Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 16, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 16, 1866 Page 1
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Cbicaga ®xibant. SUNDAY. DECEMBED 1«. 1606. THE MKWS. Internal revenue receipt* for tbo present fiscal year amount f 1ia8,7W,R50. The total amount of National Bank notes aow ta circulation Is stated at fiS9S.tSI.939. A private de.patch received tn New York da Atlantic Cable, announces tin death of the Emprwa CaHotta at Miramar on Friday evening. No further Fenian arrests hare occurred Xn Ireland, and It la nowthougtt thalUUle further trouble will be experienced. The aggregate Republican majority on the State ticket, tn thti State, an the recent election Is officially reported at 55,770. The Georgia Legislature adjourned on Fri day. It is the opinion that the Legislature tarom a Territorial government rather than the accept ance of the Constitutional Amendment. A number of young women, belonging to families formerly In affluent dreamstancev In Georgia, are now cmplojed In setting type is some of the printing offices of that State. * The Christian World states that there are at present thirty-seven places of public Protestant ■worship in Paris. A* lew years ago there were none, and until quite recently there was but one (olera:«d by the French Government The oil wells tn Southeastern Kentucky, which promised so fairly last fait, have disap pointed the owners. The drills have been almost ■Unlvertallv abandoned, and many persons hare been ruined. Philadelphia has again become one of the most healthy cities In the Union, the deaths dur ing November numbering only 1.0*7, of whichs3o Were males and 487 were females. Of the whole number 4C9 were over five years of age, sad Uni ty-three over eighty years. M. O’Brien, a United States Army wagon "master, writes ns from Solomon City, Kansas, un der date of December Sd, that while on their way to Santa Fe last spring, one J. H. Tansey. from JlUnols, was captured by the Indians near Cow Creek, Colorado. The Board of Managers of the American Side Society met In New York on the 6th ins taut. Grants of books were made to the extent of 11,170 volumes, and in foods fibooo were appropriated for publishing the New Testament In tho Bevel- Sehoulan ’enguage, is Bcssla. A Convention of the German editors and publishers ot Pennsylvania Is to be held at Har risburg on the 27th insU, to protect the interests of German literature, popularise It in Journalism, and procure a greater recognition for U in the public schools. A Convention of the Freedmen of Texas Is ' called, to meet at Bastrop oa the sixth of Decem ber, 1806, for the purpose, as set forth la the call, of devising a plan of sgricnlmral labor, by whica tho soil shall bo cultivated, and their bread earned by the sweat of the brow, in obedience to Heaven's decree. Tbe Frccdmcn’s Saving* and Trust Coni' pany, ol Norfolk, b&s been reaping quite a bar rel '• in the uaj ol deposit* made by the soldier* 01 tbe colored regiment* which hare been paid off and mustered oot m that vicinity. Ibe Seventh Mulled Stales colored regiment deposited 138,000 in that Instimtion, and the Tblrty-s’xtU regiment «80,000. As the passenger train on the Dnbn-iue & Southwestern Bead was paeemg a carte, <m Tues day evening, the rear car ran off the track tad tolled down the bank. About forty passengers «c:e Injured, though none danscrously so. Among tb*m were B. F. Bonnlville andM J. i!ct»i:i,orcblca2o. , A private of the One Hundredth P.czulars, stationed) at Ottawa, on Friday received fifty The prisoner war tied to tbe cate by tbo thumbs, end In that position was flogged in the pr>*?ci»ce of Ibo entire gorrlson—for staring that Ccnada would be annexed to the United Stales before two years. Fifteen j cars ago Jndge'Bryan MiiHanpby be queathed rne-thnd of lib property In trust to the city of St. boob, for tho rclUf of poor emigrants and travelers passing through tbe city on Ihclr -nay to settle in tbe West. Tho present value of luc property la seven hundred and fifty thousand dol‘an>; but the “poor emigrants" have not yet received one penny from the fond. There is said to be a very large Northern clement in the population of Savannah. Boston men are especially numerous. They are treated well, andarc rapidly taking the lead hi merchan dise, pla».llig and lumbering. This last Interest wli! become a very importart source of wealth to Georgia. Her immense forests arc comparatively Baltimore Is maintaining its unenviable reputation for rowdyism. That city, at present, is tsnlbly afflicted wl'-h gangs of thieves and nick* pockets, who are committing their depredation dsv and night to an extent never before known. In some instances they have attacked ladles in broad dajlight, and robbed them of their porte mornalcs. A Paris correspondent says that many American families who crossed the Atlantic last nulumn. tMta-tnp that by settling down now they would obtain bouse accommodations tar the com ing exhibition on advantageous terms, are unfor tunately undeceived by finding that Irani the first of April no previous cngagemontwill stand pood, ttnrt froib terms, propoi Uonatoly high, with the demand for them, will have to be submitted to. The Mincrte of Montreal says : “ After the airetlolhU accomplices, Surra-t took refuge in Oarnnfl. where he remained in hiding for several months. Tbe police were on his steps, and more than cnee his place ol refuge was near being dls covered. Thanks, however, to the fidelity of his guardians, who refused tho brilliant offers made by some cf the American police, be was able to remain a! liberty UU the moment of bis departure lor Europe." • The Cuthbcrt (Miss.) Appeal, of December 3J says: “ A colored man and his wife and five children, were Darned to death In their cabin, on tbe plantation of ilf. C. Hays. In this county, on Thnreday night last. The fire occnrrcd about ono o'clock at nighlTaud ills *nppo ad that the roof of iht cabin caught fire first, and 101 l In upon Its sleeping Inmate*, before they were aroused to a reese ol their danger. The scene, after the \ bnrnlrg, I-* said to have been most bonifying." Many of the larger Slates might well envy the easy condition ofilarjlatd'a exch-’quir. The total debt Is f 10,7J0.809. The largest portion of it Is five per cent, and a considerable part only at three per cent, while the producUve Smlo property, in can bank and railroad stock, is leaving ns tbe entire debt the small balance of ibS7.IS9. The State also owns xmpro dccilve property to the amooni of SIS.COO.OX). Wl en proper legislation is had as to tbe last ium, which the Stale Treasurer thinks can cosily be made productive, il }• expected that the State will have a net Income ol (1,000,000. Dr. Jirr-cpli K. Borne*, Surgeon General, haa made hi* annual report lo the Secretary of ■Bar, some part* of which are of interest. The amount supplied to the Bureau was *5,3%,0.ri; the expenses were Ji,537,501, leaving a balance of f2£tf«,4B7. Tho moat valuable records of the De partment arc tbe mortuary papers, which com prise 10,000 lolto volumes of Hospital Bcgtstcrs; 47,000 of Banal Becorde; 10,000 Pay Bole, includ ing 250,000 names ol white ana 9),0W of colored soldiers. The medical history of the war Is being prepared with all convenient speed, the first vol ume bring ready for the preas. The official canvass of the vote of IViscon aln it the last election, shows a Union majority of 4.BtU In the First District; B,OW lo the Second; BASI in the Third; 4,001 In the Fifth; fi.s» in tho Sixth; and a Democratic majority ol 2,02- 1“ the Fourth District. The total rote la 131,7Jf1, of which7o,BMwcr©Union,andU3,4lC were Demo cratic, leaving a Talon majority of 23,W7—a va riation of a few hundred from the actual vote, I* consequence ol the vote of several town# not being counted, because uf their too late reception or Irregularities. Tho call for a Hirer and Canal Convention *t Bock Island, on tbe 37tb Inst., will be found on * -our second page- Tbe committee appointed to survey tbe route for extending the Illinois A Michigan Canal from Lahallr to the Mississippi Elver, and from the Summit, on the *ald route, to Bock Run, at Dixon, arc ready, and will mike their report at the coming Convention. The Con* vention is one wbleu should call together a large representation of the people ol Kortncrn Illinois; and wt: tract, by united conned and effort, they jnay be enabled to secure such rights and Inter ests and adopt each measures a* will insure a epeedy completion of these great improvements. A trivial Incident occurred at Lexington, Virginia, a few days ago. One of General's pupils shot and killed a respectable black man of «k«t town. On bis examination be stated that the negro had “insulted him." Tht* statement was corroborated oy spectators of tbe occurrence. The learned Dogberry who heard tbe case made the following points in his decision: That tbs laws of Virginia have always recognised the dif ference between the white man and the black; rt.t * «\tie «bm> may protect blmsrlf negro |y>fTiibf; that, thsngb the deed was clearly proved. It was the result of the menu, and be should dia- V charge tbe d‘Jurdant frdm caat^dy. Tbe Sdeaitye American, la introducing to ft a pundred thousand readers a full and illustrated description of Chicago's immense lake tnanel, t.fcM advantage of tbe occasion to speak thus truly of our metropolitan growth and greatness; 4 ‘Our exchanges bring us, this week, accounts of the virtual completion of a work of American en. - giseering which, for boldness of conception, an •rrtng skin, and uninterrupted success, deserves to be classed with the proudest achievements of the Old World, or of any age. The great ert pro. doe* market in the world, and the most energetic .and enterprising city on even the American conti nent, Chicago PM grown np lo ttlrty-eix years from a lair of wild beasts to a groat metropolis, under some of the grossest natural disadvantages that ever «**«** the resolution of any similar com - Enmity." A railway company in Wales, with a line -running from Uanymynecbto Shrewsbury, hat for some lime past straggled against some serious financial difficulties, which came to a crisis about three weeks agoila a most singular fashion. A debenture holder obtained a Judgment against tbe company, and a writ war Issued which the bbcrtS's officers terred by wising the principal elation In Shrewsbury, and the engine and cars about to depart from It. Tbe law officials refused to allow the train lo start, although many passen gers had bought ticket* and taken their scats. At last the hheriff was Induced to permit the train to •tart, one of bit deputies remaining on board in charge; but up to oar latest dates he had refuted to make any concessions In regard to tbe other i trains, and the public, both at Shrewsbury and the various way stations along the line, were ex ceedingly Indignant and quite at a loss. Many editor* of country newspaper* arc In the habit of folding bills, circulars, etc., in their papers and passing them through the mail. As these notices would be charged circular postage •ordinarily, the Poet Office Department has adopted regulations preventing, and all parties interested are warned to refrain from breaking the rales. The following is the regulation; “Fnblisaers of newspapers may, without subjecting themselves to extra postage, fold within their regular ls-ne a supplement But in all snch casa« tbe added matter must be a genuine supplement or append age to tbe newspaper In question, and of the same essential character, conveying I nteUigenee of patch ing eterJt of general interest. Publishers of news papers cannot send specimen number* of tbclr newspapers to postmasters and others, without prepaying postage thereon. Prospectuses of newspapers, whether accompanying the same or sent separately, are to be charged as circulars, and potlage requbed In advance.” FROM EUROPE. Yesterday’s Despatches ly Ccean TelegrajP. Government Claims Against French Builders of Rebel Cruisers. Ko Additional Fenian Arrests Reported. Death of the Empress Carlotta. FROM WASHINGTON, Internal Revenue Receipts for the Present Fiscal Year $158,700,939. letnrn of Assistant Secretary Fox from His European Tour. Financial Measures to be Postponed -* Until After the Holidays. eavy Fall of Straw at Various Points. Escape of Two Convicted Mur derers from Falmouth, Ky. FROM EUROPE. Uvtbe Atlantic Cable—Costa Guaranteed by Government In ibe atta Against French Builder* of kebel Cruiser*—No mare Fe nton Arrests—lie-Uh at the Basress Car* loin. Pjlbis, December 15—1 p. m.