Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 18, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 18, 1866 Page 4
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Chicago ©ribtme. TUESDAY. DECEMBEB Id, IS3G. THE CITY. MfICGBI JONCnON.^ pteketM* New Chriitmu Storf. The lit and lid parts of Morhv/anelloo— MB«r jox Brothers,"and “Barbox Brothers 430."—v11l appear la the Chicago Wnar Ttrracxx of this week. The UldandlTthparts—“Main tine: the Boy at Mugby," and “No- 1 Branch Lino : the Steelman.” will appear the f.dloxrtug week. These four tale* are from the pen of Dickenvand ate written la the •other’* happiest *eln-M*QT of the characters introduced to the readerDwlll at once take their places m tatertten t berffii such immortal creation* as •‘Pickwick,” ‘*Llftlc Kelt, ‘♦Oliver Twist,” Ac. The Cxncaeo WsxKtx Tnrarxx has the largest cireulailOD of any paper in the West, and U an ex cellent medium for such advertisers aa wish to rcarhthc eye of our ratal population. Terms moderate. ' Post fa’s G. A. 8., will meet this evening at (he old Board of Trade rooms. A full attendance is requested. ScLPusi' Bohx Pio-xic.—The Lady Managers v ill give a picnic at the Home on Thursday after neon next at three o'clock. Annarr.—Devotional services will be beld.ln i-L Mary's Church, on the comer of Wabatb ave nue and Madison street, every evening this week, commencing at half-past seven o'clock. Tnr Bush PnsiCßts.—Bcv, W. H. Milburu will lecture at the Opera House tomorrow even ing on “What a Blind Man Saw in England,” by special invitation of Llentenant Governor Bro*s, Mayor Rice and many other distinguished citi zens. Thx Fan ixz> Pews* to be given by the young ladies oftbe Moeely Mission Sabbath School, on Thursday tod Friday evenings of this weak, should not be lorgoUen. It will come ofi ia the Lecture Roomof the Second Presbyterian Church. Give them a benefit. Bxsx Ban-—Member* create bc l to the N orlhwestem Bate Bail Ae&ocUlion, are cordial* It tarltod to be present ax the opening of ihe new Rooms of the Excel nor Base Ball Clnb at I»os. B 4 and 66 l*Saile street, this efcnisg at d o'clock. Ajvotexb Jcnon Attaccxd.— S. A- Hilliard, who wa* summoned as a juror in the Circuit Coart, baring neglected to respond to the process, was ▼estcrdir bronchi loto court by a writ of attach* cent. Ue was mulcted la the costs of the pro ceeding, as a penalty for bis negligence. Holidays.— Oar readers should remember that during the holidays one of the finest assortments of watches, jewelry, diamonds, silver ware, gold pens. Jewel ca»ca, node boxes, and other appro priate presentation goods, ever seen In the Wert, can bo found at B. F. Tobin's, No. 185, comer of Clark ard Madison streets—sign of the Golden Eagle. A Stole* Coat.— Some thief yesterday entered the boarding house of J. Wolftaer, at Ko. 63 suo;b Wells atreet, and stole a valuable chinchilla overcoat belonging to W. G. Goldsmith- Pawn brokers and second-hand dealers are requested to bo ob the lookout for it. It waa of a drab color, lavender colored cashmere, double breamed and with mother-of-pearl buttons. Uoxr Art.—A lot of wax flowers were yester day exhibited so exquisitely natural that it was diClcuU lo believe that they were not real. They irnt made by a pupil of ilrs. Deri Wing, No. BO West Washington street, acd arc the rcsoUof only tno lemons. We understand that quiteannmber of ladle** are taking lessoastrandare making their already beautiful borne; still more attractive by the work of their own bands. ContTEnrmnfc.—Edward Hurley acd John ilengin were yesterday lodged In jail under ao anttl by the authorities of the Culled States. These men wore brought from Peoria, where. It Is charged, tkey were engaged In passing counter ft it ten »r.d Cftv tint stamps. The case was beard by Mr. David 'McCulloch, Commissioner at Pe ons. acd the parties were held in default of bail for {2,500. North Stab Mission.— Rev. Jesse B. Thomas, formerly a lawyer is this mty. now pastor of the Pierpont Baptist Church, Brooklyn, will preach at the North Star Mission, comer of Division and Sedgwick streets, this evening, at "H o'clock. 7ha “ Clvbonn-e avenue and Sedgwick street ” cars, staitlng from corner of‘lake and State is—also “ Sedgwick and North avenue ” cars, flirting from foot of North Clark street, pass by the chapel. Lrcrms os EcxcAsr.— On Saturday last, Rev. Dr. Balling* delivered a very interesting address in the lecture room of Bryant & Stratton's Col lege to a large audience, who seemed fully to sympathise wi;h the struggles of the Hungarians to regain their ioel liberties. In comoliance with many requests, Dr. ilalllager will deliver his pop. nlar lecture on Hungary on Wednesday eveuinj in the Bryant <t Stratton lecinie room, In the Methodist Epl-copal Block. Yonvo Mcr's LrrmsT Soarrr meets this everiog, as usual. In tbe Circuit Court Room, Court noose, at7H o'clock, when the fol lowing resolution will be debated: JfetohtJS, Thai the proper basis of reconstruc tion Ls to declare tee States lately In rebellion, ex cepting Tennessee, Territories. Affirmative—H. S. Goods peed and A. Beveridge. Negative— E. T. Jt&ieye andS. D. Phelps. The public ore Invited to attend. Ornrwc nix Nxw Baiuioax> Depot.— The new depot erected by the Michigan Southern and Bock Island Railroad Companies, on the block bounded hr Harrison, Van Bmcn, Sherman and Griswold stmts, will be actually opened to-day. The first train will airlve at and tbe No* York Ex pies* will leave the new depot at 3:13 p. in. A fall description ot this masiaoiU building hu slrcaty appeared In our columns, but a better idea win be gathered of it from lns]»cctio3 than fiom any pen-and-ink sketch Ma'osic.—At the Annual Convocation of Co rh.thbn'Chaptcr. No. C 9, It. A. il., held Wednes day cvcnlrg. December 12Ih, the following officer* were elected : Berry Tamer, High Driest; J. T. Moulton, Klrg; C. M- White, Scribe; A. D. Barcoa, C. iT.; S. J. Qughcs, P. S.; G. N. Houghton, 11, A. C.; C. ]t. IV Wentworth, Trtatn; W. l». smith, Sec ; C. E. Bvde, G. hi,fid Y.; Wo. l*lncue, G. M.. 2d V.; John Evans, U. Id., M V. S ewards—Thoa. K. Holden, J. A. Craw ford, M. A. Thayer. Sentinel—T. Phillips. A Laeoc E£TAELr?!nsn?r,—Wc call the altos* tton cf cur readers to the establishment of Grant, Burke A Co., No. £0« Lake street, manufacturers and dealer** in oik toor-eft leather, saddles, col lair, and ecddleiy hardware. Their shelves are iosai-n to the cicsle»tcxwi.t. They have also a vu> flu- m-eortment of sleigh l*rils, lap rones, horse blankets, whips, Ac., of every randy. Those In want of anything in their line will Bud i; to their advantage ioc*ll at No. mW JjtkeatrecL The Cuicaco Evxsarc Post.—Wc notice that onr wide-awake neighbor came out yesterday with it- columns considerably enlarged, aul ita gcnsial appearance much Improved. We may M c.«k rUU better of the Pot' in Ita news aspect than rf i;s outride appearance. It contained yes terday a great amount of well selected news, both •Lome and foreign, which the Joumat hai not. It Is tec only real«veiling newspaper In the city, and its rapidly Increasing circulation show* that the public acknowledge and appreciate this fact. CokTECTiojrmr tob tub Holibats.— The at tention of buyers of confections for the holidays— ano who la there that will not buyf—U called to the large slock of J. C. Simms, 2fo. fSS Dcartnrn slrevt. which baa been prepared especially for the Christmas season, and embrace* everything tba tin be desired in tbe way of sneb goou*—all war ranted pure. Dealers in the city aud country wil find him able to fill any order however large or varied, and at prices that cancotfail to be ealUCoc toty. Boases GsEEncr j« announced to lecture Thursday evening In the Opera House, before the Young Men's Associaiion,on ‘‘The Issues tnd.Les s on* of oar Civil War.” Ths sale of seats will com mence a! the ticket office of the Opera douse on Wednesday morning. We need not say anything to induce the people to turnout and hear Greeley. He Is & power in the land.and hi* fame Is “fsmUllar ir. the mouth a? household words.*' Tbe subject Is c-rp of vital interest, and will be treated iu a modest tanner. Thk AsmuCAS'Fcifint fccHoot. Uxio*.-TbU society lias established a depositary of ltd oara in this city. at No. 3 Custom Hon«c place, opposite Ibc Pott C.'licc. wncre a large and well selected stock of ile publications trill be tept constantly or. hand. Mr. W. H. Part, for eight year* an effi cient mbslonaty of the society, will bate charge cf lie depository, to whom all orders for books r.n l periodicals tb'iuitl be rent. Ret. W. B.Trnai, who ha? charge of the Missionary Department, ■sfc-ill hereafter r.atf bis office at this place, where correspondents will please address him. Tnr Uan.TTOA»S axd tde Saow.—TV© arc glad to be aide to snoocnce that the heavy fall of saow cf Saturday right-and Sunday did not—as has frcunt-ully been done by other and lighter fall. cl the tame material—blockade any of tbe railroads leading into Chicago. Tbe &U train on tne Micllcau ceniial left as cecal on Sunday night, end anived at Detroit yesterday moraine. crdT forty, five minutes behind bine. Tbe dsds) miorlght passenger train on the Chicago, Bur lington A itallroad was not sent oaf—the Superintendent ocllevicgtbat It would be quite as safe at ibe depot aa it wonid be if H encountered a mow baok on the prairie. The telegraph wires, so Tsr as htsrd from, are In good working order. Tic barometer lodicatrd clear, frosty weather at one o'clock yetlerday afternoon. CcjofrrrxD Kocide,— Joseph Vodlca, ■ Bohe mian, committed suicide Saturday evening, at the ie»idcnce of Lla soc-in-law, Mr. Brown, J*o.H tirccn Bay street. by shooting himself with a in:all pocket revolver. The deceased owned a la:ia In the rldnltj of Thornton bUtion,lo ibis conntr, end havlcrrecenUy in bla conductmam fCjtcd'lridlcatiouß of insanity, be we# sent to thu dtj about two weeks ago, to receive medical treatment. Oa Saturday evenin'?. Mr. and Mrs. Brown came over in the Bontb Side to spend the ermine- Jo tbeir absence Ur.\odlca went tu a tmnk bclungine to Mr. Brown and there fonsd the revolver loaded. A younger daughter of bis. In £n adjoining loom, beard the discharge of the rf«tol ard ba*tHv entering the room found the unfortunate man prostrate upon the floor—dead. The ball penetrated bis brain and instantly killed him An inquest waa held upon his remains on Mrcdav. lb-; jury returning a verdict of ‘•Suicide while In s state of menta* derangement. Btarnm Poesejtts rou tb« noLtpara.—The jewelry store of Messrs. Metson A Does, No. 117 Lake street which U the oldest and one of the most completely stocked of the kind In the city, la every day receiving new attractions. New goods arc constantly arriving, of all kinds, orna menial and useful, ibat can b e wrought from Stations metal* .and adorned t with precious »Lncc? This firm hiving one of the largest jew- stores in (he dry. find It yel ranch too small for their large and increasing business, as they have not aumdent room in wlildi to display ibe whole Of their great stock of goods. In antidpa Jon of » lUrcly trade during the ?°!i„ season they have purchased liici to their .Ire.tJ stock an extra quantity o! goods of ibe ** •Kr oaLuf”and fashionable patterns. S/hmaU advance on first cost. To ran- of the ornamental, useful and bcan which fill me lorn? I'oe of »how cases XitWi and are ‘aid away In drawers and b woufi require more epsce and time than * tOw-ti-en Among them, however, may be Co^li aud Uennan witches of every caried Am £ H?cr-plated ware from the most ~ 7 nn^e Q iSiiSi«orere in the world, dock* of 5£ p Selous and fanciful patterns, real the mo«, tvjre 0 j every conceivable as was ever ®l> vanona tastes and pock cte oltbc pah. ccan »e amw who 4re the Hat. A 0 * ? Q udaT Elite to call upon the* about to pnrebase bollday,cxlb Uul pnK ’ “ d mn gSSmelbc quality ofthtlr good*. COMMON COUNCIL. Seeing the Lata Tunnel—The Bight- Hoar Question -Proposed Amend 'meats to the Charter—Police SUUon-Street Improre ments—The Bonds of Fox, Howard A W altar. proposed Widening of the Hirer—The Boulevard Scheme, A regular meeting of the Common Council was held last evening, Hia Honor, the Mayor, la the chair. There were present Alderman Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, D’WoK, Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kami, Finoncan. Moore, SchulerjTalcott, Wood ard, Bixby, Holden, Ackhoff, Coalfield, Proud foot, Frauen. Rub, SngcL Sbackford, Lawson, Clark, and O'Sullivan. prrmoir*, ao. A petition was received from C. £L Jansen ask lug pay tor personal injuries received. The tacts were not staled. Referred to the Committee on Judiciary. Aid. Cox presented a communication recom mending the opening of the Lake Tnnncl to visit ors at one dollar per bead, the amount received above necessary expenditures to be need la beau tlfylrg the ground and the water works. Refer red to the Board of Public Works. Also, from Rees & Ayres, ottering to purchase lots IT to S»s Inclusive, of block HO.bchool Section Addition, at *SO per foot, one-half cash, and the balaucc at one, two and three years. Referred to the Conduce on "Wharves and Public Grounds. Aid. Barrett ofiered a communication request ing that as the Board baa passed an eight-hour labor resolution, tbo City Clerk remind the Board of Public Works of its passage, and let them know that It was not a political trick. ' Aid. D'Wolf looked upon the communication as an Insult. Aid. Barrett did not so intend 1L Referred to the Committee on Judiciary. Petition of Charles Miller, of the Third Pre cinct Police, aelaug to be Indemnified for the In jury done him by one Gaffney, wbo bit bis finger, so that It needs amputation. The Injury was re ceived while making an arrest. Related to the Committee on Finance. Petition of the Northwe<tem Distilling Compa ny, asking snch a modification of the pound ordi nance aa will allow them to feed cattle upon their premises. Referred to the Committee on streets and Alleys of the North Division. A communication wa- received from the Board oi Education, transmitting proposed amendments to the Charier. Laid on the taole. x corrala. crranoH. A. communication w&a received from the Police Cotnojeelooens eta ting that the leape of the balldlppnow occupied as the Central Station will cxptie Uay let, IS"j<s—meanwhile the lease can be disposed of for a botivi— and requesting that the Comptroller be authorized to sell the present base and procure a new office. Kef erred to tbo Major, Comptroller and Hoard of Police, oith power to act. Masoxmtascxs. Petition of property owners oa Chicago areaue,. remonstrating against the proposed improvement of that street Aom North Clark street to Chicago avenue bridge, deferred to the Board of Public Works- Kemon* trance of property owners on Sooth Hal -Bted street, aralast the Improvement of that street ns now provided for. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the West IM vision. a legal qtrnnox. Aid. HaCerty presented a communication to re fer to ihe City Counsellor the question whether, by the noucotnpl-Uoa of the Balsted street bad. the Mcst Division Railway has forfeited the right to lay a track on Thirteenth street. Referred to the Corporation Counsel. A communication waa received from the Board of Public Works, transmitting the report of the Superintendent of the Fixe Alarm Telegraph, as heiutofore published In the Immure. In relation to the use of polls for the wire. Referred to the Committee on Fire and Water. rox, Howard A co.'a bosds. - A report was received from the Board of Public Works in relation tckthcfesC'lutloo requiring that suit be brought upon tSfcbwnds of For, Howard A Walker, or that the Board report why such Is not doiiC. Ibe Board reports that the firm retains a portion of the work, and their bond la held as indemnification lor the ulthfnl prosecution of their present portion of the labor. No reason ca l' 1* why suit should now be brought, and nothing could be gained by it. The report was filed. sraECT txruovnwcsTi. Tbe Board reported in reference to (be resolu tion of Aid. Carter, la relation to the uniform im provements of the rtreeu. The Board stated that they have adopted a plau of operations, including for the work of next season on the South Side the Improvement of ail streets and alleys to and In cluding Twelfth street: on the West Side, from Jake to Madison, and from Ibe rt-cr to ilalatro, and on the North Side from Wells to State, and from the river to ana including Chicago aveaue. Ordered to be pnbtlf bed. TBOJICTID WOKE. The following report was also received from the Beard of Public Works: REPORT TO TOE COKMOS COCRCtL. OracE or the Boaup or Ptmuc Wongs, j Cmcxoo, December 17* iSSS. I To the Mayor and Aldermen or tbe City ofCblca ?r>. In Common Connell araemblcd: be Board of Public Works, in connection with 8 committee of your honorable body, bare bad tie subject o( establishing tbe dock lines ot tbe liver for tome time under consideration. The mote cartfully nad thoroughly tbe max* ter la looked into. (he more necessary does It seem that In firing these lines a liberal view should be taken of what will be re* qnired (o meet tie demand* of commerce. Tbe Board believe that tbe committee fall; coincide with them in this respect, and that in making the rccommccdation proposed in this report, wc are more likely to 101 l below what »U 1 be required la the future for the eafa aud convenient naviga tion of tbe river than to exceed 1L Tbe recom mendation which the Board now make is that tbe ; North Branch from tbe lim:te of tbs city to the i main river, and tbe Sumh Branch from Bridgeport to tbo main river, be nowhere less than two hun dred (2TOI feet wide. Tne main river will be generally two hundred and fifty (250) feel wide. A resolution <n accordance wlib this rccommon da loa ia herewith reapectftUJy submitted. Resolution instructing Board of Public Works os to the whim of the North end South Branchea ol Chicago River. Jttfotted, Ibst in the Judgment of the Common Council. In ibecatabhelunentot the dock lines of Chicago Klvcr, the river and branches should be made sufficiently wide to afford easy and safe navigation in the nver and branches, and so as to cive good facilities for the passage of vessels and fdramboats therein, and for the transaction of business along the banka of the earns : and that for these purposes the Common Council docs hereby approve of the recommendation of the Board of Public Works as expressed In their re tort of December l,tb, 36C5, (hat the Noith Branch, from the limit.-; of thirdly on the north, to li e mam river, aud the South Branch from Bridgeport to tbe main river, he made nowhere Its* (ban two hundred feet wide. Tbe report wa« committed to the Committee on Harbors and Bridges. t nr. nortreian. Tbe Finance Ccmmiitcc reported upon tbe pro* jeet of a park or drive rouua»tbe c ty. in all Its I Division*. The committee remark that the; l>e* Uevc the condemnation ol Uio property sought I wou'dbe unconstitutional and void : the work is impracticable; the taxation would be without I adequate benefit, and the whole la a private a pecu- I ut!nn. Tbev. therefore, recommend the passage I of the resolriilou, as follow#; 1 Hegolvtd s etc., Taatoor Representatives in the { I«gl»Utnre be, and they are hereby, requested to I strenuously oppose the pa&aacc ot the above I described, or any kindred bill, 'toiler whatever L pretext thU enact ment rosy be sought. I The report was referred to the Committee oa I Wharves ana Public Grcurvlr. The City Counsel reported bis opinion In rela tion to the question of the forfeiture of the rights of the Chicago West Division Kail way Company hy the non-completion of the work on Milwaukee avenue. The opinion is that the forfeiture clause ol May 33d. 1859. la inoperative. Placed on die. extoa rar roc mucraßi. The Committee on Judiciary repotted an order to pay to the ten policemen detailed for service in the Dealih Depanm*:nt one hundred dollars extra pay. as was paid to the assistant health officers. Aid. Wicker opposed the order, no the ground that Commissions*! Tltawortu and Gond are op posed to the payment. Several other members of the Board spoke to the merits ot the order. Aid. Holden in opposition tod Aid. Ackhod, Lawson, Knickerbocker, Raf ferty and D’Wolf In support of tU Aid. IVWolf moved to amend to nuke the amount allowed (SO, Instead of f IDO. Aid. ShacUford moved to return the whole mat ter to the Police Commissioners. The reference was refused. The order was then subunit- d and lo«t for want oficuaiicrninjorily,there beingaje* 10, nays 19 —IT voles being needed to pass the order. A re eooeidcialloa was ordered. Ac ordinance was parsed to curb, fill and Pave i Franklin struct, Crum Randolph to Madison I streets. 1 The Board adjourned until Thursday evening. POLICE MATTERS, Disorderly and Drank Among tde Snow Hie severity of tic weather on Saturday nighi ntrt Sunday resulted is quite a Urge aggregate of drunks and disorderlies at the various police eta* | Hone on yesterday morning, together with a few larecniee. The following ca»ea comprise a par* non ofthose disposed orat the Police Coart yes terday: Thomas MeCale and Bello Elliott were at an carlv boar yesterday morning removed from room No. It at No. IDO Randolph street, to the Armory. The law interposed objections to their manner of living. McCale was fined tis and the woman Ji, Wary Rvac. a vagrant whose name has floored many times In the police records was fined fa. William Eavanagh was ont in the storm on Sat* mday sight at twelve o'clock on Canal street and officer Omalla told Urn lo go home. Three hours later the officer fonnd him again in a saloon addi tionally drunk. Ue arretted him and alter going a fe.\ rods stopped lo assist officer Bachman in ar renting another ©Header. Kavauagb palled some thing Hum his pocket and struck Omalla a sever© blow on the bead. The officer replied with tome list blows which sent Eavanogh's eyes Into nionrn log. Eavanagh said that Omalla was struck by ibeotLcr officer; also, that the officers were drank, bnl bis statements bad not the slightest weight against the two men »bo are considered among the best in IDe force. Fined i2S. John O’Brien was fonnd ta an alley trying to enter a barn which he Insisted was hla boarding house. He was fined fS for a straight drunk- James O’Flabcrty got drunk In a saloon, and haring no money lo pay bis bill considered that the best way to gel ont of it was to create a row with ibe proprietor. Be opened upon the enemy by pocketing two or three beer classes and start ing oot. The expense was $S and costs. Herman Johnson, an aged and dilapidated mao from Minnesota, spent h>s last stamps In getting drank. Be asserted lhat he came to this city with unite a sum of money of which he bod been robbed, and expressed an Intention of applying for relief to the Yosng Mec’a Christian Associa tion. Liowu ordered to be sent|u> the County Agcnt.“'v • Jacob Baton bad been disorderly In the bouse nf bis orotber-ia-law on North LloLred et’cct. In dulging in many acts of violence. When arrested be misled and cabod ihe officer an ingenious va riety of names cot found In the dictionaries, lie was perzulaed to pay aline of fSfi. Cecrge Wilson got crazy drank at his boarding bouse on West like street and amused himself with pitching a brass clock at the proprietor. Be raid ne would do so aw era! Times and was ready to whip any one who bad the slightest objection to bis conduct. Be was fined ffi. Kate Harding was assessed a floe 01 k for be ing staggering drank on Canal street Sunday D *£flcbael Carney did not know whether he Hid been drank or not. If so It was the first Hta. He was pulled out of a mow drift at one o'clock on West Adams street, near '’George WU«nf," colored, stole a watch from a colored Mad named Nevilles, who resides at the comer of Wells and Harrison streets. Snbse qnently «*»Charles Welch. w a pawnbroker on Bpnlh Clark street, whare Welch deposited U In his own name and received |3 onlL Welch said that he did cotknow it was stolen, bet Wilson owed him ti and he went with him for the purpose of securing the money. . Both ; were committed for trial, Wilson la ballot SSOO and Welch in ball of fXO. in the midst of the tempest, between ©leva and twelve o’clock Saturday night, on Wells, near Jackson street, a police officer fonnd Joseph Jo sabs diligently pounding at» lamp post. Be paid he bad been knocked on tb© bean at anelgh boring bouse of ill fainc.andhc wanted an officer, me man with the reversible came eeemcdto be in an excellent state of physical repair except an unsteadiness of manner, and he was taken to the A Edward Doyle dhose Saturday night as the best occasion to pel drank lor the firet time. Every thing seemed propitious, and be went in. Be was fiue£ |8 for an unmitigated drunk- Another, George WUton. differingfcomtbctwo previously mentioned, felt nowise Inclined, on Sa-urdav night, to leave the cozy comforts of a street, where be Lad been for khoo time an affliction. After some renma* ■Sscce on bla part, he was ebneked Into the Srtt?«nd a policeman pasted him into tae eta wto S*'o Urtwpropri- ate name of Jobs 8011, win locked onl of hla botrdio* boose on Satttrdsy night. After that he wnl frith a friend to (he fiorta Hide, where they met another friend, who eenoromly offered him a place in bis ban to naas lh« remainder ot the olfht. It waaat theoarn the policeman found him. In the possession of a banco of keys, bat no tranks, and a hall-brush. which was ne»v, yet he persisted that he bad had (I six month*—'eery ana* nicioua claunutancc*. John Ball was atreeled Cor »agraacy, I at was discharged. Tlocascof Join Moore, charged with stealing adriaacoat from Wdllioi U. Worthington, on Friday last, wee held ontll Wednesday for farther examination In ball of ssoo James Black said that be vu sot a vagrant, he had a mother. Ula reasoning did not aeem to bars pinch weight with tbo Court. Jerry Kn ilghty alleged that Black, after mysteriously dis posing of fata pockelbook, containing JIS, had coolly turned him (Enright} over to a police offi cer aa "being disorderly. Black waa Seed *l6 on general priticlplea. Charles Carey, a hackman, lost hit badge oa Sunday In consequence of the breaking of the pis while be waa nn.ting a trunk os bu shoulder. Before he could pOaalUy get tidied or tied os. even, a very zealous policeman had him arrested and locked up in the North Market Station. After petting to the station, aa he alleged, be showed the broken badge aod related the eUcunnunee*. hut all were of no avail—be must be held aa a Etlsoncr. Officers should occMonally be governed i their sense of duty by a reasonable appeal to their brains. Carey waa discharged. Mrs. Sherman's feelings underwent a great change between the time sbe procured the war rant and yesterday morning, when her husband was brought Into court. John was penitent, and the was reluctant to appear against aim. Uohad promised bee to be good, ami ahe did not want him locked up if be would only work. lie waa lined *35. Patrick Lynch and Philip Horan, charged with stealing a violin and bow, valued at f iS, from Lawrence McKinney, Station Agent at Plankroad, on the Northwestern Railroad, were held for further examination unul Friday. In ball of *I,OOO each, 'they were then examined on a charge of clou It appears that these young men visited the saloon of Sirs. Ann Kattmeir, at No. 160 West Chicago avenue, a week ago last Sunday, aod after much abuse, ktocked down a man who at vcmn'cd to defend her. and afterwards broke the windows of the building, fash and all. Coon IhU charge they were commuted for trial In ball of *SOJ each. SUPREME COURT. Important Decision as to Probate Mat* tors—The Grading of Claims and the Entry of Judgments. In the somewhat important case of Lather Stone against Franklin B. Williams and others, which was tried in the Superior Court, the bl owing decision has been rendered by the Su preme Court: On the iGlh of December, 1657, Caroline Clark executed and delivered to Luther Stone her obll- SUon in writing under seal to the penalty of fire ou'and dollars, conditioned that lx she should at alt times thereafter save, defend and keep. Slone, his heirs, 4c.. harmless and Indemnified, of and from all actions, suits, costs, chaises, damages and expenses whatsoever, which ahonld or might at any time thereafter, happen or come to him, for or: by reason of hia two promissory notes which Plane had before given to one Charles Q. E. Trussing and which were ontatandlng. or if those notes should at any tune be cancelled or annulled, without Ptone bavins to pay them, or if their col lection should, as against Dim, be enjoined by competent authority then the obligation was to he void, otherwise to remain In full force. Simul taneous with the execution of this bond it was agreed between (be parties to It. that a amt should be prosecuted in Stonc'e name, but at the expense of Caroline Clark, for the purpose of perpetually enjoining the collection ot the notes, and also to enable Stone to recover backjcertaio zn on ays he bad before paid Pruning on the same transaction, the benefit of which was to enure to Caroline Clark. Caroline Clark soon after died, and letters of administration on her e Mute were duly granted ou the J9th of January, 1800. Stone served a notice on her administrators on the ICffl and 17th of December, 1561, notifying them that the allega tion had been filed In the office or the Clerk of the Cook County Court, and that be paid the intestate I $2,530, paitiy in cash and partly by notes at the time of the execution of the bond, one of which notes he bad not taken up. although he bad been ready