Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 17, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 17, 1866 Page 4
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Chicago &nbniw. MONDAY. DECEMBER 17. ISi36. THE CITY. Citt Pmaxcis.—Tbe total amount received in tn- Oiy Treasury during the month of NoremNrr vs« friS,67?,o». The erpendltnrw during the same time amonsted to BMU,tS6.<S. Hrr. Wx. H. Mitnunx.—Admirers of the ia Mlectoai and beautiful will hare a rare treat In the lecture by this gentleman on WedaesdaTereu luz next at tr.a Opera Honse. Mnbject—“ What a Llitd man aaw in England.” lUstsudt.—Hiram Barney was on Saturday li.'M to ball by Justice Pc Wolf In f6OO to answer me charge of bastardy before the Recorder, a The was cce Bridget Hawkins, who some fifteen mot thi ago war a domestic In a saloon es tablishment uheic he officiated as waller. Conrrmnrmtc.—A man named William Ed ward? wo? on Saturday before Commissioner Horne, charged with in his possession t" o connU ifru ten-dollar bill? (Treasury not?s), wi'h the ictcut to pare them. The case waa con- U'jiK-d nciil Mocdar. tinder a hall of £2,000. ETnr Aaaatxr Casa.—The. ca*e of Pierce Brl't Thomas Grace, charged with on nsaanltfipan c*Dc»-r Caldwell, on Archer Road abont a we:k a;o. received a final examination Saturday mo - at «k Police Coart. fbc identity of Grace .■* oi.? of the parties was »o uncertain that he w a discharged. Bntt waa fined SSS, Hi.tokt orJsCi*ica<io.—The person who bn. rowed a volume of pamphlets. “History of C ctgo, KuTtneers* the Georgian B Csral.” cfe . will pleaee rt-turo (be same Imm dLlclf to th-i roi:E>ing-room of the Tstsir • O-Tce, 22 Clark Mrert. The owner’s name is rism2>ed on the book. « Pvjtt'vt Fcnooi. Ttacuxtis’ Issmum—An In eiiiTitewili be held at the Chapel of the Illinois J-t"'et,Mis-ion on Monday£evenlng, commeuctng si 7;, o'clock. Preparations arc made to have an fK'ilmt time, and onr Sunday School teachers, pirtirn'arly of ibe North Division, ahoald not xfglvcs the opportunity. rctusos or TTixt.—Tnln« on tha Michigan Cenlral Kafrrood for CindanaU, Louisville, aod tt-dlinooolie.>.ltave Chicago at 7 a. m„ Sunday excepted, and 5 p m.. Saturday excepted, aod arrive atithicago at llfctSa. Mondays except ed. and to p. tu., Soudan excepted, ao and after Dvcetaber 16. A Fakilt Brutx.— Henry H. Cnppy. residing os.Chuk street, baa been for some time past In (be li.toU «of heatiog end otaemvlse abasing bis Isu.lly to a lerrfale extent.y On Saturday he war fined £SO tu the Police Conn, sent to the Bride well for sixty days, and required to give SS-'X) bail to keep tne peace alter he ehall leave that losb- I'-.’.cm. A Rahe Ccascx.—Wo call attention to (be ad vertisement of a Cflr*l-c!ass plana, selected by a gentleman music teacher for (bis own use. The liftrument l« flot-ciass make, and has an extra or«Tfrarv pcrlfrand volume of tone. It hasbeen Mi littie QAcd and will be sold reasonably. It esn be seen for two days at No. 530 Wabash SUT.OC. Goon News ?o Last Met—Since the appoint ment ot Bon. W. B. Scales to Jibe office of Col fe-'tor of the Port of Chicago, thcjregulations of lie office pertaining lake traffic have been con ►tired much more rigorously thin before, and several fine* twie assessed which were claimed roi to he legally collectable, 'ibe cases have been icpmled i o Uar-tlt non, and an order has arrived c •remanding the refunding of the moneys so col i-ctcd. I.Aurrxin*.—One VjoiJie Wade was accused in t:.c I’olic • Cour'l'on Saln-day. by Elias S. Chit •■•a-lea, of having stolen about $lO3 from him In i j;-r-pctible hourc kept by Lizzie Baton, on vv.'ii-►•re--:. She was committed for trial In the Kocurder’s Court. In boad* of $303, and Cbltten d-.-n va« a’iobound o'er as a witness. T-Tag.-ie B.vtiua”. accused of stealing $32 worth c.f e%>:hTcg. ,fcc.. from No. Jackson street, and fl ; worth of dresses from Mrs. Old. No. 115 i'ltnklin fried. held to hall la $3030n the fi«i c’ls-ge. and SW3 on Ibo second, for trial in ihe Recorder's Court. pncsfEP Jloo- xso PnoDfCx.—Under thR h*',. ling, or; bur first page, those who are inter o-i--d will find the advertlsenunt of E. O. Critten l .'i;, commission merchant, No. US South Water pricer. Bis facilities for handling (all kinds of ;ir*.dnce an’ Crrt-rale. and parties who doboslnee* thrjugli iirajmiv rclv on LavlngJUielr money im in-.-dbio’y after tbclj goods arc sold. Ula busiaes* i« c'-n'riiclci upon a sirlrrty commission basis— n*';:fcg ent sriy for cu:h—and it Is his aim to .viciid io ihe Ictea'sw of his conslguora as closely sw» they w ould themselves. We suggest to thoss ? - lire- produce to scud to this market to give him * t;1-1. A New Kxso'Exx Bt'&xxn—For the first time lucscuted tolhe Chicigo'pabl’c la now on exhlbt itc' the Adams Uon«c ny the proprietor, Mr. A.K.Htoan. ThU burner has ocen pronounced the rimph-f-t yet most clfcctual artldlc of the kind ever ir.vcbtcd, and tar excel* msny of the patent lirm ors r.ow i» nse. It is fltnplf cousUncted, ele gntitly fiuishcd. and forms a pretty top to a lamp. dripcEflug with the old-Usbiouad ildtaticys. The burner conialus a gaa generating chacal'cr, and tne fuel thus supplied.wbeu Ignited, yield.'as trilllaDtaud as cheap a light as common ga.- iistlf. See Mr. Sloas’b aavcrUscmcnt. Ar.ricEp Ta,ucekt.—John C. Badger, a sales cm tor vatlous Eastern houses, visited a saloon dt No. 292 State street on Friday} evening to tpnr* chare a j lichd of ale. The women who sold It to Lun !■:«• him battling a five dollar bill m hi a band coruied ou’.bls change to him. He objected to t nc ol the twenty-live cent pieces and after she I .-.I cliunged It -be demanded hi' bilk Be in p;- ird that hebatl laid it on the counter, but it c juld nut be toaud, &ud as Uo refuted to give her (hi: change back be was arrested for larceny. A pari tel examination was held on Saturday room ii g nnd the ca?o wan continued for further exam ini?? .K;:? s MP27‘SßP«iSfiuSS3rffi te f>:a of John. A* Accli-sobt.—William Holmes, ur is an cccer-tory of King in his attempt to floi i Mi. Higgins, at the residence of the latter, os Posplabc* fc'urtt, (as mentioned in these c.’lnmcscn Friday) was examined at the Police Court, Saturday. From the evidence elicited, it A;.;.raied mat Kii.g employed a backman to take bin a saloon wutun a few yards of Higgins* Lo;ik\ but before starring gut Holmes to ride v i:b lil'ii. King "as intoxicated and (old Holmes lhe character ol his errand, and the latter remon *:iai«-d v.iib him, at which King threatened to shoot him if be Interfered with his purposes. At (he »ali»on. the trackman was discharged and told virt Ificactlv to mind his own business. The I'scl.roaa cro\c away, tiat alter going a block or tt*c. heard some one shunting lo him to stop. Holmes cam** muring up. very much excited, and v, unicd Ur tide down with him. On the way he tr.'il l iciof his knowledge of King’* business, l.t erd- avor to «\-cvpe from him, and the manner it. v.iurij he h*d been threatened. These state* r: :;i>-tc-ult.'rt lo his arrest. After a full hearing t f ;bc matter he was dl-charged. 1 jac Npau CAtijorr.—On Saturday night many ; j-- r- on the street? were much alarmed by the >< araccc of a fire in a southerly dlrCCwun. The I'fv Dcpstisarnl, without an alarm from tbe city l . ti.dcr.vj :ow -id* ihc supposed apot, but on r.•;:!; 5 a l . Ccttagi* Grovc.ilu-y saw the flames still t.r away. Ibe whole horizon, for a great «Us t!»r--v, pre.*ful»«* one unbroken sheet of fire, and 1 • Tcfieotlon filled half t-.e sky with Its brillian cy. At first it seemed a« If the Are was with In il.c ri'y limit', and tha' Cottage Grove was being dc. ( mod. Some thnucht that it was merely a Are cn The prairie and eshsoieu themselves with the thought that they need four no harm. Others 'bought that tbe town of Hyde Park, with Us luge hotel, wtre wrapt inflames. The (acts arc. tha: 'he rice swamps near Calumet have become rr .:=m ov,-r, sad the stalks of the rice have be roa.o very ciy, and by tome means took fire, and tho fames spread far and wide. The railroad p.nclt.g rear was only saved by the dUcbes ivoLg i:s tidt which checked the raging flames e;d left the travel ertnterreuted. After burning f. shout two hours the fire died away, and before the dotr.t set in all was dirk Catgut at Ijutt.—Some three months ago ■ ew registered bt* name at the Sherman House lo ti 1- city as “It. T. Carter, of New York,” and at t.'mj-’cdto swindle the proprietors. Hewxaar r drri *• d held to bail in the sum 01 Sicco ri eti li- ha« n t been heard of till "her, fcc turn'd np la Milwaukee under the lot iM'tag clrcum-taLc* : lie pat nponToetday c \ : Sr.g at ;hc Kirby Hoise. rcpWerlag hts nam a- EaiKs St. Lcgcr Moil." fit compiny with a t.j»( ring agent wtiomlhe teemed to be Intimate v :ii-. h« wj-shown to a room. In the morning, ir ott rrportfd that during the night the room had r:. cnicrcd and Ms pocke: picked of f 160. while »aci"U l.«d !o-t f li, a stiver watch, and a g. ’ J cr.aic, A d tccUve w»* called in, who, after « 1. n.irir" the door of the room, denied that Ihe d rr h id been opened forcibly, or that the key (al I’-vt- turned with “tiippcra.** Holt stated t:-.-.* h" -ij. p.'d a: the Sherman House, is this c . d-i'.r.g tn • vre .-k, which talucad thcproprl ct. r ■ i the Kirby to telegraph here. This corres j. r d-nci led 10 the arrant or Mott, who was taken r . •latK'i; hou*e and there searched. ‘Ricex - , 4i:ur iivulud >n finding Slu in money, which • !.- t ai.'.iLg ag-it-t Identified as bis own, together v It;; *b > catch and chain. The vvutco was f,.-.i;* i»cc;etc«l under his arm pit. Ultl. THE -\OUTU OIFISIOX. four liulloiug* and a Coal Yard In ITaiu(«-t.oM 820,000. A fre broke out on ‘•atn'day evening, at eight cVlock, in a largir.Xi)-.r-*h>ry frame building aitn a*. ert t«the equal e hounds-1 by Mavkst, Kingsbury, Ii and illiuois streets. In the North Dlrl e:o;.. The building wa* owned py Jacob Singer. I-.';; k prxkef .and was moved about two months ago f.-.-.ra Sorrh Well* *trcet near the bridge, and was »•‘.odrd to t»o n*ed a* a j>orit-packing establish pi,rl, ij»p Arc wa* icto iu the north cad of fbv uinldii.r. adjoirmg Indiana -Ireet. bnt ia a >l . r> ,vr> moiooi eit spread from end to end, and fi 'h *lll to :ooI; and in less than twenty minute* f-rm the dbeovery of the first bloae, rc:bt-- "S* vi**6le through the flames ;hc bare skeleton, consisting of cross pif-e* and scantlings. These finally came down v i-h a cre-h—a smalt part going to the cast— lu* the larger ratling toward Indians street, • • 'CJtnrciiiug the lcwkcr»-ou ZO naxes hasty of t'Mc, tc‘ldc* piniallYbarying a section c,: ho** which nad breu laid lo the middle of tbe ">- hntldii.g was valued at about 54.00’, but r- r r ;>orter could not ascertain whether U was h --rid or pot. Ills said that no work bid been cn-'e on tlie building ‘or several days previous to ib" fire If so, the natural lulerenee to that the fir" tvs* <b" work of an incendiary. away toe porfe.pvcktog establishment «. if‘s were rindcr, the fire soon communicated with LLc lure quantity of coal to the yard Desk wertof ii. owned by ilcs-rs. Holbrook A barker. Intoe course of »a boor tb; entire “heap."'con i<-Trv- of about 8.000 ton-, was covered with a jL.c-l btiman* and ii.:cr«n tlsroe. The w»« fniiv insured, and tbe lots to estimated a. »» i, i f_worlb about Sn.OOD. . . Tbf «lnd blowing liirolT Arooih Ibe'«• tb- *.v.n*l**E block toward**7 .tract, rery Imc oiirt • co«I>'.“O'? «” d anolliaSncTTto t.»«. ■fh. Mjp tiaory wa* . fmiae biSdracaboutforlr-lrc tw f, *nrl»— hieh. fronting on Kingsbury street ll tKcaSk ” John Ktsley ia the msaufictore of sun and us’d dwelling. His los* is believed SSsi’tS or fS,CM. The tosorance was not 5 Vsbed C acalnfl which was rioted quite a tore r umber of bands of coal tar. the property ofa Kr Nuuion, was happily eavea ftom toe deroir- ™U°iedrerT w** owned by a Wilson, and toe manutartnre of roofing composition canted on lo toe same building. Tola baddtig vas nsnially dertroyed a fe* mouths sgo. Ur to** ol this property was entire, except a smui I nlldics on the corner of Kingsbury and lllla »i« e'n.ets, acd mat be estimated at £3,00(1. Tbe place wbb only initially Insured. No. Indiana street, a little shanty occup ?d Lj Jerry Daly, was left unhurt, as also Begory s > slooo, at tb-roroer oi Klorebury, and ludiaua iln-ftf, and a bam on Kingsbury owned by Dol l-rouk A Parker. An immense quantity of lumber wav stored on* the t-ooih »tde or IQlocls street oppo>ii*tbe fire, Lut the direction ot toe wind saved it from moles tation. Bull am of Kingsbury street were lor a time in considerable danger, ■"* were saved cu!j through toe perseverance of the Fire Depart ment. , W; die was indlcat-d by toe alarms sounded from boxt-e bo. 165 acd 127, neither of which cor rcetiy located the altutlea or of tbe 6rt. HOLIDAY GIFTS. Prrimrhjff for Christmas-A Hint to Purchasers. As lb* Holidays approach the thought is natnr. ally snfrgfated to whom shall we give our tokens of JtftH Lsonate remembrance. Few there are who have tot some tie oi kindred or friendship which claims their attention; bat what shall we give and where eeeure it, is a question frequent ly more pawling, Articles ot tsrfa, ornaments coe’ly. beautiful, and useful, silverware of every design and pat-era. present ibemsolves to onr eve ttpoa the establishment of A, flMUfer, on the sootheut comer of Clark aud Bandoluh * r -fl that holiday gooda are niade his especial attraction, the question agttat- I'rESJISS*”"" 4 - We In addition to commanding the rcaourcea of all iHrf2?,V B f’‘ al * clor, , w 01 U>ii country added to hu own large manufacturing denari- Sire^ii?w-?? , th r baß commnnlcarion ~ ho vrcal dealers in precious stones, wmkere of Jewels and maters of Mlverware, ariWe* of nse and ornament, ', Vorld ,-, receives packages of dia monds, opals, rabies, aud many other precious stones, direesfrom the shops of the lapidaries la Holland and France; cation*, cosily and beautl im cameos from Faria and Home; garnet work from Germany; bronzes from Paris; silverware and cutlery from England; watches from England and Geneva—and so one might go on recounting whence come all these riches, until two thirds of the world bad been men • uoiAd. Thlanccoonls for the infinite variety and endless competition in elegance which we aee on every band, filling ihe long lines of carei. bend ing the shelve*, covering the tables and heaped in the safes. In gold, gems and ornaments this may well be deemed s «'World’* Exposition ” of ail Unit Is fsireet and best On the occasion ofbla neli to hnrqpe to consummate the arrangements by which this end has been attained, Mr. Miller applied bis own taste to the selection of an Im mense stock ol Jewelry, and the issue of large or ders for the manufacture of much more, of the newest, richest, most unique and most bsantifhl decigi.e. Those which lie then oraered are now anmng, and consulate an array which caunotbnt excite the highest admiration of all who Inspect them. Amethyst cameos, of rare size and artf*tic