—The United States Government baa ordered the pajrment of one hundred and fifty millions of franca Into the court as security for the costs pending ac'tos to recover the money pnid for budding the rebel ships Is France. Our consul stated in court that much di plomacy was employed for obtaining heavy claims against England for building Confederate cruis er* at d for ibe depredations they had committed on American commerce. The Fenians keep qnleL No farther arrexta arc made. Stephens’ whereabouts Is a mystery. New Yeas, December 15. —A private cable des patch states tbst the Empress Carlotta died at Miramar last night. Latest Foreign Markets. Loxnox. December IS—Noon. Co sots ii higher. Quotations arc 83*. Erie UaU vay share*. 47; United &utes3-35(. 71. KiuxxroßT. December 15—soon. United States 5-50 bonds are quoted «t 75V. Litevool, December 15—Noon. Tbe cotton sales today were B,ouo bales. UlcdUng iplandsatlid. _ Ahtweet, December 15—Noon. I'etrolenru, &3 traces. Loxnox. December 15—Now Petroleum has demined Id. Lohdox, December 15-2 p. m. Consols quoted at SSv, far money. Los Do.-r. December 15-* p. m. United StatesS-R15.7134, Illinois CcLtral. 77g: Brie fCfiiiroad. I7K- Livtcpool, December 15—* o. m. The cotton market w** active soil firmer, with aa sd- Sales to-day reach 13JD0J bile* middlings, quoted at ll‘fd per pound. FBOX WASHISGTOK. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WasirmoTOV, December 15. - im rriaumT’g ougak is rax noLxrui. otnm. The President's evcrJng organ bu the damp* bad); over tbe pauico of the Dl-trict Suffrage Bill. Us leader ti>-dty Is headed with the line, "Hung be the Heaven# with Black," and doses with (he following paragraph; “Thisn another step toward the erection of a Yankee aristocracy open the ruins of the Republic. A fair wrecks more and so f;ir as this factional Congress can do U, the Southern Slates will bo reduced to provinces, the whites disfranchised, and the next step will be to dbxrocchise the Democrats in the North. TpotewLo were called ‘Peace Democrats' wilt first experience the eject of Yankee despotism, *hen will follow all classes of Democrats, and gradually the people of the country, no matter v.hat their nativity, no mailer what their political ••esUmesta, until New England alone Is the nor* tonics power." fKTKncuiM «s vusnw •MiUXft BIOT. The Kcw Orleans Ulot Investigating Committee have dosed their labors here, and will leave for ihataly on Monday. WZTUS&AWAL or vATUoxdox. "bo Secretary of the Navy, not content with what he has heretofore done to show his sab se.vletcy to JohssonUm, bis last tssu&d an order v tthdiawiog the advertising of his department from Urge number* of Republican Union papers, and giving it to journals of secession and Ultra- Democratic tendencies, among which are the Dus toniVef,New York Exnrett, Kcw York World, Albany Arffva, Cincinnati Enquirer. Chicago Timer, Ac. extox pacific raxuioad. The Government Commissioners were to-day requested by the Secretary to repur to Omaha wi'hont delay to examine and report on tke com- pleted ninth section of the Union Pacific Railway, General J. H. Simpson, U. S A., the President ot ibo Board, will leave Um city for Uut purpose on Monday next. KATJOXAt BAKK CtmnXXCT to the amonstof fStUilO was Issued by the act j-g comptroller of the Currency during Uw week making ihc toial sum Issued to date $300,533,877. From this sum ehould be deducted $2,001,473, being tbe amosnt of this currency cancelled, Paring the total citcnlatlon of national hanks at tbe present dale J21t5.13t.939. tocascur zusntmnaoara, Ibc disbursements ot the Trcsiury on account of the War, Navy and Interior Departments, dur, log the week ending today, were as follows V7*r Department, $3,033,415; Navy Department, psci,bC°; Interior Department, $197,009. Total, £3,593,118, DiOUX Axstmxs. Bids for supplying goods to the Indians for tho ensuing year were opened to-day at the Indian Office. Bias were pnt in by about twenty-five houses, Kcw York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and SL louts being represented. The awards will not be made for several days yet. emits roz. Assistant Secretary of the Navy, returned to the United Stales last evening, and will atop la Boston for a short time to make np his report of his European Journey. iiu or oorsnntfcrr ootn. Krw Yobs. December 15.—Washington specials ray a taajoi lly of Congress Is in favor of agßbrly bale of gold. . FISAXCIAL ATTAIEfI OP Tnz POST ornoi OZTAST **XT. The following slgsifiesot facts regarding the finaneml affairs of the Pott Office Department have jn&t come to light: rrevtoos to Mr. Johnson's de fection, the practice In tbe Department was to re fuse all clalmsof Southern Postmasters iorstamps <cnt to Richmond in 1561, la obedience to the or ders of the Confederate authorities, which orders were most cheerfully obeyed. The Government could not but stultify itself by recognizing this transfer of United Stac * property to the Confede rate authorities, and Governor Dennison would never consent to It. Nr. Randall has, however. Inaugurated a more humane sod conciliatory policy, and baa begun to relieve Southern Posi maeiers from this sort of responsibility. Tbe fol lowing Is one instance: **Dr." 8. H. Wheeler, of Nnrfrresboro. N. C., aent to Rtenmond, in ISGI, some J3SS worth of stamp#. Some time since he came to Washington, aaw Governor Denstaon, axd tried to have himself relieved from any re turns for these stamps, and was positively re fused. Tie made great professions of Unionism, '-was always opposed to secession," "thought U was all wrong," "loved tbe Union moat dciot dly," was compel'ed on account of the ne cefslties ot bu family, to stay at home and keep quiet, Ac, Ac On the same representations, and upon the recommendation of tbe President, Mr. Randall granted his request, he promising to pay the balance soon, which he failed to do. Soon af ter he left Washington he turned np at Fortress Monroe among ibo "distinguished visitors" to Mr. Darts. Here he figured In his true character, net as "Dr," but Coloset Wheeler, late of the Rlgbth North Carolina Confederate Cavalry, editor daring the rebellion, and at this Hm> of tn isCnential journal, and a person of great local tn (lueuce. He called to pay bis reaped# to Ur. Pavia and one ol his old and valued friends, and obtained a confidential Interview with talm. It is scarcely possible that bad Randall and Mr. Jobaon known bis true character that they would bare made him a pretent of $355 of Government money. TASTTB * V«v T,«v U 1, . , TT*..VI. Kgw Yobs. December 15.—A Washington spe cial rays the Senate Finance Committee will de vote the Christmas recess to tbe preparation of a Tariff blB. rarin uur. COLOBADO ABB BZBUAtXA will have to expunge the'word while from their ConatimtlOD tn order to be admitted. rrjicTioHAL cuukxxct. WAsmxaTOS, December 15.—Fractional curren cy redeemed, $319,000; fractional currency re ceived from tho printers, 8,000; shipped to the United Sta'ca DepOflCory at Buffalo. S33.CVO; shipped to tbe United Stales Depository si BalU more, *00,000; shipped to the Assistant Treasure' at Bocton, $100,000: shipped to tho Assistant Treasurer at frew York, $100,000; shipped to Na tional Banks, r.S5,Snr One hundred and «e«ebty-ove patents will be Is sued by the Patent Office lor ibo week ending De cember 13, „ zasi> um. Rvtimi* received at the Geeenl Laud Office, frensthe Jaacilon City, Karuaa lhal In the month ofKovember. ll,<So iqq D f nubile land were disposed ok NOOO of which were taaen for settiemcLi and cultlvauon under the home stead law: ard the balance, agricultural cohere scrip and bounty land warrants. * SCKATOU rOBXSTV, or TBXAS, TOUTS enarnrUKKTS WasmßCTOir, December 15.—Senator Rouens. ot Texas, addressed a letter lo his eon«tUsea<* to-day advletup that tbe people exercise their highest lirtnes in maintaining lair tad order, and *bow themselves worthy °f e better fate than now setas to await them. He says to them: "Be hopvlal and pn*h forward iu:uatriai puranlta. Develops the country and fry to amend your o«n fortunes." Dcracntrirr tjsito&s. Congrcifi having adjourned over from ytstet* VOL. XX. day until Monday, a luge number of Ibe Senators ac'd Itepieseptauves hare impiovcd the occasion to vialt fbe While Bouse and the Departments, both of which were very numerously attended. Tbo Treeanry Department wee especially lavored. the Secretary and hla assistant* having iilUc op portunity to attend to other bualueaa than tne reception of visitors OVUZJUKD Xjccnuos TO KEW ORLXAIB. Tbo preparations for ihc uxcmelonfrom here to Ne» Oilcans over the Virginia Central and con necting rollroids, are progressist favorably, and th» afutr promises to be a greet success. A num ber oi Pension and KcprcsenaUvca hare boon m vlled, and have promised lo join theexemefon ists, and sd rices received from severs! of the cities to be visit d are to the effect that preparations will be made to give the pa»ty a hospitable recep tion and hearty welcome. The eicur-lonlats will leave here on the 20th Inst. ■stTimiT. nETtxrs nxoetm. Tbe receipts from Interne; revenue to-day tad for the ikeal year to dale, fits,- TCfiJCS. BO rOTASCIAI. LTOI-LATIOB CXTIL ATTXS TUX HOUDSTB. Ills not expected that Congress win pais an? fir areal measures until after tho holidays. BXJOICIBQ OTTO TUB TIBtIXIS Of TUX UTmol BOX. The leading colored men here contemplate a mass meeting to rejoice over the passage of tbe suffrage bill. TUX COBOTZ* CISZ. Judge Fieber win probably announce his decis ion in the Conover case on Tneedar. axccnmna rou nannxaL jusk cincounov. The Treasurer of the United Slates bolds Colled Stain bonds as security for (be circulation of Na tional Banka for fain,«W,6so; for depositories of public money SSS^M 3 - 030 - cold nr me Tamest. Tbe Treasury to-dar bolds $9i,U00,000 In co'd, of which tweegr miUlooe are held on goIdT cei- Uficaiea. FKO3I CISCISKAXI. Death of* Prominent Methodist Clcrmoan —Fell Dead-Escape of Convicted Murder er**, Ax. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 CtKCuman, December 15. Her. Geo. W. Malcy, of the M. E. Church South, died at bis residence In Urbans on Friday. He tru one of tbe pioneers of Methodism In ibe West, bet went off on the slavery question and connected himself with the Kentucky Con ference. George Gray, steamboat pilot, fell dead of heart □lsi-are at his residence In Covington, Kentucky, yesterday. Alexander Plummer, James Barnes, and Alex der Bunn broke jail In Pendleton County. Ken tucky, early this rooming, and made good their e-cape. The two former were under sentence of death for the murder of Leonard Moss, about a year ago, whom they killed for his money, sl*s. The escape waa assisted from the outside. The murderers were to have been hung November 23d last, but tte case was taken to tne Court of An- Ecals, the decision of which baa not been made nown. Plummer is about six feet one inch high, and ia a stoat, well built man. Barn** la about five ieet six inches high. Billow complexion, and ±«s lost the sight of one eye. Colour] Wro. B. Gaw. one of Rosecrans’ Topo prtl'Hral Engineers during the war, is here urg ing Cincinnati merchants to assist lu the conttrnc ttou of the railroad hence to Chattanooga. FROM MADISOU. nmclfll Kelorns of the imteCongreiwtimal Election*— Itcpabticao .Vtnjoruics in Ibe {•laic 20,011.' [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. ] Uxnisos, V 71».. December 15. The Slate Board of Canvassers have made pub ;c ufiiclal footings of tbe result ol the district elections in the fctatr. Tbe following are the fecitgs in (bo dlflcrent Congressional districts: First District—Republican, Paine, 1 LITS; Demo craUe.BiowD.lo,29B Second District—Republican, nipkins. 14,120; Democratic., 8.533. Tnird District—Republican, Cobb. 13,W*>: Dcmocrauc, Virgin. 9X55 Fourth District—Bcnubllcan, Batch, iP.lfeicroocrutic, Eldridce, 12,0 rt. FlPhiMsfict District—Republican, Washbnrnc, 13,161; Deno ci&tic. Park, C.&IT. Tola! vole for Congrusaroen Is 121,710, ol which TO.tKd, is Republican, Kbit's Democratic; Rcpublicau majority in the state, on the amendment to the Banking Law, taxing shares ol stock in National banks, is 42,714 tor, and 491, against. The vote for the Constitutional Convention waa 25,4hl against SO,iC2. ProirrM ob tbe Union Pacific Hni'rasd. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Omaha, via CoraciL Btcrra, December It The hack of tbe Colon Pacific Railroad is com pleted for 305 miles. STO mile* have been accept ed by Government Tbe remaining thirty-five ruilea now await acceptance. HIOSI SEW TOBK. Ceticrcsstncn T<«itloc the City—Appropria* tloo loraNeirl'ou Office «ue—A «uoter rsrenn Distillery Dl*corcrvd-Exp:o«l«a nrd Lots of I,ife—Specie Shipments—The Tribune on the Currency Question. Nxw YonK, December 15.—General W. A. Pile, mrn.bcrot Congress elect the First District ot Pieeoun, to-morrow (Sunday) evening, win preach at the Old John Sccsl Methodist Church. General Ooxdon Granger, Hons. P. C. Beaman, of Michigan, and J. L. Trlmbfr, of Kentucky, are ,IC TVe Congressional Whiskey Freud Committee omsixed here to-day, butadjouraed till Monday. The Common Council toiluy appropriated colfa DillUan ol fo» «W* p>,f»«>4 W a OOn post office In IbeCity.Psrk. Tho Senate CoxnmiUoe on Pabllc Eipenaltnre< meet here Monday to n-ccrtain tbe.salartes and da lles of Frdnal office-holders j , Mack Berriocer waa to-day held In ?S.fOJ bonds to to answer ths chare- of keeping ao Illicit distillery. A subterranean distillery tu Hoboken was seized Ibis morning. A man was fined yesterday in j«ttev Citv foretorlngpeirolanmoohNprernh-es. E. M. Bruce died in this city 10-day of heart dlfccasc. „ Istw Yous, December 15—IU an crpioiio * of t barrel ot hnmic" flnld In the kitchen ol the Compton Haere, la#l evening, Iwo persona were killed and iK'pereous badly burned, Including Str. Complor, the proprietor, among the latter.* Bclmcrdlrrer'a slave factory, on liberty street. «bs damaged twenty thousand dollar* worm, la*l ntebt, by fire. Mackey & t’o's hardware rooms acre alfo burned. Loss JTO, f, DO. Ihc steamers City of Paris. Enrons and America took out to-day a million dollars in * J TMa* morning's TYibvne strongly favor# a contraction of the cnrrencr, andsa's: "Tbocxtst lug restriction upon (be power of the Secretary of the Treasury to •rilhftiaw legal tenders should he loustned. Congress can do the country no worse service than to let the mistake* of last spring gov ern legislation this winter. At least, let ns haves bednning; let something he done to tear the painted paper marks from the prosperity we really possess. I*l u» teel the ctonnu we stand o:i. lucre Is no eafsty in any other coarse.*' FEOH SIISSOUBI. A Fight with Bushwhackers—One of the Ruud Hilled nod Others Wsnnded-lleavy Snaw Siorro—Dtiwaiieleclloo Evinced at the Governor's .llilltla Order. Sr I.OCl*, December 15.—A special from Jefier* sen City says the bushwhackers came Ington In flute yesterday, under rommaud of Pool and Clemens. Colonel Montgomery de manded tho surrender of Clemens, and upon his relhfsl a fight ensued. In which Clemens was Killed and other ba*h»hackcr* were mortally wonuded. Colonel Montgomery ha* arrested several of the mwt prominent scccs-loilats, ana holds them as hostage# for the safety of loyal citizens. . . ... Sr. Joerrn. December 15.—A bear;, driving snow storm bas prevailed ttace 2a. ta. The snow is now fifteen inches deep «tth no signs of the stonn ceasing. Wind, northeast. Fear* arc en tertained that ah the railroad# trill be badly blocked. Colorado papers of the 7th ultimo report a band of Cheyenne Indian* prowling around living spring, forty miles Dorn Denver, with apparent hostile intentions. . f-T. lons, December 15 —The larce new eating houso at Smithson, on the Pacific tUtlroad, was horned on Sunday last. Lost, {20,000. Uis Ftateu that General Hancock baa seat a flatf officer to Lcxlugto'i to Investigate the pro ceedings of (be militia st that place. Jt Is reported that (be Secretary of Stale de clines to give a certificate to Colonel Swelizier, Congressman elect from the Ninth District or Missouri. Rain aad sleet fell here alt the morning, and about two Inches of snow this afternoon, with a prospect of a heavy fail of snow 10-ulch). The -row is from tbc northwest. Snow has (alien throughout Central Missouri, Kansas and booth em Nebraska, varying in depth from three to fif teen inches. Navigation is closed above here, and a suspension i* speedily looked fur below. Kansas CiTT, December 15.—Considerable dl>- sitis&crion 1* expressed among both Radicals and conservative*. at (be Governor’s proclamation -rationing militia in Jackson Oonoir. The pres ence of troops throughout will produce a stagna tion of bnsineu. and the heavy tax for tbelr sup port will stop the present rapid flow of emigra tion to (his section, ihe Sheriff of thU County pledges himself to serve any legal procaw re quired, with uennncta of needed assistance fiom citizens. Eight Inches enow fell to-day, and still falling. FKOH DETBOIT. Dcruh at a Newnttnrr Publisher—Bobbery ol a Michltu i tfitral Railroad title. JOmuJir, |dJch_ Decern v er 15.—Intelligence hat bceii received here of the death ol S. P. Gar* diner, ode of the oldest residents of Ann Arbor, In this tjtate, aod (be founder of the Argua neat- paper in ttit tom:- we learn, by a special telegram from Jackson, that the safe belonging to the Michigan Central Railroad Company was blown omo at aa early boar last evening. *nd • considerable sum of aioney stolen Ihercfrom. No arrests hare yet been tnaCe. fbom tibgiku. Dr. tfauan Held f-r Harder—Slot Be tween Whites and Nearer* at Psiimssih —Three Men Killed* Several Wounded, and Foar Buildings Burned. HicnxoXD, Vs., December 15 —General Scho field has decided to hold Dr. Watson for trial for the murder of a negro. Toe Coart bod previously refuted to hold him for trial before a jury. Three white men were MUed and several ne groes and whites wounded in a riot at Ports month. Va., yesterday. Four buildings were oomed also. Sesth Carolina l^glilatsrr. Cnuuxsroiv, 5. C„ December 15.—The Legis lative Committee recommend (hat the Constitu tional Amendment be iejected. The committee also protest against a call for * National Conven ts CD. , The Boose postponed the sympathetic resolo tlone to Jet Davis. Our new city railway was Inaugurated to-day. Tiraiutu Lrgialalure. Rfcroon, Va„ December 15. —Hie Senate peit-ed the Ilonae Dill postponing the payment of interest on dc&ts until tne first of Augostneat. Both houses elected on a Joint ballot a Secretary ol the Commonwealth and Audit ir of Public Ac cooois. There was no opposition to tbs present incumbent*. International r*o*tbcrn Council. Bcantwo. Pa-, December IS.—The special Con vention of delegates from tho various orthodox FonUiern Synod* of the United Sums and Canada, wtlch met here on Wednesday last for the par nose of considering proposition* for a basis of culm between the Synods attached to this branch • f the denomination, adjourned list night T&ey tave provided for the organisation of a new T ccicslaitlcal Union, to meet annually hereafter and to |« called (be General Council of the boDlhcm Chmch of N'rtb America. Tho repre teriauon ot th's body is to be based upon the i.ntobcr of counmelcart member* represented. The Convention adopted the unaltered Augsburg Confcadon aa li* coctrfcaj basK and in the course of Us auelou authorised the preparation and publication of now English and German hymn books for the use of the denomination. The utmost unanimity characterized t throughout. tbs proceeding* The Kerch Carolina Gald Mine*. Nrw Yoax Dscznxs Id.—Tho E/rcUTs Con cord, Noith Carolina, correspondent sirs: "Old California miners pronouncetho North Carolina gold mines far superior In wealth to those of Cal ifornia." Lure numbers of capitalists bad ar rived from the North and many of the mines were being prepared fur re-worktsg. Disaster(« the Mark rhanpUa. BrrraLO. December IS.—fhe bark Champion U st booth Mention, with spars And canvas cu rled away. City Nearly Destroyed by Fire. NcwYoMt, December ‘.5.—A loner from Port au Prince, of November 27th. says that the ell* of Ucragoano was almost totally destroyed by fire on the SCth. THE FKEEDMES’S MOEDMEST TO PRESIBEET LIE COLE. Letter from Harriet E. Bonner. (From Urn New Harm Palladium.] Our readers arc undoubtedly aware that a monument to the lamented Lincoln, to com* . memorate the great act of bU admin istration, the Emancipation Proclama tion, to be located at Washington, I has been for come time lo contcm- Elation. The idea originated, and has been J Ithcrto been generally sustained by the i freedmen, and too Aral contribution to the i monument (of fire dollars) was nude hr a poor negro woman in Marietta, Ohio. The gentlemen who bare had the matter in chsreCthaTe secured a design from Miss Har riet E.Hoamcr, the distinguished American sculptor, now residing in Italy, and the letter Irom the artist, which we give below, and which Is now published Cor the first time, gives a succinct and interesting sketch of the general idea of the monument, which she has ingeniously and carelully worked out. We may only add that the monument Is to be made of New England granite and bronze, and that the estimated cost will be $250,000. The following is Miss Hosmer’s letter: James E. Yeatman, President of the Freed man’s Monument Association; bm: In designing a monument to record the Hie and services of Abraham Lincoln. 