Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 16, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 16, 1866 Page 4
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(Jtyicaga tribune. C-CKDAT. DECEMBER 10, ISO 6. THE CITY. Crrr Fmastc**.—'Toe total amount received in th« City Treaattry during tbs mouth of November «!• f445.CT8.0i. Tbe expenpimra* during H»« amounted to<S. Bet. W*. n. Momma.—Admirer* of U»« la UHecrnl and beautiful wW hare * rare treat la tbe lecture by thisgentleman on Wcdoeadaforen- SwSfi’S«Oi>S,Hoa~ i 6abJ«t-" Wi.l > hli&d *"T n uw in England. BaaranDT.—Hiram Barney wa* on Salnrday held to bail by Justice DeWolf In 1600 to auawet the charge of bastardy before the Recorder. The MiMsiMtiini one Bridget Btvktm. who some «SfXooTh“4S «•.doolie la.-loon a tabUfebmenl where be officiated as waller. CoOTnMxnnre.-AiniJi mei willing Ed- »m on Salnrday before Commissioner Hoyne, charged with baring In his possession tso counterfeit ten-dollar bniafTreasary oot«*X •artth the Intent to pass them. The ewe was con tinued Monday, under a ball of **,ooo. Tax Aaaarw Cass.—The ca-e ol Pierce BriU and Thom** Grace, charged with an assault upon officer Caldwell, on Archer Boad about a week aro. received a final examination Salnrday tnom tngattbePolice Court, ibe identity of Graceai one of the parties was so uncertain that he wa» discharged. Unit was fined f 33, Bibtost ox Cmcaoo.—The person who bor rowed a volume of pamphlets, “History of Chi cago. Engineers' Report of the Georgian Ba; CantL" etc. will please return the saute bnme diatelr to the counting-room of the Tatnoa • office, 51 Clark street. The owner'* name Is & lamped on the book. Sckiut School Tkach km* Inartrom.—An In stitute win be held at (he Chapel of tbe Illinois Street Mission on Monday evening, commencing at 7H o'clock. Preparations are made to hare to excellent time, and our Sunday School teachers, particn'artT of tha North Division, should not neglect the opportunity. Chjlkox or Torn.—Train* on the Michigan Central for Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indlanonolia. leave Chicago at 7 a. ra„ Sunday excepted, and 5 p. m-, Saturday excepted, and arrive at Chicago at IthSS a. m- Mondays except ed. and 10 p. m„ Sundays excepted, on and after December Id. A Fakc-t Burnt.—Henry H. Cnppy, residing tm Clark street, has been for some ttmspaat in (he habit of Dialing and otherwise abusing his family to a terrtple extent On Saturday ho was fined (50 in (be Police Court, sent to the Bride well for sixty days, aad retired to give*Joo ball to keep tbe peace after he shall leave that instl lotion. . Pxceoiuz-—Ecv. Jesse B. Tnomaa, pastor of the rierpont Street Baptist chnrcn, Brooklyn, y. Y., is Is the dty. He will preach (Us evening Ajrx C fsxtra, aor Brlguoll andihe other artists of the Beteman Treai«. in ttls city «s«t evening, and are quartered at the Sher man House. coop News TO Laxx Mm.—Since the appoint merit ol Hon. W. B. Scats* to the office of Col lector cl the Port of Chicago the regulations of the offira p«*utn(n.? to lake traffic have been con -trued much more rigorously than before, and several fines woe iwemi vrsra clalmnd xot to be lerullv collectable. The eases have been repotted loMs-blrglon. andau order has arrived commanding therctuadlas of the money* eo col lected.. A Var.naK? Cwbk. —Harding Williania, when arraigned fur vagrancy at tbe Police Court on Sat urday morning, said ho was a clerkon Broadway, b*ew Vo»k- Police officers had seen him loafing ciocrc depots and saloons for several weeks. He erid he was trtibont money or baggage, and tad become v cattily dUguvled with Chicago. William- was fined SSO, the fine being suspended ore davto give him a chance to gel out of to* city. Ilccxj reticdliia intention of leaving bo iore night. I xttcEJUC?.—One Mollie Wade was accused In the Police Court on ?atn*day, by EllasS. Chit tenden, of havtrg stolen about fIGO front him In a disreputable hoorc kept by Uzxie Bator, on Wells s'reel. She was committed for trial In the Becorder’s Court, in hoods of SSW, and Chitten den was also bound over a* a wimess. v Br«-nnac, accused of -testing $32 worth from No. Oil Jackson street, and «tv oT dresses from Mrs. Gill. No. m first Cbaige, and *3OO on lha »«cond, for UW in the Recorder’s Conn. Ocb RxADEim, espedaliy those haring an eye to chances for advancing their business interests, will be glad to learn that an opportunity for ap pearing (by rcpiesentauon) before that very large and mpectable portion of our citizens doing business on change, will soon be afibrded them. Wc understand that Mes-ra. B. F. Chase & Hild, the celebrated feign painter*, hare secured for a term of years, lor advertising purpose*, the most eligible she* In the Chamber of Commerce build irg, and propose executing from original design* several of the most elegant business directories It Is tn the province of skilled mechanics to produce. Aiiicm r-AUcrxr.—Jobn C. Badger, a 6*l es totn lor various Eastern honses,vlslled a saloon alNo. 292 State streetonFildayevealug to pur chase a pitcher of ale. The nominwbo sold l» to I;m saw him holding a five duller bill in his band snd counted out his change to oim. Be objected W cue ot the twenty-five cent pieces and after she had changed It *hc demanded tu* bill. He In sifted that be bad laid it on the counter, but it could rot be found, and a* he refused Ur rue her the change back lie was arrested for jateeny- A partial examination was held on Saturday mons r« '’ar.d the case was continued for further exam ination oalU Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Badrcr be it-c reoni;i-d to give bail tor hi* appearance in the sum ct fifth An Ajxeced AccisfOßT.—Wtlllam Holmes, ar rertedas cnacceftfory of King In his attempt to thoot air. Higgins at the r< sldcnce of the lattes, cn De-nlaises street, (as mentioned In these columns on Friday) was examined attnePolice Court, Saturday- From the evidence elicited, tt appeared mat King employed a hackman to take him m a saloon within a tew yarta ot bouse, but before starting got Holmes to ride p llh him. King was intoxicated and told Holmes ibe character ot Lis errand, and the latter retnon flisted with him, at which King threatened to shoot hha if be Interfered with h-s ponKwes. At ihe saloon, the hackman «■*§ discharged and told eleiilCcacUy to rolnd hte own business. Tha tscUmau drove away, bat alter going is two, beam some oneehout‘ng to him to ttop. tmmtac to wanted U» ride down with bio. On the way be told him of bis knowledge of hi* endeavor to escape from him, and the manner invihlch he hed been ibreatenel. These slate menu resulted in his arrest. Alter a foil heating of the matter he w as dl-cbargeo. Fiue Hum Cxixwlt.—On Saturday night many naesera on tbe street* were xnuth alarmed by the Appearance of a £rc In a aontberiT dhecUou. Tbe Fire Department, without an alarm from the City helh, hastened toward* the supposed spot, out on arrivin'* at Cottage Grove.thry saw the flame* still Mr away. ThTwholo hortr.on, for a creat dis xatce pretfuivd one unbroken thectof Cre- and i£ >?flerUM Med balf the sky with Us brlllau cl At first !I seemed a* If the fire was wUhta f& c£y limits, and that Cottaee Grove was being devoured. Some thought that I' was merely a ftro on the prairie and consoled themselves with the <S«w*i % SsS: »S.“ thought that —-rfr j n gamea. The tacts arc. rice stamps neat Calumet have become 1 SSLhMer. «aA ihc stalk* of the rice have be- SertnSm and toy f omc mean* took Are, and ta fmuWd tor and wide. The railroad “ca? «a only saved by the ditches rionu ft* ridewhkb checked the sod iett the travel nmaierrnnted. After buniloi for about two hours the firsdled away, and toetote the atom set tn all was dent. CiCQDT at Last.—Som.* ih:ej months aco a man reglsUredbl' name at the Sherman How* to tl Is city as **lh T. Carter* of New YoiV' tempted to swindle the pro.-tletora. Ue was ar rested and held to ball to toe *ara ol S*.WW. Sine* iben he ha* n r t been heard of till xshen he turned no to Milwaukee 00-ie: toe tol lowla- chcumeumcc* ; He pat up on Tuesday etching at the Kirby Uoase. registering his nua ; is “Cbarlea SL User Mott." in com? uar w|rti s travelling agent nbomjhe seemed with, be was shown to a room. In the mormLC. that diuisc the ofehl the room had been entered and Ms pocket picked of f 160. while rUcompaalonhadloflflS, asircrwalcb,Bnd* -old chain. A delective was cal ed iru who, after fxamtrtoelbe door of the room, denied toattoe door had beca opeoed forcibly, or thatto« key bad been turned with “nippers. Mott e-atea that he Hopped at the Sherman Uoaae*lo this cAi.durtoclVe week,which inducedJtoflpropri etor of the Kirby to telegraph here. This carres potvdetce led to the arrest ot Mou.who wasUheo -nfhe tlctlon honsc snd there searched. ThftcX imtotllon retailed m finding tl« to money, which the traveltoeaeenl Identified as his own, with tte latier’s watch and chain. The watco was found secreted under bl> arm pH. VIBB 111 TUB SOBTB DIVISION, Fonr Dall<Hn?i and * Coal Yard In plntnwt-LOM $20,000, ABrchreke out onS.lma.jr erratac. *! djjhl o'clock, m • Ursc [oor-storj Mme InUdlwi Clio tied <Q Ibe square bounded by Market,jaoßebnrr, Indians, and Illinois streets, in tie >ortb Uin •inn *nje buJldlcg was owned by Jacob Stncet, — nt v wnamored about two months ago c£oES* Wls street new* the bridge, and was i StSdrd to be nsedasa pork-ptc Unc m«it Tbe fire was fiiatseen In Use north end of Ibe bulldlue, ndjmnmi! Indiana * 9 vftrr few jncmriiia it spread from end to end, nod ftSVlfl S roof; and In less than twenty alnutts .. *l, jUMjverr of tbe first wane, nu ristSle tb roach the flames *Si % bw skeleton, cwulstlnff of cross sS*s and arantltocf. These finally came down SsSst£Us^^~«a SbffawWch nad been laid la the middle of tbe fcl Tte bnlldirr was rained ai about HMfJ, bnt k-n, r7-r*orfer could not ascertain whether It waa 111? eald tint rework had been JSfSSe bciidlcg 'or several days prrtou the lire if so, IB« natorml latercnce la that Use Are eras the work of an Incendiary. Sweaptaß away tbe pork-peom:: eaisbUsbmenl a«invweretinder.the fire soon eommralcawd with the larce qnantiiy of coal In the yard ne* l we«tof lL owned by hles*re. Holbrook £ Parker a* tlrl.. fro»U« « SJ^SSnSuIKt"" S"l»* 3b , s^£®aS Wr- Scanlon, waa happily eavel from tbe detour *°§-be oU°reflr-efy was owned by a r. WUsoa and tbe Cuanuliciorc of roofln; composldoo Smcdon ** the *a«.ebulldloe. Tnla huildm* waa paitl*li.v destroyed a few montbsißO* Tn. lo« of Uils pi T) perty waa mUrc. except a amul - llllle chicly occopjj? •uSkftdfSS oc Ktas.Womrtbjnol. of lumber was stored on «svassj rocUy located tbe alluatlon ol ox tbe fire. OUR STREET RAILWAYS. The Cnro Again Burning on Randolph Street—The W ork -Heating Cars in Winter—Run ning All Night. At about fix o'clock oe Saturday evening, the reddest* and passers on Baal Randolph street were astonished by the unwonted spectacle of a eu«e« car running over that thoroughtare—a sight which had not been witnessed for many months, though long watched and waited for. Bat the thousands who lire on and along Randolph street bare now cause to rejoice: for the great work is aecampli’bed; ana the cars are again running. Much's* they have complained of the delay. It has, perhaps, not beeu prater than the extent of the undertaking, and the MMsiineaa of the force which was taoch or the time employed, made unavoidable. The two principal lines of street railway la the city have been ton up lor the distance of mom than half a mile daring the present /ear, each of the two main avenues of the West I)l»l*lon filled up to a height of from two aud a half to tour feet, and toe whole covered with the wooden block pavement— ; the finest in the world. Considering the acsrclty I of the material required for the filling, and the difficulty of keeping men on the work, ! i **• ** fconacquenW of the long continued rains In the early Cali, a great demand for laborer* had ensued and wages bad risen very naturally, li ia rather a matter of wonder that the undertaking has at last boea it la known that on these two streets nearly all the traffic for the West Division passes, as besides the lines running (o the city limits are branches leading Ou to the northwest along Mil waukee avenue, southwest along Ualsted street and Blue Island avenue, and south along Clinton sndJcQcnon streets, eo that the whole West Di vision with tie one hundred thousand in habitants la thus reached, aud resident* of pope of the mote thickly settled portions hare more than a few blocks to walk in order to take the cars and get to their places of business In the city. It was at first proposed to commence the work of trading op both Madison and Randolph streets stmnltaneonsly, a* the residents on each were anxious lor its speedy completion. TUo Board of Public Works bad planned to commence on the western put of one street and the eastern part of the other at the same time, running the car* on the Iniact portions of each and crossing , over on JcQereon street. But it was found j that this In the euu would cause 1 more annoyance, by the total t-oapension of travel I which would be necessary when the filling ap proached the connecting street, thtn If one street was completed before the other was begun, and so 1 the plan was changed, and only the cars on Mad- j ieon street and Blue Island arcane were inter rupted in the earlier part of the season, and those on Randolph street and Milwaukee arenoe in (he fell. The work on Madison sire< t was began In Mar and completed about August 15th, the time elated In the contract. Meanwhile preparations were made on Randolph street. In placing the curb stones ready for the filling ia process, which began in about two weeks after Madison etreet was completed. This delay would not have occurred if the authorities had not neglected tho necessary repairs on the Madison street bridge, which should have been made while that street was torn np. The Pittsburgh & Port Wayne Railroad Company were considerate enoaen to nut in their splendid iron bridge, over the track, whOetbe filling was going on, ao that this work did not add another interruption to the business of the street. The work on Randolph street, as slated, was begun Vo the latter part of August, bo that nearly four months have been required for its completion There Is still much work needed to be done on the cross streets, bsfeveeu Madison and Randolph, as they are now mnch below the level of the latter. This will probably receive attention in due lime. While our street cars are now so well conducted in most respects, there Is room for a great im provement in the Introduction of a comiortablo temperature during the trio ter. In J-onisriUe this Is successfully accomplished by means of small sheet-lion stoves, twenty Inches high aud lifreen in cbcumferercc. filled with the ‘♦heart wood*'of p|;ch pine, which radiates sufficient heat to unkc the cars comfortably warm. At present ibe thousand!