Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 16, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 16, 1866 Page 3
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“For granted, *ir? Hare you -been 00 much mktrutied?” *• 1 think I am jnst fled In answering yes. But I may Lave mlsl.usteJ too, on my pari. No matter just now. Wo were speaking of the Junction last time. 1 have p«u*ed hours there since the day before yesterday.” “Are yon now the gentleman lor dome where I idle asked with a smile. Certainly for somewhere; oat I doa’t jet know where. Ton w.mld never guess whati »m travelling from. Shall UcUyoa* I am travelling from my birtnday ” Her bands slopped fn her work, and she looked at him with Incredulous astonish; znent. “X® B !*,* »ald Barbox Brothers, not quite rosy la his chair, “trout my birthday I nm, to myself, an unintelligible book l with the earlier chapters all torn out and thrown nwav. My childhood "had nu grace of child hood, my youth china of youth and what con be expected from such a lost be ginning ?’ Hie eyes meeting -here as tbev were addressed latently to him, somethin" seemed to stir.wUhfa his breast, whispering 9 - Wu* V lace for tb ® Peaces of ebudhood and the charms of youth to tike to, klauly 7 O shame, shame 1” -n ‘A 1 U * dlseaw with me,” said Barbox Brothers, checking himself, and making as though be bad a difficulty in swallowing something, ‘to go wrong about that 1 don t know how I came to speak of that I hope it is because of an old-misplaced confi dcncc la one of your *ex involving an old bitter treachery. I don’t kfiuw. X am all wrong together.” Her bands quietly and slowly resumed their work. Glancing at her, he saw that hia- ejcawerc ihougutfaUy following them. 1 am travelling from my birthday,” he resumed, “because it has always been a dreary day to me. My first free birthday coming round some five or sis weeks hence, lam travelling to put its-predecessors far behind me. and to try to crash tue day —or at all event*, put It oat of my sight—hr heaping new objects on it.” J A* he nausea,- she looking at him ; but only shook her head os bring quite at a loss ‘This is unintelligible to yonr happy dis position,” he pursued, abiding by hlfformer F? ra ?i i f*, there were some lingering virtue of self-defence in it: “I knew Itwouldbe and am clad it Is. However, on this travel of mice (m which I mean to pass the rcatof my days, having abandoned aU thonghtof a Used Lome), X stopped, as you beard from your father, at the Junction here. Tho extent oflts ramifications quite confhscd me as to whether I should go, from. here. I have not yet settled, being otiif perplexed among so many roads. What do you think I mean to do 7 How many of the branching roods can you sec from your window 7” J-Gohinp out. full of interest, she answered, “ Seven.” said Barbox Brothers, watching her with a grave smile. “Weill I propose to myaclf, at once to reduce the gross num ber to those very seven, and gradually to fine them down to one—tbe most promising one—the mort promising lor me—and to take that.” But how will you know, sir, which is the most promising?” she asked, with Ucr brightened eyes roving over the view. “Ah!” said Barbox Brothers, with an other grave smile, and considerably Improv ing in his cast of speech. “To be sure. In this way. Where your father can pick up so much every day for a good purpose. I may once and again pickup a little for an indif ferent purpose. The gentleman lor Nowhere must become still belter known at the Junc tion. He shall continue to explore it, until he attaches something that he has seen, heard, or found out, at tbe head of each of tbe seven roads, to the road itself. And so bis choice 01 a road snail be determined by his choice among Lis discoveries ” Her bands still busv, she again glanced at the prospect, as If it comprehended some thing that nad not been in it before, and lancbcd as if It viclded her n«w pleasure. “ But I must not forget,” said Barbox Brothers, “(hating got so lar) to ask a favor. I want yfiir help in this expedient of mine. I want i« bring yon what I pick up at the head-? of the teren roads that you He here locking out at, and to compare notes with you about it. May I? They eay two heads are better than one. I should say myself that probably depends upon tho beads concerned. But I am quite sore, tboach wc*are so newly ecqualuted, that your head and vour Cither's have lound out better things, I’hmbe, than ever mine of iuelf discovered.” She gave liim her sympathetic right hand, ia perJcct rapture with his proposal, aud eagerly uud gratefully thanked him. “That’s well!** taid Borbox Brothers. “Again I must not forget (having got bo Ihr) to fijk favor. Vr'Hl you shut your eyes f” Laughing playfully at the strange nature Of the request, site did so. “ Keep them shut,” sard Barbox Brothers, going softly to the door, and coming back. “ You are on yonr honor, mind, not to open jour eyes until I tell you that you may.” “ Yes! On my honor.” “ Good. 3lay 1 take your lace pillow from .you for a minute?” Still laughing and wondering, she removed her hands from it, and he put it aside. Tell me. Did you see the puffs of smoke and steam made by the morning faat-lrain yesterday onroad number seven from here?” “Behind the elm-trees and the aplro?” “That s the road,” said Barbor Brothers, directing his eyes towards It. •* Yea. I watched them me'l away.” “Anything unusual in what they ex pressed ?” “No I” she answered, merrily. “Not complimentary to roe, lor I was In that train. 1 went—don't upcti your eyes— to fetch you this, from the great dtgenions town. I; is not half to large as yuarlacc pillow, and lies easily tn-i lightly lu its place. These little key-e ar; Uku ilic keys of .a miniature piano, one' you supply tbc'alr reouired with year 101 l baud. 31ay yon pick out delightful muslciium it my th-or! For the present —you can open your eyes now— good by!” In hu embarrassed war, he closed the door upon himself, and only saw, in doing so, that she ecstatically took the present to her hrisciu and caressed it. The glimpse jjaddfcid his heart, and yet saddened it: fur sc mi-hi she, if her youth had flourished In its natural course, hare taken to her briast that day the slumbering music of her own child's voice. BARBOX BROTHERS & CO. With good will and earnest purpose, the gentleman fur Nowhere began, on the very next day, Uls researches at the heads of~ the seven roaiU. Thu refills of hb» researches, as he arid Ph®bc aftciwsrJs set them down in fair writing, hold their due places in this voracious chrouiclu ; from the story entitled “The Mam . Line,” onward. But they occupied a much longer lime in the getting together than they ever will in the perusal. And tills is probably the case with most reading mat ter, except when it Is of that -highly benefi cial kind (forposttrityjwhlchls off in a few moments of leisure” by the superior poetic geniuses who scorn to take prose pains. It must be admitted, however, that Barbox by no means harried himself. His heart being in his work of good nature, he revelled in it. There was a joy, too, fit was a true joy to him,) -of sometimes silting by, listening to Pbmbc as she picked out more and more dis course trom her musical instrument, andas her natural taste and ear refined dully upon her first discoveries. Besides being a pleas ure, this was an occnnaiiou,andlu the course of weeks it consumed hours. It resulted that his dreaded birthday was close upon him be fore he had troubled himself any more about it. The matter was made more pressing by the unforeseen circumstance that the councils held (at which Mr. Lamps, beaming most brilliantly, oos few rare occasions assisted) respecting the road to be selected, were, .after all, In nowise assisted by his investi gations. For, he had connected this Inte with this read, or that interest with the other, but could deduce no reason from it for giving any road the preference. Conse outnlly, when the last council waahoiden, that part of the business- stood, in the end, exactly where It had etood in the beginning. •• But, sir,” remarked Fheebe, “ we have only tlx roads after aIL Is the seventh road dumb!” “The seventh mad? 0,” said Barbox Brother?, robbing his chin. ** That is the load I took, when I went to get your little present. That is Ut story, Fhiebe.” Would yon mind taking that road again, sir?” she asked with hesitation, “ Not in the least; it is a great high road after all.’* “I should like you to take It,” returned Phoebe, with a persuasive smile, “for the love of that little present which must ever be so dear to roc. 1 should like you to take it, because that road can never be again like any other road to me. 1 should like you to take It, In remembrance of youf haring done me so much good; of your having made me so much happier 1 If you leave me by the road you travelled when you went to do me this great kindness,” sounding a faint chord as she spoke, “I shall feel, lying here watch ing at my window, os if It mu-t conduct you to a prosperous end, and bring you back some day. 1 “It shall be done, my dear; it *gj* last the gentleman for Nowhere took • ticket for Somewhere, and his destination was the great Ingenious town. Be h«id loitered so long about the Junction that it was the eighteenth ofUeccmbcr when he left it- “ High time,*' he redectcd,” os he sealed himself in the train,” “ that I started in earnest! Only one clear day re mains between me and the day lam running away horn. I’ll push onward for the bill country to-morrow. I’ll go to Wales.” It was'With some pains that he placed be fore himself the undeniable advantages to be gained In the way of novel occupation for his senses from misty mountains, swollen streams, rain, cold, a wild seashore, and rag ged roads.. And yet he scarcely made them out as distinctly as he could hare wished. "Whether the poor girl, In spite of her hew resource, her music, would nave any feeling of loneliness upon her now—-Just at first— that the has not had before; whether she saw these very puffn o! steam aud smoke that hesaw. as he t&t in the train thinking of her; whether her face would hare any pen sive shadow on it as they died out of the dls- h , er w l ndow ; whether, In tell ing him he Lad dope her so much good, she bad not unconsciously corrected his old • moody bemoaning of LU station in life bv i setting him thinking that a mao might l>e a great healer if he would, and yet not be a great doctor; these and other similar meditations fot between him and LU Welsh picture, hero was within him. too, that dull scn*e of vacuity which follows separation from an object of Interest, and cessation of % pleasant pursuit; and this sense, being quite new to him. made him restless. Fanner, in losing Mugby Junction he had found himself again; and he was not the more enamored of himself for haring lately passed his time In better company. Bat surely, here, not far ahead, must be the great ingenious town. This crashing and clashing that the train was undergoing, and tbu coupling on to it of a multitude of new echoes,-‘could mean nothing loss than approach to the great station. It old mean nothing less. After some stormy Bashes of town lightning, In the way of swift, revela tions of red bnck blocks of houses, high red brick chimney shafts, vistas of red brick railwav arches, tongue* of fire, blots of *mok£ valleys of canal, hills of coal, there came the thundering In at the Journey’s end. Having seen bis portmanteau safely boosed 5n the hotel he chose, and having appointed bio dinner hoar, Barbox Brothers went out for » walk in the busy sired a. And now It began to be suspected by Lhu that Muebv Junction was a Junction oi many branches, InvlilolcjLS well mi TUiblc, anlliaJ JolnM Um to ad cniileaa omnßerof bi-wail. For. »miW. but a Utile while a K o| have walked these street* blindly brooding, he now had eyes and thoughts for a new and external world. ; ; How the many toiling'peon! e lived, arid loved, and died: how wonderful It was to .consider fho varlons trainings of the eye and hand, the nice distinctions of sight ami touch, that separated them into classes of **l j.