to pay It, If the conditions of the bond were fulfilled, but which he was unwilling to pay her administrators unless they were fulfilled, he re garding the bond as a Just set-off against the note. The notice also reclied that be (Stone) claimed that the outstanding and unpaid note should be cancelled, and that be should bare a judgment for the full amount of the damages, costs, charges and expenses for which be wasbeld liable on account ol the two no’cato Trussing mettioucd in the bond, which notes had been sued ia the Superior Court of Chicago. With this notice a copy ot the bond was delivered to the administrators. Iso further proceedings appear to bare been had under this notice. On the fourth of March, 1532, Stone bating filed the bond Id the County Court, orderra a summons to issue to tboadmlnleiravors, to apjn-ar and defend against the claim, in pursu ance of section 3, of the act of 1639. entitled M An act to reform too probate crslem.” Accompany ing the bond so filed waa a hill of particulars by Btouc, showing the extent of Ms claim, the first iKm of which Is under date of March 7, 1801, and la Ihe Judgment paid Lull 4 Myers rendered ou one of the notes mentioned in the bond and staled at *1,920. The County Court deeming his claim just and equitable, allowed it forthc earn of Ji,CBS.C2, and Blaced8 laced it in the fourth class, and It appearing to lie Court that the claim was sot presented until more than two years trom the date of the letters of administrations was ordered that the should bo paid out of property not inventoried or account ed for by the administrators, and that Stone pay the costs. Fitnn ihia order Stone appealed to the Circall Court, at which, at tbe January term, iSs6,*he cause having been for trial to the Court without a Jury, the judgment was affirmed for two thousand five hundred and eighty-four dollars, excluding 11 from any share in the money ready for distribution, and ordering that the claim should he paid out ot the eamxe not Inventoried or accounted for by the administrators, and not in the course ot administration. To reverse this judgment Uaa appeal is present ed bv Slcne. When Stone presented bis bond to tbe Coun ty Court in December, 1&*1, it does not appear hi bad been at that time damnified, and therefore, bad then no claim for damages against the obligor’s estate, nbr. as the records shows, did bo bare an established claim to a large portion of that which was allowed him aa damages, until after the suit was commenced in the County Court by summons. It waa a bond of Indemnity, the damages de pending on a contingency which he did not show bad haj pened. Stone certainly had no claim un til he waa damnified, and as he waa not made liable on the notes, and thcrehr sufi'ered damages until after the Ispae of two years, bis claim had not ac crued within two yean, and no suit could have been, or wa> Instituted within the two years, con sequently Slone's claim was barred, except as to future discovered properly. Scales’ comp. 1209. But tbo order of the Circuit Court is wrong in fonr, as ft confines Stone to assets which ralgil be discovered and Inventoried alter the rendition of the judgment, which ts the Importer this ol der, instead of to such assets as might be dlr-cov and inventoried after the lapse of two years from the granting of letters of administration. We do not deem It necessary to consider any other I'olut made in tbe case as it is now pre sented. t For tbo error* In the entry of the judgment, the judgment must be reversed, and the cause re manned. I.AW INTELLIGENCE. The December term of the United States Courts commenced yesterday, bat no business, other than the entry of orders of rontlne and pleading, vas transacted. Ihc Jury will not be called until af>cr the holidays. The Circuit Court la at present engaged in the trial of an action of attachment of Thomas Tiiley vs. J. L. Spaulding. The suit was brought to recover for labor la the manufacture of a quanti ty ofpaU-ut washing machines. Default of the defendant was entered In the case of Mathias Law vs. Mathias J. Kcnocr, in an ac tion of assumpsit. The action of assumpsit o( lUntn Uosbrook vs. ,Tuhn Jones, was dismissed, and the appeal ot James Byrnes vs. Edward McbPUips et a]„ via reinstated upon the docket. The vhanccry proceeding of William U. Ryder and the Trustees of the Hrst Cntrefsalht Society against the Trutiecs of ths Illinois and Michigan Cana), was referred to tho Master In Chancery. Id the Common Law branch of the Superior Court (Judge Gary) the following final orders wvicmtdet IV. A Cook et at, vs. Frederick Wecker, as* enmpsiL For plaintiff damages one cent. The same v?. George Hiller, same verdict. Sarah 1). Coliis vs. James C>app. attachment DUmtjscd. Alexander Port r, vs. William B. Ogden A Co-, assumpsit. Verdict for plaintiff except as to W. B. Ogden for 11,143.31. Charles t. Dnßols, ve. Jonathan Clarke elal,. assumpsit. Dismissed. Canoll vs. Simpson. In 'his case of trespass, the Jury gavejdaraagej fcOoo,for which Judgment waa given. An appeal was taken. Joachim Kubageo vs. Hiram Day & Augustus Frisbee. J ndrracut for fi33 vs. defendant. ffamnrt A. beau vs. James A. Loudon ct all. Judgment of f-VibO against Charles Wacksmlth Allen A. Avery vs. in a. Austin, assumpsit. Verdict for plalnlifffor Nathan corwtth vs. OUvec P. Cobh el at?., as sumpsit. Dismissed. The cose of Fergus to. Woodworth, heretofore fully mentioned, still engrosses the attention of Judge Jameson, of the chancery branch, the argu ment briny now la progress. Tbe new suits In this Court were, ta assumpsit as follow*: N. Klsendntb et al. tb. Leasder IL Ddtler. Damages,f*,oUC. Laban B. Dixon vs. John V. Hamilton. Dam* IRt, (500. Edwin Haskln vs. T«rl E. Shores ct al, Dam* area JJOO, to recorer for sixty barrel# of floe sail, valned at 1td.50. Chhrlcg J. Cooley t«. W. F. MerrH, (of DcEalU Connly.) Damages, fWO- An attachment was sued oat against Edward Williams as aetluat a nen-reildent, at the suit of Edward S. Jacray and John W. Barron, to recover f?,«U alleged to be due. In the County Conn. Bridget Cunningham was appointed guardian or Mary Alice. John 11., An thony W . James. Catherine and Bridget Conning ham. her children, under a bond of (S.UX). A renirs for a Jury to lest the Question of the sanity of Henry Dels was ordered to Wane, re turnable on the 40th Instant. 3he criminal business of the Recorder’s Court wac as follows: .. John Elcb, nuisance; rerdlct of polity, flue of f 100 imposed and Injunction Issued* case ap pealed. Bernard Bounfcie; larceny, plea of guilty of petit lai larceny. Herman Caller; larceny, enlliy. Thomas J.lhbotson, vagrancy, found guilty; six mental, in the PeaUeetlan-. l{cel G. Hounds; keeping a lewd house. Ad mitted to hail- A . Edward Morgan; larceny. Submitted to Jnry, Charles Fitzgerald: pleaded guilty to two In dlcunents tor larceny. SL.EIGIIIMG. We forget tke name of the ID-nahtred cynic who once said be couldn’t see any fun in sleighing; and who. pursuing the subject still farther, said be could derive just as much comfort by sjitlsg In a rocking chair, with his feet is a pall of freezing water, and a cow bell la bis right band, as a pair ot lover 1 , half smothered la buffalo robes, could in a two-borse slslgb. If the old grumbler bad been in Chicago yesterday, when all sorts of turn-outs were dashing through the bast nest streets at break-neck speed ; or when, at a laur boor. Michigan and Wabssn avenues pre sented as gay scenes as meet the eye of the St. retersbor’bers every winter arte’noon, on the IS'era, be would probably have changed his opin ion. From an early boar In the morning till after midnight, the carnival was kept op, and we has ard Utile in saying that “as was yesterday, so will to sit at one’s wisdovfcvand waicb the big sielths and little rlelchs dasMdong u* street, all of them failed with richly dressed and women, who appeared, for the time we lug, «o have forgotten that aoch - worca as ‘*Ck»c” and “trouble” were in Web-> stcr’s unabridged—particularly when one recol lect* d t&t g« hadn't money enough to bire a borse>nd sleigh, and that (even if be bad not lost ha pocket-book) nothing to the shape of could be hired In any part of the mat. Eat the most agonising part of the buslnn. to a bachelor, was to sit at the same window JV»t dusk, to see a fancy sleigh, drawn by a spa. Q f fancy horses: to see a lady and gentleman in t- sidrh, and tkm to see them, when directly opiate the window, pnt their faces closer togetbc* tbBII nne j„ Toby's and widow « adman a were, *mj c former was looking for something that was stated to be in (be widow's right eye. The splendid sleighing of Jf**fday Is sugges tive of old times—when, for the heavy sled, which bad done Us part 1?* T J;the way ot haul mg saw log*, was covered with rod* hoards Inthccaslyevenlce; when the tired were bitched to It, and driven three mllv*to the also bntg* to recollection a sleigh ride which came off nearly twenty years aso, In which aladr both onnumed, were the prtncl- SSSfSWiWiS fashion to toiut evenrWdge. The lady was young and pretty. and ths sleigh rids might have been followed by • weddlac; Wtt wasn't. She I* oldat now than then: wta married mre ihaa half i score of years ago to a iiKt >«.>ert h»a iii>ee wblle-btlred c ildren, rnd a brtte dea than her hisbisd ever did or ever v i J hat e oi the ttrlailoas of the cattle market. AnrsEnsNTS. Tn Bmux Cokcxut.—On the occasion of Pareps's lart tHU to this dty there were relay nights, musical indificrcnco tad slim audiences* madenpof Ihosowhoeonld apprcdUs and take delight in the great Tocallst'a ting Leg in spite of mod or rain or any other elementary obstacles. Uat sight her reception and toe reception o( the other artists that nuke op this troupe w*i oCsdlflcrest character. Ihe opera la lt» palmiest dtya nerer drew a better or handsomer booee. Family circle, balcony, dreys circle andpsrquetta were more (hen Ailed, both with coaMueure aed opera Mbiiuee and the winter styles bloomed In a manner gorgeous to behold. Faihlon and asetbetica were alike represented, and enthusiasm pervaded all. Some of the artlata were sew, tome old. Pare* pa war new undoubtedly to the malar pact of theandlence. BriguoU, who haa gained In em bonpoint on l*amlan and Spanish cheer wa« old —the hero of scores of tntortt. Boss, a modest artist, quietly working bis way np to the heights of Paganini and Vieoxtemps, baa been here be fore, hot Portona, and Ferranti, and the superb Hills, and the accompagnatew Hatton are now faces. Individually they are excellent, and col lectively the strongest concert tronpe ever organ ised La this countrr, for which a golden treasury awaits Ihe happy Estonian. The opening ono (violin and piano) was rather indifferently received, for the audience were sot yet fairly seated, u>d Fortune, a very lair baritone, cot a reception such as yon extend to a passing acquaintance, although he is a good and careful singer. Ferranti, however, woke op the audience with hie spirited and dramatic rendering of the Largo cl tccto'vm Com the “Barber." Ho is a genuine buffo basso, and Las made himself a fa vorite without difficulty. Brignoli was very en thusiastically received, and sang the well-known arts fi om Martha, il 'apiHiri, so handsomely as to gain an me ore, to which be replied with his pet piece, the serenade from Lon Pmjuale. While tic retains all the smoothness and sweetness of yore, and sings in superb style, it seems to ns tost he has lost somewhat in body of tone, and in the dear metallic ring with which be was wont to (brill an audience. He still has that wonderful power of dropping from forUssimoUo pianissimo without a shade of variation from key that we have never heard so clearly in any tenor, but it seems to have lost force. For instance the last explosive note in the serenade which he used to treat with soch magical power almost seemed tame last evening. But bis voice still keeps all it* old sweetness and be nses it with more skill than usual. Be sang Hr. Hatton's pretty ballad, •* Good-bye Sweet heart," in English, and wnh such neatness and expression that he was forced to repeat it. rarepa received a very cordial greeting, singing for her opening piece an aria from Scmtranilde, and for tne encore Roeslni’s •• La Fastorells." Her voice Is eiiU as bosh, as clastic and wondroosly supple as ever, and she ran* her (light of three cctaves with all the ease and clearness of a bud. She seems to ns the very perfection of mechanical execution. The superb quality of her voice never suffers, either in trill, run or the most florid samples of technicalities. It is always round, foil, clear, aed full of melody. Not a tone la slighted. In fflgUia from toe low to too high register, In dropping from fortissimo to pianissimo, lo compass and la enunciation she stands unrivalled, and in this lat ter Is lo bo sincerely hoped she will remain in this country long enough to teach our American singers a lesson. Her hallsd singing is elocutionary as well as vocal. It is reared! read, as well as song. Her "Nightingale's Trill,'* which is a marvel of elaborate execution, gained for her an encore to which she replied with "Five o'clock in the Homing," which was sung with rueb Irresistible humor and arch drollery that it mulled is a rlr encore. She reappeared and gang "Cornin’ thro’ the Bye" in superb style. Bora’s rendering of Lipinski’s Concerto 2/Ul lotre was marked by great delicacy and skill of touch, and Lis style shows very done study, al though his playing Is rather cold and passionless. Hills' rendition of IJsst'a fascinating fantasle on the "Hidsutnmer Night's Bream,'’ was one of the most enjoyable features of the evening. II was thoroughly artistic throughout There is nothing of the WehJl or Gottschalk school about Mills—no tricks, no pyrotechnics, but artistic, classical playing made up of a magical touch, flue expression and a grasping of chords and octave* which are Indubitably firm and certain. The fan taMe gained an encore . to which he replied with a Caprice Galop of hli own composition. The programme for tonight is toll of gems, among which are Becthovetv’sbontt* in Ffor pisno and vloJlu, and Mail's Fantasia on themes from the African: a qnatuor from Don Pasnoale; the 11 Lolm, Ac. There are « few seats left unsold, for which early spell ration should be made. Wc are requested to state that Mr. Bateman has taken one night fiom St. Louis, and will give a matinee on Wednesday afternoon. Ter Opens.—'The calc of season tickets for the Opera commences this morning at nine o’dock at the box office of the Opera House. Hcexi'xf.—“Bin Van Winkle," a comedy founded npos Washington Irving's well-known legendary sketch, was oroduced last evening be lore a full house. With a lew incidents inter woven with the original legend, the dramatist has succeeded In making a tolerably amusing plsv, approaching (neater to burletqnc than to leg! 1 !