Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 13, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 13, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicfiiga THURSDAY. DECEMBER IS, ISB6. THE CITY. Sr. LvEt's Fam axa Kestttax vffl opea on Tuesday next, atCroeby’e Music p«» “Season tickets” are offered for one dollar. Single admla* Sion, twcnTy.flre ccnla. Kinsley win furnish the refreshments. Baas Ball.—'The regnlar meeting of tbe Ex celsior Base Ball Club will be held at the Briggs House this evening, December 13th. A full at tendance is desired as the final arrangements for the opening of their new rooms wBI be made. Mowzt now aw rwK&oTw Sorsci was re ceived s few days ago by Mr. Brown, President of the Young Men’s Christian Association, in a let ter poM-mtrked Chicago, amounting to *3O. The moner will be credited lo “me.” Similar dona tlot* will be received gladly. LnrcourPAßX Monow.—A musical entertain ment will be given on Thnrsday, 7-80 p, m- to old the new Mission School of the New England Church. Mrs. O. B. Carpenter, a sweet singer, and children ftna tbe Elm Street Mlsrion, wlUIUke part In the exercises. Prnsowat.—Bon. I. K. DnboU. Hon. E. M. Hatch. Hon. D. L. PhiUlps, Springfield: General R. P.Marcy, General C. C. Waahbnme, Colonel Welsh, Colonel I. O. Chapman. Colonel J». M. Davton and Major W. H. Baliaehe, United Stales Army, are stopping at the Tremont Boose. Fun Ltcrmx os Cnraa —Rev. J. Colder, D. D.. for many years a Missionary In China, win give a lecture on the religion, customs tad lan guage of tbe Chinese, on Thnrsday evening at 7W the Free Will Baptist Church, comer of Pcona and Jarkson streetr. A collection trill be taken toward helping to furnish the church. Ax Otstzb Srprxn and festival wm be held this afternoon la tbe Lecture Boom of the Olivet Church, corner of Fourteenth street and Wabash avenue, this evening. Sapper will be served from six to ten o'clock, ihe proceeds will be need In tarnishing the audience room of tbe church. QEirrscT.— Tbe London TdA*( of November ICih announces that the Most Her. Anthony O'Bcgsn, BUhop of Don, who was formerly Bish op of Chicago, died from disease of tbe liver, on the 13tb Instant, at Michael's Grove, Brampton, aged fifty-seven years. Tbe remains are *o be re moved to his native country, Ireland, for Inter meet. Lrcnut— Rct. Dr. J. J. HatUnger will deliver a lecture before tbe students of Bryant A BLm ton’s rnircnltycu Saturday of this week at tea o'clock. Dr. QaUisjrer na a member of the body guard of Kossuth, and came with him to this country. Ill* address will be descriptive of Lie adventure* and experience In Hungary and Turkey, and of hie final escape to America. The public arc respectfully invited to come and listen to the Doctor, who la a very eloquent speaker. DEtiKQrtsT Jrr.oßß.~The action of the Circuit Court in bringing tbe parties summoned before It, but who, as has been so lone usual, neglect to obey the process, te amending tbe complaioed-of evil, that men of leisure and want of occn paiion are constantly empatmeHed. The information seems not yet, however, to have reached all the world, for there ate still delin quencies occurring, the Inevitable result being that the party finds himself In court under attach ment. E. F. C. KlnpkandJ. U. bhroedcr were ye-terday mulcted In the costs of attachment pro ceeding® by reason of the neglect Easts ak National Business Corxrax.—We are pleased to note tbe continued prosperity of this excellent and piactical institution. The even ing cla«-:s hare met with fine success. Over three hundred have joined tbe business penman fhlp cift-x. which meets every evening in Metro politan Hull, uLl'e tbe cla-scs in matbemaiics and it> book-keeping are well attended Tbe estab lishment of this thorough and practical business unlvcz>ity in this city has been followed bran Immerse patronage, owing to the fact that the institution meets the demand of the times. Tbe pen-drarricg department now occupies the splen did hall hi Metropolitan Block, formerly occu lted l y Elaney J odge, where those desiring to pursue a conrseln plain or ornamental penman shin. card writing, flourishing or pen-drawing will find au excellent opportunity for doing so. A Catholic Pbjut Tlilveu PnomsTAVr.—A remark-sole event took place last night at the Clark Street M. E. Church, where a prayer meet ing was being held by the members of the con giegation. During the coarse of the proceedings, a Homan Catholic priest—Hey. Father Kenny, of Dubuque—arose and Jormally renounced bis faith in presence of the congregation. Father Kenny has officiated for several years past at Dubuque. Serious doubts, as to the efficacy of the Roman Catholic faith In saving souls, have for some time agitated bis mind, and be finally determined to adopt the Protestant creed. He alaled M< reasons lor so doing to (he meeting, and produced cre dentials Irom the Bishop and clergy regarding bis character, which were cnlitely satisfactory. It is understood teat Father Kenny will imme diately proceed to New York In the Interest of the Evangelical Alliance, to opetute there npon the Catholic community. “The Peokeirzas Free.’ I —Decidedly one of the most valuable aids ever offered to the House keeper In any department ofber muliitarlona la bors, is the new artificial fuel patentedlasl month. The useless, almost valueless corn cob is taken, and by a process so cheap that it costs scarcely anything, so expeditious that the work Is done In very Htllc time, and so simple that any farm la borei may do it, and tratulorm U into a valuable furl. Tue new fuel If al*avs rcadv, cleanly, tg cues fjclrkiy. gives forth an intense heat, and Is not abetted by damp or wet. Three of the pre pared coin cobs will boil a large kettle full of wafer, and ibc half or a cob will Hghr an anlhra cite fire v.iihonl chins, shavings or coke. Asa kindling matt-rial it is invaluable. W. E. Brown, E-q, the agent for this fuel, is cow ic the dty, stopping at the Richmond lton«e. He >f prepared to sell State, county and individu al righfe. As an Insta’ce of the value of a right, wc may mention that the owners for Cincinnati arc selling two hnndrrd barrels per day. The Fins DETAimrarr.—A meeting of the Board 01 Undrewrllcr* was bold oa Saturday evening—the object betas to bare inquiries made into maucia connected with the alleged incQcl ctcy of 'he Htc Department. No particular re sult was arrived at, and the consideration of tbo subject U understood to bave been Postponed till another meeting, which will probably l>c held sometime this week- Tbo feeling between tbe managers of tbo Fire Department and some of the Underwriters is not of the most cor dial character, and the latter are represented as haring made np their minds to Initiate proceed ing* which ore expected to make tbe Fire Depart ment more cftccllve, and. at tho same lime, to increase their (the Underwri ters') profits. One of onr renerrters en deavored to ascertain what was done’at tbe meet ing «n Saturday •■viTlng, but about the only in formation be gained was tliata'motton to postpone argument was favorably considered, and that at tbe next meeting more decided action would be taken in ;li- premises. Gift-Cpscfut Fnatm* Aoanr.—Those who ’■make haste to be rich” are proverbially liable to trouble and disappointment In their eagerness to grasp any scheme, however Improbable, which eeems to bold out golden inducements. Greedi ness and credulity together make thousands fit victims for each sharpers as "glft-conccrt" pro ririetors. as has been frequently Illustrated of late d this city. The performances of Messrs. Wig gins. Bradford & Co., who, after taking large sums of money, concluded to omit the drawing of prizes, and of Bryan. Rosbrooke £ Co., who drew only the tickets which had not been soli, after re ceiving a‘*out (KHUVO from their confiding eas terners. are but 100 well remembered by many whose eyes were thns painfully opened. Another concern in this city is apparently preparing for a similar winding up. judging from me dishonest course which they arc taking. We are informed by Hon. Walter 6. Scales. Collector of this port, that tbvee parties bare used bis name as rocom mending their scheme, without his knowledge, and against bis express prohibition. We do &oi wish to advertise the concern by publishing their tames, but advise all who may be thinking of this kind of investment'to beware of any and all of them. ZltT. W, 11. nUbnrn, The following correspondence has been handed in for publication. We are glad to see that the talents of Mr. Miiburnarcm some degree appre ciated : Rrr. W. U. Mannar: Dear Sir : During your recent short sojourn th our city yon most generously lectured and with decided success iu behalf of several clurltsolc ob jects among ns. As an acknowledgment of that fact and of enrblgh appreciation of your personal worth ard eminent ability, we ofKr you a compli mentary benefit to take place in the Opera House at such time as may sou your convenience. We would respectfully suggest as the subject of your lecture, **Wbat a Bllad Man saw in England. B. McVickar. C. Beckwith. S. D. Gnokixw, J. B. Rice, r-tmnel W. FntJ'.T, John VanArruaa, E 8. Alexander, H. Davis. Wtn. Bros*. Norma - i Wil liams. Jr., George C. Bales, John N. Jc-vett, Thomas lioyiie, R. 8. Wilson, E, G. A«ay, H. O. Stone. C. B. Blair, James H. Bowes. George 8. Bowen. Ctiauncey T. Bowen, HenryM Smith, W. 11. Ccolbaugb, Aan H. Higgins,'J. fl. Roberto, M D. Giimai, U. N. Gonld, W. D. Granins, J. S. Head, Jauie* MtKlncley, Melville W. Fuller, 8. H. Lcrf.ot. Bi-njamla F. Smith, P.L. Underwood. Albast, December 10,1506. To Dr. B. McVickar, Hon. Messrs. Broas, Rice, Hoyr.r, Beckwith, Gookina and others: Gstm-unst: lam only just now in receipt of your must kind note of Invitation of November Ktb. I cannot but express my hearty crale’nl aenre of the couiteons and complimentary man ner!;: wMcb yon have been pleased to speak of me and of my scnicee. and to add that I shall be happy to give the lecture you desire in the Opera House oa tre evening of Wednesday, December Iftli. With sentiment! l of the highest regard, lam, c« ntlemen, your obliged and obedient servant. Wa. 11. MXLBPBX. AMUKKnENTS. Fxitixo —The frost still continues with ons abated keenness. The passion tor out-door sport accordingly lakes precedence of all other amuse ment*. All the skating parka In the city are now in full blow. The Washington and the West Side Rink, having the advantage of lying the furthest out west, caught the first chill, and were open to the public a day rn advance of the others. last night the Central Park, the Ogden, and the Wa besb Avenue Rink threw wide their door* for the admission of the xnnltltnde of skaters. And now the whole ciry I* ste*-l clad. Tux Wahahx Av**ns Risk was opened for the first lime last evening, and the building was crammed wiib spectators. A fine eb-vl of ice, with scarcely an inequality on Its whole surface, was the chief attraction. The interior of tfe betiding has been materially improved since last season, butter accommodations being afiorded both to the skaters and to the on-lookers A number of professional* and. amateurs were on the Ice last evening, among the lat*er one or two ot our most accomplished skaters. The Rink will now be open every day curing the afternoon and evening. 'Tnx Corral. Pans.—This favorite resort was opened last night with a fine smooth sheet of Ice, and with all the appolutmenH of the Park In Pert, feet order. A large crowd of skaters attended the opening, and held high carnival. The Park was well lighted np, acd an excellent band of moslc attended “to cnctr and bcautily the night. Tdk Ocnxx.—Al the North Side opened last tuning, with a large attendsncc. Thn Washing ton, acd the West Side Rink, were each crowded. Orcaa Horan.—Mias Western gave her rendi tion ot “Leah” for the second time lan nleht to a good house. This evening “East Lynne,” by epcc’sl request. McVicxzn'a Tixxattix.—Mr. L P. Barrett ap ?raia a. Eniot Gray in ” Rosedale.” To night, the same bui Mcaxir*.--“Griffith Gaunt.” Tee Cibccs.—Yankee Robinson's Zoological Gardens and Colleciua or ** A '? c . c oxctbts.—Madame Ghloai acd the for a series of flltecn °?fi ra T?? e . c^ u °t*re Home, commencing Mrakosch mber bcCer the direction of Max ° f utkt “ Mcsicturs’ Ujnos Firman —The animal re. nnion of the Mnaidana* Union win be held this evening loTuroer Hall IbeaflWruTrpeeiedto be a splendid one, as extensive preparation*have been made, and the-parties of thiaUnd In past years have proved among the mot t pleasant ofthe reason. WESTERN ASSOCIATED PRESS. Special Meeting, A special meeting of the Western Aaaodated Rraa was commenced yesterday la Professor McCoy a Hall, In Crosby's Opera Hon *0 Ia ad following mem *S 8 Association wereproecßt: * FrS.-gaas^Ms&.ter'l - CowlmTCleveland LiSur 3 ' Richard Smith, Cincinnati Gczeiit M, Hahtcsd, Cincinnati Commercial. (MMSsr,Sßar &mtor IlSfeWfcSsa. XZ. £. Baker, I)etrol< Pott, A. D. Peiton, Toledo Plcdt. S* U. Waggoner. Toledo Commercial. ?•« p hUlipa, Snrmgfiold Jovrtiat ?;**• Conner. Indianapolis Journal. JifflM MoDarhin, Ft. l-octs Rfpuhlican. D. u. Boomf, sl laid. Democrat fe.n st Eonl- ntpslch. f m S st“sr,v..?«•5 t “sr , v..?«• nvn/iej. pj, t . A.E, Smith, It,dlauapolls oantu. t v Jonnun*.Milwaukee Sentitul, t* S' fP fI PP*. Detroit ?Ww. J. U. Norman, New Albany Lfttgtr, A number of repreaentatlvea or the areas were preaenWhim Illinois. lowa, Wisconsin and Minne- not members of tbe Association. Ibe meeting was called lo order by Hon. H N Walker, of Detroit, President of the Association A melon wae made to invite all members of the ‘2 P Brtlcl P a,e , lo the proceedings of the mectiric. whether members of the Association or oot. which, on motion of W. P. Btorey Een waa laid on tbe table. 7 * Richard Smith. Eaq,. moved thata committee of three be appointed to report the order of badness tn be panned by the meeting, and that until such Canted** ma{^e D 0 bQ4 lo**B shall be transacted. c^air jppolnted Messrs. Smith, Storey A Brigham sneb committee. 3 Tee meeting then adjonrned till 3 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. The meeting retMembled at .1 p. m. **s* P: Pfclllipe renewed the motion that no t J° the Aaaoclatlos oe tdlo» ed to partidoate xn the action of the meeting. •Negatived—jeaa G, nave a. * to fo'l m “' rt*tt«s«sr of ,Uj mcc,,ns * «,ilhJf e| ? ,rt oflh ® of Directors on tbe ad mission of new members. 2. Report of the Board of Directors on their proceedings since the last regular meeting of the Association. 