Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 17, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 17, 1866 Page 3
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q. m ~J! ». sT j£ FINANCIAL AND GOMiIEMIiL nOKliTlttV SXTmftAT Evxsnto. Dec- nher 15.1V.V The following is Manicsr ive-'s »l«t meat of the business "f the Clearing II n»e, for tbe week ending to-day: Clca-lne«. December 10 tnt.iil.4S December 11 *;»3 ui.TO December IS I,SJ(«3:Ui December IS i,l3>.f«t.M 151.i:».13 December 1< 2J! December is i,i?',3n.«3 I“i,'>:j.S‘J Totll *«,TTr,*?7.<s7 ft,Wj*m.M Lutweelc 10.316.0ta.C8 1,3fj3,9*0.(» The Slodfj market waa closer to-day oUn at any time during the wecc, and Id some qna'let* at was ptoaounced decidedly atnagen*. The banka a-o toeing Currency every day. owing totbe drain eastward to provide Rxcnansrc and the chi cking by country hanks Id order to mire tbo Hop crop, which has now taken « fair start. Pa per la nanowly discriminated, and borrowers and great difficulty In obtaining accommodation. Discounts arc entirely reeinc*ed to t*iose whose claims cannot he denied, the bank rate is steady at I*) per cent, in the open market there it inure doing, and pood names me taken at )*a<SlVi per cent, and less desirable signatures at 3 per cent per month. the shipments of Produce to the East are ex ceedingly light, and very liUle Exchange U be! ig made. Were It cot that mai.y of the banks have paper maturing In New York, additional ship ments of currency would he nec-tsary. the Ex change market was weaker to-day, owing to Oie lit limits of money, and salts wet made heivc-n banks at S 3 cents premium. The counter rates wore unchanged—par buying and 1-lDc pretnlom jcJJlcg. ~ During the week there has been a fairly active demand lor Foreign Exchange, and the market closes firm at the following quotations for sight bills: Gold. Currency. 1-ondoa, per £ etg Si.t.o 55.3) '.07 0 • Paris per Oauc -£1 S7k;?6 SI Berlin, per Pravdan thaler. 73 J.tit Cdl 06 rtx »nynt U>l Sweden, pet sped© dolcr..„ l.ic I.CO yl.dl .. For some time past It Las been known fo finan cial circlet that the Bank of Montreal was about to relinquish It# counter brulnes?, and nominally xcllre ftom active opera lions io tbU city. The ar taaccacDla for such action were completed to day. The business will be taken nobr Messrs. George C. hnrith & Bro., successors to Drcxcl& Co. This firm has been lone and tarorablyknown in business and Scandal circle#, and * ill coutionc to look after the inleres a of vho Canadian trade, «£ was heretofore done, with great success, by the Bank of Montreal. Mr. W. 11. Park, the active and exper icnecu agent of the Bank, takes an In terest in the house of George C. Stulib & Bro., as : msungcr, and will assume the supervision o: the. ChaadUn department—his perfect knowledge of the Cacadlen cflonhc" him every Csahty to eficctench negotiations ns may be required by those who aro engaged in commerce with the Canadas. W hile lb© action of (be Bank or Montreal, In viiththauiug from active buslnets u to be regret ted, we are sore that the inter© ta oi those who have heretofore doc© bos Incus with i'nl#in*llta strictly attended to, should tacy pat ronize the hsnk of Mcsf-rs. G. C. Smith & Bro., who will hereafter occupy the premises, *9 LaSalle ttn-ct, now known as the Bank o! Montreal. There was more activity iu Flour, and prices weieSS cents belter. Wheat was In gooa demand at an advance of Vt&lHcon 270. I,aud Si** l S.3coc No. S Spring. Com was tame, and lower. Oats advanced ll»fffc2c. Bye was i4Hlc better. Bailey Improved 3ft-2c. Whiskey was dull And oeelcrtcd. I’jovisioce were less active acd rather dull. Mess Poik declined iZ%yic. Lard was nominally unchanged. Wool continues nustdable Groceries were quiet at previous prices. The gold market exhibited no marked fluctua tions to-day. It opened at Utjj, advanced to U7J' and closed at 137J*. >ke foliowing quota tions were received by Boyd Bio#., gold and stocUlro&cn i(csso. m ,137*) lifX< m .151 S I Wtthp ta. .137*1 1:30j*..i.i. .137* I id p. in .177*1 5:15 p. *u. .137*5 I uca) a. m. 7l:Ula. ro. 11.15a.m. ll:3l s.m. II: tS a. m. Here the market was quiet all day at htiying. Silver was nominal at l«0iil-tlic up per flcore /oriar-re, TLc following table shows the dally no;e and dosing prices daring the week: Cans*. Clo*la?. 11*34 •1« 0-3 a J«4i .WT»i'*ansvi 131* .w?u M«uv ijjrjf .137VJ> 1*734 Monday.. Tuesday.... WedottdaT- Tbnreday--. Friday tAlunliT—* j (iOTCmottnU were quiet and scarcely ro flra. Sixes ot*Bl declined \i- Fire-TweaUas of Ml de cllacd Ji' H»*» oibcrs were unchanged. Tea* F<m lie? and Seven-Thirties were *-tcadj. The lolloßingehowe the closing prices to-day, compiled with those of the tlnec precious days Wed. Tito. Fn- Sal. Sixes of’si 112*4 IM "IT "i 2 * J'lvo-Twenlice, ’6l IdC lU3 I'J-ISJ Five-Twenties.'as. .....lOfi 10ft id3'-» Teutonics 93* K»?i Vjfi tM* Seven-Thirties. Ann IOCP4 Ih* W 3 10^ Seven-Thirties. •7n0e....1 , i3?» *OS 103 JC3 Sevcn-Tdlnle?, July lUjJi 105 ius lU3 Hcie the market was dull, Wcquo’e: corzzcnrurr aersma-caicaoo xxsurr. Buying. Selling. U. 8. Slx<*a of 16SI "1* V. 8.6-SO#. IB2S «Wi W7t* I). 8. 5-«9f, 18UI W3}* lIKJi U. 8.5-20*. 15C5..., IK>* 100 U. s. ««te (ttuaU) li-3 Wa* V. 8. 10-40* (large) t‘J« 93* U.S. W-Wa(b0uan......... C. S. 7-SU*. M eerie* 10 -H U'3* U. S. 7-#h*,Sd aerie? HJi*i 1031* U.S.I-SOe.Sd fcilc? Pt* 105 U C. 8.1-coa (ttaa.l) 11:1*4 Ccmpoojidf. June, ISCI lit* . “ July, 19M.« ns'i “ Ann., 16*4 ......115 *• •» Dec, ISC4 US -* 3lay,lSCS lllli *• Aug., xf*>3 i a) *• Seuu- IS»3 I'l '{f *♦ oa-iac5..,.....in0 The Second National Bank quotes the Public Funds as fallows; Coupons, t&a 111341 June iSSi..nfi B-tU Coupons. , I July * -"-fli large....| Aair ••}{•* 5-20 Coupons, JOct emnll 10H5@1W | Dec “ ‘ 10-triCoap.Jurßo.. !B}i I slay * Coup., email. Ift! I Aug 7-S0 large.. Jt<»* / S'*yt I^9.S roan- WAV- I Oct “ *• ..HW Local Stem Ulea are quite. Wc quole: Btmn?. ScU'ng. Chtcaro City 7« ••■J Cock Com*y 7s £ «* Chamber of Commerce 83 *» Liverpool advices of 10-oay uooa qno«e Fire- Twenties 71. TbeFrankfoitqaoitUon 1* 75!4. Ibe lelempb mmoaaccs that Uie Milwaukee Bomid ol Trade bad odupicdtlw “ cental” sys tem. __ >i»ek Jlnruct. Icwnfwr 15. H 56, reeelr«d > n Drotcfs: ScwVark >i Cicalas vrtro* far cash. Ui vra. BM. U'J. Cm. v Y.Cco IK'S' 11P>' C- e *Cpsrc?nt grtJunmW.. Ti« WS' b-wdii,K?X... 1U .... H-W?:.“S8 8* .... ::--*Ss ’ss .... :::: » u. s. 73-w. «•» iucSSi” r ".iw ih L’!’h?’* i’fi'xi T.* Wabaah... 41 41 X 1 H«tfcnu?im Doard. str irtf. Scrora notrd. firm. COJIITIEIUiAt. Sattkdvt Evrsiso, Docenslicr 15, 18X. The following üblet show the receipt* end ship menu of rrodneo daring me past twenty-four hoar* nicnrrs past ■nvisTv-rotm jmtnis. 3sCC. IB'S. 3.1* 5.613 fi.TOO *7. *2O 7,1*5 »,«*0 2,4110 1u.513 1,800 2,m <VO (UMO 1(0,051 25,000 24,812 370 TOO "Flonr, ‘brla Wheat, bo Cora, l>n— —- OOL-, bit KTe, bo Barlrj, *>?•--•••• Broom Corn, 2>s. Cared Wrat, T**9,. Bed, bna, pork, brla ford. IDs •••• Tallow, IDs Mutter, S>» .... Dressed Bom, No. Live noc*>No. . cattle, Ko Uiicf, Cm....... Sigfanlncs, bris. Wool, tbs limber, jn„, SWnfite». No nnrjnaafiPASTrwxsTT'POni nocit*. 18%. IB6S. C.WB S.«U 11.710 . Salill .... , 22,290 13UM5 01,100 Flonr.laU Whest. bn Rye, rimes iwed, s>s.. Broom Corn, Cored Metis, t*. Beefibrt* .IS Pori, brie .-'♦*?? rt'wdt tj>rri_ X>». . ...13 ,ISO C 1.953 tX-T** aja Sntiet, ®>i i*USQ XS,«SO Ssb’oct.Ko *g MU Cutllß. Ko ..... .... 407 Sds:*« «d» wjo Uhrtiwtnee, bils . *OH iti 'Wool,®'* ~ Lnml*r, foot - sblngfc*,Ko MJ lallj. pee 55 ,♦« Sait, fart* **3 ®*® The Promlon market experienced quite a rcac* Hon to d*y, and the volume of boslneae was llffht. Mess I‘ort tu doll a; a decline of 25©50c V brl, with tales of 1,103 brie at *13.50, cash; *19.00, hnyex January, and f IS.TS (last evening) seller January—closing utne at *13.50 cash, and sellers at *18.75 teller January, with lmyereat* .5.50. Ramps told to the extent of 8 brfs at *14.25. Green Meats were qnUt and without essential change, with sales ot about 12u.0j0 2>s at s\c,nod go.COClbs Hamsa’tfc. lard was dnIJ, with tales of 200 tea at ISc cash, and I2!ic buyer first hair of January. Bacon Shoulder* sold to the extent uf suo pcs at be, smoked. Grease was dull, with sales or CO tes Vcllon* at Bc. Dressed Dops were In better supply sod more active st» decline of fnJijsOc, with liberal sales at sfl.7C®7.r:o cloeio" at st.cti for good averages, and $0.75(5,7.00 dividing on SCO fc*. Wnlskey vm doll, neglected and entirely nomi nal at 12.i7 for Free and 57<£2Sc Jot Bonded. The Floor marLc* was more active le >Jew of the more Uvorable advices linn New York, and prices . were SOQTSc better. We note sales of 0,400 brls at slß.Co&n 00 for White Wlo* lerr; f 11.50®! 1.75 for Bed Winters; fiM®io.73 for Spring Extras; tS.OO for Supers tod $C 73 for Bje. There wag a folrly active milling and speculative demand for Wheat, and the ma> set advanced SO 3siC, «ttb sales of IC£,OOO ha at f2.C3<Ji.I2 for No. 3; tSM for No. 2laA. D. A Co.’s; f AS for regular do, and tJ.48af.52 for Rejected—closing a*. *2.10 ler No. i f aiid gLKQU:* 'for No. a Bprinrln *lo*c. Com wca flat aod about Vc lower, with gales ot V*d hn at for No. I; TCJi'SNKc No. i and CifcA2c tor-Ncw Shotted—dosing heavy At SOHc I'or No. 1. There wag a ttronger feeling in Oats and the market qdvoncod 114®2e, with aalci ot 33,090 hn at i;®l3cforNo. Sand 39c for Rejected—closing at 42SC*3* l° r the former. There was rather more doing in Rye ud the market advanced H<3lc, with sales at 83&575c for No. 1 and H‘ic for No, Sin store—dosing at Cir-lc for No. 1. Barley uas Id better request and the market ad vanced iJjSc, with ealcs at C52A:c fur f;csb re ceipts of yo. 2; 45c for Hcjecti-djand Jor attnple lole. There was no aovcaccl In Talloiv and the mar- kel was dull and nominal at o&si»e for Conutry nod UinAlU&c for Ci«y. Tbe Grocery trade exhibits a ficUor feeling, la sympathy with the tone oi tbo No* York tnukel. There is no quotable ciauge, aoTeTor, m prices. Hardware coods, Installing stocks of Iron, £t'd. Nails, and Tinners', are in fairly act!re dim-rd, and the market Is steady sod Aru- Ssalt is quiet sod steady at protioas quotations, fceeda are dull, but nominally unchanged lo Talnes. Wool continues doll, neglected, and almost entirely nominal. kmni-cr In the yards ts qoletand prices are elcady And firm. •I he following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: Ntvr Youk, December 15. Flour active and sue better at SIOJ9@II.OS. Wheal S9*c better at Com flna si (1.14 afloat. Oat* lioojuii si Pars flits at s2l Lard quiet at 13j;c. Gold 117*. LATZtt. Floor firm. Whoat strong. Cum and o*u ooirt- Pork weak at fsa.B ( >£. Host tie srr si tU.S^IO.OU. tAT£B« In tbe attemocm Provisions were doll, the only tali: that transpired Ik lug 20u brie Mess Pork at 119.(0, feller first half of February. We did art heard any movement lu Grain. Betf Cattle were qaie*, but cteadyand firm at previoae rates. The receipts for tbe week are 4,825 bead. Received to-day, 965 head. The en tered sales nnmber SB3 head at f3.73&5dK) for common to medium Rtade*. Ilia market closes steady at f3.5-_GG.C2H for Inferior to choice. Doge « ere In fair request at a reilncrlo*j of 450 SnctflOOtoa. Deceived to-day 7,103 hcad,C,S:o or WLica were taken by packers and city bntca «re at fC.CtCjC.SO for common to extra Hogs. De ceived this week, 81,233 bead. Tbo markelcloscs weak at fs.7sfiG.tß. I*OQK VACH.ING AX CHICAGO, Btcctpts and SMpmcuta or l»lve and Dmwtl Hoc* from October let to pate—Approximate Packing* Tte follotvlnjj tallies ebon 1 ibe receipts u>d shipments of Lire and Dressed Hobs Irom Octo ber let to date, for Pro je&is: UKCEIPT9 OP BOOS. leo6. 16(53. Week tjjd’ff. live Drws’d. live. Drta’d, Oct- C S*JM .... 84,910 SO '85,5*1 .... 17,5>7 S 7 10,010 7 14. MU 3 Jfov. 8 18.739 68 34,788 *i 111 »,taiS 233 17,«?3 10 17 15. TVS I'JO 57,7j0 SU 24 13,403 351 23.913 23 Dec. 1 19.120 1*« 15,767 J3j 8 82,106 1,715 ' «.12£ 1.{3 16 S4,filß 2,508 19,818 623 Total £28,484 £23,786 lfe3 Add Dressed.. 8,382 938 Total 2'4.6t8 .... 52»,7M BmraiSxTS or uoos. 19>6. IMS. ■VTetk eotl’g. Lire. Dret'd. lire. Ottt'd. 52,»11 .... 13,838 15.M* .. . i«,?:<8 i 7 25.551 .... 1&0 NOV. 8 8.73? .... 11,4*0 II 10 10,171 .... 17.0*0 JW 17 0,253 S 3 13,001 84 4,W3 W 10.709 Dec. 1 5,515 ua 12,43# 73 8 h,o6i 618 4,160 ■ U) 15. 2,C73 103 10.05 553 Oct, 0 IS. £O. Totnl IIS.'M Addl>meed*. IfMS Total 115,521 .... 