Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 18, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 18, 1866 Page 3
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tmdcr the gv&eial h-soc. ofarv n <r i,, mVSSaV* WalnnCand defendant, and i*u Coart rl ?lJS^s?. T °m r °tt?CEr ‘AXO COUSTESrzt7I\2 e pttlonfliiy-niue be amended by e'Hulu- P o ** l . l a,u 5 enacting clause, awT la«min~i« liui thereof the ivilowiac* lliatlf ln "SiSS'***#*' &*?«■ *S«KfS?for # £55 ** procure jo be male, forged. o- cuifS l" or uJiUcpljrbldOMisfclitlu falsely matm - Ito, or rouaterfcllln-any note in >V SSS - r™* L clhcrwUa u*o tbu SSftiSffiV.? aou procure to be &bely altered, or uU.idpJv aid nr W&td U U ;4^ y o a Vn‘ ~|r an , y Budi «*nmla£nff noiea lM^nr&si l '*. c f aU * or 6h * u paa,uuei,ori*ob tojiass, utter, or public.:), sj t-nc a ‘ tc, *° , or eP“«oua clrcalhm- note i&SSS-’io r » l ,ur l ,ort, “S to have Urea fc.uetVca SriTSTs' * J,ow ‘ n S the earns to be falsely alleicd « v « r J.*nca J*er»oa eball be deemed aMljudijed caloy of idony, and beiug thereof ccbiictcd by due corns© of law, sbali bescm-uccd to be laprUpcd and kept at n«nl labor for a ■periodol Rotlmi than fire >eara normo°n..h»* cnort. year*. and toed In a sam not uxceedmS oreiboufcnd dollars; andxrerrnatloEa! banfcip araoclalUo organizedunder the provision* of this ixt ebail rsato to be stamped wiiJi m« word /^u° un ? c ‘V c *l ° / ncil ft ae, forced, or coonter felt no.c teal mar b« prereated at ice counter of afaa > mt curr or cajnndtiw tuotits 70 uon BANK. Tbat secuon of tho act amendatory , 1 C ‘«(“«»W. approved ilarca.'JJ, tSGi, be -mented by «uikti.g out an aßcrtbe Vtiaetin* c..uteai.a inicrtifig.nn Ilea thereof, the follow! ing: That upon the transler and dolirery of iKii.da to the T»cs »urcr, as piov.dcd in the foredoing sec tion, tic comj>trollcr of tbe Currency may far nob to tj.- &r-M»cia:iou making tbe same, ctrcaia’- Ug nuttß of dcooiainations iu bUuk. ngia en o&nd countersigned as hereinafter pro vided, not exceeding in amouct nloety psrccu turn oi the current market value of tho Uuiiod SiaP-t hvruli tal-BBsSerred aud delivered, and nut vreccdtrg idt.ely per cenmm of tbe amount ot said bctios ai the par value thereof. If bearing ia tcrest lit coin ata rate not len than Cve i«r cen tum ptrox.i-r.ia: tad iheoznount of such clrculat mg cote? to b** fcrelihed locuch a-sociuilon shall cot be More in proportion lo lt>-paid up capital than as fcl'cwEt Toeachassocialiou who-ecapi til shall not exceed three hundred laonMUtl dol lars, tried. |)tr centum of such capital: to each O£ovlsticn v.hohccapitalrrcevrts -tirce lumdrea thousand dollar*, bnt docs not exceed five bun d: cd thonraiid dullais, eighty per centum of such capital: to each ai-soatUoti «vho.-e fapllil exce -tls five hundred thousand dollars, but dors nut ex ceed otic million dollars, ttZ'U’.-j per centum ot eudicapital; to each association capital exceeds t i e million of dollars, fifty per eentnrn ol such capital; bn no association ibvM hare an amount oi cii cola ting notea exceed ing one million otdoliais. now cxcip-s or cmcrtinos fuaxx us unntn>. Anil every association hating a larger amoniit ol arcnlntfig notes thin is ticrvia pre scribed, shall, as soon as practi cable, t.iiharaw from clrctusiloa and ie:mn to the Comptroller of the Carnsacy. to be ■cancelled, all 1:* circulating notes in cxcim- of tbi Jlmlis herein presented; and la case au/ astoda lion shall bo unable to return It# oad vircalartur; notes a# tie]cut required, it may ramu circa- Istbig notes or nay other National bankiuir asso ciation, which fibatl be held nr the roi>i,v.r»l:cr of the Cunetei, until such time as raid a—-acbtion ►uallbccldc to retain iu own issues, u ben they b* snbsljtuted for the circutalingnoies pre ylccsh avpotitvd; aud ibe arsoclsri jii s-o return ing its own circulating notes ►ball lw eutH-.d to y.iUit-iaw i-ueti an amount of Unaici Mite# bond* dc|io&Ueti with lae Treasurer ns fecitdiT for such aicnluUcc poie# as altall be in cxec'S of the amount required to secure the circulating noti-s ol lee usssciarlon then remamtng ou<nUi.diug. And any > csL i t:njr haul; or banking mssocUttou org«n l7id under Htc U*# of any rotate, not having its proportionate share of banking capital, which ahall have applied for aaUiorirrto lircurm: a Na tional ItunU under Ibe act to which this t-ociiou b au amendment, or being orga Izcd iu snob S.aV - , shall bare applied for in ere are of cabled b’lorc the first daj of July, cipntccu htmdru-l j*ri piAty tlkbt. in cculonuity with the ].rj>i-ioi:a ol U.c Orty-fomlb rcction, and all other reqnbvm-nti of paid act, shall. ifaocb bank lie found nett:# (,0.-np trollcr o: the Currency to he in go*<d siamllug an<! credit, receive authority to become a Naiiouri Jiauli. ■wuo euu nrcztvE Tin vtinwua's cincixi* And new associations may or-unlrcl under the provision# of said act lo the SliTej aud •i'e.ritorics which have hereiofore s.cund ilic tpaat rntabic proportrnn of circulating uotei: Juoxidrit, Jhar, the entire amount of cimtnaiin notes to bo delivered to bonk# thus mr.vencil from State banks to Nal ! onsl a-sociaiious. o r to banks whose canitai stall bo increased x- afnr-- tald, shall nut exceed filleen million* ul ihl a'-H, and that tbe total anfonat of circulating d-ji-m to T« delivered lo new avocninms so or-auizrd. shall nut excre«l fifteen millions of dollars until a!i«*r the first day of January, eighteen l.imm-d oiid fi.vt;-right, when, if any portion of tho fifteen inliuons of clrcnlatn; notes alloticd lor ih r con version of existing State 1 tanka snail remain un approprialed, tbe amouut to remti&lng may be uteo tor the organlzallon of new aisoclaiious nn tice this secriun, or for the Increase of the ciicula lien of bank#-now organised: And }mnid*d fvtln*r % That the aggregate circiilalio-i of Na tloi al Banks shall uoi at any time rzceed Uic sum cf throe bundledmilUoiiß of dollars. FEOK THE HIO fiItANBK, Hcconciliation of tho Groa Generals. Miuatluu at IBalamorast f From Brownsville and Matamorav papvrr. Dec. ••!.] Mataxuiba#. Dccetni>er], 1530. Dcxn Rarcucno: The solulinn of Mata moras dtCicultles is upon u-=. This m.iroln> at four o’clock the troops of General do occupied, without resistance, the line of upper forts. At tho same time, Canales’ men marched out quietly, ami Joined his forces in the lower forts, where they were lo remain until farther orders. Canales being pressed iu Iroflt by E-cobedo ond by American Intervention In the rear had to give way. ’ Canales and his officers and men retain Ibelr position iu the army, or nil her the it *- sition they held before the rebellion. Tliev hold cud occupy the lower fjr.s, while Cor , Unas and General Escobedo's men lijM the upper ones. The camps outside arc still kept up. aud they are occupied ;„ 0 , ’ jormerb, with very few cv«- .. 5fr tioris *» te K -'.'C s'-ildicrs wlm arc boldi,?- the upper forts, and the town. " The order of tliu city Las been good In ev* cry reapcol. i thluk I have beta mur an d througu the. place more than a:.v man in « and net u drunken man turn; I booh or » dis- any kind. I heard, tlio’.—ij thit twodrtnkcn soldiers wens in tlu* Pi.?® U nd one’s gun was dlecliaige.l.’ \ n order was immediately issued front head -quarter*, in Velasco’s building, on Itnrblde street, virtually prohibiting the sale of «H kinds or liquors. Another order wasU-ued that In cjs-c any soldier depredated on a prl vale clliz« n, he would he forthwith puuMicd upon the (act being reported at headquar ters. These orders have not been without a beneficial effect upon tbc good people oi this city. Martial law has been duly proclaimed, and notice given that all offences committed bv civilians would be pnoiriied tbc same us though the oUeuder were a soldier. The terms of surrender ure uncundloaaL and still conditional. Canales Is to report to the supreme Government for court martial. The debts contracted by Canales daring bis reign, as well as the payment of bis troops, are referred for decision to Signor Juarez* The lower forts, at 10 o'clock a. in., surren dered, and were occupied by Curtinus. The troops of both anoiesarc now parad ing through the town, arm in arm, and, ap parently, upon the best of terms, and, strange to say, each soldier wears his arms. The officers and soldiers of Canales have, apparently, a big disgust at the turn affairs have taken, *llll they take It very well. GENHBAL SEDGWICK'S OWN* EXPLANATION*. The Brownsville Jlanehero, ol the 2d in stant, Introduces the lubjoiucd statement os embodying “the official account ” of the American occupation of Matamoras. It hints' that It was furnished them by General Sedgwick hlmsclC The statement is as fol lows: General Sedgwick took possession of Mat umoras for tbc purpose cf preventing blood abed, for the protection of the persons and property of American and other lorelgn resi dents, and to prevent tbc destruction of life and property ly military* operations neces sary to drive out Canales. He also desired to settle tbc questions upon which the in. tornal war was waged without fighting, and at the same time nut to inltrr'crc with the Juarez Government concerning Individuals. His main object was to aid the Juarez Gov ernment. Ultiraai elybe succeeded in consum mating the object he had in view. Yesterday unofficial propositions were made to Colonel'Canales to snirender the works, and bis iroops to the United States. He ac ceded. General Sedgwick. uj>on being in formed of tbe result, immediately rommuni catcd tho same to Genera! Kteobedo In per son, and remained at bis headquarters dur ingltrt night. Dc secured tbc concurrence ofGcncral Escobedo, and succeeded lo get ting Colonel-Canales and himself together. Aftcranjaadeablo discussion, these goalie men arranged the necessary preliminaries to adjustaltoilficnl lies. AbonCdaylikht this morning General Esco bedo’s troonr-entered tbe city, and took pos session of xunhitiona of war, An. The understanding is, that all the dispos able forces of General Escobedo and Colonel Canalea will be marched to meet the advanc ing column of GcnenlHejia. *'•*■ General Sedgwick can now say he has ac complished all he intended byrtheoccupation ofMalamorar. Tbe onon the vo trcnchments. the loss of HR? and other coo.-c --qoenccs resulting therefrom, are not to Ik* attributed to him directly or indirectly. He advised General Escobedo not to attack. Had his advice been heeded, General Esco bedo would have gained the possession of Matamoras without tbe fire of a gun, as be has this day, after a terrible repulse. The United States troops will be immedi ately withdrawn by General Sedgwick, ami, as t»ls goes to pic*s, we presume they arc moving for this side of tbe river. nit: istcrvidv. For an hour Escobedo utterly refused to see Canales, who bad Insisted that, If a meet ing was bad, all things could be amicably set tled. Escobedo could not see it in that light, end. In bU opposition toon interview with l)U opponent, swore like a Turk. Finally, after General Sedgwick defined bis position to Escobedo, In plain and pointed terms, the latter consented to an Interview. On Canales entering tbc room, be and Esco bedo retired to one comer of the same, ord, for an hour, with gesticulations and excited words, interlarded with oaths, continued to • discharge their bags of winds at each other. Escobedo, on hearing Canales n moment in '■bis defence, interrupted with “yes, verv pleasant,” “ nice little game,” very pretty— vow prwtaino*, four flve-dollar passes." etc. At one stage of the Interview their rage became so uncontrollable that a passage-at anns seemed Inevitable, and it was abruptly <nded, with no nearer settlement of the mat ter tba" previous to their meeting. x SCASB AT BROWJTS VILEE—THE MILITIA CALLED OUT. During tbc American occupation ofMnta moraa it was believed that lb; United States forces lu Mataraoras would be at tacked; aud, in that event, the entire mili tary forces there would be Immediately crossed to the other shore. In this case the citizen militia mast be prepared to defend the city. 'Everything looked squally, and they resolved to organize and arm instantly. The mu&l prominent in this work was cx- Confederate General Tnrd, xrho easilt **■?«,»“ 1" 1,003 me*. Tta?”ban 011,1 )ke In kino” fraternized In hi 00 ,’'' 3 ''. Sor " > «lml« were round . 1 ” nk<o “Pbilns, and Yankees SS?“i tha command of ci rebel' caplaiuj! to f or rr°Ehilitica at ilalamuras were arme 611111 ’ r rocicts > 111111 all stood on tkclr COSGBtSSIOSAL. air. Ktcvcn*’ Bin for. Territorial Cor. emuimi. for Horth Curoiloa. - * D . t}>e House, on Thursday I ait. Hr. Stcv ens introduced u hill to re-esiabliah civil eov cimncuijn North Carolina, and enable it to ixeunje its former relation,, as one of the con.tltuvnt Stales of tbc American Union, Mr. Stevens said that be at the request of certain gentlemen of North Caro lories ttclcrrcd to the Committee on Terri* TLt fcllowtoc:ls the bill a> reported: A oilniV«i'".'! t “ wJfl «’■ U coforametit In North S”}” 4 * * nd to enable it to re-ome its farmer Iran Dtmn* ° nC efMlc confUtuents of the Amer dsT of Hit, 1801, !h 8 clt lru.B of North Carolina, on-!' of tbe Mates ot.Vmer- Ua. cut i« bcl sitfcc Government ol the United " n ihf ntidSOrh-dey of Mevat.dluere, did voluntarily eel aside sad dc-tror the or ganized con»U;aiiooal government of tbe us'd raim ‘ " ,lb «*»«« In tiiiel hostlliiles tna warfare to malnttcn their said action- * , Af * or . Uie lapse of mom than , • year?, the belted states, by force of arms m.«S5in llccc , c S t « d ‘ncncllloctatd rebellion at <4 nuSt?lf\U h citla-ns, did Had In said c «“Prt»ia« ihc Slate of North r J > , vcniDiCDt organized. or ofllccra SlsitoSoi nS Slim satl?:“‘ r “ : ' :n “ ° ,lLo Co “- Slat*? bViw^**#* 1 ?** 0 I '* ctldeD * of the United »*ifw«r^i' lrtCßt ’ f h i ß P° Wcr ** Commnudcr-ic- UflT ** oador tbe operation of cuuiial law fur tins purpose ol preserving neare tiirr ofpS*\ M r«m rL ’ ],cVlt,ff w » anbordPiate P miii. terjoc.ctiM bom executing the details of civil liruhlloo la llio several aii(f*iridvly wDirAtnl i. cai ucs in Ibu DLUlcr, diiL nX tile L I-r»Vi^f r ' bed * ault i a^2e certain citizens of ,ctlo ‘ rs ? mc 1,10 ««cu;ion of said par tmfSrSf r r °seivaiion of peace and order, muter tbe proiLc.ion and sanctity ol tbe mi.itary author- Asd \7uckti3, An it is the duty cf the Con- UiilirJ States to pre-tire thusald ttw t* Sl h citizens thereof as one of I^HfrVi!in I ' tat^*" nd toy lawcenae o be tzed therein a Government of repnblican farm. naTicn^ U ° tbe civ ' l and law-making poorer of tho n?}.' fcl % on= 1) Bz it Ehicted, &e„ 7bai op the twentt-to day of Mae, 1807. at tho !r= U . Cr J ) viili i '’ 1 V c , u docb meridian, iberc shall bo a.sembled nt the state House, In the Cltyoi l.alclgb, a convection of the loyal cidz<-ns of tbe dlvir.ct formerly conii-rlalng the State of Noiili Cnroilra, composed of on<* bandied end treaty * derate*, to be cho'cn by voters qualified as hereinafter provid* d. and each county la said dis trict tball be cmiJed to send totals Convection the number oi delegates tbat It wu ontlikd to retd to the Loose ot Commons of (be State of Ncrth Carolina, prior to tbe 20ih day of Mar ISC7; pi the delegates elected to raid CcnvuiUoo shall constitute a quorum to he Ir.vAtcd In the sovereign powerorihc people of tl.c district, to frame a ataioConstltoUea which •ball Iks submitted to tie Congress of tbe United Maitr »ur approve!, modification, or rercUon pifl aiMory to cite re-establishment of sal t state, ana tbereinve.