Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 15, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 15, 1866 Page 4
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Cljicaoa tribune. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 15, IQ6C. THE CITY. Cosrm.TT».-wnilMß Dewitt, rhinr*d with pASAInr * flO couaterfcU note, m held for cx amluatioo cnUl loe*cmy next la had of Bis* Ball.—A meeting or the Paclflc Baae Ball Clnb will be held at their rooms in MaekerV. No. <4C Union stmt, this (Saturday) Tnx Post Omcie.-” A Republican Soldier” writes as laqnltltg tbs reason why competent so;uier» B(Tdenied sltnstJOM lathe PottOQce VTe can only ananer that the part* has not the control of Ihe Poet Offices or ftwt xnietcw. A. J. run* that machine to entt him-ell. Gopfo to a Bali—James Dongbetty and Mary Monnlfmn *«re * nested on Kliude street Wednes meut, «m the bridge. rh tJ „„ tre,™ helo each oiber alone to a ball, bnt a nnitMm.. IhthtS then. In mother Alffi PotS Coon yesterday morning each waa deed $5, Cnura, or Tni.-O, tsd s a Dccmter ICh .rHx,, „„ lte (*, J K.Uro.d .in lesro ChlcajolTfol iJall s'id Express I'isbt Express ™°^ n l WI,TIEX Feied *«’. Am.—lt ii ei- J’" ' d “““HE »IU eborllj b. held In Ibla CMJ In the luinrestm the Freed menV Ald ConmUeilon. wblcb wn bTnmS m„b r cb lel Jn*t!cc, end .ddreeKH galaxy of eminent epetkera. J w “». > colored yonlb, it =^S:Sasr Jtepin. on Snndar Chr,rt Church, Waa o’clock pj ictfiJot th.?fiSSnS°“® ec s llw at two lend wlllont farther notlcc? 1,/are “ Tited 50 Al ‘ f.«^,f Th * re i IdecceofMr »- Noonan narrow* al *" V® v erd * J mo ™ in C premises or the d •elllnr r« ?»* a i ,OD ,he ™ n 2Mtnam7 I “ TO!, '“ Bctnsl - Cociloi.- „ lE-Jmum 1. one whose nloo to yoono nee cau scoter], bo oter-setiioiled. It b the oldest tms.ness -sublt.hieem jo Se I,h . coctlnnallj IncreLtoe ?!‘ ““" r ">'»■>« com- “fuS JwcnoK.«-D,dteni’ Christmas sto- Wri^,w, Jci ' c,lon win commenced in v B E f XL T / WBCIfE ° r December 20, and wDi br abC | nt IOUr OT fiT * MM*. bjJ. cctlcu comaiae eight different stories bfi gssssiss&F BS3sSiS!S , t«* , *ii The Chavt* or the Dkios Dead In the Nation al cemeteries aie hereafter to l>e marked by cast, iron ucad blocks. welching no » leM t h«m ureatr v£'>Sh o’r iissli r^' r^. KA ” 0X * L Cmnmcita.—a set of photo prapbed 'Urns of the National Cemeteries at . tnce Kim and Cbatuaoora, of diftreat sizes it row being lamed by Mr. Whitman, and will be r ,o pr ° cnre »7 tbclrS”?od?S^^ ! S il -g'« ° P Eastsun’s Bcfisrsa Usinxsnr.-One cannot tbe PTeat e y* ,B » ofactnal bnaaeaa r? ? d- Cl n r caraed oa 80 ««e*afull 7 In Ute nfV 0 ' , Itls Chy - 11 U pc-t world or business, where the young men carry Into practice tbose principles which Rctu-Ti the laua of trade. It fuulahea a course of ISPhbiiv Javef SJ. %“„**• »««« hntine” * n^a. 10 tecouie oailneai and sncccasfal dcutg ; i “/yJ?w I ”' U ', , ' ,, " n '• M riro lo the .tu- BMbWMkWM A JlinrrEn) Pnucucu.-A -Jicel prMeher on h !* PI !f 0 ”'” »" lerd *f no ~iTj „ ™ Police Court. He wmmtciM on Wmii?>iU. »f --len.oo» hsruouiue a crtmj ol mull b OJ . , t Ul , Hr n tn P® scorned the Men .of rcinauera- Uta jonhc reclamation ofeinuen, and the fart ttai he wu arrvner» for ohstractlng uw aldewJT: with » cro»d cf people who were thus to be saved from perishing was. In hU opinion, ■ cl«prace to 1 lv vn l aud ver ? njofjfylng m nime-lf. We were si. .o penj-.uon—« shoot this point bl§ 1 tloqnencewM cm, short bribe annoincemcai that he was Seed 13. 111 ArciDEKT.—On Ihurfcday morning about eleven 0 clock, Mr. A. A. Eddy, son of Rev. T. M. Eddy I). I).. and salesman in the dry goods faonse of Farwrfl & Co., on 'Wabash avenue, met wl.h untie a serious accident. At the time he re ceived the Injury he wu descending from oc.e of S® *?. ** bonding, on the top of ,'*• f-y some unknown mean* one >£i?s. cil i c k ie . e I** «*• Wr >Sblngaboa tfivo pound*, became driacl ed from tbe car, and stuckin the lie | staking of the car loosened It and I\t!' r Mr d '* 8 hcad i «triklnr him on the lop ofthe fnntfil bone an«: making an nglyrlsh Hil * c st f length right down the centre of f?«ri2 r i« e *i': 8 2? p,0| t tl,e bo «'® clear, bat not fractcilng 1L Fioxn hu bead It fell upon tao !®“ e * Hf 7 * bruised It to some ex- J 5° r * , 1 £ddy with much fotllndc and self. portcFslon “lepped ofi the carat the next floor P ,ac ™ h?s handkerchief upon the bleeding enL e”‘“' b;"o».*»a »*i«t3r u> h . then ounce wereareseei t*y hi* Musician From ”*■ Tolici Coxhuioseu.—Tho r«nl«r nent »tckl. toftHop ortho Hoard or Poller, Fire lod Health, was held at tteir rooms yesterday after rcoT., Present—T. B. Brown, Esq., Praiid-'cL Ct'Jiimiaionera Gnnd and I'ltsworthTlnd the hcj;d 6 of the dtfiemu departments. D arTrovM t ‘ o,ea 01 ttc were read and 4'S- b ttS drt .nd U ,or Interut of Igpssa jv‘ er , p Pp rl fieommanced the *o»- of Chi-f Fire Marshal, rt OB 2 tt . s F t ter% A 2T‘»lant Fire MarsblL R,WU, Second Assistant Fire Marshal fi w. Ss!*7&f w " i C ' P ' l,D ' * I - 200i w,i • do ?t cd - *nd Commissioner 3itswortb was appointed a committee to oresent arccorjioendaaon to the Common Councilor the ’ <> u “pri>appolDtod, Mi BLaber of itaupters madf from the Health Denari mint to the 1 egnlar police fore- P" 1 lb '“ m ' r SuSSScM Ul ' COT.ia.r.- H‘, n «r the Board. It was deemed fclgbly desir able tc hare an engine Id that Uck ot means prevenicd tbe.biuldlng of one at preitnL peiHon w»s acconllcgly ptced on file ltaL Tbe Board then adjourn a. - . to^hb.