111,71* Dcdncfcrg the ahlpmcata from the receipts, the balance ehoold approximately Indicate the cats* her of Hops packed and butchered tot dly con* naapjlou Receipt*... bnipments. Faded aed butchered 117,924 aa,wi Jdeeets. Mlhvard £ Co., in their Circular ol to da*, approrlniate the packing this season, cp to date, al 101,000. Cblmito Provision .Tlaiket. CmcAoo. Pecemoer ISUt, 13C6. Without premonition, ul without any apparent cause lor the advance, onr provl-hi. market* thruuab the (ocniry bar c ticui much cv Ued duiloa the week, and speculation bat been rampant, not already there seem elms or returning roatot, and a redaction u •uoden a* the advance may occur at any moment. Va* ilocsclccumstanct-s have levered tba ettabibhoeatof advanclUK price*. The Intensely cold weather which tft Lire *ul;trcd from rendered the coaotn roa>u si* tto*! Imiasealile for etoci, and therefore r, duced oar recetpia to, probably, oue-thlrd ot wad they woaiit have otherwise been. The warm weaU>er(wblch had been prcvioMiy prevailing) >ad delayed packing, and pro* tuon mantel* were running out vi stuck, ana were toned to replenish, they arc ©Ply buying- how-ivcr, to supply actual necessities, having no belief m the conUiiUtbceof lilcb prices. Ibe packers share la this opinion, and speculators for future HeH?’rv have b>*ca fully ecpMud w ith all ifcetr requirements. With good rr.acs our receipts win largt'y li crease. and wcuuy expt»t to tee the mar cl «ev. rely tc«c3 anno :tha next Icru.itnU Farmert do totueny that l.iesapjlyofhug* In larjr*ly lo einas of last year, and tb: prouiem re* nial* a unsolved what Is to lie ilone with the surplus should high price* prevent 1« oxiiortaUan? brevloua to UielaU-auvanrc there had bc*m a gtovlnc d'mmd. for foreign marteU,bQ tint higher priced uavecot.plete h d<-*'ro*ea It. Atadeciliip to former price icwonld Ik; rcue«ed to some extent, but even turn sbtopers wocic tc; pcnecUy safe and produce hcrlncts. The m-tlpU cl bon far rue wwi asm op at follows, viz; DrLtM-4.J^iC;live. ;U*l3;total. 2.VW); and the slura-eoU. «trt«rrd. utl; Uve, 7U; total, Wl—lean op for Sii ier*, city conruinrliun. m<l number leu over in if pens, head. Vor the correepoodme Period la !*«£ inetcrtlpu were: l>r»»ftea.(&i; Uve.lil.CiC;total, • the shipments, dressed, 54; live, ll'.Cii; to* tal. 10.U0— leavlojr for packerr.clty cnssnmptton, etc* iR.t-’OIn-ad. The patkici: u> tueprcscnl time approxi male* to ICl.fbu t rad of toef. and «/09 cattle. Last tear wr had only packed tuna: 10/juo hops. The co;r n arkethsi tern u-lrtrcinz call/, and the drover* and dealer* trem the country have b»ra realizing Urrt profit*. Bliuutd the weather moderate, or should we LaseaUphtu lutsu'jw.lti render the road* pa>ut>le. « u may txpwt laxfiu receipts of lion for the next two wmLa. Drerted hoe* have participate! In the advance, but not to an equal extent. There 1* sv Utils inducement lot packets wpxuchaac dreved box*, and they fin iso much cift’rolty In disposlm; of the product, toat prices : errmpoadinj; with tucao current for Uic can never i l*eexpertsd. It le to t>e hi'tedUiatatnodUtintday , ihc pac&itg of crewed Lo£> wtu t>e complctcir dl*- ■ ctinnunarcvd. anr Urnt ths supply to out u%rkel in*/ ■ V only sufl'clent fhr »h!pt>cr*. If Eastern operator* - uomu reiue** to boy “She itnQ*' aUosoher, or u,sK« : kui h Ch-tlnctlt n In price a* the difference tn co.WUiloa wtUJuaucy, the trade would meet a very anted/ end, 1 Mr»t from<n«*rd t«ra n ay pat* moderately weUdu* - rlDßthn • 1> ter tnonUjf, but ou the approach oftiun* • net rstne-t Le relied on, as holder;, have Maid W , il.tlr cm The market lias fanned fr iiu for ! i here wi-'Chts, doling weak at f i>Ad«6J£ for llzht to •choiccwelzht*. pro?*. The market fbr dressed hog*<elor at dividingon £Xi ft*. Cattle firmer; pjctirjr ci ade*„ &SJSO fiiovs. haa been lu active demano. principally lor • Jsi.narj delivery, and tome 2r,v.C brltlo brU u,Ufth.ivc been ?oid during the w-ck. The market : aevar rt d to f J 9.50 for prcscut and future deliver/, tint ch*edv«»tcrdayat • ir.uO; I Mlav, dull alftCreooSi.'r* ta?*at ItS.W—»ould be had at *IB.&J. Prlmcrae-s 1* t mural at SI6.I(U|I7JO: extra prime and rump at fHUKvIf.Oo. Balk tneau fd f.r »;u<>kinx are very M-arce. Etco thoKs twenty tc twr Lty-five da/n tn salt I ave been ourlon»Ty «mnht f'r a: "c for shoulder> and •J-*. for tide*. Green rr.«ww In demand at s*' c tit sbonldrr, s< for sides and for busts. Suzar cored berr.i firm at lo®llc. It.e tilth rale* current for hoc* have completely guspeadei *ll tran«acU'*n> in KrclUh meat*. l*ackers racru>t allnrd t > a<el ocr coastrs, snn therefore, a'l products must lie considered iMjjdcal. For short niddles. CuoiPerlaia*. ; short clear. and lonp Ji<—ai c about the rrteee asWM. Lard ch»*c» firm at TJX® for kettle, ana 12c inrsiesm rend-red. Orca«e urn rtfviSli'c lor white; for yellow, and T.* Ike frr broan. . ynl ow in moderate demand at for connir/ ar.<i etty packers'. . Fn-iihunpcbanceo. Hksct Milwahd&Co. t-'UIEAUO DRY MARKET. Satccijat Erast*o, December 15, The jobbers sencrMly r-i>ort » Might Improvement inthe \t;umcof trace dcrlnc the week, canted mosUf by the cold snap, compelling Uacsi who In a Lekl olt to lay Inthtlr espplita cf *ca*onooi« goods. Somoof tbu lower grade* of IYIIW are a shade lower. Uesvf thfettrjrs are al*>ni#c better, hut light and medium gTirfttt are nnchnsited. Medium BleaAed good* are oil, Dentins and Stripes ore tin changed. AmosCcag Tick* declined 3J.'c, bat other make* are nu cha* ped. In other Maple* there lino material change, l here t« alloersl basinet's doing In Flarneit.BianKcU heavy Cloths, and Wonted (roods. We quote: Mcmmac D .1»H Mfincac W FM-itc is U*n:rrß..... titT9bCir»... Mjucl.oflcr. Lnwell. Areola ... Ij.lcwUt. Klcbmotul. Clinton... Lancaster. PCOV7S m nanatr six i 3: | htnrk «—> JlJ* Aftdetnu I—l 33 W.tlforU 3-1 11 ] Nashua 3J I Indian Head 1-3 TJJf Cfctxni A 4—l 31 Atlantic 4—4 S3.V - O SaJfton Falls I—4 st V Aim* am F 4—4 u>m i AOTteton 1) t—t SC lliinola A 1-4... 19 Evt't Hirer 4—l tS PepgettU E..—...... S 3 rcpp«x11N.1...t.*.... 1* 139 54 .... 3K.010 2,3* O .... 1,070 15,825 .... 1f1,57S B,OG> .... 1.440 5T13 .... 0,403 4.HW .... 530 723 .... 02.012 70.537 .... 331 15Q .... 3,418 3,811 yniirmi' sUICTCraS. K. T. Mlfts I—4 *3* lied Baat 7-fi J« Wamratia 4—l. SS* “ ** 4—1.... » Bates 4—l S** Lonsdale. tVblieltock t-4 JO ArlnrrtsM -2 Tuna « | 37V Wambeck -T. ” 3_R....; T, J.itV. stater 4-L...JJV Uamnnlie 4-4 ?0 CaaoeS-4... U Paf Mill* 4-4 SO SUtenWe?-*.. Axdro*»6gtn4-4~...2S Ikackstooe Elver !....£ Itu^'tour'A V “..I‘!at - a—Baited* Son 4-4 .»K rxrt* ufevncs. Cambric* UKfcW I Anwxfcttt- tjoanecacot, yeft. 10 Wuhlnttotu -Tl Jlaachater ..90 Milfonl Inspired—-M Oxford 28X BiaeHlU. .77 Valera CoraCKy -3SJ* a*ymsykcr**« Jl J'Mvmas .s irttno uicnm AmoiXtas—. rofk American.... nails Bospote AnosketsA C A.. “ A . •* B • “ C - V TorV •«.. Tort 33-incli Axnofktaf ..—.lt; Pile# ...... *J5* ireppcrtU.... Ji J»»cnifctt« 6*Ujrt»... JfV I ti106c.—..« ..-.15 axTOk jussm __ BmnHUjn stoat. enmoß t. ... Msnrtorter. wne. I'acrflc, sew. BtUIOUL fcKDtTB. SSErrssaS ißßsessstw i-snuD*. . _ _ JAP. Comm |UO |GfWJi4 P*nlel*-... 22 CJart’i, IJO WblM Seda. ,J« HadlfTO C0>....*« ® J Col’d .......... l£G m2iW » “ st * flbnl ' ixrrro. iiW(- rrc. R-e s ...ieo j •P'ifS I cme**o b»u« JH-w IgßSSnKSffi* iui«£SSBwVS USS3^.r::;::;::-j§X “ tyxi Erepir'>>“ •* rape*...... ».*» 1 Belgrade— J - Zi •* medium... 1.66 I CIVtMOB. . FarmersAMeeh'i....Aß j Everett L. Wabash. 90 1 Everett CHICAGO CATTLE .MA KKET. For the Week Ending December 13< Oma of tux DaitT Tame**, SarcuDaT Graxuro, December IS.. DEEP CATTLE. TW ftllwin* tab-e abo»* tte daily T«ett»u and •blsmesu ol Bed Cattle donn» tbe vaefc coding to day.oompaTed'wlUtttwi'eeiipttaadclUptncnts o t t2ae corrtspoDdicc week U»t year: Kccrtpti. SCBdir TurMl*r Wodtf*d»T Thantur lW.iy Stum*) Tout.... La* l u evk. Week bclore lut ijsas Week ewimr Sot. ji.. :t>|j Wert ending KmT. n... 6.193 We*-k»nditicS*'T. t 0... 4.90 Week ending Sot. 3.. 7SSi br companne the rrcupu fur tiilj’ week and last've Pod ibe Pillowing: Re -eiptsleaa tb*n la«t wees 1,101 oUpwcnts leas than lut wret 571 I bey compare with the receipt* for tbeeorrespoodtng we*3t of WB, u inttow* t Rempu. Utu week UQI Rm-tPU fur eorre-panding week of 1965 1,713 Receipts more tbla week 113 l or Ute same period in tbe year 1964, ve Had: ' Ireetptatlne wees ...... 091 ietetptsiorcomepoodlncweek oIIBM i,®it IrcciPlattM (bU week U 251 Greatest number received fur any week Mace Janu ary 1. 13,07. bwakeat number rtcelTed,3,UL UfcctTeaweekcndtns March 31. ..U.OT Received week a din* July? . 3,1*4 3be sblnmcnts of lire btocjc»for tbe weak, and tbe pointr to ablcb tbe same were eosstgned. Is shown by (be table: To Knr York- To H'tabturta To Drlrtton, Xim To Albany ToPostoa To Suspension Bn<Jye._ Tour no i» Tbe tout nctlow of Cattle and Bon at tbft Union Slock Yard* aloce January t, were a* IdDov* Cattle. lion. Shipments tor the same period: Came. The number of Beef Cattle received tor Die suae period la the years 19M and 180, were u follows: ItecclVcd U> lEffl XSAOC BttrtvodlnUM .......AlS.ttl MitppedloiDm.. htuppcd la 1164.. ms aussxr. The cattle market ter the week ln»t doted baa no JU* tf&gaUhtrc ft-alore. There hat been a steady, and fairly active demand for pood to prime shipping Beeves, under moderate arrival*, and with favorable Eas tern advice*, price* tor such, have been taorooghly •attained. a&d the market ha* rated * toady and firm, at prices folly ap* to the doting rate* of la*t week. Kew Tcrk, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Albany, hare each' had their representative* la the market, and the balk of the oCenng* have been takes tor these points. The aver ace quality of the amvaLt ha* been bet* ter than for acvcral weeks back, to which tact say be attributed to the Improved tone that has oV talced during tbe week. Tbsre is certainly no Im provement to uule la the market tor common and in* frrlcr ccKriptiot. *. 1 here has been little or no demand fur these grade?, and holders of snch hare frond u ex tremely dlQcultto idled sate*, except at a ••ertnee. l*ackrrs are doing comparatively curbing as yet, nnr do they Intend to operate, to any eobaldcraalo extent, at the ptreent hlcb rates. There has been amoderate demand for good stock fetters, at f1.7Xt5.13X- Good batcher*' Cows have sold mdliy. cxotiso or ins ntunr. The market to-day exhibited cuoilderablellto, tor a Saturday. TsereweieabdntSOOheodlntbeoalepaoa,' and of UJ» number 353 tonod pnrcnaaen. Thesewere taken. chiefly by city batcher*. at <3.7335.00 f;reom. mon mixed lota, to cood fat Ctwa, and median Steer*. Tlie pen* *re well cleared<«nd toe nurfcelclaaea steady at the following quotation*; cxosLso nm Eztra /here*—Fine, flat, welt-rormed. 4 to 6 yean aid Steen, and averaging 1,300 M ai-d npaa/da .fBJ9oSBIk 7Ttm« iWfMiood, well-fatted, talriy. turned bwert, averaging from UIOQ to l.ttiO S.7S«SJ» latrUrcd'*— Fair Steen, la folr&eah, ar t-iam p USXQ.\,V3S »*, at. 3JM>y5» iUaivm Vlau— Medium Steen and good Co so. tl tor city tlaughter, and averag ing faUx. 1.050 »B, at .T?. 4.0301.73 Si'<t Common thtitla ta decent finli.avrraclnßbwCttUOOft*, au Injn itr— Light and min Cow> and Steen, rouch acd coane, *»er»fiUiE6/oi2®o a*. at. “ LMOUd J.5.-S 141,409 M 4 CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Renan A Fltiry kcid Yager 39 head light Belten,aT. cnglßctm ta, fit *njn. JotsroD told Stilcbel IS head lair Coin, arengifig Tlif M iiiDK” u bead fair Suers, averaging 1100 ftt, fed and » aUrro. at Si U; IB bead fair Cow*, arers*- Jng . atft.Httfi bead rough Steers and Oxen, at* tracing LTD »«, at ft.GJV. UOGS, The Idtiowing are the receipt* sad shipment* for the ennent week, and for the corresponding period last years 19W. 1365. 5M.843 thSJ.ijl 116,921 UIL7W tSOC. IKS. 1&6. i*a, Scncay and Monday..- .... vjo .... I.Cka 'Juesday... 1.261 1.373 .... 1.231 Wnitvrtay Thurvday 5,233 34W 215 Friday P.lßt hart 1«J U«2 fcatnrcay 7,400 4,430 419 3,113 last week Wivkhtlotc »«l WcekftJfllPjr NcrVaillßSfi* Wets radios Nor. 17..15,1fi» W<ek <t>d:t2s Kor. 20. W*rk nj lies Nor. 3. TtcrrerJpUfortbHweek and lut compare at lot* loua: tlcreipu (Ms JUJI Ilcttlpli lut *frtt .....SUSS llcciipu Uan.tbU Ftd SCO As compared vitb tbe Correa poadlns week In 163, We Oihl a* follows: I.ircjpt* tblswick Iki e.t>u for period In iso., U<c- u.t* more UiU veiX l.Vrclicd since January i, lM(h UicllpU fur same time Id 1863.. UerdpL- lor same time In 1861.. IC.TI.C receipts were moderate, and under an active packjoc demand, prices creep steadily up, showlnaan adratcc.uptoFmay noon, oftScdtl.OO perlOO&s. Atthts tinea reaches set to, and prices receded, on Friday afternoon and on Saturday, fully He. packers have been ih» almost exclusive operators, less than UdO brad colng Into the tunas ot shippers. ItUmn erailr expected that the hlph 1 ttes that have ruled win Irflcencelsrce arrivals for the ensuing week, and that \»lae»«Ul*uCrrafunb«r and very material depre ciation, la the opinion almost universally entertained. The market clears weak. The c lottos price* (Ur this week and last compare follow*: 'iMtrc to Extra..., Medium to Prime. C0mm0n.......... Newport bonpht Rced*S. Conover *; !I. io eash. Cl » lI.'Ul A»11...... r>.n»ver a 11. to uoorliui., Wchb & Cti. to Blair Si Co, fifes to Nash. l.on toLiclnh&Co f’unovcr to hemp Soameabcoeht (in lob-).. Ketnaa ± F. toiteed *B. Lmxn*F.ioitccdft B. W hite tn Mai’ury. (InuEh boucht...