* Who ate obliged daily to use thU means of conveyance sutler great discomfort owing lo the cold weather, which might bo very easily and cheaply avoided. The InsincsF of the companies is sufficiently piofif.ible to aothmize this ittUe outlay, and in deed the companies would doubtless find the cumber of greatly increased if this want were supplied. , . .. . , One mote Improvement ia demanded which baa often been stated. The cars should be run all i.tebt, at !ea»( fit reasonable intervals, to accom modate the many whose occupation* detain them until after midnight. This change would allow many to have pleasant homes near the suburbs, who now arc forced to live cear the centre cf the aty on account of this lack of accommodation fhe street railway companies should consider the wants and suggestion* of the public, aud by at tention to them make themselves still more truly public benefactor*. THE SKATING SEASON, The Sport of VFinter In City and Cotm- Ihe Ice carnival Is folly inaugurated. Tbe frost has sealed up stream and pond, sod on the glassy door the steel-clad skater elides. Is the country the gteat meadow poods and the long. winding rivers'are alive with tbe healthy rag tics, who make ihc woody hanks resound with their shouts as they sweep along. OI the glorious excitement of a moonlight night on tbe broad stream, when you ekim tor miles and miles along Its silent shores, with room enough for the fullest swing of she muscles, exploring nook* and bays, resting on great fallen logs, dashing away over the deep, rushing current, oodrlng the atr-holes and jump ing the “shell-ice,” till, all In a glow, tired but happy, yon nubuckle your skates and tramp home to toast your feethytbe great woodfire and creep comfortably to bed. That is skating In the country. We to the city ’•’cabined, cribbed, confined” by the bonn dariea ot squares and lota, cannot do oar winter sporting on eo grand sod spacious a scale; but ingenuity and money can in some degree compen sate for uck of space by appointments which bring the warmth and convenience of the home nailor into close contact with the chilling air of tbe ice-ficld. Tbe most delicate belle need not fear to venture to rl« k in the coldest night; : for the moment the keen air begins to Up her I no*c or sting her tors she can step from the ico to I a cheerful fireside and thsw her blood for another I round. So now as we said, tbe carnival has begun—end gay and brilliant la tbe scene al nisbt. Porks and rinks each have their especial admirers, the greater expanse ol tbe one and the better shelter and warmth of the other, being counterbalancing considerations. Paring the day they have their visitors, principally yonihlnl boys and maidens, and awkward beginners in the art of skating, who prefer to display their unex pected posturings before as email and select a body of spectators as possible. But at evening tbe rss lights flare brightly, the band begins It* stirring strains. Toulh and beauty, wrapped in fun and » oollens, come gallanted by bearded -'tiecdan'S, and the festivities begin. On tea's around the lev pond the oon*penonalne specta tors sit—instore, or fearful, or unskilled ones, who come only to took on; within, tbe great throng moves gracefully along, singly or by trfos, or In ssjs&'siiKssssa^’ffiffffi Co!tnm« aa varied as the taste or purse ol the ■wearer dictate, add vari-ty to the scene with tbelr cay or sober colors, tier* a grave bnslnoM man I ploughs heavily ahead, as If he were performing Lis Ally task ; matronly looking women cling to their husbands' arms and timidly ecoll along; boys uf all agfs proudly display their skill and flect -1 t«s. and, prettiest scene of all, young men and matrices holding by both the crossed binds, skim easily along, their forms swaying together to gracelul lines as without apparent effort they call about tn pairs amid go-sip and laugh sod song. Skate on, 01 happy skakers, while youth and health see yours, for tre long the: svil ■ days will come when age and toll have etlßeocd yonr muscles and dulled tbe fire of hopa and pleasure in your hearts. Then, as you sit.silently in your old arm chair by the chlmcey side, you look to “the days when we were young sod In qniel and cheerful recollection live over Itc hcallbtnl "worts of the wiclcrskating lime. AMtJSBMBNTS. The event of (he week has been (be opening o: (he elating season. Icc 1# the subject, before «Y .ithcn, w hich engages the attention of a large por Hon of (be community. The present seasoi promises to be one of the best we bare enjoyed since skating came into fashion. The parks hare been much Improved since last winter, and ae Im portant addition to their number has been formed Snjthe new Kink at the West Side, which shows that the health-inspiring «ercl*c U becoming more and more popular every .vc* r > Skat- Inc has. Indeed, become the ngi. *r°a dercy In the art Is the most desirable ac complishment that can be possessed by young people of cither sex, and even old folks whose adoration has been neglected, now gird on their steel and mlncle with toe cay thrones that cover t*>e nnks and parks. JJUIe dots and girts who can’t cut a respectable figure on the Ice arc far be hind the see, and ought to be ashamed of them selves. Ine winner of (he first prize Is the hero or heroine of the day. Their names are blaronvd <.n the scroll of fame, and they receive the public plaudits ol an admlnng community. 1 A been frost—a little too keen for contort some limes —has continued during the entire week; so that all the narks have been in the best possible condition. The west aide Ibok. which opened on Tuesday evening, hw aVeady established itself as a favorite skating reeort, while the Washington, the Sonin Side Hlnk, the Central and the Ogden all receive more than their wonted share of patronage. There Is ample room forall. If the frost keeps up for a few weeks lonccr. we shall have a rare time about Christmas, with contests, and carnivals, and mas ' q °Tb clearly commencement of the skating season has operated rather unfavorably on the amuse mtnis In the etty. There was a nursed falling oir in the attendance at the vanoua thcatrea for the drst few dsT*. Inward the end of the week It picked up a Utile, but sllil the parks are powertui *jrals to all in-door amn»«aen&. OpOU llores.—Daring the fillofl3Ss Miss t oclllc Western, with her sister Played at McVlcVer’s Theatre. The play in which the wa fers appeared for a number of cpntejniUve nlghu ■SI entitled. “The ihree Fast Men” It possessed no merit as a diamatic (rather constituted a species of jx>t pourie of ridiculous and personal adventure*: abounded In coarse jokes and local hits, and ■ er ‘ B *4°Jl?i Intts “tinslcess." could not be entitled to the rllehlest affinity with the legitimate tarn.■ mi iriie Western, however, showed In the prplesa characters she then assumed that clement of dra matic power, which since. In a more cl.vated Fphere of tbCFtagt, she hss )o* nT » ic S? lr *vJ2 •’real renown. She even then developed a keen «pprccutionlof,cta«aclcr, with no copy Us varied phase*, possessing as It J«retn taillvely the rare cUi. which come* to most actors only hr long imay, of holding the mirrornp to pature taltblallT, and giving Its reflections to the minutest details. , Since that time we can trace Miss Western s ca reer at lie East, chiefly br the hapny hit she in her Impersonation of “lady Isabel tvttc. Pne reappeared in this city at tae Opera ITouae. In the same character, two weeks ago. itmc bad traced no wrinkles on her brow, butde t eloping her girlhood Into the ripening beauties at ttewmanfpreeented her a acues*on Uic Chicago boards. She has appeared as Wdy Isabel "as •'Leah tic Forsaken, and as Nancy Sorter non of 1M ta™ •'isslona could be well furnished for repre sentation, or their development In more diametrically opposed to each other. Wck taanlr love, refined aofl eubJmiied. ts altwwated with coarse pi*#lon springing from low, vhn2** 2s«“SSns. Jealousy and mu'aken revels comraaUd with intense hatred, with •odden i*s rlou with cunning submission from fo. cc of habit sndedntttion. All these phases of the human d?Fpoeltion, springing from similar cause*, hat characters theassumed, i a follv portraved during her reoe-t a •was, &S & trho chm wMr “M«" f™" *“ “IL“£ JSS ot wocSloo.wtUo Mr™"”'! £f. sisissitsi S.lchrji .wJg SSS lugs ol flM d who thro"* her from him na ?~?fcSpS'feSAS * llke Mis> . rnffiSr ™ b " t ...aniJ.l Ib« roV. S£ ’sssfc.-- ..r ?„ l! S..“^sS”^od.'ruvo ItU of Chtrlea Dickens that his fe male characters nearly all pos*e«B soma aaccl.. Sxrlbnte. It Is his amiaDlo wcaknew. Ibex mar be ever so low, vicious or abat cloned, there Is still a& uadettuneat of good teellag, an laiUoct of virtue, which redeems them from total depravity, Dedrawa wllbvlnd truthfulness picture* of vu talus o{ every shade and boa. U« presents to tu kli Drub Boepattfar rrpreeentaltveof canning hypocrisy and malicious villainy; Ma Alfred Jin gle; his QoIJp; bis Sqneera; Fagln, Monk, Bill tiykcs, and a hoot of other*, sot no* of whorapo*- mi a rede train" trait or character. The/are hideous or repulsive, or malicious, or scheming, mean, sordid. CDunlng; nothing pood, hoi every* tblne which u vile, low and contemptible. And yet we And him atwaya bringing forts some king I rood out of the wont patters of woman hood. Ai.d ao m the character of N.voc 5/kea. Bom and bred Is the lowest haunts of I-ocdoo, enrroonded ever with vice and crime, practically an abandoned creature, the holiest sentiment of vmuo find* a lodgment m her breast, a&d is awakened Into a moment's vi tality when for the first lime In her life she Is thrown Into Intercourse with refinement and pimty. Mlsa Western here represents with ac curacy the woman consctoua of her own degrada tion, wbo la abashed by the presence of virtue, ai <2 gives oa a woodrona Illustration of hope, des pair. shrinking baahfulnesa, and fear, aroused by tne superstition* dread she bat of beiog discov ered bj her companions. And so tbiougoont the play sue la the representative of a data, and a: the same time ot An Indlvldnality. which the au thor of the work from which the play was drama tized Interded for hla own purpose to fora as ef fective pan In working out the plot be had do* Oliver Tirtsl It Dlifcaibiaircnlop, and as a matter of coarse, all the characters are rendered subordinate to the one leading part Ibe representation of those characters which go lu fill up ecese and dialogue were. In the main, poorly executed. McKee Ha akin made a fair “bill Stkes,” and Hamilton did well enough In “Fagm.” Bat o! toe ten, excepting, perhaps. Miss if. E. Gordon's “Oliver Twist,” there is nothing to praise, snd sUeccc with regard to them won'd the most charitable. Saturday night s performance closed Mias'West ern's engagement In this civ for the present, bbe visits bt, Louis this week, where she I* engaged to appear for a limited number of nights. McVicsxu's Tuzatux—Hr. L. r. Barrett closed a two weeks' engagement on Saturday. The first week was entirely filled up with “Griffith Gaunt," end the greater portion of the pa-t week with the drama of “Uoecdsle.” Although “Eliot Grey" u one of the very best of Mr. Barrett's assumptions, U might have been more satisfactory to his ad mirers, as well as for (be success of his engaee ment, bad ho given more ot bis shakspearian ren ditions. “Hamlet" was plsyed oa the oecaslonof Hr. Barrett's benefit, on Friday, end the week closed with “Richard 111.” On Monday Blanche Be Bar makes her tint appearance. ]n the coune Pi next wvck we win have the pleasure of welcoming at McYictcraTheatre a new dthutanU who makes her appearance for public honors. Mias Doggett,a yoosghdyof this city, who Is tald to be possessed of nigh ac complishments and personal attractions, that may well quality her to succeed as an actress, has chosen the stage as a profession, and will make her first appearance in the role of “Elvira" in Kotzebue's drama ot “Pizarro." Aa MlsaDog celt has never yet “come out” on any stage, we cannot speak or her capabilities, but we may with confidence anticipate lor her every encouragement on the part ot the public. She has been for a con siderable <lme under the practical tuition of Mrs. Cowell, and If good training alone might Insure success. Ibis fact of Itself would be sufficient to recommend her. _ _ Mrezux.