* l ?*. iTlt * 67611 * D '° clasrcs of workers at subdivisions of one complete whole which combined their many Intelligences and *Ff Ce *' of Itself hot some Cheap object of nee - or-ornament In common me ; how good It was to know that such assembling in a multitude on their part, and sock contribution of their several dottedv tics towards a civilizing end, did not de teriorate them as It was the fashion of the supercilious May-files of humanity to pre tend, hat engendered among them a self respect, and yet a modest desire to be much wiser than they were (the first evinced la their well-balanced bearing and manner of speech when he stopped to ask a question; the second, in the announcements of their popular studies and amusements on the public bills); these considerations, and-a host of such, made his walk a memorable one. <( I too am bat a little part of a great whole;" he began to think; “ be serviceable to myself and others, or to be happy. 1 must cast my Interest Into, and draw It out of, the common slock*** Although he bad arrived at his Journey’s cud for the day by noon, he had since insen sibly walked about the town so fhr and so tong that the lamp-lighters were nowwt their work in the streets, and the shops were sparkling np brilliantly. Thus reminded to torn toward his quarters, be was in tho act of doing so, when n very little hand crept Into his, and a very little voice said,— ‘’O! If von please, lam lost!” He looked down, and saw a very little fair* haired girl. . “Yes,” ebe said, confirming her words with a serious nod. “ 1 am indeed. I am lost.” - . •* Greatly perplexed, ho slopped,* looked about him tor help, descried none, and said, bending low: “ where do yon live, my child?” - / 7 “ 1 don’t know where Hive,” she returned, am lost.” 44 What Is your name ?’’ “ Polly." “ What is your other name f” The reply was prompt, but unintelligible Imitating tbe toned os he caughtit. he hazarded the guess, “ Trlvits 7" “O no!” said the child, shaking her head. .“Nothing like that.” “Say It again, little one.” An unpromising business. For this time it had quite a different sound. He made the venture: “Faddens?” “O no!” said the child. 4 *Nothing like that.” 44 Once more- Let us try it again, dear.”) A most hopeless business. ThW“ lime it swelled into four syllables, “it can’t be Tappltarvcr?” said Barbox Brothers, rub bing his brad with his hat in discomfiture. fc*‘No! It ain’t,” the child quietly as sented. On ber trying this unfortunate name once more, with extraordinary efforts at distinct ness. it swelled <nto eight syllables at Icatfc. “Ah I 1 think,” said Barbox Brothers, with a desperate air of resignation, “that we bad better give it up.” 44 But lam lost,” said the child, nestling her little hand more closely In bis, “atm you’ll take care of me. won’t you?” If ever a man were disconcerted by division between compassion on the one hand,-and the very Imbecility of irresolution ou the other, here the man was. "Lost!” lid re peated, looking down at the child, “I am sure /am. What is to be done! ” “Where do you livoT” asked the child, looking at him, wistfully. “Over there,” he answered, pointing vaguely in the direction of bis hotel. 44 Hadn’t wo better go there?” said the child. 44 Really,” he rcyllcd, “I don’t know but what we had.” So they set off, band in hand. He. through comparison ol himself against bis little com panion, with a clumsy feeling on him as if he had Just developed into a foolish giant. She, clearly elevated in her own tiny opinion by having got him so ueatly out of ms em barrassment. “Weure going to have dinner when wc get there, 1 suppose >” said Folly. “Well,” ho rejoined. “I—yes, I suppose we are.” “Do yon like your dinner?” asked the child. “Why, on the whole,” said Barbox Bro ther?, “yes, I think I do.*’ “I do wine,” said Polly. 44 Have yon any brothers and sisters ?” “No. Hare your l 44 Mine are oead.” 44 O!” said Barbox Brothers. With that absurd sense of unwlcldiness of mind and body weighing him down, he would not bare known Low to pursue the conversation beyond this curt rejoinder, but that the child was always ready for him. 44 What,” she asked, turning her soft baud coaxingiy in his, 44 are you going to do to amuse me, after dinner S’” 44 Upon my soul, Folly,” exclaimed Bar bos. very much at a loss, 44 1 hare not the slightest idea!” “Then I tell yon what,” said Polly. 44 Have you got any cards at your house ? 44 Plenty” said Barbox Brothers, in a boastfhl vein. “Very well. Then I’ll build Louses, and you shall look at me. You must n’t blow, yon know.” “ 0 no !” said B&rbox Brothers. 41 No, no, no. No blowing. Blowing’s not lair.” He flattered himself that he had sai l tills pretty veil foran Idiotic monster; bat the child instantly perceiving the awkwarduc** of his attempt to adapt himself to her level, mtcrly destroyed els hopeful opinion of himself by faying compassionately, “ What a iQun> man you are !” l-cei'iop, alter ibis melancholy failure. os if he every laiuulo grew bigger and heavier In p» non, and weaker in mind, Barbox gave i.iUib.ii i.j> for a bad job. No gUot ever submitted more rctik!y to be led in triumph by atS-coaqmr.Dg Jack than he to be bonud la slavery to Folly. “Ho yen know any stories?” she asked him. He was reduced to the humiliating confes f.U-11: “No.” “V.’Lat a you must he, mustn’t l<j ul” M Folly. He wus reduced to the humiliating coufcs riou: “ Ye>.” “Would y«»a like me to tell yon a story? F.nt yen must remember it, you know, and be »Me to tell It right to somebody else af terwards.” He professed that It wonld afford him the highest mental gratification to be taught a story, and that he would humbly endeavor to retain It In his mind. Whereupon Folly, giving her hand a new Utile turn mhls, ex pressive of settling down for enjoyment, commenced a long romance, of which every relishing danse began with the words, V3o thlp,” or 44 And so this.” As, “So this boy” ;or t4 So this fairy,’; or 44 And so this pie was four yards round, and two yards at d a quarter deep.” The interest, of the romance was derived from the lutcrvcnUon of this fairy to punish this boy for haring a greedy appetite. To achieve which purpose, this fairy made this pic, and this bny ate and ate and ate, and ids cheeks swelled and swelled and swelled. There were many tributary circumstances, bat the forcible Interest culminated in the total consumption of this pic, and the burst ing of tbl* tov. Truly be was a fine sight, Barbox Brothers, with serious attentive lace, and cars bent down, much Jostled on the f lavements of - the busy town, bat afraid of oslhg a single incident of the epic, lest he should be examined In It by and by and found deficient. ' Thus they arrived at thebotel. And there ho bad to say at the bar, sod said awkwardly enough: “ I have found a little girl I” The whole establishment turned oat to look at ttc little girl. Nobody knew her; nobody could make oot ber name, as bhe act It forth, except one chambermaid, who said It was Constantinople—w hich It wasn’t. “ 1 will dine with my young friend in a pri vate room,” said Barbox Brothers to the hotel authorities, ‘‘and perhaps you will bo so {rood as to let the police know that the baby is here. I suppose she is sure to be In quired for soon, if she has not been already. Come along, Polly.” Perfectly at ease and peace, Polly came along, but, finding the stairs rather stiff work, was carried up by Barbox Brothers. The dinner was a most transcendent success, and the Barbox sheepishness, under Polly’s directions how to mince her meat for ber, and how to diffuse gravy over the plate with a liberal and equal hand, waa another fine now,” said Polly, “while we are at dinner, yon be good, ana tell me that story I taught yon.” With the tremors of a civil serrlce exam ination on him, and very- uncertain indeed, not only os to the epoch at which the pio appeared In history, but also as to the mea— urements of that indispensable fact, Barbox Brothers made a shaky beginning, but under encouragement did very fairly. There was a want of breadth observed in nis rendering of the checks, as well as the appetite of tho boy; and there was a certain tameness in his fairy, referable to an undercurrent of desire to account for her. Still, as the first lum bering performance of a good-humored mon ster, U passed muster. ** 1 told you to be good*” said Polly, “ and you ore good, ain’t you r* “ I hope so,” replied Barbox Brothers. Such was h!s defence that Polly, elevated on a platform' of sofa-cushions In a chair at his right hand, encouraged him with a pat or two on the lace from the greasy bowl of her spoon, and even with a gracious kiss. <ln gelling on her feet upon ber enalr, however, to plvc him his last reward, she toppled for ward among tho dishes, ana caused him to exclaim as bo effected her rescue: “Gra cious Augelt! Whew! I thought we were . in the fire, Polly!” “What a coward you are, ain’t you?” aatd [ Polly when replaced. “les, 1 am rather nervous,” be replied. “Whew. Don’t, Polly I Don'tllourish your spoon, cr you’ll go over sideways. Don’t tilt uo your legs when you laugh, Polly, or you’ll go over backwards. Whew I Polly, roily, Polly,” said Barbox Brothers, nearly succumbing to despair, “we arc environed with dangers!” Indeed, he could descry no security from the pltfells that were yawning for Polly, hut in proposing to her, after dinner, to alt upon a low stool. “I will, If you will,” said Polly. So, as peace of mind shoold go before all. he begged the wa'lcr to wheel aside the table, bring a pack of cards, a conple of footstools, and a screen, and close in Folly and hlmtelf before the fire, as it were in a song room within the room. Then, finest elghtofall, was Barbox Brothers on Lis footstool, with a pint decanter on the nig, contemplating Polly as she bnllt sue ‘J* . an J? Bowing bine in the face with holding bis breath, lest be ahoold blow the house down. “Dow von stare, don’t yout” said Polly. In a houseless pause. 3 * Detected In the ignoble fact, he felt obliged to admit, apologetically: »~‘i am all aid I waa looking rather hard at you. Polly.” * “■ft’hj do you stare f” asked Polly. “I cannot.” he murmured to himself, “re call don’t kno«, Polly.” ‘‘Yon must be a simpleton t<> do things and not know why, mustn’t you?” said of which reproof he looked atlbe child again, intently, as she bent her bead oxer her card structure, her rich curls shad ing her lace. “It Is Impossible,” bo thought, ”Uial 1 can ever hare soon this pretty baby before. Can I hare dreamed of her? In some sorrowful dream?”