-line of its loyal citizens withall the right*, privileges aid Immunities eppentinlne to the citizens ofthc other bister of the Union; und the said comcLtton shall have pover and author ity to do all other acts nhicQ. by tbe recognized privileges of icpublicau government, sovereign ronvt niior? of the people ct the United fetates may ol lizbt co: proTidcd, that i<t case on quorum shall assemble on the UDih of May, any less mm*' her assembled mar adjourn from day to day, until such time us a qcomm may assemble for tbe transection of business. hrc. 2. That m the t lec ion of delegates to aald Co:iveMion,lht,-re ebalibe allowed to vole all male re ider.t a.izcus of the oirb irt forme>ly compris ing the Male of North Carolina, cl j«nn> of cee. without dii*liccMon of race or color, v.iioean ic&d and write, urma-- own In fee real e-ta:c of tbe ostctifd value of one bandtod dol lars or ticrc; proviied, U.rt no one who has here tofore cj*.rci.'.cc the nuht ol sufT/age in said dis trict sLa.l Le (lisqu&ntikdliom vettngin said elec tion. bto. 3. Shat the qualification lor tho delegates to the raid couvcuriuu eha.l be ibe came a.« were rerjuhcq fermenifcre of the House of Common* of iheSiatt-oi North Carol.‘m, Immediate!/pro 'lot:? to the l.«t day ofllny. 1 Gl,«pon tbelr taking m u subscnblnr before the Judge of the ui-tncl I'curlcf Noith Catolna, or some other officer of the Pulled State# amboiizcd to administer oaths, the follow lug oath, lo nit: “I do solemnly swear on the Holy Evangelist ti Almighty God, (or afilnn, os the cose may bo), that ouiiie-lih day of March, lßCi,and at all limes Iherrrner, I would have willingly complied with the requlumcuta of ibe proclamation or thcF/c'- Wn l of lie United Elate#. Issued on the blh day ol Utccuber, IStia, had a rare opportunity of do lus to twn offered me; that ou the-tib day of March, JMM. and at all time# thereafter, I was op posed to the conuauanev of the rebellion, lo the cstablhbmrnt u( tbe eo-slyied Confederate Gov ercmccl. nr.d voli.xrtatily gave no aid or ciiconr apetniit thereto, but carnally desired the success bt the Union, and Uic suppression of all armed t'ldi-tancr lolheGovciiatjerrioftiie tJnlrcd stale?, tin! that 1 wilt bcncefunb support tbc Oonsututian ol the United Mates and tbc Union of states iborocwb r n Axd ro pi non fhal] be allowed to act aa a dele gslv In the said ccnvenhou, or hold any oflic.* or uj-j ciu.uiiiit l.iuenmicr, uulllhe shall h'avc taken acu ttbroiled o» ifcc above in the manner and to-in a- aliove protiil. d. M c. {. That it shall be the duty of the •Tnd"c of the DLlrict Conri, or oiher officer, before whom ►uch os.h Is prepared to be taken, when ho may snTJoct that h is about to bo taken falsclr by any pci.-on, »o put toHirh person, any que»ni»u under fath. audio brarsny oiber evidence which may icndtorotisty rim as to the propriety of adrola lelerirgll, cud If In Ms Judgment aoch perron cs:.Lct tiutblully take the oath, ho may reuue to sdtrii trier it: sod should any perron fiUtly ta»« Ite oath, sfctU be indicted and prosecuted In tho Circuit Ccnrt of the Unilcd Slates, held in the district in which the offeree may be rr.tntniued for tbc crime of perjury, anil upon coa ricllcn .hereof shall be scDlcncca to and rec ive »ii:t punishment as now attache# lo the crime cf jvcrjuj; and In theuial ol such indictment# no X'C’rcn ftall be quaUCefi to alt upon tho jury until hctfcail l*ave taken the said oath, ai-d iha coart uqclre ar y juryman to take it nnleaa he shall EAcarruai be oiLm ttnuhfnlly do so. ftc. r. v That it ►ball bo the duty of the President ol ins Lrltid Mates to direct aud tcnnlrc the Idled Mate* Marrhal for the DUtnc- of North t ctolica to appoint for each county in said dis trict ore dcpr.iy marshal, and the deputy to appointed shnlt each In ht* respective coun ty appoint keepers nod iuipcc ora of polls, ccd oiler necessary assistants; and on the Iri day of Match, J6tT7, the :.a'd deputy mar fbsl slall each open the polls lo thur respec tive ccndlcs for the election of delegab.a to the ►aid convec ion. at such places, and shall conduct ihe riccllon. end give ccrtldcaua of election un mit «cch rules end regulations (except as herein or <• ptevioed) as were i rcscribcl for .iccilon of tno merolicre of the «f rnm c«oiiri tanJdSSS • r . v* o,u dfl >‘ of 18 I; and any inn*wV'« marshal, or r 2] or -]H fpc « of tho poll#, is afojesild, -rid who sha J refuse c.- neglect to perfo.m tho du *• - tequned of him under IbUaet, shall h« guilty q, mrvdtmcatinr, and upon conriciion thereof be tqje the United Mate* Circuit Court, held In the DiMilci ol North Carolina, shall be fined snch i nm, or imprisoned »uc«i time, as the Court, in Its kivcie iu*. may fix. ' fi * That the said d. paty marshals, keepers, era of poll?, and as *reccro the sum of five dollars per , <rcj Tra y 1« engaged In the tstflS* ’*a ll ’ k ‘\ r ' tlcs Qt-dcr this act, to 1* as- Of SeVM s 1 d . hy United Stale? Marshal JndS.°- g it , ?& C tV^ r * th .P order of He District ? l4J ’^ c States Marsha), Is addi wAttSyifr*.?*l 8,,a fccs » receive undcfiMacrt for ‘“ c dlfCtar S e of his duties a?flii-Srnvf.«“ “J*/ hereafter allow, 5 it 0 to. € s ' atf>B Bhai, p a f b, «w Marsha) ol »cld district, C4 ' i, “ cr rcciniriUfin of said judge, onl wn-rffi C / fl S i? col otherwise ap money, from time to S&£iS?*' ai * tOT ***&*«* *ho dt b r L maniil ia i-^ <i organixaUon set un un -5S S' SSMSEMyS SSi.ML- e ? : Si"" •i,™" r,CTi«iiSr“SaS tfill l .i 8 ? 1 * 8 v ™ ccri Hie United Ftatc#, *,? he such, aiid their foncclocs and nl , t ,Bch rime as may bo lion and t cnvenaomwllh the iccagnl sTitDtien «RT«hi 1 f toc c rc? « b J Ule Slate Con -4|M."glffSs“,s'iSg jS. TU,d rot “ a cnip'oj tbe.militarja'ld caval entb nf-c£ !,latc l Itora ,Im ' 10,lolc . “ rxecaat M. 1 . f °!T c . ,hc romol and clliclsnt rSSSr « r Proal.loup or thl. acl, ana to I "uuftiffriri obc ! llilire lo m- t-iifcd Slate !?•«. ifeuS. CM "l‘ n *'W <OO SUIC of The New Voik Central Railroad. tt?n u m,r ? l i° rihe ?reat >’cw York Cen tral Railroad has passed Into new hands. The Copperhead “ring,’’ or Albany Re gcncy, which for many years has used Hint firin' 11 I”" f “f. ‘ bC Of portitaH Democratic at laet nn . horsed. The New York i/rroW, of Sunday last, eays; ’ J ‘‘T h , e for the old shoes of J! 1 ® *^. tc I) ” ln ,Richmond, and the control of nn C w S W '? rk {- cntrcl Railroad, terminated la the entire overthSw of the o.d dliccUon, and the election of ncarlv an entire new board. Only three names Identi. tke ft, r ,,ic f management of the road appear upon the list of directors—Messrs Corning, cbedcll and Whitney. The rcten* ■ non ol the two latter was necessary in con orYheom 1 r t lllcl s, ST/CSSS old toard. The election of Erastus Corning was a mere personal gratification and It is said he will ntonce retire. Ho would Murilr f, e lo tlt “ a minority director In a board over which he ruled tnnrcme for so many years. Merer.. Keep end Fatso arc both tell-mado mcrr t and postces rrnqacatloncd bnahre-s qualiflcfllions. Allhourrh Mr. Fargo k a rni niter of the DetrroeroUc lot)nOrel State Ltntml (.ommittee. it is not likely the road will he rind as a political machine. The w^r,!?” 1 " 1 T ll , 1 , n “ t Uatnrc prohally not over friendly lo their management, to drive any rival crorcM err. lerf.mcs off their line of rood. ¥hc no ,m' mC aS a ,-T l"° ,Kr t y IKI “J*" l •Ul-Vonder hilt. All the \andcrbllt men In the old di reetion -cro thro-n overboard. Azariah S’ r rP' c «P,h>livc of the Athena to f,,,’.??' c,etl * director. A proposition to pot three Central director, on the Hnd emi Kivcr Board, and three Ilndeon River dlrcetora on the Central Board, -„ aim marilr rejected. A bonne of one hundred Ins°lm d votcd by the retiring Sen th^>^f r It lo e'f I ’ dcrl ’ n, ' a! “ n “equallza *-o rMdl 11 - frc gtt hnslnesa ibct-ccn the bo?rd atiJi M reconsidered by the new ”n?,; A].\ >l‘«c facta indreate an anll-Van. tral ill/ul"!' : b ' ,t,bc fhtercsts of the Cen ff ”| d “ Roads are Identical In ti.c winter, and there can at present be no permanent breach between them.- As the new Pretident, Mr, Keep, Is a Re publican, and the Vice President, Mr. Fargo, * * Dcn, owst, hereafter we may how to see «‘f*»KCd with some reference to the intcrcptoftho stocklioldcra and tho public, «*. .v. ,10 j r 6<dc ApL'randlzcmcnt ofCop ptihtaa demagogues and corrupt “ rings.!’ Glwmulng Him, Mr. Le Blond, the Democratic leader in the iiougc olßepresentatives, eaidhiaspcech.on »* ediaaday last: 'V? avc 1,0 Interest in the Eiocutlvc ; on Ibis ride of the House ; not the least. Ho Is not the man of our choice. IVo did not put * n,, » there. iVe do not claim any benefits un der him, nnd certainly WC did not receive any iu the late campaign. \Vc never took him up, aud have Ihcrciorc, no right to drop him: ~r c. W asno necessity ©four dropping that which we had never taken np. Wo never took him up und he never took na nn. It Is true wherever be ran into onr line or policy we were tfound to euitain him, hut we never drctcudcd to shoulder that which the Radical patty has put into power. To do so wonld he to destroy any party in tho world.” v At one period of time the practice of medicine was rather dangerous. At Dijon, in 18bfi, o physician was finded -filly golden (runes and imprisoned for not completing a cure. The beautiful AnstrigUda, consort to Contrail, King of Burgundy, of the sixth ecnlujy, had been permitted by her husband, in compliance wllb b.r dying request, to iiavc bur two physicians slain and buried with Lcr. HASBT. nr. Dubj and the circle of, Friend, of which he (la ttie lacuidr* Ohuuzuat ***** fioldCi Fee line the Need of ou Ipatltuilon of idcornlns for tno Vouch of Ecniucky, Project a Col lege. , [Prom Ibe Toledo Blade.) j Cosrcnnrr X Roulds, i (wich Is In the Stan nr Kentucky,) L December irtii, 1839. ) ’ 6‘iupc Gavitt, Dee kin Pogtimi Captain. McPcUtr and myself wuz Jn the Post Oflla last TiUc, wlcli, next to Bascom’s, bez cot to bo the chetf resort nv the leedln lutellex nr tbo Corners, a Ulkin over matters and things, when the Dcekta happened to mea ebnn that next week bis second son, Elljer, who hea Intelleck into him, war i gulu to start fi>r Michigan to enter a collere. “Wat!” ecd J, “ doyoo perpose : to send that noolc yootb, EUlerPogram, to a AblLdm state, to enter a Abli.-hn college, to suck bis knollego from a- Abllshn source? Good Heavens! Ftalltv, thy name Is woman.” [i bedu’t any jjee that this las remark was appropos, hot It sounds well, and I bev no list that It don't make much dilTercnct wat Inc cotaulmn is so ex yoo end a icuiirk with a cotasbuu.l The Dccktn remarked that it wnz.painful, out the lact was EJljer must heV a edjuca snen. Du didn’t bleerc in edjucaahen, gen erally speokln. The common people wnz belter off without it, ,ex odjucasban bed a tendency to unFcttle their minds. He bed seen the evil effex nr It In niggers and poor Uniihlv C V so °? c f* a . “^e* 1 roasters the epcllln book and alts into nooeepapers, tc becomes dkaatisfied with his condlshn. and bankers after a better cabin and more wages. ii e , l ?f’ ruj 'i*’ begins to insist onto ownln land aD< * S ,v * u bis children cdacashen, “° d ’. cz n nipper, for onr purposes, ain{ woith a soo markce. Jcs so Vlth the poor whites. He knowed one melloncolly instance. A poor cuss up toards Garritts* }w““’ '‘“ mcd Bau.bcy, learnt to lead afore tin *ft i^? d 111,1 eommcnsl delerlora li.'r, 1 fl ? f cani he refoozed to vote on? t™. 11 ' i , t . hcn klossomed out into a Aboehnlet and . tried tn SSS® ot Hi”* n aX hie cla * B discontented by tcllln uv em that Blavery wuz wat kept them down, and finally, after pashenso ceased to a »*)d we tarred and fethered him ««v n W t *° r “ Illccni !birr t ho went to Injl anj. That cuss cum back here dooringlho late onplcasantnls, kernel of a rigimeut, JS«lr K® c S mpt °* n m ? fu,m ODd subsisted em off it. Sum edncasuen is, howctvr, ncs taty. 1 design Elljcr for Congress, and he must Lev It. He’s a true Pogram, and nf J’W*J W *D strike in wich kin hurt him r.J. y U< J l *” M h “ that ttj c Southern yooth may he properly trained, start a Col lege utr our own $ Vhy, Deekln, run risks cd !” dS ° f ° nr Toane mao taint -11,0 entire company mir struck nltb the and , i T I:z earnestly canvassed, end occlded urron; and 1 mrz deppytized 11 ' , ' k ' hl InrmcJltly did. Tnc name •£r 1T C c lac new •Tub SormiEiix Classiki.e, Tiieolooicle AND 2IIPITART INSTITOOT . ~ , t'v CoNSEDIUT X EnvilS, - (nick Is in Ike Stalt uv Kentucky.”! nnUfSc ffronnds Is to comprise one hundred akers taken from corners uv the !? r ”; E I’osram, Square Gneltt mrd Capt. McPclter, wich ground they sell the pe rSr fcC ' n lt b ,or tlmt Expose, for 8300 Ibc laculty will be, of we kin sekoor em composed of these Irooly great minds; aSS¥bJSS&. tota c - a - A - lw “”” Proto£or « t-i l-ln McOcc, laic C.