—“ Griffith Gaunt” was withdrawn on Saturday, after having run for two weeks very : suctcsslnlly. Oa Monday, will bepresented for the first time, “ Hip Van Winkle.” The afler plccc, “Andy Blake,” will Introduce to the audi ence an old favonte, Mrs. Alice Holland, who, her last appearance at the close of the eeason in Jane, bis been playing with great success at Milwaukee. Mrs. Holland Is an accomplished and talented ameer,and her re-engarementattte Mu seum win be hailed as an acquisition. On Friday next Mr. Le Moyne becomes ibe re dplcnlof a benefit, which wo trait wUI be what be fnlly media, a substantial one. when Billon reined from the Museum It was generally feated that bis place could never be supplied- Mr. I e Moyne lurt supplied if, and to the entire aatia tactlonofall. Bis versatility as a comedian has been amply demonstrated, sod be has already won for himself a peculiar niche In popular favor. The bill selected for the occasion Is “ Waiting lor the Verdict,” and the amusing farce of " Forty Toe Cikccb.—Yankee Robinson's Coil-cam and Zoological Gardens presents a rich variety of at tractions, and continues to receive a liberal abate ot public attention. Several additions to the menagerie have been made doting the week, wblb* ibe equestrian portion of the entertainment Is being'kcpl up lo a high standard- The long expected clown, Mr Remolds, will make his first appearance on Monday. Mr- Robinson takes a complimentary benefit on Tbmsday next. q4tr Bstemah Coscxnra.—The announcement „f Nr. H. L Bateman that two concerts would take place iu the Opera Bouse, with Psrepa, BHg nolLrcrramland Fortune as the principal Mup cre, has created quite an excitement in musical circles. Fnch a combination oi mn.-icsl talent fia? .seldom visited Chicago. The sale of scats at the Opera Bouse commenced early In the week, and ever morning the box-office has been bcaelged by enunxioas crowd walbog their turn for tickets A ft v* scats, and oniy a few, are still undisposed of, ti'dmiV’be ficcarcu early on-Monday morning. Ti c first concert wIU be given on Monday even it g. A cboice programme is announced, consist ing of c-tne from the great masters. Italuk Or mu.—A. season of fifteen nights, commencing on Monday, December 24th, Is an nounced by Maxbuakoscb. director of the Ghlonl and Kosinf Italian Opera Troupe, which is com posed of artists of the highest renniation. Tito whole company numbers seventy-five, including a chorus ol tsrentT-slx trained voices, which has been carefully selected, fbc best operas of the i great masters axe Included In the reperfotre of the i troope. Meyerbeer's posthumous work ol “ L’Af flcaue” being among the number. The manage ment has been at great expense to make the eea son a succces. and it is to be hoped that they will be warmly supported. „ _ Tbx Sxcosn tHfTv.wswwftwto Cokcxst.—The second concert of the Philharmonic season will be given on Saturday evening, December 22, with the following programme: Ulrich's Trium phal Symphony (6 major; Oval mnr*, qurtUrra, duo lor contralto and tenor from / -Ifcrawodlrrl by Mies Parrel and Mr. Scbnltxe; solo for trombone hr David, to be played by Mr. Braun; quartette from “The PropheC' by Messrs. Sehulwe, Muller, Carples and Garttae; untasia cm themes from “Ibe African;" “Como m,” ballad by Kocken; overture to OSenbacb's Orpheus. Mraeax. ExnmmoK.—we understand that Mr. Baumbach will give an exhibition of his piano Supila at Root* Cady’s ware rooms on Wednes ay evening of this week. Ur. Baumbach plays Bohler’e beannful taramelle. Mr. Sehulue stags two or three bslladtmnd the rest of the programme is given to the pnplls, daughters of many of our well known atlzens. It will bo a very pleasant occasion. The Griffith Gaunt bchoUUebe is the latent musical sensation, composed by S. O. Pratt, and Issued by Root & Cady. U is a sparkling composition with a good deal of originality about it. BELIGIOCS INTELLIGENCE. The following services are announced lor to day. Inflations are extended to stranger* and others to attend, and In all cases seats will be gladly pmentedfree: BAPTIST. Wabash Avenue Baptist Chnrch. corner Eigh teenth street. Preaching by Rev. Samuel Baker, U. U., at lOVi a- m. antt “‘4 p. ia. Sabbath School al ßecon'a D BapUrt Church, comer of Morgan and Monroe atrseia. Preaching at 10% a. m. and 7H n.xn.,by the pastor. Rev.E. J. Goodspetd. Sab bath School 0 a. m., BIMe Classes 9 a. m. and 8 p. m Young people's meeting on Monday evening, tiencral prayer meeting on Wednesday evening »t Mission, comer Division and Bedc v lek streets. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. O. U Wiecn. Sabbath, 10H »• m - «*d IV4 P- in.. Sab bath acbool at 3n. m. General prayer and con ference meeting Wednesday evening aI7V4 o’clock- Young people's prayer meeting halnrday evening at 7h o'clock. Services lu the Free-Will Baptist Church, cor ner of West Jackson and Po:>rU streets, at 1014 a m.and'lHp. m. Preaching by Rev. tl. M. Gra ham. D. D, ot Portland, Maine. Stnday School a pim Cap'Svt Chntcb. Waba«h avenue, aentb of Hubbard court. On Sabbath morning all' o'clock, •he funeral ot Mrt. Adeline C. Thomas will «akc place. Scimon by Df Everts, the oaator. In the i-vcnlng Rev. Jesse B. Thome*, pastor of 'b? Plcr nont street BaplW Cbnrch. Brooklyn, N. Y.,will preach. Sabbath School at 9Vi a. n. General elMe class at 3n. m. Tonng people’s prayer meeting Wednesday evening. General prayer mewing Friday evening. _ . . North Baorist Cnurch, corner of Superior and North Dearborn streets. Preaching by Rev John C.C. Clark, at 1014 a. m- and.Vip.m. School at 3p. m. » onng people a tt p. m. Monday. General prayer msoiJag at 7* p. m, Wabash Avenue Baptist Church, comer of Wabash avenue and Eighteenth streets. Preach ing by the pastor. Rev. Samuel Baker, D. D, at 10U a. m. and TM p. to. Subject for the morning: “Mysteries of Chnsdaxilty. For the evening: ' k Portly and unconupted preservation ot the Sacred writings." Fifth Baptist Chnreh,Dekovcu streehnear South Peeplaloes. Preaching at 10V4 a. m. and 7« p. ro. by the pastor. Rev. N. Colver, D. D. Bible class at 9 H*- m. by the pastor. Sabbath School meets at S p. m. TRESBTTnUUC. Iter. W. H. Tin Dorvn will preach in the Pint | pjjlltd Presbyterian Church, on Green street, be- I iwecn Madison sad Monroe, it 10>i a. m. No 1 service la the evening. . . . Calvary Church, corner of Twenty-sccond itreet *nd Inmana aveune, Rev. E. W. Pierce, paator. Scrvlrtfl ,t 10U «m. andTSi p. m. In lie ertn- Inc fruaday School concert. e*ertl»oa In Bible Ms ton* aacted and a children's eermon b7 OUm a p«abrteriia Church, aTcnne. comer Fourteenth street Her. T. O. KlcewiU nreach at lie usual hours of worship, via: lUH •• Jn and 7 up. m. Subject for the evening—“Uod hardened Vbaraoh’a heart First Sco'ci Presbyterian Church. Kev. Wil liam Cochrane, A. M-, will preach In St Georre a Hall. tSfi Sooth CUrls street «l 10J4 a-m. and 3U n. m lit ere will be Divine service also, on Yne*- da? evening, at o'clock, for the choice of a rf Se'Okth Presbyterian Church, Rav.J. W. TaK- 1 more, pastor. Divine service In tho Foster Ma rion. wJeSerson street at 10U a. m. Sahbttn School atSU p. tn. Praree and business meeting on Wednesday evening. at TH o'clock, to the Church, comet Balsied and Hanison streets. Slnmcera are atftcUonalely invited to the Re formed Trcshjtcrtan Church, Fulton street near ClSon, northwest bridge. to. Rev. Robert Patterson, D. D. f*** 11 ***"* 6 *? *} tote a. tn. and 3U p, m. Sabbath School and ttihie classes 8U p. m. Youths' meeting, Monday marine, Wednesday events*. sSSb PresbjterUn Church. (Old S&ool) comer of Wahaah aveime aud Coajyw street Semm atilHa. m. and 7HP.m-.ny toe pastor. Rev. Mr uarsha. Subject ot the evening leeinre, •• ibe Ditine Faithfulness,*’ Sabbath school at NeW«n*aiem Temple, onJAdams street, ne * r the lake. Services at lOHa. m and 7H p. »• *'ul»'ec'for the evening ** Goodness ana Truth, indmeir relation to Urn Lord, to man. and to the 1 F?Schoicb, it the corner of Kinttke, .Ttnnc and Thirty-third street. Services at *p. m. Sao h..>i avenue andtlSridgc court. Kev. L. E* Mat eatk nastor. Hornlncserrice, 10%oclock;even* tarsSSke Preacblncbythepaator. School and Bible claw at *^lll’ eveninc. Tonne people * prater meeting at 8 Tuesday evening, chtircb sociable. Wednesday evening, church prayer meeting at TJ4 o'clock. xrmomsT nptswus- Re*. C. B. Fowler, paalor of CcntenjJT Ctorto, _s\t nrcach at 5 o'clockT Sc trice in the second Umreredfct Cburcb, comer of Wa*bln.ton «ni nVm ind Jjsalje. Bible cU;. lor ntmtn ill the pwtor, UcrrC. H. Wheeler. at H *° IR “abbam gcnool and Bible ctacseeat 8 p. m. is*«ehlmr lii the evenlncit 14# clock (iiace tetch. comet of Usul« 6tf«UnS Chi- Per- O. U. Tiffany, pastor. Classes ju m’ and 13 m.; public worship at 104 a. rn rdStp Sunday School at 3p. m ; ?omip ocopUw prayer meeting at 6*4 p. in. Snb ?wl ol osomlnß serinon, *• Eternal life a prffent oossession; cvcclng lectnre, “The filial relation. *CI«k Street Church. Methodist block, comer of Washington and Clark streets. Preacblog at 10*1 a. m. «ia *H P- hy the pastor, Bet. Vf. C ThrtoW Men's Bible daw meets Sunday eftemoon at *4 o'clock, with the Mission ban tam School, in the Methodist Episcopal Church block, comer of Clark and Wasting-on atreets. cntjectfor discussion: “Saul saved. All are cordially Invited to attend. T>vJ. 11. Bar] Is- nil! preach at the Park Av enne Methodist "Episcopal Church, comer ot Park avenue and Robey street, al 104 a. m., and at <4 p. m. Sunday School at 34 p.m. _ . H Wabash Arcane Methodist Episcopal Chnrcb. Preadiirc morning and evening by the pastor, Rex. 11- N. Hatfield, The evening sermon will 1 be on “Infidelity to strait place*." ‘ macorat. , Trinity Chnrcb. Bight Rev. Dr. Cnmalas will preach in this chnrcb at U to ll o clock. ln the afternoon al S o’clock a service will ho held for the chflcrcn of the congregation, the Sau day School and the Mission ChapelSnuavy c f?ooL Bitbpp Cummin* will cawebiee and .he chlldre-. In the evening at i - o’clock. Right Her. Thofflss M. Clark, Biahop ot igliUd. will preach toymag men. Bilbo? Clark I* will known In this community as an C 'SVTh P d“*K.Co )! m l d.of 1.-ooljjn, K.T, ttlUrretcb tn the Church of the Holy , lEpwcovSl, comer of Randolph street asd Wa -4 tQSUS 1 Blur liund .renne m Forqoct »«*«» at 10*4 a. m. and 7*4 o. n. Sunday Bcaool at I*4 p. ta. Confirmation lector* at 4p. m. CtHet Chuict, corner of Mieh&aa arena# and Twenty-fourth atreat. Her. Charlie Bdward Cheney, rector. Berrtcaa at 10*4 a. sc and 7*4 la the erasing, Sunday School at mp. a. St- Jamee' Chnrch, corner of Caaa and Baron (tracts. HBtht licrercnd Thamaa V. Clark, Bish op id llhode Island, la expected to preach In 8u John’s Church at lOU o'clock. Ear. Edward C. Porter will nrcsch at 154 o’clock. St. Mark’a Eplacopal Church, Cottare Qrore, Rev. Mr. Street, of Waukegan, la expected to preach morning and evening. Sendee at 10*4 a. m ind 7*4 p. 0. Sunday School at I*4 p. m. It B, Tuttle, rector. esmmaar. Holly Church, center of Chicago avenue led Dearborn street. Service* Sunday morning 11 loy o'clock, tad preaching by Bov. Bobext Coß ycr. Church oi the Me»alah—Pint Unitarian, corner Wabash avenue and Dnbbard coart. Rev, Robert Laird Collier, pastor. Services 10J4 *- to* Verier aerrtceTWp. m. tnmrxnaaxiar. Bev.D. W.Rced, of Rockford, will preach at the Second Vrlrmallat Church, corner of Wo-t Washington im Sangamon street*. morning and evening. Services at JOtf a. a. and 7J$ p. a. „ ~ uis^ltnf. _ Baling Mill Mlstion, uw Ward's Rolling MRL at 7H o'clock. Sabbath School at Sp. m. Prayer and conference meeting Tuesday even* leg at TH o'clock. OITHOUC. Bev.Dr.McMollen will deliver a lector* in the Church oftbe Holy Name, on Sunday, at 7« D. m., on the “Connection and Relation of Catholic Doctrine," The collection will be for the benefit ol the Catholic Orphan Asylum Ber. Father Rlordtu, reoenUy from Europe, will deliver a lecture this evening, at 7U o'clock. In 8L Patrick's Church, on the corner or Adams and Dceplalncs streets, for the benefit ol (he poor. BXTOKXXn DCTCTL. Rev. Mr. Deaoresk having recovered from bla sickness, will preach Sunday morning, and W. Q. Tan Doran In the evening, In tbe church, corner of Sangamon and Monroe. armruauß. First Society of Spiritualists meets In Crosby's Mutic Hall, at m. and 7ft p. by N. Trank While. Children's Lyceum meets at 12W o’clock. Charles A. Harden will speak at Washington Bad, Washington street, Sondav evening. Sab “ The True and False id Modem Spiritual- Auld tfeooa.” Tbe following effusion was delivered by Bev. Robert Collyer, of Unity Church, at the last an nual dinner of the SI. Andrews' Society. Being called upon to respond to the tout of the poets and poetry of Scotland, he offered the poem u a substitute for a speech, and the substitute was ac. cepted unanimously: Away to the North, where tbe land la wild. And grows uttle bat rock and heather. There came Into the wart a a air man child, la th e hitter winter weather. No angel sang, bat the tempest rang Bound the biffctn’la which he Ur: And that doom of the pocr, the wolf at the door fivood sentinel night aad day. Bat the child crew apace, with a wild free grace* And went dreaming by bora and beae. Of rhe florr ot God in the datiy-oecsed sod. And the sang of tbe bird on the spray. Then the wonder and loy filled the heart QC the boy. And wrestled to eet Itself free. In tone ballad or tone, as be wandered along. Never thinking of what they must be. So be grew to bla prime in the fhlnest of time, Through aalr labor, and sorrow, and sir. let nalr mightily aarg. nodi all the land rang With the piatse be came earthward to win. let o* bless btmto-nUht as he stands In the light To which pride, love and loyalty tarns. Ar-d oar moOc and cheers stir tao fountains of tears. For drar, bonnle aald Scotland and Burnt. Tux Ctcmo Octrsos.