Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, December 19, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated December 19, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EGRfIPE, Last Evening’s Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. Comments of ilie London Press on the President’s Message. Betti ament of Difficulties Batwean the United States Minister and the Pope. Imporlan International Tele graph Arrangement. Reported Resignation of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. PROM WAiiGTON. Cotton and Woollen Mannfactnres at tbe South. Amount of Heavy Ordnance in Government Possession. COMB. Senator TnunlraU’s Speech on the Reorganization of Rebol State Governments. Senate Debate on the Bill for the Admission of Nebraska FROM MEXICO. JMaiimilian will Try His Fortunes a While Longer. He Wilt Issue a Call for a National Congress. THREE RAILROAD ACCSDEHTS IK TENNESSEE. Six Persons Killed and a Large Number Wounded. FROM EUROPE* BY OCEAN TEtECntPU. Losoou, December IS—l p. m. The President's message has Just arrived by ; steamer, it is the general topic. Tbe press comment vanoasly upon it. Tbe statement* regarding finance are well re -calved, bnt the President's remarks abont the Fenians are considered weak and tame. Loroou, December 13. Articles of agreement and of alliance oztemlve ana defensive were executed yesterday between the famous Renter New* Company and the Special Agent of the Untied States and European News Association of New York, to go Into effect January Ist, ISC7. Thu Renter News Company of London sustains the same relations to (he press cf Europe as the New York Associated Pres > has heretofore sustained to tbe press of America. Ihe New York Associated Press' special agent despatched to London to secure exclusive rela tions with the Renter Company, failed to secure .ane object ot his mission, n>e Renter pre ferring to ally ttaclf with tbe popular News Asso ciation of which Mr. Craig Is manager, rather than the ftfttt and wunld-be monop dials <,f the New York “ring.” Alter the Ist of January the European news of the United States and European News Association 'rill be considerably Incrcaicd in quantity, and, through the Renter Agency of London, the news of Europe, Asia and America will appear simultaneously in the London Tui\t (, New York World, the Western Associated Press aid all other Journal* briougiag to me above Asso ciation. London, December 18— Evening. Tbe report comes from (be continent that the condition of the Fumch fortifications on tbe fron tlet of Germany is being looked a‘lcr, and that tbeir strength is likely (o be mateitally increased, routes. Paius, December 1-—Evening. U is reported lo official quarters, and with tbe . appearance of ti nth, that the Marquis dc Modeller, First Minister lor Foreign Affairs, has tendered hU rerisnatlon to tbe Emperor Napoleon, and it ha* been accepted. Ills successor is stated to be M. do inralette, the present French Minister of tbe Interior, ana tke temporary predecessor of M. de Moustlcr in the petition to wbicb be U said to be lent ally appointed. ITALT. Roue, D*-cemb;rlS—l p. m. Cardinal AotonclU bas settled tbe oifllcaliv be tween our Minister, General Ring, and tbe Tope, satisfactory to both panic*. it 1» ela'cd that tbe Pope misunderstood Minis ter King. rntxiA. Dublin, December!?—l p. m. The National German Conference commenced its cessions here to-day. acsthia. Vienna. December IS—p.m. It Is said that the Austrian Government, haring failed in laclr efforts to reconcile tbe variances ootween tbe different races within tbe Empire, will leave them to effect a solution of tbe subject . for themselves. Latest Ferciza Jinrkrt*. loxnox. Dovmber IS—l'p. m. Consols, for money; 5-23*. 7ijf; Illinois Central. TT.u ; Erie, t'A- LxTKnrooL, Drcember IS—Ercalns. - TberoUonm%rket was active and buoyant to-day. aad an advance of li of a penny per pound aiced «.mi ootalmd. SaW amooct to ?0.000 lialca, oa a baMs ofltxdfor middling uplands, which was the current cjnctallon a; the close of business. Lxveepool, December IS—Evenlnc. Tbe breadstuff* martet u unchanged. Western mixed American corn sold to-day at Sis per quarter. iToritlocs are quiet, and without alteration In rates. 'H e petroleum market la steady at ls7#ddUSi per gallon for Pennsylvania refined. MiaaiPiP, December IS—Evening. The market ter goods and jams sympathizes with the advance In cotton at Liverpool, and Is firmer and prices are a trifle higher. Losooxv, December IS—Evening. The money market 1* easy. Consols ciosei at a»i< lor m-ney. Lospox. December I?—Errafnff. Tbe market tor American aecarlilc* It »tr»Jy with sn advance of j.c In lillnol* Centrals. The otßdal qactatlona at the close of basinets to-day acre u tol - Wfc, Tljf; ErVe,4l)»; Ulinol* Central, ia. BY 91A1I* Tfcrrnmlt or the Aaaiuwla Snmit-**nlt Actlul the French Builder* ol Uebet Crolum. Kew Youx, December IT.—Further official ad vices. received from Europe, Increase la mlemity the icterestot the narrative of the pursuit of Sur ratt alter hls escape from Home. The suit against S*. Armaud, at B'lrdreux, U vigorously prosecuted. It will be remembered that this perron, doling the rebellion, built two rums for the Confederate Government, which were never delivered to the agent of that Government, their departure being prevented by Louis Napoleon throogh fear of creating a rap ture with the United States. The soils are to re cover the amount paid St. Armand by the Con federate Government, fhe deposit of 15-I.OTO francs, as noted in a cable despatcu a few days since, but erroneously repotted at {3Q.IMUUO, la merely on account of legal expense*, and prelim inary to a judgment In favor of the United States. FROM, Vi ASUISGTOS. Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wajihsgtos, December is. StSiTOB TBCTIBCXX’S STCCCH. The speech made this morning by Senator Trumbull, in presenting the great Louisiana pe tition asking Congress to give that State a roonb liom form of UovcmnunL, attracted marked at tention from me lull Senate, and la canceled by that body to be the best and most noticeable (•perch of the re-salon thua far. Ue claimed th u Conerors had complete power lathe premises, And took strong groundi In favor of setting a»id« the dUlojal and oppressive Stale Governments cotv existing !n the Sooth. tiTiBT or scrauiaejti cusss. A committee representing the clerks of the va rlr.w Government Departments, bad a long inter view with the Ways and Means Committee this meriting, with reference to an Increase of salaries. They ask for an advance of one-third, to date from the commencement of the last fiscal year, and desire the hid to be paased before the holi day*. Chatman Morrill gave tnem to understand that the committee unanimously favored an in crease In the compensation of clerks, but that the bin could not be pnt through before the holidays* recess. What rate of increase will be recommend cd by the committee Is not known, but U is nn likely that they will comply fully with the wishes f the cle-ke. «ovzes»»* «nn AOAISBT Tnuscn eon* BUILD EUS. A cable teiegram of the 14th Instant, from 3’»Mf announces that suits have been commenced is. the First Tritmcat of the Seine for the recovery <•( eOmetwo and a quarter million of franc*, lalrlv bclocgicC 1° the Confederate Government. TLla money was paid by Confederate age:** for the budding of a number of meo-of-war to one Stannssd, a ship builder at Bordeaux. The * cs ae’i. It «a* alleged at the lime, were intended for tlu ore of the Emperor of China, although real!