* lie could make nothing of It. So-he weal into the building trade as a journeyman.. un der Polly,"and they built three stories high, lour stories high; evqa five. ..... .. Who do you think is coming?” “f, c d Folly, rubbing her eyes after tea. f/£. £U . e “ c<i: “ The waller?” No,” said Pollv, “the dustman. I am getting sleepy.” ' - • -• ' A new embarrassment for Barbox Broth ers I ..I don’t think I am going to-be fetched to-night,*’ saldPoliy; “ what do you think?*! • • He though-*not, --cither. After another quarter of an hour, the dustman not merely impending but actually arriving, recourse , was had to the ConetantinopoUtau chamber: ®ald; who cheerily undertook that the child should sleep ip, a. comfortable -and. wholesome room, which she herself would share. “And I know you will bo cartful, won’t yon,” said Barbox Brothers, as a sew frar da w ned upon him’, "that she don’t fall oat of bed.” * Folly found this so highly entertaining that sue was under the nccueeltv of clutching him round the neck with both arms as he sat on his footstool picking up the cards, and rocking him to and fro, with her dimpled chin on.hU shoulder. • O what a cowtrd you are, * ain’t you I” said Polly. “Do vou fall out of bed f” “ K not generally. Folly.” “No more do I.” ■With that, Polly gave him a reassuring bug or two to keep him going, and then giving that confiding mite of a baud of hers to be swallowed up in the band of the Con. stantinopolitan chambermaid, trotted off, chattering, without a vestige of anxiety. He looked after her, baa the screen re moved and the table and chairs. replaced, and still looked after her. He paced the room for half an hour. “A most engaging little creature, hut it’s not that. A most wlnnlngllttlc voice, but It’s not that. That has much to do with it, but there is some* thing more. How can it bo that t seem to know this child 7 What was it she bnper. fectly recalled to me when 1 felt her loach in the street, ana looking down at her, saw her looking up at me ?” “ Mr. Jackson!” 'With a start he turned toward the sound of the subdued voice, and saw his answer standing at the door. '“ O. Mr. Jackson, do not be severe with me. Speak a word ol encouragement to me, I beseech yon.” “ Fou are Polly’s mother.” “ Yes.” Yes. Polly herself might come to this, one day. As you see what the rose was, in its faded leaves; os you see what tbe summer growth of the woods was, In their wintry branches; so Polly might be traced, one day, in a care-worn woman like this, with her hair turned gray. Before him, were tbe ashes of a dead fire that bad once burned bright. This was the woman he bad loved. This was the woman he had lost. Such bad been tbe constancy of his imagination to her, so bad Time spared her under Its withhold ing, thot now, seeing how roughly the inex orable band bad struck ber, his soul was filled with pity and amazement. He led her to a choir, and stood leaning on a corner of the chlmnoy-iiicce. with bis bead resting on his hand, ana his fhcc half avert ed. "Did yon see me In the street, and show me te your child?” he asked. “Yes.” "Is the little creature, then, a party to deceit?” “I hope there bno deceit. I said to her, 4 Wc bavo lost our way, and I must try to find mine by myself. G-> to that gentleman -ud tell him yon are lost. You shall be fetched by and by.* Perhaps yon have not thought hmr very young she is." "Micisverj wlr-rellmit.” “Perhaps because the L* so young?” He m-ked, after u short pause, 44 >Vhy did \on do this?” “U, Mi. Jackson, do you oak me? In the hope you might sec something in my Innocent child to soften your heart towards me. Not only towards me, but towards my husband.” He suddenly turned about and walked to the opposNspcnd of the room. He came back again with a slower step, and resumed his formcrattllude, saying,— 44 1 thought you bad emigrated to Amer ica?” “We did. Bnt life went 111 with ns there, and we came Lack.” “Do you live in this town J” “Yes. lam a daily teacher of music here. My husband Isa book-keeper.” 14 Are yon—forgive myaeking poor?” “We cam enough for our wants. That is not oar distress. My husband is very, very ill of a lingering disorder. He will never recover—” “Von check yourself. If it Is for want of the encouraging word you spoke of. take it from me. I cannot forget the old time, Beatrice.” “God bless yon!” she replied, with a "burst of tears, and gave him her trembling hand. ‘‘Compose yourself. 1 cannot be composed If you arc not, for to tee you weep distresses me beyond expression. Speak freely to me. Trust me.” She shaded her face with her veil, and afl« r a little while spoke calmly. Her voice had Ihc ring ofßolly’s. “It is not that my husband’s mind Is at all Impaired by his bodily sutTering, for I as* sure yon that Is nut the case. But la bis weakness, and in bis knowledge that bo Is Incurably IU, be cannot overcome the ascen dancy cl one idea. It preys upon him, em bitters every moment of hU paiufoi Ule, and will shorten It.” She ftopping, ho said again: 41 Speak free ly to me. Truft m«.” “We have five children before tills darline, and they all lie in their little graves. He believes that they have withered avav urdei a carte, and that it wilt blight this chkd like the rvet. “Under v» hat curse V* “ Both i and be have U on our conscience that we tried you very heavily, and I do not know but that, if I were as 111 as he, I might suffer in my mind as he does. This Is the con stant burden:—‘l believe, Beatrice, I was the only friend that Mr. Jackson ever cared- to make, though I was so much Uls junior. The more influence he acquired in the business, the higher he advanced roe, and 1 was alone in hla private confidence. I camo between him acajou, and I took you from him. We were both secret, and the bl »w fell when he wta wholly unprepared. The anguish it caused a tnaiT bo compressed, must have been terrible; the wrath It awakened, leap pcasable. So. a curse came to be invoice i on our poor pretty little flowers, and they fall.’ ” 44 And you, Beatrice,” be asked, when she had ceased to speak, and there had been a silence afterwards: “How say you?” “Until within these few weeks I was afraid of yon, and I believed that yon would never, never, forgive.” 44 Until within these few weeks,” he re peated. Have yon chanced opinion of nio within these lew weeks?” “ Yes.” “ For what reason ?’’ “ 1 was getting some pieces of music in a . shop in ltd- town, when, to my terror, yon came in. As I veiled my face and stood in the dark end of the shop, I heard yon ex plain that yon wanted a musical insimmcut for a bedridden girl. Your voice and man ner were so softened, you show- d such inter- cst In its selection, von took it away vonrself with so much tenderness of care and pleas ure, that I knew you were a man with a most gentle heart, O Mr. Jackson, Mr. Jack son ( if you could have felt the refreshing rain of tears that followed for me i” Was Pbabc ploying at that moment on her distant couch f lie seemed to bear her. “And yon, Beatrice,” he asked, when she had ceased to speak, and there bad been a silence afterwards: “how say yon?” “Until within these few weeks I was afraid of yon, and I believed that youwonldnevtr, never forgive.” “Until within these few weeks,” he re peated. 44 Have yon changed yonr opinion of me within these lew weeks ?” “Yes.” “For what reason ?" “I Inquired in the shop where you lived, bat could set no Information. Asl beard yon say that you were going back by tbe next train (but you did not say where), I re* solved to visit tbe station at about that time or dav, as often as 1 could between my lea sons, bn tbe chance of seeing you again. ■ I have been there very often but saw you no more until to-day. You were meditating as you walked tbe streets, bat the calm expres sion of your face emboldened me to send toy child to vou. And when I saw you bend year bead to speak tenderly to her, I prayed to God to forgive roeforhavlogevcrbrought a sorrow on It. I now pray to you , to torsive me, and to forgive my husband. I was very young, he was young too, and in tbe ignorant hard!* hood of snch a time of life we don’t know what we do to those who have undergone more discipline. Yon generous man I Yon good man! So to raise me np and make nothing ofrov crime against you I”—for he would not see her on her knees, and soothed ber os a kind father might have soothed an erring daughter—“ thank yon, bless yon, thank you!’* When he next spoke. It was after haring drawn aside the window-curtain and looked out a while. Then, he only said,— “ Is Polly asleep ?” ' “Yes. As I came In. I met her going away np stairs, and put her to bed myself." “Leave her with me tor to-morrow, Be atrice, and vreilc me your address on this leaf of my pocket-book. In the evening I will bring her home to you—and to her father." “Hallo!" cried Polly, putting her saucy, sunny face In at tbe door next morning when breakfast was ready, “I thought 1 wua fetched last nigbtr’ f “So yon were, Polly, but I staked leave to keep you here for the day, and to take yon home In the evening." . “Upon my word," said Polly, “you are very cool, ain’t you?" . However, Polly seemed to think It a good idea, and added, “ I suppose 1 most give yon a ki**, though you ore cool.” The kiss given and taken, they sat down to breakfast In a highly conversational tone. “ Of course, you arc going to amuse me r naid Polly. “ 0, of course,” said Barbox Brothers. In the pleasurable height of ber anticipa tions, Polly found it Indispensable to put down her piece of toast, cross one of her Ut ile fat knees over the other, and bring her little fat right hrnd down In her left band with a bmuness-like slap. After this gatwe- Ing of herself together, Polly, by that Urns, a mere heap of dimples, asked la a wheed ling manner: “ What arc we going to do, yon dear old thing I" _ “Why, I was thinking," said Barbox Brothers “—but ore you fond of horses, Polly?” “Ponies, I am," raid Polly, “especially when their tails are long. But horses—n— no—too big, yon know." •‘Well," pursued Barbox Brothers, in a spirit of grave mysterious confidence adapt ed fo the importance of the consultation, * I did see, yesterday. Folly, ou the walls, pic tures of two long tailed ponies, speckled all ° T “No, no, so!” cried Polly, In an ecstatic desire to linger over the charming details, “noifptckled all over!” “Speckled all over. Which ponies jump through hoops—" • “No, no, yo!" cried Polly as before. “They ncrerjornp through hoops!’’ “Yes they do; 01 assure you they do. And eat vie lu pU-afurts— ’’ .. . “Ponies rating pie In pinafores I” sail Pol ly. “What a story-teller you are, ain’t vou." “Upon my honor • and tire off guns." • (Polly hardly seemed to see the force of the ponies resetting to firearms.) “ And I was thinking.” punned tho exem plary Bathos, “that If you and I were to go to the circus, where these ponies arej U would do our constitutions «ood.” “ Docs that mean amuse us ?” Inquired Folly. What lung words you do use, don’t -yonT* Apologetic for having wandered out of his depth, he replied : “ That means Amuse as That is exactly what it means. There are many other wonders besides the ponies, and wc shall see them all. Ladies and hcntlemen In spangled dresses, and elephants -and llous and tigers.” f Polly became observant of tho teapot, with a cuilt d up note.'lDdlcatlDgsome uneasiness oftulod. •* They never got out, of course,” she remarked as a mere truism. “ The elephants and lions and tigers t O dear, no!” “.O dear no !”aaid Polly, “And of course nobody’s afraid of the ponies shooting any body.” “Not the least In tbe world.” ’. “No, no, not the least-in the world,” said Folly. “ I was also thinking,” proceeded Barbox, “ that if we were t o look In at the toy-shop, to choose a dell—” “Not dressed I” cried Polly, with a clap of her hands. “No, no, no, not dressed!” ; . “Fall dressed. Together with a. house, and all thing*necessary for housekeeping—” Folly gave a llllle scream, and seemed In . danger 01 falling into a swoon of bliss. "What a dailicg yon are!” she languidly exclaim'd, leaning back In bcrclulr. “Come and he hugged, or I mast come and hug you.” This resplendent programme was . carried into execution with fbe utmost rigor of the law. It being essential to make the pur chase of the doll Us first feature—or that lady would Lave lost the ponies—the toy shop expedition took precedence. Polly In the magic warehouse, with a doll os large as herself under each arm, and a neat assort ment of some twenty more on view upon tbe counter, did indeed present a spectacle of la* decision not quite compatible with unal loyed happiness, but the light cloud passed. The lovely specimen oftenest chosen, often eat rejected, and finally abided by, was of Circassian descent, possessing as much boldness of beauty as was recon cilable with extreme feebleness of mouth, and combining a iky-blue silk pelisse with rose-colored satin trousers, and a black vcl* veil hat: which this fair stranger to our northern Bborea would seem to nave found on tbe portraits of tbe late Dutches of Kent. The name which this distinguished foreigner brought with her from beneath the glowing skira of a sunny clime was (on Polly’s au thority) Mbs Mellokfl, end the costly nature of her outfit as a housekeeper,'from the Bar box coffers, may be Inferred from the two facts that her silver teaspoons were as large as her kitchen poker, and that the propor tions of her watch exceeded those of her fry ing-pan. Miss Melluka was graciously pleased to express her entire approbation of tbe circus, and so was Polly; mr the ponies tcvrr speckled, and brought down nobody when they fired, and the savagery of the wild beasts appeared to be mere smoke,—which article, in fact, they did produce in large quantities from their insides. Tbe Barbox absorption in the general subject throughout the realization of these delights was again a sight to see, nor was it less worthy to be hold at dinner, when bo drank to Miss Mel luka, lied stiff in a chair opposite to Fully (the fab Clrcastlin possessing an unbendable spine), end even induced the waiter to assist In carrying oat with due decorum the pre vailing glorious idea. To wind np, there came the agreeable fever of getting Miss Mel luka and all her wardrobe and rich posses sions into a fly with Folly, to be taken home. Bnt by that tunc Folly had become unable to look upon such accumulated joys with wak ing eyes, and bad withdrawn her conscious ness Into the wonderful Paradise of a child's sleep. “Sleep, Folly, sleep,” said Barbox Brothers, os her head dropped on his shoul der; “you shall not fall out of this bed, easily, otany rale!” What rustling piece of paper he took from bis pcckct, and 'carefully folded into the 'borom of roily's frock, shall not be men tioned. He said nothing about It, aad noth ing shall be said about it. They drove to a modest suburb of the great Ingenious town, and stopped at the fore-court of a small house. “Do not wake the child,” sold Bar box Brothers, softly to the driver, “I will catrr her In os fhc is.” Greeting the light at the opened door, which was held by Polly's mother, Polly’s bearer passed on with mother and child into a grouud-fkor room. There, stretched on a sola, la? a sick man. sorely wasted, who co% cred his eyes with nls emaciated hands. “ Trcsham,” said Barbox, In a kindly voice, “ I have brought you back your Folly, fast asleep. - Gif e me your hand, and tell me yon are better.” The sick man reached forth his right hand, and bowed his head over the hand into which it was token, and kissed It. “ Thank you. thank you! I may suy that lam well and happy.” “ That’s brave,” said Barbox, “ Trcsham, I have a fancy—can you make room for me beside yon here?" He sat down on tbe sofa as he said tbe words, cherishing tie Plump peachy check that lay uppermost 00 his shoulder. “I have a fancy, Trcsham (I am getting quite an old fellow now. you know, and old fellows may take fancies into their beads sometimes,) to give up Folly, having found her, to no uae hut you. 'Will yon take her from me?” As the father held oul his arms for the child, each of the two men looked steadily at the other. “fche Is very dear to yon, Tresham.” “UtmUmbly dear.” “God bless her! It is not much, Polly,” he continued, turning his eyes npon her jcacelnl face as he apostrophised her, “it is tot meek, Polly, for o blind and sinful .man to invoke a blessing on something so far better than himself as a little child Is; but it wonld be much—mcch upon Uls crncl head, and mnch upon his guilty soul—-it be could be so wicked as to Invoke a curse. Ho bad better have a millstone round his neck, and be cast Into the deepest sea. Live and thrive, my pretty baby!” Here be kissed her. “Hive and prosper, .and become in time the mother of other little children, like the Angels who behold the Father’s face!” Tie kissed her again, gave her up gently to both her parents, and went oat. Bat he went cot to Wales. No. be never went to Wales, 110 went Straightway f.*r another stroll about tbo town and be looked in upon the people at their work and at their play, here, there, everywhere, cud. where not. For he was Barbox Brothers and Com pany now, and had taken thousands of part* cers Into the solitary firm. He hod at length got back to bis hotel room, and was standing before hi- Arc re freshing tlmaclfwith a gloss ot hot drink which be had stood upon the chimney-piece, when he bcai d the town clock striking, and, referring to bis watch, fraud the evening to have so slipped away, that they were striking twelve. As he put np bis watch acaln, his : eyes met those ol bis reflection in thcchim : ney-class. “Why. It’s yonr birthday already,” he said, smiling. ’* You are looking very well. 1 wish \ou many happy refurus of the day.” He had never before bestowed that wish upon biroself. “By Jupiter!” he discovered, “II alters the whole ease of running away from one’s birthday. It’s a thing to explain to Phtrbe. Besides, here is quite a long story to tcH her, that bus sprang out of the road with no story. I’ll go back, instead of going on. I’ll go back by my friend Lamps's Up X presently.” He went back to Mngbv Junction, and in point ol foci he established himself at Mug by Junction. It was the convenient place to live in, tor brightening Phoebe’s life. It was the convenient place to live in, for having her taught music by Beatrice. It was the convenient place to live in, for occasionally borrowing Polly. It was the convenient place to live in, for being joined at will to oil sorts of agreeable places and persons. So. he became settled there, and, his house standing In an elevated situation, it Is note worthy of him in conclusion, as Pollv her* self might (not Irreverently) have put It,— There «a> an Old Baiboz who deed on a hill. And if be ain't gone, be Uvea there Mill. TRAGEDY AT TERRA HAUTE. An Indianapolis Gill Shoots a Land* lord—Xho Wound Probably mortal [From the Terra Haute Express. December lt.]J Yesterday, at about one o'clock, Mr. C. R. F. Falrbi other, proprietor of the Terra Haute House, was shot by a dining named Eliza O’Brien. The girl had been discharged that morning for some improper conduct, and had returned after her clothing. Mr. Falrbrolher met her in the hal! at the front door of the dining room, and asked her wbat she wanted. She raid she wanted her trunk; and was told It would be brought down. She then asked why she had been discharged, Mr. Falrbrolher said be had not discharged her, hot the discharge came from the person In charge of tbe dining room. She retorted that he had discharged her from the Barnum Hotel, in St. Louis, some time since. By this time she was talking in a very violent manner, and Mr. F. told her that she must leave. She turned to pass out, and as she was about to close the door she turned, and, drawing a pistol from ber muff, placed the muzzle almost against his body ana fired. As she drew the pistol be attempted to crasp her, but it was too late. Tbe hall—a small one—entered the abdomen, just inride the upper part of the hip. Doctors Reed and Thompson were called in, but tbe nature of the wound would not allow probing, and at present writing the effect of the shot can not be determined. If the ball took an outward direction Into tbe fleshy part of tbe hip, im mediate danger Is not apprehended : but if it passed into the bowels it will doubtless prove total. The girl was Immediately arrested and taken before tbe Mayor, where in default of tI.OCO bail, she was sent to. jail to await the action of the Circuit Court. During the trial, and throughout the entire transaction, she maintained an astonishing degree of cool* ness, treating the affair os of a very trivial, chancier. She came from tbe Spencer House at Indianapolis, and' bos been employed at tbe Tena Haute House about three weeks, and we understand, boasts of having killed better men than ber present victim. BLACK SPANISH TER2OST BUCK. Bow a Shrewd Trader Cot Bit. (From the Columbus (O.) State-man.] Art Incident tran-plred Id Alton, on or ! about the lOtb ©r October, In the year of onr Lord ISO 6, which will long be remembered, A Green Mountain boy, who as the sequel shows, was not so verdant after all, desirous of Improving the breed of sheep In Pralne Township, Imported, at a vaiieipense, some black Spanish Vermont bnets, which, as be bad only a few left, and important business J demanded his attention In France, he would dispose at aofvastsacritice, Mr. Leno Pow- I Ices was the first bidder on the backs—but ) not being much of a judge of sheep himself; . he went to Sam- S. Hunter and asked hts , opinion regarding their merits, Sam. exam-• I tied the sheep, shook bis head, and looked very wise; and whispered confidentially to P °*Lcno, you ore oo Joilgo or "hsep; lake my mil Ice end keep your bend, off those bU The'honest Dotchman, knowing what e shrewd trader Sam. was, did keep hlshanda off’’and went home. Tlhcn Powle*s was Soe,Sam. strock a trade with the Vermont er. and bought eleven bucks for sllO. Hauler took hl» bucks home, and, anxious to improve his breed of sheen, purchased nlnety-tlnc owes. In the mean time, Hunter 1 was chuckling over his bargan. He called 1 on his friends to see his splendid Vermont bucks,” and sold one of them to James Kin scord fur the epog sum of|loo. i Klnncord took his prize home and went -after Mr. Elliottlo show him whata splendid Vermont buck he bad. Before he returned a (bower of rain fcfl rather copiously. and when Klnncord and Elliott came Into the pasture to see the eplcnold bUck Vermont feck. he, the tai«i buck, was not to be found! Klnncord had visions of grand larceny, and uttering a groan, declared the black was too valuable not to excite the cupidity of his neighbors I Elliott, seeing, a, back la the Jboee-comcr, asked hint where he got that •enth.. Klnneord robbed hla eyes and looked at tbe back before him—no longer black bat the whitest of the white —and exclaimed: •‘Well, Ibe