the old rfgimt. \Ve have said enough, in the limits of this ar ticle, to point on the main features of the su perior system ot hygienic regulation of Sew York, and ro render apparent, to whoever has po ru-cd It, the advantages which would secure to our city from the adoption of a similar system in this city. It is to be hoped that the matter will be brought befcie the next General Assembly, and an ei.deavor made to secure legislative action in regard ibertlg. board of supervisors. Imports of Officers and Committees— Taxes -Educational Matters—Fro* posed formal School and Agri cultural College—The Court House. The Hoard ot Snjnrnlsors of Cook Count j met ycMcrday morning, according to adjournment. The roll was called, and a quorum fonou present. On motion cf Supervisor magics, the reading of the minute* was dispensed with. PCAWC.U of jtcon*. On motion ofSapenisor ivtug. It was voted to postpone the drawing ot Jurors until two o'clock. ctroET or copntt rmrsicias. dka ■wyn«i report ol the County Physician for the West HMrion. Or. T. D. Pitch, was read and accepted. It shows the following facts. Nnr*i>cr of path nt* visited, nil; number pre scribed. TT: tvoole number tr>aied, iIS, ol which 12 : were males and 113 females. Number of vUi e mt-de. ttf* i prescriptions, ini; whole number ol tisi'tft and inscriptions, JCM. *ihr nationality Is ft , r 0 t)o«e: Irish. Ui; Ocrman, at; Americans, 4*. Hungarian*, 22; English, l ; yausdlan, 1; Crotch. 4 1 Hollanders, 4: panes and Hibernians, r. • Saedes, C: French,!. The ages -were astol* Vows* Under HI years, C!; from 10 w raj, r.l; •Vrnn KlO ;a. 31; from 3u to -to, CO ; from -JO w 50, - irom 50 to GO, 0; uom Co to *O, ll; tromTJto rU’o ot iL«* whole number R 7 wens sent to the HospEaL 1 *>t. Luke’s ilospiial, Gto ncSiUal< to County Roust, 2to Lake Hospital. CiJied % lsl recovered or were trunstened toother unmber ot rost morlmt made Is rtll'HW KlfTT'e IICMItT. p cnpcrrt*° r Kdbrooke, of tUa Committee on Poor i j U oosp and Pauper*, reported that tb-y bad exam* sued the tvpon of J. F. IlarUlu;;, County Asent, w found it con eel ard recommend ihil It t>o accept* V) cq and placed on file. Kcporvacceptcd. V EDUCATION, i Supervisor WbltchuaU, of tie Committee on Ed* \ - oration, icporlcd (list theylonud in* 1 report oflus ft j Constv Snpcilrrtendcnl collect. and recommend B $ ib> adoption. They also arproiethoproposalcon -8 s! tamed is it lor additional Normal School prlvl l 4 Wes, mid recommend the Boanl (o request the I 3 Li*"UJatore lo consider the matter of establishing v a NoimalSchool far the northern pail of thestate, ilcport accepted and a iopt-d , ; DELIKyCEST TAXES. \ Supervisor WUtflnsad alawd that there had I brrn ront-iucrablc cUffletutT In collecting personal ' tax. principally from Insurance companies and - other corponUions.tnerc bclnc sow a uclloqucncy _ offit.tOu. Uo movedtba: the JudiciaryOommU - tee be Inrtrncted to look Into the laws ou the anb f jpct of collecting delinquent, taxea, and recom ! a mcndaca-cprotlsloji lor their more epcedycol . % ittUon. Ihc motion tnucanlod. « TLRCUABE or court house. > \ SuperrisorEiggins mored that a committee of * I \U;:ce be appointed to consult with a ►imUarcom | \iniitcc from the Common Coat-cilia regard to 1 'bnvmc Ibelcteresl of the city in the Coort House, f; *ji-.e motion prevailed, and the Chair appointed k Vow. IlisstM, Rcxlord and Pcnnoycr as sack Hi ’nnmUtcc. The Cnainnau was aubseqncaUy 3 Med. ■S 05 TBS CARPET. UJ lIM * Jiu tl. fl-tpeniror Digging snsrcesied that the carpet »s"je fi-or of the County Court room which the -..'dwtnpteawas verymuch worn, aud needed Snpcrrlsor Aiken moved that the on BaUdlnc* be instructed to procure rat.J?* down matting In place of the present j-cAVT I *. drier cuueidcrablc discussion on the oi economy, and the uncertainly * me retaining the room permanently In thv?!® 1 uftbc county purchasing the whole of porT k °a-t iiunae, the matter was Indefinitely UrfJed, on motion of Supervisor Aptel. Board ration of Supervisor Stclumaller, the adjourned nutll two o'clock. The Boarif rEBKOON SESSION, vae tailed tctftmblcd at two o’clock, tho roll •juorum found present. The Hoard draww. lorllcsaocriorcilj* om«i»S ol Juror, tsKsass t-r.perviaor Farwell, was laid upob .2? “s£° a ij the petitioner waaalir wed to Supervisor Pahlman, of the Committee on Pan* llcport adopted. no noo* roa collectors. The same committer, to whom was referred the request ol ibe Collectors ot the North. South and Wot Divisions for the rue of a room In the vJourt iioaec, tor an office, reported that all the rooms were occupied. lleport accepted. • sHonctEß’s pat ihcuxascd. The same committee, to whom war referred the lieilliouoJ W. H. Thomas, engineer of the Court louse, for additional saury, reported recom mending that he be allowed S£OU per ycaraddi* Donat, la order to enable him to keep an assist ant. a notion to lay on (he table waa lost, and the report waa adopted. no aim as» nniDCEs. The rvnuwtMei on Hoads and Brtdccs, to whom was referred a petition from citizens of the town of Proviso for au appropriation of toJO, for im provements of roads and a bridge over the Dev Slalnes Ittvcr, reported against th ■ appropriation, n notion of Supervisor rueheck, the report was referred back to the committee. The same committee, to whom was referred tho ncritloo ot citizens of Qyde Park asking that a strip of cionna, thirty feet wide, be set off from Ike It.form Kcsool grounds for street purposes, reported against (be petition. Keportconcnrtcd m. uzFUHPiau taixj. i '| 'I The Committee on Equalization of Taxes, to whom was referred sundry claims for the re funding of taxes, reported in favor of allowing the claim of Mr. Barrett, and disal.owlng the others. Be port was adopted. IJUKU.USIOI'S cunts. The Committee on hli«celtan«'otw claims re ported recommending the payment of aandry LIU# for stationery. pnuStos. &« On motion of Supervisor Farwcu, Use report wu accepted, with the exception of the bills for stationery for me SberiC’s cfßcc. which w Miicheo out acdtelerred to the CommUl jc Judiciary. rsccanox. On motion of Sopcmror Whitehead, It was voted to reconsider the vote accepting the report of the Committee on Edncattan. and on motion of the tame, it was voted to teller hick toe reports of the Superintendent ol Schools and the com* to hire on Education to that Committee. PVECtLIBE or COCZtT uocs*. On notion ol Supervisor Higgins, it was voted to refloat the Common Connell to appo.nt a com* mitre nf three to confer * Ith a siatur committee of '.be Board on the subject of selling to t*e county the lotereri of the city In the Court Home. rmnos mo* tue coujstx jcdue. Supervisor Emg p rerouted a pcUlloa from the C'ouuiyJndr*, reguesllng that a private room be allowed lam In connection with the Circuit court ivuai, lor Us examination of papers,etc. He ic.itd lu me Building Committee, wi'hpower to ace mu> . „ Tfce Committee on PoorUonec and Pauper* jure, attd surdry bills, amounting to Sm.SJ, and leci.mmceded tin Inpayment. Bcportacccplcd. AOUICLITCIUi COlit-UE. hnpervifor Wemplc presented* resolutionthat fhv Legislature l>e aiuborfxed to pledge the Crusty of Co k to famish ground* for * mechan ical a-,a agricultural cofeg*. provided It bs er* ctefl Cook County. On motion, the matter w#a ia:d over uMiElcn o’clock on Thursday mora le. f , wore ron nre'ttE. ya inoUo; ,ibe Judiciary Committee was instruct tcto prtj a.i; all mailers much tbe> have nnder ou»i , Jvi6iiun tbe action of the General Awetnbly,ind to forward then to (he Represents* Utws from Cook Comely. biu< to bx avnrrzD. Snberrifor WoodruQ offered a resolution that the County Clerk be Instructed to draw no order;, for payment by tho County Treasurer mull the. bills tbcrelor have first Iteen passed npou and al lowed by the Board. On motion of SrpervMor Shackford, the resolution was laid npoa tbe table tin til hsll-pasL ten Thursday morning. On motion, the Board adjourned until 10 o'clock; this morning. COMMON COUNCIL. f [OFFICIAL JIEPOHT.] Special Hcetlnj, CMcoso, Bcccmlier 11, 1800. PVea/nC—BU Honor tbe Mayor, and Aldermen Knickeibockcr, Carter, Wicker, Barron, WU* marth, Kann, Catch, WaUwork, Moore, Schuler, Talcott, Holden, AckLoS, Proudfoot, Fracxen, •Knee), Shack torn, La tv eon. Clark, O'Sullivan. Abitnf— Aldermen Cox, D’Woh, Calkins, Flnn ccsn. KrUbio, RaPerty, Woodard, Biiby, GastCeld, Huntley, Hob, cai.L. The Clerk read tbe call for tbe meeting, which, od motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, tvaa Placed od die. 'Hie Bo&td of Public Works presented a comma* ideation arklng tbe passage of a preamble and res olution authorising snld Board to procure *\x dredgafi, ana whatever machinery and material* mar be necessary (or the construction of a portion of the llllnolo aod Michigan Cans]. Aid. Talcott moved that tbe communication be accented. Carried. Aid. Talcoit moved that ibe Connell po into CommUlee cl the Whole. The motion prevailed, and the Connell resolved itself Into a Committee of tbo Whole, Aid. Holden in tee chair. . . . . After milng, the committee roe*, and reported procrere. through its chairman. Am. Holder, as follows; “I am Instructed by the Committee nr the Whole ol tbla Conrcil. to whom was rctsrred tbe comnntnlcatlon of tbe Board ol Public Works end the preamble and resolution accompauyinsit. to report that tbe subject matter baa oaea faliy dircnsECd. and that they recommend the passage of the followin': resolution": I2(»olt'd. That the Connell do no* approve of the plan Bunmiitco to them by the Board of Public Works lor the completion of the troik forfeited by Messrs Fox, Howard & Walter, but request that they proceed, accoujtng to the proviaioas of tbo Charter, to rc-lcl the work. Aid. Clark moved that the report of tbe commit* tee be accepted. Carried. „ t ... Aid. Clark mov'd the passage of the rcsolatlon as reported b> ihe committee. Aid- WUraar-h moved that the resolution bo amended by adding to lb* c L<l tbcreol tbe word “Immcdiaiely.” . Aid. Moore moved to lartbc amendment of Aid. Wilmartb on the table, and The motion prevailed. Aid. Kaon moved that the commnnlcaUoo of the board of Public Works be placed oc Ole. Aid. Fbsckford moved to amend by saying that the communication be published aid placed on Ole ” Ibe amendment of Aid. Sbsckford having been poi and lost, the question recurred on the motion of Aid. Kaon, which prevailed, aod tbe common!' cation was Placed on file. , ... Aid. Knickerbocker presetted and moved tm passage of the (t-llowlrg resolution: Xetoicd . That tbe Board of Public Works bt instructed to brine still upon tbe bond or fox. Howard & Walker, or to report to this Connell why they do not oo so. . . . lue motion prevailed,and the resolution was P: jUdf Clark moved Ihatlhc Conndl do now ad- motion prevailed, and the Council Blood jonruedT A. D. BOHMAN, CHy Clerk. A UNION CLUB HOUSE. Letter from J. P. Hoot, Eeq.-A Pro posed Charter* Tho following Utter from James P. Root, Evq., the well-known Secretary of ibo Republican Union State Central Committee, we commend to the consideration of our reader*. Whether or not the submitted charter is the that conld be adopt ed, Is a point to be decided on investigation, but of the desirability of a Union Clob House there la no doubt: Editors Chicago Tribune: ThcsoVectof a Union Club House In Chicago has been agitated by our Union friends, but I do Lutncdcmaod it has assumed a definite shape. Wc have no public hall. During the campaign ynsl c-oscQ w« were compelled to ask General Bntlerlo address onr citizens from (he Court Boueo steps. We conld Lav*- had speeches fiotn rchuvlcr Colfax, Senator Wade, General Garfield and other*, if we could have given them a What Philadelphia has done Chicago can do. We should have a hall with a scaling capacity of six thousand and a reading room uheic all kinds o( political information can be obtained. it Is too front an undertaking for private inter piisc, but there are Union men enough in Chicago 1 to ral e the required amount. The stores aad offices conuictea with an Jos'itntlun of the kind contemplated, will nay a good dividend. Several ©row-wealthy citizens have expreseed a wllung uess to take stock In the amount of one thousand dollar* each. UercwUh you will find u hill far a charter, under which an orgsnlzallon can be per fected capable ot building the finest, hall in the United States. Yours truly, Jxxsa P. Root. Bill for an act to Incorporate “The Chicago Union Club Douse." , , , ~. Suction 1. Belt enacted by Ibf people of the State of Illinois, represented In the General As sembly, That the persons who shall become mid continue stockholders Is the corporation created by this act and In the manner herein provided are made and cont-Ululcd a body coinorate and oolitic by the rame and style of “Toe Chicago Union Uub Douse," and as such corporation shall have perpetual succession, may sue and be rued, may make contracts, may make, nso and utter a common ilea], and Lave