/ jit-adtdfotihc Confederate Gorenuuejit. Ibey r^T.t!2LM d "OW Pr«C«4b S , tnsi noted for lie roeortty ofth- -nrthuo mom r. _ . OBSSAXCX FTXTITOOi. of fL ,b * Hoom ***** b * Chtaf ° ~® . Ordnance Bama of the N»tj Department. SSL lhat Dfp * rtoent »ow an aggregate 5J* 8 «“»» “d howltxera. great and «wii. are distributed aa follow*: iiSS23fr.!S™ New to.k ** ?! lledelphU ’.’.V.’.VV J *2fj Warhlng-on "“..V: "V" 51 Norfolk . fri Peneaeoit |ii **•« is JefTereoa Bar adu *. *'* ,$j The aggregate of guns at there yard* iVkfiZfr ardhe«a Cß the«the Department ha* on resreli' LKfigunaof all kinds aid caitbre*, maklapa grand aggregate of _ ixcmnoK to xrw osizixa. P«rfy Senator* and Hcrre?rrtall'es bare hem U.goou toeCongieatlonal excursion to New Oilcans. They will #Urt next Friday ex pect to be six day* on the route, and to spend three days in New Orleans. General Workload. Special Agent of Ibe Post Office DoparttatnL baa charge of the arrangements. XESUASKS ADKIB6IOX wtt.t. Ttc debate on the NebruVs bill bu occupied the heat part of three days in the Senate, probably without changing the views of aelnglo Senator Its friends mean to press it to a vole to-morrow! vote** doub^css P* s ** bul by a two-thirds uouwiocjj statistics. The cnticil report of the LfehfUmu. Board ““*• that the number of II;;Iris hr the rebels ou tlu-r'ooUient coasts darloa the oar ICJ, of wblcli 14 hare been rebuilt or roiioired and relighted. * rAitooszzi. Tlo President to-day pardoned Hon. Humphrey Walthall, of Kentucky. He has decllccd to be a candidate for the United Stares Scnalorehlp from his Stale. His flmaclas a loyal man 1» to b- the prosecution ot somebody for confiscating and selling bis law Hhiary. He now thinks this some body will be Enoch Carson, of Cincinnati Korrm canouxa BEBsxsctiEitxßs. The condition of.ifiains In North Carolina may be infer red from a conversation in which certain leading politician* at Calblgh were unfolding thdr Plans, the substance of which was to prevent nay man who claimed lo be loyal from ever being elected to office in tae State. GOVT USX E3T BCILDOJCS. The Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department, in bis report laid before Coagresi to-dey, says of the Custom House at Ciucbmatl that R 100 small for the wants of tbe Govern moot, and is badly situated. Ha recommend* to sell, and the erection of a soluble fire proof building of sufficient sire. The Custom House at Louis, he Also says, is utteilv unfit for the purposes for which It is used, and be also strongly rccommcnt* its sale, am] U»o erection of a building Isige cnourti to accommodate nil the civil offices of Ibe Govern- Dienl in the city. The Custom House at Toledo will soon be flulated, and the lot will be graoed am fenced. The Custom House at Cleveland is telig thoroughly repaired, except tbe ioof, which it ts hoped will last a few seasons longer. Ine Custom House and grounds aiDu buqne. are about finished, am! ihe architect is much pleased therewith. Ibe Marine Hospital at Cleveland is being remodelled and thoroughly repaired, and it u thought that the hospital wHL when completed, compare frvonbly wlthany be longing to the Government. The Maiinc Hos pital at Louisville, he say.-, fr aOmlf ably located, but has been abandoneo in consequence of tbe absence of drainage, and he strongly recommends Ihalthc building be placed la thorough repair and again occupied The Court House at Indianapolis will have a new roof a f copper and stone, and be placed in thorough repair- The Court House at Sprinfleld, Illinois, has regressed slowly, but the work is well done ana Le bopca the building may be com-i.eted next year. The architect says plans are preparing for the Custom Honse at Cairo and the Marine Hos pital at Chicago, It was Intended to co n aicnce operations at these points thi- Cal] but toe delay In ohtibmg title has prevented. * He bogie* that the difficulties will be overcome, and matters arranged before spring. Tha Military Committee ha* agreed to report favorably upon the proposition to donate the buildings and lum ber at Camp Chase to the State, to bo used for toe benefit of the Asylum of Idiots. DiscovacT or siLvza Mores. Information has been received at the Interior D epartment of tbe discovery of a number 01 rich «lvcr lodes In Colorado. Prom an assay ofaomo of the ore taken out. it is estimated to bo worth upwards of Sao,CU» per ton. tmux asuctties. Miauiuiip, Ihe Commissioner of Indian Afialrs to day nude the award* ot contracts lor furnishing In dian goods dot log the ensuing year. .N. Francis fates, of New York, received the contract for fur nishing blankets and clothes; J. V. Farwcll & C°., of Chicago, are to Iknlsb'thejdiy goods, and S. C. linnt, of Su Louis, the ha*dware. the cuotie cosocEssroxAi nsronrs Tlic debate In ifco lloase IhU afiarnoon brooebt ont (be fact that the Government is paying $56 006 annually for tho Conrjrettionat Globe. ’ It appeared that the appropriation wa«, as nsnal, passed m varlons Items, through the IxgUlatloo 810, and many members were snr* prised to find that tho amount was so large. No body could tell whether this sum was paid In ac cordance w ith a contract or not, and In fact there seemed great ignorance all aronnd as to tho rcli lions between Congressandihcpaper. -The Print* li.g Committee will look Into the matter, and <ec if it li* medfnl to snstatc the Globe at this price much lonrcr. PCTKbn.VJLSIA BESATOusurp. Simon Cameron and Governor Cnrtln are here i.«joiiiM trti <h* Pann.vUauta ‘Scnaloiahlp. rueraßED ron aw oießucm. Now lists and long ones arc already being pre pared in the treasury Department of successors to such Collectors and Assessors as It will fall In confirmation. the caursux-euEnuax mission. Nothing Is positive* known at General Gnat's Ln-aaqcarlcrs concerning Ibe stop undo by Gen eral Sherman and Minister Campbell off the month cfltcliisstwlppl. Tbo supposition, however,ls .bat It was lor the pnipose ot commnMcating \rl h ihe Slate Department and obtaining instructions to meet tbe changed condition at affairs. PAT AND WIIXAOS OP CONGXUCSaXEN. Washington, December 13.