d—d if that ain’t my buekl the Tery one X bought from Sam Hunter.” Elilott and Kiunoord broke for Sam. Unn* ter*s residence to see how fchr Ducks looked, and to.demand satisfaction. They found Sam. In a rather excited state of feeling. The shower of rain bad reached S&m.’s black bnek, and eight of them bad changed the color of their, wool and bad become white I The other two Sam had chat up in bis barn, inclosed In overcoats—such treatment bav ins been prescribed by one of his neighbors. But the incarcerated bucks would rub against posts, Ac . and would rub off the color till they resembled zebras 1 This via too much for Sam. to bear. He harnessed bis fastest .horse and halted not until he was In the office oTEsqulre Sheaier. A warrant for ob taining money under false pretences was Is sued, forH. M. Taylor, ihe Green Mountain boy, and Ihe -Ist lost, set for trial. The court, after weighing tbe evidence, held the defendant to ball in the sum of five hundred dollars, in default of which he was committed to JalL Subsequently, hla coun sel succeeded m bringing him out on a writ of habeat eorput, and he was discharged and left for parts unknown. If any one wants to make Sam. Hunter mad, let him ask hlpy “ How arc you, blaek Spanish Vermont backs? V Was be a Boston Jllanf [From the Boston Commonwealth.! A gentleman of thin clly, entertaining some friends a abort time ago at the Music Hall, with the sight ortho great organ, and other conrioeltica of the place, suddenly be came aware of a aeries ol “nudges” In his back, and turning, became also aware of a solemn countryman evidently'of ah Inquiring mind, who. Indicating the statue of Beetho ven with Interrogating finger, asked the un mistakable patios of New .England. “Is that ala too gut?” “ No, air, bronze,” was the response. “Bronze, hey. Most cost considerable. Who Is it a statoo oft” “Beethoven,” ealdtho'genUemaa, begin ning to be amufed, **B. Tovln, hey,” and then reflectively, w Ith the Impression of the statue of B. Frank lin fresh In his mind,— 1 “ TT« Ac a Mofiin maani ” FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HONET&RT. Satubsat Evcnao, December 15. 1556. The following la Manager Ives's statement of the business »f the Clearing Bottae, for the week iodine to-day: Clearings. Balances. December 10 tM6S.OSS.IO ' *V13,0ii.38 December 11 1,369,11*1.91 5Q5.011.79 December IS December 13 MtfMJO&M 153,637.73 December U 1,894,037.13 2Q2,m« Decunber 15 *5,177,697.67 *1,000,601.68 Lastweek 10.3ia.msS 1^3,310,66 The Money market was closer to-day than at soy time during the week, and In eome quarters it was pronounced decidedly , stringent. The banka ate losing Currency every day, owing tothe dram eastward to provide Exchange and the chicking by country banka in order to move the Dog crop, which has now taken a fair start Pa per Is narrowly discriminated, and borrowers And great difficulty In obtaining accommodation. Discounts are entirely restricted to those whose claims cannot be denied. The bank me is steady at 10 per cent. In the open market there la more doles, and .rood names ore taken at i*4QU$ per cent, and less desirable signature* at S per cent per month. The shipments of Produce to the East are ex ceedingly light, and very lluio Exchange Is being made. Were It not Ibal many of the banka have paper maturing In New York, additional ship ments ol currency would be necessary. The Ex change market waa weaker to-day, owing to the tightness of money, and sales were made between bsnks at 85 cents premium. The counter rates ueie unchanged—par buying and l-lfte premium telling. During the week there has been a fairly active demand lor Foreign Exchange, and die market dozes firm at the following quotations far sight Lilia: Gold. Currency. London* per £ atg 65.00 fG.3O Q7.o* Paris, per Dane 20 *?i£© 39 Beilin, per Prussian thaler. 73 3.U4 0106 Norway, per nx enynt 50 40*0 41V4 Sacden. per specie d01er.... 1.16 1.00 Q 1.03 ' For some lime past it has bees known In finan cial elides that the Bank of Montreal was about to relinquish Its counter business, and nominally retire from active operations in this city. The ar rangements for snch action were completed to* day. The business will he taken op hr Messrs. George C. Smith A Bro„ successors to Orezel A Co. This firm has been long and tavorably known in business and financial didos, and will continue to look after the tntcress of the Canadian trade, as was heretofore done, with great success, by the Hank of Montreal. Mr. W. LI. Park, the active and experienced agent of tho Bank, takes an In* term in the bouse of George C. Smith & Bro n as manager, and will assume the supervision of the Canadian department—bis perfect knowledge of tho Canadian trade affording him every facility to rScd such negotiation* as may bo required by there «lio are engaged tn commerce with (be Canadas. WUIb ibc action cfiho Bank of Montreal, In wlthdicrvlngfrom active l»tulnc‘s is to be regret ted, we are sore that the !oiirC:ta of thuio who have heretofore done bna’iiesa vim Ida Invita tion will be strictly attended to, rhoold t ,cy pat ronize the bank ofMewra. O. C. Hraith i D.*o., who will hereafter occapy th j premise*, 46 Ladßle street, now known as the Bank o: Montreal. There wsa more activity In floor, and prices wctc 25 ccnU better, Wheat was in good demand, at an advance of oirNo. 1, and 3H®3c.on No. 2 Spring. Com was tame. aod;HJlftclo;pcc. Oata advanced lS©2c. Eye waa ft@lc better. Barley Improved l®2c. Whither waa doll and nrclccttd. Provisions were leas active and rather doll,. Mesa Pork declined IS&SOc. Lard waa nominally unchanged. Wool eontinnea unsalable Groceries were qmet at previous pricee. The sold market exhibited no marked flnctaa* (tons 10-Uay. It opened at IST?*, advanced to and closed at 187 ft. Ihe following quota* Uotia were received by Boyd Bros., gold and atoch broken 2C:S3 a. m. ll:U) a. m, 11.15 a. n .137*» 12:00 m... .13114 12:15 p.m. .13714 1:30 p.*m. .13714 SiO-p.m. •13IH 11:30 a.m. ll.iSa. m. Here the market was qnlel an day at 137C5137U buying. eUaetwaa nominal at 123<aus—^ the up per flenre tor large. The following table show# the dally range and closing pilots during the week: Range. Closing. ir,y, vsi Gia:v inn 137* Monday.. . Inc* day.... Wed nee day. Thursday IS7Ji®IS7J£ 137* Friday , I37*i b«tarU*Tw I~*©lß7* 137»4 UOTcrr.tacstß were qclet and scarcely so flno. Siscs of *6l declined }«. Flrc-Twentles cf *&t de clined Ibe others were unchanged, Ten- FoUics and Scycn»ThlitlM were tteady. The irllottinff shows Uie closing price* to-day, compiled with ihose of the three prenotu days Wed. Thu. Fri. SaU '.vs*. m ins m*< Sixef of’SJ. iVe-Twcntics, 107* 107* 107* 107* Plie-Taeuile*, *<M 100 1W lOlfc 1034 F*Te-Twenti«. , Cs .306 100 106* IMS Tco-Forlle* W?j »»j WJi Stveu-Tbutw. Ana 106* 106 105 101 Scvcti-TLimn. Jane....103*. MB MS 103 *>«vca-Tb!rtleJ, Jol/.;...103* 105 103 105 „iliae theaarfcetwas dull. Wo quote: oomsmiß etemmES—cmcaoo uxnr. Boring. HIM .100* U. P. Sixes of 18S1. l !s, 5-Sia, 1«M. V. S. 5-SOs. W. C. 5.6-«» (until) JUS 01063, .... U. b. I(MU (Itrc«) mi *B£ U. S. JlMOKsmtU) IGSS4 U. s. 7-»*, Brt eerie* wm 103*4 V. S. 1-SOe. Sd f edw UU* 103 V U. S. ?■£<)» (naall) toil* .... Componndi, Otjoc, IPM. 116 '• Jalr, 1964 115 H “ aoc..iw ns :• *• • Oc*U 1804 114 •» Dee., ISM US *• Wty.ira Ill** “ A Off., 1W 110 “ ' Kept.. ISO 12JJ4 »• Oct., isto .iJS Tbe Second National Bank Qsotes Ihs Public Fnade a* follows: Coupons. IS3I 111!{ Jcne Comp n 19M..110 Coopon?. July “ ** ..HSj4 laree JCDHOIO6S An* M “ ..115 5-W Coupons. * Oct ♦* - “ ..1H small Doc “ “ ..IFJ lCMoCosp n lare«.. »% May “ 195..111K ICMO Ang “ “..110 "•SO laree- lU*£ Sept “ “ ..109^ T-sfl, small.. ao»H Oct “ “..109 Local Sectuitfea are qmle. We quote: .T'- “SS* Chicago City 7« Cook County «a *. K 91 C&amber oTCommerce P 5 9s Liverpool ad rices of UMlay nooa. quote Fire- Twectiea 71. Tbe Frankfort quotation ia 75 Ibe telecnpb mmonnees Out tbe Milwaukee Board ol Trade bad adopted Urn “cental*’ sys tem. Sew York AoekVartet. Cloctsc price* tor caah. December IS, 130, received lif JoMpb M. Lyoec * Co n Broken: lit Sd B’d. BU Jf.T.Cen. ll*v IM* fine (c0m)..... Si* 7i* 11.6. (c0m).... Bi* Sifc c.A Pita...... »* sow Itock liUad....MUk' HU* c.« N. W law m* C.AJT. ’W.pMTBV t; k c..JW)» jbv Oor-iaUw.... 4i* ti* W. Colon Tel.. 4S£ «jv C. *A- (com). JO»X MW* Par. A O UO 133 O. AM.Cert*., n is Ho4«»Bmr..Uo 1» XU. Central . JI7H US P. A BetOtne. ..i»* i»w tvia-MbYecoa: o* a v T. A'Waaain... M M*. Market—Ftm Board, «eady. Second Board, era. Ut u t 'B’d. B'd. U. S. C per cot fBI lit U. B. I per cent C. s. 6 per cat »•» coop-, • U. usy tl. 8.6 per cat 5-» coop, 'a. I®* X3.S.S per oat IW9 «Jf Tr. Koto*, < *-U lit Krin ICB U. S. tHO, 94 •ertn,. its o. a. ts-io. u Afpcr. a’oiiriri tstx u?x ConnEBCUb Satckbat Etmuo, December 15, IB SC. The followtac tables show the receipts and *Mp mnli of Prodaee during Ute past twenty-tour boon: BZCSXPXS rAJT TVZSTT>rOOB BOCBS. Floor, brl* Vbett, ba. Core, bo Oat*, be Hxe*ba Bailey. bo Grass beod, &»«.. Broom Core, tt*. Cured s!e»t,Tht... Beet. l>rl*. Potk* brls lard, bt Tallow, th#,,, Butter, Fe liter eed Hotr*, J»o. Live Doc? ,Ko. . . tittle, No IMdra, ft*. Elgbwlnesbrli... W.K)I, lb* La'alct.m I Sblj.lcs, No ggirmrarigr Twrum.rocn noro*. «, • hrf. IBM- ; I 1885. fefc:==:a !£' Bje, b 0.......... ,• j Crua lbs «aW> ! Broom Corn, tt#..., „ laiim •♦“‘■jjg; j%; - . 01,659 £«•■■■•••. «■{« gas i i 'sg ts^’ Ku:::::: ’ ::::::::: “ : ” s ’«? nOOI, VI ....... ... - .11 jo-, cvP , ? r * fe #t £ c,e ti So (St *H UtO, f.CS n : .C Balt. brls.. ... ' ....V.'.V.'.V" 4(3 j STB ■ The Proralon market trpeneticcd quite a rese llo® to day, and the volume orhoalneu vu ihrht. STess Fork was dull at a decline of S&SOc W brl, with sales ofUM hrla at ffS U/cash; flit**, buyer January, and *18.73 (Uat evening) teller J f coarj—clewing tame a; cash, aad sellers at .fia.7S teller January, with buyers at I 8.50. Bnmpe told to the extent of Chris at Slt-SS. Green Meats Vers quiet and without essential change, with sales os about J2u,ODOS« at S£c,abd SO,C€C Iba Hams at 9c. lard was dull, with sales of SCO tea at l£c cash, and 12*4c buyer Hrat half of January. Bacon Shoulders sold to the extent of SCO pcs at Oe, smoked. Grease was doll, w iih sales of 210 tea Yellow at Bc, Dressed Hoe*were in better supply and mors active at a decline .of fully SCc, with liberal sales at f6.7&&—cleetug at f 7.00 for good arense*. and *8.75@7.C0 dividing on 800 lbs. , Wnlskey was dull, neglected ami entirely nomi sal at *2.87 for Free and 97@8Sc for Bonded. The Flour marhe* was more active la view of the more favorable advices fiom Ifew York, and prices were 20£25c better. We note sales of MOD brla at $12.00613 00 for White Win ters; $11.60611.73f0r Bed Winters; *8.303:0.73 for Spring Extras; SB.OO for Sapors and *0.73 for Bye. There was a fairly active mining and speculative demand for Wbeat, aad tIK market advanced IHv. «Uh sales of 108,000 bu at £2.03@112 for No. J; *1.90 for No. SIaA.D.4 Co.’s; fl.d7ai.B3for regular do, sad f1.4631.5S for Rejected—closing a; 12,10 for No. 1, aud *I.:Ji©LB7H for No. 2 Spring In store. Com was Cat and about Kaxclotver.'wilh sales of 0,010 bn at £o£&fio£e for No. 1; 16K(fa«!He No. S and Cl&£3c tor New Shelled—closing heajy at POHc for No. 1. There waa a etrorger feeling In Oats and the market advanced lK®2c,wHh sales of 88,000 bn atl;®WcforNo.9anoß9c for Rejected—losing at i 3: lor (be former. Then was rather more doing tn Bye and the market advanced HQlc, with sales at 35387tfc for No. 1 and Htfc for No, 2in store-closing at 80s @S7c for No. 1. Barley was In better request and (he market ad vanced l®2e, with sales at Cs®BTc for fresh re ceipts of No. 2; tic for Rejected and |LOO©LI2I4 tor sample lets. There was no movement In Tallow and the mar ket was dull and nominal at 9®9*ic for Country and IC© 10}<c for City. The Grocery trade exhibits a better feeling, la sympathy with the tone of the Now Tork market. There la no quotable change, however, in prices. Uardware goods. Including stocks of iron, Steel, Nails, and Tinners', are in fairly active demand, and the market is steady and flro. bait la qnlct sod steady at previous quotations. Seeds are dull, bat nominally unchanged in values. Wool continues dnll, neglected, and almost entirely nominal. Lumber in the yards is quiet and prices arc steady and firm. Ihe following telegrams were read oa ’Change IchUj _ Nkw Youk, Dumber 15. Flour active and 2Uc better at tlO.Blftlt.os. Wheal B@?c bolter at $2 Corn firm at t 1.14 afloat. Osta Iraojsnt at CoftCfluc. Pork linn at $91.12#. Laid quiet at Gold IT7H* LATin. Floor firm. Wheat elroag. Cure and Oats quiet Pork weak at tiO.SiU. Hogs heavy at t9.35Qi0.00. LITER. In the afternoon Ptovlsloes were doll, the only eelctbat trangolied I>cluc2oj brig Mess Pork at 119.