8. Some official communication to the West ern Ln!cn Telegraph Company, announcing the wishes of the Western As-ociatcd Press regarding the transmission of their reports. . ,“■** A? 100 w reference to a contract with the telegraph company for the transmission of tbe re ports of this Association. “ 5. Action in reference to the detail* of report* Generally, including the cost of the original col* lection of domestic and foreign news, and the ap portionment of tbe expense of the aame upon member* of this Association.” Notice was received of the death of N. Paachall, the veteran editor of the Missouri Sepubilean, aud a committee of three was appointed to draft reso lutions In memory of tbe deceased. The report of the Board of Directors, on their proceedings since (he last regular turning of the Association, was reau by Mr. M. Halalaad, of the Cincinnati Commercial, as follows: The fifth by-law of this Association provide* that; “ Tbe Board of Directors shall transact the bul losa o) the Association, and furnish reports of their proceedings al all meetings, hut the Board may appoint an“ Executive Committee of their own number, who shall have powers to set upon such matters as may be committed to it/' A meeting of the Board of Directors was hcldln Cincinnati on the evening of the 18th and tbe morning of the SOth of November. There were pree nt Mr. Fairbanks, of the Cleveland Herald: Mr. Bngbam. of the Pittsburgh Commtidal; Mr. While, of the Chicago Tnutuitx, acting lor Mr. Blakeley of the Chicago itoif/ Mr. Knapp of the Missouri and Ur. Halstead of the Cin cinnati Cotmruraat. The onlv member of the Board not present or represented was Judge Walker, of Detroit- President of tbe Association and a member of the Board. Mr. Hal •loan. cl the Cincinnati Commercial* was elected President of the Board, and Mr. Smith, of tbeCin c nacti who uas presentby invitation of the Board, served u Becrciary. lie practical matter under discussion was the better method of obtaining redress for grievances by the Western Press at the hands 01 the New York Associated Press; and it was determined that the Executive Committee should have power ■o add to ibelr cumber if they deemed It neces sary, and should proceed to New York to see wba> advantage could be taken of the disturbed condition of aDalrs, arising ont of the expulsion of Mr. D.U. Craig trom the agency of the New York Associated Press. Per a bail? of negotiation with the New York Apsoc'ateJ Pr«*f, the following memoranda was. after foil consideration, redncea to writing: fbat the Western Asr-oclatod Press will furnish ! o the New York Aseodat r d Press, at a point to be agreca upon, all news and markets of sufficient general interest to b: telegraphed to the Press of rbc country from the Wist and Southwest, In ex* chance for the news collected from the East and Canada; that the Western A-s>claU;d Press will make their own rcpoitol the proceedings of Con* gretn, and provide for the transmission of t*io .-tine: that the New York Associated Press shall luniibU the Western Associat'd Pro's the n«mal ieportof ihemitcellanous news from Washing ton; tin* the news by the Atlantic Cable or trom the Pacific coast shall be enhject to special ar rangement; that the Western Associated Press shall arrange with the leli-giaph company for transmitting the news of the Now York Associ ated Press from New York; that the New York Associated Press tball arrange for transmitting the news of the Western Associated Press from a potntto be agreed npon to New York; that the Executive Committee be empowered to make tLe foregoing propositions to the New York Asso ciated Press; and also to make a contract with the telegraph company to carry the same into effect. In case this programme could not be carried out, it nay be fell to tbe discretion of thy com mitice to make the best arrangements within their power, either with the New York Associated Prcs«orwitb any other organization, to coUecc and distribute new ». Ihe point whether the com mittee won'd, if It seemed bust, obtain the news firough Mr. Craig was discussed expressly, and at length, and it was determined, without any expression of dissent from any quarter, that the committee ehomd nut be embarrassed by arbliary instructions. >Jr. Brigham, ofPiitshnicb, found it convenient to co to Mew Voik. Air. While. of Chicaco, uu added to the committee and received from Mr. Bnrlum authority to act Tor him. The first action oftLu Executive Committee In New York wan to meet the Associated Press of that city. The New York Associated Press declined to exchange news with the Western .Vs soda led Press, declined to change the rales of ibeir Assocletlon so as to allow anr papers, other than the seven composing the association, to ha represented In Us management, and Insisted that papers that bought thetr news ahoruo cot obtain additional news of any tival organization. Mr. Crate's pro;-o*illon was to give the control of his news agency into ths hands of the outside press. The Executive Committee, ae-lne evidences that bis agency "as an efficient,otc, -decided that the •nU rests of :bo Weslcra Associated Pr-sswonld he Ik>l carra tar by ct eating in New York an op position to the old news monopoly of t >at city, and that (be Interests oi the general pubtir woafd be cocstiltvO by cn tlvatisg competition in the New York news naikct, ananged with Craig’s agency to supply li e rapors of the Association they represented with the regular Kastern news rvpntle by telegraph. KcspeclTully submitted, M. U*L C .TSAD, Chairman Board of Directors. Ihe Hoard of Directors held that order the sth by-law ot too As-ociatlon the action reported above was the action of the Association, nnleas vxptesrly negatived I>y the mecltnr. Mr. lliEiy Ttecd, of 'be Cincinnati Rn*jv\r:r, said that while lie endotsed and approved the ac tion of me would, for tlio purpose oi r-alirfytog the minoritr and allowing debate, move that the report be formally adopted. Upon this* motion a debate sprang no, which was not conrlnaed when the meeting adjourned. The Aft-ocl tion will reassemble at the same place at 10 o'clock this morning. THE NIAGARA SHIP CANAL. ronrcntSoD of Delegates from the Sct« cral Boards of Troth in the flTcsl— Preliminary Ar rangements. * A convct.lion of delegates from the Boards of Trade of the various c’lles ot the Northwest, in cluding Milwaukee, Detroit. Oswego, Toledo and Cleveland, assembled at the room of the Directors of the Board ofTrade, last evening, for the pur pose ef ronsllerlngihc propriety of taking meas ures to secure the pas-age of the bill low before Congress f- r the construction of the Niagara Ship Cai-sL The following gentlemen were present as eprcscntatlres from the Boa-d«o( Trade of the vmlous cities mentioned: Chicago—John C. Dorc, Esq., President of the Boaid ofTrade ; Charles Randolph, Esq. lion. .Julian 8 Rum ey, W. M. £gau, E*q-, W. D.* Donghtelluig, Esq., Ira Y. Murn. Esq., J. L. Hancock, Esq., R. M. Dough, Esq., Clinton Bripst*, Esq-. Dr. E. V. Turpin, £. V. Robbins, £sq„ and S. S. Williams, Esq. Detroit—George F. Baglcy, Esq., President of the DeUoit Board ofTrade; General T. J. Cram, United States Engineer, and Morgan Johnson, Esq. Oswego—A. P. Grant, Esq., O. 21. Hastings, Esq., ard F. W. l*Uirop, Esq. Cleveland—Philo Chamberlain, Esq., J. 23. Clark, Eso., and George A. Benedict, Esq. Milwaukee—Alexander Mnrison, Esq., O. J. Hale, Esq-W. M. Brigham, Esq. Toledo—Thomas Hamilton, Csq.,W.T. Walker, Esq., A. D. Peiton, Esq. The Convention was colled to order by Mr. Don*, who said that the object tor which they bad come together was well known to them all, namely, to consider the propriety of taking con certed action on the part of the various Boards of Trade represented from the different cities oa the •axes, touching the construction of the Niagara ship Canal, lie thought the first thing to be done was to elect permanent officers of the Convention, and nominated as permanent President Mr. George F. Bagiey, of Detroit. Mr, Daglcy was unanimously elected, and, oa motion Colonel J, F. Beatty, Secretary of the Chicago Board of Trade, was appointed perma nent Secretary of the Convention. Mr. Barley then took the Chatr and thanked the meeting for the honor they bad conferred upon him. lie thought the deliberations of the Conven tion would he productive of much good, not only to the Northi\e>t, tn to the whole country. Mr. Dote raid (bit from what be understood to be the tccllng ot those in Chicago who are Inter ested m the project, he deemed It advisable to do tiO more at nrcecnt than appoint commlitees to sake the subject into consideration and report at an adjourned meeting. Mr. Gian% of Oswego, being called upon to express bis views on the question, said that he had been bat recently notifiid of the proposed Convention and bad not bad time folly to con sider the matter. As it was called by the gentle men (torn Chicago, be thoogtal it was for th*m to say what the programme would be. The object uf the Convention wa* to take measures to insure too passage of the bQI now pending before Con gress for the construction of the Niagara Ship Canal, llwas ablll which deeply interested the whole Norlhwia", and if not passed, our produce would have to go elsewhere for a market. The principal opposition to the bill, when it was be fore the Senate, was from the State of New York, and that was the only State now opposed to it. It only required action.from abroad, and if the Boards of Trade throughout the Northwest would take this matter m hand with proper energr, and have each Boatd represented at Washington, thus giving a tone acd importance to the subject, there could be no doubt of securing the passage of the bill. The opposition would soon be overcome if proper crone were taken by those in the West Interested In the measure. lie would suggest that each Board select a proper man of their own to go to Washington asd urge the matter upon the Gov ernment, acd also that resolutions be passed here endorsing the measure. General Cram moved that a committee be ap pointed to draft resolutions In accordance with the views expressed by Mr. Grant Carried. The Chairman appointed (he following as an<*h committee: Genera! Oram, of Detroit; A. P. Granl, Oswego; J. H. Clark, Cleveland: O. H u Hale, Milwaukee; W. J. Walker, Toledo; Charles Randolph, Chicago. On motion ol Mr. Randolph, a committee, con sisting ofMr. Uongbtelllng. Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. T. Hamilton, waa appointed to adopt rules regulating the government of the Convention. Mr. T. Hamilton moved tha: tbelfieneral com mittee be aulbot Jacd to procure a copy ofttar bill, lor the purpose of as certamlog whether any modi fications or amendments be necessary before It pass Into a law. Carried. The Convention then adjourned till half pas*. wire o'clock this morning- Poucz Matters.— WD bum McNeil, a hick man, was brought before Jos lice MiiUken yester day morning, and held for farther exAmlusllnn until Tneeday on a charge of Urcenyln ball of •500. it was alleged that McNeil victimize! a drover from Michigan out of fSOO on Saturday, alter the latter individual bad become too intoxi cated to realize ell that was passing. Washington Ready, ofteser ready to get drunk ; _ Bbnj ® w» wife then anything else, after k,4l J ,heßridenell returned lo hla wife .n' *®, a 7 greeted her with a kiss that wu S?ISLL? If'V l real * { nsfctr(Ql havoc with i. Al I ,he w pol,c ® Coart yre'crdayhe wu £ ,r,v ® 01 *** •» keep the peace. • rfftthi.* 0 4 w,lh P creaU-s a lirely demand tor 2«15 - ff^#mone 018 lh, « v «- John J. Franklin •c? e «Si n «? T ' cr f°?, 1 . om Joeeph Bum*, boarding at fSiT Jl 1 ,' 11 f ? r I , rt * 1 la ball or 1500. limit c«r ,r°„» PPj orT °< for realms coal* and pant' from ,*5? Jr .^S? 1 Parties was committed for trial In l!fii c, ..T 5 2 u ? n r ,lch cbarct * William Cotter was commlucd ln ball of|soo Tor stealing clothing rrom hla old companion eervanta at the Adams tel°boj W * lere ke wa * lonaerly employed aa a llobertSßrookbank' a imall-ilzed boy with a m, old-face, waa fined 11011 for vagrancy. A 01 be WM flood (50 on the lame charge. C SS2 , !f e . *""• <lO and reqilrad to me fSOO ball to keep Iho peace In consequence S,;*“ al 100 St. Cbirlea Saloon on inesday night. •»¥ifi? r ?- K » oeb *£ * maker, waa arraigned 0 Sport, charged with a desperate aasanlt upon Prank Cr.erny with a “clearer.” U J* caae waa continued ten daya, In bail of 9 1,(4j0 .1 recenlhr escaped from tbe ite torm school, stole fortr-flre cents from a store on the offence waa re tnrned to Inc Reform School. Michael Mahoney, charged with stealing two **£» of mackerel, waa discharged from custody. . i“°«- G «« and a Mr. Prilt were held in ball for lanher examination on Saturday, upon thocharge of assaulting officer Caldwell near the corner of Grove street and Archer road. THE PARIS EXPOSITION. Tbe Illinois suite Collection- Artlelea Forwarded—oar Daly to Oanelrcw. Ihe following list of articles, forming a portion ot the Illinois Sia'e collection for the Paris Expo sition, were forwarded on Wednesday from t its city per the “ Union Star Line,” In a tastily far ntobed car, the proprietors of tbe line having gen erously donated the carriage of the collection to the seaboard: packages of Geological specimens com- IMiktDcr a complete soft of miner*ls and fossil* of tbe State, scientifically classified and labelled br Professor A. H. Wortbea, •• State Geologist, ■’alio a Urge package containing apecimcca from his private collection. One large package of Botanical specimens, lo ading every mi icty of plant. Indigenous to the State, labelled and arranged with aclentittc ore osion by E. BaQ, of Athens, Cook Connty. Triplicate samples or lead ore and floor, spar, from mines near Host Clare, Hardin County. Samples of coal representing the numerous mines of the different counties within tbe State. Also specimens of peat. Half gallon samples of floe clay contrlbnted by LernnsT AlUn, ol Pekin, Tazewell Connty, and A. C. Thomas of Carbon Cliff, Hock Island County. Samples of potters’ clay procured from nume rous localities within the State, and building stone, handsomely drefsrd and polished, repre senting many of tho quarries within the State, also specimens of Niagara limestone contrlbnted by J, C. Holmes, of Chester, Randolph County, and William il, VanEppa, jr n of Dixon, Lee County. broom com and stalks, by Olaff Johnson of Ualva. Sample* of four variolic* of American wine*, by E. A. WcssezlebiT, of Kanvoo. Contributed by J. B. Calhoun, Land Commis sioner, 1. C. R. H. Co., a* follows: Samples* of soils from different counties within the Stale, also wheat, rye. barley, crass seeds, corn as It grew on the sulk, car com, broom com. tobacco, cot ton, flax, hemp, sorghum, and other farm pro ducts, representing the sericulture of the State. Surprise oats, by —■ , and a special sample of oau, by J. B. Warlow, of McLean County. Samples of broom com, by Geo. A. 6cvearns & Bro., of Chicago. Sample* of barley malt by J. 8. Saberton and 11. M Fuller, of Chicago. Samples of batting manufactured from cotton grown in Illinois, by Groll A Grubbs, ot Chicago. £ and for the manufactaring of glass by ocholtz A Co., of LeSnlle. Specimens of bydiunlic limestone and water cement, by Clarke A Son, of Utica, LaSalle County Twe've volumes of Chicago Directories, hand somely bound, contributed by J. C. W. Bailey and Edwards A Co. Reports of the Superintendent of Public In struction of the State of Illinois, and of the Board of Education of Chicago. Books, publications, Ac., famished by Chorch A Goodman, of Chicago. Engravings, lithographs, Ac , from Rm A Allen, of Chicago. Maps of the Slate and the Northwest by Ruben Blanchard. Photographic views and descriptions of Union Stock Y ora*. Chamber ofCommerce, Grain Eleva tors, Railroad Depots, Warehouses, Chicago Uni versity. Churches, Hotels, and other public build ings of Importance, together with Business blocks, and other news of Chicago and the West. •-hicaco, ninslratcd with lithographic views and notes, by Jevue £ Altoinl. Filer and copies of (be various newspapers of Chicago and the Noitb*cst J. U. Shaffer, Commissioner of lowa, has for warded mime:on« packages containing apcduious of coal, grains, mineral*, peat, soighum, woollen fabrics, and other productions of me Stale. 