1 have en- , deavored to express the Idea that the Temple of Fame which wo erect to hts memory, is bated upon the two great acts of bis administration, viz.: the emancipation of the a slave, and the rrctcrrstioi* ot the American Union. Commencing, however, with Ida early bislorr, 1 have represented the services of the President's hfe, in the four bas-rclle r s which surround the lower base, in the first—hlabirth; hla journey ihroucb the woods to Lis new home in Indiana; ami his occupation as builder of log cabins rail splitter. Cat-boatman and faimer, in the second, —es simnp-tpeaher. as member or Lcctsla tnre; as bidding farewell to hla constitu ents and friends at Springfield; and ns Uhlnp tbe o>th of Presldeix of the United States at Washington. In the the third—four memorable events of the war—the bombardment ofSnmter, the capture of Mobile and of Peters- Luig. and tbe surrender of Lee at Appomatox. Id the fonttb—the av«aasl«atlon, tbe funeral proces sion, and the final Interment at Springfield. Upon tbe circular columns which enclose these bae-reUefc, and crowning the first base of the temple, ve placed four statues, representing Ihe condition uftbe negro as it actnallr existed at ciil'crent periods of the President’s four years o!; first, as exposed In chains for sale; second, upon tbe plantation; Ihtid, as guide and assist ant to onr troops; and fourth, as a soldier, and a freedtnao. Above these columns rises an octagonal base, four tides of which contain tbe Inscriptions—Abraham Lin coln ; martyr President of tbe United Slates ; emancipator of lour millions of men; preserver of tbe American Union. Upon this rests a circu lar base, forming the immediate base of the tem ple, upon which is represented a bas-relief com posed of thlrty-frlx female figures band in hand, symbolical of the union of tbe tblrty-slx States. Upon this rise the fburcolumns •rf the temple, supporting a cornice, upon which arc inscribed the conclialng words of the Eman cipation Proclamation; “And upon this, sin cerely believed to be an act of justice, 1 invoke the considerate Jndgmsrt of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.* 1 . Within the temple, a statue ofihe dead President • esls upon a sarcophagus, and ib.d four mourning victories, with trumpets reversed, which guard and surround tbe whole, record the great sorrow I oi tb>> nation, stricken down at the moment of | proclaiming Its triumphs. II is Idleness to say that In so small a space but little study could bo given to details. Should opportunity be afforded me of completing tbe de-lgrj upon a larger scale, many improve ments and accessions would be Introduced; for Instance, the historical baa-rellefa would contain careful portraits of Individuals and places; in the circular bas-rellefe the character istics of each separate Siata would be preserved, and the shields, affixed as architectural orna ments, would have their appropriate coats-of aruis. The object thus far hi my design, baa »ecn merely to convey to you an idea of its general and of the manner In which I should propose to Illustrate toe history of the groat man. whose life was so rich in events that It only remain* for the «ni*t to give prominence to Its moat brilliant passage*. with what Degree of skill this has been done, I now leave you and others to determine, and 1 have thePonor to be. very iesi^tful trypans Lrenous, September 15,186 G. nrittiu abboib. Madame HcderaJorff has commenced a musical tcur'which will extend to the principal cities of Germany. Signor BetUnl sod Madame Trebolll gave a *0 rlcs of representations, at Rone, during which the; played the parts of Coant Almavlva and ito* rtna, “Bsrbiere.” eight times. It "as reported that Dr. Gnnz was a boat to leave the Royal Opera, at Hanover. Such is not his Intention. \ Mn. Johnson-Gracver, well known in America, and especially in Now York, has played In Cologne. A paper says about hen ‘‘Mrs. John eon-Graever, pianist of the Qoccn of Holland, comca from riuis with an American reputation. Ibis lady, a Catch woman, the wife 6t an English man, is undoubtedly an artist of bnt she ought not to pUy Hummel’s ransic, which de mands the n< plus ultra of strength and technical skill.” a be I iceo, Barcelona, Is preparing the “ Mnctte de ronlcl*’ and Zampa,” “ Aetorga” has bad a soeeess at Lelpsic and Albert has received an oration. Ml!c.lhorese Uebe, an Infant prodigy Id the vlolinlc •? ay, la to appear In Paris In January. She bns created a sensation In Slrasborgh. The first representation of the “ Cheraller de la Table Tionde" la announced at the Lyrique. r ihe celebrated cantatrtce. Mine. Gassier, disd at Milan a few weeks ago. Finn Lucca has been compelled to temporarily resign her appearances In Berlin, owing to Indis position. An opera by a doctor rejoicing In-’the name ol Muck, on the subject of the “Ijut days of Pompeii,” has been pot into rehearsal at Darmsta&L A series of eight subscription concerts will be given at the Chapel Royal of Uauover, notwith standing the removal of the court. Alfred Jacll has commenced bis series ol concerts Is Switzerland, which be is to give in the chief towns successively. »• I.’Alrlcalae” h*« been revived at Bom-, to afford the prlma donna Vctn-Lorina a chance Cf undertaking the ro/tof Vera-Lortna has been sun-ring from longTndieposUion. An Italian company under the direction of 11. Mrrelli, have this year, as on two similar oc casions previously, undertaken a tour through Poland. Mile. Trebellt Is the prtma donna. A mass for the lepose of (he b(%l# of those ship wrecked In the Evening star bas been said la the church of Faint Rocb. The church was crowded with sorrowing relatives, friends and comrade* of the unhappy sufferers. Hoeaml gave a reunion at which Carafla, Code field. the harpist. Mile. Nicolo, daughter of the author of “Joconde," and Gustave Dora were present. Gostave Do re sang a Tyrolienne to RoeeJnl’s accompanlmenl. The re-openlne of the Fenlee, Venice, so long awaited as a great event, has turned ont a failure. “Cn Ballo” was given to a cold honte; the Venetians tuned sulky at being provided with artists of s fourth-rate order. Ihe management has htd to replace the tcoor, soprano, and con tralto, and It Is now hoped the new arrivals will coodl'ate thepnnllc. Niemann and Wachtel have been alternating in Berlin in the chief parts of the "Prophete.” The impresario Gardlm is preparing for the month of April a auies of representations of Italian opera . at the Victoria Theatre. Be ha# engaged Tcresl ca Stela, Giovannlna Stella, and the baritone Cental. The third Gewandhsoa concert |q LetpsSetoofc place with the following programme: Hinders O mlcor concerto lor strmcad instruments, tiro violist and violoncello obligato. (David, Haubold acdtlerar;) two arietta* cab*' (Frl. Emllie Winter, from Carlsrnhe;) Sorata hr F. W. Boat (1796) for pianoforte aod violin. (David aod Reaocxe;) Mendelssohn'* “Bear my Prayer;” acd the ijmphoay In A minor. Carlotta Patti, The Paris correspondent of the London Star, November 21, says: CarlolU Patti song last night at a con* cert given for her by Monsieur E. de Giror din, at bis private residence. Rue Tonquet- A brilliant audience, composed of notabili ties of the fashionable and musical world, were invited to bear this new cantatrice. Among them was Prince Napoleon, 31. Dari moo, the deputy, Baroness de Rothschild, and other*. The general opinion on Carlotta was that her voice was inferior to that of her sister, and her face, Bom its extraordinary pallor, less pleasing; still, connoisseurs ad mit her artistic talents to be of a very high order. She sane the cavatina in “Linda,” as well as some brilliant variations of extraor dinary difficulty in tho“Carnivaldc Venlse.” accompanied by 31. Frank, and undoubtedly rendered both these arias with tree artistic inspiration. The latter are identical with those composed by Paganini for his violin, and which bare been arranged for the voice by Benedict. Carlotta asks 130 f, to slog at a concert; yet, notwithstanding this some what high tariff, is In great demand. The Patti family area perfect dynasty of artists; it is said that there is a younger sister who bids Coir to outshine Adelina, and a brother who is a magnificent tenor. John Blorrlaaey Give* Up Faro. [from the Albany Argus, December 14, ] On Saturday lost John Morrissey disposed of his interest in his famous up- town faro banking establishment In New York, and will In the future hare no pecuniary interest in the gambling transactions of that “ Insti tuVou.” It is intimated the! hfe will pursue a sitm'ar course in reference to his Saratoga report of a similar character. He still onus the New York boose in which the “ bank” Is located, which Is valued at (100,000. Mr. Morrfcsey declsrcs his intention to cease all connection directly or indirectly with gam ing or gambling establishments of any sort, holding that such example of momlity I? due from any person holding an Important public office. CHICAGO, SUNDAY. DECEMBER 16, 1866. THETRUSSEU MANSLAUGHTER. Trial of Mary CoosrllT- The Case Con eluded—Tie Eridenee—Argo meats of Counsel—The Instructions. The Verdict—“ One Tear In the Peni- tentiary. SCENES IN CODBXi The crowd In atlerda»ce on Saturday morning Bpoa tbe court where the fete of Mary CoagtW, oitas MoUta was shortly about to be set tled, was toaeste. At as early period, folly an boor before the time for the camtm: mof tie court, there was as assemblage of persona so great aa warranted the detailing of a police offi cer In aid of the bajltSa to keep the pc me. A large number of beetle-browed aud tomo scarred ftced men were present, and under the shadow of broad brimmed hats were to be seen a few of those countenances which condemn men in the Imagination of peaceable drisen*, the more ao If there is a meeting between the arisen and the possessor of the countenance In a seclnded spot. Promptly astne clock struck ten, the already well filled court room lonnd the presence of the partus to the legal conflict, except the central figure— the prisoner. The Presiding Judge wsa on the Dcccn; the attorney* were in their seats ; the bailin'# were at their porta, and the bystanders were *Ucnt, excepting always those who would lose the charca of rearing <>y reason of their op (.orUnltf of seeing the prisoner, as, under escort of the Sacrid, sho mould comb to resume her seat at the bar. Boring the morning session no fe male*, ssto one, was prevent, She a tall and rather sallow-faced lady, with on execrably fitting bar, trtmmed with green ribbon, pushed tier way through 'be crowd, w ith many anxious inquiries as to which was the prisoner. She would un doubtedly hare ascended the bench in search of the dciVncant—and Lad her feet upon ll* steps— bad not a bailiu kindly informed her that th? In teresting individual bad not yet been brought In. 1 be mark of disappointment on her countenance at the reception of this Information waa only equalled by the greater disappointment which * as depicted at a subsequent period, when, asking one of the prisoner's counsel to stand aside to allow her to take ft full view ol the culprit, be loid her she ought to be ashamed of bcreelf. 1 he prisoner was brought into court at fire min ulea past ten. The.