(0, teller lint half of February. Wo did not beard any movement In Grain. Bert Cattle were quiet, hut stead; and firm at previous rates. The receipts for the week are 4,B3sbead. Received to-da;,965 head. Theca* tered sales number 2SI head at f3.75Q5.00 for common to medium grades. The market closes stead; at £S.SCQ6.GS}£ for inferior to choice. Bogs were In fair request at a redaction of 45© XscslCoS>B. Received to-day 7,103 bead,o,slo of which were laken by packers and city batch* ers at fC.OOQC.SO for common to extra nogs. Be* ceivcd this week, 31,233 bead. The market closes weak at f3.T3Q6.83. POBK PACKING AT CHICAGO* Receipts and Shipments of Live and Browed Boss from October Ist Co Date—Approximate Packlse. The following tables show the receipts and shipments of Live and Dressed Hogs from Otto* ber Ist to dale, for two yean: ntcDrn or iioos. Week 1806. teas. eud'g. < —s ■ — * . , Live Dree’d. IJvc. Dres'd. Oct. C... SK,CW .... 84,910 18 13,409 .... *2,705 30 SRjai .... 17,517 37 16,640 7 11,901) 3 Nov. 8 10.733 SB 31,763 It 10 2a.*~3 238 17,fits3 10 17 13,1.8 193 37,750 20 34 lh.W-1 351 33.913 33 Dec. 1 HktiO I.c-rt 33,737 U« 8 Bi,U>3 1,713 6 li2 330 15 tIi.US ‘Lild llVlu 633 Tola] fc>,<i'4 Cviat 3As,7i>o

Add Dressed.. o|j Total 3 45S .... smrxuxrs or uocs. Week 38 U. ISB3. cod’g. Jjre. Vrca'd. Ll.-j. Urcs'J. Oct. 6 22,311 .... 18 IS.M2 .. . 19.7,3 SO 18,518 .... 15,411 21 15,5C1 ... 7AVJ Nor. 8 B.TJ7 .... U,4:ii 11 10 10.574 .... 17,1.1'! OJ 17 0,233 fiS J3.CM 34 4,*-3 00 1U.7T10 Dec. 1 6,515 440 IS.*.*) 75 S b,OU CIS 4J(J> 10 15. Total llf.Vn 1,3* 141,409 AddDittgcd.. I,3tt .... Ml Total .... 141,718 Deducttrg the shipments from the receipt*, ihe balance should approximately Indicate the t uni* her of Bogs packed and butchered for city coo* sumption: 1860. 1355. Bettlpls Stt.ftS 239,751 Shipments IKs'JSt *141,713 Packed and butchered 117,934 SB,UI hleeeia. Mllw»rd& their Circular of to* day, approximate the packing this season, up to date, &t 101,CC0. .17714 •m* 137*g .J3IS ..T37l* Chicazs Provision-Market* CmcACO, Deccmoer 15th, 1864, Without prcxranlUoa, and without any apparent cacae for the advance, oar prorMoa market* lure ash the country hare been much cjlc lied dotted Ute wtwc, and * peculation ha* been rampant. Rat already there p-cm alms ct returning reason, and a reduciiau as sudden as ibe advance may occur at any moment. Va lions clzcumstanecahave tarored the utaMhbmiator adrai-flus prlre#. The Intensely cold weather wtUch we have sutlered from rendered the coontrv road* al* most Impassable I hr atoc«, and therefore reduced oar Tcctlp's to, probably, one>third ot wb»i they woasd have otherwise t*cn. The warm weather (wbleh bad l-eea previously prevailing) tad delayed picking, and pron>lcn maraets were runs Inc ontol stock, and were lorccd to replenish. Ibey are only bayioz. bowerer, to supply actual nccus*itl««. having no belief tn the cor-tlnuasceof Mgb prices. Hie packer* share In ttds cpiaioc. ar.d*t j~or future JW(r»ry have t>*cn foiiynpplKdaunall thetr requirements. WUhgood reaua our receipt* will largely li crease, ami we may expect to tee the mar-c; severely teaieddannc the next fortnight. Farmcrsdocototnj UuvUcsup.-'lfofhOjs is Urg: ly lo excess U last year, and th j problem re mal'.auTiSoUedwbst Is to he done vilh the surplus should high prices prevent Its exportation? iTeebas to the lair advance there had been a growing demand for foreign markets.but ttu higher prices baveco nplete lt deauoytd It. Atadccilnr to former prices I: woaid he renewed to some extent, hut even then shippers would Lot he sanguine of a perfectly safe and produce twines*. The recdpts at hors for the week »am ap si folkiws, tli: rvtW* and mo Ehttmc.ta. droned, 1W; lire, HI: toUl.Ml—leaving tor pstkerr. oily consumption, and number left over 10 the pens, JA*B head. Tor the corresponding period in la© tae receipts were: Df**vrl, dts total, the shipments. drt-»v*j. W; live, l*,Sd; fc> taL HUIO-leavlng for packer*, city consumption. etc., lO,VJ)h*ad. Thepackingtoltep.-eaeattime approxi mate* to ICUCo bead of tun. and 30.U0Q cattle. La»t year we had only packed seme< boss. The tor market has tcon advancing dally, and tne drorer* and dealers tr. m tfce country have been realizing large proCU. Ehciud the veather aocente. or should we bate a tight lad cl snow, to render the road* passable, we may expect larv* receipt* of hoc* fbr the next two wetka. Selling. lllv i«S pressed bon bare psrtlclpateJ la tie alrasce. bet not to u nual extent. There U ij lieu* inducement lor paciera to ptucbaae dreswd bozkacaibcy ttu-iso much eillvalty la dlfpoclac of the prodaut, tnat price* corresponding with tbo«e cuircal for Use caanescr be expected. It la to be hoped (bat at &odlst«atday tbe pacute of Created bon will M completely dl»- djOiiuca-cid. aa: that ibe .uppiy to oiu m»rkeimay be only irflident tor sbipccra. If Eutern operator* voaiorelnsv to boy **tbc ftmT*'altoeciher. or make stub ebtlnrtlon la price as tbe dlCure&ce In condition will JuiUf), the trade would u-cct a sery apeedy end. Meat from uir*?to poca mar pat* moderately well da* nafftbe «inter months, Lei oa toe approach of ran* c-er cannot be relied on, m boMrrs bare foe id to tbetreoet. Tbe market baa ranged from Car choicewHafaU. cioitagweakat f S.W36JC tor llcbt to choice weight*. grata. The market tordmsea bon declined 10c, closing at sto'Stf lai dlndrag os 200a*. Cattle firmer ; backus made*. HJ* (kUe si (»•*. l!ea» perk baa beta ta active omand. prtodaally tor January delivery, and tome 3Q.KS brta to brli must have beta »oii tbe week, lae market advanced to 519.50 tor p.-e*est and fj’.urr dcurtry, &at doted yesterday at 113.0; today. dr.U wiib free oljr laer at f iS.'lb—ceu’tf be bad at fISJi Prime mesa ta tesuoal at imamiai; extra prime aid rump at Be Ik meats bt tor smokier are scry icarer. Eseathora twenty u. twenty-Uvedavt in salt bare wen anxiously sought tor at "c tor shoulder* aad 9c tor aloe#. Green t&tats lo demand at bite tor ahonldrn, gc tor tide* and 9]«39Vc tor bams. Burar cared bame tm at ic»llc. Ibe blgS rates current for bora bare completely suspended all transactions ta Krglljji meat*, rteker* cannot asord ti tn»et par* cta»«rs at)' l therefore. a l p.-odacta moat be considered ■os-Inai. For abort uiddiea, *V-klo< - . Cumnertaiea. Sbd&VC: abort clear. ICOdtokc. aaniißghaiia,»k?i Ik—are about the print.'* aaked. bard closet &rm at IJWC tor kettle. and 13c trrstcitn mahred. Oreaae bra atSw9Kc tor white; tor yellow, end's? '^aU*immoderate demand at S£9;ee tor com try acJtfvSlSJaftof atypackcrs'. Freight* unchanged. Rcszrr MtLwazn & Co, (general Notices. INFOEiIATION "WANTED, of Peter florr Anetf rc*n: «rn»llla»Ue. When , > lfi| t-03. tie *u ahfiait frerias Chlcaco. 111, ft* ” - v--. Any lafQRBAUon condemn* btm melted brWM.O. bOUGS, OJflcft IUU7 Cbiaa.Bfoomn.y»T. ‘V’OTICE.—The undersigned haying ' prnCOASBD THE STOCK OF THB Assignee of Hr. Ignata Herzog, metate* the utter u oar Arent, «*a Serebr aotf • w bom it may eoaeera. taat oor »ald Areot b*> iiiloriir »o pczctuae »ar food*, wire* or aercaaa- o*cstor Mtottflo tty lc*a wlai*jirer. u htJdcuTKiTt* rwp&MlWetof any debt Uiai contracted. txcciLtter U. ISO 6. Office of the Chicago &al £UiieoAD!CoKe*ST, Caitaoo, Dae. 3.13*1. Soled nopoobwHJ bertotredaomttisXtbiiaa. ler 60,000 RAILBOAD CROSS-TIES, 3 w> St- til U Wll, lUI 618 U uwtd. TTOLOtalt win state kind of ttaoer ottered. T. B. BLACKSTONS. PrflWdaU. M * 4,83 tt£*So 7,1t5 xm io,sn 1,600 2,018 4PO AO® 113.0 M 85,000 5t,613 • 510 7SO 33arrurcst)ip. i^SOLLTIOJJ'.—-The co-partnership tl^~rc ., tare CiU'llg QBdU Ultfinß Uffle fcodstjtt B. F. CEEEXE d CO rT U. V. Crt«.c «Jti TtiorOß AL Aterly, U J T.U. AKKOLBt. LIST OF LETTERS. “LITTKES BSUADiIKQ UNCLAIMED IX TUB Office at Chicago. State of lOlnolftcs Use Utbday or vec- iniier, use. ir"ni wita «>y of toae Imm the ayppcaat mat all tot 'iDTomD Lsrma.’ dva the data. ot tM* list, aod pay oaeceat foradraitalßc. t*r “If not called tepwlthto on gam. lijor will temtutk Dead Letter Office. ; ty “Letter* are sot adverUied mill they hare ra* jnamrt 1b Uie office one woct, and on Friday* *ad Sat* artsye letter* to he adrerUted are la Use hand* of ttze lynwTiM&rciertß. “I. DIKLCT letter* plainly to the Bxeotaad number, a* veliaithePostOiCaaodSuu. “3. HKAD letter* with the writer** PoCTOrm tad Tter*, mm end xauit, ties theta plainly with ron nates, end refloat Uus itncn to be directed i» oortlngty. “ Letter* to ttrsseoi or transient TUI tar* ta a town or Oty, whoee special addrww miy be sataows, ahotld be marked, la the lower IdVhaad comer, with ue word Transl'iit.' *4. Piece lie'postage itiap on the erm stout oixccouna, eod uunorictbcrren the Ka«j> end dlrcoionfor wwt-kazixju withoat interfering with the vrßlsr. ■ ■ •_ - “N, Be-1 BEQUEST for the BETmcr of * letter to the writer, IT ascUiaed within thirty <Uy* or !«a, written or printed with the writer >ai, Poet Orric* god Statz acroM the leQ bind end of the eorclope, on the &ce tide, *DI be muirited with el ibecsnal pro taWraieofpoata^B,payable when the letter U drilr ered to the writer.