°H? 3^ SOtD v~ 4laffJ,e Braslun relamed to this city daring U»c aamnier, alter a year of penal rmUcalloa at Joliet hr the crime oflar -sf7' M,aral inclination to ‘•reach” tor St hV? V ° r P *»ine to others soon v erlDllot * w « b, **raJn; bnlbysemelwal 5”!j?A K be scaped punishment, aad has man* fil QC “* a tereßo Ufe (tor one ofher nntii Tbarrday night, commtncod again aygaJJln- io drank •*» «rre*.iS Md jo.hca up. Tealcrday rnortiloc she m fined JSwj at the Police Conn, bof being idthont focos she was sent down stairs to await the rean lar o?.ily “ march ”to th Bridewell. Dunne the forenoon her fertile brain suggested a mode of acllrcrmnce from durance vile. She sard «he h«d a Fisler waidtog on North Canal street of whom • Lr ' 'jud ret money to pay her flae, li an ofleer coaidbe tent with bar loproco eit Tneaareesst deTs lli-d officer B to accompany her, and the twain departed on the eootewbal lengthv wal** to the other aide oi the over. When they arrived at »j . ® J*o»tb canal street Magrte wld twit »M Ihe ■ tnd- tint rtl jsed to lire \rith her rim .nd .till h.d clolLiojr tbrae. Brin. tnlli. e lo tart ncr the officer waited upon the ride* «Uc while Mail gfenen-lo to borrow the money, Aft-r some minotes ihc woman relumed to him In a verv cicitcC condUtop of tea.* and huger, bringing a huge hurdle In her arms. • Ueral'icr eone back on her.” Sne refosed to advance h*r a cciit, and called her a tblei and oiber bad tine* and lo d her Mterto come thera .again. So aha bad got her eloihca together and brought them away; and - - should be • obliged- t 0 “ tbovr come of them at the pawn biokrr’s to raise money to p*T'lhai Ho* On their way beck to tbe Armory the otdee* obligingly consented to go by th way of one o two pawnshops, where Maggie conM “spout” her clothes for money, She went Into one of th» chop*, he, with characteristic delicacy, remaining on the opposite «d- of ibe *Uc«t. hae was ions even longer than at No- Ci, and be was not a Tiitl surprised W cbmve, l«fore ha had (tree to rejoji hrr. tbatsbe was snorted by a detective from ta» Genual Station, bbe was charged with atealiog y alive* watch, a shawl and two dresses tru ~i the yetideneeof Dr. Jacteoo, at No. td North Canal •beet. I> wu sbonl'dil. noant la bu existence that )L .v Cr T7~ began to dueorera iafgt'slaejl hole to the el>&Dmer, that in hie lon* walk to aid 0 l rioter, be had beun Cf °y c S? SQ ? DB lhaframi-rt in aiding a very clever *L*L t XS:' u Z‘ .. MIJI Probably bar# a ocariug at the rolice Court lo*day. | oas MonnraiY. Meeting of CltlseM Last Evening— Proposition that the Cltj Punish Its Oirn Gas. Kpeeebe—Tl.. •*Molnllo M _App. Ult . mem or Oommiime* to toe den, ‘“* i<l ' ,,Uo ° “» proeent feign price. chirred tor gta, tod to derlse some taesss of rellet^” - tzzslzsz: some 6eU lu retard to fbe Gss li*ht «rd COise tS£J5i« * s,a of corpomea toy ten w u first In. £s”£^'Sa" l ' ,! “ S.°. t S£? lj on,!b J "Ol to be ello«£d i" S" 0 1 ‘ L“d ■£?« ’ya i; JH-llrg compatUe*, tor the*rrowu es s f C h * siwis prevent* the pattla* down or *m*S! t\P* tone Hue of pipes, snd there K*i n „ * Dor ® Uum lilts U to the K oftoe n^^»%f° Qtro l or I SfSSK^fflZd^’S^gF SjVeh'onid'SS”;' Xf'&v ViT, 1 ""?- i^sss^ii -niSiSe£m7o°tbe « ““ HJe coommer d" PJot ksoi HL?*!« eil «*. re tin* hccnrerr^f!^S^*Jf l “{®” fan t-cor quamj tL»n for» i ßooZ W K. 1 i? p *VS ore for * fcfs? isas-sr ajgjg l j “m™'S' I “"° u “ lto.llie&c“4. ' , ri “ * nd I A'.T« ,“c”^,r..“c„'S r "' d WUh “»««- ncinlj. Then I, u k»o« o thit!feeSttod lm. toTeld .ffe" £ P b“ito“?K toSiSouni*,!* pn £ bt loiake tfee matter S feSdMd’ihb’.f t° P i'S fully. The present coubact wHh'thV^i* o^***" : “jas loffe.^”" 1 ‘““Sft followin': «H io.-e.Ta M Its cl iicS! *“ 1 too to too people or ra?^SS , “! , I Kl'«"«•• toil ■at efeoold bo iStnortJ.?3 ~IJ„„. C k!L lr . 0 '! r ”- 1 1st] the caa which i& needed enabled to far* ciiy*cdiEedtt«M-iK?St d «n f 2 r .J be ! ilon*. the following St“ m^, 3C “" fßMera mouLiltapotuince* 3 06 “*“** u of pw« to. control oi the street cii-irsunn? S^lV* 0118 Md rfeoaldbeleng eiclmdrel, ,S'3cßr &30 a. m. 11:00 p. m. «>?£"? «« Would bo xaem or CM la place of tiTe olh *£. p l OJ ‘ ““ ThM *? ,ta 1 “ lUI o? U "Hier««r» 5 £» iritbtn the UtLii. oTadui;SSfL-fSaiS!? 0 ! °I i "Sffd b ffi2S£ffl«g SlKrl™ 8 t^abwiSawSSs I.ubii?p*ur^" c,^[ “>«!]To in lor S3?s L bo w togSiS rfSfissssros bo regulated by law and P*rtlea,bot aboold tlou * pnb°c ™" ““ < llr »'- sSmSSm?®?* inauj years been for mancer by the pablic Mthcriu J°«^.?Si? tory * larlmo and eopply «a b“csrtS& d !«*»««»- &SSSS^ff^*£~S& cut. wnlJc it «11l aromotc tbepnblic and nHrai* vxifarcof U.o whole commaalS dcwi m ?ssS^#s/ii a *\ntS2h for ,lies * «od other reason* we a o to faror of the pumr of a law hr tin* (»<> ds'&^2i^sS»Sgßa£ pn.cbue 01 tb. works s“d^l P M l-obnc meeting of our citizen*, to be called hr ik. arced that th-foarttraitLJe^f sthe 5 the a «£ miportantODc.a. JU%Srff ££“?? TK comml or the c, miklnjloto toe oouM toffice fork? chtrpe of 3 the utta toc°'tte a « there would he oo OlmcSlj“e „ a. c. nsaxvQ, c*o_ * u “ )0 « ll ‘h“ l the people or sdwr® w&s I ™ “e as *=«** “L% with almost ffi?pS d «ni d torjtm from twenty to imny per cent profit* per annum. and was »»rth mllnoos oF n. rated bis experience In making his own En» ?«5° k **Pl n ITS hole Land said that ucosthtm Iheiar fl?o!?/Sv r fh 2?? nd » be did not me °5v be cota «• thmse.Tca Tcry ral- Da ° .; was no doubt that tbe Ledalatnr« vw*** S«SUS OBT BtrcelasreiQi sl«> an argnmeat for the change Itw pr,r *” Jt * ork * ,re located whtto ithey are an annoyance and an Intor? to rlSfroom f 2?i ey Bhonld k® e»««d fariher ontand ft n Qlpr ? vemefll »here they now stand. ;» s™ cF 54 * -°sfa . asTnojrr, b»q.. rext spoke. He had InresUgated 1 this natisr somewnataod be was eadefiM lha*. there was no mor** necessity for tbs people to be controlled bt ft Cek »R O f*!* 0a ln antter of obtaining gas than | la obtaining waier. We had jartWoStoSS in * wlibom depending aaHS^s obtain nj « reasonable r»u, or to ob’alr a ‘S 7 P M »ny oi the residents CL!r° . “S* b,d# b ® *»«* were using kerosene on {account of tog preeqt high rats of pas, thus en- Waoctrtag the public interest by reonlred ? n now »o manage a kerosene lamp, ai.a It was not safe to use It for ordinary pur* ■ I'oeea. He bad found thal the more he pud for tasthelwabegot. I T»*e advance payment required fop the tue of pnelree, and the fact that noss of, ftnvvaa company were aPowefflo pat la nature*. f n s l b*t they eharjwd two~or three times what « -rd nary plumbers w oald, were additional reason* for a change, vu * ««* L~ < ?. a, .