* was apparent a greater de gree of aav.cty depicted upon her countenance than prevailed on the preceding day; but there was a mixed aspect, for there scemel to be some confidence, it Is probable that she bad nuoyco herself up with hope, in the opportunity to appeii to the sympathies of the jury by the re capitulation of wrongs, and when she aaw the fabric overturned by the ruling of law from the month ot the venerable Judge, she appreciated that the, like, aa he expreasedlit, a wife, acquaint ance of or stringer to. the deceased, must be judged by the .aw, to the extent which the mild form of the indicunent allowed. ti Lc-c she came to there were murmurs of 'pec ulation. Some In the crowd were already calcn lalirg the chances, and those who find a fascina tion Tn listening to the details of crime, or in the perusal of the last sensation, or the viewing of a tore, were os anxiously consorting together la convene as to the results, aa though the* them reives bad bees on trial and she were the looker on. The qualifications of <he several lawyers were ditcne'cd, aud the old halniutt of the courr, who l.aM-hea. cad the lawyers speak, were dilating l&rgeiv upon the power of this and that attorney In the case. The general result, so far as could belcaTm*lattheieporte«’table, was that every one thought the prisoner would be acquitted, or, ifcorvlcted, would not see the inride of the Pen itentiary. coxttjipt or com. All discussion was, however, hashed, when Mr. ti'iuon. of counsel for the prisoner, rose and stated that Mr. Robert Forsyth, whom bo deemed to be an Important wltnesi an Uls side, had con temned the sabptena of the court, and absented himself by goltg to Oswego, New York, alter ser vice of the process. For tho present, no remedy seemed to present Itself to meet each a contempt, and the matter there rested. WILLIAM DOCOLAM was then called on tbu part of the de r cnce. He testified os follows: Icsmelo Chicago August, 1633, aud have been an officer since M*y 2, 1355, enu was such on September Uh. 1 took charge of Prisoner when *bo waa bronghtlothe stauen; leooold (oink about nine o’clock, mere was then & spot on her forehead, red and a liitlo raised np, as though she bad been struck. He.* cJotbeawere kind of loose hero, (broatt:th« buttons kind of torn open. y, pid yon ever sec this person before with ber face blackened? Objected to on the ground "that till" has no ten* dcncy to prove that there was on Immcdiaio, or* cent and preaMog necessity to kill deceased. Counsel for pruoser proUura to show that prls occr v»aa previously attacked and beaten by de ceased, and to follow It op by showing that he bad assailed others In cornu cilon with tbit event. This to show that hivlnga knowledge of his rtls petition, his violent temper, and the absolute cancer of hu violence, the prisoner van justified, on an attack bcl»p made. to act with greater epced than in the case of an unknown or ordinary assailant. Argued on tie pan of tbe people that it cannot be shown unless the quarrel was continuous from the time of the occurrence until tbe moment of the horolcldejibire maklrg one quarrel, the enure facts concerning wblca may be enown. 'i be Court sustained the objection, on tbe cround that unless tbe quarrel were shown to bo continu ous iteould cot be exhibited, as then might have been time in which passion could cool, and in which repentance might have taken th* place of hatied and a desire t>» abuse. The Court, how ever, required that tender of testimony be made by direct questions to lire witness, that escb Diigm m order do objected to and passed upon. IT tbero should be auT objection to It tfc. Have you at some time before this last affray jcn. this uelcudaut with ber dee beaten and biulrcd ? propo cs to show in speaking of this ibat it Le had encti a woman be would teach her not tr follow him loanrpnblic place. Oojccted to: that the time is not fixed. Q. Did jon have any convcr*atlcn with rrassell, some tips? about 1 jea? atace, conccnucg UU hav ing licatea theprisoner? Objected to; mat it Is too remote. Objection ettriaioed became it la not hlCant, (hero being time for bia passion to cool. • Q. I want to ask you v»beiher, a short time sirce. yoa were pirsent In a nouso of prostuntloa kept by tbe prisoner, and received money to bear bis expense* ? Objected to, and objection sustained. Conn'd for prisoner now Oder in evidence that each w as the fact. Not allowed in. <v‘. State whether Trussdi a shirt time since, told yon b* bad a son by this woman at school at South Berd.

Objected to, and objection sustained, Q. A short time before (Ms beanucat Wright's saloon, did Troesell oner to bet yoa a battle of v ice Jioliic Troaeell was at tbe door waiting for yoa! fbe object stated to be to ehow that her being at Ibe place was by the procurement of the de ceased. Objected to, acd objection sustained. At Ibis point, one of tbe scenes which some vmee occur, to be deplored always, ensved. On the one side was tbe accusation that a counsel renreasn ed tbe gamblt-g interest; on the other side was tbe retoi t (bat that came well from a firm always employed by snch list clients. There were such threats as ore included In the words, “I «ill attend to year case tn time;” **L have no fears at alljol what yoa can do ;’V "We har* no tears of a man who got pay of gamblers to defend toe men who killed this man's driver.'' and such like. Of course it caused laughter among . the crowd. while it grieved tbe sensible ard reflecting of the anditora. When the matter v oald bare stopped, unless for a kind ly word dropped Irom the Court, It seemed hard te ray, but as U commenced, the storm ol invective subsided and tbe cave proceeded. VTots^xojrAr,ation— There was a very little spot on the forehead; 1 did not seeprlsoner next mors leg except as she went out of tbe room; ebe (ben tar* burn-ei and veil on. l*” uuvkci own iriicD. wjs. h. cnaimw ns* next examined, in mbsiance bis testimony wasas follows: I reside at US? Indiana avenue; 1 am a clerk in the Chicago Tmatnrs office; I saw prisoner on one occasion at Seneca Wright's; It was on (he occasion of (he killing: I had lost got tbrrngb my work and was going home, trying to catch a car, and when I got in front of Price's sta ble I raw a r. e!J dreared woman step out of a hack and co into the saloon; I thought that was a singular proceeding, so I thought I would see what was going on; 1 looked over tbe screen and saw her go to a crowd of mm. She spoke to one of them. He took hold of her arm and turned her round with her face to the door and pushed her before him until be cot her outside. He stilt retained hold of her with hu left hand and drawback and struck her several times tn (he face with his right flat, and somebody irom the inside took bold of him. lie had hold of her maatie and tore it about half oftol her; she then got away and stepped to tbe other side of the door and he got loose from his friends and came back and took hold or her again and then he struck her again. Then the put her band In her breast and pulled out what I thought was a dirk and ran it In the door at him. 1 (hongblthatacurloiwwaytoaactdifk. I heard no rcaOri. She then tamed round and I heard the click of a revolver beirg cocked and she fired again. Then ebe went into the saloon and I heard two shots after that. ] then went into the stable way and saw a man lying on tbe floor on his face I think, and this woman was lying down on top, o! him crying and holloaing. She said ** Ob, my George l—toy George have I killed yoa V' Cr«tt<mrir.anon~-l was on thj north side of the sidewalk. I did not s>*e Win. Price there. 1 did not notice try one standing there particularly. The first time be struck three or four times. She was ihen outride, down on the first stop. He was Soiled in, and ebe did not go In again until ebe red. I can't be mistaken of this, unless she went in before 1 got there. Imw her go in when she fired. As she commenced firing I moved further on, and he was Inside then: 1 could sec some portion ol him. 1 think be hit her because I saw it; I d’a not bear ibe blows: 1 coaid see his band ami that it touched ber face. I looked to see if the fist was doubled. It was hla right hand and with the left 1 (bint he had hold of ber shoulder. AjrJtir. TTilton— (Diagram exhibited.) X stood a tltilo to the cast of the door when she shot. Conneel lor tbe defendant oficred now to prove tiat two year* since this last summer, Trua*etl teat and Jmockrd down the defendant, and beat her brutally In the street; and at the nm* be so beat ber he cad upon hla person a deadly weapon, which fret she knew. This was objected to, and (be objection wai sns lalned on the ground ;hai mo time was too re mote. The evidence nu ihns dosed. Mr. Wilson tbm proposed to submit the ease without arrument. Mr. Smith declined the otter, stating the Prosecuting Attorney deemed H Us duty in a case of this importance to lul&i all bis duty. orcnxo anoewerr, retries H. Beci. Esq, then sunned up the esse for the people- la substance be said that in order to Justify the killing, tbeie must bave existed at the instant oi lie Lomidde, the reasonable appre hension ol great bodily harm. Counsel then recapitulated the testimony, com mencing at the sending into the saloon of the not* to Trxsicn by the prisoner, ridatl&g the arenm- i stanc-s ol her proceeding Into the laloon, and fol lowing dpuo to the tussle between the panics in the pa-bug her iron the saloon, and the firing of the shot ontstde the door. Tbence he carried the defendant to the falling of the deceased. At tbs t'olm of i>o tint shot the testimony on tne part of lie peep’e Is that no one held her. Cora mecui:g i.ow upon the testimony <if the defence, be marked the rartance bet'eca the slate meet cl wltresscs; two men present, with equal op portunity. state tbit iney saw no blows given, when a third witness describes lire blows, and yet thes.- blows resulted only tn s slight mark upon the forebead. He would cot accuse the last wlracsa of perjoiy. but he belK-ved bl» to be pwt-lj mlstahin. Here again ho died the statute to show that tbekllliogmust te an Imperative necessity for th-- party killing to ki»l to prevent great oodUy harm, in this case, after heme unshed out of me saloon, she does *>> t avoid a conflict, hut she fol lows up the party, making herself me asmlauv, carrying herself beyond the purview of the sut ure. He held, in view of the law. there was not snffl dent JuetiaeaUou. even ofabarefaar An as sault and battery will never warrant a homicide. Eta theory as to the delivery Q f tne mortal wound was that it waa at the time of the second shot Be referred to the opening of Mr. Aaay,to show that it was made np of statements ofihc intention to present evidence which was tnown to be lll— gal sco ir Admissible. lie paid especial attention to the Tetter which the prisoner sent to the deceased, to show that when the homicide an committed, she was bitrsttos with jealousy. Shewt that time bated him, and to m»ei him she armed hcrtelf. Bad she been Indicted lor Darter, iba Introduction ot ibis letter would hare aSozded a cine to a motive, and vroald have been a Krone evidence of malice orcocuae. if justification coold mcccsafully be pleaded in Ibb catcLtbeono longer was lUo safe in thU coni' acuity. Upon the slightest ororocailon a flying man ml»fat be shot cniil a lam] ball plereen hl« body and laid him belplers. An scqamal in aneba care aa this would be an invitation to ignore -- - - • • .acre existing lair, and to retime again the <npi me right which had been yielded up by Iho inafridutla of every community for the coamoa good. it an assault were made It wu inch a one h« did rot come wiurfn the Unor of the law, aod in the abaenev of direct proof of the Immediate* sesa of danger be demanded the folilmentof the law usd the vindication of justice. Toe endenco ofDongtata went only to a ehght bruise, and It waa aneb a mark u cuold not vindicate the violence of attack contemplated by the statute. In conclusion be reminded the jury that a duty was owing