11. D’Aleiray, Commissioner of Michigan, has forwarded specimens of imn, copper, aha edver ores, fiom the Lake Snn.-rior region). The following compos-« a list of articles con tributed by artists, inventors and others: Bust of 1 incoln, life size, and statue of Douglas by 1„ W. Volk, of Chicago. American Eagle by Roche £ Borkbardt, of Chi cago. Portraits, pomtmgs, Ac., by E. P. A. Ilcaly, of Chicago. Landscape Views by A. L. Hansom, of Chicag t. A number of portraits by George F. Wright, of Springfield. Photographs, Stereoscopic Views, £c.. by 8. M. FeMctt andJ. Carhutt, of Chicago. A sngarcanc and sorghnm stripper by L. J. Uildctslicve, of Wilmington, Wl’l County. Drawings representing the Chicago Tunnel and other public works, by A. W. Tiukbam. of Chi cago. An improved portable and stationary Sugar Evaporator, by A. I*. Bilnk, Warren, Illinois. Design for a model farm house by £. E. Myrcs, of Springfield. One leu national Shovel Plow, by Silas □. Wcoldiidgc, Venice, Illinois. Albumen, from eggs, blocd, etc., by Joseph Hirsh, Chicago. Com Reaping and Grass Mowing Machine, by C. 11. McCormick, Chicago. Self Baking ana Binding Harvester, by Samnet J. Wallace, ot Carthage, iPlnois. liana Gram Fork, and Horse Grain and Hay Fork, by Charles Diesslton, of Chicago. The American Hog Tamer, by Emery £ Co., of Chicago. Cnc Marsh Harvester, by C. W. Marsh, of Syca mote, Illinois. Steel Blow, Sulky Corn Cultivator, and other plows, bv Dr-an £ Co., Moline, Illinois. lumber Wagon, b» Peter SehuUier £ Co., of Chicago. Novel Steam Generator and Upright Steam En gine, for working overheated steam, by P. Bun mark and E. Ilashlck. of Chicago. Model of Coal Chcte, by J. L. Platt, of Kewa nee. Ilhi t>i . Model of improved bleeping Car, by G. M. Pall n an, o' Chicago. Specimens of wood of the Northwest, by Charles bleax*. of Chicago. Model of swinging bridge, by Chapin & Wells, o( Chicago. Two inlaid wood mosaic tables, hr Peter Glus, of Barton, A'iscoa-in. Specimens ot Chicago boots and shoes, by Whit ney & B:o. i .*clto of Dutncld's Westphalia hams, by Charles DnfHrld, of Chicago. Ltaflard, m-,ss port, prune tae<s beef and piime isui ]>ork, by Culbertson, Dlatr&Co., ot Chicago. An improved loom tor weaving cotton and wooden fabrics, by Walworth, Baschlck J: Co., of Cubage. Ucttsgc organ, a very superior instrument etab orately caned, valued at #I,OOO, by hyon & Ucaly, of Chicago. School furi.llurc.apparatus and appurtenances, by A. D. Andrews and C. W. Sherwood & Co., of Chicago. Tbe'organ and school furniture Is to be used in futuishibg a common school house, which Is be ing constructed by l.vman Bridges, of Chicago, builder of road? made houses. In addition to the common school honsc, per mission has also been obtained for the erection, in the park, urtioiitinp ihc Exposition Buildings, of a M estcmlFarmcr’s Home, and a laborer's < ot t«ge, for the purpose of Illustrating lu connection with the products of the Northwest, the habita tions of the people and our free educational system. Which bnlidings will furnish spice for lie dis play ot Northwestern Interest* In a most attractive and special manner. It is proposed to arrange in thee a buildings for tl e free distribution of the annual reports of the boaids of trade, sailroad companies, apt leal uial societies, and condensed tta;ement» with refer race to the extent, resources and general charac teristics of Ihc country. Many other contributions will fumuhed, which aru not ready for shipment. •Jhe great importance of inhy representing the Northwest in Uto Exposition, and especially Chi rago atm our own Ftate. does wot seem to be tally appreciated. If wo cao properly set helore tnc hun dreds of Ihon-tmdi of Europeans who will visit that exhibition, the wealth, the natural facilities, the boundless oppottnni ies of the West, and show them what has boon dorc and is now doing in the development of those resources, wo shall have secured a trebled Cow of emigration, a ten fold rate oi Interment, and a hundred fold more of respectful appreciation than that now accorded to ns by the teeming millions of Europe. The aim cf the gentlemen who have Deen instru mental in collecting what Las already gone for ward, has been to exhibit The soil of our almost boundless prairies, that the people of the Old World may sec Us caps buttles. What lie* under the soil—the minerals, the coal, iron, and other metals which constitute our man ulactnnne facilities. Us products—the grains and seeds; sugar, cot ton, <xc, with the pork, beef, and other animal products. , The character, habits and act lons of the people. How they live—their homes. How they provide for their families—school bouses and educations'appliances. Their public works—buildings, streets, bridges, Ac. Whak they do, both In tilling the toil and In urlug the bonndless wealth which nature hn spread before ibem. {Their mrtnnfoctnres. How they art—mode* of working and travelling. To do lols cn a scale commemorate with the magnitude ard Importance of the subject will re qaue far more space and ranch more money than has been collected. The lint lack has been par* itally obTlatcd in the obtained permission to erect the above mentioned buildings la the park, ami using them, not only to nice an Idea of Western structure*. Vul also ta place* in which to display photographic views of (he prominent objects of Interest, maps of the connnry, both topographical and physical, and (or the distribution ot docn ments, reports, etc. Bnt the second dtfflcnltT still exists. The State Is already ably represented to the person of J. P. Reynolds, Esq., bat to do oar city justice she should be specially represented by a competent man, who could not ocly talk, bat use the printing press already sent, to set forth her claims. There is no doaht that Chicago would be ranch advantaged bv showing a little more 11b eralliy In the matter, disbursing a few thousand* for the purpose of tentogaod showing who and what we are, what we do, and how wc do U. In what way this mosey should be raised. Is a question open for discussion. It has been pro posed to ask the cUy to appropriate, or in lien of thst, to urge on the Board of Trade to late the matter in baud, appointing a commission, end, of course, paying the expenses. Others, again, think that it can be done by individual contribn titn. The value of the Utter view may well bs douNed, if we consider what little has been al ready done, and how UiUe time remains to do what la needed. _ , . The Board ot Trade of MUwanxee have al retdv appointed a committee cf nine to attend to the representation of that city in the great Expo sition. Chicago has done nothing, extent as her citizens have acted Indlvidoslly, while Tar want of funds, the commission has been obliged to de cline the reception of many articles for which they could not pay freight. We leave the subject here. “ A word to the wise is enough,” and the people of Chicago have already established a reputation tor practical sa gacity tar ahead of most people's, and excelled t>v none. 'For the Urge collections already made through out the Mate the cause Is greatly Indebted to T. L. uinler. Hr. Reynolds' Assistant, who has been Indefatigable in the work. We shonld also men tion Colonel J. D. Bowen, the United States Com missioner, a gentleman who always leads the van. The Illinois Central management has set a good example to other raDroada, In collecting and for warding a set of samples of soil of the section traversed by their road. Tnx CoxriDESCK Gaxx.—About midnight last night a came Into the North Side Police Sta tion House and narrated another version of the familiar confidence game story. Bis name Is Jo seph Knxnp, his residence on (be comer of North Clark street and Chicago avenue. Last night he started to go to Kansas City, taking the Illinois Central cars. At the depot be lo’l m wiihagon tlemaal j appearing mxn who said that h* was go ing to Kansu City, had property there worth a million of dollars or so, and bad in his carpet-bag In him band several thousand dollars worth. But bo Inst then was a little short, and unfortunately had a balance of fW to pay on the purehaa * which he had been making. Would Bis triend lend him tail sum for a Caw boors and take as security his splendid gold watch T Joseph gave tbe money, took the watch and wailed tor the stranger to retain. Bat the train started without bits, and soon Joeeph tonno that 'he gold watch was pinchbeck sod thit he bad been badly sold, every dollar that he hid being gone. At (he flnt elation he took a train hack and hastened to lay bla caee before the police. Ha will not hear from bis new friend again. bathe will be wiser next time. ARTM2AH mONOPOLT. (all for a Public meettnge The undersigned respectfully request those of their tcilow-cllUens who are diaaatiafled with the present gas monopoly, and de sirous that proper proceedings should be taken to obtain, at tbe ensuing cession of the Legl*la. tore, authority for tne el'y to famish gas for Its own use and the use ol the people, are requested to meet at tbe old Board oTTrade rooms, No. 1M Souta Water street, on Friday, December Illh. at ‘{4 p. m. iblgned by) Edwin C. Lamed. Z. M. Hall, George W. Gage, Fuller. Finch A Fniler, Sickt-U. Preston A Co., D. A. Gage. Cragin Brothers, William lUce, Fair banks, Uteenieof & Co., A. E. Bishop, L. Barber, D. W. Coon. Beat A Dickinson, Theodore Fchree ber, William Coker & Co., C. E. Morse, James Sberrard A Co., Q. CburchllL R. Bays Kelley, William little A Co., Henry Erb, Wills, Dunham A Holt, P. W. Gales, Low Bros. A Co.. J. D. Eait-;r, Bart, Asten A Co., Aoalln A Boal, Barlow Bros., Purington A Fcranton, B. F. Jacobs A Co- Ball, Elm bark A Co., D. W. Baker A Bros., Cragin A Stetson, J. Friedman, £. A. Lay, Julian 8. Knnf sev, W. Andrew, O. F. Ramsey, Kellogg A Co ▼ells, Huntington Bros.. SU-oms, Forsyth A Co~ Finney A Lyon, H. M. Thompson A Co., Chase, Hanford A Co., Could A Bros., Hinnllab, Ceble A Fscblcott, Oilman, Giannis A Farwell, John A l < ’ r * Co-i Bales, Stone A Co., Child A Briggs, John V. Farwell A Co- Durand Bros., Powers A Co., Wills, Gregg A Brown, C. IT. Beckwith, J. 11. Reed ACo , Boiven Bros- P. D. Gray, C. M- Henderson A Co., J. F. White, Whit ney Bros. A Co., J. G. Wlule, Jewett A Bailer, Sherman Ball A I.ybrand. G. C. Cook A Co.. War ner. Gonld A Co., D. B. Hills, Lewis liam A Co., Charles V.Dyer. G-S. Whitaker A Co.. G. s. Ingraham, C. S. btein A Co, Whitaker, Uatmoa A Co., Jone* A Langhlln,M. B. Smith A Co., Taylor A Wright, Jewett A Hoot, Norton A Tattle, M. Talcotl, s. D. Jackson A Co.. J. M. Stine. Kramer A Co.. W. E. A S. Day, U«y. Allen A Co., Whlttemore, Carter A Brown, Lord A Smith, Doggett, Bassett A Hills, S. C. Griggs A Co., Uaydcn A Ear, Walker, Ailing A Co, r, F. Spencer, Foreman Bros-Field, Palmer A Letter, J. A. Smith A Co., J&s. H. Uoes, Bassett A Ham mond, W. F. Tucker, T. W. Foraalth, A. A. Pol nam, LH. Wadsworth, Phillip Waoaworth A Co- James Wadsworth, G. It. Smith, Field, Benedict JoaepL J E a^/* W,er * C °'' Georgt Foater » Sopreme Court Decisions. Tbe following decisions were made by the Su preme Court, at Ottawa, tbe lastterm: owes TS. PEACOCK. (To appear Id BSDI., now In press.) 3. Downs—Luotatiohb—Whether the remedy for cower mar be barred by the Umlta’lon act of IKS. The remedy to enforce the right of dower Is embraced within the provisions ol the first sec* lion ot the limitation act of 1839. so thar a widow must pnrsne her remedy,as against a party whose possession conforms to the requirements of that act, within the seven years therein prescribed, or her claim will be effectually barred. S. Sam—Under the general limitation law, and herein, whether there tan be possession adverse to the widow. This case was regarded aa being controlled by the aa of 1833, and the Coart de dined deciding the question which was made, whether the amt for dower is or Is not tndaded In the general limitation laws of tbla State; bat upon the question whether a person bolding In the same right with the widow conld have a possession ad* verse (o her, the Court say, there are decisions of respectable courts favoring the view that a pos session under such circumstances conld not be adverse to tbe widow’s claim of dower, but they could not perceive its force. When applied to tbe heir at law upon whom the descent is cast, or to the deviser under a will, it might, with some plausibility, perhaps with perteel accuracy, be said, they bold In snbordioation to the right of the widow to her dower. Bat as It regards the purchaser from the husband, or Irom tbe heir at law or devise, it seems a ha rah role ; and when’he enters and occupies, It seems right that he should be deemed as bolding adversely to all tbe world. The Court, however, express no definite opinion on tbe question. 8. Sam—Whether barred in equity aside from the statute aa a stale claim. The question was al»o made, whether a claim for dower may not bo barred by the operation of the principle, recog nized and acted npon in coarts of equity, not to enforce stale claims. Independent of any statute of limitations. But it was not deemed necessary o consider the stalencss of the demand In this are. and It was dismissed with the remark, that a a central principle, coarts of equity will not I'orce stale demauds of ony description, nnac* mpanied by some weighty reason why the de tnd was suffered to become stale. WALSH VS. BAT. j3B lILJ 1. Ciiajtoe orrzsuE. Yneiril cases—cot die* cretionary. Where a petition for a change of venue in a civil cause conforms to the require ments of the act ot IM3, entitled l * Venae?’ the mandate of the statute 1« peremptory that the ap plication moat be granted. The Court has no dis cretion. 2. Sake—ln civil and criminal coses, in the Su perior Court of Chicago. Under the 19th section cf the act of 18511 (be*tea* Comp., STS), the Supe rior Comt of Chicago may exercise a discretion in allowing a change of venne In criminal caaca; but that act leaves the practice in civil cases as It was under the act nr IMS. DERBY VB. CAGE XT AU _ |SB 111.] _ 1. Practice nt CnAJccinr—where the answer is evasive. If the answer of a defendant in chance ry is evasive, the complainant should except to It, acd compel a specific statement in reference to the subject evaded, or file a replication and take proofs thereon. 2. Same—When answer taken as true. When there Is a bearing upon bill and answer alone, the answer will be taken as line. 9. I’AirrsKEsuip—Liability of partners as among themrelver.—When one of several partners, who has in bis hands all the assets of the firm, is call ed npon oy some of bis co-partnera for an ac count the mere tact that be has paid other mem bers of the firm their portions wOl not bind him to anticipate a sale of partnership property in his hands In settling with those seeking the ac count. 4. Set-ott is Eqcttt—Ceom-bol, A claim of •ct-oC, having no connection wftb Ibe subject mat* ter oftbe suit, can only oe heard upon cro-t-bill. .V. And a cross-bill should not be permitted to be filed lor that purpose, unless It is shown to the Court,bTßflldaAtt. the complainants are in ?nch pecuniary arromstinces that the alleged claim is likely to be lost unless allowed to be rCt-OtT. 6, 6. Pannzs—ln full for an account between part ners*. In a soil in chancery by a portion ot the member* ofaco-partnen-lilp, against another who bu In hi* hands all me assets of the firm, for an account thereof, all the partners are necessary parties. 7 IfrrtntiT— when recoverable—on Uklng an ac count between partner*. And In such a proceed- Inc the complainants are entitled to Interest on theamouiit found dnethem, from the time they demanded payment. Gabdotiko Ocmoi.-A gentleman whose name was not ascertained wai assaulted by three ruffians on Cottage Grove avenue, sear Twcnly nimb street, ou Monday evening between seven and eight o’clock. No word was ipokcn, bat ifttr being held until his pockets nerc robbed of shorn f-0 he was released, and the men hulUj left Hie spot. A Bold Theft.— About five o’clock yesterday .flemoor tome thief earned ofi an entire case of Jsdk-s* shoes, worth about $250, from In front ol 11. Y. Schell's store. at No. ICt Clark street, where :hi-y bad been left by one of the express compa nies a few tnlnutca previously Difciiabcxd.—Michael Riley, charged with false Imprisonment, whose case before Justice Brown . was postponed from November SOth nntll yester day afternoon, was discharged from custody, as to one appeared ’opr,>ecnte him. T)zuo> Ixratrr.—A very young infant corpse was found yesterday concealed under the sidewa'k near No. 137 Fourth avenue—probably an Incident ol some womas’s career In shame. fmoaco Cnr lUttwAT.—'The Directors of this Company met yesterday and elected Darnel Thompson. Esq, Superintendent, in place of Cliarir; 23. Walker. Esq , who bad resigned. LOCAL MATTERS. Neglected Coasha and Cold*.—Few are annr ol the Importance of checking a Cough or ’’Common Cold." in its first stage: that which in «be hcgirningwonld yield to a mild remedy, if r* plecteo, soon preys upon the lungs. "Brotcu't hror.cMol TiocJttt,'' or Couou Lotrxozs, afford instant relief. Few esio Ima&lue the popularity gained by Matsden'a Pectoral Balm. The ques tion naturally arises, why should it have become eof The only answerwe can give ts bvreferring to the thousands who arc walking testimonials of its efficacy. For sale by all druggists. Burn hams £ Van Schaaek, wholesale druggists, 16 I ake street, wholesale agents. Dr. Slbbet, the Celebrated Dcrmatolo gift, 1« now In Chicago. There Is, perhaps, no one more widely and favorably known for bis skill in restoring the balr, and in curing all forms of scalp and skin diseases, than Or. Sibbct- He claims that no remedy can be of any service unless adapted to tA* t rants of eoeft com, which ran only bo determined by a personal examination of the scalp. Reception rooms over Miller's Jewelry Store, corner of Randolph and Clark streets. Entrance, No. 73 Clark street. Consulta tion free. Special Notice to Busin cm JTTcn and the Travelling Public generally.—Quirk time to New York, Boston, and all points East, rtd lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Our 3:15 p. m. train arrives in Cleveland at&00 a. to., BuQaio at 1:35 p. m , New York at 7:00 a. m.—five hours in advance of the Michigan Central and Great Western time. Gso. M. Gtur. Western Agent. Ticket office removed to No. 33 Dearborn street, under Tremont House. BareChsnrefor a Good Investment. —The patent right in the Atmospheric Kerosene Lamp, in and for the county of Cock, wilt be o fir red for sale for a few days only. A tare chance to make money, and retain a highly profitable business already (• Fail ng health is the only reason for selling. W*. Watxacx, 104 South Clark-st. Cotton Packed Hafety Lampi.-For burning Benzine, Llgorlnc. Petroleopbeae. Phos gene and all other products of Petroleum. Burners for same and lamp goods generally. Send for circular. Ed cun A Civix, No. to Malden lane, New York. Constitution Water.—A Certain Cnre for Dußtni, and all Duxasxa or rax Ktnxxra. Sold by all Druggists. Depot 44 CUff-sr., N. Y. Children Teething.—The mother finds a faithful friend In Mrs Winslow's Soothing >yrnp. It Is perfectly reliable and harmless, it relieves the child from pain, enres dysentery and dlsnhcra, relieves griping in the bowels, cures wind colic, seftens the gums and reduces Inflam mation. By giving relief and health to the child, U comforts and rest* the mother. A Rare Pile Cure.—Dr- Gilbert* ■ Pile Instrument positively cnre* the worst case* of piles. Feat by mall on receipt of $L Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every, where. Address J. B. Roxarrx. Manager, No. 5R> Broadway. New York. Paper Hanctnsi sand Window shade* at greatly reduced prices. F. E. Rigby, 83 Ran dofpb-al. FROM TEXAS. Terrific Hurricane—Several Pcrsosi Kill' ed and Woanded-Great Damage l* tbi Country. Nkw Oxoxjurs, December 11.—The Tinut' Shreveport special says a terrific tornado passed throuen Henderson. Rash County, Texas, on the evening of tho 4th. silling six persona and seri ously injuring twelve, besides doing great damage to the country- Five or six houses were Mown down, one of whlco was the academy wherein four scholars were killed and twelve aanonsly injured. The river and other streams are getting very high. Advices from Galveston. Texas, to the 6tn inst., state that West Louisiana sugars are going to Gal veston for ehiomenL German emigrants are getting as numerous in the stmts of Galveston as before the war. Admiral Femmes lectured in Houston on the Ith, FROM KASSAS CITY. Irene of Money In Aid of a Railroad. Kaxsas Crrr, Mo., December 11.—The City Council, to-day, ordered an Issue of sixty thoo sard dollars, u (he fim instalment of two ban died thousand dollars, by the city to the Kansas Oily and Fort Scott Railroad. The contractors begin work in ten data, and will finish forty five mile* of the road by September noxu The Cameron road to connect I hi* city with the Han nibal and Si. Joecph Railroad will he completed May next. TERRIBLE DISASTER. Fire In s Tenement House. HIKE PEESOHB SUFFOCATED. Three Families Fonnd Dead In Their Beams. [From the New York Uerald, December 11 I A fire involving terrible lom of life oernpmi i a >t night.. Hr, Gated tn their respective rooms Is the tenement aSeef. pfcmi * e# ' J,o# * 415 Dlrislon . T^f. flre rtfftaated to the cellar of the foar-storr dwelling place, which was tenanted hr three ZamlUea. The ArstCoor Is divided into two stores, one occupied by M. Deesan, ts a lam o and kerosene oil shop, the other rented as a milk store .T]* B** 8 ** Places were numbered respectively 218 aad 215*, the basemrat ofNo, f 5 W»» occupied aa a dwelling by e. Mc- Laughlin, aad the basement of No Snu s«tn~ Inhabited by Mr. Deegan, abo kept on tb?psS& aca a small quantity of kerosene oil and a number of empty barrels. The cellar under the basement ts titled up with wooden sheds for the use of the tenants Thatthe Are originated In ibis cellar ibere la but lluie doubt, ft being understood from the statement of Assistant Fire Marshal H. O. Bakerthil thetotk age of oil from the barrels bad penetrated the flooring and trickled Into the cellar; and the ets rising from the fluid bad probably been tonlfed bv the flame of a lamp which bad the cellar by one of the tenants, while from the lower portions of the edifice the smoke ascended to the ripper part of the building and filled the y bosc occupants lay wrapped in slumber. The first alarm was sounded at forty.flve mln nUa past tt n o’clock, but some minutes previous to the tapsof bells the Fire Department were on the BD s f k„ l ? e^ Bl P oke " u «l«»dy extremely dense, and filled the hallway and corridor entries of toe P r « T « Uo sr, «*«Bs to sneb of toe tenants a* had not been fortuoate enonxbto mskcthetreacape. TTie families of Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Cash, who dwelt «*u the second floor, and those of Mr. Bums, on toe Ihlrd, and Mr > alentinc. on toe fifth floor, reached toe sidewalk in aafefy, hut the other occupants of toe hou*e were lar less fortunate. Ladders were placed against the windows of toe upper atorlea, aad too firemen ascended to haste, hoping to this manner to rescue such of the wretched tenants as were known to have remained In their apartments The victims oftoe fire were then discovered to : ?*} U* $ ,n * floor of the house No. Ils,fc*lded Daniel Phalln, hu wife, and Maggie. Nellie and Thomas, his three children. On the fourth floor ofNp. 115* dwell Mrs. Mary Schilling, a widowed female, and an only child, IdaTwial her eister, Mrs. Enphemia Oalpln, and her daogb* ter. It was ascertained beyond a donbl that all these unfortunates were to toe tenement house when toe fire broke ont, and toe firemen, forcing open the window*, leaped Into toe rooms, and groping through the darkness and smoke sought to rescue the missing one*. One by one the members of the department reap peared, each bearing to his arms toe inanimate form of a child, a woman, or a mm- Nine per* sons were tons taken from the house, and carried to a drug tiore ns the vicinity, where Police 9nr- Seon Bliven and Ora. Snvdgrass and Blrdsall en savored to vain to restore life to the pntseless d*y. Only two of toe nufortnnate beings showed any signs of existence, bat toe healing of their hearts, faintly perceptible a few seconds after they bad been carried Into toe street, was soon bushed. The bodies of the deceased tensnts were re moved to the Seventh Precinct Station House, uhence Captain Jamieson despatched a noliee to the Coroner, who will bold an inquiry on the re mains to-day. The names of the poor being* who have met such an untimely fate are as follows: H&niel Philip, his wife and three children, ayed reepectlvclT ten, seven and two years, Maggie, h elJie and rhomas by name. Fhafin was a native of Ireland and Uilrty-two year* of age. He was foimerly an active member of the Volunteer Fire department, and bad been Assistant Foreman of Hook and fodder Company No 31. Bln. Mary Schilling ana her infant child, the latter aged seventeen montha. if re. Enpbemla Galpln and her daughter Ida. aged eleven yean. The scene at the station boose was heart-rend ing. In one ot the rooms In the rear of the main bonding, dim); lighted by a single jet of gas, lay «tiu npon a boarded platform use oodles of she deceased persons. All were habited in tholr night clothes, the poor 'little ones swaddled In long gowns, the male adnlts with their shirts half cov ering their shrivelled limbs, the females with bare >CR* »nd scanty garments thrown npon their shoulders. The bees were no*, ranch discolored, and from the fact that death was the result of anffo cation, the flames not having extended beyond the first floor, no bums were discernible on their parsons. The nostrils were somewhat distended, and the eyes, half opened, looked ont npon the living world with stony gaze. Pieces of black oilcloth and scraps of old calico encircled their heads, and kept the lower Jaw pressed against the upper one. The limbs were stUt. the hands slightly shrivelled, the hair dishevelled. There theylay. side by side, old aad young, male and female, ail having laid down to rest but s few hours previous. having, doubtless, been partially awakened by the noise in the street below, bat having, after a oriel straggle for life, relapsed into mat slumber which knows no « aklng. The losses by Are and water arc slight. The damage to the building wilt not exceed sjoo. Dam age to the stock of kerosene. lamps, Ac., on the llr«t floor, f3UO; snch loss being covered by In surance for f 700 In the State Insurance Company, of Jersey City. J. E. Mcfongbllu also occupied one of the basements as a dwelling place; loss $•10 by damage to property, which is Insured for WO In the Kntgers Insurance Company. Patrick Kelly loses flOUby damages to stock In hU milk store; his loss is not covered by insurance. Another lesson can be learned by the terrible remits of this fire. The destruction of life again directs onr attention (o the reckless diar —rd fo r — ,je ivvKlesf disregard for tbe safety of tenants manifested bj landlords In general. Tbe laws at present enacted are inade qnate to tbe protection of the occupants of lene monlbonse?, and It is lobe hoped that tbe Fire Commissioners will give their attention to this matter, and bare encb enactments made by the next Legislature as will regulate not only the keeping of all such combustible articles as kerosene oil, but also see to the provision of proper mean? of egress by the window for all tenants of rooms In large and crowded dwelling places. FBOJt NASHVILLE. A Rebel Raider Killed— Idles of the Lea tslaiare In Relation co the School Pond Bonds. NamtTLU, December 11.