“ o, i «Ja i tU*i»l»e Gae Company conld f?* *?“* >*f® ®f »»rHI nt*« If the atj o&tnd to iifjnwfTn* for tDelr workfl and take ibexa od their lands Ue knew that the neosle lh VSt 1> r !m(£ sk »h« an I S? £ the hinds of • f tw . He hoped tha°the ittnSnSt meet * ,th **“ nn * nlll)on * approval oflho th <£**4°° of adoptlnc the resolutions was then proposed and nuanimosaly carried. _ , cowwimt*. nliiM • r U ‘™ *PP the loDowiot Com nw“T’”wf' 'oSrafl a SUL- E, C. lamed, s. s. B ““* c -^ t..«;r® l €w Ci,w s? Ww - J - B-Bowid. W. D. Hoarb itlUng. w. u, Dorgett, J. 0. Dore.barid Carer ,_~ r ' ttoilon of Mr. Lamed, Ibo Chairman was ad* dedloibcfim committee. •«—«««■■ aa On motion of the aaxne eentleman, Ibe dlv na. iSVSu.? 1 !^ 10 pnb,ul ‘ p«» d >«* »< liic 116fe:\j1j iben idjoorced. A Umstaon AaaariT—John Eng, an e»- rloje at Hinds’ Umj liable, on State atreet, mi requested on Thnrrdar by the proprietor to go to Nr. Hicgins* residence, on DespUiocs atreet, to rerfonn some work abont the place, and be waa particularly insfnicted to turn off the water la the hydrant lo prerent it* freezing. King neglected to torn off the eater,and the conseqosnce iru the I‘JPf* hurst, the water overflowed, and a jjreat deal cf trouble wa* made, which eo provoked Mr. nijZina that be discharged Clog from t»i« en <loy, CSC reified him that he mlybi come to bis bouse H al evening and he would nay him. deducting a portion oiblawigee to pay ‘ov tae damage oeca* cartoned by bla neglect. In in» evening Kiag came, and anile they were di coating the 'oitSr In the yard, be produced a revolver and threat ;ae»* to fchoct Mr. hlggiai if he did not pay him | fun tmpnal Ot hl« — bolUe fellow preacnuS tiv s;l:, S r * a3r > , f»fed. buluid. Ac uJ, h ® revolter at Mr. Dl/ilo. raJtcj ht» .*!**• *«'edElallte.ibe b*U biiiVli? 6 , *«P«>bably iju. El KqnlckljMßft2i«r». ffn “ , . ar bl * rirtt discs I«ren hh ferthoJ. 1 ?? a °d tua sot •ol.chid..bomhUpcmS UiMj!"* “ CLOSE OF NAVIGATION, list of Vessels laid np at yj, Port> iSSS-?Ss ba'ccome to this rwm "nmberct ta*i points and com “5“ *“*»> *&d other *« tvw h« a W * (mice, xoaklos ih« intat ° also bes*< ballt. Career than at tie oate of an^V 4 ® ablr It Is nndei tood that the onJJS? 1 s®*°** form an association fo- tf« o ££.««i 4 i*. abotulo »v^£ffisi.v.£3S f Name. TorT ai^alap^LDad^SN *Tu*o Paaoie, Chl..aai Total Mrndota, 8nff....... 735 Galena. Buff 816 ct. Lou)t>, BoQ us I Pljnjoaib. 8n?..... aic 1 Potomac, Bnff. 81 a Free Buie, Buff..., 7GB I Parorfte, Cbl aa3l Ottawa, Cbl SIS 1 G.J.lrneMetl, ChL 431 I Xionngs, Cbl ...... 430 loial.. 1 Andrew Miller, ChL A. B. Ward, ChL R. rnndiellle. cbl. Oriole. Chi. J. A. Oawford, Chi. Monitor, c hi, F. S. Bntler, Cbl. Lome Dole, Cbl. E. P. Don% ChL B. 0. Cbaae, ChL MaryP. Harrison, Chi. Bed Jacket, Chi. Berj. Drake, CbL LLaa. ht Uon. Chi. Marnolia, ChL I atk, Cbl. Ada Allen, Chi. W. n WoixL ChL Total, 85. pieiuhvco, Chi *55 UWnil«i>,Chl . ..883 I*. crw'oodniH Chi..t?S ■ a'rte-.lcr, chi. 574 ?.* ?' SCo t‘- Ijwneace, Ch1...3*J8 £j*'»d, Chi 43a Perhlco,Chl .....6U2 Kunb-Weei, Chi ....fits Ptcfic, Chi 462 Unadtlla Buff. 5.. Q F!>li.e UIM, BotT SU3 American Dnlon-Baf 704 B. Pomeroy, Boff 531 Annie Sherwoud.Buf .. 1C G. Wmloii, 8n5.449 Favorite, Boff. 616 Potomac, Bud n jg J«nea F. jot. Del.. I . U. Cotton, Det.. 333 hurnitlde, Det, .. .701 c**ln, Det.. . sxi U C. Winslow, DeL.SCi John Miner, Det 373 Total. ... 1 Sunrise. Chi CBS CJart Parker, Chi ..‘556 William Bars, Cb1...2« Hana Crocker, cal., .473 P. B. Gardner, ChL,.460 AmeHca, chi fcO O. Greenwood, Chi. 337 Clevol.nd, Cbl 313 CoL LlUworth, Chi.. 403 Chenango, CU! aw Cityorfiadalo.Erie 453 so <UHampioii.Hsm.4Q6 Cambria. Ham Plymoolo, .. ,351 Kobt Gaskin, Klae.StC Arabia, Montreal. ...44i J. Drummond, Mont 331 Uowah, Liverpool niermntla. Liver Hanejr Bl«*eU,Tol Kepoblic, Clayton.,.S9i Yoletta. St. Cath 407 America. St, Cath .163 Pilde of Am erica, do. Clry ofErle, Cht Boy City, Chi 424 PUcnm, Chi 2J2 Lowell, Chi CJHntchlnsou,Cbl.S4i Undson, Cht Heifeiifieln. CU.....577 Mailner. chi 375 b.F.Cale, Chi Ml; Total Hamlet, Chi 1 Paanlon, cal 2a : Montcanmo, Cht 254 Samuel Hale, Chi. ..*.<3 fiobL Barns, Ch1....3u7 l MccbanlCjChl utS Koean*. Cht- *•« p nc ? i* c * rk « De1..,«1l Fostorla, Fremont . ~ Pr 4» f*t.t frCQOOXCBa. T ®“ Kbraf"M, finilhol: cu;; - ;;;lra asaSft®? E^ :::::: - JSaSJ'iSi ?'| U ' : ;:: ' ;:: "“ Mirtmllucif 111 »] n IE -^f ert *. Cni.'.ito issiE”! sg®=3 nSte , sS ,:::;:s “ |°w3ia}Std,' u cii"-H? « sas i£S£S rW SL , ’ Cta ‘* S9s Arrc tw?bu.,:: Ml ,3 ‘ smco-cu!:::,:::* §J aSSS^a SSS^FS iat^™ ::: |S S^S3&ffica;;i« “•■“7 McNtir; cji:go h!°b aSre, < ™v;.'.;iis Alldi J. Kogi re, Chi.4os Jennie Mullen ctn ** SSSr^ ?.'SS cIT* 7 ' cii:;; ®‘ ‘i'™” ™. ™;:;;-'-m ■■■■§ sffßgsja-ciiS eSsf gSSS&J rilgum, cm 923 Commerce. CM m - °- DlSUsoaVc'hiitM , p.B&gfca:::.;Jg " btaroiileKortb,ChLSß7 Chi p \„ JuKphlno Dresden, im HS MUl*rtPillmore,ChuS ii«k?lwi Sfe; 180I 80 Gcr *rnUe. Chi. ...399 Uobbiri, CU , ...IMI Hamilton, col jqs Game Cock. cl>l «s T. Y. AreVr, Chi Sn coh'cju cw mi c . North, Cm.:. :::im Eerex, CM...........963 D. N#. hVII, ChlV... iM Advance, CM.... ~ 265 Honest John. CM m itecnolu. Cbl 179 Pllo'. cM •« p M y^Bronß S D \ c, I;ffl Moanl Vernon, Chl!*«s p;J?v fa r°». 7cr - c “-- 15n m «t !?«. cm...: ::w llvclp PM ‘ij? Geo. F. Foeier, CM..U3 I 2 I? Regnlitor, COL ttX ££S;:::::£! ™ j Ocravla, Chi 166 j o ha>. Wkmer**DeVaM rJX cu 88 '-fetl na.JdTLet Kri'raio uii 3 ’° \ I, V«iHom».Det:.3S5 se« J. Badger, Del 4*3 C r •• Mlce M - Bee™, AJ yowbndge, runic sil Syf £;4; a ;m.v;u !96 «e&Ba S^as*S •■ l-VA’jlkenbV.Baff Sa C. lUnckleT, CleTe.,4lo Hanover, BanLo 9J7 nin^.aTcJiS.V.!- 2 - 6 s ~ q °».^c-;!=s Toul Mermaid, ChL 67* Forest, Chi na Three Bells, Chi. eo A. Parker, Cul. ~ ' A.Frederlck,c{ii.... ei Harrlei Ann, Chi.... » Orion, Chi in Astabuia, Chi !i« T«lo, Cbl 48 V-B*Goldam.Ui,Chl 107 i B. Chapin iw I.H. Brown. O. Hrhi 90 Ajnl.ton, ETanil->n.130 G. Irrtng Macsraaw. Planet, Chi 107 Mount Vernon, ChL .245 Hercules, Ch! wo Alb*. CM Sooth Haven, CM Granger, CM*. I! Adda, Chi Sultan, rhi 183 Black Ilawb. Cb1.,.,130 Gladiator, Mil is Granger, Hatamaaoo . Tolal rs E. W. Cross, Ea*t- mAB | nanrOle ISKS. I Charley Mean, Chi. .545 I Total. boats. „ „ „ _ caxai. Maty Walker. Chi. >olpUr, Cbl. ArcaJa, Cbl. HangolLchl. Aotwiy, Chi. Bellas m, rhl. E. A* Mcr>lmsn.Xbl. Meptnte, Chi. AUltama, ChL 1L Bnrnbim, rhl. Ocean, ebeago. 