to an outraged community, and he heeded them to be ware not to allow prejudice to lake the place of conscientious lodgment. Ibe court then adjourned anal two o'clock. AFTERNOON SESSION. The court room was Jammed with such as de- sired to hear the arguments ot counsel. A new Ingredient entered into the composition of the audience, as there were present uot a few of the senior mtmhcrs of the bar. There was al*o the two females of the previous day's presence, aud ■till the woman with the sreen ribbons. These constituted all of their sex who were in tho court room, and to them were given front teats. ■ VTbvti the prisoner bad been produced and the lur* called,' Mr. Roberts. Wilson addressed the Jury. He, as Is usual, spoke of tho Jurors and the reasena why these bad bees selected of all who were presented. They had been taken on their honor, aud they were only asked to act In view of their oatna. Be intended to argue this case from a stand point higher than that occupied by the prosecu ting attorney, who bad referred the Jurors to the mulls which must loilow to them u they acquit ted the prisoner, when they resumed their places in the community, lie would direct them to that final tribunal where their oaths are registered. This ia the case of a' deft-ircelesa woman against whom the power of tbs government is arrayed. In eucb a case the stronger power Is booed in honor to produce all the testimony for the consideration of the Jury, and yet, here, witnesses endowed upon (he Indictnsem.wbo were ere* witnesses of the trans action, bad been omitted to be called, and no ex plunfcUvvi of 'he omti-'lon Is given. The- main 'titties* Is ore Seneca Wngbt, who aweara to a ten years' acquaintance with the deceased, and yet never knew what Ida occapaion ncici nu«- w— was; and yet Mr. Patrldge. who was * party who sought to quiet Trasacil. is kept mthcbackgTon&uaudunncard. On the testimony of such a mao aa Wright be would not bang a 4 °chrl«Uln tells the truth, and Price tells it as he I aaw; one saw the blows struck, and the other taw the hand raised. Could It then be possible that Wright did not see this t Wfct-u the prosecution was commenced it was upon the theory that the flr«t bullet waa the fatal one. Now the people’s attorney has sought to change his lactlca, and be claims the second shot as tho Mai one. Why 1* this! It Isa victual admLaion 'bat Ibe first shot was Instilled. This was met by another point, for U the jury bad a reasonable doubt as to which shot caused the death, then an acquittal was bound to follow. Qc should also contend that Ifthe first ebot was jus tified, then all further firing waa m like moaner Justified. Be contended that the scene following the death, the evidence of immediate contrition, and the crying aloud, and the dis parted mood, proved that. In killing, she was impressed with the necessity of her act, and me tonow she felt at tho itccosuty. Be dented that Trassell was fleeing when he was first shot, and explained away the absence of marks of blows u-on the prisoner’s bee by the statementthatthc'cvidcncc showed that he gave not the full force of his arm, because he waa to some extent restrained. sm. c. a. rostra speech. UK. V. Mi. c. It Jones followed on tbe same side. He renewed the question down to the consideration as to whether tne assault was of such a nature aa to raise a reasonable apprehension of great boduy injury. Be argued aa new points in tbe case, that there were silent witnesses of the fact that a vio lent assault was made. These were the rending of the prisoner’s garments, the breaking off of ber breastpin and the loss, of her bracelet: and the prostration of herself after the commission of the deed upon the lifeless and bleeding body of that the first shotmnat have been tbe one which caused the death, and this being juati fled he defied conviction on the others, for on an assault no division could be made. No one could be competent to say when the necessity of slaving ceased to <‘xlst, and to her rearing imog isatSon it must have seemed that death alone could save her from abuse. By the first shot she waded Into tbe adventure too deeply to draw back, aud to escape from certain vengeance, it wou : d naturally seem that an advantage gained must be followed up until she should lay her as sailant at her feet. x. a, abxt'h assbzsb. Mr. £. G. Aear concluded the case for the de fence. The point ditcnased by him was the eject of the existence of a doubt which should acquit the prisoner. He confined Wmaeif exclneivcljrto this, exception when bespoke of the prisoner, in whose behalf he made a vigorous appeal He examined the evi dence, to ahov that most s doubt. He claimed the'benefit of an rlbnhw, and called epoa the Jurors to remember the leni ency of the law, introduced as an offset to the technical rules which baa of necessity to prevent fraud being adopted fortssfiuaUuUuU otuth fiCllft ol justice. rm clofcto Aconocrr. Mr. Sidney Smith dosed Use cue. The routine of bU remarks were given over to personal mat* ten, arising from the coono of Ute trUf, end It <ms sometimes interrupted, until by actual inter vention of the Cooit, it vu pat s*; aid to. For Ute purpose of attttmiw to SCrectt their eHfwt, the counsel for * _ h ‘ l rl /nMMf w« me. ■?«-* —e pnsooer, when be opened bis ces when he finally argued it, ..... ooorpeTmeeell was the seducer ol his I cuent. Be made a series of charges against him I who Is cold In lus tomb and cannot reply to tbe I Infamous attacks on him. Uis excuse was, if it haj not been for the technicalities of tbe law be would bavc proved these statement*. Did they ofiier to prove that he was herscducer? No: and they bad no evidence to prove the proposition, antf it had so truth tn It, and they knew it was I false when it wu made. This woman has turned out to be a wo man of the to*>n, bat that the de ceased brought her to that condition he denied. Better for her tad she sot fallen, and better had It been if be bad never seen her. In 1957 she came here as a woman of tbe town, and a year or two Tears after, Trusaell made her acquain tance, which resulted In AO Illicit intimacy which has bad an unfortunate ending. On the -<th of September, IrusaellJeavlng come from New York with tla beiae, .nbejtecame lesions of him. and all K ow uM& women of this description bo be come, tuey alon. Under the influence of ibis pa-sioo she caused a note to be written to blm: “You have cot kept your path. and 1 cannot keep mine. 1 want to see you before t break U. and moat." What else does she? She pats the letter in her pocket to accomplish her purpose. The same girl that wrote the note gave her_tbe pistol. Thus armed she resolved to take hinnrom his business at all events, she had sent for “Shanghai Lharlvy, 11 the backman. and him abe directs to dr ire down Randolph street and If ha sees Trussed to let her know. Hi r will is iccomplithcd and de ceased Is seen. The note Is scat in, and TrnsaeU Is engaged in business. He reads (he cote, and says cothins. This the hackman reports to bet—and he tells her that Truss* 11 Is busy a< d should not be interrupted ; even febsi-cbai Charley.piollie's backman, bad as much Sropnety ob to know it was not an occasion when c should be Interrupted. At that »lme the driver ol Dexter came along, and she told him to go tn and per Urn out. The driver did so, and Trnssell came out, told her be was buy and could not be interrupted, and then rctmed to resume hU btul rtfj. Is test improper? Next ebc became furious and remarked, “IwOI go in and bring blm oak” She rustirs Into the eiioon, eelsca him by the collar, and says, “George, 1 want iou.“ DnooobtMly this era ted blm. and be rushed her toward the door. Who then is the as* Mulling party? What could be do? lie pushes her toward tbe door. She cot loose from hun. or be from her, and he returned to the saloon. Did tbe go home? No. Even although Seneca Wrig&t, at her request, had promised that he should go to her house, she re toms again, and teaioN put out, he returning. As he got inside the door she started to pursue him, draws a pis tol. unta it to his aide sod snaps it; be retreats, and seam she »toots, and the bullet goes to Urn heart. Then he exclaims, “My God, lam shot,” at the fame ume retreating, when she still pur sue* him, filing at his back, and he falls to the ground. Under such a state of facts he asked tbe jury not to allow toeuuetvcs to be swerved by passion nr prejudice. This prisoner must not oe acnolUed because she la a woman, and on this point be would, as he must, leave the responsibility with thejury. Suppocmg she had been struck in the saloon, that affray bad terminated and the victim of her fair bad retired from her: bo had shown a dispo sition to avoid a conflict. In such a state of case the only doubt was whether ibis woman should not have been in dicted for the higher crime. Conceding, however, every fret testified to In behalf of the prisoner, be held that a clear ease of manslaughter had been made out. But Trussell had not struck her. Every witness, save only one, so testified, and should the imagination of a young m---n be taken to contradict the evidence ot so many persons u bo were in actual view of the whole transaction? It is cnnectsaary to call attention to the fact that three wUncsse* ior the people and two for the defence swear she was sot struck. At tbe last moment a young man comes on the stand, and he is mistaken, as mistaken as the counsel, who says he, that Is but twenty-five years ol age..ived in the city thirty year*. This young man say? blow alter blow was delivered by this desperate man rl"ht to this wpman't face, and the old sot hear the euote. Can it be true that this wo man's face cannot be disfigured by these blows • It is not true, and her fsce was not bruised. The young man saw the alltoy, and be saw the upraised hand, and m his 1 (pagination be sees ths blow. But Mr. Wilson complains that more witnesses were not called. Why. be asks, was not Pat ridge called: Mr. Assy got the case couttnued thst he might preouce this man- when this case esme on the prosecuting attorney asked Mr. Pat ridge to meet him to the library, and that gentleman did not respond, alibourb be was in consultation with defendant's counsel all the Ume. Why, knowing what be could a wear to by means of this coninhation, did not the defence call Imp to the stand? It had been said by Judge Wilson he would Ukr to refer this ease to a town meeting. Sneaker did not geny thi*. for the court, wuere facts must be heard, 1? the place they would have avoided. They don’t want to talK about the facta olthc ca-e, because these facta are conclusive to prove the prisoner guilty ol manslaughter, and iheonly doubt that can exist is whether the evi dence might not warrant a connexion of tbe as to which shot had the fetal efieetbe considered Immaterial tor discussion. The first shot being anjasilfleo, It makes no dif ference uhlcb one killed him. tn* nrurnnenoss. The argument being closed, amid a BuesceUiat CC Jndpe , Wifco» rote and delivered to ths jury the toe ev : deaco toil the def-ndac* killed Georec Tm- 1 ;U. as charged to the indictment under the Impulse of passion, excited bv provocation on tbe part ot George TrusseU, see that the passion was irresttbio, ana the de fendant killed blm under lu influence, yet this is no legal justification Cor tbe oflesce charged in arc further Instructed on behalf of the reonlc that to make the kUUrg of Truasoll by the defendant to this case justifiable