and exercise all the fiowers, privileges and ImmanUles and be sub let to all the liabilities Incident to a body cor porate and politic. me -i 'lhe capital stock of said corporation shall be three hundred thousand debars, and shall be divided Imo shares ot fifty dollars each, to lie deemed personal property and transferable us such on the books of the corporation, in the manner and suMect to the restrictions provided In the by-laws. It’sball be lawful for the Board of Directors to determine the time wbt-n, and the amounts In which the Instalments of stocc , shall be paid, and the* may levy and collectanon •liy over auu above such instalment aulassoas mentor annual duo on each share ol slock. Toe said Company. through their Board cf Directors, shall have power to Impose and penalties on tho mem- Lt-ir of said corporation who Basil be eulUy of a violation of the rules anil hy laws, are may, (or causes designated In the by-laws, suspend or cijitl mcnl-cte, or they may declare foiuitrd any shares of stock on which remains due and unpaid, for the space of thirty days, any instalment, aobcrimcnt or annual due; and said { corporation may maintain an action of debt. In spy court of competent Jurisdiction, to recover the amount oi any anch fine, penalty, Instalment, ctscsfUtcni or annual due, levied, assessed or called for. Ibceuld Board ot Directors shill be authorized to premrlbe the duties of tho odicers aodaevuta r f raid corporation, ami may require Irovtv them bovda. with ot without surely. Vo be approvrd by the Board, with such conditions as uicy shall see fit to Impose, and may make by laws and rules for the government of the officers and Board, ami the management and control of ibe property, interests auo afialrs of tho corpora tion. Src P. There shall be an anneal mating of the stockr.oldcra on the first Monday of May in cadi year, lor tbe purport' of electing the Heard ot Di rectors and toe transaction of each other bOaUic s bs shall be latd before theca l»y the Ouueuira, ana special meetings may he called to consider anv matter Mibumtcd by the Directors, provided no tice of the object of auch special meeting shall have been b,t-n given by dewnliing the same Id the Chicago Tost Othex, addressee to vach stock holder, at least one week prior to tbe time fixed for such uncling. The capbal et«ck maybe increased, from time to time, to any amount not tsccodmg one million of dollars, at aur aut,ual*tncciing. ahar« of sleek tbatl entitle the holder thereof loose vote toe tb« election ot Directors and on all question* eniuuUlcu to the stockholder*, provided no share stall be eoiiUi-d to a vote on which there u due and unpaid an; instalment, assessment or annual due, and no person shall, after the organisation of this corporation, be permitted to become a sub set iber to the capital stock without the sanction of the Dlrcc'ors, nor shall any share of etock oe trar.steiableonwntch there remains due and un paid any Instalment, assessment or anon&l due. x.orto any person who ba* not been, by vote of the Directors, admitted to the privilege of becom ing a ctockholdcr • , The date of boldine the annual meeting may be chatted by rote 01 the corporation at any annual John B. Rice, John C. Bore, Wa. Brcse, James I*. Root, Joseph Medlll, A. C. Ue sloc. John hi. Wilton, llcnry Smith. Uaraio, C. L. Wilson, Basbtouck Daria, J. F. Bal lantrne, b. S. Carlor. J. D.Ward, Chaur.cey T. Bowen, 'i homas B. Bryan, Grant Goodrich, P- W. UatceTw. L. .Newberry, Henry Farnham, J. bcammon, Pcrkina Rase, Geo. W. Gaps, Jacob Belitn, Norman Williams, Jr., E. B. McCagg, Merrill Lada, .Norman B. Judd, A. F. Stevenson, V S. Eammond, Charles IL Reed, John V. Fanrcll, U U Bond, U. M. fchep «d. M. W. Leavitt, n. M. Singer, J. 8. Reynolds, Charles Blears, John 11. Foster. John X-. Han cock. Wm. I, Church. U. R. Uawlev, John l~ Thompson. Roblloncoln. S.A Irvin, J. M. Allen, Walter Kimball, J. L. Beveridge, P. A. baslaun. K. XI. Bough, Georgs M. Kimhark, John K. FoUord, fclllot Anthony, C. N*. Bolden, Samuel McKcy, T M. A very. W. F. Milligan, Ivor kawsou, C. C. P. Bolden, Oconre Schnldcr, l»aac Spear, Pqfer Pace, Charles Walker. George Armoar, E- S. Salomon, George Sherwood, Avon' Moore, and such other* aa they shall associate with tliitn, are hereby appointed Commissioners to open books and receive subscriptions to thecapiial stock of said company, ana to dctetmire the form ot such subscription and fix theamom-t to be subscribed pilot to the complete organisation of said corporation as herein pro ved. When the amount so fixed shall nave men subscribed, the eaid Commissioner shall convene a meitlng otlbc subscribers at such time tliey aball determine, notice thereof e*go call* pkpwWwm-in al ,e * st*Jw,Chl: or ptlLleu notice In ' lhtr“€CiewffO Post Office addieeced to each subscriber, auirwt such meeting the subscribers to the capital stock shall, under such rules and regulations as shall bo fixed by the saU Commla>iOLcra,procceii u> the election ot a l*resirtcnt, Vice President, Secretary and Trvaftucr ai d seven Dinctora, which said officer* and Director* shall constlts'e the Boaid of Direc tors of said corporation, who shall hold their office until the next annual meeting, and until their successors aie chosen and qualified. Upon the eUctSon as aforesaid the dcOcsOl said Com missioners shall end, and this corporation shall tie deemed fully organized, and mar thereupon vxrrcUe all the powers granted by this act. sxc. 5. The'tald corporation are hereby anthor iAd to parrhase, erect, hire, use, maintain and operate a Clnb Route or public ball with the ncccs tary equipments and appurtenances for public meeting*, or the use anp occupation ot aaid cor poiatioo, its officers, committees or empioves, together with such stairs, restaurants, reading rooms, library orolber rooms or apartments in connection with or attached thereto, as they shall deem proper, and they may from time to time rest out Uttlr said ball orClubHouse,*lores.offlccs, restaurants, or other rooms or apartments, and may own and maintain a library and reading room in their said building, and may admit such persons to the use of the same as they shall deem proper, and may Inaugurate lectures, speeches, or other public entertainments. The said corporation shall be authorized to bold, own and enjoy so much real estate as shall be nec essity for the object and purpose of their organi sation. and they may s«n and dispose of the same when the interest of the said corporation shall re quire, and may change the location of their said Club Bouse or haT« .. . „ A .. . Sec. s. This act shall be a public act and take • fleet and be in force from and after Us passage. Divorces Ststenlay, * The bnclncesin divorces was M alack” yes’. day, no new suits being commenced, in the Re corder's Court, a octree was rendered in favor of nrm a. vs. thosis wi.vrrn. In this case a default was taken on tbo sth In stant, the bill being tiled October 97th last. The allegation showed a marriage m the town of Main, in this Stale, on the SUt day of September, :851, the marriage resulting in the birth of one child. The chare* is that she had been treated with ex treme and repealed cruelty by ber husband. There * ere five witnesses sworn In the case, sad the testimony aicmed to chow a clear etatement ol wrong. , , In the proceeding tor divorce, wanT akk vs. xciaoK navxv, seeding in *he Circuit Court, a reference was or- Reicd. Ihe defendant entered bta appearance, and wa* ruled to plead Isttanter, whlchhe not doing, the bill wme taken af confessed. The bill in ILvs case was filed September --d last. Inili a marriage was set np lii this cornty. Apm -3th, lS.*a, where they lived together until Ma ch —d, l*‘S. when, it U charged, the respondent deaerlcd the complainant. Ike tare of TOCCEKDCrOCR VS. TOfiaXXBCCOEB d c o b. lotc Judge Jamb-on fMeJr. Ttm vnr but au order In pleafling made, in th caee, Mo Si TOibii Mrv. Torgenbcrgcr should an «wn the cioff hill within ten flays. Thu ca-e has become complicat'd. Ihc facte concerning U arc Uictc. A ills. Irelacl sued ior a divorce Cioia her husband on the ground of bis adultery with Sfra., lorcenlacrrer. Mr. Torgcnbcrrer shot at *n*J v entitled Beixel, and was indicted for an as-, fault with an Intent to mn*dcr. Pendlrp this prosecution, Mrs. Tocg.'nb.rgei Mica fore ok Tore** on the grotmd of cruelty, and subsequently' procured an order lor alimony, logrcnborger \»ae trl.d ai.d conrlrun. ao-X sentenced b) the; com I (Itccordtr'a.) While on bis war to. or while at Joliet, be was placed Jo contempt for not com-, pb lug with (he order io par alimony. Being f* r * douen within a day of ns arrlvsl at the state IMt-tm, he teturneb, filing his cross bill charging, the adultery of his tvltc with Deixler. To this hill the Is now required to answer. The divorce esse of cATßnun vs. a. a, wnnan. Filed KovcmLcr 1, like, was before Judge Jamfr fon, and defendants de/anlt was entered. These rantes veto mamed, toe complatnsnt s name iheo being howber, at Albion. Hew York, on the. foctlh day of July, ISs7,since which time she gave birth to two children. The bill charge* the te spoi.dcßl with habitual drunkenness, and shows that until tho filing of the petition tbe parties lived locetlcr. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Scarcity of New Business—Criminal Blatters—New Suits, &c« fiutnfH {n the conrla Ib tailing off, probably la view of the near approach of l e holiday reason. Ko cases irere beard before ilr. Commissioner Boyne ycMeroay, and tbc bnalnesa la the United btsics comiß w»s elmply not worth recordlnc. •ibe Clicult Court was ccgaged in the continue (ionoftbr cue of Predmote va. Patrick, men* Uocrd jctterdaj. Ihc cue la col as yet con* clr.dcd. _ ... “Itcrt-w suits la aswmprit were :J. s - Wheat vs. U. Nub and John Prank, damage* laic at Dudley C. Dennison vs. C. B. Waiie, damagev to recoTcr on a note ot s.*9o. _ 'lie rcm-. vs. Paul Cornell, damages 11,030, to recover on a ewe of |BSO. , _, Peter U. VUUUrdctal, ana tn covenant, Wil llam L. Pearce, laying damage* at 1500. only was filed. , _ . _ An action of debt was commenced. Peter J. Corafortbe nsooiW’Ullam J. Tewlaberry. against Calvin P. Hlxon, the debt W 75, with diinaces laid at fiuU), in tbe common law branch of the Superior Coml (Judge Ga»s) the following eatc* were cls mlered: Moore v*. Douglas. , _ . t*ccoud National Bank va. Oamiabees of Badger, £c.,te to the garnishee*. l-afUnTB. Erninmcial. , , . In the caac of Adam* Ansen v*. Langlolb and B*iger, ot the Chicago t'r.lon, a verdict wae rea cccdioi the plalutlila for sbis. Toe act* were iulty titled yesterday. . „ . ifcc Court la aljircßcnt encaged on the case of Hendricks vs. A. F. Conrie, la which the defend* antis cbaim-d with Impropriety of conduct ami Pane in the course of certain litigation wherein defendant we* attorn*? for the plaintiff. The case «ai given to the Juiy. , , . .. A motion for a new trial was overruled. In the care of Uebcttieln against Wfclon, lately Cried, and when tried, folly stated la the Trucks. Judgment was render din tnc oaee of Hoe el nl. vs.T-cavU ct aL, for plaintiff, the amountbelug Jameson, of the Chancery branch, is still ♦netted in lb; trial ot tho cause oi Fergus vs. Woodworth, the facts of which case were folly stated yesterday. „ . , In this Court an action of troverwas commented by George Benlcl against Abraham Ituh and bam* nelandkiesry Leopold, the damage being laid at f The rcclaralloa charge* a wiongful con teihlonofa slock of clothe. .. „ - Creditoi..'bills were filed by SamuelilcCo’be against William H. Stow and George 1. Stow, and by James L. bmlih against Plcbard Clarke and wife, one the Peoria and Colombia Insurance com* p# Abill la Chancery was also filed by Thomu Snell and other* (Snell* Taylor ± Co.) against the Glebe insurance Company of Chicago, Illinois, with a view to procure an amendment to be made to & certificate of lueuraoce on two hundred and twenty bale* of cotton. „ „ A stl. fa. issued in the case of EU Seeboa rs. William and Anna Price, to foreclose a mortgage on lots 3to 12, both inclusive, In block], Anna Pnce'e subdivision ofeorthweat quarter oi north* westqnartcr of section lU. town3>north. A writ ot attachment. Issued hi the smt of Frank M San er, against Henry F. Long and John b. De* \ t .i. ilic action is to recover an alleged indebted* ticssof $",nt3.07, and the writ Issues os against ton-icßtditits. A bill was also filed against the Chicago and Noithvesbm hallway Company and Johu l>or* • bcrocr, by Lucj L. Will-*, widow of Solomon Wills, involving the title of the undindco sixth of (be couth b"it ol Ibo southeast quarter ol section 12, lowi thlp 3fl, range 13 cast. The object U to recover doner, , . _ An action ol assumpsit was commenced by By* er N. against Charles I). Chapman, damage* brine laid at StOU. , , _ . Ibe criminal business of tho Kccorder’s Court * \VUUamC?lTlcgltu; larceny. Trial. Verdict, guilty of petit