- Hourh bought, iloucli iKlbtU-t. „.o*.ks « so tw I'ocirh b0uc1.t............ 1»6 U\ Wfl Eliliier— Jkcclvol sill* week, 2XO; received to-day i?. thltpetltM! m-cek.2»; ahlppcd to-day, 49. En •rrrd t.jle*v to-dcy, 11 Ek Ti'C mar-et hu ruled quiet thronchout. Tbc lecdpls tiavc been limited, bot Uic cbniaod Un been ccrnai* ftdlngly light, #o that no In ii.arcuiericc wiu* cipcr.vt.ccd la aupp ylcgall wa«la. Ooc d snut'.o& i-bcvp mere about «<• only gradea la quiml&r, and lor *och price* bare been well •at tained and f.rnt, common'acd Interior gralea are not vsmud at any prices, and sales can Aaly be effected at ndiiced rau*. There U a large candar to the pen* un- M.ld &ttbc <£<*?. XU •aim of Oram rtpariea in MM taarkH report remade an t*r '>a Ji<tf ichiter |c> ntoragt unloi Urtlfwf'flffM'J S*TTT;rAT K«S1», DWrabTr 15.15 M. FBEI(iIITH-UAir«oAD *rnotna—Tbe lOL-ov ic la the Juiul uriJf cn f>e Emmrn retds: 3-1 . 4U> Dr«'d Kajcs tram Utlctco to— d»n. dun. Flo nr. Hoza :r£»>O.X. V. <3 47* » to ToioLU.C. VC. M< tirral. V. K. AlKanv.N. V... JCce York. l oMi n riu / lt»ny ....IJO so IJO i.*a lic4-l-.nrOf.r>r.rt TrccK... . IJS 10 IJO |.fO IvnULJi.uUrftiaXritEk.... .. UO i.« notMlciptiu 1,15 K} i.W 'Ultlni' rr 145 si l.Ii) JiCrirotu'llle.ind 45 S 5 70 ... Clrcli rail, 45 S 3 55 M.OUW—lt«**iicd. a,i36 bri*: shipped, wia h«s. Mark* t more active and n&Sc better. Sale* were: Wittiß " istbbs—7s brls • Avnnla” at <15.00; 100 tjrl* not retried at 915.C0: !OB> HUtso-iw Medal** at <ll.*A; TOO hr I?, rot tiatued, at tiIAQ; Hfciau KsifcAi—lTO bill “Garnett** Gxrelilor* at <IC.»; SCO brta‘ 'Amber** Clcaa} at <lO-50:100 brta **i*i»m.V riot” at <umo; IOC bm “Silver Creek** at flo.a*<:2A' Irl* “tVaaur* at|l(X2s;loo brb “lowa talto** at tIv.CC t 7TC brig “Wheatland" at*S4s;|M brls ••City Mr re*’ at <10.00; too bn*, not named, at <lu.-.5; 1.5*0 brU do at<lol>; 200 b»l* do at <1040:800 brl- do at |lo.i:k : 977 btls do at <10.00 ; 1,130 brl« do at <9-01 -JOO brl* do co*onni at fS 10; Soooutdo at <d,oo; btTiis—UCbrt* *-Uoy»l Gem** at <Airt: 100 brilnot n»n.ed. (choice) at<b.U):RTz Fu>m—l9u brl*. not catted, (tr. arrive) at IP7J. \\ liKAT-lbcclred. 6,770 bn; shipped. 11.716 bn. Market advneetd K**lc on No 1 and 2W(43conNo 3 ppilcc. b#K*w*T*r: 400 bo Not at $7.U*; S.(kX bo do ax <3,0; 3Q.100 bo do at <3.10; IP.OX) bo do at <*.{*.»; jCO bQNoIIb A. U.A Co. at *1.90; 4.000 bn doltecular at |Mf;72.U3tuao at fIKW; 43.00 to do at t,.*?; 400 bo n(krt«dat ft 5n I.’OO bn do at <ldn ; SCO La do at tl.tfe'«®lmdoat<i.4S—clo*tns at (XlOforSoi and |t‘7«l StwiorNoJfcPrii.cln Ilrenlar bonnet, I'OKN—Hifehed, ..13 nn: shipped, none. Market loaer. taler were: 45,000 bn Not atW.wc, S.OOQ b>, «u» at Wr. 9.1 CO bn No 3 at 77 We; 4,000 bo do at 77c; S»bn «t7ft,c: tm Rejected at 63c; 13)0 btt do at Cic—cb'slnu hiiivy al9o\cf.tSo.l. i»AT S-ltccrl»e<'. ?.«0 Pn; i Mrped. none. Market advanced iKfc’TJe. halmwero; NocbnNo. t at 49c*. 7.1(1) Mi do P« •eye; isttfl bu do at <2l, c. 4.(C3 bn do at Cc-, i.vOO bn Rejected;*! S9e-closing at OX'iSttc tor No. “lIYE-ueceired,none; thlnpod. S.TSO btt. Market VQli bciur. bsle, atre: NX bu No. 1 atS7*c; *OO bn do at fryer 6.W bn do at SCc; 600 ba No. 5 altUXci— tlfj me at N ; **'tvJ>7o for No. 1. lIAULbf-deceived, OC bo: MilppM. cone. Marael UV4c octter. Sale* were; (TO bn No. 3at F7q 4U Incoat He, 4fO bn do at 65c (fretb receipt!); 1.600 ba Heeded at 45c; 1« b#c* at <1.13*; 1,000 bn at <1J0; aCObn at <1 Ur. 4txbu atfl-JC, A l.lUlllllN< mlnal at <4-6£Vj(.64 fbrronad lota, i UUAN— sale* were: U tons w bags at ftLOQ O' track. American 17* AtDbftk'ea# .16* I’bcbcuD.... IS Moaning 17* Al.en’* 17 4 tToviilcnce 17 J*u.C# 5a0den'........16* (ilonccrtcr .....17 TV. TT.FfcCUitt & C0..15 I Union .11* Wimnt'i 14* Colombia...... 13* GIStiILUU. __ .» | C* ivnuiis. _ | Atlantic I Ifppereil 0 33 ■ Great Fall* U 31)* 1 “ *• 8........ SO ) Indianorchard A.... 44 I « - C »l« “ “ »u... 19V “ “ W....18* “ ** L.... 17 Dootuman l«H “ “ IL. 30 * “ 6..’.."!". J*V tVeatem world isj* AitaTuhU SJX Porutaunilt P. 14 Napoleon 19 Quaker.......... ID* irk. iiKOU.U ( OUN~S*’<* were: i ton Common u na.u: a ton* no at i\UM. MEAN?*— Arr rrt»l«>r*»t|lA(Sjts.f«. KillTKU—Kcrrlrod, IW»J &■; ihlpped.UßO ft*. Ttiecmtnd 1« ••ftntlnwl rtirfly to >oppiy local trade, »r.<j nnm are itraCy at the fbUowisf ranee: t;i oice Dairy T 1 090 c OcxnlTnb .a «*54 c C< firtln U W 9) c l*rlmf Flrttn SI AM C IvA<«<S|M;—leased ftlrty settee tartbeMtaon.. with » *h*de N**t« IWiuk perceptible. Wets tre cmmlly »t* follows: >»tli>nalA. 2 bo. llcee .s<loo Urlco A, Jfto do . «.» llllool* A. I bn do 3i» Com Kxutsnce. Wffl atark A.i'otioo teamleia Lev Irioo A* do >L» Aodrt do .WO Arctrlcan. do 2^5 U.tTrt Kill*, do 70-59 ntuflfldt>, do TWO I’nn MUlf, do TWO PotUltt, do TLS? S-Ico, do tLOo t-aoo. Uixn and cottos : SMO BJrterwood, do 55J0 Mprlccfleld 59.0) Qmfd m0*30.00 Burlap*. 4 bo, No. 1..-. SI 5 Empire CUT CO A I*—There It « ccod. •cpplj', aod wtto a Uir d»- mtod irioea-tre fullj n.«lnulaed at toe IbUovtsc fcSaa—Brookfield 4 tt.oo do H.OO Bill n d» do Mineral Hide* IWJ* CO V,lllov Biu. .... 14A9 do Tsssrl XOJO iljJjiprTra.-. £■“» 3k»c«ur .. _ Lump L»hl£h JMMaiAW LacTawara, prepared... ItJ® Hrraotoa lug IlttfCß IUO Itllcoi . «.of<* WO TtiwlC...:. ****s% r u. •rnpeiby with Uie tone of toe Kce’ Tor* market, iftttra have undergone so quotable change, aaa rale a# follow#: Java )no.eatcm'n to flur. ....ja .«H - .aaS JS QTT .TTr5 Thcnidlte .25* ....JO shetockct. .90 *" TTCD. QjuniiUn, irgnUr <0 “ I>.„. SJ ~. 89 { " X M ...JO fiwlft 81Ter.........^,J6V ....OV I BUT MUUM lncli .....33 - - ao-taca e <ni£rt jxx*s. _ ,j 2 i ibonvllire.... JO . .7iX i Naomke** bleb JO Brow* snuA Utt I ftenaioctoo. .....SIX I IVpperell... ocuni&M PKWI.MM . ..9 11Unt1tcm.......... ..J5 ,J 3 |AH Woo! .....44*50 wo. v* pnitt *****'-2iHS?^i Wo, prime to choice rOOrEKAtSK-Salea were; UWOWrkDtrreffat «.Ki♦ otrack: itwLanlTierce*atfSJOdelivered. EtiC.K—There w a fur rappty, and inn a jood do aua lor local waul*. price* irt tleady at o*3* p«r Tradel» golf I and anflaed ciUeflj- to local want*. There I*a fair ttoct on h\nd.and pries are i trade at the following qaotatlooa: „ „ _ Whil*<Uh,No.l. t* Irrl 4TM3 *•« Wbltcfoh. No. J. * Ml Mg Ttoat, No. 1. X brl AOM Ag Treat, No. 1, X Ml AM® Marten), No-U * Ml, new 4**s*UtS Mackerel, No. J. J» Ml .lOJßaiaJd Mackerel, exuatneaa,|> VMI IM»T*IS.Sd Mackerel, extra trcm. 0 kit. ATW 4.M MactareU No. 1, kUa. new MW »•» iSJg OoCflflu Gee W» Bank Wtt# ».» nerrlasa,drUd.No. 1, HrrrtLc*, scaled <3 r nerrlmr. V MU ll.00c*«-» LobmlorHcrrlcf.NMla,. . tOO» *JB VomWiT Herrinp, K •, 0 0tU15.0 sSrawwllenltSirsl-bfl lUD ANI> NCr?*—Trade U fair. Sonttern acTiiw are in larce aurply, and are oßermg wt the atnetain lot* a* lov MS .ic. wife a rt*j llrtt damantf. Unnired Irache* are ai»o weak, owing to large re ceipt* Good choice apple* are in fair demand at quo tation*. Urmonaara atawanadrd *UCC on account ol >«• : Apple*. 0 MI £ 4JX3 oKngTOlnvata, 0«0 • *« rt,i« Malaga... 10-&J <411.00 C acbcrrlea, wild 10-W O»I3JW 1 oratlcrrle*. cu.UVatrd M.CO *3XI« | m.m> vnLiTK. __ SUpnnu* iso. ua. istf. ... 1,900 U *h .... 507 , m ata - 1.76 476 .... 71 i.ju was 173 t* l,«fl WO 131 no 7*j • «o <O7 Pic* « a M s o i$ 4,‘as L'tW 24>C 5.93 G .... C»UJ». Bon. Sheep. .. m m .564.715 '.sit,«n [.STiisi .xufisa Receipts. Shipments, .SI.tSS 20.020 910 t 0,012 917.671 nvno'Ds This week. Last week. ..I6.»x*«-s »} fi.ooutd.ts MUH96S IIOQ SALES Tti-DAY, So. At. 17 30‘ 68 3>l 6jK) 39 307 C.S 43 TU . 49 TH 6.15 .Ml SOO&ISA&50 .96 art 93 Stß fi.l3 SI 231 S 3 cniCACO DAILY MARKET. M 47V » 80 ijs » i.gj j.aj l.» 9S.V 1.H5 1.10 U 25 »* IJO i!m '<o 10 iloo u a W 55 .a cmo e .SjjJH" Carnearescbca.qrfioe,? & tin 5....... Apple*, Peaches, bslm and quarters IVsrbea. parte. B T, .. Dlsektcrrlrs, new, V ft. ItaepbOTlti. new. Cecillia, cl tied Ej;w twrle*. W ft Italiint, layer* AMsoodJ, bird abelled.. A)c ccat,*ojt*beJJM... AltuosAs. Moer tbeUed, H«cou, V b, Uuzl'Kou KUbe/t* Ei club Wtlsetb.. ..•ptoTwaJuula,..’ » S’.fi T'o uu,tiauj and U*kc........ S 3 <*_ 30 marry Kntm, V bo * M f* 3.00 Cbrnruu,* *,«»o »nm liHEAtSE—iUikctqaiet. c*lo» Were: 50 tci Tel- Beortred. brto: skipp'd, 709 brl«. Market Gnu »ml somiul at 1J.37 tor Free aaS tl. 1T ttf Booded. . _ l,(l[h»-y I rßi iteftdy*t M3Ue Car Western ul &~fc63cfor E*>iara. B*v—it* feet quiet wtth a UeM sopplr aodallm. ilea CrmuKj. In order to exTect nice m » wtasldMlo way cos r *aaiotia jronia be made on oar qaoLUioai. Frlcta oonUnsUy rente m fbllow*: yuni.wu.s ruci Timothy. roller tad beater pressed. Itcolhj, loose pressed prairie, peeler pressed ETTAIL MtCCS. . „ Timothy. roller and beater proud} Tltrolty, I com pre»ed 1< fOrfW.Cfi Prairie; roller and beater nrr*ird I1.0Q&13J0 Pra-rie, loo*e on wacon, delivered lUOaiJ-M n I IIES-Beceirwl. »tW3 »■; Hupped, 95,115 a«. Trane 1» quiet- The raw material 1* held at too turh a Cc'trejor ihetantm to wort profitably. Price* ol Dry Flint are eluded at lc_ and Green Salted ad ranted >,(fcKo on our prenooa quotation*. »\c now quite: . . _ Green Batcher**.... . Grten Sailed, IrtmiLed. 9 *4 9*c Green Call. 19 e Kits Green baited U 4*l* c ott Flint, trimmed. ISV<*l7 C fin Called, trlturned 11 UU c Green balled, part cared 8 <« bXc lUON AMU KTEBIr-Tradc U rather qalet, bit pnc*« art tody maintained at the quotation* we fire, at follow*: Cotumonliar fiStft Done fcboe Iron •*<% Heavy Band Uoop and Ueht Band. Hound and Square Ural Half Oral at d Half Kouad. hLtct lrt>o,coaiiLOo.... bct*t Irtm, Katriaind, 17x3$. SbKt Iron, ctarcoaL... Steel Iron, JonlaU. Norway Sul lU*l F o«r Sled, German Ho* Btrei. cut. Spline nod Tire Steel. £a«lfrt>...~>< Tool Cn»i Sled, ordinary ilzcs .... Tool I'm! Steel, Aeimccm. «... Blistered feted aMla, Not. 8 and 16 .....S i 09 I ihiMia, Am., Ul quality, P bdl f|ll liuwl*, V »uert.. WU 1,u.-sta. Aiu..3d quality. f> isctt. «J 1 I LCM BBtt—Tbc receipt* andahlpment* darjcc cte i pibt twei ly-tocr tonr» were •. Lumber, received, eWCO; I »Uoi>td,l.i*3,«9; thirties, received, none; *htp;»ed. I Bt.OOO;Lath, iM*lred,oonc> ■tupped.S&.'UO. Therei 1 a n,odcr*iodetreeota.ittTity in toe yarn*, and price* era »u»dy. a* lollow*; _ _ V Eecooo Clear,l,lV. IX and3lacb. MaX<>fiiOO - Third l lear, inch M-C3^3JJJJ first and Second Clear FlooruuctoMUi* er. rontb—tbe same as second Clear, Hide UXft&BCI common Flooritf. roach SSdO*{T.OC Matched aud dxefced Common Floonnr. 40.003UJJ Matched and Orated 6-iscb Common _ Kccilcr...— SSAJJT3.O3 Hut and second Clear Sidle*, together. llr« Common DmaedSWUijc MJttfettJM TVacou-box lioanla, leicci, 13-Incb asd upward*.. 83.00248.09 A Stock Board*. must* 53.0>337Jn U Stock Hoard#, Ifriacbea . 334)337.00 Commtn {ioard*. Jolsi*. ScastUor. Fenc ing aid Small limber, W to W ftet lot*. *1.003210) joist* asd Bcaauln*, V, Stand3l tecc...> Sbixottt—AorßtarbbaTedbblscles _ til A or biar Sawed Bhlnclea 3.93:5 5.30 >o. 1 Sawed Sbuple*. tAla 3ftl Lain—itr mla yaida 4.733 5.00 HJ car joad by J»ortliwe«Wß KaiUoad, delivered is any yard where can can be ta itched, or any depot: A. or btar Sawed btalntrles. br car load oo track.. S.T3O 433 { A, or Btar bnared btdasic*. by car load ob trick 4.M Ko. l tawed bbUglet by car load, oa track i-S TUrtw <SoiU/a a cu l< ad added when traatiemd, width charge follows the bblhgus lo freight bill. miNtlbi sTAsi'xaD. Thickness—Fire bungles to be two leches In thick* Deal. Ltcgth—Sixt»cn Inches, Barca—Twenty Inches. Coulee—'rwe»iT*flro i liaTHEit-Tte demand I# Quite limited. and, with a gout ruppiyof stocxln (tore, the market U oaiet *f the tallowing quotations: ntwi-oc*. Cltyllarnets, B IbUngUer, Sole, S. $ &£ 401 Doira.'o 4 40£ 13 Cot ntry llaniess U& 38 I Slaughter, bote, Uw-.VP Otf 411 Cr'leagy.No.l. 4C3 42 Kip. nmlmm. 9 iblatenier S:!e. Cfclf.V » t Ttortoi Arrw... SM M L'PpWi V t00t... 'Oat M i Orinoco b01e.... Slid 51 Country Upper.. 2Gw IB Orinoco, good. Collar, f f00t... <t& I'M damaged 3U5 55 Sluoptuer Bcle.. W® it v 0.... if« tc I pp<T SO® 33 K 1 u, No. !. ffltdi no. Kip. No.l, bear; »«*UO IQKTAIiH ANH TIN! l!> lairlj actire tor tbe icaaoc loiluas; French CalA 39 a#., 3JO&7M Frthen Ca'fi Le- molfl"k. V IStRV »TUClt—Trade in, and price* are steady as DSC. let finality, ca«t. TtS. Pox Tin Plate. I C. Islciaiuiiy. sheet Itu bi»S .u 10UI 1 arte i ig>. hn.»'l !*<•" fD.s I Ms* Jiar Tla CUITZB. __ Uetalllr Al* 801t*... S 3 Copbcr iMtotn i 3 1 bttelfct over 10 a*.. 46 1 to c T, 8 and 8. Id Bud 11. W ! l3»Dd It. 15 Bod Id! 17 fchrtttncs.l4 tolfioz 43 1tntunc5.............. 10 , 1* 18 19 SI 1» til ] Fence Staples.... ID 1 lem&tul. and tte nartest U t rales: . i*l fW.OO ... tUXi sd. tme blood lOjJO wq j ciincn.Nct. iojm Oll<st—Tradel» quiet, and. with lb« exception ot CorUm and Uwed.exmblU no cam?c in prices. Lla setd Olu are 8c lower, and we now quote * UceectlOu $ <%!.« ■ BASWT KVTAU Ul am. 117 £0 Ammon; * t Inc Solder 93 NAlLH—Aft* in rood dt flrnjlj held at the fciiovtnc IWtoßd, * keff. »J-» i Be WXH M,....*,.. f J 5 JJureed OIL boiled, Olive OU tt bale Oil. Lard Oil, extra Lard OIL No. 1 Winter Lard OH, No. 3 Winter Bark OU. ronal lot*. Machine OIL round lots Stem oil, w. D., round lota. Lubricating Oil catnirou Nralafoot Oil, extra f'AICUON OlL—Market fairly active and firmer, ouiuc to Uic adiaurc Lu Cleveland. IV e quote: Cnhoa. f»c*r load dJOc Car Nun email Mi. «-'c Nap<ha.A fivlbe Naptha, ©3se l'UOTl*»l«»Nsi—Kectlved, SiO an Cored MrtW; 129 bris Burk, ao-t UkCPi Cs Lard. Shipped. 131J50A a? Cured Mesti ; 1U Lrlj Btcf; lASO brU Fork, and ISMM fisLard. Mesa Pam—Dali and 2S«SOc lover. Hale* vere ; S-M t*lt ctwfc »tSiSZO; 3W brio, buyer Jaauarf. *1 f 19.00; 4;0 br!» Out cl£i>t) tl (IS.Ij, MUer January: UOfcris, (idltr January. on j». L-<;o»tDK nominal at (ir.