‘ S. A. (In com mr.ud at Salisbury), Professor ur Natural sciences. (iciinl Mngrndcr, laic C. S. A., Professor uv watever is üßdctstooU by tlictn ez is posted in college matters, cz Classics. wich. I ebcl look up ez soon t z 1 hcv lime. This is a MUin two • birds with one stun. M v not only porvldc cducusben wicli U safe for our young men, but wepervide comfort able places for ibe heroes of the late un plcaeantniss. Iu addition to tiicsc, Dcckln rngram, Square Gavltl end myself, each pledged our reives t« endow a Professorship In the Thco legiklc Department, to to known by our nemo?, and we lo hev the appiutiuuvthc Picl'esscra. The rocaxM Chnlr uv Biblical Theology will he offered to Rev. llenrv Clay Dcax, uv lowa, provided he will stipulate lo wash his feet wuust per quarter aud change his fcliirt at least twice per annum. The Gxtitt Chair uv Biblical Literatoor Trill be offered to Rev. C. Cuauncsy Bunn, nr Nco York; and, The Nasut Clialruvßiblical Politicks will bo filled by Rev. I*irriiou:tjM Vcsoovica Nasut, whose eminent fltnl»s lor tbc place Is undltpootcd. Jn the Scleiitiflcand Classlklc Departments the text books will be kcerfully revised and everything uv a Northern or levclin tenden cy will bo scroopulously cspcrpated. In the Iheolojiklc Dcpaitmcnt spcshl attenshnn will be given to the highly ucssary work uv preparin the stoodcuts. for comln out strong on the bolinis uv Slavcrv, and to this end the three years’ course will be devotid thus; Ist ycat—To the cuss uv Nocr. 2d year—To provin that tho Afrikin nigger wuz rccly the desendants uv ilam. 3d year—Considcrlu tho various texts wich go to show that Afrikin slavery is not only permitted by the skripters, but especially enjoined. I shell myself. Icctur from time to time,‘on Ham, Unger and Oncsimas, that the bcarius uv these lodivJdooaia upon our system may be fully understood, aud also’on slcb subjects ez the Inlloocufe uv atlmulatin floolds upon the human system, the cat-o’-ulnc-tails cz a evangdizer, and sicli other topics cz may from time to time sejest themselves- 4 The young meu confided to our care will receive not only a solid collegiate cdncatJ<* n cz it is understood at the NortV but attention will be paid to the tccoiffiS: meets so necessary to tt,c troo Southoni iVAn. 1 n*^ C i n * i T? 1 ® I *l draw pofccr, pUchlit dollars, Spanish dollars will be provtdea for the ’purpose,) aplttln at a mark, revolver ond bowlc knife practice, tourna ment ridln at ring*, real injy rubber rings will be provided,) this’ll be extra, nod cat o’-niuc-valls. Tho motal uv the stoodents will be bcroopulutisly looked after, No card pluyin will be allowed nfore servls on Bun day, and none whatever with the servants. They will be taught to rcspeck themselves. Uv course, there will hev to be a largo out lay uv money, wich It stands to reason can’t be ontl»yed till its inlfiyC'b Wc therefore, formed au Executive Com mittee, whose dooty it wuz made to soliesit fuudx lor this purpose, and to inaugcrato a scries uv Uifi tutcrpTUcs. and sich, wich Is cz follows: Dcckin i’ograra—rrcsident. Elder Slathers—Vice President. Cupt. Mcl'cller—-Corresponding Secretary. Myself—Financial Secretary ana Treasurer. The high standing nr the Board, j*artlkcr lurly the Secretary and Treasurer, wich hex the haidiln uv the funds, is a sullhjhcntguar antee that all money subscribed will be faith lutlv applied. It wuz resolved, in order that the Booid may present that respectable ap pearance wlcll tlicir poslshun demands! that the first funds received should be applied tQ the putchls uv each nv cm a new soot uv clothes, a step. I am confident, the friends uv cducashcn will approve uv and heartily endorse. I hcv hopes in the course nv a week to re port progress. Every subscriber uv $2.2.5 and upwards, will her a Honorary Professor ship named after him, or will bo made a Honorary Member uv the Board of Directors, cz he chooses. We regret that we wuz too late to git Admiral to fill one uv the chairs, but we pledge our Weeds to sekoor hlsfUstlootcnant, or sekkoud, at farthest. We hev high hopes uv a liberal supnort from the Dlmocrisv North. They caunot out real ize the dangers nv sendin their sons, to etch institutions nv learnln North cz must turn cm out Ablishnlsts, or chill, at least, the at* dor uv their Dlmocrisy. It Is to be hoped that contributions for the hulldln of the Inslltooshen and Its proper endowment will be commons! Immejilly, or there Is a morgage on Dcckin Pogram’s farm, and I urn in prcssln need nv a sobstun thel soot uv winter clothes. _ Petroleum V. Nasut, P. If., (wich is Post Master.) P. S.—lltb Inst, two days later. Tho sne cess nv thejnstitoot I* oshoorod. ‘H. Rives Pollard and his 3 brothers, Glnral Heurv A. Vise, John Mitchell, Lootenanl Maury, Geo. Sunders, Bell Boyd and Gcnral Early hoy all telegram for Professorships. They oro 'tiUln the first year to board round. They didn t prepay ther dcsjiatchis wich hez, to sum ex tent embaroast the Instooshn flpansbelly. But wat an array nv intellcckl P. V.N. SCIUNCK. ' Preparation nf Oijtftn-— A new process has been patented In i ranee for ohlainlnga supply ol oxygen gas from common air by means of highly orvgenated compounds, such as chromates nns bl-chromatca, manga nates aud permanganates, which, if deprived. ofa portion of their oxygen by means of steam, have tho power of absorblng oxygen ag-n Q when expcbed to « dry,'heated air. Their Improvement consists in making the action •continuous by placing In a retort one of the compounds mentioned, and passing into the retort a' current of »tearn* A current ot oxy■* gen is carried off and collected in a gas-bold cr. while the steam la condensed lo water. IVhca oxygen has ceased to be f^P', na l ed * u a current of dry, hcatedalr s iweedJ 'uto t ihc retort.. ‘The compound absorbs a portion ot oxygen, and is again ready for the ncUon of steam. Thus bv tbe alternate action of air, and steam, the vtmo comt»onnd produce* oxygen for an unlimited period. The pr° - cess is said to work with great regularity, and may yet be of considerable importance ta R , JW«f uric Arid fi* Hn/ffiir.—A Gcr mnn journal publishes a neat process, which mnTDe lliua briefly staled. J«»o the 'Jneear to be tested, put a small quantity of starch, boil the solution down to ball Us original measure, then drop Into it a very minute portion of iodine. If the vl«pT bc parc the omul bine tint will be shown, but If It bo adulterated wllb sulphuric acid no such col oration wfll take place, because the action of this add upon starch converts U Into glu- CC cSmoffc lS lv.>ff£ for Separating France sugar has lately been separated from beet molasses by applying the osmose priori pie. Tbe membrane used Is pancr-parch ment. Water is passed upward and molasses downward on opposite sides of the mem- Mr. G. Blantc, In a note lo the j French Academy, slates that fifty per cent more ozone Is produced In the electrolysis of water, when the poles axe of lead, than when > they are made of platinum. Ho conjectures ■ the Increase is the result of secondary action of a layer of oxyd on the electrode. Carbolic or Phenie Acid.—This compound, rcccrtly found so efficient as a disinfectant, is now used for internal disinfection, In the form of a lozenge. Phavdint.— Hesse baa discovered a new alkaloid In the red poppy; it is also found in good opium. It is soluble In water, alco hol, and ether, and crystallizes from the last In white prisms. Parafine /or Prturving 3tftaL —During the late meeting of tl»e British Association at Nottingham, at one of the toirca, specimens of meat preserved in paroflne were exhibited. Tho process consists In the immersion of fresh-meal in parafine at a temperature of 240 degrees F., long enough lo cfloct a con centration of tbc jnlces of tbc meat and to expel the air. Afterward a coaling of par aline is applied to exclude the air and pre vent decomposition- BOARD OF EDUCATION. [OFFICIAL HKP.OJiT.] Adjourned Jfectlnir, December 15th ISU6. Pretait— Stems. Bsllantyne. Ri»v—. tsuo, Utlgß*, Clarke, SSSgf\e*rtST Ronyati, nyder and Vonllom. ’ Abte .t— Uctsis. Eonfltld, Bond, GnOford TlnV. cim ard w«l;h. ’ President Hoidcn le tbe chair.' ! On motion ol Mr. 1-cavUt, Mr. Bond. w*« added to the CommUteo on Buildings and Grounds tad Mr. Hugg* to the Committee on tho Examination of leathers. ; , . Oa notion of Mr. Blackman, the now frame building, corner ol Market and Pearson streets, wai t-anud tLc “Pearson Street Primary School*” tlK*hutk>inc corner of Lake and Elizabeth stree:’' ice “ZlizabcthSUetl Primary School;” the build* uie on Reuben i>trett, noithof North avenue uw* ‘‘Belling Mill Primary School;’* and the t“w banding in South Chicago District, the “Cotliea Grove reboot.” * Mr. Blackman; Chairman of (be Committee on nuLdUigsandGmtUids, reported the fbllovriua bocudarr lines for the now Primary School Di£ trie*s, and al-o changes in the old District School Lode dart ce, to wu: lYareon Stun Primary .•i/jco/--Kcclnr!i!g al the Intersection of White ard Aells streets, (henco folloulne White etroet to Townsend, Towmcnd street to Oat, Oak street to the liver, the nrerto Huron street, Uuroa street to Wells, end Welts street to the plvcoof beclcnlnff. JMsoite'h Strut IVimary School— HeginrJng at the corner of Henbcn and Einzlo ttrects,thence to the river, tbe river (o FrTton street, Fulton street to Green, Green street to Ilacdolph.JtAndolph street to Ann, Ann street to Madt«on, Madison lo Reuben, and Liuhen street to place of beginniag. Polling Mill PjitTiary &.Aovt— Besin&lng at inler'cction of City Limite wltn the River, thence folio nine the ilvcr to Week Hawk street, Black Hawk stietl to Reuben. Reuben street to North avenne. North avenue to Wood street. Wood street to the pbecot beginning. Coltoge Grove Setiool Die mcr—Char ge boundary tine between the Cottace Grove ana Moseley School Districts, from TTilrty-fint to 'J wenty-nlntb street. Slumtr Sc/, ot I IHttncl—Change that part of bocr.aary lire between the Fkloner ard Brown School Districts between Madison and faylor streets. Bom Loouls to Reuben street. CfJtn School lA s/Hcf- fransfer all that portion SJ!5 e r?’ ,cecDto C dcu Sch °ol district lying south of ledkrs Street to the Kinsie School Dbulcl. i.tpcil ot the committee adopted. appotwed Mr. Blackman, Com niliteo on the Pcataon street Primary School: ftr^ePpwJi!???’bSP*"®* l *** oo*tbc nliaabclh ;«?■ Si mover to the neighborhood of LiVr 1 UlcLipnu biirkh w. Fort Wayne Rrilruad tracks. rt\:?A td , M lhe Com ®>o«s on Buildings and Ctoui.dr, with power to the locaUon, lease a oi end rtxnuvo the bnildmg. n . f'~*!!, c ”, rf * Ballamyne, Blackman, Brentano, S. ,2 9*a Uark ?\. Jfo is er * UoWttn * Ran yai.. Ryder and Von Horn—io. • Jiaye— note. The hupcrintecdcnt presented a cotamnulca lien Bern Sir. G It. D Andllly accepting the an 11* ° f te,cllcr of In the High ’f, MS^W 0 ,? 8111 io P rcs «n‘td a communi- Uore : reqnesting the Hoard or Loncnricn to consider the expediency cf nuii tiemug the General Assembly to eiUhllah the Lf,. , J im . e,c l al “'1 il«thanlcal Departmeut of the r.atc Agricultural College provided lor by an act ra i i lBBl from Ba: “ 01 public lands donated by said act lo the several Stole*, which sMhocUyof C Chl C ccgi m ° PoJ J*«*»ie^ho-U Mr. Runyan moved that the comnmnleaUoD be i? a ./reeni committee ot three to .be appointed by the chair. ihc tlairappolnlea Messrs. Runyan, Clarke and Bnggai to coneUtute this committee. Mr. 81.-caman moved tbat the Committer* on Ar.pcratßf and Fnmitarc be aathortzed to famish “iff V 8 , m lLu ? cho(?1 rooms In wblchluk la n.- wed, not ahendy aupplletL and also that the Beard ftunuh all the ink required in all the ichCuls. cf Mr. Banyan, the question was dl- V-e Tote was then taken on the question of fur els bine ink wells and carried. JVa<—llesers. BaJlantyne, Bltctansn, Brentano, Erifcs, clarbe, Foster, liolacn, Leavitt, Runyan ana \ onllorn—lo. “““ - V “V, V *“ Aay«—Norc. ibe f ceord part of Mr. Blackman's motion was BL<c : do,*m d by tbc following vote : _ J<cr--Mcsfif6. llallantync,inacbman, Brentano, Bi lege, Clarke, Foster, Holden, Leavitt and You Hun- «. Myt—i Ir. Runyan—L • Zilr.Bricp! oCcied the following motion, which wareuepud: Ihal the Committee on Apparatus and Furniture bo reqnertcd to i.rocarc and place in the Haven, Collage Glove, Bridgeport, and Holstein Schools, a»-d tec three Independent Primary Schools, aud the school at corner of John aud Walsh street#, v hen completed, one copy each of Webster’# and vvoiveatcrs Unabridged Dictionaries; also to procure and place in the Haven. Collage Grove, and Bridgeport Schools a copy of Appleton's Bio gniptfaa) Dictionary, a Terrestrial Globe, aud v.brn published tie new edition of Liuplncott's Gezrtccr. 1 tat— Mcfrre. BaUantyne, Blacknuia Brentano, Brirpp, Clsrkc, FosUr, Hoiden, Leavitt, Uunvan, cud Vonllpin.—lo. A'oyi—None. Mr. Ballantvnc presented the following amend ment to Hie city Charier, to be incorporated with the amendmeru already submitted to the Council for ltdr approval, Sectioh —. That the Board of Education shall elect, biennially, a Clerk, whose office shall be denominated the Clerk of tbe Board of Educa tion, erd whoso salary shall be fixed annually by the said Board of EducaUoo. Tho Unties of the Clerk of the Board of Educa tlod shall consist of keeping tbe records and minute* of the Board, and u* bo official hie signa ture ecm he attached to them on tbc books and records of the Board. He shall also take general chartc of the rooms cf the Board and the proper ty contained therein. Mr. Briggs presented a petition from the ode#' * of the University Ledge of Good Templars, g* Ing tht use of one room la the new Cot* air ' Schoo’ betiding, when completed, one {n each week! for the purpose of hyVoing th? Smet logs of said Lodge. “ • On motiot. of Mr. Foster, tbc petition was re ceived and ordered to be placed on file Mr. Runyan offered me following as an addi tional amendment to the City Charter Sirnos —■ lioaid of £dutauoQ,b7 aod with the content of the Common Connell, aro’herebv amhontedtoumkeßni.hlmprftr cnl .., lls ODOQ properly known as thaDeaton-- • • r - .-- 4< ; as mov Im> <*-- ..o auuwones school SlvSS I *-* 8 -wemed for the Interest of tho a nnd, tud for that purpose the Common Council of the City of Chicago is hereby author* lied to Itrue snch bonds as certificates of Indrot cdccfs as may ho necessary for the purpose of meeting the expenses of #nch improve ir.cnts, to be paid out of the taxes to be hereafter levied. Approved. On motion of Mr. Ryder, the last vote approv ing Mr. Runyan’s amendment to the City Charter wss reconsidered. On motion of Mr. Ryder, ibe amendment was referred to Ibe Auditing ana Finance Committee, v. lit tbc I‘resident ol fuc Board and Superintend ent, list pedal comm.tteo on this matter, f»r con ridczaiion.v uii icqiicettnat they present tbc same to tbc Common wbeu prepared. On niutioa ot Mr. Blackman, the Board a.Moors cd. J S J’iceaud, Secretary. Supreme court He porta. Tho following dtcialors of tbe Supreme Court ot Stale at the April irrm of the Ottawa Court, have been forwarded by Mr. Freeman: TAVXOR ET AL. VS. norKISS. J. Tuvstez— Cannot deltgati hit trust lo others. Where cm early I j in deb ted to another, «nH secure the iodebtedneo* conveys proserfj~lo a third to eecnreice mdcUcouess, wiib power to sell In esse oi s default m payment be cannot delegate the power to mi agcul. Ho may, however, employ an nucdoccr lo cry tbs sale, but should bcprctert ar.«l ct-ruvl and direct It. 2 Same—.Vo fee of *uct. tale. Tbc trustee mast give the notice featured hr the deed creatine the unit before he will ho authorised to make a sale. When tea days notice id required, it is ootHulfi uent to give notice of iheasie for three days only, ttd then make the sale thirteen iU«s aitenraids. , 3. Siut~>Wr vh*H fi U'Hultnt, it waa held (bat wbcu a sale of trust property la made oa each a notice, by an agent ot the trustee, for a mere nom inal price where the property Is valuable, and tbc creditor bids It o 9 in the name of a third person, and ti e tinrtrc conveys to him, that such sale b a fraud on other parties In Interest, and may bo awarded as agclist such grantee. ■j. Jkjlsctios— Restraining such salt. When such rale Is made In violation of an injunction prohibiting the trustees and creditors from selling, they thereby become liable to be proceeded scamst for a contempt, and the tale set aside, wbiirtthctUleislnthecranteeoi the trustee. ■ 5. Same— Purdtata ot (ht pn>i>*rty on execu f(<n>. Whilst the Injunction U pending and In fall toicc, a purchaser of the land under execution against tnc fraudulent purchaser at the trustee's sale, acquires his title, subject to be defeated In tbc tame «ay that It could be against each fraud ulent purchaser. Tbc evocation a editor Is charge- : able with tie notice ol U*pendent, and that the trustee** tide «o«unauthorized. Saws— Cow's nfhtc enjoined. Whenaconrtof equity enjoins a proceeding in a court of law, and It diMcgards th<* injunction, the act ol the latter Is valid, but the patties to Ire proceeding at law would be In contempt lor proceeding with the cause. Cut when Individuals are enjoined from performing on act in part, and they disregard the inJunctiCD, they arc In contempt, and the act may be avoided by parlies in Interest. mmti vs. srmiaux. . n..... _ dmimiim Vnn If n m.a Avrr tT Rfict —Bnenuf SfcmtK Erenlfarcve ccc etirnp is roqmrrd to he annexed to the cu dosfczmni ol the approval, by t Ja»Uce of the Peace, of so appeal bond, still tbe appeal nboold nol be dismissed bv the Circuit Conn, If the party executing the bond will annex one lu a reasonable tune l n be fixed by tbe coart. The sixty-fifth sec tion of the Josticcof the I'eacracl ui'eahlntoe richU and when be otfisrs to so remove ibeobjec t un It is error to overrule bis motion and dismiss his appeal. . "TH ET AL. VS. BCOSSOS. 