larceny. , , . Augusta* Anderson; keeptrg a lewd house. Mark Alikins, keeping a lewd house. Plea of Davis; adultery. Plea of guilty,* Frances Campbell; keeping a lean bouse. Vcr !y\axirven: keeping a lewd house. Verdict ox gniliy. Jcsuio Hobs ; keeping a lewd house. Plea of Rl Mrsl Thomas; keeping a lewd house. Trial. Verdict ot guilty. Sentenced to pay a floe of $lO3. Mniy Whitney; keeping a lewd house. Plea of Stone; receiving stolen goods. Plea of not guilty and defendant admitted to ban. Minnie Wright; keeping a lewd house. Case on trial. . nailed Street Improvement*. Among the improvements recently ordered by the Common Connell, 1b that of taring naisled suoet with (be Klcbolson bloclr, laying down eolhclenl water pipes and sewerage. To accom plish this, (be Hoard ol Public Works baa di vided the street Into three seciloni. one of which calends fiom Harrison street to the crossing ot the Chicago, Burlington & Qmncy Ballrpad. The reside-jiß along .this section bare been assessed, and ordered to pay t&cir reftiCCUro assessments on or before the Slihday of January next This aellon aroused tbc people, ano they have held meetings to con sider means by which they, can put a stop to the work. A petition was circulated and pre sented to the Council, who referred it to their Committee-on Streets and Alleys for Invcstl- another meeting of the residents, a committee appointedtolaquiie Into and reportetafol lowing meettrg. Jjut night. another’ wwttng was hud, on the corner of llalsled and Twelfth f.jrvctr, to tear the report of the committee, bat i the chairman of that committee was not present, r&tr tv. CarruLer, one of the committee, if ported that they bad bad no meebng, and be krru theic was no report to make. The meeting vcvctthcletd thought that another effort should be made and appointed me following epmmlUee: • Messta. James ilonUon, John Riser, C. J. Roll, rtcorce Po ■ ell, G. W. Spofford, Patrick Camber atdß y. Goodwin, with Instructions to draw op a memorial to he presented personally tocath member of the Council. The committee will, or ate expected to. report next Thursday evening. The oojcctlors to this improvement were stated (o1Io»b s They have been informed that sewer Vmck cannot he famished until after Jniyncxt- Afier the bricks bad been inrnlsbed they calculate or a > ear's time belote tbo street wl\» be In passa ble *£apc. Again, there residents have oecn as -n->tdio an amount of one hundred thousand (Inliimtobe paid by tbeSlihol January next. 1 his amount, they sar, will r«t jn the hands of rcmci>ue tor eighteen months, the holder having the me of the money at tan per cent, thna 1 bringing into the holder’* pockets a earn cl fifteen thousand dollars, money which the property holders truly own, and to the use or v bleb they are entitled. Again, they are not able in ihc why all perrons owning property along toe i ircci are not assessed and made to pay at toe t mmc time as themsclvea. Throngb this distlnc* Don, those present last evening Imagine they see u rticft railway game. Ihc trackon w oils street, 1 they said,ran south to Taylor street; tnatanrldge Is to he bnilt across the South Branch at that point, and that, when tbc people residing on llalftcd street had finished tholf street lm pn>vcmrnts,the Hallway Company wonld lay their track light up Taylor street to Halsted, then with Impunity remove lb- centre of the bcantifol pave ment ana lay their track, and enjoy and profit by the work without paying anything for the work of Improvement. Oncol the number has consulted with the City Attorney,and be informed them that such might be the case. Sncb are the tacts, as presented last night, ol a question which Inter ests a portion of those residing on Halsted street. Whether the Board of Public Works will be com prmdto pul oil the work, and the residents left to hold their money and dwell In the old mad, re- i mains as ycl a question. :oal ) «. Snoortxo a BrccLan,—The store of Joseph L. I*U * Co. was entered by burglara, on .Saturday light, and robbed of three valuable safe locks* ‘•orth between fW) and each. Suspicion etted upon a colored man, who had been en* ployed upon the premises and was familiar with the Place. Dciec.ive Macauley. trom the Central MauoP, was put upon the “Job” of looking the mailer up. On Sundry be lound the locks, secre ted in a pile of shavings. In the basement of the ssm«* Imudicg whence they were stolen. Suspect tog that whoever commuted the then would be likely to return for the property, and wishing to banco the matter, Macault-y arranged with the proprietors clothe store that, In the presence of the suspecteo man, one of them should speak omating Iwen nou&rd by the Fire Depamneci to remove those shavings from tbe cellar without further de lay. Thv pan was carried out. On Monday night Uacanlcy and his brother. Sergeant iSacauley, waited and watched patiently for de velopments. Their place of concealment was In tho basem«nt of the building, and bitterly cold. Nothing transpired during the night, but a UUle alter six Tuesday morning, before it was yet light in tliobniiding, they observed two colored met coming down the stairs with a pall, and pro ceed toward the shavings. They cvetally cleaned the pail end one of them transferred parts of one or two of the locks to the pail. At mis moment Detective Wa'wnley fired a shot from his revolver at the wall, about twenty-five feet in ad vssce of them, and called upon them to halt, rr (Ley were dead men. Instead of do .-y*-.. They wove brothers. ( f them. Jobs, Is consiaered etdlty. • John was mskit g rapid fp»*ed up the stain, when a second fbot wounded him in the leg. Be still pressed on. Macsnlcy pursuing, and shooting to him to stop. Out on Dearborn street, near the corner of Washington, another shot from the revolver hi: Cntlmdcn In the back. He combined to rnn in the direction ol the Court House, until be bad tear It reached the gate on Clark street, where he was finally cap'nreo. and then taken to the Cen tral station, ilia wounds were dressed by Dr. ronius. The vail which entered bis bach was extracted from bis right breast, which point it bad reachedby following the course of the rib. The wounds are not of a dangerous character. Staubcto Amur.—About nine o’clock Tues day sight Patrick Kearney, a man forty years ot age who lives scar Pearson street. In an alley back of Sand’s Brewery,gel into an altercation with a young man about twenty-five years old, named Cufice. who boarded there, and drawing a large pocket knift, Eeamcj thrust it into the breast of the latter, near the heart, inflictingamosl serious. If not fatal wound. The assassin was arrested and lodged In the North Market station bouse. He says that bo wascmy at the time; that he was not drunk, and does not know what caused him to do tha deed, ibe pica of Insanity is probably a lane attempt of the frightened criminal to ti er po from Ike consequence* Of his rash act. At the Police Court yesterday morning he was held until to-day for further czanutation In bail of tl.t&O, charged with an assault with Intent to I. ill. Fteeit iJmsOTSKurrs.—The Board of Pnbllc Works is at present engaged In preparing the necessary assessment rolls for the laying of a wooden block pavement on North Clark street, trem the bride* to North avenue It will be re membered that this Improvement was ordered by the common Connell inly 97,15G5, The matter went to the coarts. tiring to tbs Supreme trtonnal, where the ectlon of the City was reversed, on the crocnd that the City Railway Company was not Included in tbo assessment. Jhe present work is to amend that error. CranfAt Tbuls b tux Surxmon Count.— The trial of the cetera! criminals now la jail whose cases pertain to the venue of the Superior Court will be arraigned 'this day (Thursday.) I U cxp« etc d that the flnt case called will be that o MoUic Truss ell. Judge Wilson will picriue. In view of (bis fart, the following order of tta Siu crior Court was yeriejday enteicd: "’ike regular civil business on the common law drcUtwUlon to-morrow and thereafter,daring the time occupied by criminal cates in th-ir room, betnmiactedlnt"* room known as Judge Wll cot'* loom, the coarse of business will be In no wire changed, except as above specified.'* The Last Ttskel—Bnnrcn to ms TTookxsx. K j« reported tint a tnoremcnV Is on loot to remember tbe men to whose strength of arm l« Our the completion of th«r Lake Ynnut), by a big n}, fit an early day. It is eild Ibst some five lundifd dollar* las been already subscribed for the nmpor-e. lie Ideals ar eminently uoodonc. Let tbe ailctl toilers not be forgotten. EXCESSIVE COIiTIiifiEATIOS AT COIUMU, TEBH. Lo« from 9100.000 to $150,000. [From the Nashville P«*■ and Timet, Dec. 10.] About half past ten o’clock on Saturday night, a fire broke out on tbe Public Square at Columbia, which honied ft number of large business house*, Involving serious loss, anu for a time threatened destruction far and wide. The street! were thronged with peo ple, all striving to save property, working with energy ana will, but, owing to the want of proper fire apparatus and water, their ef forts were of course unavailing In arresting the flames until six or seven buildings were consumed. . . . . The public square and streets adjacent wore filfed with goods saved irom the stores, but a large proportion was damaged, con siderable property being pilfered and stolen by gangs of remorseless thieves who took ad vintage of the unfortunate conflagration to plunder adtt&aum, . , The fire I* supposed to have originated, in the store of J. M. Huston, Esq., cither from some smouldering ember* in the fire-place or frem the cellar. We learn that bis cellar had been previously broken Into on two occa sions by unknown parties for the purpose Of tbclt. It may have been broken into again on Saturday night and set lire to, cither pur posely or accidentally by thieves. >lr. Huston’s tier? and stock were entirely consumed. His loss Is partly covered by In surance m Louisville. The building occu pied by the Mean*. Williams as a drug store was also burned. Loss partly covered by In su.ancc. Hcrsteln «fc Bro., dry goods and clothing merchants, saved part of their stock, but w ill lose heavily by damage and theft Messrs. Bunch & Atkin saved part of their stock but oic fully insured from loss. A build ing occupied as a saloon and billiard room wee also consumed. Loss unknown. 'Three or fonr fiaroe buildings were torn down to keep the fire from spreading, and which proved fortunately successful. The resi dence of Dr. Towler was :aved by great ef fort- ~ . The buildings were owned by various par ties, and we learn some of them were In sured. The public square presents, we are told, a very dismal aspect, and wu sympa thize deeply with the citizens of Columbia, as well as those who arc heavy losers by this terrible conflagration. The name of the Chilian lady, whom General Kilpatrick has married, was Scnorlla Louisa Yal divics. The patriot General Carrera, whose statue fronts that of San Martin, the father of Chill, wa* an uncle of the bride, aud the present Minister of War la ber condo. .The Secretary of Slate, aad fl»e Minister of War, acted aa groomsmen at the marmge. ’IMKGIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONBTAUY. Wedseshat Etekiho. December 18,1808. There are do Dew feature* In financial affairs. The demand far Money continues a Clive,ana daily mcrcaslcg,only to find a corresponding dosea* as. Ontslde paper la entirely Ignored at the discount houses, and favors are restricted entirely Jo those whore claims cannot be denied. The hank rate u eleady at 10 per cent. In the open market loans are negotiated at 11402 per cent per month. Ihero was a scarcity of Exchange vo-day, and the market reentered from the depression of yes terday, None of the banka had any surplus, and the sales were restricted to a few bills at 40 cents premium. The counter tales are steady ana firm at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. Buffalo, Canada and Oswego eight are taken at and New Orleans at 1 per cent off. Iberc was generally a firmer feeling in the Produce markets to-day. Floor was uocaanged. Wheat advanced 2c and closed firm. Coro was ISJHc better, owing to Improved advices from the East Oats were a shade firmer. Eye ad vanced 101HC. Barley was quiet and steady. WhUkev was dull, neglected and nominal. Pro visions were truer and generally higher, but operators were slow to follow. Mess Pork ad vanced S3e. Green Meats were a shade firmer. Lai d was held higher. Wool was dull. The failure of Bradley. Cummings A lingers, or Portland, Me., large operators In Western pro duce, was announced to-day. It is understood that no losses will be sustained here by their fail ure, Tfce Gold market was irregular to-day, and the vibratlonn were more marked than for some time past. It opened at Iks advanced to IKJ*, and closed at 13T$. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold and stock brokers s 10:00 a. 139 12:45 p. m 15T» 10:20 a. m 13a lAip.m l*n« 11:00 a. £«3 p * m isi?