* mate comedy. In Itip's adventure with the CaUkill goblins, Ms falling asleep for twenty years, sod reappesrtngagrer-bearded oldsbadow In the midst ol a new order of tilings there is a fine humor which la well preserved, (hough in somewhat broader shape in the play. But it Is by no means a very lively piece at best, and cxccptlngin one or two scenes which were pasfablr presented, the effect upon the spec tator last evening was something like theefiect of the spirits upon poor Hip himself. The appear —ce ol the coblius with their monstrous visages and fantastic capering was extremely amusing, and could not fail to elicit merriment. LeUoynu's personation of “Rip Van Winkle ” waa the most noticeable point in tb • performance, and this was hot so so. Tbe court scene was a queer one. with Its Jury consisting of three or four youug maidens arrayed in unmistakable ballet costume- Andy Blake,’* an Irish conn dr, waa presented also lastnight, with Mrs. Alice Holland as'■'An dy.” It waa ber first appearance tbla ecatoo. aud the audience testified their pleasure ax seeing her again by giving her a hearty reception. To-night, '• lUp Van Winkle."’ McVicsxna Tiizatbx—last evening Miss Blanche Defiar made ber first appea*ance aa “Madame de Kontances,” in Ibo plav of ** The Female Gambler; o% not and Poison,’* and in tbe character of “Katherine, the Comical Countess.” Biss Deßar U a young artiste of eminent talent as was fully evinced by ber Impersonation of these two characters, the win appear tiU fyonlno Is the seme roU». Tux Cruet* —Yankee Robinson’s Coliseum waa well attended last evening, and the nasal attrac time, zoological and equestrian, were presented. Sk-toto —The heavy snow storm of Saturday and Sunday was all over and gone before Monday morning, and skating recommenced at the parka as vigorously as ever. The weather was delight tully mild ail day, and yet with frost enough in in (he air to preserve the surface of the tee. Tnx CEKTirab Pauk had a largo and lively throng of pleasure-tcekera upon its broad ex pone last evening. Too Ice proved to be in fine condition, the enow having been cleared away be fore It bad time to roughen the surface. This fa vorite resort seems to he patronized more ex clusively by the lair sex than any other park In the ciTf. Tux WAsnoroTOir, rex Oodst, and (he West and South Side Rinks, were all well attended yester day afternoon snu evening. in each weataer aa we have at present, a preference is decidedly mm- Rested for the open parka, where there la more freedom, and coneeonentlr more enjoyment than In the covered rinks. The lafcr, however, mar take tbe lead when tb? thermometer begin* to sink below aero, and tbe prairie winds become piercing keen. Rcsawst.—About six o'clock last evening a horse (with a sleigh) ran away on Clark afreet, at frightful speed. Two or three ladles at the Lake street crossing narrowly escaped being killed, and several others were In imminent danger. The sleigh was pretty effectually annihilated nearly m front or the Tsibuhs office, where It collided with a heavier vehicle. Firs.—The alarm of Are sounded last evening about nine o'clock, from box cumber eighteen, was occasioned by the discovery of a small flame in the back room of a millinery and dress making establishment, in a frame building situ ated oa the west tide of Clark, near Van Boren street. The loss was less than |SOO. Srounr Robes akp Burncrra.—Last evening a follow named Fred. Williams alias Quirk, was ar rested on Wells street, in tbe act ot disposing ot two valuable wolt skis robes and a leopard akin bone blanket with crimson lining. The oroperty Is worth fOO or tTO, and may bs seen at tbe Armory. Pn.muxo.—Nicholas Greeley, a small boy with a large name, was found guilty of stealing from the Erie Street Mission building about three week# since. Be was sent before Commissioner Williams of the Reform Schori. LOCAL MATTERS. Patent JTrdlclne* bare become ayaon* omoua with humbug and lead many to hesitate about using a preparation because U is advertised; we can not agree In condemning all, merely be cause some unprincipled quacks aim to palm off their nauseating stuff on credulous humanity. There are some preparations, one of which ws wi<l Instance, Pectoral Balm, that Is deserving of public patronage, being prepared by %takftUu\ Chemist, Dr. MarsdcU, ana Is without doubt tbe best expectorant known. For sale by all Drug* gists. Burnboms A VanSchsack. wholesale Drug gists, 1C Lake street, wholesale agents. Tbe Prayer at Taller Forge.—This magnificent Sled Engraving Is having an coor* mans Mile. It strikes the beholder at first tight, and It universally admired. It will be a splendid prerent for (be Holidays. Copies tent br mail oa receipt of price, plain proof, *5; a few artist e proofs, f 15. Sold hy subscription. An acent wanted immediately for ercry diy town in the United States. I*. S. BorPES, Publisher, 78 South Clark street, Chicago. Im Ploughs.—To penon* who have applied to me for Ice ploughs, ! would say 1 can sow fill your orders a< $75, tSD and sSs,according toslze. A. 1>- Slimsou, Purchasing Agent, Ameri can Express office. Diamonds A plamood Bins Worth six hundred dollars left for sale at M. Campbell's, SI Clark street, for foot hundred dollars. Aar per son desiring a bargain In diamonds should cut at once. ChrlsOnss In the Co an try.—The Pur rbastnc Agent of the American and rolled State* Express Companies will give careful attention to the execution of country orders to bay and for* ward holiday roods, skates, books, present*, Ac. AddiewA. £.SUm*on. Boncartan Wines, Jnst recelred from ships Berecbel acd Palmer»ton, are cow ready for sale. Messrs. Brack, Kotin er A Co., are now sble Vo execute orders for the famous Toksjl Wise. See advertisement on first pate. Important to Mother*.—!Hra. low’s Sootbinp Syrup, lor all diseases with which children are *fflcted,ls a safe and certain remedy. It allays all pain, softens the gums, reduces mfit matlou, sure to regulate the bo»els, and cures wind colic. Depend upon It. mothers. It mu re lieve the Utile sufferer Immediately. Perfectly safe in all cases. A Snre pfle Care,—Dr. Gilbert’s Pile Instromcct positively cores the worst cases of plica. Scut by cm receipt of $4. Clrcnltrs free. Sold by druggists. Agents wasted every where. Address J. B. Roxxcts, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York Special Notice to Business Men and the Travelling Public generally.—Quick time to New York, Boston, and all points East, ria Lake shore and Michigan Southern Railroad line. Oar JtlSn. m. train arrives In Cleveland at 6:00 a. m., Buffalo at 1:35 p. m.. New Vork at 7:00 a. m.—five hours In advance of the Michigan Central aud Great Western time. Gao. M. Goar. Western Agent. Ticket office removed to No. S 3 Dearborn < street, under Tremont House. Neglected Conchi and Cold*,—Few are an arc of the Importance of checking a Cough or “Common Colo,” in its first stage: that which in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy, if ntglcciec, soon preys upon the lungs. Broi.tJtlal Trochtt, or Cocoh Loses ois, afford Instant teller. Jnnlper Tar Soap enrea chapped hands, ealt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswzxx, Macs A Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Constitution Water.—A Certain Core for Dianma, sod all Dtaxaaxs or thi Erntnrra. Sold by all Druggists. Depot *6 CUff-sr., N, Y. Paper Bantlngi and Window Shade* at err ally reduced prices, F. £. Rigby, 83 Ban dolpb-et. Nashville Pmpers Cut L*ms from the Near I York Telesrark Blue- Vashmi t v, December 17.—The Nashville papers ■May cut loose from the New York Associated Pry*, and have contracted with the Western A**riated Pm* for now* report*. IHPOBTAHT SUIT. A Wore! QaevUon for 9nXo Ogaolketr* er*—l* » Seller fop BarilirfroofltiM Liable for Loom* from the Safe >y Bnrelary ?—TenUxnony of an minis Bnrslar. (From the Now York Tribune, December 14 Sdpbbh* Coubt—Cibcuit— Se/ore Ir. JuUice Jiarrutrd. — H'm. A. Sanborn r». Sat C. Urrring ci ol.—Ttiia case is, we bclierc, oan entirely novel character in ibis country, od has but one precedent in England, the SlalntliTa complaint seta oat that be was a need to bay a safe, and chest inclosed thee* In, for the purposes of bis business a a banker in Sterling, Illinois, by their repe aenlaliona and warranty that the safe fas fire and the chest bnrglar proof; thaton. Satnrday night, August 27,18 M. the afo was opened by burglars, and $20,405 In money, coin and securities taken therefroo, and that this occurred through the wak nc&fi cud imj-ro]>cr mauo&cturc of the sac. Be therefore asks that Herring A Co. py him the loss. The defence denies an *x- pma warranty or representations, or knowledge of toe plalntllTa bualncaa. ml set up that the chest vu a low-priced one, selected by the defendant allera full expla nation of the superiority of higher ones, sod the additional securities included !□ then : that he knew at the time that noaafecotld he absolatcly secure, and that safes were sot sold as an absolute protection, but as txr mehlng an amount of protection proportloied to the thickness, quality and strength of the material, the number and size of the bolts, tbe peculiar patented locks, and other safe guards all affecting the price; that be vas shown other safes of a more expensive char acter, having three additional safeguards, and notwithstanding chose this low pnee one. They farther aver that this safe and cb.*st bad all the securities which those of that grade and price ever have, and that the plain tiffs left It In o position exposed to tbe oper ations of burglars. They also set op that they have settled tbe matter by presenting Mr. Sanborn with a better safe la place of the broken one. The evidence to-day was almost entirely testimony taken on deposition, showing the manner and time of the burglary. It ap- S eared from It that tbe burglary occurred in tcrllng, nUuois. on the night of Angnst 27, 18tH: that the office o! the plaintiff was in a warehouse, detached from other bhDdlngs, on the main street of tbe place: that there were other buildings near, but tbe nearest residence was some ninety feet off. That the ontcr skin oAlbe safe had been ripped open, as with a pick-ax, for some distance, so as to expose tbe lock, which had then been easily opened; that the inner chest had had the handle of the lock remove A and that then tbe lock-bolt bad been driven la, tear ing off tbe inner lock, and thus allowing the bolts to be slipped back. Tbe cheat Itself was not broken. One of the burglars, Ely, was caught next day, and turned State’s evi dence, and thus tbe other two were caught. The evidence of £lv, the burglar, wbo turned State’s evidence, Is as follows: My name is Samne! Ely; my age la thirty-seven years and upwards; my residence is in Ogle County, Illinois, and my occupation U that of a farmer; in August, ISO 4, I resided In Peoria, IU.; In August, 1801,1 saw a safe in the office of the plaintiff, in Sterling, 111.; the safe was large, the panels were green, and tbe styles black; It had so iron strap over the ouside, double doors, fastened by a padlock; Ido not know who was present when I first saw It; 1 know of tbe sals being broken open: the safe was broken open by Reuben Shockley aud James Murray; I know that the safe and chest were open on the night of August —, 1964. In the office of tbe plaintiff. In Sterling, III.; I was standing in the road,in front of the the time the safe was broken open; Reuben Shockley was engaged in breaking tbe safe while James Murray was sitting on the steps of the build ing In which the safe was: tbe breaking open of the safe occurred between the hours of twelve and one on (he night mentioned; the means used to break tbe safe and chest were a pick, chisel, crowbar and sledge; I beard no noise made In opening or breaking the safe and chest; tbe passenger train on the Air Line Railroad was passing about tliat time, and persons were constantly passing along tbe street immediately in front of the building, to and from the care and railroad, about 150 feet from the building; any noise that was made in breaking tbe safe was not sufficient to attract anybody’s attention passing by tbe bui'ding, as I beard no noise at all; I don’t think Shockley was engaged at the Job more than from twenty to thirty ’ minutes. The plaintiff was pnt on the stand and tes tified that be, having a fire but not a burglar proof safe, was very much worried, having to carry home bis money and securities every night, and being unable lo leave his money alone, and disliking to have bis wife left alone while it wa a in the house ,* that, seeing Herring’s advertisement, he went to Chicago and explained to the agent there his sltua tion, and asked to see the burglar-proof chest* : the agent showed him first the safe which he ultimately bought, and then oth ers ; he explained to him the construction of the chest—that it was made of alternate lay ers of frankllnUe and wrought Iron, so that the sledge would be resisted by one and the drill by the other ; he showed another to the plaintiff, at a higher price, which, he stated, differed la having a patented lock, bnt was no better for ms purpose, and still an other, which was too large; the plaintiff stated to the agent, Mr. Farrell, that Uls office was in a building where no one resided, and was exposed, and that be wanted secur ity ; he farther asked Mr. Farrell whether he warranted it, and was answered that they did; he asked what would be the couse' quencc If burglars entered it, and was told such a thing had never happened, acd coaid not happen; he paid $250 for it on the spot, and afterward on its receipt by rail remitted the balance of ISO. The plaintiff then testi fied to the moneys and securities deposited In the chest on the 37th of August, and to the condition of the safe on the next morning; that the sale had been cut open, so that It could bo unlocked, and the lock-knob of the chest had been taken off so that the lock-bolt was exposed, and that the latter bad been driven back by a sledge, so as to tear off the lock inside, when of course the bolts canid easily be turned back. There were other securities beside bis own lo the safe. The next day the man Fly was caught, and through him the others were lodged In jail and convicted. 82,100 of the plaintiff’s money, and SSOO of the securities deposited with him were recovered. The Court bore adjourned to this morning at ten. Mrs. A. P. Sbattnck, of Clifton. Pierce County, lowa, bar obtained a judgment against the town of 14.000, for Isjorlca sustained la being thrown irom a Ttacon, in driving over a piece of bad road. I Markets by Telegraph. New York Markrts. Naw Yobs. December 17. Corrojr-FlnTjer at for middling. PLom-lC«aoc better. Sales at ( ftw extra MaU. (10.5ua13.00 for roucu-hoop Ohio, and (tuba 13.75 tor trade brand*. Gnaw—Wh»at <ft7c higher: sales at (?