8. a. I>outlaa, Chicago. Norway, Chicago. Ftvorltr. Joheu Dlrigo, JolleL Idomaa, Joliet. U. O. Loozoie, Turnout. W. S. Uurnse, Lcmont. S. P. Gale, lemonl. D. Bess, lemont. Rescue, lemoit, Adiacee. lament. lotal.. Senator, CM. Drill, dL Edinburgh, Chi. A. Woolson. ChL Investigator, ChL D. C. Norxon. Chi. Orion, ChL North Branch, ChL Gibraltar, Chi. Montreal, CLL Resolute, LomonL . R. E. Ooodell, Ottawa, ballna, Spring Bay. Montauk, LockporL Monarch, t-ockport Bcltpse, LnekporL Elinah tb. LockporL Imperial, Lock port. Mattel a, Wilmington. Lemoot, Morris. J. B. Prescott, Moms. LaSalle, LaSalle. Steamers... Propeller*.. I'nga Barks Bilg« f^chooners.., Scows Barges Cknal Boats. Total TBB BLUE HUIITD PLiKK.BOAp ptTBAOE, **!»• Perpetrators Arreted. The readers of the Tan on Wlu remember a PArepapb pnbllabed on x be first of ihl* MoaCl w bleb it was staled that a Bomber of rnUttanj via ud a dwd'inc and mloob aituted fire alia from the at), on tie Bine Island plmk-road. and after ilriEi *?£***!! tte who occupied “•* place, they decamped wlib f too in"™*.,, wbico wa* robi<ed from tbe bon>e. The Dlare f« f« r r^ C | “ Of CoßtPnr.’V «nrl P ty. jjv fair occurred on Tbtnlarlnnn nielit rhenm. I?'*; * ,MW. b Ed*nsa B<&eU am 2 £h£ gsrf A °L gJws.isa.ffiSL. ris.^3 for a Short tin* made ihetaaelroa convivial over the llqnor* In the bonre. TMa. as it ha?tn™£f •ffi>r**°s*S r J b 0“ lncl( leu. i a ti>«aiS?2f b 3-:? P*r*y. The perpetrator* of the outdare and S?.V^ r 7 ll * vebwa diligently watched police tore* ever Unce tbe occurrence, cspeekilr briboseoßdat, at the Archer Boad wbffloa andLtdetectives hberman ton Bills. Asm of Mrs. Wei. a weal-hy merchant of Sl l2m, came o« to this err a and acUretV oe'eeUvrs in aLVj^ ? Ql who had ao abased and Sl treated hie a*ed patents. For fire dara ih.eTi. |lenujworkednpon the “Job." ifte^ntSbuE !s s t,*^Vf h . t .v lu V It . WM pretty definitely aaccr that the plan of the robbery «•»< concocted at tbc saloon of one Edward *s&eii, na K roa ?i Frairp>enu of conscr/atioo* *t that olace ou ibir>krglvlng day were cot bold of. and the ! »“ f f ofpeiaoy «ho encsced in ft. Yesterday 1 mon.lrp toward Qackeu was arr-.-stad, and at - tbe same time a rom hole of dleehanicter sl No. 1« Norm Well* alrvet was übl'cod to yield up Edward Clanooy and Michael Glt»*ey to a oe te*.J>eo0 * Cef wanton them. Ur.&oxd baa J [2m KVSSffi S'J *T|.J o u,. r *™we]l oeacjl'o Lucille uS . l?I i“ ° - *“ * , Jlul Woote ■» enl.Ue <iverCom: i£ . ca -. ull "= ™ crowded to to eecnro L**™ “Ooj penoni muble p tji* *.,oonnSi h* p .h?* P*-wnaaucs. Ths * e I J >PO ' jram, 2 ’ ?** kbtel« CU'ri TwUlZ£?**■£' ■•‘d celebrated P*lei. n«Vii£l t ' *“? Weataro a* Nuer fotrafier «« l »aS?nfhi#>* n *a dlfflcali T«Kectioj H* d approached neirer Itfc oit*n toe ccxjcl f 0 m , execution, tijsn DMA. Mr. Ua«Sto«£ l^»fO >u J**'* f * to Wlt- JwMkln’a ***’•> ■"<» MsSes r«’r-nr«DCetin7 -k/ creditable epproclulon’ of ? T"r J«<l dertcok. Mi** m r f QB «f OilvtrTumi u.7i .°, ?9 a • perljrmance tOf Character* Tue Bl«»^L** slh e( B ‘ Ocflnesilju of to ,o min f “f one.i ion or ice Iremieiit bncfe oreopuJ.*'” Vt'S.*" 4 '.“rniSS - Xr. Deb tokens the rear•!»«?£? oper * Tfoa P«. be* we ebaU bare ipf/ tow *** on >7 opera aettoa one, ot coarse eTt-rr „ , „ er * *l*s ** H ll me oalf will commence amm « fie- The troops day, December atih^sjid^li^ lll 0n Moa- P>lie doai.e. Ghloat“?d •« Mlo*a: contralto, Mad. ,# . ,4: pdaadbnaa “ d E /T*nl; bar 100™ Vnrf 1 “ nor «. Irf-e Siulnl and Co eul; “So s blwl » dioms nnaibert twentr, irht Bart ** The the orchestra la a very eflectlvl and member Slraboacb'a pleasant .oi 3 . 0 " who re ter mUj cel lorenelte -nd llhi-Pif^V 00 last win* Tn* Bamua coiinmw 10 w r adloea*. the Opera Homs 1* •*•*7 «*at in SISSISKS’ monJal to his wouh as“a KS tm 4o testl * be appear* a* Ibe hero of » * f « ra °oo creniagaf Richard the and ta the BUncteDo ipT^*?^ 01 ' * okd *J *laa •otafSpreJtStSJSiES;:; 9S* •«> auto ass&ssrassSaSftS^asst clue couecuon or enlnubf below SS3S-K Name. Tons Otloo, CU Chi.. 879 I Clijof Maoison. Cbl 360 Alleghany, cbl 583 ißpacobei. cm ....: nf w A. Sherwood, cm... SkjJirt Bet 119 Cl«Tt Maine, Clere Union, Sheboygan 434 MM,,.. U Utile Giant, ChL it 7“ Doiaon, ChL D. L. Babcock, Chi, A. Mother, cm. Union. Ohl. c°£* 57 Wood, Chi. P. V. R. Wauon, ChL Cyclone, ChL Shepard, ChL Tiger, Chi Geo. B. McClellan, ChL Cocatltotloa, ChiT Succeaa, ChL O. B. Green, ChL Brothers, Cbl Id. U. Le* Cbl. Eacacaba, ChL T?“ lj jndgments rendered S re Cmra "ere m follow: l . , f oporlor Conn. In feme nf J.mee Boren ' If 1 ;*” Koibtoon, f 153-C5 ; In I. Tor of (S ta K ”’“ “t*”* l feme defecdttl, tor C . l '™ ll Conn, nn tbo Terdlct of e lore In S3gSBBa«S Thomas Ryan. Larceny. PleaofmiliT DUuu * Larcenj> * Un- C l!eS toree l ]™/ &OP '” C * '"1 tome. Cm. B0 “0dcd from Bo* ont cauae, C Eo°lHe o Llis dbem-^d" 1110 ** mth * Editor TriboiS?*™' l0 ”' 11. ISM, pizazz b . n tr?‘»«»™ dollars a day, which <> •ta»*Vu** *od three «j?d lie P«i*ea connected with cobb “* , _ A Chicago Dsnvrn. I Editor Tribune Houi*, December 11. »»•“«« •rllcle on ss£s*g '^rik£" rs r r; -*«H tUUc practices unm& Boui tcuS S:, ep0 * SSSSSs'gSSS a»«ssfsgi mmsmi emss&^\ Prompta om. As'ffi fi&’Sa as; ;r»irKrrfiter r m^" c c.\;ri«i nsaagr^" ln "•• * >&•“<SiS?s «.Ai?J2?*V Uin« prompt In th« adjutant of Of the flm of B. p! J«coba j LOCAL MATTERS. x* ] gKS , .”?or°S , Sft*BSS & ?**xrK ft'sffiswss: fc/S-A Dwtmry a£ nwqiiSS jJs«? P it®2 D *? l 5 ,,1 * 0 n and Aithma narw «ift*.Vi*v C rts** B««ni la admitted by the nrofe*- eion to be the only standard o« didne that cm ba “i c t 7 •',' iSS.r 1 ' dr ““‘»“' ““• &sts™. “or‘?A.* pl k;' s. M &- d sis Wc£k gSig & C&uJ,T w » nt • BoantlfM rjml bShikJ^S” Mrdected Concha and noldi ... w *Comm?ffcl>? < P»« aa ? e 2 r Conjh ®® n,on f Colld, Mn its first stage: that which irß?