| 1115a.m 339 &o't p.m 1.77 H 131?» atsp.m ..u:?* awats 1«S VRH tfcOUm 13"9i Here there was a mote active demand—mostly for the psyment of duties. The brokers were busing at 137@135-closlng at the inside Agave. Silver was nominal at 1250125. Governments were comparatively steady to-day- The long Sixes were H belter on the First Board, but the advance was lost on the Second. Five- Twenties of ’O2 were H better, and on the ’Si’s we note a elmllar improvement. The’Cs’s declined u. Ten-Forties fell off %. August Sevcn-Thlr ties declined H- but the otters were unchanged. The following shows the closing prices to-day* compared with those of the three previous days: bat. Mon. Tues. Wed. Sixes of *ftl IWH U*4 1«4 IW4 Five-Twenties, V 2 4164 W«S£ Five-Twenties, ’6l 1064 1064 WSS 106 Five-Twenties, '65 13*4 's*4 lgS4 106 lec-Forilce 100 034 0 J ?» 934 Seven-Thirties, Auc ScvcL-Thirtltß. June.... 1054 105?* 105*5 KOH Sevtn-’l olrtlc?, July 1054 K»* I* H 1034 jjere the market was qtuel and heavy. We quote: covznKxrxx ticdania—cincaoo xansrr. Buying. SelHnc. U. S. Slice of ISSI i:a U. 6.5-503. JSC2 10J4 1074 U.5.6-2IS, ISW I£?4 it g. 5.305! 3SC6 lU»3f -109 D. 6. M& (small) !«£««» • U.S. jMfetlarne) ,;®H * U. S. Il’-Ws (email) U.6,T-w«te, lalecncs 10 4 * • *O»4 U. 6. 7-WK2d eerie* .....lOttf 1034 O. S. 7-ifs. Bd series IMS» . 10&4 U. S. 101?* Compound*, June, 16G1 ... ...lw4 I. • y ol £ ISM HSU « Aug., 15*4 1144 •• OcT„ 16M .1134 Dec., I&C4 1124 •* urn •• Alts-. 1885 1104 « Sept., 1365 1034 • •» Oct., 1365 1034 The Second National Bank cives the followlos quotations for the Pnbllc Fonda; Coupon?, 1681 114 June Comp- »M..lifi 5-2. Coupon?. Julr • Jarcc.....105U©1074 Au« •* “ ->{s IImO Coupons, wi u small 1054<31£p Dae “ HWOConp.,large.. W*» ilay sa r. r. :; r , I’S^V«&S 0 ? n “l= tol Stock.! W. bear of sales of ICO shares First National at L-n I A few i hares o! Third National sold a lew day* *so at , 110, £ bet of Commerce told yesterday at 00. In CUy and County SeconUcslhcre is nothing We quote Dannc. Selling. Chicago Cly ~a ® Cook Court! Ts J» i* Chamber of Commerce » ** First National Bank. Third National Bank }& , 11U —Tb© New York Time*, ot Monday, remarks: A private banking letter Crom l/Jndpo. by the Aaial Ve»«-rday, Intimates that If the fcll In cold too afraid continue below WO per cent, ash did rnri“c7 iWd SUteT5-2H may again StSe thi/ I way aA * speculation tu exchange. £«& -m-T A ’- Is cow floating on tpecolation. —The Bos ton Adtertxttr observes: o»c C «. Vi% “ .“i T*rjme ebon dated paper b in, l\t percent.. bul many good mercantile notes pay Mn. T ti 8 Dcr V»l On Mil 1o«m Oj= mo 1j generally 6 per cent. The Philadelphia Pr/ti says: Monejta ttc ereesa of the demaud. Loans are cueetea on acceptable collateral* at I«>m 6 to 6 tet_«*£ Firfl-claas commercial paper la ironi to 10 per cent, according to.namea. tom are preferred at the lower arc cOcted, and inferior paper la not desirable Dj ibc lenders. —The hew York Triinmt nollcea that a new bank baa been recently organlred In that c«y un der the title of Ktw Yotk Gold Exchange Bank, with a capital of *500,000, and will soon commence bpjtnctsaa *ci j ariag-jiaa&sJ^ l^A^lr?b < known In connection with the Sab-Treasury, wQI be it* caahlex. Tht Xational Inieißg<ncer gives lhe following estimate of the prodnclion of gold during Use year 1506: “The value of the‘bullion to lumps, ban, lo co’*, or otherwise,' assessed during the fiscal year ISC6, is given be Use Internal Uoveuuo returns at tSl,«?<>,F4l. Of this ansonet JTO,OS,SOS was as *ce*«d m Use Pacific and Hocky .Mountain states and Tcmlorle*, aud the remainder chiefly in the Atlantic seaboard cities. It la estimated that tn the gold-producing regions of the country at least iwebiy-five per cent of ibe production escaped as* kts-menu and that cf Use gold assessed tn the At* lantic seaboard tides one-naif is of domestic pro* auction. In view of these facta, and tatlnc the Internal Revenue rainma as a basis of estimate, . the production of cold is the fiscal year 3S&J is calculated at fSS.tI9.SM. The production of cold tn }ST£ is estimat'd at an increase in I&G6 of|l9,CTs,otV' —Bills at sixty dajwon Loodon are (looted Is New York at 1C854G100 for commercial; 10C34&USH fbr bankers': do on short \ sight, 11OHGIIO4; Paris at sixty days, MSgO'i MSii; do at short sight, 5.155®4.«»i; Antwerp, | Swiss, 5.18&®5.16)i; Hamburg, ] -a; Amsterdam, 41® 4154: Frankfort, 41U i JltlVi; Bremen, ;sjs©WJ4; Prussian thalers, M -The gold vaioes of the import entries of for eign merchandise at Nc-v York since Stamp i. the begtr nine of the current calendar fear, arc officially (to November 1) and reau-officially (since) reported -«lullotra—the entries of foreign specie being omitted: January f33.(C7.C69 September...s3t,Psa,nt February.... !».SSQ,«O Odober Match *5,919.086 Nor.W Wgfgi April M,Cra.7»B Nov. K May 2A4A3M X«r.U June •.fi,G4*.UB i>«C*J rSI'IrS July 26,Nt.*27 Dee. 8 4,02a,85* Angnst 25,015,423 •Ince January 1. itime last year.. Total to date Increase to date J5,9i0,C90 Thccnmncy valtfe of the export* of domestic produce and miscellaneous goods from New York, • Including foreign article* re-exported, ilncc Jan uary I,ISOG, are as follows, the figure* being of ficiary reported to November l, by month*, and j since remi-efllcl*llyb» weeks: • . -- . . (m. t 11 W7l *ril litj JSijJraiSor; S’*;.".:*".; isaa SE*fc- *3s A ffi3::;:.".^ s “'. inns*? Agaiuti b»ioc tune iris Increase since -Tan. 1 ? Hi.9rd.i3S, December S, 19GC . V «ct. Cole, December 9, lso3 IDs* V Cent. Ihc ciporu ol Coia»nd hilrct bom New Vortt J.nm.J. t2.W-=3O SoplomKor- • 5E::::: J&S Nor. 21 Ml.|» July &.821.C0 Dec.l ‘gW** Awuit -.. 1,K>7,851 Dec. S S7O » SX Total to date, since Jan. 1- Against s«me Umo IrGS. Increase alnee Oan. 1 $T1,86i.2fi7 ThedtlWwiea ol Gt\ldlram California it New Toil; elnce January 1,1GC6, here been u l Taliowi Janoarr «5,3MJ63 I inly... February 3,63*bl An C crt . 6.0«,9-l Matcb .... £Wfi,fica I September... |.BA^- Apiii 1,361,741 -October. 8,.*},757 Id ay 5,763,166 November.. t,OW,W7 jooe December a... t,n*,033 3 19,067,5011 Total to dec. Jim Agilnet same time last yei Increase elnce January 1 The foflowli)>are the Custom* Receipt* m cold ■t New York, and the sums of gold intemt on the PnMic Debt paid out at the NeirTork office oithc Treasury of the United Slates since Janwn. iscc Gold Interest Paid. January* February 430,990 2,058,320 Apr0......*... lb i,23' ifiy.:::::... .18.705,43 June ........ 820,152 Joir. Atcttlt C5*,765 ScpU-mbci.... 2,C30,53i 0ct00er....... S ovember..... 14.738,201 Dec. 1 1*2*222 Dec. 0. ....... Cjj.GOO Coatom* Kec’d. Jacoarr ?12,4C9,8f*5 February 12,«15,"53 Slaicb 11.152,161 Apiil 11.0yT.2H Iday U,456,Tt3 Jane.......... 9.707,920 July 11617,979 AwrOßt 14,700,0 W September.. ..ia.474.C7F> Ocaber... ...117WJ7.C07 November g.cfc7,591 Dec. 1 21LWJ0 Dec. S 1,461,0. V Total fIi3,TO,OIT Total ......JR.W.KI To cite, VS. «i,14 , .,*0 To dale, *65.. 37.n-1.190 —The return of the Bank of France for the week endingKorcmberSSla as follow*: Increase— Cash In hand, 14,!U0,*'0Cf; treasury balance, S’JO,COOf. advance*,,ft*)f; notes, 5,C0U.000f; current amounts. 1 -U). —The carrcotqooUllons for money lo the lead lt r dues of the Continent were as follows at the ilcul dates: Paris, 8-4*; Vieima. 5-s*; Ber* j m , 4*4 —l; Frankfort, Sh-3K 5 Amsterdam, 5-5; Turin, 0-0; Bnurt-U, 3-2%; Madrid, 7-0; Ham* tore, 0-1; St. PacrsSnrg, 7-10. Thetepoit of Ike Mississippi & Tennessee Kaflroad Company shows that there were re ceived during the year ending September 80, 1606, $101,878 for passages; $169,1W for irelght; *7,BK for express; $1,563 lor carrying the mail; fill for privilege*—making In all a total receipt of $937,272. The present raluo of the road a&d equipments is estimated at $3,013,106. The Central Pacific KaUroatt of California la c< .jnpktcd ulkiu Cisco, W miles Irom Sacra mento City, and I*4 miles Irom the anmmilof lUe Siena Nevada. The elevation of the pre set terminus la 5,»I1 feet above ihe level of the sea. Vork Closing price* fbr cash. December U« 1555, received tj Joseph M. Lroai & Co-, Broken: lit 3d 11M. ITO. ®Aass;««« c &'ATiT?:::: «* s>* -c. w* ic?* U>rfcl*i*nd....lMV INX r.a.» Per w« C.iN.W Ms* MX t ,9-»«>op«M- iM I<# >- a-v,' T>fii■;i<2 "iv U-S.<pcf cent t' yuv?y& f™ub* imx mo coup- *a. ioc 105 VT «*2 U;b.sperceat W.ColoaUl.. <9* WJ< C.A A. (com)..110 .... Tr. Note*, ■no BurivT. 13 Uteerlci..... KBJf 10W O. AM.certs.. 30 » t:. S. »S-10, 2d ws«M* ffi* T. i \Tabash... *SX 43* . „ ilstket—Flnt Boerd, Secooa Board, flra. conmEßciAL, WEDSisbiT Evzxibo, Becetnbet 14,1816. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past twenty-font houtr: EKCUFTS PAST YWEXTT-70CB nOCM. JboS. 18fi5. 3,ia> i.aa 11,550 22,050 3,023 H’,470 5,530 15.8J2 700 1,230 2,013 30,340 J0,«74 1,255 11,533 .... 3,683 100 66 15 2,100 3,814 2,500 20.206 8,9i5 7,125 63 14 4,254 B^> 723 476 35,461 176,813 '.23 113 0,700 S3,aS5 305 41 Floor, brla Wheat, bu Core, do • Oatt, b 0..... Uve, bo Barley, bn Grass Seed, lbs... Broom Cora, tbs.. Clued ileal,lt**... Beet, btla 1-oik. brla. .... I«rd. Tallow, jh« Bottir, 1b*........ Urcrscd Uoirt, Jho. Lire i ante. >o Uiuca, Cti Highwincs, hr 15... Wool, lbs lumber, Shingles, m...... Lath, zn tabt TwtsTT-roon nocna. 1906. 18S5. 1,381 2,1"8 3,100 SbO Floor, brls. Wheat, bo. Coro, bo.. OaW, b 0.......... Rye, bo Coder, bn Grass Seed, ®s. Broom Com, tta. Cared Meats, lb*. Beef, brls I’orli, brls.. lard, tts... Tallow, ff*. Bailer, Oe Jhc.'ecd Hogs, No ,22 Cattle, No H *3 Uirtei, T*s rii EU *"V Llictwlncj l , hrls f |®' 111 Wool, B>s. li«W [S«:rzr= « w There *•• a gooa attendance on 'Change to day. and (be leading market*, though not active, were firmer,and in some instances a higher range ol p'levs prevailed. There was a firmer feeling generally In the Pro- Moo market,and holder*.lightly advanced their views, bni buyers were -low to follow, though oflcrlr.g jetteruav's figure*. ILeaa Pork advanced 23 cents, with sales of 1,900 brli at *13.00 ©13.60, cash, and $18.00©1».45, seller and buyer's option for lb? month and all January—the inside figure paid last evening, Clear Pork sold to the extent of SO Iris at f 10.00. Green Meats were quiet but firmer, with sales of 2,500 pcs Hams from dressed hops at Bc. La*d was held ijQtfc higher,with sales ol antes prime new siller January, and ll£OJße for retali lots. cash. Old Jjrd eo’d to the extent of 200 ics at 11c. At the close there were buyers of prime new at 114 c, bnl s< Here refused to sell below ll&e. Mess Pork was held firm at $18.85, each. The receipts of Dressed Uogs were light, and the market was about 85c higher, with sales at ‘.so—the upper for heavy averages. was dull and nominal at 18.27 for free, end 2i!(-£Si)c for bonded. Flour was quiet at previous rates, with sales of l.tU' brls at f 13.10 for White Winter* ; $11.50 for Ted Winter*; $5.t5®10.25 for Spring Extras, and SOA«SS.OO for Spring Super*. Bye sold to a email extern at», andsß.oo for Buckwheat. Wheal advanced sc, with sale* of 55,000 bn at $2,016.2X3 for No. 1; for No.'S, and $l C7G1.1l for Rejected Is elore—closing at fl-W ©2.13 for No. I, and «1.75®1.78H for No.*in regular house*. rowing <o more favorable advices from New York, there was a firmer feeling In Corn, and the market advanced IfclHc, with sales of Ut,«XO bo atfclGSlHc for No. 1 and 74®76c for No. Bln store. New Shelled sold cls6®«4con track and delivered. The market dosed firm at 61® 814 C for No. 1. oa» were quiet hut firmer, with sale* at 43c for No. 1 and 3i'4®JUc for No. 2. Rye advanced IGIHC, hut the market was quiet at the improvement. Wo note a few transactions at for No. 1 and 62c for No. 8. The Grocery trade exhibits a better feeling to* day and renewed activity ts confidently expected. Prices have undergone no quotable change. Hardware goods, lodudlng stocks of Iron, Steel, Nails, Metals and Tinners’, are in Wr de mand and prices sre steady and linn. Salt I* quiet but steady, vrith sales of Domestic Fine making at SB-50, delivered. • Seed# continue dull, neglected and almost nominal. Timothy IsTield at $a.55G8.65. Wool Is doll and sales are ejected chiefly at prices which meet the view* of bnvers. Lumber in llm yard* is ftlrly active at full Barley was steady but quiet* with galesatGOc for No. 2; 40G404C for Rejected, and cflai.l3 for eample lots. _ The following telegrams were read to-day on 'Change: New Yobe, December 12. Flout C.TOTgilt-.waiiyS- Wbe*l; arm and fl . irp h Com better end SSk“»SVui««S o.t. arm I«o°kTiioj.nt»l Ididtaa; 014, u«c; *ev,l3c. Gold, 13*51. - IrtSTVoitß, Dccetaber 12. Flour elronccr. Wheat and Oats quiet. Com firm at f 1.10 & store. Pork active and better at {sl (X l . Lard first. Whiskey quiet at dO&llc. EdTBB. In the afternoon Com was a shade firmer, clos iwe op stroucat SIH&SSc for No. 1 In store. Wheat was oomiatUr uochamced. Mcsj Pork «n* firmer, with ealca of 800 brts at *13.50 cash, and ecUcr Jaonarf. Beef Cattle were moderately active, and steady ted firm at previous rate*. The receipts number l ■:« head, K 6 of which were taken by shippers, packers and city butcher*, at fS.soefi.6o, The market closes strong at a trifling advance on good to choice grades. The Hog market was fsiriy active, and at the (flose l0&13c higher. All the offerings, embrac ing about X.SSO head, were readOy closed out at for common to choice grades. Crain luwctlcß. ausisos. Wla, December 10. iM. E^ r iS^oC T taip«^ n « wbimt m Tfnr rt*r." now