—it is understood ;hat tbe llonse Judicla»y Committee hare had under consideration tbe bills introduced by Mr litwrence.lo reduce tbo pay and mileage oi mem bers of Congress, and have concluded not to re commend them, as tbe whole subject was passed upon by the constituents of the members in tbe last election. COITON ASH WOOIXEK BASCPACTCEE3 IK TgE SOLTO. Statistical tables show a large increase in cot mu sad woolkn manufactures In the South Gc»igia bas no w sevccij-elghl factories, many of l cm of the first class, and engaged In tinnufac airing calicoes as well as tbe .coarser muslins and woollen gOi-ds. There are also t-cven large evab- I’-bmcnts In tbe coarse ol erection in northern Mississippi. mrsmuocs vests. Oflkiol Information has been received from E. E. Peck, Esq., United State* Minister Resident at ilsyii, of the coming ashore at Dorgcnc, about twenty miles west of Cape Hayden, on the lltn al*., of an American brig laden with timber, and In a dismantled and abandoned condition. There were ro indications a- to time or place of the de parture, or the destination of the vessel. Her place oiball was shown by tbo word “Norfolk” on her stern. She, as well as tbe cargo, will be told, cud tbe proceeds held by the Government, subject to tbo claim of parties interested. CtXOLBR* AT CONSTANTINOPLE. The following Interesting letter has been ro- Cvivid at the Department of State: op toe United States. i Constantinople, November IS. 195 ! . f lion. W. D. Seward, Secictary of State: Sin: 1 regret to bo obliged lo announce the reappearance of cholera at Constantinople. It lircke ont a few days ago ai Autopom, a neigh boring village on tbo Bosphoron*, and out of twelve cases in ibal locality np to the d&u, eight trroi'nvted faulty. Font case* and two deaths have also occurred at the Arsenal on the Golden Horn, from whence it extruded itself in the sum mer of IS(m over the whole city. One death of appoplcuc fondioraat cholera Ip reported ficm UeOrk. Tne disease at prevent threatens to take an epidemic form. It' i. t-Uould become epidemical It must be Tory fetal, at ILO wmlet is generally of a very rode tern peratuie, aud much tuffierlng exists In conse quence among the population, the great hulk of which live in miserable tenements and are stunt ||y dad, and illy provided with the necesairies of life It is hoped wo are not to witness a reposi tion of the honors of IFC3. when 50.C00 people were swept o 2 in six weeks by this scourge of hu manity. 1 am, fir, very respectfully, yoor obedient ser vant, E.J. Moons. rAUDOKB. Was ms trro ?>. December 18—The President ha# tardoued Egisto Dclabome, convicted at the r tbroary term of (he District Court of Now Jer sey for having in his possiwslon cocnterfeit Uni ted States bank notes, and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Since the conviction of DoUborne tacts bare come to the knowledge of iheJcdge and District Attorney showing that Ddabomo was a victim of a conspiracy, and inno cent ofthecharge. The President has ordered the pardon and re mission of the fine of U'llaml Derain, convicted at the last term of the United States District Coart of Massachusetts end sen ten red to a fine of 3 ,5U3 and to stand committed till the fine was Paid, on n charge of smuggling. The pardon Is <rankdon the assurances of the District Anorner and many i>thet respectable atirent In mitigaion of the cir cumstances. WQISECT XS9PCCTOBS WSJtISarD. Four Inspectors of distilleries In New York and Philadelphia were dismissed to-day tor neglect ol duty. A number otothera will aoon be dis nlssed lor a similar cause rxsßiowa. The Secretary of the Interior has decided upon an anpllcadou for an increase of pen»lo-i, that where the disability for which such increase I* caused is not at the time such ss wonll entitle the claimant, although tending thereto, U cannot be allowed. The Sec ctary save when the disability on which Is the claim for an met case of pension is prospecuve u does notccme within the limits of the law. JJLMD t-Al-Ca. . . Rctnma received at the General Land Office rhow the dlipo'il of orer 47,000 acres 01 ths pmi lic landa at the Ean Claire, Ww.. office for the mcßlb of NoTeml>cr. The public land* tn*»U* rn«.»ln are bclnß located and settled pretty rapidly. tsTzrejo. ctvnrcm asenrra. The receipt* Com internal Revenue to-day were $407, CM. CAPITAL Or ViTlOlil UKO. WuuuiCTos. Dkcdidct IS.—lt U •uiedlhit* protoMUcu will bo made by a prominent m iinbcr to increase the acjT'ocate capital of Natrioal ttaiiUa to fSOO,a i O,OPu, lie object belne to coauter act tbe cfiect of Secretary McCulloch’sconlriciloD thcoty. Thai. Stevens -is said to approve the tchcoe. lie stronclj advocates abolishing atix on State Bank notes. FUZE SCUOOLB fOU till HIFTEICT or COLUMBIA. A rumor la current that the Senate District Committee propose icportlng a hill providing ihat there shall be no exclusion of children from tie public echools of the District of Columbia, on account of race or color. TDK TBrEICDMIXT nESOLDTIOS. It is generally admitted by the Republic*™ that Mr. Ashley’s resolution to impeach the Pre-idem will pass, and Id that event tl is said an effort wiU be made to prevent him from exercising lb? func tions of bis oSice, pending the charges Utttmay be preferred against him. cadi*cr xrsrmo. ainuiu. The regular Cabinet meeting 10-diy was attend ed by all the members except Secretary Stanton, who is absent trom the city. The North Carolina difficulty with General Sickles was under consid eration. BXPOBT IK srnniL A statistical return read at the Bureau of Sta tistic* to-day, from a Gorerament official in New Mexico, was written entirely in Spanish, the witter bcing.tmabte to speak or write the English language. ' m-iBBTS or avrnm cotntr ccwiom, Tbr Supreme Court Las prohibited 6iesocn?& ers from taking solos of decisions as as sconced. th* cumuwct Quwnojr. Notwithstanding no jaihorbaUons for National citikf tare been made for alone Ume.ajpllci- Ilona lor men arc canhslnj made W the acllno Comptroller of the Currency. The MM for 'final i»lng the d-stitboron of the National Bankcarren ct protoitfs to reduce the circulation of Ihc large bsnU« in order to adord a margin of iwcnty-flvc millions for allouaent at the South. Of coorec u VOL. XX. inrete * ith a good deal of opposition from such Mnks. fiber* Is not the slightest probability of UJiigrees favoring any forthennflation of the car. rency: on the eentrary, the tendency Lj decidedly towards Ila Judicious contraction. cononxsumc assure. .wsnj members have left tbe city, and will not r. mm until after ibe holidays. There Is scarcely * quorum of either honte present. There will be no legislation of importance, therefore, till after the recess. nreomtanoK coxcmoxo hatioxal saxes. Mr. Hnrlbmd. acting Comptroller of ibe Cur acy. responded to a resolution of the House, call ng for Information regarding the National Banks, which, it was alleged, baa failed to com ply with the provisions of the law, req airing a re serve of money. He rays on October Ist. filly ranks « ere more or lees deficient In their reserve. immediately notified in accordance With the law, not to increase their liabilities by marine tew Kona or discounts, outer loan dt discounting or parebasmg sight Pill* of exchange, nor make any dividend or their profits atfll the required rc «rr« of iawfol money was restored. Special £ta.fcmcnte under oath, once a week frr four cou aecmlve weeks were abo demanded, und In every ■ case the returns were prompt and satisfactory, statements are now made only quarterly. The act ing Comptroller recommends that they be made monthly, exhibiting the condition of the bank, and be farther thinks the result would he salutary If the hanks of New York, Boston and Pnltidef pbia would arrange It ao as to report each week, through a dealing house, such banks as migbt be deficient. xvxictrix xenox. Wasuctotok. December IS.