the jury mast believe from tbe evidence to his cause, either that toedasgcriothcdclendcntil the time of such vu lux »as to tact so urgent aud pressing or thsi tte circumstance* existing at too lima of such killing were such as to excite too feat sofa reason able perron, that in order to save We or to pr - vent great bodily hana the killing of Trassel bv tic attendant was absolutely necessary. U/cpan the whole cate, regarding the law ttod the cvidtuce. as given by the court and urodneed upon the trial, tbe jury entertain a reasonable doubt ol the guilt oi toe defendant they should acquit. Sort doubt must not be m*rcly a possibiU Urof inrocrPoe, but s substantia] doab' «f gui L. The jury are luaanctcd that Um defendant is on trial upon a charge of nunslanjpKyr, for causing the death of George Troase-', by shooting him in the left breast with a pistol- shot, and not npon any other cbarce.’aDd tost If they believe front the evidence that that (hot was fired under circum stances that Justify h*r, asset forth in other in structions. they should acquit. If the Jury believe,front a'l the evidence In this me, that the lint shot fired at Trnasel, by defen dant, took eflect In bis len breast and produced tbe mortal wound, and that the defendant was justified, as specified in the first and second instructions, la flriejr ' 'be first shot, teen they are booed to aenuit tba defendant, although they Day farther believe from tbe evidence tbe was cot Justified in firing the soc cr.d at <j third shots. If tbe :nry bt Ueve from the evidence in this one, lb#t tac defendant, at the time she shot Truasei, bad reasonable erounda to believe sed d’d helluva she was In Imminent danser of jjre*l bodily Injury Bills hands, and If from the evidence the jury believe it was absolutely necessary to scoot Trnssel to save hereell from great bodily Injury at "hie bands, then the jury should acquit tbepria- cner. Justifiable homicide is the kVDhigof a human being !n necesaarv self-defence, and in this case, if tl* jury are satisfied that the circumstance* at tending tne killing were sufficient to excite the fears of a reasonable person, acting to self defence, and if the jury farther believe Cram (he evidence In the case, that the danger to the de fiDdant wnseo urgent and pressing, that in order to prevent her receiving great bodily harm, tne firing the shot at George rnusel, as charged la the indictment, was e'wolutely necessary, in order to prevent Tmssel from inflicting upon her great bodily Injury, and that the defendant at tae time offimigihe fatal shots* charged in the indict ment, really acted under the Influence of reason able fear that aald Tmssel would then Inflict upon her giestbodlly Injury, the Jury will acquit the defendant. . The Jury mast. If they find the defendant guilty, fix the term of her imprisonment in the peniten tiary for one year, ora greater number ot years <o he specified, or for life. The court room wo* thro c'eared, and the Jury were taken to the room devofel to their delibera tions. This was at five minutes past six. The prisoner waa shortly after remanded to the county jail, being escorted on her way hr the rag-tag and nob-tall oi tne crowd who bad listened to the speeches of the afternoon. At twenty minutes past nine o'clock, the Court rearsemblea m response to the summons of the Jury. There were then present a couple of score ol men who bad patiently waited to Court, re solved to sir it out so long as tbs gas homed, or, perhaps, so loop aa the jury were In retiracy. One old ticWuf had m progress a charming nap, which extended to bia losing a view of that which be tad waited for. ... . . , ~. The prisoner came into Court la custody of the Hhcrifl, almost simultaneously with (be Judge. Her costume was somewhat altered. In place of the mourning cloak there was upon ter shoulders a mink cape. There was cow a nervous and anxious, and some what worn appearance. She took hr seat as though in fear, acd yet there waa a lighting up .of hope, aa her counsel, Mr. R. t?. Wilson, only was present, and to film she tamed an appealing glance, ab though she would learn trom him the result of the jurors* dellbetalios. The verdict was : “We, the jury, find the de fendant guilty ofmanstangntcr, as charged lb the Indictment, ana fix her term of Imprisonment at one year In the penitentiary.” „ A The prisoner heard the verdict with apparent composure, but there waa per cepttble a great emotion: a grand disappointment; a crushing out of long cherished teellng buoyed np by promises ot more ftvorabte results. The jniy was then polled, audio answer to the solemn question pnt by the Clerk ol the Court, “Was this sod Is thia now your verdicts” each Jnror answered “it was and iscow.” She watched and watched until the last juror spoke, when her bosom heaved and sign alter sigh was beard. A moment's rest and Ihvn she (arced to the Sherlfl, asked him, “Arc you ready tot mo now?’ and went hack to her seclusion. A motion tor a now ti ial vaa recorded. And the Court adjourned. SPURGEOS OS CAUDLES. An locenlona Method of Convoying ISellskoDß Instruction Lecture by the Great Baptist Celebrity. A Liverpool paper Airnlshea the following synopsis of a leciorc recently delivered by Mr. Spurpeon, the celebrated preacher of London, on “Candles.” Tho Importance of the candle as an illustration Is proved by many references to Uoly Scripture. This being done, the lecturer proposes to show of what things the candle may be said to be emblematical: 1. Seven candles of different lengths lllns- Irate the seven stages of human life, teach out mortality, and bid us 44 work while It la called to-day.” 2. Candle-box! fall of candles represents many churches which are of no service to the age. As the candles are of no practical nse till lighted, so churches arc useless till heavenly fire lights them. 3. A number of fine wax candles, not lighted, looking down with disldaio upon & poor rushlight wb‘o*n is lighted, aud thereby doing more fine neighbors. 94. An Sullt candle, woich, placed In can dle-.Vjcks of nil sorts, yet gives no light in ony one of them, shows how men may lay the blome of their own uselessness upon the position of Ilfo lu which they are placed. 5. Trying to light a candle with an extin guisher upon It, well gets forth the HI effects r*r piejttdiw to preyciKm^'TO l ! Uceptiou of the truth. . .. , , Q. a dark lantern represents those who do not benefit others, because they keep t aeir light to themsalre* ~T. A candle protected from the wind id & lantern clear and bright, pictures tbe watch* ftil providence of God over His creatures. 8. Represents a lantern with a pane oat, slowing thereby that men who trust to their own strength have an opening through which the wind ol temptation can blow and extinguish their light. 9. A dirty, battered lantern. Its filthiness rendered conspicuous by the light within. Is an emblem of professed Christians, whose Csnlls arc noticed the more because of tticlf profession. iC. Isa lantern with cracks In it, through which the light gleams brightly, illustrating the fact that very great gifts are often given to those who Lave very weak, trail bodies. 11. Candle under a bushel. 13. Candle tinder a band-bos through which the flame bunts its war, an emblem of the Christian's grace coming forth strong er in times of persecution. 13. One candle lighting another Illustrates Rod’s method of instrumentality. 14. A small taper lighting a great candle, shows bow humble Individuals arc able often to influence greater, a* John Owen blessed by an unknown country preacher. 15. A candle blown ont while an attempt is being made to light another, shows bow acts of Indlfcrcet zeal arc often chocked. 16. The night light, which portrays those kind and generous women woo do good to the sick and visit the homes of the poor. 17. A noble was caudle, over which a sheet of tin is held and made black by smoke, but being held by the side, acts oaa reflector to increase Its brightness, shows that we should not be constantly striving to pry out our neighbors’ ftnlts, font rather acting as reflectors to Increase their splendor. 18. A candle of great thickness with & <tnall wick U au emblem of a man. with great talents and little zeal. 19. A thief in a candle is like a besetting sto. 30. A sputtering candle ia like a sour-tem pered, crotchety map. 31. A candle in a common guard illustrates the need of watchfulness. 32. Snuffers-speak ol the need to take away our “ superfluity of naughtiness.” 23. Small piece of candle on tbe “ssve-all” shows how we should use all our talent far God. 24. Burning the candle at both ends acta forth the profligate’s folly.. 25. Steel filings dropped upon the flame of a candle produce sparklets; so afflictions are often made tbe means of a grander display of grace. 2d. Two candles of different heights; the shorter one behind the longer, casts & shadow; by putting tbe shorter candle In front yon get the light of both. This shows bow they of high degree should recognize the aid of the must lowly. 37. Light Inside a lantern inscribed with the words “Take alight,” Illustrates that those who have knowledge ought to comma. nic&te it. ... 38. A chandelier bolding a great variety of lights of various colors and sizes, illustrates the unity of the church in the midst of di. varsity. The pnertefl Wire. (From the Detroit Free Press.] An Interesting couple, giving their names us Mr. sod Mrs. Palms, took rooms at a boarding-house In this city a lew weeks since. At the end of the first week, board becoming dne, the party failed to appear at nopper, and were accordingly sought for la their rooms. The wife was round in a par oxysm of distress occasioned by the pro longed absence other husband. She said he too threatened to leave her, and she feared he had carried out his purpose. She was among strangers, without the means of reluming to her friends or paying her board. To a late hour of the night her sobs were beard, ceasing only when the last boarder bad retired. Her grief was Inconsolable during the days that followed, in which no bnsband appeared. The distress of the young and interesting wife, deserted by a cruel husband, awakened the sympa thies of the boarders, and a handsome sub* fcripllon for her benefit was taken np and placed In the bands of one of the number, a susceptible youth of eighteen years, who volunteered to make the presentation. He called at her floor and made known the object of his visit. Mrs. Palms, overcome with emotion at the unexpected kind* ness, leaned her head upon his shoulder and wept in gratitude. The interest awakened grew stronger, and the young man, seeking to mitigate the sufferings she was undergoing, offered to escort her to places of amusement. She retdlly assented, sod for several successive nights they might bare been seen occupying a private box at one of the theatres. The confiding youth, at her solicitation, advanced her a sum sufficient to replenish her winter wardrobe, which was to be refunded when she should hear from her Either. On Saturday last the landlady determined *to seek for an Interview with her' lady boarder, and solicit payment of two weeks' board then doc. and learn her Intentions for the future. With that view she knocked at the door of her room, hut meeting with no response, she en tered the room, wnlcb she found deserted. A dilapidated old trunk was the only article left by the female. Since her sudden depasture it has been ascertained that the husband and wife together left the city by the Southern Railroad, doubtless to try tbeearac dodge on feme other trusting landlady and sympathis ing boarders of some neighboring city. Ira .Aldridrc, the black American tragedian, played Othello a few evenings ago to a Paris au dience. is the theatre of Versatile*. ami had an Immense enccess. Be played his part In English tod the others responded in French, NUMBER 193. %&atri}ts anir Jmefeg. gPLENDID STOCK WATCHES JUST OPENED FOR HOLIDAY TRADE, At Greatly Reduced Prices. 