execution: strange, brilliant aud beautiful tim bre of emeralds, diamonds, opals, pearls and re bies; Undlul and elegant designs in solid gold bright, enamelled and dotted wi'h gems. In end less variety, so great that days instead of boors might be spent in longing, lingering contempla tion ofibclr beauties, and *llll new charms be dbcovered among them. There is hero afeo a magnificent display of solid silver ware. glittering in hoge cases of plate glass solid silver-ware ol clareot pattern-!,solely owned end dealt in by Mr. Miller in thii city; and on one polct purchasers can rely, and that la, *h»t all Mirer-ware bought at this establishment Is pure. Heavy plated-ware, some plated upon nickel silver, aod asl durable and beanrlfol as the pure calcic, U to he seen upon the side shelves, but ■hat in the cases is all pure solid silver. In the casns here arc to be noticed a great vart ctr of tiotli American and foreign watches, among which are the famed!” Path*k. Philippe & Co.” watch, superior to even the celebrated Jorgensen lor us accuracy oi tune and elegance ol finish. This watch ta altogether made m one establish ment, while the Jorgensen watch ta said to be made all over Kwifzerlan-i—hence the superiority of the Falek, Phnmpe & Co. watches. But the stock Is sot confined to tuts alone—everr variety of Genera. English end American watches, the latter ta elegant cases designed by and made solelvfor Mr. Mll'er, will he found Included In U. Before ascending to another department we mar remark that in the safes which line the walls here *-e hidden one of the largest assortments of pre cious stones in this coontty. Seldom, west of New York, can o'ic obtain a choice of unset gems and have them set according to Ms or her own taste, except here, and even in New York, one will be less certain of toe geonlneaeis of that « Met they obtain and of artistic skill In the ex ecution of their design—than in this establishment. The costomei.per example, who Inquired for a diamond, seea unrolled before Ms attonUhed vision package after package, very little different extereally from those m wbl:h grocers put np codec ami sugar, tme each ol which revests as Ira contenta diamonds, of all cuts, etzee purity end tint, diamonds literally by the bandtml. If ao In diamonds, how much more in the case of the less cosuy stones, tbat is. relative:? less costly, tor there arc “speck” or ••spsik” diamonds here, such a«are set la the backs of Geneva watches, the Individual value of r‘hlch is very Ftnall, while there are opals worth from f IOC to STjO each; pearls which ran»a In price from tlOiUofiSOO each; amethyst cameos < beau at a couple oi hundred dollars each, aud ro on <irf inOnilum Bn! in the aggregate;, so numer ous ere There gems thatibev seem to have been bongm by the ponud. at wholesale. There ore also hundreds afcxqmsUelv cut onyx cameos ntwoi; many pieces of coral of rare and muq valued tint; Jet goods, not mounted, c’c. All there, as before Intimated, arc set herein the blghert style of the art, to eoit the wishes of cus tomer*. if apecnliar cluster of precious stones Is required, there is no lack of material from vbicb to choose, tod the purchaser haring selected those wb'cb be desires, and seen them set in wax. so as to convey an idea of their runted effect, can have them permanently arranged to his entire eatlafactloa without the trouble, loss of lime and uncertainty Inevitably Incurred in sending to the East to have bts order filled. On the second floor la an Immense stock of bronzes, of the finest material and workmanship, cloche of malachite, marble, bronze, gilt, carved wood, and many other rich and singularly elegant combinations of material, and also a very largo assortment of music bores and miscellaneous L-ocda. Tliebronzes, which corerthe table here and ;bcrc, uredto decorate the mantels and niches cl our dwellings, and among them are many real works of art, well worthy of the attention of tbe connoisseur. Some of tbe manic boxes are of extraordinary size, and furatehed with the most novel combinations of key*, reed*, belin, drums, eic., rendering thrai complete minia'nrc orches tras. On this door are also, comprised under tbe head of “misceHaneona.” a great variety of la dles' fans, gentUmen'r dressing cases, meer schaums, canes, toilet articles, etc. Asa sample of the latitude of choice admitted, we may remark gentlemen a dressing cases range in price from U up to SIOO. Table cutlery forma another import ant Item in this department, and all from the com mon Ivory-handled steel tabic knives, worth sl2 per dozen, up to the pearl-handled, ailver-ateel ones, looking as bright as surgical instruments, end worth—wo are airald to say bow much—are stamped with Ur. Miller's name, are made speci ally for him, and for their superior quality he is responsible. The manufacturing business—setting precious stones enamelling jewelry, making masonic rings and emblems—everything, even to tbo miking of the cases in which fine jewelry seta are displayed and told, ta earned on on the upper floor ortho building. Repairing and watch-clcanlng are con fit ed to the first ana second floors. Fiomtbe brief sod hasty sketch thus made of (Ids extensive establishment .It will readily be once will be apt to “ try some placo else for a change.” TDE “XZBAUTII'OIj SNOW.’* The Pint of the Season—A Sabbath Bcnlaon. lateen Saturday, aa the craning was merging into, the blurtctlDp vied which had made sport of ua alt during the day. bore on lu wing* a few faint. fleecy Utsae*, the- arant Ctrunrrt of a coming mo*< storm. Bj ten o'clock the wintry visitation Lad fairly set in, and ere midnight Ihc ground was covered lo an average depth of about font inches with the fleecy rob*, taking on a cor. vi Inc of spotless while tor the Sabbath day. The earth ai» arrayed, aa (or the bridegroom, Is the 1 garb ofpnrlle The robe of innocence wt«. however, far from being assumed pescelully. Not a> he who tn bia I monastic aeclnsfon seeks calmlv for the bleaain* of rancltly to descend upon his soul, In move” meet accordant with the character of the beniaon —peaceful, serene; It was rather aa the church nllHanl la purified—through rnffenng. Aa tha tool of the seeker after holiness here below ia purified through temptation, ia made better only In spile of the bnfletlngs of the arch enemy, so wa« the esrtta clad in ner bridal robe amid the angry whistle of the storm, and the precious treasure was blown biilier and thither by the rusty wind—scarce allowed to find a Testing place. Yet it found a location, and. tbongh Irregular!?.- It spread itself in silvery sheen over street and housetop*, garnishing dike (he noisome alley and the Jaunty portico, while tne fitful violence of eld Boreas carried it up high Into windows, forming It In banka agaimt floor* and fences, and driving it through the chinks of the dwelling, on the floor of which tbe dond spray lay in mimic plateau or mountain range whose water shed lay In the plain below. And though, as the morciug broke gloomily, it re vealed the results of the snowy baptism, yet was tbe sprinkling process kept up dnnnc the day (111 near nightfall, till it amounted to a practical im mersion Of the face of nature—a literal burial un der the tuptinnal wave. And ao the Boly Sabbath was observed yester day in tMa city, with more of bnraan peacefulness than I* the usual wont of our people. Few cared to wade through the enow, which. in consequence of the mildness of the weather tn a thcnnometrlc •ense, melted cn the dotting wherever It touched, welling boots and fur*, ano penetr.tlng through the thickest under-elcubing 10 the skin. The trusty character of the dayjald an csec:oal em bargo on Sunday travelling, more Imperative, even, than the law which prohibits exercise on 'bat day. not necessary, pton* or charitable. Tbe •now drilled or the iron tracks In oar * tree la, completely filled up the groves alocc which the :ima of the horse car wheels ordinarily run, and the attempt to clear them would have been fntilc a* to grave a memorial on the shifting »and« of the eca shore. Only one or two cars ventured out, and they retired quickly a* possible and left their wontd-be patrons to fool it or stayat home as they might elect. H'-nce the number of church-goers was limited. Very few cared to foot it a long distance, and we may, perhaps, bo justi fied in faring that In many case* tbe storm was a snowy instead of a fiery trial, distlngtzUblng tho wheat from the tares. Tbe churches were fat tram being crowded; in most of them tbe andi <ncea were decidedly small. Tbe first enow storm of the reason was not the i>egiDni'i£ of winter; It bad been bera’ded m the -!pns of the eky for some days before, and tbe chill btcfltb of the Frost Sing bad sheeted o’er our ponoa and river with that coat of mail which ea aMesnamre to combat without hinn the dread powers of death. Bnt to many It was the be planing of winter, and It was accepied Joyfully, or torrowrUilv. a* 'he individual was prepared for it* coming. To some it told of merry aldghlag par ties. to others of shivering struggles with the wolf at the door. How many of the tatter there are in Chicago, Is not known, but their name is legloo, and even though in many cases their want may be the conrcqnence of their ovu imprudence, let it :>evcr be forgotten that it is our duty to relieve ‘liman soOcjtng wherever found. TIIK DIVINITY OP CHRIST. sermon by Bishop dark or Rhode bland-du EvhiuHtre View of Use Subject. Right Reverend Thomas M. Clark, Episcopal Hlshop. of Rhode Island, preached yesterday morning, at St. dames* Church, comer of Cass •»d Huron streets, a most eloquent and logical ulsronne on tbe Divinity of Cbnst. Tbe text was contained In Lake 11., 81: “Alight to llsbten the Gentiles and the glory of thy people lst»«“ Tbe speaker said that to considering tbi* Me of Juu, which was the light of tbe Gentiles and tbe clary of would look at simply a* a fact in bls torv. lie vronld not start with tbe assumption that be bad to deal vri>b a supernatural ebarater. but take simply that life which began to the ob ■ cure village of Nazareth. Bow tittle did tbe people of Galilee Imagtns tbe glory which wav to rather about the bead of that young boy who iralked their street*. What was It that made that Me what U became? ... Can It be said that «te time to which Jem* ap peared was calenlaled to produce snch a charac ter. that tbe civilization and culture of the age had ralurallv called forth such a life? It ia no'- possible. Tbe glory of that cation bad passed bwst. There was not a min distinguished fur in tellectual or moral excellence to that people. Not one whose name would not bare perished If Jesus had but lived. And yet lu this dark period a perfect man appears. Joseph, bis reputed father, Fcems to have been a man of ordinary ability. Marv bis mother, was one whom wc can love izilier than adore. Shu was tbe fit mother of U'rist, but we notice always the the son over the mother rather than litas Of the mother over tbe son. Be was bom te s village whrre to live was a per Octsal db-gracc. People if any good thine ecmld come out of J»a;'-;>’.a. It could teach llimttototos bat the most common branches of learning. Iberewas no Socrates here.*o 'teach {htoSvtowt Pl»to tbe Principles which be should afterwards develop*. Thereto no earthly cause !vhSoSiaceo«ni for toe life and character of ■his more than man. Be lives a few years, and from sight; but during taose tew months Be bas said and done things last bare changed the whole slate of creof tell are conquered, and death »nd sto owa being bas ever impressed the world like Jesus of Kaxareth. What be did and eatd to that little village bas been taken on tbe wings of the wind and spread to Ibe four comers of the world. The volume which etnlatoshto life u tbe tacred book of the Christian world. The princi ples which be- Introduced have revolutionised the I earth. Ou rtUfiion to gradually bringing pesce, equality and fraternity ont or anarchy and dlaor -11 f??® d ? BQ \ a d » r toes?, the i (are of I??©- dL 1 * redecmln * blu> from corruption and * *** peTr llfp - And ibis power I* consnoU/flpreadirir and increasing. There lino more reason to fear that ChrliUanUy win die onl than that the earth will cease to revolve. It will lire on till the heavens and the earth iball be np like a scroll and pan away. _ To® power of Chiiftlanlty was a-Tranced In a w*y* Vloiecce and the aword have not carried U forward; they hare only retarded It. In praM. and love, and gentleness It mores on. la CbrU'ta truth a system of philosophy. Jeans pcrolezcd hla andlences with no mrUphy* deal subject*. The most unlearned could com* prebend what be said as well oa the Scribes. A cither doea 11 depend upon the power of super atiUoc. which baa so slronean Influence orer man. Thrre la a singular clearness and reason aoont its directions. Christ's utterance Is calm; bis arma ment! convincing. He never throws the people Into spasms, lie ate and drank like other men He desla In eternal principles and appeals to oar ssinral perception of them. Christ's religion docs not consist of day dogmas. He simply tells men bow they must ieel, and what they moil do to reach the kingdom of Heaven Hour then can this wonderful life be accounted for, ao unlike any other life that ever appeared on the earth? Was It earth-born or from heaven? was the power that went forth from Jesus only unman? ho. The most natural explanation of bis wonderful life Is the supernatural. His nr o was a miracle. Tht Increasing power which he contones to exercise over (he world Is of God. Jesns iatbe incarnation of tbc spiritual attributes Dclly—humanity In him la deified and Deity ‘‘ And now, brethren,” said the speaker, “doea this life animate os, doea this tout abloa In our hearts? Do we live so closely with Him that oar fanh can aee the towers aod domes of (cat dis tant city wnlch glow ar.d glisten In the sight? Are wt tal'bful servants, active In every good word and work, so that when the Master comes be will Cud ca watcnfhl In his service? If ao, then when we reach the life beyond we shall dwell la the glory of that tight Is an endless day.” THE ORTHODOXY OF JESUS. Sermon by Ber. Robert Laird Collier. Rev. IM- Collier, ye-ienlay morning, preached in ihe Church of the Messiah, a sermon, the above being Ms enbject. The selected text was the words of the Saviour, delivered at Capernaum, to those who announced to Him that His kinsfolk sought Him: “Whosoever shall do the will of God, the same la my brother, and my sister, and mother.” (Mark 111., 85.) Übe dlacoarse was radical in the extreme. Jesus, in tho commence ment of Hu mission, had sought to revivify the religion of the covenant of Abraham, but meet ing with the experience of all reformers, be had soon discovered that It was not well to pot new wine in old bottles. Then, In the words of the test, he ia face of the Scribes and pharisees, cat loose from the ancient things, and became hetero dox and heretical. Inthlaeame connection, he aunonncea the unpardonable