-25 32.13 for No. 2 Milwaukee. Rye firm at HJO fbr Western. Corn onict at l»2c; Mir* at |l.l(wai.l( for mixed Wencm—ctoaluc at (t 15 tn ttore. uata finner; tale* atfbr Chicago tod Milwaukee. Wdukit—DntJ. Pkotimoss—Porte easier; sales at OLiaatlJO for new and t*}.Kka3C.3J for old-closing at (il-si regular— and (17J0At>.>5 for prime. Cut meat* quiet at 9 4t*c tor fchoulder* and bams. Lard steady at Vl* £l3ve, the Utter for new. Q Bocnts*—U nc hanged. PKirourrM—Qulet at 19030 c lor crude and SJOJIc tor refined In bond. Dcxsazn Huoa-Eaalcr at ftaioyc. LATCH NEW YORK MARKET'S. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 >rw Tos*, December 17. Flour—Demand more regular and leaypeealattre; TOObrls roper* lateen for the &onm wv«t In strictly milling demand, part to go Sooth. Com Cat, and dosed at (1.14. Rye buoyant. nocaa or okaix ijt ems*. Wheat, UM.OOO bo com, S.ftM.OOO bu; oats, LMWW bn; :ye, *53,000bu; barley, 1,563.000 bu; and about half a much g*ain (Coat, mormon. Pork very dull: new. 170.67#; old, #oo*oo, seller De cember, and (30 J!# cash. DOGS. Becdpta tor two days IS cars 7 sales at 7#e. Small tblpmenta of the rarlou* grain to Liverpool, •team* at 6d, and 500 trea bacon at SW. Coffee iwady 5 Rio. a*3c. Bogan very firm; fair to prime grocery. 10X0.11 yc. aisDcx and Sisclu In New York. . . K*w Yotr. December 17. Uoxtt—*3ulet,atSd« per cent, lostoe ntea on Gov etnmesU. itonp—lll*her; opening at 197 V. and closlcr at usv. Gotxkvioxt Mock*—Steady. Fnsionn to Lrvssroon—Dull and lower- Grain. Stadia per salt, 'and 6««vd per steam. »Tnn< Rftl*r. * C.AP mu. a sc. r. N. W. pM 79W Ft. Wayne. Afflu Wabash A Western, (it N.T.C. HU 5-3H*«a.... iNew tMue. I Treasory*. I Tean. Rea dine". Mlcb. Bon. .Jim {Mo. - t2H f urns. Moxxr—The money market u t**T and the anpptr u In excess of the demand. The genera) rats tor cauls « on ilock collateral*, and tM Government bankers gel supplied at Ore. There U not much dome Ut «»- merda) paper, and prise names paaa alow!? a; 6,a7 percent. Gour-Market £naeratiheclose*adl«ftoffatUs*. Foexjos Kxcnxsux.—The exchange mart* is doll and weak at for prime banters’ bill*. Advice* iron New Orleans slate that there are bills <n the market representing bales, saich exert* an unfavorable Influence here. Oorxmnmrra.—Tbs Government securities w»ea fraction better this afternoon. with a little sort dr mane. Thefollowltcwtre the doling prices: Registered.*a.«r;K»X3S?< ir3coop. r S... .t&SKAittH Coupons. •sT...lJiv«m - i 6-30 conn, O 5-*a,rrgd,'»J,9l«H' Jaa.andJalf Mtconp.*S...lo7S»lo7V 15-4C*, irtd

lO-tOconpout... ysfcvkltc Mtscxi t. i vxo — The stock marstt van lover after the second board. Dot there «v a firmer feeling at ihr last opes boara. and a general advance la price*. After the Milos tie market continued strong. and at the close *u nearly up to the bigbm point ol the Cay. Tbe advance dur ing the day was particularly marked on Ft. Ways* anil Northwestern preferred. closiao Pstccs.—The following were the closing Sr?Y?cent m vain v ic. Apitn nva »n» Erie ...... 735« 7s^-IR. I. * P Hod«oo in 913 I Northwestern.. 15, Readme ItlJusUl* O. A M Say* 39V 1 Bleb. cm—.. 113 i«U3 Fort Wavne.,.,107 «sir-7s ! illrb. Son «}f« «V I N. W. pfll 73s MccuiQ 6Oa us—there -was Increased activity In ml nine shares at the afternoon board, ana destines were attended with mors animation tlian tor a ions time past. There was a *-acral advance In price*, ba; the Irarroremrcl was moat marked on Corydoa. Qcarte OIH. and Consolidated Gregory. Corydoa sold at tCB and Consolidated Orecorv at Ski, New Urleaoa 31«ntec. New Onxam. December 17. j Corrost—' Tending upward; rales of 6JOO bales low] middling at 39V03Ue: middling at OV- Receipt*,! SJOO bales; exports, bales. t-rsax—ln good demand: fair 9%c ; folly fair. lO Vm 1 bogar grlndlrg and cotton gathering srenearly , over. The season has bees remarkable up to this time, and la general dry. Lessee's of sugar plants* Uons ars generally grinding np all their cose, and owner* are saving most tor seed. Gaocmns—ilol*»ses, inferior. Ce i prime to choice C&kgPc; higher and la more active demand. Flora—Active; super sells at |UJ3: extra, tH-SOd 13.00. Gcaix—Cora firm at fl.Cßi3t.lO. Data higher at 53c. QaT-ts&soanAd. imovmon—Pork, local demand, at 433A9. Bacon— SbonMers atl2>ics UdetaUSVOiK. Lard languid at U £oiuc«H-Qt2!et; fair at JOaUc. Wniaxrr—e-ale* at .. _ . Cold weak at 337 - Bau sterling. New York exchange. discount, freights unchanged. Lewisville Market. LortsTTtxx. December 17. Toiucvo-Bales ft bbds low grad* tobacco. Mar *' with sale* of choice *npw ** W Gtxrx—Bale# of rod winter wheat spnar; bales of new core tn bulk at TrctoesbeUed. •ndSXe tot ear. bales ofoau la bulk at 96e fbr at tX&kc. The *nm receipts were *'p*bnsioxa—MeasPori,B3Usaa». L*tdlnJla«M atllue. Green mesuatie for .551 .. Bulk shoulder*, 6b c. Packed ele*f aides, uj*c New bacon *hoa»det*,*k«loc. Oartoa—Low mlddUag atSietor»w. 1 Wkncrt—ia bead, 39c; tree is aosioal. HBVT TOttK. CATTLE HftfiKKT. UUporfcdh? Telegraph Exeloalvsly tor the Chleag* Tribune.] ATm UalJOSal. TAVDS. Msv Von, UoiDir *zvu6. December IT. PBEf haTTlE—There were oo sale at the National Taxdt. Tortnllle, J.S3O bead. Tfiue were received from tbe following BUtes: New York, 7« ; Ohio, &3S ; Kentucky. 117; Indiana. 17k sod UUnoli, Si. T» weather WM wretched; rain, now and slush bdsg the order <* the day. The market was quiet, and the wesihf* miiy one can! to tbe disadvantage of owners. Trade was lively only on Christmas alack, of which tbere I* an abundant supply. About 390 be ad of me bat (lock ever ottered here sold at l*Ari,Hc. The etursot rates ars at follows: TOJrdQoahty... .«SU*a ■ Average price paid—lncluding Chrlstmae stock— ISJt'c. On Arst-claa* beevea, price* an a shads hither, but tot other crado* tbe market is dull and raise no better. BHEEP—The mpply Is lair, and under n lively ds* umndprten* experienced a slight advance to-dsy. TM current rates are S«*7c, though tot Christmas slock 10913 c Is obtained. HOQS—No ftrah nrrivala. Trim Coring the week Cnctuatadte Trade was duUhnUy at TaTKc. The total receipts of stock for the week ending to day, at all the New York markets, were as follow*; Beef cattle. M*» Sheep 23.1*3 vt&i Alien A Usee sell 68 bead Ohio, avenging 839 ns, at W»lBe. Buna aclli 90 bead Ohio, averaging 733 as, at wife. rerrlll sella 37 bead Ohio, avenging MO ns, at IS aWe. 1). Belaee sella 9 bead Ohio—prize salrnals—at| qq-M <s4o4 CO per bead, being eqoaitoi9®2lcper A. * Bedford A Kennedy sell 9 bead Kentucky, averaging 973 n>. atrfeise. u. D. Alexander sells 101 bead, averaging 630 ns, at il®l6c. J.W. tin sem 106 bead Illinois, averaging SCO fia, scant, at l3tfc. 3. Allen sells79bead, averaging 650 as, at UAl9c. Wood A Gillespie sell 197 bead, averaging 690 st, at uaiec. ivno A Co, sell 31 bead Kentucky, At, stisetaoc. J. Cram tell* 98 bead Missouri—turd lot—averaging 900 As, at llftUc. Soma Itosnsoa. [Western Associated Press Desoatch-l Recxipts—The receipts donor the month of Novem ber amounted to SCtoo beeves, Meows and ca1ve5.4.176 veal calves, lOTAtf sheen and lambs, and Tljn swine, ajalnst last rear's receipt* of £U9; beeves. S7T cows and calves, S«C 9 veal calves, 84J01 sheep and lambs, swine. Totalsupply tor week ofbeef cattle, finer Gama hare advanced kOttc V A, though the lamr price was hardly sustainea, holder* at close gen erally offering stock st last week's quotations. Supply lair, about 3joo head being on sate. Extra cattle, such a* will be wanted tor the hoUdayi, said as high as 20 cent*, with many offering. Good and ms dima cattle realized 16®17 cents, sad commas U 313 cents. Vxat. Canvas also bare sot materially changed, the demand being moderate and the market steady at UQUKc tor lair to good, and iSSISKc for exua, with an occasional sale as high as lie. Sue*? axn Lambs—Have been in fair demand at ihiflUy lmpj-oTed|)rlce», the foimer selling at 6^7c. Hoot—Tbs hog market has ruled very unsteady throorboot the week, heavy prime corn fed having •old as high as B)sc, under limited arrivals and a Ulr demand, bat closed somewhat steady at 7Ne’Hc, with only a moderate aopply. Light market pigs com* maided 7*®7*c. ' Cincinnati Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Ctsconrart, December 17. Flora—More active and firmer; sales superfine at f9.50G10.00; extra, fllJOa 12.00: family.6U.73Gl3Js. Oiuia—Wheat 5&3c higher. Sales No. 1 spring at tU9 ; No 3do at XU&a JJO. Corn firm ;*new, mixed. «lc. Oats active; sales 7,000 bit No. lat 55GS6c. Bye be higher; sales of No. lat td.M. Barley doll. Cottos—Quiet, but firmer. Middling held at SJC. WazsxST—Unsettled; bonded offered st 36c. pEomioss—Steady and firm ;mcts pork inmodsrato demand. Sales at ty9.75A30.00 for spot*; 119.90 tor seller. January.' Bacoh—shooldera scarce; tales »U3c; clear aides at 13®13v. Bulk meals qolo*. bat firm; sales of shoulders 7kc, packed. Green meats steady; sales of shoulders at «c; side*, 8c; tann,9Vc. Lard quiet: small sales of prime kettle at 13c; (team, UKc, Boos—Active and firm; sales atf&OO&f.fiO gross; f 7.3587.79 net Receipts, 11,00. Moxrr—Active: Exchange steady 10033) discount buying and par selling. (Western Associated Presi Pespstch.] CorcUßtan, December 17. Pton—ln good demand, and price* are 23330 c higher. Bales of superfine at 69.3581&9Q. sad trade brands at »n.39815d». QaaiM-Wheat t*SAtou higher, closing firm for No. 1. bales at fhto tor spring and 63.86 lor Weit'rn. Corn arm. Sales ol ear si 53c; *h*Ued at 60r$6ic. Oau closed buoyant, holders asking s’aiSc for No. 1. Rye la good d*mand. nod prices are higher. Sales of No. t at Sl-XI. Barley unchanged* Written—Declined to 36c, with a fair demand at the decline. UCTISIUO. Uoos—Openrd with a rood demand, and about 7.000 head sold *t|7.4C«7.60, bol the market closed weak. pßoruioxs—DaU, bat price* unchanged. Hales ol meat pork at (30.00. Laid 13c. Green meata-Sales at 6c far tbonlacn, 6c fbr aides and 9V«iHCo fbr hams. Unlkmeata—Sale* at Ufc for shoulders, and Ojfclbr •Idas, packed. The demand for all articles tn this line was only of a retail character, dealer* generally harlßK no IWtb In present price*. Ct»iTO\—Opened dull but closed buoyant under Liv erpool advices. at Sl@sl){c tor middling. Oeucz£ix»—Unchanged. Bauer doll at 2?®3oc. Cheese—Bales at IJc. Cold—l37(gl37X baying, closlas Arm. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihute.l Milwackxs, December 17. Ptonn—Sc better asd active; ialm of 3,000 brU at ftLK&UJXk for winter *, 110 A0 for city doable extra spring s (9-U for extra; (S.OO&S.M for superfine. CiUaik—Wheat firm and i@hc higher; Mta*at9a.m. bcard-S.OOO bn at (lA4(£I X fbr No. x. ca*h; (1.33 seller December; (L&laLftMbrNo.S; 11.6fti1.55 for rejected. Noon board-sales. 10.000 bu at (3.10 for Na. l; (1.9&a 1-96 K for No. j, <(3go buyer all January 0 (tiaat.SS for rejected. Oat* l£3c better; sale*. SJXQ bn No. 3 at 46c. Core unchanged ; isles, 600 bu new abetted at 60c. Dsxsekp Hoos—Opened firmer but closed (Sc lower; stlea at |6JOa7-oO—dlvldlngon 300 as. Eecxctts—MO brls floor, WOO bu wheat. SirtTKCrra— brlsflour-W* bu wheat. St- Loots Market. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlbuse.) St. Louis, December 17. Tobacco—Doll aqd unchanged. Pioca—Firm; super at (9.00; extra at (10-OOSU-TJ: double extra at (tx.Mfcl3.fl6, and triple extra at (lUO <»n.GO. GtAtx—Core dsellulog and doll; new white at 903 Sic'; old while at (IXI. and old mixed at 90c. oatsflrm but dull, at 74c. Barley active bnt nnebanged. Bye steady at 96c. Wnnxxr-Bitady at (190. Psovinoitß-Pork suffer; dm *t tajDO. Bams at acc. Lardatllc. Roof— Receipts ot 1.613 bead. Prices range from (6XO to (6.73. Baltimore Market. Baltiwobx, December IT. From—Tim for blrberrrades oi prime. Guaih— 'Wheat nt new white. Pbotuioxa—Pork aearce but InaeUre at (3300 lor prime to strictly choice- Gbocimt*— Gjffee 15sftI5V c for fair; ilor lafenor; Bio isjfgisyc >r pTd. BafTaio Market. Ucmio, December i 7. FLOCV-EtttdT. Obaix—wtc*t nol*t and firm. Corn dull. Oxts— Sfc tor Chicago: MUKc tor Ohio. Lrv» Stock Rrcrnu—Cattle for the week ending December 15th, SO car*. tJuinrajrre—By the Erie read, in can; by the Cen tra 1 . irj car*. Uictots sunx-at - C7 om tattle; si can hog*. Pittsburgh Potroleom Market. rrTTSßrson. December 17. Pmotmr—Crude nomlcal and demand Urolled at K»*Xc In bulk and »X«Ue in bria. Retort steady and unchanged, Offered for 59Vc for December, ror de liter? in Philadelphia; 30c tjr January deliver/ Chcre. butSlcmtcht be obtained for February deliver?. Itnprorcmrtt In demand for landed oil. Total receipts Jot the wrote. <1.738 brl*. Philadelphia Market. piiTLs nxLPma. December 17. Fifitm—ln demand at an advance, northern family Grain—Wheat dnlL Corn scarce with tales of new yellow at9octalt.oo*. old.(U6(jM.t7. PteoroiOJts— Firmer. Sew meat pork>3lso. Toledo Market. Toi-xdo. December IT, OKI nr—Wheat active and firm ; No. 1 spring at 12.71 atd No. 3at (3.1303.13. Old com. 65c; new, Sc. Oats, 4<V. Rye, 95c0(1.15. CiseiD Hoot*—|7.o&a<.?s. New York Weekly Bunk Statement* N*w Teas, December 17. loans 1351CL553 Decrease (i.\fil,«7 Specie. 18.991.5 ct Decrease 590.550 Circulation 5i,797.«6 Increase. 3.CC3 fagal traders.. t 3.994.309 Increase 3.0U.152 Dep0tu........ a6.ta.xn Increase 2.781.413 BiBSl K D . In thu city, on the ISth lnat„ by the Her. Dr. Dunne, D. D. V. O-Mr. WILL L MOLONEi and Ulu ELLEN A. CONNOR, both of tbl* city. DIED In this city, on the morning ol the lsih late, of eon* sumption of the bowel*. Mn. MURRAY, wile of J. £. Murray and daughter of James Mart'sbe. aged 31 yr*, n raocth* andirt day*, formerly a resident of Berlin, Wja. auction jgalrs. n ILREKT & SAMPSON, General Ancuoneera. 