1 a ccnexal rule adlesolotiou of a pansershipter mYcaics the Jiahility of tls members for fatare lia bilities Interred to Its name. If, however, the re tlrisa member coiitmues his same In the basinets, or by bis sets or declarations he holds himself outae a member.his liability will conlinae. a w..r_ tAssoiunen Jfottef. Q'i tbedUsolntioa of a firm, to escape fnrihcr liability, it Is necessary tocive artnal noltro to currespondenis, and lo nublbh a notice ot the fact In the local gazette, or move actual notice to persons claiming to hold the members liable. 8 Veldict— Evidence to ftyjporf. When aper soii bad been a member of a banking firm, sad af ter bis ulthdiawal be continued in the bank as be fore; his name appeared to the business card of thi- batk published in the local newspaper lo which he was a subscriber; cud when nc lose ol icrwsrds admitted his liability ana said be bid an Interest lo the business, acd no notice of his who diawal was given: held that this evidence rendered him liable fur debts Incurred after his withdrawal. WLB97KB tT AL. TB. WILOAT ET AL. 1. Bosd ron 7mx«-CVrt{fieefr of e&ntntUig tr.a.t ajt>r death cf otlipo. A bond tor tae con veyance of land, purporting to have been ac knowledged alter the death of the person whewe asrae Is edgued to it os a maker, U not proved by n wltnrva who ew«*rF that he once saw aim write, aud believed It to be h!» rlgcatnrc. ii. AjtBWTR-vrdrr cat A—proof. A sworn as twer to shill In chancery is not overcome by tbe oath of one witness, and such a hand, as Its exe cution, Is not proved. 8. Auhimioss — i,<f on# p*rtv cannot be vted ccaltut arr-tAcr. The admUMons of a mother cannot bled or affect tbe rights of her minor child; cn. This title in real estate Inherited from their fa*her. is fixed by hia death, and their moth er causot alter them by her acts or admissions. BOWEN CT At. TS, BSCLSB. j. iNmtrcTiosa— Befuttng to sir*. Jt is not error to refuse to cive Instruction* whew tbe prln clpicß they contain have been alrvady given to the iuiy In other InitrocUons. 2. <tir Fnxvni'LXNT— u'etnon—Bettering Coniidfrctlon. When goods are obtained byfilse prcUrcc.-* am.-üßiiiig lo a fraud, tbe seller may re«cirdtbe recover the goods, for the reason that no title passed by such a rale. But when a party resetnda a contract for fraud, be must restore, or offer to restore, whatever he re ceived on the sale. _ , _ . 8, g xxt—jjfrmone* of Sou. Tbe party de frauded mar retain the property received and sue for the deceit it defective, and the vale. But be cannot tfflta in part and rescind In part; If he does either, it must be of the whole transaction. To permit him to do otherwise womd bo to authorize him, without the consent of the other party, to make a new contract. POLLOCK n AL. TB. XiUOK ET AX. 1. rjtmincT- On ilortass*— Statu't cfLlml tatiant. At common liw il a mortgare failed to suke an entry, receive interest. or obtain some Olhcr recognition of the debt within twenty y.’an, a ratisfacuon win be presumed, and • sail in ejectment as well as any other foreclosure wilibe 'a^onroicn—Corflienri ityhepaiicf dfUt vim ImnUd. Ppccisl'y debts and covenants forth* navmesl of money where not embraced in toe 41, 1* so they were not barred under the statute, out wese at common law presnmeo to have been paid. So ol a covenant In tbe mort gage for the payment of the debt after twenty jtata from the time It becomes due. 8. Sojtr-itoswfftoflftynitfr'scjijr. Ifamortca ceepcml'sthe moitgagor to possess and enjoy the premises for twenty years after the debt is due, without an entry, the receipt of interest or an ac count, the mortgage will be presumed to he extin £l4.f by norfgjQf. The authorities agree that the mortgagor may moke entry Into the mortgaged p*«nf«,*s of the condition broke. *v • means of bis debby ihe receipt ofthe mra u<t profits, but the tap.may be lolUd by the statue of limitations. ss pother cases. ... . ■ S. Pave— Entry hat'd, >hf /oredoivrf HI bt haud. Equity follows <be lair, and who the enhy u Laired, a foreclosure by bill «Ilt aio be baned. - 0. Jaxtrancm Laws— tluiraid'dcs-d rff«9 The object and ibe cfleet of all limitation lawns to ttll tooentry or bar u>e actios. In slxteen'esra the debt is barred, and the presumnlion of xtln gnubmerl u rafted, aid as tbe mortgage la *• Id c-dctti of the ceot, übtn tbe debt h bfirte. Ibe r*ptu of entry cnatT lie mortgage and the tin. of fuiedosnic Is gout. i 7. fcaici- Oar of the dtU. If the debtrtro judgment or decree, tbe I'bt be ci forced cod the foreclosure erred, and tee same result Is produced when tbe ablate bau bailed lie d«bt. Qu*rv, could the morjago. foreelore by sdtr fedas If iba romtgaeecon uunetl a covenant for (he payment of tnemmev. uuiil twenty yearn hva elapted, Inasmuch a the statute authorizes tbe dental of a Judgmeu by that writ within period! , _ uiuu \s.C DPao. 1. Evuirsci— L'mlaxptd noiet. Nolo not stamped ntdertho revenue laws of the goicral Oovtii.Bent, if it were not admissible generally as may be referred to for tbe puroose of explaining (be evidence of a witness as to ihc amennt oi money dno on a seulement *• Wbca thus sduuttod. It will optratc ts evidence for buih parties. It it bos a ccndi uou, or provides fur tbe payment of the nolt out of a particular fund, and In a particular moie. it w “l Be of tbal fact, and will operac to uxclain ibe evidence of the witness to the advan tage of the celeudant. And the plaintid* oust prove that Le bad no control of the fund, or that there bad been a breach of that part cf tbe aote before ho can recover. Tilt hluLbT CABS. Blockaded by the Snow—•* Fcsllna Lcule.n Yesterday was ts unprofitable day for stock holders In the difierent city railway companies. IfaLdolph street was thoroughly blockaded, and although the cars rolgbibc said to run on State and Aladleon strict*, occasionally, their velocity was not ot a tcmaikabJo character, except when they stopped lather suddenly, which they did, on an average, a couple ot times orso In (heir transit from one street to another. One of them started from in front ot tbe company’s office on State street, with lour hon-ea In front, at half past eleven a. m., Just otter the conductor hod said to the driver, “Keipatlght rein,old fellow,and don’t let ’em go wo fast. It progressed beantlfuDy, at the rale uf nearly two hours a mile, for, perhaps, half a square, wnen, all at once, it became sta tionary. “ Very singular proceeding.” said one of tho passengers, who bold a through ticket for Cottare Grove. “I was told that fAlscoach, be ioi vi'rgto tho BwlU-Mirc lice, vaa Crrfain to get ttrengh according to the schedule.” The con ductor and driver polled the snow away tram in iron* of the fore wheels, and, everything looking Islr for a good run, tbe fumur stepped on the roar platform and tho latter ou ibe Iron:, cca the horses were admontebed io movealoug. It was no go. Then came another inspec.lqn by conductor and driver, at tbo end of which the former put his bead through the flout poor, and said: “ Gentlemen, it’s my opinion tbe bled wheels don’t stand square on the rails, and If vi.u’re in a hurry to get borne to dinner, you’d better jpt- out and help me to straighten makers.' The passengers got out, but they didn’t Ufi mvcA on tbo car; on the contrary, ra'her, for they waded to tbe sidewalk, and stai ted o 9 in a south erly utrccilon rn foot—one of *hcm remarking, ” 1 earned a snthdc&t number of rails, and pryed enough stages op. iwenly-fivo years ago, to last me ahfe lime, and 1 dout think 1 want any more of the same kind.” Hi bard labor, and (bo frequent use of two monosyllables, lie car was, after a detention ol a quartet of an hour, nutated, and the pros pect was brilliant for a rapid voyaee; m (act, it was to brilliant that the conduc tor considered btrescll jns rifled in punching the tickets; and this operation was accotdlnglr conmeuc d -at the very moment the car reached the corner of btute and Washington streets, ilo ponded the ticket of evciy passerrer but one, 110 when U>e owner of that ticket was asked for It, be said, very dimly, ** |’m obliged to you; oat 1 must go a hule Intlher before! allow yon to oitfignre tny pasteboard.*’ The conductor was on the point of trying to throw the passenger Into the t-iiow, when lie heard a rumbling sound under perceptible on the right side of the car; then another on ibelclt; thin the car cave strung symptoms ot turning over; iwnaliidy said, ‘•Dear mo!”then a man sain Bomelhlcg about blessing the car from one cad to the other; and then car and passengers were ap parently about half way between the track and l aokee KoMnson’s mcuageric, and stationary at 'baL It is to be presumed that if the car held together, it reached Cottage Uroto sometimo last night, providing. of course, that a reserve force of nortCT and drivera were stationed at proper Inter vals along the southern part of the route The chances are that cars will run pretty regu larly on all the rentes to-day. We believe iho managers of the dit&rcnt Hues nave done all that lay In their power in the matter, and that they will continue to do nnlil the complete removal of the blockade. Divorces Tcstcrduy—Desertion and Hl£* amy. Bat one decree was rendered yesterday. That wns m the case of Caroline vs. Friedrich Schulte. The bill In Ibis cate was Cled November Ibth last, and the Octree was rendered on the ground of the dceertlon of the husband. Two bills were fih-d; they were of James D. ts. Catherine Cam phclL The hill states that the par tus wire marled November BG, liia, in tbb city. Ills charged that wnmofwWy utorwsrd be a<cer- Ulncd that ihc respondent haj band. He now asas that tie Ferriage be declared m 4 of Leopold N. Nasser f^?wV.'?L a {F* 1 *v 4 .aaser net Eatly. The marriage ■vnrl’lnS “f 1 - I, 1861, HI d ll 1, CUm;*.! Sat r*rf r £i nw -® has been habllnally a drunkard, “vt v* committed adultery with some person " a name is unknown. Fimoin VtscoxeiM UroorEST.— An a'joam* ed mcelrajr of the members of tils regiment was held at the hall of the Society “Dana" on the iCtb instant, In pmtoaace of a notice pabluhed In the last somber of the S&andinaren. The meeting wsg called to order by the Chairman, Captain A. A. Brown, alter which the proceedings of the hat meeting were read and adopted. Tbc committee appointed at the J Mt meeting ii:cn reported (hat they had proenred half-fare tlckciß *o the reunion at Dadteoa, Wis.,on the uirtof Dcccmoer next, and uCeredthe following rcrolallon, trrlrh was unanimously adopted: J!ftoleea % Thai our hearty thanks aro duo, and the aame are hereby tendered to the lion. iver I-awsoo for bU active co-operationio the procure ment of half-fire tickets, and to Superintendent Dunlap, of the Chicago & Northwestern llallroad, for his kindness lu granting the same; and, also 10 Ihc Society Dana, for tho gratuitous use of Ihcic spacious holt, and to our former comrade, Eman uel EngcUicd, Eeq., for his kindness la procuring us the use thereof, The peeling then adjourned rise die. - FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL WONETABE, Mowdat Erssiso. December 17,1550. The following la on exhibit of tho business ol the Sub-Treasury, In this city, for the week end ing December 15: Customs...... Win cellsn ecu. sisßdtsEmrrs. Special warrants... I'Ubnraing officers. Coin.... Canute;. .*2<W,193.T0 . CiߣU.n -Total... .. •. 39J4.747.C* £“* week.. »9;«.85;.M There arc lew new features to notice in financial matter*. The market ia fallr as close uit was on Saturday, and at some houses there is not the slightest hesitation ia pronouncing U stringent. The country banks are checking more freely, and some shipments of currency are elill being made Eastward, The banks continue to narrowly dis criminate all paper presented for disco out, and loans arc confined exclusively to those whoso ac counts warrant the accommodation. In the open market good outside names are passed at 11*014 per cent per month, and second daas signatures at two per cent - Exchange is scarce and firm, with sales between banks at 85c premium. The counter rates are steady at par buying, and WO premium selling. Float opened active, bat closed quiet as holders advanced their views beyond those of buyers. Wheat was Ir rood request and firmer. Com was quiet and steady. Data were. mQfc better. Rye advanced 3Q2c. Barley was quiet bnt firm. Whis key war neglected. Provisions were dull and lower. Mess Pork declined 50c. Green Hams were He lower, with rather more doing. Lard was doll. Gold.was & shade higher to-day. The market opened at advanced to 15? H, and closed at ICSH« The lollowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., cold and stock broken: 10:30 ft-m ....IC7* 11*00 m fNu lU45a. n 137* liOOp.nx ICSvJ a. | IMS p. m led -11.15a. m 137 s | ftOJp.m 159«2 ll:oiJa.jn 13S I &lSp.m IBSL 11.13a.m. ICSS 1 -fcOOp.m- IS5\ Hue tt ere was more demand, and sales were Trade over tie counter at 133J{0139. The baying rates were IV7GISS. Silver was nominal at IKO 12S. Govemmcnta were about He hatter Utroocbont the list. The following shows the closing price* to-day. compared with those of the three pterions days: Tbtx. Fn. SaL Mon. Sacs of’M 112 lll.V HIM lUB Five-Twenties, *»2 10TV 107J* HJJU 107^ Five-Twenties, ’M. .106 105 M 1054 UK Five-Twenties. *CS aofi nav 105 V iOT>4 7en*Forlies 99*j 99*: ftur 95^ Sevco-Thutios, Ans 105 105 103 i(&2 Scvcn-Thlrtzcs. Jane.... 105 lUS 105 ncu Seven-Thirties, July 105 . • 1&5 106 1054 Here the market was qnlet, hot firmer. We quote: OOTpUIIUT hICCUITITII —CHICAOO XIBXTT. V. p. Sixes of 18S1 Seljlatr. L-.5.6-SOS. 1862 107 10TM C.5.5-2TS, ISW 103* lU6" 4 U. S. 6-90*, 18G6 103 V 108^ C. S. S-fiba (small) 105 GlO6 U. 8. UMOMlarge) 99* 99V U.S.KMtis (small) IQ2M ' U. 8. 7-SOs, Ist series 101 V 105,* U. 8. 2d series IMS U. S. 7-UM, Sd (eric* KM* i ( k' C. S. 7-7-0* (aroaU) 101* * Compound*, June, ISG4 11s u July, 19« 115* , “ Ang., 115 “ Oci_, ISiM 114 ** Dec., 1804 113 ** May, 18G5 Ill* 1 “ IMS no “ PepL, 1885 109* , “ 0CU1865 .109 1 The Second National Bank quotes Government as follows: Coupons. 1681 Uljf Jane Oomp_ 18&4..118 5>90 Coupons, JalT “ ** list lanre IWXGfclOSjj Ang ** “ !*.m* 5>30 Coupons. Oct “ “ 114 email 105KQ107 Dec " “ .liJil J2iS9. OBp -» lar * e ” May ** email. 