&ca«p, and tejlmat sla.«3Bcllen Jantury, with bnyuaat linmpa-Ea're vere: (3 brla atf!4Js. (,'retQ .I'fOlr.—Maik'iaicndy. sjwlcs vcm; IW.IM tiihoauSmat S\c; IjXQ pcs do at 3J.CU) Bi llama at 9c. Unton- Sajca were: 200 pcs acnWed Shoulders |j»rd—MaxWet doll. Sales were: 100 trca at Itc c 1U: JOI tret, buyer January, at 12>,r. I>KE-«»tl> Di’cclrwj.l.lJSjaJJlpped.DOaft liarta fully COcioaer. bait* were: __ 9tbr>ioiiCna>.6t....... >7J3 1U “ 2»X Bfc, aU 7.30 2j3 bf, tit. «*, J ** 8 “ iro all round, bU. 26 BTeraslAg ;i25 bb, at. S •* 3i‘j ft*, at. I* C.*. at- MODP.'ltt, i«l t,s at.* 110 •• *0 3tis*t iOiX«TJ» a •• Xo *•».#* 7C04“.« IM *» ao tss u 7-30.ti.25 a “ Sn&’.ftt 7.UU7.23 <0 *• ?.n2*,it 701*7.23 12 “ 5v »S at 7JM4IJ9S SS “ *I:{MI 6.7V<«.t0 —rloMnc «* »«-Cl mr go d *verase* and *6.ni7.OT dlvldiri:o% Ufr&e. HJTATOK^—vt’krt dull at 60£©c 1-vr Peach hlowson track strt Tft-iTSclr More. I’OI LTiIV ASDIiAME-ibrUtiiuttS. Sties wrrr : 13 Com Urntd Cbiflcraa at fI.CC; s d<*zm do at (;UV>: * dona do at f3J&; Turksca arc aclUa* at IVlfr V ». »*ALT— KmrlTMj, tblpprd* <0 brU. MrW (Tun i mttleadj*. Si'w ««; SU Oris DomefUcflac ainiO, drimrxd. We Quote u* r*age otpri«SM folio**: Nrw Flee. Co*r*r. Un nnd Alum. Tor*** la)»nd, Vag«. Uruondsclar llalrv. wlili rack*.... Ualrj. viitant tick* !*>,£!)?>-IttcelTed, «,(«)]*•: ihlpDftmvOßl. Tifroib* Market dull. neglected atd nominal at MIUA AND SAMSHATU(4->Tr*!e U Q«ict and »lUiotu cvacsUat cbanfic in any rwpect. We can- UiAic to acute: LatbUf# Medicinal ....19 ®l3lfc •* I*nre c Delaca'a Cl mica! ....U «*UHC M Hrallly J2Vai3 c “ I‘nre UKt-tW c Ihe hew >ort market U reported 10 be rtrorctr id lt» tore, ana true ermpatuzinehernla t tliaK belter. .So qttouMe change in prices, bo wcrer, b»* turn txtlbttca, and we continue Uie (allowing rancr: cti,*. nv©i3 c lertoiar.' 13v*U c N. Y. ilicned. lowdered and GraaalaWd I6i*iils.>*c White A... 14*»Sl>*C afrit a u*»ukc White 11 ExtraC UVwli c IVdor If (4t3 c Oxnard C - icfcMll c Ocu an) c Extra UVdUXc it t' mcdenwij- tcuTe, tod ttie market 1* uredy, ufohoirf* New Tork Syrcp*. YWlovlrtp*... Cni<a MoUhc*. s*ono htoo.. Sev Orlcio*. w>u»atirt.ia nee litre to CbiraßO Eitmcry, Amber Luiil-10 ■* M Golden 8X« SB “ ■* House _TOa W TAl^lAtW—Received, Utf fts: ttipped, 63.15) at. Market doll and nominal at SUdSACIbr Country, and 9W.ioc lor utr. ... TEAe*—Market quiet but steady at tbe&Uoalac tnct ot prices: Young Uytoa, »np*rtor to floe, V © Jl.ixtl.ti do extra to cootce, ♦* a Imperial, raptnortofine, »*©*L© do extra to cbcice, * s uojVJi Ucnpcvdcr, (cpetior to doe. v % ux*l.o do extra to cbolce, V ft 1J&2.09 Japan, natmalliaJ, fine to extra flne. 9 ft... t-ViAt-li do do fine to rbolre, V » 1 ,0o do colored, pn 1.1iAV.65 TOBACCO—Market verr cnlet—nausoaliy at tor Uu aeaaon of tbe rear. Prices are not qtiotabiy cLarem,but aaltr maces are at slight oooceMloa* on oorrsem. We quote: Cnavtso Tobacco— . UUI|«UV m Kxtr*.. 1 Cfcoior. iledjom Cwnnioa. Smsbixo Tobacco— Virclolß'i F*rorJtt Choice Urdlom IXro Tcm*ca>— l Oj»l ciumb Fuusm' pcilshU. 1 Half Mint. » «l.u Ctulfe Black, *oand S S M i Olcclntn.,, >5 <4 , TVnmoo 50 (* » K»n<*. e*a k» VJrcima Itß aad »• .1... 50 (4 GJ nossdm. 15 (t 85 Ikirij kcttts aaa iMdf.u lo!- Uwle> *» cord, d*Urerod.... ttXSO^MJO Jlfcplr. I<r»td, iayard..... It MrfiiOO JWcb. * cord, defjrertd H. OX* 12.0) Bercb. 9 cord, lo yard &S4&S diEL BfpUrttd and nomuaU »al« sauce are calefl? tabralf loU upon order*, aod at ortm vtucb aie coo* ceaaleos upon tbe oomteal market raloaa. ItIAKIMK NEWS. POET OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED JMeanber 19. Stmr Sea Plrd, Manitowoc. mndriM. £oow I'slry Quern, booth Raven, so cords wood. In toll* »e*xher. CLEARED December 19. POep fc* Bird. Ewaaba, snndriee. , m Scow Fair* Queen, Sooth Haven, 109 bris floor and fordrles. *r»r Guide, St. Jowpr, sundries. nm«randa. TnßinCiuartoji DtsWArrm.—The whetea home of thla fine vessel, which waa due at this port some t m days Place with a cargo of coal from Buffalo, have been discovered. Wc notice in the Milwaukee SetUlntl of Saturday, that the propeller Maine, which arrived at that port on FildsT, bad on board Captain Sol. Ramacre and most of the crew of foe Champion. The Maine foond the latter vtaart near the South Mentions la a dismasted condition, and towed her into bar hor at the South Manllon Island. The disaster occurred during the tcmhie of Sat orday, the eih Inst., since width time until Thura day morning, when assistance arrived, she suc c.vstully weathered one of the most boisterous and long continued gales ol the season. The Champion's mainmast Is broken off tea feel above her decs, and tb« topmasts ol the foremast and mlwnmneUirc “carried away.“ The cook and me or two nW*»ti -ere tail in char-d of tho v«- •el The Champion fa owned la Chicago and Cnflaio. . .. Tbe Faitvel baa the following ex/racta from Jh« loc*»«oot of Ibc Champion; ‘‘Friday. December 7 at 10 a.m., came wanchc-rdndßrßeavetlslaad. wind i,lowing frerh from S. W.; faiaidajr, SLb* •bont ba. m„ wind veered to then oj 1 * der way a: T a. «n., and at *0 a. in., bad passed Ibc bead of Beaver bland; wind low hauled on to W_ half s ; lb« jn thlcj*, and !• bs.ra» blow Jog *nd snowlrg heavily; at IU. tn. carried a**ay»*m»c»l6 and back topw; ordered sail to be etjorteaed, and took In Jibe; wind constantly iocteatlnc; eborMy after away jibhoom. tup® jft, lop-gaUani-mast a«.d main topmast, and sprung mainmast; at 2p.m over Qic rifle; the xttscl now drifted helplcaaly toward the Manitons; set Crew clearing awsytbe wreck* at • P* m. let i?r> the ol- anchor and 6/ fathoms chain; could not reach boUom and coo tinned drifting; hnallv came lo anchor at It p. m*. •wind than veered lo snowing cooUnoalljr. At deihrcnh, boncar, a brief lull In tbe etorzzt ena bled Ctpt. Bamare to late obserT-ilioua. when be return h.mself on the middle g'onad between MarKon and Fox Isaods, about ten mIV-s-Jeunt from tb< former. From *hi* time until Twdav no'hlnc of interest Is noted, except that u 'rowed ai.d »lowed lurtouslr all the time. 1 ne»day tf»er nocn righted a propeller and hoiaUd signals of distress? but she passed by, apparently wiihoul noticing tncm. Things now began to wear a doctor appearance—» >earfnl »torm raring, pro visions running short, and no hope of succor. Ihurtday morning again righted a propener beading for them, which proved to be the blame, tie same that bad p«**d tb«a two days before. Sbo lowed them Into harbor as above sta'cd Captain Reed stated that ho observed the Champion's rigral of dfctieu' on Tncsday, hot could render no assistance, as hla entire stock or fmlettbe lime conslsltd of halt aeotdoC wood. Bat from that women! smfl he reached heron Thtusday morning be had neither slept nor j scarcely ate anything, so great wasbls anxiclv to ; Tcndcresilslance ere It wonld be too late. Too much raonot be said In praise of such an acta* la here recorded, aud Captain Reed »IU ever be held to grateful remembrance by tbe hardy crew I of tbe nnftrtnnale vessel. BOAT DUISOiCISO iITiSiTD OK STXXKBOAtS— cmctxait mo* accncrAnr u'ccrxocn. The Secretary of the Treasury has addressee the following clicnlarlo Inspector* of i'tcambove i Pot; On the »tb ultimo a circular letter was ad dressed to the Supervising inspectors of steam boats to the several districts, calmc their attention to tbv pio'Uionaof seciioa of ihe act of JnlySi Iftt:, and directing Ibcia to see at once that all psstenger vestels propelled wholly, or In part, by an am, are caulppwl with satiable ducagagtUß ap paratus, a" required by tbe above mentioned section, and that no certificate or license be granted t\»>l«sa vestew are tons provided. Numer ous tncoirles having been made by Inspectors and others,» briber, niidet said act. it is required that all vessels of the class referred to shill be provided wlrh s dfeengagtotf apparatus or msy defer tbe same unal (he expiration of their present certifi cate or license, von arc hereby informed. In expla nation oi the cbcolar of November 6, that the provisions of the la»v apply at once to ail steam pasnaevr veasels, wbnfier having nnexplrsacer liStales of license or not, and that the punaliy for non-compliance la fixed by section two of tbs act oi dnly '•» lW>&. and section one of the act or An gust at, I^— being a die of ¥SOO for each offence. 'j be act of July 15,15C6. contemplates a doty no leas responsible than that of providing imbs most efficient manterposrible for the safely of human lift oij vklpboard, and any refusal or n-glccl to ccmnly with the reoulrements deemed essential to this object will be visited with the foil penal lies prescribed by law, (Signed) ija <* » « 13 18 C* 19 «9 Ct <1 38 C 4 38 at (s n - to to O ■■ 4.75 C* Si 6 31 9 98 tilt S> U 14 U uva ii 21 9 3 13 9 IV o a ti .|I3SV3IIJa . lI.CQaIB.OO . 1&00&1U0 «At* 7* ..S3 & .. VVC* ..u*sis ..u au .. ..17 tfU .14 0U .» «» • «5 ,ao KAULUUJJ» TUI E TABLE. cmcaoo isa woatgwMtiaa—ntfer cob. wbm tuns asuaxsna. Depart. Arrive. i>4y *ttoo l. ta. *&su p. o- Exprtw •••_•• 2*43 a. Jancttillc Acconunod'a *s:;op.m. *fttop.Tt Voodetock Accom’d’a.. *5:00 *fcooa-w. OJLXKX DtruiOß. V iUoti atil Cedar Baplds *&IS *. a. 7.9 up. a. PnUon and low*. t7:Sop.n. t>:Wa-m. Fnt'ponu.rt Dnnleith.. *WX)a.ja. '3:00 a. to. Freet>ortMid BnnleUt.. •tttOOp.m,. c.yp.ta. Rockford *»d Pox Elver. **;yop. a, 11:10 a. c. Dixon.. .. •inWp.o. tDlOiurr. Konev* axd-Rlgut * wUp.c~ i4stu n. VILWACKA* XKfUION. ............ *<oo a. ft. •«*.> p. o txpr»s *4;CO p. a. •ttiCC xn. Night Acroxaxaodaooa VrUp.ts. 6;JC* a. m. Kenosha ACcomriod’r... 4:40 p.m. 9:15 a. m. WankeKAh Accoma.oo'xu 9;W a. c. HCteblu, Calvary, and F.vmsioo , 1:30 p.m. fciOp.n. •Sundays sxrvpied. tMoocayt executed. *ijrci**as cr-kTiiAi rsits jcoi oTtax* Biornin*: Exprcir •SrfKJa. m. *945 p.zu Day Exprrsr •V s d*p. m. Kttmloc txi'rw tt3#p.B.l*Ji:tPE. Ntriit Exprcrs. WlSp.ta. a. m. us ibaiav. Komtoc Erpresf Wvb. •’ttrea. n. Slfhl Exprta*. Js;f» p. E. *U:a p. c*. ■KbtcAh «iurn*'*J» aj*p ax* b«oa* ust-oe. pot cuEMtt caßiiroK asi< faxasus sraxxt*. mtioo unx. i,ail *1:153.13. *Kssp.i3. Pay F-xpresa **:oO a. to. •»tt» p. a NtwYork Fxpr**.,. .. ft Sp.ra. tlcinip. c Nlcbt Cxpt«e J*HW» p. rz. *ft«; a. m XMiLort ujit. Vaß i *4:43 a. re. tf:U;a.r». NJchlEsprtfs* mt» p. tu. •S'^op.D. nrwtt.Keß, hOEz warns anp cskauo. K3 jj •tt&Oa.BL C;uo s.jl. *»RX)a.». I&Mi a.m. Fast Um 8:15 p. m. j; Wp. c Express *i ir.PO i>. c. n*OC p. n axißOtr lssthaL. Day a* <lrc3u P» c* jjjghi raveuger {ltttDp. c, *G;lsa. <a. Rsskakc. accuciii»o.' , *l. *<;Csp. to. ». a. livde Part ana Oak Wood •&21 | a. XL. *7:lsa. ci. ti “ “ •!•*!» *lks2 3, b. v “ “ “ .... sfu-dip.m. •DMip.E. *. ** « d. s. •*:2op,n: CIUCAGO. XthUbCTOB AM- QOTSCI. *aia> aiprcas aud MnJ.. *3:3f>n.m. *9:oop. a.. rafcrbaicFMsenccr.. . •8.00p.m. HM p. n. Atjertni •sflOp, m. •90-lt.T!:. i.eocot* *tpWp.lD. M. 13. Night Express J12.C0 mld'bt a. -BV-AmC am* lotus. FxhteissndMali ?:03a.m. F:<sp.m. Nlcht Kapres- *ls p. in. kM »• n. loUct and Wllmtiurtan Accommodation 4:?1:P.55. 9:45 A.&. rsicauo axo enxAT kasrsTM—uatt cmmotiD MV U3tr>—klLWAtlM lULSCAIt PkTOT, COS, CAMAt. AMb klMm rCBW». , . Ear Kxprea? G:80a. tt- »:40 P. B. Mcbt Imprest- teOOptl. ttoSO p &. Pay Erpnas.... a. n Sk<o p. a ■ Mebtl&rrefii 7:««p.m DnS a. © . oltunimi 1 Hnurea . 7:lK)a. xn. ftti; P- & oiwni ur . . 7jyo g Clncinnaa Exprces?.... 5;tM p. m. • Acuoajnodatioa 0:53 a ta. fctii a. m. "• MiSn.ti. fmQnm C'JICAaa, ROCK lirLAlO ABDPXCJrIC BilUlOAI*. ■ irsy Expr«-.?« and ilail...' *3:45 a. m 'Nicbi Express «;4Sp.ct. p. m. :ouet Accummodadoa.. tCdp.m. •ft-fct a a Exp.-ifes FrelcbU wltt passetger cir sfaehtd will leave pnapcucer depot every Katorday si SSr**ri. . _ TbeJoli-t Accommodation comsrja with £x* otrae Freight *bt Way station*. , •Sunday cxccßted, tMOaday excepted, tSatcrday exmtvd. «*M9 UtUUS \.V>*\ Si l&AIJiO uvw M5J* &UUO UMIJO ittadjinere, r£ o GRAIN SHIPP.ERS, MILLERS AKD DISTILLERS. w« are Uauaftetarlag : 7/<V«7.*j Richards’ FowerCorn Shellers, Of all tires and rapacity, ranging from .10 to 1,000 di'shels feil nor it, Bnlltol rpnK. and WAKR ANTED TO CLEAN In ar y ccanlon oi crsltuato CLEAN tbeCuUSm Superior Condition f-ir tbe Mill of Market. Over 500 In Dally Übo. Portable Engines, Small Barr miss. Faun SHU, &c. luaw 2.60 6.03 ».■» RICHARDS’ IRON WORKS, 160 and 192 Waahington-st, CHICAGO, ILL. (General Koticcs. INFORMAIION 'WANTED, of Peter Hecrv Foliom. Ace <8 vean; small In Mae. When l»t-teard trotu be was about Paving Chicago. 11l- for lawa or Neiraaia. AnyldomaUon concerninghint wl.l be gratefully received byTVM. O. BOGGS, o&ce Itetly Inlop. Brooklyn. X. V. |£X TEA O R DIN All Y J BUSINESS OPPOETUNITY! Persona having i capital of IMM to |K Jto to Invert, whe are detlroos of engaging in a new and highly at* tractive I ntlnevs, jot the erst time about being estab* Uttaea tau>e Wcstvto wtlth thtr- are large sales and large profits. »nd a monopoly and protection by letters pauef. aiMaviDd to call co tie oadtnlc&ed and In* resugatelt. Thli -a a bora fide opprrtanlty and win leaf loefollMt tnvcsugatlan. Son* bat reliable par ties, Laving capital. need apptv. M. A.UTCOMB, Xo. 27 Chamber ol Commerce. Entrance on LaSalle-at. .««AUo . I.KUU3 . tJ<» 83 aa^ios ~V OTICE.—The nndereigned haring HJECHAfED THE STOCK OF THE Assignee of 31r. Ignatz Herzog, And apt cloud the latter u obt Attest, do hereby S9tl« ts all «ttcm U tsmT concern. that our (aid Acest baa t • authority 10 pure tax any rood*, warwcrtucrcaan olk to nor rente, or negotiate any I jaa Whatsoever, at ve do not ho.d uortt ive* rtephcitble Di aay debt loot eentractcu. r GOX.T>STECT, J. MOORE. 2SBS. December 13, OFPJCB OF THE CHICAGO & AL- Tea BatuoaniCouraWT, Cmcaeo, Dec. 5,1861. Sealed Proposals win te received tsstlltbsactbl&st 60,000 RAILROAD CROSS-TIBS, To be delivered In Chlcaso within ninety dan after the opeelogof lak* navigation tn the spring of 1957. The ljr» tn be 8 ftet long. 6xl It bewed. and 6xß If sawed. Proposals win state kind of amper offered -1 T. B. BLACKSTOXE. PreMdenL .«t.13 at 50 . i.eo ui.ts ,w a w . 6 $ «8 ftt.M A v* n 11 (4 » 11 » H nan to u n i.» 3jj» grransportation. ONXT DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE ! General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL bTEAMSHIFS BETWEEN SEW FOBK AMI HAVRE, CALUKU AT BREST. The Splendid new tmscls ot this favoftte rente lb; the CchUneat srta sail trom pier So. AO. Sortb Rltsl as followi: PKTtantE. Ttocbme....November 17. TnJ>EDßFAiUn..6arffloot....December L ETROFE- lamane....December li. ST. LAXm£XT......Bocasd)....December 37. _ PRICE or PASSAGE IB GOLD. First Cabin, (IS; Second Cabin. ISO, melodic* tabk wine In Giber claas. Ibe steamer* ot this Une do net cany rteerago pa» terger*. PiMocvrtlnteyimgtoltnd at BREST «U 1 be flu nlthed with railroad oocroo nckv», and their btrgagi checked to Part*, at an additional charge cf m for brr