—An account waj pub lished Id these columns on Saturday, giving the details of a shameful avsanlt upon an aged couple tunned Broxel, residing about five miles from this city on the Blue Island avenue plsak-road, and the robbery of about 1 400 in money, and the arrest of Edmund Uackett, Michael duty and Edward Clancy as three of the fire men encaged In the affair. The names of the detectives who hare been so successful In working out the caw, (er* roneonsly stated as Evil* and Sherman), are Mmpson and Schmaan. The thr>je men were partially examined al the Police Court on Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Broze), feeble ■wUL ace, were the prosecuting witnesses. The lady is now nearly seventy years old, a woman of more ordinary Intelligence and coolness, and her narrarive ofthelr baring retired for the ni’ht. the demand of the desperadoes for admission, her refusal, their forcible entrance and subsequent tying her audber husband wl*b cords, kicking her, boldin'* a pistol to her head and final attempt to hang her, (which all were not hardened enough to roi fcntto,)waß a recital, under tho circumstances, (oil of Interest and well calculated to excite the indignation of every listener, except the hard ened criminals la the bos. She Identified each of the three men in the most positive manner, stat ing theario lawjeasnf?; “3 which paused her to remember them individually, one scratin iaed them closely, and said she could not be mis t ken. Her husband was certain in the identity of two of them, but could not swear posltlvclr to Michael Qlnty. The young men were held for further examination on Wednesday afternoon, In ball of f*,500 eseb. Blcteoroiofffe*!. The following is the Meteorological Record of tbo weekending Saturday, Deem ber 2Stb. 18(36, as kepi by J. O. Langgntn, Jr., Optician, No. US Randolph street. Tno temperature is taken In Ibe shade. The direction and force of the wind* are given approximately, with the barometric altl lodes—the email letters being (he initial* ofthe word* “high,” “breeze,” “gentle.” “veering,” “rain," “enow,” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry:” lUMiuutu. . _ Klrftt „ 8* Rain to D *“- TT- 8 ?*- b rf' b &*. b fSrr.v.S ii i? “ IS 5 .? I xb«.,., * » is b u 7 n * .... w«x....e is t 11 a s is e .... T*oT.V..7 11 » 8 »l 0 90 1 .... w,'...ia 7 » i *s i at a .ou Sal .....15 8 a 4 SO 1 » 1 nanoiurrxa. 8X a. m. 8 p.m. gJip.m. Date, ilerc'r. T?iaJ Mer*y, Wind. Uer*y. Wind. emuTT..3£S W.p.59 3S W.0.39J0 WJI W.b.»J5 w.n. W.8.W.0 W.b. ».« w.b. 29.0 W.h. W(S jmS w.g. s.eo Wh. a« w.n.w* Tbn »J 0 E.B.ILe. ».« B-g r. E-h-E-t. m .m.-a SJJW-aw *•*•£• 2-3 ««£“s' g ( t, ]Ui,MSi K-hnlt M.EA. Ladle* Head This. Finn ATXircß Dom, New Toss, I • September 53,1860. f Mrseirma: 1 return jda my sincere thanks for the very acceptable present you were pleased to make me. In Dr. Chauosier’s Empress 1 recog nize an old Wend, having used it aa a cosmetiqae and as a toilet article for several year*. The hot tie Is not the same style as we bare to Part* bat noon Ibe sm of the preparation I And Ittobelhe fame as Chat pnlnp tn France. It la the beat arti cle for the hair I have ever found and in glad to know It I* becoming so popular in America. Tfith many thanks. Mes-lcttrs. 1 am, yonra respectfnlty, AnxnaiDt Krvrenx. Messrs, Bcnntaxs * Vak Scoaacb, Wholesale DmggUts. Chicago, General Agents for the KortbweaU LOOM. WATTERS. Ano Arbor, Michigan, »■ ono of «be exeat edacaUoiial centres la the West. The Bnal ness Celleee of this beautiful city Is meeting with wonderful succuse. The rapid increase of stu dents is conclusive evidence of its prosperity. Tbe dedication ol the new College Halts in the finest block In thi city, mil take place December 18. Dr. E. 0. Haven, Resident of Michigan Dm veraity, delivers theaddresa. Exert one aboold bar one of I. B. Brute's Gin Psctaces. Each package contains a nnae and a pound of the heat French candles. Package* fiO®BCc per pound with prize, hce ad vertisement npoo ant page. Go to N. F. Merrill**, Wholesale and ret ail dealer In kerosene tamp*, lanterns, chande liers, table glassware, looking-glasses, «tc., Nos, 7i and 73 Randolph street Or. Sibber* Method of. Treating the Hair i n S scale Is meeting with great favor In (hi* cannot be restored, the parncs are so No cases aUempteu unless success can he war ranted. Rooms to Miller’s block, corner of Ban dolpb and Clark streets— entrance No. »d Clark street. Special Notice to BnaloeM Ilfen and the lYarclUnp i*nbJlc srenerally.-Qulck time to New York. Boettm,*nd til polutti EuUM Labe Shore tad wchfean Sontbenx Railroad Use. Oar 15 p. m. train arrive* la Cleveland at &00 a tp., Untlilo at 1:35 p. ta . New York at 7:00 a. nj.—SvQ boon In advance or tbo Michigan Central and Great Western time. Gao. M.Giut. Western A (rent. Ticket office removed to No. 99 Dearborn tlieet, under Trcmont House. Paver tlanelnes tad Window Shade* H ertSy reduced prices. P. ETRigby. 83 dolpb-su FOB TOE LADIES. PEOCAPEP SILKS. AH$ aux dimes ! Every drew worn by the Empress at Compcleno this year, whether in the moraine or evening, baa been specially manafccturcd at Lyons, of brocaded silk— the object of this being to employ the hands which the late fashion of wearing plain silk had thrown ont of employment. lam cred ible informed that the most brilliant and ar tistic designs hare been executed in colors on , a dark ground, and that Her Majesty has ex pressed toiler guests her anxious hope that such silks may be worn this winter, for the sake of the starving wearers of Lyons— I Paris Correspondence London Star. AVSBICXX INDIES IX PARIS. There is somethin! almost melancholy In the state of mind rf many lady traveller* on their arrival In Europe, especially when euch arc without the cxecntlre support of husband and brother. Their discontented oscillations art then unlimited. They ask von. can they pet Into a French family Vhcre they can hear nothing but French spoken or Into some apartment where they can have American comforts? They do not like their boardinghouse—their sheets are only washed once a month, the bread there is the lone cheap yard-measure sort, their breakfasts consist merely of a roll and coffee. They ask, do yon think the food nourishes von In Paris as It does at home? VTould Dresden be a pleasant city to paas the win ter In! And Nice, how Is that for a winter residence, and is It very expensive? Then, besides the general discontent of mamma there arts usually one or tao daughter* who bare come to Europe with the idea that on touching the land this side of the Atlantic some Aladdin's lamp Is to be immediately placed In their hands; of comae they are in a state of disonlet. This may account for the air of pensive sentimentality which some French journalist fantastically Imagines be discovers In the faces ot American girls— Paris Corrtrpondtnee Bo4o» Advertiser. X BEHVAXT GIRL CURED BY THE POPE’S PST- TICOXT. “ Three columns of the JfomU are filled up by the account of a miracle which took place a Tew days ago In Pari*, Roe 11. A servant girt was on her deathbed; she already received extreme miction, had be- > come speechless, and her eye* bad closed, i when a confessor entered the death chamber and nibbed her eyelids with a small niece of the Pope’s white flannel petticoat. I trans late literally {sotiiaine en lair* Wane/*)- Tbo effect of this new species of fiction, which until now I hare never heard oi; though 1 have burnt a considerable amount of mid' night oU In poring over books on therapen t»tt-wa» that the yonoff glrh much to the edification of her weeping friends. Jam pea on and complained of banger, and drank successively three cups of broth. Her htm ccr howcTcr, w lncrca«ed to snch an alarming extent that, to satHy her voracity, ions were sent for to a nefchborlng hotel. This mav road like a Joke, but yon hare only toepen ‘Lt X'otnU of th!s the 10th of OTe T ber to be convinced that I hare strictly ad hered to the indubitable veracity of troth in tbcVbove pm* of the said threo columns. - Paris Corntpondcnct London Tima. sacn»xET’B wins. It Is known that M.Mlcbclot mwricd j Michelet before C^«, C Muto'd evening some chapter* were rosd of a new novel by Medina Michelet “L’Enfimt." This, like eoue of ber band’s books, la said to be personal, contain from (be history of lift. Madame Michelet was a gov and fbr some time bred la tbat capacity with the family of Prince Cantacuzeno at Bucharest. ear aiKoa without c*.r ptebcihci, A smart fellow in London has discovered a way to enable ladles to wear ear ring* without having their ears pierced. The fast ening la managed thus: The rosette In front of the ear ring top Is the bead of a screw, which, by being partly withdrawn, allows the wires to separate, and, on being screwed back, when adjusted, presses the wires on tbe lobe ot the ear; the wires are so con structed that they do not uncomfortably press the car; la fact, the fastening, instead of entering tbe flesh, clasps It. This ingeni ous invention will recommend Itself to those Who are prejudiced against ear piercing. If they arc not fearful that the car ring will be unsafe, thus worn. BEECHER OK DANCING, He says: “Do not hesitate to dance among your own family and triads, under the sup position that it Is wrong. It U certainty your liberty, and it Is right and wholesome. Borne young ladles asked me, * Who may we reckon aa within the circle of our family ?’ 'Whoever is near enough to you to salute you are in your family, and all others may be safely considered as not in your finally. Your brothers, and sisters, and cousins, and those with whom you maintain relations like unto those which exist in tbe household you may regard as within your family circle. But 1 think that, If a person wants to know the truth, be will find do difficulty In making the proper demarkatlou in this re gard.” ■LDVICE TO MjLgTUA.GRA.BIX GIRLS. “Ifa man wipes bis feet oa the door-mat before coming Into the room, yon may be care he will make a good domestic husband. If a man, in snufflnglbe candles, snuffij them out, you may be sure be will make a stupid husband. If a man pats bis handkerchief on bis knee while taking l his tea, you may be sure he will make a prudent husband. In the same way, always mistrust a man who Will not take the last piece of toast, or Sal ly Lunii, hot prefers waiting for the next warm batch. It is not unlikely he will make a greedy, selfish husband, with whom you will enjoy no * brown* at dinner, no crust at tea, no peace whatever at home. The man, my dears, who wears goloshes, and is careful about wrapping himself up well before venturing Into the night air, not tm frequently makes a good invalid husband, that mostly stopt at home, and Is easily comforted with slope. The man who watches ; the kettle, and prevents It boiling over, will not fidl. my dears, in his married state, in exercising the same care In always keeping the pot boiling. The man who doesn't take tea,lU-treata the cat, takes snuff, and stands with bis back to the fire, is a brnte whom I would not advise you, my dean, to marry upon any consideration, either for love or money; but mod decidedly not for love. But the man who, when the tea U over. Is discovered to have bad none. U sure to make the heat husband. Patience like bis deserves being rewarded with the best of wives and the best of mothers-in-law. Sfy dean, when you meet witb such a mao, do your utmost to marry him. In the severest winter be would not mind going to bed Pocket ISook. BCTTE3 or a uavi’s stain. One of these not-to-be-envied persons, (a race which may he classed with that of gov ernesses,) has lately made disclosures, throw ing some light upon the women of rank in England. “ Much Is required from ns in Loudon,” one of them writes: “We must, above all, be very punctual, for fashionable ladies change their dresses at least five times a day during the season. We must have pol ished manners, be no older than thirty-five years, and always be cheerful andjgood-tem- I pcied, although for weeks we are kept with out sleep until four o'clock in the morning— a practice which is equally Injurious to eyes and lungs. Wc are expected to cut. and fit. and to use the most improved machine, ami to dress hair for the morning, evening and court costume, os well os for the drive; to Iron well, to read, wr^e and cipher: to bpcak French and German, and. If possible,' to have travelled. There is still another tone tion of a lady’s-maid which is supposed to be a modem Introduction, hut which U, In. fact, [merely a revival of an ancient custom. Wc must be able to paint In paste), not, in deed, after nature, but upon her. To beau tify our mistresses we most redden the checks, pnt antimony upon the cye-llds. pas tel upon the brows, introduce btUa-doana into eyes In order to enlarge the pupils, paint bine reins upon the temples, and use Ninon paint and pearl-white upon the rest of the skin. Wc most change the hair to a redlsh-hrown by means of a corroding mate rial, or of l palma vecchio.' which is now used In preference, for that purpose; and wc must be possessed of great skill in ap plying all these Ingredients, as their use is universal with the old as well as with the young.” The Ohio StaUmant tbo leading Democratic paper Id that State, la oat for impartial amfraxrc — that it. It relocate the Legislature to fabnli to the people an amendment to the Constitution to tbaiefiect. Markets bv Telegraph. Mew York Markets. hnr Tout. December is. Corrojr—Cotton dull and lower at Stc. _ , FLom-pnll and UaJOc better, |loioatU.6B for roondboop Ohio. .. . ~ . ataxy-Wheatld moderate reqsett tad SaSc hlzber, {3.10 for Infer .or Milwaukee; ghJiiSW ® tor No. 3 lllwankee. Bsrlcy steady. Com K£3c higher. 81.13 ai.H for mixed t?.ott tad Is atom; tilt {or old fconthem. Oat* t ihade higher, 6ta6Sc lor Chicago tod UUti&ktc. • proTtHojm—Pork lower, g3i.7iag23.00 Car new 5 «So.7SaßU>for old. doting at SVJff cun: fI7.CM tl&£Oiorpflme.BeefhearT. flam* study. (atmeata tr»Tj. Uacoßdall. Dardlower,atWHSWXC. WtnexzT—DnU.. _ PrrtoLrcw—Coll: life tor erode. PtaNcre ya.apcrasn*. _ Wool—Firmer, 30e6bc tor domestic fleece. Dcxsasa Uooe-LoweratSiitdlOcforWesteni. LATEK NEW YORK. MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbone,| jigw Yosx, December is. BHUUll'l 18- Flour—Tte advance vu mostly la ortces naked and In prices paid for fa tare dell very. Wheat—Strong min ing demand, partly to go cosstwlse, bat aome further advance woold bring out tree seller*. Corns gratae pvnrrallr alow of aale. Hblpmenta much reduced, al though freights to Europe average a penny decline. pxovmoJrs. pork decidedly lower, new closing at $31.00, eld SSOAO. All hog products average half cent lower. boos. * Orarywesterndrc*aed.BV»oc; live, 7l£c- Becelpts 3,600. oßocmxs. Coffee—Rio S3®l3c. Sugar—Fair to prime grocery 10 S3 ll wc. Sloser and stocks to Kew York. Nrw yomc. December 15. UosrcT—Ca«y and steady, at 3»a7 per cent SmUNO Excnasok—Firm. at ItoHSlW*. ti«ks>—Unchanged; opening at 131#, advancing to IS; V. acd cloel- g at IS7*f. GOTXXXKKXT bTOCK*—Dnu. Fmzobts to ijvixpoofc— k« lower. MoiviT—Tbe market I* grostay es«ler. and the de mand on the stock Exchange I* neely met at 6»7 per cant on stock collaterals and 6 per cent on Govern ments. Priicedl*eoanta,«wa7percent. Gold— The market closed op steadily at 1575(. loans an generally made flat itKlsy. 6<iTmMPT afternoon, * o!sL ft,u ' ,,rta s »»the doting priest itnxaioiH coopons,*si....iiiki«iu ib-ia^Tg.,...... sou* 99k MO ree 'K 106>ftl06X 1 10-W coop HW-*, V IkMM

Thestockmarketwaaflim to taeclose.with an in creased activity. There la a belter freOng generally, ■t,«i more disposition to bug lor rise. CU»!XQ etOTA.TIOSt- Tbe (bllowlng were the dosing pncea:!»kaM iii.cea ... —iiT sin« W. if. Tei. sum* 69 littsburgh.... 91 » 91K >.Y.C. nisainjt r.i.a p*c....ioiH:*iotv Krte..;..- TJSev wx s. W rfva MX UudNinElTtr.Al!oHvsW2 N.W. ptt »Hv* T4* nead1n5.......H0 Mliofl FX Wayne.... OS6 &V 6% Mich, wo ei,v*» eix I Mixr>o shams,—Mere active eu the leading stocks, with an upward moremest. There was a large ousl gcaetD Consolidated Gregory, and Urn stock rose from 06 tos»>. In Cory Con the tran«act)ont were heavy, and there was an advance to STS. LaCrone was firm at9L Bnlimn Consolidated wav steady at 2M;AUaa qc and Pacific at <T9; Alpine was active, and sold op to Ifh; Bu<«eU File at 3CO; American Flag at IU ; Oak Hill at 90, and Holman at X. Bcrittr of tbe New York Dn (Jmili Slalket >aw YoxS. December 15. Thedrr goods market is again comparatively quirt to-tuj. to port from toe ne*r approach to the time of .«^n f itoeK accounts. The week’* bailor** (tuna up tot aatlitactojy to ad paTUe*. The advance in the price ol raw material caused a firmer feeling for lead ing heavy coon*, ud price* ore steady. Lowergralw are moving rather Irregularly at nominal figures. Tie production ot standard *neetlng* haa own cur tailed cne-fonrth within the paat lour week*. Stocks are now very (mall. The price* are one-hair cent hlcberthaa on Wedneacaj. a- d goods are sold abroad toaomeextent. There baa been less Irregularity In bleached goods daring the past three days, hat price* arenot very fins and trade Is moderate. Print cloths are thirty active here and In the tnano ftrt«nnf towns dttrtng the pa-*t three day*. Sale* of fail Elver are reported of some fcCJws pieces at l*A a £rtnta steadr. Stocks In Jobbers* hands smalt and seeota very firm. Other cotton goods qnjet except a few makes of ticks, which are on the market at con cessions. and are freely taken. ..... . In and oottonades there Is only a light boil* °Th« market ha* UUly aa upward turn for woollen roods, both In price and demand. Agents are t«t wise, however. tn not adtaaclnc to any extent, and with the present phase of the trade the market for for elm gooda Is comparatively Quiet. Theanctlcn re»- •on is nearly over. Koch lota as are offered are Is odd lots, and bring very low prteee. , _ M Jobber* art doing a light business. Importation* for the week not very heavy, but ample for tbe mar ket. Bltlwauee 31arkec< (Sped*! Despatch to the Chicago Trttore.l Vowavox. December it. r Flott—Firm and Cc I Igher. Balsa brU: BKer SimlXX«prlnjr»l«Kl4»; Colombia I at *»A); Viola x tx Fox Elver aoperdne at fSJH; jaaeaaat f-jf o; bnpertae at *TJO; Brodhead CUT rye flour at SCJS. GSAD—Wheat advanced 4ASe. eloaln* Ora. Balsa %l»a.o.boartlV« be at fl-07 ter Ko.1; tlfOter Ho.Sand*t3for So.*. >*ooa boanJ-Sale* IX.WObn . t f iJI tor So. 2; *I.T9 »l •« ter So. S. aod »U* ter rejected. Oata firm—Salea 17,200 on So. Jat Cc. Cora enchanted at Sic ter So L Dkbssz> Hooa—Declined 50*3c. Salaa at I.Jft* ;c v, dir Idlng on SO M> Peotoioxs-DuII and lower. Meaa por* D freely oCiwdat|lSJ*;nobnyer»orertlAa. Rtcxitt*— «sp bria Coer, \XO bn w beat, WOO bo oata, <vn bo corn, 05 drraaed bops, SO Utb bos*. S BXP*OT*-E®o torU fioar. *» toa w beat. Ciadisull JltriM. repedal Dea?a*b to tee Cblcaro Trlbnae.l Caamn. December 15. Frori—Flnart,botnotaettra. Sale* cfaapntoeat «9Jo*loXfl; extra at f 11X0*11.73, and #lsA6*U4» Wheat U active and 5c Weber, wlte aalea of Vo nprtßratfl3S.aßdSo. 1 aifUMLU. Cora ta firm. «Ite aalea of new abelled at tee. Oau are amet. trtte tale* of So. 1 at 55*56e. Bye advanced 43h with tale* of So. lat «UV Barley to nomlaaJ. Corwx— tjnlet, ana Xc lower, with aalea of middling * t ’^wc*r—Dull, and l*3e lower, wlte aalea efbonded St n»ii«oxi—Bsteerwetirer. Vest pat* In moderate B*conu ta-core. Bn» Eft!* tn nominal. Bale* of shoulder* « ‘* c packed Uni V Qnlrt. with nla of prim® betue »* wc, axtdUkc for prime stttm. Green at*» *» firmer. c*]Us *heoWcr*a»sVe; dde* Be, **ctw tom*. Hop®, otredy. mod la tuod demand. with m»lea at etrJJWT.3; netrecripU.6.™- ! MMT^-A=“ te - •> «8» t*r cot. “ Snser. »V\oo®is® dUcount hdjla*, sod per eeUlnj. Bt. LotU JtarKei. „ vr. Loco. December u. Tobacco—Dun mad Bar-banged. FLOc^TVm > for medium extra C oSSs-Wbeat .ttffef *t »r prtms ftn; far choice white. Corn dull, at :tti Sp-.wwKo.JmUUn. o*uflrmmt^aT>c. r'consto**—nrmer: M«* Port at ffff* . Wnn hct—Scmrce; holder* ul Urge iflrancee; “uSotl^Uhermt|£a>3A»-lmttervery he»ry. Toledo 3lirmrt> . „ Tolxko. December 15. r.iuis—Wheat—K.W tor white MJchlgaa: *»*» Mlchtrmn adTisrrd tc: sale* at bo. I '•p rl ( r^*£®* TmnrosJ*'. Cora—h*'.c**lSJKC' uia— baiW ktUc, gut assoclotton, the engravings of the ceosby opeea house aet association CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S. BtMe being Jltcutifut Ornament* Jot homt t (A* Certified" which an U*** M. *>« » »-*'» —» * *** “* GREAT PEFMIUM, THE OPEPA HOUSE ITSELF, or Valuable Paintings, vhkh are readily com Mo , t*i g.« retipiml c T»r, Wm- in vMpCbv <*« GJiEJ-T DRAWI-VG OF JANUARY^. amusements. QUO SET'S OPERA. HOUSE CONCERTS. TWO MOOTS ONIT* mo*i*T Dec. ISUu Tbe coly occwtooe cm which TB£ benownbd artists f* Uf Troope c*n eppeer lo Chicago the Of jir. »««“““ preeeot iwon. PROGRAMME FOR MOSOAY EVESIKO. fth?SSiSE* BelßMjrto& g9“!fS: tsicrel. too boor. **SightJntal**i ‘Tnu, _aad wlUj euiior Drtfa*U.tfcc Duo, ** Os Quel DV* (Llndaj. SIGNOR BBIGNOLT udUte Dno wlib Madame Pawpa. “SffiJgrS? W (GdomoW), »1 ttc Duo wltb blcnor FerraaU. “MldrnmmcrS lcbt*» Dma/* blsoiro “Recollection* ot Home, and a Dao (Do Beriot) wltb Mr. Carl Boat. m OTI C pU?IJtSSS“Concnw Umulre." «MU« COHDDCTOB. moMiSSrt“ Uu»«Concert,lilron tte Ko extra cwrc tor Mewed Balcony Boxu, »I.sO. t*au now ready at the tox Offloe. poor* opos at to commence at 9 o cloch. ifTwmtff {area ot FOKry’aaa ririJ. singing and Panrtng.' t r Seat* Can bo secured. _ -AT c VI PEER'S THEATRE. HcVIUKBB A MTSKS. »* .JiAKAGKfiS Engagement tor Six Iflghts only Of the talented young artist, )ll£6 BLASCHB BiBAB. Monday aad Tneaday, . _ , „ „ TUB FEMALE OAMBLEB: Or, Pior *s» Paaoo*. Mad. Da P.-ntamtea -Ml* Blanche 55?? f To conclade Ue comedy of the COMICAL COUNTESS. Katherine, the comical cobbum, with Girl That’* OttV'MlsaßUache Deßar. .. ATANKEE ROBISSOITS OIROIIS X AND MENAGERIE. Engagement of the world renowned Clown and Comte singer, »Ir. Jomcs Reynolds, Who will appear Monday evening. day SHh, complimentary Benefit to Y ASK EE BOBIKSOK. QROsBT’S OPERA HOUSE MADAME OHIOM and SIONOC BCSINTB GRAND ITALIAN OPER A. SEASON OF POSITIVELY FIFTEEN NIGHTS ONLY Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 31. The Director, la assnmlnglbf anotherse won the hittt rt?i*on»lMatlea arfitoua fiaUe* connected with the zoaiacetßCLt and production of GRAND OPERA, ben Intr to call the attention of the patrons an) me* sic-lofiCg public In Chicago. to the UK RIVALLED ORGANIZATION which. nfter nnremlttlne exertions lor a period of tnanVmomns.theeloaeatpersonalattefiO^nand apa,y s)«The baa succeeded la effecting, thereby enabling blm to present an array of 6EVESTT-FIVB IUJST-CLASS ARTISTS, Ujc whoi e conat'lnUng one of the largest, moat com* plet« and taiented companlea which haa ever appeared oo the European ot Ameneaa stage. Tne tollowme artlta of toe highest eminence In the proicaaion conatirate the vNI AND SXJSINI omo> GUARD ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY Pritna Donna : MME. ASCIOUNA GHIONI and MLLE. PAULINE CANI&SA. Prim* Donn* Contralto: %f tTUUK PATTI BTBAKOSCH. Prtml Teootl: . StO.ETTOBE IBFBB and 810. ACQHXB EBBANX. prlmt Qartlonl: „. SIO. GTCSEPfE UASBAasft 810. ABDAVAKL Prtml Baaai: „ . 810. AUGO6TIKO 6UBINI aal BKKCQUJTTI. Baaaoßnfio? 810. BA BTI: sies.X»**M »M Caim. Tenon Comnnmtrt bin. Locatvxxi ltd Hino B**»o Comprtrairl - •'mm Seconds Oonne blgwjri P i THE GRAND CHORUS numbers 23 thoroughly trained and educated TOlce*. and THE GRAND ORCHESTRA, embrace! many of the leading rlrtaoal of tits country, and for rtreninh. nitty, and lor comp.etscffldeocy I* not anrpameoby an/ now on the American sure. Vniical Director and Conductor Sir. NTBOLAO - ti ... pu... Twer Hsrr Zimauit ....dig. Catena Co* tamer .Blg.aajrrax.La Stage Manager. dig* Gauno THE GRAND REPERTOIRE will combrtae 1/Africa Inc; Bober* le Diabls; Faait: FraDlarolo; Ctlsptnoela Coroare; BaHonn MasehentEmaal; Ncrma; LncrtUa Borgia:Trartata; d* Amores itarblere dl serlgUa; ftTOrtta; Troratort; and otnera. CV-Aii tte epena will be pretested entire, aadmae wui be repeated. SCALE OF PBICES; A Itesm-ad Seat la the Orchestra, PsrQßßtfc, Dnm Circle and Balcony, each. Balcony to* Seats, each •• ... 3-W SKAbON TICKETS-W Orchestra. Parquetti DrM» Circle and Balcony, (15 nlgbtt).. -“-{g Balcony (kx Seat*. (15 nights) »•» at the Box Office or tee Opera Bouse. Sate ot Ticket* (Or single nights commences on Thursday. Dec. SO. (~IOL. WOOD'S -MUSEUM. &>L J. B. WOOD IUP VAN WINKLE. adapted from Washington Ir vltg'i aketch-book, produced with tew scenery, ma,coatamee, mm axreatcvst. First appearance this season of AMceuollano. u<) Mon day evening. Dec. 17. will be perlbnned, am time, a Legend of the C»t«{\ls. entitled BIP VAN WIN KLK. or a fiirep of 30 T can. Previous to which. Aral time, acomedy endued ANDY BLAKK.~ Wedz»*lay alter, noer.. Grand Matinee. Friday. Benefit of Mr. W. J. LeMoyte. T>EY ’WM.H.MUBTJaN’S LECTURE l\ the Opera House. Wednesday evening. 19th ta*tL -Whst a BUnd Mao Saw in England.” delivered ojhtK. City times In New York City. Chi cL obv special invitation ol dPtiagnlsboi citizens. Ticket* 50 cats. To be found at all tne Hotels and Bookstores, and at Kinsley's and Wright's, ' ITASQUEBADB OOSTTTMBS * A large and speodld assortment, for Carolvals and Partieniar attention paid to orders from the country, tv ALufcATS. OEHM; IBS North Clarks'-, Chicago. -yAEIETT THEATRE. EnUjoflMtlc reception of >lr. £. BLANCHIRD AKT> HIS ACTCfO HOGS, CARLO ASD KERO, Who wUI appear thlierenlng In the nro-»«l>r»m* of The Blind Bey and Sla Doc- Kiptcrotn epplaote be*towed on JOE WOODS, the I'rtEce of CfTSiC VOC*U*{*. \r. Apw*r»rce ol ihe talented LAURA BBEKABD. Mr. JOaKHODOHEBIT, andthe great PoaPle Company* p OOD SEATS tor the BATEMAN CONCERTS, p reat congress op LIVING WONDERS'. AT WASHINGTON HALT- In Smith * Nixon's BnUd- AT failEE DATS ONLY, MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, pec. ITih, 19th and 19th. ISW, •t v» tfor'd-I-CEOwned SIAMESE TWINS, Chang and vt.t- me two of their children. The f COTTISH QUEEN, linanest lady la the wor.d; ° C or CAROLINA TWINS, CSn.BBEN.wiU be la tiSSced hr cat*. RrW, their Captcrer. TWO LEVEES EACH DATi- Door* epen from 2 to 5 .*?f,1, t0 3?;?h Admlailan.M cents; children. P cenu. jfine jfumitute. pDiturrußE noom CHAS. TOBEY, HASUFACTCBCK AKD DEALEE Uf RICH, MEDIUM ASD COMMON Furniture, BEDDING, MIRRORS, &G. TUELABCEST ASSORTMENT and IX) WEST PRICES ol any bouse la tee Weat. mttatbe SPECIAL INTEREST of every petaoa , anUng good* In my Une, to call and examine. 8" and 89 State-st., Chicago. ISTcto publications. y| AYE TOU SEEN THE PRAYER IT VALLEY FORGE, At S. BOTtl'ES'9,73 BoilUi CUrb-mU Chltme*. tg~Ac«m wasted. aurtion SaUs. SCHOONER BY AUCTION—On w count of whom U ta»r concern. XU F.SDAT. DEC. JSth. 1964. We ere Instructed hr Eoocrt R»«. Ejq- So Uc, «jr. 1® sasss Ci Tbe & T K , ?^2n?l*T P DANIEI. sfcOTtjk CO- ABC***;., T ffUtwr- Apply U l-Q H EgT Bultdtnt. or the Auctioneer*. Office pro-tem- ■»» Eißhu MARRIED At the Church of the rtvr. p£=>^ tiu« city. DIED nrorabo ia ncßrre. omr •?”'!'Si, IFa , n. Khmw, meed nine month* auetsda d*J 1 a«rmi »t oo* o'clock UU* (Sunday) tfwr*ooa*i AXE TBS MOST INTERESTING PRESENTS FOR Eo Kcm-itiouses. rpo RENT—A dew, tirst-dass Immo coatalniag tilnwn room*. *iwl flww* ulU,ererrstcdurr Uo»m £»«. yo.flaiiionbCmt«t. T*ts PalXgrtoa-*T. c*n.__ T‘ 0 RENT—A new tirst-ciass, two-stoiy ud brick baaemeat dwelling, harlot 15 room*. pantrtea. cloaeu. not L®. balb, m*iWe numieu, SiJartibroacboui; two block* from cfr*T Befrreacee required. For reot Inquire at 93 BUOMt - - rpO BENT—A block of two-story tramc AnnißH. mtlrelr new, nine la nomoer, Ole**- "wssas® Temple. npo KENT—It you want to buy a house, rent a boose, or sell a bouae or loUcaU at oar of* e. Some crest b»rcala» offering. CiEUBQE & VflL ,la vb, 7 Sootb Clark-st. •'O XIUN'T—New dwdlmcs, Noa. 19 and S 3 Cottage-place—B roear, hydrant- at 139. T. p. FITCH A Cc., Boom 2. Ko. 167 uearboro-at. O RENT—A seven-room house, in good order. >'o. 333 CalnmeCar., at |» p« moath. PITTEB BUmi*. 92 Monroc-at- rpo KENT—Warm, new cottage, hricK. 1 basonent,Broome 9 closet*, pantry, iniToodiiM,onAd*tr»-«t,near Uojne. J.A.OWK>, Boom Ig. No. 92 Pcarborp-su ' ■ mO RENT—Dwelling house ol ten I TOOcs»,rtzbtlnto*ureSl^, ft tfnl“ l " tor aale. |pCT: renTtw per month, cu «a£ w*ter- T. U.BEP* iHEIi) A COn room 10 P> »♦ Block. __ rpQ pTOT-i tirat-classfurnished house I in t rood location. Also six small totcmaiM. rfjo city property to exchan*; lor hone aad buggy* ARTHUR A HOYDEN. UlO EUtMt reoID. C; BfiOCKB, .Wirtst) It*. 11l Dearborn st. —— o RENT—A first-class S*storv brick room*, besides aal ram room 7> 1 0. 309 West in and good bam—rent low. at »93 Sonth Water-at. rpo BENT—A nice tenement, ten min- I nt»« g«tt from Pcit pace, and tomltore for sale cheap. Inquire at 154 Dearbormt. rV'O RENT—A. tarnished house of li I rooms to rent. Jf agreeable, the owner womd hoardwllh tenant. Reference required. Apply tor toree days at S& Sonth Sangamon-at. rpo RENT—By Km, D. Keifoot, 8!) I WashlngtoMU new houses on southwest corner oT Hubbard and Renb«3wia, «m:alnla*lorßn»m«. Barb rent fSO, with privilege of renewal after May Ist, at gS) per month. rpo RENT—A neat cottage on Jackson- I ic.we*tof Oornfrat, eocialtua* rooms, pmi<A pantrj, Ac. Inquire at Mrs. D. PBATrs In telligence Office.l ®o Kent-Kooms. rpo BENT— Rooms—Furniture and I c*n«tfbr rale, In Cob'o'a Dulldlne, For funner particulars apply to J. D. ANDEBSON, Itoom No. 19. from 10 o'clock a. m. caul boos. TO BENT—With hoard, a splendid •c«e of cnthroUhed ttor t roonuu with closet, o_t .icatElde, w title twenty ml&atM' walk of Conrt Hoarf, rear stre« ears. Adarm **a J." Tribune pace. ..Director. TO RENT—Furnished and unfurnished room*. at 53 Thlrd-aT. T) KENT—To a gentleman and his wife, the coper part of a house, plea’ai tly site* ated,on the Kerin Side, containing focr rootas, rar nlsl cd or aDfcrnlshad. with gas.street cars passing the s£.r. Apply tor. KlllAS, 173 Soalli W.W-.1, TO KENT—And furniture for sale, two Urecfront rooms.on second Boor. n«rtte Conrt noose. Rent cheap. Address BOOMS TO RENT, Til* bone office. TO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms, to rent, rntbcnt board, at 3W OMo-sU between cats and Bosb-sts. TO KENT—A nice room, suitable (or a gentleman and Ms wife, or two ladr clerks, with ase of parlor, at 32S Sootfl Btalo-st. Reference* re quired. TO KENT—A suite of poitly furnish edrorma. wlto or without board, in a pJea**n t ioc*UtT.ias Btub-at. Prefer to real tdtnont board. Call on Monday. T 3 KENT— A nicely tarnished room. Can be aemby applying at US Monroe-«t.»ne*r Fo»t Office. rpo BENT—Furnished lodging rooms. J. wuuciomu board, to gentlemen pnly.atffo. U Booth Water-«t. T) RENT—Rooms in Momron’E Block, yo. South CUrt-el. Inquire at room Ko.». TO BENT—Fnnu?bed rooms, v?ith cloieU, ni ud tlove*. doable or tingle room, 41 S 3 J*c**on-«u ce*f staie-at. Inquire >t tne home. T> RENT—A. nicely furnished room with doaet, occupied by croUatnaa M<lwtte,wtri tM netted Dec. 21th, and fnnurare for sale if desired. StrnSwlfblcg flmclui board oa Wert Side, addreaa H„ drawer G 033. with reference. npO RENT—Two suites tmlurnished I room* with board. For particulars call at No. 610 Weal Waihlpgtontfc. near Lincoln. TO RENT—Two furnished sleeping room*. Reference regal red. 330 Sute-rt. TO RENT—Two tarnished rooms, suit able lor honaekreolnc—one for gentleman’* sleep* lag room. Apply 490 State-st. TO RENT —Rooms—A nice famished room c«n be teen by applying at 114 opposite the PortOfflce;^^ auction Sales. n ILBEKT & SAMPSON, _ \JT General Auctioneer*. 47 and!49 Dearbora-il. PINE FURNITURE, NEW CARPETS, PIER MASS, PIANO FORTE, AT ATTOTZOIff, On Tnosday, Dec. 18th, at 10 O’clock, We will sell at onr roomt 47 and 49 Dwborn-at, large and extennve assortment or PIBST CLANS PUUNITCRE For Parlor. Chamber, Dining Übrarr and Koomi.lnclnatncseveralveryane Pollab 0;I walnut and Ebony MarbleTopCbamoer trtU,P«loa Setts la variety, also several fancy nieces of furniture soluble far imetw.eirsani breach plate Pier (Haases, Braa eels and other Carpets. Also One Splendid 7-Oclave Plano Forte, O.IIBEKT & SAMPSON^^ FOR CBRISTM4S. Articles de Paris, The importation ct Messrs. WEST et COMPAGNIE, 47 and 49 Bne dn Faubourg. SU Honors, Parts. AT AUCTION. Commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dae. 19. at tv o'elockTand continue dsy and evening until all Is sold. An Immense variety of the choicest and rich est novelties, made expressly (or the Paris rich or varied an assortment could hardir be found jn anv one establishment In Paris, aud certainly not In A UOTtSoo. Ivory andpearl opera glasses; pearl, Bawls eabar. cdor boxta, glove boxes, handkerchief boxes, portemonnalca. *S cigar cases- reuculrtain ksede Dames fa **veau ct velours, rear! and solid sliver card case* and Jewel boars; sandal-wood. Ivory , *j»d pearl fcas, beautifully Inlaid sodornamented with polished steel end gold, very choice novelties; moroc co, ivory and pearl photogwh cut glwa •mclllng bottles; new styles of ladle* .belt*, hots <t tneareand real chocy work boxes, wnttnecases,dresv- Incnses.scent boxes, wslch boxes and elove boxes ■nrala with pearl and buhl. Drawing room and toilet tSbie “crest vartety.aad other arUeies too nß^rS“ desitw of’maklng unlgne preseofis can hens select “obtetade frntalsie” which cannot bo duplicate These goods nave ?ora.TT OF STTFE, isrtead of cheapness. They were, however, bought wltha thorough knowledge of the Paris markets, and there arenolnterae date t>rc£ts to oe provided for. Tbe sale will be with* on: rwerve. Tne cooes wlUbcon exhtblfija two day* previous to UI « O '^ EBX A SAMPSON. Aflcttoneers. jgl GILBERT & SAMPSON. URGE ASD TALE ABLE STOCK OP FINE FURS, ROBES, cfcC., at auction. On THURSDAY, December J«h, at a, m- and o'clock p.m.. CaPf* Ict^VonUes7 M oSax Glotv*. abewttW made E "ir n s a HVi%-“' aelected Fur*. ° Aoettoaeen. -rrpL A. BETTERS & CO, to*on«n * Merest. p«t 41 A: 46 RAXPOI-Pn-ST- opLENDU) CORRECTION OF ELEGANT ITALIAN MARBLE, AGATB ASD ALABASTER _ - R 1 TT A H T f S Imported from Florence by 61*. Topi, ATACCTIOS. 0> SSS - In p * J ssT , *®«m-TKK4*CO- Aacrt. doipa-n* ■**' ~ tvry goods, clothing, BOOTS -1 / ASD SHOES, * c - • T AUCTION. jra. •> B °<gSu UP. annaonOT-. 1 00 BBL Vii^ A &AMS. AVV - T AUCTION, , , T>fl _ jQ*i- et H o’clock, at Batter* * co- _ tobacco, -L J uu “ !B ’a» auction, X ABIES’ CEOAEs. TUB ESTIBE STOCK OF h.cunsenhauser A CO. A.T auction. „ -1,, »t 13 o'clock, ml BTO US, onrßiDA-v,o«“; 7 g LsiMt. -V.** nmaiituiw""' Tie * A BUHEB3 4 CO, AKln. art association, 9*eal 35state-Cits. mPBOveP. ' TTOR SALE—A new, first-class 3-story X 1 frame dwelling house, fitted uo with erery desire* bie convenience. containing thirteen rooms. Hp. fj3*j>'orta CUrk-sl., well soiled for a respectable family. Apply tn the premise*. F}R bale—Very desirable investment. I bare tome property bclonclng lo a gentltaaa apont to leave tbo city—improTCd—llOAfO. AJsa are eneloUfor 83,700. sobnrbao property fO.MO and *9,00], for cash colv. Call and aee the properly before next Tureoay. H. 0. STONE. 10? Slatcst. T?OR SALE—A two-story tnuae house Jj and bnck basement. H rooms, on Twentr-tbunh st_ near the Lake shore, at a bargain. T-rsi.yhxlf cash, balance 1 and two years, at 8 percent. Inquired CLARKE, LAYTON A CO.. 128 Washingtoa-st. T?OE SALE—Houses andlotkandhomra ySonth Clark it. - FOR BALE—A new two-story and base* mat brick honie, of 11 rooms, hot and cold water. Pstn room, water closet?, marble maaOea. etc., sod lot wlthbattuon near Twentletljat. Taps. D. hJTTDikK * CCL, Heal EsUte Agents, No. 4 Metro polltan Blxk. FOR SALE—a nearly new two-story trsrae boose, oflO rooms, and io*»if5 b *7L £o. «Ott Warren-st, *nd immfr oiatc possreeicn glren. J. LEWI j LEE a Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. TTOR aALE—A valuable lot on Monroe r tu with two-story building. No. 40, between Stste-st. snd Wabasb-ar. LotlSxlcO. Till property will be sold at a bargain. If taken immediately. For a csfh and profitable mvestmenr therein nothing more desirable In market. Nicholson navemeot to the spring, already osld tot. Title beyond question. WAMBEN A GOOuniCH, Heal EStaUßlokers, 145 DearboruAL, Hoom g. TTOR SALE—House and lot, $6,000; I? onetor on® for |I.UO-*U ©a Bootti Bide. PEIEU BHIMr, U* Slonroe-st. T7OR SALE—A large and elegantly bmll r boose in cslloo. roorts an 4 all mpdera eonreal* Sf»SSSS?» gsifSRK ■WATTBES * UOODUICU, Lslate Btottn, 1M DorbannU Boon S» Eon SALE—Cnolce property, byThos. B. BRYAN ft Bryaa HalU. wABASH-AV.. RESIDE>CE-Ono hondred-l«* front by mu depth, on Wsbash-ar., “ Twelfth-iL, with a fine rwo-story and baie- frame bouse, admirably all inod tursi dean able business location la the city. a* the pi Re. FOK sale—By 'Wm. D. Keerfoot, 89 Waablngton-et. „ Cfl feet on Warren near Hoyne. CO feet on Park-av. near Oakley. SO fret on Lake near Boyne. 20 fret on Ada near kite. ’ SOO feet comer Indiana and Pralrlc-ar*. 24 feel on corner cf Kankatoe-av. and Twenty J,.t X mu, west of city limits and fronting on Maalsap-eV. 3R SALE—By S. H. Sellout & Co., newt EfcUte Brokers, 71 Dearbor^-st. 20—Good cottage,with basement—Lot 25x1-3 fret on BiUted-sL, near Polk. • jgm ... . . lH_Frame boa*e, bnck bss*4Pt, with lot 3Sxl»l fret on nortnof JicboMt. . 115—Excellmt irame dweßlne «i bull rooms, doatta and all modcrnlmpTOTcaena. Lot 50x157X10 35 feet alley; yard well sucSedirUh Bhmpery, In all fmlla. &c. Bnce low and terms ll room, marble mantles, ftc. Location nnaar- 7 residence on Wsbash-av, north of * Thirteentb-*t-; marble front, French root, and all modem improvements. ~ _ . „ .- •A—A desirable brick residence on Parker- has 13 rooms, besides bathrooms, closets, ftc. L»t SCxIJO fret with barn In rear. . , . . 94H—Anew framedweUlnc on Warmn_»UTOQUtns 10 rooms, bathrooms, ftc- Hot and cold water, tot iwxlffi fret. Win be sold cheap. . 938 Two stores onpesplatnoart , ja*t north of Ken xlewLf will be sold at % decided ba/cisn. th l t fitlT—tfonse of" rooms, on ffttt I»hHU with lot 27x1 <1 fret. Can be had cheap for cash. 939- of * rooms w-th lot Oxli* t *g » ree ‘ alley on Wlchlean-ar« sontb < f Twraty-fIITO-at. •Al—Desirable hotel property In Dtibmjne, lowa, at a js!la lot to an alley, on Ferdlnand-st, !«■» than tour iqoarrt from street cars, tor <335. FOR BADE—Or Kent—A new two story dwelling house, with fa-V »amr, well finished and well arraaced Tgsfde. near the Stailne Rink. UU. RODIN- Estate Broker. 81 Pearoorn st. TTQpRAr/R—A new brick house, two stortu awlbuement. with lot, oca tnlle frqm the Court BoSe. close to street I allroad. Address A.L. 11.," Tribnoe office. _ _ FOR SALE—Cheap—A cottage hottfe, with lease of lot, ohe block from horse cats. Apply at 338 Sontb galsted-sC |?OR SALE—Two goood tnerne hona®, J 1 east front on Wabaah-ay., north of, >IACOP. By Beea ft A>ws,office 10 Opera Uooac. 1?OH kale—Neat new cottage, six ’ rooms and basement, rae and water, ll.lstrd ,, near Adam*, ta.500. only fiOa down, balance short BTt§fw»t»WT3UJ& OtU Block. MadiWMtn corner ol LaSalle. . ■POR SALE—House and lot on Chorea* ■falcon house on price **Saiocn and boarding house on Chlc»go-aT„ 11.200. House and lot on North wans-at— *1,500. Cottage and lot, Townsepo-sC, «L4OO. _ New cottage, with .tout yiara lease, on North Hal * Gotue mttaee and lot on ZTnbbard-sC, 51.500. House and 6 j ears lease on 6coor. close to horse cars, ano 4 years lease on North Ilalstod, *583. House uo lot on Fourth. 8 room*. * closets. *Lno. Apply to CHRISTIAN ft <-'0- Boom 3. Und's Block. H—’dolrh-st. bridge. T?OR SALE—A first-class two story _P basement bride boose on Waboab-av.. aearTwen* tj-tnb-st—turnaccaaowltbihpboßie—*9^)oo. A marble front house on Wabash-av., near Eight* **t w?atc^y^and' basem cut brick borne on Waßaih-av.. lot. •IMO 9, t H.C.SIOttBT A CQ-i Real Eatatcprofara 8 Metropolitan BtocE, FOU SALE—On Monroe-st, west ol Wtlls-at., flKxlW (L to alley, with building worth tj vn, aj (LSUP. Tost *1,300 less than its real value- Ibis i* uncoubtedir tlie rbeamt loMd«’ protertr offer* ed. Title ptrf.vt. OEiLW.mLI-. 17 t’J/aoldP Block. FOR - SALE—Cheap—New first-class bonM*. bnck basement and lot, 15 rooms, wUB every deslrab e convenience, corner ol l*sorla and van Buteu-sl. Time on part payment a* low Interest. Ap ply on premises. VHinfKOVED, FOK SAliE— The north tall of Bloch No.«. Sell so' Sfctloa Attdlitao, bavlnc a L-ost arc ct *2? Teel on CUnwn awl JederviTwU., m 3 eoa ulnlns 2310t*. Ameopportaolty frr • m*nahet> »y. VnbeaoUl on term* or T.a.iITCH A CO., No. 167 Dearborp-*U J7GS SALE—Foi a few days, 456 feet r Kelt. «i™.r ot U>4U«MT .rad Wrtg frect:&2 cut ca tbe avenue. H. O. bTOSfi. 107 State-st. FJR SALE—Choice Lot, <™ , w ' st Waahlnrtonft.. between Wood Cultelbouthfront. A xtrydciirable location. BAIXID 4 BEADLET. cor. Lake tad Laballe-sU. T7OR SALE—Only a few Jell ol thopc P cheap and choice 10 acre lot* Jo General Boater a Fabdl vision, 5 mile* south of city Until*, on rallrosA and mnk“ oad. lU»eacb.ttOO down, balance ® « «M«*tTDer cent. Price will be raised after Jan. 10, should anylols remain un-old. WABRKS AGOOD- Rjcn, B»l Estate Broker*. 125 Dearbom-5... Boom rroK BALE—FiItT feet on Madison-st., Art rarriare fin rart oavmtut; H lota on wßbmowV** of 10 lot* on ti.,v..v near city limits,s3so each. H. C. stouts* 4 CO H Beal Estate Broker*. 8 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—By Bees & Ayres, office JlffiSroSKr-ra, .UWfcotlou Mtvxo race. fiunerloMt- near Franklin, two lota at S3O per foot. WbWit! w-*r jacksomsu, a aoe residence, and to LiwbomS ne« Chestnut, two lot*, east front, sll3 p Chlcago-ur., asplendldbrick resi dence. tIISOO. FOR SALE—A beautlfol lot, with hand *ome shade trees, oc the northwest corner of hartaff 13Cfeet treauce ’S'f ue, !, t Y, *s; mediately. Dr the Terr low price ol W p»ih. balance time at t per cent interest . title perfect. a»k> slot on near Vlncennw-road. wireiaiotlrKOtillukroni once, 1150 ten than !•* I;. *nd Cottaee at a barsal". WAKKtA 4 GOODBICB, Beal Estate Brokers, 125 Dearborn* SUBoon.2 —» (Eijanees. T7OR SALE—X offer foi rale the fornl- H are. ft*tares and leaie of the formerly feraaaraa-JStt ffiJaag-r T?OR SALE—One-halt interest to a wen P established minsfartarirs bulls***, Pjjrtfoj JJL* - «nraißgtthavingotherbuslnait}“ls=®l! , sS4«i Cl * It proper stieoaoc Andros F. O. Pr***r 59b3. J.I. WSm .IJUttrt. T7OR SAXE—WeII located grocery, on ibwnfn? Sure •• ItS io.ia W.ter-rt- SIUTa iBTDK. li^£^sS=2l2.*SsSg?SSSEEr|W2 T7OR SAXE—An decently flllcd np ceP Beet Estawlrokera, 125 Dcar&om-a;.. Boots 8. r?nß SALE —One-Fair interest in ft first W yJi,*sWlilsrd saloon, now doing a good builae»«. sassss- tagotfe at 154 pearbora*t. TTOR SALE— The best eating home H ,iS TMtsnrsnt In Chicago, doing » good bail -1 Li uVaood opporamlty of nnrchsdnc a T7OR cash and tone, A F *nod oaylne crocery. on street raDway, long lease. tnr won d take a partner touts charge. M baseefued in other puslßesa and baa no-ttme - APAMS,** Tribune oaau_ Fop fiAt.R—At a bargain, on account oethe owner solar to California. lease and fixture* urtl oMflf 4eW locations in the ciVT. for jay eglee. QB RiT.V—One oi the finest speci mens of art to enmace. ■i*« Temple.” erected ala coat ot ever lor tVTe for anomloal sum. A rare chance to exhiollors. l^^^fjTiLßETXOXaJS,aacilocee. 1«7 Dear bora-st. jHact)inctg XPQB kat.-R—One tnunecn-horae porta* r hie ensln-and boiler; two twdre-borse do, wed 156 South ffaterst. F)R SALE—steam Engines—l, C, 8, KLiOasd 30-horse portable, and all sizes of sta tirrarv eoirtnes, circular sawmills, Woodworth pi*- rrn «idmatchera,pa»er corn tbeOer*. thafuat. pul. F.%. elevator machlßerThullt to order. BU.H -ißl»b’ IBOS WORKS. 100 Waahloztoo-st. TTOR SALE— Siding mills, crcrlarsaw F mill*. Woodworth plaalnk and matching ma chines, aurftccra aid all kinds ot ftoUtlnE madilnea. F. W. KKAFSB.Franklin Iron Works. 7». TA, 74 **47B Wbti WaitlsiWhAW comfit ot Jeflervjx. aglantrb-JBaie y?eip. BOOKKBEFBM, BAtBaaEBI *«. XHrANTED —As principal assistant In a W flOTnabltßacad trr.nmlieiftcoCbicijro. a teacher ttirue higher Higllsh and French. AdircS* “FIURCU'AW* Box >4-l*S CMeats, S«aD«Sar>fly. PACKING fIOtWB. corner Mliwao kefrar. aod wpgjg£l*^— asaanteb-dfamale ?|elp. ■atnwroagg. THiPBIt <ee» Xirr ANTED—One good dressmaker. VV Hose except thoae thoroughly undemanding the bonseaa seed apply: also wo apprentice*. Apply to Mrsakf. E. JSNEJNS, 144 Hast Madlson-at. BOUSE SBBT&KTS. XXfANTED—A good,respectable, steady VV girl, that undenJands cooking. Aa Irlih tori preferred. Call at 71 North Dearborn. WANTED— A woman to do cooking, washing and Ironing to a private fhmUy. A eapatue prrsoo. who can furnish reference aa to char* acwr aad ability, can have satliuctory wages. Apply at the Tribune office. WANTED— A girl to do the work of or Umlly—wash. Iron, cook, wash (H«hes, ■weep, make the beds, milk the cow, and keep things clean and Udr. To one who can do three things well, aad be pleasant about Ihcood warn will be paid and a good pome 1* offered. Apply at 643 Fnltoa-st, cor ner ol Wood. XI7ANTED —A Woman to do cooking, VV waihlßgandlroninglnaprtvatofaiaUy. Acspa b!e perron, with good reterencis. can hare a steady home and good wages. Apple, for one week, at 50 Lake-»t„ op stairs, or 571 Eart-av. "VST ANTED lmmediatel y—A con!^ Vv Noce who do not thoroathlr onderstacd their burlnrfs teed apply. Apply, between the boun of i and & o’clock at 179 Michigan *▼„ corner Peek-eoart. WANTED— A good cook, washer and IronT. Apply at 547 Wabash ar. TKT'ANTED — A middle aged IcmaJe, V V competent to attend to domestic datle*. Toa competent person a ccmlortanlß bo? e xlded aad eompensatloa paid. Addrea* MEMO, Trlbnne office. __ ANTED—A good girl, to do gcnetal boatewotk- »rt»h preferred. Inaalro at 440 DtrlnoauL. between LaSalle and Wells. Ilf AU TED—A German girl, Piotestant VV areferred, to dn cesenlboMoworis la»smaU r**'lir, ipqnlre** HO Will WANTED —At 359 Indiana-st., North Side, a competent coo*, who I* neat and able. None need apply without good reMroraead*- tier*. Norwegian, Swede, German or Scotch pro temxJ. -■ -—• TSTAXTED—A good strong kitchen V\ rtri; on'* that can come well recommended. Apply at Ko. ‘JCO Uanaolplf^- WANTED— immediately, a healthy wot nurse, to to •te* mile* to «Jj« ' so J“£J* tm» b«t of reference reqolrcd. App*r Xo4*f »l >o. Side. Employment agnutcg. TXT ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 3 W lal-rmcn, 1 condactor, 3 twakemeo. 1 areiaca, 1 porter. JdrtTer?.! express men. Arpiy at l.*oa 13. Fnttoion Blocfc. fti ihraroorn-st. Appdcaotsby mall HsJj. MVMuOiUS ft CO., Box 1707. welcome 10 cents lor reply. vsr ANTED— BOO men to go South, W US to kSOpermonth and board; 33' hewers. 15 aMp-caiptoter*. So’■rood choppers, jO ral.road Appiyat Boom 3. Lind's Diocc. Randolph-st. bridge. TirANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- VV men, porters, driver*, bartenders. brakesmen, mechanic*. laborers, canvasser*, and all wishing Mtua “ota.SanplvatEMPLOYk-ENT AGESCT,S3D-ar lorn-eC, Boom 2. Applicants by mall endow 10 cents. 2£lantrtJ-fftisccllaurous. tttt ANTED—A young lady, who can V V furnish the best of city reference#, wishes »ome copying. Addrea»**A FM,"P. O, prawer 0117. w 7 ANTED—A ding store doing a VV good business m some prosperous tnwn- Ad* drees Box 417. Crawford*rEK led. TS7"ANTED —A roan (with a Gundy pre- VV ferredlwho understands horsw and cattle, lo takecharce of a fanr. St miles from u e u»e wirter. and lomr*r If he answers my purpose. ,1, WILLARD FOA. 203 Lake-st. \XT ANTED—Kno-w Tnyselt—Ail per- VV ior>. jonne or 0.0. WHO W* to oreae-t and InturhCliatly teyealed, call on MADAM tt 318 sonth op statra. TATANXED —A purchaser for a hand- VV someUodsoQ BaySahieC&pe.3otnchejd«p. CostnrifflnaliyfiOO. WU be *uldreasonable. Addrea* M N W,” Tribune office. ■fiTanted—'To loan sn,ooo to ?3f1,0C0 Boom 10 Beyrolds* Block. AWT ANTED —A French teacher m a pn- VV rate family In tho conniry. None need apply unless they can speak the Uajaamsltnen|J|. statics terms, residence, etc« **3, ÜbcrtyrUle, IIL Beiefrnceredclrcd. AATANTED—OId and young, male and V V female, to call rn Madame DITaL. one of the creates* fonnno teller* ktown. 6be will astonish. Xtevciatlons present, put and future. 393 booth Clark-at. XKT ANTED—A smalt hotel or boarding VV boose, with Uttle or no furniture. Addrea* M E V." Matteeon Hoo»e. \\T ANTED—Active, energetic men, to V\ canrass the city fur tho Connecticut General Lift Insnrance Company. Also, I rcal »cents la all the ctUea and tewns Is this State, and wul offer liberal terms to acenta. W. L. DAKNUM. General Agent, 03 Laballejt. \\T ANTED We want every ener- V V ttetlt man, with a capital of Is, to caQ and see ns,or drop ns a Uoe. foi particular* regartlng the best selllsspatent cow before the public. This is no hambug. Tve raarsotre saccru. Fatties ax a dls lance send >3 lor sample machine, cr stamp for clem, lu, with drawinca. ftc. MOlrflMEB ft CO M ISO Dear born-sl. np-stairs. \7STANTED—To fciXchanee— -10 shares VV Illinois I'ctrolcnm and Mining Company, tor eoodt. piano, or yonrg horse, harness and business bursy or light caller. B. G. GOOD WILLIE, OUs Block. comer LaaaUe. Tit 7 ANTED —To exchange, city projv- W ertyior horse and bogey. Alio a salocn r.r sa e, paying sis per day : cheap rent and plenty of basiceaa. ABTUUR ft BOYDB.V, 3 IQ au^-it. WANTED— To Give Away—Tfrecom’- torts of a home through the winter. Some sin gle gertlema:, hannga »m«3l capital to Invest in a good paying bcslnr**, already la operation. Object CLmpsoy and to Increase business lor Christmas and New Year. AdCreyq -J." West Branch P.Q., ChlctgQ. WASTED —Ashley, Steele & Co’s General Agency. Real and personal property* Dougnt, sold and txctisnged; contrsetsand leases no lotiatcd: cmpKjrnert larms&cJ: bouses ralxod, botm and repaired; taxes paid; rents and accounts collected; piano*, form tare, clothing, tools, farming Implements, seeds, fruit trees, (Oaoge planu,) guns, trap*, book*, pictures, Ac., bought and forwarded. Coznml»rlcn 3 per cecL Patents of all sleds on band. Liberal Inducement* to agents with capital from tl to gl.fCO. Correspondence invited. Iciortation free, upon receipt of mveiore, stamped and directed. Let. ters written, bills made out, accounts corrected, and cop} log neativ executed. So •!** South Clart-st, Chicago. 111., uoom*J. References: lion. i. N. Arnold, Cblca»o. Ill; John Evui. General J. L. DerrnrU-. Eva sion, 111.; A. F. Croskcy, Ororxe A. SbnJWKT, 70 WssbinvVjn-st., Chicago, E. D*nonl, Room 11. Vctropolltan Block, t'l.leag i, I*l. M. O. A'JALET, w. a. Steele, qeoso e e. danforp, jb. WT ANTED—City misses to understand Y V that lam rot now “Sarah’s nice young man.” but am open to proposals from the fair to accompany them to soy place otamusetneet, a* I don’t care. Ad* ana “WILLIE,” So. 4 Eorton’s 81-jck. ■\T7AJNTIiD —Granger’s Overcoats at a V* mail advance oa co«t. to order, made op In tbe moat approved Mjlc, at 130 Bouta Clwk-»t n a?- eUtri. TTT anted—l want ami will have one V V of GRASGER’a •’Oairrowen*’ bualnejs salt. Dr fM.OO. »©•! lined and tastily cut. at UO South Clark* at, np-staira. 'TtTA'STED—Owner—At the Central V V Police Slattoi. for one muff and two lap robes. JOHK NELSON’. Deputy Superintendent Police. TTTASTED —Ladies in want ol reliable W servant*, of auy description, can be snppliedat Mr*. D. PRATTa Emporium. So. 150 ' {yaantes—®o Litmt. TXTAXTED—To rent— Rouse ol 10 or VV 13 rooms, with modern improvements. Inr nlshed or tauornlshcd. or will hoy furniture. Price no object. T. H. BELPIELD * CO., 10 Post Office Bites. TXTXSTKD —To Rent Furnished W room convenlert to Statwt. cant; downtown presetted. Address **C W P. O. Box 1177- WJ ANTED—To Rent—Two nnhir- V * ntshea roofi a. by a eenUeman and his wife, nst to be &Kd for cootlnc In; no children. Address “J A.