^T rnloCWcnil(l yi * ,d 10 • “Ud remedy, 5 n^lS«?;^ n J ,r ®J? n P onli ' e,tt "ff*- "Brown's orCocoE aftrd Burners for iame°snd^ara^^d* &&&*£"“ * c!: kWi£ otft h^ ?* F lhioephonuod* Q.i? of I. 7ll6lroa color to the blood* in^° ,ph i? n,§ renews waste of thensrve tissue ’ healthful H?® d |^* Uve Qr ßana. One pint contains the rlr bjSt£Su““ ~;4Co- ’ New \ork, Boston, and all polntsEasL rvi Lake d°" 8o«aen» Railroad line. On? m. yain arrives in CTeveland at 6:00 a. m . Buffalo at L3S p. m„ New Tork at 7:00 9. e r?!i! I tt- ldnilce , oflho Michigan Central and 5 IT * t '^® ,Tern Uf ne. Gao. M. Ghat. Western AgeoL Ticket office removed 10 No. 33 Dearborn street, under Tremoat House. 1966. 1695. BuvCbantefor a Good limatment. —•The patent tight In tha Atmospheric Kerosene Lamp, in and tor the coenty of Cook, will be ofien-d for rale for a few day* on It. A rare chance to make money, and retain a highly profitable liQriseaa already establish'd la hereby offered. Failing health ta the only reason far selling. Wa Watnacc, 1W So nib Clsrk-aL 19 *xi 35 S 3 *3 Cl IS is 15 u 3 6 M IS Children Tmhing.-Themothsr find* n faithfel frteod In Mr* Wlasiow'e Uooihir- rel, ST a# wind colic, erflcns the gnnis and reduce* inS^ if?°L o °f... fa I d r r ??L ef •"d health to it comforts sad rest* tbe mother. "• .403 833 ?3a?i«C!^w J TSrt t Ro “ IJiI - Buriwi and Window Shad«a p ” c '*' F - E - ® FEOX MILWAUKEE. T. waaid-n. vt-nuia, [SpedilDeepitcb to Ibe CbicnroTriOMal szsls nrst! Agasis™ s J 1W; bum, altbSl cTo.lhJf ri,, t 5.,7 , *. , - J Ht Wanpnn. and will probably gn lo uluif E*'modemod,wltbaUabt not be etublUhed Mill fi wb««f „ _ beers Bm»»s Uioov. Ceorgta. becrehrr vj * * £i,„ Brow, iSraywjßiys AOlUBl£ tIB.NTS. G.we„„w,n. i . J^„. Mdtbe^i . VrT ,_ Uilduin. Th« Lcglfl]»{are idjoarned At coon. 1,.. Tlr»loia Ltiiiittare, sssis^wysr l ’* ,u,,uri " *«c» TT^f^ T ? I,Oltx ’ December 11—The East Balilmar* ffsasfts'jaasaas!" l w -«s CkM»...„ RM ,r,, lt(i fo Rcba||t loSSafri. 11 ' 11 !. •.»ciiou. ««J voted ■<*- HSHSiSpSSs Drammers, Pn. niaLJ Factery Burned. Woeiiea Mill Boned. SSs-M£ K’lo'ZSST 1 - At ”" tIU) b>Adj werT cm^ COITO.-U™, ext BK'V“"“! a fl«. *1» »ln ESSI" 001 ' *M IllijuS'tar'K •UK V&SSS? Bul.Viti* forTA-S 11 *?■** ,a . r v>"°.k™“„;;‘ 7ffiAV , r ;f- d ;‘ l •«»*>“ i rofSKS f«^UK”“ , i;„! , % I ;i, , ; o 4 SiS, : Kre - «i«j»»uo needy. et ni«J3Uc rtl mc * t *“ B * c °n «nlet. ml «*** for crede, and sl#a*c -DaU. • t M»3sc tor bonded. I>z«e*D Hooe-pail. «t »XaiBXC ttr Wettcra. ssuMTrm. Fionp—A larjre proportion of the u!m »*»■ am. ‘i l'J r wa K”-> £Otrul Jt Jjo, •Bu*4.Bxreeiy bid. laconaadoata griPMvm . lifely apecolattre, ahlppera haldlsg off. _ rsonatoaa. JSS?" ** °" i ““ ““ >t m.n X; n t w _ . BOOS. Eatlerat Sc. _ _ oaocrraa. 8Bt “ **■•**<> Maser and atoek* la »«r Tork. MoxKT-EAty. *1 S»7 pe/ceaL* o *** Dee * **• SSs^sssvsssu t u oiiijU-MTB. S5iSffi::::::::;® I? 1 * ■■ i &„y «« Mlchicta bootbein Blfc- i n onp "*** , ?lH -••"‘“i s»™ «««. in to creat a •trtnc*'iK^whlehl^?^ e .^ 4lefforu Thfrr were kid* eztraVanni -HfUL D< £ •oecesafnj. U fc£«Snof B l S a gS lh lta, & rl'j?' £*! 1c making monertlaht V&Moana^mTd!** ***<»*• PrimedUeoiaßatcvLrSS42? 1 f«Sr*. p*ld'orc»minc it. Ka ** J r eeat ww tlio i^Mm'Bssssi sSkF--= &SSff-Ss«- Ujc rreimM, u.a uu nocK.aSS.^tiSfSS'Jg

Oh^ e tvrt° Wla * lnc cJonaSrlc**: SKt-J&f,’".*, &*»*•— k. w. p«: ;:: SS »fn&s*sf sss'&aif 10 *“• American nicd£ S2SS? < Ki? ,^ od lA »m iteady at k. conaod caied Ores.rr ope* ed at 750. and declined to Ta. bnt Tt 1 *' I }° 7XI; W** bnilnew in mu I’-odc «u t torydon wh aetlre tad «old op no to 355. KS\S?»Jo r Sl?u“' d ‘ , “ 1 » SO - Stocsb—Dcanehoff Bna petroleum 335; SS3 BESIKS* XewTork Dry Goods Market, . Knr Toss, December h. *“«.aJ7 v ffood»n , »rfcet»boW3 coatldenble ImnMm. better demand, and all i**illb» roods which rmabepuiehaaedattte late preraU^ow^ewiS2 ss;sfswss?.sas j^^AawaT-ssfcta^^s ?** firmer and morr active. prlnta are Brm roraga goodtarenitboct material change. New Orieass Mamet. - L , , L . _ . OsutkNs. December I*. ."SSipSVSS 1 ?*¥ C; “Poru.B.Ao bairn; atoc£ * e-LSSi****’ S *leslbr ittiawt, ihoon k»i~, * -J^£?JP£7££“ rwe * ter * B*«M«*Ncr^Uolwam 1 . 40cs pnme *° cSoles eoaffic. „ There ta a rood demand tor Hoar, pork and bacon. Lam u aachanred. * Gtitl-Oau Cm. “«««“«««. Guito-dTX. New T ort Rxchaate \fr.V dUcocnL NEW TURK CATTLE MARKET. [Bfported 67 Tefefrsp&jßztiotlTelj tor tb« ChJnro Nrw Tot*, Fredar Etaiisj, December U. IML Bkxt Cattiji—There were yarded it a.* Timm wmtct there. Price* vmrcJ leco We«ine*<t»y. tow hire CHI off *e etaee. I??/??* i !® e * lp “ ‘‘XV irrre site cari, iM Id ** eiaonto this. fiances can tn apceM bvaninr Tnie vat ftjrlj actlrt, it Re a>f * «* U* far Ulr to »od*r*d» ; *2d SSSfS’SS bun*-oCalrtib Keen. An^WiS? 1 * ** roa « h * CUT# “ **»•«. «ltb B*h» l .’ c^T Ei,cclTed *>**7 » car*. The tsarkn h vc«k j»,a3SJ»e. bOLOT Bnafxwiy Albany Cattle Market, (Sped*! Dwpatcb to the Chla*o Ttlhaac.] FBEC7 CATTLE—There I* do rhaaw Uaoe yesterday la the cattt> market The norm* *: the Writ hare de tala*: som* of the stock trait*. r> that the total n> plj will sot exceed *,400. Holders ire ttna at the ad. °f >»® Wc y ft, bat the average muhty of the bare* U much better thaa but wee*. There wer* no meron* email drove* of CtrUtxaa* beera which brootht premium prtca, j. c. Johasoa sold S 3 had Richlcaa. arenciax *TO ft*,at7e;l9 head, aTeracta* LKOO ft*.at<j*e, asdiSbe*d.arcraclflg CO Stc. W. K. EeCoy sold SO had lUlnota, tTtntlac < *• itAc; «he»d,*Ter»pa«l^so*i,«The, *ad«had, areradne UO ft*. *t DOLOO. J.-Dalby aold m had prime Iltlnota steers, areradae 1,09 >■, ;u Byc. J. - Farthing sold S 3 bad. arermglar »*. at rj<c: a tad.