wru cc-worl» p»l taJosUce to Ut* coll* ft,f a radical chaste. Ttrvasinmcunt of grain retard m Uwtfwthwot. «hi!h Seta a market m your city and Milwaukee, mst« it lapracueable to handle any large quantity 2S&ietSD la i>nlfwmiDT2t adding materially to «552It^Mdamirtacfgrading ltd* rralaoqitaar 9'JS'j “liVduKiiW £rf an b« nnUM ii.t »m save a ratt amount ot labor to tae country lmw.aadW Mm thesamy Uraefllia peUlnc tbe wheel«if aMppedlft bag*. „ _ w Wi U* present rnten of tospwilon wea estab; . tuiiMi. »ome wheal was of more nalfonn quality and 1 wticttttSnatp«»e=t.»3d the difference fo the price : IK sr*d» *m not, sentraUy. more than ff rr - or four ceata ■ boabel. The crop of wheat last 1 h,r?c*tfd tn Northern Illinois. Wtacoojta. lowa and 1 MiunwSt rarlrt in weight, in tfta ume 1 nrmntarboods. from C to M pounds to the meaaared consequently require* treat care on tae i or t?Te atipper la preparing hi- wheat to coma 1 5Si c£i» InCldcago or Milwaukee; and It Sthe experience of the taoet careful •tipper* that. iVtrTfew d.jN the grain Inspector w-ll consign a car tn?r*a,2e lelowwtat uwaa dtslmedt'-r* and compels > the stipp'-r to pocket a losaof trom one hundred to : one htulorea ami fifty dollar* on the car load. A »y>tem of in*pertton that create- a difference Ift the niarket raise of from thirty to forty-five ccatt » bnabcl la the grade* r.f tbe same variety of wheal, car* ne.U»<wncondcianaUonon«»t»re, _ i iftherwcr.- more grades celaJillahed there would 'he ic«» Olhcretxc In the market ra.oe cf them—if a av«*p tnl-wd one be would fe'ch upon the n-xt. 1 •Weicht l» thi oolrtme test of the quality of toond ; • T h C J* thatc*c 1* onlfbmlr aiopieo, and It t» Ju«t ass frafilcable to mwte a» many cra-e* ot wheat a- there i « cific cat weight* to the measured bdahej—a* It u to I bar; hot two that ate required to weigh AS and S 1 musty* cr wet—that weighs ® ponndi I to the measured bushel, should be designated ** 6C .* n,«rt,«s? to tie roc-**srr«l tnubtl, ibonld be ae*ignaw w -- ZO poon-i*.**s3pc»oad» beat," SS pound*, •-to pc&nd wbfmV* and *o on down; Crap ana nutr «b«*i. “ rfjcctwj.” a* ml prrtent ]1,612,5a 3,WO,T*) 2,« t. eta i» one that tamt commend ! nai ctlr to the conatrv, hat to th* Eastern per *W\ *< n Till rrl!*re the former ot * (treat smotmtci c*re and lao:r la preparing hi* wheat for tt .tVm Tbe Kawni Moppet wVMfeaow rr*etl» »hU tu *1 ot •# heat l*«» e»n <3-mind on bU eierator rccMpt: ard U Till rr’.kTe tie elevator m*oof Iheatupldoa of Hot‘MLMtins vuh itnl “doctormt *’ vtlieM IcleriTt*. ahtch the rrevmt lai rule* of Inspection cue Here so lie optcdMilU f.: rtolnff. lo St« Yors, I'r.Uadiiph' v St. MoK aad other l*rc« cities, oLcat I* *old hi eamp’.e—on lie merit*, and CM ptit dtrloemoa of the country barer* Ibroofhoul the Northw«st 1* to aporoil* aw,as near ispo.fiole. thUnoovef having th-ir wheal *-><o. and ,uu »t the sane ttsre t*clUbita ibelr own. a* well as the business of the st-amboat and rabroad companies, by havi* g lLi ip iwadied la bnIK. Ar.d I venture Ui» assertion Uut «T elevator ttt scarcity ll.ainlil adept a irrte o of rraulng wheat la Itut manccr, win commend the wheat trade of the b orth a es% end thatthelr receipt! will be “ favorite* " on'Change. ox3*. Btois <^»alsTille. nfyotenUr rtmtrC'* Aetlre open* Uotssr- tow tollmen at the packtns h -A'**,aa ally are to asxloo* to make the moat of the favorable weather tow- prevailing. A* a commev-ahlc tsauire in this branch oi the commerce r.f oar city, and parties encased in It, vn kits the circular below, wherein U at i forth the acmment that no morevorxwl.ito«pe;> lonsedbyUtemontheSa&bstbdar: • ‘ The nnaeniattd, packers of Lonlavtlte aad Jefferson* Ttiie. hereby scree that we wUI not berealMr Kill boc* on the habhath day. and that the host w« may UUon batuday sha’l remain on the books nstll Monday ttomlruc. cnle*s we thick it Is weceasary (on accoant of ireCilcc or warm weather! to cal trem on Sonaay jo prtven each Urn to Delia ownjndse, and to determine In regard to the teewslty of eattlnff oa baa dxv. Th.- ohi.vt of this arfroe-uent »to show oar wlincsmixio do to work on the hhbhatb which can be aTo;d«*. Mltnetsoar hands.thlslOlh ol December. ISA. (fcl n d. Dir ear. Fiord * Cox O W. Thomas* C"Hoetes Hattman A Cox wm Jarvis* vo.jOws* ;evACo.;lian.llton&liroa.;Thoa.J. ilarua * &on; f. Lit to. ILe mark't lot hogs Is steady, with drovers contend -1»C for an advance, tome asklns <?UO for hiivy aver #CT*. while pickers areoCenax3*k'*4 6 C- Owing to this vananee cl view*, some of the p*ct«r» have with* dravc Irotn the mart eu The receipts ofbors today sreregate fXW head, all by rail. Including U heal by the Jfe* Albany * Chicago luurosd. ILeklllii-t to-day i*reported as follows: Kii:ed- in ten. Prerloosly. Hamilton A Eto l,u* V®® o. w.l boms* * Co 400 «0 10A» Owsler A 0 4® 6.K3 BacSmHntbe»ACo....Looo Ll® La S-5S JmlikCo ... Zud Total .Xl5O 5.00 *L«a .S 5», < a 9,«» . 5T,837,*33 CUICACSO CATTLE MARKET. Ottict of m* Chicago Tatßcrra, ) WEDSZfDiT ETTSCTO, DtO-TObtf 12, ISA f The foUowtcg table ibowa tbe naily receipt* and *hlpnn.uof Lire block 6ai\ag toe week up to toie creator, u repotted by tbe Secretary of toe non stock Yard Company gosday aiul Monday. Tne*c«T.. , WedK*day- Total .Wl9 «S Ease Iliac )a*t weefc *SWB IWW 95S Tbe receipt! to-day were by the following routes: Cattle. Uofi. Sheep, m sn6 u) t,aa a 473 434 JM 1.137 4S* 3*4 1U 107 •/a su Bt HUboU Central by hi bt. Lwui»* AH00... By Kont*«trra .. by Hock Uland By JIJcLIpu. Central... HJctliiia Sootaern. •t Total.. - 1W <•«> 5W lie tUjwajti to-t*y, *6l for tberreetop to this crcciECi vere “nntUT and Monday. Ten day TAedneeday Total 4* 11* .... game time U»t woet *sl ***ll .... SblptatnU today vere6l Uie Ibllowuut rentes; . Cattle. Boga. Bbeep. By Central |!y Michigan Southern By iiiutortb & Ft. Wayne.. Total HI Sales to-day, u catered at the different Scale-homes, wire as tallows: Cattle. Host. Sheep. CUsol* Ccstral 5ea1e...... »7 MM » BunltitocAQ- lncy Seal tffl Mg 3M tit. L««t> « Alton fccale 175 SO Nortb**>itru scale «* . w* .... tit 3d B’d. B'd. Total.. BEEF CATTLE— Xolwlthstaaning the Inclemeccy <l the weather, buyer* were out tn respectable sum- bera,andtn themomlßgtrade opened with some Ilttla ihowd life, but later In the day relapaed agaln|tnto UsaMchaEnel.drsgelrciUwcarylenglh alone, with rcry little vitality apparent. The receipt* were lib eral, tot not of the quality ot stock calculated to stlmo- late buyer* to active operations. The grades most la qulnd for at present axe cood atralcht shipping bUers, ana good botchers* Cows, of which dcecrlpUons but a very in.all proportion of the arrivals consist- Thin, rough and light Steers, and common Cows, tor which, daring the IjU and summer months, there was a steady demand on feeders' account, are no longer In request, and arc, In the main, unsalable, except at rates ruinous to the owner. We noticed a few very good Bollocks offering, which found ready sale at |6J» o hlle lor one drove ol extra Illinois Brevet fl .on ♦ 100 B«waa realized. Tals was, by all odds, the finest lot sold lo this market for many days, and the high figure obtained in no way Indicates an advance In prices, gales to-day number 9G6 head. These were divided between shippers and city botches at for In ferior mixed lota to thin, rough Steers and medium botchers'Cows; fi4.79«5.n for good Cows and com mon to good bteerr, sod fSJ3O®S.6O tor prime to choice Steers, mere were snout 1.500 head In the pens unsold to-Ught. Among (hose who are doing business to an open: act, and «bo at all times expre»*a willingness to Im part any cr all information they may nosaeas regarding tbclr own Individual tram actions, tbe general charac ter of the market, take pleasure In men- Uotlng the following: Keenan ft Finley. Jones. Hough ft Co., Conovtrft llslr. Johns Ur I, M. Clark, John Kellty. A. Harper ft Co., Tbe market close* strong at a slight advance os good shipping grades The following are the current rates: tTlmedo Extra *H2®5-S* Good to prime. &AOje«.oo Medium to Fair SJSt^US Inferior to Common UCtftJ.oo We note the following transactions: CATTLE SALES TO DAY. Jose*, Conch & Co. cold Ingnbun S 3 bevMrerftgtng 913 a». at HJi. jcnea, llougb ft Co. sold 15 bead common stock, fed asd watered. at H-15- _ WalTtlA Iti-inemaD bought 96 bead choice Illinois 6 tas , ?g , £tf%ss , sfs!a&7ft«i avrrajttng W 0 »». otf can. at H-37V. Hamilton told Glmoq JO bead cow*, fed and watered. st, att4.l2tf. , _ O' Uaia K>'.C Moor* £i Lead tat Steen and Htlfera.l and 3 vcar old*, areraclas 066 as. at fti®. trilara sold Sinclair st bead Air bleera, off cars, averaging 1.1(6 ft*. Owrtaom touch* so bead Air batchers* stock, arer* aelcs I.WJ as, at (4^o. VaicoU to Sinclair U bead fair Bteen, averaging 123 ft«, at tsxo. Crmnback to Bryn an 33 bead medium Stock, arer> HetK & co.tooehtlf bead mediam stock stMl.oo per bead ; » fair Steen, avers gUy; 1,100 ft*, at »>.». COGS—Tie man ct opened a little qolet in the mom* .... 8,000 .... 1,140 .... *,300 8,7*8 15,200 19,203 01,415 O SO 149 *3,175 9,600 19,200 12,075 2,800 I.UIO lrc.bnt later in the day became more active, and cn dcr light arrivals, ard with encouraging atndces from the L«*st, prices took another tarn upward, to the ex. test of 10# 15c perlOO *#. Sale* were made aifSXtft 5.7 S tor common to medium, and ISJfcJ &30 tot good to extra Hoc*, at vhkh range the pens were cleared. Tbe cfiertnc» were taken almost entirely by packers. Shippers are not operating st the present Mgh rate*. The market cJcsca heavy. DOO BALES TO DAT. No. At. Price. ConsverA Hall to Priest mjdKcUf.. 47* 3M *SAO Cuiioier « Hall lo Don A Co *6 3AO < onover A Ball to Sleacher W 2tS SAO Kttcih& Co. Ixmtbt. KwJjtU fc Co. bOßg|»*. Freljh A Oo.^boolEi. AUwTuh to QtJßa' Ertly * jotmioD to Ef uy & cb. w Newport. lignin A Co. honchu *W aliEEJ'—The m-rketwaa quiet and Weedy at pre rate*. fealta loclu'te St head, averaging 80 na. Kite t>y Cccorcr & Bill at WJ3; 50 head, averaging ffl taioidby J. s. webh a Co. at fJ.'S. Prices range at SdOiisXO lor inferior to choice. CHICAGO DAILY* MARKET. At; tale* of Grain reported la MU market report are main on lie batie of winter (4e) storage vtilett otieruut exvrmea* wKPSfepiT Knanre. December IS. ISU. FUFIunTM-Ran.noan l-nnomß -The lollow inn u (tie Joint lartfl on We Ea«jni roads: . Df# , d Bates frcm Chicago to— elaa*. ClanL Floor. Hoc*. Onfilo v, T C 8 Tomato. C. W « 47* 2J 80 Jlor.ire*!, C. 1 ,i* **g* -a; . Albaflv.N.T J-g »V !•» J.» vpvr Yort ............... 1.2 90 I.SO IJO BwtcnrW Mbaay I® « IM I* Boston rU Grand Trank.. .... 1-W portlacdrfaCrardTrnnk........ K H 2 H 2 rblladctptt* *•“ m Vm J*tt Haiti me re. g !*2 1- S putetwrcli •; 52 2 ClfTCtai.<l,OlitO -• « » W 53 JeflenonrUle. t0d....~ S S 2 '« rinr'DrMit). 01i10.............. 43 33 6k U FtAIC tt-lt««!Ted,a.Ud brl*: ahlpped, brU. iiwt.i it »ct’vr. bat wltboat aaotable change la vitae*. sale* were: Wnrr* Wigrra—4o brl» not cifflfd »t fi3JO: Bn Wares*—6o brl* Ootp Mfpjti. atlllio- Srxtso Ettkar—WO btU •‘Sheridan at •w to* lil brta -Amber" (Iowa) at flOJO; jW brl* not naircil at 910.29; Zd brl* do at f 10.30:100 brl* do at .l« brl*do it f 5.73; J3O brl* do at AOJ; 100 brU CO flow trade) at fsSs; Srezta—l£U brta not named at iW■~Oo brU coaxitSO ; 100 brU do at«7J»; *» brU do at H. 00; Rr* Fuira-W bits apt named at tty. • pT-nmiLtr FLora—B brlaatWJO. _ \V MEAT—Received, bnt.taipped. 1.100 bn. vjirtft No. 1 and No. s Soring. Sale* “erf • SJMO bn So lat «?J»; WO btt do at iiM<i ; Lfcu bn co atfMd; 1.200 ba do at 93.0155£U bn So-Ji at li4V«bo Coat fI.TS; S.MO bn doal li.7:*: flWJßudo at 91.77 l”-® 0 bd do at ft.7»*; a&p bn do at 91.76: CO) ba at f1.41*; 1.4® tm do at f°jn-4Toilng at ibOMi-Otor So. 1. and «i.7a»i.7BX «•«« v^fil^ved,3,Csba; U»lpped,noae. SUrket tfclS. &iir* weres fitfObu So. lat Sfl*c: wrwtasdoai M*e; M.cOO bo do at Sic; 3,000 bn do at M. No.* at 7*e; IJMbo da at 73c; «« bo flo\t Win More; W 0 bo Se« at sa«es WO bn do ml Or ;4» ba at JSc on track and delirertd-cloalns firm •SvsS£sJS (^'*K «« Jl«fiSfiwol i»IHe. 6J«;CT: MU So, WU s lr\T^. bn and ißbactatfUO; 4«ba _ , . R14041311-OK>-Marteioaietaod price*nocgloal in»-*»«uV*t'fl*aj.(o; 3 ton* choice burl at F23.®. UKAN-6«J**w«*J m too* at HSJOjWlooaat vs— are aeDlse In the retail waT at SIJUIK. rj<b ni;ahfpreiiSo»«. CUot.e uuc fcnparaOteS- crm at JTwttfc. Common snde* are re^ r da!!,wltli aetrccc downward tendency In pflcta. 