—In December, ISM, a rebel raiding party, commanded by Captain Wm, Jenkins, of Marietta, Georgia, entered the town ol Athena and killed a eltlxen named McGongbey. On Snnday last at the Sweetwater Depot, ten miles from Athens, Captain Jenkina was attacked by two eons of MeUooghey and another man. Jenkins was mortally wounded, bat succeeded In lofiienojt wonnds with h;s revolver on his assail- ■ots of which they hare since died, lend. A resolution bu been adopted by the Legisla ture anlborizlnc the Comptroller to borrow {iso, 000 to aid in paying ihe interest on the Statu bonds by the let of January n»xt. No new development* hare been made touching ihr school fund bond*. Is la believed the bonds are gone past recovery. The legislature has ap pointed a committee to Investigate the matter, aud also adopted a resolution authorulng the Gov ernor to take active measures to recover me bonds. FKOM KICUMOSD. Lectalntwe— Pay of Ballrsad Emplayca Re* dseed. RicnaosD.Vl'glnU,December 11—Both Houses occupied to-day In an animated discussion on bills amending ibe star laws. The House bill proposed *o give debtors six months more time to pay lbs Interest on their Indebtedness, and was rejected by ten majority. No Anal action in the Senate. The Dlicctora of the Virginia Central Railroad Company to-day adopted a resolution reducing the salaries and pay of all the emyloyea per cent for the ensuing year. Annual Medina ol tbe National Base Ball Aanoclatloß. Nrw \ ons, December 12.—The tenth annas! Convention of the National Association of Base Ball Players, convened at Clinton Hall at 3 o'clock t>. m. II was called to order by President John wiideyo! the Mutual Club of this city. About three hundred and fifty delegates are in attendance, representing clubs in va rious Sla*ea. from Maine to Oregon. Delegations from the Northwestern Association were admitted and invited to seats on the plat form. The a'tcrnoon was taken np in balloting oa appbcatli n of clubs for membership, of which 151 wen* admitted. The report of the Judiciary Committee was read by the Chairman. Complaints against va rious cinl*s were laid on the table, owing to the Informalities in their presentment. The Convention then adjourned till 7:30, at which time it was again tiled to order by the President. The report of the Committee on Buies and Reg ulatkms was read by the Chairman. The reading of various amendments and altera- Unns created a vast amount of confusion and ex citement. Among other amendments adopt ed by the Contention, one makes tne employment of hired players la a match game sufficient ground for expulsion of the club to emending from the AjsociaUoa. Another provides for representation ol State Association* in National Association. Another does away with the round arm siyie of pitching. Clubs ac cep tin g a challenge moat play the match 'he same season and the defaulting club most send a ball to tta ooponenL Length of time required for membership tn a club previous (ojriaving, same as before. At the time our report closes the Convention Is going Into ballot for officers tbr the ensuing year. Orthodox Lalkeraa Convention. PniLABXLPniA. December 12.—The special Con vention of delegatee, from fifteen orthodox Lutheran Synods, in the United Stales and Cana da, met ibis evening, tn Trinity Lathrran Church. Over one hundred delegates were present, among

whom were a rmmb r of the most prominent clergy of this denomination. The object o! tee Conven lon is the consideration of a prop-' oslQoti for a basis of union between the Lutheran Synods in this country, and in proceedings are looked to with considerable Interest by tola de nomination. There Is a good attendance, both of clergy and laity, and the greatest unanimity thns far prevailed. An organisation was elected this morning, by tbc el ecu on of Rev. Mr. Brassier, of Pennsylvania; Rev. W. StreissgnlhjOf Milwaukee, Markets bv Telegraph. New York Markets. Nrw Yon. December U. CoTTos—Boeytrt. Fion— extra Stats; UM) 11.00 for lonad hooped Ohio. Gaars—'Wheat—eahaatfLlS tor No. 3 Milwaukee. Cc;nu?le better, efcxta* arry quiet at tLO&dLIO. OaU Ism aoUre. arm tad aachannd. P»Tmo!»-Firmer. Site* for new; iil-Saii-Mtorold-eloelarat9U.oo cash; fll-SCAiiO) tor prime, Macon quiet. Cut meats heavy at aaiße tor ■hoolden; 109i3c bam* Lard ftmer at lidUXe. Wool—la moderate request. l**TtoL*i»—l9®l»xc tor crude; *ikt»3tc tor re lined m bead. Dsxoxs Boos—Firmer at*QlOe for Westers. LATEU NEW YOHK MARKETS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nrw Toxs, December 13. BttateiTTys. Flour—Less activity, becanse holders would not ac cept yesterday’sprites. Wheat—No. 3 dab sold at n. 30 this afternoon. bat No. 3 and retorted were heavy Corn aad cats quiet. Barley buoyant. raoruioxa. Pork Aimer, and closed with sales of old at S3LS; aew at 313 00, Lard quiet at the advance. Pickled meats doing better. Free shlpmeats of barley, bat Male else. OSOCDtSS. Coree—Rio SSV'SJlXh.wiih more demand. Sugar— Fair to prime IC^auXc: reused, htaart quite* best croaadaad crashed at ue; white A, lie t yellow C, iSfcc. bxxt cum. Market decidedly tinner, with LiSoa sale, sad UDO more arrived. Prices about )fc higher than Monday. Good to prime I Unols steers m^lt.Vc. Firmer at Small receipt*. ooes. Receipts, 11M. Firmer; sellingal’VSSc. Cincinnati ntrket, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] CncuntATt, December 13. Plot*—More active. Sales of snpertea at ItJfti 9AO; extras. HLOO9IJJO; family, r* *hg t,li> Gxaix—Wheat quiet but firm; N 0.2 spring, fLQh No. 1 do $3.33. Corn In good demand. Sale! were, new mixed atCDr.S.WO bo seller Jaanary, Oc, Oato heW 3c higher, No. L UkMc. Bye dull aad nominal. Cottok—Excited. Sales this a. m. at Held at close, middling. 33c. WexskST—Bonded In better demand. Sales, SCO brl* at 36c. Peottcoxs—Firmer and generally higher. Mess pork la good demand. Sales of CWbrls: LOOO hell at elate at 3S3JKI. Bacon Irregular. Shoulders exbauit ed. tale* of old clear aides at line new, I3*c. Packed bulk meats higher; aalesof shoulders at 9c; sides, the; clear sMea, Ue all packed. Green meats advanced Rc. Sales of shoulders »t(l«e;slda l SXC',haau,tOX c. Lardhighar. Sales prime kettle it Ue; held does at Utfc; prims liens. Boos—Active and 2(o higher. Sales itttX)t.n grots, sod *7.097.90 ml. Be-etred, 8,800., Moxar—Act!» e aad closer. Fxcaaxox—lrregular. lOOatOdlscesathQflßX. Far 950 premium arUmg. ntlwa«ke« Harfceti [Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribute,] MiLWACit*. December 12. Ploct— Qnfct. Bales 100 bra choice spring extra at 99X0, and Golden Gate extra at >4.75. OsatK—Wheat firmer. Bales at the* a. m. board of LCOObnNo.Satlf.TSVacd 700 bn No. 5 at 11.64; noon board, SOO bu No. Ist S2XI; 4300 bn No. 3 at f 1.79V9 IJO, asd S.SCC bu No. 9 at UAL Oara doll and on. changed; No. 2la store, 44c. Bye steady at SOc tor No. 2 to store. Da mod Boos-Advanced 199900. Bales at |A3S9 7JO. Lira Boca—Firmer, at >5.95. Berra—Dull and 192 e lower. Bmum-SH brls flour, 2,tfo bn wheat. 1 fiCC bn oats nd LOOO bo corn. \ ebipwxsts— brls floor. St. Leals narfcet [Bpedal Despatch to toe Chicago Tribunal Tobacco—Duß, and prices nneE«wged. Pior>—More active, with tales of super at p.(M YS,>ICAO9I2AO; XXY. tUJftiU.M. Obaix—Wbeat very dun, with tales of ton at IXJO9 3.80; spnng, HOQ9IAO. Com higher aad firm; sales atß3c lor new yellow; mixed, 93c; old yeDow, Me while, 90986 c. Oats firm and advancing, at 683733 Farley active, at >L» Dr choice spring. Bye na changed. rtonnoss—Prrk active and firm, with sales ot mms attfiOAO; clear aides, 14#c. Lard dull, at U®lJ^c. Boos—Firm aad advancing. Sales of 1.503 bead, ranging from 330 to 900 St, at Choice boa la demand at WJO. aianey and Sleeks la New York. .. _ Nit Ton, December 11. UojrTT—Steady, at 997 per cent. i^old— Opened at 13a, advanced to ISSN, closing at (MvrcnczsT Btocxb—Lover. Fbuoqts to Livzkpool— gToras—Steady and doll. Fort Wayne 10« 1 Wahatb Western 43 V Bock Island ito* Nortowcetempld..... 74. V I .. .. . Ngw Tovz,December 12. Moxxt—Market growing easier and 6 per cent getting to be the general rate on stock collaterals, with Increaa tog DMlne«*_n 5 per cent on Governments. Prime di*. GoLD-Vclfto W7«<3IS7V at close. .. rouges Excnaxau-Qalef Prime bankers* ster* Uup IP9V tor sixty days, and UOV for short sight/ GoTKEskzTC BzcvarriEs—Dnilaad heavy. _ clo»ctu raicca. BeglateredJSl..ioß «i»V|5-30 coup. ’B. Coupons^....mvmmv 1 Jan. aodjnly7loßV3KH V 9-j5 f*g ®. 108 MIOCV 110-40 reg 93X9 99V 5-» coup. *63...10739107Si COOp WV9I« 9-W COUp.l G9...106 UU6V _ CLOSING QCOTLTIOSS. TTje following were me cloeoe price* »t fcffl p.n. U-C. Uo*|C.A P :... |We-.. | llodton Hirer c. ft X m R**dlnr. Uo>* B. I .to JJlch. 113 Fort Warae. 10S Ujch. Bomb m* ouoftMlncen. av UKCent ns Cumberland *7 pKTEotjr* AJTO Mono ATFAims.—lUiher more doles In tbe mining tbnrat to-d*r, bat Uie market *u uencrajy quiet. l*n iOLICM STOCKS— .... » Centrsl 105! Brooklyn— Dnrrhoff. isj Uimo Stocks— American Flag 1» American Kv r> Benton 104 Holman Gold JO Colombia O. ft b 173 Key Slone B 7 Cons Gregory 0...-....W5 Montana <a Walkili Lead. 13 Quarts Hill 30 Kipp ft Hnell 00 Davjdson Oop si Ayer's Mill ft Mlnlnc..4M Sew York On Goods Market. Krw Voek, December 11, The dry good* market U still very Irregular, and snow* to-day a continued heavy downward tendency, notwithstanding a firmer and more active marset for the raw material. There is, however, a ranch larger business doing than usual this month. _ jobdebs* retcn. Bros™ Sb«tlB«--Amoske»(f A, 21c; Atlantic A, 27c; AtlanticJS.S'c; Princeton A, 31c; Indian Orchard A, «Kc; Lawrence C, 2lc; Pacific A, Sic; Peppercß N, 15 n. c * . . . ulcachcd Sheeting* and Bblrtlngs—N. Y. Mills, 42 Vei Wuwwttt U.SJSfc; Bartlett's, a),; James mills. avc: PeppcrcUs. tic; Wall ham. Sic. * Prints—American, i7Wc: Amotkeag, 16« c; Merrl mac D. 17vc: Me* rlmac W, 19c. Brown Drills—Laconia, 23c; Pepperell, 25c; Stark, 33c; (ijol-e. aic. Xew York Cattle Market. Now Ton. December 12. Beef Cam*—-In the cattle market to-day beeves advanced V d, though business was not espe cially active. Nearly all offered were sold. Tbe total receipts were L 9 car loads, bat only so were actually offered for sale. Sheep—Receipts of sheep light; only LOM to-day. and Prtc» were Ve higher. Sales at 6«7c. About 2,000 bead will arrive to-morrow. Ltvk Hooe—7Vftso fbr good to prime and vc ad vanes. Receipts to-day. X IOO. * In the Washington market to-day beef was Arm at 1e advance, and mutton vc advance, the latter, which on Saturday was 6c by carcass, was to-day »>i(4loc. Baltimore Market. Daltimou, December 12. Grain—Wheat firm, and receipts amall. Com ac tive amt 3ASchtgber: receipts 50,03 U ho. Oats steady, live firm at C1.33A1J8. Ftocn—Kxtra very quiet; high grades Ann. StEKrt— Doll. Itormosj- Inactlrr. CEontrnci*—Very doll. Rio coffee ITdISVe. Wuiaket—Dml. Boston Mining Stacks. , . New Yore. December 12. Prices of mining stocks bid in Boston to-day: Canada ft); Copper Falls 19: Franklin t?V; Hancock 13V: Huron 37; Minnesota tiv; QulncyS; Cary Tm. provcmei t. Ilk; Water Power 29V- HiBBIEO In lh'* cltr. !Vo. 9th. hr th ANDREW MOORE and MU In Janesville, Wl*.. at Chrt»t Cbnrch, toy the B-v. Clinton Locke. aMtsted by th* Rcr. Joseph Wools* J. FRED. ROADKIGHT. ot Chlcaro, and NETTIE, only daughter of Platt Eycle, timer. Esq, of the tormer place. In Evanston. 111, Dec. 7th, at St. Mrfi Chore h. by the Bcctor. Rev. J. W. Unckmsster. F. BUBWELL SIrCOUMICK. Esq.. of Point an Pelee Wand. and JULIt £. FLOOD, formerly of Hamilton, C. W. S3f~ Toroito Globe and Leader please copy. DIED In this cl»y, at the residence of B. F. Gray, 301 Third ar, Mias LtCT EVERTS. In the R3d year or ter ace. * In Bis Reck. Kane Co, 1)1.. Not. 19th. of apoplexy AIIIMAA2 REED, In the 70th year of his age. amusements. QKOBBT’S OPERA HOUbR JnoT. Raymond. JcuUlns ia This miar«tJay) nl*hl—Last nleht bnt two of tte gT<atfsteT)caecmenlererserfona*Kl luChlcaeo. rht» evcolte will be Riven, by a wire, isd for the last time, EAST LYNNE; Or. THK ELOPEMENT. LDCILLE WESTERN At Lady Isabel and Madame Vine. Mr. McKee Rankin as Archibald r arlrle J!f 5* Tr ' tlto,s a>... Sir Fnmeli Leviioa Miss M. E. Gordon as I'arbara Rare EAST LYNNE; Or. THE ELOPEMENT. TWIST - “ BE!iKFIT 0F Saturday—Matinee of LEAH. THE FORSAKEN. QRO&BT’S OPERA HOUSE MADAME GHIONI and SIGNOR SUSINTB GR/iND ITALIAN OPERA. WILL INAUGURATE A SEASON OF FIFTEEN NIGHTS O?LT, MONDAY. December Ji. tJ 1 Farther partlculari In Saturday's papers. C VICKEK'b THEATRE. .~MAKAOSBS IcVICKKKtUTRRS. LAST WEEK OF Mr. LAWRENCE BARRETT. « l “ Kr o~a ROSED ALE; ox. TEE RIFLE BALL. Elliot Grey Mr. Barrett. a> F UAhfi^f? Cfll of B4rreW * irh “ he viii appear Saturday-Barrett Matinee. OOL. WOOU-S MUSEUM. C&L J. B. WOOD, . PreoriPta? S£5 t M««£? B, * BeMi IJtttKK btage Manager raos. BARRY .h* ll night but two of the Great Dramatic Triumph. A play of intense Interest, revived wuh entboaU«Ue MP-«e* The Dnel a 1 a mort; Lancaanlre Fair; Live Pig Chase; Rustic Daocea and Song*. rS4?.”miS’ «« °>«“ GRIFFITH GAUNT; or, Jxaiouir. t Monday—Rip VAN WINKLE. In rehearaai—FOßT UNTO. ■yARIETT THEATRE. MONDAY, DECEMBER^Om, WILL APPEAR E. BLANCHARD, And his wonderful trained dogs NERO AND CARLO, In the sensation Drama, In two acts, ot OKS BUNSBBO TSARS AGO. OB THE POSTMAN AND Qls DOG. , Fir*** ppearance of sUs* Laara Bernard, JoeWooda, J. W. Clan; and a boat ot talent. QROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE BATMANS CONCERTS. IBoiidar Evening, Dee. 17, Tuesday Evening, Dec IS, and Wednesday Afternoon, Dec. 19. ONLY CONCERTS IN CHICAGO. In vblcb the Peerless Soprano, KIAOAHE PABBPA. The Greatest living Tenor. SIGNOR BRIGNOLI. .ThaMatrhl#** Rafia. ~, - SIbhOR tßßSanx*, The ExceOeat Baritone, SIGNOR FOBTUNA. The Flm Solo Flanist of America. KIR. S.B.9HLLS, The Tens* aad Splendid TloUnlit, MB. CARL ROSA, And the Talented Composer and Accompany!*!. SB. J. I. HATTON, WIH appear. A splendid programme will be offered at each entertainment. One Dollar. No extra charge for secured Mats. 1 alcony Boxes. II.JO. Tbs sate of Seats will com nirocr. at the Box OflTce of t**e Opera Houre, tbli (Thursday) morning, at 8 o’clock. THE YANKEE ROBINSON ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS AND COLISEUM. WM. DUTTON, fommemolt BJder. JOHN DAVENPORT, Fs vortte Clown AComle Singer. JOHN LOW LOW. American Clows and Jester. GRAND CHINESE CAVALCADE, and the Entire Comyasy. AND FESTIVAL, Thursday STonisg, Z>ec. 13th, To be VW by the Ladles of Christ Church, la the Base* meni of the Church, corner ot Twecry-Ciinh-tU aad Mlchiraa-av. Entrance on Twenty-fourth-st. ADMISSION. 33 CENTS. O'! BAND BALL —The Fourth Annual ~X Concert and Ball of the CHICAGO MUSICIANS’ UNION Will be held at tne Tuner Baß. North Clark-O. THURSDAY, Dec. IS, ISO. The public are respectfully Invited u> attend. BANS BALATRA, PresL. ffx ZrrcH. Secy. .-ffine jFurnitutc. pUBNITURE Room CHAS. TOBEY, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN RICH, MERIT* AND COMMOI Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. THE LAEGEST ASSORTMENT and LOWEST PRICES of any bouse In the West. It Is the SPECIAL INTEREST ot every person wanting good* In my Hue, to call and examine. 