sin, which the speaker held to be the rejection of me truth. In tula age the slnnerein this line are the narrow sectarians and dogmatic bigots, who callin'* them selves evangelical- deny mat their brethren are so. Prior to the enunciation ot this new doc trine of salvation, the Jews were the world, and to them it was verv email. Now It waa enlarged to tnclnde the whole human race. The orthodoxy of Jesus the speaker held not to be traditional orthodoxy. Qe deoled that In thu century, advanced and advancing In art, adence. commerce and morality. It was either proper or sensible to mm to the second century lor truld anec in the way of truth. - Ood did uot empty himself Into the lap of the easiest Christian com* tnui.lty, and from tuc day* when such a corneau **lty existed errors are ever to be cleaned. Upon the heeto of the departure of Jesus cram the world, followed error, and eves Peter came under the censure of Paol for duplicity and hypocrisy, when at Acttoch be refused to eat with the Gen* tile brothers, lie was ashamed of the Church of the age, in which the main topic of discussion is the color of a neck band, the propriety of oppoa* Ir.g dtodle light to the dories of the sunbeam! and the number of bows and scrapes which the officiating minuter should make dorlm divine ten-ice. The want of likeness m sil this to the course of Jesus stamps it with the cancelling mark of spurlonenes*. So the orthodoxy of Jesus la not conventional. Jcsna cared no more for what was conventional than for that which was traditional. Men believe because other men believe, and yet ff the conren* bonallrsu were Investigated how few would bold to them, and others think lhal the creed makes the life. In opposition to this view all reformers. Including ail the prophets or Israel, bad de* nounccdthe conventional orthodoxy of the peo ple. who have always rested on conventional truth. Again, it is not ecclesiastical orthodoxy. He de nied the right of any one man to dictate the opin ion lor another; or of any century to impose its belief upon the people of another. Sayio~ a crcrd la not believing it, and in the rccltarof creeds but few are trmbinl. Yet this moral a> surdity is the ground work of every eect.of ortho doxy, acd he believed this very eectesiastlcism is the irti Christ, and not Rome, or infidelity, or nni ' cn-al d 'Tbt. Ills this spirit which closes the doors cf .he duucb to mankind, and dotes the Kingdom of licuven against men; ftu this spirit Jesus de nounced In the Scribe* and the Pbarf-cca, and this day U is rampant and not less exclusive. He believed that the orthodoxy of Je«os Is a spiritual orthodoxy. That he who Is true to God, acd who marches to the mn*icotbla own con science, and who is true to bis brethren, only is orthodox end Jeans’ brother. Belief he loosed upon as nothing, for, in bis opiuion, but few men believe at all. Nevertheless Jesus said the devils )«lleved. and their lalth profited them nothing. If this view be correct be anticipated tobe Included in the multitude in tbe kingdom uf Gotland to be long to this he prayed God to grant his heavenly grace. THE CnuiSTIAN’S REST. Bey. Jmm BtThomu, Rev. Jesse B. Thomas, pastor of the Plerposl Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, preached last evening in the First Baptist Chorcb, to rather a small congregation—hundreds being undoubtedly kept away by the Inclement weather. His text was Mathew, xi., S 3, “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” TbeTrevercnd speaker assumed (be position that these word* were not addressed particularly to the laboring peasants who at (be time surround ed the Redeemer, but that they wore general in their meaning, and Included off, no matter of what class, nation or color. Many forcible illus trations were brought forward, as to the real meaning |of the word “labor” in tbe text, and U waa concluded that all lal*orers in the work of life, some with no ap- Esrcnt trouble and tome with bumeos almost too cavy to be borne, was Included in the invitation. The reference to the business man who, when He days' work la done, slows bis thoughts to wander back to «e ir looked when he was a boy, was one of the happiest Illustration* given; aid the mention of tue mother labor ing to pennade her little one to go to sleep was no Ices forcible than beauti’ul. As ail had been called by Christ to throw off their burden* and come to BSm,wbur'. there was uo night acd no sorrow, it waa the duty of all. whether young, old or middle aged, to accept tbe invitation s’, once, and not put off from time to time the work which ought to oe done on the instant- The clos ing remarks, referring to the eternal happiness In heaven of those w&o acknowledge the liord on the earth, were exceedingly impressive, and calcnLit-d to ha*e a lasting effect upon lho:c who heard them. THE SKATING MBASON, The sport of Winter in City and Conn try. Tbe ice carnival la fully inaugurated. Tbe frost has sealed np stream and pond, and on the glassy floor tbe steel<lad skater elides. In the country (be great meadow potida and (be lone, winding rivers are alive with the healthy rnstic*,who make the woody banka resound with their shouts aa they sweep along. OI the glorious excitement o' a moonlight night on tbe broad stream, when yon skim for miles and miles along Its silent shores, with room enough for the fullest swing of tbe mnfclrs, exploring nooks and bays, resting cn great fallen logs, dashing away over the deep, rushing currant, dodrlog the airholes and Jump ing the “then-ice,** till, ail In a glow, tired bat happy, you unbuckle your skates and tramp borne to toast your feet by the great wood fire and creep comfortably to bed. That ia skating In the country. We in the city “cabined, cribbed, confined’* by the boun daries of squares and lota, cannot do our winter sporting on so grand and spactons a scale; but Ingenuity and money can In some degree compen sate for lack of space by appointments which bring the warmth and convenience of the home pailor Into close contact with the chilling air of the ice-field. The most delicate belle need not fear to venture to park or rick In the coldest night; for the moment the keen air begins to tip her uo<c or slice ber toes she can step from the Ice to a cheerfn] fireside and thaw her blood for another round. So now as we said, tbe carnival has begun—and gay and brilliant Is the scene at night. Packs and rinks each have. their especial admirers, the greater expanse ol the one and the better shelter nud warmth of the other, being counterbalancing considerations. During the day they have their visilora, principally youthful boys and maiden*, and awkward beginners to toe art of skating, who prefer to display their unex pected poenuings before as small and select a body of apccuiots as possible. But at evening the ra# lights flare brightly, the band begins lu stirring strains. Youth and beauty, wrapped in furs sad woollen*, come gallanted by bearded attendin'*, and the festivities begin. Oa feats around the icy pond tho non-performing specta tor* fU-maturc, or fearful, or unskilled ones, who come only lolook on; within, the great throng moves gracefully along, singly or by twoa, or la ihe centre cut pigeon visa and various wondrous figure*, thh'bright stecU glancing lo tbe light, the stars looking do-vn upon youth and health and happiness chasing th? hours with skillful feet. Costumes a* varied ts the taste or purae of the wearer dictate. ac*d vari-'y to the scene with their gar or sober color*. Here a crave badness man plongbs heavily ahead, aa if be were porfomlng Sts daily task ; matt only looking women cling to their hu*hands* arms and timidly aetUl along; boys of all age* proudly display tbetr (kill sod fleet nes*. and, prettiest scene of all, young men and maidens bolding by both the crossed hands, skim easily along, their forms swaying together In graceful lines as without apparent effort they sail about tn pairs amid go-sfp and laugh and song. Skate on, O! haopy shakers, while youth and health are joura, for t re long the” evil days” "illcome when age and toll have stiffened your muscles and chilled the fire of hope and pleasure la your hearts. Then, as you sit silently tn your old arm chair by the chiasey side, yon can look to “the days whes we were young” «nd in quiet and cheerful recollection live over the hcaUhtul Fporuofthe wistertkating time. AnVSETIKNTS. Ttc event of the week bat been tbe opening of tbo skating season. Iw If Use subject, before all .*Jhcre, which ene«ffM too attention of a large por tion of the community. Tbe present season promises to be one of tbe best we bare enjoyed -Ince skating came into fashion. Tbe parks bare been ranch improved since last winter, and an im portant addition to toeir number bas been formed ip tbe new Rink at 'be West Side, wbicb shows that tbe health-inspiring exercl-o Is becoming more end more popular every fear. Skat ing baa, indeed, become the rage. Profi ciency in tbe art .Is (be most desirable ac complishment that ran be possessed by young people of either eex, and even old folks whose education bas been neglected, now gird on their -teel and mingle with tbe car throngs that carer ire nnks and parks. Little noy* and girls who can't cm a respectable figure on the lee are fir be hind the age. and ought to be ashamed of thera -elve*. Ibe winner of ibe first prise is the hero or heroine of the day. Tbelr names are blazoned on tbe scroll of fame, and they receive tbe peptic plaudits ol an admiring community. A Veen frost—a little too keen for comfort some- Uses bas continued daring the entire week; so that all tbe parks bare been in the best possible condition. Tbe West Side Umk, which opened on Tuesday ovealus, has already established itself as a favorite skating resort, while tbe Washington, tbe South Side Link, tbe Central and tbe Ogden all receive more llan tbelr wonted share oi patronage. There Is ampl* room forall. If the frost keeps np for a few weeks longer, wc shall Lav? a rare time about Ctrctmas, with contests, and carnivals, and mas- Q *TtVearly commencement of the skating season bas opera’ed rather unfavorably on tbe amuse mvnis in tbe city. There was a marked falling oJ In tbe iltecdst.ce at the Tartans theatres for tbe first levr days. Toward the end of tbe week it picked np a little, but still the parka are powerful rivals to all m-door amusements. Or nut llot'sz.— During the fall of 1353 Mias 1 udllc Western, with her rirlrr llelen, played at NcVlcVer’s Theatre. The playln which the «U --ters appeared for a number of consecutive night* was entitled. “The jhroeFattMcn ** It possessed bo inert as a dramatic composition, hot rather cciretitrlrd a aperies of potpourri ot ridiculous «li nations and personal adventures : abounded m cosree Jokes and local hits. «odj*hUf, •e®“ Uo “'•] In it* “Daslneas.’' could not be entitled to the slightest affiottr with tbe legitimate drama. La olla Western, however, ahowed to t>e protean Saractm sbe then aasnmed that element of dra matic cower. which since, to a more derated SSS. of aSitie. Ac JuMIT KoiUrA .0 irMinraown. Sue even then developed i keen .(SnSttoiiloWauKWi •*» BO UM< oOUlt/ lo “W ” ri - <1 DDUOTId* ull WOT 1»- lultlvcly Ihe rare gift, which comes to moat actors only by long stnuy, of holding the mirror an to SreSlfr »«•«*« » P th« blue* that time we can trace Mias Western's ca reer at the East, chiefly Ov the happy hit she made In her Impersonation of “Lady Isabel” in East J.yute. Pfie reappeared to this city at the Opera House, In the same character, two weeks ago. lime had traced no wrinkles on her brow, butde veiopmg her girlhood Into tho ripening beanUea . “}® woman, presented her a finished actress on the Chicago boards. She has appeared as “lady laabei, a«*'Leah the Forsaken, ' and as”Naac>- s?yke*.’ ho wider range of the human passions could be well furnished for reure actuation, or ihelr development la character* more diametrically opposed to each other. Wo manly lore, refloed and snbdmatod, la alternated with coarse passion springing from low, viel-mi associations. Jealousy and mts'akeo revenge la contrasted with intense hatred, with sadden pas sion. with earning submission from of habit and education. All these phases of the human disposition, springing from similar causes, but i Illustrated by the different surroundings ol the character* the assumed. Miss Western has faith fully portrayed doting her reccct anpearaoce In this city. TnriMulress to nature la her forte, she Is not or Ihe stage, stagey. One know* not which to admire the most, the haughty Lady Isabel, sofuned by love, or the unfortunate Nancy Sykes, who clings to her “gang” from fear and toe force of asiodauon, while her womanly bean ia filled with loathing aod disgust at her un holy surroundings. It Is, however, her atten- Uon to lie minutest details ot the characters she undertaxes that constitutes the chief features of Ml«s Western’s success, Appropriatearas of dress, expresslveocs* of face and gestures, whether in (he magnificent toilet of the woman of hublon, or in the rage and dishevelled hair of the low creature of vicious association ; whether ag onized by the sorrows of a mother’s heart, which mn-t be restrained while she see* her child snatched away by the hand of death, or the coax ings ql a brutal lover whom she has nursed through a fever, and who throws her from him as hfe strength returns, demonstrate alike Miss Western s skU) and tarefnl study. Nancy Sykes is dlUcrently Interpreted by the several aetreues who have assumed the role. Miss Western, la our opinion, more nearly approaches the author's design in her conception of the character than any one else whom w« hare seen undertake lu It Is a peculiarity of Charles Dickens that his fr male characters nearly all posaera some angelic attribute. It is nla amiable weakness. They may be ever so low. Melons or aba» doaed, there is still an undercurrent of good feeling, an Instinct of Mrtne, which redeems them from totsl depravity. Eedrawi wlihvind truthfulness pictures of vfl lalna ot every shade and hue. Be presents to ns bis Uriah Eeep as the representative of cunning hypocrisy and malldons villainy; Ms Alfred Jin gle ; his Ouilp; hla boueeis; fagin. Monk, Bill byket, and a boat of others, not one of whom pos sess a redeeming Halt of character. They art hideous or repulsive, or malicious, or scheming, mean, sordid, cunning; nothing good, hot every thing which la M!e. low and contemptible. And ytfwt find him always bringing forth ao inching good ont of the wont pattern of woman nood. And so in the character of Nancy Fykes. Born and bred in the lowest haunts of London, surrounded ever with vice and crime, practically an abandoned creature, the holiest rentlmust of virtue finds a lodgment In her breast, and Is awakened Into a moment’s vi tality when for the first time in her life she la thrown Into Intercourse with refinement purity. Miss Western here represents with ac curacy the woman cousoons of her own degrada tion, who is abashed by the presence of