9tetontiineto Quote: _ croic* Dairy g ® Good Tub * —•.*•? S Ccason ® U«M ' nS' p»kS» a» a UUle wntkandcnuttieo. On round WU conceealon* are frwn-oßWtd. Wc taake no chance la oar quotation*, NailtoSjA.» bn, 9eamlu« Uncn- Cnlcn A. 1 bn d° liilnol 1 A.I bo do Corn Exibance * ??^{ Stark A, cotton aeamltta Lcwtftcn A* do - - Air” Aadnaeocptn. do - 7J» Amirtenn. do sn Bearer 3Jlll*, dp iltuflelft S, CO "Jig I'er.n Mllli, do *w» &««“• f„ I;;;;;;:::;;;:;; ;:;;:::;” 13 faco,'ltbrt» and Bldiewood. do g-« Portap*. 4 bn, No. TbVinarVet U dnll and'drooplni. xne dttVfcOU«Scaa*d w »aui:order* lorwpplyfarear trn»*warui» and with ample ttoex* price* are allcut raster. Weqnote aaSdlo**: . N«.w Yotk Factors (fonulne) .18 c I at to: v( BUnc I*) £ II anchor;.... -J? «J; « ttwtfm Kiwerre. •» £ VTf*teni State*..— •» « T'ViVk£-?bc?U »itreiy tride doing lo tb<t article, Kdu'ntfitt mice iiUTairnll prto®. We Quote: do Omaby. *“5 Cmtuxc-Ptltr b# Co Mlaer»l Ridge........ I£JO Co Willow Bank W££ do Tnnnel JOfO Chippewa. JJjJ t»OMbnrg Jts2 I ctap Irtish JA® lmt**rnred..... iCOQ Stratton PU tcli i ‘ ’ ‘ H WO .co on track anda better fecltis gesczaSy prevail*. Price* are ateady. a* £ol j»*i: - 39 040 e »o,ccttm<nto ttir- -J* «M?Xc Wo, pood to prim* Wo. crime to dtoicc —J7^v42Sl<c Ejjtisi—were la pood request, and ateadr at XiXik. The tncuiry I» confined entirely to aappviagjccal wantCasd indeed the aapply la no non man »aairimt to nfri c.:» drtnand. _ KEFITS AND SUTS—Trade i* a Utsle tlaek, tN-uchtwlcraaraceecraliv well erjUainfd and itwjy rate*. Dnod Apples are In abnaflantiop- — t-,. —, pjr, and t&ODCb tbere U a »toady t*ir oeuiaaa far them, dealer* are disposed to tbade price* a UUio oa raoad lou. 'W«««ctct _ OEZZS ICLin. Arpfc*. V t>zl 13.75 (%4J3 •frinttf, HaTuia, V IW. ilto sjm itnttif.Udin. (tIUB CfvcVeitlrt, »lld - .10JU «tIXOO Cl Oil mins ca-Uraim 1i.03 (*iWO deizo racin. Fits. « a *9 iirtes a a « ctrnofl IVschrS. J> dot, i b cans 1.65 ea 4.75 cc» 9 (« 13 rcaOi?*, tfclv-rHlDdqosrtUS..... IS 9 U Peafte*. pared .. * ® S IMachi errU*. new. V - * £ 2 UsfpterrtM.ittv. Vft '*• • 22 turrit*. Wilt* „ 70 ■ R eitertlf*. 9 v-g £. It Bahlrs.layer -«• « '•» ■Uta. ~ Almonds, hard thclled. •** 9 ri Almcnd>, soft shelled g * 2 Almond*.J»wr shelled sr *J ?T rosew.Vft •••• 5} . Br-tßSnu... Ji “ Filberts !• « if KtclUb Welrat* *’ 2 £ Si Xsple* Walnuts g Q si J’erani, small and lante..... ,** g -2 BUkcry Nuts, ?. ha Cbesttntt, 9 bo •••Btf® <411.(10 Maqiltete U q Bleu The ttocto are am ple, and tor tost di-wrlotlia* prices are steady and trnr. Weoooteaatollow*: _ <A _ „ Whitef*h,>o.l.J»hrl •*w*St2 Whltefl»h,Ko.*. Wbrt ••£* tS 1 rout. JCo. 1. X brl. f*s Trout, Jfo. 2. X ***** fii MseierM, *oiV K hrl. new - ■SHaaSja Mackerel. Xo. 2. h brl.-...---. *}vSatiiia Mackerel, extra mras, 7 . hrl Mackerel, extra mew. 9 hit..... Maekerel.XM.alta.BCW... 5*2 Mackerel. f.mUy, kit*. H? CodCshTtank, }* 100 Bi - CodJUb, Ge* rße’a Bank... 9j si ITerrlng*. dried. >o. 1. ¥box 5 lirtrti c». rraled.....••; fjhrad- r Rcrrlnf. 9 tori Jj-gttnJ® Labrador Heme*. X MhUi*r*i Xonriwar Berries. V». 9 tor b’orweeiaa Herrlnr. 1T». V br! !*.« KrpyamV-Siirt wee; S 3 tea Vcllow atßXc;« tf Hl(|jnwVx trU. Market dull aud aomlaai at |LI7 fhr Free, and t&ISOcfOT bonded. n«P?wM»rket coleu steady and onetanced. EAStcro are aellltie W««a at xlGa.Se. Market about 23c bcU'r. 6ai«were: • MaterafltfiSCttxat "im. a •» 190 bs, at !•}*> j* « u - .ao BS, at *.® 16 “ 215 BB,aU i ® IT •• Ti >v—The demand at present Is conflael to rapal) 1« c local want*. The market may be quoted qnSft s tbeilLcittcnoiooerterdayas toUows: \% wnounxt* pucxz. TttP.oihT. telle andbeate pressed.. limoUvy. loore pmwed..... iratrte. neater pnssed, new W.CAiIU . **Txn. micbs. 1 Timothy, roller and beater pressed l«.«e»t| 1 Tlttoay. kosa. pressed iJ-wfjfJ i Prolrtr, relief and beater prosed Fro rlr. loose on wsson, dellrered lUxau. nniDU T>**>nT~4 <*t Jftf T» >■ OfluC. The: UIIIES*—'Hew red, 25.401 t»; snipped, aouC. Thera . i»bo improvement in tl-edemand, an. - !, under steadily f if r.mniiticg nocks. mice* are still weak and onset* , Ucd. The wllowlnj; were the correal rates ’ Green Bcichera’. " » j tinea Salted, trimmed » « , Gram Call. 19 c Kip,< o Salted « i Dry Flint, tntumrd fj * Dry Failed, trimmed..... 1* «» c , Green Sailed, part cored ••• •••••••• * 64»Jfd IKON AND STKEl<—Trade is quiet, bat the iratka is ttna at Uielobwwlnr price*: common Bar *•* 5* Horse Shoe Iron •»» “£ Heavy Hand Ucop and Llrtt Band iS&H£ Bound and Square. JVKWva oral s<® ** Half Oral atd flaW Bound i <A Sheet Iron,common. Sweet Iren, aaivsnlxed, ITzJL •*# <# sheet Iron, charcoal ,T J-®.« Sheet Iron, Jnnlata- ,U*«» Norway Nail Bod U Pow Beel. German * »» I'lov btw, east Spriny and Tire Steel, Kwllah .It ®}s 7 00l Ca>t Steel, ordinary sixes .« a® TcolCist Steel. American— _ iill.wrrt £«•!.. » BnaMa, KoS. 9acd 16- * ®2 Bawls, Am-,l« quality, f ML.. «a Bostia. Am-, Ut quality, £ sheet &3t BtuH*. Am-Jd quality. |i sheet an L.I3MUEU“'I*« receipts and ship meets during the r,<»t twenty tour hours, were: Lumber, received, afiJCOO; shipped, 999,UU; Shingles. receired, flilrpeo.STh.vOb; Lath, ehlppod, 11.00. In the varda there i* a CUT degree of activity and the market* 1* inDy maintained at the following quota* uno-FUat Cl«r. 1, IJ.. 1«. UKllucb, 1 a. m - ......... ...........AffljttaAJn I S«wMcVtar,l,l\(, 1* aadllnch SttoUl.oo T1drdt1ear.1iK1i.......................... MJ»»SSJO i First and Second Clear FJoortne,tocetb* I er. rcush—the same as Second Clear, I vide. SOXttit&W CommouFloontr, r00pb..,. _ 3JJJvIT7.OO Matched and dreated Common Flooring. 40.0Q21L03 Matched and dn»»ed 8-toch Common , Footing 3A.OQasa.QQ ' First and eecood Clear Sldloy, together. SJ.OOwJ.’.Oo , tint Common DreaeedSlfllny. Wacon*box Boards, select, iMach and nnwante 35X0340.00 > A Stock Board*. 13-lnehes Si.OQ;4J7.£O i U Stock Boards. IMncUe* 33X0^77.03 f Common Boaid«, Jetita, ScaalUny. Fene> Ins atd Small Timber, 13 to 16 (bet » lots M.OOcWLB) ) Jotat tod Scanillnc. 1* feet 2UOi*JSXU r Jolsu* and Scantling, 30,37 and 31 ic«.... ssxo^iixnl . SBixouti —A or Star Shared Shingles 453 » A orttarbawrd bldt-Rlca s.oft* SJO * No. 1 Sawed ShlMtlca 3ACUSOO t Lam— Per mln raids LTLd 5.00 3 tir car v«ad by Northwestern Kallrond, ■ delivered In any yardwhere can can be twitched, or any depot: A. or star B Sawedbhlns'.t*. byearloadon track.. 3.7N3 <33 i, a, or Star Shaved Shlnjtlca. by car load 0 on track ••••*. LSO 1 Ko. 1 Sawed stltalea by car load, on j tracks LSS 1 Three dollar* a car lead a-ded when tramtored, s wbkh charsr follows the shingles in freight bill. - MIISUUt kTkSiDkJIP. “ Thlctnwß—Five Shingle* to be tw o Inches la thick* « Dt Lmtfth-6txl4en Inches, d lianda— Twcniy Inches. ShliATllElt~ln sympathy rrUh the decline in r * n'der an carter teellnr t Mato*, thonab dealers are i- hokllns at out quuiuuooa, which are at CoS « l0T,: itznocr. Catco. Bon. S6*ep. 4i& 410 ,„1,T30 4,;>M SIS cattle. Begs. steer. "ti <•»»\ Country Harness -<< W Line, - «l K 'i' XD .*T.:.T. UMM CslLVh lAOai.MM Upper. F r00t... S« 811 country lft«r.. -*« -JM Collar. V f00t... 24® SI Slntimr Sole.. 53ft Ml French Calt 81 1 Harness, 9 40* liocpjs i'DwsrT?. so® a French Cal/, 36 i si lOOftUft ; nm......“. 7. UdGkl.3o French Cat* Le- i KJn No.l. heavy Btil.lOl tnolncf.F dozjd.oftaSC.oo ! MKTALSASU TISSMf STOCH-thcre 1 Isa fair decree of activity. and tbs manet Is ileady tad firm at the following qootaUcts: ! tot. rxxc. Kor Tin plate, I C. Ist quality. cask 14 lit quality, sheet. 14* . lance Hn 5 Blab Ji U.allllR». » . BEIOIITWItt Bar Tin 89 1 to C 11 rorru. 7.8 and 9 13 Metallic AV 801t5... S 3 10 and 11 is Copper Bottom M 11........ ll Braziers over 10**.. 4o is and U is Bhettlne*, 14 to 16 or 4S IS and 16 16 Tinnitus. ••••••- W}} •}! BJJJDIT KXTAL. IS. w Ist qnamy » rt #SSfe::;;;;:;:: ” N« t is—Arc In Air demand, and price* continue sirs dr and strong at the following rate*: „ tOd to Sd. P ice fill 13a {IO.OO m .77 .Van 3d. tnebmed .10.00 it B £t I cot spikes BDO £»!!!!! 9XO| CllnehNei. 10JM 111 lib*—The central market la dull and drooping tcith prices weak and unsettled. Linseed la lo fall snp nlr and Inactive at a decline of 3c. Lard oil u doll and Sc lover, other deaertppoca arc unchanged. We now quote: _ • n.i .... a ai.Q Linseed Oil . OJ.o l.toteed OU, boiled ('♦>•« .mve on.. - U2. CO ( Whale Otl, W. 2*fiSHS l.anl Oil, extra.... VsKl'S Lard Oil, So. I Wjolct 1 I art OH, Ko. 2 Winter ' Bark Ol(. round lot*. , Machine OJJ. round 10ta..... 6*‘ « . £ perm Oil, w. round lota f Lubricating 0i1... .- - <»s?^Kn ca-mruii • KnUfoot Oil. axtrs IJO CAICUON OIU-'Ula fair demand, bat with a full supply In the maikct prices to-day suffered » further decline otic. We quotes t Caiboo, V carload , Carbon, small lots 'SjAUe Received. C 6 torts portc andt»lU) », XAid ; *birp-d.l“.Sai » scored Ment'. 6S btls Bccfi U9brurorir.ano23,inßsLard. _ „ , ntraa Putfc- Market advanced 25a £al« were: 100 brlsatfW.sol 100brl« at*18.33 ;3JO brl» at * 18.00, cash; ; ZX) torn, buyer SC. at flh34 •. WO hrla. seller January, at SIS.S s 2U) oris, seller last half of DercaolKT. at 118 .34: uObrU, feller the month, at ; S» brio, cash. at *lß.oo*. KObrls sellerst at IS. CO; (both last evening) ■ -clotine with no «u. r» below flB r>. wh. t’lewr l»ora—bale* wens : *>*l* ■* f l 9 -0 - * fcrecD Me«ia—Market qutetbuicrtu. l£eewere: jiio pt» Green Hams from iwsased H<*p at Se. Ijird—ilartctf rnnrr.iCene rally held shore the Tlewe of buyers, bates were: 30 tea prime at 13c; 50 ICS at 11 SC; jfiO testd - «t January at U*<* •. »M tea old at llc-scller antics UVc with buyer? ajllSr- , rOTAI Ot»-£slea were; 3Xi bn Peachblows at . AND CA?IF.—IO dozen Creased Chicken, at 13X0; 6 dozen oo at *i»; 18 d'-zen do at «X»: 10 down do at ttUJ; • doiea do ; 1 down crested Geew at fI.W each; 3 dozen livedo at auJ»; 2iO Turkics at 13c;3 dozen dressed Chick ens si *4.00;3 dot drcsMrt Ducks at >4.00; 6 cozen Pra ne Chickens at * JO; 30 dozen Qualls at gSJS ; 16 dozen : (jo at fibjo; I* dozen Babblu at |BX4; 1 dozen do at I (jiO, i Received.none; shinned. ®4 brls. Martlet . oclt-t not steady. Eaies were: 140 brU Domestic Fine at (3XO, delivered. We quote the range of prices, aa Sew Fine |J|} i crunnd Alum ! Turk's Wand, tags ; liTiund solar J-CO Dairy, with racks £OO Dt1rr.w1tb0m55ck5.......................... shipped, none, i Timothy »eed-Martel dull. Held nominally at 1 * ? Pmx?eed-14 bars Fair at 83 40; 1 brts at»JJ». ! miuA ASU riALEK ATlH—With amoderate i demand the market u steady at the following quota : iSS.r. i S!r::;:;::::aK « pure... U*«« c SUGAUSs-Theretaa better ftelinc in the market, and a revival of trade Is confidently expected. Prices 1 have undergone no change, and we quote ' cuba U*»U c i i-oro Biro Uhi4ll e N. T. Refined, Powdered and Granulated....lSKWlfXc 1 White A Ssß 5........ , White B I* n“?c :;;. ; ! YrilaV C .. H Ml* C 1 Oxnard UHcail c I oxnard C Extra 1 e*V Areln moderate demand, and the mar kitl» steady at the fallowing price*: . >e* Yotk Syrups #, j Y*Uow Drips L %; L m . Cuba Molasses. 5*,2 “ “ Gotden. |y .................. g il TAl*Y,oW—Eeretree. SAW b»; shipped, 19X00 M. Market dial and nominal at 9>td9)ie for country, anC X ifc«lCJ*c»r cay. TEA J4—Trade D quiet, steady tad without change k v"oauS Dytou, superior U> fine. FS - 4L12®!.! d oo 1 extra to choice, F lAficsl^ » imperial, superior to One, V& 4 V5 »• extra to choice,*- &&& Gunpowder, taper lor to fine. F * l.V^l-g c *do extra tocbolee, F C T.M, Mtiptl lean flee to extra flne. 9 W... IJ4mU !w7 ta la 73 329 fifft ca Co too to choice, V a„ UXL4J ooWB do colors, V a l.t(#LO TOBACCO—E«>»ta* anU, *lU> pfieeo a il«le On urpe order* attctu coccesßoai are maae rrco, tboQooUUooi given below: DUWWO TOBACCO- fcxtn.. Cfaolct.. MetUonj.. Co io is on. Sj:d«t>o Tobacco— Vtixlal* - * f ATOrtli... Cto'.cr Vftllctn Common Stem*, rtxn Tobacco— „ _ _ lojal Cltixeo .. a « 5 FwiaeWDrtisJ'U .2 »,5 Kaianl Lnf. IJO (4UO BaU Went « Cbolcelilßck.MQM.- . 2 tt a klMlsm 2 ® 5 CvtttLOlU. 50 (« TO ffl •VU«toiA«AAadfcA..*. .. io « «* Ftorndni »5 ft 85 n DOD-Ii lo coed dap And, t£d flna it oar quo- UUCt*. •WbJcb ATO AA lmlO«A„ Tuple, > cord, d-drered. . \|ipl? y wiKL, In firt- lL3oietl3.oo U>tch, •> cord, deurmd. u JX^i2XO Beech. f cord. l» jird ; Vt'SJ&Ji-S Ulctory. ?< cord. ii,(a»i3oa KOOL-K«erlTrt. 6.7T0 a*; LOJ Bi, Mulct UAftive. £*!e* fßr the rsst fcw «Jaj* Icclnde: ‘jOjcm »• mnham la cood caadiuor. At Oc: SJJW B« do It b*d ctnOlUcn, aH-'-c ; 20,000 &ida,i; 4i*c; 13JKU BscoalMAt 40 c; VCD &■ medium. csvßshiu, AtSe. Scfcr M»dc, Centerville. I*3oo railroad ties. Scfcr Manner, south Haven. 34 cord* wcod. bchrEl Tempo, Two Elvers, 1(8 arttaWOOtV 100 bunches Cbriatmaa tree*. Tbs Bass Joss Swxxxrr.—This vessel; which was wrecked os the let instant at Hnskegon, was onced hy Gottlelb Schlecht, a resident cf Chicago, and not of Detroit, aa reported at (hotline of the disaster. There was no Insurance on the vessel at the time she was wrecked, the policy haring I expired a few dan before. We learn that Hr. Schlecht succeeded In caring shoal SLOW woxth • of the rigging. Tiig Cr.