*»er*eln< aa, *x 7j,e; 9S bead, averaging l.UJft«.at73fc;Sl hoadareraging 1.100 hi, at Tye; « bad, averaging USB fts. at 17JO; 83 had. averadag IJBO ft a, at 8c; ss had Kentucky, averadag IMO ft*. at9\c: 15 bad premium HUnol**aTer»giag ©*, at IC.H'c; ft bean Kentucky, tmdiir 1.4 M fta. at IS-25; SO had IlllaoU, averaging »*.at7)<c,aad IS bead, averaging L9O ft*, at 7*c. P. Ba*tm*a aald llheadKaiincky.aTeragiar JJooft*,atUv-. Jacoby * Co. told II head. averaging lASO ft*. at 10c. Clav A O', sold 10 bad, averadag VBd ft*, at loife. chcllaola U bead, averadag I.HO fts, at Ue, atlN had, averaging LSIO fts. at lCj<c. bDEn’—Demaad belter and price* Improved F ft. The raepe I* from <iid*hc. Receipt*. 4 jm. HOO&—Art TJiaSc Eecoott. 8,000. Miiwiuee nmn« [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbore.l Vo.* aim. December U. Flock—Aetlre and X&Sc bibber. sale* 100 brla Excrttlor »upmar winter at flilO; 400 brii Doagl** AocNe extra iprt»c at tIAfiO; extra spring. f» S; » brls Bye floor at JB.JS. Oeaia—Wheat act!rs aad *to 4c higher. Balm at 9 rao * i SfiiSto£E The B»| " rTIMII ', £^ w,o,^n i*sw3?S^E*« i»p«uii) t .p.i rt u >thoCllWoTrnm . Beci ateady tt D * ceol * r !<• Nfiagbfeted to-dij. .s: nfcht. The Bt £ ro^VVJ O^^ 9^ ler&eaaee wllthe deliver**** Lepwktareof proprUle cereoonlea with ap- John Dealer. O-e mo* —-iv _ . ■onie of the ooit d*meTSzT r A. I>6rflorm * 1 as"-"**- ssarMsjsasaK Ortcorf SlI k“t» Yo',,®' “4 D»tU rf? asa&'ia? lime met the »ta- Aahort SLS““"- •“*■ b “ u “» ihS r ,sr.p s s. t " * n.™ i ut room of i idppmiS frlrni? mSU.“°. rmn * ln Ul| mooe, h, hMo?hJ. pV“oo, tt ' »V l»<s of tEOM BT. PAUL, Crancud jrM.„i.., k ,„_ s the Mlnneapolu ChronLlt l A* ( 0f T® l ° » i?j«s>ssjs fbom Canada, ”* T, ■ «*■■">«! ~ Sf.otre«l. , ro|rortSliS7i7 r “'>«I*-«". 1 *-«". Jef C-Diil. b J. s wr«*>i"nc conragement lo Pouarfilni. tonUnf difMt “• ro,,™ °°‘i C * r ”"" tahlum Ij reported against Si® ConLoiSlf* n®»fiimoaa ment, bat oa a Naaonal Ctmrenrlon “paJ? ° P rot> ° }l ti thoßAht inch a committee and a part were wflling t d ° "® Markets bv Telegra] New York market*. tATKK SEW YOKE MARKETS. [Special Deepalcb to the Chicago Tribune.] lirwToir, December li. Tribute.] tLIHLI ft. Ko. ft to, Mietot. £tiilz^r *»«■? ■” “ •*“•»«»» Ho. li tußltoTroT J»ltl.T»l.7llt)rHo.l, o*l. «Mrt«efcl}.'o I.UWI « B» Jt.l 55^2? urn urn.., aIJ «SS B °** -Kn, ” r! 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Ezchaaca vpttr; 100 dlaeeoDt bnytac. par aelllac. b<< Lean Market. [Special Deapatch to the Chicaco Tribune.] hr. Lom, December U, Tobacco—Dull and enchanted. Piotra-very aedre. and Tr. os a’l rrade*. and ißrtnr at ®* C ol * doU Md Sc lower on all cradta. Oak flrm«r, it Bail*? Irregular j «m^n Wm*iTT—Active ana hnoyaot. at titidi yt FkOTxnosa—fora active; meaa attsiaj and nrim» atIJMO. Sboalden at (1&60, Lardateadr.atUaiSc. an upward tendency. "*ta Phlladelplita Market. Froc-nm... „..££££■"“• ■*• [ Buffalo Market* Toleda fltaraei. i>asaazz>Nooa-Better «7toTvc. Pt*tlil*bi ta Baltimore. December 19 ■tiJk^iisuP^/S^ 0 * ®* co °abonMeraat tham *' wiaSK TJ HIBRIB O. saSSafe^T^affl'sstfi'a FTAiler.&q. 6ABRA only dAagnier oi W. J. D^iaiag i >- 1 11.8. E. StoWlSßi A r*SSm& BS?- w - H- W.hb, Maggie k? A»ffiffigff£g£i.a cMl! » to - * nl »“ DIED FnnttA^BluV-place At Ihr Plm Baotlat Oinwh on snEcdMbnilce: Dec. ifth. at ii o’TinS * S2s*j ij :*ie lie.-. VC vr. Cv Jrtl n n Sermon i amusments, QKOSBTS OPERA HOUSE. JcoT. liyacnd. appearance of LUCILLK western. ORA.VD MATINEE, U J* o’clock p, m . When win be pmeated, . LEAn » THE FORSAKEN. —♦ • .Locale ’Weatftm latfceEreaifl*. Uj* fret: pUjof OLITEB TWIST. •lucille mans •Mlu M. E. Gordoa n«o. atmuton ♦McKee BabUb Kfttcr Srkw.. mi.T, Ff 1a... c vi Cg E K' b THEATRE. ..MAJTAQBRp :VICKERaMYEBa tut Afumopa tad er«,« nr 0| □lot Gre r i, E - ° r Tlffi mr “ WU. igrascr Ur. Barrett Mlss”±iKis'etmtgii?i.* nl CcmMlrano, rjOL. ivuoj’S lUSEDM. COL. J. H. WOOD . Director of -...Proprietor SUce Mtß»«Sr:. ““ X’Ja *• AJKKN wr * BABUT i*Mllon», mtlUftrt *V*7 01 «»• Moaday—Hip VAN WISKL^ 0 * 1 ’ or * JIIM W. - xn ra>e«r»H-rOBTOyio. Quusby’S opera house bateman concerts. two_niostb omr. Mondajr Creator, Dec. 17th, Tncwlai Creator, Dec, ISth, The cmy occadom on which TBE BENOWNSD ARTISTS m= w a. I rSOOIUIIUE FOR MONOAT EVEKINQ ffIAI’ATIK PABEPA and the Dgo with Madame wESr” B wtetheart f OftMlß PKKR&NTI wi.i tlacthe Cavatina.••Lam ai ... SMs ' r^: ~ «™i,.m MB. S. B. MILLS JIII. I AHI BONA xm ™ii , ;us'i'S i u , " CoK ' r “ ““'■Mil. e*G haa PiXa? Vtai; coocirti I l^, DCroR - C^S■o«wlc^^^'b^^>^^*^^^^' 8^™0^ Poor, opal .17.,-to conmriS « B™a,St“- '(-IRUam-S OPERA HOUsi MADAME GBIOSI ud SIGN'OB SUSISTB GKIKD ITALIAN OPEBAi Max Stsasosen. SIAEOH OF POSITIVELY FIFTEEN STOHI, OSLT Cooneacto, Monday ETZMSo. Dec. m. miLisrapL; ud production of * mth **« GRAND OPERA, sa'SKaa?,? s “• »«- •»■ UNRIVALLED ORGANIZATION' BEVENTF-FIVE FTBST-CLAss ABTISTS, !gpS“« Sn'iSSi to?to U» GHIONI AND firsiXl GRAND ITALIAN OPERA COMPAST. MMK. MLLE. PAULINE HADISS SIG.ETTORE IBFRE ig ERBANL SIO. GITEEPPE AKDAVANL SIG. AUOCSTXNO BGaXNiaod SIQ. COLETTI. _ BiMoßaloi 8 10. 8 ABTI; Lcc*r2u«d i|?2no S ol °wj la * rt B,facr ’ *«««« WK THE GRAND CHOBUB BOinbep. s lioronfhlj tr*Joel edactedTcJcw.aad THE GRAND ORCbBST&A COLdDOor.. 81d..VITOLiO hoapw ; Hot ZirsusAn CWinmer. “it. fiw.., ■'Up Hau»er... 81e-/BAxmxA OlfflA THE GRAND REPERTOIRE L* • A^w . „ _ will enmpftM oiomT* & A IWtttkJ °J PBICES; Dm. SEA®; "....■.; 1,45 ~Tr* CITO-.M KHtiiSi 1 " ThjA.r, cSfa.Bif ot,io eommoce. oc yuasrrrailSr Mr. n“£rs°“‘° r ' “> sus m 'citArtr. ’n-“*W« OIl^I J““ A.VD NEED, The BUad 8-, ‘ ° f °° MS 1»» 0-OOD SEATS tor toe BA TEMAN CONCERTS G KEAT of “®& s aSSS u *>»“*"«. s*S^S==: ite rsilt —first-das tnme 1 JEirtwa (Not aad fitted ■ n>. JTl!iT»,. com pear Lincoln Park. nho rpw't -A n«rw ttrvt-cmts, two-story iroJiE&SS s^ten^sw'Sisrtsyiassa reoalrad. F.r m toqolr. OSI I*o RENT—A block of two-story tnme . C»«Otnxi. entirely aew, nine u Bomber. pleat antiyaitoatanon the Sonh Bi<le, near the horta rail way, between LaSalle aad WcIImU. on Kn-rials. The •boro dwelling* will be rated ala low pnra to nxlta- TempSt 11 *** Aprt7 *° J * Bt,AHI *AN, 7 Uaaonie TO RENT—Br Wn D. Kerlhot. 