virtue, and gives tta a wondrous illustration of hope, des pair, shrinking haahfttlnesa, and fear, aroused by the superstitious dread ahe has of being discov ered by her companions. And ao tbioughoni tbs Play sue ta the repreaentatlve of a class, and at the same time ot an Individuality, which the au thor of the work from which the play waj drama tized intended for his own purpose to form an ef fective pan In working out the plot he had de signed. As a play, Otiver Tvhl Is Dickens badly ent np, and as a matter of course, all the characters are rendered subordinate to the one leading part. The representation of -those characters wh'cb go to fill np scene aod dlatbsme were, in the main, poorlv executed. McKee Rankin made a fair “BUI s-vkes,” and Hamilton did well enough I? “ Fagin. But of tac rest, excepting, perhaps. Miss M. E. Cordon's “Oliver nothing to praise, end silence with regard to them would be the most charitable. Saturday nights performance closed Miss West era s engagement In this d>y for the present. She 'Tails St, Louis this week, where she la engaged to appear for a limited number uf nights. alcVicszh's Tbeatju—Mr. L. F. Barrett closed a two 'reeks’ engagement on Saturday. The firrt week was end rely filled up with “Griffith Gaunt,” •nd the greater portion of the part week with the drama of “Rosedale.” Although “Eliot Grey" is one of the very )>e*t of Sir. Barrett's assumptions, it might have been more satittaclory to hie ad mirers. as well as for tbe success of bis engage ment, bad he given more of his Shakspearian ren ditions. “Hamlet” was played on the occasion of Mr. Barrett's benefit, on Friday, and the week closed with “Richard lU.” On Monday Blanche Be Bar makes her first appearance. In the course of next week we will have the pleasure of welcoming at ilcVlcker's Theatre a new dtbutante who makes her appearance for public honors. Miss Doggett, a young lady of this city, who Is said to be possessed of Mgb ac complishments and personal attractions, that may well qualify her to succeed as an actress, has chosen tbo stage as a profession, and will make her first appearance in the rolr' of “Elvira” In Kotzebue’s drama of “Plzarro.” As Mira Bag gett has never vet “come out” on any stage, we cannot speek of her capabilities, but we may with confidence anticipate lor her every encouragement on tbe part of the public. She has been for a con siderable ilme under the practical tuition of Mrs. Cowell, and if good training alone might Insure success. Ibis Ihct of itself would be sufficient to recommend her. Mlexuw.—“ Griffith Gaunt *’ waa withdrawn on Saturday, after having ran for two weeks very successfully. On Monday, will be presented for tbe tint time, “ Rip Van Winkle.*' The after piece, “Andy Blake,” will Introduce to the audi ence an old favorite, Mrs. Alice Holland, who, since her last appearance at the close of me season in June, has been playing with great success at Milwaukee. Mrs. Holland Is an accomplished sad talented actress,and her re-engagement at the Mu seum will be hailed as an acquisition. On Friday nest Mr. Lc Moyne becomes (be re cipient of a benefit, which we trust will be what be fully merit*, a substantial one. When Dillon retried from the Museum it waa generally feared that his place could never be supplied. Mr. L< Moyne hat supplied It, and to the entire satis faction of all. Bis versatility as a comedian ha* been amply demonstrated, and he has already won (or lumseir a peculiar niche In rvouular favor. Tbe bill selected for the occasion is' “walling for the Verdict,” and the amusing farce of “ Forty and Fifty.” Tux Ctnccs.—Yankee Robinson’s CoM«cum sod Zoological Gardens presents a rich variety of at tractions, and continues to receive a liberal share of public attention. Several additions to tbe menagerie have been made during the week, while the equestrian portion of tbe entertainment Is being kept up to a high standard. Tbe long expected clown, Mr Reynolds, will make his first appearance on Monday. Mr. Robinson takes a complimentary benefit on Thursday next. Tnx Battwak Coxcirts.—The announcement of Mr. EL L Bateman that two concerts wottld take place m the Opcraßouse, with Parepa, Brig noil, Ferranti and Fortnoa as tbo principal sing ers, has created quite so excitement In musical circles. Such a combination of mn<fcai talent baa seldom vivited Chicago. The sale of seats at tbe Opera Bouse commenced early In the week, and ever morning the box-office has been bcsolged by auatmous crowd waliiug (heir turn for tickets A U w seata,snd only a few, are still undisposed of, andmaybe secured early on Monday rooming. Tbe first concert will be given on Monday even ing. A choice programme Is announced, consist ing of gems non tbe great masters. Mr. Bateman has been kind enough to change bis programme for this evt-ninc, offering one of the best duos snug by Madame Patcpaand Signor Bxlgnolt. Instead of the one previously an nounced, and bas added the famous Boaslm tnc, “ZUt!;ziUi,”tothe entertainment. There need be no apology for the change, as it has been mani festly done in order to add to the great treat which the attendants at the Opera Bouse will have this evening. Itai.lax Orxtu.—A season of fifteen nights, commencing on Mondsy, December Situ, la an nounced by Max Slrakusch. director of the Gblou! and tsutlul Italian Opera Troupe, which u com posed of artists of the highest rejmtadoo. Tho whole company numbers seventy-five, including a chorus of iwentr-alx trainod voices, which has t>een carefully selected. The best operas of (he great masters are included in the npfrtotrf of the troupe. Meyerbeer’s posthumous work of “ L’Af ricase'* being among the antnber. The mauage roed baa bees at great expense to make the sea son a success, and it Is to 00 hoped that they will be warmly supported. Tax Sicokd PmxHAraomc Cokcnt.—Tbe second concert of the Philharmonic season will be gives on £atorday evening, December 22, wtih the following programme: Clricb’s Trinm- Shal Symphony (C major; Dual mow, quel ttrra, no for contralto and tenor from I Sfatnaditri by Miss Farrel and Mr. Schnttae; solo for trombone by David, to be played by Mr. Braun; quartette from “ Tbe Prophet, by Messrs. Scholue, Muller, Carpka and uarihe; txoiasla oa theme* bom •* Ibe African “ Como tn,” ballad by Enckea; overture to Ofienhach's Orphcns. 1 MreiCAi. Kxnißmox.—we understand that Mr. Baumbach will rive an exhibition of his piano pupils at Hoot •£ Cady's warerooma on Wcdnen day evening of this week. Mr. Baumbach plays Dobler'a beannful tarantelle. Mr. Bchultze sings two or three ballad*.and the revt of the programme is given to the pupils, daughters of many of onr well known atixens. It will be a very pleasant occasion. The Griffith Oaonl schoUlsche is the latest musical sensation, composed by £. G. Pratt, ami Issued by Boot £ Cady. It is a sparkling rompoaition with a good deal of originality about it. Tax Ciccno Outbaus.—An account was pub lished in these columns on Saturday, giving the details of a shameful assanlt upon an aged couple named Broxel. residing about five miles from this dty on the Blue Island avenue plank-road, and the robbery of abont *(00 in money, and the arrest of Ed tuned Uaekett. Michael Gioty and Edward Glaney a* three of tbe five men engaged in the affair. The names of the detectives who have been so successful In working ont tbe ca*e, (er roneously stated as Ellis and Shermau), are MDipfoa and Schumtn. The three men were partially examined at the Police Court on Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Broxel, feeble with age, were the proeecatlug witnesses. Tbe lady 1* now nearly seven tr years old, a woman of more than ordinary ioleQlgcnce and coolness,and her rarrartve of their having retired for the meht. the demand of the desuennoea for admission, ber rcfttssl, their forcible entrance and enbiequea' tying her and ber husband with cords, kicking her. holding a pistol to her bead and final attempt to hang ber, (wbKb all were not hardCLed enough to cent to,) woj a recital, under tbeeireamsUncea. lull of interest and well calculated to excite Ibe indignation of every listener, except the hard ened criminal* in the box. She Identified each of the three men in the most positive manner, stal ing tbe acta of lawlessness and abuse which caused her to remember them indtndnally. She scrutin ized them closely, and said *be could not be mis t-ken. Her husband was certain in the identity of two of them, bnt could not swear positireiv to Michael Gtmy. Tbe yowur men were held few further examination on Wednesday afternoon, is bail of 12,300 each. OUR STREET RAILWAYS. Tlie Cars Apain Running on Rudolph Street—The VTork —Heating Cars in Winter—Rim vlng All MffbU At about six o'clock on Saturday evening, tbe residents and passers on East Randolph street were astontibed by the unwonted spectacle of a street car mining ever that too rough rare—s sight which bad not bren witnessed far many months, tbongb long wstch-d and wilted for. Bat toe ibonsaid* who lire on and along Randolph street have sow cause to rejoice: fur tbs great work to aceompll-bed; ana to- cars. are agam running. Hath c« they bare complained of the delay, it bas, perhaps, not been greater than the extent of toe undertaking, and tbe smallness of toe force which was ranch of tbe time employed, made unavoidable. Tbe two principal lines of street railway to the city bare oeen tore up for tbe distance of more to«a half a tulle dnrieg toe present vear, each of toe two main avenues of tor West Division filled op to a height of from two and a half to tour feet, and toe whole covered with tbe woooen block pavement toe finest to the world- Considering toe search* of toe material required for tbe fining, and the difficulty of kesptng men ca too work, as, tn consequence of the long, continued rains Id tbe early fall, a great demand for laborer* bad maned and wages bad rites very nstnrslly, it to rather a matter of wonder that Ibe undertaking bis at tost been finished. It Is known that on these two streets nearly all the traffic for toe West Division psssce, as besides toe lines running to toe mty limits are branches leading off to toe northwest along Mil waukee avenue, southwest along Balsted street ard Flue Island avenue, and south alone Clinton and Jeflereon streets, so that the wbole West Di vision with us one hundred thousand in habitants is tons reached, acd residents ol cone of tbe more thickly rettlcd portions have more than a few blocks to walk to order to Like toe cara and gvt to tbelr places oi business in tbe citv. It waa at first proposed to commence tbe work of evading on both Madison and Randolph streets wraoJlsneocslr, a* the residents on each were anxious for !u speedy completion. The Board of Public Works bad planned to commence on toe western part of one street and the eastern part of the other at tbe aame time, running tbe cars os toe intact portions of each and crossing over on stmt. Bat U was lotted tbit this Is Us: eod woald cans* more annoyance, by the toUl stupeaalou of travel which would be ueceatftry when the filling ap proached ibe connecting street, thtn If one street wss completed before the other was begun, andao the plan wu changed, sod only >oe cars on Mad ison street «od Bias Island avenue werelntor rupted In the earlier part of the season. and those on Randolph street and Milwaukee avenue in the fall. The work on Madison street ni begun in Mav and completed about August LXh, the time staled In the contract. Meanwhile preparations wen made on Randolph street, la eOtcins the curb stone* ready for the filling In process, which began in about two week* after Uadlson slreet was completed. This delay wo aid no J C'tve occurred If the authorities had not neglected vha becetaarj repair* on the Madison .troet brUo, which ehooldbare been made while that stress « a f. „ op * Tbe Pittsburgh ft Fort Wayne Railroad Company were considerate eaoogn to put In their splendid iron bridge, over the track S?' ?* «OI«I of. .0 tta IhU-ofe did not add another Interruption to the basinets of the street. The work on Randolph sheet. as slated, was begun In the latter part of August, eo Uiat nearly four months baie been required for ita completion. There Is still much work needed to be done on the cross streets, between Madison and Randolph, as they are now the level of the latter. This will receive attention In due time While our street can arc now so well conducted In moat respects, there la room for a great Im provement In the Introdnctlon of acomiorubio temperature during the winter. In LooUvßle this is successfully accomplished by meaua of email sheet-iron stoves, twenty inches high and fifteen In circumference, filled with the ••heart wood of pitch pine, which radiates aumcient heat to make the eat* comfortably warm. At present the thousands who are obliged dally to use Ibis meant of conveyance atuTcr great discomfort owing to the cold weather, which might be very easily and cheaply avoided. Tlie «, l W lßeM of 1,18 "“Ponies la snfflclently profitable to authorize this Hole outlay, aod in deed the companies would doobUess flod the nnrober of pasvengera greatly increased If this want were supplied. One more Improvement Is demanded which has often been stated- Tbe cars abould be ran all night, at least at reasonable Intervals, to accom modatc the many whose occnpallon* detain them until after midnight. This change would allow many to have pleasant homes rear tbe suburbs wbo cow are forced to live near the centre of tbe oty on account of this lack of accommodation Tbe street railway companies ahonld consider the wants and suggestions of the public, and hr at tention to them make themselves still more truly public benefactors. v 9eteorologleaL The following is the Meteorological Record of the week ending Saturday, Deombor 15th. IBGS.SB kept by J. G. Langgntfi, Jr., Optician, No. US Randolph street. The temperature i* taken In tbe shade. Tbe direction and force of tbowioda are given approximately, with the barometric alti tudes—lie small letters being the Initials ofthe word* "high,” “breeze," ‘•gentle." "veering,” “rain," “snow." “moUt atmosphere,” and. “dry;” TUiimnin >n * Nlcht 0v Bala to tMe. prmSg*. «£.. m. Jp. a. m. B«p.i». Son 8 11 10 10 14 9 • » Moa « u n « ts e vi 7 To**.... a IS 13 8 U 7 It 0 Wed....* 16 7 11 31 S J 3 s ThO 7 11 a 8 Si o ao 1 Frl 16 TaiaiXTS .013 &*t i 3 0 a 4 so : a J .... „ tooMim. SX a.m. 8 p.m. p. m. „ Pate. Mcre*y. Wind. Mer*y. Wind. HePyTwiwL bun. .23.ZJ W.r. a»35 w.o. »JO WJu w.b.».ti w.b. ».o w.b. Wj*. wjl a« w.N.w* Thu .39.50 K.5-Kg. ».U E.R.V. Wil E.NJL*. Fn.-....».TJ N.NEA. 39.73 N.£b. 39.73 |£*. »« -28 JO KA. SMS BJu SMt KARA. A Vacrast Clxbk.