and M for lewod class. Uedica] attcsdacco tree of charge. For farther totonstUon. aoohr, tn Chicago, at tht FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE. 23h HUdoImL; li Ksw perk, to OEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, ZH Bn»0- way. jfutuitute. -JgLEGAKT FTJKNITCBE. GEO. J. HENKELS, LACY & CO., ISth and Cbestkct-sts., PHILADELPHIA. We have a salteoT Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted And mrnUbed complete as PARLORS AND CHAMBERS. Pcrcharerscanteebbv atidteof tnrattan win a> I pcnMn uieirbon»c. and can Domths*« room*, maksa belter selection than they can tram raralthts promla ; coosiy placed m large ware-rooms. •ICTtI!* RQLAISDJa OTCLAIMKD CtTßt Poe* Oltre it Chicago, Bute of Ultoota, oo UielJtb d*j or Uce mter.l^yj. obtain any at tbeee let ten the applicant must rjul for *Ai*TknTnrr> Urns,' dT« the due of cbl* lte». end fay one rent Ibr adrertlalnr. 63f “ II Lot celled §jt within out Morm, they win t< *rai to tteDra d LrtKr/fClce. ty “J-atem ere not adrcnlaed tmdl they never» iiituDcd in the oflicc 000 wertr. end on Fridays end Bet> arc*j4 Ictfcre to be edrenlsed ere In the heed* of the TrenerrtbtugClerta. " I. iJIhtCT Wien plainly U> the street end Dtimber, te well ae the Poet Offl-e end Bute. “i. ItKAl> leum with tne wrlter'a Pott Orrtcx end £TATK.ourrr end kwb. «l£n them pla‘aly wua full nenic, end rcosot the aceven to be dlrecngd ec* rordloclj, ** Letter* to «treanra or transient visitor* tn e town or city.whose upedal address may be unknown, ehoold [wn.exked. In the lower left-hand comer, with the word ,*' “*■ i’ls« the postage atamp an tbe cvnrx xtaar na*r> wmt and leavesracx between tbe atamp and direction for tw.-iuztuu without Interfering with die writing. “K. L.—A REQUEST tor tbe BCTCTtN of a letter to tbe writer. If unclaimed wlihla thirty dan or IcM. written or printed with tbe writer* s ike, ruexOmci aodfcian acroaa (be iea bead end of tbe envelope, on n-nice, will i« complied with at the Banal pre paid rata of postage, payable when tbe letter Is dulr errdto the crlter.—iwi. a. Law of ifta." W Free delivery Of letter* to any part ol tbe city caabcwcaredby hating tbcm addressed to tbe street and comber. Ada ran dr Alexander Bradley tan AbboitEllea U mn AlcxasOerMelTlranus Awer Lc-ctiu mus Anderson Mary mfss Adams Rato U mra Andcnon Lavtala Adam* Frank mn Anderson Kittle mis* Adam* tar* Anderson iUrymr* Al-en sn2 Asdertm Martha 11 mn Allen Aia'yif mra Arnold oertmoe mtas Alien. Jennie mt»a Ash-mcante M mra ALen Msllc E ml*a Mtnnf« Allen Francis widow BstrdP&mn boyington MaryEmrs Baker R A mra Boiiko ura Hal ett Ito*e mIM Bonliirr Bcsia mlas Baldwtn Jemdetnlsi Br*dler Be le mlas Ballart Minnie mi*s Bradley Mary Barnes Mary B Brmudon Emma min Baron b«rak mlas Brady Uscsle A 3 Baixea 110 tnrt BrrWiler MeUla mliS Barnnm Joliet A art HrcnnanUary jMmthMiroie Hrunstrl'kisrs Bartlett Ma< He M Brock Eilaheth mra Barter Lncy miss Btoome Thomas or* Batemsn mn 3 Browne Jennie mn Begley Mrtceie tnlss BrowneMaymra ikach Folq e otta Browne aIU-c mra BeacbCaiieta.lnm Brpnao jo-ephioe mlsa Been Charles H mra immlae E B miss Bennett Walter mn Back FannieG mn Berry Lluy mtas BorhoMPhcebamn Blganceilogbmn Uuck-harc E A mlas Bingham Charleston BoncherTOmn DH»jMvTtn» Burk EUia cut mU$ Binfm- John mra Dork Kelt! ■ uUs Blmaall Emma Honrae I*abel tain Blkhop L B mra Boroet EUco mtta lilikcrqyke Maryana mn Burbrtdje.BauaaOtnlM Blockl Baltic mIM Barton e 1.1 miss BUckt Lam BorrowSEmn BialnMatymn Bosh Kate misa pogsnin* Martha nm Bosh Anna mr« Boiiry Emma ci‘.M BattnckbaraU mlaa Ilou man LICe uiiss Uuttrtclc S W mis- UoydenNU mra Butter EJtzab;Ui mra V Campbell A St J mn Collins Mvttte L miss 3 CarmineUUne mis ComMLydlamn cam imditt mUs Colbert Catharine Cardi n Bridget min Cooley Anna miss cariey m r* ConeJßmrs Canns hdwardmn Cone Marllta Tan Larpenter Ada or Minnie Caoae Naomi A mra Pa,k Q -nM an* CooKHCmr* Cvltie Ellen miw Cools Sarah A ales Cary JM pn • C j»las> Saras tarry I anfrert tun Conwy Joscpa mta Cxj r liacbel A no tort Coulebas llano an Carter Laur* L mua Corbly nioeho A am Ca»lu?fcMiul»9 Co»te£a Mary HUM CnMaberiiu Eua izlaa Cuyoa Annie than L-erlin C E mra Cox Jame* mr» Charurorth Jafie tar* Corona Mary Dn Clilfoo B rota Cramptos Harriet Secretary of oh r?easn*y. 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Wi>u*ou Jcnnlemtje Weller nn* Wjniwns Erotni 8 mtt* WanaerFansmiaa wmtsrnaon S O mr» w alter Mar; tr<tea WiiaarrsUeinsamn Waiter Ratkrcna rat* wtiauo C«rrle mu* Walton KraUsa jet* WjUoa Darldmrs W aidvrtl Harrlf; E »«<— Wilson Celia Warner H m'B W|i*oaLtnr*M miss WanerlxcTinra Wtiw.i James K mr* W airman Warts mi* Wilton Jans mu* Waten&snCDmra Woo.worm B Amin Wj-tieJeaitaotUa Wood xm ea P mn Wooianl P*ailne min Wtuier A G taw »tl ■ Emma tulsa Woodrofl ET* mbs WeBsCB tor* «ru» v n nwt.iuti u ■ nuw Werlty Lonue Wood* Manila Wcatoo Eils J mrs Wood* Sara* A mn Vlntoa Kai»*&Tt Adacun Woods Jane WrtAbtSaißn Wheeler Rate Mmlsi Wninag pwim* mu* Initiate- Kellie DB ESIT mis* Aid* mbs GKNTLK.tIEK’S LIST. Abbey Frederick Alien Charles Andrews w B Aldou td Allen Salomon Anthony BP AltcttDaniel 'Allen Henry H Applefty B 8 Abrahams Aifr*d All»nfl I. Appleby A K Actrrn an tblDpJA'len William a Arnogaat John Ackley JB Allen MV AnmarongHK ArsmaAMiDcr All's, Cbilleoa A Astlton WiQttm AdrmsJrhnS bro Atkln-on, Knight AfliiuP B Ames Jl' A cot AbrmTboeP AmoaPelerll AtwellJaaß AVtnOeoP. Anderson AC AutUnFrcd AHtroa HamT Anderson a rapt Austin Wm B v A loan Darlas Anderson cR Ayer G 1 Aleson P jpurae Charles Ayes OA 9 AJjoc C Andrews FL Ayvr John col Aiklrc Adam B Andrews Htnry PAjer J Winslow Alltmat. Jas J B Bacon KB BlekteJl KawtnE Brink W P Barter Tt oa Bigelow Geo W BrtskerEH Banes Wm SCI- r iatJowUW Bristol T B vine BUllsmaa W W Bristol Aco Fair J B Bilims* A ChapUcSMlstoi Albert M Baker DF BlsbupJasM Brookfield Ben- UsterGeo BubopWm Uialn _ Baker G W BUnopW Broo«FP Baker .10 Blisalt John Brook Sidney H baser Foray tb BiacblJTS Brooks Charlie Eater V. - B Black Jclm C BrookiOcoCW Baker WJA co Blackburn Jas Hroomell Georg* Baldwin C A Blake Jas Bromley. Bates A Baldwin MW Blaneß „ „co Ballard Fred BUkesleoCC Bronson Bofos EanUSJdr Blakttlcy ABna- Bropby Jvha nuiersP tow Brown IT Udr Bard Isaac Blackman IF Brown J A Bardwrti A C BUtchloidE A Brawn John P caW Blent* F Brown E P BaiWtr JcbnC 1 BUfionEC Brown CtartloW BameTom Hits* Aar-n 3 Brown DK Barman John Bliss A Ingalls Br.wnGeoß EarcesThomas Blood Jas B Blown Simmy Barnes Cicm bodrn Edward Brown Lewis Larne* Ctai W BoUger Lyman Brown Jas UatiwaKeh-ou Bolands-alrtck Brown D W Bari ey O-** C Bolins Tf «ey a Brown, Wilson A Ham u J Bond A Morris J co Barrett r&tnek Bocdeycol Brown Aco bantow Joseph BonteA PC Brown, Marcs A BaismoP Boater F B □ 00 BasKttUCo Boortnanc BrnmaaJ 1 t.t. j 0 a booth F k Bronson lieorea Bates G Booth K M Brush Wm - Battis Joslah Boswell Geo A Buck M M BsxifT Jisrid HO-wortbJ Mills Buckley D FAeo Baiter A Jmd BourkeJasb BnaeeGltbert BayJaa BontxACook Ballard 08l BayJjaJßrer Bowen»»A BatleoEdward BescbAH Bowen A Bnlcer V Beale B Bowers A co llnlk.ey Robert H Hr an ► Sami S 3 Bswea Dennis Boitnao Tbomaa Beardsley Wm H Bowes Gejrze Banned U J Beaton W F Bowlu J B BtiLUcll A Beattie J Bcxteal Tb*odoteßurcb O B A CO GebbrFA BoydUJ John P Borcw Henry BccccltKM Boynton Un'geraJasH Brere A B Bradford & G Borah John D BeLmati£amT Bradford £ K BorkamEGir) BelyraCbasT Brsai-y Ban F Baras John BelyeaWllHeTS Bradlry fl B Borns P U BendsU - BnidleyJas Bain*ThomasO (ir chair Ja* W Bradley Aco HornsTooa Bennett I- b - Bradsnaw Kdvls Bora* Joseph 0 BecDeuWm Brady Hash J Bart W a BtnncUGeo Bramea Goo B.irto* Bros bensett. 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Dal an Chav DnsctnOw DarWrcTU DoianTbomaa DnulagCA Day *ni Doll Stephen 3 DunWawnF B Dayton Games S Donaboe A W Dunklar tym U Deal dr DcmaUlvmJ J Dunlop vrm Ih-a- Geo Wdr Donne'iyTtKs Du on Au^oatus Dcantamnel DrnnebyMlrl rapt DcanJU DououcnFU Du ton A L Degm Geo Dor.ovaa J £ Dupont George De.aicyjrs DonyJacob Dupree AM ftcr, pcl.ucrOH DornerJa* Durand.) M DciyThoa Doran Jo»cph Durf-y C•» w IVLIgJQ Dflrtra John r ‘"’"‘.HeGu7 IXrmtlLjorrD Geo EDnryra Jarrl* Derby >*l;U I>on*!ss.«T W Dyer Jen's IjcwFß Dowd Desoy DyerNDcaptJ DtrrHigtoa T E EarleWjiber Elraem Andrew Ellsworth A A * hastonCA KUrcwcod Dr C Ewer*on Oeo A I Lbiu jobs J A W Knrni June* •Kt.oyWixiU FJllottU:W4U End Leo KdwardsEO KU« Benjamin IvtcrUi Henry Lem James L Jv-11. W E>uWoaka KJU i-an M Kills UaShrop S Evans JW P, * , l Rlißon I***-I Ewing John Elmer t’|lc*J/ UHllLorpe J W FarsnLoke Flshbcrn E H PoriritPP r FnirrioihSE Fl-ucr Jf Faster Cttav 3 1 Falsbte Jc-tm FUher Jtnn> FosWCOai Farrlrgti n bCmajFUit DarM R Foster William I »nir GtO 0 iTugerad Mas- Fo»< cr * ro J PamaQco F^ortGL Fayette A FltrgcraldThosFrowlcr Dominick FtnlPyj-dm Fltitlbboo, John Fowler Lewis FrlcbJKl FUrsloKon. MichiPrentSot fellow* tt-y Plemne Henry Franklin a W ' »aoa F Fleming Hubert hFranklia j Feitca FUfc A Planer WH dr Fr-umen Henry FctsctsHebert Fletcher JUS Fnnr Attharrev Ferros A D Fletcher William Fraser C Fitter Ftask J 5 Fl-tchr’ L Freeman Peter Firtt George Fiona Frank French Wliiurd c Field J Howard Foje. 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Hobson Ed Halncr John lUwleyAcatln Hib«oo€B Hatnrwcrtb J» Hawes Risk Hodge BenjimlnO Oaieyßryant HawktaiMorton HoigeDEl Bail Calvin E 5 Havre* Harry t JHocumlFAco* Hall David >1 Day Henry Hodman DC Hall tommy Hayes William Uom WoFl HallJaa Harman Andrew Holcom Freds Hall John C ' 1' „ Holden Wm Q HaUwse Hayes Enes B Holland stepbm HaUeyGcoß Hayes John Holman C J Hamlin L B Hayes ACo * Holmes H W aamtaUlGwen 3 flaiMeßM Holmes H BrerS HammtuTbosF Haraeruavld Holmes John Hammond > H Fred Holmea w Uanebett* PVtr* Hazeltos Jobap ilmlCß one! Heaflord Samuel Hook Cbaa Haiscn mas H Heally Anthony Hooker G S Sanson BetrrW Heart John Hooper Wm Hard Fred Heck Cbaa Hoytlnap F Flardtn Seth Hedges IP Hopkins Wm HardtueFT UcdatromEL Hopkins M HantiEffCei Bee&diT O Hopkins Marcel* HardswyCbaa ARlltonOeoE ftu ’ HarkinsT) H HemlnwayHC HonltnirPT ‘ HartnosGeoE HonJerson JlartlnHomer Aco . Harney TP BecnratJaa Honinßß 1 UuntyFimS HcnneyChaaO Hmdct Lot L > HarperAbrmbanaHcnry John 3 Hoocb Bobert HanuterEdwaid tie&ry Jcdemon floogbloa Geo | HnnltJtoaHH , w UonaoWm _ , HarnnptotDKvHertenHany HomeyOeoW HainsJaa HB Hesler APkco Howard J A ■ Hama B T Bietey (sham Howard E C ; HamaTbot&aa Hickey Jobo Howard mal • Hams G B litctey'ibomaa Howard B Frank J HamtAbrabao Rarruon Jacob BlckoxSVu HowaUBF i Hams>nFred HUninsAJdr Jlooyt Wm HA , IlarrittUC . BigirtniEJ _»...