8” and 89 &tate-st., Chicago, Co Mmt-IBougeg. TO RENT—A new, first-class trane boose, containing tnitteea rooms, sod fi:tcd MMaaary convenieace, bear Ltocotapirk. Mo. 983 North Clark*st. Tate Fnliartoo-ar. ears. TO RENT—A new cottage, with eight A rooms, baseaent, hot asd cold water, aad uis of hara. lie Paolina-an. sear Hubbard. Inquire on the premises. T) BENT—By Wa D. Kcrfoot, oO Waihtngtoo-su, 6 boose* coctatalorSorS rooms each, as the south vert corner of Habfaara and Beubso. sta. Beit 1-0 per month. TO RENT—Rooms, and turniture Inr sale. Kitchen, dining-room, bedroom sad parlor, ecmplete. Booms only #ls per moata; tsu for lbs fur* ntrere*-a bargain. Cost over >3OO. Call at 333 North TX) KENT—A good dwelling house in I toe Weat Divlilon of toe city. ‘Apply to U.J. ELY. 16 Booth Water-et. 3 TO RENT—Lower part of the house 233 South ClintoD-sU, containing tour rooms, pantry, cl-att and summer kitchen, all in good order, tonal re on premises. 3PO RENT—Two-story house 616 Pul- L.toMU,seven rooms,closet, bottry and rammer tchen, la rood order. One block from street cars. Apply to w. H. SAMPSON, Boom 3, Metropolitan RENT—Furnished—A handsome A house on toe North Side, five minutes walk from Both-at. bridge and in toe most desirable location. Toe bouse isclecantly famished, and complete in every re spect. WUTonly be rented to • Crit-dau t«iun. Ad dress “B o £,” Drawer 0*313, p, O. 'T'O RENT—A new first-class, two-story and brick basement dwellioe, 103 Hurou-su. bartos IS rooms, pantries, closets, bot and cold water* bath, marble man'eis, cornices, gas, and comfortably finished toroogtiont; two blocks from borse railroad can. References required. For rent Inquire at 93 Huron-ac • RENT—Two story honse, with six J lare* rooms, foorcl:»eu, aad water to kitchen. Terms very low. Inqnlre at 33 North May-at. 'T’O RENT—A honse of 5 rooms, near 1 the corner ol Bamson and Foster-sts. Beat IIS. Reference*repaired, inqoireatlfll West -steady; 6d for barley. Co iacnt—Kooms. C. & Pjtubnrgb 55 v liLCeatral N.T. Central uov Mien. Snnthern. 81V TO RENT—With good board and gas, one handsome front t trior and one aalte of rooms, unfurnished. Also, one tarnished main, all ol which are very desirable. Locality good. West side. None LT^ l *o’DoxSS3 le,neeJ * PPIr ‘ A(WrtM “ FAM1 * 'T’O RENT—Rooms—Furniture and ■ carpet for sale. In Cobb** Building. Dearborn-*!, ror further nsrUcnlara apply to J. D. AKUEBSUN. Boom jo. 19, from 10 o’clock a. ro. until noon. r PO RENT—Furnished suite oi rooms, A .wltb-nt board, one block from toe Post Office. Apply at 93 Adams-st. TO KENT—Two very pleasantly loca ted rooms, sod furniture lor sale on reasonable terms. Two miontes walk frem the Court Boose. Ad. dress TO BENT, Po>t Office Box 1169. TO RENT—Two rooms, suitable tor mm mil wife. Apply At 117 Soath H*Uf<UL HPO RENT—With boar*!, a large room, I tollable torjtrnUcm»n ud wlfb. Location nod. Addren “A L.™ Trlbnae office. TO RENT—Rooms—A suite ot rooms, fnmlibrtl or onfarnlihed. Inquire At 414 Wa t)«rh»AT. Kefercpce* repaired. TO RENT—Two pleasant front rooms. with fire and fichu. nicely famished. without board, on Clart-«u. between Harrison sad Polk. Ad dress *♦ HOUSE," Tribune office. KENT—A, pleasant ftunisbed front 1 room to rent, wlthont board, at 302 Ohio-sb, be tween Cass and Hush. r PO RENT—Furnished lodging rooms, 1 single end doobte. with gas. furnlt&edand kept In order, to rent, wlthont board, to genUemenonly, at 13 Sooth Water-vt. laent-Storcs, ©fsces,&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 Randolph-«L. Coart-place, oppo site Crosby's Opg» Home. Apply to A WORDEN St CO., or L. L TODD, on Uie premise*. TO RENT—Store, and fixtures for 1 sale. Call at 91 Kandolpb-st. 'PO RENT—A fine billiard hall. wUh I fbor tables in running order, cenlrallr located: rent reasonable. Apply fbr two days at 76 Monroe* st., between the boors of IQ and 2. T a O RENT—Desk room at Room 3, 08 Washington-st. TO RENT—To Real Estate men, fnsur -1 ance men. piano dealers and others. A splendid offi els for rent at lOR Monroe-s*. GTf )t Seating Season. SIDE RINK! Grand Carnival To-Night GREAT ATTRACTION! Dean’s Full Light Guard Band. i» Her. E. A. Vatmrt, Mr ss JANS L. ROBERTS. THE FINEST ICE IN THE CITY! Don't Fall to Attend This Evening. Tlcketa for sale at J. H. JOHNSON'S SK\TE DE POT; KINSLEY’S, Opera House; J. R, WALSH A CO„ comer Madlaon and Dearbom-su.; J. M. W JONES, 44 Dearborn-sU and at THE RINK. ABASH-AY. RINK! SPLENDID ICE! FULL BAND THIS EVENING! Grand Carnival To-morrow Eve’g. For sale atJ. D. Johnson's Skate Depot, Kinsley’s, Opera Bouse; J. B. Walsh A Co., corner Madison and Dearbort -sta.; J. M. W. Jones’, 44 Dearborn-t.; and at the hlnk. .Director. pUESI PURS! Large stock of VALUABLE FURS, AT AUCTION. By GILBERT &r SAMPSON, 47 “O'! 4 » Deatborn-st, on 9V o’clock, and continuing nntu all U sold conilsung of genuine mink, martin, atck martin, Siberian squirrel, chinchilla. and all other KlDda, too nnmerons to mention. In capes, half cases. Talma*, mnflk, vlctomes. collate, cnO»,aod a larg* as sortment ot cbt'dren’s furs, genu* caps, muffler*, glovjs, gauntlets, *c„inaklc« one ot the choicest and most eelrct i locks ever told In this aty. Tber were all made nit of tb« finest and beat goods, expressly tor S”.?? 8 city retail trade. They are all Tr»h and desirable. Ladles are particularly Invited to attend thb sale. GILBKBT A SAMPSON. Auctioneer!. JJOBES AT AUCTION. Included In oar sale ot RICH PURS ,3 ' ”•“« “ GILBERT A SAMPSON. AncUo^ert. g FECIAL SALE OP AN ELEGANT Rich and Medium Furniture, PUr Glasses, New Carpels, &c.. Win be conttrned on Dec. lllh. at 10 o’clock a. m place ol Wednwoay.the 13th, conatsUnz ofone of the moat extensive stocas of new custom-made for nltcra In the West, mod consist! of the newest and most beautiful made, all of wluch la made of the beet seatoned wood and by the best makers In the coun try. The stock consists to pan of elegant parlor hu In all the fashionable styles made, and coverei In thebest of silk plush, nlk cottellne. terry, moquettc. reps and haircloth; elegant Turkish chain, parlor, drawlng-rcom and other fancy chain; gemtlemeo's re clining, smoking and reading chairs; music stands and racks, work, clove and handkerchief boxes; Oriental and folding chain; very fine etageres, wita French Plate glass;ladles' elegant parlor secretaries and desk*, finished In ebony and variegated tn the most beautiful manner; Freccb work-table* and studs, library book case* and secretaries. library tables, steps and chairs ; marble-top tables of beautiful styles; the most elegant assortment ol tancy brackets ever seen In Chicago.]ost the thing Or Christmas; nail trees and chair*; recep tion, dlntns and chamber chairs, rocking chairs La gnat variety. Par.lcolar aiteutiun la invited to the ■plrndld assortment of rich chunoer suites of the most elerant styles made, finished and polished la oil and waxed ebeny aad walnut, with chaste aad elegantcarv tncs and moulding. French twdsteads. rich marble-top bereans and washstands. loongo. oommod**. Dining roosn—oak aed walnut FregesgrtegHon dining table*. rorVact; ana marbles, with an Immense variety of oth er goods, useful as « ell as ornamental, pier Glasses— also, several large and splendid French plate pier glasses, all sues, lapolish black walnut traac*, flashed In tte richest style. Also, several fine American and English Bcdy nruasells Carpet*. Ingrain. Felt and Three-ply Carpets. The airenaon ol buyers wuh- IngCist-cla'sfumircrr, particularly invited t j this sale. Country buyers can nave thrtr rood# packed and shipped in the best manner. The tale will be posi tive ana without reserve. GILBERT * SAMPSON. Auctioneers, Chicago. - yyM. A- BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants ■pIHV GOODS, CJothlnE, Cloths, Cas- I / simeres, Yankee Notions, Undcnhlrts land Drawer a, it- A.T AUCTION*. On THURSDAY. Dec. 13. at 9% o’clock, at Butters* Salesicozas, la Palmer's Block, 44 and 46 Randolph* st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CQ- Ancfs. _JQ BIILS. SUGAR AT AUCTION, Oa THURSDAY. Dee. 13th. at II o’clock, at Butters’ salesrooms la Palmer’s Block. 44 and 46 Randalph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO- Aucfrs. WE ‘WILL SELL, on WEDNESDAY V v corelxc. Dec. Itth. UK. at our Auction Booms. No. 18J booth Clark-st- at 10 o’clock a. m- sew as* stoves, OCHOONER BY AUCTION, on ac- O count ot whom u may concent. - THURSDAY. DEC. 13, USS. We are tnrtructeo by Bsbert aac, Esq- Solicitor, to seQ. cm account of whom it may concern, the schooner AMERICA, a* she cow Men, with satis, rigging, anebots. Ac-Ac-all complete. The America lies at or near Polk-at. bridge, where she may be wen acy day prior to sale. Saleat Uo’clock sharp, on above date. DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Ancfs, Terms easy. Applyto BOBT. RAE, No. 10 Dole’s Building, or the Auctioneers’OtSce pro tern- 44 La* ahe-vt rj->HE LANE & BODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EHGIHE3, Shingle Machines. Com Mills and Shafting. Wood* working Machinery. LANK Sc BODLET, Comer oi John and Water*«ts- Cincinnati. Applicants for descriptive circular* win specify ths machinery they need. felHSw-tpxn TZOSBTS auction Salts. AT AUCTION, PALMER’S BLOCK, 41 Ss 46 KAXDOLPO-ST, WM. GRIFFITHS A CO-, Ancfs. iHarijincrgi Heal 15state-®itß* I3IPBOVED. T?OB SALE—A new, first-class 3-story J 1 frame dwelllrg house. fitted m> with every destra ole convenience; containing ttarteea roon*. No. M3*j North Clark-tU veil suited for a retractable tkuliy. Apply cn tb« premise*. I7OR bALE—A nearly new two story P frame bouieolten room* water and gas, eodlot thirty-one feet front, with tarn, on War rre-M_ seer Lincoln. _ Imneediate possesion glvm. THOM 48 D. sNTDFB A CO., Reel Estate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. * FOR -> a LK— On ilonroe-st., near Franklin, BU by 190 feet, et ROM, Incltr mg house worth ft JOO-inilSWflO ie*s then the mtrxet prlc*—a perfect title. No better investment cea be found. Must be old Ulnrctk. GEORGE W. HILL, 17 Rey nolds’ Block. l?OR SALE—A double two-story house I 1 oa Bmtcrfield-st. near Archer-road, with lot, ler f3,oCo—cow renting for WOO per .amic!. three houses on Buirulde-«t- near NlDe’eenth-»t„ with tots. 9IACO each,now renting tor *a» per eanam. IL c. MOREr A CO„ Reel Estate Brokers, b> Metropolitan Block. F)R bALE—C ot*agc and lot on Van Daren-*— near Kucktr-st. H.KO; two-story house tea rooms, on Fultoa-ac, near May-sc. SLBO. Cottage seven rooms, asd lot SSslbt. corner Hubbard and Brokers. S Mctropolius BKtcr. FDR SALE—Two Cottage Grove de sirable residences, with choice lota In the Grove, three minute* wa'k from the horse car*, the Bydc Park train ard the University, for sale Wy EilWAiiD MAB -lIX. 17 Fullerton Block. 04 Pearbom-st. F)R SALE—House and lot on Chorch- IU price S9UI. t-aiooa and bearding house on price «(00. Saloon and hoarding house on tl.tX. House aud lot on North Cottage and lot, Trwnscnd st.. 91,400. Newcouag*. with four yeaia leaae, oa North Ha: f 6CO. GoiMc cottage and lot oa Hcirlhut-st- FUSOO. Apply toCHKISTI AN A CO., Room 3, Und’s Block, Ranuolph-«t. Bridge. FOU SALE—By Dclamater & Randall, ISI Gark-ct. Rcom], two new and omplclo twf~sto>y dwellings, with side entrances; Io;s each tOxISS. cast front to West Waahingtoo-st. near Lear- Ut; each. F)K SALE —Bnck house on Hoyne-st, with 9 rooms. Ac.; lot Soxi3l: at only gIAU. If taken Immedlatelv. This is a deeMed bargain. WAR REN A GOODRICH, Rea! Estate Broxera, 133 Dear- Room j. T?OR SALE—Bnck hnnse on Hovne-st, I? with 7 room*, Ac.; lot 9hx191; only *53,601 if tacenat once—much below iu value. WARRKN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 143 Dearbom-su Room 4. T7OR hALE—New and elegant brick i bouse oo Fulton-sC. east ot Union Park; 11 water, gas, marble mauUes. etc., only £9,000, if liken at once, and on easy terms—93.oooles« tnan the nrop.-rtT Is worth. Title perfect. WARKBN A GOODRICH, lieaqEsitte Broker*. 133 Room g. VKi IMPROVED. P)R SALE—The north halt of Block No. 43, Schoo’ Secdoa Addltloo, haring a front age cf<s feet on Clinton and Je.Tersns-sts„ and eon- miQU. A rareopporlaaUy f. r a manofteto ry. W til he MM oo reasonable terms hr T. 8. FITCH A CO„No. 167 Dearborn-st. F OR SALE—Foi a few days, 456 feet front, corner of Indlaaa-av. and Ivtog-aa-plam, treating mt on the avenue, B. O. STONE. 107 I7OR SALE—IO lots on Lake Shore, L near Water Works, North Side. Aljo.ftyre and house and Jot. on West Side. Inquire of A. E. GUILD. Js., 87 Washington-*!. ITOR SALE—A delightfully situated lot I with handsome shade tree*. on*Wahpsn«e!t-av., near vincecnrs-road: 30x99 feet; only *6s-a biralo. WARREN A GOODRICU. Beal Estate Brokers. 123 Dearborn-* C. Room 2. &cal gstatc—(Countn). ‘C'OR SALE—lmproved Farms—The X following forma, with valuable improvements, situated In Marshall County, minola, near railroad oerotandrlver- Two iarmt «i SM acres each, one ol W 0 acres, one ot 710 acres, one ot ICO acres, one of 117 acres, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal sad timber lands, and Improved property tn the thriving city ot Lacon. Marshall County. Term* very reasonable. For particulars address FisnKß a yftNS. Lacon. Illinois. Ij OR SALE—Or exchange for city pro perty or merchandise, some excellent Umberianda In W (sconsin and lUInM-. An .iv at Room 7 Methoolit Clutch Block. J. R. ANDREWS. T7OR SALE—Or Exchange—2,ooo acres I cf land in Central Illinois. welfjocated near rail road. JAS. A. DICKKN-ON. 08 Waahlngton-st. business alliances. FDR SALE—An equal partnership is offered to a reliable buxincM man tn a flr<Pcla9«, well eatablUlied wholesale grocery bouse In th* city of Clilcago. Cr.>h capital from forty to sixty tnotuand dollars required. \ erj few opportunitie* for oualneassu perlo tothls. A practical grocvrnrclefTwl. Addrcj*. with rvfererc- ana In confldraee, “XENOPHON.” care P.U.80x6117. Chicago. wuw.v. cam F'OR SALE—stock and fixtures, con sisting of fancy goods. Also, dressmaking btvi oes«, well eetabllehcd, in an excellent locatlvu. Ad dress -f W F," or call at -138 Archcr-road. F'OR BALE—Family croceiy, dome a good bustnesa. Location one of the lurlty. For Particulars inquire of CLARK, LAYTON ± CO -128 Waahlngton-st. U OR BALE—A good-paying restaurant, t. In the centre of the city, is for ealc very cheap. Irqnlre atNo. 47 South Clark-st., basement. FOR BAJ.E—Drue Store—A splendid chance. Stock knddxTaresall new. Wilt oc «old tor cash at a bargain. Address ‘•UESI,’* Box IIH. Mason. Michigan. SaLE—A first-class meat market, half or whole Interest, for *IOO. to'a man that un derstands the buslnns. Apply at 330 West Twelfth- T?OK SALE—I oficr lor sale the turnl -1 turv. fixture* and lea»e of the premier* formerly known a* the Com mere a! Hotel, No. lit Sherman st- on reasonable terms. JOHN HANNIQ*N. T?OR SALE—At a bargain, on account X of the owner going to California, lease and fixtures ofastore.