10S>4 Anr ** ••* i*®* ll '** Sept M “ ..100i ••30, email., UHfc Oct “ In Local BecmSUee there la not much dolo* Cook County Serena are freely offered, hat hoi* era do not abow much deposition to accept ra les figures. la other Securities there la nothlrf doing. We quote: Chico City 7. . 18 “™8- B *VS‘ Cook County Tf Og m- Chamber ofCommcrce. {q Liverpool advices of to-day noon quote Fir* Twenties al »i. Wc bare received tbe fbTl owing commimicatioi touching the “contracting policy** of the Secret! rycf the Treasury. “Straws tell'how tho win blowo.” <imcr.mmol*,Dcccnter 11,IMS. Editor Chicago Tribune: 1 hiw Jmi read year comments on McCalloch plan of rttontlse to specie payments. It la mw' toImSS uh more than another war can do; to brtne rot' and dcNlaura to every working nun’* home; t WTccl. the credit of the Government prevent fb Utcxeilollhobona* being pud in gold—event* ally depredate the paper currency toanchaaU’ u we can hardly contemplate—then he will go o; 1 Pray to God Congress will atop hlj mad cares ’ Why sot, aa yon say. purchase np the bonds wii the immense amount of gold now in the Ire as nr, 11 cow wotfa, (has ff.rSsi.hi^J!» Bcrciulf,)rillol ‘cj to some use, of > fcomu l^s,?f ,lt s tmt ? ,,nler * et 0D u»« amount w ?tßSffS.astti , g llO Lticn Srad^SlSSi: i jr . laW:mtf ® or » fre «ly; oUI loans are easily op nock coluiraU it cSS per cr t.t, ibe Jo aci bidn" Ibe prevailim; rate fbrnew ah c* B «'tSi’S IM friad- 0o ’ f o»edafe-r dars slice at tbe higher figure are no*ilr retained* upon l>overi.iueiil securities}.«» suii SSSSd .. G&GP®r ML . t ix.l-r]xj, biiain... paper Uin ■VM,I*'.«» per mm dbeoinu ton,or.r ihc Ui.k'oc house. h... "SSaoJ: led Hun .14 per cent on (iU . Fo,“ Sel “ncS. M naolro. Tic nominal price ol lie it-st faclcS* 3ST,StS" 8 lj ,os ii:4»^M .hSfl —Tbe Cincinnati Cczette remarks: **Tbe demand for r.ouoj w active and more pretßlsff, ami abipments of currency to the “urn try continue large. not only io more the hog?Ki to be nt<d la racking « other points. »ab» of ' D ' t^“ n ‘^ n ,,S r ? al P«- cent for prima paper, nstlibclmcs are drawn very dose m (he classification. Tbe otfcdrgs from the stiver of feed paper are terse, but .here Is no dbpo-iilaa to take paper Iron any but regular customers Exchange vas rather Leary to-day, not Iron auv inocate in the supply. but on account of ate tcarcily of cnrrinrj, and rates declined to 1-23 S ICc oUcocst buying and par telling.” —Tic Boston Jut/mof of Friday says: “ He rale of momy fur discount is rather on the advance. To-day very coed nan. a bare been sold at 6 t> cent, bualnea* paper with two good names. He Lear also of iraneacUons In very first-class maaufcctcrinjr paper, four or five moutiia to ruu atUV cent. These instances show the state or the market, and that confidence is ml that is re quited to ict money at lew rales. The s w cent paper U about as auro lobe paid at maturity as that sold at C, though it la not backed up bv so iarsc an amount of capital, end, iu ordlnsrr times there would not be a of more than % I'tcni per annum, but at present capitalists aic shv und scrcili Ire closely before porccaaiiig. Uo cell tbe rates remain at 6&0 B cent, now ususac- Uor.fc being oflencrmado at 6, with except ions at 5. TLtrc are a latyu amount ot loaes onu-tacdinc at 5 V cent which hare cot been called in." —Mr. E. (3. Spaulding, of the Farmers’ and Mechanics' National Bank, ot Hnsalo, having, m a letter to Secretary McCulloch, expressed the opinion that the currency could be moderately “so as to preserve a tolerably easy 'money market, in order to be able to fund the Compom d Sixes and the Seven-Thirties into long gold-bearing bonds between this and theiMb of July, lhCß;and specie standard could bo reached with at least SfiuO,CUOAO of plain legal tencer United stales notes still outstanding,” Mr. McCulloch replied as follows: “Tceascht DErisnmrr, ) “WasutKoToK. December 7. 1303. f “DeauSib: Your favor of tbe fourth instant is received. You will receive a copy of mr re port through the Comptroller of iho Currency. It was very nastily wrlt.en, but Is, i think, sound in doctrine. “ H Uai we need la an increase of labor. If we could bare tbe productive Industry of the coun try in full exetcUe, we coaid return to specie pay mints witnoul any very larco curtailment of United States notes. My object has been to keep U-emsiKcl steady, and to work back to suede payments without a financial rollup-?. 1 shall act in the fuime as I bare in the past, with great can lion, and attempt no impracticable thing. •• 1 am, very umy, yours, „ “tl. McCttiocn. ‘ Hon. K. G. Spaulding, Farmers’ aud Me chai les* Ba l k, Bu£Li!o, N. Y.*’ 1 he New York Evtnluq Pot* remarks : “ Sir. Sherman’s resolution, which was adapted yesterday, relative to the reserve fund facia by the National Hanks, gives much saturactuu in conservative financial circles. The following is tbc resolution in full: “ Jlftolred* That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to report to Hie bcuato the name* of the several Natrona! Bcnk Associations which bare hilled to comply with the provisions of the law requiting a reserve of money on hand, and that be report vbat legislation, If anv, la neces sary to enforce against such associations the pro* vi-lons of the law.” —The following U a statement of the approxi mate canines cf tho Pittsburgh <b Fort Wayne Railroad daring (he month of November ultimo: ISCC. Isttj. ISOL Frclclif* S-ttiSJT.QS fa-,078.3J J-JO'J.SII.SI rasaenßC. 8... Fxptets Wal ler 7,80P.0>l lU,CfV|.Ctt ?.01170 MulU 7,825, CO 7,«2.1W 7.823.00 Kent of Kail*

way 7,063.33 7,033.8* MlsCclUceottJ 3,410.00 2,013,08 Total ' 5712,CC2.51 STSJ,COC.I3 Horn h0v.5U...|6,C01,853.81 $7,M8,0M.(W 5C,43W13.50 —lto eaictnps of Ibo Chicago & No:tlmealem Ualhcad lor ihc weekending December it were: 1865. IS6G. $17,-*9 90 $10,013.13 . 67.003.33 101,-153.1H . 3,013.07 7,411.50 . 1,505.57 l,«tl &j Total SKS,S9O.W $130,501.55 Pai fencer Freight. .. Jjpiesb... Mail Increase NrwVork £tock Slnrkct. aortnc price* tor ca»li. December 17, ISM, rcCdTCd bj Jo«jib M. Lyoca & Co., Brokers l»t . 2d »’d. Is’d. V.TICcb Ut.V 111* Erie (com) 75tu “.«i M. B. (C0m).... &V S>U C.&PIUa 9lg »1* lkckl»i»aa....ica ice i:.«s.w s«v siv c. 4s. pea wjJ toC 1'.FUW,&d..,107 107 Coii'icfUver.... Uk 4lw V.. Union iel.. •Q'i 4-j C. 4 A. (c0m)..1094 110 Kor.&O 130 .... 1). t M.term.. »V »x ilcdaoo Elver. .120%' 120* 111. C. nirnl. ...113 118 P. 4Rp*di«.jn« mu Wllke«b‘RCoal 63 63 T.4lV»bß»h.„ 4t 44K Market—First «i COfiADBCUL. Moicdat Evorxo, December 17,18V5. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments vf Produce during the past forty-eight houit: nrcruTß past roBTr-cianr nouns. 3600. ISCS. S.S.3 11.153 58 15,000 20,480 Plonr, brls Wheat, bn Coro, bn Oat*, bo Hye, bn Bult-7, bn Grass Sccfl, Rs. Corn, 1b) Bioom Cured Meat, lbs 3,543 -4^030 Pork, brls ; CTO a Itrj, Dm j ~jj Tallow, B>. (LSTI EOT Huiicr, E« jn.coi ffsn DrejscdUoce.No 2,50 Sf 7 UvenopSSOv. 7,(00 3.31 S i«V K '‘£° *W 1,181 II deK. 1be.... 32,18). CS.WI niginlDcs, brls 205 Wool, IPs 4,551 3,010 Lamber, m go 44 Shingles. No gW 70 tmpKiamPifiT kOrnT-cioux noctu. 1866. • 1985. Flonr.brls 8.120 1,695 Wheat, bn ;; f..£« 1,134 Co'D. bn.... 3,0. D Oats, bn 536 Rye, bo 780 .... Barley, bn 416 ' .... Gnu treed, lbs 9,055 . .... Broom Corn, Tbs 81,610 41,501 Cured Wests, B)f 893.153 .... Beef, brls 411 183 Pork, brls 2,181 I,Wt lard, Es 391,524 51,77(1 Tallow, Tbs 71.537 17,033 Butter, Es . 5,060 4,318 Dressed How, No 853 .... Live Bogs, No SSI 1,«53 Cattle, So 1,089 l,l(U Hides, B a 14r,U89 93,878 liisbwines, brls Br!3 l«2 Wool, lbs 16,912 4,000 Lumber, m 676 337 Shingles, xa . 131 58^ Lath, m IS 37 Salt, brls 419 177 .* 7,747.33 . 306,433.13 .9JH,ULO3 .t352iK9.0G - 13,783.16 There was a dull feeling (a the Provision mar* kel and prices were lower for nearly all dcscrlp t!on#of nog product. Mm Fork declined CD cents with sales of 1,300 trie at fIS.OO cash, and for fmurc deliver;, sellers' option. Green Harm were rather more active at a decline of }jc, with sale* of 80.0C0 ftt and 30,000 pee at B<S&9cfron Siaogbtcrcd and Sc from Dressed Uog*. Balk Meats were doll, with sales of 10 boxes Shoulders twenty days in salt at”c delivered. Lard was dull, with sales of KO tree at 12c, seller February. There was no demand for cosh Lard. There was a coed shipping demand for Dressed Begs, and the market was firmer though not quo tably higher. We notice sales at fG.75Q7.25 closing at 57.00 for good and £7.25 for exaa heavy averages. There was nothing doing in Whiskey, and the market was neglected and entirely nominal at $2.21 for Free and 2»©SSc for Bonded. There was a fairly active demand for Floor at yesterdays' Improvement, hot toward the close holders advanced tbel: pretensions *ome 10315 c, to which buyers were unwilling lo »c?pond. Th sales foot np 4,SCobrls at fl3.otxan.oo for Whit Witters ; t U.SO for Red Winters; *0.25® 12.00 fo Spring Extras; fTBC®S.«) for Sapers, and |3.25 Ibr Bock* heat. There was a good demand for Wheat and . (he market rnlcd strong and a shade firmer, hot prices abow no marked chance. About £7,000 ha ebangv-d hands at ttICQI R for No. 1; $L$» for No. 2 In A. D. A Co., and t1.575G1.83 for do In regular booses, and tU50@1,55 for Rejected— closing at t2.10G2.U for No. 1, and t1.375G1.53 for No. 2, Begnlar. Con was quiet and steady, with sales of 67,000 buat SOG&Hcfor No. 1; T7c for No. 2, and COG C2c forNcw Shell ed—cloilngitcady at 90scforNo. 1, at which nearly all the tranaactlons were made. There was an increased demand tor Oats, and the market advanced ISGSc, with sales of s 1,000 ha at 43©4Cc for No. t—the opper figure for fresh receipts—closing at 4i*G4sc. Bye advanced lQ2c, with talc* at 87®90c for No. 1, and rSc for No. I—closing at 83oSS*c for No. 1. Barley was qnicl hot firm, with sales at (Sc for No. 2; Kc for Bejected, and 85cC$l-05 for sample lots on track. There was nothing doing In Tallow, and the market is nominal at previous quotations. The Grocery trade I* quiet, although there la a better leellng In the market Prices have not un dergone any quotable change. Hardware goods, including Iron, Steel, Nails, Metals and Tinners'Stock, an moderately active, aud prices are steady and uncharged. Salt Is quiet and steady at previous quotations. Seeds continue inactive, and are nominally held at unchanged prices. Wool is quiet. Sales arc making at lOC-llr. for poor, 42c for fair, and 43c tor prime condition of mixed lots. Lnmber In the yards is quiet and meady at ttn* changed quotations . Toe fullotrmg telegrams were read on ’Change to*day: Krw Tons, December 17. Flour attire, SCc better, Western, $9.00©11.25 ; trace brands Wheatbetter; wanted, C2.9CG2.tO> Corn Inactive, (LIS afloat Oats firmer, quiet. CO©CCHc. Pork lower, (20 37';. Lard quiet, 18*»c. Cogs scarce. Armor. Gold iSd. UTEK. Flour fairly active, sironp. Übesl better. f 2.23 @2.42. Com nolet, SLit'fn More. Oats qalcu pock weak. Lord dnll.liJc. GoldlSSX- LATER. In the afternoon tbe Grain markets were Inoc tire and nominally an changed. Ideas Pork was quiet bat S2c better, with tales of SOU brls at flSSScasb. Eecf Csltle were quiet and nominal at pre vious rates. Tbe demand was limited to supply ing ]ocol wants, so that the supply, though light, was ample. The market doted steady at S3AO& C.CSH lor inferior to choice. Hogs were to good demand on packing account, bet order ahhdpalcd large airirals, prices ruled fiQlPc lower than the closing nl.-s of last week. The maiket closes weak at $>'.T3&Q.45» Herd* In Baltimore—December 14. A£kirbuilc«i bos been done la clorcr at lover t rl . c ?^vJ i ** btuir of tbs rales cl err crop being a: “*vket Itebt'v rnpi'll'd and atrady atl>re cmanerastring asjsaais«ra.Sai*~ ' .’Ttifnahkco Wheat Trade* IT.-otn George Tl Jones’ CJren!*” 1 TTicrcceipisif wittat have o«alargertaaa la anr pnvires rears, with lie vxrrptioisof ISSl.liot art . übfl. Ue total quaruisy reeclri-t trora January I lauata •t.n;n.trg ipruarly llAAf.Ot ivhfli. Tbclargc'.r ar ; nraifloanyircnioail.UJsycirlromthoeropaf weieloMay. wba la. The tar?LSI unrta tlece last harvat were U Octobrr, wtrerccavetf. The*mallr e»t mupi* lc ani one ntoslh were la March. The re rapt* f.Mhe year «onid h3TP3.«a«njloenibljrl»r*ter but lor Iks tact that a much snatrr quantity than ntuatautakralmu Mllc poU o.rt Icaaby riverto St. I cots. Clßflraail. pustursh. sed other points on tae MU'rtnpvi ana OUo. IbctLipt u.u hen ut of January to date asgre- Sn*aloßii;.e?**.KCltJhcltf. ufthss quantify about LHOboabHa wist forward by nil road, a new fea ture tn ihc trade. ibequantlty tacen for Clevetsou. Toledo and saadtaky Uiotvs bur important ttiatbraaci. or tr.r tuilcc-F was. . _ Iherfssen pflaVrnarlratlon f»t>rvM on 29h April, lie nnrt ahlptLcats wmlps thronxh the >trait* of Slai kua» tt»t Cay. The last ship neat was on Ist Da ce at rr. ire«w*cQthcacx»»ced over *l7 dayr. In Mv»ra rrevlou* ve»r* crupettera have left here rm- uicaa’lCtb Deceiuber, anc In . a propel ler sailed from here fi.r that port co .latlhsceutiwr.ami • ff w» time Cartels thrseatoa baa left, aliowid io occwnolate aa beastly as in many no viouvvtar*. TbCKtockla etore as tialu is reyoruhl aa Mb'.sCa t-u*twts. TharweipW are newoob‘ averasto? st-ut TJ X loah-li per day, and as tw rMa!te-wji.of. car city alt's, whta reusing fail tune. t» abent W»y iDftbtls 0»lJy. the arrnisa.aQon 1* aot likely to be verv raiil.J—c*pcr!»!ly If the cernand f jrshlvnent hy rstfihonid cctonne—nnJcsa th« arrival* increase ma i rrtaiiy. There la convlderabie dlver»Ky of opinion as to tbe probable quauiiiy tUil to coiro torwwrl. The tir.'railiEp:cs>lun. boaevir. U mat there t.< much luas in ibts teuton nan St this time Ia«l year. The bot tries* rrceraily tasproved proCtshlf. thongb, as u»nal. »or"c smorc ihc many opcraiorsbave sat ftmi io,*** hy ihc fincreatlors In vain.*. Tho.*e who wireoptrau-rs ler a decline were probably the bean e*i Tbe ciartrtcailnn the en?aier part o. An ccUßiivati;o»: comiklolv under mo t«uUol Of local speculators and they rea-lced large profit* trout par tin wto sola short under the ociicf mat receipts would to leavy and prices low. . . The total rant* ot prices tor iho season has been frtm *J.t«(sil..aon Ko.I spring. HebavocompUeda tabie stow ms the highest and lowest pneeator each flbcwtntir wheat crop In Udsacctiun usnally brara rut a very small proportion to that cf spring wheat. Tbefoinier let* a decided Dltnre tuts scar, tto transacilons have t-ecn very small, and wo bava kept no record ot them.. T he vtßßj interest has paid well this year, the range tfiskefrcJsbubavlsf Deenblgn. , . . . About ~-*yio fcarru flour have been, mannfactnred la this c!iy daring th* year. _ Ttc foUowin-’ table shows the quantity of wheat re ceived dr rtu* tbe year, and the suorcee ct »ap,*ly: tourctsot supply. Keccl pts, no. Mil. Ap.ouc.rcti Mil. fc St. i’aal B. K. Ml*.& Minnesota B. R. Uliufl SiS; fieri cun Dlv. St P. K. 2*3,73® Total rail amt lake.... ... UcccUtd hr teams In stole January U t£C6«. The receipts *■ JnctiT. from *ll Morces. were id February, 417.133: la March, ISiwS; la April, WJiM; Id Way. UIUIU: la Jane, t t 3J*,777: In Ju>v, »7^o; la Annual, SsI.UU ;* in be»temt>er, lA-I’JOS; in October. 