80 waahlnxtoo-tU. five hornet on the aomnwett coratr of Bnbhard and Bcebea-ata. BenttSL with tha privilege of renewal, atw May lit, a* too per month. TO RENT—A house on Praine-av„ near ,-k Mxteeolb-it. Alao, tmeeor four roonu.mtihi* fbrfhmllira; rood location, and term* Inwtb a coed tenant. Xoqnlre at mntic atore. fll Waahlnrton-at. TO KENT—II yon want to buy a house, wnt * bonne, cr aell > honv or lot, end at oar of- T&ytgjgSiaStX ° lTtrll ‘ g - ofeisasiwu. 3’’o REXT—New dwelimcs, Noa. 10 and T£L RE „ N ' i ':- A seven-room home. In iKa t ssr n,<,> low- ™a 'T'O HKN'T—Warm, new cottage, brick aS* 8 5 clO«At j .pantry,'itowooe, n°p A nA r ,“fe°.l* ,ho, ° e - EoKent—stooms. XO itiiiiT—Rooms —Furmture and carrel for rale. In Co>V» Balldlar. I>earbora-*i. W J. D. AlfDEßS’Ji'i nwm Ko. 19, from 10 o’clock a. m. nntll noon? 1 TO RENT—Front chamber, large doi^ J, et adlolnlnr. with board, at 49 Baah-*tT T° —With board, a splendid w eat bide, within twenty dentes' walk of Cnirt Honae, near atreet cam. (Storm »" J.» trtbm* T° Rf NT—Furnished room. Inquire J- at No. 98 Bandolpn-et. 4 T} RENT—Famished and rooms, at 33 Thlrd-tv. T°„. h f NT - To a gentleman and Uls ay m * front room, aid in.tabbed, »nltahle for a tenUemao Ti?— And '“m>tnre for ale, two Urgeftoat_ rootna, on eecond Boor.near »>-t Court buneoC^ 1 CiS “ p ' ■ AaaTe * t Kooiia toRKS^t?” TO RENT—A tront room, with board .*2 * ■¥j£.\ t *£S Vr \ wlth } a Tera * Inquire « aa Nona gTo &ewt-,stores, Offices, See Tm?S NT r;? t S al s mwer and rooms to t*- °f 74 Coortolace. odbo. wjs^aro.sagpftgg^ o *■ oSSk * * TO RENT—-Store, and fixtures lor r> »le* oil »l 91 Budolpa-et. T°l h f 2 J T “ Fr^tt office, LaSaUest. three tipper lofts over forte. 3 (forth and tdflrm p . O. Box 2376. BUleet^or T9 n^™ T r Store on South Clark -st, AWnKffiftjr-8. pitch * co.igSS .leueeaad Umitr. O RENT—Store and dwtJhno 182 Sooth Well Mt. Inquire at 204 Sontt wVnilT 553315.“ iheWn **«»■W«SSS. I S , S f I RENT—Store—No. 100 Sfonroc-st^ clau * lore 'or office. K weet oi Pott Office. Apply a P t 167^onth^l^aL QOf Dewbnckfonndrvcon ■t K? e JE^* 1 N * a °n*t ahop,onJrSenon o’^nr¥^,J?f*si D Gf ,n * nd MedUon/ laqmreSf j Clara and Madlaon ata. Booms. Auction Sates. Q.ILBERT & SAMPSON, KA General Aocuoneai. 47 and|l9 Dearbonut. fine furniture, SEff CARPETS, PIER MASS, PIASB FORTE, AT AT7OTIOW, On Tuesday, Dec. 18th, at 10 O'clock, '‘""-aafsffsssMißSjiss* FIBST CLAMS FlaniTCBE SSjS^39S£« A’SSSU&S^^'fIS^BSSSS One Splendid 7-«etnTe Forte. SSS^-^s^.^rg*, QILBERT & aA_M Paul*! I AUCTXOJvEfJES. FOR CHRISMIS. Articles de Paris, I __ The Imooruuoa ol 7 Messrs. WEST el CDMPIGIIF "“ a 49 E “ fc ’ ffSr®a®Eej£ff^a "om»“ ubu ““”“‘ ■» *4S.M s&af’sf s i*2SSaSKS. , S!lssg?.* , ar ! Sf&SSl.ff S alZ'cSS* OBdbearifluia.b*MUftijiyi%MVn*rt^ii , ‘ w ’ oo4 Irol T PoUrtiedatoel iad z^^HrTcbo\^tnS^ a ' aUsi wtl * co. Irory aod peSii DboSSSS 0 ; mor °c tonreiDdrnl ebony tw,U; *»«••*« tsr ewe*, icent boiea. c f* eß,<lrei “’ 1 inlaid with pearl aadbahl nnift-^S 4 fflOT ! c> '* e * table oraaaseata lacreat Tanit?ris* f? Jta 4011 toilet nonierona to mend T4rt ***•“* other article* too cdezcrptlaUiebeatßtomtn pL ( l?- ca^2. ot 1,8 dopllcat b«a ciown Th«« Roods hare «^l SI, -A'" VEI - Tr oy style, dlaie pretta to m Bror»lwi e Js’..* a^iS?* r ** r * no t n t* f ®^ pStoSbuPiSf" wUI * °» •Ki*blß'S«« *Si _ i SygjgSiAaay"- w» A- BUTTERS <fc CO, 1 Auctioneers & Commudon Meml.aT.t. Palme B’s block, 4< *■’ 4a eandolpb-ht. KiSSS’Jiii •Director. _ AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY, Dee. Uth, at o'clock. *• - «alearoomt,44 Mil 46 BSdslpSat o **’ Battw * y* A. BPTTEBS * CO.. AOCfn. gPLENDIDCOLLECTION OF ELEGANT ITALIAN MARBLE, AGATS AND alabaster s T -o- T XT n -s- _ Imported from Florence by Sl*. Topi, atacction. mawap boots at auction. ‘ ’ ADZES’ LLOAKo. ' THE ENTIRE STOCK OP H. CUNSENHAUSER & CO. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. D«w MMojdock. at STORE, Tie stock comprises rrcry etyle and qnalitr. WiL A - BUTTERS a Co, Aneffa. WILL SELL AT AUCTION 6lorn,te. IMESacJKS; 1 -?**- QBltTliaS * S°.S2SS£S lt ß J r «c --, tcpsdat. dec. isth. isn. DAXLtj; U C«) I'l co iiMfa «J«« e “T- Appjr-to KOMBRT RAE,° 10 or lie Aocuoaeen. Office protein.. 44 l* J ■JFing roome CHAS. TOBEY, itAStfrACTUBEB AND DEALER Cf KICH, MEDIUM AXD COSMOS Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS. Sc. THE LABGEST ASSOBTMEKT tad LOWK3TPBICES of toy botue la tea w«t. tr* U It tbe SPECIAL rSTEKPST of every penos vtoUiLC roods la my line, to out tad eztmlce. 8" and 89 Sta(e-st., Chicago. iHarfjfnrr^ 'J'HE LANE it EODLBT Portable Circular Saw Mills, POE TABLE SZEAX E3TOIHBS, *■"“ wooa - BODLEri Corao- ct John ua CtocUrajtl. AppnmjfflrJjgirUTe XShSs£,?‘ gifhlaT publications. TTaYE YOU SEEN THE PRATER AT WLlir FO3GE, ■Jr, f f otdkjts, 73 6onu» CUrk-ct, diir*r>. • «*• ****** • Ateal ISstaic— (ffiig. i«ea. - IBPBOVKB. 1?OB BAJiE—A new, tiret-class 3-#tory ■ Inme «weU!r*ho«wi. fitted ne withereTdenri t>l® ecDTOßlatee. ooautniac Ihtrlen ramaT*^ *»,TJi N.ita cSrk-.t, WTraiSi S? s^SSietSS fr*uy. Apply to me premtaea. pw “* t?OR SALE—C ottage and lot on Van t FortMUMtt t«or»omi,onrulton-at,nearMmu.tty*. n »*i«~ a#Tm routaa. and lot ZilH, corner Hubbard • PtortMt. «VW. n. c. MuitßT * (X), riS auii Bfobw. Metropolitan Bioci. **w* C*OR SAU3—Cheap—A new House 1 Lot on Baadolpb-eL, 10 tho bestbataea rwr«<—» a«2*2Vifr «“« 149 WertaMSSSSSTorS ok sale —. ——- -Now. neat cottage, oil «. rnoatud cu««d vster. n Wi4*BL fS,«L hitf«.£tabm Ihertttoi: 1 ,«“P KliiiUj T. B. O. QOODirilxL Block, M*dl*ojnt, corner L*a*Ue. "TOR BALE—Very desirable Investment. ‘/'“nieprotwtjr belonelne to atentlemaa SHSs "C'OR SALE—A two-Eloiy frame house aaa BMadra^gsaasg ß * "FOE BALE—Neat cottage, C rooms, very J cheap Ibr cash. Handolpb-at- rear Ann l jM„jL cl*m locattcn. A fit* chance. who wants It. R. o GOOD WILLIE, Oil*Jilock, Madlaon-et. * X'OR SALE—Neat frame house, 0 ro fflaa. , sss»s* r 6Sr saif. jgfs,aa-ii^;. ouuDmuj - ° a> TT9?, £ALE— By De'amater & Handall. . rwo neir «od complete Sht vi .™lk ( £h..* ntll J! ld ® entrances; loU each &«*?»