<'DeortbebcßtlocaUocsln the city for any im>lnesa, wholesale or retail. Address “D A. Tribune otfice. FOR SALE— To Merchant Tailors—A snuz trade and a fortune In It, with itxr and fix* tons tn one of the best ioeatirtns on Cl«rk-*t. Owner retiring. Addrc.-a Po»t Offlce Box 3213. ITOR EALE—Three of the Desi saJoons I and rea aorants in Chicago. This is no humbug. Parties need nut npmy nnlea* tber have*'LOJo ready nub to Invent, O.W.FEW A CO-7 * S Wlcker’s Block, corner South Water and StatMta. | Koariing, POARDING —A limited noraberof fara •nr t, £ ro £? “ d l»dl<*. CAD MCnrcbOVd or altjer at 28S fetate-st. Applicants are re quested. Undoubted reference. 1 -HOARDING— I Two snltes ot front par* room* ana day board «->d lx had at 17 Dcarboin-st. np-statri. pOARDINO—A gentleman and wile, wishing the comlcrts of a home, and willing to £.*JnC°l» l v* e *l L n , ., c^ l ° Ld H»s tamo lo a private Onlred* 11 *'°* Twenty-second-st. Heiereucc* re- pOARDING—With elegantly Tarnished ■f-.l P*J* pr fod b«l room f t two gentlemen or gentle gamav WUt * exchanged. 207 illchl- "DOARDING—A suite ot nicely thniish* JL> ed room* to rent alth board, at lS7‘Wtbi*b-av. OOAIkDING—A few mom gentlemen LJ can find pleasant rooma ard good board at SftSV COLAProprtetoro*lllolU3r' 0 * 1110lU3r ' re*»oiiabie. S. It. "OOARDING—An elegant suite of front on .f ‘ tDR I? f 00 ”* tarnished, with board, at A 44 Wabaeh-av. Befercncw required. T>OARDING—A larcc and pleasant nn* U tnrnlabedronm.ontheftratCoor and llehtcd by cas. can be had by a gentleman and w» e wishing boird ibr the winter. Also, one room fbr two single senU» men, now vacant. 73 East “ T>OARDING—Good board, with rooms. P OAKDIN G—A good table and large ■ ' rooms at «.00 a week. Day board »3.00 a welt , |p , -» t n>ortn side, within Are mlnotes of "DOARDING—SIneIe rooms, $5; two iu »tTbrtd« m KUiile-»t, nearfctate- TJOARDING—A snlte ot vciy desirable onfbrnlsbed tront roomc and one (urnlshe I room cic. . r . Wo . l 7“ tletI1Kl - •» Crosby'sDailding, 81 o t i * Calt 4t Uie offlcf ' fir** aoor at tbe rignt. T>OARDlNQ—Persons desiring dav » «J do well tv call at the dlnln? room fa Cr>sby * Huildlnr, 84 and 86 wh*re they can tied the best the market affords, prepared acoorc lsgtotb-be«tntli'«fl)rpromcUnghea]ta7 Call at the offlee, Crat door at the right, upstairs. "DOARDlNG—Gentlemen wishing sood JL> board Id a private family and very rne location, can Cnd saeh at 2U9llUnuli-SL, two blocks tram State st. bridge. pOARDING—With nicely fnrnished 1 > ana anfamlsbed room*, at 132 EsstMadisoo-st. Also, day board, T>OARDING—To rent, with board, a Jjlarge tront room, suitable for gentleman and wife. Apply at 26 Washlngton-st. ■p>OAHDI2?G—A gentleman and wire, JL> or two ETOt-’emen or ladles, can hare a front room aid board with a private tamlly real dine vltrttn wait* Uir distance cl batmew. Terra* moderate. Ue&reones regalied. Inquire at aa Xortn May-«t. OOARDING—A gentleman and wife, JJ or two young men, cu be accommodated vim board at igg Fcorth-ar. T>OAhl)lNG—With nicely furnished jU rcona, at 211 Erle-st. HOARDING—A pleasant room, for* J 9 rimed or nnfnrslih*(£ as be had,alth board, at 208 Wot Kaadolph-st. Beierrcce* regal red. T>OARDING—An tmtarnished front U, parlor and bed room, with jraa and closet, £r a troth man and his wife, with board, in a prlrato fun- Ur. Parties harms filled to salt tbessetres other whrret may addre**Box Chlearo, string refer ence*. pmuif cenuomen roomlD a prlrate ha. i I) can cbtam good board ana i tiy. at 113 Wot Adamut. T>OARDLNG —To rent, with board, a 11 salte of unfurnished frost rooms, with closet and gas. Is a pleasant locality os the Went tilde. For par ticular* Inquire at GEU. acdC. W. SHERWOOD'S, 103 Madlson-sL "OOARDING—A ftuxlshcd room, suit -11 able Ir a gentleman and wife or two »lngle gen tlemen. Apply at 174 Wot WaaMngton-st. 130ARDINQ—Two large rooms, with J_> board, for two gentlemen and tbelr wire*, and one rvom for two cenoea en or ladle*, at 293 Mlchi gat-av. Day board, f 4 per week. 33oatb ESaanttb. SOARD —A gentleman desires a com forubl*, pleasant room, tarnished, with board, in ally where there are bat tew other hoarders. Lo cationoeilred.«bst of State and north of Eighteenth it, booth Bide. Address “J G W.** Trihon* office. pOARD—In a private family, lor a A 3 gentleman, wife and none, on Wabash or Michi gan-av.. or vicinity. price. Incoming Are and gsa, not to awed $35 per wee*. Addree*‘•WANTS,'* Tribune office. pOARD—By a young man and wife, It who desire a comfbt table bat not expensive home. Private family much preferred. Address *• W B K.” P.0.80x 6196. BOARD —For a gentleman and wife. Addfeaa »‘E B." Trtbone offlea. BOARD —Room with board for a gen tleman and wife, In a family where there are no other boarders. Addresa “D E." Trtboae office. P 0 ARD—For gentleman, and one small fl room. In private uunily. Sooth Side, tra ednates* walk from Cocrt Bocae. Adireas Box 1469. personal. PERSONAL. —Information, wanted ol GEORGE C-OREM, and of any matter relating to nl» basinets npChlctgo. If the l*Jy with wbom-be boarded. uxtMa agent or attorney who aitmard to hUbn*lae«; win address or call on, the uDderslsroed, ther-wlll confer a f.vor rn Ur. O s lather. w.J. BABSET. 13 King's Block. Chicago; J>EuSjONAL— Will the gentleman who picked up a vlctorlae last Sunday noon, on Wa »h-av.jn«ts-nthol Koajtceath-*t_rleaa* call with samv at 69S Wabastaav, or sc:d word where it can te foegd. * TXT ANTED —Inlormalion—Ofilra. VV Aon Nash, wbo lell her residence, 31 West Jack»cn-sU on Thursday last. WANTED— Information—Of Hans Lewis Hacor. a Norwegian, who WlMs fath er's doom twe months ago. Be Is eleven yean of are slender in form, bine ere* and light hair. Anv In'ormanoti of his wUl bo thankfully receded by bispaieats, atfio^OSWeetludiana^t, gsaantrt-JHale 3selp. *fT7 ANTED— I Two young men as soli- VV cttors. Were »8 per wet*. Addrt** for tvo days, *«»»oatng stamp fur answer, P. O. Bos USO. Chicago, 111. _ ___ XST ANTED—SaIesman to sell goods VV from aample throughout the city. Cell et office ofYonac America Collar Col. 88 Bandolph-st. TTI7 ANTED—A Clerk—One who is ac- VV auelrtedwtlhlhewercHlmbu*lLe«e,andeßol. dlcr. preferred. apply by letter.euttag term* for throe months end ebo for e year, aed giving reference* and age. Box 1686, Chicago. TRADES. TXTANTED—A good tinsmith, on a VV straight job. Inquire at the Mill, IS-1 a 18G Monroe-st. » WANTED —10 or 10 men to make rail road t Ire. in Central lUlncls. Apply at Boom 3, U 8 Wasblngtot-st. TTTANTED—At 103 Twcnlv-sccond- V* st,, a Tinner. One that undcNland- Job work, and that can work at furnace work and plumming pre ferred. agaanteb- jpamale lijelp. BOISESEHVISTs. WT ANTED—A woman to do cooking, W waahisg and irontn,; la a private family. "A capable perron, who can fnmlsh reference as tf> char acter at a ability, can bare sadsßctory wages. Apply at the Tribune office. 'WTANTED—At 325 MfcUlganav., a VV goad,quiet girl—one who understands cook ing; T\7ANTED —A pood cook, washer and VV Irooer. Good wages tc competent elrL No other need apply. Apply at 37-1 West Lake*t. TXTANTED —A German or American TV girl who can cook, wash andiron. Apply at acccnd house south of iweadeth-sk. on Pralrte-ar. WJA NTED —A good girl in a small V V fsclly. German preferred. Inquire at 333 Ohio-ft. TXT’ANTED—Two Norwecian and two T T German girls, strong oad willing to work, can betr of go<ni situations by applying at MRS. WHIT TAKER’S intelligence Office, tl.ti Cblcago-ar. \\7 ANTED —Immediately, a first class T V female cook in a private boarding house—one that can come well recommended—at 300 East Ran WT ANTED —A girl to do kitchen work VV In a small lamllyot the North Side. None nerd apply unless well iecommended. Call at 39 Randolph- \X7AN TED—A girl to do kitchen work VV at fIS-J Wabanh-ar. The very best reference* for honesty aud Imegnty required. \\T ANTED —Girl Must be a eood T V cook. Inquire immediately, at 403 East*Madl •on-st. \,\7ANTED —A hired trirt to do general VV housework In family of three. Good r-fereaee* required. No Irish nerd apply. CaUat bouse No. 403 ffatJsduwm. 3=mplosment agencies \\T ANTED—Salesmen, whose experi- VV erceatd ability quality theta to as*atne first class buel-jr-.s relations. No mas “strapped” or “dead htote" nfed apply. J. Q. JONE 4, 123 Dearbora-aU, Hoorn 17. \\T ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, salcs- V T teen, bartenders, conductors, braaesmen, labor, cr*. Ail persona took Ins for employment ca.lor *d area* Brum 21. No. 127 Son.m CUrksl. All kinds of work furnished at short notice. T\ T ANTED—Live men, to sell patent T 1 machine for grinding kntvc*. icltsor*. reaper kUTC*. edited tools, Ac. Itis an article of rem merit; guaranteed; no competition ; sells rapidly* every where. Agtnu now make |lO to SIOO per day. bend retail price |iso: two stamps for replv. FUL LERA CO. 133 socthClark-at.. Boom iw/ \ITANTED —800 men to go South, * * 3-13 lo S3O per month and board: si hewer*. U ship-carpenter*, Cu woud choppers, 30 railroadmen. 3 teams to go to Mic higan. Apply early at Boom 3. Lind’s Blccfc. Haacolph-st. bridge. \\7 ANI‘ED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V* fslrsmen, 1 conductor, 3 brskemeu, 1 trend, 1 porter, s driver*. 1 expressmen. Apply mt Brom 13, Falleton Blici, I*2 Uesrbotast. Applcastabv mall aodreas J. M.MOOKKACO., ft;x 1707.ercUainglfl cot* lor reply. ~WT ANTED—Youngmen m tne country V * wtsblngtj oMainaltnatinue. such as bookkeep ers, clerk<« collectors. aa'eameu, exprem*- men. Ac. to apply at Room 13 falieitou hire*. D*i f>»-*u, or ndrrts J M. MOOREACO - Box 1707, enclo»lng ten cents for toll particulars. \AJ AN TED —\ onngmen in the country ft wishing f' obtain tltnattonssuch boo* keep er*,, coU-ctora, espreaamra, clerks, brakrs- apply at I,’*4 Dcarbora-atTßo'*® 2. or adores* M. £. JONES A CO., Djx2o4o, tcclMlng tea centalorfailparUcutare. aMUW VX7ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V T coliictnr, 3 brakemrn. 3 flremsn. I pore.-, 5 <Jrtver«.4agt'nta,3eatrTClerka, 3 conductor*. Apply at 134 Dearhorn-aC. Room tf. * \\J ANTED—1,000 men to go South, it wages H 5 to a mouth anabmrd: & rsll men. to work on repairs—tree transportation. Apply at 153 Ciark-aL, Roc-m 3. \\T ANTED—This day, 223 men to go .V V South ; wages |l3 to S3O per monh and board. £!f2r. r>l .‘ roa( * ai, * n * traa-'portatlon. Apply at 100 Madison-gt. Room 4. —Men seeking employment Y > toappiy to PARSHALL ASMnn. |*2S South Boom 11, andiecure good paying situation*. Applicants by mail enclose two stamps. XJiT ANTED—1 clerk, 3 salesmen, 2 V V cook?, andl smart, active mania each town and <h?K* or contmtasion. Apply to PAR SHALL* SMITH. 328 South Ciark-ai-Koom 1 1. By maiLenclose two stamps. XAT’ANTED —875 men to go South. „V T W.ges sls to *3O per month and board. Three farm bands; also, 13d mea for railrcttls. Aorlv to PAR&HALL & siITTB, 128 South Clark-su, Room SiHautcb—ißigcellaneoua. WANTED —A young lady, who can furnish the best of cltv references, wishes some copying. Address “A F M," P. O. Drawer fill?. \\7 ANTED—A ding store doing a TT good business tn some prosperous town. Ad dregs Box 417. CrawfordtvUle. Ind. TTTANTED —To Manutictnrcrs— An .V Y Irterestln a rajing manufacturing business, by a yocng man, having a cash capital of about ILiO. P.JiVJ given and required. Adircas *•& S.” Trlbnneogce. V\ T ANTED—A man (with a Cimily prc v I ferred) who understands torses an* r»ul- w take charge of a farm, a mIN-s firm Uc city, daring the winter. ami longer If ire answers myonriv-se. .1 WILLARD FOX, ♦JOS Latent. \\T ANTED—To trade some good lots V v In flourishing town* In Kansas anoNebra k*. fbrtlry Rond* or other thins*. Apply at 102 South Clark-st. WM. GRIFFITHS A Cu, Anctlonrtn. \\T ANTED—Rubber, moulding rub* T» ber, moulding everylKxly to know that wc Dave the b*»t rubber moulding ever invested for win dows and door*. A. C. DROWN & CO„ 12S Lake-st. TX7ANTED—Know Tnyselt—All per* T V iota, young or o d. who wish to l ive their p oreitxt and latum tl-afly revealed, vail or: MADAM CARLISLE, «t ,Tl<> Soutf Claie-et.. op Italia \\T ANTED—Good merchandise, piano, V T sleigh. Also, rainier Sgr dry good* busicess. S. W.&EA, Ileal Estate and Merchandise Broker, 114 Adama-aL WANTED —A stock of merchandise, either dry ccodi, eiotblnc, cl gars or notion*, for part cash and part real estate. Apply at Boom 7 Mem cdlat Church Blech. J. B. ANIJI&WS. T\7 AN TED—An energetic young man 11 to canvass the city thU winter. (.N) a month to Louis favoub, no. 7 North Clark-st^np-stairs. T\T ANTED —A man from even' town, VV w llh frem one dollar to JI.CCO. to call at Boom 7. No. 4> South Clark-*t, op-suirs. \\J ANTED—A pood second-hand sole V» Wilier trark. ‘Semi drtcnpUon and price to •*Q h P,** c»te P. o. Box 1 flag. TXTANTED—An auctioneer wishes to V r meet with a gentleman of some m«ans. and well connected In this city, to Join him In vstabllsuing an auction at d n.mml-ston boose. A <l lies*, wlthr-- ferencea, > •APCT^ONEEK. ,, Pox 206 C. \\7 ANTED—Every man, woman and V » child, to tome to No. 167 to*day, and see Til E POLLAB STOBE. SiiHantcb—sEo Kent. XXTANTED—T o Ren t —A sleeping W room, or inlto of nx»ms la a bnslne** block. Adflress, Hating location and price, P. O. Drawer Slop. s)orscs, (Carriages, &c. F)R SALE—The subscriber expecting to be absent from the city daring the next six months, oners hi* stable property, consisting of the fbllowtcg. for sale: One pair very Cnabar horses. OaeflneChestnut mare. Ocenne Mexican oonr. Ore dooble close carriage. One doable open carriage. One single baggy. One two-seated sleigh. Two setts doable harness, one sett tingle-harness. Two lap rooe*. Two lap blankets. Horse blankeb Ibr stable and street, sleigh bells, sad dle. flyneu, carriage covers, comts. brafhe*. Ac„ Ac., all In good order, and wth be disposed ot at a great bargain to any nart} wishing to parcba*e tbe tut. For further particulars Inquire of H.H. KNIGHT, at the stab'es of the American Express Company, 20 Mon toe-sc.or It in reference to carriages, to OpAS ATEN BKOCKE. 41 and 43 Bandolph-st. JAwC.FABGO. A N EXCELLENT pair horses, carriage, bn« In c»a wacon, slelrh. for sals or exchange for real otate. Will par wme money la bsnjiln. QUlMpr & HAWLETT? Rcyno'.dV Bloclt. A SECOND-HAND, first-class two seated corrlase wasted, lor one or two hone*. AtiiirtM P. O. Drawer 6843 r\NE second-hand light Express Wagon I / tor sale, price fiso; a}«o, ose Hone and Harness. at MAgTIX’S shop. 231 Klaxle-st, A r T?rrv -- .laiT r ofa'Vnd rndrelr sound, lor tale aaTctelp/ Inquire of A. E. GUILD, Jr„ 89 Washlngton-st, A LARGE, double-seated, two-borsc Carriage and a ons or two-hor.*< Sleigb. both la i xcellcnt order, for sale. Inquire at 134 Bosh-st. TTORSES, WAGONS and Harness for JCLaale. 