2,77i6i3 : In November. i;a H&i ; DSd fa December la Uic 13ib. 103,730. TJ.c toi;o« ins tabic thotra tte amoact of augments demur the year: Wbcresbintcd. Amount, bn. Ej LhicaaotMUcaubcc BaUroad SIM'S Uy Dt trots it Milwaukee IMlroad 5A®4 To Lake Shore poiu. 12Lft£ To huCalo . - &Ai£,ua To o»wcp) To UgdtLkbnrgb. To i JoTeUcd To Sarduuy... To Toledo To Pott Sarnia. To Fort Lollorse.. lo KlEptoc To Cape VtLirat... ToboelDnw.... To Pori Hen n. lo Montreal.... Total shipped Grct-nU by city u.i-1* In store HccemheriU, UCt. Tctal iWW39 TLerollo»lac cnovs the receipts aa<l shipment!of otter IfndiDjj -nicies ot produce trom Janiar* ito Ueccmtir 12, 1666: Received. Shipped. . lU.JW 6s»Cs3 . iOUf3 • .J.TTtJn WM.IIG S7ZM3 ra,3U Hour. hrls. coin, bn... Itje, h 0.... Uok< to LooUriilo. Ttc/oxmn/of fcitnnJaj remarks: “Incur market fco~s are Heady at with m all tales vfsiu Uu.o as t<>£3. All oar pic»cr* were LiUlij: to-ilay, ata n-al:e ifcc rollcrrlac return <: Krill'll, m pci. l*rrrlou4ij. .I.OOU 700 U>A» . SiO SW U.MO •4* .... 7.3*3 j,oj .... io.:r.» •I.UW .... S.NVI WO 500 UK JiO so 4AIQ lUxnllioD 4 0r0..... O. 'V. Iticnui & co. imuiy is Co liUi.Ua. II.& co ... DucuiO, F. & C 0.... Jarvis £ Co F. Leih. 7,033.51 1,223.01 T. J. Manic & *oa. .Tcttl 5,*5 UID CI.WB •* Ibc nifli'is by full to-uav were only 2.&U hea'l. Tbo C«;al Uil.ltf. iccludme uxiay*s work, amcuuu tj Owls to (Le unstlUtd cnoCllloo cf t!ie hos inruet oor fsckers are more irsuvnl in tiuir opera tions, end the market 1« teas Arm than yciterJay. The weather centime quit? momhlo nr the nicklar buf.intta.hnlM no ki.linr wil, ukr place on Sunday iUs operations on p-atorday nay be quite Ur^c.” Pittobarsh Oil Marnet—Uecembcr 13. The marktt lor bended oil tu v try quiet, but a sin clu fc&iu reported, IXuU Uts iar January acurery in l-tusaLt>ri.LM&: Ac, \* c quote Sii to Uea» ji ju\ Stc for January, and ii« for February, bet tt nreeen: there arc cot maty sellers at Uicxoqcoutloa'. ai our ntneri. fe» nt dUpcted to bold fcatk in antlrlar ion «>t a letter nieiket and bicker price*. Free oil la cmil at <1 standard brands may be Quoted at 45 to 46c.1n J ana sa b»rrd iota. .*13.974.05 Baltimore Provision Market-Dec. 14. PerVer* lore not comn'cccd operations, an ! trans action* to Hi j branch ol trade conllnoe very limited, deelers awaiting a more tended market. Bacon—Old tboulUcn liftTß sold at newd) at Ik:: old aides fti tj),^!;-*:; hoteliers’ bams at liaise, an I rarar J:5 5.1 taW reported. brls.wc quote allien:. Butt ~.i t vrrt CC c (1 I' lbcte «“S acd pricesentirelymol- reported of U» Iris new western m-'-s ii (19.50; «J l>rU now mens at AJidr) * brL loU dont fri-Tj **brL Uo,»-Itjceipto of arched mm have Improved «lr.iv the coducll, ami i«ir eaJ<a bare oeta made at Stflß.tfc—m j* tiy at Ik. - l»t Id _ „ . B’d. D - d. U. 8.6 per cent bonds, ia-1... 112 mjf U. b. C per cent 6Jttcoop., , <S. IKX 10ft U. b. 6 per cent 5-JO coop., ML 106 IX U. £.6 per cent 3-jo coup„ 'a. last: xoojtf U-b. 5 per cent 10-« 90X Tr. Note*. 1 a-ifl Ist aeries 105 USK u. b. 7 3-ie, ;d •cries 106 Mjt* cr. s. t s-ta, 3d '* icrlea 115 \au Amer. 801 d.... 139?(i&3 The CaxtUr cl Saturday observe*: “The market Dr bogs basaba Improved, and ccmoarcd wua Harare* iruvalltißlbleday wcer, an advance oflrom Vto v olactctßcrpoandßasbe-netUblßbed, and even at tie advance. the demand seems t> oe ahead of the ana. Ply. Wenoxqnrte tiir to prime bewrotalc* at Tneroadpu ibUwcui, «rc* tar, have been comparatively light, aud w(m mure favor* We art' ices from tic East, aoaalarscnntnber of. Inver* tn attenrtsnc*. bolder* experienced no dluUulty in cloilns out at inti pncct. Or our parser*, tho tol lowlazlHVc been buy tOK this week: tlaraanzb A Co, Myu»& Co., It. Kobiasuawl F eed a Co, ;« rl It la altogether lUcly that they would lave bouriU more £r«Jy bad U not been lot (be advance la price.” mg. Second Board, steady. CHICAGO I.IVE STOCK MARKET. Omci op tbe CnrcAflo Tcinrjrz.) UOXDAY EVCTTriG, tcmbtr 1", 133 d. f BEEF CATTLE.—Nettling transpired althe Yards to day, to vary the cscnl quiet of Monday's oar it. Th 3 rctc.pli were light, tsd with hut i meagre Attendance of bnyera, and with very little deatrable atock tn the pit*. transactions were ncc*warlly United. Not etoeeb »«accomplished In the way of sales to war fhot a change in quotation*, though the oplnloi seems to he pretty r aaerally entertained that with auction;; like large arrival* during tho week, prices would «ea»i> bly recede, cutalclr (hr common and inferior grades-thonld the receipt* cf each bo liberal-holder* wU in all probability be compelled to accept much loaer rate* than have heretofore. Good fat batchers* stock, and trcod straight *uippiug Peeves, ara the gradeej mest-y in demand at present, and drovers will consult tt*dr own Interest* best by confining their parcha»es principally to there description*. The Leary eaew storm of Sat urday nlf.Lt end Sunday rendered the open yard* ex ceedingly onccmftttshlc for CatUe, thoanb the Hog andShtep pen* were tolerably well protected. The market may be quoted dull and nominal at UJC) 6.62. S for Inferior to choice. IK GS—The market wa* active for a Mondar, all the overlap—unbracing about b,ooo head—being readily cloud out at prices to'erabiy well nptalbe closing rates cl Saturday. Packer* were about the only opera tern, though a few drotes west into tho im”' l * of ship per* and city bctcLcia. Bale* were made at prices ranging from |3.U(iC.UI lor common to g«2u6.4Q for gtod to choice Hop. The bulk of tho offerings, how ever. were taken at and within the range of The market cicica weak at a decline cfS&lOc V 100 a*. Large receipts are anilcloau-d. j HOG SALES TO-DAY. Ao. Ar. Price. Conover * Hall to Phillips m ary kjO ConovrrAHailtoilaywi/od. 51 :<t Conover A Hall to Hough ACo 45 fit] CJW Crnovcr A llsll lolltalr &Co 56 153 c.lO Hancock boccbt 91 25] 6.10 liocEb A Co. boeebt. y) a-0 600 lioagn A Co. bought 4. rS4 6JO lioush ACo.bou=ht wo 3(0 C.tO Keenan AK. to Hancock u &| 6.00 KctUkD Al'.to Hancock I.J Zil 63] I.cntACo.bongbl ua aso 6.10 Kent A Co. bought 51 Tfi f.. ,0 MvKrvwan 41 3SI 6.3 J VumLn A Co. loKcnt a c 0..... lu* sis c.ta \augkn A Co.toKeat A Co «J 6.J5 Vaughn A co. to Kent ACo St so? c.lO Soames bought to j;i gJS Cracin A co. bought S 3 ss Q.n I’LlUipJ bought U 9 ttd 6J3 CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Ml *ales of Groin reported in tkti inarlet report are mailt on theboiltofulnter (1C) iloragt unite a otliencue txprtttm Mojtdat Krrsisa, December 17, isei. FBEinnTS~lUu*o*i> rEKama—Tbe loliow trg u t&e Jotol tariff cn ttc Eli tern roads: _ Sd na Dr*'d Hates trcm Cblnco to— clast, ciua. Floor. Ho-t. Buililo. 2i. y. 68 47t< *, jt} Toumc.c. _ cs s) sj M» tlrea), C. C 1.33 95' lw i.&j Alt>aar,Jf. Y IJO JUV ijo ns New York... J.2S so ijjo Bo*Um t/a >fMny j,33 <Q uo i.o Boaton r<3 Grand Treat... . 1.35 » 1.90 1(0 l*orUncdritiur»tU Trunk, 3.10 l*j Msllndelptiin IJS B 1.79 1.40 UalUmtfc 1.15 U 1.79 1.43 tftubercb 70 so ijo 70 Cirretod, Ohio. 15 S 3 79 55 Jf.fleitocTUle. Ind (3 33 70 .. Cincinnati. OLlo 49 33 $$ aj FLOUIt-Received, 9,773 brl*; ihlpped, SJ.O brie. Market vteady and Una. Kale* were? Wnnr\7ct. tm*—iCObrU ~L N. I." aISIUC; ICO brla not named at SIS 00: Rkj> Wcrrxas—loo brla not named at SIIAO • Slttxc Exrtus— tlO bris “ikirpie’e a: SlltO ; 300 bilt “D. W A Co„ Plate kluta*’ at |liAo: 300 nrla “Cccitr'fc Donb.e Extra- at fllJO: ICO brU “Bart. lettV 53*’ at til JO; 100 brls **uar9eu*i Zsoelitcr** at ElOXtt: ICObria •‘Emerald** at flMO; 23J bm “Boot Klrtr* at 18.75: 5J trfc not named at fll.W; lOJb-U coat #10.751400 brl* do at |h).C6: lOObris do at $iL»: ft9h>t*doat#lC.4s; 100hrU dost $10,37 W: 230 brl* d» atflOXS; CC brl* Co at flO.OO; its brla do fjjti, ; io) Lrl» do at 19.72; U 0 brls do at f Wi; Suren—liO brl* «a trris do at 17.T3; 11C brli do at ♦" JO; 300 brla do at $7Xu: BcccwnaaT Floth—ii brl* -KUtcnrnCUj"»t#6JO: ttbrl* a:#3JO; BraFtoca —59 brla cot earned at fuS. U HEAT-Recited, ISJIS bn; shipped. «,83»bu. Market a *bade inner. &Jes wen: ba NO. 1. Scrttg at tUi.<R.l.;> ECO bo at do at SJ.tIK; lO.UQ l.ncoat#UC(regular;>ASM bn No. 1,(4. I>:i .»„) atilAO; icjcobado at #I.SS; LMO ba d> at«l.s£: C.'VXo bn co at sl>7W /rtpiUry LOW bo Ueject-dal fIJS; LfCCba do atsii>2: ba do at ILSI; *aj ba coaiflXC: Wnmx—USban at RJodel.—ciortcr at foe No. 1 and tor N 0.2 iregolar.) COItV-Received. &SS on; shipped. I.KJ bo- MarketqolettndrteasT. 6a'cs were: 60.00 bo No. 1 at KIHC: ICO bo do at Me; POO bo No. 2at 77c; WO ba o*>w •heltd at Cu:; l.ito la do at sic; UtObodo atC3c— ctoalcr ttemoy ateCVctnr No.l Insure. OAT?*— Received. LOU bn: shipped, none. Market I),U3C bettet. Sain were: Si) ba No J (fresh) a; 45c: b.tob bn co at : 13,00 bu do at live; 10,000 bn do at 4i!*c: ISJCO bn do at «<; 1,300 ba do at Uc—tiaslnr at +l>l«lsc. * RYK— Received, 700 bn; thlpped, 730ba. Market letter. Sales were: L**3 bo No. I at Met M-U bn Coat S9c: 1.700 bn do at sic: do at S7Vc; Hu bn co at &7c; I,SCO ba No. 3a* a>c-~clc*iaa at Sb)icftrNo.l. BAKLEV—Received. S» bn; ahlpped, US bn. Marset qo:el not film. Saha were: 5,0C0 bn Nor at CSct Utt balKJccted atCc; UCObn do at lie: ICO ba by {ample at SIXS; ICO ba do at f IX3; luO ba at die. AIXOIIOI.—NominaI, at for rotmd lota. lUCAN—Sain were: It ton* at tII.JO. KKOOM CORN—Market tsactlve and nominal at lioor^iso. BtANP—Are ret till neat fiXCuSJC. ULITKR—B«tIT«sd.IMw Bt; »tlDt>ed.s.«9 31. Ttc market ccnCnses terr dull acd decreased. Toe demand Is routined aimed «-ic! sapplytaj? local want*, and under szeeMtTe stocks prices are weak and unsettled. Choice Qualities are In fiurrtqostasd steady at quotations. bale* Icc'ude n pae*aes at Ji;; Price* range ai&Uovs ct.o:ce Dairy 37 @3} c GcodTcb .....a (£l4 c Cuuepb Flrtls .. 14 eu e Wne Ftrtta 53 ©:i c liACUlXa—Ttf Birfcet tie stocks Ulr fttdpncMit'sdrsßdcactisQgaL Weoaote: KsUoiial A. 9 bo, KsmlcM Uaco ft? JO CtiOD A. SU» do - t:.(0 inicol* A. 2 La . do SIM Cam Eich*cie. buik A.coiiuc Msmlos. Ixvlstoo A. do . Andrr tcospln. do Arrrrlcsn. do . jkmrillUi! do .MO KtuCfld S, Co TO JO mtMii’j, do FonMU, da • - TS.W Silso, *» ts,o) Paco, Uscn and cotton. „ a.® •fUtJrewoort. do 53 JO frpruxteid UJD Oonifu... JXSXamo Buriap»,4ba, So.I - si.oo Emrtrr Cl tv C 3.00 CiIKE"E“Wct coofiurttn drama and first at osoiaiitua-ocl cocmonawl Ictblor sradoaaroenU atdmn?»fc»tD<elccied. wo qootaaa follow*: NrwTarkFacrorT(c«ialnej &19 e Factol y C8U00u).... i« c Uambtm. '* — - is w: c Wo-Mra ioacrrc. ns el# c TVrsicm Statp* U 8 «»!l c “T« upc America ’ $) c COAL—Trade i* btl'k, tbo «jpp!yUicniint. aad price* Heady atd uactaa*cd, WerepcalOarllit: tiwx—Frotifleld u.OO d 9 Onasby U4* . UJ.9H . OUST .UMkXM t,CTVII •47.60 2TJJ3 153.0 U 52^00 .. IS,wo .. tun uiM ..ilatiam .. 519,*» Plilnbarch Hog Marked, ... 4000 ... T3.M ... Tt.n ... toco rtyrtma-Briar Pill "H Qj do WfuenU Ridge.......... 1M» do Willow Brut 1 ltt.oo do Tunnel..... I IUD Chlppeve J 5-« Laciawara, pttyartd. It^o Scranton - w **-5 . :*iS“ li Baht, aiuionrh there 1« a | firX« rwllsa In tbe mamU Fripe* con turns atoady atthclcUovinrQQoUUou: _ ‘ j, T , _ • J 3 <3O c Rio.commen to *3m.S2%"S ! •Klo. Rood to prime. 3»bSuae I lao, prime to choice 1 COUPEItAIIE—SaIe* were: KO lard at ft 4U.deil>rrcd : lOOl'or* DarreW at FI AS,Oidtf cretL j Etifjt*—There 1» a eo«xl Imjclry cn load . and dealers are holding (Irmly *tAiS3c. ' Cbe supply I AND *OlTS—The Reaera! 'market U ' onset, ttooßh for the better rarietUe prloea are well j ftuftaleed, atd tolerably Arm at quotation-. Jin« no* » plea are In fall mpply and Jin moderate iCdneat. KdU j are in demand and arm. We quote; . [ oms rattiE -i 1 Apple*. FhrU 41-3 6* <JJJ 1 Orangte. Davacs. PIOO 300 & C.OQ , I-nsec-, Slhlaca ULO> r*iun ; Crantwmea. wild IdOJ UIX3) 1 Cranberrle*, eultlyah'd 13. CC I DEdD lit IIS. I Flc*~ C A » • as ** as CatoedPcachca, 9 dox,3 & cam. 4.(0 qt 4.7 s 1 Arplce. new 9 b 13 Peacbe< halves and cuartcra IS t* 19 1 Pcache*, partd™ 43 Q a ! V ft M & ss Itaepberrtei. new, *» & 6S yi 73 Ceeirisa, nltted 70 Eicerbexrlei, 9 & » O .. Ralilns, layen~ 4.75 sao sm AlmoDde, bard ihelled £ q s Alcocdi.icttahelled 40 0 53 r Almunda. paoer fl u si ' Peanuu, V a Il>u 11 Brazilheu 22 s Filbert! 17 m IS EtglUb Walnuts....'. so S 21 Naples Walnuts a a a I Reran*, imaU and laxce. S w j) I nukcryNnia.9bu JM &SSQ I Cbrfitsutl. 9 bu 10(0 (41L03 Fli-H-Trada to alack, thouab aa tbe itocks are not cxcmlve, there is no cl*petition on the part of daalcn to shade prlcea to any considerable caumt. Thecen- • eras market rule* Heady at the quotations civeu below: ' Whn-Cih.No. 1, ,S'brl f7»Vn7.75 1 WLltcfltb. No. 3. X brt . 7Af»73« » Trout, No. 1. V brl Mtta bos : Trent. No. 3. V Lrl IJOu* 4.73 Wac*enl.No.i, Vbrl.ncw ALAaILM ; Mackerel,No.2,), hrl ..lajwnvi • * Mitkerti, extra mesa, V ii brl . .itflijswsi 1 Markcrei.extramfMS ?• kit 3.7ya> IAO ' . Mackerel, No. U klu. new S.fiA 2.73 1 Mackerel, totally, kits 2.0* 2J5 CodflehTßank, V HO ha BAtt* BAO 1 £odCib. tiecrge’s llaiik. »Xow 9J5 ! Herrings,dried.No. 1, Fboi CO.* Gj , IlerxlCci.Kalrd 1J.4 3 Lahramr Herring. 9 hrl : ~HJOo*lljO 1 . Labrador Bnritt, X hrle «AOtA «25 I Norwentn flemop, K*», 9 hrl I Norwoclan Ilerrlnc, M’i, 9 hrl \6M IlßKa>E—tbe market U InacUve and nominal at .jirtHe for Brown to White. lilGlitVlXEb—llMilrrd, JCSbrli; Shipped, 233 brls. Market JuTl.oou.lnal and crs'ected. II quiet but steady at SOdMc tdr West ern andsiACocfbr usteru. t XIA > —There ti a Cslr inquiry on local'actsunt, but > ume from tuts there U nothing doing. Toe supply is I ■ not large, though perhaps snfllclect to meet ml do- I I acdaaipresent. ThofoUowlDg'aroibcpnces current: • wnoLcsaLx ruots. j Timothy, roller and beater pressed (USOatIJO Timothv, pre-aed 1 1 Rratrle, neater pmsed lil.tXVdllAO I 1 srran. mens. j Timothy, roller and beater proud. iS.OdiI&XO I Timothy, loose pressed 17.C03W.00 , Prairie, roller and beater pressed 11.00313.(0 ; Frame, loose on wagon, delivered ii-Mayyrc lllDKS—Uecelred. 65,120 ft*; shipped, U 5.039 fts. • Tbeuia'kct Uooll and dropping. The demand la Um- I : Ued.aod stocks are steadily aecomuiatlair. We make < ' no change In our qoctationa astollowst ‘ Green Butchers’ (va" c I ; Green Sailed, trimmed. 9 u 9ve , • Green Calf. 19 aft) e ■ 1 Kip, Green Baited U MIS c Dry FUcttrimmea IBVCM7 C Dry Baited, trimmed II mu c . Green Salted, part cured 8 to SJfe 1 IttON aMi wTEbti-aifiej que« but steady I • anccmatUicloHowlDg price*: I OomtccMUr iVAtk ' Hone bboe Iron. Sv ; Heavy Hand "4(410* * Hoop and Llebt Band. 7*««ii v Kocnd and houare. 6Mau * Ural C*aty 1 HaUOvalaidHalf Hound 7 S * ' Sheet Iron, common 7tta , Steet Iron, caivanlzed. 17x0 .M « • tbeet Iron, charcoal ... wu t btett Iron, Juniata iiVueU Norway Nail 10x1, 13 (a 15 R ow &teeh German »tt I’lorr fctcc:, ca»l ..17 ais Splice and Tire Steel, Ec.-ilah It «t 3 IwolCast Steel.ordinary sizes S 3 i«» , Tcol I’sit Steel, Ainrrlcaa a 25 ■ Blistered Ste«l a3O itussla. No*. 9 and Ifi 1*39 Hntala, lit quality. > UU /»•« Russia, Am n Ist qualuy, 9 sheet.... i*C3 Russia. Am..2d ouallty, 9 sheet.. art L.T7MDKH—'Ibe receipts and shlpmcots during the pa;t 101 l Lours were: Lumlsrr,received. i»,000: »hlrp«d,V:s,Om: fibmtle*. rseelved, !90.