—Hardin* Will lima, when arraigned for vagrancy at the Police Court on Sat urday morning, said he waa a clerk on Broadway, New York. Police officer* had sees him loafing ■fODBd depot* and ealoona for several week*, lie and be waa wlthoat money or' baggage, and had become heartily distorted with Chicago. W Ultima was fined SSO, the floe being anspenned one day to give him a chance to get oat of the dty. Qe expressed his Intention of leaving be fore night. BaUroad Accident. Editors Tribune: On (be evening ot December 11th the passenger tram on the Dubuque £ Sonthwcsiern Railroad, when near Cedar Rapids, lo*w. while taming a carve, waa thrown Irom the track, and one ear, containing some sixty passengers, broke its coupling, and was upset and rolled down an em bankment about twenty feet. Forty passengers were more or less injured. Holding a policy in tbe Travellers’ (Accident) Insurance Company, of Chicago, 1 wish to acknowledge, through your colnmas. the prompt payment of my claim for In- Jnrlca received at tbe time of the above accident. Tbe Traveller*’ li a sound and tellable company, and has lately combined life insurance with Its ac cident department. No travelling salesman who Is still uninsured should fall to give them a call at their office. No. 12$ Washington street. Psamt B. Boinnwnt, With Hurd, Preecolt £ Co., No. 173 Lake street. LOCAL MATTERS. BlekalDs Great Bbenmadc Remedy la daily effecting wonderful cures. It acta like magic, both Chronic and Inflammatory Rheuma tism giving way before It. Tbe afflicted are ad vfccd to try 1L Lord £ Smith, Agents. A Guarantee accompanies each bottle of Marsdeo’e Pectoral Balm, which will core every case of Coughs, Colds, Inflnentsor Catarrh. Hia agents have Inetroctions to reload the mosey in every instance where It Calls to relieve and care. For sale by all drogglsta. Burnhams £ Van Scbtack, wholesale druggists, 16 Lake street, wholesale agents. Important to mother*.—Vl r*. Wins low’# Soothing Syrup, for all diseases with which children are articled, la a safe and certain remedy. It allays all pain, aoftens the gnms, reduces rafla matiOD, sure to regulate the bowels, and cures wind colic. Depend upon il. mothers. It will re here tic little anfferer Immediately. Perfectly safe In all cases. Go to N» P« iSenllpß, Wholesale and retail dealer in kerosene lamps, lanterns, chande liers, table glassware, looking-glasses, sc.. Nos. 71 and 73 Randolph street. A Rare Pile Care.-Dr, Gilbert’s PU« Instrument positively cares the want eases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of ft. dronltra free. Sold by drarelau. Agente wanted every where. Adores* J, B.- Roxaixx, Manager, No. 675 Broadway, New York. Itch ! Rcrateh! I Boyd’a nedteated Crvam cues Iteb, scnilehea. and all skin diseases. HU neat, pleasant, aromatic, rate and certain; adapted to children. Sold by all drag- Colsmte’t Aromatic Vegetable Soap,— A superior Toilet Soap, prepared from re lined vegetable Oils, to cotnhlnaUou with Glycerine, ■od especially designed for the nee of ladles and tor (be Narrery. Its perfume Is exquisite, and Its washing properties tuulraHcd. For sale hr all druggists. mrlih»tMy*&w The Purest and Sweetest Cod hirer Oil In the world, manufactured Irotti frwh, healthy liven, upon these* ahore; Uts perfectly bare ana sweet. Aik for ” Hazard & Caswell’s Cod liver Oil,” manufactured by N*ew York. Sold by ail druggists. Special Nolle* Co Btxslqcm [Tien and ihe TrnveD<Bg Public generally.—Quick time to New York. Boston, and all points £i< na I-she Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Our £ls p. is. train crrlvea in Cleveland at &00 a. to., Buflalo at 1:35 p. n , New York at 7:00 1. m.—five boon In advance of tbe Michigan Central and Groat Western time. Gao. M. Goar. Western Agent Ticket office removed to No. S 3 Dearborn street, under Ttemont Bouse. Paper Bmnglnsa and irtadow Shade* •t crcally reduced prices. P. E. Rigby, S 3 Ran dolph-fit. FOB THE LADIES. BROCVDBD >U.KS. Jrit<i«x<iime»/ Every dress worn by the Empress at Compelgne tnls year, whether in

the morning or evening, has been specially manufactured at Lyons, of brocaded silk— the object of this being to employ the hands which the late fashion of wearing plain silk bad thrown out of employment. lam cred* Ibly Informed that the most brilliant and ar tistic designs hare been executed in colors on a dark ground, and that Her Majesty has ex pressed to her guests herauxious hope that such silks may be worn this winter, for the sake of the starring wearers of Lyons.— Fnri* Vorrrtpondentt London Star. AMERICAN LADIES IN PAK'9. There is something almost melancholy In the state of mind of many lady travellers on their arrival in Europe, especially when such are without the executive rapport of hatband and brother. Their discontented oscillations are then unlimited. They ask you, can they get into a French family where they can bear nothing but French spoken, or into some apartme'nt where they can have American comforts! They do not like tbelr boarding house—their sheets are only washed once a month, the bread them is the long cheap yard-meaaurc sort, their breakfasts consist merely of a roll and entree. They ask, do you think the food nourishes you in Paris as it does at home? Would llrcsden be a pleasant city to pass tbe win , ter In? And Nice, how is that for a winter residence, and la it very expensive? Then, besides the general discontent of mamma there ore usually one or two daughters who have come to Europe with the idea that on touching the land this side of the Atlantic some Aladdin's lamp is to* be immediately placed in their hands; of course they arc in a state of disquiet. This may account for the air of pensive sentimentality which some French Journalist fantastically imagines be discovers in the faces ot American girls— Paris Correspondence Boston Adtxrtissr. A SERVANT OIBL CTSEO BT THE POPE’S PET* “ Three columns of the Afonde are filled np by the account of a miracle which took place a few days ago In Parifi, Rue Villedo, No. 11. A servant girl was on her deathbed: she bad already received extreme nnctiou, bad be come speechless, and her eve* had closed, when a confessor entered the death chamber and robbed her eyelids with a small piece of tbe Pope's white flannel petticoat. I trans late literally {soutain* rm taint btanehe). The effect of this new species of fiction, which until now I have never heard of, though 1 havetnrnta considerable amount of mid night oil In poring over books on therapeu tics—was that the young girl, much to the edification of her weeping friends, jumped up and complained of hunger, and drank successively three cups of broth. Her han ger, however. Increased to such an alarming extent that, to aatl'Qr her v.iracltv, provis ions were scot for to a neighboring hotel- This mav re*d like a joke, but yon nave only to open Le Alcmdt of tb*« tbe 10th of Novem ber to be convinced that I bare strictly ad hered to the Indubitable veracity of troth in the above precis of the said threo columns."— Paris Conrspondtnce London Tint*. SAB RINGS WITUOtTKIR PIBBCINO. A smart fellow in London has discovered s way to enable ladies to wear ear rings without having their earsplereed- The fast ening U managed thus: The rosette In front of the ear ring top is the head of a screw, which, by being partly withdrawn, allows the wires to separate, and, on being screwed back, when adjusted, presses the wires on the lobe ot the car; the wires are so con* strutted that they do not uncomfortably press the ear; in met, the fastening, Instead of entering the flesh, clasps it. This logcnl* oos Invention will recommend itself to those who are prejudiced against ear piercing, if they arc not that the ear ring will be unsafe, thus worn. BEECHER ON DANCING. He says: “Do not hesitate to dance among your own family and friends, under tire sup position that it Is wrong. It is certainly roar liberty, and it is right and wholesome, home young ladies asked me, 4 Who may we reckon as within the circle of onr family ?’ Whoever is near enough to yon to salute yon arc in your family, and all others may be safely considered as not in jour family. Tour brothers, and sist«rs,and cousins, and thobC with whom yon maintain relations like unto those which exist in the household von may regard as within yonr family circle, but I think that, if a person wants to know the truth, he -will And no difficulty in making the proper demarkation in this re- R»rd.” ADVICE TO XABaiAGBABLS GIRLS. “If a man wipes bis feet on the door-mst before coming into the room, you may be sure he will make a good domestic husband. If a man, in snuffing the caudles, soofla them out. you may be sure be will make a stupid husband. If a man puts bis handkerchief on bis knee while taking his tea, yon may be sure he will make a prudent husband. In the same way, always mistrust a man who will not take the last piece of toast, or Sal' ly Luou, bnt prefers waiting for tbe next warm hatch. It is not unlikely he will make a greedy, selfish husband, with whom you will enjoy no ‘brown’ at dinner, no crust at tea, no peace whatever at home. The man, try dears, who wears goloshes, and la careful about wrapping himself up well before venturing Into the sight sir, not an frequently makes a good Invalid husband, that mostly stopt at home, and Is easily comforted with slope. Tbe mao who watches the kettle, and prevents U boiling over, will not fail, my dears, In his married state, in exercising the same care In always keeping tbe pot boiling. The man who doesn’t lake tea. nl-treats the eat, takes snuff, and stands with hla back to the fire, is a brute whom I would not advise yon, my dears, to marry upon any consideration, either for love or money; but most decidedly not fbr love. But the man wbo, when the tea Is over, is discovered to have had none. Is sure to make tbe best husband. Patience like hla deserves being rewarded with the best of wives and tbe best of mothcrs-ln-law. My dears, when yon meet with such a man, do tout utmost to marry him. In the severest winter he would not mind going to bed first.”— Punch's Pocket Book. DUTIES or A LADl’a MAID. One of these not-to-bc-envled persons, (a race which may be classed with that of gov ernesses,) has lately made disclosures, throw- Ing some light upon tbe women of rank in England. “ Much Is required from os in London,” one of them writes: “We mast, above all, be very punctual, fbr fashionable ladles change their dresses at least five times a day during the season. We must have pol- Isbed manners, be no older than thirty-five years, and always be cheerful andJgood-tem peied, although for weeks we are kept with out sleep until four o’clock in the morning a practice which Is equally injurious to eyes and lungs. We are expected to cut. and tit, and to use the most improved machine, and to dress hair fbr tbe morning, evening and court costume, as well as for the drive; to Iron well, to read, write and cipher; to speak French and German, and, if possible, to have travelled. There is still another func tion of a lady ’s-maid which Is supposed to be a modem introdnctlon, but which Is, In fact, [merely a revival of an ancient custom. We most he able to paint In pastel, not. in deed, after nature, but upon oer. To beau tify our mistresses we must redden the checks, put antimony upon the eyc-llda, pas tel upon the brows, introduce beUa-donna into eyes In order to enlarge the pupils, Saint bine veins upon tbe temples, and use icon paint and pearl-white upon the rest of tbe skin. We most change the hair to a rcdlsh-brown by means of a corroding mate rial, or of l palma raecAfd.’ which Is now used In preference, for that purpose; and we most be possessed of great ap plying all these ingredients, as their nso is universal with the old as well as with the young.” Carlotta Patti, The Paris correspondent of the London Star, November 21, sajs: Carlotta Patti sang last night at a con cert given for her by Monsieur E. de Glrar din, at his private residence. Rue Tanquet. A brilliant audience, composed of-notablli ties of the fashionable and musical world, were Invited to hear this new cantatflce. Among them was Prince Napoleou, M. Darl tnon, the deputy, Baroness de Rothschild, and others. The genera] opinion on Carlotta was that her voice was inferior to that of her bister, and her face, from its extraordinary pallor, less pleasing; still, connoisseurs ad mit her artistic talents to be of a very high order. She sang tbe cavatina in “Linda,” as well os some brilliant variations of extraor dinary difficulty In the “ Carnival de Venlse.” accompanied by M. Frank, and undoubtedly rendered both these arias with true artistic inspiration. The latter are Identical with those composed hy Paganini for his violin, and which hare been arranged for the voice by Benedict. Carlotta asks 1201. to sing at a concert; yet, notwithstanding this some what high tariff, Is In great demand. The Patti family are a perfect dynasty of artists ; it Is said that there Is a younger sister who bids fair to outshine Adelina, and a brother who is a magnificent tenor. Markets by Telegraph. New York markets. Nsw You. December 13. Cotton—Cotton dall and lower at Ste. FLom—Dull and UQJOc better. fiOJOalll.S) for round hoop Ohio. GEAis-wheatln moderate request and 3Qic hither. M.IQ for infer .or Milwaukee; *I.3sa#JSS »r No. j .Milwaukee. Barley steady. Corn iq2c higher. t 1.13 for nixed afloat and in store: for old Southern. Gate a shade higher, 6tQ66e lor Chicago and Milwaukee. PcoTwoira—Pork lower, t7l.7SQtJ3.eo for new; fSO.7SQi3i.i3 for old. clonus at SJG.s? cash t fi7.63a fISJO lorrrlme. Beef heavy. Flams steady. Cut meats heavy. Bacon dullt Lard lower, at R>fQl3ue. Whisxzt—DnlL Prraotsrw—Pull: 19c tor crude. Pka Neva—l 3.73 per S»«, Wool—Firmer, SuqCOc for domestic fleece. Duaxn Boos—Lower at SUAIOc for Western. LATER NEW YORK MARKETS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] H*w Toxx, December 13. Floor—The advance was mcttly la prices asked and in prices paid for future delivery. Wheat—Strong mill ing demand, partly to go coaetwlaa, bot some farther advance would bring out tree sellers. Coarse grains generally slow of sale. Shipments much reduced, at* though freights to Europe average a penny decline. psonsiosi. Pork decidedly lower, new closing at MUD, old All hog product* average half cent lower. Heavy writers drened, S\Q9c: live, 7Jfc. Receipts *,««• oiocnm. Coffee—Rio Sugar—Fair to prime grocery lOSQIIHC. Masey tad htseki In New Yark. .. _ Mw koaz. December 15. ilojfxr—Es*j and «trade. at la; per cent Srautau Kxciuxok—Finn, at iw,v*tuv. ■SliTd £i‘- L /g ir' “ “’*• <0 Uotuxwkxt Tones—Dull. Fnuubts to tower. . latu. JJoxrr-The market l« growing ea*ler, ana the do masd on (he store Exchange is freely met as a?" per cent on »tock collaterals and 8 per cent on Govern ment*. Prime discounts. Bqa7 percent Gou>—Tb« market closed op steadily at UTV. Loans are generally made flat to-day. GornuixxxT fcrcramxs—Dali and unchanged. this afternoon. The following art tbe cicalas price*; Roistered 15-S) coup 137X<bt07M Coupons. *Bl....Htt(*il9 10-rtres sjjJa 99'? VA) fee *«S .IBJstMiOf.V 110-10 coop Kircxixouons. lhe»(ocK market was Urn to me doae. with aa la created activity. There la a belter feeling generally, at.a more disposition u> bar tor rise. _ _ CLOSIXO OCOTAnOV*. The fallowing were me dosing pnctJ: Mariposa, ptd.. 51 I 111. On U 7 ail7M W.I.TeL &HUO I Pittsburgh.... 