47 amT49 Dearbora-st. FINE FURNITURE, NEW DiBPETS, ?JKR CLASS, PIASO FORTE, AT AXTOTIOW, On Tuesday, Dec. ISlli, at 10 O'CImS, Wewia»enalourm3mi47 and 49 Dcarbom-sU a large and extetulre asaortmeut of FIRST CLANS FCBMTCBE For Parlor. Chamber, Dining Room. Library aad B-*j Room*, indndtng wreral very fine Poll*h oil Walnut and Ebony Marble Top Chamber betta. Parlor Sctta In variety, also several fancy pieew of fnmlture suitable fbr preaeat*. etenoi rresvh Plate Pier Glasi«a, Broa *el* and other Carpet*. AMo Oae Splendid 7*Ocftve Plano Forte, In rood order, and rich full a great variety of other gooda. GILBERT A SAMPSON, . Auctioneers. OILBEKT & SAMPSON, VX AUCTIONEERS. FOR CHRISTMAS, Articles de Paris, The IsiPortatloQ of Messrs. WEST et COMPAGNIE, 47 and49Buedu Faubourg, SLBoaore,Paris. AT AUCTION, Cftcaeactag on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Dec. 19, , * ‘y ® clock, and continue day and evening until ail w soid. An Immense variety of the choicest and rich* 01 novelties, made erpresHy for the Parts trade. As neh or Tarlrd an assortment could hardly be found tn My oneeetabashmgnt In Parts, tad certainly not la Morocco. Ivory and pearl open glasses: pearl, Bassla leather and mcrocco cectaiafie*; ladles’ companions. caUr. odor boat*, clove boxes, handkerchief boxta, portemorcalea, and clear cases. Ladies' reticalM and nacdeDatcet la -reau ct reioars," read and solid aifrrcard case* and Jewel boats; sacdal-wood. Ivory and pearl ftr.s, beaaUfcJly Inlaid and ornamatel with podthed steel and cold, very choice novelties; moroc co. Ivory and pearl photograph album*; cut class jm-iunc bottles; new style* of ladiM* brlU; bois Ce tncarc and real ebony work boxes, wrjonc cases, dre**- Inc rases, scent boxes, watch boxes and clove b->xes inlaid with pearl and buhl. Drawing room and toilet table ornament* In rreat variety, and other articles too numerous to mention. reraons deairou* of making unloue presents esn here select 'myects de fantstse” which cannot be duplicat ed rxcepiln the beat More* la Parti. TTiese roods nave been chosen rerard to . RICHNESS AND NOVELTY OF STYLE, Instead of cheapness. They were, however, bought with a thorough knowledge of the Parts market*, and tot caah.ftom the best maker*, and there are so Intense diste preflu to oe provided for. The sale will be with oct reserve. The nods will boon exhlblOsQ two dara previous to the sale. „ GILBERT A BAUPSON. Anctlonnera. bales Roowh *7 a 49 dear born-ax. | gT GILBERT & SAMPSON. UKGE A3TD TiIMBIE STOCK OF PINE FURS, ROBES, dbC., AX AUCTION, On THURSDAY, December 30th, at a. m. and 3 o’clock p,m- We win e,Q at our aal«roomi, 49 and 49 Dearbora sc. one of the floest stock* of Rich Far Goods ever aatdinthUctty.omi’Urtac of very, fine select bank, real Siberian BonlrreL Marten and Fitch, lu Papes, bait (CapM. v ictormv*. Talmaa, Collars, alia, Cua; JOcnts* Beaver and Otter Gauntlets, Mufflers, Glove*, land a beanoru assortment of Children's Furs- Also, talarxv nrlety ol Carriage and Lap Babe*. AH made (for first-ciaa. city retail trade, omde « to* «aesl b elected FUra. OILBEKT A SAMPSON. 4 Anctwooet*. Amusements. QROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE. TDK SECOND AND LAST BATEMAN CONCERT, TUESDAY EVENING, DEC. IS, 1365. Will be given with the following Bpz*Bxn>s> paooßAtßam. HADAEEPaKEPA win line -Und ob die Wolke- PielJcholx;-Binf, Birdie, bine," iheduo "Una notte aVtteria" with Signor BrlguoU, and the Qoatoar from_Doo Fasqoaia with Signors CfigPOU, FerraaU a»d Forme*. . SIGNOR BSIOJtOIJ will lint toe Romance. “La mu 1-etUU,'' Bomanr»“Il tnlo leer no” (Dqd OlOTiaan, and la toe Dno uC unatuor ettore-ownr*. BJQNOB FEKBAHTI will doc “Mid Rxaootir (Cetxmstola), toe Doo "D'nabel aso,” wim Hirnor Fortmu, and in toe voatcor. bICNOFI FORTCna willelmt to* Botaiois**ll Ba- Im*** la toe Dno with ftlgoor Ferraatt. aad toettav ttor. MP. 8. B. HILLS wjji perform Ltizfa Faotaate. “I/- Af/lcainc,** and “ooaau mV.” w- Can Bora. Ur. CAUL ROSA will play' Leonard'* "Sotxrenlr A' Haydn.” a '•Nocturne." “fanuaie Caprice.” and the duett with Ur. Mill*. MB. J. L. HATTON CONDUCTOR. ADMISSION ONB DOLLAR- N o extra charge for secured aeata Doors opes at Va— to coaaenee at S o'clock. Mr. Bateman begs to announce that he hu arranged to tire _ A GRAND MATINEE * Oo Tfedneaday, at SV o'clock, on which orcatloo Mad ame PABEPA. Slrnors BKIGNOLI. FERRANTI. and all me eminent anUU of the troupe, will appear In an entirely new programme, tor powarelr the last Umo thla aeaaco. The G rand Plano used at these Concert* 1* trom the ceieorate J manorsetory of Btdaway *S;n*,New York. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. ITALIAN OPERA. TBE BAZ«fi OF HESSBVBC SEATS For the Entire Season, only, Will Commence Tins (TUESDAY) nOBNIKG, atDa. u., AT THE POX OFFICE OF THE OPBUA HOUSE. Me VICKER’S THEATRE. ICKEBAMTKHS, ..MANAGERS Engagement far Six Nights only* Of the talented young artist, MISS BLANCHE DxBAB. Monday and Tuesday, TBE FEMALE GAMBLER; Or, Plot axn Pasco*. Mad. De Fontanm Alisa Blanche Deßar To conrlode tte comedy of the COMICAL COUNTESS. Katherine, the comical Countess. with the song. M The Merriest OlrlThars Got,” Hiss Blanche Deßar. . pOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. Cl){.J. a. wood &S Director of Amusement* ..jF.E, AIKEN Stage Manager .............THOa, pAßiti BIP VAN WINKLE, adapted from Wsshtngton Ir vine's sketch-book, produce! with new scenery, ma chinery. properties, costumes, mule, and a great east, tecond appearance this season of Alice Holland. Tuoa day evening. Dec. 18. wdll be performed. Hrat tine, n Lecend of the Catinils. entitled BIP \AN WINKLE, or a bleep of 30 V ear*. Previous to which, second time, a comedy entitled ANDV BLAKE. Wednesday atter. noon. Grand Matlues. Friday. Benefit of Mr. W, J. LeMoyne. In rebearsal-FOKTQNIO. ■yARIETT THKATKE. titbuMaatlc reception of Mr. JE, BLANCHARD AM) 1113 ACTING DOQ9, CARLO AND NERO. Who will appear IhM evening lalbetwo-aci Drama of The Sited S«y and Bis Dor* Rapturous *npl*n*e bestowed on JOE 'WOODS, the Frlnceof Comic Vocalists. „ Appcsrscce ot the talented LAURA BERN ARD, Mr. JOHN DOUGHERTY. aaatbegreat Double Company. rpEA PARTY! X the LADIES OF THE LAKE-AT. CHUBCH, Of Evanston. wmatTe a Tea Party on’WEDNESDAY EVENING, tbelDtb lost, at 6 o'clock. In the BAPTIST CHURCH, tbe used which has been very kindly creat'd for the occasion. Tbe object belnc to raise means to famish the cew Cbareh, last completed, the Lamas hops and cancel to see alt their friends at that time. ‘ TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. , Mar be procured of Geo. n. Mottes'h. Meiers. Rjess A Ga-ble, and Messrs. Clifford A Sons. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE MADAME GBIOM and BIONOB SUSIM'S GRAND ITALIAN OPERA, SEASON OPpOSITIVELTFIFTKENMOnTSONLY Comtnenclag MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 21. The Director, tn assuming fbr another *at«on the hi eh rcf-ponslMlltles and ardrooa duties connected with tbs management and production of GRAND OPERA, begs leave to call the amotion of the patrons and ma public in Chicago, to the UNRIVALLED ORGANIZATION which, after unremitting exertions lor a period of many mouib*. the closest personal attention and analy sis. be bu succeeded la effecting, thereby enabling him to pueent an array ot seventy-five first-class artists, the whole constituting one of the largest, most com plete and talented companies which bat ever appeared on the European or American stage- The tallowing artist* of the highest eminence In the proieailon constitute the * OmOKI AM) 6USINI GRAND ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. rnma uuuae. _ MMB. ANGIOLINAOHJONI and MLLE. PAULINE CAM S 3 A. Prims Donna Contralto: „ at an AViit PATTI BTBAROSCa. Prtml Tmort: HO.ETtORK IRFRE and alO. ACRILLS ERRANT. Prtml Raratooi: SIO, GIUSEPPE MAKS A and BIQ. ABDAVANL Prtml Baatft . 810, AUQUSTINO SD3INI and SIO.COLBTTI. Basso Buflo: 6IQ . SA B TI; 6le*. Xnrcro and CRre*A........Tenorl COmortmarl big*. t ocatuxi acd Masaio Basso Comprlmart ’“ignore PABomand Mile. Uxosa SecoodeDoaae TOE GRAND CHORUS a thoroughly trslned and educated voices, asd . THE 22CgBST8A embraces many of tbe Iredlnz virfno.l of th? e&nntry, and foritrtOßlh.aElty.and for completecOdenc/ U not surpassed by any now on tbe American stage. Musical Director and Conductor Sic. MBOLAO Leader Herr Ztttkdavt Piompter Big. Camoa Costumer Bis. Baktkua Stage Manager .Big. Gbolo THE QB'KD REFER CO IBE will comprise L’Afllcslne; Bobertle Dlsble; FSist; FreDUvolo; CrlsplDOcld Cimirei fab Mascnera: Ernanl; Norma; Lucretla BorgUiTravlata; Ellflr d'Amorc: Barbtcre dl BertgUa; Fatortts; Trevatore; asd otber*. tWAR tbe opem win be presented entire, and none wiii be repeated. SCALE OF KUCKS A Reserved 6<at la the Orchestra, Parqaette, Dress Circle and Balcony, each, |IJO Balcony Boa Seats, each LOO SEASON TICKETS—Ia Orchestra, Parqnette. Dre* s Clreleand Balcony. (13 sights) 70.00 Balcony Boa Scats. (Vi nights) .73.00 gWTbe sale of Reserved Seats, tor the entire Season only, will commence on TUESDAY. Djc.lS, at 9 an, Zl ;ic Ccr C2fi9 of tae Opera House. Sale ot Tickets for single nights commences on Thorsday. pec. 80. SUPPORT MISSION SABBATH school. FAIR AND SUPPER, FOB THE DENEFIf OF Mosely mission Sabbath School, At the Lecture Room of the Second Presbyterian Church, corner of Wabashar. and Waahlngvan-at* Thursday Friday Evenings* Dec. SO & St. Buy your Chrbtmai Present* of oa. Oysters and Ice Cveaml Good tune generally! ADMISSION—3S Cento only. XTANKEE ROBINSON’S CIRCUS 1 AND MENAGERIE. Engagement of the world renowned Clown and Comic singer, Mr. James Ilcyuolcls, Who will appear Monday ereomg. Dee., 17th. Thnrs* ixuapdmenUry Benefit to •pEY. WIT. H. MILBUUN’S LECTURE XV at the Opera House. Wednesday evening. 19th Inst— “What a Bund Man saw id England,” delivered by bio. fifty tunc* In New York City. Repeated In Chi cago by special Invitation ri dtiunruUnel elMxeni. TtckeisSOcenta. Tobeiound at all the Hotel* and Bookstore*. and at Kin*leys and Wright'*. Q,OOD SEATS tor Ihe BATEMAN CONCERTS, Monday and Tuesday Evening*, can he had ot the lrea*urer, at the Box Office, la Croaby’s Opera House. auction Sails- "YyiL A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants PALMER'S BLOCS, pM (4 A 46 HANDOLPH-9T. gPLEN'DID COLLECTION OP ELEGANT ITALIAN MARBLE, ACATB AND ALABASTER 8 T A. T IT A H T , Imported from Florence tf Big. Topi, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. Dee. ISth. at to ©•dock, at Button' Salesroom*. la PaHnW# Bloc*. Nos. 44 and 46 Ran dolph-K. ffH. A. BCTTgBS A CO- Aneri. Dry goods, clothing, boots AND SHOES, *C- ALT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. Dee. 19th and JCth, at Hotter*' Salesroom*. 44 and 46 Raadolpb- St. WM. A. BCTTEBS A CO- Auctioneer*. lAA BRLS. SUGAR, lUv VARIOUS GRAPES. AT AUCTION, Ob THURSDAY. Dec. »*h. at 11 o'clock, at Batten* isiesiooms, 44 and 40 Randolph at. WM- A. BUTTERS A CO- Aacf*. T IQUOR, GROCERIES, TOBACCO, J_i CIGARS, AT AtrcnoK, On THU BSD AY. Dec, 30th. at ttx o'clock, at Butters’ halearooma, 44 and 46 Randoipb-st. WM. A. BCTtKga A CO- Aosf a. CLOAKS. TEH ENTIRE STOCK OF H. CUNSENHAUSER & CO. AT AUCTION, Ob FRIDAY, Dec. 31st, at 19 o*elodc,at STORE, No. 79 Lake-U. The Stock comprise* every style and asalltr. WM. A. BCTTEBS A CO- ABcf r*. QLOTHING AT AUCTION, Every Ercnlnar tlx la Week. 9.70 Pilot and Beaver Overcoats. 300 Sack and Frock Coats. 300 Caaalmere and Cloth pasta. 993 Winter Vest*. _ 190 Q White and Grey Shirts and Drawer*, btfio Pair Woollen Socka. 330 Pairs Boom and Shoe*. B. T. LEE, CUT Auctioneer, 193 DKABBOHN-BT. fattjnntrgM rpHE LANE- & BODLBY Portable Circular Saw Mills, POETASLS STEAM SHOXBES, Shißrie Maehlnea. Com Mltta and Shafting. Wood- CWMM working Machinery. LANK A BODLBY, Comer of John and Water-ata- Ctnetoaatt. a ™ un fflo Km-g?ou8£8. rro KENT—A new, lirst-class frame X bonse, containing thtrwea rww-.Sa « nn every wMOiry convenlroreu new Wacom rsra. bo. 9‘J3 North Ciart-tt. Tate Tullsrton-aT. c*ri- rpO BENT—A block of two-story frame X dwelling*, entirely new. nine in number, wtlrsituated onthe North BMr.nrar the &<>/•• ?2i* w»y. between LaSalle and WeUa-fts .on Ea?cnJe. Tbe •boro dwellings will U* rented•*’U»»JP n w* ble tenants. Apply to J, SCANLAN, 7 Masonic Temple* r? RENT—If yon want to bay a boose, rent * boose. or sell a house or l£c»'l« our of- Ore. Borne great bargalaaofferlng. GEOBOBA Wu<- UAVS. 7 South Clark-st. rpo RENT—Soreral good brick houses X and a cottage, on the North tide. Inquire of ♦clerk,” 30 Lombard Block. rpo RENT—By Wm. D, Kerfoot, 80 I Wsshlngton-sU new bPßse* oo southwest corner oTHobbard and Eenbeo-tu- «nUlnlnsVof Smoatf. Each rent IX, with privilege of renewal after J£ay I*L at |3O per month. , TO RENT—A nice cottage on Wabasb »r„ between Thlrtr-firn and~Thl rtr-^os d-*a. ApnWtoCLAW&B.IAXTO’S-A CO, L3H Waihtfg too-ti. Pofeealon glTeglmgedlateiy. fT'GHENT—A new cottage.containing! X room*, with closets, two bfork* from m. Inquire of I>. C. BEOOKS, Chicago Foat, 111 Dearborn rpo RENT—Or For Sale —3 new cot- X«t In good attic, and only firs mlnates walk from horse cars. Inquire at 36 Karrell-st-. corner ot Arohoroad. RENT—A splendid room, with tard. for a eentl*man and wire, or two yonng applied tor soon, at 54 Fourth-at-, near Van »u TO boa mtr.Ua Bnrt&Ht TO RENT—One tarnished front room, wlih or wUhont board, with the coorealeace ol a «rn«n store, at So. 90 Booth 3egsrson-»u TO RENT—House —Of two stories and clrht room*. located on West Darrlsoa-st, rid furniture for sale; or will sell iarnltare. be'ldlce. *c-- ven- reasonable. Everything necessary for boose keeping- Address TUCn.MU). Box I. P. O. Co Kcnt-Kooms. TO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms. to rent, without board, at 30‘JOMoiL, between cast and Bnth-sta. TO RENT—Two suites unfurnished room* with board. For particulars call at So. gif) West Washington *!-, near Lincoln. rpo RENT—Furnished lodging rooms, 1 single and double with closeU and gas. kept In otder. to rent, without board, to eenuemen only, at yo. 13 Sosth Water-tt.. and 83 Mlchltan-ar. TO RENT—A pleasant, furnished front par.or. In a private (bully, with board. 7am uy without childrenpreierretL. Apply at 071 state's;. TO RENT—And rarnitnre mr sale, two large |font rooms, on second floor, near the Court Rouse. P-dtcheap. Address ROOMS TO HEST.Trt bone office. TO RENT—Furn‘shed front room for two gentlemen; also two alngle rooms at Ko. 113 jaemon-st. ®oKfnt-Sto«s, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—Steam power and rooms to rent, rear of 74 Randolpb-su. Coort-pla'e, oppo site Crosby** Opera Hous. Apply to A. WORDEN A CO-or L.L TODD, onthe premises. TO RENT—Store and basement, 213 East Washington-*!. One or the beat locations In tue city for a commiitloa boose. Apply on tbe preiaHes. rp O PENT—Store 100 Monroe -st, 2d door J west ftrin the Po«t Office; room lirbt and plea‘act; Dre-proof safe. rerydrtlrable, rent reasons bie. Apply at 107 Santh Clark- 3 1. TO BENT—Office—On first floor. First class ©nice with all the modern ronrenleocoo, n-ar Ibe Heard or Trade. Apply toBoYNTON. FOSTER fc CO.. Room So. 3. :i» and Sfi LsKslie-vt. ®aanmi~®o Kent. TXT ANTED—To Rent—With board, one V v large room, with bedroom off, t>r a gentleman and wife, where there are few or tut other boarder*. Address **C M W,” Tribune office. Kcal ISstatc-iSitt), ■ KIPBOVED. T7OR BALE—A new, first-class 2-slory T tram- dwelllre hooje, fltted no with every derifa hie convcrilcrce, containtnc thlri-en room*. So, «».Td North Clark-ft- well suited for a respectable tan-Uy, Apply cn tbe premises. T7OR SALE—Houses and lots, and houses JP on leased lots. In different parts of Ui* rttv. some as low a* SCOo. Call and see. GEOUUE «k WILLIAMS, y South Clarktt. .Director. F)R SAJ.E—Or To Rent—A new two •torr dwelliTE boose, with cas, water, s-wer and . weu-ootshctl and vceU-avransed Inside. No. IJSft We-t I{audolpb-fUnearlbc&kailni; Rink. L. U. ROBIN . SDN. Ileal Estate Broker. S 4 Dearbora-st. T?OR SALE—At a great bargain—3oxloo X 1 feet on MonroesU between Ktat*-sC and Waba«h ar~ with a coort two-story frame boose, at tbe very low price of (13.. W, U taken at once, being m icbieas than tbe property Is worth. Title perfect, property entirely free Irom incumbrance. Mcholion puvmmt to be laid in tbe tprlrr. Asseatment already ptld. WARREN A GOODRICH, Real Estate Broken, l*i3 Dearbonnu Boom 9. _ TTOR SALE—OnMomoe-si,, BcarWells, T 23)fn90feetco20 toot alley, with building worth (lAOO at |4AfO—Jnst JIAOO }e*st&ao lureal value. Cheapen ln*ida property offerel. CEO. W. HILL, 17 Beynolda* Block. T?OR SALE—A new two story house r acd lot, containing ten room*, on Tweaty-nlotb-«u tbe owner coiog to leave tbe city. Will bo told cheap. ARTHUR A BOYD BN. SIO Statoot, UNIffPBOTEB. F>R SALE—The north halt of Block No. 43, School Section Addition, having a front age of CS feet on Clinton and Jeffcrson-fttaZ, and con talnlnr 23 lota. A rare opportunity for a manntoct> rr. Will be sold on rea*onable WroibvT. ti. FITCH A CO-. So. 167 Dearbom-st. T7OR SALE—Choice Lot, on West r Wsshlcgton-st.. between Wood and Llncotn-it*, fioteet south front. A very desirable location. BAIRD A BRADLEY, cor. Lake and LaSatfe-stt. TTOB SALE—New ueat cottape. 