*00rshtpped, lu.nt): Lutb, received, none: shipped. t&OOO. Mar lit quiet but steady, aa Allows: 1 aiar^et LTkum—First Clear, l, lu.lJs'. andSmcb, v m A'-lfXVP.rajXl,-, is and 2 Inch srt.i>^at.oj llilrd Clear, lorh.: W.blisijloa Hrst and betond Clear Kloortni,tOdelh, er. rvu-h—the same as Second (near, wide MJMVVBOO CommonFloonrr, rough. jgxo jkoc MatctcU r.nU tlrtMed Ccmmca Flooring. 40J*3lhW Matched and dr&scd &mch Common Vlcoilns Sfi.foa.7S.C3 First and rcconrt Clrsr swing, together. 3J.R5i:r» ’a) 1 Its 1 commonHressedsioine <vt Wagon-box hoards, select, 15-lncb and upwantf.i S3.niaJi.CQ A Mott Hcardv. lidr.cnes ajUiSa7oo B block Boards, IMuchea 3511aK m Corumta Board*, JclsiAScantlipe, Free ,ng and Small Timber, 13 to ic (bet 1 11.00(3 mo ■ JoUtvan<lbcaiitllng,3U,2land3ltc<:t..,. buuiui.nt—A or Star shaved Shiue’at. Aor&tarbawed bhlogles 5 03a aja No. 1 Sawed Shingles.. aS6S 30Q Raip—Per min yards 4.75 a 300 By ear load ty Northwestern Uailioad. delivered In any yard where car* can be iwilched, or any depot: A, cr S4ar Sawed ohlnnles, by carload on track.. A, or Star bhavrd shingles, by car load on track. <m bUli#ha by car load, on _ 4 1 raid ’a«dol”whVn*tr(n* which chaff e follows tbe Sblngiro In freight bill. H . _ SQIIICLk BTaXOaBO. Thickness—Five Shiuglei to be twolnche»laUiia:- Le’uglh— SUKcn Inches. Danes—Twenty icches. Course—'Tw coty-Q ve liKaTHEiC—Tte market continues quiet, with rrlctsa.iutie easier. The stocks ore byuu niesns tarre though cuFldent to meet the present demand. Wa note a dtcu*? ot ly ae In Country Harness and Country L pptr, and quoit-, as lollows: * - „ lUDtLOCK. city mreeffl, 9 1 blangttcr. sole. “”J I etnuKuter, ootc, ft sy& <Ol Bailnlo | tft3 <3 Cpnutry Harness S 4« S 6 Slaughter, Sole, Line, * ft........ !■«#** CUaruo! So T tuu a ■ Bu>. ai«iujm, T I Slaagutcr Swle, 4C ® C i I ~CbicacO,?:o.2. Sia 37 , CsU,Fp lAOftl.M) | Ttueccs Ayrei... SSjS 40 Cpper. V i00t... av* 301 Orinoco h01e.... 37® 3S UartrjUnper.. ZkA f 5 Orinoco, (rood, Collar, p fuot... 21(5 2fi I damaged 31® 32 OAK, Slangtter Stic.. 53® 54 French CalC 31 {lnmew, p ft..,, Ktt it* fta..„ Z10®2.25 J.Pl'"*-;—sC® 33 French Cali; M Kip.hto. 1, medt- as 2J30a2.10 pci............ UOrtl.2o French Ca’fi I*. Rip, >o.l, heary tugl.]o tnolnes. ?»d0c.90J>139C,00 ..OJK TALS A NI* TINNER- STOCH-Tha .^fail^aH-^’ 01 « P rtc “ « FOX Tin Plate, I Q, 1«t realityfcirt. U _ ...j:5.50 Ist ta.aili;, ilicct. 14V I arse Ids?. w Slab .n* ina.Miji as r.maax wux liar Tlu 39 i tn c u rivriut. 7. S and j 13 Metallic Al’ 80tU... S 3 10and 11 u Copper Bottom 55 1J *ll l-railere over 10 a*,, iu is and 14.,.. u £bfcllnpa,» toleox 45 isand w Xuauaas js 17. iy BABniT wexat. 19. is Ist quality 80 l» ji 1 Antimony 30120 » 1 Flue Soicer ft) | Fence B;aplcs 11110 NAI L!»— Aie la fklr desut&d at toll prices. We continue to mmic the following rates: lUltoSd, p he*. »7JB 1 3a |io.» - su sxujsd, fine timed. i«in W P.3313d, One Mned lIUD 4d... 6.5(1 ( Cat dpikrs 8.00 SU 9AO {Clinch Krt. UUM . OlLS*—The general market Is doll, with jirtcea sores tat u: tolled. Linseed b In fallsapplr. »atl under a llmud demand sat offering freely at <1 403 1.0, I’clnj a ndncilot ot 5c frrm yesterday's ra»«. Ihero 1* no c*«et.Ual change to note Is other descries tloci. 5Vc now quote: Linseed Oil i «&IJQ UumlOiL boiled Sl.O O:iTC 05! Stro ISbale oil. W.J; LtPftlAJ Lard Oil. extra i:kX«L33 Lard Oil, No. 1 Winter 1J041.2> Lard Oil, No. 3 Winter J..&4135 Hack OH. round let*- VV>-tI.T3 Machine OIK round lots Ml 40 fepirm Oil, Vi. D, round lota («3^j Lubricating 0U.... 50.21 JO luUrCil iSiiM Ncatafont oil. »-nra I.W^IJO CAf&UON OlL—Tnrre is a moderate supply. and tcoix a coort Oi-Dfuroptlvc demand, and In new of *a advance of JSe la Crude OiU a Bnner leellng obtains. I be K llowiuft a ere tbe current rates today: Carbon, V car load f>w» Carbon, small leu uSCe aide Napllix. C ct3sc POTATOES—Cominne dnll »t 4(**Jftc tor com- E-on; wv*.:u- tor chol>f, aod Wioc blsher from store. ,>hmiSia.\ri-Itoc«lt«J,lW3 »• Currd Meats; c.ybrbroifc. Bs Cared Meat*; 4ii brla Bctf t 2.191 nr a f*nik and S3IJ2J a* Lard. Ale** roia—Market declined JOc. Sale* were: foo hrl»at(U<.COCß*b: 130 brls, seller IS, at f IS.CO; jw brls, seller December. at (IB.DC—e.ptlmt steartr. (Irccn menu*—Ham* declined Sc. Sales were: 4»>.CU C» Gran at 9c; 10.0CQ pea do at BU'c—bota from felaDKbtcrcd Begs; 40,000 Ba do at Scurom Drased Boss. . IJUESSED HOGS—Received. 3.139 s shipped, TO. Market more active—closing a shade firmer. bales were; il av raring S 3 bp. at. r a II *• SIS Be. at ijj 17 orcr :.oss,at r‘,\ l3oarerajrtne:tCß*. at, 7.33 S 3 ~ leUß 700 11 “ ST-0 B». at 7OJ Sts in lots all round, at 7 03 4CO in lots alrldltroaiOc as, at MTS and 7.03 UMUTldlcgcnl'Oßs. st OATKaadIOO « “ 2JOBS,au 6JjJ andTOO S L “»*• #t sad HO 43 “ vCOasat TOO anuTH C 5318 lots dbiutec on 150 Bs. at C 73 and 7.W3 —«»»)£ atm at | >.09 tor good and |T.23 for extra a»S >»ALT—Received. nene; shipped, <l9 brla. Market ggtt bet tleady. We quote the range of prices as Newline. - Coarse Ground Atom Turk's Island, bays. Grounds*, Ur. Dairy, vin ficki Dairy, without jack*. HkEDH—Kectlred.ll.wOftss itlpood&SM fti. a :TSVw were; 100 bu . hOUA ASD HALERATCS-Market gnltl but jteaay at the following quotation*: ' tAtbilVa MedtclaaJ ft 13 VC " Pure uvmip Detand'a Clerical. ,j - uisue : - :£*«}**£ Pure llkiaii e HC G A KH—There 1* a belter tose la the market. •lituujbiheTolumeet trade o:mlaua light. price! bare uadCfoae no chance. and we quote: Cuba UkftU e Krromco c K. T. K«&oed. powdered aad Granulated....uwaiiue white A... ...................... UKMse Circle A., SkaiMvc ■White B S ttuJs Extra C... , UV»U^C »now c. Si 3 * Oxnard C. lOYfiail c Oxttro c Extra us2uxe t» Y I! C H>-Art in moderate demand, anii gr>i> mar ket la iteadr, at the fbOowlne range of nrtoca: s*7 Ywt byrup* .# 6031.70 TeDowDrlpa , |,in ff i is Cub* Molwni a* a hiru) S ico, oaLii Kew Orleaoj , TOusLlO Philadelphia Bee litre >a 7» Chicago Bctnery, Amber L&4LU “ ** Ooidte av* 95 TALLOW—Eectixea.iJa &•; itipped.Thaif fit. . TEAS*—Trade 1* quiet and prleea areitsady, aa fol lows: TcuncHyion, cupciler to One,ft » ILIO3LO , do extra to choice, ft ft 1 A^IJS Imperial.lUpenor to Use, ft ft q do extra to choice, ft ft L»l«LS0 Gunpowder, tupertor to fine. V ft U32i AS do extra to choice, ft ft r «wa».W Japan, natuialleaC flte to extra One. ft ft... do do fine ?o choice, V a IJOAIA6 dp _ do colored. ft a 1.4CUL65 TflßArro-I* Cull, though srvadjand commra ttrely aim at theprtaaflreabtlow: CnxwciQ Tobacco— Extra Choice.... Medium. Common cuniTxc Tobacco— Virginia'* Faronte Choice Medium.; Common Stem*. pLco Tobacco— ■ .... ro a'» 65 a 75 Loyal Citizen Sag) Tamers’ Delight. W a TS Natural Leaf. 1.30 ui 00 Half blight. - M gias Choice Black, Jonnd. n a gj Meclcm ...„ 73 ® 73 Ccam0n.................. 50 4* 70 Ksrlea. ... «3vr» m Virginia ICs and mi 90 <> m . Flounders. 73 a u WocilJ-The demand is fitrly active. and dealas are holding SUIT at toe follow ins ranee of prices* staple, foord, delivered..... JUJilaiiJO Maple. V Cert, in yard ,113^21100 Beech, tp eord, dearered. r ovaiSio Ditto 17. *) cord. Itoyau 00 WOOL—Eeccfred. iSj| hi; shipped, ifiju % f . Market qnlet and without csaendafchaßge. Sales vere: 8£» 6s mixed, poor condition, at 40c t 5 OCO 6i dost tic; tffa Ssdo, titr coSdlUoo, at 13c ; 9J3CQ 6«do,prtmecondltlca,at Oc. ri£ NEWS. POBX OP CHICAGO. ARRIVED.... Prop U*l£C, Ojdeajbnrsti, sundries. Its Utttt, lor SMlttUttS” DK ”“* r «■ .December 17. ncuonuda.. ■ ArgrriT. 1 ev Vflft PBornxta • Mum.- I Tula llmaff;.commended, by CapUm A. Herd, and owned by tha Naitbern TxansporUllon u c «*, nude this port in ea'ety yciterdjy rr.omlwr.'afler ft voyage of twcnly-lwb days from Ogdc&sbor»U. Bcuookzb Gavs Cock Asnoa*.—The Uiivran kee&nliaei'rf yeste<day, esys; M Tne sebroner Game Cock, of Kacine, la reported ash >rc, high and dry. tnenty-six miles south of Manistee. Sbo was bound from Racine to Pens Marquette for a carjro of lumber, having been chartered by James Lndingtos, of Milwaukee. She will prob sby be get oil in tbe sprat;, although so mo luars are expressed tbnt she will prove a folal lens. Thz Came Cock la ten years old, bavin; beca built in £u£a!o* la 1556, by P. W. Jon*«; and baa esver boca extensively repaired. She b a vessel of iJS tons burthen, and rates B l.”j Nxw Ycwzn.—We leans that Metfre. Stokes & Langhilc, shlp-bnUden 1c Sheboygan, hava tall the keel of a large new vessel for Chicago parties. A Vissil nt Diwruraa.-A schooner ia reported aground ard ic distress o S Point aa Fe'ee. and In great danger of jrnln; lo pieces. The Detroit Adz<rlls(r says aid has- been scut to the unfortu nate ve*sel. Tco f?2tron.—Tbe inccklmj lnir Union, Captiin Charles Roach, departed yesterday, to 70 to the assistance of the bark Champion, which’.'as dis mared several days since, and atprescutln har bor at the South Moulton TOafiA- Tnx Gacst Owes.—The Kingston Whig elves the following history of lie schooner Garry Owen, which was lost a short time since on Lake £ne: “This vessel has a strange history, fall of caj naltlef. She was bnllt as a barge about twelve years ago. being employed between Kxasstou and Montreal, until she sunk tn one of the Sc. Law rence Rapids with a portico of her crew of French Canadlsne. Sh* was afterwards raised and towed lo this port where she was rebuilt oa a propeller and named the lekenaan. After ranmn- for a couple of years, she blew no in Toronto harbor, caueitigthe deaihof several of her crew.inrludiu" a son of Mr. Iloaeyman, fourdryman, of tins d?y. bho again changed bands, and her now owner cut her down and constructed her Into a Mrk, callm-* her the Toronto. Not long alter she was driveu asbure at Four Mile Point, at the lake cctmac • to this harbor, during a violent foil gale, and ail her ertw were either drowned in the cable or frorun to death. The ve-sH was soon after towed osf and repaired, being registered as- the Stork. Subse quently she was named the Garry Owen, ana has now ended benß-iaied career by flndm-a watery grave for her crew in the deep waters ot Lx .• ■Ene, with only her eld timbers for their cofan*'*’ Sprnal potters. TBc MontSor, By DR. JAMES, revised sad enlarged. U a book that ■beold be la the bands of all, both old atd young. "With atlitr important lalbn&aUor, It contain* the hi>- k«r» 01 tgla, esiure and danger of secret dl*-*se«, with direction* lor »elf-treatment. Alsu, a treatise upoc diseases ptctUlir to temalcs, bow avoided, their reme dies, Ac, Prlci. cf bock SO cent*, with lour ccou post age. Address Dr. James, P.O. DolGOC,Chicago, 111. Dr.Jsmi* ciui be coasultcd at bis office and parlor*. 91 and 93 comer ot Dearborn, Chica go, upon i v etreatme3t cf the diseases bo malcrs It a specialty to treat, aed whoso success has "**•!*■ him celebrated throughout tbe cooutry. OQeebcnntrom9a.m.to3p.m. P.O.BoxODO. Chicago, m. Private IQatten; M,ttcr3 C° (or write) to Dr. CLAUSE. Both sexes consult him cop?dencslly. „t2r fiend stamp for circular on late luvsttlon for Married people. Female FUUM per oox. K2T field xasio fwr book lor victims of selt-sbtue Aodress icttits DU. CLAUKa, No. 4 } -rmnr Blocc Chicago. Dr. WLitJler, 18J South cures m! private diseases yitioot b»Uc t 00. drags, sa m ieh to co dreaded. Ecnusol weakcczs, ia all us varied forms, cured in a lew week?. Young mm affllct-d with dr<*ams at clcbt. producing weskae*s of the w*-,ole body, cos menoM, raping In wiocar*. (Mil sad rrerlve ia- cx»-- tors opinion tree, f charge. Dr. W. pmdUbu a caldo to u ehonld l>* la thetuaos of every one;- free ot c&srrc. Send three cent) to pty p.Mtage. Offlc noars froci s s. m. cam 9 p.m. Fott cflLeCoaa-JH3. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Medlca* a&d ‘-arglcal lestttnte. ITS fismb Clvk-cu has Ucsteo all forms of rcner-vai dl*. with uopreceoted success f-r oesny lorty ytvrs. rpcrmsiorrban sad impotence UeUea with tbs tuo west retalw. | > uxucalurs of the Institute and the outaetcxllcdfreefoauy address. P.0.80x 72.Cu cago. 111. _ _ Batrticl»rlt Itnlr Dvr. The Best lathe Wcrldl Ilarmlesa tnstanta arcus. The only petted Dye I No disaopmuttncnl— toridicnlottfcUi.ts. siitc«A Wtuouu a Baicuxu.u, V°, r >w A 10 J LF'j£Nf-r..u;ixG txru.vcr ot* MILI.H-rLECßfi—rwtonv and bcauunes tbe hair, fioai by sit Pro grata. O.S-’oC-l? Dr. Dlgclow, Having the eonfiocace ot toe put-ltc v.d the raedl-ui b’Cnllv ui Urge, U the mo-t reliable phv?ictaoln the city for chrcnlcoervotu andresual diseases. Call si his «*tCce, 179 South Cmrk-tU, curler of Monroe. I. cim* (rptraro. Coasa'-iatioulice. I*. O. Kci 1,31. Ills paler to health, published monthly, seat freo to astrologi) ALL PEEbONS WISHING TO kcow thstrftitare prospects miy have them cor rectly stated by MADAME AEWIN, At 317 fiouth (opposite Jones School.) Where she may bo coimttcd on all matters con?era*ag love, marriage, court ship. Uw mstten, oaslat-'s A3alrs, nod can u-11 U>o name of tho lady or gentleman they will marry ; 01-o the uatno of bar visitor*. jHari)inet|). gTEAM EN GI2S’K rOH SAX*S ? AT nocussxEJt, IST. Y. rJk PlfVB malne, as rood as new. lo per £p®* Okder-4i* fvei »tfoke,l6;* inches bnrefa*. uor*e f-ower. welati •vout a toai, laclnaigr bind fly. wheel 16 Uct UlaocUr. 2 l.t* Inches face; matte by fhars HiAlctisc cut-off. Tof.esold bi-raus- snp-*r-isiej bv waterpower, ate oßertrt atf".tin. lo<? than two-thlrifj Usvaioe. AudreM WAUD * UKU., KrcftMtcr, X. T. ©cncral Kotirri?. OFPICU OF THE CHICAGO * AL 70S RanxoAj£Cour*sT, Cticaao. Dec. 3,1*58 Staled Iropotala wkl te received octl. the Zl Ui Utt 60,000‘RAHEOAD CHOSS-TISS, To le tfellrerra In Cldcigo wubls ninety d »rs aft*r tht opening of lak- navirnt.V. in th; spring j { The lie* to be S feet long, 6x7 U hcwcl, a: d 6x3 li sawol. rrorceols will sute kind of tlmner o-Jered. T, B. BLACKSTOKB, ire ideak ffijiisioguomii. Face Reading. JATISB WAIsKTa, The veU-fcnown Traveller and Phyilognomlst. S 9 Waablc*twn-st. A ahprt'hand reporter constantly enrszed. EiamiLaUoL |l. Written, 82 extra. . iswsmsgs JgLAIK & JEPKMiPO.N, COMMISSION 31ERCHANTS, OFFICE, 201 FKONT-ST-, £w.M»£Box.j MEMPHIS TEN*. Liberal ca#a advancement* made on tonalgcmenti. QEaT, HATTED £& CCS Wholesale Commission No. 50 McGua-ijt^ BttwwnFkhdC-ktiQ DENVER, COLORADO. HOGS I STENCILS AND WEICUT LISTS FcrnUhed gratis. Dlgbut market prices ruiraaUcd Prompt retursi made. Correepotclftce aollcHnL REDMOND * CV*„ Gec’l Com'a Uerch’ti. SA Wa»hingna-«t, Chleaji.Ll. Uanfes anb 33anScrs. CTOCKHOLD&H&’ 31LETJNG.—'The O annual meeting ol the stockholder* of the FIFTH SATIOXAL BASE OF CHICAGO For the elocUos ol Director*, and to transact aa> ot tr bctlnist that mar u«niUv cone Iwwre ?h» meeting, will be held at the r-dcaef laJJ Dank. No. 50 Lafc*Jk-»t, Chicago, between the hoars of 13 a. m. and 4 p. m.. Tuesday, January gtli, ISG7. ISAAC G. LOMBARD, Cashier. Chicago, Dec. 7th. I^. 3aailrnabs. mXL&UXU TIMS ■ cnciso m hsjc* an:, «sbi HASSIt ASV KlSili. „ Depart. Ait!?— DsyZiprcas * • ♦kXl.c MfLii.xpn.-es JarcFTfilc Acccmiaod'z:. *2; ;0 p. a. p. xr~ Woodetodc AccoaTd’n.. *3:UOp. a. «9;CCiuia. • i JO uo LU3IS 1.«5g3.(0 2.