—The steamship Detroit has gone Into winter Quarters at Graud Haven. To a Rryngrn.—The propeller Lady Frank* Im, which has been pinng between Chicago and I SU Joseph during the past season I* to be thor* I oughly overhauled during the winter at Messrs. ] Ellsworth •tDavidsoi.’s ship yard Is Milwaukee. I The schooner Milwaukee Belie will also be par- I Uall; nhtuU at Milwaukee. so a a I as I* at Specialist hithe treatment ot Secret Disease*, and ttor of tte “MONnOK,** eon boCMMfiitcd at hi* oQce and parlor*. 91 uni 93 Baadolph-su, Chicago, from 9 a. m.lj9p.m. _ Tbo **MONITOR" » t«*tlie upon Bttttt Dtsemvm mod «•«**«• peculiar to female*. Cta oe had by adlrc«* Ipr Dr. James, P. O. Pjx 696. Chicago. lik 16-1 Brnlh ClaritU cum ail private dlweawts without mercury or poUoooo* druta, 5* dreaded. Seminal weakn=»*. laaU i-i rmriM form*, cured la t fcw week*. Toon* at nlaht. producing we*irae»a of the whole body, cos mesas. naglng Is u»e ear*, call and receive tee Doc* tor** opt two tree «-f charge. Dr. W. publishes a guide to health which should be In the hand of every oae; f.cect charge. Setdthree Offloe hour* ftem sa. o. until 8 p.m. Foot Dfflooßox T£9*. Tne Best ta the World 1 Ramie* reliable. In'tacla nroua. Theonl> period Dye! ho disanoouttmest— norldiculout UtU. SlgueA Wrxxtaw A Barcssui*. £tw Tort AtoS: txSzSPH ATiSO EXT BAG tot SIU-1.8-FlXUES—rtartrna pn»erra» and beaadfies the hair- Sold by all Dmgcnta diSalAi-ly Having the eoufideace ot the paella atd the medical Uculty at large. Is the mo.t reidablc phrslcisß In tne dryf rchrcricnertous and texuti dUeasei. call at hia effiee. 179 South CJtrt-sU «>rrer of Monroe. Ihotns .epiratc. CocsnltaUcbdrre- R- O-Box 10*. Hit guide to health, puMlibetl monthly, sent frea to any address. 33oofes for lijE Ijljolßiasß. * RAKE iSB BEAUTIFUL WORK! ENGRAVINGS FEOM THE Works of Sir Joshua Beynolda! Three Tolumee folio. eotUlalng SOO portrait* and p*nU». tod letter-press lUta of the pretest pos seeioraol the Picture*; (originally path Ushed at 5* pound*), Now Offered at @300.00. There Is rrof another copr of this princely work for etU tt toy Bookstore in tol* country. _ . Ihecdluor. It mttrrly exhausted, nod aj no dnete inclinher In the world could undertake to pabQ«b a wentk ol sach expense without the pauouace ot the nobility of bnrope, or ct Government, it u not likely to be le-poblubedror aloeg time to come. The copies sow In the bauds of suheerther* most contlnnadv enhance In value. . . „ „ , . blrJo*huaKeynoW*wasthe lonnder of tha Eaulaa school ot painting, as resard* It* special charactcrU ues; and. Is the language of Ba/ge, -wa* the ar*. Lnauahmaa who added the praiseoi the elegant an* tofle other tlortesot his country." Many of his poruat** ara among the first master* pieces of the art. Their great excellence wn'UU la their natural trace, fumes* ot expirwdot. sutostanUal character, and charming rlchnwa of c-lor, and o* light and shade. OAI EBIE DC PALAIS PITH. Laree paper. i*ldc tolniwi. ►uper-royal f.Uo: cotablal3oo IspLtwot Vsecav-d -orill* aw liaUaa Artists; wlthdescnpUre letter-press Id *’ , P fr J*r ecntr. <iec»nUr bound in ose-balf reoj morocco, gin ecge. Price tWM. GILLRAT’S CARICATUBES. PBOTTP noi nn oxioixah rtaTXa, all engrared by Maxell loetvem ITT) and ifttfl. eomprUl: g the t>«t PofitlcaJ and Uo morons saures of the Reign of George the Third, tx rrwasD* or ecc hcxdud mount arntrrxo xs oxatxsgs. Inose lanre volume, ailu folio, (exactly nnirora with the original Hogarth), a "2 Mcrecco extra. Btlt edpe*. together with a vonrxx or L*TT«K-Pcw uesrrlpilon. Price fo" the two vol* omo.tUAM. This copy t* larger and much superior to those generally In market. nOGABTfI’S WORKS ENGRAVED BY HIMSELF, iyij;i,.niii</i, (includingtktucc utltknmrn *upw yi/aCc*,*') with elaborate letter-press desertp* ileus, atlas louo.clcffftwfy Ma / bound morocco &r --troJvlteiUhoc*emtffiU wirta f™*!**** fur iScroirresfi/cfoicr, (pah, at SC.) A fine copy on large paper for >LS.QO. cnjinnFßLAisL-3 RpTil CTtUOTOS OF tiTi \Wl\fc 8. TO line plate*. (ORIGINAL IMFBBS* lIONSi.Aw the m Masteia of lb® LOONESE. KOil AA\F WRtf NTIN BsM V EN CT! A V Mhtwiii' comnrl»«ne some cf the work* of LEON A tv i ifoiUViSCIiTheCARAtCLCLAUI)* LORHAINK. 1 kapH iEU iIICUAEL aNGEUO. The POpbSINS SdStbm «£»v«a by DAin^ozai.Scuixv^ trn. and other eminent engravers. Folio, Price | fOO.OO. I ifixn sow ABi* to orrxx tux cmzxas or cm* I CAM I*s mx oxxat Wxsr. oxxor imx iron splxx dipasptaicablxcotnicnoss or Boos* ooacxs- TBATXPI* AST OS* T-OCXSTTOnX OS TttX OWtt. VABrOiS WTU. 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Sts Itnenos Ayres... as* l Orinoco 501 e.... 3;s (Orinoco, good, ) damaged 3l® .fJJS Al so . 1.00 ttl.U .so» .e o 3 '. « .38 0 » n - n « » is o ‘O MARINE NEWS. POBT OF CHICAGO. atemormndm. gpiftat l^otires Dr. itmei) Dr. Vbltder t Ualr Dye, Dr. Blgdiitr, s. c. emeus tc co. AMERICAN HOUSE, ! BOSTON. I Tbtß tarortte ftrat-claas Hotel, the largest in New England, offers sunrpaued aecomnodiftota to t&s rtTemng public. LEWIS RICK, Proprietor. asuelnegfi ©am. T>LAIR & JEFFERSON, conmssiOß jikbchants, OFFICE, 201 FBONT-ST., J'sAots»o».{ 3IEneUIH.TENN. Überal ca*h advancement* made on conalrnmeati. HATTEN & CO^ VTiolesalt Commisrion MercianU. ( pfo. SO MoGoa-^f«i ; Between FaadG-au',l DSNYEH. CQLOHAIXI. r “pbRESSED BOGS! , AND WBHSUT LIHTS FnmmrfCTtU. niCToiraCTlopTlc"m.tmUM Prompt returns made. soildte<U 1 BEDMOND * CO-Geß'lCoa'nMerehts. Ws*otbgton-*t~ Chtcagc. Dh Jsmplxigincnt. T^MPLOTsmsa FOE BOTH SEXES. Dli.«MSolCT,CT,Wido»ior>U.n JW’" MtaJ. ' feMM.. ICTlCTU af£i£°,ck gt SSSS- SMJSW Address so. Q qintop-su Brooklyn, N7y. professional. TAMES WINteHiP, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Ko. 134 CLABK-ST. Cor, of Madlron. RJQta 13. Banks anti i3aufeets. STOCKHOLDERS’ SIEETING.—The «nnn«i meeting of the Stockholder* of the FIFTH SATIQSAL BANK OF CHICAGO For ibe election of over htulDcsi that may lawfnUr ««n« mietlnc. will be hela *ilhe SO LaSalJc-stn Chicago, between toe hour* of u a. m. «rd | p, Tae®day, Jannary Btli, 1867. ISAAC G. LOUBABD. Cashier. Chicago, Dec. Tth. X 8«. KAILBOAU TIME TABLE. ' cßtcaoo ajn> soßTßrwerrrKs— depot oos. wm WATES ASD SCUU, Depart. ‘ Arrive. SilifSSoJ":-'--:": SSL'S: Jmehm? Accoml»«J> JSlOp.g. P,!iod and Cedar Sapid, IrSLS - Fuiion and lowa.. .•;•••• tdWp*®* £s**™* Prex-DOrt and Dusldlk» *fcooa.m. JtM*.®- Freeport and DunJeltb.. *10:00p. a. sinp. m. and Fox River, •u»p.m. U*l&m.o. tvimti *l:oop.a. IltiuAtn. gScts and Elgin U'O p. a. * fttt a. n. lOLwacos nmsios. I *9:00 a. a. •«* p. n. 1 •«» p.a. •12a» m. viAn Accommodation.. ]i:4&p.a* m. ' Kenosha AcCQtntnod'n... 4jtop.m. a. a. Waukecaxf Aeeommod’n. IM p. m. Stsd ». c. “?• **&»■ tsaurcaya t*ccp»jv. * iiloccxji excepted- wicEisax cKßsai. Wuuou) —CM 03 nwot, foot or nan min. vomiiu?Excrete....-••• *toooa.m. *&4Bp.Su Bvodu Exprtsa 4S«E:S* a! 1 MebtAzpcss* S*lk4sp. —. Ds.SJa.a - trTtnrxan a*i> aw;?. Morning Express •’WCa.m. •titMp.n. I p.a. *11:00p.a. I MtcsiGAw eocnma an ao ecoa* lisi-di i pot court pigiisos am gsxinus strbb, i men. r.ii.h,.v ma*. »«il *i:isa.a. *S:Bp.a. n«rErurew. m. *n:oop. a N?w YMk Bxpn*» MS p. a. ttttoC o. a KlehlExpress t*lftflop.a. *&COa. a - ■■■ *»-ii *4:oju c. tfcttJa.©. SShtE*P««M *& j-nrticxe?, ?C3T -WITH* ASO csicAeo. fcw ,i *t2oa.a. 6:00 4.0. -M.. . •'lOOt.a. a»«.c. p£*r3nc 3:15 p. su 7:40 p.xc ..nWBo.a. lUOOp.n ci3oa •.'jjnAi. D«v Ptuengcr •'cOO *. a.‘l<3a p. n, Sight Passenger.....--. . UfcDOp.a. tk4s».a. Kankakee Aecoanjo£t. *« *• 5* lljde Ilfk ana c- JW ».& « >• •iiop.a-' *l:snp. a, 4 , u 4* - •SdSo.a. *7:3Dp.E cukaso. icaxisrtoa asj* tjtnsry. Pay Express and MaO... a. a. *4oor-tt« GaleahutcPAMengor-- . • *V*J, P *2* Aaron *tfOp.m, •3-4J’ jl =. *tOOp:». nfita Sight Express *12.00 chTM tSSOi. m. Chicago axe n. toca. Express end JUiJ 5:05 kB. Night Express fc!sp.». £SO tc. jolta and Wlpntngtot Acctromodalitm... 4rfMjp.a. MS >. P» CHICitiO AMO ebut SASTXaS-HLATII lso>—itn-vicrta mxaou nxrot, cox. takal ajh> sums ruwf*. Pay Express 7:00 a. =. fc4£p. a Night fcxpww tttp.n. tttJJp-ta. TOR IXUIASATOLS, 10CISHLLB AATJ CDtCpiVitu Day Express - .... IWia- 110 p-H viyiii feir«M « 7:00 p.m. lt*s3 a. ta ColnabS&piat. uoolm. fc-10 p. m. ’Cicazmatl Exprcees.... 5?Wp. m. LaastM u »» tisp.m. fcuo,o.ia. CHICASO. BOC* i*tnrr> ASDVACtnC BAEBOAE. ,IH> Express and iisi}... *&Oovm. *5.43 a. a. Night Express %<sp.m. *2:3Jp. a. Jouet Accommodation.. 4.*top. m. *fc4G a. td. Express Freight, trttn r*?***-cCT cst sunchtd. wilMrsvepancncer ficrot rrery Satirday a: fcW p. m. for the We»U . . The Joliet Accommodation coxnnxta irilk fix prff e Freight Cor Way Stations. • • •Sunday excepted. excepted. CSIOH STOCK TIKD TEH TJkSXJL Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. 6:9) *. m. 1:10 i. m. B:su ,a.m. 9:10 .a. a. 1C:C0 a.m. 11a10.... ifc! 0 m. is3s p. m, 3:20 .p.m. -t’.OQ p.m. Cl 5 ..p.m.l 5:10 .p.m. BC2TDAT mil'iS. _ I &ltt m. I 9:13 a.ra. TOrllQ a.n. 111:15 . a.m. ■ lirtO .p.m.l t-S) p.m. 1 4:00 . . .p.m.l 5:13 *» *" JHrtilral. gCHEKOK’S PUIMOKIC SYBTTP, SEA-WEED TONIC mAWDHAEB PZZ.X.6. the bistort ok dr. 9cresck*s own case. AW) HOW lit WAS CURED Of COSSUM, TIOJt. Many years *go. While reading la Philadelphia. 1 had p!o*re*»e« Gradually -oto toe ti»t stage ot Ktr - mooary CactiusDiion. All hopes of nr recuvery be ing dissipated, 1 wai acvhctl by mj physician. Dr. Parish, to removetnto Ibecouatry. aioor»sio*a, j„ about Line tollea distant, bdug my nstjro p! wa 1 was r-moved thlshtr. occupying twv toll dan la th* transition. Mv lather mod atl h*« Cstal y had lived act dUCtLer—a-.d <UM of Pulmonary Ot myaniral at ilt>cre*town I was pm ta b.d, where I lar for tuaor vectm In what was d.-emea a boreleas condition. lir. Ibtrnwo, who bad been jut thlhn’t tkally pc» iirtaa. aid bad attended him in Ida last i\ - new. was tailed to tee me. Ho tcougor tnyease «aor* It beyond the reach ot medicine, and dculdod that 1 nm*r die, npd Care me oae wt«h to arrange tay t«*mp> r»: afiaha. In ibis apparently hopeless £'dc tloa l beard vl the remeclre which I Dow make and tell. It seem* to ret that I icel them worttec their way. ard penetrating every terve, fibre ana tissue of my ■’K'fcng. and liter pul on a new action, and the m-rt hld UitUer.wUlca tor. tor) ears acca.~uituM and irri tated the dlCcri ct orxao th? tv'.dy. w. 9 eliminated; the inhere vs on my luncs ripened. atd I cxre«-t?r*ted treat my lungs a. much a* a motet yellow offensive mattrr cverv n.cmlng. A. thl» cipeemr arKia of mat* ter subsided, the fever abated, the pala left me. the cough cessed to haras* me, and she etJ.a , ,wtmr night sweats were to linger anown.sod 1 ‘uvl rtifreshlnl sleep, to w hich I haclonr b* u* astrangw. Slyaopv »itr tow bsgna to return, ami v Ua-cs I tonmi It d;2J cult in restrsjh miiwit trom eatloc 100 m-ic*'. With this return tf health I gained In strength, and now me He>bj. lam now a healthy man. vita a targe neaisd cicatrix to the ml-tdie lobe of the right usgand the owerlobe nepatlxed. with complete adhesion it the rleura. Thei'ltlung »sousa.aAd the upper lobe cf the right ore is mm n-lcntbly healthy condition. CorwmopdoD at that Urn* was tbumtt to be at Incmabie dl«e*te by evrrv one. phr*lcla=» am »fu as thoa* who were umcar-cd to meajene—especially such cates •« were reduced to the condition! was In. This Induced many P<v pie to b-Mieve my recovery only temporary, jnuu rTrpartd and cat'; taotficines tc cauenmpUva f-r some Ua<*. and made many wonder ful cure*, and Ihedcirand iccreas-rd tj rapidly that 1 detent txrd to effer them to the public, and devote my unclvided aimmon to lung dts*****. lb truth. 1 wat text tc farced to U. f.r people would send for ice, tat ace near, to ascertain whether their case* were list mice. For many years. la cccjuncncm with my prtacirfti office la Ft>lia V have boro matins tezuiat pro- UselotJ visits tobew York, Boston, Baltimore aad MIUUITRh. w r . Ft t many years put, £ have made as many a' arc hucdrrd examination weekly, with the »Cespirome ter.” For auch examination* tsy charaeU&Ti. dollars, andUecablfStneiOKlveeaeh patient tie tivr» coadt* Hon of ala disease. amt tell aim tnmtely whether be wth reason nhy physicians do not care Cao inmpUoo u, that ttcy try to do too math; they else med'clacatoslcpuiecousb. tostopthenhtht sweats. hwUcfcvtr.aaabyscdalaic they derange the whole thc»UTf sjhtc, fodtlss ap the secretion*, aad even tuaUr tie patient dies. . , ll>e l nimoolc Syrnn t* one rf the rco*t Tamable , medicine* known, 111* nutrient. powerftilir tomc,and | h-allar in traett. it contain* no opium. yet lo -sen* the rhelrm la the bronchial tub;*, and nature throws It ofl | with Utile exertion: ote beta**frequr ntly cons an or dinary co’rt; but It will be w-11 cr»t to take a dose ol hcUnck's lUndraXe Pi'la. lo c.cao*e tae stamaeh. The Paanonle Byiopu rntdllr dlcestrt acd absorbed late blood, to which It impart Its bcailLr properties. It U cneul tbcbostprecaraUoasof Iron In use; *t_u a.pow erful tcnlcaf ItacU; and when the Seaweed Tonic dl*- solves the mucus in the stomach, and t* carried on by the ala of the .Mandrake Pin*, s healtuy dow of gutm juice. soodappetlie and a good dUo->tlja fjlloa. The Seaweed Tonic Is a stimulant, and none othei Is required whta Ills used. It ta tare and pleasant: no lad efteta like when as tax Bourbon whiskey, which disorder* the t lomscb, torpers the urer. iocs, np aU the secretions. turns the blood Into water, dropsy act* in.atdlbepat’ent dies suddenly. fcourbon whiskey 1* recommended now-a-dsys by al most every phs»icU». Many panonw who vuil ml rooms, both male sud hTnaie, are »tup<.