6 rooms T and basement, gas and water. 32.203, jTMduwn.bal* ascofi, 13 acd 13 months. l l os*cislon immediately. B, Q. OOODWIU.IE. Oils Block. 167 kladlson-st. 1708 SATE —At a sacrifice, a bcantllui JL lot on Immediately. WAHID'S A GOOimicil, Beal Eitate Brokers, 123 Deatbom-st.. Room 2. XTOR SALE—House and lot, No. 101 i_ West Jackson*!., at the very low o*lce of 15.100, lr taken Immediately. WARREN * ROOrmiCa, Rea Eitatc Pickers. 133 Pearborn-st-. Boom 3. TO BENT—New cottage, 7 rooms, gas and water, nalitcd-st-,tear A'dam*. (40 per*i, in advance, till Mar text, lay Biget-su,« roonu. SI3. B. C. GOODWILL!E, OH* Bock. 163 Madisoo-st. T?OR SALE—Two new honses on Wa r bMh-at., north of Twentrnlnth-st.. W rooms each; lots KsIM feet each. Price fi.CCO each. WAR. r.E>! A GOODRICH, Real Estate Broker*, 173 Dear' bo nut.. Boom g. TT'OR SALE—Neat cottage. dcsirftble*lo- I’ cation, Wretßandolph-st., S r.-om*. (IJSOD. Pan lime. Three year*' around lease. R. O. GOODWIL LIE. Oil* D ock. Mxalson-eL,cor. LaSalle. TT’OR SALE—On Middgan-av., between L Fourteenth acd Flfleenth-ata.riot 4% feet front, very low. II taken at once. WM- J. TEWKESBURY. BMn 11, No. 89 Wasblngton-st. FOR SALE-B G. S. Hubbard, jr., Real Estate A rent. SR Deart»re-*L. Room No. 5, two very desirable lota, corner of Warren and Lear ltt*ta., 00x130 each. Also. T«o 5 acre lota fronting east and west on Vincemes roart. nearcHrlfmlta. Business arhanccß. TT’OR SALE—A farmJv grocery, dome a I? cood burlnea*. Location one of the heat In city. For particular*. Inoulre of CLaRRE. L ATTON A CO, VIS Washlngton-at. TT’OR SALE—A boarding house and sa il? loon—A rood stand, rlcht oaooalle the new Chi. caco A Rock bland Jhpot. MRS. M. WHITE. 38 Bherman-st. TT'OR SALE—News depot and toy store, r Stalest- aolsudld stmd/low rent, rare chance. Newhotldav aterk. Only A-* I ©. Peeidedbarcaio. R. G, GOOPWjLLIE. Otis Btocic. Madlson-sL, cor. LaSalle. F>R SALE —The subscriber will sell bl« saloon also two billiard table*, at a ereat bar. pain. Table* void with the saloon or separately. Call at 133 South Clark-st. TT’OR SALE—A first-class dining saloon. r Moe)c and fixtures, with Hnglea*eT Apply at WAKREN A GOODIUCU'S, 133 Dearborn-SL. Room 2- TT’OR SALE—To Merchant -Tailora—A a 1 tens and atylßb trade, stock and fixture* for tale fa one of the best location* on ciark-tL A forlnneln It fbr the right man. No bona# asked. Owner reor lag. P0x313, P.Q. Partners SiHawteb. T>ARTNEH —Wanted—A good and re f liable man. with fIJ.OOOto (HjDOQ. tn an old os lahllfhfd and well paying fbandry and machine shoo. Call at Room 13 Lombard Block, between 14 and 1 o'clock daily. "OARTNER—Wanted—pfn- a small dry J goods store; Is pood locitlon. Also, want to trade city property tor good#. « , mg*. dry good#, hardware, Ac. S. H . SEA, Land Office. 114 Adams-su J>ARTNER— Wsn+ed—A ronng man, with fish to YCOO capttaL who* to engage In Ipbt. profitablebnslncM. to caU at Stß Dearbom-it- Eocm2. np stair*. "PARTNER —Wanted—In a profitable T pijlngbnilne##, wlthHJMtolWca*fuandmore. If tV# bu»tn«*a rtqum* U. Addre#*. In fun confidence, for partlrnlars. *• p S," Tribune office. "PARTNER—Wanted—With $1,500 or X tttOOD. Id a grocery dolor a rood business: also, one with gfW, In aa established huslaeea, parlor HOO perwet k nett. Apptyjo ,100 Room 4. JFot Sate. F)R SALE—One of the best built tug boats la Chicago harbor. Measurement s toes. Is Deir, and will be sold at a bargain, if applied tor laj mediately. Address C. W.FISKUAM, Fond da Lac. WU. T7OB SALE —Cheap for cash, new ro&e- X wood-cased Singer scwlcgm%cbtoe.coitfi»: will exchange lor new parlor #e*. Also. lombef wagon. Dearly pew. Room A Otis Block. 1 G'3 Madisoxt- m 9 gtragrb ana Stolen. OTRATED—Prom the subscriber, on O the JTtb instant, a brown Horse, about fi ye»r* old; had ©a a biidlr«acd bas a sur in the foiehead. A liberal reward will l»* paid tor M» return to 1 »3 West Ta ylor-st. gmo.s AXSkX. 53ral JEstatc-ffioumrp I7OR SALE lmproved Farms—The X' tollcwjng fanes, with ralaable Improvements, n tasted In Mantall County, Illinois, sear railroad depot and nrer- _ Two farms ot SN acres each, oce oi <*: acres, one ot SO acre*, cue ot MO acres, one ol 111 acres, and one of ti ?lS. l S3'aad timber lands, and improred property IQ the thriving city ot Lacon, Marshall Coanty. Term* very reasonable. For particulars address FISHER A SONS. Lacon. Illinois. _ _ _ _ auction Sates. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, 9 15*7 DEARBORX-ST. SALE OF Household Furniture, Bedding, Silrer Plated Ware. Christmas Presents, Castors, Cake Baskets, Ladles’ Tells, Scarfs, &c., This CTCESDATL morning, at 10 o’clock. J. U. BBTXOLDS, _ Aactioaeef. BT AUCTION —On Wednesday, the 19th miL, at 10 o’clock. Ooe Carload ot Honrs. At the Gtge Ilctue subic. corner of 6ute and Twelfth ■ts. Alsa a sale on every Wednesday. J(sax moktoX. Aactioncer. CCHOONER BY AUCTION—On ac- O count of whom It say concern. TU9BDAT. DEC. 18th. ISM. We are Robert Bae, Solicitor, to •ell. on acconSrS! Whom U may concent, theschooner AMERICA, as (be now He*, with sails, rlgglnß, ai>- cbors. Ac« *n complete- . . . The America Ues opposite Flint A Thompson t Ele vator. near Tw«fin-«t_ when she may be seen any day prloitosale. Bale at ik o’clock^ sharp, on above date. p w PAXIELSCOTTA CO-AncTs. Terms easy. Apply to ROBERT BAE, 10 Dole’s Building, or the Aucuoueen. Office pre-tem* 44 I* Sallwct. aSantcb-i*?ale 3%elp- *C, BOOKKEEPERS* TXT" ANTED—An experienced salesman. VV wboeenbrtßgTO^bKter-mwl^troaito't mpTojcr. Ito» wS. ttiol im acru work neednot apply. O.D. Olivia • *■■**•• *-£» Dearborn sw Boom 17. _ _ W^S^-S!^S^SSSSi Grocery. 374flontn Jegersoa-at. SGPSMS&iSS West Lake-tt. - WiS2£r£S," JSSa® the aale of a valuable article la great demand. Can at 176Socih triafk-ec _ WT ANTED—A number of energetic VV and henrst men to *ellr*lnab!flPtJfnt*. Great tadnwmeott oegfed. Call at 176 Bogtfi Clark-tL WANTED— An express driver used to the bniieeat, wua E»od references, none other necQ apply. CaU at‘233 £taH»«t. TRADES, TXT'ANTED —Three good engravers ©n W wood, to Whom siewly eaplOTTnrßt and rood wage* will be cnaranteed. Add«*» BOGART, McCASOS A liCSSELL, 133 West :?oaith-sU ClO cicna ti, Ohio. TT7ANTEU) —A good cook. To one that VV esn come well recommended the ftlghwt wages will be riTtn. Apply at 139 W»ha»B-ay. giiaanteh-jFamale %tlp. novsE servants. WT ANTED —A woman to do cooking, VV wasluts and iroolnc la a private family. "A capable p*r»on. woocan furnish reft«ace as to char acter aid abMty- cas have satliiactory wages. Apply at the Tribune offlee. TXT ANTED—A middle aged lemalc, VV compctect to attend to domestic duties. Tot competent person a comfortable homo wul nn proj Tided compensation paid. Address MSMO, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A girl 12 to 14 years old, Vf to attend children and do light kitchen work. Apply at *»7 South Greeo-su TXT ANTED—At lire. Mackenzie’s New V V lnteUlget.ceoffice, 177 acook aad nurse for a family tf tour. A girl to help round aad tend baby. \\T ANTED—’Two poodcixls to do gen* VV era! housework at 230 two b.octs from State-st. bridge. ■\TSTANTED —Good German ana Nor- VV wcclso cooks,towbrtn good plseei and wages will be given. Apply *1220 Chlcago-sr. TX7ANTED — CJook and chambermaid. V V Liberal wages given- Apply with references, to 654 Wabash-av. TA7ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Ironer. capable ot uktngchargeofklu-heaaTd diulnt room, rtr.; an Amen ran preferred. Apply the office of “Willow Spring Ice company.” 13-1 Dear boro-st-. corner EmplQßincnt agcncitg. !g "T XT AN TED—-1,000 men to go Bomb, * Y> wires H'’ to fSO a month and board. Also, rill road m*n, and all wanting employment. Apply at 133 south Clark-iL, Koom 3. TXT ANTED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales* VV tner. porters, dorm, bartenders, brakesmen, mechanics, taberere, rtlna tlcts, to apply at KMi’LOYwENT AGENCy.S— DJf" hornet.. Loom g. Applicants by null enclose 10 cents. AHfAXTED—BOO men to go Sonlh, VV turn |3opcf month and board; w bowers. U flip-re Hunters, So wood choppers, 50 railroad men. Apply st Room 3,Lind’s Ulick, Ranoolph-st. fridge. TtTAH TED—Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- VV men.bartenders,conductors. braaesaien,labor. ere. All oersons looking tor employment ca lor ad dress Room*2l. .Vo. lay South Clarlt sl. AU binds of wets furt-Übcd at short notice. TXT ANTED —Yotmgmenm the country VV wishing to oMa'DsHnauons. inch as bookkeep ers, clerks, collectors, na’esmen, conductor*. exprea*- men, Ac„ 4<l, to apply at Boom l.i FnHetton block, 9 j flearborb-st- or ad lrees J. SI. MOORS A CO- Box I?U7, enclosing ten cunts tor toil partlcniara. TXTANTED —3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VV collictor, 3 brattcm*o. 3 firemen, X porier. 3 drivers. 4 ag> nta. 3 entry e’erts 3 conductor*. Apply at 134 l)w»tborn-sn. Room £. TXT ANTED —Men out o! employment VV to apply to PARSHALL A SMITH. X2S South Clark-*!- Room 11, and wcore pood paying ritua tlrni. Applicants by mall endow two stamps tor re ply. Orders received dally for men. TSfAJITED— l iTS men to go South, VV hS m r n to work on railroads. 3 farm bauds. Also, men tor city employment. Apply to PARSHALL & fcMITH, ISB South ClarK-sC, Iteom 11. TXT ANTED —Young men in the country VV wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeep er*, salesmen, collector*, eipns«sm*n, clerks, brakr*- UiCQ,dr., to applvat Dearborn-tt, Room 3. or address M. E. JONES enclosing ten cent* lor ftiH particulars. TXT ANTED—2 assistant b,x»kkeepers, 2 V V talesmen. 1 condactor. 3 brakemen. l firemen, 1 porter. 2 drivers. 2 e» pressmen. Apply at Room 13. Fullerton pirrk. fhi Dearborn-sr. Aopllraats by mall address J. M. MOORE & CO- Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents lor reply. TXT ANTED—This day, SCO men to go V t South; wages(4stoKoper mouth sud beard. 10 team* and teamsters for Michigan. Also, all want ing employment to rail at 100 Madlson-sL; Room 4- TXTANTED —All persons looking lor VV employment lo call at Room 21. No. l-i 7 SonUi Clark-tt. AU kind* of employment famished on SbonnoUcc. WRIGHT A CCSSSXAN. TXTANTED —A pood man m each coun- V * ty. to canvass and put no our new style rubber Residing tor doors and windows. 12S Lakc-st. A. C. SHOWN A CO. TXTANTED—A few more lire men to V V operate with the best thing ever offered. Small capital required. Call at oucc. 12S Lakc-st. A.C. BlluWN a CO. 2uUantrti-fHiscEllancous. TXTANTED —A young lady, who can V V fornlib tbe best or city reference*, wl*h?a *ome copying. Address “A F M,” F. O. Drawer till?. TX7’ ANTED—OId and yonn", male and V« female, to call on Madame DUAL, ono of the greatest fortune tollers krowo. She will a-aonlsh. Revelations present, past and futore. 393 South Clsrk-tt. TXTANTED—AshIey, Steele & Co’s VV General Agency. Real and penona] property, bought, sold and exchanged; contracts and leases ne gotiated; coipßymcsl tarnished: homes rais'd, moved and repaired;taxespaW; renta aol accounts rollertc*;; Plano*, furniture, clothing. toots, forcing Utipldren's. feed*, trait trees, (Osage planuo guns, trap*, • book*. picture*. Ac., bought acd forwarded. Couimlndcn a per cent. Patents of all tlnoa on Mai. liberal inducements to agents a lib capital from n to tl,r«o. Crrrrspondcnce Invited. Ictorm&tlon frie, s--'areciitloftnrewjpc,BUinpcJ and directed. Let ters writer- bill! made ont, account* corrected, and corvine nratif •ycaied. No. 48 South Clark-st., Uilcr-cd. ill., Rjam 3. Reference*: Boa. I. N. Arnold, Chicago, JR; John Evats, General J. L. Beveridge, Evanston, IB.; A. F.Creskey. G*or je A. SbnfWdt, 70 Wtsblngtua-su Chicago, III.; K. Dsaijrd, Ilonas 3, s'ctropolllan Block, (rhlcaco. 111. M. G. *?•*" W. B. 6TEFLE, GERRT B. DANFOpD. Jb, TXT ANTED—Stockof merchandise from VV SIO,C« to WI.OM, for Which will pay hair cash and half Rood property. Tne party would take store lease, fixtures. Ut A. Laud Office, 114 Adamant. \\T ANTED—I want the use of SI,OOO it to ILMOfor two or three year*, airing a* secu rity taproyel real catate, worth double that amount. Address sT. JOHN, care Tribune office. \\T ANTED—'Two or three worthy V a yonngisnlead*s!itog to fit themselves for teach era, ran have a situation in an educated famllr, where api tvate coarse of study maybe pursued, and the ex pense of board defrayed by a lew honrs of labor each day, cither in sewing or general housework. Adams Mrs. A. 11, HUBBARD. corner Fourteenth and Msdl son-n*., Louhvlllf. Ky. T\TANTED—Two copyists, male or fe- VV male. Address, in own band wrltlny. eotloeloe SO ccnta to pay for thu advertisement. The money retn-ned to »ho*e not accepted. W. 11. KEEN A CO- P. O. Box 47 D. Chicago. 111. T\7"ANTED —To make arrangements V f with acests, cow travelling:, *o aril fancy croee rl«s and other eooca on camicMioa. Addrta*, with ♦tamp. T. C. LAMB. No. 33* Booth Water-at. \\T ANTED—Money—I wifi board a V V eeotlcman 4.6 or 12 months IcrthenseofttSO, ora lady, or J centiemen. at tne same rate. Nice room, tm class board and fire, and security |br the mccey. Address “Cash," Trlbcneoffice. TAT AN TED—Travelling men who wish T v to ma|ic YlO to fPO Per day by selling our patent machine* for grinding knives, shears, reaper Knlvo*, edged tools. Ac-*, has no competition; never wear* ont: sella everywhere. FULLER A CO- 133 Sonth Clark-st-Boom 16. Two sumps tor reply. TXT"ANTED —Every one out ot employ > V rerntto cneape lo the sale of Ripley i Co.'s Great North Amencaa Price Package. Terms liberal. Sells n.pldly <verywhere. Ca.l at or address Rjom 37. Reynold** Block. Chicago. 