91 {*9ls S.T.C uisamn | «.i. a Kc.... 101**101* Erie 79** 79* IV. W. &3*<* 5J* Had*on Elvcr..l3o\cal7> X. w. pfd 7S»«e TSW Mich. Son 61)|(ii GJi | sliM'o r-csr.cs.—Mere active on tbe leadingstock*, with an upward movement- There was a large tuul ness In Consolidated Gregory, and tb* stork rote from <SO u>97j. In Corydon tbe transactions were heavy, and there vasan advance to 73. taCroSM was firm at 95. Bullion Consolidated was steady at U 0; Allan* tic sed Pacific ut 43; Alpine was active, and sold np to l<3: Russell Pile at SCO; American blag at lid ; Oak THU at 90, and Holman at X. Review of the NrwYork Dry CJaodOlnmct mw Toar. December IS. Theory goods market is again comparatively quiet to-day. in part Dorn toe ne*r approaca to the time of taking stock accoonu. The week's business taint op very satlsfactoiy to ad parties. Tbe advance in the price or raw material caustd a firmer seeling for lead* log heavy goods. and price* are Itealy. Lower evade* are moving rather irregularly at comma) figures. Tre production ol *tandard sheetings baa neea cur tailed cue-fourth within tbe past toar weeks. stocks axe oow very tntad. Tbe price* are one half cent higher than on Wednesday, a- d goods are told abroad to acme extent. There hat been lest irregularity In bleached goods during the past three days, bat prices are u>l very firm andlrade Is moderate. Print cloths are fairly active here and mthemana ractunng townsauring tbe past tbreeday*. Bales of fail Hirer are reported of some 80.000 pieces at 19* UVe. iTlnts steady. Stock* In jobbers* hands small, and agent* very fins. Other rotum goods quiet except a few makes of ticks, which are on the market at con cessions, and are freely taken. In t. culms and eottonades mere la only slight busi ness. ' Tbe market kas talriy an op ward turn Ibr woollen goods, both In price ann CmaaC. Agsats are very wise, however, la not advaaciag to may extent, tad with the present phase of the trade the market far for eign goodsls comparatively quiet. The auction sea. sou Is nearly over. Such lots a* are offered are in odd lots, and bring very lew price*. Jobbers arc doing a light btulneu. Importations for the week not very heavy, but ample far the mar ket. St. Lsvls .Hmtts. (Speria! Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) St. Lona. December U. Tobacco—Dull, sales of lug* at H.oayL3: ship ping at K.O»7.fIO^«AC: manaOtcOirlng leat IlLli* 34 00. GxxJ»-Corn uxeenied and dull; prices unchanged. Wheat steady: sales ot fall at g? Ma?,C; spring, none rold. Oats a shade higher at 790 «*e. Baxley aaa rye nod snge>*. Flott—Active at tmehauged prices. Pxovmoka—Pork final salts of new mess at yMAO. Lara—hales of prime at lie. Hoc*—Bcrrtpts, lAlb: price* higher and firm, nog from PASS to fAAOt Wniskgr—Higher: sales at gt. 3. Ttilwnnttee Market. (Special Oespateb to me Chicago Tribute.) Mhwacsxx. December IL BFLorr—Firm andSefelgber. Sal«s3AsCbrts;Rlver Street XX spring at |SCJ3; Columbia Xat f 9-25; Viola XatfS-S; Fox Elver superfine at S-LCO; Joseanat K.tfl; Superfine at Bro<lkead dty rye flour at Gnaa—Wheat mdraaeed MtSc, dosing Cm. Sales at 9 a. m. board® bn at fSJT far No. 1; ?UW for NO- 9 and IL3 far No. 7. Noon board—Sales 11,400 bn *tflAltorKo.9:|l.7S ©IAJ far No. a. and SIA3 far rejected. Oat* firm—Sale* 17£oa on No. tat 45c. Cora car banged at 84e fa; No 1. PuetD nc*o.s—Declined 50873 c. Sa]<a at TJOd 7.C v. dividing on fioc »«: Prorwmr—Dell and lower. Mess pork Is freely offered at sisAO; no buyers ovrr fI&S. Eroarro—W) bris Coer. 7.900 ba wheat, UOObuoaU, XMC bn eon, S 3 dressed bogs, *c Ore bogs. Scinecxvn—t JCO brls Conr. TOO bn wheat. Clsdsnsll Market. [Special Despatch to lbs Chicago Tribune. 1 CxvcusATt. December 15. Fxort—Firmer, but pot artre. Sain of aapertoe at f9A.MUS.P3; extra at |IL00(A1I.«3, aad |l7-TO(AI3-» far (amilr. Gxus—Wheat It active aad 5e higher, with tales of So. 1 tpncgataAS.andSo. 3 atfilJLß Corals fim, with sales of pew shelled at 60c. Oats are qsiet, with sain of So. I at 55*SCc, Eve advanced taSc, with talcs of No. lat fil J 5. Barley It nominal. Cottos—Qaiet, and J<c lower, with sales olmi<mtTi r at Sc. WExtsxT—Deh. and 192 c lower, with tales ofbonded atSa»*c. Paonsroxt—Bather weaker. Rets pork In moderate demand, with talct at 519J&3X.00. Secants Inactive. Bulk meat* an nominal. Sales ofahonMen at Tkc parked lard ts quiet, wltb sales of prime ktCUe at Ue, and UVc lor prime tteam. Green meats are firmer, gale* ot aboalcera atSJfc: aides Bc, and **c for hams. Boos—eteady. and in food demand, with nles at fAJ?*»» at fiLSal-D r net receipts, 8,700. Moxxt— Active, at per cent. Exchange is firmer, at 100 U*J dlseotmt During. par actllns. Bt. U«U BarkK. To mcco—Drill *ad racbaeg*d. tones—Drooplcc at asjfc. From—Firm aad a iractics higher fbr medium extra ertdea. nans—Wheat maer at fiß.float.fa tor prime fan • choice »hire. com dull, closed loweratffla *v new bo. 1 u Sim. <>aufinnat~l97sc. Pconnoss—Firmer: St*(Pork at*3loo. holders a*k Urge sdraaces: tales atfiS.2s, to arrive. Hoos-H Über at fAt»aS.9&-lattg very heavy. TsMs Mamet. Gxa»—Wheat—it# tor white Michigan; amber MlchUaa advtaced"c: aalaatfiSJS; No. Isprlaxad- talaatfts. Cora-batea at&tfc. Oats— sales at ttc. Srt association. THE ENGRAVINGS OF THE CEOSBY OPEEA HOUSE AET ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S. Eetlde Itifa Beautiful Ornament! far home, the Certificate! which an limed with them gice the holder an equal chance of obtaining the Bit EAT PSFMIUM, TEE OPEEA MOUSE ITSELF, or Valuable Pointing!, which an readily ecmeertOle into cash, that going the recipient a personal interest in antkipating the GREAT DRAWING OF JANUARY2.Ist. amusements QROSBY'S OPERA HODsB batema> t concerts. TWO KIOSTB OffLT. Monday Evewfog* Dec. 17ifa, Taeadav Evening, Dpc. IStb, Tbe only occasion oa which TBE BE.VOWNBD ABTl9f9 * Of Mr. Bateman** Troupe caa appear tn Chicago tbe present season. PROGRAMME FOR MONDAY EVENING. SJAIiMIE PABBPA Will slag the Cavatina. - Bel Baggio." (SemW mice), tae bone, "Ntgtrtlagalv's and with- Hnof Rrtenstl. the Duo, -Per VsUL" and the Tno “Zad. zim.*’ with signore Mngaou and Ferranti. Sic NOB RRIGNOIiI Will lice the R-.roaar*. “iTappart.” (Martha), Ur Batton'atxanufni aallad, “ Good Ore, Sweetheart.* aad tbe Dao with Madame Parcpa, and In the Trio. SIGNOR FEKBANTI WIU sing the CavaUna, ** Largo al Factotum," aad with Signor Foftnru. the Duo, "Dn Segretto," (Ceoprestola.) and m the Trio. SIGNOR FORTH* A. Wni aloe the Aria, “Alla Pace," (Qdraaento), aad the Duo with Signor Ferranti. niR. s. B, 9DLLS Will perform LI sot'* u Mldtntamer Night** Dream." bis otra "Beconectios* ot Home," and a poo (D« Billot) with Ur. Carl Rosa. HR. CARL ROSA will pUr LJpin*ld's “Concerto MlUtalre," and the Duo with Ur. Mills. MB- J. L. HATTON CONDUCTOR. Tbe Otaad Plano med at these Concert* |« trotn the celebratedniana(Vtoryoft>teinwsyftßiu,Kew York. ADMI-810N ONE DOLLAR. N o extra charge tor secured teat* heats In Balcony Boxer. VI JO. beat* now ready at tbe Box Offlce. Door* open at 7 14— t0 comme&oe at 8 o'clock. Me VICKEH'S THEATBE. ICESB ft MYERS .MayaQßfm Eogageffient for Six Nights only'Of the tainted young artlit, UISS BLANCHE DaBAB. Monday and Tneiday, the FEMALE GAMBLES; Or. Ptor ASD PaUIOX. Mad. De Fcntanges Mia* Blanche Be Bar To conclude w.tb Ue comedy of the COMICAL COUNTESS. Katherine. tbe comical Counters, with the tong, -TbeilemeitGUl Than Out,” Miss Blanche Deß ar. XTAKKEB ROBINSON’S CIRCUS J. ANDJMENAGERIE. Engatemeut ot lie world renowned Clown and Comic Singer, 3lr. Jomca Kcynolds, Who will appear Monday evening. Dec, 17th. Thor*- B ° ai “ QRObBT’S OPERA HOUSE MADAME OBIONI and SIGNOR BU3INTS GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. BEACON OF POSITIVELY FIFTEEN NIGHTS ONLY Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 34. Tbe Director. In assuming for another ss unn Uie hied retpensl unities and ardccus Unties connected with tb<* maiacement and prodacUoo of OHAND OPERA, hep* leave to cat! tbe attention of tbe patrons and mu stc-lonng pubUc In Chicago, to tbe UNRIVALLED ORGANIZATION which, after naremtttln* exertion* tor a period of many months, the closest personal attenUnn. analy sis, he baa succeeded In effecting, thereby eoabUnz him to present an array of SEVENTY-FIVE FIRST-CLASS ARTISTS, tbe whole constituting one of the Urerat, most com pletaamd talented companies which hai ever appeared on the European or Ame'tcan *ti«. Tbe following artists of tae highest eminence In tbe proieaiion constitute tbe OHIONI AND SCSINI GRAND ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. Prima Doone: MME. ANGIOLiNA GIUOM and MLLE. PAULINE CANISSA. Prima Donna uontralto: MADAME PATTI STKiKOSCfI. ' IMml Tenor!: btO.ETTORE IBFREaad 810. ACBILLTS ERRANT. Prim! (Urates!: SIG. GIUSEPPE MARK A and 810. ABDAVAKL Piiml Bawl: SIO. AUGCSTINO BUaINI and BIG. COLETTI. Basso Bnfio: SIG. S A BTI; Stn. Snttsts and Cams Troort Comprtmsri Mte. 1-ccatxli.i atd Mawio Basso Comprlman blgnura Paiuzzi and MUe. Gaos* Seconds Donne TBS GRAND CHORUS numbers 39 thoroughly trained and educated voices, and THE GRAND ORCHESTRA eabracMmany of the leading virtuosi of the country, and for strength, uuty, and lor complete efficiency Is not • or pawed by any now on the Americas stage. Musical Director and Conductor. 81 g. NIBOLAO Herr ZsrrusAn Prompter Sjg. cmm Ccsmmer .81*. Suctklia Stage Manager .....TTaig. Okillo TBS QRaKD REPERTOIRE will comprise L’Africalne; Robmie Duble; Faust: FraDUrolo; Crispin© e U Com are; Balloon Hatchers; Eruaslt Ncnna; Lneretla Borgia: TrariauKUtir d’Amore: Earblere <u berlgtla; Favorite; Troratore; and WUI rcMDted eaUr£,aalo3oe SCALE OF PRICES: A Reserved Seat In tbe Orchestra, Parqustte. Draw Circle ana Balcony, each. me Itaiconr box Seats, each a n» SEASON TTCRRtS-lo Orebestra, Parqoeite. Dwi Circle and Balcony, (15 nlghta) .749.09 Balcony Brx boat*. (15nights) 31JXJ tiTlhe sale of Reserved seats, lor tbe entire Season onir,witl commence on TUESDAY, Drc.lS. at 9 a. la st the Box Offlce of tne Opera Bouse. Sale ot Tickets for single nights ooamenees on Thursday, Dee, ao. /'JOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. W)L. 4. B. WOOD.. FropritSof DJiwtof of Amn*«cent* k. b. mrbx State Manager. .thus.'BAzmr Till* VAN WINS7.R, adapted from Washington Ir ving's sketch-book. produced with to* - scenery, ma rsmery. properties, costume*. music. and a greatetse First appearance tbls season of A’lce Holland, oa Mon* dareveolug. Dec. 17, will r»e performed, ant time, a Lecendof tbe CatakUls. entitled IUP VAX WINKLE. oraS.ctpof-jOlean- Previous 10 which, ant ame, * comedy enuped ASDYBLAKB. Wednesday alter* noon, Grand Matinee. Friday, Benefit of Mr. W. J. LeMcyne. ■yARIETT THEATRE. Enthusiastic reception of Mr. JE. BLANCHARD AND HIS ACTING DOGS, CARLO AND NERO, Who will appear this evening in thetvoaet Drama of The Blind Boy and Sis Bor. Baptarona applause bestowed on JOE WOODS, the prince of O mlc Voeallita. Apnetraofleoi «he talented LAURA BRRNARO, Sir. JOuNDOUGHERIT. ana ibegreat Doable Company. Q.OOD SEATS tor the BATEMAN CONCERTS, Monday an! Tuesday Evenlov*. can be had ot the Treasurer, at the Box Office. InCroshy’sOpera House. QJIEAT CONGRESS OP T UVINa WONDB&S! AT WASHINGTON HALL, to Smith A Nixon's Build ing, FOR THREE DAYS ONLY, MONDAY.TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, Dec. iTth, 19th and 19th. lf«. 1 he Wor'd-Renowaed SIAMESE TWINS, Chang and Eng. aao two of their children. Tbe SCOTTISH QUEHN. smalleat lady Is the world: only 3S inches high, weighing SJ »s. DOUBLE-HEADED GIRL, or CAROLINA TWINS. 15 rears old. and alive. The WILD AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN,wiII b*in troduced by Capu Reid, their Captorer. TWO LEVEES EACH DAY. Door* open from 9 to S and 7 to 9 pi m. Addition, 50 cents? children. 95 cents. auction Salts- SCHOONER BY AUCTION—On as- O cocat of whom It m«y concern. TUF9DAT. PEC. l*rh. imi. We are by Robert IU», Emj, Solicitor, to selbon account of whom It may concern, the schooner AMERICA, as she now lies, with sails, rigging, aa* chots. Ac* Av- aQ complete. TM America lies opposite Flint A Thotapwa's Eio vator, near T>eifth*»t.. where she nay be seat *nr day prim to sale. Sale at 13 w'cloefc, sharp, os above date. DANIEL SOTr A CO. Aset's. Terms easy. Apply to ttOUSRT RaE. 10 D-de*s Bnlldlng, or the Aocttoneen. Office prt7-tecn_ -L4 La SalieAU a. butters & co„ Auctioneers & Commission Hercliants F ALMSR*S BLOCK. p«4C 41 dr 46 RANDOLPH-NT. gPLEXDiD COLLECTION OP ELEGANT ITALIAN 3UBBLE, AGATE AND ALABASTER S T A. T IT A R, Y , Imporud from Florence by Sig. Topi, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. Dee.lStk, at 10 o'clock, at Buttars* Salesrooms, In Palmer's Block, No«. 44 ud 46 Bao* WM. A. BUTTERS A CO. AacTa. Dry good*, clothing, boots ASP SHOES. *C„ AT AUCTION. / 6a WEDNESDAY ux! THURSDAY. Dee. XMh ud tCUj, at BcOptV Saleroom*, 41 aed46 Baodo)pa st. WM. A. BETTERS A CO- AOCUajaera. lAA BRLS, SUGAR, lUU VARIOUS GRADES. AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY. Dee. 90’h. at 11 o'clock, at Butters* salesroom*. 44 and 46 Randolph-at. WR A. BUTTERS A CO. AUCf*. T IQUOR, GROCERIES, TOBACCO, Li CIGARS, AT AUCTION*, On THURSDAY. Dec. rOtt. at 11V o’clock. at Batters' Salesrooms. 44 sad 40 Raa3o'nh«t. WSU A- BCTJI4BS A CO, AlCft. CLOAK*. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF H.CUNSENHAUSER & CO. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. Dec. r*t, it 13 o’clock,at STORE. No. 7B Lake-tt. The Stock csmpHsr* everr style aad qaalitr, VTM. A. BETTERS 8s CO-. AccVtv Xfto iJublicaltons. gAYE YOU SEEN THE PRAYEH AT VALLEY FORGE, At S. S. HOYDEN'S, 73 Sooth Clark-tk, Chicago. tyAgeot* wanted. gattnctsl)ip. Dissolution.— The co-partnership hereto to re exlt'lrg nader the firm name aai ttyfe lt B, P. OttEKNE A: CO- _ , . Compote*! ol O. F. Greece u 4 Thorne 5L Akeriy, Is this dty diitilted by mathal consent- _______ B. r. OBBoTN*. . T.M. AKEaLSY. APE TEE MOST ISTEEESTINO PBESEFTS FOE sKcal 35statt-(ffitß. laiFROVfiD. T?OR bALE—A new, first-class S-elory JT 1 frame dweUfrgboose, fitted no with every duira oTe convenience, containing thirteen room*. No, 93*J Nertu well nlted for a respectable faa.lly. Apply cn me prtmUe*. 170 U SALE —Very desirable investment. J? 1 have*omeproperty bclonrtog to agcolleuaa aboo*** leave tnc city—improved—BlOJCO. AMo. ave nneloattor 13.700, •oburbsa propertr 89,T00 aad for cash only. Cali end see to* property before next Tooaay. H. 0. STONE, TOT sUtcnt. ITOR SALE—A two-efory frame house X? and bnci b.w meat. 17 rt>nma on Twentr-fbarth tt_ near the Labe shore, at a bargain. T-xmahalf caih. balance 1 and tvr* yean, at V percent. Inquireol CLARKE. LAYTON ft WaiUlagton-at. TT'OR SALS—Houses andtofa. and houses B* 00 leaaed lota-lb nlfferest nartr or li>ecity, *ome atr low tf rim. Call and ace. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Swrlh Clark-rt. ' T?OR SALE—A large and elegantly built X 1 bonwonNorthLaStlle-aUlnaverydcsirahlelO' catloa. eartOoaf, 16 roots* and alt modern conveni ence*. put completed and new ready tor' occnpancv, lor MCR93,rmnlngtbroogli'tollUl-«L,wllfbetoldlow and (nhberal terms. One or the Oneet places cn tbe North Ride sow In marker- Title onqaeSUoQabic. WARREN ft GOODRICH, Beal EsUte BroUrr, Dearbora-etu Room 2. FOB &ALE—Br Wm. D. Keerfooty 89 Waahiagtoß-rt. 60 feet on Warm near Horae. 9 lc«t on Park-«v. near Oakley, so feet on Late near Hoyne. X feet cn Ada near Lake. 800 fbet corner tart Una and Pralrle-ava. 34 feet on comer of Sankakee-ar.- aad Twenty fonrtb at. . 40 feet oa sontbewt corner Ohio and OaSallMW. 35 feet on North LaSaUe-aL, sear Chlearo-av. H feet on Ulchicaa near Statc-at. Also to acre* snllable tor a sab-dlviiton; Jait H mile west cf city UmU* and trontlng on Uadlaoa-aU F)R SALE—Two goood tr&me bouses, east front on north of TVreirthwC, BX6JW. By Secs ft Ay re*, ofilce 10 Opera Hoesc. F)R SALE—A first-class two story barement brick hon*c on Wabaafrav„ nearTwen ty-axih-st—fnmaoe* so with rbe home—*9,ooo. A marble treat boose on Wabaab-av., near Eight* renth-«L, 814A00. Two story and basement brick home on Wabaab-av. near ft CO n Riml Estate Broken S Metropolitan Block. F)R .SALE—A boose and lot on South- Ralstedst.. suitable for a residence or bnslnre*. Can be bought at a bargain, as It most be sold. A. J. MILLS A CO- 133 Dearbonut. UKI3IPHOVED. F)R SALE—The north halt of Block No. O, School Section Audition, haring a front age of ITS feet on Clinton and JcCeraotvla., and con taining S 3 lots. A rare opportunity for a manuCacto tj. WIU be sold on reasonable terns hr T. 3. FITCH A CO., No. 167 Dearborn-* t. 17OR SALE—Choice Lot, on West I' Wsahlngion-st,. between Wood s&d Lincoln-*:*., 601 eel Sooth front. A very desirablelocasao. BAIRD L B HADLEY, cor. Lake and LaSalle-sti. .Director. T7OR SALE—-Only a few left of those 1 cheap and choice 10 acre lota in General Hunter's Subdivision, 5 miles south of city limits, on'Tallroad and Plsnkroad, >1.109 each, >IOO down, balscce in 10 yean at 7 per cent. Price will be raised after Jan. l*t, should any lots remain tm'old. WaKRRN A GOOD RICH, Real £>tato Brokers, IJ3 Dearbom-s*... Room 7. T7OR SALE—Eillr feet on Madison-st., i . near Morean-su, £V.OuL wUI take a spaa, of horses and carriage »ln part panxrot; 31 lots on LakcMt within one block of Wecwr-ar.. Fsrk-ar.. nearclty llmtu,C3o -ach. H. C. MOREY A CO., Beal Estate Broker*. S Metropolitan Blxk. F)R SALE—By Rees & Ayres, office 10 Opera Dsnse: Fatk-ae., near Oaktey-st- sfx 33-fool 10U at >6OO each, Bnperior-sL, near Franklin, two lots at >SO per toot. Wabash-ar. near Jacksnaac,a fine residence, and tot Main: >3o.cco. Oearhorn-su, near two lots, east front, |UC per foot. Deatbnra-tL, near a splendid brick resi dence. tIUCO. QLo asent-jgnuges. HPO RENT—A new, first-class frame JL bouse, containing thirteen rooms, and fitted w Ith every necessary convenience, near Lincoln Park. Wo. 938 North Ctark-tt. Take FnDerton-av. cars. npO RENT—A block of two-story frame X dwelling*, entirely new. omettr number, pleas antly eltnatedon the North Side, near the bone rail way, between LaSalle and Wells-eta. on- Engenle. The above Swelling* will be rented ala lowpnoe to suita ble tenants. Apply to J. SCANLAN, 7 Masonic Temple. 'T'O RENT—If you want to buy a house. X rest a house, cr tell a house or lot. can at onr of fice. Some great bmrjralcs offering. GEORGE *WIL LIAVS, 7 Sooth Clark-st. TO RENT—Dwelling house of ten room*, right In town; entire furniture tor sale, fiJDO; rent >6O per month, gas and water. T. fl. BEL FIELD 4 O RENT—A first-class 3-story brick dwelling. U rooms, beddas pantries, cPweU and Data room. No. 309 West Monroe-tt. Water, gas, fern, and good barn—rent low. loomref at 573 Booth Waters*, 'T'O RENT—A furnished boose of 11 JL rooms to rent. If agreeable, the owner would board with tenant. Reference required. Apply for three days at S 9 Sonlh Sangamon-sl r T , 0 RENT—House and bam—23 Wd t. tard.ptaee. to May i«t at S6O per monitu. J. B KSPZIE.yo. 3 WaPtcr*» Puliaing. RENT—Several good brick bouses X ana a cottage, on the Korth side. Inuctre of ‘Tleik." 30 Lombard Pock. TO RENT—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 WashlngtoD-st-, new booses on southwest corner of Hubbard and Renbea-sta.. containing 7or S room*. Rich rent >3O. with pri viler* of renewal after Mky lit. at >3O p*r month. Co 9Kcnt—3£ooms. RENT—With board, a splendid I salte of unfurnished frort rooms, with clos-t, d ttestSlde, wlibln twenty minutes' walk of Com Home, near streetcars. Adorm* “oJ,’’ Tflbaaecltlce. TO KENT—And fonntnre for sale, two large front tooths, m aeecad near thc-Canrt now. Rent Cheap. Address ROOMS TO RENT, Trl bone office. 'T'O RENT—Pleasant tarnished rooms. X to rent, without board, at 3Q*J OhiodC, between Caas and Bushats. RENT—Two" suites untarnished I room* «tn> board- For particular* call at >*o. 61 !> Wrat aahtflgton *t, near Lincoln. r rO RENT—Two famished sleeping X room*- Befertnce rtgalffrl. »i3Q State-nt. auction £alcs, Gilbert & sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and) 19 Dearbora-st, FINE FURNITURE, SEW CAHPETS, HES CLASS, PUSOFOHTE, at AVanotr* On Tuesday, Dec. ISth, at 10 O’clock, We will sell at our rooms 47 and 49 IWrbora-st., a large and eztomre assortment cf FIBST CLASS FCBSITCBE For Parlor, Chamber, Dtnlng Room,Library and B*d Roems.lnc]oainff»evera]veryfine Polish OH Walaat and Ebon* MarbisTopCnsTbcr rette. Parlor Sett! in variety. also several fancy pieces of furniture ralUMe for presects. elegant **reoch Plate Pier Ulasaes, dms sels arid other Carpets. Also One Splendid 7-Oetave Piano Forte, In mod order, and rtm full tone,with a crest variety of otter goods. GILBERT A SAMPSON', Accttoacera. OILBEUT & SAMPaON. UT AUCTIONEERS. FOB CHRISTMAS; Articles de Paris, The Importation cl Messrs. WEST et COMPAGNiE, 47 and49Rn*da Faubourg. SC HDaorc, Part!. AT AUCTION.. Commends* oo WEDNESDAY EVENING, Dee. U, at, v o*cloca.asd continue day and even lag until ad 1* sold. An Immense variety of th* choicest and rich est novelties*made eipresiiy for the parts trade. As rich or vartsd an aasortmrat could hardly be found in any one establish merit in Paris*, and certainly not la. .tLiti lea, Morocco. Ivory and pearl opera-glasses: peart. Kuula leather and morocco crawanrs; taai«* companions, csbar. cdor boxes, clove boxes, handier chic. »ie*. portenoanalc*. and dear cases. Indies* rettca>«i and paede Dames In *■ rrm et velours,” pearl andaolll rttrercardcaaeaandfevelboaes: sudai-waoo. tvery ■cd peart An*, bcantifully Inlaid and ornamented wltt polished steel and gold, very choice novelties: moroc co. Ivory and pearl photograph aioum»; cut class na»liairbonJ*i; new strips of ladies* belts; boiade taesre sad real ebony wort boxes, wnttng c*«ps, at tus inz cases, scent boxes, watch boxes sad rlova boxra tlalu with peart and bofcl. Drawing room aad wAlev tabte onamesu in great vartety.and other ardciu too uumerons to mectlrn. Persons denrous cf mating caique present! can here select “o»eca de fhntaiae” which cannot be duplicat ed oerptm the best More* In Parts. These etcesnave been chosen having reraM to RICHNESS AND NOVELTY OF STYLE. is*tead of cheapneav. They were, however* bought with a thorough knowledge of tae Paris markets, and fbr cash, from the best makers, and there are oo In term e dlateprcfita to oe provided for. The sale wilt be with oct reserve. Tee coceu win be on exhibition two days pteilous to the sale. GILBERT ft SAMPSON. AwHooeos. SALESRUUath 47 ft 49 DEABBORSI-aT. gT GILBERT & SAMPSON. URGE A3D VALUABLE STOCK OF FINE FURS, ROBBS, cfcC., at aucxio.v, Ob THUBSDAT, December Jrth, tl i.V I, D. ul I o'clock B. E 3-, win *ell at onr «alesnwms. 47 and 49 Dearbom ♦t-one of the final nocp of filch For Good* ever •old »n this city, cors-Uriaz of verv flao select Mink, roal Pibfrtaa tqoirrtVMarten and Fitch, la Cape*, hall Cape*. Vjrtorroe*. Talma*. Collar*, MaS, Call*; Gran' Bearer aad Otter Ginntlew, Moffl-r*. Oiom, ■«ri a Vantifßl aa«ortaent of ChUdrea’s Fora. At*i. alamTarletrc! Cnrrttire and Lap Robe?. AH mala for Pnt-r'asi d'.r rrtaJ trod-, sadmade ottve flnest Uttcted For*. GIUJEBT A SAMPsON, AccUcaeera. pianos. T?0B SALE—A music teacher's piano, F selected fbrhl* ossqm, can be for two days n .136 Waba.-h-ar. J3oarb SSanteb. BOARD— By a centleman and wife, coe or two fnmlahcd Room* with Board, la ooe reapertable private family, where thev can have he comfort* of a home. Address J. omen. jHarilinciß. op HE LANE & EODLBT Portable Circular Saw Hills, POETABLB STEAM E2TGETE3, cvtrfiA vtft-T.f*. corn UWs and Shaft?ag. Wood- Maenmerr. Corner of John and Ctodanaa. a pnUeaata tar descriptive drettfan will specify the matidntrv Uis7 noed. tKSSfleHpm art association asaantcb-lHale l^elp. bookkeepebs* salermeh Ax. •ettANTED—Oae good tank man, ca- VV pablooTratning* WUson's tank, sod sttondlnc to bolter. Also. one good tea trimmer and elewer sal. None bat those who can rive good elt/ refer ences seed apply. PACKING HOUSE, corner JAluraa kee-ar.and tfarpeatcr-at. XXT ANTED—An experienced salesman, VV whoeao bring undoubted fesmnonlalsfrof* but employer. Tboae who thick theatre* “too alee, to ■workneed cot apply. O. D. OI£»IB 4 CO., lU Dearborn-st., Room 17. TXT ANTED—A drag clerk qaalilcd to W takecharveofthepreecnpuondKpartoentof a eltydrng store. Salary liberal. A&aas “DRUG STUHE." Tribune Ottlce. XITAN TED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales -7 V men. bartendera-,-cocidacton. brarendec. labor ers. All persona look tec for employment call or ad dre»Coots Ml, No. J2y South Clark st. Ail kinds of vcik famished at abort notice. TXTANTED—A gwxl practical dianuhts- V v mM to work In an Architect** otßce.~ One who harcKtae knuwlodae of bookkeeping prrfcired. AddreasFort Offlce Box No. fe^QuiacyTtlllaoU.! TXT ANTED—Three gc-od engravers on Tv wood.tOTTbomstettdyeaployment and good w*cca will b*- smaranteed. 'Mdrcm 800 ART, McvANOS 4 EUBSELL, 13*2 W«*:TFoarih-st- Cln clnnaU. Ohio. gl^anteb—jfamaig %elp. TXT ANTED—A-cood,respcc table, sfeady V v girl, that tmdrftvaads cooking. As?'lrish girl preteired- Call at 71 yortn Dearborn. TXTANTED-a-A woman to do cookm*, f V washing and refining toaprirate fießy. A, capable person, wno can Niratsb reference as to-char* »*t»ratd abMty. can harsvatrefactory wage*. Aoplr at tSe Tribune omce. \Jkf ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV tremor. Apply at Stf Wabash ar. TXT’ANTED —A middle nge d lemaja. ▼ ? competent to attend to domestic duties. 7e w competent person a comforUblir home will be ens Tided and compensation palcC Address ‘♦MEMO.”' Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A girl to‘dogenerai house V V wert, at No. 317 n. TXTANTED —At 250 Induma-sL, North V T Side,* competent cook. wboli aeatand respect able. J«cne aeed apply without £Ood recommends- Uors. Norwegian, Swede, German or Scotch pre ferred. * Employment agencies. TXT ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 3 yy salesmen, 1 conductor. Sbrakereen. 1 stems, l porter, xdriven,] expressmen. Apply at Roomis, Fulls: ton Flock, 93 Ooaroorn-sL App-lcanta bj maD aodrc« j. M. MUORE 4 CO„ Box 1707*. esclonnglfl cau tor reply. \\T AN TED—BOO men to co South, VV >ta to ISOper month and board; SFbewen. li sblp-carpfcters. 30 wood choppers, 50 railroad men. Apply at Room 3. Lind’s Block, Baodolph-st. bridge. TX7ANTED —Men out ol employment VV to apply toPABSHALL A 6UITH, IsSI South Clark-*!., Room jl, and secure good paying situa tions. Applicant* by mall enclose two mmpr. TX7 ANTED—aOO men to co'Soutb, VV wages >45 to >53 per month, and board: 100 railroad m<o. wares SL73 to MAO per day: also three farmhands. Apply to PARS HALL A SMITtT, 13S South Clarg-st. Room 11. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V V col’tcJbr, 3 brakemen, 3 firemen. 1 porter, 1 drtTera. 4 acre:*, s entry clerks, 3 ooadnetars. Apply at 134 Room a- TXT ANTED—Y otmg men m the country V V wishing tb obtain rttoatlons. such *a bookkeep ers,, colltctori. expresamen, clerfca, brakea mfD.&&,fecnto wufy st J 34 DearbortMt, Boom S, oraddrewM E. JONES >ne|o«m g ten cents lor (hil partieulara. TXTANTED—Youngmeu in the country V V wishing to obtain situations, such as bookketu cts, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, express men, A?- Ae~ to apply at Room la Fullerton Rioca, Doarborn-sL. oradorecs J. M. MOORE 4 CO.. Box 1707. enclosing ten cents for lan particulars. TXT ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales* V V men. oort-r*. drivers, bartenders, brakesmen, mechanic*, laborers canvasser*, and all wtsbmgtltna tlot*,to apply at fcMPI-OYUEWT AGENCY. Dear-' bore-st-. Room 7. Applicants by mall cnclote 10 cent*. TXTANTED—TraTeJImg men who wish yv to make >lO to >59 Per dkyby selling onr patent machines for grinding cnlves. shesr*, reaper knives, cured tools, dc.: has no competition; never wears , S* m Vi re v rD iJ jtK * c - 133 South Boom 16. Two stamps for reply. V\TANTED—This day, 223 men to go VV Boutt; wagea>45to>SjWr morth aid beard. once to OLMSTED A-SNELL. 100 Madlaou- EtHantcb—iHiscEllancous. TXT ANTED—A young lady, who can V V famish the best of dtv r wishes some copying. Address»*AFM, ,, fr.O.-Drawer dliy. TXT ANTED—A diug store doing a Mwa * Ad - \XTANTED —Know Tnysefl—All VV •ora.ycangoro.d.wbowlutohavethetrpast, rrwnt and future clearly revealed, call on Manas* CARLISLE, at 313 South Clark-st.. op stairsT^ TXT ANTED—OId and young, male and V V female, to call on Madam* DUAL, one of the greatest tbmme tellers known.- She will astonish. Itevuadona preattt, past sod' future. 393 South TXTANTED —Active, energetic men, to V » canvass the city toi theConnectlent General Llto Insurance Company. Alw, local agent* la ail the elites and town* in this State, and wtli offer liberal oS'iSil'E” - w - •" dak!<l ’ m - TT7ANTKD— Wc want every ener- YV tretlc maa.wllh a capital of S 3, to can and see b». op drop nt a line, for oamenlara regarHnz the be*t tclUcfg patent now before tbe public. Thu lino hctnbn*. Jeowwbe aoecraa- Parti™ at a dls tance seeds for sample machine, or iiioo fnrelrrn- Kt.SS.gYaaP- MOKT, * ,EB * co - 1 - 9 \\T ANTED— Ashley,. Steele & Co’s .Y Y Goyrai Agency. Beal and penoatl property, bocßht, sold and exchanged; contacts and lean™ ne gotiated: emphymett tarnished; booses raised, tsoTea and tepalrnl; taxes paid; rents and accounts coUccteo; planoa. farm tore, clothing. tools, farming Iroplemeci*. seeds, fruit trees, <onc plants.) guns, traps, bookt. pictures. Ac., bought asd forwarded. Commtiflcn 3 per cent. Pafcau of all rinds 00 ban-1. Uttral ißducrmeau to agent* with capital from ?1 to Correspondence inrlted. Icmmaaoa free, upon reecl&t of tnrciofe, stamped and directed. Let* tcr« written, bill* made out, accounts corrected, and cop) lug neatly execated. So -IN South Clart st, Chicago. ill., Rnom '£. Rtf err aces: Ron- 1. S. Arnold, CMcaeo, III; John Krai.*, General J. L. B-rend-re KraritOH. 