—ldee. >3, Lew of IKS." . . XB~ Free dellrcry of lotted to any part ol the city out be eocnred by baring them oddreued to ttts etteet eod pnm her. ' Adamradr - Alexander Pradlertara Abbott Ellen K bus AtexanterMolvtcatnlaa tni— Aodwaonliaiy raU* Adama Kate U ora Autanoa Laviola AdatßtVn&ktan Acdenoa Kltue nl« A<tsm>t&ra A&der*oa Karr mr* Ard-si n Marthaflmr* AilenMaxyUxnn Arnold Oertroaemias AUtsJehbtetsm Att*nd>m«M mn Alko Mule K nia AahlasdMumleinla Allen Francis widow Dilrd P 6 an lUtcr n A an Bslott Bom ml» Boulter baua miu Baldwin Jexale min Bradley Be.le min Kalian Minnie mU* Bradley Mary Darce* Mary E Braedoo EmmsmUs Berne* Sena min Brady Mtcne A t MnaUVmn Brewster UettU mils . BarsumJaUetAmi* Brennan Mery Bemtli Mlcnie Brunswick mn Dartleit Ms’deM Brock Elizabeth art Barter Lory ml* Bioona Thomas mn Bilmicnni Browne Jessie on lies ley Mscale nUtt Browne May ran Beach Panme ml* Browne .Mice mn peach CaUsts J nm Broaao Josephine mi» Been Ulrica Q mn Banda# £ £ miss Bennett Walter on Buck Fannie com Berry Lizzy mm Buchord Phcehe mn Blsaooa Uofib mr« Bocksbore e A min Bingham Charles mn Harsher TOmra BUoy narr mrs Bark Eliza oedmlsa Bircin* John mrs Boris Nettle ram ItirasaU Emma Bourse Isabel ml Si BishopEßan • Barnet Ellenmm 13i(kertiT*e Maryann ran Bortrrtilzt EmmaO ml* Block! Hattie miss BnrtonClJalss BUckEEmrs - BorrowSßan Biaia Mary mrs Buih Rate mm BocsrCuz Martha nut Bash Anna mn Bout-y Emma n!» Bnanck Sarah ml* Bowman Llde u!M BuUrlck 3 W mm BoydcnNßmra Batter Elizabeth mrs Camrben ASU on Comas Mettle I, mbs 3 CaxmmcUbMe mrt Combs Lydia mrs rain bxldretmm Colbert Catharlße Carden Bridget mm Comer Anas miss Carteymn OoseJEmrs Cartes Edward mn Cone Manila T mn carpenter Ada or Minnie CxmeHaoml S nm mn* Cook H C mra C»xlil«niea miss Cook Bsrsb A, mlsa Uery J M ten Cowls® Barab carry 1 ambert mra Cotney Joseph mis Cair Rachel Asnmra Cotuebjut Han* an Carter Laon E miss Corblrr Pboebe A mil ca»bocMmlsa Cottells Mary miss Chamberlin Etta miss Coyne Aetua . Chamberlin CEmn Cox Jama* mrs ctaruwortb Jane tart Corcoran Mary mn ChtiooEmta Grampian Harriot cUrntdou Mary miss Creighton EUamlM tlnk Anna J alas Cram Aon mn Clark K J mra Cutler Anna mlu Clark Mary X on Catrer K V mi« Clark Ertaabetb J mn Culver Helen mitt ClarkMaiy B mn Cummin capt inn Clark Julia mxa CuUiauc M A m.ii ClooreMirlemn CnnanMsryEnilsa Cobb Anna mlaa Cnru*Aßmn DaaielaECmn Cil •naira Diillonofl Howard mrt Dlckfcm Ulll- *>!'* Pavla Kux* mlaa tenbla Ar»b-ij» mica D«tl» J»eil f miss IKbei tr Mat A D*ru Sle'ceila mIM Uo><gt. >l«r> mM Utylirni'Mzan DoUDKufrMuiri Day Lydia tan Doaabu* rior ara Beam Mary tan Dorml Ita-ora mra JicaneSLarM X>»reßJa nttat Devmnxmn DiU» jacwuAmM Dcxre BatUe mlas Do* slot Nc Uc mu j tienUoa Adlea mill Down* linvt.emla* DeLandoUmn UowSuuA Derby c F mr* Dost Anna miss Dewut Cb»rlM ren Durham Minerva am IX-rce Addie E Donna Adu miss Dlekt noo H>- re cm Dunn Anne mrs Dimtcfc Cnarlc* mfi Ul-rtouKste mire Dlx Charlttte B nlu Dye C A ora Dtlly Wo cut Doiham Carrie C mlas Ebbcrts Rote miss Edgar Earth Jmrs Kastman Wn E mrs Ecclestone Loaite mra EstUibrooke Ambrose tnrsEmeoa Robert R am *■ salmon bosan C mra Eidred Joanna nra ROnor Lottie nm hlu* Virginia b mra Kddy battle mra Ewing Sarah Eddy Beulah tupa Pandtah Cyrraa an Fletcher Fannie mlas Farr Ella Ernies Fiannigaa Maggie miss Pai sell Lirzte mlas Foster'Fettle ml** Faixo Clara mra Foster Belle mlas Fasclt Mary Kmn Toy Xlary mra Flschrr .\nra Verg miss Freeman Mnriamlse Flttsuaid Johanna mlas Fraser Jenola inn Field Georgeana sits Fnuv NeiUe £ mlu Fitzgerald Mary miss Frereilary E irtaa Field 8 C mtia Furlong Clara niUs Flint Angtuta S mra Garfield Minnie M miss coma A cues mtis Galloway Moris Goouall Kltae miss Gsntley UUa miss Goods*!! Gusale mlu miles alary miM Grace Kate Gamy Anne mtM Grant Neitiemlt* Oran Catherine miss Urey Charles W mrs G'dcoa Ellen mr* i Gray KW miss GUI b'cliic miss Granger Benjamin mra Gilroy Bridget mlf • QravesEva O mlas Glnmane Uannorsh mlu Greer Wm Hon UIJUIJUIC UMUUI.H uug *• t* U4I« Gilbert Elizabeth cJm Green Lucinda mra Glilrsple tnrs Ortm-haw Melinda miss Uilltrtham Nancy mlta Orecnough o.r* Glam MaskieA Qrovenxu) Mannlctales Goodrich K C mis* Grover Lillie tnlo* Goodrich Belle mr* Uralms Eate miss B BaSCrnaa Catherine mtaa Bless T mra Hale Georgy W mra Ulekey Mary mra Haggerty £Tcouitae HJgtwo Mary E mra Rafnts Angie mra Binds O 8 mrs H ale UatUe K nn Bib Anna K salsa Hale EUaC talas Uince Lucinda mra Hall Atanson mra Hillman Maccio miss Hail Sarah mlu Hildreth utml.-mr# Hißimncrtl I. mra Ui:l EUzaiutu UaooaMilsgyeialsa ll\«'a Myr* Renan Maria i-l-e UUiCLy Hvou-vah mus Ilanny JamnUs ' I. K r..-* llai dy HuaR H H mra MmCy ItuUten-irS Blw Hsmor. Rtama ilnd»x* Leonard m.*s HuLkUi’cr Andien r» * Jlooi.mrEllmhsrusi.atni NarEfcn SntticAmlas l(nicLlo-'Milar> Aura Pari r»ob Marwortt mil notion Clw a inAi lisnbon (Tarainitß HopeJOmras IlarriLir Marthamra Hoaxer Angelina mrs H*rrSLoom 31 mlu Howard CD mrs U> ri lo% Mascle Bits* Howtu Fbmbe 8 mrs lirnislAiiiQU* Howe W H mr* HrrrleWm l‘ai* Bowell BE miss Usurer jchanca miss Hudson Sarah mlu Hart Mary ml.* Dodson Hattie E miss jcuU )1 mUs Hudson M D ttra Hi«>v Jinny un Halbard J II mr* HaresMardeiLTß Hytaad AnuemlM 9 Hayden Caroline E Heat Libnr tslw Hi Ktr Farah J Hcntfr Nehle u mrs H-1 dr'ct* Sidney mra Bttclilnson nuia miss lunrikit Urldget ilnlburt Mary L mra llcrrliL Hla JuituS iioiburt Eliza mrs lltrley Mary Cmra C Pmrs Ireland Maggie J , J ua James SlolHe W miss . 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Bradford KB Barkan B Girl BclyeaChasT Bradley Ben F Barn* John Belye* wlUleTk Bradley H E BarnsP M BernUM Bradley 4a* Boina Thomas Q BrnbaaJaa'W Bradley Aco Horn* Taoa Bennett L & Bradsuaw Kdwln Bara* J«*#ph n Bennett Wb Brady Rash J Bart W A Bennett Geo Pramen Geo Barton Bros Bennett. Baker 4 Braton Bros Bosh H L co Breattwell D A KBnsh Henry enpt BesneU. Follett Bresnoca UldiaeJßasa dr &co Bremen Johnny Ba*baellßH BenUy ft Sudd DrewrerW Balchart Wn Benton D Fries Geo D DaUar Richard BercraflJ Bridges* OL Patter John H Berger John Briggs Oeo W Bryant Darnel K Berry Jaa M 3 Briggs Ott»H BylngtonAU Berry Haley Brt|g*AF Bralnard Dwight Bcese lic&xy W 2 Brtaen Michael Duru Jnlia A mra Dwyer John am Mclntyre Leonora isles Melitaln J Dtnr* lalttmla BaUIeDl GKCTEEMBirS LIST. /CluiC BuUosWeserS Brown, Wlljon ft UJ B'txl * s*om» 5 co ni i**trick Boodeyool Brown * co ■ovjMepb Boo'.aA PC Brawn. M&rfct ft rti O P . 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Chamber? HcrtiertColllaa W Croehy Spencer I o rolman John CroMAmoa I Chandler France Comm Frank Cioa* John B r ChatOnn&co CoirerAW CroMfeyOTT ! Chapoo Jami* Corah* diiarles E Crooea 8 I Chapman U H Comb* John Cron<o Jerome S Chapman F M Condon Jamea Crawler Henry I Chare Lctin* A C»ce John E Cnxwo P T ChWei ier J W A One Cha* 8 Cr ltshvnk* £lex | co Couitha Frotper ander j OiHdaEoljr Cunlln Jamca Crumley Penis 1 Church L B capt Connell l*att CcmmlaeW ChnrthUl F Conner* Wt.lUm Cunningham J3* < ClifltnJ Conan Tbotnu Cunningham Ed -1 nicer Th ' Conway John ward , aapoJLdr Cookßll CcrrauJß 1 Clapp J □ CookJW Current Patrick { ClarkCfeanerC CoofcJP Cnrtu.hcoS ? 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Dnrlra John Darsee Gay )erm« Jtorrts Dorrlnyum Geo EDa rjt% Jarrli jertyWU DoeelßinT W Dyer Joaw yet or F B Dowa Denny Dyer N D cap: ) yemncwnT B Earle Wilber ETtncr* Andrew EDeworthAA' hwUmCA £!Wfi«ooA Iff C Ettetton Geo A Pbbut John J A W Emerry J»m« . j-Uldf Wm H KUlort Herace 21 End Leo L’dwardaEO EHm Benjamin K«urlu Henry ' FgnnJanKSL F’lUJolmW- E«t;hr<K»te EJH v»«v M KUU Lilts rop 8 Evans JVT IWeniFralt Zlmer x Henry BUltiun** J W Far&n Luke FlahbnroEH ForkltPP FairclotU 6 C FBner il Cbaa a Falabi e John FUlit-r James Foster t'ba« FarrlztxUQ>CiaaifTsk.David E Fottsr Vlvllltm Farrar Geo D Fitzgerald Man* Foeter Amj Farm Geo rice C P Foort O L Fayette A Fitzgerald TboeFFowler Dotal nick Fcuii'T Jidsa . Fiu*lbboav .’ohn Fowler Lnvla Fetch J K J FUzglDbon. UicblFranic Sol Fellow* BP Flcnuog Henry TraukllnO W Felton P Fleming liobert SFm .klm J Felton Fl»k A FJcnner wM dr Prvuen Henry’ Fenaom Brbcrt ' Hotelier JUS Frazor Aitborter Ferroo A V Fletcher t razer C FTsbcc Frank J 5 H-tcUer D Freeman Peter Flcl n Gooree Flrtn Frank Fraach iVuilird C Field J Howard Foie* E A IPHtCbai Field JK Fccarfy James 2 Fritz .Ivnei Field* Jobs Fotf»>a,B J G Fry* Jacob Fu#crJß FooteAGlipen ftulermr Flat H U Ford Wallet J Fuller * brot FlabCioriCM FoneatFrankC Fai'erJC Flrh Darwin S Forrest BC FoUerCharlssN ITtbA W Fcmythe John AFurber Geo C G are Israel OlleDßcaptS OrastJoalrrr Gate John Oslftsil Ferry Groat Job F tie*" Frank Gllmcra fcdwdW Grant E O Ualne* Am GUil* A Graves W 8 Gamble Oscar GivlnvAco Graves A B Gardner John C Gleason A C Gray Arad Gardner Ccorse Clasabrook TnoS Gray Gn* W GarencrßP GlaseottJoba GmrwyT.B Garland Geo E GodmanWmE Gregory John B Garlic UM Golden W GruoryCha* GarrttaoaCynuDOomrcersallTbos Grceo at uuel Gates Geo Oo&dald D SI Green Hmry W Gates F AAcos Goodfellow Jas Green Joan A GaoeyWmJ OocnowffH Green Wm Henry Gentry Wat H OcodrlenET GremleafZrhnloa Georse Hcstry P Goodwin Wm SI Or«n<>neb W A GliOtscn AtUson Gore ESI Gr-yJ«K GibtstF Gum Edward Wm B C GloeonJobn GoncJc Dav.d Orlffltb IMwta , QlbeoaWtt GonchJohnßs GrlOltaJasß i GIMoaTP OonriWO GrabbsAlexander i OiflbrdFrankU GrabAaJobaA GramclrG.V ' Gilbert Frank Graham Wm U Gulioek Thomas ' GilbertCJ GranderOL GannrUHXl 1 GildcrsiceTD 6 J GruiWoW Gaytan J L l' / .... « Hades WH Hatton A A Hobson Ed Hainer John Hawley Atutla H >tuon E B HaSeworth K Have* KUk Hodge BaaJammO Baler Bryant Bawktns Morton H-rtge PEI HaUVame E! Uawkes Harry r SUodgw IP &cn3 Hall David M Haynesry BoffmanHC Hall TcntmT Hayes WillUza Uozne Wm P 3 HaJUas Raymaa Aawew uolcom i red 8 Hall John C a Holden Woi Q Hal Jesse ' Hayes Ebcsß Holland Stephen BaIHTGeoB Hayes John Holman CJ Hamlin LB Hayes A Co Holme* H W Han. mill Own 3 Haye* A Bros Holmes U Brew 3 BammmTbosF RayserDarld BoimesJoha Hammond b H Hazeibrook Fred Holmes W - Hazellos John P BjoJ C B nac t HcaSord Samuel Hook Chas BatsonrbaiH H*ally Anthony llookrrGS Henry W Heart John Hooper wm iliSsTvd BeckCbas Hopktna>P . Hardes Beth Hedges LP HopklntWm Hardies FT - Driitroi EL HoplnnsM HardinrCoo De<Bd*v O HopkLuMartd- HaidavyCbaa A UlUunGeoß _ln« HarkinsD U BeolnmiyHC nordlngPT Harmon Geo K Hotdertoa lUrtlnHoraer ik go HintyTl BemussJaa Bontaßß Hamer Frank D H«Bney_ChasQ Mosmer Lot L iftrsvir iiif«i'»w?nt;atv JoPn 1 Hocch Robert Haroetcr Edward denry Jeflersoa Boostatoo 3«o Mardpvtoaliu W House Wm Barmetoc D rev Berbert Harry Homey Geo W HatrlsJasßß Heeler APico Howard J A Maine Q r Bletey isbaa Howard B C HamsTbomaa Hickey John Howard Harris G B Hickey Thomas HjwardßPrankS Harris Abraham Hickman CoirdonHo ward GeaT Harnson Jacob HickoxSVH Howell BF Harris.n Fred UlvctnaAJdr Booyt Wm HA BarrtttßC nicdaaKJ „co naraha J M HUrlts J X Hoyt J A 4eo Hanba Willie Hlzrlna* Evans HaboeßCW Aco liilomb Wm Hndson Th°* O Bart J B HIIIM Hudson Wm Hart EannieT BUI John ncHThomaa Hartley Calvin 8 Hill Jerry Pcapt Hunt Wilson J BafUtyUTtv BUI J« try HantWoF HartaettßeslaailsUUJ Edward H Hunt Culler A Hansr Jas niltablddie B S 2 Bout Chat S Bartyjaoob BtmrooJas BnttßM Harvey JD 3 Hluctley John Hantcrjasmd HaseoAeo HI tun as C F HnrdAaabeifi Ilasktca Georn Hitchcock A W Bnrlbnt X C Hatch BcrdatmaFßtzssn Bwhard HnrrbotßF _ Eattewv £rankHoa*lin J U HnrllckThomva capt Hc&clla J C & Hutchinson kOcbl Batuncer Joseph Kimball Eivd j caps Boon 8 Hynes Nod ißcenollOP Irwin Jo'nnF Jackson John Jlntens Joseph JamraA Beu7 Jobssoa C A Joasi Albion Jenson Georce Johnson W Jane. K. w L capl Jerome CbanneerJt bason Wra J drJones Cbai j Johnson Henry Junes D Jerome ThotnaaAJohnson Charles Joimlab JcrLnu-Johmoa IT B Jonss victor u an Johnston tma Joas* Chaa B JesanpJames Johnston rhoma»J meihros Aeo Jewett brotam- Johnston bathan Joy Fatnck jevutAßS Keatb WIDUm K Ktbna»Wmn Kelly JP KenmiiDW Kjmtuu ffm O Scvaan A Finley Kennedy Jobn Klnri*eter Kenned wj ruddc James* Kellcer B S Kenned/ Jamm Kut amrr otbT KemeayHaorr bKtlnandJF Kelly AW KewJ>t«i i SirxpagicAWmJ Ked/BJ Kcnnr John Bulcterbacter Kelly Robert Kent 3 A Joshoa KellyJetmnab KerbyPatt KnirbtJotai Kelley J w Koler Andrew Knott mr Ee.tey A Head Krtchna F A Knox Goorse BeMey (jeorpe Xsbhart J U Lacy 024 Ljtaaa EJ U»sley George . Ladd Geo pcapt Leman H , H o Late H M Leonard John I o»te Andrew 8 3 Late John Lepner William HUow James Laxe Wtila Latter Oltrcr Lone J B Lancaster KlmrpdLewroi Uartln B Lowell A eo T,«- pJcn. 