111. \\T ANTED—To Exchange—For prop- V * erty In the city of Chicago, one hundred tod Hxty aerta cf eM Ire prattle, one mile west of Monroe City. twenty-Mx from Hannibal U. A St. J. B. R- MtMocrL Aim, fony-elght acre* ot woodland. In oulre at the Drug store, Sonth Btate-st- comer of Eighteenth. TXT ANTED—To purchase a stock ot f T dry poods, groceries or hardware, amounting to a tew inouramt dollar*. T. H. BELFIHLUACU- Real Eetate Agents,office lOP.O.Block. TtrANTED—“Granger" offeis to onlcr V V aVplecdld wool lined Carryowea Over Coat and a choice from several piece* of flrsKlas* goods fbr t&. At 130 boQtb Clark-au, up »Ulr». TXT*ANTED —I want and will have one y v of “O ranee r**" Carry owes business suits for Y 43. wool lined and tastily cat. At 130 Sonth Clark st- upstair*. \\ T ANTED—A party to lake hall iDter- T * eat la alO acre block for subdivision; WO per cent mat tn teed. Address* P. Q« Box 1134. Siorsts, Carriages, See. T?OR SALE—The subscriber expecting X 1 to ato*«t from tbs city donor the next aS months, cSert bis stable property, eoaslruoz of tbe 10 Cow Ur. tor sa!e: Oee pair Tery flee bar horse*. One fine Cbeatnct mare. Oseflne Mexican Door. One doable close carriage. Oee doable open carnage. One Uncle baggy. Ooe two-seated sleigh- Two setts double baraets. One sen slngle-barae*. Two lap robes. Two Up blankets. Horae buckets for stable aod street, sldgb hells, sad dle. Cy nets, carriage covers. combs, brashes, Ac, all In rood order, and will be disposed ot at a great bargain to any party wishing to pnrcbaie the lot. For ranker particulars Inquire of H. H- KMOBT, at the stables of the American Express Company. 70 Hon roe-tt-. cr It ta referere* to eamana, to COAX A TES PRO CEL. 41 and 43 Pandolph-st. JAS. C. FAR/to, A LARGE, double-sealed, two-horse Carriage and a one or two-horse dletgb. both In excellent order, tor sale. Inquire at 154Baab-*t. CLEIGHS—One large second-hand O twelve passenger elelgto tor sale. Two suitable for tact ute. ard a tow new cotters, at 67 and fin Canal-si, G.L. BRAD LET. TTORfcE. BUGGY AND-HARNESS tor I I sale, or will exchange them tor a rood DUno, or tor real estate.orsoet anytblngeiso that win reanUe co care during the winter. Call as 167 West Jack soo-st. A LARGE STOCK OF SLEIGHS, XJL Carriage, Baggie*. Bearse*. EazlUh Bobos, Una. Horse Blanicrts. and fan Foot Mans, at 195 State-sC. Chicago. P. BBAIXABD. TTORSES, CARRIAGE, Business XX Wagon,Sleigh,barne«,et&. torsaleorexcbans* tor real eaute. borne mmey can be paid In the bar gitn. QCTVBT A HAWLEY. 7 Reyaola'* Block. TT'OUR TWO-bEATED Pony Sleighs P tor sale, at CARO’S Carriage Factory. 17 and 49 Xorth fftllKt TO TRADE—A dne Carnage Horse, 6 years old, for n Deary cart bom of about same are. Addre— COAL.Tnpoae otßce. tor three dan. fLott anb dFounb T OST—On West Madison-st. last eve- JL-/ nteg.» gentleman’s n«w club skate, black wood, with straps. Ac. a liberal reward will be paid tut iu return to the Tribune Job Pace. p * ra T OST—A large, black, Newfoundland X-/ Dog: white on breast and neck; also, white spot oncost. Wtoea lost bad retail strap around bis neck. Answers to the name of “daocho. Any one return ing him to 471 Wabasb-ar., or giving tntormattoa It adlcg to his recovery, will be well rewarded. UP—A pig, which the owner X can have by proving property and paring wliuxSseh? 1 540 tw®**-** l ** l - cams. Pianos. T?OR SALE—A music teacher’s piano, JC* selected tor bJ»ownu»e, canbc area tor two Car* at 336 Wabash-av. J giituauana e&amis. JULES. CITDATXON Wanted— By i good practical engineer tad machinist; unuer.iacfia feus branches tearjocfilTi b»* had tom* t tperK-ocr i* tl e repairing of *e*lng mwhlqet. De-t refrraoee gj»gn. Aedr«a“3lACi-fl. , *igr” Tribune t.fflcc. OITDATION—Wanted—Jij a jonng nvan wboU not afraid of work. Addresvfortac* diys. “J 8 P. ,t Chlca go P. O. SITUATION —Wanted—Bj a jonnj ma't, ss clerk. Good mereooea given. Allresa li o. M j rtbnpe efflee. C ITU ATlON—Wanted —On or before o January Ist, WfT. la a wholesale ■cdjobblnr. or s first-clan commission touKi by a prastlcaJ ana expe rienced bookkerter. BatUfltctory references tl*e». Addrees Box 8,333, Chicago- SITUATION— U anted —By a yonng man. welt aeqmt&tcdwUh the Eugßih and Ger man languages. ** bookkeeper, clerk, or sa'e'^aa. Good reference* can bo given- Address “H 3.” Trt base office. FEMALES. SITUATION— Wanted—By a lady with a Wheeler A Wil«a Pawing Machine to d» twmOysewlpg. Address-L.A.F." ITU ATlON—Wanted By two girls from Philadelphia, otea»coot.anltno wthtr oa second girl. Apply at US West pclk-st. OATUATION—Wanted—By a young or gowt*s tewing machine. Apply at 40 AnmU-st. SITUATION— Wonted—By a first-rtass cook, la a prime family, cr tax first--Jaia board ns boose. Inquire at 35»4 Sosth WeilwL. op-stairs. Best ol rtfereace. cTITUATION—Wanted— By two girls, one to cook, and the other to do second work- Ap ply st 22 Sonth Arnold-st. Good references. CITUATION—Wanted By n -woman o tocooklnaptlvsteistnllr- Can ctre the best ol reference. No objection to a private boarding bouse. Apply at 420 Sonth agents EClanteU, A GENTis—Warned—Expenenrcd book J\. aa4<rßraTtnceunTsasers,towhomaU«e s^- ary orcommlsiloo will be paid. Address CQAELffif BOX. 133 boath Clark-«t~ Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a lip top article. Sells everywhere, with ordinary talk ing. Every business requires It. Combines utility wtmbnias* own advenfsetnent of special lnt*resta. EM no competitor. Is » perfect novelty la the Lalted States—only one manufactory yet established. Thou sands already sold and fH r lng couplets ta:i*Ctctloa. Opens up an entire new field tor snoU, of ail ca pacities. Coes amp.lon constant, and likely to attiia the Cause of one dally, in the bCorthwratern Sutcs alone. Send sumps fot eircnlars. Samples mailed tree to any address (sr tIAS. Address or call onTBOb. DERBY A CO., 198 Lake» A GENTS—Wanted —AO more, for the xX BAKEItSEWIKGMACIUJJB. 1 will pay aetivs men UOO per month at d expenses, or give a liberal com mmUalon to male aad female scent*. For punii-ulan and agency papers, adtlrcas S. BECKWITH. Chlcac*. A GENTS—IV anted —$1150 —We want A\ acenu to »elj the BARTLETT SEWING JIV CHINES, prue g33XO.TboS«* Willing tn work for SUOAO per month will address, with n»np. TAOE HUtTT IT EU?. General Agenta, P&lladelplua. or Toledo. Ohio. AGENTS TV anted—f 2,. e >oo to ? 3,000 a year. A rood chance to mate mosey. An .tg*at UviLtcd tn every ui»a In the Union to miaaficuif tcdwU an article of consumption In every l«m:lv. Csa be mnnuforttired In the arent’a dwelling. It octlrcly new; secured by copyright. ►Me as permanent u Soar; no fitting op to o«done.Forp*rtuti!*n adtrew, with sump encloses for return, LOUIS CO3LSSTZ. Middletown. Maryland. A GENTS Wanted—Every map or fl rlctaro agent to send us hi* adtfrOM on 1 rc.'.*tv« in return, iw* of expense, a conv of onr s: • t:..iri. •THE FATHER OF OCR COUNTRY” and “THE HE- BoES OF 1770,” and cur newrtrcaUr Jn« out. win m KS a Car made clear. Address hAiIMti.NS. WHITEA CLARKE. 179 Uke-ot-Cbttdgo. A GENTS—Wanted—Messrs Tickn'ir i XJL Fields, Boston, have published aste.-'.-en.-rarod Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a' a trrf-ct .ivnc** sad a wort ot art. it is commended as the best llii-Lcja Mr.TnimbuiL Mr .Swntjn, Mr. Herndon, Mr. L>. Arnold, Gen. Grant. Charles Cumn'r. Ur. Caw. Gen. Barista* And many other*. It Is sold cnly by subscription. nod Agent* are wanted tor its tale, ulx-ral coniT.i«»ion, arc to canvasser*. and sncctsrtol on«* can have c.vv. tvi rltory to operate In- Aricrrsa jdtis n. AiiMoN. rnblishera* A cent. .S7cu-.-.u;.». A GENTS—Wanted—An agent m ctrry X*. town In the Weet- An enerectu- vt-fA* - v* rleai (10 to |25 per day, and no btjfrhu*. For rnrtir it-rv, enclo*c ten cents. AdJres* L.OLMSTCAD, 43 Mjat- KOmery-at-hyracnße. N. AGENTS— Wanted—For “LIFE AND DEATH IN REPEL PRISONS A aplMdl i :»>ok. Always sells. A. KIDDER. OS Wa.-hluston-st.. CUI cago.^ll. A GENTt—Wonted—Price r\ an.ivo oolil mCO day*. “Lloyd's Map,** “Tun Lsmi>Statxs tx iws.” Tben*wchirr. “F*T«aEorOr«CmrNTßt o» ’!«•• sent nxE with the map. The best publications f*'r Attml* In America. Address GOODSPELD A CO, US Lakc-iit.. Cblcazo. A GENTS—Wanted—Male and f.malc, X* aremahiogaabteb as |io per day. wl'h •• THK GREAT Laßgß bA>Tiß.'’worth 32d to any famllv. Only 13to (I®capital required. Scud st\mn tt.'i-ar- Ucuisis. ILWaYVELI. Sox47Sl.yb;rjgJ. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell Folsom’s _rV GLOBE AN© bay STATE SEWINd MA CHINES. Tbe most liberal t*rm« given. X' ATKIN SON, 164 Randolph-*!., Room 6, Ctdaivo. \ I. AGENTS —Wanted—Ladies and Gentle men—l lint* some cf the best worts now u. ;n; of lered to the public, and can give such lnrtnccm»rt- that good enrraettc asmiswlltnotcntT mate a llvu.-. but make mtney. Agents wanted fer thenty. and in < very county of the Stale. XT. E. IIARVITY,’GeneraI '.cent or Ibe Northwest, ot vhe Quaker city PuMl.-Llvx House. 39 Lombard Block. P. O. Drawer 3931. fm csgo. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—To persons seek ing boMneit. Fer»ora from Aurora. Gf. eva. •fuiet, Sprlsttfleld, Rockjoru. Hb>oalrgtoa atd Jack son* li’e. * nd other parts of tbe State, or parries aixict ▼Dlttne these places for boiinma*. who reilre to ergago In the sale Cl a new and valuable Masonic Dublleavun.Just out aadaboal being litrodnced Wat. tor which there are large sales, and remunerative pro fits afforded un only a moderate Investment, for tl e ex clusive agency and crprritbt oi coonile*. are »o.lclbnl »0 call at No. 27 Chamber of Com*erce, on Lahslie-*!. Fop persons having some lebur* which the* ccrire to < reploy in a highly attractive and i rofit ableltaffor> *fcrare opportunUy. Must Vfl member? of Masonic Fraternity- A GENTS Wanted lor HISTORY J\ OF THE REBELLION, by J. T. Uradlty. Extra liberal tcCueerrenisoflered h-rsi Ring th>* wori rum plcte In ct.e volntre. sl«o vol. 2. Ad'lrc**. 11. C. TREAT. 117 South Clark-SL. Chicago. IH. AGENTS Wanted For Frank Moore’s ntw work-WOMEN OF THE WAlL tnvs (be Ctiaiffo Ktening Journal: ll IS, In the pokiest u gallery ot b<*antv. and we envv tbe author the grateful work he has performed. It ollre.d* like n romance. The story of the war raa never be well told without tbo story ot tbe worn ms tojj with lr. lb- - people want It— It sells spier, titty. For tall psrljfolars call orsddnsa IL C. iULAT. 117 Scntb Cf&rx-tL. Chicago. Uoartiing, TJOABDING—A tarnished trout chain il her, for two ecnitetrcn or genUes-ast and wife with board. References required. At HA Abcrdi-eo-st, "DOAUDING—A respectable laity can U have • home la a smalt Ctmliy, where there are. £2other treat Rsoaolpb-st. apathy. TJOABDETG—i ami wife nr I * twg L yonnemeDcaaheaeco»ciPui. wi, r**' | & i «ta at 230 West Lake at. "OOARDING—With an cl?"*intlv fur- Ij nished suite ot room*, for two jwnfemwTor pen fietran apd wife, at 207 Mlcfilsviav. Referes« ei de nied. T) OAR DING—A pleasant front mom, J / with one adjoining, suitable for a gentleman and wfihorthreeyoucc men. «Ub board, where tuo com forts of a hotr e may be enjoyed, at 4 » Tbirtl-av. "OOARDING—A suite of very nice .IJ rooms, with board; also, two single rooms, at 1 JO W eat Monroe-* t- T> CARDING—*A furnished room, suita- JLJ bJefor accnUeTnaaiuidrlfeortwo aiflrlefreatle- St) .. App|y at I£S7 Wat Randolphsu, corner of T>OARDING—A desiiabie suite ol un- JJMhrni»bed trout room*, second floor, to rent, with board, at 3 \ an Hnrca-st. TTOARDING—Two centicmen can find .!-> * rood foraUliM room mod board la a privateCjm. lly. by caatng at 115 We*t Adatavat. “ T>OARDING—Two famished rooms to for cenllemeo, at no Eait narrlstn-tt. Tenna. |SAO per week. VV J) OAKDIN G— An unfurnished front J room, also neatly fnn lshed rioma, with flrsfreJass ard. ip a prlvaft £itally, at 176 Sonth cuntan-sc T> CARDING—A large trout room for a JLJS‘ ntlfttfln acd wife: single and dooble rooms for TJOAItDING—Ia a pnrate family, tor o'M. B fS. tlfn,ra , * ~ tp s, lr wlT . e * °r single c-aUrme- »t 3JB llllnois-st- two blocga from Bt»tCH»t.bridge. T>CARDING—A well furnished back JJ parlor, suitable for a gntleman a«dwl>. also*, room for one single gentleman, at 964 WabsJh-av T>CARDING—'With pleasant (unmhed room, 'nr prtitletnan ana wife and slogle tenUs- Al»o, em-c!a*B day board, a: 133 Bast Sladl- T>CARD]NG—A pleasant trout parlor to rent, with board, io two persons, where a few boarders are taken. 43 Knah-eLlSißUshedHUcalrrd. gcfcrvncea rtqntred. G Private Boardicg-honse, JL* tlocs can be preenred fbr the winter bv famllirs. *losle peutlerren and laotes ; also, day boarders. References required. T) CARDING Two pleasant front XJ rooms and one bed-room, ana two slnsle rooms, can be obtained with board, by calling at -|6» West Lake-st-neartheldoa-st- opposite Wsahlnztostikaltog T>OARI>ING—A gentleman and ladv A 3 can have a lurnlsted room la a private family, with beard for lady only. Call atXo. DO Judd-st. Take Clinton-st. car*. ■pOAKDING—A good table and lanre X) ‘Twins at W.« a week. Day boardEUOa week. 4# DearbonuL, Ncxth Side, within fire minute* ct •be Court Bocae. pOARDINQ—SingIe rooms, $5: two in 2J3andt*« near state- T>OAWDING--A furnished room, smt- JLJ able for a gent:roan and wire. or two itagle e®. Semea. Apply at 174 West Washlagton-t. lurmahed rooms XJ3 _w]thboard, oaflm floor, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gents, at IS7 Wabasb-ar Bs “‘ ema ° T>OARDINQ—At No. 7 East RandnlnU XX »t- Good size front room, well famished: aUj. i 13oaxU &Hantrti. T>OARD—a gentleman and wife want JL3 two we]l-fuml»pe' roc ms, wlft b-ard, ea*t of «*t*-sn, between sixteenth and Twratf-»lxih-»ts «ffV-«?Jn ?ei ‘ 20 ort,er Address - BOARD T>OARD— By a lady in a nri- XJ vatcamiy. Where but few baan>» are lit; fßarf)htcra. F?.?A^ L ?r°, nc •omecn-hotse porta -7 A ,SIS?Sfe?g w “fiUTM BBor’feg SALE—steam Engines— i, r r. 10, aland JWwrw portable,and all Mlaaof kSL ucnary engine*, dreular Efc f"’ "J SSffW !»»=■ SJ; lets and eleratop machinery hunt ti nm«- AkDS’ IKON WORK?. 19U ‘ “*»■ FOR bAJiE —Siding nulls, circular saw mills, Woodworth planing and matching m«_ thine*, rarf.cert atd all kinds ot F.K.JEII'SE, Flulttl irao^^wSSf’* and 76 ffe*t comer oTjeiSmT* 7 * SALE—Three 8-faorse power tin .right caclnt*; also its horizontal "meter*, A 10 «d ttberae power. Lxrxxr or unwiiw irbed with orwlthont boUera. U, M, ribniar and locomoure boHen tor sale. batma2? Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and PlamogMaSana* bawToills, barrel and wood-working Kaorr*. belting, saws,file*. *e. tarbom-i'L, Chicago, GREESLEE BROS. ACo *** Xj'Oß SALE—A oce hundred horse- JL power engine. Also, engines and boiler* nt.n belting c f iiiSStoF qSllt?? ftorubte K°? SAI.E—Two Woodworth Planer JT and matcher. 3“H. Smith's pateav* re^swln^ * aisSSafso.