■ HarsbaJM ■ HICKInaJX Hoyt J A Aco I Banha WCUe Hlcntna A Evans Unnotll Jnstln Hildreth Wm Hudson Tbos D Hart J S HUIU Hodartt Wn ' Hart Baronel HUUobn Ball Thomas Hartley Caivtn 6 Hid Jerry P eapt Ban* Wilson J 1 JartJrycrtv HniJ'rry UiotWnf HartaraEcnlanrinHOl Edward K Beat CpncrA t HantvJaa BlUablddießSS H'nnlChai S ! Hkrty'Jatob RlmrooJas Hntl S M Harvey JP 1 Hinckley John Ranter Jaa m d a co Illnman C F Bard Aaahel E Haskins Oeorgd Hitchcock AW BartbatTC Batch H<s>mlnFßix»en Kichard QiulbntßF _ Hatbcway FraakHoaelln J C UarllckThomvTl rant HcaeOa J C A ffotchnuon KWU Uamaccr Joseph KlnbaU Hmeblasod Bdwd J capt Boanb lljncsKed | IngersoHOP InrlnJrtmp Jackson John Jlnkens jotepb James A Jackson Henry Johnson C A Jonas Albion Jfpson George Johnson w JonesEaw Leapt Jerome OannecyJe nnson wm Jdr Jones Cbaa y Johnson Hairy Jones D Jerome Thomas AJohnaoa Charles Jones Bam«el jcrlmlab Jerlml-Johnaon W b Jones ViesorH ah Joh&stoo owea Jones Chaa B Jessnp James Johnston Thomasjanesbraa Aeo Jewett brothers Johnston Kaiban Joy Patrick Jewett A us , K ! Keatb WUUamB Krsdall rSt RlbUnnrWmß Kelly JP Kendall DW Kimb4lWmO Keenan APlBJey Kemedy John King Peter KcllarJam«s KcoocdyWj Klrliog Jamect KcUofg it B Kennedy Jamea Kuk Henrr KeUyllaothy KenttayHeaty KrliyKW KeanyPred Klntpatnck Wo J Kelly B J KennrJobn Knickerbocker Kelly Bobert Kent3A_ Joakna Kel& Jeremiah KerbyPatt KclgbrJobn KeUcT J W Kcsler Andrew Knott mr Ke.iey AMcad Ketch am FA Knox George Kelsey George Labbart J V LeUrdCrrcs Long P S' - Lacv C>’ Uoan Ed Loarley George I LadilGeoPcapt LetnanJl IxmgieyHO mkeßM Leonard John lo*«e Andrew 5 3 i |t P John Lepoer Wtltua BLow James LakeWeOs LcsterOtiTer LjwoJE Lancaster KlmrodLcwrenMaitiß B Lawell Aco Latgdcn.WUUns-1/ewU W Ixjwth F W ford Aco Levi* Charles Luff Wm 51 lA&e A Blown Lewis Hiram Lombard Horatio Lane Barry Lnmie* Isaac LarceThosptl&CLcydcoDaoF Lybrand Jacob La*hßdr Light Miles B Lynch Jamea Latham Charles PUocciaJ , LjnchJohn Law Arthur Lincoln L Lyman D*vldß Lawbor Thomas JLltdseyWm Lvman H»nry H •Lawson Andrew Ungle Joseph LtmaaJa* Lavtoc James W Litton Jas Ddr Lvm v» N B LSahy Wiinara Upeniil# W LoynCu Leavitt A Berls UttleDodleT LyonsJobnT . LeeFnncls L>ckwoodTh« LyoasDD r*. iftim s'e«tonl> (lie !>■> UcaDtLTDD John B LoftcsvW l/ow Henry 8 Leuth'on Aco B Loom Charles F A co Maloom M Mack Dr C H Melville Gas Moore-W B Mick ay JchoP Mendenhall drMouraß Meeker Milton A Thomas J Morccasßurr Madsr Rev 17 afenam JJ. iiargan Wm Mtiir) Btaij Merrill W F JJjrMl LC Halley James P Mlrrttu cent A S Morris Milo □ Malloo t'eory MembJoßJ Mirrlsilila* Malone Jobs MetwlaptofO R Mortis J F M«ksT Watson AWeaeive CC Morse John N Malory Aaltn Meuarcapt WU-Morse John T Manhrtdae John U*m M>ncUJ Macs U*U MlddladltehGeo IfortaJl flenry M Manny James Mulml Wm P MortiaM Mfntvy jAB.eS H MlllbOiaUJ ChM MoTtOQ John Matuueid Edward MUlikeo Oliver Uertoa Beorce E MsrcsmeJ iDllikeo B W Merman Robert Slimu W MiUrr Frederick* Moabler w n Msrellos Edwin sen A Boras MoesJDJ Martha# ft ooE MinerJM Moss Patrick Marion ft co UUlerßrvr iir**John Maifciey David MUicr James Molt O W D MDier j Frank M*>oriseD*vlda ■arkn* Chafjf* MLtJsJchn Muddelt Tin MartbGco Mins Nurmy MollloJ MainorjrS lllt'i or DT Malloy Mlclael E Mania LewU H Milts Robert Molvannty James Martia M H MlllaJaceaW Mn.veyJame* Manta BBS Miaier William C Munfbrd Wm B Mania S Miner U M Muneer* Mason MattiaDcnta Mlukler£etbT Mono Keoiamlnr Martin BN Mlichall Wm Mansell UC MsraayJcirT MocattJa« Murdock Wm Mas-er Hetuy Mohan peter MurJorkA Farter MaroncaptuQ MoSso p MnrpheyJama Masco MF Money John Mnrphy Henry Mason nr Moclax tareoei Morphy Thomas Mali ere B J Moniccmory V* m M urphy R l> Mathews M H Morphy Leonard MattbuesUW Mourfmanr Jo* Murray c m Mathew David Mocttcmerv Geo Murray Edwud L Maltese® Aaron Mrnictc.eryS WMurrayJaa Marten JolnC Mr nfsromrry Ell Mcaseo T MarwellE Montm>*HW Msr»rl.R May Rufus H Moody OC UozxryuaptLß Msjxard A O Moody AeoWm *7<rn FJjoti*co Maynard Joseph Uwarr Michael Myers Eugene b • Moore Mathew Mfcr? Chance Msyne Mathew S R 2 Myers Chas McAllister David McDonnell John McKluleTcapt Mc-AnltyJfe McDonooebM McKinney AoOeT McAnJeyJohnC Metavoyd R McAtot Joseph QMcFaduesJas MrKlnneyoaeO Mcßean Arthur McFault* vcKlruti-Tacapt Duff McGtltacuddy J IlUelesi W B Mct-abeJobn SlrUlcmt Cba* 3 McLaurhllnP McCartuey UeurMcutaae Martin McLeod Jl> Ucfarir John Miuntrejss McLunscVmd McCltseDan Wm McMahon JasC MrtTeiian OS McfTeoryKM McManus Thas Mrt lfry Tom D Mclnrrney DeonisMcMorty J Q MrCmroWm Mclntcshd UcMurt? ACcapt UcUikJ K&co A Hood McXamara M F MrCuneJas McKee Don A UcXamce Theo> McCann M McKccnßF dorez ji .u nttM v r _ uuic . McDonald John MeKlozleAlD WcPh*79ouGß McDonald O McSlnrleC McFbemo Joseph McDcsnellE Ksfre) Xocholas JXcwcß G TV Xob’e S C Jis»h C W XcvmasC Xoble Hobert h'eartngFS Nichols HW Noble OL Needbstr Darid NicolaTbomaa Noble T NiemU Jons C Nichols C J Notes William Nelson GeoaS NlchoiaßW NorrtsTbomatS Nelson Cbarles E NichoUanFr»ncisNonhiu* LW Nelson C F NtclioUon Jo«;phNottoa Lb) Neweombe &co Kirhotron Aco No.'toa Timothy 13 A Nickerson J U Norton Albert Z Newcommvßt Ni»onJusti» KoryWliUcmP NswcUJamcaU Noble Wesley A MoyesGeoU o 0*97160 John M« O'Neal Christo- Osborn Lockwood O'Brtca mr topher R O'ConßeUlhomasO'Ncal A Lawson Onsley John O'Grady Pat o'Nciic George otertoojc O'Meara James OattsßJ owcaa Timothy P Pace M Oft co Perinff Chase Pope Ctus Faseiesall- Pern*t«AK PirterCA Paine Lemuel C Perkins A Norton Porter A VTsnier Palrl» James Perkins Uroa Porter Frank Palmer Lyman Purlcy G C Post j M Palmer Ttoa Per ry Cnai B pottei tTilUam PslmerbD Peter John Power Morris Palmer prof Ptniitt Chas M Powers Hemao 2 Pardo Uoraceter Phillips W a Powers A J Parkw Phillips Ft Poynt. Emanuel Parker CJ Phiaip* Eddie PrauLM . Parks J Pickard, JohnD PredoPGAco 1 PtTkaGeo PtrkmslH John nrrcfJc E C Parsons C Q Pickett Michael PreaUs. A N Parsons J n Pierce L A Prescott D B Psrtrfdaebß Pierre A Pnee Robert P I'aiuin Alvin A Pierce Alfred Price Tawxiore c PeabodT Jas B 1 P'.erce J Rebry Price John p Pease ban Mercy Richard Priest n H PcueJrbnF PileThcaJ Prim John Peary Frank PllmotcCTV Proctor Alfred H Perk J Lyman Plummer Eatnuel Procty A Lnbrlka Paitlsin Wilton J pollack Lewis PachJo&n w Peneyjsmes Poor JAA co Putnam JC dr I'enneU P P Q QoltkLL Qulcn Owen (Julaa Patrick J n . R»dfbrd L RI«UT8? 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Thompson M A Tracr Barthold TaixerTP ItiCQUUooX new Taylor Frank V Thompson IliCryTrtran Wn C Tejlor J»m** f Trev Artow I> 191 lor lewis Dr Ttompton Jamcii Tmxcll C»niam!u ItTlorUtnrseX Thompson U T ATrumoie W a Teeta Edward 3 Co Tremboli John Telford Alex Thompson JO Tucker Henry Tb*yrrSßMD lloroGJI) Tucker mr Thayer Abram Thorutoa David TaIIUCE Theloc Henry TUaslon John il Turner & Evans Thottt* Wm Tlco .*ohn R Turner Jas Themis Owen DTle.-BeyWai TurocrThosM opt mton Theodore Turner C A Thomas Noah Tlmaota jntmWmTorner Abner TliCmas Cbuiee Tls alewQ Turner John Tumui; B rev Titus Augustes Tuthlll Mtt T bonus Fd T<bl:is 3 TtjUle-ar Thamse Gorrce LToMn Eow&rd Tottleß R Thome# Ucorye Trie M W Tweedle William Thr-mu EltM lolm»n.JohnH TjlerJlD Thomas JU Ttciptlns Garret-Trl*r E Thomas J A eon TUmpeonJoha Tompkins John WTyler W A U CptOß O P r VatiAmburahH Vsl! Isaac 9 5 Varner JD Van AcdenUias A'aientioe E D Varnnm J B Van DeostnEUiM'an Horn GeoryeVaaeban H 6 lent U Vanderpool AmosVioert J O Van Veter J A ATanderwi-ddn DVoorhei* John cos W Vore L T F Van ValkmbarsbVan R&naaaler jaa Robert \V William* Geo ESWf.UJ I. <tco WUUamsMartla William Dan G Wells Geo D William* W B WasstalfAE vre»p!ei) ff WjnumiWmllS WtkrtUQ NathanWemwonh C &wuiiam«WmM Vit'iiiii M C co Williamson Ju N ■WaiktrlheodoreWestllamT WUlamion Tbo* Wadi* orthtnothWi it Henry _A W alker J H Wot A J WlL’etilraL Walker J W Weitoa Cbaa W Wilset Eraiauts Walker Sami * coWeteell O P WU>on J F Waiterl.ncaa P Wheeer Sff «1 #oaFrank Walker mr Wheeler Albert Wiiaon Frank C - Walker Jaa Whlnery C G Wuaon B L Wn’knpWH Whipple Henry wri>oa Henry WaUCA Whipple Ja# WUaoaChaa. WallareAV Whipple Geo A WRaonJaa . Waller It J Whhsyja# WHioaGeo3 Walsh MottAeo White David 9 Wilson WlUord WalehJohnP* White S Frank WllonWm WallworthWesk} White J N < Wilson Wm F W White Alex Wilaza Lyman WaltherE&co White A Q capt Ward Timothy White aeuod 3 WiocheQ David WardH WhmasWTnß Wlschcll Elu mr WamcßC Whitman William or nr* Wane Cheercr* 0 3 Wmn-hlp Joseph col Whitman U Ago Wlods.>r Jaa Warner G W Whitman W Wlsuwood John W uim N H & CoTWtltaey C A WinjateCE t Warren JH Whitney John 3 WioneChaaß W ajren Frank Whitney Chaa Winslow £ M WarrtnfßC Whitney OD WinteranleP P» Walking teno P GWhlton A B WtoUm B O trot Whittaker A Bro Wirt* J C Waterman Leri Whittier BandallWittensonDC w aier A u Wuel mr Watson Joseph Wnittct John WoJ Ralph W alien T p Wicltra AG Wolf John L Watson B Wlotenr, Brad-Wolfbrd A Watson BH ford leoS Wood Geo W Watson C A WlrysniJa* Wood Thos WaylasdAß WiszvntJSl Wood Joseph Weaver Bobert S Wirnt Joseph WWocdJ Aonstoa WchbChss KfcotWmH Woodcock T 4 Wt her Harry WUdaanWD Woodley Sarrr B Webster ABnke WUerjame* Woodrntf CHnraf Welch 31 C Wilkin Chat H Ward Wm K M Welch BlcbartJ WttklasJaaU WrlyttWH WetltncJC WHklnaßDdr WricntWm WeiUcctonE WlUlard John WrUhr Allan M Welllcaton Wal-WlUiard Goo Wyer cW 3 Uce C . Tecjnaca G*o B To"t* Tfn S*oaaffPe«r TronutoeSl*: Toan« Whitfield XooagUX VnrCfLgWl YOUtgJtlT I MISCKLMNKOUtf LETTERS* . ACOICSB NCWS Co „ . JaiMSC 1 AjtliiuWocl* W*Co J JIP CLltsgoCoKmeicUlßQit* Lost * a«u Amt; Mr Boarding Matter ho. ' Chicago Fltef t Paper 9» Harrison ;i t co Propriety of Common 1 cio USatouzT B«a*e Sewing Machine Ccpgrtti Collar Co . POD^ljrerSUl Cotton Seed Oil Worta tect Excelsior Base Ban i DWAS Club to.gjmotijan-j *** Djaora tolp, Ktsk For the Editor ol tha Max- EFBW kct Review Freedman** rtioa Com* wci , „ . mtMlMi WCTSotaton Lodge 10 Great Weatem Matrafae* OT torr Weatern Medical Office ! Jli HULUKIiSBBKIir, Prom Do ember 24 till December 9th. 1866. 73— D w Tarrderrofker | TS-MJs* Katy t*b Bench -73-WtllUtn Booirert 1 ot 7|— M H WKrentcrC 7T-Jsccb Sleticma ■S—Dirk Tan UerscSOt 19— B Tan Baa Leo | p>—Ann* Horjs —Office open from the tst of April to the Ist of Ko* T»maer I ftom7a-m.tlQ7l< p.a.: from Xomnber Ist to April ux, from Ba. ta. ail 7p. m. *VbeTcsUtmißWUi remain open on til 9 o'clock p. m. On Sosdays Pom 83f a. bu dD j 0 ajn.ea B. A-GILMOBE. P. M. 23osiiU03 Cates. T>LAIB & JEFFERSON, COMMISSION MEBCHANTS, OFFICE. 204 FBOKT-ST., " j. x.n/ntMi. } MEM PHIS, TESN. Liberal cash advaeccmerta made oa ft>n»lgrmsr fa. QEST. HATTEN & CO n Wholesale Commissiou Herchanta No. GO MoGtia-stH Between F and G-eta,) DENVER. COLOttAPO. TXRESSED HOGS I ■; WfmCH.f* AND WEHinT LISTS Fonilihed gratia. fUghazt market prices xuarantcsd Prompt retnrnetnade. Correspemderew solicited.- BEDMOMD A CO, Oca'i Com'a M-rchti. 63 WsshißgtOQ-sL, Chi cage, UL special Mmuxg. pmate natter*. In tn PrlTale Matters go (or write) to Dr. OLAKKE. 97 Clark et. Pcib sexes counlt hlto cpr*destially. t>r End stamp tor circular oa Isle invention Or Married People. Ferosl-MBallperoos. pr &« c sumo lor boot lor victims of sell- thnaA Adqreas ictfars DR. CLARK*. No. 4 Larmou Bloc* Chicago. 1 Tbo Gorham manofactarlnz Company, EUvamltha,of Providence, B. L, Islbna the trade that th«y are producing tie Siretro-plaiM Good*. ooa>- prfstae lull Dimer ano iea atrrlces %m Table Vraie 01 r»ery deicrtpnon.of s t«rfr suncrior quality sad ot new ana etersa*. deaiena. TLe psm la Nictol Mirer, ccunwht bisadercsl'ot Pare surer r( each thick nrss tbst ttey oosseu all tee adraatarea ol solid silrar a nuitcy. and trom beamy ot d-aisa and sn pert or fla- Irh are cDdisfttcntshsb'e from It. The Uorcnm Manulsetonoj com pa or rt£er via cm- Menee to the hiub npotallon taey_haTe«st*nli.b3d a the predoctlca of Solid Hirer ware, in which they bare tees for many rMrtensaree.ardtheycowas sure ttc pobUc that they will ftill* toat reputa tion by t** prortnetioa of K’retro plated Warra of such quality sx.d txvatse dnrabtliy as will insure entire stOsteclloD to the purchaser. Ail arbcUt madj by them are tuaped thus: IU O S UUM>B Vro Acd all an fblly guaranteed. They itneecs- Mty pAitlcularly to call the alientluo gi parch»««r* to the aporc trsre-marif. as their designs ba*e bevn si ready extensively imitated. These soods can only be preenred from responsible dealers thn/ughout ma ooaLiry. Prepared OU of Palm and 31ace t For pres err la* rtstonn<aad beantUyinr the hair, and U the most dsUgbUbl and woodertnl arbcle the world «?cr produced. Ladies will Had It not only a certain remedy to re* store, darken and beautify the hair, hut al«o a desirable article tor the Toilet, as Itu highly perfumed with a rich and delicate perfume, independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and Mace. Tnx Mxzm or pxsc—A p*r ftise, which, |n delicacy or scent and the tenacity with which It cling? ro the handfierchlet and person, u one* quailed. The abort! articles mr sale hyaßDroszlsti and Per* Upcxbotflc each. Sent by express to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WniQIIT & CO, 10OUberty-tk,Kew7orK. for sale by J.U. HEED & Chicago. “A Valuable ne4lelne« **Dr. Ptolaod’s White Pine CocpcufaL advertised tu oar colunmt. Is a suco ssfal attempt to combicc aid apply the medicinal virtues of the White Pine Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by people tn tbi* city ud Ivtafettf, and the proprietor has teattxoolxls oZ na nIHMn pertoss well known to our cliireca. We recommeod Its trial In aO those esses oTdlssase to ( which It Is adapted. It u fbr sa'e by our drug j girts.**—CN. T. Independent. ! The Great New England Remedy 1 Dr. J. W. Poland*# ; WRITE PINK COMPOUND 1* new offered to the ftf- I dieted throughout the country, after bavin? bon proved by the test of eleven year* (atheN'ewfogfaod States, where its menu have become at well knows as j the trte from which, la pan, it derives Its virtue*. { The While Pine Compound cures ioroTbroat. Oo’idi, ! Ccuah».Dipnthena. Cronebms,Spltur«of 3lood.and I Pulmonary Affeeaona Reoersd y. It la a rrotartohle | remedy for Kidney complaints. Diabetes, Difficulty ol [.Voiding trice. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blod ; der.Gravelancothercooplalnu. For Plica aoJ bcur -1 vy It win be found very vatuaole. j Give It a trial If yon wor.ld lean the value of a pood ■ and tried muUclcs, It uoleasaat, safe and sure. Sold by Druggists s&d Dealer# la Meairfne* gene rally. BURNHAMS A VAN SCRAACK Wnoietale \ agents. | Dr. James. Tte toDosrJa* editor lal concerning Dr. Jaaea. 01 * 93 Bandolph-et, comer of Dearborn, Chicago, 111., asd celebrated mrong hoot the country as a Spxcial ctt in tbe treatment cl I'bitat* Ddobsxu, U Gen tte Memphis Bulletin of Sorembcr 31, JWS: •• Ciuso* or Location.— Tbere are ft w pHiMelatu ♦*jntbeconniTT»boti»-ve»oeit«nsiec a practice as M Dr. J»»M.CI Cblcaeo. Dr. James w*i fjnnrrlj •* ccosccted ujib ihc Lock Hoeplul ot New mleand, ~at drank* bleb la t&o particular «ipe cine Dcore>- M e:on vblch beta* adopted a*asp.-cia](r. ills G»ni« M Pa* crie abroad throu.-b many tlt-ei,nsnbli patlunU *• feme trvm UJ parts ct the reentry. Ha nasju>j pjl> “ l(>hed at fw and en'trc->t eeiUon of bl* wed t no*n •• wore, Tlie Monitor, *n;ct> bas alr-mdy htl a Terr •* large clrcnutko. Dr. Jam* baa r*:o>red tom his M n'(fifficetoanextertiTp suite >.f roams at 41 •• Eandolph-at., carter of Dear horn, Chicago, whore lie “ran be consul t-.d personally atd CjoOucu(iaUt- or or Metter.upoaaddfaase* which pertain tnhWcpcclai* *• it. U<* win he found at hi* o»re dally, from 9 lathe “ iron. Ice till 8 In ttcercLlnj" Dr. Jamescvnbeconsulted a*, his cSlci and parlors, Cland93Haadolph-*t., from 9 a. in. to S?. m. Sun day 8, dories the far* soon* THE MONITOR, ccntatslsg 250 pages of Important Information to the o'-d and Toons 01 both ssie*, can be bail by sddmslngCr. Jam*?, P.O. Rox 696, Chica go, 111. Enclose 50 ccati and fonreetta fir podtge. I»r, YVbltuer, 164 South Clarg-*u enres ail private diseases wlthoct mercury ur poisonous drag*. to much to be dreaded. Semlnit wcahucea, mall ju varied forma, ccr«d In a ftw weeks. Young mecaiSloted with dreams at hleht. producing weakness of the wtolo body, cos ttreucss, ringing In me car*, call and rec.'lve the Doc tor's opinion tree *4 charge. Dr. 'V. pnollih-a a guide to hearth which sbonlu bt In the hands of everyone; free ct charge. Send three cents to pay pottage. i KDce bonrafromSa.ia.gnUl Sp. m. Fost Office Dux a-Atf t. Dr. Thomson, ITcmetor of the Mcdlca. aid nurcical (hstitute, 17S Paoib <;i*rt iU has treated all form* of veser«*l utv eaae with uopreeentcd saccen fjfncsny l'<rtyTean. Spettuhtorrhcsa and impotence ttetted arith vbc hsc* Seat lesolw. TVQcclars of the lualtuto and the ctdemalkd free to any address* t. O. Dor 7a, Cnt cago. 111. or. iioalit Sasser* Regularly Qnallßed PhyalcUn. bariLC ipe't the I ait S years in practice, and in n*lllag the ate deal Codege'. Clines, lilllUry wad other of the dost, may noarbecvniolt-dop chronic, cerrogi.iemlaal awl an sary olsturs. of Wdt vexes. Ousg his specialty) at bta office. »9 Candclph-*;. BatCDelorif llair Dye* The Ben 1c the Wtriil! Uanuleu re. a-sc, luitacta* neoot. The only perfect Dye! No dwaobolotmeci— torldicclotutlota. SlgL»d. Wiuus A ItATcust*>B. Mu fort. AIao.UEGRSBBATINb hJCfrt.VCr O? MUJJE-Fl-£CBa—ce»iurta priwervas and heauunea the hair. So<d ty ad Druggist*. d-a*aUfc-lv Hr. B>;elutr« jlarinc the confluence ot tsepa:itca*rtthemollT»i .lacolty at large, U toe mo«t rcAable pbysictaalßthe 1 cJtyibrcbronicji«rTott»aad»cxiuf dlieate*. Call at • loj office. 179 South coixer_of Monro*. Bl* snJeVic health, pa.U*hcd monthly, teat fte- to : - any addm*. Uooks for tj)£ JijoUhags. OHOIOE ILLUSTRATED GIFT 13 O O ICS. Fbl&UatT D. APPLETON' * CO., Sew tort. ssJ Cjr file Hf s. C. GRIGGS & CO M CHICAGO. UIEOPUAN t«YMBwL.*3' kD Dr THE JMONTHu .OF THE I'EaIL la tbf Ir Seasuu u>t Phi*.:.*. w*th Passages srlt-tPA ft cm Ancient and An , than. BrlHctardlTgott Acccaip-vaiwl fir a rla ol JSraii-pare Blostrattun*. *ud ii*ay unulred Mtnrlcsl Devices. Decoralea iolUal Letter* aud Tall Fucet. engraved ou wood Cram onziuxl de sign* t>v Jubn Leighton. 1 to!.. 4t0.. t all morocco eniy-fM; Coll morocco extra or antique, £S. INTO CH*"iPRIE® OF SOJ'G; or, Lyrics, MilrlcxU. tetnets *ra .‘."her Occasion* Verse* »•! tb* ttsg I,b poets of the Un J»o Hundred T»»r». With c’rttl cal and tilocrsotucil Bt waiter TtwroUnry. Illustrated by Original rl^ r « ofßnuocosArn»t*. Itacb put surrounded by colored border*. 1 vol., small 4U>., ifi unique clou. vlUt viaip, t»2; Koiccco.clegant, flfi. _ CHRISTIAN BAt-LADS. By the Right Her. A.C?ere /sod Casr, JJ. !>.. Ms Imp of Wtatera New YarX. New edition. rm«ed ly the aath r. Draat'fblly 11- lustrattd «110 It foil-page engraving*. aid nearly U head and tall piece*. Uy duon A. Ho - **. 1 T 'l_ Bto~ cloth, Jfi; morocco, antique or extra, |3*. crushed levant morocco, <lO. HALF HOURS WITH THE BEST FRENCH AC- TfIOHS. Short pa-sag** Pom a->mo or the ra-wl celebrated pro*c writer*. translated Into Kueli-n. with thirty engravings oa wlka! kvia far Emile isyard. i vol., royal Sto., clots, extra, S 3: morocco, HO. toe GALLERIES of VIENNA. A selection ol en gravings after ihe no»t celebrated pictures la !be Imperial Gallery ol the Fel»«ero. and from other renovseo collection* In Vienna, v un dcv—lpclve text, by Adolphus GoerHcg. Eso. Translated roa the German by W. C. WraatuLore, Esq. 1 roL. tto-, morocco antique, {33. TBE CELEBRATED GALLERIES OFMCNICH. TV log a selection irotn the royal collections of the rtnakuteh and at SdcUUabalm, awl troca the Lenchtenberg Gallery. With u historical aanuot cf the Schools ol An, by £. Uullo*ay, Laq. 1 vjL 4t0., mcrocco acuqce {». BOIAL UREeDEN GALLERT. Brin* a selection of subjects cograved alt r pictures by the great mas* ter*. Berchem. Boh Canaiato. Ctraraggi-*, Carlo Dolce Claode Lorratce.'Towcle.Goen.inl. Guido Keel, Metro. Miens, Neteber. Ostade, Kaouael. Rtmbrandt. ilua-n», Tcaleta, Vandyke. Waiver mao,etc. With accompanying notices, cotkdstlag ot Tales, Biographies, etc. 1 vuL, Wo., suorooco actlqne, fsc. BERLIN AND rTSTBEASYKEe. Belcc a senes of views of the principal uullditg*, chnrehea. Mono* ments, etc., a lib a selection of Bdiject* tro u the Royal picture Gallery and otb»r reneettoos ol paintings: together with interior ylewsoriae Near koM um and copies of modern plctar* ■ * bleb ad >ro Us a alls. Accompanied by an historical live account of the Pzaaslao Capital. Engraved la the first styleonatcele. 1 roh, tUK, morocco an tique, {SO, THE COOPER YICNFTTES.Jrom Drawings by F. O. C. Parley; ccnslstfcc of ‘•Artist's Proof* Dtfora ittter, cn India o«per, of each of the hu*s Vig netu*. Csgraved tor the lUustrswa Edition of Jamea Fenmmore Cooper’s Worha. Tbcproofii are sixty In number, andeaebts taccd vitn a page of letter press cescrlptive ot the subject, i *uperb fbbo volume. Morocco extra, or antique. {3O, TBE QUEENS OF ENGLAND. A Serfs- of Portraits of Distinguished Fcmal' gpvcnlxas. Prawn and Ejgravcd by the most Eminent Arttstn wunßl> graphical and Historical Deaerlptlons. By Ague* fetrlckland. A New Edition. LopcrlalSrv, I voh, morocco antique. |l3. WORLD-NOTED WOSfEN; Or. Typo ol Womanly Attributes of AU Lands ana Ace*. By >l«ry Cow* den Claite, Author of "The Girlhood of hoax rbeas»*» Utrclr.w,~ “The Complete CoucorJaoea toi-fcakspeare,*' **Tbe Iron Coo uios* trsud vub 17 Eneravlnza *n Steel, tram Ort final Dettcna by CbaxUt Staai. i elegant volume, bean* UmJy printed in Imperial Svo. Morocco antlqae, extra, is. THE BFPUDLICAN COURT; Of. American Society In me Day* of Washington. By R. w. Griswold. . A New Ecltlos, with the Author’s last Adlltun* ' and Corrections. With 2S fine Steel Portraits of D]‘Urgoisbetl Women. J baodwnw vol,ioyalSro, morocco antliiue, {2O. OEMs FROM THE DCSSELDORF GALLERT. Pho tognpbed Cron, the Original ncturee by A. A. Tor> ncr, andlstrodoced—fbr the first time—aod-r mo tuiMSlntaKleeoeof B.Pradsbtst; with |etter*pren dcecrlpllre ol neb picture. ■ New Edition. I ne - gant toU isrge Uo, morooco antique or exrn. |3O. fcTBATFOBD GALLERY: Or.Tba hood. Coo>Dn*lng 43 Ideal portraim. Described by Dra J. W. palmer. 1 tuL, Imperial Sto. In ' morocco, ia. D- A A CO. have now ready their Holiday Catalogue cf Presents, consisting ol the beat t tamtam I-Ue.-atare. superb Gift Boob, Cbolee Edlttoes of the Fora, Ac. it may be bad gratoitoeaiy, on application, ot d. APPiarrofr & courr aits', 443 and 44S Uroadimy. New York, AND OF C. GRIGGS & COtt cmcAfio. jfnt tlje SJoliiaas. t‘ HRISTMAB AND NEW \EAR’b X, GIFTS. GREAT WATCH 9 ALB. un the pc polar one-price rlaa, fclvlnc erery patron a hacdsoioe and teilab'e >v*u:a tor the low ptlceof Ten Pollan, vitbont rexara to Tains, and not be paid sat mleat perft ctly siQx&ctory I 100 Solid Gold BcnUxgW.-ttehe*. to f») 100 Made Cased Gold •vatchm. AO to MO 100 Ladies' Waicnes, enameUed i» to SM KC Gold Hon ting Chronometer Watches,. iiO to SOI XC Geld Hnaarg A'nzJUh ?X Ca SW 900 Gold Hanttnr Pnpfex Watehee ISO to 330 SOJGoldßoitlnrAmerlmaWatches ixto S 3 Utf Slteer Htraonr Levs* SO to 130 &0U bUver Hoaucc Pnplexe*. 75 to 350 bU>Co.dLaal(ft* Watches.. Mto 00 t LUC Geld Unnticg Lcttoes 10 to 7$ MlsctLaceons surer Watches. SO to IW aA{OHBS»Bp Surer Watches. Sto 90 W 0 Assorted Watchet, all kinds . 10 to 73 Erery patron obtains a Watch by (hi* arrangement* CMilDgbDltia.wtuieltmayhevorthiwO. Mo parti ality »hows. _ _ Mc«&n. J. KckUmr* Co.'s Great Union Watch Cov New Tort City, wUhto immediately dispute of the abovemsjniUlmtetock. cmißcax tamisgthear tides are placed In waled envelopes and weU mixed. Holders are eottued to the artcinoamod on their cer tiorate, open payment ol T*o Do lan. *be - Jier It be a Watch worth fTSO or o* e wurth less. The ntom ol any of enr ct rtificatea enttUes yoa to tee articiui named > thereon, a non payment. Irrespective of Us worth, and I asnoarticlevalnedlets than sUts named oft any cer. tlhrate.ltwUl at once be seen that tnU Is o> Lohery, bn: a •straightforward legitim ate transaction, which msy be participated la even ty themOttUstldlcnsi Atlniie Certlfinttewlllhe sartby call, povftoald, noon receipt of ‘A ctA, are for tu ekreo tor fi, thirty three and elegant premise, for gS. sixty-* 4 .* aid jnnre TstoaMepreniloa. lor |lO,onehn-died and most su perb Watch for Jis. Po aifontt or those wisaior «a pbym(s.tthisltarareop9«rtnnlty. UVsnlegininat> ly cc&dncted bosiness, duly authorized by the Govern, t&m, and open to the most carnal scroUty: Try as! Mims J. mCBLUU 4 CO„ 140 Btoilway, M.T. fScHtEal, gCHEKCK'S PXJLMOEIC STRTIP, sea-weed tonic, &ZZ.Z* J. TUB HISTOBT oy DU, SCBKSCWb OTTS CASK, A*D now Bh WAS cv HF.H O=■co N 3 U li. TION- Maty years a«o, wtila re>id»« la FhiiwielpbU. I hnu pu»aris,cx< eradcalO -to toe u-t iucs ui ‘'j meoiiry caumaßUon. All hopes of bit recovery he- Itg I «as a-'Ylsed by my pay»laic. In. swrirft. to remote mwthicouavy. V. J..«ooctp:Demllesci9tAßt.betm; n* n.are qlvja 1 was f«aoreo thl’btr. occapymc t* • t.jiirttr, in th« transition. Mf lather and ail birtami rh«a\]Teil au« Clcatiert—aiddieqof FUiaionar> c.asa np-joa. Oa my iJilrai at Murrestcwn 1 was paiwt. o, «nere 1 lay fbr mstyweeis la what was drca.ol abo»<-jc«4 cotdlUoa. tr. Therutoe, who hs: been tayiAtht*: latully ptj'Klsa. aedbad attended him ta M« last u • cess, was called to »«eme. HethousstDy ;st««ic:r— iy beyond the rvaeh of mealcine. sod thrt t Oauat dju, and care me cue week to vrsaro hjt i<~tp ra< aflalis. la this hopeless coodtUal hrani cl the remedies wiilcb 1 now u.aho and >cl. It imut toerthatl conlalte' them worklasrihelr war, ard ptneawcer every eerre, Übrv and zt my system. My lUßfft and ilrei put oa a uew ssann. aad tbo mc.s bla matter, which hao tor years aadim uifd the dldrmt oruaa* cf th: oedy. w-.i eUmln«tod: thetubertesoainySums tipesed,a.c 1 exoccvirstkai from siy lnse» aa onca as a tluici y»!Iow ixT-asi. c nstur rrery itcmlßc. A* Jhl< expei toratlonof ajai- Ur subkldett, the lever abated, me pain left cimtae conch cessed to harass me. and the nlzut twents were 10 loiger sm.wh.uid 1 bad refreshmr sleep. u» which T hac icnr beet a stfiafn. My anno •ite tow becan to rtturo, and um-s I round It di3- cult to resuainmys-lt from tatlcc tro o-ca. Wlta this rerum r( health I sain'd In streazto, *ad tow ao. Ceshy, 1 am cow « healthy mao. win* a ttr« aeaiwi acalrtiiotbe mlidle lot«eofthe rlcht useaad *be ower lube crpauxed. with complete aohesion ol the pleura. ir*oULd,»M ra* upper loco cl the right ore t* la a h lerablj health* co.dnioc. Coa-tuapfca at that time uwa tnoustt u be aa ioenrahie disease by every Che, phy-hli:* aa well «< ihoac who were suresrued in mcoicne espectsliy smb Cases as were recoced to the conditiou I was to. Ills Ipcuced many peepie to penere ms recover? only u-tuporary. tnow Err pared ana ear- isc>ctu« to sbd made maay wonder fcl cores, sioa the demand itrreassd «o ramjy that I detent, lied to< Ser tbex to the ••uNt.*, and d-tote my ÜBCl«ided attnnon to fare dl«ca-js. la tau. 1 was text to orceo to it, t, r people would serd tor ae, lay sccncox, toasctriam whether their ca»ea woe like mine. for mas? yea**, to with my pnaatel cfllce in PBUadelphm. 