& SeC® 100 near ilpSSSffi t'OR SALE—Michigan-ay residence, JL north of with aU modem im provement!. horth LaSallfrtt. fealdtpcg. near Oak. gg»*«'oaWmFultoaaL J.D. HABYET, 7»La- FOR SALE—A new two-stoir and base ment brick home, of U room*, hot and cold water wVth aarbie maau»T«SS tot 5 avn xnos. LO *' &*»te Aetata, Ko. 4 Metro- D «“Iy new two-story £&SSIL%STu'&iS!S?£S P'f?lot on Monroe ttJSßS ?hS , rJ2r?i a -Si , 5 et * Meboitoa Mftmnt to belaid In wVifnfS’ Tin* mjom mSS.?. H£ZSSS,£ las p”2®«. S AM—House and lot, $6,000: ‘rSlg'lJSj, SJ JpOR SAT.-P. * ' JR SALE—A Urge and elegantly bn ill ipiiteiii sasae^fg l^*l ss.’saaras tnmpßovßD. F)R SALE—The north halt of Block hiring e front, j- • effect on Clinton »nd Jelerton-iU 11 * Ull 5 ? 8 i-7 5 J?“-.. A rm opportnatty for gco![y£i 67 Clena B. FITCg F 95 SALE—Foj a few days, 458 feet feaWis?fi»vafcte FTOR SALE—Choice Lot, on West F9is.S S i^T' r ?: n 5 lot* fronting F.9S. B 4^' E T® nteida J’ ro P e rty. near city F* BALE—Only a few left of tho*e jgrsf sasss 33cal 35state-<£ountn). aetot ud w,ao ~* luinoU, nemr r*Upo*d elthty Srw OI lcr— ’ on * 01117 **«, ana one o t fESS i^SS?Wdn» k UR Eichange— acres iSustocss fflfcanecs. Chicago. C»rtMß?t^m»sf o JSl. l, ? a * elnu ‘ B clt7<rf offer f °r the ftirsl- SsiSiiiiiP ijjjeSM 1 T^9il£ A ' L ? — 8116 stock ot hardware^ ssSSSS“«* i I 1?9? SALE—WeII located ctoccit nri I *UYDE MI-iMfioatt Waler-at. SUITS I f^msm pOR SALE—NewsDepotand Tor Store I dar «torr-rans VhSSe* Ur** ffoofl &oU ’ I S!£ SEiSSS omua - "3.'‘S&T'SfiSS.i; gsiiSi 770 R b AXE—one-luUi* interest in & flrct JTort£lS}n!i!S? D Mj!S|j f o " r *s;”/ Fo7!9rJSS°”“- Ucolan Ingoire U 134 PeLborp-?*' Forfartiier P«- ijoarfrt'ng, nt.t iir ** *°» “S R 9^ DrN ' 6 - One single and twS sas.^ pSS^S i&as/aa.'sg!. ■sssa s?iss? T>CARDING—A fp~- ' J f_ pleasant—- t few seotlemcn am find twitemma *ad wtft. tor |ps~sssiip namwlpeople.yUhoat chiirtr£. acr ** preferred, or »eaor»re»Uemw^^«^f , *2^“ 1 a « T « etna*. SSn&ssAasus T>OARDI2fG—For gentleman in a nri %.y family. Board flnfelM: l*c*Ooorerr Ata39two btocta trom aaS^LiiridSS! T>OARDIXG—WiIh Inrnlsbed and un* Jj ran tMrd front ro TO*. Hiubto tap lnJ wik or tirrle gectteaw. AIM o«j beard tt 132 £tt; s^r 0 * 1 * T)OAhDIXG—An unfunusfieo front boani ta > pflrmtetkaliy. atiyg Swtt Cnitor.-rtT* t?OARDIKtf—A single room, with - !*•*** « 313 F?9SiSR!S™ T !i? mcn ° f sort AA r ta permaDestbnilaM*.d«- wm " “ T>OARDIXG—A pleasant room fir table .j^/grcceortwop-tUetaeacaa bekadat 124 can be WDoao^w. ■ROAKDIXO-a pieisant from room, -I J l'’f£Ui>ed or nnfanJised. eta be with fv>.M «» gflS Weit Kandolptm. BeenaemntnirxxL™' BOARDUTG—Two tront looms, unfnr aiuird. alao three or fbor cenUemen <»«" s. of . ■«a MI *SS igacfriitcrg. I F 9 fpurtccn-horae rortA -4 'SSSSS™ F° R * e. 8, uu locomoSt* hi> e i2t« V* “* I , s * ad »bo *e ®tig^A p i?£iXa s f* , mllls ' crcnlar'saw «d_76 HonWm*luastoa-«L, *4 F£S^s.^ h 2SS 'SJ* nea Un » n<J 9o yfm utMt, power * of w. d. NicaoLs. ggaanttH-iHaU jtjetp! POOKBEEPBBB, BAtEgIIBW *«, TTTANTED—One acquainted with the f». Ikjnar bernea* can flu I smplaTmaQtaa lata, man, by applying to-O B,”Tnbna*offlee. \\T ANTED—As principal assistant in a » V Ooanablf k aradftay.73 from Chicago, a tnw*rr tor toe bubd Engtltb aod Flcocfc. -hMLSCU An.” Bux S49H. TJT'ANTBD—A smart, actnre boy, 18 V « orlTyeanoldi moat writ* ariod band and Ik- rorrret at £cnrea, ane rt-aido wllb hie parent*. Ad* aieaa COAL.Tntmr.o ogee. Sglantefr-jFamaU ftelp. BOUSE asaVAlfTs. WT ANTED—A woman to do cooking, ¥** w* ta a private lhmlly.A, 2E.7 > IrJTJh I S?. wnoc J* ft»n»Uh reference as to char itt&TrtbSl^igg^wv». Apply V\TANTiiTJ —An experienced person to —77 wfral housework ta a email femllr. to blebest W«t»« and a permanent place will BcWo«.‘ ApDly u Ncrtb Bearbora-st, comer ol ia/Aivlisu—A ml to do the work of T ~ or family—waah. Iron, cook, vuh di*hM_ tte inUk cow, am! keep thlnn •!fd J° om w bo can do lh*»e thinn welL aodbe pleacant ab°n; u, good wares wui be paid aada S?«Wom‘ ol ' r,a - iOPU«ia« Fol»fst,<Sr. TATANTED —A Woman to do cooking, Viii In a private family. A capa ble pence, wltheood rejerenrta can have a iteadv aiifl KrKya watrw ApDiy, for one week, at 30 Lak»«t, op tialra or ;yi patc-ar. u WAXTEp lmmediatel y coot htulnena D . ot portae Ur nnderatand their W A^TED—A good cook, washer nnd _VV iron»r. Apply at C 34y WahaaLaV W -^NTbd—A competent girl, who is .Tv a rood cook. Apply at 223 Korth La3alle-«t. iEmptogmenf agenn'es. X\T ANTED—I,OOO men to go South. roTrf——f3o a month ana blard; 21 rail- agffsr 1 "* tr^3pomtioa - \\T ANTED—A man from every town. ■A-o. 4.; asa?, s&s*- u •• \\7 ANTED—SOO good business men, v.’L’ tvl t i,VJfS?^i^“? a * tolaTe,tlQ bnalneaiat TOT ANTED—£S good canvassers for • * cook Coontr—mecharlca preferred. Theho»t \\7 -ANTED—A good,respectable, steady v* clrU.ttat under* tiads rookiar. An Xrlih crl pnamtd. Call *t 71 yorm Dearborn. W AN'TED— day, 223 men to go T P® DUI •• t*s to •» per mo-tb tid v?»nL Stoßd.” to OLMSTED A §*Fku„looM«s£S W tjsd—Bookkeepers, clerks, safest _J » .aen. D*nendCTi. conductor*, bruumeo, labor 55k* R^?J5i n *3? )l ii , s^*?' p employment cS» or ad or wortfnrnUbed it short notice. QMMtiitmffitai W a bookkeepers, 1 TV 3 assistant bookkeepers, 3 iDoto l W«n, TV4KP 3D “" Yonn g ,nen the country m. derE?^w?«2? tllQ * tlon *o web u bookt^ep. {rss,a" 0 p , r <?F W tS£r£ss.,f Ss^ff*MWsi-?aSSP^ Where. Amu now M a„ e iw u> ai&agarjlfA sswsa £ saaaeaaja^Sg TV"tSH?® — \ man 11010 every town, «N.. a-i&s TV c,erlt . 3 salesmen, rsuroiaa, aod £23 men to m South, vumiumivi fimeiiei^se:e W ■^S^^Sr^ < ’ olke t pcre ’ der!ts . snles gfSssSJaai^^g!^®^ gtgaanfrti-fittsccllancous. .^^E=|SnF.s™ W A i&i£iir A P an W«& a Bmuly pre , MJemAßdi borte« tai cattle, to ILLAHD JTOI/VW3 "* >"*»*. 7, WAlfTED—Know' Tnyselt— All ner prweßtaas*totn«*c7e»rJTr to T,a WDMt, CAKUSLE.':Slji^ £^SsS^^“iDA>< man B°°—*“ »« u»iif'LS. IllpSsPSig —To loan SC,OOO to *3O 000 re*l Mtate pecan tj f* 1 a ™ W*tL *s**lS < ? a ,n »W® dtr [ ItooiD IQ Be T tol«£» B1&Se. T 13 JAi ®3 MOBOA-V. ’rasa- *I,OOO p^ffW^Ss^sS^SWiVS konne for territory. So m H.”'/? 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