111.; A.P. Croskey, Osorre A. Shnfeld', »Q Washlnrt*o-*t_ Chlcaco, UU Ei: Room ft Metropolitan Block, Chicago, HI. M. G. asai.rv W. S. KTgFLE. OEORGK E. DASFORD, Ju? \\T ANTED—A man irotn everv town. V • with from one dollar to »UOO. to calf at Boom So. 4S Socth Clark t; upetalrs. T^TANTED—-A jorawr-man o! badness wv qathtlcatlons. hrvtt* trcmf<Otoy«OX can hear of me of t» beat opportunities ever offered la tae writ. Dcstaenwlll navfnm-tlWto fSCO perweek. Call at Room 21.127 South Clsrk-st. WBIOUTft \\T ANTED—lien to sell the best pay* v v iKlroodsoot, One agent write*, “I made fit In throe bour». To business mea a salary *m oo payeo. Sena Ofly cents acd stamp tor earn Die ami rtrruar. Addrrss A.SCREUSIERuOKN. Chanuahnp. Will County. HI. parses, (Carnages, &c. TTOR SALE—The subscriber expecting X to be absent frott the city derm* the text sS npctfca, oCrrs bis stable property, coasts tin* of me foUowlxr. for sa’e: One pair very fine bar hcisea. One See Chestnut mare. Oueftne Mexican boor. Ose double close camagp. (tot doable open carriage. Oae single bnrsr. Ope two-eeatert slelrt. Two setts double canena. one sett slsgle-harnew. Two Up robes. Two lap bUnkrti. blankets for viable and street. «2dzh bUO, sad dle. fly nets, carriage covers, combs, brashes, aa, Ac all In good order, aed win be disposed ol at a great fcirnlo to any psrty wishing to purchase the HL For .truer particulars Inquire of H. H. KNIGHT. at the stable# of the American Express Company. TV Mnn- Toc-st. • t U in reference to carnages, to CO.VH A TEN BROCSE, 41 aod-ta-ttandolph-vt. JAB. C. .TABOO. A LARGE, double-sealed, two-horse Jr\ Carnaceandaoneortwo-hoTse Sleigh, botl In excellent order, ta stJa. Inquire at 144 hnsh-st. CLEIGHb— One large second-hand O twelve passaogcr sleigh tor sale. Two«ultaMe ft>r hack c«, and a few, new cutttr*, si; 67 and 69 Cxcal-st. O. LH R turry. r\NE BSTALI. TWO-SEATED CAR \ / EIAGi rpr-oee or two hones, with a pile and shafts. Abe doable names*, one lar». oeaver rone, and pair of hotse Uauketa tot s*le. Apply at 70 Wasfcingtoß-at. J ■ Uasincss Cfiantfs, SALE —I offer ior sale the fnrni- I taw. Uitur»*> and lea** rf the premtivß formerly krownaaineCommetcialHat-l, No. ];( Sherman sUoamaoeasle terms. JOflN BANWIOAb. T7OR SALE—A fine stock oi hardware, 1 rroekery. stovts, and hossc-furnlshlng roxd<: M nated la one of the best busmen towns la the North west. The store is a hret-clasa oo«. and m the centre of holloas. Terms fhvorabl*. Cssae for a nine acd other particulars had by apply&x to J.L SPAFFO4ID. aa labtt. ITOR SALE—One-half interest In a first I* Om nil] trd saloon. aow doing a rood bottse-s. Satisfactory rearon* dree tor Bellian. For fariter par* tteniara Ingggg »134 Dearborn-*!. P}R SALE— The best eating- house sad reatanraat In Chicago, doing a good bail ee*a. Now la a good opportunity of Dcrchartng a well established boataeaa. For parfleuhm tacaire ot WARREN A GOOPMCff. TpOB SALE—At a bargain, on account J cflhe owner gotsr u> California.'easo and aitnrej of attar*, one of vae best looaUoaa la ths- city, fir any bnstcen, wboltware er retail. Address -D A” Tribune ctEce. T7OR SAL—One ot the nnest speci- A rnena of art In existence, knows a* •‘KlatSoto mcs*a Tempi*," erected at a cortot over 4VWOJ, tor talefor a nominal smn. A rare chaise to exbiolton. Inquire of J. U. REYNOLDS. anctSooeer, 147 Dear bom-tt. FOR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures of a tret-dus Restaurant soar doing a btune**of from fl» 10 W per day. SoM on accoont ot iXt* net*. AJ. MUXS A CO, 133 Pt arbors-rt. 770 R SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures X 0/1 fine grocerv store. *>»r a good baitoe**. at invoice pnec. A. J. MILES A CO, t.y> Dearhosa-tt. £0 Hent-®>{orts, ©filers, See TO RENT—Steam power and ro-rus to ml. rear of 74 Casdoipb-et, GoorUplaee, oa’vo »ltc Croebrs Opera uoose. Apply to A. WORDEN'* CO, cr!_ L T«M?P. nn the preelaes. T'O RENT—Second, third, fourth and fifth floor* of the new store. ftS Mlchtcan av. w ill V Traud separately or together. Call, aatorday TO RENT—4B3 South Clark-rt., 1 ttcreand 1 room, ftb per month.; h roonu and cellar cn the bact ttde. Apnly to A. SOKTAQ. No. 17 Sonta WeUa-rc. Roco IQ. TO RENT—The new bnck foundry con nected with the Flr>t National tß JeCitrsoa »l- hetwren Washington and Madlaon. laqmrj of J. Q. HOYT, corner Clark and Malison «a. Baom 3. TO RENT—Store, and fixtures lor isle. Can at 91 Rtadolpb-rt. cpO RENT—Second floor, suitable for I Mlcgpom. Ingnlre a 1164 op ttalf. LANS Ai BODLBT, rpo RENT—The swire and basement I No. 2£B Scale-*t. For tenu, SPSU to J. hi GlLUnl-lE, No. SS6 BUte-st. TRADES, HOC3E SKBVAJSTS. Situations Claims. FEni<.es» SITUATION —Wanted-—By a respecia* b'e girl. to <to general bocaewoik la a small Cio uy. Co.l at 324 Watwh-ar. SITUATION— Wanted—By a lady with a Wbreier A Tvn»an Sowing Machine t» lo uallyaewlag. Address “L- A. Y." CltDaTlON—Wanted—As housekeep* bf a lady »fco U conwUnt to take ftiii charm Good reference glren. Address *•« B," 3M Boato agntts^antciJ/ A GENTt?—Warned—Experienced book 'issatsas BQ.I. 13? Sootb CJark-st.. Chicago, in. A GENTB—Wanted— #300 per month X*. and expenses paid male or lemale ace"t*. to la* 5" of abioiot i Qtmtj ta every honaebold. Agent* preferring to wort OS COtailMlon can fare &eui fM to j-'j -»-*dav r ar garUcolars sddree* 17. S. W'ILSON 4 CO* CIctJUSi, AGENTS —Wanted— 1200 per month to sell the GENUINE IMHtOVEP BAKturrP bEWZKO MACHINE. Prlctr reduced to sX-TuTad dress W. DELOSS 4 COPIES Dcarbora^cuic^S. A GFMTS—Wanted—To sell a tip ton Xi- aitlO. 5eH» everywhere. Vila or’lcarr tatt ler. It«t bnflaeas requires It- CoaiMa** atiuir wltoboyet** own advertisement of special intere***. Haj no competitor. Is aperfectnovHty la toe United Bute*—only one manufactory yetestatUsbol. tvicm •and* already sold sod giving compile fsttofiscticm. Opeca op an entire new field tor areata cf all ca pacities. Cotaumpiloe constant, and likely coattau (he figure of oce tn'UWc, dally, ta the Northwestern Sterna alone. Send stamps for ctrcnlarr. Sample* mailed tree to any addre-V lor fIJS. Addrcsv or call on THUS. DERBT A CO., 196 LskoeL-CMcagi.lU. AGENTS —Wanted— 3CO more, for the BAKER SEWING MACHETE. I will prry a«|?a aim 8190 per moatn and exposes, or give a liberal col-v --omuslon to male and female arent*. for parCcnlara aal'agency papers, address y. BtCAWiTH. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Everywhere. Hale and female, local ani travelling. Steady earlot ment the tear round. Cashless li-at and a-slrabl*. No rspitaTienatred. For MtUcnl-rrs address J. B. TALBOTT A CO„ No. 312 North Thlrd-su St. Lotus, A GENTS—Wanted—slso We want Jr\ *t«ti to *eu tho BACTLETfsiwiNo ma chines. price paso. Tboae wiUtog to work for 815400 per month Will addreas, with stamp, PAGE BBOTa- General Agents, Philadelphia;- « Toledo. A GENTS Wanted—#2,soo ter #3,000 A iiood thanceta make money, uaernt ta wanted in erery town in tbs Union to manMacnire afcd sell an article ofcnstimptloa In eenry tuxaty. >**- ba'inanofactared Ui the agect's dwelling It t* estlrelw nrs ; secured by copyricbt. rale aa permanni ae Corps co fitting n? ro bdeone. For parrcnlarj adttrev. f.!L ;, . , !l ini * en^ low ? for reram, louis cobljsstz. MldJetowa. Maryland. A GENTS Wanted—Every map or XT slctai* agent touead oa his ad>£rea add wevrrw 1c return, free of expense. * coot of oar new Cbvt "THE AtHEB OF OUR and “TOR hS? BuES O? KTi." and otr new Mrcnlgr Jnat octTnUto S 5? cay made dear, SAM3IONS, WHITE CLARK k- -179 Lake-nTc'h»*ko. A GEitTS—WantW—Price $2 ; .5’0. XT aJ.oofr»pfd InMdayk “Lloyd’sureat Uap.**'**The ihltod BtalcV Coe tSnent Ir. new chart *-Val& CTof OorCaabtryand Herft-a ofTS" sent rxxrwlto toe map. TWb«wtpublic*tfeas<b» Agents in Amertdi. AddreM GOODSPtED & CO, 1-f s€ake-it.. Chicago, A GENTi? — W a n*t'e d” For Frank: XA. Moore** »w work - WOyKIF OF THE WAR,** .nay* the Chicago Erening ■ -founutti It la, to tte noblest seup, a gallery 01 beauty, and we earr the anthor toe gratefaf wort? he hat performed- It .all reads Uke a romance. TLcatory ef toe war esa ' nererbe wen told wTtzwnttbe •tofycfCewom*nu told ' .with It.—lt Mil* rptrndMly. yor mil earticolar* cal ;or address B. C. TREAT. Chi cago. 4 GENT&—Wanted—500 A«*nls want ed ImmedUlrfy tor the GSOflKSiWKQHa rE.onthe bm-Ttberal tentr. F. ATKINSON. 1114 Randolph-at., room 6. Chicago. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Hale and female, are matins as blsft as >?o per daw. with *• THE AT LaBCB sAVSE." worth isfi'to atsy family. Only *» to lift capital rswttlred. Seed tor par ueatm. R.WAYVELL box 4781.-C&j*-i« A * GENTS Wonted to sell try snb il;. iCTlptfon, FARRIOUT ANP’UCTV CO.SiuANDERb. Read our advertfst-ment co first puce- Pon't fall to rent l&r term*. Address C. W LILLjT. Fnbllabcr, 2K Reynolds* Block. Chicago. AGENTS—Wanied lor HIbTORT J\ OFTIIE REBELLION, by T.J. Reafily. 3xtea liberal ftCcccrr.rnts offered tiTtdllne the work com plete la one roluiae. sl-o rol. 3. Addrts*. B. c. TREAT. 117 South Clark st, Chicago. IR. A GEN Ta—Wanted—Experienced flrst il cusyeancassers. gentlemen and ladles.for M THK PRATER AT VALLEY FORGE." a rent steel JhyraTinc: price J 3.»- was peculiar recom mendations- which cause It to bo admired ty eecrr American, ofiwbaterer sect or patty. Axecta ercrT wberc are meeting with unparalleled succees. Pub lishers' hi*2heet commission clten. Address, slams enclosed. S. 8. BOYPEN. 73 cUrk-st, ChlcasJ.lU. A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs. Tickaor & X\. Fields.- Boston, hare oubOshcQ a stecl-esxrand Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, as Apcrfect itkecossaod a work ol art. It is commended as the best Hkeoexa t! IJncoln, Mr. Trumbull. Mr. Sl*nam, Hr. tlerndoo. Ur. I. N. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles Sumner, Mr. Chase. Cen. Burr shin And many other?. U U sold only by sub'crtptlon. and Agents are wanted tor Uaaale. Liberal commissions are given to canraaser*, sad «ucc«estol ones can have goo<t ter ritory to operate In. Address JOHN 11. AMMON. Publlshcra* AggPt. H 7 WasMagton-tC. Chicago. A GENTS— Wanted— Gentlemen and • XIl ladles thrjmtbpm the United states to s-n mxr new 800 a, “ABTOTTe LIVES of the PEEdIDENTS,” from WaJhlngtonto the present time,- In one volume ol aoont 500 p*ge>, beautifully ii unrated with strci engraving?. Tn* ArniOß—rn* Tmcs-rns Tom. the elegant itv'.e and moderate price, all combine to render this one ofthe most attractive, nseflil nud sala ble book* ever publlshad in this country. To exar~ neoced aeente U*,la u a rare chance to make tnosar with a splendid book, and no compctison. Publish ers highest commission efrea. Se*d stamp for ctr- Olani »Rd terms. 3. 9. BoYUKX. 73 Clark-aU, CW- ilartitcrs ©aameh, -pAßTNLß—Wanted—By one who wiM cr^vKS 1 * 11 *^ cO 9 caollal and a good store on the booth bios, entirely frve of rent cr encumbrance lor two yeais or more, on the m of next Ma? (the promst year. One having Cfrt-rate references aa to m rat character and business ability mav address “X o P*• TribimeoClee.Ma'lrgthe particular line el businca» sed the amount ol capital ne can furnish ab»ut >*'«* time, to which ao sower will be sent as directed. T>ARTNEK—Wanted—ln a na\*mg bn- A.-J b SS& th * l w ,w t Il * T *? strict attention. Vapßal re i^i.Bgs&,dsam*,,tr oiisgAtL * is,rra - P'ARTKER-tVanted—With *1,500 or J- »WUn a grccar doing a good btslnew: - alao. one with >7OO, la an estabtl* hed hnsloeas, pavlaz siw per week net. Apply to iqq —Earned—A pood and re o'clock tiaaVr 13 I '° ab4rt Block, between 13 and I Boarbing, gg- large 4“ cowil?^ * Scna ad «* wlUtla arc minutes OC- T}OAj I ? I NO- r An ms famished front D»Uy fttmlshed rooms, with nrst-clwm ■’OjM la« pn..» fMnllr. .. I7n Somh aaaSStT^ Jar se rooms, -with sat B9wS?'S2'I a ““l 11 room - comUrt Bftu? I cS^ < i 7^ F ? TniEbed n,o!tl . wiUi B yfJi s Ha?iT~ T ' r< 2 fron * rooms, nnfhr- Axeat jjatatc-gounttu. ImpfOTed Farm?—The ari3SS?®^^si , s™a g^^.«“*SS*igrSu?jSSss?KS risnEg S&s’FSSS* r.S, r . SAJ<E—Or Exchange—2,ooo acres 3Lo£t anb jpounb, T Q-T—A bunch ol keys, in one of the c * r ». or cn, the war torn the comer of and Issdlaaa-ar. to the opera liaise. T ! wHSft-B ll i-£ ec * ,T ' t ' 4 reward by karlag them ac «cdiuLdcith^ Mga * COVB ««"Wabaah-ar. LOST— A Black and Tan SJut, -with lone ear* and tall, itwen to the " r D«n* the pet of a Mttls girt. Who wui give hw Christmas money asarvwam for her re torn to 183 It Eouta Toy store. LOST— A large, black, Kcwfoundland Deg: white on breast and neck; site, white spot cn nose, when ic*t had small strap around hts *»-*•, Ac*»er» to the name cf *♦ laccbo.'* Any one r-tnra le statu to 47L or nlvtng lafbmattom h adlng to bis recovery, wul be well rewarded. J7OUND— A gold watch,which tbeown- X. n eu have by provtnz property mod saviu» Charges. Apply at rfbS Baa&lfc-st. TAKEN UP—A pig, which the owner A fM have by proving prcpeny and navis* TOpgV.wKiyß* 1 i4 ° T »* nt T'^« a -«- cniS CTRAYED—SIO Reward—Prom the V 3 farm of A. COLVIN, oa the Blae Island Plank Head, caje a lira from chlaago. one man Cbe-tent Marr. aaent twelve hands hizh. branded on nearmn jbrcidjr. Aar ooe returning the Mare to A TlN'«Farm. or to JOS. STOCKTON * CO, date* vS" 20 Conmbe-ot Commerce* Chicago, ill,, wil*«eelv» the aba re reward. 0 0 iHadjincrn F>R SALE—One tourtecn-horae porta ble eCtdn* and boiler; two twelre-hone do. nael csjy one month. Also, oce new cen*hoe«e enrtoe (hr a* e at very low crier* by GRIFFIN BROTHERS* 136£oath Wvterae. P)R SALE—cteam Engines—l t * 10, 30 and Sb-borte portable, and all sizes of atm, ucnary engine*. circular lawmtila. Woodworth aers and matchers, power com sbetn-a, shafting, pol lers and elevator machlaerv bsifi to order. Rica. aRPS‘ IKON WORKS. IDO W»hiegtao-tt. 'I7‘OR SALE—SidmF nulls, circular saw X 1 mills, Woodworth planing and matching w«. chines, smftcer* abd all klmS- o! hoisting machine P.W.KRArSE, Franklin lr*a Work?. 70. and 76 Wett Washington-sh, corner of JeJertoa. F'OR SALE—Three 8-horse power up right engine*: also Us horizontal enzlaea.s, R) and U-borae power. Larctc or mailer engine* ft£r»- IsbetlwiLS orwltbont ir. li, 18 aod hNhoraa tebwiar aod locomotlvo poi’ers fbr «t!e. Vs: make.' Also one 4-roller Cnloa Naiehc and Finning ilachtaa. SawtslU*. barrel andwoad-worktog micclaery. L-oa Baoera, belQnr. stwa. file* 4c. Machtacry e-rbora-tn. Chicago. GREENLEE BSOa. A CO. FOR SALE—A one hundred horse power enchie. Al*o. «t«lae» and boUenotaU sires. Leather beltlnc of SBpertor quality. Portable crl»t mills. Ooc 13 snJ one horse power locomotive holier, cheap »r «-aih. a. U. UAIiRIS. Machinery Depot. 62 gontt * dFor ®>aU. FOR SALE—By H. TV. Dobson—3 good t^ eir and era lev one 123 eaJ toe* am two P 3 eajlrt-,. trill he sold ciiap. Analy at the tocthweat corner of train-,* Marlctt-sts. L'OR DALE—2O,OOO ft. dressed Uoonnff. X USI per ai.; HXCOU. dressedsMley. Uiclear Jj clear, and corrmon miaed. at S2O ner if at it pnu HOT A CO.*?' Mill. cor. T *estysecond and Morga»«tsl 1/OR SALE—2OO twenty gallon vinegar X esrreli; *l*o ore viartrar witaoa; *i*« one ir«a ! *'” '»•»“