*l with tau poison. TherelUflatempomy. Ifthey^ura,tney take a lliUe whiskey ; if they fcel weak and rcch>, they take a little whiskey; II they esaoct sle;p. they take a little whiskey; and then so on in this way. retjuino* more and more, until they are bloated up. and imactni theyare Retims fiesby. The ttomach. User and id ee, ave powti* arecomplsleiy destroyed.and lo«e ih.-i. snsetitc ter tcod. ho ore wuercrcnrM of enjaump llon by U.U proces*. where rantiaa hare been loriavd in the inncs- AUUlesUmolaalls ircqnentlf beoencia. tocotfnc-pUTomccnupurebranay or c»i wiers; la ntary casti London porter or brown »t -at. lo raa.* rale quantities: butßoutbcn whiskey hastens oa ip ateadofcurlr.ccocaamptlon. , The SEATS’ EF.D Tub 1C pronutea luUns result*, Uofouchly Invlcoratiue the stomach anil dlreatirc *\st»mV»ud enabling It to eliminate aal make late health? rloodlhe food that may biased for test par pose. ItUtowondcrtni Initsctfecta.that*wlaek'ui fail will digest a hearty meal, and a tUUe ol U taken btlbre breskfiwt will give a tone to tha sinmach which ftw medicine* Pose*** the tv/w crol duinc. The MANDRAKE I’lU-S rasy be taoen with raOn aaictyhy all *»re* and conditions, prew.urine **• thr B(k<1 results lh»t can be obtained trom calomel oraaj of the mertunal mcclciae*.wad without taf .ot burtni or Injurious remits. They carry ont of the ayt tern the ftculcat aad worn out tnaMr* l»-o*ea«l and dUsolTcdhy my sea weed Tonic and i'ulmr.nlc Syrop. It will be »«n that all three of dt tcwllonea are n»i edlnmostcaseatocureotnsumptUa. l-atteala can consult me profeadptaUy at “j romß*, 32 Br>nd*st-s»ew Tors,every TLtaDAk. trom 9 a. m.toSp. m? AU advice free of chsr*o; bailor eachexaminanon with Ms resplroictter, f 3. Priceol IhePnlß-onlc Syrup sed heswevd To lc, r»>-h jl_M peJ UuUr. or $7 fO tbe naif domo; Mandrake» ccnU ■ al>ox. bold by drng*lstsand dealers everywhere. A (hll suppiy.iau always be obtained at hla room*. Jw m>s hAlS?ta‘ A CO-SI Park row. New York. * Otuet.'l WUolcaaia Aetata. CHICAGO. ■\\TBY WILL \OU SUFFEI. VV inn KIDNKV DISEASE, GOTTI; GKAVSL. BuBUiUTISM, CONOKRIIEA, Ac, when SMOLANDEE’S EXTRACT BUCUI' Win core you permanently. Ladies Should Use It. trite only One Dollar. or Chtcaro amt vicinity. l3rupo«alE atotice. ■L" cerrow Gores, ooozMUCsnn, N. T., > SrpaaiSTtaoKiTß OrriA November 30.1986. > Scaled prciK*al» Mil be wtltedai theomceoJtM Sanent undent of U.« new Cu,toml House aC O*Jco>- bnieh. >-Y-mmi 12a'clftckm .the33thoar of January, ISC?, tor ftjmlthlDZ and delivering dloeaitm rtosts for tin? outside item work of the bolldloz above the sub- 1- window •tilt?.llaicli and otnela. Impost moaldin**, aichlvolu, cornu e,t)Lo«Jnns comae, oaoln» and tvdnw 01 chimney tops, and also lor aahiar, if deemed Pir the tnumt of the Gorernni'Hl to nse aahlar la the place 01 of stone, whether craffite, martle or audattma sneUs, or any other, may M submitted, bnt waaierCTtrdmaT roust Wot the m«t dnratie cuatltT, of good cutor, Aoe cnvlo, Impervious tn water. perfectly unaffected by trust amt ca pable of receiving aflncCnlsh. f***® ‘£2s r real red are rarloua: thMr dteettloM a»T be procured from drawiaz* at Ibe Soperta dent 1 * office. Me total amoral of these dj mensi.o none*, exclusive of the ashlar, will S.Tmot 13.000 cable rent. The atone nnst be d-tltered iniherough on the site of the butldlns. or *t>di place at may be designated by the and pro o- sal* trust be trace by thecnbtc foot of s~ne de Irer* lo be m ade on delivery, by aath*>ru<*d nu or the and ten por cent, ot all payments re- UtDttl until completion of contracts, proposals fbraohiarmnM befur 4 inch and S-lnch a»Ular, by the ■VSSffAW uS»S» <■> tte *oct. to be fumi'bcd, mint be submitted to toe boi>-r. nond ent b*»re tbe opening 01 urn proposals with tv vari ons srjlf* of cutting or haudnenog used on the < -a-* cl stoc*. and properly marked with the name of t—e par* u 7iJ«SfISSSVSIb. { lo* * » cttdby or tefow the Ist of Juzc.lSt,.. sad Cl. d.J.Tenr lortbe lower conrsea of «tooew.rk to becln tr or be fore May Ist. ISO. Inr Departineut reserves tbe right to rrtect any or ail the proposals. All bids mast be accompanied ®£ *T{\ ff! fpocalhie persons. In tbe »um of IMOO. that u.e bldlet will accept acd perform the coctract Ii awarded to him. the sufficiency tf the security b * lh- Cclierror of Interral 6 g»™i!li, * , * i * * SupertavarteaC. rpo ARCHITECTS. fJTAVS AST SPECIFICATIOSS FOB SEW BCILD* U WAR DEPARTMENT AT WASHISOTO.S, D. C. Architects «re Invited f* prepare plan* and «pwiaca. Conn, tod estimates of cost, tor tew flre-prc-jt iiuuo lugs for the War Department, ou the site towoccnp'ec h7the War D-partmcnt and adjacent vscanl ground,!* The’baUtUosi required should hare a rop«fleJalare» to Israeli to* cteseUaedwld admit ol of rlt&and all onerinformation relating to the so> jert,wlil be famished to Architect* deelHnr to com pete Hr toe wort, upon appUcaUon, p-r*ooaCy or cj fetter, to the nnflersirned. w, , nr tK . A premium *M f 3.000 for the ftr»t, ot SJOOOTor the pisniatd »pe<aacatlons received, upon the approval of the a v.^? c T* the Board oiCßlcert charged wltn iLff a site and preparing plaasaod specifications i lortM buildings of the War Department under act ol Cob *Tbeplans nasi oi mevetLleaienart Lolotel T. dercj the Board, Ordnanceirtßce, WL-fl-r* WssStngUn, D.O, on or befbre the tsl day 01 February, Board will reserve the right to reHrt«» «ah sS*s^ OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO & AL TOm Railxoad' CoaTAjrr, Chicago. Dec. 3.IAX. Staled Fiopoeals will be received until thsStfTusi ter 60,000 RAILROAD CROSS-TIES, To te delivered la Chicago within after,toe opening of lak- navigation Tn tbe sprtnßoflSu.. The Tics lobe 9 feet long, ox; 11 hewed, and 6x3 If sawed, proposals will state bind of Omner oScrod- ffiitß Notices A If ORDINANCE gnmtiDff percussion toUuonAKcoUfßlsycownaudoperaia a rail road trade. _ Dr it wd«Md ftp tfte Chmtiw n Chuncil ef the Ctfy ttf Sacks' 1. That penaUaion Is hereby granted to Unsn A Scott to lay down and o; era:* a ranread tracx over and atrose MaiweU itrec:, at Dodreatrert: thence wiuih on Dodge street to tu Inter sernen with kitchen streets thence over and across Mitchell * tret l to the north Mae of thorro-nds of the MoPburgb. Fort Wayne « Chirare Bsltoad Company, tor the purpose of enabling said® a more penect and eaay a-twedoo between their ele vator. wtoate south ol TwcUth street, and the Ch.c»*o A northwestern and the Cbicaso. Burlington Railroads: prue\Oe<u bowevir, said Muun A bcott ebaO enter into bond with said city. Ihoueand collar*, hetore lay leg eala tnek, to be ap provcdiy ibe Mayor, u» bold ana aare the olty hann ters Denial! daroa«*e, c««» » « Uauri er. in cooseqwnre of top paaaaae of ortlgr.auice or ame lance aid operat&s«dd track-. Anslrroridcd/artAcr. the trlvllewe terapy eranted shall b-t subject to all or cmicea 3w lalare concerning orwnleh may be bereattar pi*a«d: And prwri./crf, al*o. TuU o» - ”Lce shall a: all time* be subject to jaodiftcatlon. an.cndr ret or repefi, and !n case cf repca*. all toe orlvlleef* hereby granted shdl ceataana detetmite; A%,li7ucll<* furiKrr. That said grant of.panusstea. »h-rebv expressly UmltM to a perid not exceefilic. ctMyeareCn-m tbepasiaKeof the ordlcanew. and oo lo» otherwise ordered by the Cootai. toe s&oa A See it. tlulr representative* or s alrps, *hdl lut op sod remove itc tame, at the red Ihc tepMl of this ordinance, or cr their deftult theeftr may omer tnesame Utrn ao at toe exoefise e*. said iinnn A Scot*, tour rtrr»eauu;u» or asilgns. raised December a. isJW. W.WWolrtW«. Attest: A. H. DODUa-V. City Z-tm. Crrv bonds. Crrr Covtrsoi-tER » Orrtc*._ * Catct'i\ pcocmscrfi, IB*>. v The of C*T CWeajro »«i ?») lianeJUUJr the Jaou- Sr.ISCI. Coupon# for inianmt on rci ot the City I]a» a l aaali beprwestM at ay ones «-ore Uy> aijh R laitalt. Tbtlnterevton.Bondsnol napreseciel Kill I hes»{a lithe dry of aSgtoT TTALTEIt Si mbaL-m. city Comptroller. - fHagic liufSe. ■WELL! WEALS WELL The Genuine Magic Kniile! These goods, barter the above tnd>a»n oa tti Box and Card, are warranted to measure six fall yardi tn **-h piece, and to TTzas acd Wash u weL as say msde hv >.*rirtr THEGEhUIXE MAGIC KUPFLE3, sau maculae tnred by the original inventors aal patentees, on supe rior machinery, from the beat materials, *nt uaca cartful ropervutou, have withstood tec te*t* cf dn Yum' constant use, cl ring leva: tab> a«tiifoctloa. Manufactured by THE MAGIC BUFFLE COMPANY, Ko. 93 Chamber-st, New York. Also Maccfa-,turm nf RrrvTrt ir n rrrtvn inDro „ »• ~ iHeblrat.' ■ la the young audit** B * i«u«Ußa» Veptafoe Powers of life ate strong, but In a Aw year* hew coca Oa Pallid Hue, the Lack Lustre Eye. and Emaciated Form. t&d thelmposslhiuty of appucahao to mental ofibrt Show its BaneM Influence. It woa become* evtdsht ta the abaerver that mm. depreulhg tsflaeoce Is checktcg the development fif the body. CONSUMPTION uuDed ot, and perhaps the youth la rumored fro* school and text Into the country. This Is on* ofi DS v orst movements. Bemoved from ordinary divortioxi* at the ever-changing scenes of the citj» the power* of the body too mrch enfeebled to give zest to bealthitil and rural exercise. Thoughts arc Turned Inwards IPTHE PATIENT BE A FEMALE, the approach of the measex is locked lot with a&sMv. IST Al* UR. E Show Her Saving Power tn diffusing the circulation, and TtsUlag the c&eoS WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH. AUs! increase of appcttie has Brown by whatitfß* System are Prostrated, and the whole ecoccmy Is deranged. The beaauftl oM wonderful period m which body nod mind undergo m fcsclnaung a change from child to woman, U loofead for to Tata; the parent'* heart Weed* In anxiety, aaM the grave but waiting tor IU victim. EXTRACT BUCHU. For Weakness Arisins from Ex cesses or Early Indiscretion. Sold by fl. SCOVIL. Aceai Attended with the folk)win* symptom* iDdlspoaltlon to Exertion* Lots of Power, Eon of .Hcmory, mmcaltr Ofllrexthlnj. Wakdfolneaos Dtatncssof Tills*, Ltncaor, toiTentl Ujuudlode of die Iff oscalar Sy steo, Often Enormous Appetite trllfe Ernptlon* ontbe gM% pain In th« P»cfc» GeaTtness of tbe Eyelids, Frequently Black BbM® Flying betote tie Eye*, with Temporary Suffhsloa atf Lon ol Sight, Waal ol Attention. Great Mobility, Be**’ Jeasnem, with Horror of Society, Sottilng iiours* ilrable to such Patients than Solitude, and nothin* they more dread Ibr Feat of Tbemseirre, no Bepoa® <* Manner,oo EaraesTß Speculatloo, but a hum®* Transition from one question to another. Tbeae symptoms, U allowed to go cm—which W» Medicine tavarlably remove®- SOON FOLLOW Loss of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fils, lo one of which to* patltatmay expire. During the sapertoteadreee of Dr. Wilson, attkW Bloomlngdale Asylum, this sad remit occurred to tv® iaue£ti; reason bad tor a time left then, and boato died of epllepay. They were of both sexe* and ah^ iwcnty ysar* of age. Who can say that there excesses are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those direful diseases Insanity and. Consumption? Tbe records ofthe IX SANE ASYLUMS, and the mad sccnoly Sf«tw« by COSSDMPTION. bear ampla wit T. B. BLACESTOXE. president. see l» the troth ol three asrerttona. In LanattcAsy TonA the most melancholy exhlbltlca appear*. Uto counltnaace is actually aadden and quite daUDU®— nelthv Mirth or Grief ever Wit It. Should a soaadtiC tbe yoke occur. It is rarely articulate. Diseases and Symptom*^ Invaluable Gill of Chemistry fIIGBLI CONCENTRATED UFOK THEMSELVES. as the first symptom tn which 18 TO on. asd the enerxlee of the Heimbold’s General Wcaknen, Horror of Dlseue, Weak Serret, TrembllnCf Dreadfol Horror of DhA KicbtSTtMto, CoMFoet* njvpepue symptoms. Hot Hands* Fl tubing of tbe Body* Drynrsi of tbe Sfcln* Pallid Countenance and •* with woctnl measure® wan De«p®lr Low goUcn sound* hi* grief heguled. Whilst we regret toe exi'tcnrr of the «ho*a We are prepared to efier an For toe rezcral of the FLCTD EXTRACT OF BUOHII- Theio is No Tonic Like It It is an Anchor ot Hope to the Sar» gfoa and Patient; and this Is the Testimoaj of a— ihare \ Used or Prescribe . It.' Sold by all the Druggists. pniNOIPAL DEPOT HelmboM’s Drug and Chemical UWABEHOUBE, 594 BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel,