Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 17, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 17, 1866 Page 1
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TOcago' €ribmit. MONDAY. DECEMBEB 17, 1366. THE NEWS. M. O'Brien. a United State* Army wagon* rua«(r-r, writes as from Solomon City, K«m«» n«. der date of December Sd, ttist while oa their way to Santa Fe list *pring, one J. 11. Tansey, from IHincla, waa captured by the Indians near Cow Creek, Colored *. The Board of Managers of the American BloV society net In New York on the 6th Instant. Giants of books wee made to the extent of 11,170 volume*, and in fond* St,ooo were appropriated for publishing the New Testament In the Bevel* Zehunlss in Ruse la. A Convention of the German editor* and fmUisbereot I’amayltasia U to be held at Bar- ziriterg on tfce97vh last., to protect the Interest* of German literature, popnlorioe It in journalism, and procure a greater recognition for U in the public schools. A Convention of the Freedmen of Texas is called, to meet at Bastrop on the sixth of Decem ber, 1956. for the purpose, m *et forth la the call, of desiring a plan of agricultural labor, by whlcn (he soil shall be cultivated, and their bread earned by tbe sweat of the brow, in obedience to Heaven's deace. The Freedmen’e Savings and Trust Com- pany. ol Norfolk, bos been reaping quite a bar* vent In th" way ot deposits made by the soldiers ol the colored regiments which have been paid off and mustered ont in that vicinity. Ihe Seventh Called States colored regiment deposited $33,030 in tLat inatiiuiioc, and the Thirty-sixth regiment ffro.too. As tbe passenger train on the Dubuque & South western Road was passing a curve, on Tues* day evening, the rear car ran off tbe track and ' roilod down the bank. About forty passengers were injured, though none dangerously so. Axnnnp ihtm were B. F. Bo&nlvlllo and M. J, Meuixt, of Chicago. A private of the One Hundredth Regulars, etationedjat Ottawa, on Friday received fitly lat-bi*. Tbe prisoner era t tied to the gate by tho thumbs, and in that position was flogged u the pr-s-cncc of the entire garrison—for sta'lng that Canada would be annexed to the Dulled Status bi-lorc two year*. riftceii years ago Judge Bryan Mnllanphy be queathed cne-third of Lis properly In trust to the city of Si. Louie, for tho relief of poor emigrants am travelers pasting through the city on their way to settle in the West. Tbe present value ol to- property is tc«-en hundred and fifty thousand •depart ; bnt the “poor emigrants" have not yet received one penny from tho fund. There is said lo be a very large Northern civtaeuLic the population of Savannah. Boston men ore cspenallj numerous. They are treated weP, and ate rapidly taking the lead In merchan plai.liLg and lumbering. This last interest ■o ii- income a very lupoitact source of wealth to Cturgia. Her immense forests arc comparatively in a* t . Baltimore is maintaining its unenviable reputation for rowdyism. That dty, at present, is tvrribly affl'eted nih gangs of thieves and pick peelers. »ho arc committing their depredations «js> ardulgbttoan extent never Ivcfore known. In H>mc romances ibey hare attacked ladies in brrrd dajlight, and robbed them of their portc snerxaies. A Paris correspondent says that many American families who crossed the Atlanticla»t a;;inaa, thinking that by fettling down now they wmJil obtain bunsc accommodations for the com* Inr exhibition on aivactageous term*, are unfor tunately undeceived by finding that from the first cl April no picvlona engagement will stand pood, and fm-h terms, propot Uonalely high, with the dconnd for lh< m. anil bare to be submitted to. TL<* Winn* of Montreal says : “ After the an« rt cl 1 b accomplices, Nurra-t took refuge in Cannon, where he remained in hiding for several month-*. The pol*cu were on hit step*, and more clan oocc bis place o! re face was near being dis c<w««d. Thanks, however, lo the fidelity of his guardians, wbo refused iffc brilliant offers made by tonic of tbe American police, he was able to remain at liberty till tbe moment of his departure lor Europe.” The Culhhen (Miss.) Appeal, of December t‘d *ays : “ A colored man and his wife and five children, w ere burned to death In their cabin, on ibv plantation of Mr. W. C. Hays, lo this county, on llmreday nlshl last. The fire occurred about etc o'clock at night, and it is suppo ad that tbe roof of ibe cabin caught fire first, and tell in upon its keeping Inmates, before they were arousea to a rctsc ol tluir danger. The scene, after the br.mlt g. Is said lo have been most horrifying.” Many of the larger States might well envy the easy condition of Maryland’s exch quer. The t»iul«lcbtl.*£lt*,W3,i»!». The largest portion of it U five per cent, and a considerable part ouly at three per cent, while the productive Stale property, in can bank and railroad stock, is Raving as the entire debt the small balance of fibS7.J»5'J. The State also owns unpro* dcciive properly lo tbe amount of (16,000,030. Wl cn proper legislation is bad as to tbs last Urn*, which the State Treasurer thinks can easily Tr- cade productive. It Is expected that the Stale w.Ubave&net income ol St,WO,OOP. U will be seen by a notice In another column that the call for a Rock River Improve ment Convention at Dixon on the 20th lost, has been withdrawn by the Executive Committee, and in lien of that Convention they recommend to the aeveial conntlea interested In tbe Rock River im piovemcnt each to send five delegates to tbe Canal Convention, to be held at Bock Island on the STth lijel. T his movement has taken place for the sake of harmony and efficiency of action among the friends of tbe different Improvements contem plated. It is anticipated that the Rock Island will bring together a large number of " IbTucilve and Influential citizens of the localities Interested in these great and essential works. Dr. Joseph K. Barnes, Surgeon General, has made his annual report to tbe Secretary of War, some parts of which are of interest The amount supplied to the Bureau was (3,366,014; the expenses were (2,877,801, leaving a balance of Tbe most valuable records of tbe De partment are the mortuary papers, which com pile JC.CU) lulto volumes of Hospital Registers; 4T.!!fO of Banal Records; Ifi,fo3 Pay Rols,iuclud hii: 224i,U,0 names «t "bite and2o,oUO of colored M-ii-wre. Ihc medical history of the war is being p-cjjred with all convenient speed, the first vol ume bring ready for the press. The otEcial canvass of the vote of Wiscoo siu at th*: last election, shows a Union tnajorllr of L'-Uln me Flrd District; 5,M0 In the Second,; 2.331 lu thelhiiJ; 4,091 In the Fifth; C.SU xn the telith; and a Democratic majority ol In the Fourth DUutct. Toe total vote U 131.70, of abli.n7f , ,Si‘i'vcreUi.!on,audr*S,4lo were Demo cratic, leaving a Union majority of 53,907—a va riation of a few Hundred from the actual vote. In con eqncnc-* of the vote of several towns not be’ng counted, because of their too late reception or Irregularities. The call for a River and Canal Convention at Itock Island, ou the 27th Inst., will he found on oar second page. The committee appointed to serve? the ronle for extending the Illinois & y.idiignn Canal from TaSaHc to the Mississippi Klter, and from the Summit, on the said rente, to Itock Run, at Dixon, arc ready, and will make their report at the coming Convention. The Con* Tendon Is one which should call together a large repreroLtatloa ot the people of Northern Illinois; and we trust, by united counsel and effort, they may l*e enabled to secure such rights and Inter ej4e and adopt ench measures as will Insure a speed? completion of these great improvements. A ulvUl Incident occurred at Lexington. Virginia, a lew days ago. One of General I/se's pupils shot and Uiled a respectable black man of that to* n. On his examination he stated that the negro bad ."insulted him.*’ This sUtemoatwas corroborated by spectators of ibe occurrence. Ihe learned Dogberry who heard the case ma le tbc following points in his decision: That the laws of Virginia have always recognised the dif* feiettce between 'be white man and tbc black; that a w' ne man may protect hlmsrlf negro lasrlts; that, though the deed was clearly proved, it was the result of the iceclt, and he thoald dis cha:ge the d •fundaut from custody. The Scimitfe American, in introducing to j iu hundred thonaand readers a full and illustrated I description of Chicago’s Immense lake tunnel, 1 takes advantage of the occasion to speak ttms truly of our metropolitan growth and greatness : “Oar exchanges bring us, this week, accounts of the virtual completion of a work of American en gineering whtcb, for boldness of conception, un erring skill, sod nnluterrnptf d success, deserves to be classed with the proudest achievements of the Old World, or ol any age. The gteatefl pro dace market In the world, and the most energetic and enterprising dty on even the American conti nent, Chicago has grown np in tblrty-six years ficm a lair of wild beasts to a great metropolis, under some of tbe groesectnatural disadvantages that ever taxed the resolution of any similar com "sunnily." A railway company In Wales, with ft line naming from Llanymynech to Shrewsbury, has - for some time past straggled against some sctloui fn.nnti difficulties, which came to a crisis about three weeks teo In a most singular fashion. A debenture holder obtained a Judgment aralost the company, and a wnt was Issued which tbe fcliertd’a officers served by Miring the principal - Hatton hi Shrewsbury, and the engtio and ctr* .abont to depart from It. The law officials refused hi allow the train to start, although many gvm had bought tickets and taken their scats. At ' lartthe bberifl was induced to permit the train to start, one of his deputies remaining ou board in charge; bntnp to our latest dales he had refused to make any concessions In regard to tbe other trains, and iht'p'i*'”* both it Shrewsbury and the varies* way stations along the line, were ex -1 ceedingly indignant and quite at a low. Many editors of country newspapers are ' ! thcbabitof folding bill*, circular?, etc., in their p*pere and passing them through the mart. A* \ these notices would be charged circular postage : ordmaj lly, the To?! Office Department has adopted j regulation* preventing, and all parties Interested !are warned to regain from briaUnz the rales. The following Is the reenUtion: “ Publishers of newspapers may, without subjecting themselves I to extra postage, (old within their regular issue a i, supplement. But in all such casts the added , nutter must be a genuine supplement or append* .. iq |be newspaper In question, and of the same 1 essential dxaracttr, contrjing inirillgtiux of pan • ttenU of fffiuraUnfernt. PablUbera of news* cannot tend specimen numbers of their 'newspapers to postmasters and others, wlUioat prepaying postage thenon. Prospectuses of newspapers, whether accompanying the stine or . ateent separately, are to be charged as circulars, aud postage required in advance.** Prom Baltimore, Balttwosz. December 16.—Several large and important aelxnres of liquors were made here dming the pail week, for evasion of the revenue Silas Morris Cochtan, Af sedate Justice of 4b« Court d Appeals, died to-d.iy. Governor .Swann >»»« power to appoint a sue e?.or until the -next Stale election. Snow, wind and rain all day. Fatal Railroad Accident. v oil Cnr. December 15.—Mrs. Clark was run ever by the cart on Ihe street crossing and killed, barlo-day. . Prom KnflaK Bcttxlo, December 16.—There was a heavy mon.lnS ta the Q.-r- Methodist church. -Damage slight. I • North Carolina, r Haixir.n, N. C , December 18 -The I-opUlature, yesterday. p4‘»eJ the bill "resting pardoM to sol* dirra ol th- rebel tjH Union ® against crimlml laws while coder military rule. FRGM WASHINGTON. The Action of the Alabama Legislature. WHY THEY REJECTED THE AMENDMENT. FROM MEXICO. Conflicting Reports About Max imilian’s Determination. An Imperial Force Deserts to the Liberals. FBOM EUROPE. OPENING OF THE ITALIAN PARLIAMENT. SPEECH OF VICTOR EMANUEL. How He Intends to Deal With the Pope. Burning of the Ifon-Ciad “ New Ironsides.” Arrest of John Morrissey for Practicing the Lottery ' Policy Business. The Great Snow Storm. FBOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasioxotox, December 16. 1Z COXfiTITUTiOXAL AWXXDXEXT IX In addition to what baa already been tele* graphed concerning tbe failure of the Alabama legislature to ratify tbe Constitutional Amend* ment, reliable adfices from a member say that it Lad been dcteimined in caucus to ratify it, when despatches were received from Governor Patton, in Wa-Mezton, understood to have been sent at the instance of Mr. Johnson, urging them to ad journ without the Intended action, and solely on the ground that Hr. Johnson asked it they did so adjourn. xnreto on ratpicmc coast. The last steamer from California brought Rosa Brov nc's reporfon mining on tbe Pacific coast, made in pursuance of an act of Congress. It cov ers about COO pages of manuscript, and is said, by tcnllemcn who bare seen It, to be a very interest* log and * aluable document. Tbe Secretary of the Treasury will lay it before Congress this week. SOUTHEUH CLAIXB. A considerable lobby inffucnce Is at work to in duce the House Committee on Claims to reopen ihc question of paying Southern claims. The lobbyists find arguments in Secretary McCul loch's report, and urge that payment oftbe claims of loyalists would be an eminent meas ure of reconciliation. They are cot very likely to accomplish their ends. BEOnOAKtUKO SOUTH CAUOUSA. The movement of Governor Holden and his friends towards a reorganization of North Caro lina, has frightened the State authorities, and Governor Worth, ez-Governor Swain, Chief Jus tice Ruffin, and several others, have visited Wash it Eton with a vie*’ of counteracting tbe efforts being mace to displace their present Governor. ILL. Hoi. Ur. P'ai.ts, of Ohio, ha* been confined to his lodgings for several days by acute illness, which accounts for his failure to vote ou the Suf frage Bill. He Is convalescing." THE BCrmtAOX BILL came up qnito unexpectedly on Friday, and many members wete absent from their seats. Tbe rules will be suspended to-morrow to allow all such to record their votes. SOBTD CASOUKA COMXITTZE. Warhikotoh , December 19.— Governor Worth, Judge Baffin and ez-Goven>or Swain, of North Carolina, the committee appointed by the Legisla ture of that Stale to present the order of General Sickles prohibiting tbe infllctton of corporeal pun ishment by sentence of courts and the correspond voce on the subject to tbs President, have arrived. It is understood tbey will have an Interview with the Presloenlto-morrow. J CHAR'S KXCOKVTUUCnOK WITT., The Committee on Tutlloi let of the Douse have under consideration a very material alteration of Julian’s Reconstruction Bill. It will probably be moclflcd M Uxe committee so as to omit some of the most onerous restrictions a* lo the qualifica tiers of voters and cai.dMatea, and to assimilate in (his respect to Mr. Stevens’ North Carolina bill. DISTRICT or COLUMBIA. Tbe Homo Standing Committee for the District of Colombia have perfected, and will bring In -arly next week, a bill to repeal the charters i f •he cities ot Washington and Georgetown, nool it>h the exUiSug municipal governments, and son •’dale commissioner* to be appointed by tbe President, by and with advice of the Senate, who afco shall appoint all municipal offirrrs and have control of at! machinery of cuy governments. Tin STOBX. The tlorm of snow, elect and ntn prevailed all Cay. sspAmiNo tub viestssippt tnm .Initn>4 lllMt»ri»an anil RlnntnflaM. rmnmli. Judges Uleslvman and Bloomfield, commis sioner* on the pan of Louisiana who are here to nr u Government aid In repairing the levees of the MlieUeippl River, will nrao the endorsement by Government, of the Itoods issued for that purpose bared upon the recovery of swamp lands. It is stated that the lands thus to be recovered in Louts- lana,wlil afford over forty million doUat* worth of timber. r ardors. Rfi.mtfrMv TVA.aiiiK-i. 1R *k ha Ui'MlSanf 1,. TCasmscTOß, December IG.—The President is* sued last week pardons to P. J. Wilkinson, Ten* ncfiice; G. W, Weems, MUioml: J. J. Smith. 11. J’jrrr, lexas: S. D. laswl* and John Crittenden, Alabama, and some others. ADDmOXAL BOURTT The additional bounty Is now being paid to Ohio regiments at Washington. sfarisr xensrsa ill Wasucivtox. December 18.—Senor Gabriel Taxara, the Spanish Minister, Is tying quite ill In New York. rtUVITI ADVICXB ABOUT BAX. Private advices received in this city stale that Maximilian will not accept the proposition to re tain power in Mexico. He will only stay long enough to make a chow of passing the Govern ment over to other hands, and leave the country under formal stipulations. Ten thousand F'-encu troops have lett tbst county, and fi'lcaa thou sand remain to embark during the winter and s;ring. TUI BXASOR WOT. There is good authority for saying that fear of sickness In Mexican seaport towns alone induced Napoleon to postpone the shipment of troops un til the winter moults. It is also denied that there was ever any agreement with this Government that the troops should be removed at a specided fmc. It was only the voluntary declaration on the part of France of her Intention and purpose to recall her troops, any agreement In relation Hereto being with Maximilian and not with the United States. htw rnzxcn ikurb. Count Berthrean:, who is a sonata Philadel phian, la expected to arrive hens the latter part of (his week, when the Marauis de Monlholon will h ave for France. The funeral services of Mrs. Senator Fowler wetewcll attended this afternoon. Her remains will leave here Monday evening for Interment ai Lexington, Kentucky. FROM THE GULF. From I *nba—Receipts of Coatema at New Orleans—The Test Oath filataialaed-The Oraxil Rebel Colony a Failure—About j*ue«r Piauuug— hrom Mexico* New Oblxass. December 15.— The stcamor Liberty, thorn Baltimore, via Havana 11th, anived to-day. Sugars at Havana were nominal. Number* twelve and fourteen, reals. The Captain General of Cuba had Just recovered fiom a severe illness. St Thomas continues to be infested with choleta and small pox. The receipts of customs at New Orleans on T‘ nrsday last were $14,000. Ths United Slates District Court here Hill re onlree the test oath from ah lawyers practicing be fore it. Rev. Ballard Dunn, Brazil Immigration Agent, and Major Houston, whowent out mom Alabama with • colony to the Amazon, are here. They met hide encouragement in their enterprise. The planters of Vermillion Parish are hesitating about planting sugar caneJuvlng beard (hat Con □ ess had determined to repeal the duty on foreign susa-e. The TWa 1 City of Mexico correspondent, un der date of November S 9, says that Maximilian never intended to leave Mexico. He only went to Orizaba on account of his health. He was (hen In Puebla, and all classes of Mexicans were prepar ing to support him, when the French troop* are withdrawn. FROM EUROPE. Ur the Cable—Henorted Arrival la Ragland and Arrest of Mephrne—The Pope Receive* the New Italian Minister—Opening of the Itßiton t*arll*ment —etpeecli of Vlrtoe Vm.mel— f3e will Uespect ihe Pose’s Ter ritory and Independence— I The Cnr to (irnni Concession, to Poland. I.oitdok, December 16—Evening.—A report is current Undsy that Stephens had arrived in Eng land, was traced to Norfolk, and the police had arretted him. 3bc rumor is considered doubtful. The Government have given up the steamer Bolivar, suspected as a Fenian privateer, to the Colombian Minister. Uoan, Sunday, December 16.—The Pope re celved the new Minister of the Italian Kingdom very graciously to-day, and Jils mission to the Pope will, it la hoped, prove successful. Flobebcx, December 16.—The Italian Parlia ment has been opened by Victor Emanael. lie delivered a speech in which he congratulated the people of Italy on their delivery from British yoke, and tbelr union under on« sove>nment. He cays be will respect the Pope's territory and inde pendence. He expresses a hope that the Ques tions between Uta Holiness and Italy will be tot t]< d with sntlalactloa to all parties. Ibe Ring, in his speech, alluded to Sapol-on with whom tbe relations of Italy were excellent. Tbe withdrawal ot the French troops from Borne bad cemented Ihe alliance, and be hoped ihit alt diCcnltlcs In the way of a Untied Italy would be removed by tbe moderation of the Italian people and the foresight of the Pope. Thh done, Ita y would become. In fact,. a leading nation In Europe. Ihe speech was much applauded. Vraora, December 16.—*1 he Hungarian Cham bers have agreed to the address of tha Emperor France Joseph, as proposed by H. Dick. Lohdok, December 16.—Advices ffom Ruis'a vox;, xx. stale that the Czar has determined to grant con* cessions to Poland, and that they will he arranged by a commie*]on orer widen o* will preside to peteoe. FBOM ’THE PACIFIC. Liberal jjaceewf la ilexico-Lazadt Gene Over ta the Liberals witb Hi* Whale Force, dx.-Eipoit ot Wheat—Trade—Mon ey market, dec. Sax Pnaxcteco, December IB.—The Mexican Cocas!, Gody, baa officially nodded Governor Low and General McDoweil of Libera) sneceasea in Mexico. The latter responded that he bad ic celvcd and read tbe accounts' with tbe greatest in- Private letter* from Acapulco say tbe Imperial General Cadency, arrived at Fan Bios from Guadalajara, wi:u the Intention of marching to the City of Mexico with the troops recently driven from Sonora and Sinaloa; but tbe movement was prevented by the direction of Lozada, Imperial commandrr at T-- pec. who had gone overwttn his whole force to the Liberals, and united with the troops sent by Corona from Mazatlan to at'aek tbe French col umn in overwhelming numbers. One thousand oi.e bundled men under Marline* would also nnl'e in ihe attack. It tv I>e'lured that Caslgney would sail tor France from the Pacific coast In stead ot Vera Cruz. Tbe American schooner Dreadnanght bod ar rived at Acapnlco with a cargo of goods for the French fleet, of which three were In the harbor, and another soon expected. Faoxcuco. Debembcr 13 —ll is estimated that the value of wheat and Hour exported from California the present year la six million;, five hundred tboceand delists in gold. Ibe retail dry goods trade is good, hut whole sale business Is closed for the season. Money is easier. Sales ol Cotta Idea coffee at S cents. Choice wheat 51.50&3 (JO. Commeicial advices from Honolulu. November SO, report business Improving and whalers fitting ont and Laving rapidly, Supplied abundant. Money market easy. Ibe ship George Davis, 200 barrels of oil and 4/^opounds of bone, and ship James Murray, SCO baircls ©foil and 12,W0 pounds of bone,arrived at Honolulu November 2s. Tkobark Ethan Alien, from Honolulu, cleared yetuiday with SB,OOO of treasure. Mining .hares dosed: Savage, S2O 60; Yedo-v Jecket, sll GO; Crown Point, $11.50; Choilor, $2 23; Empire Mill, fI.SS; Ophir, $1.00; Impe rial, *1.50; legal Tender*, W. Saw Fb*xci*co, December 10.—General Me- Dorcll h*K Is.ned an oroer complimentary cf Captains G. B. banfotd and Coe, First United State* Carary. and a'ao of some Marica&o ani Bino Indian*, lor gallantry displayed hi action with Apache Indians near FottMcDowcP, Arizona.' TbeFteamcrOriSaTnme.from Portland, Oregon, arrived yesterday with f301,t.<10 In treasure. Nearly 200 persons have already secured pas sage on the steamer Colorado, which sails on her first trip to Japan and China on Janmry fir U Sax Fbascisco, D c ember IL—The Grand Jury bts found indictment* against the Asteraori of ► liter n counties who continue to make returns ot A. Avery, at Sacramento, instead of Bigler, Pres ident Johnson's appointee. Seventy whaler* arrived at the Sandwich Island* this reason, with average cargoes of oIL California wheat ta quoted to-day at ILK© SS-CO. * FKOM NEW YOKE. Obituary—Vote* Thrown Ont—Arrest of John Morrissey and Other Hamblen* by one ot their Victma-Anoiber Olera Ab* nmnoa with Ten Thousand Dollars—H. P. Christy** Wife—The Kerenne Fraoda— Re covery ol the Haliftbury Prison Record*, hew Torn, December Id.—Hon. K. M. Brace, ol Kentucky, died suddenly yesterday at tbe Southern Dote]. The votes castatthe recent city election lathe Scvinth District of tbe Elgblh ford, were yes* teiday thrown ont on account of frauds. A young clerk of J. Monroe & Co., Wall street, has disappeared with (lU.OOO. An cruet of arrest has been issued by Judge Mornll, on the affidavit of Nefcon B. Odri'.against Hunissey, John A. Morris, William C. Fiance, Charles U. Murray. Z, E. Simmoni, Wil liam L. Simmons. Jacob BlanvilL John McGee. A. Nathan, William Want, William Craft, and others, well known sporting men, all of whom the Sheriff is directed to bold >u ball of (3,000 eseb. Gdeil deposes that be ha* lost over thirty-five thousand dollars the paat year, in patronizing lot tery policy shops, owned and kept by tbe above panics. A heavy snow storm all day till sp. m. When throe inebe- had fallen, it turned to rain. In the Devlin & rilion revenue fraud case In Brooklyn jd-terday. a detective testified be bad been out red (5,100 a month to keep quiet. 1 be Supreme Court yestetday decided finally In favor of b. P. Cbilsty's.&rst wife as his legitimate spouse and heir. Ibe r«-coids of Salisbury prison have been foend. They contain the names of over £,OOO Union prisoners Who were reported missing. Tbe records arc at the Death and Banal Bureau, Washington. tkriaai charge by a Mexican Journal Against the New Yotk Post Office—The Liberals of Mexico—Challenge far no Ocean Knee. NrwlYonx, December 16.—Tbe ihfrlv, of the Citv of Mexico, makes serious charges against the New York Post Office, It asserts that certain official documents, which left that city on Septem ber 29th, and subsequently were minted in the Niw York papers, were procured through the New York office hr dishonest means, and were not captured on Mexican sol), as represented by the journals which cave them publicity, it arrives at these conclusions, after the matter had been ofll dally investigated. A letter from Chihuahua says the Liberals of Mexico have no desire for the United Slates to assume a protectorate over that country, and any attempt to introduce armed bodies wonld be strongly opposed by tbe Jnsrcz rorernmeut New York, December 16—Tbe pilots of pilot boat-J. D. Jones, challenge any pilot boat in the world, or any vessel ol tbe New York Yacht Clnb of the same tonnage of their vessel, for a race from New York to Cowes, England, fora wagvr ol (SO.OUO, or ther will accept a challenge condition*! for a race in foreign waters for a like * a |t Is rnir.ored that the Court of Appeals will af firm tbe constitutionality of iLe excise law of the last session of tne New York legislature, by at least »ix to one. The amount of revenue paid by the dty of New York and by Brooklyn, daring the months of Jalv. August, September and October, was t21.516.C4). The income returns ol the two cities for tbe remc paled was upwards often millions *>f dol lars. FROM ST. LOUIS. The Conservatives Aek General Hancock to Expel (he Plate fit Hula from Lexlnston— Origin cl the Flght-Sulclde—Beach oa a Mission Consreeatonal Contest la the MDlh District—The Weather—a lloax.dkc. (Special Despatch :o the Chicago Tribune.! St. Louis. December 15, The leading Conservatives in the woiWn conn tic* having petitioned General Hancock to ford- My cxpil the State militia quartered at Lexington by Governor Fletcher, he haa sent Major Kells of hbi flan; tu Lexington to Investigate matters, and meanwhile the Illegally elected Sheriff has collect ed a of bushwhackers and tried to serve a process enjoining the mllllls commander from in-, lerfering with the police regulations. The fight reported by telegraph grew out of this difficulty. The compel les are being rapidly recruited In va riont naits of the Slate, responsive to the Gover nor’s call. A man i amed G. W. Bartlett committed suicide yesterday because bis wife bad proven false and crfeied a horse of prostitution Beach, of the New fork Associated Press, Is la M. Lout*, proposing terms to St. Louis papers, thus Car Dcencces.loUy. It is announced that the Secretary of State has refused to Issue a certificate of oloctfon to Colonel 'wiuler, in the Ninth Congressional District, he election ts contested on the ground that eras irregularities were practised fn Callaway County. The weather ts very cold. A storm of hall and sleet ha* prevailed all day. Thu river l. els thick ening. No arrivals from above, and as the river Is sfcadllv railing, boats are seeking winter quar ters, Underwriters decline granting twemv-fonr hours exemption from the ice clause in pohees. The haunted house sensation is declared to be a hoax. * t. Lons, December 16,— The AspuNZcwi to-dar, on the authority of an eye witness, denies that there was a fight with bushwhacker* at Lexington, as repotted in the special despatch to the Democrat cn Friday eight Itsavs t party of men left Lexing ton to enrollm the militia—Clemens among them. Clrmensremalnedintownaftcrtheotherslefc He was shot by a militia man, and Alvin Mason, a rvsidrntof Lexington was accidentally wounded. No cause given for shooting Clemens. The aiilcle further states that Major Montgomery ar rested James M. Panic, Sheriff of La Fayette County. Csptam Venetian. Assistant Cubed States Assessor, William N. Green, County Alfomev, and two other men. He also alleged that Major Montgomery and his men be laved very badly; that to consequence of General \augban. Unite! States Assessor. H. C. Davis, United States Revenue Collector, and scr- eral other citizen*. were obliged to flee from Lex ington. General Hancock will Investigate the matter, and probably make a report soon. The weather continue* cold, and the ice In the nver is Increasing. FROM CIftCINSAXL Obituary—Steamer Burned—Sen* »f New Naleaecea— Cincin nati Paved Street!-Common Schools— Texes. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} CutconcATi, December 18. Augustas Parry. Treasurer of the county, died this morning of congestion of the brain, after a brief Illness. Be went into the army as Colonel of tbe Forty seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and attar serving faithfully throughout tbe war, was brevet ted Brigadier General u an acknowledgment of hu services. The steamer Pine Blnff wu destroyed hy Are, while lying at the month of the U eking River, thU morning. The boat was only three months old, and cost fiO,OPO, m . Ihe sons of New England, of this nty,wfll cele brate Forefather's by a banquet on them. Public meetings are called in some of the wards to suppress bone boiling establishments and other nuisances, In v'ew of the anticipated retam of cholera next spring. Cnrcatnan. December 1# —The Covington mod Cincinnati suspension bridge will be open to ve hicles the letter part of this week lire receipts ot bogs yesterday and to-day amount to 17.000 head. Ihe c'ty Civil Engineer reports that Cincinnati contains one honored and fifteen miles of paved streets. Three htudred and thirty -two thousand dollars were expended In Cincinnati last year for common schools. Ifce Auditor of the State reports the value of taxable) in the Slate at S10tL*»,000. Tbe amount of taxes raised In the State for tbe year 1555 was over twenty millions, and for the present vear over sixteen millions of dollars. Cincinnati alone pays two-thirds of* be State tax. Ihe weather to-day baa been very unpleasant, snow, sleet and rain railing at Intervals, making the street. almost Impassable. ll is now snowing and growing colder. FROM SPRISG FIELD, Fire la the Episcopal Church—The Weather [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} t»pnn»ormjj. December 16. ThU morning, sbortlr hefoie tho commence ment of Divine service, a fire was discovered In the basement of the Episcopal church of thN city, which at that time had gained considerable bead way, a- 3 the dense smoke that prevailed conceal ed Us exaet locality, though U was supposed to btve its origin in the cold air fine. The alarm was at once given and the Fire Department quickly on Ihe spot, but much time was consumed before a supply of water could be fourd, and In tbe meantime Ibe carpets were dis placed, the furuituic turned out, and the sea a a&d flooring partly removed. The firs was confined to the basement, at d finally subdued; but not until damaged lo Ihe amount cf several thousand dol lar* bad bees done. This church had been cn- larged and repaired during the summer, and bad teen reopeaea but a few Sunday*. Snow commenced tailing here yesterday tfler* coon, and baa continued since, and Is now about six Inches deep. FROM BOSTON. Larse Sale of Wool-Remaval of Adjutant General Scboaler—Obltaary—A Colored Representative Addreaaea a Fenian Meet* inK-aitsccllaaeoao. Bobvok, December 16.— Ten million pounds of wool were sold here last week. Adjutant General bcbooler hs* been removed, it la catd, on account of his attack on General Butler, in his recent letter. Dr. J. J. Files. one of the oldest physicians here, died yesterday ot heart disease. large contribution* of money were made to tbe Fenian canse by the Cbarleatown circles, laatnlsbt. A number of recruit* were obtained. Among the speakers was Eli Walker, colored Representa tive to the Massachusetts Legislature. Five thousand cations ot liquor, belonging to Abe) Hunt,.were seized by the Slate Constable ytsterday. Commodore Rodger* h«* aseumed command of tbe Charlestown Navy Yard, rice Admiral String* bam. -■ A bold attempt was made to rob the Bank of Csrtlctor, Vi., on Thursday evening, by three tobbera, who were frightened off without getting anything. FBOM MILWAUKEE. Tbe Snow Siarm-No Interruption of Trains. {Special Despatch to .the Chicago Tribune.] Mhvacxxx. December 16. A very heavy snow storm act in from the north eart about 1 a. m., and continued with great fury until 2 p. drifting two to three Sect in some places. On inquiring at the offices of the differ ent railroads running west, it was ascertained that the storm did not extend many mile* from the take shore. At Madison only about an Inch fell, and at la Crosse and Prairie du Chlez none to speak of. Tbe trains are all running regular, and tbe sky is perfectly dear to-night. FROM LAWRENCE. IlewvySnowstorm— I Theodora Tilton’s Lee* taro. (Spedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lawhkxce. December 15. The heaviest enow storm for several year* has visited this section to-day. It commenced snow ing last night, and continued all day. Thccdore Tilton lectured to night V. Frazier’s Hal) to a large audience on the M Corner Slone of Reconstruction." This, the historic dty of tbe State, la the only place he visits in Kansas. FBOM CANADA. Vtbsl a Canada Paper Hay* About riurratl— President Roberta and Bishop Lynch. Mostheal; December 15.—The ittntrva news* paper has an article on Surratt. It eavs he was on bis way to Washington when bo beard of Lin coln’s uses*:nation, and immediately retained to Canada. Tbe original plan was lo carry Lincoln off, and hold him as a hostage: bat the plan was altered on account of Us impracticability, and Booth’s offer to assassinate Lincoln. Surratt say* be knew nothin? of tbe change of plan, and al ways protested his mother's innocence, and affirmed that Jcffi Davis knew nothing of the con* sptracy. Touokto, December IS.—President - * Roberts sent two hundred dollars to Bishop Lynch to pro* cure necessaries for tbe Fenlsns in Jail here; out (be Bishop returned tbe money, and declined to have anything lo do with the ma’ter. FROM rirrSBDKGH. The Morin—Destructive Fire—A Clergyman Attempts to Commit Suicide. Pittsburgh. December 18.—There was a heavy snow storm last uleht and this morning, during v* bicb fire inches of snow fell. To-nlgtal it again commenced snowing heavily, with every indication of a protracted stom. Scott A Fit's Flint Glass Works and Ware Rooms, In Birmingham, opposite Pittsburgh, coniatain? (40,000 worth ot glass ware, was des troyed by fire to-day; partially Insured. John bnyder, German, from Chicago, attempted to commit suicide, by enlace bis throat, to-day. lie had two policies of life insurance In Cnicago offices in bis possession. From Toronto. Torokto, December 16.— Lieutenant Governor Bross, of Illinois, will address tbe dtizens of Toronto some day during tne week, on the alvan tapes of the proposed Huron and Ontario Canal. The delegatee from the Boards of Trade of Chi cago, Milwaukee and Oswego, will be entertained at a banquet on Wednesday. No apprehensions of a Fenian invasion are felt hue. Borulu of an Iron«Ctad. PmLASELFBiA, December 16 —Toe Iron-dad New ironsides was destroyed by Creatl«a?ue Island last night. No other vessels were dam aged. The cause of the fire will be investigated by a court of Inquiry. THE NEW .TURK MONOPOLY. Speech -of Joseph Medill, Esq., In Bcply to Hon. Erastns Brooks. The New York Antedated Prm Dis sected— Its nonopolLzloc Policy and j Selflnh Conduct Uxposed-Ttae Vc*U , ern Prtm JTfnat AiMit It* Indepen dence and maintain Its Unity. | Al the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Erastus Brooks, of the New York Exprett, before the i Western Associated Press, Mr. J. MediU, of the Chicago Trunrse, obtained the door, and spoke as follows: | Mr. Pitssnitsi awd GrNTLnrrx or Ttrs Asao- < narrow: At this late hour In our proceeding*, 1 I shall eooeavor to be brief in my remarks and i omit dhcossing many points that might be of interest to yon. It Is fire or mx years ago that 1 felt Impelled to t interest myn'll in procuring an organization of i the daily papers of the West, for onrmniual pro- i tection and ihc promotion of onr common inter- i etts, and this crganixa'lon It the result of that < eCort. 1 see around mo several gentlemen who brartllj co-operated with me. Mr. Asbom, ot the lomsvillc Jwrnal* and Mr. Smith, of the Clneln- ; nail Cauite* ana your speaker, first set the ball In motion, which has produced an Association that i to-day irclndes almost every daily press published In the Great West, i The sole object I bad la view In protrodeg this organization, was the assertion of the rights of the ; Western papers. All the jealouste* and distrust i which ihe smaller papers nave exhibited on this floor, of the larger papers, bad no place or exist ence In the origin or first yean of this organln- < ron. Nor do I believe there Is any good grounds for it now. 1 believe that false accusations and nrjnst and ftmndatiocless Insinuations have been whispered into the can cl the publishers of the unaMcr papers, by 'hose who arc Interested In di viding and weakening ns. It la an old piece ot strategy to divide and conquer. While we stand together and respect the will of the majority, we aie invulnerable to outside assaults, anl abund antly able to take care of our osn Interests, pro rnre our own news, and stand firm and perpen dlcnlar on our own legs. Before this organisation was formed, I felt as you all felt, that we had, so tar as telegraphing wa« concerned, no rlgvts which the New York As sociated Press fell bound to respect. I found that we bad no right ct appeal, as the will of the New Yo«k monopoly was final. We had no voice, no influence, no control In matters of vital import ance to our wellare and prosperity as publishers. We acre taxed without representation. We had no “ray" in de'ennming the amount or appor tlot-mcnt of those taxes. Neither bad we any voice lr determining the quality of (he news sent ns, nor the quantity either; fo”, as that depended necessarily on the cost, we were deprived of the privilege of uslupoar influence with the telegraph company for the purpose of obtaining a reduction in the tolls for transmission. We could have no Influence with the telegraph eomparl<*, for wc had no unity of action, no or ganuatlor, no pledges of mutual support and de fence. We were completely at tbe mercy of tho New York pipers aa regards telegraphic news* and whenever any of os bad a dispute with tbit association, or had the temerity to Itai*l on the correction of some grievance, we were silenced by Insolent letters or despatches, informing us in lordly terms (hat wc would be "catod" from re ceivlngtliodi»patcbes,lf we did not quickly subside and retract onr position. We all know that, and I can call every publisher on this floor to heir me out In the assertion that we were treated aa if we were so many dogs by onr eetf-constituted lords and master*, until this association was formed at Indianapolis in Shi. We for men the Western Press Association for mutual defence in order that (here might be two Mdea to this telegraphic business, tf possible. We bad endured unbridled tyranny and unrestrained usurpation until our necks were galled and oar frpiri's chafed under the wrofg* we suffered. But toe victory was rot won. and our equal rights were not obtained by tbe mere act of organization, but t struggle commenced and has been going on between ns and the New York Associated Press from that day to this. Oligarchies surrender usurped rights and functions very reluctantly, and rarely until they ate lorn from their qrasp by tail n stretigtb. Open war ha? now broken ou: between the two Associations—they fighting for a contin uance of their monopcly, and we for our Independ ence and equal tights: and i most sincerely trust that the breach wUI not be healed, that there will be neither truce or peace vntll our adslre are placed on a satisfactory fooling, our equality ac knowledged and onr rights secured. But. Mr. President, we have other grievance? than those In regard to tbe control of onr des patches—several more of a formidable kind. There has bcen«n utter indifference if not hostility to everything ihal pertained to tbe interests of Western publishers, and indeed of all publishers in tbe United States outside of the New York “ ring." Iheir view s and <u w have not correspoe did cr harmonised on many Important manors. 1 t peak from personal knowledge In regard to -omeof tbem. Three vests ito the sudden and enormous rise in the Price of print paper, made na all very sensitively reel that the Interest and al most tbe existence of the Western press re united cheaper pans'. We took steps In re lation to onts’ning it. We drew a memorial lo Congress, passed resolutions, prepared circular letters to (be press of tbe United Slate?, and * e appointed a large commit tee and sent them to Washington to urge Congress to tak e oS the onerons and oppressive duly upon tbe Importation of mint paper—a duty which yielded the Government no revenue, but which wasa“dc*d weighf’tax on knowledge without benefit to tbe Government, and with serious In jury to publishers and subscriber*. In order that the paper manufacinrers should hare no Just cause ot complaint or pretest for opposition, we memorialised Congress also to remove tbe Impost on "print," and to place on tho free list all the raw materials purchased abroad, and entering 1 Into the manntactnre of paper, such aa rags, blvachi’-g ponders, felt. wire gauze, etc. lie exorbitant price of print Is the result of a > combination or understanding among mill owners to charge, not wbat they could aflord to sell for, but wha-. It will cost publishers to import foreign paper ard pay twenty per cent, gold duty on the cost ot the article laid down In our ports. If the t duty on print and raw materials was repealed. It could be bought In New Tork or Boston to-day ’ for fourteto cent*. Inclnelng all charges, whereas we are paying eighteen to nineteen and twenty ' cent* per iot nd ewr since the close of the war, » and Iwfore that we paid as high as twenty-five to , twenty-seven eenls per pound, which almost I ruined tbe smaller papers. Well, sir, cur committee west tr Washington in * December, 16<A, pursuant to insti actions from tbe t Dstton Convention. I was one of that commit • - tc« Wc commerced operations under apnarcudy 1 favorable proepccta of success in our mission. * The Legislatures of all ihc Western Slates pa«»id I eauluuous Instructing and requesting thefr dele- CHICAGO. MONDAY. DECEMBER 17, 1866. Cations 1b Congress to vole for the repeal a the nutyon paper and raw material?. As the Chair mas of the Committee on Circular*, Corrsspos drace at d Memorial', I iddmied circular letters to all the publishers In Ibe Union and enclosed copies ot our memorial to Cong'•as. and requested them to second our endeavors for Ibe accomplishment of a commin good. 1 wrote sutogaph tetter* to the publishers of the leading New York napers to take hold ard help ns—fending them copies of our printed document*. 1 also wrote *o their agent, Mr. Craig, whom they so bitterly denounce at this time, bat who at that period possessed their con fidence ted support. 1 hare in my pocket some of those circular* and memorials, ana 1 also happen to have in my potscsslon the circular drawn by Mr. Craig, in behalf of the New York Associated Pre a s, ap pealing to all the papers o! th; Eastern and Sei at once to your Rcpmeatatlve in Congress on the propriety of an abrogation of the paper duties; open a correspondence with him on the subject; point out The urgent necessity for repeal; call attention to the ihet that the Goremmert is demine no revenue, bat Is actually suffering loss by the present law, as It is a heavy consumer of payer, which cost* li one fourth or fifth more than it should, or would, but (or this useless, wroogf 1 lex; show thet it la hut a pretence of the manu facturers that they cannot sell cheaper; slate that when paper can be imported from abroad free of doty, the price of rags will come down; that rags are cheap in Europe, and why not in this country, as cotlou is no cheaper there than here; and that straw, which ccs:s little, is largely used in paper making but publishers are enarged an excessive price lur It, notwithstanding He cheapness. Permit no de lay in witting to member* of both branches of your sera!. t nee and tnbiiagfugltin every propir way before tne public. We have right on oar tide, ana will surely obtain tbtslmuch needed re lief, if the members of the press win promptly and unitedly bring their influence to bear on con gress." This la mil need quote from the circular, <* Ltrb filled two !a*ge letter pages, except UU* tmteno : *A c mmlitee of our publlsbei* will fitcc-t-diu Washington to moke personal efforts n that behalf. At the last session the paper make:*' ostociatlon managed to defeat the appli cation of the publishers for a rereaLaad celcbrat* d their victory by advancing their prices ten cents per pound. This winter pubUsncre must make a mot e united aud resolute effort to extricate them selves fiota the jaws of toe monopoly which Is sneting r/.itr blood! ” [This stirring appeal to their brethren of the country press, every word and argument ol which rested cn the tolul fonudaTon ot truth and jus tice, wa- signed a* follow*: Henry J. Rajmoi.d& Co., publishers New York Bmei,* Frederick Hudson, lor J. 0. Bennett, publisher New York Uercld; S. 11. Gay, for the New York Tnb tuts Coronary: Matron Marble, for the New York TVOfldin&Covrhra'd Enquirer; Prime, Stone, Halo £ Hillock, publishers of the New York Journal of Commret; M. 8. Botch, publisher New York Sun; J.AE Brooks, publisher* New York Kyprtit; W. C. Bijanl A Co., puDliencra New York Ktftirg Jbsf ; Edward G. Stccie, publisher New York Commercial Adtirtittr .* Oswoid Ottendorfrer. publisher New York Staatt Ztitiag; Frederick Scbwedier, publisher New York Vetr.tlrat; cb. LaSalle, publisher New Votk CcMtrirr det £fatt Luts,'James Q. Coorer,

publisher Brooklyn Union: S. Yon Anden, pub uber Brooklyn JtaoU.] After all all the above publishers had signed the circular, they appointed a committee to p.-o- ced to Washington, consisting, if 1 remember rightly, of lion. H. J. Raymond, Uon James Brook <. and one other, whose name I forget. The; ordered Ur. Craig to draw up tor adoption a strong me morial to Congress. All this work was done daring the first and second weeks of the session of Congress. Oar Wc Mere committee were meanwhile laboring in Washington tor the repeal of the tax, and each day expecting to l»c reinforced by a strong dele gation from New York. But lime wore on and no help came; Congress took a recess over the holidays, aud our committee returned home, all but mveelC 1 concluded '0 stay and see thebaod played out. I telegraphed to Craig, Inquiring why the New York publishers' memorial had not been scut to members of Congiess; why the com mittee had notcome on, and why the New York papm, all except the Po»t. preserved such an om inous alienee on the subject. Ue telegraphed back. “There is a big screw loose: the papers here have changed front and wilt not help yon." Mr. Baoots—The gentleman ta totally mis taken. Mr. Meotix—No, sir, I am not. Mr. BnooKs—l vas appointed a member of that committee, and Mr. Raymond, Colonel Forney and myself went before the Committee on Ways and Means. Mr. Rodgers, of the Boston Journal, was airo there. 1 plead with all tbe ability I could command in favor of the told removal of that duty. I went by appointment of the New York Aescciated Press, aud Mr. Raymond went with Mr. M mu.—The gentleman Is speaking of what occurred tbe year previous. I knew be did speak for ns the rear before. 1 am speaking of the anion an’horlzcd by onr Dayton Contention m Novemlmr, tfc&l. i concluded 10 probe this thing to the bottom and fee if that 'Moose screw'* could not be tightened, and therefore 1 proceeded to New York. After arriving there I bad some dlffi colty In getting at the real cause of the "change Affront" Craig showed me the pUo of printed ctrcnlare and memorials, which ho had been or* dersd not to mall, lie was disposed to be reti cent on the causes that led lo this retrograde ac tion. He said,however, (bat the motive was a mean, difbonorable and perfidious one, bnt 1 most find 1; ontliom others, notthiougb him. I sought Father Bryanf. who «Unouned toe conduct of the New York Association as mean and foobsh, end gave me an inkling of part cf it. I nest called on Mr. Ciastne Brooke, who professed to be heartily dts pnotdwHh tbe conduct oftbe Association, and said that he had opposed the change of action, lie is one of ike lew publishers whom 1 met in NewYotk that was disooeeo to act as a "white man" should, ou the repeal matter. 1 called on Mcrlalr, of the Tnoune, and be took refuge be hind Uieeley’i* prohibitory tariff notions. 1 called to see llndsop, of the iierclU and m-t Bennett, who shooed me to a rough, coiree and Insulting manner, and denounced the Western Committee in tbe liftald In several article*. Bat to he brief, la my rounds I met one publisher of a promi nent paper who let tbe cat out of the ha; Ho tcld me that at a subsequent meeting ol publish ers tbe leading ones bad come to tbe condiuioo ibat it was not to their Interest to cheapen paper; that they could make more money out of high sub scription price* t *nd dear paper than low rate* with cheap paper, as c&csp paper stimulated com -1 etltior. while dear paper choked it out. Be con tended that it was unwise policy for the strong prrstfs la the W*rt to advocates repeal of t he paper ditties, as If they succeeded In I*, the tn-all would be able to compete with then*, and new papers would spring up. Therefore, Ute strong papers In New York op posed tbe repeal of tbe duties. He only told me I vas a lool—green to be thus workfug for tbe interest of tbe inferior sheets, to build them up into troublesome ooia petitory. From another Sumcc, I learned an other interesting tact, via.; that the paper maun fa< It. rera becoming greatly alarmed at the formid able demonstrations the Western .paper* were tnak.rg, and 'earning that the New York press v«c about joining them, made confidential con tracts with toe leading New York papers to sup ply them with paper at twenty-two cents per pound, when the market price to others was twenty-five and twenty-seven ceota. This wav one of the reasons why tbe New York Association went hack on os. Thus the New Yak 17‘rald and T\mtt were supplied with roper at twenty-one or twenty-two rents, when the llrjirtit, published by brother Brooks, was paving at that very moment twenty-seven cents as he to romed me, and 1 recollect of Informing him that the 17‘tald was getting Sts print much cheaper. I returned to Washington and fought for tbe re peal bill with whatever power I possessed, but eudere-d from a galling dank fire from the leading New York pap* re, which came out openly aeviuw us. The iriCumcc of three papers detached from our support tbe aid or tbe Boston, Philadelphia and Paiiimorepapeia. However we carried the bill through the House hr a two-tuirds majority. But we were defeated in the Senate by the com , Lined opposition of the Ea-tern paper monopo lists and tbe perfidious press ring of New York, shall we fuige. these sets of Hostility and treach ery ! Slndl we trust ourselves aganin the hands of men who thus betrayed ns, and for the base readers explained to you ? 1 trust not. lam no fiaity to. and have no sympathy with the ll'Ue actions fus.« which the small uaoers are waging on the large ones. I believe there is no Just rea son for it, and that they are acting under a grave misapprehension of tbe facts. Our plain duty is to dote up onr ranks and eland together as one power or one press m maintenance ol our just rights. I now come to another phase of the telegraph question. I was ia New York last Spring, and «title there made the acquaintance of nearly all the 1 catling gentle mrs, who intnagr the American UnlonTeiegrapb Hues. 1 conversed very freely with them In re paid lo the propriety and wisdom of ex leaning greater telegraphic facilities to the American press, by cheapening their tollf for the transmis sion of messages, so ibat we could give longer, fuller and more complete despatches—more es- 1 pectally Congressional reports acd important matte- • transpiring in tbe National capital. They informed me (bat tbe leading New York Journals were bo»UIe to a reduction of the cost of tdcgrapbU g news; and tbe high rates eatabUsb rd were at their motion, and were maintained by their consent. I wav furthermore told that they considered it against their interest to cheapen tele graphing, as 1* would have the efibet to anile and promote more competition: new papers would spring up, which would divide their business, and >‘epitv toem of the advantage or monopoly they now securely enjoyed. It would also enable the country pre*s to take so much telegraphic news as to Injure 'heir present superiority lo that respect, and cat down rhelr country circulation. This, gtnilemer. was valuable Information, right from the fountain head. IN ben I crcei-questloned fhetr a*ent, Mr. Craig, on this subject, be old not deny Ir, but said it w,a a question he bad no control over, and that he date tot mrdole with it; that tbe big dallies bad their pccsiiar notions oa the policy of biga or low telegraph c charges; that they loosed at It from tbe stand-pout of their own interests, and that the second class dallies in tbs city had no*, tbe power to ca'naay them, nor did thev exhibit much desire to oo so, as they feared tbe competition of new paper*. I was told that the policy ol the Urge New York dallies was to make tt so expen sive to start and sustain a new paper, as practical ly to be impossible, which unquestionably Is true, and In carrying this policy into effect they do not heeltale to trample upon and eabamus the Press outside of New York. PRESS Sir, this New York association i# a monopoly. In the norse sense of the word, the denial or Mr. Brcok* to the contrary notwllhstandlnir. It is one of the most pernicious and crashing monopo lies that ever ezL-trd. It contracts and collects the telegraphic news to salt its own wants and ta-te*, and then dole* out scraps of it to others on }»s conditions and at each prices salt chooses to iSlx. What voice hare we had, what rights hare wc had in that New York assceiatlon) ' We ere told that we pay hot a trifle towards Us expenses. I tacund that we hare pt'd more than oar full quota on nil the despatches we have received. When the cable despatches were added as a_ portion or the news of the dar, the New York Associated Press apportioned out to IL" rations place* their qnota of the expinies. Mid they take five-sevenths of the cost to ihemselrcsl Not exactly. They charged one fall third of the aggregate gross cost on the Aesoclation represented on this noor; an other third on the pipers sooth of New York; an additional fraction on those west and north of New York, and the residue they par themselves. Acd Mr. Brooks talks ot the >irmendoas expenses they are under for despatches! Let there be a comparison of (he number of words we receive and the money we par. with what they re ceive and pay, and yon will find that we pay more than onr quota of the entire cost. Of course, they would net have the audacity to ask us to pay for the despatches which they do not allow us to have, hut when you come (o reckon the bam of » bst wc get. It Is easy to see whether we have had car share or not. 1 saw their books and oilL*. when last In New York, and know what we par and they ps», what we c«t aed what they «L an«l 1 a* enre you ttai the boot I* not on our foot! lam is favor f the confirmation of the action cl the Ex ecu tve Committee. It la necessary for the proiectlon of onr Interests as Wesiein publishers to carry this measure through, In order to be a party to a cotuact If we choose to nuke one with them Wemusldothleniordertosain our equal voice sod equal rights. You are already getting bitter deeratchcMtancverbcfore. If we desire an In dependent portion. If we desire to protect our onnaigntty, aud insert our manhood, we must mdntaln cor ground and eu*taln our committee. 1 Me U the fim opportunity wc have had to eman cipate ourelvestrom dictation. Impertinence, acd cvurrs'.lon. Now we tie in a position where we c<u drived ourtelvea against those who heretofore rontrtllrd ibo-e despatches as to both quality and cost. It was that new York aefoeiauoa which bionpiititUncnccs to bear on members of Con gn «* to keep the price of paper up, end on the Telegrap h Companies to prevent the cheapening Qixxhuut* of despatches. Hence It u that we 'houldslick to the position we have at last assumed. Now we shall do one of tfcree thing*: either rat ify these teso ulloos.and go ahead unitedly, or re jcctthem.otdmdeonthem. Thosewhochuoseto accept them may ao so, and 'hose who choose to rejecUbeatnayooso. .There is no necessity or cense in disputing for two days over thclraoop lion;: any publisher may secede wbochoosos. No one can be corapeDed to remain. But why not look at our mutual Interest ? For the first time In our live* we have a chance to assert ottr rights, and touare a voice in the control of our despatches. At last ibe oyster eheil has been opened, it is now for us to decide whether we will eat Ibe bi valve, or thiowicg ounclvcs back inlo the power of onr old oppressors, “e shall let them enjoy the molcsk, while we content ourselves with the she'). Mr. irojksiaan astute and ollv gentleman. He has made ns a smooth apcccb. But wlul does it all amount to when boiled down? Does be oiter us any newer proposition than wc had before? Not at an. we are simply io return, lo submit, and to accept whatever the New iotfc pres* are pleased to give ns. Gentlemen, yon represent and speak to twelve millions 4 f tree people. The Ne* York Association repre «nts but twelve hundred thousand. Y’oufpeak in the name of twelve States; ihevin the name of one dlj. How much longer shall wc permit the minority to rule over the majority? How math longer »hall the sun and star* revolve aronud the moon? How much longer shall weplay the port of menials to autocratic masters ? The press es represented on this tloor circulate vsstiy more pipers and represent a far larger capital than the seven sb'.cts which constitute the New York ring Is it not high time we were emancipated from th»i monopoly and began to manage our own afiatra ? The perfidy oT the New York Association towards us in the single mstter of repealing the paper duties, has cost ns, since then, a million of dollars. How many more acts of such fhlih dogentlemeuinletd to experience before cutting loose from their apron strings ? Don't be afraid of your independence. U is not going to him yon. Oar interefl* are xnntcai. What la for the good of cae ta for the good of all; aud every publisher on tills floor should resolve to have a voice in the management of telegraphic newa gathering ard dlstr bntlag. let ns act unitedly, and I Be lieve we (ball be able to increase the quantity, Improve Uu quality mad reduce the cost or des patches. By aciicg as one man we can accomplish ail this good. By demonstrating to the New York vtng (hat we bold a “lone hand,” they will fed a new reject (or us: they sill experience anew sen »alien, vix, that they are not the vicegerent* of ibe Almighty, and get their eyes open to the fact teat if ibe sun doe* riso in the east ft dcaanotset there, buts-ts in the we»t. They will come to I e anc acknowledge that we are their peer*, and that our rlphu* arc as important and sacred as thei.v. It will not he long before these New York birds of Paradise will come down from their iofly tree tops and roost low r; they will gel bravely over their atnr pretension*, and will tend unto ne, saying, “Men and brethren ol the mighty West, come join wltb as, sod you shall have year lull and equal light* In all things per reining to your interests. We will no longer at tempt to monopolize the control of telegrams, or ask yon to play record fiddle to ns." 1 Lave no doubt that they will come (o (his ere tong. Thotr pocket net re will be severely toadied by our Independent action. But even If they stub bornly refuse to do the fair thing, we are super abundantly able to travel alone, and provide and cay for our despatches. Let us simply be united, and all the rest will be easy. And cow, in cocdnriur, a final word about the best abused mas in America. I mean Mr. Craig. These New Ybrk Journals after enjoying for IS ) ear* Ibe benefit of Mr. ('rate's great and althful services in behalf of their irtcres:s,now suddenly discovered (hat be was a great rascal, and pro calm bis discharge trora their emplov. 1 can on’y say that if he wiki only serve ns as faithfully, en etccUcally and usefully as be has served them, for one. I shall Ire quite content. 1 believe we can depend on him to dolt. His reputation Uat slake, but ambition is touched, aud be will do hi* “level best." In my personal intercourse wltb Mr. Craig, whiluacttug as one of Ibo director* of this Association, I alwsvs found bint firm and toward the country press. In the matter of repealing the paper duties be was i warmly wtlh ns, and wot very much disgusted at the narrow, selfish, mean view taken of that mat ter by bis employers. Ue went os bra* bo dare go in behalf of cheapening paper, and since that time to the present he baa labored incessantly to discover some cheaper process ol manufacturing paper than that in common use. And twice when re thought be bad found such a method, he con tracted for Ibe exclusive cae of the patent* for the manufacture of print for the press ol the United Slate*. Hl* plan was that the various press as sociations should order aud control the Improv ed process for their own supplies of paper. He worked thus * la our interests, unselfishly and assiduously, aud spent considerable sums of money in prosecuting ex periments, which have never been reimbursed to ' blm, and for which he la stl'l out of pocket, in one of bis last letter* to me he writes: “I am —M. v. uts imi aw.iv.o w lur U 6 nI4KB. 4 BUI still sanguine that we shall hit on a method of manufacturing print at half the present price, and 100 bound toat the Press of the United Slate- shatl-hnve the control of it, on the plan heretofore digested, of pro ra'. a dUli ihutlon of cost of pur chase and dlririon of benefits.” 1 That docs not look like indifference to onr interests, or dis honest Intentions. There are worse men than Craig, Mr. President. Let ns rive him a fair trial before listening to tbe ho"l against him of the New York ring of monopolists, who conceive it essential to break him down, as the first step to wards breaking down the spike for independence of the Western Press. United, we stand and tri umph. Divided, we fall and resume our hand enfle and gags. Thanking you for your close at tention, I will consume ro more of yonr time. Bock River Improvement Convention. VTe. tha undersigned Committee of the Hock Hirer Improvement enterprise, do hereby revoke tbe call made for a Convention at Dixon on tbe SCth instant, and recommend the several counties interested in the Rock River improvement to send five delegates eachto the River acd Canal Conven tion called at Rock Island on tbe STib maUah As these enterprises are intimately connected, acd as harmony and efficiency of action arc greatly to be desired, we trail there will be a full repre sentation. JOHFPn Utlct, 8. M. Church, T. J. Robtsbox, Executive Committee. Dixorr, December 15,19C8. jHasonic, \TASO2nIC —The Annual Conclave o{ ivA Cblcspo CommtccWy. So. IS, fir th: olre loa of officers, will be heM tMs Monday ercnlrc. si "H i*. m . at No. H) Wf-i Randolph-*!. Members art uoUHe-1 to be present By order K. C. E. CLARENCE HUB-bARD. 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Thankfo’ fbr past tavrrs, we ask acoatiartr i, l tame, and an examination of our goods. HATSOU & HOES. Hoots anb Sfjoes, JgOOTS AND SHOES. THE EMPRESS, THE JOSEPHINE, Largest Stock IN THE NORTHWEST. BULLOCK BROS., 14C Lake-st OUT* S -A. L E 3 01 a Latge and Fine Block ot BOOTS AND SHOES. Preparatory to a Dissolution of onr Firm On the first ot January next. Wc Will Sell Out our Stock AT A GREAT REDUCTION From former prices. FARGO, RILL Ar CO-, and 50 Waba*h-av. globes, &c. gLEIGH BELLS! AT WHOLESALE AA'D RETAIL, EDWIN HUNT & SONS JJAI!DWARL <fc CUTLEitT. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Labe-St The attention ot close havers Is invited to cor com plete aloe* cf COOPERS*. MACHINISTS’ ard CAR PENTERS* TOOL*. AMERICAN' TABLE CUTLERY and BUILPEBb* HARDWARE, direct from the beet mancartorers. We offer, also, a complete assortment Of WOSTENUOLM’S POCKET CC fLEBT, SPEAK <1 JACKSON’S SAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS A SON'S* SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUD US A RCTT HERTS FILES, alao SKATES and Strap* cf every description. We also keep constantly op band full numbers ot SCHOKN'BtKGEirs JUNIATA NAILS. C. D. Dntp. Enw. pEa-wrr. S. BErrsm 192 Lafce-W. Educational “VOIING LADIES’ SEMINARY 1 under the charce ot a competent assisted bv the entire corps of professors of *• DTHB ENFUKTH’S EDUCATION'LL COLLEGES.” Every accomplishment taught. I r Tents 213 per quarter. At ply at 116 and 11S Raniolph-st. Storivljolicrs’ fHectings, ■J^OTICE. The annual meeting of the Stockholder: ol the North Chicago City Railway Co, For the porpoee ot electing a Board ot Director* fbr the cnaolng year, wUI he held U their Oflce, -130 Konh Clirt iL, on TtJESD AT, Jem Bth, IS6T, at 10 a. m. JCo Bent. IJO RENT. Hou«e, witli Bam, la a good locality, (West Side). Inquire «197 Wert late-et-, Chleas»< Clothes fHanglrt, fJ’tiE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. Tt will do It la oae*<iaartor the time n qalred with beared Irani*. It sire* ag mm and brilliancy of luttro to tlaeoa. Imr awl ble re be obtained from brated Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. Ko Hotel, Laondrr. Eeatanrant. Boanllnr JTooat Uoaplial ot Private Family can adord to t>« »nw one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SATEd CLOTHS. IT SAVES MOSEY. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LA 808. IT SAVES HEALTH. For pampblett, containing fail description of ma chine, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CD., 149.131 and 133 Fultot-et, CM ago. Id, Or J. IL HICE. ICI Latest. RUBBER CLOIHEfG CO. SEW VOKKjCniCiCO ASD SAS FEUCISCO. F. M. £ VT. A. SHEPARD, Afts. We tare on tand a foil line of RUBBER GOODS, Comprising Clothing, Plano Corers, Boots and Shoos, Balls, Toys, Combs, Drnggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Rich Jewelry and Fancy Knbher Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Prices game is ta New Tort. ’JO WOOLLES MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLEH MtCHIHERT. E. C. CLEVELAND £ CO„ JUNCTION SHOP. WORCESTER, MASS, •' anufactcrrr# of Wccllen Machinery, as mllowt: anilnirMachine*an 1 Spinning Jacks.irom newarvt* mproreit pattern*; Wool Pickers. Wool and Waste asters. Tarn Spooler#, and Tam Dressing and Warp g Machine*: broad sad Narrow Gigs, bothilnsfe d ooirdc acting jjhroart and Narrow TJrushicg kt lure. Velveting, witneyl-ig and Petersham Finish- B Machine*, Uydro Extractors and Cloth Drrlnr achlnre, Hjaro-iatlc and Screw Presses, Prew Plata eaters. Indigo Grinders. Rotary Fulling Mill*, Wash ills. Cloth. Winding and Measuring Machines. Slide ret Tenure Engine*. Card Grinders. Ac. Our machine* are all tn substantial and superior on lhua< *, and are warranted to be equal In every spect to any machines made tn the United States, la addition to above named machines of oar ova »tc. «f are prepared to furnish Crompton*# Looma. Park* A Woolnot'* Shear*, steel Ring Bar MaehlrS and Bur Picker*. Card Clothing, and mannfiictarenf Hoeing* generally, at maker*' Kiweat price*, and >«« fornl»h ocr easterner! with machinery tor Woollen Mills, complete, with promptness, and at a# favorable prices a# any other builders. E. C. CLEVELAND. J. C. MASON. Worcester. Mass.. Oct. C, I9W. J M. BASSETT. M EUR ITT & COUGHLIN, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DEALERS TN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* New Factories furnished with Machinery. Shafting 1 , Ferine*, rises. Sopirlsteadcnu a ad experienced workmen. ROLL CARDS Always on hand. COTTON WAKPS & CARD CLOTHUU Ol all kind*. PT Second-hand Ma. hlnery on hied, tor sale cheaf. HOLIDAY GOODS "ATEDICAL AND ELECTRICAL UT sirrcTF- published for the treatment of CHRONIC DISEASES. Crosby ’* Building. S-l and S 6 State-st. _ JLbTIN HAYES, 11. D.. Physician. A Few Words of Common Sense. How tew there arc who are act subject to some aftefr tlon of the longs or respiratory organa, who, by neg lecting premonitory symptoms aggravste the com plaint. until disease strikes its *hafte, causing nw»- rrvseiMe torture of the patient, and anxiety mad dla tre*s to friends. “Only a roll!" “A slight sore throat 5” is the heedless remark of many when so af fected. Im ; ~ Only a cold,” was the thonghtle s ex pression cf thousands whom death has marked for hi* prey. Forewarned—Forearmed! should be the motto for ever tnthe minds ot ail subject to Coughs, Colds, Ca tarrb,or Influenza. Word* of advice oboald be heeded by all suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Consump tion. Belief Is within thetr reach ; and. U tatal consequence* ensue—a tUe of misery—« dally, hourly struggle fbr existence. A contest la which then can be but one victor—Death! Does It sot appal the strongest mind to think of tha result caused by neglect? Then why delay/ Wba* excuse can be offered, when timely warning Ls sounded In your ears? When the danger! Up stated out, mp not avoid It? Uaespo's Pzcroaan Daus has bee* used with success tn nearly a million of cases, and !• erdorsed by the Medical Faculty a* the mest prompt and efficacious remedy that scientific research has dis covered, to relieve and cure all cases ot Coughs. Colds Influenza, and Consumption, If the ca»c is not beyond all tope. Even when the sufferer!* in tne last stage*, te will And relief by using this preparation. One bot tle win convince the most Incredulous, that the merits ot this preparation are by no man ezmrzerated ; Is fact—fa I far short of the euioelea bestowed upon Üby thousands who have been cured hy tts timely use. a guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealer* are ta (tmeted tn every Instance to refund themosey, when this preparation faLs to relieve. Prepared by T. W. MARSDSN, 457 Broadway, New Turk, sod for sale by all Druggists. Price. %l per bottle. D CBN HA M 3 A VAN SCUAACK. Whole sale Druggists, Chicago. El., General-Agent? fbr tfca Northwest. For sale by SMITH & DWx’Eli, r£o CAPITALISTS STOCK FARMERS. The uzdenlened offers for sale tils brm, lying Imme diately about the Lyons Station, on the 8.. !r ttl* county. 12 miles from the city. The whole nact embraces about 194 seres, all oriel* naLyselertedforstockpurpoaoi. and is aa well adapt ed to that bualueaa. or extensive dairying, aa any place m the West, Some3ooacres afit.neartbedep'it.Ucf the most desirable and attractive character tor subur ban residences, much of It beree adjacent to the Bes tial nes Klver, and covered -with natural forest. The land c*nerally la suitably sub-divined into Ul lage, mavloz and pastorale. There U a natural bar meadow of red-top and blus-aaaa. cf some ISO acres, that Is uniurpweed, and claer large tracts ot bottom land*. rquady as choice Cot dry cuinvaUoa. The lands are well watered with running or Urine water, and mere than goo acres Umbered. UiVI 7 VII2XI cw U 1 bxuivmicvi. On the premises Is a commodious farm bouse, with larpe oam. ODiooUdinrs, Am, situated In a O-o grjve os the bate ol the river, and on different parta of tbs land axe alx convenient tenant bouses. To parties desiring slam stock farm near the dtp, for the purpose cl raUtor stock or flttlnt It for market, or ce«tnoz toeoesge In the milk ptulne**, the -WH* to worthy of aacntlon, and Ue price ana forma be sulCclenUT 11 beral to make Us purcoaae an object at aa invutmettofcaxUal- _ _ For particulars inquire at 173 Lake-st. E. S. PRESCOTT. JpOR SALE —Cottage Grove. TWO DESIRABLE RESIDENCES, With choice lots in the Grove, three minutes walk tnm the l one care, the Hyce Park train sad the Universi ty. For sale by EDWARD MARTIN. 17 FuPerton Block. 94 Dcarbom-iC, AGENTLENAN, who tor the last fil- Uen years baa been connected, aa clerk and active tanner, with cue cf the clde«; Importing Window Gla-8 Houses m the East, wlahes to m«>« an arrange ment with some party who can command a capital of JSQ.CCO or upwards, for the purpose of carrying on tbs WINDOW GLASS BUSINESS, He is perfectly fhtalllar with the best torelga source* of suppiy.andwtlh the manniacturlnu business la thto cent try. Any cue fltsulng to embark In the ahava In* crvH. enneraa special or active partner, mar mu' It for &U interest to address, immediately. “GI ASS.” Box afl34. Boston P. Q. Y OU6H1 OGfiENY COAL CO., Ufllce 17 Chamber oi Commerce and earner Ue»t Klnziftand Ureca. TousMeßheny, briar HUI. CanneL Mineral nidge Ccal c intfllrrine atdPlusborib Cote. a. y. TOWygg. Secretary. QENLTNE Wleeisctiaym Pipes & Cigar Holders Ol ocrown rap'rlallon, at Tcry I<*» pnc«?4. BJLCB A WTKTJ*. 93 South Watered E, iiubber (Snobs, WAREHOUSES S 3 LAKE-ST.. CHICAGO, fHadjlnctj), JHehtral. ISstate. business Notices. (Coal. AMES A CO. iSmsrijaum ilipes.