—ln the Board of Aider men, last night, a joint resolution was Intro duced, preying Congress to repeal all acta estab lishing-be present GovcrnmcD: of the District, u.d m king the appointment and consolidation of ihv municipalities under them. Many Congress men uho voted for tbehnfiruge BIU privately ex press themselves in favor or a mode of govern ment ilmllar lo the above. „ _ TUI BITXXDX naws. Tie Committee of Way-end Means have com menced a revmlon of tbe Internal Revenue laws, and will conclude their labors during the session, to ns lo report a bill when Goncreas reassembles UiJanuery. It is believed that toe rate of taxa tion will be materially reduced on many article*, and possibly on cotton. me rosrxi. TEUcztapn semnre. roitmtslcr General Randall favor* the scheme ofconstreningand wo'klngtbe tel.graph lines as a part of tie postal facilities of toe count: y. i'cc-c is an evident disposition In Congress to d arge of toe wires. . BECBtOJt. A special from Washington says the decision of the supreme Court in thcYndiaua conspiracy case. l» regarded as indicatory mat toe Court will not favor extreme opinions on political questions. „ mrxsrmiESTusoOLCTiojv. roe Ashley impeachment resolution will even tually past. It looks to a general investigation rather than Imptachment. > TBE GLOBE COKOBESSIOXAI HTPOnT*. WaanuiGTOK, December IS.—Unite a contest has sprung up In toe House in an effort to stnke out of the general appropriation bill the large sum pohlisning debates la Congress ”} ,h « dully The effort, however, will fall. Mr. Hale, of New York, raid if there was to be un> change, be favored leaving all reporting to Euvalc enterprise. The Committee on Finance eve agieed lo take ao vote on the bill until after toe holidays. COSGKLStiIOSAL PROCEEDINGS. WAsmjoTos, December iS, SENATE. Mr. JGfiNSGN proyrttctT'lh® credentials of il’hO .r J .°vS B * Scna,cr elect from Arkansas. 1-B'd on ILe table. >lf. M’MNKIt presented a memorial from the Lrlon Leagued Aorlolk, Va., proles ing against the policy ol the accidental President, and asking . c ,*pP olnun eQl °f Judee UnJemoo* aa Temt<£ rial Gorc-mor of \ irginia. Kuierved. Mr. TltU.MßUU.preienifdamenjo la) of white loyailsisot Louisiana, asking lor th. overthrow o.theexistlrg State bovemmert tacie, ana the eslubiithii'cci ol a provisional Govern meat in stead. The memorial is signed by Governor «* ells and other j.romlacnt persona. Mr. UtUMBUIJ. spoVoat some length on tho i snl-ject embraced in the petl’ion. He said it the statements made by the memorialists, who were o> high character, were true, then Congress ought to take immediate action tor the protec lon of tne loyal people o< Louisiana, lie said that the mnr ccn of loyal men were Increasing In frequency, and the lives, liberties and happiness of the freed men were dcrei.denton toe caprices of the dis loyal, and neither white loyalist* nor treedmen could obtain Jn>Ucc in civil courts. He thought the Government ahonld interfere to pro tect loyal men in their rights. Coo* Ctess had ail power In' the rebellious Stales under the Constitution to place then In the Lands of loyal men. He claimed that by this re bellion lucre Southern States Lad lost their rights, but were none the less amenable to lbe laws that had been broken and to the Jurisdiction of the General Government. The hostile movements in* annotated by tne rebels bad been overthrown, but this by no means restored the SlatcJGoremmenu. Tteyhsd been subverted and destroyed years a~o by rebels, and th«e was not an officer in existence under them. Before they cunld resume the rela tions as States of the Onion. State Governments must be Inaugurated. He deued the right of fhe President to attempt to restore th< tn through Provisional Governors.or that be bad any authority to organise them or to take any steps in relation thereto, unless In pur suance of some low previou.-lv passed by Con gress. Iti concluding lie remarked that the pre sent orgarlai itne bad failed to ansne*- the pur pose to- which they were cs'aldlshed, and It was • mircly competent for Congress to Ignore them, end organise otLers on sncKpiiocipics as would secure the nec-udo&cy 01 V»l and Uepnbticau principles. Lonieisna had rebelled and now her disloyal people must accept the Cite which awmt* every people who wickedly and without cause encage In rebellion. The memorial was referred to the Committee on Heconstniciion. _ Mr. DAVIp. ofKy., saldhe supposed tbo Sena tor most have thought be vvai addressin- the Lccfslatnre of Illinois. Uehaa read the views of the senatorV competitor for bis seat in the Senate, hot was confident the Senator was more worthy »rid bored be wonld ho elected. There wore in the States an insignificant anmbor of Radicals who desired to seize the Government, bn: were too weak lo do it themselves. Mr. TRUMBULL angrily retorted, saying ho bad not shaped bis course lor a re-election, and re gretted tbo Senator (Dans) conld never rise above peifonal consideration*. Mr. 3UMNEH, of Mass., from the Committee on Forelr n Relations, reported a joint rcsolntion ten dering the thanks of Congress to Cyrus W. Field, nltb the recommendation that it be passed; also, a bill to prevent falreand fraudulent inducements lor emigration from the United SlaUs to foreign cottbDles. Mr. WILSON presented a protest from Mr*. D. S. Grant and others, of the Soldier*' and Sailors* llcmc, against the houm bill csuoli-hmg a new Boaid oi Directors for that institution. The Committee on Finance asked to be dis charged tvom further con*ldrailon of the petition of clerks of Government departments for Increased compensation, which was granted. Mr. EDMUNDS, of Voimont, on leave, intro duced a bill to prevent illegal voting In the Dls met ol Colombia, making illegal voting a penal offence. Mr. POMEROY, of Kansas, on leave, introdnced a bill to equalize the circulation o' currency tn ibo :-cvirsl Stales and Terriorics, wbicb was rclcrrcd to tbe Committee on Finance. On notion of Mr. WADE, of Ohio. tb~ Senate proceeded to tbe consideration of tbo bill for the admission of Nebraska as a State. Tbe pending question was on tbe amendment of Mr. Brown, of Mo., piovldirg there should be no restriction ol suhrage on account ol race or color. Mr. WADE hoped to see tbe dar when that principle wonld prevail over every State in tbe Union. Itbad been said that there was