18 young. sound work horse*, which I moat sea tbla week, ns matter whatprice they bring. Also, thelrw*gon« andharn»»«. JOHNSON A CO. statue*, alley opposite weigh scale, market-tt. |?OB SALE—A bay mare—young, I 1 found, kind anti gentle, and very f< it—for one an trail ed; also. bnggv and l.ame«r, nearly new. Apply to OLMSTFJ) A SNELL. 100 Madlson-sU Boim 4. jHadjincrn. P3R SALE—One loun6cn-horse porta ble engln- and boiler; two twclve-borse do. use! only one month. Also, one new tea-horse en-lnr for •meat very low price* by GRIFFIN BRUtHERS, 156 Soatb Waler*t. F )R SALE—Steam Engines—l, l>. 8, lO.aOacd SO-boraa portable, and all sizes‘T ita lic nary engine*, circular sawmills, Woodworth pla ners utd matchers, power com shelter*, staftlnr. pal lets and elevator macblrerybollt to order. RICH ARDS* IRON WORKS. 190 Washlogton-«t. FOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up right engines; also six horizontal engines, 8, 10 trA 13-horse power. Larger or smaller engines fora libed with or without boilers. 12,13,16 asdSO-borsa tubular and locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also one 4-roller Colon Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, Iron Dinners. belting, saws. flic*. *c. Machinery Depot, 53 K-rbora-st, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. A CO. T7OK SALE—A one hundred horse -I*l nower Cnelne. Also erelnea and boilers of all rtrrs. Leatbei belting ef superior quality. Portable grist mills. One 13 and one 2J horse power locomotive bolter. Or ip tor cash. S. B. HARRIS. Machinery Depot 62 booth Canal-st. F' )B SALE—Siding mills, circular saw mills. Woodworth planing and matching ma ch!ne*.surf«cersatd all kinds ot hoteling macbln**. F. W.kRATSF, Franklin Iron Works, 70. Tii, 74 76 Wa?hingtOß-«t, corner of Jefferson. FOR SALE—Engine and Boiler, 20 horse power, sell 5u feet burr*, with elevatora. shaniny, helong and aif fixture*, nett large scales, one small do trucks. S. W. SEA-114 hdams-st. jFor Sale. FOR SALE—Cheap—To Printers—A “medium cylinder pre*»," 1° cood order. Addms or oil on MCLDOON ftTIERNY. 172 MicblaaaeL I7OR SALE—The scLoopli America I 1 will be ofl*nd for aale at public auction, at tbelr docks, from 10 to 13 o’clock, tor the bene fit ctwhom It may concern, on the thirteenth div ct netraber next. For nanlcolar* ap>y to BOLT. RAE. South Water and Clarg-sta. I7OR SALE—A Unee years’ lease ot one I 1 of the largest and m*ft desirable store* oa South Clark-*L. betwm Randolph ana Madison. Apply to J. v. a. BASBUWK, McCormick's Reaper Fa;wry Office. ibituaiumsi eatanwj, in axes. QITUaTION—Waned—On or O January let. IW7,Ila e vklml* wtl fin'-clsasrominlraloa bocee, W e preciicii rlenced bookkeeper. EaUstxiory rtfiron-M J2? - Acdreae Box 964. Chicago. ■ ttce> T »- S 1 T UA 2 lON - Wl “ ,el - A= “lesnua in U» dry good* atorc; ecrea Jfm et the fade- »,,~i not otJ«t to go into the country. Tribune office. " *« OITUATIOK—Wanted —A compeviit O bookkeeper wishes to form ea entulugyear. All requisites *atltf»~ jrT “»,»,.22 JOHN GLEN,Tribune office. ' CITUATION—Wanted—PoTI vo “ V menowlssbyblrtb); keUvlUiaitodoiririS of work, cither In e store. o» housewife alone, In order to learn Ue buslaeie. 1-niim «t°?i« FOSTER. A CO.’S. Optician*. 46« AS * CITUATION—Wanted—By a _ Ton CITUATION—Wanted— On or befon* O Jan. Ist, nn-sloa hou«e,bya practical asd w* jreerer. Good city references given. Accreii "?p» Tribune office. Ar « CITTATION—Wanted—A place hr « O person of much experience la writer, Ac. Good reference, Ac. Addr*s ~* ar? 2 Ttibuae office. ' A CITUATION—Wanted—As coachman. U cr coachman and gardener. Thoroaghir ma? standa the management ofa greenhouse aad .J*£££' ingln general. Good references given. M.” Tribune office. u FEMALES, CITUATION—Wanted—By a voune O lady, as governess for small cbl'aien. fr ,nn»»S fkmlly. Highest references given. Addit»i-2 l Ingtoc-sl. CITUATION—Wanted—As honrekeeu- Oer.hv a widow lady. Addre*sor call ccjm. Mr. NaUGHt. Soidlen’ Home. References gtyre. CITUATION—Wanted-By a G^man k_? girl, for second work on cooking in a mill umiir Kenrencej giten if required. CaUat 4SS Sutw’ third Coer. *" SITUATION— Wanted—As operator on th» Wheeler A Wlbon Machine, or to act a womaa in a store. Please address -3 P," Trlbace CITUATION—Wanted—A lady of rood O addreas and etaraefer desires a home la's first das* private family, to assist la housekeeping to do plali. sewing. Hcst of city references given. Ai drevs, tor three days. -Ml-a 8 T.” Chicago. agents SSlantcli. A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Ticknnr & -tA Fields. 80-ton, have ounllshsd a stoel-engrarat 1 1‘ttraU of Abraham Llticola, a* a perfect Itkracw, aid a work ot art. it ts commended as the best Ukctn* vcpurlUhrd. bv Robert T. Llrculn, Mr. Trumbull, Mr.Suaton. Mr. Herndon, Mr. I. N. Arnold, Gen. Grans. Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase. (Jea. Bart side , And many others. It ts sell only by scl>-erlptti>D. and Agents are wanted tor Its rale. Liberal eommlwlons are ri«tt *®. and successful ones can have good ter »UM?^*2_V p s r4tc ,a * Adore** JOHN U. AMMOS. Publishers Agret. S 7 Chicago. * A GENTs—Warned—Experienced book “a engraving canvassers, to whom • lam ««i. be paid. AiMre—‘rnVOi.M BILL. 137 booth Clark-st- Cbi«~*r", U], A GENTS—Wanted—s2oo per month Xjl and expenses paid male or temate agents, to in* * ? r,r w»d, useful Inv. bU?b, of aSclute utility Agents preferring to work oa l l n no to tfO per dar. For full particulars address W.Q.WtLSO.S A CO..Cleveland. A GENTS—Wanted— $200 per month e xiarnrxp IMPROVE!) BARTLETT htwiMJ slA«.hi>E. P»tce reduced to a-u-nts »,». VIT W ‘ I,ELOSS * OO ” 1 69 Dcarbora.ruchic^-o. y^£iw..;&ruS2'g? ,ic °- a - kiudek. os A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a tin lor rf*- Vr ’ c „ e v„ g f i, *f with ordinary taC si£: £1: :. requires it. Comhims ntiny with rujci* own advertisement of special intere-ts. Has no competitor. I* a perfect noveltc la mo Cntrd biaie.s—criy one ti.maufocti.ry yet established. e&nds already »olrt giving conj'.ct* ri‘i>fvUjo. Opens up au entire new fitli tor agent*, ’fill c£ pacltie*. Coofump.lon c>n»»mot, actf iikclv n itiua the figure of one m'lilon, dally, in the N*'niiv«'rt3 ? lod C* n<l sismp* for circulars, dmrifa mailed tree U> any adorn* h r *IX3. Adders,. 0 -ctll onTDOb. D Eli HI A CO„ IQB l.ake U. A GEN TS—Wanted—Everywhere—To sell Grant’* cfle ratnl CARPET BALLS. th« rest selling article ever offe*»d to accci* p GRANT. 212 t bteage-. F * AGENTb— Wanted—Twelve good, reli able men, who undersiand the wb-i-rlptlon twok buMßt**, and can nirm»h »ailefoi-torv evidence ot iuv foj* LxncT at d ttu.L can flnd a permanent, carfoe by applyl-g to CLAKKE A Co.. 80 art 82 Weahiaftoa-st.. Chicago. AGENTS— TV anted—Male and lemnle— Business at home. No evpitat required. Active fSf pii. n .P, , i k ?, ,s <u MJr Addrese. with staap. S. DH\ ERfcACX. Drawer 012. Chicago. lll. A GENTS—Wanted—Ftdiers and all XL who vre M’e. call and see au article mu rsa tnak? from *5 to *l9 a osy on. easy. sAidN A CO. 21S Lake sc. Ai Boor. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AVIE XL RICAN FARMER’S HORSE BOOK. Pv Robert btewart. M.D. V.S- ecfodylng ir./roulu*of tvecty year* of original Invtstigatlon. Tt.e book above »u others for Agents, as It appeals to the ner-.-slUe* and selMntcrwt of a very large, wealths and int? llrret class In every community. Apply foor ad-trcs-J. S. GOODMAN A Co- Publishers. COlcago, IH. A GENTS—Wanted—THE GRAND -fi. PATRIOTIC CHART OF AMKKiCi. “The Father ot onr Ci-nntry and Heroes of •75.” blrrl<CS tmhrs. bent mounted for 60c- po*r paid. I: g-.»a Try It. Address GUODoI’EtDACO -148 Lako it- Chicago. 111. A GENTa—Wanted—soo Aecnts want x\ ed tmmedlitely for the GLOBS SHYING MA CHINE. cn the most liberal tonus, f. ATKINSON, 1 H I Ran<h>H»h-su fcom b, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For the LIGHTS XV AND SHADOWS OP THE GREAT REBEL- LiiiN. Splendldlv ninttrated *ith over 100 fine por traits ana bevatlfn, engravings. This work. In Ita ccneepUon. arrangrraent. and new and at tractive c rCrr of war lUcrature. stvmDpeerlrM and aient* smoog all Its competitors. The ilepurtiitiot v hicb the Word* and Deeds cf Women Is an exclusive feature In these pares, sod la already aecur- Icgfor the work aurferfal popularity. It embraces Incidents during all stages of the war, and tn a.l p»m Oi the field ot otrllc. Fend fir circulars. Ad-lr<*a “NATIONAL PCBLlsni.'.G HOUSE,” 1(1 lombard Block. Chicago. 111.; 3Qtf Ollrc-at- St. Looli. Mo. AGENTS—' Wanted —3i’o more, for the BAKER SEWING MACHINE. men HOOper mouth ard expense*, or give a liberal com nma-sion to main and female aeent*. Fnr particulars andagtnp papera,sddre»*S. BECKWITH. Chlpy,. A GENTS—Ti anted—Everywhere. Male S\ jwl f-male, local ant travelling. steadyl •npK<»- n coi tbe rear rvmrd. Dcslnes* light andd -stable. For na’Hmlar* adlrew J. H. IALCOTT & CO., ho. JIS North Thlrd-st., St. Lon:*, AGENTS— Wanted—$150 We want ~A? ect » -H 10 BARTLETT SEWING «A cmNFS. pn;e f 0.00. TTk*- willing to w.rfc fv JIW.CO pyrmonihwillid'ln^j, with stamp, PAGE nil'll' 1 !- Ohio’ I,eaCfal Al *' cnu * Thtladclptta, or Toledo, A GENTS—"Wanted—Male and Female tS.V a * b'ch M CO per day. with “THK ”I { £ATLALOn SAVEK," worth O Many family. Onir *3 to y;u cardial requited. Send -tmip for par tlcolars. K. UAYVEH.! Hot 4781. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —To bell Carpon tefs meat raiutluc of the rim Beading of me Emanrlpatlvn Fm' President U .coln to hie rat,met. i - . .eedldly * r.u raved on *leQ‘, 33tia ihche*. 1-atfiy published be lh;r.yA Miller, no • by A. J. Johnson. New Yort. It repreacnU the thnlUnK *cene of the most motnenv,ns rational evert, except oce, that ever occurred In America. Ami u sill* every, where as no other picture ever din. Applicant* west of Ohio and 311c> Inn. address with stamp. C. ALLEN. M. D.. Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—Also Carpenter’s jTjl Portrait of Abraham Plncoln, elegantly en craved on steel, nearly lUe-‘ize, imhlbhcd bv A. J. JOHNSON, New York. IhUptcturewas not an afterdhoaent, got op from photograph* after Mr. Lincoln's death. Oiks another one now be for* the public.) but painted from lifts daring rlx tnonl'is* residence at the wh:t* tloose. The only portrait ever *atl«factory to Mr. Lincoln blta srlLhls wife, famllv and ftleada. See circular*. Sold by agente only- Address, with stamp, C. ALLEN, if. Chicago, ill. partners iKKarnrh. PARTNER— Wanted—To bny a one hair It In an e*UMlsh'*l. paying bnsineae. Capital require*!. <iuoot |I.WO. Kefsttnccc gt*en and required. Any persr.t wishing to engage in a perma* n*M ami prcCtal Is bnsln'ss. centra ly bK-ated in the etty, will sc’clom meetwltn so farorsble an upporta* pity. Call at or address “J g." Bh Mooroe-st. . PARTNER— Wanted—An active husi- Ecs» man, with acapl'al of SADOD to to la* irooace a sev psteul In four of the Western sutei, T.m* manntaemre can be nearly contracted fur. A nn> le long shop will Ne necessary, to put together ant com* / pbte. It Is ptpnlar wherever Introduced. Address / “J B.** Chicago. / T>aRTNER —Wanted—To jom tDe ad* I vertlser. fer the sale of an article which pare iq i ptr cent, prost. This I* a rare chance. Norlssa. A 4 dress •‘AMHERST.** Tribune offlee. J>AKTNER —Wanted—Witn a nm* capital, in a profitable boMoes*. Inquire at 4 ® uth Clark-*C "PARTNER —Wanted—With from >SOO I to Sl.CfiO. in an offlee business paying large >roQts» Address -W W C." Tribune offlee. - PARTXEII —acted—In the stovqj^ and hardware bnslteM, already irom pocd location In this city. Capital reqrieo. ,srt (UTOto fACCC. Refe*cne« riven and reo* dre*a - HARCWAUE.” Tnhuae office. pARTCiR-Wamed-B^^SS _L ftirnUh|3.eUocwlicaDlulaa^rtc l iaihr»ace lor boaih bide. eaUrely free of Mar (tte prweat two resn or more, oa the Ist or air rent> fo r f\*co a leare expiries oo that day). i as to m^ral jtar. One harms Srst ry*. g- “X O P." charaeteraadbo»meMab>T/Jiriitar iloe ot baaiaa* fnbcne odea, ►unnj tfif P* toniUh that acd the amount cf capUJ* “jjj ** dlrectMl. uiuc, iu » uiwu au PARTNER - _L business man m ta , O J/e>>. desire* to enter tsto a capital of from tlQJXCluieortsasotscTarloz lituloea well-eftabllated will not entertain any offer* ot —the latter axaf. Ac. The best of relertnces will be ptteff'aad required. address M C." F. O. Drawer 6203. • ■pAßTNEK—Wanted—ln an established X ml estate office. Toa&nt-claM business man, well acquainted in theclty asd harms a knovledieoc the bcsinets. a rood opportunity l» ocered. AddnM “ REAL ESTATE," F. O. Box 2338. 'PARTNER—Wanted—With stock of X eocdsorcash capital. to take as Interest la aa established section business. Urn store, centrally locaied. Apply at 1 93 Soatb Clark-St. WM. OEIF FIfHS * CO.. AocPopyn. PARTNER— Wanted—A young man, having fSCO. can bear ot a firat-claai opolnc by calling at Room SI. No. 127 Soatb CUrML, lor three caysonly. PARTNER—Wanted—ln a light manu r foctuilng tnstncaJ, an >where in this Stats or low*, brnats lane. DIXON ft CO, 130 Soatb Rocm 16. PARTNER— Wanted—A competent person to take a half Interest la s first-cua* res taurant, now doing a aood bonnes*. Location g:od. ICQDIre atflOfr LaSalle-st. W.CASFES. PARTNER— Wanted —Business light end highly profitable. Capital reqalredoalylflOß. a fortune for the right man. tsALS ft CO, -11 Lom bard Block. PARTNER— Wanted—With s€so to take on'-baU Interest In a well established paying hu tne-s. Net Croats over giCO per week. Apply to OLMaTED A SNELL. 100 Madlson-at, Room 4. PARTNER— Wanted—With *450, to engage Id a paying business. No bomber. Ap ply to PAKSHALL ft SMITH. 12S Soatb Clark-st, Ro m H. Host anb jfounb. T OST—A large, black, Newfoundland I j Dog s_whlte onbreaatand neck: also,white spot onncte. when lost had small strap aroand hx< nect. Assweratotte name of “sanebo. Any one retain- Irghim to 471 Wabasb-av, or giving Information It ruling to bU recovery, will be well rewarded. | OST—Tuesday evening, Dec. 11th, on I j Lake-at, between Clark and Market, a Green Mo rocco Portemonnale, containing a ram ol money, and various pa pert, of no valne to any one except the own er. Ibe Coder will be rewarded by leaving the same at 32 North Clark-at. iGosa ft Hose’s), or at SOS Wot Jacbon-at. LOST —December 11th, 18C6, on West Madlson-et, berwoan Hoisted and Aberdeen. & caitler’s collection book. Tbednder will be soltahlr rea arded by leaving It at the Tribune office. TTOUND —On Wabash-av, between JT Lsfte and Rasdolnh-sts, one box cTcardea seeds, cons-zned to Moore ft McEwen. Lisboa, lit. The loser of uidpacksgecanuavethe same by at 63 State-st. and paying charga. TAKEN DP —On the Bch three cow* and two calve*, at first boose on Oakley-«t. north of iiuiims- west side ol street. TAKEN UP—One CTey and-one sorrel bone, on the fora ot Wilhelm lick (Kimball** tara). two mile* west ot Bclsteln. on the Milwaukee Flank-road. WUI be returned to the owner by payU 5 com.