(0 5.C0 S.^ fcil WTliiOh. fc'aliOL and Ced-tr *& 7 £uz.,a, Felton atd lowa. Freeponand Danleitfc.. *On»a. tr. ILOOa.ra. Freeport DonJelth.. *10:00 p. xa. i.uti.m BockXard ud Fox Hivu. * 11:10 a. a. P ir0n......... •UTOp.c. 11:10 «.n Geneva and £li:ic • fcOp.o. fctta.ia. KO.Wi.CXiS DrriilCK. * ‘ Exprea*. •CrfJOa.c:. *sn;p.ri. ExprttJ .... ........ *l:oop.m. *l2a* m. Sight Accommodation L:Cp.x —a. m Kenosha Acsomciod'n... 4:4ap.m. 8:45 a. m- Waukegan AccomaotTn. 5:03 p. a. S-53 a. r. 2o*ehSU Calvary, aa2 Eranston p. m. a;4C* p. c ♦Sundays escipted. toattinraya {Mondays excepted. XICEitiAJI CXXTF.It XILLX.OAD—KKIhJt HaTOT, XCCI or txa a mux. AomlngErpruar •srflCa.m. *0.45 u.a *iiiOc. n. Erating- Expreec Ji3D p. p. a. Kteht£ipnes p. c. J&SS a. a. exacts run ass tosun&u zxust. Komlng Express *t:ooa.ic. •iit.'Ba.ii. Sight ixpres? JiOO p. ch *11:0. p. m, eICHJGia SOCTHtZX A 3& AEX oPOaJ IJ3I—D4- POTCC2SXXXi.&XISOX AXU iiliXi.' «aSXT2. CQLXLO 10.8. Mall *4:15 a. c*. »&SSa.n. Day Express r;00 a. m. *11:00 j. n Sew York Express 3: 5 p.m. f!S:-'Bp. m Night Express t* *&cOa. n PXTXOIt ITSi. Siptt Espies* JifcOUp.m. •S^up.n. nrrsßi'aeß, tosj iainr A_nx cßiuitc. alail—~ *l:2os.n. &u 0 i.x. Express Fwt Line Sspreas , nxgoo tisjtnuu Day PassOigCJ **oo &. B. *10:30 p. n. Sight raatenger tlttOO p. b. *6:43 a. f. Kaakaket* Accosaod'c. *-::CSp. c. a. n, Ujde Patk tna Oak Wood *u;ioa, n. *1:45 *. c. • 4 “ “■ *lvUop»n. •5;32«.b. “ “ u .... *3::op. it. *1:50 p. e. u M ** *&55 d. 13. *7:20 p. m cmca&o. aciatttioß aKu DarZxprestasdSUU... *sioa.ia. *o:oop.m, naleshiucEueeoger.. . •3.00p.m." «4.M p. m, Aurora *5:00 p. m. *9 orfi. n. •U.» ai.a . LCO gl.lS ffl ai.oo a a a is e a Ucsdota NiglwExpma jliWcld’ht tifiOa. su CHICASO ASIt iff. lOQU. toreaaaadHail 6:05a.n. ftWp.a. Joliet and wilmingtoa Accommodation _ 4:00 p. a. 9543 a.n. . cBJtAoo ams euar mutssm— (tu» cmasain ajb uan>—»u.wadkis samBOAD bkpot. ccjl CABAL ABI> KUJtt* (TUXCI. DayExpm* 6Joa.n. 3:40 p.m. Sightfaprew 9:00 p.m. 10:50 p.a. /oa aroiasAroua, LOcamu asd cuiaatAm. 5f y. WX) a. m. 9sio p. a. NmMExpreaa 7:00p.m. a. nu ColnabaaErprtsi....... 7:00a.m. 9:40 p m. “ tt _‘ l 7:05p.m. ICtM a. a. ClcdimailZiprcaas.... &OJd m I anting Accommodation 9:55 a. a. fcoUjurT “ 5:15p.m. &bQ n. zb! CHICAGO BOCK ISLAHD ABDPACQnc IUILEQAB DMExpresa-aadilaC... *S:ooa.n. •SbTV NightEipre&s Sfc4sD.n. „ JoKt Accommodation.. 4:Coplm. •fc«*lm* ErjrtMrrcisto, with pints tat it-aSaA JUSTS'»» MceptSL 1 ' ClKf!e4 - excepted, jSatartaj WHY WILL iOU v\ KIDNEY DIfiKASB. 0' SHgOilAHav; UONDRRIIEA,X- : SMOIiAHU— D 33X.TRACT E?; X*nr2ics Should Pc^ knee truly one Dollar. e * a. ecu A XL* or Ctiluvo sod vicinity. g C HENCK’S PUUSOHIC SYSTJP, SEA-WEED TONIC, TOE HIsTORY O? DB. SCBENCiTH OffX CASIL A' p tron me was rrutn or consujl tiox. Many years sgo. »nlt residing la. I’hilu.i.'iphia, £ ha.t ?iouris*ec gro-'aaii- -cto the Urt stage ot motwry i;c&>nmsUon. All hopes of mv rw.»r.?ry be c.-»RJwt*.a, 1 was artTlMd by m 3 ptry-tnao. Dr. 1 Uit J ,,Woaa:r /» Mo»r.iU)An, x. i’V^-Vi£?JE. u ? c,,t30t,,>,12c myn*a.-« place, i f '.r oTW L tlll : l:er - <Kca w la ? *»••» mim-vri ia vm totter Bid ail hl» tomly hvu lived acd St „?’T . *? :m ** C'.-ajnnruon. (to v 11.I 1 ." 1 * l I was cotfob:d, where I t o L^i,-n U ’% v .' , ?v 9 deemed * hopeless fciiw- 1 -?*, ,*; r -Proton, who had been myCithctW 4 fil j4j auen-kd him 13 hU lax iK -1 T *»' to -n* me. lie taongot my c*«e eatsr*- o£ “Wlcifie, and decided Uttl £ anc , nT v me *- B ® -waage my ta— ix»- rai adxl:*. la i!u» acp*ir»miy onJ il.ot beam ot tno rmeol.» v&icb I cow matokad “ell It tee . ai L to tre ttot 1 ccn! ' J If®, them wortiQc their war every nerve,fibre and tLuaecfmy My largs »cd Hrer pot on s ccw action, an,j ts« mcr bid mailer, u tech aaa lorytar* «ca£alitc-i *nd itn- Utert tbc ciCertot oreass c£ tbs twdy, w.s cllmla*tprt tte tnterc c* on my longs ripened, u-d I ex.-ect rmj ircm ni> longs » much as a pit.-, oty'lfow oiftilve pan* r every tcmlng. As this capurtorsUoa of ■ -»■»«- !l r tover abated, the pain |.ft me. tie Cuci to haras- me.uni toe exosustiLg nlgnt sweats were to lorcer taowmacd i h. t ■ jltn*. to which 1 hvcLcg beer a strocg-r. sir 'IVA 0 * b^ aa to r,t S™v 4llll »* UccsltDa&a itdim. U..»retorn <-t btahh I talaed taatreastn, ac<i - 0 w 13 £**by. lam now a beajtbr man. wito a tarce oeaiad. aii.Mle ;oU eftoe 7“1.t "?a£nS; cue. lobe acpatlzcd. with coaplcie adhcaioa ct the I -i - .:a- Tbt-teft .cnr t* teted. and tla» upper loce c£ tbe ii*ci one u xn a 1 .Irrably heaiuiy cotditwc. CobMimpuna as ome wa* taoucht ti be'as b T rVcr » one. phy«l-un» w weii ae tacae woo roe aim-arsed iq meoiaoe—esaectallT s►. s*!** M * cre rcdaced to the coadieoo I wa* 1- ItU Induced many perp ( « to benere mr recoverr oai» urepormry. 1 n..w prepared aaa eare tzmeietae* ta ccLkurnttlTti tut acme Ume. ah a cmc ™jSb. n»> ruree, nnii tbe dea>abd ttcreaaed w> raMoir that r deteriLlicdto tfltr them to i&e t-uO-lc. aoddcvoianv alien non to larc dtoenee*. In troto. 1 waa f;rcca lo It, Lr people would lend Jbrme, tS mtt r **' loaJOCJUia their casa were Ufie tormanrjrarvtoecnjancoon wtta ter prlndpal oSco la 1 bare beeamailno regular pro* Hiu < bun:tL' la l ° Xofk * 80,,0n * Baltimore aS ret maoy year* part, I haee made aa many at Sre boadnd examtoaUiM weekly,with the “Refpjrome ***■" For inch esammattoai try charseto cr. dollar*. andUermblesmetozlTeeachpadoit the true room petSsclL 3 tttoeaae. and lull himtntnkly whether be win Tht_crcat reason why ptyalclane do not cure Coe* ron.ntji n i*. ifcat teej try to do too much; thy clra TnedlclßC* to step the conch, to Hop ibe night »»eaa. lirctlc fever.and by sudolnc they amapi the whole dicyUTe»j>t«rr,roclcln£ cp the ercTcllon*, anicrett lnaUyueitaUe.-«t die*. Ite • muonic bjrup U one of the most vaizshle ci-.tlrtnw in-wn, Itl-'nßtrlesk loan, met heailnz In (tacit. U contain* no cplnm. yet lo *»m. the in the bronchial tubes, ana tutor* throw- U rff with UUle exertion; oie bold* fr,ainf ntiv cor;» ar. ~r-binary binary co-O: bn*. U will be w-n nm to tare a *l<*e i>f bctcnck'sMacarike ITils, to thestsmach. ibe rjrtostlcsy;upUp-aai.y<lu»w a-.aah*.ircalir.ta mood, to a t!:h It Impart* lu tcwUnzpioncrity'. 1: la. cceei the be tprrraratloe*oflroiTft c.*e; .twap-u --«rful unlc ci Heelt; and when the Seaweed Toole dls sone* the muon* In theftomach. and |* carried oif hi the ale of tbe.UasdrakePllr. * bealtiy Cow of gastric Job e. food Bn*eU'« and a food dlrv»Uia fellow. IbcSsawemlonic U a silmatant, and none other ■anquied -xrjeu itti ued. It I* pare pica**at; no hid«ctTTs i tty when a.*ltg wnich UIH rUcrstie-tomacb. tn.-pofstue liver. fees- nr ail the sertailoa*. tois* the blood lato water. dronsr acta the oat eat dies soiUltnly. Bocrponvhlrteyisrtcomtcectied nova-days by ti tan*! every physician. Many pauc&u who vfU my nKn *, noth niaic ar-d Inut, are stapled *iui tats Pv' cu ;,.’ ILe rr!uf 18 »«nj>irary. If tacy coaso, t&ey liVta {life wN;#tcy; if they ftel w cat and foebic. lacy lose a little whiskey; u they casnot »le-p. iht-v take* uu.e w!u»»ey; atm tber. so on in this war. reautrma Du.rctaa more, nntll they are boated op. and t.nauiee they are cc.uar ittaLj. ihc, liver au.t cl g?-tlv»- rjwersaiePCLipltteydjsirtoeianJ 10-h mar arreui* lor toou. h»ooie was ever cored of mntumo tica by IMs v>n cwa. where rana-t bare been torracd il the luma. Utile ituualaat la irrquem? iJcrK-Duai tocoT>Bnptlvts,tncna>parehraray or soivs wip«- la mat? caiealotUoripoiurcr brown»t*ot.lnmode tau but E*inr&on wMsktv Lasfeus oa ta ptrti-i ~f emit x rortua ptmn. Tt.c sLi* YJhl-.Li luMC produce* lasting mala, t. m.cuLly Icvli-.rau- r the *u.t.tcD and UUtatire w-*t rr, arc esahiTu: It t >, cltnanute ana naue lato hi-a’ipy hlcoJ lbe food that rat? b-o»ed for t-at par* i It a to vondartoi to laefleeuthata wine elvc full »XUuU-rstatcartya.Ca:,aad a Uula ot it ua«a I-* f ortfpreakra. t wtli e a lose u the sumach which ftw cetUciniw r<w*»ts«hc Jolrc. ThcM.VNbKAKE mar be tatra with «Cr« sulelyby a'l am and conditions, prodsdna all tnc f,i-. d neulls th»l can be Obtained from ralonct or .my of th.: trcnsnal »nrt without ao> oi m-ir v uruui or loluriuca itsulu. They carry ,ul <>f the svt i.— .1. ':mknt and wom-ont natter* koK-ned c.i«-c-lT«» lymy SeawredTonteaad Palmunlc S-yrap. UwUil -sccntlittall three oftry medlonoi are need ed Ir. r it caeca to cure ccnsiropucn. i m:.- w ran coieuit me prclia louallyat my rooms, oi U.. ,Kt n >t» Tcr«,et«y ItJEhDVY. truai 3 a. i.t 1 :'. ,i. m. All advicotreccfcbtrue; but nr a ta.>r ■•ui 1.. -atuic.Mion with hu rcjplrometcr, >i. I’nceof the Pmr Syrrn ted Sciae-d per both*, or >7!O ter half Uor»n: Mandrake Pl.t*. & cctta abox. b-.ldby dniscUUand dealers ••erywhtre. K lull icpp j can atwajite obtained &l hla iork. M:MAS T.AIiNES * Part row. Few Tcrlc. (r»'. Arcnta. OP THE BUPERINTENU > ' L.hT OF CONSTJiUCTIOS' OF THS U S_ .oCHI ROUSE. Sprtnrtrld,lllinois, l»w. la I—» heated proro#»la will be retetredat !**»•-, ... Per Inlet dci.t *** • --oulceol So *?isf furlr -« Sprlnafidd. Illinois, ?oort Office, now er*c»lnc. Drawlnr* of the “ M^ L »«-«l »xmnked lor osu.r a'lni; at my oike •* lb* Custom Tlonaea at chl-aj** ÜbidN Ohio, rttuhi3aKp«n‘.yrtVS! Jl** £nois, lllsscnrl. Tee patterns for can't-S* meet Le tut mttol to the f‘r a *ne’J?s »ouiw. of M iT* tbe muat be lace*. *3*t-» arrts-w* a-d smooth The • • •• , cbmaiinnt»aonmuit neof»unenor C;ii»a. , •ji-r.CC.lnc-lao ice freight ana rte I very, must be elrea In and ihewto'eot Uiu work mint be Udlrerud In h,;r.cfffi’rt by Un Ist -1 Murcb. till. It i.a n-i.ft le eecorrpanl'd by a l-ono or two mpm »)(•>>.• i)nr..<r t is the *nnt of »Uoio.tha». the bidder win f- rb-1 m U »v( r- tract If n» aith .1 to him. 1 *- r V*.'l D * l ccdrt**cd to A.lkUwartr, Suporlntcod tet tf the tew tenrt Hanwi; sprinitaetd. I finoh, aod c.u.t l-c tauore*-y, f t Iron Work.** J^OTICE. _ _ Cr^rouHorsr. OiDtstßUßon, S'. Y.» Ss ‘ l *r* l ■,Vf-■'ovembtraa isSi. f *w»ivedat u» oiflc-j or toe CUtto.n House il Ojlcls f Mddel!Tertr:jr<lliae-.i?Kn stncr'sfir u-Jt-uulaeeujn- w«ri»ot UiebmWm* at>o»eUie<mh- U ' :i H r . tl | ulreJ , l» forbaao and br-et cour-es, ainclntr »tlk-.l!t.Se!s as! raacJj. Impost tuculdicea! ascMvoll#,, Hockm* coa:ar,qooia* • IS^-S'V.i. 4 asU.w. if d-envd f>rtae In trc. i of tbe Government to nu ashlar la las place ot ■ rack. r Ary tp.ctM of stone. whether cranite, tnvbie or 6«tu»u.ue.ifni-U«.oranf oUKr.wayoe nornur** bnt wsa.LV«ru;d:uaj mas* t-ec.rihiajjs« 'jr coca color. ijnear*!n. t-\ »a:rr. perfcctli ÜbafTtfutod by frost an I ca- P«blo «-f recmlnc a On- onlsh. TheMres. f the store , Tan o°*t «i'lr dlnirt.iouj cay lrom dr*winn at tc- Smma rirnta odee. ite total amomt of m-jie fli ?i.e^in n tT*fSf e ***.*s. c,asl lS ° r tbe aahSrT* will ; cut 1c ft» t. Tb* atone most ts* h • tr^-ws in the f‘Qah on ine tile of the bmioiaS or «och %J r, ? 7 £ too Si^^u-aali :tfcrt £5 b 1 pd 4l te rra.,o by tne cubic f»t of stone <t<* tU, Ucluilwcf a l . £rtigrt.haiiii-iy *c. Sfcamrernaita tobeotceouoeiUery. a*-nt* hnptncttnccnt. ana tea per cent, cl all payment-i-1? -Meed tin: 1 completion of rontracu. Tnr proucuaia forashrsrmm*Ttefor 4 Inch mUS-lach ashlar nVtT? superficial foot ot each Mm. *»oar, oy toe CWU KIUU, , c| t ll ,M '« «t the non-* pro to *.-<1 Uj N- rf rnuptd, bo submitted w toe fcaperlatcnd. tttfISSJSSSS* t> -” “=• ” r & > The wLoVtnonctoftte'toctmiatrodtn be dellr. end by cr NLin- tie lit .C Jnie, It*.. sod the dc’lvere lor the lever rmrseert ‘Was w?rk to becta by Oroe *oieitcy uulS€7. Ihe Depattnuut reserves the riche torocct atyora:! the proposal. riea6 All bid* bum be acetwptnled hr abend of tw-> ra sper.lbie j* rac*.s, u. me mm of $-MJno. that the hlMrr vlu SvCrptatd perform the rottra l It awari.d to *i=V ** »;t~clctcr ~f Utn securt? to be certfied by th-col.ert-. or Inttrta. Revenue «.t the District. 1 rrcpoal»rbou!d b"» needed “Pr.-p-sal for Stoct rer I>n tvil tt; ne Wert,” sad acona-ea to N. (•ruol-, faupfilctament of Cn-loa; B'aws Oedensrcnrh. J'.T- NATHAN iIA6TKUbBIK>k% • Superintendent. TO AKCHITHCTS. Elans ant specifications fob new build. JXGS FOH lUh WAR DFP\KTM£NT AT WASHINGTON, D.C artniteeti *ro tinted to prepare plans spedfle^ “tlmttee <1 cc-t. er cew tire-proof bulld * F E * vtrttnU ca the tu>* tow occupied Im- 1111111 ved adjacent vacant groanddn 1 (it- building* repaired *lk,old hare a area m the site bfkc(ec*4-i admit cx. Photographs 2l SIt,MF5 It, MF £L a i l c*"rHaa»ra»tlot reuoajr to thr ml>- Jett, win b* foml*bed to Architect* desiring to com. tSSr:^ l \"&JP c °.,, ,tl ' llc ‘ a ”- °-"“* L r° r *» A premium r\ «3.c«o'for the ftm. Cl |IOW for the sated, asd of s>,UX> for the tnlrd m»*t table pans art- spcdOcadcTi* received, »t i Ik awarded, npoa tht am-rovaloflhe lion. Secretary cl oy the Hoard ol (..them ctiar.ed wita Ih- dtp vf s-tlert ir c »<■'!« and prrpartre plans and epedfleatr as Jor the c* »«;lc?v or inen it Department unity set ct Cot* ‘•^v 4 Ja*ys isas. r-t p;a : a and RMOdcauou mastic scat to the o2J« ct ViculUn, tenant Colonel T. J. Tre*iwril, Itccor !?, r «l the Ponre,Ordnance«.flicß,Wlo«lrr*» Bat.iLmt, -t. a, on or beDre the Ist day or Fea.-aary, The Peart will reserve the ttzbt to reP-ct aar or aJI plana nhalltcdTehoald TUme be domed tollable lur the purpose, as well as to retua any or all of seek puss. By order ot the Board. T. J. THKADWBLL. Bit. LI eat. Col. U. S. A— Cceonrer. JCE. I CITT COHTTICLIXE’t Omct } c , ~ _ , _ Chicago, Due. ISUi. U&6. f .Seeded Propcaalt £rthesrlTiUge oxoutline and aauz Ike Ice .onaed tn tlie Bllu betaeg* .Tmw •wl tbe track* of tbe liUnol* Central Baliroad. ex upcice from the conn to tba »onU> end oi g«td JL'Hi w,^ th * office Of theory Comptroller. °? u: VJ cf I>eeember, last.. at U o’clock noon a»«jd» < tr»d V “ Ca toe * !Una wIU °P ea « l ike Fropocai* win state the aisoant offered ftr each *eo- #«tton» are described as fijt- <w *c. I. Frca the north Dm of the basis to north Uceef aicnrcenreet. Kroa the north llneof Moaroe rtrsrt to north dte of Jackson strut. . t*e. 3.rrcrr the corth line of Jachsoastreet toaorth nrc of Cbocrus street. brc.4. From the north Use cf Cctcrw street to sortb Itce of Hnbbsrd court. *° -w. iu .... «* auvwni vutuu nMnfp.*^ olß tcrflt> doe cf Babhard court to sooth The party or parties to whom such awards than =■«•*• wlu ** to ester tato a wmten contract «‘T r«d so filet ent bowfcito? tie faltnml performance {.finch cot.tract tn acee with an ordinance of the CoomooCoanclLMwS? “•o’fttbfr »h.A. D.ists, entitled “SortoasnceSS cerutn* t_e ta; d: gof l*eln the Basin, between uichi cf toe mmol? b. T i"ta" ll r£S?,£ l « O-eaMaeiMd WALTER KIMBALL, City Cocptroiw •4:43 «.c. tfcOua.n. <!el3-lOt . *JiOO*.u. 12::D a. m. . 5:13 p. a. 7:10 p. n IktWp. ra e vuaSST"’ Qttinell r/lht at, V s;s^ r “ £">■», fjs&s s3ll&T^®v^mwssSi3S “ nteMTon'Wm l o’fSS s^raass^ffiaaihssffsaa sswinss with said dry, in the na otto b€lore Utiss laid tract, to be s> ff«i T r «» hoti ana safe to* city harn£ “»** * E< » expenses whstere£ia ft P “?2 ie ° r ttUj ordnance or toe ?^iL D £SIH?2LF aot « 1 be to all or naTt£h^J»^.,OTClLot'CCTnln:i ni ro * as > or wnlclx e sl«~.^?“ er ? 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