a prece dent for thus limiting the rights of a State coming into the Colon, bat it bad ocen condemned by the most distinguished legal men. Another principle was, tbe General Government bad no right to fix the privilege of votlus in a State, always accept ing Mates that bad forfeited their rights. There was no doubt of the Jurisdiction where tbe Stale bed been in rebellion. Mr. SUMNER asked If, In i's discretion, a State might not refnse this, is a fit case for rejection, under tbe circumstances. Mr. WADE said that was the question now to be decided, and that Congress baa the power, and be thought it was more important that loyal Ter ritories should be admitted tban disloyal States, lie raid that Nebraska wonld be nn to nigh water mark In tbe permit of human rights, and be warud to strengthen her by admission. It might l*e right to fix this condition on a slave State, but roll lr.c could be more unlike than a slave Slave that t ad forfeited its rights and a loyal Territory seeking admission. Many of those States bad re jected the magnanimous terms offered, and when they reject those (eras bo was In favor of severer ones. Mr. SUMNER said be thought these Stale Gov rmnfrt! were to far valid that they conid pro on a Constitutional Amendment Mr, WADK replied that vougreas had breathed the breath ot 111•. into them, bat without they ac cepted tie amendment it was void. He depteca ted tbo Idea of cetding this Lilt back to the peo ple. and a Cloned that both by population and re tourcc* Nebraska was entitled to admission as a Slate. jl». COWAN of Pennsylvania spo'.e at some length of the qnaUflcutlons of a Stale. A State was a corporation limited by the cuaner which created lu Hcwould a?k the Senator fron Onto whether a State could commit treason f Mr. WADE sold pci sort In a statu canid com mit treason, bnt a State having no soak as the fating Is, could tot. Ur < OTC AS a«ked whether a SUI« could com mit any other crime which Us charter forbade J Could a Slate rebel? That was the great question now agitating the country. The officials of a State bad so authority as such officials, to do that which was forbidden hy their Constitution and laws. If they had, and could Iftvolvo him to the coceeancsois, he wished to know It. He would rental the question, which was a plain one. ili. WAVE said what a State could or could not do was not the question, but the admission of a COWAN said he nnderstood It was the doc tilne of the Senator that a State could commit su it Ide. Could It be so In any other senso than that a Ststcwsa sovereign. Was it not obvious that there must be a double allegiance ? If this waa -o the time should bo fixed when Slate allegiance ttors and National allegiance begins, which alle giance should be rxacted of the people of* Nebraska. If the allegiance of citizens was net direct, but existed thron®h the *tatr, bow could individuals be punished as rebels The great question was whether they were rebels or not. lie was of the opinion that the Constitution was an ordinance of toe people broneb their Stale organisation, and (o wbleu owed direct and personal allegiance and * Mr. HOWE asked if persons who were forced itto the rebel army had remmlUed treason. Jlr. COWAN said be would be wiping to argue the question bc'ore the Senator as Judge, on the fchjrct of compulsion. .... , Mr. HOWL held It to be the duly of every American citizen to die rather than commit trea- " O Mt. COWAN asked, hi a serio-comic maimer, whether he would die and go be knew pol where? Mr. HOWE said be asked where they were go iC to argue the legal question, saying that no Government could punish Us cllircns for treason, when It tailed to glye then protection. Only such as willingly commit treason could legally he Pttn ithed, and all dlir.cna bad a . nebt to l.c hied hr law. This pro.eclion to the clli «ns wat the wuf pro quo for allegiance, lie op* pored Ihe admission of Nebraska. Mluonucs of Slates were not represented here, whit eicater rights had Nebraska than those minor- Ulrs? It was sot claimed that a Slate Govern* meat was necessary to the people of that Tem* tory, or that their laws have not been properly administered, hot that she soarht to be admitted because It would strengthen the bands of those inpowerwho are nowlmtaentcly in the major* tiy. He ofered an amendment to (he amend* nient pioviding that the people o( Nebraska, when admitted, should owe allegiance solely to ihc UnUcd States, and that IheyeouU never set up a foreign co cmmrt.t, air. POOUTTLK said there was not sufficient evldacce either that the people in Nebra*ka de sired admission, or that there was snfOcient popu lation to Justify IL The Convention did not form a Constitution, or submit one to the pcon’e. He believed they were opposed to any Constitution, and therefore the enabling act expired. Subse quently the legislature formed a Constitution, and they did not even know if the people were in lavor of it. tor there were no election laws in existence, and no one could he punished for illegal voting. It > was stated that two companies of lowa troop* hid voted at that ■ clecUot. Thu, with other alleged frauds, made R doubtful whether the people of tha> Territory desired aamisuuu. Ihe population c-rrtanilv did not exceed 50,«C0. For these reasons he wonld voleagaiQtl the amendment and lh“ bib, uuleia on amendment were adopted refening the matter back to the people for their ratification. Mr WADE gave notice that be woofd to-mor row press the matter to a final role On motion the benate went into executive ses sion, and soon afterward adjourned. BOUSE. of Ipd.. Introduced a resolution re qncfilng the President, if not incompatible with ton public Interests, to communicate to till* House all corre pondcLce on the subject of the evacua tion of Mexico not heretofore officially published, which was agreed »o. Air. BItANDAGEE, of Conn., introduced areso lutlon directing the Committee on Nava! Allaire to Inquire into the burning of the iron-clad New lionsldc*, which was agreed to. «i.??i e iFS Jir order having been demanded, the hi LAKER proceeded with ihe call of toe commit tees for reports. .K-n.i. , i“n E l, of l owt < bo “ Committee*on the Pacific Railroad, reported frvo’ibly on a bill granting lands for*, railroad from Puget's bound to Co mahla River. A O." * ome discussion, the consideration of the hill was postponed. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, from the Judiciary Com mittee, asked that u be discharged from tbe far ther consideration of the joint resolution for the PJ 0 - 1^011 °/ citiaens oftlis Untleo Slates, and be referred to the Committee on Foreign Mr. UcRUEK. from the Committee on Public i-ands, reported back favorably the Senate bill of last s.eston, amending the act granting lands to the state of Oregon, to aid lo the construction of a miliary railroad from Eugene City to the east ern boundary of said State. The morning hour ha nag expired, the bill went over until to-morrow, discussion, between Mr. oppo** Ibe hIU, ana Messrs. of Cal., and McRCER, of Cal., who Jfihfiiga Ua.psssage, and while the question was pending, the morning hour expired, and the hill wrnt over until to-morrow, 1 he SPEAKER laid before tbe Houses commu nication trom tbeSecreiarrof the Treasury iraus muting the names of iho persons employe! In the crat service, with a statement of the expenditures of ta!d office, l-ald on the table. The SPEAKER presented a communication from the Secretary of the Navy, transmitting a eUitrmcnt of ordnance stores on hand. 3he SPEAKER announced the Select Commit tee on Dirt ctTax and Forfeited lands, ordered by ihe yesterday, as follows: Meesrs. Conk ling. Donnelly, Dawes, Schofield, and Ha.-Juic. of Kentucky. Mr.bLOAN, of Wrs., Introduced a Joint resotc t lon ext- rdlng the time for the completion of the Fox and Wisconsin Rivera extension, which took the rame rxlertme. An act to amend an act to regulate the time and manner cl holding election for Senators and Dele gate* tn Congress, approved-July S 3. I*};, wasre fened to toe Committee on the Judiciary. Mi. FERRY presented the memorial of an Agri cultural Society ofMltolgaa, protesting against toe giannug ot land for a railroad trom aan Fran cisco to Humboldt, »>r any otoi r disposition of toe pnbllc lands, except for homestead purposes. Re ferred to the Commll'eo on Public Lands. Mr. STOKES presented a petition from the col orertpeople of Tennessee, lor toe removal of all political incQUaliUea on account of race or color. Referred to the Committee on Reconstruction ‘“to Committee of the Whole, Mr. LAWRENCE, of Pa., In the chair, and pro ceeded with iLe rui elderatlon ol the Gel-lame Executive'and Jnd.clal appropriations. * Mr. I.AFLIN, of N. Y’., ortervd an amendment forlheputpa«eof coteolidatingin one earn toe several Bpj.ropmllon» lor the GloOt. so that members mignt see at n glance what that t aper cost the country, a discus-ion nirung up. to which seActal members participated. Mr. LAI'UN subsequ- ntly withdrew hla mo tion. A notion of J!r. MAYNARD, to strike out the appropriations for pnntlnc the proceedings in the debt, wa< lost. Mr. FARNSWORTH moved to amend by add «?£»* , lbe cud of }°® Paragraph appropriating f for one complete set of the Congrettional OloVe for each Senator lu the Thirty-ninth Coo crea* who hia sot already received them. the fol rowing: “Provided that tio fur .her appropriation *.H C . * SC ? ade for *npplylng complete But* of the I'lobf at d Appmdlx to any succeeding Congees* Ibo amendment was agreed to. An amendment was agreed to citing notice tl.rt the Untied Stales will terminate Us contract for purchasing one act of the Globe for each mem ber at the close ol the Fortieth Congress. An amendment making an appropriation for the compensation of the Judges of the Court of Ualms, and providing It shall not be paid until fi"'eclM ieDla WCIe conflnned by Congress, was On motion of Mr. STEVENS, the committee then rose. Mr. JULIAN.of Ind., oflered the foUowlng resolution, which «aa adopted, vlx.: liitolrea. That the Committee on Ways and Means be instructed to Inquire into the expe diency of authorizing, or requiring, the appoint ment of female clerks In tho Executive Depart ments of the Government, with definite restric tions as to numbers and qualifications, and In every case to give precedence to wives, daughters and mother* of those who fought to preserve the Union Coring tbe late rebellion. The SPEAKER presented tbe resolution of the benato respecting the death of Senator Wright, when, after some remarks of Mr. rtx.*V£Lu ot hew Jersey, In refers ce to lbs deceased, thecur tomary resolutions of r.i-pcct were pa>*ed. The SPEAKER announced tho appointment of Mr. Bovc, of Pennsylvania, as a member of the Select Committee on tho New Orleans riots. In place of Mr. Denison, and tho House adjourned.

FROM CANADA* >nit Aenlnst tbe Rank of Upper Canada— Banquet to Western Vistturn-A Slum Fe nian Allaclt— Scheme to Teat Canadian Valor—The Fenian Trials. Toronto, December 18.—in tbo matler of the Bank of Upper Canada's failure, an action has been entered in the Court of Chanray against tnc nank. by 11. L. Hymc, on behalf of himself and oibtr Stockholders, for an amonnt of money ex pended in tbo purchase of stock by the Directors of (ho Dank, and asking to bold them personally liable lo (be stockholder* for the amonnt thereby expended Improperly. Tbo banquet to the delegatee from tbe Chicago, Milwaukee add Detroit Boards of Trade promises to be a brilliant aUafr. bwrereneno, C. E., December IS.—There was an alarm here this morning that the Fenians were comii’gto rescue the prisoners, and troops were got ont and marched to meet the foe. it proved to be a false alarm. It is now said it was got up t'i test the efllciciicv of the troops. 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IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Reduction in Prices of FURN I T U R BEDDING, MIRRORS, &c. FOR THIRTY DATS OIVLiYJ Preparatory to a change in business, commencing HOBDAY. December 10 The largest and best assortment of Eich, Medium and Common FEEHI TUEE ever offered in Chicago, all warranted, as canal, FIRST-CLASS a part of which MUST and SHALL be sold FOB CASH within Thirty Day.’ at pnees that DEFT AH COMPETITION Consult your own interests! can, (gamine goods, and see for yourselves. Prices reduced on all articles alike, without regard to cost. CHARLES TOBEY 87 89 STATE-ST., Chicago. jFinc HNITD HE—For the HOLIDAYS. The most complete ttoch ot PARLOR, CHAMBER, LIBRARY DINING-ROOM Furniture, FREHCH MANUFACTURE, " eare also In receipt of new Impart miens from EL” ROPE of SI I.KS KEP*, TEItUYg, FRENCH >TRlPfc>, EMBROIDERED COVERS, of colors, patterns and styles which Carnot be Found Elsewhere in the City. ITavlnn remodelled onr three tnrao Show Roams, we now offer la the public the above, with a central stock of Rich, Staple and Common Styles of Furniture NEW YORK PRICES, *hlcb are lower (ban are offered by any >iber bonne In the Went. Havioir a large stock on band, we arc de termined to offer sacb inducements ns will reduce it before the Ist of January next, re sardlcaa of cost. W. W. STRONG, 203 BandoTph-st. 203 Jj'URNITURE! Good and Cheap. HUGH ALEXANDER, IVO EAE&ST. itTowES rScS, on “ “ a 33oofeg for tj)g jQotftiaiis. JJOLIDAY GOODS! BE IIMSTEffID BOOKS. PRAYER BOOKS AND BIBLES In Elegant Binding. MIBB Mil In Fine Binding. elegant WRITING DESKS, In Great Variety. FINE STATIONERY stamped, TO ORDER. COBB. PRITCHtRD & CO., S 3 Lakc-st., THcgowr aoxrsa. RSadjtnrri). nDUNAPous, imuu DEALERS IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* Nrw Factorle* fornUhed with Machinery. Shafttn*. Engine*. I lana. Specification*, SaptrlntendesU aac* •xpert mad roll cards Alwiyi on hand. COTTOS WARPS & CARD CLOXHEiG 01 all kind*. XT Second-hand Machinery oa hard, fsr tale cheap. 'J'O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. MIEN mil. E, c. CLEVELAND «Sfc CO. JUNCTION SHOP. ■WORCESTER, MASS.. MascCACtnrm of Wocnen Machinery, u lollow*; .'