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Sjjcru’ 1 !No«ctE. .* J » "*• -ernlOE Dr. Junes. 91 ft Th* following editorial ccac - Thors, Chicago, ill., B 3 Kaoddpb-#L, eoreer of £>*- andcalebraled trim the treatment ot yatrat* Dtt-7*. the Mtmpld* Baßatla of ITor ember 31, Of>»* ( *• Caa»G* cr Eocanos.—Tbsre •• m ibocbnnOT wbo baxeiocateasiTe a **Dr.J»»c«,a Chicago. Hr. was “ tcccectcd aitt the Leek HoJptUl ol O. <*ps, -aidraßksfe»ttrlntn«p«ticah»r itne cf the eroflrn *• aoa which be bas adopted a. a apaoaUr. Un tsnaa “has erteabroad throcrhEmaycltca.asdhls paU-nsa t erne from auaarta of the ceonffy. Be#aajn*l p-o --“Il-hedaiew aodolaryd esidoa cf bH w«xi ko-jwn “Wort.TheMtjnltof.wlucbbaaalrcady. hai a Ta-y “ Ujct dreautua. Dr. jamrettureniaTeumjm hi* •*o’d<fleeto«aeTtes*tTe scitc tf r'onu at No- *1 “BaodaSh-st, comer of Deail»r».Chloa«o, where ha •• can oe onsoiUd perajeady aad tonttoanualiy. or or “Irttcr.oVin a'l dl*?t3o which pertain t2_hls sroaal- M ty. HeWlMtxfbnadaShUoaradhHjsfroaiaintha *• sorsiiic DUB is the erainr.** Dr.Jamescuabewasnlirdathuofflcwand pirlcia, 01 and 03 Etadolph-ah, £rsm9»-i=-tc-«p.n. fina dajs, dorlcg Ihethncoon. THEMO2»IXOIUc3aiaIBi3Jf 3fi of important IsArnoaUan to thu ald and joaij*ol both sexes, can be hadbyaddreMUurDr.Janaex; P.0.80x 606,Chlea go. HI. Enclcse so cWiti and ftmr ceett ftr pcitegf• Good .Ictws at Last. LetaeaaieteJ retd aad learn that a perf-et asd radical morels wunanlrtaod trearaeteed to all who arc aCisMd slut weakness, dcbUUy - nerrous cren plaints, n.elam,holy ibr-rahu, C"prrrdoo of snlflts, c.time sad aecclth of mind. lo*s of Ke?r, loss of n emory. Ico- cf energy sad nmcnlar power, pany growth, wa<tliizawav.&nd' a onifldeace tm '■K' fslrlmc Tits, crnTnliire tr*mbn2ss. lm* rotetre at.s otstn-st of life. Somephyilciwa* recairw robe iolo ’h» ranxre ct yonyol ease. The lutaslc P£)-»iclaa doe* sol. • He drtalbee Ibe dls (ss« wiuweiMj tnformaUon Irom the parent. Ha «xri*lns l» came: be win hoarrir ana Panltlr uli you whetc*rynacanbe enr.-der notTßlswin uts yon expense, time, trouble and and dlaappnnU.'<Eit. It '■lusateyonrhcaltb andprereuiyour Hi* iram be'az thorttned bywrangtreataent. The Bounlc Eemcdlca tf Hr. Bapbael tierer filled y--r to mate a perfect tare ot all prjTUe, reent and Teaereal dtv wUbont lb* nse ot sentry, wuboax Mndrance tram tmslncta and without fear ot discovery or exposure. Hl* prereatlTP to cbiMren U tanocrat acd nib. It does oottntenrre * lib the £l*kor occupaucn. Itnperstw wltioiuslcs rasaorexporere.analsrenalalalMerect. UaotonPa pref«mtafrumba*ln«cbUdren,bQttt win restore (Oo monthly nerioos aal onprore tbe heaps. O'asaira- Oonststncily prlrate acaccnSdeallsl} HAILi", (S-m --days excepted, from 1J a. a. to 4 p m.. ut 1313 Base Madls:n-.f; between WcC» aad Franklin-.-:*, Cnlcam. Ilh Cosanltauonfeo. VU- Persons at a ihftuicQ maw commonlram co-ir:EXjmAi.LT by letter. If they tn> cloaefl tot eornuuaon ut In each letter. All letter*, eommasKarioes and Interview* are strl-tiy pnram asdcotfidentlal. No ao»we* wi i po dies to letter* amesa*ll*lhelotc>iascon«nlCan>'o fee. Ad<kreas all Ifllers as follows: DB. BAPHAEL, Peat cJkeßox. 6573. Chi care. I’l. Ur. wixmier. 16-1 Sooth Carx-tl. cares ad privets diseases *Uhcni uittcnry orDolscton* drug*, *o macfa to bo dreaded. fcemlnal weakness. in ell tu varied forms, cured la* few week*. Young menafflictedwithdicaaa mt nlcht. producing weakness of the wools body, com merces. ringing la the ear*, call and receive the Doc tors opinion free • f charge. Dr. W. publishes * nida to healta wbKh should 1* la the bands of everyone: free ot ebarcs. Scad three ccata to payoostago. odta* boor* from Bam. until 3 p. m. Post U2Lceßois".£9-4. Dr. ThomsoQt Proprietor of the Medical and surgical Inornate. 17H Saatb Clark-tL. has treated all lormsnf venereal oli ease with oapreceotcd success fir nearly ;urty yean. 2>pcrmaiorrh<ra and impotence treated with the hap piest i wait*. PaiUculars of Ue Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72. Chi cago, 111. or. Lools Snaser, Regularly Qualified Physician, having »peot the last 8 jr»ra in practice, and la vi-lUng the Moilcal Colleges, Clines, Military and other Oo.piUU of the East. may now beecosnitc-d oo chronic, pervouMecHoal aad uri nary oUeases. of both sexer. (locghlj speaialiy) at hi* cJSct, M) Eamiolph-.U Baichelor’l Ualr Dye, - \ T&eßest InthetSorlal ilartnles* rename. aedoa. The only pctlectDjol Sa ditacbct&tmenl— torldicaloai. lints. Signed. Wnxtas A f!aTcaiu>x. S*w York. AIso,REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILIJS-FIXUBS-rntona presoryes mn bcannOee the heir, kohl ty »H Dnxatuta. de9*u&>ty Ur. Dlselow, Bartnc tse conacaDce 01 tue put.lie i-.d thetaeneaj ucalty at larcc, le the m<v»l redan** ahtijclaa lathe cltjferehrcnLTDefToas *nd»evn*._y- i «f’ s V «-u -» hi* cffce, 179 Soots Ciark-at, CoriTof *-’?£*?* K om< cet>»a.i*iiun tree- P. O. Hot t64* QU guide tc health, patlUhcc monthly. a-nt rtee to «nv Hiidrix*. «tUl)osttlg. QbFICE OP THE SUPERINTEND ENT OF CONSTRUCTION OF XUS C. S. KT HOUSE. SprlnrSeld. Illinois, Dec. JO. ISM. . tested proposal* will b« roetdreo at toe oaceof »o cerlD!ei*feci of l olled Slate* C"*crl Uouae, ai Sprloc- Celrt, Lllcol’. until 13 oMocx ta.. December HtU. for cv‘t-Jrrn colnrcu*. Pilaster*. and toelr beiU, cap*, bed &*•«, 4c- TfQnlrra Ur me EprtnsfleW. HUcom, Court oo»c »tu* l*o*l oalee. cow cr.nlcc. Drawlnx* of too ioik, tbovln? ami*Brlon*, deaUni *od extent uf It. B.*r be tcet and Ur «a»Uc a'lu;; at mr ofSer, or bj application at t£c otttca H'U«m at Uil -azo, UliEolr, CUieiicatt, Ohio, Pttabumb, Ftnrsyivaaia, and st, Lotus, MltKcrt. Toe pattern* for capital* mu-'tbc»ut muUdtotl»e Sapertiiieadcit Ur apunral I ciore caa'lßj, aodbeda and ton* of cotntna* and ter* wort bo planed t:nr. All the casting* am: be tnnnd, nfcvro thK-tnrrr. sharp arri*»r* aid iminO unf, and tbccraac‘n»utlouc:n>t tvot «jp-nor Cnlaft. The price, ice loclnt: freicLl and <1- leery, ma'l t.e eU-n In rro.«* and ihc wpo eot tbe teort amt l>e d.-lltered U Spri unlit Id by or before toe Ist «t Marcli, P:b# most be aeccuipanled by a tor. s oi t•• u r-spni stole partlcr. in u-.e *um of 41A3. ibat tbe bidder - 1U p*rt,tra UieecntraclU a»atd du» uun. _ pir« ~r»t be acld?r*-?d to A.iVliwam, Cap*p‘nt,-Kt tnl of thei>cv Conn lloasent SpHncß-l;L. I Uivcd-.aui mO‘t be endorsed, •* Proposes for Iron Wort." A. SCUWAUZ, Paperlntended. Ccxtom Boca*. OoMasncron, K. Y-, > . «.r*sr.T*ai>Ksi , 9 Omc*. J>oeera&er ao. isu. y iieaieC'reposal* will be r«clTCdai the ofllca of Uve; undent of lb* new Cn»tom Moose at O-rleo*- bmcb, J<.y.,unun2o , ct'K , *ia-,tneSthoay of J-tauorr. 1967. tor mnt.shinz aDddet*»ertnedlineatli.n stone* Car ta« orjtnJfle «ume wort; or thebulMine »mvo tt»« saJv • im. iDe *tone irQ'ilred U for l«*a and y«t courses, vitilow sUio, imitfLt aid oacdla. Imooai tnoaldiaaa. archlTolts. corKfe.MH'faEj; com*'.Quoins and ta dusts at chimney tors, and also fbr ashisr. ifdvmrd f r the Intern tor the QuTrrnmenc to ik ashlar la the place ot pressed brick. . .. Any sptoea of stone, whether granite, oarb’o or sahdstone, KtstU*. or aoy other, uay M sunmltted,bat w>at*Tef\urt rusy terrain* most tx of thi rao-t durable ocsiirr. oj *co*l c-ior.flae araln, Interviews i to water. wrtceUj unsifeeteJ by iroet aci ea* I able »f receiving a ha- tiaisb. Tbr sizes«f the stock required are rarjoc*: thlr dimit*:oas may be procured Iron drawmc* at the Sop-na ilent'a efflee. ibe total aiooia! of d\- menfi;n store*. eaclruim of the ashlar, win Thegione mustDed-Uvercd In the roajth ca me site of the btiU.ilaa. or §3cb pi vs as maybe leslcnatedbr the Sarx-rtc vad-rnt, a&l utx p.-sat‘*nmatbeaa?e by tb“ cable foot of stone de.leer ed. iccltuiveof ail freight, haua-*. wo. Mea»arem-r - -* to be a aceondellTcry, by authorized intent* cr tuc bopoictecccnt. ard ten per cjdi. ot all payment* jv tslcednaUl rompletlcn of < ootrart*. Ta* proposal* fnr ashlar must Cc fcr i tocb *td 8-inch ashlar, by t_e »orenlrt*lf»>otct each kind. ' bamrlcact tlx locoes cube. el the ftenes proposed to befurm-hrU, must be sobtoinad to 100 Sapo--ln:cad *ntb h:tc l'-* - ‘•petlazot the proposals, with ths rari no» st> Ira of cut* Inc or ban-taerlD|f used on the class of stone, jIJ proi-e. ’> marked with tte mzji of the par ties by »b«!u. t'li.c UM. The wb» lr an otiLttX the •torkro<yum! K) be deliv ered «>y or w-m:- ue i»t U Ja* c. !<».. aad Hi- •hsurcry tor the lo»erf»ura,T-i l w m uj .ir or o» rote Slay in, l?t7. in" ivpvim-jiJt the rlcbt to reject ar r or a I the propi-w. AUMdsisutt oysbr-cd Cl two re sponsible peraot *. I. tn*- »um of that the bidder «Ulaferptand (»rP.rtn the centra** U avanted to b. m, the »UHclct.ov • f the *• car. tj to be eerU’ea br ibe CcLech.r of iiKi. a: H- Ttcue ol the District rr.-fK'sala shoo’d o» enoor»eu “IbMposal Ccr Stock for tressed trtane Work." and to N. E**ow !>rook.Sc7erihteacehiof Cmtos Hon<*c.i)gdeastmrsli a N, V. hATUAS EA^TiiK‘IUOUK. SapcrmtesashC Xo ARCHITECTS. jjß ASP sPEcmcAnos9 for jjbw bcilzl (Ms* FOli JEK WAR DEPARTMENT AX WASHINGTON*. D. C. Architects are anted tj plan* *al *w«Cc»- rore, moc militates if eu*t,taf zrw fire-proof baLd m«e far the War Department, '■* Pie site tow orcnpioc hy the War O-p&rtmuitabdadlaant vacant eroandJß Waidmutm. D. ih Hie teg aired svinhl care » zuperlcla! nr** a Urge At Uienteaekcted win a-latil -.l FB'Jtiizrap*B ufslt&asd all diet IcformaUoc rent;ir to tie *nb* jevt, will be fartl*h«l to Architects d-'M'lf? to com* t»fc ftr tbs work, open application, p'nossLy or by letter, u the tunerst/ced. _ A premlam nl yym> lor Ui- trit. ct fi ISO tor the second. nod ofli,(J00 far the third ruo?l acceptable ptana and tpectSrsScat received, wf.i be awar:t£, upon Ui« approval of Use lion. Secretary ol Wai, by the Board ot CQccra cliarzcd with the eat/ cf sd-ct* teftasiteand prepariUirp'o&tand tpecianttme tor the ttci:<Hpg« of uh War D*uarcnmt ucuex act at Con .vera approved July :& I*6. . . _ The plan* and bw clflfianoas r* tut b« »rat wtVoSce cl Vrcvel U'mtcna.-t Colotel T. J. Treecwcd, Recur d»ftftb<t Board,Urdnaoce »ifflce,Wlcder’* Uaid-oj, Xuitli/uo, d.£, on or before die Hi day ot Fe ora ary. UtfU The Board wtl reserve tae right to rrVd an? or *U plane eabznltt*d, B&ouid cone l#i deemed suitable fr toe rtxrpoce, a* well as to retain acj or all of sock ur ordsol (be Board. T. J. Bvt. Lleot. Col.. C. ■-. A— Pcconier. iJanfes ana Banttecs. STOCKHOLDERS’ 31EET1NG.—Tic O annual meeting ot tbs SlotidKldcra of tbs FIFTH SATIOSAt BASK OF CHICAGO For tb« election of Directors, and to transact oy liter boslnia> that may Uvriliv come bcSsrs rna reetinir,vll. be tela Mine cQciof said Bank. No. 20 Lat.all.-sh, Chicago, between the Lours of U a. an. and 4 p. Xnes<tar« January Stli, ISG7. I--AAC G. LOSXBACD, Cashier. Chleayt. Doe, tth. ItSd. ‘X/’lZ.:—Face Eeadirg. ’ JAWS 3 WAIsEHn, The vcß-kAovn Traveller and Physiognomist, S 3 Woshlcgtoa-st. A sbort-htnd reporter constantly enrartd. Exan-tcallob tl. Written. |2 extra. RAILROAD Ttßfi TiRLL. csjckso aaro aoLTnwEstshb —nakot can. ma WAIA3 A»D SlAClk. Depart. AfflT?. D«y Axarcsi...... * .... *«00».a. p.m. Night Esprvwa p.m. •3:15 a, at. 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