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X&terrlew can be bad at the bant leg bc«e cf CUSHMAN, H AB OUT A 880. P'REE LUNCH. EELST SCIHIAEIAS DastestepenedaoewSolooi. at ]9-i Booth Clark-ah, where hr will bo bsprT to m bismetd and lbs pabUc oo MONDAY EYESISO. st vblcb non on will set • Free Lccch. jQEESONS GIVEN IN DccaJeomaniD and Was Flowers. Otdera lor Qirtftmaa sad Xew Tear's PSES EMb cion-ptly attended to By hflSa JOSTSS. OC Sute-stt. Ortl noor son lb of Polz-ct* op-• tain. olographs. UrpHEKE'B NO PLACE LIKE THE I OLD PLACE, where TM WAT Merer act of bMrAatuactortry treated. H B 3 OJU’S, lQBlAk»4t. Ciple* enlarged aad beiaUfnfly col ored in on, a' very cheap rates. Card rhotopiph* only 81»S0 ft* Poaeiu PHOTOGRAPHERS AHOY! % Ure pßotoempbfT M Brjad'i Art OaDetr, ,»& iiVMt_ODt that txadenUad* Solar Cußfi twain work, end who on make the b-twn. tlYeoiaoyman In tie business. Apple fnoiMlnulL watrf coloft or Indu iok loattiic nilnt COZfTi. .i^ jaanteb. r,iA AA A A reliable business man, ligssHi ogee. —— T OANS ON CITY T»n at. C3TATE. PARKER ft LTMAAVN o*. 13 *ad are new prepared to neeoUaie tate in UO* city, through tbdr coirtspoadcn.* laltcw York aad Boa tea. TO LOAN, $4,000 For Three or Fire Tears, on firs'-cl us dtr property cent. A. J. iHasnnir Notices. jjl The lAmaaioonimCßlcaUonof H. W.BlcsJow Eodce. Nr. 425. A. F. ft A. 11~, WOl be held Monday Er?SnJ. toatottu* I'3k«cS.-£. w.m, ■ Wat, w. Lock* Secretary. 3Ebucatlonal. QAEL ‘WETTER, Teacher of the German Langnage* Will yire leasers at tbe mpecttTe komea cfMa pnplla. pood retereneeu of premia cat clttma oaa be *lica, BOX 1110. grg vSooog. jpOB THE HOLIDAY TRADE. GREAT BARGAINS mmmm 167 & 169 Lake-st. Sill and Waol Valencias For 25 Cents, COST FIFTY CTS. TO IMPOST. A T.r^TTQOL FRENCH MERINOS Tor 56 1-4 Cts. EXTRA QUALITY ALL-WOOL Empress and Merinos For 75c. r 671-c, and sl. EMBROIDERIES. ■mm to. gMß.sPTAMntmus- FIS K LAC£ SETS ASD QDKFS. POINT, VALENCIEXHE, MALTESE ANO CLUNY. Gcntlfpo&’j iV, L O. BIUtL) InsreAl i'aiUty, Hals, Printed ud BcsuUlchod. RICH SILKS, AsclmUdiioclscJ CieTjitcst mod Choicest Styles of SILKjS Imported. CLOA S. S ! Bjch Velvet Cloaks of the ucwc*t demicas. Embroidered md Beaded Cloth Sccquca and Basqninos. SHAWLS, rrcath CamcP* Ilslr, Paisley. Cashmere and Bich CUsck tinbrolasinl Shawls. JUST RECEIVED, A large assortment ol KID ftXOFJES, - NEW COZsOSZNOSs WHITE ELD GLOVES AT gl^3. AX ELEGANT ARTICLE FOR Christmas Presents IS TOE ts LADIES' COMPAHIOHj” OF TURKEY MOROCCO. ALSO, mj3GAT«rp cards or MOEOCGO-OOYEEED SOISSOBS (Each cate containing thrr*ilze#, cf the bm.t BaiuT Steel.) S 3 THE (’AHE. Sloliaaji presents. GOODS. HOLIDAY PRESENTS PRESENTATION SETS, WATCHES, diamonds. SCUD SILVER SET3,&o- Yv. M. & J. B. Kayo, JEWELERS, No. 101 South Clark-St., Chlcan-5 3iu.nj>c ana oil* &K WARE, a superb assortment of SILVER-PLATED WASC, Hfaaotnciarcd bp the Gorham Manufacturing Co., (Trade Mart) GORi'AM JCFT.CO. SILVERSMITHS, OF PBOVIOENCE. H. I. This ware la the ft rat of the kind ever prodasryi Ja ttla cr.ctjiry. and radeatmed to *nrp*e« any made hr Elk. Iccton. of Birmingham. Dime. of fhemeUl, or Chris- Pam. la quality of atul, plating. Tiritly of degiiit ocsigns ana amah, we commend » to larorable ODcriaertdon. Weareßreparedtoßnpplythe reqnlremeoTsol feml lIM. hotels. at icanßlactorer’s rates—lbe cost ert trat * partition only added. We cherish a laudable prido In belnr the Introducers or these rood*. a* they mm a vt;t tocr felt by Der aors or relied u*te. to whose rood opinion and oat# ronijewcare Indented. * *** These rood*, we e?alm, are in perfect harmony with the b*antirnl an*, which we bare aimed to embody tn all oar jrcdnetlotn of Jewelry and Hilrt nran. JJKEEJiNTd— GIFTS J GIFTS i GIFTS! Fit every ore that buy* a picture ofeanrfy at J. H. Bt’BTlb . 174 SUte-nU wiu receive a protect, vary tcK tn pneettota id cent* to (XI. rtciagea Virjbjc la price from 60 cents to (2. Al-o, mannfacm*« and Mi’s the cheapest HOME MADE CANDIES to theclty- X-P. A fine aMsrtmsit of French Candles always on band. r DON’T FORGET THE NrsmEß, 171 STATE-57. jfot tijc li)olfaans, GRA2TD REDUCTION OF PRICES FOB THE BOXIDATS. KRS. M. A. HASBHOOE, 11 ft Soutai OlArls.ast„ Would ascoonce to the ladlea. that in order to reduce »lo*a. preparatory to A»naal Ive-Icr, she wltl.tor the «3»oU:pJIFTEEN DAYS, oiler cTtxj article la her large ttd desirable Block cl DRESS TRIMMINGS, NETS. SKIKTSN T-ACES. CORSETS. WORSTED a, HOSIBItT, KNIT WORSTED GOODS, FANS. MILLINERY GOODS, HANDKERCHIEFS. THREAD, STORE ARTICLES, AC* At Greatly Ecdawd Prices. tST Hem ember, erery snide la MA BRED DOWS’. TTOLIDAT OOOUS. SKATES, SKA.TES. Gc’d pun, Facer Flower-pots. Wreatbs, Dried Flow ers, Mf*** ni Powrnet*. _ _ ELLIS'®OOD « BUADLT. lagwaiaitncMU jHugical CONGS AND BALLADS OP ivtlug pakepa. Eo. l-Fire O’clock la the Mart lag. 3 •• 2—when We Westa Gleanln* & » 3—Why Wa* I Lo-ikln* Oat?. 3 - 4-BUC. mrtle, siss •* m Voais'i Lore U BouU. ....I • 7—it >(«!«*« Secret. d »• B—i Cunot Bio* lie Old Sonus ;l M S-6ri?Tß lot Fcr Me. 4 Jat pnolisbed by kOOT* CADY. Crosby's Open Hoot e. CTUcago, la. ■gEST ABE THE CHEAPEST. LIGHTE’S PIANOS Hare been awarded Twenty FIRST PREMIUMS, to gether with the Ulghost iTrmlum at iba American Wcra** Fair, atd at Jhe ate lowa and Illinois Bute Falrr. la competition wlta thi meat celebrated maun taetnren. K. B.—Plano add on time. Payment received in in stallments. becond-haod Pianos rtcclTed la exchange lor new. w. w. StSXSAX.I^ lousiness vtarts. MAILING COMPANY, Nos, 2 and i HicMgan-av,, Mumfactnren of Salt and Healer* In Barley and Bya We keep cotabmtly cm band nocks cl Prime Barit y and ByeMaikwtlctwe are prepared® sell al taelewtatmaztetrave. Go to N. F. Wholnalc and reisil dealer lakeroaene lamps. lan term, chan delicn. table class ware, too tine glasses, ftc., Soe. *1 and Ti Randolph street. jfot Sale. JfQR BALE. OS COnMIBMON, Fine Connection Seed Tobacco, Wrapper* aad Flßers Crop ISC4- Al‘o, a fine stock Of tobacco, Clsara. Pioea! ftc« tor sale by pabkec. mabsh * ti DearboraHt, Ciuca*o, Closing. QREAT CONSIGNMENT from; BOSTON OP IMZIBUSTS Clothing! OF AIX GRADES AND PRICES. Have Ju&t Received a $20,000 STOCK, To be Sold at 25 PER CENT LOffEiT PRICES Than we have known in five years. Now 1* the time far those wBo n'onli nake a little money go a grest vtji. This* CLOTHING Will be sold mneh LOTVEB be found In the city, at EDWARD 108 KB A CO.’S Boys’ Clothing Store, 74 Kandolph-st, Old Cblcaia Tlawflite- 3Scal Estate. 'JO capitalists STOCK FARMERS. The or denies erf offers for sals his arm. tna“ Imme diately ahont the Lyons Si*aon.oo the C.BAIi-B. IL. la ifci»connt:M3 miles iron the city- The whole Uact embraces about 1 a 3 acres. »U ortsi nahy selected for stoctparptAtA acjiUasat’l adapt ed to that boslstw. or extctMvc dairying. ns aay place lathe West, home add acres of u.ce*rtheilc>u.lsoC the mtxt desirable and character l"f «über baa residence*, much of U beiac adjacent to the i>es waine* Elver, aad corered wlihaatnral forest y The land generally Is snltabiy sucMlindcd into tu ber, mowloc and pastnrsge. There 1« » natnrnl hay r.t.adowof red-topaail blasstraas. cf some 1W turra*. l« nnicrpssrcd. and ether larg* tracts ot bottom loDd*. rqna ly •* choice for dry cainrstloa. The lands nn» well watered wita nmcitg or Urlng water, sod more thsaWU acres Umbered. _*«, im the premise* is a commodious form annje. wiw laret* hern, ootballdinca, *c~ situated in fl:e stoj® 03 tte battel thcrtTer. and ot> different parts o£ Unh land sre (.Ucotrsnleni tenant how*. To psrtlr* dealt iu* « U«« stock farm foe HtT'.. ftirlbeporpc«ecJ rai*tnr stock or fftttns «t ff>r market. or oe»mni: to encage la tfco milk the estate U aorthr of attention, acd theorlce aao *rms wtJ »■ folEclenUT Hberal to math Its porcaast an object u «a investment of capital. . , * .v- .. f« (««■» “ 173 ffiCrigacorrr- JOK SALE—Cottage Grove* TTVO DESIRABLE RESIDENCES, With choice low In *Jw Grave. toe* minutes W« ... P c*r». iheiljde Part train and the Lt-lver*!.- tFor »- e hy EDVTAKP SAABTIH. 1.. rur»-eojr 17 k'ahprton elect. 9-1 Dearbora-st-^ faints aha oils. gVECIAL. NOTICE. PAINTS, OILS, GLASS. the eubferther* announce ti IKu- a;d tho pobue, that they bate taken rtw i “ ieDQa South ATater-st., V "cerft they offer aa exceflett assortment of Goods la. their lice, at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. TtSOKEES & CO. JQarhtoaw, Stubes, &c. JJAI-iD WAEiIERS, Fooot Warmers, Stomach Warmers, Bed Warmers. p. r. btewastsi .Cook a'ucl Parlor Stores# Holiday *?ooda Just Opening at DALTON & CO.'S,’ n LA KE-ST. jFhiE jTurmturc. jpUKNITURE ! Good aad Cheap. HUGH ALESANDEB, ire lak&st. patents, GREATEST INVENTION OF THE U AGE. Hunter’s Fence Post. ard other Fatesta, CsnT&jsen waned. CIIAS ATWUOD.GencjaIaad note Agent, CU7 Hotel, Chi cago- pAKD’a PATENT EBICE lYiacaiTJS. OtSce and mantiacLory 53 Scuta J»reraot4t. For Inlormatlon and drscrtpnre circular address 53 Scnth Jefleraja-iin. Chicago. Business Notices. AGENTLENAN, who lor the last fif teen years haa tw connected, as clerk and active partner, with one of the tW*n Impontn* Wmcow Gia-» House* tn the East, wUha to make an arrange* trer.t with some party who can command a capital of tSACOO or upwards. Car the purpose of curying on tae WINDOW CL.AS* BUSINESS. Be U perfectly familiar with the best foreign sources of anrpiy. and with the roanctartnilng bcilutre In Uds country. Ary cie desiring to embark In the aboTQ Ins-pci*, elmcr as special or active partner, taay ftwd It (or bis toierm to address. Immediately, ‘“GIASS." Box 26.V1. Heston P. O. sronsignuiEius. Xj-OR CHICAGO. DEESSED HOGS. CoMlctmeats ofDrtased Hoc* will leetlreoßT dam tUtrUcc, icdfrcmoiir lose eapangieaacaexleaaiTe trade in last Use, we »>!«>> we can giro sallsfectfoa OTCSIIETH.-: ry- Stencil Plain. Welsbt lists, and daSy marts* reports fonUbed to flipper* tree on applicaaon. K. HANSOM ft CO~ 197 Sooth Watcr-at, Chicago. T?OR PROMPT RETURNS, SEND X TOUB DRESSED HO€JS To PATID BCEL ft CO.* _ 144 CUCACB. JTJBESSED HOGS .Csnal Facilities to Shippers, Commlaaiou on car-load bta. IX n a cent. JUUUUK ‘ a. m. vrnittHT ft co, Sjtnritijaßrfcs’ iHcftings. rpflE CHICAGO CITY RAILWAY 1 OFFICS. Cszcaoo, December Utb*l3Btt. NOTICE. The Annual Mediae cl the Stockholders of the Ot> caco city Baliway Compar y. wia be beldora TUESDAY. JANUACT 3tb. 1567. At the Office of (be Company, earner of Stats aad T\r*ctletb-»v*.atoo'clortc p.rastertbeE’enim of a Board of Directors, and the traasaclloa of Bneb outer basinets as mar be tronuht bear* the n°etlne. GEQ.W. PUUEII. Secretary. (Goal. Y OH GHIOGHENT COAL CO, Office 17 tbaakerai renneNe aodeencr XVeatKinzlc and (ireea. Toasbloebesy, artar Bid, caimeL Mineral Bides Coal at»* ConaeUrrlUe and pittabonb Coke* AMES ft CO. &ecrsrijaum Meerschaum Pipes & CigarHoldeis 01 onr own importation, at eery low prices. BECS ft WIBTg. 93 So«bWaient._ (Eo 9aent. 'JO RENT. £Couao, wlt2* s=tam» lr. a toed locality, (West Side). laqnlre at J 97 W«»k* Gklaiya*