■ rdie v Machine*asd Splnslne Jack*. irom new anc Sprowd pSStaas wool Picker a. Wool and ffuu Uniter*. Tam Spooler, and 1 am Drwalog arul Warp- IcrMacnlnes: Broad and Narrow (dti, bolh*inr!t at dconnleactln*; broad and Nairow Bnablne Ma chine*. VelretlßC. WltaeyliK and Ptlershata Flslib inc MacMn**, H/dro iSrtmctora and Com Dntm M&cblse*. Hycro*t*tlc asd Screw Pro>ca. Prru Platt 3>atwu IndJco Orlsdera, Rotary Fnllln* Mill*. Wait Sill*. Ooth, WlEdina and Measuring Machine*. SUdt Enjdnea. Card Grinder*. Ac. _ Our tScblow are all in rebetatUal and eupenot iron fram* *. and are warranted to he equal la every to any machine* made In the United States. inaddlUoriio above named machines of oar owl _i k « wear* prepared to famish Cromptan'a Looms, Parks A Woolioa's Shears, Steel Ring Bar Machines Irri Bcr Pickers. Card Ciothlnn. and manufacturer** “uinCTCW« makers* K>wmi price*, wta rat f. re ut, oar cnitomeri with machinery for Woollei Mills. complete*with promptse**, and at asfarorahu prtcMasaaJ other builder*. E. C. CUfTBLASD, Wrrrwter. Mau~ net. 51. USA J* M*. BASSETT. partnership. DISSOLUTION — The co-partnership bfr»totore known a* HATS A CHAPIN, 300 j. rautuallj «n**olTed »tn« Dec. 1.19«. Ail ‘rbr conaacttdbytheflmwlllbepaldbytbo&naer, rVe basirw win hereafter be o> ndaet*d by J. L n. yr—(.hapla remalnlnt tn ths eatabiiahmot tar the a.A.giScr. NUMBER 196 fHusical MUSIC. “Where are yon going so Fast Old Man J” A beautiful Song usd Cbona. Price, to cent*. The Old Musician and his Harp. . Cnoncs. J l rtns my hup to me again, me erne * grails »iraln- Ki ?^. Uemr once more. «e I P*»i to joo bright shore. ’ toSSSaggas jOreomiTco; PIANO FORTES I EQCiL K^^Q r ?lL V ySc T H°Sh^ rAL K ,wca nx?'fflVJK; sr* «■» ** THE H. M. HIGGINS & CO. PIANO Tc-»rS rt *’ C s«uu«JZ, rc,pcct ’ WimntiM tor fire i ' k “ c iHA.TUIOXIf SALESROOMS, 117 Raodolpli-st., (under Col. Wood’s ilnicnm ) plix« oPmuScT* TLe *“* >0 * CO - Ulas »tx beautiful jjjJUtiICALT A young gentleman wishes to rrocarc boud where INSTRUCTIONS IN MUSIC would be considered put compensation. Addreaa, “r-lAKIST.” Tribune Office. gOXGS AND EAI.LADSOP MILE PARKPA. So. I— Five O’eloeK In the Mortlne.. “ j—Whni We Went a Cleaning*--. 3fl “ 3—JTiy Wu ILojklng Oat? titf ~tsS&S!^. ,aui — j? - >8 “ S—l Cannot Sue the Old Songs ;{x “ 9—Orlere Jlot Per Me.....~ :T Just paDitsbed by SOOT * CAOT w Crosby's Opera Honae. Chicago. Ul. gEST ARE THE CHEAPEST ” LIGfITE’S PIANOS SHSSiSS Srtmrertf 0111 *^ 1 * 011 wlttl 0,6 moat celebrated maim* N. B.~Pianos sold on time. Payment received In In lot i.ew°t** BL »od-hAnd Plano* received In p.i.-hauce W. W, HIBZBAXsI., 63 Waahlogtop-at.. Cjilrnao. taiisiurgs fflarßsi QOiIJIIsSIOU HOUSE OF GEO. A. WHEELER & CO,, 84 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Cite iprcial mttenUoa to eotMrament, of DRESSED HOGS, Acdfnrnlihn‘ualfacl.lUes:hcrLDrtO &U who acnlr. All orders for 1 FLOIIB, CRAI.\ AND PROVISIONS Receive oor very best efforts to please. Property bought and belt!on margins, sod mid hcreorUxEa*;- rrp tr Sonthern market*. JTOBK, Hoc, Shorel ami Broom Handles, Horsc-rakc Teeth, Neck Yokes, lYLlffletrccs and Spokes. Ordtrsior above, for Immediate or spring delivery, lolkltcd from Jobbers. SMITH, FITZIirCH&CO,, crciuyAN, Michigan*. t CO., ‘-COMICiaBION WERCHAtTTg, Pnrch&ieacd sell Flour, Grain, ITnvlslans, Dreracd Uocv.dc. 211* SOUTH WATER-ST., CHICAGO. Beiertnce—Northwestern Nations: Bank. BROTHERS, 1200 & 271 East MILWAUKEE CHAS. H EICE & CO., 311 «*t 313 Sontli Wntor-et-, CIIIIIAGO, Produce C«m.miMloa Merchant*. Dealer* In Flour and Grain. Special attention ctven to the sale jf OreeseJ Hogs. Stu.aU lor marking and market rtports fur nl-lcdfre**. Q.ILBERT UPDIKE & CO.. General Commission Merchants FOB SALE AND PCRCHAfiE OF PIOUE, GBAUr AHD PEOVISIOHS. Especial attention given to sale of DKESSED 11009 OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE. 168 Washlnylon-st., CMcagOs J H. FERRELL & CO. t COMMISSION MERCHANTS For the sale and purchase ct Furs, Hides and Felts. Contlingeats and orders solicited aad PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Comspondence requested. J. H. FERRELL & CO., CHICAGO. 'V' OTICE.—Tbe subscriber, SOLICITOR AND NOTART PCBLIC, Late Record Clerk of me Const? Coart, bu takes Of flee Bocm No* US South Clarb*at.« Room iff, Id SillUs* Nison's Bolldlag, where be will elre prompt attention to all mattera rtiatiog to Probate, roebat AptLcatSocafbr AdmiDlitntlon. Lenera Te*» tarsestar? aod Gsarclastblp, preparing atd adrocat inc claim* acsloat eatates.tDakios op accoortaaod re port! *>r admtsutrator*, ex era tort aod guardian*. WENTWORTH tLIEGEB. jlaints anb ©Us. gPECIAL NOTICE. PJUSTS, OILS, GLASS. Th* TObicrtbcr* annocc--« to their friends sad the pnbhc, that they t»7e taken the store at No. 127 South Water-st., Where they oflrr an exceCent -uaortaeat of Goods la their line, at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. HOOKERS & CO. jllatlitoatt. Stobcs, See. JJARDWARB * CCTLEKT. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lako-St. The attention ot c'o«* borers it invit'd to car com pittc stock if COOPERS'.’MACHIMMS’ ard CAR PENTERS:’ TOOLS AMERICAN* TABLE CUTLERY and PUUDERh* HARDWARE, direct from the best sanclhcnirfrt. We oCer. »'»■». a assortment of wosTKNnrLM'S pocket curLEur. spear a JACKSOVtt SAWS- JOSEPH RODGERS A SON'S’ SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS A BOTHEBY’B FILES. also SKATES and Strap* cf every description. We also keen conatantly on hard foil camber* ot SCfiOhXBLCGEirs JUNIATA SAILS. C. B. Bean. Epw. Paaecorr. 8. BEtauaij, gENNETTS' CELEBRATED HOT AIR FURNACES. Free from Gas, Smoke or Da<t. Tbebestapparatnafbr heating and ventilatingbuild inn ever Introduced. For »ol- br 1 HASKELL* WILCOX, IS»BUIML aaatfSes, Diamonds, Ketotlrg, Sec. A. H. MILLER, Ccmer of Randolph and Clark-sts., JEWELLEE AND .SILYEESMITH. Christmas Presents Of the Richest Descriptions. Bronzes, Clocks, Opera E, DRESSING CASES, WRITING DESKS. Pure Silver Wares of the Rarest Designs. Nickel Sllrcr-Platcd Goods of Ail Hinds. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY. Musical Boses and Statuaiy of My Own Importation. Setting of Precious Stones a Specialty. A LOT OF CHOICE STATUETTES, COPIES FROM THE TO UVRE. (giocfcrcß ant CGlasstoarr JJUKLET & TYRRELL, 48 CHICAGO, Inritc Pm chasers to examine TDEtB LAFGE STOCK OF TVIIITE, GOLD-BAND AND DECORATED DINNER, tea, and BREAKFAST SE'i^ Of tlio Newest Patterns and Fine Decorations. YASES, TOILET SETS, BOHEMIAN WARES, AND OTHER GOODS ADAPTED TO THE SEASON. P. S.—Our'DOUlllE OUT" Dinner and Tc» Seta exend, la Qooatj and beauty ol aisular pood* ever i etore offered la this city. ana <£oaf. pOAL. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! COJL! COJL! fO/lL! BOK ; T BUY ?OUB GOBI* ANITVHERE ELSE On Qccoont of the enoraioos Fire which la sited and fannied ho much ot Oor We haveB,OOO Tons U douched by tin. and which we aball continue to eel] at the lowest market prices. Buy Yonr Coal from oar House. HOLBROOK & PARKER COAX. DEALERS, KIXGSBCKY-ST., CORNER INDIANA. QET THE BEST. Hazelton Lehigh Goa! Forra.eby the ton. carload, or In lota t't ault pnrrhis r-1. We have all size*, carefully screened, and tecl con* Cdex t that, upon trial, the EXCELLENT QUALITIES Of this particular and well-known mine will cive this Ural a preference over an} other in taU mark-.u Ap ply to DLAUE MAMIN &; CO.. At Fulton Elevator, Or n. HILL, C WcPs-rt. Depot. COAL CO., OfDcc 17 rbnmbcrol Csnmeree and corner West Klozle nod tireen, Tooghloshrny. sriar UUland Cannel Coal |IOAO Ulnera] Bldce Cca< 9.00 ConnehsTille atd Pittsburgh Cote. AMEA & CO. Saubbcv (Knobs, CLOTHING CO. WAREHOUSES XEW YOBK, CHICAGO A3TO M FSIXCISCO r. 31. & W. A, SHEPARD, Ajrts. 82 LAKE-ST., COICAGO. We have on hand a full line of RUBBERGOODS, Comprising Clothing, Piano Corers, Boofk and Shoes, Balls, Toys, Combs, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Bleb Jewelry and Fancy Rubber Goods FOR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Price* tame a* in New York. JO CAPITALISTS OB STOCK FARIHER3. The urdenlgned Offer* for sal* his &rm. Wnptmmfr dlately about iheLyous St*Uoa,oa ihe R.. to this comity, 12 miles froa. the city. Th* whole n ict embraces shoot i ao asm. all ortgf* nal.y selected for stock purposes. and Is as well adapt* ed to that beulscte. or cxtetsive ealiyise, as any place in the West. Some 300 acres of it, near the dtp it, Uof the most desirable and attractive character tor subur ban residences, much of It heme adjacent to tbs Dea* Maine* River, and covered with natural forest. The land mneraiiy IssnttsMj sao-dinded into tU lag'>niowiaff and pasturage. There In natural hay meadow of red-top and hiae-craas. of some ISO wi-—, that is tmtorptsaed. and other lan* tracts ot bottom, as da, t qua ly a* choice lot dry cultivation. The are welt watered with runnier or Urine water. ■»** more than 2TO acres timbered. I a the nrt mlseatsacommodJotu farm hotue, wltii lares barn, outhtUldtnss, dc„ sltnatec In a fl.e frore or the hue ol the river, and on different para oC Cm land are six co:v*nleit tenant bosses. To part!e> deslilo* alarse stock farm near t*a dtr, fur the purpose ct nU«lnc stock or flttioe it for market, or Ortinns toeorace In the mlik Business the otaxe la worthy of attention, acd tee price ana terms will he tcaclesUT liberal to make Us purenase in object as as inT'fitmcnl of capital. Fcr particular! inquire at 173 Ltke-st. E- S. PRES I OS THURSDAY ETESISG, DEC. 20, SALE—Cottage Grove. SEfjtr JLcrture Season, YOUNG MES’o association LECTURES. Hon. Horace Greeley Wi;l dellTcr a LECTURE ent:tltd ‘‘The Issues and Lc»sons of our Civil War.” CROSBY’S OPSSA HOUSE Commencing at 5 o’clock. TICKETS 1C CES~Ta. Secured Seat*, 25 cents extra. if 4lie Mlg ot Bernml Seat* will commence oa Wf-.nNESDAY-MORStSG. December 19th. at 9 o’clock, at the Ticket office oi crosoy’s Open* Ho ise. A. C. McCI-URG. Cor. Sec. Y. 11. A, JTot Sale. UNION EXPRESS STOCK. Fortaleby QUIMDY A HAWLEY, Broker*, No. y Reynolds* Block. Dearbort-st. gOR SALE. ICE TOOESo Glasses, Fans, JTUfiT CPSKTSD, fcKljolrsale Clotf) |£?oubw KIMBALL, STEVjENH & COMPT. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 & 66 yfFIiTJFf . .ji* SPECIAL ATTI3?('pION GlTtn to the receiving and selUog or Drtwd Ho«a. . . _ nAI.EA-CO, Commission Merchant*. 15S south Waters. jgUTTEK, BUTTER. FOR SALE, 1000 TUBS OHIO DAXHT BUTTBa fn loU to suit buvers. E. WHYTE A CO.. 141 booth Water-it. HOGS. Dressed Hogs. 'Retrain ofTer cur services to parties shinning DnEwHA’ ncc.sto in’? jrarert. For reference vrre nr to those who have consigned to ns during the naat Bveseasots. Stencil Plates and Weight Lists furnished free of charge. HOGS JUsnal Facilities to Shipper*, Comml**ler.* on car-load I i.V p-rnut. A. ti. WHUIH T * CO„ J3fi and ISO Eluno-»\ mner »> Laaalla. J~)RESSED HOGS—PRODUCE. I in now prepared to sell 00 cotntuLWloo dtulcc the present teason. DRESSED HOGS In lota or —* load*, at the l.iscst ratce. Ai**« nave the N»t faoliltlc* tor the sal* of Batter, fKga. Poultry, Game. Fruit and all atnda of COUNTRY PEODCTOE. Acroonut endered and remittances made immedi ately on closing consignment*. US Sontb TVatcr-SU, rtilra.n, P.0.80x nm. COMMERCIAL 1/ ASP FIT- ATIONAL COLLEGE. A PUBLIC EXAMINATION cf the pupil* bclonzlnr Jo the Educational IVpamnent of tm* {nsmutlotLwm bracing u.e whole ra"ge of topi.* which have forme* Ui* iul jrvt* of their studies iinnus the past scad in. will be held in the Grand Hall of tde building. lltf& Tbar.-)a> and Friday nrxt,th? --‘lb and 21. t between lh»tours of jand 12 tuts* fereroon. and I and 3 in tbe afternoon. Thepresence of Uie relative* and fnends cf the pupil* and of all Inlereited In lt«* welfare of the Institution, ai *J* p ; II m that of the public generally. La earnestly and cordially Invited. * For the Order ot Exercises and other further partle clara, ace tbe printer program™—_ "VOUKG LADLES’ SEMTVAisxr A under the charge ot a competent preceotreaa, wfl'tea hy The entire mp «n ntife—nrs of *• DTUB ENFfirra’a EDUCATIONAL COLLEGES.” Every accomplishment tanrbt. pr ienca llh per quarter. Apply at H 6 and 1 IS Bandolph-at. JJ> KOJUETHEAN FIRE. Tlic Cheapest Facl in the World* Go and sec It at tho Richmond House. City and c-.uaty right* lor sale. tVJL E. DROWN. General Agent. OREAD MIXING AND KNEADING Al MACIIINCN-for Families Hotels.Beataoranta and Rak era, the most valuable Invention of the in. By tl:e*ame»cnoc the Mead Is mixed and kneadnet ihororeaty and quickly, without the hand* touchmic the flour. 1 hey Insure great savlez of labor, perfect rleanllnevs, certainty cfgood bread, and are cheap. Exclusive state. County and Town RUhU lur fair.u fordlrp a rare cnance lor great with small capi tal. A pent* wanted everywhere, and mod liberal la* ductmcnt* given them. Arr’-v perscnallr or bv letter in C. Vi. FOKBCbU, Agent, 4tt Congresa-st, Boctoo, Al&tc. Sendforclrcnlaz. pi HEATEST INVENTION OF THE VT ACE. Hunter's Fence Post. ard other Patents. Canvassers wan’ed. CHAS* ATWOOD, Genera! and sole Agent, city Hotel, Chi' cago. pAUD'S PATENT BBZC2Z niACHINZL Ottce and maanlactory 3.T Jefferacc-es. For InlcrmsacL and deaerlpttve clrcnior addreaa K. B. GAUD. H't South Jefferson-* n. Chicago. TWO DESIRABLE RESIDENCES, With choice lota In the Crore. three minute* walk troa :te borve car*, the ilyd« Par* train and the ColTerst tj. For sale by EDWARD iIABTIM. y IT FUlienoa fllock. A NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Glow Chimneys dispensed with. A steady, brilliant Usui, rqual to yai, to born ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO IST LA3IP. “To Bee is to bo Convinced.* IT Bute and County Klshu tor tala by A. R. SLOAN, Adams House. ALBERT H. HOYEY, 194 Lake-at. &e. €om.i2r,:,iEu sED HOGS. BATES, STONE Az CO„ 131 SO CTO WATSB-BT.. E. 0. t'EITTENTON, lohurational ffatmtg. ISral Estate. SCOTT. Gas burners,