- Boom 11.73 Clarjt-st. fliorscs, (Catnaps, See. T7OK SALE—The subscriber expecting P to he absent from the eltydarta? the next six moetba. offers his stable property, coailitlng of the followliz. for *a'«; One pair very fine bar horses. Oneffoe Cbeetnnt msre. One fine Mexican txmr. Oue double close carriage. One double open tarriace. One Uncle butcy. One twoseated aldcti. Two sett* doable narnee*. one sett tlnele-hantesa. Two lap Dr stable and street ud die. fir nets, carries’! coter*. cornet, brashes, 4e™ Scc~, barcaln to any part) wlshlnc “ Tff forlh»r particulars Inamreof H-H. KSiOaT,.at the stab's*ctf the Amertcan Bip.tsa ComnaOT. 70 toeau. or u tu reference to carrlace*, to oO AN * TEH BBOCCX. -11 and 43 Baodoiph+l. JAB.t.FAEGO. A LARGE, donble-seatcd, two-horse rarrlaewandaoneortwo-bone Slelcb. both In QeatotxtCT. GariaJe. Inoutreat 154 Bash^L 17 OK BALE—A rood second-hand ex- H presawacon. or win trade ftr a dray horse, Ap piy at 9 West cMeago-tr. ONE SMALL TWO-SEATED CAR EIAGE, for one or two hors**, with* pole sod martf. Alsodocble harness, one larje beaver rob£ sod pair of horse blankets for sale. App lf at 70 WastdnrtOMt. I WISH TO BUT a licht Bnggy and ConMe Ekomi, bal luce were- Ablrrjs - G," ”- o. Drawer St-1 C 3. jFot Sale. rrOB SALE—Bt H. W. Dotoon—3 good F kettles with tnelr fttom and crates, on* l» »«- lona, and two 90 ration*. Win be sold it the southwest corner of Indiana *a-l MtrttMtt. ¥7OR SALE—A eplend'd lady’s JImJK F Cloak, four feet loar.ten f«i altot- Htr beaold. ArplriM* flay. toC. STAITMAXV. r timer, 130 SUtwt,o*twea Monroe and Madison. rr'Oß SALE—SO,OOO ft. dressed flooring F t& per SI.; 50.000 n. dressed siding. dear, and roxaoo tniifd. at S2J per H- *1 BOY A CO.’S Min, eor. T*eaty-secand and Morgan-***. FOR SALE—2OO twenty gallon vinegar barrels; also one vinegar wasou; * ta » ® ne , axle op«n buggy t also Oh* ll*Ot expr«a wagon, lo« WestßoarofriL - T7OB SALE—New Singer Sewing Ma- F chine isblnet esse, cort flrt L®° «* chsnre lor parlor set. Boom 9, OUs Block, comerLa* gAiig and Msdia Eo Llnit-S»toies, ©ffires.S TO BENT—Steam power and rooms to rent rear of 74 Bandolph-*U Caartol3ce.oapo ■lte Crwhy*s Opera House. Apply to A. WOBDES A CO-OrL.l. TODn.onthepremlsea. TO KENT—The three upper lofts over j. h. Lynch’# shoe store, 122 Lake-st. For fur ther par TO RENT—Second, third* fourth and fifth floor* of the new store. SS Mlehigart-av. win be rented separately or lose thee. Call. Saturday or Monday, between 10 andL2 a. m_»t4l sdcresaP.O. Bjx’JJ7S. rpo RENT—Store on South Clark-st., ± and nxtures for sale. T. S. FITCU A CO, Boom 2. So. 167 Dortomt. rpo RENT—The new brick foundry eon- X nected with the First Ka“onal shop. t c si- betwren Wauhlnztoa and Madison. Ijvute ot 4. oTbOYT. canter Clara and Madlson aU. Room 3. TO RENT—Second floor, amiable for 1 val*aroom. inquire 5!164 Lake-sU up stxja. T 5 RENT— The store and basement Vo <*«s ntste-st. For cenas, apply to J, SI GIL ill Sl* If. Ko, SSO State-at. —CT RENT Store—lo 9 Monroe- st, ■ecozd door west of Poet OOee, large. Usht and .rattle - fire-proof safo; oceUent chance for flm w «i IST *>«n tun* tttroanoKß HiXBSi SITUATION Wonted—A.* J npcrt nenccd and competent bookkeeper deslr-a •». pioyment- Reference amp.o. Address JOB. N uLtNj Trim, co office- OITUATION—Wanted—By a yntmg mas to take rare or Corses ana drlrv caiYUct. Address **H H. M Tnbcae odea. SITUATION— Wanted—By a yoct? mar. wto U willing to g.tke himself reterUr nscftl. Would go Sooth or west; U ftoa lbs and has the best of references. Any one la waaim* address E. E. DANF, Trtcuca office. CiTUAHON—Wanted—By a yotnst Oman to work la a store, or to attend bar or gr» eerratora: sndentasda U>*baalßCM veu. Addraaa Ho Mb son, Tribune office, or 318 Chlcago-ar. CITUATION—Wanted—By a young O man who ia reliable aad benefit, aa grocer cJwt entn clew, porter i r some ether employment. i» eru. line to work. Good refrenee given. Aodnaa u WM_ Jr* Godfrey SITUATION— Wanted— By an cnjri nrer. WH work ten hours for its a wee<. Xd areas B. CHAFT, 38 West MaaUon-«, Chicago, 111. OITUATION—Warned—As general tj clerk or porter, by a middle meed man wno Is cot afraid to wore, and U ramble of keeping accounts or to take the management of a farm. Apply or s<Mro« “MALCOLM,- care Judd Bros A laslee.l63 Sooth Water-at. PE9IALSS, SITUATION— Wanted—As hoosekevp er. Best references given. Address Rost odee borljltf. OITUATION—Wanted—By a respccta* O b e girl, to Uo general housework la a small &a. lly. Cail at 324 Wabash-er. SITUATION —Wanted—By’ a lady with a Wheeler A Wilson Sewla- Machine li do plain sewing. Address •*L■ A. F-” OITUATION—Wanted—By an Amcri o can lady. Apply at 171 Sonth Clark sh, day and Tuesday. agents EBonteb AGENTS —Wanted—Erperienrcd bock aadecrraTiaccaavaiseta, io«|ion»to srr arcotnmUilon will be D*ld. Address CHaHLh BDJ, 138 Sontn Clafk-sL. Chicago, in. AGENTS —Wanted —$200 per nrncix and expenses paid male or femslc sgeau. xe, b troduce a new and osetal invention, of ahsMoh* cjltrr la every household. Agents preferring to wnrt ct comtnisaloo can earn from 130 to lia oer day. y- r nr p&rUenlan address W. Q. WILSON A onto. AGENTS —'Wonted—£2CO per mnßti to gcll the GENUINE nirIIOEED B.UTTLCTT SERVING MACHINE- Price rfdi:«*d aj. dreM W.D£LOS6&CO n idS Dcartxirn-suClilttza lIU _ AGF^NTS —Wanted —To sell & tin ten nude. Sell* every where. »ltt ordinary t»± Ice- Every business reantre# It. Conbis s utility wflhbo*«ns' own advertisement of -pedal Has no competitor. l»aperrecicov^rrla martin*! States—only one manufactory yet esumiitei. Thtw- Bauds already sold tad cmne cciaplep- Open# op an entire new ncia lor rf m ca- Settles. Consumption con»taLU aid lise’.r t> atuia e flsure of one m'tUon, dally, in ttr Nortli«psteta States alone. Send stamps for circulars. Svauia mailed tree to any andresa tor f 1.25. Ailr*** or «a on THUS. DKPttY A CO., >9(l AGENTS— Wanted—SCO moce, for the BAKER SEWING MACHINE. ' win payvilTi wen }lCoper monthud ezpec*en.orglTeauc»:aicoa. mir.l»6tontoni»le and female ar-rt*. Forptrr.-nUa and agency papers.address S. liEC/vWiIU, CUraci. GENTS—Wanted—Everywhere. MaJe ard 6-tnaJe, local an* tmverini*. Steady p-pjj,. went the year round. Busier** llrbt and a trails. >'o<apJUl»cCTiired. For ps’tl.nltr* artlm* j. n. TALBOTT ft CO., No. 312 North Tn*rt'»uslio®. Mo. A GENTS—Wonted —$150— We tract J-\ scents to sell the BARTLETT SEWIXG Hi- CHINES, per month will addrea*. with »tatnp. pare Tuwrj. ERS, uncial Agents, Philadelphia. cr Toledo, Ohio. Agents wanted—s-2,500 to $3,000 a year. A rood chance to make mocey. A: j?a is wanted in crciy town In the rjsloo 10 tsAaciimre atd sell an article ofconsnnptloalD everyi be mannawtnrcd in the ascot* dwlltng. Ituetdrey pew ; seenred by copyright. *a!e as pe ns»;t*st tt foar; no fitting op to oe done. Tor p«nvulan with sump enclosed for return, LOUIS CuSLLSTL Middletown. Maryland. A GENTS Wanted—Every map rr J\ picture agent to send na hl« adore s * c;1 m return, free of expecM*. a copy of car ••THE FATHER OF OXJB COUNTRY” sad HoESOF 17*6,”andoornewetrenf*r lu»t o" .;»•_> *ls a Car made clear. Addreas b AMMONS, HiLT-s CLARKE, 179 1-akfrtC. CUMttgo. A GENTS—Wanted—Price $2.5r. •fA 20.001 -old In6o days. “Ltoy<“3ofe«t Map.--7S» T Elates Continent In 190 P.” The new rh.rrt -Fin. er of Onr Cnantry and Uero-a of To” sent » ?i~a the map. Tbe beet publications for Asent* In da‘da. Address GOODSPEfOJ ft CO, 14S Latent.. ChLic. partners ggaantra. J> AUTNAR—WauIed —By one who wd frimlsb 34.C00 cash capital and a gocul store r> c.« nth Side, eetuely free of rent cr etcmn:irt-« ar two years or more, on the Ist of next May ftberrtt'S lease oxplrtneoDlnat day). It now rents for iu*» year, uae barms dnt-tate reforearea utusil characterandbnsinewabiiiiy may address ”N u P.* Tribune office, statlnc the particular Hoc o! and the amonnt of capital ne can famish a*v it tin Dme. to wblch ao answer will be sent as direct'd. PARTNER— Wanted—In an estallah ed ancttoabuslcca*. rre tarter ctiher moa* ar ecods. and can asalst Is seilinr at auction. Ap?!»it 102 Sooth Clark-si. WM. OBIFKITUS ft CO-mo tlonejra. ■pARTNEU Wanted With *l.m . I capital, to ensure in a safe and profitable bu-iness. For further lefbnnatlop apply at 311 States I. ■£> ARTNER—W anted—With hrams and A capital, to InrestSL't’O la a safa manatutnrtc< bnslne»«: a good fieldhirnpera'loes, and money u be made by any one poncMliigUieaboTeri qmraajiu. Most satisfaciory explanations can be had at Boos & 133 South Ciark-st. PARTNER Wanted —lmmediately, with a capital of from 5330 to SSOP,to Join with Us snMcrtberln a profitable *td mooer-maklcs bust. d<m; nothing like It In the city. Kcfcrc-'-'* required. Cal on orsiiftM **J F M.'* Room 03 Reynolds Block. Dcarborn-sL, near the Post Office. T>ARTNEK —Warned—A good and rc* I liable man. with nL«»tt>tvVMO.manold es taMbh’dsnd well paying foundry aa t mschiae nfwp. Call at Room 13 Lombard Block, between 14 and l o‘clocte daily. PARTNER —Wanted—A young man with flfO to I*oo esplta], who wishes to engtee in a light provable btulscae, to call at 83 Dearborn an. Room 2, ■pERSOKAI^-Bicssmtikmg—Miss Lot* _L tie A. Woodruff respectfully imorsis l*r r ruatcmera and friend* that. sac mty fee fontJ &1117 S State-*:., where she wli; be bapcy to meet them. ISoarbing, FjOAKDISG —A rood table and brjrc I Da? hoat(V|3.»»»week. •lHErarborn-»L,XcrUi Side. wlUita are minutes u •he Cobti Uonse. OOARDtKQ—Single rooms, $5; two in l_7arocm.(L 333a04t*£3 Kloxle-*L. near state* h. bridge. |_>OAHDIN(J One single nail two I y dcnhj-'oojrs, »|tb excellent board, ms; be oV (sited »t —“D llttoois-it, Gentlemenare expicted to bring good raerences. T> CARDlNG—Splendid rooms, tnr . * V. rl nnfarnlibed, can be had, with fln£-d*a bosro.ot ItQ Fourlh-av. Capital place for students, with all conveniences xor them to study at night. —A gentleman and wile, M-f vltLoot fhllifco, can fli>d flnt-clwa ftinraVd wins and boym, In « private Umlly, oa «je Sonin l£Z^ e t&l%£ 00 ' bT Box 1927. T^OAKD . _>D*G—Plcasantrooms»T?ithfirst be obtained by applying it .fiS l ' Bl *..J s,oden£B or clerk* prelerred, or married people, ulthoot ckUdrea. T>OARDI3sQ—With pleasant, comiorta- We Iroot rooms, well famished, Dr slnjla cratle- S?££J‘t PO v*®i ,, * D,,wtte *® n reasonable term*, at hoase * -72 West ifaaiwo-ac, corner ol Morgan. T3OARDLNG—A suite of rooms, far «S r sS“2 I - «“■ =" » "DOaKDING—An untarnished front neatly furnished room*, with flrst-rlaa* board In a private family, at 17 b South CUntonat. "DOAUDING—Two young men of cood g-nsSMssss; SiSl^lp«nuSiSiSL w ’ a - Wltt d 0 " T) CARDING—Mrs. Franklin has a front qalrw o,3l3 TKaat al 48 Jackaon-st. Beferenca re- —Just newly furnished i^BiteaSSl room wl “ T>OARDENQ—With famished *»nd utt- J oo ®** ■nlta&le tor tcentlemea awl viSg.iiteir.f™ l ™ l ™- Ata a*r bSSa a 15S —Two large rooms, with A-r two eenCemen and the!? wlrefc and wll? Pw Kuig^S. M "' “ *»» —Good board, with rooms. ■DOARDIXG—A few genUemen will be board, with rooms. ROAiaMSG—To rent, with board, Dmlahed or aafarubshsd, tSmSi*»° a , thrtrwlr»s,or slflcleseo nntSLar^loo4lloo tot fine, at 239 ‘Hi. pro bkeka from bndga. ARDEN G—A gentleman and wife front room, or a suite *f room*, wlih board. In a strict!r prl rfifj «lde- In pleasant location. Tern* real oc able. Address -A. N/* Tribune ogee. T>OARDENG—One nice senate cham- B®® ftru-cu» board, caapo bad at MS R (^£^,P' G '“ Rocms to rent, witt A* board to yoorir men. where they can eotow «,• at So. 17 Plin»-sf_ Vows«2h LSJ TlLboot the beat referenced ? hone need apply ro«B for two sln S ie »eatlcmcn, at ISoarti 2!23antes. T>OAKD—By a young in a house fJersonal. WT ANTED—lnformation—Oi Hans f ♦ Lewis Hanios, a Sorwsgtaa, Who Irfkhl* Oth er’s house two months ago. Be Is eleven rears oi ace, slender la form, bine eye* sod Usht harr. Aar Information ef his whereabouts win he uuakfaUr received by hl» pates ts. at 50. 36 Weatln**«"-V*.* • Real Estate—ffiountrg. t?OR SALE lmproved Farms—Tlia X 1 following forms, wun valuable Improvements, sitestrri In ManhaU County, Illinois, near railroad oeootsud river* Two forms ol 52*1 acre* each, one ot .9 scree, one o» tio seres, one ot IGO acre*, oce ot 117 acres, and one of eighty acres. Also, coal and timber lands, and Improved property to the thriving city o! Woe, Marshall County. Terms very reasonable, for particulars address FISHES A 9055. Lacan, HUnols. Li OR SALE—Or Exchange—2,ooo acres F otiandlo Central-Illinois, wel. located near fall iy»d. JAS. A.DiCS.EN'soy.o** Waahlastoo-at. iLofct anh jfaunti. T OST—A large, black, Newfoundland I i Dob ; -whit* on breast and nec> t also, white spot EpLyeT Vhea lost tad ram strap around his neck. AbJ?« to C« name cf “ Any c« S7v,raio47l wanaßh-sT« or clvins Information If aClmg tobbirueoverr, will he well rewarded. OST—DecrliJUi, somewhCTo between j Sturcw ACo.’saodC-B.i Q-freicbt Pepo*. a brx of OnTmarked “J. VT. Wbtie, Bnrbnctoo.lo-'' The finder will be suitably B f. hXPKOKS A CO.’S. 199 SBd ¥l>l Banda.Ptt-st. i OST —A port-monnaie. containing I j about no, more or les*. The fiodei will coafi# 1 the 1 rthene office. 1, OEND—A lady’s dress nocket, and * F ftw valuables,onfiaSsled-st. Inquire aCl«o.^X Lunber-st. _ - tOUND —A gold watch, which the own* er can have by pro vlnz property and paytec CM- tH- Apply St 705 Bandolph-at. .... nt'H UP—A pig, which the owner I css have by proving property and psjfog “• T ' a **'**** l -- V A