1 have been maklne regular pro* I'Mlor al Tin Is to New York. Boston. Balttmote and PlttebdrirC. f.-» tbury years part. (ha?e made as many as o?e hundred examinaiivns wtckly, with tbs “Ceiptroma tet." For scch examinations tcy choreeU tVvUdUara, and it reables me to civeeMch patient tae true condi tion of his disease, and tell him traekly whether he wtU setweU. TLo great reason »by physiaans do sot rare Coa. *nn.fiilcn I*. ihot u<-y try t,ac n>, much; ia*y qtra medKlneatosuptoeeouch. to stop the aiirhi »weata. beetle tever.aod by todoing they derange dr whole »«cr.-iUoa, andeva* tually u e paQent dies. The > nnsonlt.- Syrup is one of the most valuable itwJlclEe, mown, Itlandlrtect.powerraitT hrtllnc la Itself. It rauiwss 00 cplum. yet ?j sen, me pr.elgm in the brocchlal tubes, ana nature ihnw* it etc With I!UJc exertion; ote bottle frequently certs an or* dir ary o»d: but It win be wjlarrt ta Uic a ae»j ol bcbftiCk’aMaadrvkePlUa, tocatnv the«'«n:ach Th** Pslaoxtc tyj up U rwdhy digested axd aha'woed iota nkoft, to which it leparu Its ceauu pteperths*. It la cec rl tbebc-.t r, n-«e; nsa crfol tonic U itteli; and when the Seaweed Tonic dla •unves the mocus lo the »to math, as.l la carried off by the ale of tbn Mandrake Pit s, a bealt-y sow of gastne Juice. «oo<i appt'Uie and a oood dleetUin P-Uo«. IheSenv-'cen Tontr is « atlmnlast, and uone other Utvtjulmiwhen Illsu*ed. Itfsrore and pleasant; lo had tutu -Ike whenn'lnr Boc-b n whi-key, wMeta df«rder» theitomai-ti, torpors the liver. I*wk- D 9 afr the s^ a Tvll»aa.tutr« the htoivlttto water* drupiy a«2a ts.aud tbeoat ent dlea suddenly. Buorbon whiskey urocontmenaod now-a-dsya or al m» »t etc/y phyvlciac. Many paneaa who ay roetue, both mate aod tenae. lie «in, tota p -Inin. Ibereiui u trap-wary, if Ihty coaeu, trey Ukea.’iU-e whiskey; if they reel -«ak and AmMo. tney taxealltU* whiskey: tl they caanct sie p.'hcy use a tute whiskey; and utec toon in this way. requinuy mote end core, until th**? areb oatodup. aid imagine they ate gettinc e«Ly. rhe surnaA, Ucir sad ul gv»u?e powers atecomphtoydrstroyeiLiuid |o*<* taevr ■fpr-ntc tor hod. No oie v«s ever carol oi'cotviumn* tlonby tntaprreiss.wberei*anti<s have bcca timed m the ranys. A lltdestiscLiatls ireqnentiy pcrcocisi to cotmirpUTea, rocn a» pure brandy or r*t>3 w;;*«; in t_ar ; caeca l/uodnnporhr or brown st-at la rate quantities: tot Bourbon wLlrkoy hastens on ta* stead of curihg fotsnmpttsn. The SEAWELd IONIC produces lasting tlcroopbiv Invignratii.e thr 6b.n.acb suit dl.-iauiru »rrt‘m, acd etiAbrnr It t<- eliminate ana maze into healthy; luoctncfix.d that mat b* usot tor t*at par* pcse. It Is to wonderful tttta effect! liaia wine giasc roll will curst a hearty irca , and a littie ct it um before breakfast will give a tone t>- Ih* which ftwa-»dlcic«!*e<'es«>»thep.weroi doing. The MA>DRAKE PiU-' 4 ®*'. h'-tar*u with ecOrw MNiyhy all and conditions, trodnclns all lb* c<*. d tb«t esn he cbut-ec trum t alcmei cr say nf the met run cl mcolctnra, and w.ibont an? ol tb*tr laiubl or Inlurlucs rtsulo. They '•arty --ut the #y** tem the ftt iiienf and won-out matters K opened aod rt'.i»r.iTttliy tny EeawwdTctteand Sytup» It wilt be setn that all three of ay u edianesafenmi* td la meat case* to cure cennmiptuu. F alien is can, uusnit me profralo-.all? at mr rnourc, RIS Doca »t.,>cw Yor*.every lUKbDxY, ir*”-i 9 A mxtßSp. in- Ail advice (iwu/cuoie; but tor % thot •<o|h cxoibinaucc* «lUi hi* rcClto-rtUr, jo. Price ot thePulrromcfynsp irrtiPisfrt To Ir, »i<-h ft :a per br»u«, cr ** 10 ih<- naif .uw«a: Mandrake Pi.j,. za ne.ta a box. bkldby urngklsu and d.aler, e*>fj -htfe. a full suppyeat- always be obtained at oil rooms,- Dc.nd-sh.Nfw York. DFMASUAIiNtS A Part row. New York. General TVhojfaa e Agccu. fctODOSHS / \*FICE OF TUK SLTBUIXTEN’D- V / EM OF COSSThUCTION OF TUt U. S cot'in ilOUrvE. Sunucdiid. IlllnoU, Due. 10. li’SA Sea'ed propovals will he ro tivcuat thecae-of Sa* perlnteLdi.T.t of L'rnec Slates Coori H r-»o. si t-iirtig te.A i:ilDCi»,r,ui|| 12 o*cloex m., December it la, D*r ca>t-ircn columns, pilasters, and their hot*, capital fates, Ac„t*<;tilrcii tor the £prtrigdc;d. JUlrois. Court lionee*nr I’ovt Ulßcr, now cr-edne. Drawing*oftha autk.rhuwlng dinr-amas. design and extrUt of It, u.»y Lcirti. andriiUiUed urcaiD aMng aiuiyoidv, or by application at the Ca -tcm 11-a**. ..t Ciil-ago. Illinois. cmclj-ali, Ohio, Pittsburgh. Yen sjivsau*. amt fit. Lotus, Missouri. Tne pattern* for capitals must be sol milted to the SupcrtnuserteM far »m>rvvat t t;ore cwuMn*, and beda ana u»ps ot column* and vi-xs tenmo>(b« planed true. All the costings must be round. of er«m thlclnm. sharp arris*!'* a: d smooth tacts, and the ornan>sptadon must iw-if superior RnUh. lh«!oclj:efreurlitaad do leery, must be circa In tree* and the w:o e ot lUj worn nrn>i be 'i-llrercd In fiprlcsdctdbs or before the Ist'd M.irch. ISSI. Uiu* u<ust be aci-ompapltd br a bona ot in respaa* tlMc parJle., m«ho »mn oflljvfl. that th: UUI j win perl f nu tlieccrfractlf a«md <1 »• hue. Mila trust be to A.ScliwarU. SaptrluVad* nx i! the uew C< net Uoote wtSvriagileJn»l Jloab.asA tanstbccndorßes,“lTopoialßfot Iron Wo;x. . A. fiCQWARZ, finpertitendoßt. J^OTICE. Ccbtow Hot%*, o<n>XbSßCßan«9-Y.*> SrrmsnaniLM's Orru r, .“•ovetEber U3. l'wj. v Seated prcpi-snls will be ivrcrtprf at tao ofll» of tba eoptriUeiOentof Ibr now Cft.Uxn. Hon I ** atO*Vs%»- tun ;h. s.Y., nnniuo’cioc* c . tau 2f>th aa» .(J aatrirr. MG:, far funtitfucic "Bddftli'rtnajt dlmeo»l» - n sawe? tw ite outeUeatone vsarkot tbebalWlnx above tie voa tvc- Tbe atone required b (or ta« and»«, BBtfWWVSfnJSf’i! ot cbltrufy ten*. nrd aim for, ifd-<*»n*d t •t tae i&.ereii the Us>vrr&me&t to oat isclm la to; place oc orwfcd, trui. Arv of atone, «brUi:r craalV*. marble or s*i Oitnne, surfra. or *ay other. le «Jn;r.!tv?t,bat bird 3.3 y I epfcpo> man te «.t thj uaont 'dtuabie uraluy. at Coca et lor. flat* Crain, laapersloca *3 water, perfectly unaffected by froat aa-l ca pable oi r«el»la? afloettniab. Tbe rtir» ■ f theß--c* required are various s wtr dlni-t won? may be prorated treat drawinrv a* toe bapetia tivaVs oCi«-<i, ibe total araoaot of tot»« oi- CPUi.D ►rose.’. escludre of itie aatUr, win be *ooul ICdCC cubic &■>(, TI.-atone a Ofi Md-Ilrcrel laihcrooihoutheMteoi tiebnllolnx. or each olwe u niay b<* dtaltnted by lie SnpeH-v.'nr.’nt. a»a prs »'mls rrttM he trace b> U»"caMcf-v)tof stoned* leer ed, inclusive of *■! freik.t. baullor, &c. Maa«ureai»tt lobe asde on deliver}, byaatoorictd agents cr tie bancrlLtesoait, and tea per cent, of all atymenta r» utrcdcoU 1 ccrapletlrn of roitraets. Tu* proposals “biaunon bei'-r t meh »ndß-ladi a»biar, oy too —i m c*ct Wad. **“eu«2, of the atfere proposed ■***« u, itt» fwperin.-tf-i}. ' ad topeiCcltu 1... fc«2cp}t* rt jJj to tcfarckhcd, aunt be «aL.uu cut b-loreth-; opfLlngct the trap-w^i* ons sty lee of ccflng or baa mermir used oa ttr stone, and prepci y marked with l!>u sf the ear* tin by whom subv.llted. The whole amount of lbe«trK*kr*dtjJre-: to >»,* deltr* ertdbycrhrfaf’ tie Ut of Jo. e, J-/T. i»”i* m*ikd»enr for the Inver cinfic* cl <U)Qe w .rk v, 'K-rta fote May Ist, 15*7. Drpsrtmsat rtsurvrj the right torv.-ect aorora.ltbepft)j-o«%w». AU bids must be MXb«.p«uieil ay * bred ot ttra r«* spnta-lhie ptra<-.ts, !»• th- sumof IdJX-Ltbat the bidl»r »TU accept out perlhrm the cottrx.g L awarded to -•», Uiesoccteocy ft the i-am; to be by tbcCoL«x»uror In ureal cl the District. Frt petals should bn endorsed for Slock fcrDrrsted Mope A';rk.**aod*dcrotcd to N. Eistor* brrok, Snpertstecdcnt of Cu-b>.i- ll.Osdcnsaurgh. >'. Y. N ATIIAS EAbTEHbBuoB, rro ARCHITECTS. fuANS ANT arECIFICAfION S * FOR NEW BCILD* INGn FOR HIE WAR DId»x,RTHENT AT WASHINGTON, D. C. ArcniUcfaareltTt%dtop7et*uv{>lalis andspecific*- rooe.mnc estimate* cl otref rev fire-proof bril!d mc* for tbe War or. the sit* uow n> Um War l>partm«niatdadjacent vacant gxuaadJa Washiugtap. D. The bmidlc«a required tcoald * superficial im 4-large a* Ifja sit? 6<rlreie<* wll aJxlt -i. £'bot af*lUi.«c(J Mil ctier Intormacioc reUPcxtotbe mb* be faraUhedlo Arebtteet* deel/log p*t« t.r ihe irortf. own ajpUcaUoc, p-r*ocal yor Dy Itttrf, U. the uLrtciai CMI. A pr\n.iua rj txsoo Car tbt ftnt, ci |3CM t>t tAe **t nd, and off’.au tor the thlid co»t acceptable placa acd epedOcatlCßa received, «t!i be u; o;!be approval of tbe Hon. Secretary :t Wat, oy lie Beard ot t Seers charged vim lb-5 -oty ol aelecw IIC a «twafld pn-tnrlrr p:aaiaod ."rrcllcstt'-nJ l-irtta teltilaga of the War Department ruder act ot Coa igre*> approved Jmy3& b*6. Tbt plau and «*ciUcauou cut be Mat t-J tb« oace ■d r'lvretHentena-t T. J. freanwell, Uecor* deref ih* Board, lira nance * -ttce, WseUscbn, D.C-. on orbefore tbe let day ot Feoruaxy, iS&t. Tbs Board »L 1 rwerre tne nzbt to reject &nv or an p!«u aabmltud, tbooM case be decimal amiable Lr tie pnrpobe, &a veil u w teUm ao| or all ot acefc p! (La. By ordff ot the Board. T.J.TB&ADWCLZ* Bat. Lied. CoU_U. b. A,. Keeortrs. I GE Cut Ccxrar ttnV Orrtcn. > Caicaoo, Dec. nab, u»; >. { sicaled proposals ftrtbeprlnirccoi cmuna annuls? the Ice formed In me Basin between Mictil.r-13 arenas and tSe tracks of The Illinois Central llalirovi, cr- Undmtfiou thecorth to the south radot siUtUalo, wlil Lermlrul at the ofilcvof the C:ty O.imtroller, oDUI tbelKdday of December, loan. nt 11 o'clock of said day. wbc& the sotne will be opened sna the awards nodi’. Proposal* will state the amount ot.-red {or each mo tlcn rt raid Basin, which jectlcOi are deicnhcd as fol lows, Tlx.: atc.l. Frcmlheactth line of the twain to north line t f ilf nrce street. ttc. f- From its ncnh ,lre of Monroe »trset to north line of Jaekeoa street. . , . Stx.s. From l&e rorihllneof Jacl;*on street tonorth line of Cotert*# street. bee. 4. From the north lire cr Cocsress street to north line of Hibbard court. F'rotntorthUseofßabnanl crurt tj south etui ct Banc. The party or parties to whom such awards shall he trade, win te required to ec ter Into a wnth-n contract acd to execute to the >ltj r»d ana satfletent bonds fbr ibe taUciaj performance of inch contract, in accord ance with an ordinance of the Common Co ttach.Paajed JJosember JTlh. A. D. 1565. entitled “AnOnhianeacoo ccnilneUierniattt Of Item iheßaala. oetwesa iltchl jtan arcane and tne tracks cf the Illinois Central Kall toad.” Ttnr.i will he rash oa execution of the contract and bond shore referred to. WALTER KTMB ALL, City Comptroller. der>-lCt CUB yo ticca A N ORDINANCE granling permission W Maca A SicoU to lay Sown aad operate a rail rgic track. I* Ut rdatruJ by tie Comma* CbuncU <f Uu City oj Ixctios I. That permission Is t*reb? granted to Mess s Scott to Uy oa«n aod operate a r»i r;:vi trade over ud ar rose Maxwell street, at its JaneUon wua Dodxe street; thence smith on Dude* store* to Its Inters Meticn with Mitchell sweet: thence over and scr«m MhchcU stmt to the north Use of the zrostus of the l tibborgb, Fort w syne * Chicago Railroad Company, for ibepnrposeof tnahthseald v tum at smtt to tnue a more nemet and easy connection between thrfr tie- T«trr.eltQa.teannUioCTwemhttren',a2d the Chicago & Morthwestern and U» Chicago. BnrUnxton & Vainer Railroads t Prutwfco. bowev* r, said liana it ocutt rhaH enter into Bond with said cite, in ue iuq ol tea tnocrasd dollars, before lavlrg file trade, to he ap proved by the Mayor, to ho'd acd save the city harm less from all damages, costs and expenses whatever. la cotscqtKhceof the paw ace of this ordinance or ths laying *ad epetattna •aid track; And pm r ided furUier, the nrirUece hereby xrantul shall he subject to all or dinance* cow In force concerning ral roaca. or wolcll may he terestwr passed: And proHded, aL»o, Tnlv cx dinance shall at all Utnea he »ahj£«t to midihcatloa, amends:enter repeal, and la case of renew, all taw privilege hereby mated shall cewe and determine: .1* dvrotid:tlJvrthcr t That said Kraal or pirmustoa l* htrehy esynsUy limited to a period not exceeding nine years & m Use pajiaga of tie crrflaaace, and tm lei» otherwise ordered ty the Com ml. the said Mm« itooa.thtlf repfeseatadveaor a*ilxns,»&aU tokens sod remove the same, at the end or said period, or on the ff i-cal of :hl« ordinance, or co their defsnlt toe cltr may order Ue aama Uksn no a* tbe eic-ose of naia ilenn & cof--, their representative* or aJiizns. t asstd Pei-ember a, Approved December 5,156 A . _ J- B. HICS. Mijir. AtUtt: A. H Boorax. City Clerk. riITX BONDS. \j Cm Cosrrsoiim's omes. > _ . _ Cmcaoo, December 0.13 M. s The of City Chicaxo win pay immejutery :n- Jvin ary.ißTT. Coupons for interest oa rreb ot to * cur B<.ads ss shall be presorted at my t-ffisa furore ta-* jj h Initant. TlUutrrevtonUohdJnot so prcie.'UA will be paid In the city of Xaw Torhasnanai. deiiMOt Walter kimball. city Coiptrniipr. Fanils anh 13anfeers. CTOCREOLDBKS’ MEETING,—The k. ' annual meeunirbl thn Stockhcldtrs of ths Kirn NATIONAL BASK OF CHICAGO For the election ot Directors, and t? transact aap over bnaiaeu that may lawtolix come Defore tias inro.lns,wU’ bo beta sttßO office cf »aiil Bank. Na. 30 Cblcago, between the hours of 13 a. m. udip.ra^ .'SacsGayt January Stli. ISQ7. CUcSjs.Dec, 7th, VS». Supcrlnuadeut.